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Hig h Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Two Volume! 33 eu K 5 A 1 1 W 1 ee:Ffw:23 iha iazy days Q5 Salman iw 5, mr ii AM., waiim: aa im in dui? Yzwmgings, W' 5 ,qi wid? 3?faTif5?ifJifiS, This 4 it xy, 552333 ffiw semi Mb, ar wb-amfamg-M f 4 H Y t2m,a if mmf QM, we zxegsair Qi? sesmmi fm dass E145 mum my ?'i0iSQ?E in azsaffwziiwiieee maine than Qiukfs gm w ms zi11if:m'39QmEziggs and 1 ,Nfl Ti .. if ..,L MA ,, .. , N .. , L Q, 1 fi 1 pw: Qfisci, ki Q ixwzmxfemiazims ,-W 3 mu , 3 ,-f gm Y-, W, HW MQW .H --,Mm X, 4 Y! " E, "WX35JX, f:2'l.!2.L3f31f?,4,5 fmliififfif mTE2,Ui,ifQi V'-fag in 5' EQ Friends greeted friends they hadn't seen all summer on the first day of school. With air condition- ing partially installed and the con- struction of the roof only started, school began and work continued. Problems hacln't been solved over thefsumrner, Lockers still -.u ICI P I0 two weeks, T Michelle Barton, a sophomore, had 'three History- classes at the beginning of the year. Two were freshman classes, it freaked me out." After they fixed the History classes she ended up with two Englishclasses. It was all worked out in the end. ' i Howdy Day' wentfwellffor stu- dents and teachers. The Howdy As- sembly held fifth hour was alhit. The students were complimented. on their good behavior. Western outfits were worn by students and teachersfor the dayg t r y etr' . Skits were. presented. by 'theydifi didlffywgrki and the infergomihaf i Afteribeingyin school for about ,ferentcltxbsland Qrgatiizatio:is,E'to had been promised hadn't,arriyed,l two? months, the air' conditioning, get .people tfitniffbihi They were "Theyfarei so beat up' youj can 1 'andthe roof were finished, just in nal .and'8Cf65'b11t welll' i E f,eiii 5 :hardly get' in 'thexn,f" ,lnstiner time -for winter.. 'Q . T ' ' "The assembly was funnyqgbe-, Graves, commented onthe locker j .Construction ,on the rooflwas causefithe slcitsawere, dumb,'f'eotnii situation., A , f ' v yeryfdistractingg for, .students and mented IOC ,B-21142, a.'50Ph0m6?Cg.QE f 5C.hsd14lsS,we-re snethffr Prsblsmnffeisl fsdshsrs 'alike-. NO 0112 likes . the . elf- fhsia.sbssin31i9s-.'i9f :si 'tsfnellfbfttargri-Poi 'Semi fi1f1rsen1:so2.f:.:: Offs eimiier-jstiidsitts ihsd?'tw6QrHistofyf,roi.i.g ffiriglish,-L e1asses,QjHQwstzer,f Tgihe-sei .Pf91?1f31?'i5t. t?sSelvsd.irin'iabe11f Eicflsrlvilt. ,f0!ig0ih,9f5. if 'WHS a' nuisance. Some ,teachers took ftheirgn classes sfv' out of their rooms Ctofget. away from the smells '. 1: ' -'iw if , .' J ' 0- fm: - 4 --Y 1'-P" tliulff :'4'.Z'?,?"w-I Hawes etet f bs Hqwayreasssabxyf,he1ped..,rref' 1 f.,h -V 11 f 2, -3 ss', js-: it if e .ai A W . S . HL. X .il .3 2 ki' ,O . F fi . i E 5 i 4 ,ff ,f"""' WMM fl' Q0 -P zf' ' 2 v L' 2 L , LL IZ , lm ! , ., ,af f l w r - . A Q W ,f:,f w,,, J 53 , 32 1 W :gifs if AVN' 1, ij, at . f, mg ' 'K :'m'l:,f,f ' " 4. Q, , ,xc fx, uaomwu. ,.,,,,,, ,,,f,i ,uk . i"3 kk X m'+?4iff A-fn Que- I BENCH SITTER. Cindy Hahn is seen sit- ting in the courtyeard with her paid of fash- ionable knickers. i fa g k,V -K A 1 , 7:,,-'f"'g5-gyyyigi. 35 T ,fc avi: , 214 .,Q.Qgpg. V fa f 'a-ii i.,f. K- ' ' J, wif- -f' " .ff " 1 f's wif, ,, .- ' --' P' gg fqa""T 95' if e'-':.f ff 1' , -'L ' ! L ..M.,.L,,r. gfgp fi X J A s LEVIS. One of the most popular brands of jeans. 12 Girls Fashion ii , if 4 'ff' 3 f 7 , ma Z2 45 , W Z VM qw I I , K 0 M 'ml an , 4, , 4 , V . ,K 'kri gy? .Q , F W 'E ' 'Iwi X V 'ir A. 1 Z ,xfg',,-Q, ,sf 'Z h.,.T, . i7ociPoIo 8lCoivin Klein "Boy, everything went up this year, Julie Turner said. Jeans took on a new look with Calvin Klein, Gloria Vanderbuilt, Lee, Jordache, and just plain Levis, not to mention knickers and cords. Pants costing anywhere from fifteen to fifty dol- lars were not unusual. Foot wear consisted of argyle Is there any way to beat the high cost of fashion ?i socks, top siders, loafers, cowboy boots, criss cross sandles, hush puppies, and the Nike tennis shoe. Shoes cost around six to forty dol- lars. More people are dressing in ox- fords, shirts under crew, V-neck, and shetland sweaters. Blazers made a come back, worn with just about anything. Polos came in first as the most popular shirt with I- zod in close second. A few other T- shirts are the Le Campus Tiger, Dragon, and Fox, to name a few. Shelly Ward said "I cannot believe it, everybody is wearing labels, I walk down the hall and all I see is polo ponies and alligatorsf' FANCY FOOTWORK. Here are a few stu- dents demonstrating the many kinds of shoes in fashion this year. FOCUS. Calvin Klein, one of many labels seen walking down the halls. Girl's Fashion 13 Beth Blackburn Kyla Martinez jennifer Wassom Sherry Shehorn Robi Snyder H Homecoming Rain Dampens Spirit heavy dtfvlnbour slmaks spirited stuflents Major changes were made in Home- coming. All of the queens were selected at one time, and one was selected by the student body to be All Sports Queen. The candidates, attendants, and escorts were: Football queen Kyla Martinez, es- corted by Grant Gray, attendants Holly Engle and Vanessa Cruz, escorted by Scott Stelting, Basketball queen Beth Blackburn, escorted by Van Myers, at- tendants Tami Ward and Christy McGe- hee, escorted by Brian McMeans, Wres- tling queen Jennifer Wassom, escorted by Chris Dill, attendants Linda Cobb, and Kim Allen, escorted by Jim Wilson, Individual Spring Sports queen Sherry Shehorn, escorted by James Rosen- berger, attendants Cheri Akin and Julie Turner, escorted by Scotty Lewis, Base- ball queen Robi Snyder, escorted by Ted- dy Dallas ibut due to some misunder- standing at the game, Mark Freedlund took Teddy's place,J attendants Kristi Harrell and Kim Welch escorted by Jeff Watson. At Monday's game, Beth Black- burn was crowned All Sports Queen, in the rain. Approval of the new system of elect- ing one All-Sports Queen was expressed at the Homecoming assembly held on October 5, 1981, during 5th hour in the gym. Freshman Beverly Willis com- mented, "l'm really glad I got to vote for the All-Sports Queen, because I've never gotten to in the past." Rain soaked the queens, attendants, the band and a few onlookers at the Homecoming game which Central lost, 12-6. Scott Rose commented, "The game would have been a lot better if it hadn't rained. Most of the people that came, left when it began to rain. I also think the All-Sports Queen should be crowned at the assembly." Conference time. Beth Blackburn talks to various people on the field. 1, Nfffs v 9' ,f ,ff V., f -, ,,.,.. . Tiiwieffiw Jw 'ilifffffgigq '.1h?L,:"yA Pali, ,f 7x57 1. 5455? 1 17,5 K- K ,- , ,Q iff M . ,,,, :..,X,k., T .lr-V54 4 , , V., f X hp. ,,. f,w535N-,vw A,-,W fu wb ,, 5 .51 lv mv w '13 1 If 1 A Er 1 ss? , 1 dx at f 1 Dollar Days Jobs and money became impor- tant things in life for freshman and sophomores. Students from fourteen to six- teen years of age started their first year of work. Most students started work for something to do. But there were other reasons. Freshman Randy Parker said, "I'm working at Buchanan's to save enough money to buy a car." Sophomore Donna Chabot added, "I work about 38 hours a week at Western Sizzlin' so I can buy me a Chevy Luv." The students who have jobs have realized that they could interfere with homework or school activi- ties. Sophomore Krystal Upton commented, "I haven't had much trouble with my job at Del-Rancho interferring with my homework but it often interferes with my school activities. Despite the money, jobs had their ups and downs. Working late hours was one thing some people could have done without, especially with school the next day. On the other hand, work could be fun. Most students tried to find jobs in Moore. I-Iollie Lowell said, "Working in Moore is fun because I get to see a bunch of people I know." Whether you needed a job for a car, or just for something to do, the money always helped out. 16 obs RING IT UP. Kyla Martinez makes change for a customer at the Orange Bowl. 5 f Z fm . gy, Mfr, , ff . Kew Z . .is -- WHAT A MESS. Steve Montgomery cleans tables at Gary Dales Bar-B-Que. 'Ja L if ' P K QQ? W, ,..W,,,H ,,, , 4, EM 5 My Iv 3 i It 'A fy 'xg' ,G W 1 . gi f ,V gzflfx f , 2 A i ' .W .,'N' , , 741' Q 'Z' J 4, 7, I HARD AT WORK. Bobbi LaRue unpacks a DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, Jason MC- box of spoons, forks, and napkins at Ken- Donald makes a sale at Zales. tucky Fried Chicken. , f ,,, if f E z , an , 1 x A W" 2 , M, , 5 f ,IA M.. 'U-il ffff ,fgai ,f M? ha A 3 Full' 'uv "HELLO"! john Rails takes a phone-in der at Cary Dales Bar-B-Que. 44' jobs 17 f ggyQ:na3f5 -1--'19 ' ' . S+ I, x'gF"T , " f 'I l Wm , 'G M LOST. Nick Percival seems lost in his own world playing his favor- ite game, Stargate. PERFECT PASTIME. McDon- ald's was a perfect pastime for students to just go and get away from it all. DYNAMIC DRAG. The Sonic was known as a drag for students who just wanted to drive away the time. Nightlife 19 ramatic Mystery "I can't imagine what UTBU stands for. Every ten feet there is another sign posted!" "I know what you mean, I saw them everywhere in the halls." "I overheard someone s saying that we would find out in a couple of days." "Well I certainly hope sog I can't take much more of this." A week later the mystery was fi- nally solved. "Unhealthy to be Un- pleasant," Drama Club's annual play, was to be presented to all the student body. jon Painter, sophomore, said "I liked itg at times it got boring but it was pretty interesting most of the time." UTBU was acted out by a cast of nine people. It was about an orga- nization, UTBU, that tries to rid the world of unpleasant people. I. Francis, acted by Sean Pratt, is an unpleasant person who is mean to his mother, acted by Laura Mat- tingly, and his secretary, Christy Lore. In the end J. Francis is handed a bomb disguised as a music box and is blown up. l 5 - i I . f si 1 t sf- . as, Q: I r BOOMING BUSINESS. Joni Rogers re- ceives phone calls at UTBU headquarters, informing her that another person received their bomb. FALLING IN LOVE. J. Francis' clumsy sec- retary, Christy Lohr, and Greg Jennings lit- erally fall in love, Mother and the maid ens courage them on. 20 Play "I had a lot of fun doing the play. It was hard work but well worth it," said Kyla Martinez, the maid. The play left a nice impression with many of the students. Re- member, it's "Unhealthy to be Un- pleasant!" FINISHING TOUCH. Christy Lohr, Anesv tasia in the play, gets ready for her big part in the play, YOU KNOW BETTER. Joni Rogers and Tyler Grider at UTBU headquarters. Tyler is receiving a reprimand for blowing Mrs. Rogers up on impulse. i .V g 6? . fi 1 .Ls X 3 ix VV s f I I . V' l r f Q ,Q 2 f ax 2 f 5 'E 5 5 f Q2 3 E E i iii? Eff xi fiiyffxpm by Vkln Vi L' I 3 QQ Q, QMBERAs'm:1qE5 hAQAIN.'QgTheLg lj? , secfewy, l1giPfam:isf mpzhef,ianatzhe m34sd 2ff24f44ii?vs 614w?f?1idbd:iah6i1flMis+ R69 V,H1 'i?iSff3bgi?,g'hkiifv1i,fnpg Q,g,5 P p i, iff grs1z , i 1' iffiffdwfvpfibnl?if6?l rishf- '5heMivIHv44 f pfQQlx5gyy5yf5g1f1g i5c ti655,.brliaswfiiqg- j Q i..