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OP EGJBCU ' PBBL UJ.BGjBIjj ' iJ " 6 jp Ut -K IUc ' " n- ' fit H r " -u - H ci C - 1 s r » ■ ■ Q fi f a.ub • ' . Oatv- AsfcJiy vkv.j f]h jWi ' ■w c ( ' li- ,1 r ' ■; V -- ,€ ' -K - VA L J ' ' i " % o t A , y- ' ■ ■ f ' lruJiAD I hope kJqO j [luMjii m -S ' 7 : ' . ' V . ' ;5a ?v ' ' Moon Valley. High SdhodI ' ] .3 W;Cactus Rhbenix, Arizona 85029 y ss .ivioon Valley High School Superintendent:, Gerald E. George Ed. D. Principal: David A. Santellanes Assiitont Principal: Melba Vallas s Assistant Principal: Sieger KwlatkowskI i ean of stj Assis Girrt ' D |. . J COUNTDOWN STAFF ' 86 ' Editor: Rick-Alan Kerr Asst. Editor: Ccttiy Price Sports Editor: Heattier Reutter Down Vaiery Sctieduling Editor: Lori KohiltiGse Pliotograptiers: Kevin D. Wright Lisa Leigti Brian Kidney Staff: Susie Donaldson Teddie McKnlgtit Nikki Peters Kari Thieike Kevin G. Wrigtit Ben Raffle Advisor: Lorretta Davis Table of Contents 3 Opening M ar-vel-ous (mar vel es) adj. 1 . causing astonishment and or wonder 2. miraculous; incredible. 3. (informal) very good; excellent; admirable. 4. Moon Valley High School, also Mar ' vel lous; Mar ' vel ous ly, adv; Mar ' vel ous ness, n. Moon Valley IS marvelous, in more ways than one way, Acedemi- cally, athletically, and individually, the pride that we share as Rockets is outstanding. The only words we can find to describe Moon Valley are those of the immortal Fernando: " Moon Valley, you look Mahvelous " . . . Moon Valley You ARE Mah- velous! nds Ea aiKIWlKI Eiv ' ilJl ,: " IiraEISzaoTiTs ;ir t-las Friends gather for a quick game of Ha Opening hg lunch before returning to class. L There are many styles of dress this year. From casual to MODern. Greg Bradford, Gina Burdette, Mike Romero, Carrie Brown, and Michi Conde show off some of the newest trends. With the new addition of the skate team at Moon Valley, many students decided that the skater apparel was for them: A skate shirt. Quicksil- ver shorts, and a pair of High Tops. Very Intense . . . John Welch, Mike Hudson, and Pat Reed. Can Denning 8 Fashion Opening aring the newest craze in pants. Breaking is still a popular trend stiown here by Jason Wamble and Jeff Davis. No matter whiat new trends appear, ttiere is always that special group of ca- sual dressers, thiis year was no excep- tion. Fashion 9 Opening FOOTBALL FEVER Every Friday at Moon Valley High School is a time for our spirit to shine. Everyone l nows that later that night our school will challenge another team in a varsity football gome. All throughout campus you see football jerseys or our school colors being worn by spirited students. Thanks to our Spiritline, Flagline and Band, our football games are something to be proud of. Our football players represent our school to triumph, not only in their actual field playing, but in their great sportsmanship. One thing shouldn ' t go unnoticed. All of us, in some way have been touched by . . . FOOTBALL FEVER. M A R V E L O U S Above — This represents one of the many spirit boosters made by members of the Spiritline for a game against the Mesa Jackrabbits. Top Right — The JV Spiritline displays this banner at the first pep assembly of the year. BIG WRECKING 10 Football Fever Opening LUE :rew Top picture — The 85-86 Flagline poses for a candid during a football game Above — Coach Putman confers with quarterback Alan Brown and defensive back John Curry during the game against the Thunder- bird Chiefs Football Fever 11 Opening Band and Flagline: The Moon Valley Rocket Marching Band has performed at the varsity football games for pre-enter- tainment and during half time for the away games. The Band and flag will help with the entertain- ment for open house this fall. The directors really helped with their effort and determi- nation. FLAG LINE FRONT r?OW: Patricia Figuroo, Stacy Robinson, Mario Gioia, Toni Lowry, Lacy Allard, BACK ROW Tammy Spina, Pam Murry, li- lene Mark, Mary Betin Terrionoi, Christy Harbin- son, Comi Throckmorton. Front Row: Ana Gioia, Donna Painter, Linda Marks, Brian Triggs, Al Timme, Drew Schuike, Joel Barnett, Bryan Pesaitic, Kevin Segal, Sean Dibbern, Keri Bearden, Luke Jackson, Robert McManamy, Khris Dodge, Annette Tallabas. Mike Adamson, Jennifer Adams, Jennifer Conde, Lisa Carras, Suanne Shultz, Kerry Quinn, Carrie Majors. Middle Row: Brad Micheals, Elisa Mancini, Monique Gonzales, Kim Crowley, Hollie Johnson, Valerie Thon, Michelle Snyder, Donna Sopiak, Michelle Walsh, Eric Johnson, Burton Giddens, Aaron Henderson, Brian Basham, Charles McCarter, Lisa Hitaffer, Debra Nicastle, Melinda Switzer, Dawn Plank, Chris Catalano, Pam Olson, Cindy Triggs, Chris Seyk, Karen Deise, Beth Finkbeiner, Sandra Brookes, Kelli Johnston, Lauri Smith, Back 12 Band — Flaglin© Opening .-, Mahvelous!! .-. ' .Uu , ' .s : ' Q. Mark George, Ch;,o K crij: ' , ' , ori B. ' v_ .ve:, ' v ' luiliii ' . ' icLiriarit:,, jornfie i_ jfize[, Iv ' urMs wnsri ' i. MoriO jOiairiaicao, r art Gardner. Bryon Midkiff, Scott Thomas, James Barrett, Jim Sidabras, Diane Hartmon, Susan Ferber, Scott Ochsner, Jotin otemer, Kasia Duellman, Josef NIctiols, Betti McElhony, Suzan Campbell. Not Pictured: Julie Amick, Karen Bradford, Viginia Farrell, Rfionda Freed, Ramsey Gonzales, Ctinstina Horbison, Toni Lowry, Jeff Midkiff, Stacey Patterson, Carol Plambeck. Dana Reznik, Michielle Sidabras, Anita Styles. The band shows its spirit as they get ready to perform at open house. Band — Flagline 13 Opening Moon Valley Spirit You Look IVIahvelous Mary Brady Lynne Hallford Stephanie Higgins Shareece Johnston Michelle Myers Pam Nicastle Emily Pfetterkorn Wendy Quijada Shanan Johnson Karyn Paine Katrina Schassler Wendy Warren 14 Spiritline Opening Front Row Kelli Volz. Missy Bridgeman, Laura Nelson, Christina Monroe. Back Row: Laura Howard. Kara Koon. Above: Steptianie Myers; Mascot. Spiritline 15 Opening Wo7 kji2_7a_ , Sh y COS) 1 4- we.»y-cl -4-d!o, C aJ? l ' ' .. ' : ' (? ... „- J-, J3 ' ■ ' - ' - ' f— r f G.U.H.S.D. GOVERNING BOARD Bill Stout GUHSD Board President Dr. Craig Trueblood GUHSD Board Clerk Jackie Carter GUHSD Board Member Anne Schuiz GUHSD Board Member Richard St apley GUHSD Board Member The five members of the Governing Board are elected by the community and legally charged with the responsibility of setting goals and establishing policies v hich will govern the operation of the district. The superintendent and his staff, hired by the Governing Board, are responsible for op- erating the schools according to Governing Board policy. Gerald E. George, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools 18 Goveming Board 1985-86 MOON VALLEY ADMINISTRATION Dr. David Santellanes Principal Mr. Sieger Kwiatkowski Assistant Principal Mr. Dewey Williams Dean of Students Mrs. Jennifer Jotinson Assistant Dean Mrs. Melba Vallas Assistant Principal On behalf of the faculty and ad- nninistration, I would like to acknowl- edge your contributions to Moon Valley High School during the 1985- yc- 86 school year. Your academic and co-curricular accomplishments have added to Moon Valley ' s rich tradition of excellence. To the Class of 1986, we offer best wishes for successful and enjoyable post-secondary experiences. As sft alumni of Moon Valley High School, » tf)u can reflect with fond memories (a " ' ' 3i the years you spent with us. May ■Tytne best of your past be the worst of your future. Good luck! • As members of the classes of 1987, 1988, and 1989. you still have numer- ous opportunities to make addition- al contributions to Moon Valley. Take advantage of these opportu- nities. Your involvement will enrich your high school experiences. To all members of the Moon Valley family, I extend my sincere appre- ciation for making the 1985-86 school year so successful. Sincerely, Dr. David A. Santellanes Principal Administrafion 19 1985-1986 Sam Abbate Alvis Albright Janice Anderson Lori Andrews Donald Back Kathy Barnard Allen Bauer Maint, Eng. Latin Aft, Sec. Spanisli Math Phys, Ed, Math Gale Beuchamp Business Ed Barbara Bell Instr, Specialist Mark Belles Linda Benson William Berech Susan Block-Trev Reading Sci. P,E, Safety Ed Eng. Gretchen Buchanan Eng. Denise Burnes Charlotte Caldwell Norma Carson Fred Carrick Ward Ceyler Donald Coldiron Joyce Coover Phys, Voc, Music Cat, Maint, S. Studies Ind. Arts Media Center Mi Jordan Crowson Charles Crumnne Brenda Davis Sci, Comm, Program Bio, Lorretta Davis Allied Art Pub, Gail DeCross Mant, Jane DeMente Kenneth Doemeit Sec. Maint Michael Feller Cheryl Fenske S Studies Attend Beverly Furguson Pamela Furguson LaVon Fischer Tony Fischer S Studies Home Ec Business Ed S. Studies Sondro Fish Counc Rhonda Fowler George Frey Mcint. Counc Robert Fulton Plant For, Ernesto Garcia Spanish Mary Pat Garry Business Ed James Ginn Ind Arts Francia Goltz Eng. Jean Hall Cat Melven Harms Alg P E Janet Harris Maint, Ned Hatton Sci. Jean Hayes S Studies r-orri Hoch Media Center Larron Horton Counc Larry Hudson Math Shirly Hudson Sci. Richard Hummell SCL Elaine Hunt P.E. Math .m ii Ronald Goetz Eng i ' l: Susan Hertneky Math Prog Mg.v -„; r,.;cjn Moth Milt Jacobs Special Ed, Nancy Jokes Sec. Marie Kerwin Theater Pam Kieffer Sec, Couns, Nancy James Psych, Judith Johnson Cof. Amy Hill-Jones Bookstore Man Kent Joseph Gerald Kemper Safety Ed, S, Studies Lee Kinter Bonnie Knecht Harriet Leeke Henrietta Leon Geri Levondowski Special Ed, Sci. Couns. Instr, Aide Recpt, Patricia Lewis Spanish Richard Lewis App, of Arts Eng, Margaret Lipscomb Eng, Jesus Llanez Gust, Stanley Luketich Special Ed, Mary Lou Luvisa Hearing Spec, Kathy MacMorran Allied Arts Marilyn Monlove Charles Mattern Bonnie McAnerny Russell McAnerny Alice McCarthy Julie McCarthy Sci, Instr Music Eng, Math S. Studies Theater LaVerne Meissner Oaf. ■ Pat Mclean Math Jon Miller Couns, Linda Miller Cat Joe Miranda Maint Irene Montonegro Gary Moore Caf Ptiys, Ed. Robert Morris Indst Arts Jane Motz Home Ec. Diane Newton Couns, Patricia Pabst Eng. Judy Paul Att, See, Earl Putman Indst, Arts Mildred Reed Frenchi Merrily Rhiel Read Peer Tutor Lydia Rioss Cat, i i ffm Philip Perkins Sally Pisciotta Mary Jane Propst Allied Arts Special Ed. Career Cntr Asst. Susan Ritter Mark Roberts Charon Robinson Eng, Phys. Ed, Indst, Arts Eng, LeRoy Sample Linda Sandrin Gregg Sawyer Susan Scbubert Jean Sgouros Carolyn Sheley Eula Sisemore S Studies Sci S Studies Eng. German Caf. Eng. Maint, Arthur Smith Allied Arts Biyori Gmith Sci Russell Smith Maint. LCDR Tom Smith Instr. William Smith Math Terry Spicer Custodian Billie Stanley Eng. Dayno Staples Ronald Steinberg Scott Sutherland Arthur Targgort Phys. Ed. Cust. Sci. August Vogt Business Ed. Lucille Westfall Business Ed. Darlene Thomas Jacqueline Tilotson Sci, Home Ec. Jane Volkmann Business Ed. Pam Walker Nurse William Walsh Eng. Stephanie Webster Phys. Ed. Sean Welch Eng. Ldrs. A k. Joseph Westling Jacquelyn Whalley Rena Wheeler Eng. Eng. S. Studies VondaL. Whittaker Asst Coy Wiley S. Studies Bernard Verhoeven Math Sci. Geroldine Weils Sci, laa Wiley Cred. Sec. 24 Faculty and Staff 1985-86 Dean Winslow S. Studies Barbara Wood Eng. Evelyn Wright Baker Georgia Wyatt Business Ed. FACULTY and STAFF NOT PICTURED Rebecca Abell Kattiy Adams Jotin Blair Shierry Bradstiaw Voronica Carlson Edward Davis Cecilia Garlick Mary Pat Garry Jill Green Deborah Hoff Carole Hogg Kevin Kearney Rosemary Lynch Rhonda Marcus Sharon McDonnell Gail McLaughlin Elizabeth McSally Betty Pivirotta Betty Porter Rose Pucillo Caroline Purser Lorraine Rau Ben Ramirez Tom Richardson Robert Ronk Margaret Rosarno Manuel Samora Laura Segal Nancy Tantita Mary Thompson Gail Vasquez Doris Walp Larry Walter Irene Wardyga Mary Lynn Welch The administration, faculty, staff, stu- dents, and entire Moon Valley High School community express their grati- tude to Mr. Williams and Mr, Fulton for 21 years of service to our school. Their contributions have helped establish a rich tradition of excellence of Moon Valley Best wishes on your retirement! Faculty and Staff 25 1985-86 JoXjl d uL " hCv 26 Organizations 1986 Hup en. hwJk I dli-2532. c f6ISe I J ' fiJJ _ (jiiij ddj 1 ■■ ■ I I 1 National Honor Societyts an honorary club whose nnembership is restricted to those students who demonstrate continued excellence in the areas of scholarship, leader- ship, service, and character. NHS brings together students fronn all areas of the student body, who have given both curricularly and extracurricularly to the school. During the year NHS serves the school and students by working at school functions and tutoring willing students. NHS: Front row — Chris Coughlin Second row — Amanda Landers, Amy Morris, Karen Brookes, Greg Ulses, Jim Gibson, Frank Hoover, Victor Howard, Mohammed Malley Back row — Tandy Boon, Laraine Herring, Shannon Yak, Kim Spucces, Ross Potter, Tarl Kudrick, Paula Turghatto, Cory Oftedall NHS: Front row — Kyle Fernandez, Devron Hanks Second row — David Darmofal, Steve Ong, Don Cuppy, Vince Kwok, Donna Voss, Yvonne Trochler, Kathleen Creon. Stephanie Heyer, Theresa Holman, David Fierabend, Alan Brown Bock row — Jason Setterberg, Eric Austin, Robbi Swain, Kim Contryman, Kelly Shcolnik, Teresa Herber, Susan Tocko, Amy Abdai, Jackie Meyer, Linda Druyor 28 NHS Organizations asm D.E.C.A. is a program which gives students an opportunity to be involved in the business world while plonning tor a successful future The students have participated in a Fall. Western Regional, and State DECA Conference They have also been involved in a program entitled Toastmosters This program improves the students ' speaking skills which will help them in the future. The students have been involved in many community and social activities as well, A few of these are raising food and money for St. Mary ' s food bank and a needy family over Thanksgiving and Christmas. Students donate time to the Tumbleweed PTA to help build a haunted house. Stu- dents are selected for the class on the basis of their occupational career goals. ' ■ MJkM ' DECA: Front row — Michelle Conde, Jody Vance, Monica Nguyen, Pam Robinson, Karl Storck Back row — Ron Wilcox, Kelly Schantz, Deanna Robinson, Scott Bryan DECA Front row — Shannon Shirley. Tina Rose. Jennifer Swarthout. Kim Cornelius, Bill Wrightsmond, Sheri Viglotte Back row — Cheri Coveriy, Meliso Hornby, Kia Johnson, Lori Luke, Joe Barresi, Monso Holland, Scott Bartholomew, Scott Sherck DECA 29 Organizations HERO H.E.R.O. — Home Economics Related Occupations is for seniors with vocational interests in food service, child care, special education, medicine, dentistry, clothing, and fashion. H.E.R.O. students get job experience while in class and on the job. Students learn many job related skills, such as employer employee relationships, communication, professional dress, behavior, and much much more. H.E.R.O. students are active in the community as well as in class and on the job. Governor Babbitt has selected Pom Ferguson as the only teacher representative to serve on a vocational committee for the state of Arizona, Congratulations PamI Front row — Jill Ruggles, Jenny Sounders, Michelle Van Heusen, John Welch, Lisa Forney, Pam Ferguson, Gino Menze Back row — Tom Hungerford, Charlene Null, James Dilgard, Connie Paylor, Steve Schmell, Tim Folvarsky Not pictured — Jennifer Rogers Front row — Barb Peel, Anne Pederson, Maria Badendick, Julie Jepson Back row — Christine Allen, Roger Irvin, Mario Birsa. Shannon Hughes, Mike Kint --r 1 30 H.E.R.O. Organizations H.E.R.O. 31 Organizations THESPIANS AND FORUM SPEECH TEAM: Front row — Miss Margaret Lipscomb, Coach sponsor, Tracy Ea- cock, Jeff Abrahiam, Tomara Buskirl , Steve Balthazor, Mr. Joe Westling, Coach sponsor. Bock row — Wayne Jones. Tracey Fetter, Dawne Hoffman, Greg Berg, Kathryn Pollack, Jeff Middleswart, Not Pictured: Jason Piske, Right: Two Construction Crew members put together the win- dow flats for the set of the " Curious Savage " . Below right Cathleen MacDonald gets into her character. Fairy Mae, by coloring before curtain during " Savage " , Below: Lisa Baker wears a rabbit on her lapel to ward off any misfortune which came to be known as " Aunt Bunny " in the theatre this year. No, this is not a scene from " La Cage Aux Folles. " A reluctant advanced theatre was cajoled into do- ing oral reports on musicals in anticipation for the spring musical " Damn Yankees. " The unexpected teacher told the class to be creative. The results were, well, interesting. Greg Wolf and Pat Reed took some womens clothes, combat boots, a musical written some twenty years ago, and some classic music, stirred vigorously, and poured out their oral report on the Rock opera " Tommy " in the form of two old ladies reviewing it on Masterpiece Theater. But don ' t change that dial yet, next week they ' re doing The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Just for kicks. ,M THESPIANS from left to right Bock row — Paul Nettle. Greg Wolfe, Al Temme, Linda Roliand, Kim Spucces, Jill Vandermeulen, Tonya Sherck, Debbie Cutter, Greg Cateilier, Patrick Reed, Julie Anderson, Second row — Ju- lie McCarthy, sponsor, Mike McManamy. Lisa Baker, Leigh Sandera. Francis Heaney, Traci Nikolaus, Craig Be- langer, Greg Ulses, Franklin Hoover, Mane T Kerwin, sponsor. Front Row — Kevin Cleere. Treasurer, Jill Ander- son, Vice-President, Amy Morris, Secretary, Loroine Herring, President. 33 BOYS AND GIRLS STATE Boys and Girls State educates students in the operation ot city and procedures ot low. Students are selected by ctiorocter, leadership, attitude, and involvement in school, church, and community service. At Boys and Girls State, cities ore established, officials are elected, and laws are made and enforced. Classes on low and educational assemblies are also attended, ranging from careers to party unity. Not pictured — Mike Shobkie Jackie Yee Dan Peterson Kim Spucees Katlileen Crean ' •J ' 4 ' ' It, T 4 •ft ■ft 1 , •• v -; ' ■ J ■ m 4 ' « mfm 34 Boys and Girls State Organization MVAA Row 1 — Robbie Rundall. Greg Berg. Suzan Terhorst, Jeff Abraham Row 2 — David Fierabend. Charlie Brooks, Michelle McKenna, Kyle Fernandez, Kris Fenton, Dawn Schultz, Rob Downing These ladies and gentlemen were responsible for the success of the Homecoming Dance Any varsity letter athlete is eligible to be a member of MVAA MVAA 35 Organizations MESSENGER: Front Row — Doug Malaney, Andy Fenicle, Dan Duckro, Second Row — Kim Mottson, Emily Kleeschulte, Tomi DePriest, Mary Gonzoies, Kristi Von Aspen, Back Row — Scott Thomas, Scott Shank, Ed Zmarzly, Bili Minor, Paul Rim vnn f 1 •f«f-lnrf- ' }3 MESSENGER 3-4: Front Row — Grace Kim, Tami Latimer, Freddy Fiores, Aiissa Smith, Traci Johnson, Back Row — Jill Green (Advisor), Cindy Sorenson, Richard Black, Dave Darmo- fal, Dan Duckro, Suzanne Warner. 36 Messenger Staff Organizations The Messenger The Messenger is published monthly by the Advanced Journalism class at Moon Valley. Typicol stories included coverage of the jayvi alking problems, student views on Libya and the communication between the district, faculty and students Student views on record ratings, stress and " cart teachers " were expressed in columns The paper was also responsible for feature articles, news series, sports coverage, and editorial com- mentary. Jill Green was the faculty sponsor who directed the learning experience of the student journalists. MESSENGER EDITORIAL STAFF The Editor-in-Chief is Suzanne Warner. News Editor is Traci Johnson. Feature Editor is Grace Kim. Sports Editor is Freddy Flores. Photo Editor is Vince Hall. Copy Editor is Alissa Smith; Advertising Manager is Doug Moloney and the Circulation Manager is Tomi Lati- ♦ The Messenger Staff hard at work. Messenger Staff 37 Organizations CHAIN-GANG AND SIDEKICKS The Chain-Gang was formed to support the Football program at Moon Valley High School, The girls also chain all home foot- ball games. Chain-Gang — Front row: Julie Frazier, Lori Kohlhase, President Amy Abdai, Mr. Hudson, .jjhfc. Vice-President Jill Vandermulen, Secretary Monique Nguyen, Anita Swoke. Bacl row: Mr, — Coldiron, Tausha Stapley, Candie Balla, Michelle Orzechowski, Lisa Tank, Mr. Ginn. SIDE KICKS FRONT ROW: Diane Schnill, Brandi Henges, Trancie Young, Kelly Kritkausky, Rhonda Evans BACK ROW: Mrs. Wood (Sponsor), Brenda Williams, Tausha Stapley, Julie Frazier, Dawn Sebo, Tonya Sherck. The Sidekicks is one of the new clubs this year at Moon Valley. Our main purpose is to support our soccer team. We have money to support the team by having car washes, sell- ing pennants, and selling concessions at the games. We hove been very successful so far this year and we hope to be around for many more years to come. 38 Chain-Gang Sidekicks Organizations J STREAKERS AND SKINNYDIPPERS STREAKERS: Front Row — Shannon Emme, Lana Kwok, Denise Bray, Kim Otiowski, Amy Abdai, Kathy Rigby, Kindra Porter Back Row — Gloria Zuintana. Gaylynn Trapp. Becky Painter, Jennifer Johnsey. Marcela Quintance. Elisa Hoffman, Lisa Hitaffer. The Streakers are the support group for the Cross Country teams. Through a successful dance and sale, money is raised to provide uniforms, awards, and social activities for the teams and the club members. Skinnydippers is a support group for the Swim Dive team. We help score and time at home swin meets We also have a bagel sale to raise funds for the awards banquet at the end of the season SKINNYDIPPERS: Front Row — Mrs Lawrence. Kathleen Crean, Kasia Duellman Middle Row — Nadine Hays, Jennifer Conde, Denise Bray Back Row — Kim Lucero. Kim Otiowski, Lori Kohlhase Streakers and Skinnydippers 39 Organizations HOOPSTERS FROSH — Front Row: Rachael Slatcher, Marlene Blair Back Row: Kris Holman, Sabrina Locke, Kim Lucero, Cindy Balcom, Julie Richison, Jenni Conde Hoopsters have enjoyed a very busy season. We have had several successful fundraisers, including our Santa Sur- prise sale and a Spirit Clothes sale. Other events sponsored by Hoopsters this year include the Spirit Dance in January and the half-time shooting contests at home basketball games. We work hard all season to promote school spirit, to increase game attendance and to raise money to send our players to summer basketball camp. SOPHOMORES — Front Row: Jodie Godsil, Carlo Washington, Lori Kohlhase, Adrienne Seba Bock Row: Pam Walker, Kay Vargas, Melanie Hobbs, Roni Wolfe, Nicole Gross, Tracy Bennett JUNIORS and SENIORS — Front Row: Debbie McElwain, Stephanie Heyer, Kathleen Crean, Sheri Raver, Rene Houses Bock Row: Amy Garrett, Valendo Kriester, Debbie Coley, Alissa Smith, Candy Appleby, Ann Ludwig, Samara Ferber, Tracy Fetter PIN-PALS Pin-pals is the organization dedicated to supporting the wrestling team. The girls score, run the time clock and score- board, and work the concession at all the home matches to cheer on and support the team. Fund raising is carried on to supplement needs of the wrestling teams not covered through regular funding. Social activities such as banquets, picnics, and on annual Christmas party are enjoyed by both the girls and the wrestlers. SLUGGERAIDES Sluggeroides is a support group for the baseball team The girls ore very helpful in keeping the scoreboard during games, compiling statistics, and taking care of equipment They also are very active in fund raisers, working the annual baseball dance, and promoting school spirit. fc A m w V ' " KT m l 1 M. %rf ;4 SUN l M 11 m!P k WTi wvmm PIN-PALS — Front row Beverlie Hall, Meynda Farrell. Traci Hansom, Lisa Walker. Tracy Scheiber, Kristin Higgins, Delon Washo, Mrs Tillotson (Sponsor) Back row Jill Humphreys, Tammy Spina, Anita Szoke, Krissy Wellborn, Julie Gerhart, Tina Corey, Shannon Enders, tSi Bi A B f B B i k k k ... ,itM,MM ' a .K PIN-PALS — Front row: Ray Clark (Sponsor), Peggy Zimmer. Carlo Marango (Secretary), Patricia Beae (President), Stephanie Stroud, Christy Cavale. Cossie Dingermas. Karen Hobbs Bock row Angela Faciono, Natalie Davila, Patty Dubask, Tina Miller, Tami Castro, Kristin Skogen. Linda Druyor (Treasurer), Michelle Buffington, Not Pictured Shannon Zak. (Vice President), Nicole Abbit (Sargent at Large). Kris Fenton, Traci Aubuchon, Laura Brichman, Laura Payne. SLUGGERAIDES — Front row Becky Brackms, Debbie Napier, Julie Frazier. Andrea Carlson, Back row; Karon Hobbs, Shonnon Kenens, Ruby Derryberry, Carlo Marano. Mrs Carlson. Intermediate Dance — Front Row: Ed Mendez, Traci Hanson, Amy Coarrett, Debbie Coley, Row Two: Wendy Hunt, Candy Lucas, Angie Anderson, Robbie Rundall, Lori Plass. Back Row: Lisa Holt, Cindy Hakalmazion, Kelly Volz, Brenda Hall. Intermediate Dance — Front Row: Pam Nicastle, Lynne Haltord, Wendy Warren, Clau- dine Dimitriou. Tammy Pedigo, Stephanie Higgins, Debbie Cutter, Back Row: Angela Fociano, Traci Aubuction, Mendy Farrell, Kim Cummings, Holly Woodruff, Diane Baker. Advanced Dancers — Front Row: Veronica DeLaCruz, Karen Forney, Layro Bear, Sonja Templeton, Natalie Davila. Row Two: Christie Mullendore, Shawn Demory, Tammy Cas- tro, Christine Brandeu, Michelle Hamilton, Geri Fortune, Holly Chappell. Back Row: Kelly Kritkowski, Susie McClure, Anita Styles, Tina Miller, Jennifer Cooper, Wendy Landers, Tina Corey, Kristin Higgins, Christy Valero. 42 Dance Organizations MODERN DANCE 44 Dance Organizations OFFICERS — Kathy Barnard (Sponsor), Yvonne Troehler (Treasurer), Debbie Messina (Sec- retary), Tammy Spina (President), Denise Burns (Sponsor). — — « Dance 45 Organizations " ' ,r 9iS( m%, DRILL TEAM: Row 1 — Paige Cote, Kim Phillips, Dena Magnin, Poraz Komron, Richard Smith Row 2 — Dolores Showver, Brandon Burgess, Ken Napier, Jason Dunfee, Josh Wright Row 3 _ Tony Ulses. Charles Pradelt, Wayne Zuvers, Jim Speer, Mike Kramer N.J.R.O.T.C. The N.J.R.O.T.C. program offers an opportunity for high school students to learn the basic elements and require- ments for notional security . The goals of the program are to develop informed and responsible citizens, strengthen the individuals character, help form habits of self-discipline, de- velop respect for an understanding of the need for consi- tuted authority in a democratic society, and develop on interest in the military service as a possible career. The club is composed of those students enrolled in Naval Science. The club sponsors an annual military ball, an awards ban- quet, and a farewell party honoring graduating seniors. The club also sponsors field trips to naval training facilities and ship board cruises. This year the club will also host a Disneyland trip, a golf tournament, a parent cadet rifle match, and numerous hoyrides. RIFLE TEAM: Row 1 — Todd Blue, Shawn Wagner-Huft, John Holdman, Robb Middleton, Mark Kahrl Row 2 — Debbie Boatman, Jodi Godsil, Phillip Kohri, Mike Fisher, Pat Kilcran, Matt Garden Row 3 — Jim Schraven, Dustin Ramsey, Scott Shank, Robert Chabak, Jeff Hintz, Dave Kahrl EXHIBITION DRILL TEAM: Row 1 — Dale Veillon, Tom Wong, Kelly Ledford, Mark Girmscheid Row 2 — Mike Burzynski, Tony Strait, Tony Linch, Charles Speer 46 R.O.T.C. Organizations R.O.T.C. 47 Organizations NAVY RESERVE OFFICER TRAINING CORPS COLOR GUARD: Brian Marshall, Jeanne Ledford, Carrie Guinn, Caron Boatman, Jason Piske ' 1 Wt 1 Hpj ■H iftM IB-i h l S S| ! VEi W ' JUK ttl mM 1 9 la RIFLE TEAM; Row 1 — Jim Diamond, Todd Blue Row 2 — Dale Veillon, Tom Wong, Brian Marshall PLATOON: Row 1 — Derek Tillman. Chad Bushon. Darren Mullins. Jody Helton, Joel Barnett Row 2 — Vonn Magnin, Mike Gardner, Robert McKeown, Jeft Johinson, Louis lannecone, Gary Icardi Row 3 — Jeff George, Steve Jeffery, Brad Johnson, Danny Basham Charles McCorter, Bill Jeffery 2nd PLATOON: Row 1 - John Brower, Brian Schroven, Mark Holloway Row 2 - Vonn Magnin, John Pietrzyk, Kirm Othowski, Wendy Arnold, Christine Stillwell Row 3 - Tim Baxter, Scott Dehsner, Chris Zapp, Rob Watts STAFF: Row 1 - Brian Marshall, Dale Veillon, Mark Rose, Pat Kilcran Row 2 - Jim Diamond Vonn Magnin. Dove Musik. Kelly Ledford. Lavonne Napier. Greg Ulses Row 3 - Mike Trunzo. Al Zuvers, Bill Minor, Tony Ulses, Rich Freeman, Andy Gray R.O.T.C. 49 Organizations VOCAL MUSIC Besides the obvious growth in musical skills as an individ- ual, choir membership helps students develop in poise, self- confidence, leadership, and responsibility. Students are given opportunities to perform solos and in small groups as well as in the choir, MVHS Choirs ore having a busy year of activities. There were three major concerts at the school. In addition we sang for such things as civic clubs, business banquets, re- tirement centers. State Department of education, open house (MVHS) Eighth grade Parent night. State Capitals Christmas series, and various music festivals. We also host- ed an exchange with Cholla Jr. High, GALAXY Front Row — Aaron Ramsay, Rosa Garcia, Reece Young, Dawn Plank, Matt Garden Second Row — Kathy Steury, Michael McManamy, Karen Brookes, Sheri Church, Stephanie Heyer Back Row — Brian Kidney, Derron Hanks, Jim Dugger PERFECT 10. Front Row — Kim Rink, Keri Bearden, Rebeca Painter Back Row — Tricia Burkland, Tonya Scherch. Fran Ledger, Mary Beth Rayes, Jennifer Johnrey, Jillynn Pratt 50 Choir Organizations CONCERT CHOIR Row 1 — Sheri Church, Dawn Plank. Justine Hammer, Jennifer Johnsey, Tricia Burkland, Kim Rink, Ken Bearden, Rosa Garcia, Kathy Steury, Debbie Cotton, Michi Conde Row 2 — Keren Brookes. Fran Ledger, Rebecca Painter. Melinda Rife. David Estrada. Matt Cardan. Jim Dugger. Reece Young. Tonya Scherck, Ann-Marie Horner. Helen Moon. Mary Beth Rayes Row 3 — Stephanie Heyer. Kathleen Martin. Barbara Bennett. Jeanine Lanzer. Kossie Jacka. Aaron Ramsay, Brian Kidney, Aundrea Thatcher. Cynthia Triggs, Amy Rudinski, Malinda Libby Row 4 — Lisa Howard Gainey, Michael McManamy, Greg Catellier, Michele Romanowski, Julie Blair. Roberta Briner, Amy Raver, Dina Trebitowski Not Pictured — Patrick Reed, Joe Tornombe, Devron Hanks. Jillyn Pratt. Dusty Hale SHOOTING STARS: Row 1 — Katherlne Roush, Tiffany Becker, Sia Holland Second Row — Elizabeth Brady, Erica Akerstom Third Row — Rikki Larson, Shaunna James, Pam Triggs, Randi Kathrins, Jeffery Wendt, Charity Hoffman Back Row — Lavonne Napier, Angel Astrone, Riki Bash, Dena Magnin, Karen Ashmore, Tiffany Kingman, Charlene Vadovich, Kim Fairbrother Not Pictured — Shad Fowler, Amy Gretemon, Patty Rubio, Cynthia Curtis, Dawn Cote, Jennifer Vansteinburg r VOCAL MUSIC. Ski 8c Skate Clubs T Ski Club members attending a meeting to tind out about the next ski trip SKATEBOARD CLUB Front Row — Mike Hudson, Pot Reed, Matt Lentz Back Row — Jerry Kemper, Matt Later, Brad Vincent, Greg Cattaller. Neal Bromini " Skateboard Club is tor rod serious skaters: Aire together. Ramp, Ollle, Street, Fakey, Fallout, and Bomb Drop together We are the kings of the Thrash at this school. " 54 Ski Skate Club Organizations Ski Skate Clubs 55 Organizations SPANISH CLUB r Front Row: Brenda Espinozo, Jim Field, William Mills, Donna Cochran, Mark Blizzard, Kyle Wilhelm, Luis ionnacone. Back Row: Vanessa Vargus, Glenn Hottmann, David Nixon, Roni Wolfe, Dawn Shultz, Robbie Rundall, SPANISH CLUB: Front Row: Pamella Triggs, Jamie Davidson, Bobbi Moore. Back Row: Senor Ramirez, Kim Farrar, Mictielle Thompson, Coleen Meissner, Senor Garcia. ' FRENCH CLUB Qai • «. The French Club promotes the language and culture of France. We have successfully held our annual T-shirt sale. This year the French Club brought the gustatory delight of Croissants to the M, V, campus for the first time. We also encourage participation in the National French Test and provide for prizes for both state and school v inners. Front Row Debbie Ncastle, Shannon Zak, Becky Feldman Second Row: President — Camille Throckmorton, Secretary — Heather Breen, Sponsor — Mrs Reed. Rene6 Xinos. Treasurer — Bonnie Nikodljevic. Faraaz Kamran. Vice President — Jim Speer Bock Row Jenny Johnsey. Lavonne Napier, Lana Kwok. Keliie Volz. Victor Howard, Wendy Warren, Laura Howard, Justine Eichele, Vincent Kwok, Susan Ferber Not Pictured Secretary — Lorl Throckmorton 57 HOE and KEY CLUB Linda Rolland counts ballots for Sweetheart Royalty. KEY CLUB — FRONT ROW: Linda Rolland, Christine McDonald. Kathleen McDonald. Melin- da Bean. Heidi Morris. Natalie Davila BACK ROW; Jodi Bottoms, Kim Ferrar, Gina Archer, Linda Smith, Kathy Weber, Kevin Dauphin KEY CLUB — FRONT ROW Jennifer Andrews, David Nixon, Ross Potter, Mike Trunzp, Kathleen Waltman, Christina Venrooy BACK ROW: Stacy Finkbeiner, Stacy Komie, Javier Gilmore, Shelly Garone, Tammy Laubmeier, Tammy Flores, Chris Cote V.A. MEDICAL CENTER 58 HOE Organizations HOE — Eric Micotti, Richard Miacco, Debie Priett, Jodi Hick, Carol Hagerty, Renee Mas ten, Lisa Collins, Kim Drummond, Jennifer Marx, Patty Dubasik, Kelley Andrews, Jef Qeunn, Jenni Little, Deborah Kuhajda, Not pictured, Liegh Pomorski. Key Out) orgoroes tne Sweetneort ckance and aso an amuGlbiood dnve Heatm Occupotiofts Educolkxi s n fs ' C year T w r -- 3 . es -1 3- r- ;c s-_oe---s a olmDse a ' ne - view StuJe oer week o- . . ..---_- - — , _ . ana soeodog 2 ' xxrs oef ee« n a -e rea ooss S u- oenfsnvs rr- — - ' — .-•---- ;- -t rrvs ' be -ii Key Club 59 Organizations MODEL U.N. MODEL U.N, Front row: Javier Gillmore, Chris Cote Middle row: Ken Reed, John Core, Mohammad Malley, Chris Jones, Dave Nexon, Vincent Kwok (treasurer), Judson Hum- phrey (Vice-president), Back row: Ray Guin, Scott Russell, Tamaro Buskirk, Emily Klee- chulte, Peggy Lin, Monique Nguyen, Kathleen Crean. Not Pictured — Zan Warner (President), Cassie McKeown, Priscilla Smith, Louis Core, Dave Musick, Dustin Ramsey, and Marcela Quintano. The Arizona Model United Nations is a group of students who enjoy learning about world affairs and being actively involved in understanding the role of the United Nation in our world today. The highlight of the year is the two-day state Model UN. conven- tion in Tucson. STUDENT GOVERNMENT STUDENT BODY OFFICERS — Front row: Tricia Shaw (Treasurer), Jacki Yee (Parliamen- tarian), Bryan Enders (Vice-President), Dan Peterson (President) Back row: Mike Trunzo (Justice), Ross Potter (Recording Secretary), Mr. Welch (Sponsor) 60 Model U.N. Government Organizations JUNIOR OFFICERS — Front row: Heather Mecham, Cassie Dingemans, Emily Kleeschulte. Cothleen MocDonold Back row Christine MacDonald. Xavier Peru. Kathryn Poilak, Moni- que Ngyen, Melinda Bean Governmenf 61 Organizations STUDENT GOVERNMENT AT WORK P Hx ■ " w U| il - ■ B JB I SOPHOMORE OFFICERS — Front row: Laura Payrie, Kim Stemmler, Deanna Hubbs, Melonie Hobbs, Tina Miller Back row; Mike Berggren, Russ Eddleman, Suzette Thul, Krissy Bignoli, Doug Seward, Liz Solan. FROSH OFFICERS — Front row: Sara Harris, Erin Sctiwartz, Heather Breen, Debbie Napier. 62 Government Organizations Government 63 Organizations fe--5 In the spotlight . . . To get away from the pressures of school, students often turn to e vening entertainment. One of the highlights in evenings of entertainment sponsored by the school this year was the annual homecoming talent show, sponsored by the M.V. student coun- cil. The success of the talent show was prompted by the large turnout to auditions. Acts accepted included the C.H.U.D.S., pictured above and below; the rock bands Saber, pictured to the side, and Alliance; and the Faculty Follies, put on by a few of the more, well . . . , courageous members of the M.V. staff. All in all, student council put together one MARVELOUS show. i ii ' S 64 Talent Show Organizations M.V staff members Miss Kerwin, right. l liss Benson and Miss McCarthy show off their talent, and. in Kerwin ' s case, legs in Faculty Follies. Left Jason McConnell heats it up with his band Saber. Drummer Bill Burson is pictured below with friends and roadies Mark Hoeing, Troy Gahring. and Ken Kis- sam. »;a- ■ ■V T ? yyt ■i» ' .-ri b ' jr .