Moon Valley High School - Countdown Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ)

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X fm 5 , F pl. r T11 if 5 5 Lv? 1 v . 4 he 4 3 Giibriliw-xv!i, 's if Lf" ,ig wogoga X 9' UN Us diy' Wy -Q' ., Uk JJ-V-9 . 29 J 40555 Q0i0xlJLiWc6w5 9 www , if M359 ,d4xs'Q0f03'5',QQxs5'Pc,,0NX'l0K,,Qg y UJQ5 oxpxf AO-5 ??oK ?Q3K0XL'2.'J1v"wLQ0UN5xL 3 323323 Sagyl Q3 E 0 on ' ii . E if Q1 :ix 2 2153 2ggg . me Q 57 wg 66252 Q ' mvr 5Um Meifmb miicbll . if ' s fb aan' ULN' ,BMXMmu ?m ONULQQJ Nui lv11l,uQo Uhigm vxumzoyjg-fume ' -A ., AK +f- L65 AU fx' C9900-L LJOMQN mam .IX Zig E on TE NT Catch the Moon Valley Spirit Caught Catching Catching Up On Catching Catchable Activities Catching Catching Events People P 5' I . X B I , 900055 j9?Z,jyJjhoJyv'Q'D4 FI' WX . O J-P Ny 3,55 d" 8? 0, golyvvyvqv-,bisi,.:9V9c spray 690 x Q0 Jay amd? QQ? Willa W ,ww Swim N gf x'W'Fy Kffgjfiv Qxgopfkx 1 919' Jjkkofdbxixkk 9 A ' ,-M fyfggv ,0O,93pG1i'jfUqij5 J ow v fs, WNW Q O Q. JI-Xioj-Qby Way Qs vi P0 ,QV Q we W QV b- Moon Valley High School 5625 West Cactus Road Phoenix, AZ 85029 I coUNTDowN MCON VALLEY '87 Junior lunchers under the sun. It's contagious - the epidemic that's taking our campus by storm - SPIRIT! This invisible electricity in the air seemingly speaks to each and every person, generating an enthusi- asm and fraternity uncomparable to any other. It's a special feeling that sets Moon Valley students, faculty, and parents apart from all the rest. Spirit infiltrates each person involved in the school with an unmistakable warmth. It's the honor, respect, and recognition each student receives for hislher unique talents and abilities: and the teamwork displayed in the classroom, in the arts, and on the field. It's what keeps our teachers and staff returning year-after-year. It's the pride and dignity written all over each and every graduate's face as hefshe receives a diploma. And it's what awes freshmen each year. Moon Val- ley Spirit is catching. . . PASS IT ON! W b , L Y r 1 r -'69, ,: 'Wg H x r T W - rv .9 JW. r ll ' 'H-' , -' ifgfiw. W ., 1:11 l' l ,E , M Fi f Y -. 4 Top Left-Brad Basset, Eric Bailey, and Chris Leonhardtjust passing time. Middle Left-Dwane Bradford-"Hey, Handsome!" Bottom Left-Mike Calmese gives a passing smirk. .i'ihW, it 5' 'xv 'aa ,A X 7' e in -0 l 0 fl ' N. O1 ' 0 o , 0 l , , - Q . i Top Right-A little hello from Jodi lmgarten and Tishanna Rob- erts. Bottom Right-Chris Jaeger and John Sagasta return from lunch. Student Lifef5 CAT CHI G OUR CROWDS Top- Moon Valley crowd shows spirit during the Mesa game. Bottom Left- Carmen Matte and Dawn Xinos. "Look Dawn, they're taking our picture!" Bot- tom right- A group of students enjoying their lunch outdoors. Page 7- Top left- The lunch bunch ifrom left to rightl: Kevin Goyer, Benny Allen, Jay Sando- val, Jim Handzel, Gary Steele, Mike Sawyer, Tony Flores, and John Sagasta. Top right- A friend is someone you can lean on, to Gary Gregg and Kim Smith. Lett Middle- Cassie Ding- mans says, "Catch you later, gotta run!" Left bottom- Sa- mantha Hill trying to decide what to do. Bottom right- San- dra Evans "Are you serious?" 6fStudent Life my " X ,v., ' Jilin--V! N Student Lifef7 8fStudent Life , FL GLI E, Left to Right, Bottom Row - Stephanie Higgins, Brandi Cooper, Jennifer Conde, Kim Lucero, Patricia Figueroa, Loretta Fajardo, Marybeth Terrinoni, Stacy Robinson, Christy Fisher, Toni Lowry, Jenni Johnsey, Michelle Hamilton, Claudine Harris, Melissa Fierabend, Laurie Smith Row2 - Dawn Cantrell, Laura Nelson, Chris Seyk, Lisa Hitaffer, Pam Olson, Charles McCarter, Valerie Janson, Christine Catalano, Jenny Teske, Alica Huddleson, Karen Dise, Kim Graham, Rushelle Bird, Sandy Brookes, Hollie Johnson, Susan Campbell, Michelle Sidabras, Anita Styles Rowj- Pam Plicastle, Kelli Volz, Suanne Shultz, Kerry Quinn, Lisa Carras, Monique Gonzalez, Christine Brengi, Jim Sidabras, Tony Lype, Ramsey Gonzales, Susan Ferber, Shannon Upsahl, Jon Brower, Tim Fuehrer, Bill Burnett, Scott Thomas, Mark Flickner, Aaron Henderson, Brian Basham, Row4 - Kara Koon, Laura Howard, Beth Williams, Kerri Wilcox, Danna Marvin, Beth McCool, Lara Lee, Jeanine Lanzer, Martin Mclilhaney, Mike Glenn, Chris DeChant, Karolina Sussland, Beth Mclilhaney, Phoebe Chism, Michelle Frasto, Kelly King, John Stemer, Kasia Duellman, Jennifer Walding, Mrs. Gioia Row5 - Christina Monroe, Lynne Hallford, Wendy Warren, Michelle Snyder, Stacy Leigh, Jennifer Sharp, Debbie Nicastle, Erika Britt, Dan Turbyfill, Annette Tallabas, Khris Dodge, Mike Adamson, Mike Wong, Robert Martin, Sean Dibbern, Luke Jackson, Keri Bearden, Bobby McManamy, Doug Busch, Bryan Pesartic, Mike Rebb, Drew Schulke, Mr. Mattern The mighty red, white, and blue gathers for pho- tos. . SPIRITLI 0 5 lf you are an early riser, enjoy music, and are willing to do the best you can to achieve your goals, the marching band is a great opportunity. The Moon Valley Rocket Marching Band is at school, 6:50 each weekday morn- ing during football season to practice for the game Fri- day night. The band plays before the game at away games and during half time at home. Along with these activities the band com- petes at Band Days at NAU and ASU and marches in parades for many civic or- ganizations. Moon Valley Band, along with Spiritline and Flagline, are worthwhile and exciting opportunities. The dedica- tion of all these groups helps to make them mighty! Above- Christine Catalons is patiently waiting for the game to start. Top Left- Mike Wong, the band's tuba player, poses for a picture. Mid and Bottom Left- The band is gathering during one of their early morning practices. Student Lifef9 MOCN VALLEY CATCHES IT LL! ea E 5 Q .i in l T 5 , A, ' i , rw . Av.. ,Vi , Lx, .- in Upper Left - Campus Spirit. Mid- dle Left - The loyal crowd comes to cheer their favorite team on - the MOON VALLEY ROCKETS!!! Right - J.V. Cheer- leader, Joy Doncarlos, shows her excitement at one of many J.V. football games. 1OfStudent Life As the band begins to play the school song, Moon Valley's own undefeated Rockets storm onto the playing field. The crowd roars with enthusiasm and support! The energetic Spir- itline breaks into a lively and entertaining dance as the Flagline spins to the tune of victory! Hardwork, crowd sup- port, and spirit are the in- gredients that make a win- ning team. These are the things that make Moon Val- ley OUTSTAHDHYGI Photo upper right - Varsity football team shows their excitement after they score a big Above - Chain Gang members Michele Orze chowski, Lori Kohlhase, and Anita Szoke mark another first down. NV' ,, Z' - 1 7 W 'l 1 Wm: , 5 KWH Photo left - Flag girls at the first game llelt to rightl Laurie Smith, Loretta Fajardo, Melissa Fierabend, MaryBeth Ter- rinoni, Claudine Harris, and Toni Lowery. Middle left - J.V.'s offense prepares for good play against Shadow Mountain. Bottom left - The varsity Spiritline hold up a ROCKET banner for crowd to see. Below: Wil Gonzales, Sam Melntyre, and Mark Brakebill take a break for some water after a big play. A I 1 f 'l l M R. 'l . ' gj M, ,,, , , llww-+lHvi VV, A -V ,Tw v gqnmu. " c.oGl2 XLUCH NN , f X f 4 X4 rw K' 1 V fs I il fx I 4.15 l.- ig , l, J LUE We 0 h -D-f "r""""""' l 5 rr' ' L l x ' 5 :Qian 1 f, .1 A ,-. 1 I ' K , "v Student Lifefll Take A Walk High-tops, Converse, slip-ons, Vans, Creepers, Reeboks, moccas- sins, and Keds are seen repeatedly scattered throughout campus: putting their best foot forward. UN. Accessories add to the wardrobe: and the color silver was definitely a plus! Cirandpa's glasses started reappearing and peace signs came back from the 6O's. SWATCHS, big earrings, indian bracelets, belts, and lets not forget those Llivljackets quality never goes out of style!!! ,, I Rick Evans and his aggressive skate apparel add to the variety of school dress. vr' 49" Dave and Chris look, um, can l say casual? i V v ' ,R ,314 F., I " 1- f ' efgf I , . . V W SECOND LOOKS: Paula Bradford, Belinda Mounqoy, Joy DonCarIos, and Dean Avelar give us some HIP TIPS for style this year. NEW WAVES: New waves in hair were Greg Bradford's sculptured bowl cut, Stephanie Toth's temp color. Chelly Thomas used a crimping iron for her effect. 15 STUDE T LIFE Can you imagine what school would be like without the students? Well, it certainly wouldn't be a school! Moon Valley is the stu dents, pride and joy. This is all re flected in Moon Valley's academics athletics, and beauty. 'Z Top right- Lonnie Huggins is enjoying the luxuries on Moon Valley campus. Above- Ed- die Kittennan saying, "Wait! Don't take it yet!" Bottom right- Shawn Slatcher "You wanna know WHAT?" 14fStudent Life I Mpllv ,pwmfmt xi", if 'Wi W tar' Upper Left-Suanne Shultz and Anita Styles are showing that they will be friends forever. Lower Left-Scott Rakich is dumbfounded by the explanation his teacher is giving him. Upper Right-Tina Miller shows the spirit by giving the camera a big smilel Student Lifef15 1 16ffSeniors 1 SE IGRS: CAUGHT W I .Lf ,nuff 1Y-v' Gary Gray, Eric Bailey, Chris L eonhardt, Michael Simon, and Ed Ki tterman . Playing it "cool." lChris, are you camera shy?l 'ish v Top Left-Robbie Rundall and Dawn Schultz Chat und tree. Bottom left-Cleft to rightl Jim Field, Chris Webster, Loui C , Stephanie Higgins, Jamey Kirklin, J d Humphry go Haw t th Embassy The Senior Class pos- sesses a certain quality that makes them stand out from all the rest. It comes from ex- perience. They have been at Moon Valley for over three years. They are very familiar with its grounds, class- rooms, teachers, administra- tors, and underclassmen. School activities, rules, and policies have become ac- cepted pattems in their life. The growing, leaming, and sharing that they have exper- ienced while being a part of this campus, has caught them up in Moon Valley's spirit. As the seniors leave, they shed a tearful farewell to the past, grow continually excited about their future, and spark in all who remain, the spirit to pass it on! .ix lf - S 'te H t l. Right-Tin B g T kes a break. Sen H7 Mike Aanenson Gina Adamo Heather Allen Shelley Andrew lgfseniors Stephanie Arnold ,, 61 YW, Derek Abbitt Amy Aird Julie Amick ' 'Q : -wwf, Nicloe Abbitt Matt Abush Erica Ekerstrom Duncan Allen David Anderson Luis Andino Antoinette Andrews l Wendy Arnold Devin Armentout Andrea Amold Traci Aubuchon Joel Ayers 1 1 'f 1., Tamara Buskirk Rodney Baer Eric Bailey Daniel Baker Diane Baker Tom Baker Tom Balcom Gil Balderrama ,nm Jennifer Ball Steven Balthazor Louis Barbone Mark Barbone Jody Barker Kristin Barnett Amy Barrett Alan Bartlett I f v 1 hir! 7 I 'A' , 5, 4 M l, v, , ,j.5,,w Roselyn Batroni Alan Beadle Melinda Bean Keri Bearden 11 5eniorsf19 John Beaubien Tiffany Becker Pam Beckwith Michelle Begley Randall Behm Sherry Bellinger Tara Berglin Rebecca Betebenner Richard Bevan Q E , Barbara Bennett Philip Bennett Jason Benrz V' Zofseniors Mark Blilie Glen Boegner David BONE Christopher Beerling Steve Berder X ' f ' . W 4 R v Christina Berg Christine Biddle Osvaldo Bonell 'I i r H David Borsh Paul Boucos Rebecca Brackins Tom Bradbeer Marcus Brakebill Christine Brandeli Laura Brickman Roberta Briner sb 4""'v X Shannon Britt Davicl Britts Charlie Brooks Teresa Brooks Kenneth Brown Chris Broz Susan Bryar Gina Burdette N f Tamara Buskirk Dynda Butcher Paul Buttermore James Cabrera , SemorSf21 22 fSeniors John Calder Daum Cantrell Gregory Catellier Anthony Cipollaro - f X, .M k,..f Debra Coley Anthony Carnes Roni Caldwell Ann Callies Tammy Carpanzano William Cavaflagh Christopher Chandle LF , W- if I lrmata Clark Michael Cluff l. ' ,ff.'."1,'. '.',. g Q y ,ff , ' f::':'::-::l:j'i'5L Mgt, ,gin-i n h W . 'R 22" ttt f M K, Lisa Collins Michelle Conley Mike Calmese Mark Casbarro r Ken-An Chen Howard Cockerill Brandi Cooper Louis Core Rod Core Cristopher Cote John Cotter D iz: ur V W'--qu Jason Cox Stephanie Cox Kim Cummings Debbie Cutter ef Daniel Dachtler Jacobus Damwijk Todd Dadust Neicia Davidson v ,J lx ,' - I D X D o., Scott Dawson William Deal Sonya Dederich Kathy Deely Y'--'-'Q Cary Deise Cristopher Delgado Tami Depriest Sean Dibbern Seniorsfn 24fSeniors Daren DiGuardi David Dilgard -mr Lance Ditton Karen Dodge David Dooley Jay Dow Mike Doyon Tracey Draper Patricia Dubasik Dan Duckro Cassie Dingemans Susie Donaldson Chris Dow Michael Drop David Dunleauy I Todd Dishom LZ- ..-Q. V, 1 ...,...,.,-" .f---we-f' - x Roger Donoghue Kathy Downing Kim Drummond Hank Durham Tracy Eacock Janeen Egerstom Tina Ehlert Carl Ekstrom Nil' Bryon Ellls Heather Engel Robbie Esslinger David Estrada 3 K. Sandra Evans Kim Fairbrother John Falkenberg Melynda Farrell 4... Andy Fenicle Samara Ferber Jasmin Femadez Tacey Fetter l Jim Field Douglas Fierabend Laurie Fillman Mellisa Finegan Scniorsln Carla Fischer Brent Frazier Stephanie Fryer Shelly Garone Zafsemors Ellen Gillen Paul Fitzgerald Richard Freeman Francesco Gagliardi Amy Garrett Javier Gilmore or as -'H xi X F ,mx , :II J Camala Floyd Geri Fortune R Brandy Frieze Heidi Frisch Lisa Gainey Rosa Garcia Casey George Cavin Gilcrease 7 fm ' ' Monique Gonzales Kelly Gosnell Kristi Grassley Gary Gregg Collen Gunkel Cindy Hakalmazian Lynne Hallford 1' Justine Hammer Dennis Hassing Francis Heaney Anne Henige 28fSeniors Hermelinda Herrera Suzette Hampton Traci Hanson Barbara Hanson Carol Hatley Veronica Havins Ben Hawkins Robyn Heffelfinger Jason Helton Steven Hendricks Jerry Henry Brandi Hentges Michelle Herndon Jodi Hick Brett Higbee Stephanie HiQQinS Kyle Hillegass Lisa Hitaffer Dawn Hoffman Elisa Hoffman Richard Hollinger Wendy Holm Shannon Holmes Lisa Holt Janice Horton Chnstal House Rene Housos LISH Howard Judson Humphrey Jill Humphreys Wendy Hunt Sara Hussain Jess Ingram Kimberly Jackson Lucas Jackson Rodney Jakes Seniorsf29 5OfSeniors Diane James Jeff Jenkins Daniel Johnson Eric Johnson Erica Johnson Hollie Johnson l Michelle Johnson Shanan Johnson Tia Johnson 45 if Vance Johnston Krista Jones Kyndall Jones Mark Kahrl Phillip Kahrl Kimberly Karcher Doug Johnson Leslie Johnson Traci Johnson MJ. . , Connie Jungemann Jeffrey Keaton James Keenan Brian Kelly Chris Kenny Malia Kidd Brian Kidney Patrick Kilcran Grace Kim Charlotte King 'Lp N Kerry Kirby Jamey Kirklin Edward Kitterman Emily Kleeschulte Rita Koch Darlene Kowacz Shannon Krebbs Miflhael Kfeiflef fin' Valefld-El KUGSKDY Deborah Kuhajda Shari Lacoss Shawn Lambert SCniors!3l at 1' V 5 Jeanette Lamphier Annette Landon Kathryn Lang Matthew Lange if 1: :fr X ,wwf my My W M , 2, wif , Jeanine Lanzer Nancy Latham Melissa Leddy Kelly Ledford . H V K, :I ,,,L LA J .. Ayll Fran Ledger Lori Lee Ralph Lemons Matthew Lentz x 1' .X Peggy Lin Daniel Lindqist Jacque Ling Steve Liska Szfseniors Jennifer Little Sandra Little Chad Lober Michelle Loftus Kimberly Longenecke Susan Ludwig Cathleen Macdonald Paul Mager Laura Maneely r Christina Lord Larry Luke Christine Macdonald Douglas Malaney Patrick Mans Holly Lorka Marc Lynch Heather Macdonald Cheryl Mallory Linda Marks Ann Ludwig Tony Lype Marty Mack Maryanne Maloney Robby Markson Seniorsfw l Kathleen Martin Glennys Matto Bethany McElhaney Mary McGough Mfseniors Michelle Mclienna Robert Martin Eric Marx Renee Mastin Melissa McCauslin Travis McChesney James McDonald Debbie McElwain April McFarland James McGee 'Q NSC: uf Pamela McGuire Lenard Mcllveen Michael McKee Kassandra Mclieown Andy Mcliinn Michael McManamy Lisa Mealon Heather Mecham Tracy Merz Brian Meythaler ,X Jeffery Midkidd John Miller 0,555.0 fl Dawn Monest Michelle Moore Christine Morris Heidi Mons '---Y Matthew Mercer Doug Merwin 69- Noelle Michael Jeff Middleswart I ,I A' Laura Mills Donna Minor Staci Moore Amy Morgenstern Marilyn Moslnowits Ted Moss Seniorf55 David Musick David Mygrs Michelle Myers Stephanie Myers Lavonne Napier Kimberly Neri Thuy-Ha Nguyen Pam Nicastle -25 Larry Nichols Scott Nichols Julie Nieschulz Traci Nikolaus rw Lisa Niver Alex Nolan Kenneth Novatny Leann Nurse 56f5eniO,S Machelle Obuchi Joe Oconner Erik Olson James Ortega Karen Olson Katy Pabst Becky Painter Maria Palermo Rob Panzer Steven Patrick Michelle Paxton Dolores Perez Mike Peri Xavier Peru Kevin Peterson Mike Phetteplace Stacy Pickrel Jill Plass Kathryn Pollak Liezel Pomorski Michael Pooler Lonnie Power Cathy Price Heather Purcell Seniorsfm. .'58fSeniors Vincente Purcell 5 Bill Ratkovich l William Reid Jacqueline Rhodus John Richey ff Darrell Purlee Curtis Rae Dustin Ramsey Eydie Ray Julie Reed Ken Reed Stacie Rennie Scott Reutter Damon Reynolds A Leslie Rhynard Bob Ricca Michelle Rice Richelle Riggle Erin Riordan Andy Rittschif l V 5' ' ff I ff' ! Matt Robbins Robert Rodriguez Curtis Roe Joe Roland ' ai Mark Rose Brian Ross Denni Rowe Debra Rowlett lm Robbie Rundall Paul Runyan Traci Sackrider Dawn Sadowsky Martin Saldamanpo Christy Saltz Valorie Sanchez Tammy Sanders Nickole Sarahs Gena Schauklin Tracy Sheble Lisa Schifano Scniorspg 40fSeniors I Ac. K Amy Schmid Diane Schnell Jim Schraven Davsm Shultz Hans Sedou Matthew Segal l Angie Shafer Derrick Jhagroo Tricia Shaw Lisa Shelton Kelly Shephard Tonya Sherck Rob Sichrovisky Erik Silvey Michael Simon Jennifer Schroeder Steven Serafin Misty Sheldon Shelly Shoop Scott Skinner -6 , A Alissa Smith Kim Smith Linda Smith Cindy Sorensen fi K K ,, l S 'XX ix K LR A s W 1 Q4 1 f A -. - Del Spangler Wayne Spence Melissa Spero Dawn Spinelli John Sterner Kathy Steury Skip Steward Patrick Stewart Chantel Stilwell Karl Storck Marc Staubinger Stephanie Stroud Stephanie Surratt Annette Tallabas Michelle Temme Suzanne Terhorst 1 -V Seniorsflll Stephanie Terry Gabe Tesnado Kari Thiekle William Thomas X 'A uv 5 2 1 r f 5 ' S l Q T is 5 if John Thompson Chris Thuran Dana Toparek Vinh Tran Gaylynn Trapp Cynthia Triggs Pamella Triggs Stephan Tripodi Angie Trojanek Kristine Trojanek Terri Turner John Tutell l mfscmors Valerie Unger Yvonne Valdez Steven Vanaller Kathy Vanleeuwen i i 1 Ax Brent Vannier Edward Vasko Dale Veilon Cynthia Veros X tl, ' Stephanie Vieth Doug Vigano Deanne Vlahos Katy Warner Wendy Warren Tonya Watts Chris Webster Christine Webster Weglei Veru Tom Wenger David Wheeler Derek Whitehead Tracey Wilbanks Kerri Wilcox Mark Wild Mark Wild Seniorsfw Andra Wilhite Darin Williams Kevin Williams Michelle Williams Nona Williams Ron Williams Patrick Willis Ronda Wilson 4315 Scott Winn Michael Wong rlolly Woodruff Angela Woods Derek Wright Casey Wyatt Todd Yogerst Kristin Young m 4334 it Mfseniors Peggy Zimmer Renne Zlotnick Dawn Zuk Albert Zuvers . 1 David Bradford 41 Richard Maiocco Brigette Back Danny Basham Brad Bassett Scott Bauer Edward Beals Mark Benavidez Stephen Bower Lisa Bowers Shawn Briggs Rachel Brown Matthew Carden Zack Carmichael Anthony Case Raymond Codd Kristine Cordova Nejad Cosic Ricky Crider Jay Derousse Chris Dessaint Claudine Dimitriou Anne Dingman Roger Donoghue Anna Dorman Kenneth Dryden James Edwards Aaron Evans MTE -it ,Nha Gregg Granado Mark Nelson Mark Macomber , ' h5N1w7V1' ' ' ',. ,- k,..f i "lf "' '16 Z ' m al ,,,l , f .K 72 If '57, ,,.,, 4' CAMERA SHY Angela Faciano James Flack Tonica Flower John Frazier Jill Gilbreath Jeffrey Giran Wil Gonzales Vincent Hall Bradley Hardin Brian Hawkins William Henderson Margaret Hendricks Joseph Hendrickson Becky Horey Brian Humphrey Jeffrey Hutton Kia Johnson Christopher Jones Jennifer Jones Wendy Kauffman Nancy Kennemer Tiffany Kingman David Krants Taina Laukkonen Michael Lazaroff Michael Lee Cris Leonhardt Bobby Lima Yuhang Lin Perry Lowe Candy Lucas Nghia Ly Spase Matovski Karmen Matly Peter McBride Shawn McCain Kristy Mcdonald Justin McKelvey Ronals McLeod Mark Mellotti Carl Moore Ming Moss Joseph Mozeris Michael Murray Dana Newman David Nixon Robert Oldham Kelly Oshum Kimberly Pearson Tian Polston Phillip Powers Barry Pritchett Patrick Prudhomme Gloria Quintana Jennifer Racich Robert Roether Tammy Rosen Ronald Schaum Kevin Schoeff Tracy Sheble Don Smith Kathy Starrett Robert Stevens Lawerence Tennison Becki Thomas Celeste Thompson Dee Thomson Matthew Thriesh Lynds Tirocchi Lonee Turner Krishna Vaidya Michael Walker Jason Wamble Robert Wood Asam Ziraks Seniorsf45 D' f m ww-MG in my ESG? ' ooucf 'Sumo LU XwQwMyn hW bJ V my QNXVSSJJYX' 513255: NN . , .-www A P71 W .,w W' f' Wffk W Q35 V ' :sw 01255 ,QW TMQWAMWQQS X? 4:9 W"TQ4'f ff QL 45365 VW QQ Qmimv? 55523 QMQSKQJQH 2' 22 5 3 A T wig? Qi3 cf 12 .525 Q M. ' D f f 2 gf? 46 BI? - Vw ' 121.444 gqfwwj Haw ffm 006324, Lfifsfgfww' BW? riff - . 0 wwf ggi gi. 5' ' Q? T5 .5 ' . Q N37 0 M52 Ib' ' ' ' ' 61 ' 1 . gEJFfbW lu Q F ILILMEZ Q. X J . 335 U, 5 DO!wf"'L WM-33 if Wk MW Ugcwffffvf 47 X JU , X JJ Wi ffl' iliw NW igiii JUSUNU QQMQNAWQ 'So gd if 3 . S Z! jjcql fgwgf 55,357 egg? 3 ,X g fgof-Q37 QW ff aj? WSXW7 f 9515! WLoLQv27QQQ Q 4.8 Q'i MN UMWX24' Rf 3 2 55' . fl fkffzfe AMW my Sf? L QNSJW Q mm 5 my QV M gym Q 5fM0J0 wgiwBg?5Ei!?g Q 2W7jQP2Qf?i Ex Q gh , Skjawxf KR' S PW' jg was Xing ,ff 49 H I Ava "3 . 4 I. 3 st , ,ig Q vig: 995-hx 45 "' ' a. 'F :'X x i K - KN Scniorsj5l SENIGR FEVER QS VAL! PIJGTBALL M ff lug' ,nu ' uf- .,a. K fx' lhkxg lf. 59,1 Q. Bx"m...'n fN WW 'VL :J -N, xi Seniorsf55 SENIOR SHCRT S Derek Abbitt Football, Track, Wrestling, "Ski Club". Bye M.V.! To my two best friends, Pito and Cozmo, Bzles forever. l'll see you at the top of the hill. Debbie, l'll be waiting. Denise, hang in there sis, one more year. Dad and Mom, Thank you. I love you. Later! Nicole S. Abbitt Varsity Track 5 years: Orchesis, Pin Pals 4 years-Pres. 1 year-S. at L., "And We Danced", Ski Club: NHS: Varsity "Ress- lin" fan club Ihal. J.M.- You're the best, Te-glad we tried, C.H.-Let's get back on track, M.B.-lt's still warm, G.A.-Welcome back, S.M.- You really are sexy! John- Who knows? "Memories", Thanx Mom and Sta. Luv ya, Remember "Beaver", D.W.-Bananas! Amy Aird Softball, Volley- ball, Varsity Track, Orche- sis C5 yrs.J, Dance Shows: "Rhythm - n - Moves", "And We Dance", and "Dancin' in the Lights", Senior Home- coming Attendant. To all my friends in the B. crew - you're the greatest. S.H., L.H., M.J.-words couldn't express what you mean to me. P.M.-You're the best. W.G.-should we keep up the tradition? Mom, Dad, Kris-I love you. IThxsl Laurie, Tracy-Have a blast. Thanks M.V. Erica M. Akerstrom Span- ish Club, Choir, Orchesis. Farewell M.V. l'm sure I can live without you, but I will miss everything about you! Mom and Dad, thanx for getting me here, to my bet- ter half dong: you're the greatest. '87 rules. David Ambush Ski Club. Bench Boys-Get bent! K.J.- No fudge! W.A.-Oh, Jim! Twiglz-Good 5. OF Course I love you Gr will C U! Those who l've forgotten-Sorry. M.V.-l've got stars! 5lIfSenior Shorts Julie Amick Marching Band 5 yrs., Symphonic Band 2 yrs., HERO. Tommy, thank you for the best three years of my life, and all the ones to come! I Love You! Anita, if I ever need a paramedic ...! Glenda, you are very special. Steph, good luck! All of you and Mom . . . THANKS! Shelley Andrew Drama, Thespians, Karen A., David D., Sonny, Matt L., Dina, An- gie, Nikki, Sr Cindi-I love you all! To my boyfriend, David Reese-no matter what happens, l'll love U ll- ever! Antoinette Andrews Dance, Orchesis, Too Tall Club, M.O., K.G., you're my best buds! Friends 4-ever! D.A. Don't eat to many donuts! Guess what Mom Sr Dad?!? I made it!! T.B. we had some great times! One thing I won't forget, D.S. is the best!! Stephanie Arnold Marching Band, 2 yrs., Streakers, 1 yr. To Mom and Dad Thanks for all your love and sup- port Deven you're the best brother a girl could ever have! To Lori L. Thanks for being my best bud! Wendy Arnold N.J.R.O.T.C. D.E.C.A.-Secretary. Mr. Fi- scher stay weird. R.M. Sr A.D. l'll miss ya! Ha! Ha! Jill 5 years left. Jim "I love you". A.A. Sr M.R. Get mar- ried. MCP Sr CDR l'll miss you. Traci "Spaci" Aubuchon Orchesis 5 yrs. "Rhythm Sr Moves", !'And We Dance", "Dancing in the Light", Flagline 84-85. MV, my four years were the best. MM, I love you. NAU, here we come! To everyone else, H.S. wouldn't have been the same. Bye MV. Diane K. Baker Dance: Or- chesis, Rhythm Sr Moves, And We Dance, Dancing in the Light,, Theatre: Shrew Fantastiks, Diary, H8rM, Savage, NHS, Hoopster C85- 84l. Mom, Bad, Eric-I love you. Thanks for everything! My love Dan, Zep Sr I say Thank you. Sis-O.M.W. Si' S.A.L. forever. Good Luck Boomer, That'sjust the way friends are. lt's Gummy Monster Sr Mr. Right is on his way. Tom Balcom MV Basket- ball. Thanx MV for four great! To my true love V.V. l'll always be here for ya! Thanx to J, JG, DN, lt's been great! Jenni Ball DECA, 1 year. D.R.-You have been great! We'Il be friends forever. L.C.-l'm glad we're friends. Todd-I love you! We'll make it! Steven Balthazor Speech and Debate Team-4 years, Forum-4 years, president of Forum lSr. Sr Jr.l, Ski Club- 1 year, Mock Trial-1 year, NHS, Political Science Club- 1 year. Goodbye MCHS-Hel- lo ASU. To my former teach- ers-THANKS! and good luck, and to my friends- think positive, college can't be that hard for conserva- tive men. Kristin Laraine Barnett HERO Club. Hey gang- Thanks! Doc 5 and Aimers- 2 Thanks! 5rd hour auto's class-HAH. Biggs-Love ya. Triad-Together forever! Linda Barrett Cross Coun- try-1 year, Theatre-2 years, Orchesis. Finally!! Nat, you're a total sweetie!! Diane C. I know you always liked 'Pretty Boy'. Ha, Ha! Julie J. You're a weird-o! Still comin' to my wed- ding?! Delsie, I wuv you oh so much! Forever!! Later MV. Roselyn Batroni French Club, DECA, Orchesis, Hon- or Roll. To my entire family, thanks for the support. Jo, thanks for the help. Ned, you're the greatest. Much love, B.S. I love you all. Buddy Beals DECA, Young Metalheads of America, ln- ternational Hot Rod Assn., National Hot Rod Assn. To Sean-How's that 427? Dan- I'm gettin' one of those fee- lin's. Rob-Grow some hair. Long live the teenage mu- tant ninja turtles. Ken-Go fast. 8.9O's me too 10.90's metla! Melinda Bean Freshman Basketball, Varsity Tennis, Student Council-Senior Class Vice President, NHS. Thanks Peg for making these four years X-tra Spe- cial! I Luv you! HL, HW, KH, and TN-You are the best! CM, CM, TB, EK-Couldn't have made it without you. Melis and Mom, I love you. John J. Beaubien Football, Track, Cross Country, The- atre. ?To my Bro "you stud", Erik's ook's ox's inc.'s, "You're Doomed". Jenni J.-One very special person. All my love LF, BJR, Biff, BJ, JB, JJ, Cj-keep smi- lin'. JM-youdork Tiffany Becker Sophomore Representative, Concert Choir. Kimberly, Boo, Val, and Angel-Thanks 4 R week-ends, parties, heart-2- hearts, Sc all R wild adven- tures. DH-the best is yet to come! Pam Beckwith Frosh year Volleyball, Senior year HERO. Mom and Dad, I made it! I love you both very much!! To my gor- geous babe Doug, I love you with all my heart!! My BF, Michelee I love you Sr DJ, KG, 8r HS. Michelle Begley ACT, HERO, Theatre Arts, and Frosh Basketball. MV, I love you! Be good to Kim, Lan- ette, Sr Julie. PP 8r TT, I love you babes. Beck, it's been a blast. Mom and Dad, thanks for everything. MV 111. Randy "Pokey" Behm Ey Dudes! How's it hangin'? Get me out of here! SP "Gumby", DB, RL, UNO Bobs", SB, KM, JC, "Wass up Kile?" R + BB, DA, KY, LB. Love ya Carrie. Mark Benividez Football, Track, ROTC, MVAA, Stu- dent Government, Coach Moore's WT team. MV, thanks for the best. times. O-Line Sr 465, will live for- ever. To all my friends, may everything come true for you. Jason Bentz Varsity Track, Coach Berech's Varsity Broom Pushers, OFFICAL Volleyball Fan. Tom, it's been a rad 4 years, you stud! Erik, stay cool. RF, BH, Sf PP, lunch will never be the same! Good luck! Ro- byn, I had this vision Mindy, I do not Iaff funny. Jill, stop stealing those hub-caps. 6th hour corner, be quiet! Jeff, what's -V51? Thanks guys. Deland, hang in there bud. Mom and Dad, thanks. Love ya. Bye, bye MV. Watch out world! Tina fTeeJ Berg Varsity Vol- leyball-5 years, Division 1 Champs, Varsity Track 2 years, Varsity Softball, SK-2 years, MV Invitational Champs. Sue, meow, ha, We'll find a party one of these weekends! D-You will party at one of those week- ends. Nil, we're working on it, I'm glad. Jim, I lovejust "being" with you. Couldn't do it without you, LB. Bye MV. Hello Cal. Christine Biddle Student Council. Thanks to all my friends! I love you all! Yo Poppa Smurf! You go high, l'll go low! ?Where did you park? Catch ya on the flip side. Dave i'Crazy Dave" Bone Vice President Moon Valley DECA. Chris, thanks for the laughs, and your friend- ship. Leanne, good luck. I love ya. Kathy, I still love you, Taylor, you've hip. Gina and Armeda, smile and swallow. MV! Dave Borsh Varsity Foot- ball, Varsity T rack-2 years. 4th hour corner was great! Jeff and Paul, get real cars! Hopefully no problems next year! Chriss K., it was fun! Keaton, have a fun track season. Good luck Jeff with football next year. Tom Bradbeer Varsity Track-2 years, JV Wrestling, Soccor Club, Coach Ber- ech's Varsity Broom Push- ers, President of OFFICIAL Volleyball fans of MV. Yo J. Check this out! lt's over. Been fun. "The corner"- who has the answers? When's the album due out? MF, and JH, what's a class without you two? RF, PP. BH, who has gum? Berech, I need a coke. Erik, you stud. WW, you're wierd. MO- 5 years left-have fun. Hi mom and Dad, Love ya! Going to miss ya MV. David Michael Bradford Theatre, DTAM Society, Jazz Assembly, Non-Con- formers of America United. Pokey, stay cool. Best friends forever. JC, keep jammin'. It will take you far. Good luck to my other friends- KM, BH, AF, MM, CM, DK, SB, and GC. Teach your children. Mark Brakebill Football. Wil, Todd. Scott, Sam, Bob- by, Eric, and Skip-these last 4 years have been great! Thanks for everything. Sam, you can have my key chain for next year. Good luck next year. Christine "Chrissy" Bran- dell National Honor Soci- ety, Orchesis, Key Club, COE, TA Dance. lt's been great MV! Thanks for all the memories. SF, NL, FH, IH, BM, CH, C8rCM, you're the best! I love ya! Dance is great and so are DB 8: KB! I love you Mom and Dad. Good bye and good luck to all. Bobby Briner. Val, I luv ya! BFF! Angel, let's party!! Ne, good luck with the guys! Kim and Tiff, KIT. Rob, l love you forever!!!!!!! Shannon Britt H.E.R.O. SD, JL, ML, SV, and MS, thanx for all he great memories. Thanx Mom and Dad. Good luck Shelly. Charlie Brooks 4 years Football, 4 years Wrestling, 5 years Track, MVAA. Bye MV. lt's been great! Thanks for everything Camie. I love you! Teresa Brooks Chain Gang, French Club. Chain Gang and French Club, it's been grand. VKIAvendaI KI., CB, ISnobI, Where has the time gone? E.O. lCaptainJ JB, IPierreJ I love you both. Thanks everyone for the great years. This last state- ment ends the reign of the drooling Frosh. Teresa Brooks. Kenny Brown 4 years in Var- sity Soccor. To the Soccer Team-Keep up your skills. You guys are great. Kara, l'm glad I called you, I hope this works. BH, HS, DW, JK, GG, You guys are great. WW, Thanks for being a friend. Rachel Lynn Brown Soft- ball, Basketball, Concert Choir. Hilly - See U at NAWU! Steph - You are the best SS in the state! Pick - nice going chuckie. Luv yah! Burke - one more year with Caldwell, l'll wait 4 U, hurry Sr grow up! Tamara Buskirk AZ Close- Up, MUN 5 years, NHS, Var- sity Debate 5 years, Forum, Senior Class Secretary. Hey Gang! Sit wide. I wonder who's out tonight? TP and waterguns 4 ever! lthy busy- lady's-Ugh! Thamks for making these years the most bizarre and fun. l'll never forget all of our esca- pades. Thanks to all ofMV's outstanding teachers Sr mu family. Debators, we loved those judges. Dynda Butcher Skinnydip- pers and DECA. HM and LT, good friends. HM, don't par- ty too much and good luck with Kevin. Guess what Mom and Dad? I finally made it! Brian, l'll always think ofyou. Paul Buttermore Track for 4 years, 2 years Football. Jud, Dust, and Heather, let's do it at NAU. Jeff, Metal always. Anne, remember me. To all my other friends, may all cars grow larger, may all music get harder and faster. Roni Caldwell Ski Club. Thanks MV! Mindy - Thanks for your friendship. You're the best. Ang - Let's go ski- ing. l'll see you at NAU. Woobie - What can I say? Thanks. Hi DP! Todd - here I come. We're outta here! Ann Callees. To all my friends, "old" and new, re- member, l'll always think of you. Matthew M. Carden JROTC, Galaxy, Concert Choir, Dia- ry of Anne Frank, Damn Yankees, Political Science Club. Mom and Dad, Thanks Br I love you. BM - You have been the best friend I have ever had. CDR Sr MCPO - Thanks for your support. MV Company - l'll not forget anything. Good- bye MV. Hello USMMA. Bill Cavanah Tennis, NHS. Too all my friends at MVHS - Have fun in college. lt's not gonna be easy. So, party when possible. It'll help. All my BK buds - Take my ad- vice, quit! I am. Moon Val- Iey's a great school! Debbie Coley Hoopsters, Orchesis, "And We Dance", Honor Roll. MV, you're number 1! Good luck and many thanks to my friends, AG, AL, AC, KM, DH, CN. You're great! Thanks Mom and Dad. Lisa Collins HOE, Spanish Club for 2 years. KD, we aren't really geeds! Watch your patuska! MB, hold on to that door baby! SKP, you're my one true love! Al- ways. JB, fire up Seniorita! AE, l'm proud you're my fa- vorite. SR, bring that baby oil. Senior Shortsf55 Brandi Lynn Cooper JV and Varsity Spiritline, Orchesis, "Rhythm and Moves", "And We Dance", "Dancin' in the Lights", Freshman Homecoming Attendant, Ski Club. TS and VS: FIF luv ya. IA, AA, ss, ccr, sr, PM, MM, MJ, Sr KW: THX party buds! WW Sr SH: the Three Muskateers forever. LH and PN: love ya. MG Sr TD, FIF: MB: luv ya Br "Memories". KB: "Dance" DB: Thanx Mom! MS, love ya babe. Louis Core Senior Class Senator, Chess for 5 years, DECA, and HERO. Beaker, Foz, Rolph, and Miss Piggy, Fred: Boston rules, dudes! We survived Manlove, Kemper, and school lunch. What could possibly be next? Sabres, Stanley Cup in '87, Chris C. Cote Esq. DECA, 2 years Key Club, Rec, Sec., 1 year Model UN, 4 years S Sr T. JG, LP, MM, DB, DN, JD, LOV, DM. My best friends. Have good lives. Chrissy B., we could've been an item. Moon Valley, you're awe- some! Jason Cox 2 years Track. To my friends Cyou know who you arel - thanks for the support, for being there, for listening. We had ajammon' 4 years, but now we're ready to rock 'n roll! Stephanie Cox Ski Club, Photography, DECA, Hey MV! It has been a great 4 years! Gena UR the great- est, little sis, good luck -luv ya. Terri - Best bud, Mom and Dad, I love ya. Jim C., I wish you the best - Brett - Best Bro. 'Bye'. Kim Cummings 5 years Or- chesis. To the Lunch Bunch, thanks for every- thing. GG, KB, JK, Hey Dude! Jenny, good luck, babe. Thanks Mom and Dad. 'Bye Mv. Todd Daoust Football, Wrestling. Football 41. Scott- Name the closet and the girl and l'll be there! Buger - CAL time! Brake - Let's hit the Alamo! Eric - 56fSenior Shorts Wash your clothes. Good luck Sammy! Vinnie - Time to party! Sonya Dedrich Yearbook 2 years, Frosh and JV Soft- ball. MS, JL, ML, SB - Thanks for putting up with me for all these years. You guys are the best luck at ASU. Dallas Cowboys - Bet- ter luck next year. Tamara J. De Priest Span- ish Club, COE, and Concert Choir. 'Bye MV! To my fam- ily, I love you. To all my buddys, through the years, thanks for the memories. Cindy, it was nice working with you. To all firemen, dancers, and hardbodies, here's to you! Sean Dibbern. Metal up your donkey! Stud, next time use a dependable brand. You and your Nova '75! Don't forget sandbags in flag, Bud. Hey Duck, ever try tickle lips? Suz, what can I say? I love ya! Cassie Dingemans 4 years Ski Club, Sophomore Sena- tor, Jr. Class President, Sr. Class President, 4 years Calendar Committe, 2 years French Club, 2 years Pin Pal, SADD, Chorus, HHS. Bsball players rule! Ski! Feller, will you marry me? Susie, l'll miss you! You'll be at U ofA someday, I hope! 7th hour bench buds, let's party this sum- mer, K? Sara, good luck, I still luv you! Thanks Mom and Dad! MV, you're Fl! Anne Dingman Hey Carol - You M.L. Addict - lt's been pretty wild! D. and P. - Thanx for being there. Problems all gone now! lt's been a great year, and it's gonna get better. 'Bye' Bye Buster! Susie Donaldson 2 years DECA, Ski Club, Yearbook. Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa, thanks for your support and love. I love you! Cassie - You are too sweet! Let's keep in touch! Good luck at U of A! Kari - You are great and I love you - the MOST! Thanks for my responsibility! JSC - I love you - maybe someday? Mi- chelle and Lynda - Let's do lunch, not class! You are so fun! Eric - You are a guy! Thanks! David Dooley 5 years Swim- ming. l'm stickin' with you. 6 red long stem. Pete, get a life! Hagel. Let the rockers rock and the jocks play. Ssqueeze your adam's ap- ple! Chris Dow Cross Country, Track, MVAA. Thanks to Coach Sawyer for being a great coach and friend., and "Pick up the Pace". To our Streaker sponsors for all they have done, and to all my teachers for all they have taught me these past 4 years. To all my friends, Good luck in the future, keep in touch. To all dis- tance runners to come, I leave you "The Mountain". Good Luck. Good bye MV. Tracey-Lee Draper Taming of the Shrew, Diary of Anne Frank, Harold and Maude, Curious Savage, UTBU, ROTC, and Orchestra. Thank you Miss Benson, Comer. Smith, Miss Hud- son, MTK, and Mr. Kemper. l'll Never forget you. Hey Crash! "Little Running Hoonish" is alive and well in the hearts of those who love Shem. Kim Drummond Track, HOE, Pin Pals, Wrestling Manager. DB, l'You are sooo Hot"! LD, who do you like now? DW, I am nega- tive! LG, you know what I want to do? MB, good luck next year! AE, bye big B! Thanks Mom and Dad. I love you! You're W1 MV. Patty Dubasik Freshman Volleyball, Orchesis, Pin Pals, and HOE. Scott, re- member I love you! BB, RB, Sr Billy - lt's been great! MOE - Thanks sis. Lippy - Good luck with guys! Dana - "Like Coca-Cola". And WW rules forever! Dan Duckro To Buddy, Sean, and Rob, metal up your nose. And to Karen, my lovely girlfriend, I love you with all my heart. From Dan. Henry lHankJ Durham 4 years Ski Club, 5 years Football, 5 years Wrestling, Pole Vaulting. Alex, Dave, Rob, and Bill, let's hit it! Moon Valley, it's been fun. Mr. Kemper, thanks for your support! MG and BB, good luck! Tracy Eacock NHS, Senior Class Treasureer, 2 years Speech and Debate, 2 years Girls' Basketball. Mom and Dad, thanks for your sup- port! I love you! TF, you're my best bud! M Sr M, BK, and PPP! Heaven and Jour- ney! KP, I love you! You're so special! JD, we'll always be friends! LM - You made OJ fcun! TB, stress and tears! lt's worth it! DEC, love forever! J Sr S, good luck! Janeen Egerstrom DECA, Ski Club, Chess Club, Golf Team, ROTC, Forum, Choir, Band, German Club, SADD, and JA. MV, it's been real! Jeff, have a great one, love you lots! Lori, with you the best in life, friends al- ways. km, AE, Ts, GB, PM, KR, party on! l'll miss you all. Mom and Dad, I love you. Thanks. Tina Ehlert Dance Club. Thanks Gary, it's over! Hi Connie! Hi Stephanie! Love ya Dana! Luv ya Brian. Good luck everyone! Class of '87. Heather Engel National Honor Society, Theatre, "The Perfect 10", Make-Up Head for UTBU, Missy - You are the best! Love you. Diane - Forever Gummy! You are a true sweetheart. Deb - Thanks so much! Jud - You're a great son! Tricia,- J.C. Steph - Twin noses! M 81' P - XO. MV - '87 is 41. Sandra Evans 5 years Soft- ball Manager, 4 years The- atre, Shrew, Fantastics, Dia- ry, Harold and Maude, UTBU, Steph and Lonnie, you guys are the best- good luck! Ton - BFFA. I love ya. DC, TC, C 8: C, it's been great, eh? Soccor team, thanks for the memories! Mom, Dad and Bill - Thanks, l love you all! Good bye MV! lt's been great! John Falkenberg To all my friends l've known through the years, please take care and shed no tears, for l am the one who remembers all those years. Jason still lives on. Melynda Farrell Pin Pals, Orchesis, "And We Dance", "Dancing ln the Lights". Jill babe, l love ya! What should we have for lunch? CSaladi. CS 8: WK, you're great! Jason, you laugh fun- ny. Stacy, you're the best! Mark B., you're a Q-T! R, D, J 86 J, good luck at MV. Mom and Dad, l love you! Thanks for the great times, guys! Samara Ferber 2 years Skinny Dippers, 4 years Streakers, 5 years Hoop- sters, 4 years French Club, 2 years Marching Band, 5 years Concert Band. CB, my Pookie Bear! EH Sr LH, friends! HW, here for you! KD, 12 years! KB, KD, MS, lunch buddies! Mel, didn't know! Sis, good luck! Take care! Jasmine Fernandez HERO. Mom and Dad, l did it! Brof Sis, l'm getting there! Tony, keep reaching! Kim, Lisa, Con, thanks. Love ya! Julie, get an attitude adjustment! Lacey, sun shines bright! MV, thanks- everyone, love ya! Roller control all the way! Tracey Fetter NHS, Hoop- sters, Marching and Sym- phonic Band, Skinny Dip- pers, Forum, RL Club, M Br M admirers, Mustang Mania Member. Spirals - go for it! TE, my bestest buddy, BK, M :Sr M. Rob, HL, keys. We'll never forget. JA, thankyou. KS, need a ride. MA, dance. DM, Journey. R + B. Chow, MV '87 forever rules. Jim 'Cool J' Field V. Bas- ketball, Fr. Football, Span- ish Club, NHS, The Three Rebels, Ski Club, Air Force 1. Boomer, Kap'n Krunch 9 Chris, Javier! on to ASU and serious partying! No li- braries! The three Rebels live always! El shabbat - You're my best friend at MV now, live it up! Thanx to my family. Michelle - You mean much more than you know. Kathryn - l like women. Tina - You're special to me, good luck! Too all the girls l've loved and used . . . Qjk. l didn'tJ. Thanx MV. To all: make it happen. Laurie Fillman HERO. Poo- kie, l love you more! Mom thanx, l love you! Lisa, John, Sr Dustin, Best Wish- es! Jay Sr Heather, good luck at MV! Dad, l love you! Big J :Sr Linda, Thanx! 4 ev- erything . . . Paul Fitzgerald Choir, Track, Cross Country. Thanks to all the teachers and friends iyou know who you are! that helped me through Moon Valley. Later Days! l'm gone. Camala Floyd Skinny Dip- pers, French Club, SADD. Renee, we've been friends for a long time! Write me! You're great! Dale, you are a great friend and a wonder- ful boyfriend. We've had fun, let's keep it up! Geri Lyn Fortune Orchesis for 2 years. Bye MV!! Heather Purcell - we made it Spud lthat's bud with an "S" in front of itl. Hi John- ny!! Mr. Vogt - take care, esood job!! Doy Humphrey - l love you with all my heart. l love you Mom and Dad!! Brandy K. Frieze HOE, French Club. From one G.G. to the others KM.L. Sr B.T.J "OH Mr. W!" Good luck S.F. Sr R,T., T.R., B.K., M.L., B.T., S.H., K.K., Fozzy. "Jay, l love you." Congrats Seniors!!! Stephanie Fryer Orchesis, Ski Club, Sidekicks, Beau- Cu Crew, i'Thythm and Moves", And We Danced" "Dancing in the Light". BCC - Buds Wit - Whew! Grot - San Diego again? What mailbox? Bree - Hey Pirot! Meet U in a year! Dink - I love you - Little sis. UZTim. "l can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord. l've been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord." - Phil Collins. Lisa Gainey French Club, Advanced Choir, Concert Choir 2 years, HERO Club. Kathy, Carol, Pam, and Jenne, it has been really great. Let's keep in touch. Greg, you're hot!!! Pam, good luck with Brent. See you all after or in Europe. Love always. Rosamaria Garcia Ski Club, Streakers, 5 years X-Coun- try, Track, Band, NHS, Spanish Club, Adv. Choir, 5 years Vocal Ens., 2 years Concert Choir, President- 1 year, Damn Yankees, UTBU. "Ton" - Thanks for being my friend and VP i'Cyn" - See! We did it! "Mike" - lt wouldn't have been this same without ya! Thanxs to all my teachers! MV Fl! "l luv ya, M! D! B!" "Ozzy" - Do you know who l am?" Shelly R. Garone HHS, Key Club, FBLA. As l look to the future with memories of the past, l wish to thank my teachers and friends, the MV staff- especially Dr. San- tellanes and Mr. Miller - and Mom for supporting me as l struggled to succeed while "daring to be different". Amy Garrett HHS, Orchesis, Hoopsters, "Rhythm and Moves", "And We Dance", "Dancing in the Light", Honor Roll. DC, AL. TH, AC - Thanks 4 the good times! Luv U! MM - Keep Dancin', UR the best. CC. - U'll al- ways be special 2 me. Best 2 U all! I couldn't have bet- ter friends. Paisleys Rule. So long, MV. Casey George The Interna- tional Order of Seniors Who gave Up Those Senior Shorts So Franis J. Heaney Could Carry On Babbling. Part 2-Howdy to AP English, especially the Democrats: all the theatre types I over- looked: Mess vs. Lewis Sr Smith, MTK and JMC, my other favorites - DlP QDirect ln Peaceip further hellos to Matt, Dave, those wild Sr crazy Kahrl brothers, Mr. Winslow, Norm! Jeff, and lof course! et cetera. Don't miss part 5! Javier "Kapn' Krunch" Gil- more Spanish Club, HHS, Model UN, The Three Reb- els, Ski Club. Boomer, Cool J., see ya in Tempe for 4 years of serious studying! Just kidding!! lgnotz, stay sweet and inferior. El Shab- bat, see ya! Melinda, Hi!!? Free, Free, Free! Jeff "Dr. Dunk" Girard Var- sity Basketball for 2 years. T.B., G.G., J.J., glad we're great friends! MELS, TRlC, BETS, BABEE, good luck Sr thans - Y.V., L.S., SUSHI, - Save me a seat! Xav - Hey bud-Twoo times! Fish - Be careful! Kim - Blackmail. Ang - Luv ya! S.K., DEB - Thanks! Short - Good luck. Hey Seamen! Will Gonzales Baseball, Football 4 years. We did it! MV Football Team! l luv you guys! To do the chicken man! S.R.-Get a tolerance! B.R.-You stink! U ofA Brake! Get a car, Eric! Shotgun R.M.! Hi Fudgie! S.M. - Good luck! Vince - Road Trip! J.H., S.F., K.C., you're great! Thanks Mom and Dad and family and the coaches for all the help! Class of '87, 10 year reunion! l'm buying! Kelly Gosnell Orchesis. Hey now, the party just began! My best friends A.A, M.O., D.J., S.H., R.C., P.B., let's D.B. you bunch of P's! C, l did it! Thanx Mom, l love you! Gil'd!!! Lisa Graham COE. Freddy, Thanx for a great year! Gina, Wish you could have been here. l've missed you! Mom, never could have made it without you, thanx! Denni, it's been a great 4 years! l LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Carrie Grathaus - Care Bear - Bullfrog Dance, Orchesis for 5 years, "And We Danced", "Dancing in the Senior Shortsj57 Lights", Track and Softball for 1 year. S.F., watch out for falling mailboxes. Willis, football was expensive. T.A., M.M., 'IMC Bummer". To the members of the B crew - You guys are the best! Thanks for everything, Shanan! I Love you M.V.! Kyle Hillegrass To all my best buds S,K,D,A,T, Ken get real cars! Dweeb stay cool! Rhonda don't sleep with that camera! Cheers to THE CORNER! Bye MOON VALLEY!! Lisa Hitaffer Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Section Leader, Solo and Ensemble, Streakers I2 yrs.l, U.T.B.U. We made it! You're great C.B. l'll learn to keep my shoes together! S.F. l'll always remember your "swiwe" E.H. My bes- test friend, English accents Sr' nice knees will always make me happy! Everyone KIT 86 THANKS!! Bye MOON VALLEY!! Dawn A. Hoffman Soph. class Mem. at Large, Stu- dent body corresponding secretary 85-86, St. body re- cording sec., Chorus 2 yrs., Forum sec., Speech team I5 yrs.J NCM - your my bes- test friend-always remem- ber our memories. C.C.D.- you were the best bio-lab bud! K.B.-thanks for being there in STUCO! J.M.L., M.H., M.H., T.F., M.P., THANX FOR 6th HOUR! CAS-you were the best teacher ever! Thanks M.V. YOU'RE 411 T.Q. I love ya! forever. Jodie Hick HERO, HOC, Dance. Bye M.V. it's been fun. I want to wish my little bro, good luck. Knock them dead kid!!! And to Mike soon to be Mrs. Drane. I Love You. Till Death do us part. Stephanie Lynn Higgins JV Spirit-Line, Varsity Spirit- line, Orchesis, Dance Shows: I'Rhythem-n- Moves," 'IAnd We Dance", l'Dancin in the Lights," Out- standing Dance Award, Var- sity Track, NHS, MVAA, 58fScnior Shorts Homecoming Queen. S.L. and S.D. forever, Wendy- Twin Pep! Your special friendship will last forever! Bran- ltchys Rule! Luv Ya! Pam- your special!! Amy- Freinds Forever, Lynne- treasured memories, Skip- your one special guy! Kris- I luv u sis! Mom and Dad your the best! To all my su- per friends- I love ya!, God bless! MV is number 1! l'll miss you! Hold on to it and always stay in touch. C.S., 'lChiz Weeze". "Tommies". "Guy Searching". forever l Francis J. Heaney Thespi- ans, Speech Team, Chess Team, Fantasticks, Curious Savage,UTBU, Graduation? The horror, the borrow. Greetings to many rhythm sections to: Greg fyou could be an actor!l: Bill Idit- tolz K-Van fNo milk?l, Cath- leen fmy favorite pixiejp Jill, the mad artist: Heather M. la wondrous co-TAJ, Traci Iyour nose is finely Louis Ithanks for the albumsl. To be continued . . Jason Helton DECA, Yo, Yo Bud! All that love me, I love you 2, Especially Bucken Bronco. When I break down, I want my body in K.J.'s hands. Yo! Eric and John and Jason. Chill ll! Joe Henderson Sense, Jammin, Jode Bug and Ju- bie l', gonna rule the world. If you know what I mean. Basin- along. Michelle Herndon Marching Band, Pin Pals, Orchesis, COE. Well M.V. Its been great! Hey Shanan lLet's go campingl fha! hall D.B. For- get the jerk lLets Partyll Thanks Mom and Dad for everything MVAA, and Ski Club. Steph, Wen, Pam, Dawn, San Diego will never forget us! Thanks for all the memories. Amy and Mi- chelle, I love you guys. Sue, you're the greatest sis in the world! A.L., I love you! Mom and Dad, thanks. You're the best! It's been a blast! 'Bye Mv, Michelle Hamilton Flagline, Orchesis, Ski Club, NHS, Who's Who Among Ameri- can High School Students?. Mom and Dad, I love you both. Flag girls, it was great! Steve M., I love you always! Tyree, thank you for every- thing! Rene, almost there! Stephanie, always be hap- py! Yo Bob! Traci Hansom Pin Pals, 5 year Orchesis, 'IAnd We Dance", "Dancing in the Lights". Amy, Ann L., Ann C., thanks for everything. Good luck. Jo, yo're a great friend. Have fun at MV. Tony, have fun and be good! Jess, I love you al- ways. Brad Hardin To S.S., S.M., K.L., D.R., M.L., B.F., A.F., J.C., Sp.M., I love you all. You've been great friends. Ed, keep makin the pizzas. MV, it's been great! Caryl Hatley DECCA, The- atre, Speech. C.B., l've nev- er seen love like yours, and Jerry's. In fact, l've never seen fighting like yours and Jerry's. Denise Guthrie COE, NHS. Shelley, thanks for being there for me! You're a doll. Kim, thanks for our talks. You've helped me alot. Gina, ITRA '75J. Mom and Dad, thanks. Sean, good luck. TAJ, love always. It should have been class of '87 Cynthia A. Hakalmazian Freshman Basketball, Pin Pals, 5 years ski club, 2 years Varsity Swim, 5 years Orchesis, 5 years Dance show, JV Softball. The women, T.A., J.P., C.L., C.K., D.S., L.H., T.B., N.A., K.V., thanks for your friend- ship and memories. To my bros, thanks. I love you guys. David, I love you sweetheart. Mom and Fa- ther, I did it! I love you MV. Daraka "D.C." Hale Orche- sis. M.G., L.N., D.G. and K.S., thanks for being there on 10-26. To all the "Nasty girls" and "Nasty boys", Iet's party! Brenda Hall Orchesis, Deb- bie and Donna, you guys are the best! M.L., it won't be the same without you. A.L., thanks for showing your true colors! Cutie, I love you. Lynne Hallford J.V. Sr Varsi- ty Spiritline, Orchesis, 5 years, 'lRhythm and Moves", "And We Danced", "Dancing In the Lights", Sophomore and Junior Homecoming and Sweet- heart Royalty, NHS, Gary Gregg Freshman Foot- ball, Basketball, 2 years of Baseball, MVAA, To the lunch buds B.H., H.S., J.K., D.W., it's party time. Well B.H., Iet's shoot some hoops. J.K., ski on. M.L., "Nice Truck". Mom and Dad, thanks, love ya. MV, ffl! Bob Gray Ski Club, Break- fast Club. G.B., D.T., J.F., K.H., S.W., L.F., been fun partying with you! Wait until we graduate. Party! Ford rules, Dodge is so -- so. K.G., good luck. Lisa, I love you. Frank IMWBCI Gagliardi Wrestling. Jim, Chris, Javie, Dana, You're all great friends. Staying in the hos- pital for a month wasn't fun! But, you guys made it excit- ing! Mrs. Durr, I love you. Rosa, good luck little sis. To all my other friends, it's been real fun meeting you at those wild parties. Colleen Gunkel COE Secre- tary. DG, We made it sis! I love ya! Good luck with T.H. T.J. - I love you. Thanks for being there. Mom and Dad, I love you both H.P., Iet's dance. 'iBye MV. Denise Gunkel HERO. Col- leen, you're a great sis! H.P., A.T., S.S., S.V., we be jammin'! Mom and Dad, I Iovw you! Tim, you're great! 'Bye MV! Elisa Hoffman Streakers I5 yrs.J, N.H.S., U.T.B.U. L.H. Remember water guns, trees, windows, everything eles! Best friends always! I B.M. Smile 86 eat slower! C.B. Remember Acct. Sr Ii- braries Ishoesl S.F. Movie sets Hither! Best of luck to everyone Sr KIT! BYE M.V.!! Lisa Janine Holt Orchesis I5 yrs.l, Varsity Swim, Frosh Volleyball and Basketball, Hoopsters I1 yr.l, Wrestling, Mgr. Ski club Tracey-Thans for putting up with me Sr I LOVE YA just the way you are. "toy babies WATA- DANCE" CLASS OF 87' thanx for making this year the BEST! Janice Horton Orchesis I2 yrs.l Ski club Kris- Squishy, Squishy, It's been great babe + we will go on to- gether after grad.: M.L. I luv ya babe + it's gonna last 4 ever, L.M. UR special + hope the 5 of us can stick together, until marriage Thanx!! Christal House "Sweet Pea" l'd like to thank all my friends for making me feel so comfortable at M.V. There is 2 many 2 name Sr to the F.B.T. YOUR GREAT GUYS, Wrestling also, To the class of 87' Take care and God bless you. Love Christal House Rene' Housos Volleyball, Dance, Basketball, Track, Swimming, Softball, Hoop- sters, Orchesis, D.E.C.A., Ski club. To Tracey Have an awesome Sr. yr. I'II be watching you! Lindi keep after 5'1O" Mouse Man someday you'll catch him: Michelle Learn how to swim you'll be chasing the boat. Thanx for all of our great years! I Love Ya! Judson Humphrey Model UN, Track, Chess Club, Y.M.D.A., Political Science, French Club. This is Clark! Mom, get a haircut. D.B., L.H., S.H., H.M., meet all my other women JUST SAY NO! Ifor a change.l I love You! Hudson, Whalley, and Lewis- you guys sober yet? Many Moppets- get a life,ju- niors! Paul and Pat well nev- er mind! Bye MV! Jull Humphreys Pin Pals, Dance Shows: On the Move, And We Dance and Dancing in the Lights. CS, ME, WK, you made my 4 years at MV the best. DA, Best Bud Al- ways. Will, your one of a kind! Hi Mark. GI my art bud. A. Smith my art in- spirer. Sean, I love ua! Class of 87 your the great- est! Sara Hussain The best of luck in the future to the Class of "87". Don't forget me when I'm gone, Dawn, Ed, and Karen. Jess Ingram Track, Cross Country, One fo the wj horse members finally made it, I love you Traci, Don't forget it, 69 goats an 66 Novas Rule, long live the Moterheads. Diane James Ski Club. P.B. and K.G. you guys have been great friends, Don't ever change. TB Have fun next year. Gregg you'll al- ways be special to me. Mom and Dad and Deb I luv ya. Good-bye M.V. Jeff Jenkins Basketball, NHS Friends I luv ya. Thanx all coaches. J.C. luck in BB's next year. J.G. and T.B. thanx for being best buds. l'lI miss ya. Luck to ya T.B. and J.G. in coll. BB. Goodbye everyone. Erica Johnson Orchesis Thanks to my friends and family who with their sup- port made this day possi- ble. I love you all! Thanks for being a part of my life. Adidos MV. Holly Johnson Marcing Band and Symphonic Band. Here's to all the band ween- ies! Love you guys! Say hey Moe- What it be? Kerri-l'I'm sure!" Hey Kimmy-love ya doll, good luck with the QB's! Mark- l'Il never forget you. RM- your great! Leslie Johnson Chess- JV captain My friends Ed, Jad, Ken, Louis, Dave, and Ja- mie thanks forthe support. "Vivre Le Fromage!" Check! Let's take state! Michelle Johnson Pin Pals, Track, Ski Club. Mom, I couldn't have done it with out you! AA your the best. PM Central is always a blast! SJ l'm glad were clos- er. ATG we can't let the girl parties end! Bobby, I Love You! Mrs. G your the best! Shanan Johnson Spiritline, Orchesis, 'lRhytem and Moves", "And We Dance", Yo baby, No baby, Go baby, b-crew. To all the friends I have met over the 4 years, I love ya!! Especially, VS, KW, PM, MJ, AA, CG- friends for- ever! WG- I'll always love you! Tia Johnson Tennis. To my BEST stoner frenz Bill R. and Scott N. 'llizard hunting my house high noon! Scott, "I don't like your attitude." Guys its been REAL, TAKE CARE! Fi- nally, Taylor. No one could ever compare. I luv U. Cal. watch out here we come. "PARTY PAD" To my broth- er Tim, Don't get into any trouble! Traci Johnson Moon Valley Messenger To: Missy and Monique, my best friends- you've made these 4 years great! Especially to my par- ents- I hope l've made you proud! Vance Johnston Basket- ball, Baseball, NHS, Ski Club. W.G. and S.R. roses!! T.D. a garbageman? S.F., C.G., A.A., B.C., you dudes were a lot of fun, best wish- es! Spike good luck. Mom and Dad, Luv ya. Kyndall Lynn Jones Orche- sis. Diane and Stacy, Love ya and have a great Senior year. Kristin, good luck with Jimbo. Christy, go get'em, I luv ya! Robert, l'll never stop loving you babe! "87" Phillip Kahrl NJROTC, NHS. Goodbye MV, MC, PO and Cdr. Its never failed to be interesting. Remember what the only true pleasure is. Kimberly E. Karcher Orche- sis, Sluggeraids. Jackie, Ever since we have become best friends, my life had changed. We have created so many memories togeth- er. We'lI always be togeth- er. I would die 4 u! 4 u! Mom-I Love you! Wendy Kauffman Basket- ball, Orchesis. EJ, MF, CS, JH, YV, we had our fun! l'll never forget you guys! "Me Amigos Por Vida!" Thx for the memories MV! RL your my BF and life! Hello Ms. Boom! PK Good Luck with the guys! RB I miss you! Thx Mand D! Hi Skid no more lies. Jeff Keaton Varsity Corss Country and Track. Dabe and Mike have fun running! Brent, Hawk and Rod C. its been great. Rod J.-l've en- joyed the classes dude! Terri I love you! Forever! Scott friends to the end! Borsh- its been fun! J,T,S,S,K,M, the corner rules! Shannon K.- 'Easyl' Sawyer-thanks for all the help, Knecht-l'll miss ya! Doug- keep it up! See ya later MV! Dance Teachers- Thanks- I will be famous 1 day. Valenda Kuester Hoop- sters. Teri-Eyebrow, Chris- tine- "Boss Deal" Kathy- Thanks! T- Great 4 years. MV 111 Love ya Mom and Dad!!! Bye MV! Deborah Kuhajda HOE, COE, Harold and Maude- makeup, Curious Savage- construction, Spanich Club 2 years, Ski Club 1 year. Nona good luck at NAU, Donna don't party to much, Brenda try not to break any- more hearts, Thanks MV for the greatest times and memories of Em, Val IMil- liel you better be good to Jon. Shari IaCass HERO, The- atre Arts. SB, SB, JG, 8: PA, thanks! Good luck- Cos- mo's! BD hang in there! Todd, I'll love you forever! Mom Sr Dad- thanks, I love you! MV thanks for the memories, au revoir! Senior Shorlsf59 Jeanette Lamphier Frosh softball Sr basketball, JV softball 8: badminton. Sony, Misty, Sr Melissa awe- some 4 some 4-ever! CF, SB, RL, SD, RH, JE, BT, MR all the best of luck! Val many memories! Janice call! Bobby 8: Chris only 5 yrs.! Patty, only 9! Mom 8: Dad, I love U! Kathy-Ann Lang Stacey and Lady Di, Best friends al- ways! TB, vk, kJ, JI., LM- thanks for everything. Mom and Dad, thanks for it all, love ya lots! C-Hey Gumba! SE have fun in col. Bye MV. Nancy Latham COE, Book- store. Hey, Bookstone Bunch! It's been great. I'm glad I had the chance to meet you all. CB, MR, LH, MP, CH, and TW, you guys are the best. Mom Si' Dad, I LOVE YA. Melissa Leddy Sam- "I didn't know", MS, JL, SD- friends forever, BKF- "Yea Team!" Bro "Good Iuck" at MV, luv ya Derek, BT, BF- "GG", God bless- good luck! Fran Ledger Advanced Choir, Concert Choir, En- semble 2 yrs., Damn Yan- kees, Triad. Davie attack! Jo!, Anna!, I need a con! Cindy, luv that bug! Room 156, the place to B.42 Tri- ad- Ow baby! Ow baby! Ed, do the time warp! Rosa I luv U! Matt Lentz Finally! Gweg- what color is the bear? Red? Nik- Depeche Mode! The Cure! Jer, Two more! Hans- On to Scotland! Per- ry- You wimp! Dave! Look away! See ya! Clint! Aaron, Mike, Rob, 8: everyone! Peggy Lin National Honor Society, Student Council, Model U.N. Thanks MV for making my 4 yrs. the most memorable! Thousands of thanks to all of my friends, especially Melinda, my best friend 4 ever! David, a real "TRUE BLUE". I'm glad you've come into my life! I LUV U SO MUCH!! 60fSenior Shorts Sandy Little Orchesis. Steph, all my years with you have been great, Yvonne, keep in touch, and Kim, re- member the Hoe! Love ya all! Chad Lober Ski Club, Na- tional Honor Society, Gra- duate of the Richie P. School of Driving. Yo Joe! Got to take a road trip. It's been fun, but let's not do it again. Beauty playing Go "Goat" Calder, keep the tires on the ground. Pamela Nice J turn Dan. Michelle Loftus Pokey, thanks! Maria and Block- head best of luck! Love you guys! Jim, what's my sur- prise? "You and Me?" I Love You!!!! Goodbye MV FOREVERII!! Kim Lngenecker Tennis. Goob- "Fuzz", Geebers rule! Mrs. G- Ed lives! Carl- Luv ya still. Thanks MV for 2 awesome years. NAU- Here I come! Holly Lorka JV, Varsity bas- ketball, Frosh, JV softball, NHS, EA. Here's to pink Ho- siery, red shoes, Sr thumbs. Traci- Stay sober. We're not crazy. Bob- Just get me a Pepsi. Mel- Carpe diem. Rach- Do the Funky Chick- en, Bubba, ER- I found the sidewalk. Farewell MV. It's just a fantasy." Candy Lucas Ski Club, COE, Orchesis, Ryth. and Moves, And we dance. JP, CD, TM, CR, CH, TD, Ya'll are the best. J- wait over by the car honey. J Sr C- surf's up. BB I still Love you. Ann Ludwig Hoopsters, Or- chesis, German Club. Hey Debbie, we've finally made it!! DC, TH, AG, AC, you're my best friends. Good luck. To all my German Buds, have fun. Leah, I know what's on your mind. Tony J. Lype The "Mighty" Rocket Marching Band. To the band, all those hours of hard work finally paid off. We are "Mighty"! To Larry, Bert, Sr Allen, thanks for the football games, Super Sprint forever. To Cupcake from Pooky Bear, l'Il love you always. Cathleen M. MacDonald Soph. senator, Jr. Secre- tary, Student Body Treasur- er, Rey Club, Close-Up President, Thespians Vice President, Theatre- The Taming of the Shrew, Har- old 8r Maude, The Curious Savage, UTBU, NHS, HOBY Ambassador, Busy Ladies of America. Hey You GUYS! Slim- Poor Sr. H! TB- Chi slaunching still another campaign! ER- the build- ings are belching people. Mr. L- Imagine a pixie TN- Fairy Who? Love, Strike, OC, Spike, Munchkin, x-all of me. Christine MacDonald Nhs President, Newspaper, Soph. Rep., Junior senator, Student Body Corresp. Secr., Close-Up, Thespian, Rey Club, Ahtletic Incompe- tents of America, Model U.N. CMM: I love being co- horts in crime! Get me to a constitution! TB: How long is your stupid lisr? Lady, Hey, Lady! EK: Say HI to John for me! I live for Cap- puccino mornings. Boy is this space small, Oh well Heather MacDonald HERO. Lone and Dynda, can you believe we finally made it? we've had a lot of good times, I'm sure we'll have a lot more! Chris M. Stay cool! Revin if its meant to be it will be!! Mark Macomber Wrestling, Ski Club. Good luck to ev- eryone still at Moon Valley. Derek we did it they couldn't clean our locker. Aaron Pinetop was cold look out Utah. The Bzles are loose. We broke the Jar. Thanks Mom and Dad. Richard Maiocco Frosh Football, ll- years Wrestling. Coach Smith thanx for making me a trasher, Marc and Ant many more yrs. Mom and Dad thanx for ev- erything. Tam Good Luck! Later MV. Maryanne Maloney A.G.- You're truely my BF! "Lunch Bunch"- You've made this year great! You all are special! X.P.- You're one ofa kind! L.S.- l'Bench Buddies" Luv you! W.W.- Luv you too!!! Pat Mans German Club. "The Crew" its been great. Mom, Dad and Sis, "I Love You!" Mankato State and the hockey team, I'm on my way. Linda Marks NHS, Marching and Symphonic Band-Sec- tion Leader, Secretary, Vice-President. Deb, Hey B.F. We're gonna make it. I Love ya! Rene and Dave, we made it. It's been great. C.S. and R.G. you look sexy! Steve- remember chem? u have a cute smile! R.E. Bif, T.D. and Jon- I'lI miss you! M.V. ffl! Kathleen Martin Concert choir, Drama, Rey club, Vo- cal Ensemblie. lJune 1987, prisoner 876696 will be set free to face the world and conquer all that is in it. Jody Barker C.H., T.D., D.C., L.H., and everyone else, I missed thanks for everthing. I love you guys. Tricia you be good and re- member I love you! Mom and Dad your the greatest. Thanks for everything. I love you two. Robert L. Martin Band, R.O.T.C., Weight lifting, Ski Club. Sean-How many more bubble baths? Buddy-Keep speeding! Dan-Keep lifting. Mark-We're on our way. Thanks to ever- one who welcomed me to Phoenix. Eric Marx N.H.S. Thanks my staff for making H.S. enjoy- able and educational. To all those who have been good friends good luck in col- lege. Delon, you only have one year left. Lil brother, try harder, it works. Renee Mastin Diving, H.O.E., Orchesis. Tracey- you're the best, Vince- Thanx for the memories, Mom-Thanx for everthing. Sis-1 more yr. make it the best. Ernie-I'm all yours now, I love ya! Spase Matorski Me again, with a cavalcade of note- worthy phrasas! Minimin, maxinum, moneys: ready man: that stuff about the chicken sandwiches- that was only philosophical: clone: everybody, it's a good thing: I got a bumpy hat: Eva Braun: huzzah: happy Calizza: I hope you explode: could you identify the scent? Hasta la vista! Glennys Mattos Deca. Lau- ra your the biggest "B 'I know. Denni Sr Jason the breakfast was great and so were you! Peter McBride You are now safe the "Dew C." is no longer here and will leave no more T.P. on your door step may be "H.W." "T.B." Michael W. McManamy Shrew, Fantastics, Diary, Yankees- the Dummy Iives!, Thespians, Galaxy, Ensem- ble, C.C. CI love you all.l M.T.K. S Mrs. Memo- ries never to be forgotten. B.K., R.G., lVl.C., S.J., - Friends forever!! S.S, LV. Pl, "Jay", Nifer-Great meeting you! KIT. J.J., B.P., S.J.- Keep singing for God! Luv U! Ann-I luv U "851", LM., B.B., S.R., Taco Bell rules! Heather J. Mecham Cur- ious Savage, Damn Yan- kees, U.T.B.U., Lunatics For A Better America ILuFA- BAmJ, Student Council, Thespians 2 yrs. T.S. IVA- MATWAWC: "J" Wonder Twin power! L.U.-Look to Jesus, R.X-Live and Laugh, D.M., F.H.-Pursue and Con- quer, M.T.K.-I'Il never forget you. I.L.Y., Dustin-All of my love, Forever. Matt Mercer Strategy Sr Tac- tics, H.H.S, Model U.lNI. These things are too short to write anything serious, so I'Il just take up space Francis could have used. L.P., C.C., D.N., I'm ashamed to know you. Tracy Merz C.O.E., Pin Pals, Dance. To my friends- Thanx for making this yr. the best! It holds many memories! Mono-I luv U! Chad-The best of luck! D.J. thanx for everything. Bye M.V.! Jeffery B. Middleswart De- bate, Forum, Boys' State, Ski Club, N.H.S., Mock Trial. Chris-Keep the conserva- tive faith: Kathryn-I'll think of you more than every 5 minutes: Bill-Lose the ear- ring: Marc-Get a real car: Steve-You're a true master debator: Andy-You can B V.P. in 2008, Winslow! Kem- pin 88, T.E, T.A.B., L.S., M.M., P.Z., I Love you all. Laura Mills Hero. Good Luck Marcie, Mom Sr Dad, thanks for sticking with me. I can't believe I made it. Mi- chael will be together 4- ever. Shaun 86 Ron will be buddies always. Donna Minor Deb, Brenda, Nona. Well buds, lt's been great. Chris F. good luck your last two years, go get it all. To the "other" Miner, the torture is finally over. Thank God I'm Out! Dawn Monet Orchesis-I5 yrs Its finally over! Karen C. your the bestest friend any- one could have. MM I'm gonna miss ya! Ronnie, re- member loverboy? Derrek, your a great friend! Mom Sr Dad thanks! Ron, we will spend the rest of our lives together! I Love You! Carl Moore ROTC, Track Chris, Mark, Mike, Rob- Thanks for the memories- CB's forever! Duane, can't get much closer to brother! K Dale-here's to the dreams, tears, Laughter Sr good times-friends always. MCPOXCDR, my eyes are open now. Rod, I'm very "Grateful" to you. lt's been such a long time since I've taken of this uniform. Dale- lets ride! Michelle D. Moore Ski Club 85-87, Orchesis 84-87, Hero 86-87. MV I luv ya, lt's been great. Gee-we'lI do lunc! "yeah" coctails, Meri You've been a great friend. "The Breakfast CIub" Staci Moore C.O.E.: Well S.H., we made it! Dad and Mom thanx! Scott-Stephi stay out of trouble. Phil, I love you and I always will! D.R.-How BIG is it?! Let's party. Amy Morgenstern Key Club. DWHAK's-lt's been a great 4 yrs., keep in touch: Lunch Bunch-Don't eat too many chocolate chip cook- ies: May there always be a pun in your heart. Chris Morris Thanks to all of my friends and most of my enemies for making this place worth going to. Spe- cial thanks to Cheri R., Lone, Head, Matt, AI, Bry, Sr F.G. Bob-How are ya doin'? Bye, Rugby Mike. Heidi J. Morris Key Club-4 yrs. Clerk, Sr. Cls. Rep., Theatre-4 yrs. German Club- 1 yr., l'l.H.S. Sis- Thanks for your help. Lau- ra-Don't foreget the zoo! Mike Sr Katie- Best frosh I know! Erica- no more rides Tiff- Rocky forever Lis-You mean so much. Dave- You mean more to me than any- one, Luv Sr miss ya!! K.I.T. Ming Moss JV and Varsity Football, JV Track, Frosh Bsktball. To YHL, JF, PL, WW, MC, BP, SH,- Thanks for all the memories! YHL, PL, AL- U of A here we come! CB I'lI love you for- ever! Dave "The Beeker" Musick JROTC .'5 yrs, Chess 4 yrs, Ski Club 1 yr, Student Council 1 yr, Strategy Sr Tactics 2 yrs, AP Physics 2 incredible yrs. Hey Dudes we made it! Louis, Hey Boss, What are we going to do this summer? Let's make it a blow-out! Hey Seniors- See ya in 10 years. David J. Myers Spanish Club. Peggy I love you! De- ven- 2 more years-hang in there. Thanx Chris, Craig, Mike, Joe, Susan, Tammy, April, and Cindy, I love you Guys. Xavier Sr Bop Peggy- True Blue. Michelle Myers Spiritline 2 yrs., Track, and Orchesis. Lynne, Amy, and Steph! I love you guys. Your friend- ship has meant so much to me. Remember J.V. year? Those were the days!!! Take care, and the best of luck. Thanks for always being there! Stephanie Ann Myers "Taming of the Shrew", Or- chesis "85-86", Talent Show I5 yrs.J, Spirit Line Mascot, Ski Club. Mom Sr Dad-I luv U-Lar-Thanx for being there-luv U Bro! Luke- tich-U R the best! Wam- Thanx for the friendship! "Spank" Forever-Luv ya "Squit"-M.L. 8r J.K.-U guys are great! S.L., M.M., K.C.- Lunch buds!! To everyone- I'll miss you! lt's been fun! Bye M.V.! Noelle Christine Michael H.O.E., Scott-You're the best: l'll love you forever. Julie-We will be best buds! F A.S. Sr S.S.-you guys are the greatest, D.H.-Thanks for everything! Scott Nichols Football, Soc- cer, Baseball, Track. Delon- Thanx for making my last two years the best. I know we'lI be forever. Keep your head up and look to the fu- ture. I love you!! Traci Nikolaus Taming of the Shrew, Diary of Anne Frank, Harold and Maude, Curious Savage, U.T.B.U., Pl.H.S. Secretary, Thespians Secretary. Kath-Be proud to carry on the groundhog name! Click! Fairy May- Re- member who loves ya, baby! Busy ladies unite! J.G.- People like U only come around once in a "Blue Moon." Lisa Niver C.O.F.. Club. Christine Sr Comp.-Thanx 4 the craziest times! April, Ang, Steph-you've been great friends! T.J.-no, I was there first! CJ-make your last year the best! Lookout MVFB -ffl, F88 is coming soon! Senior Shortsf61 David Nixon Key Club-trea- surer 2 yrs, Spanish Club, Model UN. lt's been a great 4 years. Thanks AM, RG, NW, SG, CV, FL, KB, HM, LS, LD, MM, LL, TD, LP, and all my teachers. Good luck Key Clubbers. Adios Amigos! Bethany McElhaney Band, Orchestra. Butch, Jay, and Stephanie thanks for being there, Chrissy, Samara, Elisa Sr Lisa you're the greatest friends. Debbie McElwain Hoop- sters, Ski Club, Hero. Well Chelle we made it. Thanx for the good times! Dave thanx for this summer, I miss ya a bunch! Good Luck Jennie they're Waitin for ya! Todd have fun next year. Bye Mv Pamela McGuire Pin-Pals, Wrestling manager, MVNC. AA, SJ, MM, SM, MJ, KW, BC, US, RR, you guys are the best. Thands for every- thing. Memories are for- ever. "87":1f1. Michelle Mckenna Varsity Badmiton, Tennis MVAA, NHS, Sidekicks. CG, SJ, PM, JA, KP, AA, MJ, US, BC, 'tBeaucoup B-Crew" Thanks for the great times!! GG, TA McBummer!! PM thanks for lunch. Love ya!! JF "Friendship" Ha! Ha! Love ya! Thanx MV, it's been Great! Kassandra McKeown Ger- man Club UP-2 yrs, Key Club-1 yr, Model UN-2 yrs. Welp, to all my awesome friends l8r Geebers!J l wesh you the world Sr' all it has to offer. Have fun in life you wus's. Asta Kas Alex Nolan Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball MV my 2 yrs. have been great. Foot- ball we did great this year. Rob and Bill lets go raceing Hank and Dave ski time tNo guts No glory! Lianne Nurse HERO, 'tHar- old and Maude" "Shrew" MOE, Karen, DC, and Deb- bie, thanks for being such great friends! JR, will love 62jSenior Shorts you forever! Pam, you're a great sister! "PARTY" Bye MV Machelle Obuchi Too Tall Club AA, DA, KG, you doo- bies made my senior year fun. Jeff Hack, l know we're gonna make it, l love you babe, its us forever! Mom and Dad thanks l love you! Eric Olson Poll Vaviting, Government with Winslow. It was the Samon Moose, John's Jesus James James inc."s. Yo Jay, J.B., J.H., L.R., J.O., You're the best. America-l'm still a free man. Katy Pabst X-Country 14 yrs.J Track C2 yrs.J Mom-ln my book, you're the great- est. Ann-Thanx 4 putting up with my big mouth and messy room. Chrissy-Boy crazy but lovable. Traci-Big mouth and wild and crazy. Stacy Pickrel Softball-4 yrs. R.B., T.B., Humbabe luv ya both! Steph-You're the greatest! Thanx 4 every- thing! Kim-Here l come! Mom Sr Dad, Thanx 4 your support. l love you! Tom, it's all yours! Jill Plass Orchesis-5 yrs, Phythm Sr Moves, And We Dance, Ski Club-2 yrs, Freshman Softball. Sinful 6 Sr C.H.-You're all great. Thanx for making this year the best. C.L.-You have to pay the rent. See U all on the flipside. Bye M.V. Thanx M Sr D. Kathryn "Fred" Pollak Fr., Soph., Sr Jr. Treas.-Student Body Prez-4 yrs. Tennis-5 yrs., Badminton, N.H.S.-2 yrs., Speech, S.A.D.D., Con. Choir. '87 yeah! M.M. BfFf F, L.S.-have fun at M.V., C.N., C.M., M.B., D.H., P.L., M.N.-Thanx 4 the friendship 86 love! T.E.-Luv ya "cutie", L.C.H-U R special 2 me. J.M., S.B.