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Text from Pages 1 - 156 of the 1956 volume:

QW M' WN Wx THE l 9 5 6 Published by the Senior Class of Moore High School Waco, Texas LION 5 N f N Editor " JOHN JOE HOLLOWAY C0-Editor - BETTYE SHIELDS Managing Editor - -JOAN McMILLIAN WORKING TOGETHER "Working Together" in the preparation of this, our 1956 Yearbook, has been an educational experience for all involved. The student-student relationship, student- faculty relationship and student-community relationship have been strengthened. There- fore a closer bond of friendship and understanding has developed through our contacts, interviews, salesmanship, and combined efforts. We are happy to present to you, our 1956 edition of the MOORE HIGH LION 77,- 9 fl J' X 'Ra ,N LS 353 14" . ,VN V R - f im' , I . ,. by ' ff Ky- I-, I L. CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN FAVORITES ACTIVITIES SPORTS ADVERTISERS Q DEDICATION Our task of editing this 1956 volume or the "Moore High Lion" would have been fruitless without the encouraging advice of Principal, 1.1. Wilson, the untiring work and guidance of our chairman-sponsor, Mrs. Jewel Graham, the friendly co-operation of the faculty annual committee, the statisticalinforma- tion from the office personnel, and the inspiration of the entire faculty. So, in appreciation of their combined efforts in "Working Together" with the annual staff, we dedicate this, our 1956 Yearbook to our teachers. "THE MOORE JUNIOR-SENIOR FACULTY. " FACULTY STAFF The members of the faculty staff of the Moore High Lion wish to express their appreciation to all who assisted in working together toward making the 1956 yearbook a reality. Particular appreciationisexpressed to Mr. Leon Leonard who assisted with the att work. MRS. LH. WILKINS MISS N.R. COBB MRS. B.E. CLARK MRS. F. V. WEBSTER MR. W.R. GERALD MR. G. P. STEWART MRS. J. M. GRAHAM, Chairman DUMP, MMI, J'0MP"k 'A W f 2 JP lf' ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT A R DOWNING S MESSAGE You, the students of Moore High School, have obtained much valuable knowledge from your days spent in classes. You have been encouraged to make the fullest use of your intelligence. You have had a vast body of information presented to you in an organized fashion. The more you continue your education, the more you will be taking advantage of the special "know how" of your Moore High School teachers. But do not assume that you know everythingg there is a great deal more you can learn. The more you have already learned, the more you can learng so resolve to be "in school" as long as you live. If you make such a resolution and live up to it, Moore High School will have made its proper contribu- tion to your life. WACO BOARD OF EDUCATION Back row, left to right: Walter B. Dpssett, President, Franklin Smith, Dr Howard Dudgeon, Jr Vice President W.E. Darden, LE. Crews, Secretary Business Manager Mr E N Dennard Superintendent. Second row: Mr. C.W. Anderson, Mr Peeler Williams, Mr Pat Taggart, Mr A.R. Downing, Assistant Superintendent. wi MY, SUPERlNTENDENT'S MESSAGE Changing social and economic conditions provide challenges of great magnitude for the young people of this generation -- challenges which will demand the very best skills in human relations that present-day youth can achieve. Courage, determination, and creative initiative, coupled with sound reasoning, will be required to meet the challenges of this era. People with ability and ambition, tempered with wise judgement, will play an ever-increasing role in the destiny of our nation. These changes which present challenges also bring opportunities and privileges. Accompaning these privileges is a responsibility for making a dynamic contribution to human society. My challenge to you then is to go forth to serve thy country and thy Maker in a manner which will widen your economic, social, and spiritual horizons. E.N. Dennard I if PRINCIPAL WILSON PRlNClPAL'S MESSAGE I wish to extend to the faculty, students, and patrons of Moore Junior-Senior High School congratulations for the production of the 1956 Lion Yearbook. It is through the joint efforts of you that such an undertaking becomes possible, The Faculty has pro- vided leadership, students have accomplished most of the work surrounding such an undertaking, and parents have cooperatively backed up both faculty and student body in bringing it about I wish to commend our PTA, its president, Mrs. Alma Britt, and the large corps of parents who constitute its membership, for its loyalty during the years. Finally, the Yearbook Advisory Committee and the Annual Staff have brought about the realization of a great objective in the production of the 1956 Lion. I com- mend you for your successful venture. I, ,I .r 1 VT Uri. ,. 1 ..-Il. V. I'F.:x , f. M451 1' , 1 ,, -'K QL-f -H .I L 'AL' 1 'u, ,-, ' ' yi A' , . 1, ' ,- , Secretary Milf., 1 .I JY OFFICE PERSONNEL I 1 '-f ' Mas. L.R. BROWN ,Q ' ""' 'V VY AI V' I - J . gat MRS fiend - I S. ' C YAY' VISITING TEACHERS M. H. HODGES P. R. MALONE X GoT MY HES oil YoU 9,2 i I., I 1':, I ' I I, fl Jfl , f if y X-'I 'Y-hlxfrw, X- .J X ii X V , x . I- Yeas!! H3 GIRLS ' MRS. FREDERICA WEBSTER, A. B. COUNSELORS W. R. GERALD, B. S. mf .1-J I MISS NAOMI R. COBB, A. B. , CHAIRMAN kay, vu I 11, rg, . nfl: ' ,..Zxs..a.,... W'f"'5"'f"ft-be-f'-' 1151.152 ww-fl-411:--Q-14-' it 1 3-1 'Jr v-my-heya nl D .. ""' I-. ,, 5 -1 MRS. MARJORIE B. PRYOR, M. E. x MRS. BEULAH E. CLARK, A. B, .ww F' D , n-99, ,Lf ' MRS. CORINNE BLAKELY BQLIN, M. A. RICHARD H. HARDEMAN, B. S Q W' MR. LEON L. LEONARD A. B. , B. F. A. W " --uns.. MRS. MAMIE C. BROWN, A.B. MISS CASSIE M. HARRIS A. B. ff' fm U '. IL , . n w 8 MRS. LL. TOLIVER, M.E. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT ACIE I. HATCHETT, MATHEMATICS LAFAYETTE F. CHANEY, M,s. Ed. DEPARTMENT MRS. OMETA E. WHITE, A ' M. A. Chairman "Q MAURICE ALVIN DAWSON, B. S. SOCIAL STUDIES Mas. v. L. DEVER, 0 S N CURTIS L. WILBURN, M. A 1 tl' 4 WAYMAN T. DEVER, M, S. Chairman SCIENCE DEPARTMENT MRS. AUGUST I. DEBOSE, A.B. O. JONES, M, S., Ch ' man SAMUEL A. FORNEY, B. S. S. E. DICKEY, B. S N g---2-11" -A VOCATIONAL EDUCATION 's X S xf 4 s Q 1 N9 9'- W' v.. 4 , sv .Q Q o OQQ Og, Q ls .0 --. ' 9 tl' 9 o G. P, STEWART, B, S. Chairman ' Swgxik Rx ,sixq-V83 .A YR, kj X 0 N41 SW' D Qu J' fcmcvl .3 L 2, ,JK ES:- Va . , ,,g V . Q , "J MARSHALL G. WARREN, M. S. W. 0. DAVIS, M, A, g , . ww HOMEMAKING DEPARTMENT MRS. I..M. GRAHAM, M,S. MRS, M. L. McMILLAN, B. S. ."- -...V 5., , .J ' ..jN 1 ...fa -5, 'UL I ' . 1 1 ll I7 I 1 N I' 'I M - .,,,. rx '.. "n II . ,L TI. ., . , 1 .,1.-I, .. W. . -, . . ... .. - .. WSJ' ll.. 1 . J ., , V v.'4L '1. ' ' .- . .. .', 1. 7 A .r. 'V ' .Z . " . .. . . v " MRS. B. M. DOUGLAS, M. S. MRS. V. E. LANE, B. S. r'1 ru ,df- , , . M SGI My 095, NN PQ-S xo NWS- V6 NK?-S. 6- xhxxmawi A NX. was. Ckxaitxmm OB 'SXYAJ XS. Q-Ov-YE. in an Ps- 1 " .Q '.4N ' 2231, , E.