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4 .1 I . . , 1- ,, . 1 . J . . , A f , - 1 1 1 1 V V '11 1 1 . -1 '1 1 X1 D 1 W 1 1 ,1 I W 11 1 I I 1 1 1 I 'I 1 ' n 11 N 11' '1 N 11 , 1 I . I I The Lion 1 969 Moore High Sehoo Waco, T exas X ia: 4'-ww-1-....,.,,Q,mvwN.Nw -ww-.N,.,,,M,,,M The publication of this edition of THE LIGN represents many hours of work by the members of the yearbook staff. Using the theme, "Life in the Lion's Den," the staff has endeavored to portray in words and pictures the student life on the campus of Moore High School. Now, THE LION - 1969 is yours to treasure. The Editorial Staff Brenda Lane Rayford Wilkins, Ir. Freddie Hackworth ' -" 'rv rw -,. ., , , ..' Y, ir. - , y. .T 2 , . -.-:'Y4- I, - M.. -...,.- - M, - Table Of Contents Dedication Aclrninis tration Faculty Urganizatio ns Activities A thletics Favorites Classes A clvertising Sr. Activities Patrons l 3 The Lion Salutes MRS. F. V. WEBSTER For any home to function properly there must be maternal love. Likewise, for any school home to perform adequately, there must be a counse1or's understanding. Mrs. F. V. Webster has provided this type of atmosphere at Moore High School for the many years she has served as girls' counselor. The students and faculty who have been associated with Mrs. Webster admire her for her high ideals, respect her for her wise judgment, and appreciate her for her sympathetic, generous spirit. As an expression of gratitude for her more than 25 years of service to Moore High School, the senior class dedicates The Lion 1969 to Mrs. F, V. Webster. ADMINISTRATION Executives Superintendent A. R. Downing reviews routine matters with Assistant Superintendent B. B. Thompson. For eleven years, Superintendent Avery R. Downing has been charged with the responsibility of educational leadership for the schools in the Waco Independent School District. In accomplishing this task, he is assisted by Mr, Barry B. Thompson. During an interview with the yearbook editor, Mr. Downing stated that his duties as superintendent in- clude: C11 keeping the Board of Trustees informed gzoncerning the progress of the school program, f2J inter- preting the schools to the public and the public to the schools, C35 and being available for conference at all times. In a special message to the seniors, he said, "The elementary and high school education you have received is only a fractional part of the educational experiences your generation will have as adults. Whether you like it or not, resist it or not, education will engulf you." Board 0 Trustees '10 BOARD OF TRUSTEES of the Waco Independent School District - SEATED: Mrs. M, M, MacRae, Dr. Clifford S, Knape, Dr. Tom L. Husbands. STANDING: Mr. Emmett L. Yant, Mr. Lyndon L Olson, presidentg Mr. Gordon Rountree, Mr. John Faulkner. Princzpal 's Message Principal J. I. WILSON "Faithful and true-hearted Let us boost for our Moore Highg We revere and defend her, And her colors proudly fly . . . Honors she has taken On the track and with the ball: May she always rank the highest, May the colors never fall. There's no other that can match her When the team is on the fieldg Her boys the fleetest, Her girls the sweetest, So here's a cheer for her we ne'er will yield," Moore Highlis ther home of the Mighty Lions. This term is not one to be used boastfully or selfishly. The phrase simply indicates that through the years Moore High students, parents, and faculty have carved a niche in the Hall of Fame in the areas of literary, academic, musical and athletic achievement. These stanzas express the deep feeling that loyal students, parents, and alumni feel for Moore High. Such dedication loyalty and love assure perpetuation of the legend of the Mighty Lions. Let us continue to bring honor and distinction to Moore High by our thoughts, our words, and our deeds. Assistant Principal as Message TO THE CLASS OF 1969 s.. You are fortunate enough to have been challenged and strengthened by change. Your whole life will be one of change. Man looks to outer space and to the universe beyond in this, your graduation year. Asst. Principal E. M. MADDOX It is the hope of your school that you are prepared for the new world. Twelve years of education have been yours. If you have been an active participant in this experience, you are ready to be a participant in this age of space. Our charge and our wish to you is that you think clearly, apply yourself with diligence, carry yourself with honor, approach your work with enthusiasm, and in so doing, receive joy and satisfaction. Office Personnel Miss L. D. Lee M1-S, B, C, Peoples Mrs. M. S. Willis Miss E. J. Miller General Secretary Registrar Attendance Clerk Receptionist - Ha HN Mrs. Peoples, registrar, checks record with senior, Regina Brenda Green and Regina Nichols assist Mrs. Willis Nichols. with attendance report. Guidance Services X' Mm, F, V, Webster Mrs. T. M, Mitchell Mrs. B. L. Beck Mr. E, M, Maddox Counselor Counselor Visiting Teacher Counselor Mrs, T, M, Mitchell adjusts the "Previewer" for Marilyn White, grade seven. Special Services Staff Mrs. B. L. Bass Mrs, V. B. Bonner Mrs, L. M, Bryant Mrs, N. Busby Mrs. L, M, Clark Mrs. V, L. Deckard Mrs. A. A. Gindratt Mrs. L. E. Harris Mr. S. T. Hunt Mr. L, G. Richards Mrs. C, P, Robinson Mr. I. L. Snell Mr. O. B. Thomas Mrs, V. M. Ward Mrs, R, M, Wilson Mrs, B, W. Barnes elm' 5. 2 , 4' 2 X Parent- Teacher 3 PTA Officers - SEATED: Mrs. R, Polk, Mrs. N. Manning, Mrs. V. FOUNDERS DAY Livingston, Mrs. V. Kuykendall. STANDING: Mr. J. J. Wi1SOI1, MIS. R, Cooper, Mrs. M. Shepherd, Mrs. Tinsley, Miss M. D. Ritcherson, Mr. F. Moseley, BACK ROW STANDING: Mr. S, Ritcherson, Mr. L, George, Mr. E, Mitchell. Senior Parents - SEATED: Mrs. V. Livingston, Mrs. M. F. Jackson, Mrs. E. Jones, Mrs. P, Reese. STANDING: Mr. L. Cook, Mrs. N. Manning, Mrs. M. Shepherd, Mrs. N, Williams, Mr. J. J. Wilson. I2 ' Organizations CELEBRATION LX. Junior Parents - SEATED: Mrs. I. A. Black, Mrs. N, Man ning, Mrs. B. Clay, Mrs. T. Scott. STANDING: Mrs. M Shepherd, Mrs. Owens, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Gindratt, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. O. White. BACK ROW STANDING: Mr. J, J. Wilson. f-rs is FOUNDERS DAY CELEBRATION In Memory Uf Mrs. Lafflede S. Davis December 2, 1968 Lk th h d f a tree swaying to and fro againt 11 h d 1 , ur influence, may fall where we b FACULTY Language A rts Brenda Morgan and Alfred Iglehart check words for their exact meaning. I6 MRS, L, BOOKER Business MR, L, C, BROWN English MRS, L, R, BROWN English MRS, M, C, BROWN English SENIORS, Freddie Hackworth, Debra Brown, Scheherazade Mitchell, Linda Wydermyre, Darryl Reese and Clernon Jones, ponder over the outcome of final examinations. ,V if MRS, P, H. BURNS Reading MRS, R, GRIGGS Language Arts MRS, E. M. HAYS English MRS, G . LIVINGSTON Spanish Students who have reading problems or want to improve reading skills find Mrs. Tommie Schoenwo1f's class quite helpful. 'ik-f 'msg I K 1si L 'f if rr , - H I . H 5 D Q , an w k' .i,, ,IE E ' ' V A lln S ' srrs i h l lir ' ' Q A, ,,,,' , , V -. VVVAZ M , lrni it me R . pp R fr i R M ' VV A N S R g lrjr is Y' ilf is R iril - ' Eighth graders in Mrs. Griggs room enhance learning with overhead projectors. I7 Language Arts 3? Q MRS, J. M, MRS, M, B MCCLAIN PRYOR French English Business Journalism Education Juniors discussing Literature in Mrs. M. C. B1-own's literature class. Seventh graders pursuing a better understanding of English grammar in Mrs. M, D., Ritcherson's class. MRS, A, M, RANDLE English MISS M, D. RITCHERSON English MRS. J. M. THOMPSON Reading Spell ing MRS, M, N, WILLIAMS Librarian The goal of all instruction in the Language Arts courses is to make the student more mature in his understanding and use of language. From the junior high level throughout the senior high classes, students examine the structure of the language, with emphasis on its past and present. They respond to the power of literature through a wide range of activities and through composition experiences. ' The school library provides much needed material for students. MRS, B. J, HEBERT Artg English MR, T HOMAS E. MCCLAIN Band MRS, H, M. YANCY Music Iunior High students are active participants in the string instrument class taught by Mr, M, S, Wilkins, Clemon Jones, Larry Earl and John Young learn Students in art complete lifelike paintings. the art of sketching. 20 Fine Arts W An unprecedented number of students are participating in the Music Department with ever heightening enjoyment. These students realize a deep satisfaction as their ability increases to create or to express something beautiful, whether in music, painting, or any other art. f Fine Arts ministers to human welfare: It brings com fort to saddened spirits and offers a wonderful outlet for the expression of happi- ness and joy. The Moore High music curriculum aims to arouse motives for living at one s best and contributes to a broad, sane philosophy of life. School music experiences provide the students with wholesome emotional outlet Music experiences also: C11 develop a love for and an appreciation of good music CZD develop technical facility and C31 develop the spirit of cooperative service. ui-Q-eu... v Tfwwwst A. it MR, R, H, HARDMAN Social tudies The Human Relations Class has as its goal the fostering a greater understanding of people all over the world. The class is taught by Reverend E, H, Hooker. The Social Studies Depa of Young economists discuss economic growth in Mr. C. B, Smith's class. rtment highlights the latest methods in teaching social studies through a practical approach. The st UCISIITS are CIlCOl1I'3g6Cl IO use creativity in all of the courses. MISS M, E, CAROLL Social Studies MW: Social studies 22 Individual recitation is a most effective method of learning as shown in this class taught by Mr. Zachary Social Studies REV. E, H, HOOKER Human Relations MR, C, B, SMITH Social Studies MR, C., L., WILBURN Social Studies MR. J. W. ZACHARY Social Studies Social Studies as taught in our school increases the understanding of the affairs of the world in which we live. Dramatizations are important. Seventh graders find social studies a very interesting class. 