-.N.,.,. I E W T mm, ,,,,,N,-W-M 211535 Gd? Play 21 Not yet Ready for Prime Time Assemblies were appre- ciated for the break they gave to teachers and stu- dents alike. They provided entertainment, comedy, and a chance to get out of class. Howdy Assembly, to welcome students and teachers and to advertise different clubs, was the first assembly of the year. Pep assemblies were held from time to time to show spirit and support for athletics. Short skits by the teams, pep club, cheer- leaders, and teachers high- lighted these assemblies. A slide presentation en- titled "Everyday Heroes" was presented in February, courtesy of the efforts of Student Council. It fea- tured current music, mov- ies, and photography. Another special assem- bly in which teachers and students could participate in were the teacherfstu- dent games. Volleyball, basketball, obstacle course, and the three-legged race were among the events in the games. The students won overall, and NHS president John Ralls ac- cepted a plaque on behalf of the student body. Royal Turkey. jonny Powell was crowned "Turkey of the Month" during the Thanksgiving asem- bly. . 1 iff 11 ' , 'E'LSIififtv Twist. Teachers demonstrate their versions of 50's dances. 22 Assemblies Bosom Buddies. A bunch of crazy Student Council guys showed ev- eryone just how "pretty" they could be. Turkey Twins. Back for their sec- ond appearance, the turkey twins Bombs Away. Mr. Adkins risks announce the "Turkey of the his dry face against the forces of a Month." student with a wet sponge. Twosome. Mrs. Oldham and Mrs. Bycko take part in the three- legged race. Assemblies 23 l 'T5 MOST LIKED. Friends last Por- ever. If you don't agree, just ask Scott Rose and Beth Blackburn. MR. AND MISS FASHION. Look out Vogue and GQ. The sophomore's best dressed were Van Myers and Cindy Hahn. IDEAL COUPLE. It's a match made in heaven, or was it Cen- tral? The 10th grade "Ideal" cou- ple was Robert Wallar and Beth Blackburn. MOST ATTRACTIVE. Is beauty only skin deep? Ask our good- looking group, Mark Freelund and Kyla Martinez. CLASS CLOWN. Central Come- dians were somewhat dingier than the pros! Winners were Ken- ny Cole and Kris Abt. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED. Homework paid off for sopho- more winners Iohn Grissom and Pam Brooks. 24 Class Favorites The Way Gaining "POPULAR- ITY" wasn't always the ea- siest thing in the world to do. But once you got to know everyon it made things a wholeiot easier. There were quite a few ways to be "POPULAR", So we decided to make a few categories and see just who the student body thought was the most pop- ular. We Were These were the categor- ies that we came up with: "MOST LIKED", NMR. AND MISS FASHION", "MOST ATTRACTIVEU, "CLASS CLOWN", and last but not least, the tradi- tional "MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEEDX' We would like to take this opportunity to "CON- GRATULATEH all of the winners. ! 1 f E15 ' Z l ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY. This was one group worth remember- ing for many years to come. Stu- dents kept a close eye and a keen ear out to hear who won the Homecoming Queen at a pep as- sembly. QI-Iomecoming Queen was awarded to Beth Blackburnj l MOST LIKED. You can never have too many friends. Right? Freshmen most liked were Eric Newendorp and Holly Engle. MR. AND MISS FASHION. Mo- dels made in Moore. Greg Esmon and Cherrie Akins spend just a little more to look "in style." IDEAL COUPLE. Puppy Love? The most "ideal couple" accord- ing to freshmen were Sean I-Iaffner and Debbie McGehee. MOST ATTRACTIVE. Good Looks paid off for freshmen's most attractive, Brian McMeans and Wendy Madden. CLASS CLOWN. Laughs kept them going for Moose Lee and Rhonda Bowen. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED. A little extra work meant better grades and winning "most likely to succeed" for freshmen Tim Holbrook and Tami Ward. l Class Favorites 25 Soaring Spirits Make Winners Whether it was wrestling, bas- ketball, football, track, swim- ming, or cheerleading, sports took time and effort. Sometimes that time and effort seemed worthless when it involved running in the cold or long workouts in the sum- mer heat. Being introduced at a pep assembly or scoring the win- ning point made the long hours of practice seem like nothing. Combining football teams with Moore West was one major change made. This was to prepare football players for playing at the high school and to avoid any hard feelings. Going to sports events and be- ing onthe winning side was excit- ing, whether player or spectator. Losing made the next win even more exciting. Win or lose, pep club and cheerleaders were always there to boost spirits with their enthusiasm. Being involved in a sport meant sometimes to give up a lot of free time to practicing with the team. But in the end, being a part of a team made it all worthwhile. SIDE STEP. During a pep assem- bly the cheerleaders hold their pose patiently. rv' 1 ,W S ,, 1 PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Several of the cheerleaders prac- tice new steps for their upcoming skit. 26 Cheerleader EEMININE EOOTBAU... The football players show the student body the new cheerleaders, offi- cers, and pep club. Cheers, Chants, and Pyramids Six superior ribbons and three spirit sticks made the Stillwater summer clinic worth the time and effort of the cheerleaders. Cheers, chants, and pyr- amids were learned at clin- ic but competition was most enjoyed by all the cheerleaders. "It's really exciting when you've worked on something and finally get to compete," said Lisa Cobb. "I actually feel that the cheerleaders are the core of the school spirit and at times others are influenced by the spirit these girls generate," said Mrs. Bethers. "Mrs, Bethers, our spon- sor was the greatest," said Vanessa Cruz. Mrs. IMITATION. The cheerleaders and officers tell a few tales about some of the football players. CHEERLEADERS. Front Row: T. Ward, B. Blackburn, V. Cruz, S. Brown, L. Cobb, L. Cobb, D. Mas- terson, K. Trower. Bethers was someone the cheerleaders used as a secu- rity blanket and could al- ways be counted on when needed. Lots of hard work and long hours of practice made cheerleading a suc- cess. "It was a lot of hard work, but also very fun," said Beth Blackburn. "I loved cheerleading, but after football season was over, school spirit real- ly went down," said Dosha Masterson. The crowd's enthusiasm was very important to the cheerleaders, even though they felt the students were self-oriented and didn't understand how nervous they were. Weekends and after school time was ususally used for the cheerleaders to practice for the upcoming assemblies. OFFICERS. Front Row: H. Engle Qv.p.J, . Nash Qfresh. sgt. at armsj, R. Brewer fsoph. sgt. at armsj, J. Wassom Csoph. sgt. at armsj, K. Martinez Qpres.J, J. Turner Qfresh. sgt. at armsj. Not pictured is C. McGehee Qsecftreasj. PEP CLUB. Front Row: T. Rich- ardson, L. Mattingly, T. Nelson. Second Row: T. Wilson, K. Young, E. Luttrell. Back Row: L. Longino, R. Snider. PEP CLUB. Front Row: T. Bowl- ing, B. Burton, K. Howell. Second Row: Y. Oubre, C. Smith, V. Pat- terson. Back Row: I. Glass, R. Far- ris. PEP CLUB. Front Row: D. Brown, S. Beets, B. Furr. Second Row: D. Ott, B. Phillips, C. Akin. Back Row: S. Shadaram, K. Hudson. SPONTANEOUS SPECTA- TORS. Pep Club members and fans cheer on the team. 28 Pep Club PILE UP. Pep Club members make the ride home from Camp Classen more enjoyable. ENCHANTED. Karen Herd keeps a close eye on the game. 35 1 ' W' W Peppy People Combining football teams with West was something most all Pep Club agreed with. Most liked it because they got to meet new friends from West. "Learning to get along with our rivalries is something we have to do," sophomore Cindy Mappes said. Besides combining foot- ball teams, Pep Club got new uniforms. "We really needed new uniforms. They are so cute and have shoes to match them," re- plied sophomore Djuana Rice. The skirts were blue and the tops were white with blue trim. Pep Club was also very active. Not only did they cheer at games and assem- blies, but they took part in fund raising projects and took overnight trips at Camp Classen and at the YMCA. At the end of the year Pep Club enjoyed their spring All Sports Banquet and the yearly trip to Six Flags. Sophomore Twana Wilson said, "I liked being in Pep Club be- cause we get to go to camps and be with our friends. I also like it because you get to meet a lot of new people. Time was something one needed to be in Pep Club or to be a Pep Club sponsor. Mrs. Terri Bethers, spon- sor for Pep Club stated, "My husband thinks I spend too much time with Pep Club, but the kids are my reward and they make it worthwhile." BOBSEY TWINS. Robin Farris and jennifer Wassom model their latest fashions at Camp Classen. PEP CLUB. Front Row: L. Farrow, J. Lair, S. Russell. Second Row: B. Beam, S. Ward, G. Hoffner. Back Row: R. Hilburn, K. Herd. PEP CLUB. Front Row: V. Black- more, T. Haynes, L. Pate. Second Row: C. Mappes, P. Seratt, A. Trucks. Back Row: B. Towler, A. Lutke. PEP CLUB. Front Row: T. Epper- son, M. Scarbrough, S. Bonin. Second Row: K. Harrell, S. Mat- thews, S. Kyzer, K. McFarland Bak Row: I. Hartley, K. Phillips T. Bias. 1 Pep Club 29 L,?!,,,,,M,W,.,,W,4wWw- ' 9 . , f -,L ' WL X X i Wi? Fi W9 E sf Q Y. X -X v. Z :Q Q 5 5 2 55 5 sf 2 5 3 E if 5 Y S E sf ii Xt Z , av .. . gg 5, 2 Q af 3 5 f 54 fi 2, fi 5 3 s E 12 E 5 5 if 33 5 5 , x fi F 5 3 E Q 5 5 1 1 ! A 0 3 H if iff 1. 7 2 4, Q51 ,.,.., :mmm 2 i 5 E I l l I 2 T r 5 i I 5 E 5 , 2 my 'Z f , , ,,,, , my if 'T My , fg,f,,, , 5oo o 5 SOPHOMORE BOYS BASKETBALL 14-4 56-46 Edmond 51548 P,C, North 43-42 Western Hts. 7O'52 Edmond 58-39 Shawnee 53-40 Yukon 54-48 Norman 56-54 P.C. North 52-56 Lawton Ike 45-54 Yukon 58-45 Yukon 67-58 Mustang 71-78 Western Hts. 53-46 Mustang '71-52 PC. 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The A's also went to Pin- ebluff, Arkansas, for Na- tionals, where they had one win and two losses. Skis, poles, warm clothes, and snow make up snow skiing. Snow skiing is a very popular winter sport. It is probably one of t e most expensive winter sports. "Snow skiing is a 1 I E real challenge," said soph- omore Diane Hollen. Tere- sa Mays said, "I enjoy ski- ing because it's something to do. It's a sport where there is no winning or los- ing." Karen Youn , a soph- omore replied, "Tie envir- oment is totally different than any other sport." Diane Hollen also com- mented, "I like skiing be- cause it is free style sport." Goaly and playing full back are the positions Jerry Everett plays in soccer. He commented that he enjoys playing soccer because it is a fun sport with feat com- petition, jerry gras been playing for seven years and as won two trophies in his division. I f Q gl 'e 1 is Q .5 P I it t 3 Q if if 1 i STRIKE ONE. Crystal Bishop CHECK MATE. 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STUCO worked hard to improve and help the school. Scott Rose, STUCO President, said the one thing he would like to have seen more of was enthusi- asm in the students. Scott, sophomore, and had been involved in STUCO for three years. 48 Student Council mms... 9. tile li I A Crazy Council STUCO did many things throughout the year most of which were to benefit the students. A few of the things STUCO sponsored were Christmas and Howdy assemblies. They held Howdy and PTSA dances. Also, Mistletoe and Cupid Express messages were sent. They sponsored "Turkey of the Month" and collected cans to don- ate to the Salvation Army. Monthly meetings were held which included a fo- rum with Mr. McClaren. Officers elected in the spring of the previous year were: Scott Rose, President, Lisa Esmon and Tami Ward, Vice Presidents, john Grissom, Secretary- fTreasurer, Tim Barney, Sophomore Sergeant at Arms, Cindy Chapman, Freshman Sergeant at Arms, and Iohn Ralls, Re- porter. ,Nl-M Web, INTERNATIONAL CLUB. T. Darrow, B. Purr, Second Rowg I. Hatfield, B. Hodge, I. Arnold. ASSIGNMENT TIME. The stu- dents in Mrs. Watkins' sixth hour Spanish class eagerly work. CURIOUSLY. Tammi Darrow thumbs through her spanish book to find something interest- ing for the upcoming meeting. 