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, J 1 ' H in I . B ft, , 9 x 1 i r K' I f . , 5 3 v I Am i . 1 z . , EE-ix gy! - I V V I f . A -': vi 1 f I L -I - Q1 f 'ff , 1' ,A -.,, :xv lf .1 , , 3 VA E ' ff: -'tvs U A Y A' . 3. . ,- , - H+' V - H u-,-m , Awwg.-V ,Ah , - K '9' 'ff ' X7 r s v Y,-1 --J. a , , . f f r . 1. ai-lu.-.Hz x 1 A Ju' 4-. , ,, .- . P"-4,,.,,' vt. -- sw: '.:"""'K4 . . 4 . . ', ,.-U-1..- , '--" HR'14"- u CU on ' . ..-M . f- Y - , - . -f-,5 b . '-af.---.4-ff-err.: --f f "H" ,, Y, - -,. , , U . . ..- 2.-. -1-+ , , . , . .,. 45' ..,,- l A h - - . .., A A 'G ,A -V. I' ,.'.,-..: 4 fest- dura ,.,-5 - W Tir r I 1 . .L 5 N - r. if Isp 1 , - v- , b ivy, ' . v .- .V..,5 1 wk , 'sl' 71.7.7-,,s.A...,N, "flY,.H, V 3 - -' A, .. 3 -- ' --- f - - --A. "" . A- ul -V' v - xi, ,, ' , , as-'H ', n .' In - , ,wt .: - .ob ,.. ?' 'Tw' 1 K' " .12 ,:"'4"'-lit-"J" 'fr'---VK 'ff 'tu , ' 39 - - , p a-1 -' ,344 .44 'I-Q '- v 1 -Q-2-Q -, ' '- H" ' -vw ---- 1' - -Q!--.A -. - A 1 .Y..V,.. .. .. . .-,, .-.' ..- I, . -,-, ,,. -.,.,..'f' ' Q, ,!,.... ,., -,,, . .V 4- Jw- 1 . , ,gg W J' H 1 k v v 1 ,.,, ,NYM , - AT.?...v-W, 3. . 'L 4. , v ,, 1 4 wg ' rf-K1 AM. . s dl. x .M Q , 1 ,a. N' , JI. Q.-fqlg' 'N M 1 , ' . 1 - I 'X S 15 , ' r D 'fbi af fi A g, A Q 'H ' ' ' , f ,v r' DQ-Q ,, f r ' ' 2 iw M ' 5' I '41 ' , -Y gh , ' 'M r- J 9 1 v 1 1 I as .4 ,r Q f e ' N , ' 5, 61- .4 'i 'find- - :vw-af iq , , . , .- 3 F A P1 4- , ,A ,,, ,J,,.,a af f N 1 1 4- l . . . V ' i X X I x " K 4 1 1 ' I 1 I ,, NJ' 4 ' 'ldpv . .,. N , - , 4 - w rn' ., 4, , ' fs .- ,X , , -K" um Q A L -.yglu-,Q ' f'w-'1w- , V W ' ' if" An' W 'W it ,A .uw 1 A-N mx' Y' , ,W .Y x mm N . .A r "h.s,4f4r5'wu,, Q 1 ,.,s,,'. 1 WV N X- "JH'n.f4.,,,-1'1 f!'F".g,f,.,g,. . mm-.L , '11 A' L ' I in 130- ww--,.11r,,A, ., ., jyw-1.. .1 1 wh ltwuunv J V b ,- , -.. Q in l w uv l -ll mm WW- 'Q 5. qi. wwf, -L L," AV Q M3 H--'H ' ' . my Q, L jf X S ' ,,, M pm iw,-N "va-Mr' .. g,y,,2o,.w-9, Num. ,7 , , "2-js, N :W V . I , ,, , , , , .L. 'W . mf- wif: l P194-mfr I. , , ' " I mf - . .1 - f , ,- 2, ' w F-4 A, ' -7' .wr -fwmjfm ,.,1..-,ml 1 Z, N M fu- f- ,.,. ,A ,,. 'N ' , Q Wmg ,wh fu wr Q, ., ,- QL 1- - 1-my W.-,. ,., ,,... , iv, 1' ,Q .,'!'.,gm,,. ,,, 0 W '-arwgwy' :J - .. . "' " , ' 4" lj' - if . M ' l' ' J' QU ' if 'A . , 1' 1 -Q. '1"',,g. "T ,,,,,,, :ww-Y-I .x4'!'14f4Q! ' ' - "' 7""""Tf+'1":"" J ' ' ,. ' A I . . . , W K, fu y ... V .fn U .Xian V w L , m I . , - ff' r, IP '-me-. ., . , - ' vbxin 4. fx. .. , 4 , ' - -JMU, ff mswv- "1'4'i'm-A A? 4 N V , .mf-v,.,, ,A . ?35WW'.r'gm:.:- ,'-ff-'fr-'T' w,5,M,,-, ' aG".kg.7geq,'E"'j'1Q.9 , I """' W- wr -' 'f A " lf ' M. - . 1, 5, N. , ww - , . ,M W.. 4 if qw. 'H 21' 1 ,x E" -Af ' 14- - ' '1- QW.. as 'iff' 3 , ' - .," " ' 1' 'A . gfqff.-L" SP7 v .- 1 , . "A N 4 '. , ,,-,FHQFJQ 7 551 v. 1 3, A A 1 , ,5 X 4, , '. ' , v?f-- ' Yayiggimlkwrspv L 11 ' ,N 1 , . , ' nt ' B -, ff! 'M-' . . 1 - '::.5ii.i.,x....:.a'.,.'Ml' rg" .-4 , 1 211-E ig: 1 .. - QwLi.L'!'QiQ': .11 i'5"fx- ,HE ' J vw u :ML S95 . K , ,PU,f',? ' 69 1 waffEvi f li ffJl3f4l:fiy5QfQifAff l ,fy 035949 if Ox ,ci yB,0y0,fX +V 1 wizfwafh W W 5+ xv my N . 4-,. ,.,-,. , ,,A.,, , . ,.......... . .. , .Adm .,.,,.x....., ,..... ,, , J .J A 1. J I W f" V 1 4 l . .A v 1 ' we T .1 EM f 1 THE T964 LION fu Qu-eespex 4. Published by THE SENIOR CLASS of MOORE HIGH SCHOOL Waco, Texas WE SALUTE OUR AMERICAN HERITAGE K R , I gl g "That flag of stars and suipes is yoursg It is the emblem of the promised land. . . . I am proud of my future. I am an American." Elias Lieberman 5 s 2 X Wg 4 yy Wig, fa: 4 fgailgqifi ax I ibmui Q' I R '11, 'Y X ,vb pl . x A c F-"X ff? 217, f T ithlx -V 44 . . ly Z 1 1 , M. H .V ..'t,k ve fl, "K, wif f-,J if ,1"..z299 Viifffzi' .-f I ' " 'L ,, ' Iitaiff i ugh .-1 ,,,,,. - wh, 4, A ,,,.g' V' 1 . . V ,J Ev- " I' 4 -fm.. ff-fx .7 I -W 'w.1'- V'-.SJ 4' ff N1 Gf'-?f1zwEN ,4 111:53 - A .ulmyff ' '-agijfQ57:':L.a:t:f'.1'p, ,y,,w" '-414 bf' 4 Ap., .,+ f N? , , M A , J , .1 . X7 1 ,1 551 4 f CONTENTS Dedication Salute Administration, Faculty and staff Scenes From Departments Classes Organizations Favorites Activities Athletics Advertisem ents HIGH SCHO d ni upon the bank MOCRE OL, s of the Brazos Since 1881, Moore High School has stood with ig ty River. From an humble four-room building, our physical plant has expanded into a stately campus consisting of a main building and annex having thirty-three classrooms and a library, a family and home-life building, an agricultural building, five mobile classrooms and a gymnasium-auditorium. Although there have been moderate exterior changes, more significant changes have been made in the curriculum and our admini- strative practices - changes which have placed more emphasis on our American heritage ' ' to exhibit leadership and coopera- - our ability to tion, to discover and to invent. Though someday these buildings wi create, to express personal opinions, ll be replaced, the love and me mories enshrined , or "THE JOY OUR YEARS" in the hearts of her students will alwa s re E y main. Memories that have made these build ings of cold mortar and brick as warm as the loving hearts of those who love will be ours. Memories of the shouts of anguish du ' ring defeat, the yells of encouragement for our victories, memories of oversa thousand voices raised in harmony singing the school song, memories of the gaiety and lau ht g er of prom night and the pride and joy of graduation will be ours too. These memories these b 'ld' , ui ings of love and shelter, this fortress of learning, this is our school. -- Loyce Walton DEDICA TION JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY 1917-1963 On November 22, 1963 the thirty-fifth President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, was the victim of an assassin's bullet. The tragic news of that dark November day made an indelible stamp on the memory of every American. For hours, days, weeks, and even years it will be difficult to un- derstand the why of this senseless tragedy. To the young American, John F. Kennedy was a symbol of hope. Particularly did he capture the imagination of the young with his vigor and vision - a vision of a noble, free America - a world of peace. To him opportunities for all Americans had no boundaries and to this cause he dedicated his life, A "profile of courage" has been etched in our memory and from this profile we gain renewed dedication to the ideals for which our great country stands . . . life, liberty, and pursuit of happi- ness. ? - L. H. RITCHERSON V. HICKS SA LUTE YOU COACHE M. A. DAWSON R. H. HARDMAN 1 Planners for the future, architects of victory, molders of moral courage, the coaches of Moore High School teams are the worthy possessors of these attributes. Their untiring and unrelenting efforts have led the "Lions" to many great moments in athletic competition. They are an uncommon breed, who have compiled fifty years of coaching experience at Moore High School. By their unselfish devotion and patience, they have instilled within the boys not only basic fundamentals of the game, but a high standard of ethics to follow through- out their lives. We, the Seniors of 1964, take the greatest pride in saluting our coaches as a token of our deep affection. - - Jimmy Summers ROBERT JOHNSON, Editor-in-Chief The senior class of Moore High School presents the 1964 