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ee Af te ba COT EA IT EER at oF aaa Shek . oa pt aes OGLE RT yD BSED csapt tise eA SAT RY Pers ‘ OP Lert rite Sh i a Be iy psy al Ste pines % Dy sy, ng! a : Mf RM Dedede et umes wit, 2 ea ae ; $s " ? 1° My Sooag | AjPY Nok suom ays g pp SOF Saye ‘wooy : é % " 7 Jo auore a! paalis poo’ v @ “Yh on UYU °F hropeqet neh Yo ay orate 40 P2pyoy wow Yau ry) Sa thf suviddiy Yd Bf ) FRETS eet Mees bd HH ty Bs ae 3, aS ny ay i ra Be ie. NPP oy tt y + Te areas rat. ae: CWYY, v? Bone aint Ro Bee pee bt ye Ay’ a8 23 6k 5 9 fat _ ¥s E oye DE 8g 5g 0 33 y bbe ae SD 6 Dd SRY Rau rag bs | é2 $= “2 eX cS a: oes fe ses ftal 4 eee. a oot s ‘ 0 5 ee : ee ee a e fasted he Ease gh a EES joey fl outer x 4 Le ace vik Gouk ‘ pen pet. ai p AAA j i of, DANG ee ooo Laak ee whe eA, hf [ee Neha ea ou! ve NOS 9 55 aon oun coe ena yy Y ay mem = Kol iberly Anne Pilken Graduation Seventy SWVine We en Teor for Wei fas [hors Orr hopes and dreams that we believe Are important, vatted and wide. But we will reach the other side. We seek to capture within our mind Yes we're the class of Seventy Nine! There is sorrow tn our gong Gor the knowing and unknowing. There QUE friends WE MAY NEVET SEE, " Those that fill our hearts with glee. WH you cemember all their names And the fun times at the foothall games, Days on which we all cut, BLMs that 7ang and doors that shut, Early dismissals, tunning to class? The day has COME, the day at last When we enter a world of cules Even worse than those in schools. But we shall change the world in time Because we are the Class of Seventy SWVine! Charlene Woodard Class of ‘70 | able of Senor Unde zalassm E 2 Sports Organ tzattons Aativittes Junior High Fac ulty NW ontents 62 JOO Igo 17O IOS 234 ce ee ye es = aT) the beauty ye aL Dae tae i magic Oe C N 177 eae a eet (NPT ie Vez ye UL] me WIRE . “Memories sweetened TTA 1S the ages Vee 9 Baie EE lel 72 Hloating Ph raed Pe yey to the Pd AEN ee around my feet . ese re eT A ey aT Cy erek a Pea sweet mEMOUTES. . . laa DB Sa ttre Each day ye the Uae ee elas EGET PPP A ee your sunntest times . 2 yee eas ee eee toes a Sarees PLE (2 Le zeach out to someone Listen to Look to the Ets A Pea rere id (Zee th enthusiasm, er We arte oy, DELLE, VEE aT ae as Peed Lea lady Ne haze... eo £ Tak CYTE Se a Ye fA Vere PLE (Zs or Pree aie LA TTA ie fer a AACE Fo Ae LIA aA ae Oe pow Espa Sa sere ek fomorttow. . . Believe in the : always Oe oe oe ee eee er ree Beton ke Kole Coes ern) WY Ol comyeattaal Lynn Campbell Greg Charles Stanley Kerr Gretchen Shartzer Steve Elam | Pam Stengel Julie Sales Joni Tobbe Mark Dever Kim Pilkenton ten LES Sao was ie " 9 ae ee aL ca Kim Elliott Melisa Blakney Jennifer Lykins Sherry Wiley Connie Meyers Ann Montgomery Denise McLellan Brenda Geary Lisa Hauss Cindy Stout Miriam White CRAIG STEVEN BAILEY “Beetle” My first solo flight. Tin Man, Silver Streak. Uncle Dickie, Tricky Dick at KFS. Getting my car and wreck- ing it the same day. T.B., T.W., L.H. . . To join the Air Force as a security police, become a ‘charter pilot, get mar- ried and have 6 kids. JEROME BAKER MIKE BAKER “Chief” Football, Wrestling, Track Tearing up the football sled (Not alone) . . To go to college and play football. KEITH E. BANKS “Keithie Baby” Art and Drafting con- tests, helping with school plays. Ring Day, 78 international assembly of J.W.’s Graduation, Ending 4 years of Bussing, being with Sonja B.. . -. Work hard make enough to support a family, live an clean life doing Jehovah God's ae DWAYNE BELL MELISA JANE BLAKNEY VALETTA BOLLER Drill Corps 10 - 12, Lieutenant 12, Sr. “Skinny” Getting my school ring. To Beta 11 - 12, Saga 12, Underclassmen Editor — work in a post office. Ph i Delta Sigma, FBLA 10 - 12, Human Rel- ations, Stageband 9, J.V. Tennis. D. Harlow’s, Greyhounds, Jen, Rick, Pilk, son, Tex., and Moore. . . To go to UK., be happy, and always make my parents proud of faiven ANTONIA BROWN : “Toni” F.H.A. H:E.R.D. at Lyndon | Vocational School. My friends, good times, all the years we have been in school. To work in an office or with little children. Concert Pep Band 11 for Band; winning se ca. All the love and teve.. All my. partying By LGcA.L, LNe Ps live my life my own way and here is to do. PAMELA ANN CARPENTER “Pam” FBLA, Pep Club, HR Basketball Summer 77 w JC KV GW, Summer 78 ring day weekends at lake, Jam I II, party w AP DM TP VW MC CH cutting lunch, 4-wheelin, Jr cut day Live my life in a way I only know how, meet make friends make others happy have a good time doing it. ae Pains the COCHRAN = tne The day I met John and all the aeelaet i ATS ee Re aun the summer Ser Re ear ace acta ren Me Gl eens eae with Pam A.. Lets Oy NAlarca cena E Bay tional school .“'. To become successful the printing field, to marry John, Live my the doce and to be gis! SERGIO CARDINALI “Alex” Jackie, lunchroom, ring day to graduate and go to U of L. JOHN CASPER “Cas, James at 16, JC, 3H, catfish” Bas- ketball 10, Baseball 9 - 12 Winning 1st baseball district, laying safety squeeze bunt overmale in s-finals at X Ring day, 9 8 78 Go to college become a major league baseball player, win the “Gold (eI ane MICHELLE LYNN CAREY Ring day, Jr. cut day with VK Basketball homecoming with PP KF, fun times in HR LC PC, 5 20 78 Jr. yr. Eric 9 9 78, white house, BV CB LG GP TS JG TS-DS in 7th. Be a successful accountant, marry “Mr. Right” lead a happy life. GREGORY SCOTT CHARLES “Charlie,” Jr-Pres., liaison, Bong Show Carnival, Round-Up Drama Stud. Coun., Pep club . . . Zennafoosmobile Pyro Mr. Fri. 4 Flats Lost keys homecomings floats Monty Kickbelly BH, MD, BP, CH, DD, JK, TMR Prove driving, Keychain, cure for zits electronics, money, GOD, Clean BH’s face, Stay looney, TMR! PANN EOI aes “Trink” “Imma” “Temple” Band 9 - Human Relations 10, Jr. Sr. Beta 9 - 12 Treasurer 11, Liason 10, Jr. Sr. Class Trea- surer, Pep Club 11 - 12. Having fun, sharing “life, savors,” Band camp °77 ‘78. Making people laugh. Coneheads, dedication day, fun with Edie-puppets. tallman, statues, King’s Island Fantasy, Halloween 77, special talks. To succeed in life. MELINDA WRAY CARTER “Lynn,” Burt Band 10 - 11 Rifle Corps Capt. 10 - 11, Calendar contest 11 B-contests camp, Keith, 8 25 77 1st pl. always, FA °77 grad. prom W Keith Ring day, Jr. cut day, Big Rock, Christmas 77 Go to JCC, be a respiratory therapist, marry Keith make my parents happy. DARRELL COLEBANK ARGERRINE VANESSA COLLINS “Taste of Honey”, “Baby Ruth” Dancing. enjoying Commodores with Sugar Fred, Mama talk W.E.S. to death on Ring Day, fun we had at Kings Island. . . Be a com- puter or Data processer, own a T-Bird, marry William Stivers and make him happy. MICHAEL COWHERD ROBERT COX “Hambone” Basketball — Fr. and Varsity. Basketball, RF falling on his fast break lay ups. . . To try todo my best in life. KENT COY LARRY COY p 1 ypnens oT agte it) qi Wt Ti ik if Md AN! pitt yl 1 ‘pi il iil wi! aE WN. JAN CUNDIFF DANNY DAMBROS Delta Phi Sigma, Miss March 1978, “Daygo” Watching the girls walk down DECA. aera oe tie : Friends at Moore, Big brown van and Live it up for 5 years, then settle down DM, AP, KR, SB, DD, KD, SM, Ring Day, Jr. Cut Day, DO, DB, GW . . . God will guide me and bring happiness to others around me, and to achieve my goals in life, find a career I’ll enjoy. and get married, and have 1 boy and 1 girl. | GREG DAVIS “Goose”, freshman soccer, 7th and 8th iCoreldor VIM Wom ai CMeliNaeTanUCl on alee (one Zinzious, Day and Woods, and losing people in the lobby. Be happy, always have a good time, and Masked aor Tce yy oa Devious” Liason, NHS Sr. Bera. rama, Bong Show, Round-Up. aa f ale 16th bd. Flashing, Marsh- ow. tights. Jokes, Mr. E, Gerstle, White, nones, cw. MR, VD. SH. KH. PZ. HC. MW TG.BH, DR. CT, DE, RP... ‘Make others happy, stay looney, and replace eee ent bon Ort no) DAVID KEITH DOWNEY “Dave” “Tucssaloosa Kid” Football 7 - 8. 12, Co-Editor Round-Up, Track 9, Drill Corps Drummer. Family, Summer Jams. Bulldogs, Lex.. FMAHCF, PW, KI, Evil RL. JD (Rock Star) Dreams of Syren, 11 23 61, 9 2 78, , Everything ‘cept Darkness, BAM-Bam . | . Go to EKU: become the quickest Rody in the world: make SYREN happy. lee! TERESA DONAHUE “Treas” Basketball 9 - 12, Field Hockey Jr. cut day, all the fun times with C.K. PH EMe BIG Ss GUT DAYS Ad: LMHS, parties — Beacons House, MC’s van. Dam. To get out of school so I don’t have to fill out dumb papers like this. KAREN S. DOWNING “Winkey, JR” Liason 9, DECA 11, Pep Ot eoe Fun at Male with JW, SW, SW, DW, DD, KM, Ring Day with KM, JM, DB, DD, DW. OJ, JS, and most of all Summer 78 with Merle R., CM, DD, ST, TD, MM, SD. 8-16-78 when I got my engagement ring. .. . To be half the person my Mom is, make her proud of me, to get as much as I can out of life and make MR happy. MELISSA ANN DOWELL “Missy” Beta 7 - 12, V-Pres 12, Band, Sci. Club, Drill Corps — 10, Ger. Club — 11, Pres. — 12, Drama, NHS. All-state ‘78 Jim, state fair °78 band camp, DS, LM, LC, KQ, DE, MW, tennis in rain, Fla., 10-31-75, MAS, Happy people, 8th gd. 11 hr. . . . Be successful, happy make my parents sister proud of me. DAVID DRANE The first day at Moore. . . to be an auto Taota@ en uar (ay JENNIFER DOLACK “Jen” Jr. Sr. Beta, Human Relations, SAC Committee, FBLA, Treasurer, Sorority Treasurer, Sr. Liason. 10th at Male, ‘78 Westport Prom, Jr, cut day, Ring Day, Farrells Gang, Georgetown, D. Schimdts parties, S.A. Letters, all the times with J. McKinney and other friends, Barhopping — P.G.. . . To have a career to be my own person. DENISE DOW NING “Dee Dee” Lib. and Office Aide, Pep Club, DECA. July 17, 77, Jun 8, 78, with Chris, RG. KM. MM... . To live life to’its fullest. DAVID DUVALL Football 9 - 12, Wrestling 9 - 12, Track 9, Bussing 10, Jr. Beta. Football, LMHS, . . thing I do. . To succeed in any- DAWN ELIZABETH EDRINGTON “Shrimp” “Daffy” Rifle Corps 11 - 12 Capt. 12. Pep Club, Office and Teacher Aide, FBLA. Tom. Julie, MA, band, MD. JC, rifle. KI, 9-17--7, JW. DL, MD, JJ. . ¢ . Go to: col- lege. be an accountant and get married. STEVE ELAM Basketball 8, Mini-Mustangs 7 - 8, Foot- ball 11, Track 9 - 12, Round-Up Staff. All the great times. Track 77. BG, LH. night spots, meeting Debbie, the prom. . To be successful in my hopeful athletic career and to contently live the rest of my life with Debbie. KIMBERLY ANN ELLIOTT “Kim” B-ball atc Male 10, FBLA 12. Human Relations 9 - 10, Jr. Achievement 11. Liason 12. KPO President. Male, Derby Eve. Fleetwood Mac. Beth Anne, Jaytee and the fun we had, Ring Day and the fun at Moore. See Beth Anne prove to her dad that she can be something. Go to Colorado. STEVE FALLS “Possum” “Tokyo” Football 10, Wres- tling 10 - 12, Cross Country 11 - 12, Track 10 - 12, ROTC, American Legion Scholastic Award, Beta Club, German Club. Running to McNeely Lake, all the hard classes, Research, Calculus, Wrestling Regionals, Ring Ceremony . . . Strive to be the best at whatever I do. ROBIN GARR DECA. Summer 76, KM, SM, AH. AM. GP. RS. | PH, CM. PP. MS, and Kurt W. Summer 78 JR. LB. JC. SA, RD. KW. RH, AH, MB, VS, SP. RW. and Bill Noe. . . To get the best out of life. fs | ; CHUCK EGGEN | driver in the: oul S. KEVIN ELKINS “Polar Bear’ Soccer, German Club, Senior Play, Jr. Achievement, Jr. Liason, Art Club, Annual Staff. Going to K-Jac, The Octoberfests, and Fruelingsfeasts, and the Saga Luncheon. To get a challenging job in an exciting field. TIMOTHY ALLEN ERNSPIKER “Ernie” Year at Male. . . To tell others of the good things I have learned. DIANE FAULKNER “Slim” Ring Ceremony. . . To be a Bus- iness Lady. Pep Club, ee koa ee me Se test Oe NEGEARY a PLE PE ik; r. Beta. Round-Up Co- ie Convcueulin a Oelrcan em -R. B-ball games, Barren River. MIKE. . . To live a happy life and are more time with Mike. GREGG ALAN GILPIN “Gilp” Marching Band 9 - 12. Concert Band 9 - 12, Stage Band 9 - 12, Pep Club. Trey. me. and the 11 of us at 78 prom, school chums, Ring Day, Jr. Cut Day. and ELIZABETH GIBBONS “Liz 7 Track, 9 Homeroom Basketball. The first time I went out with Kemmy and all the good times I've had with KS, PS. LR, LP. RM, PJ, SP. SB. . . To fulfill most of my dreams and to succeed in life. Band . . . Become a stuntman for Burt and Clint and guest host the Johnny Carson Show. PATRICIA A. GOODBUB “Trish” Round-Up 12, Carnival 11. FBLA, Drama Club 11 - 12. PZ birthday. driving Mrs. White ‘nutso’. losing glasses. MD, MR. MB, PZ. GC, BH. PS, NR, DP, HR, PL, LG, DD, JY. SK. SP. BW... . Go to college and find what I'm searching for. STEVEN ALLEN GOOTEE GREGORY EUGENE GRIMES DELEUGNE GEARY JOSEPH BRADLEY GOODMAN “Joe” Football — Freshman, JV. Varsity. The night I “parked” in the park and got caught playing football and all the friends I have made and the “Good Times.” . . . To own my own auto mechanic shop. meeting the “right woman,” settling down and to retire young. “Gootes " ’ DECA 10 - 12. (Croeo Mette Zee mi me ceCante CMe er ladle To own at leas: one convenient food store. “Huck” Basketball Tryouts, summer at U of L. class of 79. . . Go to Morehead study Data Processing, make my dreams come true. = IBY. WN TROL OS “Big Yella” Basketball, SAC Com. _ Beating Ballard, Mustang Classic, Finne- gan Throwing garbage cans, having 2 wrecks in lnight. . . To become a pro ball player JIMMY GUMM “Jimbo” Football. Going to Voc., BS, BP, RN, and never knowing when to go. The day I got caught. love youmom. . . Be successful in life. race EMM Otel edial mr tie Mur ca rhamer toate) proud. -or a successful businessman. RENE HACKNEY “BamBam” VP of DE. Accounting. KM and the fun times in DE. KS. DK. DL. sitting in the car with PL _ . . Geta good full time job, and a new car. Pretec Wins | JANET MARIE HARDESTY BRIAN HARDY “Weedhopper™ Sr. Beta. Student Council. FBLA. Working on floats. dances. games. Mr. Hall's class. Mr. Gibsons class . . . That God will guide me in every footstep I take. DONNA L. HARLOW DANNY HARRIS " W’addles” FBLA. The summer of 78 and the fun I had at the Fair with DL. BL. and DC. . . To goto college and be able to work with disabled tek GAIL HARRISON ANNA HART “Hot Dog” Field Hockey. Basketball. Track, B-ball with Dukes. 21-2. muddy shot puts dress on Ring Day. BQ with JP. Spook run, Derby. Drive-ins. VW and 100 doz. donuts, fishing trips. . . Quit paper route. dirve the gang to Haw. in my Mustang II. and to to college. ROBIN LYNN HART p “Rob” Field Hockey 11 - 12. Basketball 10 = 2: Great summer of 8 with the gang. great times on’ b-ball and field hockey. Derby Party “8. . . To live life to its fullest and enjoy every minute of it. oe e LISA MAE HAUSS AMY HAVEL “Hoss” Sr. Beta, Laison Cheerleader, Deca Club. KPO, Carnival, Most Dependable. Kings Island with BJ, PM, RS, running Times shared with BG, SE. MSR. VB. SS. the halls with BJ . . . Marry Phillip Man- the gang, “Save the Pizza”, Lindy’s canoeing. _ ning, to live a full and happy life together. “Big K " . “DP”, Bully, Ring Day. . . Go to college and become a nurse. keep all my friends, and make my parents proud of me. PATRICK HAWKINS TERRY LYNN HENKEN JEFF HERDT “Tern” Deca. All the good times I had at Moore all the people I've met the fun we've had esp. A.M.S.H. J.H. To be successful travel and PP NCor Ww 0-0-¢ alana LINDA KAY HARTMAN “Hart” Jr. Beta, Tr., Jr. Hi Student Coun- cil, Chorus 8, Sr. Beta 10 - 12, Sec., JV Ball, JV Tennis, French Club, Var. Tennis, Lia- son, Phi Delta Sigma, NHS, Carnival, Round-Up. TS, Loucan, CB, Floats, Keeneland, Pledge, Ring Day, Dan, MHS. . . Work hard, thank my parents, to be r emembered, and find happiness. RHONDA HICKMAN KAREN HICK TS; | ee SE eS ens TERESA ANN HIKES Model Office, Library Aide, Office Aide. Partying with my friends, JM GP NF DL MH BT SM RC KH TH DH JL, Summer Jam II, HR 110, buzzing around the halls. Make my Mom Dad proud of me, try to live a happy successful life stay young in mind so I can party forever! ' LESLIE HOBSON Woodstock Flag Corps 11 - 12, Office Aide, KPO 10 - 11, Band Aide 11. Band contests Jr. cut day Ditch buddies Ring day Parties White House KW TS KB CP 4th per. Pledge H-night To be success- ful happy in whatever I decide to do. NORMAN A. HUEBNER JR. “Stormin Norman” Basketball 8 - 11. Baseball all-star games, basketball games and practice, all the great times with Sharon . . .College,.to live a long life. DANNY HILL SHARON HOOPER Junior Achievement. Meeting Jimmy Burton, Ring Day. . . To lead a successful life and to be happy with some special person. SARA HINSON ROBERT E. HOWARD JR. “Squeaky” Var. Football, Baseball. Ball camp, CC, DM, JH, State Honorable Mention, White, Hall, DB, Reg.,-Jr. Cut Day, Ring and Picture Day, Burrs, Family, Homecoming, Donna in English, everything since 3-11-77... . Go to college, major in law, be a cop, see DV, get what she wants most, she deserves it, make parents proud. JEFF HOLBROOK Deca 11 - 12. : Fisherman’s park, Jr. Sr. cut day All the good times I had with the gang the people at Moore, Mr. Wentzel’s shop class. To live to be the oldest man on this earth. “Joe” Jr. Beta, French, Pep Club Parties with “Mini’Hox wt Or ae INT NSB eee “Geri” Track 9 - 12, Calendar Contest — Ms. February, Homecoming Princess, Sr. Super. SAGA. R-Day; Prom 77; Track; Parties; Chrissy’ “If I Were King of the Forest JP; friends . . . Visit Rockies, find someone who will follow my dreams place my friends ahead. DEBRA KAY JACKSON “Deb” Deca Club 11 - 12. Jr. Cut day at Fisherman Lake with DH, LM, Ring Day. . . To do the best I can in anything I do. PHILIP WADE JANES “Phil” FBLA 12, Spanish Club 9. ies; seeing “The Omen . my future plans. . . to direct movies! _ .. KEVIN ANDREW JENKS _-.