50 Foreign Language Buenos Dias, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Many students felt that by taking a foreign lan- guage class they would benefit from it in the fu- ture. Freshman Tammi Darrow said, "I think that more students should have taken a foreign language class because it really bene- fits them in their future plans." International Club, for all students of Spanish, German, French, and Latin was off to a shaky start at the beginning of the year with worries that Interna- tional Club would not be recognized as a club by the administration. I-Iowever, WORKING AWAY. Students display the proper way to study their daily assignments. R Q' -. Good Day! the clubs activities soon got under way with the election of officers and candy sales. The officers were David Smith, President, Christine Francik, Vice President, Susan Southwell, Secre- tary, Tanya Williams, Ger- man Representative, La- donna Reed, French Repre- sentative, and Tammi Dar- row was the Spanish Re- presentative. The group held its meet- ings on the second Wednesday of each month. "I enjoyed being the president of the club be- cause I was able to benefit from different people who were in the club and spoke a different language than I did. While I was learning I was also having fun." re- plied David Smith. EAGER BEAVER. David Smith excitedly reads his German. Foreign Language 51 DRAMA AND SPEECH. Front Row. Mrs. Prock tadvisorj, I. Pad- gett fSec. Tresj, L. Mattingly tSec. Tres.l, I. Rogers tPub. Chairmanj, Mrs. Link tadvisorj. BACK ROW. T. Grider tPres.l, S. Pratt fBounc.l, D. Sanderson tBounc.J, R. Odiorne KV. Presj, L. Kemler tAct. Chairmanl. DRAMA AND SPEECH. Front Row. T. Bobo, R. Myer, D. Bare, T. Vaughn, I. Conatser. Back Row. T. Price, S. Lehenbauer, D. Lairson, M. Mitscher, W. Taylor, K. Lucero. DRAMA AND SPEECH. Front Row. 1. Walden, N. Mcl-Ienry, K. Curren, C. Bishop. Second Row. S. Michel, D. McCurley, C. Akin, G. Pontius, L. Corley. Back Row. F. Cherry, K. White, J. Dodd, K. Allen, I. Wilson. DRAMA AND SPEECH. Front Row. S. Espinosa, S. Parker, E. Ba- quira, E. Self, T. Gann. Second Row. L. Shaw, S. Spitler, B. Crei- sen, S. Higby. Back Row. B. Hodge, D. Wilkerson, S. Braunschweig, L. Pate. 52 Drama!Speech Dramatically lnclined Drama took a lot of hard work for all the students who helped with U.T.B.U. But most of the students seemed to think it was well worth it. After U.T.B.U. they started to work on a chil- dren's play "Twelve Danc- ing" in which they per- formed at grade schools. Drama I students started to work on a Shakespeare play "A Midsummer Nights Dream." Even though many ma- terials disappeared over the summer and budgets got tighter, drama students seemed to keep up their usual good work. With the help of Drama and Speech Club there was some mon- ey to spare. They sold can- dy bars, M8nM's, and Ru- biks cubes to help out. Although most students saw drama as just acting out different characters, Ms. Linda Prock had her own view. "I think drama is a very creative process that makes the written word come alive!" GETTING READY. Freshman Cindy Clifton hurries to get ready before U.T.B.U. "P-is-is 1 9 ? BUILDING BUSILY. Kyla Mar- tinez and Christi'Lohr build props for U.T.B.U. CHATTING. Ms. Linda Prock and Ms. Barbara Link discuss the last DramafSpeech Club meeting. PATIENTLY LISTENING. Sean Pratt and Laura Mattingly find out some exciting news from Tyler Crider. DRAMA AND SPEECH. Front Row. I. Turner, M. Scarbrough, H. Engle, K. Harrell. Second Row. K. Martines, L. McGuire, L. Puck- ett. Back Row. C. Clifton, T. De- Bow, A. Sharp. DRAMA AND SPEECH. Front Row. C. Hoffner, B. Moore, S. Matthews, K. Smith. Second Row. J. Suggs, T. Kendrick, R. Hilburn, M. Switzer. Back Row. D. Herb- ster, S. Sparks, C. Lohr. DRAMA AND SPEECH. Front Row. M. Freedland, J. Edwards, S. Haffner, K. Roberti. Second Row. L. Nash, L. Hughes, S. Jones, T. Ward. Back Row. G. Kittrell, R. Mitchusson, T. Clanton. Drama! Speech 53 PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE. Newspaper staffers, Jirn Honey- cutt, Stephanie Beets, Kevin Kemper, joey Babylon and Cry- stal Bishop lay out one of the many issues of the "Purr." TALENTED TEACHING. Ms. Jeanette Bene' checks over some of her grades for her journalism 1 students. 54 YearbookfNewspaper FOCUSINC IN. Mrs. Cara Mizirl and photographer Tricia Bias fo- cus their cameras for group pic- tures as yearbook staffers, Jerry Everett, Dianna Harris and Gwen Kittrell look on. ORGANIZATION PAYS OFF. Yearbook Lay-out Editor Tia Clanton tries to organize students for group pictures. Time and Time Again The thrill of victory was better than it has ever been before. The "Cub" year- book staff finally won the most honorable award . . . "The Sweepstakes," at the OIPA fall workshop at the University of Oklahoma. The "Cub" won four first place awards in individual entries and two second place. It also won the "All Oklahoman," which made the book its fourth year to win. "Winning came as a complete shock to me!" sophomore Gwen Kittrell said. "Everything we had ever worked for and all of the trouble really paid off." Newspaper editor John Ralls added, "I was really happy for everyone of the yearbook staff. It's a really great honor to have such a good yearbook at our school." Winning wasn't ever- ything as both staffs soon found out. After only two weeks of teaching, advisor Mikey Oldham announced her resignation to go to work for her church. This soon brought on great problems. For the YEARBOOK STAFF. FRONT ROW. B. Blackburn, K. Roberti, J. Venablefphotogj, S. Hays, J. Ever- ettfphotogl SECOND ROW. R. Parkerfco-ed.j, T. Mitchell, T. Biastphotogj, K. Harrellfasst. ed.j, J. Conatserthead-photogj, B. Sis- sontco-ed.J BACK ROW. R. Hol- ley, G. Kittrellfbus. man.J, T. Clantontlayout edj, Dianna Har- ris, K. Abtfcopy edj, K. White NEWSPAPER STAFF. FRONT ROW. V. Nowlinihead-photog.j, S. Beets fFeature edj, L. Corley fSports ed.J, T. WardQCopy ed.D. SECOND ROW. S. Montgomer- ytco-ed.J, J. Babylontphotogj, J. GordonfLayout ed.J, C. Bishop- CNewsbrief ed.J, J. Honeycutt lAsst. Sportl, BACK ROW. K. Kemper fArtistJ, J. Rallsfco-ed.J, I. Griffin teditoriall next two months both staffs were run by substi- tutes and student teachers. "Of course, it has been confusing, but I believe we have done really well. The teachers have all clone a good job for the changes," newspaper editor Steve Montgomery said. Finally after two and a half months we got our permanent teacher, Ms. Jeanette Bene'. "I enjoyed the friendliness of the staffs the most," Ms. Bene' commented. Despite all of the prob- lems, the staffs all stuck to- gether for another great year. YearbookfNewspaper 55 BAND. Front Row: D. Dodson, L. Mattocks, B. Crittenden, D. Drap- er. Second Row: R. johnson, B. Sanders, S. Meek, D. Lillard. Back Row: G. Best, S. Whiteman, R. Ballesteros, S. Sloan, R. Pyron. BAND. Front Row: K. Headlee, M. Smith, K. Koonce. Second Row: D. l-lerbster, P. Serat, D. jackson, W. Oberkirsch. Back Row: L. Mattingly, K. Duffy, M. Richardson. fvf 'I T Ty , 2 V Ml ' W . Q . y , I , ,gg , . .4 Q 4 . BAND. Front Row: D. Jackson, T. Williams, C. Gray. Second Row: C. Chapman, R. Cwrammont, R. Anderson, C. Franks. Back Row: M. O'Dell, N. McHenry, B. Eady. BAND. Front Row: S. Jackson, J. Rogers, B. Willis. Second Row: G. Esmon, R. Granger, K. Ellyson, N. Blackward. Back Row: D. Webster, K. Mann, V. Cox. 56 Band Pride Makes the Difference Months of "Keep your head up!" and "You're on the wrong foot! was enough to drive anyone crazy, but especially to someone trying to look straight ahead, keep in line, stay on the right foot, and play an instrument at the same time. This proved to be almost too much for some people, as well as for drum majors Angela Con- way and Beth Sisson. "Being a drum major was nothing like I expect- ed," commented Angela. "The hardest part was get- ting everyone's attention!" However, all the hard work and practice finally paid off at the State Fair Pa- rade, where the band fin- ished first in the mid-high class. CCONTINUED ON PAGE 581 WARM UP. Band members get ready for the parade through downtown Oklahoma City. New uniforms were ordered although not in time for this year's band to use them. MARCH ONWARD. Flag corps, drum majors, and band members in the State Fair Parade, where the band won first place in its divi- sion. xW PERFECT FORMATION. Brian Crittenden, one of several sopho- mores chosen to march with the high school band, plays the bells during a performance. SALUTE. Drum major Beth Sis- son leads the band while saluting judges in the State Fair Parade. Band 57 Pride Makes the Difference QCONTINUED PROM PAGE 561 Before marching season was over, plans and prac- tice had already started for the first concert of the year, the Christmas Concert. Both the Honor Band and the Stage Band performed at this concert. Contests at Tahlequah, Oklahoma State Universi- ty, Enid, Holdenville, and Moore occupied the major- ity of the band's time in the remaining months, with a break in May for a trip to Six Flags. Sophomore Randy Co- berly said, "Even though it's hard work, and in- volves a lot of practice on my own time, it's a great feeling to finally get it to- gether and win!" SUPER SAX. Sophomore Robby Granger practices his saxophone during a band rehearsal. READY AND WAITING. Per- cussionists wait for their cue at the Mid-Winter Concert. 58 Band TWO OF A KIND. French horn players Karen McMakin and Kim Hillard work on a duet for con- test. They received a superior rat- ing. BAND. Front Row: T. DeShields, T. Darrow, I. Everett. Second Row: T. Avent, D. Beck, D. Cox, D. Boden. Back Row: D. Lewis, L. Burch, R, Bates. BAND. Front Row: M. Schreiber, R, Peak, J. Power. Second Row: S. Clay, T. Blundel, D. Lunow, R. Peterson, H. Hucldleston. Back Row: R. Bratcher, M. Brazil, D. Pishburn. BAND. Front Row: H. Williams, K. Griffith, j. Palmer, Second Row: C. McKinney, D. Bain, M. Tafolla, K. Hillard. Back Row: M. Blazer, E. Onley, R. Gray. " ,fe 65 F . i 2 if T. V Y . - ' Q ge ir.' 5' .fy 1 - . i i X r T i ' - 'im J . .iff . ' BAND COUNCIL. Front Row: A. Conway, S. Scheller fpres.j, B. Sis- son. Back Row: L. Kellum lsecj treas.J, B. Moore fparl.j, K. McMa- kin Cv.p.j. Band 59 Singing Sensation Being a famous singer was not the only reason for taking choir. "I love the music and the singing", sophomore Kim Bond commented. Singing added a lot of spirit to the school. "Mr. Robberson was really a nut! He made choir a fun class," sophomore Debbie Burgin said. Learning how to read music was another thing choir learned. They learned new songs which took from 3 days to 2 weeks long, depending on how the song was constructed. They also listened to Broadway musicals. "I loved going to the contest, they were the most fun," freshman Jovanna Lair said. Choir went to many contests. District contests were held in Chickasaw and another contest in Cordell. The state contest was held in May at the University of Oklahoma. Vivacious Vocalists. Choir stu- dents, during free time, seem to be enjoying themselves. LR. Mr. Roberson takes time out to do a little typing while Karen Jones looks on. 60 Choir ""'l' tiling Booted Out. The choir classes had to use another classroom after band took over theirs for a band clinic. K Goofing off. A day of relaxation was taken advantage of shortly before Spring Break. Singing Trio. Kim Campbell, Whitney Sanders, and Kim Welch practi:e for an upcoming concert. Noteable Music. Karen jones re- hearses during her Girls Choir class sixth hour. I nv W MIXED CHORUS. Front Row. I. Lair, H. Kim, B. Carroll, L. Shaw, C. Franks, C. Sutton, C. Hagan, K. Trower. Second Row. S. Callaway, M. Mitscher, R. Idell, D. Schmidt, T. Coatney, S. Pierce, D. Floyd, V. Patterson. Third Row. A. Sharp, D. Wilkerson, B. Willis, A. Bal- dridge, S. McMakin, T. King, J. Beasley, C. Bailey, K. McMakin. GIRLS CHORUS. Front Row. R. I-Iilburn, K. Farrow, K. Floyd, S. Justice, D. Ainslie, T. Duncan. Second Row. C. Gonzalez, L. Bradford, T. Ritchie, A. Meadows, C. Ford, D. Walton, E. Ottoson, Third Row. S. Blalock, S. Wer- hun, D. Beaver, D. Nevious, K. Ward, D. Brown. GIRLS CHOIR. Front Row. M. Ward, K. jones, S. Dennett, M. Scarbrough, S. Sullivan, K. Fry. Second Row. L. Dodd, W. Sand- ers, D. Lindsey, K. O'Bannon, Y. Kiyooka, L. Farnham, S. Espinosa. Third Row. C. Luschen, K. Camp- bell, T, Ford, K. Herd, K. Min- nick, C. Phillips. 