Moon Valley High School - Countdown Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ)

 - Class of 1985

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Moon Valley High School - Countdown Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Cover

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rXoQeg'Jmzi'a xg! S001 ' ff Xb, ' F W 'ZW HGV "ff'f7 x Qi JB UN 'C Ngjg, Vp? ,Q QA, 5 Q5 7 'Mob Z 6 Ac QXW0 A of X x Uocofl' QXSLAPGOXD5 YX. Q vb' Sava vw be IV so WW QF F "px Q my WLJJWPMN 00 K0 5 40329, PXP .5 ' Ca W QQSQ . f 26 Q V AXP' Ja gf . YLQ . A 'Z YW Nb 0 T052 Nh Q! 'xr wr Q X9 . MF , Jrjf W N55 6 QWWW fa 540?q,.U X wif' 5,03 Oy D , D xqw, -Jw, L, NF? Vbx mfg N Z5 Wg K Oy wig My . , , 1 5 4 X39 'igijll ii ,rx ws. ' A Q if QXQ OJQXVS aigQ'i3fXXQ Q5 X Nfifgg ' 643 .axglxlggxs ! ,N 6 Qftflogyijf S?-filjil 1-A X A53 X Q ff A QQ is Qggasgiww Gy QOjjwifi3Qgf1f WNW X69 45 I3 Xxx -2: Q 1 gems Q S W mf Qwwf Wg WTHXQ' QQ y f Q5 ww 8 x.yff:i'Z7rw Ax ,wwwfuwiuim A X9 ,SS ,lafbannaf if-f-pl -594,044.11 r !fVVLJ'l.-Q, X A . 4 ,. , R W Aw ksioq J 76 mv qv , it QW ,E MW wen QMS WML, fx ,X,?CLf m'.1P bgw fV7UCI"X why- 7fww4w SW? Vifmfx gjnj Agpn SUM PWSAMA fb Wav f!'Zf'W' 'M'+f'2ffXfs We! B P'-W M5 - Obflfixigpgii Cgf-Q yy M Q s.LL,,fmf,-L f,0 mfW . Fplftw -3 Q! WDA V Again' Slvffpyflf ASQ M - QCA'-Nzfpfs if OJ V H 450 HJMZWQM I Siafcghyg M cf, gz, pay, gfuqf fymdiy fn. J X074 fo -'M QW Fwd ,Mb . J ,Any 4a4.,jL,,L 03 dwu diff! aww. 4'-1150! . A-4441! N1 QL, ,ebdfwmy 5-'55 CQFXJ g . if NJ76 4 ?wf'7WG f Qfplcauxfx, D Wfff Uffiwkf 1. '-9, 4 X. fs. DWG' J LW! QM Q WM W If Wb W9 W pf! 702 ,JC ljfgpxgg Lp 'i ,fb X 0 4,1AJ. 'f,i.g4LEm W fa ' 7 QL ' J ww Q 00, 1 V P EU k l l,fe,f1 L My W JO f LW Uh -DWL My 5 WMI 7 v1iQ ,QffWfkjQ' .Qff?'gL1?36Mff 7J M My Jn I' J, f - M' W , ff , ' 5 jf76UL'k 0 WM M fn 3 ,SJ 6'Jf2'ff'f'Q1 Z fwv fdfff gf ANILJH in xlf, fJ,,J,J? Ulm. ,, . V Qlxwq! i nk ,D f 3375939 0 qw il' 4 50 Q3 DQ Qfu,E,'H5"i5'1"7xlA ' 333 C, X5 gg A . Nw? V633 J C Q 9 0 ffhiii H952 Q, Q, 583392032 Q03 'BX XGQQQMX R005 Cy fd f1 ZvQ.,j5 ap 6'! W xr x I I A ,,E . .L A j PAGE, MOOIQLIVIXLLEY HIGH SCHOOL SUPE gg! TENDENT: DR. GERALD E. GEORGE PRINCHPAL: DAVID A. SANTELLANES ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL: MELBA VALLAS ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL: SIEGRR KwIA'I'KowsKI DEAN or STUDENTS: DEWEY WILLIAMS I Q . .'L--.M I 4 " A W 1 -um I ' 22 I -1--1-""""' COVER ' PAGE . -1. '- 1 '- ' my ' N. ...I .AI-,V 5 4 .IIA A-. ' , . ,,,- -' s r . . . ax ,, wa' ' I" ' I K' A-I "R" " lvn 4 'VI ' ' 9 I ' . H my -4 I -as K--4-4 U , W' L I ,. .If ' MIL,-lf .... ........ . F .wing , W3 F Y. n f.w'f?"'! 9" , , I. 5 ww. ,I .. . 18 48 ...72 .94 .-...116 .:.164 ...224 n BEN I-IosI.I:YA ' :I J ' 'N' E "f7f"fi"1 HUNGERFORD SHOUGH, CHRIS 'rI-Io1vIAs 1 I I STUDENT PHOTO nnrron: RICK-ALAN KERR I SECHBDULING EDITORS: AMANDA LANDERS, KIM e PHOTOGRAPHERS: ROBBRTIHUNGERFORD, DAVID NELSON I 9 DALE: SHOUGH -I I' I . I W .I SONYA DEDERICH' I STEVE DEYMONAZ I 'ND PATRICIA PIGUEROA . if '-N '7BRIAN'K1DNEY ' ' I, T 'Lf 5'-I-5 .kf-W, 'Y If , ,- f-f"'i'3k ' A G'-5' 1'.II:sXT'L. , gf! 'L . 72 , - BRIAN' MARSHALL ' KAANDIA PEAKE fx INLCQLPETERSA - I PRICE I 1 . -THER REUTTERI ' N A I N D VALLERY D0 VILLANUEVA NE ZORN 112234 If" ' " " ' I' ' - I -, X. - ., .X,l:iiXgg,'f?,s?.gxjW-'HIf b. V . I 1 is K ,Q yu ,g,1g1j.,I"g f ' 1' ' f ' - , 'N ':7VV"' F'.,'4FiW ,:'1"iF.5rl"'-' ' ' ' ' ' - ' i I R:IL0RRE'I",I'A DAVIS, . N- ng' 'If 4,,,-g,'Lg'3,'4FIwS- , v'fIL4jg I 3. - , ,. , , -I I . igiff f 4 I. ' 5-2:3 , 'Jff' -1 ' , ' ' ' I F . Iwi- "' 1' " - 'I 31: ' 'Z " I 3 ,gm 'j1:1':f,',,fxfq:F',jw,fT:I' ,wir 1 j I' " ' ' ' igjyafgn, 5 I' ,fqgj I3 W ',,' H ' HL' ' ," ' -f',"1'- ' Awzwiv --M.1"' . -1, .Iv-P ' I I I , SHADES The new tad at Moon Valley is Shades. Everyone seems to loe getting in on this new craze. Mirrored, super dark, col- ored, striped, and the ever-popular Shaded with strings attached round out the list. Whether they Wear Vuarnet's or Ferrari's, everyone who's "in" wears shades. S Q M x X ff W, 5' V ,X n ZEN xl ...xx B Q3 , , 6, ,4., M, ,f 0 'V L 1 ff. .ww .v gg.. X' , 3 X 4 'H J W-1 Q ' X ..,,. xg X: A! W Ix af -My . QE MWF-rf 4 7'.1'mT.Y 'MQWiafmswsfii LHul,m351'i-w-. 'W11 1' , ,. ,u1"mm -Y J , ww' fw.w.a-1'-,f.M -,E M ' we ,,.,,.1 ,,m.u ' ' W J ' "' 7'ww:,fw'4QvG,Jf U RN H NI EVER l"Wkvv' , bf... A4 mf Nwf:'J-lv' N wr ML, Milf? 741':SbvH"m 14 , , ,. V UVMMWQ 'Wnfw 0 f v 1 W, X-:MW , X M 1 A , 5 +,,,,., , 1 ,f ,.,,,,, f1:1:f , , :sQ5'fJ' ww' ' ' Q kgsfgx Y Y - - Sv 9?i2f??, l wslfi3f f? mmf- 1 'f' I X Q f r A r A W Y , M 4 .W 13 ,z , ., , MU X M. ,- 44 W X ww N, .N fmrwaw " 'T , Qaigfif ' .ww- N ww- 'N V Fifi a Y 1 J Nsxkk 1' "ON CAMPUS" E-...M i 2 E 5 .M V V E i I i 1 A HOMECOMIN G HROCKETS eo FOR , THE GOLD" p "Rockets go for the gold" was the theme for this years ' e coming. On Monday it was the ever so popular Day! On Tuesday, everyone rolled out of bed and cam adorned in their finest sleepwear for Pajama Wednesday, we saw all the students actually ' Formal Day! On Thursday, 'all of us found bermudas for California Day! On Friday, white, and blue to show their support for Spirit Day' out the week, Saturday, the cafeteria 'played host lor annual Homecoming Dance. ag, E f Il l nn H s 5 9 TALENT sHoW i l With great acting by Miss Benson and Mrs. Schmid along with the World's Most Beauti- tul People Band the Second Annual Home- coming Talent Show was a success. Other acts included: the lapanese tan dance per- tormed by Maki Takeuchig El Shaddai sung by Tiffany Stevensg Kelly lakka tap danced to New York, New Yorkg and Donna Cruz played acostic guitar to estudio numero 12. .45 . , , x af 'V"5 di man gf' .wp l 11' "N M FQ. ' ,,1Q,f . , L Q" gf Y ' ,L 75' , I we - W4 3, vt 53? 5 ,V ' W"3'f'n Q ir V: V ,AN N IM . I A 'vm gnu. "' . "'-v-v nv N 4 W Z . Hi-"1 A - Wu ..1 yn..-.., F... ug ww' , ,T .1-qv? , YN QQ ROCKET BAND ROCKET MARCHING BAND AND FLAG CORPS FRONT: Leila Gotschall, Tracey Meikle, Denise Tissaw, Michelle Wolfe, Barbara Murry, Traci Aubuchon, Natalie Martin, Larry Myers, Karen Daugherty, Tammy Spina, lenniter Kleeschulte, Rochelle Knight, Chris Foster, Tittany Shaw, Amy McKay, Ilene Mark ROW 2: Suanne Shultz, Dana Reznik, Monique Gonzalez, Christi I-larbison, Kerri Wilcox, Hollie Iohnson, Linda Marks, Ana Gioia, Lynda Mack, Sandy Brookes, Lisa Trebitowski, Lisa Krapu, Donna Painter, Tracey Felter, lulie Amick, Kim Corne- lius, Michelle Sidabras, Anita Styles, Mr, Mattern ROW 3: Lisa Carras, Toni Lowry, Donna Sopiak, Elisa Mancini, Samara Fer- ber, Pam Nicastle, Pam Olson, Dawn Plank, Lisa Hitatler, Mi- chelle Walsh, Rhonda Freed, Cindy Triqqs, Christine Catalano, Stephanie Arnold, Lori Luke, Heidi Reniska ROW 4: Linda Smith, Diane Hartman, Ramsey Gonzalez, Mike Wong, lohn Sterner, Golda Bellinger, lulie Blair, Atul Singh, Brad Michels, lulie Siqwart, Beth Mclllhaney, Aaron Feldman, Rena Maas, Eric lohnson, Robert Kendall BACK: Bryan Resartic, Terri Rowe, Annette Tallabas, Ginny Farrell, Kristen Schwartz, Keri Bear- den, Tammy Rowe, Kevin Segal, Glenn Talbott, Bobby McMan- amy, Tyree Cline, Luke lackson, Bryon Midkitt, Mark Girms- cheid, Mike Teske, Cary Ottedahl, Todd Midkitt, Ioe Dhondt, lenni Holt if I A 5 9.N,m 3 .N ,lei v 1 "',,,:..4,h. ' . ,. -Q N. -L4 f EW 1 ,w. .IV I ,PJ ,- me-wr w 'W' -'mllfl Q W, ' ' f l w i r ,-'iw ish .unify ,. q:Q"t .f"' 'Kg BN s ' N35 1 X. ,kwsx '- -m I .. " if-4 gn.. J , , 'x-Q -Qs' Q Q Win- 1 ' : 5. V W' V 'a-VA :Rv ' I7 K- .A x. ws ffm 'MH' 45' Q H 1. , Q , OR w Q-em in Ji -. x - MF! Wx x ihlbi A "C," S Xu in 'LM MJ" loan Purcell Wendy Quijada Dee Ann Rhodes 'ilu Let's give a great big cheer tor one ot the hardest working groups on campus, SPIRTT- LINE. These girls, consisting ot l2 varsity and 6 junior varsity, work side by side all year. You will see them practicing on routines and dances, even during the summer. Their hard work paid ott during the sum- mer ot l984 when they cap- tured top honors at the Nation- al Cheerleaders Association Workshop. Kathy Skutecki Pam Stokus X Tammy Truskowslci .M WM... 1 'Wh 'W' M..- -N., vlichelle Myers MET Pam Nicastle Wendy Warren E J . 69 wif" 4l'.. i-1 t. as .4 i, , it If ., aww-11' N 'ff j 'Q' L, - .ws Y - fl' , : 'M lbjb wlywx Q24"i"tll'lPQii55S5W I'-1 iii K u liiiililll 1 f- 0 A' ff : -ll' f:5'1.,ff- 1' Jvfe ..,. K K ,,i,f"4z1'13W - j if ., -2 ,. -447 'sq A- .5 ' T -i jim-1' Wave ' 'A P l 1'- , 5 , , , v .f-4 it Y ' . 'k.:f:. u-.mA:",i- , WT' J, 1 , my , ' , , gp,-.xl ppl, -iq, 'LM-, .-a , 'km - Q', ,'5'fgg.-g 1- gy., .. f,9q5.f.1gJ-'gal' 'F gay--N , N Q. I sa. fist. :ffl-Z::x.41SB:fll35Wi ' 'ik incur". S ,1 ,,.,f5sj 'N ? Q CM if A-7 Q A.. i ky 4f!'L' Q Q u f Q A 1 Cav Q 1" F, sf' X ,-YJXJ'-lb I ,. kj ggta 1 XJXF9 Q fx ' W YA' 2 M ,J 521-Q ff 2 M' K' X ' ,dW,Lg5 L Xdwc 7 6.53: I -2 1' Luv g,wA " xx ' ,W ,, -, Qi f N H f K U QQ, K! MJM- x ,S , XUSZ' XC' U lf M, 1 'S L, , AL L. X my R pf Q1 W gs f1,..5" fs' Cf A ' 5' xv- 5 ,X fwjff-W uf 'K . f :A YW M ir A V L , iw' Xx if Q jf, K 5 Q. Ci . ' C: ,- , .- L--' f 'Q V I Wwe. 4 rw Q w . Y ff as 4, Y KAL, Q fn Qhw, fbliwj 5 .f 45 L 0 , " . 0 Z' V5 A a'l.,uL"NW 'www f' Nb 2' 3 M Lf iT f i Q C2947 xvxjxjxf ff' sm ii: mx I, N3 I .' :E fm " K5 ' n'4g"f3, ,f ww" QM fwifgaxs W5 Fi if .5253 Q 'jlf' fnmfli fx if wi iff 'Qs Q U1 34 N9 my 5 ,J ,Lgqgiy Dv if if wfij fx A Auf ,mel -kwxufgyg Q ' Q-N. WN S +R X 13 'TEX mi NWC F2 , mf NJ Ai WMC? ...Q I M. 5-M fwyyf gl 3 -ME , X! Tb L ww WN. W, Q Mui K+. S33 Gini jE.,s7,,f QQ wifes: K GTM-Q2 Wifi TMP , T 'Y-A 'IS' 945552 ff1 :? ffi gig? QQ 9, fw Qfflfmgfi U':.3'3x-NSF" M fi, ej"j jp 43,6 5,3 M 5,4535 A l3'gf1i if 5: 5, Q M A 5' Q5 X 'W Y... if-f gp, gg Q Q shi N Q ,gy lm, 22? ff'-TIf" - ,,. MQ 3 Ef f: W H775 wha A Q -"RK vb: Nw k rg k fax , 5 gif E22 xg as 53 HJ www ff Q W aa X 'fp WMA mf- ii? 'fl W5 ,Sig I? lg ,P W. M ,W 2 y M ffg 335 V? mm, T11 Miwii V535 V? 5 3 ii if 5? 52 fn E5'vMQ 5 21 ESL W S M? W? figs WQWQL 53 Q x xbmiwk :iff Sffwg wifi? Of' f 1 M A 'w Qfmn gf,-'1 f 1 I' f Q' 5,,JfQ5 Qsf fC3..Jfj fig . 'S-.J .cf l DCU ff!-5 ?"2f5'wy YC hp. -+I .N 3,451 . ' , 1 f W , CW, , LL Q QL I 'Mfg A I MUN wLffn,'v124 yggvfwt f IX C?w, wwf X, V , , Y ffqgwfvlgi J W ,A Chg, L 151' , f 2,15 ,, ard 'iff 0 fllfxyin , D g QV 1,2 ,MQ 5 fn N5 Q5' 6315? M L15 ,- N . K X .L :Q 252 Rin WN VALLEY Q- QBQ dwg OP few ww? X gl W E Qgg,!m5wsz sgiff 5 QX sf Lf S9 wx' , ' v wxwx N3 .. . S B? - " 45' 3. .- xg .W S K Ns-Rv X X Q. 7' 8 sw Q q1.1 LA.L, S v Yvonne Adams Deborah Adamson Roy Adrian Tom Alaniva Laura Aleksick Donald Allen Rachel Alvarez Gary Alves Wendy Alvies Amy Alward Kari Amabile Matthew Amdor Patricia Amick Frances Andan Suzan was Cherie Armstrong Kathy Armhardt William Ashe Kenneth Aydelotte Karen Austin ff ml'- Lori Ayers Richard Babinski Melissa Bach Russell Backer Gregory J ,xp ,M .. , 1 - I f f-wr f F M if x .,' 'X,f" R, X wx z 3. Q xw Vg, 's , ,V .QQ Q ,,,,, A vm E X12 , W5 f ff . 'Qs Anthony Daniel Steve Dawson Karen Daugherty Bill Deaton Chrisie Dedge Dawn DeFilla Timothy DeGeorge Katherine DeGreef lason Dent Michael Dewell Kimberly DeWitt Steven Deymonaz Ioe Dhondt Sanh Diep Ieffl-ey lulie Dodge ' Collette Doesburg Pifldf DOQGTIOZ Sheri Donaldson Karen Douglas 9 Q 'YI K f A Charles DOYle Michelle Dunavan lohn Duncan Kari Duncan Rick Edwards mln? .mqxi Shari Ellis Wes Elwell David Engel Tammy Erickson Tom Erskine Kevin Esslinger lames Estelle Stacee Ester Steve Ettinger B111 Evans QQ X' Q-My lason Evans Troy Evans Susan Fancher Nicole Fausett Beth Femia Ioe Fenicle Lisa Fillman MaryA1-in Firlit Kim Fisher ' Michelle Flagler Miles Fletcher Derek Floyd Robert Fluellen Tony Fortune Chris Foster WWHZPU wmemQm Iv ld lohn Foster Barbara Fow Aaron Francis Kristina Frazier Charles Robert Freed Walter Freer Ioseph Friend Larry Fu1fO1'1 Deborah Gage Mike Gagnon Stan Gajos Paula Gallas Anne Gardner Nancy Gardner Holly Garrett Ienniier Garst Ieftrey George Robert Gerhart Shawn Gill Diane Gillrnore Christy Gindt Russell Godsil Luis Gonzalez Carol Gosnell 1 lames Helrnick Chris Helminfaler Michelle Hirsch Marci Hernandez Katherine Hogue Chris Holder larnes Holley lames Hooks Bobbi lo Horn Rhonda Horton Ben Hosley Darrin Hostetler Andy Howard David Hoyt Don Hudson Matthew Huffman Heidi Humphreys Robbie Hungerford Mona Hurfado Jeffrey I-Iymson Liza Iddinqs Shane Ingram Kellie lacka lohn lackson Sherrie qrw? Jefferson Shannon Iefferson lodi Jensen Andrew Iimenez Iennifer Iensen lacki lohnson Wendy Iohnson Debbie Iones Iamie Iones Scott luarez ff Lori Kalk Imad Kamran . Karlan Karfield lohn Kavall lanell Kendall Laura Kenens Lisa Kennedy Beth Kern Terri Kerr 'wrt' Cheryl Kibbie Rhonda Kibbie Renee Kibbie Kevin Kibsey Denise Kiechel K X R A5 , , k , My K -Qi I. .. . ,, X , ., f N Q., . X 3 f Q . Sis - L f X x KE V' X QS rj Nicw- -A 'f b i 4 5, . ASW X sw :fi ' X .AW 1 X Xie QXX ,X V KXXL XX - f X IPX X X New-f X 5 X X X 1-. X..X ig XXX- X XS- XX -- X NX- ASXQ .:... X X, X - KS' . RX X .. X 2 N X X X.X M f T 4 w 4 f,,,,l, M ' ' 1-,QQ vw... i QR x K M .,:. ik . 5 x 5 I N WM: .. , ,-4 if if mf' A ..,,f - if 1, mln . 6. . X: ,X S gf? .X .X.. :SY .3 .5- I5 X NX X X' X XX ......,,,,,,X J . .. ,L A w. A X N - X K .y H X ' XX. sf X X 'N 5 X X- 3 i -X .XX.- .. X gf? " X . 5 ,X 3 X XXX- - ' Q? N ng - X ., X, X - .X--X ' fix F Q X X S. X K X . X XF X WX A., fy, ,,.N- f W X . mw- X X ET X g X my SF X . xg? SN X X K X X .N N S -x N, X X x X A . A 5 Sw ...-,k QM Q 5 X as K W? . x S Q I ,mx . , inf im H WW k Q is v in X .Q ' 5 k i Q' x N x X X 'A ss : -:fi X W X X X . KQNWXQS -. i-fp 1 X S3359 . - - V: 'Z 'E-SSN 1 xg 3 S . X mQ w sw it WK 'fa .M 1 x ,, '41 1, in ,Aw .2 W, gg 'W David Wallace Dave Wargula Jamie Wasylow Ann Watson Michael Watts as WK- Weatherford Eric Webster Gregory Webster Martin Weight Herb White iii Troy Whittaker lim Wlckert Fletcher Wiles Marty W1lkes Chad Williams Tina Williams Kim Wilson lason Wisch Darrell Wiseman Debra Witter My Michelle Wolte Rob Wood Sharron Wood lohn Woodrinq Mark Wray Ill H Cr M A S W R A Y 39 Geoffrey Wright Barrett Wurtsmith Cynthia Wyatt Greg Wyatt Loretta Yanez Wendy Krause Stacey Young -- .151-X:-w, ..... "..wi".:2':T'i551'5 - - Q .f ff.-,Quartz Q is -1: . . --It-,, r..... vig ' sz og-2 - ie. Q-1-if we rf- 5 -- iL,.mmX., . Clint Zeiner Michael Burrola Mike Schitano .3 . , .... . 1 .Ii-.,. -:R,:--Msg K i.i-:Qi -. i Tony Adanip Loren S David ' :-X .::t.. Ietfrey Blilie Iarnes Boatman Cheryl Brown Philip Calderon Tina Cano Michael Carter Mitch Cooper Kelly Crennan Rick Cruz J 'ii 71 11: J- -:::f,,feeenH .1?fz5'i1"', is:-V , .. ' - f '- -. if K: Shy i aarirr i r ii. rryy - ii,,. i .r i M ill f efil it etll Q-iff of C y lil r rr C M riii rere . rrry C eeer it M . i Brian Davis ' W' Richard iyw 3 David Debernarclisfi, if or Q iyr lfflennifer rtyi' fy W it Margaret Dimirio rf? ii' 9 rrl' yy ,Q Theresa Dimino in eiir rrrii My a it Frank DOnO'9hueEelita C f, -i -1. ,, X.. . it 'W W . C 1-Q2 q Michael-Anne We Paxton Kurt Pedersen Heidi Peninska Chris Ruoftg 1 y ie-ff Ruoft Liisa Michael Bevel r James llt Skousen Kurt Steiner Ken Lidstrom RobYhg Young ' E SENIOR SHORTS Yvonne Adams-Concert Choir, Ensemble, Thespi- ans, NHS tvicel Time Flies! The Easter Bunny is leaving. Thanx Michelle LaMont Oueeny, Woman. and Mooooo. You've made the last few years fantas- tic! Bro Wold its been fun! Choir-I'm gonna miss the concerts and trips tHe-He!! Bye M.V. Debbie Adamson-COE, Orchesis Well, it's been a long four years but MV has made them fun. Bren- da-my best bud-you have another year but it'll go by fast so make the most of it! Collette and Stacee- we've had some fun times-especially in McCarthy's class-stay crazy, stay sweet, and keep skiing! mus- tangs rule! Ieff, I love you. Raymond C . Adrian-Many thanks to Shawn, Dave. Tom, and Bill. Without you guys I wouldn't have made it, again thanks you're the greatest guys, By the way "BS" isn't that bad. Amy Akanymph-honor roll-Teddy Bear-I'll always love you! Snarc-You're a doll. Stay sweet and keep on Snarcin! Vern-Thanx for putting up with me. You're a great friend. Let's not let our friendship fade away. "I don't need your threats: I have your boyfriend," Lis-Thanx for letting me stay at your house. Go Bananas! Excuse 16409 fsee excuse booklet! Excuse 369 Excuse 4425, and Excuse 4427. Tom Alaniva-Varsity Football-Iulie, thanks for com- ing into my life, you make me very happy. I LOVE YOU!! Xavier it was great partying with you and Mr. lim B. "Buy it Brother" Iim M. it has been great knowing you. Let's me, you, and Xavier still party. tDevil I'-louse! Gary Alves thanks for being a great friend, Lets keep lifting, Tom W, stay crazy! to the rest of my friends Good Luck in the future. Mrs. Ritter, your the best, Mom and Dad thanks for al- ways being there. Laura Aleksick-Ski Club, dance-M.V. 4 yrs. were great. Nett, your one excellent friend. Sonja Thanks for being there. Em Well, what can I say except your a great friend! Have an excellent year! Ben we spent 3 yrs. close lets keep it that way. Iames 2 yrs. with you have been great I LOVE YOU only 2 more years babe. Rachel T. Alvarez-Well, Moon Valley I'm glad to leave! Thanks to my special friends Kim, Theresa, Laurie 81 Ianine, And a special Thank You to my family for putting up with me. To Alex Lopez . . . All my love . . , lt's Off to Med School after I-Iawaii! Amy Alward-H,OC., Track, Chain Gang-T.L. You're the best, thanx for the memories, the best times are yet to come. NAU forever! M.B., "here's to ya," L.L.-sis-what would I do with out ya! To all my friends thanks for everything! Mom, Dad, Dan. Bd, Lix, Missy, I Love You All! Good bye m.v. lt's been great! Kan Amabile-Kim-it's playboy's loss! Brenda bud isn't Hank beautiful? I'Ii Shelly-Steve, I still love ya. Leila, I miss you. Chad and Terry-Have a good one! Brenda what about adam and Wade? Billy Idol Rocks, Lance-I LOVE YOU! Matt Amdor "Crazy Legs"-4 Years Football, 4 Years Baseball-Robert you'll get it, it takes time, Den you're a great friend, Wyatt-I was open!!, Greg B.- Make it leave, Gary A your some kind of guy. Kluge 81 Beaub. Make it your best year. Chrisie, I think the world is ready for us . . . I LOVE YOU!! Oh yeah, Iams buy my car, Please. Tricia Amick-Marching Band 3 years, Iazz Ensem- ble, Theatre ar'ts, Orchesis, Streakers l year, Cad Society-l'd like to thank the academy, Dr. Kaz thanks for putting up with me. Ioel, "sometimes you just gotta say . . Mom you're the best, "Vette" dad, thanks for all your advice. To those with "no CIue": you've made me appreciate my wardrobe. Chris, "Youre my inspiration" and I'll Always love you!! Suzan Anderson-Fresh Student Council, Pin Pals, 2 yr. Orchesis, 3 yrs. Yearbook Staff - l want to say thanks to all my friends for sticking by me, I couldn't have made it wf out you! Iamie your one of a kind Si My best buddy. Your also one "Bleep" of a u boat commander! Casa Ceilo here we come. Kari fBetler yet sit on! Iim H. Thanks for everything, better keep your window locked Herman, you'll always be the better Va. To my daughter Ashley, your the best surprise I ever got. Billy what can I say? I Love you. Mom Thankxs. Karen Austin-Munskin, Tricia, Kaz, Mary, :Sr Air- head, we made it! Thanks for being there Carla, Scott, Valerie, Sr Rich-I miss you guys. Remember to visit Dad 61 Mom Thankx for believing Bob, F, Di, And Gary you're the best. I love ya. Romeo wel- come to the family, Pioneer Crew-Thanks for the Laughs Sr Part's, Bye M.V,4fl. Missy Bach-Orchesis, Soccer Club-Col-head, lt's bwn totally awesome! Deb, Connie, Kathy 51 Sherri-We really need to spend more weekends together-Brad it was fun while it lasted Sonia 8: Syl Friday nights were all but boring!! Dennis L. if you ever only knew. To all seniors, I Love You!!! Kim Balconi-Orchesis, Badmitton, Ski Club, Dancin Feet-Coleete Lets watch the speed limit O.K.? Ian- elle let's go to the yogurt pump! Bryan Thankx for being a punching bag! Kat thanx for putting up with me I Love You!! Gregg I can't wait to be tMrs. 42 Gam! I Love You, forever!'bye M.V. lt's been great!! Greg Bailey-Football, Track-Moon Valley Football is til, Robert and Dennis-thankx for all the great times, let's go golfing Thursday! Chris and Matt I wish nothing but good luck to you guys! Ianis thanks for all the good times, All juniors enjoy while you can-Iulie may we have many more months of happiness! Dyan Baird-Orchesis 3 years, "a Dancin Feat", lau- matazz, Dance I-6, Marching and Symphonie Bands, Pin Pals 2 years, Ski Club, crew of "Whose life is it anyways" - Poop you know I'd be so bleached blond without you! We'll be best friends forever! Shelli, Thankx for being you and, "hey" don't forget about Paris on Thursday or our Challet down the hill! I love you mega! Ernie - I'm Bacillus Ceneus that you've made this year great. Thanks and stay sweet teeriel Sarah, Sarah and Ioey, lt's been 6 years and your still the best, If we were in Chicago what would we be doing now? Chelle. Sheri, Ian,-Bake, Robert, April, Chris, and every- one thankx for a groovy 4 years. They flew just like we heard, eh? Heyllic forever 1sn't far away, We'll get our cake 6: eat it too! Good luck Cheri, I Love You! Hi! Bay-ba! Eric Baker-Yes is me the offical Bra snapper! Watch out girls! Watch out world here comes a live one! Thankx to all my friends, l985. Thankx Mom and Dad for always letting me keep the change. Rush, Pink Floyd, Eddie. Ianis Baker-Spiritline 3 years, Ski Club 2 years, Orchesis 3 years, Dance shows: "Iazzzmatazz", "Dancing Feat", "Rhythym-n-Moves"-To Mrs. Wy- att and my spiritline sisters-Thanks for the support and memories, I'll treasure them forever! I Love You All! ! Tammy-you're a very special friend and I'll always Love Ya! Thanks for everything! Mom and Dad-I never could have made it without ya-I Love You Both! Denise, And Brian-Best wishes for- ever! Good Luck to everyone-I'll miss ya! Bye! Bye! Lawrence Bateman-Basketball, Band, NHS, Pick on Ryan Club, local Cactus worshipers-Well it has been fun "I Think" KHCRSK Let's Party, Larry "Shut Up"! Rybud Memphis State 3600000 in the polls. Rebels lost the war. Give it up! BPBL. I want to Party with you, To everyone else live long and Prosper. Theresa Bazzell-COE, Sluggeraids-Well, I'm gone with the pigs! Phil-your a super stud, I do, COE- Rock naked. Hobo Ioe Crew you guys are great, I'll miss wed, Ieng-Luv you both-hope the best for the new one. Rob Sr Ray always-69 must Ieanette Baby- you were suppose to keep me out of trouble. Shan- nan-87-B8? I'll be there, Mike Luv YalBanaza! len M. - Let's go scrog N.! Art Rock in the Red! Susie Luv Si Happiness wf your other half. Mom and Dad Y thankx for all your support-Much Love to you both-Bye All! Darin Bebrle-Football, Track-Varsity, Football, Track thanks coaches for the best 4 years in sports. To all the Belly Budy's and friends moore thanks for all the good times it's been great! Dave it's been great this year knowing your back, Dad thanks for the best years of my life, See yal, Later Moon Val- ley, l'll miss ya! "The Book Of Pen's still lives on!! Dave S. Beierle-Senior Partier's-I know I'm only the California Kid, But there is a type of fun I had without the surf. I Leamed to party with the best. Have a good life, and see ya all at the class of reunion. Keep on smiling- "California Dave". Iackie Bender-COE tcopperative office educationl, FBLA-Thanks, Connie for being my best bud! You will always be like a sister to me! Pam, thankx for being a good friend! Connie have patience for one more school year, Try and graduate on time Daren. study hard! Iohn, I'll always, love you! To the Rest of my friends: Good luck in the future! April Bennett-Frosh Sr Soph Homecoming Atten- dant, I r. Sweetheart attendant-To the terrible ten, I Love You! I couldn't have asked for better friends. All you wonderful Seniors, I'm going to miss you Lee Loe, your the best nerd, Sone stay out of the mud, Good Luck to the class of 86. You guys are great people! Greg Baily, Your a good guy good luck in I year. Charles your the best "I Love You"! Can't wait for our special day, Bye M,V. Patti Bielert-Track 3 years. I-I.E.R.O. Mom and Dad thankx for all your support. Penny-we made it final- ly! We've had some good times, thankx you're real- ly special. Good Luck with everything. Chris, it's been great so far!! Hope we'll have many more memories tcoach Moore, thankx for all your inspira- tion! Darrell Good Luck, you're sweet, Dina you've been a real good friend. Donna M. Bierrnan-Orchesis 3 years "dancin feat "Iaumatazz", Chain Gang 2 years Vice presidentg I-I.E.R.O,, President "Taming of the Shrew", Fid- dler on the Roof", 'Miricle Worker"-Anne, its been I2 years I couldn't have done it without ya! Beth, thankx for all the laughs, you kept me smiling. Kathy your a doll, Barnard thank you for all your support I'm gonna miss ya, you to Burnesis! Alison Blaney-Orchesis, "Dancin' Feat", Iauma- tazz, Ski Club, H.E.R.O. Secretary-To my best friends Pam 61 Kerry, you guys are the best anyone can ask for. The A team remains forever! Limo's and Mucho buds are itil Bye Moon Valley. Michelle Blizzard-Modem Dance l-2, 3-4, 5-6, Or- chesis 3 yrs. Moon Valley it's been a super 4 years. Nadine-thankx for always being there when I need- ed you! You're a super friend! "Wend" 81 "Dy"-You guys are definately the greatest-Thankx "4" caring so much! Drew-you're a special friend! Anthony- need a backrub?!! Scott-thankx for being such a sweetheart! Banard, Smith, and Verhoevan, thankx for everthing! Freddy thankx for all your love and remember, I couldn't live without you! "I love You", forever! Mom + Dad-thanks for your support especially finaciallyl I love ya! Mark good luck in the years to come have fun. Bye M.V.'I love You! Iamie F, Berger-To all the Plaid maties, we had a blast this year, Friday's were the best!!! Nomix the passion pit awaits, Iim H. Good Luck with school, "Go Go Gadget", Den, Iim, Gary, Tony, Doug, Rob K., Curry keep in touch, "Let's all Party" Love Brother Bud, Deborah Michele Bonatto-Hoopsters, Modern Dance, Orchesis, Streakers, Vice President, And Ann You are sooo strange! We have had some pretty weird times together! I Love ya bud! Melissa, Pollies and Kool-aid forever! Let's have lunch! You guys are my best bud's and I Love You, Guys, Patti woman! Pizza Pals always. NA will always be num- ber l. Denise I'm always here for you! Brad, Iames and Lewis, I Love You Guys!! Mom And Dad Thankx! Good luck Mike! Thankx Moon Valley, It was great! Teri Bradford-Pin Pals, IV Softball, 2 years MV Flagline-Guess what? lt's me can you believe it? The past years have been great! Much thankx to everyone! Mena, your'e my BBA, Luv ya lots! Per- haps I'm Appaled. Your car gleams! Tif and tracie, quit drooling on the field! Tricia, it's my box! Amy and Nise, "Where's Moo"! Leila, your a doll, don't ever change! Luv Ya! I im, 1984! Paula, want me to gream? And, to everyone else I know, I Love Ya, ye! Lisa Briner-2 yrs Marching Band, 3 yrs Symphonie Band, 4 yrs. Volleyball, I.V. Softball mang. C.O.E., Hoopsters-Good Deal-Sussann, we've been budies for 4 yrs. You're right-PBf'l's and GS's forever! I Love You-never say good-bye!! Lynde-You're the best, you're something special! Sone, thanks for everything If only I could pay, you back. Dee-you brought me through the hard times! I love Ya! C.O.E. Gang-Party forever. Bobbi-you can better Rific, you are terrific! I Love You, Squirt! Benson-I can only say thanks. Val stay just a little less crazy then me!! Butch, Gary, Teri, Ronnie, Dee lets keep our group together always! Party at the lake! M.V.- your terrific! Pam thanks for the ears!! Iim "speedy" "Bro" Boatman-R.O.T.C., DECA, I.V. Wrestling-To my loving wife "I finally made it, Sor- ry it was so rough." Thankx for all your caring CMDR Smith, I.K, I.D, LM, M,S, K.G, I.L, Caron + Debbie B. and all the rest thank you for all your support. Iimmi loe Diamond your cool. Renee + Chris good luck with the "knot". Brenda lean Butler-I give thanks to Mrs. Lewis and Miss Marcus for all their help. Dennis-Iennifen Good luck thanks for being true friends, I hope the best for your bath. Pat I Love You, we have alot a head of us. Cherri, best wishes for you and Bill. Mom and Dad I made it! Ryan Byrne-AKA tColonel lohnny Rebelj Basket- ball, MVAA, FBLA fPres.l lohnny Reb Social Soci- ety. Ole Miss Booster-To all my friends: BD? B.L, K.H, I...P, D.l-I, D.L, I.W,, V,I, and of course B,D, I'll be seeing you later if your ever in Dixie, stop in and sit a spell, Bill flohnny cool! Thanks for being a good "buddie" Let's go up to 7-I I and get us some R-B! Iackie-GCC kicks, Badgers are ffl. Iim fMr. Ego! hang in there. Maybe someday N.D. will be as good as V.T,, MSU, UM. ETC.-CMF-'I'I'M Good Luck! Coach Vogt-Thanks! Mom + Dad thankx for saving the best for last! Bye M.V. DIE Miss watch out, here I come! Cary Cabrol-Varsity Soccer, Ski Club, To the Brothers of the plaid-matics we did some excellent patying this year Chiags and Fish.-Keep the club going. Dave, Chris, and Troy, hey dudes, this is it were gona party more at NAU then we did here, Thats a lot of partying. Bo, Cope Power Rules! Sean rad toga party! Cotter, keep the B'can. Hert, Aldo, Blo, Gady "Brother buds" forever! So long M.V. Nina Carlson-C.O.E., Shelien-You've been a super best friend! We've gone through alot of good and bad times. Remember Football games and eski- mos? I can't believe it's over! I luv Ya! Hey Andrea and Gina enjoy M.V, why you can. Thanks Art, Gena Beth and Thersa-always remember pin head. Teresa Ceransky-Cross Country, C.O.E.-Mom, I love you! Bob-My atfl uncle, Let's keep it to I7 and up. Bryan-keep on pumping iron, Soon you'll look like Amold. Bill, Thankx abunch! Mike-Our Cali- fomia trip will be great. I'll always Love Ya! Babe! Brian U.-No more pink bellies, Please! Take Care Moon Valley, Tyree Cline-Frosh, I .V., Varsity Wrestling, Band. Iazz Band, All-state + Regionals music festival, Troopers Drum + Bugle Corps. ASU Honor Band, AZ. Wranglers Marching Band-I would like to thank Brian Smith for changing my attitude on life and Mom, Dad for all your support and worrying!! Tom, "Michelle Syndrom", Karen" Bag your pigs "Bob keep praticeing Walt, Next Year! Bnan, Dave "Stay Hungry", Michelle, no matter what happens "I want to stay stay close" Brusier. Stay "BLT's" Drum Corps ifl,'s been g Cheryl Bowen-COE-Thanks M.V. for 4 great lt's been fun. I'm finally getting out!!! Steve, + B.I.-study hard, Iulie just wait until we g apartment! Thanks ma + pa for everything. and Laura-don't party to much-That's it-Bye Suzanne Brookes-Frosh Volleyball, Fiddler pit, Orchestra, Regionals, All-State, Solo + ble, Phoenix youth Orchestra, French Club. pians, Shrew, Girls Ensemble, NHS, etc.-Oh over! When did we get back from wonder Cathy! Ie n' aime pas., les Garcons! But I sti paperclips. See you in Chicago, ool. Evon-Th ter Bunny lives forever! Maintain at BVU! R ber your morals! Kim-Quarterbacks! Ahhhh! I Love You and don't worry! Liddle Baby W luv u! Toot good in band! Everyone-I love y miss you all! Kim Brown-Cindy A.-your a great friend, h stays that way. Lisa K,-headbangers + leath ever, + to our crazy past, it was great. Shelly Mona-we need to party! Mom + Dad, I made it, I love you both! Stormy-hey baby. future together, I'll love you forever. Later o Randy Rl-toads forever! See everyone at the Nancy Bulloik-Sluggeraids C2 years! of DE long Moon Valley! To my Besest friend I Io always, jailbirds forever, The Happy four Pam, Al, Sue, Karri, Eric, Andrea, Baby limos. luls we have been through a lot I love sis I leave you all my ex-boyfriends Ha! Ha! and Dad I love you dearly. Terry good luc next four years. Shelly Burbach-Swimming Yanny B. Pick for Paris Thursday. In puzzles don't forget! put on your boots and let's paint the town bla rea! Gumbaloria, what tteam-ey? Look out Gopher-ya you, I missed you. I love you all and more! Robert Bush-DECA, NIROTC, NAVY DE Mike and Randy-it's been interesting, hope you on the Missouri, after RTC and A-sch cept you Corny fcrummy airdalel Ben-it's awhile since first grade, I suppose it was w Ieff-hope to see ya in 4 years with a gold hat not in my field though. Later, days, I'm off to on the Silverwing! Chris Coleman-Ski Club-Tapakega brothe Dave, Rich, Shawn. Don, let's keep on pa Cary and Dave, you guys are the great gonna be great at NAU. Patty, hopefully we' many more good times together. Troy a chelle, best of luck in the future. Robin Collins-COE, Pin Pals-Theresa and Ie You are the greatest! I Love Pigs!!! Isabel hungry, Becky-get that boogey off your tinge so glad I found your friendship. Leila-keept Phil-You're such a stud! Rob Downing-I'm n moo! 5060 is great! Thankx for introducing yo Mom and Dad-I Love You Both!! Leeray Do will always love you bunches! Hopefully So Robin Downinq?69tire! Holly Corbin-COE-M.V. thankx for the grea years ever. Bek, thankx for being such friend. I hope you get that boogie soon. minimum wage forever. Iudi-thankx for eve Tanya-You're the best sister ever. And I Lo Mom + Dad I Love you mega bunches. Kelly Coughanour-Varsity wrestling mana Pin Pals-I love you Mom and Dad, Ican't th enough for everything you've done. Iudi, never have made it without you! Let's sel typewriters! Water, your'e the closest friend. What? You're really pretty! Hola conquistad away from yacuums. MaryAnne-Kush Coach Smith and Clark you're great! W rules!!! Randy Comelison-DECA, ROTC-Dwayne k Pinto Ieepin, tive more minutes. Cindy you Blond enough. To Bush, Moore and Bal good luck on the highseas. Ieannie I Like y To wombat, good luck at Whataburger. Candice Coudery-Orchesis 3 years. Secr Hero Club-M.V. thanks for everything. Love You, Good Luck with Thom. 2 hope thing works out, Mom and Dad I love you, ca, your a friend no one could ever have, Kellie + Lim thank for all the great times, Love you, thanks for helping me through m Iudi Creekmur-COE, Pin Pals-Hey Chef dee. I love you! I want a large Pepperoni forever!!!Ow!!xxooxo, Hey April have ya any poles lately! fhalHa!l Chris, Take care live well and get many hickeys!!! Kel, kee snuggle with a wrestler! Robin, oink for m Ion. I'Il love you always!!! Take care M.V. Anthony Daniel-Varsity Soccer, Track an Country. MVAA, World's most beautiful Band. Darryl, Thanks for being a great b care of "The Rat". Scott, Dave. Ieff + Kyl wait to get to the "Condos", Our frat will best Seniors ladies, your the best gals in th Marty, "Which way to Muscle Beach?" M ley . . . Check you later!! Karen Vanessa Daugherty-Marching Ban phonie Band, Drum Major Orchesis, Th "Done to Death" "fiddler" "Miracle "Taming Of The Shrew"-Natlie-Can you duate? TiF-I want my bra back. Luukke! Eric- Adieu, Mon ami: remember: you still owe me . . . Ohhh TYrreeel Gotta bag that last pig now. Pat-all my bugs. Mishy-It's time! Kevinrl bought you a large black mutt! Robbie + Ieffz Love Ya! Ien- There are 2 guys in a red MG . . . Let's drive. Stephen Dawson-Freshman Baseball, I .V. and Var- sity Track, National Honor Soceity-Brian Krauss and Chad Williams you guys will be my friend forever. Remember the three Musketeers! Sussann and Lisa. without you two, mhool would have been a bore. Thanks for the memories. Tammy, enjoy your last year, I did! My brother Scott, be tough and stay cool, you're gonna make it. Charles Deaton-Frosh Basketball, Spanish Club- M.V. It's been alot of fun, thanks for everything. Thanks to the guys, hm, Brad, Bob, Darin, Fred, Iason and Iohnney Reb. IR. I hope you have fun in the South fYou hickl. Phi Tappa keqa and the Crue are 41. Thanks Angie, Robin. Patty, Holly. Good- bye! Chrisie Dedge-French Club, Hoopsters, Orchesis, NI-IS-Are we supposed to be adults now??? Iude, you're as bright as the tink. Take care ot Ion and lets never lose touch. To all my friends: Thanks for your smiles-I Love You all Sonia, I want to live with you! Matt, you're the one. I Love You! I need You! I'm ready for forever. Let's make it soon. Good-bye Moon Valley! Tim DeGeorge4Frosh Football, IV Football, Varsity Football, Frosh Wrestling, IV Wrestlingffo all the guys on the team, Hey at least we tried. Iamie you'll never know how much I cared. Iohn your the best friend anyone could ever have, and remember C+C Forever, To all the partyin Buds. RT, IM, DR. DL, RR, IE, GC, TAX, Let's go on Forever See Ya later M.V. It's Been Great, Mom + Dad I Love Ya, Thanks! Catherine Degreef-NHS, Thespians, French Club- To Suz fwomanb-You've got a banana in your ear! See you in Chicago!'s gossip. Yvonne-Rememv ber, the Easter Bunny lives and watches out for the Scary Girl! Kim-Mooo! Anne-Marie-Watch out for the Serratia Marcescensl Larainefremember our points and try to be prefect next year! Bye M.V.! Kimi Dewitt-It's CASUAL-right Ianelle. Ianelle bud hold that door. Kevin hold on to that football. Chris + Kyle you both have a nice time at M.V. Lisa keep plugging along. See you later you crazy people. Theresa Dimino-Well, I finally made it! Rachel thanks for being such a good friends, We've gone through alot together. Now, We're even graduating together. Later-Moon Valley! Iulie Dodge-Deca, National Honor Society, Orche- sis-To my best bud Lil, thanks for being there! We made it! Nancy, our "out-of-towners!" Cindy, "long haired guys forever", Art, you're iust to cool! Andi, you party animal! Keep snaping Dale! Robin, our "little fBigl talks"! Ron, thankx for the "parking spot"! Karen + loel the parties are waitin for ya! Khris, you're a big boy now! Paula, got a few more years! I Love Ya all! Bob I Love You the most! Collette Doesburg-DECA-Butch, well it's been great IIA yrs, hasn't it? Remember it all? Looks like theres moe to come Brenda, Good luck next year. and have fun. Debbie, looks like we've made it, and remember Chevy's rule M.V. remember COKE is it enjoy!! Pinar Doganoz-Pin pals, thespians, "Done to Death", COE-Mom and Dad I Love Ya! Thankx alot for your support-Hey Mona you are the greatest Mr. Sample "Sir" you are some guy! M. thankx for the greatest tour years of my life. Take care of Mrs. Gint, Mis. Garry! Bye Moon Valley, "Rockets"! Sheri Donaldson-2 years varsity Spiritline National Honor Society. Orchesis fTreasurerl, Spanish Club- MV 81 Blue Crew-I'll miss ya! Mom, Dad + Dean-I love ya! Spiritline Mom, Mrs Wyatt'you're special, thankx for caring, Spriitline-you made HS xtra spe- cial, Ian, Ioan, Sku, Suz. Tam, Dee-Great S! Mishy- Thankx for all the cheer up, good luck and birthday presents and for being my friend! You're a sweetie and I Luv ya fso does the big guy up stairs! Brophy Buddy Chris 51 everyone else-no more juice! God- Thzakx soo much, I hope everyone knows they are lov . Frank Donoghue Breakdancer, Modem Dance, Dr. Chips, Trouble. Well it's finally here, I made it! thanks to everyone who cares and to the most spe- cial person in my life, love ya Gaylynn. To my special teacher Ms. Benson who helped me alot. Love everybody Frank fDr. Chips.I Karen Douglas Orchesis. Hey 84 buds sure did miss you this year Kristy how about a desert party? To the buds not mentioned take care in your future plans. To the Bench Buds at lst lunch your all too cool. To Gregwade I can't wait for uor "future plans" I Love you. Bye all. Kari Duncan C.O.E., FBLA, Orchesis. Linda Cindy. Laura, Cathy, and Kim I'll never forget y'aIl. Barb, you are the greatest, take care of Billy for us. Thanks Billy, Tina, Mom and Dad for being there for me, I LOVE YOU Y'ALL. MV you are ffl. Karen Eastman-Mich, your the best bud! To bad you weren't here our Senior yr. but I'll see ya in Iune. To all the guys in Autos-thanx for everything. Bill-extra credit? Frank you really made my Senior yr.-promises!! promises!! Mom I lov you very much! Thanx for being there when I needed you. Ronda, hang in there, you gonna make it its your last year., thank God huh?? Shari Ellis-Orchesis-2 yrs., Hero. First thanks Mom and Dad! Mary we've been through alot together and hopefully more: you and Chip are great friends. Mitch, I can really admire you strength: you really taught me alot. I'll always be your best friend! Steph, good luck! Hi Art! Bye M.V. Dave Engel-Forum, Debate fl round?l PK-keep ex- terrninating those liberal commies, IME when your lives deteriorate don't come cryin to me4I.W. the first slasher victim you took your agony well. I .F. junk that hug! T.O. I'd call you but San Diega's long distance and I'm sovin' for a B.M.W.