— Jeanques, Kelvinator” Tennis, Beta, _ Pres. 12, NHS, She-Male, Pep Club, Science Club, Pres. ats STEVE MARTIN: Bionic Snake; R-Day; . Mood Pics; “A” Bomb; Bro. Stivers; Ham- let’s fan; Nurse Diesel; $1.21; DS, JL, KS, JY, Gl, LH, FUN. . . Be the funniest sing- ing Actor-Engineer the world has ever Ring day; Homeroom with KJ, GI, MJ, DJ; Life with midge; Showcase Cin. Life without Mary; Letting friends in to see mov- . . To succeed in eU ett UU A “iy BENITA CAROL JACKIE “Benita, Nita” Soph. Sarge, Office Aide 10, DE, Deca, Treas. 11, FBLA, Omega Zi Stay Deca Regionals State Competition; Amy, Phil, Rick, Bogb; Kings Island; Ponderosa, Derby 78; Hold Her; TM, NR, DP, PM, RS, BA, AH. . . To make friends where ever I go make them proud of me. PAMELA SUE JACKSON “Pam, P” Gymnastics, Swim Team, St. Coun., FBLA, Drama, Favorite. 7, B-Ball Princess, Calendar Contest, Sweetheart Cou- eae BRUCE FOWLER; the great times; MG; Miller; Gold Necklace; Roses; Frisbee; » Derby; Belvedler; Holidays; Champagne; St. A; Wayne. . . Laugh through life, achieve my goals, get a bug faster than BF WS. PAUL JEANETTE Playing sports working on cars. Sitting in school, bored, waiting for 2:00 . . To be a grease Monkey. MARY MARGARET JOHNSON “M M” Ring ceremony; parties; all my great friends; DJ: the DZ’s, CS, TJ§, KS, AS, SR. . : To do my best in what ever I attempt in life and to have my parents proud of me. TERRIE JOHNSON DONNIE JONES " Eddie Haskal” Deca 77-79. Friday Saturday nights with CM and KM in Summer of 78. . . To grow up and Wee eke aries BARBARA JEAN KEISKER “Barb” Swim Team, B-ball, Field Hockey, Liaison, Jr. Beta, FBLA. Cool springs; $52.50; Acct. I II; Derby at RH, GH, paper route; FC Fillies, Ans- back’s Comp; Jr. Cut Day; Winter 77-78; giving JS answers to pass acct; EG; Spook Run . . . Move to the country, finish col- lege, keep the gang together and make every- one proud of me, always enjoy ma my friends. NINA JONAS “Nina” Princess 7, Track, Science 8, Stud. Coun., Gymnastic, JV Cheerleader, Deca. Great times with GG, KG, MW, ML; nights we spent with big ‘A’ at Rough : River; Bum — Egypt in Jim’s Van; Terry Mike’s combmobile; Sum. 77 with Greg, Kelly, Mike; wreck; friendship with KS, gym track, out 1 yr. early, Dr. Pepper; “All the Doobies”. . . Farm with horses, be rich and famous have a long happy life. SHIRLEY JEAN JONES “Shelly” Deca Club. Meeting Rodney Foster . lege. . To go to col- Buta ce cee CAROLYNN JONES KATHY LYNN JONES “Kathy” F-Ball Princess, JV B-Ball, Soc- cer Manager, Teacher’s Aide, Drill Corps 10 - 12, Lt. 12; Sr. Liaison. 4-27-77; all the fun I had being in Drill (Oso ens being Best Hobos; Jr. Cut Day; 19 OF ecole betray Were ti ae am ote ties; getting my Camaro . . . Marry Dale someday make him anne to make my beautiful family proud of me. JAMES ALLEN JORDAN “Jimmy” Span. Club; Jr. Beta; Liaison; WAG voy BUN oem TM meses eee floats; 6 camels on 4th St; $1.21 with JL, KJ, Ronald Mac; Chem I with DS, CH, KB, Fuzzy-Mae; Ring Day. . . Make the most of my art talents and maybe become a Civil © Engineer. a geht B. Peano Oe a oer Baja; The wreck of the Maverick; coming to school with Rick; Vocational School . . . To work in heating AC and be able to Pre my parents a couple thousand and buy my brother a Trans-AM. Salam Gail ua- aon eR Macs am conde Aabrary Club, Jr. Sr. R-Day: Homecoming: GC, P. VE. BS. DP: HR.: Drive-In: MICHELE KLOTZ “Michael” Round-Up, Fr. Liaison, Carni- val FBLA, Band. Adventures with my friends; Band, R- Day: BW, MM, RL, TM, Band Camps; ML, 9-1-78; great fantastic people the things we've shared. . . Say “I am glad I did not I wish I had. Share my life with someone who I can care, and to help anyone I can. BOBBY KNIPP. ERICH. KONERMAN Soccer, Sr. Beta. Ring Day; dressing up; cutting classes, 3- 22-78, 1st wreck; Arch. Drafting, Mr. Venek- lase blowing steam; giving Berggren tips; passing Mrs. Britts Chem. class, 10-77; 5 day hangover; looking for Brad's teeth . Graduate from college and get the job I worked for. us CYNTHIA KAY KRUGEL —.. “Cindy” Basketball, Track, Field Hockey. Liaison, V-Pres. 9. NHS, Beta. B-Ball; beating Assumption; HiLi Gang: Jr. Cut Day; Cumberland TD. JP: Floats; Mr. G's; Track; Rainy Days: JP, SH. « GI; Sledding; R-Day: Jeeping; camp; all he fun at Moore... Be what- my parents can be proud of. DANA M. KILNER Mat Maid, Model Office. Junior Cut Day; Homecoming with LM BP; AM TH and Bobby. Floyd’s Fork SS ALd gVl od @ (enn 39 sey Ku'dm) Diy ey eens orp Wale (eeoery- yc driver, marry Bobby Hill be happy. SHERRY LYNN KNIGHT “Sher” Band, Liaison, FBLA, Carnival, Homecoming Princess, Track, SAGA, Phi- Delta-Sigma, Round-Up, Sweetheart Couple. 4-20-77; 8-10-78; 4-14-78 Mr. Hilton; Bernheim; Deams Lake; Kings Is. Floyds Fork; RAIN; Big Red; RL: Frive-In; B-Ball; GREG ... Marry Greg and make him happy, serve God, make my parents proud of me. ROBERT KNIPP ELIOT ADAM KOPP “El” ROTC: Soph. Pres., “Carnival” Beta: NHS, Speech and Debate, SAGA, Library Club: SAC. Mr. Hall’s history class, Mr. Houston’s Am. Hist. Class; Fun in the lunchroom; The day I met Sandy . . . To be able to give my Lem derCara ana m7 Tle (SOO) UNE TANA LADD EARLENE LAVENDER “Too Much Lovin” Track 9. Not coming to school on snow days and hanging around with my friends before homeroom. - To become a writer and EMC ar BI Ceac sat UK QUNINOUS LEONARD “Fred” Football, Track, Tennis, Basket- ball, Band, Soccer, NJHS. Marching Contests at TJ, Moore won competition, was last contest of the season . To become the biggest TV producer. SANDRA K. LANSFORD “Sandy” All the great times in Homeroom with my friends Malinda, Pam, Sharon; The summer of 78’ and Fred. . . To get a good job, and be successful rw ae the rest of my life. PAMELA J. LEASOR “Pam” Drama; Deca. ° Summer 77 with Pual. All the great times with RH, DP, SL, ML, TG, DP. . . To get a good job to get everything I can out of life. EDITH LOUISE LAUYANS “Edie” Beta, NHS, FBLA, Pep Club, Phi- Delta-Sigma, Drill Corps, Top 10, Liaison, Office Aide, French Sr. Super. Sum. ’78 Jeff; Coneheads; R-Day; ae Q's; B-day party; Halloween; Steve Martin; Fleet. Mac; HiLi; Trink; Joe’s; Mike Kyle; Animal House; Mr. Shelton friends. . College; love; life; happiness. MARGARET LEDFORD “Margie” Deca. Times with WL, GG, KG, NH, MW. Weekend of Rough River, Big “A”. Day; Shitvet Nova I Nova H; Night we spent with Bob Sieger Live; Bullet Nights and all the Doobies . . . To get a good paying job, buy a new car house, get married when I’m at least 24, and see Chris ar fail his Senior yr. twice. s “Leeny” Ring Day; the ae time I had i wea Salta 9 (oe PU ery eet Pes proud of me, get married ae friends. : business snes B Wes nd always be with my LISA DAWN LAYMAN “Betty Lee” KM, PM, JT, TL, Lunch time “Wheels” with Kelly; Pepsi; Country Roads; Stone Bluff; Party Ridge; Lee Sisters; the “click”; Floyd’s Fork; HiLi Fence jump- ing. . . To straighten out and enjoy life the SEN Perera arnt bares id unknown cut days; Bowl- ‘onics Engineer. TAMARA LONG “Tammy” Field Hockey, Tennis, Tennis “Most Valuable Player.” Ring Day; Summer ’77 with DM; unde- feated season in 77 Field Hocky ... . To become an engineer; to be happy and make DM happy for the rest of our lives. CG etc: Drill Corps. . . To lead a full happy life. DEBBIE LISBY Track, Drill Corps. All the fun times with LP, PM, MM, PG, . . Going to parties with Lou; THOMAS LYENS “Tom” Wrestling, Senior Beta. All the good time I had with the people I luv: LL, PM, JT, MW, KM... To be rich before I’m 32. BENNIE LONG JENNIFER KAYE LYKINS Sr. Soph. Class Secretary, Jr. Class Sarge, Liason, Drill Corps, Lt. 12, Calendar Contest, SAGA, Beta, V-Pres. 8, Pres. 9, NHS Pres., Stud. Coun., Hum. Relations, SAC, FBLA, V-Pres. 11, Latin, Pep Club, JV Tennis, Stage Band 9. Liz, Pilk, and Ricks . . . Reach highest goals, follow GOD; make family proud. SCOTT LINTELMAN Baseball, Cross Country. Fun times with Gary and Mark; Meeting Jenny and Darlene; Summer 78; 12-5-76; Summer Jam; Foghat; Concerts; Leesa; Sue, Sissy, Tammy, Vicki, Doris, Barb, Floyds Fork; 7-21-78, Pam W.. . . Go to college, efind the right girl, settle down and get mar- ra(ae Ma ANGELA RUTH LONGWORTH “Angela” Jr. Sr. Beta, FBLA, Pres. 12, Liaison, Band 7 - 8, Teacher’s Aide. All the great times with CM; especially the time we got caught sneaking out of the lobby, the times we got lost after the movie, CM’s transmission went out. . . To have a career in the Business World to someday raise and ‘show American Saddle horses. JAMESETTA MADDOX “Jammie” The way things were. . . To make it in today’s world. STEVE MADDOX TODD MAGERS SHERRY MANN PATRICIA LYNN MARKS “Patti Drill-Corps- Lt. 212579 " Beta. FBLA, Calendar Contest, Round-Up. Softball games; Rough River with KM, MM, RM, SM, DC, JW, DM; Courntry Roads; Stone Bluff; “click” LL, TL, JT, Party Ridge; Waterfall Toasted Turkey; everyone. . . Stay close to my family, never lose the friends I made, To see everyone happy. WILLIAM KEVIN MARTIN Running around Moore High School . To go on and be someone important. e -area of Business. LONNIE MALLARD KIM MARCUM STEVE MARKS Crest mos eee Tener tere Moby Cole Lica with PM, RM, KM, MM, BR. .°. To become rich and get everything out of life that comes to me. - . To make it. RHONDA MATTINGLY “Rhonda” Sr. Beta; Drill Corps: French (Olivos Eating lunch with AM DM; dissecting with Ann in anatomy; working at the Blood- mobile; with AM, DM, RS, MW, the. French II class: Ring Day . . . To go to the University of Louisville, to receive a BS - Degree in Nursing. and to be a terrific R.N. eer ta tener “Cheri” Band, “Carnival” Drama, March- - Band, Calendar Girl. — Ms. November . OS, JS, R-Day; Especially Jr. Cut Day; val”; Band; Honor Squad; TM, CM, DQ; GB; Winter ‘77; Fla. ‘75; Band Camp © become an Interior Decorator and rents proud of me. RS eay mer eat RCO ON AN Wed mous, “Stuntman” Gregg Gilpin’s. my life to the fullest and to. KAREN LYNN MATTINGLY “Buster” Beta, Deca, Drama, Senior Best Personality. 3-TW. JC, MM, (The Chase) KH, KM. Sum. ‘76 DH, RC, RG, RS, AM, Carnival: 6- 24-78: SM. Ring Day: JR. SR. Cut Days: 7-23-78: Potatoe chip madness: Parties . To. be successful in everything especially being a clown. TAMME MATTINGLY “Munchkin” Deca Club, Carnival, Deca Regionals and State. Meeting David last year; all the great time we had together and will have; all the people I've met since I came to Moore . . . To marry David one day and to live a happy life doing whatever I choose to do. MARK MATTINGLY TONY MATTINGLY GUY MATTINGLY SHARON MATTINGLY RICHARD W. McARDLE “Dick” Basketball, Football, Track, Mo Athletic. Bar hopping in Wis. with BS, FB% Camp Chip, BoBo, Squeaky; Beating Ballard in B-Ball; DeSales; Western Inv. 440 state; Track; “FAMILY” SO Dead End; Lake with ? Coaches; teachers; MOORE . . . Make it to and through College, be sat- isfied with my job, find that right girl, stay rely ee) dan KELLY MAUREEN McCAULEY Homecoming Princess, JV Var. Cheer- leader, Tennis, Beta, SAGA, St. B Choir, Sr. Superlative. PJ, HS, Pepse; LL, CM, DV, AM, WA, St. B Choir, Wheels; Allied, 9-12-75; 4-22- 77:RK, Deano; Corky; Mr. E; Sum Jams; Country Rds; Hikes Pt; Fish. Lake; Vac. with family; football games; Sun. Nite Fever; Derby Town Truckers. . . To some- day be what I want to be while living a life [aero en Cosa nen “LEISHA McCLELLAN “Short Cake” Junior Achievement, Pep Club, Liaison 11. The day I met my boyfriend, Jim Stewart, last spring break, 4-13-78; | LOVE HIM . To do good in school, marry and move to Virginia Beach, find a part time job, Pate Jim all the Love a needs, like he’s been giv- Travan anes MIKE McCREA “Munchkin” Track, Cross Country. Ring Day: the bus to Parkland (CT. TL. Worms, M M): Football games; summer 8: in Fla. (SE, JW): Brother Stivers; Good times: Blue River 77 _ To gain knowl- edge. wealth, and happiness and: live cach day to its fullest. . MARGARET McELFRESH “Margaret” Drill Corps, Lt., Editor, Calendar Cont., 5-9-77, Chem; S-Ball; RICKY and marry Ricky. KAREN McLEAN “Big Slim” Basketball. The play I was in the 10th grade in T.V. Round-Up Kappa-Psi-Omega, Aide . . . Prom °77; DM, LM, MG, RW, RM, PJHS; Drill Corps; R-Day; Cherokee; Rough River; RM, PM, KM, SM, JW, DE, AM, MM; gang; Round-Up; Carter caves; Homecoming; Be happy, proud, successful my life one CEN Plat ents proud of rts me gers ure TENA McCONNEL ANGIE McDAVID PHYLLIS McELVANEY “Sissy” SAGA Staff. The skit Karen, Dawn, Saundra, Rhonda, and myself put on for the T.V. English class Be a professional make-up artist and hair stylist. “Denise” Be TR Xoy on atu ie iN va Te} THERESA ROSE MEDLEY “Dingbat” Drill Corps, Business Manag., NHS, Kappa-Psi-Omega. Prom ’78 Cross Country Meets; Dave, TE, TE, MP, DR, SL; Drill Corps; PJHS, Ring Day; 10-5-75; JR, MM, PM, MB, JL, DS; Grad Night ’78; Acct. . . . To live my life with happiness and one day to marry Dave. BETH ANNE MERCURIO “Smiles”? Cheerleader, Co-Capt., SAC, Carnival, Cal Girl Contest, FCA, Round-Up, RCY Coun., Pep Club, Aide (Mr. Ugly’s). Magic! Ugly, SS SS Peanut, Kim, Elroy, Corky, Riz; Tee-Hee; Big Red; Ytsur; Prom; Wendy’s; FAMILY: 3 words; DAVID; warm friends. . . Prove life Love is soft, warm, Magical, preserve 3 words. CHRIS MERZWEILER SHEILA METZMEIER “Motor Mouth” Deca, Science Club, Pep Club, Art Aide. All the fun times at Moore; Jr. Cut Day . . . To succeed in Life. CONSTANCE SUE MEYERS “Connie” Tennis, Regionals Gymnastics, Round-Up Ad Manager, “Carnival” Liaison. Teen Coun.; Pepsi; Johnny; 1-11; PJHS; Regionals; Times and Trish, Ann, Kelly, Donna, Denise; SJ I II; R-Day; Mr. Gattis; F-Ball;’79 Prom; HiLi. . . Start out as a fashion Merchandiser work my way up, repay my fantastic parents; Most of all meet JT. JOHNNY MILBURN DAWN RENEE MILES “Fireplug” German Club, Sr. Beta, NHS. Getting Anne to pour the vanilla into somebody else’s chili threatening to tell; Fair concert; U.S. Hist. with Flapjaws, Mr. Hester, Electric Co. . . . Become the next Robert Stigwood and find a John Travolta. LORI MILES Co-Op. -. Homecoming with, DK, BH, BP, AM, TH, the night at Floyds Fork with BP, _. DK; BH .. Years from now to drive a truck, marry Billy Powell and be happy. LORETTA MILLER MIKE MILLER ort selling MMIII, JT, TL, i Float ’78 Evangel; Fla GM; Roaches in the’ ba . . . Become a DR make a lot of mo to Switzerland stay high all my MARGARET ANN MONTGOMERY KENNETH MORGAN “Ann” Jr. Beta, Gymnastic, Tennis, Cheerleader, Film, “ Your Good Man Charlie Brown,” “Carnival” Round-Up, Sr. Pres. Parkland; sum. — 8th gr.; gymspastics; tennis; “Carnival” Times Con, Vit, Kel, Dennis, Lori, Elaine; DAVE. . . Become a nurse, own Old Eng. Sheep puppy, make mine Dave’s parents proud, Marry Dave. SHERRI MORRIS ANNE MARIE MUIRHEAD “Anne” German, Beta. Home Ec; hating Down’s guts; German I, II; Mrs. Poth; R-Day; Diane; Fruhlings Fest. at Doss; TY, Lunch; DM, RM, CG, DS, H.R.; anatomy, Elmer Rhonda; Chem. I, II; Ms. G; Blood Mobile; Mr. Hester . . Go to UL for Nursing, become the best, be the “Clara Barton” of WWIII, if there “is one. LORI ANN MUMFORD BETTY DARLENE MURRAY “Lori” Gymnastics, Cheerleader, HRC, “Ladybug” Holstein’s class with Ruth and Stud. Coun., Liaison, Deca, Homecoming Leslie, summer of 78, Danny, Leann, Greg, Princess. Ruth, first time out with Danny, Spring Jr. Cut Day; R-Day; Harlows; jeepin; Mill, Sr. year. . . To chase that dream till I Myrtle Beach; CFM; THS; Times with JP, catch it, make the most of my life, make my JS, JH, TD, AM, PS, SS, TO, CK, JH... parents proud, serve God, and have a great Live life to its very fullest stop looking — time with Danny. behind very door for that special someone; let him look for me. LAURA KAY NADEAU “Nadeau” Chorus, Drill Corps, Pep Club. 10-19-74, Ring Day, Cut Day, Nolin, Kel- | lie, Robert, Mike, Stacey, Mark, times with MA. KW, RN, KY, TW, KR, PS, male . Become an electrologist with money, ee Mark, be a beautiful wife and make | everybody proud of me. CHRISTOPHER NATHO! } LES NEWSOME | 6, 12-20-76, being with Leeann Tore ees B Oration Timi ecco RUTH NICKLIES “Boofy” Jr. Beta, Drama, Pep Club. Ring Day, Jr. Cut Day, Male, Fisherman’s Lake, Derby, New Year’s eve, Texas, Sum- mer Jam, meeting Terry, KW, LN, TW, QC JAE RES Ironic a5 Pte Wed ee WY bt day Mca mm Uh Combos non onlewem (hon Com con daanoam SHEILA OECHSLIN “Ex” Parkland, 6925, the Dead End, Donna, JH, LM, CC, SL, BS, SW, SH, DM, NB Prom, 1-1-78 at 12:01, the happiest 8 months of my life with Marty . . . Take life easy, someday get married, or just stay home with Mom. SHARON O'REILLY STEVE PARROTT My junior year and especially Ring Day + . . To one day attend Lincoln Mechanical Institute. SUSAN RENE NEWTON “Sue” Track, Male, Here and Now, Carni- val, FBLA, DECA, Sec., Liason. Fun at Moore,-DS, DZ, Derby Day, Mic- key Mouse, Airport, Summer 78, RS, LB, JM, SH, RH, and Jaytee, Ring Day. . . Suc- ceed in life, make my parents proud, live with a smile, make people happy. VANESSA LYNN NOWERY “Van” Jr. Achievement, Lou. Youth Orchestra, Calendar Girl Contest. Ring Day, MP, KQ, RE, DB, creed, stairs, going to Band contests, 16. . . Go to college, be successful, get married, make someone happy all his life. RONNIE OHLMANN GREGORY DEAN OSBOURNE “Oz” Soccer, Footbal! 