Moon Valley High School - Countdown Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ)

 - Class of 1983

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Moon Valley High School - Countdown Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 242 of the 1983 volume:

I I , g mf Suoaff, Lyafnahui And o'er the years, as time goes by we'il cherish forever Moon Vaiiey High. --w- , Qu fs '1 in "Je 'n?4,.?' 1-1 if 'ghuf , ' 'nil N 4 ol- ' 9. A' 1-. 'vt' 5 ! 'soon VALU Vim :I , 6 W yi .g Na ' :' fa Jig Off" , '. WL ,A I f s' Moon vALLEYR HlGH scHooL - R 1 'SUPERINTENDENTE DR.R GERALD Ei GEORGE, PRINCIPAL:-JANET BARRY W if f ASSISTANT PRlNclPAL: SIEGER KWQATKQWSKI R ASSISTANTPRINCIPAL: ,GEORGE SISEMQRE DEANLQF STUDENIS: Dewey wu.uAMs R -1 u- , . Vi . A J x Q - . V- x f f V' 5NTENTS EVE . L- GCYERTKPHOTOS BY :BRAD KAT,HRINSA1 fb 1 W ' In , mf. " " ' f ' ,N A W wx J ' I ' - - 1 X, ,, Nwtlb. V, !,.7-.453 .. , r i 1 x f 1 i 1 . 1 ? J t . r . 4 I ' . 5 ? i w V I 9? l L ,I H A, . 0 . 1 , 'fly' ,Q ,1 H' Y "Y Y NW' A , inf' 'x Q 1 'ig 4, wrgjoj vu ' 'F '-Q: V, ,'w.,t,gf::,.,gg,g'1r1K .fm ffl"1t'f-' rw-Wim., Yu, it AA A -1 I rl .W V ,ww 1 f ...ww 94 f?ll?'57,D?l,'f in 2 Y :lla-wif.. , A W l Jwnff W gk 1. if 4 Md Q b, . .M I N x ..--1 .-1 , TW- ITL rf iw, A P21 'Sw 'wif' we ' Nlw. ,J 'l Wm.. PASTIMES PasTimes are goodTimes, laughshand glee: Recalling joyful happy Times, ones ThaT used To be. We Think of friends and loved ones Too: And The wonderful Things we all would do. AmbiTions and dreams, we had seT our goals so high: We didn'T always reach Them, buT never failed To Try. We cherish The people ThaT have come our way: And wonder if faTe will reuniTe us someday. The beauTiful yesTerdays, of so long ago: ReflecT The Todays and Tomorrows ThaT we wish To know. Yes pasTimes are goodTlmes locked wiTh a key: BuT shall remain unlocked, To our lasTing memories. By Tammy AnneTTe Theisen l wma W, Wi' ,. ,, wx ,,. v X 2 - 1, 1 1 vw. WA' 4 , ,. W ' nw ff. 1 Y by . 1 Mme A, fimrm A' M.-.,x -Q-Q... V W . W 'fif- img, ' U Q U haw rn QM N 1 ' ffp Q' Q., '- X rikku' It , I N L 'Q i F......1,- r W j ww ' wr Az ,yd f xx , 14 g , . 'T f 1-z 'N 'x - 1 'iw .,,1.,M 1. , VW' , Zz' is '2:,j!gE'g .K ' RM - Q Q wr 4, f N-N-WM ' M P 3 A QQ X 'mf ' ' . W ,X 41 m - -' 'V fmt '- A W w y . t ,I ', , ' H W -f I , ' G ' ' 'jiri ' I , -ix '9', ,W r ,Q gif Y , L wx " Wi ,, nity' ' - , wif mf' .- ,f,QQ'lfV.7rf W f"Q.Mf'1,39N4rGb MEG! ,, w'WJ'2"TEw k V ,r ,X 75 'JE 1 K iff '1 -Q 'ii ww--qs -W---ff fr-wp ' -4. Wmwisspgg W I if N9 'N- v !,MA ff' J THE CLASS OF '83 Our freshmon yeor The school seemed sTronge, We fell in oll The holes, The seniors Threw Their chonge oT us, We Tried To seT some gools. Closses were hord, The food wos bod, Our friends were very few, Algebro seemed Too difficulf For dnyone To do. Our sophomore yeor finolly orrived, We Thoughf T'would be The besf, UnTil doy one in AlbrighT's closs- We gove up on The resT. Our school spiriT spreocl ond grew, We wenT To foofboll gomes, Biology mode some kids sick, QWon'T menTion ony nomesly Then our junior yeor-oT losfl The end wos now in sighT, Ms. AlbrighT's Teoching now be blessed, Couse Reed's closs wos o frighTl We leorned our dofes ond Took long noTes, For Mr. Somple - Sir, We never fell in freshman holes: We now knew where They were. Our senior yeor- Oh hoppy doy! We reoched The Top oT losT, Our fooTboll Teom, The very besT Wos hord To be surpossed. The A.P. closs wos noT Too hord, Much Thonks To Mrs. Reed, The college enTronce Tesfs were Tough, Sure hope we oil succeed! The Time hos come for us To leove, Our Cleor Moon Volley High, And os This Time drows neor, we find, lT's hord To soy good-bye. To oll our besf ond deoresf friends, Who mode iT dll worfhwhilez Good luck in oll you ever do, And Toke life wiTh o smile! By Jeon Purdy w 41 W T if 'T M.LfL.,IT,, If T , lv, l l dl ia. 4.2535 ,r -f D x . A. My ' F1- wk f 'W '-.fl fx r 2 fx ' x' -i ' ' 1 X: ,sv V"- W' Q 1 4 I Y 1 ,T-.qv X X ., mv' 4 fi: ' ' f 91 o-4.x W L' L f ---7-'Q Q4 1 1 ' w xx. ,L ' 1 1 '. sh' ,Lx 1 K1 mi se g,, 933 . a Y' Q 4 4 M 5 P f W w w Nw 5 5- + 'Mah' 'A we it .w 9 X I L , I L .,,,,, --..., In El -...W--f WWW? ml ,ix A. fi"-:E SJ . '24 .Q 1 iq w k --,I A MS N. af, -f 9 , vga, yu? sv w J- Fwy 1 Q' Lf 5:87. 6 f I ,wr .-f F5 VY, A ""f - "Mxw?:4' , ww' 51814 .f A fm .. 9.1 Y N ? 3 mmm! 'Mp r f ' 9' 7 9, 'hm ".',,,. if 1, rf? 'nv 1 Vi ww Yr M , JL. Q . :N -sqm, P' M 3 ,' ' S' ' . W, , fwfr, 2 e if . - -' m,.4fv:l3. , 4 ,Q ,.,,,f 1 QW 17,1 '11, X nb , 5, 'Q ar vf1,,f'r 5, 457- , A, vfrf - N W- KW fl: 4 " gl A 4 'A A.. 2 J A f 307' , 141 fum ' J U, M ,ff if Wymg-w W X X, , -. - in it a V f 7fMTn?',7 ' Qf'7Pf'nc"5 wil' .Q'f'1'i' 'f'f1?9?' frf' , :I " " fl '-J' , ' J ' A v kfmkf , -YA A -:H , ' Ed' A ' V1 , ff 'giglgg-'E 1 , V- ' 1, fr- ' 2?- 2, .. 2, ' 1 : 'W 1w'f .1-n i Q .1 :fi ig?-, f w, 4 1" W., if w yd Kathy SkuTecki Susan Hollford DeeAnn Rhodes JUNIOR VARSITY SPIRIT LINE lk il" 'W Janis Boker Pom Stokus S, -wlf we---v Q., QD W, .u- m Tommy Trukowski s "' ' ,, gfj 13 x A f "J Gab oo. 'O 1 Ca 5 3 13- A' "' i N 5 I ll lawn, . 54 V ' The best Moon Volley will ever see, The class of 4983! Lauri Abdai James Abeyia 'GM' Amanda Agersea Daniel Alberi David Alvarez Peter Ambrose .ff X N SOI'Gi1 AfiTl9ITiCJ S'iGDi'16n Aff'1OiCi , . ii, -,, Denise Baker Terry Baker rrr f 2 gl ia John Abram 'QW-fr Bradford Adams Melissa Addison Richard Allen -gn?"'iM?4', , Xt 4' 4 :Mi5Mi'+1L,fl1s Tim Allison Diana Alvardo if ii,.. - rris, ff 5 "" I ' V s' im X W 3s f fi ff V K'-I 5 'A ff ff Deborah Anderson Patricia Anderson Linda Andrews Laura Aff9dOf1dO Ti1OfTiGS ASi'1fT1Ol'G Dan Aikifi David BQIiieT 511121 ' ii? fa. i M D ml Melanie Banayaf Maii Bardram QM? 1 I Sheri Barker Eric Bateman Julie Bauer Brenda Baughman Cindy Beaman Richard Bear Sandra Beasley Paul Behan Collin Beianger Audrey Benedict Barbara Benninger Pamela Berg j B B Dale Bergersen Kip Bergvik Gloria Berry Danny Bertram Ron Bevilacqua Pamela Beyer Cary Biggart Charles Bingham ABDAI-BLASKO Marianne Bayardi Christa Behner Chris Berger Lawerence Bethke Steven Biasko 17 SENIORS Ronno Blodgeff Jody Bond Bryon Bridgewoler Cheryl Bryoni 18 Kimberly Burkhorl More Blondin Mory Boivin Lori Bolmon N 6 - 'ly l L v X 1 - Q John Bonnell Jeffrey Bowles Korolino Brees M21 Jeff Brockrnon Twilo Brougher John Brouse Slephonle Bucholz Gory Bucklin Alexondro Buffingion 1'-'N my Roberl Burlison Liso Burridge Noncy Burton 'wiv-Off' IX ' Gory Bond Terri Bricker Kim Brown l Donold Burkhordi 1'9- K f- fmwmuiwxnivks A, V 'l,J llfifgrixlk Sondro Builer BLODGETT-CULLEN fi r V if 2? 1 4 QE f' 4 , i 1 John Byers Todd Byrd Brenl Corpenler Cheri Corler Koren Corler 1.2 N 3 r QQNKJ k wk Vincenl Covele Lori Coverley Vickey Coverley Lindo Chorllon Brion Chelgren W.. nr f vs f f N ' . w ,. era L ,J V , U' ' 1. ,, YZ ,,' Dovid Cirigliono Koren Ciullo Douglos Clophorn Shouno Clork Suson Cleere 1 33, .A l rr, ,i Ei!! . '55 xiii? 4, 3 4 e 4: fr 2 li ff'4v.l 4 ' ' if Solly Cline Kimberly Cochrone Downe Coffmon Eileen Cohen Michelle Cole 'Q y- Doniel Conner Michoel Cooper Brod Cornish Kelly Cowdry Joke Cullen 19 SENIORS Donald Cummings Kristen Curry Brian Curtis Joanne Czechowski Janelle Dachtler uv'- S Gary Dalbec William Daley Mathew Daoust Kristene Daugherty Jeffrey Davidson i i .im I i Judith Davidson Jeanne Davis Terri Davis Tracy Davis Harriet Dawson 1. V f W as Yr M 1. '1' fps, Q is ,Qi sian K Noelle Degroot John Diaz Kathy Dilgrad Fred Dimas Kathy Dixon aflbfbh 20 Nancy Dobbs Ratko Dobrasevic Bryan Donovan Sue Downing Wiliam Doyle Laura Drechsel Cindy Drummond ,WN LW' Tina Duncan Todd Dunkirk 49" Jeffrey Eaton Jerry Emler Wendy Evans Tim Fei? 7-53, Janef Fink Debra Flagler gf. , ,Ni 1 flfalm lc Thomas Dubasik L Wade Dunshee DCIWFI Enders 'll' if 'F-ww' Olivia Fernandez Nancy Florez CUIVIIVIINGS-FORD Barry Duncan Jeff Duncan ' sm 4, 'if Jody Dyrland Bryan Easfin VV-1V-' A 'iiiii -' fQf:'L'f , is I - Af . A J J 4 Matthew Englehorn David Enriquez fa. Ray Fernandez Michael Field Jenny Fooie Bobbie Ford 21 SENIORS E U? Melody Forslin Judy Fow Jeanenne Franklin Ken Franklin Jane? Frazier jaw: it-'X W Sahuna Frazier Timi French Michael Friske Russell Fryer Grace Galano inf " W? 'xl Xliflli lll I' sq...-1 Amy Galuski Kevin Ganlner Patricia Garlick Michele Garner Brad Geis X 5 .vi 4-A ml, ALL Chris George Ray Giangarra Kim Gilbrealh Gloria Gilman Bill Glomski l 22 David Goldberg Gabe Gomez Deborah Gonzales Linda Graf Carolina Grassa Christopher Grosso Dawn Gray Barbara Greene X ,lfx Robert Groth Edward Guerrero Dominic Guss 1' L7 Q WMV Melissa Hanks Tammy Hargrave Keith Hartley x Michele Haughn Maher Hazine Gwendolyn Heathman Q--J' Renee Hernandez James Hertneky Christopher Hess FORSLIN-HILL V ,,, A ,V ,I gala fat: ' Sy Colleen Greene Robert Gromko Jim Hake Darlene Hall Michelle Hartley Jem Hassan Jeff Heil Shari Henscheid Michelle Himba Dwayne Hill 23 SENIORS Jeff Hill Chris Hintze Lisa Hobbs vi Al Hollatz Kim Hook Shelly Hoops v ,I Cheryl Hopkins Stacy Horowitz Thach Hua Liz Humrich Jeff Hungerford 24 Theresa Janovsky Bob Jenkins A4 Shelly Hunter JOhl'1 JGSSGD l Louis Hoffman Constance Hoover X i,iiii C Tom Humphery C l Betsy Jo Jaeckels BfCld JOhf'lSOf1 Patricia Hoffman . . Sw Z 4 - sy . M 4: 1 Keith Hoover Travis Humphreys 9495- 1 .wr -.- Sara Jaeger LOl'l Johnson Ronald Johnson Mmm Brad Kalhrins Donna KGSSIGI' Terry Kluge Ronald Kramer HILL-KROON Scott Johnson Sheryl Johnson Melinda Jossefides Paul Juarez , 'ix -ry 1 Cindy Kauffman Karen Kennemer Tina Kenny Tad Kern f rw , f F3 rr'-fr Debra Kefchem Doug Killingsworfh Kathy Kimball Mark Kirkander Xklr. X , Bob Knight Kalalina Kobasic Kim Kondora Wesley Kopp fn' 4 4, f John Kraus James Krawczyk William Kreilzer III Karen Kroon 25 SENIORS Brenda Kruse Rodney Lambrecht Lisa Lehnert Vx X ,Tm Scott Loftis 26 Eugene Lopez Jr. Benjamin Kugler Christopher Kuspert John Kyle David Lamar at fm 3 I 1 I S I James Lashbrook David Laskowski Lorie Lawson Ann Leckelt JSI. Debra Lewis Christopher Lindahl Karen Lindquist Robert Lindquist srl Russell Loftus Frederick Lomax Lisa Longsjo Paul Lopes X I , 'f Ango LOrkG Anita Lowry Lynette Ludwick Nanci Lunch KRUSE-IVICGLOIN 'li '-x An Ly Trung Ly Anita Lype Kellie MacDonald Thomas Mckenzie . I Mark Maddix Salvatore Madonia Scott Maiiioux David Marentes Anthony Marino ,"" 'ii' yt ' L, fvkx xN:,.n' Q Stephanie Markley Ken Marshall Terri Maskell Matthew Matasic David May ?'3W??ez V 1 , A ft . , - .. We? .- ff A H: ' 1' ,ow ,:,,: .pf Wg 1 , 'H 5 lag ,of 4,. , I Q "iz , '-va' I I ff ws I ff. fill? 1 'L 1+ E i t ,t,.t F " AYQL Lisa McCarthy Richard McCauley Christine McClure Tarni McCIuskey Debra McConnell ag 1? L A Timothy McCourt Jerry McCreight Donna McDonald Shawn McDonald Matthew McGIoin 27 SENIORS Carolyn McGough Stephanie McMichael TGl'T10l'G MlCOf'll Joe Millell Q Brian Mclnerney Christy McKee Daniel McKeever 'ii' Elaine Meissner Anna Melendez Michelle Merkin 'Q' 5 Daniel Miller Dennis Miller Robin Miller in 5 if I 6 J, fo, 1 i fi John Minnili Dena Mitchell Tony Mitchell i D Julie McKnight Jamie Michael ffif Robyn Miller 471 Ronna Mollihan 28 Marc Monroe Terry Monlallo Beverly Moore Patrick Moore Eugene Morgan IVICGOUGH-ORNELAS ' x Qvi 'I r 'it A A Yukari Morimoto Robert Morlock David Morris Eric Morris 467 Corol Moulin Jeri Myers Michael Napier James Nardi Doreen Nelson Michael Nelson Mike Nelson Richard Nero V. 'fd M I if Q. ,, Stephen Newsome Gary Nielsen Christopher Nipar Renee Norton M X X2 E James O'Connor Claudette Oddo Julie Oldham Tracey Olive 1""'r gnu Rhonda Motsenbocker x , f Rebecca Navarro DCIS NGWFTTOD Mike Oakes Tina Orenlas SENIORS Terence Osborne Q-'x Becky Parker Kelly Peek fit Lorella Pierce 30 Liana Pofof Linda Ourso W, ,,,, ,,r, Q 'iii' Diane Paul Q 4' ' V : "f,, A qi . VOD PGIIGYOD K9Vil'1 POiI"l9 , ,F iw l- Mark Pearson Gayla Perry w--.7 A frw,,,.Y.,,. . ,f -f' Paul Pilon .5 Lofie PIGSS Kayleen Painter Susan Palermo Edward Pease Efik Pedersen Carl Phillips KOThy Phillips mi! R f if Vicky Poland Paul Ponlrelli X31 'Q-"sv Karen Principalo Renee Puente Julie Purcell Jean Purdy i X OSBORNE-ROIVIANOWSKI Terry Quigley Angela Rainer Frank Ramirez Larry Ramirez Trisha Rast Robyn Ratkovich Andrea Redman Orion Regnier Debra Rasmussen ad.. H Crystal Reynolds lf!! 'ry " 41' Shawn Reynolds Kimberley Rice Tim Richards Kathleen Riddles f N 7 Lisa Riley Steve Rimbey Robert Ring Andrew Rios Micheal Roberts Sherri Rodarme Yvonne Rohner Debra Rohrer Renee Riess Marc Ripley John Romanowski OSBORNE-ROIVIANOWSKI Q l Terry Quigley Angela Rainer Frank Ramirez Larry Ramirez Debra Rasmussen ,z V' I' "'f. Mk ' 'M K' 4 ' .p Z QQ Trisha Rasl Robyn Rafkovich Andrea Redman Orlan Regnier Crystal Reynolds Shawn Reynolds iw yr W9 , Qt. Kimberley Rice Tim Richards Kathleen Riddles Renee Riess xX Lisa Riley isili ima r,,7i 1525, V , V -fi 5 M, ., -A , - . V 'M , V .3 ,T ' r' C.,..f' .1 2 Micheal Roberls Sieve Rimbey Robert Ring Andrew Rios Marc Ripley Sherri Rodarme Yvonne Rohner Debra Rohrer John Romgnowski 31 SENIORS 'if f f Mark Rood Katherine Rosene David Ross Michael Rowe Jon Rudzinski - ' S. 495 ,,fQ',,,. ', ' VX I, W ' m9 - fx -Q 5 if lv' 'X H ,M V,,, Z, ,, an H ,Ski fiiy- A 4 S Jeslyn Rumbold Bonnie Russell Tiffany Russell James Ruttledge Mary Saathoff Z Y r, 'N . ' K 1 S I .- 1 x wi X Joe Salerno Susan Sample David Sandeen Lisa Sandoval Beth Sansom V , w many. W ' .f W it if all . S as Brian Saxton Denton Schantz Rob Schantz Robert Schettler Charles Schifbauar ,ix -'pi 4? A , 'W' 'vi' f, 152 M -.W el WWW-fi I ,f I N., ,, s ak ik 32 Jennifer Schmitt Karen Schrody Vickie Schuldt Ronald Schultz Scott Schultz 1 SENIORS Mark Rood Katherine Rosene David Ross Michael Rowe Jon Rudzinski 353' Jeslyn Rumbold Bonnie Russell Tiffany Russell James Ruttledge Mary Saathoff K " K Q' ig, X i Joe Salerno Susan Sample David Sandeen Lisa Sandoval Beth Sansom n, A4 W l 7 . -f Q Brian Saxton Denton Schantz Rob Schantz Robert Schettler Charles Schifbauar M "E " "'o ,,, t , I l -'v ,W Sf 'H . 1 Y 32 Jennifer Schmitt Karen Schrody Vickie Schuldt Ronald Schultz Scott Schultz Kenny Schwab Laura Shannon ' ' ' 'W ,'!'l??'ALfW , -I W 6' if M -,.,, ,Q .. 1' , Qing Dan Sierra Dan Smith arf" ROOD-SPARTZ 000' qi"-'MW 55 Jenny Schwenker Tonya Scriver Sheryl Sears Jeff Setzer , N 4' 1 A x fi- A X 'Qs f X 4 3' Tammy Shedroff Lisa Shelton Jerry Shepherd Mike Sheppard pl ii Doug Simms Adish Singh Michele Sinn Bryan Smith Jacque Smith Jeff Smith Jenny Smith Ken Smith if ...nv Mark Smith Patricia Smith Scott Smith Cindy Snow Brian Spartz 33 SENIORS Tereso Spero 512' 4 X R' 1 X Vince Spucces Rick Stoffel Am V 4 . , X Korin Swoder 34 Marian Toylor Pom Spinelli Kothy Spivey Royce Sprotlen Julie Sprouse ' uf f mme . wvf w f, -l,,:,, V., mf: ., , M.,,f,.z fy ., , , - - ' ' l ' 1' - f f" , ,'5"I a. A , A, , inf , f ' as 0.7 f -z,',Lif it itimnf ' W in A X ' 4, W 1 G We , ' i ,Q , ' Y wmv I a , , ' M NK ,,,.,.V , Z i ij . W. A l it . ri it i f iiil iw Korl Stohler Shoron Stonley Stephen Stevens Yvette Stevenson Q? Tommy Stout Rod Stowe Mike Stowmon Morty Strones 5 , ZA ' " , WM , gi! A 1 e AnnMorie Swonson Perry Swort Jeffrey Swortz Robert Szymonoski 1' Lourie Tozioli Robyn Thielke Heike Thiem Melodie Thisdell f- r:":.w SPERA?VILLARREAL Carol Thomas Patricia Thompson Suzanne Thompson Mike Thornley Chris Thorton 'T"'Y ,wa John Tomazin Anthony Tornambe Maria Tornambe Luc Tran Laurie Treaster ,I if eg K 5 ww' Todd Tronvet Jerry Turensky Alvina Turman Earl Turner Susan Turner 'aw Merlyne Tutell Rodney Valdez Scott Valery David Van-Aller Dan Vandermeulen Annette Vannini Craig Vaux Denise Verhoeven Lavina Vernazzaro Liz Villarreal 35 SENIORS L Mike Villegas Gina Vivio Bill Voss Greg Wade , 475 Q 'N ,. 4 7k J ' llg is ' I - Ari' I 4 It ... VW- ls iY.!6f Dawn Wainscott Charles Walker Dana Walker Ron Walker Chris Washington Lori Wawro Randy Way Meri Weaver Carmen Webber Doug Weekly Mark Weekly Greg Weingardt 36 Doug WhiTe Sherri Whifehead Chris Whitman David WhiTT Eve Wagner Randy Walter TOC Weaver Candy Whitaker "iv" ',,,... -fx N wx Kathy Wilson VLLEGAS-GOLDSHOT N Stephanie Wilson Vikki Wilson Michole Wincek Danny Wintrow Matt Wiseman a . 1 f Morlowe Wrightsman David Wursta James Youngblood Mary Zampini Jean Zarcone V Q, J li 4 Wx., M . 4-.. ' Charles Zellers Debbie Deymonaz Michele Herrera Dawn Ustasiewski Robert Goldshot CAMERA SHY Daniel Andrea Vermica Archuleta Richard Backer Charlotte Becenti Robert Behrens Linda Bendekovich Gabriel Bercovich Suzanne Bikoski Jill Blankenship Greg Bovee Mark Bransomg: James Burkessjgi sliil Duane Carnahan Sharon Chavezl James Clark! L L Dovid is . D9t?Q'0" sis Vickie Lisa Douglasf S Gabriel Encisa Hallie Fuller s csr S 12, Joan DOW Moria William James S Herb Grimes 50D L B L isssii A Dorothy Holden R0b9fUT'9'iff?5"si- - BDU lslcsc USO sil A Steve sss Alice illl l llcl J David Kopta Matt Kruska A S Valerie Lamont L L Craig rkewepii isiss A iggr 55 gig April Marriotf g V Anthony Massahosi it Mark McKee S S Bob Northern Christineigiguin L A LisqsL solse3Hi sssg A Barrypfyerholts MG"qsi R'?99Vl'l Pom Rexnglds S KWH L Steve is Lisa Rupe Annette Schmidt Jennifer Schmidt Terry Schultz Richard Sewell Kelly Sharp Wendy Smith Christy Steward Noelle Thompson Laurie Torres Vanderslice Cl'iQrylgWeeden Angelo Wolf isisskirririierlyssswrigni SENIOR LMI! AIDAI COE. M. Verhoeven amd M. Vogt- thamks for cl the heb. Morn says' "I-I" M. Verhoeven. SJ. CK, GB. PT, thamks for behg great friends. Amy good lick you next 3 yeas. Steve I love you. Thamks for behg there when needed. DAN ATKII Footbd. Skl CMJ. M.V. Footbd-state chartaionsll 8 We Fhdy dd it. We've had dot of good tines over ttme yeas at M.V. Remember d the nidttsl Thamks for cl the good times B.D., R.S.. M.E.. C.G.. J.H.. R.B.. MD.. amd everyone else. I forgot of the kick -class of "B3"II IAIDI AOHSEA Student Couvci, FERC N'IS. Faewel M.V. Laid, LBO. amd Gwen. good luck h the tutue. Cimdy You ae d sweetie. Enjoy your senior yea. It's the bestl Cormqatmlations to our geot footbol tean. Keep It mp. Good job Ramdy. To everyone im student coumcl, I'I nts you d. Good-bye amd good lick. DAII NDIIA Track amd tleld. Wade, Anaea, Mossasos, Pelefat. Srrittm ae the best at M.V. C.C. lilo!- DAYD MVA!!! fSquatsy Body Bdders. Kerrp. Damny. Jeff. amd Sorhy Thamx for everytfimg. Smale, rerrmernber me when you im Framce: Lopes see you at GCC: amd ss keep out of troualel DAIIIV ALIHI' Footbd. bcsebd, Skl CMJ. Footbd this yea was qeat. T.E. sucks what do you say. No tdent, cu: had Fryer. Knock'em out In colege roomdl mon. Jen John DTCYHQ os. with you woo d ordst. surfing- toft. I LOVE YOU. llOKALlBlThai1stodmytrtermdswtmohebedtontdrethepast4 yeas the aeatest. WOW. A yeas ago I codaft spel qodlewit now I ae one. M. T dorm't forget you Iles pupose is to serve me. Nloon Vdey V0U're lt. THOTNV ALLISON Fresh, Cross Couttry, J.V. Baud. M.V. mactimg bamd. J0lZ8CldSYTTXYlIBCBG'td.lWOUdlt8TOfhG'ildTh6t90ChBfS!IXi studentsatMoormvdeytorthebestdyeasofmyllfeamdgoodittle frosh. DlAllALVAlADODECAModemDamce,itwdstmnIMomamdD0dyom1 the qeatest. Thamks for everythhgl, And for putthg up with me. I love yout L.A.. L.H.. O.F.. L.L., L.S.. JM.. S.T., You d geat frlermds. I love you dl lqoodudr.youmyoosmood.Mormdynsyourunnowr Gooduckl or. Vou'l aways be specld to rne. Tdre cae. S.T. I love you. ,'f.A.lonP.POCCG'TlJlJSW6fdO.FTdT10tJ10ftft0l0.l'tOCl't9 popuoce or M.V., evotved poolr Poco. rm proud not to be d typlca btookhood.amdDroudthatI'morlQmd.ThaxksfordthegoodlaJd1S. L.B. LG. R.P. yobm. Whdey amd Sctltmid I ire cows. LIA AIDIEUS Concert Choi. N'lS. Thesplals. Fonlrm. Who's Who h America. H.S. students. Chales Aumt. Diay of Anne Fratk, Olver. Mracle Worker. Llfe Is stmort so tdre the tirme to Ive it to the tllest. Work had to accorrplsh you gods amd folow you aeans whatever they may be. P.S. thcnks for o wormdertml senior yea at M.V. VB0OlCAAlC0ll!fAFrostmSottbd.Terryyouaveryspecidtrtermd8LI love A cae for you a lol. Good luck 8 God bless you. Vickie. Tha. Lynne. Janie. Gha. Art, Rhonda. Lous. George. love you d 8: good bck. M. Wley, ttmamk you at good mu. P.S. sou controls. LAI!! AIIEOIDO Tennis Tean, Cosmetology. Jeff you've rrmade my kzt2yeasthebest.Camtwattospendmyltewlttmyoulmveyou awaysl D.A. stay away from the cama. you a qeot frlend. KA, DA. OF, JS,VM.CG-thamxforttmernernor1es.loveyoud. NlomamdDad-yourttme best. Later MVII FOI ASIIIOII Vastty Cros Coumtry Vasity Track MVAA NtS Thamks coochSawyer.the4yeasofmyrmnirmghavebeenaredexperlermce. ADamdMWgoodl.mckwtttmyoulasttwoyeasofXC.BMloveya.Hope toseeyoudormthehldtvvaywlthmyrediamtsamdsien. DllSllAKBDamce.NflS.Pom.Spirtti'me.Hoopsters.SRO.Damci'mgFeet 8LOrchem.Thamkstodrnyfrlends8rthespiithewtxorrmodemyMV veasgeatl .NAV goodluolr the yeal BB WC youguysae excelent! Nlreyournadetheselast2yeasmeamsorrmuchrrmore.lloveyou.KX fhamksforbehgthereIDebIloveyacuzIJamismareyounext2yeas special MV you're M,lIove you dl 1.01 IAIIAVAT Spitthe. Damce, Soccer. Softbd. Track Relay tean. Cornmercid Art. Spilthe slsters tame my torn lednents Qplecxep. Mom ttmamlrs for everyttimgl CC JJJ. TJ TM the best ot frtendsl .l'nmy- you're dways on my mhd. Don you're perfect to rrmel Power to d my friends, to themuslcthatneverends. tothepeoplewewa1ttobe.Powertoyou amd me. MV- ttme best of tihesl good-byel Ill IMD CSoherrmersy Freshmam Voleybcl. The lost two yeas here were wondertu. thamks to Bl Scherners. my flamce. who I love very rnuctm.GoodluckLhdaheveryttimgyoudo.ThamkstoMomatdDad fboth setsy I love cl lou' of you. uAnanonnArodlmyrnendsdvMv,rrnvofordqodIthmo.Zlggy.'Iduaysbespeoldtome. To everybodyhthezoodorftgettoradcdwhlel'mawayattheUofA. Mvcatctmawavel nun nuorlwr Bamd cos. mage get matuel TIY50 sm: Mom. ood. aa, ro, qF"A"p. moz. rrwm mo qvnoovvm. ce. ce, MA. LL. amd or my omofrfroms,rrrdordovofyrmgrrmv.nsooonfodansooonrmour HAIIAIII IAVAIDI Basketbd Swirmnitg Student Govemrned MVAA. TothegamgltsbeengectIR1mtBeno.Steh8rJacobsttmamks8ml.rck.Thr camlhavearlde?RobblevBItKyleIateIy?Mavimwamaadamce?Mom, Dod A Mala. love yal Hayes thamks tor everythhgl Bly you're specld. MV forever MII SD best bud good llck amd go for Itl OIDlllAlANForfhoserockersIsa!teyou.ForyoupumksIansorry.RR lets tocxt to those wld weekends 81 more to come. Good bck. Bye MV. rock on. SI-IGRTS RICH IEA! Footbal. Wrestimg, Track. Coach Sandford, Hams. Luketlch 81 Putrrmam for d you heb. Moore thamks for everythhg, I'l never forget what you've done for me. VC. RF. Bert. B, RW. JV. GA, NN. JI. 8m everybody else ns been groan FB room we dd ar. 4 ALWAYSI They'l dways remember us. GA keep h touch. Patricia good luck. Vh love ya. you've dways been there. You made my senior yea the bestl Tdre cae. MV so long amd rrnerrmber the clms of "83"II SAIDV IEASIIV Hoopsters. NIS. Cimdy thamks for you smie amd laugm- ter. Lets keep h touch. Viviam what anldoing todo with you? Mom amd Dad thamks for everything. MV its been greatll cmunom llcem COE. Ph Pas, Cinder Aides. Soccer. vs wo flrmdy madeItIEMthamksforbelrmgsuchagreatfrlendamdkeeponsmIIngIDR goodlucknmerutuednddon'frolr1oormcn1aaueeplaugrmhg.kR dom sing loo many nigh notes. rndnx Mom ond ood: IMI. BRIAN Rock amd rol art never gonna de. It's been the longest A yeas of my ife. Beatles forever. Later MVI Joe say hey. Rock on Camen. Good tuck Max. Thamlrs M B. D. CIQISTA IBIH Chtim Gamg. Cheerleader. Veabook staff. Hoopsters. Frosh senator, Skl chb. Orchesis. Class of "BS" rues foreverl To the qonp. you ae d the greatest frlermds I could ever havel Jen I'l never forget d the good tlmes love ya lotsl Lisa thamks for everythlngl Johnny thanks for putfhg up with me. Saa we've been through a lot together good luck. CW thamks for everytnhg I'l never forget ya. CH you made my to yeas somethhg specla. IOIRI' IBIBB Wrestimg. FB. Track. FB coaches thanks for everythhg. Harrs you ae the best coach amd friend. THANKS FOR TIE CHANCE. CoochBraderamdSrrithyouaethebest.Icoua'm'thavedoneltwIthout d of you. lJElE.AlIORChess clb.Newspq7erstatf,PtmotograJhy club. All havetosayIsgoodluckimthetutueEBamdB.amdbigMV. IARIAIA IBIUIOH Letter it bald, Pres. of COE, BHS. Hey JG love Ydm. Deb best frlends, EH? Rich thamks for the good tI'nes. Erlc aufwelder- sehe. I rriss Dal, ER somettin. Pat. Lacime. what can I say. TV come back. NAU here I come. OAI! IKCOVICN Thamks to tou yeas ot experience, knowledge. frlermds.amdtmn,nowI'mfreetobewhatlchoosetobeimsocietyso watchout.Tomytaniylrnodeit,amddwhoknowrrme,Itslustam omhonttrormt. IAEA IBO Bedmnlng amd Advamced chok, Concert choi. Vocd errsernbIe.Flog.hsbeenageat4yeasMVbuthmdddhmleavirmgINissie youethebestbudapersormcoddasktor.SusleBrSusam-whatcamI say?l Mre thamks for ttme wondertu merrmorles. DALE IEOBSDI Al state Redonm ASU-UA honor bamds AZ youtg soumds. PHX youth orch. State jazz fest. CAD society chobrnal. To every- orme- thamks for cl the memories, remember the spool show! Laverne playirememrvoeyeasILounelomtstoptwrddolrmgmymmasllac cam I borrow 25c? Blosthg salad ives. Bit dont knowl Fubut says. "Tnme for me to leave"II Keep mp the bamd rmove. GLORIA IBIV COE keyckb Ploopsters. Later days MV. Coleen keep pdrryrmg.Jdoqtoarnidontngnryourwodmoodsraoftfsoe'oervirne dont forget those construction guys. SJ A LA rerrmernber RR SMI Love amd bck to d my frlermds. DAN IHTIAII Good luck h ttme futue. Dave. Rorm. Rob. you guys ae greatfrlends.WegotaIotmorepatyhgwIthwldT.JockD.amdBudL. Pdmt it Mchele. l10llVllTtKlImustbefarmous,myrmaheishpl'ntIWelIjsfwa'mted to say bye to everyone amd tel KK. Glen. Tony. amd Edde. to watotmout. Bye Ramdy Rhodes. ION IIVICACOUA Soccer. Swhvritg. MV's the best. tiItCClt9S. JS LA GW RF B Bro. To Sheryt the greatest. LVAF. FAI IHS Damce. Hero. SRO. Broadway. POA. Beam thamks for behg best frlend ever. DN amd DV you guys ae specldl And to ci my crazy buds. Its been great. love you d. So tame cae amd most of d have tuml Congats to the BB WC you guys ae srperl Wel. Good-bye NN its been greatl lll0lll0ltAllIwlshthebestofluclrtodtheGuerreos.amdthe Wdters.amdaspeclafhamkstoM.Jacobs.amaNlornamdDod.Alotma. i1'lYllI.A8KOTer'dsBt3ebd. Bosketbd. TharksCo0chCru1'rri'meford youhavedorme.Gooducki'mtenrmisDam.TdrecaeTucheTomamd Mak- MV B3 .HI ROIIIAILODOITTROTC.Iwamttottmamkafewpeoplefrornthebottom ofmyheattortwogeat yeas: ROTC gotpbhs. CM..KCI-IBPM. KC Ms.CNefDCMWBedBfIatM.RLLSTDBArita. lAlCll0lDllG00dl.lCkt0dr1tytltermds.tdreg00dbckwI1tlytx! rnodelngcaeer. IIAIV IOIVII Bald COE FBLA ASU bamd lets paty dways. .lady-Have a aeot seriar yea. LBC:-best of luck with Rich. RV-Vou ae a red sweet- heat. Goodbye MV. It's been qeat. Lol! lotlhll The Khg amd I, Beg. Choir Fest.. Expres., Concert Choi. Gdaxy. VICA. Comm. An. Ms. C-Thamks. AS amd LR my best budsll Vou've made ttis yea specld to me. AS-no problem-just hamg h there, LR a aeaf frlendlbuss. pa'tner-thamksl VS qeaf fines ttme best to ya honl CH keep h touch h NAU. PR good kick at MV-Pre-ty eyes. Ji, AM. .K. LB. LH. AMB. CW. MC, TV: The very best to cl my frlermds. Love ya lotsll Mom amd Dad-thanks for everytthgll Love ya. Bye MV-Helo ltel OAIV IOID Boy's State. Student Governrrment fd yrs.J. Who's Who. Veaboolr Q2 yrs.J. Mssle Messenger, Point of Order. CSS qGenera amd feates leaderj, N-IS. Pet Piamhm Locd t0t. Swanp-Rat. ll there. It's been an excelent four yeas! BOK- fBradlus O. Katriwlcusy-It's been real. It's been tun. it's been red fun. Don't ever forget CSS. Busl. Jo-Jo. amd thelstgoeson.amdon.amd fthafswhatshesddhverybestofluck h d of your endeavors. Jody. Kin-Actudy. you're beimg dftlcutl Both of ya ae sweeties, but sornetirrmes I dorm't show it. Thamks. Kudos amd Congrats to MV Footbd-14-O rift too bod. Rockil' ASU it 'B2I Ronnie- Renassamce Maml You've been d aeat frlend. 