-Libs not cons, Mrs. Gl luv you, Here "smut". l luv M.V.H.S. Liegh Pomorski Rocket Rasslin', H.O.E. Mr. R- Thanx 4 everything. Bzle Bunch, all my love, G.A., E.M., R.M., M.S., A.V., Sr Crew-Thnx you're great buds. Mom, Dad, Cris-l made it. Gumby FfF, so long M.V. -- Pokey. Lonnie Power Strags. Sr Tacs., M.V.S.C., Arizona Mo- del U.N., M.V.l.P. Thank U M.V. ll don't know why.D To my fillies- l love U all. Bye, Ellen. Matt-Mellow out. To my fellow dudes-Have fun in the future. Thank U Mom Sr Dad. Mike Phetteplace Chantel- l'm glad we found each oth- er, l wouldn't have it any other way! l-hope we last forever!! All l can say is l Love You Bunches!!! S.l.M.S.B. Lavonne Marie Napier Cho- rus- 5 yrs. QCC 1 yrjp The- atre-2 yrs: NJROTC- 5 yrs. CAsst. AdminfPADJ, Girls Drill Team Sr Flag Raising: Key Club- 1 yr, and French Club- 1 yr. Jen- Stay in school! Ter-You're crazy! Malia- We've been thru a lot! All my friends- l will miss you! My Teachers- Thanx! My Parents- Thanx for being there! NAU!!! Kimberly A. Neri Class of "87"! Tif thanx 4 all. Trici Gumby and yeo ya 4 ever. Neise your a great friend fTom 4-every Eddie l love u. Mike Sr parents- thankx Ben- Luv ya! Thuy Ha Monique Nguyen Student Council, Model UN, French Club, DECA, Chain Gang, Tennis. Peggy- Thanks for being there. Re- member same wedding day. l'll miss ya. Kathryn- Stay Wild. Heather take care. Traci-l'll see ya. Love all M.N. Pam Nicastle 5 yrs Spirit line, NHS, Ski Club 2 yrs. Orchesis 5 yrs, MVAA, Marching Band 2 yrs, Jazz Band-Jazzmatazz, And We Dance. Spirit line- thanks for the memories!! Good Luck next year. WW, and BC-Sahuaro Buds! LH- your silly! SH-let's get some piz- za! SJ-Let's get lost again. Remember the Limo!! Bye MV. lt's Been real! William Louis Paluch N.H.S., Golf. To the best the GUHSD has ever saw-87- Good luck, to all my friends lyou know who you arei. Thanks, R.J. Hang loose. Be nice M.C. Jr. year gang-love ya! K.V.L.-My favorite U.S.G., Bud, let me enter- tain you. C.W., J.J., B.H.- Take it easy. Back's 5rd hour-W.O.R.K. PEGRA, Bio- buds-stay healthy. A.P. cor- ner- WHOOPIE! Thanks for the memories. Grant Pepperell I never got a chance to write one last year. So glad it's finally over. l LOVE YOU VERY MUCH, P.S., l told you so. Dolores Perez Choir Time is not measured by the years that you live, but by the deeds that you do, And the joy that you give. Xavier Peru Varsity soccer, MVAA, Cross Country, Jr. class V.P., C.H.U.D.S, Jr. Prom atten., Jeff Girard fan club J.G.- "2 times", to time before college!! P.S.-Your a rebel. J.J.-Let's cruise to Mesa. G.Gr. "What 4 TA". D.M. Let's hit the Biltmore. C.G. You look great MAM- Don't cheat. S.J. You're still remembered. D.C. score some goals. S.L. your great. L.S. Your loved. Mom, Dad, sis- l LOVE YOU BYE M.V. Heather Purcell N.H.S., Or- chesis C2 yrs.J, and C.O.E. 41 yr.J Spuddie- We finally made it! Good luck with Doy. J.G.-Thanx 4 all the good times and memories, l love you! M.J.- l miss ya lots! Mom- Thanx 4 college persuasion! Love ya M.V. Gloria Quintana Speech, Forum, Streakers. Well, my friends- We're movin' on! Christina-l luv ya! Best friends forever! Pam-God bless you! Tu eres muy chistosa! Stace-You're like my sis! Dori-Hang in there! 2 more yrs. Adios, Sr. Ra- mirez! Dustin Ramsey X-Country, R.O.T.C., Track, Model U.N., H.O.C. Scott-Green boats rule. Andy, Brad, Paul, Jack-Keep the faith. Kas- Brians were never so good. Cho, IHeatherl, God's first, yours' second, forever. I love you. Julie Reed I stuck it out and graduated. Mom and Dad- Thanx 4 beating up Miss Cochran all my life. I luv U. Grant 426 Hemi with factory dual qwads IFatesJ Ken Reed Chess Team Cap., Strat. Sr Tacs. Vice Pres.: Az. Model U.N. Ex. Sec. lt's been a great year, except for the U.N. William Todd Reid Fresh Football, JV Football. Mom Sr Dad Thank you for Every- thing you have done for me. I love you both very much. Jenny- 5 yrs to go and I love you too. To the teachers of MV- Thank you for every- thing you have done. I am going to miss you all. Good Bye MV. Stacie R. Rennie Fresh swimming, theatre, HERO presindent. MV-I love you! We finally made it guys. Re- member freshman year? Star, I'm out in the real world with you now! God help us! Mom and Dad- Thanks! Damon Reynolds To all V. FB player-congratulations for the terrific seasonl. To all my friends, especially MS. KC, MC, MH. I wish you the best in the future. Sis- only 5 to go now. Jacqueline S. Rhodus Or- chesis-2 yrs. Kim- Best friends forever, F-way song "I would die 4 U! Always re- member I'm here Br I care! To KJ, GS, MS, DD, JH, KR, PB- KIT. And mom-I love you! Les Rhynard Well my Sen- ior year is finally here. Denni-I've got my Budget Booster Stamp. Just give me a penny. Adam only one more year hang in there. Good luck Paul. EJ, JO, EO, ER, MS, FH, DR, RJ, BP, MG, Thanks for everything. Michelle Rice Fr. Class Rep., I.T.S., N.H.S., Concert Choir, Yearbook, Curious Savage, Damn Yankees, U.T.B.U. H.E. FfA-I'll always be right here. T.J.L.-On our own finally! You 2 mean the world! S.M. FflfC fK.M. when!?J Mom Sr Charlie-I luv U! L.U.- Smile! M.C.- Thanx 4 lunch! CS! Laughsl Bye M.V. With love! Richelle R. Riggle Yea Deb, the time is finally here!! I hope you have the best of luck, you're the greatest!! Brett-I missed you this year!! But hopefully I'II be with you from now till for- ever! I luv U! Good luck A.T., lVl.L., H.L., T.N., T.F., Jac, Sr M.V. Tammy Rosen D.E.C.A., Track, Pinpals. Dawn 81' Laura-Thanks for all the great times. Love ya both! Mike-My love is yours for- ever. I love you! Thanks Mom Sr Dad. M.V.-Thanks for all the memories! Denni Rowe N.H.S., D.E.C.A., Thank God we made it! Erin-You're a great friend. Staci-lt's big and great! Luv ya. Dave-You're great! Good luck Tracey W. Glenn 8r Jason-It was fun. Debra Rowlett Varsity Ten- nis Team, M.V., D.E.C.A. Brett-Remember, I, love you. J.B.-You're the best. Take care, everyone. Thanks, Mom 81 Dad. '87 Kicks. Robbie Rundall Volleyball softball, Ski Club, MVAA, SPanish Club, Orchesis. SJT-B.F. 4-ever! Pam-Luv that palmolive! Class of 87, take care of yourselves! Mom and Rika 'tl luv you both, thanx-4-Everything". DMF-"the future is ours! Yo te Amo". Bye MV, Hi U ofA!! Paul Runyan Frosh Foot- ball. Everybody have fun, Mike 8: Chantel good luck, keep in touch, Lowe get hammered, Tracy I love you forever! Dawn Lynn Sadowsky year- book staff 2 yrs., Pin Pals, D.E.C.A. Good Bye M.V. Tami and Laura your terrif- ic!! Heidi, smile and go crazy, sweetie! Mom, your the best! Mario your so spe- cial to me! Regina :Sr Bev good luck!! Love ya'aII! Christy Lynn Saltz Ski Club, Orchasis. Peggy your a great friend, Good Luck with your Be-Heto. Jason with your Be-Heto. Jason get a real life! Kyndall your a nut, Lov you babe. Todd your a "doll". Bob, I want you back!! Good Bye M.V. forever "87" Valerie Sanchez Orchesis 5 yrs., Ski Club 2 yrs., "Rhythm Sr Moves", "And we Dance", l'Dancing in the Iight", Yo-No-Go- B-Crew. TS: TFF! BC: I luv ya! SJ, KW: MOO! AA, PM, CG, SF, MJ, MMc, TA: i love you all so much! Thanx 4 the spe- cial memories! Party at my house always! Shan: 6 more months and we're out! Bye M.V. I luv ya! Tammy Sanders Softball. Spank-You're the best! Val- No skinny-dippin' fbust W.T.A.D.J Di-Thanx Sr love always. B.C.-What do I say- A.M.B.F. Troy-I love you- want a T.J. soon? Stay mine, Herm. Mom Sr Dad- I love you and thanks al- ways. By - WAM. Gena Schaublin Pinpals '85-'85, D.E.C.A., Orchesis '84-'87, Ski Club '85-'87, Well, M.V.H.S.- lt's been really fun. Dee-Let's do cocktails. Mush-Pick a man fonel Steph-Watch out 4 the Blvd. Scott-You're the greatest, luv ya always. Thanx Mom Sr Dad. Bye M.V.H.S.- We're The Break- fast Club. Diane Schnell French Club, S.A.D.D., Sidekicks, C.O.E. M.V. rules! To all the under- classmen especially E.H., T.S., S.C., S.V., B.G., and "Little Bud"-Good luck! Moe-Watch out for Me. J.K. Lianne, and D.C.-Keep par- tying, let's go hot rockin! Jennifer Schroeder Thespi- ans, Damn Yankees, U.T.B.U., Fall Musical. Shifty-Broken Thong Pro- ductions, Inc. Kathy Van- Where is the H.V.-Man's Ant Heap?! G.M.C.-There they are! Jill-Can I do your laun- dry? K.D., L.G., T.N.: lt's over! Cathleen-What Vege- table Man? J.M.C., M.T.K.: I won't grow up! Bye, M.V! Dawn Schultz Volleyball, Basketball, Student Coun- cil, National Honor Society, Hoopsters, MVAA. Hey Vb- team-Ditch day at Dawn's! Love ya Benson! Tee-you're great Sr soon tall. Robbie- V- I-C-T-O-R-Y practice babe. Cin-Califhere we come. Me- To Spoon? Thanks for the memories MV. Love ya Mom Sr Dad. Adios! Angie Shafer Ski Club 2 yrs Ron Sr Mind- Thanks for making this year great! Mi- chiganders make the best of friends! Let's hit the slopes! NAU, here I come. Party time!! Brett- I'lI walk behind you anyday. Chris- tine You-B-Illen! Scott Shank HOE, ROTC, Model UN. Stud muffin- "Isn't that speciaI", Ram- sey- ode to big green boats, Andy- Let's build them! Sandy- I'm still your Big Brother! Noelle "you're my Buddy", Robbin "good Iuck", Angie, Let's stay to- gether forever. KL, JO, PB, BH have a great life! Tricia Shaw Thespians, Choir-1 yr, Volleyball man- ager-1, Sophomore class vice-pres, student body Treasure, Ski Club. Heather-Keep God 41. We will conquer! Scott-dishes? To my bro, Greg-Keep your goals and you'II make it! Jud-pink, Milk, trailmix- we've had it all! Senior Shortsf65 Misty Sheldon Hero SD, SB, MC, JC, CF, SV, thanx's for all the fun and good times. Mom, Clyde, and Rob thanx's for the support. Mark I love you! forever! Lisa Shelton MV-Basketball 5 yrs, NHS, Varsity Club, Soph Treasure, Community service club, Student sup- port club group. Wendy- My side! Love ya always! YV- The bestest bench buddy ever! Ha Ha! Lunch Bunch- This is our table! VJ Sf SR- Who's your buddy? Love ya mom! Kelley Shepard Mike- thanx for all your support and pa- tienc, Sr I love u more than life itself. Dawn and Karen- try to stay out of trouble. Sunny- U have a bright fu- ture. Thanx mom Sr dad. Bye MV. Tanya Sherck Chorus 4 yrs Thespians-"The Fantas- tics", "Damn Yankees", V. Pres Chorus '86-87', NHS, Secretary Fresh Class, Or- chesis. Hey KB, KS, RG, CT- Don't forget Grimace! Thanks for everything. Mrs I love you! Cindy, Kathy, Rosa-You're the greatest friends! Gracias Miss G! Good Bye MV- I'Il miss you! Alissa Smith Hoopsters, French Club, Journalism. MV-I'm gonna miss ya! The guys, the loves, and esp. the football team! Whenf Ifl grow up I'm gonna be rich Se famous, and Blonde for ever. Thanx Spase. Linda Smith Chorus, Band, Spanish Club, Key Club, HOC. Bill-thanx for the great Senior year, Barbara- stay in touch. Robert- you've been a great friend. Rob- Why did you call me "Show-off" Hey Bro-2 more years. To everyone I know- Good Luck! Snoopy I luv ya! You to BGT. Dawn Spinelli German Club, HERO. MV it's been great. Brian-I love you. Churches Gang-Paula, 64fSenior Shorts Amy, Cheryl, Scott, and Chris-l'll miss you all a lot. Mr. A Smith-Bye! John B. Sterner Ill Marcing Band 4 yrs, Concert Band 4 yrs, Jazz Band 2 yrs. Well it's Good bye MV! Thanks to my friends, teachers, Sr par- ents, especially the Ban- does! Carry on the tradition guys! Vote on 8008, under- classmen, don't catch sen- ioritis too soon! See Ya! John 55:30. Kathy Steury CC and Gal- axy, Theatre Arts, Medern Dance. T S-Your the best! Thanks for being there. TS, CT, RG, KB- Grimace for- ever! PM-Theres still a chance, don't give up. Js- You'II always be my best friend! JK-I love you! Thanx! TK- Are you ready yet? I am. Mom and Dad- I made it. I love you both. Thanx MV. Goodbye. Skip Steward Football, Wrestling. Thanks coach Smith for believing in me. Thanks for making my last year Great! Thanks to the Brew-Crew for the good- times, Watch out college. P.S. I don't like butts. Cindy Sorensen Pin pals, Messenger. JH, MF, WK Thx for all the good times! TD- more laughs to come! MS- friends 4-ever! AS- Cen- tra?!? CH-Lets go to R the C! To all my friends good luck! Bye Mv. Chantel Stilwell Hey Mikey-I love you babe! Bunches-n- bunches. Thank God for programming Class! CHa Hal-Kisses-n-hugs. Regards to my crazy parents for be- ing so cool- "Your the Best". Stephanie Stroud Pin Pals, Hero. Look mom :Sf Dad I made it. To Chris, Kel, Ju- lie, Denise, thanxs for all the good times. Tom Wa- cienga I will love you for- ever. Bye MV. "87". Stephanie Surratt Hero Well Angie we've made it! So long MV. Thanks for the Memories. Good luck to ya Angie in the future friends forever. Annette Madrid Tallabas Marching band, Spanish Club- To my cuz Julie, I will miss you stay with Russell. My friends Doloris, Sandra Jennifer, Louisa, Michelle, Wendy, Penny and all my other friends. Michelle Temme To all my buds out in M.V. land-I Love Ya! Tanx to everyone for puttin up with me. Dawn- stay cool! Good luck next year chirp! To my favorite teachm Mr. Mac, hang in there, Miche Suzanne Terhorst Volley- ball, MVAA Tres. Orchesis- Tee, your the best-Thanx for all the good times. Good luck in college! Von-weve had some wild days! Lets keep it up! MAD! Rob-Watch that Love boat!! E.J-Mex men rule! Luv you all!!!! Stephanie J. Teny 1 year COE, 2 years Orchesis, 2 years Softball MGR. R.R. Thanks for being there good luck at U of A! LYLAS, KIT. D.V. Thanks for the good times and the good memories. love ya! D.A. Hope we make it hang in ther! l'Il miss ya M.V. BYE!! Pam Triggs National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Or- chesis, Koinonia, Concert Choir Secretary-Adios 2 hr. Espanol, Uds Son buenon amigos, Gloria- gracias por todo, J8rB.T.-keep M.V. spir- it going for c Sr me, Frosh. Bus crew, 81' Rog.-I Luv U all, M.M.-I won't forget U, Sr 2 my other half, Ding-you're the greatest! '87 rules! Stephen C. Tripodi Hey brother Paul Mager, Lets goswat in Maui! To my Girl- friend Tracey Wilbanks: WILL YOU MARRY ME?-well Jam at Vassar, ALOHA! Angie Trojanek COE-BBF- S.S. Luv U sweets! I'Il AI- ways B there. REM "Mar- ried.-Yah married" All my buds- UR Gr-8 Luv U all much! KIT KC-G.L. next yr. Bro Luv U. "K-A" Lone Turner MV- HERO- HEADER I'I.M. be good to K.B. Christine-I hope it storms forever! To my man- I LOVE YOU! My friends out- side of school-I made it, I want a reward! Hi R.S. Sc T.V. Later MV!! Terri Turner 2 all of my friends at MV, I wish U the best future ever! DQ has been a blast! 2 JH, LS, LC, JL QDQ CREWI SC, VH, Sr JO keep in touch! Thx MV!! Kari Thielke Pin Pals 2 yrs, Hero Vice Pres. Susie- it was fun! Melissa- thanks, we'Il be buddies forever! Jay- l'Il always love you! Someday! Scott- thanx for making me happy remember 'lYou got it alI"! Mom St' Dirk- I love you! Thanx! Becki Thomas Thanks for all the great times MV! Ang- good luck, make it your best yr. I'lI miss ya BF, ML, and SH! Bye MV. Gaylyn Trapp Frosh Volley- ball, Steakers, Skinny Dip- pers, Swim Team, Guys and more guys. Thanx to all my friends, ex Sr future. l've had a ball with all variety of friends. To my dear olaf I love you. Thanx Ma Sr Pa. I had a Blast '87' Jay Trapp Pin Pals and Guys. l've had my ups and my downs. And so have the guys. thank you Bobby R. for all the moral support Sr love. Thanks Nolan and Smith. Cindy Triggs National Hon- or Society, Concert choir, Vocal Ensemble, Damn Yankees, Band, Ski Club, Spanish Club. Bro and Gang-You can have the car! Sis-I leave MV spirit to you! TS- learn to ski! RG- give it up! Cuz- Smile!! Lunchies- class reunion, here we come! Thanks to all for the memories! MV is ifll Angie Woods COE MOM and Dad thanx for your sup- port. I luv you. To my friends: Thanx for the best years ever. KIT Jen and Rich - luv ya both thanx for being there for me. Good Bye MV. Derek Wright Football 4 yrs, Baseball 2 yrs. To Peg leg some hands, Benny some Running ability, Ken- ny got a brother, Jim learn how to water tube, Denise all my love Sr life. Bye MV. Kristin Young I told you I could do it! Mom and Dad, thx for everything. Jimbo, thx for helping me through the year. I love you forever. AMF. Sanford Reece Young Foot- ball, Basketball, Wrestling, and Theatre. l'm from Mis- sissippi and l'm darn proud of it! To all my friends, thanks for making me hap- py in Phoenix. Peggy M. Zimmer fGucci Woman! Ski Club 4 yrs, VP and Pres. Orchesis 5 yrs, Pin Pals. l'll always remem- ber times shared with friends through the past 4 yrs. It was my friends who kept me going and made the difference thanx. KW, MC, LH, DC, SJ, CG, HD and especially Christy. Joey I love you, l'm yours forever, Bye MV You're 41. Kerri Ellen Wilcox Marching Sr Jazz Band, Orchestra, Flute Sect leader, Band Treasurer, French Club. MG- You're the greatest: EJ- Keep out of the freezer: Mike Rebb- you are very special, DH, CM, RH, HJ- l'll never foreget you. Machelle Williams HOE Thanx MV! It was great! MOM Sr DAD TVM- I love U! Dan, "you're in my heart". DI my I'Be fri", LYLAS. BM, BP, Geo Wizards, l'll miss you. U87 see ya in '2O" Michal David Wong March- ing Band, Symp Orchestra, Tuba, Section. Best wishes to all my friends, you know who you are! Everybody re- member the good times, and please KIT. Cristi, I love you! On my way to DJ!! Holly Woodruff NHS, Orche- sis, Rhthm and Moves, And we Dance, Dancing in the lights. Thank you MV! Those four yrs were great! Kar- need a white dress or a piece of gum? Dew CRew- I love each one of you! Mel, Peg, Holly- lt's been a long time Sean and Paul, you're great brothers! Dance and Spanish forever! Love and Good Luck to all!! Valerie Unger Frosh and JV Volleyball, Coe. To the bunch of friends anyone could have-BB, KN, RG, TB, HD, SS, DK. III miss you guys. Rebbie- Iot's ofluck at MV wfthe men. Mom Sr Dad- I love you both. NAU-watch out for Renee and me. Yvonne Valdez Slugger Aids, Orchesis. SI, IS, DG, WW- you guys have all been great friends thanks for al- ways being there. Su- "brown boys" and MAD right?! WK- no more ditches! EJ- your my best friend. We've had a lot of great times thanks-Mom :Sr Dad thanks and good luck next yr Kathy Van Leeuwen Thespi- an Society, NHS, Harold and Maude, Damn Yankees, UTBU. Gc-luv U thisby! RY- I want U now! TN- groundhog alert! Avenge me! Good luck heat mizer. JG- doopa- d-day! ls-Bah! He-prince? DB- nice watch. Heany, Heany . . . AG- I got a crush on u. Strike-you're my idol! Rear window it? Them? Bp- USC beware! KB- Happi- ness? Edward L. Vasco Chess team I5 yrs, French Club 2 yrs, Senior Class Senator SACO 4 yrs. Les fEzmodl only 12 yrs left until we're MD's. Fran- thanks for being there this year. MV remem- ber to vote for me in 2016. Everyone, Farewell. Dale Veillon ROTC 4 yrs Krill team Co, Rifle team Co. Mc po CDR Thanks, Chris cal out: Mark long live CDB: Rob your stil PC: Mike your still my hero, Carl Floyd forever Kell and Jean- ya right, Andy- your towlp Deanna wish you were herep Ninia, Stalker, Jersy, Pc, storm, CB's forever. US army Airbornl'm hip! Cindy Veros Skinnydipper COE. Well SR and EJ we did it! TD carpoll was long but fun. Thanks Mom and Dad for understanding JH I love you forever. Good luck Dar- rin. Deanne Vlahos To my Kitty- Thank you for loving me as much as you do- you mean the world to me and I love you very much- l'll be with you forever!! To the crazy chix in 2nd hr dance- stay on your feet-if you know what I mean!! Love you all- Deanne. Katy Warner Badmington, Pin pals, Wrestling mgr 2 yrs. Pam- I lost my belt! Val- no stew please! Shan- you bogart! Chris D-let's kick back in the bathroom! Mich C- take care! Good Luck Dan! Mom and Dad I love you! You know who: I love you too! Wendy Bubble Warren JV Spirit line, Varsity Spiritline 2 yrs, Orchesis 5 yrs, Dance Shows: Rhythm and Moves fOutstanding Soph yearl And we Dance, NHS, MVAA, French Club, Band fMarch- ing and Jazzl. SL-love ya: LS-BB says it ally SH-TP and FF: Boo-ITWT: LH- OH: LB- Cracy times and FF, KF- I luv U-Swak. RY- LHDIB, Love ya: CK-FF, Twimp D- yuo're special: SS-LGM And HB, Oct 25 FLp 2 all my friends I luv Up Man D-Thx I love you. God Bless U MV you're 111. Chris "Boomer" Webster X-Country fresh and JV, Track, Ski Club, Ensemble, NHS, Damn Yankees, The Three Rebels. To those who will miss my voices Sr faces, come to ASU. Cool J. and Kap'n Crunch, on to being expelled from more librar- ies. EI Shabbat, have fun at home fHa!l. Thanks to those who made bell classes fun. Bye GPD for- ever! To those I have used , Just Kidding! Just a joke! Tracey Wilbanks Speech, Deca, Model UPI, Spanish Club, Ski Club. Steve I love you and l'm so proud of you. Teabag- Chem. was a blast. You are the 'best' friend. Don't look for a party be a party. Dave Sr Dave you are so hip! Gavin- luv puppy you made Gov't fun. Paul- Hi babe, what a cool guy. Mr. Wreslting- thanks for putting up with me. Mr. Fischer-you belong in ad- min. SE IOR SHORTS Senior Shortsf65 JUNICRS: CAT CHING UP f Q ,www l' 41 G , , tl , .fa 'fs lm ' , P 'X tgps t, . In .r X at it .3 ' Y 5 ' f P a Y, The Junior Class, after two great years, have earned the distinguished title of "Upperclassmen." Freshmen were awed by them, Sophomores were envious of them, and Seniors had to share the spotlight. As the year progressed we watched them preparing to be the next senior class. They became relaxed and looked so "in control." But they'll be remembered the most for being the most spirited. Their energy influenced all of us. The guys were taller and more fun. The girls were clas- sier and louder. They made the most of time, they studied, grew-up, and had fun. By the year's end they were ready to take charge as Seniors, and lead us onward and upward. lt was their turn to pass their spirit onto us. B532 if 'M ' .M 4 1 A ,k.N lei, 4 57' il 1' " ,- . .. -Q, r, if Q f W .4 'W ml "fre 1' ' 'iw-..H 'aff "-,r,m' , JN" V ' g 'J Y' "'.?I"" , I - Fla, Juniorsf67 Denise Abbitt Jeffrey Abraham Mark Adamo Phyllis Aguirre Anthony Allard Janeen Allen Sheila Allen Michelle Anderson Tanya Anderson Regina Archer Karen Ashmore Elizabeth Avella Cheri Babinski Maria Bagnole Michelle Baird Canoace Balla Christine Banas Tommy Barker Daryl Barkley Melissa Barnes Henry Barraza Natasha Bartlett Trent Battershell Laura Bear Dawn Becker Julie Bedard 68fJuniors Ev 3 y i it The path to class includes friends Ahhh the spaghetti hit the spot' rv. xt-19" Q J: by i i 1 M, , K. Karen Ashmore and Shelley Andrews say, "Hi!" 2. ., iv B ' . 1 . ,A , ,l V . 0..nlAQw.q3' "Peek-a-boo, it's Open House night!" f Kevin Beech Kirsten Beerling Crolda Bellinger Tracy Bennett Blake Benson Gregory Berg Michael Berggren Tara Berglin William Besore Mitchell Bieke Eric Biggin Kristina Bignoli Mark Birdsall Jason Bise Paula Black Richard Black Mark Blizzard Hans Blom Todd Blue Larry Bluhm Deborah Boatman Jose Bocanegra, Jr Chris Boegner' Joanne Bolt Michael Bonatto Julie Bond Juniorsf69 Shannon Bond Omar Bonell Sonya Bonnette Richard Boon Lisa Bozzuto Greg Bradford Kenny Bradford Patrick Brady Josheph Brandon Holly Braudrick Scott Brazil Tracy Brechbiel Deanne Brevik Melissa Bridgman Robin Briggs Shayne Britton Katherine Broadwick Sandra Brookes Rich Brown Rick Brown Daryl Bryant Tricia Burkland Amy Burns Chuck Burt Michael Burzynski Allen Butler Patrick Buttermore Angelique Call Cireg Calmese James Campbell Suzan Campbell Kimberly Carlin Andrea Carlson 7OjJuniors .l--4--1--I Lt .. 3 filf' 2235 I R nf S ll gi nl 5 IJ Q Q X ""x Krissie Post taking a break by the lockers l . :: -. ,L-,,,.- ,,.3-' l. Becky Feldman daydreams for a moment in her The- atre Arts class. Rochelle Carlson Michekle Carpender Lisa Carras Shane Carsten Kelly Carter Jay Caruthers Janelle Casey Tamara Castro Christine Catalano Christina Cavale Jennifer Chadwick William Champion Karen Chappell Stacy Cheaney Dawn Chesney Yong Cho Wendy Choplick Lisa Chouinard Drew Ciulla Natalie Clayton Douglas Cloud Charlie Coker Robert Colceri Diane Cole Jason Coleman Lori Combes Aimee Connolly Lori Contreras Kristina Contiyman Bradley Cooper Jennifer Cooper Tanya Corbin Christina Corey Juniorsf71 Dawn Cote Keith Covoloskie Rhonda Cozens William Crawford John Croteau Randy Cullin Christie Culp Scott Daley Cynthia Daniel Scott Daniel Jason Davis Tony Davis Brian Dean Raquel Debernardis Mark Decker Michele Delay Wayne Delong Shawn Demory Cheryl Dessaint Jim Devenney John Devore Eric Diana Karen Dickson Jason Doan Ramon Dominguez Nancy Dotterer Amy Dowell Donna Duffy Russell Eddleman Justine Eichele Kristen Eidsness Tammy Ellerholz Amy Ellis 72fJuniors Shannon Emme Shannon Enders Randy Epson David Erbacher Kristie Erickson John Erskine Thomas Estelle John Evans Shane Fairchild Loretta Fajardo Eric Farmer Karen Farney Kimberly Farrar Robyn Farrell Tricia Feigal Melissa Fierabend Patricia Figueroa Kirk Finkbeiner Wade Finley Louis Fiore Abel Flores Anthony Flores Kirk Forman Douglas Franks Julie Frazier Tony Fuller Joseph Gable Rosemary Gagliardi Maryjo Cialand Nikki Garcia Matt Clarringer Thomas Gavagan Tucker Geer Juniorsj7Z5 Angela Gentry Kenneth Gentry Julie Gerhart Greg Gibbons Kathryn Gibson Brian Giddens Anthony Gilium-ll Angela Gilliam Mark Girmscheid Joanne Godsil Scott Gohus Stephan Goldberg Jason Goltz Carlos Gonzales Ramsey Gonzales Tracy Gotschall Kevin Goyer Krista Graham Traci Grassley Angela Greco Eric Greener Nikki Gross Paul Guerber Robbin Guidi Raymond Guin Danelle Hagstedt Roger rlain Jeff Hakalmazian Beverlie I-lall James Handzel Curtis Hanson Cristina rlarbison Claudine Harris 74fJuniors ilisfm. Benny Allen and Robert Villanueva are taking a break by the auditorium. v , 9 Sara Charbonneau rehearses at the Unhealthy to be Unpleasant workshop. aw-A ,........- H ,- 1 Erin Harris Diane Hartman Julie Hartsfield David Haskell Marilyn Hawkins Nadine Hayes Magid Hazine David Helmer Billy Henry Christopher Herring Paul Hertzberg Michelle Hidalgo Kristin Higgins Stephanie Hight Karri Hinde Jeff Hinesly Jeffrey Hintz Melanie Hobbs Gari Hodgson Austin Holder John Holdman Christy Holland Sia Holland Robert Hollinger Benjamin Holm Michelle Holton Jeffrey Honanie Connie Honen Janette Honyouti Lanette Honyouti Deborah Horowitz Glenn Hottmann,'Jr Laura Howard Juniorsf75 Lori Howard Toby Howard Deanna Hubbs Lonnie Huggins Michael Hughes T ena Hughes Alan Huxford Scott Huxford Tom lppolito Kristy Jackson Chris Jaeger William James-lll Lisa Jansen Trista Jaramillo Bill Jeffrey Robert Johanneck Jennifer Johnsey Angela Johnson Chad Johnson Cherilyn Johnson Daniel Johnson Jeffrey Johnson Kari Johnson Kristine Johnson Darren Jones Michael Jones Ronnie Jones Steven Jones Theresa Kammerer David Kamrath Bill Kane Chuck Kelsey Shannon Kenens 76fJuniors 1 Michelle Baird concentrates on making music during the spaghetti dinner. , is - Stacey Kern Christopher Kibsey Ronda Kingsbury Paul Kleving Daneil Knight Jeffrey Knoch Tony Koch Jennifer Kohl Lori Kohlhase Sherry Koile Pamela Konik Kara Koon Sandra Kowalsky Angela Kramer Kelly Krants Kelly Kritkausky Lana Kwok Bobi LaBarr Robert LaChance Matthew Lafer Tina Lambros Wendy Landers Eric Landon Shannon Lane Robyn Langdon John Lankard Rikki Larson Timothy Larson Michael Layton Georgiana Lebario Jeanne Ledford James Lee Jamie Leigh Juniorsj77 Liz Les-Perance Aaron Lewis Corey Lewis John Lewis Mary Lewitz Anthony Linch Shawn Lipp Randy Lisciarelli Robert Liska Robert Loncaric Deborah Looman Denise Lopez Maria Lopez Philip Louison Toni Lowery Wendy Macholtz Kristine Mahaffey Rim Malley Damian Malone Louis Mangino Scott Manor Michelle Markus Brian Marshall Jessica Martin Russell Martin Rafael Martinez Michele Mastin Khalid Mateen Rimberely Mattson Richard May Angela McBride Jason Mcconnel Michael McGinnis 78fJun1ors A I 1 . .1 r--4.4 I . Glenn Hottmann and Suzette Thul on their way to 4th hour study hall. gf . A-I I l Phillip Mcllveen Sam Mclntyre Heidi McKenney Teddie McKnight Alta McLaughlin Kenneth McMahon Melody McRae Bryan Mefford Jose Melendez David Meliti Mark Mellot Tracey Menten Robert Mercado Bob Merwin Shane Meserve Daryle Messina Lavina Metzger Melissa Michaels Ranae Michel Shari Middleswart Dwight Miller Jody Miller Kenneth Miller Tina Miller Melissa Mokha Christina Monroe Dianne Moore David Morse Kimberly Mowry Christy Mullendore Brian Mullin Colleen Murray Lynn Mutka Juniorsf79 Leah Myers Christopher Myers Ronnie Naegelin Jason Nash Laurie Natale Daedra Nelson Deborah Nelson Laura Nelson James Nettle Curt Neu Daniel Nicholson Bonnie NikodUevic Kevin Nitzel Cory Niver Jennifer Nold Brian Norenberg Kevin Norenberg Robyn Novak Melinda Oglesby Pamela Olson Michele Orzechowski Joseph Ostroski Nicholas Pacione Rebecca Painter Michele Palomares Mark Patterson Stacey Patterson Kenneth Peake Jennifer Peckham Mark Pederson 8OjJuniors W 'S' 4 Laura Sichrovsky smiles for the cameraman ,Fi K 'if 3 xv, t'f YM? , If ' , Mr. McAnerny talks to a couple of students before school begins. Jamey Pellegrini Troy Perkins Bryan Pesartic Nicol Peters Jason Piske Connie Plambeck Rodney Polston John Poquette David Porter Lisa Posillico Christina Post Lawrence Potts Charles Pradelt Pam Pratt Troy Pratton Richard Price Michael Puruleski Richard Quinton Scott Rakich Bryan Rambo Regina Ramirez Jason Randle Tyann Rasmussen Amy Raver Robert Ray Brandi Raynes Heather Reutter Dana Reznik Adam Rhynard Monique Rife Jumorsfal Katherine Rigby Kristie Riley Michael Riley Cynthia Roberts Phyllis Roberts Thomas Roberts Tishanna Roberts Lee Robinson Stacey Robinson Robert Rodarme Jennifer Rogers Elizabeth Rohrer Robert Rosene Lance Roth Katherine Roush Terri Rowe Brian Rubio Bonnie-Jean Ruch John Rudolph Amy Rudzinski Cerie Rumbold Barbara Runyan Rochelle Runyan Jason Russell John Sagasta Stephanie Salcido Martin Samplin James Sandoval Joseph Cruz Robert Santa-Cruz Robert Sapp Michael Sawer Shannon Scheeringa 82fJun1ors its .1 Q ' gi 3 .5 . 1 ,W 1 J X Dawn Valery at a yearbook workshop Tracy Scheiber Leah Schlicker Jeffrey Schmied Bernadette Schneider Diane Schuldt Cynthia Scott Tonya Scott Christy Seaton Kevin Segal Sunny Seger Salvatore Seminera Todd Severnak Douglas Seward Paul Sexton Michael Shafer Adam Shaffer Douglas Sharp Brian Shcolnik Randy Shepard Paul Shivelhood Suanne Shultz Laura Sichrovsky Jim Sidabras Michele Sidabras Dee-Dee Simpson Kristin Skogen Shawn Slatcher Brian Slinkard Elizabeth Sloan Danny Smith Darrin Smith Renee Smith Rick Smith Juniorsf83 David Sneed Sherri Sopko liathey Spangler Charles Speer Regina St. Clair Wendy St. Mary Gary Steele Kimberly Stemmler Deanne Stevens Tyrone Stevenson Stacey Steward Christina Stilwell Anthony Strait Shawn Strayer Frank Stubbs Matt Stubbs Jason Sturges Anita Styles Anita Szoke Michael Szoke Stephanie Szymanski Jeffrey Szymura Lisa Tank Steven Tank Sonja Templeton David Tennison Mary-Beth Terrinoni Aundrea Thatcher Chelly Thomas Kelly Thomas Gregory Thome Danny Thompson Jarrod Thompson l X 84fJuniors' Charlene Vadovich and Karen Ashmore wait around for their friends. x.' :ffl XXX! x XXVI Michelle Thronhill Suzette Thul Mick Tillman Denise T issaw Jodi Toraason Robert Torculas Stephanie Toth Meredith Trapp Dina Trebitowski Casey T rojanek Dennis Turensky Carlotia Turman Tammy Uhan Sharon Uleiy Tony Ulses Lisa Upshir Charlene Vadovich Christine Valero Dawn Valery Shannon Valery Nick Varca Vanessa Vargas Nilda Velez Christina Venrooy Darrin Veros Tracie Vinsek Justine Virgil Stacy Volk Kelli Volz Kristi Von-Aspen Shawn Wagner-Hunt Barbara Walker Melissa Walker Juniorsf85 Carrie Wallraff lan Wang Carla Washington Delon Washo Tom Wasylow Jeffrey Watkins Robert Watts Kenneth WCHVCI' John Webb Anthony Webber Tammy Weber Lisa Welch Kristen Wellborn Julie Whalley Kristina Whipple Tracey White Mendy Whittaker 86fJumors Q5-" ' S I fi., K li' ,-T' " i' -1 Y gl 3 .,,,. Heather Reutter smiles for the camera while running an errand down to the oflice AXYIIL Eric Landon is struck with the ghoulish spirit of Halloween. will - gfggss SSE' Michele Wickersheim Danica Widstrom Jason Wilde Lyle Wilhelm Elizabeth Williams Michelle Williams Scott Wilmont Chad Wilson Paul Wilson Stacey Wilson Sarah Wincek Theresa Wingfield Deborah Winters Adam Wodrich Nicole Woods Rodney Wooldridge Charles Wright Juniors 187 Toni Lowery and Sta- cey Robinson make faces at the camera. 88fJuniors Kevin Wright Dawn Xinos Richard Yanez Tranci Young Chris Zapp David Ziegler Kenny Ziegler Eliseo Zuniga CAMERA SHY Benny Allen Julie Austin Tom Bossert Lori Brooks Elaine Carlile Holly Chappell Sara Charbonneau Natalie Davila Tracy Dunshee Robert Edceri Tara Eisele Susan Fowler William Graham Adrian Greteman Travis Hash Jodi lmgarten Anthony lovinrlli Kassie Jacka Michael Lapierre Andrew Lima Deborah Martini Blake Means Angela Milowski Helen Moon Nidal Jodi Moniz Kimberly Nichols Scott Petrovicx Jeffery Phillimore Heather Proctor Julia Purdy Cheri Ricceri Mitchell Rieke Jose Rosaria Stephanie Russell Angela Scrivano Julie Sparks Kristin Stoutenburch Tim Stulce Edward Usoch Jennifer Vansteinburg Christina Venlver Denise Vlahos Connie Whitaker Paulette Williams Roni Wolfe 3 M iw! 9OfS X SOPHGIVIORE: CATCHING CN p X! fi' Www? I fi t ,. ,pfwrzsw . ,mg N E.-,mw.:a -sas , 'f?,I55,-x, ' Mfr fb 5 f lffbf W ..,.... AIZ V Z - ff' .. . AfA v 1 6lL 5 if T li , f , ZV, 1 .-., lk , f iffr f ' , Above- Scott McManamy's pleasing profile. Below- Shaunna James' sweet smile. tt The Sophomores, after a year on campus, caught ahold of the spirit. They shed their inexperience and revealed confidence and pride in all they accomplished. Learning from last year's mistakes, they made changes by accept- ing more responsibility, on as well as off campus. Getting a job and a driver's license were important goals this year. Going to dances and other school events had become easier. They felt more confident in the part they played at Moon Valley. The class of "89" was no longer "CatCha- ble," but were instead the ones who were "catching on." ln their excitement it was easy to pass it on. 5 . . " ii X .1 ...xV'!-'Q i yt -if Lk -. -GJ M . -gi ix, "lt's you and l against the world, let's attack with spirit," says Joel fScottl Barnett. Sophomorcsj91 Stephen Abril Jennifer Adams Michael Adamson Kimberly Amart Lauren Aird Joedy Allison Alicia Alo Jeanne Anderson Jennifer Andrews Elizabeth Aragpn Jeffrey Arend Paula Arend Alison Arias Kristina Armiger Angel Astone Lance Ayers Valerie Badendick Sean Baily Darren Baker Debra Baker Wayne Baker Cynthia Balcom Tatia Ball Michelle Banks Louis Barbone Joel Barnett James Barrett Trevor Barrett 92fSophomores Lance graces us with his "best side". FTB We're not camera shy. .il . 