••; ' . m Talent Show 65 Organizations Jill Anderson sprays her hair sil- ver and blue in preparation for her role as Ethel P. Sav- age The courage to live one ' s live is an earned commodity that comes through sometimes painful experience. High school is a time to begin to earn that precious commodity. In that light, this year ' s spring production " The Curious Savage " is especially appropriate for High School because it deals with the earning and exercising of the right to live one ' s own life, free of the restrictions placed on individuals by society, Mrs, Savage ' s greedy children want to get the 10 million dollars her husband left her upon his death, Mrs, Savage, however, has quite different plans tor her money. She plans to set up a memorial fund to help the less fortunate. Her " crazy " idea gets her admitted to an insane asylum by her children who could not see past their loss as individuals to their gain as members of society, Mrs, Savage realizes that the only way for her to find peace within herself is for her to have the courage to realize her dreams, no matter how foolish those dreams seem to soci- ety. Because of people like Mrs, Savage — those not-so- great people with great ideas, those who refuse to relin- quish their right to put their ideas in motion because someone says " It ' s a bit too radical, " we have leaders. Because of those people we have dreams. Because of those people, we have love. At right: Make up crew head B,J, Ruch applies spirit gum to the latex cap covering Greg Catellier ' s head making him bald. Above Tracey Draper, Jill Vandermeulen, and Lisa Baker hove a meeting of the creative influence around piano on the set of the Curious Savage. Cast — Pictured at right Jill Anderson, seated; Rene6 Xinos. Greg Ulses and Francis Heaney. Pictured above, back row left to right Jill Gilbreth, Greg Catellier. Kim Spucess, Patrick Reed, Heather Mecham. Front Row; Cathleen MacDonald, Ryan Charbonneau, Traci Nikolaus, THE CURIOUS SAVAGE CREWS: Front Row — Dana Reznik, Kim Spucess, Renee Xinos, Miss McCarthy (Tech. Director), Miss Kerwin (Director). John Costa, Laraine Herring. Jill Vandermeulen. Diane Baker, Debbie Cutter, Heather Mecham, Second Row — Cathleen MacDonald, Michele Romanski, Linda Rolland, Jennifer Conde. Jennifer Adams. Michelle Mills. Tracey Draper, Rachel Frost, Wendy Macholz, Pam Konik, Sara Charbonneau. Third Row — BJ Ruch. Craig Hymson. Krissy Bignoli. Shelley Runyan. Shayla Rice. Amy Fencle. Randi Kathrins. Greg Catellier. Mark Blizzard. Amy Morris. Jodi Toraason, Kristen Eidsness. Fourth Row — Jim Schraven, Tonya Sherck. Loretta Fajordo. Tiffany Kingman. Tracey Butero. Mindy Van Riper. Traci Nikolaus. Linda Smith. Karen Silverthorne. Missy Rice. Karen Ashmore. Greg Ulses. Dina Trebowski. Denise Queen. Fifth Row — David Erbocker. Wayne Spence. Rick Russell. James Nettle. Jill Anderson. Craig Belanger. Franklin Hoover. Lisa Baker. Paul Nettle, Sixth Row — Bryan Paynich, OTony Ulses, Greg Wolf, Kevin Cleere, Pat Reed, Lisa Upshir, Jill Gilbreth, Al Temme, Deborah Kujardo, Heidi Morris, Seventh Row — Francis Heaney, Chris Frye, Shawn Ogren, Kim Ogren, Leigh Sondera 67 Joe Boyd was blue; He was sad; His favorite team, the Senators, Played very very bad. Joe would sell his soul for the team. The devil said, " Sure. " Now Joe was a great baseball player. But he was no longer pure. He wanted to get out And go bock to his spouse But the devil hired Lola to tempt him. What a louse! The devil was certain he ' d get him But Joe wasn ' t so sure. After all, he had a escape clause. But Lola was quite a lure. Who will get Joe ' s soul? The devil or Joe? Weil, didn ' t you see the play? Then, you ' d already know!! Brought to you by Miss Kerwin, Miss McCarthy, Mrs. Cald- well, Miss Barnard, Moon Valley Theatre Arts, and your friendly neighborhood yearbook staff. Damn Yankees Crew — Jim Schraven, Cindy Whitehead, Shelley Runyan, Paul Nettle, Vin- cent Kwok, James Dilgard, James Nettle, Eric Christensen, Laurie Throckmorton, Chris Con- nors, Paul Beebe, Renais Goddard. Second Row: Laraine Herring, Rick Russel, Dana Reznik, Erik Olson, Leah Schlicker, Tami Flores, Amy Morris, Laura Sichrovsky, Greg Wolt, Patty Ful- ton. Front Row: Pom Konick, Michelle Mills, Shannon Jensen, Danette Daneck, Amy Feni- cle, Jennifer Conde, J. McCarthy, K. Barnard. Not Pictured: Tony Ulses, Leigh Sandera, 68 Spring Play Organizations m I Damn Yankees Cast — Back Row left to right: Aaron Ramsay, Gregory Wolf, Chiris Webster, Franklin Hoover, Paul Nettle, Brian Kidney, Greg Catellier, Greg Ukes, Scott Thomas, Vern Weg- leitner. Second Row: Rick Smith, Sara Charbon- heau. Missy Rice, Linda Rolland, Toyna Sherk, Shelley Runyon, Fran Marie Ledger, Adrienne Curry, William Thomae, Jennifer Schroeder, Ke- vin Cleere, Heather Mechom, Cindy Triggs, Mary Beth Rayes, Dina Trebitowski Front Row: Rosa Garcia, Amy Rover, Randi Kathrins, Kathy Van Leeuwen, Kim Spucces, Patrick A. Reed, Jill Vandermeulen, Kathleen Martin, Ann Marie Horner, Michael McMonomy, Reece Young, Mi- chele Romanowski, Not Pictured: Tony Ulses, Justine Hammer, Tammy Spina, Lisa Baker, Mark Blizzard, Brian Marshal, Matt Garden. DAMN YANKEES Spring Play 69 Organizations My name is Paulo Henrique Rubini Ferreir. I ' m an Exchange Student from Brazil. The customs in Brazil ore different like; when we meet new people we give a hug or a kiss, here you shake hands or just say " hi " . The school in Brazil is also very different. I can ' t select my sub- jects, I need to take all the subjects; more or less 23 teachers and 16 subjects. School starts at 7:00 am and lets out at 12:30 pm. Some classes I have Monday, Wednesday, Friday and others I have on Tuesday, and Thursday and sometimes on Saturday, and some afternoons, but only a couple of hours. So far I enjoy it very much in Arizona, my state is very hot too but it isn ' t like here. My name is Claudia Koehnken and I ' m a foreign exchange student from Germany. I came to the United States on August 21, 1985. I ' m staying with the Biology teacher Mrs. Wells. The problems with the new language began on the airplane, when I tried to start a conversation with my neighbor. I couldn ' t un- derstand one word because of the slang. I had six years of English, it seemed like it wouldn ' t help me at all and I thought taking the next airplane back to Germany. Everything worked out after all and I could understand every day, a little more and everybody tried to help me. In Germany I live in Kieh, that is next to Denmark on the East Sea. It ' s really cold over there. An example would be the summer in Germany would be like the winter in Arizona. The people in my age there are some differ- ences in Germany. There is almost no drinking age in Germany and you can stay at night clubs until 12:00 am and longer if you are 18 or older. A night club in Germany is a place where everybody can go, from 14 . 15 years and up. You meet a lot of people with different characters, different ages and other different things, and you are not separated from different peo- ple. You really learn from each other and you have so much fun you don ' t believe it. One thing I like more in the States than in Germany is that you can get your Driver ' s License when you are 16 not 18 like in Germany, you also have to take a special class and pay money to learn about the traffic and signs. During this year I had a lot of strange feelings and sometimes I think I don ' t know what ' s going on sometimes 1 feel just furious because 1 think everybody laughs at me, even if they laugh about something else. In the first time it was really hard to find friends because I couldn ' t speak English that well and nobody to take the time to explain if I couldn ' t but now after 5 months I ' ve made some close friends that help and understand me. I really got a part of the American way of life and I really want to say thank you to everybody who helped me in the very first hard time and shared problems with me. If you ever have the chance to see a foreign exchange student just do it, it might be the best experience in your whole life. FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS: PAULO HEN- RIQUE RUBINI FERREIRA FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS: CLAUDIA KOEHNKEN 70 ' Foreign Exchange Organizations FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS: RAMBURG AUNDERS My name is Aunders Romberg. I ' m an exchange student from Sweden. Mony things are very much alike in my country and the US but some things ore different, People in the U.S. are more dependent on religion than in Sweden, Foods are also different in that way " we " usually don ' t eat as much " junk " food as the Americans. I ' ve enjoyed my stay in Arizona. It ' s amazing that such a big city can be so nice and clean, I ' ve also enjoyed Moon Valley and the school program they ore offering. Destination: Imagination Hove you ever dreonned of figtiting against a ferocious dragon? Or of costing a sleep spell on a knight just as he swings his battleaxe ' ' Or arming a car for a futureistic battle against Mad Max ' ' Or being cloaked in invisibility ' ' Or being a professional assassin and chasing down your quarry ' ' The members of Strategy and Tactic have, and they hove lived their dreams, through the games they play. They play role- playing games and to ploy all you need are assorted dice. Some manuals and imagination With imagination, you can become anthing. What would you like to be? ' STRETEGY and TACTICS Jeff Hintz, Matt Mercer, Chris Cote. Lonnie Power. Javier Gilmore. Louie Core, Dave Musick. Strategy And Tacfics 71 Organizations DRUMUNE: Front Row: — Khris Dodge, Mike Adamson. Shawn Dibbern, Drew Shulke. Not Pictured — Luke Jackson, Bobby McManamy, Ginny Farrel. Keri Bearden, Karen Bradford, Ai Temme, Kevin Segal, Annette Tallabas, Scott Barnett, Brian Pesartic. Itv JAZZ ENSEMBLE; First Row — Diane Hartman, Dana Straess, Tarl Roger Kudrick, Danny Barkley, John Sterner, Back Row — Lisa Baker, Donna Cruz, Randy Cullin, Aaron Hender- son, Edward Osuch, Mark George, David Meliti, Cory Oftedahl, Kevin Beech, ORCHESTRA: First Row — Shannon Lane, Tammy Rowe, Diane Schuldt, Adric Waterbury, Karen Brookes, Second Row — Paulo Black, Diane Hagen, Bethany McElhaney, Tracy Draper, Terri Rowe, Back Row — Ms. Diana Hickey, Not Pictured — Michelle Baird, Karen Laprell, 72 Orchestra Jazz Organizations DRUMLINE JAZZ ENSEMBLE ORCHESTRA Drumline 73 Organizations HOMECOMING KING and QUEEN Alan Brown and Wendy Quijada oyaiiy Organizations ROYALTY SENIOR ATTENDANTS Sean Brown and Ann-Marie Davis JUNIOR ATTENDANTS Greg Granado and Lynne Hallford SOPHOMORE A TTENDANTS Russle Eddleman and Tina Miller FROSH ATTENDANTS Mark Brown and Erin Schwartz Royalty 75 Organizations T! . SWEETHEART KING and QUEEN Alan Brown and Cammie Thockmorton 76 Royalty Organization ROYALTY SENIOR ATTENDANTS Dan Peterson and Wendy Quijada JUNIOR ATTENDANTS Wil Gonzales and Lynne Hallford SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS Billy Henry and Missy Bridgeman FROSH ATTENDANTS Adam Lodge and Erin Schwartz Royalty 77 Organization HOSPITAL y 78 Yearbook Staff Organizations In the beginning there were Mr. Kwiatkowski and Mrs, Davis On the first day they assembled the yearbook staff On the second day, they instructed the staff on the technical terms of the yearbook. On the third day, they journeyed to the Scottsdale Sheraton for a yearbook conference, and to the Lunt Ave. Marble Club for lunch. In the 4th, 5th and 6th days the staff studied their yearbook handouts and guidlines. On the seventh day Mr, Kwiatkowski and Mrs Davis beheld the staff busily discussing the theme of the yearbook, called them good and rested. On the eighth day they screamed and ran The countdown staff, along with the deciding of the theme, had decided to revoke the ordinary and strive to be unique, to meet all deadlines without any problems and to be organized . , . " One out of three isn ' t too bad is if " Unique we made without a problem. The bizzareness started on the third day in which the staff pillaged Lunt Avenue and filched marbles out of the walls between courses in the meals, and reached its peak when the crazed editor attempted to remove the ear of the countdown mascot screaming " DEADLINE! " when the page he ' d assigned to the mascot was late. Other unusual staffers included a RUSHing photographer, Kevin W, who, animal crackers in hand skiied to photo shoots, and his cohort Kevin W. Who, much to his horror, was stuck here by a schedule change and spent most of his time hiding beneath rough drafts of soon to be layouts. The two sports editors were precluded from doing any locker room interviews, as they were both female They did, however, manage to get the scoop on every sport through coersive means which we won ' t go into here, as we never quite discovered them and praise be for that Add to these a manic depressive, a hyperactive recluse a senior photographer whose moods could swing better than any given tropeeze artist in the Ringling Brother ' s circus, two sophomores who could be though of as Chip and Dale or maybe even Peanut-Butter and Jelly, an assistant editor whose work ethic proved hazzordous to the R R and 6th hour homework of the rest of the staff, two COE girls who typed rather unreadable senior shorts by candlelight until the wee hours of the morning, causing severe cramping in their fingers and severe shock among the staff and of course there was Nikki, well, who speaks for herself, which is disodvontagous, since she is the only one who comprehends the fashion of the day anyhow. Now maybe you understand why Mrs. Davis wears mirrored sunglasses to shield the crazed look in her eyes from the public, and why Mr. Kwiatkowski hides under his desk as the first sign of a staffer appears meonacingly on the horizon In the end there will be the yearbbook. and on the eighth day the staff will be committed. Front Row: Scheduling Editor — Lori Kohlhase, Editor — Rick-Alan Kerr, Assistant Editor — Cathy Price. Back Row: Sports Editors — Heather Reutter and Dawn Valery. Front Row: NIkkl Peters, Dawn Valery, Heather Reutter. Row Two: Teddie McKnight, Advisor Mrs. Loretta Davis, Cathy Price. Kevin Wright Back Row: Ben Raffle, Rick-Alan Kerr, Lori Kohlhase, Use Liegh Sandero. Kevin (RUSH) Wright. Not Pictured ' Brian Kidney. Yearbook Staff 79 Organizations :. -7 :« ' !»«aDffiMPIS 1 m i i MV Football: Marvelous! VARSITY FOOTBALL; Front Row — Derek Abbit, Chris Chandler, David Fierabend, Mark Benovidez, Rob Downing. Hank Durham Second Row - Greg Grenado, Bob Roether, Vince Purcell, Coach Luketich, Coach Putman, Coach Moore, Coach Harms, Mike Col- mese, Alex Nolan, Doug Fierabend Third Row — John Hertneky, Derek Wright, Skip Steward, Ming Moss, Alan Brown, Eric Micotti, Barry Pritchett, Wayne Pesnell, Charlie Brooks, Dwight Swain (Manager) Fourth Row — Devin Armentrout, Scott Green, Anthony Vasques, Marcus Steele, Kevin Kluge, Joey Muniz, Jim Flack, Hans Sedore, Mark Brakebill Back Row — Wil Gonzales, Rick Beaubien, Tom Hungerford, John Curry, Kyle Fernandez, Eric Silvey, Scott Reutter, Todd Daoust. Scoreboard Home Away Mesa 26 Thunderbird 23 27 Horizon 29 14 Shadow Mtn. 17 6 Saint IVIary ' s 20 24 Apoilo 3 Deer Valley 24 7 Greenway 24 7 Marcos DeNiza 26 8 Brophy 28 21 Saint Mary ' s 6 20 (Play-ofts) Scott Reutter waves to his loyal fans before one of his kick off. FOOTBALL: MAHVELOUS! Moon Valley football was not just another team this year, it was a team with determination, integrity, and willpower. For a team supposedly in the rebuilding year Moon Valley proved to be a major success. For the second smallest team in the history of Moon Valley their speed and quickness helped them to the playoffs. Moon Valleys Football team is something to be proud of. Moon Valley teams up tor their victory against Mesa Moon Valley defense tackles the Thunderbird Chiefs in one of the first games of the season. Quart erbacl Alan Brown passes the ball off for the first down F r Scoreboard Home Away Thunderbird 27 Horizon 13 7 Shadow Mtn. 6 10 Apollo 14 Deer Valley 6 14 Greenway 33 6 Mesa 34 7 Saint Mary ' s 20 6 J.V. FOOTBALL: Front Row — Gabe Tesnado, Trent Battershell, Greg Calmese, Coach Bauer, Coach Roberts, Jeff Sower, Lance Roth, Kelly Thomas, Eric Diania Second Row — Larry Bluhm, Danny Thompson, Gary Steele, Matt Garringer, Aaron Lewis, Robert Villan- ueva, David Helmer, Jeff Hakalmazian Third Row — Tony Allard, Tony Webber, John Devore, John Sagasta, Ben Holm, Paul Buttermore, Ronnie Naegelin, Jim Handzel Back Row — Jeff Schmied, James Devenney, Todd Severnek, Tim Larson, John Beaubien, Jay Sandoval, Kevin Goyer, John Croteau. ' yMj ifci -m K P ft— A ' % 84 J.V. Football Sports FROSH FOOTBALL. Front Row — Mile Thondt. Jeff Berkowitz. Kurt Behrens, John Simon, Mondei Jimenez, Steve Ttiumma, Ctiris Ellis, Kenji Yoshimjra, Brad Davis Second Row — Tom Owsley. Travis Seaton. Pot Harmon, Terroine Echols. Coach Pert ins, Coach Smith, Coach Ramerez, Tim fvliller. Dove McCarty. Wayne Walker, Greg Szpyrka Third Row — Brandon Glazer, Kyle Wright, Sean Stevens, tvlatt Lilly, Tom Evancicisti, Angelo DeJesus, Mike Waters, Eric Thorsen, Marcus Flack, Brett Halliburton Fourth Row — Robert Green, Mike Pettice, Dan Wargula, Kyle Kortie, Greg Hottman, Joedy Allison, Pot Gill, Mark Brown Back Row — Tim Ekstrom, John Conner, Mike Fenton, Clint Barron, Kevin Krauss, Mike Lorka, Mike Hungerford, Dan Warner, Scott Eppers. Scoreboard Home Away Horizon 34 Shadow Mtn. 26 12 Saint Mary ' s 14 23 Apollo 26 6 Deer Valley 34 7 Greenway 33 14 Marcos DeNiza 41 13 Brophy 20 7 LC-v ii ' ■j sSc — Frosh Football 85 Sports Swimming Creates Waves. Creating waves. That ' s what our swim team did this year. In the boys ' divisionals this year, Chris Kibsey placed 1st in the 200 and 500 free. At the state meet he placed 5th and 6th in the same events. Not only did Chris have a good year, but Rob Hollinger placed 1 1th in the 50 and 100 free during State. In the girls ' divisionals they placed 4th out of 13 teams. In State, our 4x100 relay took 14th place. Shannon Lane took 9th in backstroke and 1 1th in the 200 free. Our swim team did, no doubt . . . CREATE WAVES, 86 Swimnning Sports BOYS SWIMMING — Front Row; Paul Kleving, Daryl Bryant. Second Row, Dave Dooley, Jim Compbell, Ctiris Kibsey, Pete Deise. Scott Russell, Mark Meyer (team Captain), John Moreau, Mark Hutchiison (coacti). GIRLS SWIMMING — Front; Melissa Mictiaels, Terri Abney, Cindy Hakalmozian, Ti- stianno Roberts, Middle. Elizabeth Sloan. Karen Deise, Wendy Holm, Goldo Bel- linger, Back; Gaylynn Trapp, Julie Blair, Chris Fenton, Kim Stemmler, Shannon Lane, Keri Bearden, Coach Carlson. L ■» i»iX. wW Swimming 87 Sports Running For the RecorcL The Moon Valley Cross Country Teams continued to prove them- selves one of the top programs in the state. The Varsity Soys Team capped off their most successful dual meet season of 16 wins and one loss by winning the Skyline Region DIviaon I Championship, Moon Val- ley ' s first. Senior Eric Grubbs was also Moon Valley ' s first individual boy champion. Senior co-captain Carlos Telles (4th), Junior Tim Bennett (6th), Freshman Doug Fox (10th), Sophomore Mark Decker (17th), and Sophomore Jeff Szymura (26th) secured the victory, Carlos Telles went on to place 13th in the AAA State meet. The Junior Varsity Boys Team compiled a season record of 12 wins and two losses and went on to win the Giendale Union High School District championship for the fourth time in the past six years. The Fresh- man Boys Team compiled a record of 1 1 wins and three losses. They finished fourth in the District Championships. V i V - Boys Cross Country 1 .4P V »- ' ' : ' " VARSITY BOYS CROSS COUNTRY. Front Row — Mark Decker, Doug Fox, Jeff Keaton. Back Row — Coach Sawyer, Carlos Telles, Eric Grubbs, Rod Core, Tim Bennett, Scott Kelly, pach McReynolds m ' Wt F1?DSH BOYS CROSS COUNTRY: Coacti McReynolds, Russ Cunningham, Ed Osuch, TTm " Baxter. Josh Wright, Brian Musgrave, B J Mills. David Ronald, Coach Sawyer V BROHV ' - J a swk ; tL ) J V. BOYS CROSS COUNTRY; Front Row — Troy Conrad, Jeff Szymura. Brent Vannler, Dustin Ramsey Back Row — Coach Sawyer. Kevin Segal. Paul Fitzgerald. J D Tute " . Chris Dow, Leonard Mcllveen, Coach McReynofcfs. Cross Country 89 Sports GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY: Front Row — Cooch McReynolds, Katy Pabst, Tracy The Varsity Girls were led by seniors Stieri Vigliotte and Kim Con- Bennett, Kattirine Poolow, Coach Sawyer. Bacl Row — Rosa Garcia, Kim tryman. The team finished seventh in the divisional championships. Countryman, Alicia Lopez, Sheri Vigliotti, Tina Countryman. The girls cross country team being ihtfoduceda the first assembly of the year for the fall sports 90 Girls Cross Country Sports VARSITY GOLF SR. JR MEMBERS OF VARSITY GOLF — Front Row: Tom Ackermon. Byron Ellis, Rod Jokes. Bock Row: Steve Ong, Bill Polucti. Marc Lynch, Coach Joseph. Setting the Record This year ' s varsity volleyball team sure did set the record. Marvelous sums it up pretty well. It was probably the best volleyball team Moon Valley has ever had. Their record of 14 wins, 4 losses is the best record in MV ' s history. Tina Berg and Yvonne Gastelo were named to the 1st Team All Division Team, and were both selected as The Most Valuable Players on the team. Tina Berg was also named to the All Tournament Team at Divisionals. Honorable mention honors went to Eileen Andrews and Linda Druyor. Shannon Krebbs was selected as the team ' s Most Improved player. Players such as Shannon, along with Dawn Schuitz, Robbie Rundall, Suzy Terhorst, and Tina will make next year ' s team as strong as ever. As you can see, this year was marvelous in every way possible. Next year, we ' ll expectantly wait for our team to shine through once more, as it promises to. But for now we just have one more thing to tell you, volleyball team YOU ARE MARVELOUS. V A R S I T Y Opp. M.V Shadow Mtn. 2 Apollo 1 2 Horizon 2 1 Deer Valley 2 St. Marys 2 Xavier 1 2 Greenway 1 2 Thunderbird 1 , 2 Shadow Mtn. 2 Apollo 2 Horizon 2 Deer Valley 2 St, Marys 2 Xavier 1 2 Greenway 2 Thunderbird 2 • Divisionals; Shadow Mtn. 2 Apollo 2 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL; Front — Mgr. Greg Berg, Eileen Andrews, Linda Druyor, Dawn Schuitz, Robbie Rundall, Mgr. Tyann Rasmussen. Back — Mgr. Jeff Abraham. Susie Terhorst, Yvonne Gastello, Tina Berg, Bobbi Briner, Shan- non Krebbs, Coach Benson. Above; Team work and a lot of concentration goes into a well-played volleyball gome and above in ttiis picture it ' s demonstrated by our Varsity team. M a r V e I o u s J, V VOLLEYBALL: Front — Kelly Kritkausky. Cossie Utterback, Middle Row — Mendy Wtiitaker, Phyllis Roberts. Cfiristy Valero, Steptianie Salcido, Coacti Susan Block-Trew Back Row — Kristy Jackson, Jodi Miller, Pam Pratt, Jodi Torason. FROSH VOLLEYBALL: Front Row — Lori Grossheim, Susie Gonzales Shanda Young, Felicia Lopez Middle — Julie Newman. Mary Stewart, Stiouna Roth, Dora Quintana Back — Coach Bill Walsh, Tammi Vigano, Karen Kearny, Shantell Flores, Kelly Johnston, Jen niter Boynton, Kristen O ' Gorman. 1 BADMINTON: wu a 7if; j f ' MAHVELOUS , . ' 4 Badminton this year was ajyover-all success, Seniors Erica Klien and Vivian Holm led the team by winning doubles in the divisionals held at Moon Valley and by going on to take second place at State. Senior Sheri Raver was a great contribution to the team, winning her first two rounds in divisionals. Michelle McKenna, Kathryn Pollact , and Heather Reutter all participated in divisionals, losing in the first round. All in all, badmin- ton was MAHVELOUSI! ' 70 mif " L Pf5 VARSITY JV BADMINTON: FRONT ROW — Kathy Rauch, Cindy Dees. Lisa Kramer, Amy Raver SECOND ROW — Sheri Raver, Kassie Jacl a, Heather Reutter, Tina Miller, Kathryn Pollack. Loretta Fajardo, BACK ROW — Bonnie- Jane Ruch, Michelle McKenna. Melanie Hobbs, Erica Klien. Allicia Klien, Vivian Holm, Amy Webster, Coach Webster. 94 Badminton Sports Erica Klien and Vivian Holm ploy in the Skyline Division Championship. They beat their opponent to clinch first place. Washington Cortez Apollo Thunderbird Greenway Prescott Horizon Sunnyslope Glendale Xavier vs. MV = MV vs. MV = MV vs. MV = MV vs. MV = MV vs. MV = MV vs. MV = Prescott vs. MV = Horizon vs MV = MV vs. MV = MV vs. MV = Xavier The JV Badminton team supported their teammates in their matches at divisionals. The sup- port of the team helped to make divisionals this year one of the best ever. Badminton 95 Sports Softball wins State Our varsity softball team was absolutely marvelous this year. Tliey made MV proud by v inning tt e State Ci ampionsl ip. Not only tine varsity team was successful this year, but the JV and Frosh were also. All in all the softball teams had a great year. VARSITY SOFTBALL — Front, Stephanie Salcido, Stacy PickreL Tricic Burkland. Mid- dle; Tracey Wtieot, Robbi Swain, Christy Valero, Kim Contrymon, Tina Burg, Bac k; Coach Meyer, Mendy Whittaker, Vivian Holm. Rachel Brown, Jodi Miller, Patty Firlit, Coach Hunt, 96 Softball Sports 3BammmmmmtmmmKciSMimmmai»txmat.» S . sH:}v% - k JV Softball — Front Row — Tina Contryman, Karen Dickson, Tanyo FROSH SOFTBALL — Front row — Stcey Vanmier, Tracy Boat. Lauren Corbin. Middle Row — Sic Holland, Diane Cole, Mary Stewart. Andrea Aird, Middle Row — Steve Jones, Cindy Madrigal, Bobbi Moore, Lisa Carlson, Kim Mowrey, Felicia Lopez, Back Row — Coacti Hays. Amber Kramer, Ctinsto Love, Alison Arias, Tara Davis, Kim Copies, Christine Mar- Tintsman,KarenKearneY,KristyVonAspen,JodiTorasson.Kristy Jackson, iana. Amber Silvey, Kelli Johnston, Robbyne Crumrine, Micelle Pezold, Wendy Landers, Tammy Vigono. Jami DavidSon, Varsity Wrestling The varsity wrestling team really outdid themselves this year. They were the Division Champions for the second year running. They proved Moon Valley proud when they went to State with every wrestler competing. In State they ended up taking 3rd place. Rob Holland won the state championship for his category. We are all proud of the wrestlers and you all look Marvelous! Varsity Anthony Vasquez and opponent practice wrestling tectiniques, Front — Darin Williams, Anthony Vasquez, David Britts, Alan Huxford. Middle — Bryan Enders, Andy Ritchoff, Skip Steward, Kevin Aydelotte, Tod Miller, Ed Zamars ly, Richy Miacco, Back — Katy Warner, Mgr., Jeff Hakalmazian, Stan Holland, Robert McDaniel, Charlie Brooks, Joey Muniz, Rob Holland, David Swanson, Coach Bryan Smith. at one of the many after school prac tices. 98 Wrestling Sports ■ V 1 Scoreboard PP MV-61 Washington 9 MV-46 Cortez -21 r MV-42 Horizon -21 MV-49 Greenway - 6 MV-39 T-Bird -22 MV-66 T-Browne -12 MV-65 Apollo - 6 MV-46 T-Bird -22 MV-42 Greenway - 9 MV-51 Horizon -15 MV-50 Sh. Mtn. - 9 b MV-44 D. Valley -13 Wrestling is a sport that requires a great amount of concentra- tion and strength, in this picture it is demonstrated. in a practice before a big meet Wrestling 99 Sports WRESTLING j.v. F 9 w Front — A quitter, Andy Ritchoff, Tony Allord, Rod Wooidridge, A quitter, Scott Wilmont Middle — Pam McGuire, Mar., Bob Menoin, Hank Durham, A quitter, Mark Brakebill, A quitter, Duncan Allan, Scott Huxford, Coach Ray Clark Back — Scott Skinner, John Poquette, John Devor, A quitter, John Sagasta, Steve Hendricks, Eric Diana. FROSH Front — Kenji Yashimura, Louis Barbone, Jamal Manteen, Jannes Clark, Kurt Behrens Second Row — Richard Coley, Brian Bashann, Danny Warner, Mark Brown, Robert Green, Mike Pettice, Lance Board, Coach Rob Behrens Third Row — Coach Mark Roberts, Brett Halliburton, Tom Evangelisti, Nick Digens, Kurt Ruiz, John Simon, Kevin Hoskins, Joedy Allison, Lisa Holt, Mar. Bock — Jay Johnston, Marcus Flack, Scott Eppers, Matt Lind, Gregg Szperka, Mike Waters, Tom Owsley. Wrestling 101 Sports Soccer Scores 2nd The Moon Volev Soccer team hod a 15-2-2 Record trii year The soccer team alK hod horKn luch OB Sto e Dtfvwr U0t, Skyirw (Region C :harT or«. After a toug orx) hard ptoyed gontw ogolrvt ttw Hortzori Huafoes. They olK took tt« Hoidoy Tournament The pioyen ttwit i«xiN«S honort were serwrs Sean Mct(eever. Greg Veatch. Gob Krttkautfcy, and lurior Scott Reur ter They ci mode the " A " league Horwroble Mention ndUded goal keeper Lorvw Huggfhs. Defender Doan Petersoa l %Mefder Pot Stewart. Al Skyihe Region. Greg Veatch 1st team Al state io i o ction 1st Team Rob Krtikautfty. Greg Veatch 103 Shooting to Victory The Moon Valley basketball team did very well this year. They took second in Divlsionals and mode it to the quarter finals in the State finals. We ore, no doubt, proud of our team ' s sportsmanship and great effort. All we can say is you guys are MARVELOUS! Front — Mike Calmese, Eric Austin, Bryan Coley, John Curry, Vance Johnson, Barry Pritchett, Bock — Don Cuppy, Kyle Fernan- dez, Gary Gregg, Tom Balcom, Kelly Lifgren, Jeff Girard, Casey George, Jeff Jenkins, Coach Vogt. JV Basketball Front — Paul WHson. aoooy i-ocnonce, !5cn Neogfin. Mke Sowver; Bock — jchn Croteou, Jay Coruthers, Ken ZiegJer, Tan Larson, Lyte W Te(m. Jim iDevenney. Kew Goyer, Dewite Maier. Coocn Mif Jocobs. Frosh Basketball Front — Adam Lodge. Chad Steinmetz, Terriane Echols. Brad Davis. Phil Purkey. Mike Keaton, Back — Coach Steinberg. Kris Dodge. Jeff Jones, Kevin Krauss. Mike Collins, Chad Brown. Dave Osborn. Basketball 107 Sports Girls ' Basketball Varsity - — :s . Varsity Girls ' — Terri Abney, Heather Reutter, Jody Miller, Amy Rudinsky, Back — Holly Lorka, Viv- ian Holm, Rachel Brown, Erica Klein, Bobi LaBarr, Courtney Langdon, Coach Elaine Hunt. -, JV JV Girls ' — Paulette Honyouti, mgr. Back — Julie Gerhart, Mary Stew- art, Jodi Godsil, Suzette Thul, Julie Blair, Vanessa Vargas, Chontelle Flores, Coach Meyer, 108 Girls ' Basketball Sports Frosh Frosh Girls ' — Traci Boat, score- keeper, Michelle Thompson, Lauren Aird, Jenny Girard, Deven Meyers, Shauna Roth, Tara Davis, Chenoo Spaniol, Back — Betsy Brady, Kristin O ' Gorman, Alycio Klein, Mecholle Lif- gren, Lara Young, Anne Pabst, Ca- mie Haire, Coach Vargas. 109 The Perfect TEN-NIS Girls JV — Ginny Farrell, Claudine Harris, Cerie Rumbold, Robynne Crumrine, Dawn Robinson, Jennifer Kohi, Kinn Longnecker, Bacl — Coach Jill Green, VARSITY — Monique Nguyen, Michelle Pezold, Tic Johnson, Amy Abdai. Melinda Bean, Kathyryn Pollack. Front row Kelly Thomas, Brian Mullin, Bill Cavanagh. Troy Heil. Marc Lynch, Brandon Ong Back row Coach Crumrine, Mike George, Steve Ong, Mike Pooler, Casey George, Jamey Kirklin, Shawn ,. Lambert, Not Pictured Brian Hawkins, - n ' ♦ ' ' . -S . — VA Tennis 111 Sports BASEBALL VARSITY VARSITY: Front row — Rick Panzer, Bob Roether, Alex Nolen, Sam McEntire, Rudy Peru, Sean Brown, Bill Morgan, Doug Upshire, Ed Gillman, Alan Brown Sack row — Coach Luketick, Mark Brakebill, Doug Vigano, Lance Newman, Wil Gonzolas, Jay Cruthers, Scott Reutter, Mark Brown, Coach Bauer 112 Baseball Sports tyj,.:- -a. vt ■ If ' • 1 1 i V .— ' II _i. s5 Baseball 113 Sports BASEBALL JV: Front row — Randy Epson, , Tom ippolito, Ken Gentry, Greg Thome, Eric Diana, Ramon Dominquez, Casey Trojanel , Greg Gibbons, John Poquette, Ron Naeglin, John Croteou, Daryle Messina, Tony Webber, IVlatt Garringer, Coach X FROSH t .1.1.1 1 i if.t m ! f ' ii :ikt.- FROSH: Front row — Angelo de Jesus, Tom Owlsley, Don Gillard, Kevin Hosl ins, Nick Digeno, Ryan Oliphant, Bob Green, Phil Purkey Back row — Coach Powers, Tim Ekstrom, Don Warner, Mike Fenton, Kevin Krauss, Jon Schroder, Lee Kendrick, Wade Bond Not Pictured — Chad Brown 114 Basebail Sports n Jtl i ± ' 116 Track Sports 1 ■ - ra.- Y vw - Track 119 Sports The Year In Sports n 20 The Year In Sports Sports - Mahvelous The Year In Sports 121 Sports B i , - ' ' iS n Stephen Abril Brenda Adame Jennifer Adams Jennifer Adams Michael Adamson Matt Agnes Kimberly Ahart Lauren Aird Joedy Allison Alicia Alo Heather Alvin Jeanne Anderson Jennifer Andrews Chris Anthony Paula Arend Alison Arias Kristina Armiger Dean Avelar Phil Axford Lance Ayers Valerie Badendick Sean Baily Darren Baker Debra Baker Cynthia Balcom Jeff Baldwin Tatia Ball Michelle Banks Jonathon Barbero Louis Barbone 124 Frosh 1989 Joel Barnett James Barnett Dawn Bartlett Riki Bashi Brian Basham Brian Bassett Tim Baxter Colleen Beadle Ed Beatty Paul Beebe Kim Begley Kurt Behrens Raymond Benner Deland Bentz Daniel Berkes Jeff Berkowitz Marlene Blair Brad Blinston Laura Blust Lance Board Tracy Boat Kevin Bolton Stacy Bolton Wade Bond Julie Botbyl Bonnie Boucos Kristen Bowers Jennifer Boynton Karen Bradford Paula Bradford Frosh 125 1989 Kurt Behens, Terry Bollock, Denny Scovel, and Nina Davidson enjoying the wonders of Freshman Science Elizabeth Brady Neil Bramini Denise Bray Heather Breen Kathy Broadwell Lori Bronson Eugene Brosseau Jon Brower Chad Brown Karrie Brown Kevin Brown Mark Brown Virginia Buchanan Michelle Buhrow Michael Bujanda Terry Bullock Brandon Burges Angela Burkhalter Particia Burkhardt Brandon Burrell Chad Bushon Erik Butrick David Byrge Charistine Caccavale Kelly Colder Joseph Camaro Renee Camp Kroig Campbell Stacy Campbell Tracy Campbell 126 Frosh 1989 Christopher Cannella Adam Canter Steven Canterbury Kimberly Copies Scott Carey Keith Carney Peter Corponzono Lance Carroll Michael Casassa Anna Cash Sharon Castillo Erika Celoyo Eric Christensen Dino Cipolloro David Claffey James Clark Casey Clarke Kimberly Clarke Donna Cochran Jonel Cockerill Scott Cogon Jason Coleman Richard Coley Michael Collins Jennifer Conde Kathy Conley John Conner Keith Conner Billy Connors Chad Cory Frosh 127 1989 Lori Cornelius Michael Cory Paige Cote Erik Cowger Rena Crider Kimberly Crowley Leslie Crumrine Russell Cunningham Robert Curfmon Adrienne Curry Danette Daneck Carey Daniels Kevin Dauphin Jami Davidson Nina Davidson Brad Davis Lisa Davis Tara Davis Tisha Davis Christopher Dechant Peter Deely Cynthia Dees Karen Deis Angelo DeJesus Teri Deleo Terese Deleon Joel Dent Ruby Derryberry Michael Dhondt Shane Dibbern 128 FROSH 1989 Allison Dieterich Nickolas Digeno Anthony Divito William Doak Khris Dodge Whitney Dodge Joy Doncarlos Michael Donoghue Dean Doschadis Christopher Douglas Joseph Downey Karen Doyon Kasia Duellman Deborah Duhannell Jason Dunfee Christine Dunn Terroine Echols Brian Elling Christopher Ellis Rhonda Enos Scott Eppers Christopher Erickson James Ess Greg Estrada Tom Evangelist! David Farrell Becky Feldman Amy Fenicle Mike Fenton Susan Ferber FROSH 129 1989 (3 Vng ;2 ' ; uo J V: Q(j ti— " tc- tV Matt Ferguson Michael Ferguson Tonya Fernandes Anthony Fernandez Peter Figgs Beth Finkbeiner Jeff Flood Chontelle Flores Tami Flores Toby Flores Shannalee Floyd Doug Fox Jamie Fox Shannon Franchuk Troy Frazier Eric Friederich Rosalie Frisenda Stacee Froshiesar Rachel Frost Patty Fulton Don Gaillard Darren Garceou Daniel Garcia Kyle Garcia Mitchell Gardner Michael Gardner Gregory Gorrabrants Rodney Gates Christopher George Nikki Gibbons 130 Frosh 1989 Enjoying the Life of " Square Dancing " days in Frosh P.E. RHl J 1 Nicholas Gilbert Michelle Gill Patrick Gill Yvette Gilliss Melissa Gilmore Jennifer Gerard Brandon Glaser Micheal Glenn Renais Goddard Curt Gongaware Brenda Goodson Heather Goody Erin Gorman Chad Gosnell Stephen Gould Jeff Grachus Mercy Gray Staci Gray Robert Green Jennifer Griffin Lori Grossheim Jim Haggerty Kristi Hall Deborah Holler Brett Halliburton Tim Hamby Lisa Hampton Tracy Hampton Patrick Harmon Sara Harris Frosh 131 1989 Andrea Haviland ■■g Theresa Hays H P Rk Andy Heemer w c V Joseph Helmick ift .- Mt Jody Helton yk w Aaron Hernandez M Melanie Herring HH H Tammy Hess IP k Brad Hick MfWidl c . Dirk Hilbig Andrea Hintz ' U ft Deshawn Hitchcock Sf jk Dianh Holm Kristina Holman Troy Holmes Paulette Honyouti Gary Hornbeck Kevin Hoskins Susan Hosley Greg Hottmann Sheila Hughes Travis Hughes Nam Hu ynh Craig Hymson Louis lannacone H ma Gary Icardi 91 H Shaunna James m w 3r Steven Jeffrey S Shannon Jensen cr Kf Angela Jessee Jj " 132 Frosh 1989 !