edition of The Lion. In it we depict the stu- dent life of Moore High on the campus, in various organizations, activities, classes and athletics. In choosing the theme, "We Salute Our American Heritage," we can visualize the obligations we, the younger generation, face in inheriting citizenship in afree and democratic nation. We must be grateful to our leaders, from our first President George Washington to President Lyndon Johnson, who have made great strides in achieving a democratic. government. Likewise, we are grateful to the administration and teach- ers in our public schools. We are optimistic about our future. We agree with the American novelist, Thomas Wolfe, who said, "I think that true fulfillment of our spirit, of our people, of our mighty and immortal land is yet to come." Speaking for the annual staff and- senior class, I wish to express my gratitude to all who aided in the publication of this, "The 1964 Lion." - -a Robert Johnson F 2 fx xx N . E V S S s E 1 E E Q 4 E, BOARD OF TRUSTEES WACO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT STANDING: Mr. Gordon Rountree, Dr. L, V. McNamee, Assistant Superintenclentg Dr. Tom L. Husbands, Mr A. R. Downing, Superintendentg Dr. Abner McCall, Mr. Vic Anderson. and Mr. J. E. Crews, Business Manager. SEATED: Mr. Peeler Williams, Presidentg Mrs. M. M. Macrae, Mr. Emmett L. Yant, and Mrs. Ruth Fer- guson. SUPERlNTENDENT'S MESSAGE Congratulations on your choice of this yearbook's theme, "We Salute Our American Heritage." Honoring our country's glorious past means retaining and developing all those great personal and group qualities that elevate the level of American culture and insures a future for our land that knows no limits. May we al- ways honor the past so that the future may be better. Avery R. Downing Superintendent ' ASSISTANT SUPERlNTENDENT'S M EssA GE America is the land of Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Wilson. As such, it has created a glow of hope in the eyes and minds of people everywhere who are interested in the dignity of all men. America is a land of ever-increasing democratic practices. As such, it calls for the best from informed, educated, and concerned citizens if it is truly to reach the magnificent goal of "government of the people, by the people and for the peo- ple." America is the first nation to attempt to provide free public education for all youth through twelve years of schooling. Such an endeavor enables the promising youth to rise to heights unknown by his counterpart in distant lands. As a result, an individual may become known widely for whathe can do and how well he can think rather than for the "blue blood" in his ancestors' veins. America will continue to be a beacon light and will remain strong and pros- perous as long as these national guidelines are paramount. - L. V, McNamee - PRlNClPAL'S MESSAGE Principal J. J. Wilson The theme for the 1964 -li:-rl is "We Salute Our American Heritage." The staff is to be con- gratulated on selecting such a timely topic. With the death of our great president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, we are made to realize even more poignantly the necessity for preserving the rightful traditions of our nation. We as patrons, teachers, and pupils must do all in our power to preserve and perpetuate the principles of democracy upon which rest the constitution and the framework of our government. As you turn the pages of this book, you will be made aware of how this school goes about the task of preparing young people to become functional in a democracy. They are learning common essen- tials, skills, vocations, industries, attitudes, and good citizenship which will help them to become real Americans. I salute the 1964 Q the staff, the Administration, the faculty, the students, and the patrons of Moore High. We are a vital part of "The American Heritage." COUNSELORS AT WORK Choosing a vocation is a privilege that requires much consideration. Mrs. F. V. Webster, girls counselor, discusses job opportunities with senior girls. Mr. W. R. Gerald, boys' counselor, helps senior boys make decisions about college study. OFFICE PERSONNEL Mrs, B. C. Peoples, registrar, uses the tub file to schedule students into classes. Mrs. V. I. Ritcherson, attend- ance clerk, processes a plate on the addressograph machine. Each student has a plate that gives pertinent information that is kept on file. Miss E. J. Miller, secretary to the principal, prepares a Hecto graph stencil to run on the Ditto machine. P.T.A. OFFICERS 1963-'64 Mr. Luther George Mrs. A. M. Randle Mrs. Waldene Miss M. D. President Second Vice- Truesdale Ritcherson President Secretary Treasurer OTHER OFFICERS: Mrs. Vera King, vice-presidentg Mrs. V. E. Lane, assistant secretaryg Mrs. B Flewellen, historiang Mr. F. A. Moseley, parliamentariang Mr. Ennis Mitchell, chaplaing Mr. J, J. Wilson, principal. Theme: "Working Today for Tomorrow" CANDID SHOTS OF P. T,A, IN ACTION ik 55 k W, X 'LI would not hesitate In say that the V A United States is the finest society dnka rand scale that the world has thus fav' E' if . X5 Alfred Norfh Whileheafl Sl! Agni K X ' KK Q . Q n, EZ iii , .,,. 1 iw K Af.. if Ik', 1 , i f 'U ' I x f I I I if 5: A 1 ! sv A f I X ' ' , V I 5 .V ' 'X . 4 n QS V 11, f-.F X 3' .6 . Sl i 7 , Q F ' ' n f , n , n ' ' - ' ' . 1 1 i I 1 ,J Z - K :Nj fjlrj Y rv, ' ,'5 , 1 a I i J I 1 'J U 'v"P'-'J"1'f 'lf' 'rf fp . 1 . 3 I i j Tm n,n, . ' 4 ff' N 6 , N fu, S f f- H Madam 1, ,IJ W Mm .G ,1 . .., x , . b Q , - , n s fa "'N"'N ' , ,,,,,, f ,QQ 14.111 ......,.,.Q,,,Qi-3 . , gi! g X unw , n f K I M ,MQ h X A - x 5 y T Q S K 1 33 N X 1 1 1 - S H H' 7 V n n d Pl U ' ' H lllniqll K v 2 K ' 5 .A 4 W 4'-'I' A vnu Riffs -W1 I MRS. C. B, BOLIN, M.A. Foreign Language MR. L. C. BROWN, B. A. English, Band MRS. L. R. BROWN, B, S. English MRS. M. C. BROWN, M. Ed. English, Social Studies MRS. M. E, CARROLL, M. A. Core Area MR, W. O. DAVIS, M. S. Auto Mechanics, Shop MR. M. A. DAWSON, B. S. Mathematics MRS, E. M. DECKARD, B, S Mathematics MR, W. T. DEVER, M. Ed. Social Studies MR. S. E, DICKEY, B, S. Biology, Science MR. A, I, HATCHETT, B, S, Mathematics MRS, E, L, HENDERSON, B, A, English MRS. C. G. HENRY, M. Ed. Special Education MR. V, HICKS, B. S. Physical Education MRS. M. C. ESTELLE, M. Ed English MRS. M, O, EVANS, B, S, Special Education MR. E. P. FORD, M, A, Mathematics, Science MR. S, A, FORNEY, M. Ed. Biology, Science MR, W, R, GERALD, B. S. Art, Mechanical Drawing MR. R. H. HARDMAN, B, S. History REV. E. H. HOOKER, A. B., B. D. Hum an Relations MRS, D, M. JACKSON, B. S. I-Iomemaking MISS V, O. JOHNSON, B. S. Physical Education MR, c. O. JONES, M. A, Chemistry, Physics MRS. V. E. LANE, M. S, Homemaking MR. L. L, LEONARD, B, A,, B, F. A, Art, English, Spanish MRS, B, M, LEWIS, M. A, English MR, E, M. MADDOX, B. S. Wood Shop MRS. V. E. MALONE, M. S Core Area L A, ,SELL , L ,Li MRS. A. M. English X MR. L, H. RITCHERSON, M. A. Physical Education 0 Drivers Education MISS M. D. RITCHERSON, M. Ed. Core Area Q Z' MR, F, A, MOSELEY, M. Agriculture MR. M. D. NEALY, B, S, Special Education MR, R. D. OUTLAND, M. Industrial Cooperative Training MISS G. E. PROBASCO, Spanish, English, Speech S. S B,A MRS. M. B. PRYOR, B.A. English, Journalism MRS, D, M, RPIDFORD, Reading, English B.S J,.,, MR, D, N, Rows, B, A. Band