10. All the good times with my friends, TP, TH, SS, CO, KS, ML, KC, JP, MS, RO, SC, McNeely, Kroger’s, State Fair, Roses, Ring Day, Chenoweth Park. . . Toown my own business and take it easy. MARK PATTERSON Track 8 - 12, Cross Country 9 - 12. 8th — core; 9th — lockers; 11th — study hall; Fri. nite F-Ball; track CC meets at WKO all the other ones; Jeff, SJII with the GS, and all concerts, Robbing people; Preston Hi Way. . . To sleep as long as I want, to be the best at what I do. STEVE PATTERSON “Steve” Moore High School Student. 12 long years, Junior Cut Day, summers of ’78and’79. . . To bea rich welder. MARK STEPHEN PIGRAM “Piggy, Kram” Marching, Pep, Concert, Jazz Band, Sr. Beta, NHS, German Club. R-Day; M M: Water Fountains; 2-14-77; FOURTEENS: Bridge; Fighting GS; KWEC: Ready Willing Abel; German; Polkas; Waltzes; Buzzes; Hot Fudge Sun- daes; 4:00 A.M.: Old Man Stivers; Snow Goats, Hooker; Pansies; Pink Fairies; But- tercup and Mrs. C. Gusti. . . To never for- get. to remember always. MICHAEL POTTINGER “Mike” All the times with RE, VN, KW, | EN, JS, VS; the time VN fell in an ice-cov- | ered creek and fell up the stairs, the Datsun | Adventures, Ring Day, the Jade Day . . . | To live a Christian life and make the best of Bee Yol so oxw rom sates aval ae : | BRADLEY STEVEN PIATEK “Brad” Soccer 11 — 12. : The jokes and times wasted in Arch; First soccer match against Central; MVP Award Jr. year soccer goalie. . . Live a happy long life with KM; grow old gracefully and have a bigger beer belly than dear Old Dad. WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER POE “Chris” Wrestling; Soccer; Football; Beta. ; AUS 9 Bi soa) Sa 1 BO) 2th) 13 ye Uo LH; “The Mighty Zinafoous War Machine” “The Tank” wrestling; soccer; Gerste’s Chem. I II; Watson’s 8th gr. core. . . To do God’s will in my life and have a good time doing it. ANNETTE PEABODY “Anette” Pep Club, Junior Achieveme Calendar GirhGontest 79.9 2 5 All the (good time running with “The Pact” JC, LM; CB, KR; KS, PC, SS, PS, DB, — GC, BH, KA, KM, RG: Meeting up Rose’s; Summer Jam I I . Do-the best on all I can when I think 2 ee ED PICKETT “Big Ed” Track. Good Friends; Unusual experiences . . Engineering. KIMBERLY ANNE PILKENTON NHS, V-Pres. 12, SAGA Editor, Jr. Class V-Pres., Drill Corps, Historian, FBLA, Sec. 11, Track 10, Pep Club, Liaison, Kappa-Psi- Omega, Phi-Delta-Sigma, Office Teacher Aide, Human Relations. Tryouts; spotlighting; games; 12-22-77 Floyd’s Fork; Breadfast; floats; . . . Live it BIG, have lots of friends, make my parents proud, most of all, find that special some- Coselen JOE POLSTON Soccer 9 - 12. Junior Cut Day ’78; Ring day . . a millionaire before age 30. . To be BILLY POWELL RAS =. 0). Bets ra Cs ae B Bee Felco: ‘el ae whe Bardstown; summer RH; its RC, BW. NR, BOG, at Almart ‘© open my own accounting firm, bécome rich see all social prejudices end. KATHY JEAN RAPP “Kid Kat” Trying out for Drill Corps going to all the football games. . . Going to the military ball and Ring Day . Hopefully become a typist. MARY SUZANNE RICHARDSON __. “Suzanne” Choir, Jr. Sr. ee “Briga- “ doon” SAGA Staff. Ball games; Ring Day and Et ad Ryecee lt ‘times spent with my friends. . . to live the life God would have me live A ny a ae rs Se KEVIN QUIGGINS “Quiggy Baby” She-Male; Band; Beta; NHS, Historian; Rifle Corps . . . Band Camp; DS, LM, MD, LC, MH, MW, MP, All my other friends; Datsun Adventure; Practices; Water Balloons; Bumber stickers, Egg plant casserole Peas. . . Find what I’m looking for live up to my own expec- eleteyane MICHEAL S. REGISTER “Mike” Band, Beta, NHS, All State Band, Louisville-Jetf. County Youth Orch. Making film for TV Eng.; 3rd place at Fair; Band Camps; Parties and Good times after contests; Ring Day . . . Become the best musician I can possibly be and not to forget the friends and their support. RUSSEL RAFFERTY MELANIE RIGGEN JEANNE MARIE PREASMYER “Jean’”” Gymnastics, Track, Swimming, “Carnival” Chorus, Liaison, Gym Team. PS, JB, KS, LB, FD, WA; Holiday Inn at Richmond; beating Southern; Prom °78 Jr. Cut Day; R-Day; egging floats, Track; Gl, SH, CK; Cumberland-CK; Fla.-PS; going with BS Sept. 2. . . Be happy, successful and keep my parents proud of me. JILL RAYNER “Jill” 7th 8th grade Cheerleader, 75-76 Marching Band, Deca Club. Monday Sept. 4 Labor Day, All the times I’ve had with Raymond. . . To find out the truth about Sept. 9 and hope I do the right thing about it. ° JULIE ANN RICKSON “Julie” Jr. and Sr. Beta, Drill Corps, Liai- son. Good times JP, LS, JP, JL, MB, KP, MS, RW, TD, crazy things; Berheim; Christmas; Big Bones; “Look at me” AM, KS, AO; Inducted into beta; Tryouts; crazy people . . . Accomplish the most I can, and succeed in whatever I set out to be, to make people proud of me, and to live up to my own expectations. ELAINE RAE RITTER “Elaine” Deca Club 11 - Ring Day, regionals with Deca in °78 All the times before school and during lunch with my f riends. . . To make the most our of my life and in everything I do. To travel around the world. DOAN am OsIE “Jerry, Stretch” Football, Track, Deca. My years in track, both Summer Jams, Barb helping me through accounting . To be Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. DEBORAH SUE SALYER “Deb” Deca. The parking lot in the morning and J.P. L.N. T.L. L.B. and all the good times we had . To-do good and finally make my dad proud of me. JIM RODGERS PATRICIA LEIGH SALLEE Gymnastics, Cheerleading., Ms Decem- ber, Beta, 10th Gr. V-Pres., “Brigadoon,” “Carnival” All American High School Ath- lete, Liaison . . . State Gymnastics; Egging Float; JP, CK, SE; R-Day; Fla, JP; Storm, GE, waiting for Ms. D, Ms. A, JP, Christ- mas 76; KJ . . . Live one. day at a time, graduate from college, Make parents proud, live a fullfilling life. DONALD RUSSELL KELLY ANN SALMON “Kelly” Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Prin- cess 10, Ms. February, Deca, Drama, “Carni- val” . . . 10th Gr.; JH, Ted Nugg. with Scot, Gary, Nina; Beating Southern; Mur- rels Babies; Julie, Patty, Susie; Floyd’s Fork; Bob Seger; trucks; FRANKIE; Carla Billy Be proud, Happy, have small farm, Frankie kids. ‘NEAL K. ROBINSON ONC ce Spaces aces ek JULIA NEVA SALES “Julie” Pep Club, Chorus, “Brigadoon,” B-Ball Homecoming Court, Drama, “Carni- val” SAGA, Liaison, V-Pres. 12. Cut days; Fisherman’s; R-Day; overeat; Roustabouts; cruising; GS Sr; Teresa MJ, KM, LD; Morehead TIM . . . repay my beautiful families who adjusted their lives to help me, make them, my father Tim proud. VALERIE DENISE SAMUELS ; “Miss Dyn-a-mite” Choir, Pep Club. Memories of the three years at Moore; Ups downs; happy sorry days. . . Go oR OR ub Coe ak Ae eter Dae Be married, and have eT CSE SUSAN YVONNE SCHAFER “Big Eyes” Cheerleading, Capt., Track, Swimming, FCA, Beta, Drama, Pep Club, Aide, “Carnival” Delta-Psi-Sigma. . . Wen- 1 dy’s Canoeing, “Pizza” Lindy’s; Beating As. DeSales; WHCC-Sum. 77; 11-14-75; Pas- sion Alley; Lunch; TV Eng. Film; 7 Dwarfs; Floats; R-Day; Corky; BM Magic, LH, AS, Burger; Friends . . . Have sunshine around me, the ones I love with me, a rain- bow over me, and the stars above me. MELISSA LYNN SCHLENSKER “Melissa” Sr. Beta Club. October 8, 1977; My sixteenth Birthday . . . To marry Tim and have a happy life. UR ANG ety t00Ne “Bill” Football; Track. Cutting Vol. School and going to McDonalds; coming back from Vol. School. Also going to Mr Gatti’s after the football team had beaten DeSales 3-2. . . To live a happy life with Teri and to succeed in every- thing that I do. ONNA SCHMIDT Cheerleader, Pep Club, Deca. All the-wild times with DW, MW, JS, NO, SO, PS, TT; Summer " 76 77; the times I was with Ricky P. down at my sisters — MW; Floyd’s Fork in the mud — JS... . Make every day happy and to live out my dreams to the fullest. a) STEVE SCHMIDT SUSAN J. SCHMIDT “Susie” Band, DE, Gymnastics. Great times w mm, PS, KS, JW, JB, MM, LB: Seniors °78 park. lot; cutting con- certs, parties; out to lunch, water fight w PS KS Slow G; parents; went out of town being crazy . . . Meet my handsome prince and be happy where ever I go. DIANE SCHNEIDER “Gube”” DECA, FBLA, German Club, German Club, Dance, 76 Calendar Girl Con- test. Great times with DB, SN, AM, DM, CG, JM, SS, MD =DECA, German Dances, 9-23- 76, Key Market, Poth, Priddy, just having a good time . . . To be able to live with myself, to be fit for myself to know and to be able to make the world laugh constantly. _ TIM D. SCHNELL “Tim” Basketball 8, Fr. Basketball, JV _ _ Basketball. BRUCE SCHNELLENBERGER :Ring Day, Jr. Cut Day, National Cut Day, Fisherman’s Park. . . To be an electrician. CINDY SCHOLL GREG SHORT Basketball 7 - 12, Baseball 9 - 12, Sr. Beta 10 - 12, Jr. Beta 9, NHS 12, Carnival, Sweet- heart Couple, Student Council, Liason, Teachers Aide. 4-20-77, 8-10-77:78, 12-24-77, Spangler, Rain Snow Babies, Rainbow lights, milk- shades, Big Red, Bernheim, Deam’s Lake, Kings Island, Floyds Fork, 6-11-77-78 Sherry _ . . Make Sherry a happy wife, serve God, make my parents proud. JoANNE SIZEMORE ROSS SHADIX “Rosey” JV Football, JV Basketball, Cam- pus Life. 12 long h ard years of school. . . To take what I have learned and do the best with life that I can. DANNY SCOTT SIDEBOTTOM “Half-ass, Dizzy, Oscar, Sideways” Wres- ting 10, WHST 8 - 12. TTL, JJB, TSH, VRH, BBC, SP, MP, JP, KW, SD, SS, WG, MK, DH, MS; TP, K P, RM, Balloo, parties, Rocky Mt. rednecks soc cruisin’ miser. . . To eventually get rich and hire a hitgang to gangwaste Tim Lind- ara GRETCHEN SHARTZER “Gert” Pep Club 7, 11, 12, Swim Team 8, Flag Corps 10, Liason 11 - 12, Carnival, Drama Club 10 - 11, Chorus 7 - 8. Rick, Carnival, Cut Days, watermelon, swimming, Bluebirds, cruising with SR, JS, “WHCC”, all my friends at Moore, Buck- wheat, Ring Day, overate. . . Live a joyous life, make my parents proud, put smiles on faces, remember the fun. BRIAN M. SHREVE Football 7 -12, Track 11, Basketball 8, FBLA, DECA, FCA. : Football, Partying with DH, Bar-Hop- ping with DM in Wisconsin, Hunting with MB, BG Ring Day and Jr. and Sr. cut-day, going with TT, getting my burr. . . To marry and have 2 boys, go into Law-Enforce- ment, and to live in Denver, Colorado. MICHAEL SILLOWAY “Mike” Soccer 9 - 12, German Club 10 - 11, ROTC9- 12. ; Ring Day, fisherman’s lake. . . Graduate and be accepted in to the Air Force Academy. oS 5 ‘Coo-Coo nest, Loucon DC camp, CB's Tennis can, BOB, 4araléls, Campouts, DEA, mooning, HART, Desales game, Tennis Roses Rings . om Nan The Menon a Pintle Vem is Ute GO Ritra) aaee Uae ntact tes SAM SMITH “Sam” Track 9 - 12, Football 9 - 11, FCA, Derr Dances 9th, Ms, Miller, Track, Jr float summer 78, Susan, spring break 10, Sam’l, Grease in FA., R-day, night after, CARNI- VAL passion alley w SS, BS, SN, Camp . . . To become a prominent architect or accountant, have a very long future with a very special girl, and to make someone proud and glad to say I am theirs and they are Foal Calen GREGORY SPENCER JAMES MICHAEL SMITH “Mike” “Mikey” Jr. Beta, Baseball 9 - 12, Mini-Mustangs, Liason 10 - 12, Mr. SAGA. Goodtimes with Brenda, Baseball Region- als, Loucon, Football games, times with BG, Kin OGG Osi OSS SD) ails GI ESy draft, chem I, physics, Barren River 8 28 77, R-day, 77 football homecoming. . . To live life to the fullest, and to many more good times with Brenda. KIRK SPARKS QUESTELL SMITH CATHLEEN ROSE SPEAKER Drill Corps, Lt. 11, Liason 9 - 11, Jr. Beta 7 - 9, Sr. Beta 9 - 12, NHS, Homecoming Court 10, Round-Up, Photo Ed. 12. Capt, Cute, TA Bear, Furf, DC’s Prom, sweet 16, roses, summer 76, Oct. 20, ’76, Flo- rida, Pinto, Taking pictures, marching, H- comings, crazy times’ on Drill Corps, sum- mer eye starin, GANG, and most of all DON . . . To become a chemical engineer, ir lea me sta Kc acl emr TCL amr los bana cars after. MARK SMITH VICKIE SNEED PAMELA MARIA STENGEL “Pam” NHS 11 - 12, Lib. Off. Aide, Pep Club, SAGA. DZ, CS, JR, TG, CP, CK, DS, Ring Day, Homecomings, 7th Core, Cherokee Park, summers 77 78 . . . To become a suc- cessful fashion designer, travel, and make my parents proud of me. DENISE STEVENS “Duhneese”’ Band 9 - 12, Field Com- mander 12, Sr, Beta 10 - 12. Band Camp 77, Florida 77, The Homely Club, Linda, Missy, Lynn, Greg; Cheri, Kevin, Andrea, Susan, Mrs. Hilton, band . To never grow old. contests . CHERYL STOUDEMIRE “Sherry” The year of 77-78 when I had Freeman, Recordkeeping . . . To go to col- lege or trade school and get a better educa- tion. LESLIE LAY NE SUBLETT “Leslie” 9 President, Liason 10 - 11, Jr. Beta, Student Council, Drill Corps, Lieut. 10, Capt. 12, Brigadoon, Carnival, Calendar Con- test Cover Girl, Sr. Superlative. Great times on Drill Corps, football, floats, 2 special friends, Brenda, Dawn, Ring Day, Moore, Memories . . . To make my parents proud, make special people proud, wear a smile, serve God, strive to make all | my dreams come true. DAVID COVELL STEWART “Dave ‘Chorus »7 = 8: (Co-op Mik =. 12. FBLA. Homeroom, Mr. Ericksons Anatomy Class, Co-op . . . To be successful, and reach my goals in life. THOMAS GREGORY STROUSE “Snuff” Band, Student Council 9, Science Club, Beta, NHS, Speech and Debate, Library Club, Most Talented. Disney World 77, All-State Band, Morehead, Band Camp, Tom, Rick K. Jeff, Mr. Hilton, Sandy, Greg, Trey, Cheri, Edie, Denise . . . Hunt anteat- ers in Antarctica, put Buddy Rich out of bus- iness, and star on the Muppet Show and Cap- tain Kangaroo. _ DOUG STEVENS. “Wayne” JV Wrestling, Panel ater aac) PATRICIA E. STIVERS “Patty” JV Basketball, Track 9. Great times with JB, SS, KS, JW, LB, MM, Summer 78, DG, Jr. Ring Day, Cut days, Alan t. Truck, KS, SS, parents out of town 7-26-77 . . . To go different places, meet different people, and always be happy wherever I am. CINDY STOUT “Cindy” Sr. Superlative, Saga, Pep Club ee Ring Day, overate, Cherokee Park, new friends especially Jay tee, Billy, Homecom- ings, Floats, Sr. Year, Halloween 77, Pervis . . . To always love life as I do now. ; SCOTT W. STUCKER “Stuck” Soccer 9 - 12, French Club. Chem 1, Zinifous mobile, Stones, Soccer Camp, Cool your jets, being caught at McNeely Apt. EK, RK, CG, pool party, holes at HiLi Nolin. . . To play pro Soccer, own a restaurant and Night Club, to get rich, and retire at 40. Football 9 - 10, Stage. FANTASY, TP, R ‘ON my friends in Fairdale. ol and the.