Moon Junior High School - Pony Capers Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK)

 - Class of 1964

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Moon Junior High School - Pony Capers Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1964 volume:

1- ,Q-'Z W.-r . .nf , ,we ww , 122: ' , Z- im., , 53? , , ,. M H - img: an sam: , ' ,.:.-f'f','5Hg4Q2?f1," N B 'ef Y H, -1-f ww, H, Q an O 2 ' , H N akgiiuwww m KY H H if UJHesZ"'u"H" M M esszzuu 'gg Wli,,,g"',f..1Rg5xIG::f:s?ii5i!!NNW wg, . .E ua iniigr m H mi: ,A F52 f 1-Q - L, O - 75 - 2 H gs Na M W , 5' sf nf Q , QQEWM ,,AsQ,1L W ' . ,QL H H W S ,H wwgg M :gm H 3,3 EWW ww - -T: H, E W w A W 5 B Q ," 5' I ,E ,X Ji' MK ..V, Y na EEL ': B ..V,A.. 15255 3 L,-34" H N ,-sf ,v:5' fqfQ,f N M "M 1x'K, W 25? gf O Ng O U ww J ' x' In In if rx , W , X N W ' J' x My Q64 F. D. MOON JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Ml l l 1 l FREDERICK DOUGLASS MOON, L,H.D. Dedication Because of your lengthy tenure as a dedicated educator: because of your many years of able and dy- namic leadership in this community: your democratic ideology, your meekness and loss of self in the cause of community progress: because your leadership is so broad in scope, imaginative, thorough, creative and challenging: because of your effective role as a leader, encourager and friend to all in the Oklahoma public schools: because of your unending interest in the youth of this city and state, exhilirating latent thoughts of their minds and firing them into action: because of your unselfish de- votion to the cause of youth prosperity: because the many phases of your rich and full life have touched the lives of thousands thus enriching them: because of these . . . we, the students, staff, and admin- istration dedicate to you, Frederick Douglass Moon, L.H.D., for whom our school was so honorably named, our first yearbook, PONY CAPERS, 2 H , 4 W Nl' N Ms ll " HHH ll : V U : ,eifiiiiiifviiku wx H 'gs-:L tw,'rsssfaliisizf'WW' , M si L1',lffi'i3 . 1Wg'llg'g... :fag FLOYD F, ALEXANDER Meet ur T railmaster Floyd F. Alexander, distinguished educator and leader, has devoted thirty years to the cause of educa- tion. Because of his ability to understand young people, he has spent many of these years as teacher and principal to elementary and junior high school students. He has won the admiration and respect of his charges because he can arouse, excite, and inspire the young to new achievements. One who works diligently at any effort that advances the cause of education, he is an active member of nu- merous committees and associations that formulate policies of education. It is the day by day pet- formance of this dedicated educator that makes these policies a reality for many. A dynamic, moving force in the community, an ardent church worker are more of his great attributes. His numerous kindnesses, his gentle, outgoing and understanding personality gains gracious coopera- tion from his staff and student body. He is truly one deserving and entitled to all honors and respect due his position as principal of Moon Junior High School. DR. JACK F. PARKER Superintendent W v H wie F55-gg I 52 EW " wx, fe Q if WILLIAM F. LOTT Ward III Board of Education "More than ever before education is the key to a successful and happy life. School is the means through which each person can possess the key, but it is received only by those who have the initiative and the energy to struggle for it." -- Jack F, Parker Q I PHIL C, BENNETT Vice-President Member-at-Large MELVIN P. ROGERS Ward II FOSTER ESTES President MRS. WARREN F, WELCH Ward I ss ss 1.40 liz. ,. are 1 1 Mi . . R, L. RUCKER and A. S. PYLE Foreman, and Ramrod daily go into secret sessions behind closed doors to determine the outcome, pass laws, issue dernerits, set up policies and in general strain every nerve to corral the vitality of the Moon Buckaroos. Miss Dolla J. Henson MIS. Ruth J. King Mrs. Vivian L. Stevenson Miss Thelma Wagoner Registrar Attendance Clerk Financial Secretary Library Clerk 'Q -fe 1 4.-.,3', Q' -,-N. ,, ii 'Eff "i vt -' aj., Qin n --Q L 'Il I E' Q I x ff' LLL l- "' AJAEL, 1-I 75 . 4--'E my 1 - ,Ld if may X, xi.- '-1 ,- L45 J H, J A .g,- "1 , xv! l M wg X 4 Q. 1 Mk. X, ,. "LU" .- A UH' 4 N J fu' X wx. r" Vvwfm A xg-M w I' an ll ,, 1 n S ' s ii. is 51' x .yt . ' . 'VT ,:1' 1. - fr ' K if im I L" f LeonardoE DBBOSS Sampson S Emery Mrs Sy1VlH S Emery Mrs. Dorothy E. Evans Mrs Ruth W Fame Mrs Henrletta B Foster AnceoM Frarrcrsco Mrs. Malyne L. Gallimore Orlando O. Hazley Mrs GladysC Jones in ' ' 7' '? 'T'T qiljiff ,: Y w .14-4 2 , an... if 1 "ii x. 'u'. 1-. Y Q ' .... 3 - ' ,J ' G' xi tr I. ,-I ,hw 'L Wir, 6 i -2 ',Y , i 1 A 5 'lv-4' if-, 9' ' Jo- 355 .L Heads of departments form the Curriculum Improvement Committee. Collectively resources are pooled to aid in developing courses of study with all levels of instruction as applicable to Moon Junior High School. Effective use of available instructional . materials and devices assist the various teachers. Here a discussion of the latest in IBM grade cards insues. Mrs. Malinda Y. Pyle Mrs. Emalyn M. Rogers Raymond L. Rucker Mrs. Julia M. Scobey Mrs. Daisy H. Server Mrs. Lillie S. Seward Mrs. Gladys M. Stephens Johnnie L. Swanson Kermit 0, Tucker Thomas T, Wadkins .e2f,e rg i I I 1 1 1 J 'I ll K The Outpost rifle-'44, wha? Mrs. Shirley A. Washington Mrs. Berline G. Watson Mrs. Bernice P. White Lewis C. Williams Mrs. Alice M. Winston Mrs. Christine H. Wood Just posing, that's all! "YS ,: "Keep to the right, " I said. Sponsored by MR. FLOYD F, ALEXANDER, Principal In The Corral Scientific geography is made more effective with the aid of the television E and Mrs. R. W. Paine, the instructor. 1 Q32 Mrs B P White social studies de partment head mstructs an eighth grade government class in the basic skills and desirable attitudes essential to effective in a democracy. The events of the moment are cap- tured, illustrated and preserved, in in the "living textbook"--the daily news- paper. MA Sponsored by AL'S ICE CREAM COMPANY 1923 North Lottie Avenue GArfield 4-2391 SMSG, a new mathe matical concept, makes numbers take a new angle. Mrs. E. L. Cooper, de- partmental head, demonstrates to her class. as studied today, embraces a new concept, This new pro- - gram emphasizes the "why's" instead of the "how's. " The important consideration is that the pupil sees the rules as logical deductions from facts he has already accepted rather than as edicts handed down by the teacher. Hands go up in Mrs. L. S. Seward's class when groups are involved in solving simultaneous equations. Sponsored by AVERY CHAPEL A,M,E, CHURCH L. F ni Language Arts Mr. Roy E. Hardmond demonstrates the controlled reader used to aid in eye movement and comprehen- sion. This machine will flash 650 words per minute. Development of the skills in language arts is important to the child's education, and is an integral part of his intellec tual maturation. IS Beverly Burrell points to the chart that makes the learn- ing of Spanish easy and a lot of fun. Sponsored by 'R XX S , W i ,gf !, Wwe BATTEN'S FLOWERS and GIFTS 1300 Northwest Twenty-third Street JAckson 4-8473- ,U .L :n , ,. . 