-,. 4 4-N., , ' .1 BUSINESS LIBRARY MISS E. o. KING, B. s L s X f x MRS. LOYCE H. WILKINS, A. B. PHYSICAL EDUCATION J r N L.11. RITCHERSON, A. B. VERNON HICKS, B. s. Chairman MISS VANDOLYN O. JOHNSON, B. S. MRS. ERON ELIZABETH WISE A. B. 1 1- ' ' " rid' 08,9 1 ,n . Q 005 Q. ,-,r - - . 1 Q: f :. ..!g!A, JN' 2 1 ' N W I5 fi '. vl I -'s lags' IL V U I - N unix' ' , f- 1 Q- V I A ' YV' I' - : 'Q ,Q .rr mE! 8.7"-Y"-'SJ-. ng N s s CORE TEACHERS MISS DOLORIS GERALD, M. S. MRS. VERA E. MALO Y Z W W W T? 1 bw I 1: 1 MRS. TIMMOXENA ARNOLD, M.E. sg Chairman NE, M. S. N x E x 2 X CORE TEACHERS MISS MRS- ' A. B. HERSON. MRS. MARY LOU GORDON, A. B, X E X. Editor-in-Chief - - - Co-Editor ----- Managing Editor - - - Business Manager - - Advertising,Manager - - Sports Editor ----- Activity Editor ---- Feature Editor ---- Special Feature Editor Circulation Manager ANNUAL STAFF ' ' ' JOHN JOE HOLLOWAY - - - - BETTYE SHIELDS " ' JOAN MCMILLAN - - - WILLIAM GAYLE - - - - LARRYE HARKEY - - - -ALBERT NICHOLS GWENDOLYN PROBASCO - -LOURETHA WILLIAMS - - - - BEULAH PORTER - - - - MARVA MATHIS Typists -------- EDDYE DORSEY, LAURA CALDWELL, LYDIA WILKINS Cartoonists --------------- PATRICK WILLIAMS, ALTA TAYLOR Photographer - - ---------- HARRYE HARKEY . ,' -ST, There were times we thought we wou1dn't, But we finally got it done, It took a lot of effort, But we had a lot of fun. Here iris . . . WEHOPEYOU LIKEIT lllll! THE STAFF "RoI.X. LIKE A BIC: WHEEY' Af' X 95 ' S' 'X N- '42 Ulu 3 5, -Qy E b i I 2223 ,L 3 - S I J: Larrye Harkey - Whose famous smile, laugh, and creative ability made others happy. He supported I all school activities. I I l Joan McMillan - A wonder- ful Co-Editor of the High- light as well as a friend. If she lost confidence in you that's it. 1 Moore High our alma dear You, we will remember year after year Bettye Shields - A diligent leader and follower, was Mme. President to Y-Teens and Mme. Secretary to Student Council. Luther Dorsey - Good look- ing and efficient hall marshall Brains? His twin sister, Eddye, had 'em. Eddye Dorsey - Student Council and Y-Teen Vice President, was the brains of the class and excercised her debating ability daily. Harkey - Mr. President of the Student Council and one of the Harkey twins, was an ear- nest member of several clubs. Jessie Sanders - Loved the Drill and was the very shy favorite girl of the presi- dent of the Student Coun- cil. Probasco - a I y conscientious worker and a fine dependable as- editor of the High- James Dykes - The I. A. Kirk Chorus and the Glee J , H - Honor is due to you, parents, 'tis true The best years of our lives are devoted to you. Wiley Williams - Used his Pontiac as a cab, without a meter to count the charge Club were out of the ques- tion when it came to foot- ball. Hughella Edwards - Took everything in stride except cheering the Lions, then she galloped. .....-In Virgil Howard - a walking esquire and as cunning as a fox, with a deep voice that was an asset to the Glee Club. Mary Rhodes - a very jovial person who emoyed singing in the J. A. Kirk Chorus and performing with the Drill Squad. 1 1 . 1 , 1 V . 1 ' . 1' r . 1 1 1 Joe Herman Earl - Wasn't a whiz in mathematics, yet numbers weren't ob- stacles when he played quarterback l 1 William Gayle - a perfect gentleman who possesses an elegant bass voice. Patrick Williams - Proved your initials don't have to be A. R. T. to be artistic. - .l i s,L"..l,t-V Alta Ruth Taylor - "ART" Miss Cartoonist. Her art- istic ability earned her an appearance on the Bob and Zebo Show. S - Success and Security are musts, we say In order to accomplish our aims some day. 'x Lorene Wells - Spreads her personality all over the school when she sings in the Chorus. A might fine job for a 5 ft. 89 pounder Emma Sims - A happy carefree lark who always had a smile. She cherishes the Drill Squad. ,wx ,- l Joe Blocker - The tall handsome guy with a win- some smile and touch for art. Vivian Loud - The girl 1 with a Mona Lisa smile ' who participated in the Horizon Club. lodene Estelle - was a typical high school girl. Her modest ways won many friends for her. last word. X1 I I W S - With our aims the stars, and our faces to the earth Our prayers have given education new birth. it-X N V Frankie Leonard - Miss f Horizon of 1955 and '56 ' whose mouth was con- stantly ticking like a clock. E She always had the good Dalton and Alton Gooden The twins that did things in a big way. Did you want a song, a hall mar- shal, an active church member, a friend?--W811 mmf 'f'f""" see the Gooden twins. w N u v Henry Barefield - was energetic and ambitious. Nothing ever conquered his will to try. He was president of the N. F. A. D -1-W S , t 1 Hester Bolts - A very gay friend. She took pride in singing in the J. A. Kirk l Chorus. J 'l A. D. Cotton - Had an excellent brain when put to use. He is saving his brains for college use. 2 I 4 . x J l V I I i I 1 Dorothy Batts - sometimes called "Dot" and about the size of one. George Gregory - Plentious in pride but it ran over when he styled those ex- quisite attires. F Ray McDade - Bashful but stern, performed duti- fully on the marshal force. X Rufus McClain - Though he 's nothing but a half pint his excellent training ability led the Lions to many victories. 3 ' V "1 Beulah Porter - Efficient Y-Teen and class secretary who stood up for her rights E - Everlasting love and eternal life - Are given by God. at the end of our strife. Tommie Johnson - "Twit- ler" - a very small senior but willing to accept any responsibility no matter how large. Robert and Sadie Slaughter - One would never suspect they're twins, but their affection for each other was amazing. Laura Smith - Basketball or basebnl ' 5 I She flings that from one end of the to the other. Yvonne Coleman - A drill member who loved to at tend club meetings. She was seldom absent. James Johnson - Clothes make the man? You couldn't disprove this by Mames Johnson. N - Natural resources are sent from above. af 253 A o ' B xl so xi-WV' ?5'6t5o NQXXO sa fa- it Quays. X Baum 'L 9660 A opye we e A 505 39 So let our hearts Ring out forever in Love. Charles Williams - Loved money, hated work. If it were not for his mother he'd find a new love. Betty Bridges - Her love for her class mates made her return from California to graduate with her class. Nancy Satchell - A very dependable person who really loved journalism and those 5 W's and H. Yvonne Douglass - Was the Lions' Sweetheart and an active member of sev- eral clubs around the cam- pus. Esther Clark - The best captain any girls' basket- ball team would want. Wow she could really hit the basket. Herman Waites - Styled the latest in fashions daily, his hat which he carried in his hand was a stand-in for his books. Mildred Mayberry - Quiet, shy Mildred Mayberry can prove by Irma that friends are precious. I - Our only inspiration has come from teachers true So now our sights are set far far beyond the blue. rl 'Q 9 w ik: w fwfr i n l rf is Odell I-Ialiburton - One of the many lovers of sports in the class. He played halfback on the football team. John Joe Holloway - In- dustrious Editor of year- book. Future scientist, could be. He simply loved chemistry. Bettye Prince - Trained her voice in the J. A. Kirk Chorus to sing in her father's choir. Melvin Thomas - Not only was outstanding on the foot ball team but also in his English class as he recited lines of "Macbeth. " X. 