MR. C. B..SMITI-I, B, S. Social Studies MRS. I. M. THOMPSON, M, Ed. Core Area MR, D, L, WARNER, M, Mus. Music MRS. F. V. WEBSTER, B. A. Counselor MISS V. D. WHITAKER, B, S. Homemaking MRS, O. E. WHITE, M, A. Mathematics MRS. A. M. WHITLOW, B, S Mathematics MR. C. L. WILBURN, M. A. Social Studies it SPECIAL SERVICES MRS, B, BEDFORD, B, S. Special Education MR, H. L. BURKS, B. S., M. A. Visiting Teacher MR. ROBERT KING, B, S, Visiting Teacher MRS. L, H. WILKINS, B. A. Business MR. I. W. WILLIAMS, M. S, Physical Education Mathematics MRS. M. N. WILLIAMS, M, A. in L. S Librarian MRS. E. E. WISE, A. B, Physical Education MRS. H. M, YANCY, M. Mus. Music MR. J. W. ZACHARY, B. S. . Core Area H49 ',.. OTHER MEMBERS OF OUR SCHOOL STAFF Mrs Mrs Mrs QNO Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Doston D. E. Snell Gindratt R. Winn photoj A. L. Richards O. Thomas I. Snell LUNCHROOM PERSONNEL f 4 Good food and fast service are the main concern of our cafeteria workers: Mrs. Earline Hamilton Mrs. Oilie Evans, Mrs. Freddie Lewis, Mrs. Sedelia Clark, Mrs. Alvania Washington, Mrs Mattie Adams, Mrs. Florine Peyton, and Miss Vera Farmer. Not pictured is Mrs. Bessie Jernigan , ,r,, OUR CLASSROOMS - OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL Latin English Sp 1 Ed tion Art T0 ACQUIRE BASIC SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE Agric 1 W dshop Mus H aking TO LEARN TO THINK CRITICALLY S ce Phys 1 Ed Phy 1 Ed ation Mat S 1 Studies TO DEVELOP TRADITIONAL VALUES Libra y n 'UK , ,o . 4 3 I3-M . A--14350 ...--2' I , 1 , 'uf Senior "Be Americans. Let there be no sectionalism, no North, South, East or Westg you are all dependent one on another . . . In one word, be a nation . . . " George Washington GARY BOND Glee Club N. H. S. Tri -M IRIS RENE' BONNER Tri-M Highlight Staff Lionettes QCO-Captainy JACKIE BONNER Lionettes Horizons ERMA JEAN BOWERS I. A. Kirk Chorus Library Club Cheering Section DOLORES ALLEN N, H, A, Library Club ISRAEL ANDERSON N, H. S. Student Council Football EVELYN BOWERS N, H, S, Tri-M Elmwood Y-Teens PERCY BRINKLEY Baseball N. H. S. Annual Staff ROY BROOKS Industrial Arts Y. M. C. A. SANDRA BROWN Lionettes ELMER COLE N, F, A, N. H. S. Student Council MELVIN COOKS Basketball Progressors Club l l THELMA BROWN Chorus Industrial Arts ELIZABETH BUSH Industrial Arts WOODY CLARDY I. C. T. Football HOMER CLA RK Track Football LEAMON CRAYTON Y-Teens N. H. A. Band CHARLES DANIELS Track I. C. T. BURL DA RBY Football Chorus Cafeteria Monitor BARBARA DAVIS N. H. S. Chorus Tri-M CECIL COOPER Y, M, C, A, Hi-Y JOHNNY COX Band Chorus Industrial Arts ALBERT DRAKES I. C. T. Chorus Industrial Arts ROBERT DRAKES I. C. T. Chorus Industrial Arts HENRY DUFFEY Basketball SHIRLEY DUN MORE Library Club CAROLYN GILES Lionettes Chorus Dramatic Arts BILLY GILL Y, M, C, A , Fire Patrol VIOLA EA VES Dramatic Arts Y-Teen Chorus VIOLA FOSTER Industrial Arts BEVERLY FRA NKLIN Tri -M N, H, S, Lionettes MARION GEORGE N. H. A. Highlight ROSCOE GRA VES Library Club Basketball Progressors Club SHIRLEY GREENWOOD Red Cross Library Club MARVA GRIFFIN Lionettes Tri-M N,H,S, JOHNNIE HACKWORTH N, H, A, Cheerleaders Chorus r RICHARD GIVENS Football Base ball Tri -M ELSEA GLYNN Cafeteria Monitor fr HELEN HA LIBURTON Annual Staff N, H, A , Chorus DAVE HARRIS Progressors Club I. C. T. HELEN HARRIS Chorus Twirlers Student Council VIVIAN HARRIS Student Council Lionettes JOYCE HICKS N, H, S, Student Council N, H, A, MARGIE HICKS I. C. T. Industrial Arts Library Club IDA HASKINS Library Club PATRICIA HA TCHETT Tri-M N. H. A . Lionettes CURVIN HAYES Glee Club Football MAUREEN HENDERSON Lionettes Chorus Library Club I OA N HOLBERT N, H,A, Tri-M Y-Teen IRENE HOLDER Chorus N, H, A, Cheering Section KA THERINE HOWARD Tri-M Chorus Y-Teens CHRISTINE HUTCHINSON N, H, A, Cheering Section BOBBY HIGHTOWER N, F, A, I. C. T. PATRICIA HILLIARD Industrial Arts EDWARD JACKSON I. C. T. REBECCA JACKSON Lionettes Chorus Library Club DOROTHY JAMES Industrial Arts DELORES JOHNSON Chorus Y-Teens GLORIA J ONES Lionettes Chorus JA NICE JONES Lionettes N. H. A . GLORIA JOHNSON Cheering Section ROBERT JOHNS ON Glee Club N. H. S. Student Council ROSIE JOHNS ON Library Club CHARLES JONES Glee Club Football Dramatic Arts NONA KIRKPA TRICK Chorus Y-Teens ALMETA LEE N. H. S. Y-Teens Highlight qliditorj HELEN LEWIS HERMAN LONG Baseball Ind. Arts. ELLA BERNIECE IUDIE Chorus CHERYL KEEZEE Chorus Tri -M Y-Teens CHARLES LOWE Chorus Glee Club Football MARVILUS MA CK Cheerleaders Library Club LEONARD MANOS HENRY MASTERS Baseball MAXIE OLIVER Y-Teen Dramatic Arts TAYLOR PERKINS Football Track Chorus MORRIS MCCUTCHEON Band Y. M. C. A. DOROTHY MILES Industrial Arts Library Club I. C. T. CLAUDIA NEW N, H, S, Chorus Tri-M VERA NORA Chorus N, H, A, N, H, S, BARBARA PRYOR N, I-I, S, Lionettes Highlight Staff DIANNE RICHARDS N, H, A , Lionettes Chorus GLENN RIDGE I. C. T. Cafeteria Monitor .TO ANNE ROLLINS N, H, A, Cheering Section BOBBIE PHILLIPS Library Club ROBERT PHILLIPS Band Industrial Arts I, C. T. HENRY SCOTT Fire Patrol Cafeteria Monitor JANICE SI-IARKEY Dramatics Arts Library Club BILLY SHAW Glee Club MA RY SHERMA N Cheerleader Chorus JIMMY SUMMERS Chorus N. H. S. Student Council MARY TENNYS ON Library Club GEORGE SHIELDS Dramatic Arts Cafeteria Patrol MARION SLAUGH TER Chorus Cheerleader IO ANN SNELL Lionettes MARY STANLEY Library Club Chorus MIN NIE TERRY Chorus Library Club LARRY THOMAS Industrial Arts Chorus EVELYN THOMPSON Tri -M Chorus N. H. S. DOROTHY TOLIVER Chorus Lione ttes ARTHUR TURNER Chorus Baseball STANLEY WALKER N, F, A, Fire Patrol TOMMIE WALKER Library Club Student Council LOYCE WALTON N, H, S, Dramatic Arts Tri-M YVETTE WARREN N.H.S. Tri-M Twirlers fCaptainj EARNESTINE WASHINGTON Chorus ALEX WHEELER Student Council Tri-M Library Club EVELYN WHITE Y-Teens Chorus Cheering Section FRANCES WASHINGTON Track PAUL WASHINGTON Y. M. C. A. PATSY WATCH Red Cross Library Club BARBARA WATKINS Cheerleaders Library Club WILLIE WHITFIELD Y-Teens N. H. A . Moore Highlight HA ZEL WILKERSON Tri-M N, H, S, Annual Staff ALVIN WILLIAMS Baseball Y. M. C. A. CAROLYN WILLIAMS Chorus Tri-M N, H. S. JESSIE WHITE Industrial Arts N.H.A. N,H,S, FREDDIE WHITFIELD Drum Major Student Council N. H. S. CHARLIE WILLIAMS Football Track CLIMMIE WILLIAMS N. H. S. Highlight Page Editor Dramatic Arts COLLUS WILLIAMS Student Council Chorus Cafeteria Patrol CURTIS WILLIAMS Industrial Arts N, F, A, ORA WYATT Chorus Y-Teen LARRY WYDERMYER Cafeteria Patrol Fire Patrol ...... , WANDA WILLIAMS Chorus Majorette fCaptainj BILLIE WILSON N, H, A, CHARLENE WILSON Chorus Track TH OMA S W OODS Chorus Fire Patrol --' W MR. AND MISS "IDEAL SENIOR" Miss Yvette Warren and Mr. Israel Anderson SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ARE: president, Israel Andersong vice-president, George Shieldsg secretary Evelyn Bowersg assistant secretary, Claudia Newgchaplain, Joan Holbertg business manager, Robert Johnsong parliamentarian, Jimmy Summersg and financial secretary, Marva Griffin. Rwsmwxxix Same. I ,ifum E Q Q f 'Kwii , , 3 3 S QW wx wk. Q Bnmwwwd Ronald Abercrombie Charles Alexander John Anthony Evelyn Arnic Ruby Baisy Joyce Barton Glendarene Beck Kenneth Benton Charles Bendy Verdie Bledsoe Vic toria Bonner Ava Nell Brown Theodore Bryant Johnita Casteel Elroy Cross Pearlie Curtis Helen Davis Ma mie Davis Eddie Gayle