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E annrwuavsumwummgzmmnuaxnzumuuqsrnnarnnuanuyawmnumhzm f.:,.-up x uganviaa 1 in f .v,..-wk rm, -e fill 1 H! ay 6 V4 I 1 i . ,I 451 L 1, 12 ff "J Iii gii E? 214 E . A ii? li P, ,Q ,r 1,5 T Qui J! A zu Q! c 3 3:0 '2 , 141 i Jjiil, "5 F ' 'WE Qffm , , mm-.xf.:' Q 13 ,4 if q 12 , N g , FA 21, A A . 'fm 'Z x ' FA , ', 2 W ' 9 Wt , ' ' AF q u ' ' ' iw ' - ,1 w w J L 2,1 "f f - L Lin, .wi ,, ' ei ' ' JM , ' 5 E mia OW H1 PM f WHAT DID YOU SAY???? Teri Bobo and Dawn Dowling perform at the Howdy Day Assembly as Tim Watson looks on. These sophomores are in Drama Club. Y 5 l 'L ,A ,JM L." ly. A m"hww or f--f-41 f-s- A :-:fees-1 ' H ",,,-,aw 4' A ,, fi..M.+mw-v.:eWw, A D iii lsffi ,. vm -I M , .W i ,fx T" 'TEL-X" X G Moore Central Mid-High School 1 W 400 N. Broadway 87 Cub Moore, OK 73160 Volume 10 405-799-8421 Title Page TRUE SPIRIT is what sophomore Alex Aitken shows during Homecoming As- sembly. LOST IN THE CROWD is exactly what these freshmen are after the Homecom- ing Assembly. 32 "' fm I lll I Iwi' ,3'1i'l IQ v r 'L b Opening A-fd HEE HAW Drama class members perform a skit at Homecoming Assembly. bers Kristi Corcoran, jamie Pickens, Kathy I O Rainer and Tresa Lupton as they perform FEELING PAIN T are yearbook staff mem . - "s1sTER sus FEELS PAINT." X LK D iii r 'Fel 1 y Un- Nmyf Yr bg X--" ,T , ai ,. 54 -,ff . fi Aix ff? .H -W Q K xi, W 3 5' Martinez. Q. -J T he school meant many things to many people. We asked them in one word to describe it. "Homework," said sophomore Stormi Madison. "Blast," said sophomore Chris Selby. Mr. jim Faurot said, "Stu- dents" and sophomore Dace Gor- don, "Boring" Though not all agreed on how they felt, it was "Unforgettable," 1 JI, , I I 0 ,-4 MOVIN' TO THE BEAT are freshmen Amy West, Lisa Dye and Veronica A CLASS ACT Sophomore Kevin Richardson, school mascot, carries top hat and cane at the Fall Festivities Assembly. Opening "' Kee? ""'-""' uma!!! It his year the school was a full house, with an overwhelm- ing number of students. The lunch lines seemed to extend to the parking lot. In between classes people squeezed into the " Q R c THE BAND marches at the Homecoming Parade. halls. But as the saying goes, the more, the merrier. And the ad- ded school spirit at pep assem- blies and football games made this year's students unique. d Student Life Division PIE IN THE FACE? Thein Pham, freshman, eats pie while blindfo at the Howdy Day assembly. HI! Pam Combs and jenny Bertone, freshmen, wave during the H coming Parade. 5 ,,, 'Zig' is Qugggifigggffygwll sis r M AYV! -,!!, ll MAN? ,IMLQLWN H dm i Q .,. . Gif' ' H s 9- . MR. MCELVANY AT HIS BEST? Coach Sam McElvany and Ms. Karen Woodward pose in their costumes on Halloween Dress- Up Day. YOUTH AND GOVERNMENT performs its skit for the Howdy Day Assembly. Student Life Division e Wave coughr thot RCDYAL FEELING s second hour began, so did the excitement! The ballots were passed out, and everyone voted for their favorite candidate. As the day went by, the excite- ment heated up. By the time of the assembly, the whole student body was bursting with curiousity! As the band and cheerleaders preformed, the excitement in the air could be felt by everyone! Then the "big" announcement was made. Crystal Parks was the name heard over the speaker! When asked how she felt when she found out she was the '86-'87 Homecoming Queen, she an- swered, "l was surprised and ex- cited but simply speechless!" Just what does homecoming mean? Here are a few replies: Freshman Cristi Henderson, "Spirit and pride in the school." Sophomore Stephanie Kendal, "Football game, homecoming queen and assemblies." Freshman Joe Waters, "Foot- ball!" Homecoming Queen, Crystal Parks, was escorted by Van Nguyen. Sophomore attendants were Amy Thompson, escorted by Toby Simpson, and Kathryn Howe, es- corted by Randy Puckett. Freshman attendants were Kim Hopper, escorted by Shayne Cham- berlain, and Lisa Simmons, escort- ed by Monty Rumsey. A ROYAL TYSMILE . . . '86-'87 Homecom- ing Royalty flash the camera a happy smile. smile. Fall Festivities I O I O TOPPING IT OI-'F WITH CLASS are soph omores Crystal Parks and Van Nguyen. TAKING A STROLL are Homecoming Queen Crystal Parks and escort Van Nguyen. POSINC ONE LAST TIME are freshmen Kim Hopper and escort Shayne Chamber- lain. I my? Y NX 1 'N . K rf I 4 ' 1 x - 1-3 , f llll'F ' ' ,umm MM. . I L, , I H UNDER THE ARCHWAY stand sopho- WAITING PATIENTLYfor the announfe- ALL SMILE5 are freshmen Lisa Simmons mores Amy Thompson and escort Toby ments are sophomores Kathryn Howe and and csfort Monty Rumsy. Simpson. escort Randy Puckett. 11111 Festivities B In the hrough the heat of it, Central stu- dents made the summer memora- ble. Camp was one way to enjoy the summer and sophomores Tiffany Klarich, Crystal Parks, and Shawna Rutledge decided Falls Creek was defi- nitely the camp to attend. Meanwhile sophomores Tiffany Trotter, Steve Lasater, Shaunna Walk- er, Kyle Osbourne and Jamie Pickens went "zooing." Steve Lasater said, "I really liked the gorillas. I could relate to them!" Freshmen Christy Floyd and Sandy Hester shopped the summer away at Macy's and the Galleria in Dallas. Pat Oathout, sophomore, went to Louisana for a month of baseball and swimming. Whether they stayed at home or went out of town, Central students made the summer one to remember. AFTER GORILLA CAZING sophomores jamie Pickens, Tiffany Trot- ter, Kyle Osbourne, Steve Lasater, and Shaunna Walker take time to pose for a picture. BEAR TREES? Jennifer Simpson, sophomore, relaxes on the lap of a bear made from a redwood tree in Crescent City, California. 'll Fw WISHEUL DREAMINC. Sophomore Kile Reynolds looks at a Saturn V, F1 engine at Cape Canaveral, Florida, Kile is planning a career in aviation. h Summer if"5...w M A W N-lF""'-n... Growing even MCDORE Qgwimgg he Moore community changed tremendously over the past year. Shopping plazas sprung up all over Moore from clothing stores to pet stores. "I wish Moore would get a movie theater and then Moore would be completed!" said sophomore Kim Wright. Central students didn't cruise 12th Street on Friday night as in past years. Instead they were at Jammers, Specials Limited, and Starbucks. "I really like Specials because of the great looking guys and I love to jam!" said jennifer Doyle. Food was still on the minds of Friday nite partiers. They could be found at Mazzio's, McDonald's, and the new Hardee's on S.E. 19th Street. A new City Hall building was built on Broadway. The Moore Li- brary was renovated. Instructor Karen Tyson said, "I attended 12 years in the Moore School system from 1955-65. The town of Moore has grown from 1100 people then to a city today. The school system has changed in many ways too, but particularly from one elementary and one high school to a very large school sys- tem. I have taught with some of my former teachers and principals. I believe that Moore is a very fine school system with many educators who are truly interested in helping young people." 3 Qi T ff r is A, , 'MMA' ,, , I 71,5 3... ,s.f,,:...-ffvnha-':, - V- ,, ...,., HUNGRY? You can usually find a few stu- dents working and eating at the new Har- dee's on 19th Street. MM NEED SOME PICTURES? YOUR HAIR CUT? Then you could have gone to these two new stores on 19th Street. TAX DOLLARS AT WORK. The new City Hall was completed by spring 1986. R Community are sw as 0 6 tilifqillg X tudent Council sponsored a Spirit Week that lasted five days. Monday was Nerd Day. Tuesday was Hee-Haw Day. Wednesday was Freshman Blue-White Day. Thursday was Sophomore Blue- White Day. Friday was Halloween Dress-Up Day. Freshman Kellie Strong said, "I liked spirit week. It was fun." She dressed up for Nerd Day and Freshman Blue-White Day. If you saw babies, you had to have seen freshman Ami West. She dressed up for Nerd Day and Hal- loween Dress-Up Day. This week wasn't just for stu- dentsg it was also for teachers. Mr. Arch' White Days. "I enjoyed it," said Mr. Young. Not did We only have one gorilla roaming around school, but we had two! Roger Brown also dressed up in his gorilla suit for Halloween Dress-Up Day to wear while he pa- trolled the student store at lunch to keep those students in line. , Not everyone went to the store to buy something for their costume for Halloween Dress-Up Day. Sophomore Ronda dressed up like the 50's bobby socks and poodle said, "I liked it. It was a little weird." On Freshman the freshmen girls .3 Spirit Week ie Young dressed Dress-Up Day in dressed up Blue- dressed WHOLE 4 W H A F52 Vf N L' f7" Z L, f .f, WA M ' .M ' W ' w wf W W ' H V ,A 1, ,,,, , NW. , ,Hg , , 1 ' , .. Q ' , H wiw -"-"- f L-" V W 'Ev ' , , -11: 7 V , I 7 9 K, I' V y " ' fm, NE 5 ,ff an V ,-- wg V- K , ,, gf 4 . W , , H , L I ,QW 2 2. ,.,, l W V, 34 . 2,5 My gg W I g 'Q M " W 'X V - 'P' MWWW ' ' " '- 4-fl-fl, V' ' :ff 2 2 if V- if ' ,, "" f H V' f. I "" - ,QQ I ',ff:f'-f,- -. A 'gk H2 45 . ,,.,. ,Mei 3164, ., f ,.. .,,:,. H 'f . H ' ., , , A I - 1 , f 'iw ,, - 1 ,Mi "',-, w- 7 ,. , 4' ' Z H if f , L ,, , , .. , , ,, M., L, ..,. M .,. A, ., ,, ,, I ,X W VAV' K'A 5 M ' 7 - K "" ' ' f ff 7 gf 1 I 'M W I , W Vg , , 7,,, , www 5 , 6' ff 'ff V f ,, 5" ,Z f ,Aff V I , I ',,., gf fa L , Kh ' . I ,Q 3 Vw, Z Wm Nz., f , , VW. W' . ww T "" 'V ffl? , " V nf? , ' ' .. , I ' 2 , 74 , , ' , W it "'iE?f:'T1'Y"V ' V , I Ll VL ,Tim ,"' WOPWmCheck outfthe gfxy legsAofLtheseV-frgshmen cheer- leadgis Mike Smithg1Chtistiarg' Chena1.ift,kMatt Berlfeleygf m jjiflfkkqnkly Cloudiagfthe Powder -Puff Fgotlaall Game. 9 Spirit Week 3 ffRWQliK WJ llfiwlill. WJ WW 7lHHWE lBlEAlW' n October 24 students filled the gym that had been transformed into a scary sight by the cheerleaders, ready for a night of jamming. KJIO3 deejayed the dance. Sophomore Van Nguyen and Dawn Dowling both agreed that the music could have been better. "They didn't play enough new music, and what they played, they played over and over," Dawn said. Winner for the best costume was Alex Aitkin who dressed as a hill- billy. Stephinie Hodgen, sophomore, said, "I was really enthused about the dance! We had just won our game, so the D.I. let me talk on the microphone!" Everyone was looking forward to the next one which was in Febru- ary. The Sweetheart Dance was spon- sored by Student Council and the Moore Central Cheerleaders. To fit the theme, "Heart to Heart," students wore pink, red and white. The week before the dance stu- dents could buy paper hearts and print a message on them to their valentine. The valentines hung on the walls of the gym lobby the night of the dance. Students jammed to the music from the KI103 Road Show. Sophomores Greg Lee and Chris Larkin won the dance contest. They danced away with the records and movie passes they won. Freshman Kimmy Followwill and sophomore Dorothy Cardenas summed it up when they said, "It was really cool how people got in- volved and really had fun. It was a dance to remember!" IAMMIN' in their hillbilly costumes are Leslie Harris and Alex Aitken at the Hallow- een Dance. 4 I-lalloweenfValentine Dances Q TAKINGA BREAK are sophomores Todi Jilge and freshmen Leanne Wilmith and Wendy Wilson. WHERE COULD IT BE? Sophomores jason BABX GET DOWN! Sophomore Terry Per- Schrader and Brian Mitchell and freshmen ryman and freshman julie Rogers jam to the Becky Keith and Meredith Tiffin look for their latest songs. IAMMIN' ON THE 1 are students at the Halloween Dance. "Sweetheart Valentines" on the wall. ONE MORE DANCE. Sophomores Kyle Ma- son and Shawna Rutledge dance to a familiar slow song. -9 if HalloweenfValentine Dances 5 M Q ug 'E Again . .AQOWW . . . I t was fifth hour November 26th when the faculty did it again ffm' the sixth year in a rovllll. All the students thought they would win, The Faculty thought they would. The action started out with the valley- ball game which the faculty won. The students thought, "That's o.k. We'1i win the next une." The students thought wrong. The Faculty won the 3- legged race which put the students be- hind 20-0. Kristi Corcoran, sophomore, said, "I thought the 3-legged race was fun even though we didzft win." Merfs basketball was the next game. They had to win. it was only worth 5 paints, but that would be Five points more than they had before. Then they won which made the students feel better about the score. Pat Oathont, sophomore, said, "I thought it was fun bearing the teachers 'cause the students hadn't won a basket- ball game in a while, but I wish Coach Raper would have played." Next was womexfs basketball which the Faculty barely won by one point. Then came the egg relay race where the students shnwed just how sly they were. They stuck um to the egg and spoon. It worked gm' awhile until the faculty caught on. Thais when the stu- dents get disqualified from the race. "Oh well," the siudenks said. "Weil win the next one." And they did. They won the mystery race Call you had to do was crawl through hula hocvpsb. 1 The score was 25-15, but when the next game was announced, the students PULL HARDER! The cheerleaders pull the teachers across the line to win the tug-of-war. 6 Student-Faculty Games knew the faculty would win. The faculty won the nerd race and furthered the score ten points. The obstacle course was next. The stu- dents almost won, but the faculty came through at the last minute. 'The hardest part was getting over the balance hom and getting finished be- fore the next guy could ga," said Ms. Becky Berg, biology teacher, The wheelbarrow race was another disappointing game. The faculty won that too. Next was the womenfs tugwf-war. The cheerleaders lined up on one side with teachers on the other. It didrft take long before the faculty was begging for mer- cy, but the cheerleaders didn't let up. They won and forwarded the 'score 15 more points. "I though it was great winning the tug-of-war because it showed who was stronger and especially since we didn't win last year," said Leslie Harris, sopho- more. Last was the men's tug-ofnwar. Facuhy was on one side and Industrial Arts Club on the other. The faculty had confidence. After all, Mr. George Standard was on their side. They had a little too much confidence, and the students won. As the scores were added up, the stuf dents were excited. They thought they might have a chance. But as the scores were added, disappointment fell on the crowd. The students had lost by five points. The final score was 59-45. The faculty were the champions im at least that's what they caiied themselvesj. Wait until next year! Wh .fn ,-mga iwf,-ff::a f -, SHOOT FOR TWO! Sophomore Pat Oathout throws the ball for two points. 'QU Ev Q, om ' 5 .lv 'Vi ggyy 31 iff :":'V: ww, f: :,f -f 4 ': , zz. f 4 . ,K ,I 'gg , f fj:15,,., if 5 A , 1, 5 3 o W o ., ,o A ' ma n ! ..,- , ,ff ww V w , mf vw, fy, ,,,,4f+5f,,4wm,4,Miw ,, x f , ,,o,,, ' M' I QWY JU-7,349 f', , riff? 'fu ga ! g t, 1 lea? WHATA CUTE COUPLE! Sophomores Kristi Corcoran and jamie Pickens run to try to win the three-legged race. f-f' ff' WMZV f,Vr 24.15 ,QW .,,: , L. ,,' I V . . W J mai L gi 9 , f ,fb JJ We Participants Cheerleaders International Club Drama Newspaper Faculty Science Club Future Homemakers of Student Council America Yearbook Industrial Arts Club National Honor Society Youth and Government 4 Ml ,,,., ai- uttiiu m M ig L- W E5 a W , X ,, ,W ,imp , f ,. 2 it wi, ggi Qt 5 , W i min . , 4 A .. .1-,Eva ft f ...ff , a? A7 WF' view! Y., . 5.5 - Jie-ix DRIBBLE THAT BALL! Sophomore A V Larry Boatmun clribbles the basketball while Dylan Wagner is ready to assist him. DONT LET CO OF ME! Karen Parsons and Jenny Bennett, freshmen, struggle in the wheelbarrow race. Student-Faculty Games 7 The royol feeling extends to 8 Winter Winter Festivities . . . his year's Winter Festivities Queen was Chantel Coulter. Her escort was Pat Oathout. "I was so excited to be the queen," said Chantel. The sophomore attendants were Tiffany Klarich and her escort Bryan Wiltse, and Cheri Frazier and her escort Chuck Melton. The freshman attendants were Carrie Skinner and her escort Jeff Ronck and Kaci Harrell and her excort James Ronck. "It was fun just being attendant even though I knew I couldn't be the Queen," said freshman Kaci Harrollf' WAITING PATIENTLY is Chantel Coulter as Pat Oathout places the crown on her head. ALL AT ONCE NOW' The royalty poses for that one last shot, -9 Festivities NOT ANOTHER! Sophomore attendant Tiffani Klarich and her excort Bryan Wiltse pose for one last picture. til? we .gn CHEESE. Freshman attendant Carrie Skinner and her escort jeff Ronck take their turn. SMILE. Sophomore attendant Cheri Frazier and her escort Chuck Mel- ton smile for the photographer, x X A CUTE COUPLE! Freshman attendant Kaci Harrell and her escort james Ronck. -9 my Winter Festivities 9 Whofs in foshion? sprit, Guess, Keds, Swatch, Coach, Reebok, Coke, and Mickey Mouse. Sound familiar? These were just a few of the fashion names that swept across Central. Sophornores Brenee Rayborn and Tammy Thomas said, "We like to wear Guess jeans and oversized sweaters." Sophomore Nickie Petrakis pre- ferred goose downs, Levis, and rop- ers. Most guys stuck to jeans and "YOU WANT A PICTURE Of ME?" Freshmen lennifer, Fellows and Becca Richmond and 'sophomore Jill Crissmaxn ' gladly consent. shirts. They did take time to choose their wardrobe with care though. Sophomore David Dacus said, "I take about 15 or 20 minutes to de- cide what to wear." They also liked to look stylish. Freshman Alberto Cantu said, "I like punk clothes and a little prep mixed in!" Sophomore Brian Mitchell said, "I like this year's style! lt's laid back and comfortable." Jewelery was a big plus as ex- pressed by freshman Jennifer Fel- 10 Fashions 3 lows. "I like mod colors and lots of jewelery, especially tif it's silver!" said Jennifer. l Another popular favorite with both guys and girls was Guess Pro- ducts by designer Georges Mar' ciano. Jeans, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, overalls, and skirts could all be found under this designer's brand. When it came to fashion .Central students dressed with style! p i DRESSED Ur are Christy Pl0yd,NChar Shaiibfand Shepherd. X Wx yf X F Y Ye 3 5 " e 'W ,JH .J 5 ,4 tn JM L , ,2 , 1 ' f 55? ,i 2 1 itil K i . A' V Q FAU' Q' jeff ' W NiioyfHi'Ii.g.f2iiaffSf'f'?5i - iiii ,E " i ., 31801, .wx 19 D01WE T? Freshmen lulie Simmims, Amy HekQsQ ghdisdphbmore Sa- V -mamhai Morris pose fcr phe camera. L ' wma , 5 at X NOT AGAINIH? Sophomoresfjaf N ,mid Pickens, Kristi Corcorgin, and ' 'Teresa' Fanieillb look irritatedias ftheir picture jis taken one more time. ' Fashions 11 ECTIC was one word that wrapped up behind-the-scenes work of the Talent Show held on February 6. Directors M . Lynette Mclieithan and Mrs. Debbie Korff were trying to get the sound and performers ready. Some ways of handling the pres- sure were one last, fast practice, or a silent prayer. "I was restless, real hyper and ready to let go," said Julie Rodgers, freshman, explaining her feelings l v would be fun The next step was actually get ting on to the stage and perform in I was scared before I went out there but after I got out there I wanted to stay said sophomore Terry Perryman. A4 The Talent Show was shown twice, once to the freshmen and once to the sophomores. There were eight different acts ranging from gymnastics to heavy metal bands. All were a hit. PARTICIPANTS Iron Wrath Julie Rodgers Angie Blackwood Kirk Johnson Terry Perryman New Wave Andrea Barnes ' Uproar Now oppeoring of what it's like waitingftil show- time. Angie Blackwood, sophomore, said, "I want to be a performer, and I wanted the experience." Other answers differed from "To get out of class!" to "I thought it After all the practice, brain-rack- ing nervousness, excitement, anx- iousness, and being scared was all over, the performers knew they had worked their hardest, did their best, and gave their hearts to put on a talented Talent Show. 12 Talent Show 3 BOX HOWDW MCs Katherine Howe and Kevin Richardson, dressed as hillbillies, in- troduce the first of eight acts. ROCK ON!! Sophomore David Mann with his band, Uproar, to a Bon Jovi "Shot Thru the Heart." .k.: -1:-if ,Qwfkfy k..k, .if 3 - Eggs? WHAT DID YOU THINK? Sopho- E 4? me mores Terry Perryman and Kile Reyn- olds lip sync at the annual Talent Show. COOL AND COLLECTED. Sophomore Andrea Barnes sings as she also scans the crowd at the Talent Show on Febru- al' ii sf 53 y6. Talent Show JUST FF R 'rf U SP-W1 FAVORITES n Movie TV how Mus1calCrou Radio tatxon Dnsc ocke Music Vndeo Video ocke Teacher Class Friend Concert S t Han Out Sa ln Excuse L ud tTe er Restaurant Actor Actress I-lolnda So Car r h just For You 3 1 x ,-.N w ff Q iw W ,gb :MS H! ' aj f Y ,vm 6 ur A , - . , La" ' z.i1q'f:m.up'ezazgmqmvg-mfffrm Y ,,,,, you xcitement grew as all 2.8 girls entered the gym. This was it. Cheerleading tryouts. "I was so nervous I messed up a lot," said sophomore Tammy Thomas. The excitement grew tense. Now was the moment. Who had made it? As the outgo- ing members of the squad called 12 girls' names, there were cheers, hugs and tears. best moment of cheerlead- me was when I made it," out the flowers, "The ing for said freshman Erica I-Ioweth. Later that night the squad found out that this year would be busy. "Coming out of eighth grade into ninth grade is a pretty big step, es- pecially having extra-curricular ac- tivities after and before school that demand a lot of time and energy," said freshman Pam Combs. There was a lot to prepare for. They had practice everyday for two to three hours. They also had to get their uniforms, plan for cheerlead- ing camp, and more. Practice started the week after tryouts. The squad prepared for camp for almost two months. It was held by the Universal Cheer- leading Association and held at O.S.U. Camp lasted four days. The squad worked hard from morning to night. "I think all the hard work and effort that we put into cheerleading is worth it," said freshman Tricia Moore. . The last day of camp proved all the preparation and hard work had paid off. The squad won a spirit stick everyday, twenty blue superi- or first place ribbons, two gold su- perior first place ribbons, two camp championship first place trophies, and a spirit stick to take home. Our mascot won a spirit stick everyday, three, blue superior first place ribbons, and the spirit stick 9 Cheerleaders GOIN ll! to take home. Altogether, the squad took home the maximum they could win. "The best thing that happened to me was at camp when we took ever- ything. I was proud of myself and my squad," said sophomore Alex Aitken. Practice started a month before school started. They knew they would have to work hard to make the year a success. "We always do our best at prac- tice so we will do even better when we cheer," said sophomore Angie Blackwood. They had to plan for assemblies, dances to co-sponsor, posters to make, games to cheer at, practice, and, of course, they had to promote school spirit within the school. "We try to promote school spirit and show the teams and coaches that we love them and want them to win," said freshman Andrea Max- well. During football season the squad cheered their team on to victory. "I was so proud of our freshman team for being undefeated and our sophomores for their great season," said sophomore Tresa Lupton. After the busy football season was over, they had to prepare for the winter sports. "I support our athletes by cheer- ing them on and helping them any way I can," said Kim Whish. After winter sports were over the squad practiced for spring assem- blies. "I think all the time and hard work is worth it 'cause in the end we feel proud that we could do it," said freshman Heather Meldrum. After that it didn't stop. Now they must prepare for the 1987-88 year. "I am going to try out again but for cheerleader," said Kevin Rich- ardson. For the ones who make it, it 'would be another year of hard work and lots of fun. she helps introduce the football players STATE YOUR NAME says Leslie Harris as I W H .Hwa- DONT DROP ME! says Trici Tresa Lupton. if t r s a Moore to c was lvl I - ' f n' ff E gs ' ff 1 LM- ikiff 'K AWESOME The cheerleaders com- plete another perfect performance. CHEESE! Erica Howeth and Tresa Lupton stop to pose for a picture be- fore going out to cheer. CHEERLEADFRS Sophomores Leslie Harris Captain Tresa Lupton Alex Aitken Tammy Thomas Angie Blackwood Freshmen Andrea Maxwell Erica Howeth Tricia Moore eather Meldrum Pam Combs Jenny Berfono Mascot: Kevin Richardson Sponsors: Betty Taylor and Sherry Schallner Kim Whish-Co-Captain H WAITING IN ANTICIPA TION are Mascot Kevin Richardson, Leslie Harris, Jenny Ber- tone, and Tresa Lupton. R Cheerleaders '-'Rolling thletes, a total ingredient of practice, skill, practice, ability, and more practice. Competitive sports ranged from football to golf, but what- ever the sport, the athletes were all the same in one way. They all tried their hardest to be the best at what they did. Q ,iff 1 V , - gl wr J f 1 at ,", 1, 4 jg '51 'ily' A -.: vA" f VV: fl' X A 'ng' 7 Y IWW, I rzl , ,,.,,. 