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Moore High School - Lion Yearbook (Waco, TX) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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VV V- , Q --, s Q Qu: EW 5, ,ggf grw C ,, , fi-57.95, QV ,Q 5,1 4,9-,w Qi Y, dfwgsa Lxasw'-em., 1' 'ix ini,-,f K Q? gm- Vgx, zV"- V' . , 1 AV- -xx ,gvzgv 5 Tw ,gggai fi-,,fw,z,tf:c V1-1-D 521:41-'g,'?,5S':f.v2,Efg jfilfxffkb iQi4g5,r+M2S-S4-f 1-mai if-T.: , , ,, ,.,,,, A, LQ , aiu.. , .Fm-31 Aki. ,,,.-,,.V,ffV,-.V,,g,1gV,.3i5uLgf ,,,xV,,,r,,.,, 4 ,-,-r V , , .K I .,,. . 45, KVMM.. fi, . , - gspv, Vw, U, 714,55 i,k1EV.,H,A3:,gu-,Q,-45g,,,x,Jg,5wL,,.f,h,,,-3,,,.vV:, ,-,.--tv, ww- I, ' ' ' L l ' ' Qf- J g W " "VEI4jQlYi1EfE 459133751-' iff yfg-5 i X V., ' .-f -5- ' ,V, V , C 'x""'i,, .,, - '-- -. i ' ' ' ' -2- ..,, - 8 M 'wmv . 1 1 'A ' ' V -V VVV4-Qt. A ,. ,-f Ns.. ,A wil Y 5 r V rt' , 4 , xv 5 .V .4- ,Jef M ' P , V, - X 1 'W ,, L . K Y H q r V ' V -, " , a . V V . YV, v V ,,, , ,, ,, if fc-L ,meal 157151 Q v 1 1239551 'al 3f,,vf2V ' 'X " f-'zfuaQ1rl'6 ' . Act: " V 1 . A , M, W V. X +V-1,, V X, N 1 .V, ,fx , fl, V ,X X I f. 'Sf , , ., V ' --L... 4 V, VV ,, V V 1 f- , , A- x ,,, U I . 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W V - V ,, " ,, -,, 5fVf'y,.-Inf 1,,,',,-Q4 V - 14:5 x 4,-ify, ,, 1 5 A 4g1"2.v,:, 1 V " ' Q., '-pm, Y . ,-my Q, mum- ,K my na, 4, g . wr, ' b , ""-Jw,,4 'M-., , W ..,, , ,,.h4,,, ,. ,- V , , Y F W ., ry. ,.,, AN, ,V ,V ,M W.. . Q, , K, , , 4 mn. - 7'-f'54,,'HQs"2,, ,PV,Q'R""'fVL"' ':ff""A' V 1,T'fz"Q w. -ffx-QV I .1-E . 1 , ' ' ". nl N-1 Lx'k:.L44i5,:.L,,1S:Le:5s: 4 Aiafalggg,-, , '..sLz-L1 Q-fazrram, M- ,154 -: ,i.11-,.- ' , ,QLL-1. . MLM, , . V, L, , ... if . . 4 1 i 6 ,, 5 gl 3? sw kia: . f'n J E x Q. LMI N , Y .rv K 1. iii- :JQ V ,J mai' Y . 3,1 ,, -ay J " +6 viz-. , -I-A 1 - ,NJ-, N 4. a ,.', ux wa 1, -' II., , 5-gli .Y Tm E. 314 g T1-,1.,.- ' 1 ., ,I 'Az' Q 'E i ,1 'w A1 XJ . -Q rw ' , - . 1 x. f,,. .1 735: A f .44 ' . ,jf -Sa 1 A ' v 1 .x 1 -JI - -'1 :Q- -7443. . 5-fe ,- ""'1 ' I , --f-1 3? Q! ' Ni! "'3i I I .- l ,E .. .w 1 ! -3 43.1 ,1 la 41 . 4-I l .M 1 ,S . .5 1 E-'S ff L. 4? 11" fn 11 " M H-, .,, 3, ' Af. -xr J -12-'S . , , M Q. A , - 'Tj 5 4, - 'H i.i 'f 2 . 'J ' 5 . - .1 J ,W V 1 N 1 j LV. 4 ' , 3 . 1 Q 1 ,1 L-If ' 1 Y, .if H?-. ' a- 3 5 'fi 1, 'faq A 7' ? 'tj T. E W 7 ' 1 . ' 1 ' ' EJ . jg. ' - , l .g A .f51,z5:f- V ...rg -, w I1 1 J i , 6 , wen. LION 52 DUBUSHED BV THE- SENIOIZ CLASS OF Mooizl-Z men SCHOOL wAcQTExAs N K . . ,, ,. ,ln .. I ,. A H lil., i I-U 1 I 71 um ounmuos Luis THE 1 success 1 OF TON ORIZOW f 5 If fb y I if A -1 l " 45 If FV , .IE 'ln-ju-,.rKKX Ax j NNN CONTENTS EDITORIAL AD MINIST RAT ION 1 1 FACULTY 17 STUDENT LIFE 25 CLASSES 31 FAVORITES '71 ACTIVITIES . 95 ORGANIZATIONS 109 ATHLETICS 138 PATRONS 148 ADVERTISERS 151 SNAPSHOTS 161 1 3 MOORE HIGH SCHOOL I-IYMN Moore High School, Moore High School, We love you true. Our Alma Mater dear Moore High School, Moore High School, All praise to you. 4 We sing of you. I AMES PRYOR, III, Editor -in-Chief This 1962 edition of THE LION is-another volume in the annals of Moore High School. The Senior Class of 1962 realizes that this publication is as traditional as any other yearbook ever published, yet for the Senior Class, it has a special significance. It is our safe-kept memory of our fond friendships and unforgettable moments, as well as, the dull and pleasant hours spent in classrooms on the campus of dear Moore High School. The annual staff has chosen for its theme, "In Our Hands Lies the Success of Tomorrow. ' This theme makes us aware of our grave responsibilities. What challenges we face as a class one hundred-twenty strong when we consider the responsibilities that lie ahead. Nevertheless, we face the future with confidence for we feel that our high school life has been a crucible of our future. It has molded us into young men and women who have the skills and abilities necessary to meet the demands of the future. Thus, as Editor-in-Chief of the 1962 LION, I wish to express my appreciation to my Prin- cipal, teachers, friends, advertisers, and schoolmates for making the 1962 publication possible. Thanks to all. Editor-in-Chief, JAMES PRYOR. III 5 THE 1962 ANNUAL STAFF Publishing the 1962 Lion has been a pleasant task for the staff members. Editor -in -Chief, James Pryorg Associate Editor, Don Williamsg Business Manager, Blanche Estelle, Assistant Business Manager, Dwayne Biltong Sports Editor, Irvan Hicks, Advertising Manager, Theodore Campbellg Assistant Manager, Lonnie Hunt, Publicity Manager, Grace Manning, Assistant Manager, Ruby I-Iamiltong Circulation Manager, Isabella Hicks: Assistant Manager, Delzie Clayg Feature Editor, Mattie Browng Special Section, Kaye Bonnerg Typists, Joshualyn Igle- hart and Dorothy Stewart and Cartoonist, Napoleon Littlefield. These persons worked zealously on the Patron's list. They are left to right: Shirley Gray, W. Hicks, T. Campbell, K. Wilson, C. Shepherd. STANDING: J. Scott, J. Allen, B. Woods, C. Perry, E. Price, E. Clark, J. Pryor, Don A. Williams, and Eddie Gill. 6 MOST USEFUL MOST USEFUL SENIOR GIRLS Delzie Clay and Isabella Hicks, have given unselfishly of their time and efforts to the Yearbook publication. Special recognition is due, likewise, to the following persons: Dwayne Bilton, Kaye Bonner, Kathe Wilson, Shirley Tinsley, James Pryor, Mattie Brown, Donald Dorsey, Blanche Estelle, Billye J. Woods, Harold Anothy, Don Albert Williams, Ioshualyn Iglehart, Charles Green, Ivran Hicks, and Odie McCoy. These persons were members of the Steering Committee. 7 DEDICATION 1 1941" ?' A 7 f 'N ,s i To fi bf 7.1 pg., f 41 Qu Z, iff I M1 H-"ri-:Q MRS. I. M. GRAHAM Because of the sterling leadership which was provided by Mrs. J. M. Graham who for a number of years was chief advisor for the Lion Yearbook, this book is being dedicated. She was kind, understanding, diligent, cooperative, and creative. She will be missed tremendously as she continues to teach in another field of endeavor. 8 A TRIBUTE S CHARLES EDWARD MOORE 1943-1961 IN MEMORY How quickly you left without a word, To say that forever you were gone, You did not give us time to be heard As we shouted your honor loud and long. A life is not lived in years, But in how well of yourself you give To help others forget their fears. In this respect, my friend, a long life you did live. ' - K. Bonner On June 11, 1961, Charles Edward Moore drowned in the Bosque River. His death brought sadness not only to his family, but also to the prospective graduating class of 1962, of which he was a member. Charles was an active member of many school clubs and organizations. He seemed to enjoy participation in the J. A. Kirk Chorus, the Tri-M, and the National Honor Society. Death took his body and soul, but his memory will remain alive in the hearts of the Senior Class of 1962. BOARD OF TRUSTEES WACO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT SEATED: Left to Right Tom M. Oliver C. V. Anderson b d Tom L. Hus an s Peeler Williams, Jr. , Vice President Abner V. McCall I. E. Crews, Business Manager Avery R. Downing, Superintendent of Schools STANDING, Left no Right Gordon Rountree T. Champe Fitzhugh, President L. V. McNamee, Assistant Superintendent of Schools I0 x