Charles Gilbert Harold Granger George Green Mary Green James Gregory Sandra Hammond Norma Hardin Glodine Harris Beverly Delap Fredrick Dooley Joyce Everett Johnny Ferrell Don Foreman Clyde Foster David Foster Paul Foster Anthony Fullbright J Marjorie Harris James Hatcher Evelyn Holmes Ruby Holmes Donna Howard Morris Howard Faith Hudlin Janet Hunter Joyce Hutchinson Henry Iglehart Shirley Iglehar Helen Jackson Sarah Jackson Faye Johnson Froswa Johnson John Jo yc Lore ny Johnson e Johnson a Johnson I i D i I L Josephine Maxwell Charles Mitchell Sherry Oten Carol Palmer Marjorie Payne Emma Lou Penn Travis Perry Robert Porter Dorothy Radford Ruby Johnson Joyce King Ronald King Dennis Kirkpatrick Charles Long Linda McKinney Anthony Majors Rickie Manning Mary Manos Edward Redrick Ida Reed Marcellus Ritcherson Mary Robinson Dorothy Ross Gwendolyn Ross Sandra Sadler Joyce Satchell Walter Scott Gwendolyn Shelby Adell Sims Charles Smith Elizabeth Smith Betty Stalling Jimmy Taplin Delores Taylor Gwendolyn Taylor Charles Thomas Maurine Webster Brenda Whitaker Brenda Wilkins Lawrence Wilkerson Adolphus Williams Seley Williams Beverly Witherspoon Malcolm Wooten Charles Young Cortez Thom as Shirley Thompson Charles Toliver Linda Turner Shirley Vaughn Katie Walker Robert Ward Doloris Warren Frank Watch JUNIOR CLASS LEADERS - 1964 Mr. and Miss Junior Class - 1964, Charles Thomas and Brenda Wilkins. Runners-up, Joyce Satchell and Anthony Majors. President ---- Vice-President - Secretary ---- Asst. Secretary - Chaplain ---- Parliamentarian Business Manager JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS - - Charles Toliver - - - - Otis Rush - - Evelyn Holmes lean Glynn - -Shirley Thompson Dennis Kirkpatrick Frank Watch X Y I Roscoe Abercrombie Theodore Abercrombie Catherine Anderson Euwart Anderson Randolph Austin Donald Baldridge Linda Banks Norris Barts Larricia Benson Rayford Birks Aaron Black Alfred Bogans Joyce Bohannon Barbara Bonner Marilyn Booker Doris Bowers Patricia Bradley Robbie Brooks Thomas Brooks Bruce Brown Lee Bryant Brenda Burton Mozell Caldwell Joycie Canady Gwendolyn Carey Deborra Cashaw Annie Clay Melvin Collins Alice Cooks Claudette Davis Connie Davis Vemon Drakes Ollie Ervin Betty Estelle Patricia Ferguson Samuel Forney Betty Foster Faye George Margaret Gindratt Delores Givens Betty Grays Evelyn Gregory Gaynelle Griffin Linda Grimes James Hackworth Evelyn Harris Ruth Harris Jackie Haynes n i l' O 5 t Alma Hicks Betty Hicks Betty Howard Johnny Hubert Brenda Humphrey .Toy Hunter Sandra Jackson Helen Johnson L. I. Johnson Doris Jones Marilyn Jones Rosalind Jones Theodora Kelly Mary Kindred Eddie Jewel Kirkpatrick Herbert Lee Doris Lewis Vivian Littlejohn Harold Manning Roy McLennan Barbara Moore Cheryl Moore Lucious New William Peoples Louis Penny Joyce Perkins Wendell Powell Helen Rauls Shirley Rauls Gussie Redrick Luke Renfro Cecilia Richardson Claudia Richardson Earline Richardson Gloria Richardson Lawrence Richardson Ollie Ridge Shirley Ridge Sherryl Rush Jacqueline Sallard Billy Scenters Benny Scott Billy Scott Linda Scott Lloyd Sharkey Doris Smith Stanley Smith Donald Sterling Gwendolyn Srrambler David Stubblefield Lydia Taylor Freddie Thompson Sharron Tillis Joe Tubbs Joel Tucker Charlie Mae Walker Larry Walker Larry Watkins Ronald Watkins Eva Webb General Whitfield Robert Wilkerson Ruth Wilkins Donald Williams Lucille Williams Mary Williams Timothy Williams Louis Wilson Alva Woods - M 'F , 1 Q. Q nl 4-qv ly in' AR Q ngi Barbara Bell Elnora Bledsoe Tommy Blocker Carolyn Bradford Patsy Brooks Annie Brown Carl Brown Richard Carter Linda Clardy Lucille Collins Harvey Cooper Wanda Cross Darlene Davis Arlan Deckard Lester Degrate Donald Ferguson Ronald Ferguson Gladys Foster Dianne Haliburton James Henry Barbara Hicks Gerald Hicks Fredrick Hodge Claudia Holmes Joyce Howard Larry Howard Sherman Howard Jessie James Donna Joiner Rodney Jones Regina Kelly Michael Lane Leon Leonard Danny Long Lucy Manos Ronnie Maxwell James McGrue Loyce Mixon Gayle Morgan Cleveland Pimpton Willie Polk Kennyth Randle Alton Randolph Larry Redrick Jimmy Ridge Mary Richardson James Roddy Travis Sheppard Donald Smith Gloria Taylor Jennifer Taylor Jacqueline Thomas Richard Thomas Emma Tillis Lula Vaughn Mary Wagner Marshall Warren Algee Rita Watkins Mona Webster Cleo Williams Gayle Williams Dianne Young SOPHOMORE AND FRESHMAN HOMEROOM OFFICERS SOPHOMORE PRESIDENTS General Whitfield ------ Lucious New ---- - - Theodora Kelly - - - - - Robbie Brooks - - - - - Deloris Givens - - - - - Mozell Caldwell - - - - - - 1OB2 10B3 10B4 10B5 10B7 10B8 FRESHMAN PRESIDENTS Mary Richardson ------- Clifton Evans - - - - - - Leon Leonard Ir. - - - - Darlene Davis - - - - - James McGrue - - - - 9B1 9B2 9B3 9B4 9B6 Classes "I hope we shall never forget that We created this nation, not to serve ourselves, but to serve man- kind." Woodrow Wilson TWELFTH GRADE 12B-1 HOMEROOM - Mr. E. M. Maddox, sponsor. Class officers are Albert Drakes, president: Johnny Cox, secretary. 12B-2 HOMEROOM - Mrs. L. H. Wilkins, sponsor. Class officers are Tommie Walker, president Rosie Johnson, secretary. 12B-3 HOMEROOM - Mrs. A. M. Randle, sponsor. Class offi- cers are Almeta Lee, president: Thelma Brown, secretary. 12B-4 HOMEROOM - Mr. C. L. Wilburn, sponsor. Class offi- cers are Claudia New, president: Barbara Davis, secretary. rwEL FTH GRA DE TWELFTH GRADE 12B-5 HOMEROOM - Mr. S. E. Dickey, sponsor. Class officers are Barbara Pryor, president: Janice Jones, secretary. ELEVENTH GRADE I 11B-1 HOMEROOM - Mr. S. A. Forney, sponsor. Class offi- cers are Frank Watch, president: Maureen Webster, secretary. ELEVEN TH GRADE 11B-2 HOMEROOM - Mr. C. O. Jones, sponsor. Class officers are Henry Iglehart, president: Alton Harris, secretary. 11B-3 HOMEROOM - Mrs. M. B. Pryor, sponsor. Class officers are Mary Jo Green, president: Shirley Iglehart, secretary. ELEVEN TH GRADE 5 11B-5 HOMEROOM - Mr. W. O. Davis, sponsor. Class officers are Charles Gilbert, president Rickie Manning, secretary. 11B-4 HOMEROOM - Mrs. O. E. White, sponsor. Class officers are Ava Nell Brown, president: Josephine Maxwell, secretary. 11B-7 HOMEROOM - Mr. R. H. Hardman, sponsor. Class offi- cers are Carol Palmer, president: Glodine Harris, se cre tary. ELEVEN TH GRADE 11B-6 HOMEROOM - Mr. M. Dawson, sponsor. Class offi- cers are Charles Mit- chell, president: Don Foreman, secretary. TENTH GRADE is Rx 5 X 1, , c 10B-1 HOMEROOM - Mr. E. P. Ford, sponsor. Class officers are Joycie Canacly, president, Linda Scott, secretary. 10B-2 HOMEROOM - Mr. V. Hicks, sponsor. Class officers are: General Whitfield, president Roscoe Abercrombie, secretary. I TEN TH GRADE 10B-5 HOMEROOM - Mrs. V. E. Lane, sponsor. Class officers are Robbie Brooks, president: Patri- cia Burren, secretary. 10B-4 HOMEROOM - Mrs. E. E. Wise, sponsor. Class officers are Theoclora Kelly, president: Evelyn Harris, secretary. TEN TH GRADE 10B-6 HOMEROOM - Mr. D. L. Warner, sponsor. Class officers are Bobby Watkins, presidents Linda Grimes, secretary. 10B-'I HOMEROOM - Mrs. B. M. Lewis, sponsor. Class officers are Delores Givens, president: Opal Ritcherson, secretary. TENTH GRA DE ' 10B-8 HOMEROOM - Miss V. D. Whitaker. sponsor. Class officers are Mozelle Caldwell, presidents Margaret Gindratt, secretary. NINTH GRADE 9B-1 HOMEROOM - Mr. L. L. Leonard, sponsor. Class officers are Richard Carter, president: Ga Williams, secretary, il NINTH GRADE 9B-3 HOMEROOM - Mr. A. J. Hatchett, sponsor. Class officers are Leon Leonard, presidents Tommy Long, secretary. 