42 L4 Becky Feldman shares a bright smile. Clinton Barron Dawn Bartlett Riki Bash Brian Basham Brian Bassett Daniel Bauer Timothy Baxter Colleen Beadle Edward Beatty Paul Beebe Kimberly Begley Kurt Behrens Deland Bentz Daniel Berkes Jeffrey Berkowitz Marlene Blair Brad Blinston Laura Blust Lance Board Tracy Boat Nancy Bockelman Candace Boehme Kevin Bolton Stacy Bolton Wade Bond Cassandra Boom Julie Botbyl Kristen Bowers Sophomoresf95 Jennifer Boynton Karen Bradford Paula Bradford Elizabeth Brady Neil Bramini Denise Bray Heather Breen Kathy Boadwell Lori Bronson Eugene Brosseau Jon Brower Chad Brown Karrie Brown Kevin Brown Mark Brown Tina Brugioni Virginia Buchanan Michelle Buhrow Michael Bujanda Brandon Burgess Angela Burkhalter Patricia Burkhardt Brandon Burrell Chad Bushon David Byrge Christine Caccavale Calder Kelly Renee Camp Kraig Campbell Stacy Campbell Tracy Campbell Christopher Cannella Kimberly Caples Robert Carbonel Scott Carey Joe Carpanzano Lance Carroll Michael Casassa Anna Cash Sharon Castillo Erika Celaya Kim Chandler Rodney Childs Eric Christensen Dina Cipollarx David Claffey James Clark Casey Clarke 94fSophomores Kimberly Clarke Danna Cochran Janel Cockerill Scott Cogan Robert Cole Richard Coley Jennifer Conde Kathy Conley John Conner Wendy Cooper Michael Cordi Chad Corey Lori Cornelius Paige Cote Keith Cowner Rena Crider Kimberly Crowley Robin Crumrine Russell Cunningham Robert Curfman Adrienne Curry Michael Dailey Bryan Daniels Kevin Dauphin Jami Davidson Hina Davidson Lisa Davis Tara Davis Tisha Davis Christopher Dechant Tracy Dederer Peter Deely Cynthia Dees Karen Deise Angelo Dejesus Teri Deleo Joel Dent Michale Dhondt Shane Dibbern Allison Dieterich Nicholas Digenp William Doak Khris Dodge Whitney Dodge Joy Doncarlos Michael Donoghue Dean Doschadis Christopher Douglas Sophomoresf95 Honey Downen Karen Doyon Barry Dreyer Kasia Duellman Deborah Duhamell Terraine Echols Tim Ekstrom Christopher Ellis Samantha Ellis Rhonda Enos Scott Eppers Christopher Erickson Greg Estrada Tom Evangelisti Richard Evans David Farrell Becky Feldman Amy Fenicle Mike Fenton Susan Ferber Matt Ferguson Michael Ferguson Tanya Fernandes Anthony Fernandez Peter Figgs Beth Finkbeiner Marcus Flack Jeff Flood Chontelle Flores Tami Flores Toby Flores Shannalee Floyd Kenneth Ford Doug Fox Shannon Frankchuk Troy Frazier Rosalie Frisenda Stacee Froshiesar Rachel Frost Christopher Frye Patty Fulton Don Gaillard Danyale Galardi Barbara Gallardo Darren Garceau Daniel Garcia Ryle Garcia Mitchell Gardiner 96jSophomores Michael Gardner Gregory Garrabranis Rodney Gates Michele Germinaro Nikki Gibbons Nicholas Gilbert Michelle Gill Melissa Gilmore Jennifer Girard Brandon Glaser Michael Glenn Renais Goddard Ryan Godfrey Heather Goody Curt Gongaware Suzanne Gonzales Erin Gorman Chad Gosnell Stephen Gould Jeff Grachus Renee Grant Staci Gray Laura Green Robert Green Amy Gretman Lori Grossheim Terri Grubbs Jim Haggerty Camie Haire Dusty Hale Deborah Haller Brett Halliburton Tim Hamby Kevin Hanks Candy Hanson Patrick Harmon, Jr. Sara Harris Andrea Haviland Matthew Heikkinen Troy Heil Jody Helton Aaron Henderson Aaron Hernandez Melanie Herring Tammy Hess Brad Hick Tran Hien Dirk Hilbig Sophomoresf97 Judith Hill Andrea Hintz Deshawn Hitchcock Charity Hoffman Robin Hogue Dinah Holm Kristina Holman Troy Holmes Paulette Honyouti Lynnette Hoppie Kevin Hoskins Susan Hosley Lamay Hostetler Greg Hottmann Alicia Huddleson Sheila Hughes Travis Hughes Michael Hungerford Ham Huynh Gary lcardi Grady Ingram Kameron James Shaunna James Shawnie Jaramillo Steven Jeffrey Shannon Jansen Becky Jesse Angela Jessee Jeffrey Jim Carrie Johnson Jamie Johnson Sydney Johnson Traci Johnson Jay Johnston Chad Jones Jeff Jones Wayne Jones David Jordan Christopher Judd Faraaz Kamran Randi Kathrins Karen Kearney Michael Keaton Leslie Kell Lee Kendrick Ledeana Kieborz Jamie King Kelly King 98fSophomores X 1 'K Q-'FP Sheri Kirtlye Kathy Kittle Alcia Klein Penny Kmiec Jennifer Kopecky Kyle Kortie Neil Kortie Kristine Korycki Lisa Kramer Michael Kramer Kevin Krauss Suzanne Krawczyk Kelly Krupa Melanie Kuhlman Kristen Lacy Christina Laloggia Greg Lamme Sandra Landon Courteny Langdon Karen Laprell Ruthann Larson Tammy Laubmeier Cindy Law Christopher Lea Grant Leighton Donald Leinweber Roxanne Lemons Jerilynn Lentz Travis Levario Aaron Levens Mechalle Lifgren Matthew Lilly Matthew Lind Deron Lingo Deborah Liska Sabrina Locke Adam Lodge Michael Lomazin Felicia Lopez Robert Lopez Michael Lorka Shawn Loutsenhize Christina Love Kim Lucero Roberto Luna Steven Lyon Christine Madden Cynthia Madrigal Y Sophomoresf99 Dena Magnin Tamara Maiocco Carrie Majors Donnelle Malnik Kerry Manire Paul Marciano Christine Mariani George Markovic Frank Marotta Danna Marvin Anthony Mason Robert Mason Jamal Mateen Amy Mathers Christopher Maul Ace Mayer Charles McCarter Dave McCarty Jennifer McClellasn James McCoy Kathy McDaniel Jo Beth McDonald Martin McElhaney Kelli McFarland James McGee Desmond McC1eough Brent Mcllguham John McKean Rob McKeown Heather McLean Scott McManamy Coleen Meissner Bradley Melton Carol Mendivil Christina Mendoza Christopher Michael Gregory Mihelich Julie Miller Timothy Miller Marcie Mills Michelle Mills William Mills Gina Mochamer Lawrence Moist Joe Molina Julie Molina Bobbi Moore John Moreau 100fSophomores 4 , in si 7' I Karrie Brown poses seriously. David Moriuchi Roger Morris David Morrison Brandon Moser Tammy Mulleneaux Darren Mullins Brian Musgrave Deven Myers Kelly Myers Deborah Napier Kenneth Napier Donna Norotny Lisa Nelson Michelle Nelson Julie Newman Debra Nicastle Josef Nichols Scott Norris Lavern North Donna Novotny Patrick Nunez Mark O'Brien Scott Ochsner Todd Ockenfels Sophomoresf101 Michael O'Connor Paul O'Donnell Kristin Ogforman Ryan Oliphant Scott Olk Diana Oosterhart Edward Oluch Scott Owen Thomas Owsley Anne Pabst Brian Paine Karen Payer Keith Payne Monica Payne-Schlosser Bryan Panich Aaron Pedulla 102 fSophomores x , K A ? 3 Q ! , 3 i I 1. ,. w 1 3, si ww ua Ja ,, Adair- ' 1-2" '. EV, F- wlifef W4 1 'W M154 H u .a.. ,.,"-'fi g ,.Lw. v I 'bf The path to class is sometimes loaded with a big stack of books i , A Q. , M 31. ,,tg.f,:m WMA- M.. A 5, 9' Q ' - 'V .M Edward Pepperell Michael Pettice Michelle Pezold Kimberly Phillips John Pietrzyk, Jr. Robynne Piske Raymond Prince Tomie Pritzkau Matthew Proctor Judy Quan Kerry Quinn Dora Quintana lrene Ramirez Damon Ramsey Shelly Reinke Rory Reviea Julie Richison Denise Riddle Jennifer Ridenhour Jaana Roberson Brian Robinson Dawn Robinson Reggie Roland David Ronald Lisa Rowbotham Eric Rubio Gretchen Ruckman August Rushing Mario Saldamando Jason Saltz Darren Mullins and Brad lSydneyl Johnson enjoy the band sponsored spaghetti dinner at the beginning of Sophomoresf105 Heather Sathe Donavaughn Schantz Drew Schulke Erin Schartz Denny Scovel Tracie Scovel Julie Scroggins Rod Seaman Travis Seaton Holly Segal Kenneth Seminera Ed Serafin Christine Seyk Miriam Seymore Jacqueline Shall' Clay Shagena Chris Sharliono Jennifer Shockey Daniel Shrewsbury Amber Silvey John Simon Rachael Slatcher Tracy Slunder Sunny Smellie Beth Smith Laurie Smith Michelle Snyder JoAnn Onaga Lisa Soens Leonard Sominsky One student focuses on a thought while the other is focusing on a shot. 104fSophomores f M 2 X v 'gif J .-k: Lunch can be fun when shared with more than one! Joy Sommerer Matthew Sosnowski Jefferson Souders Jim Speer Terry Stang Sean Atevens Cindy Stewart Mary Stewart Shannon Stewart Cassie Stockwell Michael Stoddard Melinda Switzer Greg Szpyrka Cassidy Taylor Rob Teel Jacqueline Teske Patricia Thomas Scott Thomas Sophomoresf105 The cameraman catches a wave' Toby Flores gives his artistic talents a break while posing for a picture Christina Thompson Michelle Thompson Steve Thumma Darek Tillman Amber Tinstman Julie Torres Kimberly Trice Brian Triggs Audrey Trussell Michael Ollfry Shannon Upsahl Stephan Upton Michele Usko Mindy Van-Riper Jay Vanderlinden Stacy Vannier Angela Veronda George West Tammi Vigano Bernadette Villalobos John Villareal Tara Viney Wayne Walker Melanie Ward Dan Wargula Daniel Warner Adria Waterbury Michael Waters Brian Webster Renee Weigold 106fSophomores Renee Weigold Jennifer Weik Jeffery Wendt Scott Wexler Lori Wjaley Sheila Wharton Tracey Wheat Steven Wheeler Laura Whelan Doug Whipple Lyle Wilcoxson Colleen Williams Lisa Willis Michael Wilson William Wray Evan Wright Kyle Wright Lara Young Shanda Young Christine Youngblood Christina Acuna Dean Avelar Janathon Barbera Sheri Basham Ursulas Bearden Dawn Bechetel Leticia Benitez Bonnie Boucos Terry Bullock Winzel Bumett Keith Conner William Connors Eric Cower Danette Daneck Douglas Devore Jason Dunfee James Ess Christopher George Lisa Hampton Geoffrey Hart Louis lannacone Brian Inman Shawn King Jenelle Kowalsky Grani Leithton James Lemons Daniel Lincoln t"vY X K , ,. 0' .qv CAMERA Francine Lincoln Marla McClintock Ronald Miner Timothy Monik Suzy Mroczek James Howlin Justin Oblinger Joellyn Olk Nicole Olsen Kim Otlowski Susan Overcast Regina Padilla Michelle Pangus Charissa Patterson Jackie Peri Mark Perry Christopher Pestka Sukari Pritchett David Ralston Jodie Rhodes Shayla Rice Travis Rifile Shauna Roth Kurt Ruiz Diane Sadowsky Dennis Schroeder Dyna Seed SHY Eric Smith Richard Smith Bopha Sokundy Jason Stemer Dana Stauss Jennifer Swanson Carolee Thorton Michael Tomazin Charles Tyler Chanielle Vance Doug Veath Eric Vinsck Carolyn Welch Jerry Weston Jennifer Wheeler Paul Whitehead Anthony Williams Christal Williams Kelli Wilson Thomas Wong Jayson Woodruff Dena Woods Joshua Wright Chad Yoder Kenji Yoshumura l'ludi Young Wayne Zuvers Sophomores 1107 A , ai o W offzlg ,Aw ' X rf S f-Wow 5 108fSophomores .,..-Q-" X x xx Y .2 0 Y N' an gi Above Left- Mark Brown "mugs" for the camera. Above Right- Richard Smith "holds up" the book- store. Left- "Sorry! Gota run!" Right- Double takes! fBrad Johnson and Darren Mul- linsb Left- A class discussion in Biology. Below Left- Sheila Hughs has the spirit! Below Right- The Thinker - Kevin Hoskins Sophomoresf109 FRESHMEN: CAT CHABLE 110f Freshmen X1"f""'? lwtf' 1' , f ln September we witnessed the beginning of a vibrant new spirit. lt possessed unique enthusi- asm, color, and sense of style. The tremor was felt campus-wide, it was the start of the next chapter of pride and tradition at Moon Valley High School. lt was the Freshman Class: the new Rockets, the Class of 1990. They were ea- ger to experience new ideas and activities. We saw them at mixer dances, vending football Af. games, joining clubsforganizations, and in- volved in athletics. They were energetic in the classrooms, around the lockers, in the cafete- na, and at the games. They were warm and friendly, and easily made new friends through- out the campus. Though at first they were capti- vated by it, they caught the Spirit, and passed it on. Wg' . iw.. , Top Left - Samantha's caught "lt". Bottom Left - A ringing smile. Above - You're on Candid Camera! Freshmenflll David Acuna Lynn Alanna Clifford Anastasi Dawn Anderson Michael Anderson Michelle Anderson Mindy Anderson Linda Anglemyer Ronald Anthony Jill Arnold Gillian Arrasmith Casie Austin Jonathan Ayers Eric Babcock Rachel Baehre Gioia Bagnole Janet Baker Rebecca Baker Bobby Ball Keri Ball Yvonne Banovich Robert Barbiere Tricia Barker Michael Baron Jolene Barresi Melony Barrett Todd Barrett Gregory Barron Deanna Bartleson Dawn Basham Andrew Bateman Sofia Batsaris John Bayne Melissa Bean Clary Beaver, Jr. Jeff Bedard Bryce Beech Lanette Begley Jerry Bennett David Besore Shelley Biddle Valerie Biddle 112 frreshmen Rushelle Bird Amy Bittner Dennis Bloodworth Christine Bockelman Micheal Bockmiller Leanne Bone Aaron Boor Tracy Borger Larry Bortz Morris Bradbeer Dwane Bradford Marci Brahm Nick Bramini Stacy Brebner Christina Brengi Brian Bridgman Shannon Bright David Brightwell Stacie Brininger Erika Britt Benjamin Brittain Nicole Brooks Rick Brooks Justin Brown Roy Brown Mike Brzoska Stephanie Buffington Kristine Bulger Nancy Burbach Christian Burke Thomas Burkizer Holly Burkland Jason Burnette Stephanie Burns James Burt Karen Burzynski Doug Busch Katrina Cabrera Scott Caccavale Lisa Cahill Tom Calhoun Christy Call Fresh mCf1f115 Jim Calvin Brian Camacho Steve Cano Kim Carbajal Mark Carlin Eric Carmello Jeffery Carnes Monica Carroll Jason Caruso Kristina Caruthers Sherri Carver Marcelino Castro Dawn Cavaness Tara Chadderton Tena Chadwick Brent Chaplin Tim Chappelle Phoebe Chism David Cho Stephen Cluff Richard Coca Lynnette Cochran Danny Coker Jamie Cole Jennifer Coleman Daniel Conaway Cliff Conrad James Conrad Richard Conti Damon Coonrod Art Cordova Veronica Cordova Kristen Corn Jennifer Cox Shannon Cozens Kristi Craig Tracey Crawford Trista Crawford Melinda Crider Jenny Cummings Jenny Cunningham Danielle Curia 114 ffreshmen 971' if Mike Rebb serves the food at the Spaghetti Dmner. 5. 'lf' Q, Friends gather around to solve some problems. I . 1 2 L, , U Cheryl Cushing Todd Daniels Danette Daneck Rita Davi Christy Davis Tom Dawson Jeff Deal Rob Deal Heather Delong Renee Demido Lisa Delong Kevin Dewitt Jeff Dickinson Vince Digioacchino Rob Ditzler Leslee Dodge Tanya Dooen Danae Dotolo Rob Dotterer Tom Dreger Melanie Dresser Kathy Dugan Mike Dugan Christy Duke Dan Dunagan Jennifer Duncan Freshmenj115 Brian Dunn Brett Duprest Jeff Egerstrom Nick Ekstrom Andrew Elliot Eva Ellison Kellie Emme Mike Engel Chris Espinoza Jason Exum Paul Fabbri Tom Fairchild Patricia Farley Darci Farrell John Farell Cary Feigal Nicole Femia Jason Ferrell Lisa Field Rob Figueroa Scott Finch Christy Fisher Kevin Flaherty Steve Flick Mark Flickner Dan Flinn Lisa Flores Jeremy Foster Jami Francis Mike Franklin Shawna Franklin Andy Fraser Kim Fraser Michelle Frausto Heidi Frischknecht Bill Frost Tim Fuehrer Danielle Galano Anthony Galardi Susana Cialindo Scott Gallagher Joe Gallego 1161 Freshmen Lisa Garcia Michelle Garvey Frank Gastelo Joseph George Werner Gerbracht Ryan Gerdes Jane Gilbert John Gilcrease Steve Gilman Daniel Glenn Veronica Gonzalez Mark Goupil Rick Graffius Rim Graham Tony Gramentz Garth Grassley Jennifer Green Jennifer Griffith Eddie Groce James Groft, Jr. Rob Gronek Deanne Groves Deborah Groves Philip Gum Sean Guthrie Jennifer Halford Matt Halley Lori Hamilton Tracy Hampson Tyrone Hanks Bryan Hansen Kathy Hanson Chuck Harris Jim Harris Freshmen 1117 Jennie Harris Jodi Hart Aimee Hartsfield Laura Hastymatie Eric Hays Rebecca Hays Sheri Helmer Jennifer Henderson Alicia Henley Billy Hensley Frank Hernandez Steve Hesterman Rim Hetzel Lisa Hight Judith Hill Samantha Hill Brett Hillegrass Paul Hillis John Hoffman Jason Holder Steven Holdman Jennifer Holland Sheree Holton Stephanie Horst Doug Horton Robyn Horton Thomas Hough, lll Lori Huggins Roger Hukill Garret Humphrey Carol lnsana Christina Islas Brian Jackson Mark Jackson 118fFreshmen 2' ,, IL f, J, ww , tv? wif J Ns 423' Today isjust one of those days' 'lv A captivated student watches closely during a Freshman Science experiment. effk. Nancy Jackson Tami Jackson Taaro Jaques Scott Jankowski Valerie Janson Tracey Jeffery Christopher Jensen Christina Johnsey Courtney Johnson Matt Johnson Renee Johnson Wayne Johnson Brenna Jones Juliane Jones Keith Jones Michael Joswick Jean Jungling Robert Kallemeyn Cara Kaminski Derek Kane Stacey Karcher Brian Katz Penny Kauffman Harold Kayser Kathy Keltner Jennifer Kenny Kimberly Kessler Lisa Klein Michael Kleving Tina Klima David Knobloch David Knox Christine Knudsen Shelly Kienig Freshmenjl 19 Tamara Kopp Janelle Kowalsky Rebecca Kowalsky Betty Kowalsky William Kowalsky Kyle Kudrick Ronald Kuhlman, Jr. Michelle Kuhns William Lambeck Robert Lamphier Anika Land Kimani Lane Garrett Langham Amy Lapierre Erin Lapierre Terri Larson Chris Lauer Taina Laukkon Danielle Lawther Paula Lecklet Sean Leddy Lara Lee Shannon Lee Tracy Lee Stacy Leigh Christina Leimone Natalie Lemaster Raymond Lemons Bobbie-Jo Leonard Royce Lewis Erin Liebherr Michael Linch Jennifer Longnecker Kevin Lonon 12OjFreshmen 34 T71 "7 Q l,,,. 1 5 'lpn K ,J A catchable Freshmen finds Mrs. Benson's science experiment interest ing. l l ill? A . vi. Q gg Elf'-bw. ' v X Mike Dugan mimes mournfully. . .' 1 fie EX y -Q Y M-v f' Marcus Looman Lennifer Lord Lori Lothrop Brandie Lucas Maria Luithele Colleen Macdonald Josette Madonia Rristin Major Shauna Major Lisa Malatesta Bayne Malone Michelle Manganelli Robert Manor Jennifer Marano Kimberly Marcelletie Rick Marciano Jennifer Marsh Jocelyn Martin Michael Martinez Aaron Mar Lynn Mason Scott Mason Joshua Massahos Joseph Massamillo Rashdeedah Mateen Richard Mathews Tony Matovski Trina May Christina McCarthy Jason McCarthy Steven McClure Elizabeth McCool Scott McCracken James McCrea Freshmen! 121 Kimberly McCune Heather McDermott Steven McDonald Heather McGrath Mark McKnight Karen McVittie Brian Meikle John Melisko Scott Menten Sonja Merritt Chad Merz Melissa Meyer Douglas Miller Joel Miller John Miller Jennifer Millett Leiann Mills-Bever Julie Minehan Emily Mittelsteadt Brady Monaghan Deanna Monet Gerald Monks Louisa Montenegro Michael MontUo Kerry Morris Angela Motta 1 22jFresh men Here come the Rockets! if Nikki Gibbons displays her spirit Belinda Mountioy Tessa Muratori Shannon Murray Michael Musick Stuart Myers Timothy Myers Amy Nelson Mike Neri Lisa Nicholson Darren Nielson Andrea Nitzel Amy Noe Rachelle Normali Debra Northfield Carlos Nunez Justin Oblinger Daniel Ochoa Greg Ockenfels Tina Oliver Cary Oliverson Eric Olson Jody Olson Jonathan Ormond Linda Ortega Kristin Owen Scott Owen Nicholas Ozment Mark Palombo Rochelle Panholzer Bill Passalacqua Robert Paul Eric Paxton Daniel Peel Travis Pembrook Brenda Peru Neil Pettice Jeanne Pewitt Daniel Phillips, lll Jennifer Pietrzyk Joseph Pike William Plambeck Mimi Popour Fresh men 1 1 25 Daron Porteous Patrick Portugal Shawn Potter Everett Pownall James Prater Richard Price Eric Procter Todd Pruett Thomas Purucker, Jr. Cynthia QuUada Chad Rambo Marc Ramirez Dan Rasmussen Warren Rasmussen Janna Rauch Robin Raynor Kevin Reagan Marissa Reale Michael Rebb Karen Reed Jennifer Reid Kathaleen Reviea Christopher Reyes Marla Reynolds Paul Rhynard Janalene Ricca Bryan Rich Kristi Richards Daniel Richmond Brandon Richter 124fFreshmen J R ,-...4-Q.. T . N. L s - 2 . f its fr" in .J .,,. A ., , Va, ,gf-P"-i' ' ,.w'fg',' 'K 'ci-fi, Shelly Koening smiles as the camera takes her picture V , Jocelynn Martin gives Moon Valley a hand. 'O w. l ,Ag xml Kurtis Riley Brandi Rink Jennifer Rios Tiffany Roberts Rary Roether Rikki Rolfes Adam Rothman Markie Rowland Kyle Russell Todd Rytter Renee Sacelaris Robert Sansom Angelique Sargent Amy Sauer Stacey Scalercio Nancy Schad Michelle Schott Rick Schramm Rristinna Schulz Anthony Schumacher James Scott Stacey Scott Sean Scrip Michelle Sequeria Shannon Setterberg Scott Severnak Justin Sgro Jennifer Sharp Gregory Shaw Holly Sheble Fresh menf125 James Sheely Andrea Shillingburg Brent Shirk Gregory Shoemaker Jeff Shoop Kevin Shull Thomas Sichrovsky Sherry Sickler Minde Sirwaitis Lisa Skolnik Christine Slaughter Amy Smith Carole Smith Danny Smith Joell Smith Julia Smith Stephanie Smith Angelee Snow Sean Snyman Chad Sohren Daniel Soria Carol Sparacia Shannon Speer Art Spina Brian Spivey John Spratlen Marc Springer John Stack, lll Jill Seininger Kristina Steward 126fFreshmen Mark McKnight's "O.K." in this book. 4 Eric Stidsen Heather Stockwell James Stone Michael Story Amy Strait Karen Strauss Timothy Street Jennifer Strunk Karolina Sussland Chad Swinford Emilee Talley Anthony Tamboli Jennifer Teske Timothy Thatcher Yvonne Thill Joseph Thomas Echo Thompson Shannon Thompson Christopher Tibbetts Frank Tinsley Barbara Tocko Susan Todd Mychelle Toth Brian Treinen Jennifer Triggs Daniel Turbyfill Elizabeth Tuzik Bobby Ullery Rebecca Unger Plamita Vaidya Freshmenf127 Erica Vancoevering Terri Venable Paul Vigil Nicole Vogt Steven Vollrath Stacy Vosovic Scott Waddicor Robin Waldherr Jennifer Walding James Walker Robert Walker Thomas Walsh Shawn Watt Michael Webb Julie Weekley Craig Weston Anthony Whitaker Christopher White Jodi White Cheryl Whitlill David Wilde Michelle Wilde Jennifer Wilhoit Brian Wilkinson Edward Williams Ronald Wilson Aimee Winn Jeff Wisch John Wood Tara Woodring 128fFreSh men l Sing for us, Jay- Please?! CAMERA SHY Anthony Autobee Rurt Bossert Earl Brookshire Jason Burnette April Buteau Jeffrey Caruso Heather Claffey Laura Corbin Peter Deegan Sandra Dodge Shannon Dow Bill Dunches Mike Farage Michelle George Ryan Godfrey Steve Hedgus Robert Houser Sharon Rarrie Brian Lamberger Sherry Liesbeck Jennie Ling Holly Linnenburger Erik Lisonbee David Martin Betsy Mclienney Michael Mealy David Mendez Rathy Miles Alanna Mrsny Heather Odonnell Adam Pierce Brian Price David Puczilowsky Denise Rudder Cynthia Scott Billy Trice Michael Valery Dale Whitmarsh Rim Zavala Darrell Worker Frances Wray David Wright Manuel Ybarra Danny Yogerst Joy Zylstra 3 Smirkful bliss! Top: lt's your right! Bottom: Oops! was-n-my-lg Fresnmenfmzs HOIVIECGIVII CI '130fRoyaIty KING and QUEEN Scott Reutter and Stephanie Higgins ROY LTY 86 W :'v. - fri:-:ny ,ag :'fii'!g1. .35 1 : Q' 1::' L WWLF fiiiiiliii W ' . Q 4 " ' Q.: ff , W""HWf""'W r ' A fir, 4,7234 V5 .1 SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS FROSH ATTENDANTS Dan Wargula and Erm Schwartz Art Cordova and Traci Lee V v iiigrmiflg' mgliflal is fLf1'2?i3+f-fl A HE RT Y EVENT I-low Sweet It Was How did you ask your sweet- heart to the Sweetheart Dance? One student anonymously sent hers a single red rose for a week, before she finally asked him to ac- company her to the dance. The annual Sweetheart Dance was held Saturday, February 14, 8:50-11:50 p.m., in the school cafeteria. lt was a couples only event, 58.00 per couple. Entering the doorway through streams of silver, leading to a white trellis with streamers of red, white, and pink was only the begin- ning. Each table was decorated with a single red rosebud. Stream- ers of red, black, and white were draped from the ceiling, along with colorful balloons. The occasion was semi-formal, but beautiful gowns of taffeta, chiffon, and silk were seen on the dance floor. A disc jockey was hired from Disc Jockey Entertainment to play slow, popular tunes for a romantic touch. Cookies and sherbert punch were served for refresh- ments. A red ribboned road marked the pathway to room 106, where Fran Smith Photography took portraits of couples. The climax of the evening was when the Sweetheart Royalty were crowned. The royalty were as fol- lows: King and Queen were Skip Steward and Stephanie Higgins: Senior Attendants were Scott Reut- ter and Tina Berg: Junior Atten- dants were Sam Mclntyre and Wen- dy Landers, Sophomore Atten- dants were Adam Lodge and Erin Schwartz, and Freshman Atten- dants were Chad Merz and Missy Meyer. Key Club had sponsored the dance, which had been a month in planning. They spent many hours just cutting out heart decorations. M-To King and Queen X,--5 I Also, they organized and diligently counted each ballot of the cam- pus-wide sweetheart royalty elec- tion. The day of the dance Key Club worked six hours setting up everything. 5 ' A ' A d FThedecorationsldotheslmusic' enior ttendants Junior tten ants ood, royalty, and planning insured that it would be "a classic ro- Sophomore Attendants Freshmen Attendants mance." , R as mm E ,,, rsri t',. Q 3 .-'. ,,ll if 2 ,,,, if 5 - . ff 1: f 1-1 , WTS - 2 if Q 5' , . ,. . ,,.., -, gf. at f- 152fSweetheart Dance A 7 ill lfffr l 5 2 1 ' l ' , , l' 5 , , l ' 1? 1: , , J' I , ,Xp , ,, zzz, Q t Julie McCarthy and Pam Ferguson, two of the chaperones at the dance, welcome a young visitor, Tara Beautter. If--f Top left - The gowns, decorations, music, and of course the couples, created an atmosphere of romance. Below - Heidi Morris, one of the Key Club members, enjoys a few moments of relaxation, alter many hours of work, setting up the dance. f-fx ff'- rf' 4' Swecthea rt Dance! 135 GRGANIZATIONS: CAT CHING ACTIVITIES is Pxnfklxbf OK I 2 I L4rrv L L, I .tt il In Y L!0Ff"' 'Aflfff E , Tx: s r iiwff as p 1Z54fOrganizations E The dance club is stepping out in style in their pink sweatshirts. The year began with a great flood of an- nouncements encouraging students to be- come an active part in campus life. l'Come to this meeting" or "Apply now" were an- nouncements commonly heard over the in- tercom in third hour classes. School orga- nizations advertising for interested people wasjust the beginning. When the students went to the first meeting, they began to learn what spirit supporters were all about. There were sport support groups, such as Hoopsters for the basketball team, and Sidekicks for the soccer team. There were academic support groups, such as foreign language clubs for Spanish, German, and French. And there were a variety of special interest groups, such as Ski Club, Chess Club, Orchesis, Spiritline, etcetera. The list of prospectives was virtually end- less! Most students chose their favorite or- ganization andjoined, but some, unable to make a decision, tried joining them all! Re- gardless of the number of clubs one joined, in each the same excitement was alive. Members proudly wore the colors that represented their clubs and gave free- ly of their time and energy to create the spirit that is still alive in Moon Valley. Good salespersons were developed while selling candy, cookies, cups, can- dles, and you name it! They were out in force at the games, in the locker bays, and classrooms, peddling their goods. "Who's selling candy bars?" or "Do you want to buy a bagle ?" were commonly heard around campus causing students to ur- gently seek them out and creating an ex- citement. More excitement was created during club meetings after school as the members dis- cussed new money making ideas, conven- tions they might attend, trips they might take and awards which they might com- pete for. Being active in organizations helped members feel more proud of their place in campus life, and develop salesmanship skills, as well as learning to set and achieve goals. Because of all the enthusiasm that they shared and the special pride they took in being a "part of it all", it was easy for all to catch the spirit and pass it on. Organizationsf155 .56 TIO L HO OR SOCIETY Membership is limited to those students nominated by the faculty. Academic eligibility is based on a 4.5 cumulative grade average. Leadership, character and service are the other criteria. Service pro- jects include tutoring students upon request and sewing at special events., including 8th grade orien- tation, open house, and gradu- ation. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Front row: left to right-Matt Mercer, Erin Riordan, Cindy Triggs, Debbie Cutter, Andrea Arnold, Rosa Garcia, Grace Kim, Denni Rowe, Middle row: left to right- Heather Purcell, Michelle Hamilton, Linda Marks, Emily Kleeschulte, Tamara Buskirk, Shelly Garone, Tonya Sherck, Amy Garrett, Elisa Hoffman, Christine Brandell, Nona Williams Back row: left to right-Louis Core, Mark Kahrl, Jeff Jenkins, Steve Balthazor, Mark Lynch, Andy Gray, Jamey Kirklin, Jim Field, Javier Gilmore, Chris Webster, Bill Paluch, Mark Nelson Wil' 'Stihl 5 'fi'- LVKMW A ' ' gi if Front row: left to right-Jaque Ling, Dawn Hoffman, Monique Nguyen, Peggy Lin, Pamella Triggs, Heidi Morris, Tracey Fetter, Nicole Abbitt Middle row, left to right-Lisa Meabon, Kathryn Pollak, Tracy Eacock, Melinda Bean, Denise Guthric, Stephanie Higgins, Wendy Warren, Lisa Shelton, Dawn Schultz, Christine MacDonald, Cathleen MacDonald, Melissa Rice, Heather Engel Back row, left to right-David Nixon, Diane Baker, Lynne Hallford, Pam Nicastle, Cassie Dingeman, Traci Nikolaus, Kathy Van Leewen, Holly Lorka, Phillip Kahrl W..4u9' ' ,f ff' Bottom row: Dave Bone-Vice Presi- dent Top row left to right: Steph- anie Cox-Tres., David Ambush- Tres., Wendy Arnold-Sec., Kia Johnson-Pres., Davis Dunleavy- Parliamentarian Front- Stepahnie Cox, David Dun- leavy, Dave Bone, David Ambush, Wendy Arnold, Kia Johanson. Mid- dle - Mr. John Pbechl - Advisor, Denni Rowe, Amy Schmid, Gena Schaublin, Taylor Wilbanks, Moni- que Nguyen, Laura Brickman, Rene Housors, Glennys Mattas, Ro- selyn Batroni, Carol Hatley, Jenni Ball. Back - Jason Helton, John Calder, Buddy Beals, Dynda Butch- er, Nghia Ly, Karen Dodge, Dawn Sadowsky, Debra Rowlett, Aaron Evans, Christopher Cote. Mr. Ploechl's DECA class settles in for a test. Organizations DECAf157 HERO, Home Econom- ics Related Occupations is a State and National af- filiated youth organiza- tion. Meetings are held during class time with the main emphasis being placed on leadership and career development. The national convention is open to selected dele- gates from the chapters in the state. Students receive credit for the class, as well as on thejob experience, in a Home Ec related jobs. Along with those areas, their club activities raise money to meet their vari- ety of needs. HERo HERO- Front Row Left to Right- Tracy Sheble, Stephanie Stroud, Kristen Barnett, Michelle Moore Julie Amick Laurie Fillman, Misty Sheldon, Michelle Begley, Middle Row Left to Right- Michelle Loftus, Denise Gunkel Steph anie Vieth, Connie Jungemann, Jasmin Fernandez, Wendy Hunt, Eydie Ray, Tammy Carpanzano, Heater MacDon ald, Dawn Spinelli, Mrs. Lewis. Back Row Left To Right- Jacobus Damwiik, Mike Rreitzer, Ralph Lemons Stacie Rennie, Cathy Price, Carla Fischer, Lisa Gainey, Stephanie Gurratt, Lone Turner. I 2-I ,- , 1 ,if tg, mst 'ff f Michcllc Lollus works at .lm.k-in-llitz-lmx purlimc. A typical HERO mccling. 1.'58jHERO Organizations l CCN VALLEY T LE T SHO if The Fourth Annual Talent show was another huge success this year. Taking first place was Kathleen Martin, in second place was Bobby and Scott McMan- amy with their band Gemi- ni, and in third place were Stephanie Higgins, Lynne Hallford, Brandi Cooper, and Wendy Warren. Con- gratulations on these win- ners and to everyone who participated on a show well done. tLeft to Righty - Lynne Halford, Stephanie Higgins, Wendy Warrin, and Brandi Cooper. Bobby Mcmanamy performs on his drums at the show. Scott Mcmanamy concentrates as he plays his synthesizer. Talent Sl1owfl59 9F gre!! . ' K 5 xx .S K - Q THESPIANS 3 v ----dl! Thespians Left to Right Front Row- Dena Trebitowski, Shelly Runyan, Greg Catellier. Second Row- Jennifer.Schroeder, Cathleen MacDonald, B.J. Ruch, Traci Nicholas, Kristen Eidsness, Julie Bond, Miss Kerwin. Third Row- Jill Cnlbreth, Kathy Van Leewen, Tony Ulses, Francis Heaney, Randi liatherins. The International Thespian Society, or ITS, is an internationally affili- ated organization for the recognition of superior theatre students. Those who have completed a total of 100 excellent hours of work in any two of four categories fact- ing, mechnical, produc- tionfdirection, or musicl in at least two Moon Val- ley plays are elligible for membership. An annual 'lAcademy Awards" night is held in May to honor outstanding dra- ma students. l4OfThespians Organizations T' A Being a Thespian isn't a requirement for being in a school play, but many of the active members do participate The fall play U.T.B.U. included students who are also part of the club. Q g FoRUM K W M A k.,. . ,, M95 ,gk .. M K W LM A Nair' C ,Q Forum is Characteristic of Forum, the speech club on campus, is the bringing out of a personality one never knew existed. Butterflies emerge from their cacoons. With the help of Margaret Lipscomb and Joe Westling, the speech members have competed in many tournaments. At the beginning of the year, one took place on this campus. Needless to say, coordinating all those speeches was a feat in itself. To all who were involved in Forum, may we say, you left us speechless? FORUM- Back Row left to right- Coach M. Lipscomb, Lynn James, Jody Cordova, Michelle liuhns, Kim Farrar, Jason Piske, Chris Myers, Front Row left to Right- Coach J, Westling, Tim Myers, Steve Balthazor, Jeff Middleswart. l Jason Piskie and Steven Balthazar glance up from their work to be caught by the Yearbook photographers. 5 r l Miss Lipscomb is caught deep in thought. 141 986 BUYS' A D GIRLS' STATE wx: , S it A rrgearzfww-farm -sw S I f y Yi , me 1ffS 1-,fr S A 1 it Q f tt 1 ri lc! Q iN"'W3'l-4 Back Row - Karl Stork, Andy Gray, Steve Balthazor, Jeff Middleswart Front Row - Monique Nguyen, Christine MacDonald, Cathlene MacDonald, Grace Kim Boys' and Girls' State educates students in the operation of the law. Stu- dents are selected by show- ing the following qualities: character, leadership, atti- tude, and involvement in the school and church, plus service in the community. Once students have been selected during the school year, they travel to a sum- mer workshop, where cities are established, officals are elected, and laws are made and enforced. Classes on law and educational assem- blies are attended, ranging from careers to party unity. The 1986 Boys' and Girls' State program lasted one week, June 9-15. They were both sponsored by the American Legion, but the Girls' was held at the Uni- versity of Arizona, and the 142fBoys' And Girls' State Organizations Boys' was held at Northern Arizona University. Along with creating a sim- ulated state, the delegates listened to many speakers. The speeches were not only from professionals, but also their own peers. Not everything was seri- ous caucuses, conventions, and campaigns: they also spent many hours getting to know each other, build- W 1 l ing lasting friendships. They had parties, watched movies, and played various sports activities. The boys and girls that at- tended the State program, left with a greater under- standing of how their gov- ernment functions, mem- bers of fun and friendship, and an appreciation of how the two can work together. - , .ff :fi 6 is Q H f K nv. A-' Kit -ti? An Kc MVAA- Front row: Mark Benavidez, Tina Berg, Lisa Holt, Dawn Schultz Back row: Kim Stemmler, Cindy Hakalmazian, Lynne Hallford, Wendy Warren, Stephanie Higgins, Suzanne Terhorst, Robbie Rundall, Mr. Luketich. xgk lVl.V.A.A officers from left to right are Dawn Schultz, Robbie Rundall, Suzie Terhorst, and Kim Stemmler. IVIVAA Moon Valley Athletic Association member- ship is open to any varsity letter athlete. Every year the members have a meeting of the minds to come up with new and inovative ideas for the Homecoming Dance. With high hopes for this year's dance the members had a tough deci- sion. Should they stick with traditional semi- formal or go to casual. MVAA put the idea to a vote and finally ended up with a fun-filled ele- gant semi-formal Hawaiian Luau. Members of the Varsity Volleyball Team celebrate after a BIG win. tw,-T., MvAAf145 ' Reporting the facts, de- bating the issues, and ana- lyzing entertainment and sports are the functions ofa newspaper. Published monthly by the advanced journalism class, The Messenger is informa- tive. Every issue of The Mes- sengerincludes a news sec- tion, a column section, a feature section, and a sports section. The Messenger has been informative this year by in- cluding such articles as a drug expose, movie re- views, and editorials from the editors. This year the paper got creative and in- cluded color in some of the issues. The Messenger's major fund raisers are selling clas- sified ads such as The Mer- ry Messages in' the De- cember issue, and the Love Ads in the February issue. as wi-exe -in DMG mil my Messenger Staff: Top Row: Doug Fox, Vince Hall Middle Row: Richard Black, Jeff Wendt, Amy Mathers Back Row: Dawn Bartlett, Donnelle Malnik. lxlllx 33 r itir iq, ,LD- 4 . Q84 lllllflblewspaper ESSE GER qv 65-Q A. 4 .,.. .L .11 rw- 'ii f Top Right- Richie Black reviews all copy before it's sent in. Bottom left- Grace Kim and Jill Green pass themselves off as hard workers. Messenger Editorial Staff: Top- Kim Mattson, circula- tion Manager, Emily Kleeschulte, News Editor, Kristi Von Aspen, Photo Editor. Middle Row- Christine Mc- Donald, Copy Editor, Grace Kim, Editor in Chief, Alissa Smith, Feature Editor. Bottom row- Doug Ma- laney, Ad Manager, Scott Thomas, Sports editor l'lewspaperf145 SPIRIT SUPPORT ERS Sidekicks is the support organi- zation for the Moon Valley Soccer Team. Members were chosen by application and interview in Octo- ber and were very active from then until the end of the season in March. Sidekicks raised money for the Soccer Team through various fund-raising projects such as a car wash, sales of food and spirit items, and refreshment sales at all home games. The funds raised are used to buy needed items for the Soccer Team. ln addition to fund-raising, the Sidekicks also supported the team by attending all home games and many away games. Chain Gang is an organization that supports Moon Valley's Fresh- man, Junior Varsity, and Varsity football teams. Dedicated mem- bers donate their time to "Chain" each home football game. In addi- tion they are actively involved with the football team's jog-a-thon, or- ganize the Chain GangjFootball Team dance, and promote Moon Valley's spirit! Anita Szoke smiles proudly as the mighty Rockest show their stuff. Y --.-. Ex J .4 .LW Y it - f- cf as 5.3--., Chain Gang members Lori Kohlhase and Becky Painter mark a third down at a rocket game as Mr. Ginn assists. l46fCl1ain Gang And Siclekicks HUHl! -ag CHAlN-GANG- Front row left to right- Monique Nguyen, Lori Kohlhase, Julie Frazier, Candie Balla, Back row- Mr. Coldiron, Michele Orzechowski, Shannon Emme, Teddie Mcknight, Jenni Johnsey, Lana Kwok, Mr. Ginn. SIDEKICKS- Front row left to right- Mrs. Wood, Mendy Crider, Amy Feni- cle, Karen Doyon, Nancy Schad, Stephanie Buffington, Jennifer Kenny, Stephanie Hurst, Second row- Stacie Brininger, Becky Horey, Julie Fra- zier, Michelle Buhrow, Kathy Kittle, Heather McDermott, Sonja Meritt, Back row- Mrs. Garry Christina McCarthy, Holly Braudick, Mary Jo Ga' Iano, Renee Weigold, Teddie McKnight, Michele George, Nadine Hayes, Mrs. Hoff. - A ' 5. 5 N x ,Q i N fi O9- --,ff . :A SKINNYDIPPERS-Front Row left to right- Kathy Broadwell, Audrey Trusell, Dawn Bartlett, Kathy Kittle-President, Nadine Hayes-Vice-President, Back row left to rightShane Meserve, Christine Duke, Barbara Ciallardo-Secre- tary, Heather McLean-Treasurer, Cheryl Cushing. f STREAKERS- Front Row left to right- Shannon Emme, Lana Kwok, Becky Painter, Kathy Rigby. Back Row left to right- Chris Post, Bonnie lVlcAnerny, Elisa Hoffman, Samara Ferber, Rosa Garcia, Christi Johnsey, Sandi Dodge, Laura Blust, Jacque Whalley. The Streakers are a group of supporters of the Moon Valley Cross Country teams. Streakers run the meets, provide moral sup- port and enthusiasm for the runners, and try to encour- age other Moon Valley stu- dents to get to know and appreciate cross country running as a sport. Streakers also earn money for the various needs of the Cross Country teams, in- cluding water coolers, ban- ners, awards, plaques, etc. Skinnydippers is an orga- nization that supports the Boys and Girls swim and diving teams. ln addition to keeping score and time for each event at all home swim meets, the group boosts team spirit by mak- ing banners and boosts team funds through an an- nual bagel sale, a keychain sale, and this year, the first annual swim-along. Above- Nancy is in her Sidekicks meeting. me ff' S' A Above- Some Sidekicks head over towards the soccer game. Skinnydippcrr Sc Streakersf147 Organizations SLUGGERAIDES The Sluggeraides are the support group for the three levels ofthe Rocket Baseball teams: Fresh- men, Junior Varsity, and Varsity. These dedicated girls help with scoring at home games, taking care of equipment, having concession stands at home games, and by just showing spirit and giving the teams support. ZZ'-I . ill. VARSITY SLUGGERAIDES- Front Row Left to Right- Julie Frazier, Andrea Carlson, Terri Rowe. Back Row Left to Right- Teddie McKnight, Wendy Choplick, Stacey Patterson, and Stacey Steward. , . .,, I In If 1" I1 jf if " , iz. I". r L' -P ' 5, 'ijfixg 1. V ft R. h L. d A I K th JUNIOR VARSITY SLUCIGERAIDES- Front Row Left to Right- Kelli McFar- FROSH SLUGGERAIDES' Fffmf ROW L2 to '9 t' 'n a HQ emyer' 3 y land, Debbie Napier, Lisa Willis. Back Row Left to Right- Lamay Hostetller, Reviea Back Row Left to Right- Heather Stockwell Barb Tocko Tammy J K ' ' ' Amy Fenicle, Lauren Aird, Charissa Patterson. ac son. TRACK SUPPORT GROUP o .,,, , Y .xy ,, N On The Right Track " 7 W M J- I f. Q Do you enjoy watching relay races, Polevaulting, ! 