1 ' ' X 'I ll 'Q 1 vu "I 1 E?" y y Screntzst of the Month is l Sponsored by the Oklahoma Geological Society, this award consists of l a small trophy, a certificate of recognition, a check for ten dollars, r and publication of the student's picture and project description in the society's monthly, The Shale Shaker. v CHARLES WESLEY MORGAN III Chemical 3 reactions studied through experimentation under the watchful X Y ' department , 1 eye of Mrs. M. L. Gallimore, head science ,' . It ., i . Fig, ff Vi Trying to beat the deadline for science fair projects are Shirley Golden, Regi- p nald Craig, Larry Long, ,. 5 Herbert Gulley, Deborah C l Patton, Willner Caraway and Pamela James. A Sponsored by THE BLACK DISPATCH PUBLISHING COMPANY 324 Northeast Second Street CE 6-4679 Industrial Arts Future architects work on basic drawings. Sheet metal, orna- mental iron work and welding intrigue Mr. C. C. Miles' 'students Mr. Nelson's woodwork classes make toothbursh holders and stationery holders. Sponsored by BOLTON'S INCORPORATED 112 Northeast Tenth Street CEntra1 5-8471 Kathy Jamison and Freddie Johnson choose most suit- able colorsg Donna Jones cuts a garment as teacher, Miss Rosetta Johnson, looks on Kathryn Calloway takes measurements for Shirley Carterg and Anita Duhon fits a blouse for Carolyn Nero. Mrs M. E. McCullough is quite pleased with Pat- ricia Knight's pillow. Marilyn McDonald, Leola Broiles, Ollie Moore, and Loretta Blackmon try their skill at needlework and leather crafts. +l ' viii., ,,..--' ,-li"-T: A-bi' yung Ivory Booker demonstrates correct table laying in the foods labora- tory with the aid of the instructor, Mrs. Sylvia Emery. N' I ii w -gi...-1 l Sponsored by BUCK'S SPORTING GDODS INCORPGRATED 311 North Broadway CEntra1 2-8175 N I I PX I 1 use the SRA Reading Laboratory to improve their reading skills. Each pupil works at his level, progressing as rapidly as he can. . Standing are Jerome Henry, Major Harris and Barbara Shells. Seated fleft to rightj are Alonzo Jones, Glen Pruitt, Ronald Loftis, Gail Frederick, Rugenia Mothershed, and Jeffrey Anthony. Mrs. A. M. Winston assists each student. Mr. T. E. Barham's mathematics appears engrossing to three of the female specie while the male member concentrates on the "sub- tract and check" theory. diff "Let's locate it on the globe. " Left to right are Sandra Allen, Vickie Henderson, Shirley Manuel, Sandra Shaw, Jimmy Jefferson, Leroy Brown, Donald Smith, Kenneth Johnson, Van Nelson, Thomas Colbert, Lee Otis Gipson, Richard Clay, Aaron Langston, Pairl Sims, Leroy Deffebaugh. Mrs. N. B. Gracey stands ready to help' Sponsored by CAESAR FLORIST 1500 Northeast Twenty-third Street GArfield 4-1222 1 A. .tl 5314-'ev '.-'a'-'V A H, ,-,-.g,.,.. . , . I .jfs :i?:L1""-221' -if 44 ' '3 'E f 5 I Form 104OA? Who said taxes were only for adults? Bet I could help my parents any day . . . said they. Students learn projection in the audio visual class. Strict supervision from Mr. J. L. Swanson is displayed. Note the in- terest of Lee Gaines upon hearing his "re corded voice." HEX ,AE Library Science students doing laboratory work on one of their reference assignments. Sponsored by MR. T. W. CODY Future Artists Clifton McKaufn'1 an and Charles Milsap get a help- ing hand from Mrs. M. Y. Pyle. P ,... E, Betty Neal, editor of the.Moonbearn, talkes over a by-line with Ramona Robinson while Roxanna Butler, Larry Brannon and Will- ner Caraway work on the galley proofs and paste-ups. My! How pretty! Sponsored by CLARK MOTORS DODGE-DODGE PARTS, TRUCKS, 115 North Shartel JESSIE BROOKINGS, SR, , Salesman CEntral 5-1461 Physical Fitness Boys' gym class Arthur M. Chandler and Barry Jones demonstrate the single-leg take down. Even girls can do the jumping jack Sponsored by HI-Y CLUB- A, B, HOLMES, O, HAZLEY, and T, E, BARHAM, Sponsors "Let me tell you about myself," says Leatrice Whitiker of her counselor, Mrs C. Wood. V. ' 1 1 J ' . N --mfmgiv "These are the facts, young man. Does this change your thinking?" says Counselor Williams to Jay Taylor. Sponsored by MARVIN BRUCE GOWDY, NEPHEW OF MISS R. A. JOHNSON "When decisions loom too big, the Counse1or's office welcomes you." Kathy Neal and Linda Baker are welcomed by Mrs. Hyder Houston. A patron, Mrs. Brownrigg, student, Crawford Green and Counselor Fred Davis hold conference on enrollment procedures. Sponsored by CANTEEN SERVICE COMPANY 620 West California Avenue CEntral 5-1528 N . i Nurse Carter takes special care of physical ' V needs. Cecil Neal is taking Audio - test. Nourishing food is of great importance to good mental health. Y ' 'B ' ' Sponsored by CAPITAL VENDING COMPANY 3810 Northwest Thirty-ninth Street Wlndsor 6-6060 l , l X Mrs. Vivian Stevenson keeping financial records "A-OK, " Mrs. Ruth King preparing to re- lease office information. Miss Dolla Henson in the files. OFFICE AIDS n 4 1 Gerry Gray, Wanda Reese, Charlene Tate, Brenda McNeal, Billy Harbart, Bruce Williams, Kathy Gooden, Shirley Love, Alice Harris, Kendrick Woodson, Linda Howard and Fredrick Johns. Sponsored by CARTER'S SERVICE STATION 1748 Northeast Seventh Street CEntra1 9-9734 Adams, Ronald Earl Adkins, Charlotte E. Albert, Horace Dan Allen, James Harrison Allen, Linda Faye Anderson, Clifton S. Anderson, Roger Leon Anthony, Jeffery Lee Arnold, Harold Atkins, Curtis Atkinson, Judy Carol Baccus, Cleo Maurice Bacy, Ernestine Bacy, Paula R. Bailey, Lawrence Allen Bailey, Phyllis Marie Baker, Delorse Baker, Linda Kay Barnett, Phillip C. Baskins, Sammie Lee Bell, Carol Lee Bell, Gary Lee Bennett, Michael Bernard, Marie Antonia Berry, Major Tally ,,. r Wx, Eighth Grade Buckaroos r :- ni i -. PHOTO Not Available O' all n ffl' i PHOTO I No! Alvailoble Noi Available 1 0' , rf' nr ' ff ' 22 l l f is f M , 3- S, - 5 . , l I '45 W,,,:,,15l - 1 1 jig A J 24 A ff 4 V S I -.L I g ,,. e . ' U . n l L . 