23 Larry Snell and Mr, L. E. Mooney discuss A the composition of the DNA and RNA mole- M A, cules. Fossil collections are one of the main topics topics discussed in classes taught by Mrs. Babies. MRS, A, B, MR, S, E, MRS, M, C, MR, A. J. MR, C, O, BABLES DICKEY ESTELLE HATCHET JONES Science Science Mathematics Mathematics Science MRS. V. E. MR. L. E. MRS. O. E. MRS, A. M. MR. J. J. MALONE MOONEY WHITE WHITLOW WILLIAMS Mathematics Science Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics and Science 2 - , " -S N ..,.4--- 'A km i 1. V 5. A- Q , L S- f :,, ., Lester McDowell is shown examining cards which he has run through the card sorter in the computer center of the American Life Insurance Co. in the Amicable Life Bldg. This is the first year Computer Science has been offered in Moore High School. My Science is so much a part of our lives, that it is a must that students understand the basic princi- ples of science which will bring scientific literacy to citizens who may never enter the scientific profession, The offerings are many and so diverse the needs and opportunities. There is a place for each, whether consumer or producer in science. Through these sciences, man can control his welfare and destiny. MR. W, 0, MR, M, A, MRS, V, D, MRS, D, s, DAVIS DAWSON ELLIOTT JACKSON Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Homemaking Homemaking Vocations MRS, V, E, LANE Homemaking W:-- .1-f:- fi ife 58+ f f , i 1AA 'I p I ii if , IN p Students in these pictures are preparing for profitable vocations. I MR, F, A, MRS, O, G, MR, E, C. MR, DILLARD MRS, L, H, MOSELEY VONNER WALKER WARNER WILKINS Agriculture Cosmetology Auto Mechanics Industrial Business The Business Education Department of Moore High School attempts to provide: the development of KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, HABITS, ATTITUDES, IDEAS and the appreciations that contribute to successful livingg designed to meet the common needs of indi- viduals who desire to prepare for employment in business occupations and meet the needs of those persons who desire business for personal use. Beverly Hall operates a Posting Machine while Eula Gayle and Mary Harlan increase their accuracy and speed in typewriting in accordance with the business program. Coop. Training .41 The Air Lift Rack is only one of the mechanical aids used in the Auto Mechanic Course under the supervision of Mr. Walker. 27 'me W- -2 'wee-4 at -12' 'Y' ,. W' 1537! fix -9i37X'5f'1i?11Q1i1 -3 1' i , ,- A .... A 2 ' g ---- ---. I -L Z il , f --x' Q 5 1 E A ' 5 . -- - " f s , e Meawewwa-fwwsfxay A . ,. 2 ..-, 'gr-1 . Q - R , w ax- ' - . ll Xi Q .qc -' '-" ' .ea .-I.. u 1., - lt. NVQ , Lii egyw ' ,rw J x Q- ages: gina i s 43312 m1-- ff?-' 4 f E Q 1 Q 'rs s :,, 2 2 ' te RQ' 5 r .,..., 5 .Q 212,53 4 R Q . ae. .. .1a,,-,y4.4ii i 4' if ,e :spew 1 ,.-. 1, 1aae rwswawaMes rl ia i1f . t . N 1 p L - in ,Q., kl,, . A Marg h .1 ii 'Egifts A23 Y ff Q iw as I r K 3 1 i m I S ax Fr gEMg.gtWl 7 tttc w i N + ' it WSG Q M E Q ws N il was .. e , - 'V issaerwvk+:fW'Wf'r ' ,meg ' - ,. ,5A.Q. If i a LLL .QE-Q L R' s 35 if 522-l L75 la . 1:iQa"" TWQSEL : Ji :AF vii It ex W R P QQ -f qw -we aw 1- 4- e ww, , ' X gli? P tt Q ' K K M1955 l, ,vearx get it e JEQ ss 2 six P , S V! " ..,,t. f : f . maya l ' l :x x , 1 ,Fri i wa, . .F X X 3 NA , 4 ., ma : 2 Physical Education and MR, ROBERT BRADSHAW Physical Education MR. VERNON HICKS Physical Education MR, WILLIE WARD Physical Education The curriculum of the Physical Education Depart- ment is based on a sensitive and instinctive under- standing of the needs and interest of each individual and an abiding faith in the democratic society. Objectives: To help boys and girls develop a healthy organism through vigorous muscular activity and a healthy personality through play and games which will not only make for better academic pro- gress but will create a clean, wholesome attitude. Driver Education Driver Education classes stress safety in opera- ting motor vehicles as well as the state and local laws governing the operation. Physical fitness in boys Physical Education classes is a must as shown by these boys try- ing to master "sit- ups". MR. J. W. MRS. C. MRS. E. E. WILLIAMS WILLIAMSON WISE Driver Education Physical Education Physical Education 29 Moore High School Moore High School is a community of young American citizens possessing one com- mon goal - a secondary education. The experiences the more than 800 students gain while on its campus are typical of those at any other American high school. I Students enjoy warm friendships. They absorb in varying degrees the lessons taught. They accept responsibilities. They grow in understanding and maturity. Yet there is one trait Moore High School students possess which surpasses the average student group, and that is MOORE HIGH SCHOOL SPIRIT! ll 'Mis mi! ll! i x The Home of the Lions vwraizg V..-....wq 1 in wr 5 1:97 J 3l mf Moore H igh Campus ,q if vga , ,V 4 M 1- ff TWINS! TWINS! TWINS! The Haynes Triplets - Verda, Verna, Vera CRGANIZATIONS Y-Teens Find Happiness Emails- R I i v 981 T K 'Mu Ri sr? 4 E, X Q4 rw 5 X .- fa J , ' 5 ' ' I M t dig ess., . 1 A L s , S Q I kd . 5 l' ,Y gl A' fr E K we QL? Q 3 8 Q S H ,.. x i A .ii 5.8 1.- W K' V ,.-, K. k . ' N l , ,K .5 ,. Ik' , , . Q K. ,. f'-'- ' L, if 3' 3. f S . V. r ti i f , . ..., in i , . f. , , Q l,, QQ L, 1 it Q Q. AV 3 ' -' , , . 6 if.-25 .. . ,, T ' .4 ij, The ELMWOOD Y-TEENS find pleasure in exploration. The group is pictured returning from a hike to Fort Fisher The hikers are ROW 1: Mrs. White, sponsorg V. Watkins, D. Beck, R. Nichols, S. Taylor, S. White. ROW 2 B Pryor, S. Conner, D. Brooks, B. Curry, C. Jones, W. Ewing. ROW 3: R. Leaks, B. McKinney, D. Scott D Diles, B. Hardin, G. Dowdy. ROW 4: R. Williams, S. Shepherd, C. Richardson, S. Burton, B. Hall P Leno presidentg B. Woodard, V. Dorsey and J. Tigner. "rw .44 v Officers of the OLIVE LEAF Y-TEENS are Esther Cooper, president, Marilyn Stubblefield, first vice-president Linda McGowan, second vice-president, Janice Snell, secretary, Debra Boyd, assistant secretary, Ruthie Rhodes treasurer Marie Harris, parliamentariang Antionette Dickerson, Evelyn Long, Martha Haris, Evelyn Degrate, Linda Price Janice Snell, Gail Barts, committee chairmen. in Helping Uthers '57 I fi' " U" M .gwf isa? 5' ,T ,Er w 'ilfflf f 'Ex 0" E 5. LA. CENTERED near the emblem are OAK LEAF Y-TEEN members Rosalind Thomas and Trudia Tucker. Pictured CLOCKWISE are Barbara Harris, Marsha Brown, Clara Johnson, Bonnie Glenn, Brenda Casteel, Jacqueline Jones, Annie Belcher, Michele Chavers, Lois Cotton, Beverly Stalling, Minnie Oliver, Brenda Brooks, Sharron Collins, Anitha Johnson, Cynthia Leno, Phyllis Brooks, Alberta Dudley, Vivian Ervin, Charlotte Earl, Betty Rollins, Mary Williams, Tiny Grays, Sandra Neal, Gail Degrate, and Shirley Glenn. , l - MWA, - J sw 'iff 6: If , K i ,sf ELM-WOOD Y-TEEN members Rose Williams, Shirley White, Regina Nichols, and Shirley Taylor prepare to leave the campus in order to join other Y-Teens of the city in singing Christmas carols at the Woodland Springs Rest Home Pictured to the right are some senior citizens who are being entertained. ational Honor Society An outstanding organization in the Lion's Den is the National Honor Society. NHS members show unusual achieve- ment in scholarship and citizenship. ROW 1: Beverly Coleman, Jr.g Sheryl Warren, Sr., Sue Harris, Sr., Scherazade Mitchell, Sr., Diane Whitfield, Ir.: Brenda Lane, Sr., Alice Miller, Jr., Valeria Watkins, Sr.g Shirley White, Sr. ROW 2: Junipher Henderson, Jr., Shelia Snell, Jr.g Patricia Leno, Sr.: Ruth White, Jr.: Sylvia Shepherd, Sr.: Nancy Scott, Jr., Dorothy Mangum, Sr.g Barbara Mack, Sr.: Linda Pimpton, Sr. ROW 3: Glendia Caldwell, Jr.: Lawrence Hicks, Jr.g Debra Brown, Sr., Rayford Wilkins, Sr.g Rose Williams, Sr.g Alfred Iglehart, Sr.g Eva Degrate, Sr,g and Lewis Hicks, Ir. p Students Train or Industrial Technology lmeoniy svay imbegilt I- -is begin Programming annual affairs, the members of the Vocational Agriculture Cooperative Part-training program meet for moments of consideration. Left to Right: T.V. Smith, James Johnson, Clemon Jones, and Ron Smith. Mr. F. A. Mosley is the instructor. sf "r""? Outside of the auto mechanic 's den, the boys are being instructed on the uses of the dynamic analyzer, a machine designed to analyze components of an engine. Pictured above from Left to Right are Chales Tubbs, David Hall, Sam Jones, Gary Wright and Mr. E. Walker, instructor. 37 Students Acquire Refinement ig 5 n 'tee r A r L 'rf' tttt A in FRENC H' s CLUB LE CLUB FRANCAIS endeavors to instill in its members the desire to be of the greatest possible service to the school and community and to develop an interest in an understanding of the French language and culture. Officers: Anita Stubblefield, presidentg Mary Harlan, vice-presidentg Phyllis Gooden, secretaryg Eula Gayle, assistant secretaryg Roberta Smith, treasurerg Daniel Slaughter, parliamentariang Anna Belcher, historiang and Mrs. T. E. McClain, sponsor. ssrt S s fl., " -"' L - 'f'f SQ " A Kk'i' iii?" 1 -ft 1 iti'1 f:5QQHiQi'5glg' .. .. . A ii ":f..1 -' is ,,Ak' .rL- X' 1 X X is all A A is is s s i as t r t did, ,-, - A irrs A C is 'C 'fl ' - ,' , if-f A Art students, Larry Rose, Kerry Evans, Oliver Miles, Clemon Jones, and Larry Earl place the final touches on a wreath to be used in the Door Decoration Contest. Pictured right, is the Band door, one of the first-place winners. 