%•» vk ;? A-.iM. Jeffrey Jim Manuel Jimenez Carrie Johnson Eric Johnson Jamie Johnson Sydney Johnson Traci Johnson Joy Johnston Kelli Johnston Chad Jones Jeff Jones Wayne Jones David Jordan Christopher Judd Faraaz Kamran Randi Kathrins Karen Kearney Michael Keaton Laslie Kelly Lee Kendrick Ledeana Kieborz Kelly King Sean Kirkpatrick Sheri Kirtley Kathy Kittle Alycia Klein Penny Kmiec Chris Knabe Mark Knudsen Stacy Komie Frosh 133 1989 Can you guess what they ' re do- ing during lunch? Jennifer Kopecky Kyle Kortie Neil Kortie Kristine Korycki Lisa Kramer Michael Kramer Kevin Krouss Suzanne Krawczyk Kelly Krupa Melanie Kuhlman Breanna Lackey Kristen Lacy Greg Lamme Sandra London Tammy Loubmeier John Legowski Grant Leighton Donald Leinweber Jerilynn Lentz Michelle Lifgren Matthew Lilly Matthew Linnert Deborah Lisko Sabrino Locke Adam Lodge Eduardo Lopez Felicia Lopez Shown Loutsenhizer Christa Love Kim Lucero 134 Frosh 1989 ' f a Robert Luna Christine Madden Francine Madonia Cynthia Madrigal Dena Magnin Tamara Maiocco Carrie Majors Damian Malone Paul Marciano Christine Marian! George Markovic Travis Markwardt Anthony Mason Robert Mason Jamal Manteen Amy Mathers Ace Mayer Charles McCarter Dave McCarty Jennifer McClellan James McCoy Kathy McDaniel Jobeth McDonald Kelli McFarland James McGee Desmond McGeough Brent Mcllquham John McKean Robb McKeown Jesse McKinster Frosh 135 1989 Heather McLean Scott McMonamy Coleen Meissner Carol Medivil Ctiristina Mendoza Scott Mercer Christophier Michael Gregory Mihelich Julie Miller Timothy Miller Marcie Mills Michelle Mills William Mills Ronald Miner Gina Mochamer Joe Molina Julie Molina Bobbi Moore John Moreau Philip Morgan David Moriuchi David Morrison Brandon Moser Rick Mowles Suzy Mroczek Darren Mullins Brian Murry Brian Musgrave Kelly Myers Deborah Napier 136 Frosh 1989 Kenneth Napier Michelle Nelson Julie Newman Debra Nicastle Josef Nichols Scott Norris Lavern North Donna Movotny James Nowlin Patrick Nunez Justin Oblinger Mark Obrien Scott Ochsner Todd Ockenfels Michael Oconnor Kristin Ogorman Ryan Oliphant Scott Oik Joann Onaga Edward Osuch Kim Otiowski Susan Overcast Scott Ownen Thomas Owsley Anne Pabst Brian Paine Mary Pendergrass Judy Quan Denise Queen Kerry Quinn Frosh 137 1989 Dora Quintana Tatjana Radosavljevic David Ralston Damon Ramsey Shelly Reinke James Renn Kory Reviea Jodie Rhodes Shayla Rice Randy Rich Julie Richison Jennifer Ridenhour Travis Riffle Jaana Roberson Brian Robinson Danny Rodriguez David Ronald Shauno Roth Eric Rubio Gretchen Ruckman Kurt Ruiz Ericca Rusk Nicole Sobino Diane Sadowsky Mario Salamando Jason Saltz Sheri Sanchez Heather Sathe Julie Saunders Donavaughn Schontz 138 Frosh 1989 Jon Schroder Brion Schroven Dennis Schroeder Drew Schuike Erin Schwartz Denny Scovel Trocie Scovel Tracy Scrip Rod Seaman Travis Seaton Dyno Seed Holly Segal Kenneth Semirera Edward Serafin Christine Seyk Jennifer Shockey Amber Silvey Terrence Sims Rochoel Slatcher Tracy Slunder Sunny Smellie Brent Smith Laurie Smith Richard Smith Michelle Snyder Lisa Soens Leonard Somininsky oy Sommerer Jefferson Souders Miriam Seymore Frosh 139 1989 Now which one is mine? IV «J ms IM ■■■ill ■ Chenda Spaniol Ronald Speaks Jim Speer Christy Stanl o Chad Steinmetz Jason Sterner Sean Stevens IVlary Stewart Shannon Stewart Cassie Stockwell Michael Stoddard Dana Strauss Lisa Swartz Melinda Switzer Gregory Szpyrka Marcus Tarber Cassidy Taylor Robert Tee! Jacqueline Teske Patricia Thomas Scott Thomas Michelle Thompson Valerie Then Eric Thorsen Laura Throckmorton Steve Thummo Amber Tinstman Julie Torres Hien Tron Tiffani Tucci 140 Frosh 1989 If5 Michael Ullery Stephan Upton James Von-Ness Minoy Van-Riper Chantelle Vance Stacy Vannier Crystal Vanwyck Doug Veatch Tammie Vertz Tammi Vigano Bernadette Villalobos Tara Viney Brad Vinson Wayne Walker Daniel Wargulo Daniel Warner Adria Waterbury Michael Waters Renee Weigold Jennifer Weik Carolyn Welch Elizabeth Wells Scott Wexler Steven Wheeler Laura Whelan Doug Whipple Angelique Wicker Darcy Williams Michael Wilson Timothy Winklepleck Frosh 141 1989 Claude Wood Jayson Woodruff Evan Wright Joshua Wright Heidi Young Shanda Young Christine Youngblood Chris Maul Clay Shageno Chris Sharbono Matt Shaw Dolores Showver CAMERA SHY Clinton Barron Tracy Butero Chad Corey Bryan Daniels Tim Ekstrom Eric Friederich Christopher Darcy Frye Suzanne Gonzales Laura Green Donald Halliburton Kevin Hanks Geoffrey Hart Kristine Hartman Troy Hell Aaron Henderson Kevin Higgins Charity Hoffman Susan Hoffnagle Karl Holloway Lomay Hostetler Robin Hudson Michael Hungerford Brian Inman Jeff Jackson Shavi nie Jaramillo Shawn King Donna Logerstrom Karen Laprell Robert Lopez Michael Lorka Clifford Moddox Donnelle Molnik Maria McClintock Martin McElhaney Carlo Muldrow Deven Myers Deborah Napier Joellyn Oik Nicole Olsen Regina Pakilla Michelle Pangus Charissa Patterson Keith Payne Monica Payne Bryan Poynich Aaron Pedullo Edward Pepperell Jackie Perie Mark Perry Christopher Pestka Michael Petroy Michelle Pezold Kimberely Phillips Danny Pierce John Peitrzyk Robynne Piske Kristi Plimpton Nancy Polen Allan Pollard James Price Raymond Prince Sukori Pritchett Tomie Pritzkau Sonseearoy Puree!! Phil Purkey Jason Purvis Dawn Robinson Reggie Roland Lisa Rowbothom Jacqueline Shaft Dolores Shawver John Simon Brian Simpson Beth Smith Terry Stong Kevin Stiles Emmy Taylor Corolee Thornton Michael Thul Darek Tillman Michael Tomozin Brian Triggs Michelle Usko Eric Vinsek Jennifer Walker Kothryn Weber Laurel Weber Bryan Webster Jeffery Wendt Lori Wholey Tracey Wheat Jennifer Wheeler Paul Whitehead Brenda Williams Christal Williams Kelli Wilson Thomas Wong William Wray Kyle Wright Chad Yoder Kenji Yoshimura Lara Young Wayne Zuvers 142 Frosh 1989 Frosh 143 1989 144 Frosh 1989 Frosh 145 1989 rvTO d Denise Abbitt Jeffrey Abraham Shonae Acuna Mark Adamo Stephen Agosta Phyllis Agulrre Anthony Allard Janeen Allen Sheila Allen Darrell Amberson Julie Anderson Michelle Anderson Tonya Anderson Regina Archer Karen Ashmore Julie Austin Cheri Babinski Mario Bognole Michelle Baird Candace Balla Christine Bonos Tommy Borker Dary l Borkley Melissa Barnes Henry Borronzo Trent Bottershell Dawn Becker Julie Bedard Kevin Beech Michelle Beemon Kirsten Beerling Goldo Bellinger Tracy Bennett Gregory Berg Michael Berggren William Besore Eric Biggin Kristino Bignoli Mork Birdsoll Paulo Block Richard Block Julie Bloir Mark Blizzord Hons Blom Todd Blue Larry Bluhm Deborah Boatman Jose Bocanegro 148 Sophomores 1988 Chris Boegner Jean Bolsmo Joanne Bolt Michael Bonatto Shannon Bond Sonya Bonnette Richard Boon Christopher Bowley Kathleen Boyd Lisa Bozzuto Greg Bradford Joseph Brandon Holly Braudrick Scott Brazil Tracy Brechbiel Deanne Brevik Melissa Bridgman Robin Briggs Joann Brinkley Louann Brinkley Shayne Britton Katherine Broodwick Sandra Brookes Rick Brown Doryl Bryant Tricia Burkland Chuck Burt Michael Burzynski Patrick Buttermore Greg Calmese James Campbell Suzon Campbell Kimberly Carlin Andrea Carlson Heather Carlson Rochelle Carlson Lisa Carras Shane Carsten Kelly Carter Jay Caruthers Tomaro Castro Christine Catalono Christina Cavale William Champion Holly Chappell Karen Chappell Sara Chorbonneau Stacy Cheaney Sophomores 149 1988 Flag girl Mary-Beth Terrinoni carries out the Homecoming theme " Feel The Heat " with her Hawaiian look from head to toe. Photo right: Jessica Martin works on homework during lunch hour. IkH 4 Dawn Chesney Yong Cho Wendy Choplick Lisa Chouinard Drew Ciulla Rhea demons Douglas Cloud Charlie Coker Robert Colceri Diane Cole Jason Coleman Nancy Collicott Aimee Connolly Troy Conrad Lori Confreres Kristina Contryman Bradley Cooper Jennifer Cooper Tanya Corbin Christina Corey John Costa Dawn Cote Keith Covoloskie Rhonda Cozens William Crawford John Croteau Randy Cullin Christie Culp Scott Daley Cynthia Daniel 150 Sophomores 1988 Kristen Rynish, Adnenne Seba, Shannon Lane, and Nicole Woods just sitting around and talking during luncti break. Photo Right; Jason McConnell performs during the third annual Moon Valley talent show. Natalie Davilo Jason Davis Raquel Debernardis Mark Decker Michelle Dealy Shawn Demory Maria Desiderio Cheryl Dessaint Jim Devenney John Devore Eric Diana Jason Doan Ramon Dominguez Nancy Dotterer Donna Duffy Tracy Dunshee Russell Eddleman Justine Eichele Kristen Eidsness Tora Eisele Amy Ellis Ashley Ellis Shannon Emme Shannon Enders Randy Epson David Erbacher Kristie Erickson John Erskine John Evans Rochelle Fairchild Sophomores 151 1988 When the bell rings after lunch, many students rush to their lockers. J,V, Football players Tony Webber, Jeff Hakalmazian, and Trent Battershell watch the excitement of the pie eating contest during spirit week. Shane Fairchild Loretta Farjardo Karen Farney Kimberly Farrar Dean Farrell Robyn Farrell Melissa Fierabend Patricia Figueroa Kirk Finkbeiner Wade Finley Louis Fiore Abel Flores Anthony Flores Michelle Ford Kirk Fornnan Julie Frazier Rhonda Freed Joseph Gable Rosemary Gagliardi Mary Jo Galano Nikki Garcia Matthew Garringer Thomas Gavagan Tucker Geer Kenneth Gentry Julie Gerhart Gregory Gibbons Kathryn Gibson Brian Giddens Teresa Giles 152 Sophomores 1988 Sheila Allen, Tyann Rosmussen, Tracey White, and Jennifer Peckham have a short talk between classes. Gristle Valero and Jody Miller watch the Homecoming activities during lunch. Anthony Giljum Angela Gilliam Mark Girm sheid Joanne Godsil Scott Gohus Stephen Goldberg Jason Goltz Carlos Gonzales Ramsey Gonzales Tracy Gotschall Kevin Goyer Kimberly Grady Troci Grossley Angela Greco Eric Greener Nicole Gross Paul Guerber Robbin Guidi Raymond Guin Gary Gunter Diane Hagen Dinnelle Hagstedt Roger Main Jeffery Hakalmozian Beverlie Hall James Handzel Curtis Hanson Cristina Harbixon Claudine Harris Erin Harris Sophomores 153 1988 Diane Hartman Julie Hartsfield Travis Hash David Hasl ell Marilyn Haw kins Nadine Hayes Christina Hayes Magid Hazine David Helmer Ann Helmintaler Billy Henry Christopher Herring Pam Hicks Tim Hicks Michelle Hidalgo Kristin Higgins Stephanie Hight Karri Hinde Jeft Hinesly Jeffrey Hintz Melanie Hobbs Austin Holder John Holdman Sio Holland Robert Hollinger Benjamin Holm Michelle Holton Jeffrey Honanie Janette Honyouti Lonette Honyouti Condi Hopper Deborah Horov itz Glenn Hoffmann Laura Hov ard Lori Hov ard Deonna Hubbs Dan Hudson Lonnie Huggins Michael Hughes Dan Hull Dean Hurt Alan Huxford Scoff Huxford Jodi Imgarten Frank Inserna Tom Ippolito Thomas Irvin Kassie Jacka 154 Sophomores 1988 Kristy Jackson Chris Jaeger William James Lisa Jansen Trista Jaramillo Lisa Jaworski Bill Jeffrey Jennifer Johnsey Angela Johnson Chad Johnson Cherilyn Johnson Daniel Johnson Jeffrey Johnson Kori Johnson Krisfine Johnson Darren Jones Michael Jones Rhonda Jones Steven Jones Susanne Keiser Chuck Kelsay Shanon Kenens Stacey Kern Christopher Kibsey Tina King Rondo Kingsbury Paul Kleving Mark Kloppel Daniel Knight Jeffrey Knoch Tony Koch Jennifer Kohl Lori Kohlhose Sherry Kolle Sumer Konioz Pamela Konik Kara Koon Angela Kramer Kelly Kritkausky Andy Kugler Lono Kwok Bobi Lobarr Robert Lachonce Matthew Later Tina Lombros Wendy Landers Shannon Lane John Lankord Sophomores 155 1988 Candi Hopper and Brandi Raynes taking o break from classes for lunch. Photo left: Jim Devenney, Kevin Goyer, and Ronnie Naegelin hurry off as the bell rings. Timothy Larson Tomora Latimer Georgiana Lebario Jeanne Ledford James Lee Aaron Lewis Corey Lewis John Lewis Andrew Lima Anthony Linch Randy Lisciarelli Robert Liska Robert Loncaric Deborah Looman Maria Lopez Philip Louison Toni Lowry Annette Lucero Wendy IVIacholtz Kristine Mahatfey Harold Main Kim Malley Damian Malone John Mandile Louis Mangino Scott Manor Brian Marshall Jessica Martin Russell Martin Rafael Martinez i56 Sophomores 1988 Laura Payne, Cheri Bobinski. and Cassle Utterback talk with eacti other during their lunch Robyn Farrell shares the excitement with her friend Beverlie hour. Hall, who mode Pin Pals, Michelle Mastin Kimberly Mathews Kimberly Mattson Richard May Angela Mcbride Susan McClure Michael McGinnis Gregory McGlocklin Phillip Mcllveen Ruth McKee Heidi McKenney Heather McKenzie Teddie McKnight Alta McLaughlin Kenneth McMahon Robert McManamy Jose Melendez David Meliti Tracey Menten Robert Mercado Bob Merwin Daryle Messina Lavino Metzger Melissa Michaels Shari Middleswart Brian Miller Dwight Miller Jody Miller Kenneth Miller Shelley Miller Sophomores 157 1988 Tina Miller Angela Milowski Gary Modrak Melissa Mokha Christina Monroe Helen Moon Dianne Moore Kimberly Mowry Nidal Mukattash Christy Mullendore Brian Mullin Jodi Muniz Sarah Murphy Colleen Murray Lynn Mutka Anna Myers Christopher Myers Ronnie Naegelin Jason Nash Laurie Natale Daedra Nelson Deborah Nelson Amy Ness James Nettle Curt Neu Daniel Nicholson Bonnie Nikodijevic Richard Nillson Kevin Nitzel Cory Niver 158 Sophomores 1988 999 ■ ■ ■ CELERY ALERT! If ycxj ever thooght the value of celery was merely nutrttiorKal. think again It could save your life Okay, so it is a UTTLE far-fetched, but. according to Doctor Who, a British television series, celery turns purple Virfien exposed to toxic levels of radiation. Both Nysso of Traken (Laura Sichrovsky here) and ttie Doctor wear celery to ensure a correct radi- ation reading if both sticks of celery turn the dreoded purple, ttien the radiation level is too high for life forms such as theirs. If only one turns purple, then Nyssa has to flip a coin to decide virfiich reodng is correct. Hopefully. Laura has a quarter Brian Norenberg Kevin Norenberg Robyn Novak Melinda Oglesby Pamela Olson Brandon Ong Michele Orzechowski Joseph Ostroski James Ovi en Nicholas Pacione Rebecca Painter Michele Palomares Mark Patterson Stacey Patterson Laura Payne Kenneth Peake Jennifer Peckham Mark Pederson Jamey Pellegrini Troy Perkins Bryan Pesartic Nicol Peters Jeff Phillimore Jason Piske Connie Plambeck Rodney Poiston Katherine Poolav John Poquette David Porter Kindra Porter Sophomores ' 159 1988 Christine Post Lawrence Potts Cl-iarles Prodelt Pom Pratt Richard Price Julia Purdy Michael Puruleski Richard Quinton Scott Rakich Leah Raley Bryan Rambo Regina Ramirez Aaron Ramsay Jason Rondle Tyann Rasmussen Amy Raver Robert Ray Brandi Raynes Anthony Reale Jeannie Reid Heather Reutter Dana Reznik Adam Rhynard Monique Rife Katherine Rigby Dean Rigoli Kristie Riley Michael Riley Cynthia Roberts Phyllis Roberts Tom Roberts Tishanna Roberts Lee Robinson Stacey Robinson Robert Rodame Todd Rodgers Jennifer Rogers Elizabeth Rohner Michael Romero Jose Rosario Robert Rosene Lance Roth Katherine Roush Terri Rowe Brian Rubio Bonnie-Jean Ruch John Rudolph Amy Rudzinski W ' " 1 ¥1IS 160 Sophomores 1988 Cerie Rumbold Barbara Runyan Rochelle Runyan April Russell Jason Russell Susan Rutherford Kristin Rynish John Sagasta Stephanie Salcido Martin Samplin James Sandoval Joseph Santa Robert Santa-Cruz Michael Sawyer Tracy Scheiber Leah Schlicker Jeffrey Schmied Bernadette Schneider Diane Schuldt Tammie Schwartz Cynthia Scott Tonya Scott Angela Scrivano Adrienne Seba Kevin Segal Sunny Seger Solvatore Seminera Todd Severnak Douglas Seward Adam Shaffer Diana Shaw Brian Shcolnil Randy Shepard Paul Shivelhood Suanne Shultz Laura Sichrovsky Jim Sidabras Michele Sidabras Kristin Skogen Shawn Slatcher Brian Slinkard Elizabeth Sloan Danny Smith Darrin Smith Renee Smith Rick Smith David Sneed Kathey Spongier Sophomores 161 1988 « ' V I H IHPV Kr W i • " ffij m: 1 J ■mkA Kristi Von-Aspen and Maria Desiderio are more than happy Joe Gable speaks with his friends as he makes his way toward his locker, in his to pose for a picture. " COOL SHADES " . Julie Sparks Charles Speer Karrie Spoors Regina St. Clair Wendi St. Mary Tausha Stapley Gary Steele Kimberly Stemmler Deanne Stevens Stacey Steward Amy Stigdon Anthony Strait Christina Stillwell Shawn Strayer Steve Stromnes Charles Stuart Matt Stubbs Jason Sturges Anita Styles Jodie Sutter Dwight Swain Anita Szol e Michael Szoke Jeffrey Szymura Lisa Tank Steven Tank Melissa Tee Sonja Templeton David Tennison Mary-Beth Terrinoni 162 Sophomores 1988 gSnsSS Robbie Hollinger and Chris Jaeger talk with a friend during lunch, Christina Stillwell. Were you caught off-guard by the camera? Aundrea Thatcher Chelly Thomas Edward Thomas Kelly Thomas Gregory Thome Danny Thompson Suzette Thul Mick Tillman Denise Tissaw Jodi Toraason Stephanie Toth Meredith Trapp Dina Trebitowski Brian Trisdale Casey Trojanek Steve Tryon Dennis Turensky Corlotto Turman Tammy Uhan Sharon Ulery Tony Ulses Lisa Upshir Cassandra Utterback Charlene Vadovich Christine Valero Dawn Valery Shannon Valery Jennifer Vonsteinburg Nick Varca Vanessa Vargas Sophomores 163 1988 Rhonda and Larry, Trying to figure out what to do for lunch. Nilda Velez Christina Ven-Roy Darrin Veros Robert Villanueva Tracie Vinsel Justine Virgil Denise Vlahos Stacy Volk Kelli Volz Kristi Von-Aspen Melissa Walker Carrie Wallratf Ian Wang 1 C " Carlo Washington jjg l k Delon Wosho W Tom Wasylow W •--.- 7 Jeffrey Wotkins to w Robert Watts X. Anthony Webber Tommy Weber Kristen Wellborn Julie Wholley Kristino Whipple Trocey White Mendy Whittoker Michele Wickersheim Joson Wilde Lyie Wilhelm Elizabeth Williams Scott Wilmont 164 Sophonnores 1988 Tony Zuniga Tom Estelle CAMERA SHY Chad Wilson Paul Wilson Stacey Wilson Sarah Wincel Theresa Wingfielcl Deborah Winters Adam Wodrich ' oni Wolfe Nicole Woods Rodney Wooldridge Jeffrey Woolwine Kevin Wright Shannon Wurtsmith Dawn Xinos Tronci Young Chris Zapp David Ziegler Kenny Ziegler Angle Anderson Kimberly Anderson Laura Bear Cynthia Boyuka Elaine Carlile Steve Casper Ronold Cunningham Karen Dickson Brian Elling Dereck Henry Tena Hughes Michael Lapierre Rikki Larson K ' halid Mateen Jason McConnell David Morse Laura Nelson Jennifer Nold Kenneth Pewitt Christy Seaton Joseph Smith Jeri Stephens Shawn Wagner-Hunt Connie Whittaker Michelle Williams James Wroy Camilla Zunino Danica Widstrom Sophomores 165 1988 Mike Aaneson Derek Abbitt Nicole Abbitt Terri Abney Gina Ademo Amy Aird Erica Akerstrom Duncan Allen David Ambush Julie Amick David Anderson Luis Andino Antoinette Andrews Candy Appleby Devin Armentrout Andrea Arnold Stephanie Arnold Wendy Arnold Traci Aubuchon Joel Ayers Larry Ayers Rodney Baer Eric Bally Daniel Baker Diane Baker Robert Bakken Thomas Balcom Gil Balderrama Jenni Ball Steven Bathazor The guys get together and talk at lunch Deanna is filling out retake information. 168 Juniors 1987 Terry Barash Mark Barbone Jody Barker Kristine Barnett Linda Barett Kimberly Barron Alan Bartlett Danny Basham Brad Bassett Roselyn Batroni Men Beadle Edward Beals Melinda Bean Keri Bearden John Beaubien Richard Becerra Tiffany Becker Pamela Beckwith 1 Christopher Beerling Michelle Beagley Randall Behm Sherry Bellinger Mark Benavidez Steve Bender Barbera Bennett Philip Bennett Tim Bennett Jason Bentz Christina Berg Tara Berglin Everybody say " cheese " Tammy Sanders — you look MAR- VELOUS! Juniors 169 1987 Stephanie, Brandi, and Diane sit on campus to eat lunch. Rebecca Betebenner Christine Biddle David Blair Micheal Blau Mark Blilie Glen Boegner Dave Bone Jodie Bottoms Paul Boucos Stephen Bowen Melanie Brackin Rebecca Brackins Tom Bradbeer David Bradford Mark Brakebill Christine Branddell Laura Brickman Shavw-n Briggs Roberta Briner Shannon Britt David Britts Teresa Brooks Kenneth Brov n Rachel Brov n Chris Broz Susan Brya Gina Burdette Tamara Buskirk Dynda Butcher Paul Buttermore W ,7f: (lli M 170 Juniors 1987 Derek Abbit expresses his hunger at lunch. James Cabrera John Calder Roni Caldwell Susan Canterbury Dawn Cantrell Matthew Carden Mike Carlson Anthony Carnes Renee Carney Tammy Carpanzano Mark Carbarro Gregory Cateilier William Cavanagh Cheri Caverly Christopher Chandler Ken-An Chen Irmita Clark Debera Coley Lisa Collins Michelle Conley Brand! Cooper Rod Core Nejad Cosic Christopher Cote John Cotter Traci Cottrell Jason Cox Stephanie Cox Ricky Crider Kenneth Crosby Juniors 171 1987 Lisa David Neicia Davidson Jeff Davis Scotf Dav son Maria De-la-cruz William Deal Kafhy Deely Gary Deise Christopher Delgado Tami Depriest Chris Dessaint Sean DiPbern David Dilgard Claudine Dimitriou Cassie Dingemans Todd Dishon Lance Ditton Karen Dodge Susie Donaldson David Dooley Joy Dovj Chris Dovj Kothy Downing Michael Doyon 14 Fran - practicing choir after school, P m at lunch with her mouth open, as always. Are you going to get sick Noel?! 172 Juniors 1987 Tracey-Lee Draper Michael Drop Kim Drummond Kenneth Dryden Patricia Dubasik Dan Duckro David Dunleavy Hank Durham Tracy Eacock Janeen Eggerstrom Tina Ehlert Byron Ellis Heather Engel Robbie Esslinger David Estrada Aaron Evans Rondo Evans Sandra Evans Angela Fociano Kim Foirbrother John Falkenberg Meiyndo Farrell Matt Fauss Andrew Fenicle Samara Ferber Jasmin Fernandez Tracey Fetter flj James Field Douglas Fierbend Laurie Fillman Devin, Charlie, and Wayne are in o go getter mood for gome that awaits them, Clint takes a break from his 5th hour to get a drink. m immm 7., Juniors 173 1987 Reece expresses his feelings Amy, who is making you laugh?! on a blah Monday morning. Robert Finan Carlo Fischer Paul Fitzgerald James Jr. Flock Comola Floyd Geri Fortune Brent Frozier Richard Freeman Brandy Frieze Stephanie Fryer Francesco Gogliordi Rosa Garcia Shelly Gorone Amy Garrett Casey George Jeffery George Jill Gilbreth Gavin Gilcrease Ellen Gilien Belinda Gillespie Javier Gilmore Jeffery Girard Bonnie Gluck William Gonzales Monique Gonzalez Kelly Gosnell Jodie Gowens Lisa Graham Gregg Granado Lyn Grant 174 Juniors 1987 The guys discuss the big game ahead of them Greg practices his lip exercises for choir Kristi Grassley Bob Gray Robert Gray Julia Graybill Gary Gregg Caroline Grothaus Carrie Guinn Colleen Gunkel Denise Gunl el Sheila Gunter Kevin Haeberle Carol Haggerty Cynthia Hakalmazian Brenda Hall Vincent Hall Lynne Hallford Michelle Hamilton Justine Hammer Traci Hansom Bradley Hardin John Hart Dennis Hassing Carol Hatley Veronica Havings Ben Hawkins Brian Hav kins Dale Hays Francis Heaney Kim Heemer Jason Helton Juniors 175 1987 William Henderson Margaret Hendricks Steven Hendricks Joseph Hendrickson Jerry Henry Brondi Hentges Mictielle Herndon Jodi Hick Brett Higbee Stephanie Higgins Kyle Hillegass Lisa Hitafter Michael Hodges Dawn Hotfman Eliso Hoftman Richard Holiinger Wendy Holm Lisa Holt Becky Horey Janice Horton Rene Houses Stephanie Hovey Judson Humphrey Wendy Hunt Sara Hussain Jeffrey Hutton Raymond Iddings Jess Ingram Joe insero Julia Jackson John Cotter strolls ttirougti the school campus at lunch, Tracy Merz on her way to the locker room after enjoying the schools lunch. 176 Juniors 1987 i--i t¥v Kimberly Jackson Lucas Jackson Rodney Jakes Diane James Ria Jaramillo Jeff Jenkins Derrick Jharoo Daniel Johnson Doug Johnson Eric Johnson Erica Johnson Hollie Johnson Leslie Johnson Michelle Johnson Shonan Johnson Tia Johnson Troci Johnson Vance Johnston Christopher Jones Jennifer Jones Krista Jones Micheal Jones Thomas Jones Connie Jungemann Mark Kohrl Phillip Kahrl Doug Kane Kimberly Karcher Wendy Kauffman Jeffrey Keoton Stephanie and Lynn in a cheerful mood!!! Juniors 177 1987 ■«. . Chris Bearly — taking a picture of creepers with a pin hole comero Michelle Johnson heads to the locker room to exchange books. James Keenan Scott Kelly Terry Kelly Chris Kenny Malia Kidd Brian Kidney Emily Kleesctiulte Jennifer Klien Rita Kocti Darlene Kowacz Shannon Krebbs Michael Kreitzer Balenda Kuester Deborah Kuhajda Shari Lacoss Shawn Lanbert Jeanette Lamphier Annette London Kothryn Lang Matt Lange Jeonine Lanzer Edward Lawrence Melissa Leddy Fran Ledger WW 178 Juniors 1987 Lym and Lisa walk to doss together SiJiT Lori Lee Ralph Lemons Matthew Lentz Cris Leonhardt Malinda Libby Peggy Lin Yuhang Lin Daniel Lindquist Kelley Linton Steve Lisko Jennifer Little Sandra Little Mario Liuzzo Chad Lober Sean Lochridge Michelle Loftus Kimberly Longenecker Christine Lord Holly Lorka Perry Lowe Candy Lucas Ann Ludwig Larry Luke Marc Lynch Tony Lype Cathleen MacDonald Christine MacDonald Heather MacDonald Marty Mack Mark Macomber Juniors 179 1987 Paul Mager II Richard Maiocco Douglas Moloney Cheryl Mallory Moryonne Moloney Laura Moneely Mark Monney Patrick Mons Linda Marks Robby Morkson Tricio Marvin Eric Morx Renee Mostin Spase Motovski Peter McBride Trovis McChesney James McDonald Kristy McDonald Bethany McElhoney Joel McElroy Debbie McElwoin April McFarlond Hugh McGeough Scott McGerty Mary McGough Pom McGuire Lenord Mcllveen Michael McKee Justin McKeivey Michelle McKenno 180 Juniors 1987 TOUCHDOWN!!! Brandi and Ronda walk to doss on o Tuesday morning. Carlo McKenzie Kassandra McKeown Michael McManamy Lisa Meobon Heather Mecham Robert Meddleton Mark Mellott Matt Mercer Doug Merwin Tracy Merz Brian Meythaler Noel Michael Jeft Middleswart Jeffery Midkiff John Miller Laura Mills Donna Minor Dawn Monet Tom Montalto Carl Moore Michelle Moore Staci Moore Amy Morgenstern Christine Morris Heidi Morris Ming Moss Ted Moss Joseph Mozeris Michael Murray David Musick Nicole, should we? Juniors 181 1987 Shawn are you actually on time today? Mike and Jeff back to bock. David Myers Michelle Myers Stephanie Myers Lavonne Napier Ronnie Neitz Mark Nelson Dana Newman Thuy-Ha Nguyen Pamela Nicastle Scott Nichols Julie Nieschuiz Traci Nikolaus Lisa Niver David Nixson Deanna Nobe Alex Nolan Kenneth Novotny Christine Oconnor Joseph Oconnor Roy Oddo Lora Okelly Robert Oldham Eric Olson James Ortega Karen Osborn Katy Pabst Dianna Pacheco Jesse Padilla Maria Palermo Michael Palermo 182 Juniors 1987 " ' " , Aren ' t friends Mahvelous?! i ' fTJia William Paluch Robert Panzer Steven Patricl Michelle Paxton Michael Peri Antonio Peru Kevin Peterson Mike Phetteplace Kim Phillips Stephanie Phillips Stacy Pickrel Jill Plass Kathryn Pollak Liezei Pomorski Michael Pooler Joelle Poovey Jerrod Pralle Cathy Price Barry Pritchett Patrick Prudhomme Heather Purcell Vincent Purcell Jeffery Queen Dustin Ramsey Melissa Randolph Bill Ratkovich Eydie Ray Julie Reed Kenneth Reed Bill Reid Juniors 183 1987 Stacie Rennie Scott Reutter Damon Reynolds Jacqueline Rhodus Leslie Rhynard Bobby Ricca Michelle Rice Richelle Riggle Matthew Robbins Robert Roether Joe Roland Mark Rose Tammy Rosen Dennis Rowe Debra Rowlett Robbie Rundall Paul Runyan Patrick Russell Traci Sackrider Dawn Sodowsky Martin Saldamando Valerie Sanchez Tammy Sanders Nickole Sarahs Kimberly Saunders Gena Schaublin Ronald Schaum Lisa Schifano Amy Schmid Diane Schnell k»4«iUi.4 Lisa Holt — don ' t look at us like Angle devours o delicious cafeteria luncti before her next that. class. J« ' li ' ' ' ■ } ' 184 Juniors 1987 Kevin Schoeff Jim Sclnraven Jennifer Schroeder Dawn Schultz Hans Sedore Matthew Segal Steven Serafin Angie Shiafer Scott Shank Kathleen Shaw Tracy Sheble Misty Sheldon Lisa Shelton Tonya Sherck Robert Sichrovsky Karen Silverthorn Erik Silvey Krista Simmons Michael Simon Tricia Skelton Scott Skinner Alissa Smith Bruce Smith Linda Smith Cindy Sorensen Del Spongier Wayne Spence Melissa Spero Down Spinelli Kathy Storrett Juniors gather around the " Junior Bench " . Juniors 185 1987 It ' s casual. Gotcha!!! Deborah Stauch Raymond Steele John Sterner Kathy Steury Skipper Steward Chantel Stillwell Gary Stone Stephanie Stroud Stephanie Surratt Joy Swader Annette Tollabas IVIichelle Temme Lawrence Tennison Suzanne Terhorst Stephanie Terry Gabriel Tesnado Karl Thieike Becki Thomas William Thomas John Thompson Dee Thompson Matthew Thrush Kristine Thumma Dana Toporek Renee Torres Gaylynn Trapp Cynthia Triggs Pamela Triggs Stephen Tripodi Angle Trojanek 186 Juniors 1987 Kelly and Michelle sit and soak up the afternoon sun while drawing Lone Turner John Tutell Valerie Unger Yvonne Voldez Steven Vonoller Kellie Vandever Kothy VonLeeuwen Brent Vonnier Terry Vonnoy Edvk ord Vosko Michael Vernon Cindy Veros Douglas Vigano Gino Waddell Michael Walker Cassandra Wallace Kathryn Warner Wendy Warren Tonya Watts Chris Webster Christine Webster Michael Weege Vern Wegleitner Sean Welton David Wheeler Daniel Whitaker Robin White Derek Whitehead Jim Whitehead Mark Wild Juniors 187 1987 Kevin Williams Machelle Williams Nona Williams Stace Williams Ronda Wilson Scott Winn Micheal Wong Robert Wood Holly Woodrutt Angela Woods Derek Wright Casey Wyatt Todd Yogerst Kristan Young Reece Young Peggy Zimmer Adam Ziraks Albert Zuvers — 111 Daren Diguardi Tom Wenger Mike Winklepleck Tricia Shaw Anna Dorman Camera Shy Anastasia Bieker Jill Humphreys Gilda Sebern Charlie Brooks Rick Ivie Kelley Shepard Mike Calmese Nancy Kennemer Shelly Shoop Shellie Chase Nancy Lathan Kim Smith Raymond Codd Kelly Ledtord Synthia Sowell Louis Core Mark Libby Robert Stevens Sonya Dederich Nighia Ly Patrick Stewart Jay Derousse Marilyn Moskowitz Brad Tennont Delea Fair Kimberly Neri Jennifer Thomas Denise Guthrie Tina Polston Celeste Thompson Anne Henige Lonnie Power Christopher Thuran Elizabeth Hill Gloria Quintana Vinh Tran Lisa Howard John Richey Terri Turner Micheal Hudson Erin Riordan Dale Veillon Brian Humphreys Andrew Rittschof Deanne Vlahos Robert Rodriguez Tracey Wilbanks Christy Saltz Ron Williams 188 Juniors 1987 Juniors 189 1987 -1 »« -T. _v -■. ' (?,• ' ' .-i..- ?: :-; :■ Amy Abdai Tom Ackerman Lacy Allard Christine Allen Anthony D, Alo Laura Altfeltis Mandy Alvarado Cynthia M. Ambrozic Deanna L. Anderson Eileen M, Andrews Kelly P. Andrews Scott L. Arias Lori A. Armenta Christopher B. Arviso Eric A. Austin Steve R, Austin ■■HP .d ■■■r k Kevin W. Aydelotte Chantel M. Bach Phillip W. Bailey Bryan Baker i92 Seniors Abdai Dianna M. Baker Lisa R. Baker September E. Baldridge Julie A. Ball Brian G. Banks Danny A. Barkley Beth A, Barney Joseph D, Barresi Nicol (Misty) M. Barry Scott K. Bartholomew Mark K. Boyso Patricia A. Bear Rick Beaubien Craig S. Belanger Richard Bercovich Holley S Berkowitz -•An+horrrA.-Bevilacqua - Mario A, Birsa Caron C, Boatman Travis P. Bond Seniors 193 Bond Mtietvuv n tastfu:- Tandy A. Boor Lisa M. Boucos David A. Bradford Mary C. Brady Ray C. Brandenburg Sheryl L. Brawn Timothy T, Bridgewater Richard E. Bright Thomas Britt Karen A. Brookes Kevin T. Brovi n Alan A. Brown Scott E. Bryan Darren A. Bryant IVlark Buck Michelle L, Buffington Pamela D. Bunt Paul L Bunt Jacquelyn J. Burkhart Barbra Burt 194 Seniors 1986 Kimberly Cathey Dean W. Covin Steve Chapman Tyler Chapman Gary Clapham i Y Kevin Cleere Bryan G. Coley Lori Collins Michelle Conde Kimberly A. Countryman Becky Cooke John Core Seniors 195 1986 Kimberly C. Cornelios Geralyn I. Corvo Debbie E. Cotton Christine A. Coughiin Beth Dawson Brenda IVI, Debernardis Alyssa Deboy Barbara A. DeDecker 196 Seniors 1986 Terese F DeDecker Dana R. Defeo Donna Delaney Cari R. Denning Timothy B. Depriest Vincent Desiderio Mark Deymonaz Kevin L. Dietrich James R. Dilgard David S. Dishmon Sue A. Disparti Frank Donahue Roger T. Donoghue Michelle R. Dowler Robert E. Downing Linda K. Druyor Stan C. Duellman Carl R. Ekstrom Scott Elwell Douglas W. Emrich Seniors 197 1986 Bryan E. Enders Katy M. Englehorn Sonja Erskine Lisa K. Farney Kristen A. Fenicle Christine E. Fenton Kyle J. Fernandez Noel Fernandez David M, Fierabend Ricl Figgs Stacey A. Finl beiner Patricia Firlit Kim Flanigan Alfred B. Flores Mario Flores Timothy Folvarsky Rusty French Troy D. Gahring V Miguel Galeano Bo Galloway 198 Seniors 1986 Mary K. Galuski Brett D. Gappa Sally Garceau Anita Garcia Robert A. Gardner Yvonne M Gastelo .r ' ll Mark D. George Michael A. George James L. Gibson Burton Giddens Jenevette R. Gillespie Ed Gilman Ana Gioia Patty L. Glomski Mary L. Gonzales Lori Goss Walter Gotschall Suzette L, Gould Tom A, ( raef Darcel Gray Seniors 199 1986 Mm John Griffin Eric Grubbs Amanda J. Guerrero Mark A. Hafemeyer Jodi L, Hall Cynthia A. Haller Melissa D. Hamby Devron D. Hanks Jeffrey Hanthorn Shawn Hartley Teresa J. Heberer Daniel M. Hendricks Laraine A. Herring John C. Hertneky Thomas W. Hess Stephanie M. Heyer Elizabeth Kristin L. Hinde Karen K. Hobbs Mark Hoewing 200 Seniors 1986 Michael S. Hoewing Rick Hogg Stanley D. Holland Vivian Holm Theresa Holman Carol A. Holt Jenifer Holt Franklin J. Hoover Sarah Horowitz Victor L. Howard Angela M. Hudson Michelle K. Hughes Lisa Irby Roger Irvin Kenneth P. Jackson Tiffany L. Jonkowski Seniors 201 1986 Blake B. Jensen Julie Jepson Gary W. Johnson Shoreece A, Johnston Jennifer D. Jones Michelle L, Jones David A. Kahrl Steven M. Kaminski Greg Kelledy Patricia A. Kelly Rondo D. Kennemer i m I Rick-Alan Kerr Kenneth Kissom Jackie M, Kerr Erica Klein Sherri Kline 202 Seniors 1986 Kevin K. Kluge Claudia Koehnken Bret P. Kortie Jeff Krawczyk Steven J, Krawczyk Robert E. Kritkausky Tarl R. Kudrick Susan L, Kurowski Vincent T. Kwok Annanda Landers Jennifer L. Lange Janet lash Jerry N, Lecompte Lynette M. Leggiere Kurt W. Lehrman Kelly Leigh Nathan T. Leinweber Michelle R. Lenz Michael Lerma Bryan D, Lewis Myles S. Lewis Sandra M. Lewis Kelly C. Lifgren Bobby F Lima Seniors 203 1986 Kristie Lindeman Lori Luke Donna M. Lorenz Frank E, Lynch Susan E, Ludwig Steven D. Major Mohammed M. Malley Elisa A, Mancini Carlo A, Marono Lisa D. Marciano Richard A. Martin llene J. Mark Lisa A, Markson Scott M. Marshall 1 JgJ H i K 1 iK ' 9 204 Seniors 1986 Kerri Maxwell Tina M, May James E, McGee James R. McKee Sean L. McKeever Matthew G. McNutt Victoria T, Melendez Edwardo A, Mendez Debbie L. Messina Jakie A. Meyer Mark Meyer Bradley B, Michels Eric Micotti Bryan Midkiff Todd R, Miller Brett S, Mills Charles R (Bucky) Mills E, Mirior Seniors 205 1986 Lisa Mocci William Morgan Kevin S, Monaglian Kenneth L, Moore V John E. Moron Amy A. Morris Joseph D, Muniz Koteri A. Munoz Daniel Norcott Michelle Norwood John O ' Connel Cory R, Oftedahl M 206 Seniors 1986 Shawn M, Ogren Stephen C. Ong Jill J, Ormond Lauri A. Owen Kimberly K. Owsley Shawn Page Koryn L, Paine Donna M Painter " »N " . ■ ..a2 ' |3 1 4t EI ' ' r R 9 .- . " V Lisa C Payne Kinnberly Pearson Anne V Pederson Tamra A, Pedigo Barbara J. Peel Emily A. Pfefferkorn Wenoi r.c rel Carol Plambeck Dawn Plank Seniors 207 1986 208 Seniors 1986 Debra Potter Ross M. Potter Jillynn Pratt Debbie L. Pruett Brenda J, Purgill Darrell L. Purlee Wendy L, Quijado Marcela Quintana Tim G. Riffle Christopher Riggs Kim Ri( Deanna L. Robinson In Pamela L, Robinson Mark D. Rodrigues Jennifer L. Rogers Linda J. Rolland Michelle R, Romaniwski William Rosamond James N. Rubinstein Jill Ruggles Gary S, Russell Scott A. Russell Lisa Leigh Sandera Kellene L, Schantz Katrina E, Schassler Steven Schmell Kristen A, Schwarth Holly Scott Toby M. Scovel Scott A. Scriver Shannon M. Seaman Derek E. Sears Seniors 209 1986 Kelly J. Shcolnik Scott D. Sherck Shannon Shirley Shelly Shiverly Rifko Silber Leif Simon Ken I , Skelton Chad Skogen 210 Seniors 1986 Donna L, Sopiak Mark R. Spadafore Mark Spongier Amy K, Sparks Stacey J. Speigler T - 1 " _ - Tammy J r-no Richard E, Spires Richard L. Stefanko Shannon Steinmetz Richard Strones Jennifer Summers Joy Swader Robbi D. Swain David M. Swanson Jennifer R. Sworfhouf Margie Swearingen David M. Szabo Steve D. Szpyrka Carlos M. Telles Albert E. Temme Rob :;rt l Thayer Lisa M. Thomas Michelle Thon Seniors 211 1986 Valerie Thon Camille C. Throcknorton Greg E. Thul Susan M, Tocko . Donna M. Tousont Vu L. Trari Lisa L. Tripodi Michael P. Trunzo Michael Tucci Adrion C. Turman Greg A. Ulses Douglas A, Upshir Brad E. Vadovich Michelle Van-Heusen Jody K. Vance Jill M. Vandermeulen 212 Seniors 1986 Anthony B. Vasquez William Velez Terry Vernon Sheri Vigliotte Kerry Vinson Donna M, Voss Deborah J, Waddington Michelle N, Walsh Shoryn D. Walsh Kathleen A. Woltman Suzanne M. Warner Gian P. Watt Chrissy A, Webley Edward E, Weeden John E, Welch Tina Wiggins Donald P. Wilcox Ronald R. Wilcox Joseph S. Wilkes Maria L. Willman Heather A. Wilson Aaron M. Wincel Diana M, Witter Gregory Wolf Seniors 213 1986 Sharron K. Wood Jeff E, Woodring Jonathan C. Wretlind Kevin D. Wright i lI p 1. ' m I kM TW William G. Wrightsman Kristen Wruck Laura M. Xinos Dana L. Ybarra Yvette Ybarra Jacqueline G. Yee Mary E. Yoshimura Lawrence D. Young Jr. Shannon L. Zak Isabel Anderson Kim A. Spucess Paula Turigliatto Camera Shy Jill Anderson Lori Armenta Mario Badendick Scott Ballo Richard Beatty Joseph Brown Gina Beck with Sean Brown Randy Berger Nick Cano Andte Black Matthew Casbarro Leroy Black-Tall-Deer Robert Chabak Bill Bobo Anthony Cipollaro Craig Bockrath Jeft Derousse Cassandra Bonertz Chris Deweii Sharon Bradford James Diamond Carol Breading Bradford Diana 214 Seniors 1986 Carlos Diaz Denise Hani Kevin Dicks Benny Hays James Duggef l?ick Hogg Susan Dunham Manso Holand Mario Eberie RoDert Holland Bruce Esag Jensen Hononie Ginnv Farrell Tom Irons Micfiael Feaenco Paul Jaromiilo PquIo Ferretra Chris Jensen Steve Fiiiion Shone Jone Michael Fisher Nick Jerkovic Ten Forman Leigh Kelly Steven Francis Michelle Kerlin Steve Gott Joseph King Scott Green Michael Kist Staci Hon Patty Kuiiander Kimberly Hollberg Roy Lucero Jockie Lutz Dustin Nelson Larry Maggio Thuy Ngyen Karen Moine Karen Northfield Debbie Mailoy Chorlene Null Ten Marshall Barry Oemler Laurie Martinez Kelly Osheim Melissa Matasic Joseph Postore Mike McGerty Kurt Pederson Trisho McGroph Rudy Peru Jr Carrie Mclntire Joe Petroy Stacey Mclnster Brenda Phillips David McVittie Carol Price Michael Mercodo Kimberly Reed John Miconi Karrie Revieo Richard Morrison Milindo Rite Dean Morrison Tina Rose Pomelo Murry Mike Neal Tamoro Rowe Eric Sweeny Ginger Ruiz April Sylvester Chortle Ruton Heothet Tomozin Paul Scnvano Joseph Tornombe Michoel Shobkie Yvonne Troehler Korl Shelton Brad Vadovich Cythia Sichrovsky Gregory Veotch Don Smith Darren Walter Lonnie Smith Jason Wamble Solley Smith Craig Webb Marvin Smoot Cindy Whitehead Jenniter Souders Michael Youhas Marcus Steele Gidget Zitzmon Mark Sterrett Ed Zmorzly Enn Stevens Chorlene Zorn Virginia Stidsen o - K- . -!■ ' .•, ■ - ' ' i- ' .T. ■ i -v- . ■ ea -3.--j .y : ' he ' i- ., - .- -,■-, ■-,... o t £ f ft A Hudson — Thorfci tty OfOttM m© rito CfKXi Gong Hooe vow hove soc e ?irouct rt ' i e future crr acnefrror — VOfirtv GOfl (A y S) JV Boske ' coi FretfiTrock — MV isfnegreoi es ' K T. inooe vcxjQotoMAUso vou wor i Detotorowo lom oej ' fnenojOonooa Steve we I fxave gieo ' " T ej al asu Mr Joseci — vou e tne E est coocn Dwt i w Oeot yoo or e o ' ihej© cJoys D C ana L A voo ' e ' f e Oest ctxpie inonkj fof eve ' y- (tw (Tom and dod Locy A ofd — Dusttxjsle ' s f loglne. Ooe M We were orougfit o ' fvs Eorth rwl lo lee irtfcxjgri one oivjthe ' txi " to lee ooe oryjir er trwouoTi Doo yOu le my orwy love MoTi Doo lhdr«is fof everywing Tony youce the Dei ' Cxotr e ' o ort coJO ewe hove Li i?on. oood luc »% 8-6c» S j vex lv»n to col ON TA SO DA Good uc i to vOu JF movTriesuineverv« " 8 e W loi o Ante " » — Moooi ' o ' i Soenjckj Sen Of Cioss Senato« f. ' Ca — ' ov yo ' 1 1 oroo ' j» — mi i« isteor vou ' e ipeco ' f io — vOu ' 6 ofwoyi theie ' tn» W ' L C S M S V J S — Good ock- Koren — Keep cc»- rtQ ' Kn Th.. good tucn w c4 Dyodo — i won " Ofget ' GG — -J yOw only knew ' Rod D — vou ' e o sweetie ' P B — EngUh wo loof yi ' BC - con!hoveorKJe ' ' MomQrKl Ood — ' nx 3e il ' SyeOye M V Yoo ' e l ' C-nov A.rr oz e — VoOe»Do« 0 ' ch©j.i 23 1 lony wnot con 1 «j» we ue fnoiv mode it ' Voo re n v wefy Doi ' f e«xJ and ' hope rfsfaystNa ' wdytoreveit Get oesior OCti to you OfwOyi Coke (1 .1 ' I ' rVi 4 I wnh you on»y tne oett i ck rr vDe sofr e- ddyi n always love ou Mv rrvyiwi lof eve ' y " vrig [JonOy Phodei Wei oo ' Deonno AnOefson — Mom ft OoO — ilxmOi tot DeTig tr e greateii po ' enti Locy vou ore he Dejfeji triona (JOunO Motceto Don Ste e Tom ond 06 6 — Thonfej lot monrig this the oes ' y ' E " c 6 — hope you hove a Qfoot tenty y Wv «fe Jonyo — mo, the rei ' o yo r gh jchoo " yfl be greot ' Thanks VTvhSi i love you o» ' We »d i Locy BODei Anderton — Spondh c jD Ochew D£CA CO€ — tsoDout ffT e ' JB J Time moflopnie ' ' DC — U U UNUSUAl ' ftjt i wuv vo ' WF — TnanidoithepeDtoiisai2am ' u j yQr ' 6eit2uft vooMQSte " Cl — ullrho KSi ' ttoo ' J ' --■ " -•e " . - ■ " -■Tfoa. 