'B' I PHOTO Not Available 0' all n X 7' 22 :L .-.- r I ,rv we PHOTO Noi A mlable i 4? Sponsored by glgf, A Blackmon, Louretha Blair, Leonard Esteen Bolden, Gregory P. Bolding, Lawrence Mae Booker, Ivory Mae Borders, Linda Jean Bowens, Darlene Marie Boyce, Eddie Junior Boyce, James Clarence Bradley, Donna Marie Braggs, Dave W. Braggs, Mary Ann Branch, Dianna Monette Brannon, Larry Joe Bratton, Carolyn Sue GRACE CLEANERS 326 West Sheridan Avenue CEntral 5-2244 PHOTO Noi Available 0 - f ell K , a 'f' r 4, 3- j- . ':':"i ' 1 nab ":.."8"'-"'9 . 12 .,,gAi:'3:5.. r., lf..' 1.7 .. .. Burge, Cloeida Trune Burrell, Beverly Lavonn Butler, Roxanna Buxton, Willie Mae Byrd, Reginal Lynn Caddell, Frances P. Gage, Gloria Ann Calloway, Kathryn M. Calloway, Michael John Calvin, Tyson Cecil Campbell, James A. Caraway, Willner Jean Carbajol, Sylvia Ann Carter, Alphonso Carter, Charlott Kay PHOTO Nof '51 Available PHOTO No! Available 0. Q Fxx, C 1 ?-rxgxgb Z2 Pnoro PHOTO NM Available No! Available 0. fl W X" Z- . ,- g' V X2 22 PHOTO "ff 'i Na! Available Qfff' 12 F ' .sv t' :Lx 5 K 3 1 x ' ,f 1,1 Bray, Lamonte Gabriel Britton. Donna Merle Broiles, Leola Carie Brooks, Brooks, Arthur Darwin Linda Joe Brooks, Rhonda Lynn Broome, Linda Gail Brown, Anette Marie Brown. Charlotte Ann Brown, Donald C. Brown, Donna Rae Brown, Eizabeth Ann Brown, Gennetta Brown, Jaqueline Brown, Moline Fay Brown, Patricia Ann Bruner, Bobbie Lee Bruner, Larry Don Bruner, Patricia Ann Byrant, Romeo Romain Byrant, Vernon Buckner, Lorene Burch, Merle Kenneth Burch, Nicola Burge, Alden Leon ia vs? ' Sponsored by MR. and MRS. R. T. GRACEY L Carter. Clara Von Ndpgfzghle Carter, Ella Pearl Carter, Frances Earline Carter, James E. Carter, Nadell x2 , 5 Carter, Roy Edward Chandler, Ada Lavonne Chandler, Linda Mae Chatman, Micheline P. Chatman, Ray Charles Chatman, Severn Eddie Chatman, Wellington Jr. Chisley, Gloria Dean Christopher, Lovella Clay, Janet Marie Clayton, Beola Clipper, Cleveland Lewis Cobb, Ronald C. Coffey, Reginald Ewing Colbert, Harold Wayne Colbert, Patricia A. Cole, Julie Ann Coleman, Alfred C. Coleman, Gloria Sue Collins, Linda Sue 'pi PHOTO No! A :lable ff' PHOTO No! Available cp F iff A'le A KX l Pu. fs' . . . in if l-nw il15.i2lf.s?zff- - J .Va . I 'T . V .,.. ' . N x 2' L -TVA if ?,11Ii5--- .1-5 . 'rm "' yV 1 Fr A: f 'df-Q. , .Qi H' A f" ' ' l I '9' -Q ,. -nitr- HARBOUR-LONGMIRE 420 West Main Street CEHII31 5-4 361 "SF moto " ' 1. X . Q s., Collins, Patricia Ann Collins, Ronald E. Columbus, Lillian E. Cook, Patricia Ann Cook, Sheryl Lynn Cooper, Gayona Linda Cooper, Marsha Gale Cooper, Ophelia B. Cotton, Erma Delorise Covington. Ceola M. Cox, Ricco Craig, Reginald Smart Crisp, Marie Crittenden, Paul David Crook, Cynthia Delois I' ' - nf gif ' 'tif' I more ' ' - N- Nol Available 4 sh. . fi f ff f' 1 ""'?' '-. ' 2 J W' Drennon, O. C. Driver, Melvin L. DuBose, Evelyn Joyce Dudley, Evelyn L. Duhon, Anita Jacqueline Dulan, Warner Hale Dunn, Linda Joyce Dunn, Warren Thomas Dunnigan, Alta Fern Easley, Roland Charles Eason, Timothy Lee Eaves, William Donnell Eddington, Henry O. Edmonds, Annetta Marie Edwards, Charles Alton L? X 7. lg' 1 4. ..- Crowder, Minnie Frances Crutchfield, Mel Jr. Curtis. Dennis Torris Daniels, Danny Lamonte Daniels, Kenneth Estes L Davenport, Patricia Ann Davis. Bobby Allen Davis, Carolyn Jeanette Davis, Johnny Andrew Daviv, Larry 1 3,53 Davis, Madeline Carol 11 A Davis. Stanley Lerue Davis, Yvonne DeCarlo J u Dawson, Jerry Wayne fx Dean, May Lois Dean, Stephen James Deffebaugh, Clifford Glen v N, Deloney, Bruce Edward PHOTO Nov Available Dobbins KE 2 Douglas, N0 Douglas "' Douglas K ' Downey ff: 1 , Pnoro more No! Available No! Available 0 0 C -J ff' K 4'-. W" f" . f f . f' ff' ' 'L if 23 , W I 1 : 4355151 J.- 'sr 'D 1 Sponsored by Depp, Barbara Ann Dick, Donna Carol Anniece Carolyn Francell Kirby Lane Sarah Ann Carolyn Deloise 5- ig J ,Q , L ' iff: HERMAN'S SPORTING GOODS 110 West Sheridan Avenue CEntral 5-3301 Edwards, Randy Dean Edwards, Rhenna Edwards, Shelia Hope Ellis, Bernard Frenchie Ellis, Eddie Eugene Ellis, Jimmy Dean Ellison, Mary Rose Emmett, Carl Coley Evans, Ernest L. Euwing, Orvilla M. Fails, Maurice A. Farmer, David Leon rf,fg,,av fr- ,I I .SX rg' Nov Sho wh' W 1 Y I , J f. PHOTO No! Available Farmer, Harry Vincent if Farmer, Larry Vernon Fendle , Alfred Lawrence 7' Y ,Z I moto Fisher, Charlesetta Nof Available Fisher, Helen Irene Fletcher, Theodore Ford, Hycinthia L. Foreman, Linda Coral Forshee, Rene Louise Foster, Doris Jean Franklin, Maurice Thomas Frederick, Gail Marie Freeman, Frank Jr. A TTS lk I7 1-if if - r i ,J .fa ,P 5?-JS .1 It Sponsored by 'Y 'ff fa. 1 in -.. A.. .. rf 5 A PHOTO No! Available ' 9- is .4 ell n 1. , fe Al 4 1 Q gr: , f - PZ zstiizs' a .,:: ., I PHOTO Nol Available 0 5 V V' lg cl' n q,, fd Y X X. - 1 v G J 5 Freeman, Linda F. Fuller, Patricia Ann Fulsom, Patsy Ann Gabriel, Larry B. Gage, Clarence Eugene Gaines, Gaines, Gaines, Gaines, Bernard Talbot Betty Jean Lee Warren Murlen Galbraith, Sandra Kay Galbreath, Sylvester Garner, Robert Lee Garrett, Alfreda Garrett, Almetta Gentry, Eugene Rastus KAMP BROS. GROCERY 85 BAKERY, INC 1310 Northwest Twenty-fifth Street JAckson 4-2251 'Q his 4 ' X A . L 5- if . l A 1' .- Ta 2 . "f fl Gresham, David Wayne Griffin, Calvin Grigsby, Marva Joe Grimmett, Richard J. Gulley, Herbert James Hall, Gerald Dean Hall, Gloria Jean Hamilton, Leonard Hanah, Gilda Faye Harbert, Billie Calvin Hardy, Oddie Jean Harman, Carolyn Fay Harmon, Gloria Carol Harper, Geneva Coleen Harris, Dianna MISS DOROTHY M. PHOTO Nof Available ' if? PHOTO No! Available t George, Karlette Mary . ' Gigger, Sharon Jean -4 Gills, Gretta Louise Gipson. Aqua Nita J Gipson, Michael Eugene tl, Gissandaner, Linda Faye Glover, Wayne Theopolis Glover, Wilmer W. Goff, Hulun Eugene Goines, Marcellus Darryl Golden, Shirley Ann Goldman, Dorothy Louise Goldman, Pamela Loraine Goldsmith, Vernon Marvice Golson, Marsha Faye r Q. g , 'Q' ffl,-1, 15 A I Z I N-J 5 . ' V No! Shown Goodbear, Barbara Gooden, Kattie Louise Govan, Margaret Ann Graves, Carolyn Jeanett Gray, Gerry Ann Green, Timothy Robert Green, Wendell Eugene Green, Willie R. Green, Willie Ray Greene, Crawford Ray . 