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'YWCMKLV7 , Q3 gferg XA if iii 1,55 T67 H 3: K. 1 l WE Published by the Senior Class onsor- Mr. Thomas Sliwiak Editor- Dan Kenn of Moon High School Coraopolis, Pa. I964 edy Mr. Alex Kramer. . . A man who symbolizes all ofthe traits we admire in the rare Creature called 'a gentle man' Dedication All too often we overlook the real meaning of a gentleman. A gentleman is a gentle man. He is kind when we need kindness. He is just when we need to know the right thing to do. He is under- standing when we need to be under- stood. He is never inconsiderate of other peoples' feelings and always aware of their beliefs. It is only through knowing such men as this that we are able to learn what a true gentleman is. Only through being exposed to such men can we become gentlemen ourselves. We, the graduating class of 1964, are lucky to have had such a man as Mr. Kramer for our class sponsor. We have known him in two ways. First of all as a teacher who taught not only dates and battles, but ideals. Secondly, as a friend who lived by those ideals. If we are lucky, those ideals will live with us long after Mr. Kramer's obligation to us is fulfilled. With so line a teacher and gentleman having guided us, they are sure to. 2 Table of Contents faculty pages 6-15 seniors pages 16-43 activities pages 44-79 classes K pages 80-91 617 .. 3 Foreword The halls are empty now. Technically it is still a school, but we shall not remember the bricks and the beams. Room 209 will be re- membered as Mr. Kramerys room. Without him and our classmates the shell is nothing but an impersonal classroom with no warmth or character. Men do not miss mortar and concrete. They miss the people with whom they shared the happy times as well as those trying moments. Memories are made of people, not places. First love . . . first heart- break . . . First car . . . first dented fender . . . that final game with Mon- tour three years ago that lost us the section championship and the way we stood on each other's shoulders because it was so crowded . . . the way we hated the hallguards until we became hallguards ourselves . . . that final we crammed for and passed by two or three points . . . the date with an angel . . . the Hat tire that ruined everything . . . things we laughed about . . . things we cried about . . . things we hope this volume of the Flame will bring to mind long after the mortar falls out and the bricks are replaced. 4 FACULTY iii 3, , Q S A. B sl If 0 if Q U lt 9 . X 15?'f I 4 '-Q T' V , A A S- The School Board Administration Seated: Mr. John Robb, Solicitorg Mr. Carlton Williams, Presidentg Mrs. Vir- ginia Waltonbaugh, Secretaryg Mrs. Helen Harper. Standing: Mr. jess Topeg Mr. Theodore Telepg Mr. Joseph Sieeleg Mr. Kenneth Kern, Treasurerg Mlilbert Huntley, Vice President. Mr J H Brooks Supervising Principal Mr. Joseph Siegman Assistant Supervising Principal Mr. James R. Crawford Administrative Assistant Principals Mr. Robert B. Sharps Assistant High School Principal ' Mr. F. A. McCormack Acting High School Principal Mr. Stephen Lcbec Assistant High School Principal Mrs. Zonia Anclreyev BA Geneva College English Mr. Rudolph Spik A.B. Brown University English, journalism Mr. Thomas Sliwiak M.Ed. Duquesne University English Mrs. Beryl MacLean A.B. Whitman College English, Speech English Mrs. jean Spik BA Penn State University English . Lg ., .aff :La K Mrs. Pearl Triplett B.S. Thiel College University of Pittsburgh English Mr. Stanley McDaniels BS Slippery Rock State College M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh English 8 Mr. James Driesch English Mrs. Isabel Hixson BS Clarion State College Reading Miss Harriet E. McGinnis B.S. M.Ed. Penn State University English Mrs. Shirley Roth B.A. Grove City College English BA St. Francis College Q Guidance Mr. William Lee B.S. Indiana State College M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh Director of Guidance Miss Elsie Braun A.B. Westminster College M.A. Penn State University Guidance Counselor Miss' june Stout B.S. Carnegie Tech M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh Home-School Advisor Mr. james Alexander B.A. lVestminster College Guidance Counselor ,""' 9 Mr. Mason Cady B.A. Allegheny College Civics Mr. Stanley YV. Freeland Mr. Wayne Goss M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh B.S. Slippery Rock State College Social Studies, Audio Visual Mr. Roy Potts Materials Director BA. University of Pittsburgh B.S. Edinboro State College Social .Studies Social Studies Social Mr. John Miller B.A., B.Ed. Washington State College History, P.0,D. Mr. Edward Stull Mrs. Helen Johnson B.S. Edinbom State College Social Studies B.S., M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh History Studies Mr. Athanasios M. Pappas Ohio State University B.S. University of Pittsburgh History 10 Mr. Alex Kramer M.A., B.A. University of Pittsburgh History, P.O.D. Mr. Edward Merges B.A. Penn State University Social Studies Mr. William Stawiany B.Ed. Duquesne University Civics, Social Studies Mr. Thomas Brady B.S. Clarion State College M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh Mathematics Mathematics Mr. Edward Hawes A.B. Westminster College M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh Mathematics, Remedial Reading Miss Adcsta Koepfinger B.S, M.Ed. Duquesne University Algebra Miss Theodora Romano B.S. Indiana State College M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh Mathematics Mr. Samuel Peters B.S. Slippery Rock State College Plane Geometry Mrs. Gail Ulager B.S. Juniata College Mathematics Mrs. Martha McGinnis Mr. Stephen A, Matava B.S. Westminster College B.S. California State College A'fllU1ff'7lNlliC5 Algebra, General Math, General ll Science M7 Mr. Murry Kerr Mr. Theodore Ruscitti B.S. Slippery Rock College Q B-5- Geneva College Mrs Grace Crawford Biglggy MY- Eugene DCPU1 M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh l B A Allegheny College B.S. Geneva College Chgmisny B.A. St. Vincent College Mr. 101111 MHSIfi T L0UiS SIHUY Physics, Basic Science B.S, Slippery Rock College B 5 ClHYi01'l Stale College M.A. Austin Peary State College M Ed West Virginia University Tenn, Ch6m15iTy, Biology Language Language Mr. Joseph D'Andrea B.S. Duquesne University Spanish Mrs. Katherine Chisholm A.B. Allegheny College Latin M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh Mrs. Diane Zinsner BA Westminster College 12 Spanish Mrs. Mary Lautanen Mr. Thaddeus Krajewski Mrs. Nancy Davidson BS Indiana State College Commercial Subject Mr. Albert Hazeem BS Duquesne University Music, Chorus I U gi V , aL,L 2 , Mr. john Miller B.S. Indiana State College M.Ed. Penn State College Art BA Westminster College Commercial Subject Music Commercial Mrs. Roseanne Stawiany B.Ed. Duquesne University Commercial Subject B.S., M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh Commercial Subjects Mr. Charles Isenberg B.S. Duquesne University MT- R0beTf Gunn Instrumental Music BM Westminster College Libmyjan MA Columbia University Instrumental Music Art Mr. Wlilliam McFarland B.S. Indiana State College Art Librarian Driver Education Mr. Raymond Bosetti B.S. Indiana State College 13 Mrs. Helen Tussy B.S. Millersville State College Nurse Mrs. Mary Petersen RN St. john's General Hospital School Nurse Mr. joseph Fryz B.A. M.A. Eastern Kentucky State College Gym, Health Home Economics hysical Education Miss Angelo Zondas B.S. Slippery Rock State College Gym, Health Mr. Howard Gracey B.S. Eastern Kentucky State College Gym, Health Miss H. Winifred King B.S. Slippery Rock State College Gym, Health Mrs. Doris Conrad Mr. Elmer Braun B.S. Carnegie Institute of Mr. Joseph Glatz Technology BS- Califomia Stare College Mm. California sim College Wood Shop Industrial Arts B.S. Indiana State College Cafeteria Dietician s 2 ,, ,,--- - , nl he 'Mae' Mrs. jean McCormick B.A. Muskingum College Homemakirig Miss Sally Marnen B.S, Mount Mercy College Homemaking 14 Mr. james Reed B.S. Ohio State University Masters Equivalent Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Secretaries Ron' 1: Mrs. Hutchison: Mrs. Baker. Row 2: Miss Mimong Mrs. Trimber: Mrs. Baloughg Mrs. Kanzius. V77 Mrs. Aycrsg Mrs. Coombsg Mrs. Gossg Mrs. McArdlcg Mrs. Clarkg Mrs. jacobsg Mrs. Trapp. br Q rs .. .W .1 .rs fuzz" as -- 9:5'f'z4h 'X 6 Q Y' . Q Ax ........ , ,... ..... . , and Custodians Mrs. Zimmerman 'A L Mrs. Gouldg Mrs. XValtonhaugh IN MLMORIAM 1111527 1963 MR SAXIUhL ZIMMERMAN 'llllldly 7 1964 MR. JAMES ECKLEBERRY J- ' ' Y Ron' 1: Mr. Gittinsg Mr. Holland. Ron' 2: Mr. Mr. Born Rebuelrag Mr. DiMeo. 15 SENIORS Walter L. Acheson janet Alexander Michele M. Bajek Walt Terry Mike Catherine A. Andreyev Milford Ankrom Larry Barcellino Cathy Lee Larry Marie Annen Janice M. Arbaugh Vincent P. Battaglia Marie Illfl Vince 18 Kathleen Bedick Monica A. Binstead George Bland Kathy Mon George Suzanne Bcdick Joseph L. Bolea Susan E. Brewer Suzie joe Susie Bradley C. Billetdeaux James R. Brickner Robert R. Bruce Brad Brick Bob 19 Patricia J. Carter Richard J. Castellan Sharon C- Cleis Pat Rich Sharon 2 LX Michael J. Cegelski Carl E. Chappell Maryanne Conner Mike Carl Maryanne 1 Ronald J. Chieife Clare C. Clark William R. Coombs Chief Cookie Bill 20 Judith A- Cottrell Doreen R. Davidson Judy Dor Terry W. Cramer William M. Davis Ape Bill Ronald C. Dame Richard j. Dickhart Butch Rich 21 john K. Davie Yake Christine DeLatte Chris jane Dilisio jane Carol D. Donnan Gary Doughty Thomas C- Dulanq' Carol Gary Tom Gerald E. Doughty KHICII T. DLldI'iCk jerry Norma J. Duff Jayne E- Duffy jean Jenny 22 William E. Egenlauf Bill James W. Feath jim William M. Forsythe Scott W. Funk Laffy C- Gaffney Bill Scott Gag john R. Foster Gary C. Gardner Sharon A. Gerlach john Gary Sheri Timothy M. Frisch Harvey N- Gillis Marie Goaziou Tim Harv Marie 23 pow... Peter F. Golasz Erccll L. Goodnight Catherine M. Hainley Pete Ercie Smiley Alice K. Gordon Linda M. Goss Terence A. Harkin Alice Lyn Terry Victoria A. Grundy Judith A. Guzelli Narline L. Hayes Vic Judy Nan 24 Doris K. Heinlein Dennis P. Hoover john R. Huld Kay Herb 107171 Barbara T. Hill Elizebemh Inglefield Richard C. Ingram Berbyl Snooky Rich Alice Hodgkisg Frederick W. Jahn Barbara L. johnson Alipg Freddie Barb 25 Beth E. johnson Richard E, Junge Judith A. Kish Beth Rich Judy Louise Karl Daniel Kennedy Karen R. Kohlman Louise Dan Karen Richard S. Kimmel joseph J. Kinlock Sh3f0l1'G. Kruppa Rich joe Krup 26 Robert M. Kuech Bob ...Kathy C. Kurelko Kitty Raymond J. Lane Ray Y N Janice M. Lang Daniel L. Larkin jan Hatch Katherine Lay del Valle Judith A. Leitner Katie Judy , . ,tt Joseph A. Leoni Stephen A. Lesh joe Steve 27 Vivian B. Lesh Viv Lenore J, Lewis Nora Patricia A. Littler Patti i joseph Lewis joe Margaret J. MacDonald Peggy William Lisica Bill Suzanne L. MacDonald Suzie Diane C. Lozer Dee Bean Linda L. Magel Lin Martin W. Malone Marty Dean R. Manna Dino Sandra L. Mascari Sandy Sandra E. Maxin Laurene McArdle Sandy Renie James S- McCormick Phyllis L. McCullough Comik Lynne Bonnie J. McDonough RiCh3fd J. MCEWCII Bon 29 , Donald C. McFarland jean D. McGregor D0r0thy K. Minch Don Diane Darth Frank A. Mench Beverly A. Mertz Christopher J. Mitchell Frank Bev Chris Raymond E. Messersmith Edward F. Miller Ray Ed Grcrta Gretta Mitchell Carol G. Mixter Judith A. Neely Carol Judy David L. New Bloudie Sharon L. Mixter janellcn Newman Sharon jane Sondra L. Nauman David P. Oehling Sandy Oafie 31 Barbara S. Northrop Barb LcVern Oesterling Clams f' James R. Ord Ross Osenbau Sydney T. Pile ,lim Ross Sid V Alan M. Pavelish Carol A. Paytas Sharon L. Postler Al Carol Pos Gary L. Peters William T. Peters Norma L. Prumy Gary Bill Norma 32 Kathleen Regotti William Rudolf Jerilyn Schreiber Kathy Bill Jeri Gerald L. Ritchey William F. Schultheis Ellen Sella IWW Bill Ellen Patricia E. Rudick Nicholas A. Sever Thomas Shanks Patti Nick Tom 33 l Thomas R, Sickmiller Anice M. Siegman Judith A. Smith Tom A nice Judy Georgene Sinclair Karol Skopinski NHIICY E. 511611 Dimples Karol NHWC6 ' Christ Pinky ine E. Sleasman jeffrey L. Smith Chris A. Socha Jef Mick 34 Janet Songer Barbara L. Stary David L- Steele .lfwet Barb Dave Robert K, Sgwers Mary L. Steffan Carol A. Stelzig Bob Mare Carol Thomas W. Spencer Robert E. Stephan Elaine Stephenson Tom Stef Elaiflff 35 Diana L. Stilller Gerald L. Straffon Cheryl L. Taylor Dee Claw Blondie David Sulkowski Wayne E. Thompson Dave Pete I Nancy A, Sullivan Garry M. Tarquinio Catherine R. Tilly Nance Tafk Cathy 36 Elizabeth C, Tjmmis john W. Tribby Benita A. Trunick Courtney Trib - Benni 3 fi' Glenn M. Titus Beverly K. Turzak AUHCUC L- Tyler Chip Bev Annette Wayne A. Torrance Joseph D. Udvari LYHU B- Vaflifh Wayne foe Lynn 37 Thomas A. Vernocy To nz joseph Douglas Wallace Doug Robert W. VVeaver Beaver john E. Wagoner James R- Wilel' John Wiley jim Margaret Withee Peggy Edward A. Walls DOUUH J- Wolf Edd Donna 38 Susanne L. Woodward Henry Wroblewski Sue Henry Linda L. Yaklich Myrtle F. Young Linda Myrt Terry L. Zeigler Patricia H. Zimmer Terry Pat Not Pictured: john Welch "jack" Senior Participation j ACHESON, VVALTER L. "Walt"--Academic-Chorus l, 2, 3, President 3, Student Director 33 Key Club Executive Board 1, 2, 33 Hall Guard3 Flame Slaffj NEA Achievement Test CSYITHCHICQ Baccalaureate Usher 23 May Day 13 Senior Revue 33 Prom Com- mittee Artist3 Student Government 13 Track 2, 3. ALEXANDER, JANET "Terry"-Academic-Chorus 13 Senior Play 33 May Day l, 23 Physical Education Program 1, 23 Pep Club 33 Yale, Princeton Program 23 Prom Chairman 23 Class Officer 1. ANDREYEV, CATHERINE A. "Cathy"-Academic-Chorus 1. 