62 Choir Singing Sensation Singing and performing were just two of the many things Choir did. Choir included many different singing groups such as All That Jazz, Se- lect Mixed, and Select Girls Chorus. Choir was very active in several kinds of activities such as selling candy dur- ing Halloween, performing for the community, and participating in contests and festivals. During November, All That Jazz enjoyed partici- pating in the Talent Show. "I think I azz did a fantastic job in the Talent Show. They sang like it was so much fun to perform for the school," sophomore Joni Rogers commented. Besides singing at the band concert on December 8, Choir performed a Christmas concert for the l community on December 11. December 18 they per- formed in the Christmas assembly. Some students wanted to make a career in music. Ka- ren McFarland comment- ed, "I hope Choir will help me to become a famous singer in the future. But first I plan on majoring in music." Choir, unlike most out- of-school activities, didn't take up many hours after school. Choir Director Mr. John Robberson comment- ed, "It takes some extra time but not more than a few hours a week." DAZZLING DIRECTOR. Choir director John Robberson leads mixed chorus as they practice for a concert. SOFTLY SINGING. Mixed choir students rehearse before the Christmas Concert. U A Nj -Q-w..,.-. M, iw? X 1 ..,.,,..-.- 'f A 551 K7 Isl - ff . - W. MUMS THE WORD. Students peek behind flowers in the court- yard. N 64 FHA FOOTBALL AND ROSES. A pro- fessional shows how to decorate a cake. CAKE TESTERS. FHA members taste a Cake decorated by a demon- strator. Happy Homemakers Learning how to use money wisely, make a hap- py home, plan meals, and other specialties such as cake decorating, sewing, and cooking are all part of Future Homemakers of America. "Its really a fun class. I learned a lot of things l never would have learned," said Linda Cobb. They had a Christmas banquet and a demonstration by a profes- sional cake decorator. They attended a fashion show. All in all, P.H.A. was definitely an experience never to forget. Christmas Festivities. The FHA officers are ready to be seated at the Christmas banquet. Flower Making. Ms. Wilson has a laugh while making roses for a cake. FHA 65 FFA. M. Bench, R. Carothers, R. Smith, Second Row: D. Dyer, D. Cain, J. Hartley, K. Stephens, V. Kilhoffer, Third Row: W. Bell, K. Freeman, F. Cherry, W. Purser, M. Blair, B. Trout. FFA. J. Hire, T. Fanshire, R. Bates, Second Row: T. Shive, L. Groomes, D. Young, D. Wort- man, D. Holkett, C. Blasdell, B. Jones. FFA. B. Bates, C. Bartels, S. Swaf- ford, Second Row: J. Barrett, M. Seiter, C. Crowley, S. Clinken- bearo, Third Row: K. Ward, G. Gray, J. Secrist, D. Pelfrey. 66 FFA Belts and Boots Vocational-Agriculture was not a required class, but the many students who took the class found them- selves very lucky to have been able to learn more about the farm life. Stu- dents that took the class were also known as Future Farmers of America. In this class, students learned to grow all kinds of crops, how to take care of them, and also how to take care of animals. Teri Shive said, "I really like the class. It is very helpful to me since I live on a farm and have to take care of all of the ani- mals." Ricky Foale also agreed with Teri. He said, "By being in Vo-Ag I have FASHIONABLE FEET. Kim Mer- rick displays her new fashionable cowboy boots. FUTURE FARMER. Kellie Ste- phens shows off her vo-ag jacket to all her friends. learned to grow neat things. We grow all sorts of different things. The freshmen had to have one of their hands painted green as their initiation." Learning about different types of animals and about what effects different crops was what made Vo-Ag a necessary class for some of those who live on the farm. Being able to take a class like Vo-Ag was very bene- ficial to those students who hope to have a farm of their own in the future. "I am really glad that I got into Vo-Ag because now I know more about farm- ing," replied Wade Rider. FEATHERED FRIEND. Teri Shive's pet duck makes a great companion on the family farm. GREEN HANDS. Shelly Kidd displays the green hand initiation for the freshmen. FFA 67 Youth and Government. Row 1: J. Turner, S. Brown, M. Scarbrough, K. Harrel, L. Hughes, V. Cruz, C. Akin. Row 2: K. Eisenhauer, R. Parker, L. Corley, L. Nash, T. Ward, H. Engle, S. Rose, B. Sis- son. Row 3: T. Barney, I. Conas- ter, S. Montgomery, J. Ralls, J. Ar- noldly, I. Painter. RESEARCH SEMINAR. Front Row: B. Link, T. Tarwater, L. Kel- lum, V. Nowlin, B. Sisson, S. Lis- ton. Second Row: S. Hess, W. Harrison, C. Chapman, S. McCul- lough, T. Young, L. Barker, S. Shank. Back Row: T. Bias, D. Smith, R. Hodson, M. Iacovelli, J. Griffin, P, Brooks. On guard! Students act out a duel from "Romeo and Juliet." ' ASKING ASSISTANCE. Robert Landis asks Ms. LaQuita Hurst a question. W4 68 EnglishfHistoryfSpecial Ed. 4,5 Act I. Students read the prologue to Shakespeare's play. Sacrifice. Ms. Jackson is showing the ceremony of the Aztec's to their sun god. The Essentials of Life Learning history in Ms. Iackson's Oklahoma His- tory class was definitely a heart stopping experience. For instance, she asked for volunteers for a demon- stration of an Aztec Indian sacrifice to the sun god. The ceremony calls for tak- ing out the individual's heart. Getting a refresher course in pioneer life was interesting when Mr. Ad- kins, U.S. History teacher, dressed as a real live pio- neer. Some students got a taste of acting when freshman English classes read and acted out "Romeo and Ju- liet," one of Shakespeare's most popular works. This even included a duel to the death which students did with added fervor. English!HistoryfSpecial Ed 69 COMPULSIVE COMPUTERS. Science Club members keep a close eye on a demonstration giv- en at the Omniplex. Science Club. Front Row: T. Thompson, R. Brewer, Y. West, A. Turrentine, K. Upton, K. Howell, L. Livesay, Mr. T. Ta- mage, QSponsorl. Second Row: T. Bias, V. Nowlin, D. Smith, K. Whitefield, C. Gonzalez, H. Kim, B. Phillips. Back Row: I. Griffin QPres.J, G. Williams 1Sec.j, T. Frisby fTreas.l, T. Anderson, J. Ralls, S. Montgomery, A. Broad- bent. GRAVITATIONAL MAGNE- TISM. Duane Beck and Valerie Nowlin experiment with the grav- ity pull at the Omniplex. EXTRAVAGATE EXCURSION. Tim Frisby and Jeff Griffin leave after a stimulating trip through the Omniplex. 70 Science L. CLIMBING HIGH. Science Club members Jeff Griffin, Tim Frisby and Randy Reese help Mr. Belcher set up an experiment. AROUND THE WORLD. Mem- bers David Smith and Duane Beck pose while in Front of a giant globe. Excited Experimenters Science was more than just labs and experiments. Going on overnight trips was something the Science Club members liked. Pine Creek Reservoir located in Southeastern Oklahoma was where habitats at Glover River were studied. They also saw a clear cut forest. The Severe Storm and Meteorology Department at O.U. was also a tourist attraction. There a lecture was given and films on dif- ferent kinds of tornados were shown. Science Club gives the students a chance to see many things they might not otherwise get to see. Even meeting new people was something they all en- joyed. "The thing I like most about Science Club is be- ing with the students. They are all excellent stu- dents as well as outstand- ing individuals," Mr. Terry Tamage replied. There were about 25 stu- dents in Science Club. The only requirements were having an interest in sci- ence and paying dues. "Being in Science Club was really a lot of fun. I hope to continue in science next year," sophomore Tessa Thompson said. Science Club 71 MATHEMATICAL MESS. Mrs. Holmgren explains to the class how to do present day Algebra. M ,,,, 7 f ,mr , ,Vff W, MWWW, W , ,, . vgg , . ., ,WMM HELPING OUT. Mrs. Liston gives one of her students a little help when she needed it. CAREFULLY CHECKING. Mr. Melton carefully looks over the room to see if any of his students need help, ,M .,. WWW 72 Math . K ! Y Q2 bf' " fs .mm-ifiifm, d,Mg5a,'s,,.- V?vwl5YVI?l?v5' www. . we zmgwisewsf' s1L,f2ze?1sg?2m W?5fQTL'iwQ, 9' ,- sag?:ff,f,ff11?5sz ,1 ww?-Jf,,wv: S 45:2 rbfrims 2:3 ay 5:,,,'5H,t :M 925, f f2:S?1s7Si4g?a' Q ,Q Q, 2- 5f3z,f1?f 'f zggfy,-wg, , Vf5:z,'?:sf57 'V mm fsgsfes. , me 5 X im, QQ 15,1 Y 'slsifmi 1sf4w?'52i " ' e 1 ? M? Q M 733 id?" Q25 , A. 34511538 wgm f .,, EM, W, L, wg .21 -ml 2 15,5 A .Q 'Pu , f GW K 5 Speaking In General Well, there went the bell. Many students hurried to catch their classes. Some of the electives were Typing I, Typing II, and general business. During Ms. Fos- ter's fifth hour general business class, some stu- dents were asked exactly what is general business. They commented that it was about bookkeeping, and even things about bud- geting. General business is mainly learning about dif- ferent businesses. In typing they worked out of a workbook and did different things such as typing memorandums and personal business letters. They also timed them- selves just to see how fast they could type. "What I lack in exper- ience I make up for in en- thusiasm," said Debbie Burgin. Some of the students felt that as the year ended, they had benefitted from these classes. SPEAKING IN GENERAL. Gen- eral business students work out of the books. 74 BusinessfROTC 5 A! 1 2 Q 1 2 f , f W gf! ' 'LM MK ' f ? it , 4 W WI M J . ff 5 4 , sg 9 ff! .fa , Q Q- , vfi .,.- ,Iwata , Af ,V ' f Wff ff eat , f . f V W W ,,,.. ff- vm ,, 7. , Zi' V, fwyd, of fm .,.. 