4 -' ' V Q' 2: 'JN j A No! Shown f , . o 'to r- fs, agp if , , 1 rr A 1 'vs ' fl L. Q f -I -' -x - - ,z No! Shown No' shown No' shown 0 fo ' Cha lik 4 'X No! Shown Sponsored by KING, Midwestern Regional Director, ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY, INCORPORATED Harris, Emma Jean Harris, June Ella Harris, Major Harris, Opal Joyce Harrison, Alice Marie Hartfield, Phyllis M. Hawk, Beulah M. Haywood. John Lucus Hearn, Deborah Loreta Heath, Jamanuel Aaron Heath, Jolinda Henderson, Henderson Henderson Henderson Henderson, Elizabeth Leon W. Patricia Ann Mildred E. Willie Louis Hennesy, Patricia Y. Henry, Alfred Lawrence Henry, Jerome Gerton Herrod, Johnnie Lee Hill, Clarence Dean Hill, James Truman Hill, Michael Len Hill, Ronnie M. Hines, Johnnie Mae .FHA . .9 9. f :fe No! Shown . AJ! ,Ar J if f 'Qffi ,lg , J fp Q fix Q' ' ' -, x Not Shown , I ,i T l" V I , ' ,ef I g, ' fr 9135, Vg r T, ' ' 7- 1' -451k . 'if .1 NofShown fag , 5: 6 '1 ,L fi 'A ,r Q 1 Q1 fra.. - ' ,.-we m- -'- 'Q , , T' oak Norghown -NolShown xl gf! ,, .h ' 'J "fp si.- Nof Shown Sponsored by nl'- ' N. P A 4' -' - 1 i,. 19 'Tw , "All ' C f E09 - -' A, ' P' 95" 142. No! Shown 9 if k-:Jie . V, at Hishaw, James Donald Hodge, Beverly Ann Hodge, Linda Joyce, Hodge, Steven Wayne Hodges, Charles Holloway, Samuel Luster Holmes, Carolyn J. Horner, Brenda Joyce Homer, Linda Doris Horton, Lawrence Otevie Houston, Clifford W. Howard, Linda Jane Howell, Beverly C. Hubbard, Leland John PAT KNox's DAIRYVILLE 1919 Northeast Eighth sheer omfieid 4-3909 Hudspeth, Norma Delores l ,Qs 550 V if 4: .- A uf -F 19" f c L, YN 3 Nol Shown Nal Shown 7-al' :f .a' I K. F o 'E Johnson Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, '-Q '. , Amos Lee Brenda Joyce DeVille Ellen Jean Herman Jr. James Etta Joyce Ann Linda Loyce Oren Anderson Reford Robert George Sharel Sharon Arnesta Sharon Dian Thelma I, , , ,J I nl l ' ' f Q A ..f 'a .:.,- 4: No! Shown Fw '..a l-X X 1. I Q ,Q 7 if 3 l J I H' A H I r V .1 1 LUSTER ENTERPRISES E A X I. Jackson Jackson Jackson sp! Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson J 7 :11 Jackson, Jackson. Jaggers. Jackson, Humphrey, Darryl T. Humphrey, Jimmy Lee Hunter, Marvin Mathew Hyatt, Charles A. Hytche, Herbert Hoover Irvin, Donald Flenard Ivery, Dianna L. Bertha Marie Cynthia Juanita Evelyn Faye Hazel Lee Jerome Larry Larry Gene Ruth Lynn Sandra L. Victor Leroy Wanzetta Eslie Charles James, Andrew James, Pamela J. Jefferson, Loyce Cassandra Jennings Edwin L. Jernigan Sherra A. Jerry Bennie James L . ev ' Q Johns, Frederick Douglass P ,f . rr X , Qf 3,5 ,': H N f , an, f --.5 1 ff . ' L3 Ig' ,f:, , 'M T09 ' .ff .1 f ,gpg 4314? xgkr, ., ,. ,N . fri' -' No! Shown ' ' 1X M A Sponsored by -J .A X -X as No! Shown 2. I, ' -, if N-K: I .5 Nol Shown 300 Northeast Second Street CEntral 5-0922 .J . Johnson, Terry Wayne Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones Jones, Jones Jones Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Alonzo Carroll Eugene Deborah Jo Dinah Miree Donna Leigh Edward L. Frances Carol Gerald Frances Gwendolyn Faye Judy Larue Lawrence Clifton Linda Gale Mary Ann Nathaniel Oran Lerow Oscar Lee Patricia Ann Thirza K. Sarah Joe Kearney, Harold James Kelley, Evelyn Marie Kelly, Donald M. Kinchien, Willie Dee King, Andrea Delores I ,J ' - 'f p e , 4 QW 'J K ,L .QQARZ No! Sho wn qi. -,. rd it-Q5 - A QM J L s a iff' ffm f V N ' fl of Shown I 1 An A Al ' J' 3 A 53- J et a na a j A , -if ' it 4,g,"fla it H ,re r . an if it Nl: shown if , C' L 1 f Q U f 'ft ' . . L5 ,lr 4.3 ,N - . Vlll wg M' -x t J Noi Shown ' A v X ta Q, 1 - N Noi Sho wn ' Q0 No? Shown " 2 ,.-ra 'TV ' x 'l Q 5 , J 'cfm J, fix t A xm u ,I ' ' "' i EE No! Shown' '67 Sponsored by I, A . . ' 44' nf I f" ,. .A I ' ,if ,, Zo . - . 5-5: a iN ,Q Na! Shown 'vu- .4 ,ra ,4. . X , Af Q51 11 r.:..- 'fa' Q YN Noi Shown J 1 fi..-1 - ,. L. , 5 ,A J ' 5 7' V' A 4 N Q , J -. -1 --1, it l 1 . , ' ssssa -' L., 'af , 7 A I - , W , ' , V A? 511:22 QI' .1 1 McDOWELL BROTHERS UNIFORMS 8ll North Western Avenue CEntral 2-9144 King. Iva Jean Sylvester King, Walter Donald Lee Ollen Perry King, Kirk, Kirk, Knight, Carolyn Jean Knight, Patricia Ann Knox, Jimmie B. Lampkin, Alfred Charles Lane, Patricia Ann Laney, Paul Lang, Connelly Laster, Marcella Cie Leach, Patricia Ann Leake, Ted Meshon .- 1-- PHOTO ,V ,fa No! Available A9 ,. ' 'Q' , ,." ., 2 ,p if X W L, , f a f Nolmwn I . . .I f 44 'ix 'fri 5 7X - Na! Shown 4.41. T -Q 1-Y. - -6 X . Q D, as , l Madison, William Curtis Major, Percy L. Mallory, Arvel Margaret Malone, Phillip Doyle Manuel, Calvin Raymond Maples, Earlene Marie Marshall, Gerald T. Martin. Edward Dewayne Martin, Rosetta Martin, Vernetta Marzett, Betty Jean Mason, Donald Robert Mathews, Linda K. Maxwell, Vernon Lee Mayes, Eric Arthur if NJ lf' 1 . . -ff e Q f NalShown ea faf ' . . Noi Shown L 'C' I is , n more Lee, Alvin Lawrence Lee, Carol U. Lee, Virginia Ann Leggins, Karanena Marie LeGrand, Michael Levingston, Luberta Lewis, Charlotte G. Lewis. Rhuea Renee Lewis, Royce Eugene Legions, Edna Little, Bill Richard Littles, Cheryl Lugene Loftis, Ronald Logan, Glenda F. Long, Larry D. 12 W RX I' .f s" E-J' Na! Available fi., I' PHOTO Long, Love, Love, Love, Love, ' Lusk, fri. Lucas, Lucas, Lawanda Carol Harvey R. Larry Eugene Rose Marie Shirley Beatrice Cheryl L. Cordell Stephen Lequetta Ann Luster, Alfred Leon Lyday. Kermit D. ., .. 4 W , ,gg W .. fl Z :Q-.9 125149 PHOTO PHOTO Nat Available Na! Available PHOTO Na! Available Nol Available Sponsored by ix-. L! X . 2199 . le SWL" J .ire sg g l PHOTO Na! Available ND MELODY GLOVE 3, SUEDE CLEANERS 500 West Sheridan Avenue CEntral 5-4481 McBroom, Vergie Mae McCarty, Forrest T. McCauley, Patricia Ann McClain, Paulette Lynn McClinton, Sandra Faye McCormic, Joe L. McCorvey, Morris Alexander McCoy, Willie Ruth McCray, La Donna McDonald, Marilyn Gail McDowell, Linda Ann McGee, Dianne McGirt, Mae Kathern McGregor, Michael Levell McKaufrnan, Clifton W. as 'Y H5 5 .1 1 McNeal, Brenda C. ' McNeal, Marcia W. McNee1y, Barbara Ann McNeely, Sharon Kaye McVea, Larry D. 1 I Merrell, Jacqueline Mewborn, Betty Jo Miles, Gayle Patrice Miller, Dequilla E. Miller, Wanda Shiryl Milsap, Charles Allen Milton, Charles Marvin Monson, Artemus Eugene s l , n l . if - i . X " SQY' . 'W gy E motor it or W f C J W I Ne .-, I. J :gn A PHOTO ' Noi Sho ,,Nol Available , J fS "' '- 1 ' "fi Sponsoredlay 3- , No! Available , flag' f W' J: ff 1 Q K 53 3- 'is H 5 T 'f' fx ,, No! Shown .f'N MASTERCRAFT CLEANERS 1917 North Lottie Avenue GArfie1d 4-2233 ' 'I-. Montgomery, Lena B. Moon, Mary Carletta Moore, Dianne R. Moore, Etta M. Moore, James R. Moore, Larry M. Moore, Leroy G. Moore, Marvin Jr. Moore, Ollie Carol Moore, Sheron L. Morgan, Charles Wesley Morgan, Janna Sue rf ,Z PHOTO sl . Ka M2 rw PHOTO sh. MQ ' l l 4,2-. bw.. moto more " 'I No! Available Nat Available 1' T leg' I Q 1. 