2, 33 Library Club l, 2, 33 Caterers Club 2, 33 Spanish Club 1, 2, 33 Flame Staff 33 May Day 1, 23 Exchange Student 23 Science Fair I3 Usher Staff l, 2, 33 Girls Ensemble 2, 33 Junior National Honor Society 2, 3. ANKROM, MILFORD L. ''Lee"-Commercial-Chorus l3 Track l, 2, 33 Prom Committee 23 Senior Review 3. ANNEN, MARIE C. 'AMarie"-Scientific-F.T.A. 3 Spanish Club 23 Latin Club 23 Senior Play 33 All School Review 3. ARBAUGH, JANIS M. "Jan"-Academic-Band 1, 23 Junior Red Cross 2, 33 Hall Guard3 Senior Play 33 Yale Princeton Game 2. BAJEK, MICHELE M. ''Mike"-Scientific"-Chorus 13 Library Club 1, 2, 33 F.T.A. 2, 33 Spanish Club, Secretary 23 Hall Guard3 Flame Staff 33 Senior Play 33 Student Government, Secretary of Senate l, 2, 33 Grades Committee 33 All School Review 3. BARCELLINO, LARRY "Larry"-Basketball 3. BATTAGLIA, VINCENT P. "Vince"-Scientific-Chess Club 33 Senior Play 3. BEDICK, KATHLEEN ''Kathy"-Clerical-Chorus 13 Flame Staff 33 GIA 23 Usher Staff l, 2, 33 Treasurer of Senior Class. BEDICK, SUZANNE ''Suzie"-Scientific-Chorus 23 Science Club 13 Math Club 33 Library Club 33 Junior Red Cross 33 F.N.A. 13 Hall Guard 33 Awards 23 Student Government 2. BILLETDEAUX, BRADLEY C. "Brad"-Scientific'Math Club President 1, 2, 33 Chess Club President l, 2, 33 History Club 13 Spanish Club Historian 2, 33 Science Fair Award 13 Senior Play 33 National Honor Society Vice President 2, 33 Exceptionally Able YOUIDQ Westinghouse Science Honors Institute. BINSTEAD, MONICA A. "Mon"-Academic-F.N.A. Secretary 33 Spanish Club 33 Senior Review. BLAND, GEORGE "George"-Industrial Arts. BOLEA, JOSEPH L. "Joe"-Scientific-Chorus 23 Key Club 33 Junior Red Cross 33 Hall Guard3 Senior Play 33 Student Govern' ment 33 Football 1, 2, 33 Baseball l, 2, 33 Usher Staff 33 Drama Club 2, 33 Home Room Officer 1, 23 Cafeteria Aid 2, 3. BREWER, SUSAN E. "Susie"-General-Senate 33 Senior Play 33 Drama Club 33 National Honor Society 33 Flame Staff 3. BRICKNER, JAMES R. ''Brick''-Scientific-Basketball 1, 2, 3. BRUCE, ROBERT R. "Bob"-Chorus 1, 23 Economics Club 33 Student Government l, 2, 33 Baseball 1, 2, 3. CARTER, PATRICIA "Pat"-Clerical-Flame Staff 33 Senior Play 33 Prom Committee 2. CASTELLAN, RICHARD "Rich"-Scientific-Baseball 2, 3. CEGELSKI, MICHAEL ''Mike"-Scientific-Flame Staff 3. CHAPPELL, CARL E. "Carl"-Scientific- Science Club 13 F.T.A. 33 Spanish Club 23 Senior Play 33 Drama Club 33 Director Senior Review 3. CHIEFFE, RONALD "Chief"-Industrial Arts. 9 CLARK, CLARE C. "Cookie"-Scientific-Chorus 1, 2, 33 Coun- ty Chorusg Senior Review 33 F.T.A. 33 Flame Staff 33 Senior Play 33 Football I3 Track 1, 2. CLEIS, SHARON C. "Sharon"-Academic-Chorus 13 History Club l, 2, 33 F.N.A. l, 2, 33 Hall Guard 33 Senior Play 33 Class Officer Secretary 23 Prom Committee 23 Drama Club 33 May Day l, 2. CONNER, MARYANNE "Maryanne"-Clerical. COOMBS, WILLIAM R. "Bill"-Scientific. COTTRELL, JUDITH A. "Judy"-Stenogmphic-Flame Staff 33 Best Typists of 1963 lg Business Math Award 23 Noma Typing Award 23 Senior Play 33 Esperanto Club 23 Journalism 23 United Fund Speaker 23 May Day 1. CRAMER, TERRY W. "Ape"-Industrial Arts--Chorus l. DAME, RONALD C, "Butch"-Industrial Arts-Football 1. DAVIDSON, DOREEN R. "Dorn-Stenographic-F.H.A. Officer 2, 33 Senior Play Committee3 Senior Review. DAVIE, JOHN K. "Yake''-Clerical-Cafeteria Patrol 23 Stu- dent Government 33 Prom Committee. DAVIS, WILLIAM M. "Bill"-Clerical-Student Government 3. DELATTE, CHRISTINE ''Chris"-Academic-Spanish Club 33 May Day 1. DICKHART, RICHARD J. "Rich"-Industrial Arts. DILISIO, JANE ''Jane"-Clerical-F.H.A. 33 Pep Club 3. DONNAN, CAROL D. "Carol"-Stenogmphic-Chorus l3 Pep Club 33 Senior Review3 May Day 1. DOUGHTY, GARY L. "Gary"-Clerical. DOUGHTY, GERALD E. "Jerry"-Industrial Arts-Hall Moni- tor l. DUDRICK, KAREN T. "Guddie"-Clerical-Chorus 1, 2, 33 Prom Committee3 Senior Play. DUFF, NORMA "Jean"-Academic-Band l, 2, 33 Senior Play Committeeg Home-Room Officer 1, 23 Intramurals 13 Area Band 1, 2, 33 Prom Committee. DUFFY, JAYNE E. "Jenny"-General-Senior Play. DULANEY, THOMAS C. "Tom"-Academic-Hall Guard3 Senior Play3 Student Government 33 Drama Club 2, 33 Debate 3. EGENLAUF, WILLIAM E. "Bill"-Industrial Arts. FEATH, JAMES W. "Tifer"-Scientihc. FORSYTHE, WILLIAM N. "Bill"-Scientific-Band 1, 2, 3. FOSTER, JOHN R. "John"-Scientific-Key Club 33 History Club l, 2, 33 Economics Club 33 Hall Guard 33 Senior Play3 Student Government 23 Track 1, 2, 3. FRISCH, TIMOTHY M. "Tim"-Scientific-Chorus 1, 23 C21- terers Club 1, 2, 33 Hall Guard3 Flame Staff 3 Football 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 23 Baseball l, 2, 3. FUNK, SCOTT W. ''Scott"-Scientihc-Dance Band 1, 2, 33 Band l, 2, 33 Science Club l, 2, 33 Economics Club l, 2, 33 Area III Band 1, 2, 3. GAFFNEY, LARRY C. "Gaff"-Scientific-Football 23 Home Room Oflicer 1, 2. GARDNER, GARY C. "Gary"-Scientific-Band l, 2, 33 Science Club l, 2, 33 Chess Club 13 Senior Play3 Student Government lg Prom Committee Chairman. GERLACH, SHARON A. "Sheri-Academic-Library Club l, 2, 35 Caterers Club 2, 35 Hall Guard5 Commencement Usher 25 Student Government l, 2, 35 Vice President of Senate 35 National Honor Society 2, 35 Cheerleading 1, 2, 35 Captain of Cheerleaders 35 Senior Review5 Physical Education Program 1, 25 Journalism 25 Prom Committee Chairman. GILLIS, HARVEY N. "Harv"-Scientific-Band l, 2 35 Key Club I, 2, 3, Treasurer 35 Math Club 15 History Club l, 2, 3, Treasurer 25 Economics Club President 35 Hall Guard5 Flame Staff Business Manager5 Commencement Usher 25 Student Gov- ernment l, 2, 3, President 35 Basketball l, 25 Track l, 2, 35 National Honor Society 2, 35 Area III Band l, 25 P.S.S.E. 35 P.A.S.C. 25 Class Vice President 2. GOAZIOU, MARIE "Marie"-Scientific-Math Club 35 History Club 1, 2, 35 Senior Play 35 Usher Staff 1, 2, 35 journalism 2, 3. GOLASZ, PETER F. "Pete"-Industrial Arts. GOODNIGHT, ERCELL L. ''Ercie'-Clerical-Chorus 35 FHA 35 Flame Staff 35 May Day 15 Prom Committee 25 Debate Club 15 Senior Review 35 Pep Club 35 Usher Staff 35 Yale Princeton Basketball 3. GORDON, ALICE K. "Alice"-Stenographic-Art Club 15 Sen- ior Play5 May Day l, 25 Princeton Yale Program 25 Moon Beams Representative 1, 2, 3. GOSS, LINDA M. "Lyn"-Stenographic-Chorus 1, 2, 35 FHA 35 Pep Club 3. GRUNDY, VICTORIA S. "Vic"-General-Senior Review5 Prom Committee. GUZELLI, JUDITH A. "Judy"-General. HAINLEY, CATHERINE M. ''Smiley''-Clerical-Chorus l, 35 Art Club 115 Hall Monitor 15 Senior Review 35 Prom Committee 2. HARKIN, TERENCE A. "Terry"-Scientific-Band l, 2, 35 Key Club 2, 35 History Club 2, 35 Economics Club 35 Hall Guard 35 Flame Staff 35 Awards Area lll, Band 2, 3, Dance Band 25 Senior Play 3. HAYS, NANINE L. "Nan"-Academic-Art Club 25 Junior Red Cross l, 2, 35 F.H.A. 25 Hall Guard 35 Senior Play 35 Student Government 2, 35 Home Room Ofhcer l, 2 5 Senior Review 3. HEINLEIN, DORIS K. "Kay"-Academic-Band 1, 2, 35 F.T.A. 1, 2, 35 Spanish Club 2, 35 Hall Guard 35 Student Government 1, 35 Majorette 1, 2, 35 Senior Review 3. HILL, BARBARA "Berbyl"-Academic-Chorus 1, 2, 35 Math Club 2, 3, Secretary 35 Latin Club l5 Flame Staff 3, Editor of Senior Pictures5 Senior Play 35 Girls Ensemble 3, County Chorus 35 Student Government 25 Home Room Officer 2. HODGHISS, ALICE "Alice"-Family Living. HOOVER, DENNIS P. "Herb"-Scientific-Chorus l5 Chess Club 15 Art Club 1, 25 Senior Play 35 Home Room Officer 1, 2. HULD, JOHN R. ''John"-Scientific-Flame Staff 3. INGLEFIELD, ELIZABETH "Snooky"-Stenographic-Chorus 1, 2, 35 Prom Committee 25 Pep Club 3. INGRAM, RICHARD C. "Rich"-Scientific-Band l, 2, 35 Jun- ior Red Cross 1, 2, 35 Economics Club 35 Hall Guard 35 Award California State Science Fair 35 Home Room Officer 1, 2. JAHN, FREDERIC W. "Ferdie"-Clerical-Prom Committee 2. JOHNSON, BARBARA L. "Barb''-Academic-F.H.A. 2, 35 Spanish Club 2, 35 Flame Staff 35 Senior Play, Student Drector 35 Drama Club 35 May Day 1, 2, 35 Senior Review Master Commit- tee 3. JOHNSON, BETH E. "Beth''-Stenographic-Caterers Club 35 F.H.A. 2, 35 Hall Guard 35 Commencement Usher 2: Senor Play 35 May Day 2, 35 Yale-Princeton 2. ' JUNGE, RICHARD E. "Rich"-Scientific-Chess Club 1, 25 F.T.A. 35 Track 1, 2, 3. KARL, LOUISE ''Louise''-Clerical"-F.H.A. 35 Flame Staff 35 Prom Committee 2. KENNEDY, DANIEL "Dan"-Academic-Track l, 2, 35 Band l, 25 Area III Band 25 History Club l, 2, 35 Economics Club 35 Student U.N. 1, 2, 3, Justice 25 Student Court 1, 2, 3, Chief Justice 35 Hall Guard 35 Flame Chief Editor 35 National Honor Society 35 2nd place, American Legion Oratorical Contest 35 Cafeteria Worker l, 2. KIMMEL, RICHARD S. "Rich"-Scientific-Stage Crew 1, 2, 3. - KINLOCK, JOSEPH J. "Joe"-Clerical-Senior Play Chairman 35 Moon Beam Rep. 25 Prom Committee 25 All School Review 35 Senior Review 35 Home Room Oiiicer 25 May Day l. KISH, JUDITH A. ''Judy''-Stenographic-Chorus 1, 2, 35 F.H.A. Secretary 2, 35 Senior Play5 Senior Review5 Drama Club 2, 35 Physical Fitness Day 15 May Day5 Prom Committee. KOHLMAN, KAREN R. A'Karen"-Clerical-F.H.A. 35 Flame Staff 35 Senior Play 35 Senior Reviewg Pep Club 35 Home Room Oiiicer 1, 35 Prom Committee 25 May Day l. KRUPPA, SHARON G. "Krup"-Clerical-Pep Club 35 Senior Review 35 May Day 15 Physical Fitness 15 Yale4Princeton Cheer Leader 2. KUECH, ROBERT M. "Bob"-Scientific-Band 1, 2, 35 Key Club 2, 35 Hall Guard 35 Basketball l, 2, 35 Third place of California Science Fair in Chemistry. KURELKO, KATHY C. "Kitty"-Stenographic-Economics Club 35 Senior Play 35 Drama Club 35 Senior Review 35 Student Government 3. LANE, RAYMOND J. "Ray"-Scientihc-Band 1, 2, 35 Key Club 35 Science Club 1, 2, 35 Math Club 2, 35 Hall Guard 35 Track l, 2, 35 Area III Band 35 Dance Band l, 2, 3. LANG, JANICE M. "Jan"-Academic-Chorus 1, 2, 35 Math Club 35 Library Club 1, 2, 35 F.T.A. 35 Flame Staff5 Senior Play5 May Day 15 All School Review 35 Senior Review. LARKIN, DANIEL L. "Hatch"-Academic-Economics Club 35 Senior Play5 Track 1, 25 Prom Committee. LAY del VALLE, KATHERINE "Katie"-Academic-Chorus l, 2, 35 F.T.A. 1, 2, 35 Spanish Club 2, 35 Latin Club Secretary 25 Commencement Usher 25 County Chorus 35 Girls' Ensemble 2, 35 Princeton Cheerleader 25 Guidance Hostess 25 All School Review 2, 35 Student Government 3. LEITNER, JUDITH A. "Judy"-Stenographic-Band l, 2, 3, Treasurer I5 Area III Band 35 Junior Red Cross 2, 35 F.H.A. 25 Senior Play5 May Day 15 Physical Education Program 25 Home- room Representative 2, 35 Prom Committee 2. LEONI, JOSEPH A. "Joe"-Scientihc-Chorus 15 Key Club 2, 35 Caterers Club 2, 35 Hall Guard5 Senior Play5 Drama Club 35 Student Government l, 3. LESH, STEPHEN A. "Steve"-Scientific-Chorus 1, 2, 35 Sci- ence Club l, 2, 35 Math Club 1, 2, 35 Chess Club 2, 35 Economics Club 35 Flame Staff5 Voice Scholarship 25 National Honor Society 2, 35 County Chorus 2, 35 Pittsburgh Chorus 25 Exceptionally Able Youth Test 35 Pennsylvania State Scholarship Exam. LESH, Club l, 25 Economics Club 35 Flame Staff5 Olympic Tumbling Team 25 Prom Committee Artist. VIVIAN B. ''Viv"-Stenogmphic-Chess Club 15 Art LEWVIS, JOSEPH "Joe"-Industrial Arts LEWIS, LENORE J. "Nora"-Academic-F.H.A. 25 Senior Play. LITTLER, PATRICIA A. "Patti"-Stenogmphic-F.H.A. 35 Senior Play5 Journalism 2, 35 Debate Club 15 May Day 15 Home Room Treasurer I5 Usher Staff 1, 2, 3. LOZER, DIANE C. "Dee Bean"-Academic-F.H.A. 25 Usher Staff 1, 2, 35 Physical Education Program l, 2, 35 Senior Review 3. MacDONALD, MARGARET "Peggy"-Family Living. MacDONALD, SUZANNE L. "Suzie"-General-May Day l. MAGEL, LINDA L. "Lin"-Academic-Band 1, 2, 35 Area III 1, 2, 35 West District Orchestra 25 West District Band 35 Honors Band 35 May Day 15 Senior Review 35 F.T.A. 35 Latin Club l. MALONE, MARTIN W. ''Marty"-Academic-F.T.A. 33 His- tory Club 3. MANNA, DEAN R. "Dino''-Scientific-Chorus 13 Key Club 33 Economics Club 33 Hall Guard3 Senior Play 33 Student Govern- ment 1, 2, 33 Football 1, 2, 33 Basketball 23 Baseball 2, 33 Cafeteria Aid 1, 2, 33 Home Room Oilicer 1. MASCARI, SANDRA E. "Sandy"-Academic-Band 1, 2, 33 Math Club 13 History Club 13 F.T.A. 1, 2, 33 Spanish Club 23 Senior Play 33 Record Reporter 33 May Day 1, 23 Guidance Hostess 2. MAXIN, SANDRA E. ''Sandy"-C16rica!