-seniors of °78 igh School and then attend col- in Tennessee, and while I'm there take a chef and design my own JEFFREY L. THOMAS Track 10 - 12. Parkland and Pep rallies, Track Meets and Ring Day.. . . To live life to its fullest. ee RHONICA THOMPSON “Angel” The Basketball Games ‘‘at times”... To be the best at whatever I do. GLORIA TAYLOR “Jeanie” Spending my time with my sweetheart Frank Lavender and all the fun times at Moore and Meyzeek and also my Sth pd. class with Mr. Mckinney... . To be suc- cess in life, to go to college, and to just live It up. CATHY THOMPSON DEBRA TAYLOR LORI ANN TERRY “Lori” Chorus 7th and 8th. Fights that TT, RT, LS, HL, and I had with Mr. Har- rington, chorus, Mr. Cassiday, BQ with Nina and Kim, April 22, 1977, and all great times with Darrell. . . . To get a job, to marry Darrel, so all my dreams will come true, to lead a fulfilling life, and make those I love happy. MARSHA THOMAS CHUCK THOMPSON Varsity Track 11 - 12, Varsity Cross Coun- try 12, J.V. Basketball 10. Ring Day, Track Meets, The bus to Park- land, TL, MM.. . . To do my best and make the most out of live. JOHN THURMAN “John” Band 7th, Wrestling 10 - 12. Basketball Homecoming ‘'78 " , L.D.L. Summer Jam, Takin’ it easy in the park . . To be happy successful to make my par- ents proud of me. o Pe) VALERIE TIMM “Valerie” Carnival. All of my great years at Moore, Carnival and all the great friends I made doing it... To go to college become a speech therapist. JERRY VINCENT STEVEN B. WALKER “Steve” Soccer 76. Jam and concerts, Jr and Sr cut days 77 and 78, International Cut Day, Ring Day. All the parties and partying I’ve done . Go into Business for myself. be my own boss and become rich. ny Jam I II, Tree house, cutdays, 9 17 61 ma leree Peconic i Get aorhie Vas tive, SAGA ji PUG a seta w RS, LB, SN, S hardships will face eC but I only a gentle smile and three mination. “BRYAN L. TRIPLETT “Trip” Student Council 7, Track Cros- scountry, Basketball, JA, Liaison, Science Club, DECA, Human Relations. JV. KM, RN, DW, concerts, Summer DANNY VIA .. . To become very rich and high jack a cocaine boat from South America. Ng DONNA ELLEN VITTITOW “Donna™ Tennis 8 - 12. CM, KM, LL. AM. pepsi GRP. Big Blue Football team. BURRS” baseball games with KJ BG, most of all the great times with Squeaky 3 11 77 . To someday have more money than | know what to do with, be happy and make my parents proud royannnven SHARON WALKER Summer of 76, Ring Day. Times at McNeeley and Floyd's Fork and Junior Cut Day. . . To live life to its fullest. JOHN KIRK WAGNER Wrestling 7 - 12, Football 9. Going with MB, DTH. JW. and RM, MALE HIGH . _ To make something of myself. | €. os ee te _ To goto col: ROSE MARIA WESTERMAN “Rosie” AFJROTC 10, 11, 12. Army R.O.TC. 9. The great times I had with ROTC friends. Always will remember Sgt. Rupes talks on leadership. . . To be able to work with less fortunate ones than myself. Make a FroeeM lic omuhtialartaemuhae tilt} a DONNA WHELAN -. Pep Club 11, TG Homecoming Court es Getting super crazy with the gang all the = times on cloud 9 with GB and OS, Summer BEAmeL Se CUY " s nal tractor at Laaiew i ete no lee . To get ou THOMAS H. WENDELN “Tom” German I. Trip to Germany. Lake Cumberland, Every weekend, all the times with TW’, JS, KR, PH, AK,RM.. . . To give Keith Ricks back his wheels and get my own. see As. We BAY Ae Coe Pleig ae sy caer Tle CM, 77, JW, 76, Passing Sr Yr. Like a piece of cake, majoring in Sr foods, partying with CM, JW, GG, MW, ML, NJ, SS, SS, PH, LM, KW, and the rest of the crazy peo- ple . . . To see the wheatier mobil make it through one more year, and trade it off fora bicycle. To see Margie fail her senior year. JANENE CAROL WERNER “Janene” Pep Club, DECA-Coop, SAGA Staff. Summer 75, Rusty, MM, DD, SS, PS, DR, KM, KS, ML, LM, The Doobies, BHS, Shively JH, TF, DK, Jr. Cut Day ‘78, Thnksgvng 77, Mr. Watson, Mr. Freeman L.A.D.Y., pepsi,. . . To marry Rusty some- day soon. TO BE A PEPPER! JOYCE WHEATLEY “Jo” “Grape Ape” Drama Club 10, Rifle Corps — Band 11, Sr. Beta. My year at Male, marching in all the band contests and winning, Jr cut day, Cheni’s foot, and Ring Day. . . To be a successful interior decorator and oN] close to all my friends. JAMES E. WEED JR. “Rick” Basketball 9. Ring Day and Sambo’s, The Maverick and its stereo, BAJA BUGGY, Fishin’, hunting with BK, Male and Mrs. Husband, Florida, Drive-in, checkin the pack, FOP 14, York Steak House . . . To go through college, graduate, and make $100,000 per year. VICKIE WETHINGTON “Vickie” JV-V Basketball, Field Hockey 11, Deca 11 - 12. DR, drive-in w GH, SM, AR, SG, CG, Jr. year summer, partying, great B-ball practices, our 20-2 record. . . To be happy, make those around me happy, and to live life to the fullest. KATHY LOUISE WHITE “Kathy” Chorus 10, Pep Club 11, Drama CO Summer 77, 9 8 7. Ring Day, cut days, fun w LN, RN, KY, JW, TW, KU, GS, TS, GB, and others — my year at Male. . . To make those I love proud, to always smile and share it, to marry and live a long life with my family. MIRIAM ANGELA WHITE “Mrrm™ “Bubbles” Jr.-Sr. Beta, Spanish 8 - 9, NHS 11 - 12, Sec. 12, Pep Club 11, Liai- son 12, MHSB Rifle Corp. 12. 2 14 77, M M, Ms. Pritt’s chem., moun- tain goats, hooker, Old Man Stivers. PADUM, Bzzing, Dastenster Bridge, R, M. R, D, G, L, §, Mark Piggy Poo. To find the corner of this world that I belong in live happily ever after with the man I love. TAMMY LEIGH WHIT “Tammy” Liaison, Cheerleader, 77,78, Hikes Point, concerts, Sum. Jam, D getting crazy w Robert want to do once I’m out of : get ready in less than an hour, Dad proud, have a happy life around me happy. oe BARRY WIBEL SHERRY GAYLE WILEY Jr.-Sr. Beta, NHS Treas., Youth Spirit 10, Choir Acc. 8 - 12, V-Pres. Choral Club 10, Pep Club, Carnival Pianist, FBLA 11 - 12, Who’s Who in Music Award, Liaison 12. Choir, 12 21 76, Apr. 1-Male, 6 5 77, R- Day, 6 19 78, MW, MP, AW, GC, KW, MD, and CARR. To be successful, make others happy, keep God first, and live hap- pily ever after. BECKY WILLFORD DAVID WILLIAMS MIKE WILLIAMS MONIKA WILLIAMS PATRICIA M. WILLIAMS Pat’ Living in Germany, traveling around going to Italy in 1970, meeting new people at all the schools I’ve been to my friends JB, SH, RN, SW, VT, . . . To be successful at anything I do. To move from | KY to live in Colorado. And to make my parents proud of me. F oe ye ae a senior . Paaey Free that will satisfy me the ais KIM MARIE WOODALL Moore High Marching Band 77-78. Summer 77 at Camp Crescendo; fun with LC, JE, SR, LH, at BQ, thinking of DD. GG, GD, and the rest, all the other crazy people at Moore, and Ms. Perry’s Latin class. . . . To go to college become a dentist and get married to a great guy like MS. ANDREE JEANYNE YOUNGJOHNS “Andy” Band 7 - 10. -TW rolling out of a car, Nolin Lake DE, acute tay w NM, MC, JS, TW, Tam- ‘my’s parties, riding around, Jungle «Juice, Have a wild and exciting life, go to UK, “marry when I’m old, own my own sled make my parents proud of me. ANN ELAINE WITTWER Junior Beta Club, Spanish Club, Drill s Kervoom cen Drill team, Ring Day, the fun times in class, Physics, Mr. Boyer, Mr. Ott, being bussed to Male . . . To become a veterina- rian so I can help relieve the suffering of animals, also, to live the longest and happi- est life possible. KEITH WOODS “Keith” “Woody” Football 7 - 12, Wres- tling 11 - 12, Track 11 - 12. Football ‘78, Ring Day, Wrestling in the regionals my Jr. year, fun on the stairs at Male. bus ride home from foorball practice, Turkey Day Game... . To play football in college, and to live a successful and exciting life. JEFF WINDHORST VICKI LYNN WOLFORD SVic DECA 1s Pep Club 11, FBLA 12: Partying with PC, VF, PA, and ‘PW’, all the fun times at CSC, meeting RC and PW’, getting my camaro and wasting gas. . . To live my life the way I want to, to succeed in whatever I do and to have fun in doing it. CHARLENE WOODARD , “Boogie” ROTC Drill Team 10 - 11, JA! ASTON Se. BLOM RO Woes Nae SON ME Cry) tora Guard 11. ROTC Dinings 6-78, 41277, playing | Ann Landers, Christmas 77, Mr. Wicklifte’s Alg. class, R-Day. Jr. Cut Day. Male, my friends. To follow God, lead a humane and | humble life, attain my C.P.A. and marry | James. KIMBERLY L. YORK “Kim” Jr. Beta Varsity Basketball 9 - Varsity Softball 9 - 10, Pep Club 11. Ring Day, the fun times we had in Mr. Hoaglands room with RS, LN, RN, all the fun times we had together with KW, RN, .N, AND RS... To marry Ronnie and make him very happy, and to live on a little farm. And live a very fulfilled life. PAUL ZINSIOUS th I Mike Sm ees S B WD : z, Se oo = Brenda Geary SENIOR SUPERLATIVES MIKE REGISTER | SHERRY WILEY T LIKELY TO LINDA HARTMAN KEVIN JENKS KATHY JONES GREG GILPIN | SENIORS 50 STEVE ELAM LISA HAUSS ANN WITTWER KIRK WAGNER | | 1 JIMMY RODGERS PATTI STIVERS 51 SENIORS The Moore High Senior Super- latives were chosen at the begin- ning of the 1978-79 school year. After long hours of tallying the votes, the SAGA Staff was able to find those Senior students most favored by their class. We would like to recognize these Seniors and hope that they enjoyed and fulfilled their titles. TERESA DONAHUE SENIORS 52 BEST PERSONALITY GERI ISGRIGG GREG OSBOURNE KAREN MATTINGLY DAN DAY. PESRIESUBEE Is GREG STROUSE 53 SENIORS CINDY STOUT DANNY HILL 54 O Z WY LU 7 = ES 2 fk O ©) a LLU LW ee O O on a Z xt O 4 Lu ps | : 2 Q.. O = O x 2 a z Zz _ ¢ TOP SENIORS STRIVE MV c44y Dowell O a7 2 ody. ERLOTS Debbie Sledge Ma ciam White SENIORS 56 FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Linda Ha wtman We: soy SELLE DA OE acknowledge these Senious fer thetr out- standing scholastic achievements. At the end of their Junior year, these Senior had maintained the highest grade Qvetage in their class. Congratulations to these Seniors. 57 SENIORS “TOP TWENTY” = ec 5 7 . -¢ f; First Row: Mark Pigram, Mariam White, Dawn Miles, Mike Register, Sherry Wiley, Debbie Sledge, Linda Hartman, Edie Lauyans, Missy Dowell, Pam Stengel, Second Row: Mark Dever, Greg Strouse, Kevin Jenks, Ann Wittwer, Jennifer Lykins, Cindy Krugel, Cathleen Speaker, Theresa Medley, Kim Pilkenton eS Ss - 9 ll Mark Dever SENIORS 58 Kevin Jenks Cindy Krugel IF NOT TOP TEN, THEN WHY NOT TOP TWENTY? Ann Wittwer 59 SENIORS IN WITH THE TIMES SENIORS SENIORS FAVORITE FAVORITE ACTOR MODEL ACTRESS MODEL Burt Reynolds : Cheryl Tiegs Clint Eastwood Cheryl Ladd John Belushi Barbara Streisand Steve Martin Jaclynn Smith SENIORS FAVORITE SENIORS SONGS FAVORITE SINGERS Do You Think I'm Sexy Billy Joel | Renegade ; We've Got Tonight Bob Seger Se eae Rod Stewart latrway to fteaven Ted Nugent FAVORITE SPORTS Football Basketball Baseball SENIORS FAVORITE MOVIES Animal House Up in Smoke Saturday Night Fever Which Way Is Up Gone With the Wind FAVORITE PASTIME FAVORITE AUTO Trans Am Camaro Corvette Chevy Mustang 4-Wheel Drive Firebird Van Z-280 FAVORITE WHILE OUT ON DATE FOOD AND DRINK Go to Party 39% Steak Go to Movies 18% Pizza Go Out to Eat 9% Hamburger Stay Home and Watch TV 37% Beer Oth r SHE Coke Mountain Dew 61 SENIORS ROR EKY. 7D DITOR: y rh ig JUNIORS CLASS OF ’ 0 JUNIORS 64 OFFICERS nee sy om " a. ye ex : e ; i - A President: Raleigh Williams; Vice-Pres: John Onnen; Sec.: Sherri Hill; Treasurer: Denise Lee; Sgt. at Arms: Holly Montgomery LIAISONS iB 4 : — . ye 4 3 ee : ee aeeem £2 t Debbie Jones, Paul Downs, Rhonda Pilkenton, Chuck Garr, Becki Walden, Michele Medley, Anita Logsdon, Mark Taliaferro, Diana Littlefield, Linda Wheatley, Mark Colledge. 65 JUNIORS Danny Baker Richard Benton Terry Binford David Broderick Donna Brown Beverly Burnett Jeff Campbell Scott Campbell Jeffery Cannon Billy Carey David Carlson John Carr Chip Carroll Trina Cavanaugh Curtis Childs Linda Cissell Cathie Clark Shelley Clark Terry Clayborn Tina Cleaver Mark Colledge John Conboy Leslie Conder Denny Conn Sandy Cooney Darlene Cox Dean Crabtree Tim Craddock Kim Cundiff Regina Cunningham Bernadino DeCarolis Jeff DeNardi Charles Devoe Niles Dockery Fran Donahue | Lisa Donnelly Mark Dooley Bobby Downey Paul Downs es Mark Duncan x as | Sherry Eades MS, ee Barrie Eaton Cyndy Eaton P Doug Edwards John Edwards | Paula Elliot David Elmore Valerie Emly Vicki Emly Carter Ezell Len Fisk Brian Free JUNIORS 66 Chuck Garr Chris Garr Barb Jurasin Teri Kessler Sheila Gabehart Michael Garrett Stephanie Gassman David Keltee Pam Kroeger Greg Kustes Teresa Gensheimer David Gentry Lisa Gilkey Tony Gilpin Greg Glass Teresa Glass Tina Isaacs Tim Jackie Julie Johnson Debbie Jones Rick Juarez Julie Judd Brent Goodman Barry Grace Larry Grace Shanon Greene Sharon Greenwell Betsy Gross Elizabeth Gumm Gina Horton Mary Hubbuch Karen Hulsman Suzanne Hundley LaDonna Hurt Michele Hussey Melessa Hyder Sheila Hagan Charlotte Hamilton Alice Hamlet Jeff Hammond Buster Hardin Kim Harrison Peggy Harrison Terri Harrison Nancy Hartloff Cindy Henken Jeff Henley Gary Hill Rhonda Hill Sherri Hill Mark Holt Jeri Holzknecht 67 JUNIORS Joe Lancaster Pat Lavender Denise Lee Lisa Leewee Michele Leopard Kirk Lewis Linda Lewis Mike Lewis Carl Litterer Kristie Litterer Diane Littlefield Donna Livers Sandy Lobb Wesley Locker Anita Logsdon David Logsdon JUNIORS 68 Bennie Long Carol Long Margie Lord Joan Luckert Steve Magee Margie Marks Terri Marshall John Mattingly Mark Mattingly John McArdle Jim McCamant Teresa McCamish Pam McElvaney Joni McKinney Michele Medley Darla Meeks Jackie Melcher Theissa Melcher X40 xj ypu pe a Aone: Jyorr doa 4 Kal Ap n joo todayy’ “A sprinkle a day . a “Did you see that?”’ Allen Nevitt Scot Norris Eddie Norton Eve Nowery Robert O’Neal John Onnen Nancy O’Reilly Sherry Parrott Bryan Partee Alan Pfisterer Rhonda Pilkenton Rhonda Pottinger Elizabeth Powell Linda Powell Libby Purvis Stacey Radcliffe Kim Ray Thadd Reeves Glen Menzenberger Brian Meredith Angie Metcalf Paula Miesner Brian Milby Jeff Miles Keith Miles Tywana Miles Pat Miller Holly Montgomery David Morris James Muirhead Philip Myers Ronnie Nall Robin Nathan Lee Ann Neal 69 JUNIORS Gary Shearer Joyce Shelton Kelly Silliman Nina Simmons John Simon Debbie Sims Jimmy Singletary Gary Sloan Patricia Slone Denise Smith Eric Smith Mark Smith Nancy Smith Ricky Sosh Kim Spencer Brenda Stephans JUNIORS 70 Dora Revard Kathy Revis Marcia Riddle Deana Riggs David Roberts Lisa Robinson Mike Rose Laura Ross James Rutledge Lora Salmon Vicki Sample Kathy Sartin Elaine Schneider Tim Schneider Eric Schneithorst Jimmie Scott Robin Scott Teri Scott Susan Stepp Tim Stevens Dean Stone Dan Streible Lisa Stucker Terry Stutzenberger Todd Stutzenberger Cyndi Sullivan Clarence Summers Lisa Swann Steve Tackett Mark Taliaferro Debra Taylor David Themer Angie Thomas Tracy Thompson Patrice Todd Barbie Trautwein Laurie Travis Deanna Turner Mike Turner Debbie Vanover Agnes Vanportfleet Mark Velez Dennis Vogel Robbie Wade Becki Walden Artie Wall Terri Waller Carol Warren Jimmy Watkins Theresa Watson Steve Weber Sharon Weldon 71 JUNIORS JUNIORS 72 Shy Welsh Thomas Wethington ini Wheat ard White Cassius Williams Glynis Williams Mike Williams Raleigh Williams Debbie Willis Greg Woods Mike Woodside Wendy Woodside Terry Woosley Gary Wray Jennifer Wright Sarah Wright Bill Wyatt Marino Young Denise Zimmerman 73 JUNIORS SOPHOMORES CLASS OF ’ 1 SOPHOMORES 74 ; President: Donna Groce; Vice Pres.: Vickie Vittitow; Sec.: Susan Johnson; Treasurer: Charlane Gordon; Sgt. at Arms: Dee Jones. LIAISONS Fa ee TAS wAG Gloria Miller, Karen Raley, Lisa Robinson, Leslie Turner, Paul Coons, John Boston, Jimbo Hubbs, Vonna Mills, Josh Meredith, Alan Jenks, Diane Faulkner, Eddie Litsey, Missy Sullivan, Michele Bernard, Julie Reinstedler. 75 SOPHOMORES Darrell Adwell David Aldridge Kim Alford Todd Anonson Mimi Anson 3 et Ali Anita Arkenberg Connie Baird Donna Ball Mike Ballard Kevin Barger Bridgett Barton Mark Beard Sonya Beaty Cindy Bennett Robin Berggren Michele Bernard Monica Bewley Kim Bidwell Terry Birchler Susan Bitsky Tina Blakeman Gail Bodner Tom Boisvert John Boston Robert Boston Gayle Brashear Tammy Briney Jerome Brooks Lori Brown Tim Brown Glenn Brussell Larry Bryant Terri Burns Ken Cambron Mark Campbell Brent Case Angela Childress Terrell Christon Jocelyn Clayborn Jimmy Clements Pam Clements Jentry Collins Cathy Coltrane Paul Coons Cyndi Coots Chris Crays Daryle Davis Pam Dobson Stephanie Dockery Lori Edrington Jay Eyle Vic Farris SOPHOMORES 76 Diane Faulkner Katie Feather Sharon Fehler Julie Flint Doug Ford Valerie Ford Michele Foreman Janet Fow Kenny Fox Julie Free Paul Fuller Paul Gallagher Don Garrett Greg Gatton Marshall Gibbons Gary Gilpin Terri Goldsmith Charlane Gordon wee Pw ery | | John Gough Brian Graybeal Wes Greenert Ricky Greenwell Donna Groce Nancy Grubbs Laurie Haberman Kim Hagerman Kim Hale Amy Hall Phil Hamilton Denise Hance Ellen Hardesty Theresa Hardesty Larry Hardy Mark Harris Chris Hart Terri Hart Tim Hauss Scott Havel Lori Henderson Marcia Hesler Muriel Hickman Stephanie Hickman Kim Highley Diane Hikes Susan Hill Don Hines Tim Hines Jeff Hinton Robin Hinton Mike Hobson Alan Holbrook Mark Holmes 77 SOPHOMORES Robert Hood Tim Hooker Karen Hooper Scott Howard Angela Howell Mary Ann Howell Jim Hubbs Cindy Hubbuch Robert Huebner Debbie Hulsman Steve Humphries Lisa Humpich Keith Hurst Michele Janes Jeff Janocik Kenny Jeanette SOPHOMORES 78 Todd Jeffrey Carla Jeffries Rene Jeffries Alan Jenks Dan Johnson Susan Johnson Tammy Johnson Dee Jones Ralph Juarez Tom Judson Kerry Kapfhammer Jeff Kaufman Debbie Kerger Bobby Kessler Kurt Kessler Kathy Kimberling Glenn King Tanya King William Mattingly Kyle Maxfield Mark McDougall Theresa McElfresh Johanna McKinley “Shave and a haircut . Jonathan Long Karen Long Samuel Lovely Cary Luker Lisa Luker Carrie Lundgren Gloria Lutz Jamie Lykins David Lyons Louis Lyvers Laura MacAllaster Joe Macaluso Robert Manley Robert Konerman Suzanne Korfhage Greg Krugel Tim Lay Laurie Leasor Christy Lee | Donna Lee Suzanne Lewis Marbe Lindsey Tim Lintelman Troy Lintelman Eddie Litsey Elaine Logsdon Mark Logsdon Tammy Logsdon Clifton Long 79 SOPHOMORES Kevin Newton Scott Orm Kathy Osbourne John Oskin Darla Parrott Scott Patterson Vanessa Pattersor Gary Payne Tracy Payton Belinda Pedro Greg Pepper Denise Pettyjohn Molly Phillips Bart Pickett Mary Pike Gerry Pillicteni SOPHOMORES 80 Greg Moore Shelia Moore Todd Morris Denisa Mullins Ricky Mussleman Waldo Nathan James Newkirk Sondra Milby Gloria Miller Kris Miller Vonna Mills Glen Minor Malinda Mitchell Dan McNutt Jennifer McNutt Ron Meagher Josh Meredith Karen Milam Nannette Pinckney Greg Plahuta Linda Porter Tracie Potts Deadri Pride Peter Quebbeman Mark Rafferty Terry Rafferty Sandy Raisor Karen Raley Clifton Ratliff Danny Rein Julie Reinstedler Karen Reinstedler Kenny Reinstedler Bobby Rhoades Parti Rich Anita Richardson 81 SOPHOMORES Gerald Scott John Seitz Dean Sexton Tony Shepard Dennis Shore Beth Short Tammy Shoulders Patty Sickel Toni Simmons John Skaggs Charlotte Smith Latonya Smith Mark Smith Susan Smith Virgil Smith Michelle Sodini SOPHOMORES 7 82 Joe Stanley Julie Stasel Carolyn Stengel Mark Stewart Danny Stinnett Joanna Stopinski Alfonzo Stoudemire | John Stovall Vicki Strange Gabby Strong Bill Sullivan Missy Sullivan Tammy Surbaugh David Taurman Robert Taylor Tammy Taylor 83 SOPHOMORES Larry Terry Valerie Thomas Kenneth Thompson Chery! Thorton Kathy Toebbe David Triplett Paula Triplett Leslie Turner Lynn Turner Susan Underwood Bruce Utley SOPHOMORES 84 Beth Valentine | Mark Vernon | Brian Vertrees Suzie Vincent Sandy Vitt Vickie Vittitow Jewell Walter Troy White Charles Williamson Leslie Yadon DeeDee Young 85 SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN CLASS OF ’ 2 FRESHMEN 86 OFFICERS é President: Laura Stivers; Vice-Pres.: Laura Raley; Sec.: Cindy Shea; Treas.: Karen Shurr; Sgt. at Arms: Angie Montgomery. LIAISONS ie Sa hl eta acl Randy Carter, Cindy Shea, Christy Hupple, Mary Jonczy. 