5 I fi H . K, at ' fha if " gh , - 1.7 , ,, U fm VV VV gi- ! ,:,i' if .IZ 18 Sports Division 9 ition ol11Pd----- Thec M MY NUMBER IS 74 ,M Travis Few tens his na Q ,,,,-,,,,--,--.1 position at the Homecoming Assembly. is i ki? :.k .-,. - K K Rig -rr,,s ,rr ? r nfs? 35-fs f lv 'oi- sgi if fr - f?c,,.5u-'5VE55i5k . ::. wif' f . ji, ON TOP OF THE PYRAMID. Kyle McDonald, Tobey Simpson, R dy Puckett, and john Stafford cheer on the girl football players at Powder Puff Football Game. UNDEFEATED AGAIN!! Once more the freshman football team h managed a no-loss season. "' STEADY .. STEADY Sophomore 'i-' Debbie Wells does a back walkover on the balance beam. LAP AFTER LAR jason Schrader, sophomore, butterflies another lap during practice at the high school pool. 9 . Sports Division 19 BASEBALL Kyle Davis, David Gattis, Patrick Good, Matt Herndon, Michael Johnson, Timo- thy Kindler, David Lightfoot, Chris McClees, Terry Nickles, Peter Parsons, Michael Phillips, Danny Reed, Greg Reed, Mark Rhodes, Manuel Roman, Tony Southerland, Timothy Thornton, Keith Vinyard, David Vos Alecx Coo per Michael Fitzgerald, Randy Gantz Johnny Graham Chris Harris Jason Holland Robert Hughes Eric Lewis Patrick Oathout Matthew Russ, Mi- chael Schane Chris Selby Timothy Ste- phenson, Danny Towey II, Eric Walton Manager Shelly Arther Christine .Bryars Jennifer Coil Coach Craig Wright WINDING UP! Ronnie Watson sophomore gets ready . f ,. to pitch. ',,,, r I - . . I I . . I I . . I I I 4 . I . . I I . I . . 0 ' I . . , . . . . . f G , 1 s 5 i if Q st is ...tram I as Q s-TSS: W' kk X s A s s arms'-5 W STEADY? Freshman Matt Herndon, catches the ball, as it approaches him. Qi .,.. . f . ' ..., . . ---- fhfff..- ss..-was . sissy.-. f -sxd,,..Q,,J-xg1..... I, 5 Baseballs, up: and coming 'Xi 4 ". if cg L A P so t o . sw Y H .. lerstfarlf f' X . sf i iia if W Y , X Ng.. , . . It. . it ei gi. , I :s --e- " , . N .ii .... a . ii'-'s T s is 'J N' -Ls Y -- as - TWT? A . K s-straws Y ff. .... . -QM-rf 20 Baseball Q CET IT OVER THE PLATE! Freshman Danny Reed catches the ball. ne of the most de- manding sports at school was baseball. It was a popular sport as a lot of football players transferred into it for second semester. Freshman Mike Phillips and sophomore David Cochran were two baseball players. They had both played Little League and got into baseball because they enjoyed it. They also wanted to play in high school. Mike was aiming for a college scholarship in baseball. When the two discussed base- ball, it sounded like a lot of fun, but it's also a lot of hark work. "We run about two miles a day and we do fifteen sprints and a lot of other exercise," Da- vid said. They also did stretches, push- ups, and suicide until 5 o'clock each evening, Mike added. The hard work will pay off. They both agreed that Central would have a good team this year. All the players get along very well. R N ...-.six we-"'i s ii il K Q X Q, 3 . Kick it! occer was a very challenging sport. A player was con- stantly moving. In practice players conditioned to meet these standards. Some athletes chose soccer as the most fun and the most challenging physically. Players had to drill to perfect their skills in juggling, passing and man- uvering the ball. .U THE NEXT Pl:'LI:"? Sophomore Edward Hayden gets ready to put some moves on an oncoming player. BOYS SOCCER Jeremy Blackwell, Bill Bray, Quinton, GIRLS SOCCER Cobb, Todd Hinderson, Bryan How- Lauiren Barrera ard, Chris Jefferson, lun Hoe Kim, lffdl Berryman Jun Hyong Kim, Matthew Moffatt, TIHQUY Qlary 0 Paul Porter, Kevin Rose, Jeffery Carrre Srrradoskr Turner, Darrell Dalthrop, Christo- Darsha 5Peu pher Donnell, Edward Hayden, James Marla Wagner Hulet, Jason Ingleheart, Scott Kin- KFHY R09 i drick, Brandon Phillips, Travis Reyn- Tiffany Smith olds, Tobey Simpson, Jared Summer- Coach: Anna Thompson field. Coach: Alan jones DRILLS, DRILLS, DRILL5. Players maneuver the ball cautiously. . 3 'i t frii ff' ' . s i Q f Q ,f e V' gn 5 .-., i l'i"""t""f' tiff' iiii P Q 5 S 5 .fl rr? if s B-3 Q f ' 1 Zi . 5 4 f 'ff , V' B' I , -4 Making hile most of you were in your sixth hour waiting for the 2:40 bell to ring so you could get home in time to watch "Days of Our Lives," the track students were on a bus to the high school waiting to get dressed out and warmed up so they could practice until 5:00. A lot of time and effort was put into track. Sophomore Chris Larkin said, "We practice hard every day until TPAX about 5:00 so we'll be our best at track meets." Track meets were usually held on Saturdays. When asked what he liked best about track meets, freshman Thein Pham said, "just to run on the track!" "The track team worked hard this year," said freshman Marlf Evans, "and we'll keep on making tracks." f Q sr ,M , ,Mr W, 5, if A I ,wa I'I.L BETI CAN BEAT YOU! Sophomore Tammy Richard- son and freshman Callie Monroe practice for track, S 55511 " '- . F' f'.,r:wzs:1, 44 5' '9:?if5'?EEL5'1i:15I'if A i - S f K K . K NOTHIN'5 GONNA BREAK MY STRIDE. Freshman LeAnn Wilmetl' runs around the track during practice, TOP TEAMS PRESENTED. The best gymnastics teams from all over Oklaho- ma, including Moore, present them- selves at a meet. gyms, T if ggi- Q.-' ' GYMNASTICS 9th: Tiffany Sochor. 10th: Melissa Schwartz, Karen Suhn, Debbie Wells. Coach: Becky Fleming GIRLS TRACK 9th: Neva Akers, Sherri Beck, Reishonda Blackshire, Rebecca Campbell, November Clifton, Tonya Hughes, Sherry Keener, Rebecca Thompson, LeAnn Wilmeth, Wendy Wilson. 10th: Beth Dennett, Catherine Imes, Todi Jilge, Tammy Rich- ardson, Lourie Stephenson, Be- lynda Ward. Manager: Callie Monroe. Coach: Janet Southard BOYS TRACK 9th: Brent Gardner, Shannon Gibson, Nevin Kirkland, Keith Lang, Monty Rumse , Jeff Ryan, Salem Sharp, gerreck Tucker, Paul Wasik, Trent Worthen, Jong An Yi, Mark Ev- ans, Thein Pham. 10th: Chris Gay, James I-lodges, Chris Larkin, Mark Schlen- huber, Scott Shelton, Timothy Stephenson, John VanHook. Managers: Chantel Coulter, Kayla McCoy, Jennifer Wig- gins. Coach: Kyle Marr f: :'r A Flipped over' FLIPS nother prestigious sport was competitive gym- nastics. In gymnastics the students had to work hard from 1:40 until 4:30 P.M. The requirements of gymnastics were form, technique, balance, agil- ity, gracefulness, and some dance. This year four gymnasts were from Central. Coach Becky Fleming said, "The team has made tremendous pro- gress from the beginning of the season. The girls have worked very diligently at improving their form and technique, and it has definitely paid off at the meets we have at- tended. We have placed first or sec- ond in all but one of the meets we have attended this year, and there have been many individual awards brought home also. The team is an extremely hard-working and dedi- cated group. I know that all of their efforts are going to pay off at the state meet llfebruary 233 this year when we bring back first place!" ? , ff ia PEP TALK. Members of girls track talk to a coach about running. STRIVINC FOR PERFECTION. Sophomore Melissa Schwartz checks her stance while standing on a balance beam. it .4 ' 5 .... 2 lt e 5 'Q-albvk . - . :-f .-,..- is Ussl' is W TrackfGymnast1cs 3 Swing itz! or a competitive but not a contact sport, many students chose to play either tennis or golf. lt was a good way to keep in shape and feel good about yourself. Tennis kept you running, and golf kept you walking. "One of my best matches was when my doubles partner and I won the John Mar- shall Tournament. We got down early and thought we were going to get beat, but we played hard and turned the match around and won," said Chris Muzzy. His partner, sophomore Bruce Taylor agreed that it was one of his best matches. HOPING FOR PERFECTION Freshman Shane lker hits the ball down the fairway tfsarzi.. 15 it When asked why Bruce took tennis he 1 said, "Because I didn't make the golf team, It among other reasons." Sophomore Chris Grace took golf be- cause he enjoyed playing it. Jennifer Shoop, also a sophomore agreed. They had both been playing golf for sev- eral years and because of their experience, LT they had good seasons. , I ..?Z?Qf'11ff S Z I . if ,,, W .a X "" WAITING THEIR TURN The freshmen golf team poses for a quick picture. CIHVB 1. , it PERFECIY Sophomore Chris Grace makes a perfect .wfwjl . 1 M . XX ill l i I ,x ,, l J ll of . , Li ,,. . A X 5 A m. I A v ,. D vi if A . J 5 ' K ri A Maj' 5 vt :S ,Jun-umm -G A , . f .. r L- S S 4.--4 Ss SAE . E AFTER A HARD DA YS WORK. Freshman Martin leave the court. 'B Pam Doorman and Shawnda SCORING A POINI Freshman Janelle Sanders serves the ball to her competitor. TENNIS 9th: Tracie Bethell, Natalye Bishop, Jeff Dean, Pamela Dorman, Melissa Farrow, Kasi Grammont, Shonda Martin, Kim McLellen, Diana McQuitty Jennifer Mrtchell, Michelle Mullins, Scott Muzzy, Janelle Sanders, Kendra Shepherd, Sheree Smith, Janene Snow, Gyla Them 10th Jeff jorges, Chris Muzzy, Chris Wall, Sunny Weaver Coaches Karen Chase and Estle Wall GOLF 9th Shane Grace, Jason Gresham, Lxsa Sim- mons Holmes, Jennifer Shoop, Karyn Smith Bruce Taylor, Steven Wilson 10th: Kathy Cooper, Chris Grace, Troy Coaches: Phil Warford and Mark Hunt L .,, ,,,,. .::,. Q.: ee' ' ' i U 'WL Q -' ii E .,r:, ,- -so asta we-ai . "' T W... :-e ,oa W pe . o,,, S . Q as i' ,,:,,. Z .Z V. Q Q , E 5 Vu E Z N 2 5, 4 My 4 . Z 1 'ff er Z I , aff' A , Q K f 1 iz 4 l M' Q, V i . , Y K - il , is i Gigi i Q 1- . , X Q. rx. Q K Y . , 5- "' M -N Q .a ,icaww WM K , -' ' K? , , swam... . , l 5 ...s'i.,..M.,...i.fT"i' a ..rr. ,, ,sss , A K In UNDER STRESS! Freshman Michelle Mullins is trying for a perfect serve. .9 Tennis!Colf 25 in NOT FAR TO GO! Freshman Scott Hem- phill is working on improving his time for the next meet. www' ml Q .K .sf te- wmf. ty .life ti . . is ,tt.. --f-M' ,y,,g..vf.-sw: - " 14 SX W .5 K Qi ikki K. K5 ,-.' ,iam .. .. . ----. . A :" 1 ' A ... W X xx .R . t.X, tg .Sk E is wk ' Y l i X it " ' , S M ' K KLA -1:51. wg 'lb if 'Q to tttt .wiv eq i gets t E Q if 'f-M-wit Ngiiif s' ,. . .. "NH-ivan-....,,..c TAKIN' CARE OF BUSINESS. Coach Ke- vin Murphy tells the swim team about up- coming meets. at Q Y 5 ak x ia., LWAD.. . We u alia... s 'W st ..- . .. CONCENTRATINC! Sophomore Chris Holliday concentrates on making his dive perfect. ski'-'Q icture this. You had just awakened. You were still incredibly tired. Sudden- ly you were falling, falling, until you hit the icy water. Was it just a nightmare, or did it really happen? Well, for some students, it hap- pened every day. They were the divers and swimmers. Did they hate it? "I feel it's the best way to get lots of practice!" said Mike White, freshman. "lt wakes me up," said freshman Heather Patterson. Chris Holliday, sophomore, was not quite as enthusiastic. "Getting up at 5:30 a.m. is not my idea of having a whole lot of fun," said Chris. So why did they do this? "During the summer I was at my friend's pool a lot. I like diving, and so I checked Central to see if l12z.,.... VVAVES they had a team," said Mike. The divers and swimmers worked out for meets, but what did a manager do? "A manager is expected to do the lane ropes and work around the pool, and do the cards for the meet. At the meets we have to give every- one their cards, then collect them from the timers, and make sure ev- eryone gets where they're supposed to be," said manager Michelle Wise. Did the swimmers and divers want to continue their sport? They differed in opinions, but Chris Holliday had a definite fu- ture. "l've got other ambitions in my life, and diving is not one of the most important things. I want to be a clogger when I get to be a big boy, so I can dance my way to fame," he said. SWIMMERS tie Scott Hemphill Heather mfer Morris Shawn Teague jason Schraeder John Tmer DIVERS Kirk Johnson Colt Hasson Heather Patterson julie im mons Mike White Gary Clay- ton Chris Holliday MANAGERS Richard Tmer Michele Wise COACH: Kevin Murphy Colby Codner, Deborah Depa- Kmirchin, jason Martlnek, jen- ' I . S. 1 RELAXING Freshman Heather Kurchin is relaxing after doing laps at swim practice Q Swimmingflliving 27 Determination more them ekiri deep TOUGHCOMPETITION. 28 Wrestling otal concentration, men- tally, was important in wrestling. Both strength and speed were important too. Although sophomore Ron Cart- mill said, "Speed is more. lf you are quick, the other guy can't use his strength on you." Wrestlers had to practice two to four hours every day and then lose several pounds before matches. "Wrestling means getting in shape and having fun," said fresh- man Tony Southerland. It not only took a dedicated wrestler but a dedicated coach too. "I think Coach Starr is the most dedicated coach I've ever seen. I-Ie tries to do everything he can to help the team," said freshman Travis Yost. When some of the wrestlers were asked about the most memorable thing that happened to them this past year, some of them said: Robert Washington --- "When I got a chance to start on Varsity." Ron Cartmill --- "I beat a guy by the score of 9-2, and he beat me last year." Freshmen --- the Mustang Tourna- ment. The Cubs won First Place, and freshman Travis Yost was named Outstanding Wrestler. And what does it take to be the best? "Constant dedication and lots of extra effort," said sophomore Jason Snider. Sophomore Van Nguyen replied, "Dedication, determination, and having a good attitude .... the at- titude of a winner!" don Brock has a major workout with Coach Starr's son. R x ,, N N SCN. 3 tx WAIFIM-UP TIME. Sophomoresf, warm-up takes place at high school before a matc . Nia SPORTSMANSHIP MAKES THE MAN. Freshman Winn Gonzales shakes hands with his opponent after winning his match. V I 4' G., ' as M V V J 1 s f B C at ii i,,ii 4 it 'T V 7 1' it f E if ii Z f. WRESTLING 9th: Vince Blatt, Brandon Brock, Mark Evans, Winn Gonzales, Michael Goodsen, Chris Gregg, Floye Lavarnway, Casey Lore, Johnny Myers, Terry Nickels, Iustin Oakey, Thomas Olsen, Travis Yost. 10th: Dennis Blundell, Ron Cartmill, Jeffrey Dubbs, Dace Gordon, Scott Hannabass, Ted Hansen, Van Nguyen, Jason Snider, Robert Washington. 9th Manager: Natalye Bishop 9th Coach: Ron Starr 10th Coach: Harvey Weigle 1 up .,..,. H- - . t , W ' A ,M ' . ,Z H :K Q X y ,,.,,,.,2,.,.ti E I f S -fini' 4"- 'Tj -' ig - - 'fifth'-..5q j GETTING READK Freshman Brandon Brock concen- trates on his opponent from Hefner. Bouncing is the ractice makes perfect or close enough! Everyone of the players said the only part of basketball they didn't like was practice or losing, and, of course, the best part was the reward of winning! Central's freshman girls basketball team was unde- feated all season. Central's sophomore girls basketball team had 9 wins and 5 losses. Freshman Tootie Jones said, "I play every position, and I'm good at everything!" Cheri Frazier, sophomore, said, "I've played guard for about three years, and I've re- bounded about five rebounds this season!" Freshman Becky Thomp- son said, "The only thing I I 'fi' 'EQ -2 5? -- EEST hated most about practice was doing suicides-they are really tough!" Bobbi Purvine, sophomore, said, "I have always liked away games better because I think I do better when people I don't know watch. Also, you get to meet people at away games!" This basketball season was a good one for both of the Central's girls basketball teams. Most players planned to play next year. GIRLS BASKETBALL 9th Karr: Barnett Carrie Berg man Donna Corn Kristy Don Glover Crrstl Hanklns Kacl Harrell Tonya Hughes Katura Jones Lori Kimbrough Jennifer Skinner Kellie Strong Jennifer Vaught Leah Williams Brandi Wmner Misty Wolfe 10th Dawn Beachler Chantel Coulter Cheri Frazier Patricia Garski Amy Herndon Taira Huffmes Tlffam Klarlch len nlfer Newsom Crystal Parks Bobbi Purvme Shawna Rut ledge Donna Sunliagle Amy Thompson jennifer Wiggins Coaches janet Southard and Leanna Moore z . I . - I I I ' nelly, Carla Foughty, Athena I . . . I . I I , . . I . Lee, Gina Romanello, Carrie . I . I . I . . , . . ' . . 3 1 I . . I . . . .I I . . I . . . I I . I I . . I - I I I . . . G SCORE U5 ONE MORE yells the crowd for freshman Tootie jones as she makes a jump shot. SHOOT FOR TWO! Freshman Tanya Hughes concen- trates on making the winning points. I'M WAITING thinks sophomore jennifer Newsom as she waits for the game to get started again. CET THAT BALL! Sophomore Amy Herndon tries her hardest to recover the ball for Central's side. Girls Basketball 31 Shooting for SUCCESS team will go far if there's a lot of ex- perience. That's what helped all but the fresh- man team have winning sea- sons. One experienced player for the freshmen was Jeff Ronck, who'd been playing basket- ball since sixth grade. "It's fun, but practice is boring. We scrimmage a lot. I like all of them Qteammatesj. I get along with them," said Jeff, who was a guard. Sophomore Pat Oathout had been playing since fifth grade. He played wing and post for the junior varsity and sophomore team. "It's fun, but we do a lot of running. We're pretty good, but we still have a long way to go." The star player for the sophomore team was 6'5" Bryan Wiltse. He had been playing basketball since sixth grade. His experience and his height made him one of the more notable players. "We have a good time as long as we are doing what we are supposed to do. It is also fun when we win. We are a good team, but we can be bet- ter." Bryan's position was post. There was hard work and long hours involved in boys basketball, but it made up for good results. Bryan remembered his best game as being the one against Putnam City. The score was 103 to 74. But he stressed that Putnam City wasn't a very bad team. We were just very good. warg Boys Basketball W HELP! Freshman Mark Moore looks for someone to pass the ball to. DOIN'OKAYi5 freshman Chad Goucher as he easily dribbles the ball up the court. A sf BOYS BASKETBALL 9th: Matt Berkeley, Jeremy Black- well, Aaron Deckert, Shane For- rest, Chad Goucher, Rick Griffin, Lloyd Grissom, Matt Hansen, Ke- vin Iones, Steve Kish, james Lenox, Mark Moore, Scott Muzzy, Danny Myers, Thien Pham, Brian Pierce, Iames Ronck, jeff Ronck, Robert Sutter, jeff Seymour, jackie Sing, Dylan Wagner, Joe Wilson. Managers: Stacy Gammill, Brandi Sheffield. Coach: Fred Christian. 