-Mr. Fuller Bist Sie geil? Mr. Lewis-a 2+ just isn't good enough. Remember-speech is good debate is great we want Nixon in '88. Good'Bye MV good luck and good riddance. Stacee Ester-N.I-IS., Orchesis-These years have been one of the Iunnest times. Collette, you've made the last 2 my best. We've done alot ot skiing together and more to come. Brenda-Hope you make it! Coke is it!! Steve Ettinger-Baseball-Don + Rica-you guys have been the best friends I could have had in my 4 years, Shawn-keep the party Van movin' Dukes- "keep slammin" Mom + Dad thanks for everything you have done for me. Moon Valley stay small! Bill Evans-Varsity Soccer, Soccer Club, Concert Choir, Galaxyeleff, Iohn, Dale, Tyler, Ieff D-It was great Good Luck. We'll have a blast in college, Ieff, Stacy, Shawna, Sheri thanks for being there. Iilly- nn you're special!!!Thanks Moon Valley for the memories. I'll always remember them. Ieff-thanks foe everythingAwe'll keep in touch. Moon Valley- you're the best! Good Luck Sandra, Thanks Moon Valley, Susy Fagchgpf-IOC class of 83, 84 COE-Hey, Trace, we've had alot of good times. Thankx for everything. Jacque and Ianelle, you're a great friends, and weve got to party. Don, you were a waste of valuable time, Steve I Love Ya, Nicole Fausett-Varsity Swim, and Sluggeraides. Wendy, Iackie, Ann Marie, don't worry, no more cactuses. Iackie remember your curfew! Dave, your the best, you make me laugh! OI-I! watch out for your arm when Wendy's around: you never know when things will fly! Lets all go climb the mountain! Lisa Fillman-Pin Pals, Orchesis, Hero and Dance. Look Ma, I made it-thanks to you, I love ya! My oldest and dearest friends "Cupid"-your the great- est. My oldest and dearest friend6tBro, Darryl, can you believe were here?! RT Racer, thanks for all the laughs, I-Iey kid-I Luv ya. Fly-we're invinable. Laurie-2 more to go. MV, look out for the last of the Fillmans. A big thanks to NC, SR, DP, RI-I, AB, 61 BR-you guys are great!!!AMF MV! Mary Ann Firlit-Orchesis, Varsity Softball. Miller, Richardson-get a joke Feller-take it easy! Mrs. Reed, your a wonderful person, Ann, how'd you ever put up with me? Karen-friends always. Emily and Karen Dee-let Barb read! Trina-your a bundle of lafs! Kaz, Paula, Ger-I love you all. ACT -you'v got that lov- ing feeling Patty, take care, your the best. Mom and Dad-I love you! So long MV its been real! Kim Marie Fisher-National Honor Society, DECA. Art I-2-3-4, Commercial Art, This is it! Thanks Mom and Dad and Christy too for all your support! Queenie, Suz. 61 Bunny you've made these the best of times. Never forget Fridays View, Inspiration, Bad Taste, Regency, Beef . . . Greg thanks for be- ing such a forgiving friend! Mac, never stop push- ing for perfection! Fifteen years from now . . . Bun- ny-Manied Sr seven kids: Suz-Boston symphg. Cathyfdoctor 8 75,CXIJ a year, and me-who knows? To all my friends-Good Luck, I Love You all!!! I'll never forget any of you! Rockets of 1985 Forever! Nichele Larae Flagler-Hoopsters, COE, Freshman Softball Manager. IV Volleyball Manger, Band-I would like to thank my mother and my sister's for all their support: because 1 wouldn't of made it without them! Also to my boyfriend who has made my last 4 years worth while!! Love ya baby St looking forward to more happier times. Robbie Flueiler-Parker. Only a few of the Moon Valley people have been touched by the EGYP- TIAN LOVER cuz I'm number one in a mixing scrat- chin' son of a gun. locks hang-loose oalmfs. Tony Fortune-I-IERO. To Geri Fortune have fun in your last two years of High School, To Kim and Kari, ggod luck with everything you do in the Future. anx. Chrissy Foster-2 years MV Flagline. N.H.S. Watch do' in Rodney? You're so cute cute! Ichliebe dich times the universe plus 5 to the intinte power!! You have made my life special and thats no nequidam, Iune Bug! IackiefLuv ya munchy! Hey Ienni Bug Squad! Good luck in life and with your Ioey! Tiff, Santa Clause has no hair? Karen, don't forget to bounce at lunch! Mel, don't kill that spider! Sparkya be good! Iohn Foster-Swimming, Cross Country. MV its been a BLAST Mom, Dad, and both Sis's! Thanx for all the help. Hunting all the way. Next year: college. Tim: Too bad you moved. Dip, Dip. Lee: look 'be- fore you back up. To all my coaches, Thanks. Go Volkswagen! Class of 85' is alive. To everyone I knfw, if you only knew what I was doing. The sting is oose! Barbara Fow-Lisa, Sylvia, Wendy, Sonia, Deebur. Kari: you guys are the people God put down on the earth to make a beautiful place. Thank you! Greg. you are the best thing that ever happened to me. It's amazing that God gave me something so per- fect so early in life. Thank you for all the love, Now and for the rest of our lives. Aaron Francis-HERO. Well what can I say except its been the 4 longest years of my life!! To Tom. Iohn Vonn I wish you the best of luck and please keep in touch. Well Tom its off to the navy for me but remember fthe answers are blowing in the windl" Larry "Tex" Eugene Q, Bellven Fulton-Student Gov't, NHS, NIROTC rifle team, AAA Association, EQ Bellven Fan Club, NIROTC Drill team, color guard. Oh well, it's been real and its been fun, Real fun? Yes! Thanks Mom and Dad for just being. whenever I needed you! I love you! Patty its great live it up. To my great friends: I-Iow'd ya put up with me? Irod K. tstutterj, weather fishf'?!4Ifl. Davood fdadadal, Mr. T. fLeech, stationary Bouklees and A Ducks ruIe!l. Batman fshorty, don't get hurtj, Stump fReality, your great, a stub. Iohn is etcmal, such as our friendship! Don't say "B ZYKANAPTH you nymph!! SB fFishface-sorry-keep playing good!J Hey Eugene lives on! MV Aloha, Farewell until tommorrow. Smile your on candid camera. Out! Ecorgot. Bye fl think I'm czyl Debbie Gage'Pin Pals soph yr. Well Sha Bell, Ieff, and Gayle my very best friends here at good ol M.V. I couldn't have made it through school witha out you. Mom I love you!!! Look out college here comes double trouble!!! Paula Gallas-2 yrs Chorus, 2 yrs Concert Choir, I yr Volleyball, I yr Somerclub. To the Ierimites, I love you Kacz, Monya, Trix, Patty-all my love-Geri. Faye, Ann. Mr. Miller, I don't look Iapanese! To Choir Groopies-Ride the Chariot without me. Mrs. C.-The Lord Bless. Dearest "S"-always in my heart. lim S., Mike C. You are grose. CDOA For- ever. Goodbye MV-I miss you already-85 rules. Anne M. Gardner-Chain Gang, Spanish Club, Streakers, Thespians, Ransom of Red Chief, Whose Life, Fiddler Miracle Worker, Done to Death, Shrew-Donna, 12 yrs., what can I say? Beth You'll find him some day. Robbie, thanks for when you were mine. Kandia thanks for having something in common. Monika, are you cold yet? And to my daughter, I love you! Nancy Gardner-Hoopsters, Spanish Club, Treasure er of Komonia Club-Graduation seemed so far away and now it's here! Sherrie you crack me up, and now my dog isn't going to croak! Freinds for- ever. Mom, Dad, Michael-thanks for putting up with me, I Love You All! Arizona Pride Cloggers 3 I, I wish I could stay and dance butcollege awaits! I'll miss you all!! Farewell M.V., take care of my brother! Holly Garrett-Orchisis, Ski Club, I-Ioopsters, NHS- We finally made it! To my Two best pals, thanks for putting up with me all these years. Maureen, when you become a famous and rich brain surgeon, don't forget me. Diane, keep dancin and I'll see you on the slopes. Amy, you finally have the car all to yourself. be good to it. I Love ya little SIS. Bye M.V. Ienmfer Garst-Slugger-aides, NHS, Orchisis, Ski Club-Mom and Dad-I love you! Thanks for all the help. Hey bestest bud Ther and Bobin-let's buy a pig farm. Good luck Bart and Ieanette-two more years. Matt I love you and I will always be your Pookey Bear! Ieff George-M.V. Messenger, theater Concert Choir, Galaxy, Taming of the Shrew, Fantasticks, Diary of Anne Frank, Spring Play-Well here goes guys-Good Luck! Pat Don't forget "Margot, Mar- got, come quick." You are speaking in anger Edit. Hey galaxy-I'm feeling right with you'Bass 'Don't have their pitches Bye Miss Kerwin-Lova To every- one-Good Bye, I'll miss you + Love you-Aussie. Diane Gillmore-To some of usg we made "IT"!! Well Iamie, all of the weekends and the "ice" were great! Hey, Bone and Blue eyes its been a good one!! Keep the spirit going forever!!! Mike: your a sirtmalce and school should be banned!!! by, by, lu Christy Gindt-NHS, Student Council, Thespians, Ski Club, Orchesis, NIROTC, Track, Volleyball, others-Surfer ZEN Surrealism-Laraine you're the best "unstable" person I know! Never Entrust your families to the forest! Carrie G. stay Zen! Ms. Al- bright-Tu Amo!!! CDR + MCPO Thanks for your patience! Pat Reed be a star!! I hope Dr. Suess stays sane! Thank you to the Staff of M.V. Carol Gosnell-84 and 85 Talent Shows, Theatre Arts, I intertained at 82' baseball dance.'Looks like I made it! thanks to everyone who helped me through my years. I wouldn't have made it without all of your support. Mr. Williams your a good man, thanks! Mr. Luketich your a special man who has a special talent in careing for people, thanks for care- ing for me. Good-Bye Moon Valley "85". Fred Graef-Coach Moores Fan Club: Belly Bud- dies, Pres. National Honor Society, Pres. Society for Dr. Love. Full-time rogue and Iohnhy Humble.-Mr. Lewis, we shall wear our trousers rolled. Iason, Brady I could have no better friends. To "The World's Most Beautiful People Band", may we have a long and successful career. Mellanie, Anne'Ma- rie, I love you both, good-luck. Dr. Love signing off. Dan Guerra-Wrestling-It's been a great year. Wrese ' tling it was great year guys huh later days. Willie Guerrero-Wrestling, Football, Girl v. ingABiIl sorry you didnt make it! Andy I hope yt. do M.V. wrestlers take it to the lights, but with Coach Smith by your side you made find - that there are none. Sauharo Grads, hope you all do well. To all my closest friends this Michlob is for you!! Goony Gu Gu. " - WilIie's Way: Aloha!! Kathy Hall - I did it! Led Zeppelin 4-ever. "some- times you iust gotta say what the heck." Sue Ann Kelly Heather, Dan, Kevin, Mike, Portland, I'll miss you guys alot. To Phil the Moon Valley Moaner- Cute Tush. Kerry Greene-Orchesis two years. Iazzmatau, Ski Club, To my best friends, Pam, Alison, and Susan you are so dear to me. I love you guys. To Andrea and Nancy and the limo gangsl-Iey dudes, Let's Fiesta!! Bye M.V. Thanks for the memories. Nadine Gray - Orchesis 3 years, Iazzmatazz, Slug- geraides 2 years Thanks mom S1 dad I love ya! Iackie 6: Michelle - you guys are super buds: good luck!! Chello B. we made it, you are a great friend! Tom you are a special friend thanx for all your help. Love ya!! Iim Graef I LOVE YOU!!! I'm yours for- ever! Bye M.V. Michelle Greenfield - Swimming 82-857 M.V. Fo- rum: Bookstoreg Orchesis For Mr. Kemper I leave my organizer and a lot of luck. To my dear friends at M.V., if I leave I shall return. Val L. my eturnal friend, I love you. G.V.L. - Thank you, Welcome home Michael! It is up to me now mom, thank you. Kevin K. let me buy you a gas station!! Teri Grovis-Ski Club 2 years, Student Council. Or- chesis 3 years. Our four years are over they were the best!! Thanx to my friends especially a few fyou know who you are-I, Iohn, you are really special to me, and I hope our future will be bright 'flike your eyesl' Susan Hallford-I.V. and Varsity Spiritline, Orchesis President, Dancin' Feat, Iazzmatazz, Spanish Club, Ski Club-Pam, Kerry, Al, my bestest buds! I Love you guys! Nancy, Andi, Limos rule! Laura, good luck with Mark! Pam, Tam, Ian, Dee, Kath, Sheri, Ioan, San Diego will never forget us! Thanks for the memories! Mom and Dad, I couldn't ask for a better set of parents! Lynne thanks for making me laugh! Tony, I Luv you with all my heart! Let's get married and have babies! Kay? Chris Hanson-ROTC-A special thanks to everyone I know in the clas of 852 Moon Valley Rifle team if l. Larry Futton, Imad Kamran, Ieff. Digio, Iohn Stump. Godsil, Best of luck and remember the times. And a special thanks to my sweetheart Renee for being there. See you all someday watch out for falling no chins, ACDC forever. Renee Hanson-NIROTC, Spanish Club, Slugger- aides-Iim + Michelle "good-luck". Thanks LR. for all your help with English. CG. + I.L. Stay weird. To all my teachers thanks for all your help and support. Camel man good luck with your camels. This has been a fun 4 yrs. Master Cheif stay mean as you always are, Chris, I Love You and care for you. We have had our ups and downs but we're still together and always will be. Love you babe. Good Bye MVHS. Ken Hatcher-Basketball-L.B, CR, S.K, Lets go party in California, Rybud, I wish you were in Dixie Hoo- ray! Bill, do you have a chest. fMas o menosl B.L, BP, D.T, D.L, Ninile-Ninile: 5 to I is the ration. I.L, go blow your horn. Larry, you're a good friend. Thanks Mom and Dad + sis Bye. David I-Iaydon-TSOL DOA IFA e Thanks , Mr. Hud- son, Mr. Back, Miss McCarthy, Mrs. Stanley, Etc. To all my friends: Take it easy! To all: open your eyes and think for yourself! There is no justice just pow- er. Anachy now! Thankx MA 81 PA! Love Ya! Iames fliml Holley-Parked-"I'm as free as a bird now . . Lynard Skynard . ,. Freebird '85, Ron Hayes-Peoples-well I guess I finally made it. Have fun wam bam. Iennifer Thomas, I really love ya. Even though you never knew-Now you knew. Hey Dave-Ceyler is definately my favorite teacher- what do you think? IW is 4lfl'2nd to me. Ford Falons Rule-Mr. Hayes Benny Hays-Cross Country, Mustang Club. Mom I made it, Thanks for everything. Darrell keep the car stereo down, and save windows. Dale keep pump- ing iron. My 68' Mustang kicks. Tina your special in fny heart, and I love you so very much. Forever overs. Maria Beateress Hays-Key Club. In my last few years at Moon Valley I had the opportunity to be in clubs and make alot of friends Poppy, Mitzi, Pam. Tina, Deanne, Ivonne and Shelly White I have to say to you Shelly that you were the greatest friend I've ever met and I hope that you and the rest of my friends stay in touch + good luck in the years to come. With lots of love to everybody from me. Iim "IG" Helmick-To all eligable freshmen girls fsoon to be Sophsl keep your chin up! To Em I wanna get married but not till I'm 40 haha! To Rob, Ianie, Dennis lets havea "hot on" time! Go Broth-1 Bud! "Well I did my 4 I'm out the door" To Wen K. I'll come visit! Go Go Gadqer Copter. I'm out of here I love MV. Marci Hernandez-Orchesis, COE, Wrestling MGR. Thanks MV for 4 great years! Suz-I miss ya bunches! Rhonda-Green Blankets live forever! Debbie- Thanks for being such a great bud, stay away from 43 Aubum. To all my friends-Take Care, I love ya all! Sonia-you're the greatest! Bye MV-I'm gonna miss you. Kathy I-Iogue-COE Stay cool! Anette-I to go! Tres- Datsuns are fun. Russ-N-Kathy. Beth you + me on the town! Up in the clouds. Lisa-horser x+ beach- es. Bobbi-get wild! Art-my pal. Cheryl-Metro or bust! lackie + Laurie-no more qovemment!! Su- san-now you know what I'm really like! Rene-I want your car! Vogt + Gindt-I'll be back! Tanks ma + pal Bryan-Party? Bob-someday. Shelly-muscle! Darrin + Dane-I got pictures! Farewell MV. Bobbi lo Hom-COE, French Club, Photos, Dance- lt's time to say chow to all, congrats seniors! Dan, it's been real. Art, I'll miss you much. Lisa, Beth, Kathy, Angie, and Renee, you're all to crazy to be real. Tony, be a friend, keep in touch. Darryl, I'll always Love you deeply! MINI TRUCKERS-Unltd-forever! Carol, my bud through thick and thin, I'll always be here. Bye Shelley I-lorrall-To all my friends, love ya all, lets keep in touch. lacque, your a great friend, good luck with David. Kim, we finally made ii, lets not forget all our funtimes, One more year Ioe, I'll be waitin' it's me and you forever BABE, I Love You! Mom thanks for all your support. I never could of made it without you. Your the best! Love Ya bye M.V. 85' Forever. Rhonda Horton-Orchesis ISD Student govemment ill Ski Club tll To all my friends thanks for all your smiles. Take care. I love you all. Mom and Dad you're terrific. I love you both very much. Look out M.V, Robyns on her way. Good luck, sis, I love you. Teresa-Guys yum-fun! I love you friend! Ioe thank you for being there . . , I can't hold back andl love you. Sussann and Teresa. loe's forever. Marci, the wild woman lives on Moon Valley it's been great. I'll miss the good times. Darrin Alan I-lostetler-M.V, Messenger Sports Edi- tor l983-85 Four fast years. To the guys-lim, don't worry about it! Freebircl Larson-Cyou'll switch every day in college, you lecherous gimpl, Drew, Kyle, leffrey, Chuckie Bill, Kline, Scott, Swisher, Bryan Ryan fl wish I was in the land of cotton . . .J Choke Parker fMaster of the Muscle Machinel, The Trojan Kid, I-Iymson, and last, but never least, Corpulent Freddy, tCome on over for the cheap stuff without catteinej You guys are the best in the world. Good- bye to Kansas Kristi YOU ARE WORTI-ILILSS. 'I'his is l. Alfred himself, saying "the pen is mightier than the sword, but not nearly as much fun." Thanks Mom and Dad. See ya in Tempe, Phil Tappakegga Andy Howard-HERO-I finally made it! Willie and Sanh you guys are the best friends anyone could ever have. Only one more year Vic. I LOVE YOU MOM! Goodbye Moon Valley FOREVER! Don Hudson-Wrestling 4 years, Frosh and IV Foot- ball-Rich. Shawn, and Steve the small brothers, these last 4 years have been great I hope college will be as fun. But lets have more togas! Mrs. Volok- mann thanks for being a good friend and a great teacher. Kris you have made my senior year the best of all, I hope your will be as fun!! Mom and Dad I wish you lots of luck with Dan. MV Your -ffl Robert Hungerford-Yearbook Photographer, The- atre, Thespians-Finally I get to go on with my life. Where ever did little red go? Leane I will always respect your talent. Don't forget you student are people. Iill never atop being my friend. When are we moving to New York? See ya there. Thanks Mrs. D. your wonderful to put up with me. Kandia I'll see you in the Art World Down with traditional society. Mrs. G. your a special Lady. Who ate all the pnut butter cookies? Reality is only what you make it! Thanks to those who have the maturity and intelli- gents to except reality. Someday we'll all dance on our societies. Grave. Matthew Brenden Huffman-My last 4 years were so good, I'll stick around for another one, and to the most special person in my life, I just want to say "I Love You", Mona I-lurtado-Varsity Softball-Well lt's about time!! Hunt, Your the greatest!! I'm really gonna miss M.V,' JH Softball team to Rob, Viv, Erika + Gumby "Marvin-I-Iey Marvin" Ha! I-Ia! I'll miss you Ber- nard, keep in touch. Sonny and len be good! Good bye Moon Valley - I Love You! Paul David Kline - Varsity Debate, Forum, Debate Captain, "Cop and the Anthamf' "Fiddler on the roof", Done to 'Death 'MV Messenger-Geoff-Good luck partner. Ioe-You've discovered your special purpose! Ieff-Good luck in Debate for the next two years. Steve-please, grow up! Darrin-who knows what will happen to the paper now. Freddy-Ozzy stinks. Tracy and Tamarra-Patience, only two more years. God Bless W,A.I-'.D.! lim-mellow out, David- lose the Hair, Mr. Winslow-I know you're conserva- tive at heart. Mr. Lewis-Thanks Mr. Westling-you belong in the administration, Wendy Kraus-Pin Pals, Ski Club, Orchesis-To the girls that have been so special to me-I Love You!! Best of luck Lisa hang in there! Dee Ann I-Iey Beau- tiful! Sonia, you're the greatest, don't worry about loosing me, you never will! Bug Blue you guys are awesome, Best of luck in the years to come. Mom, Dad, Wayne, I Luv you! lim I-Ielmick-I'll always keep in touch!! Lisa Iddings-Orchesis 2 yrs., Treasurer Hero Club- Moon Valley thanks forthe support. Bobby Er Char- lie stay sweet, Dana + David keep going! Lysa I-I. tCiangiJ Congradulations, Candy C. stay sweet 44 CHAB Veronica B. don't forget Biology foink Oinkll Patty N. You're a real friend. Mr. Walsh thanks a lot. Thanks Mom and Pop. Mike I don't like whipped cream. Shane Ingram-Track-Hello First Hour! Now its time to say GOODBYE, But l'm still alive in BS! To all you freshman tpoor soulsl goodluck in years to come. To all luniors and Sophomores make your next years the best. Hasta Luego Moon Valley! Sherrie Iackson-Coe-Nancy I hope you will still talk to me when, your are in that big University and I'm in that little community college. Nancy remember your older, Nancy, Iackie, AnnMarie, and Melanie keep in touch. Like, me fSherrieD. Iodi Iensen-This year has been full of many new experiences. I am so grateful to everyone. Mi- chelle-Thanks for being a neat person + a Special friend Your friendship means a lot to me. Lisa- Thanks for everything-you are a sweet person, Blake-Good luck your senior year. Mom Si Dad- thanks for everything-I Love You!! Iacki lohnson-4 yrs. Varsity Track-it's been four long years but great ones thanks MV To Anne your the greatest try to stay with one guy! I Love Ya! To Wendy your perfect stay the way you are. I Love You. To the two wild ones of the group go crazy, And to my brother Bob 1335 thankx for everything. I Love ya, lacki. Wendy Marie lohnson-Begining Choir, Concert Choir, Expressions-, Galaxy, I-Ioopeters, Chain Gang, Slugger-aides, "Fantasticks" -Nicole-Bestest Buds forever! Yeah! Stay away IromCactus! lackl- sisteis always! Stacy-Thankx for everything! I Love You!!! Linda-megs line. Ieff-can I have a massage? Anne Marie - "You guys look so cute together! Michelle-Thankx for listening to all my boring sto- ries. Ang 3 more years! Have fun!! B5 rules! Kellie "Mouse" lacka-Varsity Cros Country, Varsi- ty Track, M.V,A.A. Orchesis-2 years, Dancin' Feat, Iazzmatazz, DECA-2 years secretary, Talent Show, Peer Tutor-l year-M,V. been great! Rhonda systa- matics was a blash! Pump away, Sheri Remember Devil House-only one more year! Patty-office bud- dies foreverl Hey little sis only 3 more years. Mom and Dad you're the best. Coach Berech you know you're the best!! Remember the SIUJ and don't worry someday I will be over 5 feet tall! Scott I Love You! M,V. you're ffl, lamie Iones-Pin Pals-M.V. you're the best! To all my friends, thankx for 4 excellent years. Rebe, Lisa, Lori + Peg-I hope you all find happiness. You've always got a friend. Kurt, you've been a special part of my life-I'll cherish the memories ALWAYS!! Troy, you're the best cousin-ever! Mitch you're the great- est. May you Gr your Honda ride forever. Jennifer, I Love Ya! Hang in there. Mom and Dad, I made it! And I Love You for it! Tom lones-Baseball Frosh, I .V,, Varsity 2 yrs.-Well looks to be about that time. These 4 years have been the greatest, Special thanks to coaches San- ford, Luketich, and Bauer you guys were the best. Iimmy Thome see you in the "Bigs", Fool-I guess I'll give you a ride. Greg W., good luck in Football, Billy catch some passes, Phil say radical, and to everyone else see ya in 95.85 RULES!! Scott luarez-N.H.S,, Track, Cross Country. "Worl's Most Beautiful People Band", Phi Tappa-Well Dave looks like ASU but always remember the Greek Army Mooto . . it's a jelly. Kyle 8i Ieff, your condo or ours!'s go get some "SNACKS" or do you just want to hang out here awhile? Susan, I'd write bad checks for you. Bradly "I want to be a marine biologist too" Larson your too sly. Ant, Darryl Si Marty "suits up"! Leane get to W-O-R-K! Mary Kaczmarowski-Orchesis, Ski Club, CDOA, IV Softball, MV Soccer Club, ACT, HERO, Metro Soc- cer Club-Mr. Feller, Mr. Miller 119931 and Mr. Rich- ardson: I'll miss you guys! To Paula, MaryAnn, Pat- tyg Especially Germ-I Love Ya! Friends Forever! Kathy - I Love Ya-sis! Trish-I'm glad we're here for each other-anytime! I Love Ya-Baby Cakes! Mom-I really Love You! Miss you Dad! Iohn G. l Love You, Too! We're together forever. Pierce and Rich fmy lovej, You're to cool. Cathy and Terry-True Friends! Bye Loon Valley. Lori Kalk-Badminton, Tennis, M.V.A.A,, NHS, French Club-Heidi, have a good lunch and take care of the wrestlers in Oklahoma. Mom and Dad thankx for your support and Mom, could I be too much like you? lim I Love you more. Andi, I mis you bunches. Watch out for all those Speed Bumps, Airhead, I Love Ya! Repeat. Imad Kamran-Nl-IS, Nirotc, French Club-Well, MV. It's been fun, Chris, Kerry, Larry it's been great. Usc look out here I come, Ieff talk to me about your Dad, Larry "Vive Le Fromage" and Eugene Bell- ven forever. Mrs. Reed, your class to us is a hight, Kerry, Tracy, Susan forever, I'll miss you MV! Lisa Kelly-DECA-Kelly, Gaby, Loru-to our wild weekends. We'II be famous someday, look out Los Angeles. "Like" your wiggin Denise-52.99 nites penny tolls and your cowboy Kim-Randy Roads to our crazy past-thankx Birdhead, have a birthday, remember the wall. Shelly, Mona-"Bud weekends" Cindy-We'll tar together Carol - to the Man. Thankx Mom + Dad, I Made It! HEadbangers + Har Life's not begun. Ianell Kendall-Coe-Iacque your my very best friend. I Love Ya. Mom 6: Dad Thankx for every- thing. Shelly Sr Brent your the best brother and sister. Mark Gr Dianna thankx for always being there. Steve 61 Bob thankx for being like brothers. Mike it's been great I Love Ya! Laura Kenens-Orchesis, HERO-MV you've been terrific! Mom, Dad, Shan, + Mark thanks for all the support, Dee your the best. To the Crew-great times fCoolers YAI-Ill Sr to you Mark-I give you all my love. lt's our time now! Lil' Boat look-out Shan's on your tail. Lisa Kennedy-Hero. Aaron-you're a real sweetheart and I'm sorry I hit you, but you gotta admit, we had alot of fun freshman year. Frank-please!! Let me wear your jacket! Robbie-I love you tool Well Traci now we can go shopping everyday! Beth Kem-Chain gang!-I-Iave fun on the field with all the football players! Amy good luck with the rookies! Ann, Anne Gr Donna thanx for a great four years-You've been wonderful fnends! I'm looking forward to our California trip. Nancy, have fun in college! Mark Kessler-DECA. Finally mdae it guys Marty look at that car, Neil what's on sale, Lee number 7, Tim whats going down. Remember R-t-R, coach coach wewon. Thanks Mom + Dad for everything. Rhonda Kibbie-National I-Ionor Society. Connie, hope everything works out, Give it all you got. Lisa, good luck with lack. Congradulations Louie, Kellie, Robbie, Gayle, LouAnn Thanx for the great year. Good luck Cheryl and Scott, Renee, and Greg. Thanx for everything Mom and Ron, Love you both. Dave hope our future is together and very happy. I'll love-you always. Thanx MV. Kevin Kibsey-Swimming NHS. Looks like a limited fusion. Mom, Dad, thanks for guiding me though the past 4 years. Dad thanks for fixing the goat. Chris 51 Iason you're awesome bros. Lachelle, Paul, Sr Blud. many fixed goals Sr broken times. Michelle, who's gonna drive you home. Mac, that's a grillion one-hour drawings. Love you all! Leigh Ann Kieby-MV, Freshman year you ignored me, Sophomore year you were cruel, lunicr year you crippled me, Senior year you helped me shine. Max, you'll always be my best friend. lamie, watch for flat tires. Mom, thank you for everything, excpet Dad. Beaker, keep making us laugh. Russell, I will love you forever. Monkey humperbug says bye- bye. I LOVE YOU ALLl!l Enioy Iulie. lennifer Kleeschulte-ADV. Choir, Concert Choir FLAB, HOC 1984-85. Pam, 6 years apart and still "close". Michelle, it's been an interesting 4 years, what would l do without you? HOC buddies, did you think I forgot you? Not a chance! Hey Chrissy Foster, Hey Rodney Lane, good luck to ya' both! Bug Squad to the rescue! Good Luck Emmer! Thanks Mom and Pat. Hang in there Mollie P! Someday Ioey! I love you with all my heart! We'll make it! Thanks MV. Paul David Kline-Varsity Debate, Forum, Debate Captain, "Cop and the Antham," "Fiddler on the Roof," "Done to Death," MV Messenger. Geoff- Good luck partner, Ioe-You've discovered your special purpose! left-Good luck in debate for the next two years. Steve-please grow-up! Darrin-Who nose what will happen to the paper now. Freddy Ozzy stinks. Tracy and Tamarra-Patience, only two more years. God Bless W.A.F.D.! lim-Mellow out. David-lose the hair. Mr. Winslow-I know you're conservative at heart. Mr. Lewis-Thanks. Mr, Wes- tling-You Belong in the Administration. Rochelle Knight-Theatre Arts, 4 years Thespian, Flag line, 4 years captain for I Swim team, 2 years, Dance, 2 years. Lynda, you're my bestest friend. GUI-I, Biff, thats hilarious! Kim, Poodabrickl Re- member SHASTA and my answers to the cheers! Porky and Spankeyg Buckwheat really appreciates you, thanks both of you for being there. Daniele M. Karhn-Choir, Dance, Slugger Aides, Streakers, and COE. Robin C. glad we met. Mom and Dad I'll always love you. Tina W.-Fair was groovy so are you. Lee and Neil S. you two are real studs and good friends. Kari D. Dance was fun but now we've got to run. Derek F. you're a great Mickey Mouse fmaybe Goffyl Ann Marie great friends always. Colette Knoch-Sis-Misg it's been 6 gneat yrs. I luv you! Balconi-check the speed! Soccer rules! kath +'s get yogart! Laura keep the green rocks! Chrisie D.-Remember Tom's house! Billy my boo- tiea are cool! Paul-"Hun" you're crazy! Good Luck MV you're History! Sonia Krainz-Orchesis, Ski Club, Student Govem- ment, National Honor Society, U.S. Achievement Academy, Pin Pals, Thespians, Codama, A.D.A.P.T. Greg-I LOVE YOU! Forever! You are my happiness. Wendy-Good luck! "TI-IE BEST". I will miss you. UNIQUE AND SPECIAL SENIOR GIRLS - Thank you for the best of times. You have touched my life, I love you! Keep in touch, and stay close in heart. Senior guys-You are a blast. Good luck Tammy Castro! I love you Dad! Good bye MV. Laura K. Kramer-Freshman Volleyball, Freshman softball, COE. Mark Onorato, I'm glad we're back together and no matter what happens, I'll always Love You!! Mom, Roy, Eddie, Lisa, Leslie, and Dana I love you all! Stephy, NO! NO! You're my bud! Nikki and Mary live it up. Laura Ann Kramer-I-Ioopsters, Ski Club, COE. These past four years have been the best times of my life. Thanks to all my friends for all the good times and the memories I'll treasure forever. Lisa- we've been through it all together. You're the best and I'll always be near. Love you! Tom the most special person in my life, lohn, you're my happi- ness and my future. I Love You! I'm going to miss you MV! Lisa Kramer-Pin Pals, Ski Club. To everyone here at Moon Valley: Thanx tor all the excellent times! You guys have given me the best memories! Spe- cial thanx to all you "special girls" fYou all know who you arel we've all had the craziest times togeth- er. I love you gals! Laura-you're so special! 81 sister! Love you! Ang-go for it all! You're great! Ron- I'm very proud of you! Ker, your special and I'll always care! Craig-you're everything I've ever wanted. I love you! Bye MV Lee Lee Lisa L. Krapu-Marchin Band, Student Government, Spanish Club, Girls Basketball, Close-Up, HOC. HOC buds, may we 4-ever remember our long bus rides to hostile hospitals and foreign campus with no bathrooms in site. V-no-who, I luv U! len. Shan and Rick have the happiest memories of high school possible it's gone to last. BANDOS I'll mem- ber U 4-ever. bx Best of luck! I-Ieidi, Iackie and Paula stay close 4-ever RX Thank you MV. Brian Krauss-MV Soccer. Ann your super special to me lets stay together forever. MV Scoccer -Atl. It's up to you next year Pat tcomedianl, Deb you're such a college preppy! Eww Kim I'm not a punch- ing bag! Terry and Chad thanks for the rides to sc oo, Ieff Krawczyk-Going to football games, going to dances, wild parties, radical moments. Wellg Four years have come and gone I-Iey, Lee, Tim, lim, Mark and Neil, rmember all those wild parties we've ad. Lee, I have to thank you for those parties, remember I owe you one. And to you F rosh, Soph, 33 Iuniors good luck in the years. Keep partying Wendy Lancaster-NHS, Orchesis, Mr. Dance, Dan- cin feat, lazzmatau, Rythm and Moves. Good bye MV. Dy my best friend 4-ever I love you. Shell, I love you too fcountry live onl Chelle, thanx for always being there. April-you're so special tDy her we comel Roach, Bernie, Burnes thanx, your all so great. Mom + Dad thanx for always being there. Frank I love you together 4 ever. MV dance-dance on! Brad Larson-Hunting for? Fishing For? Varsity B- Ball 2 yrs. Frosh Football, MVAA, ski club, Honor- ary I-Ioopster, Supporter of Girls Athletics, Latin Club! Talent Show! To all my fans, "I Love You" lason I'm hungry but not for food. To all the guys, Good luck always, l can't wasit Phi Tapa Kega brothers! I-Ialford's you're awesome. Cottie Moe loves you Susan! Leanne lets take a ride! Vance now: you're the guy! Too bad no one has figured out.. lacque Lutz-Well I can't say I'm sorry to leave MV but I will miss everyone. People I told you'd do it! Mom. Dad, thanks. I love ya! So I love Sr miss you lots! Little Bros good luck at MV I love you! To all my friends thanx for the special friendship Luv ya! Ianell, best friends forever, I love you! Tony, Shel- ley, Karyn, we made it! David you're everything to me. I'm ready to spend the rest of our lives togeth- er! I love you forever babe. Aaron Lashbrook-l0,CXZO gallon Club, Parkers unit- ed-Party Hardy. M.V.!! Stay hungry Larry, Tony, Steve, lensen and Bryon, Lisa K. keep in touch, to bad we never went out. Kim, Rain song. Diane you ain't nothing like her. Looks like we made it Carson. THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME. Iamie Lawson-Frosh Softball-"Yeepie"! It's all over, Thankx to Mr. Lewis for putting up with me. Diane- lets do dongs: Jamie W. lets hit Rockers happy hour. lohn I . stay cute! Lorie I Luv U! Dad thanks for the bucks and love. Mom couldn't of done it with- out you. lohn Bolin I Love You Always! By M,V, It's been real fun! fl thinkj. loseph Legler-Thanks Moon Valley for the great memories. I BEAT TI-IE FAT MANl!!! Rem-Chicago Cubs + Computer dating service : Guys that get lucky every 39years. I LYII.. . . . L.A. . . . Rams ffl . . . Go Suns! loan Leia-COE, orchesis-lack's thank for always be- ing there. Michele were's officer Turner? Eri, we've had some wild Sr high times. CH 175. Kristen, Play- boy bunnies and guys. Kathy S., don't party to hard. Mom and Dad thanks for everything. Terry and Denise ya two are the best. Mia your my Sweet- ie. Bill I'm your's forever. Hawaii here I come. Bum ba de da, Happy Trails. lackie LeNoble-Girls Basketball, FBLA-Moose thanks for being there when I neededyou. Your my sis and best friend always! Rod, you were a pain but sweet. Rysbud thankx for being my friend. Lisa. Heidi, Paula we had fun. Hey Rootbeer-have fun your last two years at M.V. Ieff thanks alot for the memories! Thanks Mom and Dad for everything! Thanks M.V. it was lun while it lasted. Bye M.V.l Tim Lentz-Cross Country, Track, National Honor Society CNHSJ-Thanks Sawyer for a great 4 years, Berech for his advice, Good luck Ms. Benson. To all my friends 61 teammates lohn F., Lee S., Mark K., Neil I., Marty W., Gumby, Kermit, Matt I-Iuey, Dew- ey, Chewy, Boey, Tina, Sheri, Elesia and Kim. Thanks Mom and Dad, Matt, lerilynn Gregg, I miss E egg IkI7ove Ya and, God Bless You! Coach, "I'll c . 7 TrFl want my bra back Luukke' Eno Mon ami remember you strll owe me TYrreeel Gotta bag that last png now Pal all gs Mrshy Its txme' Kevrnl bought you a black mutt' Robbie + Ieff Love Ya' Ien are 2 guys rn a red MG Let s dnve en Dawson Freshman Baseball I V and Var ack Natxonal Honor Socerty Brran Krauss and Wlllrams you guys will be my lnend forever ber the three Musketeers' Sussann and Lrsa t you two school would have been a bore lor the memortes Tammy emoy your last I dtd' My brother Scott be tough and stay ou re gonna make rt Deaton Frosh Basketball Spanxsh Club ts been alot ol lun thanks for everythmg to the guys hm Brad Bob Dann Fred nd Iohnney Reb I R 1 hope you have lun IH uth CYou hrckl Ph1Tappa keqa and the Crue I Thanks Angle Robrn Patty Holly Good Dedge French Club I-Ioopsters Orchesrs re we supposed to be adults now"'99 Iucle as brlght as the trnk Take care ol Ion and ver lose touch To all my lrrends Thanks for :les I Love You all Soma I want to hve wrth att you re the one l Love You' I need You' dy lor forever Let s make rt soon Good bye Valley' George Frosh Football IV Football Varsrly l Frosh Wrestlrng IV Wrestling To all the n the team Hey at least we trred Iamre youll know how much I cared Iohn your the best anyone could ever have and remember Forever To all the partym Buds RT IM DR IE GC TAX Let s go on Forever See Ya V Its Been Great Mom + Dad I Love Ya ne Degreel NHS Thesprans French Club lwomanl You ve got a banana rn your ear u rn Chxcagol Let s qowp Yvonne Remem e Easter Bunny lrves and watches out lor the rrll Krm Mooo' Anne Mane Watch out for rratra Marcescensl Lararne remember our and try to be prefect next year' Bye M V ' ewrtt It s CASUAL nght Ianelle Ianelle bud at door Kevrn hold on to that football Chrts you both have a mee time at M V l..1sa keep g along See you later you crazy people Drmmo Well l hnally made rt' Rachel for bemg such a good lrrends We ve gone I alot together Now We re even qraduatxng r Later Moon Valley' odge Deca Natronal Honor Soctety Orche I Nancy our out cl towners' Cmdy long guys lorever Art you re yust to cool' Andt ammal' Keep snaprng Dale' Rohm our Brgl talks I Ron thankx for the parkmg aren + Ioel the parties are wartln lor ya ou re a bxg boy now' Paula got a lew more Love Ya alll Bob I Love You the most' Doesburg DECA Butch well rt s been V2 yrs hasn t rt? Remember rt all? Looks hke oe to come Brenda Good luck next year e lun Debbie looks hke we ve made xt and r Chevy s rule M V remember COKE rs rt Doganoz Pm pals thesprans Done to COE Mom and Dad I Love Ya' Thankx alot support Hey Mona you are the greatest Mr Su' you are some guy' M thankx lor the t four years ol my hte Take care of Mrs rs Garry' Bye Moon Valley Rockets ' I naldson 2 years varsrty Sprntlrne Natronal ocxety OrchesrstTreasurerl Spanrsh Club lue Crew I ll rmss ya' Mom Dad + Dean I ' Spmtlme Mom Mrs Wyatt you re specxal for carrng Sprutlrne you made I-IS xtra spe Ioan Sku Suz Tam Dee Great 8' Mrshy for all the cheer up good luck and brrthday s and lor bemg my lnend' You re a sweetre v ya Cso does the bxq guy up sta1rsI Brophy hns Gr everyone else no more rurcel God soo much I hope everyone knows they are P noqhue Breakdancer Modem Dance Dr Trouble Well its fmally here I made rt' o everyone who cares and to the most spe n rn my hte love ya Gaylynn To my teacher Ms Benson who helped me alot erybody Frank lDr Chxpsl I uglas Orchests Hey 84 buds sure dxcl mrss year Knsty how about a desert party? To not menhoned take care rn your future o the Bench Buds at lst lunch your all too Gregwacle l cant wart for uor future Love you Bye all can C O E FBLA Orvhesls Lmda Cxndy athy and Krm lll never lorget y all Barb the greatest take care ol Brlly for us Thanks a Mom and Dad for bemg there lor me I OU Y ALL MV you are fl man Much your the best bud' To bad nt here our Senior yr but Ill see ya xn all the guys rn Autos thanx lor everythrng credrt? Frank you really made my Senror rsesll promrsesl' Mom I lov you very much' r bemg there when I needed you Ronda hang m there you gonna make rt nts your last year thank God huh'P'P Shan Ellis Orchesrs 2 yrs I-Iero Frrst thanks Mom and Dad' Mary we ve been through alot together and hopefully more you and Chrp are great tnends Mrtch Ican really admxre you strength you really taught me alot I ll always be your best lrlendl Steph good luck' I-ll Art' Bye M V Dave Engel Forum Debate K1 rouncl9I PK keep ex termrnatrng those lxberal commres IME when your lrves deteriorate dont come cryin to me I W the lrrst slasher vrctrm you took your agony well I F punk that hug' T O I cl call you but San Dlega s long drstance and I m sovm lor a B M W Mr Fuller Brst Ste gerl'9 Mr Lewrs a 2+ lust Isnt good enough Remember speech ls good debate IS great we want Nrxon rn 88 Good Bye MV good luck and good ndclance Stacee Ester N H S Orchesrs These years have been one ol the lunnest lrrnes Collette you ve made the last 2 my best We ve done alot ol sknng together and more to come Brenda Hope you make 1tl Coke rs xtl' Steve Ettmger Baseball Don + Rmca you guys have been the best Irtends I could have had rn my 4 years Shawn keep the party Van movm Dukes keep slammxn Mom + Dad thanks lor everythmg you have done lor me Moon Valley stay small' Btll Evans Varsrty Soccer Soccer Club Concert Chorr Galaxy Iell Iohn Dale Tyler lell Dlt was great Good Luck We ll have a blast xn college left Stacy Shawna Shen thanks for bemg there Irlly nn you re specxal'l'Thanks Moon Valley lor the memorres Ill always remember them left thanks loe everythmg well keep ln touch Moon Valley ylowi re the best' Good Luck Sandra Thanks Moon a ey Susy Fancher HOC class of 83 84 COE Hey Trace we ve had alot of good trmes Thankx lor everythmg Iacque and Ianelle youre a great lnends and weve got to party Don you were a waste of valuable trme Steve I Love Ya Nrcole Fausett Varsrty Swlm and Sluggerardes Wendy Iackxe Ann Mane dont worry no more cactuses Iackxe remember your curfew' Dave your the best you make me laugh' OH' watch out lor your arm when Wendy s around you never know when thmgs wrll fly' Lets all go clrmb the mountarn' Lrsa Frllman Pm Pals Orchesxs Hero and Dance Look Ma I made rt thanks to you I love ya' My oldest and dearest tnencls Cupxd your the great est My oldest and dearest lr1end8rBro Darryl can you belxeve we re herew RT Racer thanks lor all the laughs Hey lud I Luv ya Fly we re mvmable Flllmans A brg thanks to NC SR DP RH AB 5 BR you guys are great"'AMF MV' Mary Ann Frrlxt Orchesrs Varsrty Softball Miller Rrchardson get a yoke Feller take rt easy' Mrs Reed your a wonderful person Ann how d you ever put up wllh me? Karen inends always Emily and Karen Dee let Barb read' Trxna your a bundle ol lals' Kaz Paula Gerl love you all ACT you v got that lov mg leehng Patty take care your the best Mom and Dad I love you' So long MV rts been reall Krm Mane Fisher Natronal Honor Socrety DECA Art l 