I, .j'3sSf: .L .25s5i ' 1. M31 Vi S I jkxbkg L , Qxvx X 5 xfwig x ' -Jxsv f' x wp : ' 'f Ll - 'X i LS 5 3 53 RY I RN, S klffkx I wg: I . X , TS - j WX X ADMINISTRATION Yi M .S Q . ' I S ,W My K .W X: E 'Z ix AVERY R. DOWNING Superintendent IN YOUR HANDS LIES THE SUCCESS OF TOMORROW "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. " Those words of President Kennedy express an important part of the work that you are doing now in your public school life - young Amer- icans ready, eager, and equipping yourselves to serve your country while at the same time fulfilling your own best potentialities. We ask that. you be conscious of your role, developing all that is best for tomorrow's great and wonderful America. I2 L. V. McNAMEE Assistant Superintendent In the opinion of a great educational organization whose purpose is to give direction to school academic endeavors, the central purpose of schooling in our times is to teach students how to think. If this be true, how well, in your opinion, has this goal been met in your own life? Can you and do you exercise the powers of real thinking? In utilizing reasoning powers, what are the main issues of life? A prominent literary figure has said that young people should be able to answer at least three questions: Who am I? Where am I? Why am Ihere? These are basic questions. They are not easy ones. Think on them for awhile. Thinking is one of the hardest of tasks, but it will pay rich dividends in personal, Vocational, and civic experiences. There is room some place for the thinker. I3 I. J. WILSON Principal HUlllllIIIII., The 1962 Lion Yearbook staff has accomplished a magnificent undertaking in the editing of this outstanding annual. The school, faculty and students, the parents, and the community should be very happy because of this achievement. In the book will be found. a record of the activities which have transpired during the past twelve months. They should recall many happy moments and perhaps a few sad ones as the pages are turned Consequently, in behalf of the faculty, student ,body and parents, congratulations are extended to the Yearbook staff and advisors who have labored so diligently. I4 COUNSELLING SERVICES Choosing your life's career requires constructive planning. Mrs. F. V. Webster, girls' coturselor, assists Harriet Wilson, 1962 Senior, in planning her vocation. The many, many, perplexing problems confronting today's young Americans may be partially analyzed through a strong high school guidance program. As boys' coun selor, at Moore High School, the need for understanding the problems of youth is a challenging experience. However, the privilege of having a part in the promotion of their growth is exceedingly rewarding as one watches these people prepare themselves for careers based upon right choices, thorough preparation, and equal opportunities. Mr. W. R. Gerald, boys' counselor, discusses test results with Don Albert Williams. I5 OFFICE STAFF v 1 ROBERT M. KING A. B. , Joliet Jr. College Joliet, Illinois B. S, , Bishop College H. L. BURKS B. S. , Alabama State Teachers College I6 MRS. V. I. RITCHERSON A. B. . Wiley College MRS. B. C. PEOPLES B. S. , Paul Quinn College MISS E. J. MILLER A. B. , Paul Quinn College VISITING TEACHERS .wi ,Ai wr FACULTY MR. L. E. CASHAW B. S. - Tillotson College M. S. - Prairie View Special Education MR. W. O. DAVIS M. S. - Prairie View Vocational Education MR. M. DAWSON B. S. - Prairie View Mathematics MRS. G. P. DCBOSE A. B. - Texas Southern English MRS. T. F. ARNOLD B. S. - Prairie View M. E. - Prairie View Head Dept. of Core MRS. C. B. BOLIN A.B. - Wiberforce M. A. - Texas Southern Foreign Language MRS. L. R. BROWN B. S. - Paul Quinn Social Studies MRS. M. C. BROWN B. A. - Texas College M. Ed. - Texas Southern English MRS. E. M. DECKARD B. S. - Paul Quinn Mathematics MR. W. T. DEVER A. B. - Samuel Houston M. S. - Texas Southern Social Studies MR. S. E. DICKEY B. S. - Huston Tillotson Science Head Dept. of Science MR. E. P. FORD A. B. - Atlanta University M. A. " Columbia University Mathematics MR. S. A. FORNEY B. S. - Denver University M. Ed. - Prairie View Science MR. W. R. GERALD B. S. - Prairie View Assistant Principal Head Dept. of I.ndustrial Arts MR. R. H. HARDMAN B. S. - Paul Quinn English MISS CASSIE M. HARRIS A.B. - Paul Quinn M. A. - University of Wichita English MISS E. L. JOHNSON A. B. - Huston Tillotson College English MISS V. O. JOHNSON B, S. - Paul Quinn College Physical Education MR. C. O. .T ONES B, S. - Wiley College M. A. - Texas Southern University Science MISS E. O. KING M. L. S. - Hampton Institute Librarian MR. A. J. HATCHETT B. S. - Wiley College Mathematics MR. V. HICKS A. B. - Wiley College Physical Education REV. E. H. HOOKER A. B. - Samuel Houston College B.D. - Virginia Union Social Studies MRS. D. M. JACKSON B. S. - Wiley College Head Dept. of Hornemaking 4 I MRS. V. E. LANE M. S. - Texas Southern l-lomemaking MR. L. L. LEONARD A. B. - Texas College B. F. A. - Denver University English MRS. B. E. LEWIS A. B. - Huston Tillotson M. A. - Texas Southern English MR. E. M. MADDOX B. S. - Maryland State University Vocational Education MRS. V. E. MALONE' B.S. - M.S. - Prairie Core MR. F. A. MOSELEY M. S. - Prairie View Vocational Education MR. R. D. OUTLAND B. S. - Prairie View M. S. - Prairie View Vocational Education MRS. M. B. PRYOR A. B. - Wiley College View College M. Ed. - Texas Southern MR. D. N. ROWE A. B. - Paul Quinn College Music MR. D. L. WARNER A. B. - Paul Quinn College M. S. - Prairie View College Music MISS VERN DEAN WHITAKER B. S. - Texas Southern University Homemaking MRS. O. E. WHITE B. S. - Wiley College M. A. - Texas Southern University Head Dept. of Mathematics MRS. D. M. RADFORD B. S. - Tennessee State College English MRS. A. M. RANDLE B. A. - Tillotson College University Core MR. L. H. RITCHERSON B, S. - Wiley College M. A. - Prairie View College Head Dept. of Physical Education MISS M. D. RITCHERSON B. A. - Tillotson College M. E. - Texas Southern University Core MR. C. L. WILBURN A. B. - Paul Quinn College M. A. - University of Minnesota Head Dept. of Social Stud1es MRS. L. H. WILKINS A. B. - Wiley College Business Education MRS. E. E. WISE A. B. - Samuel Housto Physical Education MRS. H. M. YANCY M. Mus. - Northwestern University Music W .l J Xl R l X 1 X I OTHER MEMBERS OF OUR SCHOOL STAFF MRS. L. THOMAS MRS. E. SNELL MRS. A. GINDRATT MR. L. RICHARDS MR. O. THOMAS MR. I. SNELL Mealtime is a favorite time for the students-because of the dedicated service rendered by the cafeteria personnel. Reading from left to right: Mrs. Earline Hamilton, Miss Ruby Fay Hobbs Mrs. Alranie Washington, Mrs. Bessie Jernigan, Mrs. Sedalia Clark, Mrs. Ollie Evans, Mrs Clara Collins, Mrs. Vera Farmer. 24 Q 3 ,XXX X ., w -fx. Xi: ' - :T W - ,XXX X X RQ 4. ,MER X . ' - ' XS N - XX XXX x X X 5-1 ws' f A X Q X X XXX X, Mx, .X-xx X af' NA. . NNE X S X XX X XX. - XXXXXXQX S 3151. . X XX may A X x MQ NNNM X RX XXX K X , XXX x Q """ '1" "isa: "" X QQ'Q 1 N X ., ..-A.-is X -K -X is QQQX g f ---- A-vw.. mx 1 , X X A XX . XMxQXXX.:.:' " ' ' R :fx ' XNSXX H+ SN X X 1 .NXSSXX me X.- X1 -. 2 ,N :X XNNQXXNX S X. X gi keg NX ii. 3:5-3 XV Wy .. ,.... ,dx 5 XN XXXX 4 XX N , L- .S XX 'E .X XXX.