1 if' , YY f. 1 hlelsbvailabls -J 4,'f 4 . . f -. ' if . . 'Q 4 ' '1 gy. ' 9' ,tw . 9 Ya 0 yi 1 more s-3' moto s-3.2 moto ,Q- 1, ,, ., J, J ' r ' f Q,g.-- he Ns .1-Eff PHOTO 1 :YF Nol Available No! Available Nol Available Nal Available vs . D , ' Y" 'S 1. 41: . iff, ' N? 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Smith, Don Nell Smith, Eddie Eugene Smith, Francien E. Smith, James Edwards Smith, James M. Smith, Marcellus Smith, Reginald Smith, Shirell N. Stafford, Charlotte R. Stafford, Drusilla D. Q- - gxmh om-ffl' , . . a 1 1-is - - ...E ??H OT 0 vailable 7:2151 I 1 if X 1 t ,-1-1 7 I . F i 1' sv. AMS Do N" pmvrb . PHOTO No! Available Stamps, Phillip Loren l " g l VJ I A . sranfieid, Frantz R. Stanfield, Joseph Jr. "ST-1-M' Starr. Roger Allen - Steale, Donald - Stephney, Connie L. I mom , Not Available f- V ,, wr,.:f1 .1 .,::, W Wm!! WV ww A Stephens, John l 'H Stevenson, Lynn Boyd . V if Stiggers. Myra Ilene , f' ' Strotter, Michael C. Q Q Stubbs, Phillip A. I I , r Nat Available mfs H froo ausv X 5' emu af ...ff i - more . VVT, 1 w exA"'5 Ng! - :., T y ,. A - we u, y PHOTO . N 1 A 'I bl V -fl a val a 0 .IM FH il u , . A 'KNO' ., A ,, om-rb " V D f . , , moto No! Available ll J ,, W - ,Q 4, ,l, Sutton, Valetta C. Swindle, Charles Sykes. 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Yolanda Lavonne AJ .UV 5 lu , F Washington, Henry Earl l xi Washington, Kellie Mae 4 s N4 Watts, Ollie , ' Weatherly, George L. " V ' Webb, Brenda J. Fx. , PHOTO L 1 A 'gg' ' NolAvallublo L Wells, White, White, White Marie Antoinette James Jerome Thurman Vernon Jr. Whitfield, John Michael Whittaker, Leatrice Whittaker, Sandra Kay Whitworth, William F. Wilburn, Gregory Eric Wiley, Herman Lee l,4f. . lil. ' A if b pmvri V 5 :, .- NJ, -3 . VL f ' ,ffm ', moto ' In , No! Available q I X Sponsored by PLAZA CLEANERS 516 Northwest Tenth Street CEntral 9-2771 Velma Louise Wiley, Jo Ann Williams, Alfred Leo Williams, Betty Williams Bruce Bernard Williams Cephas La Mar Williams Cornell Williams Earl Manuel Williams Gary Williams, James Walter Williams, John B. Jr. Williams, John Curtis Williams, Kenneth Lamont Williams, Levi Butch Williams, Linda Donnell Williams, MacArthur Williams Maurice Harold Williams R. C. Williams Reginald C. Williams Williams , Zelda Marie PHOTO Na! 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Bacy, Irvy Lee Bailey, Patricia Ann Baker, Linda D. Baldwin, Dennis C. Bannarn. Pamela Barclay, Carl Archie Barnett, Denise 'fav it , Q!" ' r 'ff A ll,-ty U at ff, not not - suown suowu 1 4? A -:Lista ' 1, 'cv' -I- 'Y' -fl' F 1 H. ' X , -- A G ' 5. b Y. ' A 'ij r-5 t' Bertrand, Sonya Raye Bethany, Deann Billings, Grady Billingsley, Clidy Black, Delphine Louise Bledsoe, Christopher Bolding, Patrick T. Bonner, Roger A. Booker, Edward Jr. Booker, Hallistene Booker, Ruby Jewel Boone, Loretta Borders, Debra Bowie, Humphrey Boyce, Calvin Boykins, Berdia Bradford, James Anthony Bradford, Jimmie Faye Bradley, Charles S. Bradley, Cheryl E. Bershers, Shirley Jean Brooks, Gracie Mae Brooks, Wilma E. Brown, Albert Kenneth Brown, Brenda Faye Nor - - SHOWNH I W, J JJJZ ., J J J " J 1 xs S 1 JJ y K I JJ.. JJ JJ' J J NOT - ' ii suowu Hg-ff X J ' 1 , J, . 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J A lm 4 ' Z2 "Ry in ' Brown, Brenda Joyce Brown, Donald Ray Brown Frank Brown Herman Brown Lavarce Brown Leroy Brown Linda Joyce Brown Marva Brown, Michael D. Brown, Michael Edward BIOWHJ Myrion Janell Brown, Brown, Bruner, Bruner, Renay Gwenette Robert Veron Charlesetta Charlotte A. NOT - ' SHOWN J Y agaisflfv' I x l .1 ffff R A t ' " 1 fat ' ir' .3 ' 1 J 1 Ceiphas, Wanda Faye Chandler, Albert Monis Chatman, Barbara Ann Cheatham, William Bruce Chesthand, Clark C. Chilkcutt, Reginald Clark, Billy R. Clark, Jo Ann Clay, Kathryn A. Clay, Richard Ray Claybrook, Rosa Lee Coates, Denise Wanzetta Coates, Linda Kaye Cobb, Bessie Colbert, Brenda Jean 'fee Nor Q . suown gf J . J ki . IN f-10 .,,,g!w frzql x59 N I "' U. lx .5 V f ' 1 1 R.,- f,v s 'S I 1 l NOT - ' SHOWN -Q- . It . ,, ,J . A. ' I 9 , aff '- 1 'ftl5HfQ'f.A- V.. Q 9 .a n .-A 1'-si ' f ' ' K NOT - ' SHOWN 54355 ' XM" X J ' J A A 5 Lv' L at , W 1 1 , Nor . - Nor ,. SHOWN I SHQWN ' 9 Q J A A .' ,y .. 'X I 'J Rza 'I N 5 J AT- . 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Hamilton, Kindred Hamilton, Raymond Lee Hamilton, Ronald C. Hamilton, Willie Mae Hammons, Hersey L. Hampton. Roger M. Hannah, Harvey G. Hardiman, Barbara Jean Harding, Yolanda L. Hardison, Harvey L. 33 x .NX ..., 5.- i TOO BUSY Y! if . ig - 4 . . HT ' 1 ,JN No! Shown TOO BUSY f In Q- , 42 - - ill, No! Shown Heath, Charles L. 'Q Henderson, Deborah L. A Henderson Joe K. K' S 35 S 11, . . "" :- Henderson Laurene N. . N ,ga ,NJ 4 P , . . J' 'J L 1' ,ax :-: -5. 3 1 Henderson Vicki R. M W , PHOTO .A , 1 , ., A Nornvmunte ' -' t-. Y A Herd, Michelle Hicks. Karen E. Hightower, Carol E. Hill, Brenda Jo Hill, Cinnie Bell ru mu .W :,. JF, Hill, Curtis James ' W Hill, Deborah J. Hill, Jackie -S Hin, Mary E. 'iff 1 Hill, Mary G. "V mom Nor Avmnsu - 3 J. 4 Hin, vena M. ., M ug . , Hilliard, Linda Q ll A Hines, John W. l if ,,. is . R11 ' 4' . Hodges, Dennis E. xg? f J-My , E Holloway, Joyce ? YR bf- -. . 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Myra Jan Paul Gregory Theresa Karen Elaine James, Brenda Carol James, Jacquelyn R. James, Jimmy Lee James, Kelly Mae Jamison, Kathy Lynn Jefferson, Alphonso Jefferson, Jimmy Jenkins, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Patricia Y. Arnold Wayne Arthur Ray Brenda Marie Charles Edward ibn ERNEST A. RAPP, BUILDER-CONTRACTOR 1" Johnson, Ronald Donald Johnson, Ruth Ann Johnson, Shirley Mae Johnson, Tommy Jones, Barry Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Brenda J . Carl Stanley Cecil ll Forrest Allen Genophia P. Harley Jacqueline Kelvin Leon Nadine Phillip W. Tyrone Versie M. Zelda Mae Jordan, Janice Jordan, Margaret Joseph, Carl A. Kellum, Christine Kelly, Ricki Zenda Kendrick, Johnnie Ruth Kerns, Edna Lee TOQ0 BUSY No llll ,i 1 A P ai 1 PHOTO I Available T00 BUSY . . ,4 , ggx TOO BUSY 't TOO BUSY V Y! ,ca ll- K 1 , . flI'x it 1' 'X Pj , No! Shown I T00 BUSY T00 BUSY ,Q-, ,L , 'f ,,, , ggi 1 ' - 1 4 ,J A Y ' l 'wa 'I :N " '. 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Mavis Lee Phyllis Elaine Myers, DeKaven Alexander Nash, Wardell Donald Neal, Cecil J. Neal, Donita Joan Neal, Kathy M. Neal, Leon Cochise Nealy, Charles G. Nelson, Dwaine Kalvert NOT - - SHOWN I C R! I' -430 x54 1 . As. if 11 11' 1 4 "LL .1':.