2 3 4 Commercral Art Thrs rs rt' Thanks Mom and Dad and Chrrsty too lor all your support' Queenre Suz 81 Bunny you ve made these the best of trmes Never forget Fndays Vrew Insprratmon Bad Taste Regency Beel Greg thanks lor be mg such a lorgrvmg frlendl Mac never stop push mg for perfectron' Frtteen years from now Bun ny Mamed Gr seven ktds Suz Boston symph Cathy doctor 61 75 OCD a year and me who knows? To all my tnencls Good Luck I Love You alllll I ll never lorget any of you' Rockets ol 1985 Forever' Nrchele Larae Flagler Hoopsters COE Freshman Softball Manager IV Volleyball Manger Band I would luke to thank my mother and my srster s for all therr support because I wouldn t ol made rt wrthout them' Also to my boylnend who has made my last 4 years worth whrlell Love ya baby Sr lookmg forward to more happrer txmes Robbre Fluerler Parker Only a few ol the Moon Valley people have been touched by the EGYP TIAN LOVER cuz I m number one rn a mxxm scrat chm son of a gun locks hang loose calmfs Tony Fortune HERO To Gen Fortune have lun rn your last two years ol I-hgh School To Krm and Kan good luck wrth everything you do rn the Future Thanx Chnssy Foster 2 years MV Flagllne N H S Watch do rn Rodney? You re so cute cute' lchlrebe drch trmes the unrverse plus 5 to the lnlmte power" You have made my lrle specxal and lhals no nequldam Iune Bug' Iackle Luv ya munchy' Hey Iennr Bug Squad' Good luck 1n llle and wrth your Ioey' Tull Santa Clause has no ha1r'9 Karen dont forget to bounce at lunch' Mel don t lull that spider' Sparky be good' Iohn Foster Swxmmrnq Cross Country MV rts been a BLAST Mom Dad and both Srs sl Thanx for all the help I-luntlng all the way Next year college Trm Too bad you moved Drp Drp Lee look be lore you back up To all my coaches Thanks Go Volkswagen' Class ot 85 rs alxve To everyone I know rt you only knew what I was domg The strnq rs loose' Barbara Fow Lrsa Sylvla Wendy Soma Deebur Kan you guys are the people God put down on the earth to make a beautrlul place Thank you' Greg you are the best thmg that ever happened to me Its amazmq that God gave me somethrng so per lect so early 1n lrle Thank you lor all the love Now and tor the rest of our lrves Aaron Francls HERO Well what can l say except rts been the 4 longest years ol my htel' To Tom Iohn Vonn I wash you the best ol luck and please keep 1n touch Well Tom its off to the navy for me but remember fthe answers are blowxng rn the wrndl Larry Tex Eugene O Bellven Fulton Student Govt NHS NIROTC mile team AAA Assocratron EO Bellven Fan Club NIROTC Drxll team color guard Oh well rtsbeen real and tts been lun Real lun? Yes' Thanks Mom and Dad lor lust bemg whenever I needed you' I love you' Patty rts great hve rt up To my great frrencls How d ya put up wrth me? Irod K Cstutlerl weather frsht Wfkfl Davood ldadaclal Mr T CLeech statronary Bouklees and A Ducks rule'I Balmanlshorty dontget hurtl Stump fReal1ty your great a stub Iohn rs etcmal such as our frrenclshlpl Dont say B ZYKANAPT you nymphll SB fFrshlace sorry keep playing goodll Hey Eugene lives on' MV Aloha Farewell untrl tommorrow Smrle your on canclrd camera Out' Escorgot Bye tl thtnk I m czyj Debbre Gage Pm Pals soph yr Well Sha Bell Iell and Gayle my very best lrrends here at good ol M V I couldnt have made rt through school wxth out you Mom I love youll' Look out college here comes double troublel'l Paula Gallas 2 yrs Chorus 2 yrs Concert Choxr 1 yr Volleyball 1 yr Somerclub To the Ierrmrtes I love you Kacz Monya Tnx Patty all my love Germ Faye Ann Mr Mrller Idont look lapanese' To Chorr Gmopres Rrcle the Chanot wrthout me Mrs C The Lord Bless Dearest S -always rn my heart Ixm S Mrke C You are grose CDOA For ever Goodbye MVI miss you already 85 rules Anne M Gardner Cham Gang Spamsh Club Streakers Thesplans Ransom ol Red Chlel Whose Ltle Frcldler Mrracle Worker Done to Death Shrew Donna I2 yrs what can I say? Beth You ll lmd hrm some clay Robbre thanks lor when you were mme Kandra thanks tor havmg somethlng m common Momka are you cold yet? And to my daughter I love you' Nancy Gardner Hoopsters Spanrsh Club Treasur er ol Koxnonxa Club Graduatron seemed so lar away and now rt s here' Sheme you crack me up and now my dog xsnt goxng to croak' Frernds lor ever Mom Dad Mlchael thanks lor puttlng up wrth me I Love You All' Arxzona Pride Cloggers 441 I wrsh I could stay and dance butcollege awarts' brother' Holly Garrett Orchrsrs Skr Club Hoopslers NHS We ftnally made rtl To my Two best pals thanks for puttrng up wxlh me all these years Maureen when you become a famous and rrch brarn surgeon don t forget me Drane keep dancrn and Ill see you on the slopes Amy you fmally have the car all to yourself be good tort I Love ya lrttle SIS Bye M V Iennrler Gals! Slugger axdes NHS Orchrsrs Skt Club Mom and Dad I love you' Thanks for all the help Hey bestest bud Ther and Bohm lets buy a png farm Good luck Bart and Ieanette two more years Matt I love you and I wrll always be your Pookey Bear' Iell George M V Messenger theater Concert Cholr Galaxy Tammg ofthe Shrew Fantastrcks Diary of Anne Frank Spnng Play Well here goes guys Good Luck' Pat Dont forget Margot Mar got come qulck You are speakrng rn anger Edit Hey galaxy I m leelxng rrght wrth you Bass Dont have their prtches Bye Miss Kerwm Lova To every one Good Bye Ill mrss you + Love you Aussre Drane Gxllmore To some ofus we made IT "Well Iamre all ol the weekends and the me were great' Hey Bone and Blue eyes rts been a good onel' Keep the sprrrt gorng lorever'l' Mike your a irilakei and school should be banneclll' by by 1 Chnsty Gmdt NHS Student Councxl Thesprans Skt Club Orchesrs NIROTC Track Volleyball others Surfer ZEN Surrealism Lararne you re the best unstable person I know' Never Entrust your lamrlres to the forest' Came G stay Zen' Ms Al bnght Tu Amolll CDR + MCPO Thanks for your patrence' Pat Reed be a starl' I hope Dr Suess stays sane' Thank you to the Stall ot M V Carol Gosnell84 and 85 Talent Shows Theatre Arts Irntertamed at 82 baseball dance Looks llkel made lt' thanks to everyone who helped me through my years I wouldn t have made rt wrthout all ol your support Mr Wrlllams your a good man thanks' Mr Luketrch your a speclal man who has a specral talent mn carerng lor people thanks for care rng lor me Good Bye Moon Valley 85 Fred Grael Coach Moores Fan Club Belly Bud dres Pres Natronal Honor Socrety Pres Socrety lor Dr Love Full trme rogue and Iohnhy Humble Mr Lewrs we shall wear our trousers rolled Iason Brady I could have no better lrrends To The World s Most Beautrful People Band may we have a long and successful career Mellame Anne Ma ne Ilove you both good luck Dr Love srgnrnq oll Dan Guerra Wrestlrng It s been a great year Wres tlrnq rt was great year guys huh later days Wrllre Guerrero Wrestlrng Football Gtrl v mg Brll sorry you dlcln t make rt' Andy I hope y do MV wrestlers take xt to the lxghts but wrth Coach Smxth by your stde you made lrnd that there are none Sauharo Grads hope you all do well To all my closest lnends thxs Mxchlob rs for youll Goony Gu Gu Wrllre s Way Aloha" Kathy Hall I dlcl rl' Led Zeppelrn 4 ever some ttmes you lust gotta say what the her.k Sue Ann Kelly Heather Dan Kevin Mlke Portland Ill mrss you guys alot To Phrl the Moon Valley Moaner Cute Tush Kerry Greene Orchests two years Iazzmatau Skt Club To my best lrrends Pam Alrson and Susan you are so dear to me I love you guys To Andrea and Nancy and the lrmo gang Hey dudes Lets Fiesta" Bye M V Thanks lor the memories Nadme Gray Orchests 3 years Iazzmatazz Slug qerardes 2 years Thanks mom 8: dad I love ya' Iackre 61 Mtchelle you guys are super buds good luck'l Chello B we made lt you are a great lrrendl Tom you are a spectal lrrencl thanx lor all your help Love yal' Ilm Graet I LOVE YOU"' lm yours tor ever' Bye M V Mtchelle Greenfxelcl Swrmmlng 82 85 M V Fo rum Bookstore Orchests I-or Mr Kemper I leave my organrzer and a lot ol luck To my dear trrends at M V ml I leave I shall return Val L my eturnal Irtend I love you G V L Thank you Welcome home Mxchael' lt rs up to me now mom thank you Kevln K let me buy you a gas slatronll Terr Grovrs Skt Club 2 years Student Councrl Or chests 3 years Our four years are over they were the bestl' Thanx to my lnends especrally a lew lyou know who you are? Iohn you are really specral to me and l hope our future will be brrght llrke your eyes Susan Halllord I V and Varsity Sprrrtlme Orchests Presrdent Dancrn Feat Iazzmatau Spanish Club Skt Club Pam Kerry Al my bestest buds' I Love you guys' Nancy Andr Lrmos rule' Laura good luck wrth Mark' Pam Tam Ian Dee Kath Shen Ioan San Dleqo will never lorqet us' Thanks for the memones' Mom and Dad I couldn t ask lor a better set ol parents' Lynne thanks for makrnq me laugh' Tony I Luv you wrth all my heart' Let s get marned and have babres' Kay? Chrts Hanson ROTC A spectal thanks to everyone I know ln the class ol 85 Moon Valley Rrlle team 3 I Larry Futton Imad Kamran Iett Drqro Iohn Stump Godstl Best ol luck and remember the trmes And a specral thanks to my sweetheart Renee lor bemg there See you all someday watch out lor lallmg no chrns ACDC forever ardes Itm + Mrchelle good luck Thanks I I2 lor all your help wtth Engllsh C G + I L Stay wemzl To all my teachers thanks tor all your help and support Camel man good luck with your camels Thts has been a lun 4 yrs Master Cherl stay mean as you always are Chrts I Love You and Care for you We have had our ups and downs but we re strll together and always will be Love you babe Good Bye MVHS Ken Hatcher Basketball L B C R S K Lets go pany rn Calrtomra Rybucl I wrsh you were xn Drxre Hoo ray' Bull clo you have a chest QMas o menosl B L B P DT D L Nrnrle Nmrle 5 to I rs the ration I L go blow your horn Larry you re a good lrrend Thanks Mom and Dad + sts Bye Davtd Haydon TSOL DOA IFA Thanks Mr Hud son Mr Back Mass McCarthy Mrs Stanley Etc To all my Irrends Take rt easy' To all open your eyes and thmk lor yourself' There rs no yustrce yust pow er Anachy now' Thankx MA Gr PA' Love Ya' Iames llrml Holley Parked Im as tree as a brrd now Lynard Skynard Freebrrd 85 Ron Hayes Peoples well I guess I lrnally made rt Have lun wam bam lenmler Thomas I really love ya Even though you never knew Now you knew Hey Dave Ceyler rs defrnately my lavorrte teacher what do you thrnk'P IW rs 31 2nd to me Ford Falons Rule Mr Hayes Benny Hays Cross Country Mustang Club Mom I made rt Thanks lor everythmg Darrell keep the car stereo down and save wxndows Dale keep pump mg xron My 68 Mustang krcks Tma your special ln my heart and I love you so very much Forever lovers Marra Beateress Hays Key Club ln my last lew years at Moon Valley I had the opportumty to be rn clubs and make alot of lnends Poppy Mrtm Pam Tma Deanne Ivonne and Shelly Whrte I have to say to you Shelly that you were the greatest tnend I ve ever met and I hope that you and the rest ol my lnends stay rn touch + good luck rn the years to come Wrth lots ol love to everybody from me Itm IG Helmrclr To all elrgable lreshmen grrls lsoon to be Sophsl keep your chm up' To Em I wanna get marrred but not trll I m 40 haha' To Rob lame Denms lets have a hot on trme' Go Brotha Bud' Well I drd my 4 I m out the door To Wen K Ill come v1s1t' Go Go Gadger Copter lm out ot here I love MV Marcr Hernandez Orchesxs COE Wrestlrnq MGR Thanks MV lor 4 great years' Suz I mls ya bunches' Rhonda Green Blankets lxve forever' Debbie Thanks lor bemg such a great bud stay away lrom 43 y bug Lil, thanks for being there! We Laurie-2 more to go.-MV, look out-for the last oi the I'll 'mis you all!! Farewell M.V., take care ol my Renee Hanson-NIROTC, Spanish Club, Slugger- ' ' . . .N I I . I I I -. I ' , I . - ' - I ' I A 1 I . ' . ' Aubum. To all my friends-Take Care, I love ya all! Sonia-you're the greatest! Bye MV-I'm gonna miss you. Kathy I-Iogue-COE Stay cool! Anette-I to go! Tres- Datsuns are fun. Russ-N-Kathy. Beth you + me on the town! Up in the clouds. Lisa-horser x+ beach! es. Bobbi-get wild! Art-my pal. Cheryl-Metro or bust! Iackie + Laurielno more govemment!! Su! san-now you know what I'm really like! Rene-I want your car! Vogt + Gindt-l'll be back! Tanks ma + pa! Bryan-Party? Bob-someday. Shelly-muscle! Darrin + Dane-I got pictures! Farewell MV. Bobbi lo Hom-COE, French Club, Photos, Dance- It's time to say chow to all, congrats seniors! Dan, it's been real. Art, l'll miss you much. Lisa, Beth, Kathy, Angie, and Renee, you're all to crazy to be real. Tony, be a friend, keep in touch. Darryl, l'll always Love you deeply! MINI TRUCKERS-Unltd-forever! Carol, my bud through thick and thin, l'll always be here. Bye Shelley Horrall-To all my friends, love ya all, lets keep in touch. Iacque, your a great friend, good luck with David. Kim, we finally made it, lets not forget all our tuntimes. One more year Joe, l'll be waitin' it's me and you forever BABE, I Love You! Mom thanks for all your support. I never could oi made it without you. Your the best! Love Ya bye M.V. 85' Forever. Rhonda Horton-Orchesis C35 Student govemment tll Ski Club til To all my friends thanks for all your smiles. Take care. I love you all. Mom and Dad you're terrific. I love you both very much. Look out M.V. Robyns on her way. Good luck, sis, I love you. Teresa4Guys yum-fun! I love you friend! Ioe thank you for being there . . . Ican't hold back and I love you. Sussann and Teresa. loe's forever. Marci, the wild woman lives on Moon Valley it's been great. l'll miss the good times. Darrin Alan Hostetler-M.V. Messenger Sports Edi- tor l983-85 Four fast years. To the guys-lim, don't worry about it! Freebird Larson-Cyou'll switch every day in college, you lecherous gimpl, Drew, Kyle, lettrey, Chuckie Bill, Kline, Scott, Swisher, Bryan Ryan II wish I was in the land ot cotton . . ,D Choke Parker tMaster of the Muscle Machinel, The Trojan Kid, Hymson, and last, but never least, Corpulent Freddy, CCome on over for the cheap stuff without calfeinel You guys are the best in the world. Good- bye to Kansas Kristi YOU ARE WORTHLESS, This is I . Alfred himself, saying "the pen is mightier than the sword, but not nearly as much fun," Thanks Mom and Dad. See ya in Tempe, Phil Tappakegga Andy Howard-HERO-I finally made it! Willie and Sanh you guys are the best friends anyone could ever have. Only one more year Vic, I LOVE YOU MOM! Goodbye Moon Valley FOREVER! Don Hudson-Wrestling 4 years, F rosh and IV Foot- ballvRich, Shawn, and Steve the small brothers, these last 4 years have been great I hope college will be as fun. But lets have more togas! Mrs. Volck- mann thanks for being a good friend and a great teacher. Kris you have made my senior year the best of all, I hope your will be as fun!! Mom and Dad I wish you lots of luck with Dan. MV Your itil Robert Hungerford-Yearbook Photographer, The- atre, Thespians-Finally I get to go on with my life. Where ever did little red go? Leane I will always respect your talent, Don't forget you student are people. Iill never stop being my friend. When are we moving to New York? See ya there. Thanks Mrs. D, your wonderful to put up with me. Kandia l'll see you in the Art World Down with traditional society. Mrs. G. your a special Lady, Who ate all the pnut butter cookies? Reality is only what you make it! Thanks to those who have the maturity and intelli- gents to except reality. Someday we'll all dance on our societies. Grave, Matthew Brenden Huffman-My last 4 years were so good, l'll stick around for another one, and to the most special person in my life, I just want to say "I Love You". Mona Hurtado-Varsity Sottball'Well lt's about time!! Hunt, Your the greatest!! I'm really gonna miss M.V.' ,ffl Softball team to Rob. Viv, Erika + Gumby "Marvin-Hey Marvin" Ha! I-la! l'll miss you Ber- nard, keepin touch. Sonny and len be good! Good bye Moon Valley - I Love You! Paul David Kline - Varsity Debate, Forum, Debate Captain, "Cop and the Antham," "Fiddler on the root", Done to 'Death 'MV Messenger-Geoff-Good luck partner. Ioe-You've discovered your special purpose! left-Good luck in Debate tor the next two years. Steve-please, grow up! Darrinlwho knows what will happen to the paper now. Freddy-Ozzy stinks, Tracy and Tamarra-Patience, only two more years. God Bless W.A.F.D.l Iim'meIlow out. David- lose the Hair. Mr. Winslowtl know you're conserva- tive at heart. Mr. Lewis-Thanks Mr. Westling-you belong in the administration. Wendy Kraus-Pin Pals, Ski Club, Orchesis4To the girls that have been so special to me-I Love You!! Best of luck Lisa hang in there! Dee Ann Hey Beau- tiful! Sonia, you're the greatest, don't worry about loosing me, you never will! Bug Blue you guys are awesome, Best of luck in the years to come. Mom. Dad, Wayne, I Luv you! lim Helmick-l'll always keep in touch!! Lisa Iddings-Orchesis 2 yrs., Treasurer Hero Club- Moon Valley thanks tor the support. Bobby Sr Char- lie stay sweet. Dana + David keep going! Lysa H. tclangij Congradulations. Candy C. stay sweet 44 KI-IA! Veronica B. don't forget Biol0qY foink Oinkll Patty N. You're a real friend. Mr. Walsh thanks a lot, Thanks Mom and Pop. Mike I don't like whipped cream. Shane Ingram-Track-Hello First Hour! Now its time to say GOODBYE, But I'm still alive in 85! To all you freshman tpoor soulsl goodluck in years to come. To all Iuniors and Sophomores make your next years the best. Hasta Luego Moon Valley! Sherrie lackson-Coe-Nancy I hope you will still talk to me when, your are in that big University and I'm rn that little community college. Nancy remember your older. Nancy, Iackie, AnnMar-ie, and Melanie keep in touch, Like, me tSherrieJ. lodi Iensen-This year has been full of many new experiences. I am so grateful to everyone. Mi- chelle-Thanks for being a neat person + a Special friend Your friendship means a lot to me. Lisa- Thanks tor everything-you are a sweet person. Blake-Good luck your senior year. Mom S Dad- thanks for everything-I Love You!! Iacki Iohnsons4 yrs, Varsity Track-it's been four long years but great ones thanks MV To Anne your tl-re greatest try to stay with one guy! I Love Ya! To Wendy your perfect stay the way you are. I Love You. To the two wild ones of the group go crazy, And to my brother Bob 1f35thankx for everything. I Love ya, Iacki. Wendy Marie Iohnson-Begining Choir, Concert Choir, Expressions-, Galaxy, Hoopsters, Chain Gang, Sluggereaides, "Fantasticks" -Nicole-Bestest Buds forever! Yeah! Stay away tromCactus! Iackif sisters always! Stacy-Thankx for everything! I Love You!!! Linda-megs line. Ieff-can I have a massage? Anne Marie - "You guys look so cute together! Michelle-Thankx for listening to all my boring stot ries. Ang 3 more years! Have fun!! 85 rules! Kellie "Mouse" Iacka-Varsity Cross Country, Varsi- ty Track, M.V.A.A. Orchesis-2 years, Dancin' Feat, Iazzmatazz, DECAA2 years secretary, Talent Show, Peer Tutor-I year-M.V. been great! Rhonda systa- matics was a blash! Pump away, Sheri Remember Devil House-only one more ear! Patty-office bud- dies forever! Hey little sis only 3 more years. Mom and Dad you're the best. Coach Berech you know you're the best!! Remember the S100 and don't worry someday I will be over 5 feet tall! Scott I Love You! M.V. you're itil. Iamie Iones-Pin Pals-M.V. you're the best! To all my friends, thankx for 4 excellent years. Rebe, Lisa, Lori + Peg-I hope you all find happiness. You've always got a friend. Kurt, you've been a special part of my life-l'll cherish the memories ALWAYS!! Troy, you're the best cousin-ever! Mitch you're the great- est. May you Sr your Honda ride forever. Iennifer, I Love Ya! Hang in there. Mom and Dad, I made it! And I Love You for it! Tom Iones-Baseball Frosh, l.V,, Varsity 2 yrs.-Well looks to be about that time. These 4 years have been the greatest. Special thanks to coaches San- ford, Luketich, and Bauer you guys were the best. Iimmy Thome see you in the "Bigs", Foofvl guess l'll give you a ride. Greg W., good luck in Football, Billy catch some passes, Phil say radical, and to everyone else see ya in 95.85 RULES!! Scott Iuarez'N.H.S., Track, Cross Country, "Worl's Most Beautiful People Band", Phi Tappa-Well Dave looks like ASU but always remember the Greek Army Mooto . , it's a ielly. Kyle 61 left, your condo or ours! Let's go get some "SNACKS" or do you just want to hang out here awhile? Susan, I'd write bad checks for you. Bradly "I want to be a marine biologist too" Larson your too sly. Ant, Darryl Sr Marty "surfs up"! Leane get to W-O-R-K! Mary Kaczmarowski-Orchesis, Ski Club, CDOA, IV Softball, MV Soccer Club, ACT, HERO, Metro Soc- cer Club-Mr. Feller, Mr. Miller fl993l and Mr. Rich- ardson: l'll miss you guys! To Paula, MaryAnn, Pat' typ Especially Germ-I Love Ya! Friends Forever! Kathy Y I Love Ya-sis! Trish-I'm glad we're here for each other-anytime! I Love Ya-Baby Cakes! Momel really Love You! Miss you Dad! Iohn G. I Love You, Too! We're together forever. Pierce and Rich tmy lovel, You're to cool. Cathy and Terry-True Friends! Bye Loon Valley, Lori Kalk-Badminton, Tennis, M.V.A.A., NHS, French Club-Heidi, have a good lunch and take care of the wrestlers in Oklahoma. Mom and Dad thankx for your support and Mom, could I be too much like you? lim I Love you more. Andi, I miss you bunches. Watch out for all those Speed Bumps, Airhead, I Love Ya! Repeat. Imad Kamran-NHS, Njrotc, French Club-Well, MV. It's been fun, Chris, Kerry, Larry it's been great. Usc look out here I come, left talk to me about your Dad, Larry "Vive Le Fromage" and Eugene Bell- vea forever. Mrs, Reed, your class to us is a hight, Kerry: Tracy, Susan forever, l'll mis you MV! Lisa Kelly-DECA-Kelly, Gaby, Loru-to our wild weekends. We'l1 be famous someday, look out Los Angeles. "Like" your wiggin Denise-52.99 nites penny tolls and your cowboy Kim-Randy Roads to our crazy past-thankx Birdhead. have a birthday. remember the wall. Shelly, Mona-"Bud weekends" Cindy-We'll tar together Carol - to the Man. Thankx Mom + Dad, I Made It! Hlladbangers + Har Life's not begun. lanell Kendall-Coe-lacque your my very best friend. I Love Ya. Mom Sz Dad Thankx for every- thing. Shelly Sr Brent your the best brother and sister. Mark 8 Dianna thankx for always being there. Steve Sr Bob thankx for being like brothers. Mike it's been great I Love Ya! Laura Kenens-Orchesis, HERO-MV you've been terrific! Mom, Dad, Shan, + Mark thanks for all the support. Dee your the best. To the Crew-great times tCoolers YAHIJ 61 to you Mark-l give you all my love. It's our time now! Lil' Boat look-out Shan's on your tail. Lisa Kennedy-Hero. Aaron-you're a real sweetheart and I'm sony I hit you, but you gotta admit, we had alot of fun freshman year. Frank-please!! Let me wear your jacket! Robbie-I love you too! Well Traci now we can go shopping everyday! Beth Kem-Chain gang!-Have fun on the field with all the football players! Amy good luck with the rookies! Ann, Anne Gr Donna thanx for a great four years-You've been wonderful friends! I'm looking forward to our California trip. Nancy, have fun in college! Mark Kessler-DECA. Finally mdae it guys Marty look at that car, Neil what's on sale. Lee number 7, Tim whats going down. Remember R+R, coach coach wewon. Thanks Mom + Dad tor everything. Rhonda Kibbie-National Honor Society. Connie, hope everything works out. Give it all you got. Lisa. good luck with lack. Congradulations Louie, Kellie, Robbie, Gayle, LouAnn Thanx for the great year. Good luck Cheryl and Scott, Renee, and Greg. Thanx for everything Mom and Ron, Love you both. Dave hope our future is together and very happy. l'll love-you always. Thanx MV. Kevin Kibsey-Swimming NHS. Looks like a limited fusion. Mom, Dad, thanks for guiding me though the past 4 years. Dad thanks for fixing the goat. Chris 61 Iason you're awesome bros. Lachelle, Paul, 61 Blud, many fixed goals Sr broken times. Michelle, who's gonna drive you home. Mac, that's a grillion one-hour drawings. Love you all! Leigh Ann Kieby-MV, Freshman year you ignored me, Sophomore year you were cruel, Junior year you crippled me, Senior year you helped me shine. Max, you'll always be my best friend. Iamie, watch for flat tires. Mom, thank you for everything, excpet Dad. Beaker, keep making us laugh, Russell, I will love you forever. Monkey humperbug says bye! bye. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Enjoy Iulie. Iennifer Kleeschuite-ADV. Choir, Concert Choir FLAB, HOC 1984-85. Pam, 6 years apart and still "close". Michelle, it's been an interesting 4 years, what would I do without you? HOC buddies, did you think I forgot you? Not a chance! Hey Chrissy Foster, Hey Rodney Lane, good luck to ya' both! Bug Squad to the rescue! Good Luck Emmer! Thanks Mom and Pat. Hang in there Mollie P! Someday Ioey! I love you with all my heart! We'll make it! Thanks MV. Paul David Kline-Varsity Debate, Forum, Debate Captain, "Cop and the Antham," "Fiddler on the Root," "Done to Death," MV Messenger. Geoff' Good luck partner, Ioe'You've discovered your special purpose! left-Good luck in debate for the next two years. Steve-please grow-up! DarrinsWho nose what will happen to the paper now. Freddy Ozzy stinks. Tracy and Tamarra-Patience, only two more years. God Bless W.A.F.D.! lim-Mellow out. David-lose the hair. Mr. Winslow-I know you're conservative at heart. Mr. Lewis-Thanks. Mr. Wes- tling-You Belong in the Administration. Rochelle Knight-Theatre Arts, 4 years Thespian, Flag line, 4 years captain for I Swim team, 2 years, Dance, 2 years. Lynda, you're my bestest friend. GUH, Biff, thats hilarious! Kim, Poodabrick! Re- member Sl-IASTA and my answers to the cheers! Porky and Spankey: Buckwheat really appreciates you, thanks both of you for being there, Daniele M. Karhn-Choir, Dance, Slugger Aides. Streakers, and COE. Robin C. glad we met. Mom and Dad l'll always love you. Tina W.-Fair was groovy so are you. Lee and Neil S. you two are real studs and good friends. Kari D. Dance was fun but now we've got to run. Derek F. you're a great Mickey Mouse tmaybe Goffyl Ann Marie great friends always. Colette Knoch-Sis-Misg it's been 6 great yrs. I luv you! Balconi-check the speed! Soccer rules! kath + Kar-Let's get yogart! Laura keep the green rocks! Christe D.-Remember Tom's house! Billy my boo- ties are cool! Paul-"Hun" you're crazy! Good Luck MV you're History! Sonia Krainz-Orchesis, Ski Club, Student Govem- merit, National Honor Society, US. Achievement Academy, Pin Pals, Thespians, Codama, A.D.A,P.T. Gregtl LOVE YOU! Forever! You are my happines. Wendy-Good luck! "THE BEST", I will miss you. UNIQUE AND SPECIAL SENIOR GIRLS - Thank you for the best of times. You have touched my tile, I love you! Keep in touch, and stay close in heart, Senior guys-You are a blast. Good luck Tammy Castrol I love you Dad! Good bye MV. Laura K. Kramer-Freshman Volleyball, Freshman wftball, COE. Mark Onorato, I'm glad we've back together and no matter what happens, l'll always Love You!! Mom, Roy, Eddie, Lisa, Leslie, and Dana I love you all! Stephy, NO! NO! You're my bud! Nikki and Mary live it up. Laura Ann Kramer-I-Ioopsters, Ski Club, COE. These past four years have been the best times ot my life. Thanks to all my friends for all the good times and the memories l'll treasure forever. we've been through it all together. You're th and l'll always be near. Love you! Tom the special person in my lite, lohn, you're my ness and my future. I Love You! I'm going t you MV! Lisa Kramer-Pin Pals, Ski Club. To everyon at Moon Valley: Thanx for all the excellent You guys have given me the best memories cial thanx to all you "special girls" tYou all who you are! we've all had the craziest times t er. I love you gals! Laura'you're so speci sister! Love you! Ang-go for it all! You're great I'm very proud of you! Ker, your special a always care! Craigfyou're everything I've wanted. I love you! Bye MV Lee Lee Lisa L. Krapu-Marchin Band, Student Govern Spanish Club, Girls Basketball, Close-Up. HOC buds, may we 4-ever remember our lo rides to hostile hospitals and foreign campu no bathrooms in site. V-no-who, I luv U! Ierr, and Rick have the happiest memories of school possible it's gone to fast. BANDO'S l'll ber U 4-ever. bx Best of luck! Heidi, Iacki Paula stay close 4-ever RX Thank you MV. Brian Krauss-MV Soccer. Ann your super s me lets stay together forever. MV Scoccer if up to you next year Pat Ccomedianl. Deb such a college preppy! Eww Kim I'm not a p ing bag! Terry and Chad thanks for the ri school, left Krawczyk-Going to football games, goi dances, wild parties, radical moments. Wellg years have come and gone Hey, Lee, Tim Mark and Neil, rmember all those wild we've ad. Lee, I have to thank you for those remember I owe you one. And to you Frosh, F213 luniors good luck in the years. Keep pa Wendy Lancaster'NI-IS, Orchesis, Mr. Dance cin feat, Ianmatazz, Rythm and Moves. G MV. Dy my best friend 4-ever I love you. S love you too fcountry live onl Chelle, tha always being there. April-you're so special K we come! Roach, Bemie, Burnes thanx. your great. Mom + Dad thanx for always being Prank I love you together 4 ever. MV dance' on! Brad Larson-Hunting for? Fishing For? V Ball 2 yrs., Frosh Football, MVAA, ski club. ary Hoopster, Supporter ot GirI's Athletics, Club! Talent Show! To all my fans, "I Love Jason I'm hungry but not for food. To all the Good luck always. I can't wasit Phi Tapa brothers! I-Iallord's you're awesome. Cottie loves you Susan! Leanne lets take a ride! now you're the guy! Too bad no one has fi out!! lacque Lutz-Well I can't say I'm sorry to lea but I will miss everyone. People I told you'd Mom, Dad, thanks. I love ya! So I love 61 mi lots! Little Bros good luck at MV I love you! my friends thanx for the special friendship L Ianell, best friends forever, I love you! Tony, ley, Karyn, we made it! David you're everyth me. I'm ready to spend the rest of our lives t er! I love you forever babe, Aaron Lashbrook- l0,0UJ gallon Club, Parke ed-Party Hardy, M.V.!! Stay hungry Larry. Steve, Iensen and Bryon, Lisa K. keep in tou bad we never went out. Kim, Rain song. Dian ain't nothing like her. Looks like we made it C THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME, Iamie Lawson-Frosh Softball-"Yeepie"! lt's all Thankx to Mr. Lewis for putting up with me, lets do dongs: Jamie W, lets hit Rockers hour. Iohn I . stay cute! Lorie I Luv U! Dad tha the bucks and love. Mom couldn't of done it out you. lohn Bolin I Love You Always! By M. been real lun! CI thinkl. Ioseph Legler'Thanks Moon Valley for the memories. I BEAT THE FAT MAN!!!! RemfC Cubs + Computer dating service 2 Guys th lucky every 39 years. I LYII.. ... L.A, . . . Ra . . , Go Suns! Ioan Leia'COE, orchesis-Iack's thank for alwa ing there. Michele were's officer Turner? Eri, had some wild 61 high times. tl-I 175. Kristen, boy bunnies and guys. Kathy S., don't pa hard. Mom and Dad thanks tor everything. and Denise ya two are the best. Mia your my ie. Bill I'm your's forever. Hawaii here I come ba de da, Happy Trails. Iackie LeNoble-Girls Basketball, FBLA- thanks for being there when I neededyou. Yo sis and best friend always! Rod, You were a pa sweet. Ryzbud thankx Ior being my friend Heidi, Paula we had tun. Hey Rootbeer-ha your last two years at M.V. left thanks alot f memories! Thanks Mom and Dad tor every Thanks M.V. it was iun while it lasted. Bye Tim Lentz-Cross Country, Track, National Society KNHSJ-Thanks Sawyer for a great 4 Berech for his advice, Good luck Ms. Benson. my friends E1 teammates Iohn F., Lee S., Ma Neil I ., Marty W,, Gumby, Kermit, Matt Huey, ey, Chewy, Boey, Tina, Sheri, Elesia and Thanks Mom and Dad, Matt, Ierilynn Gregg. ya all! I Love Ya and, God Bless You! Coac be back". Lenz-Moon Valley it was a long 4 years but d fun. Frank and Gary keep on Partying. ie l wish you and Mike the best of luck. Dena ve me the best 2 years of my life I love you uch, 'dstrom-IVFB-To all thy fellow students, and y to come. I wish thee the best years at M.V., beto my friends T.W., SP, SR, MN, AW, DC, who rock we came to MV as we left it, in a f the blade up the irons! Keep the faith. ngenfelter-Richard, remember all the good there will be lots more, I luv ya! Carol we t! Now it's PARTY TIME! Erik, I told you I'd . Stay Sweet. loe thankx for making English Your a real sweet guy! Mom and Hen, I owe t, you made it happen! Good-bye every- ood Luck!! Lopez-Football, Track, MVAA-The year is ut over, 81 we all shall be going in different ns. I wish all my friends the best of luck at er you do. lason E., Greg C,, Dave W. keep Greg W, tspeeclyj keep that arm in shape sis n the rest of your high school days, Good- Lozano-Now that it's over I can get some Everything that could possibly go wrong. has. Why Me? To the Leech, your'e wel- ohn. To the massive Stud, give it up Larry, ye all. Catch ya on the rebound. l use-Pooner Union SocietyATo Theresa, An- indy, Ron, and Luis thanks for being there needed it most. Ioe Schagen, l Love you ays will, and I want to share my life with ' t Wishes and Good Luck to my daughter, 1, I Love You Mom + Dad. Ludwigsen-Football, Ski Club-Thanks MV at years, Mr. Feller your the coolest and the teacher around lets get together and go ut don't eat yellow snow, Wendy you have really good friend, Thanks for everything. ager-"93l475l9", Class of "85" All my o Mom Sr Dad! lim fahovies rule and Reb' es forever! Steve we had one heck of a e, I guess we conquered it all! Rojo don't . msh! Schmids the greatest KGug for Donnab y, Hug for Holly, MV lived for "85". a Malonle-Orchesis 3 years, Pin Pals 2 res. lazzmatazz, Rythem G Mines-To Kerri- friend!!-cold duck is great, "souporsalad"? - a .. . pancake?? K-mart pictures ect Sr I emories. Eliot-Cholla school, Ghosts, rocks nklers, our songs, 81 good friendship! To mith-women are better than men! HeeHee. - -Loompa-your still the greatest 8 to Troy - emories Ei Laughter to last me a life time 61 - always!! To my Mom-Thank you for being best friend to me - Dadvl still love you. P.S. Er Pabby-Take care of the wrestlers- DVF. MIV-I'll miss you. To Coach Clark- istration" will be gone tHa! Hall a T. Manaktala fVinniej-Key Club, District r, Model UN, ROTC, Drill Team-Good all the real punks, Debbie you will always I heart, Mark R. Thanks for being a friend. er Day I will walk and I will play, but the I today, I will stop and I will start" Good bye 'end, we have had a good time. gino-C,O.E. Honor Roll, Freshmen Basket- - hmen Softball-Lou, l really do hope you play" football some time in your 4 years. ck! To all my friends fyou know who you 're the best!J Mike, thankx for the lst class tand l'll never forget the Limo! Take Care! . Mrs. Wiley, and Pam H. thanks for every- om and Dad I Love You! nson-National Honor Society, Thespians. lub, Orchesis and Pin Pals'Well, Kathy it's er, thanks for being my best bud. Greg, I ul Kat we did make it to the top. Toria, r listening Mom St Dad-I owe you so much, ou! The only question is, where do I go ack-Marching Band 4 yrs., President, Sec- er, Symphonic band, lan ensemble, the- Rochelle, hi guy! Gee its been fun thanks 5 my best bud, you are too hilarious! Ana, great friend, Love Ya! To the flute section. . are wonderful and I love ya lots! Charlie, ha! Marty, its only 2 more years, enjoy it! lley is 31. McKee-Badminton 4 years, Tennis 4 i cer Manager, MVAA, Ski Club, Student Thespians, "Fiddler on the Roof", SPAZ of WOW-what memories! Linda-no Bob! I Marcy! Stephen"'Who loves ya?" "lohn- call nngs in my ears!" Lin, Deb, Sheri artin, Sean, Coaches, the SPAZ lovesyou Aycu too. St. lerome's people-the light of ! Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. e MV, Live Happy, Love all, Praise God cKnight-DECA, Orchesis, and guy lover. he and Poo for unforgetable weekends! . great! Iules, love ya. Ted hang in there ke it. Mom Si Dad I love ya, family too! hool was great! Good luck in the future. mio, 5 Nanerlaove ya. Laughlin'Pres. + Tres. of Streakers, Key tro Soccer Club, foe iammer Indoor Soc- Orchesis, HOC. Kacz, Mary. Paula, Trish, Karensl don't get it! If the freeway's waiting! Karen you and Rich 4fever. I can't wait to get pregnant! Pickles + anything! Are you gonna eat your Pick- les?? Michelle, Lisa, Paula, Laura, lennifer, Cammy, Debbie, Melissa I'm so happy to have known you! Val-my maid of honor now to get the groom-my bestest friend-I love you! I don't know what l'll do with you! the air head! Paula Maddox-Health Occupational Careers. Spanish Club. It's been the 4 greatest years. Cliff hope you have as much fun as I did! Thanks Dad and Mom!! Good luck to my best buds Lisa, Beth, Ienny, Laura, Trina, Ianelle, Chris, Rob, lackie, ect . . . CLASS 95' RULES 4-EVER!! Michelle Marie Lilly-Orchesis, Dance Show 84', Ski Club 2 years, COE, Metro Cruie-zexs!-Ioan P.- you're one special friend! Stay "spirited!" Andi S.- you Serious Music Fan you! Prescott memories! Kurt N-?!!? Matt-have fun in your next 4 years' you'll love it! I did! Mom Sr Dad-thanx for all the lessons I learned + all the help C+ the moneyl I love you all! MV your the best! Look out world cuz here I come! Cheryl Marshall-NHS, DECA, Orchesis, lazzma- tam, Concert Choir, techie for Whos Life, Hddler, Miracle Worker, Done to Death, Taming ol the Shrew, Fanlasticks, Diary. Mom and Dad thanks for everything and I love you! Brian stay out of trouble, I know you can do it! I'll remember the summer, "78"! Leane, I value our friendship a great deal. you NAST! Maria, Ioey, + Marty you make me laugh. I-Ia! Dooeah! Guys, we'll always be the Awe' some Four-some! McDonalds what a joke! Eah! Kat, Robbie, + Pat keep that character. Bye MV. Tammie Mathis-Varsity Diving. Lori: California here we come! A rtment 92469! Flecher: Gooney- goo-goo! Wh? about my wild clothesl? Frank: Don't get caught in a bliuard! Chris: Best of luck to you 81 Dena! Michael Wallen: You've make this year the best! I love you!! Thanks Mom Sr Dad! Mr. Sample Thanks for your help! Here I come world! Look out! Later on Sr Hang Loose! lennifer Martin-Cheer and Pom Squad-Freshman year, Hoopsters-lunior year, COE-Senior year. I pan to make-up my two worst high school years at MV when I go to college: Thank you, Greg, for all the scrogn-I will forever be in love with you. Cali- fomia special forever. VanHalen is number ONE! I will never forget you, Paul VanRosmalen. Thank you to everyone and no one!!! Ianelle MeabonASluggeraides-Sluggeraides'Kim- Hey bud, always remember"lt's Casual!" and please get that door fixed! Lisa-Enby your last 2 years at MV but try not to talk so much! Mom and Dad-thanks for everything, Love Ya! Good-Bye Moon Valley! Natalie Martin-Flagline 8384.84-B514 yrsl Thump- er. Tigger loves you! No more blind dates! Watch out for BW. Mishy-It's going to be a beautiful wed' ding. Flag has been wild. Karen D.-Musketeers would not be the same without you. Ilene-you're too cute. Beenie-Babey! Babey! Can you say egga-mufs fin? I like the way you say that. Ioey-luck at the big MV. Kathy McClure-Orchesis, French Clubvlanelle, you're a sweetie, Rhonda, Cheryl + you too Renee, we had so fun times! Kim thanks for listening + caring so much. Lisa 8 years bud. You know I love ya! Sue, make the most of it! Mom your super. l really love you!! D.S., you were special. Bye M.V. It's been great. 85 rules 4-ever. Tom McCracken-Moon Valley it's been a great exe perience. CC and the brew crew CC, IR, Drl, RB, Let's slam a few. SK hit anymore garbage cans? TOGA! SE better bet your tires, he's after us! MB we need to get you a muscle car. Knecht 81 Motz thanks for not letting your T.A. Starve. Tiny remem- ber the star? It still twinkels me MG. Shelly McCune-Softball-Told ya I'd make it! Mom!! Hey Mona, what's that on your face? Keep up those iron lungs Lynn! Markie, let's go riding! Denise lay off the breakes, ha ha! Best friends forever. Thanks Dad, good luck Sis!! I love you Brad . . . Iason Mcllquham-Forum, Historian, Ski Club, Diary of Anne Frank Cast and Crew, IV Tennis, MV Messenger, Speech Team.'Moon Valley, thanks for the best years of my life. To all my bizzara but wonderful friends. Emily, Tamara ientire speech teaml, Linda, lim, Rochelle, Michelle, MaryAnn, Kacz. Tandy, Iill, QAII Taco Bell people, mom, clad, Moon Valley Memsnger Staff, I will miss you all. USC, Lookout her comes Iamin lay and the Heavy Metal lets. Amy McKay-MV Flag, Track, Cross-Country, Ora chesis, Spanish ClubAPresident, Vice-Presidents Thankx MV for 4 great years! Reenfa1B5-86 Drum Maiorl "When's our next death ride? Tiff 81 Trcey- "My condition is still the same. "Chelle-" Are we having fun yet? Tandy K85-5 Flag Capt! "Chee- tohs for lunch again?" "Where's Chris?" "Chris" "Where were you?" Atul-did you do your pychics? When are we going to switch places on the field? Bobby, Tyree, Robert, Eric, Luke-thanks for making Band bearable. Mr. Gioya "you're still my favorite Eazd parent." Last but not least, "Happy Birthday u el" ' Stephanie Moore-COE-Mom and Dad thanks 4'ev- erything, l Love Ya lots. Staci and Scott your pains, but I do love you, Laura your crazy, so am I, don't forget ivooh and whatever! Missy, Lisa-EXCUSE ME! Mike Tee your my sweetie, let's stay together 4 -ever, Bye-MV! Matt Moran-Track, Cross-Country, Ski Club-Broth- er Xav, l've made it past Dicks class! You hahd on! Sonia, my sis, enjoy a great life, go for it! Dave, Scott, you two are still my best buds! ASU!? Kyle Si leffl, Phi Tappa Kegga forever. Ieff, Shawn, lets make another week in S.D.!! Robert, how does a game of guerilla warfare sound? Larry Hudson. Benson, you two were great! Thankx all my friends St M.V. for four great years!! lennifer Mountioy-ROTC, French Club, Slugger- aides, Band, Key Club-Stella, the grief, the grief. Mishy-you don't deserve roses! lst hr. ROTC- "You're soo Good! Krysia P. - Don't stree yourself. Only l more year left. Paul B. good luck with swim team. Bye everybody. It's been real. Barbara Murry'Flaglirie, Band. Freshman Volley- ball, French Club, COE, MV Flagline-we had fun, good luck to next years lineAPam have a great sens ior year sis! Brian-have a great 4 years at MV-Make them good, HUH! Kari-we finally made it! Mom and Dad-Thanks for everything. Bill-I Love You and always will, see you April 26, 1986. To all my friends-I Luv Yal, and Good Luck always. MV- Thanks for 4 great years. Larry Myers-Student Body Vice President, Drum Major, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Student Govemment, Thespians, Fiddler, Miracle Worker. Done To Death, Taming of the Shrew, The Fantas- ticks, Diary of Anne Frank-MV. take care ot my little sis, Stephanie, she's a good girl! Thanks for giving me a chance Mr. Mattern and Miss Kerwin! Goodbye to Lynda no Margot no Ethyl ehhh! I will miss the following folks . .. Patty, Leila, Katy, RO. Pat, left, Craig, Tittwitch, Aunt Natie, Lisa Mommy. Heidi Granny, Gizmo Tammy Rowe love you! Drum Maier? DEbbie here I come! Thanks Mom and Dad I Love You, MV It's been great. Tracey Meikle-Theatre arts, orchesis, HOC class '83-'84, M.V. Flagline. Susy and tiff-you're the best. Friends Forever! The last 4 years have been special of YOU. Luv ya much! Tandyj Teri!