-X H-.LX - Xvz- Xf -XX-,X X VJ... ' , 5' -X X X X XXX 5 SP X XX XR X Q X SX' V XL Q sk SX .3 . X x N eu XXXXWXX N09 XQ X. rf" Elww QNX XMQXX M 1 .5 YV f' H Xxms .- s X. W N .mask . .XXX .X XX x -is w ' SX sf 9 ,W W A Q , ga -my --www-mv---A --- '--"' -W S S S R. . :if f. ki x f QS: B5 X as x-,if if - ftkzewq . ..x, , ii" v-'tx ,333 , :Q -ss.: V, :.' ' QS ' :fx ,. X N A ' N. gf 5: 3 N' .Am X E' + 1 S 4 - S N + X X g Q XW MX 1-- ,gff , 1 xxx X Q5 X . Q A X Q .. X N QR X. V4.3 Q . Q ,... . ,wx ,X 1 5 HOMEROOM '7A1 MRS. T. F. ARNOLD, Teacher FIRST ROW: Beverly Mims, Celestine Davis, Alice Franklin, Sandra Rollins, James Field. SEC- OND ROW: Raymond Beck, Donna Joiner, Aubrey Irvin, Harvey Cooper, Irene Hilliard. THIRD ROW: Barbara Bell, Fred Griffin, Brenda Johnson, Alma McClenan. 'IA1 HANDICRAFT CLUB MRS. T. F. ARNOLD, Sponsor FIRST ROW: Anthony Magee, Barbara Bell, Alice Brookins, Donna Joiner, Willie Lee Johnson, Sandra Rollins, Martha Sypho. SECOND ROW: Aubrey Irvin, Bobby Degrate, Alton Randolph, Donald Feruson, Sterling Hatter, Fred Griffin, Beverly Mims, Lois Mixon. THIRD ROW: Larry Redrick, Harvey Cooper, Richard Thomas, Carl Brown, Willie E. Wright, Brenda Johnson. 27 HOMEROOM 7A2 MRS. V. E. MALONE, Teacher '7A2 - ART CLASS - MRS. V. E. MALONE, Teacher The Activity period finds these boys from room 201 busily engaged in an art interest. They enjoy making seasonal drawings for the classroom bulletin board. Displaying their work are Tommy Long, Lester Degrate, Richard Carter, Donald Smith, Walter Williams, and Carl Brown. 28 HoMERooM 'IA3 MRS. A. M. RANDLE, Teacher FIRST ROW: Lucy Manos, Elnorxa Bledsoe, Edna Mollett, Lafayatte Williams. SECOND ROW: Algee Rita Watkins, Lucille Collins, Kenneth Cashaw, Ollie Bradshaw, Tommy Blocker, Gerald Hicks. THIRD ROW: Larry Degrate, Mary?:Riehardson, Peggy Phillips, Clarence Reed, Cleopatra Williams, Linda Johnson, Charles Kindred. FOURTH ROW: Emma Tillis, Gail Morgan, Jessie James, Travis Shepherd, Patsy Brooks, Danny Long, Frank Vaughn. FIFTH ROW: David Daniels, Booker Harris, Frank Campbell, L. G. Williams, Marilyn Edwards, Willie Wallace, Robert Young. NOT IN PICTURE: Kennyth Randle, Patricia Redrick, Shirley Sparks, Bertha Thompson. A HOMEROOM 'IA4 MISS M. D. RITCHERSON, Teacher FIRST ROW: Allen Lassiter, Ronnie Maxwell, Larry Stewart, Simmie Degrate, William Reed, Larry Howard. SECOND ROW: Marvin Vaughn, Winfred Powell, Lewis Smith, James Henry, Arlan Deckard, Marshall Warren. THIRD ROW: Bobbie Cross, Jennifer Taylor, Joyce Howard Sherman Howart, William Jackson, Michael Lane. FOURTH ROW: Wanda Cross, Delores Degrate, Andrew Ammons, Charles Lewis, Johnny Bradford, Frederick Hodge. FIFTH ROW: Darlene Davis, Diane Haliburton, James McGrue, Willie Bradshaw, Ronald Ferguson, Regina Kelly. SIXTH ROW: Jo Ann Moore, George Porter. I 29 SPECIAL EDUCATION CLASS MR. L. E. CASHAW, Teacher FIRST ROW: Shirley Stevenson, Sallie Reed, Roy Hardin, Danny Degrate, Clifton Evans, Samuel Davis, Annie Long. SECOND ROW: Mr. L. E. Cashaw, Linda Banks, E. J. Ellis, Linda Robinson, Billy Neal, Reginald Nichols. DRAMATIC ACTIVITY - Combined music classes II, III, IV produce "God's Trombones" as a contribution to Negro History Week. Charles Nichols, the preacher man, is in center front. 30 w -N N X WX SW .mx .x wk X Q iss GNNK i 2 ,wma ww X 0 THE SENIOR wmwmumnwswzmum-mmwmv::inmm:emMwmms4 ne.wN.wmw.::u::s ,max-mmm. an ww I 1 , 4 1 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS KNEELING: lner Webster, Assistant Secretaryg Donald E. Dorsey, Parliamentarian. LEFT TO RIGHT: James Pryor, Vice Presidentg Shirley Tinsley, Treasurerg Blanche Estelle, Secretaryg Dwayne Bilton, President. 34 xX:X QQ N f X 15 iw X ,X- ,AV... X . ig' I H SENICRS f? fx? X, :N ,X X X SX' .. . . -,.:::.:,,..,,,, , Q X-X: Xffwg xXg X, ,,,Q .,.. k cas:-:: - f Q X - XQWXMXXQXNXM Q A - ' . X, N. Q., WN X . .S X X X QS: Q : 2, -.XXX X - AX, X X A . XANXXQX1, N fSXEs ..: Q., Q ,.QQ ,IQ wmsiaia:-::ffef:a:a,:s1:,::-::.- f. ff f - is N w X X X X X5 X X X X X X X Q X X 'sim :. ' 1' X' Q E .. X X X i . NX XX X X XXX KRW. 'wx ,Wy X xx ' XX 1-XX X w s X GS X "-Xp. X XX X X X XXX X X fifiix " .. Xxx NN X X KX -1. ff'-i 'If .-1 -. ' -5 1. -- ' X , X., XQ QX,X.X,XYM XX ,SXX,XX,MQmMmxwQ 5 Q .,.. ., , , XXXXX X X , R Q3 .wNR3XX2i:,W.,,X,W'XX'N'W1f1x""'v'W'N wif s g s " ..X.ffTT'i:rwu QQ ik XL' A X X " YQWYWX 1 , X X wma. ,, S Q .XwXXXX...gWQ M, .I ws- ' A W 1. SX gfsf ' six' 3254 T1 'XXMi5ffQyLffsf??SX5 0 L, hx,-B, 44,4 I I JEWEL ALLEN "Chicee Baby" Dramatic Arts Club BRENDA BIRKS "Shorty" Industrial Arts MARGARET BOGGESS ..Bog.. LA. Kirk Chorus Industrial Arts I.C.T. Club LINDA BOHANNON 'Frankie Doll" Industrial Arts KAYE BONNER "Hattie" Lionettes Student Council N. H. S. , Tri-M CHARLES ETTA BOWERS "Zena" Y -T eens, Chorus Lionettes HELEN BOWERS "Faye" Y -Teens Industrial Arts THELMA BROOKS "T oots" Lionettes I. C. T. Club Industrial Arts MATTIE B. BROWN "Twir1" Baton Twirlers N.H.A., N.H S Student Council VERA BUSH "Miss Anna Industrial Arts I.C.T. Club BESSIE CLARK "Monkey" Industrial Arts ERMA CLARK IIJ-eau!! Industrial Arts DELZIE A. CLAY "Short Ribs" N.H.A. , N.H.S. Student Council Industrial Arts GEORGIA CUMMIN GS I! Faye!! Poetic Club VIRGINIA DOUGLAS "Ginger" N . H. A . Y -Teens BLANCHE ESTELLE "Pluke" Pep Squad N.H.S., N.H.A. SHIRLEY EVANS "Shel" Poetic Club Industrial Arts MATTIE FOSTER "Mat" N . H. A. Industrial Arts RUBY HAMILTON "Rube" Band N.H.A., N.H.S. Tri -M GENEVA I-IASKINS "Gee" Industrial Arts Moore Highlight SHIRLEY GRAY Npeppyll Industrial Arts Lionettes Y -Teens ANIECE GRAYS "Dutchman" N. H. A. Dramatic Arts CAROL GREENWOOD llcawll Poetic Club JOYCE HALL "Josie" Lionettes N . H. S . Industrial Arts JESSIE HENDERSON lllvesll Debating Team ISABELLA I-IICKS "Boola" Lionettes Student Council N . H. S. WALTERINE HICKS "Mouse" Ma j orettes N . H . S . Student Council PATRICIA HODGE Olpatll Lionettes J. A. Kirk Chorus NANCY HATCHER "Hatch" Student Council Lionettes Moore Highlight EARNESTINE 'HAYES "Stine" Industrial Arts Y -T eens LULA HOGAN ICI-'ull N. H. A. Poetic Club IOSHUALYN IGLEHART Olloshll Student Council N.H.A., N.H.S. ANNIE JOHNSON' "Blue Hen" N. H. A. Ir. Red Cross Poetic Club MAE JOHNSON "Muffin" Y -Teens Pep Squad FREDDIE LEWIS "Sister Baby" Dramatic Arts J. A. Kirk Chorus PATSY MCCLARRON llpatll Dramatic Arts Y -Teens f i JOYCE MCCUTCHEON NLC. " Dramatic Arts Y -Teens DORIS McDOWELL "Poochie" N . H. A. Poetic Club GRACE MANNING "Pumpkin" N.H.A. N.H.S. Annual Staff PERCY MAXWELL "Pupa" . Tri-M, Lionettes LA. Kirk Chorus EMMA MILES 'Sister' Y -Teens N. H. A. VERTA MILES "Shorty" LA. Kirk Chorus Y -Teens EDNA SMITH "Sandy" Dramatic Arts Student Council DORA SPRATT "Mac" Moore Highlight Industrial Arts Jr. Red Cross CHESTINE PERRY "Pee Wee" Y -Teens Poetic Club GLORIA SCOTT "Potatoes" N. H. A. N.H.S. CHARLES ETTA SHEPPARD "Chuck" Lionettes Jr. Red Cross Industrial Arts GLORIA SHIELDS l1BugN Lionettes N.H.A., N.H.S. DGROTHY STEWART "Dottie" N . H . S . Student Council Lionettes KAY TAPLIN NT ap.. Industrial Arts Pep Squad, Y -Teens LILLIAN TAYLOR "Red" Poetic Club Industrial Arts ROSETTA THOMAS "Dina" N. I-I. A. Poetic Club SHIRLEY TINSLEY "Pepper" Pep Squad Student Council Industrial Arts SAUNDRA TOLIVER lfLOull Lionettes Tri-M, N.H.S. MINNIE TOOLS III-legsh N . H. A. Industrial Arts LONA WALLACE "Pumpkin" Poetic