9B-4 HOMEROOM - Mrs. C. B. Bolin, sponsor. Class officers are Darlene Davis, presidents Joyce Howard, secretary. ' EIGHTH GRADE 8B-1 HOMEROOM - Miss G. E. Probasco, sponsor. Class officers are Clarastine Ken- dricks, presidentg Gerald Williams, secre- tary. NINTH GRADE 9B-6 HOMEROOM - Mrs. M. C. Estelle, sponsor. Class officers are James McGrue, presidentg Gerald Hicks, secretary. EIGHTH GRADE 8B-3 HOMEROOM - Mrs. M. C. Brown, sponsor. Class officers are Beverly Cooks, presidentg Vel- ma Phillips, secretary. 8B-2 HOMEROOM - Mrs. E. I. Henderson, sponsor. Class officers are Roderick Ritcherson, president Rita Long, secretary. EIGHTH GRADE 8B-4 HOMEROOM - Mrs. D. M. Radford, sponsor. Class officers are Norman Manning. president Ottie Robinson, secretary. 8B-5 HOMEROOM - Mrs. L. R. Brown, sponsor. Class officers are Charles Taylor, president: Gwendolyn Bonner, secretary. SEVENTH GRADE 7B-1 HOMEROOM - Mr. Zachary, sponsor. Class officers are Beryl Curry, president: Gloria Benjamin, secretary. 'IB-2 HOMEROOM -' Mrs. V. E. Malone, sponsor. Class officers are Diana Beck, president: Debra Brown, secretary. SEVENTH GRADE 7B-3 HOMEROOM - Miss M. E, Carroll, sponsor. Class officers are Evelyn Howard, presidentg June Kirkpatrick, secretary. 7B-4 HOMEROOM - Miss M. D. Ritcherson, sponsor. Class officers are Alicia Kelly, president Sheryl Warren, secretary. SEVENTH GRADE 'YB-5 HOMEROOM - Mrs. I. M, Thompson, sponsor. Class officers are Linda Campbell, president Larry West, secretary. COOPERATIVE VOCATIONAL TRAINING CLASS Members of the Cooperative Vocational Training Program - Mr. M, D. Nealy, coordinator. ' Q 1 w 'vi '. Nw-Q 'VM . ' x Q K ,UQ ,QM s 5- ,ww ff. , .V Sr" . 1 A 47,3 ' ' isafxjv 8 ,Q .. fx'-. . ?ryN'S , 9 1: . l, 'X . ,- ,. - ., ,- -N ':25'T', . . f , , s 2 "d,-1 -, 4 l. it B rx F , : P . - x H. 'ln A , -H W2 '- A I iv ,, ' 'la H - ,R .V - 77 4 .r T-5'2" x hsxm ,Q , L.-,K ww 'vw if Tw , Q ' 4 ..i A . FT' "14?f..: .- ' , . ' 'vx . A I' S 71,1 , ,, if 1 . ,5 .fl ' rv-, - v"',' ff t - lug. 'V . ng. N - A. .,v ,t.,. ,, sg ff "ns-N ' as-ngwf A A "mx A I m, ' ' ' F 'k ' as ' A v 1 .. .1-., My tix -Q . K W SN : ww NM L A L: ' f .,:. A Q f .I Q .-1 X , i l . , ... ,. u i if W K s 1 KS, . , . ' WW 05. R we . MV5.. X Q K X 4 I. M: X53 TT : v mx N M W 5 1, .ff . " ,Ji ',,4a.-..- .- 4 o . -43" V' 'ir ' . f W? .TI , ,A 5 . ft? , - , .,, 11q., f Q Q . A my arf' gn' , 'ff ' '- .. I Q Q .,,, sf,,4' ,Rr 'f .. gi., ffl I --Xm,,.WMQA33735 3,1 .i.jz,,..,,, .V QQ 4 nf x k,Q: 5 3 V nr. . A g U ' L x f- fm 'LTC A ' - W Lg n i 'I Q j x. -k .. A 5 'i X MM 5' 4 ll 4-W? L "' QA ' Q ll , lull ll . . X A 5' -7 5 Ms Q, 4. Q 1 H u vifw-,jfiiff . - . X Q L. p 5 T A' fmt' X my 5 e R.. P-'Q 1 ' ' 'f A il'-if. - av. i 9. M. 5 -x Y t, D 2 .:,,a-f i.. Q Q ---- . wif' -"f wsmasw 7 W it 1 ---N- " ..,.... .V 1 , A 'im' ..,, W Q Q' vw' 7 . .Q X "': N A "..A 'N N vnusrw-wi wma-ww - N A M ...,N . -L ' K ' .JW 'W' k A ' 'N ,. ,,,.-1. . ...,.,,,. SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Directing activities of the student body toward a better Moore High School was the responsibility of the Senior Student Council. Collus Williams served as the president and Marva Griffin, secre- tary. Sponsors are Mrs. M. N. Williams, Mr. C. O. Jones, Mrs. O. E. White and Mrs. M. B. Pryor. Encouraging a wide circulation of books from the library is the main purpose of the Library Club. Officers are Alex Wheeler, president: Marjorie Payne, secretary. Sponsor: Mrs. M. N. Williams. 0 FIRE PATROL These boyfsare responsible for our safety during "mock" fire drills. There are the Fire Patrol. O CAFETERIA MONITORS Cafeteria Monitors are responsible for smooth operating in the cafeteria during meal time. M C. O. Jones - sponsor. THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY This organization encourages high standards of Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. Gary Bond, president, Marva Griffin, secretary. Mrs. M. B. Pryor, sponsor. THE MODERN MUSIC MASTERS Chapter 409 of the National Honor Society for high school music students bring a new dimension in music education to young musicians. Marva Griffin, president, Barbara Davis, secretary. J. A. KIRK CHORUS This singing group reflects its vitality in many unique appearances at choral festivals and education- al meetings, as well as at Christmas and Easter concerts, school assemblies, radio broadcasts and dozens of civic performances. The Senior High Mixed Chorus sings "This Is My School" as a tribute to'Moore High School during American Education Week, 1963. THE DRAMATIC ARTS CLUB The Dramatic Arts Club gives annual performances and participates in the Interscholastic League. Officers are Climmie Williams, president, Loyce Walton, secretary, Mrs. C. B. Bolin, sponsor. THE ELMWOOD Y-TEENS The Elm Wood - Y- Teens are junior and senior girls dedicating themselves to moral and spiritual growth. Officers are Evelyn Bowers,' president, Delores Warren, secretary, Mrs, O. E. White, sponsor OLIVE LEAF Y-TEENS Fostering high Christian ideals and qualities is the aim of the Olive Leaf Y-Teens' Club. Mrs. M C. Brown, sponsor. JUNIOR HIGH RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross is on hand at all times to give aid to others. Mrs. M. C. Brown, sponsor. JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL A representative knows the value of democratic government. Officers are Marshall Warren, presi dent, Regina Kelly, secretary. Mrs. L. R. Brown, Mrs. M. C. Estelle, and Mr, A. I. Hatchett, sponsors. JUNIOR HIGH CAMP FIRE GIRLS "Serving others and building good character" are the goals of this group. Mrs. E. I. Henderson, sponsor. SENIOR AND JUNIOR N.H.A. CHAPTERS Senior High N. H. A, - President, Vera Nora, Sponsors, Mrs. V. Lane and Mrs. D. Jackson Junior High N, H. A. - President, Doris Smith. Sponsor, Miss V. D. Whitaker, THE TWIRLERS The spirited Baton Twirlers add interest to half-time activities during football season. Yvette War ren, captaing Vera Nora and Helen Harris, co-captains. Mrs. Lane, sponsor. THE LIONETTES The Lionettes perform military maneuvers during half-time activities. Doloris Warren, captain: Iris Bonner, lieutenant. Mrs. L, H. Wilkins, sponsor. 1 im. l THE MOORE HIGH SCHOOL BAND High stepping, graceful majorettes lead the band in colorful displays at parades and games. Mrs. A, M, Randle, sponsor. This organization represents the school with their many musical perform ances. Mr, D, N, Rowe and Mr. L. C. Brown, sponsors. DRIVER EDUCA TION "We are proud of the driver's training car furnished by Bird-Kultgen Inc. , giving us an opportunity to learn how to drive." Mr. L. H. Ritcherson, sponsor. CHEERLEADERS "Cheering is our specialty. " Captain: Thelma Brown and Mrs. E. E, Wise, sponsor. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB AND l.C.T. Industrial Arts Club 1963-1964. Doloris Warren, president. Mr. R. D. Outland and E. M. Maddox sponsors. Industrial Cooperative Class . . . Each boy and girl is fitted for use- ful employment in occupations of his choice in which there are avail- able openings. THE HARRY T. BURLEIGH CHORUS The Harry T. Burleigh Chorus has a busy schedule of performances on and off the campus, Mr, Dillard Warner is director. THE MOORE HIGHLIGHT STAFF The Moore Highlight staff attends banquet during National Newspaper Week as guest of the Booker Washington journalism class. Highlight editor is Almeta Lee. . X .L-943 1 -Q . I 'mv '- A A ' . 