87 FRESHMEN Phil Baumert Gary Beals Tim Beard Todd Bidwell Carla Blacklock Kim Blakeman Clara Blandford Lester Colewell Kathy Colledge Darryl Colson Mary Combs | Tim Conder | John Conrad Greg Cook Cliff Cousins Lisa Cox Tim Crume Alicia Cunningham Brent Curd Felicia Cureton Ronald Davis Patricia DeHaven Debra Dempsey Joe Devoe Scott Ditsler a Dockery lohn Donahue David Douglas Marsha Douglas Parthenia Douglas Bill Downey Greg Downey Rosetta Downey Tommy Downing Valerie Downs Mike Drury Amy Duncan Wayne Dunn Sandy Dutton Chery] Ebersold Kitt Embry Chery] Ernspiker Debbie Estes Connie Eyle Jim Farris Scott Fawbush Wayne Fawbush Tim Filer David Florence Dawn Florence Melodye Foreman Manuel Forrest Sheila Frazier Brian Fuller Maurice Fuller Linda Garrison Missie Garrity David Gaskin Lisa Gassman 89 FRESHMEN Lydian Gearing John Gensheimer Dwayne Giles Kit Gividan Kim Glass Bernard Golden Joe Golding Cathy Goode Kristi Grau Connie Graver Don Graver Tom Graver Kenneth Green Debbie Gross Tina Gross Chet Guess FRESHMEN 90 A) NX | i Paula Guinn Tim Hacker Jody Haendiges Janet Hagan Tim Hagan Susan Hale William Hale Jack Hall Cathy Hamlet Shirley Hammond Steve Hammond Billy Hammons Paula Hans Mary Hardy Jennifer Harpe Bryan Harris Dale Harrison Johnny Hart Debbie Hartlage Karen Hayden Felix Hayes Wendy Heil Adam Heissler Deanna Heissler Shannon Helms Teresa Henken Sammy Henley Joseph Henson Jeanne Hibbs Thomas Hicks Jeff Hignite Joe Hilger Steve Hilger Barry Hindman Ray Hobson Marium Hodge Allen Holderman Robert Holland Michelle Hovious Damon Howell Kim Howell Joe Huddleston John Humes Rodney Hunter Christy Hupple Cathy Hurst Len Hurt Jim Hutchins Greg Ingold John Jackie Robert Janes Luwanda Johnson ; 91 FRESHMEN Pamela Leopard Juanita Lindsey Ted Ludwig Randall Lutz Tina Lyles Shawn Lyon Shellie Lyon Lisa Mahaffy Stacy Marcum Davez Marshall Dennis McCauley Tommy McComis Mark McGaw Terri Meibers Beverly Miles Greg Miller FRESHMEN 92 Joel King John Kirk Mary Kyer Donna Lampkin Ricky Lanham Stephanie Ledford Wendy Lee Steve Jones Beverly Jordan Debbie Kaisor David Keeling Fawn Keller Whitney Kennedy Sharonda Johnson Mary Jonczy Donna Jones Jim Jones Mark Jones Laura Raley Sandi Ray Pat Register Brenda Revis Kathy Richerson Darryl Rickson Karen Riedley Mike Riggs Artie Ringenberg Janette Ritter Ran Roberts Dennis Phelps Theresa Phillips Sherry Pinkney James Pitcock Susan Pitcock Jeff Poe Sharon Porter Angela Montgomery Stephani Moran Stephon Moran Cathy Murray Shenetia Nathan Terry Nathan Janet Neal David Newton Melinda Noe Mike Nowery Lavon O’Neal Stella Osbourne Cynthia Paddock Jeff Parker Julie Parrott Mike Payne 93 FRESHMEN Deanna Sexton Brooks Shacklette Penny Shartzer Vernon Shartzer Cindy Shea Kenneth Shepard Adele Shepherd Nancy Shewmaker Sa Se ——— = iy John Shoulders Mark Shreve Bruce Shultz John Shultz Carolyn Shurr Jeff Simon Joe Simon Ann Singleton FRESHMEN 94 Rhonda Robinson Risa Rogers Anna Roller Janice Ross Joe Rountree Robert Rowe Deanna Rubarts Gary Rutledge Kim Rutledge Mike Saettel Lisa Sallee Mat Sanders LaDonna Saunders Greg Savage Lisa Schneider Teresa Scholl Barbie Sego Vicki Seward . : peg Ys te {hs OO Ge a Marty Sizemore Helen Smith Kenney Smith Sheila Smith Robin Smith Tony Sneed Joe Span Kenneth Stallings Mark Stanley Laura Stauble Chris Steele Roderick Stephens Andrew Stevens Marshall Stewart Laura Stivers Robyn Stobaugh Amos Stoudemire Jacqueline Stoudemire Judy Strong Bruce Sturgill Joe Stutzenberger Jackie Summers Jeff Summers Martha Surbaugh Lori Swann Beverly Taylor Christy Teague Darrell Thomas Adrienne Thompkins Swopes Thompson Sharon Thurman Dewanda Todd Phyllis Vanover Bill Wade be 95 FRESHMEN Tim Wade Dana Waller Logan Warren Tim Watson Pam Webb Kim Wellman Patty Welsh Carol Wheatley Becky White Jeff White Kim White Melania White Richard White Sandy White Elizabeth Whitworth Ken Wiedemer FRESHMEN 96 Donna Wiedewitsch Vicky Wientijes Shonda Wigginton Randy Wigington : Scott Wilcox Michele Williams Bill Williamson Ronnie Wilson Mike Windhorst Larisa Wise William Withrow Otetia Woodard Larry Woods Richard Woosley Melinda Wright Theresa Zinzious 97 FRESHMEN he ud = ele WY uw a ra — an on cae alam alla EDITORS: KELLY McCAL She NEL e LU) oe BASEBALL | L to R Bottom: Mgrs. Michelle Medley, Angie Thomas, Kelly Silliman. 2nd Row: Kevin Hendricks, Chris Wheat, Tim Brown, Scott Lintleman, Don Stephan, Chuck McGahey, Mike Smith, Glen Menzenberger, Terry Stutzenberger. 3rd Row: Coach Ackerman, John Casper, Joe Brown, Squeaky Howard, Mark Valez, Greg Short, Cliff Stephan, Dale Knipp, Tom McKinney, Coach Hall. Schedule — 1978 Moore 8 Western a Moore 1 Iroquois 6 Moore 8 Manual 5 Moore 1 Trinity 9 Moore 15 Ahrens 0 Moore 5 Jeffersontown 8 Moore 4 Thomas Jefferson 3 Moore 10 _ Fern Creek 0 Moore 3 Seneca 5 Moore 4 _ Atherton 5 Moore 5 Waggener 8 Moore 5 Durrett 8 Moore 12 Eastern 2 Moore 4 Stuart 3 Moore 11 Durrett 4 Moore 1 Jeffersontown 4 District Game. Tim flashes his million dollar smile. SPORTS 102 MIPSTPAGAIN ............+-..-. | ote ee a Don’t be so picky Greg. dnl Il huddle? watched? 2 A baseba rT lH Hoo POBUDDE i ‘cm U Double Vision Cea ey | fe 103 SPORTS AND AGAIN. . . e o = - s ‘ a “ - - ex Lo-=. , _ a « a ” aon Fe 5 ss. a - " — : - : " 2 @ 4 . fy - “a —- e ons - ‘ - a _ . z - ” , a 7 e ¢- —_ “—- - = Come to Greggy. i SPORTS 104 " . GOLF TEAM MAKES A HOLE IN ONE m% , ‘ ode, imbo Hubbs. i SM L to R: John McMahon, Danny Baker, J FUTURE PRO?! Rick Barger, a '78 graduate of Moore High School, has been involved in golf since he first came to Moore. He has won numerous awards from the sport. Some of his awards include First Place in the State Jr. PGA, First Place in the Central Kentucky Jr. Invitational, and an all expense paid trip to Walt Disney World where he participated in the Jr. PGA finals and placed fourth. In the Orange Bowl International Tournament, Rick com- peted with golfers from all over the world and placed second. He was the Regional High School winner in 1976-1977. Rick’s greatest achievement came in 1978, when he won the State High School Golf Championship. He is now attending Brevard College in Cocoa Beach, Florida on a golf scholarship. Moore High School would like to wish him good luck with his future golf career. Rick Barger, 1978 State High School Golf Champ. 105 SPORTS L to R Bottom: Mary Jonczy, Laura Stivers, Melody Forman, Cindy Bennett, Jean Steltenpohl, Tracy Potts, Jean Preasmyer, Geri Isgrigg, Cheryl Thornton. Middle Row: Debbie McNutt, Connie Eyle, Susan Schafer, Cathy Coltrane, Page Collins, Julie Reinstedler, Barb Jurasin, Suzanne Hundley, Cheryl Burgin, Ruth Ruark, Coach Dukes. Top Row: Cindy Sullivan, Debra Taylor, Adrienne Tompkins, Belinda Pedro, Linda Ashby, Gail Harrison, Teri Kessler, Mary Hartlage, Sharon Miller, Terry Jurasin, Marsha Thomas, Lynn Denny. 2 ee 7 ‘ one pelle = tt an = ea " . — re Swing your partner, round and round. 5 te eae A : ; Y ee es oS sl. a. ¥ ' St Re Ve RES és ‘Z % x e E z fab i : za aT az L to R Bottom: Scott Hubbs, Kenny Morgan, Terry Briney, Steve Falls, Bill Brockway, Kit Embry, Craig Sales, Chuck Thompson, Tim pas Wade. Middle Row: Mgrs. Cathy Burnett, Patty Sallee, Steve Elam, Chris Wolford, Mike Cowherd, Mark Patterson, Troy Lintleman, Greg Marcum, Sammy Smith, Tim Eaton, Jim Burnett, Mgr. Cheri May. Top Row: Greg Detenber, Dan Ruark, Tom Elbert, Jerry Saettle, Nick Carroll, Dick McArdle, Chip Carroll, Keith Woods, Mike Baker, Brent Roberts, Barry Ledbetter, Coach Sears. Where’s the finish line? TRACK TEAMS COMBINE EFFORTS iG , i , a a | can’t believe | ran the whole thing. GYMNASTIC TEAM REBUILDS Row 1, Lto R: Tammy Long Mgr., Kelly Schuek, Suzanne Lewis, Jean Preasmyer, Diane Faulkner, Patty Sallee, Kathy Osborne, | Stacey Marcum, Wendy McLellan, Darla Parrott Mgr. Row 2: Kevin Newton Mgr., Annette Gearing, Teresa Schnell, Lisa Schnell, Fran Donahue, Sonya Beaty, Sandi Lobb, Kristi Grau, Debbie Sims, Coach Goodwin. 109 SPORTS SOCCER TEAM GOALS « _ oO eS be = L to R, Row 1: Brad Piatec, Chuck Garr, Pat Judd, Wesley Locker, Steve Tackett, Mark Garr, Eric Konerman, James Hilger, Mike Silloway, Bruce Althouse, Row 2: Scott Stucker, Steve Baize, Robert Konerman, John Carr, David Morris, Mark Gensheimer, Terry Clayborne, Joe Polston, Greg Osborne, John Cline. SPORTS 110 € a PA I’m sure | put it here somewhere. 111 SPORTS + 4 tot pd tte FF ae en nk L to R: Coach Harrington, Jim Plappert, John Plappert, Chris Duke, Billy Craddock, Jeff Onnen. L to R: Bottom Row: Tim Craddock, Tony Burke, Tony Farreo, David Douglas, Dave Mosely. 2nd Row: Coach Hallmark, Mark Jones, Phil Collins, Steve Burke, Steve Humpries. | l] ] SPORTS 112 GIRLS VARSITY TENNIS i tees ¥, . % me Mis Pets ee wees, | 3H 8 | | 1 | | A . a . L to R Bottom Row: Diane Waltrip. 2nd Row: Kelly McCauley, Donna Vit- oe | totow. 3rd Row: Tammy Long, Debbie Sledge, Connie Myers, Ann Mont- gomery. Top Row: Coach Dean. . Now where did you go? a =» ssi lie lie i ml el nl 2S ls L to R: Renee Jeffries, Melinda Noe, Bridget Barton, Jeana Sattich, Suzanne Lewis, Melissa Scott, Kim Blakeman. Ann Montgomery perfects her serve. 113 SPORTS CHEERLEAD- | ERS FIRE UP THE MUSTANGS IN 78-79 Kelly McCauley — Captain Ann Montgomery | SPORTS 114 Z : ne a or, See as ce See Nee f ive : he ce ei uae sete Sie oS 1st row, L to R: Judy Strong, Donna Groce, 2nd row, Dona Rudolph, Kelly McCauley, Vicki Vittitow, Susan Schafer, Beth Mercurio, Paula Elliot, Suzi Vincent, Jeana Satich, 3rd row, Beth Short, Pam Clements, 4th row, Tracy Potts. And the ‘‘Stars”’ tangs! — si $s ses : ne Sey 2 . + Sy iw z 5 ec — = : , —— asia Ne ata? cuit Bae: TS MS 0 Bess of the show, the Mus- All together now | ¥ BEWARE l'’m a Mustang don't mess with me 6 GRO OEE NANO EAC EN INN NCE PO OIRIRR SESS SAAB hy 8 eter » — ne ——— ( arrester Leeman RR NR Enema NR: -tnepeemettnn eames ia | Row 1, left to right, David Woods, Derrick Couch, Dan Day, Keith Woods, Billy Schmidt, Jimmy Gum, Kirk Sparks, Danny Hill, Joe Goodman, Brian Shreve, Dick 7. McArdle, Mike Baker, Squeaky Howard, David Downey, Scott Wayne, Sonny Russell, Larry Coy, David Duvall. Row 2: Cliff Ratliff, Greg Ramsey, Mark Stewart, uh Scott Patterson, Casus Williams, Carrie Luker, Donnie Steffan, Rick Sosh, Tim Jackie, John Carr, Brent Goodman, Mark Taliferro, Bill Brockway, Rick Juarez, ‘ | Chip Carroll, David Broderick, Buster Hardin, Brian Bradberry, Dropped off. Row 3, Dropped off, Mike Riggs, Joe unknown, David Duvall, Mike Hobson, Kerry Kapfhamer, Mark Smith, Tim Lay, Scott Havel, Dean Sexton, Tim Hooker, Ralph Juarez, Mark Logsdon, Scott Howard, Kevin Barger, Rick Greenwell, Todd Jeffries, Marshall Gibbons, Chris Hart, Dropped off. Row 4, Ray Hobson, Jess Parker, Jeff Hignigt, Joe DeVoe, Bill Williams, Bernard Golden, Rodrick, Stevens, Art Amos, Ben Cogburn, John Jackie, Bill Downey, Greg Downey, Pete Baker, Tommy Brinson, Joey Simon, Greg Cook, Dave Kelling, Jim Hubbs, Adam Heis- sler. 1978 Football Schedule Moore Iroquois 24 31 | Moore Southern a 6 11 Moore DeSales 3 2 Moore Fairdale i 22 Moore Fern Creek 7 20 Moore Providence. IN 21 8 Moore Butler 6 1 | Moore Stuart . ve 14 | Moore Doss i 7 0 | Moore Central | | ay 6 | Moore Male 34 0 | “— Homecoming. Leasor. oach Hall, Coach Herrod, and Coach SPORTS 116 J PROUD, THE MUSTANGS | | Dick McArdle pacer. | | Mike Baker Dan Day | 4A eros Keith Woods ye P Billy Schmidt | . Squeaky Howard Brian Shreve | See ei David Downey Joe Goodman Scott Wayne ‘ | : David Duvall FOR ee J ‘ Jim Gumm J Paik i) 1a Another one of those exciting assemblies. ’ es 4 d ) The beginning of something new. 117 SPORTS SPORTS 118 Pe : i : | hope | don’t look that bad. FAMILY wie Joe spots Brent’s back walkover. 119 SPORTS | The Mustang Stomp! Me) ¥ ™ ft ) bs ye oe? ‘gies ry yi on Miter in Pivot ws Edens 3 yey a dae res A new method of relaxing. ‘Now boys, this is how you do it.” SPORTS 120 i A RAMPAGE th the ball. Il the man wi to ki IS The object of the game ) CRUNCH! 121 SPORTS om » ee | | L to R: Willie Wright, Troy Deas, Craig Sales. Tim Wade, Robbie Wade, Chuck Thompson, Alan Jenks, Mark Patterson, Steve | | Falls, Kit Embry, Mgr. Lisa Robinson. | t {| | | : | a4 in tab: ee 4 ‘‘My shoe is untied!” a SPORTS 122 123 SPORTS : . ee , : eR oie a5 ae L to R: Debbie Willis, Sarah Wright, Lori Swann, Laura Stivers, Connie Eyle, Pam Leopard, Mary Jonczy, Tammy Briney, Li HI Robinson, Not Pictured: Cindy Krugel. i} y | | | f | | Coa SPORTS 124 ch John Sears ear al fl sa 125 SPORTS MOORE | MOORE | MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE | MOORE | MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE SPORTS 126 82 76 71 a0 101 76 84 74 ae 33 73 81 io 77 o , Left to right: Coach Finnegan, Greg Short, Mike Cowherd, Jeff Thomas, Dan Guess, Dennis Phelps, Manuel Forrest, Jim Rodg- . ers, Dick McArdle, Pat Cissell, Ronnie Wilson, Niles Dockery, Asst. Coach Johnson, Asst. Coach Kulp, kneeling, Swopes — Thompson, Eric Schmidt, Cedric Erin, Chip Carroll, Bottom row, Manager, Scott Fawbush, Scott Denler, Robbie Huevner. ) FERN CREEK 66 SOUTHERN 58 MANUAL 88 TRINITY 61 BUCKHORN 55 FAIRDALE 65 DOSS 50 IROQUOIS 70 AHRENS 72 SENECA 49 WESTPORT 68 STUART 30 DOSS iD FERN CREEK 68 ST. X 78 IROQUOIS 84 BALLARD ie J-TOWN 64 SOUTHERN 73 L to R: Ass't. Coach Brian Kulp, Head Coach Tom Finnegan, Ass’t. Coach Howard Johnson. THE MUSTANGS | DO THEIR THING f co a rekclinas ‘ a . ’ A 4 - | hae sits ae in ’ = Slam Dunk Now that’s a well qualified coaching staff 127 SPORTS a Greg Short Daniel Guess SHNIKO Dick McArdle Pat Cissell Jim Rodgers Mike Cowherd SPORTS 128 berg vr i .- " dad athase - — | IT rs 3 CL) ae | TST pbdienel Set COm LOE CL, Tarr pam | Right to left: Coach Wallace, Asst. Coach Fisher, Barb Jurasin, Barabra Keisker, Marya Dockery, Kim Holloway, Karen MdLean, Vicki Wehtington, Gail Harrison, Kathy Revis, Asst. Coach Dukes, Kneeling, Angie Montgomery, Dee Jones, Tammy Surbaugh, Cingy Krugel, Tammy Rutledge, Teresa Donahue eects eee MOORE 38 OLDHAMCO. 75 MOORE 56 FERN CREEK 50 MOORE 48 SOUTHERN 73 B MOORE 38 ASSUMPTION 65 MOORE 41 MANUAL = 54 V A MOORE 41 MERCY 71 S MOORE 58 NELSONCO. 53 A MOORE 51 AHRENS 2 K MOORE 58 SENECA 52 R MOORE 68 MALE 43 Ss E MOORE 59 WESTPORT 49 T MOORE 47 STUART 32 I MOORE 56 FORTKNOX 40 B MOORE 43 FERNCREEK 45 T MOORE 36 ATHERTON 44 Y A MOORE 46 IROQUOIS 45 L MOORE 68 BALLARD 45 MOORE 69 J-TOWN 55 CL — abe MOORE 50 SOUTHERN 60 a aa ! LE L-R — Suzanne Wallace, Head Coach; Hildred Fisher, Asst.; Dee Dukes, Asst. 129 SPORTS SPORTS 130 Teresa and her fancy dribbling Teresa it’s all in the wrist. An excited group of girls atl. ph fasion Vicky Wethington | Cindy Krugel Teresa Donahue 131 SPORTS Hey, what's your name? ke ae Jump, Jump, get it, get it! Another slam dunk. SPORTS 132 POUR IT ONIN ’79 MOOR Sophomore, Manuel Forrest, applies the finishing touch. Jim Rodgers as the White Shadow. 