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,-fi P4 gf? W 1' f 'Uni r its Q fr Q 4 ' 'f ,gr V41 I .QQ si ,,,,-w,N4wW v x ku r 1- Y ij Q X V4 ,. M Q4 he Y ' ij., ...K-. N fb it fc Q gg, .A Nw ,N , 'K2T7fm3,fQ W 3, 5,-53 ' :ja ' S A P 'A wg 4' 'fx :ff . 'K , , ,KA 45 , 1 1 fy we .- 2 1 1 .L fl 1 A l 1 , ifgfyj f 4 f k ,I ra bi-, 4 f,?, ,fig aff ' .fy 'K-1 fu, 2 igff A '3,.v,-U l gg. D .,,v ' 1- ' 1- fsgnff. ,L .31 -AN x Q , -. I "inev- J mf- -Mah ,K 1- ..--vsaqunyf 94. , nannies..-45.4 .hw-,N , . 1,-1' QL finish: ill? u 'Bw W, K '- - umm. ,Nw-N-,rake :-Y.....U ,-:,..... . A- v,-wg, AN? 1 .- c.. N .. ...M x x 3.-iff". wwe? 'N Nh ' :E -TQ,-. '.'-we . ,QW wr-.sui,,, N ,,,,.4 fu" :N :Inf N- Q' 1 31 aww R 1 I 1, ,, rx 1- Q.- v..-.,J,, . .5 7-pf ' X 5, -.iff 'NJ . 4. , .., is 1 U , ,-. 5. 1 N. Nm A -1. r a ':,wv 1. ivy, 43, A. ,,."!1?, Kms- yy xA:Vf-- ,M Jw vw-rip 'W ' 'ww-HJ' .Q f-. g, f- , V -.4,w,,,. - Q. YM 'lfugj' ' W if-., K. N" -J, , ' . W . , 1 r"A 'hh '51 5: 4. . Q , W Q- V :mv . x ,K . 32 A V wus Q ":'91," ' I K ,Q . 5'f9 e"w-.s, x Q. 5. . .Q wh.A..r.?:,a i-'Q ftyluirk- Q - ' , ' f -H., '- . if. U' ' j-QTL i 'Sr .,-1-Gig 1 N. 5. .. ".- ,V rw ,tj . 5?"lu.a.,, 1... LM V J- 1 xi A I' B L xi' Q i in "? Y. 'TIN C-B xx, ,J 4,-.f,4- Af Jul 7-711 ff 1 C1-ef . 47- ?!g29ff,f4.4 THE FLAME Volume XXIV Published by the Class of 1959 Moon High School Moon Township, Pa. Dedication We, the class of 1959, dedicate this volume of "The Flame" to our sponsor, Miss Adesta Koepfinger. She has guided us through our high school years and led us in our class activities. She occupies a place in all our hearts. To "our chief" we would like to say thunk you. 2 1 'L FW. ,,--""' P7 I W v K . . , 5 Q I o Table of Contents 8 ,,,,,,,, Add a Pinch of School Population 28 ,,,, Flavor VVith a Great Portion of Sports 42 .... Blend VVell VVith Numerous Activities 50 .... .... C olor NVith Social Life 54. . . .... Stir in Studies and Classes 68 .... ..... S prinkle Liberally VVith Seniors 92 .... .... ' llop VVith Advertising Patrons Serves 1050 Students 3 . f , , 1 Q if . Z .- 5 4 k l' f' j M052 N , i av? JL - gi lm f U '27 Tiff ,Uh ,WZLG 1 a QDXJQ ,C K PO ktfxpcyjoxq KKK QC kq of .if I H ,f OIL J Y ix? 531 R 'HA -fn 6 2 Z . . n 1 e-' 'ff . 5, , , QE fllgm i ff'...l.CE 56 S., ,f g, Our first ingredients for making a Moon High graduate include our well equipped classrooms, a guiding faculty, and an open-minded student. Our classes at Moon prepare us for the future. We gain knowledge in the fields of our choosing, and learn how to apply that knowledge to our everyday living. Above all we leam how to think and weigh facts. We shall always re- member our teachers as men and women who did so much in preparing us for our future life. "All Gaul is divided into three parts," the conversation of the Latin Sophs. "Sodium plus Water yields Sodium Hy- droxide plus Hydrogen" murmur the juniors on the way to chem lab. "What did Wordsworth write?" comes from sen- iors approaching a lit test. "How fast can you type?" cry the business students. All this work along with fun in classes is most important in making a graduate. 5 , ,fn y N 51 A '. Y Y ' " 1 A 5 g A 'Y t 1 x r - 'O A Moon graduate would hardly be complete without some social activities in his curriculum. "Variety is the spice of life," and Moon certainly offers us a variety of social events . Whatever type of person you may be, there is a club for you. The various organizations take turns sponsoring the Fri- day night dances. If you are one for a casual evening out with the kids, a Friday dance hits the spot. The service clubs work hard all year at making school a better place to be. Banquets always are a big hit with an interesting and educational speaker. Of course the New Year's Eve Formal and the Prom round off our social events. Social activities add that special seasoning to our "grad . " 6 .y i X 3 5. Athletics make up the extra topping to be added if de- sired. There is a sport at Moon for everyone interested. Girls' intramurals give the girls a chance to run off some energy along with training them to be good sports. Fellows can get a good workout as well as pleasure from participating in any of the sports. Behind every fellow, there is a girl. The cheerleaders faithfully and tirelessly work out routines to cheer the boys on to victory. A topping of athletics adds good flavor to our Moon High graduate, lifw. :rr Q 'Wg Row 1: Mrs, Waltonbaugh, Mr, Williams, Mr, Hawes, Mr, Van der Voort. Row 2: Mr. Stouffer, Mr, Parton, Mr. Kern, Mr. Smith. Mr, Needham is not in picture. Board of Education and Administration BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. Edward P. Hawes, Sr ........ President Mr. Carlton L. Williams ..... Vice President Mr. Russell M. Patton ..... . . Treasurer Mrs. Virginia Waltonbaugh . . . . Secretary Mr. Robert Va.n der voort . . . . . . . . Solicitor Mr. Kenneth Kem Mr. William Smith Mr. james Needham Mr. William Stouffer ADMINISTRATION J. A. Allard Supervising Principal J. Ijl . Brooks Assls tant Supervising Principal joseph Siegman Assls tant Supervising Principal Kenneth Shaffer Elementary School Supervising Principal james Crawford ' a.-sh f-,N ,Agni wa sta! get A Assistant High School Principal uf' Row 1: Mr. Brooks, Dr. Allard, Mr. Siegman, Row 2: Mr. Shaffer, Mr, Crawford, Under the competent supervision of our School Board, Administration, and Faculty, Moon High continues to grow in strength. With the steady lncrease in school enrollment, they have been faced with many new prob- lems to solve. To all of these peo- ple we owe many thanks. Quasar Dr J A Allard Supervising Principal B A Penn State University M A University of Pittsburgh Dr Ed University of Pittsburgh Mr. J. H. Brooks High School Principal Assistant Supervising Principal B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Litt. M. University of Pittsburgh Mr. joseph Siegman Assistant Supervising Principal B.S. Indiana State Teachers College M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh L , Mr. james Crawford Assistant High School Principal B.S. University of Pittsburgh M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh OUR SE CRE TARIES Mrs. Virginia Waltonbaugh, Mrs. Virginia Sharps, Miss Ruby Minton Miss Braun, Miss Stout, Mr. Huckestein, Mr. Lee, Mrs, Hixson. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT MRS. GRACE CRAWFORD A, B, Allegheny College General Science MR, HARVEY P, HARMAN B, S, Slippery Rock State Teachers College Biology, Geography a5,1 MR, EUGENE DEPTA B.S, Geneva College Science, History MR. LOUIS L, GOLD B,S,, M,Ed, Univ, of Pitt. Physics, Chemistry MR. JOSEPH M. LESKO B.S, , M,Ed, Univ. of Pitt. Chemistry, Ma thema tics MR. H. B. LIEBERMANN B.S, Slippery Rock State Teachers College, Litt, M, Univ, of Pittsburgh Biology Mr, McDaniels, Miss Lunt, Mrs. Tussey Mr, Morris, Mr. Sliwiak, Mrs, Andreyev, Mr, Seibert, Mrs, Barnes, Mr. Cotton, Mr, Sharps. Y get I ,. sf ir TJ QU f S ssss , sysssyss GX ggyyg E 3 r Mrs. Crawford, Mr. Harman The Facult LANGUAGE AND GUIDANCE MISS ELSIE E. BRAUN A, B, Westminster College M.A, Pennsylvania State Univ. Spanish, Girls' Counselor MRS. ISABEL HIXSON B.S, Clarion State Teachers College Latin MR. LEONARD HUCKESTEIN B.A. Univ. of Pittsburgh M,Ed, Univ, of Pittsburgh Latin MR, WILLIAM E. LEE B.S, Indiana State Teachers M,Ed, Univ, of Pittsburgh Director of Guidance MISS JUNE STOUT B.S, Carnegie Inst. of Technology M,Ed, Univ. of Pittsburgh Home-School Visitor sig' nr I WMU' .ed ,, -1 DEPARTMENTS Mr. Depta, Mr. Gold, Mr. Lesko, Mr. Liebermann. 