-Chorus 13 F.H.A. 13 Senior Play3 Intramurals 1, 23 Senior Review3 Home Room Oliicer 1, 2, 3. MCARDLE, LAURENE "Renie"-General-Flame Staff. McCORMICK, JAMES S. ''Cornik"-Scientihc-Chorus 13 Key Club 2, 33 Caterers Club 2, 33 Hall Guard: john Tilly 13 Baccalaureate Usher 23 Senior Play3 Football 1, 2, 3, Captain3 Basketball 1, 23 Baseball 2, 33 Class Ofhcer 1, 2, 3. MCCULLOUGH, PHYLLIS L. "Lynne"-Stenographic-Art Club 13 Economics Club Secretary 33 Flame Staff 33 Senior Play3 journalism Staff 2, 33 Literary Booklet Staff 23 Physical Fitness Review 13 Yale-Princeton Game 23 May Day 13 Senior Review. MCDONOUGH, BONNIE "Bon"-Academic-Science Club 1, 2, 33 Math Club 33 F.T.A. 1, 23 Hall GU3fdj Flame Stal'f3 Student Government 1, 2, 33 National Honor Society 2, 33 journalism 3. MCEWEN, RICHARD "Rich"-Industrial Arts-Senior Play 33 Football 13 Art Club President 2. McFARLAND, DONALD C. "Don"-Scientific-Band 1, 2, 33 Chess Club 2, 33 Economics Club 33 Football 2, 3. MCGREGOR, JEAN D. "Diane"-Academic-Band 1, 2, 33 Ca- terers Club 2, 33 F.T.A. 1, 2, 33 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3g Hall Guard3 Commencement Usher 23 May Day 1, 23 Guidance Hostess 1, 23 Area III Band 1, 2, 3. MENCH, FRANK A. "Frank"-Industrial Arts-Track 33 Foot- ball 33 Senior Play. MERTZ, BEVERLY A. "Bev"-Stenographic-Chorus 1, 2, 33 F.H.A. 33 Senate 33 May Day 1, 2, 33 Physical Education Program l, 2, 33 Pep Club 33 Yale-Princeton Program 23 Prom Committee 2. MESSERSMITH, RAY E. "Ray"-Academic. MILLER, EDWARD F. "Zeke"-Industrial Arts-Basketball 2: Track 3. MINCH, DOROTHY K. "Dorth"-Scientific-Band 1, 2: Art Club 13 Library Club l, 2, 33 Caterers Club 2, Vice President 33 junior Red Cross 2, 33 F.T.A. 1, 2, President 33 Senior Play3 Drama Club 2, 3. MITCHELL, CHRISTOPHER J. "Chris"-Scientific-Hall Guard3 Student Government 33 Basketball 2, 33 Baseball 2, 3. MITCHELL, GRETTA "Gretta"-General-Chorus 13 F.H.A. 23 Flame Sliiffj Senior Play. MIXTER, CAROL G. ''Carol"-Academic-F.N.A. 13 F.H.A. 33 Spanish Club 2, 33 May Day 1, 2. MIXTER, SHARON L. "Sharon"-Academic-F.H.A. 2, 33 Span- ish Club 2, 33 May Day 2g Pep Club 3. NAUMAN, SONDRA L. "Sondy"-Scientific-Chorus 1, 2, 33 Flame Staff. NEELY, JUDITH A. 'Judy''-Stenographic-Chorus 13 Hall Guard 33 Girl of the Month 33 Commencement Usher 23 Senior Play 33 Usher Staff 1, 2, 33 Class Officer 1, 33 Physical Fitness Program 13 Yale-Princeton Game 2. NEW, DAVID L. "Blondie"-Clerical. NEWMAN, JANELLEN "jane"-Academic-History Club 2, 35 Library Club 1, 2, 33 F.T.A. 1, 2, 33 Senior Play 33 Moon Beams Staff 2,'33 National Honor Society 2, 33 Drama Club 2, 33 Science Fair Winner 13 Extra Able Youth Test3 Pennsylvania State Scholarship Exam. NORTHROP, BARBARA S. "Barb"-Academic-Band 1, 2, 33 Majorette 23 F.N.A. 23 Latin Club 13 Senior Play Committee 33 Prom Committee 23 May Day 13 Senior Review 33 Intramurals 1 OEHLING, DAVID P. "Oafie"-Clerical-Band 1, 2, 33 Hall Guard. OSTERLING, LE VERN "Clams"-Clerical-Chess Club 13 Football 1, 23 Track 23 Home Room Officer 1. ORD, JAMES R. "jim"-Scientihc-Baseball 13 Chorus l. OSENBAU, ROSS "Ross"-Aendemic-History Club 33 Spanish Club 33 Speech Scholarship3 Senior Play 33 Drama Club 33 Debate Club3 Senior Review3 Track 2. PAVELISH, ALAN M. "Al"-Academic-Key Club 1, 2, 33 History Club 1, 2, 33 Science Fair 33 P.S.A.T. Award 23 Student Government 13 Football 13 Track 33 National Honor Society 2, 33 Home Room President 23 Student Court Commissioner of Elec- tions 2, 33 Political Science Discussion Group 33 Literary Maga- zine Staff 23 Senior Review 3. PAYTAS, CAROL A. ''Carol"--Academic-Band 1, 2, 33 History Club 1, 2, 33 F.H.A. 2: Senior Review. PETERS, GARY L. "Gary"-Scientific PETERS, WILLIAM T. "Bill"-Academic-Spanish Club 13 Senior Review Committee. PILE, SYDNEY T. "Sid"-Academic-Chorus 1, 2, 33 Western District Chorusg County Chorus. POSTLER, SHARON L. "Pos''-Stenographic-F.H.A. 23 Stu- dent Government l3 May Dayg Senior Review. PRUNTY, NORMA L. ''Norma"-Stenographic-Chorus 3. REGOTTI, KATHLEEN "Kathy"-Stenographic-Flame Staffg May Festival lg Girls All Star Basketball 23 Debate Club 1. RITCHEY, GERALD L. "Jerry"-Commercial. RUDICK, PATRICIA E. ''Patti"-Academic-Chorus 1, 2, 33 F.T.A. 2, 33 Spanish Club 2, 33 Western District Chorus 1, 23 All State Chorus 33 Regional Chorus 2, 33 Senior Play 33 Girls Ensemble 1, 2, 33 Yale-Princeton 23 All School Review 33 Senior Review 3. RUDOLF, WILLIAM "Bill"-Commercial-Art Club 13 Cater- ers Club 2, 33 Football 13 Basketball 33 Track 1, 33 Home Room Ofiicer 1, 23 Prom Committee 2. SCHREIBER, JERILYN ''Jeri"-Scientific-History Club 1, 2, 33 Commencement Usher 23 Senior Play 33 Student Government 2, 3. SCHULTHEIS, WILLIAM T. ''Bill'-Commercial-Journalism 1. SELLA, ELLEN "Ellen"-Family Living-F.H.A. 2, 3. SEVER, NICHOLAS A. "Nick"-Scientific-Student Govern- ment 1. SHANKS, THOMAS "Tom"-General-Hall Monitor 1. SICKMILLER, 'THOMAS R. "Tom"-Scientific-Band 1, 2, 3. SIEGMAN, ANICE M. "Anice"-Scientific-Library Club 1, 2, 33 Caterers Club 2, 33 F.T.A. 33 Hall Guard: Commencement Usher 23 Senior Play 33 Cheerleaders 1, 2, 33 Physical Education Program 1, 2: Home Room Presitlent 2. SINCLAIR, GEORGENE ''Dimples"-Clerical-F.H.A. Treas- urer 33 Pep Club 3. SKOPINSKI, KAROL "Karol"-Academic-Basketball3 Yale- Princeton 23 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3. SLEASMAN, CHRISTINE E. "Pinky"-Clerical-Chorus 13 F.H.A. 33 Pep Club 3. SMITH, JEFFREY L. "jeff"-General-Chorus 13 Art Club 23 Flame Staif 33 Track 2, 3. SMITH, JUDITH A. ''Judy"-Scientific-Flame Staff 33 Prom Committee 2. SNELL, NANCY E. "Nance"-Academic-Chorus 1, 2, 33 Li- brary Club 1, 2, 33 Caterers Club 2, 33 Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 33 National Honor Society 2, 33 National Merit Semi-Finalist3 Ex- ceptionally Able Youth Test3 Pennsylvania State Scholarship Exam3 Coraopolis Record Reporterg Betty Crocker Award. SOCHA, CHRIS A. "Mick"-Clerical-Chorus l. SONGER, JANET "Janet"-Academic-Band 1, 2, 33 F.T.A. l, 2, 33 Spanish Club 23 May Day 1, 23 Guidance Hostess 2. SOWERS, ROBERT L. "Bob"-Commercial. SPENCER, THOMAS W. "Tom"-Scientihc-Key Club 1, 2, 3g History Club 33 Spanish Club 1, 23 Economics Club 33 Hall Guard3 Flame Staff 33 N.E.A. Achievement Test Certificate3 Dis- tinguished Key Club Service QPennsylvania Districtj3 Honor So- ciety 2, 33 Baccalaureate Usher 23 Class Treasurer 23 Prom Master Committee 23 Senior Review 33 Class Activities Chairman 23 Football 1, 2, 33 Track l, 2, 3. STARY, BARBARA L. "Barb"-Stenographic-Band l, 23 Flame Staff 33 Senior Play 33 Student Government 1, 2, 33 May Day 13 National Honor Society 3. STEELE, DAVID L. "Dave"-Clerical-Flame Staff 33 Senior Play 33 Drama Club 33 Prom Committee 23 May Day l. STEFFAN, MARY L. "Mare"-General-Senior Play 33 Senate 3. STELZIG, CAROL A. "Carol"-Stenographic-May Day 1. STEPHAN, ROBERT E. "Steff"-Scientific-Dance Band 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 33 History Club 1, 2, 33 Flame Staff 33 Area III Band 1, 2, 33 Student Government 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2, 3. STEPHENSON, ELAINE "Elaine"-General-F.H.A. 2: Science Fair. STIFFLER, DIANA L. ''Dee''-Scientific-Majorette 13 Head Majorette 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 33 Caterers Club 2, 33 F.T.A. 1, 23 Hall Guard 33 Commencement Usher 23 Grades Committee 13 Senior Review 3. STRAFFON, GERALD L. ''Claw"-Commercial-Band 1, 2, 33 Hall Guard: Track 13 May Day 1. SULKOWSKI, DAVID "Dave" SULLIVAN, NANCY A. "Nance"-Clerical-F.H.A. 33 Flame Staff 33 Senior Play 33 Senior Review 3. TARQUINIO, GARRY M. ''Tark"-Scientihc-Chorus 1, 2, 33 F.T.A.3 Spanish Club 23 Senior Play3 Drama Club 33 Director Senior Review 33 Prom C0-Chairmang County Chorus 2, 33 Pittsburgh Chorus 2, 33 Usher Staff 2, 3. TAYLOR, CHERYL L. "Blondie"-Academic. THOMPSON, WAYNE E. "Pete"-Industrial Arts. TILLY, CATHERINE R. "Cathy"-Clerical-Flame Staff3 Sen- ior Play: May Day 13 Prom Committee3 Debate Club 13 Senior Review 33 Pep Club 3. TIMMIS, ELIZABETH C. "Courtney"-Scientific-F.N.A. 1, 2, 33 Science Club 2, 3, Secretary 33 Junior Red Cross3 Princeton Manager 2, 33 Guidance Hostess 2. TITUS, GLENN M. "Chip"-General-Band l, 23 Senior Play 33 Basketball Manager 23 Baseball Manager 2, 33 Cafeteria Aid 1. TORRANCE, WAYNE A. "Wayne"-Industrial Arts. TRIBBY, JOHN W. ''Trib"-Scientific-Student Government 23 Football 2, 3. TRUNICK, BENITA A. "Benni"-Scientific-Chorus 1, 2, 33 Math Club 2, gl County Chorus 33 Drama Club 33 Girl Ensem- ble 3. TURZAK, BEVERLY K. "Bev"-Academic-Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 33 Commencement Usher 23 F.H.A.3 Guidance Oflice 2, 33 Home Room Hostess l. TYLER, ANNETTE L. "Annette"-Stenographic-Chorus 13 Caterers Club 2, 33 Hall Guard3 Cheerleader 1, 33 May Day l, 33 Debate Club 13 Home Room Officer 2g Yale-Princeton 2. UDVARI, JOSEPH D. "Joe"-Scientific-Band 1, 2, 3g Key Club 2, 33 Spanish Club 23 Hall Guard3 Baccalaureate Usher 23 Drama Club 33 Student Government 33 Track 1, 3. VANICH, LYNN B. "Lynn"-Scientific-Band 1, 2, 33 F.N.A. 2, 33 Economics Club 33 Hall Guard: Commencement Usher 23 Majorette 2, 33 Girls Basketball Team 23 Home Room Oflicer 1, 3. VERNOCY, THOMAS A. "Tom"-Scientific-Dance Band l, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 33 Key Club 1, 2, 33 History Club 1, 2, 33 Hall Guard3 Golf 1, 2, 3. WAGONER, JOHN E. "John"-Academic-Band 33 Latin Club 23 Senior Play3 Track 2. WALLACE, JOSEPH D. ''Doug"-Scientific-Chorus 1, 2: Key Club 2, 33 Caterers Club 2, 33 Economics Club 33 Hall Guard 33 Student Government l, 2, 33 Track 1, 2, 3. WALLS, EDWARD A. "Edd"-Scientific. WEAVER, ROBERT W. ''Beaver"-Scientific-Football 33 Bas- ketball Manager 2, 3. WELCH, JOHN A. JR. "Jack"-General-Track 33 May Day 3. WILEY, JAMES R. "Wiley Jim"-Scientific-1963 Big Ten All Star3 Football 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2. WITHEE, MARGARET "Peggy"-Clerical-Junior Red Cross 13 F.H.A. 1, 2, 33 Flame Staff 33 Senior Play3 Intramurals l, 23 Senior Review 33 May Festival 13 Prom Committee Chairman. WOLF, DONNA J. ''Donna"-Scientific-F.T.A. 1, 2, 33 Senior Play3 Student Government 33 Physical Education Program 33 Home Room Officer 23 Journalism 33 Guidance Oflice Hostess 2. WOODWARD, SUSANNE L. "Sue"-Academic-Chorus 1, 2, 33 History Club 1, 2, 33 Library Club l, 2, 33 Caterers 2, 33 Junior Red Cross l, 23 F.T.A. l, 2, 33 Hall Guard 33 D.A.R. Good Citizen Award3 Commencement Usher 23 Senior Play3 Student Govern- ment 13 National Honor Society 2, 33 Senior Review 3. WROBLEWSKI, HEN RY "Henry" YAKLICH, LINDA L. "Linda"-Clerical-Hall Guard3 Senior Play3 Cheerleader 2, 33 Debate Club 13 May Day 1, 2, 33 Tum- bling Team l, 2, 3. . YOUNG, MYRTLE F. "Myrt"-Clerical-F.N.A. 1, 23 F.H.A. 33 Prom Committee. ZIMMER, PATRICIA H. "Pat"-Academic-Chorus 1, 23 Span- ish Club l, 23 Economics Club 33 Flame Staff: Senior Play3 Esperanto Club 2, 33 Senior Review Chairman. ACTIVITIES ff 4 Z, mf 4 N " ,ff jf ,, 5iJ'X 1' J xx 4511 ' Q N 0 'f 17, 1 - 'ry nward to Victory. . . Row 1: D. Derberg W. Burrows: A. Miller: R. Aulbachg D. Maggig J. Friedlg W. Diamondg D. P. Beloshg R. Audiag C. Xvardg L. Brizzolig J. Mchaificg J. Beatty. Row 3: D. Mannag K. Kudlacg H. Gallagherg C. Fergusong D. Gregoritchg R. Gottschalkg D. Fleckg B. Zuzog W. Thomas: E. Storeyg G. Littlerg J. Postage. Row 4: Mr. Petersg R. Trimberg T. Zieglerg T. Frischg T. Spencerg Roling D. Dickeyg D. Hayden: P. Bedickg T. Woodruffg W. Blake. Row 2: T. Moodyg R. Grice J. Boleag J. McCormickg J. Tribbyg F. Menchg J. Wileyg R. Weaverg D. McFarlandg Mr. Gracey Mr. Alexander. atop fhgl Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Terry Mac B079 Jim 46 D011 varsity Cory 0 lj Excel lent Tartans 9 coach es Montour I2 Stowe 6 Dormont 0 Quakers 7 great Seniors. . Peters, Backlield C M H d Gracey, Head C james Alexander, L Coach oach If - I Joe Tim Tom 47 Frank Actions Speak. . . B x l. I Row I: D. Burkartg C. Stanleyg H. Stevensong G. joinerg K. jones: D. Croweg A. Metag D. Raog F. Fishcrg J. Christineg T. Poleng C. Alleyg P. Scheaderg G. Kudlecg P. Grice. Row 2: J. Starr: B. Shipleyg T. Spatharasg R. Meanerg P. Brinkg R. Milligang L. Udvarig B. Deramog B. Rodyg D. Garving B. McClurog B. SLifHerg G. Fosterg G. Murphyg C. Eckelberryg A. Kaufmanng L. ShifHetg G. Miller. Row 3: Mr. Glatzg B. Arthurg N. Kalichg T. McCannag T. Poultomg T. Galligherg M. Scheterg J. Starrg T. Babishg M. Sonnettg B. Martiorg J. Frissorag B. Schvoltg T. Hordg E. Carn- velleg R. Priceg Mr. Cady. Missing from picture: Dan Alterburg. Junior High Co-Champion J. Topeg I. Millerg J. Runyong S. Skopinskig D. Seniors L. Yaklichg A. Sicgmang A. Tylerg M. Kissingerg A. Haulsicg C. Haushallerg K. Skopinskig S. Gerlach. Sheri Annette Linda Anice Karol Chee-:ring Glatzg S. Fosterg B. Swadlog B. Haushalter. Row I: P. Hosag S. Skopinski. Row 2: P. Halusicg P. Sut- Long S. Kooglerg C. Rabbitg A. Swadlo. 