4. and Hurdling? Do you jump up and down in your r I ,. , j I seat? Do you clap endlessly? Do you yell and , 'Ml I ,gh cheer? Well, youjust might be a candidate for the X mx Moon Valley Track support group. This group 1 I PM helps support the Track teams, boys and girls, by assisting with the timings of events and announc- ing results at all home meets. 148K Sluggcraidcs 86 Track Support TRACK SUPPORT GROUP- Left to Right- Mrs. Ritter Isponsorl, Elisa Hoff- man, Kristi von Aspen, and Lori Kohlhase. SPIRIT SUPPGRTERS The Pin-Pals are the sup- port and service club for the wrestling teams. The girls make signs, cheer the wres- tlers on, and promote wres- tling. They are also respon- sible for scoring and timing at wrestling matches and tournaments and help spread the spirit among the wrestling fans. Hoopsters willingly and enthusiastical- ly spend their time and ef- fort in support of the bas- ketball teams at Moon Val- ley. They raise money to supplement the basketball program through sales, and operation of a conces- sion stand at home games. Behind the scenes one will find the Hoopsters prepar- ing i'Goodie Bags" for the teams, planning what to do for a secret pal, finishing up posters to hang on campus to remind everyone of game day, and deciding the par- ticulars of the next social gathering with team mem- bers. Hard work and dedica- tion characterize this years group. i HOOPSTERS front row, left to right- Christy Call, Liz Tuzik, Lori Hamilton, Jenni Griffith, Tammy Mulleneaux, Kim Lucero, Julie Richison, Back row- Paula Black, Nikki Gross, Brandie Lucas, Roni Wolfe, Chris Seyk, Tracey White, Carla Washington. PIN PALS Front Row - Christine Duke, Shannon Murray, Heidi Frischkrecht, Nicole Abbitt, Tracey Crawford, Sheri Basham, and Amy Trisdak. Middle Row - Tracey Scheiber, Holly Braudirck, Jill Humphreys, Jennifer Millet, Danae Dotolo, Mendy Farrell, Cassie Dingemans, Jocelynn Martin, and Leslie Kelly. Back Row - Kristen Corn, Julie Smith, Delon Washo, Krissy Welborn, Anita Szoke, Lisa Walker, Buttons Aquirre, Camie Haire, Natalie Davila, Becky Unger, and Angie Call, takes a Above: Carla Washington short break from the Basketball Game. Right: Friends sit together and enjoy the excitement of a game!! ROCKET 149fHoopsters Sr Pin-Pals CDE ANCE 86-8 Moon Valley Orchesis Dance Club's purpose is to promote the appreciation of dance as well as all fine arts. Our secondary purpose is to raise funds in order to produce our annual dance revue. This production gives our dance students the opportunity to exper- ience performing on a stage in front of a live audience. To be a performer, each stu- dent must go through an audition very similar to au- ditions held by Iocal com- munity theatres. The club also conducts sales throughout the year to raise funds to help support the dance program, the mir- rors, carpeting, video equip- ment, records and tapes. Awards are given to mem- bers who have earned points from sales and atten- dance and support of all school activities. fpfgztla rf il.-W Lill- .wr Jhbfv-In lug, vo- I ly '3- n 1.4 P-fw-MP' 'Y . BM:-xL.Clc.4' al Piwwif-UL 'wfuz' 'Y' M ' IN .J 'Lance PM-1 ff' 1 ' F-N. E , 5 1 3 ' .5 14 A E-I f i x I x h, f hair' Y 'U - Advanced Dance Back Row-Michelle Moore, Kim Cummings, Pam Nicastle, Shanon Johnson, Cindy Hakalmazian, Traci Aubuchon, Amy Garrett. Middle Row- Traci Hanson, Rene Housos, Sandy Little, Holly Woodruff, Lisa Holt, Kelly Volz, Ann Ludwig. First Row- Lynne Hallford, Valerie Sanchez, Brandi Cooper, Wendy Warren, Nicole Abbitt, Stephanie Higgins, Brenda Hall. 15OjModern Dance Organizations P v l 'Q . M .,- E . I 0 . lwfldz? al fn, K fy s xi 42? f,Lf7w tm-ville - , , J , Dua C 4 Y qi f . W' , P , 1.6 f www! A A , -lb-Q gnu V Intermediate Dance Back Row- Leah Schlicker, Mareia Bagnole, Dawn Chesney, Kristen Higgins, Deanne Brevik, Tracy Schieber, Cheri Babinski, Nocole Gross, Jennifer Cooper, Middle Row- Ellen Gillen, Christy Valero, Wendy Landers, Tina Corey, Shannon Enders, Christy Mullendore, Kristie Riley. Front Row- Natalie Davina, Shawn Demory, Kelly Kritkausky, Tami Castro, Anita Styles, Sonja Templeton. ,xalrtlgf '1 Wcrfrs 'Il N. 'fin b lv Qt ot 41-Ai' lil-4 b,g,-,a0Qg, hun Q "'1h,. 'T' Modern Dancefl51 Organizations 152fM0dern Dance Organizations X: 'k"l"4n l, -4,6 Hn Yu K Y ,,. A , fwazz., f WW 9 f K.-3 X. ,J p"'M,L'ZfL', DM-a PWM! of pwwfly of ,7 Pf pwruiu ,f Dr' UN-1 DMM Orchesis Officers and Advisory Board - back row - Kathy Barnard, Diane Baker, Traci Hansom, Rene Housos, Chrissy Brandell, Wendy Landers, Tina Corey, Cheri Babinski, Denise Burnes front row Traci Aubuchon, Valerie Sanchez, Brandi Cooper, Nicole Abbitt, Lisa Holt, Cindy Hakalmazian , Q W mlb. '-rw , 1 Aw """:'N'fg "w'9'f I., M, 1 L: -am' , 'WM' ff.. WL V., , ww if WH fx Top Picture Beginning Dance-Barnard's Classes- Back Row- Tonya Sherck, Lynn Mutka, Loretta Fajardo, Lisa Walker, Kim Camples, Shanna Floyd. Third Row- Terri Rowe, MaryBeth Terrinoni, Kerri Hinde, Cassandra Boom, Melinda Switzer, Karmen Matty, Marlene Blair, Charissa Patterson, Kim Crowley, Beth FinkBeiner. Second Row- Janna Robert- son, Amy Burns, Michelle Banks, Christina Stillwell, Nadine Hayes, Heather Sathe, Jennifer Weik, Debbie Martin, Lauren Aird. Front Row- Chrissy Mendonza, Tracie Scovel, Michelle Buhrow, Stacy Vannier, Heather McCIean, Bonnie Boucos, Tatia Ball, Whitney Dodge, Julie Richison, Leslie Kelly. Bottom Picture Beginning Dance- Burnes Classes- Back Row- Michele Pangus, Kim Clarke, JoBeth McDonald, Krissy Wellborn, Kristin O'Gorman, Lisa Kramer, Karen Kearney, Lori Whaley, Kim Otlowski, Third Row- Renee Weigold, Monique Rife, Shanda Young, Chantelle Vance, Kelli McFarland, Shannon Scheeringa, Lisa Willis, Christy Holland, Krista Graham, Lisa Carras, Suanne Shultz. Second Row- Taina Laukkonen, Melissa Michaels, Tishanna Roberts, Kelli Wilson, Julie Austin, Rhonda Kingsbury, Laura Green, Dina Cipollaro, Krissy Whipple. Front Row- Cindy Balcom, Cindy Madrigal, Debbie Haller, Susan Hosley, D.J. Burkhardt, Robbynne Crumrine, Melanie Herring, Erin Schwartz. Modern Dance! l55 Organizations Q The N.J.R.O.T.C. program of- fers an opportunity for high - school students to learn the ba- sic elements and requirements for national security. The club is composed of those students en- rolled in Naval Science. The club sponsors an annual Military Ball, an awards banquet, a trip to na- vel training facilities and ship- board cruises and a farewell par- ty honoring graduating seniors. The goals ofthe program are to develop informed and responsi- ble citizens, strengthen the indi- viduals character, help form habits of self-discipline, develop respect for an understanding of the need for constituted author- ity in a democratic society, and develop an interest in the mili- tary service as a possible career. This year the club will also host a Disneyland trip, a golftourna- ment, a parentfcadet rifle match, and numerous hayrides. Drill Team- back row- Mike Kramer, Brandon Burgess, James Speer, Tom Wong front row- Kim Phillips, Wayne Zuvers, Ken Na- pier 154fRoTc Organizations OON VALLEY Rifle Team - back row - Pat Kilcran Tom Wong Matt Carden front row Brian Marshall, Todd Blue J RCTC First Platoon - back row - Pat Kilcran, Tim Baxter, Brad Johnson, Steve Jeffrey, Tony Strait front row - Richard Smith, Dan Shrewbury, Gari Hodgson, Debbie Boatman, Charles McCarter Second Platoon - back row - Mark Girmscheid, Robert Martin, Gary lcardi, Mike Valery, Josh Wright, Page Cote front row - Joe Barnett, Darren Mullins, Louis lannacone, Jody Helton, Faraaz Kamran RoTcf155 Organizations Third Platoon back row - Matt Carden, Darren Nielsen, Bob Car- bonel, Mark Springer, Chris Laver, Kurt Bossert, Aaron Boor, Wil- liam Plambeck, Joey Cialego front row - Bob Paul, Mike Engel, Melony Barrett, James Harms, Frank Marotta, Frank Hernandez, Eric Hoffman, Cary Fiegal, Richard Mathews 1 Fourth Platoon back row - Mark liahrl, Keith Jones, Shawn Watt, Kevin Dauphin, Chris Reyes front row - Aaron Marx, Erin Lapierre, Stacy Brebner, Leslee Dodge, James Stone, Paul Fabbri NCI i P . y,'.3:,.5: t:..4.tW', ' i C fr-32..f7s:0 .5 l56fROTC Organizations ,NQQX :XXX Hiiflwi SQMHM umm 5 X W' Color Guard Carrie Ouinn, Todd Blue, Scott Ochsner, Brian Rich, Jeanne Leadford Staff Officers - top row - Brian Marshall, Tony Ulses, Jeff Hintz, Charles Pradelt, Mike Burzynski, Pat liilcran, Kelly Ledford Middle row - Mark Kahrl, AI Zuvers, Matt Carden, Shawn Wagner-Hunt, Jose Rosario Bottom row - Mark Rose, Jeanne Ledford, Carrie Ciuinn, Todd Blue ROTC! 157 Organizations For those students musically inclined, Moon Valley vocal department offers five forms of choir. The Earth Angles, consist- ing mostly of beginning students: The Rock-etts, the intermediate group: Galaxy and Aurora Borealis, advanced singing groups, and Concert Choir, a conglomer- ate of students from all the groups and the choir classes. Choir membership helps students deve- lope poise, self-confidence, leadership, and responsibility. Students are given op- portunities to perform solos and in small groups as well as in choir. The choir began the year by performing at the lce Cream Social. Next they sang at open house. Singing at the annual Christ- mas Concert, the alumni of choir joined them on stage for the finale, when they sang l'landle's Messiah. Concert Choir per- formed at the 8th grade orientation. Gal- axy, Aurora Borealis, and individuals com- peted at NAU for the Solo Ensemble Festi- val. Many ofthe students rated excellent. They also performed during their Spring Concert. ln April some choir students par- ticipated in the State Music Festival at NAU. Along with the concerts, they had various fund raising projects to furnish scholar- ships to NAU Music Camp and buy letters and awards. With all these activities the choirs developed many personal qualities as well as the one that brought them to- gether, music. l58fVocal Music VOCAL MUSIC MOON VALLEY GALAXY: Front row, left to right- Jay Groft, Michael McManamy Middle row: left to right- Matt Carden, Jenni Johnsey, Greg Cattilier Back Row: left to right- Kathleen Martin, Brian Kidney, Rosa Garcia, David Estrada, Justine Hammer, Chris Webster, Tonya Sherck, not pictured Kathy Steury. MOON VALLEY AURORA BOREALIS: Front row: left to right- Carlotta Turman, Becky Painter, Helen Moon, Back Row, left to right- Shaunna James, Kassie Jacka, Fran Ledger, Amy Raver, Cindy Triggs U9 ' ' C X - ,N . , ' l: A Y, A, gl 'S Nq- , Y, 7,1 .. ,g v W1 . Q A ,V H ,- C li, A. , ,A Q .A Y , . .I V' A X w'Z'."j , a , . . -' f . f f ' . .gi " ,.., jigapi 06:4 H-1" . -f ' ft 4 r , L I 7 i ,fy -,afwr .nw , r ' , if . 'V 1, V f W , ' ,Q Q .,, , u ,fag ,wpwgi , . " . MOON VALLEY CONCERT CHOIR: Front row: left to right- Kathy Rousch, Jenny Johnsey, Randi Kathrins, Rikki Larson, Melanie Ward, Tiffany Becker, Pam Triggs, Rosa Garcia, Cindy Triggs Middle row: left to right- Tricia Burkland, Lavonne Napier, Tricia Feigal, Jeff Wendt, Mike Church, Jay Groft, Greg Catellier, Amy Raver, Sia Holland, Aundrea Thatcher, Dina Trebitowski Back row: left to right- Riki Bash, Tiffany Kingman, Missy Rice, Brian Kidney, John Sterner, Michael McManamy, Greg Thomas, Wayne Delong, Dusty Hale, Rachel Brown, Charlene Vadovich, Karen Ashmore in-'U!lllm.t, Avg Two choir veterans, Kassia Jacka and David Estrada, have put in many hours of practice, practice, practice Vocal Musicj159 ff' Ns MOON VALLEY ROCK-ETTE5: Front row, left to right- Amy LaPierre, Dena Woods, Christina Johnson, Jennifer Van Steinburg, Back row, left to ght- Jennifer Chadwick, Jennifer Henderson, Marci Brahm, Tena Chadwick Not Pictured: Tracy Borger, Charity Hoffman, Tammy Mulleneaux, Heather O'Donnell, Kathy Miles EARTH ANGELS: Front row- Rikki Rolfes, Heather Claffey, Rebecca Kowalsky, Renee Sacelaris, Shan- non Thompson, Christine Knudson, Jennie Ling, Lisa Nicholson, Aimee Hartsfield, Michelle Garvey. Second row- Jennifer Duncan, Cassie Dingemans, Mimi Popour, Brian Camacho, Dan Conaway, Daniel Ochoa, Katherine Sims, Joanne Bolt, Tara Woodring, Rebecca Hays. Third row- Dolores Perez, Joshua Wright, Robert Barbieri, Amy NOe, Bob Dotterer, Michael Valery, David Wilde, Michelle Anderson, Tessa Muratori, Heidi Frischknecht, Cheryl Cushing, Beth Metzger, Colleen MacDonald, Karen Harshman. l6OfVocal Music NNE. QP' tx it Top left- Dusty Hale a second year choir student, as you can see, is proud to be a part of the program. Bottom left and right- A group of choir students are listening to instructions before preparing to sing. gg X ' Q SKI CLUB Do you enjoy the refreshing bite of cold air on your face? Do you like the exciting but frightening feeling that follows a sudden jump down a roller coaster? Does your eyes be- come entranced when you see a picture of mountains cov- ered in fluffy, white snow? Do you like getting rowdy with a large group of people? Then youjust might be ready for the challenging and fun group called Ski Club! This club is for people interested in skiing. You don't have to know how to ski to become a member, but you should be willing to try, at least to have fun. The Ski Club took two big trips this year, once during Christmas vacation, and once during Spring Break. They also had numerous other mini trips. Throughout the year they had various fund raisers to help lower the cost of the ski trips. Just before Thanks- giving vacation, they sold scrumptious, mouth watering pies. Ski Club, you gave us a lift! l62jSki Club Organizations A 1 -A -it -. nm ty N Xt, Q me f-xt , ...w w ,sg 1 gist big -gal X-1 f--52 ff .X ft, A 1 Q -"- L X. 5 ,, f ..A:-,d -Q. ...' S vu 1. W. I r' r K .xi if tx .bf :tug 11 ll... .,- , One ofthe largest groups on campus, the Ski Club meets for one final planning session, before they take off for a big ski trip to Purgatory. Ski Club Organizations! 163 SPANISH. CLUB Do you speak Span- ish? Do you crave torti- llas? Do you love pina- tas? Well . ,. you've come to the right club! Each year, Members of MV Spanish club partici- pate in various fun- draisers and cultural ac- tivities. Late this fall, members sponsored the school-wide Mexican din- ner and classes made pi- natas. ln Spring, mem- bers were provided the opportunity to hand- make Mexican flour torti- llas. Composed of students from all-levels of Spanish classes, this group learns about age-old Spanish traditions, holi- days, and heritage. Each class elects two class re- presentatives that in turn compose a council of class representatives. Elected annually, the re- sponsibility of these leaders is to voice the concerns of the individ- ual members, sewing as a means of informing members of club activi- ties. 164jSpanish Club SPANISH CLUB- Front row left to right- Suanne Shultz, Lisa Carras, Russ Cunningham, Dina Cipilaro, Colleen Meisner, Jennifer Boynton, Sjanda Young, Wendy Landers, Cristina Corey, Kim Chandler, Doug Miller, Miss Gonzales. Back Row left to right- Melinda Switzer, Tonya Sherck, Cindy Triggs, Rita Davi, Mike Wilson, Darren Mullins, Brian Musgrave, Casey Clarke, Jodie Bodsil, Lori Kohlhase, Liz Avella, Kristi Von Aspen, Annette Tallabus, Penny Hoffman. Jennifer Rios. Officers- Vice President- Jennifer Boynton, Secretary- Christina Corey, Treasurer- Wendy Landers, President- Dora Quintana. FRENCH CLU Parlez-vous francais? Oui! Oui! Front row, left to right- Kerri Wilcox, Tammy Mulleneaux Middle row: left to right- Lisa Field, Joseph George, Susan Ferber, Karen Bradford, Jon Brower fvice Presidentl, Jim Speer lTreasurerJ, Christina Johnsey, Kelly Ledford, Back row, left to right- Tony Ulses, Robert Barhier, Tony Tamboli, Brian Basham, Jennifer Lord lSecretaryJ, Mrs. Reed, Kim Lucero, Samara Ferber lPresidentl, Erika Britt, Gina Burdett, Colleen MacDonald Do you speak French? Do you crave crave croissants? lf so you would be a good candidate for French Club. Composed of French stu- dents, the MV French Club supports and encourages knowledge of the language and culture. Students are elected from each class to represent all members. ln addition to various club ac- tivities, members partici pate in all the annual Ha tional French Test Through fund-raising activi ties such as croissant sales and T-shirt sales, members are able to contribute mon- ey to be used for prizes for the French Test Organiza- tion. T 4 T V ' f -1 .. . . ' .W ' ' by . 1, 'V . ' M i . f 'S 2 " .1 W V I 32.1, lf.. lf ' ,'fiGlwg:' A ' ik E 'WT WW' 1 f'f5Eff,,,,,:-K all ',,,.,,k 7 f V - ' I ' - 2' L N- W' ff 'i f fu zzif i'1i55'QQEZx1'f fM2:,,, - -" H -1... ..,, , .. H " "' ' A r Mew S .- H . ' wx.. 1.2113 C - ' 'Q 1 , ti ,, f. ff - :, 1 5, -1 " 'H' Y f. 'Q 1'fv,'fZ:+Z-mizliaff'?,2V,'2Eww ,. 'zz-.ff , 3 ,L . , X .f 1 ' . .. 1 Y ' . si' f K , ,I 15, V ..,, , ,W ...., .A , , ,.,. 1 i ff' V T f- Mr-an-w -f . W' " ' . "fy wif ' 'W' ' j ' i' H hw 2,-W. . ,. . , ...,r.mvM,,.t.fg,!Z4:,,,.,.,.,,,. ,,,, . . . . ., ,V .k,, ,W - ,yn wffff: ww: ff 01. A M fffagggggig W.. W,,,,.""W L W n . ,..., I 'H ,,,, , my French Club Organizationf165 C.O.E. Cooperative Office Edu- cation is what C.O.E. stands for. But that is not all it means. COE is a class, club, and job. ln order to become a part of this organization, one must be a senior, and have taken one business course ttyping 1-2 in recommend- edl. Also, a career interest in an office occupation is needed. Then a student must apply and be inter- viewed by the C.O.E. coor- dinator, Jane Volckmann. If accepted hefshe will attend the C.O.E. class, as well as other classes for part of the day. Plus, hefshe will be employed in an office for at least 15 hours a week. Through classroom instructions and on-thejob training, a student can de- velop business practices and procedures, a business like attitude, self-confi- dence in a work situation, how to work with people, and how to advance and move "up the ladder" in a chosen field. Along with these skills, each will earn money and determine the exact career choice in the business world. 166fC.O.E. Organizations Back Row Cleft-rightl - Mrs. Volckmann, Lisa Graham, Michelle Herndon, Deborah Kuhajda, Angie Trojanek, Lisa Hiver. Stephanie Terry, Diane Schnell, Nona Williams, Sherry Bellinger, Nancy Latham, Tami Depriest, Gina Adamo, Tracy Merz, and Annette Landon. Front Row lleft-rightl Robin Harshman, Angie Woods, Colleen Gunkel, Valerie Unger, Traci Sackrider, Denise Guthrie, Heather Purcell, Christine Brandell, and Kristi Grassley. BHB5 11lh137l 17829111 ....lf"n' A nn l l E 1 3 KEY CLUB Key Club Front Row Cleft to rightl- Kimberly Chandler, Andrea Haviland, Kathy Martin, Chris Leimone, Colleen Mac Donald. Back Row- Miss Lipscomb, Dan Berkes, David Plixion. Kari Reed, Chrissy Post, Shelley Garone, Christina Ven Rooy. Key Club is a dedicated service organization in which members devote their time to help others in their community. Key Club- bers this year helped out at many events including the annual stair climb. Twice a year Key Club organizes and puts on the Sweetheart Dance. The year is all cul- minated in a Southwest Dis- trict convention that was held in New Mexico this year. 'TF' N45- 1 i ,yr ...,, ,1 I X2 rf. Key Club Organization! 167 ODEL U 453' om. ' A v WA ! The Arizona Model United Na- tions is a group of students who enjoy learning about world affairs and being actively involved in un- derstanding the role of the United Nations in our world today. The highlight of the year is the two-day State Model U.N. convention in Tucson, Arizona. This year Arizona Model U.H. celebrated its 25th Anniversary. During those years they brought to the University ofArizona, speakers from the United Nations Secretar- iat, who represented both great ex- pertise and wide range of special- ization. They have involved hun- dreds of university students and thousands of high school stu- dents. The keynote speaker was Mr. .James O.C. Jonah, for Field Oper- ational and External Support Ac- tivities. They dealt with a variety of to- pics through various sessions and caucus meetings. There was a Legal Committee that discussed two topics: defini- tion and control of terrorism and disposal of pollutants in the atmo- sphere and the ocean. The Security Council discussed two topics: the Iran-Iraq war and the use of force. The International Court of Jus- tice simulated a trial of an actual dispute, through not an actual case, between the United States and Canada, over international classification of the Northwest Pas- sage. The Political Committee ad- dressed two important problems: the refugee situation in Central America, and the rights of persons belonging to national, ethnic, reli- gious, linguistic, or other minor- ities. The Economic and Social Coun- cil discussed the rights of women in employment, and the code of conduct for taransnational corpo- rations. Covering a variety of topics in a two-day convention the Arizona Model U.N. provided many stu- dents and teachers with a better understanding of how the United Nations functions. 168fModel U.Pl. Organizations N. if 2 , L-it ff ff? Q v N.. -I gg! 1 nl 7, l 'l z l -z. X . .,4 xffz,,,:r ww' A W ,t 'T' M. ' iw-W Y: A .R Q1 .a 51- Back Row - Abel Flores, Steve Patrick, Rodney Jakes, Judson Humphrey, Jaimie Kirkland Ken Reed Mr Tony Fischer. Front Row - Joe George, Christine MacDonald, Emily lileeschulte, Tamara Buskirk Monique Nguyen Lonnie Power, Al Zuvers. Wgqifrf T CUUNCU- 1 -'S 1 ! X . K wi '-lm.--IV? E 3.55 Student Body - Kathryn Pollak, Dawn Hoffman, David Musick, Christine MacDonald, Emily lileeschulte. . ' ' ,tif-WW . ,- -o ' - - .ss , The student council proudly participated in the Homecoming pep assembly, showing off their school spirit. The student government is designed to provide par- ticipating students with the opportunity of being direct- ly involved in the school and community service. Students develop leader- ship potential and an awareness of the need for productive involvement. Membership is by election. Other students can become involved too by joining the Leadership and Communi- cation class. This class in- cludes Student Council members, class officers, and other students who are given permission by the teacher tojoin. Rhoda Mar- cus coordinated the class this year. The course is de- signed to provide students with an awareness of intri- cacies of representative government and communi- cations through direct in- volvement with the pro- cesses. Classroom instruc- tion is combined with lead- ership experience through student council meetings, committee meetings, and projects. They learned how to use parlimentary proce- dures, and revised the stu- dent councils constitution this year. They helped plan the Homecoming events, the Sweetheart Dance, the pep assemblies, and the Spring Bazaar, to name a few. They sold spirit rib- bons for each football game this year also. The highlight of their efforts was when they paid for the stone sign in front of the ad- ministration building. lt will be a lasting memento to the goals of this school and to education. Student Council Organizationsf169 Senior Class - The senior class is composed of elect- ed representatives of the graduating class. Their function is to represent the Senior Class in student body decision making and to provide the leadership for Seniors in numerous campus activities of their fi- nal year at Moon Valley. Junior Class - The Junior Class officers have the re- sponsibility of planning and carrying out the Juniorj Senior Prom. Most activities are directed toward that purpose. H? c C F if 5255? 5 S --in-Q-...A im? 53? 538552: SFS? 5, in Q Egg, -- K -A., V my - sy. f if hs p Y SENIOR OFFICERS - Louis Core, Tracy Eacock, Melinda Bean, Tamara Buskirk, Cassie Dingmans, Christine Biddle. if if-f E 11-5 ,? was Q!i!l!!il vi ,A li JUNIOR OFFICERS - Front Row lleft to rightl - Katherine Rigby, Tina Miller, Doug Seward. Back Row fleft to Righty - Krissy Bignoli, Melanie Hobbs, Deanna Hubbs, Kim Stemmler. i.,.w we W ' E532 , F if ' f S 'i sis ..t...,,. cf:4ss........N. ff-aw-1-w1.f---- , -X 1-tc., Ns--vi-tu. WC. l70f N Vaiify , HKHlSCHOOL ,.c 32 i f E E. R O C . y X! 53' -.-:Q gy , CLASS or 1987 A ' f:'xi5?,,?.'1f. 'i"Rw"' "fi A V , ,, , ,, . - .,.:fg,, .L V l ,:.-f -I Lzf' - I 1-4751962 .L W1 Wffzf, l V1 Q ' ' W: ','f' 4, f- ' f ' -- xv, T77 sift- SOPHOMORE OFFICERS- Erin Schwartz, Sara Harris, Leslie Relly, Dina Cipollaro. I igtruis FROSH OFFICERS- Front Row Left to Right- Janna Rauch, Stacey Scalercio, Colleen MacDonald. Back Row Left to Right- Valerie Biddle, Shelley Biddle, Kristin Major, Jocelyn Martin. Sophomore Class - The sophomore class repre- sents the sophomore stu- dent body at official school functions and activities. Sales, fundraisers, and many other activities are coordinated by the stu- dents in a cooperative learning, sharing, and work experience on and off the school campus. ln addition, they attended workshops to improve their leadership qualities so that they will be able to help Moon Valley out in the next three years. Freshman Class - The fresh- man class officers repre- sent the freshman interests at Moon Valley. Fundraising activities include running the concession stand at home football games, and various other campus sales and activities. The Fresh- man candy sale money will be used to fund the 1990 prom. Student Council Organizations! 171 Although reasonably small, the orchestra made big sounds. Directed by Charles Mattern, the orchestra was exposed to a variety of music, along with opportunities to compete in perform on campus, in a variety events. They performed at the beginning of the year, at the spaghetti dinner. They made wonderful music together! CRCHESTRA 3' ,I ORCHESTRA- Front Row left to right- Bethany Mclilhany, Diane Schuldt, Shannon Lane, Terri Rowe, Michelle Baird, Back Row left to right- David Cho, Ryan Godfrey, Tami Jackson, Adria Waterbury, Lisa Klein. Mr. Mattern, Moon Valley band teacher, directs thejazz ensemble group. This student gives her full attention to her practice. 1 72fOrchestra Organizations Drumlinefdazz Ensembl f, "mi P' , , Dan'5 energy is an inspiratign, Senior Michelle Baird, concentrates on an exceptionally difficult piece YI' i Front row, left to right- John Sterner, Amy Smith, Jennifer Marano, Dana Strauss, Middle row, Left to right- David Meliti, Kyle Garcia, Kyle Kudrick, Brian Basham, Eric Johnson, Aaron Henderson Back row: left to right- Daron Porteous, Randy Cullin, Sean Dibbern, David Knobloch, David Bradford, Bobby McManamy, Edward Osuch, Shannon Upsahl, Mike Glenn, Jon Brower, Chris Dechant, Kevin Beech, Vinnie Digioacchino NOT PICTURED: Bruce Knight, Diane Hartman, Dan Lincoln DrumlinefJazz EnscmbIcfl7.3 FOREIGN EXCHANGE by Richard Black Moon Valley Messenger Imagine this. You'vejust left a world where the sun sometimes finds it's way out of bed at 10 o'clock in the morning. A place where your average week of school consists of biology, geol- ogy, chemistry, religion, world his- tory, art, math, physical education, and five different languages, French, Swedish, German, English, and Finnish. A realm that includes the glam- our of television's Dallas and Dyn- asty, not excluding the newly im- ported Miami Vice. No, you haven'tjust crossed over from the Twilight Zone. l've simply sketched a brief picture of the lifes- tyles ofthe rigid and Finnish. Yes, it is true. Students really are required to have about 15 classes a year in Finland. Fortunately, the classes are only 45 minutes long with 15 minute breaks between each class. And if you ask any na- tive of Finland, you'd probably ex- pect her to reply lperhaps fluently in five different languagesj "that Americans are getting off easy." But as l sat down to lunch with one such persons, fshe would not eat a sure sign of intelligencel she replied nothing of the sort, let alone insinuate it. Even so, whether she will admit to it or not, it cannot be denied that we have an easy schedule. Howev- er, it'sjust a matter of getting used to, whether it be an all-American full load of sic lowly classes, or to "do it as the Finns have," and take the almighty 13 classes. ln any case, this cannot possibly be the reason one such Finn l'up and left Finland" to attend Moon Valley through an exchange program. Taina Laukkonen is one such Finn. She is neither average nor ec centric, and certainly cannot be easily separated from any other 17 year old senior who tromps around campus. She is, however, different Laukkonen is the only foreign ex change student here at the big "MV" this year y, , in a very British-Swedish sounding accent, she answered 'll think the main reason l decided to become an exchange student was to learn the language. There's no better way to learn the language than to speak it." A revelation? No. But precise Taina Laukkonen posses for her picture, which originally appeared in the Moon Valley Messenger. lTaken by Kristi VonAspen.J You have to live here to learn about the culture lt depends on your attl Laukkonen born into Helsinki, Fin- land just 17 years ago, has had eight years of English four years of Swedish three years of German, and one year of French. A total of eighteen years offoreign languages more than the number of years of English some of us have had! Laukkonen decided when she was 11 years old that she wanted to come to America She was accept- ed into the program one year ago. You have to live here to learn about the culture lt depends on your atti- tude if you can make it " lnterestingly enough Laukkon- en s parents were very supportive of her They felt her coming here was a good idea and would be a great experience for her. Suddenl from across the table tude if You can make it", "l think it's a great opportunity. 174fForeign Exchange A ' ' ' 5 ,.,,,: 1 ,.,, .ggi A: If 1 ' . ..:,-,.,'.,,-,- . A", 5 ' f 9 ' . .R- Q 3 ' -..,,f9.--u -nu--ma ,,,,,,---- Q Q Q 1- 3.25: - Q 5 Q A Z . Compariliue sizes of Finland and the United States 5 'Vq' ' M - "My mother doesn't speak Eng- ,A'. iild Q 3 lish. But my father does , , . he -I wished he could have done it lget :ll Q Etolthe program! when he was a ,lfltiffb Oy' A'I' - s Here at Moon Valley, Laukkonen if 4 is taking theatre arts, modern ' Tiff' dance, U.S. history, German, ggiflfg French, and typing. She has made ji, many friends here at MV, and feels like she is one of us now. .21 g,iimvA U Z "People come to talk to me, they f . TF want to know about Finland. 5:4 -1, I ,I tygug " M l" " They're very interested." 'gg Gregg Swayer, world history :Elf ..y.g ' ,156 ' ,m.' .mm-L teacher and cross-country coach, - Being awarded as December's student of the month, at Red Lobster, Taina Laukkonen proudly stands with a Red Lobster manager. explained, 'lShe has made an out- standing job of adjustment. She is well accepted by students." Laukkonen is very interested in pursuing a career in language. "l want to study languages. Nobody speaks Finnish outside of Finland," Besides Finnish, Swedish is the other official language of Finland. Laukkonen feels America is very much like she expected it to be. l'l love the weather. The winters are too cold in Finland. lt's very humid in Finland and it sometimes gets to be 28 degrees below 0 tCelsiusJ." Since Finland is farther north on the hemisphere than we are, days are very short in the winter and very long in the summer. Just last Tues- day in Helsinki, Finland, the sun rose at 9:58 in the morning and set at 5:02 in the afternoon. lmagine leaving for school in the dark, and then coming home in the dark. Strange, isn't it? Food in Finland isn't terribly dif- ferent from American food. The chiefdifference is the style in which it is cooked. The Finns cook their food more often in the oven, where- as we fry our food more. There's also much more fast food in Amer- ica. Laukkonen feels that American food is 'just as good" though. And, like us, Vehicles are driven on the right side of the road in Fin- land. But sadly, the legal driving age is 18 years old. There is no daytime television in Finland, but they definitely have evening programing. Dallas and Dynasty are among Laukkonen's favorites, but besides all the glitter ofJoan Collins' gowns, our average Thursday night line up seems to dominate Finnish television, in- cluding The Cosby Show, Family Ties, and Night Court. Miami Vice was added last autumn. And as for Christmas, Laukkonen stated, "lt's quite much like yours." Laukkonen's family ther parents and younger sister! spend Christmas with their relatives. They have ham and codtish for dinner, and they get their presents in the evening. And yes, they very defi- nitely have a Christmas tree. Laukkonen plans to "Finnish" high school here at MV, and will be returning to Finland next June after school ends. Foreign Exchange! 1 75 MOON VAllE PRESENTS 4-23 4 ' - IUGIV IBIU ' THEATRE ARIS James K1 rkwood ! 1 .ll What is an UTBU? You may have heard the word in morning announce- ments last December, or seen it in large block letters plastered on any number of walls across Moon Valley campus, but did you ever really know what the word meant? Moon Valley Theatre Department defined the word as follows: UTBU - Unhealthy To Be Unpleasant, a play by James Kirk- wood. Moon Valley fall production told the story of William Uggims, a well-meaning, yet terribly eccentric blind man who is bent on the elimina- tion ofall of life's unpleasant people. Portrayed by Greg Catallier, this char- acter, through his many interactions with othcr characters and his final fateful lesson, learned that being un- pleasant truly is unhealthy. Perhaps the most pleasing aspect of this play was the very talented cast that brought it to life. Kathy van Leeuwen, portraying Madge, Traci Ni- cholaus, who portrayed Anastasia Amber, Cathleen McDonald, protray- ing Shirley Amber, Francis Heaney, protraying J. Francis Amber, and Mi- chael Berggren, portraying Eugene Boyer continually turned out excel- lent performances. Other appear- ances were made by Jill Gilbreth tConniel, Leanne Bone lvalerie Rog- ersi, Erica Van Coevering lBlank Rog- ersl, and Jay Groft Uimmy Newtonl. But a great deal of credit is due to go to those students who worked be- hind the scenes in this production. Al- though they were never seen on stage, these people, dedicated their time and energy to make this play successful. Final recognition should go to the two talented directors who made this experience possible, Miss Julie A. Mc- Carthy and Miss Marie T. Kerwin. From all who participated in UTBU and from all who attended the perfor- mance, we thank you. nefran Play x I X LL. 'AU l - N 5 fwfr X ...rr 'vw ' 'H - V, , , " ,f I . Q 5' 5 X . L Top- Kathy van Leeuwen fMadgeb and Greg Catellier tUggimsl plot JFA's murder. MIDDLE- Nick Ozment, Kristen Eidsness, Shelley Runyan QAssistant Directorsl, Miss Julie McCarthy lbircctorl. BOTTOM- Cast, front row: Jill Gilbreth, Traci Plikolaus, Mike Berggren, Leanne Bone, Erica Van Coevering. Middle: Kathy van Leeuwen. Catleen MacDonald. Jay Groft. Top: Greg Catcllicr, Francis Heaney. Above left- Technical Director Miss Marie Kenlvin, Crew Heads: Julie Bond, Claudine Harris, Kelly Myers, Sara Charbonneau, Heather Engel, Kathy Deely, Ka- ren Ashmore, Missy Rice, Dustin Ramsey, Back: Leah Schlicker, Becky Feldman, Randi Kathrins, Tracey Draper, Reece Yougg, Bonnie-Jean Ruch, John Mo- reau, Pam Konik, Michelle Mills, Lara Young. Above: Greg Catellier tUggimsj admires Francis Heaney's tJFAl Apartment. Middle Left- front row: Kerry Morris, Paul Kleving, Shawn Potter, Tom Walsh, Second row: Mike Dugan, Jennifer Longnecker, Terri Larson, Mindy Van Riper, Emily Mittelsteadt, Shauna Major, Lisa Hi- taffer, Katie Dugan, Jenne Schroeder. Third row: Doug Miller, Richard Freeman, Tony Ulses, James Harris, Bob Ray, Danielle Cialano, Elisa Hoffman, Col- leen MacDonald, Back Row: Jocelynn Martin, Phoebe Chism, Ben Brittain, Tari Deleo, Melissa Bean, Becky Unger, Mimi Popour, Shelley Andrew, Dina Trebi- towski, Belinda Mounqoy, Maria Luithle, Below left: Front: Chris Herring, Jenny Strunk, Mindi Sirwaitis. Second row: Heather Mecham, Susan Hosley, Debbie Haller, Stacy Vosovic, Becky Jesse. Third row: Tara Chadderton, Kristen Corn, Jennifer Kenny, Jennifer Lord, Liz Les-Perance, Russell Eddleman, Echo Thompson, Dave Porter, Marla McClintock, Taina Laukkonen. Back row: Carl Ekstrom, Laura Sich- rovsky, Jason Ferrell, Patty Fulton, John Beaubien, Belinda Mountjoy, Joe Melina, Adam Reznik, Paul Whitehead, Mark Blizzard, Jill Arnold. ran Playf177 -N...W Hb Q72 pw re, 's :xg ,I-v"'?f12'L. .Q 1. , m . . -,,.