'U. M. ,-"'rjrwsTX -' is vb ., 46 .r J, . 'VN f' we , .Q-21554 2.-iv WA 1 ., , ..-0 . ,12iL'x: ' ,:' 'QRQQN Q . 'QW x 401- ' ,em .si :SX ,P 'N ff 4 r " wwf- -rs N ,V Xlzvhfw S ,- I wiv- ' . M, I ffhgr if 1 x ' f .' 0 gi is Qs17'?f.l P: ' ,, 19""s . I4 7' fx l V 1. N tn, ', w . 5' FF- - 4 D 1'-, .Tb up-, ,X 1 , ' ""6'1. ' 7 --' ' ' pf. ' w 1.1 A fuk .4 'i-ffz .329 ,gg Efffxfy 1 -?5j'Xlf.,,f.fq .np 2 1 1 ff' -'bv ,Ju ,,gE,'f"Q Q ,V v-. .Nm Y uv. - Q, J ,Qi f, ffl ' M. hx A xg" .! 4 k 1" naw" 1- A 4.5 44' At' l. J N 1. wx -, .J fl, 1 R A ' 'fx til' ,fa ,Q . .,, f' m"' ggfgfx 4 , . A-1' . ' .pf ' .Q Q w " is' t. 2. V-wp -3 dy s Ka- . p -.V. N-I "1 'f fFsgQi- V 'S " f .1 M .f - nff. 'M f4f+Z4, . 1 N?" S, I A 41:55 SQA' h rv' Mi,-.I ,., 1 .N -11 ""k . Q5 'abil ' -N N , kc :X A i X' A .' V ffnvtiki' S " I ' ' 4' 'f . U. . . .. , 'W K 'Q , -5' , J v 161' Q f '35-'N -A ik' Alfviff 'K'f',j K1 ' " ', - . A 4 X' .- . yn 4. ."nf" a ' . 'ff 1 is Kr avril' , n -H 1 K ,. , , . FA gn -wf?HfEf :X 17, rg W sf 4 ' ,J . Q. 'E 2 1... M.. annulle- vr Qu, .. M smuwmdfmwxrwnxxcm xwwssfwrzz awmmn asaxsmwwnmvwf-,QT 4MWv....W ,.. :wwnwwm 2-frrwweww-fgwis POLI TE ELMER COLE, frightj Runner-up: Morris McCutcheon POLITE .- - -1 xx ams, Willi nners-up: Climmie Ru D. Nona Kirkpatrick, fR, fcenterj. DELORES JOHNSON, , VERSAIILE CHARLES JONES, fcenterj. Runners-up: Charlie Williams, Ql.Jg Taylor Perkins, CLD POPULAR J. Runner-up: Dave Harris. GIVENS, fright RD RIC!-IA POPULAR IN F4 Nu uf OJ r-4 -,-4 U nners-up: Marion Slaughter, fc.yg Carolyn Ru lefty. ARA DAVIS, RB BA yr SCHOLARLY J. Bond, Cr. Runners-up: Johnny Cox, f1.jg Gary J. ERS, fcenter MM MY SU HM Y RL LA H0 SC J. Wilkinson, Qr Hazel Runners-up: Ioyce Hicks, QLD ON, fcenterj. LT WA CE LOY i 1 L HELPFUL ALEX WHEELER, qcemery. Runners-up: George Shields, Q1.Jg Roscoe Graves, fr.J HELPFUL CLAUDIA NEW, qlefty. Runners-up: Evelyn Bowers, fc.J: Vivian Harris, fr.J MOST ATTRACTIVE Shirley Thompson MOST HANDSOME Stanley Morgan JUNIOR FAVORITES MOST POPULAR Jimmie Abercrombie Morris Howard JUNIOR FAVORITES MOST VERSATILE Shirley Vaughn Arthur Ganious MOST STUDIOUS Evelynne Holmes Frank Watch SOPHOM ORE FAVORITES MOST ATTRACTIVE - MOST HANDSOME MOST POLITE Annette Wilson Rosemary Jones Freddie Thompson Roscoe Abercrombie MOST STUDIOUS MOST VERSATILE Margaret Ginclratt Gaynelle Griffin Riley Simmons James Jones FRESHMAN FAVORITES MOST ATTRACTIVE - MOST HANDSOME MOST POLITE Barbara Hicks Joyce Howard Sherman Howard Kennyth Randle MOST STUDIOUS MOST VERSATILE Jessie James Mary Wagner Marshall Warren, Jr. Leon Leonard, Jr. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED ! Qi iii 5 , 3 Gi Nona Kirkpatrick PERCY BRINKLEY, most co-opera- MISS HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW tive Lion staff member. N WINNING PATRON TEAM - Willie Whitfield, PATRON TEAM - Patricia Hatchett fcenterj, captaing Ora Wyatt, Marion George, Jessie captaing Helen Haliburton, Leamon Crayton. White. 'I L ' .fmfyil C 2 f . -1 ffg',::'f,w W O ?2 .iffr u'.'j!S' ,gl . A 3' ,S ,rf if-ki',1 Q. K4 OA . , FJ' ', ,ffl 3? I' 5 '-cv' 1- qw. ,L ,lg fy-QR v 1'1- ' Q Q 0 e 5 QQ .,,.. . , X 'bmi if .yn -- x A .K X 'V+ K 4. ff -fi. f' 'fgg w if F' " vi T f"1gif"kes 353' QQ 1 3 xfj P' ,W Z. qv Q , ,, : -- 2,1 22. ,, t A in M Lfxi X. Q b 4 CM wi .gk A, ,iq - I Q-1 - fi! - -fnS,"11' f + 'Kgs ' 2 .I 1-Q 4 ' f Hg - .f if 1,2 . 5 Q K , , x gw 5 ' Y ,A Lx K .f m - b NSA, v Activities X lhe Umm rl blatw IIICINQKIXQH lft t'NQCllll'lHy the g.,'il'l'2lU35t poem . . M Walt Whitman 6 ft.: 0 giiifn XX YJ fb. .f ww 'W xg rf CORONATION IN SHANGRI-LA THE ROYAL COURT THE ROYAL FAMILY ROYAL COURT ENTERTAINERS THE SWEETHEARTS T . X... ww: . . A T M O H ig . THE WISETTES G l-. K TL "i. , . ,. g kr... 1- -A K. . i -- .X -m .- f . ... .. YS .. 5 9 K '..' Af .N X K '5 ' I T .1 ,. irfcx . 0 -' X .H f H N L-X' s . QHTT , p . THH Q , O K ., . 1 .L.k . kk - . H .H - .f'. . X--- . TT" E H T TTTTT '1 I X5 I FQ " -,h. WY T .,.Q as ffm.. ks gg.:-fu 4 .Q .5 k f. S ff . S K.. ,..,, fi . . .L W i N i I u I 4- 3 , I na N i-' 2 fx . 11 3 , iw ' ' ' , 5 Q z 2' 5 1 ' x ' 1 : E S . 2 ' 5' 3 Q 2. gk ' 1 eg! ,,!'E1'1 5 , ' 5 X s s S QUEEN VELMA PHILLIPS CROWNING OF SENIOR KING AND QUEEN Being crowned in a Shangri-La setting are the rulers of the Sr. High, King Anthony Majors and Queen Beverly Delap. CROWNING OF JUNIOR KING AND QUEEN Principal J. J. Wilson crowns Her Highness, Velma Phillips, and His Majesty, Norman Manning reigning monarchs of Moore Jr, High. VISITING QUEEN FROM "SIAM QUEEN JOYCE KING MISSES SENIOR AND JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL R X 5 N I S A' 2 s 2 g 1 ,-x 3 Es s . I, Xin X ' px I 1 S 2 5 E I Q I . , Q is I ', I. 5-35 .5 :S 'L 3 3 s I I 5 13' s ' ri I X, I f 2 . me g S N x s RRR, X 2 I 5 I X V 1 -35 5. I A w 15355 sa 2 ,SEEN . z K 2 ,255 I 2 I . xx fl? I ' I ix ES' SX X I E 3 ggi. h 5 as 2 3 Y I I I si I ' . I i BARBARA PRYOR MARY RICHARDSON I +.l MR. HOMECOMING - 1963 ALVIN JACKSON, MOORE HIGH ALUMNUS - 1955. M.H.S. HONORS AL JACKSON, PITCHER, NEW YORK METS Mr. Isie Fred, local jeweler gives Jackson family gifts. Superintendent A. R. Downing, presents Jackson a citation of honor. Alumnus Walter Napier greets Jackson as Mr. A. J. Hatchett, emcee, looks on. Well-wishers bring gifts too. Mrs. Mary Jackson, mother, fsecond from lefty, joined friends who honored the Jacksons. HOMECOMING HONOREES MISS JANICE STANDIFER MISS MARION SLAUGHTER "Miss Homecoming 1963" First place runner-up, Lions' Sweetheart. SWEETHEART ATTENDANTS - Sherry Oten, Betty Jo Stalling, Mozelle Caldwell, Jacqueline Sal- lard, Mary Jo Green and Emma Penn. HOMECOMING MEMORIES TWIRLERS COLOR GUARDS MHS BAND I DRUM MAJOR AND CHEERING SECTION MAIORETTE HOMECOMING MEMORIES DRILL LEADERS HOMECOMING SWEETHEART DRILL SQUAD Faculty members enjoy game. SWEETHEARTS - JUNIOR HIGH HOMECOMING VALENTINE AND ATTENDANTS BARBARA HICKS Sweetheart, Junior High Home- coming. ATTENDANTS - Evelyn Howard, Wilma Buren, Gloria Benjamin, Ollie Robertson. 3 DORIS LEWIS Qleftj Valentine Sweetheart ton and Rosie Judie. fl RUNNERS-UP - Leamon Cray- W BABY OF THE YEAR i FIRST PLACE: David Richardson, Mrs. V. E. Malone, sponsor. ' RUNNERS-UP: Terry Denise Oliver, Mrs. L. H. Wilkins, sponsorg Opal Rene Nash, Mr. W. O. Davis, sponsor, AMBASSADORS' ANNUAL CONCERT The Ambassadors' Boys' Glee Club sings during the performance of the annual spring concert The Harry T. Burleigh Chorus do a dance routine to the tune of "Hey, Look Me Over. " LIONS' COACHES L, H, RITCHERSON Head Coach VERNON 1-IICKS MAURICE DAWSON Backfield Coach Line Coach SEASON'S RECORD Lions Wallace High ---- O Lions Madison- - - Lions Carver High ----- 18 Lions- - - Lincoln High- Lions Central High ---- 25 Lions- - - Anderson High- Lions B. T. Washington- - 7 Lions- - - Dunbar High- - Lions I.M. Terrell ---- 14 Lions- - - Roosevelt High I 963 LIONS Israel Anderson Guard 165 2 years Richard Givens End 175 3 years ! E Charlie Lowe Guard 185 3 years SENIOR FODTBALL PLAYERS Paul Battle Homer Clark Burl Darby Center Halfback Fullback 160 3 years 160 2 years 175 2 years Q' 'eff V L 32' Q " 1 2-is :I - ., XX 1- 1-,lp H .T X Curvin Hayes Charles Jones Tackle End 240 3 years 170 3 years Taylor P6IkiI1S Charlie Williams - Thomas Woods End Halfback Quarterback 175 3 years 185 3 years 175 3 years HIGHLIGHTS OF 1963 Time out! Moore Lions vs. Madison Trojans. Moore High vs. Carver Panthers - Halfback Larry Walker turns the corner for a big gain. The Lions tied Carver 18-l8. LIONS' SWEETHEART - 1963 Principal J. J. Wilson crowns lovelylliivelyn Thompson, a senior, during half-time activities. Guard Israel Anderson escorts the Sweethegrt. B-TEAM FOOTBALL T --44 .... - --75 .... .. Moore- - - Moore ---- Moore- - Moore- - M df G 'rf Y . . fi' . Mart - Austin Mexia Austin -----o B- TEAM SEASON'S RECORD - - - - 16 Moore ----20 Moore----l8----- -----8 Moore----22----- --..