49 Fighting For Moon High . . . i "ED" "LARRY" il Q15 -4 fjyllw' VARSITYWML Fryzg R. Gottschalkg B. Kuechg A. Detzg C. Mitchcllg C. Marattag E. Millcrg K McMechang L. Brizollig NVi1cyg L. Barcellina R. Audiag J. Brickner. "BRICK" HBOBN 50 "CHRIS" j.V. BASKETBALL-Mr. Bosettig J. Beerg H. Gottschalkg B. Lisicag D. Hayden: D. Roling G. Murphyg D. Dickeyg B. Watsong P. Bedickg J. Friedlg D. Maggi. JUNIOR HIGH-Row I: J. Draperg P. Coates, J. McAlisLerg T. Vernaug T. Babishg C. Ramseyg C. Dalton. Row 2: G. Murphyg S. Delatteg W McC1ureg B. Wallaceg A. Kauffmang J. Dunlop Row 3: P. Griceg B. Schofieldg A. Williamsg J Bonig J. Rowcg Mr. Mastri. other teams will Hgh! to the end . . l Mr. Merges After a year away from school due to a Track serious illness, Mr. Merges is returning to coach the track team to another suc- cessful season this year. Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Coaches 1963 record 104 Burgettstown 97 Chartiers Valley 68 North Allegheny 82 Coraopolis West Allegheny 98 West Allegheny 31 North Hills 61 Dorrnont Mr. 52 Kerr and Mr. Gracey The track team would like to thank Mr. Kerr and Mr. Gracey who "stepped in" and took over the job of coaching the track team due to Mr. Merges illness. Their expert coaching led to another winning season last year. .,-f ,-4.-L ...fv- ,i ,,.f1- n-ii, 'vi-ng l vii,- 'Q-Q-...,. "-'ni DON F A clion But Moon Will Win Row I: C. Richardsong H. Gotlschalkg D. Maggig D. Richg R. Cleisg D. Garisg M. Minor. Row 2: D. Mannag D. Bosettig A. Detzg W. Schoemerg A. Springbobg C. Mitchellg B. Fasanog P. Beloshg D. Gregoritch. Row 3: L. Andrikg C. Garisg E. Storeyg R. Bruceg R. Gottschalkg J. McCormicg T. Frischg R. Castellang J. Boleag G. TiLusg Coach Mr. R. Bosetli. 1963 RECORD League Games 7 WINS-3 LOSSES Exhibition and League ll WINS+3 LOSSES ur Team fi In Actzon 54 big Tom Vernocyg john Mesingg john MacCrumg Mr. Stullg Dan Garreng Eddie Heinlein. en golfing co-champs Coach Stull D011 Ed Captain Tom Vernocy 55 john i Mac 1 if 1+ mlm? Moon Beams Standing: L. McCulloughg D. Wolfg M. Goazioug J. Newmang B McDonoughg T. Dulaney. Sit- ting K. Bedickg P, Littlerg S. Maxin. Standing: J. Bannisterg M. Mi- norg T. Schwabg L. Boyd. Sit ting: B. Blumingg C. Dickeyg K Poultong M. Wvimer. And Th who gave many Saturdays of h1s valuable umc Flame Also Kathy Regottig Patti Zimmerg Ercell Goodnight: and Nancy Sullivan. 56 on .41 Standing Ricardo Chacong Rosa Zo- rilla Szttmg B McDonnough. l I l I l Rosa Zorillag Ricardo Chacon. Foreign Exchange In the two years in which Moon has participated in the student exchange program with South American Countries, six of our students were sent to such places as Colombia and Ecuador and in return, we have welcomed six South American students. Rosa Zorilla and Ricardo Chacon are the current foreign exchange students studying at Moon. They are citizens of Argentina and from them we learn a great deal about the differences in culture between our two countries. XVhatever the differences, we have learned that people are people. If the exchange program does nothing else than teach us that all men are a part of one race, it will be doing much rnore than we could hope for. Sitting: B. Billetdeauxg C. Andreyev C. Paytasg C. Altenburg. Standing QT SENATE-Row I: S. Bedickg B. Mertzg K. Layg M. Bajekg C, B. Davis: D. Mannug D. 'Wallaceg Udvarig T. Dulaneyg Haushalterg H. Gillisg N. Haycsg J. Schreibcrg B. McDonoughg K. Leouig D. X'V0lfg C. Altenburgg L. Scviusg L. Morseg B. Schaiflerg Hcinlcing N. McCrachen3 J. Trappg K,RodygC.Dull1 P. Creese: S. Kalichg I". Eclwanlsg C. Garisg C. Headlcysg R. Audiag W. K. Kcarncyg D. Harrigerg J. Cfilmoreg G. Harking N. Ginjatovichg EIJDOIHZISQ H. Hcinleing D. Mihalyig R. YVelshansg E. Clarkg R. Lznirdg D. Kotfis. Ron' 2: M. Stcpphang B. Stepphang Daveyg Student Government Battaglia. N i 4 w HOUSE Ol" REPRESENTATIVES-Row 1: P. Gaffncyg D. Prokopg S. Gerlach. Row 2: L. McCurclyg J. Brcwcrg K. Glessnerg P. Nestesg H. Shemmcrg lf. Alleyg D. Bcckerg K. ROIIIHIIQ B. WVa1'clg IS. Barnesg L. Katich. Row 3: M. Binstedg S. Gundlachg S. Oslcrlingg M. Kcnncdyg C. Kruseg Yvoodburyg S. Cormang M. Timmisg P. Gaisag M, Kristoff. Row -I: C. Alleyg D. Crowcg T. Fisherg D. Schraderg E. Milligang B. Murtierg J. Connovitchg D. Sniderg A. Kaufmang D. McCausland. Row 5: S. Corcorang J. Kerrg B. McC0yg S. Manrowg D. Millerg J. Turzacg B. Ferencg C. lfurrclg K. Davis. STUDENT COURT-D. Pile: J, Could: J. Boleag D. Kennedy: K. Kurelkog D. Fleckg K. King. 58 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY--Row 1: E. Fetskog J. XVhittickg N. Hirrlg P. Samuclsg K. Thompsong S. McCor- mackg S. Viola: V. XVclshg C. Altenburg. Row 2: Udvarig J. WVagoncrg J. McCormick: B. luzog YV. Thomasg E. Heinlein: IJ. Cossg C. Schrockg T. Dulancyg C. Mitchell: C. Chappell: J. Foster. Ron' 3: S. Cerlachg S. Woorlwardg V. ational Honor Societ NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY-Row 1: S. flLlIILll21CllQ Hirrlg I. Prokog A. Olivcrg V. Hayseg B. Bcrolag S. Jolmsong N. Francg I.. Sparling B. Eickenmullcrg S. Cornman. Ron' 2: M. YVilcyg K. MacCrumg M. Scott: R. Barrettg M. Bulclcsarrig C. Murphyg XV. Erbeyg T. Poletg L. Mertzg N. Ricclclg P. Galfneyg K. Lockcg King. Row 3 R. Marlierg P. Sutiong M. Timmisg J. Tarquiniog B. Spen- A .... .V ...U Lesh: A. Pavclishg B. Billctdeauxg B. Mcllonoughg S. Leshg T. Spencer: N. Snell: C. Andreyevg J. Ncwmang H. Gillis Row 5: C. Paylasg M. Bajekg K. Heinleing B. Kuechg S. Brewerg B. Slaryg S. Bedickg J. Langg S. Naumang B. Hill L. Magel. Ron' 5: R. Ingramg D. Kennexlyg T. Harkin, No Pictured: Sharon Cleisg Cindy Hauslialter. NAT! ONAL. S HONO N XIETY I T 53 6 ccrg H. Shcmmcrg D. Heinicing M. Krislofg S. Crognalcg P. Holme-sg J. Brcwcrg E. Pearceg E. McLcang P. Halusic. Row 1 I 4: M. Harper: A. Stockingg J. Kcrrg U. Geneighg M. Michalkog D. lxlCC21l1Sl8l1LlQ Driscollg G. Hershbergerg B. Rimdallg P. Cossg J. Goreg R. Bcckcrg T. Heinleing Hodan. out ' "j 'Pj' sow r,i.--1.27 Biff "g:1.r+- ggno ffv..ratQ'tftof' syn" r'xr1?PC Junior High Football Award Coach Glatzg P. Griceg F. Fisherg and Coach Cady are shown here with their trophy for being Co-Champs of Junior High Football in the Big Ten Con ference. John Tilly Award Ron Gottschalk, for outstanding ability in football shown during his sophomore year, was chosen to receive the john Tilly Award. Football Award Dave Fleck was chosen by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette as an All-Scholastic All Star for his outstanding playing in 1963, Special Awards Football All-Stars T. Frischg T. Spencerg J. Wileyg D. Fleckg and j. McCormick were chosen by vote of all the play- l Girls ofthe Month Judy Neely and Barbara Stary were chosen from the Commercial section as Girls of the Month. Judy and Barbara were chosen for ers in the Big Ten Conference as the All-Stars their outstanding achievement as secretarial students from Moon's 1963-64 Football Team. '5 Good Citizen Susanne XVoodward was selected as the Good Citizen from the Class of 1964, by the Jacob lfcrce Chapter of The Daughters of the Ameri- can Revolution. Future Homemaker Nancy Snell, received the highest score in the Betty Crocker Homemaking lest sponsored by the Betty Crocker Food Company.: She also finished in the top five in the SIHIC. Science Fair Winners Ran' 1: S. Lesh: H. McMullin: B. Berola: C. Lane: S. Shaw: J. Rodahaver: Randall: H. Gillis. Rout 2: P. Gavin: K. King: Fitzpatrick: G. Gunn: S. Cunlock: Lednak: Leoni: Ma- JoAnn Caponecchi Award This Award is given to the sophomore boy and girl who have compiled the most citizenship points in their junior high school years. This year, Ken King and Ellen Clark were presented with this honored award. hallie: lf. McFarland: B. Erby. Row 3: C. Schrock: B. Shauffler: B. Goss: D. Northrop: V. Sinitli: B. Bienel: D. Cutwright: D. Valcnsky. 5 G s 2 ii X Exceptionally Able Youth S. Lesh: B. Billetdeaus: J. Newman: N. Snell are Rout I: B. Sullivan: G. Titus: King: Driscoll: M. Kristoff. the students presented by the Alleghany County Row 2: H. McMullin: C. Schwartz: J. Draper: C. Grifiith: M. Civic Club as Moon High School's exceptionally Schrock: Fisher: B. Tesla. able youths. 61 Ron' I: I.. Vanirh: D. Stilller: li. Heinlein. Ron' 2: J. Songer: R. Kuenth: I.. Magel: H. Gillis: -I. Dull: AI. Y'Vzigoncr: Al. I.iL-tncr: J. Uclvziri: D. McGregor: S. Funk: B. Northrop: R. Ingram: C. Pziylas: C. Slrailon: lNIziscziri, Ron' 3: IV. Forsythe: R. Lane: K. King: R. Kirk: AI. Gcrlzlch: K. Masterson: D. lfirslcr: C. Songer: I.. Pearce: C, A. Harkin: B. Kristof: B. Braclforfl: T. Vatcrg T. Vcrnorty: B. Stephen. limi' -I: T. Harkin: B. Miczhalko: S. Lawson: I". Bahish: C. Wloocls: T. Davis: D. Hixson: R. Brinrlle: D. Northrop: B. Funk: B. Schaufflcr: D, Goss: D. Bicmcl: D. Valcnsky: T. Ifcnlon. Ron' 5: I.. Cillings: C. Coll: C. Andrick: C. Lay: B. Boehm: R. I.0I'ClllIQ C. Cisar: I.. Allshouse: B. Sullivan: M. Solomon: C. Brown: KI. Robinson: R. Vesta: C. Lottes: H. McCormick. Row 6: C. Schrock: R. Morris: B. Magel: F. Edwards: C. Rice: S. Katich: Brown: A. Hutchin- son: C. Vvilillll C. Persons: R. XfVclsl1zn1s: J. Myers: B. YVoocl: R. Pharo. Row 7: E. Hanley: S. Ricrlnirclsg I.. Dirluy: K. Thompson: C. Stephan: P. Auclick: M. Carnvale: V. YVelsh: B. Lottes: C. Corcoran: R. Konler: B. Ifasno: A. Brown. Moor l "Dee" "Lynn" HEAD MAJORETTE HKHY' l MAJORETTESAROU' 1: K. Thompson: C. Stephan: P. Ru- dick: D. Stiffler: I.. Vanirh: B. Lotlesg C. Corcoran. Ron' 2: M. Carnvale: K. Heinlein: V. Welch. Valerie Welcli Y M C A TXNIRLING CHAMPION SENIOR MALIORETTES l J 1 41 l i i High V . AREA 11-3 BAND-Rau' I: J Duffg J. Mfagonerg J. Leitnerg J Udvarig D. McGregorg S. Funk, C. Paytas. Ron' 2: Songerg L. Magelg R. Welshansg C. Schrock, G. Woodsg A. Hutchisong R Stepheng G. Straffon. Row 3: C Lottesg C. Collg R. Funkg D Northropg G. A. Harking B Bradfordg J. Gerlach. Row -I: R Magelg T. Harkin: D. Hixong R Laneg T. Davis. Band DIRECTORS Mr. Gunn, Mr. Isenburg HONORS BAND- Lincla Magel DANCE BAND-Ron' 1: G. Wooclsg B. Funkg T. Vernocyg G. Personsg J. Fasanog F. Bahishg S. Katich. Row 2: S. Funkg G. Straffong J. Lawsong G. Gardnerg Flag, R. Lane. Row 3: D. Northropg S. Richarclsg K. King: B. Forsytheg B, Stephan. Ninth Grade Band Eighth Grade Band Row I: S. Davidson: J. Blaine: G. Rccchion: T. Goazioug T. Magel: C. Ferrel: Springer: E. Gray: B. Kammerer: D. Runyon: E. Lay: R. Straffon: E. Williams: G. Foster: L. Shiff- lette: J. Tuley: S. Holliday. Row 2: ll. Lottes: Phillips: M. Kender: M. Michalko: C. Postler: J. Turzak: P. Brunette: L. Mclmcyer: J. Kerr: G. Cunn: K. Davis: M. Sikora: E. Pearce: M. Moon: E. MacLean. Row 3: H. Endress: N. Tannihill: J. Falso: D. Soissong A. Kaufmann: R. Schavolt: J. Connovitch: G. Anyder: T. Hoarcl: D. Schrader: N. Katich: T. Kline: K. Gottschalk: W. Coombs: K. Burrows: A. Schaper. Row 4: M. Grady: M. Harper: R. Cain: D. Taylor: D. Manko: P. Goss: J. Harper: L. Norris: Moxin: B. McClure: P. Cottrell: B. Randall: R. Fisher: W. Shipley: L. Moore: S. Greeniwalt: M. Pahel. Seventh Grade Band Row I: D. Lewis: R. Gittings: B. Kirk: J. Kontra: D. Beers: B. Smith: D. Morris: D. Johnson: N. Bell: L. Hofmeister: C. Lego: L. McGregor: S. Thomas: K. Springer. Row 2: L. Trimber: R. Marzlak: H. Smith: C. Majchrzak: R. Rosen- bauer: R. Rosenliauer: M. Hutchinson: J. Paul: M. Fitzpatrick: J. McCormick: B. Neely: D. Potts C. Holmstrom: J. Cavitt. Row 3: C. Psomas: D. Taglialeri: T. Britton: B. Rinehart: R. Miller: M. Koerncr: L. Cirka: V. Labach: K. Brink: C. Wozniak: P. Turkal: R. Schncernan: C. Garland. Row 4: P. Therrien: G. Martin: C. McCartney: J. Etters: C. Konter: J. Scott: D. Isenburg: R. Shrock: J. Fry: H. Holsopple: L. Andrews: M. Knoblock. - Choral Department Row 1: M. Egerg T. Pellegreng L. Goss: E. Ingle- fieldg C. Hainleyg C. Hazelg R. Foustg C. Bradleyg C. Headleyg R. Foustg G. Tarquiniog Mr. Ha- zeemg R. Crowg W. Cornmang J. Fullardg J. Garland: K. Boehmg D. Pileg D. DiClementeg D. Glatzg E. Eismang F. Randall: L. Guckert. Row 2: R. Tranovichg G. Dullg N. Pruntyg L. Almacyg M. Kellyg N. Hirdg B. Lisicag C. Clarkg R. Trim- berg