10th: Jason Hall, Chuck Melton, Mike Stidham, Trevor Wall, Bri- an Wilson, Bryan Wiltse. Manag- ers: Taira Huffines, April Valen- tine, Laura Wood. Coach: Scott Raper. W, W ,WWWMMM ,. ff, sawsm Y ARRRCCH! Sophomore Chuck Mel- ton attempts to shoot the ball while an opposing player guards him. BANG! The Midwest City Bombers really blow up when sophomore Pat Oathout scores in a game against them. 3 . Q .0 :MV Q 'fm " ou vvim some. .. ou win r-3ome!!" i c t i o n a r y definition of a team is a group of people work- ing or playing togeth- er with a common purpose. But for the freshman football team, it was working and playing, and the purpose was to win. The freshmen start- ed off their undefeated season with a bang by defeating Moore West 26 to 16. As the season went on, they came closer and closer to their goal-to become an un- defeated team. During the summer the freshmen came up to the school and were out on the field prac- ticing between two and two and a half hours, two times a day, five days a week for two weeks. Once school started, they practiced every day after school. When asked if it was worth it, Matt Herndon said, "Yes, if you want something, you have to work hard for it, you just can't get it free." Winn Gonzales wanted to make a ca- TOUCHDOWN! Mark Evans runs for a touchdown while Winn Gonzales runs to block an oncom- ing opponent. reer out of football. When asked why foot- ball was important, Winn said, "I am go- ing to try to be a pro- fessional." Others played foot- ball just because they liked it. When Monty Rum- sey was asked why he played football, he said jokingly, "It gives me something to do and excuses not to do my homework. I also like it!" Football was impor- tant to all football players, but to the Cubs it's more than important. Travis Yost said, "I always play at my ful- lest ability because if I didn't, I would be let- ting the whole team down." Most of the players were from Highland East. To them a win- ning season wasn't new. Last year High- land East went unde- feated so the guys from Highland East were really excited when they were unde- feated again this year. When Tony South- erland was asked how he felt about being un- defeated he said proudly, "I feel great about our undefeated season. We worked hard and we deserved it!" The coaches also worked hard to make this one of Central's best years yet. Mark Evans said, "I know these are the best coaches I've ever had, and I learned a lot this year about foot- ball and life overall." FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Bully Blakely Chad Blasglow Vance Blatt Kevln Bobzlen Ed Boyce Brandon Brock Tobey Carter Shane Chamberlain Chrlstran Chenault Randy Cloud Brent Dallas Stuart Duncan Gary Emerson Mark Evans Travrs Few Bull Gaddrs Brran Gates Irm Gnlles Wann Gonzales Ron Guxdry Greg Hardin RlchardHarr1ngton Matt Herndon Jun Kam Make Klrkland Robert Krows Floye Lavarnway Joe Luttered Lloyd Maupm Johnre Myers Ter Nlckles Nathan Nance Thren Pham Paul gorter Greg Reed Danny Reed Manuel Roman Montey Rumsey Roy Sands Scott Sheek Mlke Smlth Tony Sutherland Clay Spicer Robby Start Tony Summers Joe Don Waters K1mmleWh1te Jerry Whrtefreld Travrs Yost Managers Lrsa Sum mons Barry Cossey Gma Murphy Coaches Tony Kmght Kyle Marr and Kent Carnahan Soph omg'-1le football 3125.15 115' 1986 T 87 entral's sophomore foot- ball. When you heard those three words you automati- cally thought of excellence. Central, for years, had a tradition for great football, and this year was no exception. Sophomore Kyle McDonald was asked what he remembered most about the season. He said, "The barn." The barn was one of Coach Mike Hooper's ways of making a point during practice. The players would have to run to the barn however many times Coach Hooper saw fit. Another rough thing about prac- tice was the two-a-days at the first of the season. The sophomores compiled a 6-1 record. They played mostly juniors. QP ,Q fe The one game in which they played 1 . all juniors and seniors was their X wp.. .. - only loss, 24-3. is ' When it came to sophomore ., Q' 1 football, Central was on a roll. Kyle McDonald Coach Mike Hooper 10th FOOTBALL Joe Bennet Larry Boatmun Ricky Carmen David Cochran David Dacus Mike Fitzgerald Randy Gantz David Goddard Edward Hayden, Danny Hendricks Jeff Kingsley Ray Ledford Kyle Mason Kyle Reeves Kale Reynolds M1chaelSchane Tobey Simpson jason Snider John Stafford Robert Washington, Farrel Young MANAGER Amy Thompson COACHES Mike Hooper David Hinkley Larry Cornell- S011 McDonald, Johhny McKeel, Van Nguyen, Terry Perryman, Brian ,Pittenridge, Randy Puckettl Dale 36 Sophomore Football Q 1 3 steps to winning' GOING ON TO THE BA TTLEFIELD. The sophomores trot onto the field. . MM W iifiif' in . vow . . - E R N , W5 'zux i Qi. a ii ' ' i IN THE LINE OF FIRE. The sophomores -' Q are ready to face the opposing team. A In A. .gy rm Nix L1 5- -55 35 5 . i BUSTED!!! A misfortunate player pays the price for trying to score against the Lions' defense, of ins I XX N o MAKING THE GRADE. Mrs. Amy Peterson helps sophomore jennifer Wiggins on her biology work. ..... if ............... S Oogl' h, No! I forgot all about my biology test today! Hmmm, let's see the building blocks of proteins are amino acids. Yeah, that's it! I How can he expect me to study when the "Cosby Show" and "Family Ties" were on last night? 'And I also have homework in my English class. I hope I can get it done. It will be an absolute mir- acle if I make the honor roll! .9 38 Academics Division - if 4 . Wham .. axssqw WMWN ' 'W-.c.,xN NMMWQM 1 '-SINONN -NNN n K FINISHINGA LECTUREis Mr. Ray Ellis while his English class listens, SHOWING DAD AROUND at the Open House lgleheart. is sophomore jason ,. I Chris Gregg from his English litera- ture, TAKING A BREAK is freshman U HARD AT WORK is Mrs. Cathy Coolls second hour English class. I , 9 Academics Division nglish, sci- ence, math history ..... . tx 6' ' I I I " 5 DEEP CONCENTRATION. Sophomore Robin Walker concentrates on her work science class. NOW CLASS . . . Ms. Margitta Moore tures to her geometry class. Req 'Q uired Courses ' I lec- I they're all there and we all had to take them. But many students didn't think too highly of required courses. "I don't think it's fair. We should have a choice," said freshman Tracy Moore. Other students thought quite differently about re- quired courses. Brian Baca, sophomore, said, "I think it's going to help us in the future." 1 Teachers also had differing opinions about required courses. Mrs. Carole Gonzalez, English I and II instructor said, "I think they are impor- tant because they teach you the basics, and also they pro- vide a dependable form of study." Mrs. Sharon Liston, who taught Computer Literacy I and II, NOT a required course, said, "I think the school system sets up re- quired subjects to help the students get ready for college, and also to make the student a more rounded person edu- cationally." W ' 'Tu'6 .am l . I M fa-5 it X!! THAT CANT BE RIGHT? Sophomore jason Schrader rechecks his work. mx 1 ' I TAKING IT EASY is Sophomore Leslie McKay while Kyle Swisher, also a sopho- more, continues to work. Required Courses 41 Not just lectives varied because of the wide variety of careers students wanted to go into. Whether it was taking pic- tures or driving for the first time, it was the student's choice. Did you know that there were very few girls in drafting and in woodworking? Surprisingly enough, there were an even amount of girls and guys in Home Economics and only one guy in Typing II. When counselor, Mrs. Pat Folks, was asked her opinion on the sub- ject she replied, "In society today most jobs are labeled either for ACCURACYISIMPORTAN71 Sophomore Ron Cartmill demonstrates his accuracy on the band saw. 42 Electives another men or women, and I think that has a lot to do with it." Some students got stuck with electives they really didn't want. For instance, freshman Jayme Goines' 6th elective in 7th Grade was woodworking. This past year she was the only girl in her class. "I really didn't want it at first, but after a while I really liked it," she said. Other students took electives be- cause of parental influence. A lot of students were in Driver Education for lower insurance rates. When asked if this class would be recommended to others, sopho- class! more Chris Cooper said, "Yes, be- cuase sometimes we get to stop and get doughnuts Drama student Chris Gay, said, "I would recommend Drama class if you aren't afraid of standing up in front of other people." Computer Literacy I student, freshman Amy Welch, said, "Com- puter Literacy is fun if you know what you are doing, otherwise, it's very hard." All in all, students enjoyed their elective classes and had fun in them. RELAXINC after a hard day's work, freshman Dee Dee McQuintty finishes her typing assignment. fi READING TOGETHER. Sophomore Stephanie Neece and teacher Susan Higgins read together in class. ' I W f K any 6 .,.k..k,., 1- 1? K .J K it .. I J I 2 . .4 P , - it , J .. A . I I r"f"H as ,E K .X K lvljzgnirititq ,hh ' S X it it 'NV X 'I S 1 I I COMPUTER GENIUS, IN DEEP THOUGH71 in Mrs. Sharon l.iston's second hour Computer Literacy I class. 'Q Electives 43 il O COME OIW! Sophomore Jared Summerfield impatiently waits for his teacher and classmates to join him so he can begin driving. ELECT IVES Art Arts 81: Crafts Band Basic Life Skills Chorus Clerical Procedures Competitive Athletics Computer Literacy Drama Driver's Education n French General Business German Journalism Keyboarding Mechanical Drawing Newspaper Office Procedures Photography Reading Recordkeeping Spanish Speech Typing Vocational Agriculture Vocational Home Economics Woodworking Yearbook MAY I HELP YOU? says sophomore Bobbi Purvine as she does her job in office procedures while in the 9th grade office. 44 More Electives 6 CHECK IT OUU!! Freshman Greg Lewis shows first project in Woodworking-an MTV clock. .cfs off his very , t . t A 52 YPA Epi., c i s.ssii -s X ,ii ff 51 , ' 5 ,s., . c of E if A .-.. 1 - 5 T is 1 'fsi .B L isis Nw' ,W lf t SMILE!?! Freshman Adam Fuller stops working on his slab project in Arts and Crafts class to look at the photographer. 'i" f ' V -mpgL.b'l. f FUTURE ARCHITECT??? Sophomore Luke Staats completes a Drafting II as- signment. More Electives 45 61 sill xiii' 46 Homework!Tests ey all you workaholics, here's some inside infor- mation on how some Central students coped with home- work and tests. Kelly Hannon, freshman said, "I studied most oftenly for my tests, and I only cheated when it was vi- tally important, the difficult class that I had was Drama." Sophomore John Stafford said, "I usually did my homework unless I was really busy! I think as far as tests go, I rarely cheated because I didn't have to!" Freshman Alberto Cantu said, "I did my homework in my room, usually while I listened to the radio or watched television. I studied during the commercials! I only cheated in absolute emergencies, I swear!" Cyndi Sullivan, sophomore, said, "I really didn't have a lot of home- work, at least not usually! I just cheated when it was necessary, and it depended on who I cheated off of if I did good! I usually studied at McDona1d's. I don't know why. I just did!" So as it turned out, most of Cen- tral students didn't plan on cheat- ing. They did study, but there were those "doosy " questions that some of us didn't plan on seeing on the test. So whatever your study habits were, whether you studied or not, it was all up to you how it turned out in the end!!! l WAKING UP in second hour are these students in Mr. Bill Shoaf's math class. READING AWAY is freshman Teresa Bradley in Mrs. Susan Estes' WHATS NUMBER TWELVE? Sophomore Steve Wilson sits in the English class. hall taking a make-up test. Y 43 "xv f , E I 'iv h in , , ' 1-fri. mm, , ,rf Nb- l fx! 'CSX W 'favs-.x I 4 ,ff 1 fo 'W WORKING HARD are sophomores Mike Pigg and Debbie Cantu as they do their biology work HomeworkfTests 47 Awards, projects roll in LUNCH RELIEH A group of stu- dents relax during the break between sessions at the Academic Olympics. HURRW!! Freshman Ann Harding finishes off the rest of her nachos before the competition starts. V3 48 Awards And Projects. t was a new year, and a year full of new school experiments. For a sense of school spirit, many new projects were taken on by the school. There was a school spirit week held October 20 to 24. Each day was T a different theme and students dressed accordingly. The Academic Olympics were held once again. Students who wanted to p take the test came to school on Saturday, January 31. Awards were given for the top five in each category, and winners could participate in a total of four other meets. Freshman Kimmye King placed 1st in Algebra I. When asked how she felt when she won, she said, "Surprised!' , Sophomore Kevin Andrus, who placed 2nd in Computer Literacy, said, l "The Academic Olympics allows students and teachers to see how much students can accomplish." As usual, the sophomores won the Spirit Stick at every pep assembly. The freshmen didn't like that, but they would get another chance. ...www , nf W . 1, Z i 4 - 1, if 1 P if mt. a fa tm, at it Rafal xiii Academic Olympic Winners Oklahoma History Michelle Wise Marla Wagner jason Brady Nadine Hartwig Ronda Ballard American History I Todd Henderson Larry White Chris Nelms jun Kim Lynnelle jury American History II Allen Gradnigo jennifer Waterman April Valentine Anthony Hill Gina Liguori Spelling jennifer Simpson Allen Gradnigo jennifer Morgan Phong Nguyen jennifer Waterman Algebra I Kimmye King Greg Campbell Marco Rivera Phong Nguyen Melinda Hawkins Algebra II Anthony Hill Brian Nicks jennifer Morgan Tammy Boyd Karen Suhm Chemistry Karen Suhm Anthony Hill jennifer Waterman Bryan Wiltse Tammy Boyd Geometry Marla Wagner Matt Moffat Ann Harding Chris Nelms jason Brady Physical Science jason Brady Matt Moffatt Greg Campbell Terry Hallauer Tracy Reynolds Biology Lance Howard Kelly Drewry Gina Liguori Paulette Record Donna Watson Computer Literacy Phong Nguyen Kevin Andrus Amy Welch Laura Morgan Ann Harding Mechanical Drawing Trey Wade jeff Dubbs Rick Griffin Ed Boyce Vince Blatt Typing I Tricia Moore Angie Blackwood Terry Hallauer Nadine Hartwig Ronda Siemens General Business Micah Young Kasi Grammont jennifer Laasch Aaron Deckert Susan Bryant Typing II Stacie Whyte Kristi Corcoran Phuong Lu Kathy Rainer Debbie Hallauer Spanish I Patty Lamaster Deana McCann Stephanie Smith Danielle Lane Anthony Hill Spanish Il Amy Betts Michelle Wise Lori Wilkerson Lance Howard 5. Tina Hagerty German I Dedra Shaler Marco Rivera French I Megan johnson Kimmye King Shelley Lasher Ronda Ballard Chris Kennedy French II Karen Master Kisha Akers Allen Gradnigo Teresa Farrell Kelly Drewry Grammar I Megan johnson Marla Wagner julie Elmore Kasi Grammont Matt Moffatt Grammar II jennifer Waterman jennifer Morgan Kisha Akers 4. Lance Howard 5. Allen Gradnigo Literature I 1. Lisa Burch 2. jennifer Weeks 3. Tracy Reynolds 4. Shannon Legg 5. Becky Nice Literature II 1. julia Mason 2. Kathy Rainer 3. Debbie Hallauer 4. Shannon Tarkington 5. April Valentine More Awards Art I john Koeninger --- Mural Painting for Youth Arts Month in Oklahoma, sponsored by Oklahoma City Arts Commission. Mural was on display at Wlll Rogers World Air- port. Band C.O.D.A. Honor Band: Kimmye King Shel- ly Lesher Susan McLaughlin Paulette Re- cord. Freshman Girls Basketball Placed 1st in Moore West Invitational Tournament Placed lst in Conference fConference Championsj 1st CMH 9th grade girls team to go undefeated in school s history Diving Mike White --- participated in diving com- petition for State History Kelli Griffith --- finalist Iniative for Under- standing Soviet Youth Exchange Science lst Place Winners in Moore s District Sci- ence Fair: joe Koeninger Terry Hallauer Ann Harding Deana McCann Tracy Reyn- olds Mike Payne Karen Suhm Amy Betts Allen Gradnigo jennifer Morgan Amy Reed Lori Wilkerson Stephanie Smith Shelly Lesher juli Lopez. Central State Regional Fair: jennifer Mor- gan --- 3rd Place' Mike Payne --- Eastman Kodak Award and 525. Students Qualifying for State with their pa- pers for junior Academy of Science: Mike Payne Ann Harding Greg Campbell Stephanie Smith. , , , , , , , , , Lauren Barrera, Marla Wagner, john Bunch, , , , , my Awards and Projects a Certam month. The promote school activities, which gave members a feeling of spirit. tw, , .rr g . ,iw . i . if 50 Organizations Division ,ii,lwM,e,,...--f-f R i 5 5651 H lg , V,,.f' . jfeh NOW THIS IS WHAT WE'LL D0 . . . Sophomore Tricia Gaiski tells her ideas at a Youth and Government meeting while sophomores Nyla Lester and Angel Hunt look on. THIS IS FUN! Members of Youth and Government take time for laughter at a meeting. 1, ""IT'5 YOUR TURN. Van Nguyen and Kelly """ 'yi k Kennedy, sophomores, practice for a drama pre- sentation. A LONG WAIT Floye Lavarnway, JR. Clark, and Chris Gregg, fresh- men, wait for the Industrial Arts i t -- - . Club meeting to begin. --I V Wy.. y ' lwrrsrgjyflyv. , , we Q I i 1 W 1 f gf S rr , V ,,,, L' lj if Sf 1, - W ii? YYWQT V ' ' ,HHH W?ri , aS2'ib' it www W af KKK? silififi Y' . in uwwewfllln V-" ' 4 wires tum . V W N may X, ' ' A V M, .' Organizations Division -51 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 3 I9 Z ' 5 W Qi ln DEFEATED AGAIN!! Again this s year NHS went down to defeat at the Studentsfaculty Games by the hands of the faculty. Maybe next year? NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Officers Allen Gradmgo president April Valentine vice president jennifer Morgan secretary Young Oh treasurer Heather Pulliam reporter Matt Moffatt freshman vice president Nadine Hartwig freshman secretary 9th Kevin Andrus Lisa Baltrush Christy Bare Laura Barrera Dean Bass Becky Barney Carrie Bergman Lisa Birch jason Brady Susan Bryant jennifer Brown Greg Campbell Shannon Clmk Pam Combs Christy Crockett Kendra Daffern Julie Elmore Bryan Estabrooks Malrssa Far Grissom Shanda Gullion Terry Hal lauer Ann Harding Nadine Hartwig Melinda Hawkins Megan Johnson Jo anna jones Tellecra jones Selina Kelly Kimmye King Chris Kludlng Shelley Lesher Melissa Little Stephanie Lively Lloyd Maupin Deana McCann Kim McLellan Chris Miller Matt Moffatt Tricia Moore Jennifer Morris Rebecca Nice Tamera Nusbaum Tracy Reyn olds Christy Sloan Andrea Smith Heather Smith Stephanie Smith Jenni fer Stephens Marla Wagner Amy Welch Tina Weum Nicole Wooten 10th Kisha Akers Shelley Arther Ken Attebery Kar1Autery Brent Barton An gre Blackwood Melissa Bohn Beth Den nett Sean Donnell Dawn Dowling Kelly Drewry Allen Grandigo Debbie Hallauer Deana Hendricks Amy Hern don Lance Howard Steve Huggins An gel Hunt Catherine lmes Erik Joyner Chris Kennedy Tiffani Klarich Scott Lamb Patty Lamaster Cindy Lanman Melissa Lusby Julia Mason Christy Brian Nicks Pat Oathout Young Oh Mike Peterson Heather Pulliam Sabrina Ray Amy Reed Travis Reynolds Wayne Roberts Brian Safrit Michelle Schafer Jennifer Swisher Kyle Swisher Shannon Tarkington Amy Thompson April Valentine Trey Wade Robin Walker jennifer Waterman Lori Wil kerson Steve Wilson Br1anW1ltse Lois Young Sponsors Mrs Chris Johnson Mrs Kathy Moffatt , , . . , . - . Z . , 1 , : 2 ' . f V . - . I . . I . . I , I I I I 1 I - . I . . I I ' I . I A row, Pam Flacy, Kasi Crammont, Lloyd Mays, Leslie McKay, jennifer Morgan, . r . I - . . I I , V . . I I l , I . , ' , , - . 1 . ' , , , 52 National Honor Society Siaafiag titiou ihfrs STRIKE ONE! Sophomore Allen Cradnigo H l 9 I i S pretends to bat at the Howdy Assembly. STRIKE TWO! April Valentine, sopho- more, gets her second try at the Howdy As- sembly to "hit" the "ball," THA T5 THE BREAKS. Sophomore Young Oh cries in despair after breaking a finger- nail at the Howdy Assembly, HS gives the students QQ an opportunity to work with other stu- dents. It builds char- acter, leadership and scholarship. It also helps a student seeking aid for college." was Mrs. Chris'Johnson's interpretation of how students benefitted from National Honor Society. Sophomore Allen Grandigds ex- planation of how National Honor Society helped students most was, "It gives some students a goal to achieve. Being in NHS is one, if not the highest honor, a student can achieve in theirdaysoft high school." Allen ,was president of NHS. 1 , To stay in National Honor Soci- ety the student must maintain a 3.5 grade average. Also, at least 10 ser- vice project points must be earned. In order to go to the end-of-the- year field trip, an additional 15 ser- vice points must be earned. Some of the service projects stu- dents took part in were giving toi- letries to the Women's Resource Center, a Gradefa-Thon, Teacher Appreciation Week, a,ndeStudent- Faculty Games. . r , , A I Giving to the 'home' Eorl' abused women and children was sopho- more Leslie McKay's favorite ser- vice project. E "Giving people food and services was fun!" said freshman vice-presi- dent, Matthew Moffatt. National Honor Society was a club for students who were hard workers, very giving and who real- ly cared about grades and people. ATTENTION! ATTENTION! NHS presi- dent, sophomore Allen Cradnigo, brings the National Honor Society meeting to order on the First Wednesday of the month. National Honor Society Q9 vox SKA C0 Q, Geftifiiffii things DCDNE 54 Student Council PLANNING ACTIVITIES are Shelly Arthur, Mr. Young, Shaunna Rutledge, Nyla Lester, and Alex Aitken. hat was Student Coun- cil? President Kathryn Howe explained, "Student Council is an organization which tries to get all groups of students involved in all activities." Student Council worked hard to recognize each student as an indi- vidual. Representatives from each first hour represented their class in the meeting. Sophomore representative Ran- dy Puckett said, "Student Council is a good way to inform students about what's going on at Central." Sponsors this year were Mr. Roger Brown and Mr. Archie Young. When asked if he was en- joying this year, Mr. Archie Young said, "It's really hard work, but it's a lot of fun." Something that changes every year is the officers. To be an officer one must meet all the qualifications and get the most votes from the student body in the elections at the end of the previous school year. Alex Aitken ran for parliamen- tarian because, "I heard it would be a lot of fun, and I wanted to get things accomplished for the school." lf there was one organization that got things done, it was defi- nitely Student Council. MORE IDEAS! Mr. Brown, Mr. Young, and Kathryn Howe talk about getting more ideas. STUDENT COUNCIL Officers Kathryn Howe, presi- dent Shaunna Rutledge vrce- presrdent Dana Buckles trea- surer Shelly Arthur secretary Nyla Lester secretary Beth Dennett reporter Alex Artken parlramentarran Representa trves Pam Flacy Monty Rum Mrke Frtzgerald Trffanr Karrch Trrcra Moore Bryan Gates IR Clark Manny Ro man Chad Lunsford Shaunna Walker Randy Puckett Tom Moore Kathy Coo er Tammr Rollmgs Chrrs Sel y Heather Pullram Larry Boatmun Donna Corn Amy Betts Brandon Phrl lrps Ronnre Watson Dawn Coffey Natal e Bishop Andrea Maxwell Ro bre Start Brandr Koenrg Ialayne Sherlock len nrfer Newsom Karr Autery Stacy Smrth Mrchelle Cham bers Clay Perkrns Chauntel Coulter Amy Welch Pat Oath out Stacle Stacup Patrrcra Garskr Kern Patterson Rhonda Sermens lulre Srmmons John Stafford Malrsa Cordon John me Davenport Mark Evans Tresa Lupton Cherr Erazrer lennrfer Mrchelle Terry Hal lauer jeff Ronck Becky Keith Heather Kerchm Donna Sun Eagle Sponsors Roger Brown Archre Young DISCUSSINC IDEAS' Monty Romsey and Brent Dallas fresh men drscuss rdeas at a Student Councrl meetrng 1? we My I Q Student Councrl 55 Eiinowin what yotunifce sayin . INTERNATIONAL CLUB Officers Kisha Akers president- Kelley Drewry vice-president Kevin Rose reporter Teresa Farrell secretary Reva Craig photographer and historian' Marco Rivera German re Shelley Lesher French rep Heather Smith Spanish rep. Neva Akers Spanish rep 10th grade Dawn Beachler Tammy Boyd Dana Buckles Bobby Buntin Debbie Cantu Melena Fairchild Deana For- tenberry Allen Gradnigo Tina Hagarty Shelly Harkema Mi- chelle Hayes Melinda Herman Lance Howard Angel Hunt April Hurst Tracy lacovelli Patty Lamaster Ben Lee Randy Little Jennifer Morgan Sa- mantha Morris Angie Morton Hung Nguyen Mike Peterson Young Oh Amy Reed Michelle Schafer Tiffany Trotter Jenni- fer Waterman Tammy Wile Lori Wilkerson Kisa Winn Mi- chelle Wise Kristi Himes . : . I I . 