133 SPORTS BOYS JUNIOR VARSITY | left to right: Coach Johnson, Jim Hubbs, Eric Simms, Greg Miller, David Lyons, Dennise Phelps, Dhet Guess, Ken Cambon, Swopes Thompson, Art Amus. Kneeling: Daryl Nathan, Stephen Moran, Mark Lindy. BOYS FRESHMAN left to right: Dale Miller, Art Amos, Marty Sizemore, Brent Curd, Lynn Hurt, Daryl Colson, Dennise Phelps, Chet Guess, Eric Simms, Greg Miller, Stephan Moran, James Pitcock, Coach Kulp. Kneeling: Craig Collard, Jonn Donahue, Darryl Nathan, Dqayne Gies, John Taylor. SPORTS 134 orn BS 20 21 left to right: Coach Wallace, Coach Fisher, Terry Hart, Nancy Grubs, Kathy Revis, Marya Dockery, Misty Rushin, Debbie Hartlage, Barb Jurasin, Dee Jones, Evata Bumphus, Coach Dukes. Kneeling: Bridget Barton, Angie Montgomery, Tammy Surbaugh, Tammy Rutledge, Brenda Revis, Chris Crays. GIRLS FRESHMAN | left to right: Coach Dukes, Christy Lee, Teresa Phillips, Debbie Alberg, Misty Rushin, Debbie Hartlage, Dee Colins, Laura Stivers, Coach Fisher, Coach Wallace. | Kneeling: Susan Carlson, Donna Braden, Gabrielle Brooks, Brenda Revis. 135 SPORTS GIRLS FIELD HOCKEY ne | Xi 4 2. - L to R. Row 1: Suzanne Lewis, Teri Hart (Mgr.), Denise Hatfield, Tammy Rutledge, Robin Hart, Tammy Long, Coach Goodwin. Row 2: Terri Kessler, Bridgett Barton, Rene Jeffries, Kim Rutledge, Debbie Hartlage, Suzanne Hundley. Row 3: Chris Crays, Cindy Krugel, Darla Parrott, Brenda Morrison, Barbara Jurasin, Gail Harrison, Teresa Donahue. SPORTS 136 15 goals in 3 minutes isn’t all that bad. ii 137 SPORTS WRESTLING TEAM PINS sae ed L to R, Row 1: Carrie Kaphammer, Tim Lay, Bobbie McNutt, Doug Ford, Butch McNutt, Steve Falls, Alan Holbrook, Pete Baker, Ray Hobson, Keith Hearst, Kent Kessler, Carter Ezell. Row 2: Joe DeVoe, Jim Hutchins, Wayne Dunn, Adam Heissler, Estell Adams, Tom Wethington, Chris Poe, Craig Sales, Kurt Kessler. Row 3: David Woods, Tim Jackie, Bill Downey, Bernard Golden, Todd Jeffries, David Broderick, Jergen Wall, Squeaky Howard, Keith Woods, Scott Howard, Mike Baker, Coach White. Seat A new type of relaxation. Do the Hustle! | SPORTS 138 Brotherly love. How many fingers am | holding up? You're biting my arm! Ky. School for the Blind Stuart Fort Knox Jeffersontown Valley Waggener Doss Thomas Jefferson Fairdale Westport Pleasure Ridge Park Durrett Ballard Manual St. Xavier Seneca Trinity Won Won Lost Lost Won Lost Lost Won Lost Won Won Won Lost Won Lost Won Lost 139 SPORTS F a Yadon. Bottom Row — Pam Stengel, Suzanne Richardson, Kim Pilkenton, Kelly McCauley, L 1 2 ae ee w e ‘inh fi i fe ss - ; Saga Sponsor Photo- : raphy Editor as _ graphy a GARY WATSON Top Row — Robert Cox, Greg Short, Sherry Knight, Julie Sales, Terry Birchler, Becky Walden, Joni Tobbe, Julie Stasel, Jennifer Lykins, Geri Isgrigg, Rick ori Mumford, Janene Werner, Kim Httrrell. 7 3 Ag KIM PILKENTON EDITOR ae ue . : , ™ . Organizations Editors — Janene Werner, Kim Hurrell, Rick Yadon Lots of hard work and determination went into producing this yeat ‘s annual. Many long hours WETE spent th meeting the standards of Qa quality yearbook. Only through the cooperation and support of Saga Sponsor, Mz. Watson, the school administiators, and the student body, were we able to create one of Moore High School's best annuals: ‘The 1979 Saga! a, Sports Editors — Pam Stengle, Kelly McCauley, Suzanne Richardson 143 ORGANIZATIONS Pretees at Re Lak, 2 4 or Activities Editors — Jul ie Sales, Denise McCellan J ak Art Editors — Terry Birchler, Pat Register ORGANIZATIONS 144 a al Junior High Editor — Joni Tobbe The 1978-79 Round-Up staff has worked together throughout the year despite the fact that there was not a class time designated as the newspaper hour. Staff members have met on their own time to assign and write stories, copyread, do page layouts and cor- rect proofs. Because other school activities conflicted with the newspaper, some staffers could not devote the nec- essary time required to publish each issue of the Round-Up. Consequently, several reassignments were made in staff posi- tions. Even though many prob- lems were encountered, each person contributed enough effort to his individ- Marsha Turn er ual section to help make - - - - the Round-Up! Sponsor Steve Elam Margret McElfresh Co-Editor Co-Editor 145 ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS 146 Mark Dever — Reporter Trish Goodbub — Circulation Mgr. a}. ) L-R, Patti Marks — Feature Ed. and Beth Mercurio — Sports Reporter os Stan Kerr — Reporter Photos Courtesy Round-Up Bill Sutherland — Artist | | Linda Hartman — Co-Business Mar. | Fx a “ ‘ A den Call ee ‘ : A Brenda Geary — Co-Sports Ed. E Mike Smith — Co-Sports Ed. ORGANIZATIONS 147 DRAMA CLUB First Row — Missy Dowell, Kim Harrison, Elena Wheatley, Cindy Su gomery, Second Row — Sponsor, Ms. Poth, Anita Lodgson, Lisa Stucker, Dawn Edrington, Tom Boisvart, Angela Howe, Susan Schaffer, Lisa Hauss, Beth Mercurio, Becki Walden, Tammy Mattingly, Linda Wheatley, unknown, Kim Milam, Leslie Sublett, Melisa Blakney, Jennifer Lykins, Kim Pilkenton, Jim Jordan, Third Row — John Onnen, Mark College, Mark Dever, Wayne Lindle, Kevin Elkins, Kevin Jenks, Cindy Stout, Neal Robinson, Joni Tobbe, Greg Charles, Mela- nie Riggin, Trish Goodbub, Sherry Wiley, Jo Wheatley, Connie Myers, Kelly Salmon. e s F’ llivan, Cheri May, Lynn Campbell, Greg Gilpin, Julie Sales, Gretchen Schartzer, Holly Mont- ORGANIZATIONS 148 [JAROVE le QUADRON First Row — Timmy Beard, Phil Baument, Gary Sloane, Steve Falls, Anna Roller, Debbie Lerger, Michele Hussy, Eva Buckner, Rose Westerman, David Elmore, Sgt. Murry J. Rupe. Second Row— Brian Baize, Craig Bailey, Dan Turner, Mark Smith, Brian Triplett, Kirk Lewis, Richard Benton, Brian Hendaiges, Mike Toliver, John Kirk, Jewel Walters, Jeff Saunders, Bob O'Neal, Ben Bryant, Eric Schnithorst, Frank Smith, Gary Pay, Steve Weber, Joe Lancaster, Eliot Kopp, Glenn Adwell, David Carl- son. (Not Pictured) Lt. Colonel Richard Housum. Ky. 61 AFJROTC SQ. On 12 May, 1978, the Ky. 61 Air Force Junior ROTC Squadron was presented the Meritorious Unit Award. This award is presented annually to some 45 ROTC units out of 285 nationwide high school ROTC programs. This award is for recog- nition of meritorious quality in program curricu- lum, administration, and Corps activities. This is the fourth time Moore has won the award. During September 1978, Chief Master Ser- geant, Murry J. Rupe, was the recipient of the AFJROTC Outstanding Instructor Award. This award is the highest presented to an instructor in the AFJROTC program. Congratulations, Sarge. 149 ORGANIZATIONS DRILL CORPS STEPS PROUDLY Captain Leslie Sublett and Co-Captain Debbie Sledge Lieutenant Jennifer Lykins rm ay s so | Lieutenant Kathy Jones Lieutenant Melissa Blakney Lieutenant Patty Marks | ORGANIZATIONS 150 | Waa ie Right: Rhonda Pilkenton, Annetta Logsdon, La ie Travis, Sheila Gabehart, Lisa Robinson, gee Teri Harrison, Monica Bueley, Kim Pilkenton, Julie 2b ledge, Leslie Sublett, Theresa Medley, Patti Marks, Jennif@r Lykins, Lisa Stucker, Belinda Pedro, Jan RiekSon: Miche i. Foreman, Cindy Eaton, Theresa Hardesty, Janet Fow, Tamfhy Logsdon, Kim Highley, Denise RetNOnE, Angela Thomas, |. Michelle Bernard. OEE Parliamentarian JULIE RICKSON KIM PILKENTON. 151 ORGANIZATIONS The Drill Corps entertains at halftime. ITRY The Drill Corps at their best. ee aa e Feet He ae cme Leslie shows what it takes to be Captain. | ORGANIZATONS 152 -VISUAL CLUB aoe ‘ P ie LA Ve ok AN dtvntredhs F ; Te 2 Cl 7 . es if © 4 . a -_ pes " i : a : uot oi Officers: Paul Downs, Jimmy Susan Pitcock) ae so Seated: Lori Edrington, Julie Judd, Dawn Edrington. Standing: Dan Streible, Jeff Hammond, Paul Downs, Jimmy Jordan, Kevin Jenks, Jimmy Singletary, Tim Stevens, Cyndi Coots. 153 ORGANIZATIONS DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB ; ; | Row 1: Mr. Schneider, Diane Schneider, Neal Robinson, Susan Newton, Elaine Schneider, Kristy Litterer, Dean Powell, Rene Hackney, Ms. Priddy Row 2: Beverly Taylor, Greg Osbourne, Danny Hill, Tammie Mattingly, Pam Leasor, Sherri Hill, Lisa Robinson, Lori Mumford, Terri Oskin Row 3: Jerri Holzknecht, Bill Wyatt, Buster Hardin, Kelly Salmon, Janene Werner, Jill Ray- nor, Bonita Jackie, Amy Havel, Susan Smith, Anita Arkenburg Row 4: Terri Henken, Angie Metcalf, Sandy Lobb, Dean Sexton, Karen Milam, Jimmy Wat- kins, Denise Zimmerman, Carol Warren, Sandy Lansford, Melinda Lanham, Wayne Lindle. Row 5: Nina Jonas, Margie Ledford, Vicky Sneed, Liebe Parker, Patti Miller, Tywana Miles, a Reily, Valerie Emely, Shelia Metzmier ’ LaDonna Hurt, Nancy O Row 6: Jeff Holbrook, Loretta Miller, Tammie Johnson, Debbie Jackson, Elaine Ritter, Sherry Greenwell, Vickie Wethington, Virgil Smith, Scot Cannon, Victoria Emely Row 7: Robin Willis, Johnny Milburn, Steve Gootie, Donnie Jones, Chris Mertzweiler, Jerry Saettel, Kenny Morgan, Barrie Eaton, Linda Garrison, Nancy Smith Row 8: John Sullivan, Todd Morrison, Tim Craddock, Kevin Cherry, Denny Conn, Brent Rigsby, Kevin Newton, Lori Leisure, Ricky Greenwell, Harold Austin. Row 9: Steve Waller, Loretta Hurdt, Stalana Windhorst, Laura Ross, Molly Phillips, Libby Purvis, Shannon Greene. ORGANIZATIONS 154 FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA MOORE HIGH SCHOOL FBLA President Angela Longworth Vice-President Barbara Keisker Secretary Janet Hardesty Treasurer Cheryl Kastelec Parliamentarian Mark Dever Melissa Blankeney Scott Cannon Pam Carpenter Sherry Eades Dawn Edrington Doretta Geiger Lisa Gilkey Ellen Hardesty Donna Harlow Terri Harrison Rhonda Hill Sharon Hooper Pam Jackson Phil Janes Deloris Jarboe oe aes enue EDUCATION PROGRESS UTURE USINESS EADERS MERICA Wo Debbie Jones Donna Livers Jennifer Lykins Carole Magee Paula Meisner Susan Newton Eve Nowery Sherry Parrott Marcia Riddle David Stewart Cheryl Stoudemire Laurie Travis Deana Turner Sherry Wiley Rhonda Williams Karen Wilp Charlene Woodard Gregg Woods Darlene Cox 155 ORGANIZATIONS ) of the year. SPONSOR Pat Wheeler KEWL@ Kim Pilkenton — Vice President Jennifer Lykins — President Sherry Wiley — Treasurer ORGANIZATIONS 156 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY er The National Honor Society is an honor organization for Seniors. Sen- iors who have acquired a 3.5 grade average are eligible for member- ship. The qualitites of character, scholarship, and leadership are also considered. Scholarships are also given to selective students at the end Miriam White — Secretary Linda Hartman — Parliamentarian Pam Stengle Greg Short Theresa Medley Edie Lauyans Kevin Jenks Angela Longworth Mark Dever Mark Pigram Catheleen Speaker Dawn Miles 157 ORGANIZATIONS Flutes: Denise Stevens, Lynn Campbell, Gayle Bod- ner, Amy Hall, Laura Hurt, Kathy Colledge, Cyndi Coots, Lynn Burks, Julie Stasel. Clarinets: Missy Dowell, Tina Issacs, Julie Free, Adriene Thompkins, Greg Kustes, Susan Pitcock, Missy Boisvert, Amy Duncan, Deanna Turner. Saxophones: Jeff Ham- mond, Pat Register, Scot Spencer, Robert Clark, Mark Ballard. French Horns: Tony Gilpin, Danny Eicher, Cliff Cousins. Tuba: Mark Jones, Tim Ste- vens. Trombones: Mike Register, Holly Montgom- ery, Paul Downs, Tom Boisvert, Jay Bavmert, Andy Stevens. Trumpets: Trey Mathis, Bryn Free, Mark Shreve, Gary Hill, Mark Pigram, Laura McAllister, Lee Ann Neal, Jeff Campbell, Chuck Williamson, Dino Decarolis, Kenny Basham, Richard White, Steve Hammond. Baritone: Mark Holt, Terry Clay- born, Jim Farris. Percussion: Greg Strouse, Bill Wal- lace, Dan Johnson, Greg Keehner, Julie Judd, Cheri May, Greg Gilpin, Greg Gatton. Rifles: Dawn Edrington, Miriam White, Kevin Quiggins, Lori Edr- ington. Flags: Sherry Knight, Stacy Radcliffe, Leslie Hobson, Mimi Anson, Diane Faulkner, Kim Cundiff, Jaja Clayborn, Cindy Henken, Molly Phillips, Aggie VanPortfleet, Patty Sickle, Kim Wellman. MOORE’S MARCHING BAND - 4 Mark Holt toots his horn. Marching to the beat of all the drummers. es as Leslie Hobson practices ‘‘earlier’’ this year. 159 ORGANIZATIONS CONCERT BAND Row 1: Missy Dowell, Tina Issacs, Kevin Quiggins, Cheri May, Lynn Burkes, Cyndi Koots, Kathy College. Julie Stasel. Amy Hall, Gail Bouldner. Lynn Camp- bell. Denise Stevens Row 2: Julie Free, Deanna Turner, Adriene Tompkins, Greg Kustes, Suzanne Pitcock. Missy Boisvert. Amy Duncan, Kim Wellman, Diane Faulkner, Mark Ballard. Robby Clark, Pat Register, Scott Spencer, Greg Gilpin Row 3: Trey Mathis, Bryan Free, Mark Shreve, Mark Pigram, Laura MacAllister, LeAnn Neal, Jeff Campbell, Chuck Williamson, Dino Decarolos, Richard White. Kenny Basham, Paul Koons, Steve Hammond, Cliff Cousins, Danny Eicher, Tony Gilpin. Row 4: Jim Farris, Terry Clayborn, Mark Holt, Andy Stevens, Jay Baumert, Tom Boisvert, Paul Downs, Holly Montgomery, Mike Register Row 5: Greg Gatton, Dan Johnson, Miriam White, Julie Judd, Greg Strouse, Bill Wallace, Mark Dooley, Tim Stevens. ORGANIZATIONS 160 161 ORGANIZATIONS BAND ORGANIZATIONS 162 Tenor Sax — Scot Spencer, Greg Gilpin. Percussion — Greg Strouse, Tenor Sax — Pat Regis- ter; Alto Sax — Scot Spencer, Greg Gilpin; Percussion — Greg Strouse, Gary Keehnor; Bass — Tim Stevens; Piano — Bill Wallace; Baritone Sax — Mark Dooley; Bass Trombone — Holly Mont- gomery; Trombone — Tom Boisvert, Mike Register, Paul Downs; Trumpet — Trey Mathis; Mark |) Shreve, Mark Pigram, Laura MacAllister. | Percussion: Gary Keehnor and Greg Strouse; Bass: Clarinet: Mark Dooley. Baritone: Mark Holt; Trombone: Mike Register; Trumpet: Trey Mathis; Trombone: Holly Montgomery; Bass: Tim Stevens. HIGHLIGHT OUTSTANDING YEAR | | | " WOREHEAD BAND CLINIC | . A TT. | RTE 0 oe + | Cake ; oer a 4 | Row 1: Jim Farris, Holly Montgomery, Denise Stevens, Missy Dowell, Tina Issacs, Kevin Quiggens. Row 2: Terry Clayborne; Mark Holt, Mark Pigram, Trey Mathis, Jeff Hammond, Tom Boisvert, Paul Downs, Mike Register, Danny Eicher. Row 3: Gary _Keehnor, Bill Wallace, Greg Strouse, Greg Gilpin. Pe eee LOUISVILLE, KV. e Field Commander Denise Stephens 163 ORGANIZATIONS Row 1: Missy Dowel, Mark College, Alan Jenks, Robert Konerman. Row 2: Rhonda Mattingly, Tom Boisvart, Donna Weidewitch, Suzanne Korphage. Row 3: Anne Mirhead, Larry Hardy, Laura Stivers, Raliegh Williams. Row 4: Josh Meridith, Cindy Henken, Paula Hance, Monica Beiuley, Lisa Luker. Row 5: David Gentry, Phil Myers, Kitt Embery, Kevin Jenks. Row 6: Mark Pigram, Miriam White, Jackie Melsher, Susan Schaffer, Anita Logston. Row 7: Kathy College, Mary Hardy, Lisa Schneider, John Onnen, John Casper. Row 8: Laura Staubel, Paula Triplett, David Elmore, Gerald Scott. Row 9: Steve Falls, Kerry Kapfhammer, Linda Lewis, Pete Quebbeman, Dan Johnson, Mrs. Poth. Practice makes perfect. _ 3 ho 4 | Top Row: Kevin Elkins, Tom Boisvart, Mark College, Mark Pigram Bottom Row: Miriam White, Ann Mirhead, Rhonda Mattingly, Missy Dowell ——» — —» =as ORGANIZATIONS 164 SENIOR CHORUS B Row 1 — Valerie Samuals, Karen New, Valerie Downs, Christy Lee, Gloria Lutz, Sherry Wiley, Mrs. Caples. Row 2 — Suzanne Richardson, Anita Richardson, Neal Dockery, Tina Lyles, Pam Lepord, Lisa Stucker. Row 3 — Phyllis McElvaney, Stephanie Muran, Adele Sheperd, Stanley Kerr. Row 4 — Theresa Hardesty, Marcia Douglas, Lisa Hyder, Vicki Hart. Row 5 — Randy Lutz, Kevin Burkhead, Darrly Wallace, Keith Miles. LIBRARY AIDES i % Row 1 — Terri Meibers Linda Cissell, Melissa Fahringer, David Gaskin, Adele Shepherd, Randy Lutz, Sandy Dutton, David Taurman Row 2 — Shonda Wiggington, Beverly Miles, Vicky Wientjes, Cindy Paddock, Cathy Murry, Muriel Hickman, Donna Ball, Carla Blacklock. Row 3 — Tom Graver, Glenn Minor, Denise Reed, Chery! Kastelec, Rosetta Downey, Marsha Douglas, Bridget Barton 165 ORGANIZATIONS sp EARTAREEERER AA OAs SASS ee ere SENIOR BETA " RE =. First Row — David Elmore. Mark Pigram. Mark Dever, Chris Poe, Mike Register, Kevin Quiggins, Greg Strouse, Greg Short, Joe Lancaster, Chuck Garr, Steve Falls, Richard McArdle. Mark Talifero, Donny Steffan Second Row — Miriam White. Linda Wheatley, Beth Ross, Suzanne Richardson, Teri Kessler, Meloney Jackson, Lynn Young, Greg Glass, Missy Dowell, Kevin Jenks. John Onnen. Anneta Logdson. Julie Rickson, Jennifer Lykins, Melisa Blakney, Kim Pilkenton, Lisa Hauss, Susan Schaffer, Patty Sallee. Third Row — Angela Longworth. Michele Magee, Barry Eaton, Fran Wheatley, Angela McAlister, Cathleen Speaker, Eliot Kopp, Debbie Jones, Lynn Campbell, Kelly McCawley. Debbie Sledge. Edie Lauyans, Cindy Krugel, Linda Hartman, John Casper, Eric Konnerman, Steve Magee, Charles Litterer, James Sagetany, Brenda Geary, David Themer Ke! of BD iz . 