-.av ny, -1 .+',. vw' ' .W 'fi 1 5--.-'ff'-' 1',ww1, f-,jf 'ffm fx. ,V Y , .A N. H ,, L, if ' - , ai' .,g:" ' ,,y' I Q r-M., 1 5 :fl x",',f "fx-4r?i':i?f"?ff" ,, A K I V-7, . , V. .. Y m,g4,'f,5 f . U. 4 f viii? Y V e s vt " 1775.35 wr 'xK,,,A 5.- .,.1zy W, X '. a I' Inu X K x fl. 'a .4 1 ' x Q3 ,ws fig., 11, - I , A., 4 " ' 9 91-il'7X-M: ' , PWC 1. 25 i 1 Y 2"-- 2 sk :,,g .. 4 f' , ,AN 772:25 Q , :,. 5 H X .-J 5- ,L , , 'wi x , F , . A-'fn X ' I 'X . ty, 4 .- 2" W? A QP 1 A Q N, x'7 1 XV N. wi ' ' ,f . Q, -- .,v . : 'j' h.Y,,:x,bg:x .nv V ' ,L 'Q,,i - A-WWA my .1 - .'.::x vfgg ' ,gv Mfgw. , '?:b'f5 X X' 1 N334 wwf-,425-W: 9 nl if "' x -I IM . ,f?fWf"K' .. .f N ,- ff mi, A eh H315 fi' -up s' x 5 -4 ' 5 '. an w Y , , W I , , 3, ww uw ,f A 4 -. j,fff3:jWz , 7 ,L ,, My ,k f . .z fw , W ' J :-" H' ,X , ff . Wi 4. w ..x l 1 Y ff L, If PSYCHIATRI C Wi a ! 'UU' W wywff. ' ' 'W , vl- f 3 mil ' K A' SRE 33 fi 1 af' X ! 1,0-K! . ,,- Zf' K it , Above- Student Council demonstrates that they aren't full of hot air as some balloons don't rise to the occasion. Above right- Spiritline uses signs several weeks in a row innovatively boosting spirit. Right- M.V. football Players run onto the field for the second quarter of the game against Brophy. l80! Homecoming Organizations s 4 circus A WF Moon Valley has caught it! lt's Homecoming week, and a ffl ranked Moon Val- ley High is brimming with excitement! Students and faculty support their team with numerous homecom- ing activities arranged by the student council. Adorn- ing themselves in spy, west- ern, surfer, and the tradi- tional M.V. red, white, and blue attire, they once again prove to be a school of tre- mendous spirit! M.V.'s many fans, fam- ilies, and spectators fill the stands and root on their own Rocket players, caught up in the activity on the field. And as the final seconds tick away on the time clock, M.V. catches a final wave of spirit with a score of 18-7! Top Left-During Homecoming week, students and faculty dressed for the theme of the day. Bottom Left-Last year's King and Queen, Alan Brown and Wendy QuUada, prepare to crown this year's King and Queen. Bottom Right-Banners promoting club spirit were paraded at the Home- coming assembly. Homecomingj181 CLOSE- As the year began, stu- dents began formulating plans, making new strate- gies and devising new tac- tics. Strategy and Tactics club members soon put their plans into action. Some of the games mem- bers played included War Games and Dungens and Dragons. Using their imagi- nation, they organized and attacked. As they divided and attacked, members found fun and excitement while enhancing and shar- pening their thinking skills. The Moon Valley Close- Up Club is a group that of- fers interested Social Stud- ies students the opportuni- ty to see both their national and local governments i'Close-Up". Through issue seminars, speaker forums, and panel and group dis- cussions, members learn how, with effective commu- nication, they can affect and are affected by their govern- ment. Several students travel to Washington, D.C. for one week during the school year and attend a two day program in Arizona that focuses on state and local government and is- sues through this program. Back Row fleft-righti - Jon Barbera, Matt, Wayne Jones, Faraaz Kamran, Johm Holdman, James Nettle, and unidentified. Front Row fleft-rightj - unidentified, Andrea Hintz, Jeffrey Hintz, unidentified, Matt Mercer, Lonnie Power, Christopher Cote. mr! , lv' l l si. f. if Left - Right - Michelle Orzechowski, Shannon Emme, Lana Kwok, unidentified, Tony Ulses, J.D. Pellegrini, Kathrine Rigby, and Mr. Wiley. LAI? STRATEGY AND TACT ICS 6' Front row- Mr. Smith, Matt Mercer, Lois Core, Magid Hazine, Andrea Hintz, Heidi Morris Back row- Bill James, David Musick, Leslie Johnson, Ken Reed CHESS Concentration! Deep in thought, members of the chess team, a small and in- tense group of chess enthu- siasts, compete to be suc- cessful. Chess team this year concentrated hard as they won a record of8 wins, 2 losses, and 2 draws. :UNK 41-if , Q4-4, - 4L.n'U'fA 1 M '112 ' M .Jiffy 6 ' "" 3 ,V V X s pw". 1 if df' 1 I Xt' i vi H C " Ziff, V 'Q' I ' f C it W V ,X 'f '5 M. ,5 I K 'fa N Chess Organizationsfl85 al 9'-f - YE RBOOK STAFF ...mnlq-agua U, ,. --- "..1 .. N . --,L ' A... , . . , .,-. V-0-,, 1' Back row ileft to rightl Mrs. Bocl-Trewfadvisorl, Kathy Gibson, Tishanna Roberts, Tina Miller, Jodi lmgarten, Heather Reutter Brian Kidney, David Erbacher, and Kevin Wright. Middle row- Jennifer Kohl, Patricia Figueroa, Laura Howard, Rhonda Cozens, Missy Rice, Heidi Morris, and Michael Dugan. Front row- Julie Bond, Lori Kohlhase, Dawn Valery, Nicole Pters and Julie Berdard. YEARBOOK CAPTURES SPIRIT WITH What's a pica? Well .. it's the unit of measurement used by the yearbook staff, when putting a page together. Each pica is equal to one sixth of an inch. But what's so pow- erful about it? This unique mea- surement helps increase the accur- racy and quality of yearbook pages. Each day, pica rulers are pulled out of the drawer and used to measure pictures, captions, and copy. But that's enough yearbook jargon. Let's talk spirit! The spirit has been captured on many pages of powerful pictures and words. Yearbook staff mem- bers have dedicated their time, en- ergy, and creativity to recording the 184fYearbook Staff Organizations history of Moon Valley during the year. Twenty-one students and their advisor gathered as a class, each weekday in room 900. ln addi- tion they put in enormous amounts of time after school and on week- ends. They learned many valuable skills in the areas of photography, design, writing, organization, and communication. They made great efforts to be where the action was, as well as study, work off campus, and remain involved in school clubs, organizations, and sports. Along with all this work, they shared moments of laughter, which helped relieve the tension that deadlines create. They cheered, X 'PICA POWER' ' "We've got P..PO..POWER We've gOt POWER PICA POWER!" Through the use of picas, the staff communicated its plans to Jostens, the company who pub- lished this yearbook. Mike Riley the Jostens' representatives increased their understanding of this valu- able unit of measurement, along with assisting the newly estab- lished advisor in meeting her stu- dent's needs. This year will be remembered by all who were involved as the year when "pica power" played a posi- tive role in planning the pages of this yearbook. Frazzled, Tina takes a break. top- Dawn Valery, Kevin Wright, and Lori Kohlase discuss final changes in a layout. Right- Julie Bond takes on the tedious task of numbering the page position of each stu- dent's photo. .Xe 5 S . T sfgq I ,N.g.a ., ' 'I f. vig . s 'Q 1 2 ' 1-., W ., X, 3? Christina Islas q- .Tiff by and Missy Rice, . X of f ,. .ig JAC" 1 'g Copy staff. are ' ,- . ' captured mid- ' f . , -...Q .Q-f':.:f.:z3-ft-'lgge -. , '..f'S1?k!IgF'1.Ia'i3a'ffQ fi, J. .K giggle. '+V XY li Kathy Gibson is caught at work. -ww 8 X .iii ff. ,' 1 Z.-fa. ,, - if . if ,t Nw gi 185 186! Sports SPCRTS: CAT CHI EVE TS K S Q N -L2 . x - .,, W K ' M .Q A N . sl NK . Q. ,L ,L A, x YR jf . X M rw M M - -N A is QM EE Ei K LP NK N ,V QQ K 5 KX wwf ' iw A .Q f - - 'E . K ' M ' X .. . 41 1 x ' X f me A Q X. L N' ,ki A Qgvki E 3- 1986 was a good year for Moon Valley sports. Ath- letes strenuous work and determination paid off in every aspect! MV Varsity Football Players stormed fields this year with their strength, ability, and teamwork. Pullingto- gether and staying together, MV players secured the W2 spot in the State Championship! Their spirit infil- trated all ofthe campus and filled Moon Valley with a sort of special "Magic" for the entire fall season! son! Further athletic achievements were made by Moon Valley's spectacular varsity volleyball team. Taking 1st place in Divisionals, and 1st place in lnvitationals, they're champs "in our book"! Boys and girls swim did extremely well in '86 with a total win floss record of 17-7 between them. The boys medley relay team set a new school record of 1:45.84 fyardsl. Congratulations! Girls swim participated and succeeded in several tournaments and meets. Cross-Country also had an outstanding year as Freshmen were GUHSD Champs, Boys JV Sr Varsity held the 5rd best varsity boys' record, and girls' cross-country had a season of 14-6. Moon Valley High School is proud of these and its many other fine athletes, and congratulates them on a fine year! .X I I fa-WM Sports! l87 1 Y ,QM 'srl Dawn Cantrell Pam Nicastle ,f Wendy Warren Moon Valley Spiritline is an organization whose sole purpose is to gener- ate incredible school spirit through their sup- port of the football and basketball teams. With their cheers, chants, and dance routines, they pep up crowds and sustain the true spirit of Moon valley. 188 1 . . ROCKET'S " Brandi Cooper Lynne Hallford Stephanie Higgins Varsity-Laura Howard, Beth Williams, Brandi Cooper, Kara Koon, Wendy Warren, Steph- anie Higgins, Christina Monroe, Pam Plicastle, Laura Nelson, Kelli Volz, Lynne Hallford, and Dawn Cantrell. A tr , L I Cindy Balcom Joy DonCarlos Sheila Hughes SPIRIT LI ES 'W' l Laura Howard Kara Hoon Christina Monroe Laura Nelson S l L x 4 J.V.- Joy DonCarlos, Tammy Vigano, Angie Jessee, Laura Whelan, Cindy Balcom, and Shiela Hughes. .Ll " Angie Jessee Tammy Vigano Laura Whelan MQYR 49 'Six A ,Aff Kelli VOIZ W e Beth Williams This Summer the MV Spir- it Lines participated in a Ha- tional Cheerleading Associ- ation Camp. The girls worked many hours, be- cause of that, the Junior Varsity line took 2 superior and 2 excellent ribbons home for their cheers. The Juniors on Varsity took 3 Superior ribbons and 2 ex- cellent ribbons, as well as a nomination for the award of excellence. The seniors got 2 superior trophies and the award of excellence. lndi- vidual awards were given to Stephanie Higgins, out- standing pom-pom girly Lynne Hallford, nomination for outstanding Pom-Pom girl: and Laura Howard, Fi- nalist for all American Cheerleader. VARSITY FOOT B LL SCOREBOARD Home Away Mesa 10 O6 Thunderbird 28 O6 Horizon 40 O5 Shadow Mountain 17 07 St. Marys 14 O7 Apollo 15 O7 Deer Valley 25 O5 Greenway 59 16 Marcos De Hiza 27 O7 Brophy 18 07 Tucson 55 O7 Westwood 55 12 Mesa 17 14 Mountain View O7 55 Outstanding football awards were given. They are as follows: Outstanding Scout Team- Offense: Mike Fenton, Outstanding Scout Team- Defensive: Alex Nolan, Out- standing Offensive Lineman: Todd Daoust, Outstanding Defensive Lin- eman: Charlie Brooks, Outstanding Offensive Back: Mark Brakebill, Outstanding Special Teams: Mike Calmese, Most Outstanding player: Scott Reutter, and Most Valuable Player: Sam Mclntyre. Also, Sam Mclntyre, Vince Purcell, Todd Daoust, Mark Brakebill, Scott Reut- ter, and Revin Cioyer were chosen as all division players. Scott Reut- ter was chosen as an All-State play- er, and Mark Brakebill and Sam Mc- Intyre received Honorable Men- tions. Coach Putman received Coach of the Year for the Skyline Division by the Arizona Republic, and Coach Harms received Assis- tant Coach ofthe Year by the Ari- zona Coaches Association. 190fVarsity Football Sports SKYLI E CHA PS The Moon Valley varsity football team was something we could all be proud of this year. One spectacular high- light of this amazing year was, ending the St. Marys Knights 27 game winning streak, by beating them with a score of 14-7. From then on they head- ed straight towards the top! By beating all other teams in the Skyline division, they then be- came "Skyline Division Champs." But the Rockets were still going strong! They entered the playoffs with a season record of 10-0. They then continued to beat Tuc- son, Westwood, and Mesa in the playoffs which sent them to the AAA-1 State Champion- ship game. We then ended up 2nd in the state. Congratula- tions guys on a great season, and ajob well done! iw r : . .,, 5 ax 1. N. i t ll . A Y F ,- 'ff' -+xwi?'-wt-. " -- - f , My .. ' " , . .7 t .. ,.., wt.. Top-Mark Brakebill sits on the sidelines and takes a load off his feet. Middle- The Rockets gather together before the game for a little llpsyching up." Bottom- The Rockets show their "stuff" on the field. r i 1-7 nz:-11 r u 3 Top Left- Captains Brakebill and --A 'L Reutter Meet Captains of Mountain Q ' 2 R View at the coin flip. Top right- John Lewis, Jim Handzel and Mike f Fenton on the sideline. Middle left- ' " E Pilling on! Middle Right- Moon Val- ley player breaks through Moun- tain View's defense. I. 3' it f AXE , L' '!'9'-- . an v'f ,J f -4 ,N , 1, , Front Row fleft to rightl Mark Benavidez, Vince Purcell, Alex Nolan, Bob Roether, Mike Calmese, Doug Fierabend, John Lewis, Second Row- Bob Green, Sam Mclntyre, Coach Stan Luketich, Coach Rob Behrens, Coach Earl Putman, Coach Mel Harms, Coach Gary Moore, Equipment Manager Bob Hyde, Eric Diana, David Borsh, Third Row- Derek Wright, Ming Moss, Barry Pritchett, Tony Webber, Bob Villanueva, Gary Steele, Charlie Brooks, Scott Reutter, Hans Sedore, Fourth Row- Mark Brown, Jeff Schmied, John Croteau, Ron Plaegelin, Jim Handzel, Ben Holm, Mike Fenton, Mark Brakebill, Back Row- Todd Daoust, Jay Sandoval, Mike Hungerford, Eric Silvey, Tim Larson, Todd Severnak, Kevin Goyer, Wil Gonzales, Jim Flack. Coach Putman All pictures except group shot by Kristi von Aspen. Footbanflgl F0 GT BALL SCOREBOARD Home Away Thunderbird 18 O7 Horizon OO C54 Shadow Mountain 00 28 St. Marys 155 22 Deer Valley 14 O7 Greenway .07 54 Mesa O7 68 Apollo 21 15 Lili-'1ilL 1 gJ'71:f -1.- ' Y . 3 '1 ' 1 . ' fff'-2 fl ' ' Y ' T - 151 T'fl'T 'rx f 'vi - ls.. I 1 i 1 1 ' 'Y - - 'h' 'l..J,, ,.. 'I ,f '1 1 - ... I r .:!.,1 ,lrl - 'X' V 1 JL-, r 'LU'lu--'W'-fi 'lla Our J.V. football team had a very good season this year. All players did their best, and showed every- thing they had on the field. Ending up with an overall record of 5 wins and 5 losses, this team did fine. 192fJV Football Sports Two players received out- standing players awards at the end of the season. They were Terraine Echols-full- back and defensive end, and Tim Ekstrom a line- man. Top row- Left to Right- Toby Flores, Matt Lind, Clint Barron, Mike Lorka, Kevin Krauss, Dan Warner, Tim Ekstrom, Scott Eppers, Adam Lodge. Second Row- Kenji Yashimura, Greg Spryka, Trevor Barret, Kyle Kortie, Dan Wargula, Kyle Wright, Mike Waters, John Conners, Joedy Allison, Chris Sharbano. Third Row- Mike Pettice, Chris Lea, Tim Miller, Pat Harmon, Joel Jacobson, Terraine Echols, Marcus Flack, Bob Ford, Tom Owsley, Wayne Walker. Bottom Row- Jeff Berkowitz, Tim Monk, Tom Evangeliste, Kurt Behrens, Coach Bauer, Coach Smith, Coach Heffron, Jay Woodruff, John Simon, BJ Mills, Joel Barnett. 4-11 ' Left- Getting hit hard from behind. Above- The J.V. team tries to take the ball through. Below- Players wait anxiously on the sidelines. FROSH FO OTB LL Our freshmen football team had a good season, with an overall record of 5 wins and 5 losses. There were many fantastic plays done by all members of the team, and as the years pro- gress we can expect a great future for our football pro- gram as there was much talent seen on the field. At the end of the season, 5 players were honored as 'Q JY-f"'7" Outstanding Players at the annual freshman football banquet. They are as fol- lows: Outstanding Offen- sive Lineman- David Men- dez, Outstanding Defensive Lineman- Steve Gilman, Outstanding Offensive Backs- Dwane Bradford and Art Cordova, and Outstand- ing Defensive Back- Robby Figueroa. SCOREBOARD Home Away Horizon 21 252 Shadow Mountain 28 07 St. Marys 00 26 Apollo 28 19 Deer Valley 28 O0 Greenway 28 42 Marcos De Niza 28 14 Brophy 28 07 Front Row- Left to Right- Jim Calvin, Art Spina, Chris White, Brian Camacho, Sean Gutherie, Bob Kallemeyn, Kevin Flaherty, Carlos Nunez, Ron Anthony, Tommy Purucker. Second Row- Left to Right- Tom Sichrovsky, Scott Caccavale, Mark Carlin, Neil Pettice, Coach Ramirez, Coach Perkins, Coach Johnson, Dan Glenn, Billy Passalacqua, Justin Sgro, Steve Hester- man. Third Row-Left to Right- Rodd Rytter, Tom Hough, Steve Cano, Robby Figueroa, Kurtis Riley, Scott Mason, James Sheely, Lino Castro, Rick Graffius, Harold Kayser, Chris Reyes. Fourth Row- Left to Right- Manuel Yvarra, Chad Swinford, Dan Dunagan, Everett Pownall, Frank Gastelo, Jay Burnette, Dwane Bradford, Danny Smith, Eric Carmello, Brent Shirk. Fifth RowLeft to Right- Darrell Worker, Dan Conaway, Art Cordova, Stuart Myers, Stephin Gilman, Jeff Wisch, Andy Bateman, David Mendez, Thomas Dawson, Brian Bridgeman, Mike Baron. we-iii' -, . ,.f,,.. .. wtf. L' "':ff5QQ5Vi"5 .-NET A . n 1 SWIIVIIVII G Although Moon Valley boy's swim got off to a slow start this sea- son, swimmers soon plunged into action as they hit a 4-win streak. Midway through the year boy's swim dove into action at Shadow lVlountain's Invitational taking sixth place out of twenty-six teams. As the season came to a close Moon Valley boy's swim held a record of eight wins and four losses. Four boys and one alternate represented Moon Valley at the state competi- tion, entering five of the twelve competitive events. The state meet produced a new school record in the medley relay with a time of l:45.84. gm , ....,, ..,,,,,,, . I N Front row: left to right-Richard Mathews, Eric Hays, Cary Feigal, Tony Tamboli, Josh Massahos, Jeff Egerstrom, Scott Gallagher, Coach Westling. Back Row: left to right- Brian Webster, Doug Miller, Pete Deise, Bill Deal, Dave Anderson, Matt Stubbs, Rob Hollinger. Tishanna Roberts takes a dive at a swim meet. l94fSwlmming Sports Some girls huddle together to keep warm. ,, , S-:- Coming up for a breath. " m ...,, W NLLLL, W ,,,, , L.,,,, ,.,.....e, NX Front row: left to right-Melissa Michaels, Lisa DeLong, Janalene Ricca, Michelle Sny- der, Eva Ellison, Lisa Skolnik, Andrea Hitzel, Michele Palomares, Elizabeth Sloan, Jocelynn Martin, Dina Cipallaro, Coach Carlson Back row: left to right-Kristin Major, Katie Dugan, Jennifer Wheeler, Pam Olsen, Mary Stewart, Shannon Lane, Tishanna Roberts, Stenphanie Smith, Golda Bellinger Girls' swim started off with a splash in early September. Eager athletes pre- pared to 'lcatch the wave." Preparation consisted of vigorous 5,000 meter swims and diving practices. Ready and willing to go, M.V. swimmers faced their first 2 meets against Horizon and Xavi- er. Although they did well competitive- ly they lost to their opponents. But the soggy swimmers, dried themselves off and dove into their work with an im- pressive determination. Hard work cer- tainly paid off as Moon Valley's Girls' swim had a season of 9 wins 5 losses! Their most impressive win was against St. Mary's. The swimmers won 120-45. 15 girls participated in divisionals where they placed 6th out of 15 teams. 4 girls participated in state, placing 25th out of 55 teams. . W , A 3 ,, fy, Q .. c..-rw If A Al Josh Massahos takes a break after a meet and talks with a friend. The girls swim team prepares before their meet. Taking a breather, during a meet. Tishanna Roberts launches into a dive called a back and a half. Swimming! l95 Sports GULF A is 1-we in 'N -:et-rf::' S --.-.Q--A--' ' -...l - . if --...M W 3 -,, A I 'V' C . ..., ' ,C X 96 As the season began the golf team swung into action with drive and spirit. Their drive, however, didn't quite carry them to the green as they quickly lost to Prescott and Cortez, but still winning against Phoenix Country Day. As the sea- son progressed so did the Moon Valley golf team. Although still hitting a few into the sand traps Moon Valley golf team ended the season with 9 wins, 18 losses, and 1 tie. The last game of the season was rained out and never made up. And so after a season of unending drive and determination the Moon Valley golf team packed up their 9- irons and their tees. Varsity golf members: Crreg Berg, William Crawford, Byron Ellis, Brian l-lawkins, Grady Ingram, Rodney Jakes, Michael Keaton, Marc Lynch, Aaron Pedulla, Curtis Roe, Kelly Thomas, Scott Thomas. . can A W M V: .V If .... ff- JW 1 7 X 1 -as Zn., Q ., f V 1 A f 1 4 I , , ..., ' JV runners get ready for competition. L Coach Sawyer setting his mind on a winning team. Winning and doing well are some of the positive goals he has set for them. 1 4 "sig rg' 5' ?"Y'!-L-X ' i !k-'.... . xt . .t.. , . . .t ii" ' Y S Ribs' f vxm 9' K in . A Competitors shake hands before running, at one of the meets. aria' 11 mm! . E Doug Fox, Rod Core, and Brian Musgrave are on the "track" and getting ready to warm-up. Boy's Cross-Countryf 197 Sports GIRL'S CRGSS-COU TRY Girls cross-country ran well this year and ended with a record of 14-6. Taking fifth place at the Skyline Regional Meet and twentieth at the state meet, the girls worked hard and made both themselves and Moon Valley proud. Tina Countryman placed ninth at the Skyline Regional Meet and was named to the second all-division team Moon Valley extends honors and con- gratulations to the girls for their effort and success. 198jC1irl's Cross-Country Sports Varsity Girl's Cross Country fLeft to Rightl: front- Lisa Klein, Rachael Frost, Karolina Sussland, Kim Mowry, Katy Pabst. Back- Coach McRenolds, Missy Meyers, Alicia Lopez, Tracy Bennett, Tina Countryman, Kasia Ducllman, Kim Chandler, Coach Saw- yer. 4 Missy Meyers - Just being pleasant. Lisa Klein and Kim Chandler help one another stretch to meet their maximum potential BOY'S CROSS-CGU TRY Boys Cross Country sprinted into action in early September of '86 with an impres- sive turnout, and concluded early Novem- ber with the third best Varsity boys record in the AAA Division. Season highlights are abundant. The varsity boys took 8th place in the state 65th AAA Divisionl, 4th place in the Gilbert Invitational, an unofficial 2nd place in the Skyline Division l 46th place after a disqualificationl, and lst place in the Thunderbird Invitational. Junior Varsi- ty boys placed third in the GUHSD cham- pionships, and third in the Gilbert lnvita- tional. Freshman were undefeated this year and placed first in the Gilbert lnvita- tional and third in the Willis Invitational. Season records for the year were Varsity, 15-5: JV, 15-5, and Freshman, 18-O. Con- gratulations! Sak ...ip . 'X Richard Conti stretches out before a practice run. Varsity Boys Cross Country Front Row: Jeff Szymura, Dave McCarty, J. D. Tutell, Paul Fitzgerald, Mark Decker. Back Row: Coach Sawyer, John Beaubien, Doug Fox, Jeff Keaton, Rod Core, Brian Musgrave, Coach McReynolds. J.V. Boys Cross Country Front Row: Russ Cunningham, Josh Wright, David Ronald. Back Row: Chris Dow, Tim Baxter, David Haskell, Darren Garceau, Donny Leinweber, Coach Sawyer. V , ,.IV . - 5 . H A, JZ , l , ' - f - Q. . I . - .gf M . H T - ' .C - f . P ' ' T 'tt, f V : f 1 1 1 L' iii L I 5 ',., :I 'f 2 Ve? , If-fiinv V ' 1 ' V -, , 5 i 3 ,,, 1j'I,g 1, iff . Z 'f' aim ' 'hfgflfi' ' :Qi 'Y ' if " "U J'- P Q , R Q W . ., .- V ,. "' , wg.. - , , t eq ,,,, 2 -V V Q . . V R 77. A' ..., .. Y ' W V X ffw y' ffl ill. . M A . ' ' . if V I Q I lx Frosh Boys Cross Country Front Row: Coach McReynolds, Pat Portugal, Mike Rebb. Doug Busch, Mike Brzoska, Jeff Deal, Mike Bockmiller, Tim Fuchrer, Coach Sawyer. Back Row: John Stack, Phillip Gum, Bill Frost, Dan Phillips, Richard Conti, Dennis Bloodworth. Boys Cross Country! 199 Sports ULLEYB LL The Rockets' varsity volleyball team capped off its most successful season by capturing Moon Valley's first ever division- al championship and forth in the state tournament held in Tucson. The varsity entered the divisional tourna- ment as the top seeded team, and emerged victorious 15-5, 6-15, 15-15 in over-time. ln the first round of the state tourna- ment, Moon Valley was eliminated by Mary- vale, who went on to win the state title. Three of Moon Valley's eight varsity team members were voted onto the All Division team as follows: Tina Berg and Shannon Krebbs flst divisionl, Dawn Schultz 12nd honorable mentionl. The Junior varsity volleyball team fin- ished out the 1986 season with wins over Apollo, Greenway, Deer Valley, and Thun- derbird. Some young hopefuls, according to Ja- cobs, are hitters Kristin O'Gorman, Jenni- fer Boynton, Nikki Vogt and Nancy Jack- son. The freshmen volleyball team brought its season to a close with a match against Xavier on October 50, turning in what Coach Bill Walsh feels was the best perfor- mance of the year. Competing without top players Nancy Jackson and Nikki Vogt in a match Walsh describes as "exciting", the Rockets over- came a 4-14 defeat in the second game to win 16-4, forcing the match into overtime before being defeated. The season ended with a 5-8 record. ftaken from the M.V. Messengerl "A X Volleyball players see the light after a mistake gives M.V. the win. 200fVolleyball, Sports VARSITY VOLLEYBALL- Front Row Left to Right- Sonja Templeton, Jeff Abraham, Robbi Rundall, Jody Miller, Cindy Madgigal, Tina Berg. Back Row Left To Right- Justine Hammer, Tyann Rasmussen, Coach Benson, Jodi Toraason, Kristy Jackson, Shannon Krebbs, Dawn Schultz, Suzy Terhorst, Greg Berg. J.V. VOLLEYBALL- Front Row Left to Right- Shanda Young, Dora Quintana, Bobbi Moore, Susie Gonzalez, Kristen O'Gorman. Back Row Left to Right- Tammy Hess, Coach Jacobs, Cynthia Madrigal, Julie Newman, Jenny Boynton, Karen Kearny, Co- leen Meissner. M.V.'s varsity volleyball spikes the ball as the opposing team trys to block it. FROSH VOLLEYBALL- Front Row Left to Right-Michelle Frausto, Stacy Vosovec, Jenni- fer Lord. Middle Row Left to Right-Michelle Sequiera, Lisa Malatesta, Jennifer Green, Lisa Field, Erin Liebherr, Tiffany Roberts. Back Row Left to RightCoach Walsh, Sheri Helmer, Shannon Bright, Kristi Schultz, Nikki Vogt, Danielle Galano, Nancy Jackson, Cara liaminski. so ,M,, MT In if S M - , Top Right-Suzy showes us her bump at practice before a game. Above- Jody catches the other 5 y L, team off guard as she serves the ball. Bottom Right- Kristen prepares to return a spike. .. If M . it Ltwxx l jp 42" 4 St rs .m,,.,'-""Mv .,,..-we Volleyball, Sportsf201 BADMI T0 This year, Moon Valley's badmin- ton team did exceptionally well. Doubles team Michelle Pezold and Dawn Robinson went to State while doubles team Alicia Kline and Heather Reutter won the Horizon Invitational. Team spirit and sup- port was at a high as Moon Valley once again showed its competency on the court. Varsity Badminton - Front Row - Kathryn Pollack, Michelle Pezold, Debbie Wintersy lmanagerl, Michelle McKenna, Heather Reutter, Dawn Robinson, Alicia Kline, Amy Raver. I ..-pfmh h YFWE-. I M ,. , , . -W-..., . , - -: A ..t,Wmm I ,, -..,,n,, "swim I WM'-f-+m-.W My K . Wwmmnrq , K W, ,, 'aWM..,m - Katheryn Pollack and Michelle McKenna demonstrate concentration on the court. 202jBadmintong Sports J 4 SOFTB LL Moon Valley softball season was a big success as varsity slugged their way into the state tourna- ment. The Rockets defeated Apollo and Greenway, two of their tough- est opponents, early in the season. ln a hard hitting success the teams outscored their opponents 120-7. This year the varsity team saw a new coach, Ginger Kurtz. Fresh- men ended the season with a re- cord of15 wins and 5 losses. Junior Varisty ended the season with a 14 wins and 2 losses record. Team member Jody Miller was named Athlete of the Month for February. Junior Liz Avella summed it up when she said, 'Everyone helps each other out. We're one big fam- ily and the team is great." lquoted from The Messengerj A member of the softball team catches the ball. 204fSoftball Sport VARSITY SOFTBALL- Front Row Left to Right- Tanya Corbin, Ginger Kurtz-Coach, Tracey Wheat. Middle Row- Tricia Burkland, Justine Virgil, Christy Valero, Wendy Landers, Stephanie Salcido. Back Row- Jackie Smith-Coach, Liz Avella, Kristy Jack- son, Stacy Pickrel, Rachel Brown, Mindy Whittaker, Jody Miller, Amber Tintsman. is JV Softball-front row-left to right- Bonnie Boucas, Lauren Aird, Tara Davis Bobbi Moore. Middle row- Kim Otlowski, Alison Arias, Courtney Langdon, Jennifer Shockey, Alicia Huddleson. Back row- Tricia Barker, Tracy Boat, Lisa Kramer, Kelly Jackson- Coach, Nikki Vogt, Karen Kearney, Nancy Jackson, Elizabeth Wells. FRESHMAN SOFTBALL - Front Row Left to Right- Michelle Sequeira, Aimee Winn, Jennifer Sharp. Middle Row Left to Right- Rikki Rolfes, Jolene Barresi, Tracey Jeffery, Paula Leckelt. Back Row Left To Right- Jennifer Green, Jenny Reid, Shelly Koenig, Karee Lansbury, Kristi Craig, Erin Liebherr, Veronica Cordova. ..------gl-l l, 5 5,., wav WMMW main-Q R' Mascara MM M 'Q 2 9 91 ai 4. WS WV ky-2 'W' N44 '+V Jody Miller waits patiently for her time at bat. Mindy Whittaker slides into home plate and is called safe. I 1 f, If ly Us Effgg Q sf ti , Coach Smith and Coach Kurtz look on intently at the game. Tracy Wheat hits the ball with all her might. Softballf205 Moon Valley's Varsity Wres- tling Team won the Skyline Di- vision Wrestling Champion- ship for the third year in a row. ln winning the championship, eleven Moon Valley wrestlers placed in the top four of their respective weight classes. All eleven of these wrestlers qualified for the state wres- tling tournament held at Sun- nyside High School, in Tuc- son. This year's Division Championship was a result of a total team effort. Moon Val- ley went into the finals with a Slim 6.5 lead, But at the end Moon Valley had more than doubled it's lead! The final team score was 166.5. The Moon Valley place winners are: Alan Huxford third place, Darin Williams third place, Da- vid Britts second place, Richie Maiocco second place, Bob Merwin CHAMPION-152 lbS., Tony Allard second place, Skip Steward third place, Jeff Hackalmazian second place, Scott Skinner third place, Dan Warner third place, Charlie Brooks sec- ond place. RGCKET Varsity Wrestling- Front Row, left to right- Alan Huxford, Scott Huxford, David Britts, Darin Williams. Middle Row- Matt Lafer mgr, Bob Merwin, Jeff Hakalmazian, Skip Steward, Tony Allard, Rich Maiocco, Leisel Pomorski Mgr, Back Row- Bob Green, Charlie Brooks, John Sagasta, Todd Daoust, John Poquette, John Devore, Dan Warner, Scott Skinner, Bryan Smith-Coach. Not pictured- Jamie Clark, Eric Diana. 206fVarsity Wrestling is mn M S31 , I "' ,mn 'J . .rf 'Q W .lQ, .M-Q iQ0s. F 5191 L " "' " ' -..,,w.b Q Wrestling - fv.l The act of two opponents at- tempting to pin the other's shoulders to the mat in a specifical- ly alloted time. Yet, wrestling is more in- tense than this over- simplified definition. Exemplifying a strong and vigorous style of wrestling were the JV and Freshman squads. S p o n s o r e d b y coaches, Rob Behrens and Ed Knecht, the teams put forth an un- precedented amount of effort and were victo- rious time and again. 208fWrestling Sports JV Wrestling- Front Row Left To right- Brian Camacho, John Simon, Rod Wooldridge, Kenji Yoshimura. Middle Row Left to Right- Jamie Clark, Rick Smith, Jamal Mateen, Mike Shafer, Tom Evangelisti. Back Row Left to Right- Kim Drummond, John Saaasta, Tom Owsley, Greg Szpyrka, John Poquette, John Devore, Ed Knecht fCoachJ. Frosh Wrestling- Front Row Left to Right- Steve Holdman, Shawn Kicrease, Doug Horton, Adam Rothman, Jim Calvin. Middle Row Left to Row - Art Spina, Jeff Egerstrom, Darrel Worker, Bob Dotter, Todd Rytter, Kevin Flaherty, Richard Conti, Brent Shirk, Back Row Left to Right- Rob Behrens fCoachJ, Kevin Reagan, Raymond Scott Lemons, Stuart Myers, Doug Miller, Mike Kleving, David Mendez, Harold Kayser, Misty Barnes. Not Pictured: David Wilde. I. MW? S, I 3':ffw I ' H f, Hum-W 984 ,H-1 5 ooaavw-f,Wm1f,,0. Mu.:-a.azn.MA mu mama ww 41. M-"""'H-:burr 1 wsuawwdw' mmm' 4' Ja: I o 4' A . ' A " 1 -I M . -115.4 5 A XL 'Kr " ' ,fl 0 I j , A' I r .A 1' fA.A Z '? J' K-wmff., By the Messenger Staff The Rocket's Varsity Soccer team has high hopes of equaling or bet- tering last year's second place State finish as they compete again this year in the State Tournament being held through Saturday in Chandler. "lt's hard to say howl think we'll do," says Coach Don l-lillegass, "Because there will be eight differ- ent teams competing, but l think if we play like we have been and con- tinue to play . The team's record for the season so far is 7 wins and only 2 losses which were to Chaparral and KOFA. Their record in their UA" League division is 5-O. The team qualified for last week's Skyline Regional Tourna- ment by defeating the second ranked Horizon team in a game that went into overtime with a final score of 4-2. This win was for Sky- line "A" League Championship. Hillegass states, "The team has progressed will and has matured a great deal, it shows in their atti- tudes and on the playing field." Moon Valley Rocket player plays hard and wins! 210 SOCCER I 1 ills 2. T Rf C. e if if ' s pu-v vp' -ng--pw---f lm X M ffl' .W s Mm raw 4 ll' l' gin E C ' frr-- T ,li 5-?-ffi'fM5.'6 hiv pl! iifwwfflaq f! ,ydllw-. Coach Bret Davis looks on from the bench. Q.. 1' ,..4s-JU' ft ff Q f ' -sl l f i E P s Q Saab-..Q.......... Rpm? v" . uw QA 5 -la 1' l Sf: UWB I Sgw I Q, if l 1 A N W , ,W , , , W, N , M, ,-,, ,,,,.,,,, , . ,M .MH ..,F.,,,, . Y v v -. . .-- -V -. - 14""7' WQ ,E Q V l 'iff 1 , A ,V Q , . . V , , , ' , ,4,t,,W, L , ,,. , tg, ..' . . , , g - f- . . ' . , , ' , . , - . . . - - 1 'uf , f , ' I . , , f I , , ,f , I f ' I , . - 'V i - , V , , ' v , , , , , ,WV , 4 9 , , ,, ,. .4 , , , 7 r.,...,,,L,,,, , , . , f V. V, , , b Front row: left to right- Kenny Brown, Scott Nichols, Danny Yogerst, Brett Hillegass, Brian Oliphant, Tony Flores, Nick Digeno, Todd Yogerst, Curt Neu, Doug Seward, Don Ciaullard, Roy Quinton Back rowp left to right- Coach Hillegass, Kevin Brown lMgr,l, Tracie Vinsek lMgr.l Shane Dibbern, Lonnie Huggins, Bob Roether, Pat Stewart, Nick Bramini, Tim Larson, Jason Nash, Mike Doyon, Xavier Peru, Chad Merz, Tucker Geer, Bill Besore, Stephanie Hight lMgr.l, Coach Davis, Sandra Evans fMgr.l Not pictured: Monique Rife QMgr.l Soccer Sportsf2ll Presently ranked number 2 in the Skyline Division, Moon Valley basketball team is nearing the end of its season and is preparing for the play-offs. Sporting an over-all record of 11 - 5, Rockets have defeated such teams as Greenway 151 - 459, flast year's run- ners-up in the play-offsl Brophy Q62 - 551, and Thun- derbird K77 - 595. Leading the team were such outstanding players as Jeff Girard, Tom Balcom, Mike Calmese, and JeffJen- kins: all seniors this year. These and the many other valuable Rocket players led by Coach Vogt are enjoying an extremely successful season and hold high hopes for continuing to suc- ceed in future yars. As for the upcoming sea- son play-offs, Mr. Vogt inter- jects, Kas taken from the Moon Valley Messengerl "I think we're in there." m Above- Mike Calmese simply tosses the ball into the basket at a varsity game. Right- Jeff Jenkins grabs a glass of water '- as he and his teammates watch the coach outline a play. 21 2fBasketball Sports irq BASKETB LL VARSITY- Front row: Casey George, JeffJenkins, Jay Caruthers, Mike Calmese, Dave Borsh, Paul Wilson, Mike Sawyer. Back row: Coach Wilson, Jim Devenney, Lyle Wilhelm, Tom Balcom, JeffGirard, Jim Field, Gary Gregg, Coach Vogt. 2- 5 J i lk. 'fx im, 5 Ig 1 'ALM O Basketball Sportsf21I5 JV Basketball The Junior Varsity bas- ketball team had a season record of three wins and seventeen losses. Coach Huddleson said "This year's team has been much improved. They were very hardworking and made great strides in becoming a full court up-beat team." Top scorers for the season were Jeff Jones, Adam Lodge, and Mike Keaton. JV- Front row: Duane Sapp, Pat Nunez, Chad Brown, Wayne Walker, Mike Keaton, Shawn Luttrell. Back row: Joedy Allison, Khris Dodge, Jeff Jones, Ken Ziegler, Dwight Miller, Adam Lodge, Coach Huddleson. Not pictured: Scott Thomas, Matt Lind. "'f"" r ..,l -'r' M Left-Adam Lodge gets ready to throw a pass to one of his teammates. Y W., Right- Khris Dodge concentrates intently while shooting a free throw. 2 lll-fJV Basketball Sports I YH 97, VZ' ...Q l Freshman Basketball Art Cordova Jeff Deal Andy Bateman Shannon Cozins, Chris Jenson, Jon Ormond, Coach Bob Vargas Mark Palombo Robby Figueroa Eric Carmello Royce Lewis Carlos Nunez, Jason Burnette. Stepping out into the court, this years freshman Basketball team looked im- pressive. As they practiced for the games to come they concentrated hard. The freshmen Basketball team put in a lot of hard work to make thosejumpshots and free throws. With dedication and determination the fu- ture for the freshmen Bas- ketball team looks bright. Middle left- Royce Lewis takes a break during the game. Middle right- Andy Bateman shoots for two poin ts. Bottom left- Jon Ormond and Art Cordova watch the game intently. Freshmen lSasketbullj2 15 VARSITY AND J .V. GIRLS BASKETBALL query 4 QQEIET5 4 1513 4 513' mer 24 EQQIEIS E2 'Q ,- e ... 