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A»ae»otte - Boseooi Wieitiog — We people co ' ch yo kjte ' Mom ondDod thanistor9ve ' y tv-)g Mofto rememoe ' A ' - " ■»« ' 0 ck ond Kenn how t Ne ond Bob ' ' JOmes wit •grvote us Thonki to O " m, l ' «nds Eve ' vone BMX s ■! ond vou con t I ' OD rr ►Ayo BodenK: — h e D o — Anne you ' e tnegfeotesi js " twTif soon ix con you s ' S ' PUT GATC«if Oc ' fey heie we con e PAyk my one omy we ve hod gieo ' tmes It s Deen the best y o( miy Ite Vol St Ck w it A 6 . m yoms Bfon boei — I?ick Oumc the junk and good KjCk vtfith you new wite (Me) Scott Shoot st ' ognt or c3 tone i ' Meeiv Toby Scott got o red ' Beth so hi ' to Jm Nosnjm and fJich pefson tot Tie Kevn good " ock with tt e ' OCing LQtef f toon Voaey Oonno Bofcer — Tneoter Adj 3 ys — Kot we ve » X3»¥ mode it Odby l tove you tots, Dest buddy aiwoys ' Jen. you cfoiy goi youteogiea ' ifiend WotchihemO ' S ' tove ,ai Deco yoij poof kid. 3 mofe yecxs ' 6e good S don ! gel r trouDte ' Love yO d- wQ Sis ' ? s u !T a ;erw but " ove yo ' Septemoe E BoKlridge — John and Tro i wiih vou both only the beitest Dud ' Con vOu De»eve ' t s been 7 yis " To t j e vou fT i I tove you SEB A eBoi — HE l?o — CMTMMG YouO» Dfetty lunny to-«s in 1st ond 2rta hf 3 0 h( egg n- rrxjtfins we ' e g edt Oeod time J (Job ' tove you and wei hove o gieot Me togethei Good»uckne»t yeor Bob Thoni mom onaddd Bion Bcr»i% — Wei its f» a v oxe ono ■■ don (De evc " Tooei ' Vjwdstrme toP de The Lightnog Scunt f em.emDe tG l hte ' " . yov Cgi 6eb Try not tc thfou rhck Vega s fceve Ihoniis tc the he c mom. ond doo Goodbye ond Good tix to ot BethBofnev — Park ft Uec 1-8 — Mom Ood tnon» lof oi vOurk3veondsu»Ofttfifu the yeofV VW OS JD CP SM cT EC ono olmyiockerbuds — icoukan ' thovemode it without cho ' Ke e tdkecdfe.kiO ' M V — Keoo on Rock-n I Sto«)efg Joseoh Ben- son ft M»ef — voure the best- Joe frdtresi — Public Relations Otticef DtCA CfOIS COi tiy TiQck Sporrth CtuD Voiv ' y Leiteimon To my jis ' e ' JO one ' leove an owes yne A yrs ot MV Shone ' wove vou oi ' hose p t tests we vi be do f g To Steve ( leove you as tf won en ' neve " go ' ft K s t Anemv ' Ove u Doth I hod ti i and • ' went lost it s Army now So cool ' •Aity Sorry _ Oonce 2 Octw s, Systemot •cs C O f ' .T Srr ' iv i 4 on f e ' Vou ' e :■ ' J ' xieC ' 0 " ( ■ T Aj. woyl ■■ - jch T F • S R ' miue . , P I O Good . ' ' •■• " -.r ' 3 . ' 1 to o x ■ r ' - ' o f • A, ' .;..jt iOJ -: M V nw — D€CA — 6 ' vdn J- ' a job " Jenny H tm not ' - ' .r-ii, ' ■■.■.■ ' " .Kjjt a kttte Sfdewoys KMA WJ " you re Ih© best ' K(is ft lO " ! whete did ofi ' hese ctcset mods come tiom ' ey the woy BfyOn contOOf ' Ow $200 to get rrxy truck Ojt the next tme ' ' W Ofe OO I go wo«g Xfutn ' ' Inonks Momn y ond Odd CaiEGE • « 1 COW Ceody rXTQ r tryyc C ' - »e f V : B ' V Cf tiy e »st f t 4v c» itt Seo ' O e yO ' Ricfc Beoubwn 20 — Foomcf. Trock. NHS. Softball Mng Theatre Arts Pertecton connection Wioe Receive ' Detenuve ElOCk Big COfy Al Brown and Smal One Kyte Perfection Connection wi-i dve forever 12 + 20 -6 Scot G my best t ' end ever Get cio ot trose glasses Little Rtchy ft Oof e W ighten up Dude Richy ' d? ' ft ' 68 ' muslongs fu»e Pony t J6 My best wishes Greg tsgo to get you Miss Bumes ASU or UolA here l come Freshmen gins, wish I was yOung ogam hF Hor gon Spot- ghting Rules 20. best ot luck mork B Sfon L Thonks I ' l mfts you Moon VoOey ' fld " Grog Bekjnger — Anemites Big fat Purple Cufsois of The Psychedelic Nose Move- ment, Nectomoncers Ei-hoo«slo Embry- ortc gefms GW — im not ftmshed (more) KC — how mony rnore tints ' ' PP — down with stup o peopte JA. its o hdked kjrv:h. KN — set the control T ' OCi — you have ot of my cwcies friends, every sir igte orte of them ' Fdcutiy — You ore oil overgrown m- fonls Peoch ft Merry XMAS Coron Bootman — Dance ROTC. Drill Teom Color Guoid — ft s been fun M V Jo keepspeecin ' ilmissyouDe JG. Al JV.KA CG. A, DM, and ol the rest Thanx to your help Mostei Chief ft Commorfder I luv Mck we I moke it Bye MV Cossondro Bonerti — Vorsify trock — I tfd iti Kim I wish you ol the hoppffiess wrth Seon n Coll I ' d mas you ' Shonnon yoor tnendshio h eons so much to me ' lookoui KnonviSe ond lookout Boats here we come " Hody we ve shored so much n so few yeors You wi atwoys be my best (nend wherever we ore ' t Mom. thank youforlettogmeDeme.l fcfve youi Bye MV ' Tandy A Boor —PmPaB.Juf or Varsity Sotl- bc FKiQ Lr»e f fS — K ck. love story You ond me Tooett ef forever The ErxJ Let ' s 00 CfOZY ' Ow about o T v Dmner ' ' RDLV Pdtree. you ' re so poksh ' Don t squeok your colcuidtCK ' Love youi Jefrior — toke core of yoi specoi se» (ond Bort too)i TncKJ, it ' s my boy ' BF Thanks for corrupting my mnd ' You ore a deor fnend of rmrke {wir ( BYE BYE Mory Brody — Sptfitlme Ochesis, " Jozzmo- toii, " ' Rhythm ft Moves, " " And we Dcrtce. ' Hoopsfers. Trock — Spifitine — thanx for mokng thu yeor the best i kjve vou ysi To a my good fnends. good luck ' CorxJy — you ore the greatest thar s tor evefyttwig I love yo ' L L A — such rr enx - nes we hove ' DM kS TF TS — you foi-r ore si-pe " xovi You I orwoys oe spocoi ' Bet- sy — you ore ten best jttie sater good luck i Ju e, hove f ni Jtnvny — Big Brothers don ' t come ony better thon you ' I ' l miss you wt eh you ' re gone ' Burnes ft Bomord — thdni ' Sohudro trtends forever ' Mom ft Dod. 1 tove yOui Bye MV It s Deen fun ' Roy BfQfxJenburg — Bosebdt — To Bi Lor ce Seon hdve d great tme n cotege ft to Deb ol my love Koren Brookes — Gerrrxjn club Secretory Gris Eroemble ft Goksiy Ochestro Pre» dent tieaoncn Al-jtofe SokD ft Ensemoie festival. K enui Youth Ochestro ft MiS ZrxJtv jam on ' Mchele yOu (Ve gieot ' To a you bono weemes nappy ' ootng Oav " My Women " ' Shen Blori see you r Ch cogo ' Pifko Sue em good luck To the Webster ck3n cji my ksve yd gotto Ihe thol ' ' ' My Ittie Wonny i luv u gn Bogboys hreomSuebejtOfkX kn The wTx3y crty " l love you ol MV — you ook rrxwelouil Aton Brown Footbon, BosebO " NhS HOfTiecoming King Kyle fernondei fon Ckjb fer Druyffus my bestest Duds Rcklesi — hold tne gok3 ' Tne PertectonCoivtec- tton bvei on ' K yle — Hey D »y go regro yo iroupi Mork — moke rt happen ' Trovis — go gel em Dwddv ' Best of Kxrk to d my friends Coocf es — Tryam Mom ft Dod — Thonx o 1 000 000 ' L ynr e — 1 1 cfwoy love ui " HcBid Luego MV ' Seon B ' Own — Bowbdil The C m u D S Thorks MV ' A Welch you rnode tr» year fm Ann-Mar e my ov© w ofwoys be wtth vou Myles yOu ore gonno go for good Kick Bud Daren tmglodtrv gt worked out between us 6n Don ft Dove you guy were gredt t n tna yeor Also, good ktck to my r w fouv] tnend Ed 2 Hey. rerr erroer the C M u D S I Scott Bryan — Wei ' Ody we hove hod gredt times. caw Tg, tdkir g trips. 1st hour Now It IS on to boger orxl better thngs Ike getting h.tched To Jerry ft Trocy good kx:k ana I wJl see yOu often Scot B wrth the 2 hod some good times Darren Bryont — Soccer Team (3 yrs. lette ' - mon) Trock (3 yrs letterrDon) Cross-country 1 yeor Moon Valley I hove hod d fun (our years here NAU n see you next yeor Mom ond Dod ffxx s for everythrg C J good k ck to you Moon Voley soccer is 1 And to on of my hoseheod inendS to hove o beouty day em Loter Doys M V Jodi Bi Vhan — H©y. we fn y mdde if Its beer a long d yrs Best of luck j k orxJ R G PortylHeyjH you my Dest bud COJf f Led Zeppeim Forever ' loter M v Kenya CompbeH — i refuse to soy l m sorry for onythmg I ' ve been involved m urKe I ' ve been here ot M V But you know wtiof I don ' t core Jil thot sknockn ' MrchelleL I ' m sorry To Ol those left in dth tv gov t HAHA ' I ' m sorry 1 hod to ieove you guys Love to oil from the tips of my toes Motf Cdsborro — keepp keep yo senses to ya. pieose Hymie, let s go pcyty this week- end Pnttdc ' s 1 School was a ight but weekerxls were better Trxinks rrom ft pops (or hovTig rr e Marine i hope you gro- duate No rrxxe homewck and o tot rrxxe of D S Ri Gel hommered Rockets ' Kimberty Cothey — 3 yrs Donee 3 yrs Of chesis 2 yrs SkiCkjb M V it s been hord but fun Thonksdonce teochers ft group — the work was hord but the shows were worth rt Mom ft Dod thanks for tKivriQ foith H 6 ft C B you re great fnerxls Dove rhar ks for mtroducog n e to Soon Seon thor ks (or waitir g (or me I LOVE YOul See you at the ertd of the osie on Nov 22r d Seon Chdppel — d yts Chess Team ( 3 yrs vors-ty) — rt s fiTXJly over ' No more home- worvi So kxig YC DM. vk. kz TK. DO. EV, DW. Coocn Snvth.aro the team Thonks for the memories S k — Football m trie chim- ney. T D — Chef m the trosh con T C — Cir%Oy s wiTvaow AC— Cioss Tab e Look ou ' ArncWl No pom rvD gom ' Koren. ' The phoTTeisfor you ' i ■ The future IS bright I Cow- boys m ' 87 Tfocy Cheor ey — M V it s teet greoti Donno Michelle Debbie. yOure great friends, fhdni for evervthf gi Karen (tuVey Ips) you re one of o kmd keep r toucni Jerry, i ksve you soys it al tei s go on for- ever, tweenkeri Stocy sis i wuv yo. behove yOi setf two nwe yeors Mom ond Dod thonk you for the erKOuragemer i ono helpi 1 love youi Jerry you re Temfic i love you lotsi Bye ol ' Shen Ch xch — Concert Cho» LesChonte- veses Galaxy. Regionol Che — Hey Rif Baby ' Thonks for being such o greot fnerxl Wei Oovirh ond tCoren we rnodo it ' WerxJy pood ijck as on jpper cidssmem We . Mrs ■ C you ve gotten tivu two Chuch j bu ' wotch Out for the ttwd G »y Ck3pnom — Wresting — HERO — MV you ' enot ar ythingspeoo tonie Its too bad to n.r someone wtvs wos Hie o brother to me John Mercer voj memory w tve on foreverii Kris. I Ove you the years hove been great we ' l hove rndny rr ore Kevn Cieere — frosh Tenna Torrxng of the Shrew Harold ft Maude Horror Thespon ireosv er. E»-hop«ei league for Embyomc Germs — To whom ft rrwy cor cem C S I was there C B Vou ' re my best friend P Keep youself c ve to ptoy trte game h M i cant forget yOurKJw Mv i m gonr d leove you wt en it e itrrtnei comes a»ong and c»ft D the itarwoy Bryan Co ey — Bottetbol Boieoo r S — B-Bol ptoyert ' t wos fk ptoyng b-txM wttti vo tru year jmors goca ock next year n b-Ddf bevo ft Rooert Thorax for bertg o good fnend Mondy E ana other fnends K I T Dawn you mode natory (u Mom ft Ood love yd ' Deb R ck ft Rock good kjck at M V M V It triiy 1 ' ion Leo Co»is — n Pan 2 yeors Ddd it af » for everythno vOu v« done tor mm and OlOwnng rr to be myserf Thcy s foi beng the mom i never hod and be g the GREATEST dod ever " To my brothers, vyhere would I be wTtr out you guys ' ' vou ol krxjw I love you and you ' re the besti To my baby srs. 1 tove you tooi Hong n there ' More we ' ve gone through o K)T and i m gkW you stayed orouhd ' I tove you ' D D ar d Apn i love you guys tool Mno, good hjckt Bye MV fwtcttele Mdrie Cor di — FontdSid ft concert choir fkjg tme Ensemble Cho ft honor croir. (rench cmo ft Deco f fer Co(m3i i won I ti n off the ights ' Lo ond behold Jam Rondy can you fee the beat witivi my heo t con yOu see my love shme through the doni con t you see you must De a part of that t eo wittxn my r eart Whdtey — Puerto RKion Poweri Thar s g- gieiii Kimberly A Contryman — Vor Softboi Vor Irock, Cross -Country. NHS Vice Presi- dent Koty. youteogredtffier d Goodiuck n coHege Kns keep pump i ' that xon, Ka- ren The Horror ' Trw Horror ' Tyouve got 2 yrs left — nxjke the best of them HLn-r o more cops Steph. the snovrttorms aren ' t over Stoc. HOWS the wood ' ' 6erech, Thdnx for the o Sawy — How s yoty ottrtude ' ' ' Mom ft Dod I kjve yOu kats Thonks fo« toj si«x ort John G Core — Chess Team Deco Mode UN Ski Club These post two yecrs at Goon ' Volley hove been greot But i leove M V with some odvico To ttxjse wt o wonttoposs— STUDY! And to those Jirvors wt o ore dbout to becon e ser Kvs don ' t mess up. It w be yoa lost Fmaly ' o the mmati e freshmen wro wish they were born o year eartor GET A Lf E ' Gerofyn COfvo — Sophorrxsre Ooss Prefr- dent. Student body Chief Justice ledder- ship 23 Orcheso 23d Cho». Hoopsters We fr a y rnade it Cxxly ana Tono best or luck cNwoysi I hope yoi dredrru ccxme true Todd M • hope we can ctways ough drxJ be tnerxB Goodbye M v Deborcfi E Cotton — f S. Concert Cho» Goloxy Hoopsters Trock Joiimotoil Rhythem oi Moves Mom and Ddd — Thonx ond Doveyoui To Steve or 3 Dove — you are tr e greatest bros ' Os you hove been trie best friend Cmdy. you ore o true fnerxl liove you both ' Trocy. wtxjt else can 1 say " " I k3ve you Jonto ' To Amy — my iftie sa I Love vou ' Km B« Macie Donno Sto- cey Shen. Hor li mas you ' A fmal forewM — MV — you ve Oven fT e d years wrth so rriony merrxx s M V wl olwoys rje ' Kathleen C ' eon — Hoops ' ers Secretory 2 yrs r ts PtesOeni On Stdfe Vdriity De- bdte Skimydopers A yts Orcheta 2 yrs Model u N , JV Bosketbc Best wnnes at- ways to ol my cloismates tedders ana sponsors KC — ttonks for your trwndsho these post A yrs — tn rmss yOu ' MO — you ve been o greot portrter arxiaskjpe fnend Hoopsters — tnese past 2 season] hove o en greot — thor ks tor tne 90od tfnes To the 2 oinor Fates Moy yoi hes never See Heor or Speok of any £v ' S — W RE do they UVE ' " Good luck ji «ori Bye Mv — thonks tor everythng Oorvxj Cnji — twtona Horxx Sooety Jtsi Eriserr W Spohtih Oub Wei it a frxity oven To ol my good fnenos MorO thonHs for berig there «t s lolt ' ttat e we rod some fiyi t»nes Oixx:h) Buttons HAtMA ' 2 more to go Wendy it s concert t ne Don- na good uck with the men tension ASU here I cortw Let s orjZ guyi ' B«i o ' tuck to tr e clots ol B6 love yo Mom ft Dod Don Cuppy — var»ty Bosketboi Bosebo — 2 yrs Froth footbc got f lS Thonx M V (or to f great ones Lacy — i m yo i tor- eve ' iov«yOu tommy let s keep Kx t ng Vou don i do it ' Bowetbo wot greot Tlyyur tor dbtotue ' v i thr D f To my DuOl - NS TA 0( E JC SM OA SO - VOu re trie beti Mom Dod ft Deb — i iive yOu Thorvi for everythfig Bye M V Mm me ' JOnn Ci ry — Voriily fooIDd (7X] Boikot- txt Sk. CtJb 4 yri To Ci the COOmotiCs Fan Ski Meot Bo«coEtc Ke«p wn ( tin CO m z o CO X O TO — I CO Seniors 215 1986 CO 1z o CO O " c 0) CO forevet Hen its been a loog time uU ' sgooa lock Tammy you ' linever get nd of T-e. I ' m ftoowed (Of lite Farewell Moon voiieyi Darryl Doneclt — Cross Coonifvf- vfs ) Hel- lo oB mv lunch time buddies Tyonn Jen. Sledd, Frank ond ©speciOHv ' focey Amy (MenuOo) good luck ne» ' veor Rene, I ' m feoly giod I got to tmow yoo i ' m gonna miss you wr»en tfiey tot e me oway Love yol TeB Tracev sfies not tat (s-ies not) Chnsta Damels-Coe — Thanks to rrxxn dod tof tiangin m there witti mei Ttiariks to Lisa Laufi for being such good trlendsi Good Kjck little sis ' Have tun txjt beivsve yourself Poriy natdy everyone ' OavO Darmcloi — NatiorKil Honor Society MV Messenger To MV Messenger stott good luck next year (especial sports stoff) C and ME— How dDout these Cubbies ' Good-bye Moon Volley, it ' s been a good (our years Only 4 mwe years ot school, tiwn hello leo wond Mike Dorrow — Tordies. ADsetx:6S. ond Eor- ly Dismissal! M V Its Oeer reol but not much fun Ginger let ' s hit the deserti L C you gofto do what you gofto do ' L A your rrwjuth will get you evefywhere ' S T i love youl J O " Everything in my heorf i " M fli D you ore lt e besti Brian and Kevin Have a dnnk on rriei ' ' World take me to the top orvd th ow me Ott Tfoci Douphm — Marching Bona Orchesis. OECA Well you guys we titxjily mode it ' Paula you are my best fueixi tnan« for al- ways bemg there leant wait to move Outi VoukDOk veryrMce. check Lisa youorea — but o Cut one Ten me a story ' Borb have a rhombular lite ' Michelte thanx (or always I ' S lening SL SB om I siDl a bridesmaid " ' Good luck MN it was great flunking with ya F f keep poftyingi (Jich. d more yeors SD fZ still o date ' ' T B ond Kevm hong m therei it s almost over To oil my tnerxls hula-hulas for- ever ' Lets always keep m touch ' Cathy Dovidson — Orchesis. Ski CluO M V Thar ksforthe4greatest years Mom Dod thanks Lofi, you re the best Steph. we ' ve had tun Joy let s moke it through college ' f?ob Chod. good luck next year Vmce — you mean everything to me ' Thonks for makir g my sentof yeor iite so much bet- ter Ikrww we most lo ' ever Good luck your senioi year behave ' i LOVE YOU ' Ann-Mane David — Sluggeroides Sean, thanks for all the time and love you ' ve giv- en me I love you ' Aix) thanks tO ' the memories My bestest buddy Down tor- get the bud we want Bond C ' ' Myles smiles leddybear Lewis you re Such o P S but I love yo anyway ' Mondo Jo ore you having a party ■ Watch that zipperi ' CHUDS you ' re all crazy, but cJetinitely o (un bunch Thanks for all the gieat times i love you all ' Bye M V I ' ll miss yO ' B ' endo Debernardts — HERO. French Club. Spanish Club Chess Club. ROTC ar d Potk 1-8groduote mud wrestling Best of luck to on my (fiends Kns. its roller control an theway Gary, keepsmiling ToRocky.Mike and Jason have fun and study hard Frank thanks lor evefythifTg TM and Chris, we made if Mom and Dad I did it thanks (or all your help ond suppofl iLoveVouAB Good- bye M V I win miss ytxj Alysso Mane DeBoy — MAe — I ' LL LOVE VOu FOfJEVERi " Vou ' re o sw eetheorti Becky — Thank you lor everything and be- ing the BESTEST Iriend and Sisi Toro — Hang m there bobei 1 more yeoi " Barb — You re the greatest ' Thanks for otwavs making me laugh ' Paula Micrtefle — Thanks tor an the fun times ' Mom ft Daa — Thonks for every- thingi 1 LOVE YOU ' Troci — you ve been a super good tnend ' Thanks " HULA-HULA COCKTAILS FOf VERn " Nono. Steve ft Ger- tie - I LOVE YOU Donna Deianey — Vofsity soccer track PomLine ThanksobunchCathy P lorbeing my best trterx3 Don ' t forget B ' sB xmas d D D D the cruisingghio. Mac s dih hr ft the men inmeetyouon theboordwalk ' Eric — you re Super special — best o( luck ne«t yeor Ritctiie — r o more suds " An my Jersey buds — Jen Peg. Sue ft Steve — too bod i couk3n t be there with you Peacher — take It easy on the Deacr Tony — i m sure Banzaiii fylom Dod thar ks (or on your sup- port Sam — Vou ' re one in a mniion — let s always keep m touch Can Denning — Ski Club Orchesis. VoUey- boi Wemodeit is 1st on the wt Lisairb — I kjve you Cory C — You re everyiOng Koty — Leighthe3muskaiee ' s — Wendy O — Where s Boscow ' ' Sony Lynette Tommy. She. iiene. Patncio, Lisa F L ' SO T — Krlsty — Where have on the good times gone ' ' Kern — Hey Rogi Adrian 3- yrs lett to senior guys I luv ya an Bye MV Tinxjthy Depriest — Ffosh ft jv Footbo . Frosh trock COE Pork 3-9 it ' s been real Moon Vaney Thi a the Memories Wish there were more i wish my sis luck ' And my other sis ' Cindy ft Cloudme Thx d the party times ' Diane. Tracy Stocy. Chris. Lynn Wode. Mike Ed ft Rog should have been here Mugs — good luck w p ' Dot Mono stay gorgeous Hey everybody keep m touch Troy — we win race For those wtio remoin — keep the park alive TA — Fire- birds rule I MADE ITH ' Chris Oewen — Varsity Soccer Ski Club Wen It s finony orrived. gradudtion " i Think otSrxjw ' To a« my friends Green Me JN LH, JR keep up the Beasies Chuck Califor- nia Buds Kevin, see yo m Indico loter M V I scored Mark Deymonai — F-JV-V wrestling Rob- bie Carlo. Todd Joe Best wishes for you Cfiod best friends always thanks for being here Mr en Needed Don t forget waste management Potncia. Ann, You ve been more thon I couk3 osk (or. i hope things con last and don f forget i do LOVE you ' Kraft don ' t eat dnnk, parly on df UB6I30 PABMAD Jim Diamond — NjROTC. Bottolion C O , Ri- fle Team DriB Team Color Guard, Fighting UrxJerground l Wtwork. Member o( " The 10 ' AlohaM V ' The d yrs were awesorr e Jetl stretch Sorrenson, fiilay FUN live on Cabbage Patch, nt see you m the air D W let ' s porty in the V W P G and R F , stay wild and cioiy Kim arvd Laura, let ' s get married Thanx W ana J , COP and MCPO, and Mrs f Long Live Stretch ihe Wonder- Cat and DiO Kitty ' Sayonara M V Brad Diono — Vorsity Footbon jv Foofboll Ffosh Football Phd, dude, we had some good tirT es m the old Comoro and ot Croigs house (? am) Keep m touch and good luck in coHege Give your We lertgth or give ■• death ot give it other tfungs — ! Gloss of -86 " Chuck Doz — varsity Soccer Ski Club To oil my friends I partied with throughout tr ese years Its been a neverendmg porty so ' Green me and pass me a bud ' l loei remember fJoman Style ' Chns in pick you up at seven aon 1 Leave Joe, you re o stublmeon stud " Mark good luck at NAU Patncio. What time is if " And to on my close friends good luck m the future ond keep your t ead up high Later, MV Kevin Dicks — Frosh Footbon — Vorsity Wrestlmg Well, it s linony over Scotlgetnd ofttieFord Keebgogeiher LX Work toke core of thot 2 Essay Anita owoits Tod learn to wrestle. Frank — no mods ' Eh. Jimbo. you Italian want-o-be Byan and Rick keep oft the lines Enders. you little boll of wax Good-Bye. Moon Volley James Oilgard — 2 yrs F B 1 yr Sponish Club HERO Kevin A you walk Oke a chicken I hope you get a factory nde you like Rick Bright 8l Ken N howisNEAL ANBOB doing I hope your knees aren t sore you guys Jenny S i hope you ar d Shown stay together StonRobH i hope you pin every- body you wrestle 86 kcks ' The Mormes kcki Parly and hove tun. just don ' t get m trouble everybodyi Bryan t hope you finish your Ghia sooni Don t lower it too muchi This IS to an ot you underclass men and women including the freshmen ' Keep the spirit ot Moon Valley going ' Love u mom and dod ' See you m five guys ' Sue Anne Disparli — Ski Club A yrs Fresh- monBosketbon EA.stoy happy remember peanut lF. lick it up. babe duem. chlee wenget her sumddyi Katy. Con, Lee, don ' t forget our funtimes TN JC Let s tree ski ' JHl, tahnx for the cookies Counseksr, i stai wont to murder Alexis ' KK lO Mr (w) Right, Thonx tor bem my ski buddy, tnend love. arv3 tor putting up with me I K)ve u Well, here I go. wish me luck ' I Michelle Oowler — Concert baf d, march- ing band Modern dance MQ DV, CH, KM, KeepDoncin ' TP BP P T . L D . You ' re su- per trier ds thonks for the crozy memones BP, I ' m giod we have remairved fnends SL i thmk a lot of you 6M youro crazy guy, or a a goodtriend Kit, ChanielstiBhovent broke- up MD to the cooks of the year Thanks mom ft Dod for everything Hope ya on have o great future KR i love you RobDownmg — Footbon, Wrestling. Track Thanks to an coaches i couldn ' t hove mode It without yiDu Teacr ers thanks for all your help Good Luck MV Footbam Line men. keep the bedy budys going Good luck linebackers Band, thanks (or all the yelling Thonks mom. dad. ft Leeray for on your support and grandma for the use of your house Good Bye Moon Valley, its been great ttianks for tr e best years Of my life Linda Druyor — Pm Pols. Voiieyboil. Basket- ball, Orchesis French Club, Dustbusters, NHS Ski Club — To an my good (nends MG, KC, DW EA, EA, PB. DC CM KJ. VG. BC — the best of lucki To an my Sahuoro fnends. i will never forget you Sweet Peo. you ve been the best ' Down, you ' ve rrxade this last year the greotesti Michelle, we have to quit clowning around Debbie noth- ing IS stoppng us next year ' Wendy the best of fnends forever Benson, you ' re the gredtest good luck m state next year Mom. Dod ft Family. Thanks for e«erythir gi Stan DueBrrxjn — Weekday WeekerKlers, ExtendeOlunchciub, Central Avenue Cruis- ers Mods mtiaie ' wind PB take it easy on AW she s not o x machine Damn, get o REAL ATC DM quit Gar cias TA livelong orvd prosper Steve Machs are O K butFor- inos blow them owoy Heottie r thanks for the memories Mono you re a great fnend M V YOU ' VE BEEN GREAT Thank You Jim Dugger — NHS Ensemble Spanish Club, Sports, Electronics, A C T Dew Crew I hope we never break up Karri thanks for on the great times Steve stay with BrerKla Fresh- men, MV IS a cool school if you get to know It Karri, hang ini Only 2 rr ore yeors ' MV Rockets 1 Mono Eberle — d long years Goodbye, W V Stan It was a long or e good luck bud Beth I love you ABAA PA AH ATN I hope it lostsbobeiWr Feiier keep those busses ron- mg Bryan Enders — Wresthng, Student Body, V P jr Class Senator J V lootboi, Frosh Track Ski club, Spanish club. CHUDS Myles Dan. Dove Mike — I love yOu guys Dove — I ' m hungry! Uncle Myles — in miss you Dan o — it you ever need me. rn be there Miguelifo — Thonks for always listen- ing C H U S - SB. DP XP DS ML MS OS LN — We Jam ' ui sis — you re the greatest Big stt — I love you — Mom n Dod — s n OS Rocket wrestlers — the sky ' s the limiii Koty Englehorn — Ski Club. Orchesis Can D Leigh K SueD . rocky pomt auoruo Potn- cio B peace Donna dude " Carol h Thanks for the haircut LK PB. CD. SD. SE WQ.SJ LL. X KC JD LI EA LT KS DT DS. GiDODBVE Chnsiksveyou Lets go ski- ing Brew Crew chug-o-iuggo chug-a- luggo boom -boom -boom Son a Erskine — NETT — we mode iti Now whaf B-Budsd-ever vou con have my ro- dio ' Mork M — I love yo Bro ' Lee — hope you marry sorneorie ttXJt can satisfy yOuf wardrobe Tomi — beepbeepi fh Liso F love your ha AU my other friends. lA. CD. SJ WQ. LT andU you guys are the great- est ' Mom and Dod — Thanks for ad the love and support (esoecianvfirxjnciony) Lloyd — 2 rrtore yrsi Liso Forney — Frosh Boskeibon. Sophomore Voseyboll ond Track junior Soccer Man- ager Orchesis 3 yrs Ski CluD 3 yrs. HERO — ' - e i (■■!..] ' I .i .ij fi- ona Jack la " -- . i-i ' . g:,. i-j thehc ' spitai ' lOhjO - SSOOhun ■. uH i ' looksgrea ' Neffe — Ihom lorbemg " ere (Morn) Eileen — JommikO ' en — ' jooa hjck sis you better rT oke it Smitn ft VfFhoevenieaveher alone MomarxjDod ' love you SM — Ihoni lor everything you Tieon Ihe world lo me ' fhoni to MV ft OH ' " y pO ' ty fnends for an ihe greot rr emories ■■ I PB CI ' II KM Rk IN FM ir - III m,ss Kris Fenicle - HOC. HERO French Club. ROTC ond Wresthng — Hoy BrenOo. ifsrolet control an the woy baby ' Koten C lets make of ottier or gei food coke ' f o-tX3 It o best of luck to fr e new Pickrel family ' Amos ond Andy live it up cuz it ooes by fasti Gory, thanks (or oB t( e fun timesi Lov yo Kyle Fernondez — Basketbon, Trock, Foot- bon, Golf, NHS, MVAA, Soph Sweetheart Attendant — in always remember Novem- ber 9th I ' m giadErme met you ' 20 + 12 + 89 — 6 would hove been better — PertectKsn Connection Rules ' Enc — run ft toot for- everi Dove — remember Boom-Boom ' Akan — Hey Bro organize trie franchise — lets stay close ' Mom the Nurse — thanks for everything, I ' mgoing t o miss you ' Werxjy — I wish us happiness together always I ksve you ' Bye MV — Drew ft ASu here I come ' Noel AA femandez — Wife ortd Son i love ysu Tony F get a girl tnend ho fX) JF — stay with one guy Joe B and Chuckd get rich millionoires and serious partying some day Rest of my buds of ' 86 good luck With your futures " h M " my friendship for lUe Mr Welch ihanx Im out ol here Thonx M V DavK] Fierobend — Footbon Trock. fMHS, MVAA — I nod a blast Thonk you coactws and teachers Mom. Dod — You ' re the best ' Doug.Missy — Goodluck hovefun To all my friends — Vou hove a fnend for life Don ' t ever forget thot i love you guys ' Co- mie — you II always be the first — I do core (JeToimel Robbe thonk you for being you (F.GF L.L,l)lk3veyouiiKeepinfouchevery- onei Stocey Fmkbeiner — Peer Tutonng. Vice- President Komoinia, Modern Dance, Public- ity Crew — Thanks for the merrxjnes MV Thanks fvtom and Dod for |ust beir g there f tarceiio your such a sweetie ' Susan En, Morio Mict efle Chns, Kim and Roy It s been tun Let s all keep m touch Hang m there Kirk Rock on Shadow Shark Potncia Firlit — Varsity SottbaB, Varsity Bas- ketbon, Orchesis — Softball team we were 1 Kim. watch out for the cops ' Rachel, olwoys remember to FEU ' Good luck next yecx Gen, esgood )CXi ' Kns Enc ond Kurt we nxjde it thru Maim TorK3y and Jem don ' t sit on each other at lunch ' You guys are the greatest ' Steph and Marty thanks for bemg there Mary Ann yOure the best ' hAorr and Dad I love yOu ' Bye Moon Valley if s been Kim Fianigon — Hey buds We finally mode if Good luck in the future Carol " 61 woofy ' and Stvaron ready to rriove on ' ' Thonks for being there TM ready for nudear war ' ' Frank I love yOu ' KO, MW ER, Tom and Non- cy plus all of my fnends keep m touch It ' s been greot ' Alfred FkDres — Messenger. Swim Team — Tony — Stay out ot froublei to An members of AUionce and Serpent — keep rockm hordi TD DA and especioHy LA — You re an very special Stay Sexyi to an MV Heod- bonge ' s keep up the spirit of the rnost heovy metal high sctiool m the world ' Messenger stafi — good lucki MonoFiores — COE — Secretory Orchesis — JF 1 — (PSl Thx d the memones. kit Ivlit my greatest pot smittys is on fire ' kitl DC-U R 1 of a kind, kit, don ' t forget mei lA — (ood. El, RS wild-n-crozy ft being 1 fnends, ffiot IS us Med School Buds ' Eddie d-evert 2-lS. KV ft MV thx a the wiKJ times and more 2 come fhi Mo ond Po 4 everythgi Good luck A T ft Ji Ruben my master (r u happy ' ' ) u r so special and we belong 2gefher u r stuck with me Luv u Bobe ' Hawaii here I TimFolvoisky — To ofl my fnends that riKKle sctiool and the porties wtxat they were this year Jl DU,KL,MS, AV TH JH SMJC TN, RK RH RW EM, AND to HE get o job ' " Tom was Fergusen a trip or whot Mom ana Dad thanx for your support Ten-Formon — Sluggeroides o yr Dustbus- ters a yr Orctiesis 3 rs — MR Guess whaf Kee Wee fhani for bemg there Kirk good luck these next two years Xavi tfxjriks for ' he advice MM good luck with wtio ever it is this time KS TS DM, MB there ore no other people I would rather eat lunch with Mike Rohde thanks (or trying Rusty French — Thanks for 2 great years MV goodiuckDC.RK. AfslD.SGtakelifeeasv as for meMortnesherelcome Thanks Mr Ber- ech (or on the advice m your cioss it sure paid o(t Audie G youi the giri of my dreams, I love You Thanks to an who hove mode these years so fun Thank God it ' s over " Troy Garvmg — BasebaB, Hey Ho, Combo, SS EG GC JB httleBs to Base, you an have greot taste ' Dot MR, JO and white X-Mos tor you ' Big 0 ' Daddy from Delo ware ' Seri- ous Business ' Tammy lluv ya ' Jock fnends ' yer kool Hey ' The fun hasn ' t begun ' Hey Bni, we horxJ. Hey Everyone Rock ' Me like o hurricane Miguel Goleano — Spanish ctub Freshmon BasebaB Wen i mode it hard to believe Jacki you have made my year in always treasure Our memones (Colit ) I love you " Wolly your a great bud ' Good luck Noel in tne future Micki your o sweetie ' i love you fi om and Ood Mory Gakjski — Stoci, trionii A being my bestest budi Love them Spar«3ex Steph I (tfiony got her now it ' s yiDui turn ' fW effort needed thanx tor being there J V T M . C H , Cherry forever Good luCk with every- thing Larry to a super sweet gorgeous and Kjscous man as you can ten i uke vou Don Trioni d your friendship Tfoy lOve tfXJt lough cutie i made it |ust d you Jii, Pass the pudding Cup GiNG, good luCk K I T Joh- Ihoni dmy indhome To the family Sorry about the car Dtto ' Thanx 4 everytrungi I luv yo aiii Yvonne Vo Yo Gosfelo — Vorsity Volley ■ ban Varsity Softbo " Ttac Ski Ciub Orche- sis Joir Ma ' azi Rythm orx3 Moves — MV tfxjnksabunch for ihed gieal years To all of my tnends inonku d fhe memories Eiieen you ve been a very special fnend Have ' un a NAu ar a take care of Tncia Needo Snickers ' ' Shon your toocoo (SK VE Hun huhi) tove ya " Coria never forget your experience on DABUS u ond Dove forever Tom you ve D eri o speooi fner d wnce grade school LetsgotoCoi ondgei those bikinis Teddy You n be m my eyes forever t love u very much Mom and Ood thank u lor your love Support and pO- fiefKe Frankie good luck rie«t yr boby Ados MV luv YO ' Soiy Gorceou — Wei it coiroin y hosbeen interesting SOPHOMORE " im gonna rmss yoo Amanda WHEN are we gomg lo do something ' ' J V orxjSB i hope vOu ore al- ways happy Good Luck Deb, DV and KA Tr an« tor everytturig you are very special fnends Dorwm, the bathroom is yours Mike George — Varsity Tennis, Close Up Club— To all my friends good luck mute To my Qtt teachers those were tun yeors To Mohammad absentee londowners To Scott you re going to freeze m college just like Moharnmoa To Dorm Congratulations m uncovering thot Moth Club scondol ' Good luck, guys Good luck to the tenms teom in 87 James Gbson — Close Up Club. NHS — Mr Lewis try morkeiirig escargof Steph Vic Vince Amy Amy Tarl and an trie AP Eng Gooa luck and don t change KW fnerids forever ' Greg, lets keep m touch Frank Snow ' ' We should be committed " Keep the loith Hey lishi Sis Mom and Dod i love you ' Thonks MV Burt Giddens — Marching Bond Coryrert Band — The sleep is stin m my eyes the dream is still in my head i heave a sigh and sadly smile ono lie a whiie m bed i wish that it might come to pass not face like oil my dreams Just tnmk of what my lite might be m o world bke i nave seen Ed Giliman — varsity Boseban and 2 yrs Footbon GirlwOtChers Anonymous tO MV This year was the best one ever To an tfie guys JOhnH Joel TomH DoviOF Enc G Tony N Rob K Doug V ond John C it ' s Deen great not much lo do but soy This BuOsforyOu 2XKevinK Keep m touch Bud Steph FKive o greot losi year AnoGmia — MorchingBorx) Secretary VP Sec ' ion Leaaer nhS — DeO e Wfxjt s the pion ston ' ' Thanks for always being there Love ya Cecil and Melvm we finofly made It Keep m touch MM C ft EBuddies forever fi om and Dod tfvanks 4 putting up with me LVU Marip Your sistei ioves yo. your the best Lindd and Su, in miss yo KIT Bondo s Thonks tor ttie rr erTx ries MV Thanks tor d groat years Potty Giomski — HOC — So karig MVi its time to hit the Col beaches Chad you ' n always be my i bud Lets porty Mary hove fun and bewore of L S Good l uck m the future Lori See Vo Steve Goft — WeU Spod its been lun jus ' thmk almost thiriy See Mchene i tok3 you i would grad Hey Larry we StiB have to (md Q girl that likes short blond headed nttie boys Loufo Wiiiiom Tony e ' c Keep m touch its been fun Mory Gonzales — HOC — Goodbye MV finony PG and LG we can fnaiiy soy that PG beware ot LS ' Carlos, omy two rnore yeors. Good Lucki Je(f I luv yo — ' m on yours ' Lon Goss — HOC Orchesis — Mary thanx for everything I con t belive we mode it Kelly Here s to on ol our wiid time We nave to do ariother mansion together soon Pot ty —Never for the Mod MochineV vet te — i think we should always keep up our done mg talent Good luck everyone Wen MV its been real and it s been fun but Walter GotschoB — Track and Cross Coun- try — Class of 86 it has been a great yeor and I wjsh you ad luck Jock i ond Miguei vou guys ore tne best (rier ds ever and i love yo both Cheryl m kDve you forever Trocy good luck the next 2 years Love yo f om ond Dod Sue Gould — Frosh rep penpals siugger- oiaes austbusters skiciub — Than yOu Boot for O greot yeor with everlasting mernories Teresa — for being acoss ' he s ' ree ' tor id years Pom — tor bemg just the way you ore Dod and Mom fo ' on your support Steve for being my irttie Bro-hong m there ' in miss on of you Do ' cei Gray — To an my fnends. i will miss you oil very much But I wiU thmk of yOu while I am surling m California Scott Green — Footbon ond Track mvaa NHS Orchesis, SottbonMgr — Rick you the greatest. Good Luck next year whatever you do John work hard Done and Rrch We II win the championship next time Thonx Moon VoBey and Hey Lighten up Dude Enc Grubbs — Crosscountry Trock MVAA Ski Club NHS HOHO — To Oil of my party buds thdnks lor the greot time Kyie Done John, Ed Joe Tom Curt your great fnends Remember the V , Thank s Coach Sawyer for bemg more thot o great coach but a great friend Big trvanks to all coaches and teoch- ers Good ' uck toaiiseniorsmthe real world NAU Look Out Love yO Mom ar d Ron thonx for on of your support Audios MV A J Guerrero — Track 1 yr Sottbon Mg 3 yrs G Basketbon Sk, 1 yr . Spanish Club VP Jeni fhonk yOu for giving ol yourself tor the pas ' 3 years — l lOve you ' Erca, " I con t I m m uniform What can i say ' ' " Yes I do Steph — NAU here we come ' Bryon Coiey and Mr Ausfm Sir — thonx tor bemg you — To oil my fnends Keep Smilmg — Biily Bob i love you bro Garfield forever MonOy Guerrero — Track Softbon Mgr Gins B6 Spanish Club V P — Troci Where s my rKxse ' ' Mary B He s got two thumbs Xovi Peru Fix your bro ' Koten BiDOB ' Down ana Mio — ABC Debbie — He»o Kitty Toby mam goal m Me Rick Coiey — i wont fo see you toke state ' Lmda He does look hot m them boots ' Jodi Hon — Donee COE and Softboa — yven i m giad i fmaiiy mode if Jodi F I ' m So gioa I become best fnends with yo ' i love yo Roctieie arxJ Jackie tone i t eosy — you III mo ' iey i knsl, on Own now — Be good ' Mom and Dad thanks for everything I love you both ana ' he iiffie one Loter MV Sfaci Hall — Mendy (Freddie) your the besi fiiend o bud could ever hove Thonk lor on the rowdy times and many miore to come JM CS WK your great f?udvdontgiveup — yOu n find her lance Bud — Keep m touch RiCh what s everybody gonna do withoul us Beaver