1 1 1 F 1 7 1 . I 1 P-I , . -1 1 F , . 3 1 I . I I I Rhonda Cloud, Rena Dufner, . I l I I I . I . I I I U I QI I I I I I 0 . I I I I I I I I I . 1 . . Y' . I . I , . 56 International Club he only way to get into In- ternational Club was by taking a foreign language. It had a lot to offer for those who were interested in the foreign languages of French, Span- ish, and German. They tried to have as many ac- tivities as possible during the school year. Moore Skate Arena was where the lock-in was held. They went caroling at Wal-Nut Creek Square, attended a French and Spanish concert, and played bingo in all of the different lan- guages. Vice-president Kelley Drewry, sophomore, said, "It is really fun. You get to learn a lot about differ- ent countries." President Kisha Akers, sopho- more, said, "It's really cool." She hopes to encourage people to join International Club. When asked why she decided to run for presi- dent Kisha replied, '1Because it was a great opportunity, and I took it." Sophomore Michelle Hayes said, "It's a lot of fun, and there are a lot of sweet people in it. I would rec- ommend it for someone else." Sophomore Teresa Farrell said, "It's a lot of fun. It's the people that make the club. Everyone is there for the same reason - to get a bet- ter knowledge of international cul- tures." Freshman Spanish representative Neva Akers said, "lt is fun. We try to do many things during the year." Sophomore Allen Gradnigo said, "l enjoy taking French Il, and In- ternational Club offered me an out- let to get acquainted with other for- eign language students." The club was a learning exper- ience as well as a lot of fun. ALL DRESSED UP are Lisa Birch, jay Lawcher, Rhonda Ballard and jennifer Waterman at the Hallow- een Lock-in. and how 0 SAV TKT? WANT TO IOIN? Sophomores Teresa Farrell, Ki- sha Akers and Dawn Beachler perform their skit at the Howdy Assembly. els? GETTING EXCITED! Everyone sits down for a game of bingo. INTERNATIONAL CLUB 9th gradep Dena Ambrose, Rose Marie Baker Rhonda Ballard Kerry Bertone Amy Betts Lisa Birch Becky Campbell, Alberto Cantu Pam Combs Susan Con- dict Barry Cossey Lori Cross Dawn Elliott Travis Few Becky Flowers Scott Guidry Colt Has- son Theresa Hulsey Erika Hunnicutt lon Hymer Shan- non Irwin Megan johnson Tel- lecia jones Lynnelle jury Becky Keith Kimmey King Kristi Lawrence Misty Lawson Shannon Legg David Leon hardt Deana McCann Susan McLaughlin Kandie Melvin Stacie Mengers Tom Moore La vanda Pearson Melanie Pruett Kristi Schapka Kim Scott Dawne Shields Andrea Smith Stephanie Smith Alan Sutton Andra Teal Dawn Traxler Paul Vaquez Doug Wheeler Jill Wheeler Pam Woods Milisa Zeka Trent Worthen Easter Greene Gina Forth Sponsors Kathie Lmders and Pat McGarrlty 1 inf' HI THERE! Freshman Lisa Birch gives the camera a big smile at the lock-in. Q International Club 57 -A M Q f H U 3 54.6, f 3 fi: M,Qf f ' fpfgh1bgk5 Qs5iaf fhehcId15 ' ' was 'f1m1af1a eawi , ,ig 55 a ,,h4 yigmah' i M , g I f T 'Z,w' g ftyeawrw fpru fSciei16e fCj11iij,1 3pdi'it1 wgaifj, 55 A V Q"U biggerfDatlfd Qbkxftef 2Lhismye2Lgf'fThjs fx UQQ ff 'fpasryfhfithdfWG?'5015ldiQe1!fHryg W x A 1.h'5d'1gjfhk1veffhgapprbaeiriiaiQly'Q13Q 'QmCmhb9fSm meeta f1ivxhia2ai1di16riun1. fsagid,,sh?s Epattgdihe dlixb l5sf4yEZ1ifio SC ' ,. Spgihfglljig' if U 75 q6nCbqfagQg,5slqclEhAt5M td Jggtn abgmit 'fhelbdiffggeng arejij df fsgigngef Wg 'R Eaqhxmoiitnli in 'J - ' 1 iiid ERE spdgggsi-si HQfgfg5a1ly43gf65i1Q'ff ,vfIheieIqifwgntW'on twin? EiE1 eIfgifipii,g Iigfglfe vFg11'thigyWw6nf'ff62AthE Shvbiez Siqrixiif Laifbv x Nligtfjjihhf' and x th? Mgfdfigdldgj ADePaftnQd1jrf fag gof QfheyygQuld2,1egrhTTyvhat pa ,gavrbqrigizig f1iGf25r0lPgSzli9f01i1Qff5b2i ilikaiif 111' SPfiifg5ftffesf,aitQsifi?F1W?aV'55144 iriceil and vengiixe6fmgj 'mege arg thai OngriiplexgjSE2i1irStis'fs,andigqgindgifs idmei ff9mA1dFf.'0!?ff 01?1ihQniaQ .iffi dgmbngtargte srheiirprqjgcgrsp f Q W i 'gqplffglmrefglzeslixyiag 5Ai1aegSun I A if cliffgereiiz gguesf Q speakeif ralki' bn! 'msiaicdg 'ffihe yf3Q1'd '?iiiPS'idf2 Qgfiifi wifi A bf51xbi46ct1iershiqigjQgfto -4.5CieQC9f. Qi jj , ' tljeiflipeahitg,didpretfylyivnitqrestf , . 5, A f Pgii Q M , ,Q ,, QTwlibrifsdphbinoijiblimfwebbfwaksx .lifggii 5 ffff , T'faskedgifjiies31gsjp1qh'ning5'pngibging gi,fuf'TI?HefspegikQgsffeg11yheh?riigegkfi, 'fl 'K W W 4 7 4 V w dirigefnbefbfi5Cie,fgr5efCf1i1b3iQ1f6ugh, if difsxand, Q4 L giirrixitl?C1i911tsW'fdEa1ifag Z ' 1 - Wifh sciemzizsaiu ffeQhaw1 Mia 'N f 5 , A infeliestingI1iid!hCl'pEs11?eflkb, gfchfffllff i q L f 'zi N h , , lam A nf new 3. ' K.?1reQ1L5if1hrIf,j50ph0IixdrQ, figufeSAitlbut. ' f " T' Smal '55Cf'f'f9f3f51'-15fif: 5 2 Qi ' "H 'Q . . M., Q Q 1 .,,,w,k.,, Ecktf rbRMZfiA.iscfenZe Studbrif. 5 muh. Vw,fkX'12.Y 51 ' Z W0'wx"l"wW-,-M W x If D S!j.1dPnf'E3CU1fXfGamgs.A f- W ,L WOULD YOU LIKE TO SIGN UP? Mfrs. Roberts signs up sophomores jason lgleheart, Dianne Eavans, and Re- shinda Anderson for a field trip. V , f. S .. 2 sql I af-W sw-i A MQ Q-can SCIENCE CLUB Reshinda Anderson, Anita Armafio, Aretha Armafio, Rose Marie Baker, Rhonda Bal- lard, Lauren Barrera, Brent Barton, Donna Bingam, Lisa Birch, Angie Blackwood, Larry Boatmun, Amy Betts, Tammy Boyd, Susan Bryant, Kathy Burdett, Greg Campbell, Mi- chelle Couvillian, Quinton Cobb, Kelly Coogan, KristifCorcoran, jennifer Craig, jill Crisman, Christy Crockett, jack Dauphin, Sean Donnell, Kelly Drewry, Dianne Ev- ans, Travis Fein, Mike Fitzerald, Christy Floyd, Jeanie Ford, Patricia Gaiski, Rhonda Garoutte, David Goddard, Allen Gradnigo, jr., Shanda Gullion, Tina Hagerty, jason Hall, Lana Harril, Nadine Hartwig, Leslie Heiderick, Amy Heinstan, Kristi Himes, Ashley Holland, Troy Holmes, Kathryn Howe, Taira Huffines, Steve Huggins, jean- ine Hussian, jason lgleheart, Catherine lmes, Gheia jenkins, Wendy johnson, Phil- ip jonas, Lynnelle jury, Stephanie Kendall, jun Hoe Kim, Heather Kirchen, Tiffani Klarich, Christina Koehler, Tony Krishack, jennifer Laasch, Scott Lamb, Cindy Lan- man, Debbie Leach, Greg Lee, julie Lopez, Phuong Lu, Melissa Lusby, Donald Mager- kurth, juli Mason, Deana McCann, Kevin McClure, Kayla McCoy, Kim McClendon, Matt Moffatt, Annja Montgomery, Tracy Moore, Bobby Moran, jennifer Morris, Chris Nelms, Phong Nguyen, Kyle Os- borne, Cathy Paschal, Terry Perryman, Nicki Petrakis, Suzanne Potter, Randy a ll 1 .. I-size E Puckett, Heather Pulliam, Kathy Rainer, Dale Reeves, Kevin Rose, Shawna Rutledge, Roy Sands, Winston Sharp, Ronda Siemens, jennifer Silbernagel, Toby Simpson, Shan- non Slayter, Heather Smith, Stephanie Smith, john Stafford, Roall Stearns, Chris Streeter, Larry Sutton, Kyle Swisher, Bruce Taylor, Richard Tiner, Amy Thompson, Becky Thompson, Patrick Wadkins, Dylan Wagner, Robin Walker, Chris Wall, Trevor Wall, Bendy Ward, Wendy Ward, jim Webb, jennifer Weeks, Amy Welch, Lorie White, jennifer Wiggins, Danella Williams, Mike Willis, Tammy Wiley, Steve Wilson, Michelle Wise, Misty Wolfe, Stacy Wright, Stephaney Young, Melisa Zeka. Sponsors: Amy Peterson and Cindy Roberts. K Science Club 59 r Q ' hdustrial Arts Club was de- V s ' 4 sigrredwfbr Students with a s s cornmdn inti:rQst in thetech- j r snivtals fields and'in working withrtlfxeir hands to come togethgr for learningfand fellowship," said Mrs. Beth Jennings, sponsor. Ther club imetr on swednesday .Q W , V sk Wfrhqrnirigs dilringgactiykify.periyodriq x A ' s r m discuss therpast anclsfuture activi- sr A r 7 tieswof the organizgztion, i r M s r as when ffe5hin,ang rP1qye rrmm- r sway was hskedlwhy sheM chbse tosbe A 5 in industrial Artss Cilllbr his reply Q rwas,r'iBecauss 9I was sinfit last yezir 9 A and Yforirids it gfUl'f'3'hdf inste resting,'f gr x s , s, 'Jerry Broadbent,sfreshmamsaid, f'Il'wds firitefesled in IhndustrjalfArfs andywanfedfm makes some new wgfsfiendsf' is r Z s Q Ssllihg t-shirts for aygfuhd . raiisgr and making gitffs forrferichers imdb pareritsr wgrQ dfdb .prQjects.r ' V I HURRY UP! Freihniah Clay5Bag1sy Qosssfor 3 ? J gLLiclZ'snafpsh6t,with- thg glogli shenmhdbi irr WQQdWOFkil'5g.' .7 ' ' x sf 0 A ' A ' L " K f s I , ,k.,. ,Q M if E55 as E .Q X 5 s 5 is S Q g R R6 ' - Q my Us ' 5 Q ATTENTION! Mr.vCer:rge Standard, fallis wiihw Freshrgran.Robert Krdws shows off ' some ofsthe Industrial Arisstudsms. Q K - his clogk ,thathe niade in'Woodworking. m ' L A' :Ihriustrralr Arts Chas! Ti if 'Km 'Q RESTINC! Sophomore Trey Wade and freshmen ,l.R. Clark and Chris Gregg attend an Industrial LArts'Club meeting. aa WORKING-HARD!f'l3reshman Jayme Goines worlcs on hers W, woodworking project. K r V L L g ' INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB 9th jerry Broadbent, Floye La Yonnes 10th Brian Bale, jason Cook, Trinity Cook, jeff Dubbs David Goddard, johnny Graham, jason Keller, Wayne Roberts, Mr chael Schane, Mike Simpson, Les- lie Smith, Trey Wade, Tyler Worthen. SPONSORS: Beth Jen- nings and George Standard. . varnway, Bryan Howard, Travis I V' G lI'tdl15h'lal'AAl'tSiCll-lbs 61 ,rWW.5,'w . W H, v rad' U 'U Wg' Ag. I Joey Cagle Terry Clanton Kim DeLaho Chris Fetherlof Danny Mathews Chris Miller Terry Nickels Danny Reed Greg Reed Patrick Richardson Chris Seales Ag ll jared Angle Kim Hagstrom Gina Liguoir Donal Magerkurth Kristy McCaslm Tj Roesler Vickie Russel jimmy Smith Leslie Smith Randy White jeff Davis Phillip Williams Sponsors: Tony Anderson and was GETTING THE HANG OF IU Freshman Greg Reed works with his steer "Frosty" at the Ag Farm to get ready for a show. sz FFA Q FFA offers iiirsit-liiearncsl JSXQJQJSJQQJIJSNCE hile most people were at home in a nice cozy bed, sophomore Kristy McCaslin was feeding and watering her pig. Kristy showed a pig for her Vo-Ag class project. Some kids thought that Vo-Ag was an easy goof-off class, but they soon learned that taking care of their animal wasn't so easy. TJ. Roesler, sophomore, said, "I thought it would be fun," when asked why did you enroll in Ag. TJ. is now raising a steer named Shoestring and a heifer named Mrs. Beauty. Kim Hagstrom, sophomore, wanted to get into Vo-Ag because she went to shows with her sister and thought they were fun. While Kristy and TJ. were rais- ingtheir animals at the "Ag" Farm, Kim was raising her horse named Lady at her own farm at her house. The Vocational Agriculture Farm was provided for the students if they didn't have a place to raise their animals. In September a watermelon feed was held along with an amateur olympics. In December the annual FFA Christmas Banquet took place, Chele Gravitt, junior, was elected chapter sweetheart. The Building Our American Community KBOACQ project was held in January. The members went to Wal-mart and fingerprint- ed children along with photograph- ing them on a video tape. To end the school year the Moore Future Farmers of America held their annual Spring Bar-B-Q Din- ner and Awards Banquet in May. kJ'M"d.r, ,. F M, PIGCING OU'I1"'Unique" eats supper while Freshman Terry Clanton brushes him. WHAT A SPLASH!! FFA mem- bers make a big splash during the watermelon race at the Watermel- on Feed. RUNNINCA WA X'!l.,eSlie Smith makes it back first ro keep the most water in the buckets to win the race, WHATA BALL!! FFA members participate in a volleyball game at the high school. FFA 63 PEOPLFS COURT? Youth and Government mem bers perform a scene from the TV show, "People s Court," at the Howdy Assembly. ark .sg rf' Q se'-'W' 4-Qs lik' outh and Gov ernment was an organiza tion created to gain a better insight of our government and how it af fects our lives It lets the youth learn how the legls lature and other branches of the government are run It s an education of government functions and a lot of fun too said soph omore Diane Evans During the year Youth and Government met many times to discuss pro I - 64 Youth And Government posals for their bills. Some of their proposals were drunk driving drug abuse and a mandatory test for highschool seniors to pass before graduating. They also met on a weekend to listen to a guest speaker explain the basics of writing bills. "It's something that can help to make our country a better place to live," said sophomore vice-president Patricia Gaiski. February 7, the Youth and Government met in OKC to debate their bill with other state schools Youth and Government members. Then their final nominations went to the state legislature. The sponsor this year was Mrs. Sandy Bennett. She taught them how to de- bate and select good topics for bills. There were 46 members this year. They all pro- posed good ideas and made Youth and Government a fun and learning exper- ience. We the JEDJSCODJQJLJS .... ANYONE GOT A VOLT" COLAY? Sophomore Patricia Gaiski tries to introduce a new bill for the members to dis- CUSS. J YOUTH AND GOVERNMENT Officers: Nyla Lester, president, An- gel Hunt, vice president, Mike Peter- son, treasurer Members: Mark Lyda, Matt Henderson, Patricia Gaiski, Iu- he Mason, Leslie McKay, Terry Per ryman, Kathy Rainer, Robin Ellis, Dawn Dowling, Stacy Smith, April Valentine, Gheia jenkins, jennifer Sanders, Michelle Reed, Keith Souza, Won Pak, Susan Manes, Allen Gra drgo Paul Kemp Donna Watson Bendy Ward Tim Morrls, Christy Crockett Dedra Shuler Rachale Bame Jason Brady Sabrina Prwett Nancy Medina Amie Wast Ashley Holland Stephanie Smith Iennrfer Craig Amy Welch Melrsa Little lu he Lopez Christi Henderson Susan Bryant Leslie Herderrch Wendy Ward jennifer Waterman Sponsor Sandy Bennett . I I I I . . . I I . I I . . I . I . , I . . I . . I I . . ' - . l . . I I ' . . . ' , . . HOLLYWOOD?? Sophomores Mike Peterson and Nyla Lester "talk up" Youth and Government at the Howdy Assembly. mf Youth And Government K as SL assi is are is HAP was almost like an elective, with its own ex- ceptions. It didn't take up much time, and it was fun! I On the days of meetings the members ate doughnuts and drank orange juice or milk. Special events of the week were discussed. They planned banquets and fund raisers, had pizza parties, worked with the elderly, went to state conventions, and had a lot of fun! Sophomore Tammy Thomas said, "FHA is fun. We hope to get more people to join it!" I To run for office, all that ,a per- son had to do was tofget along with FHA ' I Dana Buckles Janelle Sanders Kerri Patterson Jamie Pickens Tammy Thoms, Julie Elmore Lauren Barrara Jenny Bennett Pam Cahill Jill Chrisman Cha- lynn Claunch Dianna Colbaugh Donna Cooksey Kathy Cooper Jennifer Doyle LeLynn Elliot Cheri Frazier Cyndi Flacy Nadine Hartwig Kelly Kennedy Shelly Lantz Stephanie Lively Christy Lucas Shonda Martin Melinda McBee, Kellie McKnight, Christie Morris, Karen Parsons, Staci Pro- sise, Kristen Rhodes, Julie Rodgers, Erica Shaw, Dena Welke, Candy Williams, Lori Wilson, Kim Wright. SPONSORS: Melinda Pierce and Karen Tyson. the people and most important get voted in! Either the year before or that same year a student had to take a Basic Life Skill class. Sophomore Chalynn Claunch said, "I like FHA because I made some new friends." You don't learn from just teach- ers or sponsors, you also get a chance to learn from other people. FHA sponsor Ms. Melinda Pierce said, "We try to give as much time as possible to the students to speak as they feel about certain things that we talk about." Some of the topics that FHA held discussions on were teenage preg- nancy, drunken driving, and how to get more people involved! lk 'lg of - FT.. IAMMIN' OUT . .. are the FHA football players. Dancing to the "FHA SHUFFLEN are sophomores Karen Parsons, Kerri Pat- terson and Deana Welke at the Howdy Assembly. OFFICERS: DeeDee Waltershield, MEMBERS: wendy Austin, I 5 I 66 mi M wx ,-vw 3 N ,af A, ,-- .am vf,gV R Mg -4 "w,w',swN ,www Q . 6 WMM ww 1 ' Q H WV," ,QVV P: k 'PA 2 S QA Q ,V 2- , ,'f?'5.f7""f Q 1 'MN'1g, 'X -vu.-x xwifv-Q, X f',"P',, UW,+, sw, 44A,. p ,f ' V 4. y W5,. 4 1 PV, W , Dgmw Q.,, - ,WHA ,M 1 ,, , 1 R H g 1 W f,,H 5 . ,Z ,Mm F, -Y g bf 'X' A J z iw , '- . D -,wr Mk, , ,J ? xwvvfu' 3 y 4 A f. ,, . , ,. - k NAM ' - V4 M Q ' 'm.w Nav' ,. . , QQ , ll X! ', 4 U, 'M A X 1 Q ' V , . f . HH ,, wa, 4. A ,, Y, , N51 r ,t ,IL K ,A we Q' .fq , wg, N. wwf: ,K ,A -ff'f1'5w' f W" Lili' Q, KH HARD AT womg PHA membgrsgholaiheii rgonthlyh WHATFHA snwosrpzzron the back ofyevery megting to talk about their upcoming eyentsf y program is statecilfhexppjxpose bf FHA. It is a tradi- tion that eyery perspn pi PHA Singatithe dad of Qhe banquet- Q V 5 57 7 A O V ,..,1f"i'K 3 As ,Q , wx Q, . W.y,,n,Mx. sv ,Y ' ,A sw!-,Q .v 9 sv Rjjg Q v ':W'XA,,-' Q Q 'X af I A Mgfvx Q v 4, ' 435. A .A wwhy. '9K, V ,'o, H, A v 4 A 'f V v WWW: f 2 9 MU, Vg, 4 , 0 4 ,Maw M , 0 4 2 Qnwdqbb. Q10 -e -V, 4 ,- Q W W 4 , mf a"'. 9 nf ,, , fi w' A ,, 3.66 Va,-. Yank! 9 U .f,,u,' A: N Nbr, 52 'Qf' , 've K A w xw r wwkgqvyl ,,wX, ,R xv,- X VW , K Aiw- ,Y WX iff Q, ,X-5, r,,,V,w, A fwkV,4WfQmA,, x55 4 Vw' xi" ' ', www. mf sff1':fL.Wj,i H X W gi.. ., 4. 4 wi. V ,-wb .9 ynilw , .QV an S y'.WM U fy Q.: QM 'fy ', Q ,hw yew. ' Q N W" ' wif. QA W- , !4,,d MZ ffnmg l,.3:,qV.S .jfwk ,-,' ,F-.QM ,gf 'ww .47 X Wf.f f an .lg A N 4 B mf, 5 xfw. ,,5'j,v3.4 K v sf Q4 vo A K k s f w'Q,gWv,l gym Q9 wx we ABMX4 Y Qbwyqu zum ,kQ6A V' f M, M b . , U l 2' , . 'Q Q vgyskvl 529. 95 Lgmf, i,'Aw'l v'f 'z"x , ,fa M , xkvi N ,V ,fi Y .-U, ex' Ne A ,- wma, 'sQ'h4 urn., .VSA S Www . uv ,B 0 , ml ,Q Qui gr. .WJ ,dx . ,ig Q . ,'i ,ga mm xf rim' dz. ,. 1 7 , J . wk,-A K 5 0,8 H 'arp-H4 HMM 1 'ifsw ' awk, 'sq' F Akfwrnz ,gf 2 eg w m,'M V X Weiss off to see the WHZAIQD? .... DRAMA CLUB Shonda Blackshire, Teri Bobo Vicki Cowan, Lori Cross, Ken dna Daffern Tammy Davis, Dawn Dowling, Robin Ellis Knnrny Followwill, Robin Hill Diane Jacox Kell Kenned Kami Parsons Iamie Pickens, Kevin Richardson Brenee Ray burn, Michelle Reed, Benjamin Swaggert , Tracie Thomas Sponsor Debbie Korff I ' . 0 9 . I I. I . I I Y yr Vanessa Moss, Van Nguyen, .u . I . . . 9 , l o - uring Drama club meet- ings members went over business and participated in games that helped them to broaden their talents. "It's a really fun club to join and a chance to work with other stu- dents," said sophomore Dawn Dowling. Sophomore Van Nguyen said, "I really enjoy being in Drama Club. It gives me a chance to get away and forget some of my problems and be someone else." Drama Club had a busy year with parties, activities, the Christ- mas Assembly, and their final play in the spring. A "I really enjoyed the Christmas party at Crystals. It was a blast!" said sophomore Kevin Richardson, They ended the year presenting the play of The Wizard of Oz. Sophomore KishalAkers said, "I really looked forward to our last play. It was a real challenge." Drama Club sponsor Ms. Debbie Korff said, "Acting involves every part of the performer. He must use his mind, body, and his voice as well as his heart and soul. If he dedicates his whole self to his per- formance, there are no limits to what he can accomplish." IAMMIN WITH THE , CHIPMUNK5 at the Christmas Assembly is Kimmie White as Dave. Chipmunksare Kile Reyn- t olds as Alvin, Terry Perry- V men as Theodore, and jeff 4 Kingsley as Simon. K ' -0' 68 Drama C-lub WHAT CUTE COUPLES. Drama Club members playing the Newlywed Game are Tim Watson and Michelle Woodrum as couple 41, Van Nguyen and Kellie Kennedy as couple 452, and Tammy Davis and Diane lacox as couple 33 at the Howdy Assembly. Mx., ' "WE QUITT' reply Teri Bobo and Van Nguyen to their boss in the Christmas Assembly. W .,.. ,,... i 5 f Ve ' . X - , f m K sf,--gmzls ,f.a -1 .5 . Fifi " Q 1 Q Q ' f :mf A ,Q gx,,,,.. . p s ig A ,Nm me 1' ' K F N- I is 3? Al 3 , K Q' .. QW ,.