1 Through Language, Drama, and Art ' A t a g 1 aa aa 1 gggaa a The DRAMATIC ARTS CLUB, under the supervision of Mrs. P. R. Burns, works diligently toward the development of self-expression through drama. Annually, they attend a drama workshop and participate in the UIL one-act play competition. Club membership includes: ROW 1: P. Gooden, E. Robinson, B. Brooks, M. Brown, L. Cotton, C. Burren, S. Glynn, M. McLennan, S. White, V. Dorsey, B. Pryor, S. Mitchell, S. Connor, S. Harris, E. Roy, B. McKinney. ROW 2: C. Coston, R. Williams, R. Thomas, V. Mangum, C. Leno, D. Beck, B. Woodard, P. Leno. ROW 3: E. Abercrombie, M. Alexander, B. Lane, C. Toliver, D. Brown, P. Ritcherson, C. Walton, S. Taylor, S. Shepherd, L. Foster, B. Coleman, R. Walker, C. Rice. ROW 4: G. Jackson, T. McCrimmon, M. Reed, S. Collins, O. Davis, A. lglehart, R. Wilkins, W. Baisey, J. Long, L. Rose, D. Gayle, L. Hicks, and C. Jones. . .1 ,.,. t f A f 5-1,7 .4-...g 5 'Eh . W . En route to a UIL Clinic in Austin are S. Mitchell, Rehearsing for a one-act play are R. Wilkins, I. B. Lane and P. Leno. Long, D. Brown, D. Reese, K. Thompson, and S. Harris . ea-wane www +2 s winning. EMA. , uv W Without Music, Li e in the The I. A. KIRK CHORUS under the direction of Mrs. H. M. Yancy studies many and varied types of music for per- formances and sings programs for school functions, church meetings, women's clubs, P. T. A. , civic clubs, Heart O' Texas Fair, and radio stations. The chorus sponsors an annual operetta and Negro History Musical. Singers must audition to gain membership in the chorus. ,WU-M Ml " .malt -fr ' 4.7 in .vwuwlmew iii! .,, 4 MODERN MUSIC MASTERS are selected on the basis of scholarship, character, cooperation, leadership and service. This year they celebrated their 10th anniversary. Lions Den Would be cz Mistake lunar Garbed in their traveling costumes are members of the J. A. Kirk Chorus. ROW 1: J. Carroll, L. Cotton, D. Slaughter, D. White, P. Brooks, and G. Jackson. ROW 2: C. Green, M. Jones, I. Mitchell, C. Reed, B. Carter, D. Reese, B. Casteel, F. Rush, S. Glenn, B. Renfro, E. Abercrombie and A. Iglehart. ROW 3: L. McDowell, M. Thompson, L. Richardson, M. Thompaon, C. Richardson, J. Long, and K. Thompson. ROW 4: D. Long, K. Jackson, L. Campbell, E. Jones, and G. Jackson. w Senior Madrigal singers enjoy singing many types of music as well as English Madrigals. Mrs. Henrietta Miller Yancy directs this fine group. , 4I Students Prepare or Economic 1 5 2 ff 2 K X 15. S ir 'sk , .QQ J L fi . 5 3 ' X 1. M7 X ,Q ' W X. Y., s , if , I With a respect for dignity of work, VICA strives to unite, in a common bond , all students enrolled in trade and industrial educational classes. Positioned in a V-shape are: S. Dotson, E. Wright, V. Watkins, T. Fields, J. Dykes, C. Maxey, G. Daniels, D. Brooks, B. Shepherd, L. Claridy, J. Skinner, S. Nichols, S. Douglas, and Mrs. O. G. Vonner, sponsor. trf j f , ,, f dlly . 8 Z1 A -- "l-: fd . ., 'T is , I d dlkfudd . O R LX L 1 r i . l A , O if! ' I-A 2 21 Prospective cosmetologists are ROW 1: L. Clardy, S. Douglas, S. Taylor, J. Dykes, and R. Nichols. ROW 2: Mrs. O. G. Vonner, sponsor, S. Banks, E. Wright, S. Dotson, V. Watkins, W.,Sneed, J. Skinner and V. Williams. ROW 3: G. Daniels, D. Brooks, B. Shepherd, T. Fields, and C. Maxey. Security Through Vocational Training mm, ,.,. , . ii i s Interest in industrial careers is enlarged through the efforts of the Industrial Cooperative Training Club. The orga nization is under the supervision of Mr. D. Warner. The Industrial Cooperative Training Club endeavors to provide opportunities for acquiring and performing specified jobs. The above seniors are supplying the necessary information for summer job placement. They are Brenda Greene, Scherazade Mitchell, Linda Campbell and Cynthia Simmons. fr. High FHA Aims or Higher Horizons s ' We ---u--'nm-vu-nu M ,xxx ffl., u.,z.rz Q ug. 'fr W - :-- r . W Y' . f' i - A iii: p N :gi A i p r A The Jr. Future Homemakers of America sponsored many different activities for the Christmas season. The chapter presented a play entitled "Christmas Cowboy" for the P-TA Christmas party and for an assembly program. Members of the chapter also made dolls for the Laura Edwards Center. Mrs. V. D. Elliott is chapter sponsor. Paula Ritoherson, a sophomore, played the role of Santa Clans and entertained the audience with a creative dance, the "Santa Claus Rock. " 44 CREED "We are the Junior Future Homemakers of America We face the future with warm courage And high hope . . . " FHA Works to Improve Family Relations 5 The overall goal of the Future Homemakers of America is to help individuals improve personal, family and com munity living, now and in the future. Mrs. V. E. Lane and Mrs. D. S. Jackson are sponsors. Student Councils Govern Student Activities orrzsst was 'rt t rrmlimi N 5 E P Q ,f,, , if - Democracy in the Lion's Den stimulates representative government. The Lion's council leads in promoting such activities as Homecoming, March of Dimes, Toys for Tots, Christmas baskets and booster signs as pictured above. Six of the executive officers are F. Hackworth, president, L. I-licks, first vice-president, B. Lane, second vice-pres identg B. Hall, secretaryg P. Leno, assistant secretary, and S. Harris, treasurer. Sponsors are Mesdames Brown, White, Pryor and Mr. C. O. Jones. 9ee J' Lionette council members are Walter King, president, J. Gooden, vice-presidentg F. Howard, secretary, B. Clay, assistant secretaryg I. Jackson, treasurerg R. Iglehart, parliamentariang J. Satchell, chaplaing Gary McDonald, Boys' Rep. Place lg M. Thomas, Boys' Rep. Place 25 L. Richardson, Girls' Rep. Place l: and G. Miller, Girls' Rep. Place 2. S 'ig I , s"'fwew 'Q j Teamwork Provides Effective Student Control Safety from fire hazards in the Lion's Den is enchained by the efforts of members of the Fire Patrol group. During periodic fire drills, they direct the evacuation of the building for the safety of everyone. Pictured from top to bottom Rodney Walker, Paul Degrate, Raymond Brown, Oliver Miles, Larry Rose, Earl Jackson, Rayford Wilkins, Chris Hatcher, Darryl Reese, Larry Earl, Lewis Hicks, Walter Baisey, Sam Jones, Kenneth Thompson, Calvin Haynes, Larry Foster, David Maxwell, Billy Reed, Gene Sterling, and Mr. C. O. Jones, instructor. iii ' I .1 f 5? Life in the Lion's lunchroom is less congested due to the cafeteria monitors. They are designated members ofthe Student Council who work to assist students and maintain order. Wearing their badges are monitors: Sue Harris, Freddie Hackworth, Rayford Wilkins, and Garland Barefield. v Serving Others Is Their Goal , sessrisii ffe ree r'rre2 T L V J I hs TQ fl . N,lr .. J: il A 1 It ,A 4 . s be .xv,,, fs. ,, K Two activities of the Ir. Red Cross included filling thirteen ditty bags for the American Soldiers in Viet Nam and entertaining the senior citizens. KNEELING: E. Cargill, G. Garefield. ROW 1: J. Jones, L. McDowell, N. Scott, M. Brown, B. Pryor, presidentg M. Hainsworth, S. Snell, A. Miller, T. Tucker, E. Degrate. ROW 2: P. Sauls, R. Washington, D. Brooks, D. Diles, S. Neal, R. Leaks, W. Ewing, B. Curry, R. Thomas, and Mrs. M. C. Brown, advisor. Junior High members ROW 1: H. Brinkley, M. Thomas, K. Toliver, J. Clay, M. Harris, M. Swinnie, L. Williams. ROW 2: V. Ervin, L. Tillis, W. Harris, J. McCrimmon, H. Scott, I. Sterling. ROW 3: E. Long, Y. Smith, C. Dawson, J. Snell, C. Cook. ROW 4: R. Ingram, L. Richardson, K. Smith, Mrs. R. Griggs, advisor: R. Nichols. Future Teachers of America 1 T 0 ' is '+A ..,, N LN I I Q. ,fx 1 '- . il - Q -1 T M " X A' K.. X Y, 1 f C' T E5 so a T N, ,7 M I H .ty L. 5 fwfr ,L l 1 Q' 5 f an 9, 5 K, , L N W Q i ai t at I Q . , .X by 1 - -:zzz ,L . .ig Q". , V J k,,.,,i,5V14:.,,. Ky 4- 5- tw ,Y Ai V' Vi' 4 zo'!,7',, Q: ,Ei ' .L ' W -. was- , ,N ,, .L.1,: H -- . The Future Teachers or Lillian Degrate Library Club. SEATED: Antoinette Dickerson, Debra Maddox, treasurerg Anita Stubblefield, assistant secretaryg Mary Harlan, Sue Harris, presidentg Barbara Tinsley, Linda Rush, pianistg Shelia Hicks, and Beverly Woodard. STANDING: Mrs. M, N, Williams, sponsorg Patricia Leno, parliamentariang Bobbie Hall, Evelyn Hamilton, Billie Phillips, Billie Robinson, Beverly Coleman, and Phyllis Chapman. 49 VICA Presents Fashions Mrs. Janice Duncan, a Spanish instructor, was the fea- tured model at the annual Cosmetology hair stylist review Mrs. Duncan is a versatile designer, who creates and makes many of her clothes. To the left, she models a light and dainty dinner dress with matching accessories. Below, she fashions a very stylish pants set. Both outfits are her creations. THE FEATURED ATTRACTION .,,,.. 4 143 , l I' Ky, ,.., ,s , ,,. 9. my 3 A ' HJR? it 2 , ' t is 1 J 426 ks, lrii. w ,K ,s,, ,n f sa? 4 n ,,,nE,, , . .23 44, . ' 3 K ' l . , ,. X - ia. I , Of Today 's Styles jg ii r 1t,rg Wx Q t 'Q 'wx-v 'M ,fir . veg ts rg'++es t Q m 'i N i lJ igywisf Arnell Blain, a senior student from TrLm'1an's Beauty School and guest model, is modeling a hair style created especially for her. Her hair is pulled slightly back with a high top accented with a braid. BELOW: Sheryl Warren is modeling an Oriental floral for the evening flick. The side part of her hair is brushed smoothly away from her forehead with ends turning under at ear tips. Zenobia Quarles was the stylist. 1 I V i'M9 J td Lionette Per ormers Shed 3 5 s 5 fi 6' xl? 1 Fi. ti 31 4 SENIOR MIXED CHORUS, ROW 1: Delores Nelson, B, Pryor, I. Satchell, D. McCrimmon, M, Smith, B. Phillips, and S, White. ROW 2: V. Pryor, C. Leno, B, Woodard, L, Dudley, L. Light, J. Williams, and S, Richerdson. ROW 3: B, McKinney, P, Sauls, G. Barefield, W. Ward, E, Roy, and V. Ervin, ROW 41 W, Miller, M, Gindratt D, Gayle, V. Haines, and G. Toliver. j ,gg STRING ENSEMBLE: This group was taught by the late Mrs. Laclede Smith Davis, who recently returned to Moore. Marvin S. Wilkins, a music education major, from Baylor University, replaced her. 52 ,f ff s.,,,, M Q A bg" 4392 Light in and Ollflf of the Den H A ---. -5 , 74- s M M .,.,,.s ,Q , ... hm' """'L.'