D. Mihalyig D. Scalettog T. Mihalyig S. Batagliag J. Waugamang E. Heinlein: W. Ache- song E. Goodnightg C. Hetzerg M. Kissinger: E. Clark. Row 3: M. Forneyg J. Topeg E. Hausg P. Rudickg L. Foster: S. Costanzog K. Dudrickg R. Student Director: Walt Acheson with Mr. Hazeem GIRL ENSEMBLE-Row I: D. Pileg R. Trano- vichg M. Eger. Row 2: B. Trunickg C. Andreyevg P. Rudick. Row 3: K. Layg F. Randall: T. Mc- Ginnis. Row 4: J. McBride: J. Langg B. Hill. Brittong M. Fosterg G. Noonan: R. Reinhartg B. Gossg L. Huntleyg R. 0'Connorg S. Leshg R. Schoemerg W. Sirockyg T. Moody: 1. Stewart: L. Telepg A. Kingsleyg C. Hultzg C. Hudson: K. Koulterahng C. Dicksong B. Trunickg B. Albertg S. Neely: K. Lay. Row 4: T. McGinnisg C. And- reyevg Langg S. Perug R. Griceg L. Brizollig K. Kudlacg R. Barnesg P. Beloshg T. Sickmillerg S. Paine C. Garisg K.'MCM6Cl1CHj S. Pileg D. Fox: K. Douthwaiteg B. Mertzg A. McCormick: S. Woodwardg N. Snell: S. Naumang B. Hillg M. Blackman. The senior high choir, under the direction of Mr. Hazeem, enjoyed one of its most successful Christmas holiday singing seasons it has ever had. The choir traveled to Pittsburgh and appeared on the television program "Daybreak" and sang at the U.S. Steel Build- ing. The choir made two appearances at Carnegie Music Hall at the "United VVe Sing" festival and as usual spent an evening carrolling at the airport. The season was topped off with a Christmas Concert in the high school auditorium. Congratulations, choir for a job well done. g 5 f Jai. .Q Senlor High Choir Row 1: S. Gillis: J. Snider: M. Kristofe: K. Sheckter: K. Locke: A. House: B. Berolag D. Heinlein: S. Corarnan: S. Croqnale: P. Holmes: P. Nester: J. Fields: P. Sutton: C. Schreiber: A. Swadle: A. Paine: B. Mertz. Row 2: V. Hays: J Ellis: P. Gaiser: P. Sacco: H. McMul1an: K. Rab- bit: M. Mahalyg D. Falkows: K. Perchett: M. Gooth: N. Castellang K. Milligan: L. Mertzg L. S. Parlin: M. Glatz: L. Hill: N. Absolon: J. Fisher C. Norman: S. Barr: J. Blair. Row 3: P. Bednar chik: P. Crow: B. Wallace: T. Stitharos: G. Ku dhac: R. Becker: J. Grifih: G. Miller: J. Frame J. Firster: S. Johnson: F. Alexander: G. Smith. Row 4: S. Miller: B. Rody: D. Rao: P. Griceg B. Deramo: J. Ancrum: J. Draper: G. Kish: E Lesh: S. Hird: C. Alley: M. Baldessari: M Joiner: D. Garvin: C. Swartz: A. Oliver. Ninth Grade Chorus Eighth Grade Chorus Row I: R. Hetzer: K. Backer: J. Baum: K. Szeman: L. Cox: A. Martinez: J. Howe: M. Hot- strom: S. Paine: L. Tranter: S. Hodan: A. Stock- ing: N. Boehm: P. McMullen. Row 2: S. Cor- cordn: K. Balogh: P. Hughes: S. Manrow: S. Fauntleral: K. Brown: L. Thompson: A. Dill: D. Miller: N. Vater: D. Brown: M. Therrien: B. Santueci: N. Novak: K. Pharo: J. Rumble: C. Brown. Row 3: S. Martin: S. Storey: G. Davis: T. Gallager: A. Stewart: R. Krullg C. Rush: T. Lay: C. Chaney: G. Lee: A. Hay: A. Stoner. Row 4: T. Dickinson: S. Galloway: T. Heinlein: T. Rossi: J. Holland: F. Krobeth: D. Snider: J. Tope: S. Roberts: E. Neeley: D. Jukes: B. Arthur: N. Von Stein. Seventh Grade Chorus Row 1. K. Johnson: S. King: B. Paine: L. Dill: D. Wells: Roman: C. Berolag C. Bradshaw: J. Ginsburg: D. Gracey: D. Becker: K. Schreiber: C. Tracey: L. McConnell: J. E. Egerg J. Rudick. Row 4: K. Jones: J. McCoy: B. Gregg: Brenner: E. Baire: J. Bradford: L. Cave: C. Thomas: B. ,J. Ord: C. Colteryahng J. Mieson: M. Kennedy: B. Bednar- Johnson: D. Erb. Row 2: L. D. Clemente: S. Egler: J. chik: J. Howzeg A. Phillips: K. Hanson: C. Gallager: C. Junge: P. Larkins: V. Pharo: S. Berry: S. Lysiak: C. Co- Murphy: M. Meyers. Row 5: M. Galloway: S. Rickets: P. Hause: G. Blackman: P. Brumer: J. Meyers: M. Mucha: N. Sabo: R. Allison: F. Laslo: L. Mauro: W. Parkinson: C. Price: M. Songer: T. Milan: H. Evans: B. Bannister. Row Watson: B. Bedick: D. Wilson: K. Mayberry: K. Smith: G. 3: C. Miller: C. Hughes: S. Sickmiller: K. Yanuzi: B. Cresse: J. Keith. Roycroftg M. Camesi: L. Dull: B. Buzza: T. Brunette: K. 66 Special Chorus Awards Patti Rudick represented our choir in two highly known cho- rus festivals. Patti was selected to sing with the regional and state chorus. This is a great honor. Congratulations, Patti. COUNTY CHORUS-Row I B Hill G Tarqumio B Tru nickg S. Pileg K. Layg S. Lesh P Rudick C Clark Row 2 B O'Connor3 C. Garlantlg S. Peru T Moody B Cornman CI Mihalyi. VOICE SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS. Trela Mc- Ginnis and Tom Moody were the recipients of the annual voice scholarship contest. They will receive one year's voice lessons. WESTERN DISTRICT CHORUS T Mood, 67 P. Rudickg S. Pile serving M0011 High LIBMRY CLUB-Row 1.- J. Langg C Andreyevg S. Woodward: M. Bajekg S Gerlachg A. Siegmang D. Minchg J Newmang S. Snellg S. Beclickg L. Alls- K. Kearneyg M. Trappg K. Kearneyg N. house. Row 2: B. Holperg E. Stephan Hirdg C. Altenburgg V. Welshg C. Vol skog P. Samuelg M. Eger. Row 3: M. Forney: K. Poultang C. Cuervog B. Bradfordg J. Topeg E. Clark: F. Ran dallg J. Minchg S. Shawg K. Thomas: Mrs. Tussey. KEY CLUB-Row I: Mr. Millerg B. Keuchg T. Spencerg A. Pavelishg H. Gillisg W. Achesong K. King. Row 2: R. Welshansg R. Griceg D. Mihalyig J. Fosterg D. Mannag Gerlach. Row 3: D. Goss: E. Heinleing J. Leonig E. Storeyg K. McMecken3 J. Bolcag T. Tyler. Row 4: D. Trimberg H. Wal- laceg J. Udvarig T. Vernocy, B. Stephan: W. Sirockyg T. Harkin. Row 5: J. McCrumg W. Thomas: R. Brin- dleg T. Vaterg R. Lane: J. McCormick. USHER STAFF-Row I: G. Tarquiniog D. Lozerg C. Kearneyg G. McAllister: J. Neely: C. Holtsg C. Altenburgg G. Harking J. Bolea. Row 2: C. Kearney: M. Goazioug N. Hirdg C. Andreyevg S. Viola: T. Menchg L. Gittinsg C. Poul- tong F. Randall: E. Goodnight. Row 3: J. Gould: C. Bedickg P. Littlerg Miss Romanog D. Pileg L. Fox. HALL GUARDS-Row l.' A. Pavelishg J. Udvarig S. Woodwardg J. Schreiberg S. Bedickg N. Haysg B. McDonoughg S. Gerlachg A. Siegmang D. McGregorg A. Tylerg K. Heinleing J. Bolea. Row 2: D. Kennedyg C. Mitchellg T. Dulaneyg D. Mannag R. Ingramg R. Laneg B. Johnsong J. Neelyg J. Arbaughg L. Vanichg S. Cleisg M. Bajekg D. Stifiier. Row 3: J. Leonig J. Fosterg B. Keuchg H. Gillisg W. Achesong T. Frischg J. McCormickg D. Wallaceg T. Vernocyg T. Spencerg T. Harkin. STAGE CREW-Row 1: S. Gundlack E. Hanleyg J. Fitzpatrick. Row 2.' B Gossg R. Kimmclg W. Rodgersg Mr Braung C. Shrockg T. Vater. Not Pic- tured: G. Gardner. CATERERS CLUB-Row I: N. Snellg D. McGregorg C. Andrcyevg A. Tylerg A. Sicgmang S. Gerlachg S. Woodwardg D. Stifiicrg J. Gould: D. Minch. Row 2. Mrs. Crawfordg B. Johnsong P. Sam- uelg C. Garving N. Hirdg D. Strangg A Halusicg J. Minchg C. Volskog V Welch. Row 3: J. Leonig B. Zuzog E Storeyg T. Frischg D. YVallaceg E. Hein- leing D. Trimberg McCormick. QI tain w Furthering Their Knowledge JR. HIGH SCIENCE CLUB Row 1: J. Griflith: S. Pavelish: J. Blaine: P Farian: B. Lesko: A. Hutchinson: T. Britton: D Beer: J. Paul: F. Laslo: D. English: J. Baird Row 2: VV. Parkison: S. Hershberger: G. Miller: B. Erbey: P. Larkin: Z. Osterling: P. Turkle: K Hansen: S. Lysik: K. Holstrum. Row 3: H. En- dris: H. Holsople: B. Schnamer: L. Tranter: C Mfozniak: P. Pruner: R. Schrockg P. Rudick: D Erb: L. Katich: P. Hickey: G. Becker. Row 4: C Griflith: S. Ehle: K. Glessner: M. Brown: E Donahue: P. English: J. Blair: K. Persichetti: P Gnjatovich. Row 5: J. Draper: J. Levnak: F Miller: Tarquinio: G. Kish: R. McIntosh: B Donley: M. Smonko: G. Dombi: L. Chalinski. ECONOMICS CLUB Row I: R. Konter: D. Pile: L. Williams' P Glessner: B. Krommos: S. Funk: B. Funk' R Ingram: H. Gillis: L. McCullough: Mr. Pappas T. Harkin: D. Larkin. Row 2: J. Sacco P. Zim mer: E. Fetsko: T. Pellogreen: V. Lesh: C. Von Stein: D. Garren: S. Lesh: J. Foster: D. McFar- land! J. Kephart: S. Schieck. Row 3: V. Smith: K. King: B. Bruce: D. Wallace: D. Manna: D. Kennedy: T. Spencer: B. Goss: K. Kurelko: S. Brown: B. Neison: T. Schwab. Row 4: D. North- rop: B. Shauifler: B. Kristof: B. Lanford: J. Dalton: J. Postage: J. Yerse: B. Widner: J. Mol- lenauer: J. Schneltzer. MATH CLUB Row I: N. Hird: D. Biemel: Miss Ro- mano: B. Hill: A. Hutchinson: B. Bil- letdeaux: R. Lane: S. Lesh: B. Goss. Row 2: S. Bedick: B. Trunick: J. Lang: M. Goaziou: B. McDonough: C Douthwaite: G. Andrick: P. Owens: R. O'Connor. Row 3: S. Richards: E. Han- ley: K. King: B. Bradford: B. Ruprect: S. Viola: K. Thompson: D. Goss: B. Hogue. Row 4: D. Derber: D. North- rop: B. Shaulfler: T. Hamilton: T. Fenton: L. Diday: B. Valensky: P. Mc- Laughlin. HISTORY CLUB Row 1: Mr. Kramer: A. Pavelish: Newman: J. Foster: M. Goaziou: S. Woodward. Row 2: E. Fetskog S. Cleis: J. Schreiber: McBride: F. Randall: S. Todd: P. Driscoll: N. Hird: L. Alls- house. Row 3: B. Stephen: T. Spencer: B. O'Connor: H. Gillis: T. Vcrnocy: D. Kennedy: T. Harkin: M. Malone. SCIENCE CLUB Row 1: Mr. Ruscitti: D. Goss: B. Mc- Donough: R. Lane: C. Timmis: S. Funk: S. Lesh: K. Thompson. Row 2: J. Rodahaver: S. McGinnis: B. Krasow- ski: M. Smalinski: S. Dickey: C. Hultz: J. Ivhittick: C. Douthwaite: S. Viola: L. Rice. Row 3: B. Cornmang D. Northrop: B. Funk: B. Schauffler: K. King: L. Diday: McHafllc: A. Hutchinson: D. Valensky. SPANISH CLUB Row I: C. Delatte: D. McGregor: M. McCarthy: J. Yerse: B. Billetcleaux: Mr. D'Andrea. Row 2: K. Heinlein, J. Winner: J. Rodahaver: S. Peru: E. Hamilton: K. King: C. Donovan: M. Creighton: A. Halusic: M. Sutton. Ron' 3: Ankrom: E. Montgomery: A. Kingsley: C. Andreyev: C. Kiess: K. Mixter: B. Johnson: C. Mixter: S. Ming- ter: P. Rudick: R. Pharo. l LATIN CLUB Row 1: P. McLaughlin: P. Owens: Mr. Hucken- stein: M. Eger. Row 2: L. Leitner: C. Stephan: L. Snyder: S. McGinnis: K. Brown: C. Schwab: P. King. Row 3: J. Myers: L. Boyd: N. Morrow: N. McCrackin: K. Poulton: B. Sullivan. JR. HIGH SPANISH CLUB Row J: P. Larkin: B. Smith: M. Hutchinson: E. Snyder: D. Runyon: N. Bell: S. Eglcr: J. Malaso: W'. Kirk: J. Paul. Row 2: J. Bradford: A. Mac- If-an' M. Myers: E. Eger: P. Turkal: J. Meyers: C. Lego: J. Junge. Row 3: S. Dewitt: D. Gracey: J. Gainsburger: E. Wozniak: K. Hansen: B. Neely: D. Potts: P. Cirka: D. Beer: P. Therrian Row -I: J. Ginsburg: B. Pianes: V. LaBach: B Isenburg: J. Fry. Row 5: C. Berola: C. Roman: B. Davis: S. Lysiak. Row 6: R. Rosenbauer: R Rosenbauer: C. Mishak: J. Starry: D. Donovan R. Miller: E. Carnvale. 1 enriching the senior high .. JUNIOR RED CROSS-Mrs. Stawiany, Sponsor. Row 1: N. Haysg J. Arbaughg J. Gilmoreg K. Darakg M. Carnvale. Row 2: R. Imgramg B. Turzakg J. Boleag C. Altenburgg M. Kissingerg E. Eisman. Row 3: J. Leitnerg S. Shawg D. Minchg N. Snell: C. Timmisg C. Lottesg S. Bednick. DRAMA CLUB-Mrs. MacLean. Row I: B. Trunikg J. Whittickg C. Aten- burgg R. Funk. Row 2.' C. Chappellg J. Udvarig S. Brewerg S. Cleisg J. Bolea: B. Snider: K. Kurelkog C. Schrockg B. Sourbrine. Row 3: V. VV'eshg B. Barnesg R. Osenbaug S. Shawg D. Minchg J. Newmang J. Kishg G. Tarquiniog C. Collg S. Garvin. Row -1: T. Minchg S. Katichg B. Cleisg R. Brown: T. Tylerg D. Steele. 72 SR. HIGH CHESS CLUB-Row I M. Leshg Mr. Hawesg D. MacFarland C. Bradleyg S. Lesh. Row 2: V. Battag aliag W. Leshg B. O'Connorg H. Reese B. Fasanog R. Pharog B. Billetdeaux. and the junior high GAVEL CLUB-Row 1: J. Tarquniog J. VVells D. Hcilcing M. Boldiserig J. Forsorag H. Sham mer: Miss MCC-innis. Row 2: Harrigalg K Lockeg C. Schwartyg M. Kristafg K. MacCrumg S Postageg C. Laney R. Beckerg R. Barret. Row 3 S. Gundlachg S. Gillisg B. Genmillerg M. Scott M. Timmisg B. Bcrolag N. Riedel. JUNIOR HIGH F.H.A.