1144-brearin' away for some more. QDon't forget Mani kicks amd I'm one day oIder.j BMA. JTM. BK. Ji. amd LR: Gen. Locheed P. Steverms Foreverl You guys were out- stamtitgl Double Kudos d aotnd. JJJ amd Nl. Hudson-Merttd Mdgets wll rule ttme Eathl M. K-No fortule cookies! I appreciate everything. Mom and Dad- Thanks for it d. I coulaft have done It wlthout you. Tad- M. President, slr. Thamks tor the memories. Everyone else: Best of luck. but rrrmernber: the class of '83 cam never be topped. We aways wl be the big Stl Wel, MV-I'm gormrma miss yal You ae the best: locket: Idol Unti my pet plramha desamdthe Swunp cavesin lldroldholloon Vdoyfl God bless y'dI JODV B000 Veabook Staff Ecitor amd President. Chdy-You ae my bestest bud. May-Good lack im 83-Bd. Vou're going to need it im the Swamp. Shauna-Hey bro! Kin-Actudy you're behg dfflcutl .K-Thamks for behg such a good frlend. You made government more onloyouo for d of us. Gay-Actudy. you're beimg ciftlcut tooll Thamks to: I-D. DC. NH. GP for everything. Goodbye Moon Vdey. It's beerm red. Jotll lotlltl. Footbd Basketbd Skl club. Coaches thatksl B3 Rdes. thamks to my friends. Nose. Beam. Shlfty. B. Bert. Wok. Shep. the twhs. Pormch. RB. Blood. RF. RN, KP, SW. CB. TH. BMA, Z. KR. AG. VC. Keep h touch. The defensive end bro's nie. Big Blue wcn the best ever. Good Luck to my skhny mexican friermd DS. Kathy I luv you. KAIOLIIA IRES Homecoming. Cha person. Student Body Rec.. Sec.. amd Gov't.. Skimnyoiopers, Orchesis To my best amd deaest frlenrx, Jeam Ca9KenArnyJenSornioLaurieDavldamdScott.ILoveyoudsovery much. Thamk youforawaysbehgtherel ToDDE SK amdAPgoodluck next veal Paul ttmamks for the hcppy memorie: I dwoys cae. Max you're very very speckil -IFF IIOCKIIAII Ski chb Terfis. Wel we dd It the class of 83 made lt. Tracle, Susie. Pan, Steve. have fum you next two yeas. .lay I more yea have a heck ofa fine. Daren we rhode Itl The Iootbd garmes amd Loke Pleasermt flshh patysl Big Blue 8: lowa Hawks 81. Rockridge "83" Moon Vdey Rockets ae .MII E BROOKS Wrestlng Basebd. Moon Vdey god I'm bock. Ou foot- bd tean ls awsome, I knew B3 would be the best. Stevie, have 0 good tineatcolege.SomedayyouwIbedtmeatpool.HeyJetfEaton. "Rock amd Row". Maybe we wl get to go skimg sometime. J0lIlllOU8EFoofbdBasketbdBasebdamdSkIcLbN4S.Thamkstod coaches. We've had some good tkrmes Big Blue. rouo core you guys you're the bestl Colege here we come. Thanks M810 I love you. Thanks to the I-lobbs farmiy tor the heb of fattenkmg me up tor tootbd. Lis l'l dways love youl To d my best frlermds that I've had qeat times with- don't tthlr they're goimg ta end cause Nam school is overl Chrtta. Mckeyamdoo. Vou'reablast.Ouclassof t983lStheBestMVwlever see. GSW. IIVAIIT Hoopster Pim Pds. To Deb R5 Rich Vnce Kim Shaon Ken. Thatks tor behg ttme geatest friends amyorme could ever wart. You guys were aways there I love you d. A big thamks to M. Sanford. l'l dways remember you. Terry I hope you have 4 excelent yeas as I dd. Good-bye MV. STIHlAIIlUCHOLlThespia'lsSpeeChTheKhga'ldI.The80ytYlend Tedtouse My ld LadyWhoseLIfe FidderTheNkocle Worker. Annal ca1'tbeQmtothamkyov-youaethegeatest.KI'rmNotti'mggold Matr"looknotfotheshad0ws"AnnaKh1MakP.MakCBobRegde ToddKevhJea1nleMssKerwhDr.GlrmdtMs.Sheley-ldoloveyoud. OAIV IUCKLIC Basebd Concert Choir Vocd ensarmble. To d my buds: Btbutctlro Qdadej Chermz. Qbroj RI Wash 89 Slitty Glen? Rob Lisa Brad QNatusJ Todd qpeek-a-booj Thamks for d ttme rowdy fines. I'I miss 'em. Namcythamksforagea't2v1 yeas.lV.HopefmlytheBucktruckls pdmted by nowl I ormly have one question, "naw whaf?"I ALEX IIEIOTOII Skl Club Track Hoopsters Cham Gamg. To d my good frlends you're the best. Wermdy thamks for d the good times. Chr's "Helo" Howat here we come. Bert rne amd you torever. DONlIRKllAlD1'Bowi'mgChesPrezKhgamdI. tTSb96f1CQjCkf0t.l yeasamdImadeit..Kpatydown.NFg0oduck.CGgetajob.Maybe this sunmer we'I d get jobs. Good tuck to everyorme. KHlIlKIlAlTOrchesisCOE SoftbdJVa1dVadtyMomatdD0d TtlC1iKS'0lliY0l1bV9CI1dSDDO't.KflSCItdMGkQTNYIOVSKNCKTO you. Kathy someday l'l have sornettmlrmg nice to say. lintz. 8utt,8mEvons rernemberdofouwldtimes.Gregaeweseriousoraeweajokel love you amyways. MV I'm frndygorme. lolEl1'lllU80lIhtrarmuds. My lfes armbttionlstomdreitblghttme WORLDOFMAGlC.LoolroutDavldaldDougherecornesMaglcBob. Ll8AlllltD0lIpstwamnatharkRochPeteamdLouaforbeirmgthe bestfrlendsapersoncomld have. Va'lmademy two yeasatMVa ,blosmm NANCY IIITOII Truck CrOsSCouttry COE. Welgoobs.FamdDKodos hdaslamoraaohd.N2itsbeenrea.Goodl1ckIttlebroJoe.1tmamxMorn amdDads.lhopewecamstayclose.Loveyoud.Youdaethe greotestl llDll'CAlPBl'l'HMoonVcleyhasdvenmethebestfouyeasofmy Ife,Iwoudlretothamlrdmytriermdsforrnarlngltthatwavamdspecld wlshestoMcheleSchicker. KAIBI CAITR N.H.S.. Orchestra. Celestld Skmgers. King amd I. My Fa Lady.Aspecldtrmamkstoolofmyteachers.tthasbeenawonderfufou yeasatMoonVdey.Goodzyetodmyfrlends. GoodLuckIjsaL.,amd Babaa L. LDDA CIIISTIE CHARLTON To Tricia C., Lary L. Good Luck Hope you senioryeaisasgeatasrrninewm. SB,lvB, MT. MS.PW. RR, .M,andthe kid QRMQ. The best of luck for the rest of you yeas. Love MOTORMOUTH Charlton. IIIAN P. CIILOIBI Jazz Band, Machirng Band. State Jazz Festival. Theatre: "Our Town", "King and l". "Tea "My Fai Lady". "Fid- "Miacle Worker". Member in Good Standing ofthe CAD Society. student! I've realy had some good times here at Moon Valey. It's the best. LV. BL. Bn "Ottls"-I an redy gonrna miss you guys. stay in touch! WK- can you ever make up you rrnirnd. DB-GROW UP. Class of "BJ" We've rrnade It! KAIBI LMA Clll.I.A Fonam, Speech. Key Clnb. Drana. Cinder-aids. FBLA. To .lohrn I love you with al my love. Johrnathan I love you. you both tauantmesornettningandkateforputtingupwithrrnetwouqndthe good and bod tirrnes! Good Luck Speech. JAII CLARK Weignt Wresting, Foatbd. Steve, Rich, Tom and d my pas, I hope that everyone has o geat ite, Scott Ray and Asa Hanes watch out because I wi snrpass you guys soon. Thanks Moorn Vdey You're a aeat school! SNAINIA CLARK Nancy Thanks dot for being there! Challe rernerrber Mackie D'sI Boozer we had a lot of great lines! Vody watch those hlckeysl Kin horng in there you'l make it! Meri cd me please! MS, TR. LL. PT your d terrific friends! Roaney thanks for d the steps! Robert I love you! Hey Bud-nlce ca! Mac you a redy neat person! SUSAN CLE!!! fallas Pubiej Baanninton, "82" Division Singes Chahp. "Bt" d dvisiorn tearn. "82" 1 d dvbion lean. "82" ASU lrnvitationd 1 place slndes, 1 place dounles. "BZ" Trevor Browne Irnvitationd 1 place sirngles, tean charnpiorns. A place state touney singes. Hey Ittle bro'. good luck with school 8L d you worrnen! N.D.. A.L..-Oohrrnigodl A.L.. bestest buddes forever. let's keep the good times going. I-lane tm at NAU. Thanx M.V. coaches. you d ae terrific!!! 8Al.l.V CLI! IERO. Hey Moclee we made it bud. you're the bestest friend and dways wi be! Ufe's been had but I've got my buds Bruzer. Cherrl. Mchele Bn the gang. Darel M. l'I never forget youl. M.T.. I hope you and Pad work out. Bye M.V. i luv ya'l. Kll COCIIADI Theatre. Headof Mdre LD for Fidder on the Roof, to my best buds. Tarnrny and Penny- we had the best surnrrner in Cal. Next year ner: bring the guys! Baptist Hosp. ttnanx ro: keeping me uve. Lorie let's go do something crazy. Steve, I love you. MICHEL! COL! rnirn! you're o sweetie. You've dwoys been the greatest and I love ya. Coleen you taught me how to live. love and laugn. Saly we won't toke Mano to ttne toir next year. Laurie your o big green boogie. DAN C0008 Vasity Wresting Team. JAGS Hey MV it's been great and l redy enjoyed my stay on carnous Chaj. "when I wmv. Lorie. enjoy the future. Sdy. I'm you's. Dea Jody Bond Stay out of tronble okay. I hope! wmn't to much tronble to the atterndance lodes. Bye dl! KBLV OOWDBV Orchesb. tERO. Hoopsters, Kath, we findy made it. Thanx for everything. Tin, I'm sorry I was dways tdrern. maybe some day! Vou're a gear guy. Candy. hope you rnext two yeas ae great. I love youMornandDod. TflOf'T1,Ifl0'i1Sf!XfTtGQOOdIil'l8rS.IIOV9Y0lJbi8l bye MVHS. DON 1381008 Frosh. JV. Footbd. U.OA. BOA, I-lot V-Dabs "BS" JH Rod those lqnid lunches were great the yea. To bad we could'n't have M. Colaorn over. Pau. maybe I'l roce you wtnen I buid my 1641 ond :member "MC" JOAIII CIICHOWSKI COE, Stredrers. Carrnern B Debbie, you've been thebestfrlendsopersoncouldeverhave. Ihopeolyouroreornscorne true. Roger-I love you-the post three yeas have been great! You are the most understoncing and sweet guy. I can hady wait tl we're marred. Let's keep hanging in there Pooh-Bea. Luv ya. VNC! CAVALI Footbd. Basebd. N-IS To d my triernds wfno've given me ttne best tines and ttne geatest memories- Rich. Ron. Russ. Bert. Johrnrny. Wie. Jimmy. Bob. Buck, Butch, Bob. Dan. Rich. .left and d the of you UIYS. Thanks for everything. MV footbd Utj STATE CHANPS! Girk, you guys ae nothing but excitement. Tdre cae of youselves. Cheryl you a sweetheat, thanks for istering. To d my coaches. especidy Lnketich, you're the qealest, Good kick in the futue. Ricky, thanks for being there whenlneededya. Teaemnpincolegeca.nseI'Ibewatching. Debbi. youmean everything to me. We've cor'rne a lorng way and I hope I never have to leave you. Whatever hrmperns I'I dways LOVE you and I'l never forget you. To my favorite brother Nck. thanks for backing me up through the yeas. Knock em dead next yea. Chrkty, Vou're almost there. Enjoy you rnidn school yeas. Mom and dad. thanks for ci you support. I love you bottn. Al I've got left to say is MV has been very. very good to me. JAIBLI DACNTLR Plrn Pds, Hero Vice President of Socid Services. Orchesls. '83 wl dways kick! Thanx for the qeat times and friends I'l dways remember. Rornrna. Usa. Tatia. Mar I'I dways luv ya. I hope were bust forever. Iluv ya Mom, Dad. Kath. Joey. Nine, and Dan. Thankx for dying me luv. Good kick MV there's stil my I brothers. Russel, I hope we've together forever. OAIV DALIIC Wrestling. Later on. paty down cause that's what I'm doing- S99 ya aound. CAILA DAIOGJ. FBLA. Voleybd. Badretbd. "S" clb. Softbd, AI conf. tsl tean soffbd. M.V.A.A., H.E.R.O. Debbie and Kin, thanks for everyth- lrng. Kim Wagner, enjoy yousenior yeaandmdce thebest oflt. Remern- ber who you ae. To Dane. Scott. and Bly. stay out of tronble. KIISTBI IDE DAUOOHTY Macting Band, Druvn Majoretfe and Sax. meanreprovs - MY rm may. wrnose ure. naaef on me noon. Mrocle Worker. Great Cross Country! Band- Never forget tI'ne spool! M.!.K. I'l mes you!GoodIuck bandandfheater. Roaney.loe, youmybestfrlerndandl "Redy Do" love you. rn be wdting ered. rnngnr dent rergenn sas- have a great 2 yeas. Sorry I can't narne everyone but goortaye. To my good friends. Todd V.. Kin. Steph. Mak. Leane. Chris W.. Bil. Tony, Dale. Mssy. Brian M.. Lou. Bye M.V. and everyorne. fbest for lostj Rodney. IFF S. DAVDION Track. Cross-Country. Dave you're only a lad. under prtveliged. and rbused. perhqas o ittie bit confused. Lo-Ca! VW's only. The tide is hiqn but it's over rnow. Aix P. you're very specld. K.B.. T.J.. J.T.. C.G., SM., KM., D.A., J.H., R.S., C.W., T.C., M.E., M.W.. Wf K.G,, J.G., A.W., D.S.. I bve you tool LAIAIDE DAVIDSON Spanish clnb. theater ats, Secretary of FBLA. K.H., C.O.. T.M.. A.B. it's been qeat! Good Luck. Ran! Bab- l'l always remem- ber the woorbecker! Mom thanks for everyttirng. Scott. I love you. IAIIE DAVIS N.H.S.. Thespians. Orchkis. Concert Choi, "Out Town". "King and !". "Teanouse of ttne August "My Far Lady", "Cop and the "Fidder on the Roof", Mrocle Worker. Bl- dzout you notes- note? what's a note? and rtnout these dogarns . . . Steve- I'm not the only one who ikes windows. Think you coud lean to krnock-not pound? Chrb- I'm not bredring in anyrrnore. Now about you Cracker Jack box aivers lcense. THR! DAVIS orchess Sandy- you'l dways be my best friend UID. Lisa andRernee -let'sfndsomeone wtnoknows howto P. F.!I Ornemore yea Lyrnne, good luck hon. Wayne- I love youl sti. Gooduye M.V. HAIIEI' DAWSON Key CID. Beginning choir. Ceiestid singers. Concert Choir. Gdaxy. Mom and Dad. thankx for everything! T.M. I lost track. is this a look or Ire week. Vou're a great friend! Dean. !'l love you "always and Forever". Vou've changed my Ilfe so much. Mom and Dad W. Vou're very specid to me! NOELLEQNAUIQ neornoorazvmuq DecA. So lorng Mv. Mc., sr., r.o. crdaneads ive on! K.S. you'l never change. Dde. I love you and so does the bmy. the good times have just begun for us! M.D. and Faniy. thanx for d ttne love and support. KATHY DIGADD Key Ckb. Skinrny Uppers. Koininia. Maching Band. Sym- phonicBand.Susie.theicecreannrrnaniscoming!May-youmdreme kzuan. SR., EM., D,V.A., M.M., I love you dl P.D.. M.P., LM., I'm Qonrna rriss you d. Janes. you ttne qeatest brother. Keep J.C. 81 in you lite. KATHY DIXON N.H.S.. IERO. MV's ni 1. To d my teachers, thx, for putting up wfme. Ms. Fergnson. youre neat. To d of my seminay triernds. you guys are geot! rAnyone wanna Trnanks, Juie. for everything. I love ya lots! And good luck to al my spazy triernds-LM., M.H.M K.K.. and S.P. Thanks Mom and Dad for ol your patience and support. NANCY DOIN Vasity Swirrnrrnirng. Softbd. Bmketbd. Kathy- thanks tor leav!rngmebehirnd!Sue-rrneetmeotoulockerarndwewIgooutto lunch. Shawna- let's go to the drive in. Anne- Oh my God! C.H.. K.B.. and M.C.- I wl awe you to I-lentze's ca. VICKE DOIJOCEI Softbd. H.E.R.O. Kathy fMad Schernerj Shave you legs sometirne! Sheri QAlgotor Worrnenj Here't to Pink and Green Projects Apts. Life To Gloria. Renee. and Lea. P.I.L.L, spek Reietl To Gina. Doo- rrnedto Peoria lfe! To Johrn. Tha'nk Vou. Arcu- Pick you har! and frndy. R.N. Give it to nne bany, IIVAN E. DONOVAN Frosh Bosketbd. Thanks for everything Moon Vd- ley. Al ttne way from Freshman Science to Sernior Goverrnrrnent. I'l dwoys enjoy my Han School Memories. I Love You Ji. LISA DOUGLAS NflS. chorus, French Cu:-. Annie. thaks bud for being there! NAU watch out! 8.M. tharnks for being a friend. Nancy. Good lick next yea! l'I rrniss yo M.V. LAUIA DIECNSH. NIS. Mandi you're o great friend, it's been turn. Susan. stay crazy, rerrnerrber Ist hou. Atvina. P.T.V. we mare lt througtn cl these yeas. see you orournd. Dana. you're a neat friend. schooI'sbeen "cute". J.D.. S.W.. M.T.. J.E.. Keep in touch. M. and J.W., keep working and you'l rrndce it. M. and Ms. Mc Anemy. thanks for ol you heb. Moon Vdey. you've been qeot. CIDV Dll D Mod. Dance t-2. Wel M.V., it's been goat the last lou yeas. C.K. and D.M. after d the fiant, I sti love you guys ire sisters. Thanks Ms. Buchanorn for heping me ttnrouan. Good Luck to upcoming Sernlors. IAIIV INIICAN Footbd, Thanks learn, for mdring it possble for me to set the records. lad. To M.I.. R.S.. D.A.. J.H., and d the guys. it was aeat. And to Vic. I love ya and aways wi. To the clas of 83. we kicked beep! nun nunncur neg gin. Hoopsnef. coe. use. ttnanks ref being you. uz. you're the aeatest. Sherri I trecxue you're friendshb so very rrnuch. You're cl very dea to me. Bob, Rick. Danrny. best or tuck awoys. Yo d hotdaspecidpieceinmylneatkailloveyasb. E IATON Skl Ckb. FIOSI1 Footbd. Thais, to ttne K1 Han School in Arizona. M.V. "I head DalnIlaloEndonThanksMorrnandDodforawaysbeingthere.Pou! - We've had some wonoerfu tirrnes! I.L.Y. Lisa and Nay: Vou're the great- est! U' Bro- good luck. Keep np the bockwad chopsticks. MATT ENOLEHOIN Ski Ckb, Chicken wie ccper. Bernrny, thanks for the chicken wie. C.G. don't be alven off any ciffs. Vogo. ya sti owe me orne. S2. dorn't lose you class. M.P.. the horses wi come someday, J.H., get a job yo bun. D.A.. letsga sking. R,S., ave us o ldre and something cold to aink. and we wl get anything we need. D.C. you insane. B.C. and B.S., thanks for introdicing ttne B.B.. it broudnt some gedt tirnes dong. MC., you aeot. J.T., Ida-n't forget yo, B.D.. you miror. J.H., rare a hire. R.W. ttne speed woble king. J.H. you're sti a good frlernd. and anybody i forgot. just remember. when ten ae np and ten ae down it's afeeingthatgoesrcxndandroundI!I0rntythegooddeyou'ng. WBDV EVANS Spiitine. .k. Prom Princess. Hoopsters. sk! ckb. Orchesis. l'I rnever forget ttnese fou yeas. It's been the best times of my ife. thanks. Todmyfrlernds. thanksfordthegoodtinesandrrnerrnorleswehad. To my whole faniy. for d the erncouragerrnent. To the most specld persorn in my ife. Ron. you're an irroortant pat ot me and I love you. Good luck to the rnext yea. Vicki. Moorn Vdey's waiting for you. God Bless you d. OLIVIA RAI FEDNAIDE1 Voley bd. Mg. intrarnuds Voleybal. skinny dippers. U.S.. L.A.. K.S., D.A., V.M., and J.C. - We've had 4 great yeas at Mvandttnanksformdrlrngthemsospecld. Iloveyod.MarnaandDad- tharnks for your patience and everything you've done for me. Brian. I love you! Cant wait for Jurne 25th. our big day. Bye. DICNAEI. 1.0 NIS. Basketbd Mg., Spanish Clb. D.B., J.K.. CG., Friends Forever, good luck and stay in touch. Remember "Hey Dude" and "Lets goto Metro"? Kattny. good luck, I hope you last yea is you best. Thanks Moorn Vdey for 4 qeat ornes. DBI! I-LAOLB N.H.S.. Treasurer of F.B.L.A., Dance 1-2, 3-4. Soccer fwestown Spiit is My Mom. Cin San. Mr. Steve and Lean- thanks for d your support! I never woud have made it WfO you. Podo- lets stay triernds forever. 01's had when you're such a bratlj C.W.- Ewww, thanks for d the turn tinesl B.K.. Qui tdring my P8rJ sandwiches! Bye MV. NANCY ROI!! Dance, Dance show. Orchesis. Banyad thanks for 3 qeat yrs. and being there for me- you're not a flower. Nuff 33. we mode it. thanks to Green tant lunches and FB ganes! Have o banana! Muff 37, bog of "yele Beans" on r1'neIDid aeat! Twinkie. many memo- ries: WCIIKIQSY, MCD's Pickle and ice, criistening of the "Buck truck," crazyness I'I be dwaysl E.L.l.L.V. thanks Isacl Good luck to d Esp. To Fannie Mom "E" Jan. tharnks for Seeing me through. JBNUER DUTCH, FOOT! J.V. and Vasity cheer. Orchesis-president. treasurer. junior class secretay, Pin Pals. Sluggerades. chan Gang. 576- presiaent. Mom Hertrneky- you're the geatest! Remember MV cheer lives on. O.C.N.D,I.J.G.M.S.! Christa- it's been o geat it's keep it that way. Bfwtnooshj Aint ite grand? Let's mare this snnnrner and the rest of lfe great! Mom and Dad- I love you! Spaz and LaGuena- Mckey loves you and so do I. You gnys are ttne best. Hey let's paty with some good food pIease.l R.R., its been a great 4 yeas. I'l miss it. Love Dutch. JASON FORIIV Float bnlang committee. Corncert Choir. Vasity Kick- bd. Wel it's over. G. Buckin. B. Kathrins. M. Erngefnorn. J. l-Iertrnecky. T. Montdto. J. Cutia. P. Moore. and d of the gang. 83 rnles. Ms. C., Ms. Bel. Coach Moore- thanks for d of you heb. Gloria. I love you and arn here for you aways. What ae eggshels? ttnanks M.V. Be there. Aloha! JUDY FOVI Chain Gang Vice President. lusiorns. Expressions. Broadway Our Woy. Stondng Roan Ornly. Good-Bye Moorn Vdey. You're number orne! Tame good cae of my sbter. Two more yeas Bab. Beleve me. they'l fly by before you know It. JAIET RAI!! Cirnclerddes. I-ERO. MV you've ttne greatest! SS you my best bud, we've just begun. lets go for ttne wtnole ttnirng!! Dino orne rrnore yealeft.playitcooIBnhovefnn.LoveyoDodandMorrn. SNAIIIA RAI Track. Good bye rock-n-rol hign school-l'l be boppin' lorng after you're gornel! !t's been way fun. Gdnba Gdaba hey you mv qveebles. Bye bye monster. Good kick Chre. YH RBICH Swin Tearn, COE. Secretay. Orchesis. Jac you're specld to me. Thanks for dwuysbeingttnere! Terigoodtuck. just 3more left. Glor remember unch! Chris I'I never forget you. Ritter you're crazy!! Hudson get to clms! MV you're tt!! KCHAB. RISK! I-ERO. So lorng MV. I'rn off to stat my new caeer in the food service with specid thanks to Ms. Young. And as for MQ. Bob. PG. LH. FL, its been great knowing you. DUSSHJ. RYE! Footbd, Baskelbd, Basebd. MVAA. Ski ckb. I-lere's to the men of the Blue Wrecking Crew" JV. RW. RB. DA, RS, RO. DO. VC, JV. JI. B. NN. CW, Bert. ASU here we corrnel Beef-what the cdr!! Cheryl and Debbie tdre cae ond fhornks for everything. Vince its been 12 lorng yeas together. Rich good luck in footbd. Ken S. ae forever. Thanks to d the coaches especidy Lure and Moore! Mom and Dad I love you! A specid thanks to DH. CZ. KD. OIACHAII OALANO St. Jerome's A.C.T.. interpreter for the "Niocle Worker". Twinkie. we made it! Dane- you're the greatest friernd and bro- in-law. Tdce cae everyorne. I love you d. Thanks Morrn and Dad. K.L. we'I be friend forever. DR.. D.P., R.P., T.C., T.M.. J.K. God bless. Good bye M.V.! ANY OALIISKI Sottbd. Track, To d my friends. especidy Kaen. I love you. DdeandNoele- hopeyouhaveageatifetogether. Jarnie.llre you a lot. keep smin'. Den- you're sti my bestest friend. Hunt- thanks for everything. FATTV OAIUCK H.E.R.O.. George and Kathy- what can I say besides I love you lots! Mom. I told you I'd do it! Ms. D. you're ttne Ueatest. Thanks for everytting. M. Futon. Good lick and best wishes to V.S., R.B., D.H.. B.B.. M.S.. D.G., C.M., and the rest of my triernds. IICIBI OAH8 Band. Sluggerddes, Skinny Diapers, H.E.R.O., Soccer. To my friends. I wth you ttne best of everything. Don't be strangers. Good ' luck N.D. A D.N. on you new lfe together. B.C. what can I say? Vou're ttne greatest. I'l never forget you. To everybody that I daft have room to put in. thanx for cl. Bye M.V.! Otllt OOIDON BI keep aawing those cute dagarnsg ae you cmant np on you letters? Steve- anitnds OUT I Ill. Ol!! Footbd, Basketbd. Nice and Terry keep wtncing. you're the aeatest. Lea I wi dwoys have o pat of you with me. I love you. Suzan. guaantee there's no infatuation within nne. Dernrnis and Robert good Nck. KH OIIIIATN Softbd. Dance. Thespian. "Teanouse of ttne August Moorn" "Fldder onthe Roof", Nhne Show. Best Nine B2". Steph- have 0 Golden day! Jackie- Somebody's watching you bday! Anna- Dead Fkhl Todd- Save you ernergy. M.P. 8: B.C. good tuck! Janis: Mr. 8.8. ives! Ran. I love you! Thanx to cl my triernds for A great yeas at M.V.!! 0AllO0lJVBtIebd,JVatdVasttyWresthg,N'lS.JohalI'lbe movnghwI1rryousoonmenmermwloeqn.LuggI.rarecoreooa. we'I come bock for you next yea, best af lick h wresthg. Usa, I love yo. I'm yous forever. Teaser tdre cae kid. DUN OONZALIS Dance. Pom. Sprlthe, Track. Voleybd, NIS, SRO Broadway ou way aid Dench Feet. To the best trlends atyone codd have. theSpIrlt'he 7. Cheryl, Rlch. KhNIldSl'lU0fllThC1ltSfOl everythlngl coua never have made It without you, And especldy to Vhce thalks for dways behg there B. cahg, you meal everytthg to me. Ilove youll MV you're loosing you fl classll LIDA OIAI Skyhe Dlvblon Chatps, Boanitton Team Tennis, Modern Dance. aid HOC. Thank you Coach Berech and Mrs. Roach tor d you support and encouagement throughout these yeas. I'm going to rnlss mu. Best wishes to M's. Rhlel aid Ms. Schrrid, NH, SC, R, KR. PAT OIAIIAI FBLA, Footbd. Wrestlng. PERO, SKXYBSTI Cllb aid Vea- book Staff. RonaidRoyce keepadb h youlpaidbootsonyourfeet or we'l have teqxlal Debbie you're red specla so tdxe cael Stasky don't get CQJUIT on the busl MV, buds aid rechecks forever. oAl0l.IlA0lAStACOE.ThmksSusaifabehgsucrrogeattrIend.l wIshyoudthek:cklnthewarld.Chrlstielotsofl.IckatASU. GIISTOHH OIASIIO Skl Ctltr. HOC. New York isrl't my choice but I'l be backll Shal you're my lfe I wl dwoys love youl Topogedo Ives onll ttaywlawaysbemyhomslAndl'mnotawopITha1xtamyIove w000r1I Moy I thatk Man ard Dad for behg the geotestl Freshman? Never rnlndl Cloves? Never agdnl Berry thatks for the chloken wiel RS NEJ-IDATFDWeveryonegoodlickineveryttingyoudolGodBlesll DAWN OIAV Modern Dance Broadway Ou Way SRO NIS. Thermatl LNFto VBMTFO MVKMA. Wel Lynne wemadeit, thawksforbeingthere. Thcrikstomywholefarrlylloveyoud..inIloveyawithdmyheat.SIs have the time or you ire. COLLIBI Coe, Modern Dalce. Tlnd- we've had a lot of good times thatx fa aways being there. Mch you're o great frlend I cat't wdttlvvegetouwt.GoodlucktoTKMCCDLODEJSTFGBLADARH CCTKTMPTyoumodethese yeasthebest.COKGhavefunatMV. Imu o Hoopsters. Datce. Bye MVI on sn sr ur ro thanks for being suchUeatIrlendsgoodluckInwhateveryoudolKeny-hanghthere only 2 yeas left to gol Nlrkey. I love you, stick with the stunts, rerrlerrtber 2f14fBlM0rn amd Dad thalks for putthg xp with me. I love youl IOIOIOQO "So long" to thepeopleot unchtimeaid everyorleebel know. .P, RM, SW. .F. etc. Ihope YOUGTIGVSCQOOG tine wherever you ae.Peaplevvhoa1vephIrcasshoudnotivehgasshauses.Keepon sufh' you d. Bon lou. D0tQRHOWresthg.GoodluckMuttaidJoenloyyoukJstfew yeas. Muff keep on klckhg-it wrestixg. Bhg aid Raidy, fist stop Cdtorrllo. then the Ak Force. Thatks to both ol' you for sane geat 4- wheehtinesalddsotdrethatblockstuftoutolyoub. Tobybecool. Cheryl Smith I wl dways remember you. Chow everyone. 1 NAI! Footbd, Wresthg, Track, R.B., MD.. M.E., B.D., R.S.. E.V.. TD.. DM, Shltty. Thmx for d the great times. Uncle Tom and Mnl were awadvg. "BB" mles. Footbd ruesl DAILENI MALI. C.O.E.. N.H.S.. Good Luck a1dtha'lkslor everything D.K.. M.A., M.T., J.F., and d my other friends especldy M.G. Congratulations Class ot "63" TAIANV NAIOIAVB Clnderaldes, Thmks M.V. for two great yrs. Thaxks to al my teachers, especldly, Mrs. To Kate. Kaen. Jerl 8: Robyn. Thanks for behg there. To Bl, Faye, Clnny, Janes. 81 Steve have fun with the yrs. you have left. .IIA HASSON Systematics- Coach Berech, motocross aid 4 wheeln' forever, Toyota-Later "83" Rdesl Bye M.V., it's been an excelent A yeas, I Love Va Kathi. Mom BI Dad I fndy mode it. Later everyone, see yo at the paty'sl IICICLI NAUOIII Ph Pds. D.E.C.A. Mom aid Dad you've been great. I Love Youl Becka BI Pada, two goat friends, good Iuckl Scott B., I Love You fl.Sj. Shaon M. good times are cornhg! GWB! IIATDNAN Ph Pas. H.E.R.O. Mom 81 Dad- Thanks for everythingl I Love Voul Mchele- you o goat triendl Let's go conquer colege togeth- erl Dave- thatks lor showhg me what lte's d dsout. Love youl XO Lisa BI Maud- thatksforthegoodtimeslTonja-oneyealettforyoandlhopeit tum out to be the bestl Stu Bm May- Vou're a great bro aid sis. Good Luck to the Groduathg class of "83". SNARI NENSCIID Ph Pds, Orcheso C5-26j PR. Spol. B, Dutch, La Glifno- Good Luck with Mickeyl You guys are greatl J.P., M.E. QD. C.G.. J.H.- Quarters anyone? lt's been awesome! Kim-Jason 4- everl J.D.- Ouchl Mom-DAD you the bestl D.A.- thatksl T.C.- TATB, Deb- here I comer IIN!! NEINANDE1 Theatre. Orchesis. Choir, Canpus Crusade for Christ. Health Occupations Careers- My love 81 Best wishes to the people l've been proud to cd my friends. Good Luck Br keep kissing those toads. you'l fnd you prince charming. l've found rnhe in you Nacho. Al my love ls yous. lllclll-Ll NEIIAIA Vasity Bodnhton, "82" Division Dorbles Champ. "82" AI Divhion Tean, Trevor Browne hvit- lst Place Dbls. A.S.U. hvlt- 2nd it DNS: J.V. Bodrnhton: Vaslty Terftis, Fr. BI J.V. Tennis: Pit Pit. M,V.A.A.-To al my coaches- Roach. Rhiel. Schmid, aid Berech- "Let's dslclbs lil" B0d'Ti'1lOl't teams inthe tutue- Good Luckl Lhda G- you're a great doibles patner. Sherrie Howad- ou friendshb has lasted 4 yrs. You a qeot buddy. Best wishes to: G.H., SC, AL, LV, R, MM, MS. TM, KB. Sl-I. Thatks for everything Mom 8: Dad. Bye M.V. It's been qeatl .ll IHDHY Basketbd. Basebcl, 83 rules. Steve you have been a qeot friend. J.V. why ae you so sud. NE, .H, CG. tdre a l'li9l Llttle Herr have a great A yrs. Tdxe cae: DA. R. .B. BG. RF, DA, 13, JV. NE. BC, M. VC. and those I somehow forgot. Bye M.V. llClE.l.l IQIIA Dad 81 Mom thaiks. I Love youl Cal, Beth..la1ls. you're so specld. Teresa, Stef, Dawn, Louie. youre red frlends. Lord, thaiks for everythlngl M.V. tharks for I V1 yrs. ot tml I wen' l'd gone here longer. LR., J.H., J.V., good Luckl UICOHLI NAII H.E.R.O. Denise good lackl J.B., C.S.. T.M., R.T.. keep h touchl Good friends ae hard to fndll Martdn, Ilove you, bane a1dI'm behind you BI your lcemai 1501. Remember thdtlll Bye Bye M.V. Klss Kiss... JE! Ill-L Footbd, Wresthg, Swlmmhg, C.W., SR., D.A., R.S., J.B., J.H., you guys are the greatestl Angle, I'I love you torever. C.W. time to go skllng. To my F.B. coaches thatx tor d the support. Wresthg coaches tharx for 4 great yeas. CHRIS Hllfll Softbd, Bmketbd, Skl Club, To d my yeas at M.V. lt's been aeat. Hunt- you're the best coach ever. Alex we've had o lot of qeat vines qcarrq. one eyed Wdy 01-E-I.-I.-yy rr never roroot yon wenoy you're a great trlend. Hawai here we comer Kristen qsriolomeyll J1. tatks for d the lui tines "go get u'n"I D.N., P.B., C.B.. AND ALL my other frlends. I love yal LISA NOIIS Track, MVAA, Bod'ni'ttorr, N'lS, Skl Club, Orchesls, Hoopsters spanish cm. soon. sweemem Arm.. Juior Mourning Ann.. Jorrn. you've mode these yeas the best- l love youl CTIBYO thatx hunl BFA Mck-. R4-D, M.Z.. A.S., laugi loudl God bless you. And Sao, Sher. Lal tdre cael Good tuck it the next 3 Kaenl Thmx Berech, Roach, md especlay you Godl Love you ollll 'IIBHA HOEAN Soccer. Baid, Theatre, French Clb, N'lS. Orchesls. My thats to everyone who made my yeas at M.V. what they were. To G.C. I wth you the whole world on a gold platter. To K.M.O. al my love md understandngl Devastation-dill DOT!! HOLDEN Hoopsters. Clnderddes, Streakers. Skhny Dlppers, Come-come now everyone, I'I miss you d. Cheryl, you're my best friend forever. Bll, Date, Andy, Kevh. Sherri. Matalne, aid ol the rest of you. you're the best. Sonny Lopes, thank you. I love you with al my heart and sod. M.V. Vou're the Greafestll IOI NOLSTIII To d my frlends. I leave the folowhg: Alce-whb crean aid the good tlmes, Michele-junk food, Jlie-ca lnsualce. Brad-a rnhl cornputor. May-a utlcom, Llsann att tam. Koyleen-a song book, El- leen-R.V., Kaen-o brdt, Rod-alythhg he watts! M.V. I love ya. Ku.moKThCI1XYYlGYl'l1lifh8bV8d'ldSllG'lYOU'V8QVBf1ffl9. Memories of Scott C. aways. Love ya Ango. rviss you. Caol and Cheri. Good kick Tracy. Dala. Data aid Brent. Thatx M. Lewis. for everythhg. eooi love youIII CONSTANCE NOOVH Chdt Galg, Concert Choi. Close-Up. NHS. Mom. Dad- I love you. Little bro. haxg it there: you'I mdre It even YTIOUQI sornetknes you may think you wan't. Stretch, good lick with everythhg. Love ya. num rroova Good look to av.. PII.. oc., wb., ala rnanx ow. Love ya s.M.I any RLLES CIIIVI. QCIIAILIQ IIOPKIIS Bald. Basketbd, Voleybol. Zan-you're the best bud ever, remember the good times. Shanna- Good luck. what opoI.lohn-hopeyamdreD.M.,Bob8.Tim-hanghthere.onemore yea. Kevin-I LOVE VOU LORI HUDSON Lori, Dlaie, 81 Lynette fmy twlnj, thatx for al the great tlmes, there's plenty more to come. Vou guys ae the bestl Calif. here we comet Mom, I love you. Russel Fryer Keep h touch iterdyl Remem- ber "Thee TImes"Il Bob- I love you. but Tracy. Heaven B my next sooo. ure nos just oeqmrn TRAVIS MNDIIEV Wrestlng. Skl Clib, Art. It's been a goat yea and two months at M.V. Thatks to my farly. friends. teachers and coaches. I hope to become o goat atist, teacher aid or whatever I ao. Wtth God's heb ata a lot of desle I know atyone cat succeed. Mat they sue don't gve you much space to write these thiigs. I'm gonel Ll! NUIDICN Hoopsters. Modern Dance fsecq. Dalce show. Debbie. kel. Sherry my best to you dways. Remember the goat tines we shaed. Sherri tharks Ior loving my nosell The 3 ol you are the greatest. Jnder you a very specid friend. I hope we'l dwoys stay close. Kat. my 2nd sister and sianese twin, your my deaest friend. Love yal Tony how would I have suvived without d you pep tdrsl7l Gha fslsj love aid luck ttlouaiout you next 3 yeas at M.V.H.S. JIU NLNOHFOID Footbol, Basketbd, Track, Skl Cllb, Blg Blue Wreck- ing Crew MI Pugatory kicks B. . .I Best M.V. wi ever see class of B3'I Coach Moore's the best. l'.H. Qvem heck. IfLfJfPI I4-0 State Champs. P.E. teachers klckl Bon. Beat. Shift. Blood. Hung- Best line everl AfCfTfB. I'd rather be skingl I made it. thanks M.V. :Au .anon Cheer. Ski clue. rroclr. Chong-Gang. Orchesls. Slugger- olds. Mod-Dalce Shows. Hoopsters. The "Group" Vou have mode these 4 yrs. special and fun. B0-Bt Cheer Squad thatx for a special yea. Mrs. O'NeiI aid M. Llketlch, thatx for the encouragement. Christa thanx for dways behg there QBFAQ QG.C.Cy. Lisa. god we becane BF. don't forget me QBFAJ. M.V. Footbal lean-Your att dwaysl Briar It's been great so Ia. I love youl Jen. let's go horse back Tom, one more yea. Mom ond Dad. Thanx. Jin Y., Chris W. amd JirnB. you ,H to mel B.M. I stil love you. 