.'XJl? - W, , ' -1: Qi My V --,. V H - W V ' 'flu ,. , 41, wg, , . , I ri si . . y ', , ' - ' . J Q H. ' -' ' ' ' 1 ' - - f . , The I, A. Kirk Choir shines its light as it performs at the Heart of Texas Fair. The exhibition was only one of the many performances given throughout Waco. The club is directed by Mrs. H. M, Yancy. Linda Campbell, the pianist, is pictured at the piano. "The Last of the Papier Mache Cupids" won a third place award last year in the UIL one- act play competition. Per- formers: R. Wilkins, C. Taylor, R. Wilkins, E. Young, A. Iglehart, N. Manning, B. Lane, L, T. Danford, W, Burren and G. Braxton. Mrs. P. Burns, director. The Sounds of Music The I, A. Kirk Chorus entertains the Lion's Club at one of its noon luncheons which was held at the Alico Inn. The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not mov'd with concord of sweet sounds, Is fit for treasons, strata- gems, and spoilsg The motions of'his spirit are dull as night, And his affections dark as Erbus. Let no such man be trusted. Shakespeare - Merchant of Venice The J. A. Kirk Chorus presented "God's Trombone" in celebration of Negro History Week at North Ir. High. Bring Honors to MH fs ,..'. Q I . I - t im 3 ,gy . mg ,-W, , .. fl ., so gf:-Q. 'gizfsf " '- " 'w,1gsif'ZfMW55i' it--1 -'ff F " K the UIL contest at Baylor University Among the group were seniors Kenneth Thompson Carolyn Rich- ardson, Darryl Reese, Rachel Edwards, Freddie Hack- worth, Linda Campbell. MADRIGAL SINGERS won First place, Rating 1, in E 1 RATING 1 was awarded senior music students: Darryl Reese, Linda Campbell, Rachel Edwards, Freddie Hack- worth at the UIL contest March 1. Linda Campbell at the piano. Linda received a First rat- ing in the UIL contest for her rendition of a piano solo, "To a Water Li1y" by McDonald. She also placed First for her vocal solo, "May-Day Carol," by Deems Taylor. 55 M.H.S. Band, Majorettes, and Pep mh?lk ii H. ' mf L M ' Q M ' f 1 5 9 542 U '1'I' 9 Qmg :G tk ' ' if in ,F w- , ,, , m,,,,,,,.,,,A,, jr , Sgr Igkqiv. N -gf 5' 1 f " , w !',x 'gtx Ll" ,. ' . 'X ,. q , ffxw. ' 'f5'Wm..f fl Squad Add Spirit to Student Li e 112.gif 4134 is Q it T fr N -M ' X S S Wa K fi Senior Cheerleaders Shirley Taylor Shirley White Beverly Hall ""' Ella Pate Patricia Leno " Sylvia Shepherd Captain "5" Co-Captain " M fi Senior Twirler Adds Sparkle to Homecoming Game I I f Scheherazade Mitchell, a senior, was the featured fire baton twirler at the Lion football halftime activi- ties, She is the daughter ofMr. and Mrs. Luther J. Mitchell and was given fire instructions by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jackson of the Jackson Twirling Studio. Scheherazade was one of the semi- finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Qualification Test, She plans to attend North Texas State University, and would like to major in psychology. She has many other talents besides twirling. ACTIVITIES ueen, Brend L CL CHIC fl? .,.,., , M- i!iifif2iffi:' - I ,,,. ff:Qg,5 i A - , Ni Y , ., . .f--fmm::fqg5QmNQWf::1E- -1 ' .gg wsggigsgsiass fx "kk rzgggfggyzszszfsgzgl ' L I ueen Erma Burks 3 ,Q , . , I 1 x N 9 ' ' ::,f2!s'f f :':1-wwf'-ifxfm my . inmawm f ew-ff . .swf ,., - ,, 4 " ,,.,: fifyfr1i4V,tJ'l, ,. 'Q' ' .i 4 -wx . King Larry Shields Coronation in the Principal J. J. Wilson crowns King Glenn . . . Queen Brenda . . . Duke Willie Harvey The Royal Promenade 64 The Roy Misty Moonlight Queen Erma . . . Principal crowns King Larry Dutchess Yolonda Benjamin "7x 5 4 K ts 21 E 5 Q 2 5 R 3 Q Q Pl Among the atmosphere girls setting the mood for the coronation were Linda Ritcherson and Beverly Cole- 65 Court 1Tl3I'1 Coronation in the Misty Moonlight The Royal Family Among the "Johnsonettes" who entertained the Royal Court were Among the "Wisettes" who entertained the Rosalind Wilkins, James Jackson, Barbara Reed, and Elvis Young, Royal Court were: Marva Alexander, Patricia Leno, and Sheryl Warren. Homecoming Activities if i 'Y Sweetheart on parade R. Polk, Membership Chairmen. P,T,A, President, Mrs. N. Manningg Mrs. Verna Livingston and Mrs. Principal Wilson crowns Sweetheart Benecia Pryor. Scenes 0 Homecoming FWB eeeeee Sweetheart runners-up - Ever Barnes, Joyce Dykes, Brenda Greene, Judy Jones, Sadie Banks. L y Homecoming assembly and pep rally. Activities Homecoming pep rally. K , . 1 'I - Drum Majorettes at Homecomlng game. ffm: S - 95157 C P W' Another scene of Homecoming assembl M Y. A' af 5 Q H i i W, 5 iiiii Q 5 "' ff' .Q . iiii ,f-f Ll fl gi 1 ff' Mitchell twirls fire baton during half-time Scene from Homecoming assembly. Homecoming game. Scenes From l -fl V 10-M, 5 ii X in Q , g f i FTE H 1 W S, af: 'JEII l C l tnot 5 X fi ' kr. 5 Career Clinic consultants shared their knowledge and experience with senior high students on Career Day. The Career Clinic is an annual observance. 70 Career Clinic J' v -4:62 J' 'N-al -Rx 'Qu' 51' A' -sn f' 4 fi Ni',,"TW' ,,,,-v if imcm M -53512 K ' ' X tiag Scenes From, the P.T.A 4, W W . 1, K 2 AW..V A 1 'QE Brazos Valley Carnival ff, ' :': :,:.:3 ,, A 4. aj If gtk? l Q-, 1351 i n Q 9 if il31fll P6PPf?" 73 Well you see, it's like this . . . Li e in the All dressed up and no where to go. .. -15 a Young people! Time wasted is money wasted. Music Maestro - Please! Hmm - not bad. I can smile . . . Psst - what page is it? See! Caught in the act. Lions 9 Den F,H.A. Ball - A night to remember. Gee! What a day. Whoopee! ! breath of fresh air." Say it loud, "I'm a Lion and I'm proud! ' W' was ' - W at Hallwalkers always say, "We just came out for a V11 h2lV6 21H0IhC1' OHS, P16356- Seniors Get Recognition Freddie Hackworth, Scheherazade Mitchell, and Rayford Wilkins were named semi- finalists in the National Achievement Scholarship Award. Linda Campbell was named finalist in the Soroptimist Contest. Brazos Electric Award Goes to Debra Brown Debra Joyce Brown, in her junior year, represented Moore High School in the annual Brazos Electric Co-operative Oratorical Contest. Debra won the semi-finals and was first runner- up in the finals. 76 ATHLETICS MH Varsity Football Team, 'wo X L k MOORE HIGH LIONS VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD 1968 - BOTTOM ROW: Trainer O. Everett, P. Degrate L. Foster, D. White, B. Deckard, W. Gray, K. Cook, R. Walker, C. Hatcher, G. Barfield, Trainer W Casteel. ROW 2: Mr. E. Maddox, business managerg R. Rush, A. Roberts, J. Brown, D. Gayle, H. Toliver R. Wilkins, M. Jones, L. Hicks, J. Long, Principal J. J. Wilson. ROW 3: Coach M. Dawson, L. Leonard P, Shepherd, G. Jackson, John Johnson, A. Rauls, L. Rose, L. Davis, L. Snell, D. Hubert, R. Bell, B Hutchinson, M. Ward. LAST ROW: Coach L. Mooney, Coach R. Bradshaw, M. Gindratt, D. Watson R Bradford, C. Rice, W, Baisey, C. Jackson, Coaches V. Hicks, C, Wilburn. Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore SEASON'S RECORD 5-1 DISTRICT SAAA STANDINGS FOOTBALL 46 Hillsboro - 0 14 Mexia ' "' Mexia 36 Marlin ' "' Moore 54 LaV6g21 ' " Corsicana 19 Corsicana Carver 48 Ca1'V6I' ' La Vega Marlin Hillsboro "' Tri-Champions, SAAA Senior Football Players Q m. lltl J l Q fs ,5 Q Ev' fl na 5 L I , , 'A Ai E3 , NEWPSC' 23. X5 Ai X5 2 x my ix ,4 7 . ' K ., , f ' '-"L - , A A A ' A 'S . ' E -f 1 - l1 5 A A V V I .K ,... K , A S ,F TA -5 1 if :zz 5 .L . W Bic nr I Kala! LARRY ROSE HARVEY TOLIV ER WALTER BAISEY RAYFORD WILKINS uard Tackle Fullback Quarterback G HB Larry Foster pushed for 20 yards in the Homecoming Game against the Mexia Black Cats. g m L . i Senior Football Players lllll ' aigi QQQ gigs, QE? KWWL Sas m'wf WW O lt, ,ll, - 211 A . 5-3. w ' AR MA A A fi I wegi IW V... A rkhkh - .. , In . 1 . ' I In I gi 5 .. N A in 1 - M, DANNY GAYLE LARRY FOSTER CARREL RICE MARVIN JONES Guard Back End Guard Y, EMM EAI GK, I I G QQ,ol , VZQWWWAQ 3 Pligwg QWWQQEQ NN I g w ,vw I afylf w A Q 1. I a"3 I lm ' "ffF' ' B I RONNIE BRADFORD Center CHRIS HATCHER GARLAND BAREFIELD PAUL DEGRATE Linebacker Defensive End A 1ll Center s igmi llL we iZlAf I eff? LAW b lE:i Q lu A tl' A , N 6 yi If I 5 A ff LONNIE DAVIS Defensive Back KENNETH COOK RODNEY WALKER Defensive Back Defensive Back MHS Pep Squad Gives Lions Spirit 5 v , PEP SQUAD - KNEELING: Marva Alexander, Beverly Hall, captainp Yoland LaTrease Gindratt gives a big cheer Patricia Leno. STANDING: Sylvia Shepherd, Shirley Taylor, Larry for the Lions. Giddings, Ella Pate and Shirley White. Mrs. E. E. Wise is sponsor. HOMECOMING PEP RALLY - Cheerleaders wait for their chance to get the spirit moving in the Homecoming assembly. 8I Super uarterback LARRY ROSE, senior player, is the first Moore High Quarterback to be named to the All South Zone District 8-AAA Team. Rose has lettered for three seasons at Moore High. MHS Football Sweetheart 5 'QW eett r ttfe we at if wi Benecia Calma Pryor Moore B T earn and Ninth Graders li ogg ' ,Q is as ge is EQ ,," y M er R L 1 .rr, l 5 T kA Q x e as 1 A 'Q rrA err R J r sggug e ss mssss E s l J e,e r ' MOORE HIGH B TEAM - BOTTO Chaney, L. Howlett, E. McDowell, ROW 2: W. Miller, C. Green, G. Jackson, R. Hawkins, F. Duffey, L. O h . . . . c oa, R. Levi, P. Hicks. ROW 3. Coach R. Hardman, O. Black, J. Hutchinson, R. Mathis L Hogan, M ROW: D, Slaughter, M, Hamilton, B. Dorsey, Tony Jackson, R. Love, L , . L, Moore, J. Majors, G. Howard, R. Conner, B. Harlan, Coach J. Zachery. TRAINERS: C. Foster, P, Williams. 