10 as ENGLISH DEPARTMENT MRS, ZONIA ANDREYEV A,B, Geneva College English, Journalism Mas, EVELYN BARNES B.S, Carnegie Institute of Technology English MR, C. KENNETH COTTON A, B, Waynesburg College English MISS SHIRLEY LUNT B,A, Grove City College Speech, English MR, STANLEY MCDANIEL B, S, Slippery Rock State Teachers College M, Ed, Univ. of Pittsburgh English MR, LESLIE MORRIS B,S, Geneva College English MR. WALTER SEIBERT B,S, Indiana State Teachers College English MR. ROBERT SHARPS B, A, Waynesburg College M, Ed. Univ. of Pitt. English, Guidance MR, THOMAS SLIWIAK B, Ed, Duquesne Univ. English and Problems of Democracy MRS. HELEN TUSSEY B.S, Millersville State Teachers College Library COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT MISS MARY C. ALBRIGHT B,B, A, WestmLnster College English, Commercial Subjects MRS. NANCY DAVIDSON B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Commercial Subjects. Secretary MR. THADDUS KRAIEWSKI B.S., M,Ed, Univ. of Pittsburgh Commercial Subjects MRS. BETTY MILLER B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Commercial Subjects 4? Mr. Krajewsld, Miss Albright, Mrs, Davidson, Mrs. Miller MUSIC AND ART DEPARTMENTS MR. FRANK L, CUMMINGS B,F,A, Carnegie Inst. of Tech- nology Music MR, ROBERT C. GUNN B.M. Westminster College M.A. Columbia University Instrumental Music MR. WILLIAM MCFARLAND B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Art MR, FRANCIS McCORMACK B.S. Penn, State College M,A. Carnegie Inst, of Tech nology Music MR. JOHN C. MILLER B.S. Indiana State Teachers College M,Ed, Penn, State Univ. Art Mr, McFarland, Mr, Cummings, Mr, McCormick, Mr, Gunn, Mr, Mrs, McGinnis, Miss Koepfinger I ' Miller- Mr. Hawes. Miss Romano, Mr. Peters, Mr. Brady, MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT MR, THOMAS BRADY MRS. MARTHA M, B.S. Clarion State Teach- McGINNIS ers College B.S. Westminster Col- V Mathematics lege Mathematics MR, EDWARD P, HAWES MR. SAMUEL PETERS A, B, Westminster College B.S. Slippery Rock M. Ed, Univ. of Pittsburgh Teachers College Math, Remedial Reading Mathematics E! MISS ADESTA MISS THEODORA KOEPFINGER ROMANO B.S. , NI.Ed.. Duquesne B.S. Indiana State UlliV6lSily Teachers College Mathematics M,Ed. Univ. of Pitt. Mathematics XY Q sf 'sz QQ HEALTH DEPARTMENT MR. JOSEPH FRYZ B.S. , M,A, Eastern Ken- tucky State College Physical Education, Health MR. HOWARD GRACEY B.S. Eastern Kentucky State College Physical Education, Health MRS, OLGA KASANOVICH B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College Physical Education, Health Mrs, Petersen, Mrs. Kasanov Mr, Fryz, Miss King, Mr, MISS WINIFRED KING B. S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College Physical Education, Health MRS. MARY PETERSEN R.N, St. Iohn's Hospital School Nurse Home Nursing fx ich 'XY X Q V 3. f- 4' M , I f QQ if V L a tip g A l A , 'L We il A '23 . , 3 Q v 5 X , INDUSTRIAL ARTS AND HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENTS MR, ELMER E. BRAUN B, S. Carnegie lnst of Technology M,Equiv. Calif, State Teachers College Ind. Arts, Mech, Drawing MRS. DORIS CONRAD B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Cafeteria Homema king MRS. JEAN McCORMICK B,A, Muskingum College MR. CHARLES MAYER B.S. Califomia State Teachers College Industrial Arts MR, JAMES REED B.S. , M,Equlv. Ohio State University Industrial Arts MRS, CONSTANCE WHITE B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Homemaking, Family Living Mrs. McCormick, Mrs. White, MIS. C0l'lI3d Mr. Braun, Mr, Mayer, Mr. Reed fx -.I Mr. Lebec, Mr. Stull, Mr. Wilson, Mr, Karcher Mr. Goss, Mr. Ferraro, Mr, Kramer, Mr, Miller, Mr, Merges, SOCIAL STUDIES AND SAFETY DEPARTMENTS MR. GABRIEL A. FERRARO A,B, , M,Ed, University of Pittsburgh Social Studies MR. WAYNE GOSS B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College M,Ed, University of Pittsburgh Geography MR. BROOKS KARCHER B.S. Geneva College Driver Education MR. ALEX KRAMER A. B. University of Pittsburgh Social Studies, Guidance MR. STEPHEN LEBEC A,B, Eastern Kentucky State College Social Studies, Guidance 12 Teachers MR. EDWARD MERGES B,A. Pennsylvania State Unlverslty Social Studies MR. JOHN G, MILLER B.A, Washington State College M,Ed. University of Pittsburgh Social Studies MR. EDWARD C. STULL B.S. in Ed., M, Ed. University of Pittsburgh Social Studies MR. EDWARD WILSON B. S. Edinboro State Teachers College Social Studies I Mrs. Almacy Cooks Mrs. Waltonbaugh 2111 d Custodians Mrs Born Mrs Panso Mrs. Combs Mrs. Mahr Mr. Born ny, -S Mrs. Zimmerman IX . Q. ' 3 Q. Q N I .3 'wg s X Q 'gf' I sg K Q Q xx yi! 'R ig: 5 Q f Sf 's is 'Q-Y .. x E sig 1 gs Mr. Baechtold Mrs. Iacobs Mrs. Ayres Mr. Gittins 13 Mr. Holland , X 1 .N- f I Mrs. McArdle Mrs. Goss M . , A I 9: V ' :I Q if x , '- .nf - is . " , . 1... Z 1" . fi LK' A '45 E Biff? ' Mr. Obenreder Mr. Rebueha Seniors r E K. As sophomores we became members of senior high. We were now eligible for membership in many school or- ganizations. We chose our class rings, the ruby stone, and our flower, the white carnation. Our colors were black and green. junior year was our prom with decorations suggesting underwater atmosphere . Senior year crept up on us fast. The production of "A Man Who Came To Dinner" started off the busy year. Senior dinner, review, pictures, banquet along with many others, all show very clearly the success achieved through the effort and determination of the class . Then finally came graduation! CLASS OFFICERS Amy Sacco ........ President Dale Hughes . . . . . Vice President Seated: A.Sacco, Miss Koepfinger. Standing: F"?d Taghafen ' ' ' ' secretary Tmnick' Hughes' Taguafen. Clifford Trunick . . . . Treasurer CLASS SPONSOR Mi s s Koe pfinger HOMEROOM TEACHERS Miss Albright Miss Koepfinger Mr, Krajewski Mrs. Miller .fo - . Y f X L Row 1: Gosa, Wiant, Tagliaferi, Remmert, Popovic, Lego, Wheeler. Bortle, Simon. Row 2: Latta, Hood, Rank, Davis, Gilligan, Myers, Miller, A.Sacco, Lipps, Rudge, Cheuvront, Potts, Stouffer. Row 3: T.Sacco, Trunick, Hixson, Eberle, T.McCas1in, Oesterling, Crea, Neal, Stelzig, Zellum, J.McCaslin. 14 Row 1: DiMeo, B. Jones, Svat, Vesta, Bostaph, G.l.ones. Row 2: Gardner, Adair, Audia, Hctzer, Grimm, Hal- ler, Fiore, Egenlauf, Bailey, Hart- rick, Wegner. Row 3: Larkin, Holmes, Mahr, Clark, Cumplson, Mosley, Weber, Springer, Fischer, Dickey. fm. - y s X Row 1: Collins, Young, Goss, Wolfe, Drake, Yaksetic. Row 2: Frame, Tilly, Klixbull, Gaydos, Kuech, Alexander, McMechen, J. Kroboth, Baun, Henning, Vcnanzio, Wingard, Almacy, Heinlein. Row 3: Moore, Vidmar, Rao, Dugan, Yeck, Barnes, Manko, Healy, Popp, Hughes, Mc- Kenna, 0'Neil. Row 1: S. Heinlein, Dickinson, Kcp hart, Chrislncr, Rozinsky, Riggle, Bell, Camp. Row 2: Cain, Clark, Krauss, Croyle, Dennis, Glatz, W. Kroboxh, Barrackman, Sritzel, Kuno, D.Joncs. Row 3: Kimmel, Tator, Piucngcr, Budzak, Gastner, Manna, Schosky, Simmons, Rolin. Sitring: Soderquist, Mr. McDaniel. Standing: Pennington, Santucci, Kem. Row 1: Grimm, McLaughlin, 0'Brian, Noss, Butera, Cook, Liptak. Row 2: Bostrom, Murphy, Padgett, Betlyn, Siegman, Messner, Rosignoli, Urban. uniors This is the class that took a back seat while the senior class held reins and took over the school. However, the class got right down to work and began to think seriously of all projects facing lt, but in spite of hard jobs ahead, each one knew that this year was going to be a wonderful one. The junior assembly and magazine sale went over big. Still rarin' to go, they dug into the last job of the year, the junior-Senior Prom . CLASS COLOR - Lilac and White CLASS FLOWER - White Rose CLASS OFFICERS Richard Santucci ..... President john Kern ..... . Vice President lee Soderquist . . . . Secretary Robert Pennington .... 