ond Nob good luck ana sf oy out ot trouble but have (un K Tnonx Mom and Dod Luv yd OO ana will miss yd ' OO ' kimbeiiy HoHberg — To everyoi who hos mode my 4 yrs here great Thonk Shorron — Good luCk with Dave Liso — thonx foi oh ' he greot times ' My Buddy ' Shown good luck m all yOu do Michoei — 2 ys Mom thonx for oU your support Love yO Robbm won ' o O ' m wrestle ' ' Vou con lift it M 6er- ech wan ' some condy ' ' By MV Cynthio Holler — Theatre 1-8 Modem Ddnce 16 Orchoisi — jozzmatazz Ry ' hmN-Moves — And We Danced — Sis Ceita Mil H s — Keep doncm Reece Shoots Deb C Deb h Carol Heather and Keiii — i LOve you on cuz you keep me loughmg when i (eel l e crying John You mean more to me fhon you ' ll ever know Mom ond Dad Thanks for every- thing Bye MV III miSS VO Meksso Hamby — DECA — i h etssa Hamby wish to express my oopreciotion to ol my teachers tor their help Thanks Mrs Kmterfor oemg ' r e ' e Roger I nope we tmdo future together i finally mode it Denise Hont — Thanks to on ot MV who hovemode triesedyrs tf e greatest Expe- cioiiy Michelle No one can be iike you (Tr%ere is no replacement) insoniiy woukd have se ' m yrs ogo without you there ' o yen with Gossip Gossip " When I m gone away keep ' hose fingers clean Joey always re- member youf the 1st ana only ond MV Myles Give me a hug ' Mike ore yOu a sol- dier ' ' It so I ' m going fo miss everyone and everything Thonks ogom Devon Honks — Concert Choir vocoi En- semble Basketball SACO — Tnonks for ev- erything MVI It s t een a great four years ni never forget any of it Kevin, hang m there. its worth iti Rob B C we fmany rr aae V Dave Don. Brian, and Mike who ' Leoders ' Good pb It s aeon owesome " Teresa Heberer — Sofbos Choir French Club Pm Pols Dustbusters, NHS — Modome X Bussy — Nojoc 85 A learning exper- ience Dorvio — remember USS Akamo, Jockson Hole ' ' Pom and Shannon the lunches hove been fun. Sue 13 yeors is a kDr gtime thanksfor bemg my tnend Corns SZ Me — We won t folk about New Years Eve OK Many ' honks to my parents and teachers LarameA Hern ng — NHS Thespians ' Sec ft Pres Mirocle Worker Done ' o Death, Tom- . mg of the shre Fantos ' icks Dory of Anne Frank HaroW Moude Sovoge — Jill A — The Circle IS Ours ICH always Paul — Bottorris upi Toke card BEAK " Lisa — always beiive no one n on island Greg W Tnonk you be hoppy blue eyes Fronkim — olways stay the epitome of Americanism Thanks Head- set Crew — do we hove to work rxjw Vou ' re great No food and drmk upsta«s KAS VK. TRK. CSS PAP fylK DRH SH AA — Vosomo Semper Volete John Hertneky — Vorsi ' y Footbon varsity Track MVAA — TH KL TN EG PK DF PP EM, JC Thanks tor on ' he wild ' imes IPP sing me a song Kurt, keep on slarnmm Hungie took at tr em eyes David its been o greot 4 years Patty and Eime bghten up Junior FB Players breokoieg £P sorry tor everything jC we ' ve had great ' imes na wfva knows Kemper thanks MV thonks tor the memoS- fephonie Morie Keyer — Choir French Ciub Soph Class Rep Hoopsters — freos Dolry ot Anne Frank. Harold or d Maude. Galaxy KNHS ACT Hey MV thaisit Vic, it s your turn to do the dtthers Lewis Aroby forever Vou pervs Gokaxy Somebody loves rne i hope it s you Roso my Christmos present is just the righi size Love i ' Senously Ensem- bles I love you go on and make rT e proud Bach s 6 ' h Did the ben nng Nope, no David Best o luck in cole Sheiey ond Monkjve Tfyyikstoreverythmg iineverforget ilove you Mme Reed Merci et au revoir jenra ' ACT I k3ve you bunches God Bless bye an PS CAS RMluvsU " Elizobeth Hin — 3 year grod Tammg of the Shrew — Hey. I (many mode rt Con t say I ' m sod to be leaving Heather you ve been tfie best tnervd m ihe whole world Mono yOu ve rnode my las ' yeor trie best 1 1 al- ways love yOu Aoron I can ' wait ' o go swirrimmg at your tKiuse thonx Mom orxJ Dad for everything Karen Hobbs — Ski Club Pm Pais Slugger Aides KNHS, Senior Class Secretory — Kim and Kris 3 blonde K s forever — you re fr e best let s get triose cofege men Coss« boby Hurry up orxJ graduate we " rruss yOu Kim C ar d Kathleen — Enghsh has been fun good luCk nex ' year Kur ' JHi Ano-Mone Louro, and Mary take core Mei — hove fun in the nex ' ' wo years you ana Carlo stay owoy from the guys M and D i tove you Manso Hoilarxj — DECA — Key MV, ts been ogreat four yrs andim sorry to see it goby SO quickly Sio, have a good time the next 2 yrs ond do your best To the fvtiami Vicer, stay live ana cool and be the BPBOCMC. nave a great year at college LC . you hove a great two yrs also orxJ gom a Mtie m height M J ond RB stoy Out of trouble it that s possible and to onyone i hove forgotten i apologue but hove ogreat year also Bye ' Pob Holland — Dove gam some weight Hey Bryan wonno tun the moun ' am Also Todd vou need to go to Horiem you d fit right m Dave good luck m Texas but i oon t thmk you wOuk3 look good on a horse Ston HoUond — Moon valley i leove you my wresting skiHs David Bor es Swanson we hove to run Ihe mountom more often Tod send me some tapes and ' hen we can write SOrT e rapps Brion good luck on wntmg yOur book ana quit sleeping so much To Poo the only person who s lucky enough lo look like me AnffKmy — I rra ' ea you wr en i firs ' me ' vOu but now yOur COOl keep jmg- mg mexican Americon Coach Smith the best Coach ive hod m al o( my years of Wrestling, we must work rrxxe often — Thanks V .uianHolm — vo ' Sity Badminton Sofban Baskietbon Track — ErK:a thanksfor bemg Such a great friend U keep m touch alter wegroduote Kim(GumDy)Nicereception Mey doesn t he look like Rich Poofoll Pob — I like that rock Hi Chad Where ore we ' ' Never lorgetGi Joe HAHaJetf — when ore wegonnogoouf Wodd-ntcenome your Such o spaz ' Ben GL m foofbon and try to stay out of trouble hopv and Rochei don ' i missui toomuchmb-baiir exl year Moi og (or (eg elseke dig " MV youre i ' 86 Kcks Theresa Holman — Band French Club f iS — It s fmolly over Gmny Giodlmet yOuond become friends Keep m ' ouch Mark M ryjatunoiitrireeyeorsmErvgush wave fun a ' NAU — Hope to see yOu ' Kns your grea ' Stoy Out Of tioubie Thonki MV " Coroi Molt — Sharon — t made it BB4E Kim F keep in touch when your 0k3 and morned Thanks d eveiythmg Danny your whot m remember mos ' Hope eve ' yttiir g works Out tor yOu KD ond RH good KjCk £P or a TC hong m ir ere Rf RG BS TG We ve hoa someportym Times Dt Vour st vogue Lorry you « olways be triple L ' torne JB. JR DP TM fi G good luck you guys Phyihs hove fun 216 Senior Shorts 1986 jenr.!ef HO ' - VQffc ' v SwinvTWTg JV Oi k«tDtf Vafcty f ' OCk t S — PQ " ¥ vOuD fcjch o Do ocn Luvrrt woo f oe Tf e lOfT e T(yv3 wfKj ' i ' o«ogvouuP ' ' Wan ' yo faa love yo OODv LiKJ yOo (« f «i» Good K ck tudO Mche»e rxjw j Ar ge Que ' ' S •l D« oeouhW A eB yCNj vet}««neve ' ¥ ' fw »o me. (fiend o ' e inenas fofewet o " J merrxyies wi keep rne fKJpDv S ' Ov 0O o Moon votev Qf ff x Moove " - HS Oo e ud Theii aro _ Ttw i to tne MV iio« ' of d g»eai veoti laa heec fftng ' oie cXicni Tfoc- ' e cae 01 ffw pf S ' Qv we«a Franc ' o w Lew« I leave tfw o E ece or greeo peppe tei oi the wooden sotod txxjfd So wftot Good Kick ot u of A lOTfone aro M arc H»v ' leu be coreta out trwe Saa HOfowri: — Bawetoc f ' Swnvrwio Sopf Jf wei we ore out fhor God Ooo (wtyne) Eun e-boDe-we ' 9 done mee fT«e rnee foceve He " 3neii and cu- teness awav without yo tf enOJ Cl ono ixxM iwouWhoveOed noveVoy- wont ouik » oe when moy ' eod trw- G io wfxsf Whot 00 you meon ' ' iswear ftwe redv fvM to oe biond ' ooti somewhere ' We ve done everythng (OrryMt) logothef wxjitibeenaeat icvevou Guvj watch out ' SJy - » ' ' ' o M IJ f De without economy twoers and free jodo " ' ai you Ouvs — ' Oved ou Kfy:T loks — Sorry my 5ivr g ( T oi ' Hied m evef ydoy and Don- nv I Ove vou Forever VctOfL Mowtyd - WS Secretary Student Government 2 yrs) French CkX) 2 y ' i ' en ftt- Wow ' The tme hoj fyxiiv arrtved ' Vri- cent OX3 Tcr — Thames ta al the he© ' jochi — stQv hyperoctive and rememoer Gucc Ives ' Cof e-itoY iweeti Stepn - Mv ipeoot rnend — we wi 06 omi lo - eve ' Pvtanwve Reed Purser and Lewa — you ae the greotesi ' «evin - my oestest DyO - tho ! tor ol the great iirnes — even tough the Toco Be " is squuhed TouChe ' Wei MV Thar ifo« ol thernemo- nei MoTTMiove vou ' Tool Me ei i voeu» ' (vIche»eHu(X» — COE DusttXiSters Hoop- tiers Pr, POs Stwsent Gov t Dense - Cotorooo MCE MCE li mas U ' tyiyWs. TB toves you OS I doi Steve i © yo j pod wet woosh i. ' xw Westmg rorever Pom Clrr ssyou Ston Pn em Moroue myoest cr a to ( ' he COt oncers we re out rw rrxxe ' Bye WV yOuH De seeog my ittie oro Mhe watch outi Shtrmon Wijc es — Frosh SofttxH Froshond Soph Bo Twilon «PO - D- NAU 4 oonno De too much f jT You re the Dest — Bf ' CR oxJ Mj th y s lor the rOes you too Ef c — i owe you one ' Mcr e e good Kxrn bc« y vi ' Ed i love you ana 1 1 rrvss yoo. good uck ot SC ' vou guvs ore 0 ' »a ' ' Cho-CHo GrxjMi TVK:h — X COi itrv Trock - tGP I wos trw r g o( you when i w»ote thai vjv yo ' Sa — we re hatory pooes ' jys — hiy us llie ' ' Sue Bee — 1 1 De here oiwoys (virith my cothes) Jen — We s Been good so tor, 1 1 kay ' Duncan — iou Dody gove me o reoion to loofc torword to systemottcs " oh nev tteshmon - yol m stonng at yo - god 00 you remrw me (CH) ' Happy Ooy ' BX Guvs how oDout o coke economy meoB ' tra Dy the way MV get some style ' fJrvsn-} lOon t i yjerstond ' " Tom MLOOertord — VOrjity FootDcH VorSity Trock MVAA HEWD - MV Thonks tor Ci the Qooa times KL JH SG TO CO iCODOd iWrnik, Of kL MS ipperscpper EM EG The Wn shorn Dunch (orever Thanks tor ol the fun loughj ana good times. Ku ' t. wnere s the ihrlter " t t yo j ©yes ore so red ' Dove do you wont rhe to put over lone(v Me yt5 CiuP Koryn — Thanks for De no the« Thcyiks MV footpol tor ai the fTwmor-es thanks Cooch Harms ano Moor Little pro — make these years the Dest k«k tome Dutt Toria i love you " s oj " ne now T.N-T forever ' MV I mgonnomosyOu UJoR roy - Skj CiuD 2 yrs Ochese 3 yrs PrtPOB t v — To the Brew Crew Thor s for ci tf e s eat tmosf Rememper The (wn fho»H the grtt ore r the von " Keep oniCTTVTw Con lelsto BoDe ikjvyo To dl my (r«nds you ve made these h school years the best ever Thonk you Nev- er stop DC tyr g( Bye M . ii mas you X»e Jedson - Hero - i wont to say thonks to of my friends Liso thanks for ol the «eatt»Ties we sue footed Mr jocoDsCOo Do Da) Jen good luck with Jen A speed th y stoMomandOod you ore the greot- esi To my leochers thonhi for Ol yO help ono suppo ' t Especo lOily you Ms knter Dave i trx»y rrxxJe l Dove you re ioecO ri my rieoft and i ksve you so very much June ' -1. ' 986 A e and Oave De- come one . , , Ctva jer sen - Varsity Soccer — Mom ar c Dad imodeitilThnk Cari imstl ifatuat- ed with you ' Berech you te great ' Pat R ' Gteot times fluO ' Skote and Zeppimu Ch y«:e SNoeder i ve got the n emories ' Varstty Soccer Killer teom ' " Steinberg Wrw mode tt e idoa ' ' Gary jofvtton - it s been o ksng four years Out the Mooc Power kept me goco Thar» to CW r CoMorrw ara MV r. Pnoenix Than to all the Dest and rememoer You ve got to be»eve yo se " or no one wl Peteve r» you Ttxjn« Mom. Ood Chen orv3 the rest , . S (vsece (Sne-Sne) Johnston — Spotinei yrs Sk Cub 2 ys Orchens 3 y ' s — Sprrt- vw Goodkjck wtheverythr%g PortyBods CD LK a S6 EA LI Pe Lf KM fK- nn GO) Great tmos at trie ixxiso " tOeO KW lefs acx ce " fJL Where ore you " wen I t djmN501sZ2Z LetsdoWx:h rmoverii " ' Wei Aii Ameocon Pw We re oiteody gone " Col or Bust ' Luvu lots Lee Msvou ( o Wheels portr«r) memories forever Jea (DvC ) I f ' oly come orcn xJ gtod i 30 vou e SO ipec-oi ' Luv u j Gotooed ' " rkjve o ffeot 3 more Good Luck kjv yo rvtom h Dad Thorn ror ai the ©ve ond st - port I lOve YOU e Wonno foce " (Ma Mo) HOX) on 2 the rr errvanes ' Bye MV tennter Jorws Wei i mode it Mom ft Ood i luv u Both Jorrie ihan« (or oe«g my v% you ' e ' he pest xjnn gong n ' here Dud iione do vou note me ' ' (Bfcje MOwoans) Oot Mcro Chrissy Heather Kim CarcH ono Dove take core ' Km D and Ponne ' he Dest o ' lucfc R ck imgonrokeeponiovngyou ' 5o t:e Preoored ' " Jen Jer. v:hele Jonei - COE - Cath - voure the pettest fneno i hove thontis (or al me (Xeot l nei and (or olwoys De ng there Re- rr-emoer — Same T»ne Ne ' Veori D« — Stop choi«T Kely n the ror Shon — Hope you oxJ Ed kist U-ever Mom ar-a Worren — I Ovo youi Teno Mone COflO E RoD ond everyone ette — Best of tuck n everv ' hmgi ' Bye M V „ . Shane Jones — Cnea Club Secretory DecoPuD»c RekatonOfTicer. Vatnty Letler- mcyi — To my Drother Chad 3 more years to my friend BfOndOn 2 mches off my height To Liso my body i( she wants it To joe my oeror autics officer s monuQl ond toS ' eve We vehodODogueByeor friend- sr ar d i hope it w keep gong Dave Korvi — NJROTC — I wo» here Out hOw I m gor e i left this lN t to COrry on Those who kr w me can reoly rote ara i sayMV wQSkndogreo ' ToalTiy (nef»ds(Ht may oir potttt w« cross some OOy now duty cols, serrxjer f ' and good Dye to oi Looh Kely - Ski Club. OrcheiB - TP lets to to me hosp or mavDe wst d puD»c Path- roomiThcrtis for Deng my Dest liierxJU St you guys c»e G8 1 love yO le ' s al go skung ' SO let ' s mote ' LF let s go to jockjt EA woke up where are we ' ' " ' kECD lets go to Mexi- co KM lets tty ogon RoD thanks (or al the memortes yo gieati Err thonks for berg such a good fnendl TN go ou ' the v xSow " SJ you ' e special Les good luck Tt Qnx Mom (xia Dod ' u guys may the party never erKJ ' Chug o luga Boom Doom Doom Potncto Kely — JV Tenrw. COe, Orchesis, Key CiuD — Hey Cucx:c» e5, i love you reoly I do lorever ' t Good KjcV MS. SK KS MS. OK hopoyoumokeit Tj.hopeyouhovebetter luch with Lorvve Lorvw good Kx:k when- ever you groduotei Hey Cupcakes fR ck St ' ones) I Love Vou BCr JQT Love t«;klr g DuOs — pleose Stay n touch ' Thanhsarxjou revor MVl AmoxM lt»K3©fs - Veorbook Sto " 2 Ky g yrs f tS COE — Potli — 1st houf hoi t »ef Wei ' m not Ji e wTot it has been, but im Qlod you were trwe Thorn, for Deog my Rend Rick - I sti thr I ' m ' a»er but hwo knows ivbcheM - Good mck ot V(« go Trtit lo ' he ' op " Steve — My Sweetie it s Deen ' wo yeors ond co tr g Mow many rrxxe ' ' ' ' I know t know ti yOJ 25 ngrt ' I f ove no orw lv ch©ie (KK) Ke ' ln — Frosh Boiketbc — KK lOdnotPc t ' ST MQ.SF. althoseo ' hers Locy Rhondo » Shonon thonks ' or every- tfwig Pom W you re the best Mrs Knght ThoTks Dan Peterson, Its been reoly greot knowr« you onO I hope we con reman lT ends 4-©ver Mom onO Dod thorns i uv you MV you re the Dest The Kk3 Kenm — Rtck-AkxiKerr — Theatre 1-8 Torrvigofthe Shrew Student Govt Wresthng. Talent Snow veotiook s ' ofl 2 Editor l — Rusty to the iaconmoD e we hove only 20 mmutes ' o get to the treehouse Dean. Rusty ' o the tcKorvnoPle we tyjva orMy 6 hours to get to i A Down ana Heth good luck next yeor and who ksves rf Ben get a clue ' hoha watch oulfor TnoOtoO and hove fui m yov fot suit Cathy thonx for you help ana good luck IWS Odvis Its firXJly over ond ' honk vou for otways istenrvg to me wh ie Kevn Rush lives on Lon pteose switch sK es o( the table K M someday " MK:hi. N di ond Wii- iKxn let s go to Puerto a o ?th no y crew letsDomDMrs Lscort Don. let s have lunch or v er or whatever Mke good luck with A V1 Thcni M T K (or your help with ARTS Holy ' t oh School Veors " forever (Stocey) thcnk youforbeingafnend BFF no ' BFD So K ng MV and thonx to ol I left out Dad orxJ Helen, f om and Dove thank you for ol voi Support Tern thonks (or the 5 Ould6r Bye kTv and f etlo HOLLY- WOODi " i " " " m " ii " _, „ Ef ca Kle — vors-ty Bodminton and Bos- kettx Bod-eSOviSion Chomps. State Run- ners-up BasketDa«-84 Division Chomps — Viv you ' re the best ' " Cover tr»e hole ti yxJy — yes i Oo NAU look out DeD you re a swee ' w and o greot Dud Holy good kjck next year CU at NAU fDot what Id «) M(yidv ond Shown — i m gkid we re fnenos ogo« i moseO yo ' L e Mory let s play some video gomes ' Aiyeio good mck with wv ana hove fun ' Lao you ore not o tat geek Cmdy you ' re just kke o sis to n t ' GumOy It ' s Deen great knowing y o Hunt cxxJ web thar s for everyth ig to vh dw K nc3 MG Etyfhquokes RuiesH Whefos the 5«3ew ' ' " ' Fk3sr ghfs nje ' Mom i love vo — you ' re the greatest To o« my saters — th y s (or al the odvKie ' 86 Kcks — Bye MV II miss yo ' Kev« Koge - FoolDol Track — Moon Vat lev (oo ' Dol kcks Dutt ' Lis yOu re the greot- esi oxa 1 Love vou ' Thanks (or ' he 2 greot yeas " i hope o j pktm worv ou ' We wi be together Forever kS. KL AV yOu guys ore great friends MacusyoureOwWdriver W mph a too fast ' Kei let s go Rompng r tt e Oesert Ant Buggy Beggggy M»Ov Cooch M »ms thonks for ol ol your help Mom and Dod thanks I LOve You Rob KfrtkOUJky - VoTSity Soccet. yts Track Sk.ciuD. 3yrs PlOKJmatc t yt Brew Crew 4 yrs — Thanh you (or O greol A yrs Moon valey and (or al the greot memooes Heyi Foh Pordexter Fudge Meat ond ol the PotJnatics ol los ' yeor — i hope we w« dwoys be together Good luck next yeor ittie ses Ves ana thanks for the support (negative ft powtivej Mom ft Dod n schoo Good luck rMe K M T(ji Roger Kudrck — Joiz Ensempie c yts Chess To yn d yrs t HS Re onoi Bonk. Al- sio ' e ' ' SACO — To everyone rAPEng. AP Phybcs iazz Chess, li mm you SM. thonh you for 10 4 64 KB keep UP ' he eel LM — remerrtjer Froo ond keep yoJ negative Qt ' i ' ude vrKrent — ii ohwoys remernDe you Ffcyik — thanks lor ttw cOfKierts JS — Wove bye to Semer ' DC - Don ' s ' op strumming you re ' OO good Teresa — C ck Ck:k ' Francis you re greon Re- rT embor The Ror«)Ow Worror oon t tei the tilth secret bewore the Zero veorsi Potty KukjnOer — To the crowd, ' t wos ' ea crv3 It wos ( n Put it worn t real tuT ' To c I leave my boredom ar d fot gue " Gna and Wei I leave my cofo e D s ' " SueKuro-rtki - French CVjD - Wei. thoait ' 6 « cr-a feri i ' s oeon leoi ' LM thonx tor berxj tt ©.e Cheie ond Tiff vou say yOu want o Revoiuton Hee nee ' SW CM end BR Kit ' And Korl Duron Duron Biies " Vrxrent Terence KwOk - ( S_tT ' eQi) Vor- sity Chess Team (co-cap MVP) Close Up fPres ) Germon Club (VP) French Oii) Mooei UN (Treas ) One of " w three-tort- XfTt ittwisitsocor v :tor - veo ' Sean — Wc e up eany before 12 Vonn — Sixt- r Marie ' ' Dr Pnio - Good ock your os ' y, ja V _ Hey t xn I need heip ' nea no ono Speak No rememper ' o Lrve Eei Lor o fTy»e yOi los ' 2 years speco ' Stepn - vrde Frcy h fo Lcrone — Bogpoes 3r-3 Opus To ap Enc o g ■ Al mv other rrxxe ' ' ' ' I know WRONGii I Love vou Pom to leove " Fred ' to I oon ' t even know wt ere he " a Mom and Dod. Thanh you and Please don t worry M love you Doth very much Bye MV jenn. Longe — JV Sodboi Siuggerades — Mogundy trtonkstorDer gmybestestbed GooO Luck Ot NAU I kave yo ' MKrhele stoy Diiare rio moiter whot your parents soy GM ft SM. RtPi Hey Mandy i don t K ok bke Mokey RememDer She was Shokm Mom cy d Dod thanks tor everything, i love you ' To Ol my Iriends n rrvss you Bye MV jonet Lash — Cross Country — To a " Fr)ends good luck ' PoJd — vou have aeer the greatest (riend, i kjve yot Good luck » " th yok futile Mt Sorripie you have to leorn how to smile Finoly. jason — Vou ore my Uf© arxJ my kDve I hope wer re to- gether forever ' kave You very rrxxih (p s i sll thr«k Mingus RiiesO Jerry LeCompte — F ' osh Fooibol ZVi yrs Trock Mofchrtg Bond Par%omentaion o( COE Club — Wei ti s IS the end I guess it wasn ' t so Dad Mey Scott " snci " i hod o lot o tun v.nth jody ond SpKly Scotty W le ' s go play n the " ud Tracy whot con i say Dope, you re the only person i wouW l ie ' o tight with I love you Twe©r kie Thonks Mom ond Dod Lynette Leggieie — Moon VoBey Otchesis 3 yrs — Sonjo quit Ooncirvg with ' hose OWO- D guys Lo Mouncho guys ore great ' " Col guys watch Out here we come ' " ' Love that country Music I LOve Vou BFF AlwOyS (SiS) Master She Keep Jomrrwi ' Fnend- sh 3 rrvade to last Tom lets go to the t osp or dfivmg Love Yo " i Lee get o sense of direction you re the GreotesH " To on the other Ofeat senior girls i love yo Pcxtyir g Buds ' " Ant ft Mark IkDve you guys " ' LiSOle ' s dance together Thonxs Mom ond Ood i Love You " ' Thonks (or the memories M V Keep portv« g forever " " P S Sonjo con i hove your raaK ' Kurt Lehrmon — Frosh FootboH, JV Track. PhJ-Skynmo-Kegga Eddie Moskei Associ- ation of Ameoco. PresKJent — Local Chap- ter 69 o( Slam doncers of America. Ski Club — Hey ' We ' re seniors ' i ' s Deen 4 years of fun ksvir g buB fertfcier ' Time to explore vast new civilizations ' ' he Shimshom bunch we ve hod some wild times ' tet s nove many morel Keep n touch dudes ' David F thanks (or Demg there bud ' CouKJn ' t hove mode It without you ' Skxn — Good tuck at NAU V ' EddrxjTom.iefsportyi Emergency Broke ' Joe T you, me ond chad poriv sum- mer ' K KftK — Hey Sweetheorts ' I ' m gkJd we ' re ckase! Al buds not mentioned, good Njck and K I T I Cm — What con i sav ' Vour Loss ' fAne too Remember wtxat i ve sad, .1 i Irom the heart More then best friends forever ' Who knows ' Later M V ' You looook fvloavak js ' Look ou ' A S U ' rvUchele R Lenz — Photography, Thealere Art — I mode it tms tar i guess I ' B stick aound. Jenrn, Maceio Susan — you re the best norma triends ive ever hod Mr A 5iTiim — o k a DavK3 Byrne — Ihoni ' Mark R I ' m sorry fhmgs didn ' t work out between us Good luck ' MKihoei Rorrtero When im rich and famous ond puttr moke-up on deod PPOes 1 1 buy you o hundred Mer- cedes ' Punks Not Deod ' Anachy Peoce ond Freedom! MAe Lermo — Tom ond Rick we fmoly fnade it " ' ' Thani Mom. M e ond brothers wej omrried 7th hoi pork metoloiO, Spot. a d Morik — when w you guys leatn ' i Gypsie Ihonx lor Joumeyng to Cydv e wtth me ' To ol the anvi, Mooseheod, Gro- phix Aerosmilh ft Motorherd nght on. Don 1 Srr ie Susone " Myies Lewis — Basketball, Soccer. CMUOS — Mchelle iLOve vouThonksfor the 44 yrs of Great Menxxiesi Daren 1 2 3 Buos ' Ann-Morie. thar ks tor being there ' M e We ve hod some good tmes S von What con I doy you ' re the greotesn iwlom ft Dod I Love you more thon you know llxyiks (or every thif g " Dan, thanks fot mak- ing rT e tough ' Dove the Celtics forever ' Seon, no more embeiilemenl ' Royce good Luck Stud ' SorxJy LevrtS — COE - TiOony we hove hod some good times Best Fnenos lorever to ir e w d one Troci here s to you Shown, i wi nevei taget you i hope we wi olways De logether K n, lomgiod we go ' to know eoch other at the Ranch ' To ol my fnendl thCT for ol the specioi rr erKlshc s Bye M V Kris Lmderron — Orchesis — Arx ed and jOy OK No more f ewa» " r g i promtte - steod tfs lo the Devi ' s House MR motch- ng IS not o stupO concept J8 DP LM JR, ione t»ne next yea ' No Woy ' Kothy here s to c the good ' mes 1 1 see you and Bob on the slopes Thonx Mom wl you sti do my homework ' ' A5U get r eod v Meother Tomozm - I Groojoied ' OP w MW DL JJ you guys ae greot, let It snowi Chrissy oxJ Beth you guys ore my favorite party buds watch out world here we come ' Steve ttxanx for ol your help, you ' re o aeot ' eocher To ' he lost Tomairi at Ktoon Voiey keep up the good rep ' Bye LOft L e — Corvrert Bond 2 y s Marchng DOVJ 1 yr OeCA — To my Dest lt«na SlephOM ' h y s lor everything and see you n Our oportmen ' To O " my o ' her foends were ce now good ock And to •he Class 0( 86 the best wishes Ihonki MV lor the besi 4 yeas 0( my lie Dot(e LiACk - Coe-Porty Ea 1-2, thru 7-8 Cor ffots you orwTxas Spfce When ae tfteod fTWke my doyi Em 0 X S i Mey guv stay cod Morti keep cool dwoe So long Moon Volev Lory Mqqoo — To my puddy Steve stay h gry, go get It ol JP TM. DP , thank you lor 4 gieo ' yeors i love you c Km Wlson (lr alyc»dit To ol the peopte ' met n these 4 yeas — Good LuCk Mom and Dodthaikyou,iiovoyoubo ' h jenie ' sgoi vorm RTyjnda Maggie Mognn — ROTC {4 yrs ) Ori Team Commaridng Cmicer. Fightfvj Urtderground Ne ' work, MiBmOer Of ' The 10 ' ,a dvMF.2i4(onat c - Tooimy (rier ds you know wfx) yOu ore itoveyOu and sh il rms you deoiy Thanks (or s ' krkmg Dy me ol the wOy Every or e Ol yOu has mode me whot i am loooy Whether tve tuned ou ' good or Dad a for you to decide Tho s God Hong loose MV Si ters l»et Ales Btggghhhhh " Deb e Moloy — Begmrvng ft Advanced Conceri Cho«, theatre Arts, Talent Show ' ftjft 64 Gonmy uttietximpkinorxjr cho- los you ae the Dest brothers i love gettir g croiy with you ouys Kns (siS] I love yo lots Stoy spastic BK buds-we r© a li i group aent we " ? Joe keep srigng somedoy welbelomous Lisa keep lookmg onward Someday we i get to as« ond yes we ' ' i see eoch other n the Ctfcus of Heaven bce sweater nen- embor MftM s ond lo ' e ntght fan sessK ns Good luck kjve Lori good luck w Ooug, (nends always Steve, l H Ove you faever " rt Mom ' Thar for evon th Bye kids Ekso Moncini — Maching Bond, Symphonic Bax3 Dri. n moiore ' t© MAD member Qr- chesis Slugger Aids French CKjD Mom ft Dod thanks (or everythmgl Dense, good luck at V I kive youi KD. BT SB SO. good Kjck your next 3 yeas Jeanrw Suz . Stocey Torn youare thegreoiesn Donno- Vive Lo Crate ' Bryon — Thanks (or the memones Patch you ae the Dest (rier d anyone coutd hove luv yo ' Europe here we come ' Love BOOM-BOOM Cono Morono — Softbol Freshman Presi- dent Student Government Spanish Club, Pr.-Pois Skt Oub Rob, you ' l olwoys mean the world to me ' Good luck v.nth you and Chod Friends forever ft buddies olwoys Cathy ' Lance ' ho las ' two yeas you ve reoly mode fun ' Mork ft Potrcio you ore great together! Kurt, my bestest ot at best buds hove you seen my wNte shoe ' ' Toby, hove ony gum ' ' Dove I look lorworO to our future together ' Bye M V Hettow wortd! lene Mctfk - Twner (4 yts ) — MW and TB, good luck m the next two yeas (l put it m, so don t beat me up)-Cari, you mode 1h hf Itxi Lisa DeHeve it or fwt rm glod you re my sister Jen you a© a por mine but I still love yal Uso Makson — COE, FBIA We» we frKily rnodeiti K»n Fcwbrothet yOuf tme iicomr g up soon Robby next yea a you yea, rTKJke ' 1 kjsl Wei you guys were the lost ol theongrKJlCriurchscrowd Thonx Ms Con- son you have been the best It ' s ' ime to soy goodbye to M V Con ' soy ll miSS yo ' ftchad A tvtartr — Footboo Wrestfcr g Baseball, Track. " LOudCrowd ' Tom you re the best (fiend o guy could hov© Hey ' Al senors we mode tf Tono I ' H u e yo 4eve ' Wer dy W love yo Bobe Mey cu , you il find someone Stoci your© great " Loud Crowd ' ' we fiJe (Wei, signing oft from Moonvoliev Ihisis Rch e ' heCru lelMar- , _ Caoi Cmt Shar ier Meoter Chnss Le«phandMr Garv yop«i LetsPa ' y ' RC Con we go Ou ' now Mr B Smith limns yO W Mom you ' e tf e greatest w Guy 1 1 never forget you ' Ma« RedOy Wh© Guess Cop ' on Mago Bud The Po te ond Vo»ie« eu forever ' Bye MV Fro lytxrh — Odch Foi K3er Cf jO mem- ber EOOe Out goes Becky n comes Artto TodowOownu 2 iha dge ' together yes I oo Ir shO ' CR voul De sorry Kevri Go Lourie Mortme: — Mr Ramirez — Thonks for oil ' he help you ve given me (and the lo- moies) Whot hoppened ' o the pono les- sris Liso- ' Ol over loi over Macelo-iefs go see Fronki© Froggie-you ' r© the Dest fnend ever Coukmt hove mode ' 1 without you Let s go gaiavantogi Don t go Oul m the lo Mow about oil these bike rides ' ? Let s do it ogar HoHon to Sean He ' s the best Better than you know who ' Gdert- you re the only one i love Pre ' iy soon time wi b© al ours By© M V otkJ it s none ' oo jS ifer L Marx - Chotf HOC-Steph. ready tor Sow Ensemble next yea " Vou re o spec " 3 ir«nd ' Kaen 8 Goober sti loves you ana so do I ' Deb, oiwoys remember the Pus odes to the hospi ' ol OrxJ the long wat ot the Cortei iflht ' Mork B Nos6 ' l kJo Ro« ono M © Kist the guy stui m my close ' ' Mory y w© ve com© a long woy s.rv:e th grade ' Mom ft Ood, thonks for puttr g i with rrte ' hfough the rough times iioveyou " tvirs Shel©y thank you for bemg on nspro- ton ft mokir g Ei beaoPie ' Little prother RK:k. hove os much tun your Sen»or yea OS I Od ft good kx:k ' Thanks for oi the good t n©s ft memones, M V ' fmo M Noul -COE -Mey C O E class, we mod© I ' ThoTks for o great yea Susan May we mode i ' through Adv Moth, we have to moke 1 ' through He looHnends — keep vr yQ Mom you re the Dest Thnk s Love yO Bnon McOonokJ — Cross country. Soccer moxjger Little chunk you need to grow Gu«ermo (Prr)ce) gnre me yOi looks go bock ' o Cuba Saivoge your gror s Spose go bock ' o Yugoslavia, ( ' a« e Kenny) wi ' h you ) J»nmy no orgyle socks Heo ' her P end Kfuto J thonx lor the haossment put you © both beoutifiJ jS Jl MO EO k ng kve America Soccer Riies Bye t- oon tnshoMcGrath— Ji, that THAT ' S over with let s go apt huntrig ' i hope you ore OS aeot a room as you ae o inerxJ ' Kynmer - Thonks tor keep X) me together gipecoiy wTien t triedto tea rneopai ' ) si ol tuck to you and yOi two Aoamos AiwOys stay n touch ' jD OP -« LM ondthe rest of the F -9 gong vou re the best ft i Ova ya ' C " Duyr g ' ' ) T A -li Otwov cae ' ' Bye MV I ' fu etA:G©r ' y - Wei-t sbeenasice Kor- t e 60 rOes ' Scot ' ' ry onO S ' Oy Out of t ' Ou- pte tooimyM V ineryjs D© cooi and keep n touch Mom and Dod thar s tor every ihmg Rock ana Rol forever M M kves Tho n Mke ti(y g ori See yo n the fi viy po- pers PS NoRodart ' , ,_ , Seal Mctceever - vaviy Soccer NmS Froshbosebai StngoPee C»jd ritroTH oi St-etchng Br»g ' ftng ' Go Mocr¥j rnon pusrwx) Face Long kve th© Swoymobte " Cols Gri oer (yecki) Popio Pcosso was never coiod an Good k ck Joiy bean 270 ' Posi n Tots at 37fh Ave ' cfce it ' o trie student of Posi n n tr uiten to inot MQttnew McNuti — To my InervJs Al ortO XBOn AftCVKe Rviei ' Chnj, Chen o ' - 3 iriends ol the band Keep tockni it s poe ■ ?ireat MV Long Ive i d4e MwKiei - Wei M V " s been -kc knovrt yo ' Donce hos been reO tin Sf had lean how to donee ' Cndy you nove mode o ' ©at omererK:© r my We Frar don tki too many PAJOS ' KD MR TM Mong LOOS© Jor»ce H you re o worxJerlj patnet ' Mvao Ffe out John Meotboi grow lO Down I don t tfv SO ' To ol of you Si VWE Donee up o storm ' 0©DD« (vtess j — ' che«s (Jhytriemarw iT«ves Orchoia V P And we dance ' To Ol my fri©rv3s thar s (or everytr«rv)H Ko- trno-you hovo Deen o greot lr«nd (a ihe post 4 yeas Mofi we gouo too nx»chi Tom ft Ten - you ae both very specct inends Meyer youmokemekxigh youore Such a geek ' Ms Banad you re o greot teocher Dayie Joy J John ft Rootm good luck yo j r exi 2 yeas Roy yOu ae the pest DOy(r«nd o th© whole waid i Wve you SO much " Mom ft Ood thanks fa your jupport ' Bye M V jock« Meyer - S jggetooes Orcheio. COE V P W Where s (h© moiTtan " M Vh-Besl o( luCk to yOu Ton Mature " ' What does that mean ' ' you ae the best ws in the v hoie wOrW Di-thonks-yOu r© ternlic ' jl kx k Out world here we com© E-youae very special to me and i know we con moke I ' l . „ Mok Meyer - Variity Sw»TVTir q Sk. Ck - CH ANDIA ooh sexy ' Rm 227 oL lah Wake up smei ' he coffee Chuck good luck m Coifomra Mo " do u iheChKTogo ' ' ' ' DJW 1 1 see u at nau Good luck Oeb ft Roy Ann u ae 2 (uviy i luv yO ' SonjO, ma- FMjge ' ' ' ■ ' ho KAssy and J©nny its yO»y ti n Mom ana oodtiyyn i love u both Bye M V Brod Michel) - JO z band, symphonic bond morchirig bond drum moja-Mak Romsey t eavd the ' est of thegongca- rv on Ihe tradition vou hov© been good fnends Ano okJ the Gioo s thonh yOu (or every ' hr yOu a© ' h© best Girxj ' love B ' yon tAfttOI - MAO Member CAD memper tviachro Bond Symphor C Bor d LOteCommilfee -Rob thotsokjt© OOyOu eat o lage cjnner ' ' V«v:e Joe and Todd let s do tt e undestructopie ' Oorwa M- ch©»©arM3CarTn© goodmck noveya ' De- Chont youaenot yet o man Letspaiy lis cWTkost over Al i ' s AsegKjrKeondRgh. leous obove ol Good Luck to the Bond yOu II need it jonNAcon. - Mom Dod Sh©ly Tod Mok Eddif Fronk ft everyone else Vou ae ol greot Shei let st« the knot sorne Nov t ' Bench gong good luck m tr« tu ' i e ' kave yo on like brothers Its D©©h o good yea you ' ve ol mode my iile much happier Thonki lor your tnendshc ' love you Shety Ere Micotti - MV EB V SkiNAu her© we come Fish-have a drr -o-n SJ-mv yo lots LE ' honks lor bemg there REB-be good Nips-iels get sprayed Bosco-iet s go cnjsng m th© beetle moP e (snort snort) Fur be a good ooy Lee-stay sweet Lyn- nette-Thonks (or ' he hugs (mom) To the Brew Crew-thoiks fa al Ihe good ' mes, KM-go ' o school " MV goodbye imcty Bret ' M«s Footboa, track, ski cl C-Wel. M V It s Cieen gr©at Chei© i love ypu " CQ»- fornoherewecome Don ' worry we l s ' Oy f oge ' her no nxjtter vrfKit Rudy keepiften Chod ft RoDbi keep i ' up you look mavel- ous wei know tho ' -ts ol over nKiybe l con get some sioep Ro l kjv© you ' " Sucky Mis — Mom ax3 Dod thonks fa Ol your Support through my high school yeas j©rv v I hope th© r ext yeas of yoij Me ae aiyouhope ' or iGoodkiCk ikaveyOu ' Mihe. Shone Ross ft Jess good tuck ' o the (utur© M Minor - NJROTC OECA. COE-H©y guys. ttstieen greol " CZ CR AZ hav©lun fhe future — CZ r( JJ bothets you. get hm " Spe- cial thanks ' o CDR. Mrs P Garry, ond oi my other t©och©rs youv© reoly helped me Kit Goodbye M v . liso (wtocci — Teno-i kjve yO ' Good kKk- youre the besti Mok-you geek ' Ooug-ii miss not s©©»i you aound Don-stoy cool onddontDeBceyourDro Vxymon-thi fa everything Antnony-thm (or ' he loughs Mom ft grondrrxa - th. i Ov© yOu guys Bi tvlorgon - Fiosh JV BoseDol voisity Bosebol NHS Chafer m©mD© ' ot White Roppri CiuP -SM-i want my two Oolas LN- no nw© 270 degree turns RB-stoy owoy from Hot bods Dionoyou ore 9 ' ° tnerx] Oaren-my mon moni Seon B orxJ Myies no mae pools im broke Don n©x( step US Senator MVitsPeenogreat 4y(s ASU h©r© I come John fi oron — Swee ' too ' h fa©v©t joy ft f ©Other good mck Than, m ft o Bes ' to Liso ft John ft DuS ' n ' ' ' . CO CRS TB ft I 1 Eisie skiers ' John (rrwingl Y f F My 2 ' GO Luck Torryriy P t K J ' L U F Amy A Mar« - Tr.