'mf ww' NINTH GRADE TEAM - BOTTOM ROW: W. B. Degrate, E, Williams. ROW 2: H, Stallworth, R. Mosley, C. Williams, J. Hunter, A. Benson, C. Snell, C. Mack, C. Williamson, G. Johnson. Row 3: A. Young, J. Degrate W King J Shepherd R Vau hn I 0 1 I I I g 9 R. Thompson, G. Jackson, L. George. Coach Willie Ward. TRAINER: Vincent Kuykendall. Kendricks, G. Hicks, T. Slaughter, M. Slaughter, O. Shields, Junior High Football Team - , fi A riff ' f ,- .aiaiig 3 '-'A '-'- 2- -'lfjsf i ' ' ' 'kkl ,,.,, ,W ,4,,. if ,,. in 'iii "jx, "ll Sf, , , SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE TEAM - BOTTOM ROW: W. Dever, R. Manos, T. Degrate, F. King. KNEEL KNEELING: D, Evans, G. White, C. Bledsoe, D. Field, W. Conway, R. Thompson, C. Sterling, E. Robert- son, J. Toliver. ROW 3: R. Warren, R. Betters, L. Slaughter, G. White, G. McDowell, B. Degrate, L. Wilkerson, K. Jones, E, Powell, W, King, L. Gregory. ROW 4: M. Thomas, D. Warner, D.. Dickerson, I. Weakly, L, Wydermyer, B, Clay, H. Nichols. Coach I. Williams. TRAINER: Woody Norwood. X' V f,,.f V! SHERRY CLAY Junior High Football Sweetheart Principal J. J. Wilson crowns Sherry Clay at the Jr. High Homecoming game, Moore Jr. vs. South Junior. MH Varsity Basketball Team, MOORE HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM - KNEELING: M. Ward, forwardg G. Steward, for- wardg R. Brown, guard: I. Lewis, guard. STANDING: L. Snell, guard: O. Miles, forward: C. Jackson, cen terg L. Rose, guardg C. Rice, forwardg A. Mardis, forward. Mr. Jessie Williams is coach. LARRY ROSE CARREL RICE All-District Guard All- District Forward Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore SEASON 'S RECORD 7-5 91 - Hillsboro 38 - Mexia 61 - Marlin 55 - LaVega 56 - Corsicana 71 - Carver 66 - Hillsboro 56 - Mexia 59 - Marlin 79 - LaVega 52 - Corsicana 72 - Carver funior Varsity Team ROSLYN THOMAS B-TEAM player reaches high. Basketball Sweetheart E3mm:..m::w.Sa,:z:M., :gf rg, M, rl , A f Z.. , , ctw N - - 3 r :iii JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM - KNEELING: Gilbert Jackson, John Cashaw, Ronald Rush, Ara Rauls, Daniel Slaughter. STANDING: Ralph Edwards, Jacques Majors, George Gamble, Charlie Green, Booker Harlan, Coach R, Hardman. Junior High Basketball Team, W., ,,.... A a ji NINTH GRADE CAGERS - KNEELING: George Hicks, Donald Henry, Theodore Slaughter, John Majors, Ronald McLennan, Rickey Thompson. STANDING: Bryan Willis, Wilbert Kendricks, Henry Stallworth, Mi- chael Slaughter, Coach J. W. Zachary. SEVENTH-EIGHTH BASKETBALL TEAM - KNEELING: Leon Wilkerson, Curtis Sterling, Willie Deaver, Larry Slaughter, Bobby Degrate. STANDING: Elbert Williams, Kenneth Jones, Richard Ingram, Derrick Dickerson Coach W. D. Ward. MH Track Team MOORE HIGH SCHOOL TRACK TEAM - KNEELING: O. Everett, J. Barber, R, Scott, J. Johnson, W, Cas- teel. J. Brown. STANDING: W. Allen, J. Long, C. Alexander, K. Thompson, R. Wilkins. ROW 3: C, Rice, C. Jackson, H. Reed. The 1968 Moore High 440 Relay Team finished third in the 8-AAA state meet. KNEELING: Sim Davis, Lonnie Davis, Joe Long, John Johnson, STANDING: W, Stell, Head Track Coach M, Dawson. MOORE TRACK ROSTER 1969 Walter Baisey, Robert Brown, Lonnie Davis, Oliver Everett, Charlie Greene, Charles Jack son, Gilbert Jackson, John Johnson, Joe Long, Booker Montgomery, Carrel Rice, Donnie Hubert. Spring Sports at MH :a3f,-simusunum 1 Y - x 0 M. .. . I -N.. , if mi "J ' tx., Q it if 1 INTER-SCHOOL TRACK TEAM - SEATED: Annette McDonald, Gwendolyn Holston. KNEELING: Alice Mil- let, Brenda Bogans, Janette McDonald, Carolyn Brown, Linda Blaylock. STANDING: Nancy Scott, Shelia Snell, Carolyn Jones, Marilyn McLennan, Iva Miles, Annie Whitaker. ey, ,1 . vu... ,Mag 'A 2 GOLF PLAYERS - LEFT TO RIGHT: Alfred Wydermyre, Darryl Reese, John Sharkey, Charles Reed, Gene Sterling, Gary Griffin, C. B. Smith, instructor. MH Baseball Team ?i2+'.4'7Y'7"""2 WINE? i A Wi? '34-?iffi,x.fi3v23rffi ' 1 I ' L fiber-if-615.25 frf'1'42zg?Sf7' I A I - I 2 y yy S I V, -1 a I irii 2' 2 a,g,f1yQgg"f,7 y X 27762763 w ace X'-Q K if K H TI K ,k-L' , 1 In I I , 'W' 4 if - "aa ' Hia a 5, s ,L 2 KM g r ft xf Vx xx, V v,,- X .. , ' L 1 A, , L uf ' is a a Q I . I l 1 i l 54' f A tt Ax I T, 4 .- - A 'gl Y W ls X ix X .ft , 1 K 'Wea or -f b, 1 gh A , V Q. AV , X 4 s Q , . -ui! V ,Z , . V, X , , . 1 gm? ' ' A l A LU it Y I af 1, 1 o f 10 1 a f A aa -fe rs'."if2f I Q I N M, are ' fiber - 1 li :gr ' ' E ' A. I ' f ' ! I 'J , ' tl ' f -A I 113: il 'V . ,L 'A f '9 1 5 s v, W . ' K I N - , Q V . x ..- -4 V V1 1 2 L ' fa x A W , I W ,Tw 1 .1, V ,-' ff , ,Q ..,,, I f "" ' , I ' fi- J, ' I " "-A "' ' , . ,,.,, I ,, ,V . MOORE HIGH LIONS BASEBALL TEAM 1969 - KNEELING: B. Dorsey, C. Riptoe, R. Bell, R. Smith, L. Hicks, L, Hicks, R. Brown, A, Love. STANDING: A. Rauls, W. Gray, S. Jones, M. Gindratt, G. Jackson, B. Deckard, I. Lewis, K. Cook, J. Benns. TRAINER: R. Tillis. Mr. V. Hicks is Baseball coach. DISTRICT RECORD 1968 - 8AAA 10- 4 La Vega 7 Moore 0 Terrell 2 Moore 1 Waxahachie 6 Moore 5 Athens 2 Moore 11 Lancaster 1 Moore 13 Duncanville 2 Moore 4 Carver 2 Moore 3 La Vega 1 Moore 7 Terrell 2 Moore 1 W axahachie 2 Moore '7 Athens 2 Moore '7 Lancaster 6 Moore 17 Duncanville 5 Moore 9 Carver 2 Moore 3 SENIOR LETTERMEN - Baseball Seniors Samuel Jones, Larry Foster and Robert Smith have lettered for two years in baseball. 9I - frgygz--1.1 MHS Lions Get District 8141414 Honors Eleven Moore High Football players received honors in their second year in District 8-AAA. Because of their efforts, the Lions tied for District 8-AAA Tri-Championship. FIRST TEAM - Lewis Hicks, defensive backg Larry Rose, quarterbackp Joe Long, end, Walter Baisey, tackle, Cnot picturedl. HONORED BACKS - Lonnie Da- vis, defensive backg Milton . , Ward, offensive back. Davis A made second team and Ward, first. ' ' ':'M','u fl K ' r , ' . 1 1. :lf HONORABLE MENTION - Lawrence Hicks, defensive backg Harvey Toliver, guardg Larry Foster, backg Rayford Wilkins, fullbackg Danny Gayle, guard. 92 FAVORITES Scholarly q.,,amp.,,,, mtg -A ff 9,4 Q v fi, ga 'M fl' 0 We can make majors and officers every year, but not scholars. " - Robert Burton WINNERS: Scheherazade Mitchell and Rayford Wilkins Scholarly -A. xx,-W W ,Hb X A ,ff ig if A 4 , , fi , X 1 . jr 'gi W . ,, 4. sg, ,A ,, . 1 4 fi. .dif x HQ 4. '+V '31 '- 'i iw. , .fe Y . f " " x .M K K 1 'r '4' ""'f,1- 4' -- ""' ' az.. .f.. A I : K A "V , .. , V 1 D 1 S my 4 A -V 'mr . lm. ,., if '. K ' .. - .ff "eu .cm ," Y f -. gi . ffsyff 'Y' 37 f,,afg, f P W Tx 'F' LY fs,-vi .,g J' 'bvrkaff' - 1' ,wauff?', M ,rv K wifi-wiv Y " J 7 ' RUNNERS-UP: Darryl Reese, Rose Williams, Sylvia Shepherd, Freddie Hackworth Dignyfiecl ., ,W ' V 11, I f f I ,hw 1. 1 ,ft-as W., 'af Q 'C Mk., ., W fa ., .. , W. ' , w My ' .V 5 ,r 2 irq .' f-,4'fATf7iff '3 Q 'dir r 2 jgiqihg, ,, . 4 43 , "Your reputation is what people believe you to be from what they have seen of your actions. WINNERS: Sandra Burien and Charles Rice 96 -Landis Y s ,f -, .N f2f,e:w:.+. GNW4 fl fwiwfka e' 1. . 'J 1 'Aww' s,. ,' 55 ,A ,jug , ,A A -L s 'gf Dignwecl m," fff ,H uf. . J' 1. RUNNERS-UP: Freddie Hackworth, Rachael Edwards, Linda Wydermyre, James Johnson ' 'i -I vi' 97 Popular I ,lil ,M v y ,W xg X 1,3 , fat , ,J ,. ' -.-,, . V, Y Y 4- 'I' , K gr my ....'F' . 41,112-' tw' as i'I'f'?Q1g"jl"'gig-'A - 5 wif ffrv H," 1 '. 3 5 Q' - 1' :Y QU ,fa s in Q f :Lug 98 .LQ ,V W "o eh' "-, , .f- :- ' f -. ,E ' a -f'f"'f, ,. 5, L' 514 V ' K, .Af 1,92 " -f , ya if .N , f-Y A Wo ff' W ' "'n . , ,, 1,0 I , , ',:,, ' 5, - f 'fiff . , . W , X. , f . , gl W V, ',u,g,f'fs,.y my gf 'ftf f - 17. ,qi ,L ,L is A LL .EL f 1-3,1 5,-J,k.,A f A ,. I r K. , V -.5,,-' Q2 ' "One good way to understand yourself is to study the effect you have on others. -Landis WINNERS: Linda Hainsworth and Ronald McDonald 4 E va. ff. R w 553' + Yilfg' -J- n . - 'K . Popular Mn. . . . ,,X. . ,V ,.-, , -I Vefi- . , . , 1 .,N,,., ., ' s I i, N " X- v , -.wg Q' D-1 , A A N 1, fe .iw'.' 'gl ' NV. .P 'S -- . .N Y fp ,gg . Y X - X ,stF,...:,..'y. K 5 ra -- -,g.,g.-w. . '75 ws, J3',,'y .h 1 MVR -' gif' P 1. ' 4, ' K.,-v' W, gew A ' , ,1,-we fm , ,fS'JM,3.. V . E J . 1, 2 I L, 'f - r N V ., 5 .,' , L. ' - J .5-KV ,-"lbw -,,,.u, - 'rQiuM --.f 5xf ., s ' . ., 1- f.,-'C- 'felwfx' 1"a?7-Pff .c. -'S7..4,a :Q M V1 ,fx . .- ' 515. ,,-- 'lfx Q' -I ,,- A4 xg .,,.,f e-5 12 ' ' .- -' , n -:WJ kk, '. "x 9 'u -A ' , M A " ,"'-' ff'-X'-f5'ff5:,. 'g -- 4 N N 'W ik 5,1 V-..g'."'4',.'l,.4 1" ' ,L . . ' A . - X , ,NM vi' VQYL I V ' ' MQ' J' .C 3:Rrie"'t".'!'Lqf".f W N, 5 .., .v.j,1,!3. 41 k .Q 1 x . A . A ,X F I I : Num" ' y "3'1:i3ly., V ' , . ww 3,3 F Yi " f -' yt if .. ' 3 A ,. Hr , . ,- . ' 'I-fghfzf . "' ' "" J , ' W ' - '7'+'M.' ' K, M 'Aff'-'fb 'T5f+fw -fe -V . - " ' RUNNERS-UP: Beverly Hall, Brenda Lane, Charles Rice Polite rf K, .2 f e - ,s ' f V ,4 Y' - - 3 1 'rf fa r , 4 .rf 54 - ,, f , ,fy 1, . ' ,, ' fag' "He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare, and he who has one enemy will meet him everywhere. " -A11 WINNERS: George Steward and Brenda Lane Polite if-"' RUNNERS-UP: Robert Smith, Sandra Burten, Sue Harris, Garland Barefield IOI Talented ' 6, 1. 'H nw... siivit N311 j 'Nh-Q,-.. an , r ff ' f if , ,,, .nik r In , W It . i P i fi l aff' like 1 , A 'waging' if ' he X f rv-ff -: mv ,,, 4, gf, Wi,.iy, Zl. 1 V :L 3' . W f my A A m -. ax' I 'C . K 4 , , V A ., X, ff , : - ,, 1 W sm'-Irvs' V' ,L t-1 ' -,Aw-1: 1 t -, - 4 - ,Q my wg -f 1 . 4 lv 5. .X-Vx N A Us A .V s ji I 1 1- YQ Mr ' K 5. ','s,. Ziff " ,f f , -L-l3.".,' f -' A 5 :ff ,Qi 555' .- if ' ' 457 7' A . W K X , I t H l ' 4 - ggi, ,fi ' 'f . ' , ' 1' -' . W ' 1 5 "5 :f,"f'.?L.'-Vi K 'W - Q , K : , 'bfi' if 5' 953' f :2,f.1!,, :tif Q' 1 :f 1 S '. A . V " with i " .mf .wi it qu? 1' I-, I -i t x -riff his . .,, , , I5 td , eff ,, My . v K I02 "1-le is cast in a creative role - life to him means discovery and adventure, flourishing because it is in tune with the universe." WINNERS: Linda Campbell and Kenneth Thompson -Kelley Talented inf RUNNERS-UP: Carolyn Richardson, Clemon Jones, Larry Earl, Scheherazade Mitchell r'9? 2122? , , Q f f 's l03 f t ,g', L 1 Attractive and Handsome sf' .. 572 K f fs A Q ,L 1, -4, :Ms-we P , .4 . Q fa. .tix V, rp... V -- .f W. 4, , fn, .r ' ' r sm ta 1' Ex 516 , J "ff-tif? ., Q ' ', , , ,r ' Q f 1 't" ' 39 At,t 4 '.tt , mt-W g. A 8 , oi . , , . Q, wig. -f x gy N34 Qi 'P get x"ifig?f7,' rf 2 'Jain 113551 t , x 2a35gijf,V ftg.4'i riwfggfq Ili?" ' ti K iiiliffft - cgtfiffftfidiix x i. i"':4h " i t -sf- .ff ' ,fff "ng, t Q'-I:f,'ultR5!5-?Q..f., ,.. N " ff ., ,,, s o I w- - ' 1-9 Q Ymfvxfx so I s , , V pw, K A N ,, ?Afgo,,vft , ,433 tg. sky: t'th ev f .41 ., 5 ' A ff -- tra. 'N . wr: A N fr ,,2.1sw5ii"Q,ii7i?4f. n -5.90 f 12' -. . x. , fm.. ,H "ttf mv t !,!2V55'v?""L s S- Q5l+QfTi"f:,?"f52'Q", ,QA Qi'j'N'.'g5iW Q t Q-fgi? 11-jf' N',,' 'flag-2,!Vff,s.1,4gX.. A aff s- ,Y if'-I f tg.51,v,:,s, 5, v,,t,,.., 1 ,X M1 ,, H:-. 2.1 .M 5, fm ,X ,,f 4 ,M ,,, ,fn I 1 K 5 , df- 1' f A, V , . : 1 Af f " i, ffm ,' fs ' 1' fs 5 .1 r, ,V f fr P' L, -1. f , 7' 1 ' : . 'X ' -wwf ,- Y - r 'L f"'f-ffaf'.'