'heasurer CLASS SPONSOR Mr . McDaniel HOMEROOM TEACHERS Mrs. Crawford Mr. Huckestein Mr. McDaniel Miss Lunt Row 1: Schulenberg, Knoll, Lieber- mann, Glass, Kopsa, Thompson, Burkhart, Slenkewicz, Curry, Miller Lozer, Moxin. Row 3: Behllng, Hastings, Johnson, Severs, Powell, neh ill. Row 1: McMu1lin, Foster, DeWitt, Schaper. Row 2: Neely, Wentz, Headley, Brackus, Manion, Rao, Knight. Row 3: Cunningham, Christ- ner, Ladesic, Cramer, Stewart, D'- Amico, Smith, Campbell. 16 Yusi. Row 2: Delancey, Soderquist, Mitchell, Hyatt, Kerr, Glttins, Tan- Row 1: Bums, Hartman, Carter, Ballard, Hewitt, Case, Heinlein, Doughty, Tessore, Wright. Row 2: Ramsey, Walls. Haney, I. jarmalowski, P. Jarmalowski, Schnelzer, MacDonald, Gray, Smonko, Lightner, Butler. Row 3: Kennelly, Williams, Boor, Mclntosh, Woodruff, Caro, Potts, Scheffler, O'Rourke, Kammer- dicner, Starry, McEwen, Lovy. Row l: Gordon, Bolea, McCorkle, Fagan. Row 2: Wagoner, Harper Milligan, Geddis, Russell, Alder- man. Row 3: Dennis, Venneri, Johnson, Bosetti, Cluelow, Myers. Row 1: Soda, Goodnight, Walton- baugh. WCSI. Grannis. Row 2: Ward, Booth, McCall, Hemphill, Pavla- covich, Bowers, Swadlo, Coombs. Row 3: Nemeth, Magnus, Laird, Doughty, Semencar, Phillips, Rowe Kruppa, Grubb, Josaf. Row 1: Heininger, Pennington, Mashuda, Popp, Burns, Mitchell. Row 2: McKenna, Fetsko, Morten, Wood, Titus, Gillis, Bredahl, Snell, Churchill. Row 3: Santucci, An- drick, Diehl, Kern, Hudnall, New man, Bailey, Hunter, Schneeman, Thompson. Row lg Page, Parks, Thompson, Larkin, Nolte, Cappola, Savena, Farley, Sosebbe. Row 2: Rossi, Kinchen, Ward, Trimber, Bell, Wadsworth, Rank, Wana, Frank, Vidmar. Row 3: Lewis, Musha- lansky, Shively, McAlister,Eckley, McBride, Babilon, Thomas, josaf, Diday, Mucha, Newman, Kissinger, Frye, Stary, Sacco. Sophomorcs This was certainly an active year for the "sophs". Class rings were chosen, along with colors and flower. Stationery sales were carried out to build up the treasury. They took great pride in their presentation of the New Year's Eve formal and spring carnival. Under the fine direction of Mr. Jack Miller, the class has made fine progress. CLASS FLOWER - Carnation CLASS COLORS - Ice-blue and Silver CLASS OFFICERS Fred Sacco ........ President Robert Conti . . . . Vice President Charlotte Bosetti . . . Secretary Richard Hays ...... Treasurer CLASS ADVISOR Mr. Miller HOMEROOM TEACHERS Mr. Brady Mr. Mayer Mr. Fryz Mrs. McCormick Mr. Liebermann Mr. Stull Row 1: Tilly, Bosetti, Littler, Kramer, Fratangelo, Sruckwish, Messner. Row 2: Hoover, Shan- non, Lockerbie, Murphy, Ropos, lnchcs, Rutledge, Ciper, Caruso. Row fl: Hawu-ec, Walls, M.Smith, llabenicht, Cyrilla, Weber, Gould, Fenimore, R.Noss, Bostaph, Land- fried, Reed, Uhrine, Edlings, Dwyer, Kurto, Yeck. Row 1: Fleck, Stephen, Julius, Cain, Fabec, Caponecchi. Row 2: Rogers, Liebermann, Keller, Brown, Eisaman, Frame, Tator, Feath, Goss. Row 3: Woodruff, Wolf, Rudge, Ca- vanagh, Pancirov, Walls, Venanzio Leech, Lunn, Fisher. 18 Row 11 frisch, foster, Heiningcr, Kristof, Ucstcrling, j.Millcr, Moon, Heal, Row 25 Achcson, lxkais, Darrak, McArdle, Omlor, Killip, Minch, Carnvnlc. Row ll: Zak, Heinlein, Malone, lfvanko, Mcciauslnnd, Scullctti, Hayes, tlollcdgc, Anderson, Kncufcncr. Row 1: l.Dunn, Rehm, Tagliafer i. Stokes. Row 2: Harriger, Hoguc, Creighton, Hoskinson, Karl, Svat, Harvard. Row Il: Caldwell, Doll man, Jeffries, Donaldson, Conti, Kncss, Price, Neilson. M Row l: D.Kcnncdy, lilystonc, J. Kcnncdy, Holmes, liotkin, Withcc. Row 3: Mctiutchuon, Currie, Bor- den, ll.Lcntz, N.l.cntz, Gcrcg, Yargcr, lloskcns, S.CIampbcl1, Picrcc, Row :lg Mapcl, Walker, I-rccman, Young, Potts, Boldwin, Mukcnna, Schmitt, Schricber. ROW 1: Kulchalt, Topchcr, Rudy, ljbcrlc, Taylor, Kaufman. Row 121 Coll, Curry, Horner, Howells, Mathic, Perricr, Wiant, Vullard. Row Cl: McLean, Valcnsky, Bott- orff, Kolinic, Abcr, tlroylc, Bcd- ick, Hctzcr. 19 Row 1: Crognal, Yusi, Kearney, Davis, Petrie, Clark, Stokes, Creese. Row 2: Oyenik, Mitchell Heiliman, Hobbs, Van Dine, Oul- bauch, Snyder, Venanzio, Betlyn. Row 3: Yoder, Olson, Heinlein, Herbert, Babick, Mossey, Egger, Kruppa, Kenlock, Price, Pershino, Shoski, Miller, Landfried, Freshmen A change in courses presented problems for the "frosh". New subjects entered their schedule. Friday dances brought a crowd out for a good time . With many bright and new ideas and eager hearts, the freshmen await their busy sophomore year . CLASS OFFICERS Mark Eger ........ Meride1Bero1a . . . . . Kenneth Seigman .... Sandra Curran . . . . . Malcolm Turzak ..... CLASS ADVISOR President Vice President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Mr. Sharps HOMEROOM TEACHERS Mr. Peters Mr. Depta Mrs. Hixson Mr. Sliwiak Mrs. Barnes Mr. Morris ,f 20 Row 1: Dickson, Walls, Curry, Heider, Russell, Lang, Saunders, Schmidt. Row 2: Wazniak, Glass, Svat, Del.utes, Scott, Campbell, Hetzer, King, Santucci, Poppenger Row 3: Cleis, Bailey, Ebert, Ayers Spotskey, Nedereiter, Griffith, Bon azza, Gebhardt, Sonnet, Miller, Krammer, Kennelly, Schulenberg, Ward, Trunick. o Row 11 Litterini, Woods, S.Bates, Mazurek, Baker, Bell, Di Masso. Row 2: Hunter, Ward, Paton, Goss, Geyser, Ralston, Witt, Berola, Runciman, McC aslin, McCormack. Row 3, Ploy, Griffith, Schakoski, Morris, McCormick, Sullivan, Conklin, Siegman, Kinear, Rich, Brooks, Turzak, Bostaph, Row 1: Gastner, Johnston, Wolf, Garland. Row 2: Rogers, Childs, Wadsworth, Cuteri, Hornicek, Curran, Elliott, Massung, Frye, Campbell, Raley. Row 3: Cum- mings, R. Sacco, Desko, Maxim, Hartrick, Hoover, Olson, Eberle, Popovic, Bates, Corbet, Matthews, Wyle, Galloway, W. Sacco. Row 1: Butcra, Trudel, L.Harrett, D.Barrett, George, Lang. Row 2: Tranter, Mechrel, Schnelzer, Mc- Fadden, Dunrnire, llainley, Egger, Tilly, llikc. Row il: Barbian, Me- Elhaney, Wcightman, Van Dine, Lee, Miller, Gardner, Hartman, Gittins, Galloway, Pierce. Row 1: Fauntleroy, Sever, Scallctti, Cummiskey, Highman, Eger, Shafer, Paulkovich. Row 2: Dunmire, De- lancey, Link, Dilisio, Petersen, Kisow, Sherman, Gray, Brown, jel- lison. Row 3: Mitchell, Ondrasik, Severs, Mytinger, Meyer, Mullaugh Drake, Murdock, McClure, Albert, Burns. I.. N 1 'Q 1 iid! -sur.. Sitting: Deramo, Neison, Breedlove. Standing: Bosetti, Cowles, Mr. Lebec. Row 1: Boden, Sella, Potts, Wolf, Crego, Doughty, Crecse, Jones, Kenlcy, Dunn. Row 2: Foster, Palitti, Kranuss, Curry, Grannis, Parisi, Moser, Salano. Eighth Grade The class of '63, under the direction of Mr. Lebec, look to their senior high years with excitement, now th are adjusted to the new procedures of high school. CLASS OFFICERS. Victoria Deramo .... . President Dennis Bosetti . . Diane Breedlove William Cowles . Vice President . . Secre tary . . Treasurer Linda Neison . . . . . . Historian CLASS SPONSOR HOMER Mr . Cummings Mr . Ferraro Mr. Lebec OOM TEACHERS Mr. Harman Mr. Merges Miss Romano at they 22 Row 1: Vcrnal, Bryant, Bostrom, Neely, Hastings, Ellison, Junge, lloskins, L.Neison, Kennedy. Row 2: Yurkovitch, Sirocky, Thomp- son, Techmeyer, Parsons, White, Socho, Murphy, Pfoff, MacLean, Armstrong, Fahrey. Row 3: Bly- stone, Miller, Karl, Evanko, Sellers, Melnick, Cowles, Oestcr- ling, Knotts. Row 1: Mlkaf, Llnon, Aber, Moxin, New, johnson, Zelinski, Keller, G. Harper. Row 2: Ramsey, Lawson, Drennen, Duthwalte, Norman, Brown, Keppel, Huld, R. Harper. Row 23: Getz, Lucci, Heinlein, Borden, Ruby, Altenburg, Lauderbaugh, McMullen, Palsa, Riedel. Row 1: Harper, Creese, Rehm, Ken- nedy, Gray, Shafer, J. Hell, Sherrod, Shrieber. Row 2: Ardery, liartosch, llixson, Maple, Uregoriich, Moody, Crea, DiMeo, ildvari, Deranio, Kriger. Row Ji: Andrick, Conway, Goss, McKenna, Oakes, Booth, Hunter, Golasz, Rabovsky, Gardner, P. Bell, Hood. -ik 9 -5-. Row 1: Doughty, Lewis, Crognale, Mazurek, Osenbau, Zellcm, Hart- rick, Bosetti, Barwell. Row 2: Thomas, Hanley, White, Girtens, l.Neison, Davidson, Kammer- deiner, lidmundson, Prunty, Ryan. Row Jig