'K Lydia Wilkins - The con- sistent soul, always depend- able. Beneath that shell was a witty and gay per- sonality. Barbara Weaver - Singing was her hobby. It was al- ways "hm, hm, hm, Have you heard that tune?" O Our class motto we will uphold Throughout our years as we grow old. Ethel Kuykendall - An elf, with an inevitable person- alrty She was a member of the Y-Teens. Beverlyn Halton - Her oratorical ability makes Patrick Henry seem old fashioned, one of the best of J. A. Kirk Chorus. 1,-TW' .. Lge, l 1. t N, ' 1 1 1 L 5 l , X , Elbert Stokenberry - En- joyed singing in the I. A. Kirk Chorus and Glee Club. He was a true resemblance of an expert. LaVerne Pine - Her walk declared, "I own the world. " Runner-up of "Miss Fashionette" Contest and a Lion Booster. Hubbard Allen - Jeff Chandler! That grey hair would make you think he worries often, but his smile proves differently. Billie Scott - You can't judge a book by its cover. Eating was her occupation, but not pay off in dividends: weight. Marva McLennan - Miss shyness with a smile for everyone. Elmo Petty - Strictest marshal on the force. R - Reverence to God and respect for man Has been our oath on every hand. Mary Brown - The dreamy- eyed chick with sweet ways and a very coopertive mem- ber of the Drill Squad. Issac Sharp - His motto must have been "silence is golden. " a .i,.J,a- '-QI' XRobert Farmer - must have been the guy who made Mel- vin Thomas click. Lorenzo Rauls - If Walt disney needs another Porky 1 Pig, Lorenzo would fit the role perfectly. Maxine Bradshaw - A lover of basketball, and an ardentgx member of the N. H. A. I Williams - Set the pace for fashions be- ff cause her mother's sewing 'Q' ' helped her to. She was an member of the N. H. Xctive ' Writing "SENIORS" in rhymes like these you see- Was just Paul Hegmon's specialty. Betty, Beulah, Joan, and Gwlen after much collaboration With helpers wrote the cutlines from their imaginations. Billy Hicks - Was 3 quiet Wanda Carter - Yes, a very observative person, but modest girl in executing when he expressed himself, her job as circulating man convinced many a person. ager of the Highlight. Hawthrone - A Ira Watson - What a whiz shy but very friendly. in answering questions in his American History class. S - Silence is gold as precious as can be Is education as precious to you as to me? Bertrand Bilton - Exerted his executive ability during his senior year by being president of the Class and National Honor Society. MILTON KIRKPATRICK Loved to be on duty as hall marshal. ' LAURA CALDWELL Had a gay, hearty laugh and one love-Journalism. MELVIN SMITH Finally conquered Biology. OLEVIA WILLIAMS Inseparable from Ophelia and the Drill Squard. SANFORD JONES Was a lawyer before being admitted to the bar. OPHELIA GREEN Ardent Member of the pep squad. Was "inseparable from Olevia but she preferred "Pudd- ing" because it was her nick- name. I I i I H I1 .3 l i ati' MLM. 'Z' GERALDINE JACKSON Thought silence was gold. JOE STEWART Was thrilled when he took part as Mr. Mac in the senior play. BERNICE MONROE A very modest person and home room student of room 111. EDWARD DANFORTH A marksman at shooting and pivoting on the basketball team LAURA CLARK Proved that she could keep up with her cousin Ester. RUFUS IOHNSON Was always ready to give a helping hand. 53 OCIE BOHANNAN Had few words but big ideas. PAUL HEGMON A nightingale in a crows disguise. l He will be remembered for sing- ing "Homing" in the Glee Club. MAE DESSA O'NEAL Other than talking, the love for clothes was her next choice. K. C. BURGER Mastered two things, playing the trumpet and sleeping in class. SHIRLEY JACKSON Her favorite job was working in the office. BOBBY BARNES Desired to be a crooner but he lacked the ability to fill his heart's desire. is is M6-wh I V I: 'i I, . ' ,BJ . J , X ' Q " A ., MARY WINFIELD "Amie" always had a notebook full of paper. CARRINGTON STEWART Was slow but sure, and proved it in his Trig class. HELEN WOODS Smallest girl on the basketball team, yet able to work any play. EARLINE TIGNER - A steady booster for the Lions. ALBERT NICHOLS Among the best sports editors in the history of Moore High. THERESSA LEWIS An excellent basketball guard. -I r L JANICE JARVIS JOYCE EDWARDS Noted for her great jokes, great appetite and zealous spirit in the Pep. EARNESTINE HICKS Known around the school for her comical personality. Attended summer school in order to finish a semester ahead of time. - ca Photo not .xauaifalg ALICE REED Who's always saying, is the best policy. " LEDONIA HAMILTON Had a deep affection for M. H. S. Band. L. r' I "Honesty Q? oH! WHkTq4 DREANR fa' 'f5'r" O 41 qs ,-"Vx Q , DIPLOHA "gg""!3 ' ' 23 o ' 0 O O V... O fm Q43 , 1 8 -. f I if ,1 OLLIE WHITE HOMER RAY TAYLOR LARUTH BIRKS WILLIE MILES PASTY WEAVER EDWARD SLAUGHTER JUNIORS CHARLES ETTA CLARK NATHANIEL BROADUS MINNE DYKES CALLIE WEAVER HMMIE LEWIS ARCHIE LEE SMITH VELDA HOWLETT RUBY WILLIAMS EMMA HALL GLADYS MCBRIDE ELMA SIMMINS NOLA KIRKPATRICK ELIZABETH IENKINS STELLA HAYES CONNIE LINDLEY PASTY BALLARD BERTIE JOHNSON DOROTHY HALIBURTON 1 Yo ,fr , bg Y 44 ., NORA PORTER LUCILLE BENNS ALMA SMITH THELMA WALKER RUTH COE BOBBIE WAITES 5 5 if 'ff .f I 5 w ,I DORIS DIXON BETTYE MURPHY GLORIA DONAHUE HENRY THOMAS JAMES FARMER FRANK BURNS QM? H , THE 5IDPiT,g Q Y v 2 K7 12, Henry Ann Walker SOPHOM ORES Carrie Cummings Falton Howard Cleo Kuykendall Ida Nell R1VCI'S Gwendolyn Evans Ruth Brandon Ella Pearl Gregory Florine Rauls " THE IEAST T SAY THE M ST , x P ,E 'uf-if fflflmf ,PB X 55 3 '.', Q J a n F fa il w ser is - .2 o K Q 47 f '-il-'.TN- - - - .fgg " I' - ' 4 f FRESHMEN 9 :-N, U. Valerie Robinson Dan Carter Von W. Richards Irene Crain Evelyn Lee Delores Holland Gwendolyn Colbet Billy Harris Helene Bonner Helen Porter Doris Bell Ella Pearl Harris Katie Green Early Williams Loubera Chew Antheletta Harris Hertha Black Elnora Law Jo Ann Rivers Allen Stewart Betty Taylor Ida Marie Johnson Thomas Cook Bobbie Scott Annie V. Cosey Azie Sullivan Lula Brisco Vemon Shields Mae Brinkley Deree Johnson Albert Prather Alverta Cox Bobby Laymon James Shanklin Victor Bilton Velda Howlett Eugene Johnson r N , , n 1 n , N i Closing the Patsy Floyd Mi, Cha pter of the Freshman Class. Ross Voss 'Zin ' " ,' . 