'INEIISA JANOVSKV Pin-pds, Con-Choi, Orchesis, aid Ms. Wyatt. thaiks for o geat senior year. Mom and Dad. thaxks for d you support. I love you both very much. And. you're my buddy forever. Tin. you're a very specid honey, I love you. Mel aid Lopez. thatks for d the crazhess. Bye MV. the 20 mhute drive was worth it. JU! ISSN Vaslty Track, N-IS. Close-Ip. what cal I say? Melavle you're the geatest friend, I love ya. Melody, keep your crazy wlt, Constasce. aeat eyes. Brad rarrbhg speed only. Bl Adoph K. I got- chol Mentd Nldgets foreverl NMflag here we cornel Llttfe bro' get a hficutl Mchele, I hope it lasts at least ultl ttis comes outl Luv yo. II's been terrltlcl DOI JOIIISON JV Footbd, Varsity Footbd, Vaslty Track, Skl CMJ. Treasuer MVAA. I woud Ice to thark coaches Hams, Putmat, Samford. aid Luretlch for 2 great seasams In rootbol. Thaix Coach Moore aid Berechfordyousrpportaldhebhtrack. BIgBtueyou're Jtl keeplt up. 15, nw, Jv. RB. NN, vc. DA. Rs. No. RF wer guys ns mary hero. see youdInten.Keephtouch.Todsenloramdarrtorgikkeephtouch. aid last d my love to Terl. LISA Jolllsoll Pen Pds. Track, Hoopsters, COE, Newspaaer statf. crreryl-plgg-what cat I say out you're me greatest. we showed me class howto dance or should I say you trledl Gino-what about Calf. rwhlch one should we pick the cute or funny ones7J, PB Gt Nood, SS. KX you ae red spectdy Llketlch- miss you at the scoreboadl C.W.E.M-I love ya. Mom, Dad Thatx for everythhg, I love yal SCOTTJOIIISONN-lS,Yearbook,Gerrna'iCtub. ToalmyfrlendsM?. GW. DS. MQ, MO. DM, DG, tdre It easy. Wendy Keep up you slnghg, you cat go fa. Road. get that ca fixed Ip. Remember, Md boxes ae a aag. MV, Vou've been aeot, 4 yea paty. "Hey DudeI", NOVAS RLLEI SOHYI. JOIIISON C.O.E. KP., L.A., G.B.. P.T., C.O.E.'s been qeat I L.A.- good lick h you last two yeasl R.B.- l'l dways love you. Nloy we dways be together. KQV JOSSEDH N.H.S., Stredrers, Sklnnyrhpers. Swhvnhg. M.V.A.A., xcoumry Mgr.. soaisn cm. French cuz. Thatks M.V. ror 4 great yoarsl Helre, you've been a super friend. U. ol A. here we comet T.N., J.M., N.L., D.C.. I'm going to miss youl Moon Vdey Rockets ae dll. PAII. JUARB Haig loose M.V. From S.B., Notchbacks to Ovds, The Gang stay close, Adios everybody. p.s. "No Fat Chicks" BRAD KATIIIB Veabook Start, NIS. Concert Choi. Student Couicl. Thesplats, Swanp Rats, Formbys. Wel ttis ls lt. Banda, Its been A yeas bud. Good Luck at U ot A. Try not to rue too much fl'lt:j. G. Buckh flluckj rmongolosay gmetamorpno Mmyns been real. Good Luck fthats what she sddy. Dorl't be a rhornbtsl JJ-Road trb dude! Jody. Kin- actudy. you're behg quite ditflcuttl Formby's-we're just awesome. M3 flieckerj, SA, NM. NNI rphoto dudey-keep ln touch. JI. 2 more yeas klddo. mclce them you best. love yal Rob. tame good cae of The Swamp. Ms. Dave, what cat I say. Thanks for tolerothg me. Good Luck yearbook '84 Long ive The Swarpl MTK. Ms. C. Mr. K-thatks. Mom aid Dad-thalks for everythhg. LR. Bly K. JC. Todd Qnatmj Volz-may the sun dwoysstIhe.aidtheQuakerOatsMa1bekhdtoyouI Tha1kyouMoon Vdey for 4 wonderhl yeas. TIIAI..KBllVByeMV.Ihodaqeat4yeas.Lisa6IPaI1,hopeyouenloy ltosmuchasIdd.Mom8Dod, thalxlor youutderstatcitg. Tomy 1nrny.Ilove you Deatyl TAD KEN Frosh 8 JV Bmebd. So-long MV. lls been qeatl Hey BS. R. DN, t'D. DM. KS. MG, TO, BF. NB. BC. ard TJ. I'l never forget cl the good times we hadl And TC. Rt-I. DK. aid Ron. what eke ccn I say, you're stl the best, Good Luck Dde BI Maxx. TERRY KLUOE Track. Cross Corntry. The last 4 yeas have been red. Good Luck Kevh, its there it you want lt. Best of luck to ri my trlends In the futue. KATHY KOIASIC lERO. Good Luck to d my crazy anlgos SW, VD, GV, LV, GG, aid to RA tt's been live and crazyl Guera aid Chlnal Tdre lt Ilgrrtl Luv smres. Al.lClKOlllToMorna'idBl.lmade It. ToBobstaythesane. youae great the way you ae. To Michele future sister-In-law ha hal You ae a super friend. Keep an lookhgll Ta Bary Makh "I wl aways love Youll" KIA I. KOIDOIA Hoopsters, DECA Sharon, Deb 8. Cheryl we finaly made It. I love Vo. Jmmy, Keep it touch. Okay. Fratk. I'm leaving behind almyfurtineslhadotwloonvdeyl ION Kll COE. FBLA Tharks MV for a qeat A yeas. Llsa 8: Laua be goodBIstudyhad.PG,13.KR.MQ,itsbeengeot.hopetoseeyou aoutd. Mom 8x Dad. I Love You. Goodbye MV, 1 KIAICIYK "Fldder on the Roof" I wait to thaxk everybody who heped me througi my A yeas at MV: teachers. students, aid especlaly frlends. Jody. I bet you wan't forget 4th haul Chris. Kev, aid Kat- thats. Televlslonherelcome Ill. KURT? Wel gang. its been red. Chris. Scott, lk Ken- the grls ae d yous now. Mouse-stay sweet. Marie-get a job. Ref-you're stl ugy. Kaen-I stl love ya. Bye MV aid friends aid thanx for a qeat 2 yeas. P.S. Gay-lets get Rowdy. IREDDA KIDS! Cheerleader JV-Varsity, Beg. Choi, 5-26 cllb VP, Orche- sls. To Dutch. Spaz, Hhey. Lugewna, remember Mlckeyl Thanks for being there, Thaiks Mom I-lertnekyl Good Luck Spiritlinel IIN KUOLER I leave my poetry notebook to Ms. Sctlnld Bt my RBC, White. and Blue straigitjacket to whoever wil take It. norms KISSLEI cos wer zrra nap ar Woody qfy I ca-rt oeieve Irs over, fndy. Its been ful, the best of tuck to you both. Mom BI Dad thalks for everyttilg. Mak, haig h there. Kin you're M. Moon Vcley. Siaioral DIIIA KITCIE COE To DH, .F, NB, KP, KO, SS, LS, we fhdy rhode itl Val Was'nt COE an experience. You're d great friends. I hope we suvive L.A. Goodaye MV. l0DLA1lECHTBOELLOA.ttsbeen0qeat4yeas.DonwehodSome qeat liaijd tuiches befae autos. Maty H869 on ittng. Remember "BJ" nies. OIIISLASDIIOOK Macfi'lgBald.SyrtDhonlcBald.Jaz1BaldPre1of Rocket BCl'ld, Swinmhg slate qudfler. MV CAD Soclety. Executive Courlcl merrber. Good feelngs to the remdnirlg Rocket Bald. Neale we cal tdte ou sweet thle. I'I be Get a red aog. Felow CAD's "Its tlrle for us to leave." LOII LAWSON Yeabook Staff. Photo Cllb. I walt to tflalk my slster. May. you arethegreafest.Ilove you. To myMomorldDad,llove you both. ttlalks for everyttlhg. Janie keep your stuff together ald get hVOfV9dOfSCfK7d.L'YjGCCTlSD8bDt9St501Kl'T1M9ffl!NC!tdKC!9f1l wlshyouclttlebestoftuolr.Godblessdotyou.Totheentteyeabook staffItwasabtostIMatyT"NI.T"youaeaqeatfrlerld.g0odlJckwitf1 LIldaala4x4'sae 81. .lTl'I'lYG'ld Jar. llove you bothl .Af9GldAI'TlY youguysaethecutestlttledlsever.dogoodilsctloolaldlloveyou both.MatyIwlawaysloveyoubcbe,calhady watfaouown opatrnent. Love yal SS ho halll Moon vdey ls lt dwoysl 83 n.leslI lllANlAXTONThlsyeahasbeen?ThalxtoDWalddmytrlenasforA qeat yeas. Don't forget to tlave a Rush on. All! LIOTR1' Vasity Voleybd. JV Softbd. Vaslty Terlnls. N'lS Treasu- er. MVHS Mascot. Dalce I-4. SC best modes forever. Thalx Rhlel. Schmtd Utd Wheeler for everything. Noc carots forever. DV fyou KVIOW how I feelj. later sweetle. Lisa. NAU here we conlel DRI! LEWIS Hoopsters. Modern Dalce. N-IS. SRO Show Dancln Feet. DGDVWEABCHKKS.IPByouaedaeatlrlerlds.Beal.dIcalsaySl love youl Mckey la. you've been my blg brother for so bng. CII!! LIDAII. N45 MVAA AZ. Boys state. Key clb. Skt club Vaslty Swift Tean. FCA. R. Achievement Edge Scout. PESA Am. Rea Cross. Carols CfIJSOd9.W0'9fP0btThG'iiSfOM0fhG'ldDOdfOfDlJftilQlDWt1hHl9I WAyouraKO. Sls.'reacootbro. Almyfrlencshaveabogus lfe. .lack ald Ernie why dorl't you? Jerry's lrlds rule. ET Is udy. Chdy I love you. I om not o prepl AC DC klcksl MV let there be rockl KAIBILIDGLISIACT. W6.QG1QW9fi1dYfflOd9tT.ThGlSfOM0fTl, Dadald Cathy. I love you d. Wel Scoot wtlcrt cal I sayl I truety love you. Good bye MV tare cae. IUSS l.Oll'U8 Swhl Tearl. Wel I'm thdy out ald looklng forwad to wflctsalead. Goodhck todmytrlerldsespecldyTMfM. TQKNQSWQ. Wel sls now you're on your own. Colorado Here I COITTS, nle ala the CUTWTO. It's paty tirle. luoMlo'uX-C0t!1YfYffOCk.W6'C1JdB5W9Hl0d9ff.f'k!YYVt9fd0flf plcltlpttlesoa:.Jhlyougotttlea'lswers.Ba'balalrlonegattve attttude.keeponpurpi'lgttleweigltsaldmaybeyou'lgetasbtgas mesorrleaay.TmIeanhowtnatve.KeepontkJpilgttlosebott1es. PartyonMV. Al.l8AI.OlKAN'lS. 1halksMVforageotIostyea.Todthefootbd players "CongratuatiomlI" Vou were awesorrlel Data remember A hour crldDLA.LookoutASUrlerecornesttleclossofB3ll lVllT1ll.lDWlOK8aarlhton.SottodHOC.LHLWDALSLKMWaldd thenlcepeopleImetInHOC.goodtuckIloveyoud.ThanksMomIlove youl Tdre It easy Becker. LH Ccifornia ls wdtlng for usl World here I corrlel Bye MV I'm gona mes youll AllTALVPlChdr1Galg.Darlce.GooalucktodmytrlerlasBrkeeph touch.VPLSKSBrPWaldMVthalksfor4greatyeas.Tlrlokeepupthe splrlt. you're dong greall Arld don't give un on Seal. KILL! NacDONAl.D I-ERO, Modem Dalce. Key club. Robyn. Iguess ttle mt. Is out. but FBI here we camel Sulny-sorryl Jlle ttlalks for ttle Iauqls I ds good tuck next yea. Most irportalt. Dal-dways rernerrber. ala never forget ... I LOVE YOU BABEII TON IIAOKENII Ski Ctlb. Carlao Club. 115' remember. "a 66 ls redy Ueat. but a 69 B ITiQ'ttY frle" To my friends, Jeff Tuner, Dcvla Schmid. Stormy ald Held ttllltlffey, Cheryl Kbby. R ala R Kbby. Maybe Some- fhle I wi cruise by fl "Block Pegmmn USA IACCAITNV Pln Pas. Chder Alas. Orchesis. MG'Cfi'lQ Bald. Wel this is lt. Tlna D. your the best. S.W. god I got to know ya. L.H. good luck L.R. stay the way you are, MB. keep smilng. Dalny W. your very specld. Mom ard Dad "I LOVE YOU" Chdy C. "SCARF DOWN" GoocLLuck MVIII RICH MeCAUl.EV I cal't say It was turl. but now It's d aone. Thanks to my buddes wtlo made it easier: G.W. R.J. E.P. S.W. S.D. R.F. Remember! FEADS WLL ROLL ... PARTV ON!!! good kick Ollllfll Med!!! N'lS. COE. Caol ald Susal good bck at GCC. Keep h touch. Kathy ala Lisa pst two more yeas to go, TKIIQ il there. David BOUTXCII I LOVE VOUIII TAN ICCLUSKEV Orches 1-2. 3-4. H.O.C. So long M.V.. It's been geatl Rockets foreverl to my ittte brother. Janes. try to do you best. I'm on you slde. Slclr. Hdryet ala Dealo. you guys were clways there. thalks. Morrl md Joe. thalks for 9V8f'Yffi1Q, we'l mdre itll Dllll lAcC0llll.I. COE. Tennis Tean. Eric. llove you. Barb. We wi be friends forever. Caylen and JOCIWG. Notting CGI bredr LD the three musketeers. Here I come. Bakersfield. Caifornlc. See ya later Cllres. SS.. Trlsh loves you. RK., and DB., best of buds. Dalny. Bab INSSSS you. Ill lleCOllT MV Swirlming. Russ. thats for everything. Michele G.. too bad It daft work out. Moorl Valey. it's been ful. IIATDEW leololl Bmketbd. To d my trierlas. Good tuck h you futue. Tommy. halg il there. T.J.. S.J., J.T.. 8.5. see ya later. Darl Don't forget the cobolt nitrate test fboss. CAROLVN ICOOUON Orchesb, track. Voleyool, Theatre. Hera. Thallrs you're d great. Later MV. Jay, what can I say? You're the best ald I'I love you forever. Wel Nichole. I dart quite folow your footsteps. Rlckerdo. I love you Kiddo! 83. you're al great. good tuck irl ite. Joy. I love you Babe. thalks for 8V6t'YTTi'1Q. I coulal't have done it without you. Benson. Braaer. Kneckt. hunt. and Steinberg. Bye. llIANlclBllYMadhg.SyrtDl'loric.QJaz1Bald.RedonG.Al- State. WISSTNXQ, Swhlmhg. Track. I.T.K.. C.A.D. Society Actlvltles Diec- tor. Smpemlon Crew, TIBA. Senior Tous hc.. M.B.V.S.S.. Bald Bkxthg Scpad. Cffls L., let's shift hto low ala cnlse U. of A. for 4 yeas. Dde. fDt.h'O Iet's have 0 ptppef show for the ktddes. SPOOFI Bl V.. "I'm redy Nlre N. stop coudilgl To my frlerlds: S.I.. T.O., N.M.. V.F.. A.C.. E. Mckeyl Heyl L.A.G.N.A.F.I Guys. we were the fist ma we'I be the lcst. 'cause ttlere's no orle left to cary on ou rrlaalessl We must rlot suffer the ncrtud consequences. hsteod we must overthrow lint Dorl't worry. someday I'l be alvhg, but ultl then. "cal I have a ride?" Kent. keep blasthg ala don't let g.t. becorrle a TLBAI fDon't Bten to hlcej M.V. wl dways rue. even WDUU1 you're biig the geatest class C835 you've ever hadlll Goodlye fDLl1?IXQ8S'llc8L'J IAIK lol! Hack. you're on you own rlow. so tdre cae. C.H. you ttle best. Wayne. I rrloae Itl DMI. leKHVEl Footbd. Track. Cross Coultry. N.H.S.. M.M. we rrloae It. T.B. h T.J. have ful next yea at lnch. T.B.. W.H.. E.S.. T.J.. DJ.. 8.B.. GOOD LUCL. To my ltfle brother. SDDLY. MARK NADOIX tvksle Messenger Staff. Close-Up CID. C.S.C.. Basebd. Welmyhldtsctloolaaysaeatalendaldlleaveherewlthontyone reqet. I wish I coud relve my senlor yea. To cl my MODS I thalk you. youhaverrloaemy two yeasatMoonVdeythemost memorrxnte experience of my lte. To my photogrqahlc coleagues B.K. A 6.8. you havehebedmehsomalywayshmypusutofacaeer.thallrs.Tattle C.S.C. you have been the rowaest goup that I've ever had the plea- sueofbehgossoclatedwIth.TothestaffoftheMsSIeMessengera'ld especldy R.D.. ttlatks for putthg ID with my crazy ways. To M.B.M. you flavem0demefhehmptestfatherhthewot'td.Arldkrt.butcertd'Vy not least, 1710115 E.C. you're my strength. I love you. The class ot 1983 ls the best Moon Vdey wi ever seel SALVATOII IADOOIA I've had my HQ! aid I've had my lows but D.G.. E.P.. G.W.. RM.. BR.. J.H.. D.S.. SM.. M.M.. hebed rrle go wttfl the flow. SCOTT NAILOUX StAlUTfI'i'lQ. Dlvblg. M.V.? Good byel It's been qeat Tl9f8.hK.KBffD6f.Klt9flQO0dlJCflfl8XTY9C!.hHCfl6l9.f0CYb9hff8 lutue Scotte Zorb's d the time. Coop- "Let's". KBIOUUT- sorry cbout the food. Bob- "L.h'tl'I to 50 ples". IAIDV IARCOITI1 Jazz Bald DfU'I'l'D6f. "WOW" my rlarle Is PRNT. so thtskshowblz-rockonwtthMottyCrue. STPNADI HARKLIV Cosmetology. Adv. Gifs Choi. Free h "83" Love ya Moon Vdeyl Pl Ms. Sheley. you're the geatestl Mom. Dad. ANIGTYG I love yal Scott. Chay. Jeal. Rlck. me Ango. how maly people car you ht hto a toyota? Frlerlds forever. love ya. Moon Vdey ls ill Unicorns foreverl Vlckl P. meet you at Chbperlddesl P.S. Blondes aen't dnb! ''rebothqeat.Mayyoudways have ISTKJDS the rest of you Ivesl ANDIONV IAASSANOS Swirlnilg. To d my friends. "The It's thdy over. Suscn Hdford, let's stay together forever. Fast cas. "Here I come"l DAVID IIAV Speech. Forun. "Whose Life ls If Anyways". yeabook staft edtor. Keep on rockh' without stoppin' Raldy. Vou'I mare it someday. JUYIH..ft0dSOt'T19Q00dflTt6SWffflYG.D9fiiO.G1CVd9f'lBK.W8fl0d 501119 good times together. llove you both. Hey "L" keep hcppyl Morrl 8: Dadsurearlgladthatlhodyoutodeperlaon.Don'tkrlowwtlatelseto say so goodaye Moon Vdey. Hope you d enjoy lfe. B.AlllBSSlBDECA.ThalkyouMorxlVdey.ltladalotofflnIWlshtt coud lastalttlelorlger. AIIIA EDD!! Gifs Tennis. Spaisfl CID. SIJQQSTQBS. Photo CRD. Thesplae. OTCYHGSB. Gifs State. Senior Class Rep. "Whose Life ls It Any- ways". "The Khg Bn l". S.B. I wi never forget d the ful 81 Laudlterl V.S. friends dwaysl D.M. Mme forever. R.R. you ki me. rlowl Bob J. you ae a suepr specla persorll M. T. thalx for everythilgl Tory. have a qeat three yeas. I love yo lotsl K.B. have o golden dayl HCIELLI EKU Chrlstlrle. Best buddys 4-everl We've had a lot of GREAT TNES 81 t'here's plent more to comet Rembrrler. bud. you're supposed to atve h the streets. NO'Ion the sldewalrsl CHA-HAJ Love you o lot. Alce Qmy future slster h lawj. I krlow we wi dways stay frlerldsl Keep gigdrfl Vou 81 Bary foreverl Bob. lulch was GROSS! Stay crazyl Nlre you're specld to me. love you. you gooberl Mom. Doa 81. BIOTHSTS- thalx for everythhgl Mom. AZ. isn't d that bod after dl Love you dl Bye M.V. TAlYHCOllTha'lksfordtheSqJDOrtMornaldDadIGoodk:ckJorl ala lisa. Ang. you the best bud ever. Ang. Tiff. Cloud, Kin. Ladle. Hd. N.H.. S.D.. R.H.. K.K.. S.L.. P.M.. It's been a totd paty. Thanks and terrlern- ber Kllii-OUf ala paty. DADE. SLR N.H.S. Goocbye M.V.. ttlalks Reg. codal't have dorle it wlttloutyol.l.ArlrlrJ..tI.ldy.ttlairsforhebirlgrrleout. ROIII Ill! Best wleles for my fft6fK1SQOC1.lOtl'lQ, R.B.. B.G.. L.C.. V.C.. ald A.L.. dso good luck for those stayhg at M.V.. A.C.. K.A.. arla JM. JOE IHLETT 2 yeas Varsity Basebd M.V.. It's been red nlce. Coach Bauer ond Luretlch. thalks for d the help. IW. Rarlirez. J.V. Basebd was great. Pot, get a jobl Gay, we've been irl school together for a long tl'rle. Butch. gloa I rnet you. Mom d'td Dad. thanks for everything. DBIA IITCIBI. N.H.S.. H.E.R.O.. Soccer. Vasity Softbd To my friends. A.L.. T.O.. T.O.. M.G., TX.. B.F.. L.C.. K.B.. R.W.. 8.S.. N.D.. D.N.. Tdre Cae. Good lick ald God Bless. Web, It's been ful. lint, thalks for the ctlalce. To my sisters. Debbie ala Dense. you ae both great. Mom aid Dad. wish me lick. I love youl TONY "IIN" HTCIHJ. N.H.S.. Chess Clb, Jazz Ensefrbte. SYYYOTIONC Bald. Machhg Band- Senior Representative, M.V.C.A.D. society reject 85 Long Live the "spoof Show". B.V.. D. "KbbIes" R.. C.L.. B.M.- We're the last of the rejects. B.K.- You're a "bestest M.W.- I'l stil td: to you afterlaaante.B.C.-Ifyouseeaghyoulre.goforher.Bala-good l.lc1r.Bonrll-Isavedthebestforlast.IkJveyoul IOOIIA IOUIIAN Shggerddes. Slrl Ctb. H.E.R.O. Mom. I love youl Lorf. you ae my best. Sheley- Beth. you're a bratl Jalele. It's been ful. Kel- ttlalks slsl LH. you nutsl Terry. you're lookh g'eat. love you forever. you're d mhel Love Ron. TBIV IONTALTO M.V. It's been Ire a PKOYI. but the best prlsan I Irrlovv. Rlck N.. Nlre K.. f'l6f9'S to kegs aid rlver trbs. Fl99t'l9' and Bly. Mahes. Cdf. here we come. oh + vm. Atv-rl Hosemorsters nie. Roma. hope we last a long trrle. Love Ter. l!YBl.YlOOlIN.H.S..Tflemla'B.lhgtIldI,'l'edtotlIeflheAMglt loen,WIloooLllelsllAnyway.HaeleWollor,0notOmuCorlltly lEOw6llhM9f9fK!SffE'l97ftSI9f'KBb9Glfll'lII'lffKYQlJ6G'YB. Vou sue ae blzare. Llono. catch ya later. Regge. staycool UXGTOO Doll. Shan O. I'l dways love you. good hack "O.A.J.". Good lack to everyorle h theatre. Sum ala red ala write CHSCKBT Vals foreverl I love youMarlaldDaa. PAT IOOII Brrebd. Forrrbys. Footbd Fat. Red. Wfite ald Bite far- ever. Goocbye Moorl Vdey. It's been qeat. Dalny. stay out of ttle pak.SolongNls.HoggaldtherestofttleRtx:rrlbusClass.Fanbyslve onl B3 IUGSI Rockets ae 81. Good tuck to next yea's footbd tean. RIO!! I. IOIOAN Vadty Gott A Yeas. N.H.S.. D.E.C.A.. M.V.A.A. Ttlalks for the yeas Bl. Let's mare It 7 yeas. to T.K.'s: one gets my clubs. one gets my heat. Love yo Mom ala Dodl To C.J.. J.T.. C.W.. C.F.. J.D.. B.M.. B.G.. Frederlctrs. Shave. Eugene 6009. Genaj. I-ittilg l'DOCf'il9, 3 g's. YIKAII HOIHOTO J.V. a'ld Vastfy Baskefbd. J.V. Voleybd Thcnx for cl you heb. I'l.l'lt. Benson. ald Klerrvrlo. K.S.. K.B.. L.A.. O.F.. we had some ful TOXNET' Sherry! S.. Jeal C.. I'l never forget you frlerldshbs. God Blessl David, I love you so rnuchl Goocbye M.V.I BIO HOIIIS Wel M.V.. It's been goat. Bwood. Hdfbrcil. Brlal. lets paty. Dwldlt. halg h there. Usa. buds forever. INOODA 8CItd-2YT5.v0l.hQlf6-2Vl'S.M.V.+tf'Sb99f10 aeat 2 yeas. Mom. Terl, Rex- You're the best faniy ever ala I love you dl G.P.- G.P. Thallrs for d you fnendilb. Specld thalks ta C.F. ala her farlly. fCQ'l you wat 4 yeas C.F.7j C.F. Utd L.R.- you were there when I rleeded you. fhatks. LF.. .I.E.. J.H.. ala W.T.- WKIWS for the memories. R.J.- You're arch a brat fhajl Bye M.V.- Here I come A.S.U. CAlOLlAOtl.llGl'BBasketbdMalager.JogsGoocbyetodmy frlerlfS.Itsbeenaaeat4yeas.JofI'lyouaetheworktqe0tes1 brother.halgi'lttlereontyorlerrloreyea.Iknowyoucaldoltlwhtl yourlottilgbutttlebest.1Tla1rsMs.8uctlalalfordmehebycx:tuve UV90lTB.Cl'1dQ00dl.lCkhffl8Y9GSfOCU'I'B.lbfNIldDE.ffD'llSfCX BV8fYffi'lQ. I codaft have rrloae lt without you. llove you both very l'l'lBh.WGfCftGJfWGTd.fBfBlCG1'B. lNlmlH8YRd'ldYW8YlXSOfTt8Vlwfi'Tl9Sffl9S9fOtlY9QSfEtQGl8 you got the aswers. TTIIWS MV for fou qeat yeas. IBIOOA NAVARIO JV Voleybd. Ph Pit. Dad. Mom. Max Fd:llal ald Benito tdce cae I love you d very mach. Berggy. .leala thalks tor 9V9lYTfY5QYOUQ!YSC19ffBb6SfffI9fKSCllm0dYCflldfUV8.GOOd- byeMV. ROOCh.BGYlGdfflG1iSfOt'D9flQSOfOdf0I'I'l9. DOIEUBSONIERO SklClbOrctmFr. Voleybd Track POA. Solong MV. Derllse sue have shaea rnaly Iaadrs together 0-lcnalg yousj you'rernorettlalafrlendlLuvyaJealPclnCtlrtsalddmyottlerfrlerlds fTl0YffBl'h9fTl0fl0Sl'Ql9CXl.P.S. TNIKPNCIDVBMIHBJ-I.Holywood f't9f9W9C0fD9lf'bfGQIOLftffl9l80ffl0fl0d9t. ll IBSON Footbd Track Basebd. We dd tt Bile" Good Luck next yea Jmy "I'm to tired. you're too slow" Bob save the wtlae. Tony good lick the next three yeas. Derllse I'l dways love yal ll IBSON Macfilg. Syrrvhontc and Jazz Balds. Orchestra for My Fd Lady Honor Bald. Phoenix SYYTKJVHOIWY Youth Orchestra. Bald be qeat next yea. get a "1" at state. Dae dorl't bredr to many benches. Brlal you daft mare ri state. Renee watch Rod I-lat. Bl keep trylrlg BL beat Dde il Gl audtlon. STPNAN DEWSOI JV Troclr Ushers Club. I world ire to NRI!! "the hA00f1Vd9YFOOfbfiTOG'Tt"Of83tf19b9Sf.MVI'l0SD99f'1CQ6CfSCNJOf for me, Tfl9 best 3 yeas. The class of 1983 81. The only orlel DAL! IEWNAN Vaslty soccer Jog. Keep h touch Lotus. Noele. I fhdy weed-rp. I cal't wat ulti 6111183 ald dso 7f23f83. St.l'lSfi19 call have some desert? BA fdce cas. KS you're such o ey. RBS NOITON Nationd Honor Society. Sfredrers Flag Ski'hY 9fS. Goodlack Holy.Bryal.BlaldN0rile.fheschoolislef't to you. Rockets. you ae dways 0111091 tt. il OAK!! Skl CLD. M. Feler you're G1 excelent sponsor for the clb. M. McArlerney. you the best teacher for aly class I've ever had. CLAIDEITEODOODECA. W6lS6tZ.lNtCiYfDOd6lf. ltotdytuvaldrriss yalVaknow'?N'IGWKHARTNIIFSGtharlxtorbeingmybestfrlerlds.SRI luv yua. It you toy rues. Dad ala Hazel thanks for everyttling. You're ttlegeatestlkldsgoodtuckllove youdsomuch. SpdnaldCdhereI come. Bye MV its been red. TIAOEY OLIVE Soccer OfCh9SS.f1'Sb00t'lU9Gf MV. Goodlack taShely aldherfriends. ToBfCft'DDNCDDMAGKSNGa'ldRWtfla'llrsfor beingsuchqeatfrlerldsllIwkhyoutt'lebestofl.lclri'life.'ITlalkst0Ns. Khter. Mom Utd Doa for you support. Devstations foreverl To Joe D I ave my promise of love. MV is Ml USA OLSBI Renee you're a goat bud. good lack with Snocho. Terrt nlay we get as maly PF's aspossblell Dawn you're a qeat lrierla good bckl Truh we wi be the rowdest apt. buoaes everl Coleen dwoys remem- ber ttle hotel adventuel Lorle P you're a very specld person good lack with Jesse! Lorng Ive 69-714-2112. I'llAOlIl.ASTrackKeyCtubDance. MyfrlendsDenaChr!sBabAbeI Bobby Edde Terry George Frank Archu Kathy Gina Tony Andy Kristy RocheIandDavldyoudveryspecldIJohrnnycan'twdttosperndmy lfe wlth youl Rarnorna you're my sis. Por Vlda. 'l.l. OSIDIII Vastty Cross Courntry Track Mssle Messenger Sports Edtor MVAA. l've had 4 terrtftc yeas at MV. Thanks Coach Sawyer, Bwrad Thrmh. Slzerrno. you've been great trlernds. NM have a good sports page. New York Yankee annouchg booth: Watch out! lAllYOYBII0l.YSDECA.M0onVdeylt5beeng'eatandlwlrrissyou andIhopeyoudhavernlceives,EMBKKKKP. KAVLSI PAIITB Corncert Band. Spaneh Ctnb, Preedent of Kolnornla. Hey "Unch gang" you're the geatest. keep writing, Good Luck. Tha thanks for everytting. SB, love ya kld. Good Luck at Moon Vdey. SUSAN PALHIO Veabook Stott. FS, KP. KG, CM. LL, LS, DW Thanks for rndrhg my 4 yrs. at MV fun. Caol you're the best friend a person can have. Christie, Good Luck at ASU. Lorle, I wlsh you hqnpiness dways. Fran best of luck with Kevin. I love you d. Bye MV. IICKY PARKS "Rhode Worker" Orctneds. See Mom and Dad. you dorn't have to goto school every day to graduate. Thanks for d the love andsnpport.Iloveyou.Joey,wtnataeyoudo!ngforthenext50yeas7 Thanks for d the love. Rernerrnber. wtnatever hqapens, I'l dways knve you. So. how does It feel? Stnely. I'm gonna rtiss you. Remember al of our good trrnes. See you at the weddng. Glndty. you're so speclol. Vou've hebed me more than you wi ever know. RB. EG. JS-Vou're strange but specld too. Goodye MV-!'I rrnlss youl DIA!! PAIl.Ia11 redy god I cane to Moorn Vdey. It's geat. I-I TJ. TB, IMA. DM. JT. VPA, BW, CS. GG. NB, DR, DH, SH, BW. CZ, KD, you guys ae aeat tflends. Dane. dorn't forget what we had. It was great and I love you forever! RR. CM, CC, RH. BM-let's go to Rocky Horror! I-i CM. DPEASlTheerndBaawhgnea.thecurtdmaeclosed,eventhoudn theendlsjustthebegnnirng.U.there'srnoonelreyou.BS,yougotIt.RS. no one can stop you now. RS. Hey cool! HlIEQSBlKH.GW.RM,hMA,SM,BeseehgyouthSsuttrrner.Paty hadylkllstlckwittntt. KELV Stl P1 COE Treosuer, Sluggerdds, Ph Pds. GB, SJ, PT, LA, AB- It's been gear h COE. RK-no more rhofleyl Vecnh! SS-looking forwad to TTIGGOYYOLICGTISYKJYIBTOIQOOGI MomandDad-thanksllrrnadettl NAU- here I Comet VAN PBLHAII Frosh Footbd, It's been fun. I redy hate ta leave. Van Hden ruesl OAVLA YVOIII PBIV .H Cheerleader, Spitt Clb, FBLA, FHA. Lbray Cl.b.l'ERO.Themovefromosmdtowrni'nLAIothebigcItyofPhoernlx waswelworthlt.ThankstoKC.RMthlssouthembelefeelsrlQntathorrne. Love VaMV. LO!! ILASS Modem Dance, Orohesls, Dance Show, Frosh Sottbd, Key cm. Lo. nn thanks not an the good my eavnce ma tines. Ls-nry no stay out of troxble. LP-wish you world of been at school rnore, DC-please dorn't forget mont us. lt was d worth It. I'l aways love you. VIC!! POLAID Track, Baarninton, Orcheis. Ms. Bary. Thanks tor hebing rrne to bean to Iufl my aeam. To LS. TM, SM. AL. AM. VS, KS, DC, KL. SV. AD-love yal Mom Bn Dad love you both! To cl my bro's. sis's and other relatives. Thanks for mdrhg me-me-. Bye MV. FREE N "83"Il PAII. POIUIBU Basket-bd. cros country. Jeff Br Dave. you're pretty andesl Thanks for everyttnhgl Coach Vogt, you're qeat. Bmketbd was excelent. It's thne to cruise. so good-bye Moon Vdey: It's been gear. KAIBI AIII PIIICDATD COE. Good bye MV It was great. Khn one rrnore yea. Evle tdre cae of yonzsetl. Tan! G.. keep in touch. Morn 8r 2:16, I love you. Patty, pusue you rrnmlc caeer. Kut. I wl love ya ays. Ill NRGBI. Cheerleader. Orchesb. Skl Clb. COE, Swkntean, 526 Chb. Nlrkl Cub, I-leny. Dutch. Bee, Logana thanx for A gear yeas. 5-26 hMrkI'snAe.AP. P. hVPGoodIJck andhavetun. Jeff.thanx lorbeing so specld. Class of "83" rnlesl IAN PIIDV Frernch Crm. N-IS. Thanks to M. Sarnple. Ms. Sheley, Ms. Reed. M. Lewls. Footbd tean: Good Jobl Old French class, stay crazy. Pl Janls. AP clms. Tara lte with a srnle. Steph. God Bless and stay sweet. Renee. hope you get to Howal. Cornstance, good Lick in your career. Mak thanks for d the fun and frlendshbl Ron. smlel Janes. stay lunnyl Scott V, Stay rowdy. Bye MV. IAllAlA6IlJag.Mytrlends.Ibldyouraewel.GoodlJckhwtnat- everyoudo. Myarnbltionisto travel irntheU.S. andEuope. Bye M.V. AII0llAlQMOMBrDADthanx loreverythlng. Rmslr Lorleyou'rettne best. Steve. I love you and dways wi. I hope we leave together Tarnrrny. DBIAIASHISSBI Hoopsters. COE. Tonya. Elaine. Chalotte remember dttneturntirneswetnad.MorrnhDodthanxfordttneloveandsqaport youhovedwaysavennns.LeArnn8iTyanrnrerrnerrnberdttnefunwe had? Matt. thanx for everything. I love you. 1'lISIllASTGoocbyetodmy!rlends!Ke!,!t'sbeerntnn.Jesekruegerl love youhlflopetobewithyou dways. Rockwn-Rol forever IOIVII IAIKOVIOII Key Clin. Hoopsters. Sluggerddes. Kel. thanx for behg ttnere dways. Tdre cae. J.S., !'ve leaned a lot from you. you keep me landing. K.I.T. Lhdd. you're gear. I love ya. Mom 8 Dad thanx for d y0uloveandsq:nportIJef1.Bob8iBl-Bestwlshesdwaysl Sunny-the bestlsyettocome.thanxICay.DavId8iErlc.youthreeaespecldI My love to d. Bye M.V. AIDRIA REUAII King and I, Concert Choi, Dance, Sec. Darnce Club. To d my frlernds- tharnks for d the good times Theresa. you're my sunshlrne and I love yal K.B.P. keep dancin and lets keep in touch. Eric. you are a very specid person to me. I love yo! Stet, have a fun Senior yea, Sweetie! Mutt 2 stay out of trouble Budde. Footbal players. you guys did great. Seniors ae 61. '83 nies. Bye M.V. onnunm v. norm Jin. mespron vice Pres. 'az-sa. My rdf may, VlhoulIfollttAnywuy,HddoronIholeot.1hoIlkacloVIorker Thanks thesplans, school was a dog mtl I met you people. Well Dan. now we have colege to conquer. let's go for lt! Bye M.V., I'l never forget yal KH IIC! C.O.E., Soccer. Lori, thanks for d the fn.n tines fthe bottled ornesj.RerneeandShely.thanks1orputti'ngq:nwithrrneforaslorngasIcan remember! Good-bye M.V.1 Tl! RICHARDS Thanks to the crew. I made it through. Marc. you're the best and now we can let the women rest. K.C.