7 I is , ...... . f "At Easel" Bombs and bugles were always an eye catcher to some ROTC members. The cadets in ROTC thought it was a very neat elective. Some of the things the students did in ROTC was march and listen to lec- tures and guest speakers. They also learned how to use weapons and ammuni- tion. ROTC member Tim Francis commented that the reason he took the class was because he thought it would be interesting. Not many people knew what ROTC actually stood for. It simply stood for Re- TIMED TYPER. Personal typing student Bobby Rodgers races for time in a timed writing. KEEP IN STEP. ROTC members march at one of the home football games. serve Officers Trainig Corps. To some members this elective was very im- portant to them. Classes were held at the high school. ROTC members wore their uniforms twice a week. One of their most important jobs was putting up the flag each morning. ROTC was not a re- quired class but the many students that took the class seemed to have enjoyed it and had learned a lot. BusinessROTC 75 DREAM ON. Donnie Keylon CONCENTRATION Dean dreams while Kathleen Coy Young concentrates on an art pro works hard on a story. ect w,,.,.,.... Creative Minds An interesting thing stu- dents found in Ms. Bene's journalism class was work- ing on editorials which gave them a chance to write their own opinions on any- thing. Working together while writing stories and draw- ing up layouts was what a few students liked best about journalism. "I like to help other people with their work because I can al- ways use a little help too," said Mike Kellum. Taking pictures was a fa- vorite because they not only took the pictures but the students also learned to develop and print them. 76 SpeechfArtfj ournalism Students who enrolled in speech class seemed to al- ways be busy working on something. They took one- act plays to contest at Put- nam City North on Octo- ber 31. Kyla Martinez made it to semifinals in po- etry. In class the students made informative speeches to each other that prepared them for going around to the English classes. Art Cl2iSv bleu led Off drawing pictures, but after the first few weeks the stu- dents learned to make rugs out of macrame. BOWLED OVER. Working with clay is Tom Gillies, .army is hier DRAWING LAYOUTS. Brian Plymale and Kim Duffy work on layout in journalism. EINSTEIN. Ronnie Mitchusson presents an Einstein speech to his class. WHO AM I? Lisa Pate gives a 'Who Am I?' speech in Mrs. Link's speech class. Speechffhtfjournalism 77 Is It Worth lt? -s-4 'I-4 GS QJ .C .44 .L -s-a S-1 O Barbara Adkins Tim Adkinson Dianne Ainslie Curtis Albertson Cvary Albertson Twana Allen Steve Alvord 1 Terry Arnold john Arnoldy Cheryl Ash Beth Atkins Billy Austin Karen Austin ' Sophomores complained because the air conditioning would not be in use until they were gone. Freshmen wished improvements had been made earlier. But through all the hassles of construction, pride in our school and its improvements ran high. A Getting a job, a driver's license, a date, or a new wardrobe helped make life a little easier. However, there was always the fear of flunk- ing a test, getting a haircut too short, or seeing that special guy or girl with someone else. Becoming your own person, an individual, was sometimes exciting, sometimes worrying, and occasionally embarrassing. All these things combined were a part of life at Central. No matter what the problem, a solution was always on the way and in the end it was usual- ly . . . Worth the Wait. .41 PARALLEL PROBLEMS. Students enrolled in Driver s Edu cation during the summer learned how to parallel park among other things. Two student drivers switch sides in the school parking lot, Kris Abt 1 Geoffrey Bagley l Beth Blackburn Viola Blackmore Cindy Bailey Kevin Bailey Aaron Baldridge Candy Ballard Tim Barney Sheila Bonin Carmen Bartels Michelle Barton jimmy Bash Becky Bates Sonya Baxter Janice Beasley Mark Bench Michael Bell Stacy Bennett Brad Bertone Ray Bates Tricia Bias Sophomores X s Y' joe Blake Pam Blake Chris Blasclell Melvin Blazer Tammy Bobo Robert Bogaski Cindy Bolin Shelly Bollinger Kim Bond Stacy Booker Dewayne Boren Donna Bowen April Bowerman Cindy Boyce Terry Boyd jesse Brand Ronnie Bratcher Rozetta Braunschweig Elise Breese Gena Brensdal Russell Brensdal Robin Brewer Charles Brock Tommy Brockman Pam Brooks Donna Brown Lesley Brown Sabrina Brown Ieanne Ann Browne Deron L. Brubaker Debbie Brurnley Zette Bumgarner Gary Bunch Cyndi Burge Debbie Burgin Billy Burton Greg Burton Leigh Ann Bussey Richard Byrne Darrin Cain Sherrie Callaway Kim Campbell Rod Cannady Tim Carlson Rodney Carothers Larry Casey Cave Taylor Donna Chabot Michelle Chambers Penny Chasteen Frank Cherry Davin Childers Kelle Chitwood So Yong Chong Tia Clanton james Clark Steve Clay jeff Cleveland Kay Clifton Terry Cline Steve Clinkenbeard Terri Coatney Lisa Cobb Sophomores 79 For Better or For Worse Closed campus was a big contro- versy as the new year began. It had been an issue discussed by every- one ranging from the administra- tion to the students. Students won- dered why we had closed campus, and superintendent Robert Spence had the answer. "We have to be accountable for each of the stu- dent's safety. It cuts down on drugs and kids do not cut classes like they used to." he said. Mr. Spence does not think it will ever change. Brian Woodring said, "More people have to go to the student store or the cafeteria, where the food is not 10095 good and the lines are too long." Brian's feelings are shared by many other students. Mrs. Janelle Miller, English teacher, said closed campus is a good idea because a lot of kids would not come back to school after lunch. Also, kids get a more nutritious meal. Others feel that closed campus isn't any good, but Robert Bogaski thinks that it is good. "I like closed campus because you get just about as much of a choice of lunch as you do when you are off campus." This feeling is not shared by too many others. John Schopf said, "I think the prices are too high in the store, also the food in the cafeteria is not very good." For better or for worse, closed campus has been issued to benefit the school and strive for perfection of those who attend the Moore Mid-Highs. Closed campus, like it or not, we have to live with it. TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT. These un- identified students stretch it to the limit without being off campus. f - r T f ff - '?'5i"' K r e'r?'A iff ' """'5 "" " A-4"maL.t J-...warvisdf-tg-Manlhi ,v-.s4bst,1,i2':am.l-f ,lf fu' Randy Coberly Stacey Coffman Kenny Cole Lonnie Coleman Kemper Combs johna Conatser Angela Conway Ray Cook Cliff Copher Charles Corcoran Ted Corcorn Randy Cothran Ernie Cotten Mike Coulson Donnie Cox Kevin Cox Vanessa Cox Joyce Coy Kathleen Coy Kenneth Crawford Brian Crittenden Lesa Crittenden Janet Crondell Cliffton Crowley Simon Cruz Richard Cudd Waymon Cummings Teddy Dallas BO Sophomores 'f-, 'C- Q X 3 xt 'R w -f 'S Y' ' gun- ax. 1: X mf sr ' - . Rf be - 'ss gg. S 'B px.. . If 'Elk i R st' -, L N. Qq, X N i Q El is A. if ef X it X W 3 X vin SF S- X X W S X Q. ' . ' X is L X . X if N gf i l 4 Q f tx a J v i -I we K X if sf , Q 2 X 5.-s.. 'xr VN xn- si xv Q. f i is ., IN. i . sb' :z . - ' ' ,E . q,,, , F to ,,Q- ,,2 Q lj1'?i,X z. if v A kxkkk ky-J' g y e T. Q ,': f . 1 Ll, .e 1 Shane Davidson Tracy DeBow Bobby Dennis Tammy Deshields Chris Dill Ralph Dill Lisa Dodd Mark Dodd Kim Duffy Stanley Duncan Kathy Eisenhauer Kim Ellyson Charles Ensign Lisa Esmon Sylvia Espinosa John Evans Teresa Evans Donald Fairchild Rhonda Fant Jackie Farnham Darron Ferree Christine Francik Leane Field Bryan Fronning Brian Fitzgerald Mike Fleming Debbie Floyd Sue Ford Carol Franks Christy Franks Sharyl Frazier Mark Freedlund Revin Freeman Robin Farris Tim Frisby David Frost Donnie Foster Karen Fry james Fugate Terri Gann Kim Garner Darla Gates Terry Geissler Jackie Glass Neil Goddard Edna Gooch Janie Gordon Trisha Gore Lisa Gruce Russel Graham Tina Graham Bobby Granger Grant Gray Jeff Gray Brian Greissen Taylor Grider jeff Griffin John Grissom Patti Hackling Connie Hagan Marla Hagstrom Cindy Hahn Joe Hall Sophomores 81 Christine Haney Kim Haney Ron Hargeskeimer Iohnica Harjo Paula Harmor Matt Harris Mick Harris Waymon Harrison Julie Hartly Tammy Harvey George Hatfield Shane Hawes Tammi Haynes Staci Hays Robert Hazlewood William Hazlewood Nick Heath Kevin Herd jimmy Hilburn jimmy Hildreth Kim Hillard Richard Hixson Dale Hockett Jeanne Hogan Diane Hollen Donald Hollertson Rhonda Holley Douglas Holman Kim Holman Ray Houchin Prank Houck Mary Hulstein April Humphrey Greg Humphrey Sharon Huse Daniel Hyer Mark Iacovelli Regina Idell Darryl Ingram Sheila Jackson Ronald jacox Greg Jennings Tonya John Rodney Johnson Karen Jones Krista Jones Sharon Jones Regina Karcher Donna Kear Mike Kellum Lori Kemler Terri Keppinger Donnie Keylon Hee Sun Kim Yon Hui Kim Therese King Gwen Kittrell Yuki Kiyooka Jeff Knight Shelley Koe Karla Kowardy jimmy Kwan Stacy Kyzer 82 Sophomores ,. 1 X X x Q . f e 1' fir? e . Fw I'-L' -Q.. J 3 ' as - su- alumna ,Egg :,' .,,. I ,rptbb A i. N . S .E ,,.. N R phi .pp fn. Q p f QV, Ni ' kk S . .Jr sa ar- 5 X x K b- s,, . ..,: 3 , M .P g 321, X E U1 If ' A -- L 'Q Z s ., - X X f,"'J f f EM,w f . a Q 3' X Chris Landis Bobbi LaRue Lori Leclaire Hamilton Lee Monica Lee Sandy Lehenbauer Greg Leisinger Sydney Lemmon Karen Lesley Kevin Lesley Dan Lillard Debbie Lindsey Iay Littlepage Lisa Livesay Christy Lohr Lisa Longino Tony Lopez Debbie Lowell Hollie Lowell Nadine Lowry Lori Loyd f Donna Lundgren Carrie Luschen Ann Lutke Ella Luttrell Ella Luttrell Breck Lytle Dawna Mallow Frustration One of the common causes of frustration and anxity during the school day was a six sided, multi- colored terror, known as a Rubik's cube. This "cube" challenged al- most everyone who attempted to solve it, since it had over three bil- lion combinations, and only one solution. When it came to solving the cube, so that only one color was on each side, there were many choices. Some people bought books ex- plaining ways to complete the cube. Others took the cube apart and put it back together, piece by PUZZLERS. Cindy Hahn tries to work a Missing Link puzzle, while Janie Gordon attempts to find a solution to the Rubik's cube. piece. Still others took it to a friend who had mastered the solution. The cube's popularity increased even more when the Drama- !Speech Club sold them, as a fund raiser. The cubes sold by Drama- X Speech Club were like many other cubes, but were not authentic Ru- bik's Cubes. They were not as well made as original Rubik's cubes, but were about half the cost. "I just can't get enough of the cube. Every time I put it down, I want to pick it back up and try to solve it," commented sophomore Elise Breese. Sophomores 83 Rusty Malmberg Greg Manley Kelli Mann Cindy Mappes Kyla Martinez Kelly Mason Dosha Masterson Crystal Mathis Sherry Matthews Laura Mattingly Brian Matula Tommy May Stacye Mayo Teresa Mays Freddie McCarty Sherri McClees Iunior McCreight George McGreight Ted McDaniels jason McDonald Troy Mclilmurry Debbie McElyea Glenna McEwin Karen McFarland Allison McGee Melissa McGee Dawn McGeer Niki Mclntier Lisa McKee Tina McKee Karen McMakin Angela Meadows Dana Meek Gary Meeks Danny Mitchell Friends are Forevere Problems were something all freshman and sophomores were faced with. Usually the way to solve these problems was to talk to a friend. "Friends are someone to have fun with as well as someone to get ad- vice from. But most of all just someone to listen to my problems," sophomore John Grissom said. Most students didn't really care how old or young their friends were. just as long as they were fun to be around, caring, and had a good sense of humor. Parents were commonly some- one some students felt better talk- ing to. Although there were a few that still felt more comfortable talking to a friend about the latest boy or girl they had their eye on for the past week. "Parents usually don't understand. Of course, they nv. Y. ,, 'f' , , 93 - -' ' . ,..,.,.! cm' were my age once, but it wasn't yesterday. Times have changed and I find it easier to talk to someone my own age," sophomore Janie Gordon commented. Whether it was someone to have fun with or just to talk to. Friends were certainly needed and appreci- ated! FRIENDLY FOLKS. Freshman Sharon Roe- buck, Bobbie Mosher and Dana Bradshaw enjoy exchanging gossip during lunch. 