-nf, I vm 1,1 .fry I . l tr ' 1 .sift , Q? 7 rl- x - .r,,, ,rf ' fb" ', bl Ni, if .JL ,JJ , 'f.ilLi.Q'33 bf sn..-I ,- 9 .' R W-LX", Patterson, Lillian M. Patterson, Shirley J. Patton, Karen Elaine Paulden, Beverly Ann Paulden, Saundra Kaye Peace, Norvell Pendarvis, Itaska Faye Perkins, Ouincy Lee Perry, Joyce Ann Phea, Kenneth Everrett Phillips, Audrey Ruth Pickard, Clyde Jr. Pickens, Gregory Eugene Pickett, Lawanda Pierce, Linda Annette X NOT . SHOWN I 4.49 9 bi . , .J c a : .1 nu n E I" 'Q tr' ,R '. 1 J A NOT . SHOWN I . .af- 'ATJH' ' f 4 kj - I Nelson, Nelson Nelson Nelson, Nelson, Harold Wayne Mildred Faye Robert Donnell Rufus Harold Van Grady Newborn, Orlando Newsome, Micky Dewayne Newton, Edna M. Nicholson, Larry Nocholson, Ruby Nixon, Alvin C. Nolan, Cynthia Lillian Nolen, Verna L. Nubine, Clydell Nugent, Mytrice Jean Olden, Stanley Orange, Karolyn Owens, Constance Rochell Owens, Lonzo Owens, Sherman Victor Palmer, Barbara Ann Parham, Mary Lee Paris, Mary Elizabeth Parker, Buford Patterson, Gwenetta V. 4 4. . X glfxx W , . v. .' A "" "'. F15 .:3. .P 'Ir 'F , j 4 1 ' f WJ V V . -l . 1 " 'I' . . ' ." 1 ' aa ' "ta',1,f A. , alfa. , if 'n 4 v.. a.f " ft- ' 'Q - x I 'I T 1- y. rf xt rv 'W ' -I I f ls Sponsored by - SAINT JOHN BAPTIST CHURCH Pittman, Otis Ray Poe, Glenn E. Porter, Maxine Ann Post, Alphonso Jamel Jr. Prenell, Willie Lopez Prince, Shermonia Proby, Dwight Wayne Proctor, Carol Lynn Randel, Sharon Y. Rashaw, Sharon Leann Ray, Gregory A. Ray, Margaret Maret Rayburn, Sandra Kay Reed, Dlinda S. Reed, Sharlonda Adell Reese, Terry L. Rentie, Ray Revels, Keith C. Rhodes, Nora E. Rich, Marvin Richard, Roy Lee Richmond, Lee Jr, Riley, Patricia A. Rivers, Kathryn Rivers, Thomas 4 - L i"' n ., fs.. . -, K., . ,,, , ,Q ..,. 41. s f , .sex . k fx, .f I NOT - - SHOWN I 1 Q , I' 417 ,-.,k1 E e b 1 9 L i' 'f fr. 4' fl 'iff' M ,.,Q ,:f'f. . --I 1?- A ., A 'T l 4 XX If 1 W if r it YB M Q 1 QL N. 1 Il f r,' 'a o .," NOT - ' SHOWN Q! .I - 4'1" A1 .J- as Q Hof' snownl NOT SHOWN '5!r:S" x l -1 ,Iv Y 558' - N T NOTLI. . ,. SHOWN" .F vi . I5 -ill . .f,.J XSL 1 ' 4 . . 5 , JF' 5 .isa f A it w " , Q ! , f n ' 4 f W .. 'l ,-fa ,, - 'fr'1', If ' l , ,rl rg ' -f a.1.1g' ' HW. ' 1 X, ' 'Q fa .2 , Q. D3 Sr NOY - - SHOWN .7 'sf -if! . l . fl, ,J X:J ' - Q1 Roberson, Dale Roberts, Debra Elaine Robinson, Gail Francess Robinson, James Louiw Robinson, Joann Robinson, Tyrone G. Rockmore, Rita E. Rockwell, John Wayne Rogers, Faye Etta Rogers, Troy L, Rogers, Venoy Leroy Jr, Rollins, Kenneth Rose, Welseyjr. Rucker, Samuel William Rudd, Jerry NOT - - SHOWN r O 'J . It -sill C e a r .1 f J F' Silas, Simmons, Herman Simmons, Yvonne A. Simms, Paul Marcus Jr. Simpson, Cynthia Kaye I .t Q ,. a Steven Monroe 'UT 1 , NOT . J SHOWN I -3' S If ,JW . ,LJ -E4 1- l suor -, uown J 1- W 'T ' J S A aw 'A-, if x l -I 'wi rp: 1 ' Jiri A V ,B ,.-Q5 . ' - ., 9 9 'm . ,. , I 1 2' er 2 N . . by, .1 1' K -14 Simpson, Jimmie R. Singer, Kenneth W. Smiley, James Reginald Smiley, Joyce Pearl Smiley, Sandra Louise Smith, Alfred H. Smith, Annetta Marie Smith, Baker Joseph Smith, Charles K. Smith, Charles Ray NOT , . SHOWN 4:9 "I, I 1 11' I! ,J . I NOT - ' SHOWN 4? I I .gix 'I ' f I -J S 4 -I Nor ., i " J snowu J J ? P 4, , , - , pfx. 1 A W bmi? '15 -14 i f as 5 N S as I . I 1. Runnels, Gwendolyn Runnels. Manuel Lee Runnels, Welton Tyrone Rusher, Glenn Bernard Rutherford, Janice Marie Sanders, Carolyn Jean Sanders, Dennis Eugene Sanders, Michael Dennis Sanders, Sandra Jean Sandles, Shelia Diane Scott, Dean Lee Scott, Dwight Scott, Felix Scott, Lewight W. Scott, Otis Scott, Patricia Scott, Sharon D. Scribbs, Clarence Ricky Seward. Brenda Fay Sha mbra, Betty Jean Shannon, Vivian Shaw, Sandra Kaye Sheets, Shelton, Shelton, tt' W l JK a f' - .fr Janice Marie Ernest William Larry David Smith, Donald Eugene Smith, Dorothy I. Smith, Howard Sylvester Smith, Jacquline Sue Smith, Jacquin Smith, Linda P. Smith, Michael T. Smith, Phelton Smith, Ronnie Wesley Smith, Samuel Smith, Wesley B. Snyder, Alice Ann Snyder, Jimmie Rogers Spears, Rita Nadine Stamps, Tyrone David Stanfield, Sandra M. Stephens, Billy Wayne Stephens, Larry Dale Stevenson, Cheryl D. Stevenson, Donna Stevenson, Eddie Lee Stevenson, Robert Earl Stevenson, Rosetta A. Stevenson, Sue Steward, Larheba L4 9 nf 5 t 'E' A 1 , 1 p ,r I ,4 -. ,K moto Manor AVAILABLE if " 7' - , Gin ,-2 X ' ' , i 2 7 1 4 L. f, 'I L L "hu 13' i , ' moto V not AVAILABLE , wr f- 'f 4, F i , :ga-1 .. .up rxzl as - . 5 QQ 5 'Q -' .. fi of . ,'+, 1, lt' f' , I .. ,.L,f5mp,,, fri .Q ,DLT . W .L 11:HfW'i':21I.l'21 . moto y Not AVAILABLE L. .. 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NOT AVAILABLE F mx-- ,. J fp , 1 P MOTO NOT AVAILAIIE 7 7 , PHOTO IQ NOT AVAILABLE ' . m . 5' ': t .N 1 A f I' : f 2 PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE -1' E r 'T X, A ,P Q l ., PNOT0 NOT AVAILABLE F. is V P 2 is 2 Turner, Shirley Rae Turner. Wilma I- Tygon, Delores June V au ghn Vaughn. Vickers, Vinson, Walda, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walters, Sandra Wilbur David Darline Paula Loyce Marie Claudia Mae Dennis Larry James Linda G. Pearl Sherman Bee Henry Clay Ware, Adolphus ls y . n Z PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE 5 . XP PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE 6' aug., KP? .IA K-1 - My Taylor, Samuel Taylor, Sandra K. Thomas, Carl L. Thomas, Don L. Thomas, Madge Thomas, Reginald L Thomas, Rose Marie Thomas, Sheryl L. Thomas, Vernon Thomas , Willie Thompson. Thompson Clifford Ester F. Thompson, lnmon E Thompson. Joseph Thompson, Sheila Thre att, Saundra L. Thrett, Vita C. Thumblin, Joyce U. Thurman, Anthony W Tilley, Bernester J. Taffe, Shelah Troutt, Dale Tunley, Edward E. Turner, James Turner, Roma E. moto NOTAVAILAIII 7- , ' f " , if if f' 2 .ff gf - - 441- J L 'C 1 1 'l . li" , . Wy . af Compliments of SCOTT CHEVROLET COMPANY North Broadway and Seventh CEntral 6-8501 Ware, Jeanetta Marie Warren, Ruthie Jean Washington, Donna Washington, Gwenetta M. Washington, Linda Washington, Laverne E. Washington, Norris C. Washington, Wanda Sue Watley, Freddie E. Watson, Norman J. Weathersby, Linda Loraine Weaver, Audrey Diane Webb, Thearon Norbert Wells, Leroy Snyder White, Harold Q ' in . 