©sp in Officer r S Oo ry of Anne Frank Curous Savage - G oa- bye and good luck to ol o( ' hea " e 7 -8 ' mtk ova JNC c my kave Mke check yo hear gads ' AP EngMhonoMr tew The horror the haror ' S ' eph ond The Other On© congratulations ' H©idi hov© ' uh ' GoodbyMV Tom Morrison - Wei M L RE MT we mode iti It s ' me ' o ' oce ' h© -ea worsa ney vem stoy casual ' nev Don ft Kaon yOu r© lookng (ne ' Red l " Led ZeDP© n Ar moredSont ft Rock n-Rol r Jes AiStdng» the bes ' B D Ana Rernembei No Mods joeyMumz - Vavtyfooibdl w«es ' ng Ski Ctub -Koepk :iir a«gBkj© Axio lootPGi otoyers kck boo ' « wrestlers xeep scrap Df Brother Pez Ant MmmAer ChuCky K© vr K Macus ond Ol my other fronds good luCk ono sidy Out o ' ' rouble Shall TF AGmSL L AF £ JM Ko ' eniA v - Orchesu COt Rhytnemood Moves joizrTwjtozz Sioc - yOu ' e ' eoi lOecO ' P£yn ft DC X) MO ' Wei otwoys itoy tf«hds ' CrxJy ft Mac - (co ege rT«h good tuCk ' Sh«ri (the rTK OCh) w 3-n croiy ' Dowh Km lo KenyO Jenm tAmdv BeCKy Steve Po ' nco Acneaeetc tode cae ' DeD - ' he D«t of tr r Js stoy (a ever ' Mom ft DOO th. fa everytr ' MV It s been .trosoeco ' t ' ove cio« yas ' Goony goo goo ' Poneio tA ry - MOOps ' ers V Pi©S B o ma S ' learers Fogpne fier n ck Or chew - Weil ' iirdy over ' 3 more months oo fiere coTT s Germony WT otcaniso, S S ti seenx iiie w© nove oeen greot fnenos faever L©ts keep ii that woy km Q O c CO Senior Shorts 217 1986 CO o CO O " c 0) CO DV DC MO SR. ana Jt m OttiQ ' (r«nx BOL ondKII i ' lmasvo ' RDiBsi«)ovey3o no motter what hopp©™ 1 rope f (e-aiiyv ship©s 60L ( evefv ' t-.ns ' ( love you rrxye ' Ivyi yOukrow ' efOT ' -Ty onOSlOy witn youf ciQSSi Love yOuf vV Mo- tryyix to puttng up w it al I luv yOu O ' .wayi — i rope we rrave fiyi m Germony ov-e Pam Keiy Nelson — i wcxjio ' eoiy e ' o irvank Mf SrT m OixJ Mrs Mac ' O ' " f Soppcv ' m my Oft closses Ajso. K " os© trends ot rrwie who encou»agea e ' c stoy with my long term coreef gco-- rjer emper luSKy s to c Tony Nelson — d v ' s Soccer. JV Foottxrt. SkiOub — Tool] my DfOlf ef BUDS ski rreat dentor Fooge ' e ' " ' rionks tor os tne good t Tws Arv3 10 the lenio ' giris yOu re the t esi Hev lost do ot scixjo pac ' v al squoTters ttdoe Wen lis been tun Scoti BoDdndCo keep jp ' f S ' ew dew trodiiKXi Bye 8ye Rsh Paul WBom Nettle — Thespons. Sponeh OjD Soccef — Thanks fof a great Greg- Leo. Fr(y ln. Lofa» e, and Ji Good lo meet you Vincent TheoKe hos been gtedt Good luck Jomes, you need it KeelRowdy. not Gfoochv today i wish for everyone to kve the W© to tr»e fu»est ' " Thonk you ivl V Lanes Newnwn — Bosetxal yrs . Basket- txji 1 yr , — To the CHUOS yOu guys ore the greatest " Bret. Don ' t worry I ' d fin yout cori Sson. Ray. and Bl. 6ng. B gi Mr Kemper. Keep 6flr»g ney Holmes keep Dunkmgi Carlo I hope we con stay ckisei Karen Northhekd — Moon Vaty is 1 " Trocy. thonks tor (X ' he help Donno. hope we ore stdi friends Wil. lorry Rhondo. ond Brxan, vou fTKid© this year lun Roxonne, good luck Jorv and Dovid, thonks fo livenr g up cioss Mchele axi Gang, nvay you hove rTxy y lood fights Deb, oood luck next year NAU here i conw ' Michelle J Norwood — Cross Country, Trock , Davie- ond Ski CKjO — Troci thonx (o bemg such o terrific fnend ' in mas yoo Mr WiK3msor dDr Sontelones TokeCoreMluv u Mom — thonn for always beng there ' Pookie — I love you kDts ' We ve nod terrrfic merrxxies here, lets hope tor mony more — kave burviy Charters Nul — Hero Donee — l Char beir g ot sourxJ body ond mmd leave my lost will and testament To my frierxJs I give my merrxjries. to my (omjy dl my personoi oeKy gir os ond the person i hove become My heart to be divided e 3uolly omong the guyslknew ToTL.RD ondW GS.thankstor puttng up with rT e To Teddie don i worry wei find our ' Green bghl sorrvedav And my soul to the person i spend the rest ot my Irte with ' ■ Cory RonaW Ottedohi (to the imperson- Qtor) — WorchffX) Bond 3 yrs. Symphonic Bar d 3 yrs , Joxx ensemOle -J yrs Ootnct Or- chestfo 1 v Regonol BorxJ Otchestra 3 yrs Al State Bcx d 2 yrs r iS. Model UN 2 yrs Who s Who — Mrs ASaoght — Moffstro egregra es (crotos tOi ogor Mr twtattem — You ' ve weathered much Thanks and keep on pertormrig, Mr Lewis — Yoo ve been o ptofour d »illuerx;e — Thdr k you tor your wisdom — l ' 8 be wnlmg {The horror the horior ' )Mfs Hoyes — I will not moke trw too lor g — I ' mlucid Mr WesDotten — LongWe trwse wondertul merrxxes i can ' t ux3er- stond what M V did ' o you Voie Stephen Ong — Vorsity Golt 3 yrs . JV Ten- r 1 yr Varsrty Tennis 2 yrs r lS — The best a yrs Otmy liteM V 1 " JOy we D hove to wotch Out (or those cops don ' t sleep too fTx crii Don keep the spying up ruce guys never wni Heolhei you crock me up do you burp, your my best student, porfy Hor- dyi Boov rn see yo at ASu buddy ' Deonrto you ' re o reof tnerxJ thanks to the odvce ' Cooch Joseph trionks for everythif g il beot yo somedoy ' Thonks Mom ond Dod ' Good luck to oil my friends ' LouTi Anne Owen — Orchesis CO£ — T«T e has flown, ar d ' hove grown But row I reO- «6 thot the things I ' ve ieorneO, ond the pride I ' ve earned is the fourvMfon to my Me Good-bye MV you hove tought me o k3t uso, you kept m© sane durng these Idst two yeors thanks tor beir g orourKJ tor me Remember Oshigawo " Michael fPoo-beor) you ore the best hng ttot eve noppened lo rr ri love you olwoys, BoKJy ' Kristen good kx:k, you w need It Please M V be good to my W SIS fitomlloveyou Thonksfor everythaTg I con t bebeve ' mode it Wendy Qmiocto — Sp iH« 3 yrs Orchesis 3 yrs Ski Club 3 yrs To the Gin m the TA ond the gong - (SE, LK, TP) We ve hod some ■ W4d tmes ' 1 wish yo oi the besti " Tom- Good luck I Corid — You re ok Kote ana M WedidifHert — jC-Mar d!heT P roHs — n r eve ' loiget ' Ted — Whot con i soy that you hoven t aweody ' ' vou re o great guy ' SHE - vou re the bes ' est Q LOVE vOUj Mom ox] Dod tnonks (i LOVE VOUl Cm — it ' toiyoi s — GoodLucki ' M V — il ' sbeen redl its been tun — Bye ' Morcelo Ou itono — Speech 2 yrs Forum Secretory l yr , Streakers 2 yrs VP, fvtodel UN 1 yf Orchesis 3 yrs . Spanish CKjD Close Up- OA Wotchout tor those guys EYgfodyOure Drove ' SB vnie Mom and Dod tfionks tor ol your Support I kive you ' Glofio ond Oore good luck ' Cristmd keep dofviing jRdont fol oH your skoteboord ' kC debate was fi Thonks ror aer Q such a great Iriona ' ST don t tomt ' Thonks tor iistervng SF I riope you get everything you wish tor ' to the guy i tpiQiy odmire — you ' e perfect D vd — wt en ore you going to ' he Swiss Alps ' ' Watch out tor Fronke ' Sco " S ' hke your vrde SP Be care ' ui ' Mr W Thonks tor oo yOtf help E6 What s so funny SR Ov Ch KM. DC PM, MD SS Let s al KiT LOve yo oH ' VK Maybe i won t ge ' lost m D C s-nce i hove " imap rww Bro-smieLM FredKrugor and Sly Stdione Shown Poge — to on the people that nove mooe this past year goby qmckfy — KM DP, RS MH orxi everyone else To o " the under- classmen — enjoy yourset To Debbe — good luck To kim. wolch out for movmg woHs orxJ to Richord — stay Ou ' ot trouble Lfnderciossmen — it is a yOufS you con have everything Bye ' Koryr Pome — bpirithne Orchesis Ski Club Jaiirnotoii Rhltvn oriO Moves — ToriO vOuronera but yOur greo ' ' Bm IhonkS tO ' Demg there ' Th JB iM yOu guys ore great Irienos ' Bumes and Bornord have fun S thanks ' Bnan good luCk ' Kelly I Ciue yO k?ts ft I rx pe we Ost a long time ' Bye M V Donno Pointer — Marchmg band syfn- phorvc bond — PresKient ,c6 Pres sec- tion leader — May, nice were noving weofher We ' re too talented toput up witfi this.iefshit fheioke Watch out tor bolongo — chosmg pironnp ' Donno, I love thot name M M C E vote tO on 8008 ' Borxl — Peter Piper wffl never be the some, I love yOu guys JB, you ' re sta a tV ' Don ' t touch tt e steeong wrieel G0 i " l wotch for yo m the pros 0«ck. I love yo m Ttxnks MV Srione Patterson — Boske ' bol — It s been real ' To the Tweeket Corrvrvttee — good luck ' Jess - wTBte horses keep rnov«g ' 70 cutlass arx3v-8Vegas rule rtDenmond Simtly sbeeters Good luck cion Knights of the lunch table nJe i kjve you Stianene Keep rne r yoix arms CorvTie L Poyior — Gals Bosketbol rnan- oger F V HERO, Historion.CfOiy Person — To a» thos (un ys — CG BF DO OR ec ' Tokecore — youwontrxjvemetokDughot ne f yeor ' Ooren-Jockie ond I oren t there to bobysit so wotcti if Come — spom ' Boozer remember the Frosh holes ' Thonx Kev tor onood yeor ' Look at those legs Vc we mode rt D-sm e For ol my other crazy buds - cor gral5 here l come (m) GCC Jockie its my turn Liso Caro Poyre — Ski CKjb OrOesis — L sjri, I on my Des ' on my bes ' friends the k3St 2 yrs would hdve tie n complete witri- out o Rondd Its been o Ong t« Thorn a yOtf tnerxJshC) Chnsto t m gKX3 thmgs die kx)kng brighter 4 u DoO dnd mom thonn a at your love OfKJ inderstonda g LAP best wishes A you lost 2 yrs Ar¥ e Pecfvsen — Orchesis £RO secretary _ MB _ leez dude ' Ge ' o grip ' Thorn SS — your the greotest Let s go heart preokn ' MG what s furvwxJ down your teg ' ' MP ft VR — hong m there KP-Moroes ' RP-Vos 1st Cotywompis ' ' RO sti watching yO ' JB-i gotta go to the bathroom ' Mom ft Dod — thdnii tor He ' MC — where s my onmots ' ' Love yd ol WTiew, imodeit ' MR Ski Purga- tory Tomy PetSgo — Orchesis — Stupendous 7 — Cloudrie Tomi Wendy TroCi LiSO An- gelo " s been tun Keep Cioudine ft Trock from driving Tomi don t look there ' W W - n-K F Lisa don tbesoquie ' ' Angela r eres toDielPepsi ' NiBryan witho y Luv u mom ft OOd Craig — you ' ll olwOyS be ri my heart ' Sye MV " Deonna Perry — To JB TW, JR LM ' hanks tor Demg triere you guys ore the greatest Let s keep portying n F-9 JB trvonks for berig there through the good times avJ the bod ones you re o real sweety JR. thonks (or arivmg uS ' O school everyday orv] rrxjlimg me Wugh 1M ' honx for til the help and Od- vice you gave rrie To Darviy ' han« tor ev- erything I wiD k3v6 you always TonvTiy Pesortic — Ski Cub Orchesis — Le«gh or tne GSest uskibunny.dowekrxjw these people ' ' Ne ' . never a aJ moment, thnk iicu Men. keep th© keys, armther movie ' ' Wen, K i T Sr ap, Crockle, Pop and a to " KM look out 4 longers Lso bud, tor- ever whot o present (whot o Irp) Col loo Eileen, U cozy chick, lets go 2 the river — keep it fkawmg Sonya— beepbeep Fh ki It MS TN DU, CD, RK TH you guys ore the greatest kit lets party She CD SD lA, CS rnony more gri porties Tanks tor the rT emor«s JC i lOve yO Gooo luCk Bry yOu ' l make It Thanks mom and dod u bemg so potient — I mode iti Class ot 86 kcks Dan Peterson — Student Body President Junior Vice-Presideni Boy s Stote Deie- gote Varsity Soccer G H U D S member — Iksve MV my family soccer money piZZO, sportscors big houses beaches, on my friends Thonks Mr Welch ond the rest o( my teocners MV admmistrotion. my par- en ' s my coocr es Big Hurrahs " MVstu- dent governmeni (you guys ore groot). MV soccer ( l-good skins " ) ChudS fLoo- kout Broodwdy). Bry, Dove M e, (Jyles, Lc» ce, Xovier Sean, Dorten. Steve — i COuKVi t be more thonkful for such (rier ds ' MV forever ' " Emily Pfefteriorn — Spifitime, Ski Club, Or- cnei i — Koryn-bud ' Thanks (or cormgi i fcjv yo ' Louro ft JQimes — Thoni (or trie trierxa- " ship I ' l never forget youi ' T»x3 — good luck m the future K l T Sco " ft Skip — Thcmx lor ci your help Good luck ' Jim — 23 yeofsletti Thonx (or ft e good times i luv you Mom and Dod — Tt an tor the support ' l luv you M V Brer dQ Praps — I hope that otter rr e and Lorry get rnomed that w© fv3ve trie best We onyorw con ever hove together I hope you oD find soTT eon© as specol ' Wendi Pickrel — Bran I m very hoppy beng with you and 1 know we D lost forever Tony,! love you too, otkJ we promise to protect you from ol the girls Good luck m tt e future swee ' t eart i wont to tnonk everyone for dd vou ve done i hope 86 is the best yeor ever especK3lly for you, mom and dod Dawn Plank — Concert Chotf Vocol En- semble AOv Bond— To SS my wonxjn UHi I wont sometrung from Europe wonxn SC, Choir was o Wost (Ho) Remember, more breath support (haha) KB secret pal huh ' EM, cuff cuff poto cufts ' Let s toke the porty bug ' OK Crp " ) DV, sorry about £0 Hey SC. KB, oTKl Rin b X)y, CoUfomia, kxikout menitn DF I love you ' (hchotd R Panzer — Boseboi fAanoger Snutt Club, ond Bud Rules Crew — Hey Rob I mode til CL JC VP, OB, and ol my Junior (nends good luck n your servor year ' Hey Akm lets ploy tootbol sometme To Mr Kemper you were tr e funniest teoch that I ever hod We« MVHS l om leavmg you To al ot my teocners thanks tor beiig greot teochers Bye Moon voley Debbie Potter — Shown pmg) we fmaHy mode It It It wasn ' t for you I don t ' hmk i would hove mode it through my Senior year Thorns tor everythmgi Love yo lo ' s ' Ross Potter — Key Club. Student Govern- ment, NHSm klT I ' D bke to thank ol my friends, esp tMie. Ton. Steph (yrrti). Amy A , Km S , the gentlemen ot the Knights ot the LinchfoWe. Leigh, M Welch, Mr Wins- low, M Lewis, and Mrs Sheley (or making these Iht pest yeots o( my kte i love you oi Forewei where ever you (ore jiynnProtl — JV orxJ Varsity Track Bosket- bol, Concert Choir ft Ensemble — Ivlom Dod thdnks tor yow love help.potience ft support " Mi Kerwm ' honks for tr e tun ei- penerx:e m Euope ' Pom, come visi ' mei i love you ar 3 keep sm n Showno wish you were t ere. Put you w olwoys be m my heort Brod I ' B olwdyS tove you forever ft ever " MVHS De fAjvuk Soeslerberg. And Holond thor s (or 4 (ontastic. ti Wed arid excitng r gh sctKOi yeors! ' Debbie PfueM — Ho© — MV VOLT ■ 1 — rnas yoi I wl tteostre the e x:ation forever ' Mti ffraei ft K s White, the best teocr erso( my yrs ' Fnends — luv yol Todd you ' re r exf Hove tun ' Mom ft Dod — i tove you ' Wotch out world MV ' 86 ' students have groduat- ed (RoPbit) BLAST OFF ROCKETS Sheri Mouch Paver — Varsity Bodmmton, Frosh B-bOl Hoops ' ers, Pres , MVAA Tres SpOTish Club Orchesis — To Amy (Boby Srs- terjlleave my patience, orxi good grodes. KJRgoodluck wrththeguys Tol 4Q.DV.PM, SS, EO KM DC JR, I ' lmis yo Ot lunch, anQ keep m touch Tnoni Mom I coiJd of never done il without you Mory Beth Royes — God Squod 3 yrs , Con- cert Chotf 2 yrs Voc Ens Tech Crew for fAocle Wrkr , Don© fo Death. Shrew, fan- tosticks CF — Here s lookm ot you kid ' See ya m the big ' ime l love you to ol my afto Pods " NTO Power ' see yol at the con- certs ' LLS-Don ' t fre ' Chorie orxj his cute sons Ive m FLA Straurvo Beck Jen — k©©p singrifi Love ya bobesi Erm — What con i say ' ' Good luck at regionols everyone ' Shen — I Love you Col mel Bye alt Patrick Akjysius Reed — Tomng of the Srvew, The Dairy ot Arvie Fronk, Harold ond Mouoe The Curious Savage. Concert Choir Skate Club VP — Its over on to big and better thmgs Craig — H has and wfl be real ol ot iti (Open your eyes peopte ' ) Chns — Skate tough wrth o C tch m you ' s or my sTwi — Thoii DuOe ' Kevm beef ar d Cheese crisps forever MTK — ttranx Lewis yoa ' yoo ' Vool Rush ond Zep forever For oH who know the kar d Ot pumsqmt, bve rt ' LoAes i kDve yd ' COFFEE " Peace to » ' bye M V ' Cathy Rego — Frosh and J V Voneyboll. Frosh Sottbol, COE Tteosure ' — Corto Your o special tnend Good luck with Ddve ar d school Mayt e rt wH be CftC " To my best tnend fiAcheOe. your fnerKJship meons ev- erything to tr e Than tor always bemg there Hove o good time n Europe Wotch out (or those ItcSons ' You know how fhey ice blondesii D W Quit chosmg KeOy m the rami ' Domy, Maybe " " Mom itiveyou Best ot luck to ttie ckass ot 86 ' Bye M V Stat Rennte — DECA — Wei Chontei we fir aly mode it " Wow — Hord to believe it " Chontei i hope we nxske it Voi the bes ' " Kristo Jor es ond Jon Norton orHy one rrxxe to go LOuto Xinos Good Luck ' Debbie Mes- sina 1 wen you luck m everyttimg you do MebxKi it was tun m 4th r out Koren Criop- pel txjng m there Stocie — Good Luck — l bet you ' i miss mel heehee Yvonrve T God Bless You ( tom and Dod ThonlcsH KarT e Revieo — Good Luck — Celeste T Pom H , JH, JD, Joe. Bob, JO, KR, JR. Ti, ond MW as you finish M V tyirs (vioc. thariks (or everyThmg Mom and Dod kave ya both CloudK). gkx) we hod phofo ophy to- gether and becdme friends Good-Bye M V T G I O He»0 Germony Kathleen Reynolds — Orchesis — Kns there s too much to be sort PoiJo, you wi moke it Bob — 32 " ? ' I ' ve grown up wel Now where ore you ' ' To Bob Steve, Doug, Mke Jm ft all the others — ttxjr s tor ' ' let s (ust soy lhof »i Boon Robbms, I stffl core ' Bret yout special! Mom, i mode it, yet I ' ve or y iust begu ' M V ' honx (or ol the par- ties Iwtelndo RK:e — 2 yrs Chorus. 2 yrs CorKert Choif. and infinity — Km, what a sweetie, you Owe fhe (Siout Beov weeel Andreo TtwnxsorTKCh Jmyherelcome ' ' lhope ' SF, I con ' t wort Fnerids LG. DP CS, DM, DP. BP. I luv yo To my best bud Cothy, BPl, Star you ' re not tot — 10 yrs Momarx3DodlK)ve you Kerth you re such o doi and i tove you ond green is okoy Cmdy. remember bii - boom-boh Km Periy Rmk — Begrmmg Chot, Advonced G»ts Ensemble Cor cert Che The Perfect to, 3 yrs Donee Rythm ana Moves. Dorxie Show 2 yrs Orchesis — Krs and Karen — you ' re tfva best fnerxis ever ' i hope we stay tt e 3 bkxid Ks forever ' Cossie — Vou e so spectol ' I ' l miss youi Deb C YoureotemfSc tnend ' ' hon» tor ol your helpi BJi — l tove you ' We u be together forever ' To ol my otr er fnends — you re greoti Good hxrk I ' l miss you ' fyVs C — Thanks tor ol your help and confiderK:e Brondi — Good Luck next yeori Tfxjnx (or everythra Mom and DRd. l Love you " ' Goodbye Mv " ' Deonno Robmson— Sluggeroides. DECA — Pcm, We ' ll always be (fiends let ' s KIT Shan, Good luck m life Sue hove fun ond take cor© KS Wanna be Pres ' " ' KIT DQ. RK. LK, Good luck u guys ' Robbi and Chod my best 1 u both Stoc Fnends Mom and D ' honx 4 everything I Love u both PJ Good luck i Ai i K ve u and see yo at the otteri hoHo ' bye M V Mork Rodfigues — M V it ' s been greoti TM — Water ung — Rocky Pont and rvisde lown chotfs We ' ve hod o bWst ' EM Fnends Forever FL — you ' re on anifTxaH JV you ' re sti o gweedo ' KD. JM ' oke care DMC I owe you so much ' Neener — Who ' happened ' Buds ' ' lF — We don t note you ' SS orxJ CO you two be corefui ' f Bro — Reody tor the blondes ' " M orxJ Love you ar d thonks ' AMF jenmter Rogers — Mirocie WorVer. Done to Death, Skirmyd«3pers Streakers Hoopsters, HERO Vice President — Wei guys its been funi JJ good luck with Dove Thanks tor tt e odvice I wantoninvitationiShonnonarxJDi youguys ore the best keepmfouch Beckyi moae iti OM KAcheie, MV CP RI. JM JS, Thoriks tor t elr g there ' Deb MV is v. ' Oifmg Mrs Ferguson Thanks ' Jeff I wil Owoys tove you " Con t wQit unt November Lridd J RolorxJ — Dor e to Death Tomr g of the Shrew Dwry of Anne Fronk. Horok3 ond fvtaude Thespians, Key OJD. French Club — Heyi 4 years in a ftash ' Km you ore my best (nend To KS »c AM LS GC RP MT ond onyor e else i (orgot i tove al o( you (vtom and Odd thanks (or ' he patience McCorth oryJ Kerwi leommg is growmg Good Ol ' MV shoi be mesod KAchele Rorrvanowski — Thesp«jns, Orche- sis. Con Choir, Sluggeroides, Done to Deoth, Horc4d ft MouOe, Year o( the Chid, Dcmn Vonkees ' ' ' ' . Rhythm ory] Moves, ana We Donced ' ' ' ' — Wow ' Ten — Guess wtKit ' Bren ■ Lunch ' ' Pat you rrKike me rnodl BFF Kev, Croig Po ' — lets wotch the jooo® ' ' Led 2eo 4-ever ' Mory and Kns n tchrtg o sfuDiO conceof Srooze Snooze — Preq- nonti Kenya — Ancwchy ' ' Mud Kids KODoo- gieiJG KVL — DrtDoPuppy ' TM. l l. TA, youf specioli Mrs C MTK, Barnard thcFix tor everyfhmg Lorry I ' l love you Ol- woys and 4-ever ' " M leom to tove ixrrxs- qurti " See ya ' Ji Ruggies — HERO. — TM, LM, JB, DP. 1 ccxJdn t fxsve mod© it witfyaut you guys ' Jul — 2nd ana 3rd hour egg McMutfins were great So Tnsh — How tios yOur summer b©©n ' ' We ore going to hove one partym opt Hey f tory — pass the puddir g cop please Larry are you gomg too fry for 87 ' ' Dee moke sure you keep that Addrrx) m Ime Thdnx fytom and Dod tor everything Gmger Rua — €RO — MV it ' s been fun ' Kevn D I hjv u 4 ever ' KIT abe Shavyn. MandY thonx tor Demg there Best EE Jenny Good bck with Shown Mike D I ' m glad we are buds ' Ltso Leigh SorKJero — God Squad, " Mrocle Worker , Done ToDeoth ' " Shrew " . ' Ton- fosticks " . " DKjry " , " Harold drvj Moxle " , " Curious Sovoge ■ Damn Yankees " Yeorbook S ' otf Thesp«ans Latm, fL Ben- (CTTim — I tove you boby ' Forever ond Al- ways for forever orx3 oiwoys Someday, someddy SMOOCH " Jenfer — i won you al the hoppoess m the worto, but if you don ' t stop stonng at my satid, rm gonno poke you m the chest wift my fork ' Nysso ond Bd — I guess we used fo be the lucky ones WHAT HAPPENED ' " ' ' Lu ch Binch — Love yd! Love yai Lo — ACK ' What am I say- ing ' " ' ' Pendrogon — You do ot co xse reol- i2e thot the cope s 100% tove Wear it wei Let s not tose wtKit we fOLfx) on the rrxxn- tdm TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF " m the end we ' l stil be fnends Kim ond Undd — ri mtss you both Becouse. wel you krrow Doc Rush — You ore the greatest " Save me o lely donut and pdss rne a bule ' i wuv you Take core There ' s olwoys a wor m Poro- dee keep ycm heod up Threesome, er jn, Tno — Later, ©n Al th© best K C — H©y bud ' Sorry 1 (orgot the cookies the year ' I vinsh you ' tie best ' Mom and Dod — Thorns so much lor d you nove dor e tor me I tove you both fvtes Ken rm — Tfyjnks for the chance to be somebody i hope i dkln ' t let you down Mtts Atxight — As one of your own Ego tu omo l wish you more students ar d (ewer pupts m the years to com© i wl Ben s red, white, arKl Wue stioight-iocket to whomever wil take it Al the best leigh Knsten Schwartz — Frosh sottbol. vOrsity trock Marchtf g Bond an Oogmoi Member ot the GHB Pork l-8i " Deb — ' hanks for beng the bes ' friend ever ' Skyndes ' D ft D. longlunch©s ' Systos ' ' TW,TA KW M J SM TQ. SD — Let ' s party " Mom and dod — thank you, I ' m sorry, orxJl tove you " ' Enn — hove fun kxj ' I ' m olwoys here ' Ronrne — 1 tove you kid. Thcyiks (or ol the Decxitifu merrxjnes ' Lets awoys stay ctose ' Lor g bve the CHfii Later Mvi Holy Scott — Studeni Cour cii Annuol ' (J- ©nt show To MJ — I leov© the owrrMDoes of the times we shored To Rick K bes ' wishes porty hardy B F F ' for graduated Robert G-i luv yo To ol my best budd«s, hove Q great Me ' Don t be stror gers " Potty — we rnode it ' Toby Scovesi — Sports, Wres ' lmg. Bosebol Wel (oks It ' s oj kjst year, look out N A u Here we come LittlechurW.rememberbest mon ' Guilermo. loi g bve Cuba ' ' 87 hove o rocScol year moke it the best WV, LDY i ' Sove Dem Grans ' ' Stxjnnon Seoman — Otcheso. Rhythm ana Moves Welp. thiseit ' AnneP imglodwere sti ' Best Fnends You ' re the greotest ' Lets go Heartbreakm Get leody tor moss par- ties ot our aportment ' Km O the best to you ft Ronnie ' Chnssy. " Do me a favor ra ho ' Travis S you re o tctie ' To my brother Rod moke your H S yrs the best ' Thanks lylOM ft DAD ' I tove you both ' Porty on M V Down Debo — J V Softbal, Ski Club. SK3e- kicks Ann-fwVane. thonks tor bemg a fnendl You ' re the best tAchele yoj someorw spectol ' Bryon — thank you for the help m Gov ' You fheon rrore to rne thon you wi ever know ' Lorry — you mean o tot to me ' Mom — ttKmk you ' i tove you Rod — only 3 more yeots Rhonda Seeley — SA, TV. CW. M and S B, X and L T thonx for bemg such greot fnerxB To the Oar ri never forget ony o( you Thonk you for ol the memories h B orx) MF always K I T PW. TK, L, M, S it ' s been fin wofkmg with ya Lookmg forward to that party To my tomiy ana B flxxik yOu lor everythmg l tove you Joson Setterberg — NotKXKH HofKX Society Steve It ' s on to ASU Thonks to oi my (nerxB and o couple of you teochers for helpmg n rrxAe it Jirrmy get o fxwcut Don ' t toll so loud Mr Bock Bnonhovenjim Cctflofna Okoy. it a your turn now StKn- non Janet, you are the tove ot my bfe riow ond (Of ever, Colorodo ' ' Keiy Schcomk — Sor fbeor) — wel. bdbe. here we ore ' Whooi Thonks (or everythng — I could never hove rnode it without you ond my mon, Euge, to keep me loughmgl (l sti hove the promise rng) mee mee mee — I tove you ' Scia — keep srtgng. Kxjgrt- ng ft gnrvw g (and you-know-whoti) Next year be sure to col me each rrxxrwig for o S O T D ' To the Burger Kng buds — lur ch hos been great ' Remember Elen toves us ' Bfi — enjou your last two yeors ' (otxJ ' he cor) Mom ft Dod — I tove you To everyor e else — I wish you guys ' he BEST ' Scott Sherck — To Bfl I leove odmitionce tor one to Comelbock f©hab4tation cen- ter The SS ri pay (or your dote v ith your third hou toy KD nave tin ot wogo Try rot to lock your keys n your cor RS buy o (orO To my sister Tonyo hove fun you KBf year and also l leove my great dnvmg obity ShCTVKjn Srwiey — French Club Hoopsters DECA — To my fovonte lenwhode person — thxs 4 everythmg tent it notous ' ' To w g- gles a your sidekick, I luv you guys ' HW — worvKi bogei ' ' Sue — DV hos some poper clps tor youi Wonrxi condy cone ' ' Pieose don t throw yout raggedy Armowoy ' SS — thxs (or |usl bemg you ' Condi — tigniponts ' ' Don ' t kx ' BV (the Frosh) bye ugiy ' Hove o " Great 3 ys, ok ' ' Tel your brother l rruss hmi Jacki — time to attock ASU ' We ' l (o tooetheri Loo — you were nght it went toTost ' ByeMV you hoka a tot Of memories ' CrxJy Schrousky — To my tnend, than, a tot for bemg there wtwn I neede yo You re eat We ve hod d tot o( greot tribes to- gether ana we won t ever torget JS FL MT, Sw IviM JS. B BUP, W W J fFred ' s tnend) TS DR. FS We ve hdd our greo ' times Sc, tove yodwoys Stet I wish you and Chns the best of luck with your huns Later MV ITS BEEN GREAT ' Rifko SOer — French Oub — Tot and tWDm, thar s tor bemg there. I rrxide if Shen, ii come visit youi form Koren Othelto " was great Km hong m there you ' re almost fin- ished Lorry (Fred) Hudson GET TO CLASS ' Thonks to ol my fnends and tedcriers. Moon Voley so lorig ' Chad Skogen — I tove yOu Rob, ttianks (or a (ontostic year together Remember ci our fui tmes together Morv, my partner m Wste fk gmt , yo u ' ve been on excelent (nend to hove at M V Porty On ' Tnsh wotch those chee-chees ' Potty you ' re my very best fnena, i luv Va ' Thorns Corto, JT, KL, LH, OF JH — Bye MV Pnscia Smith — Foxy Roxy — U R the bes- test ' Thonx (or dwoys bemg there i iv Ui K,J —SOTO t-ever ' Thonx for the loughs ' Refhsmber to gm ond ignore it J G Y — Huck Frm, O J , comfkakes P J . it ' s been greot i ' l rneet you m Beverty ► 4 Knch m 20 yrs Dnng Frar ie Sue boby — the B the Kist straw ' Now we rrxst folow the yelow bnck wol Lets meet 4 o chocolote dreom stprem B K gong — C U m 30 yrs — bmg the kids Bye MV its been real ' Oorma Sopiok — Morchmg Bond, Symphon- ic Bond Section Leoder MAD member, French Club — Ana. Donna ar d ivfcheie you guys are th© greoTest buds ' Remember M. M, Cpe ' NO " Borb. ' honx tor always be- mg there Youresuchosweehe ' Ekso, vivo K3 carte ' Bryon — nxx3 ' Khrts. John. Deb ft Wch — keep those squeezable foces ' No buffoloesi Mom Dod thonx so nxich (or al the tove arx3 support undo- good K ck sis ' Bye MV — rt s been a greot 4 yrs ' Jenny Sounders — HERO, Spanish Club, ' Or- chesis — MV ' Uhoh ' What now ' ' I ' ve hod fhebest4yr5 ever Kathy — we ' lbefnerxJs (orever ' sis ' Eat tudgtoies Sn-« y — i tove you Shown 143 ' KB — friends ' ? KIT ' Jeff. NTBF Study hard Sly Gmger AF GA, BH CL, MB fnends (orever — AJvtC l Green M-n-M s 4-itB MV 143 ' Mark Spodohoro — Frosh Bosebol, Pole- vouttmg — RoM e — thonx tor bemg so special to me Cmdy ana Stephan e. trionx tor bemg good fnends Steve and ToOy •MTtai con 1 soy ' ' You guys KXJk fike Lou arc Amoto And ' o ol my other good frierxJs good bjck ' These 4 yrs ore hotory. and so om I (vlOfk Spongier — Band. NPOTC-I. Mork Spongier, woiid ice to thonk ol the teach- ers who hove helped me m tfw post, espe- ciolv Ms Kinter ! also wtsh to poss on the tradition of my " 67 " Mustor g ' Chevy Eat- er . to my (elow fnends dt Moon Voley A spectol ttxxiks to mom ond dod, you ore the greotest Stocey J Spiegler — Siuggerotoes Donee Dance show 85 Orchesis — To my bestest fnends. thor you for the greotest 4 years of my bfe But Europe ar d colege, here l come ' Letgh you ' re almost trwrei Mom ar d Dod. thank you tor everything ' To my ■wonvans ' k©©pm touch olwoys itoveyou ol. MV. ri n ss yo Bye ' Torrvny Sp K) — Fioglme Orchesis Voley- txi. Ski Club, Cho«, Rhyftvn and Moves, Pm Pate. Good luck to everyone m tr e futile ' Thanks Borriofd, you ' re the grea ' esfi Good luck Aji 4 yrs ' o come enjoy tt em Good luck Christy ond Cmdy KS fp mp) Thurs mghts 4-ev6ri TF ft DM ft KS you ' re the greotest buddies! Mom orxi Dod thanks 4 ol yoa support fnendsMp. ft tove I tove yO ' Knsti Spmcz — Trock. Sottbol, Orchesis, Ski Club The tmes we ve hod on them siopesi Liso I ' ve hod rrxxe fun than ever imagined — becduse we hove rnore memories than betevoblei I ' l oiwoys tove you ' BFF Kern you ' l rrxjke it To o j Senior group keep ptytymg. Michelle. Btenda ft Leigh fhdnxs for the yrs of fnendshc) Ron il never tove onyone the woy i tove you ' John M God Bless You P S Mom — Dod ' s i tove you Marcus Steele - Foo ' bol, Track — An ' hony. Keiy ft Kevn — you guys ore the best three fnends onyorw coulO ever have ' " Cooch Moore — your support mode it worthwf ' Good luck lumor foo ' bol pioyers — take state ' Rtcfve — nJe the mof Mr Weth ft Pom ' r»e nuse — ' txarWs for ol the passes ' Mom ft Dod — thonks for bockmg n e up ' Goodbye MV — Thsis ' hekas ' " reoi " Steele yOu ' l ever see ' Shannon Stemmetz — Pm Pols, Ski Blue — Sue, how many more trees ' ? Boo Foo ond our fnendship forever ' Pom, best of tuck wrth Ger e Teresa, Kmch wos greon Kns, no more Homecom» gs but tots rrxxe fun ' John. wt en ore we gomg to start negotiations ' ' Chod, keep your ponts on u Pro Thanks mom ft Bob God Bless You M V Em Stevens — V B Mgr SluggeroKles, COE — Its over ' i MV It s been real ' MVH — con my rTX)theri jM — thonkx for everythmg X — I ' m right behr d you ' KiT you c Jys ' I love you oi " KY — whot obout nixoris trans- plant ' ' Don ' t fry so hord ' i MM — congrats " SS, CB. NE , hong m there guys ' KY — me you JH ft MH gotta portyi Right on ' — Take ft ©osy ' Bomey — give me a col " So long MV " Rick StTones — Frosh foo ' bol. JV trock — Lite it seems w lode owoy Dnftmg fi tr er everyday Ge " mg tos ' withm myseB, Noth- ing rrxitters no one else Metolico. Good- bye MV its been quck Good luck Keeb BnonLitfieCr l Bom Bom Skint orxJeven Penc P S Potti I tove you Richord Stifofctfo — To ol my fnends — Good Luck with everytrimg m bfe Trocy i dKln t torget orxJ I ' i meet you at Booby Mo- gees m 5 yeors Debbie or»d Shawn thanks for every ftimg Pouto — you ' re so cute Kar- ri© ana Joele you mode t eafth somethng to took forward to Holy we tmoly rivxle it ' W mo your o great fnena Ma I tove you orx3 thanks tor every ' hmg Moon Voley rfs been (in jerv er Summers — Hoopsters — To my S8 LOv O — I tove yO ' A(t©r ' Grod " its GCC here we con Mom ana Dod ' tove you Good hjck John Stocv Renee ond Shoron Its your tim Mom arx3 DoO X I tove you. your the greatest MV 1 Oscar, your o grouch but 11 olways tove you SStoveyo ' LA love yo brnches ' Kent. AJwOys on my Mnd GG tove yo ft in mas U ' Love to every- one orxi Thonx a bunches Joy Swoder — Orchests — Kefce Ji ond WenO You re good (nends i luv you oi ft wotch Out for helcopters Troci you re a 218 Senior Shorts 1986 iooz ' Rooeft I itt car© ve«v mocfi Moon va«oy ' honkj (c nothng Mom I love vou ana fhonhs to ©ve ' yf ' wi F obO Swan — Sortbal. VotoytxH SkjQQtf- OKJei S - TomylelowCOOAMAgroau a ' «» Warma qo to SouQw Pooh ' ' You g JVJ a»e great ' Marine — vou morna cteuet vou — funny TreatfKi — mee ' vOu n N V — on w Robot — TNI d-eve« CfKW M- choe we got a great trw gorkg) ■A■yA eve S W A K C M — wonno Idle out mv moi car ' Love vol Vivi im K e o fof r«ve» ei T S — 12 Yn ' ' ' E — 1 1 neve fo oet you " Hirii — tfKWu (or evervTHM 6ve MV ' DOviO Swonion — C M u D S SMV W»oi ting Student Gov t — wrestlers - Soviy Me wtx) ' ' Ouds — toottx pooh orx) »t ckDa»6E — 6%Doav ' atiDP -DUiaond pop tarts MS — wnere s mv D e ' ' M L — aotapenny ' Mofn — ilovevOuiRov — eW ' Ood — thor God for the prK ne jennifo Swortnout — OfCA. Toastmostefi, Geroxm Cub Tt oatre — DP — I ' m iorry we ve grown opart • tove vo oKwaysi D B — voure fooiait ' c love vo Sweette. M T k thanki for everv ' fi ' g Whciev — fnan« tor the takj arxJ Euope Shown i love vOu d- wovi (Jememoef October 5th 86 ' Good- bye M V M S (Joryt Sytvestef — To S«J ari AA BOOO Barry James Grea Jen Mke it sr xid be pu© t eaven n 8 II mos you i love vou DovxiS, oSiobo — Wtestkr»Q irtdeieated To my lovonte teochers — Wr i»ow F©let Coda CoTwon and even Whoieyvou ' reol great Tnaru Shown Mlei on the gatoge ' i Cr ev©ies wi never d e Best corx:erts Stfvpei ScorpoTtt To ol my lod e inendi whom I Ksve deoriv Dodge d i d oi tr e woy — No ToyOto s ©at (1 Mom and Jesui coiJdn ' nove done it w oui yo love D S Steve Sipr ko — Ct e« ChjD treoiuref Vorv- ly le ' iemTon, COE — PresKjent of the So- cio) Comrmtiee — Wei MV tt i been a great veor To my Dro Gr©g i leave 3 yrs at MV to Shone and Joe. i leave in© Army Notional Guard To N chel© M i leave my bed to PoiJa T you never got iti i love yo — Moon voleyi Al Tenvne — Vorsity trocli. Dromo. Thes- Onara Motchng Bona — Iho fxis been o truly kier year ' But the Irne has come to rrxjv© on Mom and Dod tnoni for every- thng Ma ' t-n-jQson on witfi tt e sfvaw And lo my frierxJs. tnoni for beng there wf en i needed yd Remember Metal always Lao TrxyrxB - Ski Oub J V Sottboi - To mv Mr R ghi Kev, vou ve TKxJe tt e kjst 2 worxserTiJ let s keep us our : eams m yoi s forever " ILOVE VOu ' She our 17 yf tne xishpw«oiwavsbetreasu©d Kern w© can ' t be roommates, rt woiidn! worV Kmli thanks(oraltr ©proat tirriesiweety Sherft Kelmtts yd Con, lets drive to the desert To ol the rest o( the sentois thanks for a the i forgetobt© memories These 4 v ' s at MV were the best tmes Dad Mom Gregg tt»ar vOu arv3 l tov© yOu Greg Tryj — Wei tha a tti Mom — thanks for yOk $i-ooon Sozett© flatten yoi har or I wi Mfc© OTK) Puih« thanks for puttr»g up witti m© Deanna — Ove yOu forever and ever Bye Moon voiev Sujon Toci o — Soph Hoopsteri f S — Wei M V these hove t eer the best 4 yrs ever Hoty usa trKmi for beng great frierySj 60 — UR the BEST ' Thanx for puttng ijp w m© Euooe. here w© corr e SSS — tr eresofwovso ' Grapefruit ' 4 u Beworeol bf hareO preps that look ifce C C s P S — " nowOy " ' LJf? So Sly We I grow up some dov Morcy — U I? a sweetie ff guys (yucio M — I m nere it you need me mw — U ff JO stror ge ' i won t eat rt u won i SlURpi " Ache»e i — i soeet at ycw feet ' We ' I always B fnondsn Keni — hove fxxi ft keep on eve on Borb (or me thar»4be«ig a brott er 4 me Mom fli Dod — i luv vOu. i COtidn t hov© made rt w out youi Good luck Borb D B B ) love you To c my other pais — Hove t X i ksve youi Bye everyone ' Donno Touiont — Frosh softboi. JV softbci, Ski Club — Say dood© im beir g up Don t moi me Cu2 1 wont miss rtot near one of you Shoreece keep you ryttiom Con© yO YOU why vo Bugor OuH Lonr elte Tommy 0 k me uD n the momr Lets go get some 0«ei Coke rammyyoi not gor g to ir« ftoiprtal I won ' t pernvt it Sue D itoy sweet Keep n louch Loo TnpoO — Ctx iganQ — My Ime dt Moon votov has been greot i have made tons ol greot friends arvf hove leorr ed a ksi Thonks to OW. (or betng o terrific friend through MS Thanks to KH ST MY SP PK hS, M4 lor beng such wonderliJ fneryjs Wchoo( P Trunio — UOTC kev club Stu- dent govertvnent, nights ol the Kncti table To the cioss of 86 Tt y soy ttKjt tf e best years of o j tvei txive rx w erxied Tha brngs up the queUKXi ' Whot s r if Sornehow i frx3 it hard to bekeve that wr en it at dipkxna I ve worked tor a pioced f my r ona orva I leove corr pus (or ir» last tme ol the reoi tu a over its a hard woru but t 8 olio a world shaped by mon (or rrxjn Stt rK x ed of tt e rrxjst tun iovr g people I krKw ore about to be unleashed onto this world. I don t thr tr e world e reoOy So go now with this thought nationv.nd© the cldis o( 86 totou thousonds if not nnAons We as members con eittwr let tr e world tc © tr»© tun Out of Ol »ve) or mc e the world o li place to tve MIceTuCO — Tuco Thanks mom Ood —■ Toyota Skrtg with M R The rourx3 up Al the portye sijT¥T er at tt e loke woter ikr g. cijMi witnsiono lyk 86 best years with MR AC Jvt TM. K2 Pouio Turiquotto — NHS Siuggeroides Hoopsl©rs — To my bestest mend. Troci trionks lor oiwoyj ber g there Tt © best years ore yet to come — ou li pari y house Huka. hiio s forever L D where ' O you leotn to Orive ' ' Seors? BP you re the only or e You re sweet MD Ben you v© always been there — you tordi KD. thorns for the rnjgs Mom thof k) (or the support love A good luCk ' MV — wel it ' s aeen hr ' Gregmses — NjROTC4yrs .NWS Thespians Shrew Cunous Sovoge French Ckjb — Frank and Jrn thanks for 4 yrs of great Trrws Km thanks (or beng tt ere Best of luck to Ml Lewis and 3rd Hr , to KA, CT. 32 MF MQ JD VM K RO FH LR and everyone n tt eoter orvd ROTC rio on© could ask for better friends Doug Upshir — a yrs Bosebo . 2 yrs Foof- boi. 2 yrs Basketball. Ski Club, f S — Good luck to the shm shorn bunchi tn, Rk, jc, J. JH EM KL. Special thonks to M Mumrriei Mes Reed ar d Coach Bauer. Cooch Luke- tch.GoodkjckSso ToCfcck.Ski.dndPont- dexter You guys ore greot fnerxK ' Vol i love you awoyjiHury up vrfith school Good Kx:k Cooper (we»d) jmVa»etio — FR JV Footbol. JV Wrestlr Q. TrxTw Coach Smith — Wel. MV glad to soy goodbye 1 ' s been f©ai it s been fun, but it tKlsn t been real fun MR TM. EM. FL DC. SS. ana al tr e rest at the bench good luck Joe M wish you were her to Share it Joe A cu)- sjnes (orever MorV tnerxJs forever Good Ove MV orxj Goodbye A2 JOdy Vance - DECA — Well Scott we fnoly mode it The lost 3 years hdve been gredti I kr ow we wi rrxA© it forever Trocy ond Jerry you are two wcnderful people I wtsh you c4 the txx pness r the world J.II Vdndermeulen — Thespions. Cham Gono Sec . Tr©s v P . Orchese. Frosh Soft- bol The Tarrw g ol the Shrew Diary ol Ame Ffor Horok] ond Maud© the Cutkxjs Sov ■ oge. French Club — Tonya always remem- ber Fnerxjs ore (rierxK forever, ft ou lord is k d of th©m Sar dra remember our good tmes ond especioly tnvKJ purs jt A C. I pray that you stay stK n and sweet be causeHoveyoujustthe wOy youore Tfxink yOufor ttw ngsohigl ofme MTKalwOyS go after your dr©ams. and r ever forget how special you or© Good Luck DP ( You r© cut©) CM CM, MB TB. BJR. otkJ especolv Lorane Thoni MKrhele Van Heusen — Orch©s s. Hero. SKig- gercKles Chuds ' ' — JM, £S. fnciyi Jock gooo luck with school — Em — stay out of trouble — remorrtoer fxxrw 2 Mom, Dod, S, M, M, M, hove hr n Utah DW. M. RP. E2 OS, CP. Big Z. stoy out of trouble and KIT Mss Scuty — tt dnks (or the help, you re o great teocher ' Oarmy — I ' m out now sfxjt upi Robert — thanks forpultng up with me ' I ' l k3v© you forevern Antlxxiy Vosquez — Footbc 4 yrs Wres- itna 4 yrs MVAA — To ol the coaches thar s Smith ihoniis for mofcng m© o wres- tler Big Bkje we Od it together Wrestler s we were greoti Marcus ttynks (or beng a bud through h s Keiy it was o QKut with you Lets go get some ihc es Peutter wtic cores ' KhcNe, ih yo year n 87 to il ' Mor ond Odd thanks for your lOve ond support Later on Hotnes W» yn Velei - Gi errrx) SDR lY, TS. BM, Thonks for a gieol year Lorry give it lo Pr onda D Toby RS sove them (yons BM you wonno twist you onkle ove Toby a col Good luck Watch out NAU Here comes Guiermo Terry verrxxi — loolmy portyngei-room- rrxites tt anki for everythngi To MM, LT CM k chwos great loCndy Rhonda, Su- son Melony orx) Xanir e we I be Inends for- ever k: ve yd di Shenviglotte — Softbal 1,2 3 Crosscoun- try 3,4 Bosketbol 2 Deco 4 — AHS L, NHS 2, MVHS34I Brent yourethebest, weimoke tt . I Love you ' Thanks Juke D (con you see It — Sqush Sqcrth) Snno Mary Deanne. ond Smurph ' Stocy you r© such a freshmoni Tr arws Sawyer and Mdc for 2 great veorji Thor s to my (amJy Mom Dod. Bob, Borry, Joey Peggy Cnnssv and eipecKHy Lynn ar d Brent i K ve you (% ' GocKJbye MVHS Donrxj Voss — Orct eia t S — To my clos- est fronds MQ CH PM KM SR SG SS DC DP EM, thonks for the rrwrrxyies HeyrtDont squeei© tn© Shanymi C» Mey Gdot, con you con ovo ' ? Morcy What ore we gong to eat for kjTKh today? Er Thanks for tt e wondertj memories too bod it ended the wdy It dW AA. JBM TB. JB PP. you guys or© soneofiDevo my hondsai©cok3i Whore ' s your n©ck ' Mom ond Odd you two ore the greotest Bill you ' re absolutely the best brottier n the world even the you ' re o nerd ' DF — thorAsfor riothingi MV — thanks for on nierestng orx3 fun 4 years Debbie Woddngton — Fiosh voieyboi. Varsity Swmming 2yticopt 1 yt Gels Bas- ketball— 3y(s .HonorRol4yrs MVAA 1 yr — Kfts you r© the best fnend ever ' TP CD JO, BfliJ. VjTi ' Partyi Europe — Here w© come ' My rrKjm thnks I ' m at tr e moviesi Bit — Cover the hotel Agnes — Where sopor ty ' Lets go to FormersI Jock in the Box after trie rmdnightsi Tel Bit to watch out tor bean- Dog charsi K C — Thanks i ' » neve ' forget tak© core of Opus ' LD-NAU Roorrvnolesi MCM — Wt ot can I say ' ' I love yo — thanks for tr e rrierTKytesi I love NYi Fats. Red. and j©r — I mode If Love you ol ' Adk» para siempre MV ' Dwen Woher — CMLX S 5MB — SB, ML. MS, DP. EZ BE. ana DS — you ' re th© greotest frwrvdsi MVH ond JM Good Luck ond re- rT ember i kjv u Always ' SB ond AD txjv© d happy Me ' ML ana MH — make up your minds ' fvtom and Pop — Thanks for it ol! Randy wer© slykng for Me Bud ' Michelle Wolsh — Marching Band, Sym- phonic Barxl. District Orchestro, ReoKXKl Boix), Section Leader Treosurer Sofe En- semble — Wel MV (t s been great ' Ken. Luke.