5 "' 6 i I 4 v 4 g Q Q' f WELLYQURE THE CUTE ST THIXXGQ ssmons ' ET Most Attractive Girl JOAN MCMILLAN Most Handsome Boy ODELL HALIBURTON f 'Hu'-' Most Appropriately Dressed LA VERNE PINE JAMES V. JOHNSON Most Polite Boy WILLIAM H. GAYLE, IR. Most Polite Girl IESSIE MAE SANDERS SEN! ORS 5 fd., Jn .211-,ji-f U I 'V Most Scholarly Girl and Boy EDDYE FLOYD DORSEY ARCHIE REED, JR. N A L 4' f .I vb It rf 'L Q if P-f' I kg! "fri .tl ftsfilz., .4 wi: , Q ' ' f11' N gf r ,ggi ' N' I ' Most Versatile Boy LARRYE GLYNN HARKEY Most Versatile Girl ALTA RUTH TAYLOR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED First and second place winners in the advertising campaign. LOURETI-IA WILLIAMS first place and HUGHELLA EDWARDS second Place. ' ' FHM, I 1. i N V N I s ,l,. .J-. ' . 1 gs R J' l Vi 'LQ fig! 7' cdi: '. Tiicw 1 r 4 . 'UI '4' 9,5235 44,5 1 2 4 In i EDDYE FLOYDE DORSEY, senior of 1956. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin L Dorsey versatile, scholarly and a pleasing dynamic personality won the highest score 1n the Berry Crocker's Search for the Homemaker of Tomorrow. L- Three of the many outstanding personalities of the 1956 Senior class. LOURETHA WILLIAMS, HUGHELLA EDWARDS, and EARNESTINE HAWTHORNE. JUNIOR FAVORITES y A , ,qs , . '-5 Tu, ,,f A ide '11 by Most Versatile NOLA KIRKPATRICK and BILLY DANFORTH P ""C'. Most Scholarly CONNIE JO LINDLEY and JAMES JEFFERSON JUNIOR FAVORITES I I I I I I xsj Most Attractive WILLIE MARIE WILLIAMS Most Handsome JOHNNY HAMILTON I A-L' n . ,I 'N I L .J v ,IA if in .IN -by- ?, 'I ,EQ 'I ' , f:,'. , fl V' N -I K L , I X- I ' N , - "gg, 211 ' , WJLL7 Most Polite CHARLES PHILLIPS JUNIOR FAVORITES Most Appropriately Dressed BOBBY JEAN WAITES and EDWARD SLAUGHTER SOPHOMORE FAVORITES ' '- 'xr I E .K JJ , , , h "ig " 1 , use-"Qu . .fir Q I lijlflngf I C. ' ' ' . '1 -1 4 V' 3' Ai, ,.,, I 1. I, 'fj'l:-Q' I 954 ' 'f , 3 '7EQf'Vp gil I ' Most Attractive Most Appropriately AUTRIE JOHNSON Dressed Most Handsome EARNESTINE STUBBLEFIELD SAM KING and I NATHANIEL ROWE . fr" MH Most Polite EDNA STRANGE and -I, FELIX PHILLIPS ' Most Versatile Most Scholarly FLORENCE ALEXANDER MARY ANN SMITH and and ROBERT MCBRIDE PALMER BROWN Most Handsome IOE ROBERT TAYLOR FRESHMAN FAVORITES Most Versatile ANTHONETTA HARRISON Most Attractive and SHIRLEY GREEN Most Appropriately Dressed BURNER JEAN TYRONE and BOBBY LAYM ON ALTON JACKSON Most P0133 Most Scholarly FANNIE BELL ELLA PEARL HARRIS and and JAMES SHANKLIN VICTOR BH-TON Q0 'L1.4a LM ' 1 W ZW' 4? eb4F' 0'N n 0 Qidfb aL Oo F U. ,fsw1lI..Q:,2l2?i csiiiigfigia, ,f f' 'g? .L P xg- 'lr l I. C7 ' in IIN wh X, lp 0:3 4 "I S' 4.3. 4- Ek lg, N. 15 'll lr lg 'Q Fug' 2:x,.-.-x 'i.fIr Asa: Nl3uf':!:i, 5sF'f 'lg' 'L il x' 'I in :' " . I if :K f Jul' .ily 4.f,l' Ili' -Eg, if K sf" 'I ' Q .ff wg' hi, ,,, . "K I' "1 .P 'asf' Iii 'f JI Fi? I K ' 5- .5 F l. 'vac N 'g. mug cgi Q52 5:5 Sf! ,R . LWQSQQEQEQQQ? YVONNE CLAYRE DOUGL ASS, 1956 "Lion's Sweetheart. " Frankie Mae Leonard is crowned "Miss Horizon, " b Mr. I. J. Wilson. Q y the Principal, BOBBIE WAITES 1956 Band Sweet- heart 1 ww' wr " Big!! . H ' Ioan Renae McMillan, 1956 Senior attendant, 1956 Homecoming activity. Elma Jean Simmons, joins the parade Mary Jo Rhodes, senior 1956 serves of Sweetheart attendants. as attendant during Homecoming. f i o Moons HIGH QUEEN - 1955 ' A' -'01 'L-fg'TTif7Tf"f' 1- Q V "-vpn' ff 1' ' 1 .' ' w - ' W 1 . -, in V I .' : -' f - . , - , , ll n- .- m. ,. . X N Y 5 W A ,,,,,,,,,.-2 , , I .. " --'ligvx-E X Y wg., . ' '1'375'f?ig,g?' ,:'Z1Z"gjIj I "-'iff . .-,J ' ', ,f- 'P io J ,,3gag,g-,. :wr 2 - ' ,.- - W 1.-7145.33 f-,H -V ' A P ' . if J r Q9,:"' : ' t"'L,.x . I '. f' 253, , ii o fp. 4 1' Q pm. L. L fir' pl o ' ' 4. V- Q, 'f ALMA RUTH GREEN - Senior of 1955 Queens Court 1955 Kings QUGSHS WILLIE SUMMERS Train Bearer ALMA GREEN MELVIN RUSSELL JUDY GRAHAM RUTH ELLA PERRY PRINCE HOLDER BARBARA BAREFIELD .EYE W - ,Tx - wh- Z ,,? :-F, 1 ' - . - . N . ' .- .zu l 'rf I x w ALMA GREEN, is crowned Queen, by Principal LI. WILSON 1 ,sit f7'f' . RUTH ELLA PERRY Princess-1955 MELVIN RUSSELL Prince -1955 BARBARA BAREFIELD Duchess-1955 WORKING TOGETHER Ns, 1 of , N' ' I - 5 W gf --X -J w 1 I 1-'W W ' W Q ' x , I x .f- In order that one might be successful, he must know the art of The fo1 of our school work lowing pictures demonstr working with others. ate examples ing together. Co-operation, a necessity for tomorrow's scientists. Q 2 :J ,, '1'w ,ts Q L, 3 I ,I x i , , J 1 sink .5-vu Tl se,-W S - Y When relaxation is needed, we turn to the Visual Aids Department. 29 1 u , . u t Mrs. F. V. Webster, girls' counselor, helps students solve many of their problems. wtf, 111'-a.....,-1- , ' ' " ' 'g-'A "'- Hffi' ' - -A' .,,,,,,.pq,l. T - -- 1-erin,-'H-Y -.vrfru Yqx 4 'S L ' "dm f 1- 1- 45 W 1,--4.4, ,... N X . r -' o r .1,. 11 Z ,' , 1 ' W A, , Nm, A--- l y.-' Junior High Assembly - James Shanklin, President of the Junior Student Council opens a weekly assembly. Also pictured is Mr. L. F. Chaney, guest speaker. . . . . 2 W N I I 1 Y w W Girls receive individual and group training in Hornemaking activities. Girls in homemaking select appropriate furnishings for the Home and Family Life Cottage FINDING and GUIDING TALENT A talented group of singers having made a recording, listen to their blend of voices which remains hidden in general music classes. ' Tl I H -1 ' 1..- u -5.12 -+L Q-X 'l-.t--. The field of business offers employment opportunities in many and varied fields of activity. Mrs. Loyce H. Wilkins is the instructor. The Music Department works with outside agencies. The picture above shows the Boys Glee Club at Fort Hood, Texas. Mgr. ' ,ly ' if W - .A fy' -P : 1:2131-,if f.,zf .L A' if 9 Fx -L. ' 1 g- A K- if H 4. . 1 Y U. L. - hx 1, ' ni' lx I Moore High mixed Junior and Senior Glee Club Chorus of 1955-1956. W-QQ w -4 1 n 1 Q , .. Q 1:9 5 . gl A I -9 9 k1.y' 'NN 5 'J-'fi ' L F95 "T 1 - ' 'SAE JI ' ' XX 4' . 4 I, A wi- Q.,fQ,'1Qg 1 ' -r ' ' , , -sf,-ggi. ., .., S2 if .-'. ?n'!:'nJ LT-' --P -Q 5141, ' .ff 'wa' 7-. --tix ' ish ? wg A .,-,Af F' W .- ,- 4 ? ,, . . e- V'-19 5 r +- J w I 1 4 3 ru , , 1 . N ': and educational tours are a part of the organized program of our school. ld trips o iii 'D eu CI EI Rl v-4 ll. x x , - s 4 . g X I ri-ri v . 1 ,H-1 'Si M1 , 4W1F'f.f2swm.'2f'MW5'-was ,pL.......,,ffL..W,,. U f' -"5- -- .El .f Q-A , ,QM-wif ll QE Opportunities are provided for individual development of Homemaking skills. Personal Grooming is emphasized in Family living programs. f- ?'.7E:',-, V ' 1 5 P"':'ir1E'rrn'xg :fuc- ,I Home Management requires a business background. K- ON FDUCIRT NWN f'n11frf26.f1Z'f:r 727 - r r Jafrzfgf ,if f-faq V , 'bk .siilf Group work is a part of the educational and social program of our school. Physical Eilucahon expresses unity in group work -0- -W'-"'- "" 1 Y X l L., c.Q.fA - 1 - S li r -'S i i s f - N -i Q There 's always something to do in Physical Education along with someone else. -I 'FRIXMFD Q ' . ,QA Mil K . l'u'::: gm 5- nw 57 593 m' Scenes from the 1955 Boys Glee Club annual presentation, "An Evening of Pleasure through Music. " b H' 1rvzsr' W .sr Zi." :..