5: . f - 5 5-r yovve S05 A' Vs A Varsity Team 1' K f 'fu , R A - W ' X Q i J s Q nf 'Q f The squeak of shoes, rubber soled shoes, broke the silence. The pounding of the bouncing ball re- sounded through the gym- nasium. The awesome girls basketball teams had come for the first practice of the season. The noise soon grew and the talk died down. This years team was looking real good. The jumpshots were going in and free-throwes made the basket too. As time wore on the teams began to really come together as a whole. The at- mosphere was positive and it was as if the teams had become one big family. The coaches advised and helped. Suddenly one night the girls showed up. They had practiced hard and this was it. The air was filled with ex- citement and anticipation. Practice began and things looked good. Hopes were high. As people began to arrive nerves became tense. Suddenly the court was cleared. Our girls filed on first and next came the opposing team. Before you knew it a whistel blew and the game began. Hopes still high, the girls jumped into action. Girls' BasketbaIlf217 The girls tennis team's key to victory this year will be experience, according to head coach Jill Green. "We have a stronger team than last season, the girls have improved since last year and our record well reflect this", said Green. The team opened their season with an im- pressive 6-5 win over Pres- cott. They also scored shut outs over Greenway and St. Mary's. "We are going to win those close matches that we lost last year" lt was ex- citing to beat Prescott, a team that we have not beat- en in a while." Says Green. Green predicts that Hori- zon, Xavier, Washington, and Sunnyslopes will be the Rockets toughtest competi- tion. The Divisional Tourna- ment will be held in April at Scottsdale's Registry Re- sort. "lf the girls continue to improve we should qualify players for the State tourna- ment," said Green. Green also has high ex- pectations for the Junior Varsity team. ' .Au L ,l, 3, -. .. . 1' , KSN vc, 1 if K :J 1 .t4.:3:., NN 1 A 1 ' - ph. Q 1 , i ' l . Q 1 ' F , if , f l 2 li il i l i mg E L - . , sl ... 52.5, f ' 4 3 sn. .:,-fvgyg. 51,5 is--,Q 3 " j :Q K ' -s.,jk Q, 1 -.. . -:g l -- W S. ..-. . si x -' f'-'5 . -1 E311 5 K iff A 5 li-- O ...,,, .1 ---- ,tgp , F : ------:W . . . : f lift:-wr-.-ff' wf- .. - A-. K .vi g ii 2 : irs ehlss-Sorts GIRLS' TENNIS 5 ,f ' I 1 i , :px-'wwltww T 4 , L '.-.,...3'i. SW..-:Pl 7,7 F T,,.,g:,l j ti 'A 'X L M I 5 Iggy, I I Q I :ls V . C , ' l Q1 J ax: ' L : . 7 ,g if ' If J ,, H 'J' Q. - it y, A A , 'Ayn' , QQ , 4 ly 4 iff, f ff 2' K I ik 3 -gg-" , V: v 1 ' ,N A 7 , '-' X N A 5 A I A N 5. Vs,- f . M , l ? I I. ' ' ,r V V7 I K in J l , . - l - T ffm " l b it fftiwfi ff i'..f'94i53i.'f.v 8 we ' ' E GIRLS' TENNIS- Front row left to right- Claudine Harris, Adrienne Curry. Middle row- Cerie Rumbold, Taylor Wilbanks, Sonya Bonnette, Stacy Vosovic, Julie Weekly, Paula Leckelt. Back row- Tia Johnson, Kathryn Pollak, Melinda Bean, Dawn Robinson, Jennifer Kohl, Coach Jill Green. ,.,. ,,,,,.,..,7.l ---.,.,.- ,,,i,t.7, ..,- ..,. fq, ,:,.,,,V, -, - ' - . ,,,. 1 , 1 4 A - 'Y ' , ,,,, ,,, ,- - , g,'j,357g,'f.f'.f'1 "'t fx' u.'IJ'x",f:ff! V m g ,g 0' T i -1-ff -'wr Q - 4 .M W : - ,f f R' A ' l, ' ilnudluuuunusnwff- il,z't k ---- ----- A+" I 5 -rg' , , ,.., I L3 I , . , , K :- -I f- , ' ' i Q IX Q , .V -.".s.1, ' ..,-1. ' 3-'ff "l"'!g:' F' JB .. -. 5 2 7 f -. ,. .fps-2 , - .,., -- .- rf? Ka thi' X - :mm .X , . 1wmv,...a,g,.-aI4fq'f"f-".,:'f.,g,:m:iiu- qvgpg 5 ' A ',-:hp g 2 - , f f if X , 4 fr I Xiq--1,-+,u:1z1l-y,W1-:'V?,,,-5,gl Lu:l:M,,:N, V, HL ,T b h A' we-Q. y,..-,i,.:n,-2 1 r. 3 V: 'W X: ' - N t,', Y 'X QQ T wax W -'-- . T 'X YYJXX """'l-ng., ' -' ' ff X ATM --1-L M-""' M ' l?'fQi5 lllllllluuiiszl T ' E f T , S 2 . A AMW 37:5 153 HJ.. Y: i , . sm., ng,-.QWifE1'fE lixqgyxsgfxy .V M l' M :, rf, Vw' Y K ' : I " ms, I' - X -xt ..,,, TAN- .Mig mln- .H 'mit VV I , .. , Q , il- fl ,,u ' x 9.5 U h' Ti" A. ilwf ABOVE: Michelle and another of her great "down the line -4 -1 F 5073 L' shoots" BELOW RIGHT: Claudine and Cene planning moves Q03 X W' ,V for a doubles match. BELOW LEFT: Tia."The Jug Lady 2 ' LEFT SIDE: Jennifer getting ready for a hit. Q - Z tm, 7. X xx 'lst f fi 'F - x .. -. . X. ' i 7 - i Bovs' TENN s Although tennis seems like a quiet sport compared to the rugged sport of foot- ball or soccer, the boys on the tennis team sure work up a sweat. Moving up and down on the tennis court in the warm spring sun, con- centrating on a tennis ball and the possible moves of their opponents, isn't easy. The movement of each players feet and the precise positioning of his arms in unison with the racket, en- ables him to place the ball over the net, into the oppo- site side of the court, and put his opponent at a disad- vantage. This years' tennis team has five returning varsity players, which has given them high hopes for the 1987 season. With Chuck Crumrine as their exper- ienced and dedicated coach, and of course lots of practice, they are sure to be a success. Boys' Tcnnisf2 19 VARSITY BASEB LL ' 5 5 , .,f". ,.,, ,.,, , sl, gh. --.1 1 f' . , F, . 53, 5 ff- 5 .,-, V N91 'G ,...,f.-Nh, gf mKs'4.+'A,ff f zzofrsaseball .NL m ., f , ,my ., M4 W., A-,Lf L .Q Q. I ' ,. , , Y. We 'MC vp wake- 44,3 ' 'v.W.M,m-lf, gy , .M ' 1, f N if ., ., ' 5,213 nr. i,....,, Q,w,.,,,.l 3Ml,sr,!A.mV ' Y Mm- ,. -rffw ff 'Mrw.,, , . A. Varsity Team A 67412K ,,-., ,9, A 2 4, I 1 gf f.. , V f' , P I ' 4 4 1 . 'I my v ' -fl . .A X J" s R r?,, - r 1 J 4 I 1 l if? 1 4' 'Q' 0 '- ' . .0 K f., rf' WZ' if s - L-.5-,.,.:,,,,4 , A if . a"fl'+ SCR-v' fl'A'?l'KY6'U'-vcfa-r-Q --r-- A .-..--.-...----......-..- O 4 q 0 ma 4 1 An I p . vi .'2-,p'iig,f, .4 g ff- 1. s v 1 '7 3. 1 4 Y M., 4 1 ' fmffav vw" S' I 1,,1,'5g"f ,M M ,, 4 1.5. mv r. V g"y4,1f'?bQ2iW1 94 mum ., H. H0159 .'.:- 155, U 'C 7 Th k,,. V? ,V f' I 5 :yy may i ...ff M. 1 W' X 4 BascbaHf22l J.v. A D FRGSH Junior Varsity Team WS' wk gig X Freshmen Team ASEB LL '87 222jBasebalI At the beginning of spring, the Moon Valley Baseball teams, stepped up to the plate and swung into action. Team members turned out for practice, but soon lad to delay practice jue to rain. As the time neared, hopes and spirit grew. Moon Valley faced Mesa High for the first game of the season. This years Varsity team looks good, according to Coach Luketich. Isle has hopes of making the play-offs. The ROCKETS have not been to the playoffs since 1977. The JV and the Frosh teams are looking good also, and should have a really good season. lSascbaIlf225 W-:ill F F ... , 1 i ,,,- 39" V f f' ff, - f , POLE VAULT AND HIGH JUMP- Front Row Left to Right- Chris Frye, Kurt Behrens, Rob Hollinger, Dave Anderson. Second Row Left to Right- Bill Champion, Kenji Yoshimura, JeffAbraham, Dalend Bentz, Brian Rubio. Third Row Left to Right- Jeff Schmied, Tom Bradbeer, B.J. Mills, John Baine, Cliff Conrad, Fourth Row Left to Right- Tom Evangelisti, Eric Green, Art Spina, Jim Handzel, Doug Bush, Andre Konrad, Neil Pedice. Fifth Row Left to Right- Scott Carey, Mark Ramirez, Mike Rebb. 4. L 2 -nir- I I i 1 -u--a- ' --i ff i DISTANCE RUNNERS- Front Row Left to Right- Brent Vannier, Jeff Keaton, Rod Core, Russ Cunningham, Paul Fitzgerald. Second Row Left to Right- Chris Dow, Tom Bradbeer, Byron Ellis, John Beaubien, Jason Bentz, Josh Wright, John Tutell. Third Row Left to Right- Jeff Szymura, Tim Baxter, Dave McCarty, Mike Keaton, Lee Robinson, Darren. Fourth Row- Jeff Schied, David Busch, David Ronald. Fifth Row- Brian Musgrane, Doug Fox, Tim Fyehrer, Mike Bockmiller, Dan Phillips, Donny Leinweler, David Haskell, Bill Frost. BUYS AND GIRLS TRACK mf V :X ,A E Girls Track left to right Front Row- Kerrie Morris, Melinda Switzer, Nicole Abbott, Alicia Lopez, Melanie Herring. Second Flow- Kim, Michelle Frost, Rachelle Bachre, Sherri Helmer, Missy Myers, Natalie Le Master, Kimberly Chandler, Carolinea Sussman. Third Row- Rita Davi, Jody Olsen, Melony Barrett, Rachael Frost, Kasa Duellman. Fourth Row- Stacy Vannler, Suzie lirawosky, Nikki Rasheda, Susie Galindo. The tension builds as the runners approach the final stretch. They block out oth- er distractions and concen- trate on finishing first. Their strides remain steady but the look of determination remains on their faces. As they run their last leg, they push their endurance to the limit. Suddenly, one bolts in front of the pack like a flash oflightening, finishing the race to add another vic- tory to the record. The team members not only possessed speed and strength, but they showed a lot of discipline, the will to work hard and personal dedication. With all these factors working together, the Moon Valley track teams reached new heights in their achievements. Trackf225 f 5 N... N gkldnumu Q' w if Y A N, 226fTrack Sports gfy - 1 C l Q I A 1 S 2 I1 kt. X ly J ,Q -sv, : " ,, 4 W '13 l nf. W 'X 1 N ' All the track pictures in the yearbook, as well as many other sport photos were taken by Kristy von Aspen, of the Moon Valley Messenger. Thanks to her help, especially, and the rest of the staff, the yearbook was able to get many valuable pictures. '14 WEIGHT AND DISCUS 4: Q 2 ff kd I? , A ' x mu J j 5 E fav. b SPRINT ERS AND HURDLERS kf227 YE R IN SPORTS Practice, Competition, And Friends Are Gained In Sport Participation. The winning teams of the year are showered with glory and attention, while other teams are left in the shad- ows. Those other not so prosperous teams continue to strive, hoping that someday they too will be amongst the recognized stars. Every participant is an interscholas- tic sport, whether a talented natural or a heartful benchwarmer, puts in a great deal of time and effort, gaining experiences that make the final score secondary. Each sporting event brings new ex- periences, friendships, goals, and most importantly, a personal feeling of accomplishment. The experiences that an athlete encounters become a valued part of hisfher school days, and are fondly looked upon. Along with experience and competi- tion come friendships. Long, grueling practices, endured together, not only bring improvement and progress, but a closeness amongst the teammates. ln the face of an opponent, the member of a team possesses a spe- cial inner drive, a desire for self-satis- faction. Hefshe must forget the past scores, realize hefshe has done the best possible, and prepare for the next game. Hefshe must remember that the love of the sport is more im- portant than the results. Scores, stat- istics, and rankings become meaning- less when an athlete remains unbeat- en in a positive attitude, inner drive, and self satisfaction. ip.-wg l .T J' The varsity football team achieved its primary goal of being number one throughout the season. Their only clissappointment was the final game, which ranked them second. Defeated at the end, but Undeafeated in the hearts of their fans. 228jYear In Sports Basketball enjoyed a successful season. We regret the yearbook went to print before the season was over. Teamwork was an important factor of any game, as well as the abilities of their opponents. But with plenty of practice with their coach, Mr. Vogt, and the right mental attitude, success can remain on their side. O f Volleyball surpassed all odds! They were un- able to practice on campus due to the rains that flooded the gym, causing the wood floor to be- come warped. So, they traveled to other schools to practice and play home games. The varsity ended the season by winning the divi- sionals. Perserverance and hard work paid off. . i" s... Softball- a game of strategy and technique- both are areas in which Moon Valley players excel. Undefeated, M.V. Rockets "carry their winning streak into the state tournament" CMV Messenger! where they hope to de- fend their title of state champs. New coach, Ginger Kurtz, states that the team has worked hard and that the players have really pulled together. Swimming along to a splashing success was one ofthe more enjoyable rewards for the swim team. But shar- ing the swimming pool with another school, caused them to practice many evening hours. Dedication, flexibility, and teamwork helped them to achieve a rewarding season. Year In Sportsf229 FACULTY: CAT CHI G PECPLE V 7 : H 43 J:-.1 ff" Vvvyv ' I i 1' f Ji if 4 r M a' 15 ? 25OfFacuIty, Teachers --mmm -...nt . 'il A .J sw 3? The faculty of Moon Valley are the back- bone ofthe school. Daily they share perti- nent information and experiences with stu- dents, hoping to be a contributing factor to the well educated, conscientious society of the future. Their presence is felt and appreciated far beyond the classroom, as they dedicate their valuable time and talents to students in variety of ways. Assuming the "all know- ing" title of 'ladvisor," they virtually ac- complish miracles. ln addition, they spon- sor an endless array of clubs and organiza- tions, coach winning athletic teams, and teach night and summer school classes. The faculty has not only educated Moon Valley students, but have helped each stu- dent become an individual. They have truly touched our lives in a very special and sig- nificant way. For that, we thank them. Z T A l Q.. 1... H. s V- . o tx I , . g'-.1 Faculty, Teachersf251 . .I'I.S.D. GOVERNING BO Anne Schulz Jackie Carter GUHSD President GUHSD Clerk it Richard D. Stapley Bill Stout John S. Campbell GUHSD Board Member GUHSD Board Member GUHSD Board Member The five members of the Governing Board are elected by the community and legally charged with the reponsibility of setting goals and establish- ing policies which will govern 252fGovcrnmg Board, Faculty Gerald E. George, Ed. D. Superintendent of Schools the operation of the district. The superintendent and his staff, hired by the Governing Board, are responsible for op- erating the schools according to Governing Board policy. lVl.V.H.S. ADMINIST RAT I0 Dr. David Santellanes Mr. Sieger Kwiatkowski Ms. Marian Lohman Principal Mr. Jim Threadgill Dean of Students Mrs. Pam Ferguson Assistant Dean Assistant Principal Please accept the faculty and administration's sin- cere gratitude for your con- tributions to Moon Valley High School during the 1986-87 school year. Your positive curricular and co- curricular contributions, have added another chap- ter to our school's rich his- tory of excellence. This school year has been very rewarding for nu- merous reasons. Our athle- tic teams again demonstrat- ed their excellent skills and outstanding sportsman- ship. Our scholars were consistently recognized for their achievements - lo- cally, state-wide, and na- tionally. Our faculty contin- ued to rpovide excellent leadership in academics, Assistant Principal and school clubs. Through this united effort, we all had a memorable year. We offer our best wishes to the Class of 1987. May your post-secondary exper- iences be rewarding and en- joyable. To the classes of 1988, 1989, and 1990, we encourage you to seek in- volvement opportunities during the remainder of your time with us. To everyone associated with Moon Valley, l offer my sincere appreciation for making the 1986-87 school yar so successful. Sincerely, Dr. David A. Santellanes Principal Adnlinisllmion I uully 'YS Sam Abbate Maintenance lll Avis Albright Lang. ArtsfFor. Lang. Janice Anderson Attendance Secretary Darla Arend Bookstore Assistant Donald Back Mathematics Kathy Barnard Physical Education Allen Bauer Mathematics Mark Belles Reading Linda Benson Science William Berech Safety Ed.fP.E. John Blair Physical Education Susan Block-Trew Language Arts Denise Burnes Physical Education Charlotte Caldwell Vocal Music Veronica Carlson Mathematics Norma Carson Cafteria Ward Ceyler Social Studies Donald Coldiron Industrial Arts Joyce Coover Librarian Charles Crumrine Computer Programming 2154! Faculty What Do You Want For Christmas Little Bo . Who says there's no San- ta?! M.V. principal, Dr. San- tellanes, sure believes and E' gives his wish list to Santa tDean Threadgillj as he car- rys on an age-old Christmas tradition. J it ,.,,, y 'tii M. A g QQ 4 L, ...Q X ,gk , , ,tt,.l.i is n at ft M it : 'sw lu! is if? fra i Vy i L H X5 e ' 9 W f A f sq P a ' tittt M Q 5- ' x:1" 'V ,,f 1,75'iz,r if X,-a0f'X., Kg gc it 2 M Q 'K X W at . K Q ,qty-,Q .4151 N4 E-x fig,-f' J ' 0:0 ba ii ' . ,, ,V infiim ll imiiriliifill , 1 175 Safr- x N if s ,.,- A , , . N C ac, f if ,X 3 f P. -f 'Wie ..-M C. it , gb . ..... .. , I K IT Ii Qi ,Ea fits- S ,. . 1 A an - 1 ,ff sf ,, IE 194 w.-Cy A W 1' I, J K ll C Q' L A AL ,fl A F ' l ' A ' ' K-pg' f ', ,, 'L , ww, Ai' W f r. ,,,. , ,, V M kr 'B fi. l ,ti V X 51,5401 ,ui ,I 5 wk M ,pr " Q fi V ' , ra 1 M , , ,, .r 'Ve 3 4 'email 144 S Q v 2:1 . gf ,iw . ,ll Y Ripon , j HV r Q ig, ,C U X bi, on-Q 'aw' , ,,AA l 1 F V ff? fa S S S I 1 S ., J su A ff-as-it 1 yy 4A B 'lt .- 1455 ?,V V V we F X A M' ' 1, i ili. Jack Dainty Social Studies Edward Davis Maintenance Lorretta Davis Art Gail DeCross Media Center Assistant Jane DeMente School Secretary Ken Doemelt Maintenance lll Tami Strege Language Arts Michael Feller GermanfSocial Studies Beverly Ferguson Social Studies Tony Fischer Social Studies Lavon Fisher Business Education Sondra Fish Counselor Wilma Fish Cafeteria Rhoda Fowler Custodian George Frey Counselor Eresto Garcia Spanish Irene Garcia Cafeteria Mary Pat Garry Business Education Margaret Getachell Cafeteria James Ginn Industrial Arts Karen Glessner Instructional Specialist Ron Goetz Plant Forman Francia Goltz Language Arts Perla Gonzalez Spanish Jill Green JournalismfLanguage Arts Linda Greve Psycologist Marian Hack Attendance Secretary Beverly Hall Cafeteria Melvin Hamis MathematicsfSocial Studies Janet Harris Equipment Manager Facultyf255 Lisa Hastings Special Ed. Education Jean Hayes Social Studies Susan Hertneky Mathematics Amy Hill-Jones Bookstore Manager Deborah Hoff Language Arts Larron Horton Counselor Steve Huddleson Mathematics Larry Hudson Mathematics Shirley Hudson Science Richard Hummell Science Robert Hyde Equipment Manager Milt Jacobs Special Education Judy Johnson Cafeteria Kent Joseph Safety Education Gerald Kemper Social Studies Marie Kerwln Theatre Arts Pamela KielTer Counseling Secretary Lee Kinter Special Education Randel Kleiser Spanish Bonnie Knecht Biology Deborah Lawrence Mathematics Harriet Leek Counselor Henrietta Leon Instructional Aide Geri Levandowski ReceptionistfTypist Patricia Lewis Spanish Richard Lewis English fAppreciation of Arts Margaret Liscomb Language ArtsfSpeech Jesus Llanez Custodian Naomi Lloyd Cafeteria Stan Luketich Special Education 2561 Faculty '-.gV:."'i 4 Q X. t-,,.,.f,N xl l I :MXN I Wkxiiw ffl, 5 3 1.51 Q 5 in wg 'tn 'fini . 4' . Q. ., - X . , i t-1-intl it i N , Q ri ""' 411115 R A , Q ,- ' tw ig, i' Qt . , '1 gt, , KXX K 98' .1 . Q -22,3 ff .W . 1-Sir 1 ky 'ri M? x 'ir 3 vs! mb VW? 4 Y. f 5151 , ,I , J , , ., H ,it .Qia- as Q, 3 0 zgwv I xr' I 4 C , 1 5 if ir sg ,fn 'W 2' 'grit " 1 their if AY' Q , ' : .rpm ' 2 Q- 1.5 W ,I A Q ,,s,,,,, 5 is 2 , .3 wg ,, ,f l is W , .4-1 if si li n y Zii lj S In ,.w, Vi :,, V I ai ta- ' H Q 4 .lg ,f ' , : WW L ' it AL-ifi' fverify A if G9 szifjviiifi- 1 g 7 I, V ry . X'--lf '- y Vs' Q f O. L71 If ,sb ' A-1 , f V f i,,.... ,B a. -LL , if ff V , f gf 'V .pi 's if Q ,CNN ,4 Hfim ' , 1 , P' ' . .W " 4 i u , 9' 'I .1 L " f ' 'i xv to k 3 hu' ug' Xi- . wif' ' Aw 144. Mary Lou Luvisa Hearing Specialist Marilyn Manlove Science Rhoda Marcus Special Education Charles Mattern instrumental Music Bonnie McAnerny Language Arts Russell Mmnerny Mathematics Alice McCarthy Social Studies Julie McCarthy Theatre At Arts Sharon McDonnell Mathematics Pat McLean Mathematics Elizabeth McSally Instructional Aide LaVern Meissner Cafeteria Gerri Melancon Attendance Secretary Jon Miller Counselor Joe Miranda Maintenance lll Irene Montenegro Cafeteria Gary Moore Physical Education Robert Morris Industrial Arts Jane Motz Home Economics Bela Murillo Copyroom Assistant Diane Newton Counselor Pat Pabst Language Arts Phillip Perkins Crafts Donna Pierce Language Arts Sally Pisciotta Special Education Betty Pivoritto Cafeteria John Ploechl Business Education Ester Pray lst Sem. Copyroom Asst Mary Jane Propst Career Center Assistant Rose Pucillo Cafeteria Facultyf257 Caroline Purser Science Earl Putman lndustrial Arts Ben Ramirez Spanish Lorraine Rau Cafeteria Millie Reed French Merrily Rhiel Reading Tom Richardson Counselor Susan Ritter Language Arts Charon Robinson Language Arts Margaret Rosarno Cafeteria Manuel Samora Maintenance Ill LeRoy Sample Social Studies Linda Sandgren Science Gregg Sawyer Social Studies Susan Schubert Language Arts Jean Sgouros Cafeteria Art Smith Art Bryan Smith Science Jackie Smith MathematicsjP.E. Russel Smith Maintenance l Thomas Smith H .l.R.o.T.c.fl..c.D.R. William Smith Mathematics Billie Stanley Language Arts Dayna Staples Home Economics Ron Steinberg Physical Education Ed Stevens ArtfPhotography Scott Sutherland Custodian Nancy Tanita Office Secretary Art Targgart Science Charles Taylor Custodian a A figflwq fu to all Darlene Thomas z z sg .: 1. ttc A K . me Q ' ss t W af fff,i Science Jackie Tillotson Science Bill Vogt Business Education Jane Volckmann Home Economics Bernard Verhoeven Business Education Pam Walker V V 1st Sem. Nurse ' ' l f Doris WHIP ' x 5 Cafeteria Supervisor - -N Bill Walsh - Cl- 1 Language Arts Q , ,,., , ' Larry Walter " ' f hx l'l.J.R.O.T.C.??fM.C.P.O. Q ' my Stephanie Webster mi- Physical Education ,,,-Q... C W 'A f A frgW.K S G, 5 nf ' 157,333 J ' . ,, 7 U,-,A ' 'J 1 V. X , .... I - 9 t 1 U L sw A 'r'g 7,.,- 1 W 1 L 3 f 'i V. Er nl D mix K up Pat Arcadi Paul Dudle Mary Benge Frank Erickson . K- My ,, Margaret Buckley Natalie Byrant Fred Carrick Bernice Chaney Norma Dickson Pat Gower Carole Hogg Sharon Krahn Jeanette Lewis Gail McLaughlin "El f na ' v 2, 5 Sharon Parker Judy Paul William Perkins Robert Ronk Magdelene Russin Joan Schum Murrie Schraven Roger Weese Maintenance Sean Welch Language Arts Geraldine Wells Science Lucille Westfall Joe Westling Language Arts Business Education Jaqueline Whalley Language Arts Rena Wheeler Social Studies Vonda Whittaker Cafeteria Coy Wiley Social Studies lda Wiley Credentials Secretary Dean Winslow Social Studies Barbara Wood Language ArtsfReading Evelyn Wright Cafeteria Georgia Wyatt Nancy Jakes Secretary Ill Thomas Spicher Gail Vasquez Gerry Verile Irene Wardyga Diana Whitener Business Education Facultyfzss DEX A Mike Aaenson 18 Denise Abbitt 68, 152 Derek Abbit 18 Nicole Abbitt 18, 156, 150 Jeffery Abraham 68, 200 Stephen Abril 92 Matt Abush 18 David Acuna 112 Gina Adama 18 Mark Adamo 68 Jennifer Adams 92 Michal Adamson 8 Phyllis Aguirre 68 Amy Aird 18 Lauren Aird 155,206 Erica Akerstrom 18 Lynn Alanna 112 Anthony Allard 68, 206 Benny Allen 6, 74 Duncan Allen 18 Heather Allen 18 Janeen Allen 68 Sheila Allen 68 Kimberly Amart 92 Lauren Aird 92 Joedy Allison 192 Alicia Alo 92 David Ambush 157 Julie Amick 18, 158 Clifford Anastasi 112 David Anderson 18, 196 Dawn Anderson 112 Jeanne Anderson 92 Michael Anderson 112 Michelle Anderson 68, 112 Mindy Anderson 112 Tanya Anderson 68 Luis Andina 18 Jennifer Andrews 92 Shelley Andrew 18, 69, 177 Antoinette Andrews 18 Linda Angelmyer 112 Ronald Anthony 112, 195 Elizabeth Aragen 92 Resina Archer 68 Jeffrey Arend 92 Paula Arend 92 Allson Areas 92, 206 Devin Armentout 18 Kristina Armiger 92 Andres Amold 18, 156 Jill Amold 112, 177 Stephine Amold 18 Wendy Amold 18, 157 Gillian Arrasmith 112 Karen Ashmore 68, 69, 177 Angel Astone 92 Traci Aubuchon 18, 150, 152 Cassie Austin 112 Julie Austin 155 Dean Auelar 15 Elizabeth Auella 68 Liz Avella 206 Joel Ayers 18 Jonathon Ayers 112 Eric Babcock 112 Cheri Babinski 68, 151, 152 Valrie Badendick 92 Rachel Baehre 112 Lanette Bagley 112 Gioia Bagnole 112 Maria Bagnole 68, 151 Eric Bailey 5, 16, 19 Sean Baily 92 Marie Baird 68 Michelle Baird 68 Diane Baker 19, 152 Daniel Baker 19 Darren Baker 92 Debra Baker 92 Janet Baker 112 Rebecca Baker 112 Tom Baker 19 Wayne Baker 92 Cynthia Balcom 92 Tom Balsom 19 Gil Balderrama 19 Bobby Ball 112 Jennifer Ball 19, 157 Lance Ayers 92 2401 Index Keri Ball 112 Tatia Ball 92, 155 Candace Balla 68, 146 Steven Balthazar 19, 156 Christine Banas 68 Michelle Banks 92, 155 Yvonne Banovich 112 Robert Barbier 112 Louis Barbone 19, 92 Mark Barbone 19 Jody Barker 19 Tommy Barker 68 Tricia Barker 112, 206 Daryl Barkley 6, 8 Melissa Bames 68, 208 Joel Bamett 92, 155, 192 Kristen Bamett 19, 158 Michael Baron 112, 195 Henry Barraza 68 Jolene Barresi 112, 206 Amy Barrett 19 James Barrett 92 Melony Barrett 156 Todd Barrett 112 Trevor Barrett 92, 192 Clinton Barron 95, 192 Gregory Barron 112 Deanna Bartleson 112 Alan Bartlett Davm Bartlett 95, 144, 147 Natasha Bartlett 68 Riki Base 95 Brian Basham 8, 95 Dawn Basham 112 Brian Bassett 95 Brad Basset 5 Andrew Bateman 112, 195 Roselyn Batroni 19, 157 Sofia Batsaris 112 Trent Battershell 65 Daniel Bauer 95 Timothy Baxter 95, 155, 196 John Bayne 112 Alan Beadle 19 Colleen Beadle 95 Buddy Beals 157 Melinda Bean 19 Melissa Bean 112, 156, 177 Laura Bear 68 Rodney Bear 19 Keri Bearden 8, 19 Edward Beatty 95 John Beaubien 20, 177, 197 Gary Beaver 112 Dawn Becker 68 Tiffany Becker 20 Dam Beckwith 20 Jeff Bedard 112 Julie Bedard 68 Paul Beebe 95 Bryce Beech 112 Kevin Beech 69 Christopher Beerling 4, 15, 20 Kirsten Beerlins 69 Kimberly Begley 95 Michelle Begley 20, 158 Randall Behm 20 Kurt Behrens 95, 192 Golda Bellinger 69, 197 Sherry Bellinger 20 Mark Benavidez 191 Barabara Bennett 20 Jerry Bennett 112 Philip Bennett 20 Tracy Bennett 69 Blake Benson 69 Deland Bentz 95 Jason Bentz 20 Steve Berder 20 Gregory Berg 69, 200 Tina Berg 17, 20, 200 Michael Berggren 69, 176 Tara Berglin 20, 69 Daniel Berkes 95 Jeffery Berkowitz 95, 192 David Besore 112 William Besore 69 Rebecca Betebenner 20 Richard Bevan 20 Christine Biddle 20 Shelley Biddle 112 Valerle Biddle 112 Mitchell Bieke 69 William Biggin 69 Kristina Bignoli 69 Rushelle Bird 8, 115 Mark Birdsall 69 Jason Bise 69 Amy Bittner 115 Paula Black 69 Richard Black 69, 144, 145 Marlene Blair 95, 155 Laura Blast 147 Mark Blilie 20 Brad Blirsten 95 Mark Blizzard 69, 177 Hans Blom 69 Dennis Bloodworth 115, 196 Tood Blue 69, 154, 157 Larry Bluhm 69 Tracy Blunder 104 Laura Blust 95 Kathy Boadwell 94 Lance Board 95 Tracy Boat 95, 206 Deborah Boatman 69, 155 Jose Bocanegna, Jr. 69 Christine Bockelman 115 Nancy Bockelman 95 Michael Bockmiller 115 196 Chris Boegner 69 Glen Boegner 20 Cadaci Boehme 95 Joanne Bolt 69 Kevin Bolton 95 Stacy Bolton 95 Michael Bonatto 69 Julie Bond 69, 177 Wade Bond 95 Shannon Bond 70 Dave Bone 4, 15, 157 Leanne Bone 115, 176 Omar Bonell 70 Osvaldo Bonell 20 Sonya Bonnette 70 Cassanara Boom 95, 155 Richard Boon 70 Aaron Boor 115, 156 Tracy Borger 115 David Borsh 21, 191 Larry Bortz 115 Kurt Bossert 156 Julie Botbyl 95 Bobbie Boucoss 155 Bonnie Boucas 206 Paul Boucos 21 Kristen Bowers 95 Jennifer Boynton 94, 200 Lisa Bozzuto 70 Rebecca Brackins 21 Morris Bradbeer 115 David Bradford 44 Dwane Bradford 5, 115, 195 Greg Bradford 15, 70 Karen Bradford 94 Kenney Bradford 70 Paula Bradford 15, 94 Elizabeth Brady 94 Patrick Brady 70 Marci Brahm 115 Mark Brakebill 11, 21, 191, 190 Neil Bramini 94 Nick Bramini 115 Christina Brandell 21, 156, 152 Joseph Brandon 70 Holly Bravdrick 70, 146 Denise Bray 94 Scott Brazil 70 Stacy Brebner 115, 156 Tracey Brechbiel 70 Heather Breen 94 Christine Brengi 8, 115 Deanne Brevik 69, 151 Laura Brlckman 21, 157 Brian Bridgman 115, 195 Shannon Bright 201 David Britts 206 Rachel Brown 206 Melissa Bridgman 70 Robin Briggs 70 Shannon Bright 115 David Brightwell 115 Roberta Briner 21 Staci Brininger 115, 146 Erika Britt 8, 115 Shannon Britt 21 Benjamin Brittain 115, 177 David Britts 21 Shayen Britton 70 Katherine Broadwick 70, 148 Lori Bronson 94 Charlie Brooks 21, 191, 206 Nicole Brooks 115 Rick Brooks 115 Sandra Brooks 70 Sandy Brooks 8 Teresa Brooks 21 Eugene Brosseau 94 Jon Brower 8, 94 Chad Brown 94 Justin Brown 115 Karrie Brown 94 Kenneth Brown 21 Kevin Brown 94 Mark Brown 94, 108, 191 Rick Brown 70 Roy Brown 115 Chris Broz 21 Tina Brugloni 94 Daryl Bryant 70 Susan Bryar 21 Mike Brzoska 115, 196 Virginia Buchanan 94 Stephanie Bullington 4, 115, 146 Michelle Buhrow 94, 155 Michael Bujanda 94 Kristine Bulger 115 Nancy Burbach 115 Gina Burdette 21 Brandon Burgess 154 Tamara Buskirk 156 Brandon Burgess 94 Christian Burke 115 Angela Burkhalter 94 D.J. Burkhardt 155 Patricia Burkhardt 94 Thomas Burkizer 115 Holly Burkland 115 Tricia Burkland 70, 206 Bill Burnett 8 Jason Bumette 115, 195 Amy Burns 70, 155 Stephanie Burns 115 Brandon Burrell 94 Chuck Burt 70 James Burt 115 Karen Burzynski 115 Michael Burzynski 70, 156 Doug Busch 8, 115, 196 Chad Bushon 94 Michelle Bushrow 146 Tamara Buskirk 19, 21 Dynda Butcher 21, 157 Allen Butler 70 Patrick Buttermore 70 Paul Buttermore 21 David Byrge 94 James Cabrera 21 Katrina Cabrera 115 Christine Caccavale 94 Scott Caccavale 115, 195 Lisa Cahill 115 John Calder 22, 157 Roni Caldwell 22 Tom Calhoun 115 Angelique Call 70 Chrisy Call 115 Ann Callies 22 Greg Calmese 70 Mike Calmese 5, 22, 191 Jim Calvin 114, 195 Brian Camacho 114, 195 Renee Camp 94 James Cambell 70 Kraig Cambell 94 Stacy Campbell 94 Susan Campbell 8, 70 Tracy Campbell 94 Kim Camples 155 Christopher Cannella 94 Steve Cano 114, 195 Dawn Cantrell 2, 22, 188 Kimberly Caples 94 Kim Carbajal 115 Robert Carbonel 94, 156 Matt Carden 154, 156, 157 Scott Carey 94 Kimberly Carlin 70 Mark Carlin 114, 195 Andrea Carlson 70 Rochelle Carlson 71 Eric Camello 114, 195 Anthony Cames 22 Jeffery Carnes 114 Joe Carpanzano 94 Tammy Carpanzano 22, 158 Michelle Carpender 71 Lisa Carras 8, 71, 155 Lance Carroll 94 Monica Carroll 114 Shane Carsten 71 Kelly Carter 71 Jason Caruso 114 Jay Caruthers 71 Kristina Caruthers 114 Shen'i Carver 114 Michael Casassa 94 Mark Casbarro 22 Janelle Casey 71 Anna Cash 94 Sharon Castillo 94 Marcelino Castro 114, 195 Tamara Castro 71, 151 Christine Catalano 8, 9, 71 Gregory Catellier 22, 176, 1 Christina Cavale 71 William Cavanagh 22 Dawn Cavaness 114 Enika Celaya 94 Tara Chadderton 114 77 Jennifer Chadwick 71 Tena Chadwick 114 William Champian 71 Kim Chandler 94, 198 Brent Chaplin 114 Christopher Chandler 22 Karen Chappell 71 Tim Chappelle 114 Stacy Cheaney 71 Ken-An Chen 22 Dawn Chesney 71, 151 Rodney Childs 94 Phoebe Chism 8, 177 David Cho 114 Yong Cho 71 Tara Chadderton 177 Wendy Chaplick 71 Sara Charbonneau 177 Lisa Chauenard 71 Eric Christensen 94 Anthony Cipollaro 22 Dina Cipollaro 94, 155, 197 Drew Ciulla 71 David Claffey 94 lmiata Clark 22 James Clark 94, 206 Casey Clarke 94 Kimberly Clarke 95, 155 Natalie Clayton 71 Douglas Claud 71 Michael Cluff 22 Stephen Cluff 114 Richard Coca 114 Danna Cochran 95 Lynnette Cochran 114 Howard Cockerlll 22 Janel Cockerlll 95 Scott Cogan 95 Charlie Coker 71 Danny Coker 114 Robert Colceri 71 Diane Cole 71 Jamie Cole 114 Robert Cole 95 Jason Coleman 71 Jennifer Coleman 114 Debra Coley 22 Richard Coley 95 Lisa Collins 22 Lori Combes 71 Daniel Conaway 114, 195 Jennifer Conde 8, 95 Kathy Conley 95 Michelle Conley 22 Aimee Connally 71 John Conners 95, 192 Clilf Conrad 114 Brandi Cooper 188 James Conrad 114 Art Cordova 195 Lewis Core 156 Chad Corey 95 Richard Conti 114, 196, 208 Lori Contreras 71 Kristina Contryman 71 Damon Coonrod 114 Bradley Cooper 71 Brandi Cooper 8, 22, 159, 150, 152 Jennifer Cooper 71, 151 Wendy Cooper 95 Tanya Corbin 71, 206 Michael Cordi 95 Art Cordova 114 Veronica Cordova 114, 206 Louis Core 17, 25 Rod Core 25, 197 Christina Corey 151, 152 Kristen Com 114, 177 Lori Comelius 95 Christopher Cote 25, 157 Dawn Cote 72 Paige Cote 95, 155 John Cotter 25 Keith Conalaskle 72 Tina Countryman 198 Keith Cower 95 Jason Cox 25 Jennifer Cox 114, 204, 205 Stephanie Cox 25, 157 Rhonda Cozens 72 Shannon Cozens 114 Kristi Craig 114, 206 Tracey Crawford 114 Trista Crawford 114 William Crawford 72 John Crateau 72, 191 Melinda Crlder 114, 146 Rena Crider 95 Kimberly Crowley 95, 155 Robin Crumrlne 95, 155 Randy Cullin 72 Christie Culp 72 Jenny Cummings 114 Kim Cummings 25, 150 Jenny Cunningham 114 Russell Cunningham 95, 196 Robert Curfman 95 Danielle Curla 114 Adrienne Curry 95 Cheryl Cushing 115, 147 Debbie Cutter 25, 156 Daniel Dachtler 25 Michael Dailey 95 Scott Daley 72 Jacobus Damwijk 25 Danette Daneck 115 Cynthia Daniel 72 Scott Daniel 72 Bryan Daniels 95 Todd Daniels 115 Todd Daoust 191, 206 Kevin Dauphin 95, 156 Rita Davi 115 Jamie Davidson 95, 204 Neicia Davidson 25 Nina Davidson 95 Natalie Davlna 152 Christy Davis 115 Jason Davis 72 Lisa Davis 95 Tara Davis 95, 206 Tisha Davis 95 Tony Davis 72 Scott Dawson 25 Tom Dawson 115, 196 Jeff Deal 115, 196 Rob Deal 115 Willlam Deal 25, 196 Brian Dean 72 Raquel Debemardis 72 Chris DeChant 8, 95 Mark Decker 72, 197 Tracy Dederer 95 Sonya Dederlch 25 Kathy Deely 25, 177 Peter Deely 95 Cynthia Dees 95, 204, 205 Cary Deise 25 Karen Deise 95 Pete Deise 196 Daren Dejuard 24 Angelo DeJesus 95 Wayne Deleng 72 Michelle Deley 72 Teri Deleo 95, 177 Cristopher Delgado 25 Heather Delong 115 Lisa Delong 115, 197 Shawn Demary 72, 157 Renee Demldo 115 Joel Dent 95 Tami Deprelst 25 Jim Denenny 72 John Devore 72, 206, 208 Cheryl Dessalnt 72 Kevin Dewitt 115 Michale Dhondt 95 Eric Diana 72, 191, 206 Sean Dibbem 8, 25, 95 Jett' Dickinson 115 Karen Dickinson 72 Allison Dietench 95 Nicholas Digehp 95 Vince Digioacchino 115 David Dllgard 24 Cassie Dlngmans 6, 24, 156 Todd Dlshom 24 Karen Dlse 8 Lance Dltton 24 Rob Dltzler 115 Wllliam Doak 95 Jason Doan 72 Karen Dodge 24, 157 Leslee Dodge 115, 156 Khrls Dodge 8 Sandie Dodge 147 Whltney Dodge 95, 155 Ramon Domlnguez 72 Susie Donaldson 24 Joy Doncarlos 10, 15, 189 Mlchael Donoghue 95 Roger Donoghue 24 Tanya Dooen 115 Davld Dooley 24 Dean Doschadis 95 Danae Dotolo 115 Nancy Dotterar 72 Rob Dotterer 115 Christopher Douglas 95 Chris Dow 196 Jay Dow 24 Amy Dowell 72 Honey Downen 96 Kathy Downing 24 Karen Doyon 96, 146 Mike Doyon 24 Tracy Draper 24, 177 Tom Dreger 115 Melanie Dresser 115 Michael Drop 24 Kim Drummond 24 Barry Dreyer 96 Patricia Dubasik 24 Dan Duckro 24 Kasia Duellman 8, 96, 198 Donna Duffy 72 Katie Dugan 115, 197, 177 Mike Dugan 115, 177 Debroah Duhamel 96 Christy Duke 115, 147 Dan Dunagan 115, 195 Jennifer Duncan 115 David Dunleavy 24, 157 Hank Durham 24 Tracy Eacock 25, 156 Terraine Echols 96, 192 Russell Eddleman 72, 177 Janeen Egerstrom 25 Jeff Egerstram 196. 208 Tina Ehlert 25 Justine Eichele 72 Kristin Eidsness 72, 176 Carl Ekstom 25, 177 Tim Ekstrom 96, 192 Tammy Ellerhalz 72 Amy Ellis 72 Byron Ellis 25 Christopher Ellis 96 Samantha Ellis 96 Eva Ellison 197 Shannon Emme 75, 146, 147 Shannon Enders 75, 151 Heather Engle 25, 156, 177 Michael Engel 156 Rhonda Enos 96 Scott Eppers 96, 192 Randy Epson 75 David Erbacher 75 Christopher Erickson 96 Kristie Erickson 75 John Eriskine 75 Robbie Esslinger 25 Thomas Estelle 75 David Estrada 25 Greg Estrada 96 Tom Evangelistl 96, 192, 208 Richard Evan 96 Aaron Evans 157 John Evans 75 Sandra Evans 6, 25 F Kim Fairbrother 25 Shane Fairchild 75 Rick Evans 15 Paul Fabbii 156 Loretta Fajard0 5, 11, 75. 