Club Y -Teens KATHERINE WALTON "Little Bit" Lionettes Industrial Arts SHERBERT WEAKLY "Icecream" N.H.A., Pep Squad N . H. S. INER WEBSTER "Betsy" Lionettes N. H. S. Horizon Club LAURA WELLS "Peaches" I. A. Kirk Chorus Moore Highlight DELORES WEST "Chinaman" N . H . A . Poetic Club MARY WILLIAMS "Sady" J. A. Kirk Chorus Industrial Arts HARRIET WILSON "Harry" Lionettes J.A. Kirk Chorus Horizon Club KATHE WILSON llRed'l Lionettes N.H.S. , Tri-M BILLYE I. WOODS nlunien N.H.S. N.H.A. Student Council SHIRLEY WOODS " PaI1kie" N. H. A. Student Council ELZIE BONNER HR H Hi -Y Poetic Club STEWART BROWN "Tooty" N.F. A. Y.M.C. A. HAROLD ANTHONY "Pancho" Industrial Arts Dramatic Arts LA. Kirk Chorus JAMES BALDWIN lIJvobN Hi -Y Industrial Arts DWAYNE BILTON "Herk" Basketball Pres. - Senior Class Glee Club L. T. BLOCKER HB1-ockll Industrial Arts BILLY DAVIS "Mays" Industrial Arts Glee Club N.F.A. DONALD DORSEY . "Iron'Ball" Student Council Band, N. H. S . RONALD DORSEY "Red" Band, Drum Major LA. Kirk Chorus WILLIE EMERSON "Sock" Dramatic Arts Industrial Arts EWELL CALDWELL "Deacon" Y . M. C . A . Student Council N . F. A. THEODORE CAMPBELL "Top Cat" Glee Club Basketball ROBERT FEACHER "I un -B ub" Industrial Arts Band CECIL GAYLE NHayll I. A. Kirk Chorus Industrial Arts ALFRED GREEN "Speedy" Industrial Arts Track Team CHARLES GREEN "Murphy" Industrial Arts Moore Highlight Student Council MELVIN HACKWORTH "Hack" Industrial Arts Hall Patrol RONNIE HALIBURTON "Sa11y" Football Team Basketball Team Glee Club DONALD HARRIS "Acorn" Auto Mechanics Industrial Arts N.F.A. , Hall Patrol IVRAN HICKS "R ank" LA. Kirk Chorus Trainer's Club ALVIN HUBERT "Va'no" Football Team Glee Club Basketball Team LONNIE HUNT "Big-D" Editor - Highlight Dramatic Arts MARSHALL HY SON "Junior" Industrial Arts Y . M . C . A . JAMES JACKSON "Buzz" Student Council Industrial Arts X ODIE McCOY "Sport" Tri -M LA. Kirk Chorus Band DONALD MAYES "Capone" Band I. C . T . Club LEROY JACKSON "Fish" I. C. T. Club Band Track Team WAYNE JUSTICE "Music Man" Band I Kirk Chorus NAPOLEON LITTLEFIELD ..Nap.. Baseball Team Student Council JOHNNY LUSK ul-'B' ll I.C.T. Club Hi'Y ROY RAY PERRY "Baby Face" Glee Club Industrial Arts EDDIE PRICE "Cuban" Football Team Industrial Arts Hall Patrol JAMES PRYOR III num.. Student Council LA. Kirk Chorus Editor - THE LION JOHN SCOTT "Fonzo" N. F. A. I-Ii -Y ROBERT NELSON "Shorty" Industrial Arts Hi -Y OLLIE NICHOLS "Big Nick" Football Team Basketball Team CHARLES SOLOMON "Sal" N. F. A. Basketball Team Football Team HALBERT STERLING nj-ackn Football Team LA. Kirk Chorus SAMUEL STEWART ..Jap.. Band Tri-M, Hi-Y Industrial Arts RICHARD TAPLIN "Io-Boy" N.F.A. , Pep Squad Y . M. C. A . WARREN TENNYSON "Ten" Basketball Team Football Team N. F. A. MELVIN TRUESDALE "Twat" Tri-M, N.H.S. Basketball Team X Au' 'N Ad HERBERT WEAKLY "Shakespeare" Football Team Hi-Y Debating Team DON WILLIAMS llDuCkfl Hi-Y, N. H. S . Student Council OLGA WILLIAMS "Chuck" Football Team Hi-Y STERLING WOODS IR . "Woody" N.F.A. J. A. Kirk Chorus Pep Squad Oops! li We Missed ARTHUR ALEXANDER EUCOLIA ERBY LIZZIE GARRISON EDDIE GILL HMMIE I-IALIBURTON L. S. SIMS GWENDOLYN WHITE The Deadline X, X x X N X X x XXQNX XT vi 5 X x X-Q xx A i x .- ,kiss QNXX gg WN x x si we STAN JUNICRS Q an Nlw HUWWN Dr' n Dorothy Austin Johnnie Bagley Doris Barts Imogene Barts Mary Belcher Daisy Bell Ella Bennett Roy Benns Jessie Benson Lila Benson Nina Bledsoe Bobbie Blocker Codell Bonner Patricia Bradshaw Minnie Bryant Charles Burks Charlene Clardy Barbara Clay Billy Clay Oswald Cockrell Fannie Cook Beatrice Cooper Barbara Cotton Ben Danford Velma Davis Jacqueline Degrate John Dorsey Joyce Dowdy Nelline Duffey Gwendolyn Duncan Frank Epps Laura Estelle Helen Franklin Richard Green Robert Harbert Bettye Harvey Barbara Hodge Sandra Hodge William Hutchinson Ruth Jackson Alvin Johnson Gertrude Johnson Jessie Johnson Laurice Johnson Carolyn King Jo Catherine King George Kirkpatrick Otto Kuykendall Shirley Law Elno Lee Robert Lee Evelyn Leonard Woody Loudres George Love James McCoy Verdie Matthews Ella Maxwell Johnnie Morris Laurice Mosley James E. Nelson Charles Nichols Lula Pearson Alfred Penn Elaine Radford Bobby Randolph Charles Randolph Harold Ross Timothy Scott Walter Scott Shirley Sexton Elizabeth Slaughter Ronnie Smart Ewell Smith Josephine Smith Loretta Snell Anniece Stewart James Taplin Mary E. Taylor Charles Thomas Jo Ann Thomas Ruby Turner Verdie Tyrone Charlotte Walker William Walton Nancy Williams Carolyn Winfield Victor Woods Arthur Woodson Gertrude Wynn Hallie Young SQPH Leamon Crayton Charles Daniels Barbara Davis Loretta DeGrate Roosevelt Degrate Carl Douglas Albert Drakes Israel Anderson Kenneth Benton Anna Betters Catherine Betters - 4 Gary Bonds Betty Bonner Jackie Bonner Erma Bowers Evelyn Bowers Percy Brinkley Betty Briscoe Roy Brooks Ella Brown Thelma Brown Elizabeth Bush Woody Clardy Elmer Cole Zelma Cole Cecil Cooper Johnnie Cox l...........................V H. YYVV -A E- - e - Robert Drakes Shirley Dunmore Viola Eaves Patricia Ewing Viola Foster Beverly Franklin Marion George Carolyn Giles Billy Gill Richard Givens Lonnie Gordon Roscoe Graves Addie Green Shirley Greenwood Marva Griffin Shirley Gross Larry Green Jolmnie Hackworth Helen Haliburton Ida Haskin I Patricia Hatchett Helen Harris Martha Harris Vivian Harris Maurine Henderson Richard Henderson Joyce Hicks Ella Judie Nona Kirkpatrick Cheryl Keezee Rosia Lee Freddie Lewis Helen Lewis Betty Long Margie Hicks Bobby Hightower Patricia Hilliard Joan I-Iolbert Charles Hollins Katherine Howard Christene Hutchinson Joyce Jackson Rebecca Jackson Marjorie James Arleta Johnson Delores Johnson Gloria Johnson Katherine Johnson Robert Johnson Rosie Johnson Stella Johnson Charles Jones Gloria Jones Janice Jones Freddie Long Rosalind Lovett Marvelus Mack James McCutcheon Morris McCutcheon Earthene Moore Robert Mosley Maxine Murray Claudia New Vera Nora Maxie Oliver Mable Palmer Barbara Pryor Ernest Reed Dianne Richards Choice Richardson Vernon Ritcherson L. S. Roddy I0 Ann Rollins Janice Sharkey Adell Sims Marion Slaughter Jo Ann Snell Jimmy Summers Minnie Terry Mary Tennyson Cortez Thomas Larry Thomas Evelyn Thompson Barbara Toliver Arthur Turner Willie Turner Stanley Walker Tommie Walker Yvette Warren Earnestine Washington Patsy Watch Barbara Watkins Alex Wheeler Evelyn White James White Jessie White Freddie Whitfield Willie Whitfield Hazel Wilkerson Carolyn Williams Collus Williams , Y "0 . r Af- A-alpnnvm-Q-r Wanda Williams Bobbie Wilson Charlene Wilson Charles Wilson Christene Wilson Ora Wyatt Larry Wydermyer D FRESHMEN as 1 xxtq - Q x y X K X Nm uw- 'x YS we Q 'X W Min is QS N - . xxx ,NX ,434 g : .w.,,.XXi., n,..g,l- X- x X KSA X Ronald Abercrombie Charles Alexander Evelyn Arnic Ruby Baisy Glenderene Beck A Verdie Bledsoe Victoria Bonner Elvis Brooks Ava Brown Shirley Brown Theodore Bryant Barbara Carr Maggie Chatman Pearlie Curtis .George Danford Erse Davis Helen Davis Lillian Degrate in i 2... , .L,p.:sAa,g.: ...n.-:....-.a... - ,, Beverly Delap Johnny Ferrell John Flowers David Foster Anthony Fulbright Charles Gilbert James Gregory Henry Hamilton Norma Hardin Glodine Harris Marjorie Harris Claudine Henderson Evelyn Holmes Ruby Holmes - Donna Howard Janet Hunter Joyce Hutchinson A, ,....i.....x4..m.