-"1v'1.- I K a-5,145-.- , . '. ik ' ' rxi.-1Q.1g5E'-5'-X2-lfi W . -I 3 -' 'r -'-1, i ,QR L ,V -L 'MJ' H-1111: w,+i31f3 I JM 2 3 ,Eiga-J 'bf'-1-" SJ ., X n,.n , jf, A . .,.1"J.V 5 3 I in To 1- 1 i - 1 -Q ' - Director of that group is MR. DILLARD WARNER. With this group, singing is a joy and each singer's abiding satisfaction comes from the acheivement of a challenging task well done and the sense of growth and develop- ment that comes from that success. The annual operetta, lt's Big, Wide, Wonderful World, was creative project in which boys and girls expressed many and varied moods. These students feel that music helps them to understand as well as enjoy life and that making up songs and dances is not a duty, but joyful experience in self-discovery. - 1 g . , V L 4 . r V Q 33 'N .rt Half of knowledge is knowing where to find it. Our library is the Hub of the school. Students and Teachers work together, directed and supervised by the Librarian. .:,. .VF 1312-tw Correct pronunciation and enunciation of words bring about good speech habits, which are essential in Working Together. The debating team under the directions of Mt. L. F. Chaney is making preparation for the State meeting at Prairie View A and M College. 1 i Y V 1. H 1 . . In ,tx ,X .,. .Y V L' ' - ' r 1 W X -Y-' ., Y ,A . V ' The Dramatic Art Club purposes to improve pupils speech to aid in expression and per- sonality. Here some club members listen to rehearsal of the characters who are to pre sent the annual play for the 1955-1956 session. 1 4 1 , P5 ELM WOOD Y-TEENS These Girls and Boys belong to a world-wide fellowship of youth of every race, creed, and color, and occupation in YWCA 's in 65 countries. Each is bound to the other by a common purpose and a common goalg that is to find new friends new experiences, - new opportunities, to grow as a person and to grow in the knowledge and love of God. We camp, we hike, we dance, we swim, we have all kinds of wholesome fun. Our club is open to both boys and girls. Won'r you join us? Bettye Shields, President Ometa White, Sponsor ii. .1 ..,e4i 9B5 class discuss plans for a home-room program. President, Bobby Laymon turns to the home-room teacher for suggestions and approval. .w L. is .Ape The 12A Homeroom believes: No pleasure is comparable to the standing upon the vantage-ground of truth. President - - - - - Alta R. Taylor Secretary ---- - - "" Joyce Edwards Vice President - - ----- Beulah Porter Assistant Secretary ---- Barbara Weaver Reporter ---- - - - Mae Esther Norman Committee Chairman - Louretha Williams Mrs. Loyce Wilkins - Homeroom Advisor A small group with great principles: President, Eddie Dorsey, Sponsor Miss E. D. King. I iv, i..,..-1.jQ----, ,,.-"1'- V 12A Homeroom - MRS. B. E. CLARK Instructor 12A Homeroom Boys Homeroom - 101 MR. G. P. STEWART xt! u . 507484 'vnu c 'El fl f The homeroom girls of 109 are studious and active in various organizations 'I'hey have representatives in the Student Council, Y-Teens, Horizon Club J A. Kirk Chorus Band Dull and Pep Squads, Basketball Team, Honor Society, and Dramatic Art and Debating Clubs Bettie Murphy and Elma Simmons were Runners-up for the Lion s Sweetheart N ola Faye Kirkpatrick President Gladys McBride Vice President Elma Simmons Secretary Minnie Pearl Dykes Assistant Secretary Teacher - Miss Naomi R. Cobb Patsy Ruth Young Treasurer La Ruth Birks Cha plain Shirley Majors Re porter Dorothy Dickerson Program Chairman JUNIOR FOOTLIGHT PLAYERS President ---- - - Gwendolyn Colbert Vice President - - ---.. Janice Brown 5Ponsors ----- - - -Mrs. V. E. Malone Mrs. M. B. Pryor ect to I ., Dirge' Vocational Agriculture - The Moore High New Farmers of America fNFAj Club Advisor: Marshal Warren. Chapter Officers: President, Henry Barefieldg Vice President, James Shankling Secretary, Henry Campbell: Treasurer, Bobby Scott: Reporter, Willie Oliverg Watchman, Jerry Brown: Histor- ian, Farris Payton: Parliamentarian, Webby Bettersg Chaplain, Roland Barefieldg Song Leader, Cleophus Chatman. ":5fP'1J. f f fl'1I P' U- ' 1' .W 8B - Homeroom MRS. M. B. PRYOR Room 305 - A. J. HATCHETT - Instructor Minnie Meeks - President A EE ,cy 5 5,1 ' 1 S p V XJ: I ,av 4 , MOTTO: "Better homes for a better nation. " MOORE CHAPTER NEW HOMEMAKERS Of AMERICA Ns A11 E . 1 ' is 1 , ir' A I 1-'rv 3- 1 .Mx Af Ll. f v ,f ,. -.k4..: .4-YT Industrial Arm Club G. P. STEWART - Instructor 5,-R 4 .Ili M K I A , 1,0 THE DRILL CORPS of MOORE HIGH SCHOOL Sponsor - MRS. L. H. WILKINS THE MOORE HIGH TWIRLERS Sponsor - MRS. V. E. LANE WW 5f'1. f W1 ,- -7, . M, H 1 ri? Q-ui.., 8B-4 Homeroom - MRS. C. M. HARRIS 8B Homeroom - C. L. WILBURN ,, --f- A - - 4f 7"""" " " W n ' . 5 Y The "Guiding Light" of the school -- Moore Senior High Student Council 4? I ' ,L 1 I1 V' -Sf? 1:1-2, X 'ill' THE HALL PATROL - VIRGIL HOWARD, Captain , ,, rd 1 , WZ- :L L vp, 3- 4 .. X -1 -raw , il:-u ' 119- ' .. ,, " -' , V ' ' :l 1 m - , -f - -A ' -- if ' Q- , A THE CAMERA CLUB of MOORE HIGH SCHOOL Sponsor - A. J. HATCHETT Homeroom 307 MAURICE DAWSON - Instructor THE PEP SQUAD of MOORE HIGH SCHOOL Sponsor - MRS. E. E. WISE "'4""f"f"'f' 'W ' if-1-if I 7' T1 T153 THE MOORE HIGH BAND Sponsor - D. N. ROWE CHARMERS HORIZON CLUB As Horizons are ever changing and always distant, I shall not stand still and look into their purple shadows etc. .. Rg '-mu DAVIS AUTOMOBILE MECHANICS CLUB ALTON GOODEN -President 1 i OLIVE LEAF Y-TEENS Y-Teens get inspiration from the following goals: To grow as a person To grow in friendship with people of all races, re- ligious, and nationalities. To grow in the knowledge and love of God. President ------------ Ella Jean Harrison Secretary - - - - - Lola Robinson Sponsor - - - - - Mrs. M. C. Brown '7B Homeroom - MRS. V. E. MALONE, Instructor W i 4-A OAK-LEAF-Y-TEENS President ---- --------------- A nna Franics Taylor Vice President ---- ------ F annie Jarvis Program Chairman - - ---- Verna Jackson Faye Horns Chaplain- ----- - -Annie London Margaret Miles Secretary - - - - -Autrie Johnson Treasurer - - - - Bobbie Jo Long MOORE HIGH CAFETERIA PATROL - WILLIAM GAYLE, Captain Home Room 104 - 12-A Boys Mr. W. R. Gerald " 2" 15' i 'TT' The thrity-eight Journalism students have taken as their motto the words of Bacon "Reading maketh a ready man, writing an exact man. " Co-Editors-in-Chief - - Associate Editor - - - - Feature Editors - - ------ - - Sponsors, Miss Naomi R. Cobb, Mrs. M - - Joan McMillan Betty Shields Gwendolyn Probasco - - - Marva Mathis La Verne Pine arjorie Pryor S i l 1 'IB Homeroorn ' MISS DELORES GERALD - Instructor Q' Q r' 'A:'0"7' " r -lx. '7B Homeroom MRS. M. L. GORDON - Instructor BABY CONTEST WINNERS DIONNE LA TRECE FARROW ARTHUR WAYNE TAYLOR First place baby. First place-room runner-up ORVIS OTHERE DAVIS Second place baby. Homeroom '1A-5 MRS. M. D. RITCHERSON Advisor ' , An 8B-6 Homeroom' studying this big, wide, wonderful, world. MRS. M. C. BROWN Advisor. Class 'TB-6 MRS. C. A. SMITH ' -gn .