.3 ,. . "Good you. " I04 .kx.4r.5 1 . r'. -. is: . IN " '.'. ' A o,,.,. MY' Wi' K 'L an '1 4 -4 f'1."'Q"a ,gy ,rfvq gftlx an Fx - M -mv .gy if - K5 ' aff QQ i ,:,L.,r ,nm awk, ,,g,k.v9.+ L' .K .rx V .. ,M f t. .-gm,-pw Lai' 'td V 'W-an . .- H 9 t - z.- ..w-,,, . ' ,':J 14914: in A. ., ,'. N ,1,,:,q. A 1: 'EM looks involves good grooming, good health, and an interest in the things and people around WINNERS: Sandra Burten and Kenneth Thompson -Landis Attractive and Handsome x -.wi I ,,,,,., W, Pi- 4 ap? :Big Jfvy " Q F,-vffgf A 35:49 , ' - --: r V V' xY,g,.,x,:g'rt4 K v r ,A T If ,fijvfkfilkr '.f-'CW 2'f'f'f71 V QW RUNNERS-UP: Linda Hainsworth, Linda Wydermyre, Alfred Igleharr, Andrew Driver, Robert Smith I05 A ll-A round We grow as we get out of our own little groove and find new interests or learn new skills. WINNERS: Rayford Wilkins and Brenda Lane -Landis All-A round i , K, ggi ,' I ,, 2- , Off RUNNERS-UP: Sue Harris, Freddie Hackworth, Linda Campbell, Danny Gayle, Scheherazade Mitchell Appropriately Dressed PM AXQQ, 3- 5, iw 5 . ,, rf f ., . 3 4,51 S in ,Q t , , 3 , ., ,L 5 gy 7 ,nw K. 7 ri 1 1,,,,i 'G 'Z' W, " ' ' df Q52 "f, ,- 4 f v,J:'522 ,A K 1f'4,.fT ' ' 'WT' , I 5 if , A fl M52 L I W' , H V if ' f' A ,, Q ,z X , ,, in-, . :fav V ' E. f' ' . rv 'Q I ff' 1 ' mi .Q fic? 4f'?fL ' .5 ,f an 'ww .,, ,I . ff :YM tif., .f,, .3 ,1 , , ,y I Y , - ,N ffl K My E v -ig 'f ig fff'.w.,5i2- wif' U, ,L ' I 2 i!4:r.:' ,Sw 21- f 1' vs 1 , Hy -5.133 rex fy-4 '7 ikkffgl' kj 3 325Wv,ff'fi43'Ji . 5-.. if , -, ' - ' M 2,6 ' '-1 fi'lifi"J"lf"f2-2 Q-'f'f:'fI 12. ' a ,.g 3,71 , 57,5 W 5 ,, fl ,qqkfgg V1 ' if, ,mf 3 I I 1 4, if I -g,z3I,p:.i Q 4,?,If.1lii I , M f I Ji' -' mia-M32 , ,"'.! 'f Qi. ' ' ?'fffi'i' L .,j.f',,w?,1 , Q, . 1, V, .1,,3w-I ,f , , M ,Vd,!Q',iJ!3,,Vfz, rn., 3 ,V 4 1 C' ' g, f r ,sf Z, 1 f Lfggfg pd, N., 1 , Q, 1 ,f,i-'fda 2 My ,yrywy ,ffgir-'15, -K, A, .J-K gf , K 5 .' -n'sg,"f.W,".',w'q.i"Q 'f""4,- 1 sly? Nw.: uf 'U ' ' 4 na" 'e , ,., ., Jw, ,, ,,k',., . ,' h , l ,. 4 , 4 X -,wM'xn' , uv?" I mai iw, mi, x 'x .M I Jr NWN! A , ,uw ,Q-in ,116 , ,wi ,, ,J b W 'W 1 e "Being well dressed means wearing clothes that suit you and your life - ine things you do, the places you go. " WINNERS:, Regina Nichols and Larry Foster -Rathbone . Appropriately Dressed lififf . W., ' . A r 124-- . ,ff - Q " -W- , in ig, Y me gk r lb rf wa- 19" . f 4 ,High T A ,.f..'A,'. 4 Y . Q ff b -'P U if J , ' ' f . My 4 I ' H. . a ' 4 . ' ' . , ,. M p - 1 1 -4 4, u ,' - , ,z 1 A , . 5 4 H, N I U: O N , ,, . RUNNERS-UP: Rodney Walker, Sherryl Warren, Brenda Morgan, Charles Penn 'Y . -Av A thletic n. .fs '- L.. ,,.,if i. ' ,wgdyii Z. 5-5, fx 'v 4 2.55945 - iz- , 97 ,f 4 if 1 W wr . -- J .Q t , f .. .W W - S ' :ff - Wu, ut,,f,i..1L-tw V , 2 We , -im. ,. V , . . ,, ,. X " -ff J fin ,ff 1.-1, i. 33.1 if tg - 'fx A . "f K ,' , y , ,ha kg, Y Y lit' -. A V, 3,,1,..1 ,ici ami, R K Ju. R M V- L, . K i W Hg: .. ,V I M- - A V WQNW Y VA. in M - Y A J tk, A . Qi. it U I .4-y Z, at '. - X H I y I , . ' ' ' .1. - 1 i ,1 A V if in L r V5 . 4 ii Many different types of athletic activities offer opportunities for the satisfaction of achievement -Landis WINNERS: Rayford Wilkins and Larry Foster Y Energetic ,.51.-,. vf-mf .... ' ' P , 14 , w , Q. Lib X Q 3 .. ...717 l1 ., 5 ri r , X d ' il' ,,4,'1F-'gi ai ff' "Ambition is a value - it stimulates action toward achievem ent.". - Unknown Alfred Iglehart, Beverly Hall, Janice Tigner, Clemon Jones, Brenda Greene, Brenda Lane, Sam Jones Velma Dorsey. Junior Q II2 Popular .Toe Long Linda Wilkerson "True success depends upon those qualities within which constitute character and personality," - Landis gr o' y f gsggw' gl iitsi -ju, 'X J i 4 5 Q5 1 it 1 .F 4' . X X. X 'W V! ,L ' ei s ls! I R FN f at g a I A 39' X I a ,J Attractive-Handsome , M., N y , A 'N 'fi , 1,77 ff, it fx Lx Gwendolyn Daniels 1 ,,,. ef' I ' it ,,t,,,f' Haywood Thompson "Teen- age good looks are the result of good ,--' health, good grooming, good choice of clothing, M, and a happy outlook on life." VA M? , 2 ' Landls ,r,,. .2 t Personalities Polite Bruce Dorsey Anita Stub blefield "The true basis of all good manners is considera- tion for others." - Landis 5-1 '51 iq Jyt S 1,-v Scholarly Lawrence Hicks Junipher Henderson ' "The key to the most inviting doors is good schol- arship." - Landis Sophomore Scholarly Michael McDowell Marva Hainsworth Polite Milton Ward Marva Hainsworth Personalities H andsome-A ttractive Travis Collins Linda King Popular Milton W ard Marva Alexander Freshman Personalities Scholarly Handsome-A ttractioe Ramonell James - Gwendolyn Miller Gregory Jackson - Kathleen Smith Popular Polite Joe Hunter - Kay Boyd Walter King - Deborah Cook fanior High Personalities Eighth Grade Scholarly Coarteoas Randall Iglehart - Shelia Hicks Gary McDowell - Bobbie Hall Seventh Grade Scholarly Coarteoas Derrick Dickerson - Harolyn Scott Johnny Williams - Janice Clay Misses Senior anal Junior Student Council V. 3 Gwendolyn Miller Miss Junior Student Council is Gwen- dolyn Miller. She was elected by popu- lar vote. Gwendolyn, an honor student, serves as president of her ninth grade homeroom, She has been a member of the Junior Student Council for three years and is noted for her congeniality and charming personality. Sheryl Warren The Senior Student Council elected Sheryl by popular vote. She was chosen for her personality, high scholastic ability and vivaciousness. Sheryl is a graduating senior, reporter for the senior stud ent council, member of the National Honor Society, F, H,A, , Modern Music Masters and J. A. Kirk Chorus. Miss Lake Waco Beauty Contestant V " ' SEE? K - , Brenda Ann Lane Brenda Lane, "Miss Photo Enterprise", was one of the twenty-three constants in the "Miss Waco Beauty Contest" , She received an award and a dozen long stem roses. Miss Homemaker of Tomorrow R Q- .. -X9 ' ' . X- "1-35, iw ' xp Ka "' ,m 4 ,Q , L . -521' haf . :,,f,,E3 .... f.. MM, N .54fg,. we .F .-ras V ,ri krkk x s-. J 5. ,, Wg, 1 ' 3,Q'E?f' ,, L 'Q ,fi 1 I K, gf 1 " .2,fifR" - so '- r .Q , ig dy se l' :fx V1 1, . -riffs'-" M.' xwffvw fr ,J Q E, Ut' sf, Q gn ' if 'iff ' ':,:',,y'?' K+. 4 X s va . it lg K Q rv A' M f 4 3525: 4 H?" '. ,, T. ' is 1 .. 'er x+ 'Q - Q Miarf fi 55 Q.. .,k. f fri W of M 4 Q Ka 5, .Q l - 5? . f5,m.' lv . ,lx -A , 43? if V. 5 ' 5 rl By placing first in the Betty Crocker written test for all senior girls, Ella was named Miss Homemaker of Tomorrow of Moore High School. Ella Jean Pate SENICRS Seniors GARLAND BAREFIELD DIANA BECK OCIE BENJAMIN BRENDA BOGANS DONNA BROOKS CARIAL BROWN DEBRA BROWN RAYMOND BROWN RITA BURSE SANDRA BURTEN LINDA CAMPBELL LUVENIA CLARDY SHERYL CONNER KENNETH COOK BERYL CURRY LONNIE DAVIS l22 Seniors CD51 EE Ee in U gf QF! F' CP U3 C3 Q5 E91 P-3 Q55 35 fa U v-4 V951 HRK ifgme WM ' I , , I V Q , ff , 41, we fx. 2'-r , F- X1- ,. ' sa ' gifs 'zww-P' I ' wikis Q, wwf Q ,Ad SENIOR COURT - Rayford Wilkins, class president, serves as VELMA DORSEY SHIRLEY DOTSON Judge and Billy Reed is the defendant. ANDREW DRIVER LARRY EARL RACHEL EDWARDS KERRY EVANS AARON EVANS OLIVER EVERETT Seniors DANNY GAYLE EVELYN GIDDINGS DANIAL HALL CHRISTIAN HATCHER BRENDA GREENE FREDDIE HACKWORTH SUE HARRIS LINDA HAINSWORTH BEVERLY HALL EVELYN HAMILTON PRECIOUS HAMILTON Seniors CALVIN HAYNES BIRDIE HENDERSON ALFRED IGLEHART LARRY JACKSON ANDREW JAMES EUGENE JOHNSON JAMES JOHNSON ALLENE JONES CAROLYN JONES CLEMON JONES MARVIN JONES SAMUEL JONES BRENDA LANE BARBARA LAWS PATRICIA LENO BARBARA MACK Seniors RONALD MACK PEARLIE MANOS DAVID MAXWELL ANNETTE MCDONALD IANNETTE MCDONALD RONALD MCDONALD BETTY MCKINNEY SCHEHERAZADE BRENDA MORGAN REGINA NICHOLS BEVERLY NORWOOD MITCHELL LINDA PIMPTON BENECIA PRYOR WANDA RECTOR ELLA PATE DARRYL REESE I2l- Seniors agar' CARREL RICE CAROLYN RICHARDSON LARRY ROSE EVELYN ROY MICHAEL SANDERS SYLVIA SHEPHERD ROBERT SMITH ROD SMITH ' I' . , 'zy kgx klhjf "L WI' F :Il-v" Q T!-4 V , ln., -r -. .L .2 -'ik wi K f'-f , 1- gk . ' ,fu ,- ww. u ' SHARON RICHARDSON THEODORE ROY CYTHNIA SIMMONS SAMMY SMITH Each year the senior class enjoys their annual Christmas Banquet and Party. This year's festivites were held in the Ball Room of the Alico Center. In the picture Shirley White and Lonnie Davis are doing the latest dance steps while others look on. This event is sponsored by the Senior Parents Organizations. l27 Seniors SANDRA SMITH T, V. SMITH PATRICIA SYPHO SHIRLEY TAYLOR GWENOLYN THOMAS KENNETH THOMPSON WILLIE TI.LLIS RODNEY WALKER WANDA WARD VALERA WATKINS LARRY WEST SHIRLEY WHITE RONALD TAYLOR JEREAL TIGNER SHERYL WARREN RAYFORD WILKINS, IR Seniors ?5fi,,M+dw Ifrvf 'I' BEVERLY WILLIAMS JANICE WILLIAMS MARLA WILLIAMS ROSE WILLIAMS BEVERLY WOODARD YVONNE WRIGHT LINDA WYDERMYER JOHN YOUNG Senior Favorites had fun taking pictures in Cameron Park. Q xx 1? KY Senior Class fficers L A I . I SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS - SEATED: Carolyn Richardson, treasurerg Rayford Wilkins, presidentg Sandra Burten, secretaryg Alfred Iglehart, vice-presidentg Sylvia Shepherd, asst. secretary. STANDING: Rose Williams, re- porterg Carrel Rice, sergeant-av armsg Debra Brown, financial secretaryg Danny Gayle, third vice-presidentg Sue Harris, parliamentariang Darryl Reese, business managerg Rachel Edwards, class critic. as , ,,,, 1 ., f . fr- algo - ,N ,f - -,-Vw , i1!r:W'rr. m ' ,.. f ,W.I,,, ,. wwf' vs'-1 Wi ,W , . MOTTO COMMITTEE - Debra FLOWER COMMITTEE - Rose COLOR COMMITTEE - Brenda Brown, Rachel Edwards, Darryl Williams, Carolyn Richardson, Lane, Freddie Hackworth, Reese, Alfred Iglehart, Schehe- Sheryl Warren. Shirley Taylor. razade Mitchell. JUNIORS Shirley Alexander Jumor Sharron Battle Ruby Betters Linda Blaylock Yvonne Bogans James Brown Shirley Bush Glendia Caldwell Jessie Carroll Lawrence Carter Phyllis Chapman Carolyn Clay Beverly Coleman Ceola Coston Patricia Degrate Bruce Dorsey Lena Dudley Joyce Dykes Vickie Earle Willie Ervin Deborah Evans Class Thelma Fields Gwendolyn Foster Joella Franklin George Gamble Eula Gayle Maurice Gindratt Phyllis Gooden Garry Griffin Larry Griffin Mary Harlan