4. Q7 Ana te - . w, Q, A x- 'f' as 1 E M 84 Sophomores Randy Mitchell Ronnie Mitchusson Mia Mitscher Mike Monroe Steve Montgomery Chris Moore Tye Moore Derri Morgan Mike Morgan David Morris Van Myers Tammy Nelson Mary Nevious Greg Nichols Valerie Nowlin Randy OBryant Heather Oldham Kevin O'l.eary Dana Ott Erika Ottoson William Oberkirrsch Jeff Padgett jennifer Padgett jon Painter Kelley Painter Robin Parker Shree Parker Suzan Parker Velvet Patterson Darrin Pelfrey Richard Perry Kenny Peterson Van Pham Karen Phillips Toni Phillips Stephanie Pierce Pam Pinson Aaron Poffenberger Steve Poole jonny Powell Sean Pratt Cindy Price james Price Kim Price Michele Prince Brian Provost Tracy Pruitt Lancia Puckett johnny Pumphrey Leanne Paines john Ralls Ramona McCoy Alana Reed jimmy Reed Kevin Reed l.aDonna Reed Randy Reese Djuana Rice Glenda Rice Tracey Rice Michelle Richardson Tiffany Richardson Chris Riggs Sophomores 85 Lane Riggs Chera Robbins Peter Roberti Bobby Rodgers Joni Rogers Billy Romhild Ann Rooks Scott Rose James Rosenburger Sandy Ross Bill Rowland Bobbie Sue Rudolph Marla Russell Jerry Ryder Robert Sales Brent Sanders Debbie Sanderson Mike Schaub Steve Scheller Donna Schmidt Mike Schreiber jeff Schulte Andy Schultz Rubbin Schumacher Carl Schwartz Sue Scott Mike Seckman jimmy Secrist Scot Seekings Mike Seiter Kevin Selby Esta Self Shaun Sexton Stacy Shank Bobby Shannon Mark Sharkey Amy Sharp Leslie Shaw Steve Shaw Sherri Shehorne Mark Shelton Randall Shipman David Shirley Tammy Sikes Teresa Sikes Joanne Sims Gina Sims Beth Sisson Debbie Sitsler Major Skinner Carrie Smith Christi Smith Duane Smith David Smith Gerald Smith jana Smith Ricky Smith Steven Smith Teresa Smith Tony Smith Keith Snider Robi Snyder Angela Soliz 86 Sophomores L' .5 zz. V- W E -. ' E X .. fix ef:,,..r eees , . X ti -iir I .. .- '-" .4 xt .. .Y f M as is 5 Q- A X aft? ' .af Q Q my X X-A S S rv Nw Wx as L X -wr" .-w...., . 1 W ' et " - P- -LW' - . f- rf tt- E S 'W' " E tir-- Q :I ..:-: +- F 1 -sa:fjg,. X K Q, .,..... t. . iv W all YI X Q , S I g 3 li in N? S ,faux New Equipment Predicts Weather To take a quick glance at the courtyard, you would have thought that the Martians had landed. But those in Mr. James Belcher's Earth Science class knew better. This strange equi ment was part of the official weather observatory. The Science Department was al- lotted 51,000 to spend for class pro- jects. With part of this money, the observatory and a computer were purchased. The observatory con- sisted of a rain gage, temperature and barrometric pressure gage, a humidity gage, and a wind gauge. Students in the class collected in- formation about weather condi- tions and fed it into the computer which would forecast the weather like professional weathermen could. Working on this project helped students have first-hand knowledge in weather analysis. WEATHER CHECK. Reading weather equipment daily was necessary for Tim Frisby and Graylon Williams, students in Science Seminar. Victor Southwell Kathy Spears Stacey Spitler Dwayne Spradlin Carol Stallings Cheryl Stallings - Myrl Stanford T f V 'ff I Robin Steffens Cathy Stephens Jeff Stephens Gary Stevenson Telisa Stewart Mary Stickler Larry Stoker Mark Stone , Stacey Stubbs ,K - Eddie Sublett ' Joel Suddath Syndi Sullivan Deron Sun Eagle Gary Sublett S Rhonda Suutterfield Charissa Sutton Sherry Swaffore Steve Tahah Nadine Tanio Sophomores 87 Natalie Taylor Nena Taylor Alan Templeton Chris Thomas Raymond Thomas Steve Thomas Russel Thompson Tessa Thompson Becky Tiffin Venita Tincher William Tolle Dana Towery Christy Trout Karen Trower Chris Turner Alyson Turrentine Nathan Underwood Krystal Upton Stacey Utley David Vore David Wagner Nick Walker Robert Wallar Barbie Walton Donna Walton Eric Ward Hank Ward Karen Ward Keith Ward Debbi Wardle jennifer Wassom jay Watts Todd Weiher Johnny Weir Yvette West Brent Wheeler Larry White Charles Whited Steve Whiteman Mike Widemen Donna Wilkerson Kirk Wilkerson Kristen Williams Tania Williams Beverly Willis Twana Wilson Wes Wilson Brenda Wisel jeff Wolf Evan Wood Liz Woodall Brian Woodring Louise Woodyard Raymond Wormley Danny Wortman Scott Wright 88 Sophomores Q ..,, ,gi Q Y rx N H. Q : is , X L iw X X t 2 ad N' Q ft. i 1 :-i .. it Q .ni x .L .... . 4 we we ' N ir X X S X X Y 109 r Q it L. .beth 1' f X S Qi 5. el A - - 'VS . -A , K . X it H . Qqin . . A get i, X w. S X "SZ" .- EQ Q ,X L s Q- X Karen Young Jon Zaring avi an xx Q " it S L ' i'- 1 ga.- Q . eg X C .. N3 'Nm 9 U X X X X X . 1 is 9 cfs: 1 in - ta 5' x , X sz. 8 s .. . f X in Mary Adams Cheri Akin Danny Ray Allen Kim Allen Daniel Anderson Renita Anderson Terry Anderson is David Aragon lane Arnold john Arnold Tracy Arnold Travis Avert Joey Babylon Beatrice Bailey Shelly Bailey Donnie Bain Mindy Bain Shane Baker Susan Ball Ricky Ballesteros Roy Ballou -.. sw--. 'J Dawn Bare Leslie Barker Kathy Barnett Sharon Barney Billy Barrick Renee Bartlett Lights, Camera, Action Three years of drama and sum- mers at Oklahoma City University encouraged Sandy Lehenbauer to pursue the life of an actress. She performs in several types of plays. Sandy said, "I still have stage fright, especially at OCU doing im- promptus, which are plays without rehearsed lines." Sandy is not worried about stage fright because she knows she will overcome most of it with the help of her favorite self-improvement book. "I have heard actors and ac- tresses never overcome all of their stage fright," said Sandy. Sandy has always wanted to be able to express herself and she knows that acting will give her that chance. Her family and friends help her as much as they can. At home her friends Lora Poteet and MIRROR IMAGE. Actress to be Sandy Le- henbauer applies mascara before a stage production at OCU. Brenda Wisel use the video tape re- corder to point out her good points and give suggestions to improve her acting. Oklahoma Theatre Center is where Sandy would like to start her acting career while she attends Oklahoma University. She would like to do stage acting at first, so she can improve her acting. "Every- one, no matter what age, loves musicals and they are easy to un- derstand," said Sandy. Her main goal is to be given the chance to have a big part in an important play. Sandy hasn't taken dance or voice but would like to try it when she starts college. "I'm sure it would help me get more chances to do plays," said Sandy. All Sandy has to do is practice and advertise her talents, ambition and ability to be an actress. Freshmen 89 Manuel Edward Baquera Kyle Barton Mark Bateman Lori Bates Ray Bates Brian Baxley Greg Bay Brenda Beam Robert Bogaski Dorothy Beaver Paul Beealey Stephanie Beets William Bell Danny Bennett Greg Best Chad Bias Donna Bird Crystal Bishop jeff Bittner Nathan Blackward Mike Blair Kevin Blakley Stephanie Blalock Mike Blazer Troy Blundell Jim Bobo Brian Bobzien Kelly Bode Dennis Boden W' a,. , 2 f ' tif' -v- ries' i is 'fe Travel Signs Lead to Princess As Miss Indian Falls Creek, Deb- bie Lindsey's talent was Indian sign language, which she per- formed in her travels during the year. Debbie was elected by her church, Glorieta Baptist Church, to run for Miss Indian Falls Creek '80-'81. In order to run she had to have a recommendation from her minister. It stated how long she has been a Christian, what she does for her church, and how active she is in church. In the competition, she was judged on Christian witness, testi- mony, and talent. For her talent, she performed the Lord's Prayer in Indian sign language. Being elected as Miss Indian Falls Creek meant Debbie had the honor of representing Falls Creek in her travels to Arizona, Colorado, South Dakota, Florida, and New Mexico. She got to go to many con- ventions and Indian reservations to give her testimony. She does a lot of speaking in In- dian sign language in Oklahoma. X N Nl X N 3 X I vs I wa.. ...N NN X REACH OUT. Debbie Lindsey demon- strates one of her indian dances, INDIAN PRINCESS. Elected as Miss Indi- an Falls Creek is Debbie Lindsey, a sopho- ITIOIQ. .ses Freshmen in ,f ' 'S' J .wr -ink ,C X F Y fr x if , f 5 4. may x -an ir:-v rr., .sk 4 J N eifrf Q-f if-Sl lk- "' 4 B X 5:52 ZF ff N. ss.. 'T' ,QM M ' Y wi K Q r XX Q Nr Q 1. g I v 4 Gr a is lf " f .:., d x ,L X . as 5 45.119 ll. ii. 5 I at g ff em. nu-5 Todd Bolster Rhonda Bowen Teresa Bowling Danny Boyd Lee Boyd Terry Boyd LaDonna Bradford jenny Bradley Dayna Bradshaw Suzetta Braunschweig Mark Braziel April Broadbent Denise Brown Gregg Brown jimmy Brown Marsha Brown Steve Brown Travis Brown Chris Brumit Floyd Brummett Debra Bryant Michael Bunch Lesli Burch Becky Burton Kenneth Buss Robert Cabrera Mark Cagle Tina Calcins Chad Callaway Arlin Canary Randy Cassey James Carmen Brian Carothers Bridget Carroll Ronnie Carroll Gina Carson Shane Carthel Robert Cartmill Denise Chambers Robert Chambers Cindi Chapman David Chism Jamie Clark Cindy Clifton Linda Cobb Brent Coffman Darrin Coker Troy Collett Dawn Collins Shelly Coleman julie Concannon Melody Conner jason Conway Eddie Cook Larry Cook Bill Cooksey Laura Corley Gary Couch Tammy Cowan David Cox David Cox Philp Craig Chris Creel Freshmen 91 Tim Crockett Denice Cross Brian Crumpley Vanessa Cruz Kristen Curren Tamera Darrow Sheena Davies Ray Davis Robert Davis Sally Dennett Kent Denney Ancy DeSnazo Mike Dickerson David Diemer Anthony Diggs Kenneth Dixon Jana Dodd Danny Dodson Kim Dotterer David Draper Tammy Duncan Daniel Dyer Eric Dysart Brenda Eady Melissa Edgeman jeff Edwards Jimmy Edwards Lori Edwards Hollie Engle Tracy Epperson Greg Esmon Sylvia Espinosa Terry Etchieson jerry Everett Rebecca Fairchild Tommy Fanshier Lisa Farnham jeff Farris Kelly Farrow Lora Farrow Judy Fatchett Barry Ferguson Victor Ferguson Maria Fernandez Stephanie Fightmaster David Fishburn Frank Fisher Mike Fisk Matthew Fite Ricky Foale Carolyn Ford Tonya Ford Barbie Fowler Bobby Fowler Tim Fowler Jimmy Frabasilio Tim Francis Angie Fulkerson Tena Fulks Brenda Furr Carole Gardener Dorothy Garrett Danielle Gastineau 92 Freshmen E ali Q fi. 3, rw 'ww m 4 41, 6. as .1 Jr., fs I i' : I .pu-. A A M f" V A "' " x Q W 1, as A W E wr 'E 1 3 I 5. Q 4. 135, af .F I' A 4 t uf if 92 bu. K qs, A H L L 5 ur gn: x 514 v f' A 'blk t f lu 4. s I ,f I ' Asif I f l , I 1 7 4, I X Double Vision Qu. fp- z X I Karen Hames Steve Hamilton Dan Hannabass Chris Hansen Mikel Hardy Karen Harkins Kenneth Genzer Tom Gillies Nickie Gleason Gordon Gomme Cjristina Gonzalez David Goode Tiger Goodwin Chad Graham Robyn Grammont Justine Graves Cherri Gray Randy Gray jason Gregg Kerri Griffith Kevin Grigsby Sherry Grham Lisa Grooms Sean Haffner Tony Hale Robert Haley Tracy Hall "Sometimes being a twin an- noyed me because people would mistake me for Christy," said Carol Franks. Duplicates? Almost, except in the case of Jeff and jennifer Pad- gett. "We weren't like most twins because we couldn't ever wear each others clothes, except that every once in a while Jennifer would get off with one of my shirts," com- mented jeff Padgent. "We may have looked a little bit alike, but our personalities were completely different," said Sharon Jones. Karen, Sharon's twin, added, "Most of the time people thought we looked more like sisters than twins." "In the case of being a twin, closeness and obligation some- times stepped in. Jennifer Padgett said, "I like being a twin, but some- times I felt like his mother, always looking out for him and picking up after him." CONFUSED CORNER. Which is which? Twins are often confused as you can tell with Carol and Christy Franks, Freshmen 93 94 Freshmen IR. Makes Tracks James Rosenburger is making tracks for the future. james is quite a talented person. He commented, "Running is my life, and when I get out of school I plan on going to college on a track scholarship. I hope and dream one day, if I get good enough, I will make it to the Olympics." james is not only good at running, he enjoys running. James stated, "I enjoy running and if I didn't enjoy it, I probably wouldn't be as good." Track and cross-country are the sports in which he participates. Cross-country is his