-R L.. - v ky P V C Q' 1 ':-' if is W- 5 C 5 .. kgxw N 1 i Q ii- eg eess r e . X. Howdy Assembly ill , ' . lm In nf HAY DAN Drama Club sings the "Hee Haw Song" at the Drama Club ri iffsig di 4551 GETTING IT STRAIGHT Sophomore Bryan Mitchell is interviewed one more time by jamie Pickens, sophomore, and jennifer Fellows, fresh- man. - YEARBOOK STAFF Co-Editorsg jennifer Simpson, Melin- da Snider. Staff: jennifer Craig, Bry- an Estabrooks, jennifer Fellows, Becca Richmond, Reshinda Ander- son, Marjie Carolus, Larry Chasteen, Kristi Corcoran, Kim Delaho, Tresa Lupton, Patrick McLearen, jamie Pickens, Kathy Rainer, Melissa Schwartz, Tina Simmons, Jeff Welch, Troy Whatley, Charles Young, Sherry Andrews. Adviser: Jeanette Shotwell. .VIHH L afllvrl 70 Newspaper! Yearbook O I ews from the Yearbook and Newspaper staffs of 186 ..... Cub Edition Editor Gyla Thein, freshman, said, "Being editor and being on the newspaper staff has its ups and downs. It's hard to take a stand on an editorial issue, but I like interviewing and meeting new people." Sophomore Stacy Rogers enjoyed taking pictures for the newspaper staff. Stacy, who also served as page editor, liked working with the rest of the staff on special assignments. jamie Pickens, sophomore, and a student life editor on the yearbook staff, said, "This year's yearbook staff was fun to be around .... even on Saturday work sessions! Being on the yearbook staff is hard work, but at the end of the year, it's worth it." Melinda Snider, sophomore Co- Editor of the yearbook, liked learn- ing more about journalism skills. "Being on the yearbook staff is fun. I enjoy taking pictures and writing my own stories," said Me- linda. "The yearbook workshops are great fun and a good place to get new ideas! Putting together this year's yearbook has been fun, but it takes a lot of hard work and imagi- nation." She also said, "Designing the di- vision pages and helping staff members with layouts and stories were just part of the job." W " -st J . t sr 5225- if as .: S,sg2eE3aigsrsf-e QS ' . I.jg-'gg,,s,.'Yfjgjgii . , ' '53 , 51' .. K -1 MN' K 1 .i ' . - SX-es '21iessie25fi.lfiisissy? - 1 L. - " 2 K :iss .FF t 3. g N r .. X Y K K ?'Q::-Qgaf sikftf -jgiisii Y I B . , 'v' S 32" ' K 'k15?'j4ifj.f5?: ,f-nt. ,V fr' ' - , S i E if f ' f . . S 51 - g . - , W ," " - 57 ' i ' ., i' -..., 'Q 1 ggi R,-A . , Q jf , WE DELIVER!A few newspaper and yearbook members visit Owen Field in Norman during the day of the OIPA workshop and contest at OU in October. PASTINC DOWN HEADLINES. Newspaper members slave over the light table in order to get The Cub Edition out on time! E i ! WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU ATE!?! Yearbook staff members take a break for lunch during a Saturday work session. NEWSPAPER STAFF Co Editors Kayla McCoy Cyla Them Tim Morris Chris Selby Staff jason Brady Greg Conder Kristy Donnelly Richard Har rmgton Leslie Herdench Julie Simmons Angie Iaynes jennifer Sanders Renee Stearns Erm Waggoner 1st Sem Journ Kevin Andrus jason Bruce Susan Bryant, Bonnie Burton johnny Steve Bruffy Stephmie Hodgen Chuck Melton Patrick Morgan Tammy Richardson Stacy Rogers 2nd Sem journ November Clifton Mallsa Cordon Travis Holasek Jason Runyan Jennifer Weeks Dianne Evans Nyla Lester Kellie McKnight Mi chelle Whiteside Adviser Jeanette Shotwell ' 0 1 1 0 I l 1 . ' 3 r 1 1 " I I I 0 I I I ' . I I . I Cabral, Erika Hunnicutt, Andy Rupe, Mike Smith, Joey Wilson, I . . I I l I , . . I . I l I I , I r 1 1 ' Q Newspaper!Yearbook 1 1 Moore Pride is ts a great way to learn Q Q about music and meet o Oo -e-T657 QQ MARCHING DOWN MAIN STREET in the parade is the sophomore band. new people, said sopho- more Debbie Hallauer, flutist 2nd band. The sophomores were divided into three bands which also con- sisted of juniors, seniors and soph- omores from Moore West. Band director, Brent Burdick, said, "The third band was one of the best bands I have every direct- ed. They are very talented musi- cians." "Band keeps you busy. There is always something rolling," said Steve Stanton, percussionist 2nd band. "I have a lot of good friends be- cause of band. It helped me learn a lot more than just music," said sophomore Angie Blackwood, clarinet 1st band. Band students added their own special touch to Moore Pride. V we M W i' WAITING FOR THE CUE to begin the pa- rade is sophomore Debbie Hallauer. SOPHOMORE BAND 1st Band Flute: Nayibe Gonzalez Debbie Cantu Laura Baker Deanna Hendricks JoAn- na Wamisher. Bassoon: Todd Hiler. Clarinet: Angie Blackwood. Alto Sax: Patty Lamaster. Trumpet: Eric Joyner. Trombone: Travis Reynolds. 2nd Band Flutes: Debbie Hallauer, Angel Hurst, son Hood, Amy Reed Sandra Mail-nos Michelle Thompson Clairnet- Jody Kelly. Bass Clarinet Tracy Ieffries Rena Dufner. Alto Sax: Michelle Schafer. Trumpet: Cad Sorrell, Chris Kyzer, Scott Sandersfield, Jennifer Swisher. Tuba: Mike Payne. Percussion: Steve Stanton, Kelly Young. 3rd Band Flutes: Melinda Herman, Becky Price, man Donna Watson. Oboe: Melissa Carter. Clarinet. Julie Bufkin Tina Hale D - mian Loehle Christy Mays, Shannon . Talaswaima, Dori Wardle. Alto Sax: Glen Wiley. Tenor Sax: Steve Lette. Trumpet: Jeff Marlar, Scott McGara, Chris Nicks, Jeff Rhodes. Tuba: Brian Baca. Percussion: Keno jones, Veronica Mar- tinez, Mike Russell. Kim Wright, Ruth Ann Flowers, Ally- .G 72 Sophomore Band Shannon Tarkington, Jennifer Water- with all that . . . Q Q t's a way to express yourself . . . CASUALLYV' said Terry Hallauer an alto saxophone player in the band. jazz Band wasn't just another band. It took a lot of practice and perfection to be selected. The 23 freshmen and sophomores that made up the band shared a lot of pride within the group of talented musicians. "Jazz Band is a crucial part of a mu- sician's life if they are serious about becoming a professional," said Jason Brady, a trumpet player. "Overall, we learn a lot and have lots of fun!" said Kimmye King, pia- nist. "The band practices once a week. They are very good for a first year jazz band," said director Brent Burdick. The style of Central . . . Jazz Band, that's where it was at! PLAYIT RICH71 Sophomore Scott Sandersfield and freshman jason Brady play the trum- pet at the concert. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT proves Freshman Tony Summers as he plays the JAZZ BAND Alto Sax Terry Hallauer, Tony Summers, Brian Link Glen Wi Bari Sax Greg Fitzgerald Trumpet Erik Joyner, Chris Kyzer Cad Sorrell, Jason Brady Scott Sandersfreld. Trombone Chris Jefferson, Mike Connelly, David Leon hardt. Tuba: Chris Nelms. Percussion: Mike Russell, Steve Stanton, Kelley Young, Jason Bruce. Piano: Marla Wagner, Kimmye King, Lisa Birch. Director: Brent Burdick saxophone. . . I .' ley. Tenor Sax: Theresa Hulsey. I I -9 jazz Band 73 74 9 OF COURSE, WE CAN PLAY I'IY French horn players, Lisa Birch and Mike Witty, practice a difficult number. E Q and is the Pride of Moore!" said Melisa Little, flutist. Besides reading and playing mu- sic there were also a lot of other things members of the Honor Band learned. "Responsibility, definitely," said Mike Witty, French horn. "Band helped me learn to play different instruments, and the trips were a lot of fun!" said Todd Hen- derson, trumpet. It took a lot of hard work to be- come part of the Honor Band. "Becoming part of the Honor Band was a challenge. Everyone had a certain job to do. The slight- est problem would make the whole band suffer," said Chris Kluding, tenor sax. "The '86-'87 freshman Honor Band was one of the best bands I have directed. They will go far," said director, Brent Burdick. WHO ME? Percussionist Jodi Berryman watches the director for her cue to start play- ing the xylophone. ONE Kr TWO Kr TIME TO PLAX The freshman band plays at the Fall Festivities Assembly. ima Qhw- -'C :g .. Uv rlla 1l3J 1 NIH ' L' 1 B 11 .----,-- A g - ' Bl lh1Qn! ii l A ' ,1 Q -I1 1. . Q F -F -,., ' ' ml Y A i 4 l V ' 1 ' as Moore Pride DUT DUT DOO DOO C'HARCl:"The trum pet section practices for a con FRESHMEN BAND Oboe Amy Betts Stephanie Smith Carl Thompson Bassoon: Lori Richardson Barbara Mur- ra . Flute: Renee Collins Jennifer Craig Stephanie Edmonson Laura Hixson Tellicia jones, Candace Lane, Cassandra Lee, Shelley Lesher, Melisa Little, Jenni- fer Morris, Shannon Perkins, Sabrina Privett, Kristen Rhodes, Kim Simmons, jennifer Weeks, lill Wheeler. Clarinet: Marnie Allen, Shannon Clink, Christy Crockett, Greg Fitzgerald, Amy Frost, Stephanie Grimes, Melinda Haw- kins, Carly Jackson, Lynnelle jury, Se- lma Kelley Klmmye King Deana McCann Susan Overstreet Paulette Re cord Christi Schapka Heather Smith Andrea Smith Bridget Square Marla Wagner Amy Welch. Bass Clarinet: Mark Cavett Kelly Grif- fith Rose Kelley Michelle Majors. Contra-Bass: Tracy Bethell, Susan McLaughlin. Alto Sax: Ronda Ballard, Brian Link, Christi Lawrence, Pat Sedivy. Tenor Sax: Theresa Hulsey, Chris Klud- ing, Tony Summers. Bari Sax: Terry Hallauer. French Horn: Lisa Birch, Thomas Fry, Mike Witty. Cert Cornet Jason Brady Greg Cambell Scott Hemphill Todd Henderson Tony Hernandez Mike Newcomb john Petz Roy Sands Mark Smith Mike Steward Tina Weum. Trombone: James Chandler Mike Con- nelly Chris jefferson David Leonhardt Brandon Mills, Steve Shields. Baritone: David Vos, Doug Wheeler. Tuba: Christi Henderson, Chris Nelms, Tim Baugus. Percussion: Karri Barnett, Jodi Berry- man,.Iason Bruce, Becky Flowers, Laura Reed, Chris Wiens, Leah Williams, jason Runyan. Freshmen Band hoir was for people who had a talent in singing. It was for people who want- ed to cultivate their talent by practices and concerts. But it was not just singing. Some of the songs were choreographed. All three choirs had choreographed songs such as "In the Mood" and "Varsity Drag." Sophomore Beth Dennett said, "We have vocal warmups, and we sing." N Singing their way TKO PJFJHUE TCODJE-D "We have performed for Open House, Fall Concert, Girls Only Concert, Crossroads Mall, and two Christmas assemblies," said Ms. Lynette McKeithan, director. It wasn't an easy One could not go in one hour of the day, sing, and expect to pass. There were re- hearsals, evening concerts, and practices before and after school. Yet it was not all work, either. Kerry Basinger, sophomore, said, "We'reone big, happy family and we have lots of fun." Contrary to popular belief, there WERE guys in choir. . "In third hour, the ratio of girls to guys is two to one, and everyone sings well, including myself, with the exception of a few," said Kerry. Choir was busy all year long. "In the spring we will be going to contests, helping with the musi- Cal, participating in the Talent Show, and singing for the Arts Fes- tival," said Ms. Mclieithan. SINGING AWAY is the choir at the Winter Assem- bly. 76 Choir Q I-ws s , x 5 fi? f' Ma A ff. it Q NOW REMEMBER. , . Ms. Lynette McKeithan talks to a section between performances. t 1 ALL TOGETHER NOW MS. Lynette Mclieithan accompanies the choir as they sing during an assembly, CENTRAL ATTRACTION 9th: Lisa Baltrush, Quinton obb Tammy Davls Chris Downey Holly Edgemon Rhonda Garoutte Mallsa Gor- don Shanda Gulhon jnmmle ammontree Donna Kotasek Julie Lopez Trash McCullough ' Mrssy Mellor, Matt Moffatt - eather Patterson, Jeff What- ey 10th Wxll Baltrush Kerry Basmger Rhonda Cloud Beth Dennett, james Jackson Jason C I ' I ' l I I I . ' . I . . H I I . ' . I ' I H l . : ' , . I I I M . is . . . I .- chelle Reed, Tammy Thomas. artm Nlckne Petrakls Ml Dlrector Lynette Mciienthan DO, RE, MI Kerri Brown and Cindy Flacy, sophomores sing during a choir prac- tice. -9 Choir 7 Those little EXTIQASQ he secret to success is popularity, right? Or so the majority of people thought. So how did they try to achieve their popularity? One place they started was by joining clubs. They ranged from National Honor Soci- ety, with membership require- ments, to Science Club, whichany- body with an interest in science could join. S For those who wanted to work with their hands, there were Indus- trial Arts Club and Future Home- makers of America. Those interested in politics could join Youth and Government. Those who were interested in animals could join FFA, and the list goes on. The more clubs joined, the bu' sier you were, but it was a chance to meet new people and to make new friends. CLUBS DRAMA CLUB FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA AMERICA INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB INTERNATIONAL CLUB NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY STUDENT COUNCIL YOUTH 8: GOVERNMENT SCIENCE CLUB FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OE 'S 78 Clubs R GO FOR HY! Sophomore jason Hall goes up to score two more points for Student Council. p W 'FX FHA SHUPFLE, FHA members perform their own ver- sion of the "Superbowl Shuffle." HURRY UP! Sophomore Terri Bobo crawls to get through all the loops to finish the race for the Drama Club. ' r'-'1v"' QQ'sn..s. HANG ON!Sophomore Debbie Cantu struggles to finish for the International Club without dropping the ball. K K .cr WATCH OUU!! Sophomore Allen Gradnigo slides across the floor to give the Science Club the lead they need. Clubs -S oll reign s things started rolling around school it was complete chaos as about 1,350 students tried to get into the swing of things. It was meeting new friends and old, remembering locker combinations and going to pep assemblies. For many this was a new school and a different experience. Although it took awhile, things and people started to roll through another school year. ess 5- :9 if . .s f 'ig t'- , , . sr e s 9 80 People Division Q DOWN SEI HUT Sophomore Lions play against the Ed- mond Bulldogs, .........-.M ix, A . NICE TO MEET YOU. Freshman Cristi Hankins introduces her mother to Mrs. Sherry Schallner. . 4 ,. ., DISCUSSING THE LATEST are freshman Amy West and sophomores Amy Thompson, Shelly Arther and Crystal Parks during lunch break. Maww-J-"0"--Q..,-.N W WAA' """'--.o.,1 I , r 1 ,W W, l f if ,K , W GETTING READY FOR LOCKER CLEAN- OUT are freshman Kristy Donnelly ancl sophomore Tammy Richardson. FINISHING HOMEWORK. Mark Evans, freshman, finishes an assignment in Mr. -11 john Schwartz' history class. People Division 81 Scott Abbitt Brian Ables jimmy Addington Alex Aitken Kisha Akers Reshinda Anderson jared Angle Shelly Arther Ryan Ashley Tim Atnip Ken Attebery Kari Autery Brian Baca Frank Baca ver had one of those really lv There's one in every crowd C S Brian Baker Edward Baker Laura Baker Michelle Baker Brian Bale Will Baltrush Andrea Barnes Brent Barton Kristi Bashant D'Ann Bateman Deana Bates C-ary Battles Dawn Beachler Missy Belyev 82 Sophomores L A S S Y boring classes that seemed to drag on forever and ever? Did you want to escape from the anatomy of a frog to think about another anatomy? Kirk Callaway had an answer. I-Ie slept in class. "B's" and "Cs" were usually what Kirk made in the classes he slept in. I-Iow did he keep from flunking? "You learn better in your sleep. I get my work done before I go to sleep." he explained. Kirk thought held sleep in class the rest of his school years. When asked about it, he said "Probably until I graduate tif I graduatelf' CATCHINC SOME Z'S??? Kirk Callaway, freshman sleeps in class. ,we-11 4 3 3 6 'Sa' 7 t it , .5 if ,N 9 in i if ff W fu. pri , ll ., 3' , mga .a i w ? C! l KIM I ra ,,.r- . n S 15 " 4, . , W s , .ii r I - '- II 'f '. jenny Bennett joe Bennett Misti Benson Donna Bingham Dena Bird Tamara Black Angie Blackwood Dennis Blundell Larry Boatmun Teri Bobo Melissa Bolin Marisa Booth Amber Boren Brett Bowles Robert Buntin Tammy Boyd Steve Brodie Tommy Bronston Kathy Brown Kerri Brown Richard Brown Christine Bryars Dana Buckles julie Bufkin Tracie Bullard John Bunch john Burk Christi Burns Stacy Burton Kathy Burden Tracey Butler Pam Cahill Debbie Cantu Richard Carmen Marjie Carolus Michelle Carroll Leslie Carter Melissa Carter Ron Cartmill Allen Casey April Castiaux Carrie Centers Quentin Centers Chris Chapman Steve Chappell Larry Chasteen Sue M Cho Gary Clayton Alicia Clinton Rhonda Cloud David Cochran Tabitha Cochran Paulette Coffey jennifer Coil Kelly Coogan EJ. Cook Sophomores B3 jason Cook Kathy Cook Trinity Cook Alex Cooper Chris Cooper Kristi Corcoran Larry Cotton Jessica Couch Chantel Coulter Vickie Cowan Jimmie Coy james Craig Reva Craig Shannon Crawford Why do peo le s end time at the ere you often bored? Left at home with nothing to do and needed to get out? Then why didn't you do what these people did? To shop at certain stores was one reason to go to the mall, On this subject sophomore Ran- dall Hood said, "I liked to go to the mall to shop for shoes at the Athle- tic Alley or at Foot Locker." To some people video games played an important part in their lives. Freshman Andrea Rhodes said, "When I go to the mall I always stop to play some of the video games." Freshman Brian Daniels said, "I liked the mall, because it has Hast- Tracy Crawford ' jill Ann Crisman Kevin Cynova David Dacus jack Dauphin Darrin Davis Karrie Davis Larry Davis Ken Davis Mike Dean Theresa Deeter Kim Delaho Beth Dennett Traci DeRose 4 Sophomores ing Records and Record Bar." Other people liked the mall to look at the people there. Sophomore Chris Chapman said, "I liked to go to the mall to look at the funny dressed people there." Then some people went for their social life, to see their friends, fun, excitement, etc. Freshman Jason Bruce said, "The reason why I go to the mall is be- cause over half of my social life is there." Not only did students like the mall, but the teachers and counsel- ors also enjoyed the mall. Counselor, Mrs. Pat Folks, said, "I liked the mall for the climate, the comfort, and the convenient park- ingf' Y 2 ssf - ..s, SNACKING AT THE MALI.. Freshman Dawn Coffey stops for a little snack while shopping, Traci Dittmeyer Kevin Dodd Robert Dolan Rena Dufher Sean Donnell Dawn Dowling Kelly Drewry Dawn Dries Joe Druzbicki jeff Dubbs Daniel Dutton Lisa Dye Matthew Eckles Craig Elliot Tamarra Elliot Robin Ellis Rex Elmore Bobby Ercanbrack Holly Estep Dianne Evans Jamie Evans Eric Fahrenthold Melena Fairchild jerry Farmer Teresa Farrell jon Faubion Mike Fitzgerald Cyndi Flacy Rhonda Flores Ruth Anne Flowers Jeanie Ford Deana Fortenberry Mike Foster Scott Fox Cheri Frazier Patrica Gaiski Stacy Gammill Randy Gantz Tim Garoutte Tina Garten Robert Garrison Chris Gay David Goddard Nayibe Gonzalez Date Gorden Chris Grace Allen Gradnigo johnny Graham Brian Green jonathan Green Richard Griffin Terry Hallauer Andrea Hamilton 101 Eric Hamilton Q93 Erika Hunnicutt KQJ Matt Hansen Q91 Sophomores 85 Richard Harrington 191 Tina Hagerty Kim Hagstrom Ray Hahn Tina Hale jason Hall Debra Hallauer Mike Hamilton "' fb I Scott Hannabass 1V,, ZZA A Ted Hansen ,j L,, ZZA 2 Jeffery Haralson , Ray Haralson "" Gregg Hardin 499 f v,.. M Q Ann Harding 19? I were i"' if Michelle Harkema fr" i" W ' , ' fv A - H - O 1 ES W 3 2 I .. G 0 0 -a 'rrll f 'lll . s hen the bell rang students watch "Hunter", like sophomore Kelly Keno said, "I like to watch 'V Koenig went home to 'Hunter' because there is nothing if H i'i" watch "Days of Our Lives." The else interesting on the other chan- , . ,..V ,..M f only reason why Kelly liked to nelgf' QW Ai't watch it was because as she said, "I Brandy Koenig, ffefihman, liked think Roman and Bo Brady are hunks." Kelly also liked to watch "The Bill Cosby Show." Freshman Tootie Jones liked to watch "The Bill Cosby Show." Kel- ly and Tootie both said, "I like to watch it because it is funny." Mrs. Carole Gonzalez said, "I like to watch Cheers on Thursday nights because it is funny in a clev- er way. I also like the interactions between the characters." Keno Jones, sophomore, liked to "Growing Pains." She said, "I think that Kirk Cameron is Gor- geousf' Mr. Larry Woods liked to watch "Head of the Class." ' ' "' He said, "I like to watch it be- cause it deals with real life situa- tions, and it is very humorous." Sophomore Kathy McBane has watched "The Facts of Life" since May. She said, "I like to watch it because I think it is very interest- ing." Lana Harrill Charles Harris Leslie Harris Kaci Harrell Q93 Nadine Hartwig IQD Colt Hasson L93 Sherry Hatcher Melinda Hawkins Tom Hawkins Jerald Hawthorne Edward Hayden Michelle Hayes Leslie Heiderich Sophomores X. , ,gxzsi . ..... .. ,,,.. f , W ' ' '.,,3.5551i5!Q.Y5g?Wh:fs7Fif5f'f5Ef2E:'f2:Qf'f:E::,f'f'2an IU. :. ,..,g,,,,M7amfQf ffywfgW..-wa,-v,, f ' ,,'.,:afwazaiswwiwiiffazezwffiiigfffifi2ML',e2fie:11nfff: " 2 I .,g2g:w9,w'A W fgyf , ,, X, ,, , -x X ix f V wif" m1z61eiW1kEMEfM2EH"mE.w:2m'41'4'1 'H v'f'PfIAVfbiYb7'5Wiffiiiu' 'G ' -1, '1'Zwiiaig65141514..:sr1551...I55512ZHaZrmfME5wa,f'.97 ., .' .:' f . ,, . .. .,.,.,...,,,,,...... ..,....,,,. ....,... .... . HOW MUCH MORE RELAXING CAN YOU GET? Freshman john Peetz sits in his living room and watches "MacGyver.'f f Cristi Henderson L91 Todd Henderson 193 Deanna Hendricks Beth Hendricks Melinda Herman Amy Herndon Billy Hesket C91 Sharon Hicks 191 Denise Hill Q9 Robin Hill Kristi Himes Andrea Hinson Stephinie Hodgen james Hodges Mark Hoepfinger i9j Travis Holasek L93 John Holden jason Holland Chris Holliday Troy Holmes Allyson Hood Randall Hood Steve Hopkins Donny Horner Bryan Howard Lance Howard Kathryn Howe Erica Howeth Denise Howk i9thJ Taira Huffines Stephen Huggins Robert Hughes Tonya Hughes i9thj Angel Hunt Irene Hurd 19th, Jeanine Hussian f9thD Kristel Hutson i9thj jonathan Hymer t9th5 Theresa Iacovelli Jason Igleheart Catherine lmes james jackson Rayong jackson Angela jaynes Paul jefferson Tracy Jeffries Todi jilge Kimberly johnson Krystal johnson Philip jonas john Allen jones Jeff jorges Erik Joyner Philip Kasheimer Michael Keele jason Keller Sophomores Jody Kelley Paul Kemp Stephanie Kendall Chris Kennedy Marc Kletke Scott Kindrick Jeff Kingsley be ! Angie Kitchel james Kix Tiffani Klarich Steven Knight Kelly Koenig john Koeninger Steve Kriete Taking risks Sz making the RIGHT MOVES ophomore Trey Owens liked racing Motorcross. He owned a Kawasaki KX80 and had been racing for four years. As of this date, October 20, 1986, he had broken four bones-an arm, hand, collarbone, and thumb. Interstate Motorcross Park was his favorite track. The hardest track he ever raced was at Tyler, Texas. Trey was recognized by O'Neal U.S.A. and Maxima Racing Lubri- cants and received sponsors from both companies. His most memorable experience was his first race on a Kawasaki Christopher Kyzer Patty Lamaster Scott Lamb jerry Lambert Danielle Lane Cindy Lanman Chris Larkin ff- john Laughlin i Bobby Leasure Ray Ledford Ben Lee Greg Lee Patrick Lee Robert Lee 88 Sophomores KX6O. Trey figured he would take first place easy, but when the gate dropped he was shocked at how far behind he was. By the time the race was over Trey had crashed several times and had been lapped by half of the oth- er racers. He trained every day and ran approximately three miles. When Trey was not racing, he could be found trailriding with sophomore Gary Clayton. To ride like his idols, Rick John- son and Guy Cooper, was a goal he set. MUD + SWEAT I FUN. Competing in a motorcross race, sophomore Trey Owens pulls ahead of his competition as he flies off a jump. in .... ws. 1 G G . , . f. 2 ., -.. fs.. ,B . asv A Judson Leroi Nyla Lester Steve Lette Eric Lewis Randy Little Tawnya Littleman Damian Loehle Phuong Lu Chad Lunsford Tresa Lupton Melissa Lusby Marc Lyda Kim Lynch Matthew Maddox Stormi Madison Sandra Maihos Russell Mangus Mike Mann jeff Marlar Tricia Marsh David Martin Veronica Martinez Julie Mason Kyle Mason Karen Masters Susan Matthis Christy Mays Kathy McBane Tamrnie McCary jennifer McBride Kristy McCaslin Sheila McClure Nina McCoombe jerry McCroskey Kyle McDonald Cheryl McFarland Leslie McKay johnny McKeel Kellie McKnight Mike McLeod Patrick McLearen Sara Meade Ezequiel Medina Shawn Meek Cyndi Meldrum Chuck Melton Arron Metcalf Misti Miller Tangy Minor Bryan Mitchell Michelle Mitchell jennifer Morgan Laura Morgan Lori Morgan Bobby Moran Donal Magerkurth Sophomores Christy Morris Becky Morris Lee Morris Samantha Morris Tim Morris Brett Morrison Angela Morton if H 3 S s Yr" ' . ii, i f l Kelly Mosby Bryan Moss Vanessa Moss joe Murray Chris Muzzy David Nail Stephanie Neece Are ou stuck without a ride AGAIN? ver been stuck at school without a ride? Missed the bus and no way home? Many students never had that problem. They were the ones with licenses and, more importantly, cars. Sophomore Chris Larkin, for in- stance, got an '84 Camaro for his sixteenth birthday. Chris said, "I want everyone to know I'm really not as bad as a driver as everyone thinks I am." When asked what the worst thing about driving to school was, he replied, "Jeremy Blackwell and Andrea Barnes are always bum- ming rides off mel" Then there were the ones who weren't so fortunate the ones Iennifer Newsom Hung Nguyen Van Nguyen Brian Nicks Pat Oathout Young Oh Dawn Onspaugh Kyle Osborne Martin Overturf Travis Owens David Owens Cuale Ozuna Randy Padgett Won Pak n iw- as . af' :asf 1: K' ff 573: 90 Sophomores without a licence and without a car. In sophomore Kyle Osborne's situation it was a bit expensive to try to sneak mom and dad's car out. "I took my parents car out and well .... kind of wrecked it" he said. Kyle ended up having to pay his sister big bucks to say it was her fault. David C1oddard's experience with driving wasn't so good either. "I was turning a sharp corner and the door opened and out I went!" said David. But Shaunna Walker summed it up when she said, "I hope I don't run over a little old man, or run into a brick wall while I'm taking my test or I might never get a car!" MX is' ' f My .Wm I I LJ ANOTHER RIDE? Freshman jeremy Blackwell begs for one more ride from sophe omore Chris Larkin. 