Lou Harris Lawrence l-licks Lewis Hicks Gwendolyn Holston Charles Jackson George Jackson Harrietra Jackson Kenneth Jackson Cheryl Johnson Eddie Jones Winifred Ew ing I Mary J ones X Juniors Show in Studies Joseph Long Eula Lowe Lester McDowell Marilyn McLennan Alice Miller Jerry Mitchell Francis Moss Marion Nichols Lupe Ochoa Ethel Parrish Billie Phillips Ara Lee Rauls Ronald Rector Alvin Rhymes Marsha Rice Curtis Riptoe Billye Robinson Frank Rush Phyllus Sauls Nancy Scott Determination Paxton and Class Projects Shepherd Roberta Smith Willie Sneed Shelia Snell Michael Sterling Patsy Sterling Anita Stubblefield Haywood Thompsot Barbara Tinsley Yvonne Walker Charlotte Walton Helen Washington Ruby Washington Wanda Washington Donald Watson Annie Whitaker Ruth White Diane Whitfield Linda Wilkerson Linda Williams Junior Class Sponsors Project Presid ent Vice- president Secretary Treasurer Lawrence Hicks Frank Rush Beverly Coleman Anita Stubblefield CLASS SPONSORS CONCERT The junior class and Junior Parents Organization presented Miss Shirley Jean Vaughn in concert at Roxy Grove Hall, February 1, 1969. Miss Vaughn was well received by an appre- ciative audience. Her program included selections from the classics, operaticarias, and spirituals. Kenny Louis Arnold was her accompanist. Both are seniors at Prairie View A SL M. Phyllis Sauls presents flowers on behalf of the junior Miss Vaughn and her accompanist at end of concert. class. Mrs. O. E, White spearheaded the project. Lester McDowell was class assistant. I36 SCPHCMCRES Sophomores '52 ,W Tit Ester Abercombie Marva Alexander Arthur Alley Ronnie Anderson Lee Baldwin Ever Barnes Jonothan Beal Anna Belcher Patricia Benjamin Eural Benson Patricia Betters Micheal Bonner Brenda Brooks Phyllis Brooks Marsha Brown Betty Burks Cynthia Burren Brenda Casteel Michele Chavers Lafayette Chaney Kay Clay Collis Cobb Gregory Coleman Sharon Collins Travis Collins Robert Conner Marcia Cooks Lois Cotton Jo Ann Crain Robert Davis Gailion Degrate Mary Degrate Otis Degrate James Dotson Bertha Douglas Alberta Dudley Tommy Dudley Freddie Duffey Charlotte Earl Diane Early Edwin Estelle Cathy Evans Lonnie Gardner Bonnie Glynn Shirley Glynn William Gray Tinymae Grays Charlie Greene Linda Greenwood Marva Hainsw orth Debra Hall Micheal Hall Micheal Hamilton Booker Harlan Donald Harper Barbara Harris Charles Harris John Harris Emma Hatter Robert Hawkins James Henry Jesse Henry Danny Heslip Phillip Hicks Lloyd Hogan Margaret Hollins George Howard Lloyd Howlett Donnie Hubert Belinda Hughes Sophomores W ' f' , gg "" H -g7Qf'f rp ..r' - f - 3 --www-:"49 -N ff 9' r V B 'L -f 1 12:51 'i" , K., A. riff H ., Wkkk ,Q . L X y X I39 Sophomores Johnny Hutchinson Larry Hutchinson Gilbert Jackson Sharon James Anitha Johnson Carolyn Johnson Clara Johnson Debra Johnson Marvin Johnson Yvonne Johnson Eleanor Jones Geneva Jones Ionia Jones Jacqueline Jones Linda King Patsy King Marion Kirven Cynthia Leno Robert Levi Carl Lights Patricia Littlejohn Donald Long Robert Love Deborah Mack Joyce Magee Jocques Majors Vickie Mangum Homer Manos Archie Marclis Robert Mathis Vickie McConnell Curtis McCoy Thomas McCrimmon Micheal McDowell Will Miller Lawrence Moore Sandra Neal Cleveland Nelson Gloria Nelson Roy Norwood Minnie Oliver Shirley Price Vienca Pryor Rosco Rector Charles Reed Mildred Reid Jimmy Rhodes Paula Ritcherson Mary Roberts Abraham Robinson Marsha Robinson Betty Rollins Ronald Rush Lloyd Sams Aubrey Satchell Brenda Scott Marvin Shelton Norman Simmons Daniel Slaughter Debra Smith Gloria Smith John Smith Barbara Solomon Beverly Stalling Charles Stewart Wanda Stubblefield Glenda Thomas Linda Thompson Micheal Thompson Fred Tillis Sophomores Z'-X rQqy1,t?' Sophomores ski ,Q all , , fx Qt' , Carol Toliver Trudie Tucker Belinda Wagner Beverly Walker Bobby Walker Marvin Walker Ronald Walker Dorothy Warren Marlan Watkins Ronnie Webb Donald White Kathy Wiley Mary Williams Micheal Williams Johnny Williamson Claude Wilson Mary Wilson Raymond Wilson Larry Wright Alfred Wydermyre For most students the first day of school was fun. The sophmores pictured here, Betty Rollins, Gailion Degrate and Shirley Glynn express sheer happiness as they leave the buildings at the end of the first day of the 1968-'69 school year. JUNIOR HIGH ' my 3 H: 5 .1 , I Ur I QM 5 f 'Q 'Sa if A ' ?2: .A r ffir ' P Freshmen-One Step Away Michael Adams Larry Barnes Fred Batts Carol Belcher Ancel Benson Richey Blake Helen Brinkley Jeanette Brooks Gi1 Chapman Edran Clark Patricia Clark Beverly Clay Deborah Cook Gerald Davis Delores Degrate Jerry Degrate Alma Dorsey Emma Duffey Merrose Ervin Vivian Ervin Annetta Evans Arlis Ewing Billy Gamble Luther George Larry Giddings James Gooden Vera Haynes Verda Haynes From Senior High Verna Haynes George Hicks Shirley Hicks Flossie Howard Ulysses Hughes Joe Hunter Sandra Ingram Jacqueline Jackson Winston Jackson Ramonell James Gary Johnson Joyce Johnson Wilbert Kendricks Walter King Vincent Kuykendall Linda Light Charris Mack John Majors Bobbie Manos Debra McCrimmon Patricia McGowan Ronald McLennan Lela McMillion Gwendolyn Miller Deborah Minor Shatwick Mollett Clara Mosely Pamela Nichols F res hmen, Y-1 r Bryan Willis Sandra Wright ' Albert Young Darlene Ramsey Linda Richardson Jimmie Satchell Jerome Shepherd Onnie Shields Brenda Sims Michael Slaughter Theodore Slaughter Faye Smith Marvolyn Smith Teddy Smith Carl Snell Jo Ann Snell Patricia Solomon Henry Stallsworth Sandra Sypho Dorcus Thomas Rickey Thompson Gwendolyn Toliver Robert Vaughn Daryl Watkins William White Dwayne Wilkins Darlene Williams Vivian Cade Mandy Carter Bennie Clay Sherry Clay Carolyn Cook Esther Cooper Julius Cormier Pamela Cortez Luvelma Dawson Eighth Grade Brenda Armsteacl Gayle Barts Sharon Beck Ylonda Benjamin Ronald Betters Collius Bledsoe Debra Boyd Billy Burks Erma Burks School Spirit seems to be a must in the Eighth Grade this year. The students in this class are a very energetic group of girls and boys and have exhibited more spirit this year than any other class Bobby Degrate Debra Degrate Dorothy Degrate f E Lghth Graders Show bbb ' E5 Pfg':fff:r,ef .:,:- 'R .:. " gf? Y Qu 5? Fl N Q TX B 6 E W Evelyn Degrate Tommy Degrate Antoinette Dickerson Alberta Dickey Pamela Ervin Charles Foster Glenda Franklin Alvin Gilbert Lorenzo Gregory Bobbie Hall Elvie Hamilton Marie Harris Walthia Harris Shelia Hicks Andrea Holston The Eighth Grade Glass has maintained a "B" rating assembly deportment for this year. chool Spirit Mary Magee Yasmin Majors Ronnie Manos Victor Miller Connie Mims Gary McDowell Linda McGowan Gertie Nichols Onnie Nichols Dan Hopwood Herese Howard Richard Ingram Kenneth Jones Albert Judie Brenda Judie Floyd King Debra Lee Deborah Maddox ln attendance, the Eighth Grade ranked first in the junior high school during the first semester All members ofthe class put forth special effort to be present and on time each day. Eighth Graders Emanuel Powell Ruthie Rhodes Clarence Robinson Eddie Robinson Archie Roberts Linda Rush John Sams Melvin Sw innie Larry Shields Shirley Simmons Larry Slaughter Janice Snell Raymond Stanford Annola Sterling Marilyn Stubblefield Mack Thomas Lennard Thompson Larry Tillis The members of the Eighth Grade Class have found in Moore High: ". . . a just admission of topics and of wordsg neither too many nor too few of eitherg enough of sweetness in the sound to induce us to enter and sit stillg enough of illustration and reflection to change the posture of our minds when they would tireg and enough of sound matter in the complex to repay us for our attendance. " Se J ace In Attendance Nathaniel Weeks Leon Wilkerson Elbert Williams Linda Williams Phillip Williams Curtis Williamson Micheal Tinsley Kevin Toliver Renae Walker Linda Ward Donald Warren Ronald Warren Carolyn Washington Bobby Watkins Donnie Weakly Lavella Wright There are five divisions of the Eighth Grade. Homeroom presidents are: Bobbie Hall, division one Linda Rush, division two: Renae Walker, division threeg Esther Lynette Cooper, division fourg Deborah Maddox, division five. Seventh Grade Frances Adams :Z Clarence Alexander Lillian Barefield Charles Beck Lindale Beck Charles Bridgewater Johnetta Chapman Jo Ann Clark Janice Clay Dwight Clayborne Willie Conway Eric Cook Homer Curry Rosalyn Curry Cheryle Dawson Carla Degrate Willie Dever Derrick Dickerson Ronald Eaves Allen Ervin I 4 , . an at i' ffl, 1,-.0'4k.'9 i " 2 W fer' bf w s f"X Delma Fields Joyce Freeman Vivian Hall Debra Harris Christopher Haynes Patricia Henry Elroy I-lopwood Betty Jackson Gladys Johnson Gloria Johnson KW Roy King Michael Kuykend all Debra Lee Evelyn Leonard Will Manos t' E ii U ,T-RQ inn 3 R Ll eff "' w as ri s - gg W t r ,, 'ld' Q5 59: nv .Q , in af' 5 KN X X! I 5 3 A f if g , f s if F Z" it as ,S cr, ASW S .. -ff fi Joyce Sterling David Stewart Winifred Talley Curtis Taylor Donald Thomas Mary Thomas Jimmy Thompson Darron Tillard Roosevelt Tillis Richard Tinsley Robert Toliver Charles Walker Pearl Walker Willie Washington Brenda Watson Gregory McCrimmon Jennifer McCrimmon Susan Miles Rodney Minor Linda Mitchell Shawneequa Mitchell Ronnie Moseley Barbara Nichols Marilyn Nichols Johnny Petterson Linda Price .Dorothy Ratliff Portia Reid Elizabeth Rhodes Greta Ritcherson Brenda Scott I-Iarolyn Scott Sandra Skinner Yolanda Smith Curtis Sterling iw? ,RV gg Seventh Grade " EI- I Johnnie Weakley if at if V1 Vlrf. fa Marilyn White B james Williams 1 ,p 5 Johnny Williams is ,.,,, Jesse Wright Carolyn Wydermyer This year we find five students in the seventh grade who chose to attend A. J. Moore High School from other cities. They are Christopher Haynes, Midlandg Elroy Hopwood, Marling Robert Toliver, Hawaiig Brenda Watson Downsvilleg and Marilyn White, Austin. The class is very cooperative, well disciplined, courteous, and studious. Debra Harris, a member of the class expresses her thoughts about the Seventh Grade as -- "Happiness is Seventh Grade when you meet new people. You get to know their names, where they live, their likes and dislikes, and their favorite colors. Happiness is Seventh Grade when you are lucky and get nice teachers who can help and understand you, and are nice to you. Teachers who know what it is like the first year in a new school. Happiness is Seventh Grade when you don't have to be worried constantly by six and seven year olds who want to know your name. Happiness is Seventh Grade when you go to a school where there is a principal and other teachers to help with your problems. HAPPINESS IS SEVENTH GRADE." Yearbook Staff fiffi? , if ef fzi Igr T ' I Organizations Staff If e SEATED: '- Patricia Leno Scheh erazade Mitchell A A STANDING: A A A 4 , Janice Trgner I ' ' Kenneth Thompson, Darryl Reese E c J -ag 1 l 1 S Q. J v ? 