£nc.rimttsyoui ' B(yon,Rob ArxjDon- rxj DomoS You re trie greatest do great domets ' Rick B T(x3nks for always saying hi John B Enc A Take core of yowsetl Thanks for ©verytrw DV. BP. 6C.EM. DP. I LOv© VOu Mom, Dod. ana Km KotNeen Woffmon — Key Club. Floglne. Con Choir — D6 (Bud) Good luck with WL of o cuter richer guy Lunch Gong — live up yourSr yr Con you tve without my stories ' " TV — Good luck with fndmg on AF guy as Cute OS mne R ond CK thanx 4 everything Good luck with JR My ofher ' — thonx 4 rubbng oti on me ar d ntro m© 2 John Good luck with the future Jom — u stole my heort but u con have it without o fig t Hop© w© stay iogetr er 4-ever Luv ya ' Ha- woi — look out h ie I com© Fete Zeit GKjn Wott — Ml BK Bunch ' Steve you ' f© such o coneheod f :k how obout o game of fi otchbook footbofi ' ' R©m©mbef Vonilio ' Th© Eo ' thQuoke Sholie Debbie, lets cf eck Out the front aiionment Bifcom Con you sweep ond mop in here ' ' Kris, your pur- ple socks drive me crozy Chrtisy Webley — Kim good Kjck with Ron- nie — borefoot and pregnant right? Heather — great party tr s oheod — Th« Buds lor youi BPBfi Stxnnon — Do me o favor I Jen — kDve ya sweetie — good lucki Angela — Have tm — good luck with Oeoms wt come fruei i Cve you — BAfif — Foreveri See you n Germany ' Later M V ' icevn Wnghl — Ski Oub Y eortxx Pholog- ropher and Presideni — Ok Derek Ite I »c»d, I wt you my bedroom wci Ski Club or B-He society, Chipfona lis Pmgleljne TnoTrock. FelerjcorTiingfopen2-door)K-man From lonely cove ike room I look out at Ihn Subdivided Terriotoriol Rorr once world through Red lerues, Makng Merrxxies. Ice Mystic rhyf hrra Kook I wl dwdys love Vou ItKjni everyone lor the meriKsnes, Tt»anii Mom and Odd tor puttng up with me (Ev- erybody Qot to deviote from the rxvm) Cndy Whiteheod — Theoti© — Bye Moon Votey If was t Bye to ol my frtenOi im leovng behnd ond good luck to those wf are groduotng Smon you ' re to buorre, mt y:hkn good luck Moke the best o( it iftlebros Tee Rriondd,tt e best buds any- one can ever hove Bye Theatre deoprt- rT ent You ve lought me a lot. you ' re ol rrxjivelous Love yo an Tno Wiggns — Tr anks everyor e (or o great three yeors September or e of the best friends I wtolwoys hove John.i ' mgkM you cone nto my ife I pkan to speno rrxx y 01 my hoppy tmes with you i ksve you Mom ft Prd thor s tor ol you hove done Don Wicox — NJROTC F ' osh and JV W es lling Photo Club Spanish Club NHS — Goodbye MV It wds fun wt e it kssted jm. hove FUN ond Good luck I love you AR Go and Yel. You ' l olwoys be my muffler of d my liffte Yubi Sorry about f w Veor ' s Eve Ron Wilcoi — DECA — Wel DV only two more years left i w sh you luck to get through them Mrs 6 your ckass was great Thanks tor ol your heb this yeor you re o great teacher LL ' ts c eer a g ' ©at trT e n first hour i wish you kjck n the futi e KS you mode frst hour great Take core ond hove o great tm© at ASU So LOr g Moon Votey it s been o great fou years Mono (Spike) Winxyi - DECA Wel, Wel Th© ' i3 year IS (molly oven No more High School " Dottie — take care of youi Woynes ' Jen- Jen. OoviO. Kms. Carol, Troy orxj an you l©Bow Party party portyi Ro- cheUe you moke my stomach turn ' Dawn C don t be so much of oteose. It could be hazardous to your health ' Party on Sp © ' Heather Wilson - NHS Hoopsters Slugger- OKles — Mom ana Dod. thonks for olwoys beng therei Chod you re the best bro ' Just 2 fTxxe to go ' Shon how about a booei with cheeseii Beth, you ve been o great (nend ' Good mck with Ddmyi Dean, you ' re so cute ' Tfocy. get my nan B riohti See yo ot Tommy s Cortosl So kjng MVlii Diano Witter — Softbal Student Govern- ment. SlupgeroKles Orchesis — Wel gong. Its been fun SfKjn. your© ir © D©st NAU is gong to kick somei £-me too ft Thanks for ©verythng CR ft MJ. let s hov© o wne tost- ng po v ' DC — take car© Jack — L©t ' 5 keep up the good t«T es Mom Dod, Deb ft Brett I kjve yo guys ' By© MV Gregory J Wolf — Honor Thespians Stu- dent Council. Mirocie Worker Done to Deoth. Shrew fantosticks Diory HoioKJ ft Moude Curous Sovog© — it s about tm©i Craig — bud stick with Troci stie l straghten you out yet Sheltey — you meon the wohO tomelLov© You — Paul and Lisa — i©t sgo bunny hunting ted soon — Lorrome learn rx w lo set lights JMC — wfx) ore the fresh- men gonno Qossip about neirt year? MTK — Thonx (or beng such o cool teoch (chid of Godl)PatyOuGronk — JiA Kyoucufyour ha». 1 won ' t tak to you — It ' s tme to rombte on Later Doys MV Jon Wretind — NJROTC. Tf veteron — Ruthie. you won ' t be obte to read this now but someday you w I Love Vou ' Jeff keep strummin th© ol guitor ' Joe. it s been we»0. v rtd ond funt Mr Sock, dorxjts ot© on us ' Bye Moon VoBey. it s been leoly rod ' Louio Xnos — COE — Jenny it is great hov- mg you OS my sis nowl Mom ar d Dod thanks (or everythng You ore the greotest Jenny ry w it IS Our lime to porty so everybody beware Steve you re o good and ck se friend De good arxJ keep n touch Renee orxlRobbtfi good tuck yourr ext 2 yrs otMV Casey Thonks (or a terrrtic yeor i wi ri©v©r (orgei rtie speed tmes wo shorevl » L,oe ' h- er Good luck neii year 1 1 ofwoyi t - nora and 11 Owoys love you ' Shortcoie i k .e you " Bob you I oiwdyi hold d ipeciGi pioce r my neon Tnanfcs for everythng DOby ' 6ye Bye Ror» C yOu • a good fnend Doro Yborro — CtymGona Ocf esn — its been great iunei and Bornord — set those coridybors ' Mier and Ricr aidson — fooiedya igraduotediPotty and Scott for- ever I love yo SIS ' Hie Cou ' OovO ri love you forever Mhe Tucci — gut iicklngme ' i ( jmohdOodiioveya Popcirnosyou ' 66 Kicks Yveite Yborro — Id ifce to toy tnortis to everyorw wtx) rot heoed me get by with ictooi Mom ana Dad i k ve you both very n icr tf onk you guyl lor yOi tuCOOrt and th© coinage you gove me to Richard my boylriend I lOv© yOu jrC we wfo I Olwoys be one One rrxxe year tt you grodudfe dnd 3 rrxx© yrs ti we get rriorried — i con ' t wol Toc my oWHOC budtcomiasi year KIT To my brot( er wtX) wrf be o treshmon next year — Good luck ' Or e more time. I iowe you Richoid Becerro Jocki v©e — Student Government SADD Key Ckjb. Model UN — I can ' t betev© i rT ode it Boy to ol those teacr ers wtto rT odo the uat hard 10 ireod ttyjie S5 mn naps were rewordng offer ol Mrs Po cottaorOMr Welch you helped make my 4 yrs (dbulOusi Mr K remember plan aheoO ' SCk) hi Mom ' Kristn. al ' i eed a your optmism anQ II bo fne Tno. 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TB. good luck Mom arxl Dove II make you proud So long MV Sfrannon Zak - NH$. HOC s©cretary orv3 Vice PiesKjenl ol Pr Pols Secretary Dust- buste ' i French Ciub Dane WtX) s Who Theatre — Tnoni MV for tl gr©ot trrves ond friends i ii aiwOys remember Cam you I oiwoys be my oestest bud (pretty stroTig Super ghj© huh ' ' ) Tereso Buffi© — wel what con I soy Look Out ASU ' Kevn — i st« Owe vou one Jofwiy you re o cutie ' Where s youf comp ' ' Jim Stop that ' Au (©• vor mes amis ' to Zmoriiy - SPAM - DW BE DS SB W arx3 on the rest thariks guys for the best school yeofcievelondthanktyou too Stop by orx) visi ' the city sorr efffne WeU i wi remember you CHUOS always Danny — look I rrxxse it too Brother Q CD O c CO kw c )ox4X f -} x-s-N_r v .- -. ' Tr oo ' rr- ( or senior Shorts 219 1986 Index Aanenson. Mike 168 Abbitt. Denise L 148 Abbitt, Derek D 62, 168. 171 Abbitt, Nicole 41. 168 Abdai . Amy B 38. 39. 40. 192. 215 Abney. Terri S 87. 168 Abraham. Jettrey S 32. 34. 92. 148 Abril. Stephen J 124 Ackerman. Tom D 91. 192. 215 Acuna. Shonae A 148 Adomo. Gina M 168 Adamo. Mark 148 Adams. Guy M Adams. Jennifer A 124 Adams. Jennifer M 12. 124 Adamson. Michael L 12. 72. 124 Agosfo. Stephen P 148 Aguirre. Phyllis J 148 Ahort. Kimberly S 124 Aird. Amy B 168 Aird. Lauren M 124 Akerstrom. Erica M 52. 168 Allord. Anthony K 84. 148 Allard. Lacy A 192. 215 Allen. Christine A 192 Allen. Duncan S 166 Allen. Janeen L 148 Allen. Sheila J 148. 153 Allison, Joedy M 85. 124 Alo. Alicia 12. 124 Alo. Anthony D 192 Altfeltis, Laura 61. 192. 215 Alvarodo. Mondy 192 Alvin. Heather M 124 Amberson. Darrell R 148 Ambrozic. Cynthia M 19 2. 215 Ambush. David A 168 Amick. Julie A 12. 168 Andersen SS. Truett L Anderson. Angle 165 Anderson. David 168 Anderson. Deanno L 192. 215 Anderson. Jeanne A 124 Anderson. Jill 33. 214 Anderson. Julie A 33. 148 Anderson. Maria (Isabel) I. 215 Anderson, Michelle 148 Anderson. Tanya S 148 Andino, Luis 168 Andrews. Antoinette M 168 Andrews. Eileen M 92. 192. 215 Andrews. Jennifer A 124 Andrews. Kelly P 192 Anthony. Chris 124 Appleby. Candy 40. 168 Archer. Regina 148 Arend. Paula F 124 Arias. Alison f? 124 Anas. Scott L 192 Armenia. Lori A 192. 214 Armentrout. Devin 82. 168 Armiger. Kristina M 124 Arnold. Andred L 168 Arnold, Stephanie S 168 Arnold. Wendy 49. 168 Arviso. Christopher B 192 Ashmore. Karen A 52. 148 Astone. Angel M 52 Aubuchon. Tract B 41. 168 Austin. Eric A 104. 192. 215 Austin. Julie L 148 Austin. Steve R 192 Avelar. Dean B 124 Axford. Phillip W 124 Aydelofte. Kevin W 192.215 Ayers, Joel D 168 Ayers. Lance M 124 Ayers. Larry K 168 Baber. Delon Babinski. Chen L 148. 157 Bach. Chantel M 192 Badendick. Mario A 214. 215 Bodendick. Valerie A 124 Boer, Rodney H 168 Bagnole, Maria G, 148 Bailey, Eric 168 Bailey, Phillip w 192 Boiiy, Seon M 124 Baird, Michelle L 72. 148 Baker. Bryan 192. 215 Baker. Daniel L 168 Baker. Darren W 124 Baker. Debto K 124 Baker. Dione K 168 Baker. Dianno M 193. 215 220 Baker. Lisa R 32. 33. 69. 72. 193 Baker. Wayne Balcom. Cynthia M 40. 124 Balcom. Thomas E 104. 168 Balderramo. Gil 168 Baldridge. September E 193. 215 Baldwin. Jeff S 124 Boll. Jenni 168 Boll, Julie A 193, 215 Ball, Tafia 124 Balla. Candace M 8 Balla. Scott 214 Balthazor. Steven 32. 168 Bonas. Christine A 148 Bonks. Brian G 193. 215 Banks. Michelle R 124 Barash. Terry 169 Barbero. Jonathon W 124 Barbone. Louis M 124 Barbone. Mark 169 Barker. Tommy A 148 Barker ' ALT. Jody M 169 Barkley. Danny A 72. 193 Barkley. Daryl A 148 Barnes. Melissa S 8 Barnett. Joel S 12. 49. 72. 125 Bornett. Kristin L 169 Barney. Beth A 193. 215 Barraza. Henry 148 Borresi. Joseph D 193, 215 Barrett. James L 12, 125 Barrett. Linda 169 Barron. Clinton T 85. 142 Barry. Nicol (Misty) M 193. 215 Bartholmew. Scott K, 193. 215 Bartlett. Alan M 169 Bortlett. Dawn M 125 Bosh. Riki M 52. 125 Bosham. Brian C 12. 125 Bosham. Danny 49. 169 Bossett. Brad L 169 Bossett. Brian L 125 Batroni. Roselyn 169 Battershell. Trent 84. 148. 152 Baughman ' NS. Dennis C Baxter. Timothy M 49. 89. 125 Baysa. Mark K 193 Beadle. Alan D 169 Beadle. Colleen J 125 Beals, Edward 169 Bedn, Mehndd K 40. 61. 169 Bear, Laura A 165 Bear, Patricia A 41. 193. 214 Bearden. Keri A 12. 51. 52. 59. 72, 87. 169 Bearly. Chns 178 Beatty. Edwdrd H 125 Beatty. Richard E 2 Beaubien, John J 84. 169 Beaubien. Richard 193. 215 Becerro. Richard 169 Becker. Dawn M 148 Becker. Tiffany D 52. 168 Beckwith, Pamela J 169 Bedard. Julie A 148 Beebe. Paul C 68. 125 Beech. Kevin L 72. 8 Beerling. Chnstopher J. 169 Beerling. Kirsten 148 Begley. Kimberley A 125 Begley. Michelle M 169 Behm. Ronddll J 169 Behrens. Kurt F 85. 125. 127 Belonger. Craig S, 33. 193. 215 Bell. Lisa Bellinger. Golda L 87. 148 Bellinger. Sherry R 169 Benavidez. Mark 82. 169 Bender. Steve S Benner. Roymond S 125. 169 Bennett. Barbara 51. 169 Bennett. Philip 169 Bennett. Tim W 88. 169 Bennett, Tracy D 40. 90. 148 Bentz. Deland J 125 Bentz. Jason M 169 Bercovich. Richard 193 Berg. Chnstina 92. 169 Berg. Gregory E 32. 35. 148 Berger. Randy W 2 Berggren. Michael J 62. 148 Berglin. Tara 169 Berkes. Daniel S 125 Berkowitz, Holly S 193 Berkowitz, Jeffrey S 85. 125 Besore. William S 148 Betebenner, Rebecca S 170 Berilocqua, Anthony 193 Biddle, Christine 170 Biggin, Eric R 148 Bignoli, Kristino A 62. 148 BirdSdll. Mark E 148 Birsa, Mario A 193 Bise, Jason J Black, Andre 214 Black, Paula J 72, 8 Black, W Richard 36, 148 BIdck-Tail-Deer, Leroy Bloir, David R 170 Bloir, Julie 51, 87, 148 Bloir, Marlene D 40, 125 Bloke ' WA. Janice Blake ' WA, Jeana Blake " W A, Julie Blou, Michael T 170 Blilie, Mark 170 Blinston, Brad P 125 Blizzard. Mark A 69. 8 Blom, Hans 148 Blue, R Todd 46, 48, 148 Bluhm, Larry W 84. 8 Blust. Laura R 125 Board. Lance S 125 Boat. Tracy L 125 Boatman. Caron C 46. 48. 193. 215 Boatman. Deborah M 148 Bobo. Bill 214 Boconegro. Jr Jose M 148 Bockrath. Craig C, 214 Boegner. Chris 149 Boegner. Glen 170 Bolsmo. Jean 149 Bolt. Joanne L 149 Bolton. Kevin J 125 Bolton, Stacy M 125 Bonatto, Michael P 149 Bond. Shannon L 149 Bond. Trovis P 193 Bond. Wade S 125 Bone. Dave 170 Bonertz. Cassandra L 214, 215 Bonnette. Sonya 149 Boon. Richard J 149 Boor. Tandy A 194. 215 Bofbyl. Julie L 125 Bottoms. Jodi L 170 Boucos. Bonnie L 125. 194 Boucos. Paul D 170 Bowen. Stephen E 170 Bowers. Kristen L 125 Boynton. Jennifer L 93. 125 Bozzuto. Lisa 149 Brackin. Melanie 170 Brockihs. Rebecca D 41. 170 Brodbeer. Tom 170 Bradford. David A 194 Bradford. David M 170 Bradford. Greg 8. 149 Bradford. Karen A 12. 72. 125 Bradford. Paula C 125 Bradford. Sharon 214 Brady. Elizabeth A 52. 126 Brady. Mary C . 45. 194. 215 Brakebill. Mark 82. 170 Bramini. Neil A 126 Brandell. Chnstine 170 Brandenburg, Ray C 194. 215 Brandon. Joseph A 149 Braudnck. Holly L 149 Brawn. Sheryl L 194 Bray. Denise M 39. 126 Brozil. Scott R 149 Breading. Carol A 214 Brechbiel. Trocy E 9 Breen. Heather 62. 126 Brevik. Deonne L 149 Brickmon. Laura A 41. 170 Bridgewater. Timothy T 194 Bridgman. Melissa D. 15, 77, 149 Briggs. Robin 149 Briggs. Shawn 170 Bright. Richard 194 Briner. Roberto L 51. 92, 170 Brinkley. Joonn E 149 Britt. Shdnnon 170 Britt. Thomos 194 Brifton. Shdyne T 149 Britts. David W 170 Broadwell. Kathy M 126 Broadwick. Katherine H 149 Bronson. Lon D Brookes. Karen A 50. 51. 52. 72. 194, 215 Brookes, Sandra J 12. 9 Brooks. Charlie J 34. 82. 188 Brooks. Teresa L 170 Brooks ' ALT, Lon Brosseau, Jr Eugene J 91, 126 Brower. Jon R 12. 49. 126 Brown. Chad R 106. 126 Brown. Joseph R 214 Brown. Korrie L 8. 126 Brown. Kenneth 170 Brown. Kevin T 194 Brown. Kevin V 126 Brown. Mark J 75. 85. 126 Brown. Rachel 170 Brown. Rick S 149 Brown. Sean A 75. 76. 214. 215 Brown. Terry (Alan) A 11. 74. 83. 194. 215 Broz. Chris M 170 Brya, Susan 170 Bryan. Scott E 194. 215 Bryant. Darren A 194. 215 Bryant. Daryl G 85. 87. 9 Bryce ' ALT. Brandi Buck. Mdrk Buchanan. Virginia I 126 Buffington. Michelle L 41. 194 Buhrow. Michelle M 126 Bujondo. Michael J 126 Bullock. Terry R 126. 127 Bunt. Pomelo D 194 Bunt. Paul L 194 Burdefte (Cooper) Gina 8. 170 Burgess. Brandon M 46. 126 Burkholter. Angela S 126 Burkhardt. Patricia G 126 Burkhart. Jocquelyn J 194. 215 Burkland. Tricia K 50. 51. 52. 149 Burnely. Rochelle Burns. Amy Burrell. Brandon K 126 Burt. Barbra 194 Burt. Chuck R 149 Burzynski. Michael D 46. 9 Bushon. Chad B 49. 126 Buskirk. Tamara A 32. 60. 170 Butcher. Dyndd R 170 Butero. Tracy C 142 Butler. Daniel B 195 Butrick. Erik D 126 Buftermore. Patrick L 149 Buftermore. Paul 84. 170 Byrge. David 126 Cabrera. James 168. 171 Caccavole. Christine J 126 Cagle. Deonno S 195 Colder. John 168. 171 Colder. Kelly A 126 Caldwell. Rom 168. 171 Colmese, Greg A 84. 149 Colmese. Mike D 6. 82. 104. 188 Comoro. Joseph E 126 Camp. Renee M 126 Campbell. James A 87. 149 Campbell. Jeffrey L 195 Campbell. Kenya 195, 215 Campbell. Kraig 126 Campbell. Stacy A 126 Campbell. Suzan A 12. 9 Campbell. Tracy L 126 Connella. Christopher M 127 Cano. Nick O 214 Canter. Adam 91. 127 Canterbury, Steven A 127 Cantebury. Susan C 168. 171 Cantrell. Down 168. 171 Copies. Kimberly M, 127 Garden. Matthew M 46. 50. 51. 69. 168. 171 Corey. Scott 127 Carlile. Elaine 165 Corlin, Kimberly A 9 Carlson. Andred L 41,9 Carlson. Heather L 149 Carlson. Rochelle M 149. 168 Carnes. Anthony 171 Carney. Keith W 127 Carney. Renee 171 Corponzono. Peter J, Corponzano. Tommy 171 Corras. Lisa C 12. 149 Corrillo ' GR. Elizabeth D. Carroll. Lance 127 Corsten. Shane M 149 Corter. Kelly S 149 Coruthers. Jay 106. 9 Cososso, Michael A 127 Casborro. Mark C 214 Cosborro. Matthew J 171. 215 Cash, Anno R 127 Casper. Steve 165 Castillo. Sharon S 127 Castro. Tamaro A 41. 149 Catolano. Christine M 12. 149 Catellier. Gregory 33. 51. 69. 171 Cathey. Kimberly 195. 215 Cauole. Christina M 41. 149 Covonagh, William F 111.171 Coverley. Chen 171 Covin. Dean W 195 Celoya. Eriko 127 Chobok, Robert 46, 214 Champion. William A, 149 Chandler, Christopher L 82. 171 Chapman. Steve 195 Chopmon. Tyler 195 Choppell. Holly L 149 Choppell. Karen C 149 Choppell. Sean C 195. 215 Chorbonneau. Sora E 69. 149 Chase ' ALT. Shellie 188 Cheoney. Stacy A 149 Cheoney. Tracy L 195. 215 Chen. Ken- An 171 Chesney. Dawn M 150 Chilcote ' GR. Jason M Childs. Rodney Chitty, Rodney R 195 Cho. Yong S 150 Choplick. Wendy M 150 Choudri. Faisal Chouinard. Lisa L 150 Chnstensen. Eric J 68. 127 Church. Shen L 50. 51. 52. 195. 215 Cipolloro. Dino A 127 Cipollaro. Anthony 214 Ciullo. Drew 150 Cloffey. David M 127 Claphom. Gary 195. 215 Clark, Irmita A 171 Clark, James A 127 Clarke, Casey D 127 Clarke, Kimberly K 127 Cleere, Kevin 33, 69, 195. 215 Cloud. Douglos D 150 Cluft. Michael Cobos. Tony Cochran. Donna L 127 Cockerill. Janel M 127 Codd ' ALT. Raymond Cogan. Scott M 127 Coker. Charlie L 150 Colcen. Robert L. 150 Cole. Diane M 150 Cole. Robert H Colemon. Jason 127. 150 Coley. Bryan G 104. 195 Coley Debro M 40. 171 Coley. Richard M 127 Collicott. Nancy J 150 Collins. Lisa L 171 Collins. Lon L 195. 215 Collins. Michael S 106. 127 Conde. Jennifer R 12. 39. 40. 68. 127 Conde. Michelle 8. 51. 195. 215 Conley. Kathy M 127 Conley. Michelle 1 7 1 Conner, John M 85. 127 Conner. Keith R 127 Connolly. Almee G 150 Connors. Chris 66 Conraa. Troy E 89. ISO Contferos. Lorl A 150 Contryman. Kimberty A 90, 195, 215 Contryman, Knstma L 90, 150 Cooke, Becky 195 Cooper. Bradley M 150 Cooper, Brandl L 171 Cooper, Jennifer L 160 Corbin, Tanya V 150 Cordt, Michael Core, John 60, 195, 215 Core, Louis 71, 188 Core, Rod 88, 171 Corey, Cristina41, 150 Corey, D Chad E 127, 142 Cornelius, KimBerly C 196 Cornelius, Lori A 128 Corvo, Geralyn I 196, 215 Cory, Michoel 128 Cosic, Neiad 171 Costa, John 150 Cote, Christopher C 60, 71, 171 Cote, Dawn A 52, 150 Cote, Paige L 46, 128 Cotter, John 171, 176 Cotton, Debbie E 51. 196. 215 Cottrell, Traci L 171 Coughlin Christine A 196 Covoloskie, Keith A 150 Covoloskie, Mark S 196 Cox, Jason 171 Cox, Stephanie L 171 Coyle, Mark Cozens, Rhonda D 150 Crdin, Gilbert Crawford, William C 150 Creon, Kathleen 34, 39, 40, 60. 196, 215 Cflchton, Shelito Crider, Ricky D 171 Crosby. Kenneth 171 Croteau, John P 84, 106. 150 Crowley. Kimberly M 12. 128 Crumrine. L Robin 40. 128 Cruz, Donna M 72, 196. 215 Cullin, Randy J 72, 150 Cullin, Richord D 172 Culp, Christie 150 Cumrriings, Kim 172 Cunningham, Russell O 89, 128 Cuppy, Donoka S 104, 196, 215 Curtmon, Robert W 128 Curry, Adrienne S 69, 128 Curry, John D 11, 82, 104. 196, 215 Curtis, Cynthia 52 Cutter, Debbie L 33, 172 Dochtler, Daniel G 172 Daley, Scott 150 Domwijk, Jacobus L 172 Daneck, Odnette S 128, 68 Daneck, Dorryl G 196, 215 Daniel, Cynthia R 150 Doniels, Bryan M 142 Doniels, Carey R 128 Daniels, Chnsta D 196, 215 Daoust, Todd 82. 172 Darmofai. David C 196. 215. 36 Dorrow. Mike 196. 215 Douphin. Kevin M 128 Douphin, Traci L 196. 215 Dovidson, Cathy 196. 215 Davidson, Jomi S 128 Dovidson, Neicio A 172 Davidson, Nino A 127, 128 Daviio, Natalie V 41, 151 Davis, Ann-Mane 75. 196, 215 Davis, Brad W 85, 106, 128 Davis, Jason W 151 Davis Jeff 9, 172 Davis, Lisa 128 Davis, Tora L 128 Davis Tisha A 128 Dawson, Beth 196 Dowson, Scott R 172 Oeoi, William 172 DebernarOis Brenda M 196,215 Debernordis, Raquei A 151 Deboy, Alysso 196, 215 Dechant, Christopher A 12, 128 Decker, Mark T 88, 151 Dedecker, Barbara A 196 Dedecker, Teresa F 197 Dederer, Tracy Dederich, Sonyo M 188 Deely, Kothy C 172 Deely, Peter M 128 Dees, Cynthia L 94. 128 Defeo, Dona R 197 Dehsner, Scott 49 Deise, Cory P 87, 172 Deise, Karen K 12, 87, 128 Dejesus, Angeio P 85, 128 Deloney, Donna 197. 215 Delay. Michelle Deieo, Ten j 128 DelgoOo, Christopher L 172 Demory, Shawn M 151 Denning. Con I? 9, 197, 215 Dent, Joel w 128 Depriest, Tami J 172, 36 DepriesI, Timothy B 197, 2 Derousse, Jeff 214 Detousse ' ALT, Jay E 188 Derryberry, Ruby A 128. 41 Desideno, Maria 151. 162 Desiderio. Vincent 197 Dessoint. Cheryl L 151 Devenney. Jim C 84, 151, 156, 106 Devore, John 84, 161 Dewell, Christopher A 2, 215 Deymonaz, Mark 197. 215 Dhondt. Michael D 128 Diamond. James L 48. 49. 214, 215 Diono, Bradford P 216 Diono, Eric G 84, 161 Diaz, Carlos A 215 DIbbern, Sean R 12. 72 DIbbern. Shane A 128. 172 Dicks. Kevin M 215 Dickson. April Dickson, Karen 165 Dieterich, Allison L 129 Dieterich, Kevin L 197 Digeno, Nicholas 1, 129 Diguardi. Daren R 188 Dilgard, David M 172 Dllgard, James R 197, 68 Dimitriou, Claudlne 172 Dingemans, Cossie C 41, 61, 172 Dishmon, David S 197 Dishon, Todd H 172 Disparti, Sue A 197 Ditton, Lance 172 Doak, William K 129 Doon, Jason 161 Dobbs ' AP, Maryann J, Dobbs ' AP, Phillip S Dodge, Karen M 172 Dodge, Khris A 12, 72, 106, 129 Dodge, Whitney L 129 Dominguez, Ramon P 114, 161 Donaldson, Clinton L Donaldson, Susan C 3, 172 Doncarlos. Joy 129 Donoghue. Frank 197 Donoghue, Michael T 129 Donoghue, Roger T 197 Dooley, David A 87, 172 Dorman ' HB, Anna M 188 Dotterer, Nancy L 151 Douglas, Christopher L 129 Dow, Joy S 172 Dow. Lorry (Chris) C 89, 172 Dowell, Amy M Dowier, Michelle R 45, 197 Downey, Joseph 129 Downing, Kathy 172 Downing, Robert E 35, 82, 197 Ooyon, Karen 129 Doyon Michael R 172 Draper, Tracey-Lee 72, 173 Drop, Michael J 173 Drummond, Kim A 173 Druyor, Linda K 41, 92, 197 Dryden, Kenneth E 173 Dubasik, Patricia L 41, 173 Duckro, Don W 36, 173 Ouellmon, Kasio M 12, 39, 129 Dueiimon, Stan C 197, 216 Duffy, Donna L 161 Dugger, James B 50. 51. 62. 215, 216 Duhamell, Deborah S 129 Dunfee, Jason M 46, 129 Dunham, Susan 216 Dunleavy, David L 173 Dunn, Christine L 129 Duhshee, Tracy A 161 Durham. Hank 82. 173 Eacock. Tracy L 32. 173 Eberle. Mono T 215. 216 Echols, Terraine B 85. 106. 129 Eddiemon, Russell K 62, 75. 151 Egerstrom. Janeen 173 Ehlert. Tina 173 Eichele. D Justine 151 Eidsness. Kristen J 151 Eisele, Tora 151 Ekstrom, Corl R 197 Ekstrom, Tim L 85. 2 filing, Brian 129, 165 Ellis Amy M 151 Ellis, Ashley 151 Ellis, Byron 91, 173 Ellis Christopher J 85, 129 Elweii Scott 197 Emme, Srxinnon L 39. 151 Emrich, Douglas W 197 Endets, Bryan E 60. 198. 216 Enders. Shannon R 151 Engel. Heother A 173 Englehorn. Katy M 45. 198. 216 Enos, Rhonda M 129 Epoers Scott 85, 129 Epson, Randy L 1 14, 151 Erbacher, David M 151 Erickson, KristieL 151 Erskine, John L 151 Erskine, Sonja 198. 216 Ess, James A 129 Essig, Bruce 215 Esslinger, Robbie L 173 Estelle, Thomas M 165 Estrada, David M 51. 173 Estradd. Greg 129 Evangelisti. Tom A 85, 129 Evans, Aaron S 173 Evans. John D 151 Evans. Rondo K 38. 173 Evons. Sandra K 173 Faciono. Angela M 41. 173 Foir ' ALT. DeleaE 173. 188 Foirbrother. Kim E 52. 173 Fairbrother ' ALT. Jennifer D Fairchild. Shane E 152 Foprdo. Loretta S 94. 152 Folkenberg. John 173 Forney. Karen S 152 Forney. Lisa K 45. 198, 216 Farrar, Kimberly D Farrell, Dean C 152 Forrell, G David 129, 215 Farrell, Meiyndo 40, 41, 173 Farrell, Robyn M 152, 157 Farrell, Virginia 12 Federico, Michael 215 Feidmon, Becky D 129 Fenicle, Amy L 68, 129 Fenicle, Andrew J 36. 173 Fenicle. Kristen A 198. 216 Fenton, Christine E 34. 41, 87, 198 Fenton, Mike 86, 129 Ferber, Samara J 40, 173 Ferber, Susan K 12, 129 Ferguson. E Matt 130 Ferguson, Michael J 130 Fernondes, Tanya M 130 Fernandez, Anthony O 130 Fernandez. Jasmin O 173 Fernandez, Kyle J 34, 82, 104, 198, 216 Fernandez, Noel 216 Ferreira, Paulo H 70, 216 Fetter, Tracey D 32, 40, 173 Field, James R 173 Fierobend, David M 7, 34, 82, 198, 216 Fierabend, Dougios M 62. 173 Fierobend, Melissa M 152 FIggs, Peter B 130 Figgs, Rick 198 Figueroa, Patricio L 12. 162 Fillion, Steve 215 Fillmon, Laurie K 173 Finkbeiner, Beth M 12, 139 Finkbeiner, Kirk D 152 Finkbeiner, Stacey A 198, 216 Finley, Wode C 152 Flore. Louis 152 Firlit. Patricio 198, 216 Fischer, Carlo R 174 Fisher, Michael W 46, 215 Fitzgerald, Poul J 89, 174 Flock, Marcus L 85 Flock. Jr James 6. 82. 174 Fianigon. Kim 198. 216 Flood, Jeft J 130 Flores. Abel J 152 Flores. Alfred B 36, 198, 216 Flores, Anthony P 152 Flores, Chohteile 93. 130 Flores. Hope Flores. Mono 198. 216 Flores. Tami R 68. 130 Flores. Toby R 130 Floyd. Camala 174 Floyd. Shannalee 130 Folvarsky. Timothy 198. 216 Ford. Michelle 152 Formon, Kirk D 152 Formon, Ten D 215. 216 Fortune. Gen 174 Fowler. Shod A 52 Fox. Doug S 88. 130 Fox. Jomie J 130 Franchuk. Shannon L 130 Frozier. Brent E 174 Frozier. Julie A 38. 41. 152 Frozier. Troy D 130 Freed. Rhonda L 12. 152 Freemon. Richard D 49. 174 French. Rusty 198. 216 Fnedench. Erie 142 Frieze. Brand K 174 Fnsendo. Rosalie 130 Froshiesar, Stacee L 130 Frost, Rachel L 130 Frye, Christopher P 142 Frye ' HB, Dorcy L 2 Fryer. Stephonie 174 Fulton, Patty K 68. 130 Gobie, Joseph D 152 162 Gogliardi, Francesco S 174 Gogliordi, Rosemary M 152 Gahring. Troy D 65, 198, 216 Goulard, Don 130 Gokano, Maryjo 162 Goleono, Miguel 198, 216 Gollowoy, Bo 198 Galuski, Mary K 199, 216 Goppo, Brett D 198 Garceou, Darren J 130 Gatceou, Sally 199. 216 Garcio, Anita 199 Garcia, Doniei J 130 Garcia. Kyle I 130 Garcia. Nikki L 162 Garcia. Rosa M 60. 51. 69. 90. 174 Garden. Matt 32 Gardner. Michael J 49, 130 Gardner Robert A 12, 199 Gorone, Shelly R 174 Gorrabronts, Gregory 30 Garrett, Amy S 40, 174 Gornnger, Motthew T 84, 162 Gostelo, Yvonne M 92. 199. 216 Gates. Rodney S 130 Govagan. Thomas W 162 Geer, Tucker C 152 Gentry. Kenneth J 162 George, Casey E 104, 111, 174 George. Christopher L 130 George, Jeffrey S 49, 174 George, Mork D 72, 198 George, Michael A 12, 111, 199, 216 Gerhort, Julie A 41, 152 German ' WA, Michael J Gibbons, Gregory L 152 Gibbson, Nikki L 130 Gibson, James L 199, 216 Gibson, Kothryn L 152 Giddens. Brian 162 Giddens. Burton 12, 199. 216 Gilbert. Nicholas 131 Gilbreth. Jill M 174 Giicreose. Gavin 174 Giles. Teresa M 152 Giljum 11. Anthony T 153 Gill. Michelle M 131 Gill, Pot 85, 131 Gillen, Ellen K 174 Gillespie, Jenevette R 199 Gilliam, Angela 153 Gilliss. Yvette M 131 Giimon, Ed 199. 216 Gilmore. Jovier L 60, 71, 174 Gioio, Ana 12. 99 Girord. Jeffrey G 104. 174 Girord. Jennifer J 131 Girmscheid. Mark A 46. 153 Gioser. Brandon 85. 131 Glenn. B Michael 12. 131 Glomski. Patty L 199. 216 Goddord, Renois S 68. 131 Godsll, Joanne R 40. 46. 163 Gott, Steve 216. 216 Gohus. Scott R 153 Goldberg. Stephen B 153 Goltz. Jason E 153 Gongowore, Curt G 131 Gonzales, Carlos D 153 Gonzales, Mary L 36. 199. 216 Gonzales, Romsey R 12. 153 Gonzales. Suzanne 93. 142 Gonzales, William J 77. 82, 74 Gonzalez, Monique Y 12, 174 Goodson, Brenda M 131 Goody, Heother L 131 Gorman, Erin R 131 Gosnell, Chad K 131 Gosnell, Kelly A 174 Goss, Lon 199, 216 Gotscholl, Tracy L 153 Gotscholl, Walter 199, 216 Gould, Stephen L 131 Gould, Suzette L 199, 216 Gowens. Jodie L 174 Goyer, Kevin L 84, 106, 153, 156 Grochus, Jeft W 131 Grody. Kimberly A 163 Groet, Tom A 199 Grohom, Lisa A 174 Gronodo, Gregg C 75. 82. 174 Grant. Lyn J 174 Grassley. Kristi M 175 Grossley. Traci M 163 Gray, Bob B 175 Gray, Dorcei 199, 216 Gray, Mercy 131 Gray, Robert A 49, 175 Gray, Stocl M 131 Graybill, Julio 176 Greco, Angela D 153 Green, Laura M 142 Green, Robert C 85. 131 Green. Steven S 82. 215. 216 Greener. Eric C 3 Gregg. Gory M 104. 175 Greteman. Adrian Greteman. Amy 62 Griffin. Jennifer A 131 Griffin. John 206 Gross. Leigh-Nicoie N 40. 153 Grossneim. Lori L 93, 131 Grothous, Caroline 175 Grubbs, Eric 88, 200. 216 Grubbs. Tern Guerber. Paul 153 Guerrero. Amando J 200. 216 Guidi. Robbin D 153 Gum, Raymond E 60. 153 Guinn, Come E 48. 175 Gunkei. Colleen L 175 Gunkei. Denise P 176 Gunter. Sheila R 175 Guthrie. V Denise 188 221 Hadley ' AP. Laura M. Haeberle, Kevin C 175 Hafemeyer, Mark A 200 Hagen, Diane F 72. 153 Haggerty, Carol A 175 Haggerty. Jim 131 Hagstedt. Dmnelle L 153 Hain, Roger M 153 Haire, Camie L Hokolmazian, Cynthia A 87. 175 Hokalmazion. Jeftery T 84. 153 Hale ' HB. Dusty J 51 Hall. Beverlie 41. 153. 157 Hall. Bcenda A 175 Hall. Jodi L, 200. 216 Hall. Kristi M 131 Holl. Staci 215. 216 Hall. Vincent L 36. 175 Hallberg. Kimberly 215. 216 Holler. Cynthia A 45. 200, 216 Holler. Deborah J 131 Hollford. Lynne M 14. 75. 77. 175 Holliburton. Brett R 85. 131 Halliburton. Donald 142 Hornby. Melisso D 200. 216 Hornby. Tim R 131 Hamilton. Michelle S 175 Hammer. Justine A 51, 69. 175 Hampton ' HB. Liso A 131 Handly ' C. Koren Handzel. Jomes M 84. 153 Honey. Christina Hanf. Denise I 215. 216 Honks. Devron D 52. 200. 216 Honks. Kevin N 142 Hansom. Traci M 41. 175 Honson. Curtis P 153 Honthorn. Jeffrey 200 Horbison. Cristina S 12. 153 Hordin. Bradley C 175 Hormon. Jr Patrick F 85. 131 Horns, Cloudine N 40, 153 Harris, Erin D 153 Harris, Soro G 62. 131 Hart. Geoffrey A 142 Hort. John J 175 Hortley. Shown 200 Hortmon. Diane K 12. 72. 154 Hortmon. Knstine 142 Hartsfield. Julie A 154 Hash. Travis W 154 Haskell. David D 154 Hossing. Dennis G 175 Hotley, Carol A 175 Hovilond, Andrea 132 Havins, Veronica 175 Hawkins, Ben C 175 Hawkins, Brian J 111, 175 Hawkins, Morilyn K 154 Hayes, Nodine M 39, 154 Hays, Benny 215 Hays. Dole C, 175 Hoys. Theresa 132 Hozine. Mogid 154 Heaney. Froncis J 33. 175 Heberer. Teresa J 216 Heemer, Andy 132 Heemer, Chris 175 Hell, Troy 111, 2 Helmer, Dovid 84, 154 Helmick, Joseph L 132 Helmlntaler, Ann M 154 Helton, Jason L 175 Helton, Virgil-Jody P 49, 132 Henderson, Aaron S 12, 72, 142 Henderson, William S 176 Hendricks, Daniel M 200 Hendricks, Margaret A 176 Hendricks, Steven L 176 Hendrickson, Joseph A 176 Henige ' ALT, Anne 188 Henley, Stacy M Henry, Billy J 77, 154 Henry, Dereck 165 Henry, Jerry W 176 Hentges, Brondi 38, 176 Hernondez, Aaron C 132 Herndon, Michelle M 176 Herr ' AP, Lilio R Herrero, Hermelinda Herrero, Romon Herring, Christopher J 154, 216 Herring, Laroine A 33. 68, 200 Herring, Melonie A 132 Hertneky, John C 7, 82, 200, 216 Hess, Tammy 132 Hess, Thomas W 200 Heyer, Stephanie M 40, 50, 51, 52. 200, 217 Hick, Brod D 132 Hick, Jodi D 176 Hicks, Pom 154 Hidalgo, Michelle R 154 Higbee, Brett 176 Higgins, Kevin 142 Higgins, Knstin F 41, 154 Higgins. Stephanie L . 176 Hight. Stephonie Hilbig. Dirk 132 Hill. Elizobeth A 188. 200, 216 Hillegoss, Kyle S 176 Hinde, Karri L 154 Hinde, Kristin L 200 222 Hinesly, Jeff D 154 Hintz, Andreo J 132 Hintz, Jeffrey A 46, 71, 154 Hitoffer, Lisa E 12, 39, 176 Hitchcock, Deshown M 132 Hobbs, Karen K 41, 200, 216 Hobbs, Melonie S 40, 62, 94, 154 Hodges, Michoel 176 Hoewing, Mark 165, 200 Hoewing, Michoel S 201 Hoffman, Chanty L 52, 142 Hoffmon, Dawn A 32, 176 Hoffman, Eliso D. 39, 176 Hoffnagle, Susan 142 Hogg, Rick 215 Holder, Austin J 154 Holdmon, John M 46, 154 Holford, Michelle R Holland, Monso E 215, 216 Holland, Robert L 215, 216 Holland, Sid L 52, 154 Holland, Stanley D 201, 216 Hollinger, Richard A 176 Hollinger, Robert W 86, 154, 163 Holloway, Kori M 49, 142 Holm, Benjamin 84. 154 Holm. Dinah I 132 Holm. Vivian 94. 201, 216 Holm, Wendy K 87, 176 Holmon, Kristino L 40, 132 Holmon, Thereso 201, 216 Holmes, Shannon Holmes, Troy N 132 Holt, Carol A 201, 216 Holt, Jennifer 201, 216 Holt, Lisa J 176, 184 Holton, Michelle M 154 Hononie. Jeffrey B 154 Hononie. Jensen 215 Honyouti. Jonette 154 Honyouti. Lonette 154 Honyouti. Poulette 132 Hoover. Franklin J 33. 69. 201. 216 Hopper. Condi 154. 156 Horey. Becky L 176 Hornbeck. Gory 132 Horner Ann-Marie 51. 69 Horowitz. Deborah L 154 Horowitz. Sarah 201, 216 Horton, Janice M 176 Hoskins, Kevin A 132 Hosley, Susan E 132 Hosteller, Lemoy 142 Hoffmann, Greg T 85. 132 Hottmonn Jr , Glenn T, 154 Housos, Rene 40, 1 76 Hovey, Stephanie 176 Howard, Laura A 15, 154 Howard, Lori L 154 Howard, Victor L 201, 217 Howard Gdiney, Lisa A 51, 188 Hubbs, Deonno L 62, 154 Hudson, Dan W 154 Hudson, Michael 8, 188 Hudson, Robin 142 Hudson ' ALT, Angela M 201 Huggins, Lonme J 154 Hughes, Michael A 154 Hughes, Michelle K 201,217 Hughes, Shannon B 201, 217 Hughes, Sheila M 132 Hughes, Teno A 165 Hughes, Travis L 132 Hull, Don P 154 Humphrey, Brian 188 Humphrey, Judson W 60, 176 Humphreys, Jill D 68, 169 Humrich, Gino R 201, 217 Hungertord, Michael S 85, 142 Hungertord, Tom W 82, 201, 217 Hunt. Wendy 176 Hurt. Deon C 154 Hussoin. Sara 176 Hutton. Jeffrey M 176 Huxford. Alan W 154 Huxford. Scott L 154 Huynh, Nam 132 Hymson, Craig K 132 lannacone, Louis C 49, 132 Icardi, Gray S 132, 149 Iddings, Roymond D 176 Imgarten, Jodi S 154 Ingram, Jess 1 76 Inmon, Brian S 142 Insero, Fronk 154 Insero, Joseph 176 Ippolito, Joe 201 Ippolito, Tom 154 Irby, Lisa 45, 201, 217 Irons, Tom 215 Irvin, Roger 201 Irvin, Thomas R 154 Ivie, Rick 189 Jocko Kossie L 51, 94, 154 Jackson, Kenneth P 201 Jackson, Kimberiy 177 Jackson, Kristy J 93, 155, 176 Jackson, Lucas J 12, 72, 142, 177 Jaeger, Chris 155, 163 Jokes, Rodney P 91, 177 Jomes, Dione R 177 Jomes, Shounno L 52, 132 Jomes-lll, William T 155 Jonkowski Tiffany L 201 Jansen, Lisa A 155 Jaramillo, Paul 215 Jaromillo, Rio 177 Jaramillo, Shownie 142 Joromillo, Tristo 155 Joworski, Lisa D 155 Jeffrey Bill 49, 155 Jeffrey, Steven R 49, 132 Jenkins, Jeff A 104, 177 Jensen, Bloke B 202 Jensen, Christopher 215, 217 Jensen, Shannon L 68, 132 Jepson, Julie 12, 202 Jerkovic, Nick 215 Jessee, Angela M 132 Jhogrod, Derrick R 177 Jim. Jeffrey R 133 Johnsey. Jennifer S 39. 50. 51. 155 Johnson, Angela 155 Johnson, Brad 49 Johnson, Carrie L 133 Johnson, Chad M 155 Johnson, Cherilyn M 155 Johnson. Daniel L 155 Johnson. Daniel S, 177 Johnson. Doug 177 Johnson. Eric 12. 177 Johnson. Eric 133 Johnson. Erico L 177 Johnson. Gory W. 202. 217 Johnson. Hollie R 12. 177 Johnson, Jomie 133 Johnson, Joson G. Johnson, Jeffrey 49. 155 Johnson. Kori M, 155 Johnson. Kio L Johnson. Kristine M 155 Johnson. Leslie R 177 Johnson. Michelle 177. 179 Johnson. Shonon D 14. 177 Johnson. Sydney B 133 Johnson. Tio M 40. 177 Johnson. Troci L 36. 177 Johnson. Traci N 133 Johnson ' SS. Philip E Johnston. Joy M 133 Johnston. Kelli S 12. 93. 133 Johnston. Shareece A 14. 202. 217 Johnston. Vance C 104. 177 Jones. Chad B 133 Jones. Christopher 60. 177 Jones. Darren L 155 Jones. Jeff 106. 133 Jones. Jennifer D 177. 202. 217 Jones, Jennifer K, Jones, Kristo L Jones, Michael 177 Jones, Michael S 155 Jones, Michelle L 202, 217 Jones, Shone 215, 217 Jones, Steven M 155 Jones, Thomas A 177 Jones, Wayne A 32, 133 Jordan. David F 133 Jossie TB, Jonno L Judd, Christopher J 133 Jungemonn, Connie M 177 Jurkovic, Nick Kahrl, David A 46, 202, 217 Kohri, Mark T 46, 177 Kohri, Phillip A 46, 177 Kominski, Steven M 202 Kommerer, Theresa Komron, Forooz 46, 133 Kane, Doug 177 Korcher. Kimberiy E 177 Kothrins, Rondi S 52, 69, 133 Kouffman, Wendy E 177 Kearney, Karen S 93. 133 Keaton, Jeffrey E 88, 177 Keaton. Michael W 91, 133, 106 Keenon, James W 178 Kelledy, Greg 202 Kelly, Leigh A 203, 215, 217 Kelly, Leslie H 133 Kelly, Potricio A 202, 217 Kelly, Scott 88, 178 Kelly, Terry L 178 Kelsey, Chuck P 155 Kendrick, Lee E 133 Kenens, Shannon K 41, 155 Kennemer ' ALT, Nancy Kennemer ' ALT, Rondo D 202 Kenny, Chris S 6, 178 Kerlin, Michelle A 215, 217 Kern, Stdcey A 155 Kerr, Jackie M 202 Kerr, Rick 3, 3, 79, 202, 217, 230 Kibsey. Christopher A 87, 155 Kidd, Mono m 178 Kidney. Brian C 3. 50. 51. 52. 69. 178 Kieborz, Ledeona F 133 Kilcron. Patrick T 46, 49. 178 Kim. Grace O 36, 178 King, Joseph M 215 King, Kelly S 133 King, Shawn E 142 King, Tino 155 Kingman, Tittony E. 52, 178 Kingsbury, Rondo K 155 Kint. Michael Kirby. Kerry N 178 Kirklin. Jomey D 111. 178 Kirkpotrick. Seon J 133 Kirtley. Sheri J 133 Kissom. Kenneth C 65. 202 Kist, Michael E 215 Kiftermon-ll. Edward J 176 Kittle. Kdthy E 133 Kleeschulte. Emily 36. 60. 61. 178 Klein, Alycio A 94, 133 Klein, Erica 94, 202, 217 Klein, Jennifer 178 Kleving, Paul E 67, 155 Khne, Shem 202 Kloppel, Mark G 155 Kluge, Kevin K 82, 202, 217 Kmiec, Penny S 133 Knight. Doniel B 155 Knoch. Jeffrey S Knudsen. Mori A 133 Koch. Rito 176 Koch. Tony T 155 Koehnken. Cloudio 70. 202 Kohl, Jennifer 40. 155 Kohlhose. LOri A 3. 38, 39. 40, 79, 155. 230 Koile, Sherry S 155 Komie, Stacy 133 Konioz, Sumer L 155 Konik, Pomelo 68, 155 Koon, Kara K 15, 155 Kopecky, Jennifer J 134 Kortie, Bret P 202 Kortie, Kyle D 85, 134 Kortie, Neil D 134 Korycki, Kristine 134 Kowacz, Doriene D 178 Kramer, Angela M 155 Kramer, Lisa L 94, 134 Kramer, Michael A 46, 134 Krauss, Kevin R 85, 106, 134 Krowczyk, Jeff 202 Krowczyk, Steven J 203 Krowczyk, Suzanne M 134 Krebbs, Shonnon M 92, 178 Kreitzer. Michoel E 178 Kritkousky. Kelly L 38. 92. 