'ix X RE we . ia 'QA-6 . 3 N. I 5 ' i i . t Zi up ,, E. A 5 t t ti sr , K Iss xt N s Q t , 'D ta. w 'M Q 1' Q - --. R f X t A rl 2 A 5 fi. Kristie Parker Crystal Parks Mike Payne Dallas Peck Terry Perryman Elizabeth Peters Michael Peterson Nickie Petrakis Wendi Pettigrew Brandon Phillips jamie Pickens Mike Pigg Bryan Pittenridge Raye Plumlee Dina Poovey Suzanne Potter Becki Price David Proctor Danny Proffer Randy Puckett Heather Pulliam lenny Pulver Bobbi Purvine Mae Puryear Mike Queen Kathy Rainer Kevin Rainer Sabrina Ray Amy Reed Michelle Reed Dale Reeves Leslie Reeves Kile Reynolds Travis Reynolds jeff Rhodes Kellie Rhodes Michelle Rhodes Mark Rice Kevin Richardson Patrick Richardson Tammy Richardson larrecl Rider Patrick Roberts Kelly Roe Stacy Rogers Chris Rosas Dawnita Rosier Pamela Ross Matthew Russ Shawna Rutledge Kim Samples jennifer Sanders Micheal Schane Michelle Schafer Brian Sandersfield Scott Sandersfield Sophomores 91 Char Schaub Mark Schlenhuber jason Schrader Melissa Schwartz Randy Sebrant Chris Selby Michelle Severs Mo Kenny Sharp Winston Sharp Brandi Sheffield Scott Shelton Kristie Shields Toni Shields jennifer Shoop Do you need a GQCD EXCUSE. hen making plans for the weekend have you ever been asked out on a date and needed a good excuse to say no? Here are a few good excuses you might try: Sophomore Bobbi Purvine re- plied, 'II am not old enough." Freshman Jeremy Blackwell said, "I can't go out. It is against my reli- gion." "My mom doesn't like you," said sophomore Tiffany Trotter. Sophomore Chris Larken's ex- cuse was "I can't because I am mov- ing to Iran." Coach Scott Raper said, "I do not want to go out with you." Rhonda Siemens jennifer Silbernagel John Silva Tina Simmons jennifer Simpson Mike Simpson Tobey Simpson jennifer Singleton Leslie Sloan Richard Slayter james Smeaton Alan Smith Carla Smith Q, 1 'af C R' MA Cyndi Smith 3 k Z , n 2 Sophornores "I have to eat dinner with my parents" was sophomore Kyle Os- bourne's excuse. Mr. Jim Faurot's excuse was "I have to go out of town." Sophomore David C1oddard's ex- cuse was "I have to go to my grand- ma's." While some students were hav- ing to make excuses, Mr. Roger Brown said, "I really never had to worry about dates because I had so very few." When asked why he had so very few dates, Mr. Brown replied, "I didn't have many dates because I spent all of my time in the weight room." is 4. EXCUSES, EXCUSE5. Sophomore Angie i Blackwood's truthful excuse is "I popped t my knee out of place doing the limboff Q , pe. D SQ 1 3. 9, 3-3 he 9- is. 4x na 5. fi- jimrny Smith Karyn Smith Kenny Smith Leslie Smith Rodney Smith Stacy Smith Tiffany Smith jason Snider Melinda Snider Kevin Snook Cad Sorrell Billy Southern Keith Souza Tonya Spell Pete Spence Luke Staats john Stafford Stacie Stalcup Steve Stanton Kelly Starrett Renee Stearns Shelia Stephens Lourie Stephenson Tim Stephenson Mike Stidharn Chris Streeter Karen Suhm Cyndi Sullivan jared Summerfield Danna Suneagle Travis Sutterfield Kyle Swisher jennifer Swisher Shannon Talaswai a m Michelle Taliaferro Reggie Talkington Shannon Tarkington Bruce Taylor jennifer Tener Tammy Thomas Tracie Thomas Amy Thompson Michelle Thompson Marcus Thompson Charles Timmons johny Tiner Tiffany Trotter April Valentine Tommy Vanetten jeannette Vargas George Varner Robert Varner Nicky Vaughn Trey Wade Patrick Wadkins Erin Waggoner Sophomores Eugene Walker Robin Walker Shaunna Walker Chris Wall Trevor Wall Dee Dee Walterscheid Eric Walton Stan Wanner Belyncla Ward Wendy Ward Dori Wardle ,loanne Warnisher Robert Washington jennifer Waterman Shane Waters Donna Watson Ronnie Watson Sunny Weaver jim Webb jeff Welch Debbie Wells john Werhun Stephanie West Troy Whatley Kim Whish Brandy White Scott Whiteside Dustin Whitten Stacie Whyte jennifer Wiggins Glen Wiley Lori Wilkerson Candi Williams Donella Williams Marla Williams Wes Williams Brian Wilson Donnie Wilson Kelli Wilson Melissa Wilson Steve Wilson Bryan Wiltse Jodie Wingerson Kisa Winn Melissa Wint Michelle Wise Laura Wood Michelle Wood Dana Woods Tyler Worthen Kim Wright Stacy Wright Charles Young Farrell Young Kelley Young Lois Young 94 Sophomores Q, V 5 VA gf a 5 6 ' G' 0' 2 701' I wwf 2 71, All F17 IV if V '? + ff 5 rs, 6 2 ' :f I me ii ,it was 1 . .. at '- ww , W-.fy r- W I -, it 3' fr Q 4 is 'S f , at --vf- 2 4 Al , i 3 , it 3 i Zzi e'f- - Mvfl J fl is ,. Q, za ,Q 0 sa V ff , M ... egg, 'M v 1 , ' v ,hfsf ,J .1 : 2 'f - . f 1 1, ..,. A , , , .... ,,.w,., i, . if -af' f 1 41 Z nr- 74, ! Ag? pw. .ar Stephoney Young , it Q + J' Q Sophomores show freshmen WI-IO'S if hen the freshmen arrived the first day of school, they didn't know what to ex- pect. Many freshmen had heard ru- mors of the big, bad sophomores picking on the freshmen. The sophomores couldn't wait to get back to school the first day. fter all, they had the whole sum- er to think up things to do to the reshmen. And this was their chance to try some of their ideas on ihe freshmen. But once the year started, sopho- mores and freshmen got along very Kell fconsidering that the sopoho- ores are the dominating clas-sl. Even though sophomores were older, when asked if they respected the freshmen, sophomore Kyle Os- orne replied, "Yes, most freshmen p andle getting picked on pretty well." Most people had their own ideas about who had more spirit. When sophomore Rhonda Sei- mens was asked who she thought had more school spirit, she said proudly, "Sophomores, definitely!" Freshmen had their own ideas about sophomores. Freshman Jennifer Mitchell was asked if she looked up to the soph- omores. She bluntly replied, "No." Freshman Mark Evans said, "I think the sophomores are pretty cool, and I like going to school with them. When asked if the sophomores and freshmen were equal, sopho- more Kyle Mason said proudly, "No, because we're more mature than they are." Before the Homecoming assem- bly fwhich was when the first spirit competition was heldj freshman Winn Gonzales said, "Freshmen will win the spirit yell." When the assembly was over with, sophomores showed all the freshmen just who was number one! 'Z .,., I f -W e-s rr fi 3 A .,,.. X, , ,, if - , , ,I if S ,,r f 4' , V- V 1 5 1, iff f if 1 f ii? if ' EVERYONE ACREES! Freshman jenny Bertone agrees Central is number one. WE'RE i4f1!Sophomores hold up a poster saying they are number one. 3 Sophomores Ron Abrams Neva Akers Jennifer Alexander Marnie Allen Dawn Ambrose Bobby Amos 1103 Chrys Anderson fi' ga X X X Q ' W "ISN aw e Kevin Andrus Jong Anyi Anita Armarfio Aretha Armarfio Frank Arnett Kyle Ash Tara Ash aiu - s sr- When problems arise. . . BRACE YOURSELF. ere you ever called "brace face," "tinsel teeth," "elec- tric can opener," or "metal mouth?" Chances are you were not alone. About half of the students from the seventh to the tenth grade had braces on their teeth. Why? "I got braces because my teeth were crooked and since everybody else was getting their teeth straightened out, I thought I should get my teeth fixed," said Matt Mad- dox. Harvey Austin Ryan Avery Clay Bagley Angela Bain Rachal Baine Rose Marie Baker Ronda Ballard Lisa Baltrush Christy Bare Meshell Barnard Troy Barnes Karri Barnett Becky Barney Lauren Barrera 96 Freshmen "My teeth were crooked, and I would grind my teeth together which caused a jaw disease. I had to get braces to correct the disease," said Stacy Wright. Kathryn Howe didn't have her braces long and when asked if it hurt at first or continued to hurt, she replied, "It hurt at first, so bad I couldn't sleep at night, but now I'm used to it." Even though people may have called you names, you kept your chin up and KEPT SMILINCJ .fit V, ,rr ' , . ,, f fwTE,s:w4fZarnf, ,,,,, -. . fm ,QQ ' .zrfjf U 5 vt,-'fag ., -gfi-ff. 'J Q , I I " , SMILE! YOU'RE ON CANDID CAMERA! Sophomore Kathryn Howe proudly shows off her new braces. ix 3 Ss. t uf Kerry Basinger Dean Bass Ty Battles Sharla Beach Sherri Beck justin Becker Angela Bell Carrie Bergman Matt Berkeley Jodi Berryman jenny Bertone Tracie Bethell Amy Betts Lisa Birch Christi Bird Rick Bird Natalye Bishop Reishonda Blackshire jeremy Blackwell Billy Blakly Vincent Blatt Kevin Bobzien Mike Bollinger jeff Booth Mike Bott Todd Bovard Debby Bowlus Ed Boyce Richard Boyd Teresa Bradley jason Brady Tina Branson Bill Bray jerry Broadbent Brandon Brock Brian Brodie Gena Brown jennifer Brown Kenny Brown Mike Brownson jason Bruce Robert Brumley Susan Bryant Paul Buchanan Sharla Burk Bonni Burton Marc Butler Sheila Buzbee johnny Cabral Joey Cagle Kirk Callaway Greg Campbell Rebecca Campbell Alberto Cantu Becky Capps Audra Cargill Freshmen Sean Carpenter jeff Carter Toby Carter Richard Cartwright Shawn Cartwright Sandy Casey Mark Cavett Shayne Chamberlain Michelle Chambers Lisa Chance james Chandler Christian Chenault Barbara Claypool Terry Clayton Those Cubs are 50 CCURAC-EOUS! hat would you do if the cub were in some type of dan- ger? Well, here are seven couragous cubs that will do some pretty outra- geous things for their favorite mas- COL Freshman Manny Roman said, 'ilf the Cub were in a blazing fire I'd jump over the fire, save it and jump back over to get out!" Freshman Monty Rumsey had this to say, "I'd rush in and save its life!" What would you do if the Cub were hanging from a 10-story J, R. Clark Tony Clark Tiffany Clary Chalynn Claunch November Clifton Shannon Clink Randy Cloud Shannon Clouse Burch Cobb Quinton Cobb Lisa Cochran Mark Cochran Coby Codner Dawn Coffey ff fi N . fha? we 8 ff 4 5 V t ft ff f I ,592 5 4 ut ba, 5 f 98 Freshmen building by its paws? Mr. Larry Woods replied, "Not only am I a courageous cub, but also a smart one, I'd call the fire department." Freshman Mark Evans said, "I'd get under him and tell him to jump!" What if the Cub were tied to the railroad tracks by the West Tiger? Freshman Tony Southerland said, 'iI'd mess up that Tiger and untie the Cub!" That's those "Courageous Cubs" for you! 'M H T' T ,.,, ,, ,,e,, bij!! 5737 L16 WM, Pfi'A,fg,?,'irI51jg' ik? ffff:l,fH5"Wi5"97ir: V5 f75W5ZfElb'!b ' P w77H"Lri57ff7f flltiffu t T L H ',,,,i , We t 1 it L , f "" f fix" We WLAN ,, , Q VV ,241 - 'ffl' ififszfl C ,' '"fiWFfim7vfkZlifEi?f5f,,g,i:,4,:r- - 'z 'V' Z ,ww Max? ti, V Y'7,6.'Z7't7itf i fa 9 , ttj' , tt" f f ,,, i :z'feE'f at , 2 i , , T iii' HOW'5 THIS FOR COURACEOU5? Soph- omore David Dacus helps sophomores Kristi Corcoran and Kathy Rainer, two la- dies in distress. ...M.i.. L if EWU, ig 4, 6 1 'N' 4 'P' 'Km ,.1'?5 1 f L V, -.i i -4 I F 4 1, I t 1 .ax .... C Q fr. 1 4 2 I Robin Coffey Geri Coghill Dianna Colbaugh Cheryl Combs Pam Combs Greg Conder Chris Conley Michael Connelly joy Cooper Donna Corn Geoff Corwine Anyia Coshow Barry Cossey Cheri Cotton Shawntina Cottrell Steve Covey jennifer Craig Christy Crockett Lori Cross Rusty Culver Pat Cusack Kendra Daffern Brent Dallas Tammy Damasiewice Bo Dalthrop joe D'Amico Kevin Daniel Brian Daniels johnie Davenport Colen Davis 1.1. Davis Kristi Davis Kyle Davis Mandie Davis Melinda Davis Melodie Davis Stacy Davis Tammy Davis Tina Davis Michael Davison jeff Dean Raul Deanda Aaron Deckert Bob Delisle Deborah Depatie Todd Dobson Ron Dodd Kristy Donnelly Pam Dorman Chris Douglas Chris Downey jennifer Doyle Eric Dudley Christopher Dull Stuart Duncan Allen Dunkerley -9 Freshmen 99 Stephanie Edmonson Steve Dye Rick Dyer Reshann Earls Dawn Edwards Charlotte Elkins Dawn Elliot julie Elmore Gary Emerson Michelle Engles David Eskina Bryan Estabrooks Mark Evans Monica Fain Ears to U, BABE. arrings may have been one of the latest crazes, but there's one thing for certain, guys at Central joined the wave. I Different sizes, shapes, and colors, any- thing imaginable could be found in the halls of our school! I asked, students were glad to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about earrings. joe McCoy, freshman, said, "My mom pierced my ear for me." As for the hurting part, Mike Brownson, freshman, said, "No, it didn't hurt, it just itched!!" Mike Brownson had had his ear pierced twice in the past two years. Some of the guys interviewed said one of the reasons they had their ear pierced was because most of their friends had theirs done and that they wanted to feel accepted. Mike jackson said, "I get my earrings at Ear Etc. in Norman!" All the guys interviewed agreed that one to two earrings on one ear was PLENTY!! Kristi Falconer Melissa Farrow jennifer Fellows Chris Fetherolf Travis Few Greg Fitzgerald Pam Flacy Shannon Fleming Stacey Fleming Becky Flowers Bryan Flowers Christy Floyd Rhett Fogle Kimmy Followwill -6 100 Freshmen The final question asked was if the guys thought their earrings attracted the girls. Mike jackson said, "Sure" Mike Brownson said, "Earrings don't make the man. Girls like me just the way I am!" But as for joe McCoy, he said, "Girls? Girls? Well, I guess YES!!" Girls polled had their own opinions about guys and earrings. Gyla Thein, freshman, said she thought guys looked best in studs, but a guy's per- sonality was more important to her than if he had earrings. Kirn Hayes, freshman, said she thought guys with earrings are out of the question, Whether they liked it or not, girls at Cen- tral agreed earrings were becoming more and more popular with the guys. And why not? Perhaps guys thought of it as a challenge. Perhaps they thought that if a girl could stand up under pressure of having metal punched into their ears ,,.. so could they! In ut.. S . -,X .W ,r ' . H ,, "" A "'- if , I ' ' I , 2 I I , if I f 'w ""i "' 'i 'ff 32511: r,1i"'.-E". Y fiftfi' - tc .. V V L i ir" 1 ".. 24 I f . I , I, . ,..,A . Y .. 1 ,..,, Q f tv, 5 , '. 4" fi 2 A , . I getaways 'fy i , 41 ..,, ,Q 2 ,,.. 7' " f ' ' 1 Y ,.., . . .V 'af GUYS? EARRINGS? Mike jackson, fresh- man, wears his lnot very noticeable! dia- mond earring. ,S ,- i av E Q , , , fn- .,4- .ff , X61 C J 3 W .1. Q . ,. If E. , , it , . t 1 .asv H U ,i L 5 - at l ,ra x yn' in 'Q " iz N .af 1 4 t ' tm' .7 x,f-""- - --., A - -X img' P M i M f Janice Ford Shane Forrest Carla Foughty Shawn Fortenberry Mark Foster Mike Fowlkes Daniel Francis Carl Franklin Michael Franklin Amy Frost Molly Fry Thomas Fry Adam Fuller Brian Galindo Brent Gardner Rhonda Caroutte Chris Garrett Bryan Gates David Gattis Shannon Gibson Michael Gilliam jason Gillies Chad Glasgow Athena Glover Bobby Goddard Bridget Goldsmith Christy Coleman Winn Gonzales Malisa Gordon Chad Goucher Harvey Gower Shane Grace Kasi Grammont Chris Gregg Jason Gresham Rick Griffin Kelli Griffith Sherrie Dawn Griggs Stephanie Grimes Lloyd Grissom jennifer Gross Scott Guidry Brian Guire Shanda Gullion Bryan Gwin Dawn Haggard Charlotte Hill Clay Hall Paula Hall Jimmie Hammontree Cristi Hankins Scott Hamphil Matt Herndon Scott Herndon Sandra Hester Shelby Hester Freshmen Kim Hopper jason Horrell Dan Howe Steven Hughes Theresa Hulsey Corky Hyde Michelle Idell Clay Ingram Amy lngrum Shannon Irwin Carly Jackson Christi Jackson Mike jackson Steve jackson 4. ah "Ne-!' i Tic-Toc Tic-Toc the mouse ran up the . ATCH. were the the latest atches fad-in-fashion! Different kinds, different sizes, dif- ferent designs, and any but every color that you could think of!!! "Swatch rules!" said freshman Alberto Cantu, owner of several Swatch watches. Traci DeRose, sophomore, said, "The new airplane watches appeal more to me, because they are easier to read." Sophomore Stephinie Hodgen said, "I don't have a have a particu- lar favorite. l like them all. Gucci, Swatch, Guess, Coke, they all re- flect my different moods." "I share all of my watches lan assortment of 14j with my friends, Diane lacox Pam laynes Chris Jefferson Terry Jenkins Chris Jennings Kirk johnson Kory johnson sister, and my mom! We loan them back and forth to each other!" said freshman Gyla Thein. Sophomores Brian Mitchell and Kyle Osborne bought their watches at Sanger Harris in Crossroads and paid from 530-535. Brian and Kyle thought it was a "Good deal." Athena Glover, freshman, said, "l would get all of them if I could! I like to have one to match every out- fit!" "I wear more than one watch Kpreferably Swatchl to show respect to Dr. Swatch," said Dylan Wag- ner, freshman. He saw Dr. Swatch at Sanger Harris October 18 and thought that he was "Real cool!" FASHION TREND! Sophomore Stephinie Hodgen wears many watches on her arm, W 'N A Megan johnson Tashai johnson Tommy johnson ' Wendy johnson Chrisi jones Katura Jones Keno Jones 102 Freshmen Kevin jones j0Anne jones Robert jones Tellecia jones Leslie joyner Lynelle jury Mehran Kamelbenab Tammie Kear Becky Keith Stacie Keele Sherrie Keener Rose Kelley Selina Kelly Lori Kimbrough Kimmye King Zane Kilgore Ae Ran Kim jun Hoe Kim Heather Kirchen Nevin Kirkland Steve Kish Chris Kluding Richard Knight Christina Koehler Misty Koenig Brandi Koenig Donna Kotasek Mike Kozak Toni Kreidler Tony Krishock Robert Krows jennifer Laasch Greg Lanoy Keith Lang Shelly Lantz Heather Laughlin Floye Lavarnway Kristi Lawrence Misty Lawson Debbie Leach Robbie Leasure jennifer Lee Scott Lee Shannon Legg Mishael Lemay jim Lenox David Leonhardt Shelly Lesher Scott Lesher Derek Lester Greg Lewis Shane Lightfoot Kari Lincoln Brian Link Melisa Little Stephanie Lively Q Freshmen 103 Julianna Lopez Casey Lore Patty Love Terry Lowry john Lu Christi Lucas ' Mark Lusby Brandon Luttrell Tera Magerus Michelle Major Krystal Malone C-ina Manasco Susan Maries David Mann ' A91 . ' r 1 Eli , Q59 X si f ..t. .,,, ' 'ulli ':i', Don't you hate those i'!?! LUNCH LI ES? RRING! The lunch bell rang. You went to your locker and then ran with your friends to the line in the student Store or to the sandwich line in the cafeteria. If you ate in the cafeteria, you usually got "sandwich and fries." But if you worked your way to the student store, you had to get in a long, aggravating line. You see, you were running out of time so you went to the student store for a "quick bite." Slowly you worked your way up the line. Ronny Mansour Kevin Mardione Tefanie Marshall Karen Martin Roger Martin Shane Martin Shonda Martin jason Martinek Jason Martinez Danny Mathews Lloyd Maupin james Maxey Andrea Maxwell Melinda McBee 104 Freshmen While waiting in line, you saw about 50 people cut in front of you. Finally, you had enough! You decided to get your original place in line back. As you squirmed through the people who were yell- ing at you, a familiar voice said "YOU, OUT!" As you turned around, you saw Coach Scott Raper pointing in your face. As you got out of line, you went outside into the cold weather and the bell rang. And guess who hadn't eaten!!?! 5-1 WATCH OUU!! There is Coach Scott Raper checking out the crowds of people in the student store line. if 3. . . ssii C t if ,:,. , t gf ' X t ii t X Q N H ,..,. Ns. ii . ' 5. he QQ 'ii ,EEE f . P' Deana McCann Robert McCartney Chris McClees Kim McClendon Kevin McClure Kayla McCoy Trish McCullough Rodney McCoy Scott McGaha Darren Mclninch Susan McLaughlin Kim McLellen Kirk McLeod Robyn McLeod Sean McManus Trisha McNutt Dee McQuitty Nancy Medina Heather Meldrum Kandi Melvin Melissa Mellor Stacie Mengers Angela Merkey Chris Miller Mike Miller Susan Miller Brandon Mills Anna Miranda jennifer Mitchell Man Moffatt jeffrey Montesano Annja Montgomery Callie Monroe Teresa Moon Mark Moore Tom Moore Tracy Moore Tricia Moore Theara Morales Ginger Morgan Eric Morris Tim Morgan jennifer Morris Ricky Morris Sebrina Morrison Ricky Morrissette Michelle Mullins Barbara Murray Steve Mullins Regina Murphy Michelle Murray Scott Muzzy Danny Myers johnie Myers Nathan Nance Paul Nash O li Freshmen 105 Richard Newman Tamera Nusbaum Shelley Over-street Randy Neal Philomena Neel Chris Nelms Mark Nelson Mike Newcomb Windi Newton Ha Nguyen Phong Nguyen Bryan Niblett Becky Nice Terry Nickles Celisa Nicolle Lisa Njoo Is there really life AFTER eople had different things they either liked or had to do after school. Some may have had to work or had some sort of practice to go to. Some people just went home and relaxed and watched TV. "I go home and watch 'Days of Our Lives,"' said sophomore Jenni- fer Waterman, "when I'd rather be talking on the phone." "I go home and do all my home- work. Then I take a short nap and get ready for work," said sopho- more Ryan Slemmer. "But I would rather go out and ride around with my friends." Robby Njoo Kimberly Nuner justin Oakley Patrick Obannon Wesley Oliver Tommy Olsen Shawn Overcash Susan Overstreet , Mike Owens joel Owsley Karen Parsons Pete Parsons 106 freshmen 140 PM. 