-Row I: D. Smithg K. Bacherg S Crognleg V. Haysg D. Millerg K. Postlcrg D. Hcinlcing B. McCoyg M. Timmisg M. Michalko. Row 2: D. Springer: S. C-renwaleg B. Spencer: Wcllsg K. Locke: S. Gillisg B. Berolag B. Genmillerg Schekncrg L. Mertzg Mrs. Mc- Cormick. Ron' 3: M. Scottg L. Logang Brindlcg C. Bosettig Turyakg J. Kerrg Benighg M. Cherriang M. Glatz. JUNIOR HIGH INTRAMURAL STAFF-Rou' 1: P. Saccog S. Stumpfg P. Gnjatovichg R. Dankog C. Johnsong E. Donahue: P. Ncsterg B. Kristufehg Miss King. Row 2: C. Boscttig L. Mc- Curdyg L. McCarthyg L. Tranterg V. Haysg B. Teslag B. Schneiderg M. Brown. Preparing For The Future FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-Row 1: M. Bajek: D. VVolf: R. Tranovich: J, New- man: J. Songerg L. Magel: S. Mascari: P. Rudickg V. Welch: Miss Braun: D. McGregor: D. Minch: S. Woodward: Minch: S. Shaw: M. Sutton. Row 2: J. McBride: C. Rody: K. Darak: B Ruprecht: S. Neely: C. Alten- burg: P. Samuel: A. Siegman: D. Harriger: C. Volsko: M. Annen. Ron' 3: K. Heilein: A. Halusic: C. Harkin: J. Gould: M. Black- man: A. Kingsley: Miller: B Sullivan: J. Duify: C. Clark: G Tarquinio. Row 4: H. McCor mick: L. Guckert: L. Stocking' C. Keiss: L. Maschech: K. No- vak: P. Rudickg L. Foster: R. Jungc. Row 5: B. Neison: C Songer: K. Brown: F. Randall B, Holferg B. Lottes: Tope: C Chappell: E. Clark: B. Bradford K. Lay. SENIOR HIGH FUTURE HOMEMAKER OF AMERI- CA-Row I: Kish: C. Sinc- lair: D. Davidson: B. Johnson: C. Altimore: S. Mixter: C. Sleas- mang L. Karl: Miss Marnen. Row 2: V. Ricci: K. Kirk: M. Salomon: D. Straflon: I. Mozer: J. Chalinski: C. Mixter: L. Goss: F. Sheffler: H. Fulcombcr. Row 3: C. Dickson: L. Stocking: M. Cook: S. Johnson: J. Dilisio: B. Mertz: K. Kohlmang P. Littler: B. Sinder: N. Harper: E. Sella: N. Lauata. Row 4: K. Mixter: P. Kennedy: L. Guckert: E. Good- night: B. Johnson: N. Sullivan: M. Young: M. Born: P. Mac- Donald. Missing from picture: M. Foster. FUTURE NURSES-Row I. M. Binstead: C. Timmis. Row 2 C. Dickson: S. Roycroft: S. Bed- ick: S. Cleis: J. Duff: C. Lottes M. Farrow: P. Glessner. Row 3. E. Montgomery: J. Ankrorn: C Cisarg M. Creighton: J. Huston: J. Winner: C. Hudson: C. Hults Row 4: L. Gittings: S. Brown: S Constanzo: M. Forney: K. Mas terson: E. Haus: K. Kearney Missing from picture: S. McC0r mack: M. Wimer. , School Review WA mi 'S Row I.' V. Battagliag J. Wagonerg Hiltgeng B. Johnson: D. YVolf. Row 2: S. Brewerg D. Kenneclyg B. Johnsong K. Dudrichg R. Osenbaug J. Arbaughg C. Chap- pelg K. Kurelkog Ii. Storyg Kish. Row 3: J. Cottrellg E. Newman: T. Dulancyg D. Larking J. Uclvarig J. Neelyg G. Tarquiniog D. Minchg J. Alexander: J. Lcitncr: B. Hill. ,il Pillow Talk . ' 33. '. l me .-.J 5 We Q. J 1 ,, 'x I 5 Ls' W Zu 'I 'J ' 1' 3' . 1 Q Q.. .N .J X I 76 i 'More Than Welcome' Under the leadership of Mrs. Beryl MacLean, the Dramatics Club sponsored two plays this past school year. Both plays, The Sophomore One Acts and "More Than Welcome" were a great success. th C prom Ollf k ing stairway 'IO th C stars our queen the Work Elfl the fun CL SSS 95" . 'W-A JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Sitting: V. Pres. A. Detzg V - Sec. P. Samuelg Pres. G. Zuzog Treas. S. Shawg Hist. C. Garvin. Standing: Sponsor Mr. James Driesh. 1 AT Sx V -',V. 10TH GRADE OFFICERS-Treas. B. Watsong Pres. D. Haydeng Miss Aclesta Koepiingcrg V. Pres. D. Dickeyg Sec. T. Tyler. Class Oficers 'V 1 9TH GRADE OFFICERS-V. Pres. S. Crognaleg Sec. P. Sutton: Pres. M. Baldesarig Hist. B. Berolag Treas. V. Hayes. sicg Pres. E. Neelyg V. Pres. M. Sikorag Treas. C. Mitchell 7TH GRADE OFFICERS-Sec. C. Berolag Pres. M. Hutch- ensong Treas. C. Wozniokg Hist. W. Bornesg V. Presg J. Ginsburgh. 80 8TH GRADE OFFICERS-Sec. A. Stewartg Hist. P. Halu- Junior Class J-ilu. H.R. 203 MR. SLIWVIAK Row I: W. Lesh: M. McKendry: D. Ryan: T. Tarquinio: R. Har- per: J. McDonough: D. Fox Row 2: R. Dwyer: D. Straffon V. Reinecker: M. Vochinsky: B. Runyon: R. Whetsell: J. Sleas- man: M. Foster: C. Sinclair: E. Schaper. Row 3: M. Dickhart: G Miller: R. Grice: F. McDon ough: J. Wroblewski: L. Briz- zoli: D. Murphy: R. Grannis: B Benigh: J. Littler: D. Ebert: R. Cumpslon: S. Betz. H.R. 224 MRS. LAUTEN Row 1: R. Betrley: R. Ladesic: E. Foster: C. Hayman: W. Lesh: B. Waltonbaugh. Row 2: R Laurella: P. Ginsburgh: B Grzywacz: E. Fetsko: P. Kenne- dy: K. King: S. McEwen: E Hamitton: D. Grant: C. Corcor- an: N. Mechtel. Row 3: E. Bates: R. Gottschalk: J. Subrowski: B. Almacy: C. Dunlop: T. Pelle- green: B. Campbell: T. Kuzio: P. Klein: L. Colyer: A. Litteiini. H.R. 212 MISS ANDERSON Row I: R. Triniber: D. Bieniel A. Cunningham: B. Hogue: B Phasanog E. Heinlein: J. Me Row 2: V. Welsh, C. Haushalter J. Gould: S. Miller: C. Lottes: M. Kelly: C. Hazel: L. Allshouse: L. Gittings: N. Hird. Row 3: C. Schrock: F. Lang: B. King: D. Hixson: H. Gallagher: S. Shaw: S. Paine: M. Kissinger: D. Hon- chorek: M. Carnvale: D. Goss: T. McGinnis: C. Wirth: C. Gar- vin. sing: D. Mihalyi: R. Barnes. y Vickar: F. lenty. H.R. 113 MISS ZONDAS Row 1: A. Hutchinson: K. Kud- lac: T. Moody: D. Gregoritch: J. Cluclow: C. Wvard: F. Ken- nedy: J. DeLatle: J. Garland Row 2: R. Welshanty: E. Star- rcy: J, McHafhc, L. Diday: G. McAlister: D. Shaw: P. Driscall: E. Kroxnmes: J. Ferrence: C. Al- timore. Row 3: R. Wood: Walgonvich: G. Brown: G. Woods: M. Klass: K. Hetzer: M. Kramer: G. Andrick: S. Viola: M. Mcfjutcheon. Row 4: Mey- er: J. Slraderg R. Csehil: E. Mc- 11 H.R. 209 MR. MERGES Q Row I: C. Curry: B. Mallickg T. Ray: T. Davis: J. MacCrum: R. Freemen: L. Telep: R. Wagner: T. Fenton. Row 2: S. Schreiber: D. Soles: J. WVhittickg K. McCul- lough: I. Moser: C. Ceasar: J. Huston: A. McCormick: S. Peru: B. Cabot. Row 3: J. VVinner: J McBride: F. Shefiler: C. Douth waite: T. Hawe: A. Audia: D. Dane: B. O'Connor: M. Creigh- ton: B. Ruprick: C. Donovan: J Trapp: S. Todd. H.R. 223 MR. SPIK Row I: L. Nolder: J. Anderson: R. Labach: D. Scaletta: Mc- Laughlin: J. Dalton: T. Minch: L. Fetch: J. Postage. Row 2: J Taglaferig K. Mixter: R. Konter, J. Kephart: J. Lovra: L. Wil- liams: S. Schick: J. Sacco: T J E Neison: M. VVimer: V. Hay: S Schwab: N. Stewart. Row 3: Ankromg E. Montgomery: Brown: M. Sever: M. Shipley: C VonStein. Row 4: D. Garren: P Belosh: W. Waldson: C. Bey- num: C. Gerguson: M. Walpuck J. Poynorg Schniltzer: Mol lenauer: J. Yerse. .R . y Row 1: P. McLaughlin: C. Gar- is: D. Valensky: V. Smith: Smoko: D. Peters: D. Black: C. Buterag T. Mihalyi. Row 2: D. Farrow: P. Glessner: M. Dennis: B. Garafolo: P. Owens: M. Far- row: K. Darak: S. McCormack: J. Gilmore: R. Tranovich: K Thompson. Row 3: A. Detz: J Lawson: A. Crowe: B. Richard- son: K. Rody: J. Chalinski: K Siefert: B. Swadlo: J. Minch: C Volsko: P. Samuels: D. Harriger B. Zuzo. H.R. 217 MR. RUSCITTI Row 1: A. Kingsley: M. McCar- thy: L. Rice: S. Murphy: M. Sut- ton: J. Rodohaver: D. Doughty: B. Corman: C. Altenburg: C. Bradley. Row 2: J. Beatty: A. Halusic: D. Strang: C. Coll: M. Blackmon: R. Brindleg D. Fleck: W. Thomas: B. Lysiak: F. Babish. Sophomore Class qv' H.R. 120 MR. STAWIANY Row 1: J. Kuessg W. McVickar L. Nealg C. VVi11gard. Row 2: C Millcrg C. Pancirovg M. Cramer C. Millerg R. Mazurekg C. Hazel D. Knottsg M. Mayberryg L Ingclheldg C. Knaus. Row 3: L Mariong G. Keblesg A. Millerg A Carusog R. Lairdg K. Neisong B Lupinaccig 1. Miller: E. Dc- Molcog R. Parks. ...-ff 3.4 H.R. 212 MR. STULL Row I: W. Kisowg J. Moserg L Rinchartg M. Lemley. Ron' 2.' J Burkcg D. Phillipsg N. Lavato P. Stanketg H. Fulcomerg C Krauseg R. Prunty. Row 3: J MCl'x8ilLl6Ilj P. Krayrykg De Chcllisg R. Landfriedg Ram seyg L. Niederriterg L. McCart ncyg J. Bell. Q H.R. 206 Mr. Huckcstcin Row I: D. Northropg B. Gossg A. Batemang J. Achesong W. Sir- ockyg C. Pearsonsg G. Fredericksg J. Pullcrsong C. Latta. Row 2: K. Kingg M. Solomang G. Har- kiug K. Mastcrsong M. Forneyg E. Hanlcyg V. Riccig K. Kirkg D. Pile: J. Gerlachg C. Cuervo. Row 3: T. Vaterg S. Neelyg F. Randallg D. Knightong C. Dick- song K. Marting C. Hudson: E. Clarkg B. Bradfordg S. Cos- tanzog L. Guckertg B. Kristofg S Richards. Row 4: D. Derber' W. Schauflier. 1 H .R. 208 MR. PETERS Row 1: G. Noonang L. Huntleyg R. Shomerg B. Shiffietg B. Funkg C. Zanig F. Edwarksg L. Pierceg B. Magel. Row 2: B. Sullivang R. Koflisg N. Kingg K. Poultong S. Roycroftg S. Fosterg K. juliusg K. Browng C.Schwabg R. Brown. Row 3: Miller: P. Rudickg j. Topeg K. Colteryahng C. Hultzg H. McCormickg P. Eckelberryg D. Garrisg R. Foustg K. Kearney C. Songer. 5... ..... . H.R. 204 MR. BRAUN Row 1: A. Dellag R. Ciarlettag R. Campbellg R. A-ulbachg B. Cibsong Carusog R. Cramer: R. Weidmang K. Bowden. Row 2: B. Babikg J. Maloneg T. Hen- dersong R. Grantsg P. Creeseg P. Phlig E. Holmang R. Getlyng N. Gynatovichg K. Gavilik. Row 3: S. Gallog D. Dickeyg B. Blum- lingg B. Haushalterg E. Millerg K. Garafalog V, Bradfordg L. Hurstg M. Cookg S. Czech. H.R. 114 MR. D'ANDREA Row I: R. Sourbrineg J. Banis- terg D. Firsterg J. Beerg R. Foustg M. Sweeneyg M. Minorg E. To- deschinig M. Foster. Row 2: S. Katichg C. Headleyg B. Burrowsg K. Baing B. Michalkog M. Egerg S. McGinnis. Row 3: T. Tylerg J. Robinsong B. Krasawskig K Kearneyg S. Youngg L. Molle- nauerg M. Smolinskyg L. Sick- millerg M. Trappg C. Layg N Zuberbuhlerg C. Peters. H.R. 207 ' MRS. MacLEAN Row 1: D. Um: M. Birminghanig W. Diamondg K. Billetdeauxg J. Trurellg E. Springer: J. Bailey: R. Britton: R. Rineliartg R. Watson. Row 2: C. Allisong L. Almacyg B. Albertg C. Appelg B. Snider: S. Johnsong R. Vestag G. Dullg B. Halpherg L. Stock- ingg M. Reaneyg C. Dickey. Row 3: Huldg R. Bowardg C. Mor- ris: W. Hickeyg Charlierg W. Burger: R. Krollg R. Cleisg C. Richardsong VV. Sabog D. Mylin- ger. H.R. 222 MRS. ANDREYEV Row 1: J. McKee: J. Miller: J. Montgomery: J. Dulaneyg D. Ro- ling R. Gilmore: Miller: D. Miller: N. Stewart. Row 2: B. Boehmg N. McCrackeng N. Mor- row: K. Novakg L. Moschakg L. Fosterg B. Lottes: S. Grundy: L. Foxg I.. Leitnerg C. Stephen. Row 3: L. Boyd: S. Carlinig P. Pe- tropulosg E. Miller: D. Hayden' D. Dickey: Friedleg D. Maggig H. Collschalkg A. Kingsleyg A. Fiedler: D, Himesg J. Hayman. H.R. 214 MR. KRAJEWSKI Row I: J. Shiperyg Fullardg D. Watsong R. Lisicag A. Phil- lips. Row 2: B. Shawg YYauga- man: C. Hetzerg S. Subroskig J Runyong S. Skopinskig D. Glatz, S. Walpuskg C. Sloilemyerg R. Tranter. Raw 3: J. Sellill WV Wykeg P. Springerg F. Lauriag L Seving C. Turkovichg B. Webb M. Vennareg D. Petnog E. Eisa man. , . in 4. an . .Mit 2 .Q . .. .. 2 xvz' ..,....,..,...,., K, K ,l..,. L '33-9i1iJF' RVEQEQG L J' 1 A 4 4 ff 1-1-ww..-.-Z ' uh' E if 1 A f J rf if ,- V f ii V " 5 5.45 , 5 . A.. . " M J' UV Freshman Class H.R. 206 MR. MATAVA Row I: McConnellg J. 0'Con' norg R. Mclntoshg W. Donnelly D. Carving W. Fuscog M. Schroek R. Crego. Row 2: P. Nesterg Y Craing A. Payncg B. Mertzg Postage: C. Cunng H. Haidleg P Doughtyg M. Browng C. Domhi L. Chalinski. Row 3: C. Norman R. Dankog P. Caiserg C. Schrei bcrg P. Kaing A. Swacllowg C. Laneg Ellisg N. Absalomg D. Falkowskig J. Fields. Row 4: C Kishg C. Alleyg S. Douthwaiteg R. Schofieldg M. Joinery T. Spa 1 tharos. H.R. 222 MISS MCGINNIS Row 1: E. Wiley: S. Michelg A Williamsg C. Hudieg A. Metag K Riceg D. Sowers. Row 2: T. Clealandg M. Sochag J. Dalton B. Ynaceyg S. Millerg M. Dwyer : L. McCurdyg M. Bochang K. Bordeng R. Whiteg B. Lesko. Row 3: P. Crimes: C. Lovyg B Ferencg T. Ellison: J. Basalyga y G. Cuiliannig A. Holmang J. Carofolag E. Nossg D. Dobrow-l skig C. Harluson. , H.R. 113 MISS ROMANO Row I: C. Cooperg D. Doolang J. Dunlopg M. Semenkog R. Bom- bickg T. McCannag D. Krausg K. Could. Row 2: P. Oweng N. Springer: D. Mariong A. Sowcrsg A. Sellag P. Campbell: T. Wat- song R. Brabsong A. Wilkoszg T. McNulty. Row 3: T. Stephen- song W. Langeg D. Palsag L. Mc- Cutcheong J. Stokcsg C. Dechel- lisg K. Dickhartg M. Jacksong H. Karbowskig D. Postal. Row 4.' C. Murphyg D. Shaferg E. Deiley. H.R. 216 MRS. CRAWFORD Row I: W. Erbyg C. Blumlingg C. Murphyg R. Deramog R. Wallaceg R. Beckerg S. Payelishg T. McFarland. Row 2: M. Clatz, J. Fishery S. Cornmang R. Har- tierg S. Barry W. Rodyg K. Mac- Crumg M. Kristofg S. Crognaleg J. Synder. Row 3: R. Barrehg C. Hershbergerg Brindleg L Mcrtzg I. Prokopg D. Birtigg P Sutton: B. Spencerg C. John- song N. Reidel. Row 4: Framg S. Hirdg G. Millerg J. Crifhthg P. Brinkg D. Burkhart. H.R. 114 MISS KOEPFINGER Row I: J. Drapery R. Browng F. Millerg D. McCusland3 M. Farr: J. Frissorag M. Baldesarri. Row 2: S. Gillisg L. Haysg M. Tim- misg D. Heinleing YVellsg A Oliverg M. Mihalyig E. Leshg J Firslcrg K. Lock. J. Hays. Rou 3: S. McCartncyg R. Ste-in3 H McMulling S. Kooglcrg K. Rab- bilg A. Haus: F. Santuccig J Lednakg Johnstong D. Rao Row 4: P. Griceg R. Fcntong L Logang B. Eichenmullcrg C Schecterg B. Berolag C. Kalmang M. Scott. H.R. 207 MR. CADY Ron' 1: D. Lunng R. Priceg J Boni: R. Gudikunstg G. Joiner: J. Lentzg JV. Rogersg R. Andcr son. Row 2: D. Kettererg R. Lys iakg D. Hamiltong H. Dickson D. Domcnickg L. McCarthyg Ji Reancy: P. Laurellag R. Alley D- Shlllaki J. Harper. Row 3 M. Skellerng Lisicag S. Ehle C. Strasserg A. Bosleyg P. Twis dom: M. Deileyg S. Wloodbury R. Ladesicg E. Donahue. Ron' 4 R. Reeseg D. Blackmang D. Al- cxanderg M. Nolteg C. Griffirh H.R. 208 MRS. CHISHOLM Ron' I: T. Shcrwoodg D. lVat- song K. Joncsg D. Crowcg J. Fricrllcg J. Herrleg G. Kudlacg B. Kissinger. Ron' 2: M. Boothg D. Falkowskig J. Blairg K. Glessnerg K. Persichctlig M. Reinheardtg D. Richardsg D. Labishg T. Hurstg J. Pelersg J. Baird. Row 3: G. Kroepilg N. Ramseyg E. LOI'CI1lZQ P. Saccog R. Ankromg N. Castcllang L. Hillg C. Seifertg P. Gnjatovichg K. Milligan: N. Franc: L. Sparling P. Holmes: B. Kristufckg P. Englishg J. Kerr Qniovedj. H.R. 204 MR. GLATZ Row I: R. Harniltong P. Taylor J. Driscollg A. Bcrryg S. Powers J. Tarquinio. Row 2.' C. Slcas mang B. Teslag M. Wileyg R Kruse: Harrigalg H. Shemmer M. Kleing F. l-'isherg J. Hawcg S Cuncllach. Row 3: G. Minchg D Taylorg C. Schoemerg E. Arndt B. Blackeg S. Stumpfg S. Skopin Ski: P. Gaifneyg J. Brewcrg D Altcnhurgg J. Rowe. ABA. , , J Class 