-m...4.ks..,.-..., ,.- .-.-....n.n4gw.A........-,. ,,. .. Donald Ritcherson Jerry Roddy Dorothy Ross Gwendolyn Ross Larry Sadler Sandra Sadler Joyce Satchell Addie Scenters Walter Scott Elizabeth Smith Delores Taylor Linda Turner Shirley Vaughn Sam Wallace Katie Walker Delores Warren Dianne Watkins Brenda Wilkins Seley Williams Beverley Witherspoon Faye Johnson Johnnie Johnson Ruby Johnson Mary Joiner Joyce King Ronnie King Dennis Kirkpatrick Daniel Kuykendall Mary Manos Rickey Manning Anthony Majors Mary Martin Juantia Nowod Carol Palmer Marjorie Payne Dorothy Radford Bobby Randolph Ida Reed 5 J WE MADE IT SOME HOW Helen Mildred Chew Degrate J un1or Junior John Allen Oliver Baker Evelyn Bryant William Carter Bobby Cummings Barbara Daniels Ocie Davis James Douglas James Ervin Ocie Estelle Micheal Evans Wilbert Foreman James Foster Delores Allen Milton Banks Paul Battle Carolyn Bonner Odis Bonner Earlene Brandon Sandra Brown LaCharles Burks Woody Clardy Homer Clark Melvin Cook Minnie Curtis John Duffey Marion Eaves Floyd Giles Elcea Glenn Virginia Joanette Dorothy Sandra 1-Iyson Walton Toliver Hammond Junior Junior Junior Freshman WE MISSED IT I UN IORS Donald Garret Bernice Hamilton Ethel Harris Joseph Hawthorne Ruby Henry Billy Hill Eugene Hines Kate James Charles Jefferson Gerald Jones Robert Jordan Thomas Kelly Willie Kelly SOPHOMORES Dave Harris Irene Holder Mildred Hutchinson Emmanuel Irvin Carrie Jackson Edward Jackson Dorothy James Lawrence Johnson Charles Jones Lonnie Jordan Ray Kirkpatrick Almeta Lee Mae Lockhart Charles Lowe Dorothy Miles Evelyn Murry 70 Curtis Langford Sterling Langford Richard Lee Arthur McCoy Williard McGowan Edna Perkins Carl Redrick Emerson Sims Jimmie Smith Clarence Stevenson George Watkins Taylor Perkins Bobbie Phillips Robert Phillips George Porter Alton Robinson Bury Shaw George Shields Charles Smith Carolyn Walton Paul Washington Johnny Webster Evelyn White Alvin Williams Billy Williams Billie Wilson FAVORITES :A w xx 1 E 4 N I 4 1 r 1 V 1 r w i , , I 4 N g,..,.--,, ..., E 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 , 1 I 1 1 + 1 1 i 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 i 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 .Lx 1 1 73 . 1 .,..... 1 1 f Q4 4 1 J 1 l 1 J r 1 74 1 iiwe -f-1 ' ff l i i Q il 4 1 S 3 I E 75V L , , , ,,, E 4 i 1 76 4 1 w 1 1 I A ao L L, W Y 1 1 1 1 L 1 4 1 I 1 - i 1 3 K L +A,,,., ,, ,.. 1 1 I 4 Hattie Kaye Bonner received the highest rating in the 1962 Search for the American Homemaker of Tomorrow Contest. This test was given to Senior Girls. 86 Dwayne Earl Bilton was awarded a S100 Saving Bond for his first place Broadcast Script in the An- nual Voice of Democracy Contest sponsored by The Veterans of Foreign Wars, Waco Post 2148. 87 1 4 AMBITION UNLIMITED AMBITIOUS SALESMAN AMBITIOUS SALESLADY This energetic couple won their titles by the hard work and cooperation shown by them during the patron campaign. . 88 MOST POPULAR BOY Victor Woods MOST POPULAR GIRL Charlene Clardy JUNIOR CLASS 90 MOST VERSATILE BOY Robert Lee MOST VERSAT ILE GIRL Ruth Jackson MOST ATTRACTIVE GIRL Lila Benson MOST HANDSOME BOY Willard McGowan FAVORITES MOST STUDIOUS BOY Robert Harbert MOST STUDIOUS GIRL Laura Estelle -9'l SOPHOMORE FAVORITES MOST POPULAR GIRL MOST ATTRACTIVE GIRL Iris Bonner Yvette Warren MOST POPULAR BOY MOST HANDSOME BOY Larry Thomas Robert Drakes MOST STUDIOUS GIRL - Loyce Walton MOST STUDIOUS BOY Richard Givens 92 FRESHMAN FAVORITES MOST POPULAR GIRL Glodean Harris MOST POPULAR BOY George Danforth MOST ATTRACTIVE GIRL Diane Watkins MOST HANDSOME BOY Johnny Johnson MOST ST UDIOUS GIRL Pearlie Curtis MOST ST UDIOUS BOY Joel Kelly -W'--f-"W --aff -ff -- - " 1 V F N i V I I A 1 f . 'E I E. E f . l ,.. 52 Z in , r lj I 1 Ei 1 1 1 r l I 1 F 94 4 VA , . hai'-J-um '-5 - J y I U N 941 '- .- 5 fa : gd if if x N 3 , ex I 3 55 :-1. W I Y M I X QS, wt gr s . wlx M , '- 3 , Yu I :Xu uf . U - II? I s 1, Ls. I., Kg Qxvv' Q di S 5 U vfgk N fibw ' xnxx Q xx, xtsd xx ACTIVITIES SN SENIOR HIGH KING AND QUEEN Queen Linda Mathis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Mathis. Mrs. L, H. Wilkins is sponsor. King Alvin Johnson, son of Mr: and Mrs. Alvin Johnson, Sr. Sponsor, Mr. Vernon I-licks. 96 JUNIOR HIGH KING AND QUEEN Queen Cheryl Moore, daughter of Mrs. Mildred Dillard. Sponsor, Mrs. V. E. Malone. King Benny Scott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Davis. Sponsor, Mrs. A. M. Randle. 97 1 1 i use ' X X X X X V. 1 figs 5 ' -Sis NXUS XX X X 5 if 'u A X l 3. R Sin X- S it X f xomeww W MW XM fx is 5 Q, X X . Xi. S . --XX-X X4 . VX., RN .T ..k. Q I S X11 asus .XXX ,rX X3 1 . Nui gs X S .X X- Q, 5 li li XX kk X X. X , Xa X XX X XX XX, 9 ,:ZE?I'.? XXX: ,X ,- TT' S 52 .X-X X. .XX - 3, X X X X X X X N S: X S EX sf! seg ww X X X N Y -1 XX l. -AX. QA 7 Q NS: XX ws. 3 'S Rx QX X XX- XS X XY: vw Q X X Q XQQX XXX? X X XSXQQ X X W7 71 ' ff' X ::f.:1s:::X X - QVWZW' ,QW .Sk ,, A L.: X X QQ! E Qi if 5 X 5'-Q X SEI XS X if .X A Q 1 x xx W x x 3 Q N Q 5 X. wx ? Q, 'G Q. X .Q -iw Q: Aswan? X 4 4 . ,X . SQ YN x X X R Sm xx fxl ak 'ss 5 HW : X, ..: :QQ 1: iq X. SX XQN N if fmgx 3 SQ .vw bf . Y 1 w, Q:-.,,:5g,: I 15 :5:::5-sae-ESM Q l P3 K X . . . 4 .... .:.,,x,. . X... Nm . NX x. HN f -xxx :ww ggi :4.,.51::.:.:.f,," ,.,.,. 2 J- it 5 ,z r:::-5535555 'X ---- XNR5 Nt.. ' c i. x my . s Y X .5 Q55 ::-.A,-my . -::. S ix Xxx 3 X x X xg? Xe Qi X SR . i Q - S S , H+., . www WW wk in X S S. 3.5 :S 922 E si 'W-will as gk X K. 2 s S S S "HOMECOMING '61 " THE LION SWEETHEART IS CROWNED Miss Elno Lee, Lion Sweetheart, is crowned by school Principal, Mr. J. J. Wilson. Melvin Hackworth is her escort. The 1961 Homecoming observance at Moore High was marked by a week of activi- ties designed to heighten the spirit of the entire school and its alumni. Pep rallies, Victory March, color day, Homecoming Sock Hop, auction of players equipment and the traditional bonfire were highlights of the week. Scenes from the celebration are shown onthe following pages. The greatest thrill of Homecoming came when the MIGHTY LIONS defeated the Lincoln High Tigers of Dallas in the traditional Homecoming game. I00 "HOMECOMING '61 " Shirley Jean Woods, Sweetheart Students show spirit at annual Bon- Runner-up. fire pep rally. THE LIONETTES were one of the many organizations participating in the grand Victory March, preceding the Homecoming game. U . 