-hope they print- ed it. You're a Sweetie. lacque-lets keep in touch always, Luv ya Amy Cmoo-boom-your condition has changed. Marc-you're special! Mom and dad- thanks for always being there for me. You mean the world to me and l love you both lots! Brian and Sar- you'r the best bro and sis ever! Thanks M.V. the past 4 years have been great. Bye! lim Menges-Thanks for everything Moon Valley. Mr. Williams thanks for all your help. Mom-Thanks for your support. To my friends: Tom, Xavier, lim. Rob Dennis, Gary, Iamie, and the rest "Party on!" Rebecca Meredith'Holly your the greatest! Can't wait till the summer. len-have a great next year. Live it up. Big Bro thanx for the help and support throughout my four years. I love ya. Robin-I'lI get that boogie off sometime. You just work on the minimum wage. Tomvl will always love you whether were together or apart. Ann Messina-Thespian Th. Arts 7-8, Hoopsters, Modem Dance, Orchesis, Ransom, Miracle Work- er, Taming of the Shrew. M,V. thanks for all the memories. Debbie you're a great friend, thanks for always being there. Try not to be so unusual, don't forget "We love you food" Melissa I think you have quite a few "discrepancies"! Beth can I borrow Sl0,000? I'm sure we'lI have fun in CA! Debbie and Daryle good luck. Mom and Dad I love you, thanks for everything! Good-bye Moon Valley! Cindy Moore-H.O.C.'Oh Lord, it's all over!! Halley luha. Karen Douglas thanx for always being there. You're the bestest! Christa Daniels-good luck with Donny. K.N. You're the biggest "I-lotdog" on cam- pus-I love ya! Star-l'll miss ya! Come over and see me sometime. Ma and Pa-Thanx for helping me out for I8 long great years. I love Ya!! Iohn K, Moore-N.I.R.O.T.C.-Mike, lim, Randy, Bob, Aaron, see you in the fleet. Buck try to graduate. Thanks commander for your help and guidance. Bush get a harley man, Good Luck Master chief. Good bye Moon Valley, Hellow Navy! Carolyn D. Napier-Beginning Choir, Celestials, Concert Choir, Hoopsters, Streakers, Sophomore Member at Large, Student Body Secretary-2 terms, Student Govemment, Girls' State Alternate, Youth Commission, Academic All American, U.S.SC. Award. These have been the "Greatest Days So FAr . . ." Thanks Moon Valley for all the memories. Miss Bell, thanks for your inspiration. Mr. Welch- "Can I use thephone?" Michelle, Burger King called. Iacki, I need an appointment to visit your closet. Dave, it's a little long. Shannon, my auto- biography is coming. Becky and Iacque, my bestest friends, I'll be at your weddings and you'll be at mine . . . when it gets here. Mom and Dad, just one more activity. Debbie, my sister'l'm leaving Moon Valley to you so make me proud. I love you! And finally, Moon Valley, I bid you good by. To the world . . . look out cause here I come! Anne Marie Nardi-Orchesis 3 years, Dance shows "ln the mood" and "Street Beat." Track manager! Well I'm the last Nardi to come thru! I've had 4 great years. Iack, how's P.V.M.? We've been thru a lot, thanks for always being there. Love ya always! member, Dr, Fuiello rules 4-ever! Hey Nicole watch out for cactus! Wendy will we be able to survive Linda and Nicole's driving? To the friends I didn't mention fthey know who they arel I'll miss ya lots. Mom and dad I love ya, Bye M.V. Shawn Naughton-Frosh Football and wrestling: I.V. football and wrestling: Ski Club: I-l.E.R.O, - Hey. Moon Valley its been real! Phi Tappa-kega party on! Ski Club Crew rules! Matt, San Diego was cool, leff and Kyle, A.S.U,'s gonna rock, Hit the turbo, P. Buda is the best, Scott, the van can do it!, Don and Rich, years of friendship to come, Shotgun! Chris, Cary, Dave, Tom, Let's go to the Dnve-Ins. Every- body, my house TOGA!!! Dave Nelson'Yearbook Staff-Photographer + Edi- tor, Newspaper Staff-Photographer + Reporter, Track. To yearbook Staff-Thanks for putting up with all my wild ideas-you guys are great! Dale-want some hot sauce? Its been great, never forget-RAR-Ii R-AT!!! Kim-Thanks for being there when I needed you. Its been great'Wanna go out to lunch? lust one more, Please? Brian-Let5rs to tubin over the summer-K?-Sure! Amanda + Paul-thanks for giv- ing me something to do after work-namely peeling sticky tape off my tuck! Robbie-Yes, the book will be on time! Mrs, Davis-l'll do it second hour! Thank you for putting up with me and I hope you do all right next year. Ron-ls Ceyler still your favorite teacher? Yes I can still do more on Legs than you! Carolyn-It's not just a little long, it's a novel! Patti-l have to talk to you! Thanks MV It's been great! Benita Navarro-Pin Pals and Orchesis. We made it guys! Leila-Super l-lero of the Universe. You are a beautiful person and my bestest friend. fKeep on twirlin'J Natie-Baby, Baby, Give me a thirst I'm sippy. NAU4Here we come! Laura, it's been a great I2 years, lets make it I2 more. Lynette-Goodbye! Ba-Ha! Sonja-see ya at the cours. Mrs. Rhiel, your the queen fire lizard. Mom and Dad I love you. l'll Miss U. M. V. Kim Neville-HERO. To all the lumors that are going to be Seniors: Have fun! l sure didn't. And to Mr. Westling: GROW UP! Gayle Newman4Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Basket- ball, DECA. Hunt and Benson, Thanks for all the support, l'll miss you guys! Lu, we made it! Thanks for being my best bud! Wish-ing you and Todd the best! Deb, thanks for being there. We had some great times! Calfhere we come! Sometime! Hi Matt! lmentioned you! Viv, Erica, Kim have fun! to every- one Bye MV! Kari Newman-Orchesis, Dancin Feet, larzmatazz, Ski Club, Hoopsters, MV you've been great! Bernie 81 Burnes-can l come back next year + sleep in your class? To all my friends-your special + made high school! like a total blast. Mom Sr Dad, l love you. Bye MV. Kyle Newton'Frosh 6 IV Wrestling, NHS, PHI TAPPA KEGGA. Well we finally made tt. leff, Scott, Shawn, and all true togas, its been a nine month party and now it's time to get a real educas tion. I know. Well at least it sounded good. Scott, you've got a bleedin' nose. Ieff don't give up your search for the perfect girlfriend, and hey, don't fret guys, we've got four more years to party at Tempe Tech. Stay Small. Ann Marie Nicastle-Good bye MV thanks for four good years. I will miss you Melt. Good luck the next four years. So long all my old friends keep in touch, Class of 85' is the best there has ever been! Rick Nicholson-Football. l really have enjoyed Moon Valley HS this year. I wish all the Seniors for next year great year and remember that 85' rules. Lori Olney-Ski Club, Orchesis, HERO. Mom: I owe all l am to you-Thanks for everything. ludi-Thanks for being there always. You guys mean the world to me!! I love ya!! Iamie where's Lake Lormie this week! Peg your a great friend, I miss ya already! Thanks MV l'll miss you . . . Bill Owsley-4 years of Football, 4 years Baseball. NHS. MV Football-We were the greatest!!! Thanks coaches for 4 great years. Good luck Kim, Tom, Brandon, Matt, Brooke. Rich-Hey Friend! Go kick some stones! lim-Stop acting like a whimp! Phil-Go back to New York. Dane'don't eat it unless it's dead. Mom and Dad your the greatest parents l've ever had! Angela Kay Page-Student Body Vice President. Frsoh Class Pres., Student Gov't 4 yrs. Ski Club 3 yrs, I-loopsters, Orchesis, Volleyball 2 yrs, Girls State, NHS, Dance 3 yrs. Hey Dane U., there's a strange pair of shoes undemeath the bed. Metro, Citrus fruit, sailors, Huey and the firechicken. You mean the world to me. Sonia, there couldn't be a sweeter person. Dawn D. 4 years of working with the best. Steve and Sarah, your sister loves you! Chad your so special and I love ya, Thanks Mom and Dad. Rockets when the Going gets tough the tough go sking! Bye MV, hello world!! Leane PaluchAVarsity Track, Honor Thespians, "Shrew" "The Fantasticksu, "Diary", NHS. Cherylel still luv ya nast! KryshDeshpada! You're killing big time! Be'You're still my bud. Scott St Kyle4W-OAl2- K. It's on! A.P. English-I'd give you all a "9"! M.T.K- l can never thank you enough. lill S.-Best of luck always, you wife! BillfHang in there bro! Otto-What is it? Iluv you! Pateyou are too cute! LB.-We finally made tt! Mom and Dad-thanks for your never end- ing support-I love you both. Thanks MV. Bobby Parker-4 yrs Basketball. Well guys, the time has finally come to break up the Muscle Machine Maniacs KSHOUT . . .!!l. Freebird and Swish Man, see ya in Hawaii QBEACH PARTYHJ I. Alfred, better watch your neck. lames Norton and Waldo, I al- ways knew you two were sex machines. Don't worry lohnny Humble, Nixton is on the comeback trail. Phi-Slama and God save the Convederacy!! Later M.V. 45 Gina Marie Passalacqua-C.O.E., Beginning Cho- rus, Advanced Girls Chorus. Expressions, Concert Choir, St. Ierome's ACT.-To my best friend Be Ra- mirez, We've been through it all and we are still best friends, you are much more than a sister to me, You got shotgun always! To Mom and Dad, l'm the luckiest to have you! I love you both so very much! To Iohn G, you mean everything to me. To Pat, we had a lot of good times. but that was then! Shelly- your special! Kelly Logan-we did it! Ed-chase all your dreams, they will come true, I promise! To blue sweatshirits "you are the light of the World!!!" Michael-Anne Paxton-Beevo club IOO 4x4 Its been a great 4 yrs "Big Blue!" lelly Beane WEN do some beevos tmanyl this year H84 Corvette l'm gonna getcha!! Good Luck everyone "Puzz", Donna Keep Cruuin, Aaronhead, have a good one "SIS", Hey, to everyone I left our. "I love you mom and dad." Kandia M. Peake-Art 3-4, Comm. Art, Spanish Club, Orchesis, Yearbook Staff.-Special thanks to my mom and the Lord for making my 4 yrs. at M.V. posible-I love you Mom! Personal thanks to "All" my teachers, AnneAMarie, these yrs. at M.V. have brought us from amigos, to Monky Wards, Blue eyes, KZZP, drivers liceense, Oxford Browns ffor 2 yearsl, Roger at lunch, DURAN DURAN, a iob tale mostl, the Flinstones dog and finally graduation BEST ALWAYS and in "ala chef" school. Anne- well Biology and Spanish, wouldnt have been the same without ya! GOD BLESS U ALWAYS!! All the rest of my friends-you know who you are , , . Best always! Iunior Mintsyou have the gift of gab,be thankful! Robert Freed-Oue te Drviertas! Birming- ham-London Rocks ioumalist is on her way!!! last but not least, Mr. Webster, I AM ABSOLUTELY SPEECI-ILESS! keep in touch and stay out of trou- ble! Bye M.V. thanks!!! Richard Peters'Swimming, Football, Track. As rock- ets, we shall Now Soar! Varsity Football-We are the best! Coach I-Iorms-Linebackers are getting shorter. BO-see you on the mountain. Naegolins score more points! Missy B. nice phone callsl May- be Someday! IM McCarthy-I think you've started something. Brandon Scott-Welcome to the wide world of sports. Mom and Dad-Thanks for every' thing. Moon Valley is the greatest, but ASU get ready!! Stacy Peugnet-Varsity Volleyball, Concert Choir 3 yrs., Galaxy 2 yrs., Expressions, Fiddler on the Roof, Fantastiks-Tams-let's go wash my dog! Lin- you're the greatest and I love you to death, left shut up! Mich-you're a big flirt and a terrific friend. Mrs. Csthanks for everything you're neat. Bro Wold- seminary has been the best 4 yrs. of my life-I Love you for being a great teacher! Bill-lill's Bill lives on Mom and Dad-you've been the kt parents I could ask for and thanks for all ot the love and support, Kevvl enjoy our special friendship. Angela I. Pierce-COE-Rose and Rene your the greatest. MV watch out my little brother is on his way. Ieff thanks for being a friend. MV Rockers rock-on! Gary, I love you. Mike M. and Danny B.- Harley Davidsons Rule. ffl. Later! Crystal Poe-Later days Moon Valley. Hey Ronda We both struck it rich. Beth Buds! Soon we will all be a family. Braan Politi who l'm gonna spend the rest of my life with. Kristin Pomorski-IV Volleyball, Basketball, Intema- tional Aid to Columbia-Trick-you are the wildest! Where's the beef, tuna? Killer Frat parties are on the way! Tempe will never be the same! Ioan' wheres your eyes? Mr. C-I made itl Cfexasl Donna, keep cruisin' l more year! Liegh-Happy Trails, sis, Be Good! tNot to Goodl Lee Michel! Prudhomme-VP. Chain Gang 93', Treasurer of DECA, Orchesis-Kim S., You're close to my heartg remember my smile. Oh! I already started on the wedding plans. Elizabeth R. Thanx for teaching me the ropes. l'll always be around to keep you from falling oft the ropes. My lil' bro' Pat. hang in there. When you find a rich lady, l'm the first to meet her. Mom and Dad, Thanx for trusting me: l'll always be your lil' girl. I give you my love and respect! LIVE, LOVE, and LAUGH! 85' rules! Catherine Puczilowski-Honor roll, Spanish Club President I-2-Thanks MV for 4 great years! Rat, braid my hair! Kim, see ya in Tucson. Donna, meet me on the boardwalk in New Jersey! "B is B" Steph- anie, Good luck! The Schantz Family, Thanks for everything! Mom and Dad, I love you both! David, "please go to school"! Mr. Garcia, "no se!" Mr. Ginn-Thanks! Den, l'm yours forever!! Ioan Purcell-Varsity Spiritline, Orchesis Secretary, Dancin' Feet, lazzmatazz, Rythym and Moves, I .V. Track, Frosh, I.V., and Volleyball, FBLA, MVAA, Ski Club, IV Sluggeraides A Mom and Dad thanks for everything II Love Youll Vince good luck your last 2 years. Frank thanks for being you, Denise your super special. Michelle you'll always be my "best fr'iend"!!! Pegtpebe, you guys are the "best". Tami, Janis, Sheri, Pam, Susan, and Kathy thanks for a fun year + goodluck to next year's line. Dee giaggics 'for all the Riols + stuff your my "bench Ll IE . Heidi A. Peniskaslvfarching Band, Swimming, Bas- ketball, Crow Country, Student Council-class Re- presentative, Treasurer, Vice'President-Lisa K. Y Don't forget the Natural Conquences, Lachell go for it in '88 lack you've been a great bud, Lori its been a great 4 years love ya, Swim team its been radical, thanks for the inspiration Mom, dad fcoachl your the greatest I love you, to my best friend Lisa H., what can I say except l'll always be there, Rob and loe thanks for listening I love ya! 46 Theresa RealeAM.V. HERO, National Buckwheat Society, - Thanx Kris, Dale, Vinny, Terri and Shell, you guys have helped me so much. "Burt" I love ya bud! Your the GREATEST! tlust don't let it go to your headl ha! "Boohee", You'll never leave my heart CI guess yer trappedl "Cinny" you mean so much to me, take care, Cindy Luce-Buckwheats rule!! Metal Mistess? Yes, Cindy Sweis, this ones yours! Good Luck Tony and Marissa. Thanx Mom and Dad! Bye MOON VALLEY! Sean Reynolds-Wrestling-It has been the best four years ever. Coach Smith and clart thanks for the help. Steve, good luck with hockey, Skip, Todd and Brian take state! Becky stay short. Susan Good luck in college. Tom see you in our apartment! Bye Dee Ann "Deedls" Rhodes-l.V., Varsity Spiritline Cd2 t2 yrs.l. Orchesis C3 yrs.l-to all my friendssyour all the greatest! I love you guys! Spiritline-Thanks tor the memories, Good Luck next year! Wen'take care in San. Mom and Dad-thanks for everything. I love you. Deb-l'm still whezippedl Ron-you make me happier than I've ever been, you mean the world to me, I love you! Pam thanks for always being there! Robyn-I wish you a life of never end- ing springs! Barb-tell me the next time you tum l6l By lvf.V. Mike Quinlan-MV Varsity Swimming 4 years. Mom St Dad thanx for everything. Walt, Mike, Dee tD,I-I+CJ, Lee, Dynda, leff, Gaylynn and all my other friends, thanx for being there, K.T.T. MV swimming rulesALee, Paul, Chris, Kevin 5 Rob. VH + Iourney kick. MV + WF rebuild it! Tom Quirk-Its been great MV, 'l'yRee "Michele Syndrome" was the cure, see ya in Casper. Kris, stay sweety ha! hal. LM., T.F., T.W. rmember the old days. Shelly you'll always be close to my heart, no matter what. Bye MV Lee Raffle-Cross country, track. 4 years of cross' country and track. Thanks to Armondo, Brian. Chris, Lisa, Tracy, Ferguson, wheeler, Bark, Vogt. Coach and everyone the MV cross-country team- Division chanps for all the great times and for those about to graduate, I salute you. Elizabeth Ann Ramirez-Track, Chain Gang, COE, St. Ieromes's ACT. Gina Passalacqua "Hey Ragu" Cmember that?l You're my bestest buddy in the whole world! I love you! Lea, always remember St never torget "I showed you the ropes" Werooml Le, May our Friendship be there l'll etemity! KOh, Marvy help mell Mom, thanx for putting up with all of me! I LOVE YOY! Daddy, l'll always be your baby! Kris you're my one and only sis! Billvsmoochf SS. left Randolph-Ski Club, Varsity Track, MVAA, MV Messenger staff, OK, NI-IS, Phi Tappa Kegga, PEP, Puna Budda Players. Thanks Moon Valley for 4 rowdy yearsg Shawn, Don Richie andxm Matt-You guys are too much fun land too small!! Kyle, our ASU condo is gonna kick! Greg Dennis, Bert and the rest of you'se guys-best of luck! Scott, love ya eve? though your a minority! Phi Tappa keep roc in!! B.I. Rausch-Orchasis, M'Dance. Good Bye MV. I had 4 good years with ya. Special thanks to Dewey for all his help. Well mom we finally won if you now what I mean. Thanks for all your help and I love you always. You're my best bud Daddy I love you too. Ian I love you too. Mike T. I still love ya. Kevin tKilol RauschervWrestling Deca. MV this Buds for you. So long MV its been great. All my friends take care, Lil Hack good luck, ho you make it too state. TallyfGet back in your GSENY- GOO-GOO-Mobile. MV Wrestling 41. Mom and Dad thanx. Robert "Nomics" Reagan Baseball l year, 3 yrs Var-sityfski club. Too all plaidmaticsg thanks for all the wild times at the football games. Fisa, Curry. Upshir, Kritkauski, you guys are great, keep up the friday night tradition. Eric and Dennis 4x4's rule! Gary, Keep on flying the bird! Greg, how are we? Iam the apartments waiting for us! Thanks for all the great times Karyn, I Love you!!! Rodney Richards-DECA-Moon Valley your the greatest and to fellow Seniors, were finally on our way out to the real world. l'll miss you all alot, friends take care, remember underclassmen, keep the brew flowing fast and let the parties never end. Cathy Rios Spanish Club, lrloopsters, COE-It's been a great 4 years! Time to move on to bigger and better things. Mom and Dad thanks for all your love and support, through these wild years! Ienn. hang in there, Baby! Andy, I hope life gives you what you're looking for Luis thanks for being there! And Manuel promise me l'll keep my last name?! Love you always!! Mike Risner-When we grew up and went to school there were certain teachers who would hurt the children any way they could. By pouring their deri- sion upon anything we did, exposing every weak- ness however carefully hidden by the kids. It's time to go, and I have seen the writing on the wall. The Plan forever!-see you on the park side of the moon. Slavica Sussann Ristic-National Honor Society, HERO President, Dance, Orchesis Club, French club, I .V. Softball Manager-Touche pussycat! Lisa, I love you bud! PBH's and CS's Rhonda, Sone, Tammy Si Sylvie, let's dance! Tammy, kiss here! Sone, we'll do something soon again! Rhonda 5 Teresa, alter the gold rush" will never be the same! Rhonda, can't wait until you get your car, watch out world, here we come! Michelle, you've been a great best bud! loel, ie t'aime and you better be good to me! Rich, I feel for you: I think I Love you! Mrs. Reed, Ms. Hudson, Ms. Wells, Ms. Bamard, you guys are the greatest! lim Dagger, you cutie, keep the seniors rocking next year! Bobbi Briner, have fun with the guys, live it up and be careful! I Love You all! Bev have fun with Eddy! Chris party for me! Scott your my best bud! Kim Rutherford-"Memories of friends never spoil no matter how long you keep them" Kelly May you always find happiness with Chuck-Michelle thankx for being you with me. Tina thankx for being a friend. Terri we had four great years, thankx tides in, dirts out, surls up? Mom and Daddy I Love you thankx for putting up with me for so long. LuAnn Roberts-Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Basket' ball, N.H.S, Miss Hunt and Miss Benson your both great coaches! Gayle your the greatest friend anyt one can have! Best of luck to you. Viv and Erica have a great Senior year! Good luck in all your sports. I expect you two to be state champs! Todd your the best!!! Good-bye Moon Valley! Denise Rodriguez'DECA. Pinpals Varsity Wrestling Manager. To my cuz Val-enjoy your last two! Kathy- I-Iola conquistador! Kel-your the greatest. Beware Baldheads. Rebe-we look more alike each day! Ri- chie-I love you baby! Divisionals and Statelll be there! Dan-take care buddy! Robyn-Don't know what I'd do without you! Friends forever! To all my friends at MV-l'm gonna miss you! Love you Mommy! Ianelle RogersfOrchesis 3 yrs. "Iazzmatazz" "A Dancin Feat" I.V. Volleyball Manager, I.V. Badmin- ton, "Miracle Worker", HERO. Well bud its over, we made it. Kim you and Gregg 4-ever. How about some yogart. Kat could you step out of the car please. Anne will we ever find a flonerOl Con. TOGA were are your keys. I luv you all you've been great. Thanx Mom and Dad 4 everything. Bye, Bums and Barnard. Ralph l'll be back with my Mustang. You of Moon Valley keep her Rowdie!!! So long red, white, and blue l'll miss you!! Brenda Rozbickitl-IERO. Trixie-you helped me through a lot and I coulcln't have made it with out you! Micheele G. l'm so glad you came back! Kari- fnencls forever, Buddy, Steve be good-l'm gonna miss ya! Mrs. Penske and Mrs. Paul you guys are great! Mrs. Wallach, you made this school the best! Mom thanx! Donna and Karen you guys are weird!! Bye Moon Valley!!! Chris Ruoff-ROTC, Color Guard, Drill Team. Ve' ronica CBaby-Cakesl We have gone through enough but we will make it. I love you To Kerry, lohn, Lee, Iames I salute you. left good luck in the future. To Carrie and Ienni you will never change. left Ruoff-Rotc. 3 years, Tamong of the Shrew. Many thanks to all my friends. Especially lim, Connie. Renee, and of course Debbie. lim I am never going to forget that you took me on that ride at the fair. Carrie, if your hungry eat some "Cheesyfeet"! Connie don't forget, Ghandi is the best! To all I Bro Farwell, Chris, Dennis, Lavonne, Veronica, Mrs. Mc Anery and everyone. Katherine Samuels-Thespians President, Anne in Diary of Anne F rank, Fiddler, Whos Life, See How They Run, Miracle Worker, Done to Death, Taming of the Shrew. See ya-later-bye-Moon Valley. l'll carry you forever in my memories. Thespians-l'll miss you. M.T.K. you've given me so much-keep going. Ieff G. leane P. Robbie H. Cheryll M. Lisa M. its been fun Pat Reed good luck. Cindy Bele. We'll have a great lite! Todd I love you. Thanks for all MVI-I. Lisa Sandomir-COE Club, Band, and Spanish Club. Tracey you bimbo! It's been great, Oh Hon- ey! Lets go get some banana pudding. Hey you' Am I right am I right? Charlene why don't you put a Do not Disturb sign! Good luck next year. Cricket I guess this is it! Be careful! lod. Michelle, Kim Amy- your all the greatest. Tift, where's my purse. Mom 61 Dad I love you. Bottoms up MV, Lilia Sanz D.E.C.A.-Cintl-Iey "Oreo"J you're a good tnend. "Metal Mistress" 31. lulie-Bud, we finally made it! Thanx for everything! Dale-thanx for al- ways being there! Art-you're suck a sweetie. love ya! Ron T.-keep away from those "traffic tickets"! To all my friends-l'll miss you! Heavy metal 4-ever! Tracy D.-Babe, you're very special, love you! Mom 61 Dad-Thanx for everything, I love you! the best of luck to my little sis, Sandy!! Donna Savage-Deca and basektball fVarsityl. To my good friends for helping me survive Moon Valley and especially Stacey Young for helping me sur- vive Gumby. Connie Saxton-M.V. Orchesis 83484, 84-85. Rhonda, Thanks tor always being there when I need you. Debbie and Missy-Don't forget "ice cream" lyou two mean alot 'to mel. Tom l'll always treasure our memories we have had together tLove Youl Dave, you're a real sweetie, l'm glad I got to know you better. Bemie and Bums, l'll miss you too! tThanksl Carrie, l'm glad we became better friends this year! Love ya! Karrie Schantz-Skinny Dippers, Chain Gang, Or- chesis, DECA-Kathie tCassiel your one in a million you have helped me through the good St bad times thank-you. Nobody will ever be like you. To all my friends thank-you for all the good times. Hope there more to come. Let's all keepin touch. Mom and Daddy I Love you so much! Kathie Schantz-Orchesis, Dance Shows, I-loo Skinny Dippers, DECA'To all my friends yo have all been great thanks for all the good God Bless you all. Karne, well we made it! I' ya, when you go to Pitt. Do you want a Pa Thanks for everything, I Love You, Mom an Thank you for everything. Bye M.V. Kathy Schrody-Orchesis, Varsity Traokflvfoo ley, it's been great! Iacque-yours the best I've ever had! Thankx for being so special love ya' always! Hunt and Barnard, you g great, I couldn't have made it without you! l'll forget youll Mom-thankx for everyting-lo Dad you would be proud of me now!!! Lee Schwab-D.E.C.A. and 4 years of Moon swimming-It's been a great 4 years, thank yo Neil, Mark, Tim. Marty, Ieff, Pattig Now we - our life, Good Luck! To Kevin, Paul, Mike, I Mark. Chris, Lachelle and all swimmers, I l and keep on swimming. And thank yo Kemper for all you've done. Tracy Schwartz'German Club Vice Preside Club: Vice President COE-Lisa. you blm member Tommy's Oh Honey! We've had great times in your totally awesome car! Am 1 Mark, I Love You but that's all! Hey Brenda! to freedom! Bottoms up! lewphos rule! Bev Seeley-I did it! Penny thanks for being great best friend let's. you + lim forever. M Dad Treaster I still Love you! Rhonda yo gmat sister, stay "Happy" Don't stop belivi you're to young to fall in love. Dan, thanks fo help. Mustangs rule! I and S Rockers Rules. luck guys. lulie 3rd. hr. was great, Keep tradition. You and Rob Aseverl Pam "Nurse per if you want to capture someones at Thanks for all the help! I Love You lots! forever! To the lunch bench gang let's do ' sometime, it was great. Dad thanks for put with me! I Love You! Mom, I miss you! Lov and Paul. To the guys in the tiny white ho party. Berech thanks for all help. M.V. it' great!!! Tiffany "Leftour" Shaw-Honor thespian, Fl chesis, Concert Choir: Celestials, Ransom chieb Taming of the Shrew. Chrissy-burst. - Whed-where's the 40? Rod-are you d gumby bears again? Any-how's your co You have cows boyfriend! Tandy-who is m Pal? Thanks for the fun times-Bill. Hal Tosh- l ever repay all you've done for me? Y greatest sister-good luck your 2 years. I Gregeyou two are the funniest what wou without you? Tracey-you are the bestest Irie watch out for the turtles! Shawn-l would nev survived without you. Thanks for all our t' gether. Your somebody special! Les - you my love. Thanks MV for 4 great years! Robyn Shedroff-Speech, Forum, IV Band. Worker. Done to Death. Marcelo: only o make it your best. NFL 831 Novice 84' Sats - Frozen yogurt and chive. Visit me in flag. you'll survive 2 more years. Bill: watch out f low hanging branches. Russ: "Mr. Nice G ly: "Hey Peggy" Mr. W. "Look them stralg eye." lohn: Teddy Bears forever. Mrs. G an l'll miss you both. Mom and Dad thanxs fo thing. Thanx for 4 great years. l'll miss e Good bye Mr. your aft! Iill tliathrinsl SheperdA4 yrs. Concert Ch axy, Soph. Vice-Pres.. "Fiddler on the Roof. man Sentator, Thespians. To all my teache : for your patience. Dave, Scott, Matt, So have a IO yr. cookie reunion. Linda, Stac Wendy may we always have even partners in tune. Leane, Squish, Di, don't be st - -s -1 do your homework next year or you'll gi bad name. Ierry, I love you and have ne happier. MV, l'm otta here! Dale Shouqh-Yearbook Staff, MV Messeng ball, Sweatband Roadie. To all the friend gained here. l'll remember the good times. Dave you guys are great. Theresa you're cr still love ya. Robin, Thanks for lunch. I - know what I would have done without you. counselorl, thanks for the great advice yo gave me. The Sweatband Rocks. Annevlvfarie Simmands-Hoopsters, Span' Well we made it, thank God!!! Kandia, t being my best friend and always being th I needed you, you're one in a million. Dad thanks for helping me through these ' Love You!! Well Moon Valley its been gre Alisa SimmonsHOC, Hoopsters-I woul thank all of my teachers for helping me - understand myself. Thank you Dad, 1 L David, I will be yours soon. Krista only 2 m to go make the best of them! Moon Valley Gavin Sims-Well we finally made if. The Moon Valley was great. Canada still rul and Scott, thanks for all the good times there be more. Good luck in the future. C soon Warren, there's alot of life we still ha up to. Brenda and Sandra I Love you -- hardy while you can. Atul SinghsMoon Valley Marching Ban Band Debate, Speech. -- Model U.N. Mom and Dad for all you do for me. To all WAFD and bandos I will strength fo : Gueto 8 Glen I will 25 hrs. a day, to Amy my Phy. To Crish "This is to stressful, to don't talk to strangers in the desert "To I alone "To Hack mam 61 Master Batman I ik pills, To Steve l will the lwth Bottel, to 30 l will secret plans t"'l To all my buds xr the past 4 yrs., they've been great!! :ousen-leff. Mark, Tim, Neil 51 Lee its been giember all those Friday nights with the , Dennis - keep rocking! Cheryl, You are iest and nicest girl I know. Thanks for 4 illey. Thanks Mom 61 Dad!! utecki'Spiritline-3 years, Ski Club-2 years, -3 yrs., "Dancin' Feet", "lauJnatazz" ing Queen - 84-To all my buds-l couldn't Ee it without you guys! SheriAlet's go laugh! holy-roller you! Wen 61 Sone-I Love you 's go ski! Spiritline Atl!!! Great 8"-let's go again! Seaweed!!! Dave-you'll always be :ial to me! ASU,get ready!! Austa M.V. Snow-Orchesis, Dancin' Feat, Thespxans, . of Pams "Club" which I definately take or! To all my super friends-I love you guys You all mean the world to me and only ST" is wished for your futures! len-I wish Joe the love you both deserve so very .invnever forget: Magie mirrors and Kazoos Lerry-your craziness has corrupted me! l-la! , am - l know now your heart is pure gold! d -l could be alot worst! Ostrichlhlow can I u for all the happiness you've given me? ear: My dreams are forever! Bye MV I'll ngler-Thanks Sue 81 Richard for being high with, Sue lets be friends forever. Rich- looking-good. Nat-ie keep your flags up, Brian stay sweet. Kat you'll make. Tina lready made it. Get Hammered Dave. fom 81 Dad for all the hard times you gave 'll always love ya for it. Go for it MV, rtz-Galaxy Concert Choir 83'- ions 82583, "Fiddler on the Roof", The ks"-Mush, we sure had a good summer- PAZ! Best buds and I love ya' lots! Stacy, py we grew closer-your friendship means ! Leane-what a crazy and tunloving per' re! You're no longer my LB. Deb-who do mis week? tl-la Haj To all my friends-thanks good memories! l love you all! Mom and -ks for your love and support! oivey-Park Recreation I-8. Future parkers Carol Best Buds always! Dot its kradical! bbie, Mark, Kurt, Bill, Eydie, Tami, Kim, oan your all great we'll party together ,oke is it! Kevin I'll love you forever I hope it! Troy be good and take care! Later on rue be with you, lnpniak-Varsity Basketball, NIROTC-My ears have been the greatest years of my om and Dad without you l couldn't have to tar in life and I love you! To the V, Il team, l know you needed my quickness oach of the year didn't believe in me, es, l know what you desire in life. To the fielly tLarryl Ha! l-la! It's been great, To n, and Mom Brookes. l have been lucky ou, So long Moon Valley, vens4Well guys we made it. Dee maybe Curby B. someday, Mark l'll always love , Shawn, Cin, Trac, Shane, Toni, Shan, always being there. Steph good luck with he Baby. Mom and Dad, Steve, thanks for lg. Bye M.V. its been fun. us4I.V. Spintline 82-83, Varsity Spiritline -chesis 3 years, Business Manager Orche- "lazzmatazz", and "Dancin Feat" KNA- er! Limo's rule! Sue, Al and Kerry you y very bestest buds! I Love you! Spirit- ears been great! You guys are SILLY! to the future lines of Moon Valley Ed, oping were together always. ByeAM,V. un! P.S, tl'li Tony!J. toneman" Stone-Football Manager tlvfr. mtling, MVAA Baseball-Hey all you fe- , keep on happenin with the time. To all o Comrades" See at the MV Frats. At to the, rest of you scrotes keep in touch Si for the bud. To all you happenin femes l w l love ya and my many hugs to all of eep in touch. All my love to all, Stone- Bn-Strategy + Tactics l-2-Given Time o anything, Including Graduate! -eibfLil flsley Oreol Thanks for everything! best friend anyone could have! Also ul, there's, Chris, Lip, Mel, Sarah, Gary 81 ks Mom 61 Dad! l Love you, Rand! Susan not drop out! We'll make it someday!! etal Rules!" "Motley Crue! Metal Mis- Priest! Rock on!! nott-Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Music Festival, Phx. Youth Symphony, Drum 81 Bugle Corps. To Mike, Walt, Butch its been real, and its been fun, but n realfun. To Brad, Rena, and the rest ting Squad: Carry on the Tardition! Cer" Terry'Dave thanx for hangin out all . Mitch keep moto'n with Team Honda Si I-iarv l wish you both happiness. Dad t luck with the kid-Stephvyou will al- y kid sis. Lisa-thanx for helping make this uv Ya! Aloha moto fans! Crissy Thayer-Frosh, IV, Varsity Softball, HOC, Dance. To Alisa Star, 81 Chantel, HOC was great, thanks! Moon Valley-thanks lor the memories! Mom St Dad-thanks for putting up with me. Last, but not least-to Ty whom l will love forever-"lan. l, 1986! Ron "BM" Thomas-Mud boggers. MV your losing the best partiers you have ever had, Rite lim E. Lilia S.-l'll take you to the pointe someday, give me time and money. lanell K. Thanx for the great body and great answers wlo it l never would have made it thru Gout. Kim P.-stay the way you are sweet, inno- cent an Gorgeous, Art, me and you will never make it thru life wfo cheating will we, lim Thome4Baseball 4 years. Coach Bauer + Coach Sanford-Thanks for everything. Tommy- Great time in San Diego-iust don't hang your cure ball. Greg-Good luck. Richard St Phil had some good times . .. see you in the future, good luck. Billy-Best of luck bud, Go Cubbiesg 1985 World Series Champs!! Phil Thompson'Football, Baseball-To Lynda Mack who I Love very much I wish you all the happiness in the world.-Theresa B. I want to marry you. To Bill, lim, rich and the Belly Buddy's have a blast when you guys get out of lrl.S. Karen and Bev it's been real. Robin your funny and glad to know u. Ienny who sit next to me in gov't l like you Ha! Ha! To Mommy and Daddy thanks for putting up with me. To the Football coaches your the best it was great having you as coaches even though you made fun of me. Baseball coaches also your the best! Rodney Layne Thorin-B Sr DQC south of C,W.- Latin-lacki yee- it was 2 yrs, Never to be forgotten. Mel-hex ola. lackie "Bugwoman"-watch for flying salad dressing,K? Tiffany Renees Shaw-Where's my boold? Hey lenni Kleeschulte!! Sc l'langexs?? Karenswatch for flying food Sr quit bouncing. To whom it may concem-victory on the flipside. Chrissy Foster-Mr. Snake Watcha feed yer babies? Who's your favorite person?? Han-n-n-nfsel!!Ego Te Amo. Thanks Moon Valley! Faye Thornton'Choir, Concert Choir, Ensembly, Soloist Performer-There are some people who just make your day by simply being in it, This is for you Dfw-tlanf-l ,vml Dailal Penny Treaster-Track, Photo Club, HERO-M.V.-A final Farewell, Dad and Mom-thankx for everything I Love you very much. Patti-thankx for always be- ing there, I love you, Bev-we have lots to remem- ber. Luv ya bunches. lim-our year together has been the best. Thankx for everything ycu've done and are doing for me. I'll always treasure the memo- ries we've made. You mean everything and more! l'll love you always, forever Pen. Lisa Michelle Trebitowskisltffarching 61 Symphonic Band, Section leader, I-loopsters, HERO, Peer Tu- tor-Thank You MVHS for the last 4 years. Dina, good luck! Debbie, have fun in your senior year. Michelle, best buddies always. Bye fellow band-o's, Travis, l'l1 love you always + forever. Bye! Byel. Walter Troianekvwresiling and Baseball-Good Luck Angie and Casey. Thanks Moon Valley Facul- ty. Bobby Invest in a neck, Hi Pooch, Nose have lun in ASYU, Iason are you still thinking about Culture Club? Brad how's Missy, Good luck!! Tammy Truskowski-Spiritline, thanks for all the great memories! Good-Luck you guys! Mrs. Wyatt- thanks for understanding-l Love you! Dine-Luv ya like a sis. Mitch-l'll always care. Rhonda-"There's snails!" Nan-l Love you-weve had some great times-Best friends forever, Dee-I luv ya, stay wild! Den-our friendship will last forever! lim-Your so special to me-l'll love you forever, babeewe-'ll make it! Mama-thanks for all your love and support. Dade dy-my love will always be with you! Laura Turensky'Varsity Badminton, Varsity Tennis FBLA, MVAA, HOC. Dennis-Good Luck in your next 3 years. Thank you Mike for helping me out and for all your love and patience. lenni, Lisa, Paula, Trina l'll never forget you and the bus rides. Thanks God for your footprints in the sand. l'll miss you Michelle M. Goodbye MVHS. Michelle SternAHERO Club President. Mom 81 Dad thanks for all your help and understanding over the past 18 years! To all my friends, l'll never forget you! Iodi you are so special! Yvonne your face sure rings a bell, Wendy we should open an accounting office together. Sussann HERO Pres. all the way. Shen lngram Goochy still lives! Stacy CSaml all Ican say is l Love Ya! Early Bird you're CRAZY. B, Wold you're the greatest. Chris-Baby stories all the way! left-you owe me a note. So long MV it has been fun. Drew Tutt-MVAA, Basketball, NHS, Worlds most beautiful people Band. To all my animalistic senior friends-Class of will be rememberd! Stone your a crazy man. Marty-hang ten. Girls-you're great! Thanks Coach Vogt for 4 yrs. of support Al- you're a ramblin, guy, Kevin-you're a great bud "Midnight Golfirr' and Fire Extinguisheus forever, Rick you're my hero, Kyle-lack around next year: its great belive me! Thanks Mom and Dad. Steph- you're real special. Diane fRalphJ Underkofler-Orchesis, "Dancin' Feat", "lazzmatazz", Ski Club, l-loopsters, Frosh Softball, lV Volleyball. Muffy. lt's been TOO COOL!! did we have fun? Yah! Heres to short hair, Vameighs, BMW's, money, Polos and big egos next year! BEEF BEEP I LUV YA!! Angie, M6!M'S, citrus fruit, the LOVE MACHINE, and a crowded TR7, what more do we need?! I luv ya ski buds! Did you know Bryan Adams waved to me? Blondesr smart!! Mitch Usko-HONDA RULES. RT racer, when in doubt gas it. lets tear the trackup this summer RT. Greg C. its been 15 great years bud, you're the best. LE., Rip it up. M.W., D.S., AD., SURFS UP. Jamie I., Thanks for all the great times, take care. Lisa F, take it easy on R.T. for me. D.L., RR., l.B.. G.A., you guys are crazy, its been fun. Tam T. Thanks for all the memories, Luv ya. Good luck at M.V. sis Thanlw for everything Mom and Dad, l Love You. Linda Ustasiewski-NHS, French Club. General, watchout for Megs and remember Burger Hill Anne Marie: think of something to do and retard betard Iacki l live here and make sure I have plenty of gas. Nicole its been fun and watch out for cactus, Anne Marie and Lisa Good Luck next year. Snoth- ill, what can I say!! Xavier Valdez-Frosh basketball :Sz Baseball: l.V, Baseball 2 yrs. Varsity Baseball. Matt you're a walk' ing Hand-On! Thanx for the partying times. Shawn. Hey "Bud", Cope's gotta go. Tom, "Buy it Brothar", It was great talking to Mr. Beam, Mike B., lim l-I., lim M., Art S., 61 Robas, Good Luck. Wendy L. 61 Kari N., love you gals! 4th hour-Ianell-Thanx! Karen S., "Talk to Me". Thanx M.V. faculty 81 coaches. Take care Yvonne 81 "D". Special Thanx to Mom and Dad. Iohn Vance-National Honor Society. Strategy 81 Tactics. l, Iohn Vance, being ot questionable mind and reasonable body, leave my locker and my car to Iody, a life of parties to Steve, a C.A.D. System to Mr. Coldiron, a girl to lmad, and my decent admin- istration of our club to Xavier. Goodby M.V.'it's been good-Heres to the life! Sylvia Vasquez-Orchesis t3 yxsl., Ski Club, Hoop- sters fPres. 