155 Kntkousky. Robert E 203. 217 Krupa. Kelly A 134 Kudrick. Tori R 72. 203. 217 Kuester, Volenda L 40. 178 KuhOfdo. Deborah E 178 Kuhlmon, Melonie M 134 Kullonder. Potty B 215. 217 Kurowski. Susan L 203. 217 Kwok. Lono V 39, 155 Kwok, Vincent T 60, 68, 203, 217 Laborr. Bobi J 155 Lochonce. Robert M 106. 155 Lockey. Breonno 134 Locoss, ShoriB 178 Locy. Kristen M 134 Loter. Motthew I 155 Logerstrom. Donno 142 Lologgio. Christino Lombert. Shown J 111.178 Lombros. Tina 155 Lomme. Greg M 134 Lomphier. Jeonette L. 178 Landers. Amdndo 203, 217 Landers, Wendy K 155 London, Annette M 178 London, Sandra L 134 Lone, Shannon L 72, 87, 151, 155 Lang, Kothryn 176 Longe, Jennifer L 203, 217 Longe, Mott 178 Lonkord. John A 155 Lonzer, Jeonine R 12,51,176 Lopierre, Michoel 165 Loprell. Karen J 72. 142 Larson, Rikki L 52, 165 Larson, Timohty M 84, 106. 156 Lash. Janet 203. 217 Latham, Noncy 189 Lotimer, Tamoro M 36, 156 Loubmeier, Tommy M 134 Lowrence, Edward 176 LeovitfWA, Lynefte G Leborio. Georgiono M 156 LeCompte. Jerry N 203. 217 Leddy. Melisso 178 Ledford. Jeonne 46, 156 Ledford, Kelly J 46, 49, 169 Ledger, Fran 50, 51, 69, 176 Lee, Jomes 156 Lee, Lori A 179 Leggiere, Lynefte M 203, 217 Lehrmon, Kurt W 203, 217 Leinweber, Donold P 134 Leinweber, Nothon T Lemons, Jomes A Lemons, Ralph H, 179 Lemons. Roxanne Lentz. Jeritynn 134 Lent?, Mattdew 17P Lenz. MicMelle R 203, 217 Leonhardt, Cns 179 Lefma. Michael 203, 217 Lewis, Aaron 84, 156 Lewis, Sryon D 203 Lewis, Cocev D 156 Lewis, John C 156 Lewis, Myles S 203, 217 Lewis, Sandfo M 203, 217 Libby, Malinda 51, 179 Ligoren, Kelly C 104, 203 Lifgfen, Mechaiie A 134 Lilly, Matthew R 85, 134 bnna, Bobby F 203 Un, Peggy 60, 179 Ln, Yuhang, 179 Linch, Anthony H 46, 156 Lind Matthew S Lindeman, Krist© 204, 217 Lindquist, Daniel 179 Linnert, Matthew M 134 Linton, Kelley 179 Lisciorelli, Randy L 156 Liska, Deborah A 134 Lisko, Robert M 156 Liska, Steve J 179 Little, Jennifer 179 Little, Sandra J 179 Liuzzo, Mono J 179 Lober, Chad H 179 Lochridge, Sean 179 Locke, Sabrina M 40, 134 Lodge, Adam M 77, 106, 134 Lottus, Michelle 179 Loncaric, Robert D 156 Longenecker, Kimberly A 40, 179 Loomon, Deborah K 156 Lopez, F Eduardo 134 Lopez, Felicia S 90, 93, 134 Lopez, Maria A 156 Lopez, Robert A 142 Lord, Christina I 1 79 Lorenz, Donna M 204 Lotko, Holly B 179 Lorka, Michael 85, 142 Louison, Philip J 156 Loutsenhizer, Shawn S 134 Love, Christa A 134 Love, Mark 204 Lowe, Perry 179 Lowry, Ton! L 12, 156 Lucas, Candy 179 Lucero, Annette R 156 Lucero, Kim A 39. 40. 134 Lucero. Roy J 215 Ludwig. Ann L 40. 179 Ludwig. Susan E 204 Luke, Lorry J 179 Luke, LoriK 204, 217 Lulick, Dottie 204, 218 Luna, Roberto A 135 Lutz, Jackie A 215 Ly, Nghia V 189 Lynch, Frank E 204. 218 Lynch, More A 91, 111, 179 Lype. Tony 179 MacDonold, Cothleen M 32, 61, 179 MacDonold, Christine 61, 179 MacDonold, Heather 179 Macholtz, Wendy M 156 Mock, Marty K 179 Macomber, Mark H 179 Madden, Christine P 135 Maddox. Clifford 142 Madonia, Francine M 135 Madrigal, Cynthia M 135 Moger, II Paul E 180 Moggio, Lorry A 215, 217 Magnin, Deno R 46, 52, 135 Magnin, Vonn R 49, 204, 217 Mahatfey-Ferris, Kristine L 156 Mam, Harold L 156 Maine, Karen 215 Moiocco, Richard P 180 Maiocco, Tomaro I 135 Major, Steven D 204 Moprs, Came C 12, 135 Moloney, Douglas J 36, 160 Malley, Kim A 156 Money, Mohammed M 60, 204 Mollory, Cheryl M 180 Molioy, Debbie E 215, 217 Molnik, Donnelle 142 Malone Domian 135, 156 Moloney Moryanne L 180 Mancini, Elisa A 12, 204, 217 Mondile, John 156 Moneely, Laura 180 Mongino, Louis P 156 Monney, Mark E 180 Manor, Scott A 156 Mans, Potrick 180 Marano, Carlo A 41. 204. 217 Marciono. Lisa 204 Morciono, Paul A 135 Monani, Christine M 135 Mark, liene J 12, 204, 217 Morkovic, George 135 Marks, Lmda E 12, 180 Morkson, Lisa A 204, 217 Mark son Robby 180 Markwardt Travis 135 Marshall Brian T 48, 49, 69 156 Morsholl Scott M 204 Morsholl, Ten 215 Mortin, Jessica 150, 156 Mortin, Kathleen 51, 69 Martin, Richard A 204, 217 Martin, Russell J 156 Martinez, Laurie M 215, 217 Martinez, Rafael L 156 Marvin, Tncia 180 Marx, Eric 180 Marx, Jennifer L 204, 217 Maxon, Anthony J 135 Mason, Robert ib 135 Mostin, M Renee 180 Mostin, Michele L 157 Motosic, Melissa 215 Mateen, Jorrral 135 Mateen, Kholid 165 Mathers, Amy 135 Matovski, Spose 180 Mattson, Kimberly 36, 157 Mauf, Tino Maul, Christopher R 142 Maxwell, Kern 204 May, Richard A 157 May, Tina M 204 Mayer, Ace J 135 McBride, Peter 180 McCorter, Charles M 12, 49, 135 McCarly, Dove T 85, 135 McChesney, Travis 180 McClellon, Jennifer M 135 McClintock, Morla D 142 McClure, Susan J 157 McConnell, Jason G 65, 151, 165 McConnell, Keith A 205 McCouslin, Bret E McCouslin, Melissa McCoy, James M 135 McCrocken, Patrick R 205 McDaniel, Kothy A 135 McDoniei, Robert 205 McDonald, Brian E 205, 217 McDonald, James S 180 McDonald, Jobeth 135 McDonald, Knsty L 180 McElhoney, Bethany A 12, 72. 180 McElhoney. Martin R 12. 142 McElroy. Joel 180 McElwain. Debbie L 40. 180 McForlond. April M 180 McFarland. Kelt K 135 McGee. James D 135 McGee. James E 205 McGeough. Desmond M 135 McGeough. Hugh 180 McGerty. MikeD 215. 217 McGerty. Scott 180 McGinnis. Michael K 157 McGlocklin. Gregory M 157 McGough. Mary 180 McGrath, Tnsha J 215, 217 McGuire, Pam 180 Mcllquham, Brent D 135 Mcliveen, Lenord A 89, 180 Mcllveen, Phillip R 157 Mclntire, Come 215 McKean, John M 135 McKee, James R 205 McKee, Michael 157, 180 McKeever, Sean L 205, 217 McKelvey, Justin 180 McKenno, Michelle 94, 180, 351 McKenney, Heidi M 157 McKezie, Carlo 181 McKeown, Kassandra R 181 McKeown, Robb 49, 135 McKinster, Jesse 135 McKinster, Stocey 215 Mcknight, Teddie L 3, 79, 157 Mcknight ' NS, Lorene McLaughlin, Alfa M 157 McLean, Heather 136 McMohon, Kenneth J 157 McMonomy, Michoel W 33. 50. 51. 52. 69. 181 McMonomy. Robert L 12. 72. 157 McManamy. Scott R 136 McManus, John M McNuft, Matthew G 205. 217 McVittie, Dovid K 215 Meabon, Liso D 181 Mecham, Heather 61, 69, 181 Meddieton, Robert 181 Meissner, Coleen M 136 Melendez, Jose A 157 Melendez, Victono T 205 Meliti, Davi d 72, 157 Mellott, Mark 181 Mendez, Edwardo A 205. 217 Mendivil. Carol L 136 Mendozo. Christina 136 Menten. Trocey D 157 Mercodo, Michael 215 Mercado, Robert D 157 Mercer, Matt 71, 181 Mercer-HB, Scott 136 Merwin, Bob 157 Merwin, Doug 181 Merz, Tracy 176, 181 Messina, Doryle L 157 Messina, Debbie L 45, 205. 217 Metzger, Lovma B 157 Meyer, Jockie A 205, 217 Meyer, Mark C 87, 205, 217 Meytholer, Brian 181 Michael, Christopher F 136 Michael Noene 181 Michaels, Melissa 87. 157 Michels, Bradley B 12, 205, 217 Miconi, Jon 215 217 Micotti, Erie 82, 205, 217 Middleswon, Jeff 32, 181 Middleswort, Shori 157 Middleton, Robb Midkitf, Bryon E 12, 205, 217 Midkiff, Jeftery T 12, 181 Mihelich, Gregory A, 136 Miller, Brian P 157 Miller, Dwight D, 106. 157 Miller, Jody M 93, 153, 157 Miller, John A 181 Miller Julie L 136 Miller, Kenneth G 157 Miller, Shelley 157 Miller, Timothy 85, 136 Miller, Tina L 41, 62, 75. 94. 158 Miller. Tod R 205 Mills, Brett S 205, 217 Mills, Charles R 205, 217 Mills, Laura M 181 Mills, Marcie L 136 Mills, Michelle L 68, 136 Mills, William J 89, 136 Milowski, Angela 158 Miner, Ronald M 136 Minor, Bill E 36, 49, 205, 217 Minor, Donna R 181 Mocci, Lisa 206, 217 Mochomer, Gina M 136 Modrak, Gory 158 Mokho, Melisso 158 Molina, Joe R 136 Molina, Julie C 136 Molina " AP, Daniel R Monaghon, Kevin S 206 Monet, Down M 181 Monroe, Christina A 15, 158 Montolfo, Tom 181 Moon, Helen 51, 8 Moore, Bobbi J 136 M(X)re, Carl L 181 Moore, Dianne L 158 Moore, Kenneth L 206 Moore, Michelle D 181 Moore, Stoci M 181 Moron, John E 206, 217 Moreou, John 87, 136 Morgan, William 206, 217 Morgenstern, Amy 181 Moriuchi, David T 136 Morris, Amy A 33, 68, 206 Morris, Christine M 181 Morris, Heidi 181 Morrison, David E 136 Morrison, Richard (Tom) T 215, 217 Morse, Dovid R 165 Mortensen, Dean M 215 Moser, Brandon D 136 Moskowitz, Marilyn 189 Moss, Ming 82, 181 Moss, Ted 181 Mostue, Shannon Mostue, Shelly Mowry, Kimberly 158 Mozeris, Joseph M 181 Mukotfosh, Nidol 158 Muldrow, Carlo M 142 Mullendore, Christy L 158 Mullin, Brian E 111, 158 Mullins, Darren L 49, 136 Muniz, Jodi L 158 Muniz, Joseph D 82, 206, 217 Munoz, Kateri A 45, 206, 217 Murphy, Sarah 158 Murray, Colleen S 158 Murray, Michael T 181 Murry, Pomelo L 12,215,217 Musgrove, Brian J 89, 136 Musick, David C 49, 71, 181 Mutka, Lynn M 158 Myers, Anna (Leah) L, 158 Myers, Christopher J 158 Myers, David J 182 Myers, Deven 142 Myers, Kelly J 136 Myers. Michelle R 14, 182 Myers. Stephanie A 13. 182 Naegelin. Ronnie L 84, 106, 156, 158 Napier, Deborah L 41, 62, 136, 142 Napier, Kenneth D 46, 137 Napier, Lovonne M 49, 52, 182 Nosh, Jason T 158 Nataie, Laurie J Neol, Mike 215 Neitz, Ronnie 182 Nelson, Doedra R 158 Nelson, Deborah A 158 Nelson, Dustin L 215 Nelson, Kelly 206, 218 Nelson, Laura M 151, 158. 165 Nelson. Michelle 137 Nelson. Tony L 206. 218 Nelson. Jr . Mark L 182 Neri. Kimberly 189 Ness. Amy 158 Nettle, James A 68, 158 Nettle, Paul W 33, 68. 69. 206. 218 Neu, Curt D 158 Newman. Dona 182 Newman, juiie A 93. 137 Newmon. Lance R 206, 218 Nguyen, Thuy M 38. 40, 60, 215 Nguyen, Thuy-Ha M 61. 182 Nicoslle, Debro S 12, 137 Nicastle, Pomelo , 182 Nichols, Josef E 12, 137 Nichols, K Scott 182 Nicholson, Doniel 158 Nieschuiz, Julie G 182 Nikodiievic, Bonnie 158 Nikolous, Troci 33, 182 Nillson, Richard 158 Nitzel, Kevin M 158 Niver, Cory J 158 Niver, Lisa M 182 Nixon, David S 60, 182 Nobe, Deonno 182 Noion, Alex 82, 182 Nold, Jennifer 165 Norcott, Daniel 206 Norenberg, Brian C 159 Norenberg, Kevin P 159 Norris, Scott E 137 North, Lavern L 137 Northfield, Karen 215, 218 Norwood, Michelle 206, 218 Novak, Robyn M 159 Novotny, Donna M 137 Novotny, Kenneth G 182 Nowlin, James E 137 Null, Chorlene 215, 216 Nunez, Patrick 137 O ' Connell, John 206 Oblinger, Justin D 137 Obrien, Mark R 137 Ochsner, Scott W 12, 137 Ockenfels, Todd 137 OconnerALT, Kristine Oconnor, Christine L 182 Oconnor. Joseph B 182 Oconnor, Michael J 137 Oddo, Roy A 182 Oemler, Barry M 215 Ottedohl, Cory R 72, 206, 218 Ogden ' AP, Jonetle Oglesby, Melindo M 159 Ogormon, Kristin M 93, 137 Ogren, Shawn M 206 Okelly, Lora 182 Oldham, Robert W 182 Oliphont, Ryan K 137 Oik, Joellyn M 142 Oik, Scott D 137 Olsen, Nicole L 142 Olson. Eric 68. 182 Olson. Pamela J 12. 159 Onoga, Joonn 137 Ong, Brandon T 111, 159 Ong, Stephen C 91, 111, 206, 218 Ormiston ' C, Glen P iDrmiston ' C, Jason S, Omrond, Jill J 206 Ortega, James 182 Ortega, Joseph Orzechowski, Michelle L 38, 159 Ospom, David 106 Osborn, Karen A 182 Osheim, Kelly G 215 Ostroski. Joseph A 159, 215 Osuch, Edward M 72, 89, 137 Otkjwski, Kim A 39. 49. 137 Overcast, Susan E 137 Owen, Louri A 206, 218 Owsley, Kimberly K 207 Owsley, Thomas F 85, 137 Pabst. Anne L 137 Pobst. Koty J 90, 182 Pocheco, Dionna 182 Pocione, Nicholas J 159 Podilla, Regno J 142, 182 Page, Shawn 207, 218 Paine, Brian L 137 Pane, Koryn L , 45. 207. 218 Painter Donna J 12. 207. 218 Pointer Rebecco L 39. 50. 51. 159 Palermo. Mario 182 Palermo, Michael 182 Polomores, Michele R 159 Poluch, William L 91, 183 Pangus, Michele J 2 Ponzer, Richard 207, 218 Panzer, Robert R 183 Parkes ' SS, Lance H, Postore, Joseph Patrick, Steven B 183 Patterson, Chonssa A 142 Patterson, Mark J 159 Patterson Shone W 207. 218 Patterson, Sto cey L 12. 159 Poxton, Michelle A 183 Paylof. Connie L 207. 218 223 Payne. Keifh S 142 Poyne. Laura A 41, 62, 157, 159 Payne. Lisa C, 207, 218 Payne-Schlosser. Monica L, 1 ' 12 Paynich, Bryan S 2 Peal e, Kenneth 159 Pearson, Kimberly 207 Peckham, Jennifer C 153. 159 Pedersen. Anne V 207. 218 Pedersen. Kurt Pederson. MQri 159 Pedigo. Tamra A 207 Pedullo. Aaron M 91 142 Peei. Barbara 207 Pellegrini. Jamey D. 159 Pendergrass. Mary E 137 Pepperell, Edward J 142 Peri. Jact ie 142 Pen. Michael 183 Perkins. Troy J 159 Perry. Deanna M 207. 216 Perry. Mark E 142 Peru. Antonio X 61. 183 Peru Jr . Rudy 215 Pesartic. Bryan J 12. 72. 159 Pesartic. Tamara K 207. 218 Pesnell, Wayne A 82. 207 Pesta. Christopher J 142 Peters. Nicol L 3. 79. 159 Peterson, Dan 34, 60. 77. 207. 218 Peterson. Kevin K. 183. 215 Petroy. Joe 215 Petroy. Michael J. 142 Pettice. Michael 85 Pezold. Michelle M 40. 142 Pfefterkorn. Emily A . 45. 207, 218 Phetteplace, Mike J 183 Phillimore, Jeffery T 159 Phillips, Brenda M 215, 218 Phillips, Kimberly A 46, 2. 183 Phillips, Stephonie 163 Pickrel, Stacy A 163 Pickrel, Wendi 207, 218 Pierce, Danny 142 Pierce ' HB, Leonne Pietrzyk Jr . John 49, 142 Piske, Jason A 32, 48, 159 Piske. Robynne M, 2 Plambeck, Carol 12. 207 Plambeck Connie 159 Plonk, Dawn 12, 50, 51, 52, 207. 218 Ploss, Jill L 183 Plimpton, Kristl G, 142 Polen. Nancy S 142 Pollak. Kathryn I 32. 40. 61. 90. 94. 163 Pollard. Allan Polston. Rodney L 159 Polston ' ALT. Tina M. 189 Pomorski, Liezel M 163 Pooler. Michael B 111. 163 Poovey. Joelle G 183 Poauette, John J 159 Porak ' ALT, Anneliso Porter. David L 159 Porter. Kindra A 39. 159 Post, Christine A 160 Potter. Debro 208. 216 Potter. Ross M 60. 208. 218 Potts, Lawrence W 160 Power, Lonnie A 71, 189 Prodelt, Chan 46, 160 Pralle, Jerrod 183 Pratt. Jillynn 50. 51. 208. 218 Pratt. Pom 93. 160 Price. Carol 215 Price. Cathy D 3, 79, 183 Price, James Price, Richard 160 Price, Toure A Prince, Raymond D 142 Pritchett, Barry P 82, 104, 163 Pritchett, Sukari A 2 Pritzkou, Tomie R 142 Prudhomme, Patrick L 183 Pruett, Debbie L 206, 218 Purcell, Heather S 183 Purcetl, Sonseearoy 142 Purcell, Vincent E 82, 183 Purdy, Julia F 160 Purgill, Brenda J 208 Purkey, Phil 106, 142 Purlee, Darrell 208 Puruleski. Michael S 160 Purvis, Jason R 142 Quon, Judy Z 137 Queen , Denise 137 Queen, Jeffrey P 163 Quilada, Wendy L , 74. 77. 208. 218 Quinn, Kerry L 12. 137 Quintana, Dora E 93, 138 Quintano. Gloria A 189 Quintono, Morcelo 39, 206, 218 Quinton, Richard L 160 Radosovljevic, Tatjana T 138 Raffle, Ben W 2, 3, 79, 208 Rajcevich, Gina Rakich, Scott A 160 Raley, Leah R 160 Ralston, David 138 Romberg, Anders 71 Rombo, Bryan S 160 Ramirez, Regino M, 160 Ramsay, Aaron L 50, 51, 69, 160 Ramsey, Damon T 138 Ramsey, Dustin L 46. 89. 163 Rondle. Jason E 160 Randolph, Melissa N 163 Rasmussen, Tyann M 153, 160 Ratkovich, Bill 183 Raver, Amy C 51, 69, 94, 160 Raver, Sheri M 40, 94, 208, 216 Ray, Eydie L 183 Ray, Robert 160 Raves, Mary-Beth 50, 51, 69, 208, 216 Raynes, Brand! M 156, 160 Reole, Anthony J 160 Reed, Bill Reed, Julie A 183 Reed, Kenneth R 60, 183 Reed, Kimberly D 215 Reed, Patrick A 8, 33, 51, 69, 208, 218 Rego, Cathy J 208, 218 Reid, Bill Reid, Jeannie 160 Reinke, Shelly L 138 Renn, James 138 Rennie, Stocie R 164 Rennie, Star D 208, 218 Reutter, Heather L 3, 79. 94, 160 Reutter, Scott M 82, 184 Revieo, Karrie A 138, 215. 218 Reviea. Mark A 208 Reynolds. Damon L 164 Reynolds. Kothy D 208. 218 Reznik, Dano M 12, 68, 160 Rhodes, Jodie L 136 Rhodus, Jacqueline S 184 Rhynord, Adorn L 160 Rhynard, Leslie F 184 Ricco, Bobby 184 Rice, Michelle L 69, 184, 218 Rice, Shoylo J 138 Rich, Randy 138 Richey, John S 169 Richison, Julie A 40, 138 Ridenhour, Jennifer 138 Rife, Melindo J 51, 215 Rife, Monique A 160 Riffle, Tim G 206 Riffle, Travis K, 138 Rigby, Katherine L 39, 160 Riggle, Rlchelle R 184 Riggs, Christopher 208 Rigoli, Dean K 160 Riley, Kristie M 160 Riley, Michael D 160 Rink, Kimberly 50, 51, 208, 216 Riordan, Erin P 169 Rittschof, Andrew P 189 Robbins, Matthew C 164 Roberson, Jaana Y 136 Roberts, Cynthia P 160 Roberts, Phyllis M 93, 160 Roberts, Thomos P 160 Roberts, Tishanno 87, 160, 164 Robinson, Brion R 136 Robinson, Down M 40, 142 Robinson, Deanna L, 208, 216 Robinson, Lee 160 Robinson, Pamela J 209 Robinson, Stocey B 12, 160 Rodorme, Robert D 160 Rodrigues, Mark D 209, 218 Rodriguez, Danny 138 Rodriguez, Robert 189 Roether, Robert W 82, 164 Rogers, Jennifer A 160, 209 Rogers, Jennifer L 218 Rohrer, Elizabeth M 160 Roland, Joe B 184 Roland, Reggie 142 Rolland, Linda J 33, 69, 209, 218 Romanowski, Michelle R 51, 69, 209, 218 Romero, Michael D 6, 160 Ronald, David M 89, 138 Rosamond, Williom 209 Rosario, Jose J 160 Rose, Dustin Rose, Mark E 49, 184 Rose, Tina 215 Rosen, Tommy A 184 Rosene, Robert 160 Roth, Lance 84, 160 Roth. Shouno 93. 138 Roush, Katherine J 52. 94. 160 Rowbothom, Lisa M 2 Rowe, DennI 184 Rowe. Tamara K 72, 215 Rowe, Tern A 72, 160 Rowlett, Debra M 184 Rubber. Anita 216 Rubinstein, James N 209 Rubio, Brian S 160 Rubio, Eric W 138 Rubio, Potty Ruch, Bonnie-Jean J 94, 160 Ruckman, Gretchen E 138 Rudolph, John 160 Rudzlnski, Amy 51, 160 Ruggles, Jill 209, 218 Ruiz, Ginger M 215, 218 Ruiz, Kurt E 138 Rumbold, Cerie R 40, 161 Rundall, Robbie 35, 92, 184 Runyan, Barbara A 161 Runyon, Paul 36, 184 Runyan, Rochelle C 68, 69, 161 Rusk, Ericco W 138 Russell, April 161 Russell, Jason K 161 Russell, Patrick A 68, 184 Russell, Scott A 60, 67, 209 Rutan, Charlie R 215 Rutherford, Suson 161 Rynish. Kristin L, 151, 161 Sabino, Nicole A 138 Sockrider, Troci 184 Sodowsky, Dawn L 184 Sagasto, John P 64, 161 Salcido, Staphanie 93, 161 Saldamando, Mono A 12, 38 Soldamando, Martin 184 Saltz, Jason Saltz ' ALT, Christy 169 Samplin, Martin E 161 Sampson, Cheryl Sanchez, Shert 138 Sanchez, Valerie C 184 Sandero, Lisa L 3, 33, 68, 79, 209, 216 Sanders, Tommy 168, 184 Sandoval, James E 84, 161 Santo-Cruz, Joseph 161 Santo-Cruz, Robert 161 Sarahs, Nickole L 184 Sothe, Heather J 138 Saunders, Julie 138 Saunders, Kim 84 Saunders, Jenny 215 Sower, Jeff Sawyer (Tomita) Michael D 106, 161 Schontz, Donavaugh M 138 Schantz, Kellene L 209 Schossler, Katrina E 14, 45, 209 Schoublin, Gena L 184 Schoum, Ronald 184 Schelber, Tracy L 41, 161 Scheron. Tonya 50, 51 Schifono, Lisa 184 Schlicket, Leah D 68, 161 Schmell, Steven 209, 218 Schmid, Amy C 184 Schmied, Jeffrey J 84, 161 Schneider, Bernadefte 161 Schnell, Diane 36, 164 Schoeff, Kevin A 165 Schroder, Jon 139 Schraven, Brian J 49 Schroven, Jim 46, 69, 139, 185 Schroeder, Dennis A 139 Schroeder, Jennifer 69, 185 Schuldt, Diane M 161 Schulke. Drew M 12, 139 Schultz, Down 35, 72, 92, 185 Schwartz, Erin E 62, 75, 77, 139 Schwartz, Kristen A 209, 218 Schwartz, Tammie J 161 Schwartz ' WA, Josef Scott, Cynthia S 161 Scott, Holly 61, 209, 216 Scott, Tonya M 161 Scovel, Denny 127, 139 Scovel, M Toby 209, 216 Scovel, Trocie L 139 Scrip, Tracy A 139 Scrivano, Angela C 161 Scrivano, Paul 215 Scriver, Scott A 209 Seaman, Rod M 91, 139 Seaman, Shannon M 209, 216 Sears, Derek E 209 Seoton, Christy 165 Seofon, Travis D 85, 139 Sebo, Adnenne R 40, 151, 161 Debo, Dawn M 38, 210, 216 Sedore, Hans R 82, 185 Seed, Dyno L 139 Seeley, Rhonda J 210, 218 Segol, Holly R 139 Segal, Kevin A 12, 72, 89, 161 Segal, Matthew 165 Seger, Sunny J 161 Seminero, Kenneth A 139 Seminera, Saivotore J 161 Serafin. Edward M 139 Serafin, Steven T 185 Setterberg, Jason R 210. 216 Severnok. Todd M. 64. 161 Seword. Douglas E 62. 161 Seyk. Christine D 12. 139 Seymore Minam E 139 Shobkie. Michael D 34. 61. 215 Shafer, Angie 165 Shaft, Jacqueline D 142 Shaffer, Adorn 161 Shaffer, Wade 210 Shagena, Cloy B 142 Shank, G Scott 36, 46, 185 Shorbono, Chris B 142 Show, Kathleeen 185 Shaw, Matt 142 Shaw Tricio L 60, 188 Showver, Dolores J 46, 142 Shcolnik, Brian J 161 Shcolnik, Kelly J 210, 216 Sfieble, Tracy A 185 Sheldon, Misty S 185 Shelton, Karl D 210 Shelton, Lisa A 185 Shephard, Kelley K 189 Shepord, Randy 161 Sherck, Scott D 210, 216 Sherck, Tonya R 33, 38, 64, 185 Shine ' AP, Lisa G Shirley, Shannon 210, 218 Shivelhood Paul E 161 Shively, Shelly 210 Shockey, Jennifer 139 snoop. Shelly 169 Shultz, Suanne C. 12, 161 Sichrovsky, Cynthia 215, 218 Sichrovsky, Laura A 68, 161 Sichrovsky, Jr Robert T 165 Sidabras, Jim 12, 161 Sidabras, Michele A 12, 161 Silber, Rifka 210, 218 Silverthorne, Karen f , 186 Silvey, Amber D 139 Silvey, Erik W 62, 165 Simmons, Krista L. 185 Simon, John R 85, 142 Simon, Lief O 210 Simon, Michael S 185 Simpson, Brian 142 Sims, Terrence L 139 Sirois, Suzette Skelton, Ken 210 Skelton, Tricia L 165 Skinner, Scott D 185 Skogen, Chad 210, 218 Skogen, Kristin L 161, 41 Siotcher, Rachael A 40, 139 Slotcher, Shown G 161 Slinkard, Brian D 161 Slaon, David 210 Sloan, Elizabeth A 67, 161 Slunder. Tracy M 149 Smellie, Sunny D 139 Smith, Aiisso 36, 40, 166 Smith, Brent 139 Smith, Bruce Smith. Beth A 142 Smith. Danny L 161 Smith. Damn F 161 Smith. Don R 215 Smith, Kim 169 Smith, Lourie L 12, 139 Smith, Linda E 185 Smith, Lonnie C 215 Smith, Priscillo 210, 218 Smith, Renee L 161 Smith, Richard A 46, 69. 139 Smith. Rick H 161 Smith ' ALT. Sally J 215 Smith. Stephen 210 Smoot. Marvin 215 Sneed. David R 161 Snyder, Michael D 210 Snyder, Michelle L 12, 139 Soens, Lisa M 62, 139 Somtnsky, Leonard 139 Sommerer, Joy S 139 Sopiak, Donna L 12, 210, 218 Sorensen, Cindy 36, 186 Souders, Jefferson M 139 Souders, Jennifer 216 Sowell, Cynthia E 189 Spodofora, Mark R 210, 218 Spongier, Del 186 Spongier, Kothey L 161 Spongier, Mork 210, 218 Spaniol, Chendo C 140 Sparks, Amy 210 Sparks, Julie E 162 Speaks, Ronald 140 Speer, Charles W 46. 162 Speer. Jim H 46. 140 Spence. Wayne 185 Spero. Melissa 6. 185 Spiegler. Stocey J 211, 218 Spino, Tommy J 12, 41, 45, 69, 211, 216 Spinelii ' ALT, Dawn R 166 Spires, Richard E 21 1 Sprincz, KristiD 45, 211, 218 Spucces, Kim A 33, 34, 69, 214 St Clair, Regino L 162 St Mary, Wendi A 162 Stang ' HB. Terry J 142 Stanko, Christy M 140 Stapley, Tousha M 38, 162 Starreft, Kothy M 165 Stouch, Deboro 186 Steele, Gory 84, 162 Steele, Marcus J 82, 215, 218 Steele, Raymond 186 Stefonko, Richard L 208, 218 Steinmetz, Chod A 106, 140 Steinmetz, Shannon 206, 216 Stemmler, Kimberty A 62. 67, 162 Sterner, Jason M 140 Sterner, John B 12, 72, 186 Sterreft, Mark A 215 Steury, Kothy A 50, 51, 52, 186 Stevens, Deonne 162 Stevens, Erin L 215, 216 Stevens, Seon N 65. 140 Stevens ' ALT, Robert 169 Steward, Skipper R 82, 186 Steward, Stocey S 162 Stewart, Mary L 93, 140 Stewart, Patrick H 169 Stewart, Shannon D 140 Stidsen ' HB, Virginia V 215 Stiles, Kevin R 142 Stilwell, Chontel 186 Stiwell, Chnstina 49, 162, 163 Stockwell, Cossie J 140 Stoddord, Michael T 140 Stone, Gary 166 Store, Kon 224 strait, Antfiony R A6. 162 Straub tnger. Marc L Strauss, Dana A 72, 140 Stroyer. Snawn C 162 Strones. Richard D 211, 218 Stroud, Stephanie A 41, 186 Stuort, Charles J 162 StuDbs, Matt 162 Sturges, Jason C 162 Styles, Anita 12, 162 Summers. Jennifer 211, 218 Sufratt, Stephanie 186 Sutter, Jodie Ivl 162 Swdder. Joy 186, 211, 218 Swam, Dwight M 82. 162 Swam, RobbiD 211, 218 Swanson. David M 60. 211. 218 Sworthout, Jenniter R 211. 218 Swartj, Liso 140 Swearingen, Margie 211 Sweeny, Eric 215 Switzet, Ivlelinda S 12, 140 Swoke, Anita 38 Sylvester. April 215 Szabo, DovldM 211. 218 Szoke. Anita C 38. 41. 162 Szoke. Ivlichaei L 162 Szpyrka. Gregory S 85. 140 Szpyrka. Steve D 211. 218 Szymonski. Stephonie Szymura. Jeffrey 89. 162 Tallabas, Annette M 12, 72. 186 Tank, Lisa M 38. 162 Tank. Steven M 162 Tarber, Marcus 140 Taylor, Cassidy D 140 Taylor, Emmy 140 Tee, Melissa L 162 Teei, Robert L 140 Teiies, Carlos M 88. 211 Temme. Albert E 12. 33. 72. 211. 218 Temme. Michelle 186 Templeton. Sonp 162 Tennison. David A 162 Tennison. Lawrence E 186 Terhorst. Suzanne G 34. 92. 186 Ternoni, Mary-Beth 12. 160. 162 Terry, Stephanie J 186 Teske, Jacqueline R 140 Tesnado, Gabriel 84, 186 Thatcher. Aundrea J 51. 163 Thayer. Robert L 24 Thieike Kon A 3. 1 86 Ttxsmos. Becki Thomas. Cheily L 163 Ttx mos. Edward W 163 Thomos. Kelly R 84. 111. 163 Thomas. Lisa M 211. 218 Thomas. Patricia L 140 Thomas. Scott S 12. 36. 64. 140 Thomas, William P 69. 186 Thome, Gregory J 163 Ttx mpson. Celeste A, 189 Trx mpson. Danny A 84. 163 Thompson, John P 186 Thompson. Micfvelle 140 Thomson. Dee A 186 Thon, Michelle 140. 211 Thon, Valerie N 12. 212 Thondt. Mile 85 Thornton. Corolee A 142 Thorsen. Eric W 85, 140 Throckm.orton. Camille C 76. 112.212 Throckmorton. Laura L 68. 140 Thrush, Matthew 186 Thui, Greg E 212, 218 Thui, Michael M 142 Thul. Suzette M 62. 163 Thumms. Kristine 186 Thumma. Steve 85. 140 Thuron. Christopher W 189 Tillman, Darek E 49, 142 Tillman, Mick J 163 Tinstman, Amber L 140 Tasaw Oenise M 163 Tocko, Susan M 212. 218 Tomozm. Heather M 215. 217 Tomazin. Michoei C 142 Toporek. Dana L 186 Toiaason. Jodi A 93. 163 Tofnambe, Joseph 51, 215 Torres, Renee 186 Torres, Julie 140 Toth, Stephanie C 163 Tousant, Donna M 212. 218 Tian, Hien L 140 Tran Vinh L Tran, Vu L 212 Trapp. Goylynn L 39. 87. 186 Tropp. Meredith L 163 Trebitowski. Dina L 51. 69. 163 Tnggs Brian S 12. 142 Triggs Cynthia L 12. 51. 69. 186 Tnggs Pame«o S 52. 186 Tripodi, Lisa L 212, 216 Tripodi, Stephen 186 Trisdale, Boon L 163 Troehier, Yvonne S 46. 215 Trojanek, Angie E 186 Trojanek, Casey R 163 Trunzo, l chael P 49. 60. 212. 218 Tryon. Steve 163 Tucci, Michael 212. 218 Tuccl. Tiftani M 140 Turensky, Dennis A 163 Turigliatto, Paula P 214, 218 Turley ' AP, Joseph A Turman, Adrian C 212 Turman. Cotlotta L 163 Turner, Lone E 187 Turner. Tern D 189 Tute«. John 89. 187 Uhan. Tammy 163 Ukes. Greg 69 Ulery, Sharon M 163 Ullery. Michael J 141 Ulses. Greg A 33. 49. 212. 219 Ulses. Tony P 46. 49. 68. 69. 163 linger. Valerie 187 Upshir, Douglas A 212. 219 Upshir. Lisa M 163 Upton. Stephan A 141 Usko. Michele L 142 Utterback. Cassandra E 92. 167. 163 Vddovich. Brad 212. 216 Vadovich. Chorlene R 52. 163 Valdez. Yvonne 187 Valero. Christine R 93. 153. 163 Volery, Dawn A 3. 79. 163. 164. 230 Volery, Shannon L 163 Valletta. James 219 Van-Heusen, Michele 212, 219 Van-Ness, James 91. 141 Van-Riper. Mindy S 141 Vanaller, Steven A 187 Vance. Chantelle M 141 Vance, Jody K 212, 219 Vondever, Kellie 187 Vondermeulern. Jill M 33. 38. 64. 212. 219 Vanleeuwen. Kathy 69. 187 Vannier. Brent A 89. 187 Vannier. Stacy D 141 Vannoy. Terry 187 Vansteinburg, Jennifer A 52. 163 Vanwie ' WA. Jerry B Vanwyck. Crystal L 141 Varca. Nick W 163 Vargas. Vanessa L 163 Vasko. Edward L 187 Vasquez. Anthony B 82. 212. 219 Veatch, Doug 141 Veatch, Gregory S 215 Veillon. Dole 46. 48. 49. 189 Veiez. Niido 164 Velez, William 212. 219 Ven-Rody. Christina L 164 Vernon. Michael J 187 Vernon. Terry 212. 219 Veronda. Angela Verondd. Juan Vetos. Cindy E 187 Veros. Damn M 164 Vertz. Tammie 141 Vieth. Stephanie A Vigono. Douglas T 187 Vigano. Tammi R 93. 141 Vigliotte. Sheri90. 212. 219 Villalobos. Bernadette 141 Villonueva. Robert C 84. 164 VIney. Tara A 141 Vinsek, Eric M 142 Vinsek. Tracte M 164 Vinson. Brad S 141 Vinson. Kerry 213 Virgil. Justine E 164 Vlahos. Deanne M 189 Vlohos. Denise M 164 Vdk. Stacy L 164 Votz, Kelli A 15. 164 Von-Aspen. Kristi A 36. 162. 164 Voss. Donno M 45. 213. 219 Waddell. Gina 187 Waddmgton. Deboroh J 213. 219 Wogner-Hunt. Shawn E 46. 165 Waher. Parren 219 Walker. Borbara Walker, Jennifer 142 Walker, Melissa A 41. 164 Walker. Michael K 187 Walker. Ji Wayne H 85, 141 Wollace. Cassandra 187 Wallratf. Carrie 164 Wolsh, Michelle N 12,213.219 Wolsh, Sharyn D 213 Walter. Darren M 215 Waltman. Kathleen A 213. 219 Wamble, Jason M 9. 215 Wang, Ian 164 Wargula, Daniel A 85. 141 Warner, Daniel D 85. 141 Warner, Kathiyn K 187 Warner, Suzanne M 36, 213 Warren, Wendy A 14. 187 Washington. Carlo J 40. 164 Washo. Delon E 41. 164 Wasylow, Tom F 164 Woterbury, Adria L 72, 141 Waters, Michael S 85. 141 Wotkins. Jeffrey S 164 Watt. GionP 213. 219 Watts. Robert J 49. 164 Watts, Tonya J 187 Weaver, Kenneth Webb, Croig 216 Webber, Anthony M 84, 152, 164 Weber. Kathryn L 142 Weber. Laurel K 142 Weber. Tammy J 164 Webley. Chrissy A 213. 219 Webster. Bryan J 142 Webster. Chris D 69. 187 Webster. Christine 187 Weeden. Edward 213 Weege, Michael 187 Wegieitner. Vern 69. 187 Weigold, Renee L 141 Weik, Jenniter L 141 Welch, Carolyn M 141 Welch, John E 8, 213 Wellborn, Kristen D 41. 164 Wells. Elizabeth 141 Welton. Sean 187 Wendt. Jeffery L 52. 142 Wenger. Tom W 188 Weston. Jerry T Wexler. Scott R 141 Whaley. Lon A 142 Whalley. Julie C 164 Wheat, Tracy S 142 Wheeler, David W 187 Wheeler, Jennifer M 142 Wheeler, Steven J 141 Whelan, Laura E 141 Whipple. Doug 141 Whipple. Kristina 164 Whipple, Stonley Whitaker. Daniel 187 White. Robm E 187 White. Trocey E 153. 164 Whitehead. Cindy L 69. 215. 219 Whiteheod. Derek 187 Whitehead, Jim L 187 Whitehead, Paul L 142 Whittoker, Mendy R 93. 164 Wicker. Angelique R 141 Wickersheim, Michele L 164 Widstrom, Oanica M 165 Wiggins. Tina 213. 219 Wilbanks. Trocey A 189 Wilcox, Donald P 213. 219 Wilcox. Ronald R 213.219 Wild. Mark R 187 Wilde. Jason 164 Wilhelm. Lyie A 164. 106 Wolkes, Joseph S 213 Williams. Brenda S 35. 142 Williams, Carmen Williams, Christol L 142 Williams, Darcy 141 Williams, Darin D Williams, Elizobeth D 164 Williams, Henry Williams, Kevin 186 Williams. Machelle E 186 Williams, Michelle R 165 Willtoms, Nona 188 Williams, Ron L 189 Williams. Stoce 188 Willman, Mand L 213, 219 Wilmont. Scott 164 Wilson. Chad E 165 Wilson. Heather A 213. 219 Wilson. Kelii M 142 Wilson, Michael C 91. 141 Wilson Paul R 106. 165 Wilson Rondo K 186 Wilson, Stocey L 165 Wincek, Aaron M 213 Wmcek, Sorah E 165 Wingfieid, Theresa A 166 Wmklepleck, Mike L 188 Winklepieck Timothy w 141 Winn, Scott 166 Winters, Deborah J 166 Witter Diana M 213. 219 Wodrich. Adam C 165 Wolf, Gregory 33, 68. 69. 213. 219 Wolle, Rom M 40, 165 Wong. Michael D 12. 188 Wong. Thomos R 46. 48. 142 ood. Robert D 166 Wood. Sharron K 214 Wood. ■ Claude A 142 Woodrmg. Jell E 214 Woodruff. Holy L 188 Woodruff. Joyson R 142 Woods, AngekJ D 188 Woods, Nicole A 151. 166 Wooldridge. Rodney L 165 Woolwine. Jeffrey B 166 Wray, James C 165 Wray. William D 142 Wretlond. Jonathon C 214. 219 Wright, Derek F 82. 186 Wright. Evan E 142 Wright, Joshua L 46. 89. 142 Wright. Kevm D 3. 79. 214. 219 Wright. Kevm G 3. 79. 165 Wright. Kyle A 65. 142 Wrightsman. William G 214 Wruck, Kristen 214 Wurtsmith, Shannon M 166 Wyatt, Casey R 188 Xinos. Dawn R 166 Xino. Laura M, 214. 219 Yborra. Dona L 214. 219 Ybarra. Yvette 214. 219 Yee. Jacqueline G 34. 60. 214 219 Yoder, Chad J 142 Yogerst. Todd R 188 Yonker. Tobitho Yoshimuro. Kenji D 85. 142 Yoshimura. Mary E 214. 219 Youhas. Michael R 215 219 Young. Heidi M 142 Young. Kristin 168 Young. Lara J 142 Young. Reece 60. 61. 52. 69. 188 Young. Shonda M 93. 142 Young ' HB. Tranci K 38. 166 Young, Jr Lawrence D 214. 219 Youngbiooa, Christine M 142 Zak. Shannon L 41. 214. 219 Zapp. Chris 49. 166 Ziegler. David R 166 Ziegler, Kenny W 106, 165 Zimmer. Peggy 41. 186 Ziraks. Adam 188 Zitzam. Gidget 216 Zmarzly, Ed 36. 216. 219 Zorn ' ALT. Chatlene 215 Zumtana. Gloria 39 Zuhino. Camilla 165 Zuvers. Wayne T 46. 142 Zuvers-lll. Albert L 49 188 225 Entertainment rcu LC€k wKMBiayyi mL. 198 -86 MahvelcusH 1985-86 Year of Triumphs 8c Tragedies In 1985 the Kansas City Royals won the World Series and at the same time the war in the middle-east continued. The Unit- ed States was advancing in the space program and an entire city block was destroyed in Philadelphia, While Pete Rose broke Ty Cobb ' s hitting record a series of earthquakes plagued Mexi- co City. While people partied in Arizona people starved in Africa. We see all the problems in the world and say ' " well there is nothing I can do " but there is, you can prepare for your future. It is time to pull your head out of the sand and get involved. When something in your life changes for the worst you try hard to change it; so why not try to change the things that will affect your life in the years to come. 1985-86 is not just a time of good and bad; but, a time to realize that we are the ones who will be the prisoners of some terrorists hijacking if we don ' t put a stop to it. We don ' t have to stop having a good time just stop avoiding the bad. We have got to stop doing for ourselves and start helping one another. When we can do this our world will be a MAHVELOUS place to live for everybody. Below: Bruce Springsteen ' s songs about Vietnam Veterans, steeiworkers, and factory workers tiit many Chords with all ages of Americans, Center: Royals pitcher Bret Saberhagen embraces third baseman George Brett after pitching a five-hitter to give the Royals the World Series Crown over the Saint Louis Cardinals, Above Center: A distraught Mouslem hugs his son moments after they survived a car bomb explosion outside West Beirut, Center Right: Christa McAuliffe packs for her trip to Houston where began her training for her flight into spoce. She was to become the first female high school teacher in space Above Right: Ceremonies were held at various times during the year at the Vietnam Memorial in Woshington to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the fall of the Saigon government in Vietnam, Bottom Right: The Countdown Staff would like to honor the seven heros of the tragic Space Shuttle Challeng- er mission which occured 11:39:12 A, M, Jan, 28th 1986, Francis " Dick " Scobee; Michael J, Smith; Ronald McNair; Maj, Ellison Onizuka; Judity Resnik, Gregory Jarvis. and Christa McAuliffe they gave their life for advancement of explora- tion. 228 World Closing World 229 Closing bh p. L The last deadline is to be sent today and it is now time to write the closing. There are several people who have made this year the best and they all deserve thanks. All the teachers, staff, coaches that have met shooting schedules, returned photos, copy and information. You have helped to make this book what it is. Photo 3-4 for your spring sport candids. Mrs. Davis, without you I could not have kept my head above water and I thank you for being a great advisor not just for yearbook but for all my problems. Dawn and Cathy thanks for the help and Leigh Heather thanks for getting on my case when I needed it. Ben thanks for lunch (not to mention the $$$) and to the rest of the staff thanks for putting up with me. Re- member we did it together. Miss Kerwin I appreciate the talks we had; they helped me to understand what was heppening and I owe you a lot. I hope we can help each other in years to come. Dad, Helen, Mom, and Dave without your help, love, support, tolerance, and understanding I would have failed. Holly you deserve thanks for always being there when I really needed you (even if you didn ' t know it), I don ' t know what is in store for us but as long as we ' re friends forever I will be happy. I hope that I have left some- thing with all of the above mentioned and with all those who I hove met during my high school years. I would like to be remembered as I go through life not as " the guy who sat behind me " but as someone who people could count on as a friend or just to help out. The last few years in yearbook and here at M.V. I have learned a lot and I will never forget what has happened, but I will always carry a little piece of each and every person who has helped me achieve what I have. Once again I thank you. This year sure did fly by! To the staff: Let ' s all do it again next year. Mrs. Davis thanks for putting up with me, good luck with Bob (ha-ha). Rick, get a new car. Kevin thanks for everything, we ' ve had some real fun. Let ' s go to the river. Meri — Hot, Very HotI Scott Rick — u guys are geeks. Heather " WE LOVE IT! " Deanno, it ' s an omen, all guys named Rob are just trouble. Tina, I wish that you would stop talking so fasti 375-0275 (remember?!) Behave yourself with Greg, Lace — U are a true friend. Keep dancing and keeping Scotty in line. Tishanna, baseball players are better than wrestlers anyway. Rob, I think its about time we settled this bet. Nickel, it ' s not the end of the world. Cheer up! John, you are one of my bestest buds, keep lifting. Ms. Adams is Washington ready for us again next year? Laura W., Isabella sounds like a cow ' s name! (ha-ha) Well for anybody I forgot. Thanks! Two more years MV, then Sonarya . . . Dawn, sports editor Rick-Alan Kerr Editor in Chief We actually finished the book Hill It ' s a miracle! I ! ! I Rick — it ' s been great knowing you for the last two years. You are really sweet. Kevin (1) we need a picture of Mr. F., Kevin (2) if you had to be stuck somewhere, glad it was here. Cathy — I ' m glad I got to know you better you are really sweet. Dawn and Heather — you two are two of the sweetest people I know. Teddie — royalty is fine. Don ' t worry about it. You ' re a sweetie. Ben quit changing the color of your hair. Nikki you are a super sweet friend. Mrs. Davis Thanks for all your help, (and the rice-Krispy treats). So long till next year MV. Lori, Scheduling Editor 230 Closing Closing s j ,.r »N y tt ;• »t - % " ; : ' - ' ' :■ Closing i oi Closing oP, . 1 •o 232 Autoar 232 Autograph Closing :W . •¥ 9 L . " 4- ? ■ ; ' n r • ) C5 : J QZJ •J - ' - O O . V O 3 o H ' J V -9 4 - ' cJ s - s I rxT . y ,r ' c. M t3i c ' A , o. . " " : - f= . ' " O 6 z ' ' ' lk ' 1 ' Z- ' " A- ? .i M H lij[i[ [|].BGE[;]tfCG][i [l]

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Moon Valley High School - Countdown Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Moon Valley High School - Countdown Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Moon Valley High School - Countdown Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Moon Valley High School - Countdown Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


Moon Valley High School - Countdown Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


Moon Valley High School - Countdown Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


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