4 K 1 Y J as 1 i da ,asia we .5 ,isszisizssmfffif A 1 ww aw,a,t.f.w: e X .Q ff? A ..,. NOT - ' SHOWN 1-'gf W F C af ,, nh- " Q74 kj 1: 1 i .fi if C White, Mark A. gsfocan ' NOT ggyy - White, Patrick E. H ' 'N 3, . SHOWN iii' E' Whitfield, Jacquelin Nwgg Wilburn, Elmer Jr. ' M Wiley, Jannie Lee X 4 KI V5 X L I . .fs if .1 f C Wiley, William I , I A V I H Wilkerson, Larrie E. N VVVA U ,.4' .A - , Wilks, Joyce A. A y i I -' Williams, Andrew Leslie V --11 H y. "F" Williams, Brenda Kaye A A f . V A nor '00 'US' Williams shown Williams Williams Williams Williams N, No! Shown more . - ' Nor Avuum.: A Lliyams' F- L fu 1. A 1 mms' ,ggi ' i Williams ' ' .Wigs :I ,aff Williams' 2 . . t A ff - Williams if H it fi L H? W. Y ii W- . tit' M959 ii llxix 145 illigf A Q. t , I PHOTO i Q,.,, Williams Nor Avgfuu 1 Williams, . , Williams, ,' X 3 . x- gt '- fly Williams, XZ 2 , ' Williams, NOT - ' SHOWN ,Y . -531239 .- ,J J ' 'la x l : Il 25 ' t 1:3 "i ma. ' NOT 7 ' SHOWN I T -'FJ' , n 1111, - x l : -1- if t -.., gf 'A I 'fl 1 Carolyn Ann Chester L. Clem Candrace Renay Fayetta Aniece Geneva Ann Gladys V. Jacquelyn James Sterling Janice Sue Joel Darnell Larry Loretta A . Sam Andrew Sandra Sue T00 BUSY f fl Not Shown A. ! ,. - .tv f ,g ft- l. ,f PH OT O NOY AVAILABLE 'J "Af , , Q H ,4 fe ,PP W Q ll x ' 'I I -ID nn! moto Nov AVAILABLE moto Nor AvAu.Alu QU 'f' lyr - jg, P , - J i .. ,I 2 . "C il rnoro Nor Avuluie F. '3.D'm , I J K . . ,P 2 Williams, Wayne A. Williamson, Blonzella Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson Wilson Burtram Danny Charles Dorothy M . Glenn Ara Lee Fillmon Linda D. Winn, Robert Arthur Witherspoon, Gail Woodard, Maxine E. Woods, Glenn R. Woods, Mary B. Woody, David E. Wooten, Leslie T. Gp ii to 'W - Wrice. Dock Jr. Wright, Cassandra D. Wright, Tommie Jr. Yeager, Linda L. Youngblood, Charles A 1 The staff takes time out from regular staff meeting to pose! ! 1. 4 Miss F. D. Moon 1963-1964 Queen Rita Elaine Rockmore, "Miss F. D. Moon, 1963-1964, " is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis C. Rockmore, Sr. of Okla- homa City. She is a member of the 'YA-2 homeroom sponsored by Mr. Thomas Eugene Barham. Miss Rockmore 's major interest lies in mathematics. She belongs to the creative dance club and her hobby is sewing. It is also known that she tries her hand at cook- ing especially baking. 11. 'N-ff' KE!-x 'Z sw Gia . gilt: x RITA ELAINE ROCKMORE JS1, XX? y Q'-ffl 151: arg? J Ifi-.1 y...-1 1' Runners- Up First runner-up and member of "her majesty's court" is Barbara Sharon George, niece of Mrs. Garvice S. Ricks. Miss George is a member of Miss D. M. King's 7A-3 home- room, serves as assistant chief monitor, and a member of the creative dance club. Second runner-up Charlotte Stafford is a member of Mrs. R. F. Norton's 8A-16 homeroom. Charlotte is a member of the Pepettes Club. Sponsored by THE ROCKMORES Lewis Sr. , Mae Lois, Barbara, Debra, and Lewis Jr. lllllllllllllllllllill BARBARA S. GEORGE CHARLOTTE STAFFORD First Runner-up Second Runner-up ueen of Hearts and King of Hearts .. V- "" .f'.'3. .X ,.' 'rl , Yf"ff.1J.Nt xi M' I lf' K W Y- -Ir -. X' Xxik I f. ' ' , 1 Af 'f ., "' - I I . K I ' V ' . 'VRF I'.l A' .x 1 u ' ' M f -'una' ' Sponsored by MOON IUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL, Mrs. R. W. Paine and Mrs. A. D. Andrews, Sponsors e -1 4 J ' v r B , -- 1- 'rv Z- f A It E O. Hazley, Mrs. M. Y. Pyle, Mrs. J. M. Scobey, D. E. Burns, A. M. Francisco and T. E. Barham confide with Mrs. Hyder J. Houston, activity director. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY F cf Q f 5 1.7 The Roundup The school activity committee assumes the responsibility for coordinating social and recrea- tional clubs. E 1 Fi f 3 I Moon Junior Honor Society Society officers are: Beola Clayton, presidentg Charles Morgan, vice-presidentg Annette Ray, secretaryg Alfred Henry, treasurerg Norma Hudspeth, chaplaing Ada Chandler, assistant secretary Mc: V fb- V -,V ' WB ORCHESTRA mmf STRING 'ir' , 3 QUARTETTE 1 " ff X ' ' Q I! f L iff' ' l f r X b I. nj. xx A , i ul I 1 ui xr' A Q 3 -1 5 . 4 5"":1aRr CLARINET CHOIR Q MARCHING BAND Moon Junior High School Band, Majorettes and Drum Major Varryl Franklin Sponsored by CATO OIL 8g GREASE COMPANY 915 North Eastern Avenue GArfie1d 4-3311 Girls ' Clee Club . 1 , 1 .E ,, ff r yljg Boys 9 Clee Club ,A S I N , . tv . il F . gggb' 4. M H W ffl 5 A' 9 l 5 ' L we w 1 fi ' V A ' llfl ll 3 ' W ' up 1? Q l ' Y E 1 v f R . ' - ' , l - , . W Seventh Crude Chorus ,I "" "Tee EEE V U2 1 A " E me eeee? 53' 9' ' 4. COUNTRY SMOKE HOUSE, ERNIE TURNER, PROP. 2429 North Eastern Avenue GArfie1d 7-9241 Student Council Junior Hi- Y Seventh and eighth grade Y-TEENS .Q E514 I 5 fi my fu: TFT A J .Fil E, ' -I " " ' r f " 515 'V kg , Officers Raymona Robinson, junior activity directorg Mercedes Young, chief monitorg Yvonne Davis, recording secretaryg Dianne Branch, reporterg Robert Alexander, vice-presidentg Carletta Moon, president, Carol King, financial secretaryg Bruce Williams, parliamentariang Phyllis Davis, corresponding secretary, Donna Jones, treasurerg Barbara George, assistant chief monitor smile for the camera. xg, . -oi. 1 L4 Ctrl Scouts Seventh and eighth grade troop officers The Scholastic Bowl llfhiflefm lml5??2u"w ,E 'Y W 3 ,f W ww1d,i-ig-Sig" Y? Q ,X H ll M31 ' N .isiigffr 'Ji ww 5 1 17 The Scholastic Bowl Committee showing some of the bowl members how to do research work l The Slide Rule Club Charles Edwards demonstrating the slide rule "Whoops! ! That's Checkmate, " says Ricco Cox.-Artemus Monson and Eslia Jaggers Sponsored by MR. CLARENCE N. DAVIS, Paperhanger 1909-1963 fi If 'lMBUl 5 Numismatics Club studying selection and care of coins. 1 I If L. Mr. Tucker's art club makes a brief study in color. jr J I " Z' Model boat club under the direction of Mr C C Miles I FR if Friends of Model Airplane and Model Boat Clubs ...S Thrift Club members line up for savings stamps. ww: 'X Model cars are assembled in the Model Car Club. ff Model Aircraft Club Dramatics Club in action Sponsored by G, M, DODSON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 2135 North Bryant GArfie1d '7-1563 SOS science club members are James Hishaw and his painting excited over the "PORTRAIT UF A LADY.. "discovery" of a Bunsen burner. CAVINAPP ENGLISH CLUB ' Named for the eight parts of speech, this organization represents character, education, and Christianity . Beulah Hawk, Mary Parkham, Brenda Johnson, Elizabeth Brown, Nurse Carter and Marva Grigsby confer with Mrs. R. F. Norton on the progress of scrapbooks for foreign countries. IILY Xfgffl if YUISI' A. 1 ff-1-3, ' ,Ll wr ff? XC-AN JQ, a R05 :Ln Q' ' f' 6 'J l 4 D vtoc ' Qi. Creative Dance club serves as an outlet for the students creativity in modern dancing. Q N Clinic Aids observe how to take temperature. Some NHA officers during their installation. Sponsored by GILL'S DISCOUNT FURNITURE 1025 North Eastern Avenue r GA field 4-4327 P' is Principal Alexander presents Linda Gissandaner the plaque for winning the "Smile Contest." and Wilbert Pauley 12' 4 H I . lx ' .V ' R I I 5 A I f 4 Y N 4- A ' Q ' A . ' A A f- Industrial arts class does l' , Ref A i individual projects. 