-20-..-.... Moore ----- 0 ----- Gatesville Groesbeck Corsicana Gatesville Hard work brings about good teams. This team worked hard to achieve their 6-2 record. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM 'ITH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM Coach: I. W. WILLIAMS 8TH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM Coach: I, W, ZACHARY 9TH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM Coach: C. L. WILBURN BASKETBALL VARSITY Captain: CHARLES JONES Coach: I. W, WILLIAMS Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lio ns Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions SEASON'S RECORD - - --"- - Carver- - - - Carver- - - - Jackson- - - - - Temple' ' ' - - Jackson- - - --Temple-- -- ---'-- --Linco1n---- - - - - - - Washington- - - - - Madison- - - - - - I. M. Terrell ---- 111 - - Austin ---- - - - Roosevelt- - - - - Lincoln- - - - - - Washington- - - - - Roosevelt- - - - - - I. M. Terrell ---- - - - Groesbeck- - - - - Madison- - - - Austin ------- - - - DunbarfFt. Worthj- - - - Dunbar fFt. Worthy Coach: I. W, WILLIAMS Varsity Basketball B- TEAM BASKETBALL Captain: ERSIE DAVIS Coach: R. H. I-IARDMAN Coach: R. H. HARDMAN B-Team Basketball Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore 31--- -- SEASON'S RECORD ---------Carver-- - - - -Carver- - - - - - Jackson- - - - - - - -Dunbar- - - - - - -Jackson- - - - - - - -Downsvi11e- - - - - - -Downsville- - ' - - - -I. M. Terrell --- --Austin---- --- --Y.M.C.A.-- - - - - -Rosebud- - - --- --Y.M.C.A." Temple- - - - - - - -I.M. Terrell- - - - - -Groesbeck- - -Groesbeck - - - ---- - -Austin- - - - - - - - -Dunbar - 36- - - - -Dunbar- - JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL 7TH GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM Coach: VERNON HICKS 8TH GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM Coach: J. W. ZACHARY CRATDE BASKETBALL TEAM Coach: C. L. WILBURN TENNIS TEAM 1-AAAA DISTRICT DOUBLES CHAMPS Anthony Majors and George Danforth A. J. HATCHETT, Coach Moore - - -2 Moore - - -3 Moore - - -2 Moore - - -2 Moore - - -3 SEASON'S RECORD "' Corsicana Corsicana "' Temple - Temple - 'Fort Worth qDunbarJ - DISTRICT MEET Moore - - -3 'Fort Worth fDunbarj - Moore - - -3 'Dallas fMadisonJ STATE FINALS Moore - - -1 Houston fYatesj - - I 1964 Tennis Team ANTHONY MAJORS Captarn BOYS' TRACK TEAMS 440 YD. RELAY TEAM, left to right: Larry Walker, James Hackworth, Lewis Ritcherson, II, and anchor man, Willie Banks. Moore I-iigh's track team looks for a very good sea- son rhis year. -Z V X! NW l I 880 YD, RELAY TEAM, standing: Taylor Perkins Homer Clark, James Hackworth, Charles Daniels, kneeling. V GIRLS' TRACK TEAM M,H,S. Girls' Track Team copped second place honors at the spring state meet in Prairie View. Mrs. E. E, Wise, coach. The Girls' Track Team of 1964 is prepared to win more state meets in the future at Prairie View BASEBALL 1963 STATE CHAMPIONS DISTRICT 1-AAAA it RETURNING LETTERMEN Baseball Season, 1964, will give the returning lettermen a chance to capture another state trophy. Coach Vernon Hicks and Principal J. I. Wilson share the honor with the lettermen. Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions LIONS ' S COREBOARD Anderson High ---- Burnett High- - - - Lincoln High ----- Carver High- - - - Madison High - - Dunbar fTemplej- - - Lincoln High - - Washington - - Burnett High- - - - I.M. Terrell- - Carver High- - - Washington- - Washington- - - Dunbar High ----- Dunbar fTemplej Madison High - - Anderson High ---- Bi-District Pray-off Pemberton- - - Pemberton- - - Pemberton- - - State Championship Wheatley - - Wheatley - - Coach Vernon Hicks gives advice to star pitcher Alvin Williams, and star centerfielder, Percy Brinkley, before the second game with Houston. The boys ham it up after winning the State Championship from Wheatley of Houston by the score of 4-1. Miss Violetta Ritcherson J J I PATR ONS Rev. and Mrs. R. A. Abercrombie Mr. and Mrs. Henry Arnic Miss Malinda Austin Mr. Fred D. Batts Mrs. Mildred Benford Mrs. Jessie M. Bookman Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Brown Mr. and Mrs. Ed Burks Mr. and Mrs. Willie Carmickle Miss M. E. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Tom Carter Mr. and Mrs. Copeland Mrs. Ada Crayton Miss Leamon Jo Crayton Mr. and Mrs. George Cummings Mrs. Mark Cummins Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Davis Mrs. Willie Davis Mr. W. T. Dever Mrs. Mildred Dillard Mr. Alton Durio Miss Lois Edmond Mr. Frank Erby Mr. Albert Foreman Mr. S. A. Forney Mr. and Mrs. Ocie Friend Mrs. Evelyn Gaddy Rev Rev and Mrs. W. H. Gayle and Mrs. D. F. Gilbert Mr. Roscoe Graves Mrs. Daisy Gray Mr. F. C. Green Mrs. Minnie Griffin Miss Helen M. Haliburton Mr. and Mrs. Veo Haliburton Mr. William Haliburton Mrs. F. B. Henderson Mrs Theresa Henderson Mrs. C. G. Henry Mr. and Mrs. Noal Hicks Mrs. Cleo Hill Rev E. H. Hooker Mr. and Mrs. L. Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hughes Mr. Lonnie Hunt, Jr. Mr. Aaron Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Adolphus Jackson Mr. Cecil Johnson Mr. Major Johnson Mrs. Christine Jones Mrs. Thelma Jones Mr. Wayne A. Justice MI. and Mrs. Willie Kelly Mrs. Mandy L. Kennard Mrs. Ivory Kimble Mrs. Zelma King Miss Freddie Lewis Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. James A, Lewis Vernice Louie Edward Maddox and Mrs. A. J. Manning, Jr Hazel Marson Jessie and Verdie Matthews John L. Miles - and Mrs. Homer Moore Ollie E. Moore Luella Morgan Dolly Moss Minnie Murphy and Mrs. Harvey Neal and Mrs. Lucious New Cleo Phillips and Mrs. John Phillips Mrs. Ruby Polk ' Miss Winnie Pordia Mrs. Dorthy Radford MI. MI. and Mrs. Charles Rauls and Mrs. L. C. Rauls Mrs. Jessie Robinson Mrs. Malinda Robinson Rev. and Mrs. M. E. Robinson Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Ross and Mrs. Dan Towe and Mrs. Billy Scott Miss Pinkie Scott Mrs. C. H. Shelby Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. George Shields, Jr. Frank Simmons and Mrs. Alonza Smith and Mrs. T. T. Smith Fred Thompson ' Helen Thompson Mrs. J. B. Thompson Mrs. Jessye Thompson Miss Lee Ester Toles Mr. and Mrs. Henderson Tyler Mr. Rev Mr. Mrs. Mrs Mr. Mrs and Mrs. C. Tyrone and Mrs. G. H. Walker Dillard Warner Eva Watkins Olive Watkins and Mrs. J. Watson Kate A. Weakly "Serving Youth That Youth May Serve" 728 Elm Waco, Texas YMCA' ABE ADAMS Auto DORIS MILLER BRANCH 1021 East Live oak street SU Co' PLaza 2-9312 Open Daily: Monday Thru RAY GASSAWAY Saturday 9 a.m. - 10 p.m. PL 3-2091 DR. G. H. RADFORD Greetings From DENTIST CARVER HIGH SCHOOL Officf Closed Every Friday 207 I- lnklin Avenue Waco PL 3-8975 J. J. FLEWELLEN, Principal Congratulations WACO DYE APPERSON'S GROCERY WORKS CLEANERS Clothes in by 7 out by 5 312 Hillsboro Dr. PL 2-8701 No. l - 825 Elm - PL 2-8201 Waco, Texas 7 No. 2 - 522 Clifton - PL 3-9058 Sincere Wishes to the Seniors From GENERAL LIFE AND ACCIDENT INS. CO. 613 Washington PL Z- 1281 Waco I fit., Find the New Look in Beauty o 1 m at Ds , Y fjwy NU-LOOK BEAUTY SALON su V X Offering the latest in perma- nents, hot and cold waving, - tinting and manicuring. 