81 Treas. C2 yrsl, Sluggeraides Ctreasb, Streakers, To the Best bunch of friends anyone could have! You guys are the greatest bunch of friends anyone could have! You guys are the great- est! All of you have made my 4 yrs. here perfect! l love you guys! To the senior guys. How could l forget? You guys are the best and I think your all fl! Thanks lor all the laughs. MA. what did I write in your yearbook? Ape-Sorry we havent been clos- er this year, but I hope the best for you 61 Charles. Barnard 81 Bunes you 2 are excellent! Thanks for the use of your office 2nd hour. fha. Hal I love you both and l'll miss you! Eric-you're special Sz l love you! lf you need me l'm here. Ant-What can I say? you're the best bro a sis could have. Good luck next year! l know you'll be great! Mom'Dad, thanks for your love and support! Lil-Hi! MV you've been giving me 4 yrs of great memories. Thanks! Armando Villanueva'Yearbook, Photo Club, Span' ish Club, Soccer. To all those people who never knew me, you never will. l wish to thank my Mom and Dad for all their help during school. And to all my friends: Steve, Chris, Patty, Lisa, Lee, Ben H., Ben R., lim, Iohn, Eric: Lets do it to them before they do it to us, Hey good luck to all of you. Steve good luck in the USMC. And hey take it easy in Florida C.T.: lf any of ya go to Germany, look me up, Dane Wagner-Football and Track. Dad wood and the rest of the Belly Buddies so long. To the coaches thanks. To all my teachers wasn't l great. Mom Sl Dad thanks alot Love You. So long Moon Valley. Dave Wargula-Varsity Football, 410, Varsity Track. Went fast didn't it guys? Scott Bud, what can l say? Condo! Who's party is it? To my line compadres Tim, Darren, Iason, Dane, were the best ever! Greg W, we'd give our lives for you, don't forget us when you're a star! Gabe-Get huge, Dennis, I'm always behind you. Ha! Freddy, gain some weight, Mr. Mom, l love you, the Skoal bandits, rule! Iason W, I hate you're height. A trillian thanks to Coaches Moore and Sanford, Kathy l still want you, iust a little is enough. Ann Watson4Key Club, Celestial Singers l yr., Concert Choir 2 yrs., Active Christian Teens. Mrs. Reed, you're one in a million! You're the best teach- er ever and a fantastic person! Mary Ann, is your condition heredity? I love you! Linda you're a su- per friend! Mary Beth fabulous! Sheri, friends al- ways! I love you all! Active Christians Teens, you're the light of the world to me! Moon Valley l'll miss you its been a fantastic 4 years! Love and Peace to you all. Martin Weight-Cross-country, Soccer, Track, and Moon Valley Athletic Association. Thanks "Seri- iors" for the four be-si years of my life. Eric and Carlos lift some weights. Thank you Coach Sawyer for being more than a coach, but a great friend. Thanks to all the coaching staff and teachers. Mitch fSpidermanl good luck in whatever you do. Don Ho here l come. I Love you Mom and Dad, thanks! For all your support. lim "Meatloaf" Wicken French Club, Frosh foot' ball, heads of America. So long Moon Valley, let's not do it again. Later on all you hammerheads and metal maniaks, keep in touch! Good luck biscuts and metal neigh. Chrisvl owe you more than thanks and l'll give you more than love, cause you're more than a fiancee! Chad Will1ams'Well I made it, hard to believe huh guys? Brian, you've been a good friend. Terry you're the best lets keep em rolling. Mom and Dad thanks for everyting you've done. Darin fBig Dl keep up the awesome mat movies the stang is wait- ing! Four years is gone and so am I thanks M.V. Varsity Tennis Marty Wilkes-Good-bye Moon valley, I can't say I've been active, but l've been around for all those who have cross my path in my 4 years, it's been memorable. Thanks Mom and Dad, Good luck loe. To Mark. Neil, Lee, Tim and the rooster, "l pitty the toool". To Nichole Faucett and Lisa Kramer thank for one of my most enjoyable classes in my 4 years. Mr. Smith it Mac I hope I can succeed, thanks for all your help. To all who don't think they'll make it, try and you will Tina WilliamsAC.O.E. and NHS and Spanish Club- Thanks for everything Mom and Dad, Nana keep up the good work, Benny you're agood friend, l'll never forget you. Your'e special. Danielle, take care of yourself. Kim Wilson-C.O.E,-Class Rocks Shelly thanks for being there, Buds forever! Stacey, Good Luck + stay good. Andy, Crue forever, 2 FST 4 LV, ooh ooh yahl, Kari, atke care, lt was your loss Playboy. Led Zeppelin sttl Aaron, thanks for making history class fun, Let's party! Larry, your gorgeous, stay sweet 81 never cut your hair. Luv Ya Mom and Dad. Iason Wisch'Football, Basketball, Track, NHS, Belly Buddies. Head Penn, World's most beautiful peo- ple Band, local Hunting and fishing Lodge' Coaches, thanks for everything. Coach Moore, l owe you-work on my little brother, left tear em' up, loey. good luck in everything you do. Mom and Dad, thanks for your support. Keep in touch lanis. Big Blue we're the best in the state. Dave, Iason, Greg, Greg, Matt, Gabe, Gary, etc . . . you guys are great. Dane and Darrin-volleyball? Brad, Bob- by, Fred, Darin, lim-on to college and California. Darrell Wiseman-Ski Club, l-l.E.R.O.-Finally 4 years. lt was a blast. Troy you and Michelle the best of luck, Soccer been very very good to us. Cary. Dave, Chris Party Hardy. Patrish it was the greatest time. See Ya in 4tB.B.l Penelp good luck toots tMortyJ. See Ya Later! P.S, Think Blue Shirt P.F.O. Debbie Witter-Orchesis, 82-835 8384: 84-85 Varsity Softball 83-84: Mgr Varsity Softball 8283, l984 Arie zona Miss T,E,E,N. -well it's finally over! Spaz4we've had fun! Luv Ya! Missy-gotta win the race-you're great! Con-you'll always be a special "bud" to me! Sku + Sheri - I'm glad we went on the retreat'Luv Ya guys! Dee'Stez.ay Whezippecl! Luv YaDi-Knock em'dead sis-l love you! Bumes 51 Bamard - I Luv Ya! l'll miss you! Bye M.V. lohn Woodring-German Club, Ski Club-To all my friends: We made it through another year to gradu- ation! Let's have fun and succeed with the rest of our lives Clint Z! Go for lT! Aaron T: have fun in your new "1ob" Athulfkeys on being yourself. Sorry it I forgot anybody, You're all my best friends. left Wright-Varsity Debate, Forum President, W.A.F.D. member, NonNl-IS National Merit Semis finalist-To Mr. Lewis a long stiff red tie. To Mr. Westling: A tall wide trophy with arms. Have fun! Don't break it. loe: birth-16 and Kris l-finde, Fred: next time use paint. Dogma: kill, shoot, leff: future president of WAFD. lim the bunny died. Kris Hinde: a brain USE IT! Paul: ZN's rule but don't let it get to your head. lasong gas. Cyndi Wyatt'Orchesis, Hoopsters, Spanish Club. Honor Roll-Moon Valley, you're always ifl. Kari, Kim, Kandia, Anne-Marie, Ann, Tami-I'm glad were friends, hope that we stay friends forever. David-Let's be friends. Everybody keep in touch. Caseysthanks for being my brother and Good Luck!! Mom and Dad-thanks for being there, l Love You Both!! Look out world cuz here l come!! Greg Wyatt-Football, Basketball, Baseball, MVAA. NHS-To Greg, Darrin, Dave, Iason. Tim: Thanks for protecting my body this year. Thanks to coaches Putman, Sanford, Harms, Bauer, Luketich !'The hard work paid off'. Crazylegs, have fun getting your lumber jacked at NAU. Den. remember "It's better to have played Basketball and set the record for loses U6 in a rowl than to have wrestled". Rob, leff, Scott Gary, Gabe. Thanks for the memories. Mom and Dad. I Love You! Barbie lo no matter where we are, it will be together. Youre stuck with me. Robyn Young-Pin Pals, HERO4 Neese-6 years! l'low'd ya put up with me? Thanx for being a "best"l Gary- lune 5, 8:00, Lake talk, we'll need it! Thanx for always bein' there. Andi-let's go hat shopping! Reb-2 out of 4-only U2 bad! E.T. Come home!! Dee-lets get a danish at McD's! l..isa4Let's blow up Mr. G's car! And to everyone else, thanx for making these past 4 yrs. the best! l love you all! Good luck and don't be strangers! lt's spring! Love, Robyn Clint Zeiner-DHA, ACT-Well it was a great and fund year. To "Skippy" your welcome and thanx for the jokes. Iohn your a rad guy and don't forget to go for IT! Thanx to Michelle, Teresa, and Breanda for a great time in Lewis' class. Thanx for the phone call and info. Shannon-everybody else. Thanx. 47 ffelf' 'agp , UL A0 jg' AW in fl AM .GE U1 . I, if 7 j A 1m ,gf Sfxfxjf ,JN F. x 1 f A , 4, 1 f j E ' y . l we W .4 3 W NGCQOMC Oi-Www-iw Shaman +w1c2Pw1Qf:UfS KM 1 1Qf2-PUC bSLg0aW'1+w862wm Q3 MHwwWKfW MWGWWwf S if-BCCM G, 'f , 55 1 5 Q V um ?fVkD8mi?2p QP f f 5'Y"GLfJfjA3 HQ:-2 514.1 BWOVUQ C4 naxvsvmmgf.-11123 ms Gun hcwcrfg 1:95 IW V71 gf, rvrcufvx Qkase-1 'lj"z:Zc,.cLhQC Quai Af,-rug The Gm, hgus-3 Q-,1.3Cx3 QLJlqr nl 157079 wxibfe 'emi' 33 ,9 359, Take CJC402- 0? x 373 wt wwg jfqjdbg.. bodf -Vw: ,germ ffl' UQ Cl , K 3 X 'fy S , fg 16250 l Lioilgw believe this gear is 0' C Cymsvez. x 0vcfCalCrZQoSf?5Qen1'0re N qed Xin lxiff X QCYZHG O Q Qpqpgqmv E I CENT bffgim 'ID 'ECU LIOLL HQW ' 337551 GP G -Friend qouue beg-mio is g CWICMP Gfwaqs there wwf-fw 55' 32 mffd ffffveene 'to 'talki +C. mfq my lCOf1USI'3G-tfofj ' Lf. 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IUNIORS Amy Abdai Tom Ackerman lett Adkins Tony Adomo Lacy Allard Christine Allen Laura Altteltis Mandy Alvarado Cindy Ambrozic Deanna Anderson lill Anderson Isabel Anderson Wendy Anderson Eileen Andrews Kelly Andrews Barry Arenz Scott Arias Lori Armenta Chris Arviso Eric Austin Steve Austin Kevin Aydelotte Chantel Bach Marlo Badendick Phil Bailey Bryan Baker Dianna Baker Lisa Baker September Baldridge Gene Ball ABDAI BEANDENB URG Iulie Ball Scot Balla Brian Banks Susan Banovich Dan Barkley Beth Barney Ioe Barresi Misty Barry Scott Bartholemew Karry Bavia Mark Baysa Patricia Bear Rick Beaubien Creig Belanqer Rick Bercovich Paula Bergen Holly Berkowitz Tony Bevilaqua Mario Birsa Andre Black Elroy Black-tail-deer Leroy Black-tail-deer Craig Bockrath Travis Bond Cassandra Bonertz Tandy Boor Lisa Boucos David Bradford Mary Brady Ray Brandenburg IUNIORS Sheryl Brawn Carol Breading Dwayne Breedlove Tim Bridgewater Rick Bright Thomas Britt Karen Brookes Ron Brough Toe Brown Kevin Brown Sean Brown T. Alan Brown Darren Bryant Michell Buttington Pam Bunt Paul Bunt Todi Burkhart Barbra Burt Dan Butler Deanna Cagie Tohn Cagte ? it f 1 :ass s X 'N K D. ft? it BRAWN -COLLINS left Campbell Kenya Campbell Kevin Campbell Nick Cano Devin Carlson Hank Carter Matt Casbarro Kimberly Cathey Dean Cavin Robert Chabak Steve Champman Sean Chappell Reqqy Chatt Tracy Cheaney Rhonda Chilson Rodney Chitty Sheri Church Anthony Cipollaro Christy Clapham Gary Clapham Randy Clark Kevin Cleere Bryan Coley Lori Collins IUNIOES Michelle Conde Kim Contryman Bill Cook Beaoky Cooke lohn Core Geri Corvo Kim Cornelius Debbie Cotton Christine Coughlin Mark Covoloskie Kathleen Crean Lorrie Crider Donna Cruz Don Cuppy lohn Curry Darryl Daneck Christa Daniels David Darmotal Mike Darrow Traci Dauphin Cathy Davidson Ann-Marie Davis Beth Dawson Alyssa DeBoy Brenda DeBernardis David DeBernardis Barbara DeDecker Terese DeDecker Dana Deteo Donna Delaney DELANEY-DELANEY Denise Delaney Cari Denning lohn Denson Tim Depriest Vincent Desiclerio Chris Dewell Mark Deymonaz lim Diamond Brad Diana Chuck Diaz Kevin Dicks Kevin Dieterich lames Dilgard David Dishmon Sue Dispart Sandee Donner Michelle Dowler Rob Downing Linda Druyor lames Dugger Stan Duellman Annette Dunavan Sue Ann Duncan Susan Dunham Karen Eastman Carl Ekstrom Scott Elwell Doug Emrich Bryan Enders Katy Englehorn IUNIORS Richard Erickson Sonja Erislcine Todd Fala Lisa Farney Ginny Farrell Kris Fenicle Christina Fenton Timothy Ferguson Kyle Fernandez Noel Fernandez David Fierabend Rick Figgs Wendy Fine Stacy F inkbeiner Patricia Firlit Michael Fisher Kimberly Flanigan Tracy Fleming Alfred Flores Maria Flores Tim Folvarsky Teri Forman Rusty French lohn Friendrich A-if-Q ii ft J, of , .,,, i.f, ,W ,, 1' ff f .aa , ,Q ,,gtg'.,f, gp ,B ,ff J vf' if 1 'Nd 4423 f 45 W 25 f s , V fi, ,W mf X MB 2 if 5 , f i' T .Fl , i S A "' A R! 2 kj ww? ,152 ' '7 2 1 , I I I Eli Q ' eif ,, M123 f. 4- I ft ' ' i . ltt, 1 A' , sm, W , aaa 11, it Jtyty A ' , 0 tryin MMA- Je wwf' " ' ,Q , ff va vb 'MW' ,W gh lil! 4, ,Riff U' F 'i F. f ls 5 mv" K 1 I i 4. 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Y RAY loseph Pastore Connie Paylor Lisa Payne Kim Pearson Anne Pederson Tami Pedigo Barbara Peel Don Penny Deanna Perry Rudy Peru Tammy Pesartic Wayne Pesnell Dan Peterson loe Petray Emily Pfetterkorn George Polesky loan Pollak Dawn Plank Ross Potter Carol Price Angie Prince Debbie Pruett Brenda Purqell Darrell Purlee Wendy Quilada Marcella Quintana Ben Rattle Barry Rasion Sheri Raver Sherry Ray Wm IUNIORS Marybeth Rayes Kim Reed Pat Reed Wendy Reed Cathy Rego Star Rennie Mark Reviea Ioe Richmond Melinda Rite Tim Rittle Chris Riggs Del Ring Kimberly Rink Deanna Robinson Pam Robinson Mark Rodrigues lenniter Rogers Linda Rolland Michele Romanowski Bill Rosamond Tammy Rowe lim Rubinstein lill Ruggles Ginger Ruiz Dawn Runnells Scott Russell Gary Russell Charlie Rutan Lisa Sandera Pete Santi 66 0: s ,-v rv" J 'Q i f M , fn I' . 4,1 vf ., r R fi ss M fs sy ygr g . B ' ' V -- . ki? :.: , i in . ,, . V, My ., - A QQ . g Q 1 ' shy? M Q Q E , X ' Y In I A ,X ,LE g. 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YA-DEISE Kelly Clancy Raymond Codd Teri Chatt Ken-an Chen Debra Coley Lisa Collins Michelle Conley Brandi Cooper Lois Core Rod Core Christopher Cote lohn Cotter lason Cox Stephanie Cox Dean Craig Scott Crewse Ricky Crider Richard Cullin Kim Cummings Debbie Cutter Daniel Dachtler lacobus Damwijk Scott Daniels Todd Daoust Neicia Davidson Danell Davis loyce Davis Shelby Davis Scott Dawson Mellisa Demoss Tami DeRtiest Kathy Deely Cary Deise SQPI-IOMORES Sonya Dederich Maria De-la-cruz Christopher Delgado lay Derousse Maria Desiderio Chris Dessaint Daren Diguardi David Dilgard Claudine Dimitriou Cassie Dingemans Todd Dishon Lance Ditton Karen Dodge Leonard Dominguez Lisa Dominguez Clinton Donaldson Susan Donaldson David Dooley lay Dow Larry Dow Kathy Downing Michael Doyon Tracey Draper Michael Drop Kim Drummond Kenneth Dryden Patricia Dubasik David Dunleavy Hank Durham Tracy Eacock li Wig - 5 is ., slz d d i . g. wb Q , R 4 I as A ki .ssuuqp DEDEEICH -FREEMAN laneen Egerstrom Byron Ellis Michael Ellsworth Heather Engel Iulie Engisch Robbie Esslinger David Estrada Aaron Evans Ronda Evans Sandra Evans Angela Faciano Kim Fairbrother Lee Fala lohn Falkenberg Melynda Farrell Matt Fauss Andrew Fenicle Samara Ferber Duane Ferguson lasmin Feranclez Shawn Ferrell Tracey Fetter lames Field Douglas Fierabend Laurie Fillman Carla Fischer Paul Fitzgerald Cami Floyd Mitzi Fomey Scott Forrester Geri Fortune Brent Frazier Richard Freeman SGPI-IOMORES Cliff Friisch Stephanie Fryer Francesco Gagliardi Lisa Gainey Rosa Garcia Shelly Garone Amy Garrett Bart Garst Cheryl Gender Casey George lefi George Terri Gibbons Doug Feirabend Doug Gilbreath lill Gilbreth Gavin Gilcrease Ellen Gillen Belinda Gillespie lavier Gilmore lefirey Girard Michelle Glover William Gonzales Monique Gonzalez Kelly Gosnell lodie Gowens Lisa Graham Rolo Graham Gregg Granado Lyn Grant Kristi Grassley -,,Qw,i.1 W, ,fr 2 fi!!! any wi? 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X X NN WN xx N E 7 K 'Y - f Bob Gray Robert Gray Gary Gregg Sherrie Granaclo Ken Grittiths Caroline Grothaus Lisa Guimont Carrie Guinn Colleen Gunkel Denise Gunlcel Sheila Gunter Paul Hacke Kevin Haeberle Carol Haggerty Cindy Hakalmazian Daraka Hale Brenda Hall Vincent Hall Lynne Halltord Michelle Hamilton lustine Hammer Kristine Hann Traci Hansom Bradley Hardin lohn Hart William Henderson Dennis Hassing Carol Hatley Veronica Havins Ben Hawkins Brian Hawkins Dale Hays Francis Heaney S OPI-I OM ORE S Margaret Hendricks Sharon Hendricks Steven Hendricks loseph Hendrickson lerry Henry Brandi Hentges Michelle Herndon lodi Hick Brett Higbee Stephanie Higgins Elizabeth Hill Kyle Hillegass Lisa Hitatter Dawn Hottman Richard Hollinger Wendy Holm Shannon Holmes Lisa Holt Becky Horey lim Horn lanice Horton Rene Housos lill Humphreys ludson Humphrey Wendy Hunt Sara Hussain left Hutton Raymond lddings less Ingram loe Ippolito Kimberly lackson Lucas lackson Tarber lames Rodney lakes Diane lames left lenkins Derrick lhagroo Daniel Johnson Doug lohnson Eric lohnson Hollie lohnson R if -1. H ' " u iii- X' W rf? W ez 7 my f s XXV: QQXX A S ...X . .Q SFWX X S ws A J R ,X S- N ww N lk if Q ' tr,. it 1 gg X X ' gi ..:.. . . J : .fr-'ills i L gk qi.. i Rf ' 5 3 1. . . ' S Xa .M I.. N Q X N X . " sae-ws . Q, .s X I ...FS . . g , s i 211 5 -ein , Sa.. S21-zi' S . . .S we .. F. 'N Q : K si ,. .. X fi! ' - W-ss. . X "2-N, .sk 1' r -xx li iia . -N X .QB s HENDRICKS-KIRKLIN Leslie lohnson Michelle Iohnson Shanan lohnson Tia lohnson Traci lohnson Erica lohnson Vance lohnston Jennifer Iones Krista lones Michael Iones Thomas lones Connie lungemann Mark Kahrl Phillip Kahrl Doug Kane Kimberly Karcher Wendy Kauffman left Keaton Iames Keenan Scott Kelly Terry Kelly Robert Kendall Nancy Kennemer Chris Kenny Malia Kidd Brian Kidney Patrick Kilcran Deana Killingsworth Grace Kim Brian King Tiffany Kingman 1 Kerry Kirby lamey Kirklin SOPHOMORES Michael Kist Edward Kitterman Emily Kleeschulte lenniter Klein Rita Koch Darlene Kowacz Shannon Drebbs Michael Kreitzer Valenda Kuester Deborah Kuhaj da Shari LaCoss Shawn Lambert lean Lamphier Kathryn Lang Matt Lange Nancy Latham Edward Lawrence Lori Lee Becky Lee Melissa Leddy Kelly Ledtord Fran Ledger Mark Leggiere Ralph Lemons Matt Lentz Cris Leonhardt Debbie Libby Malinda Libby Peggy Lin Yul-lang Lin Danny Lindquist Kelly Linton Steve Liska lenniter Little Yes! Sophomores have the most sp1r1t!!ll! K 'ff v ' gt ' J :4 S PM y , , .1 1.3 ut' , sz. J Q 1 -:l in Q I 1 , . wg , V if 25' ' 3' Sy ii 'til' KIST-MARX Sandra Little Chad Lober Sean Lochridqe Michelle Lottus Tina Long Christina Lord Holly Lorka Perry Lowe Candy Lucas Ann Ludwig Larry Luke Marc Lynch Tony Lype leanette Macaluso Cathleen Macdonald Christina Macdonald Heather Macdonald Mark Macomber Marty Mack Paul Mager Richard Maiocco Douglas Malaney Cheryl Mallory Debbie Mallory Maryann Maloney Laura Maneely Mark Manney Scott Manor Patrick Mans Linda Marks Robby Markson Pat Marvin Tricia Marvin Eric Marx S OPH CDM OEES Renee Mastin Spase Matovski Teanette McAllister Peter McBride Travis McChesney lames McDonald Kristy McDonald Bethany McElhaney loel Mclseroy Debbie Mcl-Elwain Hugh McGeough Scott McGerty Mary MCGough Pam McGuire Lenard Mcllveen Michael McKee Michelle McKenna Kassandra McKeown Michael McManamy Lisa Meabon Rob Meddleton Matt Mercer Tracey Merz Doug Merwin Brian Meythaler Noel Michael Tett Middleswart Todd Middleton Tettery Midkift lohn Miller Laura Mills Sherrie Miner Donna Minor Dawn Monet Torn Montalto Carl Moore Michelle Moore Amy Morqenstern Staci Moore Christine Morris Heidi Morris Ted Moss ,. X X X i . X , .. - i'ii I f f--N K H ' M X X f. - tsrs . . A 'i t i Y' nwfx tw t N F? ::.:g. V, X via it ,i i Wi MASTIN- ODDS Ming Moss loesph Mozeris Kateri Munoz Eileen Murphy David Musick Michelle Myers Stephanie Myers Lavonne Napier AnnMarie Napolitano Ronnie Neitz lay Nelson Mark Nelson Kimberly Neri Lance Newman Shayne Newman Thuy-Ha Nguyen Khuong Ngo Pamela Nicastle Craig Nicholls Larry Nicholls Scott Nichols lulie Nieschulz Traci Nikolaus Lisa Niver David Nixon Michel Noelle Chris Novotny Kenneth Novothy Lianne Nurse Ierry O'Byrne Christine Oconnor loesph Oconnor Roy Odclo S OPH OM ORES Patrick Oakes Machelle Obuchi Lora O'Kelly Robert Oldham Eric Olson Douglas Overcast Richard Owens Katy Pabst Dianna Pacheco lesse Padilla lohn Page Maria Palermo Bill Paluch Robert Panzer Michelle Paxton Michael Peri Antinio Peru Kevin Peterson Kim Petrovic Bobby Pewitt Mike Phetteplace Stephanie Phillips Stacy Pickrel lill Plass Kathryn Pollak Tina Polston Liezel Pomorski Michael Pooler loelle Poovey Kristine Potter Michelle Paxton Lonnie Power Cheryl Presser li , li, ' ,ifi f if , ,,,,,. , 'I OAKES-ROSEN Catherine Price Barry Pritchett Patrick Prudhomme Heather Purcell Vincent Purcell letfrey Queen Gloria Quintana Dustin Ramsey Bill Ratkovich Eydie Ray lulie Reed Kenneth Reed Andrew Reeve Bill Reid Stacie Rennie Scott Ruetter Damon Reynolds Iacqueline Rhodus Leslie Rhynard Bobby Ricca Michelle Rice lohn Richey Richelle Riggle Erin Riordan Andrew Rittschot Rick Rivtra Matthew Robbins Robert Rodriquez Robert Rowther loe Roland Dustin Ramsey Mark Rose Tammy Rosen S OPH OM ORE S Denni Rowe Debra Rowlett Robbie Rundall Paul Runyan Patrick Russell Traci Sackrider Martin Saldamando Pat Sanford Valerie Sanchez Tammy Sanders Dawn Sadowsky Nickole Sarahs Kimberly Saunders Gena Schaublin Lisa Schifano Mickey Schlicker Amy Schmid Diane Schnell Kevin Schoeti Sheri Schonewitz lim Schraven Dawn Schultz Hans Sedore Matthew Segal Steven Seratin Gregory Shank Tricia Shaw Misty Sheldon Kelly Sheperd Tonya Sherck Robert Sichrovsky Karen Silverthorne Erik Silvey Krista Simmons Michael Simon Tricia Skelton Scott Skinner Kim Smith Linda Smith Anthony Slover Del Spangler Wayne Spence ss- K , gk- I-EN R we f ,. .E wiv, ,. 5211's ks k - K-X S ia .s k - is h vi a X K fi gif' I' -, .,. K Y' x h f,,,,...XN , ,Q .WM ,wa sas - 5 ' .... Me- - Q - i n T il 1 5 .XX Q ,. QM., I M 14532 2' 2 ' ROWE- TRIGGS Stephen Sorratt Cindy Sorensen Melissa Spero Dawn Spinelli Colette Stattord Kathy Starrett Deborah Stauch Mike Steele Anne Steenhoek Tohn Sterner Kathy Steury Robert Stevens Skip Steward Patrick Stewart Kristen Stiles Chantel Stilwell Gary Stone Stephanie Stroud Stephanie Surratt Annette Tallabas Stacey Tame Michelle Temme Larry Tennison Mark Tercero Suzanne Terhorst Stephanie Terry Gabe Tesnado Kari Thielke Becki Thomas lenniter Thomas William Thomas Celeste Thompson lohn Thompson Dee Thomson Christopher Thuran Patricia Todd Stacey Tone Dana Toporek Renee Torres Vinh Tran Gaylynn Trapp Cynthia Triqqs SCDPHOMORES Pamella Triggs Stephen Tripodi Angie Trojanek Lone Turner Terri Turner lohn Tutell Valerie Unger Yvonne Valdez Steven Vanaller Kellie Vandever Kathy Vanleeuwen Brent Vannier Deborah Varney Scott Varney Edward Vasko Rhonda Vaughan Dale Veillon Cindy Veros Douglas Vigano Deanne Vlahos Michael Walker Cassandra Wallace Kathryn Warner Wendy Warren Tricia Wasbotten Tonya Watts Chris Webster Christine Webster Vern Wegleitner Tracy Weingardt Sean Welton Tom Wenger David Wheeler Robin White lim Whitehead Tracey Wilbanks Kerri Wilcox Mark Wild Darin Williams Machelle Williams Nona Williams Pat Williams Camera Shy Audrey Adame lanene Baker Tata Berglin Kim Blanchard David Brooks Anna Dorman lohn Friedrich Rob Meddleton Michael Hodges Randy lvie Rick lvie Ly Nghia Mark Libby Frankie Lowe Charles Naidl lames Ortega Kelly Palmer Donald Penny lustin McKelvey Sandy Snell loy Swader Kelley Shepard . ' - s. ---- , 5-: , 1- I- " s ,.- R of TRIGGS-ZUVERS Diane Willm Ronda Wilson Mike Winklepleck Scott Winn Michael Wong Robert Wood Holly Woodruff Angela Woods Derek Wright Casey Wyatt Todd Yogerst Pamela Yazzie Georgia Young Kirstin Young Kerri Zeiner Kimberlie Ziller Peggy Zimmer Adam Ziraks Albert Zuvers Q 55? 9369 QSQWQXQ MMD 32655 N if Qs! Q N QA 5 Q E QV Q0 fx AY QV Q, XESQQYWEMX M YE WS QQ Wiki ff H5 61 3559, CX .WSE 2 as QQ if gg QQ Q A 352 A PQ0g? 6323 BO xx , X FEOSH Denise Abbitt leftery Abraham Mark Adamo Steve Agosta Phyllis Aguirre Ginger Akins Anthony Allard Benny Allen laneen Allen Shawn Allen Sheila Allen Darrell Amberson lulie Anderson Tanya Anderson Christy Anqlim Karen Ashmore Iulie Austin Cheri Babinski Maria Baqnole Michelle Baird Shelaine Ball ' Candace Balla Christine Banas Tommy Barker Daryl Barkley Melissa Barnes Henry Barraza Trent Battershell Laura Bear Dawn Becker lulie Bedard Cara' Bedenkop Kevin Beech Kirsten Beerling Golda Bellinger Tracy Bennett Wi Q V C 2 ? 4 , A K Q44 gm f i: E -,z ff, 'Y Wy' ik. MW -R ig vs.:f'3,,Q itil-1' i 51" 6 . iq, ...f M55 ' 533.3 i. K, ' f - 4 J ra 45 :fi 5 Q . L, Q .i flffffi S 5:5 .-,W - if S.. ,, ,gi .Wi 4 gms.:-',,-7 ,, if --at W s 2, ' 3 1. ij Q4 U ,.,- i " TM WH.. 4, . . i . .N .M Q .. Ears 1 -:,.f: 'gt krsflxifz 1-if ' gp ,MTL ill 5 4 9 W To ABBITT-BRINKLEY Blake Benson Greg Berg Mike Berggren William Besore Eric Biggin Kristina Bignoli Paula Black Richard Black William Black lulie Blair Mark Billig Mark Blizzard Todd Blue Larry Bluhm Deborah Boatman lose Bocanegra Chris Boegner lean Bolsmo Deanne Boll loanne Bolt Mike Bonatto luliet Bond Lee Bond Sonya Bonnette Richard Boon Craig Boone Tracy Boor Cindy Boyuka loe Brandon Holly Braudwick Scott Brazil Tracy Brechbiel Deanne Brevick Missy Bridgman Robin Briggs loanne Brinkley FROSH Lou!-Xnn Brinkley Shayne Britton Kathy Broadwick Sandra Brookes Lori Brooks Christopher Brown Rick Brown Daryl Bryant Tricia Burklancl Chuck Burt Michael Burzynski loAnne Butler Patrick Buttermore Stacey Cadaret lim Campbell Kim Carlin Andrea Carlson Rochelle Carlson Heather Carlson Lisa Carras Shane Carsten Kelly Carter lay Caruthers Tammy Castro Christine Catalano Rachel Cataldo Christy Cavale Elaine Chang Bill Champion limmy Chapel Karen Chappell Sara Charbonneau Stacy Cheaney Dawn Chesney Shawn Chester Yong Cho Wendy Choplick Lisa Chouinard Drew Ciulla Rhea Clemons Doug Cloud Charlie Coker BRINKLEY-DEBERNARDIS 1 li, 1 Y f , 4 Qi ll K 1 f i l Q wi Q bi f sb. ' AJ ,, Tracy Grassley, Was that the tardy bell! ' if A 1- 4. 5: , M, . 1 Robert Colceri Diane Cole lason Coleman Nancy Collicott Donald Comeau Aimee Connolly Troy Conrad Lori Contreras Kristina Contryman Bradley Cooper lennifer Cooper Tanya Corbin lenny Corcoran Dawn Cote Keith Covoloskie Rhonda Cozens Billy Crawford Steve Crehan lohn Croteau Christie Culp Randy Cullin Ron Cunningham Audrey Curry Scott Daley Cindy Daniel David Darnell Natalie Davila lason Davis Tina Dear Raquel Debernardis FROST-I Mark Decker Lynn Delay Robert Deleon Shawn Demory Kelly Deskins Cheryl Dessaint Tames Devenney lohn Devore Eric Diana Tracy Dicarlo Christina Dominguez Ramon Dominguez Clint Donaldson Nancy Dotterer Donna Dutty Theresa Dunavan Tracy Dunshee Russell Eddleman Iustine Eichele Tara Eisele Kristen Eidsness Amy Ellis Ashley Ellis Shannon Emme Shannon Enders Randy Epson 100 wwf 'nf z Z-4 f ,ff 5' sf 5 W 442 it 1 2 M f x ' ,,-' + if 'J' , V Lic, If Q Q 4 ' 1 ,f ia, E , W tty , ,,yy, M y ,:::.,.. M ,i,i, tjiws WZ! , x 1 f L f X , X Ha M . Q fi 0 a T 1 'Q if? 1 . fa f 1 3 of 3? ,rf T D 4- " f , 1 . . I ll . HL' 5P,l.' Xin? it " Dltl . 'EE' kgidtigggg ",' V A yyy y yycc as , fp as 'fin . vs T y ' , iv T in as in ni ,X I . W ft M f , Q W W 'fix x We ,Z f f fm , , E if 'Q f . J W 3 M S .A F5 if rs Q!-M 1 3553? Q I Ks , . it Qifgf 111 ad - I f f DECKEE-GODSIL David Erbacher Kristie Erickson lohn Erksine Thomas Estelle Bernard Evanqelista lohn Evans MayAnn Facer Rochelle Fairchild Shane Fairchild Loretta Fajardo Karen Farney Kimberly Farrar Dean Farrel Robyn Farrel Aaron Feldman Melissa Fierabend Patricia Figueroa Kurt Finkbeiner Wade Finley Abel Flores Tony Flores Kirk Forman Nicole Forrester lulie Frazier Rhonda Freed loe Gable Rosa Gagliard Marylo Galano Nikki Garcia Matt Garrinqer Tom Gavaqan Tucker Geer Ken Gentry lulie Gerhart Greg Gibbons Kathy Gibson Teresa Giles Tony Giljum Sharon Gillespie Angela Gilliam Mark Girmscheid lodi Godsil FROSH Scott Gohus Steve Goldberg lason Goltz Carlos Gonzales Ramsey Gonzales Tracy Gotschall Kevin Goyer Kim Grady Amy Graham Krista Graham Bill Graham Lee Grant Traci Grassley Angela Greco Eric Greener Nikki Gross Paul Guerber Robbin Guidi Ray Guin Gary Gunter Art Hagen Diane Hagen Dinnelle Hagstedt Roger Hain Brady Haire left Hakalmazian Bev Hall Michael Hallloerg lim Handzel Curt Hanson Cristina Harbison Robert Harlach Claudine Harris Erin Harris .tg . I X K S x N X B N N .RN t is sf Q? iw X X X is 3. is is S Q. ,:,,,,, ,:E, QS' Q' X GOI-IUS-HOLTON Diane Hartman lulie Hartsfield Travis Hash David Haskell Marilyn Hawkins Nadine Hayes Christina Hays Ann Helmintaler Greg Henderson Billy Henry Chris Herring Michelle Hidalgo Kristin Higgins Stephanie Hight Keith Hinckley Karri Hinde left Hinesly leff Hintz Melanie Hobbs Sonny Hoffmann Austin Holder lohn Holdman Kevin Hollan Sia Holland Tina Holley Tony Hollenbeck Ben Holm Rob Hollinger I eff Honanie Michelle Holton FRCSH Candi Hopper Debbie Horowitz Laura Howard Lori Howard Deanna Hubbs Dan Hudson Lonnie Huggins Mike Hughes Tena Hughes Tim Hughes Dan Hull Alan Huxtord Scott Huxtord lodi lrngarten Torn lppolito Tom lrvin Kassie lacka Kristy lackson Chris laeger Karrie Iamel Bill lames Lisa lansen Bill lettrey lenniter lohnsey Angela lohnson Chad lohnson Cherilyn lohnson Daniel lohnson Kari lohnson Kris lohnson Darren lones Mike lones Kelly loyner Doreen luarez Theresa Karnrnerer Susanne Keiser Shannon Kennens Trisha Kennedy Stacey Kern Chris Kibsey Ronda Kingsbury Paul Kleving 104 f 12 2 JE j A. I-ICDPPER-LIMA Mark Kloppel Darla Kniess Daniel Knight lett Knoch Tony Koch lenniter Kohl Lori Kohlhase Sherry Koile Sumer Koniaz Pamela Konik Kara Koon Angie Kramer Kelly Kritkausky lohn Kuba Lana Kwok Robert LaChance Matt Later Brian Lajoie Wendy Landers Shannon Lane Robyn Langdon lohn Lankard Michael LaPierre Rikki Larson Tim Larson Tammy Latimer Georgiana Lebario Ieanne Ledtord lames Lee Tammy Lester lohn Lewis Kim Libby Andrew Lima FRGSH Anthony Linch Deborah Lisack Randy Lisciarelli Robert Liska Robert Loncaric Debbie Looman Maria Lopez Phil Louison Toni Lowry Annette Lucero Wendy Macholtz Kris Mahaftey Harold Main Kim Malley Louis Mangino loe Martin Brian Marshall Lisa Mathews Russell Martin Michele Mastin Khalid Mateen Kim Mathews Kim Mattson Richard May Angela McBride Bill McClooney Susan McClure lason McConnell Patricia McFarland Mike McGinnis Greg McGlocklin Phillip Mcllveen Ruth McKee Heidi McKenney Teddie McKnight Alta McLaughlin l" 'W M.. IW ' 1: Yi X... " x",:,I.-'Lf-Q Q.. f is ' 'Kk' f - fa R '. we 41' lil' ,A':- ' 'L , 9 it K lttss , R r ' i ' l A s jc .44 , , K ,I LIN CI-I-N ASH Kenneth McMahon Robert McManamy lose Melendez David Meliti Tracey Menten Robert Mercado Bob Merwin Daryle Messina Beth Metzger Shari Middleswart Brian Miller David Miller Dwight Miller lody Miller Kenny Miller Shelly Miller Tina Miller Angela Milowski Scott McNeill Christina Monroe Dianne Moore lacqueline Moreno Christy Mullendore Brian Mullin lodi Muniz Sarah Murphy Colleen Murray Mike Murzznos Lynn Mutka Leah Myers Christopher Myers Ronnie Naegelin lason Nash FROSI-I Laurie Natale Daedra Nelson Deborah Nelson Laura Nelson Kristy NePierro lim Nettle Curt Neu Daniel Nicholson Bonnie Nikodijevic Kevin Nitzel Cory Niver Ienniter Nold Brian Norenberq Kevin Norenberq Robyn Novak Kristine OConnell Mindy Oglesby Pamela Olson Brandon Ong Michele Orzechowski Chris Osborn loseph Ostroski lim Owen Nick Pacione Rebecca Painter Kim Palermo Mike Palko Michele Palomares Mark Patterson Stacey Patterson Laura Payne lenniter Peckham Mark Pederson is X ai. if f N Q, x N ilk ix ' X X K Q 1 .Wai tjx , ties X RN 1 I ' . ,: ,k:,', S NATALE RIFE lamey Pelleqrini Troy Perkins Bryan Pesartic Nicol Peters lason Piske Rod Polston lohn Poquette David Potter Kindra Porter Chrissy Post Larry Potts Charles Pradelt Pam Pratt Troy Pratton lulia Purdy Michael Puruleski Roy Quinton Scott Rakich Leah Raley Bryan Rambo Regina Ramirez Aaron Ramsay lason Randle Tyann Rasmussen Amy Raver Brandi Raynes Anthony Reale Heather Reutter Dana Reznik Adam Rhynard Stephanie Richardson David Richmond Monique Rite FROSI-I Katherine Rigby Kristie Riley Mike Riley Niki Rinaldini Cory Ring Cynthia Roberts Phyllis Roberts Thomas Roberts Lee Robinson Stacey Robinson Robert Rodarme lenniter Rogers Beth Rohrer Michael Romero lose Rosario Donald Roth Lance Roth Kathy Roush Terri Rowe Brian Rubio Bonnie-lean Ruch Amy Rudzinski Cerie Rumbold Barbara Runyan Rochelle Runyan lason Russell Susan Rutherford Kristin Rynish Stephanie Salcido Cristy Saltz Martin Samplin Iames Sandoval Lisa Sansen Alan Savini Michael Sawyer Tracy Scheiber Leah Schlicker Bernadette Schneider Diane Schuldt Tammie Schwartz Cynthia Scott Tonya Scott 110 ' as vs ' X is N R X X i K Swat X 2 ' if db si ssrsf ' X is xx X S si , X i 5 1 i X :- tr.. . x '.ii' ifivi ' ,,.. X .. t.. R is s N N X is it ... X K E- -., . 2 f X vs a . ,, .5 -.,, X . was S s e sf N n X X X X N x ak SK K X X Q4 : , J K X R s Xi s if Q x i 5: 1- its in QS .EY fi S 3553, . . . a N ...sw .. N ft is yt Mi lt 'WY ser N s X - . A , Qi X . rw! 5: a t.x , ts x.. ' ' a R. ?" J' J. S0 wg? Qc!" S f ' "z mf A MY 'Mr W my E , 3 is 1. A , 3 ., 1 t L S S X assi S 1 Stl? gist wit. - It . L SD A. t any 5 -Y ,ff Qxs. AN? ir?-.zwn tx, XE LI -S iilxt was b 4' 1 2 L fi . .N ' 'rw' Q to g . ir- tk is i ,I 5 LM, X we X k s X N -va 'QL 732' N Q 5 xi M s .:: if it f S X L es Nw :N M -- .f. N li, , X f if if it RIGBY-STEVENS X . if f ,,, I af W7 M 4' W f O! QW W muff' 4. Mfwj' l I MW, , f A - we , N e 3 X X ' 'IQ' ss s t Angela Scrivano Adrienne Seba Kevin Segal Sunny Seger Salvatore Seminera Todd Severnak Douglas Seward Adam Shatter Valerie Shain Lee Shaut Brian Shcolnik Randy Shepard Paul Shivelhood Robert Shultz Suanne Shultz Laura Sichrovsky lim Sidabras Michelle Sidabras Aaron Silber Kristin Skogen Shawn Slatcher Brian Slinkard Liz Sloan Danny Smith Darrin Smith loesph Smith Renee Smith Rick Smith Sandy Smith Mary Smith Shelly Smith David Sneed Chris Soiles lenny Solimine Kathey Spangler lulie Sparks Charles Speer Regina St.Clair Tausha Stapely Kim Stemmler Deanne Stevens Tittiny Stevens FROST-I Stacey Steward Amy Stigdon Christina Stilwell lames Storlie Steve Stromnes Tony Strait Shawn Strayer Frank Stubbs lason Sturges Anita Styles lodi Sutter Dwight Swain Anita Szoke Michael Szoke left Szymura Anthony Tabat Lisa Tank Steve Tank Melissa Tee David Tennison Mary-Beth Terrinoni Aundrea Thatcher Chelly Thomas Kelly Thomas Greg Thome Danny Thompson Suzette Thul Mick Tillman Denise Tissaw Iodi Toraason . Xfwiii NQQYNX as X X a at X 2 st , t--- .sq,sksass, H W s 'Y V N Ni N A 7. K S 1 as .. isis . Qi i. i 3 -ts 4 5 5.5 5 ' .TX 5 - i K N mt., T 2 fl ' x 5 X A Ds K is as xxx in 'Q NNT STEWARD-WASHINGTON . will-,itfiw ,',,5:,,f,:, W ,, ,, , ,.W...,,,,, W ,-.f H, Wi, Riff, . gil Ryvkff- -J f4-fi 'i 1 :KL i1Q5XQ1ifi'!:7if1t .4 M ll jzii X f T ' Q 'm.,:, ji E? llli Q ' at we l Stephanie Toth Meredith Trapp Dina Trebitowski Brian Trisdale Casey Trojanek Steve Tryon Dennis Turensky Carlotta Turman Tammy Uhan Sharon Ulery Tony Ulses Lisa Upshir Scott Utter Cassie Utterback Charlene Vadovich Christine Valero Dawn Valery Shannon Valery Derek Van-Voris Nick Varca Vanessa Vargas Matt Varney Laura Valentine lenniter Vansteinburg Nilda Velez Christina Venroy Darrin Veros Robert Villanueva Traci Vinsek Kerry Vinson lusine Virgil Marcus Vitale Denise Vlahos Stacy Volk Kelly Volz Kristi VonAspen Shawn Wagner Carrie Wallratt Angela Walker Lisa Walker Robert Warnas Carla Washington FROSH 114 Delon Washo Tom Wasylow Danny Watters Rob Watte Evelyn Waught Tony Webber Tammy Weber Chrissy Wellborn Iulie Whalley lenniter Wheat Connie Whitaker Poppy White Tracy White Mendy Whittaker Michele Arckersheim Danica Widstrom Lyle Wilhelm Beth Williams William Leslie Michelle Williams Kristin Willim Scott Wilmont Chad Wilson lulie Wilson Lisa Wilson Paul Wilson Stacy Wilson Sarah Wincek Theresa Wingfield Debbie Winters Roni Wolte Nicole Woods Rod Wooldridge Chris Wray Kevin Wright Shannon Wurtsmith Renee Xinos Tranci Young Georgia Young Curt Zapp David Ziegler Kenny Ziegler L is '- ff' hw. 4' ? :4..:5, 4, Vff ,fflfmili H5 ti E' -xliagfvli' A VV .q,,1 uf' . .M Q: sf: I 'A.k.:hg5.: , is ix Sw 1 i t 1 1 it - 5 -ff--:qv -S ..-nas. :H 451, si l WASHO-ZUNIGA Tony Zuniqa Camera Shy Thomas Bossert Chris Bowtey Greg Bradford Marcy Butteer Maria Desiderio Donna Lee Scott Manor Lisa Mathews 1 sa' Scott McNeil David Morse I Richard Yarize . Marica Skouseri is Lisa Welch iZ Deana Wright 115 S Q X Q, Q 3 Q, QT E MQ UML jgg 1 D E Q , 3 Q E Q iii? X1 '11 3 fw KN QF A MVN 'QQ fx: if X Q25 X3 3 SQ KH 5 Sd XQ Q Q P XQ xv Q3 Q, 3 5 is il N w NNQ Q SM S Q 5 5 5 f:5 Q iw A 'fi K Qi fi if EL X5 Q W Q 5 Q 'Q 51 md E SJ 3 3 PQ xj S E QS f A! IUNICR ATTENDANTS Tom Hungerford, Cammie Throckmorton HGME CGMIN G RGYALTY Q' nga!-P4 SOP!-IOMORE ATTENDANTS FROSH Wil Gonzalez, Lynne Halliord Tim Larson, Mendy SENIOR ATTENDANTS KING- Greg Casio Greg Wyatt, Barb Fow QUEEN- Kathy Skutecki SWEETHEART RCDYALTY -ms' Y'-N--gt f xx K 47" KING-Greg Wyatt PRINCE-Matt Amdor QUEEN-Barb Pow PRINCESS-Idnis Baker ATTENDANTS IUNICR ATTENDANTS SOPHOMQRE ATTENDANTS FROSH ATTENDANTS S ... E Kurt Neitz Kevin Kluqe Skip Stewart Tim Larson Chrissie Dedqe Carnrnie Throckmorton Lynne Halltord Tammy Castro . i 'Ya Nor..--1-Nm.....m.., N STUDENT COUNCIL Front Row - Dawn Detillalpresidentl, Doug Seward, Cathlven Mac' Dmmltl, Kathryn Pollak, Christine MacDonald, Marcus Vitale, Mr. Welch CSpons:irl Row 12' Bryan lfiitls-i'::, Maki Takeurhi, Kim Stemmler, Cassie Dinqcman, Dawn Hottman, Kristina liiqnoli, Tina Miller, Kristin Rynish Row 3- Carolyn Napier lSe-cretaryj, lacki Yoo, Tricia Shaw, Tillany Shaw, Dawn Schultz, Kathy Kopta, Krysia Plonka, Rick Kerr, Ross Potter Back Row- Miko Triimro, Rnbvrt C'i::tmi. Mike Shobkie, Dan Peterson, Michelle McKee, Steve Paqe, Craiq Bolanqor, Grvq Woll tParli-uni-nt tarianl, Michael Berggren " lift" fi" WXVHS 1 92 STUDENT BQDY OFFICERS- FRONT ROW-Michelle Spanelli, Geri Curvo, Dawn Delilla, Carolyn Napier BACK ROW-Greg Wolf, Mike Shablaie, l.arry Myers SENIQR CLASS QFFICERS-Front row- Krysia Plonka, Cherie Arnistronq, Kathy Kopta Back row' Michelle McKee, Steven Page. 121 SS :ii fs iii L ,Q it JSE 'S LX, X 'XX ,ymnlihugt lUNl0R CLASS OFFlCERS Front Row-lacki Yee, Ross Potter, Michael P. -Q 5 -" Trunzo, Kathleen Crean. Not Pictured-Dan Peterson, Bryan Enclers, Kevin 3' lt Q . f 1 Cleere, Creig Belenger. , - 1 K J .' jet A sd - .Q ,tttt 1 Z N 4' 1"' rw., . W K. .,,,,,.,,, . H f , ,S SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS- FRONT ROW- Dawn Holtman, Christine MacDonf Mui, alcl, Cathleen MacDonald, Grace Kim BACK ROW- Monique Nguyen, Kathryn Pollalc, Dawn Schultz, Tricia Shaw, Cassie Dingemans VK .AH I -nm FRQSH CLASS Ol7l7lCBRS- FRQNT ROW- Kristina Bignoli, Tina Miller, Doug Seward, BACK RCW- Mike Berggren, Marcus Vitale, Kim Stemmler, Holly Broderick, Liz Sloan 122 E x W,-i A, .. --x Sm f..,m-K xx,.X N .NNN vnu e sam ms-we mn vnu SD ag mrs: vo 'S-4 uiuunm -ann 3-up wmuuqm, 'U' ,xc use g 1 use lam num 'U has V' KEY CLUB BLQCDD DRIVE NHS NATIONAL HONGR SGCI- ETY - Front Row - Kevin Kib- sey, lim McGuire, Leane Pa- luch, Tina Williams, Suzanne Brookes, Yvonne Adams, Scott luarez, Greg Wyatt Row Q - Holly Garrett, Darrin Hos- tetler, Maureen Becker, Nancy Gardner, Shari Donaldson, lanis, Baker, Kyle Newton, lmad Kamran, Back Row - lett DiGioacchino, Steve Dawson, Luann Roberts, Catherine De- Greet, Fred Graet, not a mem- ber, Sussann Pistic, Cheryl Marshall, Lisa Manson, Bill Ev- ans, Hassan Malley KEY CLUB KEY CLUB - Front Row - Becky Painter, Christina Van Pooy, Sandie McKeown, Debi Stauch Back Row A Amy Mor- qenstern, Ross Potter, Mau- reen Becker, Rob Middleston, Krysia Plonka, Patricia Kelly, Mr. Garcia KEY CLUB f Front Row - Mit- zi Forney, Cathleen MacDon- ald, Christine MacDonald, Ma' ria Hayes, Vinnie Manaktala Row 2 - Poppy White, Lisa Graham, Kris Hinde, lackie Yee, Shelley White, Heidi Morris Back Pow - Mike Trunzo, Mr. Garcia 125 V . 3 ,. I , ,t W Maki Takeuchi I'm Maki Takeuchi from Tokyo, Iapan. I came here to Phoenix at the end of August. When I first came to this school I was surprised because there were so many school buildings and the campus was so large. I thought it would be hard to move from class to class on rainy days, but I soon realized that it didn't rain much here in Arizona. In Iapan we have much more rain than here. The four seasons are very distinct and each one is beautiful, but I also like the climate here. School is different from Iapan. There are alot of fun events in schools in America and the kids seem like they really enjoy them. I enjoy being a student CLQSE UP Front Row: Iackie Yee, Kim Spucces Back Row: Leif Simon, Vince Kwok of Moon Valley. ' l. ff fv. 'Qtpx - . .yi .1 Ib, , fiffmfh' ' L., ' -'ff'-5.12 . 'ff ' ' 1 f x c is ,a .J 554. 5 z Q i Sa s? .h ., - .4 . P L , 'df " 'lg' . W . v L ' .- M . gg V I a n E" :Jig X ,., . Q 3 Q 3 M . x ." 1. .f -' ' 5 'Z X x a X. X, ' 2 3, my . f . P f. X f " ' - S 3 3' .Pi .22 9 f 1 Q wxjii ' -we .3 uk , S N 5 Nc i f SN , K i K3G"Q A s x K, X fig-ff' . E . f -f f A Y x ,mv . Q QL . fxidfl fi-,Wy .