Rudolf, Dickey, Miller, Phillips, Vancher, Portman, Davis, Walls, MeCausland, Row lg Wilkie, Sella, franc, Pierce, Weber, Goodnight, Mcrtz, Mclladden Row 2: Herbert, Shenton, Urban, Davidson, Pickens, Young, Moorby, Molchan, Clark, Breedlove. Row ll: Hogne, Thompson, Collins, Wirth, Phillips, Christian, Mitchell, Klass, Sleasman. MJ .K Seventh Grade The class of '64, under the guidance of Mr. Kramer, looks forward to the eventful years of high school. Getting accustomed to high school life and subjects occupied their time this year. CLASS OFFICERS joseph Leoni Robert Keuch. . . . jean Duff . . jane Baier . President Vice President Secretary Treasurer CLASS ADVISOR HOME ROOM TEACHERS Mr. Cotton Miss King Mrs. McGinnis Mrs. White Mr. Wilson Mr. Siebert Seated: Leoni, Baier. Standing: Mr. Kramer, Mr Gold Duff Keuch. ' Row 1: Ray, Cunningham, lluld, Mixter, Rank, Smith, Alexander, Coombs, llonchorek, lunge, Row 2: MacDonald, Taylor, Sinclair, llainley, Dilisio, Donnan, White Unger, Young, Bonach. Row 3: Dye, Fcath, Clark, Foster, Ord, John, Mctiutcheon, Kephart, Doughty, Pyle. Row 11 Taylor, Sullowski, Mauna, R.Cramer, Foster, Paletri, Mc- Laughlin. Row 2: Regatti, Carter, Littler, Johnson, Minor, Sonnetti, Kramer, Griffith, Creese, Mixter. Row 3: llaney, Wroblewski, Smith, T.Cramer, Aukrom, Lentz, Mc- Cellan, Ritchey, Egenlauf, Sowers. Row 1: Gillis, Stephen, Woods, Stary, Magel, Gordon, Schaper, Rao, Goodnight, Gardner. Row 2: Minch, Mascari, Duff, Songer, Paytas, Leitner, Hiltgen, Hein- lein, McGregor, Seigman, Statle- rneyer, Arbaugh. Row 3: Doughty Pavolish, Miskel, Brown, Ingram, Miller, Vemocy, Oehling, Wag- oner, Straffon, Funk, Forsythe, Lane. 24 Row 1: Torrencc, Osenbau, Dud- rick, Sleasman, Yaklich, Shopin- ski, l.ozer, Walls, New. Row 2: Newman, Stiffler, DeLatte, Tur- zak, Clees, Stephenson, Rudick, McCartney, Carl, l.ay, Mertz, Mitchell, Row 3: McCormick, Wiley, Lesh, Richardson, Sevcr, Udvari, Kucch, Steel, Smith, Case. Row 1: Fyre, Pitus, Mixter, Allen, Myers, Beck. Row 2: Campbell, Schmitt, S. O'Brien, Withee, Young, Tilly, Goodnight, J.O'Brien, Shef- fler. Row 3: Mench, Dame, Hart, Bland, Walker, Noss, Lightner, Washington. Row 1: Gamble, Leoni, Snyder, Stelzig, Curran, Chalinski, Bos- trom, lnglefield, Kinlock, Cap- pola, Socha. Row 2: Wagner, Ebert, S.Bedick, Lesh, Cerankow- ski, Maxim, K.Bedick, Davidson, Mitchell, Kruppa, Campbell, Davis. Row 3: Rudolph, Davie, Le Parmentier, McEwen, McDon- ough, Morgan, Prekop, Lisica, Graham, Pierce, lloover. Row 1: Hilletdeaux, Gaffney, Gerlock, Andreyev, Tomkovich, Goaziou, Northrup, Johnson, Lang, Titus. Row 2: McCullough, Neel, Woodward, Schreiber, Snell, Wolf Trunick, Zimmer, Sullivan, Baier Levato, Goss. Row 3: lfresch, Kimmel, Eaton, Wallace, Sick- miller, Mclilhaney, Tribby, Cigel ski, Bruce, Acheson. ZAQEQQ W z' Activities Football nd 7 4 Man .0 355 VW 'SMX f 'P auf 4 Sl tasfi 9 l an 2.3! Row lg Rao, Rudge, Evanko, Newman, Liebermann, McCorkle, Weightman, Severs, Mucha, Colledge, Fleck, Rao. Row 2: Mr, Peters, Yusi, Sacco, Aulbaugh Kness, Potts, Bossetti, Leech, Fagan, R. Popp, Kennelly, Venanzio, Schulenberg, Row 3: Mr, Gracey, Gold, Mr, Ferraro, Bames, Santucci, Pittenger, Murphy, Yaksetic, Trunick, Kurto, O'Neil, Edling, Ploy, Bedick, Sacco, S. Popp, Larkin. Last year's football seasons brought about our second successful victory over our rivals, Coraopolis. The team finished the season with four wins and five losses. Coaches Gra- cey, Peters, and Ferraro are expecting greater success next year from their re- tumlng letterrnen. The junior varsity team, finishing un- defeated, have great promise for continu- ing success ln the varsity class. VARSITY Moon Avella ...... . . 33 Moon North Allegheny .... 14 Moon Stowe ...... . . 18 Moon Camegie ....... 13 Moon West Allegheny .... 6 Moon Donnont ........ 13 Moon South Hills Catholic. . 20 Moon Hopewell ..... . 7 Moon Coraopolls . . 6 J. V. S Moon Montour . . . . 6 Moon Stowe .... . 0 Moon Dorrnont. . . . 6 Moon Coraopolis . . . . 6 Moon Camegle ..... . 0 Moon West Allegheny . . . 6 Mr. Peters, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Gracey, Mr. Ferraro. Coach Robinson with the jrmlor high football team finished with a losing season. But the boys show great potential for the coming year. This is the team where the boys get IR. HIGH VARSITY Row 1: Highman, Aber, Maker, Rao, J. Miller, Crognale, Schulenberg, Kennelly, Row 2: Corvett, D. Mil- ler, Cleis, Bailey, Seigman, Murdock, McCormick, Hartrick, Mr. Robinson. Row 3- Trunick, Drake, Van- Dine, Bates, Ayres, Eberle, Kinlock-Burns not in picture, 28 their background in football. JUNIOR HIGH Moon Montour . . Moon Scott .... Moon Camegle . . . Moon Burgettstown . Moon Quaker Valley Semors i . --I, 1 "' t . I., !!!!.. 5 'llll A JOHN STEVE JACK BUSTER CHUCK HATCH 4 CN 29 ng.. A. '54, GARY The Bomb Exploded Again 30 1 1 N J 1 N Basketball VARSITY Rao, Yaksetic, Knoll, Thompson, S.Popp, Murphy, Padgett, Tator, Hughes, Hixson, O'Nie1, VARSITY Venarlzio, Bossetti, E.Popp, Mr.Fryz. j.V. Row lg Croyle, Koline, Malone, Miller, livanko, Colleclge, Rao. Row 2: Mr.Fryz, Conti, Leech, Kness, Neilson, Bedick, Mucha, Fleck. JR. HIGH Row '22 Herbert, Sacco, Ploy, McCormick, Drake, Mr.Gracey. Row 1: Siegman, Brooks, Lee, Bums, Aber. 32 Mean Hopewell. . Moon Bellevue . . Moon Neville . . Moon Scan . . , . Moon Camegle . . Moon Avllon . . . Moon Ambridge. . . 'Moon Stowe ..... 'Moon McKeex Rocks . 'Moon Coraopolis . . . 'Moon Nnnh Allegheny 'Moon North Hills . . . 'Moon Shaler .,... 'Moon Quaker Valley . 'Moon Smwe ..... 'Moon McKee: Rocks . 'Nlnnn Coranpolll . . . 'Moon North Allegheny 'Moon North Hills . . . 'Moon Shale! ..... 'Moon Ouaker Valley . l.V. Moon Hopewell . , Moon Bellevue , . MOOI1 . . . Neville, . . Nl00n Scoir . . . Munn Carnegle . . Moon Avalon . . . Moon Ambrldge . . 'Moon Slow: . . . 'Moon McKee: Rocks . 'Mnen Coraopolis . . . 'Moon North Allegheny 'Moon North Hill: . . . 'Moon Shale! ..... 'Moon Ouzker Valley . 'Moon Stowe ..... 'Moon Mckees Rocks . 'Moon Coraopolis . . . 'Moon Norlh Allegheny 'Moon North Hill! . . . 'Moon Shale! ..... 'Moon Ouzker Valley . IR. HIGH Mann Hopewell. . Moon Ambridge . . Moon lngram . . Moon Scott ...... Moon Alllqnlppa . . . 'Moen Nonh Allegheny 'Moon Srowe ...... 'Moon Neville ,... . 'Moon culenpnllx . . . 'Moon MCKeel Rocks . 'Moon Avalon ..... 'Moon North Allegheny 'Moon Stowe ...,. 'Moon Neville ..... 'Moon sewlelfley Ac . 'Moon Coraopollx . . . ' Moon ' Moon MCKECI Rock: . sewlelfley Ac . 'W.P.I.A.L. BIG TEN TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS Moon 49 . . . McKee: Rocks 48 Qoverrimej Flnalx Moon 55 ...... D0rmonl53 lf, if ls- X ,,, a 3 W is . EE Q ,f . ,f . -' J - ,ff A , Semors ann x Osxsl Of: uw' my flu 9 fog! lil C X in :ny 33 34 X., Cheerleaders VARSITY Glatz, Rao, Heinlein, Coll. N Row 1, Left to Right: Sacco, Kramer, Bosetti, Row 2, Left to Right: jan Amy Dot U-'U I. V. Left to Right: Lekas, Morten, Rody, Doughty, O'Nei1. Three groups of cheerleaders under the direction of Mrs. Kasanovich work all year, for their services are welcomed at all sports events and pep meetings. These girls not only cheer the winners but also bol- ster the lagging spirits of the losers. 36 JUNIOR HI GH Back Row, Left to Right: Gastner, Stiffler, Johnston, Front Row, Left to Right: Dickson, Gray, Skopinski Lozer. W Q roouu f- . , .AFS - ' 1 - XX W mb Y ' 0 t ,es or X 'X 5 I 'Q 3 , D 1 I . X eq. li F if .kfdtzj ' I v Spams 1'rp:""u'?" A I ww we Mag QMS' New 0 'W' 'Aga 4' 109+ 55 Ui I YOURS xl 'X 'L 'ww 'D' 1 BUUVUF 'W sswiivwx 1- " " afvfxfnf' 4031 'wwf JNWILL Ya AV , 9' ov' Am0,:',f'ffg1: M OQY' you nt 5 H VW"'fVu M001 Wt' wi 'M V lxjj ..L...1l wg , ' . QQ CF var sw' me ' Q1 ' f 3 ' af , , x5 ,O 4 , ' 5 1 YA:-1574. x. Nw I MNQ, 9' t r V - t v. K '49 f A ' -K 'QMS 'H' 'V , 11 ur 2. Q ' - 1,:sm'xl, J , P u . U M.