1408 Turner St. PL Z-4855 820 East Waco Dr. - PL 6-0541 RUBY CHAPPELL, Owner "Congratulations, Seniors" COUNTY EXTENSION MURPHREPS OFHCE CUT-RATE MKT. MRS. D. TALBOT MR. 1-I. T. ARNIC Waco 1217 Elm PL 3-7160 "Where There Is No Vision, the People Perish" NEW HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH 915 North Sixth Street A Friendly Church With an Open Door in the Welcoming Heart of Waco Pastor - MARVIN C. GRIFFIN, B. A. , B. D. , M. R. E. , D. D. Office Secretary - LULA JO GLADIS PRYOR'S .Wg ZALPS 5296A uno RADIO-TV , Z wwe? JEWELERS 2- ' ? v A suvuuwuuluus -SN' Tis L MILTON PRYoR, owner -7 I ' 702. Clifton Waco PL Z-8081 513 Austin Waco UNION BAPTIST "Where the Presence of orsh1p wxth us each Sunday REV H K KING Pastor Pastor 112 Clay St Waco Congratulamons Seniors CHARLESWORTH Fast Free Dehvery 724 AUSt1n PL 3-9625 FACTCRY OUTLET TIM S DRIVE IN .fx 1 .J""" I Congratulations , Seniors From JACK FROST LAUNDRY 8. CLEANERS East Waco Drive and Clifton Street . Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning . One Day Service . One Hour Service . All Work Done on Premises Hair Styled by Skilled Beauticians LaMlL'S BEAUTY SALON MILDRED DILLARD - Prop. 204 Clifton PL 3-9382 If Your Hair Does Not Become You, You Should Be Corning to Us. CO-O PERATIVE BARBER SHOP Qfixs Two Fine Stores Downtown or We stview Village RIVERSIDE BODY WORKS REV. H. K. ROSS, Owner Auto Painting Plus Minor Body-Fender and Motor Repairs 114 lf2 Bridge St. PL 3-9762 Congratulations From J. H. HINES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL F. D. BATTS, Principal HENRY TRUCK 8. TRAILER RENTAL Trailers - Hitches urnished C ompliments of JOHNNIE'S SHOE SERVICE F S 425 E. Waco r. D "Best hoe Repair T in own" - PL 6-4514 720 Austin A . PL 3-3591 TEXAS POWER AND LIGHT ? Q E iw: Benin? e 0 1001 Washingt A COMPANY Crawl' QV Q0 PL a. 4-5621 Compliments to th 5 - Seniors - Congratulations, Seniors L. FRED 81 SONS 7 M h . HALL S DRIVE-IN JEWEI-ERS L01 "Established l893" 1 4,09 Austin Ave. - PL 6-2167 104 Hillsb D PL 4 8531 Congratulations, Seniors ga: B sEcoND BAPTIST ""'s""""f""" - X 5 CHURCH -1 1205 South Second Street 509 Austin Ave. REV. M. L. COOPER, JR. Downtown Waco Pastor For Authentic University Fashions ZW: I-2, f . fwfr: 490010 fi1zff:fJlffn..., Congratulations to the Lions From THE MUSIC BOX Where you will find the latest and greatest selection of pop- ular, high fidelity and Stereo records. 121 . E' S . - PL 4- 2 Waco, Texas H So ighth t 456 C "'2F!..'.1!55.f2 Waco's Downtown Record Shop" THE CHICKEN SHACK Dallas - Fort Worth Hwy JOHNNY NEUMAN'S SERVICE STATION "Steam Cleaning a Specialty" Mobilgas Mobiloil Mobilubrication SWA 9-1106 ' llth and Webster PL 3-3931 Best Wishes From THE ANNUAL STAFF MEMBERS of the 19 64 LION YEARBOOK Qngrutulutiuns to the graduating class ,X mmm Wm ...mum nv vm mum.. wwmv lv WACO COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. PATRONS Mr. Jessie V. White Mr. and Mrs. Weston Whitfield Mrs. Alice Whitlow Mr. C. L. Wilburn Mr. and Mrs. Rayford Wilkins and Mrs. R. W. Wilkinson J. W. Williams . Jimmy Williams . M. N. Williams . T. Williams Mr. Mr. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mr . Joe Wilson Mrs. R. L. Winn Mrs. Tennie Winn Mr. Floyd Woodard Mrs. Daisy Wyatt Mrs. Lillian Young Mr. John Zachary -HEUQU '-- f ,--wa ik- Q if 7. fl THE SENIOR l ,,.,, 4 3 S N SI E 'a Q 51 S Q L CLASS OF 1964 INTERESTING SENIORS MARION GEORGE and KATHERINE HOWARD MARJORIE HICKS and MARY TENNYSON TOMMIE WALK ER and SHIRLEY DUNMORE VIOLA FOSTER, ROSIE JOHNSON and DELORES ALLEN ORA WYA TT and ATRICIA HATCHETT and MARY SHERMAN PATRICIA HILLARD PATSY WATCH and HELEN HARRIS ELIZABETH BUSH and VIVIAN HARRIS IOANNE ROLLINS and WILLIE WHITFIELD nd THELMA BROWN H WASHINGTON ANNUAL STAFF Publishing the 1964 Lion has been a pleasant experience for the staff members: Robert Johnson, editor, Percy Brinkley, associate editor, Claudia Ann New, business manager, Charles Jones, sports editor, Barbara Davis, organizations editor, Iris Bonner, activities editor, Hazel Wilkinson, adver- tising editor, Beverly Franklin, circulation managerg Charlene Wilson, class artist, and Joyce Hicks, feature editor. Typists: Evelyn Bowers, Yvette Warren, Barbara Pryor, Marva Griffin, Climmie Williams. Deadline dates made many of these staff members give up other important dates: Vera Nora, Evelyn Thompson, Mary Tennyson, Willie Whitfield, Marion George, Rosie Johnson, Tommie Walker, Patricia Hatchett, Israel Anderson, Elmer Cole, and Alex Wheeler. Rf CJAQV Vit Y I I SA, VN MJT omg ffff Ina-ck, 4.11. .Q Hin, cf' Z 'dnt .D Fo llvvf D . f- A ".. f '34 S ?l8' CM-sI:.Q Dy Vouv' .S at 57 nl-ef-IW-e. Q.-W1 fab I3 QW 1.91 M? OW rd? ""+--.......,,,,,Q- , Fran Kf' 'WW M0115 Q, R.. M 'k :S :Qi I . N fix' 54, IK ,,v 'QW J' ..',:. 1 1 4 I 1 f A,- 1 ,a 1,1 4 x 4 r 4 , 1 1 -IL' C 1 .v. ws A .f MG' Y- .,. E ,,.. , , .1 4 A5121 by Hs 1 5 Q3 f , 1 f -. Q ,M s, ,, 5 X w ka ll. . ,fi 1 . I -x Il-I .1 Vi Hifi my 9 jvli w ' ' ' l -,tiff Q! Q, P ,Rd . A 5 FO. A . .... up K, . .f M! .A V' Nh . .r ,Q qs , 1 4""N W 4 f A bb I fd 3 4 41 ' 4 Q E x , w K . Wu. Q 'iw VU if ' 4. , V, -!M3',,,f- fig """s1,l4 -vu... vq, v " -QQ V: 4 ,LN .. I' , v- 4-Macklin . ,QU . m 1' " "' ,.... U K -' nw A, l " - . ' 'V " .' v 12 -...- ' Vw -. DAN -as ,., 1,.. L. --fb Q 'H , 4' , .Q 1 '5""' 'A J A .. " - -. iw H ' - ' .r - -Q If 'Q "- I . k ' -'G'-J 2. ' , - V- 4- 9 ' ,, -'fr , , ,-"f", ,Q 3 I .- ., .,g,,,-". .-f f.. ' .- - .K L- . 12.0 Hu". ',,..-4 ,Q - - - iw r -t SQ' - , , ...a - , .. 4- s1',--...., , " Iv, 1, A , '70 P- 1 'vein Q-. ,,-71. ' .. '. I- . , , .X Nl' "" ' - -'L' 'wife if Q..--p, A ' 'M' 7 - -.-,-a--.-,, -In--no., ,s ---.7 -fA---f.. - - -...- "' :y, A V M , i I., L i - W, V Q-Q- ,-- V -- I ' ' - M , , A ' ' ' - --' --uf N19-' -- - gr, U- .Q -V 98.1. W 4' ' ' - g. N ' ' f Q .1 ' "'f', ' -5 ' ' ' '14, 'ol "' ' 1 ,, F, ' W v an . , - . fu. 5 -' 1 .-., ' - . J ' Q, 0- , 1- .Agg-a-. A ' 1: 9' -.011 -5 5 . ,, , H I 5 . -, f Y 1 I . .1 .4---1 -V v . 4 b 'P 1. 7 ju.. -, luv-v , X 5' . , -9 --.1-w 4' ' I ' 's 4 ' " B , 1 J' bl- 3. 4 ry . I 'S J' 'K - - . 1 ' is f M . -y' - V , V' b ' 'AW' """"' Q' 'vJ"1w snplnuqvsu-1 3-4-J Of 096-, f "' 1 Jzilp' ... ... ","!"s-.. ". H-- J 5 .'. 1. J 'firm - hy'-' F 4' 8 .g ' -fosutq-s.Js-L' .- sf 0 ' " ' """ ' P' ' 3-P""1 --..:U'Nr,1u. " A'.s6.vQ-1!l?-vgQfxfnn.lg.v-,,,I H. To-Q..- , ., it 3- - L "fl , 1 .'q'. ,iq ' -ji.: ul, sxw-FL,--.f fp M-: - :-:--,- .. . . -- f 1- -,w 1- -L..t, T '.' f' 'zu - - . -.,. M- - H E ,AY .fq 'HI ,,-ww... Elsa' . 1 .4 1 1,671 . ' 4, 2. ,I 1 fi: ,, ,JV , biz, Sify' Hr'-f,A. Vx Hi -Q ..' WM- . ' -K K L:-x ., . V 94 Q .J ,gf gf'

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