- wir, , j j i f "E ' kd Ls L5 -8335? . v N ' Q Y .. A. A 1 5 Q .X X4 fgjglslf 'ff-. Q Q ' 'Q 1.'ze4't' QQVY ", f. x QW '53 1 Y 9' , :K - hx- xck f 5 -x . BUYS AND GIRLS STATE Ieif Digiacchino Kristy Heinrick Steve Dawson ,X e 'X e Dawn DeFiHa Iames McGuire Angela Page if DECA- Front Row- Donna Savage, Lea Prudhomme, Cheryl Marshall, Kim Fisher, Patti Lowe, Bobby Horn, Shereen Omarkhail Row 2- Ms. lenkins, Denise Rodriquez, Lisa Kelly, Lorene McKnight, Kathy Arnhardt, Lilia Sanz, Kellie lacka, Nancy Bull- oclc Back Row- Kevin Rauscher, lohn Mercer, Rodney Richards, Bobby Roberts, Curt Rowe, left Nielsen, Mark Kessler, Lee Schwab, Carol Ferguson COE- Front Row- Vivian Beasley, lenniter Martin, Sherrie lackson, Beth Malloy, Gina Passalacqua, Rene Simpson Row 2- lane Volckmann, Tammy Openshaw, Be Ramirez, Danielle Krahn, loan Leja, Laura Kramer, Michelle Lilly, Art Sandoval, lohn Woodrinq Back Row- lackie Bender, Bobbi Nims, Tina Williams, Teresa Cer- nansky, Robin Collins, ludi Creekmur, Kathy Hoque, Lisa Briner, Bobbi lo Horn, Debbie Adamson COE- Front Row- Nichelle Flagler, Kimberly Wilson, lanell Kendall, Susan Fancher, Nina Carlson Row 2- Mary Pat Garry, Cheryl Bowen, Laura Kramer, Theresa Bazzell, Rebecca Stiles, Collette Knoch, Shelien Koile, Loretta Yanez, Ann Marie NiCastle, Tracy Schwartz Back Row- Angela Pierce, Kari Duncan, Lisa Manqino, Pinar Do- qanoz, Catherine Rios, Rebecca Baker, Lisa Sandomir, Holly Corbin 130 'gk ' ' x .I an 44" www dm, f X a 1 be H.. 'uf ur X .,, 3' 'x . E! zu es W W ,, IRCDTC NlROTC program offers an oppertunity for high students to learn the basic elements and require' for national security. The goals ot the program are elop informed and eresponible citizens, strength- : individual's character, help form habits of sell- line, develop respect for and understanding of the lilor constituted authority in a democratic society, ,velop an intrest in the military service as a possi- reerf' .71 PLATQON- Front Row,Kim Spucces, lose Rosario, LaVone Napier, Audrey Curry, Larry Voitko, Debbie Boatman, Dustin Ramsey, left Gray Row 2-lull llintz, C'liristy Gindt, Mike Kreitzer, Mark Decker, Mark Benevidez, Phillip Kahrl, Pat Kilcran, Mike Fisher, Greg Shank, Sonya Bonnette, Matt Catdin, Don Wilcox, Larry Young, Al Zuvers, Rich Freeman, Carl Moore STAFF' Front Row-Mike Schitano, Kelly Andrews, Larry Fulton, Chris Riggs, lohn Moore Row 2-Caron Boatman, Kim Spucces, Vorin Magriin, lim Dia- mond, Chris Hanson, Renne Hanson, lim Boatman, Bill Minor Row 3-Andy Gray, Mike Trunzo, lmad Kamran, Greg Ulses, Don Wilcox, lett Digioac chino, lohn Stempniak 133 RIFLE TEAM-Front Row-Chris Hanson, lim Diamond Row 2Bill Minor, Larry Fulton, Russ Godsil COLOR GUARD Front Row-leanne Ledtord, lohn l-loldman, Debbie Boatman, Ken Skeleton, Rob Meddleton Row 2-Kelly Ledtord, Mark Rose, lennie Little, Carrie Guinn, lodie Godsil DRILL TEAM-Front Row-Kelly Andrews, lim Diamond, Annette Lucero, Tony Linch, lason Piske Row 2-David Kahrl, Brian Marshall, Andy Gray, Shawn Wagner, Greg Ulses, Mark Kalirl, Tony Ulses, Tony Strait, Charles Speer, Vonn Maqnin 134 Y...- 'T 136 Y its g..." -Q.. J 5 K PHOTQ CLUB - Front Row - Armando Villanueva, Brian Kidney, Don Wilcox, Ben Hosley Back Row - Mrs. L. Davis, lackie Yee, Priscilla Smith, Kathy Rigby, Mr. Tom Uithoven Photographic Consultant. N STRATEGY AND TACTICS N Front Row - Tony Flores, Tom Gava- qan, Chris Cote Row 2 - Lonnie Power, Matt Mercer, lavier Gilmore, Russell Sutton 137 Y.-4-'v . .Qs ' as 9' ., , " FRENCH CLUB - Front Row l - Michelle Hikdago, Sandra Brooks, Stacy Kern, Shannon Zak, Maki Takeuchi Row 2 - Camie Throckmorton CVice Presidentt, Krysia Plonka tpresidentt, Traci Johnson CRepresentativet, Mrs. Reed Row 3 - lennifer lohnsey, Monique Nguyen, Iustin Eichele, Cheryl lohnson, Shelley Miller, Dawn Hoffman Row 4 A Lana Kwok, Tarl Kudrick, Beth Kern, Vincent Kwok, Greg Ulses, Larry Fulton, Victor Howard NOT PICTURED - Cassie Dingeman fflreasurerl, Michelle Hughes CSecretaryl French Club is an organization designed to encourage interest in the French people, their art, and their culture. lt is comprised of all French students, French club activities include: club sales, field trips, and most importantly, stimulating an enjoyment of French life and culture. aff.,-X R RQ X b :wi 1 a .vv""" GERMAN CLUB Y Front Row l - Richard Price, Debi Stauch Wice Presi- dentj, Kassandra McKeown tVice Presidentl, Grace Kim Clreasurerl, Kim Spucces CPresidentD Row 2 - Mrs. Schubert, Steve Liska, lohn Woodring, Dave Dishman, Karen Brookes fgecretaryl The German Club consists of members who are interested in German culture and activities. Each member has selected his own German name, and this group loves any type of activity involving German food. 138 X H - i ,1 Q I ft f,. FW: i .w A , if ,gf ,fi I fl'f ff? , ,Al 1 L, W J! 4, 'I' 4f,! t 1 I i 1 f jp 15,Z, 4A ff A , L Wt Vwf1,,J,,,,V,,,,l,f gl 5 I3 , x ., 4 J K X A :Li 5 Q , .Q K A A ,S 1 'K , g . J - vc, M K , A , Q , V K ' 2 Q 'Y ff' 8, J! A , , . ,. M H Q ,Q W QXJ' 1, l lfQ f lin- sw' X xivx, k X L.x3. f 1 f X 6 i --.k X 'A . ' . -wi1"er3t' 5 5 A FTS Q 34. K x 'n . K ' K xt. xflff?k . Q X., I vw a nv W f ,cgi aw, W W A, My 1 3 ,Lf ' ' 'ffifg Sinn A T9 wr mu... fffwfag 81' 011 NONIA onia club is a service club designed to help meet of the less fortunate. To accomplish this this year they sponsored a 1984 Christmas Food Clothes Drive tor the needy. They enjoy very the reward of giving through this specific orga- DW ts., 4 , is vm. Q 5 X LX is J-i -I . 5' W, 'ave 1: 11 .'i'Q'..Q 'sw ,af Q. ,fx 'W as ' , Q ' KGINONIA - Mr. Garcia, Fred Graet, Larry Youngs, "Mystery Girl' .... Q M M MGGN VALLEY All-lLETlC ASSGC. - Front Row - Dawn Schultz M' loan Purcell, Cassandra Bonertz, Michelle McKee, Laura Turensky , A i Q ,M ,T - N f A i L i L ' nd .- 5 Wg? Q ' f Q ,C b -V -A "X ", 4 k , N A ,f A ' , l N i 5: Y, gy If a if s ,V , 51 J- t J - , L , , - ,i , V ' , G' ,fi H ' , JZ W A ft. ' 2 e, .1 e A i , A, . ti' A 2 -qu . , -L- 4 Y yi f, V 1 1' wt 355. 'V . 4 ef Q A . .Wi K- ft4:eff,Mzftia,,.,,4 ,, ' Back Row - Darryl Stone, Greg Wyatt, Gabe Lopez, lettrey Randolph Martin Weight, lohn l-lertneky, Anthony Vasquez 141 SPANISH CLUB- FRONT ROW- Tracey Wilbanks, Ann Sims, Gloria Quintana, Shan- non Steinmetz, Amy McKay BACK ROW- Mr, Garcia, Dale Rhoads, Armando Villan- ueva, Bill Deaton, Glenn Talbott, Kandia Peake S.A.D.D,-FRONT ROW- Michelle Spanelli tTreasurerJ, lason Mclllquhan fVice Presidentl, Carolyn Napier tPresidentJ ROW 2- Diane Hagen, Bethany McElhaney, September Baldridge, Cassie Dingemans, lacki Yee, Krissy Ballard. Monique Gonzalez, Kathy Ballard, Becky l-lorey, Kathryn Pollak ROW 3- Tina Wibbins, Marcela Quintana, Kelly Andrews, Maki Takeuchi, Lisa Graham, Gina Langston, Debbie Mc Elwain, Diane Schnell, AnnMarie Napolitano, Liz Sloan, Traci Iohnson, Robert Ciston, Danny Basham, Dawn Plant, Anne Gardner, Wendy Winckler, Beth Kern, Nancy Gardner, Stacey Kern, Michelle l-lildago, Michelle Orzechowski, Leah Myers, Donna Minor, Gerry Wells fsiponsorl The S.A.D.D. QStudents Against Driving Drunkl Associations First organiza- tional meeting had an attendance of over 60 people. The S.A.D.D. Association was not formed to condone drinking but rather to make a student stop and think after they have had too much to drink, beiore getting behind the wheel. We do not wnat to see any ot our students becoming because ot statistics associated with drinking and driving, Plans were made tor an Alcohol Aware- ness Week to be held April l-4 l985, more S.A.D.D. nites at the movies, and a special trip to Prescott for the workshop P.L.E.D.G.E. We also received a S200 grant from A.R,C.A. through Luis lbarra. If we make one student stop and think before he turns the keys, then S.A.D.D. has succeeded. 142 MQ? I' H ,....,.-,,...., -L Y' A 'SXWV W1 .A-.. ur V1 4 X m us ' I, INFINITY From Row: Rosa Garcia, Kun Rink, Pow Two: Iuslirle Hammer, Kdreu Eroolcess, Ijebblo Cotton. Bark Row: Suzfume lzirookes, Mary Belli Rdyes, Sheri Church, Pduhi Gallcs. ISEGINNING CIIQIIQ From ROW' Trivia l3urklmxd, lnurw Ndlolu, Aaron l?q1nsOy, Cmy Rlrxq, Illane Svlullrll, Amy Rnvur, Ihxwrx Ilollmlm, Ruw 'Iwn' Dnuuuu Wlrnlstmn, C'lmrlc-rw Vmlovlvlm, liarry Arfmz, Mrxlxrxnln Igbby, Mlwlu-lv l?:mmn0w::l:l Iixwk Pow: Naxxvy Dollmuer, Lferall Pfslwy, llwlubw Mnloy, Kerry Vxrxzmn, Pay lcifllmqsl, Amy Ruclznxsllu, Robyn I.nrx4gnl4m, Bmbvrn lgfeunvll, N01 l-'wtllrocl Flmlly Klfiecrs' ulxullv IIIQGINNING C'lIQ3IlQ Ifrfml Row. f'f1rlnulm 'I'uxmrm lvluulvr Iolmsuy, LLM llpmlulxf-, Ilrm Ijmn, Mlvlxvllu Cforxrlv, I,11ulIxl3nllmxcl, Mlvllullv Slvrn, Sm l'I41llaml, lQlkk1I.ursOy1 Huw TWO' Ilallmfwxvxw Iloufsll, lullv Ilrmrlulxvlnl, Kaf,::14- Imtlm, 'I'lxL-r:-sm Wlxmqln-lrl, le,--xxx Ilulsnm, Kxmbwrly I-lwmr, Alla Mlinuqlxlxxx, P1-lpvu-A l-Hmm-r, lvrxmlm' V.1r1f5twrxI,:11r'q, Kwlly I74-fskxmz, Back Pow: Slmrmon Valery, Stophanxee Szyf mmxsl-cr, Bdrbc-m Rurxyrm, 'I'1ll1ny Stvvens, Mnzlwllfe Bvwnmu, Suzanne ISr'ool:4:ss, Dum 'I'r:,vb1luwslu, Reqlna Archer, 'llrrm-su Gxlesz, Rouhullc' Cmlsurx. Not Pldurenl' Cynlhxa Iioyulm, Iullc Blair, Invorme Napnz Iora O Kelly, Aundrm Thatcher N 1 .r YN X 5 X 'E Q X M F XX, 1 R . X Y N X R S -X-war uv-- sk? fam 3 x .1 in :- w r as 1 fm. A A , n A. 923 JO me 5, N N"inmN,. if gp y ,,,, Q .. ' -9 5, E54 fu Qi Q ' fm 1-Q WSW J am., NNW K 3 Q. ,iv hw A M. gg Mah: .2 r ,wk 136 AA 5 iii. NW ' we ' c 5 5 f ' Sf W- Ss A,i . Qax 9 'X wa Qxwvki sf rf S ei X N! 5 6516 3' .A A Q iifi if 'Qi xiuqibam .3 , he my may A f P vi- .X k ' gg E J N YR sa 0 "N .xi S P S.- QQQ. ,, " Le , Y 'X x 'L . M " X NMS K New A Sf s X 1 . 'J -u-nvvff x iii 1 NS ! if. I EIN X W , wx., l S. K f? - .5 - Q .Q N 5 S GALAXY - Front Row: Wendy lohnson, lill Kathrins4Shepherd, Yvonne Adams, Back Pow: Bill Evans, lames Duqqer, Linda Spartz, Tyler Ruchqy, Stacy Peuqnet, lett DiGioacchino, Stephanie Heyer, left George 'Y l Q 'HN f 'yi A Q 5 if l 1 it T ll . , it ,L CGNCEPT CHGTR f Front Row - Tina Polston, Tammy Deljriest, Rosa Garcia, Tonya Sherclc, Faye Thorton, Portland Ploncher Row Q - Cheryl Presser, Melinda Rite, Ann Watson, Mary Beth Reyes Row 3 - Merri McGuran, Michele Romanswslci, Michael McManamy, Toni Graet, Tyler Ruchqy, Paul Bunt, ?, Bobbi Briner, Terri Marshall, Row 4 - Fran l,edqer, Debran Hanks, Ty Maxey, Pat Reed, Kathy Steury, Paula Gallas 14 X A "'-N-.N N-.Nw Sy ISQNWT RE Q . .GIVE mikxxr. QHXGKEN Q ' 1 w 3? , P if ,WM-f"'M wenssuwwvf -- mn. ,.m..M , Q 4 , wi' K W ,,,,,,, ,A sf. " 1, ' E , k W ff gf 2 : ,W 4, . - 'W M MQ ,df "5 K ,ff52'2"'??3s K ,Y I' ef QW ' L if K1 W,,,, 15 , y I A A 5 g".!Q+h,Q 4 V- V if ,KM ' raw' 3 ' M' QW W, "' ,ggi-V W ,S , V A AW pu, W -5 k k L. 'X' P ' V ,. , Vg im: , N L ff' Q32 2,1 1- 'Q div iw Q 'l' ,rx I f Q A . W Us' ,W 1 sf' 41 eff My M 5. ' V Z F HL ? ,G 7,75 wage Xegif y g Q 1 5 ff' ,A f f f'f' V - QQ' f' if-1 PM 'V' A J. ,, 7 ' an 'K V , y w ' J L V. . Q I . X Z ,A 2 S5 1 ri 1 X? . ' QQ 'Lffff A7-. a f M QW 'fgmf V wf we fiff.f" S nl?" ,E Q5 1 LQ ws,if iff 71 '21,,,,W 1 ,Q M..-.if A-ff -- - 6 - , Qi"- Q f - ,A , V 4 qi, 5 -2 , f 5,7 ll.. r , 2,4 6 X5-ff ,af , , ,WV -, ' f' ' M 5 '4"?' .K . a 57" 1 X ORCHESTRA- Front Row-Claudine Harris, Diane Hagen, Paula Black, Su- zanne Brookes, Karen Brookes Back Row-Cary Gttedalil, Glen Talbott Mum is 11 fone poem pgfnmd on A bz?6'kgl'0IIIl0' IAZZ BAND- Front Row-Wendy Warren, Lynda Mack, Dan Barkley, Tarl Kudrick, Diane Hartman Back Row-Donna Cruz, Tom Quirk, Steve King, Glen Talbott, Cary Ottedahl, Mike Teske, Brad Michels, loe Dliondt as UF 3 -xox' tt.. 1 DRUM LINE- Front Row-Mike lones, Randy Lisrziarelli, Bobby Mclvlanamy, Tammy Rowe, Randy Cullin Row 2-Dave Darnell, Ginny Farrell Back Row- Tom Quirk, lolin Roguette, Kevin Segal, Stacey Ratterson, Bryan Pesarticy Greg Bradford, Annette Tallaloas, Tom Vtfiseman 149 aw.. . M X www: A 5: R .- gs, X we 3-W 'Qs 5 fa Q 125 U XX 'R . " bm if ii f . wa 46 E1 . L ,,,, SA , va W KI EXW isfx Wi., 1 an My 5 151 V Y is I -eff Q , s . 1 my 4 " b fl Q. N: ff, ' , Q. , N5 gk A Y- aQf?,9' fr M' -h 7-2 Q ' if x PA' x Q? xg N 'Si l'555?? 1 6' K if A L 'Sf E if ,E 0244? k B515 ga :Q-, K X X at N is gjyaili 4.,,,.xs 3 f': 2 .W x X N X K Xxiwi Q.. .. Ti: Sv X X E if 5. S4 . ,.,, Wim. .-.A -f Front row - l-lolly Garrett, Michelle Wolfe, Marci Hernandez, Amy McKay, Kathy McClure Row 2 - Diane Underkotler, Kari Newman, Michelle Blizzard, Dyan Baird, Pam Stokus Back Row - Sheri Donaldson, Donna Bierman, Wendy Lancaster, Susan Hallford, loan Purcell, lanis Baker. FCDRUM FGRUM - Front Row l - Tracy Eacock, Marcela Quintana, leff Wright, Paul Kline, lason Mcllquaham, Kathryn Pollak Row 2 - l. Westling Ccoachl, M. Lipscomb Qcoachl, Tamara Buskirlc, Emily Kleeschulte, Liz Sloan, Steve Balthazor, leff Middleswart Tl-IESPIAN S V Tl-IESPIANS - Row l V Kathy DeGreef CVice Presidentl, Miss McCarthy, Kat Samuels CPresidentD, Christy Gindt CTreasurerD Row 2 - Tricia Shaw, Rochelle Knight, Linda Mack, lill Vander- muelen, Michael Romanowski, Leigh Sandera Row 3 - Franklin l-foover, Greg Ulses, Greg Wolf, Suzanne Brookes, Kevin Cleere, Larry Myers, lill Anderson, leff George, Leane Paluch, Robert Hungerford, Row 4 - Bill Rosamond, Tyler Ruchhy, Ann Messina, Linda Holland, Yvonne Adams, Tiffany Shaw, 154 -ws. 5 , x 1-. L.. v - Lk 'R .. ,, si, ,L - WQYQ1., ,e ff 74. ml -W f A 9.2 .HQA Ll, ' 4 1 ,rip M.,-2 W if L' ' 'ffl up 6 '!f'fnf' kj W?f3.g-14115531 ff,-n 5 an .'fi'., 'va' Q . - 4 W '-., X if x I X, K -1 , . W. X Awww ' k M Mf- .M 'kv 'ft 1 A E 6 ew sf 5 ' N wax r ff '45 f Y 4 1 ' Q' i P555 'h"f g .HP gina N ,Ki ef 3, ,Y ii, ,, 1 . K f 7 if 1-, N , fgyy g , NX N Q my X -'-' ,P 53 , 5 QQ FE -K: ,ww-r Q N r A 1 X x K S Q ii' -X-- . DIRECTOR-MARIE T. KERWIN CAST- Pal Reed, lill Anclerson, Matt Carden, Lyncla Mark, luxno lJsill1l'll Kalluerlne Samuels, Franklin Hoover, 'lravl Nikolnus, Rivlw Pvlons, l.lIlLlLl Kul land, l-Gil Georqe, Kevin Fsslinqer, larry Myers, Grvuq Wrvll, lclSOIl lvlvllqn ham, Tyler Ruchqy vy- inn CPICW Frnnt Row- Tonya Sllervlc, Kvvm Clvvn-, Dvbljxv C'utl0r, lmll Vlumlr-rnun-Iwn, Amy lVlHI'Il::, Greg Woll, lvlllflltillfr' Hamel, KlHLlIKl Pcnrlvr Row 2- C'1nmly lllxllvr,lml1'l'n1'.1so11, llfwlxm l'Q1lI1m11swn1ll1, Rlck Kerr, lason lVll'llQL1dHl, llllltx Anderson, Krlssty VOIl.lXSfHL'IllQ17W:l' Amy lQmlf1r1::k1,4ll111.n Mlllvl, lllll pdlLlCll,DldI1C Baker, Kr1sl111YoL1nQ,Sus1v lVlc'Clu1'c,Mussel,lVlc'4'.1rll1y,MKn'l-:Cn::l,w.1r'l'w, ll--ull lVlUll'lI5, Krlsty l31lcXy,Sdndm Evans, Bavk Row- Ray lcld1nq:s,Cm1cg liolmxqs-r', lQn'lmrnl Ynnvv, lilll Rkiihllllillltl, Tony Ulses, Greg Ulses, Slephanle Heyer YAQON "lui CREW Row l-Lisa Manson, Laralne llcrrxnq, Mm: l Mvflartlxy, C'.1llxf-1'1m- lh-C-Ln-1-I, finmlm lCv.m:: Rnw Ll Kun Spxlcve-S, Sam Clmrbonnenu, Shelly Runyun,lul1sfBond,llll Vim-h-run-ulwn,CIN-1-yl Mlmwlmll, K.1lhyflh'my,l'yn-ly Wh1tchQad, Knssten linlne-ss, Dana Heznxk Row 3-flxtlmll-my Min-liormlll, Kathy llwnly, C'lm::hn1- Mvn-lbunnlrl, lwn Hnwnrd,G1e-Lg Wnll, Mlulmellv li-xml, lulxv Anclvrson f'lm1lluu- H.n'r1:,, Kun-n Azalxxmxwu-, lm-lx l4vm.n:-wx lin-la Huw l'.ml Nclllv, Rlvk Russel, Rxvh Polors, lfnn Rmrnllxn, H111 Rosmnuml, l.nsa.n linkwr, l.nr1 Arxxuwxm, lil-:mul--ltn lvnu--ux, Mlclxellv llllglulqu, Kr1SfQn Barnvll, Lfwelm lfngdlxclo, lil R-xxxswlx, Mlvlwle- lQwxxml1ww::lu, l'1ll.xny Kun-lnmn 157 HARQLD MAUDE ...ual Colin l-liggins has created a hilar- iously touching comedy, Harold and Maude. Harold Cplayed by Robert Hungerfordl a nineteen year old young man, feigns suicide for the benefit of others. Unexpect- edly, Harold finds himself con- fronted with a vivacious 80 year old woman, Maude Cplayed by Po- chelle Knightl. Together the two experience a lifetime of emotions in one week. Through Maude, Har- old learns to cherish life through this fulfilling relationship. iw . A ' ra-f'T' 73 995 f'-pg ' Q, -fc ,f y Q3 4 x 4- ,T J? Q i: ---' I' L QKm1', X K If 1 R 1' sf R i 5 DIRECTOR MARIE T. KERWIN CRIQW Row I Luau Manson, Lum1m- Hcrrmq, Mm, I ML-Clntlny, 5111111-rmruf IJwC9rx-M, f'3.xmim Ifv.m::, R-uw QE Kam qpuvs 1-ss, Sam Vlxullmlllxedu, Slum-Hy Runyon, lulu- Hc'1r1d,Illl Vuncif-l1I1cul:-11, C'hv-ryl M.ul':1lmIi, Klxihy Sh-u1ly,f'1ruly W w Ixlh-lwanl, Kiwi:-I1 Exciness, Dun-x keazmk Ruw fifallxlculx Mllvllxnrmlci, Kathy Un-1-ly, f'lul:,Iun- Mm Ihwlmlwl, l,4n'1 uwar.i,GrPL1Wulf,M1L'l1ellvHul1'nl,Iulle Arnie-l':aul1,fflmxnixlxx- H.ur1::,Kdn-11 Aszhxxxsm-, IU4I1'14wr.n.1,,U11 Hawk Rrsw Ihul N--til'-, Rlrk Ruezflf-1 Rlvh P4-'!vl::, firm Rmlmi-all, Iixll Rusfxrxuwlul, I.l::u B411-14-I, I,rv11 fXrrx1"nI!s, lS"1rmfim'lIv- I.v-mlvux, Mlvhvllv Hll.i.1IL1-v Krlritvn Barn:-H, I.Ol'Q!h1 Fill-xrx1lvv, BI, Rmxsavlx, Mlvhvlv k'w1xmlmwLsl1r, 'I'lHKmy Klruuulm 157 HARQLD MAUDE 4 Colin I-liggins has created a hilar- iously touching comedy, Harold and Maude. Harold Qplayed by Robert Hungertordl a nineteen year old young rnan, teigns suicide tor the benetit ot others. Unexpect- edly, Harold finds himself con- fronted with a vivacious 80 year old woman, Maude Cplayed by Ro- chelle Knightb. Together the two experience a litetime ot emotions in one week. Through Maude, Har- old learns to cherish lite through this tultilling relationship. DTRECTQR Miss Kerwin, ASST. DIRECTOR' Kat Sam- uels, ASST. DIRECTOR STAGE MANAGER- Lisa Man- son Harold and Maude cast- Front row- lulie Anderson, Carol Hatley, Chris Herring, Kathy Van-Leeuwen, Linda Rolland, Cathleen McDonald, Tracy Nicholas, Franklin Hoover, Sara Charbonneau, Mark Blizzard, Darla Kniess, Kim Spucces, Middle row- Rich Peters, Dawn Detilla, Tittany Shaw, Robbie Hungerford, Rochelle Knight, Margaret Hendricks. Back Row- Greg Catelliere, Bill Thomas, Beverly Hall, Cheryl Marshall, Fred Graet, Michelle Romanowski, Karen Daughtery, left George, Leaiie Paluch, Christine MacDonald, Till Gilbreth, Russ Eddleman, Shaiinaii lohnson, Pat Reed, Kevin Cleere. 159 0 Ji!! 4, -rd ic: wg TECHNICAL DIRECTOR-Miss McCarthy, STUDENT TECHNICAL DIRECTQRS-Lorraine Herring, lill Anderson CREW- FRQNT ROW! Todd Blue, Lori Kohlhase, Catherine DeGroel, Lisa lansen RCW 2- Erin Riordan, Michael W. Mc.:Manarny, Maki Talceuchi, Amy McKay, Loretta Hajardo, Darla Kniess, lulie Bond, Lynn Muilca BACK RCW- Lianne Nuse, lill Vanderrneulen, Debbie Cutler, Diane Baker, Carrie Guinn, ill Henderson, Wayne Spence C'1?Iz'W' FRONT KOW- Leigh fiaiiclora, Shelly Kiinyan, Monique Kilo, Cheryl Marshall, lason Mrtllqnliam RCVDW Q- l.aiira Sivlirovsslzy, Hill lQosarnoncl, Sie-pli' anis-v Heyer, Kristi von Aspen, Kathy Timely, Clluvlly Tlioniasa, iiliu AIl1'lf?T'fSI'DIl, Larry Myers, MlCTlTi,?llE?l3r,1lY'Cl BAC 'K HCUW- Mfirli ldlizziirml, lhiva- Miissicill, C5revcg Wcvllgl, Paul Nolief, Cimecg Ulesufa, Rifrlz Finiitli, Tony Uli-sms, liilrivlz Riifssi.-ll MQW g'.., Q , 1' J' if ns-Of QSNQAE1 . X Sk X X gg ASQ E155 X X X N 1-QC? ix w. X ik -- .-x X . x .Q X x L QAQ Q X . Q W Q X , mms 1' x xg X X fr of .ba X sl 5 It 1 . X-SQ! sf nf 'NJ Y' K K ' f. W ,,A..5,,S,F.kx. X M.- 'X 4. Q X -e-tw w:auvf 1Q, ' , Xw X! fic-' .""f Nw 1 :Y k M' .N ,mum--ff-M, Agpku, " -S PI, v - l The Yearbook Staff began a very optimistic year. The late arrival of our previous book made us more determined than ever to get our deadlines out on time. Our photographers Dale Shough, David Nelson and Robert Hunger- ford have more than proved themselves to be excellent in dilligent coverage and quality prints. Our apprentice photographers Brian Kidney and Brian Marshall are doing a great job. Scheduling photos of groups is turning into a note exchange marathon from mailbox to mailbox. Retakes have been neces- sary for as many reasons as there are different situations. The staff is working very hard to make this yearbook new, innovative and the best ever. Bravo! Mrs. Davis Advisor YEARBOOK EDITORS-Front Row-Dale Shough Sports Editor and Photographer, Rob- ert Hungerford Photo Editor and Photographer, David Nelson Chief of Staff and Photographer Second Row- Rick Kerr Student Photo Editor, Amanda Landers and Kim Stahl CNot Picturedj Scheduling Editors Am-nil' YEARBOOK STAFF-Front Row- David Nelson, Brian Marshall, Pick Kerr, loan Purcell, Dale Shough Second Row- Dawn Valery, Nicol Peters, Dawn Sadowsky, Sonya Deder- ich, Amanda Landers, Kandia Peake, Cathy Price, Lori Kohlhase Back Row- Armando Villanueva, Chris Thomas, Steve Deymonaz, Heather Reutter, Brian Kidney, Ben Hos- ley, Patricia Figueroa, Advisor Mrs. L. Davis, Not Picture Robert Hungerford 163 'QxW?Q! Qvb QQ, 0546.5 xqhfbv ,5 x Cz., elif PA' LQ wb b Q9 fgfq-5 Q QI- Q5 Gygax Nix bf Q5 .fe bb ,Q ' Q-f-vb Navi? ' Q, X effigy 'WSJ S409 9321! 'fbgw Vg D4 Nwbfsjgx Q3 JD XQQJM ' 5 J LO S, LXQQL PA hw dbg, Saw, cr, .3 l M Y ga VNM4 4' X m 7fM Qmwmg qwowugum QGJUKUG JMWQWJMUHJW Ulm 5' UW m I ,,y A mglikfi J 56" W' ,DJ wee xv .v J G Front: David Fierabend, Rob Downing, Tom Alaniva, Eric Micotti, Alan Brown, Brad Diana. Row 2 Don Saewert, Gary Alves, Gabe Wayne Pesnell, loey Muniz, Richard Peters, Rudy Thill, Scott Green, Anthony Vasquez, Coach Sanford. Row 3: Coach Harms, lohn Scott Ruetter, Marcus Steele, Kevin Kluge, Greg Ludwigsen, lason Evans, Greg Castro, Rick Beaubien, Coach Putman. Row 4: Tim Greg Bailey, Kevin Campbell, Scott Brakebill, Bill Owsley, Tom Hungerford, Matt Amdor. Back Row: Darrell Stone, Phil Thompson lackson, Dane Wagher, David Wargula, Greg Wyatt, Darin Beierle, lason Wisch. Noi' Pictured: Fletcher Wile. VARSITY FOQTBAT .T X 9 S MC 6' , f. J.. ,fmfq ,Y .i,A A M 'ha-pf s-...J 1 'QU MN-...J ,ly 'S f 25707 in 3 WN... - N ff s ""'-3, :V ' Q K ' ,gi f ' . g , ' f AA A f, b Q . . e ' x X, in-, f xt ",A, f e , 9' XM 1? J 'Zig "" , .,,.' K. 5, x Q f :-,' I Z. Q 'W f a 4. .:.. 1 -. s K 4' Q mf' - ff 1 . f"'1 is , 'fl ' gxng v . D A I t Ps vclffs' j . A l ' wg 4 x ' X . K i mxkb ' ? 2 X535 ' 5 X gm, QL X5 X L , A S - X. 8' "fa: A 12 Md! ... l V . FQGTBAI .l. - IK .. ,... if .inn Pow: lerry Henry, Derek Abbitt, Chris Chandler, Hank Durham, Gabe Tesnado, Bob Roether, David Britts, Doug Fierbend. Two: Vince Purcell, Greg Granado, Mark Benavidez, Scott Skinner, Billy Riecl, Vern Weqeitner, Paul Buttermore, Derek ht, Steve Hendricks. Row Three: Coach Bauer, Aaron Evans, Devon Arrnentrout, Charlie Brooks, Skip Stewart, Mark Brakebill, Moss, Mike Simon, David Blair, Coach Moore, Back Row: Erik Silvey, Robin White, lohn Beaubien, left lenkins, Wil Gozales, ,abrera, Todd Daoust, Hans Sedore. 169 FROSH FCCTBALL -v Front Row - loe Gable, Torn Roberts, Trent Battershell, Mark Adomo, Ken Gentry, Row 2 Smith, Chad lohnson, lohn Evans, Rat Buttermore, Keith Couldskie, Arron Feldman, Scott McNeil, Darrin Veros Hain, Brio Diana, Kevin Hollan. Row 3 - Coach Ramirez, Ronnie Naeqelin, Lance Roth, left Hakalmazian, Larry Allen Sauimi, Greg Gibbions, Billy Crawtord, Matt Garrinqer, Robert Colceri, Coach Perkins. Row 4 - Louis Tony Webber, Benny Allen, Bob Villanueus, Ben Holm, Chris Osborn, Scott Daely, Scott Champion. Row 5 - lim Ronnie Maeqelim, lohn Croteau, Todd Severmak, Tim Larson, Kevin Gover, lim Devenney, lames Sandoval, Chip GANG - Front - President Amy Abdai, Vice Donna Bierman, Mr. Hudson CSponsorl, Tre- lill Vandermeulen, Wendy lohnson Back - Mr. CSponsorD, Lisa lripodi, Dana Ybarra, Monique Beth Kern, Mr. Coldrion CSponsorD, Not Pic- - Donna Lorenz, Anne Gardner. 231' X 3 N... ' Q The Chain Gang are a group of dedi- cated girls that are trained to run the markers during the trosh, junior var- sity, and varsity football games. They hold an annual dance and are spon- sored by Mr. Hudson, Mr. Ginn, and Mr. Coldrion. , N N CHAIN GANG VARSITY CRCDSS- CCUNTRY The Varsity Boys' Cross Country team tin- ished a highly successful season C14-ll, and were the Skyline Division Runner-up. The team was paced by Matt Betebenner, Carlos Telles, Martin Weight, Eric Grubbs, Tom Monroe, and Tim Lentz. Coach Gregg Sawyer teels that this was the. Varsity team's best season, but is optomistic toward the future with so many young run- ners enjoying success. AND FRCSI-l BQYS' CRCSS CC U N TRY Varsity - Front Row - Dustin Ramsey, Brent Vanier, Chris Web- Leonard Mcllven, Back Row - Coach Sawyer, lack Darnwijk, Scott left Keaton, Chris Dow, Tim Bennett Front Row - David Sneed, Scott Wilmont, Paul Wilson, Greg Back Row - lason Sturges, Mike Szoke, Mark Decker, Kevin Segal, Conrad, Coach McReynolds The IV and Frosh Cross Country programs en- joyed outstanding success combining tor a 25-6 overall season record with the IV being the standouts at l6-O. l 173 SIRI CRQSS CGUNTRY , ,.., M,-N,..w- , W - x... A ' - ' n K, tk f K . gd... -W--' . of " - mr., 1 K K q4m....q,pk " K' kk . . in T I,-,T sawn ..... .amy ..... ,.x.. was .qw-,N-1 sw-ssl: 'MAX 'tx 'fn ' Y' . A fmivnwuimnn 'Bud gunna! -. .ww an-un: nylrgnnnunlundf E2 ggi.. t.. , t.."'i- W,...n-Pffk' 'T-YN- ' ssfw Front Row - Becky Cooke, Pam Murry, Debbie Bonatto-Vice-President, Melissa Hartley-Secretary, Marcela Quintana, Back Row - Ms. Whalley, Trina McLaughlin-President Lisa Hitatter, Elisa Hoffman, Anne Gardner, Amy Abdai-Treasurer, Mrs. McAnerny The Cross Country Streakers meet each Wednes- day morning during the cross country season. The clubs' tunction is to work the Cross Country meets and provide money tor mileage awards, national competition etc. In addition, they also sponsor a dance and have a candy sale. The clubs' sponsors are Ms. Whalley and Mrs. McAnerny. 174 ' 1 ,Q ' .J-941' ma - , A -1,-,,,5"'1"-W, X. R V .uv - . Randy Epson, Brandon Ong GULF ow- Tom Ackerman, Tom Ippolito, Rod lakes. Back Row- Coach Ioseph, Ste-pehen Ong, Kyle vi :V 1, ,.,, , wwvlxnmwll i AA l H M wghg, H m , a,., Q Hl3nHiS I VARSITY VCT .T .FYBAT .T . The Varsity Volleyball team served up a 8-4 league record and a lO-8 overall season. Led by Seniors Gayle Newman and LuAnn Roberts, the Rockets won the last 9 games ot their schedule and competed in the very competitive Divisional playotts. Qther key players were Tina Berg, Yvonne Gastello, Dawn Schultz, and Linda Druyor. Gayle Newman and LuAnn Roberts recieved lst Team All-League Hon- ors. The team recieved The Sportsmanship Award, given by the Arizona Volleyball Officials Association, tor their outstanding character displayed on the court throughout the 1984 season. Front row - Linda Druyor, Lisa Briner, Middle Row - lustine Hammer Cmanagerl, LuAnn Roberts, Pam Brockman, Eileen Andrews, Tricia Shaw Back Row - Dawn Shultz, Stacy Peugnet, Tina Berg, Gail New- man, Yvonne Gastello, Coach Linda Benson 176 TUNICDR VARSITY Opp. M.V. Horizon 2 O Xavier 2 l Shadow Mountain l Q Prescott l 2 Deer Valley l 2 Apollo 2 l St. Mary's l 2 Xavier l 2 Shadow Mountain 2 l Sunnyslope 2 l Deer Valley 2 l Appollo 2 O Front Row - Rene l-lousos, Robbie Run- dall, Middle Row - Valerie Unger, lodi Torrenson, Amy Aird, Back Row - Sally Ann Pisciotta CCoachl, Cassie Utterback, Shannon Krebbs, Bobbi Briner, Mary MCGough, Mendy Whitaker, Diane larnes. FRCDSI-l VCT .l .FYBPJ .l . FRQSH VQLLEYBALL f Front Row - Pam Pratt, Cheri Bdbimski Middle Row - Phillis Roberts, Cristi l-larbisori, Kelly Kritausky, Robin Lariqton Back Row - Cindy Boyuka, Christy Valero, lody Miller, Pam Qlsori, Cin- dy Scott, Kristy ldckson, Tracy White, Mr. Walsh SWIMMING Front Row - Rob Hollinger, Marcus Vitale, Lee Schwab, Dave Anderson Middle Row - Scott Dawson, Freddy Flores, Scott Marshall, Chris Zapp, lohn Page, Matt Lentz, Cory Niver Back Row - Dan Hull, Mark Meyer, Peter Deise, Dave Dooley, Mike Quinlan, Chris Kibsey, Kevin Kibsey, Rick Crider, Mark Baysa i n l Front Row - Maki Taguchi, Debbie Waddington, Mi- chelle Greenfield, lulie Blair Middle Row - lenny Holt, Keri Bearden, Liz Sloan, Shannon Lane, lulie Sigert Back Row - Diane Cole, Sarah Horowitz, Lachell Martin, Terro Abney, Kris Fenton, Cindy Hakalmazian, Kim Stemmler, Lisa Holt SKTNNY DIPPERS The Skinny-Dippers are the swimming teams support group. The organization sponsors several tunctions throughout the year. They also keep times tor the swim- mers and help out with other statistics, Front Row - Kim Farrar, Camala Floyd, Tracy Scherber, Theresa Kramer Back Row - Mrs. Patricia Lewis, Kath- leen Crean, Samara Ferver, Dynda Butcher, Gaylynn Trapp, Lisa Graham 1 1 The Varsity Badminton team completed another successful season, with a 9-3 overall season re- cord. The team was lead by senior Michelle McKee, who tinished with the best singles re- cord. Erica Klein and Vivian Holm had an ll-1 doubles record. Klein and Holm also took third place in the divisional tournament before going to the state tinals. Front row- Heather Reutter, Bl. Ruch, Kathryn Pollack Middle row Katie Warner Krista Simmons McKenna, lean Lamphier, Sheri Raver. Back row Lori Kallc Melanie Hobbs Vivian Holm Erici Shannon Hughes, Michelle McKee, Laura Turensky Coach Webster BAD-MINTON i s 181 SCDFTB!-Xl iyfwx Y rv , , .., ,. .. -.W,Nf , , Q -, 1 f X Q ,Hr V 5' -44 'Sq . ,,- Varsity Softball Front Row-lustine Hammer CMgr.D, Sherry Viqliotto, Tammy Sanders, Stephanie Sal Middle Row-Mandy Guerrero, Mona Hurtado, Kim Schlink, Robloi Swain, locly Miller, Kim Contry Stacy Pickrel Back Row-Miss Meyer CAsst, Coachj, Patty Firlit, Rachel Brown, Vivian Holm, Yvc Gastelo, Doreen luarez, Miss Hunt CCoachD Front Row-Robbie Rundall, Amy Aird, Carrie Groth- Valero, Sonya Dederich Middle Row-Stephanie Terry odi Hall, lean Lamphier, Terri Abney, Cindy Hakalmazian, Whittaker Back Row-Ms. Kathy Barnard CCoachl, Holly Rick Beaubien CMqr.l, Dan Waqher CMqr.j, Darin Bierle Scott Green CMqr.l, Tina Berq, Ms. Denise Burnes CCoachl , ,Q y Frosh Sottball Front Row-Kristen l-liqqens, lulie Frazier, Phyllis Roberts, Kristen Rynish Middle Row-Stephanie Toth, Kelly Krit- kausky, Tricia Burkland, Tami Castro, lustine Virqil Back Row- Mr. Walsh QCoachD, Chelly Thomas, Missy Bridgeman, Pamela Qlson, Cynthia Scott, Kristy lackson, Stephanie l-liqlit, Wendy Landers fl " ww--.................,,,w -.-NT ..,. aff'-'da WM Z TMI: N q 183 5 ff. ' Q .X 3 X N W1 wwf X XA X. X .,, .. A SX X ,Lf .PQ vw- A 2 52 i ix X X 3 S X X x X X X X X X -. Q ,f "-in-.--"....f -Nsvdm m...,.,ff f ..... f '--...f f- N 'Qi Q' W" 'NMS'-Mfg .- N, , 5, --. -.f A ,M,m'M x,m M Q 1 185 TV AN D FRCDSH WRESTLING Ah' A va 6 AM. W' i E 8 lV Wrestling-Front Row-Denise Rodriquez CManaqerl, Davicl Anderson, l-lank Durham, Toby Scovel, lerry Henry, lohn Paqe, Andy Ritcholt, Larry Ayers, Duncan Allen, Kathy Warner Back Row-Mr. Clark tcoachj, Dean Mortensen, Robert McDaniel, Brett Hiqbee, Steve Mayors, David Blair, Mark Brakebill, Skip Steward fm ' 'HU 'ai Sys' V 4 , 4,7 ,rv , M A " i 571- :QQ :sg I Fas Frosh Wrestling-Front Row-Bob Merwin, Tell Hakalrnazian, Tu Geer, Scott Wilnioiit, Alan l-luxtorcl, Scott Huxlorcl, Rod Vilooldr Back Row-Scott Rakicli, Scott Daley, Todd Severnaic, Eric Dil lolwn Poquetle, Tony Allard, Scott Brazil, Mr. Back 'B 952 H . Sfifx ,, .sis c , S AASFK F P, . V PIN PALS Pin-Pals is the girls support qroup for the school's wrestling program. Members help organize and run all home wrestling match- es. Many social activities are enjoyed by the Pin Pals and wrestlers during the season. Sales and other money making activities pro- vide funcls tor extra equipment and wrestling camp scholarships. GF sy? ra fl, SAS. 5 PALS- Front Rowflqracy Merz, Michelle lackson, Nicole Abbitt, Linda Druyor, Shannon Zak, Sheila Gunter, Mindy lesby, Angie Kramer Second Row-Cindy Sorenson, Jill Humphreys, Gina Shaublin, Shannon Enders, Pam McGuire, nna Pacheco, Shelly Herndon, Kristin Hiqqens, Christy Cavale Back Row-Patricia Bear, Kris Skoqen, Teresa Herberer, ira Brickman, Lisa Walker, Chris Fenton, Karen Hobbs, Chris Q'Connor, Tina Miller, Phyllis Aquire, Linda Parker Ionsorl mg SCDCCER Soccer 1984-B5 Thunderbird Washington Cortez Greenway Horizon St. Marys Cactus Brophy Greenway Aqua Fria Brophy Deer Valley Apollo Shadow Mountain Thunderbird Overall- Q13-QD OPPONENT l l O 3 3 l O l 2 O 2 O Varsity Soccer-Front row-Brian McDonald, Chuck Diaz, David Grothaus, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Brown, Hu ins, Gre Veatch, Tony Nelson, lason Nash, limmy McGee, Second row-Don llilleqass, Lisa Farney, QQ Q Peru, Darrin Bryant, Mark Covoloski, Troy Evans, Martin Weight, Myles Lewis, Brett Kortie, Brian Novm livans,Kr1sta Simons Back rowfBr1an Krauss, Scott Reutter, Chris Dewell, Rob Kr1tkauslcy,Se-an Mclieuver, Bil Cary Cabral, Pat Stewart, Steve Reutter lAsst. Coachl l I--6-4 W., 'VN4 ,wmv W , 1 Q .Mk , ts 3 1 ,I A ,. Mm' fn -ff ,- wm- ff 5 W , x F' Eid 5, ww Q XS fx, ,fl X S- . -lk A X w Q fsffiwgfgiffff 'Sv 5 Swing, Qs sv ig f ,X hs X X 6 ' ,iww aw-v"" ,is 5 -4. x S ' SS! 'Y -14.-H Wave i""!:'i1"', , , fm., I 4 'X:...' F -' ,wx M ,fx nn Wm.. .nv Q Sxgxu xi f. kk! 5 gg . , Q ,gtg sb!-'S A ,J 4 ,jx , I .. k. x NH .x. ,f g . asv, XV W . SR' 'fi X! :rf ,Fixx J EQ 1 i:'ifZff-QR Qu: .yggsgg ff' 1,v' .A K 3.3: 77' '55, 1 'Wifi AE. N W. - -... 189 BHEK B LL Varsity Basketball-Front Row- Bryan Coley, Eric Austin, lohn Curry, li Wisch, Brad Larson, Don Cuppy, Kyle Fernandez. Back Row- Pam Mi Dennis Lewis, Drew Tutt, Kelly Litqren. Kent Hatcher, Larry Bateman, P Byrne, Bobby Parker, Coach Vogt 344 i "-vu I X. D 4. .. 4 , 4 L Rugby, sg' ii l .V, Basketball Front Row-Vance lohnston, Casey George, Ben Hawkins, Matt Lange, Barry Pritchett, Ming Moss Back Row- Coach Van Doeselarr, left lenkins, lim Field, left Girard, Steve Tripc-di, Tom Balcom, Andy Gray, Tim Bennett, Gary Gregg, Coach lacobs HQCDPSTERS The object of the Hoop- sters is to provide enthu- siatic support tor the Rocket basketball pro- gram. Throughout the season the girls work con- cession and keep score at all the home games. The members ot the group also enjoy social activities such as picnics and clin- ner parties. 193 W' riff wfkffly Wt .1 VNU 57,9 QGCK QSXLKEI5 Q 9 Frosh Girls Basketball Front: Phyllis Roberts, Annette Lucero, Tammy LV. Girls Basketball Front: Mendy Whittaker, lodi Toraason, T Castro. Middle: lody Godsil, Robin Langdon, lulie Gerliart, Carrie cook, Wendy Holm. Back: Dawn Schultz, lenny Holt, lulie VVaHmHL Backzlkny Rudznmkr HeaHmx Reunen SuzeHe Took Roni Vanexm Vamym,Teny Abney,KslWeyertCoacH Wolfe, Wendy Landers, Sue Blomberq CCoaClij oi?'R'D'7' v"""t:fi v Ufjffffi ' W3 8,A'?,',-51' j Varsity Girls Basketball-Front: LuAnn Roberts, Patty Firlit, lody Miller, Heidi Peniska, Holly Lorka. Back: Klein, Gayle Newman, Vivian Holm, Lachell Martin, E. Hunt Cffoachl. 194 v Q enum? ,lf wf Af! , yn S 4 .f M aj r" My 3 X :yy x xk 3:4 S--Sl u s Q! Q. a Q Q 1... Q. .0 H,,.,...ff f-K .M Mn.. Q QF my .., i 1 A 4, ,.,m,,,, if 9 LW ,ai MW - VW , ,,,, , if A, b l Y ' y f ' A l df' fi' f 1 l.V. and Varsity Tennis Front Row-F red Flores, lamey Kirklin, Wil Velez, David Miller, Bill Cavan- aqh Back Row-Coach Crumrine, Shawn Larn- loert, Mike George, Ca- sey George, Mike Pooler, Sieve Qnq, Brian Hawkins Not Pictured: Kelly Thomas l , .,,, w h7M:9 vi uyxjfo- iv x . 1 4, i i 7 . """"'Hms,,.,, Amamz Z 196 3465 vs 1 5? 9431? f X Swk sw- 5 v w 055' 4 n x gi 3 QF j Ear? mmm - H l.V. and Varsity Tennis Front Row-Fred Flores, larney Kirklin, Wil Velez, David Miller, Bill Cavan- aqh Back Row-Coach Crumrine, Shawn Lam- bert, Mike George, Ca- sey George, Mike Pooler, Steve Ong, Brian Hawkins Not Pictured: Kelly Thomas ,,.. " 'Q fg , . fy , 5 S .h 2 A at if 5 ,ii,it, , A Wm' , W 2, fi V, lwmluam-uwi A W., , 'Q WWW . 4. 233 ,,-...LM 196 S i, ESQ 1 Q Q S Q .S X31 R W WHSIIRWRW 1 S I 5 x I .X Q s I 5 t J N i s K 0 I ? . 1 I or K I . I I we f Rv? . , -ww-Sw , . mvusf. .VV ff ,, -M I J , W,W,ZfuiaQazfx ,V KL l X, . 5 i G. V I N. .um Y 9 4, we ,,...-vw W 14:9 fiwv fy' MW- X V- IUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS TENNIS- Front row- Ienniter Kohl, Kathryn Pollak, Monique Nguyen, Back row' Deana Kitlinqsworth, Patricia Kelty, Sonya Bonnette Qmanaqerl Gina Burdette, Coach Schmid. IVIeIindd y Q i ' I , RX L , Mx M., , i .i,, , -,Q Lk .X N 'V I c - 4 545' -I .. 'A'i N. sys, S 'ICQ Q 'i5i'?fi'5Xi- 'M .X .gy J 5 Yr fwjgg .,i N.. S, .. gl wffsn-w , . M: .-N A gm: Q, - , . -W . - ' .... .,.'S4E'J,'nQ5S?T"' -. EJWCQV - nj ,. W, ge ,fix SSX K Q ,i ..g,QL ., ,n .. . . i .l i i M , ,Q .D gt. A um, .J-,g - if fi- Isix if ff 'H L ' - '3 F. K " ' as . ' . ' v X. N 'Ag V xw sg . Y . X . X X - F' 5 1 .- isle f Wen f gi . 5 . 3 I' L k I t 5 v . y i t ' ' Yigii 5 ez' :,.-::- as J 4 ,.,if,i fx. . ..- sill A . f - A xi xx' 4 ,K .S RLS VARSITY TENNIS- Front row- Amy Abdai, Michelle Mckerind. Back row- Debbie Rewieii, Lori Kalk, Miviielle 'Kee-, Tm Iohrisori, Conch Schmid. I - b 1 , , swf v,,163nw,N ,M-ifwaaafpv ,- , X, 1-W.. nf gemnw -Ms V,-, Ng-,N-+ -wwf 'if' ips: E t 956 is .A K F2 . ' K Q i B f -2 I X"--'f-'-f'..'LL+'1f1:f: - -as 1 ,.f" :"r"' X " B ' .A 3.159 HV' 'K X N X wigs Ks '?'?5I?"F""',, 9 5g!g'gQ it x is H. Qflnguq ska, 5' ,X if M-K. sf f .M e X H af xx bb :gm X 5 v + -was - wx.. M if"r-W ii.dilf..s-fmt 'li wk -Ms we w , , , . 1 . if gif" fm 4 -. 'l-I 0 '21 2 ,- 4 ei , ,. , sg, if - Nw sim. f' tftf'ff1':." ss M X E i f N Q Y E ff -- -. . fx Q X X 1 Q X S Y n -,- , W X? . ...H in , ,M X , A.... ,M -h . .v .ff Hg 5 X W fx Xe f. ., X, - . is N ' t M- r 5+ x Ng X' 1 K mr., ,1 F - .x N.. Q 5 Q . ,, Q K W MM Yr. il Ak S, S t . 5 N fe fp 3' Q 'AJTE 5? K thi s B F - ' , i .if J, . "',,'q. .fuptgxqr iix A ff- ggi, ,. Q , . 1 5 Q 1 - ' , j s M . 1 has , ,- 7-.' ., w, S .1 ' f ' f Q- -M : .. . N srsfv.-,H Q lv . , If r f -0 ' f - x '1 t .sr . 1 -X'--J-,wg 4 in i - - f y 'E X ': W i X' f' sri-A we X r K if if ' . -4- sl' A t' is C' fs .L J' A 5 xg.. , gy, X X K xi , K I. 5 W . D A tm, K , J A wsfQg.i r ' 1 ,, , , , L X, X-M... - - wk, k N, 1 s.sN,,,, ff- b - J 2 a s -. v j so - , , -- , ---is MA' -- ...Ng , - f ' A X 1? . 6 k,5..i.s.1,,a,, Lv V z.. ' ' X BN L4 l. , . , 1 L-i Varsity Baseball Front: Alan Brown, Doug Upshir, Sean Brown, Rudy Peru, Rich Panzer, Middle: Tom Jones, Bill Morgan, Ed Gilman, Mike Burrola, lim Thome, Bo Galloway, Xavier Valdez, Kelly Litgren, Back: Coach Bauer, Scott Brakebill, Matt Amdor, Bill Owsley, Phil Thompson, Robert Reagan, Lance Newman, Dennis Lewis, Coach Phipps. Sw s -Q3 wi 'S Sf fx ,Nf- ,X 'vf mfs? we , YT xx 200 P ""-9501 ,"Q'uvwiw.w, The 1985 baseball crew started out their season rated number one going into the annual Easter Tourna- ment. The team had twelve returning seniors and were led by third year lettermen Robert Reagan and Mike Burrola, along with key pitching by Xavier Val- dez and Kelly Lifgren. 201 L if S 4 9 ,A FRGSH BASEBALL: Front-Randy Epson, Casey Trojanek, Keith Covoloski, . A Gentry, Ramon Dominguez, Middle Row4Greg Gibbons, Eric Diana, Curt N V Greg Thorne, Frank Stubbs, Back Row-Coach Scott Barker, lohn Croteau " -- - 5 Caruthers, Ronnie Naegelin, Daryle Mesgina, Tony Webber, lohn Roquette, Manager Eric Greener. LV. BASEBALL: Front Row-Derek Wright, Kevin Haeberle, Scott Reutter, Mark Brakebill, Bob Roet Middle Row-Gary Gregg, Vance lohnston, Vern Vlfegleitner, Matt Lange, lim Keenan. Back Row-CCI Stantord, Pat Stewart, Wil Gonzales, Ralph Lemons, Richie I-lolinger, Doug Vigano. BLUGGERAIDES Sluggersaide is the support group tor the boys' baseball teams. Members asist in orga- nizing and running all home baseball games. Their responsibilities include scorekeeping, batgirls, and baking. Fund raising activities include a dance and at least one sale during the season. ,.,w,.hv" 'Y try its GGERSAIDES Front: Nancy Dotterer, lackie Meyer, Kristen Eidsness, Becky Brackins, Row 2: lenni ge, Stephanie loth, Shanon Kenens, lodie Sutter, Tina Dear, Amy Sparks. Back: Michele Vanl-lewsen, nne Valdez, Chris O'Conner, Kim Karcher, Dianna Pacheco, Karen Hobbs, lenniter Thomas, Diana ter. 1' BUYS DISTANCE TUMPS, Sz VAULT! ...El yr Kip Boys Distance- Row l- David Sneed, Aiul Singh, lelf Szymura Row 2- Daniel, Mark Decker, Troy Conrad, Doug Fierabend, Shane lngram, Darren Tom Monroe, Eric Grubbs, lell Kealon, Chris Webster. Row 3- Paul Filzergald Dow, Dave Nelson, Rod Core, Tim Bennet, Marlin Weighl, Mall Belebenner Raffle, Carlos Telles lllli. lumps and Vaults-Froni: Toby Scovel, Scott Nicholls, David Wheeler, Andy Fenicle. Mi Hank Durham, Rob Hollinger, Dave Fierabend, lefl Randolph, lell Keaton, David Ando Aaron Evans, lohn Herlneky. Back: Dustin Ramsey, Paul Buiiermore, lohn Beaubien, LeCompte, Kyle Fernandez, Delete, Tom Balcom, Kevin Goyer, Scot! Kelly, ludson Hump PRINTERS, HURDLERS AND VEIGHT GRQUR QPRINTQ CSI HURDLES' FRQNT ROW Sie hen Goldber Derek Abbiit K - - ' D 1 Qi f Nichols, Hank Durlfiam, Roger Hain, Travis Hash. Middle Row-Byron Ellis, lim Shayne ljrilloii, Scott Green, Charles Rulari lll, Mike Be-rqqreri, Cliip Mike Plieitaplace, Les Rliyriard. Back Row-lameS Tarber, Robin While, Tim ludsou Humphrey, lasori Wamble, Drew Tull, Rick EdwardS,lOhr1 Beaubieri, "1""'i Bailey, Steve Dawson. C IO1lI,J'l'I'OIill lem lories:,C,l1ris Cliaridler, Rob Walls, l2i1ilSl11v+llliaml, lurii' vii Ari Clll1'll, lwliri lil-vwie, loliri lewis, llama Scrclore. Back: Rob Mvliaii- Y 1 Q, D li l , Dane Wig er,lD ive W irquli, Erik Silvey, ine 0130 . 7 . 1 'J .Q m.S'w. un'-hrvh,-new 1 W, 'V'-H' ' ,, ng Wa --. f wage, mqxgnmw , W ,,ff ff :ff I ,f ,wi fyk, -. Jigffitzait 'av w ,MQ-uvnvwsm Ni .1 'Q S ,kk . ,, - Q R . Q 3 . ..:. ff -saw X 1 f 5- i -- ,sk ' 1 ti - S1 i f H . ' W -' Vs. 1 . 5 .. - st -S ii is - - - Q t ' ' . - X - if rf 'X Y , 4 is , - K QFN ' F - . , 'Q - R slnsws ,v so J' Q13 ,ff Q Q. t X FROST-I BOYS AN VARSITY GIRL . 