- HI-Y Club---President, John Holloway: Secretary, Elbert Strokenberry. Sponsor - M S. E. Dickey. :fix rs I -,, 'fl U,-, Y' 2.1 'il , .jg 'rv V K, , A group of pupils engaged in the study of CANCER - Its Cause, Prevention, and Treatment The '7 A, Arithmetic class is drawing and cutting geometric figures as a means of getting familiar with simple forms and figures. MIS. T. E. Arnold. -' 1, ".-:1,,4.- .- va 4 M. I Geographical terms their locations and meanings are being discussed by some members of the 'TA-2 class. I. A .. The Good Citizenship Club is reading a Christmas story after completing the drawing in the background. Mrs. T. F. Arnold - Sponsor. .14 , 11 A, The Junior Red Cross, A service organization at Moore High School. ,i"".-.,.., W H K M74 , wi r x To promote good English, The Correct English Club discusses correct and incorrect procedures of introductions. Sponsor - Mrs. B. E. Clark Kirk - Wilson Cha pter . .,g f N .. ,LJ Q7 "Keeping up with the Alumni, " a regular feature carried 1n the Moore H1gh11ght school paper, is the outstanding stimulus that encourages undergraduates to carry on Bertram Bilton President James Jefferson Vice President Connie Lindley Secretary OFFICERS Ioan McMillan Parliamentarian Miss Naomi R. Cobb Sponsor ,Z5 Some of the students of 'IA-5 are discussing with the teacher, Mary Doris Ritcherson a few points in addressing envelopes in their English class. Seated left to right are: LaVonne Erby, Patsy Hill, Fred Richardson: Standing: Elliot Monroe, Miss Ritcherson, and Linda Mathis. . 34:11, 1 l ' I " IV fa ' ', . i , ,c .' " rl-ir, , 4 FJ' .rl X Y l 1'L'LAm F1 LW: and ' -u J v .QQ A class group in health are locating the vital organs of the body. Mr. M. L, Gordon, Instructor. Shi- Sigh i,,if6i as ? geese s fe f g 3 N ,125 4 Q xy Xf 1 s .Live I f TAY! R fA.'..QH,R.?ff PA 7 n 3 2 I 1 ry S K 1 i l X I A 'Ngo- x I M!!!- il.. W, .xv -9 X 1 lv . 'A .'. ' 'f Y- -. -- ' - 'ruin' I1 4' ff- I .f' W:-i n ,,:,. . hr,-:yin-A"-xW ' ezgqff --'LEA' 5 A h' r 1f1Ii!f?.f1f'4'3l"..ii2i.:-W-?.oW' ' ' -5'-.QQ .. . -F: W -.J , ,. r 3 ,W -,'. , jk -V Zh.. lf, :M I , LL.. 1 1 , W Y ,Ku -.5 1 .1 li.. " 1, ,. . , . Y W ' "'., " if ff Wg - "I ...Ni W-.- Www .ff x V x 'WKYWJJ -12,5 N , ,f ffffgaif W fbi' I Q N , b , S5 .wx i . ,Er -1 , 1, 'H ' 1 A41 7' WP7 ' ,f 3' . 1 ' A W ' ' W 'f Y' v 1 vt: L X ' : 2' 9 ' Fx I f an x I 1, I V I. W J ' K .W PM W r J .-im ' W W 3'v 35... 'f W. f W H rf- 31 UH Gu Q v' f' A mg. -jr. 7, . . xx -v, ,W xr--,,,12L.,fr J. 15, H-. 14i5'1,'4fB"f , if K rf-f ' -,W f 1 ,tx-?..Y . , . - , -K3eN-- .-I1 A jj, N "Q N' wad.--W..-,g - 791 ..W-'f.f4'F'IH--E15 J Qyfff Swv- - - I V 1 ffl! .Qs-:fi :f..1,-I: - W 'Ke WW, , 'I 1 ', W' ' 4 ..1l'W1gJ1'f'y- 2 - . - iw ,W wx Q. . . ,,,,, , gY,..- ,,.' pf :. -. . .., . 'xv rgumpl' L ...m-L1:::.:7- :f - f- W rW1,,:...-:. 1 ,' ', ' , - I ,.., , . ' W I . QIf5i'?.5Mti:'J5E:"n f 5 1 W 'VQLLLQ W A f ' wh' fi, P - jfff A ,jf fhl, f v N X .- ' "' ' '1e.-- .W -W ,. .. W., 1 .W 1 ' 5' ' W - ff JW 9" ' ' ' A J . . . W , -W .. .. - xg, .-. ,.. . ' 4 'W ' ' mess , W W, .f-.zwfa-ffm . , W W V' ,:,,.. I . veg-:tgfef-':".A7,,!1gLf?2 .4 ., -.W1 . ,- "' " . 'W .- , , 3547- I. . -, WL gm , . ..-,N gy A 31. 1. .. I 1- A QW --.ff .IA AFL.. Z.. , W W--f. - - , ,- Q 145 .Wz.:.-1-.f4:,2. I i ,- Q GWAF- .' - .. -W - '12 f V-7'fl':-'-"'f 1'-J W- W ' "rg, W - irfgi, Es- . 495'-.if'.:W-,-.fff"+. i V- A. 'Xu ' ' 1 U . W 55114 ' f' VT ' w---'t','SWH ' ,,g ,TE Eff . " .. Q '.'?fffW57.fge-15? "W if ILEIIQQ 3? 4 ' -'-"G -- W" - :W- V ' .jffr '-.W-5.4Y.'fW r lg 41 3.1.3 1,1 gl l A , . 'fd' P- ' ,"f""4:' f' 1 A ' -Q-' W' X '7 I f' "' 1. -A ' W... ?i.-- 1 , ' A-W - WW , 51' ' '-1. Wag, 45:9 W W N s W N Wlfa ' I5 ' .W,W W -. 'W W N W!! W if j . , neanahrvrl . 1 X , V- I 'qi f lift-I 'ek 'Q ., ,1'E'f- --' 4, ' 1" , 'L- j-ff '- 'ik 1' . ' gk: , , 1 W D I A " f 'X 'Wfgf .1 ' - w-f-- X f N ' : .-- V' ' . A I' --in - 'Ai ,if I 153 ' - 31.7, 4? 7' 2. fi l p 11 x n J 51 . f ' 1 P M 'N ,A 4 . i .4 .5 N. . .. -. .-11.33, In-N 7 - A - ' A- '53 ...V bg -.1-M .44 wif' 54 i V I I 'ug-'ESP 7 Wr- B ,11- W4 P341 it 5 n '9 ' 8. A 1 ,r '-'I' -r Nz 1 ,lf."q f S 'fu-V W" 'Vs xwglt' ' 'P .' lb ,N - ii' "1 fd 4- f,M 1" I 2155, 1 . ,,,.., v-'L I , Z' 1' gf, in 'I H ve- vwq- J.-'EF Tix. 9' L 'N -. ,. W, 'J - ,,-fi if ,.,, ,-, - ,W 1 .:x. .:s, ,, MNH Y '1S'HAKE,RA7'TLE Ml' l?oI.X." I fi? Q 9 - 'X m l v X l E X l k! li .DQ l V 'ZW A f f M f M f m f f f Z 4 if g1f,.....ulL..... ...Xul.....14,- ng ...MJ --eyglll, Q ......u4.... ' K -,,..-ALI . "' SPORTS F .1 ,an X I n XX M J X , 18615 Q6 ook' MR. WILSON fir . N xl .Y QSO 050695 O MR. B. E. CLARK X' fi 'FIX f. 15: 'Q t 62? If ' .. ' I, ,rf 6. psy V1 J: 11' --3 1 4, 'F 1-31 'Fa 43-Lf' Lf?-i:IfI1" 'fig . g-Q in 1. K 3 'vswx' :jjL5:g,f2j'y7 Co Rr: '- r,v:w 'YQ R312 QQTX'-1-'. 'f1,2i'Z'5Qf?J?L' 1 ,, . ,.,,,,,..,y C s wi? 'is' ON vb "W mn.. A Www .. - wxxx w.W-1,,,Q,,- W WW,-. , ,W ,!,!,,,, WW W 'M MW 'N .W ' , , . 'f JH ha 0 'V 'es s K' if q xi ,fs-lk . . , In , O4 'Dsl - gave? YK Yhxsgxo Chairman M36 I' . ' 'ff V. gl,-I' ., ly 7, I C C diggs' - 5 GY' CO8 I W' MR. GERALD 6' I -1 ag. ,Q MR. JONES , MR. STEWART ATHLETIC COMMITTEE , ,, nigli ! MOORE HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM First row, left to right: LC. Campbell, Cecil Hutchinson, Willie Allen, James Mitchell, Maston Walker, Odell Haliburton. Second row: Joe Gene Giddings, Mayo Whitting, Henry Hicks, Eddie Murphy, Melvin Thomas, Albert Nichols, Elroy Mayberry. Third row: Melvin Brooks, James Dykes, Falton Howard, Joe Herman Earl, Bobby Lucky, Eugene Touchstone, Johnnie Hamilton. Fourth row: Vertney Smith, Johnny B. Williams, Joe Taylor, Gene A. Washington, R.L. Ritcherson, James Hutchinson, Palmer J. Smith, Joe White. Fifth row: James P. Johnson, Jesse Boggess, Edward Danforth, Lawrence Howard. THE 1956 LIONS' BASKETBALL TEAM Above are pictured the 1956 Varsity Basketball Team. Two members, Albert Johnson and Edward Danforth did not finish the season as team members. Gene Wash ington was captain of this team which won first place in the Paul Quinn Invitational Tournament. ' MOORE HIGH "B" BASKETBALL TEAM MR. MAURICE DAWSON, Coach Y i L nib? 1 J , Q .NA 1 -7 V iff' U., 1 f x : . . I? , 'ik . M, z, gauze-.'xFAL--:Lf-1-5-5.-2' J'.E'..2 ' 'vii L. 1, .4 Baseball is our game. Aim: To Win Won-10g Lost-1 ln.sss,s--- I .YK ,,,.L . L. , JUNIOR HIGH NHA GIRLS Sponsors: MRS. V. E. LANE MRS. M. L. MCMILLAN rffjj ,.T.- ,-., JI 1. ' , 1-1 ff:-45' ! J 9 1 TH .lx i W. BOYS' TRACK TEAM VERNON HICKS, Sponsor "Running is ou GIRLS' TRACK TEAM Sponsor, MRS. E.E. WISE r Specialty. " Aim: 'Ig Win! 5 w CLASS WILL We, the SENIORS of 1956, being of sound mind and body, do hereby make the follow ing bequeaths: 1. To the Juniors, we leave a product of our ingenuity, the new class rings. 