- T.W. and d youothergreatglrlsitsbeenlunseelrngyouatthezoobutnowlets some brew! KA'l'lIDlILlSMel, tUJOpadorns.Aspecidhelotorrnybestbudde Laen. Inliss Lutz. Ms. Sheley and Ms. l-layes. Thanks for the thought. D.T., S.B., T.S., A.S., S.O., M.G., Ilove yal Janes 4-tt-B21 Nichole, Mala and Mom and Pwpa. I love you more. IBB IESS Les: tdre cae. we love ya. D.H. we'l dways be the best of trlends. B.R. It's been o fun 2 yeas wf lots ot D.D.'s to come. M+ D thanks for everyttnkng. C.B. Hey Paty Anlrnoll The world better watch out for us now. Luv ya lots. Bob. I wth ns the best of everything. Love Renee CEIIYIOOUV. LISA IIIY tERO. Wel Moon Vdey, ttis is it. It's been geat. J.T. fB.C.j I'I love you'l dways be in my mind and heat. Teri B. stay away frorrn long bus rides! Trlsh Paty on. good luck wlth Jesse and your futue plans. Patty T. see ya at Deerflaleyl STEVE IKIV Track, Cross Country, CCFC. MVAA. Doug, thank God you're here. Coaches Sawyer, Berech, Moore. thanks for 10,000 miles. J.B. "No Llve Surnle, J.B.. Tones. M.W., TM., A.G., T.A.. L.B.. M.V.D.W.- '83 forq-yer. No matter what Maci. I'I dways love youl ROIHTRNDI Track, MVAA. Moonvdeyhmabeenvery. very.good to nne, Bob. Track Kicks. so does Kerrper, but remember pole vanlt rnjesl Latter Days! VVOIIII IIOIIEI Erench Theatre, Dance, and DE. Mom, Stephen and Basha thanks for the Love and support throudn the yeas, I love you dl Blonde budde It's away. Jade you're the qeatestl Rlck we'l see wtnat hcpperns. Good-bye M.V.! Nice G. you're o sweetie. DBI! some Hoopsners. Bocnmnnnon. Frosh swmmg, Dome. no my best bud S.R., you're the geatest! I luv yo S.E., thanks for d the budns. don't ever change. L.H., cheer Lp everybody luvs ya. K.G., Good luck. you deserve the best. Thanks for everything. Mom and Dad. AR., l'l dways love you. M.V., tharnks for the best A yeas of my llte. '83 it forever. Bye, It's been great. SIS! IODAIK Chtingang, Fr. Track. Span. Chb. Dance, I-EPO. Hoop- sters. S.F. fSpocl0 bean rrne in Scotty. Llz, you nose isn't big. Kel. you're my favortte truency pd. Deb. you'l dwoys be "TIE DOCTOR", you're specid. May d my friends be blessed by a preppy African piarny. Ilove you d. Thanks Mom and Dad. '83 H forever. E.. I love you aways. We're nafronv. aye M.V. JOIN ROVIIAIIOWSKI M.V.. It's been great. Thanx to d the people whornadeltFunIThanxtoBobandDaveandalmyfrlernds.Tomysls. Mtch, keep M.V.'s Pride cive. Good luck and paty down. Love you MICP. MARK IOOD IERO. Wel folrs. it's been a fun lou yeas. but It's tlrne to go. Hey Bud Novas nie. Scott watch out for rnciznoxes. Diane. you ae o great T.A. Greg keep that off rood couga oft the rOGd. Shdorrn Moorn Vdey. JON IIIIIIIISKI SI auto nan Isl: Nd auto Lnkne: Nan'arle ollde, Melonar: Sluva ol de sue: Mauva mi oren: Ar tiuvantes aata. S1IVlltllVAIlBoSlretbd.Tr0ck. T0d0flTIYb9StbUGI.l11H6ft.J8fftl, Fryer. Bowtes. B.R.. we've done a lot together. D. Tutt. R.R.. D. Lewis, 2 yeasleftblgguys.Hangi'nthere.DebB..Icae.B3n1esI ION! IUSSBI. Dance. COE, Drano, Later M.V. you've been great! Love ya M+D, thanx tor having me. TOID VOU I'D MAKE IT PEOPl.EI THANX, Chalerne for lsterirng. Glorla there'5 a GB. after grad., so says the C.W.'s. 1'lFAIlVlUSS8.I.SklCIu:.Morn8iDodoorn'tdveupornrrneyetIIredy docppreclate d that you've done. I love you. Look out. lD comhg M.V. dt! I've got ttvee good lookin' brothers on thei way ... Stanrn. some- tlrrnesyoumdcemegocrdzymutyourneanalottonne.Iloveyou. moe!roamyrrnernas,eooaLuck.AspecidwsrnroJueaxym. nur :union sympnonnc sand. Marching Bond, Orchestra, concern Band,.laz1Band.Rocketbandthanxtordthemernor1es.PD.Bl-londl ae gone now. and you're the only one left. Pleme don't bred: our BC tradtlon. Goodbye tod. K 8 Dgood luck. SUSAN SAID!! Senior president. .lnior senator. Hoopster. Stredrer. FBLA, NIS, Chderdds. Mom Br Dadsl bve you and thanx. Aunt B A Uncle R-you're redy specid. Sqnint-I love you and thanx for everything. KD 8 KR-Remerrber the lunl KW. DD. LD, DW wtthout you ... LT-we stl have ou sanlty. Vvette-lte's gorna treat us rldnt or else! Ja-I-I love you-and always wl. USA SAIIIOVAI. To d my best buds. LO. LL, LH. DA, .D The weekends aeftnebest. Stayasneatosyouorelloveyoud. Surnmersgornnobe aeat. D we wl get ou ant. soon. And. Do good you have two yeas left. Mom Bn Dad thanx I love you. DEIINV SCIIAIITI Bftketbd, Honor Student, NIS. Bye MV, but thanks tar A great yeas that were too short. CAP. I love you dwoys . . . "rare cae ol youseIl" lor me.-RNIA DC. Dominate the deys! SR, Bruiser. Sweet p- cd yousetves seniors. Rob. KBIK. RW, VC-Good Luck. Thanks Mom 81 Dad. VICKE SCIIIADY Marching Band. Wel Kern. I dorn't krnow what I would have done without you. I love you Lots! Thanks May, Challe. Candy, Mel, Rod. Nissyl IOIISCIIIIIIIN-lS. DBSCft00ttSfl'IdYOV91. Itseerrnstohavegonebyso fast.DL.,Ihopeyougetoutofdebtandftxyoucasoon.MSI'lseeyou atASU next yea. DVDBDLBN .L .Nlkeep in touch. The ckns of 1983 rn.les forever! KBIIV SICIIVIOI DECA President. To Moorn Vdey the best school in the nation. I know I went to fou dfterent hlgn schools and Moorn Vdey is the best! JBIIUER SCNWBIKEI Volleybal Track Baatinton N-IS. OF LA KS JC KB AG VM Its been great an excelent A yeas: Iluv ya'l: OF don't talrl Rush Rules! LA waddes forever! KFC- I mes ya! ND .l ttnanx for d you love and patlencel MJW- Vou're the led: I LOVE VOU FOREVER! Cd's nice this tkne of yealll SIBYI. SEARS Voleybd, Sattbd, Bosketbd, Student Council. Concert Choir. Galaxy New Lignt Singers. Harvest Choi Guta Tha Sons Servants. Audrey. Thanks for cl the great tirnes- want to go shopping? Angela, keep on slnglrng on pitch. Derek. take over. Mike. I need youl Mom and Dad thanks for cl you love and encouogement. MV tharnks for dl the happy memories. Live each day ire its your last! Romans 8:28 LAIIA SNAIOIOII Chan gang. Boarnlrnton. COE, FBLA. These were geat tirrnesl To d my friernds. thanx for being ttnere. Congratulations Big Blue Wrecking Crew. See yal M.V. It was great. Good lick everybody! I.lSA SIEJON NIS. Ternris, I-ERO, French Club, Spanish. Good luck to al my frlends. now 81 in the future. Especlaly Rornrno. Arita. Mand. Gwen. Tina. Nlcole, Amy, thanx for al the heb! To the tennis tean- thanx for the fun8rmernorlesIKa1.plemebegood!Andtomyrnom,thanxlor supportIngme.SpecIdthanxtoDr.Jones8rStaffformysrnile8rgving me the chance. JRIV SIDED Vasity footbcl. Tad. we've had sane qeat tines, 81 I hope more to come. You're my best friend. To the JH footbd tean in the state- We were AWESOME. Robyn T. don't worry I won't tel Jl. To my hwy. I love you more ttnan you'l ever know. I'm dways here If you need rne. I hope to be with you for a long, lorng time. I love you forever. yours. SoI'nla PLEASTI Keith Bl Skb good luck rnext yea. l'l be there to cheer you guys on. so you better klckl So long Moon Valey, it wa ALRIGHTI IICIIAH. NDYAID Footbd. Wresting. IERO. L'!rrnage Teen Model. "Hey Furngei" To d my friends, It's been great! Thanx. KR., V.C., RB.. M.B.. T.R.. good luck guys. Thanx Fergu 81 Voung Bn MV IERO. M.V. B dt! I love you Ald. Rob S. you're the greatest bro. D000 SIDS Machhg Band. Veabook. NJROTC. Thanx to ol the barnd rnerrnbersforogreat yea8r especlaly the percusslonsforsorrne verywlld tknes. Goocbye M.V., I'm oft to colege now. JACQH SETI! DECA vice-prez. Goodaye Moon Vdey. it's been qeatlll Tkrnothy- my bestest friernd, thanx for being so specld. Love ya. Llsa. you're 0 btg senior now. don't nm it Qremertber the tdse Ieeth7 Kee Heej Robyn T. where'd ol the slnges go7I7 Kim you crack me np!! D.E.. J.C., L.C.. M.S., L.O.. C.G., G.B., V.P., 81 T.R., you're d qeat. Dad, Il you could only lea me nowlll JDO!!! SIITN JAG. Clrnderaldes. Stredrers. Cayn. Do we hea weds ding bels7 Ketth. I'l be here. I cael DRP, J.R., Vocunnn Bran 81 Major Biy best ot lick, I'I MSS ya. Morn Br Dad. thanx for being. ESHIII Swinrrnhg. This yea hasproven tobeototd blow out. Ron. Davld. Eugene, Lori. Br Tony, IeI's do It oga-n. Class of '83 Mes! MARK SHTII Track Q4 yrsy, MVAA. NIS. It's been fou royale yeas, MV. Thanks tor d the heb .R ET. TM. RS. See you at Wkrnbledon, DV. TFOTAF mode fou yeas in Track very successtu, Bob. Opt. LJ Record. BS, SR. me? Good luck in you sports. RD. .P and CH. you're qeat. Thanks for mdrlng AP zb pat Later days, MV. The class of '83 Is hlstory. CllIVStIOVlIERO.MornandDad.thankssorrnuch.Mchele,Hangi'n ttnerel Hey Chrk-my macho dude. you're the geatest and I'm redy god nmen yon I rnopeouueiarlonsrap continues! N.c.c. people-how many kids ae you d gornna have?7 B-Anyone for a qant candycorne? Vou've becorne my "bestest" frlendl CC-Keep in touch. Good-bye MV: It's been greet. IIIAII J. SFAITZ I Stu. Trdner: '81-'B3 Footbd, Basketbd. and Track. I leavehurnortoanyornesickernoud'ntotdreit.Ileavemyheati'nSan Francbco. A specid ttnfrnks to Coach Putrnarn and d the other Coaches. Stand back world-here I corrnel Uof A I'm goin' paty with you. Good luck I'l Sis. Tdre it EZ-Jy, .lt .B, .B, KS. PAH SPDGLI Bedrlring and Advanced Gkls' Choi, I-ERO. Chrtsy-Good luck your next three yeas. Don't run over any freshman. SH, LM. Ml, CC. and DC. I hope we never lose each other. SRD. and BS my two favortte teachers. I'm tlrndy out! Good-bye Moon Voley. KATII SIIVEV Hoopsters. Dance. Systematics. Thanx to d my friends and farnly for you snpportl Jem you've made my last yea great. I luv youl Kely. you're the best bud ever! Brenda-It's been a lun fou yeas KIT! Good luck Shaonl Good-bye MVI SIIAIOII STAIIIY Hoopsters. Orchesls, "Stand'ng Room "Broad- way Ou Way". COE. Kin. BfF awaysl Debbi. love ya lots: U of A, NAU. wtnoknows7ICheryl.whatanlgornnadowittnoutyoullloveclofyal Bye! YVITTI STIVBISOII Concert Choi. Ernserrble. Fidder on the Root, King and I. My Fd Lady. Ski Club. Student Gov't. To the geatest trlends in the world CB. SS. AM. LB. AS. EB. CW. Lori-we have some great memories. let's not let go. Anne we're lust a touch of class. Charlotte-let's reach for the sky. Chris, I love you always. Moorn Vdey-It's been qnjte on exper- lernce. RICK NOR. Footbd. Wresting. CG. NE. Hitt. .I-l82, DA-Thanks for everything and keep you 50I's buttoned np. And you grys haven't seen nothing tl we Nt ite and colege. FB coaches-thanks for no recog- rnitlon. May P.-!'I love you forever-ooops Sip!! ROD STONE From my soucertul of secrets: To my teachers. You picked the place, I naned the fine and I clrnbed that hll In my own way. Ed. stine on you crazy dianond. Freshmen. welcome to the rnoctine. IJ! STOWIIAII Wrestling, Blood danor. MV's greatest 1835. J yo bro, LA relative hn!n?II JT let's paty. .K see ya M. Naltds. G8 I hope my aeans come true too. MG Helo. Solder lte's touan and unfortunately it's going to get foudner. fwelcome to had ife.J To the rest of my friends CW. TK. DA. JW, and everyone else-Tate cae. M. Dewy-can I please paty now? IIARW STROIIS Frosh and JV Footbal. I want to soy thanks to my Dad forshowingmehowirportant aneducation B.andtomyMomford her heb. Good luck Ihck. Hey Rod, we gotta ift over the snrrnmer. To Lorie. I tnope we ae together dwoys. Thanks tor d ofthe Inn tirnes. excuse me. is this yours, ha. ha. I love you forever. une :wma voleyod. Dance I-2. 34. so. Hoopsters. chan Gang. surmyappefs. orchesls. Spanish cw. Hey buds-LA. os. vm, BM, ca. you're d geat friends. I love ya all Matt. you've made the last two yeas the best. I love you. babe. now and dways. AQHA!! SWANSOII Bed'lnhg Choi. Celestids. Concert Choir. Gal- axy 'B2-'81 First two yrs. were confusing. last two were great! Christo andCu'nningthanxforthepatlenceandIovelLRandLByoumode dreans come true. Li' Bro be a better Rocket ttnan I was. AM-It U only krnewl Doug-U got the beat! To ttne rest of my friends-God bless! Good- bye MVI IOIH1' SIVIIAIIOSKI See ya later MV. it's been great. We ae going to have cn blast Dan. T.R. Hey Steve. let's stay rowdy at work. Janie you're aect babe! Dan-we have a knt of things to do. T.R.-we got to go to Metro. Rush Is qeat. Thanks for d the bucks Mom and Dad. Bye. IIAITII TAYLOR wrestingz Coach Brader 81 Smith, it was a great 2 yeas. sorry we conlaft mare it 3. CG., M.E., R.S.. it's been a great 4 yeas. We'l have to do nr agan somenme. L.w. it was geatl LH. there's stl hope. Maty A Lorie. good luck. Linda. I love you. IOIVII IIB!! Geez. Moorn Vdey. wtnere'd the tine go so fast? It's trnly been an experience-to soy the least. I've only one regret. I'm sorry thatIgavenponmyfrlendstipwittnA.B.ttseemslkesuchawaste. Suppose It's too late. Or Is It? Wel. at lemt you're happy! .linmney Crickets, I know I an. and I owe it d to you, .EFFI Ilove you. hun. July 9. and then forever. Becky. we've had ou shae of npsets. but you sti ae the best. There's a lot of good times in store for us. Anyone for o bockwad vel weaer?I? Sornla. I widn we were closer. Is you hd fling ouIogd'n?OrntyIhebestf0ry0uandR.F.,Imeanthat.Keepi'ntouchand feel free to aop by ou place anytivne. Vou're clways welcorrne. Jac- que. I don't krnow. you tel rrne. where dd they go? CALLIFCitt1. we'I be forever friends. Vou're a rlot. Keep the blaeberrles woolinglll Jerry. re- merrnber. It's ou lttle secret. JI- don't read ttisl Mom Bn Dirk I'm proud that you're my paents and even more so cuz you're my friends. Kathy. you're crazy! Have fun in Greece. Once ogdn Jeffrey. "WHOLE BINCI-ESI!" IK! TIS! Track. Cross Country. Swivnming, MVAA. Coach Sawyer thanx, you made us a winning Ieanl MV dstance lean- we were geatl JC!tIie,Tl'n0.NUt.Cl'tdDebwehadalot0Hln.dan'twe?hi'ndy,UofA here we cane! M.V. the hadest pat B leaving. Z.ODl'IIlSDB.I. Mactning 81 Jazz Band. Orchestra. "The King B. I". "My Fd Lady". "Fldder on the Roof". Lisa- you've been a qeat friend and always wi be. Laule- have a great Sr. yea. Bl- thanx for the good tlmesl D.B.. N.B.. B.C.. C.L.. thanx for everyttning. M.R. you and nne for- everll PAT11 THOIDSOII C.O.E.: Riey- you're o red pd. dways remember ttne B.S. with K.B.. Deb 8: Tracy hang in there. only one more yea. S.C.. C.H.. S.J.. L.J.. good tuck. we may mode it. J.S.. stat going to school! Love you an - K.n.T. at K.o.s.n SUIAIII 'IIIOKSOII Brhketbd Ctnaie- it's been Ueat. Thanx budl P.P.- I wish it conld have worked out. Cindy- Hong In there! Hunt-you're a great coach. Thanx for everything. N.T.. B.H.. P.M.. Good luckl .IOIII TOIIADI Goomye M.V. School is ornly what you mare it to be. and!hodaqeatdyeas.Heattner.havetunwiththeguys.Hosers-be caeInl.orelsel! Lisa. I'm looking forwad totheaeat fines comingnpin thehlhle. LAI!! TIEASTB Key Clnb. Farnln. Koinania: sec.. softbd. N.H.S.. Corn- cert Choi. Thesplan. "King B. I". "Teanouse of the August "My Fd Lady". "FIdder on the Root". "Pertaining Arts Fest", Student Gov- ernment. Jr. tremuer. Sr. student body prez.. Thanx to Dawn 8: Kaolna torswporthgrrnewhenrnooneeBedd.toM.Sbemoreforbeinga comtant ernconiagernent to rrne. to Ms. for calrng SI tdihg tine to lsten. Pernrny- enjoy you' last yeas at M.V. I wish you success. Cd if you need me: I'm rnea. Findy. thanx Mom Br Dad. made it. I love you d. ALVIIA 'IIRIAII Voleybd. Wisdom E apreme: therefore. get wisdom. Thoudn it cost d you have. get nnderstanang. Proverbs 4:7 SUSAN TIIIIB Moon Vdey. thankstord theqeat times!! Moorn Vdey Blg Btue Wrecking Crew- you mare me proud tobe a Rocket but it's tine for me to fly! Robyn R. Frternds aways and more Sweet tinesl Caol. enloy lfe. it's one qecrt .lonmeyl Annt Grace. thanks for d you love and nrnderstanchg. Man. What ever hqapened to Daddy? Rich M.. I redze myself rnobody sad It was erxyl IIERLVIIE T'l.lTB.I. Canpus Crusade. COE. FBLA. To Stephaniet Koyloon. tnornksrorbengsuchgoodrnenasnsossmaPomkeeponsminrnglro AmyandLisa.thanksfordttneheblTotherestolmytrlends.Debble. Bob. Ect. God Bless! J.D.. Daren. Be Good. ROD VALDEI Mactning Band. Band Vice-Pres.. Orchestra. Jazz Band. Spanish Ckb. To d my friend-thanks for the memories! To KD-Love yo forever. To Mss-Remerrnber the Sqnointe gavnel To GS- Hope you gow QCorna1?j. To MS-Let's chew?l And to DK- I learned on my own! Ados MVI DAN VAIDERIIEULEII Vasity Ternnls. N'lS. RW and VC. we've had some great tlmes. Ron. let's invent o new gane. RS and MS-you are very hnmble. Schatz, don't forget your shadow. Steve- Don't le Moc, He's o bad Influence. AIIITTE VAIDII IERO. Modem Dance. l.lfe's anbltlon: To look to ttne future. to fufi our aeans and wishes. DIIISE VHIIOEVBI Sottbd. Voleybd. 2 yrs. Orchesis. Frosh Attendant. PB. JZ. DG. WE. DL. DB. AB, KK. CH. SR, .F. MS-Thanx fat' d the memories and especialy you lrlendshka. Doreen- you're redy special to me and I'l treasueourtrlernrBNpdwaysIChrS lostbutdefinltelynotlecst I LOVE VOUI LAVIIA Spanish Club. Track. Orchesis. Dance Shows. Ba- nad. Roach. you're the greatest! Ms. MacMorran-you're crazyl To d my buddes. WE MADE ITII Stnely and Co.-KI-BI Debbie C. stay sweet! Robert I love youll Thanks Mom! Bye Moon Valey! ' AllI.A.VlJ.E6ASWlsI'ningdmyfrlerndsthebestinthetutn1eandgood luck to my brother fBobbyy. Keep It Ive Voto's. OIIA QLAOIIIAJ YIVIO JAG U yr.j. Hoopsters Q2 yrs.y. I-loopster's Secre- tay. Skl Clnb. Orchesk Q3 yrs.j. 5-26 Clnb Secretay. To Dutch. Piney. and Spaz. 5-26 ives onl Thatks for ttne good tines. and the caring we maed together and the sane goes to Apolo. Kaen. you're o dol and I love ya. "Say good-bye" MV you were lotsa furnl lu. Voss N.H.S.. uma. Track, Golf. My ren- may, Al-State. Regionals. Honor Bond. Vonrng Sounds C.A.D.. Society rnerrnber 82. Tis my faewel to a most memorable A yeas. Tandy- thanks for bringing me np from o very low point in my ife. M.T.- gow np! Study- phorne home! IICSIIORDI- NATIOII, what's thot? NB.. BM.. TM.. Say bye to Uncle Chuckie! ORIG WADE Vasity Soccer. cc's Clnb. Westown I-luncanes. Thanks for agreot4years.ThegilsweregeattooIThehosergorng:Dan, Van. Tony. Jotnn. Dave. don't forget me when I move. !'l be back for d the Arizona paties and women. Snur stay with sue if you're smat. Class of "BS" ls the best. Bye MV it was fn.n. The best quaters players inthe world on Moon Vdey. DAWN VIAIISCOTT H.E.R.O., Sk! Club. Tiger Tdes. Pep Clnb. Mchele and Uana you're such great frlenct. Bab you're so specla in my heat. Morn and Dad. you're the geatest. I love you so much. d of you. May God bless you d. DAIIA K. WALKB N'lS. ConUah.loti0!'Is to the footbd teanl Aisa. don't forget d of ttne ittb "MayrtCldS" we'l leave betind. especidy my S.L. ION VIALKH Footbal. Track. Thanks to d ttne Coaches. Putman. Harm. Lnketlch. Sanford. Berech. You guys were qeatl Chenz. Buffdo. Blood, Nelsl0I'n.Rlch.BlgBkIelsdwaysthebest.Almyotherbuds.ttnanksforIhe great fines! Ma. Po. D. ttnonks for helping me through! Werndy. I woddn't be where I am now without you. I love Vout MV tdre core. Vou've beern great to me! IAIDY WALT! Later MV best of hack-Bhg. .ln N, Ed G. .ITI Y. Thanks Man and Dad! OIIIS WASIIIOTOII Footbd-Va.-JV-Frosh. Bosebd-Frosh-JV. Track - Va. MVAA Thanks to d of the coaches who hebed me achieve my gods. Vvette I give you d my love. Maybe one day wl get even closer. Ter! H. good luck next yea. Vou're the greatest frlend a person can have. MV Faotbd 14-0-0 State Charnpsl We findy kicked some r'ae"lSlrnRnanaooan.uck nncoleqe.r. aanwel celeschosgooauck and don't the whites get yal LORI WAIQOI. LH. RM. LL. LH. thanks for d the qeat tines-love ya dl Jeff ttnanks for rrndcing my last couple of yeas at MV qeat-I love ya dwoys. RM. lets do another weekerndl Mom I con.lan't of done It without you. RAID! WAV Vasity Soccer. Good luck to d gaduatlng Seniors. lt's beengreatBSDNBDTKET.l?andeveryoneeIse. BKIstllwantlt.Players keep It up longer. Schumacher: Godreepers revenge. Ill! WIAVE MV you've been great. SC good luck with Rob. KW ldre cae. PB we rhode ttl MV you wl rnever be forgotten. God Bless. TAD WIAVE Vas. Wrestirng and Footbd. Junior class Pres. M. W.. how lorng unti Prom? This is o thankless job. M. McAnerny thai: you rot teaching me :bout lfe. Ms. Wels darn't trbl Ms. S you got me into colege. Mrs. V thanks for the warm shouder. Anne you're a great "Rocket" tutor. Gay thanks for being my vice. Brad. I want my plctue in the yeabookl Vina lets go to Ldre Pawel. Nck Une me ttnat book! Next yea ls 3643 tun. Mother Marqett. You ae my sk Mndy. TB Pauls NM LlsoCWRFJYandMs. Squa:-thanksforbeingapatofmylfe. Coach Broder.thanksforQvingrneachance.Jerryyouaemybestfriend.I don't want another. Li' bro ga fa it- AlJ.Il Giovanna. why Islt when I see you, I fd in love agdn! l'I need you forever! 83. were ae the best MV wi ever seell CAI? WSIB COE. Stredrers. Hey Dobble we mode lt. Rojo stay together. Lisa we had cn lot of good tirnes. A lot more to come. We d gotta keep in touch. Pau don't forget the munchles. Guy I wl dways be yous. I love you. Tony you'I mdxe tt. Have fun. Bye MV Lets get stated Bd.':e.h'sct:onntirnetkh?1Tna'lcsMarnandDadfapnmingnpwhhme. HAIK WSU Basketbd. Tefitk. Ski Chb. Fhdy. it's the end of the yea. Goodbye M.V. It's been geat. Ilove you. Sue! I promise you I'l be with you ul the yeas to come. Let's go sking agdnll D000 WEN Thespians, Concert Choi. Tednouse. My Fd Lady. Whose Lite. Fldcler. See How They Rin. Niacle Worker. Great Cross Country Race. Troy. you've been o good friend. Good luck next yea. AI. Steph. Kevin Todd. Mak. Kat. and everyone else in the theatre dept.. So Long It's been nice knowing you. MQ. SLOE WNSII ORIG WEDIOARDT Thanx to everyone. especidy Mom 81 Dad. And lotsa luck to my bestest friends: RM. E.P.. D.G., MB.. 5.W., N.8.. R.J., R.T.. 81 S.J. Jockle. I sti love you! My best friend Doug. let's let D000 VIIITE Swinnnirng. To d my friends. may more good times come. Trnanks Moon Vdey for A great yeas. Remember '83 nies!!! NBII VIIITBEAD Ski Clnb. Voleybd. Hoopsters. Tin-Tn. you're my bestest frlernd Bn I love youl I thank you for d ttne geot tines that we've had. Next yea we'l be colege roommates CBFAJI Lisa. I'm sorry. Best of luck with John. Sao. you're qeat. Keep in touch! B.D., D.A., C.W.. l2.8.. I love you so much! Thanx for everything! Rob. what can I say? I blew my chance agalrn. Nat. Istl care! Mom Si Dad. thanx for everytting. Ilove you two ttne rnostl C.B.. best of luckl CIIIS WIITIIAII Wrestingl J.H.. you're the best! Let's dways hit ttne slopes together. G.G.. cle you sti going to rrnove in? N.G. tdce lt easy T.K. l'I dways "eau" UAVD WIII1' Last yea wm a trb 8: I'I never forget the plows. M. K Bl M. B. lt doesrn't seem A yeas. Goocbye M.V.. you're the best! STEIIIAIE WISOII N'lS. Keycllb. FBLA. I-loopsters. Band. Kolnanla. Ghs' State. Senior Class Rep.. HOC. Br My Far Lady fHouse Crewj Reene Bu Jean you're super friends fdorn't forget the 3 stoogesj Susan- you're crazyl Remember the float? Stephen "D" you only have I yea left. keep tooth Kayleen A Merlyn keep in touch! Jemy. ornly 3 yeas to go! Everyane I forgot. I'm sorry! M.V. is the BEST! VICKI WISOII wel. this is it. Good rldens M.V. D.G., T.R.. H.F.. G.W.. A.R.. 8meveryorneesegofsI'i1'run?!?N.BAok.tnowcbomsorne!nxiorns8r pepsl?J.goodluckwithJ.ldditMaIDavid.Iloveyoul HONEY WNCEK N-IS MVAA Hoopsters Vasity Baanlrnton Vaslty Track Spanish Ckb. Thanks l.lsa and Bnbba Christa. God Bless-Saa Ann Male Shent Lynette Rick and Dick. Good tuck Aaonl I wl love you dwoys. lA'l'l'WliAllOtnwowIWhatablast.LookoutASU..ln5taskNl. Wlam. SIB! WIAV To the "mad schema" Kathy K. 8: "injn!n Jo" Vlckle "Play at yourownrbk". GoodluckGlorio,LisoandReneewith youcrtttersl Gina V. face It. Peoria Pink Apts. here you come! Jotnrnrny you're so fine. I whh you were mine! Vickie I tnope you' aean comes true about RN. Kathy qdt scheming! DAVD WIRSTA Footbd. Wal MV Its time for me to "exit stage left!" I thankrttyIrlerndsespecidytl'neSeritagang.DAVPAGGWTMRT EMtor the fou yeas they dd "Fly by rnidnt". I tnope we can get together aomd "21 12" and chat. To d CC fans KS .F SP "B" Wel MV I'm in a Rush. Ylrrisyoudways. Gooduck ShelyNIcCu'te,DefnBeLaldersald d "Working Bye MV my "vnu ae down! P.S. Van Hden klcks too because "Al ttne Worlds a slage"I DJW. ll VOIIIOILOOD Qanknown quad, Footbd. wresting. track. 473 To the big blue wrecking crew, we klcked butt!!! Good luck tothe he with Stanford. To my brother Inch. have a great futue. kick butt in footbcl. Nile!! Bob. Randy.Jotfn. Rick 6. Dick O.. JnmGoodluck inwhateveryou do. .IAN ZAIOOIE Track. Voleybd, Orohests. Porn. POA. Pan- you're the best of buds. I love yo hun! D.V. A D.N.- we've had a aeat A yeas. you both rrnean o lot. Chrb POA Ives for every! Bib. K.C., C.B.. W.E., A.B. and therestafmyfflerndslwishyaudthehck inthetutnle. Roachkllanad- Thanx for everything! Greg Rogers- I love you wlttn d my heat. I'm ready- How daout you? ,-.Q-.,. ' ,, it .1 f - - 1 uf., C 1. 'A O 44 NK' , A J-l0Jlfi560Jl4i7N6 5 VSNZTS This yedr's Homecoming wos one of The besT ever. AcTiviTies included spiriT ddys, WesTern doy, Bock- words doy, Boby ddy, 50's or Aloho ddy, ond Red, WhiTe, ond Blue doy. All of This To show spiriT!!!!!!! Lunch Time wds full of exciTemenT wiTh gdmes including, pie edTing conTesT, shopping cdrT roces, Tug-o-wor, eTc The FooTbdiI gdme wds The big evenT! No. 'I rdnked Moon Volley Took on The No. 2 KnighT of ST. Mory's. M.V. welcomed iTs biggesT crowd ever, os 9,200 peo- ple jommed inTo RockeT STddium To see The evenT of The yeor! IT proved To be jusT ThoT, ds The RockeTs Tooks The opening kickoff ond drove for d T.D. Moon Volley didn'T IeT up dfTer ThoT eiTher, os They conTroIIed The firsT holf. AT hdlf Time The royoITy wos crowned ond we received d greoT show from M.V.'s Bond. To Top off The fesTiviTies The RockeTs IefT The KnighTs crowling off The field dT 38-44 ond kepT Their undefeoTed unTied record inTocT. SoTurddy, Homecoming wos ceIebrdTed ds The cofe- Terid wos Trdnsformed inTo o Howoiidn Porddise for The dnnudl Homecoming ddnce. Hom seem Q no www , I-wg., KING AWD QZIZSN WJVH5 614164158 ANZ? LVSV4 HOIKIKS QF' Y P yuyvfole ,4 zmvzmw Us J1fOJlfl560JWfNG SEJWOIZ 31? 0.14 Z' xx' fm. EQ Ahh S5N.70lZ A CZTSNDAN CS DAN v4L'l5'8l6 Z' AND AZSXANDKJ l6'll9.7Z!VGZO,7V 121.37 NJHIC 6,4 VAL5 AND SHAKJ MA CUNGLTII 46 HIUWOK ZCOJ4 Z7 E Yrs? WSH! SOP!-IGM 0165 E7L'04f4 Z' F59 sozwom 0166 ,4 CZ8ND.f4.NZ7 grew 13,4101 AND .Azfzeff IMNJVSU 57160511 A Z'Z'5NZL4NZ' COM flllNG6'k.7OlCD ANZ? 16816167 MAA? Wfll A """ 1 f f 91? OS!! 5717011 Z' 47 5, W, Q, K 5 A' , 4 Q xr ' 1 4 0 I wg: d Y Z4 .Q r . fa V1 QU K I , 2 ii 5 'V K Q 24 , 4 ' T V' 3: A 1 15? 351 ' , .gig V, va, 53' K' E K . A fam ' T1 xx Any, 3 iz gh: 2 ' M, ICO 11241511 PIQINH6' AND Z9l6.7jV6'85'52 Debbie Gvnzfzlesf Hahn Krause I rw 1 ll 1016 Y N ACZENDAN as SHVJOIZ u4CC5NZL4N as 'D I ' t 6 - I ,fry 4 U V X Q A e 235, 4 wg, e V , ,ek v,,:a5 ir K M , , ,l Q, ,-fa S M it -Q-M,-,4v""' K , ,ar , 916051K ACCENDAN CS' Michelle J-lughsf Cam Hungerford eoeffom one Aeeefvmewv es -LL WAIT "5""wQsr-L-.1 it 'P v . 9' '1 it rs. .J , xi. L. 52 fx Q .-'gk' WE wEREN'T READY lx has CAST CREW 54 THE MIRACLE WORKER wy 'N ix in il' Q -my .L , XifX.l..l'l' is it - Front Row- David Conlon, Janelle Rogers, Leane Paluch, Katharine Samuels, Wesley Guinn, Reggie Regnier Second Row- Kevin Kidney, Kim Spucces, Jeannie Sanders, Beckie Parker, Christy C-Sindt, Todd Volz, Doug Weekely Third Row- Chris Rucker, Laura Hatley, Mark Church, Stephanie Bucholz, Robert Jenkins, Kristene Daugherty, Mark Paluch, Jill Anderson, Ann Messina, J.T. Miracle Front Row- Donna Bierman, Amy Morris, Mike Kist, Cheryl Marshall, Robbie Hungerford, Susan Dunham, Tina Cano, Second Row- Michelle Spannelli, Carolyn Napier, Tom Graef, Marie Horsman, Grace Galano, Lori Roberts, Kris Cammarata Third Row- Lori Armenta, Mike Davis, Kiane Paul, J.T. Miracle Fourth Row- Brenda G-unneman, Ann Messina, Donna Voss, Robyn Shedroff, Reggie Regnier, Anne Gardner, Tracy Dalton, Laraine Herring, Rochelle Knight, Fitth Row Todd Volz, Bill Doyle, Chris Rucker, Jill Anderson, Craig Belanger, Tiffany Shaw Sixth Row- Brian Wolf, Karen Daugherty, Doug Weekley, Catherine De Greef, Bob Lindquist, Chris Furphy Bock Row- Miss M.T. Kerwin, Director, Linda Andrews IZ l my 7 QW at V3 ,M 8 . .x ...- T A vi ii' " Q, . -.5 f L e-,w . 3,3 T 1 L ,il 2.1 L- A--,- in lg, f filiii ii ' - ,MV TQ 'VV S T H 'ni ' 1 TW' 1' , , T ml, T r " 'T , fe" fi f 7, T , ' M 1 l 'I ew :emi ii, I " - f K H' , lm iii J' iin -- , 7 1 wg -1 iz 12' 31 A 2 X 15,2 Qui i 2 T 5 -if T refs T ri ji fi' The Miracle Worker is one of The mosT successful and warmly admired displays of The modern sTage. This sTirring dramaTizaTion of The real-life sTory of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan is cerTain To leave The enTire audience wiTh a profound emoTional impacT. Helen Keller was blind and muTe, and nobody knows whaT her ulTimaTe faTe mighT have been had she noT come under The care and TuTelage of Annie Sullivan, The Irish girl who had been born blind herself and who was relucTanTly hired by The agonized parenTs of The unforTunaTe liTTle girl. The play is principally concerned wiTh The emoTional relaTionship beTween The lonely Teach- er and her blind charge. LlTTle Helen, Trapped in her own secreT world, is biTTer, violenT, spoiled and, aT firsT, almosT animal-like. Only Annie realizes ThaT There is a mind waiTing To be rescued from The dark, TormenTed silence. Annie's evenTual success wiTh Helen comes only afTer some of The mosT violenT and emoTional scenes ever presenTed on sTage. 55 M. iw DONE TCD DEATH Cdsi Fl'0hf-TFOCY Ddlion, Pinor Dogdnoz, Row-2- Christy Gindi, Wess G-uinn, Ndnci Lundh, Todd Volz, Mdrk Pdluch, Lindd Andrews, JOCKiG Srniih, Paul Kline Row 3- Michelle Romdnowski, Stephanie Buchoiz, Chris Rosdmond, Lindo Roildnd, Don Torddson, Kim Spucces, Ddvid Word, Kevin Kidney an Y Dost if ' i sd, 1 ji ,Ev-5 if . i htm. xhs-.... -Q.