517' Frosh Boys FRONT ROW-Roger Hain, Travis Hash, Steven Bolbers MIDDLE ROW-lohn Iett Szymura, Kevin Segal, Phil Louison, Paul Shiverson, Troy Conrad, Rob Watts, Rodarme, Rob Hollinger, Trent Battershell BACK ROW-David Porter, Chip Main, Mike gran, Tim Larson, Ioe Ostrich, lim Handzel, Kevin Goyer, ,lohn Devore, Drew Cuilla 5 'ir Q aww Girls Track FRONT ROW-Rene Houses, Tammy Rosen, Holly Burkowitz, Gillen, Cindy WhiteHead, Sheri Viqliotte, Christine Webster, Kathy Pabst, Reardon, Annete Tallaros BACK ROW-Emily Kleeschute, Shannon Krebbs, Siewert, Tammy Rowe, Kris Fenton, Tina Berg, Suzie Terhorst, Bobbie- Briner, Contryman, Carrie Grothaus 206 'Roan GIRLS AND DUST BUSTERS ' ' NHRA tim i x S wfl Q , X ,SN XX t W ,Rex S Q X QT' F L 6 my I , ., , lj, .A '. ,xi F AF' , 'f 3 it M Q :' . R ' T51 . -. - ' - kv f :Q .. . 2 Q lteytgl, 1 exf t , Lf Q Q ' ,ig H, x A YS L W, , y - es - , , L tl T its f ., C fr C B T 'N i V 1 ff , ' f ' T ff?i'.:gi.f T , 2 f al . X 1 etyt v 1 .L fiat. 6 It X L ' , B L , 5 M S Q by I J b br J V X .tg ,... t Sv W . t F" T -.-Ls H A - ' 1 . Rn! K-K 5 w - Gy n v ,TTR U K x i .ag 1 at . sag. T. .X.Qx -R -. i we -. , W, L W , bxx -. W A L - yt C tttt t. Akls I T .gi-' ff "7' -ja' ' ,J p Af, .. 2 1 Wt vg f my -f ,.hh i 1 , ajft: 2, 'h Girls Track FRONT ROW-Christina Monroe, Cvolda Bellinqer, Carlotte Truman, Marilyn 1 kins, Kelly Kritkawsky, Tina Contryman, MIDDLE ROW-Kim Carlin, Robyn Novak, Dawn ry, Tracy Dicarlo, Dawn Becker, Misty Barnes, Angie Gilliqan BACK l?OWfTittany Ste- , Deanna Hubbs, Cindy Scott, Laura Bear, Doreen luarez, Alica Lopez, Christy Valero T BUSTEPS: Front Row-Teri Foreman, Kristen Hiqqens, Tina Corey, Sliiela ter, Laney Allard, Sliannon Zak, Miflnille Powellenise lnlant, Miclielle laluqlues, ly Herndon, Kathleen Cfrean, Teresa Heberer, Stacey Wilsori. Back Row-Fam qer Sponser, Micvlielle Buttinqton, Robyn Farrell, Camie Throclcmorton, Lisa , Linrla Uriiytlr, Laura Bricglcinan, lacglcie Yee, .gmt ,A L "Mr 'F I 67 1 MMT? . 3. . W A Q riff ie, ff Wg, f-1 , W ,n - urn El'j,giVQ 9 I? 1. JP 4 1 gk QQ X ? A xx ,KK Qu' , ,A A N if f -as g B - 4 f iw. xa s -"H" i 'N K 1 mQMD.LL 151 XM 3wM fwwwmkj Qpgwmwwvjvhmjpm UK KUJQJP DM wxw001 g1 QUm QQ fjfx,Qfv,i ,XgLTQUL.UCl1JCOufNQ.fxc bQCQVlJ'CLfQ1. !iGjDuJ1CU wang ,i , igijfg' 4:9 M G.U.S.D. G-GVERNING BOARD A B . .. t, Bm Stout Richard Staple-y t I GUHS Board member GUHS Board clerk V , z lacqulyn Carter Anne Schultz I p Dr. Craig Trueblood r GUI-IS Board member GUI-IS Board member GUHS Board president The five members of the Governing Board are elected by ihe commiinityrrandmllegallylcharged with the responsiblity oi setting goals and establish policies which will govern the operation ot the district. The superintendent and his staff, hire the Governing Board, are responsibl operating the schools according to erning Board policy. Gerald E. George, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools fl0C'N VALLEY iDM1N1STRATlQN David Santellanes icipal wey Williams an Of Students Sieger Kwiatkowski lvfelba Vallas Assistant Principal Assistant Principal lennifer lohnson Assistant Dean On behalf of the Faculty and Administration, 1 would like to commend you for your numer- ous contributions to Moon Valley High School during the 1984-85 school year. Your academic, activity, and athletic involvements have added to Moon Va11ey's tradition of ex- cellence. To the class of 1985 -- we offer you thc best wishes for successful and post-secondary ex- periences. You are now alumni of Moon Val- ley High School and can look back with fond memories at the years you spent with us. We hope that your high school experiences have prepared you for the next step in pursuing your career goals. May the most that you wish for be the least that you receive. Good luckll To the classes of 1986, 1987, and 1988 - You still have a chance to make additional contri- butions to Moon Valley, Take activities. Your involvement will enrich your high school ex- periences, To everyone - thank you for making the 1984-85 school year so successful, You are Moon Valley High School, and l'm proud to be associated with youll Sincerely, Dr. David Santellanes Principal Teachers M is is k..k: in Q K ' f L- 5 is ti-W-Ei W Avis Albright English William Berech Physical Education it ,. .. at A F Sig ,iiiii ia as 4Q Charlotte Caldwell Vocal Music Michael Feller Social Studies ffl 5 If tg- Q Mary Pat Garry Business Education 214 y lff gs if Igil A A hh ,1,5, s - K Donald Back Mathmatics ,. K sg ga . , XS Ni. ' . . Sue Blomberg Special Education s st ui - Z, 1 tyts C Ward Ceyler Social Studies N ,", , f Erma- ' rsifep. i Y . Beverly Ferguson Social Studies Kathy Gindt Phycologist Kathy Barnard Physical Education , Y feds. 1 3 X E, sums Q X WR E ' F55 Gretchen Buchanan English f .E E, Donald Coldiron lndustrial Arts Pamela Ferguson Businessfliome Ec. t. ,, ., i , it .sua lames Ginn lndustrial Arts Allen Bauer Mathmatics Susan Burkhart English loyce Coover Media Center Sondra Fish Counseling - ,S Francia Goltz English Mark Belles Linda Benson Reading Science Nia- K Q- Denise Burns Kenneth Cada Dance Industrial Arts as J li ! Lorretta Davis Allied Arts Charles Crumrine Mathmatics ,..- g gg Ei kiiwxx T x SBE ss X QF X fi Av? Ernesto Garcia Foreign Languag George Frey Counseling Melvin Harms Mathmatics!P.E. Gerald Gustafson Social Studies Ned Hatten Science ard Hummell Science lean Hayes Social Studies Eliane Hunt MathmaticsfP.E. Susan Hertneky Mathmatics Milt l acobs Special Educationfl3,E. Kinter Bonnie Knecht Harriet Leeke ial Education SciencefHome EC. L1 Counseling ret Lipscorne Miry Lou luvisa Kathy MacMorran J , . , , . L J . English Hearing Specialist McAnerny Alice McCarthy Matlnnatics Social Studies Allied Arts Pat McLean Larron Horton Albright-Motz .y - K? L aia. 1 f si A X Larry Hudson Mathmatics Counseling QA E, . , L L NF Kent l oseph Salety Education Henrietta Leon lnstuctional Aide Marilyn Manlove Gerald Kemper Social Studies Patricia Lewis Foreign Language Charles Mattern Science lnstumental Music l S : . i t iiii asiis -X tt - - . it .'-t1 . 1 X is I Y lon Mileer Cvary Moore Counseling Physical Education Mathmatics Shirley Hudson Science Marie Kerwin Theatre Arts it ,, fdlfii 5 siN I Richard Lewis English Bonnie McAnerny English lane Motz Home Economics 215 Teachers Ron Myers Diane Newton Special Education CounselingfEnglish i f :7,f2 3 I- ,... f l 'zLe. S M ' cA'f2 Caroline Purser Earl Putman it Science Industrial Arts 2 :-: , ff l Q Q.. E LeRoy Sample Tim Sanford Social Studies Mathmatics Tom Smith NlROTC lnstructors Bryan Smith Science .V fi 'E lt - .-: Kass Patricia Pabst Linda Parker Phillip Perkins English Science rafts 4 Mildred Reed English .ssq - . N , R as as R X S 8 tl K 5 Y X sk Nr t X NX at D X X f T Gregg Sawyer 'Social Studies Ex William Smith Mathmatics lvlerrily Rheil Reading T ti. C ll. -es. -X. -1 H- W Susan Schubert Math!English Billie Stanley English Art Taggart lacgueline Tillotson Paul VanDoeselaar Bernard Verhoeven 216 Science Home Economics Business Education Mathmatics!Science --... i. A X at ,f , ve - gs X J' V I 3...,,mM.,.. v Susan Ritter English N Carolyn Sheley English Dayna Staples Home Economics Sally Pisiotta Special Ed '- -f R I Charon Robinso English Arthur Smith Art! English Ronald Steinberi Physical Educatici August Vogt Business Education William Walsh English Wasbotten Studies is lyn Whalley Enqlish V X if 1 Q' X S XV X vb A' XX X 'ik X.. r A S Q.: xg. Q XX., X s N t X S X is Q s S x SX EW KN ll X ff X li XS x Q X IS? X X XX X Stephanie Webster Physical Education . K s i :mx-:p.-as i Q 2 E .Una - K -xi Rena Wheeler Social Studies Sean Welch English If Coy Wiley Social Studies .X X XXV X -gr, Geraldine Wells Science Xsaysxx SN X ..,. ,aw iv Q " 33's y S . S SW .X.., gg M fs.. -ss XE .X i S Dean Winslow Social Studies Myers-Wyatt Lucille Westfall Business Education Georgia Wyatt Business Education 1 Ak V swiss? 'JET sn Q . Nffi 'Qi XQX S ff' - 77 frfiv fffff eff, f A24 fm! ffffmf W! v9 j yafgjbi loe Westlinq Enqlish Office Staff lane DeMente Cheryl Fenske Amy Hill-lones Pamela Hoch Nancy lakes Pamela Kieffe Office Staff Office Staff Bookstore Office Staff Office Staff Office Staff Geri Levandowski lcla Whiley Receptionist Office Staff Pam Walker Mary lane Pro Health Cener lean Sgouros Nancy Tanita Darlene Thomas IZ Miry 'lghomas Gail Vasquez lane Volkrnan Eva Wallach Doris Walp Larry Walter If Shirley 218 ASQ Career Cent i. Abbate fab? Fred Berroth lr, Maintenance i Norma Carlson Cafeteria ,xt f.uli 'fl f :WX lrene Garcia Cafeteria Llanez LaVerne Meissner Cafeteria is w' '-X I Ron Goetz Maintenance Linda Miller Cafeteria Ronk Marqret Roarno Donald Saewert fUC9 Cafeteria Maintenance i -M C- of ffirs Sutherland William Walp Irene Wakdyqa Maintenance Cafeteria Fred Carrick Maintenance Elizabeth Hall Cafeteria ., X - Q S X 3 , it ..fi1 Q 2 ' f f ,,,: - sf N 'VL ' tfji 11-it va HX. ' 'fl "f " W i','v:X Irene Moteneqro Cafeteria Eula Sisemore Maintenance 'X 39 'X if . ft L, f I X ..., ,, Q . X 1' lg. Evelyn Wright Cafeteria Cafeteria-Maintenance I Ken Doemelt Maintenance . X r , 'Rf' is Edith East Maintenance -.rfb -i K lanet Harris Maintenance Lorraine Ray Cafeteria Russell Smith Maintenance Vonda Whittaker Cafeteria ludith lohnson Cafeteria Lydia Rios Cafeteria ,qv Terry Spicer Maintenance 219 THE YEAR AT MV The l984-85 year at MV has been a memorable one. We started ott the school year by having victory after victory in football. But our tirst loss was our homecoming game against Deer Valley. Atter that our team sagged, but our spirit soared. Toga parties became the craze. Everywhere you looked there were togas. Toga parties toreverl This year was a rainy year. We had what you might call a lvvet winter'. lt visiting MV on a rainy day you would see people running from class to class puddle jumping, and trying to keep dry under books. Atter all our partying and through all our spirit we had to get a little serious about our study- ing, When report card time rolled around there were disappointed looks, cries ot desperation, and a lot ot grounded kids. The people who weren't studying at lunch were kicking back at the snack bar or cafeteria getting nourishment on trench tries, cookies, and pizza. Through all our rainy days, Moon Valley has been greatl This year has been a year to be remembered by many people. N 'Mt Xt is SSN X T ' 5 . y E.. . t N' ,,.. HCR YD NSN? 4 L ff 'vig f g as SW Mmm XM, . xwy I if 2 I 1 ve'-3 xx V MV CELEBRATES TWENTY YEARS AT SPRING BAZAAR Moon Valley celebrated it's 20th birthday with the annual Spring Bazaar. This year's Bazaar had everything from cotton candy to ice cream to a sexy legs competition, along with the Mr. lrrestible contest. The winner ot sexy legs was Dave Wargula and Mr. lrrestible was Rob Downing. There was music, with D.l.'s Dan Peterson, Steve Page, and Mike Sheb- kie taking requests. Free "MV" birthday cake was available to all stu- dents. INDEX H74 Aanenson, Mike 74 Abbrtt, Denise L. 96 Abbrtt, Derek D. 74, 169, 205 Abbrtt, Nicole 152, 187 Abdai, Amy B. 50, 171, 129, 174. 129, 199 Abney. Terri S. 74, 179, 183, 194 Baldndge, David 40 Baldrrdge, September E. 50, 142 Ball, Gene 50 Ball, Ienru 74 Ball, 1u11e A, 51 Ball. Shelaine R. EE Ball, Shelby 74 Balla, Candace M. 96 Balla, Scot T. 51 Ballard, Kathleen N, 74. 142 Ballard, Kristine L. 74, 142 Balthazor, Steven 74, 154 Banas, Christine A. 96 Banks, Brian G. 51 Banovich, Melony 74 Banovich, Susan 51 Abraham, leltrey S. 5 Ackemian, Tom D. 50, 115 Adamo, Gina M. 74, 152 Adamo, Mark 96, 170 Adamo, Tony 40 Adams, Myra Adams, Yvonne E. 18, 42, 125, 147, 4 Barbone, Mark 74 Barcus. George R. 19 Barker. Scott 202 Barren leay M. 75 Barker, Tommy A. Barkley, Danny A. 51, 149 Barkley, Daryl A. 96 Adamson, Deborah 1. 18, 42, 13D Adkins, letlrey M, 51 Adrian, David 42 Adrian. Ray 18. 42 Agosta, Stephen P. 96 Aguirre, Phyllis 1. W Arrd. Amy B. 74, 152, 183 Akanymph, Amy 42 Akerstrom, Erica M. 74, 152 Akms, Ginger 96 Alaniva, Tom 166, 18, 42 Aleksick, Laura L. IB, 42, 150 Allard, Anthony K. 96, 186 Allard, Lacy A. 50, 152, 207 Allen, Benny D. X, 170 Allen, Chnstrne A. 50 Allen, Donald R. 18 Allen, Duncan S. 74, IM Allen, laneen L. Q Allen, Shawn M. I Allen, Sheila 1. W Altleltrs, Laura 50, 193 Alvarado, Mandy 50 Alvarez, Rachel M. 18, 42 Alvies, Wendy 18 Alves, Gary R. 18, 166 Alward, Amy 1. 18, 42 Amabtle, Kari 1.. 18, 42 Amberson, Darrell R. 96 Ambrozic, Cynthia M. 50 Ambush, David A, 74 Anderson Amdor, Matthew T. 18, 42, 166, 200, Amick, lulre A. 12, 74 Amick, Patricia A, 19, 42 Andan, Frances 18 Anderson, David 74, 179, 186, 204 Anderson, Deanna L. 50 Anderson, 1111 50, 96, 157, 41, 160 Anderson, lulie A. 5, 157, 160, 159 . Maria 1. 50 Anderson, Suzan R. 18, 42 Anderson, Tanya s. 96 Andino, Luis 74 Andrews, Antoinette M. 74, 152 Andrews Eileen M . . 50, 171, 150 Andrews, Kelly P. 50, 133, 134, 142 Angichrodo, lanine Anatnn, Christy L. 96 Aqnrre, Pnyiire 187 Archer, Regina 144 Arenz. Barry 50. 144 Anas, Scott L. 50 Amrenta, Lon A. 50, 157 Armentrout, Devin 74. 169 Annetrena, cnene L. 74, 19, 129, 121 Amhart, Kathy 18, 132 Amold, Andrea L. 74 Amold, Stephanie S. 12, 74 Amold, Wendy 74 Arvrso. Christopher B. 50 Ashe, William 18 Ashley-Greenway. Loren 40 Ashmore, Karen A. 96, 157 Aubuchon. Traci B. 12, 74, 152 Aydel Aydelo Ayers. Ayers, Ayers, Eric A. M, tw lulie L, 96 Karen A. 18, 42 Austin, Austin. Austin, Austin, Steve R. 50 otte, Ken D. 18 ite, Kevin W. 50 loel D. 74 Larry K. 186 Lori R 18 ..J.J Babinski, Cheri L. W, 178 Babrnski, Prchard 18 Bach, Chantel M. 50 Bach, Melissa 1. 18, 42, 150 Backer, Rusell 18 Badendrck, Marlo A. 50 Baer, Rodney 1-1. 74 Bagnole, Maria G. 96 1 1 Barley, Eric 74 Barley, Gregory P. 18, 42, 166, X35 Bailey, Mark A. 19 Barley, Phillip W, 50 Baird, Dyan L. 19, 42, 153 Baird, Michelle L. 96, 157, 194 Baker, Bryan 50 Baker, Dan 74 Baker, Diane K, 74. 152, 157 Baker, Dianna M. M, 160 Baker, Enc S. 19. 42 Baker, Tommy W Beker,lan1s L. 14, 19, 42, 125, 153, 117 Baker, Lisa R. 50, 157 Baker Rebecca L. 130 Bakken, Robert Balcom, Thomas E, 74, 192, 204 Balcon 1, Kim M. 19. 42 Balderrama. G11 4 Barnes, Melissa S. 96, 207 Barnett, Kristin L. 75. 157 Barney, Beth A, 51 Barraza, Henry 96 Barresi. loseph D. 51 Barrett, Linda 75 Barron, Kimberly 75 Banfy, Nicole lM1sty1 M. 51 Bartholomew, Scott K. 51 Bartko, Brian 19 Bartlett, Alan M. Basham, Danny 75. 142 Bassett, Brad L. 75 Bateman, lawrence 19, 42 Batroni, Roselyn 75, 152 Battershell, Trent 96, 170, 2EXS Baughman, Dennis C. 19 Baysa, Mark K. 51, 179 Bauell. Theresa 19, 42, 133 Beadle, Alan D. 75 Beal, Mark 19 Beals, Rene L, 19 Bean, Melinda K. 75. 198 Bear. Laura A. 96, 207 Bear, Patricia A. 51, 150 Bearden, Ker1A. 12, 75, 179 Bearden, Melanie 19 Beasley, Vivian 1. 19, lm Beaubien. lohn 1. 75, 69, 204, 205 Beaubien. Richard 31. 152, 166, 183 Bebrte, Darin Becker, Dawn M. 96, 207 Becker, Maureen A. 19, 125 Becker, Trllany D. 75, 152 Beckwith, Pamela 1. 75 Bedard, lulie A. 96 Bedenkop, Cara L. 96 Beech, Kevin L, 96 Beeman, Michelle 144 Beerlrng, Christopher l. 75 Beerling, Kirsten 96 Begley, Michelle M. 75 Behm, Randall 1. 75 Bererle, Dann C. 19, 166, 183, 205 Beierle, David S. 19, 42 Belanger, Craig S. 51, 157, 122, 121 Bell, Amy Bell, Anthony 19 Bellinger, Golda L, 12. 75, 96, 207 Bellinger, Sherry R, 152 Benavrdez, Mark 75, 169, 133 Bender, lacqueline A. 19, 42. 111 Bender, Steve S. 75 Bennett, April D. 19, 42 Bennett, Barbara 75, 144 Bennett, Philip 75 Bennett, Tim W. 75, 173, 192. 204 Bennett, Tracy D. 96, 193 Benson. Blake E. 97 Bentz, lason M, 75 Bercovtch. Richard 51 Berg, Christina 75. 171, 183, 2CXS Berg, Gregory E, 97, 173 Bergen, Paula 51 Berger, lames 19, 42 Berggren, Michael 1. 97, 122, 121, 206, 205 Berqltn, Tara Bergvrk, Rita A. Berkowitz, Holly S. 51 Besore, William S. 97 Betebenner, Matthew B, 19, 172, 204 Betebenner, Rebecca S, 75 Bevtiaeqna, Anthony A. 51 Bieb, Theo 129 Biehl. lenniler 19 Brelert, Patti 1. 19, 42, 129 Bierman, Donna M. 171, 19, 42, 129. 153 Biggin, Eric R, 97 Bikoskr, Michael 75 Bigley, Kelly 75 Biqnolr, Knstrna A, 97, 122, 121 Billig. Mark 97 Birsa, Mario A. 51 Black, Andre 51 Black. Paula 1. 97, 149, 193 Black, W. Richard 97 Black, William 97 Bladow, Tabetha Blair. David 75, 169. 184 Blair, 1ul1e 97, 179. 144, 194 Blanchard, Kim 75 Blaney. Alison L. 20, 42, 129 B11l1e. lellrey M. 75, 40 Blrlie, Mark Blizzard, Mark A. 97, 160, 159 Blizzard. Michelle R. 20. 42, 153 Blodgett, Veronica 20, 129 Blondin, Mike 1. 20, 129 Blooder, loy 75 Blue, R. Todd 97, 160 Bluhm. Larry W, 97, 170, 192 Boatman, Caron C. 71, 133 Boatman, Deborah M. 97, 133, 134 Boatman, lr., lames P. 40, 42, 133 Bolbers, Steven 2fX3 Bobo, B111 Bocanegra, lose M. 97 Bockrath, Craig C. 51 Boegner, Chris 97 Boeqner, Glen 75 Bolsmo, lean 97, 144 Bolt. Deanne M. 97 Bolt, loanne L. 97 Bonatto, Debbie M. 174, 42, 129 Bonatto, Michael P. 97, 23 Bond, luliet E. 97, 157, 160 Bond, Lee 97 Bond, Shannon L. Bond, Travis P. 51 Bone, Dave 75 Bonertz, Casandra L, 51 Bonnette, Sonya 97, 133, IQ Boon, Richard 1. 97 Boone, Craig L. 97 Boor, Tandy A. 51 Beer, Tracy rc. 97 Bossert. Thomas 115 Boucos, Lisa M. 151, 51 Boucos, Paul D. 75 Bowen, Cheryl A, 20, 42. 130 Bowen, Stephen E, 75 Boyce, Kristi 71 Boyuka, Cynthya C. 97. 144, 178 Brackin, Melanie 75 Brackrns. Rebecca D. 75 Bradbeer, Tom 75 Bradlord, David A, 51, 75 Bradlord, David M, 75 Bradlord, Greg 115. 149 Bradiord, Tim 42 Braay, Mary C. 51. 150, 193 Brakebrll, Mark 75, 169, 186, 202 Brakebill, Scott E. 20, 166, 2113 Brandenburg, Ray C. 51 Brandon, reeepn A. 97 Brandstrom, Shannon Braudrrck, Holly L. 97 Brawn, Sheryl L. 52 Brazil, Scott R. 97, IK Breading, Carol A. 52 Brechbrel, Tracy E. 97 Breedlove, Dwayne P. 52 Brevik. Deanne L. 97 Brrckrrran, Laura A. 76, 187, 207 Bridgewater. Timothy T. 52 Brdgman, Melissa D. 97. 183 Callahan, Charles F, 21 Campbell. lames A. W Campbell, letlrey L. 53 Campbell, Kenya 53 Campbell. Kevin M. 53. 166 Campbell, Robert 21 Cano. Nick O. 53 Cano, Tina 40 Canterbury, Susan C. 76 Cantrell, Dawn 76, 152 Carden, Matthew M. 76, 157 Carlin, K1 mberly A, 98. 207 Carlson, Andrea L, 98 Carlson, Heather L. 98 Carlson, Nina M. 21, 42, 130 Carlson. Rochelle M, 98. 144 Carney, Renee 76 Carpanzano, Tammy 76 Carpenter, Crnay 72 Carras, Lisa C. 12, W Carsten, Shane M. 98 Carter, Hank 53, 40 Carter, Kelly S. 98 Carter, Michael A. Caruthers, lay 1, 98, 192, 202 Casbarro, Mark C. 76, 157 Casbarro, Matthew 1. 53 Casbarro. Michelle L. Castro, Gregory R, 21, 166, 118 Castro. Tamara A. 98, 183. 117, 194 Catalano, Chnstine M. 12, 98, 21 Cataldo, Rachel 98 Catdin, Matt 133 Catolana, Tammy 21 Cathey, Kimberly 53, 150 Cavale, Christina M. 99 Cavanagh, William F. 76, 196 Caverley, Cheri 76 Cavin, Dean W. 53 Cernansky, Teresa R. 21, 42, 130 Chabak, Robert 53 Champion, Scott 170 Champion, William A. 98 Chandler, Chnstopher 1., 76, 169, 205 Chandler, Peggy F. 21 Chang, Elaine 98 Bnggs, Robin 97 Bright, lrmmy 76 Bright, Richard E. 52 Briner. Elizabeth B. 76, 176, 177, 42, 20 Brrner, Roberta L. 147, 206 Brinkle y, lo 15,97 Bnnkley, Lou M. 98 Britt, Shannon 76 Bntt, Thomas 52 Britton, Shayne T. 98, QD5 Britts, David W. 76, 169. 189 Broadwtck, Katherine H. 98 Brockman, Pam 1. 176, 20. 129 Broderick, Holly 122 Brons, Michelle R. 76 Brookes, Karen A. 52. 144, 138, 149 Brookes, Sandra 1. 138 Brookes, Suzanne M. 20, 42, 144, 125. Brooks, Charlie 1. 76. 169 Brooks, Lori W Brooks, Teresa L. 76 Brown, Alan XD Brown, Cheryl L, 40 Brown, Christopher 1. 98 Brown, 11m R. 20 Brown, loseph 12. 52 Brown, Kenneth 76, 188 Brown, Kevin T. 52 Brown, Kimberly 42, 201 Brown, Matthew 1. Brown, Rachel 76. 182 Brown. Brown. Brown, Rick S. 98 Sean A, 52, 2417 Terry lAlan1 A. 52, 166 Broz, Chris 76 Brya, Susan 76 Bryan, Bryant, Bryant. seen 13. 71 Darren A. 52, 199. 204 Daryl o. 82 Buchkoskr, lames 149, 4 Chapman, Steve 52 Chapman. Tyler 71, 76 Chappell, Karen C. 98 Chappell, Sean C. 53 Charbonneau, Sara E. 157, 98, 159 Chase, Sheilie 76 Chatt, Peggy 53 Chatt, Teri 77 Cheaney, Stacy A. 98 Cheaney, Tracy L. 53 Chen, Ken-An 77, 205 Chesney, Dawn M. 98 Chester. Shawn W Chilson, Rhonda 53 Chitty, Rodney 53 Cho, Yong S. 98 Choplick, Wendy M. 98 Choumard, Lisa L. 96 Chnstian, Kellie 21, 129 Church, Sheri L. 53. 144 Ciston, Robert 53, 142, 121 Crulla, Drew W Clancy, Kelly 77 Clapham, Christy 53 Clapham, Gary 53 Cleere, Kevin 53, 157, 4, 122, 159 Clemons. Rhea V. 98 Cline, E-Tyree 12, 21. 42 Close. Gregory 1. 21 Cloud. Douglas D. 98 Cockerill, Howard E. Codd, Raymond Coker, Charlie L. 96 Colceri, Robert L. 99, 170 Cole, Diane M. 99, 179 Coleman, lames C. 21, 42 Coleman, lason 99 Coley, Bryan G. 53, 190 Coley, Debra M. 77, 152, 193 Collicott, Nancy 1. 99 Buck, Mark 71 Buckenberger, lulie 76, 150 Bultrngton, Michelle L, 52, 207 Bullock, Nancy S. 20, 42, 130 Bunt, Pamela D. 52 Bunt, Paul L. 52, 147 Burbach. Michele A. 20, 42 Burdette, tCooper1 Gina 76, 152, 198 Burger, Andrew P. 20 Burke, Randall S. 71 Burkhart, laquelyn 1. 52 Burkland, Tricia K. 98, 144, 183 Burrell. David 20 Burrola, Mike 1. 200, 201 Burt, Barbra 52 Burkowrtz, Holly 206 Burt, Chuck R, 98 Burton, Bnan 20 Burton, Ioseph D. Burzynski, Michael D. W Bush, Robert A. 20, 42 Buskirk, Tamara A. 154 Butcher. Dynda R. 76, 179 Butler, Brenda 1. 20, 42 Butler, Daniel B. 52 Butler, Heather 20 Butler, loanne 98 Buttermore. Patrick L. 98, 170 Buttemiore. Paul 76. 169, 204 Byrne, Ryan E. 20, 42 .JJ Cabral, Cary 21, 42, 188 Cabrera, lames 76, 169 Cabrera, lesus 21 Cadaret, Stacey Y. 98 Caaie, Deanna S. 52 Calder, lohn 76 Calderon, Philip 40 Collins, Lisa L. 77 Collins, Lori L. 53 Collins, Robin L. 21, 42, KD Comeau, Donald 99 Conde, Michelle 54, 144 Conley, Michelle 77, 152 Connolly. Aimee G. 99 Conrad, Troy E. 99, 173, 204, 206 Contreras. Lon A. 99 Contryman, Kimberly A. 54. 174. 182, 206 Contryman, Kristina L. 99. 174, X37 Cook, B111 T.54 Cooke, Becky 54, 174 Cooley. Mark A. 21 Cooper, Bradley M. 99 Cooper, Brandi L. 14, 77, 152 Cooper, iennrter L. 99 Cooper, Mitch 40 Corbin. Holly 21, 42, 130 Corbin, Tanya V. 99 Corcoran. lenny L. 99 Core. lohn 54 Core, Louis 77 Core, Rod 77. 172, X34 carey, Cristina 206 Cornelison, Randy 21, 42 Cornelius, Kimberly C. 54, 12. 21 Corvo, Geralyn 1. 54 Cote, Chnstopher C. 77, 137 Cote, Dawn A. 99 Cotter, lohn 77 Cotton, Debbie E. 54. 144, 150, 193 Coudery, Candice 42 Coughanour, Kelly 42 Coughlin, Christine A. 54 Covoloskie, Keith A. 99, 170, 202 Covoloskie, Mark S. 54, 188 Cowdery, Candy L, 21, 129 Cox, lason 77 Cox. Stephanie L. 77 Coren, Rhonda D. 99 Craig. Dean L, 77 Crawlord, William C. 99, 170 Crawtord-Alt, 11m Crean, Kathleen 54, 179, 152, 193, 122, 207 Creekmur, 1ud1 R. 21, 42, 130 Crehan, Steven P, 99 Dryden, Kenneth E. 78 Grant, Lyn 1. 83 INDEX an, Kelly 40 s, Scott 77 . Lorrle A 54 . Rl:-ky D. 77 u,1ohn P 176, 99, 192,202 Lferoy 21 , Drew X36 Donna M. 54, 10, 149 Rlck 40 , Rlchard D, 77 Chrlstle 99 lngs, Klm 77 ngham, Ronald M. 99 , Donald S 54, 111 . Audrey E, 99, 133 , Gert 121 . lohn D, 54, 190 g, Donna 21, 129 ,Debble L. 77, 152, 157. 160 er, Danlel G. 77 Scott 170, 99, 13 lk, lacobus L 77, 173 lr, Darryl G. 54 , Carl A, 22, 42 , Cynthla R. 99 , Chnsta D, 54 , Scott 77 , Todd 77, 169 lal, Davld C, 54 l, Davld 1 99, 149 . Mlke 54 erty, Karen V. 12, 22, 152, 42, 159 ln, Tract L 54 rr, Cathy 54, 77, 150 ', Anthony lm, 204 n, Nelcta A 77 Natalle Y, 99 Ann-Marle 54 Brlan 40 lason W 99 Shelby n, Beth 54 n, Scott R 77, 179 n, Stephen K. 22, 42, 125, 127, 205 ruz, Marla V. lna S. 99, 144 , Charles W. 22, 43, 142 ardls, Brenda M. 54 ardls, Davld M. 40 arala, Raquel A. 99 , Alyssa 54 .Mart T. KD, 173, 133, 204 ker, Barbara A. 54 ker, Terese F 54 ch, Sonya M. 78, 3, 183, 163 , Chnstlanne 22, 43, 150, 117 Kathy C, 77, 157, 160 Dana R. 54, 152 , Dawn M,22,127, 121,159 rqe, Tlmothy 1 22. 43, 166 1, Catherlne 22, 43, 125, 157, 4, 160 Cary P 77, 179 2, Mary 78 y, Dertlse 55 y, Donna 54 Mtchelle . Robert 11D o, Chnstopher L. 78 y, Strawn M. loo . Mellssa 77 q, Carl R. 55, 150 . lohn 55 ason C. 22 st, Tamll 77, 147 1, Tlruathy B. 55 sse, lay E. 78 rlo, Marla 78, 115 no, Vlncent 55 s, Kelly D. KD, 144 t, Cheryl 1.. 1C0 t, Chrls N. 78 ney, lames C. ICO, 170, 197 , lohn ICD, 2CX5, 205 , Chnstopher A. 55, 188 , Mlchael F 22 , Klmberly S. 22, 43 naz, Mark 55 naz, Stephen 3, 22, 184, 163 t. laaeplr A. 12, 22, 149 d, lames L. 55, 133, 134 Bradlorri P. 55, 166 Erlc G. KD, 170, 186, 202 arlos A, 55, 188 ,Tracy L, loo, 20'7 nh H, 22 Ch, Kevin L 55 C1't1nO, lellrey 22, 125, 127, 147, 133 1, Daren R. 78 . Davld M 78 , lames R, 55 , Margaret 40 , Theresa 40, 43 Ou, Claudlne 78, 152 ans, Cassle C. 78, 138, 142, 122, 121 n, Davld 55, 138 , Todd H. 78 1, Sue A. 55 Lance 78 lason , lulle A. 22,43 , Karen M. 78 rq, Collette 22, 43 oz, Ptnar 22, 43, 130 guez, Chnstlna 103 guez, Leonard 78 quez, Llsa 78 guez, Ramon P. KD, 202 son, Cllnton l.. ICD, 78 son, Sharoyn D. 14, 22, 43, 125, 153 son, Susan r, Sandee 55 hue, Frank 40, 152 , Davld A 78, 179 Dorman, Anna M, Dotterer, Nancy L. 100, 144 Douglas, Karen 22, 43 Dow, lay S. 78 Dow, Larry lChr1sl C. 78, 173, 204 Dowler, Mlchelle R. 55, 150 Downlng, Kathy 78 Downlng, Robert E. 55, 166 Doyle, Charles R. 22 Doyon, Mlchael R. 78 Draper, Tracey-Lee 78 Drop, Mlchael 1. 78 Drummond, Klm A. 78 Druyor, Llnda K. 55, 176, 150, 187, 206 Dubaslk, Patrlcla L. 78, 152 Duellman, Stan C. 55 Dutty, Donna L, 100 Dugqer, lames B. 55, 147 Dunovan, Teresa IED Duncan, Karl D. 22, 43, 130 Duncan, Sue A. 55 Dunham, Susan K, 55 Dunleavy, Davld L, 78 Dunshee, Tracy A. ICO Durham, Hank 78, 169, 186, 204, 205 . ,. x Eacock, Tracy L, 78, 152, 154, 194 Eastman, Karen 40, 43 Eberle, Marlo T. 71 Eohols. Cele M. 71, 150 Flddleman, Russell K KD, 159 Edwards, Rlchard T. 22, 172, 205 Egerstrom, laneen 79 Elchele, lustlne D. IQD, 138 Eldsnes, Krlsten 1. 103, 157 Elsele, Tara ICO Ekstrom, Carl R. 55 Ellls, Amy M. ICO Ellls, Ashley ICD Ellls, Byron 79, 205 Ellls, Shan R. 23, 43, 129 Ellsworth, Mlchael 79 Elwell, Scott 55 Elwell, Wes 23 Emme, Shannon L. 100 Errtrlelr, Douglas W. 55 Enders, Bryan E. 55, 184, 122, 121 Enders, Shannon R. ICD, 187 Engel, Davld L. 79, 23, 43 Engel, Heather A Enqlsch. lulle L. 79 Englehorn, Katy M. 55 Epson, Randy L, lw, 115, 202 Erbacher, Davld M. 101 Erlckson, Krlstle L. 101 Erlckson. Rlchard L, 56 Enckson, Tammy A, B Ersklne, lohn L. 101 Ersklne, Soma 56 Erslune, Thomas 23 Essllnger, Kevln L. 23, 157 Essllnger. Robble L, 79 lktelle. lames P. 23 1-ktelle, Thomas M. 101 Ester, Stacee 1.., 23. 43 Fstrada. Davld M. 79 t-klraaa, George Ettlnger, Steve 23, 43 Evanqellsta, Bernard 101 Evans, Aaron S, 79, 169, 204 Evans, Bllly 1. 23, 42, 125, 147, 188 Evans, lason E, 23, 166 Evans. lohn D. 101. 170 Evans, Ronda K. 79, 152 Evans, Sandra K, 79, 157, 188 Evans, Troy D. 23, 188 -.I . ,. N F. . il Facer, Mayann K. 101 Faclano, Angela M. 79, 152 Falrbrother, Klm E. 79 Falrchlld, Rochelle L, 101 ' Falrchlld, Shane E. 101 Falardo, boretta S. 101, 157 Fala, Lee A. 79 Falkenberq, lohn 79 Fancher, Susan A. 23, 43, 113 Famey, Karen S, 101 Famey, Llsa K, 56, 150, 188 Farrar, Kelly 144 Farrar, Klmberly D. 101, 179 Farrell, Dean C, 101 Farrell, Glnny 149 Farrell, Melynda 79 Fan-ell, Robyn M. 101, 206 Farrell, Vlrglnla 56, 12 Fausett, Nlcole D. 23, 43 Fauss, Matt 79 Feldman, Aaron S. 12, 101, 170 Femla, Beth 23, 129 Fenlcle, Andrew 1, 79, 204 Fenlcle, loseph M, 23 Fentcle, Krlsten A. 56 Fenton, Chrlstlne E, 56, 179, 187, 206 Ferber, Samara 1. 12, 79, 179 Ferguson, Carol D, 79, 40, 131 Fernandez, lasmln 79 Fernandez, Kyle 1. 56, 191, 115, 204 Fernandez, Noel 56 Ferrell, Shawn P. 79 Fetter, Tracey D. 12, 79 Fleld, lames R. 79, 192 Flerabend, Davld M. 56, 166, 204 Flerabend, Douglas M. 79, 169, 204 Fleraberld, Mellssa M. 101, 193 Flqos, Rlck 56 Flgueroa, Patrlcla L. 101, 3, 163 Flllman, laune K. 79 Flllman, Llsa M. 2.3, 43, 129 Flnkbelner, Klrk D. 101 Flnkbelner, Stacey A. 56, 152 Flnley, Wade C 101 Flrllt, Maryann 23, 43 Flrllt, Patncla 56, 182, 194 Flscher, Carla R, 79 Flsher, Klm M. 23, 43, 130 Flsher, Mlchael W, 56, 133 Fltzqerald, Paul l. 79, X34 Flagler, Mlchele L. 23, 43, lffl Flanlgan, Klm 56 Flemlng-Alt, Tray 56 Gosnell, Kelly A. KB, 157, 152 Goss, bon 57 Gotschall, Lella 12, 40 Gotschall, Tracy L, 102 Gotschall, Walter 57, 172 Gould Suzette L. 57, 129 Gowens, lodle L. ED Gayar, lceyrrr L. 102, 170, Grachus, Anthony D. 25 Grady, Klrrlberly A, 102 192, XXII, 204 Grael, Fred M 25, 43, 141, 125,159 Graet, Tom A. 57, 147 Graham, Amy R, 102 Graham, B111 102 Graham, Ed 57 Fletcher, Mlles 23 Flores, Abel l. 101 Flores, Allred B. 56, 179, 129, 196 Flores, Anthony P. 101, 127 Flores, Marla 56 Floyd, Camala 79, 179 Floyd, Derek B Fluellen, Robert 1 23, 43 Folvarsky, Tlmothy 56 Forman, Klrk D, 101 Forman, Ten D. 56, 207 Forney, Mltn 79, 125 Forrester, Nlcole S. 101 Forrester, Scott G. 79 Fortune, Anthony 23, 43, 129 Fortune, Gert 79 Foster, Chnstlne M, 12, 23, 43 Foster, lohn M. 24, 43 Fow, Bar bara 1. 24. 43. 117, 118 Francls, Aaron B. 24, 43, 129 Frazler, Brent E. 79 Frazler. 1 ulle A. 101, 183 Frazler, Krlstlna K, 24, 129 Frazler. lohn Frederlcks, lr, Charles 24, Grah Grah Grah Gran Gran Gran Gran am, Krlsta R. 102 am, Llsa A. ED. 179, 125, 142 am, Rob 57, K1 ado, Gregg C. HJ, 169 ado, Mona 25 ado, Sherrle A. 8q t, Lee 1. 102 Grassley, Krlstl M. K1 Grassley, Tract M, ICQ Gray, Array 133 Gray, Bob B. 81 Gray, lsllray 133 Gray, Nadlne L, 25, 43, 150 Gray Grec . Robert A 81,192,134 0, Angela D. 102 Green, Scott 183, 205 Green, Steven S, 57, 152 Greene. Kerry E, 25, 43 Greene, Rlck 25 Greener, Erlc C. 102, 202 Greenlleld, Mlchelle L. 25, 179, 43 Greqq, Gary M.81, 192,202 Gregory, Scott 40 Grllttn, lohn 57 Freed, Rhonda 1... 12, 101 Freed, Robert P. 24 Freeman, Rtchartd D 79, 133 Freer, Walter N. 24 French, Rusty 56 Fnedrlch, lohn Frrarta, laaepl-1 C. 24 Frltsch, C1111 HJ Fryer, Stephanle KJ, 152 Fulton, Larry N, 24, 43, 135, 133, 134 Gab1e,1oseph D 101, 170 Gage, Deborah A. 24, 43 Gaqllardl, Francesco S. EXJ Gaallaral, Rosemary M. 101 Gahnng, Troy D. 57 Gamey, Llsa KJ Galano, Mary lo 101 Galeano, Mlguel 57 Gallas, Paula M. 24, 147, 43, 144 Galloway, Bnan S. 57, 200 Galuskl, Mary K, 57 Garceau, Sally 57 Garcla, Nlkkl L. 101 Garcra, Rosa M. 83, 147, 174, 144 Gardner, Anne M, 171, 24, 174, 43, 142 Gardner, Nancy L. 24, 43, 125, 129, 142 Gross, Lelqh-Nlcole N, 102 Grothaus, Carollne 81, 152. 183, 206 Grothaus, Davld 25, 188 Groves, Theresa A. 25, 43, 150 Grubbs, Erlc 172, 144, 204 Guerber, Paul 102 Guerrero, Amanda 1 58, 182 Guerrero. Wlllle R. 25, 43, 129, 184 Guldl, Robbln D, 102 Gulmont, Llsa 81 Guln, Raymond E. 102 Gulnn, Carrle E. 81, 134. 160 Gunltel, Colleen L. 81 Gunkel, Denlse P. 81 Gunter, Gary D 102 Gunter, Shella R, 81, 152, 187, 207 Gustalson, Thomas A. 25 Guthrle, V, Denlse . ,g. . f .- rl iii!-I-I Hacke, Paul 81 Haeberle, Kevln C 81, X12 Haeuslems, Rlch Hatarrteyar, Mark A, 58 Hagen. Arthur T, 102 Hagen, Dlane F. 102, 149, 142 1-laaqarty, Carol A. 81 Hagstedt, Dlnnelle L, 102 Gardner, Robert A. 57 Garoaa, Shelly 12. ao Garrett, Arrry s. ao, 152 Garrett, Holly C. 24, 43, 125, 153 Gamnger. Matthew T. 101, 170 Garry, Mary P. 117 Garst, Bart M, HJ Galst, lennlter L. 24, 43 Gastelo, Yvonne M. 57, 159, 176, 182 Gavagan, Thomas W, 101, 137 Geer, Tucker C. 101, 15 Gender, Gentry. George, George, Cheryl A. HJ Kenneth 1. 101, 170, 202 Casey E. M, 192, 196 letlrey P, 24, 43, 157, 4 George, lellrey S, HJ, 147, 159 George, Mark D, 57 George, Mlchael A. 57, 196 Gerhart, Gerhart, lulle A. 101, 194 Robert 24 Glbbons, Gregory L, 101, 176, 202 Glbbons, Terrl KJ Glbson. Glbson, lames L. 57 Kathryn L. 101 Gllbreath, Douglas W. HJ Gllbreth, 1111 M. 83, 159 Gllcrease. Gavln HJ Glles, Teresa M. 101, 144 Glllumrll, Anthony T. 101 Glll, Shawn P. 24 Glllen, Ellen K. 206 Glllesple, Bellnda HJ Glllesple, lenevette R. 57 Glllesple, Sharon A. 101 Gllllam, Angela 101, 207 Glllmore, Duane L. 24, 43 Gtlman, Gllmore. Ed 2C0 lavler L. HJ, 137 Glndt, Chrlsty 24, 43, 4, 133 Glola, Ana 57, 12 Glrard, letlrey G. HJ, 192 Glrmschetd, Mark A. 12, 101 Glomskl, Patty L. 57 Glover, Mlalrelle eo Gaaarl, laarrrre 12. 101, 193, 134, 194 Gaasll, Russell L. 24, 134 Gall, steve 57 Gahus, scott 12. 102 Galabera, Stephen 13. 102, 205 Ganz, lmon E. 102 Gonzales, Carlos D, 102 Gonmles, Mary L. 57 Gonza1es,Ramsey 12, 12, 102 Gonzales, wtlllam 1 ao, 169, 118, 202 Gonzalez, Lula A. 24 Gonzalez, Maruque Y. 12,81 142 Gosnell. Carol A, 24, 152, 43, 157 Haln, Roger M. 102, 170, 206, 205 Halre, Brady 102 Hakalmazlan, Cynthla A. 81, 179, 152, 183 Hakalmazlan, lellery T. 102, 170, 183 Hale, Hall. Daraka C 81, 152 Beverlle 102, 159 Hall, Brenda A. 81, 152 Hall, lerry M 25 Hall. lodl L, 58, 183 Hall, Kathy 25, 43 Hall, Stacl 58 Hall, Vlncent L, 81 Hallberg, Klmberly 58 Hallberg, Mlchael S. 102 Haller,Cynth1a A. 58, 150, 193 Halllord, Lynne M. 14, 81, 152, 118, 117 Halltord, Susan R. 14, 25, 44, 153 llamby, Mellssa D 58 1-lamllton, Mlcllelle S. 81 Hammer, lustlne A 81, 176, 144, 182 Hampton, Lucy M 58 Handzel, lames M. 102, 170, XB, 205 1-lant. Dentse 1. 58, 207 Hanks, Debra 147 Hanks, Devron D. 58 Hank s, Mellanle R. 25 Hann, Krlstlne L 81 Hansom, Tract M. 81, 152 Hanson, Chns 25, 44, 133, 134 Hanson, Curtls P. 102 Hanson, Renee K. 25, 44, 133 Hanthorn, letlrey 58 Harblson,Crlst1na S. 12, 102, 178 Harclln, Bradley C. 81 Harlach, Robert 102 Harmon, Bethann 25 Hams, Claudlne N. 102, 157, 149 Hams. Enn D, IUZ Hart, lohn 1.81 Hartley, Mellssa 25, 174, 129 Hartley, Shawn 58 Hartman, Dlane K, 12, 103, 149 Hanslleld, lulle A 103, 144 Hash, Travls W. 103, 215, N5 Haskell, Davld D. 103 Hasslnq, Dennls G 81 Hatcher, Kent W 25, 44 Halley, Carol A. 81, 159 Havlns, Veronlca 81 Hawklns, Ben C. 81, 192 Hawklns, Brlan 1 81, 196 Hawluns, Martlyn K. 103, 207 Hawley, Warren Haydon, Davld 25, 44 Hayes, Nadlne M. 103, 125 Hayes, Ronald E, 25, 44 Hays, Benny 25, 44 225 INDEX Hays, Christina D. 103 Hays, Dale 81 Hays, Maria 25, 44 Heaney, Francis 1. 81 Heberer, Teresa 1. 58, X77 Heinrich, Kristi 25, 127, 129 Helmick, lams 26, 44 Helrnintaler Helmintaler , Ann M. 103 . Christopher W. 26 Henderson, Willlam S. 81, 160 Henderson, Greg 103 Hendricks, Daniel M. 58 Hendricks, Margaret A. 82, 159 Hendricks, Sharon B2 Hendricks, Steven L. 82, 169 Hendrickson, loseph A. 82 Henry, Billy W. 103 Henry, lerry W. 82, 149, lw Hentges, Brandi 82 Hernandez. Marci L. 26, 44, 153 Hemdon, Michelle M. 82, 152. 187, 207 Herring, Christopher 1. 103, 159 Herring, Laraine A. 58, 157, 160 Hertneky, lohn C. 58, 141, 166, 204 Hes, Thomas W. 58 Heyer, Stephanie M. 58, 157, 147, 193, 160 Hick, lodi D. 82, 152 Hidalgo, Michelle R. 103, 142 Higbee. Brett 82, lm lddinqs, Raymond D. 92, 144, 157 irrlgarleri, leai S. 104 Ingram, less 82, 44 Ingram, Shane 26, 204 lott, Mary 59 lppolito, loe 59, 82 Ippollto, Tom 104, 115, 192 lrby, Lisa 59, 150 lryiri, Roger 59 lrvin, Thomas R. 104 lvie, Randy 93 lvle, Rlck 93 Kem, Stacey A. 104, 138, 142 Kerr, lackie M. 60 Kerr, Rick A. 31, 60, 157, 121, 1 Kerr, Terri 27 Kessler, Mark 1. 28, 44, 135 Kibbie, Cheryl 27 Klbbie, Renee 27 E, 231, 228. 143 Lee, Lori A, 84 Leggrere, Lynette M. so, iso Leqgiere, Mark E. 84 Legler, loseph 45 Lehmlan, Kurt W. 60 Leinweber, Nathan T. 60 Leia, loan E. 45, 117 lacka, Kasle L. 104 lacka, Kellle 1. 10, 26, 44, 144, 130 lackson, lohn P. 26, 166 lackson, Kenneth P. 59 lackson, Kimberly 82 lackson, Kristy 1. 104, 178, 183 lackson, Lucas 1. 12, 82 Higgins, Kristin F. 103, 183, 187, 207 Higgins, Paula 58 Higgins, Stephanie L, 14, 82, 152 Hight, Stephanie 103, 183 Hlkelago, Michelle 138, 157 Hill, Elizabeth A. 82 Hillegass, Kyle S. 82 Hinckley, Enc R. 58 Hinckley, Keith R. 103 Hinde, Kam L. 103 Hlnde, Knstin L. 58, 125 Hlnesly, lell D. 103 Hintz, lett A. 103 Hirsch, Michelle 26 Hltatter, Lisa E. 12, 82, 174 Hoawood. Claudine 157 Hobbs, Karen K. 58 Hobbs, Melanie S. 103, IHI 193 Hodges, Michael 93 Hoewing, Mark 58 Hoewing, Michael S, 58 Holtman, Dawn A, 82, 144, 138, 122, 121 Holfman, Elisa D. 82, 174 Hogg, Riel 58 Hogue, Kathenne L. 26, 44, 130 Holder, Austin 1. 103 Holder, Christopher 26 Holdman, lohn M, 103, 134 Hollan, Kevin M. 103, 170, 192 Holland, Mansa E. 58 Holland, Robert L. 58, 184 Holland, Sia L. 103, 144 Holland, Stanley D. 58, 184 Hollenbeck, Anthony M. 103 Holley, lames L. XS, 44 Hol1ey,Tina M. 103 Hollinger, Richard A. 82, 202 Hollinger, Robert W. 103, 179, XB, 204 Holm, Benjamin 103, 170 Holm, Vivian 58, 131 182, 194 Holm, Wendy K. 82, 194 Holman, Theresa E Holmes, Shannon 82 Holt, Carol A. 59 Holt, lennlter 59, 12, 179, 194 Holt, Lisa 1. 82, 179, 152, 193 Holt, Paula Holt, Rosanna M. 59 Laloie. Holton. Michelle M. 103 Honanle, leltrey B. 103 Hooks. lames G, 26 Hoover, Franklin 1. 59, 4, 157, 159 Hooper, Candi, 104 Horey, Becky L, 82, 142 Hom, Bobbi 1. 26, 44, 113 Hom, lim 82 Horowitz, Deborah L. 104 Horowitz, Sarah 59, 179 Horrall, Mlchelene E. 40, 44 Horton. lanice M. 82 Horton, Rhonda Y, 26, 44, 150 Hosley, Ben W. 3, 26, 137, 163 Hostetler, Dan-in A. 26, 44, 125 Hottmann. lr. Glenn T, Housos, Rene 82, 177, 150, 2115 Hovey, Stephanie Howard, Andrew W. 26, 44, 129 Howard, Laura A. 104, 193 Howard, Lori L. 104 Howard, Victor L. 59, 138 Howard-Gainey, Lisa A. Hoyt, David 26 Hubbs, Deanna L. 104, 207 lackson, Sherrie D. 26, 44, 135 lreger, Chris 104 lakes, Rodney P. 82, 115 lhmel, Karrle L. 104 lames, Diane R, 82, 177 lames, Gilbert 59 lames 111, William T. 104 lankowskl, Tiltany L. 59 lansen, Lisa 104, 160 letterson, Angela 27 letterson, Shannon 27 leltrey, B111 104 lenkins. lett A. 82, 169, 192 lensen, Blake B. 59 lensen, Chns 59 lensen, lennlter 27 lensnen, lodi L. 27, 44 lepson, lulle 59 lhagi-oo, Derrick R. 82 limenez, Andrew 27 lohnsey, lenniter S. 104, 144, 138 lohnson, Angela 104 Johnson, Chad M. 104, 170 lohnson, Cherilyn M. 104, 138 lohnson, Daniel L, 104 lohnson, Daniel S, 82 lohnson, Doug 82 lohnson, Enc 12, 82, 205 lohnson, Erica L. 83, 152 lohnson, Gary W. 59 lohnson, Hollle R. 12, 82 lohnson, lackl 27, 44 lohnson, lason G. lohnson, loannah L. lohnson, Kari M. 104 lohnson, Kristine M. 104 lohnson, Leslie R. 83 lohnson, Michelle 83, 152 lohnson, Shanan D. 83, 159 lohns-on, Tia M. 83, 199 lohnson, Traci L. KS, 138, 142 lohnson, Wendy M. 171, 27, 147, 44, lohnston, Shareece A. 14, 59, 150 lohnston, Vance C. 83, 192, X32 lones, Darren L, 104 lones, Deborah A. 27 lones, lamle D, 27, 44 lones, lennller D. 59 lones, Ienniter K. 83 lones, Krista L. 83 ' lones, Michael 1. 83, 149 lones, Michael S. 104, 149 lones, Michelle L. 59 lones, Shane 59 lones, Thomas A. 83, 205 lones, Thomas E. 40, 44, 2CD Ieyrier, Kelly L. 104 loyner, Tracy 40 Hudson. Hudson. Dan W. 104 Don 26, 44 Hullman, Matthew B. 26, 44 Huggins, Lonnie 1, 104. 188 Hughes, Michael A. 104, 193 Hughes, Michelle K. 59, 138, 207 Hughes, Shannon B. 59, 131 Hughes, Tera A. 104 Hughes, Tim 104 luarez, Doreen 104, 182, X17 luarez, Scott C. 27, 44, 125 lungemann, Connie M. 83 lurkovlc, Nick 59 147 ...I-I-I Mk l-X 1 -I Kaczmarowski, Marymargarel C. 27, 44, 129 Kahrl, David A, 59 Kahrl, Mark T. 83, 134 Kahrl, Phillip A. sa, 133 Kalk, Lori A. 187, 27, 44, 199 Kamlnskl, Steven M. 59 Kammerer, Theresa C. 104 Kamran, lmad 27, 44, 125, 133 Kane, Doug 83 Karcher, Kimberly E, 83, 152 Hull, Dan P. 104, 179 Humphrey, Brian Humphrey, ludson W. 82, XJ4, 205 Humphreys, Heidi A. 26 Humphreys, llll D. 82, 150, 152, 187 Humnch, Gina R. 71 Hungertord, Robbie F. 3, 26, 44, 166, 4, 163 Hungertord, Tom W. 59, 118 Hunt, wendy 92, 150 Hurtado, Ramona 26, 44, 182 Husain, Sara 82 Hutton, lellrey M, 82 Huxtord, Alan W. 104, 133 Huxlord, Scott L. 104, 15 Hymson, letlrey B. X il-I laarrrge, Liza L, ze. 44. 129 Kar'le1d, Harlan Karhn, Daniel 44 Kaultman, Wendy E, 83, 152 Kavall, lohn 27 Keaton. letlrey E. 83, 173, 204 Keenan, lames W. 83, X52 Keisler, Susanne 104 Kelledy, Greg 59 Kelly, Leigh A. 59 Kelly, Lisa B. 40, 44, iw Kelly, Patricia A. eo, 125, 198 Kelly, Scott aa, 173, 204 Kelly, Terry L. 83 Kendall, lanell L. 27, 44, 130 Kendall, Robert 12, 83 Kendrick, Robyn 60 Kenens, Laura 27, 44, 150, 129 Kenens, Shannon K. 104 Kennedy, Lisa M. 27, 44, 129 Kennedy, Tnsha M. 104 Kennemer, Nancy 83 Kennemeralt, Ronda D. 60 Kenny, Chris S. 83 Kerlin, Michelle A. 60 Kern, Beth A. 171, 27, 144, 138, 142 Klbbie, Rhonda 27, 44 Kibsey, Christopher A. 104, 179 Kibsey, Kevin 27, 44, 179, 125 Kidd, Malia M. 83, 152 Kidney, Brian C. 83, 137, 163 Kieby, Leighann 44 Klechel, Denise D. 27, 129 Kllcran, Patrick T. 83, 133 Klllingsworth, Deana M. 83, 157, IW Kim, Grace O. 83, 138, 122 King, Barry L. 60 King, Brian 83 King, loseph M. 60 King, Steven W. B, 149 Kingman, Tittany E. 83, 157 Kingsbury, Ronda K. 104 Kint, Michael 60 Kirby, Kerry N. 83 Kirby, Leigh A, N Kirklin, lamey D. 83, 196 Kirkanger, Mark 40 Kissam, Kenneth C. 60 Klst, Michael E, 60 Klst, Micheal 84 Kltterman II, Edward 1. 84 Kleeschulte, Emily 84, 144, 154, 206 Kleeschulte, lenniter E. 12, 28, 44 Klein, Erica 60, lm, 194 Kleln, lenniter 84, 152 Keein, Michele 28 Lemieux, Bemadette 157 Lemons, Ralph H. 84, 202 Lenoble, lacqueline A. 45 Lentz, Matt 84, 179 Lentz, Tim l. 172, 45 Lenz, Chris N. 45 Lenz, Michelle R. 60 Leonhardt, Cns 84 Lerma, Michael 60 Leslie William Lester, Tammy 105 Lewis, Bryan D. 61 Lewis, Chad 61 Lewis, Dennis P. ISD, 2fD Lewis, lohn C. 105, ZH, 205 Lewis, Myles S. 61, 150 Libby, Debbie 84 Libby, Kimberly A. 105 Libby, Mallnda 84, 144 Libby, Mark Lindstrom, Ken A. 45 Lifgren, Kelly C. el, 190, 200, 201 Lllly, Michelle M. 45, 130 Lima, Andrew P. 105 Lima, Bobby F. 61 Lln, Peggy 84 Liri, Yrrlierig H. 84 Linch, Anthony H. lm, 134 Lindquist, Daniel L. 84 Linqenlelter, Sue A. 45 Kleving, Paul E. 104 Kline, Paul D. B, 44, 154, 129 Kllne, Shern 60, 44 Kloppel, Mark G. 105 Kluge, Kevin K. ED, 166, 117 Knies, Bret 28 Kniess, Knight, Knight. Darla E. 105, 160, 159 Daniel B. 105 Rochelle L. 12, B, 4-4. Knoch, Colette Y. 28, 44, 130 Knoch, lellrey S. 105 Knutson, Terry A. B 152. 