6 is it 'Y fgiiff ,A " , .H Q 1 is gif? jai if 4 if ff' Q D 357 I WHA fe sf- ssfgf v-1 """"' . for 1 lui Lig a , fi' M .57 A .iv , viii H J M 1 'S Rose Williams FAVORITES EDITOR Advisors - Mrs. M. B. Pryor Mrs. D. S. Jackson Mrs. L. H, Wilkins Patrons Staff Velma Dorsey Pearl Manos Mrs. A. M, Randle Business Manager Alfred Iglehart Artist Clemon Jones Yearbook Staff 6 n Copy Editor: Debra Brown 4, KY W V 1' - me Y X .... R ' 945' sv: 'rg 835' 2395 or-- A 'SPV 54 . .gli :gain rl fiyligglg V b- f il' I56 t. 5 fi ...S -Muir , 1 H SZ' s if ,f . F At Last!! r 4 , + ' K r . . wg, 9 Classes Editors SEATED: Brenda Greene Janice Tigner Wanda Rector STANDING: Regina Nichols Sandra Burten Sheryl Warren Sports Editor: Sam Iona Favorites Editors: Debra Brown, Rachael Edwards, Sue Harris ADVERTISERS IKE'S 409 Cl ifton SW90954 Records Beauty Aids SOUL . Hair Goods . Natural Wigs and Accessories Alterations Laundry Service MEET YOUR FRIENDS SERVICE CLEANERS Service in the Word At LAKE AIR LANES 4610 Bosque Blvd. C' W' LAUGHLIN 937 Taylor Phone 754-1496 Waco, Texas Phone 753-6242 Waco, Texas enneql ALWAYS FIFIST QUALITY "Serving Youth That Youth May Serve" YMCA DORIS MILLER BRANCH 1021 East Live Oak MURPHREE'S CASH "dr MARKET 1217 Elm Street Waco, Texas Downtown Waco JOCKEY CLUB BARBER SHOP CHARLESWORTH PHOTOGRAPHERS Completely Air-Conditioned Television 511 So. 8th St. Waco, T For Your Entertainment Phone 756-5661 753-9283 31fZ X 51-4 Prints 1555. 45 South Znd St. Waco, T fx ps aff? In "E??' 'T' 5? 3 GIG j '1Zh1l1QS go better with Qglge after Qglge after Coke. 'Anything Worth B ld g IS Worth Building Right" 0QQ7 B,,fi5 53j THEODORE G. IGLEHART i t hi ' O CONTRACTOR gifaliimsciit 308 Sp ing sf. 754-7647 Phone 753 2478 My O'My Juni d J Petite Sh P GULF OIL PRODUCTS f S CLARE1IgoS.1?ri.ut1SANDER, Featuring Fashions for Y g Men and Women L k Air Center Waco, T TEXAS POWER 8g LIGHT COMPANY 55" X E BETTER? Qfvrnuciy QD 1001 Washingt PL 4 562 1 M0 0 EU C STT TION 256 LAKE AIR CENTER WACO, TEXAS PH. PL. 3-7211 501 AUSTIN AVE. WACO, TEXAI PH. PL 2-3487 PRYOR RADIO SHOP We Service All Radios and TV's 702 Clifton 799-6781 Waco, Texas "Nobody Beats a Steakley Dea ' aj Zvreea rn nearly: 1 akle snorusns :many 217 North 5th Street Waco, Texas 76703 Phone 754-2391 Compliments of HOFFMAN IRON METAL CO. Scrap - Iron - Metals - Tin 105 Taylor St. PL 3-6072 Waco, Texas WILKINS ENCO SERVICE STATION 1220 Elm Avenue Waco, Texas MID-TEX FARM SUPPLY Feed . Seed . Fertilizer . 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RADFORD Office Closed Every Friday 207 Franklin Avenue Waco 753-8975 APPERSON'S We're Here to Serve You! 312 Hillsboro Drive SW 9-6964 JERRY McDONALD MOBILE SERVICE Road Service GEORGE COLLINS, Manager WEAVER'S PAINT gl BODY SHOP N. Weaver, Owner Auto Painting and Body Repairs Specializing in Painting Refrigerator All Newest Colors E' - Z Z E ll Phone 411 Hillsboro Drive 225 Lasa 6 PL sw 9-6347 and Walker st. Waco, Texas S CONGRATULATIONS! For Good Food Try BEST WISHES, SENIORS! THE CHICKEN SHACK Principal, Faculty, Students Dallas - Ft. Worth Highway SMITH ELEMENTARY SW 9-1106 scHooL ifyffm Where Fashion is First Downtown Lake Air Gqfico Csnfst jim ,fn 'ff ,-flwvv.. IHWW. TT'L"1' t E fl f it f 5 gfyaijixirfww un' ff nw "Prorn Headquarters ' 411 Austin Avenue . 817-756-7411 . Waco, Texas 76701 g Q wAco Doo 'N BURGER XX-.N ,-galfj T 'fi 820 E. Waco Drive 230 Lake Air Center PI..aza 3-5711 Waco, Texas A utographs Barefield, Garland Beck, Diana Benjamin, Ocie Bogans, Brenda Brooks, Donna Brown, Carial Brown, Debra Brown, Raymond Burten, Sandra Campbell, Linda Clardy, Luvenia Connor, Sheryl Cook, Kenneth Curry, Beryl Davis, Lonnie Degrate, Eva Diles, Dorothy Dorsey, Velma Dotson, Shirley Douglas, Shirley Dowdy, Gennette Driver, Andrew Earl, Larry Edwards, Rachel Evans, Aaron Evans, Kerry Everett, Oliver Gayle, Danny Giddings, Evelyn Greene, Brenda Hackworth, Freddie Hainsworth, Linda Hall, Beverly Hall, David Hamilton, Evelyn Hamilton, Precious Harris, Sue Hatcher, Christian Haynes, Calvin Henderson, Birdie Iglehart, Alfred Jackson, Larry James, Andrew Johnson, Eugene Johnson, James Jones, Allene Jones, Carolyn Jones, Marvin Jones, Clemon Jones, Samuel Lane, Brenda Leno, Patricia Mack, Barbara Mack, Ronald Manos, Pearlie Maxwell, David Senior Extra-Curricular Red Cross, Fire Patrol, Student Council Y-Teen, Drama, Tri-M, Student Council VICA, Fire Patrol ICT Y-Teen, VICA, Red Cross Drama, Red Cross, Y-Teen, VICA Drama, FHA, Honor Society, Tri-M FFA, Red Cross, Drama, Fire Patrol FHA, Y-Teen, Annual Staff VICA, ICT, Chorus, Tri-M VICA FHA, Drama, Y-Teen Red Cross, FFA, Student Council Red Cross, Y-Teen FFA, ICT Red Cross ICT, Y-Teen Tri-M, Red Cross, Drama, Y-Teen VICA, Y-Teen VICA, Y-Teen, FHA, Red Cross ICT, FHA, Y-Teen Chorus, ICT, FFA Art Club, Fire Patrol Tri-M, FHA, Y-Teen VICA Fire Patrol, Art Club Fire Patrol, Art Club Drama, Chorus, French Club, Fire Patrol ICT, Future Teachers, FHA FHA, ICT, Annual Staff Student Council, Honor Society, Chorus, Tri-M FHA, Y-Teen, Art Club FHA, Y-Teen, Drama, Student Council VICA, Fire Patrol Future Teachers ICT, Future Teachers Tri-M, FHA, Future Teachers, Drama FFA, Drama, Fire Patrol Fire Patrol ICT, VICA ICT, VICA, Student Council, Tri-M Band, FFA, Fire Patrol Fire Patrol, ICT, Auto Mechanics FFA, Chorus, Fire Patrol, ICT Fire Patrol, ICT, FFA FHA, Y-Teen, VICA Y-Teen Art, Drama, FFA, Fire Patrol, ICT, VICA Art Club, Drama, FFA VICA, Red Cross, Fire Patrol FHA, Honor Society, Drama, Student Council FHA, Honor Society, Chorus, Tri-M Honor Society ICT ICT, Art Club, FHA Fire Patrol, Chorus, FFA ctifvities McDonald McDonald McDonald, M cKinney Annette Janette Ronald Betty Mitchell, Scheherazade Morgan, Brenda Nichols, Regina Norwood, Beverly Pate, Ella Pimpton, Linda Pryor, Benecia Rector, Wanda Reese, Darryl Rice, Carrel Richardson, Carolyn Richardson, Sharon Rose, Larry Roy, Evelyn Roy, Theodore Sanders, Michael Shepherd, Sylvia Simmons, Cynthia Smith, Robert Smith, Rod Smith, Sammy Smith, Sandra Smith, T, V, Sypho, Patricia Taylor, Ronald Taylor, Shirley Thomas, Gwendolyn Thompson, Kenneth Tigner, Jereald Tillis, Willie Walker, Rodney Ward, Wanda Warren, Sheryl Watkins, Valeria West, Larry White, Shirley Wilkins, Rayford, Jr. Williams, Beverly Williams, Janice Williams, Marla Williams, Rose Woodard, Beverly Wright, Yvonne Wydermyre, Linda Young, John Art Club ICT ICT, Fire Patrol Drama, Y-Teens, FHA Chorus, Student Council, Honor Society FHA, Future Teachers Y-Teen, FHA, VICA, Art Club ICT ICT, Art Club ICT, Honor Society, FHA HA Red Cross, FHA, Chorus Annual Staff Drama, Chorus, Fire Patrol, Student Council FFA, Fire Patrol, Drama FHA, Drama, Tri-M, Student Council Mixed Chorus, Chorus Drama, Fire Patrol Drama, Y-Teen ICT, VICA ICT Y-Teen, FHA, Drama, Honor Society ICT, VICA FFA, Fire Patrol FFA, ICT VICA Red Cross, Y-Teen Red Cross, Art Club, ICT VICA, ICT, Mixed Chorus FFA, Fire Patrol, Art Club FHA, Y-Teen, VICA, Drama ICT ICT, Art Club, Tri-M, Fire Patrol VICA FFA, ICT Fire Patrol, Red Cross, Drama, Art Club Y-Teen Honor Society, Student Council, FHA VICA, Y-Teen, Red Cross, Honor Society FFA Drama, FHA, Y-Teen, Chorus Student Council, Drama, Honor Society Future Teachers Chorus, Y-Teen Y-Teen, Art Club FHA, Drama, Chorus, Honor Society Tri-M, FHA, Future Teachers, Drama VICA, FHA FHA, ICT FFA Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Bell Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Bradshaw Miss Debra Brown Miss Marsha Brown Miss Sandra Burten Miss Linda Campbell Miss M. Ef Carroll Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Cook Miss Sheryl Connor Miss Beryl Curry Miss Eva Degrate Miss Alberta Dudley Miss Velma Dorsey Miss Gennette Dowdy Miss Rachel Edwards Mr. Billy Gamble Mr. Danny Gayle Miss Brenda Greene Mr. Calvin Haynes Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Hays Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hebert Miss Birdie Henderson Mr. Lawrence Hicks Mr. and Mrs. V. Hicks Miss Margaret Hollins Mrs. M. F. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Johnson Miss Carolyn Jones Mr. Samuel Jones Miss Brenda Jones Miss Patricia Leno Miss Ruby Leaks Patrons Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Livingston Miss Pearl Manos Mr. Mr. and Mrs. T. E. McClain and Mrs. A. J. McDowell Sr Spffl J. E. McDowell Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Mitchell Miss S. Mitchell Miss Brenda Morgan Mr. and Mrs. S. Pate Mrs. D. L. Petty Miss P. F. Pikes Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Rowe Mrs. E. M. Roy Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. D. Schoenewolf John Sharkey Ronald Taylor and Mrs. O. B. Thompson and Mrs. K. Thompson Kenneth Thompson and Mrs. W. D. Ward Miss Wanda Ward Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Warren, Sr. D. L. Warner L. Wendell Larry West C. L. Wilburn Rayford Wilkins Jr. Mis s Beverly William s Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Williams Miss Linda Wydermyer Mr. Mr. John Young J. W. Zachary E il' Q1 li Q ? ' fa 'nu . I 1 Q V! s E 5 2 1 F , v E v N W ,K ii V 6 A 1 . J 1 Y- lu E W L-, 19 K 1, 1, I In. I .-u-4,.I' , - iN., lj.. 13 nh ap- "wh 4 fum-Siili' 1:-...-:nil uF' nl.:-.ani 131-l11w' --3.---! - V-N.-Zz -sb-

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