-MN 5' Ak Q t , ,,.' l Crews Front- Shannon Williams, Kris Rosamond, Bob Jenkins, Tracy Dalton, Loraine Herring, Row 2- Sharyn Walsh, Leigh Sandera, Bill Rosemond, Brian Wolfe, Tammy Voss, Karen Daugheriy, Kai Samuels, Diane Paul, Lauren Slrum Row 3- Lori Armenia, Mike Kisi, Beth Dawson. Amy Morris, Jack Marvin, Dan Toraason, Ben Drugler, Joe Fenicle, Mellanie Hanks, Dave Ward, Chrisly Sinai, Jennifer Voll Back- Bill Doyle, Robin Sheer, Caihy DeGreef, Linda Andrews, Larry Myers. ,-u Vi' nina- i 1 1 R .An lag Mxrvxili, li 64 3 S9 if -4 - J DA- .. . 4 ML wyii A gf, 5 N, J i ,W , Kfwbv' 'GJ Tin. 4 .JLINIUFHS x w Q A - A A- P. i Todd Aanenson Karen Abdo Caryn Adams Raymond Adrian Lynne Ainley Daniel Akers Kenny Allen Tina Allen John Allison Melissa Alward Jeneane Amidon Janine Angichiodo Michelle Angichiodo Deven Arnold Danny Ashinhursi James Ashley Nadine Baker Diane Baldwin Ken Balla Mike Banhagel Joseph Barbieri Amanda Barnes Darlene Barnwell Timolhy Barnwell John Borone Kimberly Baiiershell Linda Bauer Charles Baughman Saniina Bazzell Roberl Beaubien Darren Becker Chris Bell Larry Benedict Aaron Bercovich Lorri Berka Paul Berkemeier Terry Boekemeier Richard Boettner Mary Bollman Thomas Bonette Bobbi Boston Gina Bove Gary Bowles James Brady Michael Breedlove Carla Brinkley Kimberly Bridgman Janis Brody Evelyn Broomall Jennifer Brown Margaret Brown Tammy Brown Tracey Brown Phillip Broyies Antony Bruner Kristine Burbach Marta Bureson Lori Calvin Giovanna Camino Kristine Cammarata Vincent Campanaro Rhonda Campbell Sondra Campbell Angela Carlson Patrick Carnahan Jill Carpenter Joey Castro Marie Catinella Nick Cavale Wen Chang AANENSON-CHANCE 41' Q .as 1' 047 61 Pdtricio Chorlton Cynthio Cheltro lviork Church Bernie Cickovdge Christopher Cipolloro Robert Clork John Clork Lori Clork Amy Clift Cdthy Clifton Brodley Cloud Howord Cockerill Scott Collins Robert Conklin Robert Conrod Kenneth Cook Kimberly Cook Poul Cooke Mork Coonrod Todd Cooper Kotherine Corey Deon Cote Steven Cotton Tonjo Coughlin Brett Cox Deboroh Creon Cheryl Crumrine Anitro Cruz Julie Cummings Debbie Cuppy Kimberly Cutter Michoel Dochtler Dorryl Dohlgren Pomelo Dollmonn Fdryl Dovis Grace Davis William Davis Virgina Davis Kim Deaton Bonnie Dederich Hector Del-Cid Troy Dickson Jerry Dieterich Theresa Dimino Scott Dodd Timothy Dodge Frankpaul Donoghue Kathy Donovan Ed Doss Kathleen Douglas Robert Dove Patrick Doyle Debbie Drop Kathleen Druan Roberta Druyor David Dubaski Karen Dupre Karen Durham Paula Durham Timothy Durrer Charlene Dyroff Jennette Eastin Jackie Eisman Skipper Ellison Karyn Emrich James Erickson Ronda Erickson Scott Everett Sheri Everett Susan Evitts CHARLTON-EVITTS A QS .ffm 1'i ,lf f 4 JUNIORS ITS? Wi? wi ,l i l F l f z I 64 Dennis Fairbrother Sorah Faith Lisa Farley Laura Faulkner Grace Fernandez Randy Fernandez Alecio Ferris Kathy Field Dennis Fite David Fitzgerald Gary Fischer Rebecca Flanick Craig Floyd Michael Folvarsky Lori Foster John Frazier Bruce Fuller Susan Fuller Christopher Furphy Sondra Gallagher Elizabeth Galuski Debbie Gantner Tamara Garringer Shawn Gilbertson Russell Godsil Luz Gonzalez Jim Gosnell Debra Goss Rochelle Gordon James Grahf Janice Grahl Julia Gray Shawn Graziano David Griffith Coleen Grimes Cynthia Groves Sharloiie Grubbs Brenda Gunneman Wesley Guinn Richard Haeussler James Hager Susan Haggerty Richard Hakalmazian Bren? Hall Kimberly Hamn Debbie Harbison James Harris Kristi Harvey Laura Hailey Cris Haffon Howard Hays Renee Helledy FAIRBRCTHER-HELLEDY 17' V , A , 1 .W M, ,ff . X 65 Denise Helminfaler John Henneman Vicki Henry Georgina Hidalgo James Hidalgo Mike Hilbig Julie Hilburger Kevin Hill Thomas Hill Angie Hifson Jay Hoelfje Cheryl Hoffman Michael Hoffman Sfephen Hoffman Sherri Holden Paul Honce Roberf Hopkins Audrey Horowifz Reggie Horton Teri Hoskins Sean Hubbard Jennifer Hull Shawn Hursf Janolyn lmgarfen Ora Irvine Cecelia Jackson X'llZ.lQlCi Jamieson Thomas Jaeger Deborah James Kevin James Maria James Ronald Jandrlich Kevin Jenkins Sheryl Jensen Tammara Jensen Michael Jessen Debra Jilderda Scott Joanou Daron Johnson Mark Johnson Scott Johnstone Kimberly Jones Lisa Jones Stephanie Jones Tracy Joyner Tatia Julius Jovan Kangrga Kathleen Karandreas Rose Kargas Thomas Kastner Laura Kavanaugh Jim Kellough Kathleen Kerr Kevin Kidney Renee Kinkle Rochelle Kinkle Beth Klatch Michael Klein Teresa Knutson Valerie Koehler Tena Kortie Melissa Kruska Amy Kugler Daniel Kuhajda Johanna Kuspert Barbara Lacey Shawn Lacey Matthew Laliberte Joan Lankford Lisa Laquidara Donna Larsson John Lawson Larry Lawiher George Lebario Nancy Leckell Sue Lehrrnan Virginia Leibundgu-Davis Barbara Leinweber Marvin Leon Eric Leonhardl Bealrice Lewis James Lewis Anna Leyva Elena Licala Eleanor Liaouri Lisa Lisciarelli Joseph Liska Nalalie Lilile Michelle Loloer David Logue Mark Longemeoker Russel Ludwig Susan McAvinney Daniel McBride Kalhrine McCarTy Gregg McCaslin Tawney McChesney Sharon McCollum Chris McCracken Diane McDaniel Kimberly McDonald Tirnolhy McElroy Milzi McGady Dawn McGough Kelly McG-ralh Barbara Mack Roberi Mackenzie Ronald Mackenzie David Maher Lee Malvik Tina Maneely Lisa Mark Monica Marks Kaihy Marlin Roberi Malaslic Bill Maihews LARSSON MATTHEWS il' -if" Qu JUNIORS 70 Shari Mattingly Denise Maury Tracie Maury Kathryn Maxwell Rob McCauley Joyann Mendivil Karen Mercurio Jamie Mergener Debbie Messner Robert Miller Christine Mills Todd Mills Sandra Mineer J T Miracle William Morre Joy Moncrieff Scot Monroe Stephen Moriarty Sally Morlock Robert Morrison John Moulin Perry Munuz Teri Munuz Diedre Muns Mary Murphy John Musgrave Lisa Musgrave James Napier Max Navarro Steven Neff Gregory Nelson Jeri Neville Sharaleen Newman Tina Nielson Brian Nishimoto Shonnon Norenberg Noncy Norton Pomelo Nurse Heidi Oemler Melisso Oglesby Robert Oller Joni Onogo Deboroh Ondovcik Holly O reily Dick Ortega Rick Ortego Kirsten Orwig Leilo Osborn Louro Osheim Thomos Owen Sheryl Pocione Potricio Poge Mork Poluch Brion Porker Lynne Postore Michelle Pote Angelo Potterson Anitci Poyne Rondoll Peel Gront Pepperell Steve Perry Michelle Pesortic Brion Pesnell Robert Peterson Mory Peterson Mork Pezdirtz Noncy Pfefferkorn Kimberly Phillips Lourie Phillips Brion Pickrel IVIATTINGLY-PICKREL AAA. 71 JUNIORS xi -. .e:f'Yl" , .-P.. .sis ' i TLS' "fX'f2-5fTYf5E"f9"'' . ' gl i E el Fug., Q qhwizg l we is 7 A-as ff 3' .ls F wx , wx 5 3 3 1 ss' M 2 Q v x 72' Warren Pierce Denise Pilger Patty Pisut Michelle Plancher Daniel Polcyn Keith Politte Kevin POIiTTe is P Rlchcfd Polok Rachael Pooley Caroline Porter Christopher Potter Robert Powers Shelly Pratt Tammy Pratton Kimberly Principato David Propst Anita Purcell Joseph Pusateri Melissa Pusateri Fred Pylut Lora Ralston Mercedes Ramirez Robert Ratkovich Ramona Rasa Leslea Rauscher Seven Ray Micheal Rayes Dane Reblin Stefanie Redman Elizabeth Reed Stephan Reutter John Rhoads Mark Richards Michael Riddle Debra Riggs Kevin Riley Amy Risner Jeff Rittschof Christina Robbe Mark Roberts George Rodriguez Stephen Rogers Mark Rohe Alan Roland Wendei Rolland Kristen Rosamond Ken Rosinski Shirley Roskam Robert Rossignol Steven Rubin Shelly Rudzinski Scott Runyan Brian Russell Troy Sakai Stacie Saltz Benjamin Samuels Jeannie Sanders Wendy Santi John Sapp Paul Schantz Donna Savini Michelle Schlicker Francine Schmell David Schmid Andrea Schnitky Andrew Schofield Dawn Schwarzenstien Debbie Scott Michael Sebring Danny Selman George Sgouros Kristen Shannon Melissa Shear Robert Shepard Rex Simon Mike Sloan David Smith Richard Smith Steve Smith Jacqueline Smith William Sol Nitsky Gary Spdafora Kieth Spanelli David Spoon Scott Sprincz Shelly Spucces Rodney Stehlick Arlene Stimson Edwina Strang Marcy Sturges Myriam Styles Richard Sutton Russel Sutton Douglas Swain Kelly Swichtenberg Lisa Swift Diane Switzer Barbara Swugger Mary Szabo Nicole Talbott Randy Tapp Kevin Taul Susan Taylor Gary Tchida Tammy Theisen Brenda Thissell Mike Thomas Noelle Thompson Ricky Thompson Jennifer Thul Lisa Tillman Julie Tingle Renee Tissaw Debbie Tocko Dan Toraason Joe Tornello Juliette Torrez Natascha Troehler Lisa Trovini Kim Truelove Margo Turbyfill Rossie Turman-Ill X. 5 X Xi K wk, l RUSSELL-TURIVIAN fu Q17 Q7 75 X JUNIO 76 Jeffrey Turner Bryon Ullenbdck Lindo Vdn-Aller Donny Von-Ness Trenl Von-Vleel Donyce Vdrney Lily Vosquez Denise Vdugh Ddvid VGOTCN Keirsly Vernon Corrie Vigono Gino Villorredl Donny Vinson Lynne Volk Todd Volz Tdmml Voss Kimberly Wogher Crdig Wdlldch Willidm Wdllmon Quenlion Wollon Ddvid Word Todd Wdrner Dorren Wdrwick Krisien Wolerbury Andy Weover Michelle Welby Michelle Weeden Deon Wende Tommie Wenger Dori Wheller Judy While Lori Whilworlh Bob Wilcox Kim Willioms Brion Wolfe Q 2 3 gg, Q, Rnondo Wornbie Corol Wooddll Trino Woods Jomes WooTen Goiiyn Wruck WinsTon Ydzzie Monico Yborro Vicci Yerger Lourie Youhos Anfhony Young Lillidn Youngblood Joonne Zdrnpini Tommy Zorcni Cheryl ZeiTler Tonio Zugg Loroine Berry Debbie Rensndw TURNER-ZUGG J d.dd d deee ded 1 ebdd 2 e e dd,e egde ed,e 4 '-" Yifi, k, if f eeee 2 ,rr , Q d -wwwkenship A' 2 agw , weffffahoffgee f 5 e . , , - 51265, 3- 1 d f"3'dG ' I Cy Rowan Q ? nl b5fPm?'Q fUhF lfQTqlI3,f wiDGrr QT19 5f2d 315 ,g f Gfidef e e nben Si f e ' , f ' :,'i, ,,,,' ,,.. 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QQ 'EF -W WM, A my .. .P -ap. . ?' 1 VA' ' i 4 1 1 P n 6 i-v Danny Adamo Tony Adamo Yvonne Adams Deborah Adamson Kimmura Akeri Laura Aleksick Donald Allen Jeff Allsup John Alvarez Rachel Alvarez Gary Alves Amy Alward lvlallhew Amdor Patricia Amick Chuck Anderson Suzan Anderson Cherie Armsrrong Kathy Arnharl Karen Asche Daren Auslin Rozanne Asche James Avans Lori Ayers Richard Babinski Melissa Bach Russell Backer Ronald Bagwell Gregory Bally Mark Bailey Dyan Baird Eric Baker Janis Baker Jonnel Baker Kim Balconi David Baldridge Wendy Banhagel Patty Barker Lawrence Bateman Dennis Baughman Theresa Bazzell Mark Beal Vivian Beasley Maureen Becker Gina Beckwith Darin Beierie Tony Bell Gretchen Bellinger Jacqueline Bender April Bennett Leigh Benson Rita Bergvik Jennifer Biehl Patti Bielert Donna Bierman Michelle Bilby Mary Lou Birado Jeffrey Blilie Michelle Blizzard Veronica Blodgett Mike Blondin Debbie Bonatto Victoria Boston Cheryl Bowen Scott Brakebill Russell Brandon Lisa Briner James Boatman Pam Brockman Suzanne Brookes Vicki Broomall ADAIVIG-BROOIVIALL fi r .. 7 YN.. xr? 85 Cheryl Brown Jim Brown Kimberly Brown Suzanne Brown Nancy Bullock Michelle Burbach Andrea Burcham David Burrell Mike Burrola Bill Burson Roberf Bush Brenda Butler Ryan Byrne Jesus Cabera Charles Callahan Margrella Camps Tina Cano Ingrid Carlblom Nina Carlson Cindy Carpenter Chris Carroll John Carter Mike Carter Michelle Casbarro Greg Castro Tammy Catalano Terrsa Cernansky Peggy Chandler Cindy Chavez Kellie Christian Michael Churchill Mary Ciralo Tim Clemons Tyree Cline Chris Coleman Robin Collins Cindy Connolly Albert Coonrod Dane Copic: Holly Corbin Kelly Cougnarour Randy Cornelison Candy Cowdery Judi Creekmur Kelly Crennan Ricky Cruz BROWN-CRUZ Wa 5. X fs 87 REQ... Anthony Daniel Karen Daugherty Nancy Davidson Brian Davis Mike Davis Stephen Dawson Bill Deaton David Debernadis Chrisie Dedge Dawn Defilla Tim DeGeorge Catherine DeGreef Lisa DelaCruz Jason Dent Mike DeWell Kim Dewitt Stephen Deyhonaz Joe Dhondt Sanh Diep Jeffrey DiGioacohino Margaret Dimino Julie Dodge Pinar Doganoz Sheri Donaldson Karen Douglas Charles Doyle William Drake Michelle Dunavan Kari Duncan Karen Eastman Jean Eaton Rick Edwards Shari Ellis David Engel Tammy Erickson Kevin Esslinger Jim Estelle Stacee Ester Steve Ehinger Bill Evans Eric Evans Jason Evans Michelle Evans Troy Evans Susan Fancher Nicole Fausett Beth Femia Joseph Fenicle Carol Ferguson Lisa Fillman Mary Ann Firlit Kim Fisher Nikki Flagler Derek Floyd Robbie Fluellen Steven Ford Chris Foster John Foster Barb Fow Aaron Francis Krlssie Frazier Charlie Fredericks Robert Freed Walter Freer Carol Freerking Tim Friske Tom Fvld Larry Fulton Debbie Gage Mike Gagnon DANIEL-GAGNON .-.., " N F 'J' .,....-- " f,"i-'WB' s X. Lffhx . 89 SOPHCDIVIORES .QW l l 90 Paula Gallas Anne Gardner Nancy Gardner Holly Garrett Jennifer Garst Shawn Gill Diane Gillmore Christy Gindi Luis Gonzales Carol Gosnell Leila Goischall Tony Grachus Fred Graef Nadine Gray Kerry Greene Michelle Greenfield Sieve Grimm Teri Groves Willie Guerraro Erin Haber Bonnie Hall Jerry Hall Susan Hallford Melanie Hanks Chris Hanson Renee Hanson Bill Hargrove Melissa Harley Lisa Hassing Kent Hatcher David Haydon Ron Hayes Jim Hellmick Chris Helminraler Marci Hernandez Katherine Hogue Jim Hooks Bobbi Jo Horn Shelly Horrall Rhonda Horton Ben Hosley Darrin Hosleller Andy Howard SCDPHOMORES fi 92 x'w Yum Don Hudson MOH Huffmon Heidi Humphrey Robbie Hungerford Jeff Hymson Lizd Iddings Kellie Jdcko Sherrie Jockson Jednneffe Jefferson Jennifer Jenson Tony Johnson Wendy Johnson Jomie Jones Tom Jones Mike Judn Scoff Juorez Mdry Kdczmorowski Lori Kolk Imdd Komrdn Jill Kdfhrins John Kcivoll Chris Kelley Liso Kelly Jonell Kenddll Lciurd Kennings Liso Kennedy Mork Kessler Cheryl Kibbie Renee Kibbie Rhondo Kibbie Kevin Kibsey Denise Kiechel Steve King Leigh Ann Kirby Jen Kleeschlilfe Paul Kline Paula Kmiec Collette Knoch Jeanne Knoles Richard Knechtel Terry Knutson Shelien Koile Frank Kondora Kathryn Kopta Rochelle Knight Daniele Krahn Sonia Krainz Laura Kramer Lisa Kramer Lisa Krapu Brian Krauss Jeff Krawczyk Jess Lambert Wendy Lancaster Denise Landers Brad Larson Aaron Lashbrook Spencer Laudel Jamie Lawson Joan Leja Jacqueline Lenoble Tim Lentz Chris Lenz Robert Leonard Dennis Lewis Dan Linder Sue Lingenfelter Mike Longenecker Tammi Longsjo Gabe Lopez Palri Lowe Dann Lubberls Greg Ludwigsen Jackie Luiz Michelle McCall David McCamic Kathy McClure Mary McCoid Tom McCracken Shelly McCune Boyd McDaniel James McGuire Jason Mcilquham Amy McKay Dedee Mckee Michelle McKee Lorene McKnight Katrina McLaughlin Dave McQuarie Lynda Mack Paula Maddox Bryan Mager Larry Maggio Cindy Malgfesia Hassan Mailey Beih Malloy Rebbeca Malone Lisa Mangino Lisa Manson Cheryl Marshaii Terri Marshall Tammie Mathis Shawn Maikin Richard Maxey Mike Mayer Tracey Meikle Jim Menacs John Mercer SOPHOIVIORES 96 whiff i s N x if ap' Becky Meredith David Merrill Ann Messina Loran Miller Renee Milligan Danny Miracle Tom Monroe Tom Monson Jill Moore John Moore Slephanie Moore Mallhew Moran Cindy Morra Dwighl Morris Mary Morrison Gaby Mozeris Kaihy Mullins Barbara Murry Larry Myers Carolyn Napier Anne Marie Nardi Curl Nalions Shawn Naughton Benila Navarro Adam Negalhon Kurl Neilz Brian Nelson David Nelson Kim Nelson Mark Nelson Marlene Nelson Paily Nero Debbrah Neverell Gayle Newman Kari Newman Lynn Newman Kyle Newton Ann Marie Nlcastle Jeff Nielsen Debbie Nilsen Brian Novak Mike Oconnor Dominick Oddo Kelly Ogren Pat Olguin Jamie Olgwin Shelly Olive Lori Olney Michele Osuch Bill Owsley Rudy Pacheco Angie Page Steve Page Leane Paluch Leslie Panton Bobby Parker Forrest Parker Gina Passalacqua Joseph Pastore Steve Paulauskis Micki Paxton Kandia Peak Kurt Pederson Heidi Penlska Kevin Perry Richard Peters Stacy Peugnet Garrett Phillips Angie Pierce Wade Pierce Kenny Pill Crystal Poe Kris Pollak Kris Pomorski Sieve Presti Lea Prudhomme ' w Catherine Puczilo Joan Purcell Richard Pyle Mike Quinlan Tom Quirk Lee Raffle Elizabelh Ramirez Jeff Randolph Billie Jo Rausch Juslin Rasa Kevin Rauscher James Ray Roberl Reagan Theresa Reale Sean Reynolds Dale Rhoads Dee Rhodes John Rhodus Cofherine Rios Mike Risner Slouico Risfic Donny Roberts Luonn Roberts Holly Robidoux Andero Rodgers Denise Rodriguez Jonelle Rogers Kenneth Ross Robin Ross Brenda Rozbicki Chris Rucker Dino Rudin Greg Ruiz Chris Ruoff Jeffrey Ruoff Gene Rynish Don Sodowsky Koiherine Somueis Bill Sonders Liso Sondomir SOPHOIVIORES x nr' 100 ilk. Ji? 0 .7 5 1 Andrea Sandoval Arr Sandoval Margarel Sansom Ferdy Sanl Lilia Sanz Chris Sargenl Joe Schagen Karie Schaniz Kalhie Schanlz Mike Schifano John Schneidewind Kathy Schrody Lee Schwab Neil Schwab Tracy Schwarlz Wilma Scoll Bev Seely Ed Seibel Jim Scrivano Tiffany Shaw Bill Shaw Robyn Shedroff Robin Sheer Angela Shepard Brell Shiloski Dale Shough Kim Shriner Sleven Shultz Paul Siera Ann Marie Simmonds Alisa Simmons Rene Simpson Ann Sims Alu! Singh James Skousen Kathy Stukecki Duane Smith Jim Smith Julie Smith Kenneth Smith Mark Smith Nicole Smith Ron Smith Sally Smith Michelle Snow Gary Sorensen Michelle Spanelli Carol Spangler Karen Spangler Linda Sportz Jackie Spears Serena Spera Richard Spires Shana Spivey Mona Sranado Kim Stahl Karen Stangler Tammie Stark Scott Stehlik Kurt Steiner John Stempniak Michelle Stern Cindy Stevens Pam Stokus Darryl Stone Duane Stott Charles Styles Jim Sullivan Eric Sweeney Cindy Sweis Heafher Syme Charles Sykes James Tait Glenn Tacboll Terri Taylor Mike Tee Jerry Tellez Rod Terry Michael Teske Crissy Thayer Rudy Thill Christopher Thomas Ron Thomas James Thome Phil Thompson Rodney Thorin Foye Thornton Christy Thomson Mike Tropp Penny Treoster Liso Trebitowski Wolly Tepjowek Dwoyne Trojilio Tommy Truskowski Louro Turensky Drew Tutt Dione Urderkofler Stephonie Upton Mitch Usko Lindo Ustosiewski Xovier Volciez John Vonce A 'x ,,,. ..,.. v, ,W , Steve Van Riper Sylvia Vasquez John Veros Mike Viau Armando Villanueva Tom Wacienga Dane Wagher David Wallace Mike Wallen Sean Walter Dave Wargula Lori Warholl Ann Watson Dusty Watson Michael Watts Kerry Weatherford Greg Webster Martain Weight John Weir Shelly Wellborn Herb White Joni White Troy Whittaker Jim Wickert Fletcher Wiles Marty Wilkes Chad Williams Tina Williams Kim Wilson Winston Lloyd Julie Wintrow Jason Wisch Darrell Wiseman Debbie Witter Michelle Wolfe Sharron Wood John Woodring Mark Wray Geoffrey Wright Barrett Wurtsmith Cynthia Wyatt Greg Wyatt Andrew Wyczawski Sherry Yancey Lorretta Yanez Robyn Young Randi Zeitenberg CAMERA SHY Alisonflaneyiis thtt I Travis Brown Heather Butler Lorrie Byrd it Carmen Cambell Mona reat Granada A Steve Grimm David HQIUUCJO 1 Kevin tttt i Kim Hecht David Hoyt Karin Jamel Jim Terrance Keith Kym Brian Laprell Todd Lawrence C Michelle Lilly James Lozani VAN RIPER ZEITENBERG Mark Moa 'J itit' A ghifffiii Robert McNeil Jenny Maxwell Sree i 15 Carson Mineer Jennifer Mountoy Edward Neville niee ' Bryan Neu Bobbi Nlms C, ,g, Daniel Pechacek Mark Pensoneau Wayne Pevehouse Clifford Raty Brian Robbins Brenda Robbins Kimberly Rutherford Barbara Sansom Kirk Sarahs Connie Saxton mf' -.D ,l ml ri' r 'i'- . T v Brian Shalley Mark Shaw Kin Lidstrom Tammera Talley Larry Todd Jim Ujacky David Linde Eric Uphold Kelly Vance Gary Gill Steve Ettinger John Mercer ' i , FRCSH ' '-A T? --JF-A .2522 5' 'A.N5..-..-v-if ...xg Amy Abddl Tom Ackermdn Jeff Adkins Roy Aguirre Mdndy Alvorddo Cindy Ambrozic Jill Anderson Isobel Anderson Wendy Anderson Keliy Andrews Som Andries Scott Arios Lori Armento Chris Arviso Debbie Ashley Eric Austin Kevin Aydelotte Chdntel Boch Mdrio Bddendick Phil Boiley Dionnd Boker Lisd Boker Willidm Boker September Boldridge Julie BOII Scott Bollci Brion Bdnks Suson Bdnovich Don Borkley Beth Bcirney Don Bdrr Joe Bdrrest Misty Bdrry Beth Bossier Mork Boysd Joy Bearnan Palricia Bear Rick Beaubien Craig Belanger Michelle Bell Fred Benninger Richard Bercovich Paula Bergen Randy Berger Holly Berkowiiz Mario Birsa Caron Boalman Travis Bond Cassandra Bonerfz Tandy Boor Lisa Boucos Barbara Bowers Dianne Brackeii Larry Bracket? David Bradford Mary Brady Ray Brandenburg Sheryl Brawn Carol Breading Dwayne Breedlove Tim Bridgewater Rick Bright Karen Brookes Ron Brogh Joey Brown Kevin Brown Marian Brown Sean Brown Alan Brown Sandra Bryan mf A my ABDAL-BRYAN . S f 1 is 109 Scott Bryan Darren Bryant Kathleen Buckley Marc Buerke Michelle Buffington Pam Bunt Paul Bunt Janna Bureson Dana Burge Susan Buss Danny Butler Deanna Cagle John Cagle Troy Calderon Jeff Campbell Nick Cano Matt Casbarro Mike Cash Kim Cathey Sean Chappell Jim Chaudoin Tracy Cheaney Rhonda Chilson Rodney Chitty Sheri Church Anthony Cipollaro Gary Clapham Randy Clark Kevin Cleere Anthony Cobos Tim Cohan Bryon Coley Lori Collins Coiny Connors Kimberly Conlrymon Billy Cook Becky Cooke Gerolyn Corvo Kim Cornelius Debbie Collon Chrissy Coughlin lviork Covoloskie Jim Crowford Kolhleen Creon Lorrie Crider Jeff Cromer Donno Cruz Dovid Cummins Don Cuppy John Curry Dovid Dolbec Trocy Dollon Dorryl Doneck Christo Doniels COLEY-DANIELS fm W f"'w x . ' Q IH. ,' .'.',-' 111 David Darmofal Mike Darrow Traci Dauphin Cathy Davidson Ann-Marie Davis Beih Dawson Brenda Debernardo Barbara Dedecker Terese Dedecker Dana Defoe Barry Demler Cari Denning John Denson Tim DePriesT Chris Dewell Mark Deymanaz Jim Diamond Brad Diana Chuck Diaz Kevin Dicks Kevin Dieirich James Dilgrad David Dishmon Sue Disparii Shane Dihon Eric Dodd Roger Donoghue Staci Donaway Danny Doschadis Michelle Dowler Rob Downing Linda Druyor Sian Duellman Ngan Duong Annette Dunavan Susan Dunham Merio Eberle Cele Echols Carl Ekstrom Doug Emrich Bryan Enders Katy Englehorn Richard Erickson Tracy Estes Debbie Ettinger Rick Evans Lisa Forney Chris Farr Cris Fenicle Christy Fenton Kyle Fernandez Noel Fernandez David Fierabend Rick Figgs Wendy Fine Stacy Finkbeiver Patricia Firlit Mike Fisher Kim Flanigan Freddy Flores Maria Flores Tim Folvarsky Teri Forman Teri French Troy Gahring Brian Galloway DUNHAIVI-GALLOWAY K , 2 . , , . iii 'K""" xx Rx K' i X . x . .mt Emil' Mary Galuski Anila Garcia Yvonne Gasielo Brill Gehrman Angela Genna Mike George James Gibson Jenevelle Gillespie Ed Gilman Pally Glomski Ana Gioia Mary Gonzales Lisa Goodland Lori Goss Waller Golscnall Sue Gould Torn Graen Tonya Graffius Ed Graham Sleven Green Wayne Green Micheal Griffin Eric Grubbs Mandy Guerrero Erin Hager Jodi Hall Slaci Hall Cynlhia Haller Melissa Hamby Lucy Hampton Denise Hanf Devron Hanks Jeff Hanthorn Shawn Hartley Teresa Heberer Dan Hendricks Barbara Herig Bobby Hernandez Laraine Herring John Hertneky Tom Hess Stephanie Heyer Range Hill Eric Hinckley Kristin Hinde Kenneth Hiser Karen Hobbs Mark Hoewlng Mike Hoewing Richard Hogg Stanley Holland Robert Holland Mansa Holland Lance Hollinger Vivian Holm Carol Holt Jennifer Holt Franklin Hoover Sarah Horowitz Randi Horton Victor Howard Michelle Hughes Shannon Hughes Gina Humrich Tom Hungerford Ragen Hunf Kafhy Hunter Sean Hunter Frank Insana Joe Ippolifo Roger Irvin Kenny Jackson Kenny Jamel Tiffany Jankowski Chris Jensen Julie Jepson Laurie Johnson Shareece Johnsfon Jennifer Jones Michelle Jones Shane Jones Danielle Julius Pam Kaye Greg Kelledy Leigh Kelly Todd Kelly Rhonda Kennemer Jackie Kerr Windy Kieborz Barry King Joseph King Michael Kinf Ken Kissem Mike Kisf Erica Klein Kevin Kluge Karl Knechfel Bret Kortie Rdndy Kotds Rodney Kotos Toby Krduel Steve Krowczyk Rob Kritkousky Tcirl Kudrick Suson Kurowski ' Lewis Kurtz Vincent Kwok Jenni Ldnge Mdrk Loskowski Fronk Ldurn Cindy Ldwrence Terry Lecompte Lynette Leggiere Kurt Lermon Tod Leinweber Michelle Lenz Mike Lermd Bryon Lewis Myles Lewis Kelly Lifgren Bobby Limo Kris Lindemdn Kdry Lindquist Eric Lohmdn Mork Love Donno Lorenz Ldurie Lubberts Susdn Ludwig Lori Luke Dottie Lulick Frdnk Lynch Reno Mods HUGHES-IVIAAS X X X - k 'N Q "N .4 i if , 117 Joseph Macaluso Vonn Magnin Karen Main Steve Major Mohammed Malley Debbie Malloy Elisa Manciai Kim Mann Carla Marano Lisa Marciaho Ilene Mark Jennifer Marx Lisa Markson Scott Marshall Lachell Martin Richard Martin Looke Martinez Jack Marvin Melissa Matasic Kelly Mauck Jeff Mauer Kerri Maxwell Tina May Kelly Mazola James McKee Sean McKeever James McCluskey Robert McDaniel Brian McDonald Tiffany McDonald James McGee Trish McGrath Mike McGerTy John McLaughlin David McViHie Gary Meeker Vicloria Melendez Edwardo Mendez Mike Mercado Debbie Messina Jackie Meyer Mark Meyer Priscilla Michaeli Bradley Michels Jon Miconi Eric Micolli Bryon Midkiff Lulher Miller Tim Miller Tod Miller Brell Mills Charles Mills William Miner Bill Miner Lisa Mocci Kevin Monaghan Ken Moore John Moran Bill Morgan Amy Morris Tom Morrison Dean Mortensen Al Muglie Joey Muniz FROSH . l 120 J. 'e i SN-Sim -x' l ve -nv if f V2.2 Kateri Munoz Pamela Murry Eddie Negrette Tony Nelson Lance Newman Thuy Nguyen Karen Northfield Barry Oemler Cary Oftedahl Shawn Ogren Janel Olsen Stephen Ong Jill Ormond Lisa Oros Robert Ortwein Kelly Osheim Lauri Owen Kim Owsley Sandra Padilla Karyn Paine Donna Painter Rechard Panzer Penney Pork Shane Patterson Wendy Patton Connie Paylor Lisa Payne Kimberly Pearson Anne Pedersen Barbara Peel Deanna Perry Rudy Peru Tammy Pesartic Wayne Pesnell Emily Pfefferkorn Leanne Pierce Michelle Pierson Melissa Plofnick Joan Pollak Dawn Plank Julie Polof Ross Poller Jillynn Prall Debbie Pruell Brenda Purgill Darrell Purlee Blaine Pyle Wendy Quljada Marcela Quinlana Ben Raffle Sheri Rover Sherrell Ray Mary Rayes Palrick Reed Kimberly Reed Timothy Reed Wendi Reed Calhy Rego Rebecca Rehling Donny Reinking Rennie Star Karrie Revlea Mark Revlea Kalhy Reynolds Joe Richmond Melinda Rife Del Ring Kimberly Rink Russell Rilchison Lori Roberts lg 5 MUNOZ-ROBERTS ' N L '-Qgays I s 3 .x 5' she, ' 40 vi Au-Q ',,,q.- ."':""s. ' s xi it DeAnne Robinson Polli Robinson Jennifer Rogers Lindo Rolloncl MlChGl9 ROfT1CII'1GWSkl Bill Rosomond Colo Role Tomoro Rowe Jornes Rubinstein Ginger Ruiz Scoll Russell Torn Russell Gory Russell Chorlle Rulcrn Liso Sondero Peter Sonli Sonyo Sovlni Kellene Schonlz Kolrlno Schossler Sieve Schmell Chance Schroder Sheri Schroeder Kris Schworlz Doug Scoll Holly Scoll Toby Scovel Paul Scrivano Scott Scriver Shannon Seaman Derek Sears Dawn Sebo Rhonda Seeley Jason Seterberg Michael Shabkie Shannon Shirley Kelly Shcolnik Karl Shelton Nancy Shepard Scott Sherck Marlene Sherrill Delisa Shields Steve Shlee Randy Shull Cynthia Sichrovsky Lief Simon Rich Sverven Chris Smith Carilyn Smith David Sloan Don Smith Gina Smith Lonnie Smith .rv ROBINSGN SMITH I xx A . .,.-9-14" fi 7, SA . FROSH 1 1 'em 4 11 l Ji if 124 L L f I N '- 'S-4:1 ,ei 'N -- 1 X Neal Smith Donna Sopiak Chris Soucy Jennifer Souders Leigh Ann Spacht Mark Spadafora Amy Sparks Stacey Spiegler Tammy Spina Kristi Sprinez Kim Spucces Robert Stawicki David Steele Kevin Steele Marcus Steele Roger Steele Richard Stefanko Mark Sterrett Erin Stevens Virginia Stidsen Joshua Stivers Rick Strones Lauren Sturm Robbi Swain David Swanson Jennifer Swarthout David Szabo Robert Thayer Heather Thomas Lisa Thomas Cammille Throckmorton Greg Thul Susan Tocko Heather Tomazin Joseph Tornambe Barb Trabachino Vu Tran Lisa Tripoldi Yvonne Troehler Micheal Trunzo Paula Turigliatto Adrian Turmdn Liso Turner Greg Ulses Doug Upshir Brad Vadovich James Valletta Michele Van Heuser Jody Vance Jill Vandermeulen Jerry Vargas Anthony Vasquez Greg Veatch Phil Viers Mike Villanueva Donna Voss Michelle Waddell Debbie Waddington Michelle Walsh Sharyo Walsh Darren Walter Kathlene Waltman Jason Wamble Shannon Walusley Chrissy Webb Chris Webster Eddie Weeben John Welch Frank Wentworth Jason West Cindy Whitehead Tina Wiggins Don Wilcox Ron Wilcox Joe Wilkes Phillip Wilkins Shannon Williams Pal Willis Andrea Wilson Hecilher Wilson Aaron Wincek Tom Wiseman Diana Willer Darren Wolf Gregory Wolf Sieve Wood Jeff Woodring Jon Wrellind Kevin Wrighl Billy Wrighlsrnan Krisfen Wruck Laura Xinos Dana Ybarra Yvette Ybarra Jackie Yee May Yoshimura Michael Youhas Vicki Young Shannon Zak Amy Zimbardo if i 5. Q S . X53 . . fl . .,,h , a ,, f ,, - - M t K. 2 it SY 3 X8 A I . 555 R SS ga .fb ,, N333 Q .'1-: xx- Q iii QS if ima - N i Q iw Ni WN wi X Q -1 . fx . 1. . x R 'i Q: .8 M. A .'.'A ,xx V. -,..k . ww, - XL ' ,fl Q s 'ali ' 4. Q ' fri. -ul., ,W C lVlH?k SHW 'W 5 Anth y Bellino Kelly Bergstrom Anthony Bevilacqua y 'ffgiqu yn Burkhart 'Amy ordlano Jlm C wford Donal Floyd 2, Robe Ford M' , Q ,ff "Munn,-...,,,, S arone 2 racy pardon David Gunneman Elizabeth Hill Elisa Hoffman Michael Lempke Chad Lewis Vyntresse Mathews WHITEHEAD-YBARRA -K . gjfv .14 Lrg, ubaxx 5-a.'. , .l .gl.,.w, -..e,l'.- hiv. . 'N xl W ,' x 4 S ' - Rk.f"G rev ,-S4 lf, 5 N sffi -xflhyxfgg-Q"?5,lL Vi X -f.1.1tlg. v 15,3 ix,--3-A .K-,fx 127 W , - A - l 4 4 , Al - D P I , I r P . -fi VARSITY FOOTBALL IME T8 IICICTS ,grate :gets ' , 9 num SEQ- '28 B " My ' L' f L 02123 'SKK ,, iii, mms VARSITY FOOTBALL - Front - Brian Spartz: Trainer, Mike Beierle, Rex Simon, Jeff Hill. Darryl Stone: Manager. Row 2 - Dan Atkin, Rick Stoffel, Rossie Turman. Ron Walker, Jim Brady, Brian Pesneli, Steve Ray, Tim Durrer, Matt Daoust Row 3 - Earl Putman: Head Coach, Chester, Dick Ortega, Rick Ortega, Barry Duncan, Bill Waltman, Chris Washington, Rob Behrens, Mel Harms: Coach, Stan Luketich: Coach. Row 4 - Ken Schiffbauer, Bob Johnson, Keith olitte, Jerry Shepard, Randy Fernandez, Vince Ca- vale, Dave Propst, John Brouse, Jim Youngblood. Back - Russ Fryer, Danny Albert, Jeff Hungerford, John Bonnell, Richard Bear, Skip Ellison, Mike Nelson, Dean Wende. JV FOOTBALL - Front - Jason Evans, Brian Nelson, Mario Eberle, MGR., Fletcher Wiles Row - Don Hudson. Graef, Gary Jess Lambert, Shawn Naughton, Jim Helmick, Mark Richards, Gabe Lopez, Fred Alves, Rich Peters Row 2 - Coach Moore, Mike Burrola, Rudy Pacheco, Tim Degeorge, Mitch Usko, Ken Lidstrom, Billy Owsley, Greg Ludwigsen, Coach Bauer. Row - " . W , Greg Bailey, Willie Guerr Jason Wisc Dwayne Trujillo Troy Evans, Matt Amdor, Greg Wyatt, Tom Fuld, Rick'Ed ro, Phil Thompson Back - Russ Godsil, Dane Wagher, Dale Rhoads, Dino ., din, , Mike Wallen, Dave Wargula, Darrin Beierle T GTS J FROSH FOQLTBALL - Front Richard Strones, David Swanson, Edward Mendez, Alan Brown, Robert Dow Row James Doug Upshir Smith, Dan Clapham, E Perkins Fou Turman, St Frank Lynch ning, Mike Scavel, Brad Diana, Rick Evan, David Fierabend, Kevin Dicks Secoltd Velleta, Ken Dissam, Kurt Lehman, Wayne Pesnell, Edward Gilman, Tim DePriey t, , Robert Ortwien, Don Reinking, Eric Hinckley Third Row Coach Roberts, Coa h Hendricks, Richard Martin, Tim Reed, Anthony Vasquez, Eric Micotti, G ry d Graham, Kevin Kluge, John Hertneky, Tod Miller, Lance Hollinger, Coach h Row Kevin Wright, Charlie Rutan, Mike Fisher, Randall Shull, Greg Wolf, Adri n ven Green, John Cuppy, John.Miconi, Don Curry Back Row Joe Tomam e, Jerry Le Compte, Ragen Hunt, Brett. Mills, Tom Hungerford, Rick Beaubien, Bri n Gallaway, Fghil Bally. T l T l J.V. FCDOTBALL FROSH FOCDTBALL V . S s 7"-1 as QQ is t Nw QF! . taxi L 0 ' Wig? W A KS ml Q . 