favorite sport because cross-country is more en- joyable and easier for him. He also competes in road races which are Jeff Harmon Kristi Harrell Dianna Harris Irene Hartwig Jory Harvey Donnie Hatfield Janet Harfield David Hatley Eddie Hawkins Staci Hays Karen Headlee Leesa Henderson Debbie Herbster Karen Herd James Herford Steve Hess Renee Hilburn John Hire Mike Hites Brian Hodge Randall Hodson Gretchen Hoffer Tim Holbrook Rod Holder Tony Holt Jim Honeycutt John Hosler Steve Howard not a part of school competition. He has sixty-two medals in both cross-country and track. The awards and medals make all the hard work worthwhile to James. James started running four years ago, when he was in the seventh grade. "I started running because I enjoyed it and felt I could be good at it," James stated. Various school records have been broken by James and he still holds most of them. The recent records broken by James are the 880, mile, 1320, 440, and the 330. James plans on working hard to- wards his goal, but in the mean- time, he hopes to set more records and keep on running. Workout. James Rosenberger practices ' before and upcoming meet. I .1 ...f Q Jeff Howell Karen Howell Howie Huddleston Kim Hudson Lara Hughes Shelly Hughes Kurt Hukill Don Hull jim Huse james Ingram Mike Isaacs Tammy Jacks Andrew jackson Debbie jackson Denise Jackson Jennifer jackson jennifer lager Leslie Johnson Shari Johnson Wayne johnson Leslie Johnston Brian Jones Daniel Jones Jason jones Wayne jones Susan Justice Laura Kellum Kevin Kemper Mark Kendall Scott Kent William Kent Shelly Kidd Vickie Kilhoffer Hee Sun Kim Kevin Kincheloe Kathi Koonce Timmy Kutch Javonna Lair Michelle Lancaster Robert Landis David Lane William Lassley Mark Ledford Barry Lee Greg Lee Moose Lee Joe Legg Shirlee Lehew Debbie Lewis Scotty Lewis Suzie Lewis Chris Liles Alan Lindsey Deanna Limke Dawn Linton Carl Loftis Connie Long Marc Long Donnie Lovvo Willairn Lowry Kenneth Lucero David Lunow Lori Lutheran Freshm Wendy Madden Jerry Marcom Kip Marr Joe Marshall Pennie Martin Billy Masterson Kelly Mathews Shiela Mathews Patti Matlock Larry Mattocks Martha Mattox Rhonda McCalip Russell McClain Mark McCook Chad McCoy Sherri McCullough Deanna McCurley Christy McGeehee Debbie McGehee Lori McGuire Nikki McHenry Mal McKee Clay McKinney Sally McKinley Barry McLeod Shawn McMakin Brian McMeans Scott McPheeters Robin Mc5paren Lea McWethy Crystal Mead Scott Meek Kim Merrick Shelly Meyer Steve Michel John Milburn Laura Miller Mike Miller Kim Minnick Tony Mitchell Mike Mitscher Hans Mize Renata Montgomery Bryan Moore Stephanie Moore Keith Morgan Greg Morris Jeff Morris john Morris Bobbie Mosher Robin Mosher Charla Mullins Steve Mullins Monty Myers Leroy Myers Nail Marvin Leigh Nash Eric Newendorp Kathy O'Bannon Robert O'Connor Ryan Odiorne Mike Olstad Elaine Onleya 96 Freshmen .-v IN S .. .V S - Q- Q. A 4? .- 'CK .ww Q r 4,-. 3 X .dh air' 'Resist f in i Q 5. 1 . ii -' 5 Aww as e 7 f 5 ,,.t 7 . ,gn sw ssl' at A . ,..:,, . ., .. -s-. x . x X NC' Cindy Oustin Yvette Ovbre 1 Kim Owens t Karla Padgett Kim Page I is I Ion Palmer - Vonda Pamplin .- J cc... .. J , is QS -Alta . , Q 1 Q.. XX s. ' X x aff k sr N 6 4- 1 e t tf .M is Rx -.-ci Randy Parker Joe Parkinson Lisa Pate Charles Patterson .fm Robert Peak Nick Percival Melodi Peters HMM' -it Rusty Peterson Brenda Phillips Christy Phillips Brian Plymale Wendy Pocock Chad Poe Cheri Poffenberger Rhonda Pollock Teresa Pondon Gina Pontius Chris Poole Donna Porter john Power Bruce Price rv- - Video Vision Ima ine not only hearing your Eavorite roups, but also seeing them 24T1ours a day. Mu- sic Television was a new and ex- citing cable service, video music in stereo. For the first time, tele- vision viewers were offered 24 hours of contem orary music, in full stereo sound? combining the excitement of music with the magic of television. MTV ser- viced riearly every US. cable system. MTV featured a broad mix of contemporary music. MTV mixed new music with old and layed popular stars like Blondie, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Billy joel, Pat Benatar, and many more. Most of the programming was video records, televised presen- tations of songs. These featured artists singing their songs or acting them out. They were all fascinating to watch and, in full stereo, it was also magnificent to hear. Video Jockeys, MTV on-air personalities, introduced video records and provided informa- tion about concerts and club dates from around the country, along with interviewing stars and music personalities. Stereos could be hooked up to MTV by simply ordering the stereo hook-up. The- hook-up was connected to the PM receiv- er of a stereo system and was delivered to the PM receiver on its own frequency. All the view- ers had to do was tune in on the PM receiver, turn the television to MTV and get music on televi- sion in stereo. A representative of Cable Television said, "MTV had been very well received and in the fu- ture we would like to add more artists so that everyone will en- joy MTV, not only teenagers." MUSIC TELEVISION. MTV was a new eX- citing cable service that gave students more reason to watch TV. Freshmen 97 Terry Price Patrick Pritchard Jimmy Proctor Wayne Purser Iacki Rasor Brien Ray John Ray Anil Reddy Angela Redman Michael Reese Donnie Reeves Gregg Reinbold Todd Reinbold Vanessa Rhodes George Rice Iohn Rich Lisa Richardson Wade Rider Tammy Ritchie Kim Roberti Brett Robertson Paul Robertson Sharon Roebuck Sandy Rogers Tina Rogers jeff Ross Sandie Routh Charvella Rushing Sherri Russell Ronnie Salas Cherri Sanders Whitney Sanders Phil Scaffetta Robert Scanlan Michelle Scarbrough Shannon Scales ,lohnna Schieffer Pam Schmitz Shelly Shulz Philip Schumacher Louis Schwartz Corinne Scott Patty Seratt Shohreh Shadaram Sean Shamblin Chuck Shatswell Mike Shields Teri Shive jeff Shoop jerry Sidders Christie Simon Gary Simpson Donnie Sinclair Karen Sinningson Doug Skrok Stacey Skinner Kim Smith Ricky Smith Rowanna Smith Terri Smith Mindy Smythe john Soliz Susan Southwell 98 Freshmen ! fa Ze I A..- ? eu Q W C J . 9 is - f 4? f a fs .. fi Q 94 7 ' ' f W I 1 r. .Q vf f , .-'f,...M IW:-. wi' Christina Sparks Stacey Sparles Duane Stahl Carol Stallings Henry Stearns Scott Stelting Kellie Stevens Kelly Stevens Kim Stewart Brent Stinnett Mark Stone Jinnie Suggs jason Swanson Wendy Swisher Michelle Switzer Mark Tafolla Terry Tarwater Maree Tate Shawna Tate Michael Taulbee Debbie Taylor Karren Taylor William Taylor Sherry Thomas Terri Thomas Donnie Thompson jeff Thompson johny Thompson Lisa Thompson Robbie Thompson Marty Thompson Brenda Timko Nicole Trimble Barbara Towler Butch Trout History in Action Mrs. Bethers, Ms. Jackson, and Mr. Adkins are not what you call your everyday teachers. Not only were they busy with their history classes, but they also sponsored clubs and tried to make history as interesting as possible for their classes. Mrs. Bethers said, "I really enjoy teaching. I wouldn't do anything else!" Besides teaching Oklahoma History to freshmen, Mrs. Bethers sponsored Youth in Government and Pep Club. Ms. Jackson also enjoys teach- ing. She had her hands full, spon- soring the many activities of Stu- dent Council. Mr. Adkins, who teaches sopho- more U.S. History and World His- tory, dresses up to fit the theme of his lectures. His costumes range from a mountain man to a Civil War soldier. He thought dressing up made history more interesting to those who find it very boring. Mr. Adkins idea has not only made students like history more, but he has made them listen and enjoy a subject that can sometimes be very boring. Mr. Adkins, Mrs. Bethers and Ms. Jackson are a great addition to our school. Maybe in the future all the teachers will be dressing up to fit the theme of their lecture for the day! LOVE THAT HISTORY. Mr. Adkins dress- es up to make class more interesting. ' J Freshmen 99 100 Trudy Trusty Marilyn Underwood Mike Underwood Teresa Vaughn Jamey Veel Jimmy Venable Leleine Villarreal Doug Vinyard Pat Vowell Jeff Wadale Ryan Walker Shelly Wall Sandra Walters Sheila Walters Michelle Ward Stacey Ward Tami Ward Tiffany Ward Deanna Wardle Charlotte Waters Mary Waters 11 Fancy Dancer I Ryan Odiorne, freshman, started dancing when he was nine years old. His sister got him started at this early age, and he's been danc- ing ever since. He dances at malls, talent shows, art festivals, and even at the State Fair of Oklahoma. For the last two years, Ryan has gone to Tulsa for solo competition in the tap division. His first year he placed third, and last year he placed second. "I've been working hard for the competition in November," Ryan said. Ryan has also been chosen to ap- pear on a television show called Kidzone, to be filmed in Oklahoma City and Dallas. "I'rn really glad I tried out for the part, and I hope others will try too," Ryan com- mented. CONCENTRATION. Freshman Ryan Odiorne carefully does a tap dance during the talent show. Freshmen TOGETHER AGAIN. Beth Blackburn pa- tiently waits to do her cheer in the basket- ball assembly. L X Charles Watkins Jeff Watson Shaun Wear Dana Webster Ronnie Weese Cindy Weir Kim Welch Shannon Werhun Chad West Greg West Jeff West Carol Wheller Brian White Kristi White Kim Whitefield Jeff Whitten Burt Wilkerson Keith Williams Mike Williams Beverly Willis Mike Wilson Jim Wilson Paul Wilson ,lim Wimpy Ann Wolford Larry Wood Lewis Woodyard Curtis Worthy Jimmy Worton Belinda Young Dean Young Mike Young Tammy Young Tammy Young David Young junior Youngblood Freshmen 101 Mr. Mike Adkins World, US History Mrs. Terry Beckenhauer Typing, Records Mr. William Beckenhauer Physical Science, Athletics Ms. Becky Burg Gymnastics Mrs. Terri Bethers OK History, Pep Club, YouthfGovernment 1 Mr. Donald Bonds Algebra Ms, Chery Boyd Learning Disabilities Mr. Richard Brandeberry Woodworking Mrs. Liz Butcher US History, NHS Ms. Janis Clements English, OK History Mrs. Linda Cox Learning Disabilities Mr, Jim Day Drivers Education Mr. Terry Dudley PE, Athletics Mr. jim Faurot US History Mrs. Celinda Ferguson Geometry Mrs. Pam Ferguson English Mrs. Myrna Fielder US History, NHS Mrs. Rebecca Flemming Health, Careers, Gymnastics, Athletics Ms. Darlene Foster Typing, General Business Mrs. Cindy Freeman Basic Life Skills, Home Economics Ms. Sue Fuson US History Ms. Polly Helm Learning Disabilities Mr. David Hinckley US History, Athletics Mrs. Cindy Holmgren Algebra Mr. Mike Hooper US History, Athletics Mrs. Cindy Hoopes Physical Science Ms. jackie Hoy Reading Ms. LaQuita Hurst Miss Jan Jackson OK History, Student Council Mr. Alan Jones Algebra Mr, Tony Knight U.S. History, Athletics, SOS Mrs. Glenda Lee BSCS, General Biology Ms. Melissa Lehr English . , ! y, 1 24 I VM., Xwwgfq-N-a I M- .fi Vmc..W...,.a.-..V.. . . . I f Q F by 3 ilk V ,C .awM+q if ttf. .fre t f 1 X t y " f i , f . 'H 4: w Z ' Vw? yi, V, if 3 . V ..,, g A " f ' ,7 Z-fa ff' "Pt 4f v" a fit Q 4.25 A Q Q I , if ff ,gl 4-2 1 E-iz .V ' F E U LAVV V . f 1 ,, Qi . M-6 ' ,, V . F . is at ,Q .. Img. ,,. V j1,,::,,v, 5 ww , ,L ,.. ' ' " " lv pg I , , -h W.. . 102 Faculty ilghm ilu... 