3 : | % : we? 4 } PERE A A. EA ATEN Mrs. Shown, BETA Sponsor. ORGANIZATIONS 166 Row 1: Evelyn Watkins, Donnie Pfost, Robin Buchanon Row 2: Pam Christon, Jim Murray, Neysa Barbour, Cindy Powell. Sandy Avery, Sponsor JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT ACTIVITY COMMITTEE Po The Student Advisory Committee is the steering committee for the Junior High Human Relations Club which is connected to the local and federal human relations commissions. The SAC members were selected by the guidelines from the Board of Education. There is an equal representation of seventh and eighth graders boys and girls as well as a representation of the various racial groups. The function of this com- mittee is to be the voice of the junior high stu- dents in solving problems among students, stu- dents and teachers, and general school con- cerns. Hopefully, in so doing they will help the students learn more about people for what they are. They sponsor junior high activities such as sending valentines, a seventh and eighth grade basketball game and a junior high bulletin board. 167 ORGANIZATIONS : . : : S Bip eages wat eee eo ot BES SE ys MG PS NN At eee eT ce sie eaeenene ate 4 . S eas oi setts ne! eS rey ies epi ta ar Na Seinen ae : Se nated Beste. Reta us 7 4 + 4 Oa re we e SP igs . mises ‘3 n ‘ “' , ; Sateen s RS se se telat Manas re esLA A St At 24 ‘i Og : A a ee = f ASK PRE Dope | BR t AK) POLIO Soy ooo C Py AZ : . Le : Oy) Fi 2 Nig a bs Te U t PR . SL 7 piacs so Sr ea) ec gars ti sg yoyAS N ce “y Ce hy s phate? u ‘ ns ill we ‘y me fs. HALL OF LEADERS Row one: Laura Stivers, 9th grade president. Row two: Margaret McElfresh, Roundup Editor, Neal Robinson, DECA president, Missy Dowell, German Club president. Row three: Raliegh Williams, Jun- ior president, Donna Groce, Soph- omore president, Angela Long- worth, FBLA president, Jennifer Lykins, NHS president, Kevin Jenks, Sr. Beta president, Ann Montgomery, Senior Class presi- dent. MED. ACTIVITIES 170 Mr meles EDITORS: JULIA SALES DENISE McLELLA FOOTBALL HOMECOMING: Say 24% The Moore High Football Family Freshmen decorate at last minute. The Moore High Drill Corps shows pride. . ACTIVITIES 172 i SS ——________c_______Lti_éé____L___H Oo — TNT TT ETE TTT TTT SOOO ESET TSS SOT COOLEST RTL ESET EEE g TEE 173 ACTIVITIES Kevin! ‘A wild and crazy guy!”’ The Seniors show their strength! Football players, Brian, Squeak, and Mike. HOMECOMING COURT | Homecoming Court from left to right: Sharon O'Reilly, Phyllis McElvaney, Sharon Mattingly, Janene Werner, Brenda Geary, Denise Lee, Karen Raley, Jennifer Harpe, Tammy Waldridge, and Betsy Noe. I | i i } ACTIVITIES 174 : | % ae ‘ oe 8 Gail Gaines (1977 Queen), crowns Tammy as Homecoming Denise Lee, junior, escorted by Bob Rhoades. Princess. 175 ACTIVITIES Moore’s first annual Donkey Basketball game spon- sored by the girl’s basketball team, was quite a suc- cess. Our teams were the Faculty vs. Students. Our pooper scoopers were Mr. Stivers and Mr. Knuckles. on... 4 i ef + - al Super Duper Pooper Scoopers ss a ACTIVITIES 176 LTT ETA SNH TTT If you think basketball is easy, try playing it on the back of a donkey. Stubborn ole mules, they either stand away from the basket in mid court and won't budge, or wander about aimlessly and huddle together making it impossible to shoot. {eR TERR ain pau, Up — Up — and away. pa . . ef é a7}. a ee Man to mule defense. 177 ACTIVITIES at dee HE —— — aa i S ACTIVITIES 178 Debbie Sledge, Donna Vittitow, and Stephanie Taylor receive their roses. LS Bes. JANUARY FEBRUARY S : ON Soe a 7 v WR TERI KESSLER KAREN RALEY ACTIVITIES 180 PAULA ELLIOT EDIE LAUYANS SUSIE VINCENT GIRLS OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER BETH VALENTINE VONNA MILLS 181 ACTIVITIES Ist ANNUAL ANNUAL PARTY In the spring of 1978, the 1979 Saga staff sponsored the ‘‘1st Annual Annual Party.’’ The eve- ning’s events included the unveiling and distribution of the '78 Saga, a dedication to Mr. Knuckles, and entertainment by ‘‘Fantasy’’. We would like to thank all those who supported us in what may become a Moore High tradition!!! ACTIVITIES 182 aa) STUDENT ACTIVITY COMMITTEE — ACTION! eins 183 ACTIVITIES MARCHING 4 MUSTANGS ‘ : CARRY COLORS | PROUDLY IN COMPETITION ® ACTIVITIES 184 Moore entertains, while the judges decide. During the month of October the marching Mus- tangs prepared for their first home band contest. On Saturday, October 29th, 28 bands came to partici- pate in the event. Although Moore’s own band did not compete in the contest, they did perform a specta- tular routine while the judges decided upon a win- ning band; East Hardin! 185 ACTIVITIES ec WEDDING” Starring: Kathy White: bride Joe Donahue: groom Every year the marriage classes pro- duce a mock wedding, in order to give an idea of the involvement and plan- ning needed for a meaningful cere- mony. Bride and Her Maids Groom and His Ushers ACTIVITIES 186 YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE A-V CLUB BEGINS YEAR OF SERVICE | e The Audio-Visual Club started as a result of students wanting to make their own movies. The club sponsored the ‘Dorothy Boy’’ Concert in order to raise funds for film equipment. They plan to make a movie during this year. Who's the director? ACTIVITIES 188 é X Lori Edrington and Cyndi Coots listen to plans for the A-V Club movie. ats A good movie requires careful preparation and thorough dis- cussion. SORIA MLA LAN LETS AAA oe We can do it! Sint Let's try out for the lead! 189 ACTIVITIES Pe eea bata. Moore scores again! Doss is down, and Moore overlooks. ACTIVITIES 190 AT THE L.LT. Dan Guess takes a shot! DEFEAT On Thursday, January 18, Moore High School's basketball team partici- pated in the Louisville Invitational Tournament. This was Moore's first year playing in the L.I.T. and we were proud to be there. Although we lost the game to Doss (73-75) perhaps our determination will prove to be stronger next year. ACTIVITIES 192 This year’s Drama production was ‘‘Li'| Abner.’ The show was performed on March 29, 30, and 31. Li'l Abner was portrayed by Kevin Jenks, Daisy Mae by Lori Edrington. The part of Mammy Yokum was played by Lynn Cambell, with Danny Sidebottom opposite her as Pappy Yokum. Greg Charles was Marryin’ Sam and Mark Dever played the part of General Bull- moose. The music was directed by Sherry Wiley and the director was Julia Sales. The Drama Club would like to thank our sponsor, Mrs. Poth, for her patience. Sherry patiently works with the cast. 193 ACTIVITIES teh aT vary 195 ACTIVITIES HOMECOMING) Snoopy STRIKES again a Becky Disagrees! me . a “The Animals”’ The Band at work? 197 ACTIVITIES ane co Loa vn Py Be 24 Q rae pe me 199 JUNIOR HIGH i RN ee ik i a ee apace a A HE Adams, Karen Allen, Brian Alberg, David Allen, Chester Alberg, Deborah Amos, Lori Coons, Julie Craycroft, Ricky Crenshaw, Charles Davis, Patty Anderson, Becky Anderson, Walter Baker, Kevin Ash, Tracey Barbour, Randall Baise, Micheal Barr, Robert Bayse, Ricky Beckum, Kenny Bell, Gail Blacklock, Janet Boston, Mike Bowen, Sharon Bratcher, Paul Braun, Gene Brent, April Brown, Robert Brussell, James Bryan, Keith Bryant, Chuck Buchanan, Robin Buckner, Robert Burns, Ricky Cardine, Loretta Campbell, Cicado Cochrum, Kenneth Christon, Calvin Coffman, Denise Clark, Robert Crowdus, Rhonda Davis, Eugenia Black, Tracy Blackston, Rebecca Blythe, Kimberly Bowman, Helen Broderick, Chery] Bromwell, Karen Burton, Kelly the Gy a UMS 201 EIGHTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE 202 Davis, Patty Dobbins, Penny Davis, Micheal Donahue, Mark Dehart, Jeff Dickerson, Gary Dowell, Brad Donahue, Pat Downey, Juanita Dotson, Renetta Drake, Gwen Drury, Mark Ebersold, Steve Embry, Jerry Dunlap, Harold Emerson, Rhonda Eubanks, Denise Ewing, Betty Fahringer, Melissa Faulkenberg, Dean Felty, Bruce Fisher, Bobby Flannery, Steve Fowler, Todd Francis, Allen Francis, Lori Frayser, Bob Friedhof, Sharon Fryman, Brian Gagle, Lana Garrett, Tammy Gates, Micheal Gazaway, Damon Geary, Paula Gibson, Lori oe Goldwair, Vonda Gilmer, Kristie : ‘ Goldsmith, Susan Gradnigo, Reginald . Gradnigo, Rosalind Hart, Lee Henon, Dino Hatchett, Benita Harris, Robert Graves, Lisa Harris, Veda Graves, Teresa a t ¢ “ va dy Serpent “wig or Se Griffin, Mark Hale, David Hardy, Ronnie Hatfield, Denise Hatter, Mary Hayes, Shelton Haysley, Dayna Henry, Eugenia Hibbs, Robin Hill, Richard Higdon, Gail Higdon, Paul aa Hinton, Brad Hobbs, Kathy Howell, Jimmy Hodge, Thomas Hutchings, Karen Holbert, Renee Inersold, David Jackson, Dorothy Isaacs, Dwayne Jackson, Mary Ison, Tommy Janocik, Micheal 203 EIGHTH GRADE NY l EIGHTH GRADE 204 Jenkins, Cindy Johnson, Billy Johns, Lisa Johnson, Chip Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Rich Jones, Kevin Johnson, Tuther Joseph, Juanita Jones, Joy Keller, Crystal Kerr, Sharon Kessler, Kent Key, Mike King, Anita King, Tonya Kessinger, William Knipp, Linda Kopp, David Lamkin, Dana Lee, Greg Lintelman, Tami Legel, Troy Lane, Patty Livers, Brenda Lockett, Rogerick ; Lyons, John Looe. Mark Macallaster, Jimmy Madre, Tracy Mahaffey, Valerie Se) “4anley, Robert Mansfield, Carey | Marks, Lindsay te Martin, Mark Materesa, Donna McDonald, Patti Mattingly, Micheal Marzian, Barry McCammant, Richard McCubban, Lisa McCombs, Joe McNutt, Robert McDougall, Charles Medley, Raymond McElvaney, Troy Mehn, Ruth Meredith, Tammy Milam, Kathy Miller, Patty Miller, Angela Miller, Dale Miller, Pam Mills, Lori Moore, Vicki Morgan, Randy Morgerson, Johnny Morris, Gary Murray, Julie Musselman, Donald Newton, John Morton, Scott Nurst, David Owens, Melanie Parker, Sandy Pastey, Benjamin Patterson, Willena Perkins, William Payne, Angela Pearson, Joey Petty, Albert Powell, Cynthia Rhodes, Davey Price, Patricia Richardson, Pamela Rhinehart, James Riggs, Keith Romine, Sam Rushin, Misty Sanders, Kathy Russell, Lydia Sant, Lisa 205 EIGHTH GRADE Scott, Melissa Shadburne, Clark Schneider, Mike Shelton, Thomas Seitz, Kenny Shore, Lisa Slone, Eddie Shuck, Kelly Sloan, Donna | Skaggs, Marilyn Smith, Anthony Smith, Barbara Smith, Robin Sneed, Mike Smith, Kay Stackland, Kim Stenmetz, Dale Stephens, Dennis Stevenson, Lauri | Stewart, Jacqueline Stobaugh, Jay Stopinski, Jimmy | Stout, Jill | Strickland, Kim | Sullivan, Eddie Swain, Shyvonne | Swift, Lisa | Taylor, David Taylor, Kevin Teague, Donna Thomas, Cindy Thomas, Darrell Watkins, Tierra Thomas, Jerome Thomason, Ronnie Thompson, Lori Toll, Allen Tobbe, Dennis Tyra, Dana Todd, Sheri Turner, Pat Turner, Robbin Veach, William Waldridge, Tammy Veneklase, Kim Walker, Angie Vincent, Robert Wallace, Teresa EIGHTH GRADE 206 Waltidge, Timmy Watkins, Willie Waters, Kevin Watson, Henry Watkins, Evelyn Watts, Angela Watts, Geneva Weir, Greg Wheatley, Elizabeth Wells, Micheal Wheeler, Willie Whaley, Michelle White, Alice Wilcox, Arcola Wiley, Donald Wilkerson, Karla Wiley, Sonya Williamson, Donnie Williford, Sammi Wilson, Lori Wise, Robin Woods, David Works, Lorenzo Wright, William York, David Young, Kim Youngblood, Shawn Zinninger, Michael . : ah SNe ath ae att 207 EIGHTH GRADE John Wittwer. Julie Degner, Sgt. of Arms ees Officers: President: Andrea Coury, Vice-President: Lisa Brockway, Secretary ee ——— aaa - = Abell, Anna Allen, Ste Abell, Tom Allen, Stev Akridge, William Althouse, E Amos, Jimmy Anderson, Alisa Babcock, Beth Anderson, Lorie Bailey, Shelly Ayers, Dwayne Ballard, Dara Barbour, Neysa Barley, Jimmy Beck, Richard Basham, Vicki Beck, Mike Beckum, Jerry | Beetum, Lisa Bell, Randy Bell, Sharon Bennett, Dee Bogue, Shery] Bowman, Darla Bowman, Julie Bradley, Terry Brents, Renee Brockway, Lisa Bromwell, Kevin Brooks, Gabrielle Bruner, Beth Brussell, Jeff Buford, Kevin Bryan, Mark Bryant, Darren Burchett, Rettina Burks, Lauren Bybee, Johnny Burns, Harold Caldwell, Andy Burton, Mike Capfhammer, Kim Childress, Deanna Caudill, Tony Christon, Pam Carthen, Carl Clayton, Kathy 209 SEVENTH GRADE rs —————————— a s —— ae Coury, Andrea Coward, Craig Cummings, Mark DeBerry, Julia DeFarraro, Charley Degner, Julia Denz, Gus | Deolling, Susan | Dickerson, William | Donahue, Chuck Douglas, Dorothy Downs, Kevin | Drane, Kristie Draper, Thomas Dunnavan, Tracie Durbin, Terry Fisher, Wendy Florence, Matthew SEVENTH GRADE 210 Conrad, Brian Cook, Lisa Coons, Chris Coffman, Sandy Collins, Angela Collis, Darrell Coy, Teri Craddock, Andy Crecelius, Wayne Crouch, Dee Darnell, Lisa Davies; Zina Davis, David Davis, Suwannee Eastman, Allen Emly, Chris ) Essary, Karen Farris, Gary | Farris, Greg i Os Fowler, Milton Gaddie, Denny Gray, Craig Green, Robert Grisby, William Howard, Mary Harris, Kevin Haynes, Alisha Humpich, Bobby Isgrigg, Mike Jackson, Guy Jackson, Mam Jenkins, Jeanetta Johns, Becky Johnson, Denna Johnson, Judy Johnston, Danny Jones, Cecin Jones, Maurice Jones, Tony Judd, Timmy Kahn, Karine Kesling, David Kessler, Lisa | Kessler, Lynnita King, Terri Kingman, Mark Kisinger, Mark Litterer, Yvonne Korphage, Doug Krepp, Laura Martin, Carl Martin, Stephanie Mattingly, Greg Martin, Tammy Mattingly, Teresa Massey, Kim McBriden, David McLellan, Wer McCauley, Brenda McMahan, Je. McGarvey, Patrick Meredith, Jar: 211 SEVENTH GRADE Montgomery, Kathy Moore, Willie Moran, Steven Mosser, Gerry Muirhead, Theresa Mullins, Cynthia Mumford, Jeanette Meal, Randall Netter, Greg Newkirk, Greg Noe, Betsy O'Bryan, Derek Owens, Ricky Pfost, Donnie Pike, Johnny Powell, Billy Powell, Brian O'Bryan, Pam Reele, Scott Rarder, David Rhinehart, Missy Reed, Marion Robinson, Becky Rouse, Robert Rushin, Demetrit Sallee, Sandra Russell, Chris Schneider, Dawn Russell, Clifton Sears, Patty SEVENTH GRADE 212 Merrifield, Sherry Montgomery, George Metcalfe, Jeff Meyers, John Miller, Henry Minnis, Jennifer 4 Later! % ae Shurr, Lynda Sneed, Angela Smith, Pamela Spence, Mark Smith, Robert Squires, Scott Stamper, Kevin Stanton, Stephanie Stepp, Johnnie Steier, Nina Stepp, Timmy Steinmetz, Missy Stevenson, Iris Strickland, Ricky Sturgill, Gary Terry, Alan Surbaugh, Jerry Taylor, Stephanie Tharpe, Tina Thomas, Debbie Thomas, Jim Thomas, Robbie Thomas, Sherry Thompson, Tony Trew, James Trautwein, Cherie Tucker, Tina Turner, Chery] Upton, Kelly Veach, Robert Vessels, Tina Vincent, Traci Vitt, Cathy Wall, Heidi Voss, Stephanie Vuker, Tonya Webb, Terri Wells, Gina West, Debbie Weidauer, David Wethington, Gary Weintjes, Denise Whelan, Steve Williams, Belinda White, Mary Williams, Rachel Wigginton, Troy Williams, Wade 213 SEVENTH GRADE Williamson, Joe Wilson, Brenda Wilson, Rodney Winn, Greg Wittwer, John Wood, Brian Wright, Amy Young. Karen Ysunza, James Zinsious, Bruce SEVENTH GRADE 214 Ms. Weldon’'s best side. You've had it now, Sonny! JUNIOR HIGH STAR BABIES OF THE ANNUAL I | The Star Baby of this section has been received by eight! grader, Jill Stout. Jill is a good student in Mr. Harrington’ core class and manager of the girls Freshman and JV basket. ball teams. Jill is very talented, as shown by her ability to ride the tricycle in her picture. Her court was chosen by appear ance and charm as portrayed in their pictures. Congratula tions Jill, and honors to her court. PRIN Snare ene ope 4 | 1st Runner-Up: Cindy Thomas 2nd Runner-Up: Karla Wilkerson | JUNIOR HIGH 216 Students: Right to left: Teresa Wallace, Pam Miller, Patti McDonald, and Donald Wiley. 217 JUNIOR HIGH How many times must | tell you? 1+1=2 —. : ) ‘i ‘die, Have you heard the latest about that cute David York? Hi! My name is Fischer’s Quick Cut! JUNIOR HIGH 218 Funny Face of the Year! 219 JUNIOR HIGH THE BAND PLAYS ON. . a Fa - te — let ‘ 3 : 4 Junior Band: Row 1: Michelle Williams, Kelly Shuck, Lydia Russell, Rosalind Gradnigo, Tina Burchett, Deborah Alberg, Row 2: Dana Tyra, Beverly Jordon, Mike Windhorst, Dwayne Isaacs, Sheri Todd, Mike Janocik, Dewayne Perry, Row 3: Patricia DeHaven, Robert Manley, Shawn Youngblood, Row 4: Rick Baise, John Taylor, Mike Bayse. a 7 I'll hit the high note yet. JUNIOR HIGH 220 a As a : “a ON A a Intermediate Band: Row 1: Lori Stevenson, Tammy Martin, Terri Mattingly, Tanya Vuker, Wendy’ McClellan, Row 2: Gary Farris, Greg Mattingly, Jimmy Amos, Beth Babcock, Gus Denzik. 221 JUNIOR HIGH Beginning Band: Row 1: Jerry Beckum, Tony Abell, Julie Bowman, Dara Ballard, Terri Coy, Row 2: Tracy Dunavan, Kelly Baker, Andy Craddock, Jerome Thomas, Robert Greene, Row 3: William Watkins, Chris Emly, Dean Faulkenberg, Mark Kinman, Robert McNutt, Kim Kapfhammer, Mark Cummings, Eddie Slone, Brian Conrad, Row 4: Dee Crouch, Scott Squires, Jim McAllister, Daryl Thomas, John McMahon, Alan Terry. Director: Mr. The Annual Staff would like to recognize Betina Buchett, Mike Janicock, and Sherry Todd. These students were invited to attend the Junior High Band Competition at the University of Louisville. All three students performed very well in their areas. These bands are directed by Mr. Frank, who helps tremendously. He is preparing many eighth grade students to become a part of the Moore High School Marching Band. Several of them will be going to camp this summer. Moore High School is proud to be represented by such fine bands, and our special thanks to Mr. Frank for making this possible. 