--" -O X Wgu 'M fm' 'lu new 'L' 1, B5 'Gu 1"1' ffxfm 1958 SPRING SPORTS The coming of spring ushers ln three important sports at Moon. Baseball, the favoriue sport of the nation, under the direction of Mr. Lebec, finished last year with a season of 6 wins and 4 losses. As ln past years spring rains prevented much early practice for the boys on the field. The boys then had to practice in the gym. This season they are hoping for even better results. Last year the track team finished with an undefeated, untied season. Mr. Merges, the coach, deserves much credit for the training of the boys. ln both track and field eyents our boys amassed a total of 642 points in their nine wins. With an equally impressive record of 7 wins and 3 los ses, the golf team, under the coaching of Mr. Stull, is eagerly awaiting the coming season. Golf .QA . Powell, Urban, Mr. Stull, Heinlein, Dickey, Dunn. 37 Row 1: Laughner, Moon, Woodruff, Goodnight, Kramer, Trapp, D.Weightman, College, Potts, Colangelo, 0'Rourke. Row 2: Fleck, Manko, T.Weightman, Fagan, McCorkle, Severs, Fratangelo, O'Rourke. Row 3: Bedick, Thompson, Albaugh, Venanzio, Neuman, Oesterling, Wheeler, Kenlock. Row 4: Bailey, Trunick, Hixson, Clark, Fenimore, Mr. Merges. Track W Aw. A., 5 . ow ag ,, A 5 me J as p F pppp A In rw :N 1.10.-W 41.2, ,wg J if ge, -sw he f 25 Yip, F . New ggi 'Sw 3 Vs 33 'im 38 av Aa.. .nw-1' . ' iv" N' "L, :A iii' x L 'V 1 X 1. a 1 'ni ' ,Ley ug l Q. 4 x W, AVR- 4 f L 'W Y 71 if iCE5i"f Q my 11, mm ell- 3, -f +1-1 5 . ,. 1.1 A , um, ,7 'fu F: 'PW F' . F fwfr., cw-so Fw Baseball Row 2: Bosetti, Yusi, Miller, Myers, R. Popp, Drake, S. Popp. Row 3: Mr. Lebec, O'Nei1, Sacco, Lauderbaugh, Neilson, Hughes, Turzak, Tagliaferi Caro. GIUQVQ . "L.'5 ' Intramurals Volleyball and basketball are two major sports in this program. Miss King conducts an intramural pro'gram for seventh grade girls during club periods and upper class girls Awards are made on the basis of participation. after school . Many girls in addition to playing serve referees scorekeepers and timers. The tumbling team practices with Miss King on alternate Thursdays. The seventh grade girls enjoy soccer, and kick baseball proves very popular. K Q .- .,. I l 40 , gtg Athletic Awards Q t' iii! Q BIG TEN CONFERENCE SUN-TFLE WPIAL All,-STAR TEAM JOHN TILLY AWARD , . "Ronnie" "Buster," "Rat," "Steve" "Steve" LETTERMEN Row 11 Liebermann, McCorkle, Kennelly, Leech, R.Popp, Santucci, Newman, Yusi, Boscrti. Row 2: Barnes, Fleck, Weightman, Pittinger, Murphy,Bcdick, I-ngan, Mucha, O'Brian. Row fi: Hixson, Hughes, S.Popp, Colledge, Tagliaferi, Dickey, Tarot, 0'Ncil. E The men behind the awards and to whom we , are very grateful are Mr. joseph Fryz, basket- ball coach and Faculty Athletic Manager, Mr. joseph Seigman, Director of Athletics and one who is greatly responsible for organizing the "Big Ten Conference," and Mr. Howard Gracey, head football coach. Congratulations go to the boys for their out- ' standing achievements in athletics and the coaches who have worked with and trained these boys. 41 SENIOR FLAME STAFF F lame Staff 1959 Sitting: Gastner, Crea, Wiant, Rudge, Stouffer, Hood, Miller, O'Neil. Standing: Myers, McMechen, Eberle, Croyle, Lipps, Vesta, Wingard, Simon, J.Heinlein, Gardner, Kroboth, Dennis, Christner, Miss Braun. Editor in Chief Margot Rudge Associate Editors Kenneth Wiant, Theodora Carol Hood Business Manager Richard Gasmer Assistants Judith Myers, Barbara Croyle Eberle, Mary Ellen Wingard, janet Heinlein, June Dennis, Dickey, james Christner Miller , , Bernard jay Simon , james Activities Editor Mary Stouffer Assistants Joan Kroboth, Janice McMechen, Susan Heinlein, Elizabeth Lipps Art Editors Joe Crea, jack O'Neil Typists Gail Vesta, Ellen Gardner Faculty Advisor Miss Braun " Q.: , 1 xv U L I . JUNIOR FLAME STAFF Hemphill, Lozar, Gray, Kerr, Manion, Brackus, Harper, Moxin. A . J V NSPA All- American ..... 1952,l954.1955,1956, 1957, 1958 lzQ.Ql6Q3E, AMS . -.i.. "Ever Shining" s---iii Moon High School Coraopolis, Pa. December 5 , 1958 Mimeographers Goss and Davis IOURNALISM MOONBE AMS Our school paper with Mrs. An- dreyev in her first year as advisor, continues to be an outstanding Moon High product. Written and mimeographed by the journalism class, the paper contains all the news of the week in addition to many interesting features . SCHOOL SCRAMBLES Moon High's activities get fur- ther publicity in the Moon Township Bulletin which is p lyflfne Alexander is the reporter of this fourth volume of School Scrambles. Miss Braun continues to serve as advisor. Jane 'if -V . E15 11,9 "' - visor. wiv Volume 25 No. 11 , , JOURNALISM cLAss ,.,,Q J fm 7 4-xx-zur rg. Q gi I 1 X 4 -,, ,,,,,, 1575- ---nf , F Iv ly. wr : i . f ...wr ' B i"""-. ' lil x ' 1 Editors Hornicek, ' WJ 5 l X151 Lx, Alexander and rgggvff 'un , T af -zu? V Hartrick 3 ' K N Q . "" " " , iff-. A1 " Row 1: Hornicek, Rody, Burns, Lozer, McCall, Eberle, J.K.roboth, Morton, Row 2: Mrs. Andreyev, W.Kl'0- both, Hetzer, Gardner, Vesta, Knoll, Goss, Brooks, Tator, Gastner, Hemphill, Hartman, Nemeth, Dewitl. Lipps, Alexander, Hartrick, McBride, Mashuda, Permington. Hetzer, Gardner, Vesta, Pennington, Dewitt, Nemeth W Gail Barbara Bernard , 1 31" V .WEN 5,g,,,.W Y -sill? . xl Ai' ' ' 1 ,271 4 MOON HIGH NEWS 'X' The Corao olis Record pm1she caurrm of Moon High News. This year, Volume 24 reporters are Gail Vesta and Bemard Eberle. Barbara Hetzer serves as typ- ist and Miss Braun is the ad- L 1' --.J ,I I ' 4 - H , X174 ...rv rr, " bl A 3 34' ef- A , I- 43 mf. .1 sf Student Government This year, as always, Student Gov- emment was swamped with work. From the first day of school up until the last, diese groups of representatives kept things rolling, according to the student body's wlshes. Gary, Steve, and Hatch all work to keep their groups functioning to the best of their ability. Mr. Jack Miller sponsors these groups. HOU SE Row 1: Bell, Bosettl, Vernau, Crognale, Himter, Woods, Oesterllng, Wallace, Row 2: Chllds, Gastner, Iellison, Popp, Brooks, Curry, Murdock, DeMassio, Sherman. Row 3: lunge, Mitchell, Ellison, Deramo, Unger, Moody, Kruppa, North- rop, Wolf, Uavari, Duff, Row 4: Bosettl, Crog- nale, Shacoski, Ploy, Rudolf, Kramer, Maple i 191 ku? Q GF 9 SENATE Row 1: Baun, Hood, DiMeo, Popp, McCorkle, Kuech, Gilllgan, Audia. Row 2: Fabec, How ells, McKenna, Bredhal, Hogue, Rody, High- man, Fleck. Row 3: Dickey, Goss, Frame, McMullin, Rodgers, Kennedy, Row 4: Hlxson, Lego, Vennari, Stuart, O'Brlan. 2? . Wu, nn, 1 kr F 2 ,n 5 gr ll .. H177 lv - Sr a ,A I '-u gr? Y I. 1-lr E HALL GUARIB Row 1 Croyle, Audia, Baun, Adair, Mc- Mechen Stouffer, Frame, Kroboth, Hein- eln Row 2: Tilly, Glatz, Heinlein, Bell, Rudge Sacco, Gaydos, Hood, DiMeo, My- ers, Row 3: O'Nell, Dickey, Clark, Tagli- feri, Hughes, Hlxson, Tator, Trunick, Bames, Lego, Springer, Popp, . n. ,, .N . nk,- f.. -. -. N: --A f ,, ,. 4 4 it Q - 5 . lqx STUDENT COURT Row 1: Eberle, Adair, Geddis. Row 2: Mr, Miller, Fleck, Ciper, Popp. ational Honor Societies ational Honor Society Ks s f .5 ' ' . . t ip- W. -. ' F tml sltits fh-al ef.. . .. .. . -:"1 L- ' .5 . . 4 Q: , s, K.: ,gs Q .- . . , 5 ..---f VL .3 5 is , 7 i m4-,.- , h ff, X t n ill F s A.. ,...