'S Oldham Trades One Press For Another Mass confusion hit as soon as Mrs. Mikey Oldham, the yearbook and newspaper adviser, who also taught journalism I resigned to work for her church. Problems arose September 18 on Mrs. Oldham's last day. Editors were trying to ask last minute questions in order to help the staff but the 18th was individual picture day and there wasn't much time for talking. "I feel Mrs. Oldham prepared us well although we were a bit con- fused right after she left," yearbook photographer Johna Conatser said. For four of the five years Mrs. Oldham taught at Central, the Cub yearbook won the All-Oklahoman, top prize in its division. Other than winning the All-Oklahoman, last year's yearbook won Sweepstakes which was an honor to staff mem- bers and students alike. Writing children's Sunday School literature for the Southern Baptist Convention kept Mrs. Old- ham busy while she taught at Cen- tral. Mrs. Oldham decided to take a full-time job as Director of Child- hood Education. Responsibilities included all pre-school and chil- dren's activities except choir. "We've missed Mrs. Oldham but we all wanted her to be happy," said yearbook staff member Teresa Mays. "I have greatly enjoyed my years teaching at Central. The students and teachers here are great. Howev- er, I feel the Lord has led me to take this full-time position at my church," Mrs. Oldham said. WORK FILLED VACATION. Mrs. Mi- key Oldham jots down notes at yearbook and newspaper summer workshop. Faculty 103 Mrs. Barbara Link Speech, English, Research Seminar, DramafSpeech Club Mrs. Sharon Liston Algebra ll, Research Seminar Mrs. Diane Loeffeholz Art, Student Council Mrs. Sherri Logan Physical Science Mr, Mike McClaren Principal Mr. Dan McKinney Drafting Mr. Luke Melton General Math, Algebra Mrs. Janelle Miller English Mrs. Kathy Moffatt Typing, Filing, Personal Typing Mrs. Jessica Nicholson English Mrs. Mikey Oldham journalism, Newspaper, Yearbook Mr. C.T. Owings Librarian Mr. Rick Patterson Algebra Ms. Linda Prock Drama, Drama!Speech Club Ms. Paula Powell Principal Mrs. Debbie Riddle English Mrs. Susan Romer E,M.H. Mrs. Nancy Routledge US History Ms. Pat Smith English, Latin Mr. Ed Story Principal Mr. Terry Tamage Physical Science Mrs. Wanda Watkins Spanish, English Mrs. Ann White Financial Secretary Mrs. Janice Willingham Physical Science Mrs. Jaretta Wilson Home Economics, Basic Life Mrs. Lenora Winsett Arts! Crafts Ms. Karen Woodward Typing, Notehand, Filing Mrs. Dee Bowerman Registrar Mrs. Linda Bycko Attendance Secretary Mrs. Wanda Daniels Counselor Mrs, jodene Hutchins Library Aide Mrs. Janis Oldham Principal's Secretary Mrs. Maxine Stiles Counselor 'S Q 11 9 .. .J . +1 " it . E P st . " -::' gf 1 1 .vw ef . . . sr. t, ,. If 5 E I' l if 1: j lt as ,ff 5 ,Q Q. 42,- w 2? A . - XI' .QSHH . . X' . 1' "9 if 4 - W 21? 'W A gr Q., f lr K' 4 f-: 2 . .i 1 W A g . .AL , TZ' it 'U' v :. s .pi -if 1 f' .. . f 'wi I F .4 ' x .. "'::5 ' 'A ki 3 g f t K' Y 5 Q 'I . M Ll! - 3 - , ' -1 . .f"'fe " 4 . . .N I .3 at, Q S 104 Faculty SITTIN' PRETTY. Mr. Ed Story relaxes in his office. HARD AT WORK. Ms. Paula Powell catches up on some paper work while in her office. On Top of It All Keeping up with paperwork and trying to be available to students and teachers is the hardest part of Principal Mike McClaren's job. "I'm very excited about the faculty this year, I think they are a very professional group of people," Mr. McClaren said. I-Ie concludes his first year at Central Mid-High, as principal. "Over all," he said "I like to be in a position where I can make deci- sions. The thing I like best about Central," Mr. McClaren said, "is the students and the staff." "I like to work with students who have a behavior problem," commented Mrs. Paula Powell, sophomore vice principal. Mrs. Powell's biggest goal is to work in the State Department of Education. She also feels that ad- ministration is more of a chance to get to know students better. Mr. Story, vice principal at Cen- tral said, "I enjoy the work, but it is demanding." "I really do enjoy the Central students, and I hope to be able to get into the classroom and see more of the average students. I picked the job because I saw it as a chal- lenge," Mr. Story said, "The har- dest part of my job is to maintain a high level of firmness without sac- rificing fairness and flexibility, Mr. Story concluded. IN ACTION. Principal, Mr, Mike McClaren walks down the hall to make sure things are okay. Faculty 105 SO THIS IS LOVE. Van Halen member Da- FAIR WARNING. Van Halen members Da- vid Lee Roth demonstrates one of his talents vid Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen at the October 3 at the Lloyd Noble Center. Lloyd Noble Center October 3. Moore Concerts ,Waiting in lines for three hours or more and camping out for more than two days before ticket sales were just two of the problems of buying concert tick- ets. For many, this was the most disappointing thing about a con- cert. "The only bad thing about a concert was having to stand in line so long for tickets," said sophomore John Ralls, an avid concert goer. Although Oklahoma has many concert facilities, the Myr- iad was chosen by sophomore Steve Tahah as his favorite, for the reason being "bigger or bet- ter." Since the Myriad was so large most good groups played there. "Since most favorites played there, more people would buy tickets and I liked the feel- ing of being at a sold out con- cert." Steve commented. Iourney lifted spirits high at the Myriad November 3 with special guest Loverboy. The con- cert was sold out in a record breaking three and a half hours. Van Halen highlighted the Lloyd Noble Center with what sophomore Keith Snider cle- scribes as "The best" stage show he had ever seen. Tom Petty and the Heart- breakers, who were scheduled last June, finally arrived at the Lloyd Noble Center September 25. Although some preferred rock, there were those who felt more at home with country. "I really enjoy going to country concerts, but I think the bad thing about it is when the per- former is in a bad mood," said sophomore Sabrina Brown. With tickets costing anywhere from eight to twelve dollars, and t-shirts ranging from nine to twelve dollars it was question- able to whether concerts were worth that much. Students went to concerts be- cause it was something to do and they liked to see the groups. DRUMMER BOY. Alex Van Halen sa- lutes the audience at the Lloyd Noble Center October 3. Concerts M -1,4211 ' mmjw K fx A1.?p.,VnawQQ 3a,:wW5m,3wfh. Mmiffww.. M52 QM, nipwz '2wJ'."f'x A mia if wfemmmwf MiWI'gW'2tQ2...,:'w:f we eff 'SW f -swfmxyv Www: 'mf . 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John Rails and Tim Barney, Stu- denx Cauncilh. bfficeri, attempt to bring down the Bag at the exyd of the day, fair ,, iw E f f V f 5 M M! if ff 4 fy sw Y W Qty i ,, .,,, , V if if! 2 r ' ',,, A , r X 1 ggzgw ' ' p , 7 , af , l r ' ' 3 , W ',h,v , , ,, ,Q gy V .,,,,,.,5,, 39 W ? iii, Q , W rsh 2? r ,Z gg, ii . ri , : i we f,f, f i i ' . -, A vg a, fi 4 1 3 422.4 2 ' J si: 5 ' 352, . l 5. was s 3 ,Q 'A , if 2 ef' , 2, M, , ff if ' ' ,,,,x,A ,V ' V 2 at rim, lm Z, ai? V, v 223 f ,,g W 31: WL, 5 , , , an ,re eff If , ! gr -"- -y . EL, ' SS W g y lf ff J ff, MIN r 1 i, ' vt 7 'Z M r rfififf i t Q ai! ,3 ,QE ,,,-,. ,125 Wm ,Q , ,' 'M - -7 5 em " rw 1 firm? QV f,1w,f,,m mr, 1 fs, 4 E A V , fa, f ' it il X if fi dlisi Q ' gf r ll in Q 22 Elie!! lr, it el' f it E l QA, E ,E f 5 fwlklzllix l Q s Zig 95 522265, 3 gifs? f a in I M r Ugg? elf Z a 9 if l 5 5 st? fail if Q is :W 51554 33 ,Milt 2552 att ff' 3 Mais Zigi f i W wtf , 3 2 ff We 4 53 ? if ln the Long Run Getting school off to a good, steady start wasn't easy. Waiting for air conditioning, which was installed just before winter, and lockers which didn't work took a lot of pas tience from everyone. Howdy Day and assembly came and went along with all of the other pep assemblies and holidays. Changes and growing up will always be a part of life, and this year was no different. Some got new jobs to pay for a carp others kept their jobs to pay for the gas. Winning and losing seasons held joys and sorrows, but even losing couldn't keep the Moore spirit down. Instead, it made our teams more determined to win the next time. With all the problems that were fixed, like the lockers, and even the ones that weren't, like the intercom, in the long run it was "worth the wait." At Day's End. Students load the buses to go home for some relaxation until the next day of work ahead. Closing 111 Colophon The Cub is an annual publication of the year- book staff of Moore Central Mid-High school, 400 N. Broad- way, Moore, Ok. 73160, consisting of 112 pages measuring 7 V4 x 10 M inches. A total of 1000 copies were printed by Iosten's American Year- book Co., 4000 S. Ad- ams, Topeka, Kansas, 66601. The book was printed on 80 pound high gloss double-coated enamel paper with black base ink color. The cover is commputer type stan- dard embossed with customs art silkscreen design in white ink. Transicolor is used on the endsheets. Body copy is 10 pt. Palatino. Captions are 8 pt. Pala- tino. Headlines are school submitted Chart- pak dry transfer letter- ing. Headlines are 24 pt. Palatino. Theme copy was set in 12 pt. Pala- tino. Theme and theme It is so hard to begin a letter of acknowledge- ents such as this when there are so many peo- ple to thank for their ef- forts in the production of the 1981-'82 Cub. headlines were set in Cooper Black pt. Color on pgs. 1,4,5,8,9,12,13 is Blue 287 and pgs. 2,3,6,7,10,11,14,15 is Brown 153. Individual pictures were taken by Blunck's Studios of Moore. The Cub is a member of the OIPA and CSPA. The '78, '79, '80, and '81 yearbooks were rated with highest honors and were All-Oklahoman winners. The '81 Club received four first place and one second place ratings in various cata- gories. The '81 Cub was also awarded the sweep- stakes award from the Oklahoma interscholas- tic Press Association Cbest in the statel. A fi- nal second place rating was awarded CSPA. by the l 11 Farker gg Sis-aan il: I-lane C in Kris Abt Ktrtell Cenatser flora :as y verette ena le W3 5 it al Holley Mays a Harris Hays ta shelf 9 fb, 'Errrsty ts White :'i "i" 'ii' :ill:" lilili iili 'IZEZZ 'i": i ir . fi ll f tli it l. , s l --"""" lilfl illl .":E K. Eli T lt 'i 'tl lsill M i 5 i ls ll' l ill i:-.: 2 i -2.2 f res 554' K it ' l E i 'l lt! f K' l --'. l :f2.i fi: 'f "-:s V , ': f-'e il :-tf 2 ll Xt! lt ,y il A tl lt i 2 zle: f X my ii ' 'll' "f:2 if E 55355 i .,,, all iifliii iii - .' it .,,.,, ""l 1'i 'f'ic'1 tr' ttstr :,t "t'ttE' ett "i'i . -lt ' 'SPV . ttg ' IT1 .'-. rii IZI l :,.,. .. 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' Next, we would like to thank the people from OIPA for choosing the '81 Cub not only All-Oklahoman but Acknowledgments i 1 n Without them it mi ht not have been possilie. First on all we would like to thank Mrs. Mi- key Oldham lformer ad- visorl for her help dur- ing the summer and opening weeks of school. Thanks, Mrs. Oldham for puttin up with the many phone I I Sweepstakes winners as well. Col C.E. Savage and John Cutsinger also deserve a big thanks for their hours of traininlg at the summer and Pa workshops. We have a lineup of advisors whom we are gratefull for their dedi- cation. To begin with our second set, Cara Mi- zirl and Sandy McCord who backed us u on the first two deadlines. Mrs. Jeanette Bene', our third and final advisor, deserves a great deal of thanks for ettin us through the anal dead- lines and the remainder of the year. Thanks a bunch. We would also like to take this op urtunity to thank all the teachers, especially the typin teachers, office personef and Mr. McClaren, for their cooperation and help. us along the way. So, in closing, we would just like to thank everyone as a whole. Co-Editors, Robin Parker Beth Sisson We are sure that we Final Deadline. The Yearbook have missed mentignin staff rushed to complete the final Others who have helpeg deadline befllfe the 112 Colophon! Staff! Acknowledgements

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