'K Carver High School's Sweetheart Delzie Clay promotes Homecoming and pep squad salute Lion Sweet- spirit in pep talk to student body. heart of 1961. lOl 1 MRS. HOMECCMING l02 PTA PRESIDENT AND MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN PARTICIPATE IN I-IOMECOMING Mrs. Ruth Cooper and Mrs. Mabel Boggess The Moore High P, T, A. is one of the strongest supports behind the success of Moore High. Under the leadership of Mrs. Ruth Cooper, it has sponsored many bene- ficial projects. Outstanding among its many activities is the purchase of 25 fans to cool the classrooms during the warm months. Mrs. Mabel Boggess, membership chair man, closed out her campaign with a record number of 540 members. The annual Halloween Carnival and the Art and Flower Show are projects of this organization also. l03 "BABY 0F THE YEAR" VERCINDA RUTH BURKS Vercinda Ruth Burks, the seven month old daughter of Rev. and Mrs. N. T. Burks, Jr. , was chosen Moore High School Baby of the Year. I-Iomeroorn Sponsor, Mr. W. T. Dever. Baby Contestants and Parents '04 VALENTINE SWEETHEARTS SENIOR HIGH SWEETHEART Beatrice Cooper 3 vv Aa xg t x 4862 , W 3 xr X N 11 W3 9 -I:- Roses are red, Cupid shoots darts, there's nothing sweeter than Moore's Valentine sweethearts. Beatrice Cooper and Janet Hunter were chosen to reign over the hearts of Lion -Land for 1961 by popular vote of the student body. I UN IOR HIGH SWEETHEART Janet Hllfltel' ll! g l05 GLIMPSES CF '61 Delegates to Student Council James Pryor makes report on work- Workshop. shop. Decorating for Christmas Decorating for Christmas by Junior Student Council. by Senior Student Council, The Bqeam Sweetheart and One of the many Student Council players. Projects is helping the unfortunate. I06 GLIMPSES 0F '61 Consultants for annual career Consultant and advisors work hand conference. in hand. Dr. Wilson of Prairie View A8rM Mrs. Webster. girls' Counselor. College addresses students. addresses entire conference. COHSUIIBHIS e1'1j0y delightful meal. Secretary gives report of career group. l lov MR. AND MISS JUNIOR CLASS .J 'E Ronnie Smart and Elaine Radford Ronnie Smart and Elaine Radford won the title, Mr. and Miss Junior Class, because of their salesmanship during the ticket sale for the JUNIOR CAVALCADE OF STARS, Mr. and Miss Jtmior Class and Runners-up, Elno Lee and Victor Woods. I08 ...MA ... ,KH ,,,, HA, .gg -- , 'G x x ' - . 14 +4 B, , 4334 x AM ' 'ip ' X CRGANIZATIONS 'iq f Q 12- 5.15 P N1 X '- Q x, '25 gn: 123, QA gf 5 1 9-4 -- 2 I ,:,. Q X . X ,:-,,.:- i ' - " 2 w 25511995 em Q fs ' N ' Q. , as YSHWXWQX 1 In The Junior Student Council. Ronald Abercrombie is president. Sponsors are Mr. A. J. Hat- chett, Mrs. T. F. Arnold, and Mrs. L. R. Brown. The Senior Student Council affords many students experiences in leadership. Donald Dorsey served as president for this year. Charles Green, vice presidentg Delzie Clay, secretary, Kaye Bonner, assistant secretary, Sherbert Weakley, treasurerg Joshualyn Iglehart, girls' representa- tive, place Ig Billye Woods, girls' representative, place llg Isabella Hicks, parliamentariang and Nancy Hatcher, historian. no as l s HARRY T. BURLEIGH CHORUS The Harry T. Burleigh Chorus and The Ambassadors were honored by being selected to perform at the Homecoming Vesper Hour held at Prairie View College on November 11, 1961 This occasion was forthcoming because of the selection of Director Dillard Warner as out- standing alumnus of the year. At the close of the program, a baton was presented to Mr. i D. L. Warner and a silver plaque to the group. The Harry T. Burleigh Chorus and The Ambassadors were also the guests to Ft. Hood Army Base on December 10, 1961. They rendered several concerts for the bedconfined patients in the wards and also at the service clubs. 1 P W N GIRLS' GLEE CLUB - MR. D. L. WARNER. Sponsor. AMBASSADORS - MR. D. L. WARNER, Sponsor I I2 I. A. KIRK CHORUS These singers have pleasant experiences in all lines of endeavor listed for fel- lowship through music. CHAPTER 409 MODERN MUSIC MASTERS FIRST ROW: Kathe Wilson, Percy Maxwell, Elno Lee. SECOND ROW: Sandra Toliver, Laurice Mosely, Kaye Bonner, Laura Wells. THIRD ROW: Henry Anthony, Oswald Cockrell, Don A. Williams, James Pryor, III. FOURTH ROW: Odie McCoy, Samuel Stewart, Ronald Dorsey, President, Melvin Truesdale. This is a Chapter of a national Music Honor Society which evokes respect and reverence, sustains morale and develops a sense' of belonging among members who strive to be of service through music to school, church, and community. . A us TWIRLERS - V. E. LANE, Sponsor In front, leader Mattie Brown. From left to right: Barbara Carr, Barbara Clay, Yvette Warren, Beatrice Cooper, Vera Nora, Helen Harris, assistant leader Delzie Clay, and Minnie Bryant. "TWIRLERS ON PARADE" I B4 The Lionettes fDrill Corpsj is composed of forty-seven girls. This group 'performs military maneuvers and various routines during the football season. KATHE WILSON, Student Leader DOROTHY STEWART, Ass't. Student Leader KAYE BONNER, Secretary MRS. LOYCE H. WILKINS, Director Q These faithful pep squad members boosted the morale of the student body as well as the A morale of the football team. SHIRLEY TINSLEY, Student Leader RUTH JACKSON, Ass't. Leader MRS. E. E. WISE, Director Il5 JUNIOR N.H.A,. , Sponsor, Miss V. D. Whitaker. SENIOR HIGH N,H,A,, Sponsors, Mrs. V. E. Lane and Mrs. D. S. Jackson President, Billye Woods II6 INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Mr. E. M. Maddox, Sponsor President, Charles Greeng Secretary, Shirley Grayg State Treasurer, Theodore Campbellg State Secretary, Delzie Clay. Industrial Cooperative training fits boys and girls for useful employment in occupations of their choice in which there are available openings. A II7 Y va, W nl, Yi CAFETERIA MONITORS - E. O. King, Sponsor. .FIRST ROW, from left to right, seated: Wayne Justice, James Pryor, Donald Dorsey, Samuel Stewart, Napoleon Littlefield. SECOND ROW, from left to right, standing: Dwayne Bilton, Odie McCoy, Eddie Price, Harold Anthony, Melvin Truesdale, Charles Green. FIRE PATROL - C. O. Jones, Sponsor. From left to right, seated: Dwayne Bilton, Donald Dorsey, Melvin Truesdale, Ronald Dorsey, Theodore Campbell. SECOND ROW, from left to right, standing: Lonnie Hunt, Odie McCoy, James Pryor, Harold Anthony, Napoleon Littlefield, Samuel Stewart, Charles Green. Il8 THE ELM- WOOD Y -TEENS The Y-Teens is the- Teen-age organization of the Y. W. C. A. , a Christian organization in 65 countries. Our goal is to find and give the best. Oak-Leaf Y-Teens club seeks to find and give the best at all times. Sponsored by Mrs C. C. Bolin. II9 OLIVE LEAF Y-TEENS FIRST ROW: Gwendolyn Smith, Delores Degrate, Sandra Rollins, Algerita Watkins, Claudia , Holmes, Secretary, and Mary Richardson. SECOND ROW: Stella Bowden, Los Mixon, Ozea Freeman, Alice Franklin, and Carolyn Hall. THIRD ROW: Doris' Lewis, Patricia Burren, Pres. . Barbara Bell, and Maryland Edward. Mrs. M. C. Brown, Sponsor. HI-Y CLUB ' B THE PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high stand- ards of Christian character. l20 JUNIOR RED CROSS ROW ACROSS: George Shields, Bernice Hamilton, Helen Chew, Ernestine Hayes, Joshualyn Iglehart, Shirley Woods, and Charles Etta Shepherd. ROW DOWN: Clirnmie Williams, Verdie Matthews, Marshall Hyson, and Choice Richardson. JUNIOR CAMP FIRE WACINTON Ir. High Camp Fire Group. President, Regina Kellyg vice-President, Cleopatra Wi11iamS:Sponsor, Miss E. L. Johnson. I2l THE JUNIOR HIGH RED CROSS Mrs. M. C. Brown, Sponsor FIRST ROW: Richard Watkins, Latricia Benson, Barbara Moore, Louis Penny. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Hall, Gwendolyn Ross, Claudia Richardson, Winfred Powell. THIRD ROW: Claudis Holmes, Seley Williams, Mary Wagner. I "EARLY MORNING WILLING WORKERS" I MOORE HIGI-H.IGHT STAFF Miss E. O. King, Sponsor Mrs. M. B. Pryor, Sponsor Sherbert Weakly, Isabella Hicks, Mable SEATED: Mattie Brown, Isabella Hicks, Carter, Delzie Clay, Ioshualyn Iglehart, Lonnie Hunt, Geneva Haskins, Shirley Tin- Charles Green. PICTURES NOT INCLUDED: sley, Charles Green, Nancy Hatchett, James Jackson and Donald Mays. STANDING: Blanche Estelle, Edna Perkins, Willie Emerson. I 22 1 THE PROGRESSORS CLUB Mr. E. P. Ford, Sponsor FIRST ROW: Israel Anderson, George Shields, Collus Williams, Freddie Whitfield, Albert Dralces. SECOND ROW: Joan I-Iolbert, Yvette Warren, Iris Bonner, Evelyn Thompson, Jo Anne Snell, Dianne Richards. THIRD ROW: Rosco Graves, Barbara Pryor, Charles Jones, Choice Richardson, Katherine Howard, Alex Wheeler. Joyce Hicks and Vivian Harris, OMITTED ON SECOND ROW. MOTTO: "Progress is our most important project." DRIVERS' EDUCATION CLASS Mr. L. H. Ritcherson, Teacher FIRST ROW: Ethel Harris, Dora Spratt, Ewell Caldwell, Isreal Anderson, Sandra Toliver, Stew- art Brown. SECOND ROW: Annie Johnson, Lillian Taylor, Cecil Gayle, Jimmie Smith, A1- bertha smith, Blanche Estelle, Shirley Evans, Billy Hutchinson, Johnny Lusk, Roy Perry, Charles Bibles. l23 THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY, Kirk -Wilson Chapter, is composed of tenth through twelfth grade students with averages of 90 and above. Mrs. M. B. Pryor, Sponsor NEW FARMERS OF AMERICA, Mr. F. A. Mosley, Sponsor l24 WISETTES I V FIRST ROW: Percy Maxwell. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Stewart, Harriet Wilson, Sandra Toliver Walterine Hicks, Thelma Brooks, Kathe Wilson, Mattie Brown and Shirley Gray. FRIENDSHIP ON PARADE FIRST ROW: Odie McCoy. SECOND ROW: Marva Griffin, Ruth Jackson. THIRD ROW: Char- lene Wilson, Ronald Dorsey, Laurice Johnson, Evelyn Thompson, Codell Bonner, James Willie Doris Barts, Kathryn Howard, Elno Lee, Halbert Sterling, Christina Wilson. Combined music classes, II, III, IV, show the art of getting along together in annual production, "Friendship on Parade. " l25 HIGH-STEPPING MAJORETTES Mrs.. G. P. DeBose, Sponsor FIRST ROW: Elaine Radford, Mary Evelyn Taylor. CENTER: Walterine Hicks, captain. SEC OND ROW: Shirley Sexton, Codell Bonner. Only a segment of the band is in this picture. The band numbers sixty-two pieces. RONALD DORSEY, Drum Major MR. D. N. ROWE, Instructor I26 HOMEROOM 8A1 MRS. G. P. DeBOSE, Teacher Lugene James, Rosalind Jones, President, Mamie King, Etta George, Sharon Tillis, Ruth Harris, General Whitfield, Mozelle Caldwell, Latricia Benson. SECOND ROW: Betty Howard, Ollie Ridge, Jewel Blanco, Thelma Crane, Rubbie Brown, Evelyn Degrate, Betty Estelle, Annie Clay Vera Brown, Barbara Moore, and Evelyn Gregory. THIRD ROW: Euwart Anderson, Willie Mc- Donald, Aaron Black, Harold Manning, Randall Richardson, Benny Scott, Eugene Williams, Cheyenne Eichelberger, Mrs. G. P. DeBose, Homeroom Teacher. HOMEROOM 8A2 MISS E. L. JOHNSON, Teacher I President, Rayford Birks, Vice President, Gaynelle Griffin, and Miss E. L. Johnson, Teacher. FIRST ROW: Alice Cooks, Marjorie Cavitt, Roscoe Abercrombie, Billy Scott, Norris Batts, Don- ald Mucker, Hazel Pimpton, Alma Hicks, Patricia Ferguson. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Hall, Shirley Ridge, R. C. Reed, Gaynelle Griffin, James Hackworth, Doris Lewis, Patricia Burren. THIRD ROW: Eddie Kirkpatrick, Lewis Ritcherson, Rayford Birks, Thomas Brooks, Harold Green- wood, Timothy Williams, Samuel Forney, Roy McLennan, and Linda Smith. l27 ' HOMEROOM SA3 MRS. M. C, BROWN, Sponsor Robbie Brooks, Cecilia Richardson, Theodora Kelly, Betty Grays, Barbara Leonard, James Bet- ters, Albert Gregory, Betty Hicks, and Jerry Martin. SECOND ROW: Leslie Clark, Helen Ward Doris Jones, Viola Payne, Joy Hunter, Ollie Ervin, Cheryl Moore, Katherine Duffey, Mary Kin- dred, Gussie Redrick, and David Stubblefield. THIRD ROW: Joe Tubbs, Willie Washington, Cecil Webster, Lillie Williams, L. J. Johnson, Alice Ford, Robert Satchell, Hubert Lee, Clau- dia Richardson, Freddie Dixon, Carl Shields, Alonzo Taylor, James Williams, Arthur Brown, Willie Wilson, -and Theodore Abercrombie. HOMEROOM SA4 MRS. D. M. RADFORD, Teacher FIRST ROW: Richard Watkins, Elizabeth Arberry, Doris Smith, Eva Webb, Betty Hicks, Via Jean Cook, William Sauls and Kenneth Hilliard. SECOND-ROW: Robert Harris, Jimmy Bibles, William Watkins, Mary Sterling, Regina Thompson, Sarah Henderson, Joyce Bohannan, Billie K. Epperson, Brenda Shores, and Alfred Johnson. THIRD ROW: Louis Penny, Raymond Davis, Robert Dunn, James Holder, Cleo Brown, Donald Boldridge, Larry Johnson, Charles Davis, Os- car Wheeler, Jimmy Sauls and Richard Bible. FOURTH ROW: Donald Hicks, Clyde Brown, Robert Wilkerson, Luke Renfro, and Rayfield Williams. ' I28 I HOMEROOM 9A1 MR. L. L. LEONARD, Teacher AIM: "Never Arriving, always aspiring." HOMEROOM 9A3 MR. A. I. HATCI-IETT, Teacher FIRST ROW: Clarence Scott, David Freeman, Eddie Mack, Mary Manos, Juanita Norwood. SECOND ROW: Claudine Henderson, Shirley Irvin, Helen Davis, Beverly Witherspoon, Mr. Hatchett. THIRD ROW: Roy Bailey, Johnny Ferrel, Samiwallace, James Tatum, Charles Har ris, Henry Walker. FOURTH ROW: Tommy Epperson, Jimmy Taplin, Henry Hamilton, Arrie Harris, Dwayne Johnson, Alfred Bogans, Ronnie Walker, Dona1d'Sanford. I29 HOMHQOOM 9A4 MRS. C. B. BOLIN, Teacher FIRST ROW: Mrs. C. B. Bolin, Ruby Holmes, Ronnie Walker, Mary Joiner, Marcellus Richard- son, Ruby Johnson, Donald Richardson, Joyce Johnson. SECOND ROW: George Dandford, Lillian Degrate, Joe Arthur Smith, Carolyn Rollins, Charles Ervin, Katie Walker, S. P. Pimpton. THIRD ROW: Walter Scott, Henry Webb, Melvin Dotson, Victoria Bonner, Ronald King, Otis Tucker, Arthur Gainous, Elvis Brooks. HOMEROOM 9A6 MRS. L. R. BROWN, Teacher ' FIRST ROW: Stanley Morgan, Felcy Leonard, Charles Toliver, Mary Martin, Marjorie Harris. SECOND ROW: James Gregory, Elroy Cross, Glendarene Beck, Theodore Bryant, Brenda Wilkins Mrs. M. C. Brown, David Foster. THIRD ROW: Doloris Warren, Charles Gilbert, Dorothy Kel- ly. FOURTH ROW: Lawerence Wilkerson, Adolphus Williams, Dorothy Radford, Frank Watch, Harold Granger, Anthony Majors, Faye Johnson, Pearlie Curtis. FIFTH ROW: Norma Hardin, Evelyn Holmes, Joel Kelly, Gwendolyn Taylor, Evelyn Arnic, Erse Davis, Ava Nell Brown. l30 HOMEROOM 10A3 MR. VERNON HICKS, Teacher FIRST ROW: Lawrence Johnson, Melvin Cooke, Henry Duffey, Otis Bonner, Charles Lowe, Lar- ry Mason. SECOND ROW: Charles Jones, Paul Washington, Larry Wydermyer, Arthur Turner, Kenneth Benton, Billy Gill, Bobby Hightower. THIRD ROW: Taylor Perkins, Henry Masters, Dave Harris, Freddie Lewis, Alex Wheeler, Choice Richardson, Cecil Cooper, George Kirkpat- rick, George Shields. HOMEROOM 10A4 MRS. E. E. WISE, Teacher FIRST ROW: Margie James, Marvilus Mack, Arletha Johnson, Bettye Bonner, Marion Slaughter, Helen Johnson, Leamon Crayton, Joan I-Iolbert. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Williams, Stella John- son, Barbara Pryor, Vivian Harris, Addie Davis, Helen Lewis, Patricia Hatchett, Barbara Toliver Mrs. E. E. Wise, Bobbie Wilson, Lucille Dixon, Deloris Johnson, Climmie Williams, Catherine Howard, Frances Washington, Addie Green. I3l HOMEROOM 10A6 MR. D. L. WARNER, Teacher FIRST ROW: Viola Foster, Irene Holder, Mary Tennyson, Claudia New, Earlene Brandon, Johnnie Hackworth. SECOND ROW: Mr. D. L. Warner, Hazel Wilkinson. THIRD ROW: Gary Bond, Alton Robinson, Richard Hen- G derson, Billy Shaw, Floyd Giles, Richard Givins, Morris McCutcheon. HOMEROOM 1OA'7 MRS. B. M. LEWIS, Teacher FIRST ROW: Martha Harris, Zelma Cole, Thelma Brown, Robert Drakes, Diane Richards. SEC OND ROW: I essie White, Collus Williams, Percy Brinkley, Wanda Williams, Albert Drakes. THIRD ROW: Edward Jackson, Charles Daniel, Elcea Glynn, S. L. Roddy. l32 HOMEROOM llA3 MRS. M. B. PRYOR, Teacher FIRST ROW: Helen Chew, Ruth Jackson, Evelyn Leonard, Sondra Hodge, Ruby Turner, Anniece Stewart. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Slaughter, Lila Benson, Albertha Smith, Helen Franklin, James Nelson, Ruby Henry. THIRD ROW: Doris Batts, Izetta Davis, Edna Perkins, Joyce Farmer Edna Smith, Ethel Harris, Codell Bonner. HOMEROOM 1lA4 MRS. O. E. WHITE, Teacher FIRST ROW: Jo King, Carolyn Winfield, Ella Maxwell, Nina Bledsoe, Elno Lee, Mary Belcher. SECOND ROW: Mrs. O. E. White, Berniece Hamilton, Imogene Batts, Myretha Brooks, Kate Dell James. THIRD ROW: Charlotte Walker, Jo Ann Thomas, Barbara Clay, Dorothy Hubert. FOURTH ROW: Laurice Mosely, Loretta Snell, Velma Davis. STANDING: Barbara Daniels, Barbara Hodge, Lula Pearson, Billie Mitchell. I33 Q J HOMEROOM l1A5 MR. W. O. DAVIS, Teacher FIRST ROW: Curtis Langford, Joseph Hawthorne. SECOND ROW: James Foster, Willard Mc- Gowan, George Watkins, Gerald Jones. THIRD ROW: Mr. W. O. Davis, Bobbie Cummings, John Allen, Clarence Stevenson, Arthur Woodson, Michael Evans, Ocie Estelle, Eugene Hines, Arthur McCoy, Oliver Baker. ' HoMERooM 11A6 MR. M. DAWSON, Teacher FIRST ROW: Donald Garrett, Oswald Cockrell, Harold Ross, Ronnie Smart, Victor Woods, Frank Epps. SECOND ROW: Robert Jordon, Ewell Smith, Billy Clay, Woodie Loudres. THIRD ROW: Ocie Davis, Richard Lee, Wilbert Foreman, James Douglas. FOURTH ROW: William Walton, Sterling Langford, George Love. I34 1 6 I HOMEROOM 11A'7 MR. R. H. HARDMAN, Teacher FIRST ROW: Otto Kuykendall, Mable Carter, Gertrude Johnson, Gertrude Wynne, Elaine Radford, Ben Dandford. SECOND ROW: Virginia Hyson, Shirley Law, Barbara Cotton, Joanette Walton, Daisy Bell. THIRD ROW: Katherine Reed, Laura Estelle, Mary Mangrum, Elvassie Sanders, Lu- gene Linn. FOURTH ROW: Virgil Heslip, Charlie Betters, Buzz Jackson, Bobby Randolph. HOMEROOM 12A5 MR. S. E. DICKEY, Teacher FIRST ROW: Ewell Caldwell, Johnny Lusk, Chestine Perry, Bessie Clark, James Baldwin, Mr. S. E. Dickey, Samuel Stewart, Jessie Henderson, Freddie Lewis, Laura Wells, Lonnie Hunt, Mary ' Williams, Willie Shepherd, Napoleon Littlefield, Dora Spratt, Donald Mays, Eddie Price, Charles Green, Charles Shepard, Olga Williams, L. S. Sims. l35 HOMEROOM 12A1 MR. E. M. MADDOX, Teacher FIRST ROW: Melvin Hackworth, Donald Dorsey, Ivran Hicks, Dwayne Bilton, Robert Nelson, Mr. E. M. Maddox. SECOND ROW: Melvin Truesdale, Marshall Hyson, Willie Emerson, James Pryor, Don Williams, L. T. Blocker, Harold King, Warren Tennyson. THIRD ROW: Donald Harris, Odie McCoy, James Richardson, Billy Davis, Charles Solomon, Wayne Justice. HOMEROOM l2A2 MRS. L. H. WILKINS, Teacher FIRST ROW: Nancy Hatcher, Sherbert Weakly, Joyce Hall, Shirley Gray, Jewel Allen, Mattie Brown. SECOND ROW: Erma Clark, Grace Manning, Patricia Hodge, Virginia Douglas, Verdie Miles. THIRD ROW: Ernestine Hayes, Harriet Wilson, Lula Hogan, Minnie Tools, Brenda Birks. I36 A , - MAY, ,,,.,,L.-i...-: .. - .Y ,A ----- 'T ' ' I it t HOMEROOM 12A3 MISS C. M. HARRIS, Teacher FIRST ROW: Katherine Walton, Thelma Brooks, Delzie Clay. SECOND ROW: Gloria Shields, Carol Greenwood, Elzie Bonner, Delores West, Lona Wallace. THIRD ROW: Shirley Evans, Shirley Woods, Isabella Hicks, Anice Grays, Walterine Hicks, Charles E. Bowers. FOURTH ROW: Kaye Bonner, Ioshualyn Iglehart. FIFTH ROW: Saundra Toliver, Kathe Wilson. SIXTH ROW: Doris McDowell, Percy Maxwell. HOMEROOM 12A4 MR. C. L. WILBURN, Teacher FIRST ROW: Billye Woods, Alvin Hubert, Dorothy Stewart, Theodore Campbell, Geneva Haskins, Vera Bush, Sterling. SECOND ROW: Annie Johnson, Lillian Taylor, Cecil Gayle, Mattie Foster, Roy Perry, Richard Taplin. THIRD ROW: Stewart Brown, John Scott, Halbert Sterling, Ronnie Haliburton, Mr. C. L. Wilburn. I37 ATHLETICS X -.5 .XS x lqbb: W X 5 N f x E : 1 . ' ' Q t X . a X f 2 e X 'f 7 0 , lf K X X : 1 ' N .. Xfswwsx. ,RQ . X: i fussy YZ F T Ynsruug -.v ,,,,.. 7TH GRADE TEAM Coach W. T. Dever 8TH GRADE TEAM Coach Leon Cashaw 9TH GRADE TEAM ' Coach C. L. Wilburn I39 ,..,, ,,M,.J,,.,,u5,.....v1-.g',L. U A, ,, HE T SPIRIT BEHIND THE LIONS MATTIE BROWN SHIRLEY TINSLEY Leader of Twirlers - Senior Leader of "Pep" - Senior I40 H E SPIRIT BEHIND THE LIONS I I WALTERINE mcxs I KATHE WILSON Majorette Capt. - Sr. Drill Calif- ' Sf- I4I I FOOTBALL TEAM AND COACHING STAFF Left to right: Coach Vernon I-licks, Backfield Coachg Maurice Dawson Line Coachg and L. H. Ritcherson, HEAD COACH. Co-Captains, Ronnie Haliburton and Eddie Price. l42 SENIOR BASKETBALL PLAYERS BASKETBALL TEAM STARTING FIVE "B" BASKETBALL AND FOOTBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: Trainer, D. Harris, F. Lewis, P. Battle, L. Thomas A. Hamilton. SECOND ROW: I. Standifer, T. Woods, T. Perkins, H. Clark, M. McCutcheon, G. Shields. 1 P A. Turner, R. Johnson, I. Anderson, I. Shores, I. Summers, C. Cook, C. Cooper. SECOND ROW: G. Bonds, R. Grays, J. Webster, C. Wil- liams, S. Langford, C. Douglas, C. Redrick, A. Hamilton. THIRD ROW: P. Brinkley, J. Standifer, M. Truesdale, H. Clark, R. Givens, and Trainer R. Freeman. FOURTH ROW: G. Proctor, C. Redrick, C. Williams, B. Darby, A. Woodson, and L. Thomas. I44 Q TRACK 440 yard relay team: L. Jackson, Z. Jack- Alfred Green, District 440 yard champ. Best son, E. Sims, A. Green. time 50-1- Z S. Woods, Z. Jackson, E. Hines, L. Jackson, B. Hill, V. Woods, W. Jones. TOP ROW: H. Clark, C. Nichols, E. Sims, A. Green, T. Woods, R. Lee, S. Ellis, W. Littlejohn. 1 Q GIRLS' TRACK TEAM AAAA STATE CHAMPS Left to right: Charlene Wilson, Helen Chew, Minnie Ola Curtis, Ruth Jackson, Fannie Cook. SECOND ROW: Billie Mitchell, Vivian Harris, Frances Washington, Shirley Law and Verta Miles. WINNERS IN THE STATE MEET Left to right: Fannie Cook, Coach E. E. Wise, Minnie Ola Curtis, Frances Washington, Helen Chew, Charlene Wilson, and kneeling, Ruth Jackson. Hats off to Mrs. E. E. Wise, coach for the Girls' Track Tearn. Mrs. Wise worked untiringly with the girls and played a great part in their winning the State meet. I 46 BASEBALL TEAM OF 1962 This year the team has only six returning lettermen, but is expected to repeat last year's fine performance. Mr. Vernon Hicks is baseball coach. ' TENNIS TEAM OF 1962 The tennis team is composed of five boys who saw service last season. Because of outstanding performances in the Interscholastic Meet at Prairie View College last season, much is expected of this team. Mr. Acie I-Iatchett is the coach. 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Suggestions in the Moore High School - Lion Yearbook (Waco, TX) collection:

Moore High School - Lion Yearbook (Waco, TX) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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Moore High School - Lion Yearbook (Waco, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Moore High School - Lion Yearbook (Waco, TX) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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Moore High School - Lion Yearbook (Waco, TX) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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