-I Row lg Kerr, lleiniuger, Kern, Behling, Mclviullin, Snell, Churchill, Soderquist, Lihermann, Newman. Row Ll: Baun, Dickey, Mrlwlevlicn, lratnc, Rouge, Stouf- fer, Kroboth, Myers, Alexander. Row Il: Wiant, llixson, liberle, Croyle, Gaydos, Sacco, l,ipps, Larkin, Tagliaferi, Popp, Vesta. On january 30 twenty-three students were tapped for membership in the Moon High chapter of the National Honor Society. Representing ten percent of the class of 1959 and five percent of the class of 1960, these people, chosen by a secret faculty rating on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership and service, were inducted by those members elected during their junior year. Mr. Brooks and Miss Braun, the group sponsor, participated in this service. A covered dish dinner and a trip to the Pittsburgh Playhouse has become the annual social function of the group. A school news letter sent to alumni in the service or in college is one of the service projects ofthe Moon National Honor Society Chapter. unior ational Honor Society Row lz Knotts, Larson, Heinlein, Mctjausland, Aber, lunge, Sirocky, Drennen. Row 21 Steiner, McCaslin, Gaiser, Garland, lleizer, llCldCl', jcllison, Johnston, Sil,isio, DeLutis, lJeMasso, Bell. Row il: Albert, McCormack, Eger, Brooks, Curry, Berola, Witt, Petersen, Baker, Bates, Litterini. Row 4: Schafer, Pavlakovicli Desko, Altmeyer, lfauntleroy, Shacoski, Ploy, McCormick, Siegman, Herbert, Sullivan, Raley, Hunter. The Moon Chapter of the junior National Honor Society held its formal induction service on February 6, at which time thirty- four new members -eighth and ninth graders -were tapped by the group who had been chosen during their eighth grade year. Chosen in the same manner and following the same rules as the Senior Society, the members of the group have undertaken proj- ects with the purpose of increasing school spirit and scholastic interest. Mr. Lee is the sponsor. 45 LIBRARY CLUB Row 1: Keller, Stouffer, Meyers, Rudge, Hood, Gaydos, Mrs. Tussey. Row 2: Bredahl, Cain, Wiant, Minch, Burkhart, Harper, Rao, Churchill, Milligan, West, Marhie, Hogue, Omlor. Along with checking books in and out, the library girls often armed them- selves with scissors and paste to mend books and prepare new books for the shelves. Under the direction of Mrs. Tussey, the girls do a fine job of keep- ing up the library. ge DEBATE CLUB Standing: Eberle. Row 1: Alexander, Hartrick, r-H" Tator, Hastings. Row 2: Bailey, Tessore, Dunn. Row 3: McKenna, Miller, Rodgers, Gillis, Sl- mon, Bolea. Row 4: Crea, Behllng, Newman, Mr. Huckesteln. The Debate Club, under the leadership of Mr. Huckestein, discover new methods of debate through practice. .. X . 19" ill f Clubs and Q KEY CLUB Row 1: Fleck, Knoll, Thompson, Yusi, 0'Neil, Frank Tagliaferi, Leech, College, Hays. Row 2: Larkin, Conti, Mashuda, S. Popp, Pittinger, Trunick, Fred Tagliaferi, Hixon, Dickey, Goss, llclninger, Santucci, Lego, Bailey, Kern, Mr. Miller, R. Popp. The "Keys" under the direction of Mr. Miller, keep things moving at Moon with helpful, worthy projects. Membership in the club is a great honor and each is to be commended for fine service. F. T. A. Row 1: Liebermann, Geddis, Hedley, Dennis, Hartrick, Alexander, Snell, Moxin, Bredahl, McMullin. Row 2: Miss Braun, Goodnight, Foster, Soderquisr, Titus, Gittens, Lipps, Kro- both, Hastings, Heinlein, Adair, Habenicht, Barnes, McMechan, Vesta, The George W. Cassler Chapter of the Future Teachers of America, with Miss Braun as their advisor, explore the teaching profession. Their main project is raising funds for their contri- bution to the FTA-PTA scholarship. STAGE CREW Row 1: Bottle, McLean, Cook, Schosky, Urban. Row 2: Mr. Braun, Padgett, Siegman, Freeman, Messner, Llptak, Aber, Miller, Roslgnoli, Behind the scenes of every perform- ance we find the stage crew under the sponsorship of Mr. Braun. They work to- gether to make the show a success. P x ,x K Q CP .a 'f.1 1 - "5 'W' -' I ' VS S U 5' k t o 'elf I V I V 1 1 Cf I G, aa! S3 I . . 1 S x' yi- 2' H' I Service Groups FUTURE NURSES Row 1: Dewitt, R.Lottes, Wood. Row 2: Dickinson, Manlon, Mrs, Petersen, Howells, Hornicek, G,Lottes, Delancey, Wentz. As Future Nurses of tomorrow these girls tmder the direction of Mrs. Petersen prepare themselves for nursing school and leam to cope with problems they must face. 7.. ,ws X-I X 2 i N -I v V, 'T I lf -, 1 5 3 tl 1 W 4 as , I A , 8 q ,, . V .lla 'R' ww! ' - t we I I 1 , Y 1 si r li I " I 1 1 4-X I-.-if 4' Bi 6 7 ' if L", A CATERERS ' CLUB Row lg S,Popp, Cook, McCorkle, R.Popp, Thompson, Siegman. Row 2: Hemphill, Rao, MacDonald, Myers. Adair, DlMeo, Rudge, Snell, McMullin, Row 3: Mrs, Crawford, Miller, Croyle Sacco, Heinlein, Gaydos, Hood, Burkhart, Curry, Stouffer, Churchill, Soderqulst, Row 4: Santucci, Hlxson, Eberle, Composed of 10 boys and 20 girls the Caterers' Club under Mrs. Crawford serves at all school dinners. V7 lk ,t ' Y X 4 I I JUNIOR RED CROSS Row 1: Adair, McMechen, Eisaman, Snell, Curran, Gastner, Row 2: Churchill, Burkhart, Curry, Capola, Omler, Hogue, Witt. Row 3: Clark, Goodnight, Pavalakovich, DiLlslo, Scott, Geisler. Row 4: Audla, Tator, Kava- naugh, Mrs. Davidson, Petersen, Row 5: Slen- kewlcz, Hixson. Serving their commtmlty and school, the junior Red Cross, under the leadership of Mrs. Davidson, has many worthwhile activities. GUIDANCI HOSTESS ES ART CLUB Due to the time of meetings for the new club program the Art Club has not been activated this year. However, the club has maintained its charter, and the members work with the elective art classes under the supervision ofMr.Miller and Mr McFarland, art teachers and club sponsors. Bredahl, Cain, Fra- tangelo, Soderquist. COMMITTEES FOR LOST AND FOUND AND LOCKER INSPECTION john Barnes and Mr.Crawford have been the Lost and Found Committee. All things that have been "stolen" or lost seem to find their way to the office, where they may be claimed. Miss Stout supervises the Locker In- spection Committee whose duty it is to make us all good housekeepers because we never know when this committee will make its assigned rounds. Barnes, Cumpston, Wolfe, Krauss, Bostaph, Miss Stout. cfm -40 W' CHESS CLUB This group of girls, known as guidance hostesses, assist the counselors. Each period of the day one of the girls is in the guidance office where she greets visitors, as- sists the counselors and runs spec- ial errands. Miss Braun, girls' counselor, supervises this group. Row 11 Egger, Bryant, Paytas, Johnson, Andreyev, Jungi, Serosky. Row 2: Frame, Klixbull, Kroboth, Shannon, Eisaman, Bet- lyn, Tilly, Davis, Mclvlullin, Jellison, Gray, Tessore, Brackus, Trantor, Borden. Members of the Chess Club spend long hours of concentration trying to figure the correct moves for the chessmen. Members chal- lenge each other as well as clubs from other schools. Under the su- pervision of Mr.Hawes and Mr. Lesko the students gain experience nd' and skill. Left table: Miskal, Stephan, Billetdoux, Wagoner, Vernocy. Right table: Dunn, Simon, Kramer, Ebert, Dennis, Rolin. Standing: Woods, Mr.Hawes, Sulhowski, Mr.Lesko, Wagoner, Nudnall, Titus, An- drick, Kimmel, Christner, Klixbull, jef- fries, Oesterling, Schmitt, Conklin, Sha- coski, Hastings, Young, Alexander. USHE R STAF F Row lg Gastner, Eberle, Vldmar, Rolin, Diehl, Jeffries, Row 2: Miss Romano, Alexander, Vid- mar, Frank, Julius, Nemeth, Gllligan, Good- night, Lovy, Clper, Rowe. The Usher Staff has been a great asset to the school. They are always on hand for auditorium programs. Miss Romano advises the group. P 11. L lx in Tuu- n, 3 F.H.A. Row l: DeMasso, Bostrom, Heider, Link, Childs, Elliott, De Lutis, Hetzer, Baker, Curry, Ielllson, Betlyn, Row 2: Bell, Habenicht, King, Poppin- ger, Ralston, McCaslln, Goss, Steiner, Iullus, Sherman, Gray, Mrs, McCormick. Row 3: Campbell, Eberle, Doughty, Harper, Keller, Wi- ant, McMullln, The Future Homemakers of America Club sponsored by Mrs. McCormick is organized to prepare girls for their life after graduation. has SCIENCE CLUB Row 1: Miller, Croyle, Myers, Soderqulst, Gaydos, Stouffer, Cain, Milligan, Beal. Row 2: Geddls, Moxln, Rudge, Dickey, Wi- ant, Kem, Llebermann, P.Helninger, Myers, Stephen, Newman, J.Helninger, Mitchell, Mr, Liebermann, Row 