4, 159 Linton, Kelley 84 Llsack, Deborah 106 Llsack, Lisa 1, Lisciarelll, Randy L. 106, 149 Llska, Robert M. 1115 Llska, Steve 1. 84, 138 Little, lenniter 84, 192 Little, Sandra 1. 85, 152 Lober, Chad H. 85 Lochrldge, Sean 85 Loftus, Michelle 85, 152 Loncaric, Robert D. Koch, Anthony T. 105 Koch, Rita 84 Kohl, lennller 105, 15B Kohlhase, Lon A. 105, 3, 163, 160 Koile, Shellen 1. 28, 113 Koile, Sherry S. 105 Kondora, Frank D. 28 Koniaz, Sumer 105 Konik, Pamela 105 Koon, Kara K. 105, 193 Kopp, Daniel 28 Kopta, Kathy A. 28, 121 Kor1ie, Bret P. 60, 188 Kotas, Randy 1. 60 Kowacz, Darlene D. 84, 152 Krahn, Daniele M. 2.8, 111 Long, Tina 85 Longenecker, Michael L. Longslo, Tamml L, Looman, Deborah K. ICB Lopez, Gabriel T. 166, 45, 141 Lopez, Marla A. HB, 207 Lord, Christina 1. 85 Lorenz, Donna M. 61, 171 Lorka, Holly 8. 85, 183, 194 Louison, Philip 1. lib, X36 Love, Mark C. 61 Lowe, Patti L. 130 Lowe, Perry as Lowry, Toni L. 12, KE Lozano, lames 1. 45 Lucas, Candy 85 Krainz, Sonia 1. B, 44, 153 Kramer, Angela M, 106, 187 Kramer, laura A. 28, 44 Kramer Kramer LauraK 28 44133 :Lisa M. ia, 114, '130 Kramer, Teresia 179 Luce, Cindy A. 30, 45 Lucero, Annette R. 106, 134, 194 Lucero, Roy 1 . Ludwig, Ann L. 85, 152, 193 Ludwig, Susan E. Ludwigsen, Gregg 1. 166, 45 Krapu, Lisa L. QB, 44 Kraus, Wendy L, 40, 44, 150 Kraus, Brian D. 28, 45, 188 Krawczyk, lelt 28, 45 Krawczyk, Steven 1. 60 Krebk, Shannon M. 84, 177, 206 Kreltzer, Michael E. 84, 133 Kritkausky, Kelly L. 105, 178, 183, 207 Kritkausky, Robert E. 60, 188 Kuba, lohn E. 105 Kudrick, Tarl R. 60, 138, 149 Kuester, Valenda L. 84 Kugler, Andy Kuhaida, Deborah E. 84 Kurowski, Susan L. 60 Kwok, Lana V. 105, 138 Luke, Larry 1. as Luke, Lori K. 12, 61 Lullck, Dottie 61 Lutz, lackie A. 45 Ly, Nghla V, Lynch, Frank ls. 61 Lynch, Marc A. 85 Lype, Tony 85 3.42: Kwok, Vincent T. 60, IE, 138 - 1 I ...J il LaChance, Robert M. los. 192 LaCoss, Shari B, 84 Later, Matthew 1. 105 Bi-lan 105 Maas, Verena L. 61, 12 Macaluso, leanette 85 MacDonald, Cathleen M. 85. 125, 152, MacDonald, Christine 85, 125, 157, 121 MacDonald, Heather 85 Macholtz, Wendy M. ICXS Mack, Lynda A. 12, 30, 45, 4, 157, 149 Mack, Marty K. 85 Macomber, Mark H. 85 Maddox, Paula 1. GD, 45 Macgellm 170 Mager, Bryan R. CD, 45 Mager, Paul E. 85 Lambert, less A. 28 Lambert, Shawn 1. 84. 196 Lamphier, lean ette L. 84, 183, 183 Lancaster, Wendy K. B, 45, 153 Landers, Amanda 60, 3, 163 Landers, Wendy K. 105, 183, 194 Lane, Shannon L. 105, 179 Lang, Kathryn 84 Langdon, Robyn A. 105, 178, 144, 194 Lange, lennller L. 60 Lange, Matt 84, 192, 202 langston, Gina 142 Lankard, lohn A. 105 LaPlerre, Michael 105 Laprell, Brian A. 40 Larson, Bradley W. 28, 45, 133 Larson, Rikkl L. 105, 144 larson, Timothy M. 205, 105, 170, 192, 117, 118, 206 lash, lanet 60 Lashbrook, Aaron 1.. 45 Latham, Nancy 8-4 Latimer, Tamara M. 105 Lawrence, Edward S. 84 Lawson. lamle L. 45 1.eBario, Georgiana M. 105 LeCompte, lerry N. 60, 204 Leddy, Mellsa 84 Ledlord, leanne 105, 152, 134 Lledlord, Kelly 1. 84, 152, 134 Ledger, Fran 84, 147 Magglo, Larry A, 33 Magnin, Vonn R. 61, 133, 134 Mahaltey Ferns, Knstlne L. 106 Main, Hamid L. 106, 206, 170, 205 Maiocco, Richard P. 85 Maior, Steven D. 61, IM Malaney, Douglas 1. 85 Malley, Hassan E. 125 Malley, Kim A. 106 Malley, Mohammed M. 61 Mallory, Cheryl M. 85 Malloy, Beth A. IJ, 130 Malloy, Debbie E. 85, 144 Malone, Rebecca M. QD, 45, 150 Maloney, Maryanne L. as Manaktala, Virendra T. 61, 30, 125, 45 Mancini, Ellsa A. 61, 12 Maneely, Laura 85 Merigirie, Lia M. 106. 30, Mangino, Louis P. 170 Manney, Mark E. 85 Manning, Alan 45, 130 Manor, Scott A. 115, 85 Mans, Patrick 85 Manson, Lisa K. 30, 125, 45, 157, 159 Marano, Carla A. 61 Marciano, Lisa D. 61 Marlin, loe 106 Mark, llene 1. 61, 12 Marks, Linda E. 12, 85 Lee, Becky 60, 84 Lee, Casandra Lee, Donna 115 Lee, lames 105 Markson, Lisa A. 61 Markson, Robby 85 Meier., Gary w. ED Marshall, Brian T, 106, 3, 134, 163 f' -I 121, 122 .l22,1 Parne Ka n L 64 14 INDEX all Cheryl A 159 ED 125 45 157 all Scott M 61 179 all Tem I 147 Lrsa NB lennrter 33 45 132 lessrca Lachell D 61 179 Natalte 12 40 45 Rrchard A 61 Ruselll 115 ez laune M Camr BD Patnck 65 Trrcra R 95 Errc 85 lennrler L 61 M Renee H3 Mrchele L lf c Melrssa 61 lw n Khalrd 106 we Krrrrberly 106 ws Lrsa 115 Tamara XJ 45 skr Spase H5 n Krmberly NB Rrchard T 40 147 ll lennrler K 40 ll Kern 62 150 rchard A KB ma M 62 Mrchael D 40 er leanette M e Arrqere M 106 e Peter M hy lohn 62 esney Travrs K 1 ney B111 T 106 re Kathy A 155 45 re Susanl KB a Mary A nell lason nell Kerth A 62 ack Alt Patnck D cken Patrrck R 72 45 cken Tom B e Shelly 45 rel Bovd R rel Robert 62 15 ald Brran E 62 ald 1amesS K era Knsty L as ney Bethany A 12 H5 y 1oe1 Bb arn Debbre L 5 142 land Patrrcral NB lames F 62 188 ueh Hugh as Mrke D 62 y Scott M ms Mrchael K KB klrn Cregory M KE qh Marym 177 147 re 1ar1esN 17 125 127 129 re Pfmi 152 187 ham lason 131 33 45 154 129 1 n Lenard M 173 n '2ru11rpR 106 AmyL1IXJ 45142153160 Dedee D ID lames R 62 M1chaelW I 141 M1che11eA 183 30 45 121 99 Ruth E NB ver Sean L 62 ey lustrn na Mrchellew lw ey 1'-'1erd1M ICXS wn Kassandra R M 38 ht Lorene ED 45 ht Teddre L lm ghlrn Alta M lm 174 144 qhlrn lohn 62 ghlrn Katrrna L CD 45 on Kennethl 107 amy MrchaelW 5 147 160 amy RobertL 12 1U7 149 1 Robert K 11 1 Scott P 115 170 Matthew G 62 e Davrd K 62 n lanelle 31 45 n Ltsa D E 152 lon Rob 5 134 Tracey E 12 31 45 ez lose A ez Vrctorra T 62 Davrd 107 z EdwardoA 73 lames D 31 45 Tracey D 107 o Mrchael EB o Robert D 107 lohn W 31 KJ Matt M 137 th Rebecca 31 45 er Erleen 31 Bob 107 lf Doug 107 5 racyi 152 187 Ann M 31 45 4 Daryle L 107 Debbre L 63 150 Knstrne 31 Beth 107 Lavrna B lackre A 63 150 Mark C 63 er Brran H5 Monrque 1 Noel 5 Bradley B 63 12 49 lon 63 Enc 63 166 wart lelli 154 war1 Shan 1017 193 on Todd M M 125 Bryon E 12 63 lellery T 12 5 Tracey 152 1 nan P 107 avtd'l' 107 196 Dwrqht D 107 ody M 107 178 182 ohn A K 1 enneth G 107 IEDED 2 Mrller Muller Mxller Mrller Mrller Ltsa 31 Loran L 31 Shelley 107 TrnaL 107 157 187 2 Tod R 63 184 Mrlls Brett S 63 Mrlls Charles R 63 Mrlls Laura M 68 Mrlowskr Angela 107 Mrneer Carson R 40 Mrner Sherrre A Mlner Wrllram B 63 Mmor B111 E 63 133 Mmor Donna R 142 Mrracle Dan1elR 31 Moccr Lrsa 71 Monaghan Kevrn Ki Monerll Scott 107 Monet Dawn M K Monroe Chrrstrna A 107 207 Monroe ThomasA 31 172 204 Monson Thomasl 31 Montalto Tom 5 Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moran Moran Carl L M 133 Crndy 31 45 Dranne L 1U7 lohn K 63 31 45 133 Kenneth L Mrchelle D 5 152 Stacr M HS Stephanre A 31 45 lohn E 63 Matthew 31 45 Moreno lacquelrne M 107 Morgan Wrllram 63 2CD Morqenstem Amyi 125 Morra Morrrs Moms Moms Morrrs crrray 31 Amy A 63 157 Chnstrne M E Dwrght V 31 lrlerdrw 125 157 Morrrson Rrchard l'1'om1 '1' Morse Davrd 63 115 Mortensen Dean M 63 15 Moss M1ng8'7 169 192 Moss Ted K Mountroy lennrler 31 45 Mozens loseph M 87 31 Mullendore Chnstre 107 Mullrn Bnan E 107 Mumz 1od1L 107 Mumz loseph D 63 Munoz Kater1A 71 87 150 Murphy Erleen B7 Murphy Sandra R 31 Murphy Sarah 107 Murphy Tracy S 31 Murray Colleen S 107 Murry Barbara 12 31 45 Murry Pamela L 64 174 1 Murzznos Mrke 107 Musrck Davrd C 87 160 Mutka Myers Myers Myers Myers LynnM 107 160 Anna tLeah1L 107 142 Chnstopherl 107 Lan-yM 12 31 45 4 157 121 160 Mrchelle R 15 87 152 il-I Naegelrn Ronn1eL 107 170 202 Nardl Charles Nalley Todd 40 Naprer Carolyn D 32 45 152 121 Naprer Lavonne M 87 144 133 Napolrtano Annmar1e87 142 Nardr Anne Marre 32 45 Nash 1asonT 107 188 Natale Laurrel 108 144 Naugelrn Ronnte 192 Naughton Shawn C 32 45 Navarro Benrta A 32 45 150 Neal Mrke 32 Nertz Kurt R 32 117 Nertz Ronnre 87 Nelson Brranl 32 Nelson Daedra R 108 Nelson David E 3 32 45 129 Nelson Deborah A 108 Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson lay 87 rceuy 64 Laura M KB Tony L 64 188 Marlane 32 Nelson lr Mark L 87 Neprerro rcrrery loe Nen Krmberly B7 Nero Patncra A 32 129 Nettle lames A ICB Nettle Paul W 64 157 Neu Curt D 106 202 Neyrrre Barry R 32 Nevrlle Kan L 32 129 Nevrlle Krm M 32 45 129 Newman Newman Newman Newman Newton Gayle L 176 32 45 194 Lynn 32 Lance R 64 87 XD Shayne 87 Kyle R 32 125 Newman Karrl 32 45 153 u Ngo Kh Nguyen Nguyen N rcastle Nrcastle N rcholls N rcholls ong 87 45 Thuy M 71 Thuy Ha M 87 138 122 Annmane 32 45 130 Pamela 12 15 67 152 Crarg P B7 Larry 87 Nrchols K Scott 87 234 250 Nrcholson Danrel 108 Nrcholson Rrchard 32 45 Nrelsen lettrey T 32 130 Nrelsen Theresa 32 Nreschulz Iulre C 87 Nrkodnevrc Bonnre 108 Nrkolaus Tracr87 157 159 Nrms 13obb1L 32 130 Nrtzel Kevrn M 108 Nrver Coryl 108 179 1 Nwer Lrsa 37 Nrxon Davrd S B7 Noelle Mrchel 67 Nold lennrter 108 Norcott Dan1e164 Norenberq Bnan C ICB Norenberg Kevrn P NB Northlreld Karen 64 Norwood M1chel1e64 174 Novak Bnan A 32 186 Novak Robyn M lw 207 Novotny Chrrs M 87 Novotny Kenneth G 87 Null Char1ene64 152 Nurse Lranne B7 160 O Byme lerry S7 160 OConne1l lohn Oakes Patnckl 32 Oberch bon Obuchr Machelle A 152 O Connor Chnstrne L B7 OConnor loseph B 37 OConnor M1chaelA 32 Oddo Roy A 87 Oemler Barry M 71 Ottedahl Cary R 64 Oqlesby Melrnda M oqrerr Kelly 33 Ogren Shawn M 64 Okelly Lora 144 Oldham Robert W olrve Shelly 1. 33 Olney Lon L 33 46 129 Olson Enc Olson Pamelal 12 106 178 163 Omarkharl Shereen 111 Ong BrandonT 108 192 Ong Stephen C 64 192 15 Openshaw Terrrera 33 130 Ormond 11111 64 Ortega lames Orzechowskr Mrchele L ICB Osbom Chns108 170 tw Osherm Kelly G 64 Ostroskr loseph A ICB ZX? Osuch Mrchele L 33 Ott Sean Owen lames NB Owen Laun A 64 Owens Rrchard Owsley Brlly W 33 46 oweley Krrrrberry rc il Pakt Katyl X15 Pacheco Dranna L 152 157 Pacrone Nrcholasl ICB Padrlla lesse Page Angela K 33 127 46 Page lohn F 179 183 Page Shawn 64 Paqe Stevanl 33 121 VY Parnter Donna M 64 12 Parnter Rebecca L 108 Pererrrre Krrubertey 106 Palenno Mana Palko Mrke NB Palmer Kelly L Palomares Mrchele R lm Paluch Leane M 33 125 46 4 57 Paluch Wrllram L 174 157 Palst Katy Panzer Rrchard 64 2C0 Panzer Robert R Parker Bobbyl 33 46 Parker Forrest L 33 Pasalacqua Gina M 33 46 Passey Nrcole D 33 Pastore loseph 65 Patterson Markl 106 Patterson Shane W 64 Patterson Stacey L tw Paulson Wrllram Paxton M1chae1Anne 40 46 Paxton Mrchelle A 89 Paylor Connre L 65 Payne Karyn 150 Payne laura A 108 Payne Lrsa C 65 Peake Kandra 3 33 46 142 63 Peake Kenneth Pearson Ktmberly 55 Peckham 1ennrlerC 108 Pedersen Anne V 65 Pedersen Kurt 40 Pederson Mark 106 Pedrqo Tamra A 65 152 Peel Barbaral 65 Pellegrrnr lamey D 109 Pengnet Stacy 46 Penrska lHlerd1A 40 46 194 Penny Donald Pen Mrchael Perrrrrre Treyl 109 Perry Deanna M 65 Peru Anton1oX 188 Peru lr Rudy 65 200 Pesartrc Bryanl 12 109 149 Pesartrc Tamara K 65 150 Peerreu Wayne A as 166 Peters Nrcol L 109 3 163 Peters Rrchard 33 46 166 157 159 Peterson Dan 65 121 Peterson Kevrn K Peterson Mrke 33 Petray loe 65 Petrovrc Krm 152 Peugnet Stacy L 176 33 147 Pewrn Bobby Plelterkom Emrly A 14 65 lm Phetteplace Mrkel 88 205 Phrllrps StephanreB8 125 Prckrel Stacy A 88 Prerce Angelal 33 46 Prske lason A 109 Plank Dawn 12 65 Ptass 1111 L 88 152 Plocher Portland 33 147 Plonka Chrrstrne 33 136 Poe Crystal L 33 46 Polesky George 65 Pollak loan P 65 Pollak Kathrynl 88 IHJ 122 W Polston Rodney 1. 109 Polston Trna M B8 147 Pomorskr Knstrn L 33 46 Pomorskr Lrezel M 88 Pooler M1chaelB 88 lm Poovey Ioelle G B8 Poquette lohnl 109 149 Porter Davrd L 109 206 Porter Krndra A 157 Post Chrrstrne A 109 Potter Krrstrne L 88 Potter RossM 65 125 121 Potts Lawrence W 109 Power bonnre A E18 137 Pradell Charles F 109 Pratt Pam 109 178 Pratton Trey 109 Presser Cheryl L E 147 Prestr Stephen R 33 Prrce Carol 65 Prrce Catherrne D W 3 152 163 Pnce Rrchard 138 Pntchett Barry P 89 192 Prudhomme Lea M 33 46 KD Prudhomme Patnck L EB Pruett Debbre L 65 Puczrlowskr Catherrne A 33 46 Purcell Heather S B Purcell 1oanB 15 46 141 Purcell Vrncent E 89 Purdy lulra F 109 Purqrll Brendal 65 163 153 Purlee Darrell L 65 Purulesln M1chaelS 109 ith Queen lellrey P B9 Ollllada Wendy L 15 65 150 Ournlan Mrchaell 179 46 Ourntana Glona A 89 142 Ourntana Marcela65 174 154 lw 142 Qurnton Rrchard L 109 Qutrk Thomas R 46 149 .1 -14.1 Rattle Ben W 65 Rattle Lee A 46 204 Rakrch ScottA 109 15 Raley Leah R 109 144 Rambo Bryan S 109 Ramrrez Elrzabeth A 46 Ramrrez Regrna M 109 Ramsay Aaron L 109 144 Ramsey Dustrn L 89 173 133 204 Randle lason E 109 Randolph lellrey R 46 141 204 Rascon Barry 65 Reerrrueeer. 'ryeurr M 109 Ratkovrch 1311189 Rausch Brlltel 46 150 157 Rauscher Kevrn V 46 KD Raver AmyC 109 144 Raver Sher1M 65 153 193 Ray Eydre L B9 Ray All Sherrell M 65 Rayes Mary Bethee 147 144 Raynes Brand1M 109 Reardon Erin 206 Reagan Robert K 46 NJ Reale Reale eed eed eed eed eed Reeve Anthonyl 109 Theresa C 46 1u11eA . Kenneth R 69 Krmberly D 66 Patr1ckA 66 147 155 157 159 Wendt 66 Andrew -. Rego Cathyl 66 Rerd B111 89 Rerd leannre Rennre Stacre R 69 Rennre Star D 66 Reutter HeatherL 109 3 lw 163 194 Reutter Scott M 89 188 202 Revrea Karne A 71 Revmea Mark A 66 Reynolds Damon L Reynolds Sean M 46 184 Reznrk Dana M 12 109 Rhoads Dale W 46 142 Rhodes DeeA 15 lm Rhodus 1acquelrneS 69 Rhodus lohn W Rhynard Adam L 109 Rhynard Leslre F 89 205 Rrce Mrchelle L Rrchards Rodney46 133 Rrchardson Stephanre L Rrchey lohn S N Rrchmond Davrd B Rrchmond loe 66 Rred Rrlly 160 Rrle Melrndal 147 Rrle Monrque A 66 109 160 Rrltle Trm G 66 227 I ' ' 1 1 ' ' ' rl 'P 1' , . , , 1 1 ' f ' ,138 'I - ' - ' - -- , , . , ,121,12 , 'I I' I' ' - 1 r 1 r - ,' . ,192 , , , ,194 , . I , I I I Im 1 r r 1 - f , . ,134 ' ' ' n 1 . . ,142 ', fer ,' fans f ' I , . I34 , . I - I Im - 152 1 I 1 1 ' , , ,15-a,142,121, ,1 ', ', .' . ,152 C ' .' . 1 - 1 ', I , ,1sa,2oQ ' 1 1 ' 'I ' I , ,122 I ' I j ' I I I ', 1. .1CB,187 1 - r ' 'I ' ' ', f .149 F - , I I I ' ' , .1C8,l87 1 , . .157 I, . r A 'I I I 1 - 1 1 - 1 I I I I I . ' . .1501 " ' 1 I ' I I fI 1.171691 ' , . ,ree . r 1 ' ' , . , . ,192 1 r ' I - ', I ' . , ,142 I '. ,ree 1 - 1142 ', . f ,9o,193 A ' , , ,57,14 I f ' f . . , , , , .,,, , , , Y 1 , 1 1 ' - - y . , , R r - r . Car-rre 62 Myers, Stephanre A. 87, 152 I I' - 2 I . 1 I ' 1 ' ' I- f '. ' . ,ras I I' I ' 'I ' 'l99 ,I . , , - .' ' . ,125,1 I I I I ' ' ' ' - 1 1 - 430 '. f . , ' ' ' - f f ' f I 4.l.128,144 I - I' 'wo f - f '. I . , , 'I . ,A , ,,1,159 ' I I , . IO7I5O f ' , . 163,204 ' , ' . , ,130 l I ' I f - , . , , I . ,149 I I ' f 1 , . ,129 ' ' -1 - , - , R , . ,152 ' ' ' Ir , - R , . . . I I I R I. I , , I I I I R I . I I I I I , I I I I R I . T 3 ' 11202 1 '1 3 , 1 A . A - '- - f . ' . ' ' ' ' I , ,179 I' I I ' I ' I 'I r I I 171 f 4 98 I Y , . ,' ,157 I 1 f 1 1 - - f ' '. ,152 1 A r - - ,lf , . ' , ' .109 . , , , , ,122 I . . , I I I I . , , ,194 , . , I I' I INDEX Rlqby Kathenne L 110 Rrggle Rrchelle R 89 Rlgqs Chnslopher66 133 Rrley Knstle M 110 157 Rrley M1chaelD 110 Rlnaldlnl Nlkl 110 Rrng Cory D 110 144 Rrng Del D 66 Rlnk K1m66 144 150 Rrordan Erln P 89 157 160 Rlos Catherlne M 46 133 Rlsner Mrchael 46 Rlstrc Slavrca 46 125 129 Rlttschol Andrew P 89 184 Rlvera Eduardo R Schmell Steven 67 Schmrd Amy C 90 Schnelder Bemadette 1 Schnerdewrnd lohn S Schnell Dlanegl 142 Schoell Kevrn A W Schonewltz Sherr W Schooler Scott 67 Schragl Clndy 67 Schraven llm 90 Schrrody Kathy Schroeder Chance W 67 Schuldt DlaneM 110 144 Schultz Dawngl 176 193 122 194 Sneed Davld R 111 173 204 Snell Sandy 93 Snow Mrchelle 36 Snyder M1chaelD 68 Sollgs Chrrs 111 Solrmlne lenny M Soplak Donna L 68 12 Sorensen crrray 91 187 Sorensen Gary 36 Sorrat Stephen 91 Souders lennrter 68 Spacht Lelgh Ann 68 spaaalera Mark 12 68 Spanellr Mlchelle D 37 142 Thomas Beck1L 91 Thomas Chely L 112 183 160 Thomas Chnstopher P 3 37 129 Thomas lenllller D 91 Thomas Kelly R 112 196 Thomas Llsa M 69 Thomas Ron L 38 47 Thomas Wlllram P 91 159 Thome Greqoryl 112 202 Thome lames M 38 47 203 Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Celeste A 91 Danny A 112 lohn P 91 Phllrp M 38 47 166 Schultz Wrllram M Spangler Caroll 37 47 Robblns Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Matthew Cynthra P 110 Luann 176 46 Phyll1sM 110 178 183 194 ThomasP 110 170 Robertsl Bobby D 133 Robrnson Deanna L 66 Roblnson Lee 110 Roblnson Pamelal 66 Roblnson Stacey B 110 Rodarme Robert D 110 206 Rodnguez Mark D 66 Rodnguez Denrse E 46 Rodnguez Robert 89 Roether Robert W 169 Rogers 1ane11eM 46 lw 129 Rogers lennller A 110 Rogers lennller L 66 Rohrer E1rzabethM 110 193 Roland Rolland loe B 89 Llndal 66 144 4 157 159 Romanowskr Mrchele R 154 66 147 Romero Mrchae1D 110 Rosamond W1111am66 4 157 160 1444150 Sacknder Bnan Rosarlo losel 110 133 Rose Mark E 89 134 Rosen Tammy A 89 206 Ross Kenneth Roth Donald D 110 Roth Lance 110 170 Roush Katherrnel 110 144 Rowe Cur1 133 Rowe Dennr KJ Rowe Tamara K 12 66 149 Rowe TernA 12 110 Rowlett Debra M 93 199 Rorbrckr Brenda 46 129 Rubrnsteln lames N 66 Rubro Br1anS 110 Ruch Bcnnreleanl 11O lm Ruchgy Tyler S 147 4 157 147 Rucker Chrrstopher R 129 Rudzlnskr Amy 110 144 157 194 Ruetter Scott 166 Ruggles 111166 Rurz Glnger M Rurz Greg A Ruland Steve Rumbold Cene R 110 Rumbold Chns D 129 Runnells Dawn A 66 Runyan Shelly 160 Runyan BarbaraA 110 144 Runyan Paul Runyan Roche11eC 110 157 Ruoll Chnstopher D 40 Ruoll lellney M 40 46 Russell Gar'yS 66 Russell lason K 110 Russell Patnck A W 157 160 Rusell Scott A 66 Rutan Charlle R 66 Rulhertord Klmberly 46 Ruthertord Susan 110 Rynrsh Krlslrn L 110 183 Q Schwab LeeM 179 130 Schwab Nell R Schwartz Knsten A 12 67 Schwartz Tammlel 110 Schwartz Tracy G 46 IXJ Scott CynthlaS 110 178 183 Scott Doug 67 Scott Holly 67 Scott Tonya Scott Wrlma R 36 Scovel Tobln M 67 184 Scrrvano Angela C Scrrvano lames 36 Scrlvano Paul 67 Scrrver Scott A 67 Seaman Shannon M 67 150 Sears Derek E 67 Seba Adrrenne R 111 Sebo Dawn M 67 Sedore Hans R gl 169 Seeley Beverly L 40 45 Seeley Rhondal 67 Segal Kev1nA 12 111 173 149 Segal Matthew 93 Seger Surrhyl 111 Semlnera Salvatorel 111 Seralln StevenT 90 Setterberg lason P 67 Severnak Todd M 111 170 186 Seward Douqlaslf lll 121 122 Shahkle Mrchae1D 67 Shatter Adam 111 Shatter Wade 67 Shaln Valene 111 Shank Gregory S 90 133 sharrlz Kelly 15 Shavers Mllana 152 Shaw Apr1l4O Shaw 1311140 Spangler Del 90 Spangler Kathey L Spangler Mark 68 Sparks Amy K 68 Sparks lulre E 111 Spartz Llnda D 37 47 147 Speer Charles W 111 Spence Wayne 93 160 Spero Melrssa 91 Splegler Staceyl 68 150 Splna Tammyl 68 12 150 Sprnelll Dawn R 91 Splnner Krrstre A 37 Splres Rlchard E 37 Splvey Sharon L 37 Spmcz Krrst1D 68 150 Spucces K1mA 68 138 126 157 SlC1arr ReqrnaL 111 Stallord Colette 91 Stahl Klm 3 37 163 Stapley Tausha M 111 Starrett Kathy M 91 Stauch Deborah A 91 125 1 Stawlckr Alt Robert 68 Steele Marcusl 68 166 Steele Raymond M 91 Steele Roger 68 Sleenhoek Anne 91 Stetanko Rlchard L 68 Stelner Kurt 40 Stelnmetz Shannon 68 Stemmler Klmberly A 111 179 121 Stempnrak lohnl 91 37 47 133 Stern Mlchelle D 37 144 47 129 Slerner lohn B Sterrelt Mark A 68 Steury KalhyA 91 147 157 Stevens Cynlhla E 37 47 Thomson Dee A 91 52 Thorln Rodney L 38 47 Thornton Faye L 38 147 47 Throckmorton Camrlle C 69 138 117 Thul Greg E 69 Thul Suzette M 112 Thuran Chrlslopher W 91 Trllman Mrckl 112 Trssaw Den1seM 12 112 Tocko Susan M 69 Todd Patncla A 11 Tomazln Heather M Tool Suzette 194 Toporek Dana L 91 Toraason 1od1A 112 177 157 194 Tornambe loseph 69 Torres Renee D 91 152 Toth StephanleC 113 183 Tousant Donna M 69 Tran Vrnh L 91 Tran Vu L 69 Trapp Gaylyrrrr L 91 179 Trapp Meredrth L 113 Trapp M1chae1 L 38 Treaster Penny L 38 47 129 Trebltowskl Dlna L 113 144 Trebltowskr Llsa M 12 38 47 Treu Klmberleyl 69 Trlggs Cynthla L 12 Trlggs Pamella S 92 Trrpear Lraa L 92 69 Trrpodl Stephen IW Trochler Yvonne 150 Troehler Yvonne S 69 193 Troranek Angle E 92 Trolanek Casey R 113 202 Troranek Walterl 38 Trrsdale Brran L 113 Dw Trur lllo ayne L 38 is , Sacknder Tracr 93 Sadowsky Dawn L 90 3 163 Saewen Don 166 Salcrdo Stephanre 110 Saldamando Martln 3 Shaw Tlllany 12 36 46 4 121 159 Shaut Lee 111 Shaw Trlcla L 90 176 4 121 122 Shaublln Grna 187 Shcolnrk Brlanl 111 Shcolnrk Kellyl 67 129 Shedroll Robyn M 36 45 Sheer Robrn M 36 Sheldon Mrsty S 93 Shelton Karl D 67 Shepard Kelley K 93 Shepard Randy 111 13 Sherck Scott D 67 Sherck Tonya R 93 147 157 Shrloskr Brett 36 Shrrley Shannon 67 Shlvelhood Paul E 111 21:5 205 shryely Shelly Shouqh DaleL 3 36 46 129 163 Shrrner Krmberlyl 36 Shull Nell R 67 Shultz Steven 1 Shultz SuanneC 12 111 Shultz 111 RobertL 111 W Slchrovsky Cynthra 67 Slchrovsky LauraA 111 160 Srchrovsky lr Robert T Sldaloreas llm 111 Sldabras M1cheleA 12 111 Slerra Paul M 36 Slgwart lulre 12 68 179 23 Sllber Aaron 111 Srlber Rllka 68 Sllverthome Karen M SD Sllvey Erlk W K1 169 205 Slmmonds Anne Marte 36 Srmmons Alrsa 36 47 193 Srmmons Knsta L 93 183 Slmon L1elO 68 126 Slmon Mrchael S KJ 169 Simpson Rene A 36 130 Slmpson Tony 40 Srms Ann 36 142 Stevens Stevens Stevens Stevens Steward Steward Stewart Strdsen Strgdon St lgclon Stlles K Deanne 111 Enn L 68 Robert 91 T11l1ny10 111 144 207 Sklpper R 91 184 lm Stacey S 112 Patrrck H 91 188 202 Vrrgrnra V 69 Amy 112 lell 69 rrslen E 91 Stlles Rebecca 37 133 Stllwell Chantel 91 Strvers losh 69 Stokus Pamela 5 37 47 153 Stone Darryl L 37 47 66 Stone Gary L 91 Storlre 1amesA 112 Strart Anthony R 112 134 Strayer Shawn c 112 Stromnes Steve Strones Rrchard D 69 Stroud slepharhe A 91 Stubbs Frank M 112 202 Sturges 1asonC 112 173 Styles An1ta12 112 Styles Charles E 37 Sulllvan 1amesD 37 Summers 1enn1ler69 193 Surratt Stephanre 91 Sutter lodle M 112 Sutton Rusell W 137 Swader loy 93 152 Swaln Dw1ghtM 112 Swaln Robbl D 69 182 Swanson Davld M 69 189 Swarthout lennrler R 69 Sweeney Eno 37 Swels Cynthla 37 47 Sykes Charles 37 Szabo Davld M 69 Szoke AnltaC 112 Szolce M1chae1L 112 173 Szpyrka Steve D 69 Saltz Chrlsty 110 Samtord Samplrn Samuels Sanchez Sandera Sanders Sanders Pat gl Martln E 110 Katherlne 46 155 4 Valerre C 150 Llsa L 66 4 160 Tammy 182 Wrlllam A Sandomlr L1saS 40 46 130 Sandoval Andrea LL Sandoval Arthur lm Sandoval lames E 110 Sansen Llsa 110 Sansom Barbara A Santl Peterl 66 Sanz Lrlra C 46 133 Sarahs Nlckole L 93 Sargent Alt Chns 1 Saunders Klmberly 95 Saunders Trent Savage Donna P 130 Savlnl Alan A 110 170 savrrrr Sonya M 67 Savage Donna 46 Sawyer tTom1ta1 M1r:haelD 110 92 Saxton Connle M 46 150 Schagen loe 1 Schantz Karrle A Schantz Kath1eR lm Suhantz Kellene L Schasler Katrlna E 67 Schaublln Gena L I 152 Schelber Trary L 110 179 Schltano Llsafll 152 Schltano Mlchael A 40 133 Schllcker Leah D 110 Schllcker M1Lkey T 93 Sohllnlc Krm 67 182 Slms Gavrnl 36 47 204 Slngh A1111 12 36 47 Skelton Ken R 68 134 Skelton Trlcra L 90 Sklnner Scott D EX? 169 Skogen Chad 66 Skogen Kr stln L 111 87 Skousen Marrea 115 Skousen 1ames40 47 Skuteckr Kathleen 15 36 47 150 Slatcher Shawn O 111 Sllnkard Brlan D 111 Sloan Davrd 68 Sloan El1zabet1rA 111 179 154 142 122 Stover Anthony 90 Srrrrlh Darrrry L 111 Smllh Damn F 11 Smllh Don R 68 Smllh Duanela 36 129 Smllh Georglna 71 Smllh lames M 36 Smllh loseph 111 Smllh Kenneth O Smllh Krm 90 Smllh Lrnda E K1 Smllh Lonnle C 68 Smlth rr 71 11 Smllh Mark 36 Smlth Marvln 36 Srrlltlr N11 ole 36 Smrtlr Prlstllla 68 Smllh Renef L 111 93 Smllh 1 Smllh Ro:-lr-rrrk H Smllh Sandy 111 Smrth 1 lyl 1 Snrrtll StLpl1ul68 Sm1thAlt S Ily 1 7 sryrrrarrah sleaharrre 144 Szymuna lellrey 112 204 206 :TJ Tabat Anthony H 112 Tageuchl Makr 10 60 179 126 138 142 121 60 Talbott Glenn A 12 37 47 149 142 Tallabas Annette M 91 149 21B Tame Stacey 91 Tank Llsa M 112 207 Tank Steven M 112 Tarber 1ames82 205 Tee Melrssa L 112 Telles Carlos M 69 172 204 Tellez lerryl 37 129 Temme Albert E 69 Temme Mlehelle 91 Terlrrlson Davld A 112 Terlrllson lawrence E 91 Tercero Mark A 91 Terhorst SuzanneG 91 152 206 Terrlnonl Mary Beth 112 193 Terry Rod 6 37 47 Terry slepharrrel 91 37 152 193 Teske M1rhae1T 12 149 Tesnado Gabr1e19l 169 Thatcher Aurldreal 112 14-4 Thayer crreay A 37 47 150 T111 Ike Krrl A 91 Thlll Rudy W 37 166 Truman Carlotte 207 Trunzo Mlchae1P 69 125 121 122 Truskowskl Tammy L 15 38 150 47 Tryon Steve L 113 Tuccl Mrchae169 Turensky Dennls A 113 Turensky Laura R lm 38 141 47 Turlglratlo Paula P 69 Turman Adnan C 69 Turman Carlotta L 113 44 Turner Lone E 92 Tumer Terr1D 92 Tutell lohn D 92 Y Uhan Tammy 113 Ulery Sharon M 113 Ulses AnlhonyP 113 157 134 160 Ulses Greg A 160 69 138 4 157 133 Underkoller Drane M 38 47 153 Unger Valerre 92 177 Uphold Eno 38 Upshrr Douglas A 70 200 Upshlr LrsaM 113 144 Usko R Mltch 38 47 Ustaslewskl Llrlda S 38 47 Utter Scott 113 Utterback Cassandra E 113 Vadovrch Brad E 70 Vadovrch Charlene R 113 144 Valdez Xavrer F 47 200 201 Valdez Yvonne 92 38 152 Valentrne Laura A 113 Valenzuela Tony 38 Valero Chrlstlne R 113 178 183 Valery Dawr1A 113 3 Valery Shannon L 113 Valletta lames 76 184 Van Heusen Mlchele 70 1.10 Van Vorrs Derek W 113 Vanaller Steven A 92 Vance lody K 70 Vance lohn C 38 47 Vandermeulen 1111 M 70 171 4 157 160 Valeeuwen Kathy 92 159 Vannrer Brent A 92 173 Vannper Steve P 38 VanRooy Chrlsllna 125 Vansternburg 1errrrr1erA 113 144 Varca Nrck W 113 Vargas Vane5aL 113 193 194 Varney Deborah L 92 Varney Matt 113 Vamey Scott 92 Vasko Edward L 92 Vasquez Sylvla L 38 150 47 Vasquez Arrlherry 13 70 141 166 Vaughan Rhonda 32 Vnatch Gregory 5 IO 100 Velllon Dale 92 V ez Nllmlr F113 Ve-lr-7 Wllllam F 70 lfb v 1lRooy c hrra1rrrr1 113 V lrtn ra Anltrr w 1 , , , 10 , ,47 , ., , ,163 ", ' f f '. .111 f f ' ,' .' ', ,,15O ', A ', ,186 .l f f ,121, , ,' '., ,121 1 '.1,, ,200 , ' . 1 r , .111 r - 7 r . ,,125,194 .' ., , , ,. , ,11s, 'r., '.' , ' . ,207 ,' Q , , ', ' . - , , . , . ,134 . . I' j 4 ', f, ,204 ,' ', 1.69 , , , .111 , . . , . ,130,1a6 , , . . . ,' . ,202 ,' . ', I ,47 ', A ' ' ' f ' '. ' ' f e A V ', f ' .,,, 133,159 ,' , Q , ' ' ', '. . ,205 ,' , , f .' 157 ' ' ' ' ' " ' ,' ' .' ,,,, 206 ,' A. , .38 f f Q ' Q , ' . '. ' , ', f ,91 Q , .' '. ', ', ,' ' ', . ', ,171 V , , . ,121 , ,142 , , , , . , .,,, 122 , . ', ' I , ', ,' f , , ' f 1 ,217 ,' ' ' ' , A ' " ' ', - '. I I ,117 f ' Rundall,Robb1e 90, 177, 183 She herd,11l11 36, 46, 147 St1lwelllChnsl1na 112 Tull, Andrew E. 36, 47, 190, 205 Q , , ', " ' ,' .',',i41,1 , , a a , , I I I I V 1 V I Q Q , ' . ,46 . , . , .' ,205 ', . '. f I I' 'E r I V 1 ' 1 1 , . , , ,, , ,134 ', ' . , ,121 .. , , ' ' ' ' J ' ', '. , . ', '. .47 'V ' 1 S ' ' I - 1 ' , , ,177 . .- ,47 ', .' . ' Q f ,' ,188 , ' , r ,' . , ., V ' . . ,, , . , , . A Y .' ,192 f 1 ' I f , , 90 , , . . f 4 , .,157,159 f ,' 1 - - , , r . ,1 e 'I 1 ' ' H' ' ' , ' ,,,, 207 ' ' ' 113 L-I J 1 - -11531207 ' 1 - 1 1 ' , . ,144 , . ,170 , , A I 1 - If ' ' , , ,,,,,, 1 - , , f 1. A f .36 V r 1 4 1 - ' 1 . ' 1 :Ma jr 1 4 It he 1 'V 'I ,150 k 1 N137 ' , ' , ' 1 f '1.',', .184 . . . , 2. ,1 ' 'T ' ' ' A I - . ' . . . ,Rh-k 11 f 1 ' 1 f - Q' I ' . j ' I y 1 0 ' ' 1 , elal ., 1 1 - , . , 511.1 . 11 1' r-A 1 -1 , '- .- , . . . ,a 59 ' - r 1 " A INDEX . Terry 70 tndy E 92 arrtn M, 113, 170 ohn G. 38 h1ll1p R. 70 Douglas T. 92, 202 . Shen 70, 174, 182, 255 ,va, Armando S. 3, 38, 137, 47, 142, 163 va, Robert C. 113, 170 Tracte M, 113 1:41-n,113.71.144 ustme E. 113, 183 arcusl. 113, 179,121, 122 Deanne M. 92 Dentse 113 Larry L, 133 ann, lane 130 tacy L, 113 e111 A, 113 pen. Knst1 A. 113, 157, 160 nna M, 71, 150 1qton. Deborah 1. 70, 179 .Dane L 38, 47, 166, 183, 235 -Hunt. Shawn E. 113, 134 . Ang-214 113 , Ltsa 113. 157 , Mehsa A, . Mtchael K. 92 , Cassandra D. 92 E, Davtd T. 39 1, Came 113. 194 Mtchelle N. 70 Sharyn D. 70 Darren M, 70 n, Kathy A 70 e, lason M. 70, 205 a, Davtd A. 39, 47, 166, 205 . Robert 1. 113 , Kathryn rc. 92. 190, 196 . Wendy A. 15.92, 152, 149 tten, Tlttta E. 92 lason 166 1gton, Cana 1. 113, 193 ,Delon E 114 w, lamte L. 39 w, Tom F. 114 1, Ann L, 39, 147, 47 Watt, Gtan 70 Watts, Mtchael A. 39 Watts, Robert 1. 114. 206. 205 Watts, Tonya 1. 92, 152 Wauqh, Evelyn 114 Weathertond, Kerry A. 39 Webber. Anthony M. 114, 170, 202 Weber. Tammy 1, 114 Webster, Chrts D, 92, 173, 152, 204 Webster, Webster. Webster, Webster- Weqlettn Wetqht, Mart1n S. 39, 172, 204 Chnsttne 92. 174, zoe Eng 39 Gregory 15. 39 Wemqardt, Tracy 92 Welch. lohn E. 70 Welch, Lisa A. 115 Wellbom, Krtsten D. 114 Wellborn, Shelly 129 Welton-Alt, Sean P. 92 Wenqer, Tom W. 92 West, lason C. 70 Whalley. 1u11e C, 114 Wheat, lenntler 114 wneeter, Whtqam, Davtd W. 92, X34 Ronda 70 Whtpple, Knsttnd Whttaker,Conn1e A. 114 Whxte, Herbert G. 39 whne, Poppy A, 114, 125 Whtte, Ratnn 13. 92, 169. 205 Cholla, Bryan er, Vern 92, 169, 202 141, 47, 188. Wtlltams, Nona 92 W11l1ams, Pat 92 W1l11ams, Tuna R 39, 125, 47, 131 W1l11s, Patnck W, 71 Wtllm, Dxane 93 Wtllm, Knst1n R. 114 Wtlmont, Scott 114, 173, 155 W11son. Chad E. 114 Wtlson, Heather A. 71 W11son, lulte 114 W11son, K1mber1y A. 39. 47. 130 W11son, Paul R. 114, 173, 192 W1lson, Ronda K. 93 W11son, Stacey L. 114, 193, 207 Wmcek, Aaron M. 71 W1ncek, Sarah E, 114 Wmckler, Wendy 142 W1ndstorm, Damca 144 Wmqheld. Theresa A. 114, 144 Wmklepleck, M1ke L. 93 Wmn, Scott, 93 Wmters, Deborah 1. 114 Wlsch. lason 1, 39, 47, lgft Wtseman, Darrell B, 39, 47, 129, 1-19 W1tter, Debra 1.. 39. 150, 47 Wttter, Dtana M. 71 Woll, Darren E. 71 Woll, Gregory 71, 4, 157.121, 160 Wolle, Mtchelle M. 12, 39, 153 Wolle, Rom M, 114, 194 Whtte, Shelley 70, 125, 152 Whtte, Tracey E. 178 Wlutehead, Ctndy L. 70, 157, 206 Whttehead, 11m L. 92 Whntaker, Mencly R. 177, 153, 118, 194 Whlttaker, Troy L. 39 Wtckershetm, Mtchelle L. 114 W1ckert, 11m 39, 47 Wtdstrom, Damca M. 114 wtqqtns. Ima 70, 142 W11banks, Tracey 92, 142 W11cox, Donald P, 70, 137, 133 Wtlcox, Kerrt A. 12, 92 Wtlcox, Ronald R. 71 W11d, Mark R. 92 Wtles. Fletcher C. 39, 166 Wtlhelm, Lyle A. 114, 192 Wonq, Wood, Wood, M1chael D. 12, 93 Robert D. 93, 39 Sharron K. 39 Woodr1nq,1ellE 71 Woodrtnq, Iann R, 39, 139. 47 Woodrull. Holly L 93, 152 -I-.I-il Xtnos, Renee 114 Xmas, Laura M. 71 YV Yanez, Loretta 40, 111 Yanez, Rtcharvd 115, 157 Yazzte, Pamela 93 Ybarra, Dana L. '11, 171, 152 Ybarra, Yvette 71, 207 Yee, lacqueltne G, 71, 137, 1 Yoqerst, Todd 12. Yoshxmura, Mary E, 71 Youhas, M1chael R, 71 Young, Georqta A, 93, 114 Younq, Kr1st1n93, 157 Younq, Robyn E, 40, 47, 129 Young. Stacey 40 Young, Tranct K. 114 25,126,142,12l,122 Young lr., Larry 71. 141, 133,205 Woods, Angela D. 93 Woods, N1cole A. 114 Wooldndqe. Rodney L, 114, IK Wray, lames C. 114 Wray, Mark M. 39 Wretlnnd. lonathan C. 71 Wrxqht, Derek r. 93, 169, 202 Wnqht, Deanna 115 Wr1qht,Geol1rey 12. 40, 47, 154 Wnght, Kevm D. 71 Wnqht, tcetnn G. 114 wn naman w.111.nn G, 71 wnkes, mann s. 70 wukes. Many 1 39,47 W11l1ams. Chad R. 39, 47 W11l1ams, Dann D, 92, 184 W1111ams, W1111ams, W1111ams. Eluabeth D. 114 Machelle E. 92 Mtchelle R. 114 Q , Wurtsm1th, Barrett 40 Wurtsmtth, Shannon M, 114 Wyatt, Casey R. 93 Wyatt, Cynth1a L. 40, 47, 150 Wyatt, Gres A. 40, 125, 141, 47, 166, 117. 118 Zak, Shannon L, 71, 138, 187. 207 Zapp, Chns 114, 179 Zetner, Cltnton E. 40, 47 Zexner, Kern L, 93 Zteqler. Davtd R. 114 Zteqler, Kenny W, 114, 192 Znller, K1mberl1e 1. 93 Zxmmer, Peqqy 93 Ztraks, Adam 93 Zorn, Charlene 71, 3 Zuntqa, Ehseo A, 115 Zuvers 111, Albert L 93, 133 0 vi, lip? se WORLD EVENTS THE YEAR IN PERSPECTIVEf Although we were busy with our school and social life, we never forgot about the world and the events that happened. They all af- fected us, each in our own personal way. One of the biggest events was the re-elec- tion of Ronald Reagan. The next four years will be his second term serving as U.S. President. In his election he accumulated nearly 60 percent of the vote nationwide, beating his opponent by a slight landslide. Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman to run for Vice President, was defeated in her campaign. In her own right, she had won for herself a personal victory. Foreign affairs had a great deal of publicity this past year. It all began with the Royal Family, Prince Charles and Lady Diana, having their second son. More tragic news shocked India and their people when a chemical leak was heard of at a Union Car- bide Plant in the area. This leak had killed over 2,500 of their population. A severe food famine in Ethiopia started several pop- ular American and British musicians think- ing about teaming up and recording an album. All of the proceeds from this effort would go directly to the starving and help- less country. Down under, in Australia, AIDS fAcguired Immune Deficiency Syn- -,-'-ttfxeaiiv n fa Rv- ,lqtitivuf "' Oapiiifil ,fy ' PQBUOOQTTIQ gnprvxig . Led Wwe -- ' a 1 fs? T E9 QQ aw? Q 'Q 'N its KS' Q31 .CNW dromj contaminated much of the blood sup- ply. This was a fairly good year in sports. One of the many victories of the year was Super- bowl l9 with the San Francisco 49ers de- feating the Miami Dolphins 38-16. Another great victory was the World Series. The title was won by the Detroit Tigers who defeated the San Diego Padres with a score of 8 to 4 in the final game. The most spectacular event in sports this year was the 1984 Olym- pics. Normally taking place in another country, this years Olympics were held in Los Angeles, California. Mary Lou Retton was the big smash this year at the Olympics winning one gold, two silver, and two bronze metals. lVfen's gymnastics also took a turn for the better this year in events where the Chinese gymnasts normally take all the gold and glory. This year also held a special record for many coaches who decided to switch to different teams. Coaches such as Frank Kush, and Darrell Rogers were two of the many men who decided to move on to different teams. In the medical field this year many new experiments have been tried. Baby Fae was the first infant to have an animal heart trans- planted into her body. This experiment worked very well for the short time. Baby Fae lived for 32 days. New experiments are still taking place in this kind of transplant surgery. William Schroedor also was a heart transplant patient. After his surgery, things went well until he had a stroke. The stroke had set back his progress a bit. All in all, this year had been a good one for the medical field. Space travel continued to capture the world's imagination this year as American space shuttle crews performed a variety of firsts. Early in the year, Challenger and five astronauts soared into orbit. They success- fully deployed two commercial communi- cation satellites only to have them misfire into useless orbits when booster rockets failed. In October, the Challenger was off again with the largest crew ever. The flight also featured the first space walk by an American woman, Kathy Sullivan, who joined David Leestman in the cargo bay to practice techniques for refueling satellites in orbit. The shuttle flights of the future years may not be as spectacular, but they will be frequent. All of these events have brought this year together to make it a very special one. The accomplishments have been great and they will all add up to make this year be remem- bered forever. "3f'?5iS."" fllwft swam lid L l. ' fifffvfi 5.4 cks A095 .X - g 6 'M -'UGUI' Fampal. 'GI -Sw 9fPH " -. al 7-,,MLSUWSeSfO' , 04 ,, -. Q - xx 'N ,,, N A s..""'-s. '- 7 f 1 A., "'-. x, 'Q -1. mute. P' . 'H .' N , f ' 5 -e A ' if i A' aimed 33:--7-... ' 'M- oi I m' I tml nt Gains Accomp 1' .. e , '-A,"-,, '- ax E ptoy - -M., I ,Q - 'V' -A wivttb' ., ..1f""' "' "i-.," fb ' twat:-in .N..M.fll:t.-4 ir- "" I" tl. wf-" ' ' 'fb""' . " '--.. .t ai. .b--ii. wr- mi 1-wx . 0.-1 e V , ,,,, ..-..1 1 'ft-.,,, 1- ,,- ,L E , "sw, ...W .M , , --w:.,... -W qu 5:-M, -- i "-1., t f,,, i. ....t....Ww- N ...wi K- tw '- "ni .4 ht 4 'w ' t . "- ' . , --H' fr , N t. I f'Q.'..t.-I--:'i:','f,1,'lQ n-t-:g0"'.f.'..."l ilu.. -A-x::::f:Q'.AT- Q gm "'-f.Z,f: Q' --1-" l .wt N' Wm av dw M, Qfwbfr vs 1, xr 1 X .,,,.,,.g --- " U va ,M fs, ' Death Marks S? - ,.,.,......, .W ---M M... ..i M----N - X --.., C, -- S 4, "' on-nu. .me-rf an 'J' " . N mi. .4 - H' W... -1' 1 4.4. yu-.iw . A- MM' lr-n-iv"""" ,,.,r..A',.-i-""f""hl,4 :.....r-N ."'.f..:--Ill. . "v:.,:' n A V " Nauonatst ,. ---r.wLi::.t W- :::,. -Y-my 1.1.3-... -1 .H , ...- -"" - ..v-so ,......-A U,-, " , ,,,,.1 iw .. as , '-.,, ,,,-.,.n h..-1.-U a .. -.0 1.1 .iw w f.. Q V ,. Leader .,,fi.,,. :HAM ,, in iw.-...I and :gM17,,u.M.Z.:1-lug, ,KPN -.. f- 1 F' A .. -A ' ' .M-A rfvf' " yy. -- rv 'W , .t..v fi "MN ls., fic'-l-'el ., .. W M - --,:.:'.::w-----:..':'.:. .. ,,..... g -,+.. -ff.. Rig.: C . .4 .au-1, ri. 'E p.,nm1-'v""' ,,,,,,kmw mf nn, vw'-N, we -f' 4 A p 6 "' ' "' ""' .aw i -'fflgg ...u 1 w-'-'LQ H," ' in-fl W ""' "' .. "' Mi ,fi-tu, C5 1 ,W W h---H -H ,,...- .- -.nv oi- ' .n ' - """ ' 4 ...-l.- si.:---i ., ",:,..aimv'Ql'2,2wu-u'-""""f'.,- ,- .D uv-M' figff'-H Q' 'N' fe ,,,,..4 Mui--f-1 M In ,,...- A """" r.---1' 04 in KU N want,-nav f-t,.,N-U, 'QW-s 'N 4 - "V it , A fn ,,,,.f MA, ,, ..,- 3,4-n-I paw- 1.-Luv-?::"h'-v ,N 14, 5,,..f.'A A .,,,..,,..,.. warn -M-'I-pin, whim. N. -, -.J 0"" , H 'W aww "' 9-,""r "M, -1"-'15 ,,,,,....., F 4' if-'H . Q Q., --sm t. .wx rv' nw-,mt S ,M J, '-s..N-1, mx NX . R. K . . W Q , 5-Sv . . ' .. K nv' ' Eff 4 . f ' --- - -. i .N ,r . . vs ., f , fl MUSIC '84-'85 The year ot l984-'85 brought a ditterent beat to thi- music scene. The biggest groups ot the year irivltitlt-it Prince with his smashing soundtrack album "Purple Rain." Cyndi Lauper cut her "She so Unusual" album with the hits, t'Girls lust Wanna Have Fun', 'Sho Boo, and 'Moneyf Madonna also hit the music world turning halt the population upside down with unique look and style. ln l9S4 we also saw the come back ot Tina Turner with her grammy winning alloum "Private Dancer" and Chi- cago hit the charts once again with the songs 'Stay The Night', llnspirationf and 'Hard Habit To Break'. Heavy Metal took the stage in a dittorvnt manner when KlSS rose from the dead to record their second album without make-upp "Animalize." Other top metal acts included Ratt, Dio, Twisted Sister and the Scorpions. Photo l- The Romantics, Photo Q- The Police, Photo 3- Rod Stewart, Photo 4- Billy Squier "YN: The SWEATBAND, Moon Valleys all alumni band, played their final performance at Moon Valley on Nov. 7. 1 B x T This year has been a great one, and l'd like to thank all the people who make it possible, First, the yearbook statt. Everyone on statt did a tan- tastic job putting together the best book Moon Valley has ever seen. Mrs. Davis, you're a great teacher and a better triend. Dale, the sports pages are the most accurate and complete l have ever seen. Robbie, clubs are tantastic. Kandia and Ben, you guys did a real good job on the senior section and everything else l gave you. Brian and Brian, keep at it, you'll get there. Amanda, even though there were problems, you did a great job getting everything schedf uled. Rick, good luck next year. Dawn and the treshman table, you guys did well this year, good luck next year. Some other people l'd like to thank who aren't on statt-Kim, what can l say? lt's been great in second hour, thank you. Bri- an, Raul, Lisa and the bookstore statt, Mr. K and the administration, coach Sawyer and Coach Moore, thanks a bunch tor making these tour years great. Last ot all, l'd like to thank Mr. Riley. Yes, We did make the tinal on time! Dave Nelson Editor in Chietfphotographer. This last year at Moon Valley has been great. l'd like to throw a great big party tor the dedicated, hard working year' book statt. You guys are great. Ms. Da- vis, thanks mega tor putting up with me, your the greatest! Dave lMr. Ra- tiencel you did an excellent job, thanks tor being such a great triend. Robbie, the club pages look superb, good luck with your photography. Kandia, Ann Marie said loan, what's lett to say? You have inspired me the most to reach the ultimate goal. Finish the book on time. Sports Editorfphotographer Dale Shough l'd like to give a special thanks to entire yearbook statt. Each one you has shown me what it's like belong to something so unigu special as the annual. All ot us gether add up to one whole, that is an excellent teeling. At ti tension built up, only to bring closer together. When these ti were over, we all relaxed wit smile and a sound ot laughter. Sti ing together through it all is what all about. When the book is c plete, it may seem like the end, in reality it is only the beginni Mrs. Davis . . . THANKSU Dave, so glad that you're patient. l h taith in you. Robbie, what can l s l wouldn't have enough time room tor it all. Dale, l know that will make your lite worthw Good Luck. Ben, we did it. All rest . . . you have made my last y here very special and l thank you that. The best in lite's endeavor Kandia Re S sg Omgafyos SJ Ksvyiff . if of QE' ggi, D ' 09 VJ XD' f" 'I+ X61 J ,px Cx nw 'T' "SQ J O, . X05 Nggmjggf' wdfwy g.'599r'J'K' 52? 53 J 'J ff f GQ 399 3x u , N Qx 549 5 U Off fx' 0593 my 22,5152 Ygfa fc vi Eff ififff' X I . 9 f DO Q52 A We af S09 49 i- KQ A56 jg? n Eff, ,J ? 0 Nyyw WMM W ' XRk6 yy M J X by fi! EJWW Nga QQ pf wise wW'G'wd 5 52 Qfiiiib iff? 5 52? 5 if? vi 6 , 21 Q Q33 ? gf 533 gf? Q35 SSKQQ ' -632533 2 525 4,210 if Q Z 'Z X S '79 J

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