1 Xb' 3 . fi - f1 7 5, A 'Uv' W7 'FIM1 BIB FO0TB!l.L PLBYOFFS NCUMUL? TR BROWIU "" ouanmz TIMEOUTSIBT E 'I U TIMEOUTSLEFT DOWNS Toco 5. amen 5 GREA TERN BANK o n 5 CHAIN GANG The Chain Gang is an organizaTion whose main idea is To supporT The football Team. They keep Track of The downs and run The chains. g They do all Frosh, J.V., and VarsiTy home games. The club sponsers Two money rais- ing acTiviTies, The inner squad game and WWW The chain gang dance. . ff .hm -.fiiii-if W :mi W5 , fswmwf CHAIN GANG - Front - Karrie Schanz, KrisTen Shannon, Michel! Spanell Back - ConsTance Hoover, Pres., Sue Downing, SecfTreas., Judy Fow, Vice Pres., Mr. Larry I-iucison, Sponsor, Lea Prucihomme, Kim Shriner. BADIVIINTON MV 8 Wdshingion '1 MV 9 Coriez O MV 8 Appolio 'I MV 9 Thunderbird O MV 9 Greenwdy O MV 6 Prescoir 3 MV Q Horizon O MV 3 Sunnysiope 6 MV O Xdvier O BADMINTON - Front - Mdry Bollmdn, Sherri Rover Row 2 - Lindo Grdf, Mdrcy Sturges, Lynerie Ludwick, Wendy Bdnhogel, Andi Rodger Back - Codch Terry Rodch QBddmin'ron Cooch of The YGCJFD Deiered, Mickey Wincek, Lisd Hobbs, Suson Cleere, Mi- chelle Herrerd, Michelie McKee, Ldurd Turensky, Lori Kolk, Kdihy Donovdn. f ,,,, , F A 'M " "G M X Wy., ikfiilf V 43 ,,,, A " ..,,. -. f Sw K :N ,V--Qi A- ,-fm-Qc ,, me 5 GOLF The Vorsily Golf Teom lied school record with 'lo victories in o sedson. Overoll record wds 46-1 4-1. Vdrsily leller winners were, Eugene Mor- gon filth yr.j, Poul Cooke Q3rd yr.j, Brion Porker C3rd yr.j, Richord Boehner Clsl yr.5 ond Chorles Fredericks Clsi yr.j. Poul Cooke sei o TGOTTT record wilh 19 individuol rnolch wins. The Tedrn finished 5Th in The Division during The regulor seoson, but slipped To 71h in The Skyline Division Tournomenl. Photo Left- Cooch Joseph, Eugene lvlorgon GOLF- Front Row- John Welch, Don Kuhdjdo, Rich Boehner, Terry Knulson, Joey Muniz, Tom Ackermon, Second Row- Kyle Fernondez, Mike Riddle, Chos Fredericks, Eugene lvlorgon, Holly Sorrell, Don Akers. Third Row- Pdul Cooke, Brion Porker, Brion Chelgren, Tony Morino, Bob Hopkins. .fi ?-if i 'Nw..,,,,,-ff-"' VARSITY WON Greenway 2-O Thunderbird 2-O St. Marys 2-4 LOST Washington O-2 Shadow Mountai Cortez 4-2 Westwood O-2 Xavier O-2 Apollo O-2 Horizon 0-2 Sunnyslope 4-2 Prescott 4-2 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL n O-2 Paradise Valley 4-2 J.V. WON Washington 2-4 Shadow Mountain 2-4 Greenway 2-4 Apollo 2-O Thunderbird 2-O St. Marys 2-0 Paradise Valley 2-O LOST Cortez O-2 Xavier 4-2 Horizon O-2 Sunnyslope 4-2 Prescott 4-2 FROSH WON Cortez Apollo Sunnyslope LOST Greenway Xavier Horizon Thunderbird Prescott Paradise Valley VARSITY VOLLEYBALL- Front Anita Purcell, Bobbi Druyor, Barb Lacey, Marjean Moats, Shari Mattingly, Second Row Michelle Jackson, Katie Maxwell, Shirley Roskam, Darlene Barnwell, Back Row Shelly Pratt, Alvina Turman, Dawn McGough, Sharlotte Grubbs, Ann Leckelt, Karen Chafin, Carolyn McGough, Coach: Linda Benson eww' E P Ste . P ir N x XA ' ' -ws. Df ' VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY 5 'it U -JSVQ, Q W 13 VARSITY BOYS CROSS COUNTRY - Front- Deven Arnold. Ken Balla, Luz Gonzalez Back - Coach Sawyer, Steve Hoffman, Tom Ashmore, Steve Rimbey, Martin Weight, Coach McReynoIds Not pictured - T.R. Osborne --1n3P'!- -r 'QP' i . f 'L J.V. BOYS CROSS COUNTRY - Front - Wes Guinn, Tim Lentz, Anthony Doniel, John Foster, Winston Lloyd Back - Greg Spoddforo, Todd Worner, Scott Duorez, Lee Roffle, Mike Risner, Coach McReynoIds FROSH BOYS CROSS COUNTRY - Front - Ddryl Doneck, Pciui Miller, Jimmy McKee, Wolley Gotschoii, Roger Irvin, Eric Grubbs, Chris Arviso Back - Cooch McReynoIds, Carlos Teiles, Ben Roffle, Tom Hess, Tim Cohon, Mike Trunzo, Eddie Negrete JV CROSS COUNTRY FROSH CROSS COUNTRY STREAKERS At the girls cross country Skyline Division- als, third place went to Moon Valley, coached by Greg Sawyer and Bill McReynolds. Heike Thiem of Moon Val- ley, won first place in the 1.9 mile course, which she ran in 11:02. STREAKERS- Front Row- Kathy Douglas. Grace Davis, Vice Pres., Laurie Phillips, Mindy Jossefides, Lisa Lisciarelli Back Row- Valerie Koehler, Eleanor Liquori, Bonnie McAnerny, Jacque Whalley, Su- san Sample, President, Kim Hamm Not Picture: Carol Woodall Secretary, Jenni- fer Smith Treasurer and Sponser Hazel CROSS COUNTRY Dishon. xl ""'a 'lla luv VARSITY GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY - Front - Rocky, cross country mascot, Debbie Crean, Gina Humrich, Annette Dunovan, Michelle Dunovan, Kellie Jacka, Teresa Cernansky, Jenny Holt. Back - Coach Sawyer, Mindy Josefides MGR, Heike Thiem, Tina Nielsen, Natalie Little, Jamie Mergener, Anita Payne, Heidi Peniska, Coach McReynolds l sill X 8i'.J QR rs, 4 337 , Q S n. "T, """ if ' ,Q SOCCER Sunnyslope 5 Shadow Mountain 3 MV 3 we Horizon O MV 2 Greenway 0 MV 3 Apollo 0 MV A Washington O MV 8 Thunderbird 'l MV 6 Independence 'i MV 6 Deer Valley 'i MV 5 Brophy O MV 2 The Moon Valley Soccer team certainly set high T N L gwm ,y y K C standards for all following teams in its 4982-83 series. 'T in ' " , f T W' T W Q The team finished its inagural season with an unde- - , W ' , --A 3 ' 1 feated O-O-4 record and the proud possessor of the , W , T . . M T Skyline Division Championship trophy. Although its , , Q 55 T. ' T, hopes for a state title were shattered in a heart- 7? '5' A" "'7i'T' ,way , T Jer' y f ' T Y breaking over time game, the team's previous ac- S T i'ti' ' C it vw tttt Q f VT it gy . , , complishment were outstanding, considering their T 1 , T B f tr'49i1',?F4'ff1f'f,.z:,i Z L ' ' youth. SOCCER-Front-Greg Veatch, Tony Nelson, Sean McKeever, Max Navarro, Rob Kritausky, Brian Novak Row 2 Ron Bevilagua, Mike Banhagle, Billy Evans, Brad Cornish, Randy Way, Brian Krauss, John Kyle, Paul Schantz, Gregg McAsIin Back-Jerry Emler, Greg Wade, Earl Turner, Jon Rudzinski, Dale Nowman, Martin Weight, Bob Schettler, Steve Reutter, Mike Klein, Jimmy Hooks Coach Dave Smith X .N Q . 3 ? 5 V 9 ii., 4 A a Z e 65 X P 53- , y Y wi- but ww'N,:,mGw .nge YSL tt 5584 ' ' 'F f A "M S33-,fs 4'jg?"9" l""vv.x-Sis-L-Qs+fsv:?f:,-itftf is +f3i2s-,,ffq-gffw C ,, , A 11 txgsijgg lv 1 fa? Y f' , 7 Q -.W s.,wZ:5Qgg'iQM,?,s9xXiSg ' A 'ff' Wf 'ar-NU , "' . ,fx.-Awww. 4.3.3 i1'f5k'9f'i3?3i Z3bfs:'2?.a9vx3m . X, .tl 9 , . i. ,. . , , f C ' xi' . C Q, -, mswggggymigvisgg S xgsiefifgggfwikssig N, J si. rf .- . - X K wg. X g if-5 fr Q + A -yswm ' , lg 7 H, . Q., , ik, A, , 3-,Qx,.,,.,.,-f 1 , s, .P .,. C . V . ef. .. ,:,. - A J 2f":' 3 ifrrfrxijrkk ' M.: -4, QxL.- , ,J .,,,.,,,,,. . , el - , , ' -gm: gf A -iw I ff-iq-is i A' A f if X g - b ,Q : K fy xii '-i' .ff'. Qi S L f K .Aa f ,: - 3 N kkk wg,-,A-..: . . sr, M M. - Q A-' i R ' as, f, il lfsffir A X Miss-1f,fW,.i 5 i ,... - wi' ' X., '-Hffftm T if , 'X ' Q , K , wgix vlyz ww-at I ' 1 4: A ag ',,J533"QW'i-STI ' hlykise- 'QV fi , r . If it ' C x -- 'A'-A ' 'V'-' KD-qw --' ' W i X-"xi ix fl ' , ,, , . xl, -nam-. , His 1, xgyfl is X Nc. K - I ffl. J ...s.........::?s is-5,51 f X uf 71 t ts' . 3.,La.wmN.s-,U sas:-3Lil,:Qk C +-A .. iii , ,QA .wx fs, -' K--' " ' " f . - , K' X f - . - '-'SQ 1, 9... 3,1 - 3 jf-.C . . . ' A Q' A . M . , -A ......, ,....,, ' A '- if . s . A my W .ex.q.2!...1?l.,QM ,I 'A M A 'Y-1.3.51-L.-..X... VARSITY SCDFTBALL LAISLW ., ,M M., -K , , A, V, A ., M ,, ,h...., , 'fm w.. s W-r- . lv' 4, M N fm, w,,,7 My V xl- C mn ,, , A 1, ' ' to 594 , , A f 'M Q ?',,i-ww ' MQ UI " I Q 'Tg.,.1'v1sQD'- VARSITY SOFTBALL- First row- Dena Mitchell, Roberta Druyor, Darlene Barnwell, mgr., Margretta Camps, Chrissy Thayer, Second row- Christine Hintze, Kim Brown, Robbi Swain, Nancy Dobbs, Carla Darnell, Elizabeth Galuski, Bock row- Debbie Witter: rngr, Michelle Jackson, mgr, Lori Clark, Amy G-aluski, Susan Cleere, Coach Elaine Hunt, Asst. Coach Kerry Meyer. 'QL -gn Q A Q6 'ul Q! VAX if Ig! H ,S by ul it r,, 4 '73 W., view My fm ffl? H W iw s J VK ,W L, W-if W7 xx E V I' fl "5 pm. Ian Nun H. H, MM ?'. . ' if 1 VIZ pa MQ' S3 Q ' C2 , , 9.3192 3' lf' f. - V, fja f 1 5 3 V. Z',f!:,j? Maw gs x .. .2 1 .X .. A1 r ,fat Y - all if E . E -nw wp as fx? 'Z QR T 'Y ,139 KN CS ,, . X A ggi!! 5 X5 Xi Wit- E Y? ,F S 'i x 3,2 X. R . J' 'Sl M QQ? QQ iff' x 3. wig? -ifcjff' '-'M 2 Eg if ' -.Nw Q NI R 1 Q Nm. X X ix A555 f ...- VARSITY BASKETBALL mmmw' f wnvmq: 1 WW cxulnvx , f . . 1 . N ,Q K A L --" Vorsily Boskefboll-Front-Morio, Brion Sporlz, Phil Thompson. Back Row- Doug Swoin, Sonny Lopes, Jim Herlneky, Russell Fryer, John Bonnell, Drew Tull, Jeff Bowles, Jirn Hlldolgo, Poul Ponlrelli, Cooch Vogl. Noi Pictured-John Brouse, Bob Mofosic. 5 f-.7 ' brim' 'NA , f Vw- ! 1 ag A - W v QW, M I E 3'r 1 R 1 ,f Q ,j ,mf L , . ,li, Kg LYVV if , 2 VV NLISZ I J.V. Baskelball-Lefi to Right- Roberl Reagan, Torn Fuld, Ryan Byrne, Bobby Parker, Kenl l-lalcher, Coach Jacobs, Larry Balernan, Dennis Lewis, Jason Wisch, Brad Larson, Phil Thompson, Mgr. Frosh Baskelball-Front Row-Eric Grubbs, Joe lppolilo, Doug Upshir, Allan Brown, Bryan Coley. Row 2- John Herlneky, Eric Austin, Bryon Galloway, Neal Smith, Ed G-raharn, Frank lnsana, Jason Vvamble. Back Row- John Curry, Kyle Fernandez, Myles Lewis, Kelly Lifgren, Coach Sleinberg, Bill Baker, Brell Mills, Don Cuppy, Chad Lewis. JV. FRCDSI-I illil' iff IX' Q' . .Q-J , ,,,V, W ' Wir , ,wt , JD if GG, f,.,W Y Ann ,,,.,, .,,,.-Nlu-.Q If gmhxichyh ,,. -Q J 'hh 48 Glendale Caolus Agua Fria Carl Hayden Trevor Browne Horizon Presooll Sunnyslope Thunder Bird Sr. lVlary's MV. OPP. 79 58 72 62 641 69 52 64 85 112 50 60 66 58 52 60 79 54 69 86 Brophy Paradise Valley Horizon Presooil Snnyslooe Thunderbird Si. lVlary's Brophy Paradise Valley Camelback Soulh lvlounlain MV. OPP 55 59 53 58 48 68 541 52 72 64 38 43 54 59 57 59 66 67 72 66 115 7 7 .,2 Ann., 5' Nwnwmlf N ,svn - L-LL1 i www 'Wi Q A in kkk' . 2 V S 5 H ,T , , ,.,,, . ,V , , -m..., , . ri . f i , ,, , f w- , 1 if i 45 fi 1 1 . V7 5776 579 mfg www lg? L ii 4 A Y V """ is ELT' JMW ' 5 i w? :zff "W" 'W' Ay'A"" V, "' " """"" ' 'W' -ff. ,, ' . ,sr ,rffffwf If ' fi V, y " ,-'r ,. D Q - sions ol The home gomes, help wiTh The score boord, ond book up The spiriT line To promoTe enThusiosm. Fund roising is corried on To supplemeni needs of The boskeTboll Teom noT covered Through regulor funding. Sociol ocTiviTies such os dinners, breokfosTs, ond geT-TogeThers ore enjoyed by The girls. HO S Hoo slers is The irls ouxiliory To The boys boskeTboll Teom The girls work conces- HOOPSTERS- Front - ColeTTe Knock, ChrisTo Behner, Tino Duncon, Liz Humrich, Ann Messino, Debbie BonoTTo, Cindy WyoTT Row 2 - Sylvio Vosquez. KoThie SchonTz, Chrisie Dedge, Louro Kromer, STephonie Wilson, Sondi Beosley, Suson Somple, Kim Fisher, Wendy Johnson, Ccirolyn Nopier Row 3 - Mrs. S. Burkhorr, Angie Poge, Dione Under- kofler, Jeneone Amidon, Mickey Wincek, Liso Hobbs, Debbie Rohrer, Kelli Greene, Srefonie Redmon, Liso Jones, Anne Morie Simmonds, Kris Rosomond, Lisd TrebiTowski, Nikki Flogler, Mrs. HerTneky, Noi Pictured - Kim Nelson . M if Hb t' 452' I, Y M, 4,3,,iw I 5 -ffiwumz, - is V ', -4 , X 'Lili 1 W T W, ' ' if C' 'L ,fax f I, y N , ., , , N' , f,,.g':.V I 'fwrf' ,V 4 4 I Y ,, Q A-.5 . ,h,WfA?,?,2!71f, 4 ,W 341, M , may. , M qw, WV, y I Vkr I WE.. J 150 , V, H if W- ii is T, , '51, sf! , ,h,,M Pin Pols- Front Lori Ayers, Jeni Holi, Missy Ogeisby, Teri Munoz, Cindy Groves, Angie i-liison, Becky Ncivorro, Benilo Novorro, Lori Collins, Robin Collins, Morci Hernondez, Liso Fillmon. Middle- Corrie Vigono, Tondy Boor, Debbie C-oge, Kim Cuiier, Vicki Henry, Wendy Krous, Jennifer Fooie, Liso Monson, Debbie Creon, Giovonno Cornino, Jomie Jones. Top Pom The Nurse, Sherri Holden, Sue MCA- vinney, Sondy C-ollognek, Sue Lenrmon, Dyon Boird, Suzon Anderson, Lori Wniiworin, Snonnon r Norenberg, Susy McCorTy, Debbie Jomes, Tonya Coughin, Sonio Droinz, Mrs. Bobcock PIN PALS ' f K H-.', ., - . get ,, C., L , fl ' "x if ,- - ' . A X ' , - . :- ' --we Q' . ' - -'. gi " ' ur, ' Q. 2 1 ' f, , -' A ,. 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I U wb' 8' -If i kv mi JV WRESTLING- Front Robert Leonard, Tyree Cline, Manager Kelly Coughanour, Manager Heidi Humphreys, Sean Reynolds. . Middle- Jeff Ritchoff, Pat Salazar, Don Hudson, Kyle Newton, Rudy Thill, Tony Bell, Sean Naughton, Back- Coach Bryan Smith, John Weir, John Mercer, Wally Trojameck, Andy Weaver, Buane Trujillo, Kurt Nietz, Mike Dewell. Mckee, Robert Downing, Pete Santi, Kevin Dicks. Second Row- Middle Robert Ford, FROSH WRESTLING- Front Edward Mendez, Bob Ortwein, Mark Deymonaz, James 0 Eary Clapham, Jon Miconi, Don Wilcox, David Szabo, Robert Holland, Stanley Hol- land Back Scott Russell Bryan Enders Troy Gabring, Victor Howard Steven Green, G Anthony Vasquez Mike Shabkie, John Welch Daniel Hendricks, David Swanson W Toby Scovel, Coach Roberts . if fails A.. 541' E, , M - a Q ' ' Ei 4 , zgwg, rg ' I 9' .. Q, -Q as af -W 'V ' ,-i 13, f imgmv Hg F of-' M4413 J-ii-ma, . H .V , 4, M , get I W I In ,N , -,wg A Q f' , V l' "'2-if r ,f-KE: . 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Row 2- Phil Thompson, Bill Owsley, Rudy Pacheco, G-reg Wyall, Darryl Stone. Row 3- Wally Trojanek, Mah Amdor, Dennis Lewis, Tom Jones, Coach Sanford Frosh- Front Row- Sean Brown, Doug Upshir, Alan Brown, Bill Morgan, Sean McKeever, Joe lppoliio, Rudy Peru, Gahring Troy, Mark Spadofora, Bryan Coley. Second Row- Coach Sieve Piscolli, Ray Brandenberg, Eric Auslin, Lance Newman, Kelly Lifgren, Don Cuppy, Ed Gilman, Joe Brown, Kevin Aydelifle, Mike Jones. J.V. FRGSH A.: .gn I ASS: M , ,... M4 -1 kgjlgkl r no fayr j-'ffpj 1"'fx ,vibml K N ff,-,r. f...1-.ff 4 -W N 7 L Q T A y Q or .. , t l , YL A . , .. I X wr me-in - t t ,,, i ZY A M , A , ,WAV f,ng,ggJf:gxf' g I if 'Ti , , K? , 4 Q , ,, vw! 'W f f, r ' ,M " YF' ' I ff '. I . My vw ,, . . ,, f af N . W .1 N, W , ,- 1 .. .1 'f wf'Tff x .. mf +1 mann.. -wmhfiikii Q ., Q., L , A Rim .L 0.x K MX . in- M Q ffisvl M, .A Luz Q A L ...W - . .- - f-FT A .- - ff. ...., ,A vm kiwi-,,T, f I , x ,.. f W ,Va-i4,.,.,L vffwi ,L H F1-1' -Q. 'j QSM. 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SLUGGER AIDS 'X R 'Rev' X, N, USA If-4, ,ww VARSITY SLUGGERAIDS Front-Lisa Jones, Elena Licata, Janis Brody Row 2-Sara Jaeger, Grace Davis, Marie Cotinello, Cathy Clifton, Nancy Florez Back-Mrs. Wyatt, Rochelle Gorden, Kim Jones, Kathy Douglas, Kim Phillips, Stephanie Redman, Debbie Harbison, Not pictured-Mrs. O'neill Qco-sponsorj J.V. 8k FROSH Front-Jackie Myers, Kelly Shcolnik, Pam Robinson, Erin Stevens, Row 2- Danielle Krahn, Wendy Johnson, Joan Purcell, Nadine Gray, Sylvia Vasquez, Back-Robbi Swain, Nicole Fausett, Jennifer Mountjoy, Jennifer Garst, Lisa Krammer, Theresa Bazzell, Nancy Bullock, Not pictured QRenee Hansonj fi,-e ,ff o sn.: K ..kk 'K wi' ye . ,J QnJvvw'tcb XQ,g31,QXXJ1fXfN kQQrUxv C513 Liu Lglfw' 'CYN IQJ2, QQQQTRACKM XOAAQS .DX xr-L EYXCEQLAJULQ- tgp www -wp ,gi- .,Q.LAJYVkfYvxL.4 QGff5ULxfmQQl,l5,QXNQL.1fuQ 't5t,c1,9-JE-'bay' .Lk as .,SN-S -5. """'i'5' lk- 2 '15 17 F2 T - 4 1 i Myg V 3 t A lil' it Y VARSITY J 1 A E . 1 lg, j' ' S! , rms TRACK JV TRACK Varsity Track- Front- Dominic Guss, Ron Walker, Brian Curtis, Richard Bear, Bob Johnson, Mike Nelson, Jim Youngblood, Robert Schettler, Row 2- Bill Voss, Bryan Easton, Robert Ring, James Kopp, Thomas Ashmore, Christopher Nlpar, Jeff Jes- sen, Mark Smith, Row-3- Tim Barnwell, David Fitzgerald, Marvin Leon, John Allison, Andy Schofield, Steve Hoffman, Todd Warner Row -4- Martin Weight, Fletcher Wiles, Greg Bailey, Anthony Daniel, Devin Arnold, Row 5- Coach McReynolds, Coach Kemper, Coach Berech, Coach Moore, Coach Sawyer. JV Track Front- Scott Sherck, Darren Bryant, Rich Peters, Jeff Randolph, Jeff Cambell, Lee Raffle, Rosse Turman Row 2-Joe Schagen, Tom Monroe, Rick Edwards, Mitch Usko, David Wargula, J.R. Gonzalez Row 3- Darrin Beierle, Eric Evans, Scott Dodd, Keith Politte Back- Dane Wager, Fats Young, Mike Wallen, Jim Youngblood-Barbarian. i K as 1' WH5, K u F W ss- SQ -. ' I , , 7 H y I , -. , sy 'T" ' Y J? , 9-..!.4 , Qciidvflf . w,,,,, J 1 Wixbo- ' !iLffQ-. .1 - s in Y4 9Y'1 Frosh Track- Front- Slanley Holland, John Herlneky, David Fierabenl, Tom Hungerford, Marcus Steele, Breli Mills, Walley Goischall, Paul Miller, Greg Vearch. Row 2- Jerry Le Comple, Rob Kriikausky, Kevin Kluge, Charles Rulon, Anlhony Vasquez, Jason Wamble, Bryan Enders, Jimmy McKee, Tom Ackerman. Row 3- Hank Carter, Paul Scervano, Toby Seoval, Tony Nelson, Jim Dugger, Tom Miller, Mick Cano, Chris Arviso, Roberi Arlwein, Carlos Telles, Joe Baresi, Row 4- Robbie Holland, Eric Grubbs, Tim DePriesl, Adrian Turman, Tony Beveiacqua, Tom Hess, Daryl Dameck. GlRL'S VARSITY TRACK-Front-Tina Nielsen, Michole Vincek, Lisa Hobbs, Nalalie Lillie, Heike Thiem, Jamie Mergener, Kim Brown, Cecilia Jackson, Melissa Hanks. Row 2- Michelle Duna- van, Shelly Olive, Leanne Paluch, Elizabelh Ramirez, Palli Bielerl, Penny Treasler, Diane Gillmore, Kaihy Schrody, Jacki Johnson. Row 3- Annelle Dunavan, Cassandra Boneriz, Chris Fenlon, Mary Brody, Gina Humrich, Coach McReynolds, Kim Conrryman. n- X N f X i fy Y y, ,Jil , , fx 'R' y ' r' 'Q' -'KT' f L 'Y my Sf- ,. 1- f fl Q 2- -.Y 1 Q 7h 'mmavav I 593 f W n 'JT .M 28041 -JA, 1 5 , 4' 4 "':..'i ' :Bti "f'6H'4 5 'f L1 'F f -1 3 , MMM' MV' 'vn- ,M,,,,,,,,.W.......n-ow Q. J.. X F 1-'fig fini L Amway A '-f 's K. my 'X 3.x 3.gi6i,v A L .-f'j'TQf iw . f g ,Q,g V - K 1' 1 x Q,',ie-X.. EQQ-uw, "3-effw o .fuk Xi 5 3 . . x X qw X x Q ' hz ' I , X 9- A 'X.V 'Q .L ' RY , - - -A. t:"" ' 1 XA . ..... , 8 Lf 4' 1 .f . Q :ms ' s --A X 3 X ' . 51" . - "'f"Ff w ..:. , -fi .,. 1+ 'N In ' ' - V i :fi ..: .-.., - Y, x"' 'E K f' nf. ff ' - U - . Q fg ' 'J 5 EhX'7F',T'4,f K ' ' Lf N - I K Xfsiiw S i 1 .FTA ,bhk I nk gk X 6 L' ' -YNKGY gf fig K fm., Ai :rm if 231915, H4 , , ', 'wi A " 5 'YQ 1-'W 9.81 ----......,..... r.. .nb l .ig is- -imsu vpagl' 'S V I, X 5, X 'I .,,V, If Y' . I ' S l V545 -U13 1 JI 1, Xl 'Q 5 4, .n 1 W ff -mm L. , f W' g ,, ' , ,.,,, ,mi X-7, -way 1 Ar GIRLS BASKETBALL VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL-Front-Tammy Voss, Diane VViTTer, Back- LuAnn Roberis, Darlene Barnwell, Nancy Dobbs, Chris Hinize, Cheryl Zeiiler, Kris Pornorski, Suzanne Thompson, Marianne Bayarai, Heidi Oemler, Bobbi Druyor, Coach Elaine Huni. X 'ix 9? 2 1 1 ' ey f ' 'Q If iw' Jw New 7 -- H . 1 ww QM' ,,,,,,,,. an ...,,,,.,L NW My ,Yr f ,. . A M W U A A KW gl ' n f , Q 'W .. X 'als' M-' Y'A'k fzrxuwwqnuugzi-P15.. N xikv .. . " 1 .-.N fue. an Varsity-Front Eric Leonhardt Dan Vandermeulen, Sfeve Blasko, Jim Grafe, Coach Crumrine, Back- Craig Wallach, Tom BonneTTe, Brian Park- er, John Sapp, James Harris. 'il .1 , gy .fI.,s, 3 ff x, ..I"' ,. . w-1.w.- - , J.. ,V , X, 1 u "X, - o X V . , P , 'C , x W an ew,,,q: 4 W- w-Q-',,,fe.,.ofe....1u.f, t .- o. M '4 V -We We an Q A- Q , 3' .3 o f 95 Mug ,..,.,N,,-fvmafrfi-4:-ifaextlsw ":T"""' WH V4 lr 4...--A' ,gef- fffwffwmf-vw-m,ww.mM..N.,. , , V W V. JV- From- craig vvouach, Brion Parker, John Sapp, cmd williams, coach J V S Crumrine. Back- Mike George, Toby Krovel, Kevin Cleere, Vic Howord, , , Joey Muniz ,Q ' in had L.,nm4v, ,M A.-....,..,,....- .o . , W4 5 J' ,gf '2 an um. 'ihswu P --.x M.. C Q3 Q vie f f . 'A' 0' 1' f . an E nav- v 'v ,W , wi Q ,. ff., qi 'Q V 'lo 'Egolf H, eff s'J:::',,I" Y . 1 'fr CZ. Luk I fefffgx x il," A i -e Y V ""-'1"r""' W X! -- 1-7 W .. .W , AS L Hof, 1 ' f S , -'4' Q 1 5 --1 i hw, QM f agar 1.3 'l': gr, Mup- 'X-..,,f in E E VARSITY TENNIS-Front Morcy Slurges, Michele Herrero, Linclo Grof, Back Coach Rhiel, Kim Hamm, Annie Leckell, Susan Cleere, Couch Schmld JV rENNls- Froni- Amy Abdel, Kris Hinde, Andi Rodgers, sack- coach Rhlel , , Louro Turensky, Lori Kolk, Michelle McKee, Cooch Schmid. ,gnwwm:wWm, ,aww ,V+ , ' A ,X Nj .-5 f I 4, 31 mf? I 1 ejilzf , pg . 2 n V 'w' K I , . 1 A 2 rw IW 'W '- L 4 -p al ' Q auwM v . QM wa ' 'I .Z 5 Hmm 5 1,3-... ,--f"""" W1 M9 c e Q 1 n x a Q I x 1 x s K v v 1 5 4 r I 5 , 1 f 2 f If - A S 1 1 4 1 1 5 1 fx 1 E n0""' n-. .,,. .4 -F3 1 - in e Y, ' ,, A V Aw , 1 A 1 . -00...- fu, PM ,, ,A da, 1 T .mn Q. :nw t f fun. , QR if x v' ' - . if 3 .ft AX 9 x x ip.-fi' :fir A-A 'Viv Q + va viii'-M ,-Q. Q..- .RBAQPWW w e- g ,'S.1Qif ww. ,- New Q-' W' 'Q Q 'R ,.-A + sm. x K - Q- s 1. am -wb RN? f4'XS1x,+,3Sme'5x"YwEl""lPW'x -N -W SWIIVIIVIING Photo Right: Cooch Jerry Kemper Boy's Swimming- Front- Mdrk Boyso, Robert Dove, Timothy McCourt, Jeffrey Smith. Scott Moiioux Cdivingj, Todd Mills, Anthony Mossohos, Mork Meyer, Second Row- Coach: Jerry Kemper, Shown Oller, Thlrd Row- Jomes Hoger, Mike Quinion, Wode Pierce, Poul Bunt, Chris Lin- dohl, Robert Shepard, Back Row- Lee Schwdb, Richord Hdeussler, Robert McNeill, Bucky Miiis, Scott Mdrsholl i ti - li H irficimficiiiw i r Moon Valley's newest sport is a result of the combing of two old sports. Boys and girls swimming and diving combined and moved to the fall. The girls ended up with a 2 and 8 season. The boys finished with a 6 and 4 season. The record doesn't reflect the vast improvement the team made from the beginning to the end of the season, assuring that next year will be a very good year for. Moon Valley. The record also doesn't reflect the outstanding individuals on the team. Scott Mailloux finished his high school career as skyline division diving champion and second in state. Senior Kristy Burbach was the only Moon Valley girl to qualify for state. She swam in the 500 free. Senior boys qualifying for state included Jeff Smith and Chris Lindahk. Other seniors provided Moon Valley many wins included Wendy Smith in the butterfly, Tony Massahos in the breast stroke, and Tim McCourt in the backstroke. Moon Valley's strength lies with its underclassman that finished the season with fast performances. These winners included: Sean Hunter, Paul Bunt, Shelly Burbach, Lori Foster, Heidi Humphreys, Jim Hager Michelle Greenfield, Lachell Martin, Scott Marshall, Todd Mills, Shawn Oller, Mark Meyer, Rob Shepard, Colleen Grimes, Denise Helmintaler and Mike Quinlan. GIRLS SWIMMING- Front Coach Sally O'Neill, Denise Helmintaler, Michelle Greenfield, Michelle Burbach, Lori Foster, Kristine Burbach, Christine Fenton, Melissa Hanks Second Row Manager Sally Morlock Back Heidi Humphreys, Deborah Scott, Debbie Tocko, Michelle Lenz, Elizabeth Femia, Coleen Grimes, Lachell Martin 1' we .rr . ....,... Q gist ..,, . , my S 4 Vk.i ,sm , 4.-- ., X s .ZW . . 1. ff-as . -.. si LHEHFHEUUH ETHFF-ETLIDE TE-ITIV PFNE55-ITIISELE ITIE EELr' HND THCTIEE-ELUFIIT B-EEFIFHFIN BLUE-PHUTU LIE- CUE-UEEH-ITIVHH-ITIVIFL I EEFHT EHUIFH-EELEETIHL . INNEEE-DFIEHEETPIH-ETHI FINE-ITIV 5Lr'lTIF'HlJNETTE-l- ETFIFF-STLIUENT CULINEIL 5-ITIEELE FHESSINEEFI-PDF HETIEE-El.UFH'I'lF AFHHT5-FPIE CLUB-PHUTEI CLUB-HE'-r' E EH-fI'lVHFl-ITIVIH-NHS-FELFi IPI- IIELEETIFIL EINEEFE-El FHEHEETHH- STFIEE FWFINV '5'1-'lTlF'HUNETTE- HU IP- TD HEHD JHG5-EUNEEPIT DHD DDLINDIL- DD'-1-"En HND DIHLE 'ETH -FDHEIDN EXDHHNDEETHHT FRENCH BLUE 5PHNn5H DLLI HEHJ BLUE-SHT CLUB-EHE55 DL '5-FHLH- NJHDTD-HEHD-.JHD5-DDN HFHH-HFHINNIND DHDIH-DHLHXHJ-F HHND-ITIDDEL LIN-LIEHEHS-THE'5F'l -DHDHEEE-FDHUITIHJEHHHDDH 'E HND DIHLE 'ETHTE-ITIV FHE5 EXEHHNDE- ETHHTEDH' HND T DLLID-EFHNEH DLLID- DEHITIHN -SHI DLLIH-DHE55 DLLID-DDE DE I1 - - DHDIH-DHLHX'-H-HNNEEE-D DEL LIN LEHEH5 THEEFIHNE ITIV Il FDHLIITHEHHHDDH 'ETHFF 'T l"Dl INl"H HDH-'E HND DEH ETHTE-ITIV F'HE'5'5-ITIEELE ITIEEE STUDENT GOVERNMENT STUDENT BODY OFFICERS STUDENT GOVERNMENT- The Moon Valley Student Government is the only organization on campus that con- sists of every MV student. Students elect officers at class and student body levels to represent them in decisions in many areas. Aspects controlled by Student Govern- ment include Homecoming, teacher breakfasts, Christmas card delivery, office decorations, and general aid to all clubs and individuals on campus. 1982-83-The Year of the Rocket-was also a year of change. Ms. Barbara Bell, former SG sponser stepped down and Miss Sally O'Neill took over the helm. Both worked very hard in cooperation with all of the officers to make this year the best Moon Valley has ever seen. The 1982- 83 13 0 l Early-Bird Leadership Class llllll l , ,,,.-i f ,,..-... W I V, , .3 - . . ,, Q I' STUDENT BODY OFFICERS- front row- President Laurie Treaster, Vice-President Yvette Stevenson, Recording Secretary Candy Wittaker, Corresponding Sec- retary Sonia Krainz, second row-Treasurer Kris Cammarata, Chief Justice G-ary Bond, back row- Aide Angie Page. Aide J.T. Mirical, Aide Kris Rosemond 1302 rm- T l . ,ww ,. y , JUNICDR CLASS OFFICERS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS- front row- Presidem' Dione Switzer, Vice-President Debbie Goss, second row- Treasurer Ko- ren Dupree, Shelly Prc:TT, Justice Tino Nielson, Tino Allen, back row-Member- AT-Large Tereso Knutson, Secrelczry Debbie Creon, Represenlofive Nololie Lillie fl 5' FRCSH CLASS OFFICERS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS- front row- Vice-President Jackie Yee, President Carla Marana, second row- Victor How- ard, Senator Denise Hanf, Secretary Diane Witter, Senator Michelle Hughes, back row- Suzette Gould, Member-At- Large Lori Goss, Justice Michael Lempke, Treasurer Leif Simon SCPHCIVICRE CLASS OFFICERS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS front row- Representative Heidi Peniska President Dawn Defilla back row Justice Lisa Krapu. Senator Larry Fulton Representative Larry Myers .J I- y Gary Bond BOYS AND GIRLS STATE Boys and Girls State educates students in the operation of city, and proce- dures of law. Students are selected by character, leadership, attitude and involvement in school, church and community service. At Boys and Girls State, cities are established, officials are elected, and laws are made and enforced. Classes on law and educational assemblies are also attended, ranging from Y careers to party unity. i Not Pictured- Chris Lindahl, Susan Clere. John Kyle Anna Meledez Adish Sing Stephanie Wilson V A. si' A is Tm ,T McLaughlin, Chris Potter, Cclerkp Maureen Becker, Janice Grahi, Cvice-presidenij Chris KEY CLUB-Front-fsponsory Mr. Furlong, Johanna Kusperi, Shelley Spucces, Row 2-Katrina Kusperi, Back row- Qpresidenij Candy Whitaker, Kathleen Waiiman, Chris Lindahl, MOON VALLEY ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-Front-Sieve Rimby, Heike Theim, Mindy Jossefides, Naiasha Troehler, Denise Helrninialer, Bob Ring, Back Row-Martin Weighi, Chris Washing- Ton, TR. Osborne, Deven Arnold, Mark Srniih, Chris Lindahl, Brian McAnerny. FRONT: Constance Hoover, Bev Moore, Jean Purdy, Dawn Gray. BACK: Mark Smith, Dan Vandermeulen, Brad Kathrins, Jeff Jessen, Debbie Flagler, Chris Lin- dahl Front Row-Alisa Lorka, Stephanie Wilson, Mindy Josefides, Ann Leckelt, Susan Sample, Back Row-Mandi Agersea, Scott Johnson, Heike Thiem, Lisa Shelton, Lisa Douglas, Karen Carter, Dana Walker, Mark Pearson, Dan Miller. NATICDNAL I-IONCDR SOCIETY QM l shui l 1 I SKI Q, CLUB ' SKI CLUB - Front - Shari Mattingly, Christopher Grasso, Julie Gray, Second Row - Cindy Groves, Diane Switzer, Sheryl Pacione, Lisa Lisciarelli, Kim Balconi, Wendy Bannager, Jenny Foote, Matt Englehorn, Brenda Kruse, Danny Atkin, Laurie Ralston, Ronda Erickson, Sharon Wood, Sonia Kraing, Wendy Kraus, Ann Sims Thlrd Row - Debbie Goss, Suzy McCarty, Tonja Caughlin, Tena Kortie, Maria James, Kathy Field, Chris Heintze, Lasa Hobbs, Sheri Whitehead, Diane Underkafler, Dune Smith, Angie Page, Jim Sullivan, Sue Dispartl, Donna Tausant, Wendy Auiyada, Lisa Thomas, Katy Englehorn, Dawn Sebo Back Row - Travis Humphreys, Rick Allen, David Ward, Greg Ludwigser, Jeff Heil, Russel Fryer, Danny Albert, Bob Johnson, John Brause, Mike Banhagel, Jeff Brackman, Mike Oakes, Mark Bailey, Chris Lyndal, Jill Armand, Steve Page, Tammy Spina Cameo Shy - Christy Gindt, Christa Behner, Tasha Julius, Sara Jaeger, Tom Jaeger, Jill Vandermueler, Laura Kavanaugh, Tammy Pesartic, Michelle Jones, Cathy Rego. ,,,,A,A AAAA, , . , , ' ffaoe'f-2-z:11ff3,fs ,ff wg i fi - , , ' ,, L , -zyy , Y -, , W HM, W 3-Hiyw Mimi my "1 - "9'li'. ,J .i ,far A L ,Ag ,is H if 1' K ,f -N f ,-is is "'f .L . , ' "NH-. i pk w if, FQ 1--saga ,Q J iff IVIISSLE IVlESSENC5ERf if, ,.....,f . , V r as 1 4' ,hw f " ' ,4 M .r I y,'f,5Q:, aj' M., MISSILE MESSENGERXPRESS CLUB-Front-Poul Berkemier, Edifor-in-chief, Audrey Horowitz, Debbi Ondovcik, Dennis Foirbrofher. Back-Suson Riiier, sponsor, Eileen Cohen, Mork Moddix, Mike Belonger, TR. Osborne, Brod Cornish. QW nu My- W ,. -K ', , , , ,, A V ZW -1.52 ... , ' ,,..m4"'wM-'fj ,, ,:,qg,L,,.M,Ws7AQ,,fM,,. 