223 JUNIOR HIGH We all pause for a rest. JUNIOR HIGH 224 Rebels of the P.E. dress code. Get ‘‘Happy Feet.” The Typical Junior High Student 225 JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS SINGS OUT aan esecrassar si ianansicnceineesanretineisans Left to Right: Row 1: Stephanie Taylor, Julie Brentlinger, Brenda Wilson, Dee Bennett, Belinda Williams, Jeanette Jenkins, Nadis Wessleman, Missy Steinmetz, Deborah West, Row 2: Racheal Williams, Julie Degner, Andrea Coury, Vanda Anderson, Julie DeBerry, Terry King, Kathy Clayton, Lisa Darnell, Tim Stepp, Row 3: David Daub, Terry Durbin, Theresa Muirhead, Dawn Schneider, Terri Webb, Sherry Woods, Greg Newkirk, David Weidauer, Row 4: Ricky Owens, Ricky Mylor, Steve Moran, Steve Whelan, Craig Collard, Eric Althouse, Torrey Deas, Terry Bradley, Ms. Caples. es ath Left to Right — Row 1: Donald Wiley, Mike Boston, Lisa Cox, John Shoulders, Connie Lyle, Randy Carter, Donna Weideurtack, Mark Shreve. Row 2: Ray Med- ley, David York, Mike Key, Clara Blandford, Tammy Waldridge, Marilyn Skaggs, April Brent, Kathy Sanders, Sheri Todd, Row 3: Tim Wade, Mary Jonczy, Stella Osbourne, Alice White, Kent Kessler, Barbara Johnson, Dawn Florence, Anita King, Theresa Wallace, Row 4: Brent Curd, Susan Pitcock, Stacy Marcum, Mel- ody Oreman, Karla Wilkerson, Laura Stauble, Pam Miller, Robin Wise, Row 5: Ms. Goodwin (Sponsor), Kim Wellman, Susan Hale, Kim White, Karen Shurr, Lori Swann, Pat Register, Kim Rutledge, Mike Nowery, Ms. Jones (Sponsor). © 227 JUNIOR HIGH a HOMECOMING HIGHLIGHTS | | | 1 | } | | | | | | | | | Tammy is crowned. t | a | Hy | 1 | || | Hi JUNIOR HIGH 228 : : iF i natineisadlnuannnesetis Steen remencetiietentieateon 229 JUNIOR HIGH Junior High Autographs When we reflect upon the school year 1978-1979, it is with mixed emotions. We.feel, of course, a sense of pride about our accomplishments. We have made a fine beginning in both aca- demic and extracurricular areas. We can’t help but feel that the Junior High, area of Moore has added to the success of the school. We are the future for the school. We have a purpose in _ life and the dedication to work toward the accomplishment of ‘that purpose. _ | _ May all ofthe actions and accomplishments be for the better- ment of Moore High = May all of us in Junior High School hold our heads up high and wal Ik tall into the future. 231 JUNIOR HIGH This !?@ locker! | | || One more smart remark from you! ui JUNIOR HIGH 232 Coach Berggren alias Furry Rabbit JEFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION | 1978-79 F E. C. Grayson, Superintendent } | From left to right: C. B. Young, Jr.; Jean Ruffra, Chairman; Scott Detrick, Roberta Tully, Vice Chairman; Thomas Shultz, Carol i) Ann Haddad, William E. Summer, II]; Carolyn Hutto. . FACULTY 236 ; = : ae 3 Sa = = = = : zy a a ca = a SN) wh = : = = a a) = WES LST e el 3 Loi Gi a7 " ae Feks ZT, Lea ey or eT Coe ee OTTO I (ee LO SS om = Se SA RT SOSA . PESENSS. p rs } ad ik , a SAE Se i Asst. Principal: Mr. William Rush Asst. Principal: Mr. Charles Mathison Asst. Principal: Mr. Joe Liedtke FACULTY 238 THE AIDES TO OUR DEVELOPMENT Sr. Counselor — Mrs. Sandy Allen Soph. and Fr. Counselor — Warren Shelton Jr. High Counselor — Pat Kelly 239 FACULTY Ms. Ackerman | Ms. Ansback Ms. Ballard Mr. Berggren | Ms. Bozarth | Ms. Caples | Ms. Caudle Mr. Crocetti | Mr. Dean | Ms. Depp Ms. Dukes Ms. Eaves | Ms. Ellis Mr. Erickson Mr. Finnegan Mr. Fisher Mr. Freeman Mr. Griffin | ; Oats | ! € pw C, | | ““ | (A Ms. Gerstle H | : ha Ms. Goodwin | 70 of U i { U ie Ms. Grether FACULTY 240 THOSE WHO TAUGHT US Picture Not Available Ae A ND CARED Mr. Hester Mr. Hoagland Ms. Holstein Mr. Houston Col. Housom Mr. Johnson Ms. Jones Mr. Jones Mr. Knuckles Mr. Kulp Ms. Marlow Mr. McKinney Mr. Meyer Ms. Meyer Mr. Miller Mr. Mitchell Ms. Murphy Mr. Nichols Ms. Ogle Mr. Ott Ms. Perdue Ms. Perry Ms. Poth Ms. Rice ; 241 FACULTY Sgt. Rupe Ms. Sampson Mr. Schnieder Ms. Schueler Mr. Sears Ms. Seay Ms. Shown Mr. Shumute Ms. Southerland Mr. Thorne Ms. Torian Ms. Turner | | Mr. Veneklase Ms. Wallace | Mr. Watson Mr. Watson Ms. Weldon | | Mr. Wells | Ms. Wheeler | | Mr. White | Ms. White | Ms. B. Wright Ms. D. Wright Mr. Woodard | | | 242 FACULTY | | PORTANT MEMBERS OF OUR FACULTY Mrs. Helen Alberico; Bookkeeper Mp Mr. C. L. Brousseau; Building Maintenance Mrs. Helen Alberico and Mr. C. L. Brousseau are two people in our school we don't give enough recognition. Mrs. Alberico is the lady in the office who keeps Moore running financially. She does all of the schools’s paper- work and bookkeeping. Mr. Brousseau, on the other hand, keeps our school working with his maintenance talents, making sure all of the school’s repairs are taken care of. We need these two people very much to keep Moore High running. We would like to thank Mrs. Alberico and Mr. Brousseau for all of their help. 243 FACULTY Ms. Vattillo — Secretary FACULTY 244 THE LADIES THA oe Ms. Lott — Attendance Clerk i | Mrs. Hughes Mrs. Perkins 245 FACULTY Row 1: Grace Bradbury, Erlene Floyd, Patsy Alfred, Shirley Kipper, Matra Blann, Betty Holmes. Row 2: Catherine Grather, Edna Livers, Anita Mann, Joan | Wethington, Becky Beck, Lucille Bolton. Row 3: Clara Thompson, Bulah Decker, Helen Rose, Geraldine Newsome, Margaret Miller, Clyde Gibson. | __ LIBRARIANS AND AIDES | } | | Betty Patterson, Aide; Sarah Brady, A.V. Aide; Gwen Hartman, Librarian: Estelle Fink, Aide; Nancy Sutterin, Librarian. } : : : FACULTY 246 CUSTODIAL STAFF AND SECURITY Day Custodians: Mrs. Lettie Giles Night Custodians: Mrs. Marlan O'Bannon and Mrs. Mary Arnold Mrs. Riggs: Security Mr. Reeves: Security 247 FACULTY © le -— x eS é ne ®O cS E Q ic 2 @ = _ o | O oO = 5 3 g = O s = Oo D e oO ; O in _ oO = iO aS oO A é: S o § © £ : o o B Cc oO O Oo = Ee 2 iS oS ae ® eS = a) Oo A O o = cO xt N ae. cE = Oo uw ice ictl ‘resem semse ce Oh! Heavens, what have | gotten mys No | don’t have a hall pass! 249 FACULTY | invented the GREAT WAX STOPPERS Knuckles Disco | wish she would have gone the other way! No Cavities See Daddy, FACULTY 250 | can’t find it. | promise | didn't do it! You'll do better next time. 251 FACULTY SEE YOU AT JEFFERSON MALL Morrow's Nut House In the Jefferson Mall Cherished privilege Remember, only your classmates and you are entitled to wear your especially designed class ring from Balfour. Wear it proudly, asa cherished privilege. Congratulations and best wishes from JEWELRY'’S FINEST CRAFTSMEN WHISPERING HILLS HAIR REPLACEMENT CENTER and STYLING SHOP Tues.-Fri. 9 AM-6 PM By Appointment Only 969-1579 Saturday 9 AM-5 PM 6905 Old Shepherdsville Rd. SUPPORT YOUR YEARBOOK THE SAGA WISHES TO THANK MRS. LORETTA MICHELES For Her Quality Photography P.O. BOX 32204 40232 282-2696 Senior Pictures, School Pictures Good Luck to the ROUND-UP! COLLEGE BOARDS | | | HIGHVIEW BAPTIST CHURCH tie Fe 2 _ ve a 4 Ne K Sad oS x ce oo —% e x ral a x - sens ‘ iP. | 4 " WE CARE " 4 = | Aa THE ANNUAL STAFF WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE FOLLOWING FOR THEIR HELP IN PRODUCING THIS YEAR'S ANNUAL. MR. AND MRS. WATSON MR. BLACK THE PARENTS OF THE '79 SAGA STAFF THE FACULTY OF MOORE MR. CARROLL ALL THE ATHLETIC COACHES MR. BILL SHORT TIM CONNELLY AND THE PATRONS WHO SUPPORTED OUR YEARBOOK THANK YOU AGAIN! Brenda Morrison gr = Debi Bailey 255 SIX GOOD SENSES Six good senses you command Helping you to serve your land; Sense of hearing, sense of sight, Sense of feeling serve you right, Sense of taste and sense of smell Also serve you very well: But in life's walk to succeed COMMON SENSE is what you need! oe : A good memory test: what did you worry about one year ago today? Look before you leap, then make it snappy. a % : A smile can add a great deal to one’s face value. Count your blessings, not your 256 bruises. OUR TRIP We all get a ride on this old planet earth As smoothly it glides on through space, And each gets a chance here to prove his own worth To part of the whole human race. And some get to ride for a much longer time Than others can manage to do. But longer or shorter, the big question is — To find out just what use were you. Yes, some work for gold and some others seek fame, And some seem to forego a plan; For in life’s great game we should all have an aim That’s worthy of any real man. Be a companion to those who may otherwise have no one else to turn to. 7 me 2 i Some people will do anything; some people won't. Some people put their foot in their mouth instead of putting their best foot forward. : ae ings that look impossible. A true friend is the best possession. WORDS Expressions leave impressions For weal or woe So choose with discretion The best words you know. | Thought is seed; from it comes deed. | THE FAILURE He who fails to have a goal, He whose work lacks his own soul, He who must be always told, . Gets small benefit from action — Time will pass, will you? Misses life's great satisfaction. 259 USE YOUR TALENT Each of us has a talent It may be buried deep; It may be quite inactive, lt may be sound asleep. There’s someone who needs your talent, Someone you may not know; Without it one may suffer — You would not want it so. The doctor's talent’s healing; The farmer raises food; There’s something each of us must do, To make all life here good. Respect for others’ opinions paves the way for a hearing for yours. wo is uw ¢ What are you going to think about today? aoe We’r | e 1 and we know we are! o “Quick, look cool!”’ RlpeieS Have you even cast, into a silent pond, a stone, And watched the ripples that run out, each separate and alone? The ripples start so tiny, then they grow and quickly spread Until the pond is covered with a rippled, wavy head. Man's life on earth is measured not by merely “‘getting by”’ It's measured by the things he does, and how, and when, and why. For life should be just like a stone that’s cast into a pond A stone of work that brings forth ripples — men in common bond. So cast your life, just like the stone, into that pond so fine, And bring forth men who'll ripple out and benefit mankind. And, having benefited man, will find more men to fight The evils that tear down aman, like greed, despair, and fright. Yes, just one man with high ideals can make the fight begin, And, like a chain reaction, other men will Soon join in. For like the ripples on the pond when first the rock was thrown One man can lead to many BUT SOMEONE MUST CAST ThakIRS hoLONE: dinates A backbone, more than a wishbone, is the thing to have. 261 You're no bigger than the size a yo of the problem that Stops you. oF Character is g 3 Better to have a loving 262 mate than to be potentate. reater even than happiness. fe WHO When greatness is needed upon this earth; When someone sincerely must prove his worth; By whom shall worthy deed be done? Is there some person — some other one — More suited than you? NTRY Too many people go through life running from something that isn’t after them. i oF 7 i eaunieniiiaeteiniatl: : (pil eremnenscesicmnsnncincworrenni niiaaaaaaias Better to back someone up than to back someone down. DO IT! ‘If you Say, my son, that it can't be done, What you Say, my son, is not true. What you mean, my son, is it can be done, But it will not be done by you!’ He who plays the game straight and hard, wins even when he loses. 264 4 a 2 : “a es | " : ee, So 2 gs i — a : és oS - . 2 nid Flowers leave a part of their fragrance in the hands that bestow them. Make each hour grow and flower. PROOF She loves me in the morning —and she loves me in the evening And she loves me at my work or home, She loves me when |’m tired and | know it's not deserving For she loves me when my hair's not combed. No fair weather friendship — hers is true, sincere affection And she loves me wheresoe’er we may roam, For she loves me in smooth sailing or in this or that direction And she loves me when my hair's not combed. Someone said it couldn't be done, but alas, | didn't know that and went ahead and did it. | | | } } | 266 AIM If you don’t aim at something you likely won't hit it When guns are not loaded. they won't fire a shot And how you get ready makes part of the story It’s you who decides whether you'll win or not. The driver who breaks every rule of the road break every bone in his body. lies, Things that ‘‘go without saying’’ often need to be said. may very well iki: Recon TRUEEOVE Love does not ask for towers tall Nor acres broad nor stately hall; But love does ask for words sincere And deeds that drive out doubt and fear. A Setceteey 267 FRE PAPER EIP No one ever seems to quip ‘Bout the humble paper clip Which has served so many purposes for me. First he held the contract papers And no faithless, bad escapers Ever got away from watchmen such as he. Then some dollars he did hold Not a one by him was stold More unselfish servant man could never find. But, alas, however faithful Man seems always so ungrateful To.apfireciate clips never comes to mind. OERSHIP cp 2) NOW The world is still a’makin and each act by you and me Has a bigger part in making it than anyone can see, For our apathy and carelessness where a useful deed could be The cause for many, many things in making people kee In making people free from all the things that slow them down The waste and crime and illnesses that thrive in every town, The habits that cause waste and death — the drink with which men drown Their worries and their usefulness — the hero and the clown. The way we use the present hour seems not so very great But it’s perhaps the building stone in settling our fate, We must select our pattern — some decisions cannot wait Don't be the one who puts off plans until it is too late. WELCOME TO MUSTANG COUNTRY YOUR THOUGHTS Whate’er the thought That comes to you | ‘Tis yours to judge | If false or true. | And none but you | On all this earth } Until 'tis said | Can judge its worth. | And you can choose What thoughts are best, And use your choice — es | Discard the rest. in a ee : | In life, we grow as we do. | | One way to be happy, is to make someone else so. | The load becomes light when cheerfully borne. 270 Winners never quit; quitters never win. ED PE BES Dipti aria aH fuer =a i 1979 Annual Staff has tried to capture all ee ower of Moore fis School, the students, and the faculty in this year’s SAGA. We’ve focused on the mixed emotions, as well as the specific activities at Moore. As the Saga comes to a close and the memories are all that remain, we must depart and travel our sepa- ° rate roads. The Seniors leave with many memories that will be forever guarded as treasures. With the Class of °¢9, the decade of the seventies shall also depart. With the eighties shall come better ideas and new hopes for brighter tomorrows. We each will strive for these hopes as individuals and in our very own way become _ unique human beings. The Seniors will no longer be within the experiences that Moore High School will = face, but leave with those remaining students, and the students hereafter, the pride and spirit of Moore. Through the past years, I can only hope that I did my eee ase eee ee eee e Kim Pilkenton 1979 SAGA Editor GOOD LUCK SENIORS! Seeeeaiiet DES THE GREAT 79 eee as Il | , | Up in the Air. ' | The Lady Mustangs ended the 78-79 basketball sea- son with a 14-13 record. High scores for the Home- coming against Eastern were Donahue 11, Montgom- | ery 10, Krugel 8, and Holloway 8 and 8 rebounds. | Discussing the game? Deedee Jones pauses a moment. | BASKETBALL HOMECOMING Free throw Smile Manuel For Homecoming, the second-ranked Moore Mustangs romped the Eagles in a 102-70 victory. During the 78-79 basket- ball season the Mustangs have excelled with a 24-2 record. 275 sf Geri Isgrigg and Chris Eaton arm in arm. HOMECOMING | COURT | Homecoming Queen — Kelly Salmon Homecoming Princess — Robin Stovall MUSIC by Caribou | hd : Entertainment by Caribou. 276 os werrolet pusma bd me this ddl A Tt J | | | ates rete Se ee, er ne peer vious is 2 C OD pce Caches 4 ; Bras — Tm Be arescleey olf Zo gerd Ke . Loerng BEER, Rivet, oh te: thi Lobb, welminiy ete B. , be rs Cui A ( notice we ko PA Wy boo ies Caet An © RGR Tears AD BSc TERING ma AOSLECTH FATS ORM oc rin et a) PONG ue i : SAR) UA ee aa abi | tS EARC RSS ‘s ka Sa bs Aa te ty Rtas ite

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