'I practice football for ZW hours everyday, except for game days." said sophomore Kile Reynolds. "I would rather play football than do anything else." Freshman Travis I-Iolsek said, "Immediately after school I go to diving practice for two hours." "Some days I had committee meetings after school or I just stayed in my room for an hour or so and caught up on grades or ran off test papers," Barbara Link, Eng- lish instructor said. "I would rather be getting tanned on a beach in Bermuda." L. We I 'trf if . . , 5 . 1 ' ,, . oswfifw 'M . , ff: 'mum asa. .1 f we . 'il-552, '- .. sf 'f 1 nf vf,... W .. , .. ,We , Q, NAPPINC after a day at school jerry McCroskey decides to take it easy. ,5 Cathy Paschal Heather Patterson Kerri Patterson Chris Payne Lavanda Pearson Carrie Peden John Peetz Clay Perkins Shannon Perkins Thein Phan Mike Phillips Tracy Phillips Tracy Phillips Brian Pierce Ernie Pitts Mark Plymale Paul Porter Richard Potts Michelle Price Sabrena Privett Staci Prosise Melanie Pruitt Trae Ramsey Brenee Rayburn Lindy Red Elk Danny Reed Greg Reed Lora Ann Reed Ronnie Reed Gregg Reeves Tracy Reynolds Andrea Rhodes Kristin Rhodes Mark Rhodes janet Rich Lori Richardson Shane Richardson Becca Richmond Marco Rivera Debbie Robertson julie Rodgers Darlene Roland Tammi Rollings Dan Rollman Manny Roman Gina Rornanello Tammy Rogers james Ronck jeff Ronck Kevin Rose Dennis Rude Monty Rumsey Mike Runsabove Jason Runyan Andy Rupe Vickie Russell -9 Freshmen 107 Pierre Rupe Shane Rupe Mike Russell Robbie Rutter Doug Ryan Jeffery Ryan Scott Salazar Janelle Sanders Kevin Sanders Roy Sands Roy Schoeneman Kim Scott Chris Seales Jamie Secrist ,. ' ,D 7 xt-wa N. Things that really make us FRIGI-ITE ED rightening things scare peo- ple in totally different ways. Some people had very active imaginations which contributed to paranoia. There were a lot of ways to get scared and students found every way. When asked what scared them the most, these students had un- usual answers. Here were some of them: A common answer from fresh- man Misty Lawson was, "The Boo- gie Man." It was very unusual when sopho- mores, David Dacus and Mike Fitz- gerald, said, "Females!" 'Iason, Freddy, and Oscar the Crouch," were characters on the screen that sophomore Michelle Woodrum was scared of. Patrick Sedivy Ronnie Seeman Christy Settle Lea Sexton Shawn Sexton jeff Seymour Sonja Shade c Salem Sharp Scott Sheek Ioani Shelton Kendra Shepherd Jalayne Sherlock Dawne Shields jessica Shields -9 108 Freshmen When asked the same question, sophomore Laura Wood, said, "In Friday the 13th, Part I, when Jason jumped through the window, I got so scared I ran out of the room and jumped in my mom's lap." Something that most people wouldn't admit was voiced by sophomore Brian Bale when he said, "I'm scared of falling off the second floor of Crossroads." A lot of people probably agreed with sophomore, Kelly Coogan, when she said, "Being by myself when it's stormy outside scares me." Everyone had something they were scared of even though some of us were too embarrassed to admit lt. S 1 M Q A 2, ,L 'Y ii wtf wr, va, . , , Www f 'St .s. J ,, V In 2 S ,, , ' ' f V' ,, f,+,yW,, 4 .V 'ii7f'Ff" ' .1 I " . .. - 5 I ' I ,2 11 ' af f' J ' ' 4 it f ' Jr-H,-, Q ,, I , M' 'WW M ,, , .. , , T51 2 ' tg , , I ' if i 4 at 'ififfi if 41 ct, ft - , as I-Eve' '1 5, ' 27116, ,I , SCARED STIFF. Sophomores Shannon Gibson and Bobby Moran act terrified. cr Af . .. t, ef. fm I ti . it 'UE fi? -1-Q5 124 .f M..-f 'Q ' - 21511, , Q. fa ., A 4 A A X 9 1 f A 1 ' 3 It k g: ,, s v ' ' fue I Y 'E' 4 I 2 ' c Y' Q.. ff .ul S ,Q f in 1? . f ffa'l' .:. E5 1 X ,B Ja v- ' -ev- vo- fi X -, L. ? " ' 1 I W .Q , ,V , C' ' . , ff i 3- 4 tm ' ik! M I -- Steve Shields Brian Shirley Travis Shirley joey Shook Dedra Shuler julie Simmons Kim Simmons Lisa Simmons lackie Sing Melissa Sing jamie Singer Derek Sisemore Carrie Skinner Shannon Slayter Ryan Slemmer Kristi Sloan Andrea Smith Heather Smith Mark Smith Mike l. Smith Mike K. Smith Sheree Smith Stephanie Smith Carrie Sniacloski janene Snow Tiffany Sochor Tony Southerland Teresa Southern Donna Sparks jimmy Sparks Tim Speaks Shannon Spear Darsha Spell Clay Spicer Tony Spradlin joe Standerfer Robert Start Tami Steffens jennifer Stephens Mark Stephens Shannon Stephens Michael Steward Sam Stidham Daryl Stonge Shannon Stover Stephen Strawn Michelle Strider Kellie Strong Sheltie Summers Tony Summers Tonia Sutterfielcl Alan Sutton Diana Sutton Benjamin Swagerty Todd Sweany Liz Sweat Freshmen Ginny Sweat Gil Swift Debbie Switzer Jennifer Tarlton Shawn Teague Andra Teal jennifer Terry Gyla Thein Shanna Thomas Amanda Thompson Becky Thompson Bryan Thompson Carl Thompson Sean Thornton ix What's your favorite excuse for TARDIES, HOMEWORK. omeone tied my shoestrings together" and "I couldn't walk fast enough" were a couple of the many and unusual excuses students gave their teach- ers for tardies. Did you think teachers believed these excuses? Of course not! But some did believe excuses like "My locker wouldn't open" and "I had to go back to get my books." The most unusual excuse was "I got locked in the bathroom." There was no way a teacher believed that, or did they???? Richard Tiner II Lisa Tomberlin Mike Tomberlin David Tracy Dawn Traxler Derreck Tucker Jeff Turner Ron Turner Tiffany Turner Michelle Turpin Karol Underwood Allan Vanmeter Koree Vanzant Did these next excuses sound fa- miliar? "I didn't know how to do it" and "My locker must have eaten it." Everyone had it and everyone hated it. It was HOMEWORK. There was hardly any excuse for not having homework. Students would do or say anything. The most common excuse given was "What homework?" One of the most unusual excuses was "My brother flushed it down the toilet." tt ae K , X "ew F r. 4 df- . Q- ana K Es? . tt s .. Q Q R 1 X he " We 3 X sf is Johanna Vaughn .9 110 Freshmen - ,xx , :,, ., , , f 5 uf' N- f W ! A Q f 2? jeff"T5iliIf,Ui9fQf:,?gJ5f'f'kk'f' , ,': A A f27f,kyN?ZQf::Qf,Efii- ' :,fsQtf:fe' fefifff-fffaw l efv wb , a , ' ' f .mail-eyi. .wr "vga ,fm W' vw i'wsatffwwfetzfw? ,,,, n , Q, g:,Qfz?5:ss,1f3qaf?awaw ,wfgaffeyyff sfgefwsywffrer wif- f tif ,fayfve - - A , . -g i' writ ," ,A fy, ff' " ,, H wa efgzffgg w,,,w:,,:,f1 ' . ff,,1fJfatf3:5'5 ',e,q:w., , it f' :fy ff f ,,,, ':.ffW,' 'fa ::"'?ffix,'f:,,'. ff'ffQ:""V,2'Ff f!'75:2'ff,, ,,,,, ' , ' ' HELP!!! Sophomore Shannon Tarkington, already late for class, struggles to get her books out of her locker. wa. in Nbr' 2' lf ti 1, T rr rl jennifer Vaught Paul Vazquez Chasey Ventris Nelson Vermillion jimmy Vinson Keith Vinyard David Vos Dylan Wagner Marla Wagner Kelly Wallace Timmy Wallace Leslie Washington Roland Washington Paul Wasik Shane Weaver Patty Webb jennifer Weeks Amy Welch Dena Welke Chris Werner Amie West Tina Weum Doug Wheeler jeff Whatley jill Wheeler Tiffany Wheeler Chris White Dane White Loree White Kirnmie White Michael White Michelle Whiteside Jerry Whitefield Angel Whittet Shannon Wicks Chris Wiens John Williams Leah Williams Lena Williams Phillip Williams Susan Willis Mike Willits Leann Wilmeth Angie Wilson Lori Wilson joe Wilson joey Wilson Shannon Wilson Trisha Wilson Brandi Winner Michelle Wenner Michael Witty Misty Wolfe Donnie Woods Pamela Woods Harley Worsham Freshmen Trent Worthen Mary Wright Tammy Wright Deanne Wurth Christina Yancey Tiffany Yeager Travis Yonnes Travis Yost Micah Young Robert Young Kelly Hannon Lori I-lixson Patrick Hoff Ashley Holland W if ,,,,,....a-ww--.-i me-v-""' ,.,...-.-rf' eh... Mu'-w""' rw-W, H sw 43 A ..'. . ' X 1- X X l if-Y E X X : 2 xg . . X . Q JUSTA SECOND is all Chris Dull, freshman, has io fi ie take a drink from one of the many water fountains in I school. 5 ggi? T 5245 of 1300 LOCKERS is used by Lloyd Grissom, fresh- man, to store his books, pencils, and anything else he can get in there! D X 'QS' N X xx x Q X Y N e X ii N N X N X xx X QQ N N x N Q Q N e .N .. ,, 1 N N X w x we 112. Freshmen AFX E K . 5 A X ir 2 Y "" ' X HEQ . -55 ' T 9i?QeT'f.vi7Q:f1fiLS1jj?i2QS '..'5XQ5f:j'.:9gffgwi E 5 fm., if 2 " f-1 Q .,r. X R 42 it X , 'E ' we f ,i V3 .F Q iwfiwf l 6. ,fl r i 5 ar' 'def-,gpv .gp r :gf -'Quill' 't79"!'1"'4' Do ou ever . ou quickly open and shut your locker. You then rush to the restroom. Next you take a fast two-second drink from one of the water fountains. Finally, you run as fast as you can to class without getting caught. During this rush of confusion did you ever think of the numbers of lockers, water fountains, etc.? What would life had been like if there were none of these conve- niences to help us through the day? just to remind you that little things did mean a lot, here's a list of those "I bet you didn't know that" things: 32. Art tables 10 Bathrooms 32 Benches in the blue gym 76 Benches in the stadium 95 Buses 43 Cafeteria tables 10 Hall clocks 17 Halls in both buildings 1.300 Hall lockers 26 Hall vents in the 900 building 9 Benches in front of the 900 build- ing 81 Outside doors 75 Teachers 195 Ties owned by Mr. Shoaf 93 Trophies in the trophy case 88 Typewriters in typing 10 Water fountains 18 Statistics on this page STARING AT SUCCESS. Freshman Mark Foster gazes at the trophies won by different clubs and people at our school. Freshmen 113 GINGER BARTON-Arts :Sz Crafts I. STEVE BEALL- Sophomore Vice Principal. SANDY BENNETT- American History I, Oklahoma History, Youth Sr. Government. BECKY BERG-Biology. DEE BOWERMAN-Registrar, ROGER BROWN- American History, Oklahoma History, Student Council. BRENT BURDICK'Band. GENE BURR-Principal. DEE BUTLER-Counselor. LINDA BYCKO- Freshman Attendance Secretary. MARY CASTLEBERRY-Receptionist, Student Store Supervisor. IANIS CLEMENTS-American History I, Oklahoma History, Youth 8: Government. CATHY COOKfEnglish I, BETH CRONE- Introduction to Algebra. Algebra I. LEIGH CULBREATH-Art I,lI. ED DAVIS-American History II,Ill. JOE DAVIS-Driver Education. JIM DAY-Driver Education. TERRY DUDLEY-Physical Education. RAY ELLIS- English I,ll. SUSAN ESTES-English I. LOIS EVANS-Freshman Vice Principal. JIM FAUROT- American History II,llI. CELINDA FERGUSON- Ceometry, Algebra II. RALPH FLAGLER-American History I, Oklahoma History. BECKY FLEMING-Biology, Physical Education, Athletics. PAT POLKS-Counselor. DARLENE FOSTER-Typing 1. CAROLE GONZALEZ-English l,II. SUSAN HIGGINS- Reading. MIKE HODPER-World History I, Athletics. DARLENE HUDSON-English II, LaQUITA HURST-Special Education. IODENE HUTCHINS- Library Aide. BETH ,IENNINGS-Mechanical Drawing I, II, Woodworking I, Industrial Arts Club. CHRIS JOHNSON-Geometry, Algebra II, National Honor Society. TONY KNIGHT-Oklahoma History, American History I, Athletics, JUDY KOO5-Special Education, DEBBIE KORFF-English I, Introduction to Drama, Drama I,II, Introduction to Speech, Drama Club. KATI-IIE LINDERS-French I,II, German l, International Club. BARBARA LINK- English II. SHARON LISTON-Computer Literacy. DRU MARSEILLES-Algebra I, Introduction to Algebra. SAM MCELVANY-General Business, Typing I, Athletics. PAT McGARRITYASpansih I,II, International Club, LYNETFE MCKEITHAN-Vocal Music. LEONARD MCMINN-Counselor. LOLIETA MILLER-Special Education, CARA MIZIRL-English II. KATHY MOFPATT- Keyboarding, Typing l,II, Office Procedures, National Honor Society, DEBBIE MONTGOMERY- English I, MARGITTA MOORE-Geometry, Algebra I. BRENDA NORTHCUT1'-American History I,II,III, Oklahoma History. ELIZABETH PERRY- Special Education, 114 Faculty if 2 X ti . Are we really what we EA ??? umorous and unex- pected answers were given by some mem- bers of the faculty on the fol- lowing question: If you are what you eat, what would you be? Business teacher and coach, Sam McElvaney, said, "I'd be a Deluxe Graham with peanut butter on top." Woodworking teacher, George Standard, said, "A vi- tamin." Carole Gonzalez, English teacher, said, "A peach." Arts and Crafts teacher, Ginger Barton, said, "A Granny Smith apple." 9th grade principal, Dr. Lois Evans, said, "A fruit bowl." I Special Ed. teacher, Judy Koos, said, "A peanut." Jim Day, Drivers Ed. if ' mf fr. . C 7 f f ff? .,A. if 4 if l l A fn .Q-7 M .W R. f 0,046 , " 1 .1 I ' I kj I W ,gf iii- WAI' . L' , f X. mf LUNCHING. Teachers Beth Jennings, Beth Crone, Margitta Moore, Carole Gonzalez, Janis Clements, and Barbara Link spend their lunchtime in the teachers' workroom. teacher, said, "A brownie with lots of nuts." And even though a "D.P." wasn't a food, English teach- er, Barbara Link, would be that if she could eat it. f ff- fr is. . ' 1 it is Y . W .Q1 If this question were true, you would have seen a lot of pizza, ice cream, and choco- late walking in the halls or even writing on the chalk- boards! AMY PETERSON-Biology, Chemistry, Science Club. MELINDA PIERCE-Home Economics l,Il, Future Homemakers of America. SCOTT RAPER- I.S.S., Athletics. CINDY ROBERTS-Physics. Basic Physics, General Science, Science Club. NANCY RUTLEDGE-American History II,III. JOHN SCHWARTZ-Oklahoma History, American History l, I.S.S. BILL SHOAF-General Math, Consumer Math. JEANETFE SHOTWELL-Photography, Yearbook, Newspaper, Introduction to Journalism. MIKE SIMMONS-Algebra I, Introduction to Algebra. KAREN SLATON-Secretary to the Principal. JANET SOUTHARD-Biology, Athletics, Physical Education. GEORGE STANDARD-Woodworking I,II. Industrial Arts Club. TERRY TAMAGE-Biology BSCS, Biology. BETTY Basic Life Skills, Future Homemakers of America. CHARLES VALENTINE-Earth Science, Physics. MARILYN VOGTSBERGER-Math, Science I,II. ANN WHITE-Financial Secretary. JOHN WHITESIDE-Introduction to Algebra, Algebra l. JANICE WILLINGHAM-Chemistry I, PS Chemistry, Physics. LARRY WOODS-Chemistry, Physics. KAREN WOODWARD-Clerical Procedures, Typing I, Record Keeping. CRAIG WRIGHT-Physical Education. ARCHIE YOUNG- Chemistry, Physics, Student Council. Faculty TAYLOR-Librarian, Cheerleaders. KAREN TYSON- 115 Principals help molse this yeor CNE OF TI-IE BEST! r. Gene Burr was our head principal. This was Mr. Burr's Sth year in the Moore School System. When asked how do the students this year compare with the students last year Mr. Burr said, "They would compare favorably. The study body this year is excellent. The students seem to get a little better each year." Mr. Steve Beall, 10th grade prin- cipal, had been at Central Mid High for two years. When asked how do you like be- ing a principal at Central he said, "I like it. Sometimes it is tough but I enjoy it." Was she a doctor or was she a principal? Well, Dr. Lois Evans, our 9th grade principal, was both. She had been a principal here for three years. Dr. Evans said, "I like Central, the students, and the teachers. We have one of the finest staffs. Our students have one of the best op- portunities to get the best educa- tion of anywhere they would want to go." RETURNING FOR ANOTHER DAX Mr. Bill Shoaf, math instructor, and Dr. Lois Evans, as- sistant principal, arrive at school to begin an- other day. -9 11 Principals 5 ,sg 1 ALWAYS BUSX Mr. Gene Burr, head principal, pauses on the way to a meeting in the Counseling Center. IS HE GOING TO DO A CHEER OR GOING TO SPEAK? Mr. Steve Beall, assistant was if ikesgrfim principal, tells the 10th graders the main rules at the first assembly. 1 T ! Sig, 269 ,fs ff' -el! " 494' WHAT'S NEW THIS YEAR? Mr. Gene Burr, principal, presents an orientation on the school rules while Mrs. Betty Taylor, cheer- leader sponsor, and Mr. Steve Beall, rofh grade principal, wait in the background. IS SHE A DOCTOR OR A PRINCIPAL? She's both! Dr. Lois Evans, assistant princi- pal, does her work on a daily school basis. Principals 117 Support Personnel ore involved ost people thought of school as being teachers, principals, and lots of homework. What they didn't realize was that there was more to it than that. Custodians kept the school clean and in the best condition possible. Mary Castleberry took orders and had served student store food for eight years. She was the super- visor and also counted money after both lunches were over. When asked what she thought about the students, she simply re- plied, "Super!" Vickie Briggs was the supervisor in the cafeteria. Some of her jobs included ordering groceries and taking inventory. She enjoyed her job after work- ing there for only a year. "Most fstudentsj conduct them- selves well. Of course, there are a few .... ," said Mrs. Briggs. Charlie Erwin became a familiar name among the students ....... about twenty years of students to be exact. He was always there when needed. When asked about what he thought of the students this year, . 4 ' .T of - 1 9 f " X if tts- ' " 1 . . ' r . . awe wires.. TRY SOME. Pat Goodman and Phyllis Cross l"Shorty"j start setting up for lunch. HOLD, PLEASE. Answering the phone is part of secretary Karen Slaton's job during the day. 9 118 Support Personnel he replied, "They are pretty nice this year. We haven't had as many problems as we did last year." But Charlie Erwin wasn't the only custodian in the school. There were also some part-time custo- dians. Leota Nickell, working from 11:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., said, "The students are much better than last year's students. " Whether it was cleaning the floors or fixing the day's lunch, the support personnel was too impor- tant to be forgotten. 4 x WORKING HARD. Vickie Briggs, Della Hogue, and Juanita Lewis prepare the day's lunch for the students. SMILING is sophomore April Valentine after running an er- rand for secretary Cindy Kouri. fi l Support Personnel 119 Abbitt, Scott 82 Ables, Brian 82 Abrams, Ron 96 Addington, Jimmy 82 Aitken, Alex 16, 17, 54, 55 82 Akers, Kisha 49, 52, 82 Akers, Neva 23, 96 Alexander, Jennifer 96 Allen, Marnie 96 Ambrose, Dawn 96 Amos, Bobby 13, 96 Anderson, Chrys 96 Anderson, Reshinda 82 Andrus, Kevin 48, 49, 52, 96 Angle, Jared 82 Anyi, Jong 96 Armarfio, Anita 96 Armarfio, Aretha 96 Arnett, Frank 96 Arther, Shelley zo, sz, 54, ss, 80, B2 Ash, Kyle 96 Ash, Tara 96 Ashley, Ryan 82 Atkins, Alex 2 Atnip, Tim 82 Attebery, Ken 52, 82 Austin, Harvey 96 Autery, Kari 52, 55, 82 Authur, Shelly 3 Avery, Ryan 96 Baca, Brian 40 Baca, Frank 82 Bagley, Clay 96 Bain, Angela 96 Baine, Rachal 96 Baker, Brian 82 Baker Edward 82 Baker Laura 82 Baker, Michelle 82 Baker Rose Mary 96 Bale, Brian 82 Ballard, Ronda 49, 96 Baltruch, Lisa 52, 96 Baltrush, Will 82 Bare, Christy 52, 96 Barnard, Meshell 96 Barnes, Andrea 12, 13, Barnett, Karri 30 Barney, Becky 52 Barren, Lauren 21 Barrera, Laura 52 Barton, Brent 52, 82 Basinger, Kerry 97 Bass, Dean 52, 97 Bateman, D'Ann 82 Bates, Deana 82 Battles, Gary 82 Battles, Ty 97 Beach, Sharla 97 Beachler, Dawn 30, 82 8 SEASONS GREETINGS. Compliments of Mrs. Ruth Harris QLeslie's momj for a job well done. She kept the bulletin board by the Counseling Center decorated throughout the school year. Beck, Sherri 23, 97 Becker, justin 97 Bell, Angela 97 Belyev, Missy 82 Bennett, Jenny 7, 83 Bennett, Joe 83 Benson, Misti 83 Berfono, Jenny 17 Berg, Becky 6 Bergman, Carrie 30, 52, 97 Berkeley, Matt 3, 33, 97 Berryman, Jodi 21, 97 Bertone, jenny 4, 95, 97 Bethell, Tracie 25, 97 Betts, Amy 11, 49, 55, 97 Bingham, Donna 83 Birch, Lisa 52, 97 Bird, Christi 97 Bird, Dena 83 Bird, Rick 97 Bishop, Natalye 25, 29, 55, 97 Black, Tamera 83 Blackshire, Reishonda 23, 97 Blackwell, Jeremy 21, 33, 90, 92, 97 Blackwood, Angie 3, 12, 16, 17, 49, 52, 83, 92. Blakely, Billy 35, 97 Blasgow, Chad 35 Blatt, Vince 29, 35, 49,97 Blundell, Dennis 29, 83 Boatman, Larry 7, 55 Bobo, Teri 83 Bobzien, Kevin 35, 97 Bolin, Melissa 52, 83 Bollinger, Mike 97 Booth, Jeff 97 Booth, Marisa 83 Boren, Amber 83 Bott, Mike 97 Bovard, Todd 97 Bowles, Brett 83 Bowlus, Debby 97 Boyce, Ed 35, 49, 97 Boyd, Richard 97 Boyd, Tammy 49, 83 Bradley, Teresa 47, 97 Brady, jason 49, 52, 97 Branson, Tina 97 Bray, Bill 21, 97 Broadbent, Jerry 97 Brock, Brandon 28, 29, 35, Brodie, Brian 97 Brodie, Steven 83 Bronston, Tommy 83 Brown Gena 97 Brown, Jennifer 52, 97 Brown Kathy 83 Brown Kenny 97 Brown Kerri 83 Brown Mr. Roger 55, 92 Brown Richard 83 Brown Roger 2, 54, 81 Brownson, Mike 97 Bruce, jason 84, 97 f r f?- -it at 1, . 