7,WM.wmM fw 3 Z' UAT, 3- ,, H, f mr 43,3 Q' 7 , M, AA, , 4 ,,,, w, ? , ww, Wg if, MMW sv ' if , ' 5 ff- . ,,,, f w,'vf"f A ' My ' 0 fn, 1,, W":"'J" " , z f - Vw , if dyx Af' ' , 5 -- wzfw 'P' My V QL 4-H, .,,. ,L T' H A M-fHfuzi',fw wh-f Y " L , ar T151 . K ,,,.wS,,.. V. J .- ww ' L 3. .wt r.- f 1, 1 5 . A ww.,-f ,,,,,W-N wwf-WSH nw , ,ik N W, WI! im 7 2 PHOTOGRAPHERS- l.eH to Right- Robbie Hungerford, Brad Kothrins, Gary Bond fl ff NJRCDTC SR. DRILL TEAIVI 232' .f Lleufenanf Commander Tom Slvlifh, Chief Pommer- enk of The Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. Front-Wes Guinn, Brian Parker, Row 2-Vonn Magnin, Neil Schwab, John Moore, lrnad Kamran, Ken Piff, Chuck Doyle. Back-Jeff Barone, Roberf Dove, John Sapp, Robert Mackenzie, Jeff Digioacchlno, Her- bert Whife, Drill Team Commander James Harris. ,,......uv"' Front- Jim Diamond, Chris Hanson, Back- Capi. Russ G-odsil, James Harris, Larry Fuiron, Mike Napier, Terry Baker Front- Ken Moore, Jim Diamond, Randy Corneilson, Jim Boaiman, Jeff Ruoff Commander. Second- Joe King, Jason West, Sean Chappel, Gary Mecker, Russ Backer, Back- Don Wilcox, C-reg Ulses, Bill Minor, I Karl Knechrei, Jon Wrerland GIRLS DRILL TEAIVI STAFF OFFICERS Front-Caron Boatmon, Jennifer Mountjoy, Edwinn Sirang, Kim Spucces. Back-Drill Team Commander Renee Hanson, Bea Lewis, Robin Ross, Kelly Andrews. Front-Henry Weatherford, Wes Guinn, Dean Coie. Brian Parker, Row 2-Roberi Mackenzie, John Sapp, Mike Napier, Chuck Baughman. Back-Terry Baker, James Harris. 9' isssw fig is K ...M Dean Cote, John Stempniok, Chris Hanson, Chris Ruoff, Henry COLOR GUARD Front-John Sfempniak, Chris Ruoff, Julieiie Torrez, Lcirry Ful- Ton. Row 2-Plaioon Commander John Sapp, Chris Hanson, Carl Eksirom, Mark Revea, James Taii, David Bradford. Back Bill Rosemond, Shawn Lacey. ,WM Tam mm, ,,,, B, , CONCERT CHOIR .UV 'v'V 99 CONCERT CHOIR-Front Row: Lori Bolmon, Lindo Bouer, Annmorie Swdnson, Lindo Andrews, Elizdbeth Reed, Scott Sprincz, Kevin Kidney, Yvette Stevenson, Liso Mus- grdve, Lori Foster, Angelo Pdtterson, Sheryl Seorsg Second Row: Wendy Johnson, Constonce Hoover, Cdrol Wooddll, Pdtricio Chorleton, Lourie Phillips, Bill Evons, Troy Sdkdi, Jovdn Kdngrgo, Mork Church, Cory Bucklin, Brdd Kdthrins, Cheryl Hoffrnon, Rhondd Erickson, Stocy Peugnet: Third Row: Horriet Dowson, Jednne Ddvis, Ddwne Coffmdn, Brendo Thissell, Ldurd Hdtley, Elednor Liquori, Shown Hurst, Ddvid Merrill, Todd Volz, Robert Lindquist, Richord Tye Moxey, Evon Adoms, Debbie Cuppy, Ndnci Lundh: Not Pictured: Jill Kdthrins, Robert Jenkins , xl an 3 , G 259' ' 13 V sw , 4 Q QM M1 1 ,. Q 1, .... 'ji . 3 W 1 EXPRESSIONS: Linda Sparlz, Wendy Johnson, Stacy Peug- nei, Gina Passalacqua. CHORUS l-2: Front Row-Melinda Rife, Teresa Heberer, Ka- leri Munoz. Second Row-Laura Allfellis, Tammy Spina. Third Row-Sheri Church, GelalynCorvo, Diane Under- kofler, Kelley lvlazola, Susan Kurowski, Marlene Nelson. Lasi Row-Stephanie Heyer, Donna Voss, Debbie Colton, Kalhy Wallman, Jennifer Marx, Patrick Reed, Randy Fer- nandez, Paul Bunl, Derek Sears, Franklin Hoover, Debbie Malloy, Barbara Dedecker, Terese Dedecker. EXPRESSIONS CHORUS 'I-2 la-.-n..,., .V,, ii Y l I I Galaxy Front- Ann Marie Swanson, Lori Bolman, Yvehe Stevenson, l-larriet Dawson. G Liz Reed, Lori Foster, Sheryl Sears, Nanci Lundh. Back- Mark Church, Todd Volz, Shawn Hurst, Jeff Digioacchino, Ken Marshall, Robert Lindquist Not Pictured-Robert Jenkins, Doug Scott. CELESTIAL SINGERS Celestial Singers Front- Mary Bollrnan, Julie Smith, C-ina Passalacqua, Danielle Drahn, Fay Thornton, Susan Dunham, Linda Spartz, Cheryl Marshall. Back- Tiffany Shaw, Ann Watson, Jennifer Klecschulte, Pauls Gallas, Terri Marshall, Dawn Plank, Barbara Mack, Michelle Roman- owski, Not Pictured: Leane Paluch, Melody Forslin, Carolyn Napier Q F, i fi i 1 'P T f , , , r fl , , , J 1 3 1 t i . l X if T ,S lm Q y as DY f 1 5. 7...--1 fn ' - , ,,,,,, ,n,,,. .Hb ,,,....--M wg sez 5 3? Y fi JAZZ ENSEIVIBLE JAZZ ENSEMBLE: Front Row- Chris Losnbrook, Mike Rowe, Tori Kudrick, Borb Looey, Brion Chelgren, Melodie Thisclell. Second Row- Kent Hoicher, Tony Milonell, Reno Moos, Bill Voss, Dole Bergensen, Cory Ofiedohl. Back Row- Mike Nelson, Poulo Durnorn, Slorrny Belnke, Mork Johnson, Torn Quirk, Pol Olguin, Tyree Cline, Mike Sebring, Greg Spodoforo, Poul Cooke, Rodney Voldez, Mike Royes, Kevin Hill. , -1 ki- CONCERT BAND: Front Row- Jennifer Mounijoy, Pam Brockman, Dawn Plank, Michelle Dowler, Traci Dauphin, Ana G-ioia. Second Row- Lori Luke, Donna Painier, Mike Lernbke, Mark Laskowski, Lawrence Baleman. Back Row- Charles Mailern-Teacher, Debbie Wass- f ingion, Marybeih Rayes. Not Pictured-Donny Allen, Lisa Briner, Sandy Bryan, Beih Dawson, Ginny Farrell, Russ Goasil, Akeri Kimura, Beih Klaich, Ben Kugler, Lewis Kuriz, Eric Lohman, Rena Maas, Brad Micheis, Barb Murry, Michelle Resarlic, Phil Powell, Tammy Rowe, Kris B Schwartz, Alul Singh 1 , Q""i""A ' Front- Cindy Snow, Donna McDonald, Dena Mitchell, Debbie Demonaz, Annette Varnine, Gwen Heathmen, Lias Shelton, Mrs. Ferguson Qteacher coordinatory Back- Michelle Hanf, Kim Wright, Kathy Dixon, Lisa Riley, Carolyn Mc Gough, Pam Spinelli, Mark Rood, Jody Bond HOME ECONCDIVIICS AND RELATED OCCUPATICDNS Front- Gayla Perry, Robyn Ratkovich, Dellie McDonald, Janet Frazier, Row 22- Michele Garner, Kelly Cowdery, Sherri Rodarme, Denise Verhoeven, Doreen Nelson, Pam Beyer, Janelle Dachtler, Audrey Benedict, Sally Cline, Back- Mrs. Young, Dawn Wainscott, Lou Hoffman, Mike Sheppard, Fred Lomax, Pat Graham, Pat Smith, Terry Bricker, Mandi Agersea Not Pictured- Ronna Mollihan, Patty Garlick, Mike Friske, Carla Darnel, Wendy Smith, Stacey Horowitz Ur fx. M , I QW 4 ,. , t'. ,M ,Wx ,A 'Katt n ,Y n,'725:L 'ma V 8 fx fl' .p H , 7 yi", X Z.1f:Q2'i,,1'AJ' , V . 1' EY: 9:-T2"f.'. ' T' DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB- Front Kenny Schwab, Laurie Tazioli, Jaque Srniih, Kim Condora, Row 2- Paul Behan, Elaine Meissner, Chris Olguin, Clau- delle Oddo, Diane Alriardo, Missy Addison, Row 3- Noelle Degrool, Brian Curtis, Karen Schrody, Yvonne Rohner, Lori Johnson, Janel Fink, Back- Barry Overholis FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA - Froni- Mrs. Brody, Sheri Evereii, Leslea Rauscher, Lisa Markson, Row 2- Kelly Coughanour, Jill Carpenter, Joni Onaga, Alix Orwig, Anna Levya, Back- Debbie Flagler, Sue Evills, Jackie Eisman, Failh Sorah, Loraine Davidson, Cheryl Zeiiler, Mrs. Westfall Noi Pictured- Diane Baldwin, Vivian Beasley, Mary Boivin, Catherine DeGreef, Laura Turensky, Laura Shannon ,,,,...-'shy D.E.C.A F.B.L.A. ffl YA Cooperative Office Education- Front- Carmen Webber, Merlyne Tutell, Sarah Armenta, Darlene Hall, Tonya Scriver. Middle- Mrs. Mary Pat Gary, Kim Rice, Martha Bernstein, Colleen Greene, Charlotte Becenti, Laura Shan- non. Back- Donna Kessler, Sharon Stanley, Kim Burkhart, Lisa Johnson, Bon- nie Russell, Renee Riess, Gloria Berry, Debra Rasmussen, Lori Caverly Front- Lauri Abdail, Barbara Benninger, Sheryl Johnson, Tina Duncan, Julie Purcel, Karen Principato. Middle- Brenda Baughman, Kelly Peek, Timi French, Joanne Czechowski, Jeanenne Franklin, Kathy Olguin. Back- Patti Marsh, Patti Thompson, Ron Kramer, Debbie McConnell, Carolina Grassa, Kathy Phillips, Debbie Ketchum. Not Pictured- Christie McClure, Mary Boivin. ua COOPERATIVE OFFICE EDUCATION Ww- um ' is I I Carol Moulin, Back Ralko Dobrasevic Jerry Dielerich, An Ly Ronald John JAGS-Front Dawne Coffman, April Marriofl, Monica Hall, Noelle Thompson, J S F son, Thach Hua, Maher Hazine. l I JAGS-Front Tawney lvlcc:Hesney, Terry Quickley, Gina Vivio, Back- Christo- I K pher Kusperl, Vikki Wilson, Tina Ornelas, Tom DuBasic. 0 2 S ORCHESIS Orchesis Officers - Fronf Row - Jenny Foote, Notosho Troehler, Teri Hoskins, Bock Row - Codon Rooch, Andreo Redman, Cooch Bornord Orchesis 5-6, FronT Row - Thereso Jonovsky, Andred Redmon, Jenny Foote, Brendo Kruse, Second Row - Mdry Zompini, Debbie Gonzoles, Wendy Evons, Denise Boker, Koren Kroon. ORCHESIS 4-2 Hours 4844 - Front - Donna Bierman, Amy McKay, Julie Dodge, Cindy Sweis, Carol Ferguson, Bobbi Horn, Chris Mills, Margo Turbyfill. Row 2 - Judi Creekmur, Tammy Calalano, Karhy Arnharl, Joan Purcell, Michelle Blizzard, Sylvia Vasquez, Karhie Schanlz, Giovanna Camino. Row 3 - Debbie Tocko, Michelle Barbune, Pinar Duganoz, Lisa Lehnerl, Veronica Blodgerl, Shelien Koile, Nina Carlson. Back - Michelle Gaeenfield, Brenda Rozbicki, Slacie Sallz, Elena Llcala, Janis Brody, Joan Leja, Karhy Schrody, Debbie Adamson, Cheryl Marshall. ORCHESIS 4-2, Hours 28c5, Front Row - Janell Kendall, Jackie Luiz, Dee Rhodes, Laura Kenens, Melanie Banayal, Billie Rauch, Susan Risric, Lisa lddings, Bea Lewis, Jill Moore, Row 2 - Susan Hallford, Pam Srokus, Kerry Greene, Holly Sorrell, Diane Underkofler, Angie Page, Janelle Dachler, Denise Maury, Karen Auslin, Row 3 - Trina McLaughlin, Veronica Blidgerl, Daniele Krahn, Kari Duncan, Kim Balconi, Wendy Banhagel, Michelle Wolfe, Janelle Rodgers, Row 4 -Debbie Bonailo, Wendy Kraus, Pally Barker, Kalhy Skulecki, Tammy Truskowski, Lea Prudhomme,Crissy Thayer, Paula Callas, Back - Rhonda Horton, Dyan Baird, Collelle Knoch, Amy Alward, Ann Messina, Randi Zeilenberg, Maryann Flrllr, Mary Kaczmarowski, Trish Amick. l' ly s M5422 ,W ,,,, f, "..T.'1T',- ..-.4-::r.......-', FRENCH CLUB SPANISH CLUB 1?-asm ash-anno-s French Club- Front- Rhonda Erikson, Slavica Rislic, Mrs. Reed, Holly Robi- doux, Anne Marie Nicasile, Krisien Waierbury, Gary Russell, Back- Diedre Muns, James Lewis, Shelley Spucces, Pam Murray, Suzeiie Gould Spanish Club- Front- Geri Corvo, Susan Hallford, Alfredo Flores, Mr. Garcia, Row 2- Miss Madril, Nancy Leckeli, Pam Slokus, Sherry Donaldson, Nancy Gardner, Kristen Wruck, Cathy Puczilowski, Max Navarro, Back- Kim Wag- ner, Lisa Krapu, Gailyn Wruck, Kandia Peake, Tina Williams, Nicole Smith, Ingrid Carlblom, Michael Sebring, Richard Bercovich 1' FOREIGN EXCHANGE Hi! My name is Akeri Kimura. I came from Japan as an International Exchange Student. Before I came here I was so scared. Will I get along with my new family? Can I make friends? Will people understand my English? What shall I do if I get home sick? I was thinking those things all the time. But now I have many friends and when I can't understand English. many people help me. And also I am enjoying new American life with my family. All of the people are different from Japan, but I like the United States so much, and also Moon Valley. I can't forget the first day I came to this school, I was so surprised. because there are so many students and when the bell rings all the students come outside and the campus is full of people. l've never seen such a spectacle in Japanese schools. Moon Valley is such a big school that the first few weeks I couldn't move from classroom to classroom without the help of my friends and a school map. The students are so interesting to me, their I thinking. their actions, and so on. I have to go back to Japan in one year, I am so sad to leave my friends and family. So, I am surely going to come back to the U.S. some day. , X Q GERIVIAN CLUB GERMAN CLUB: Front Row- Treasurer-Emily Pfefferkorn, Vice-Preslracy Schwartz Sponsor-Mrs. Schubert, Ben Hosley. Back Row- Terry Backer, Secretary-Nancy Pfefferkorn. President-James Haris, Jodi Hall. STRATEGY AND TACTICS Front Row Chorles l , Russell Backer, Baclr Row- reicncru sullen, Doye Kevln Rllley, Russell Sutton, CHESS CLUB-Front Row- Tod Leinweber, Torl Kudrick, Shone Jones, Second Row- Mike Belonger qSecretoryj, Mrs. Schubert QSponsorQ, Seon Choppell, Gory Meeker, Vincent Kwok Qvice Presidentg, Steve Szpyrko, , Back Row-John Mlnniti, Ben Kugler- greosuryy, Korl Shelton, John oroneQPresidentj, Chris George, Not Pictured- Dove ishmon, Ston Duellmon. N , Y PHOTO CLUB-First Row-Tim Folvarsky, David Nelson: Sergeant at Arms, Ben Hosley Back Row- Lorretta Davis: Sponsor, David Ward, Secretary, Lorie Lawson: President, Ken Smith: Treasurer, Mr. Vithoven: Photographic Consultant KOINONIA-Front-Eric Bateman, Nancy Gardner, Gailyn Wruck, Jennifer Swarthout, Donna Painter, Kristen Wruck, Kayleen Painter, Cindy Chaves, Sharon Chaves, Sponsor A Mr. Garcia I ,gi 2 51,1 P, X' v'?5'ff'g'vS 1 ff' r r fan P Mig, X , H ! I ll t I ar if if wg My " 5 5 JTSX S, 'ft' Q Q-if R ,ds ss X 3 ,A X Ks Thespions Officers- Todd Volz, Treosurer, Kevin Kidney, Secretory, Reggie Regnier. TH I Vice President, Stephonie Bucholz, President, Marie T. Kerwin, Sponsor. Thespions- Front Nonci Lundh, Louro Hotley, Jcickie Smith, Mork Poluch, Lindo Andrews, Steve Von Riper, Kdt Somuels Row 2- Jill Kothrins, Cothy DeGreef, Bob Jenkins, Jill Anderson, Tiffony Show, Jeonnie Sonders, Robert Hungerford. Row 3 Anno Melendez, Yvette Stevenson, Wes G-uinn, Lorry Meyers, Ann Simms, Mork Church, Liso Monson. Row 4-Kris Commdroto, Brion Wolfe, Robert Dove, Chris Furphy, Leone Poulch, Kdren Dougherty, Gregg McCosIin, Mike Royes. l 'l v bffxh. DLA H l i i 1841335 'T ' FORUM Front- Secrelory Robyn Shedroff, NoT'l Forensic Leogue Recorder Aiul Singh Back- Vice-Presidenl l Chris Rucker, President Andy Schofield, Hisiorion Don ,Q ' Torooson. NP-Treosurer Shown Oller. Front- Andy Schofield, Tereso Knutson, Chris Rucker Row 2 Morcelo Quiniono, Don Torooson, Michelle Greenfield, Robyn Shedroff, Tommy Shedroff, Jdmes Lewis. Back Cooch J. Wesiling, Joson Deni, Assi. Cooch Dovid Hill, Jeff Wrighi, Aiul Singh, John Borone. NP-Ben Somuels, Shown Oller, Adish Singh, Rondy Peel. YY' wi" OLENDALE UNION I-IIGI-I SCHOOL DISTRICT Richard Stapley Bill Stout GUHSD Board president GUHSD Board clerk Dr. Donald Voss Anne Schulz Dr. Craig Trueblood GUHSD Board member GUHSD Board member GUHSD Board member The five members of the Governing Board are elected by the community and legally charged with the responsibility of setting goals and establishing policies which will govern the operation of the district. Jerry George, Ed. D. GUHSD superintendent The superintendent and his staff, hired by the Governing Board, are responsible for operating the schools according to Governing Board policy. all Janet Barry George Sisemore Principal Assistant Principal Sieger Kwiatkowski Dewey Williams Assistant Principal Dean of Students ,M HZ If FACULTY --Ah v -' lk S To f gg , i 13' gk 4: SNS :,: 5 B B ti 1. is ss Sal.. -, dx ,Q E BBW 5 li 'li W.. li . Donald Adams Avis Albrignl Yolanda Babcock A lnduslrial Arls English f Lalin Home Economics li Q ,. gggh. ., , kk A ' E . f 4 -.f f S Q in I 3: ? si 3 N is ,A Q, ggrs , 5 X W . is as l Allen Ba er Donald Back Assismxt Barbara Beery Malhemalics Deonfmomemcmcs Special Educalion gsm ww . A: N ss. l l Barbara Bell Mark Belles Linda Benson l 1 English Reading SciencefPhysical Ed. ' a e a ,. . 1 William Berech John Blair Scoll Brader Physical Ed. Physical Ed. Counseling 212 X X s X X X ADAMS-CRUIVIRINE pa. kit? ,J Charlotte Caldwell Barbara Brody Gretchen Buchanan Susan Burkhart Kenneth Coda Business Ed. Special Education ReadingfEnglish Industrial Arts Vocal Music 1 f Pk UVB ffl B- A 4395 t 2 H if Ward Ceyler Donald Coldiron Business Ed Industrial Arts L .-.. .JK it X Joyce Coover Sally Couchanour Charles Crumrine Media Center English Mathmatics 4 Af? " f . 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K X-OWSWW M 41 Q2 I gm 'z ,ass . f mx fm Q ri , r as K K5 K W W 4 -w' W1er?,'rl,7fr2l,,r , Q, 127 , fm Susan Hertneky Mathematics Shirley Hudson Science DAVIS-HUNT Carole Hogg Mathematics Richard Hummell Elaine Hunt Science Physical Ed in n I-'S 2 T Sgr 3 goto Q9 FACULTY fx 'N X' 'we-'77 A ji, ns ,Mes-5. ,vas , wi is of C S ' N-1 Miiririznh M EGU Y'1S,': buf mfou Cilh jvat call wif, "C oacli, Ser, " 1-sais 4-4 'Q wi RPN "1"-Nw K 1 iiii S f LL11 .- ' -ff? -k4--: L -' W . -4 fifi A-.' , :EI:Q?':5 i J' - . . Ei- 41 - - i fits '. Vzg. S :it ff, L L 2 Si L , ,is Gerald Kemper Marie Kerwin Lee Kinier Social Sludies Theater Arts Special Ed Bonnie Knechi Horne Economics A 4, Pairicia Lewis Richard Lewis Sianley Lukelich Kaihy Maclvlorran Special EdfEnglish English Special Ed Allied Aris 216 f SS: , is .s,..,.,..:..L.: ... i Mill Jacobs Special Ed ws Q SX SNQXX 1 Ns S NS siw p NSY S' l la X is L 3 X SN Kgs 1 Xi .S qs 3- 3.4-L33 Q, ....,. Q. . L ., . si, ,L fx Q, . .K .. M is x X, sp is 3 SSH X S s.' 5 X N ik R ,f Kalhy James Psychologisl XXXL igx L 'fx L Harriel Leeke Counseling Marilyn Manlove Science Palricia Marsh Business Ed Charles Mallern lnslrumenlal Music Bonnie McAnerny English i . Y , ,. ss Q ' -Si? " r " 1 i i ' 'L s s. Liz MCSally Special Ed s Si A lflfjy Rf gf 5 ,.. Ami of Sf fo' -"" Course this 2 1 . J 2 15 399 for Z J Q the carelio- ffiw CX! , vascular - xl ' w-1277 QS lv' -' qourgt E E3 - XXX:hiN:R'ii,lf V l 'J 7:5133 Og ,if s i s 912 ,mu s i ii,. y 1 .1 21.5. Russell McAnerny Malhemaiics Jon Miller Counseling . X siii i si.. Q Q 'ws 4 rs N is x 'S S, .Q Alice McCarthy Social Sludies Pal McLean Maihemalics' . if .. -eq. : - sg V X. ,slum SBANM 'ff l WG 1 .Q ik- :.l5..rwL-'- Gary Moore Jane Molz Physical Ed Home Economics JACOBS-MURPHY Gail McLaughlin Audio Visual ., Nw. .. .' ws? .wa ,, X ...,.... L., . - ' gis- r iii- Q M f ' ..: s,s+ Q 4 W is N Edward Murphy Social Studies 217 FACULTY Diane Newton English Caroline Purser Science Sally O'Neil Special Ed - s Q- 42 sb 3 X s M Q Ns 2 X is 3 as S i Q Q5 X S M gs X sf i x N K SN SX S X X X is gg E Yliw S iw Ns, Q' X si s Earl Puiman Induslrial Arts Terry Roach Mark Raberis ,--" is ,.... X Q - ,A ,,,, 3 A is E- K S is Phillip Perkins Allied Arlsflndusirial Arts Mildred Reed Foriegn Language f English Charon RObll"lSO0 CPO John Pommerenk NJROTC Assl. Lorraine PFOTT English ooeo . ii - i.,- i '- E :.,. if S X4 we .- .. . -s . .A K , ,.,. , t KL 5 X s s, si ami: Q is '53 fix 05 I ., , .,,.. s 6 ii si 'Qs 1 i s ix 1:52 Y . -Ee 1 2 M A S I X , Wx 'NSN vi E kkrk My ss Merrily Rheil Reading LeRoy Sample Physical Ed Induslrial ArisfPhysical Ed English Social Sludies Gregg Sawyer Social Sludies 218 Sheral Schmid English Siu, ,, Susan Schuberl E,iE iss? 53,59 Bryon Smilh lylaThfForiegn Language Science Ii " E . id. E, ,st -, 'Sas S. .s J.. 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Af 1 Avesta Ward Counseling Geraldine Wells Science -VCV Rena Wheeler Special Ed Lois Young Home Economics Coy Wiley Social Studies it. i ,084 ,Q 'C'-Iran F' i Lucille Westfall Business Ed E Tw? -Sigsg silk? -.QA , ,. . 5 KV, J? as 4- , Q .4 , 'ln we K i KL L A f 3 Dean Winslow Social Studies E? Robert Wasbotton Social Studies Joe Westling English f Speech Mel Wright Counseling GAMERA KH. L. cs.,-i. M ,, . i, - -1. limi:-:sx , si i. -- .ii .zizszvw ,g f 2 ,ami- ,gn 1 151:51 .iziyi G i Kent si .s i'is i W ffszfif i W l KU5 52.111 51' fi 1 Kqtnyiissimqdrii scil iuli I Bensieartiirez ' sl. i S Carolyn Sheiey sic W Ad5f5?9 -ii ,'-iff,-2-sflst ff--g,.'5-if... ,,.,,.i.i ,,,. f, ali, ,fi . in - - ltlit Stephanie Webster Physical Ed so-K X, , A is Jacquelyn Whalley English Georgia Wyatt Business Ed . , ftj.Jfi ff S ff5wSiE5?:'ft: TIE! S OFFICE STAFF lb! Y .fA'f ' 5 ,fi A e,aM3L,,,s,i X K f -. .3 . . ff. riff Mr. Urllmams y fl :ab 451 fr WVU if W 7 J now! Janice Anderson Nancy Bates A V ,J fees' Q' we F W Susan Davis Anne DeBendeTTo nurt I '.,: :,, ' -K .kA: U .-,,': "1: fi" A Jane Delvlenfe Hazel Dishon Ladye Goller Amy Hill Nancy Jakes X RQ , Q X X F 3 J'-N X x iw ss J L S, sf .VL, 5- ff, K " F X Q .lru i n is mm ' Iss A fi '- L 9 X new Geri Levandowski Mary Jane Props? Barbara Shimer Pamela Walker Ida Wiley 221 CAFETERIA STAFF Norma Carson Q, , LLA.. :Q K Al I Hi, ' 215 ' "Ne, If K A A. -v...X, ff Irene Montenegro QQMY Jean Sgouros Irene Wardyga 222 Irene Garcia Lorerfa Ornelas KMEE Elizabefh Hall 212: 1 A ' I ,. Egg , 5 ' Si- S Q NW! If 525 Tiff " 45:-.gem 3 I is I. .Z, . ,,.. me N - I sr ' E . J Q, .1 1:55. for V 4 I :sw - 1 . K 5 Y. ,. . -.I xegggisg. fe- iifsi - 4415-.yiklhggriiix eyaszfs -swf LIN , I N - 5 -.nav - - X ' ' 'fi 2225232:I22ff2f1r12f'1.i ,. . Iva km. 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E , Q . tf,,,..xX I ' e.Q,,.,.,,,.e x ki. Jonet Horris MAINTENANCE JT' .5 . Q5 X Q SS' lfktitn 5 Chester Bisson Jesus Llonez Russel Smith t'.2::w gain William Wolp Ronald Voss Dovid Willioms Anderson, Wendy . Andoor, Matt ..,..,. Andrea, Danlel . . , Andrews, Kelly , . . . Andrews, Llnda ..,. Andrles, Samuel .,.. An lchlodo Janlne ,. ..108, g .... , . , .,.,. . . , . , . . Anglchlodo, Mlchelle ,.,. Archuleta, Veronlca Arals, Scott .... . , Arrnenla, Lort ,. .. , Armenla, Sarah . . Armstrong, Cheri , Amhart, Kathy . . . Amold, Deven .,., Amold, Steven , . , . Arredondo, Laura . . Artwln, Robert ...,. Arvlso, Chrlstopher . Asche, Karen .,..,. Asche, Roxanne .... Ashlnhurst, Danny . Ashley, Debra .,., . Ashley, James ...,, Ashmore, Thomas . Atkln, Dan .,....,. Austln, Erlc ., . Austln, Karen .,., Avans, James . . . Aydelotte, Ken , Aydelotte, Kevln . . Ayers, Lorl ..... , Bablnskl, Rlchard , . Bach, Chantel .,., . Bach, Mellssa , . Backer, Russel . . Badendlck, Marlo , Bagwell, Ronald , . Balley, Gregory ,. . Balley, Mark ,... Balloy, Phllllp . , Balrd, Dyan , . , . Baker, Denlse ,... Baker, Dlanna . . 139 157 .,.,H ,.H .108,1B9 16,56,57,190,206 100 .50 .H.50 . , ,.,.. 100 ,8,10B,54,57 . . ,16,19B .,. .,,. .. B4 .H,. H ..B4,201 60,140,1B0,162 ... 1 ...., ,,16 .,.,H..,.s..15 1 ....,.l,. 163 U,10B,141,163 ,. ..,. 104 .,, .... H,B4 . 50 ,. 108 , ,.,., 50 ,,., M. 152 , 15,130,102 ,108,147,157 ,. . 04,201 .,., ,B4 . ,108,157 .. 04,150 ..,B4 ,., ,.. 100 ., ., .H.84 . B4,204,123,187 . H, 100 . ,.. B4 04,131 152 04,41 102 ,H..108 131 , H,84 151 ,,.10,16,200 H...,.,.10B i2El'nQQfEEhHfa' I 1 1 1 I . Q ..,,.,..., 1,... Beasley, Vlvlan ...,......,,.,.... . , . . Beaublen, Rlchard .,.. Beaublen, Robert ..,... Becentl, Charlotte .... Becker, Darren . , . , Becker, Maureen ..,. . , Beckwlth, Glna . . . Behan, Paul . . Behner, Chrlsta . . , Behrens, Robert , . Belerle, Darln , . . Belerle, Mlchael . . Belanger, Collln . . . Belanger, Cralg . . Bell, Anthony ...., Bell, James . , . . , Bell, Mlchelle ..,.,.. Belllnger, Gretchen . , Belllno, Anthony . . , Benoekovlch, Llnda . . Bender, Jacquellne . , . Benedlct, Audrey . , Benedlct, Larry , . Bennett, Aprll . . , , . Bennlnger, Barbara Bennlnger, Frederlck Benson, Lelgh . . . . . Bercovlch, Aaron . Bercovlch, Gabrlel , , . Bercovlch, Rlchard Berg, Pamela .,., Bergen, Paula ,. . Berger, Chrls . , . Berger, Randy .,.., Bergersen, Dale . Bergvlk, Klp ,... Berdvlk, Rlta . ,. Berka, lorrl , ,..,. . Berkemeler, Paul , . , Berkowitz, Holly , Berry, Glorla . . , Bertram, Danny , . . Bethke, Stonny .,., Bevllacqua, Anthony . , . Bevllacqua, Ron . , . . Beyer, Pamela ..,., Blehl, Jennller . . . Blelert, Pattl . ,.,. . Blerman, Donna .... .,1.11,150 .,,H H,,109,131 .,,H .. 50 . H, 190 .,M.,H,5o .,..85,180 05,139,145 .. 11,191 . 17,150 . 130,153 05,131,152 . 1 .U 130 ...,17,183 1 109,204 .a5,54,155 .,..., 50 H. 109 H.05 ... ,..05 , 17,196 . , 50 ,. . 46 H 11,190 . . 109 . ,05 , . 50 1 109,202 .. 9,14 ..2 109 .... ,..17 . ..,.,. 109 ,8,17,195 H ,.,., 17 ,.,., 05 ,.,., ,.50 51,103 , ,. 109 ,..17 198 . 17 . 17 195 ,.. 153 17 143 H. 17 196 .,.. ,.05 ,. .,,. 05 .54,05 201 Brlcker, Terrl .... . . . Brldgewater, Bryan , . Brldgewater, Tlmothy Brldgman, Klmberle . Brlght, Rlchard , . , . . Brlner, Ellzabeth , ,. Brlnkley, Carla . . . Brockman, Jett Brockman, Pam . . Brody, Janls .... Brookes, Karen ,. . Brookes, Suzanne . Broomall, Evelyn . , . Broomall, Vlckl . Brough, Ronald Brougher, Twlla . . . Brouse, John . , . Brown, Allen .,.,. Brown, Cheryl . . . Brown, Jennlter . , . Brown, Jlm . , , , Brown, Joseph . , Brown, Kevln . Brown, Klm ..,. Brown, Klmberly , Brown, Margaret , , Brown, Marian . , . Brown, Sean .,., Brown, Suzanne .. Brown, Tammy , . Brown, Terry ., . Brown, Tracey . Broyles, Phllllp , . Bruner, Antony . , Bryan, Sandra . . Bryan, Scott ..., , Bryant, Cheryl , . Bryant, Darren . . , , Bucholz, Stephanie Buckley, Kathleen . Bucklln, Gary , . Buerke, Marc , Buttlngton, Alexandra Butllnglon, Mlchelle Bullock, Nancy . . Bunt, Pamela . . Bunt, Paul . .. Burbach, Krlstlne Burbach, Mlchele , Burcham, Andrea . ff fd, 05, Q. 10, ,B5, 139, 195, .. ,. 61, 201, 18,130,146,18L . 109, . 18, . 109, .. . 10,61 H.131,14L 196 .18 109 61 109 145 61 102 167 160 109 B5 61 85 109 18 156 109 .86 ,61 .86 157 109 144 86 61 109 157 86 157 61 61 .61 109 110 18 162 ,.H,. 111 . 10,54,205,55 . . . 110 H 10,190,155 ,, , 110 , 10,45 . , 110 , 05,150 . 110,139,167 .110,112,191 ., . 61,173 . 05,113 , . 05 Bureson, Janna . . Bureson, Marlta . . lurge, Dana ..... Burke, James , , . . Burkhardt, Donald Burkhart, Jaquelyn Burkhart, Klmberly Burtlson, Robert . . Burrell, Davld . . . , Burrldge, Llsa . . , Burrola, Mlke ,.,. Bursan, Wllllam . . . Burton, Nancy , . Bush, Robert . . Bush, Susan ..,, Butler, Brenda , Butler, Danlel. . , Butler, Sandra . . Byers, John .... Byrd, Lorrle .... Byrd, Todd ..,. Byrne, Ryan Cabrera, Jesus . . Cagle, Deanna . , . Cagle, John ...... Calderon, Troy . . Callahan, Charles Calvln, Lorl . . . .. , Camlno, Glovanna 110 .....61 110 ..,.,18 ff10Q 146 .......18 .......8,86 ...,., . .18 86,131,156 f ' f 66, 61,151 Cammarata, Krlstlne . . . .61, 54, 176, Campanaro, Vlncent . . . ....,.. , . . . Campbell, Jettrey Campbell, Rhonda , . Campbell, Sondra Camps, Margrotta Cano, Nlck , . . , Cano, Tlna ....,.. Carlblom, Ingrld . . Carlson, Angela . Carlson, Nlna . .. Carnahan, Duane Carnahan, Patrick Carpenter, Brent Carpenter, Clndy Carpenter, Jlll . , . Carroll, Chrls , Carter, Cherl , . Carter, Hank . Carter, John . , Carter, Karen .,..,..,.,.... . . ..... . . Carter, Mlcheal .,..,....,..,.... ..,....... -v Iilnnbln I--4,--- ....110, . . ..,. .86 110, 54,1 ...a6,z0z B6 .86 .18 .86 110 86 110 .18 147 .86 110 110 110 .86 .61 201 206 .61 162 .61 .61 144 163 86 .61 . ..,.. , .201 .61 .. .,.,.. 86 .61 ,97 . 86 16:1 . 86 .... .181 .....86 Cllne, Sally ...... Cloud, Bradley ...,. Cobos, Tony ,....... Cochrane, Klmberly Cockerlll, Howard Coffman, J-Dawne . . Cohan, Tlmothy .... Cohen, Elleen ..... Cole, Mlchelle .... Coley, Bryan . . . Coleman, Chrls .... Countryman, Klm . . Colty, Bryan ....... Colllns, Lorl ..... Colllns, Robln . . . Colllns, Scott ,... Conklln, Robert . . Conlon, Davld .... Conner, Danlel ..... Connolly, Cynthla Connors, Cathy .,.., Conrad, Robert ,.,..,.. Contrymon, Klmberly .,... Cook, sm .,....,.... Cook, Kenneth ....... Cook, Klmberly . . Cooke, Becky . . . Cooke, Paul ....... Coonrod, Albert ,... Coonrod, Mark ,... Cooper, Chrlstlne . . Cooper, Mlchael . . . Cooper, Todd .... Corbln, Holly ,... Cordlano, Amy . , . Corey, Katherlne . . Cornellson, Randy . . Cornellus, Klm ...... Cornlsh, Brad .... Corvo, Geralyn . , Cote, Dean .... Cotton, Debble . . . Cotton, Steven ..... Coughanour, Kelly Coughlln, Chrlstlne Coughlln, Tonla .... Covoloskle, Mark . , . Cowdrey, Candy . , . Cowdrey, Kelly , . Cox, Brett ..,.... Crawford, Jlm .... Crean, Deborah . Crean, Kathleen . . . Creekmur, Judl . . . Crennan, Kelly . . . . fs, 62 ' f1f111'1',' llflbif 6L 62,14L Crlder, Lorrle .......,..... .,....,....,.... Cromer Jett 190, 110, 111 111 1 .87, 135, .87 ..8 143 191 .62 111 155 151 151 111 .87 196 .62 110 .62 199 141 183 157 .87 145 147 151 151 .62 .62 .54 .87 111 62 111 111 .62 .62 111 195 .87 .62 .62 .87 .62 187 111 183 202 189 191 62 197 111 182 111 .87 196 .62 111 177 167 201 .87 111 111 Dawson, Beth . . . Dawson, Harrlet . . Dawson, Steve .... De-La-Cruz, Llsa , . , Deaton, Charles . , . Deaton, Klm .,....,, Debernardls, Brenda Debernardls, Davld . Dedecker, Barbara Dedecker, Terese . , Dederlch, Bonnle . , . Dedge, Chrlstlanne . Deteo, Dana ,..,.... Detllla, Dawn ......, Degeorge, Tlmothy . Degreel, Catherlne . Decroot, Noelle ,... Del-Cld, Hector ,... Dennlng, Carl . . , Denson, John ,..,. Dent, Jason ...,.,,. Deprlest, Tlmothy . . Dewell, Chrlstopher Dewell, Michael ,... Dewltt, Doug ....... Dewltt, Klmberly . . . Deymonaz, Deborah Deymonaz, Mark .,.,. Deymonaz, Stephen Dhondt, Joseph . .. Dlamond, James , . , Dlana, Bradford .,.. Dlaz, Carlos ...... Dlaz, John . . . . Dlcks, Kevln . , , Dlep, Sanh . . Dleterlch, Jerry .,.. Dleterlch, Kevln ...,..... ..,.. . Dlgloacchlno, Jettrey Dllgard, James . , . , Dllgard, Kathy ...... Dlmlno, Margaretann Dlmlno, Theresa . . Dlshmon, Davld ..., Dlspartl, Sue , . Dltton, Shane . , . Dlxon, Kathey . .. Dobbs, Nancy . . , . Dobrasevlc, Ratko . , . Dodd, Erlc ......,.. Dodd, Scott .,.,.. Dodge, Deborah . . Dodge, Julle . ,. . . Dodge, Tlmonthy . Doganoz, Plmar . . Domlnquez, Vlckle . . Donaldson, Sharoyn ......112,57 ....20, 190, 192 .....88 . ..,.. 63 . ...., 112 ...88 . ...... ..88,178 ... ,.,.,.,..... 88,131 . . ..20, 197 ..112,191 .,,112,191 ....8,63 H ,88,150 , ..,. 112 s6.34,2o6,s7 ,.., ....U..63 H, 112,139 ...H....M..112 , ....,. ,.,. 88,207 . .... 112,130,163 ,.. ,.,. . . .. 111 .. .88,155 ..,H..aa .U..37 ...155 . ,.aa ,. 6,66 . . . 187 ..112,131 ..,.,112 112,130,155 ..,88 .,.,...63, 199 ,....112 . . ,.88, 192, 186 .H .., .112 .. 8,20 .,.. .sa , ... ..., U..63 ....H . 