2. To James Jefferson, Bertrand Bilton leaves vacant the office of the Senior Class President, 3. To Bobbie Waites, Osia Bohannan leaves a cracked mirror. 4. To Mary Robinson, Helen Woods leaves her basketball ability. 5. To Charlsetta Clark, we leave LaVerne Pine's Woozy Ways. 6. To Willie Summers, John Holloway leaves the PA System. 7, To Bettye Murphy, Joan McMillan leaves Eddye Murphy. 8, To Patsy Young, Mary Rhodes leaves her ability to dress. 9, To LaRuth Birks, we leave Hughella Edwards' giggly ways. 10. To Don Albert Johnson, we leave Edward Danforth's nickname, "Curly. " 11. To Patsy Shelby, we leave Eddye Dorsey's good grades in typing. 12. To Raymond Scott, we leave Earl Hargrove's ability to master trig. 13. To Johnnie Hamilton, we leave Melvin Thomas' "Valentino" ways. 14. To Mary Middleton, we leave Earline Tigner's legs. 15. To Elma Simmons, we leave Bettye Shields' squeak for her voice. 16. To Callie Weaver, we leave Gwendolyn Probasco's flirty ways. 17. To William Smith, Albert Nichols leaves the Sports Page in the Moore Highlight. 18. To Joyce Johnson, we leave Jerry Richardson's Pep suit. 19. To Bertie Johnson, we leave Ethel Kuykendall's peculiar sense of humor. 20. To Thelma Walker, we leave Lydia Wilkins' culture. 21. To Minnye Dykes, we leave Lorene Wells' voice. 22. To Nadine Williams, we leave Laura Caldwell's table manners. 23. To Alberta Hubert, we leave all the time in the world to pray. 24. To Sue Medcalf, we leave Emma Simms' crazzzzzy ways. 25. To Connie Lindley, we leave A.D. Cotton's unused Trigonometry book. 26. To Lloyd Bryant, we leave Alta Tay1or's famous artistic ability and common sense. A 27. To LaRuth Birks, Louretha Williams leaves all the limelight brought by their mothers' sewing. 28. To Bobby Louis Scott, we leave Wiley Williams' diet of a menu. 29. To Floyd Bryant, we leave Larrye Harkey's laugh. Wow! 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. CLASS WILL fCon't.J To Frank Haynes, Eddye Murphy, and Maston Walker, we leave Luther Dorsey's desire to walk better. To Euna Bonner, we leave Billye Scott's alto voice. To Clarice Lee, we leave Marva Mathis's spunk, and vivacious movements. To Gladys McBride, we leave Ray McDade's books. To Edward Slaughter, we leave Rufus McClain's famous dance steps. To Geen Washingron, we leave James Dykes' football suit. To Mary Johnson, we leave Yvone Co1eman's pretty clothes. WITH THE COMPLETION OF THIS -- WE DEPART -- THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1956 L ,L . 7 f' 4 ...UTI I A If QP f NNEIL, ITJ' TIME To Go Q0 E I -ur -xp i-Q ADVEQ E122 Q1 WIN S R M x3 I Q C6906 WG MLW f Q ADS 'WELL ITS' TIME- To Go " Q 4 IC 1 Z C69 C I 'rwms M 1- gf sm fy gnug c X. , BQIG cnuc f ,MTD If , 55' :OZ , L4oe.HV3,.4M60 C L gf Fi n I CHARLESWORTH PHOTO SERVICE gpecializing in Parties - omrnercial - Weddings Identification Pictures, for Passports - Naturalization and Applications for Employment. Call Us About Our Special Coverage of Parties and Banquets Anywhere - Anytime 724 Austin Dial 3-9625 A vs.,- Fine Store of Specialized Shops Compliments of 9514566 601 FRANKLIN INSURANCE AGENCY Waco, Texas Hearty Congratulations Clas s 1 95 6 From LEE'D'S Waco's Only Home Owned Credit Clothiers 408 Austin Ave. Waco, Texas Greeting to Moore High School. Congratulations, Graduates. Alpha Rho Sigma Chapter of SIGMA GAMMA 'IZ4-10 SORORITY 4-uu.L.'s CLEANERS ' 'Your Busine ss Sincerely Appreciatedn , "Well pressed is Well s Dressed" Better Building Material PiCk'UP and De1iVefY Lumber, Wallpaper, Hardware Dial 3'9393 Paints, Varnishes, Enarnels 419 Walker St' 1600 Franklin Ph. 3-3661 Waco- Texas Tol.lvER'S Elm CHAPEL.. BAPTIST CHURCH at Price Street in East Waco O, L, HEGMON, Pastor SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT MCCLAIN SERVICE STATION 120 Peach St. Phone - 39739 ' foOP5N GOODFKFOOD Ollillhl-F GALMNLW9 pgs: un. WU ,,.-32 CMPMIY A mm T M 'LK f j-LQ nlsrsumzeo A ' -s' Served by Courteous Q am ,, F Girls 4 again! 05' "0"'0Gf"'Z5' - 7 . vmuivla CHARLES HORNSBY, Mgr. fUEMllK-CC'-WAD,TlX- 4 C011g1'3-tllla-fi0f1S Compliments to Seniors Fellow Seniors- ' gf 156 ,judYe 'Dogfey MRS. R, B. EDWARDS Dem 'Kfnli MR. J. A, BUSH LeWeY ' C ld' Hu MR. AND MRS, RUFUS BLACK auran ' a awe MR. AND MRS. B. SMITH Senior Stooges MR. AND MRS. TOM DYKES fs T. J O 1-l N 'S CATHOLIC CHURCH 1228 Dallas St. Waco, Texas Phone 3 - 6742 The Catholic Church has been teaching and spreading the message of Christ over the world for over 19 cen- turies. All are welcome to investigate its claims. May God Bless You -- FATHER GOOTEE Eat At Alterations Laundry F 'R I ' Service Is the Word EE- SE R V I C E S Q N CLEANERS Home of Good Food Phone. 3-9284 C. W. LAUGHLIN 937 Taylor 226 Clifton St' Phone 3-6242 Waco, Texas Waco, Texas 'T E X A 5 POWER at LIGHT COMPANY Serving Home, Farm, Business and Industry With Dependable, Low-Cost Electric Service GICDEGI A MCCLUSKEY Agent GENERAL INSURANCE 8 19 Professional Building Phone 4-1242 Waco, Texas You Can Save Money When You Buy FURNITURE at Our Store We Give S8zH Green Stamps "Your Credit Is Good" STRATION - STRICKER Furniture for Everybody 8th At Austin Ph. 3-5381 GRO AND MKT V. S A Best Wishes Q Af 0 900 So 5th Free Delivery Dial 43321 X' I K TUSA BROS. G 3 R L 1 1226 South lst Free Delivery Dial 38775 MOORE SR. 8: IR.HORIZON CLUB WATCHTOWEQ MSN N I NGS LIFE INS. CO. Home Office-2.206 DEPARTMENT STORE Houston, Texas 604 Austin Ave. District Office - 177 112 Bridge Waco, Texas Phone 3-2471 L. M. BAKES, Manager eo ge 44 APPLIANCES - FURNITURE -PLUMBING Congratulation Seniors of "56 KRDESS 615 Austin Avenue Waco, Texas 310 SOlltl'1 'xll f' Phone Eighth Street Xl n 2-8621 adal 4 TU PS 'IW Ladies Work A Specialty Compliments And Best Wishes To Senior Class MOORE HIGH P. T. A. Compliments To Senior Class From Mr, and Mrs. C. O. Jones Mrs. Bessie Williams Mrs. Lucile Brooks Miss Lou Ella Brooks Mr. J. D. Woods Mrs. Flora William Mrs. Mildred Washington Mrs. Mary Irvin Mr. and Mrs. Sims Williams Mr. and Mrs. J. W. William Compliments of 12312. . DENTIST Office Closed Every Friday WACO COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Greetings THE SPORTSMAN'S CLUB We are open for new members, If interested see the following. Officers Members President MELVIN MAYBERRY AZIE B. SULLINAN Vice President JOSPER ANDERSON AMEGENE MOSS Secretary HOWARD AUSTIN IRENE WILLIAM MARRIS LOWE PETE LEONARD West, Texas DUDE WILLIS Compliments of INSURANCE COMPANY 312 Liberty Bldg. Waco, Texas MECCA DRUG STORE . Olfll' Q ..e.