9 li' Q fi .es 1 - k ik A- 1 l 4 I ' R -'N 'V ,' f .pf W -x V , Qu I ..- 7,3 xx sw ' F ,V -1, " ' ',"'1 .-L I '., ' .A !"i 1' ' iq: Library Aids discuss new bulletin board display. Seeing Double? CEntral 5- Guess Who? Twins! Twins! Sponsored by 3215 GINTER PHOTOS PArkview 1-3638 M 00,71 P071 STANDING, left ro right: John wiruams, Michael Gipson, Albert Cheerleaders to right: Joyce Barbara Beverly Jones, Helen Carol Gipson. Gayona Cooper, Karlette George, Graves, Linda Linda Pierce .yi Chandler, James Campbell, Alfred Henry, Clov1s Prlnce, Cecil Ray, S CZ Mr. Hazley, Lee Gaines, Mr. Higgins, Michael Strotter, Marvin Rich, Bruce Deloney, Larry Long, Walter Ogles and Thurman White. Stanley Davis and Robert Hubbard are the mascots. 'x"'i'5 Pepettes They cheer the Ponies on to victory. Courtesy of DOWNTOWN CHEVROLET INCORPORATED 604 West Main Street CEnrra1 2-0281 SANDERS, Salesman ,msn Girls 1 Swim T eam, Not only fish can swim. l Athletic Council Supervisors of all athletic events discuss the basketball tourna- ment wirh chairman I-Iazley, W ps G Female swimmers are Shirley Love, Rose Love, Carol Harmon, Dinah Jones and Clara Carter. Runners, take your mark! 5 ' All wet! Dwight Proby, Sammy Thomas, Barry Jones, Curtis Dennis, Ronald Shinn, Earl Price and Stanley Griffin just out of the pool. x, .S Almost in the bag!! Moon Bye . n Douglass Jump Ball! I l INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT RESULTS 1 Roosevelt . NW Classen . Central McGuinness . , Classen 1-11- 1,, Q. Moon ,gfn Douglass , 1 X5 Douglass o N Moon McGuinness S E 5 Central ! - McGuinness McGuinness Junior High Mr. Swanson presents fn-st place trophy to McGuinness Moon Junior receives third place Courtesy of FRED JONES - LINCOLN , MERCURY, COMET "Gee, My honor pin!" H "O boyl I made it!!! Happy Holidays but "b1ue, blue, blue without you, my love." W Sponsored by 'Nr Checking the master heat valve. "When Irish Eyes are Smiling. " DUNN'S DAIRY QUEEN 2417 North Easter Avenue GArfie1d '7-7497 Honor students marching in processional as Honor Society program begins. A shower for a proud dad, Mr. C. E. Davis Future projectionists hard at it. Mr. A1exander's birthday party Sponsored by JOE ESCO TIRE COMPANY 1001 Northeast Twenty-third Street GArfie1d 4-3323 Sardines never had it better! Prelude to courtship rr gr , p "Open the locker, Richard" 3' ' 4 il 1 F L Herman Richmond playing "September Song" - Mr. A1exander's favbrite song. Oh, so heavy! Sponsored by MRS. BRENT D. DULAN and DAUGHTER BRENDA UWOW.. if 9 I Class Change Confusion r ' I! IJ, HAPPY EE1Q,1!!41!-,- Honor Society Assembly The Dancer ,git V ig V i 5 W L tt- Q C ?! , 1, ,- we ! ,, !!, WM Y HS -1 . ,, Push!! Push!! A11 Day 01 ed again FIRST STATE BANK all TRUST COMPANY 1541 Northeast Twenty-third Street GArfie1d '7-6553 4 N ACA Real Estate Company Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. James L. Andrews C. N. Atkins Willie G. Baker and Kellie Wade Banks and Son Mr. Thomas Eugene Barham Bill's Cleaners Mrs. Narcissus Bond, Esquire Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Chandler and Family Mr. and Mrs Mrs. Freddie Mr. and Mrs . Johh H. Cooper M. 'Cooper . M. J. Crossland Rev. and Mrs. M. A. Curry Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Davis and Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Davis 8A-'7 Homeroorn, Mrs. Blanche Banks, Sponsor Mrs. Sylvia K. Emery Mr. and Mrs. Govan P. Faine Fairground Service Station, Al Seago, Proprietor Mrs. Henrietta B. Foster Mr. and Mrs. Anceo Francisco and Sons Contributors Mr. and Mrs. Tommy E. Gallimore and Gayle Patrice Attorney John E. Green and Family Master Stanley Griffin and Family Mr. Roy E. Hardmond Mr. and Mrs. John H. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Ricki R. E. Higgins and Sons A. B. Holmes and Beverly Samuel Walker Houston, Jr. Nolan Johnson Dempsey Jones Horton M. Kelly, Jr., Roger, Kennard's Red Bud Food Center Donald, Dr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Lee and Family Mrs. Elnora K. Lee LeOra 's Beauty Salon Les Vivians Social and Civic Club Mrs. Loretta McClain Mr. and Mrs. T. E. McCurdy Mathues Service Station and Garage Newton's TV Service Norwood 's Grocery Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Oliver Patterson-McCarthy Buick Mrs. Christine J. Pollard Attorney E. Melvin Porter and Family Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Pyle Mrs. Emalyn M. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Rucker and Daughters Mrs. Julia M. Scobey Mrs. D. H. Server Mrs. Arrie L. Seward Mrs. Susan E. Stallworth Mr.and Mrs. J. L. Swanson 7A-18 Homeroom, Mr. J. L. Swanson, Sponsor Bob Turner and Staff Vogue Cleaners Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Wadkins Miss Thelma Wagoner Mrs. Alice A. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Warren L- Washington and Daughters Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Watson and Family Mr. and Mrs. Thurman White and Son Miss Carole Yvonne Williams Mrs. Alice M. Winston TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "Um Wo1Id'u Mu Vulhn-aiu Aw hvlulsmndf' .Y, Y ,-......,..,......-.., -,. . Y., f J-'fm - ' ' wiv- - f 'UrL'.,Mm.::" ...: . A-r ... .L. -NJ .,-:-,,.g:.f--. -, -W.-.F

Suggestions in the Moon Junior High School - Pony Capers Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) collection:

Moon Junior High School - Pony Capers Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 39

1964, pg 39

Moon Junior High School - Pony Capers Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 6

1964, pg 6

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1964, pg 64

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1964, pg 49

Moon Junior High School - Pony Capers Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 69

1964, pg 69

Moon Junior High School - Pony Capers Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 66

1964, pg 66

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