3: Eberle, Kerr, Beh- llng, Tator, Nielson, Kimmel, R, Croyle, Lego, The Science Club welcomes back Mr. Lelbermarm after his year of ab sence. The club has been active, taking their annual field trips, and having regular programs to broaden their science background. HISTORY CLUB Row 1: Brooks, Altenburg, McCormick, Sul- livan, Ploy, Murdoch, Siegman, Heinlein, Miller, Hlghman, Lauderhaugh, Row 21 Ver- nau, Cowels, Bates, Lltterini, Berola, Durh- walte, Drennen, Slrocky, Bryant, Pfoff, Witt Nelson, Mr, Kramer. Mr. Kramer sponsors the history club, which is affiliated with the Penn sylvanla State organization. This jun lor hlgh group meets for the purpose of broadening an understanding of speclf ic historical problems. ur Prom With the music of Bill Le Roy's orches- tra beckoning, we entered "Underwater Fantasy". After entering through a diving bell, a paradise became ours for one short evening. The walls were adorned with mu- rals and Neptune's castle. The sea horse in the center gleamed at the starry-eyed dancers, while the band played from a sunken ship. We all glowed with that in- tangible feeling of pride, that satisfaction of having created this huge success. We had decorated for two days and even en- joyed clean up the following day. Soended the gala affair, our Prom. P 'sua 3 fswi r Y iw May Day 1958 Our beautiful queen of May and her court were honored with a program presented by the student body. The theme of the program was "Months of the Year". After a gala of events, the evening was topped off with the Maypole - if -a , Marilyn Gaydos-Queen of the May , Enter Queen Marilyn Dale Turzak- Lord of the May The crowning Elinor Holsinger-Alma Mater Carol Berola, Janet Turzak- Flower Girls Dennis Goss-Crown and Scepter Bearer Ted Burnett and Keith Marks-Train Bearers Q C3 . 'Su r 41" IN , ff' , -t e t t as . is COURT Janice Almacy-John Meyers Sharon Pardo-George Tarquinio Diane Celio-David Weightman Joyce Kavanagh-Phil Colangelo Wanda Riggle-Allan Colledge Gail Miller-john Urban Eloise Myers-B111 Bower Carol Marzlak-Frank Kolinie Barbara Dempsey-Paul Padgett Nancy Patton- Fred Churchill jug' bv? x , ZW, i f , i , t' + ttettne in 1 I I 1 it On with the show! Exit the queen 52 wind ing . it 5 Pm We entertain our queen 53 ur Classes Our classes make up the mam ingredlents of a well rounded senior Spanish is the modern foreign language offered to fulfill the language requirements for the ac- ademic curriculum. 2.X'l' 232 lfuture engineers and draftsmcn get a srarr in mechanical drawing. lb I :X I s y , e s Fr' ' A- '7 If ' l ' 'jf X "' - 1' , . .A D Physics is required of all senior scientifics and academics. Ninih graders learn the intricacies ofthe latin is a required suhjccr for almost all Freshmen. slide rule in algebra l, N1-NRC US i gig LAb029'!+ V nvfzkvwy. 54 ,ol Uils, water colors, silk screen - name it and ' nur elective .irr students do ri. Ayji5'2-FLA n 2 All seventh graders have a two week course in library science. RQ sfaref Science is a part of seventh and eighth grade curriculum, but it goes full time in ninth grade general science. K!s . r ' ' 'W it Da ii- . ,Cali-Em, f- - faq, ?":luv! ' 'U' W' -frffffgqli., lk. 3544 f P!! Mm P L ..,. 'm .l ' - - " 5" lf s" . 125' - A x,4 - a S.. 125-LU' llliX 'wi -K 'Q a. ....1' -W aff ,1- ff- ,,,- In advanced mathematics the senior scientifics get their first IHSIC of college math. .f Tl Ur' 1 6' A This year social studies classes have combined geography and history for seventh and eighth grades. 55 lfmphasis is placed on the 04 f""' reading ofthe better magazines in ninth grade English. ' ..,. sr' v. , .. f" 3 I Eighth graders accelerated in math begin he study of algebra. Our commercial department is second to none among the Moon High curriculc. f JJ 5:1112 x J In plane geometry the sophomores learn the Seniors in Problems of Democracy study national, state and local governments. skills of reasoning. 5 3 K s A ' , 'K nl ab ui!! F Z' In homemaking classes the girls learn by demonstration and S is S g N by doing. The guidance depart- H ment conducts a testing ' program to assist all stu- dents in curriculum and career choice. . . .- ..,,., . I P Nil V fu ' i- JS EL ESYALJOL H J Chemistry is required of those juniors Y lj hi who are in college preparatory sections. A dam ,R Biology, required of all sophomores, is the first of three senior high N school science courses. fl A l . M JAMAQQB' ' -. English classes are all-important, for we must learn to read, speak and write our own language. JL 57 S ecial Reco nitions P Q JOAN CAPONECCHI AWARD As a memorial to their classmate the class of 1953 established the Joan Caponecchi Award. The honor is bestowed upon the sophomore boy and girl who during their junior high years earned the most citizenship points. Mr.Lee on behalf of the class of '53 presented this award to Thomas Bedick and Inez Wiant. Runners- up were Raymond Colledge, john Leech, Nancy Keller and Marjorie Mathie. 3 .Z ,ff l OUR SCIENCE EXPERT Because of his superior ratings in the math and science fields, John Rolin was chosen by the faculty to represent Moon in the Science Experts Ouiz on April 8, 1959. The quiz, which was televised and also broadcasted on the radio, was sponsored by the Buhl Planetarium, Westinghouse, and science teach- ers of the surrounding area. HOMEMAKER Betty Lipps was Moon's highest scorer on the annual Betty Crocker Homemaking Test given to senior girls throughout the nation. As a token of this achievement Mrs.McCormick pre- sented to Betty the Betty Crocker medal :awful ... - , GIRI..S-OF-THE- MONTH The Business and Professional Women's Club of Cora- opolis honored stenographic senior girls of the local school districts. Each girl was the honored guest at a meeting of the club, who had asked the commercial and guidance departments to elect the girls to be honored. Constance Baun and Barbara Hetzer represented Moon High School. GOOD CITIZEN Seniors and faculty chose Margot Rudge as Moon High's 1959 Good Citizen on the qualities of dependability, serv- ice, leadership and patriotism. Sponsored by the Jacob Ferree Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolu- tion, Margot was eligible to compete in the contest to name the Good Citizen of Pennsylvania. EXCE PTIONALLY ABLE YOUTHS Placing in the award group of the Able Youth 3 Test which was taken by ten Moon seniors, Jane Alexander and Fred Tagliaferi received certificates for their outstanding abilities. The examinations were sponsored by the Allegheny County Civic Club. 58 f"x OUR POET Dr. J. A. Allard, our supervising prin- cipal, became a literary celebrity when "Gypsying in Verse," a collection of poems he had written over the years was published. The Moon Teachers Association honored Dr. Allard at a tea on February 4. At this time Mrs. Allard looked on while the author autographed his book. Mr. Brooks, Mrs. Tussey and Mr. Hawes were on hand to ob- tain the celebrity's autograph. N-t NEW TEACHERS Mr. Samuel Rogel and Mr. Glenn Rauschenberger joined our faculty as mem- bers of the English department replacing Mr. Cotton and Mr. Siebert, who resigned at the end of the first semester. Mr. Rogel is a graduate of Clarion State Teachers Collegeg Mr. Rauschcnberger, Slippery Rock State Teachers College. '? C' c THERAPISTS The county office makes available many special part time services. This year Mrs. Leslie Spiegle and Mr. Harry Brooks, speech and hearing therapists respectively, have spent several hours each week at Moon High. 59 OUR PHOTOGRAPHE R To Mr. Fred Eckert and Strem Studios goes much of the credit for the success of our yearbook. "Freddie" gets his instruc- tion from Editor's Jack and Marg. Choral Group SENIOR HIGH CHORUS Row 11 Pcrrier, Svat, Brown, McKenna, Topscher, Rank, Faber, Gray, Kulchak, Mathie, Saveno, Swadlo, Kruppa, Magnus, Gillis, Rao, Curry. Row 2: Nolte, Moxin, Creighton, Cappola, Kaufmann, Horner, Boor, C2.Woodruff, j.Woodruff, B.Josef, Bedick, Ful- lard, Harvard, Mclwlechen, A.Sacco, Lovy, McCullough. Row 3: l.Josef, Heinlein, Sval, Dennis, Bell, Baun, Snell, Barrackman, Wentz, F.Sacco, T.SacCo, Santucci, Bosetti, Kurto, Glass, Cramer, Price, Stewart, Popp, Schulenberg, Barnes, Mcflorkle, Neely, Miller, Bordon, Goss, Hawtree, Hoskinson. 