-vff.sC,1'7f':5"3"mfL3:1 Egg' 127 Bridge Street DAB'-E Waco, Texas DRUGGIST Phone 3 -4211 For All Your Drug Needs See Us Quick Free Delivery Compliments 5 5 N . r-I . A JR. CHAPTER BAPTIST Ll-IUIZCI-I Motto "Better Homes for A Better Nation" President: Sponsors: 1205 So. Znd Street Burner Tyrone V. E, Lane REV. GEO. lf. JOHNSON, Pa sto r M. L. McMi11ian FAU L. AIXILJ LIY EAT SHOP The Home of Southern Fried Chicken With That Southern Hospitality Now Closed for the Winter-Will Announce Southern Reopening Date , Compliments - Ffled Paul and Chlcken Beverly Paul and Beverly Hegmon 1866 NEVV 1-1 CPE 1956 BAPTIST CHURCH "Where There Is No Vision, the People Perish. " 915 North Sixth St. The Church Where Religion Is Caught and Taught Through Worship - Study - Fellowship - Service REV. MARVIN C. GRIFFIN Pastor Hearty Congratulations To You, Graduates of 1956 Y u have our best wishes for your success in whatever line of o endeavor you may choose. Your measure of success lies largely 'thin ou Do your best in all you undertake and always do to others W1 y . as you would like to be done by. Hold high your light that someone may find the way to a better life. FACULTY AND MEMBERS OF MOORE HIGH PREP VETERAN SCHOOL Best Wishes THE , P1191-HC III CDN WALKEES CO., LTD. 211 South Fifth Street AUDITORIUM Phone 2-6291 HERBERT WALKER P. O. Box 204 Waco, Texas FRED HICKS Automobile Dealer atisfied Customers A11 Over Texas Waco, Texas GROVE AUTO SALES Texas' Leading DIAL 3-25:11 ESTABLISHED 1920 MAIL EIRDER SALES AND SERVICE New Cars of All Makes M 204 South 2nd St. NEW AND REBLIILT MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 5104 Crane - 610 FRANKLIN AVE Phone OR'4 4349 . ALEIIS SLUVAGEK WAEU, TEXAS Houston, Texas ' DIAL 2-2511 ' Best Wishes Class of 1956 From L.4vlNc5STON'S CREDIT APPAREL STORE 412 Austin Avenue Waco, Texas One Account Outfits the Entire Family Compliments of I-IIL..I. PRINTING 8: STATIONERY CO. Washington at "We Specialize in Courteous Service' ABERCROMBIE ' S SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION 125 Franklin St. ' 2nd and Franklin Flats, Tires and Tubes, New or Used Preston Batteries, Road Service Wash, Grease, Wax and Polish Oil and Gas Open 7:00 A. M. - Close 9:00 P. M. Phone 3-9336 Compliments FUNERAL HOME and HELPING HAND BURIAL ASS'N REV. GEO. J. JOHNSON, Prop. ofa email 0544204 MILK AND ICE CREAM 425 Columbus Ave, Phone 4-3276 Waco, Texas our Congratulations, Graduates! Seventieth IVE' .:.::.-"' -M FO' Q v 1 . - ,..,,,.,,"' Alwa s I a mi Year I Q A Y - 'c-- f 0 fl' a Good In the ' ' 1 u 1.. . ff 1 "-xv., D - MW' f :.,. 3"""7L Place Heart I " 3' , ' -N' ' to Shop of Waco ........f f9':" '..n. ::: a:':Lg:j ,,"5'5E1, xw -lk-,V 'Lit ' 9 Compliments Compliments Q THE Qaffgf Zmefw 67 ZUUZZ QZW C L' U E STORE Whitney Hi11Sb01'0 Groceries - Meats MRS. J. E. BERRY, President Fishing Tackles 1 FRANK HI CKS ' GARAGE Washing and Gr easing Por celainizing Fender and Bodywork and Duco Paint Shop 626 S. 12th St. Phone 42728 "Congratulations Seniors" Comiim-Ets of GOI D151-f12cfa LAND COMPANY JZWWK 5525 BAD-VI S I Cl-lLJl2Cl-I REV. J. W. WILLIAMS - Pastor "Good Luck Class of 1956 Compliments of FIRESTONE STORES Seventh at Washington Waco, Texas Phone 2-2561 Tires, Television Sets Refrigerator s , Washer s Compliments of APEX MOVING 8: STORAGE Local - Long Distance 200 Franklin - Tel. 3-6181 J Fresh 'F Pastries Daily Compliments of 2. 6 Compliments of I LITBELQJSSEN S S FINE FUUU BOTTLING co. ..,.!l!,, 1229 chestnut Ave. of Waco, Texas Shop Dial 39389 Res. 3-5975 Waco, Texas Read the Complete Story in Your 1 Compliments Own Newspaper to the Senior Class THE WACO MESSENGER Only 5 Cents a Copy i Two Dollars a Year M 504 Clifton St. W T acc' exas' BEAUTY SHOP Phone 3-3871 Telephone 3-5008 4-4 LJ 6 5-l UAV! S GENERAL CONTRACTING Licens ed Real Estate Dealer 5 l 7 Marlbor ough Ave . Waco, Texas WM BINNS B00 I PHY Television for Your Pleasure and . Air Condition for Your Comfort Compliments ?f at the JOCKEY CLUB BARBER SHOP W "Where Barbering Is an Art" 131 So. Znd St. BEAUTY Phone 3-9283 SHOP WOODROW ANDERSON 604 south 7th Ph. 2-3362 Hour: 7 A.lVI. til 7 P.lVI. Daily MRS. GWENDOLYN OLIVER Saturdays: 6 A.M. Till 8 P.M. Prop. Congratulations '56 Seniors f0 .1 ' 116 QC V QC ' ,L 6f,y1L3?i: A" 57 MRS. LILLIAN .IARUIS I Compliments From MR. AND MRS. N. D. HICKS MRS. MARY IRVIN MR. AND MRS. E. HILL MISS MAGGIE WILLIAMS MRS. EDDIE F. DAVIS MRS. LU CILE CONLEY To the Graduating Seniors "We extend to you our heartiest congratulation for the success you have achieved and we Wish you will continue to attain even greater height" The President, faculty administration Staff and Student body of PAUL QUINN COLLEGE Waco, Texas Compliments From VVYATT LODGE NO.2,I W. M, H. H. HARISON SECT, B, E. SMITH Forrest St. Waco, Texas Best Wishes From LEE DAVIS Your Interior Decorator Specializing in All Types of Paperhanging and Painting 1013 N. 6th Ph. 3-4908 Compliments of BILL MARTIN Proprietor of WW BEAUTY SALON Compliments of Lil-1.4-HIXIES P.TA. President - MRS. K. B, GIPSON Compliments of CROMER BRO. SERVICE STATION Everyday Is a Bargain Day We Specialize in Car Wash Polishing - Lubrication - Waxing Open 7 Days Week 7:00 A. M. to 9:00 P. M. 725 La Salle Phone 3-9105 Best Wishes Seniors BETA RHO SIGMA CHAPTER DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY MRS. I. P. BALLARD, Pres. MRS. DOROTHY DUNCAN, Sec. May Christianity reign first and Democracy prove justly to all men. Compliments of EDWARD CHAPEL A. M. E, CHURCH REV. C. C. JOHNSON Pastor Compliments DORIS MIL LEE BRANCH YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION 202. Clay Waco, Texas "A Better YMCA - A Better Waco for All" Compliments of 025 jzfafmpf gm CREDIT JEWELERS 307 Austin Ave. Waco, Texas Compliments of W E. DAIZDE IN! LBR. CO. 609 Elm St. Waco, Texas Ph. 23451 De - Q 1-.1 .-,,. ! , Qi s i A ' X 'I 3 is .5-'ii ' of ' 1 Compliments of MT. OLIVER BAPTIST CHURCH REV. G. B. PRINCE, Pastor 1200 Chestnut and EAST SIDE FISH MARKET Fresh Fish Daily 803 Clifton St. Ph. 3-9512 Waco, Texas Compliments From MRS. AGNES KING MRS, CLEO DEGRATE MRS. MARIE BOOKER Congratulations 1 956 Senior Clas S CITY SERVICE STATION MR, AND MRS. CHESTER MR. LUTHERWCLARK, Proprietor ROBERT MRS, FANNIE DAVIS 1225 Elm-Arie. Phone 3-9131 For Moments That Matter Wedding G r oups Portraits and Commercial Photography Creators of True f. Dimensions Portraits ui 1 if 02554145 M Waco, Texas Phone 3 1 25 Hoping for You Success, Happiness and A Good Life 1956 Senior Class Compliments From MR. AND MRS. WILLIE ALLEN MR. AND MRS.NORRIS R. CAREY MR. AND MRS. B. F. ANTHONY TUSA'S NEIGHBORHOOD GROC. MR . AND MRS. E. PAGES 400 Clifton St. Phone 3-9645 MR. W. J. RECTOR MR. AND MRS. OSCAR BONDS MR. ALEXANDER WILLIAMS 01 M LITHOGRAPHED BY TA LOR PUBLISHING CO DALLAS a TEXAS B . IU YLORAM IDE A ' WW , I' W- -,V2 I s 'W 512 gb is ummm' " The es: Yearbooks ure' 's A I 5 A 1 . 71.442 -Lx-L '-.'f:, ,.1' -JJ.-Q ,:,.1,-,,.l,-' QL, 'gal g e Y, ' , y Q , ,V ,1 U ' , I . vW.,w , , .I 1 . ' , A W - 2 'w . b. . A

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