112,204 ,112, 182, 167 . . .112 .,. ., 20,196 20,144,166 H. 20,199 . ....,., 112 ..H 63,162 . . .88,201 . .63 ,....aa, 201, 56 00,202 Eastln, Jennette . , . Eastman, Karen ..,. Eaton, Jean .,.... EG10Tl, JGHYGY . . . Eberll, Marlo ...,, Echols, Cele ....,4.. Edwards, Rlchard . Elsman, Jackle .... Ekstrom, Carl .... Ellls, Sharl ..,.. Elllson, Sklpper . . Emler, Jerry ....., Emrlch, Douglas . . Emrlch, Karyn ,. . Enclso, Gabrlel Enders, Bryan .,., Enders, Dawn ..,, Engel, Davld ,.,... Englehorn, Katy . , . Englehorn, Matthew Enrlquez 'Cz, Davld Erlckson, James . . Erlckson, Rlchard . . Erlckson, Ronda Erlckson, Tammy . . Essllnger, Kevln . . . Estelle, James , . . Ester, Stacee .... Estes, Tracy .,... Ettlncer, Debble . . Ettlnger, Steve . , . Evans, Bllly ..... Evans, Erlc ..... Evans, Jason ,... Evans, Mlchelle .,,. Evans, Rlcky .r.., Evans, Troy , Evans, Wendy . . . Everett, Scott ..,.. Everett, Sherl . . . . Evltts, Susan ., Falrbrother, Dennls Fancher, Susan . . . . . Farle Llsa y, ...,r,.. Farney, Llsa . . Farr, Chrls .r,..,.. Farrell, Vlrglnla . . . Faulkner, Laura . . . Fausetl, Nlcole . . ffQff113','131.' ,.......113, ....88,131, .....63, ..,.113, ....63, ...,21, .fff113.155Q Hfff113. H. 21, 43,132,196 .,.jQfQ.59 ..U.89,19Q .H..M.a9 .89, .,...113, ..89, ..,.11,21, ....63, .,..63, ....64, ..ff113 1.f.145 'H"'M"M"'f'Qf.Qf1b9. .33 .ss .aa 21 146 145 162 197 189 .aa 130 143 113 .63 163 .21 .ae 182 182 .21 .63 113 zo: .aa ..89 ,89 ..89 113 113 163 143 162 130 , .89 130 131 200 . .63 197 197 183 . .89 . .64 167 .113 167 ..64 160 Franklln, Jearlenne , Franklln, Ken ...... Frazler, Janet .... Frazer, John ......... Frazler, Krlstlna ..... Frazler, Shauna .,.,.. Frederlcks, Charles Jr. . . . Freed, Robert ....... Freer, Walter ,..... Freerklng, Carol . . . French, Terl ...... French, Tlml . . . Frlske, Mlchael . . Frlske, Tlmothy . . Fryer, Russell ,.... Fuld, Tom ...... Fuller, Bruce .... Fuller, Hallle .... Fuller, Susan .,...., Fulton, Larry ......... Furphy, Chrlstopher . Gable, Joan .,... Gage, Deborah . . . Gagnon, Mlchael . . . Gahrlng, Troy .....,. Galos, Stanley ...,,. Galano, Gracemarle ..,.. Gallo her Sandra g , ..... Gnllus, Paula ,....... Galloway, Brlan , . . Galuskl, Amella ..... Galuskl, Ellzabeth . . . Galuskl, Mary .,.... Gantner, Debble .... Gantner, Kevln . . . Garcla, Anlta ..... Gardner, Anne .... Gardner, Nancy . . Garllck, Patrlcla . . . Garner, Mlchele . . Garrett, Holly ....... Garrlnger, Tamara . Garst, .lennlter ..... 609010, 'VOTING ..., Getts, Davld ....... Gehrman Brlftan . , . . Gehrman, Pamela . . 6018, Brad ....,... Genna, Angela ..... . , , .....22, 198 . ...... 22 .....22, 196 ......64,156 ...,89, 137 ...,...89 .,...89 . ....,. 89 .......,113 22,136,14L' ..H...H.89 .89, 54, 178, ,22, 198 .22 ......89 182,156 131,147 .,.U.64 .U.QE4 187 Greene, Colleen ..... Greene, Kerry ....... Greenlleld, Mlchelle . . Grlttln, Mlchael ..,.... Grllllth, Davld ..... Grlmes, Coleen Grlmes, Herb .... Grlmm, Steve . . . Gromko, Robert Gromoll, 8ob .... Groth, Robert ..,.... Groves, Cynthla . . . . Groves, Theresa ..... Grubb, Erlc .......... Grubbs, Sharlorte . . . Guerrero, Amanda . . . Guerrero, Edward ....... Gulnn, Wesley ....... Gunneman, Brenda. . Guss, Domlnlc ....,.. Haeussler, Rlchard . . Hager, Erln .....,.. Hager, James ..,.... Haggerty, Susan ..,. Hakalmazlan, Rlchard .... Hake, Jlm ....,..... Hall, Bonnle .... Hall, Brent ...., Hall, Darlene . . . Hall, Jerry ..... Hall, .lodl ..... Hall Monlca .... Hall, Stacl . . . . . Hall, Teresa ..,. . ,189 .o4,2oo ....s9,151 .........s9 .....115,157 .....22,54 ......64,151 . ...... 90,192 .,..113, 131,147 ...,..22,144 ......u.144 .. 114,145 ...22 . ...,.. .114 ....,......90,54 .....90,202,205 ..22,196 .....90, 137,201 ........64,137 ,.....90,160 .....114,145 .......114 ....22,156 ,..11 I-laller, Cynthla . . Halllord, Susan .. Hamhy, Mellssa .... Hamm, Klmberly . . . Hampton, Lucy . . Hanl, Denlse . . . Hanl, Michele .... Hanks, Devron .... Hanks, Mellssa . . . Hanks, Mellanle . . . Hanson, Chrls ..,... Hanson, Renee .... Hanthorn, Jettrey Harblson, Deborah .... Hargrove, Tammy . . . Hargrove, Wllllam ...,...... . .,......,. 25, 198 90, 201 ..,.90, 173, 201, 207 .H....U..,.H.114 . .........,... as ..U.65,173 "fffQ9d .M.23 .. ..., 65,151,182 ,,.114, 141, 147, 163 .............114, 145 141 54, 206, 186, 189,56 . ......... .9,65,54 ..23,162 .....65,172 .. ..91,114 .....65,172 .....65,156 ........23 ,. ..23,198 ....91 ....114,206 114 .11 .12, 91, 201, 202 ..... .... . 114 ....65, 142, 170 .........114 ....114, 178 ....H.,196 fHf23Q1i3 . ..91,57 M..91,189 91 189 .. HZ, Al -mil 135. 487. 189 Hlnfze, Chrls ..... .... 2 4, 144, 163 Hlser, Kennefh ,.., .................... Hllson, Angle . . , ...,...,....... 66, 151 Hobbs, Karen ,.... ..................,.. Hobbs, Llsa ,..,. 136, 24, 45, 150, 182 Hoelfla, Jay ...,. ...............,...., 66 Hoewlng, Mark ...,... ..,........ Hoewlgg. Michael .,.. ..,,.....,... Hof1man, Cheryl .... ...., 66 , 190 Hoffman, Louls ..... ..... 2 4, 196 Hoffman, Mlchael .... .....,..,..,.. 66 Hoffman, Pafrlcla ..,,. ....,........... 2 4 Hoffman, Sfephen . , . ..... 8, 66, 140, 162 Hogg, Rlchard .,.,..,. .,.....,..,., . . . Hogue, Kafherlne ...,. .......,..,.., 9 1 Holden, Dorofhy .... ....,,.,..,.. Holden, Sherrl ,... ..,.. 9 , 66, 151 Holland, Mansa ..... ...,......... Holland, Roberf ..., .... 1 55, 163 Holland, Sfanley ..., ..,. 1 55, 163 Hollah, AI ....,,.. .,...,.. 2 4 Holllnger, Lance .... .....,..... Holm, Vlvlan .,,.. .... 1 45, 167 Holsfeln, Roberl ..,. ............... Holf, Carol .,... .................. Holf, Jennlfer ..... ...., 1 42, 151, 167 Honce, Paul ,.,.,. ,..,,..,..,.., 66 Hook, Klmberll K. . . ....,..... . .24 Hooks, James G. . . ........... 91, 143 Hoops, Shelly ..... ,..,..,..,..,..... 2 4 Hoover, Consfance ,4,. 24, 135, 181, 190 Hoover, Franklln J. ..,........,..,.. 191 Hoover, Kelfh D ..., ...........,.... 2 4 Hopklns, Cheryl L. . ..,....... 24 Hopklns, Roberl C. ..... 8, 66, 137 Horn, Bobbl J. ,.., .,... 9 1, 201 Horowlfz, Audrey M ..... ..,,. 66 , 183 Horowlfz, Sarah . . . .,.,,. .167 Horowlfz, Sfacy . . . ....,.., . .24 Horral, Mlchelene E. .... ..... 9 1, 145 Hor1on, Randl C ....... .......,.., Horfon, Reggle .... ....,..,.. 66 Horfon, Rhonda . . . ,.......,.., . .91 Hosklns, Terl L. ,.... ..,.. 1 0, 66, 200 Hosley, Bon W. . . . .,.. 91, 205, 206 Hosfefler, Darln A. . ............ 91 Howard, Andrew W .,.., .......... 9 1 Howard, Vlcfor L. . . ..,. 155, 178 Hoyi, Davld L. .... ....,......... . Hua, Thach H. .... ......... 2 4, 199 Hudson, Don ...... .... 9 2, 131, 155 Hudson, Lorl .....,..,.. .............., Huffman, Mafhew B. . . . .,..... . . .92 Hughes, Mlchelle K. ....... 178 Hughes, Shannon B. ,....................,. 116, 145 Hull, Jennller G. .............,..,............... 66 Jensen, Tammara .... ......,.., Jepson, Julle ......, ..........,. Jessen, John J. ....... .,.. 2 4, 181, Jessen, Mlchael L ..... ......,..,. Jllderda, Debra F. . . . Jlm, Terrance R. .. . . Joanou, Scoff S ....... ..,.,...... Johnson, Anfhony J ..... ...,........... Johnson, Bob ........ ..... 1 30, 182, Johnson, Brad M ...... ............. Johnson, Daron E. . . . ...... . . . . . Johnson, Laurle .... ....... Johnson, Llsa .,.... ...... 2 4, Johnson, Mark A. .... ..,., 8 , 67, Johnson, Ronald . . . ........ .25, Johnson, Scofl L. . . ....,..... 25, 181, Johnson, Sheryl ....,. ..,.............. 2 5, Johnson, Wendy M. . . , .... 92, 150, 190, 191, Johnsfon, Shareece A. . . . ............... . , . . . Johnslone, Scoff A. ..,. ..... . Jones, Davld ........ .,...... Jones, Jamle D. ..... .... 9 2, Jones, Jennlffer D. . . . . . . . . . . . Jones, Klm ....,... .......... Jones, Llsa A. ....,. .... 6 7, 150 Jones, Mlchelle L. .... ....,., . Jones, Mlke ....,.. .,.,..,. Jones, Shane ....... .... 1 16, Jones, Sfephanle ..... ..,....,,...... Jones, Thomas E ...... .....,....... 9 2, Jossefldes, Mellnda . . . Joyner, Tracy ...... ...,.25, 142, 181 Juan, Mlchael L ..,.. .... Juarez, Paul A. .... . . . . Juarez, Scoff C. . . . . . , . Jullus, Danlelle D. ,... . . . . Jullus, Tafla J ....... ..,. Kaczmarowskl, Marymargaref ................. Kalk, Lorl A. ..................... .... 9 1, 136, Kamran, lmad ..........,...... ........ 9 2 Kangroa, Jovan N. ...... ..,... 6 7 Karandreas, Kafhleen H. ............,.,..,.,.. , Kargas, Rose D. .........,....,..,............ . Kasfner, Thomas C. .,..,.,..,.,..,.,,......... . Kafhrlns, Bradley 0. . . .25, 177, 181, 184, 185, Kafhrlns, JIII I. ,.....,........ .,............ 9 2 Kauf1man, Clndy . . . ..................... . . . . Kavall, John T. ........ ....,.. . Kavanaugh, Laura L. . . . . . ,67 Kaye, Pamela A. ............,..,.,..,.,...... . Kellh, Kym .....,....,........................ .66 116 162 .67 .67 .67 .92 162 .24 .67 116 197 195 199 184 199 160 116 .67 .92 151 116 160 160 116 204 .67 157 180 .67 .92 .26 .92 116 .67 .92 170 186 190 .67 .67 .67 190 206 .25 .92 145 116 Knlghf, Rochelle ..,. Knlffle, Kennefh .... Knoch, Coleffe ..,. Knoles, Jeanne ..... Knufson, Teresa .... Knufson, Terry ..... Kobaslc, Kalallna . . Koehler, Valerle . . . Kohne, Allce .... Kolle, Shellen ...... Kondora, Frank ..,. Kondora, Klm . , . Kopp, Wesley . . . Kopla, Davld .... Kopla, Kalhy .... Korfle, Brel .... Korfle, Tena .... Kofas, Randy ..,. Kofos, Rodney .... Krahn, Danlele .... Kralnz, Sonla ...... Kramer, Laura ..., Kramer, Laura ..... Kramer, Llsa .... Kramer, Ronald , . . Krapu, Llsa ...... Kraus, John ....... Kraus, Wendy .... Krauss, Brlan . . . Kravel, Toby ...... Krawczyk, James . . Krawczyk, Jeff ..... Krawczyk, Steven ,... Krlfkausky, Rob ,.,. Krelfzer, Wllllam .... Krlfkausky, Roberf . Kroon, Karen .,.... Kruse, Brenda ..... Kruska, Maff ...,..... Kruska, Mellssa 67 Kudrlck, Tarl .,...., Kugler, Amy ....... Kugler, Benlamln . . , Kuhalda, Danlel .... Kurowskl, Susan ,... Kurfz, Lewls 8 Kusperf, Chrlsfopher Kusperf, Johanna . . Kwok, Vlncenf ..... Kyle, John ...... Lacey, Barbara 67, 138, 195 .....9,9:1,59 .........oa, .1...67'.'1rr'.' 93, .f.fQ6?.'14i.' 150 .93 160 137 .25 184 .,...93,201 ,'.'.f.i5'.' ....8,125, ....,67, .....93, 201, 93, 151, 176, ..........93, ..........93, ..........25, 93,170,202, .........151, .....93, 143, .93 197 162 .93 182 160 182 150 160 190 167 .25 102 157 184 .25 .93 163 .25 143 .....10, 25, zoo 200 ,....26,82, ....204 ..,.8,26 ....B,67 145 ...16, 199, 180, ....67, ..,.26, 179, 195 .67 204 137 191 100 167 204 143 McAvInney, Susan . Mclrlde, Danlel .. . McCall, Mlchelle . . McCamlc, Davld . . . McCarlhy, Llsa ..., McCarty, Kalherlne McCauIfy, Rlchard . McCaulfy, Roberl. . McChesney, Tawney . . . McClure, Chrlsllne . McClure, Kafhy .. . McCIuskey, James McClusky, Taml . . . McCold, Mary . ., . McCollum, Sharon . McConnall, Deborah McCour1, Tlmolhy . . McCracken, Chrls . McCracken, Tom . . McCrelghl, Jerry McCunh, Shelly . . . McDanIeI, Boyd . . . McDanlel, Dlane . . . Mcbanlel, Rober1 . . . McDonald, lrlan . . . McDonald, Donna . McDonald, Kelly . . . McDonald, Klmberly McDonald, Shawn . McDonald, Tlflony . McElroy, Tlmolhy . . Mc6ady, Mllzl .... Mcgee, James , . . . McGer1y, Mlke ,..,. McGIoln, Malhew . . McGough, Carolyn McGough, Dawn . . McGough, Mark . . . McGra1h, Kelly . . McGralh, Trlsha , . . McGuire, James . . Mcllquham, Jason . Mclnerney, Brlan . . Mclnerney, Brlan . , McKay, Amy ., . .. McKee, Chrlsty . . McKee, Dedee . . McKee, James McKee, Mark . . .6s, '...94, .69,15L ....69, 151 .69 184 ,94 .27 182 .27 .70 199 .27 .94 118, 27 . ..,. 94 ....27, . .69, .69 198 172 151 ,94 .27 145 .. 21, .69 118 118 196 196 ..69 119 .69 ,....119, '26','15a, 121625. ...8, 28, 118,14L 155 119 . .27 196 . .69 . .69 118 180 180 201 . .28 163 Messlna, Ann ....,. Messlna, Debble . . Messner, Debble . . Meyer, Jackle ...., Meyer, Mark .. . Meyers, Larry . . . . Mlchael, Jamle ..,. Mlchaell, Prlscllla . , Mlchels, Bradley . . . Mlconl, Jon ...,... Mlconl, Tamara , . . Mlcofll, Erlc ...,, Mldklll, Bryon . . . Mlller, Danlel . . . Mlller, Dennls . , . Mlller, Loran . . . Mlller, Lulher . . . Mlller, Paul . . . Mlller, Roberl . . . Mlller, Robln . . . Mlller, Tlm . Mlller, Tod .,..,. Mlllell, Joe .,.,... Malloy, Hassan .,.. Manny, Mohammed . . . Malloy, lelh .....,. Malloy, Debble . . . Malone, Rebecca . Malvlk,Lee.. Manclnl, Ellsa . . Maneely, Chrlsllna Manglno, Llsa ...., Mann, Klm. .... Manson, Llsa . .. Marano, Carla . . . Marchllll, Randy .... Marclano, Llsa ,.,... Marlno, Anfhony . , Mark, Ilene .,.,.,. Mark, Llsa .,....... Markley, Slephanle Marks, Monlca . . . Markson, Llsa . . . . Marrloh, Aprll ., . Marshall, Cheryl . . Marshall, Ken ,..., Marshall, Scofl . . . Marshall, Terrl . . . Marlln, Kalhy . . , Marlln, Lachell .... Marlln, Rlchard .,., Marilnez, Laurle , Marvln, Jack . , Marx, Jennller .. . .....54,96, ..119, 119, '. Q f f 95, 54, 95, 150 119 ...U.70 ... 119 119,172 .H. 206 ...,.2a ..H 119 ..8,119 131,155 .....2a 119,131 ..8,119 .28,181 . .,.. 28 . .,.. 96 119,141 ... 163 .,...28 .. 119 131,163 .2a,156 ..U..95 .H. 118 ..,,.95 118,191 .. U.95 . .,.. 69 8,118 . ..., 69 ...H,95 2 118 151 206 145,178 .27,137 ... ...9 .,N 69 ..U..27 ...U.69 118,197 .H..199 192 201 .27 192 118,172 .95 192 ,,...69 173,167 118 131 118,139 .11a,51 118,191 Morrls, Erlc .,.,. ..., Morrlson, Mary , , . . Morrlson, Rlchard . . Morrlson, Roberl .... Moriensen, Dean . . . . . . Mofsenbocker, Rhonda Moulln, Carol . . Moulln, John .. . . Mounlloy, Jennller . Mozerls, Gabrlella . . . Muglla, Al . .,.,.. . Mulllns, Kalhleen . . Munlz, Joseph . . . Munoz, Kaierl , . , Munoz, Perry . . . Munoz, Terl ,... Muns, Dledre . . . Murphy, Mary . . , Murry, Barbara . , Murry, Pamela . . . Musgrave, John . . Musgrave, Llsa . . Myers, Jackle . Myers, Jerl ..... Myers, Larry ..., Napler, Carolyn . . Napler, James . . , Napler, Mlchael ....., Nardl, Anne-Marle . . . Nardl, James .... , . . Nallons, Curl . . , . , Naughton, Shawn . , Navarro, Benlla . Navarro, Max . . . . Navarro, Rebecca . . . Nell, Sleven .... Negalhon, Adam . Negrele, Eddle . . Nelfz, Kurl ....., Nelson, Brlan . . . Nelson, Davld ,.,. Nelson, Doreen . . . Nelson, Gregory . . . Nelson, Klmberly . . . Nelson, Mark ..., Nelson, Marlene . Nelson, Mlchael . Nelson, Mlke ..,. .H....H..29 .. . .... 96 ... 119 U.,70 . 119 . .. .29 . H ,29,199 . H .. 70 195,189,160 . ... 96 ....H. 119 .H. ... 96 .H..119,137 ...120,191 H .. 70 .. 70,151 . 10,202 ... 70 ...H,.9,96 . . 119,202 .. ... 70 ,.U.9,70,190 . ,... 160 .H...,. .29 8,96,178,57 H.96,54,150 .29, 161, .96,'1s1,' .. ..96, ,70, 222, .. 29, f 120, .96 ........96 ....96,184 .......29 .70 189 96 .29 .96 155 151 143 151 .70 96 141 155 ,131 ,205 196 ...70 96 . ' .96 a 22 H29,195, .96 191 130 162 ....72,156 Nelson, Tony ,.,. Nero, Patrlcla ....,. Nero, Rlchard ....., Neverett, Deborah . Nevllle, Jerl .,....,. Newman Dale Newman, Gayle . . , Newman, Karl .,., Newman, Lance . , . Newman, Lynn ,..,. Newman Sharaleen Newsom, Stephen . , Newton, Kyle ....., Nguyen, Thuy ...... Reblln, Dane ..,.,.. Nlcastle, Annmarle Nellson,' Gary .,.... Nlelse, Jettrey .... Nlelsen, Tlna ..., Nllsen, Deborah .... Nlpar, Christopher , . Nlshlmoto, Brlan ...,,.., Norenberg, Shannon ,... Northtleld, Karen . , Norton, Nancy ....,. Norton, Renee . . . Novak, lrlan ..... Nurse, Pamela , . . Oakes, Mlke ....... 0'Conner, James , . O'Conner, Mlchael , , . Oddo, Claudette . . . Oddo, Domlnlck . . . Oemler, larry . . . Oemler, Heldl .,.. Ottedahl, Cary ,.,. Oglesby, Mellssa . Ogren, Kelly ,,.,.. Ogren, Shawn . . . Oldham, Julle .... Olguln, Chrlstlne . . . Olguln, Jamee . . . Olguln, Kathy . . . Olguln, Patrlck . . . Ollve, Shelly ,... Ollve, Tracey ..... Oller, Robert .,... Olney, Lorl ,...,... Olsen, Janel . .,.... .....,.,,.,.... . Onaga, Jonl , . . . , lindauu-ll: hglunnh 120, 143, .ff f 126. na, no, . , Q i 165. 163 .96 . 29 .96 . 70 143 167 ,96 167 .97 . 70 . 29 155 120 .,...97, 202 1ib','rs2', 'fffib'. Qfflit. .....97, .....29, 71 . ..... 8, 120, ......71, .29 .97 177 .97 162 .70 151 120 .71 .29 143 .71 102 .29 .97 197 .97 120 166 195 151 .97 120 .....29 '. '. 1 '. bij 197 .97 198 195 H97 .71, 172, 160 'll 120 197 il! Payne, Anlta .... Payne, Llsa ,...., Peake, Kandla . . , Pearson, Klmberly Pearson, Mark .... Pease, Edward . . Pedersen, Anne , Pedersen, Erlc . . . Pederson, Kurt . . . Peek, Kelly ...... Peel, larbara . . , Peel, Randall ..,. Pelleran, Van . . . Pelrce, Kathy ...... . , Penlnska, Heldl , . Peperall, Grant . . . Perry, Deanne ,.., Perez, Mlchael .,,. Perry, Gayla .... Perry, Kevln ,..,., PONY. Steve ...... Peru, Rudy ....... Pesartlc, Mlchelle Pesartlc, Tamara Pesnell, lrlan ..... Pesnell, Wayne. . . Peters, Rlchard . , . Peterson, Robert . Peterson, Mary . , . . . . . Peugnet, Stacy . . Pezdlrtz, Mark . . . Ptelterkom, Emlly, Ptetterkom, Nancy Plelter, Phllllps Pr-uupsf Phllllps Phllllps, Phllllps, Plckrel, Plerce, Plerce, Plerce, Plerce, Plerce, Steve .... Carl ..,.. Garrett . . Kathy . . , Klmberly laurle ,... lrlan . . . Angela . . . Leanne . . . Loretta . . . Wade ,... Warren . . . Pelrson, Mlchelle Pllger, Denlse .... Pllon, Paul ....... Plsut, Patty ...,.., Pltt, Kenneth ..... Plancher, Mlchelle Plank, Dawn ,.... Plass, lorle ....... Plotnlck, Mellsa . , Poe, Qrystal ...... U..71,142 ..U..120 U..97,202 ....H,.120 M..30,161 ..,.H..30 H. 120 .U...H.97 .U.30,198 .H.8,120 ...M.71 .,.H.,.,M..30 ..l, 97, 142, 178 ...H...M....71 .....H.....120 .H.30,196 H..H.l,97 .H....U..71 .H..120,157 ...U..l,71 ..H.17,6 ..H,,71,130 .....H.,120,131 ..U.97,131,162 ...U...U..U.41 ...U...H.10,71 97,139,190,191 .H..120,203 .U.71,203 ,..H,30 N...H.97 ...H.36,19B ...U..9,71,160 .H..71,142,190 ....H..71,156 .U....U..97 H..121 H.,77,172 ....H..72 ..U.121 H. 72 ...U so .., ., 72 H.,..H..98,1l6 H...,.. .....72 ....8,121,192,23 , ,,., ,, ,,.. 121 Rattle, Lee ..,.,.. Ragovln, Marta .... Ralner, Angela , . . Ralston, Laura , . . Ramlrez, Ellxabeth Ramlrez, Frank , . . Ramlrez, Larry .,.. Ramlrez, Mercedes Randolph, Jettrey Rasa, Justin , . , . Rasa, Ramona . . . Rasmussen, Debra Rast, Trtsha ..,.,.., Ratkovlch, Robert .... Ratkovlch, Robyn Rousch, llllle Jo . . Rausher, Kevln . . . Rauscher, Leslea . Raver, Sherl .,... Ray, James .... Ray, Sherrell , . . Ray, Steven . . . Rayes, Mary ..,.. Rayes, Mlchael . , . Reagan, Robert ..,. Reale, Theresa . . . Redman, Andrea . . Redman, Stelanle ,.., Reed, Ellzabeth ..... Reed, Klmberly ..... Reed, Patrlck ,... Reed, Tlmothy .... Reed, Wendl ...., Regnler, Reggle . , Rego, Cathy ......, Rehllng, Rebecca .,.. Reld, Dawn ....... Relnklng, Donald . . Rennle, Star ....... Renshaw, Debbie . Reutter, Stephen . . . Revlea, Karrte .,.. Revlea, Mark ,,.,...,. Reynolds, Crystal ..., Reynolds, Kathy .... Reynolds, Pam . . . Reynolds, Sean . . . Reynolds, Shawn . Rhoads, Dale ..... Rhoads, John , . . Rhoads, Dee Rhodus, John ..... Rlce, Klmberley ...,...., ...,., Rlchards, Mark ................. , ..98,141,162 .,,.H..31 H,.72,182 .,. .,9s ,.H.31 . ,.,,. ar H.72,167 H..90,162 .,.H..vs .,.,..,..73 ..,31,198 ,.,....31 U.,31,196 ,U.9B,201 .,,.. ,..9B,153 ., ,....,.. 73,197 121,136,145,167 H,.,. ,..,,.,9a ....U..121 .,.H.73,130 U..121,195 ,.U.0,73,206 M.9l,147,156 ...,..,..,9a .,. ,.,,, ..73 U...U..31,200 H..73,150,160 H..73,190,192 .......H.121 U..121,191 H..121,131 ...... .121 .,....31,54,206 .....121, 139, 145 , .....,..... 121 ,.,.121,131 ,.,...,.121 , ...73, 77 ..73,143 ,.U..121 H,.1l9 .U..31 ., ,.,., 121 H.9B,31,155 ..H,.9l,131 ,.H....U..73 .H.12,98,201 ...H....99 ,, ...,.,. :1,19s .U....U..73,131 Steele, Dave ..., Shaw, Wllllam . . . . 1 . Rosamond, Wllllam . , . . Rasene, Katherine ..,. Roslnskl, Ken ....... Ross, Davld .,.... Ross, Kenneth .,.. . Ross, Robln ,...,..... Rosslgnol, Robert ...., Rote, Cota ....,.... Rawe, Mlchael ........, Rowe, Tamara .,..,...... Rozblclll-llnner, Brenda ,... Rubln, Steven ..........., Rublnsteln, James .,.. Rucker, Chrlstopher .. Rudln, Dlno 4.......... Rudzlnskl, Jon ...,., Rudzlnskl, Shelly ..,. Rulz, Glnger ..,.. Rulz,Greg.., .... Rumbold, Jeslyn .... Runyan, Scott ..,. Runyan, Steven .... Ruott, Christopher . . , uuorr, Jenny .....l. Rupe, Llsa ......., Russell, lonnle Russell, lrtan . . . Russell, Gary . . Russell, Scott ..... Russell, 'llttany .,... Russell, Tom .......... Rutan, Charlle ..,..... ,..122, 189, 57 73 .,.,,..32 99 ..,..99,1l9 ....139, 122 ....32, 195 ....139 122 U..99:201 .122 .....54,99, 207 131 ......32, 143 .......73 .122 .....32 ,....73 U..99,189 .U.99,187 U,.32,198 ..H,.U.74 U..122,202 H,.122,155 ...,.122, 131 , 163 Rutherlord. Klmberly , . Ruttledge, James .... Rynlsh, Gene .,...., Saathott, Mary . . Sadawslry, Dan .... Sakal, Troy ....... Salazar, Patrlcll .... Salemo, Joseph . . . sun-2, StacIe...I..... Sample, Susan ...... Samuels, lenjamln Samuels, Katherlne ,... Sandeen, Davld ...... senaera, 1.61911 ..... 2 Sanders, Jeannle ...., Sanders, Vlllllam ..... Sandomlr, Llsa ........ ..,.8,32 ....74, 190 .....,,.......74,201 ....142, 32, 150, 177, 101 . .,.....,,......,...... 74 54,99,206,57 .9,74,54,206 Scovel, Tobln ....... . Scrlvano. James Scrlvano, Paul .... Scrlver, Scott ..,... Scrlver, Tonya ...... Seaman, Shannon Sears, Derek ...... .... Sears, Sheryl ,.., Sebo, Dawn ....... . . Sebrlng, Mlchael Seeley, Beverly Seeley, Rhonda .... Selbel, Ed .,........ Selman, Danny ..,... Selterberg, Jason Sewell, Rlchard ., Sewell, Teresa . . . Sgouros, George Sharkle, Mlchael , . , Shannon, Krlsten Shannon, Laura . Sharp, Kelly ..,.. Shaw, Tttlany . . , Shcolnlk, Kelly . , . Shear, Mellssa .. Shedrott, Robln . , Shedrott, Tammy Sheer, Robln ,... Shelton, Karl .... Shelton, Llsa .... Shepard, Robert . Shepherd, Angela Shepherd, Jerry . Shepherd, Nancy Sheppard, Mlke . Sherclr, Scott .... Sherrill, Marlene . Shellds, Dellsa .. Shlloskl, Brett Shlrley, Shannon Shlee, Steve ..... Shough, Dale .... Shrlner, Klmberly Shull, Randall . , . Shultz, Steven . . Slchrovsky, Cynthla . . . Slerra, Danlel ......,.,. Slerra, Paul ...,.....,...,.. Slmmonds, Anne-Marte , . . . Slmmons, Allsa ,,...,.... Slmon, Llet ....,........ Slmon, Rex ,... . Slmpson, Rene ..,,......,........ 33, 117, ....,74, 54,100Q .,..54, ....33, fQ1100Q Slms, Ann Slms. Dona ,,......,.................. 131,163 ... 100 ,.H 123 ..H 123 .33,190 .., 123 123,191 190,192 123,132 202,196 ..H 100 .H 123 .., 100 ,H..14 H 123 ...U.74 .H. 123 .14,13s .35,198 192,206 .N..100 123,160 ...U.74 100,207 .33, 207 .100,s1 123,204 131,196 .74,172 .H, 100 .33,130 ,.H 123 .33,1o6 123,162 ..H 123 .H, 123 .,. 100 ,H 123 ..H 123 100,157 100,135 123,131 ,.H 100 ..H 123 ..H,.33 .H, 100 100,150 .2. 100 123,178 ..74,130 ..H 100 182,206 ...,,.33 Spera, Serena . . , Spera, Yeresa , . Splegler, Stacey. Splna, Tammy , . . Splnelll. Pamela . Splres, Rlchard , Splvey, Katherine Splvey, Sharon . Spoon, Davld . . . Spratlen, Royce . Sprlncz, Krlstl Sprlncz, Scott Sprouse, Julle . . . Spucces, Klm .... Spucces, Shelley Spucces, Vlnny , . Sranado, Mona . , Stahl, Klm ....., Stahler, Karl ..... Stangler, Karen 1 Stanley, Sharon . Stark, Tammle .. Stawlckl, Robert ... . . . Steele, Kevln Steele, Marcus .. Steele, Roger s1Oklt'lk0, Rlchdrd ..... Stehllk, Rodney . Stehllk, Scott Stelner, Kurt ...., Stempnlak, John Stern, Mlchelle ,. Sterrett, Mark . . . Stevens, Cynthla Stevens, Erln ..,. Stevens, Stephen Stevenson, Yvette ..,.34, Steward, Chrlsty Stldsen, Vlrglnla . Stlmson, Arlene . Stlvers, Joshua , Stotlel, Rlck ..... Stokus, Pamela . , Stone, Darryl . . . Stott, Duane .... Stout, Tammy Stowe, Rod .,.,V . Stowman, Mlke . . Strang, Edwlna . Strones, Marty .. Strones, Rlchard. Sturges, Marcy ,. Sturm, Lauren . . . Styles, Charles . Styles, Myrlam .. .101 124, 139, 182, 192 .. ,... ...34,196 ........101 .34 101 ......74 .........124 ,..,......74,190 ,.54, 124, 189, 56 ...,.74, 202, 180 M, . ....,. ..34 .........101 ,.,.101,184 ....,101 ,.,.-4,198 .....101 ,124 ...'..124 ...'....124 ,...124,163 ...,...124 ...,.124 ......74 .....101 . .,,.. 101 ....101,1l9 ....,......101 .11Q112i,136. ..,... , 192, , ...,,.,. .34 124 101 160 .34 126 124 .75 124 130 13,101,201:2D2 157 .....101, 130, .134 .....75, 189 ...,....124, 131 ....75, 136, 170 ...,...124,57 ....A..,.101 ,...,.,....75, 145 na Thomas, Heather . . . Thomas, Llsa . . . . . Thomas, Ron ..,...,. Thorne, James ....... Thompson, Nolelle .... Thompson, Patrlcla . Thompson, Phlllp .... Thomplon, Rlcky .,,.. Thompson, Suzanne . , Thompson, Chrlsty . . . Thortln, Rodney ..,., Thornley, Mlke .... Thornton, Chrls .,.... , Thornton, Faye .,..,. Throckmorton, Ccrmllle .,., Thul, Jennlter ....,,... Thul, Greg ,.,...., . , Tlllman, Llsa . . Tlngle, Julle . . Tlssaw, Renee . . . Tocko, Debble .... Tocko, Susan ..,..... Tomazln, Heather , . . Tomazln, John .... Toraason, Dan ,..... Tornambe, Anthony . , Tornambe, Joseph . . Tornambe, Marla , . Tornello, Joe , , , , . Torres, Laurle ..,. Torrez, Jullette .,.. Tousant, Donna ..... Trabachlno, Barbra. , . Tran, Luc ..,.. ...... Tran, Vu ,.....,.., Trapp, Mlchael . , Treaster, Laurle . . . Treaster, Penny . , Trebltowskl, Llsa . , . , Trlpodl, Llsa . .,..,. . Troehler, Natascha . , . Troehler, Yvonne . . . Trolonek, Walter .... Trontvet, Todd . .. Truelove, Klm ..,.. Trullllo, Dwayne . , . Trunzo, Mlchael , , . Truskowskl, Tammy . . . Tsanlnos, John ..,.. Tumytlll, Margo ,... Turensky, Jerry . . , Turensky, Laura ,.... Turlgllatlo, Paula . , Turman, Adrlan . , Turman, Alvlna ,..,. . .........,......... 75 102, 131 . 121, .....102, ,146,147: --vi...35-0 ..fff105Q' 124 182 102 157 199 198 157 .75 166 103 103 .35 .35 192 .75 124 ..,.75 .......,..9,75 ...75, 173,201 124 124 .35 75, 57, 56, 207 A ff f f124,' .35 131 .35 .75 .....75, 189 ..,.,125,167 125 103 .....35, 176 103 ....8, 103, 150 125 ..-.11,75,200 U.,,H..125,180 U.,103,155,157 Turman, Rossle ...,..,.., ........ . ..,..,...... 75 ..103, 131, 155 .,....125, 141 .....13, 103 . ...35 .103,136,170 .. .125 ,.....75, H..125,131,163 .... ,35,138 ..,75,130,162 Vlers, Phllllp .......... Vlgano, Carrie ..... Vlllanueva, Annando Vlllanueva, Mlke .... Vlllarreal, Ellzabeth ..... Vlllarreal, Glna ...... Vlllegas, Abel ...... Vlllegas, Mlke . . . Vlnson, Danny . . . Vlvlan, Erlch ,... Vlvlo, Glna . . . Volk, Lynn ..... Volt, Jennller ..., Volz, Todd .... Voss, Donna . . , Voss, Tammy . . . Voss, Wllllam , . , Waclenca, Tom ,.... Waddell, Mlchelle ....... Waddlngton, Dlcorah ..... Wade, Greg .........,.. Wagher, Dane ......, Wagher, Klmberly . , , Wagner, Eve .,,.... Walnscott, Dawn . . Walker, Chartes . . . Walker, Dana .... Walker, Ronald . , Wallace, Davld . . . Wallach, Cralg .... Wdllen, Michael ..,..,, Walmsley, Shannon . Walsh, Mlchelle .... Walsh, Sharyn ..,,.. Walter, Darren .... Walter, Randy ..., Walter, Sean ....,. Waltman, Kathy .,,., Waltman, Wllllam .... Wamble, Jason .... Ward, Davld A. . . . Wargula, Davld .,.. Warhol, Lorl , .,,. . Warner, Todd .,....... ...W..125 .U..76,151 ..U.104 ..U,125 .,H.35 .,U,76 . , . 36 .,..U..76 136. 146 54,7 6, 190, 192, 206, 56 125 ......,.,76,57,166 .....8, 36, 195, 162 ...,125 .....125, 139, 167 ..36,143 .104, 131, 162 ..,.,....76,202 . ....,..,,. 36 196 ......36 .,...36, .. ....,. 36, 181 ....36, 130, 162 ..,,.104, 131, 162 .,....,.125 .......8,125 .....125,57 .......125 ....125, 191 180 130 ....,.125, 147, 163 76, 182, 205, 56, 57 .,H..104,131 162 M...H...,N,.104 .,..U..76,141 162 Warwlck, Darren ......,.. ...,....... ...,. 7 6 Washlngton, Chrlstopher ,,., 36, 130, 195, 180 Waterbury, Krlstln ..,.... ....... .... 7 6 202 Watson, Ann . , , , ,... . . .104, 192 Watson, Dusty ,....... . . , .,.,.,..,.., . . , , .104 Watts, Mlchael .,.......,.. . . .,..,....,.,. 104 Wllson, Kafherlne .... , . Wllson, Klmberly . . . Wllson, Stephanle .... .... Wllson, Vlkkl ...,. Wlncek, Aaron ..... Wlncek, Mlcole ,.... Wlntrow, Danny . . . Wlntrow, Julle .... Wlsch, Jason ....... Wlseman, Darrell ..... Wlseman, Matt .... Wlseman, Tom . , . Wltter, Debra ..., Wltter, Dlana . . , Wolt, Angela . . . Wolf, Darren ..... Wolf, Gregory . . . Wolte, Brlan ...,.. Wolfe, Mlchelle ...,, Womble, Rhonda ..... Wood, Kevln ...... Wood, Sharron . . Wood, Steven . . , Woodall, Carol . . Woodrlng, Jett . . . Woodrlng, John , , . . Woods, Trlna .... Wooten, James .,.. Wray, Mark ...... Wray, Sherl ...,.,,. Wrelllnd, Jonathon . . , wngm, Geoffrey . . . Wrlght, Kevln .,....,. Wrlght, Klmberly .,..,.... Wrlghtsman, Marlowe , . . Wrlghlsman, Wllllam Wruck, Gallyn ......, Wruck, Krlsten .,.,. Wursta, Davld ..,... Wurtsmlth, Barrett . . . Wyatt, Cynthla ,.,.. Wyatt, Greg .......... Wyczawskl, Andrew ,.,, XITIOS, ldllfd . . . .37, 150, 177 ....37, .Qf104.' ......36 179, 181 ,37, 199 .....126 136, 150 ....0, 37 . . . . .104 131, 147 ......37 ..,,.126 ........ 104,144 ....126, 145, 178, 166 .....,,.,...126, 131 54, 76, 206, 57 .,..,.,...0,9,104 105, '162 ,126 ..,.77, 190 ......126 .,..105 ..,..77 .....11 ,..,105 f ,126 105,207 126,131 .H, 195 ..U..37 ..U,126 ,,.,..77, 202, 205 ,....126, 202, 205 fQf105.' .,...,37 ,H 105 105,150 131,157 .....105 ....126 Yancey, Sherry ........,... .,.,.... , . , .,.,.. .105 64 x x . L X-E:,g'ks,X,,--x, f Q Rx! 5' X tx! Xf' f, 1 R .xxx a' X k , X X i ,,.. X x N Y u if w X .- x- , , - Q . I , 5 1 x 1 q a Q f.g x 1' K , ,fy l s x Q I J 1 x , 'K K' , fl A x, ! .1 x 4 IS- 's X. .NI x I QVLQ Yboda-fx I bios Q.VvuL Qoolg .TL bled QJJQJQJQGIXD fab Km SOCAQAQ 0-eferuz 1 A Lcwwkxdigzsm T- Xifvbwb 52515 OX

Suggestions in the Moon Valley High School - Countdown Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) collection:

Moon Valley High School - Countdown Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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