0161968 H.R. 103 MR. MCDANIEL Row I: K. Kennedyg L. Geislerg R. Mechtelg J. Dominickg D. Coulsong L. Camesig T. Jones J. Cegelskg R. Burkg D. Harbi- son. Row 2: E. Pottsg B. Ank- romg M. Dooleng M. Binstcdg W Toddg J. Starrg R. Krolg C. Ram- seyg D. McCle1lang I.. Curryg J Scott. Row 3: G. Grossg B. Mac- Donalclg K. Dervisg M. Carpen- terg L. Byrneg J. Koernerg B Wykeg E. Milligang L. Udvarig L. Springcrg Dulaney. H.R. 112 MRS. ULAGER Row I: P. Doolang R. Meanor' p D. McCaslin. Row 2: G. Gallog P. Classg J. Starg Allisong Prentiseg B. Siuclairg R. Rich- ardsong D. Spungerg K. Mazorg D. Farnyg H. Domby. Row 3: D. Dameg D. Dicksong B. Healeyg R. Shookg C. Dolterg K. Grimesg R. Conwayg B. Willey. H.R. REC. MR. DRIESCH perg A. Stockingg S. Hodang T E. MacLeang A. Hay. Row 2: M Gradyg A. Dillg C. Bowardg M Kenderg S. Grcenawaltg E. Lay yong K. Gottschalk. Row 3: L Norrisg M. Michalkog P. Moon B. Thompsong R. Schovoltg A Kaulfmang J. Connovitchg J Goreg J. Moxing N. Tannehill H.R. 119 MRS. ZINSER Row 1: S. Smithg S. Driscollg L. Bestg D. Derberg G. Marrichig M. Hulclg S. Everettg B. Snyderg J. Johnsong G. Harris. Row 2: P. Hozag K. Phillipsg C. Bosettig Kenncdyg T. Poultong G. Mar- tierg G. Wilkensg D. Sickle. Row 3: S. Delatteg B. Whiteg P. Mc- Clesterg A. Swensong B. McCoyg P. Halusicg D. Rich: V. Beneigh. Row 1: S. Manrowg C. Ferrellg G. Rumbleg E. Pearceg M. Har- Heinleing J. Blaine: T. Magel' , y H. Endressg D. Phillipyg D. Run- H.R. 110 MR. MCFARLAND Row I: G. Fosterg J. Holland: P Cottrellg J. Shawg D. Soissong L Mooreg B. Straffong E. Williams A. Stewart. Row 2: E. Dummg J Powers: L. Stonerg G. Davisg D Mankog S. Paineg D. Browng K Messersmithg C. Lauriag N Boehmg L. Coxg T. Goaziou Row 3: K. Burrowsg A. Schaper D. Talorg N. Vaterg J. Howe: M. Holmstromg D. Sniderg L. Shiflletteg F. Krobothg L. Tran terg M. Therrien. H.R. 219 MRS. JOHNSON Hou' I.' Falsog T. Gallagher S. Davidsong G. Leeg N. Katich C. Chaneyg B. Randalg W Coombs. Row 2: K. Postlerg N Novakg W. Arthurg M. Pahelg S. Phillipsg C. Recchiong B. Lottes J. Hollandg E. Neelyg E. Gray. Row 3: R. Krullg D. Millerg P. Hughesg B. Santuccig C. Storey S. Marting J. Turzakg D. Rush P. Gossg P. Burnetteg J. Kerr. v 1 H.R. 120 MR. STAWIANY Row I: J. Springergv P. Bethlyng T. Hoardg T. Leyg R. Fischer, T. Kleing D. Schraderg G. Sny- derg WV. McClure. Row 2: B Gallowayg T. Rossi: B. Stifller S. Corcorang A. Martinezg B Kammercrg Baumg K. Bacher R. Hctzerg K. Szeman. Row 3 K. Pharsg P. McMillang K. Dav isg M. Sikorng J. Tuleyg P. Dav isg D. Jukesg K. Baloghg G. Gunng T. Dickinson. H.R. LIBRARY MRS.SPIK Row I.' L. Bullg E. Brackusg M. Sonncttg C. Stanley. Row 2: D. Teckmeyerg V. Wileyg K. Ru- byg D. Smilhg P. Hickeyg L Mieleg G. Trimberg M. Konter M. Cutcri. Row 3: G. Bakerg C Cleisg J. Docrrg T. Vonsteing B Morrowg J. Clelandg R. Hoover L. Fosterg S. Drandakis. 1 SECTIOY 76 Ron I D Iems S Ryan E Bauer T Hughes L Andrews L Trxmber I McCregor I ones Brunette I NICQUIIIIICR S Nolte lx Maxberrx I P M FIIZPHITICR Rot 3 T Cregg P Sibo W Mmch K tropolos C' Reese S Rleketti R Fergueon Rau 2 Smlth Ke1th Orcl It BCClII21IClI M Baumstel A Brennel 0 Sueeley L D1Clemente D Iohnson C Laurla I Melholn C CHll1gllCI S SICKIIIIHCI' I Howze SFC1l0N15 Row I M Keith C ohnston I MBTKICT ranec Ron 3 P Powell I' Mesmh D Soles I Stary D Marlino V Runyo I qLlIflCIClCI' C H11ev, D IYIOH L Whetscll S Runlltfnclt C Kruse C Follett R Bolt I MIXIIII C Ihompson 'I Benson D Busch Row 2 on W Naleppa 'Vat Izffured 'VI Coombs A Corso H D Hoclfm M Ktvxlulxts R Tltus T Plott M Schech Dorsey ter I Selrtvot I Thacxk T Sulo S Thomas M Tor CD vlig' SECTION 7-7-Ron' I: R. Pickensg C. Osenbeaug .Dia- Krulickg G. Strader. Row 3: L. Bochang M. YVYIIIIQ mongg D. Mcliweng K. Kammererg T. Himesg P. Blackg Paineg D. McCoyg V. McFarlandg B. Shawg T. Wroblew- B. Spellmang D. Taylorg D. Rogers: L. Larko. Row 2: skig D. Minehg C. Saundersg L. Vvinklerg I. Spatharosg G. S. DeWittg P. Harperg S. Ufinehesterg S. Brabsong I. Bo- Smith. heng S. Slaterg C. Lobrag B. Yvallaeeg IV. Schwarglg I. v s I SECTION 7-1-Row I: J' Bradford. M. Knowblocks H. Romang D. Bradshawg C. Berolag L. McConnell3 R. Be- ' Smithg R. Gittingsg F. Laslog D. YVellsg K. Schreiberg C. d1Ck5 D' Been R' Marztalq B' Mmefl Scott? G- Black' Traceyg P. Larking I. Paulg B.'Kirkg B. Smith. Row 2: K. mon? J- PTY? D- Becker- F if 1969 SECTION 7-2-Ron' 1: C. Kohlhaas: M. Camesi: C. Pso- mas: G. Martin: D. Morris: R. Schneeman: C. McCarth- ney: N. Bell: S. Egler: C. Eego: Ginsburgh: K. Johnson: S. King: D. Erb. Row 2: J. Meyers: P. Turkel: C. Thomp- son: D. Wilson: Kontra: N. Price: M. Songer: T. Mil- lan: H. Holsopplc: J. Cavitt: D. Tagliaferi. Row 3: C. Garland: M. Koerner: T. Britton: B. Rinehart: R. Rosen- baucrg C. Majchrazak: L. Kill: C. Murphy: D. Gracey: S. Berry: A. Phillips: V. Pharog R. Schrock. Not pictured: S. Allen. SECTION 7-4-Rau' l: C. YVozniak: S. Knauseg E. Egerg J. Junge: B. Neely: L. Curie: M. Mucha: K. Springer: L. Pander: R. Allison: B. Payne: J. Rudick: S. Lysiak. Row 2: Holmstrom: L. BOSIYOIIIQ K. Hansen: M. Myers: M. Hutch- 7 inson: G. Konter: L. Dull: J. Neison: C. Colteryahn: Et- ters, limi' 3: J, Dickey: BI. Calloway: P. Therrien: B. Roy- croft: H. Evans: S. Kisow: D, Cieola: D. Potts: D. Brun- ner: K. Yanrizzi: D. Silverlhorn: XV. Parkinson: R. Miller. L... I SECTION 7-3-Row 1: Dombi: R. Paynor: P. Meanor: G. Lisica: D. Nauman: Moreland: C. Porter: D. Chess: R. Ingram: Alonzo: B. Barnes: S. Mullin. Row 2: J Arnotg T. Hilty: T. Bonlbickg L. Conklin: J. Justus: B. XVard: T. XVheatly: T. Hornsteer: D. Donoran: M. NVi1ner. Rau' 3: Ringleg N. Swindell: Swenson: Mahr: L. Kalich: L. Fowler: E. Novak: P. Coates: C. Anderson: R. Davis: M. Konchar. SECTION 7-8-Row 1: C. Atallah: McAlister: Schmidt: J. Blair: J. Richarson: J. Sabo: B. Moore: P. T. Mayer: P. Travanli: T. Garis: Z. Oc-sterling: G. Ken nedy. Row 3: P. Gray: G. Grey: L. Ervin: R. Taylor: J Kohlman: T. Betlley: W. Minor: W. Mros. Row 2: M. Walker: K. Noss. Ranieri: T. Turkal: L. Falso: C. Donnan: C. Eckelberry: -A gracious advertisers who made this book possible TRIBUTE K , T0 A FINE CLASS 4 N IN A GREAT SCHOOL CONGRATULATION A WISHES .ACK 76, 40l Flannery Bun Ill! ' , - 'N' 3530 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh 13, Pu. ' I REPRESENTING rg, I , I ei KZ hx- ul . Flew JEwELRv's FINEST CRAFTSMEN M' ' ig CLASS IIN!! AND PINS ' IZLUI INSICNIA ' HIDALI , - TIUPNIES ' PIAQUES ' DIYLDMAI ' INVITATION! nd! P is Qx, X , ' q - fx i , If, . 1 I I f' ' -l--- sg- ',,1.f".' W. SIEGMAN BROTHERS Formal Wear 3502 F fth A Oakland, P tt bu gh 13 P Sundays and Evenings by Appo tm t We operate our own dry cleaning plant All Formal Wear Guaranteed Cl ed Free Parking Rear f Sto STREM STUDIGS Official photographers for every Flame 92 . . .WE ALSO MAKE LO0K SPRINGS Airplanes and lock springs. What's the connection? Rockwell-Standardw. We spread ourselves out without spreading ourselves thin. Nobody turns out more types and sizes of springs. Heavy-duty springs to take the jolting loads of 1Q0-ton off-highway vehicles. Precision springs as fine as a human hair for cylinder and tumbler locks. And the new Jet Commander, first American executive jet aircraft to break the high-price barrier, speaks eloquently for our competence in the field of aviation. Specialists in springs. Specialists in airplanes, specialists in ten other major product lines. We've Rouwm contributed a number of "firsts" in all the fields we serve. 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Heinlein LANG BUILDERS 81 CONTRACTORS Beaver Grade Road and Lozer Drive Coraopolis, Pa. f2B:sZa'zfl.OMt 867 FIFTH AVENUE - ' - CORAOPOLIS . ., . ' Q, IW il las E ll tra if ' QW 111 F ,HH 7 2:92 0.-'P-3 f ' L' SJ W! Graduation opens the doors of the future, a future filled with bright and shining promise. From all of us comes "God-Speed to the grad- uating class of l964." COMPLIMENTS OF PITTSBURGH FORGINGS COMPANY BlAW-KNOX COMPANY Foundry and Mill Machinery Division General Offices--Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania WORKS ROLL NATIONAL ALLOY UNION Pittsburgh, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Groveton, Pa. Coraopolis, Pa. East Chicago, Ind. Wheeling, Warwood, W. Va. - PRODUCTS STEEL CASTING - ROLLING MILL AND STEEL PLANT EQUIPMENT CAST IRON, ALLOY IRON, AND STEEL ROLLS MACHINE SHOP FACILITIES WELD FABRICATING 95 A. D. ARQUINIO Realtor Real Estate - Insurance BRDADHEAD ROAD ENTRANCE WEST HILL5 SHOPPING CENTER MDDN TOWNSHIP, PA. lCDRAUPULl5 P. DJ Drrlnl: FH El 264-BBIJU DR 33138133 R nuance: 264 2454 Compliments of A F Rl E N D gomfllimsnfi Of' Complimgnts of CQRAOPQLIS HARDWARE 81 MRS. RUSSEL M. PATTON Developers of 264-4930 Sharon Hill Manor Plans 1474 Coraopolis Heights Road 1029-31 ram. Avenue 264-6595 1030 Fifth Ave. 410 Beaver sr. Compliments of Coraopolis, Pa. Sewickley, Pa. 264-2184 sewickley 741-4760 SANVIT SHAFER'S FLOWERS 0 Night 264-3902 FUNERAL HOME Plants, Flowers and Evergreens Corsages and Wedding Flowers Greenhouses at Carnot, Pa., on Broadhead Rd. Since 1 89 1 1036 Broadhead Road, Carnot, Pa. "The Most Modern Funeral Home In The Upper Ohio Valley" THE UNION NATIONAL BANK OF PITTSBURGH CORAOPOLIS OFFICE Members of Federal Deposzt Insurance Corporation TAYLOR ALL STAR DAIRY AMBRIDGE, PA. NOTE: HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES-THE DAIRY INDUSTRY OFFERS MANY JOB OPPORTUNITIES-DAIRY TECHNICIANS-DAIRY ENGI- NEERING-DAIRY MANUFACTURING. PENNSYLVANA STATE UNI- VERSITY OFFERS THE FINEST COURSE IN THE U. S. A. 97 Compliments of Phone 264-7621 A Z che y GOURLEY CHEVROLET INC 1007 nm-1 CORAPOLIS New Car Sales and Service AVENUE S M PENNA' 409 Broad Street Sewickley If 1979 9 , 264-1114 741 4200 I Q 4 I Used Car Department sPoR'rswEAR at Accsssomss I 1114 Sth Avenue Coraopohs 264-7201 SONNETT 81 SIROCKY FANNING'S DRUG STORE MOTORS 1110 5th Avenue Coraopolis, Pa. Mercury 264-5086 Comet Exclusive agent for Russell Stover Candies Neville Island' Pa' 264-0762 COMPANY of the l404 Rear and 1406 Fourth Avenue Coraopolis, Pennsylvania 264-5 300 264-3270 MEMBERS OF THE WEST HILLS SHOPPING CENTER El Ross Beauty Shop QSalonj Trid's Hat Shop Parkway Record Shop' Sun Drug Company Village Dairy jenny Lee Bakery Patterson Sargent Paint State Liquor Store Young Vogue Children's Store A8cP T C ea o. Western Penna. National Bank West Hills Beverage Co. West Hills Shoe Repair George S. Davis Co. Household Finance Corp. Monaca Federal Savings 8: Loan Assn. Peter Pan Inc. Card 8: Gift Shop S. S. Kresges Keystone Shoes Haynes Triangle Sportswear Evanko Furniture Vivio's Choice Meats Orbit Lounge Associated Hardware Thorofare Market Silks 8: Twceds Michael Katich Barber Dr. E. Weaver YMCA-Record Thomas Perka, O.D. WILLIAM SPICHER Northwestern Mutual Insurance Representative 858 4th Ave. Coraopolis, Pa. 264-3600 Compliments of Crucible Steel Company of America Process Research and Development C O D O MANUFACTURING CORPORATION Carbon Papers Inked Ribbons Spirit Master Units FACTORY: Leetsdale, Pa. Sales Offices Laboratory New York City, Dallas, Pittsburgh Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia Compliments Compliments of O CARNOT DISTRIBUTOR JOSEPH KEPPEL 81 SON 552 Carnot Rd. INSURANCE AGENCY Moon Township, Pa. 1010 Broadhead Rd. 264-6085 Moon Township, Pa. At the Intersection in Carnot 264-3072 Compliments of WHITE SWAN PARK AMUSEMENT PARK MINIATURE GOLF ONE HOUR MARTINIZING DRY CLEANERS 1009 5th Avenue, Coraopolis, Pa. 264-2020 Compliments of the SENIOR CLASS '64 SCALLY'S GOLF CENTER Golf Range Miniature Golf Par 3 Open Day and Night 264-9940 Parkway West Many Thanks To Our Fine and Dedicated Sponsor MR. JOHN MILLER The Key Club Compliments of BOYD LUMBER COMPANY 1425 Fourth Avenue Coraopolis, Pa. Compliments of EDlTH'S BEAUTY SHOP coRAoPoL1s, PA. Manufacturers of Teflon? Rod - Sheet - Tube ALLEGHENY PLASTICS, INC. Plastic Laminators, Printers and Fabricators Since 1936 Coraopolis, Pa. Back-Up 84 "On Rings - Custom Molding Bearings BELL MOTOR PARTS Automotive Parts and Supplies Machine Shop Service 1200 Fourth Ave. Coraopolis, Pa. 264-1830 : 331-8585 ,454 SMART SHOP 1020-22 Fifth Ave. Coraopolis 264-2300 264-2303 OELLIG PHARMACY Fifth and Mill STAR SHOE STORE The F it-ing place to go Coraopolis, Pa- 422 Miu street 264-0810 Coraopolis, Pa. "Over Fifty years of fine service" 264-9924 Compliments of PORTER'S PHARMACY 937 Beaver Grade Road Coraopolis, Pa. Compliments of GORDEN'S WALL WASHING and PAINTING Phone 264-5253 NAUGHTON 8. BEROLA INSURANCE National Bank Building Coraopolis, Pennsylvania Compliments of 'l'HE HOLIDAY INN 264-0335 John L. Naughton John B. Berola sEwlcKl.EY SAVINGS C0mP1imf1f1IS0fthC 8' 'DAN Riconn Assoc'AT'oN 2 PUBLISHING COMPANY Coraopolis Oilice--1105 5th Ave. Coraopolis, Pa. Sewickley-Broad St. 8a Centennial Sewickley, Pa. 264-4940 741-5000 Printers 84 Publishers of The Record "All the school and sports news" J. H. GILLIS FURNITURE CO. Westinghouse-Appliances-Frigidaire "Credit to All" 1025-27 Fifth Avenue Coraopolis, Pa. YATES ATLANTIC SERVICE 910 Narrows Run Road Coraopolis Phone 264 9750 Authorized STATE INSPECTION Station 0 FIRESTONE TIRES o DELCO BATTERIES ROAD SERVICE -Phones- 264-0830 or 331-6266 We Give SSLH Green Stamps TURNER IMPLEMENT 6 sronls INC. 5' eaputo-fozacco poalye gnc. Coragfgiliggggights DODGE 1230 4TH AVENUE 33127737 DODGE DART coRAoPous, PENNA. TRUCKS International Tractors 84 Trucks SALES Farm, Garden and Industrial SERVICE Equipment 264-7622 H , PARTS We lease equzpmenf' MCKOWN 81 BEATTIE Lumber-Millwork-Roofing 865 Fourth Ave. Coraopolis, Pa. Phone 264-0490 MCDOUGALL PONTIAC TEMPEST SALES SERVICE BODY and FENDER WORK General Repairing Wheel Alignment - Carburetors Ignition -- Bake Service NEW md USED CARS Fifth Ava. and Brpulway Coraopolis, Pl. 264-5240 Compliments of BILL GRAFF'S ATLANTIC SERVICE 5th 8a Ferree Sts. Compliments of MAHOOD PRINTING COMPANY James Mahood, Owner Steve and Cathy Mr . and Mrs the class of '64 thanks its patrons Mr. and Mrs. Carl Herrle Sally Marnen Mr. and Mrs. Harold VValls Mr. and Mrs. James Kruppa The Walter Davidson Family Ed J. Cardosi D.D.S. O. T. Anderson and Family Mary Lou and Dick The Wheatley Family Mr. and Mrs. The Pearce Family E. R. Brindle and Family Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kennedy and Family Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hengstenberg and Family Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lange Mrs. M. S. Funk Hofackerfats Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Junge Gary and Karen Terry and Sandy The Sinclairs Mr. and Mrs. D. V. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Benney, Jr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs: G. H. Riley Mr. and Mrs. . Raymond Hill John A Muller D. B. Mainworing Mr. and Mrs . Vincent P. Battaglia Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Hoover Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Gordon Jeep and Carol Mr. and Mrs. Williard Shillingsburg Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Goss Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Ingleheld Mr. Ralph McCullough Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chieffe Mr. and Mrs. John Bedick Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Liltler Mr. and Mrs. G. Joseph Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Leitner Wm. N. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. WVilliam P. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Th Mr Mr Mr Mr e David Birtig Family . and Mrs. Charles Lozer and Family . and Mrs. James C. Doughty, Jr. . Betty J. New . and Mrs. H. H. Snell Col. and Mrs. John R. XVhittick M r . and Mrs. Joseph Steele Mr. and Mrs. George Schultheis Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rudick Carol and WVest Mr, and Mrs. Kenneth C. Taylor Dave and Nance Mr. anti Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . Robert R. Karl . H. A. Highman and Mrs. W. Plumb .T. J. Marzlak Roy C. Thomas . James Garland M rs. Victor Bortle Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs and Mrsi Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Al McElhaney Bill Fetch Norman C. Miller Delwin Toy Phillip Carnvale Meredith Springer Edmund Cegelski Richard E. Purk James Perino . August Frisch III David J. Brewer YV. G. Rudge Clair E. Bowden Robert Taylor M. J. Phalen Eugene Utt William Orlousky Russell Keith ohn P Huld Mr. and Mrs. J. J. McCarthy Paul J. Winner Michel Semenko Michael R. lhnatko Mr. and Mrs. David O. Meneghin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Musrid David VV. YVolff A Friend Mr, and Mrs. VValter Stocke Kathy SLeman Lt. Col. and Mrs. Harry Yvalters A Friend Raymond C. Hodgkins Louis C. Beore, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lenard Gruber Harv and Donna Thressa Fickter M. S. Conner Hennick Family Edward YVright Family VVoodbury Family Gurry Family Ruth, Sid, Al, and Sherry Martin Ernest M. Rishoke Family Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Baum, Jr. Crosset Family Judy and Tom Suzie and Chuck Mr. and Mrs. Don Shanks Mr. and Mrs. Harold Potter Carol and Johnny Gretta and Bob Duff's Gun Service Mr. and Mrs. Yvilliam Dull' Mr. and Mrs. John Tarquinio Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bosetti and Family Riley and Vicky Frank and Katie Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lay and Family Mrs. James Lauderbaugh Mrs. Dorothy Edwards Mr . and Mrs. Ray Reed Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kinlock Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nester Norman Ramsey Charles Young Harry Dickson Mrs. Ruth Simon Mr. and Mrs. George Gregoritch Mrs. Mary Eckelberry and Pam Shirly and Bill Botkin Mrs. Elizabeth Cals Mr . J . . and Mrs. Harve M. White Mr. and Mrs. VVm. Parhamenko Frank Santucci Family Robert Massimini Family Peter Turkal Family Robert F. Burgess Family Anthony L. Santucci Sami, Rusty, Robert, and Joe Parkway Record Shop Jim Ward A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend The Feath Family and Buddy Mrs. Sue Taylor Stierkeim Mr Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Frame William N. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Mosca Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. R. E. DeLong A. Raymond Egler Fred Bozich W. J. Cavitt Charles D. Segar Earle P. Braun David A. Brutout Boyd Lysiak Bryce C. Billetdeaux Robert G. Cleis James Crawford Jim and Mike Mr. and Mrs. James McCormick Peg McCormick Mr. W. C. McFarland Mr. Charles F. McDaniel Rich and Benni Lester Prekop Jr. Benjamin Foccin Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Northop Joe and Sue Mr and Mrs F WV Son er Mrs. Benevieve Gardner Evelyn Miller Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. W. Virgil Hovis Harry Kish W. O. Mitchell John L. Stahlnecker Sharon and Milford Mr. and Mrs. James Tilly Mr. and Mrs. J. P. MacDonald Mr. and Mrs. Chester Smith The McArdle Family Carter Family Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cizar Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kahlman Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Cottrell Bob and Carol Art and Kathy Mike and Claudia Jacobs Charles J. Guzelli Mr. and Mrs. R. Guzelli Andy and Judy The James VVithee Family The Brown and Donatelli Family The Harry Smith Family Mr. and Mrs. James Little and Family . . . . . g Dr. and Mrs. T. T. Mafgel Mr. and Mrs. Don Duff Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Titus Jr. The Joseph Darak Family The Frank Tyler Family The VVimer Family Arthur Litterini . and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Germerodt George Barwell, Sr. James Ebert Elmer Dickinson Mr. and Mrs. I. F. Bradford, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Colteryahn Rev. and Mrs. Ray Fosnight Mr. and Mrs. William N. Forsythe Susan Fauntleroy Q Mr. and Mrs. George I. Minch and D. Minch Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Lili McDonough Al Litterini Alex Meta Robert Potts and Son William Starry Mr. and Mrs. Don McGregor Mr. and Mrs. Homer Fry Mr. and Mrs. Edward Heinlein The Vanich Family Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. James McDonough John Charlier and Family Jack L. Miller and Family Joseph Subroski and Family The Donald Long Family Mr. and Mrs. James O. Allison Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Kirk Mr. and Mrs. John S. Bateman Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Albridge and Sons lVilliam VV. Scott and Family Nanine, Diane, Jenny and Bev Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kroboth, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. Beer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Newman Barbara Holpfer Mr. and Mrs. John Erbey 103 Val Manna Mrs. Elizabeth Cals Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs Kenneth McMechen Mr. and Mrs Mr . and Mrs. Mr. Lloyd Boggs . W'allace Scott Robert Strang . Paul Haraseviat Mr Mr . and Mrs . and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Leslie Conklin Mr. and Mrs. Hank W'Verner Mrs. Catherine Douds Stowe Township Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Siegman Bob and Anice Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ridgeway Ding The Sr. High Majorettes Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. McEwen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allen McEwen Rich McEwen and Judy Neely Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Neely Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Baird Esther and Stanley Peters Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . VVilliam T. Osenbau . George Sleasman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs VVarren E. Gottschalk Harold F. Bogert Jr. M. Roddy Michael Dudrick Thomas YVilkie Dee, Suzi, and Company Mr Mr . and Mrs . and Mrs Stanley Sluzenski .S. WV. Stouffer Robert D. Davis W. F. Huntley Mr. and Mrs. Ira F. Bradford Jr. Mr. and Mrs Cletus J. Vogel Mr. and Mrs. John W. Freeman Mr. and Mrs David N. Kimmel Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Wetzel Mr. and Mrs. VValter YV. Gorr Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Ochling Mr. and Mrs George Schultheis Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smle Mr. and Mrs. William Young Sr. Bill and Myrt Pat and Janis Mr. and Mrs John H. Kinlock Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nester Mr. and Mrs. Norman Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. Charles Young Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dickson Mrs. Ruth Simon Mr. and Mrs. George Gregoritch Mrs. Mary Eckelberry and Pam Shirley and Bill Botkin Mr. and Mrs. J. Steffan Mr. and Mrs. Willard E. Goodnight Tele-Trip Flight Insurance Mr . and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . Walter Bajek . W. R. Hayman and Family . B. C. Hainley and Family Ross C. Clark . William Mix ter Porter's Pharmacy Donna and Harvey Dean, Clancy, and Doe Mr. and Mrs. E. Ingram Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Gillis Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gerlach Gloriann and Jerry Jeanne and Fred Mr. and Mrs. John L. Vernocy Mr. and Mrs. James Irwin Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schreiber Mr. and Mrs. Francis Goaziou Mr. and Mrs. Alex A. Paytas Senora Vicher Donsso Mr. and Mrs. Wm. IV. Timmis Mr. and Mrs. Dale Reinhart Mr. and Mrs. L. Fields Compliments of a Friend Coraopolis YMCA 1010 State Avenue Coraopolis, Pa. Compliments of Crognale's Barber Shop Beers School Road Compliments of Jackson's Shoes Mill Street Coraopolis, Pa. Floyd's Super Market 559 Carnot Road Coraopolis, Pa. Eger's Leading Jewelers 406 Mill Street Coraopolis, Pa. Mastri's Barber Shop National Bank Building Coraopolis, Pa. Compliments of Montour Hardware Montour and Fifth RCA Audio Visual Aids D. F. Miller Towing Fifth and Montour Streets Coraopolis, Pa. O'Rourke's Esso Station Coraopolis, Pa. Dick Fabec TV 409 Mill Street Coraopolis, Pa. Gilbert's Flowers 937 Fifth Avenue Coraopolis, Pa. Grogan's Distributor 840 Fourth Avenue Coraopolis, Pa. Joe Workman's Mill Street Coraopolis, Pa. Stein's Women's Wear Mill Street Coraopolis, Pa. Cahen's Men's Store Mill Street Coraopolis, Pa. Nolla Shop 427 Mill Street Coraopolis, Pa. D. Herbert Stader Je Beaver Street Sewickley, Pa. Thomas Jewelers Beaver Street Sewickley, Pa. Famous Department Mill Street Coraopolis, Pa. Miller Hardware Beaver Grade Road Coraopolis, Pa. welers Store HI NEIGHBORS . . .f,:,3i.,1J ' :z IlI... - 1 TJ ' ' 5 l izitzas -1:1 --gzzlffil X X E: ' -XXX Located at intersection of Route 60 and Campbells Run Road in Robinson Township is the headquarters for the world-wide operations of . . . CALGON CORPORATION Divisions: Hall Laboratories, Bruner Corporation, Bradford Laboratories, Con- sumer, Chemicals 8c Equipment, Oilfield, Jobber, Commercial Deter- gents, Calgon Corporation fCanadaj Ltd. Manufacturing Plants: Ellwood City, Pa.g Los Angeles, Calif.g Milwaukee, Wis.g Rockwood, Mich. 104 This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of lith graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. ' Na other printing frm is authorized to use the Velvatonegirpetho

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Moon High School - Flame Yearbook (Coraopolis, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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