5 , we .A af-nf ll f F 120 Index gy , Brumley, Robert 97 Bryant, Susan 49, 52, 97 Bryars, Christine 20, 83 Buchanan, Paul 97 Buckles, Dana 55, 83 Bufkin, julie 83 Bullard, Traie 83 Bunch, John 83 Buntin, Robert 83 Burch, Lisa 49 Burdett, Kathy 83 Burk, Sharla 97 Burns, Christi 83 Burton, Bonni 97 Burton, Stacy 83 Butler, Marc 97 Butler, Tracey 83 Buzbee, Sheila 97 Cabral, johnny 97 Cagle, Joey 97 Cahill, Pam 83 Callaway, Kirk 82, 97 Cambell, Rebecca 23 Campbell, Greg 49, 52, 97 Campbell, Rebecca 97 Cantu, Alberto 10, 46, 97 Cantu, Debbie 47, 83 Capps, Becky 97 Cargill, Audra 97 Carmen, Richard 83 Carnahan, Kent 35 Carolus, Marjie 83 Carpenter, Sean 98 Carroll, Michelle 83 Carter, jeff 98 Carter, Leslie 83 Carter, Melissa 83 97 Carter, Toby 35, 98 Cartmill, Ron 28, 29, 42, 83 Cartwright, Richard 98 Cartwright, Shawn 98 Casey, Allen 83 Casey, Sandy 98 Castioux, April 83 Cavett, Mark 98 Centers, Carrie 83 Centers, Quentin 83 Chamberlain, Shayne 6, 7, 35, 98 Chambers, Michele 23 Chambers, Michelle 55, 98 Chance, Lisa 98 Chandler, James 98 Chapman, Chris 83 Chappell, Steve 83 Chase, Mrs. Karen 25 Chasteen, Larry 83 Chenault, Christian 3, 35, 98 Cho, Sue M 83 Christian, Mr. Fred 33 Clark, J.R. 51, 55, 98 Clark, Tony 98 Clary, Tiffany 21, 98 Claunch, Chalynn 98 Claypool, Barbara 98 Clayton, Gary 27, 83, 88 Clayton, Terry 98 Clifton, November 23, 98 Clink, Shannon 52, 98 Clinton, Alicia 83 Cloud, Randy 3, 35 Cloud, Rhonda 83 Clouse, Shannon 98 Cobb, Burch 98 Cobb, Quinton 21, 98 Cochran, David 83 Cochran, Lisa 98 Cochran, Mark 98 Cochran, Tabitha 83 Codner, Colby 27 Coffey, Dawn 55, 84, 98 Coffey, Paulette 83 Coil, Jennifer 20, 83 Combs, Pam 4, 16, 17, 52 Conder, Coby 98 Coogan, Kelly 83 Cook, Cathy 39 Cook, E.J. 83 Cook, Jason 84 Cook, Kathy 84 Cook, Trinity 84 Cooper, Alecx 20, 84 Cooper, Guy 88 Cooper, Kathy 25, 55 Corcoran, Kristi 3, 6, 7, 11, 49, 84, 98 Corn, Donna 30, 55 Cossey, Barry 35 Cotton, Larry 84 Couch, Jessica 84 Coulter, Chantel 8, 9, 30, 55, 84 Cowan, Vickie 84 Coy, Jimmie 84 Craig, James 84 Craig, Reva 84 Crawford, Shannon 84 Crawford, Tracy 84 Crisman, Jill Ann 84 Crissman, Jill 10 Crockett, Christy 52 Cynova, Kevin 84 Dacus, David 10, 84 Daffern, Kendra 52 Dallas, Brent 35, 55 Dalthrop, Darrell 21 Daniels, Brian 84 Dauphin, Jack 84 Davenport, Johnnie 55 Davis, Darrin 84 Davis, Karrie 84 Davis, Ken 84 Davis, Kyle 20 Davis, Larry 84 Dean, Jeff 25 Dean, Mike 84 Deckert, Aaron 33, 49 Deeter, Theresa 84 Delaho, Kim 84 Dennett, Beth 52, 55, 84 Depatie, Deborah 27 DeRose, Traci 84 Dittmeyer, Traci 85 Dodd, Kevin 85 Dolan, Robert 85 Donnell, Christopher 21 Donnell, Sean 52, 85 Donnelly, Kristy 30, 81 Dorman, Pamela 25 Douffner, Rena 85 Dowling, Dawn 1, 52, 85 Doyle, Jennifer 1 Drewry, Kelly 49, 52, 85 Dries, Dawn 85 Druzbicki, Joe 85 Dubbs, Jeff 29, 49, 85 Duncan, Stuart 35 Dutton, Daniel 43, 85 Dye, Lisa 3, 85 Eckles, Matthew 85 Elliot, Craig 85 Elliot, Tamara 85 Ellis, Ray 38 Ellis, Robin 85 Elmore, Julie 49, 52 Elmore, Rex 85 Emerson, Cary 35 Ercanbrack, Bobby 85 Estabrooks, Bryan 52 Estep, Holly 85 PRECISENESS I5 ESSENTIAL. Woodworking II student, sophomore Michael Schane, works on a jointer machine to prepare the edge of the wood for gluing, Estes, Susan 47 Evans, Dianne 85 Evans, Jamie 85 Evans, Mark 22, 23, 29, 34, 35, 55, 81, 95, 98 Fahrenthold, Eric 85 Fairchild, Melena 85 Farmer, Jerry 85 Farrell, Teresa 49, 85 Farrow, Melissa 25, 52 Faubion, Jon 85 Faurot, Jim 3 Fellows, Jennifer 10, 70, 100 Few, Travis 18, 35 Fitzgerald, Mike 20, 55, 85 Flacy, Cyndi 85 Flacy, Pam 52, 55 Fleming, Mrs. Becky 23 Flores, Rhonda 85 Flowers, Ruth Ann 85 Floyd, Christy 10 Folks, Pat 42, 84 Ford, Jeanie 85 Forrest, Shane 33 Fortenberry, Deana 85 Foster, Mike 85 Foughty, Carla 30 Fox, Scott 85 Franklin, Carl 13 Frazier, Cheri 8, 9, 30, 55 85 Fuller, Adam 44, 45 Gaddis, Bill 35 Caiski, Patricia 30, 55, 8 Gammill, Stacy 33, 85 C-antz, Randy 20, 85 Gardner, Brent 23 Garoutte, Tim 85 Garrison, Robert 85 Garten, Tina 85 Cates, Brian 35, 55 Cattis, David 20 Gay, Chris 23, 42, 85 Index Gibson, Shannon 23 Gilles, Jim 35 Glover, Athena 30 Goddard, David 85, 90, 92 Goines, Jayme 42 Gonzales, Winn 29, 34, 35 Gonzalez, Carole 40, 86 Gonzalez, Nayibe 12, 85 Good, Patrick 20 Goodsen, Trooper 29 Gordon, Dace 3, 29, 85 Gordon, Malisa 55 Goucher, Chad 32, 33 Grace, Chris 24, 25, 85 Grace, Shane 25 Gradnigo, Allen 49, 53, 85 Graham, Johnny 20, 85 Grammont, Kasi 25, 49, 52 Grandigo, Allen 52 Green, Brian 85 Green, Jonathan 85 Gregg, Chris 29, 39, 51 Gresham, Jason 25 Griffin, Richard 85 Griffin, Rick 33, 49 Griffith, Kellie 49 Grissom, Lloyd 33, 52 Guidry, Ron 35 Gullion, Shanda 52 Hagerty, Tina 49, 86 Hagstrom, Kim 86 Hahn, Ray 86 Hale, Tina 86 Hall, Jason 33, 86 Hallauer, Debbie 49, 52, 86 Hallauer, Terry 49, 52, 55, 85 Hamilton, Andrea 85 Hamilton, Eric 85 Hamilton, Mike 86 Hankins, Cristi 30, 80 Hannabass, Scott 29, 86 Hannon, Kelly 46 Hansen, Matt 33, 85 Hansen, Ted 29, 86 Haralson, Jeffery 86 Haralson, Ray 86 Hardin, Greg 35, 86 Harding, Ann 11, 48, 49, 52, 86 Harkema, Michelle 86 Harrell, Kaci 8, 9, 30, 86 Harrill, Lana 86 Harrington, Richard 35, 86 Harris, Charles 86 Harris, Chris 20 Harris, Leslie 2, 6, 16, 17, 86 Hartwig, Nadine 49, 52, 86 Hasson, Colt 27, 86 Hatcher, Sherry 86 Hawkins, Melinda 49, 52, 86 Hawkins, Tom 86 Hawthorne, Jerald 86 Hayden, Edward 21, 86 Hayes, Michelle 86 Helderich, Leslie 86 Hemphill, Scott 26, 27 Henderson, Cristi 6, 87 Henderson, Todd 49, 87 Hendricks, Deanna 52, 87 Herdon, Amy 30, 31 Herdon, Eric 13 Herdon, Matt 20, 35 Herman, Melinda 87 Herndon, Amy 30, 31, 52, 87 Herndon, Matt 20, 34, 35 Hesket, Billy 87 Hicks, Sharon 87 Higgins, Susan 43 Hill, Anthony 49 Hill, Denise 87 Hill, Robin 87 Himes, Kristi 87 Hinderson, Todd 21 Hinson, Andrea 87 Hodgen, Stephinie 2, 87 UCRACKER JACK" CHOIR DIRECTOR? Sophomore Kile Reynolds leads the freshmen in singing Christmas carols at the Christmas As- sembly. 122 Index Hodges, James 23, 87 Hoepfinger, Mark 87 Holasek, Travis 87 Holden, John 87 Holland, Jason 20, 87 Holliday, Chris 27, 87 Holmes, Troy 25, 87 Hood, Allyson 87 Hood, Randall 84, 87 Hooper, Mike 36 Hopkins, Steve 87 Hopper, Kim 6, 7 Horner, Donny 87 Howard, Bryan 21, 87 Howard, Lance 49, 52, 87 Howe, Kathryn 3, 6, 7, 12, 54, 55, 87, 96 Howeth, Erica 16, 17, 87 Howk, Denise 87 Huffines, Taira 30, 33, 87 Huggins, Steve 52, 87 Hughes, Robert 20, 87 Hughes, Tonya 30, 31, 87 Hulet, James 21 Hunnicutt, Erika 85 Hunt, Angel 50, 52, 87 Hunt, Mr. Mark 25 Hurd, Irene 87 Hussian, Jeanie 87 Hutson, Kristel 87 Hymer, Jonathan 87 Iacoveli, Theresa 87 lgleheart, Jason 21, 38, 87 II, Danny Towey 20 Iker, Shane 24 Imes, Catherine 23, 52, 87 Jackson, James 87 Jackson, Rayong 87 Jaynes, Angela 87 Jefferson, Chris 21 Jefferson, Paul 87 Jeffries, Tracy 87 Jilge, Todi 23, 87 Jognson, Megan 52 Johnson, Chris 52, 53 Johnson, Kimberly 87 Johnson, Kirk 12, 27 Johnson, Krystal 87 Johnson, Megan 49, 52 Johnson, Michael 20 Johnson, Rick 88 Jones, Joanna 52 Jones, John Allen 87 Jones, Katura 30 Jones, Keno 86 Jones, Kevin 33 Jones, Mr. Alan 21 Jones, Phillip 87 Jones, Tellecia 52 Jones, Tootie 30, 31, 86 Jorges, Jeff 25, 87 Joyner, Erik 52, 87 Jury, Lynnelle 49 Kasheimer, Phillip 87 Keele, Michael 87 Keener, Sherry 23 Keith, Becky 55 Keller, Jason 87 Kelly, Jody 88 Kelly, Selina 52 Kemp, Paul 88 Kendal, Stephanie 6, 88 Kennedy, Chris 49, 52, 88 Kennedy, Kelly 51 Kerchin, Heather 55 Kim, Jun 21, 35, 49 Kimbrough, Lori 30 Kindler, Timothy 20 Kindreck, Scott 21, 88 King, Kimmye 48, 49, 52 Kingsley, Jeff 88 Kirkland, Mike 35 Kirkland, Nevin 23 Kish, Steve 33 Kitchel, Angie 88 Kix, James 88 Klarich, Tiffani 8, 9, 30, 52 55, 88 Kletke, Marc 88 Kluding, Chris 52 Knight, Steven 88 Knight, Tony 35 Koenig, Brandi 55, 86 Koenig, Kelly 86, 88 Koeninger, John 49, 88 Koorman, Pam 25 Korff, Mrs. Debbie 12 Kriete, Steve 88 Krows, Robert 35 Kurchin, Heather 27 Kyzer, Christopher 88 Laasch, Jennifer 49 Lamaster, Patty 49, 52, 88 Lamb, Scott 52, 88 Lambert, Jerry 88 Lane, Danielle 49, 88 Lang, Keith 23 Lanman, Cindy 52, 88 Larkin, Chris 22, 23, 88, 90 92 Laughlin, john 88 Lavarnway, Ploye 29, Leasure, Robby 88 Ledford, Ray 88 Lee Ben 88 Lee Greg 88 Lee, jennifer 30 Lee, Patrick 88 Lee, Robert 88 Legg, Shannon 49 Lenox, james 33 Leroi, Judson 89 Lesher, Shelley 49, 52 Lester, Nyla 50, 54, 55, 89 Lette, Steve 89 35, 51 Lewis, Eric 20, 89 Lewis, Greg 44, 45 Lightfoot, David 20 Liguori, Gina 49 Listen, Sharon 43 Little, Melissa 52 Little, Randy 89 Littleman, Tawnya 89 Lively, Stephanie 52 Loehle, Damian 89 Lore, Casey 29 Lu, Phuong 49, 89 Lunsford, Chad 55, 89 Lupton, Tresa 3, 16, 17, 55, 89 Lusby, Melissa 52, 89 Lutterel, Terry 35 Lyda, Marc 89 Lynch, Kim 89 Maddox, Matt 89, 96 Madison, Stormi 3, 89 Magerkurth, Donal 89 Maihos, Sandra 89 Mangus, Russell 89 Mann, David 12 Mann, Mike 89 Marlar, jeff 89 Marr, Kyle 35 Marr, Mr. Kyle 23 Marsh, Tricia 89 Martain, Shawnda 25 Martin, David 89 Martin, jason 13 ' Martin, Shonda 25 Martinek, jason 27 Martinez, Veronica 3, 89 Mason, julie 49, 52, 89 Mason, Kyle 89, 95 Masters, Karen 49, 89 Matthis, Susan 89 Maupin, Lloyd 35, 52 Maxwell, Andrea 16, 17 Mays, Christy 52, 89 McBane, Kathy 89 McBribe, jennifer 89 McCann, Deana 49, 52 McCary, Tammie 89 McCaslin, Kristy 89 McClees, Chris 20 McClure, Sheila 89 McCoombe, Nina 89 McCroskey, jerry 89 McDonald, Kyle 18, 36, 89 McElvany, Sam 5 McFarland, Cheryl 89 McKay, Leslie 41, 52, 53, 89 McKeel, johnny 89 McKeithan, Ms. Lynette 12 McKnight, Kellie 89 McLaughlin, Susan 49 McLearen, Patrick 89 McLellan, Kim 25, 52 McLeod, Mike 89 McQuintty, Dee Dee 42 McQuitty, Diana 25 Meade, Sara 89 Medina, Ezequiel 89 Meek, Shawn 89 Meldrum, Cyndi 89 Meldrum, Heather 16, 17 Melton, Chuck 8, 9, 33, 89 Metcalf, Arron 89 Miller, Chris 52 Miller, Misti 89 Minor, Tangy 89 Mitchell, Bryan 10, 89 Mitchell, jennifer 25, 95 Mitchell, Michelle 89 Moffatt, Kathy 52 Moffatt, Matt 21, 49, 52, 53 Monroe, Callie 22, 23 Moore, Margitta 40 Moore, Mark 32, 33 Moore, Mrs. Leanna 30 Moore, Tracy 40 MODIS, TriCia 16, 17, 49, 52 Moran, Bobby 89 Morgan, Jennifer 49, 52, 89 Morgan, Laura 49, 89 Morgan, Lori 89 Morris, Becky 90 Morris, Christy 90 Morris, jennifer 27, 52 Morris, Lee 90 Morris, Samantha 11, 90 Morris, Tim 3, 90 Morrison, Brett 90 Morton, Angela 90 Mosby, Kelly 90 Moss, Bryan 90 Moss, Vanessa 90 Mullins, Michelle 25 Murphy, jina 35 Murphy, Mr. Kevin 26, 27 Murray, joe 90 Muzzy, Chris 24, 25, 90 Muzzy, Scott 25, 33 Myers, Danny 33 Myers, johnie 29, 35 E CONCENTRATION ON H15 WORK. Freshman Kevin Andrus, jour- nalism student, types in a story for the school newspaper on the com- puter, Nail, David 90 Nance, Nathan 35 Neece, Stephanie 43, 90 Nelms, Chris 49 Newsom, jennifer 30, 31, 90 Nguyen, Hung 90 Nguyen, Phong 49 Nguyen, Van 6, 7, 28, 29, 51 90 Nice, Becky 49, 52 Nickles, joe 35 Nickles, Terry 20, 29 Nicks, Brian 49, 52, 90 Nusbaum, Tamera 52 Oakey, Justin 29 Oathout, Pat 6, 8, 9, 20, 32, 52, 90 Oh, Young 52, 90 Olsen, Thomas 29 Onspaugh, Dawn 90 Osborne, Kyle 90, 92, 95 Owens, David 90 Owens, Travis 90 Owens, Trey 88 Ozuna, Guale 90 Padgett, Randy 90 Pak, Won 90 Parker, Kristie 91 Parks, Crystal 6, 7, 8, 30, 80, 91 Parsons, Karen 7 Parsons, Peter 20 Patterson, Heather 27 Payne, Mike 91 Peck, Dallas 91 Peetz, john 86 Perryman, Terry 12, 13, 91 Peters, Elizabeth 91 Peterson, Mike 52, 91 Petrakis, Nickie 2, 10, 91 Pettigrew, Wendi 91 Pham, Theirl 4, 22, 23, 33, 35 Phillips, Brandon 21, 91 Index 123 81, 91 Phillips, Michael 20 Pickens, Jamie 3, 7, 11, 91 Pierce, Brian 33 Pigg, Mike 47, 91 Pittenridge, Bryan 91 Plumlee, Raye 91 Poovey, Dina 91 Porter, Paul 21, 35 Potter, Suzanne 91 Price, Becki 91 Proctor, David 91 Proffer, Danny 91 Puckett, Randy 6, 7, 18, 54, 91 Pulliam, Heather 52, 91 Pulver, Jenny 91 Purvine, Bobbi 30, 91, 92 Puryear, Mae 91 Queen, Mike 91 Rainer, Kathy 3, 49, 91, 98 Rainer, Kevin 91 Raper, Scott 6, 33, 92 Ray, Sabrina 52, 91 Rayborn, Brenee' 10 Record, Paulette 49 Reed, Amy 52, 91 Reed, Danny 20, 35 Reed, Greg 20, 35 Reed, Michelle 91 Reeves, Dale 91 Reeves, Leslie 91 Reynolds, Kile 8, 13, 91 Reynolds, Tracy 49, 52 Reynolds, Travis 21, 52, 91 Rhodes, Andrea 84 Rhodes, Jeff 91 Rhodes, Kellie 91 Rhodes, Mark 20 Rhodes, Michelle 91 Rice, Mark 91 Richardson, Kevin 3, 5, 12, 16, 91 Richardson, Patrick 91 Richardson, Tammy 22, 23 r Sanders, Jennifer 91 Sandersfield, Brian 91 Sandersfield, Scott 91 Sands, Roy 35 Schafer, Michelle 52, 91 Schane, Michael 20, 91 Schaub, Char 92 Schlenhuber, Mark 92 Schrader, Jason 19, 27, 41, 9 Schwartz, John 81 Schwartz, Melissa 23, 92 Sebrant, Randy 92 Seimens, Rhonda 95 Selby, Chris 3, 20 Richmond, Becca 10, 70, 107 Rider, Jarred 91 Rivera, Marco 49 Roberts, Patrick 91 Roberts, Wayne 52 Rodgers, Julie 12 Roe, Kelly 21, 91 Rogers, Stacy 91 Roman, Manuel 20, 35, 98 Romanello, Gina 30 Ronck, James 8, 9, 33 Ronck, Jeff 8, 9, 32, 33 Rosas, Chris 91 Rose, Kevin 21 Rosier, Dawnita 91 Ross, Pamela 91 Rumsey, Monty 6, 7, 23, 34, 35, 98 Russ, Matthew 20, 91 Rutledge, Shawna 8, 30, 54, 91 Ryan, Jeff 23 Safrit, Brian 52 Samples, Kim 91 Sanders, Janelle 25 Severs, Michelle 92 Seynour, Jeff 33 Shaler, Dedra 49 Sharp, Kenny 92 Sharp, Salem 23 Sharp, Winston 92 Shaub, Char 10 Sheek, Scott 35 Sheffield, Brandi 33, 92 Shelton, Scott 23, 92 Shepherd, Kendra 10, 25 Shields, Kristie 92 Shields, Toni 92 Shoaf, Bill 46 Shoop, Jennifer 24, 25, 92 Z Shotwell, Jeanette 46, 70, 71, 128 Siemens, Ronda 2, 49, 92 Silbernagel, Jennifer 92 Silva, John 92 Simmons, Julie 11, 27 Simmons, Lisa 6, 7, 25, 35 Simmons, Tina 92 Simpson, Jennifer 8, 49, 92 Simpson, Mike 92 Simpson, Toby 6, 7, 18, 21, 92 Sing, Jackie 33 Singleton, Jennifer 92 Skinner, Carrie 8, 9, 30 Slayter, Richard 92 Sloan, Christy 52 Tiffany 21, 93 UP AND OU'I1 Freshman Kirk Johnson is in the middle of a triple backtwist during the Talent Show as sophomore Kevin Richardson explains Kirk's performance. J i 124 Index Sloan, Leslie 92 Smeaton, James 92 Smith, Alan 92 Smith, Andrea 52 Smith, Carla 92 Smith, Cyndi 92 Smith Heather 52 Smith Jimmy 93 Smith Karyn 25, 93 Smith Kenny 93 Smith, Leslie 93 Smith, Mike 3, 35 Smith Rodney 93 Smith, Sheree 25 Smith, Stacy 93 Smith, Stephanie 49, 52 Smith, Sniadoski, Carrie 21 Snider, Jason 28, 29, 93 Snider, Melinda 93 Snook, Kevin 93 Snow, Janene 25 Sochor, Tiffany 23 Sorrell, Cad 93 Southard, Mrs. Janet 23, 30 Southerland, Tony 20, 28, 34 98 Southern, Billy 93 Souza, Keith 93 Spell, Darsha 21 Spell, Tonya 93 Spence, Pete 93 Spicer, Clay 35 Staats, Luke 44, 45, 93 Stafford, John 18, 46, 93 Stalcup, Stacie 93 Standard, George 6 Stanton, Steve 93 Starr, Mr, Ron 29 Starrett, Kelly 93 Start, Robby 35 Stearns, Renee 93 Stephens, Jennifer 52 Stephens, Shelia 93 Stephenson, Lourie 23, 93 Stephenson, Tim 20, 93 Stidham, Mike 33, 93 Streeter, Chris 93 Strong, Kellie 2, 30 Suhm, Karen 23, 49, 93 Sullivan, Cyndi 46, 93 Summerfield, Jared 21, 93 Summers, Tony 35 SunEagle, Danna 30, 93 Sutherland, Tony 35 Sutter, Robert 33 Sutterfield, Travis 93 Swisher, Jennifer 52, 93 Swisher, Kyle 41, 52, 93 Talaswaima, Shannon 93 Taliaferro, Michelle 93 Talkington, Reggie 93 Tarkington, Shannon 12, 49, 52, 93 Taylor, Bruce 24, 25, 93 Teague, Shawn 27 Tener, Jennifer 93 Thein, Gyla 25 Thomas, Tammy 10, 16, 17, 93 Thomas, Tracie 93 Thompson, Amy 6, 7, 30, 52, 80, 93 Thompson, Becky 30 Thompson, Marcus 93 Thompson Michelle 93 Thompson, Thompson, Mrs. Anna 21 Rebecca 23 Thornton, Timothy 20 Timmons, Charles 93 Tiner, John 27, 93 Tiner, Richard 27 Trotter, Tiffany 92, 93 Truner, Jeffery 21 Tucker, Derreck 23 Tyson, Karen 1 Vacus, David 98 Valentine, April 33, 49, 52, 53, 93 Vanetten, Tommy 93 Vargas, Jeannette 93 Varner, George 93 Varner, Robert 93 Vaughn, Nicky 93 Vaught, Jennifer 30 Vinyard, Keith 20 Vos, David 20 94 Wasik, Paul 23 Waterman, Jennifer 49, 52, 94 Waters, Joe 6, 35 Waters, Shane 94 Watson, Donna 49, 94 Watson, Ronnie 94 Weaver, Sunny 25, 94 Webb, Jim 94 Weeks, Jennifer 49 Weigle, Mr. Harvey 29 Welch, Amy 42, 49, 52 Welch, Jeff 94 Wells, Debbie 19, 23, 94 West, Amy 2, 3, 80 West, Stephanie 94 Weum, Tina 52 Whatley, Troy 94 Whish, Kim 16, 17, 94 White, Brandy 94 White, Kimmie 35 White, Larry 49 While, Mike 27, 49 Wade, Trey 49, 52, 93 Wadkins, Patrick 93 Waggoner, Erin 93 Wagner, Dylan 33 Wagner, Marla 21, 49, 52 Whitefield, Jerry 35 Whiteside, Scott 94 Whitten, Dustin 94 Whyte, Stacie 49, 94 Wiggins, Jennifer 30, 38, 94 Walker, Walker, Walker, Eugene 94 Robin 40, 52, 94 Shaunna 90, 94 Wall, Chris 25, 94 Wall, Mrs. Estle 25 Wall, Trevor 33, 94 Walterscheid, Dee Dee 94 Walton, Eric 20, 94 Wanner, Stan 94 Ward, Belynda 23, 94 Ward, Wendy 94 Wardle, Dori 94 Warford, Mr. Phil 25 Warhun, John 94 Warnisher, Joanne 94 Washington, Robert 28, 29, Wiley, Glen 94 Wilkerson, Lori 49, 52, 94 Williams, Candi 94 Williams, Donella 94 Williams, Leah 30 Williams, Marla 94 Williams, Wes 94 Wilmeth, LeAnn 22, 23 Wilson, Brian 33, 94 Wilson Wilson , Donnie 94 , Joe 33 Wilson, Kelli 94 Wilson, Melissa 94 Wilson Wilson , Steve 25, 47, 52, 94 , Wendy 23 Wiltse, Bryan 8, 9, 32, 33, 49, Q SWEEPINC IT UH' Sophomore Chris Streeter takes his turn sweeping in woodworking. 52, 94 Wingerson, Jodie 94 Winn, Kisa 94 Winner, Brandi 30 Wint, Melissa 94 Wise, Michelle 27, 49, .N 3 . , J R 'X-99 1 r 'is A . Z he , X fi-if, ' A 1 f TAKE A LOOK AT ME NOW ..., Sophomores Tiffani Klarich and Taira Huffines model the latest fashion glasses while doing a lab in Mrs. Willingham's 2nd hour. 94 . , S. k V Q X c -we ..,. L . 3 X Wolfe, Misty 30 Wood, Laura 33, 94 Woodrum, Michelle 94 Woods, Dana 94 Woods, Larry 86, 98 Woodward, Karen 5 Wooten, Nicole 52 Worthen, Trent 23 Worthen, Tyler 94 Wright, Kim 1, 94 Wright, Mr. Craig 20 Wright, Stacy 94, 96 Yi, Jong An 23 Yost, Travis 28, 29, 34, 3 Young, Archie 2, 54 Young, Charles 94 Young Farrell 94 Young Kelly 94 Young Lois 52, 94 Young Micah 49 Young, Stephoney 95 Index 125 QW p 4 . y , . e all dreamt of t 5 places we would like to go. Some of us may have the fantasy of going to the moon or would settle for Paris. F c r When some students were asked iwhat theiri fantasy summer vacation would be, we received some pretty out- rageous answers. So just re- member as you dread, , that they are only fantasies, Freshman Todd iHender- son's fantasy is to sprint to California in twov hours, swim underwater all the way to Tahiti in thirty minutes, e e, as W 1 . ,Z,a I at jg, 'Vri 9 i 4 'VV, 5 3 ,fi , t...,.,.,.s...-..............4 ii gs , if, if "SEE YA in ,,ya'Tahiti, Sweetielmysays freshmanlTodd V 'A Hendersonf - 126 Closing r Stayffor two gnionth,s, and Y theengswim backl A Tammie McCary,i sopho- more, would like to drive, 'til she hits water andfthen jet ski to China. She, will stay for about three monthseand, jet skifliack, 'til shefhits land. Then she'll drive , back to Oklahoma. Sophomore Teresa Farrell wants to be ablefto ,snap her fingers and 'fBLNGQ"- be T skiing down the Alps. This f little trip will only take her one second, but she will stay there 'til she meets a hand- some man. , T l , as f3QPhOIT10fBe, Kyle jMcDon- aldfsfantasy isto ride horse: back to the coast of Florida. Then he will take a subma- rine to the :Bahamas He wants to stayrthere as long as possible. He -will get back 'tp theiacoast by havingtwo beaufs tiful girls paddle Tin a canoe., Then he will have a chauf- fered limo waiting to drive him back to Oklahoma. f Computer Literacy -teacher: Sharon Liston wants ,to ride a snowmobile ,to Switzerland until she runs out of money lalthough it will take a life- time to get, therel, p 54 CIDDY UP, SILVER! Sophomore Kyle,McDonald rides r off to meet his submarine. E ' V I ' C-'wsu Y-T: EK TM:-'W Peowecmefw E ,At A-4 My F f ., 1. tr C R I I 41 1 'S ze gba ,sq v 9 ze Q 4 Z H K6 A' bf 'L 4 I f as V is 4' ,Lf I W ,F f' 9 Q Y Mi M' wp L Swv ,z ww aw ,4 V is faS"o042w14aSwfQ 1Of,-'E 54 ZQ A 4 H 2 " iQz.v".,p9gvfv-Qvggiafkffagfggf 1 H4 4 ' V 4'MfQffbQp 40 Q9-V59 5659ew0?x59LgQQ3-7g1QQ'S 55840 4 4 f,s5S9Qx?ieggf?gxQ55gb44,b?5b5e?f'14 P M N 41"ifO 0x0qfQ'9'xQ?Q,?42 5 Kos rf e .3igQg,Qf73gqg,?55i4439a"g5Qfe6QSf, ' pw we QX-30?-,ig fo 'efsnilf Y 4 442 , ,,.xQ'9,fog"k Q 4 4 , xf24f3Mf41 4 4 W, XQ Q 4 4, ie. 1,4 q 4 4 g,oQv0'jfvw'f' J '44 4 M4 5 q5j"4h4 4 fr BYO? X965 A it 4.,v 4,-D17 , ,UN1 ing? ,, M Q, ww: 400101-4, 1. 4 4, 112 M -EM sav' 4 ,4 4, Y' 41714 , N Q49 QQ Rf fl 4 A b G? M L x is ffS4,ewef, 4 M ,"'fff-.fp ' l V , 4 - K 6 'ix 4, 4, , V A 4 x fA 1' N V ' ,A W -. wlx 'V 2 4 7 7 5 M, ' Q , , , , ' 1 ww I -Q J . nk V V 4 fa' A -M lvvl .v1, Z MM fifbg- Q 'Q , A 1 ,- .,, 'Q K af' Q Hwf 4 gf 4444 4 ri 44A 4, K, P . 4 , ' r 4 my A +1 W5 Q, v'.1,4 5' h w W 79115 A6620 Q :Wes 89,125 Iq,gafVcH, 4 ffso LONG PAL"Asay sophomoiestBqb- ' A W 4 Q X dyeovw xg A U75 CA mhnpcffg by Moran and Ryan Sleghmerq r Q V f' 2 ra -H' -2 . vices? . M V 5 U' - 'afnvf 'md' 61? ' m - V 4 W -A 4 'Z :Vey Wie' n52u,K4,s F7 . 'Ry -9r L K' ' .a4b'5' s ap Sl: SOPI7 mlfe '71 ON Dkzfx 'P el' 43 ,AA 1 EQOA Q 4 IL4- AL , N M ,, q'B15g0gX2i95 4 Q4 4 ' 4 4QcQ1fssing4 117 4 ,Q 1, as 'X Q A ag . 4 , ,, 4 ,,.. ., Q v Final ' fa aa 5 . O Thoughts We would like to thank the principals, teachers, and coaches for letting us inter- view or take pictures of students during classtime. Without their cooperation, it would have been difficult to meet some of our deadlines. Also, we would like to thank them for letting us out of class sometimes to work on yearbook. Also, thank to Mrs. Kathy Moffatt for letting some of her students help us get some of our copy typed and also for let- ting us use her typewriters when all of ours were being used. These members of the newspaper staff and journalism class helped us with ei- ther trying to put the index onto the computer disc or with pictures: Jason Brady, Greg Conder, Nyla Lester, Rich' ard Harrington, Kayla McCoy, Tim Morris and Julie Simmons. A great help in many ways were all three of Mrs. Shotwell's photography classes. Photography students who helped us with pictures in any way were: Jeff Dean, Tashai Johnson, Debbie Robertson, Julie Simmons, Tony Southerland, Jeff Jorges, Paul Kemp, Pat Lee, Kile Reynolds, Chrys Anderson, Christy Floyd, Tracy Reynolds, Tina Simmons, Rick Dyer, Clay Hall, Mike Newcomb, Joani Shel- ton, and Shannon Slayter. A special thanks goes to Mrs. Wilma Lupton, tTresa's moml for providing soft drinks for us and bringing us the pizzas we ordered for lunch during a Saturday work session. Also, Wilma and Bob Lupton designed the small dice and made plenty of copies so that one could be used at the bottom of each page. Matt Kutch, our Josten's representa- tive, and Bob Vukas, our representative at the the Josie-n's plant in Topeka, were of invaluable help to us throughout our deadlines. We would also like to thank our advis- er, Mrs. Jeanette Shotwell, for helping us with this yearbook. She was willing to work on Saturdays with us and after school when necessary. Thanks to those freshmen and sopho- mores who were on this year's staff. We all learned something about teamwork, responsibility, and dedication when it comes to getting a project such as this yearbook completed. In closing we would like to thank any- one else who may have helped in some way, '87 Cub Yearbook Staff 9' 128 Closing WAITING FOR THE CROWNING. Girls basketball players and wres- tlers were introduced at the Winter Festivities before the crowning of the queen. SURVIVINC THE RAIN. Students run from class to class to keep from getting wet on those rainy days! STAFF Co-Editors: Jennifer Simpson Melinda Snider. Photographers: Larry Chasteen Melissa Schwartz Tina Simmons Charles Young. Staff: Sherry Andrews Jennifer Craig Bryan Estabrooks Jennifer Fellows Becca Rich- Kristi Corcoran Kim Delaho Tresa Lupton Patrick McLearen Jamie Pickens Kathy Rainer Jeff Welch Troy Whatley. Adviser: Jeanette Shotwell , , . , , , , , mond, Reshinda Anderson, Marjie Carolus, I I I , , . , Yearbook Theme "Were on a Roll" was cho- sen for this year's yearbook theme. The yearbook stafffs inter- pretation for this theme is that everyone at Central is doing great and moving on toward the future. We do not intend to pro- mote gambling. Dice were used as part of the artwork for the theme to go along with the word, "roll," The number on the dice equalling ten signifies that Central has been a mid-high for ten years.

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