155 John Falkenberg 25 Eric Farmer 75 Karen Famey 75 Kimberly Farrar 75 David Fan'eI 96 Melynda Farrell 25 Robyn Farrell 75 Gary Feigal 196 Tricia Felgal 75 Becky Feldman 96, 95, 177 Amy Fenlcle 96, 146 Andy Fenlcle 25 Mike Fenton 96, 191 Samara Ferber 25, 147 Susan Ferber 96, 8 Matt Ferguson 96 Mlchale Ferguson 96 Jasmin Femandez 25, 158 Tanya Ferbandes 96 Anthony Femandez 96 Jason Ferrell 177 Tracey Fetter 25, 156 Gary Flegae 156 Lisa Field 201 Jim Field 17, 25, 156 Douglas Fierabend 25, 191 Melissa Fierabend 8, 11, 75 Peter Figgs 96 Patricia F gueroa 8, 75 Robby Figueroa 195 Laurie Filllman 25, 158 Mellisa Finegen 25 Beth Flnkbe ner 96, 155 Kirk Flnkbelner 75 Wade Finley 75 Louis Fiore 75 Carla Fischer 158 Christy Fisher 8 Paul Fitzgerald 26 Carla Flscher 26 Paul Fitzgerald 197 Jim Flack 191 Marcus Flack 96, 192 Kevin Flaherty 195 Marlln Flickner 8 Jeff Flood 96 Abel Flores 75 Chontelle Flores 96 Tami Flores 96 Toby Flores 96, 192 Tony Flores 6, 75 Camela Floyd 26 Shannalee Floyd 96, 155 Kenneth Ford 96 Bob Ford 192 Kirk Fomian 75 Geri Fortune 26 Susan Fowler 4 Doug Fox 96, 144, 197 Shannon Frankchuk 96 Douglas Franks 75 Michelle Frausto 8 Brent Frazier 26 Julie Frazier 75, 146 Tory Frazier 96 Richard Freeman 26, 177 Brandy Frleze 26 Heidy Firsch 26 Rosalie Frisenda 96 Stacee Froshiesar 96 Blll Frost 196 Rachel Frost 96, 198 Christopher Frye 96 Stephanlne Fryer 26 Tim Fuehrer 8, 196 Tony Fuller 75 Patty Fulton 96, 177 Joseph Gable 75 Francesco Gagliardi 26, 75 Lisa Gainey 26, 158 Don Gaillard 96 Danyale Galardi 96 Danielle Galano 177, 200 Mary Jo Galano 75, 146 Joey Galego 156 Scott Gallagher 196 Barabara Gallardo 96 Darren Garceau 96, 196 Danlel Garcia 96 Kyle Garcia 96 Llsa Garcia 117 Nlkki Garcia 175 Rosa Garcia 26, 156, 147 Mitchell Gardiner 96 Michael Gardner 97 Gregry Garrabranls 97 Amy Garrett 156, 150 Matt Ganinger 75 Shelly Garone 26, 156 Amy Garrett 26 Michelle Garvey 117 Frank Gastelo 117, 195 Rodney Gates 97 Thomas Gavagan 75 Tucker Geer 75 Angela Gentry 74 Kenneth Gentry 74 Casey George 26 Joseph George 117 Michelle George 146 Wemer Gerbracht 117 Ryan Gerdes 117 Julie Gerhart 74 Michele Gennlnaro 97 Greg Gibbons 74 Nikki Gibbons 97, 122 Kathryn Gibson 74 Brian Glddens 74 Jane Gilbert 117 Nlcholas Gilbert 97 Jlll Gllbreth 176 Cavln Gllcrease 26 John Gllcrease 117 Anthony Glllum ll 74 Ellen G llen 26, 151 Angela Gllllam 74 Michelle Glll 97 Steve Gllman 117, 195 Javier Gilmore 26, 156 Milllssa Gilmore 97 Mrs. Glola 97 Jennifer Girard 97 Mark Glrmscheld 74, 155 Brandon Glaser 97 Danlel Glenn 117, 195 lndexf241 Mike Glenn 8, 97 Renais Goddard 97 Ryan Godfrey 97 Joanne Godsil 74 Scott Gohus 74 Stephan Goldberg 74 Jason Goltz 74 Curt Gongaware 97 Carlos Gonzales 74 Monique Gonzalez 8, 26 Ramsey Gonzales 8, 74 Suzanne Gonzales 97, 200 Veronica Gonzalez 117 Wil Gonzales 11, 191 Heather Goody 97 Erin Gomian 97 Chad Gosnell 97 Kelly Gosnel 26 Tracy Gotschall 74 Stephen Gould 97 Mark Goupil 117 Kevin Goyer 6, 74, 191 Jeff Grachus 97 Rick Graffius 117, 195 Kim Graham 8, 117 Krista Graham 74, 155 Lisa Graham 27 Tony Gramentz 117 Gress Granado 44 Lyn Grant 27 Renee Grant 97 Garth Grassley 117 Kristi Grassley 27 Traci Grassley 74 Andy Gray 27, 156 Bob Gray 27 Gary Gray 16 Staci Gray 97 Julia Graybill 27 Jennifer Green 117, 200, 206 Laura Green 97, 155 Robert Green 97, 151, 206 Eric Greener 74 Angela Greco 74 Gary Greggs 6, 27 Amy Gretman 97 Jennifer Griffith 117 Eddie Grace 117 James Groft, Jr. 117, 176 Rob Gronek 117 Nikki Gross 74, 151, 204 Lori Grossheim 97 Canie Grothaus 27 Deanne Groves Deborah Groves 117 Terri Grubbs 97 Paul Guerber 74 Dan Guerra 27 Robbin Guidi 74 Raymond Guin 74 Can'ie Gulnn 27, 157 Phillip Gum 117, 196 Collen Gunkel 27 Denise Gunkel 27, 158 Stephanie Gurratt 158 Denise Guthrie 27 Sean Guthrie 117, 195 Denise Guthrie 156 H Carol Haggerty 27 Jim Haggerty 97 Danelle Hagstedt 74 Roger Hain 74 Camie Haine 97 Cindy Hakalmazlan 27, 150, 152 Jeff Hakalmazian 74, 206 Darka Hale 27 Dustr Hale 97 Jennifer Halford 117 Lynne Halford 8, 27, 156, 150, 188 Beverlie Hall 74 Brenda Hall 27, 150 Michelle Hall 27 Deborah Haller 97, 155 Vince Hall 144 Matt Halley 117 Debbie Haller 177 Brett Halliburton 97 Tim Hamby 97 Lori Hamilton 117 Michelle Hamilton 8, 27, 156 Justine Hammer 28, 200 Tracy Hampson 117 Suzette Hampton 28 Jim Handzel 6, 74. 191 Kevin Hanks 97 Tyrone Hanks 117 Bryan Hanson 117 Candy Hanson 97 Kathy Hanson 117 Traci Hanson 28, 150, 152 242 f lndex Barbara Hanson 28 Curtis Hanson 74 Cristina Harblson 74 Patrick Hamon, Jr. 192 James Harms 156 Chris Harring 84 Chuck Harris 117 Claudine Han'is 8, 11, 74, 177 Erin Hanis 75 Jennie Harris 118 Jim Harris 117, 177 Sara Hanfis 97 Jodi Hart 118 Diane Hartman 75 Aimee Hartsfield 118 Julie Hartsfield 75 David Haskell 75, 196 Dennis Hassing 28 laura Hasty-matic 118 Carol Hatley 28, 157 Andrea Haviland 97 Veronica Havins 28 Ben Hawkens 28 Marilyn Hawkins 75 Nadin Hayes 75, 146, 147, 155 Eric Hays 118, 196 Magid Hazine 75 Francis Heaney 28, 176, 177 Robyn Heffelfinger 28 Matthew Heikkinen 97 David Helmer 75 Sheri Helmer 118, 201 Jason Helton 28, 157 Jody Helton 155 Troy Helton 97 Aaron Hemandez 97 Aaron Henderson 8 Jennifer Henderson 118 Steven Hendricks 28 Ann Henlge 28 Alicia Henley 118 Billy Henry 75 Jerry Henry 28 Billy Hensley 118 Brandi Hentges 28 Frank Hemandez 118, 156 Michelle Hemdon 28 Hennelinda Herrera 28 Christopher Herring 75, 177 Melanie Herring 97, 155 Paul Hertzberg 75 Tammy Hess 97, 200 Steve Hestem1an 118, 195 Kim Hetzel 188 Brad Hick 97 Jodi Hick 28 Michelle Hidalgo 75 Tran Hieu 97 Brett Higbee 28 Kristin Higgins 75, 157 Stephanie Higgins 8, 17, 28, 156, 159, 150, 188 Lisa Hight 118 Stephanie Hlght 75 Dick Hilbig Judith Hill 98, 118 Samantha Hill 6, 118 Kyle Hillegrass 29 Brett Hillegrass 118 Paul Hillis 118 Karri Hinde 75, 155 Jeff Hinesly 75 Andrea Hintz 98 Jeffrey Hintz 75, 157 Lisa Hltaffer 8, 29, 177 Deshawn Hitchcock 98 Melanie Hobbs 75 Gari Hodgson 75, 155 Charity Hoffman 98 Dawn Hoffman 29, 156 Elisa Hoffman 29, 156, 147, 177 Eric Hoffman 156 John Hoffman 118 Robin Hogue 98 Austin Holder 75 Jason Holder 118 John Holdman 75 Steven Holdman 118 Christy Holland 75, 155 Jennifer Holland 118 Sia Holland 75 Richard Hollinger 29 Robert Hollinger 75, 196 Benjamin Holm 75, 191 Dinah Holm 98 Wendy Holm 29 Kristina Holman 98 Shannon Holmes 29 Troy Holmes 98 Lisa Holt 29, 180, 152 Michelle Holton 75 Sheree Holton 118 Jeffrey Honanie 75 Connie Honen 75 Paulette Honyouti 98 Lynnette Hoppie 98 Becky Horey 146 Stephanie Horst 118 Doug Horton 118 Janice Horton 29 Robyn Horton 118 Deborah Horawltz 75 Kevin Hoskins 98, 108 Susan Hosley 98. 155, 177 Lamay Hostetler 98 Glenn Hottmann, Jr. 75 Greg Hottmann 98 Thomas Hough, lll 118, 195 Christal House 29 Rene Housos 29, 157, 150, 152 Janette Houyouti 75 Lanette Houyouti 75 Laura Howard 8, 75, 188, 189 Lisa Howard 29 Lori Howard 76 Toby Howard 76 Deanna Hubbs 76 Alica Huddleson 8, 98, 206 Lonnie Huggins 14, 76 Lori Huggins 118 Michael Hughes 76 Sheila Hughes 98, 108, 188, 189 Tena Hughes 76 Travis Hughes 98 Roger Hukill 118 Garret Humphrey 118 Jill Humphrey 29 Judson Humphry 17, 29 Michael Hungerford 98, 191 Wendy Hunt 29, 158 Stephanie Hurst 146 Sara Hussain 29 Alan Huxford 76, 206 Scott Huxford 76, 206 Gary lcardi 98, 155 Jodi lngarten 5 Grady lngram 98 Jess Ingram 29 Carol lnsana 118 Tom Ippolito 76 Christina lslas 118 J Brian Jackson 118 Kimberly Jackson 29 Kristy Jackson 76, 206, 200 Lucas Jackson 8 Mark Jackson 118 Nancy Jackson 119, 201, 206 Tami Jackson 119 Joel Jacobson 192 Chris Jaeger 76 Rodney Jakes 29 Taaro Jaques 119 Diane James 50 Kameron James 98 Shaunna James 98, 91, 204 William James Ill 16 Scott Jankowski 119 Lisa Jansen 76 Shannon Jansen 96 Valerie Janson 8, 119 Shawnie Jaramillo 98 Trista Jaramillo 76 Tracey Jeffrey 119, 206 Bill Jeffrey 76 Steven Jeffrey 98, 155 Jeff Jenkins 50, 156 Christopher Jensen 119 Becky Jesse 98, 177 Angela Jessee 98, 189 Je rey Jim 98 Robert Johanneck 76 Kia Johanson 157 Christina Johnsey 119, 147 Jennifer Johnsey 76 Angela Johnson 76 Brad Johnson 108 Brad tSydneyJ Johnson 105 Carrie Johnson 98 Chad Johnson 76 Cherilyn Johnson 76 Courtney Johnson 50, 76 Brad Johnson 55 Doug Johnson 50 Eric Johnson 50 Erica Johnson 50 Hollie Johnson 8, 50 Jamie Johnson 98 Jay Johnson 98 Jeffrey Johnson 76 Ham Huynh 98 Kari Johnson 76 Kristine Johnson 76 Leslie Johnson 50 Matt Johnson 119 Michelle Johnson 50 Renee Johnson 119 Shanan Johnson 50, 150 Sydney Johnson 98 Tia Johnson 50 Traci Johnson 50, 98 Wyane Johnson 119 Jenni Johnsey 8, 146 Vance Johnston 50 Brenna Jones 119 Chad Jones 98 Darren Jones 76 Jeff Jones 98 Juliane Jones 119 Keith Jones 119, 156 Krista Jones 50 Kyndall Jones 50 Michael Jones 76 Steven Jones 76 Wayne Jones 98 David Jordan 98 Michael Joswick 119 Christopher Judd 98 Connie Jungemann 50, 158 Jean Jungling 119 Louis lanacone 155 K Mark Kahrl 50, 156, 156, 157 Phillip Kahrl 50, 156 Robert Kallemeyn 119, 194 Cara Kaminski 119, 194 Thereas Kammerer 76 Faraaz Kamran 98, 155 David Kamrath 76 Bill Kane 76 Derek Kane 119 Kimberly Karcher 50 Stacy Karcher 119 Randi Katherlns 98, 177 Brian Katz 119 Penny Kauffman 119 Harold Kayser 119 Karen Keamey 98, 155, 200, 206 Jeffrey Keaten 50, 197 Michael Keaton 98 Jeffrey Keaton 50 James Keenan 50 Brian Kelly 51 Calder Kelly 94 Leslie Kelly 98, 155 Chuck Kelsey 76 Kathy Keltner 119 Lee Kendrick 98 Shannon Kenens 76 Chris Kenny 51 Jennifer Kenny 119, 146, 177 Stacy Kem 77 Kimberly Kessler 119 Christopher Kibsey 77 Malia Kidd 51 Brian Kidney 51 Ledeana Kieborz 98 Shelly Kienig 119 Patrick Kilcran 51, 154 Grace Kim 51, 156, 145 Charlotte King 81 Jamie King 98 Kellt King 8, 98 Patrick Kilcran 155, 157 Ronda Kingsbury 77, 155 kerry Kirby 51 James Kirklin 51, 156 Jamey Kirklin 17 Sheri Kirtyle 99 Eddie Kittennan 14, 16, 51 Kathy Kittie 99, 146, 147 Emily Kleeschulte 51, 156, 145 Alicia Klein 99, 205 Lisa Klein 119, 198 Paul Kleving 77, 177 Michale Kleving 119 Tina Klima 119 Penny Kmiec 99 Daniel Knight 77 David Knobloch 119 Jeffrey Knoch 77 David Knox 119 Christine Knudson 119 Rita Koch 51 Tony Koch 77 Jennifer Kohl 77 Shelly Koenig 124, 206 Lori Kohlhase 10, 77, 146, 149 Sheny Koila 77 Pamela Konik 77, 177 Kara Koon 8, 77, 188, 189 Jennifer Kopecky 99 Tamara Kopp 120 Kyle Kortie 99, 192 Neil Kortie 99 Kristine Korycki 99 Darlene Kowacz 51 Betty Kowalsky 120 Janelle Kowalsky 120 Rebecca Kowalsky 120 Sandra Kowalsky 77 William Kowalsky 120 Angela Kramer 77 Lisa Kramer 99, 155, 206 Michael Kramer 99, 154 Kelly Krants 77 Kevin Krause 99, 192 Suzanne Krawczyk 99 Shannon Krebgs 51, 200 Michael Kreitzer 158 Kelly Kritkausky 77, 151 Kelly Krupa 99 Kyle Kudrick 120 Yalenda Kuester 51 Deborah Kuhajda 51 Melanie Khulman 99 Ronald Kuhlman, Jr. 120 Michelle Kuhns 120 Lana Kwok 77, 146, 147 L Robert LaChance 77 Shari Lacoss 51 Kristen Lacy 99 Matt Lafer 77, 206 Christina Laloggia 99 William Lambeck 120 Shawn Lambert 51 Tina Lambros 77 Greg Lamme 99 Jeanette Lamphier 52 Robert Lamphier 120 Anika Land 120 Wendy Landers 77, 157, 152, 204 Annette Langdon 52 Eric Landon 77 Sandra Landon 99 Kimoni Lane 120 Shannon Lane 77, 197 Kathryn Lang 52 Courtney Langdon 99, 206 Robyn Langdon 77 Matt Lange 52 Garrett Langham 120 John Lankard 77 Karee Lansbury 206 Jeanine Lanzer 8, 52 Amy Lapiene 120 Erin Lapiere 120, 156 Karen Laprell 99 Rikki Larson 77 Ruthann Larson 99 Terri Larson 120, 177 Tim Larson 77, 191 Nancy Latham 52 Tammy Laubmeier 99 Chris Lauer 120 Taina Laukkonen 120, 155, 177 Chris Lauer 120, 156 Cindy Law 99 Danielle Lawther 120 Mike Layton 77 Christopher Lea 99, 192 Georgianna Lebario 77 Paula Lecklet 120, 206 Melissa Leddy 52 Sean Leddy 120 Jeanne Ledford 77, 157 Kelly Ledford 52, 157 Fran Ledger 52 James Lee 77 Lara Lee 8, 120 Lori Lee 52 Shannon Lee 120 Tracy Lee 120 Janice Leigh 77 Stacy Leigh 8, 120 Grant Leighton 99 Christina Leimone 120 Donald Leinweber 99, 196 Natalie Lemaster 120 Ralph Lemons 52, 158 Raymond Lemons 120 Roxanne Lemons 99 Jerilynn Lentz 99 Matthew Lentz 52 Bobbie-Jo Leonard 120 Chris Leonhardt 5, 16 Liz Les-Perance 78, 177 Aaron Levens 99 Travis Levario 99 Aaron Lewis 78 Corey Lewis 78 Bobi LaBarr 77 John Lewis 78 Royce Lewis 120 Erin Lewis 120 Mary Lewitz 78 Erin Liebherr 201, 206 Mechalle Lifgren 99 Matthew Lilly 99 Peggy Lin 52, 156 Anthony Linch 78 Michelle Linch 120 Matthew Lind 99, 192 Daniel Lindquist 52 Jacque Ling 52, 156 Deron Lingo 99 Shawn Lipp 78 Randy Lisciarelli 78 Deborah Liska 99 Robert Liska 78 Steve Liska 52 Jennifer Little 52 Sandra Little 52 Chad Lober 52 Sabrina Locke 99, 204 Adam Lodge 99, 192 Michael Lomazian 99 Robert Loncaric 78 Michelle Lolius 52, 158 Kimberly Longenecker 52 Jennifer Longnecker 120, 177 Kevin Lonon 120 Deborah Looman 78 Marcus Looman 121 Alicia Lopez 198 Denise Lopez 78 Felicia Lopez 99 Robert Lopez 99 Maria Lopez 78 Christina Lord 55 Jennifer Lord 120, 177, 201 Holly Lorka 55, 156 Michael Lorka 99, 192 Lori Lothrop 120, 4 Philip Louison 78 Shawn Loutsenhizer 99 Christina Love 99 Toni Lowery 78, 88, 8, 11 Beandie Lucas 120 Kim Ludero 99, 8 Ann Ludwig 55, 150 Susan Ludwig 55 Maria Luithele 121, 177 Roberta Luna 99 Steven Lyon 99 Marc Lynch 55, 156 Cathleen MacDonald 55, 156, 176 Christine MacDonald 55, 156, 145 Colleen MacDonald 121, 177 Heather MacDonald 55, 158 Mark Macomber 44 April MacFarland Wendy Machotz 78 Marty Mack 55 Christine Madden 99 Josette Madonia 121 Cynthia Madrigal 99, 155, 200 Paul Mater lll 55 Denni Magnin 100 Kristine Mahaffey 78 Richard Miaocco 44, 206 Kristin Major 121, 197 Shauna Major 121, 177 Carrie Majors 100 Douglas Malaney 55, 44, 145 Lisa Malatesta 121, 201 Kim Malley 78 Cheryl Mallory 55 Donnelle Malnik 100, 144 Bayne Malone 121 Damian Malone 78 Maryanne Maloney 55 William Maluch 44 Laura Maneely 55 Michelle Manganelli 121 Louis Mangine 78 Kerry Manire 100 Robert Manor 121 Scott Manor 78 Patrick Mans 55 Kim Marcelletie 121 Paul Marciano 100 Rick Marciano 121 Christine Mariani 100 George Markovic 100 Linda Marlins 55, 156 Robby Marlinson 55 Michelle Markus 78 Tamara Marocco 100 Frank Marotta 100 Jennifer Marsh 121 Tony Lype 55, 8 Brian Marshall 78, 154, 157 Debbie Martin 155 Jessica Martin 78 Jocelynn Martin 125, 197, 177 Kathleen Martin 54 Robert Martin 8, 54, 155 Russell Martin 78 Rafeal Martinez 78 Danna Marvin 8, 100 Aaron Marx 156 Eric Marx 54 Tony Mason 100 Robert Mason 100 Scott Mason 195 Josh Massahos 196, 197 Michele Mastin 78 Renee Mastin 54 Jamal Mateen 100 Khalid Mateen 78 Can-nen Matty 6 Amy Mathers 100, 144 Glennys Matto 54 Richard Mathews 196, 156 Glennys Mattas 157 Kim Mattson 78, 145 Christopher Maul 100 Richard May 78 Ace Maynerd 100 Angela McBride 78 Charles McCarter 8, 100, 155 Dave McCarty 100, 197 Melissa McCaublin 54 Travis McChesney 54 Jennifer McClellasm 100 Marla McClintock 177 Jason McConnel 78 Beth McCool 8 James McCoy 1-0 Kim McCune 122 Kathy McDaniel 100 Heather Dennott 122, 146 Steve McDermott 122 James McDonald 54 JoBeth McDonald 100, 155 Steve McDonald 122 Kelli McFarland 100, 155 Beth Mcillhaney 8, 54 Martin McElhaney 8, 100 Debbie McEIwain 54 James McGee 54, 100 Desmond McGeough 100 Michael McGinnis 78 Mary McGough 54 Heather McGrath 54 Brent Mcllguham 100 Lenard Mcllveen 54 Phil Mcllveen 79 Sam Mclntyre 79, 11, 191 John McKean 100 Mike McKee 54 Michelle McKenna 54, 204, 205 Heidi McKenney 79 Kassanclra McKeown 54 Robb McKeovm 100 Andy McKinn 54 Mark McKnight 122 Teddie McKnight 79, 146 Alta McLaughlin 79 Heather McLaen 100, 147, 155 Ken McMahon 79 Bibby McManamy 8, 159 Mike McManamy 54 Scott McManamy 91, 100, 159 Melody McRae 79 Karen Mcvittie 122 Lisa Mealon 55, 156 Heather Mecham 55, 177 Brian Mefford 79 Brian Meikle 122 Coleen Meissner 100, 200 Jose Melendez 79 Joe Melina 177 John Melisko 122 David Meliti 79 Mark Mellot 79 Bradley Melton 100 Dave Mendez 195 Carol Mendlvil 100 Christina Mendoza 100, 155 Scott Menten 122 Tracey Menten 79 Ribert Mercado 79 Matt Mercer 55, 156 Sonja Merritt 122, 146 Bob Menuin 79, 206 Doug Merwin 55 Chad Merz 122 Tracy Merz 55 Shane Mesenre 79, 147 Daryle Messina 79 Beth Metzger 79 Melissa Meyers 122, 198 Brian Meythaler 55 Chris Michael 100 Noelle Michael 55 Melissa Michaels 79, 197, 155 Ranae Michel 79 Jelf Middleswart 55 Shari Middleswart 79 Jeff Midkiff 55 Greg Mihelich 100 Doug Miller 122, 196, 177 Dwight Miller 79 Jody Miller 79, 200, 206 Joel Miller 122 John Miller 122 John Miller 55 Julie Miller 100 Tim Miller 100, 192 Tina Miller 79, 15 Jenny Millett 122 B.J. Mills 192 Marcie Mills 100 Laura Mills 55, 100 Michelle Mills 177 William Mills 100 Leiann Mills-Bever 122 Julie Minehan 122 Donna Minor 55 Emily Mittelsteadt 122, 177 Gina Mochamer 100 Larry Moist 100 Missy Molcha 79 Joe Molina 100 Julie Molina 100 Brady Monaghan 122 Davrm Monet 55 Deanna Monet 122 Tim Monk 192 Gerald Monks 122 Christina Monroe 8, 79, 188, 189 Louisa Montenegrao 122 Michael Montljo 122 Bobbi Moore 100, 200, 206 Michelle Moore 158, 150 Staci Moore 55 John Moreau 100, 177 Amy Morgenstem 55 Christine Moris 55 Heidi Morris 55, 156 Kerry Morris 122, 177 Marilyn Moslnwits 55 Ming Moss 191 Ted Moss 55 Angela Motta 122 Belinda Mounqoy 15, 125, 177 Kim Mowry 198 Tammy Mulleneaux 165 Christy Mullendore 151 Darren Mullins 108, 105, 155 Tessa Muratori 125 Shannon Murray 125 Brian Musgrove 197 Dave Muzik 56 Mike Muzik 125 Lynn Mutka 155 Chris Myers 80 Dave Myers 56 Kelly Myers 177 Leah Myers 80 Michelle Myers 56 Stephanie Myers 56 Stuart Myers 125, 195 Ronnie Naegelin 80, 191 Ken Napier 154 Lavonne Napier 56 Jason Nash 80 Laune Natale 80 Amy Nelson 125 Daedra Nelson 80 Deborah Nelson 80 Laura Nelson 8, 80, 188, 189 Mark Nelson 44, 156 Kimberly Neri 56 Mike Heri 125 James Nettle 80 Curt Neu 80 Julie Newman 177 Tim Myers 125 Monique Nguyen 156, 157, 56, 146 Debbie Nicastle 8 Pam Nicastle 8, 56, 156, 150, 188 Larry Nichols 56 Scott Nichols 56 Daniel Nicholson 80 Lisa Nicholson 125 Darren Nielson 125, 156 Julie Nieschulz 56 Bonnie NikodUenc 80 Traci Nikolaus 56, 156, 177 Andrea Nitzel 125, 197 Kevin Nitzel 80 Cory Niver 80 Lisa Niver 56 David Nixion 156 Indexf245 Amy Noe 125 Alex Nolan 56, 191 Jenniver Nold 80 Michelle Noore 55 Brian Norenberg 80 Kevin Norenberg 80 Rachelle Nonfnali 125 Debra Northfield 125 Robyn Novak 80 Kenneth Novatny 56 Carlos Nunez 125, 195 Leann Nurse 56 Justin Oblinger 125 Machelle Obuchi 56 Daniel Ochoa 125 Scott Ochsmer 157 Greg Ockenfels 125 Joe O'Conner 56 Michael O'Conner 102 Paul O'Donnell 102 Kristin O'Gon'nan 102, 200 Melinda Oglesley 80 Ryan Oliphant 102 Tina Oliver 125 Cary Ollverson 125 Scott Olk 102 Michael Ollfry 106 Erik Olson 56, 125 Jody Olson 125 Karen Olson 57 Pam Olson 8, 80, 197 Edward Oluch 102 JoAnne Onaga 104 Diana Oosterhart 102 Jonathan Omiond 125 James Ortega 56 Linda Ortega 122, 125 Michelle Orzechowski 10, BO, Joseph Ostroski 80 Kim Otlowski 155, 206 Kristin Owen 122, 125 Scott Owen 125, 102 Thomas Owsley 102, 192 Nicholas Ozment 125, 176 P Anne Pabst 102 Katy Pabst 198 Nick Pacione 80 Brian Palne 102 Becky Painter 57 Rebecca Painter 80, 146, 147 Maria Palermo 57 Michele Palomares 80, 197 Mark Palombo 125 Katy Palst 57 Bill Paluch 156 Michele Pangus 155 Rochelle Panholzee 125 Rochelle Panholzer 122 Bryan Pasnich 102 Bill Passalacqua 125, 195 Steve Patrick 57 Charissa Patterson 153 Mark Patterson 80 Stacey Patterson 80 Rob Paul 125, 156 Eric Paxton 125 Michelle Paxton 57 Karen Payer 102 Keith Payne 102 Monica Payne-Schlosser 102 Ken Peake 80 Jennifer Peckham 80 Mark Pederson 80 Aaron Pedulla 102 Dan Peel 125 Jamey Pellegrini 81 Travis Pembrook 125 Ed Pepperell 105 Dolores Perez 57 Mike Peri 57 Troy Perkin 81 Brenda Peru 125 Xavier Peru 57 Bryan Pesartic 8, 81 Nikki Peters 81 Kevin Peterson 57 Mike Pettice 105, 192 Niel Pettice 125, 195 Jeanne Dewitt 125 Michelle Pezdd 105, 205 Mike Phetteplace 57 Dan Phillips lll 125, 196 Kim Phillips 65, 154 Stacey Pickrel 57, 206 Jenny Pietrzyk 125 2441 Index 146 John Pirtrzyk, Jr. 105 Joseph Pike 125 Jason Piske 81 Robynne Piske 105 Connie Plambeck 81 Bill Plambeck 125, 156 Jill Plass 57 Kathryn Pollack 57, 156, 204, 205 Rod Polston 81 Liezel Pomorski 57, 206 Mimi Popour 125, 177 John Poquette 81, 206 Michael Pooler 57 Daron Porteous 124 David Porter 81, 177 Patrick Portugal 124, 196 Lisa Poslllice 81 Chridtina Post 81, 147 Shawn Potter 124, 177 Larry Potts 81 Lonnie Power 57 Everett Pownall 124, 195 Chuck Peadelt 81, 157 Jim Prater 124 Pam Pratt 81 Troy Pratton 81 Cathy Price 57, 158 Rick Prlce 81, 124 Ray Price 105 Barry Pritchett 191 Tomie Pritzkau 105 Eric Procter 124 Matt Procter 105 Todd Pruett 124 Heather Purcell 57, 156 Vincente Purcell 58, 191 Darrell Purice 58 Thomas Purucker, Jr. 124, 195 Mike Puruleskl 81 Judy Quan 105 Cyndy QuUada 124 Kerry Quinn 8, 105 Dora Quintana 105, 200 Rick Quinton 81 Curtis Rae 58 Eydie Rae 58 Scott Raklch 15, 81 Brayan Rambo 81 Chad Rambo 124 lrene Ramirez 105 Marc Ramirez 124 Regina Ramirez 81 Damon Ramsey 105 Dustin Ramsey 78, 177 Jason Randle 81 Dan Rasmussen 124 Tyann Rasmussen 81, 200 Warren Rasmussen 124 Bill Ratkovich 58 Janna Rauch 124 Amy Raver 81, 105 Eydie Ray 158 Robert Ray 81, 177 Brandi Raynes 81 Robin Raynor 124 Kevin Reagan 124 Marissa Reale 124 Mike Rebb 8, 115, 124, 196 Julie Reed 58 Karen Reed 124 Ken Reed 58 Jennifer Reid 124, 206 william Reid 58 Shelly Reinke 105 Stacie Rennie 58, 158 Heather Reutter 81, 86, 205 Scott Reutter 58, 191 Kory Revica 105 Kathleen Revica 124 Christopher Reyes 124, 195, 156 Damon Reynolds 58 Marla Reynolds 124 Adam Reznik 177 Dana Reznik 81 Jacqueline Rhodus 58 Adam Rhynard 81 Leslie Rhynard 58 Paul Rhynard 124 Bob Ricca 58 Janalene Ricca 124, 197 Michelle Rice 58, 156, 177 Bryan Rich 124, 157 Kristi Richards 124 John Richey 58 Julie Richison 105, 155 Daniel Richmond 124 Brandon Richter 124 Denise Riddle 105 Jennifer Ridenhour 105 Monique Rlfe 81, 155 Katherine Rigby 82, 147 Richelle Riggle 58 Kristine Riley 82, 157 Kurtis Riley 125, 195 Michael Riley 82 Brandi Rink 125 Erin Riordan 58, 156 Jennifer Rios 125 Andy Rittsehif sa Matt Robbins 59 Janna Roberson 105 Cynthia Roberts 82 Phyllis Roberts 82 Thomas Roberts B2 Tiffany Roberts 125, 201 Tishanna Roberts 5, 82, 196, 155, 195 Janna Robertson 155 Brian Robinson 105 Dawn Robinson 105, 205 Lee Robinson 82 Stacy Robinson 8, 82, 88 Robert Rodamle 82 Robert Rodriguez 59 Curtis Row 59 Bob Roether 191 Kary Roteher 125 Jennifer Rogers Elizabeth Rohrer 82 Joe Roland 59 Reggie Roland 105 Rikki Rolfes 125, 206 David Ronald 105, 196 Mark Rose 59, 157 Robert Rosene 82 Brian Ross 59 Lance Roth 82 Adam Rothman 125 Katherine Roush 82, 204 Lisa Rowbotham 105 Dennie Rowe 59, 156, 157 Terri Rowe 82, 158 Markie Rowland 125 Debra Rowlett 59, 157 Eric Rubio 105 Brian Rubio 82 Bonnie-Jean Ruch 82, 177 Gretchen Ruckman 105 John Rudolph 82 Amy Rudzinskl 82 Cerie Rumbold 82 Robbie Rundall 59, 17, 200 Barbara Runyan Paul Runyan 59 Shelly Runyan 176 August Rushing 105 Jason Russell 92 Kyle Russell 125 Todd Rutter 125, 195 Renee Sacaelaris 125 Traci Sackrider 59 Dawn Sadowsky 59, 157 John Sagasta 6, 82, 206 Mario Saldamando 105 Martin Saldomando 59 Stephanie Saleido 82, 206 Christy Saltz 59 Jason Saltz 105 Martin Samplin 82 Valorie Sanchez 59, 150, 152 Tammy Sanders 59 Jay Sandoval 6, 82, 191 Robert Sansom 125 Joseph Santa-Cruz 82 Robert Santa-Cruz 82 Robert Sapp 82 Nickole Sarahs 59 Angelique Sargent 125 Heather Sathe 104, 155 Amy Saucer 125 Michael Sawer 82, 6 Stacey Scalercio 125 Nancy Schad 125, 146 Donavaughn Schantz 104 Erin Scharlz 104 Gena Schaublln 59, 157 Rick Schramm 125 Shannon Scheeringa 82, 155 Tracy Scheiber 85, 157 Lisa Schifano 59 Leah Schlicker 85, 157, 177 Amy Schmied 40, 157 Jeffrey Schmied 85, 191 Bernadette Schneider 85 Diane Schnell 40 197, Diane Schuldt 85 Jim Schraven 40 Jennifer Schroeder 40, 177 Dawn Schultz 17, 200 Kristinna Schulz 125, 201 Suanne Schultz 155 Sawn Schultz 156 Drew Schulke 8, 104 Anthony Schumacher 125 Erin Schwartz 155 Cynthia Scott 85 James Scott 125 Stacey Scott 125 Tonya Scott 85 Denny Scovel 104 Tracie Scovel 104, 155 Sean Scrip 125 Julie Scroggins 104 Rod Seaman 104 Travis Seaton 104 Christy Seaton 85 Hans Sedore 40, 194 Holly Segal 104 Kevin Segal 85 Matthew Segal 40 Sunny Segar 85 Jill Seininger 126 Kenneth Seminera 104 Salvatore Seminera 85 Michelle Sequeria 125, 201, 206 Ed Serafin 104 Steven Serafin 40 Shannon Setterberg 125 Scott Severnak 125 Todd Sevemak 85, 191 Douglas Seward 85 Kristina Seward 126 Pual Sexton 85 Christine Seyk 80, 104 Miriam Seymore 104 Justin Sgro 125, 195 Michael Shafer 85 Adam Shafer 85 Angie Shafer 40 Jacqueline Shaff 104 Clay Shagena 104 Derrick Shagroo 40 Douglas Sharp 85 Jennifer Sharp 8, 125, 206 Chris Sharllono 104, 192 Tricia Shaw 40 Gregory Shaw 125 Brian Shcolnlk 85 Holly Sheble 125 Tracy Sheble 59, 158 James Sheeky 125 Jemes Sheely 126, 192 Misty Sheldon 40, 158 Lisa Shelton 40, 156 Rancy Shepard 85 Kelly Shephard 40 Tonya Sherck 4, 156, 155 Andrea Shillingburg 126 Brent Shirk 126, 195 Paul Silverhood 85 Jennifer Shockey 104, 206 Gregory Shoemaker 126 Jeff Shoop 126 Shelly Shoop 40 Daniel Shrewsbury 104, 155 Kevin Shull 126 Dawn Shultz 40 Suanne Shultz 15, 85 Laura Sichrovski 85, 177 Rob Sichrovisky 40 Thomas Sichrovsky 126, 195 Sherry Sickter 126 Jim Sidabras 8 Michelle Sidabras 8 Amber Silvey 104 Erik Silvery 40, 191 John Simon 104, 192 Dee-Dee Simpson 85 Michael Simon 16, 40 Minde Sirwaitis 126, 177 Scott Skinner 40, 206 Kristin Skogen 85 Lisa Skolnik 126, 197 Shawn Slatcher 14, 85 Rachael Slatcher 104 Christine Slaughter 156 Brian Slinkard 85 Elizabeth Sloan 85, 197 Sunny Smellie 104 Alissa Smith 41, 145 Amy Smith 126 Beth Smith 104 Carole Smith 126 Denny Smith 85, 195 Darrin Smith 85 Joell Smith 126 Julia Smith 126 Kim Smith 6, 41 Laurie Smith 8, 11 Linda Smith 41 Renee Smith 85 Richard Smith 85, 108, 155 Stephanie Smith 197 David Sneed 84 Angelee Snow 126 Michelle Snyder 8, 197 Sean Snyman 126 Lisa Soens 104 Chad Sohren 126 Leonard Sominsky 104 Joy Sommerer 105 Sherri Sopko 84 Cindy Sorensen 41 Daniel Soria 126 Matthew Sosnowski 105 Jefferson Sonders 105 Del Spangler 41 Kathey Spangler 84 Carol Sparucia 126 Charles Speer 84 Jim Speer 105, 154 Shannon Speer 126 Wayne Spence 41 Melissa Spero 41 Dawn Spinelli 41, 158 Art Spina 126, 195 Brian Spivey 126 John Spratlen 126 Mark Springer 126, 156 Greg Spryka John Stack, lll 126, 196 Terry Stang 105 Marc Staubinger 41 Regina St. Clair 84 Gary Steele 6, 84, 191 Kimberly Stenmler 84 John Stemer 8, 51 Deanne Stevens 84 Sean Stevens 105 Tyrone Stevenson 84 Kathy Steury 41 Cindy Stewart 105 Skip Stewart 41, 206 Mary Stewart 105, 197 Stacey Steward 84 Shannon Stewart 105 Patrick Stewart 41 Eric Stidsen 127 Chantel Stilwell 41 Christina Stilwell 84, 152 Wendy St. Mary 84 Karl Storck 41 Jenny Strunk 177 Cassie Stockwell 105 Heather Stockwell 127 Michael Stoddard 105 James Stone 127, 156 Michael Story 127 Amy Strait 127 Anthony Strait 84, 155 Karen Strauss 127 Shawn Strayer 84 Timothy Street 127 Stephanie Stroud 158 Frank Stubbs 84 Matt Stubbs 84, 196 Jason Sturges 84 Stephanie Surratt 41 Karolina Sussland 8, 127, 198 Anita Styles 8, 15, 84, 151 Chad Swinford 127, 195 Melinda Switzer 105, 155 Gregg Szpyrka 105 Anita Szoke 10, 84, 146 Jeffrey Szymura 84, 197 Stephanie Szymura 84 T Annette Tallabas 8, 41 Emilee Talley 127 Anthony Tamboli 127, 196 Lisa Tank 84 Steven Tank 84 Cassidy Taylor 105 Rob Teel 105 Michelle Temme 41 Sonya Templeton 84, 151, 200 David Tennison 84 Suzanne Terhorst 41, 200 Marybeth Terrinani 8, 11, 84, 155 Stephanie Terry 42 Jacqueline Teske 105 Jenny Teske 8, 127 Gabe Tesnado 42 Aundrea Thatcher 84 Timothy Thatcher 127 Kari Thiekle 42 Yvonne Thill 127 Chelly Thomas 15, 84 Echo Thomas 127 Joseph Thomas 127 Kelly Thomas 64 Patricia Thomas 105 Scott Thomas 8, 105, 145 William Thomas 42 Christina Thompson 106 Danny Thompson 84 Echo Thompson 177 Gregory Thompson 84 Jarrod Thompson 84 John Thompson 42 Michelle Thompson 106 Shannon Thompson 127 Michelle Thronhill 85 Suzette Thul 85 Christopher Tibbetts 127 Mick Tillman 85 Amber Tintsman 206 Steve Thumma 106 Chris Thuran 42 Darek Tillman 106 Amber Tinstman 106 Denise Tissaw 85 Barabara Tocka 127 Susan Tood 127 Dana Toparek 42 Jodi Toraason 85, 200 Robert Torculas 85 Julia Torres 106 Myshelle Toth 127 Stephanie Toth 15, 85 Dina Trebitowski 177 Brian Treinen Kimberly Trlce 106 Brian Triggs 106 Jennifer Triggs 127 Audrey Trussell 147 Vinh Tran 42 Gaylynn Trapp 42 Meredith Trapp 85 Dina Trebitowski 85 Cynthia Triggs 42, 156 Pamella Triggs 42, 156 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Leewen 156, 176 Stacy Vannier 106, 155 Mindy Van-Ripper 106, 177 Angela Veronda 106 Stephanie Vieth 158 Tammy Vigario 106, 188, 189 Bernadette Vlllalobos 106 John Villareal 106 Bob Villanueva 191 Tara Vlney 106 Justine Virgil 206 Nikki Vogt 201, 206 Kelly Volz 150, 188, 189 Stacy Vosovec 177 W Shawn Wagner-l'lunt 85, 157 Jennifer Walding 8 Barbara Walker 85 Lisa Walker 155 Melissa Walker 85 Wayne Walker 106, 192 Carrie Wallraff 85 Tom Walsh 177 lan Wang 86 Melanie Ward 106 Dan Wargula 106, 192 Daniel Wamer 106, 192, 206 Katy Warner 45 Wendy Warren 8, 45, 156, 159, 188 Carla Washington 86 Delon Washo 86 Tom Wasylow 86 Adria Waterbury 106 Michael Waters 106, 192 Jeffery Watkin 86 Shawn Watt 156 Robert Watts 86 Tonya Watts 45 Kenneth Weaver 86 John Webb 86 Anthony Webber 86, 191 Tammy Webber 86 Brian Webster 106, 196 Chris Webster 17, 45, 156 Christine Webster 45 Renee Weigold 106, 146, 155 Jennifer Weik 155, 204 Lisa Welch 86 Kristen Wellborn 86, 155 Elizabeth Wells 206 Jeff Wendt 144 Tom Wenger 45 George West 106 Jacque Whalley 147 Julie Whalley 86, 204 Lori Whaley 155 Tracey Wheat 206 David Wheder 45 Jennifer Wheeler 197 Laura Whelan 189 Kristine Whipple 86, 155 Chris White 195 Tracey White 86 Paul Whitehead 177 Derek Whitehead 45 Mindy Whittaker 86, 206 Michele Wickersheim 87 Danica Widstrom 87 Taylor Wilbanks 157 Kerri Wilcox 165 Jason Wilde 87 Lyle Wilhelm 87 Darin Williams 206 Elizabeth Williams 87, 188, 189 Michlee Williams 87 Nona Williams 156 Lisa Willis 155 Scott Wilmont 87 Chad Wilson 87 Kelli Wilson 155 Paul Wilson 87 Stacey Wilson 87 Sara Wincek 87 Theresa Wingfield 87 Aimee Winn 206 Deborah Wlnteis 97 Adam Wodrich 87 Nicloe Woods 87 Rodney Wooldridge 87 Charles Wright 87 Kevin Wright 88 Kerri Wilcox 8 Beth Williams 8 Nona Williams 44 Ron Williams 44 Patrick Willis 44 Darin Williams 44 Kevin Williams 44 Kevin Williams 44 150 , Michelle Williams Andra Wilhite 44 Ronda Wilson 44 Scott Winn 44 Debbie Wintersy 205 Jeff Wisch 195 Mike Wong 8, 9, 44 rlolly Woodruff 44, 150 Jay Woodruff 192 Angela Woods 44 Tom Wong 154 Darrell Worker 195, 206 Derek Wright 44, 191 Josh Wright 196 Kyle Wright 192 Kevin Wright Josh Wright 55 Casey Wyatt 44 X Davm Xinos 6 Dawn Xinos 88 Y Richard Yanez 88 Kenji Yashimura 192 Manual Ybarra 195 Todd Yogerst 44 Kristan Young 44 Lara Young 177 Shanda Young 155, 200 Tranci Young 88 Christine Youngblood 204 Z Chris Zapps 88 David Ziegler 88 Kenny Ziegler 88 Peggy Zimmer 44 Rene Zlotnick 44 Dawn Zuk 44 Ellseo Zuniga 88 Albert Zuvers 44, 157 Wayne Zuvers 154 lndexf245 GRLD CAT CHI G EVENTS 1986 was in every aspect, a year to be remembered. lt was a year of pleasure and of pain, one ofheartbreak and of smiles. lt was a year filled with changing, growing, and progress politically, economically, and so- cially. Among those events most memorable in the political scope were the much debated Iranian-Contra scandal, the terrifying Chernobyl nuclear accident, a Phillipine uprising in which Ferdinand Marcos was ousted and Corozone Aquino was instilled, the U. S.-Soviet "mini-summit" held in Iceland, growing global terrorism, and an attempt to curb rising terrorism that ended in a U. S. air strike against Libya. Economically, the world is more prosperous than past records show and, most importantly, one might note that, generally speaking, our world is at peace, peace- except in Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Central America where blood continues to be shed. But the future holds peaceful promise there as well. Also in the public eye was the tragic Challenger disaster in which a booster rocket exploded, killing the seven brave astronauts on board. On a more posi- tive note the United States made superior progress in aeronatics as the Voyager, a lightweight glider plane, completed its world wide circumnavi- gation just as nineteen eighty-six came to its close. Further reasons for celebration came as Americans nationwide watched such special events as the 4th ofJuly centennial celebration of Lady Liberty and the wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. Entertainment in 1986 was spectacular as both old and new artists provided their public with record breaking music hits, a variety of enjoy- able screenplays, and a good extent of television diversions. Billboard r .. 'f"'I. 'Q 1: -r V tif .-v Y .3-'v:ff"" - "-1 ww' w ' ,E Q ,. -una. 1 1'-A.,-. fx. . s ,.'1l 4 Above - Last llth ofJuly in 1986, millions of Americans celebrated the birth oftheir nation and the restoration of Lady Liberty with a spectacular fireworks display. 146 ,fW'orId livents And lintertainment Music charts proclaim Whitney Houston M pop artist for '86. Following closely on her heels was Heart at the F2 spot, Janet Jackson at 5, Sade at 4, and Miami Sound Machine at 5. George Strait topped country charts as he entertained music lovers with his several hits. In a list of the top five singles in '86 talso according to Billboardl, "That's What Friends are For" by Dionne Warwick and Friends secured the M spot for the year's record period offour weeks. Falco's "Rock Me Amadeus", Whitney Hous- ton's "Greatest Love ofAll", "On My Own" by Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald, and Huey Louis' "Stuck With You" all securred the ffl spot on charts across the country for three week terms. Last year modern inspira- tional music progressed by leapes and bounds. The number one inspira- tional album noted for 1986 was Amy Cirant's Unguarded. Nineteen Eighty-six marked a new trend in music as listeners all over the U.S. became caught up in the movie craze. Statistics show that more and more of the top hits on the charts came off of the soundtracks of hit movies. The number one sound track of the year, Top Gun, wasjust such one. Pulling in millions of viewers, this box office smash remains to be the movie that most teenagers rate their favorite. Other success stories were The Color Purple and Steven SpeiIberg's Stand By Me. Once again, television remains to be this nation's preferred form of entertainment. Faithful prime time viewers tune in weekly to peek in on the lives of their favorite families. This year, America's favorite T.V. family was T.V.'s beloved Huxtable family from W1 Cosby Show. 1986 was a good year - a year to remember. 41. , I..-.....-. . . 1 - .. su... an "':"'f' ' ,N .M Ei - -' Above - Making headlines last fall was the royal wedding of Princess Fergie tSarah Fergusenl and Prince Andrew. Below - Every Thursday, viewers nationwide tuned in to watch their favorite T.V. family tackle the humorous problems of their everyday life in The Cosby Show. David Lee Roth Above Left- Rob Lowe, Above Right- Tom Cruise, Above- Genesis 1 l A A V A A The Monkees Molly Ringwald If World And EZntertainmentf247 THE SPIRIT 4 ff' A! , 5 9 ,my- gsxfii 1 L Z5',Q,I 5,4 TW ' ,V -1 :.-3 1 'gr f f """'- ln., 1 ' 7 T A - -..-..L,- M44 4 4 V vLW i,,','Ij! S5',g'ig',, it A - I K KJ., in 248fCIOSi AS BEEN CAUGHT! Q M25 f Mfofii. wa ,' Lj6w5d'2J4 L4 WWW? Wifi Q 0 QQ, gfwrc K -H? 00, if 2 wQ.fMm6 5? U5W Afwf fi My 6L?4'0. 17 ' ffw' fzfmkvf of LU Jflgzfi Z5 CMM! -Z7 A65 QTEK! Aidfllf 7645-I ,' c0f0'U j fLQ'Z7'0 MM' A fmkcwfwfimf- S cfwfvffw I O9 gf 3,7 fo f if if GMM C! ' Z' f, ff LdU 5!fCd'JC63 IYMGCHEQ. i ' VQfQJJLoU1.JdLwmiJywLQ0iXObd'Mb'bMliUlJ wuwQwwwakiJwdWm mmf 035 W,qg Qzinrxwcl ' , di JM Q wt LX HW Uawwwwjjfw wwf I ' A V Q 5wLQQ -Q l :JN wg-X-aft , .,: 3 . . '1-V' , .Q ' 7 ,- if-,I A x - ,II CIR? ..., ,lr ,I:,-I ' " I. F Us cg-I x X. WI I IIIII If IJSII I e. . ISI ,,, xp I ,Lf I rv! 5 ,EI 1 . . .'-ef - 'A' x if-' . . , fa- N ff" i Q QI - . ,- WQ,.Q sf' ri f-7. C ' ' y NRL-' X y ' ,fx - x sf ...Q-f' , . ' K'-' Wg Q k x, " xxggfs. Q if" Wy- V 'I oh J IIIIII. ,Ji-,C OIIIII I. ,J AZICUI Ir I I I K X . QI .. T4 , iff? Q oi 'W 31 we if Q 5 I I,-,wff wi, 1: I , ct :A Q nc, I If yr- - 's " " 5 ,KJ , ,,. C' .-.3 i ,ff Q27 S c-I ' xi I -. L. ,mf 2 1- ,I,.,,,I is rky fx: ie Q sg: 'S t 'CT' ' l II IpI QI six- ijO".ff""I I vxtixy' , CQ CE DZ I II,,Il3?L'i-- . ' X IJQO' II.- J r XHQQ ' MJ af J ty C it t ki ,, ' f XY M es, T7 KTM" 1 1''kJ "" ,f Tr U' ff Ji, . - :I v' ,,. IIIAIIQ!Qf 0 2 x es X G , , C, ffl.-.J - Q it --C Q as f-Q -K. :fr 'A ,vt i'uQ ' CQ-.1 i IIIIIL .j ff' I II ' 1 'VM' ' SJ ' ' I XI I,,X.,I,. . I I, C17 i l l l X- ' . N ' I f , W , . , f , l 1. 3,1 'fl 1' .IW 'iff I .' X Copy gx' I I -T w ' Patricia Figueroa, Copy Editor ifI,i II, . I I ,l L ' ' I I I Christina lslas I Ir' I:jf"" I v I Dawn Valery, Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Kohi ,N I A .Ii , .M 1., Susan Block-Trew, Adviser Heidi Morris V 'X xo, -1 f " ' : . . KN I ,V,1 I 1 ' I ' 4 I Missy Rlcef fy I, If A 4421 IIC III jI.'!fIILII. r ' . 4 fyfrff' , W A3I'Tf:" 'I X ' 4 f 1- " 1.' .' --'w'l'." .,. 1 . l l ul 4 V - '- , X Kffff ' 'if - '37 fl, Xu ig l, 4 ft' J V f if jf-FIM ca- ZJ 5 N 7 - Y ff." pi' . " i .i ,f 5 -,.fF.'Z7i 'f " I I.-fy i J i- A , , t " . 1 ' f fi' ' C . I1 I ,IfIrf,l , I l ' x I ' I Layout Photography , i yr I 1 Lori Kohlhase, Layout Editor Brian Kidney, Photo Editor X I A " ' Julie Bedard Rh d C ' ' Q1 I, Julie Bond Mig1naeT Dggglrlzs ,I I EI , X Laura Howard David Erbacher ' i II I I Jodi lmgarten Kathy Gibson 1' ' fx' 'x 7 Nikki Peters Heather Reutter ,AQ if ' - - I Kr ' A f x ' is A ,V -X XY ., x, U5 . ' in C-fi A Uv ' L,f"' X , f I, I, r oi' LQD IM" Y f ' , D ' 'QL-NI ' KI X ff i l II ,Il if-I gm i - X I Scheduling X-7 if 'J 9 ' Q, i I, 5 J' Tina Miller, Scheduling Editor ' I A' I R -,f xr' ri i I " Tishanna Roberts . - J 'V K I1 li il' I X f f If ' ' 7 - ' I . O" " r. , . , I .I I I -, I' ',IuIl'? Q-fkj X J Vi: ' , ' ' , P I il z P ,iffy x V - ' 'll-,will "H" ' I I II I 7 1 I fi li'.II I I "1 l I ' ' l i-1' xi 3 X' II i ill. V D , I s I- .1 . I 'P iIII i - , -' - , l 1 ' 1 - 1 rail A' V 1 I I . ' i I Q- Q! D M! A damn! add Wm! MW WM , ,J fjfdyhwggf oi my 407370 4914, AUC g 0 A3046 C1 251401 ,WQQJ ff flwfl LU' W1 6046 ' 62004 00076175 gpg digg, Wu? dilfafaiaewwwl amd ,agzgf 'wc ,amd b JU5W Ag fi ,Zami gf WMM? 505 MQ WMM! gafca WW Q ' l . .rfffiw 05 may fm, W5 , - - V0 M0100 Wu , . . WMM , 7011! gain Bl " 'UNCH' gmg be WM 05 wuz, W W 'f WM gm 601 ' ' ' ' "' kiwi? .AJ 'Awww' Q 1 Jazyfkznwlwlf 2 ff M ' 6654? L MM Mimi ' cfjwmf "' ' ' Jaw www UU' " J A537626 0Ww 'Qf4QMf LLDLQ 9667! 911 . 2 fill! 4 06 ,MM T. , lb A223 W0

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