1 F 4 i t op. 0 v 7 1 JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS Row 11 Delvlasso, Johnson, lleider, Moxin, P.Bell, Rehm, J.Bell, Creese, Larson, Harper, L.Bell, Mazurek, Dickson, Row 2: Brown, Runciman, Bates, Berola, Palsa, Miller, Schmidt, Lauclerbaugh, Russell, Steiner, Deramo, Huld, Witt. Row fl: Ward, Ralston, Del,uris, Keppel, Lucci, Getz, Kinnear, Altenberg, Glass, Poppenger, Svat, Litterini. Row 4: Nederriter, Cjleis, Griffith, Spotsky, Gebhart, Kramer, Conklin, Ebert, Shacoski, King, Hetzer, Mapel, Hixson, Douthwaite. 60 :---....,,- SEVENTH GRADE TRAINING CHOIR Row l: Kruppa, Kramer, Tomkovich, Curran, Mertz, Ley, Yalkick, Mixter, C.Mixter, Stetzig, Rank, Smith, Lang, Baier, Wirher. Row 2: Clies, Woodward, Neil, Wagner, Dudrick, Sleasman, Taylor, Unger, Sullivan, Tilly, Littler, Wolf, Johnson. Row 3: Leoni, Boserti, Sonnett, Trunick, Mc Cartney, Snell, Virgin, Ebert, Mitchell. Row 41 Latta, Thomas, Foster, Cunningham, Camp- bell, Goss, Northrup, Audreyeu, Stephenson, Mitchell, Hainley, Griffith. Row 5: Keuch, Cappola, Cramer, Sosha, Hoover, Onkron, Clark, McCormick, Lesh, Doughty, Goodnight, McCwen, Osenbau GIRLS' ENSEMBLE Rao, Hoskinson, Fullard, Harvard, Creighton, Bell, Snell, Nolte, McKenna, Rank, Cappola, B.Svar. February 28 North l-lills High School OUR SCORES Senior High Chorus - First Place - Superior Rating junior High Chorus - First Place - Superior Rating Girls' Chorus - First Place - Superior Rating Mixed Octette - Second Place - Excellent Rating Girls' Ensemble - Second Place - Excellent Rating Soloists - joan Phillips, Fred Sacco, Thelma Wentz - Second Place- Excellent 61 ln April five members of Moon's Senior Chorus were chosen to sing with the Senior High School Western District Chorus at Mt. Lebanan High School. Joan Phillips and Fred Sacco were awarded scholarships for voice training. These awards are made by the Moon Parents Choral Association to enable those with especial ability to have the opportunity to study with professional voice teachers. Ioan Phillips, Fred Sacco In March ten members of Moon's junior chorus were chosen to sing with the junior high school Western District Chorus at West Mifflin High School. if Row 1: Witt, Berola, King. Row 2: Kramer, Gebhart, P.Bell, Larson, J.Bell, Cleis,.Borden. Yi!-shi' it A . , Row 1: Wentz, Gillis. Row 2: lf.Sacco, lfabec, Schulenberg. The mixed ensemble has sung several times as the guests of local and district clubs. Row 11 Brown, King, Witt, Berola, Delvlasso, Hawtree, Row 2: Kurto, Kulchak, Fabec, Dunn, Sacco, Cjlcis, The mixed OCICIIC performed in the Allegheny County forensic contests and the spring concert. Gillis, Mathie, Bedick, Kulchak, Kurto, Sacco, Wentz, Brown Instrumental Groups David Hunter and Robin Kerr played in James McCormack, Arlene Santucci, and Western District Band at Baldwin High Fred Sullivan played in Junior high West- School. ' ern District Band at New Kensington. AREA III BAND REPRESENTATIVES PLAYED AT NEVILLE Row 1: Rudge, DiMeo, Popovic, Highman, Myers. Row 2: T.Miller, Hastings, Kern, Crea, Simon, Meyers, Hcinenger. Row 3: Kerr, Lego, Hunter, Gittens, Christner, McCaslin, Cook. David Hunter went to All-State Band ar Blairsville. JUNIOR HIGH MAJORETTES Geiser, McCaslin, Gregorich, Udvari, Curry, Baker. DIRECTORS MR.FRANCIS MCCORMACK and MR,ROBERT GUNN 63 Row lg Klnchen, Frame, Tator, Vidmar, Williams, K, Wlant, Crea, Popovic, Heininger, Powel, Bolea, McLean, Audla. Row 2: Maniun, McCall, Hemphill, Lewis, Myers, Highman, Julius, Habenlcht, DiMeo, Wood, Schnelzer, Smith, Rudge, B,Croy1e. Row 3: McCas1in, Fisher, Behling, Bailey, Caln, Caponec- chi, Hudnal, Thompson, Valensky, Diday, Kopsa, Lego, Row 4: Trlmber, Chrlstner, Keller, Miller, Noss, Simon, Kern, Hastings, Abet, Dennis, Booth, My- ers, Phillips. Row 5: Adair, Kerr, I, Wiant, Bottorff, I,Yeck, Babilon, R. Yeck, Young, Eberle, Cook, Andrick, Hunter, Glttlns, R, Croyle, Mr, McCormack, ' Under the direction of Mr. Mc- Comtack the Senior Band performed all year round. Things started off with a clash of cymbals and a blast of drums during football season. The slower pace of concert sea- son found the group practicing for their "Spring Concert." In between times there were District Band, All State Band, Area Band Festival, and scattered parades . Majorettes 5 5 'I . O 5 Xxlf xl 4 ' 'E ' , X , 1 ,K 0 X lllll Left to right: Trlmber, Kinchen, Croyle, Adair, Audia, Manion, Phillips, 64 Row 1: King, Frisch, Myers, Heininger, Keller, Miller, Smith, Hastings, Kern. Row 2: Hudnall, Thompson, Bailey, Caponecchi, Behling. Row 3: Kerr, Hunter, Gittins, Wianr, Cook. DANCE BAND The well known "Rhythmaires, " under the direction of Mr.McCormack, get into the swing of things again this year with their regular weekly practices. Much time and practice go into the fine performances the group presents. Dance Band is always on hand for auditorium programs and special dance events. Row lg Udvari, Gregorirch, Gaiser, McCaslin, Baker, Curry. Row 2: T. Harper, Kriger, DiMeo, Gardner, Keller, Woods, Aber, Kennedy, T. Hunter, Crea, New, Gray. Row 31 ' Kennelly, Schulenberg, Bostaph, G. Harper, Wozniak, J.McCormack, Goodnight, Maker, D.Hunter, Tur- zak, Trunick. Row 4: McMullin, Campbell, Brooks, Santucci, Saun- ders, Seigman, McKenna, Norman, Walls, Scott, Rabovsky. Row 5: Oakes, Drennan, Conway, Sonnett, Goss, Heinlein, Lawson, Audrey, W. McCormick, Patton. Row 61 Andrick, Morris, Bonnazza, Bailey, Ploy, Grif- fith, Ayres, Sullivan. JR. HIGH BAND The junior High Band, under the direction of Mr.Gunn, consists of eighth and ninth graders . During football season, they joined the Senior Band in a combined half time show. The group participates in junior high assemblies, in addition to presenting their annual spring concert. They also make fine representatives in the Memorial Day Parade. After serving two years in jr. Band, these "kids" are experienced and anxiously looking forward to promotion into Senior. Row 1: Gillis, Seigman, Duff, Pavelish, Songer, Hiltgen, Stottemeyer, Starry, Rao, Ma- gel. Row 2: Goodnight, Mac- Gregor, Leitner, Paytas, Minch, Nlascari, Funk, Lane, Gordan. Row 8: Mr.Gunn, Schaper, Woods, Stephan, Vernocy, Gard- ner, Oehling, Wagoner, Miskel, Straffen, Forsyte, Miller, Hein- lein, Arbaugh. BEGINNER'S BAND The Beginner's Band gives seventh graders, interested in playing a musical instrument, a taste of group playing. Under the direction of Mr.Gunn, the stu- dents get in shape for advancement into jr. Band. 65 Snap Shot S f K ., 'r Noble Romans" 'W tl!! dp.-,,v9 , " .L-gf ii Hrlcift J .. 'ak .. "H-R-R-R" . I "Luncheon in Room l17" Chuck's Big Night 1 , ff fa- x., ' 4.2 lunch and Laughs X- Senate in the Christmas Spirit Bedside Manner ,1 S f Have Candle, Will Join F. T. A. Makc-up -. "Did you hear about. . .. Collage Bound Sh-h-h Our Gang 66 in-' " -Q-:' "Change, Pencils, and llc-ns" "Coke Between llalvcs" "lll1llU3f'5 midi" 5 , Q Wacom, ff: N F V-f-Q: vs W "The t'rcwnucks" 4 "lilvis Croyle" 'VYx 'N I ' f r ' "Tony Tlgcru X- ' A T3 x N P K I ,,..M ll'h A "milk mana" . , ,ll M 5. X l, Q -J Q 4 " "Wherc'd ll C2n"" Wow! ! ll "ll M " N ' xg an "l,cadcrs' laters" H., ,A "Heavy Load" x-.1 f Ah, nmv say cheese! "Bunny Hoppers" "Wall I-lowers" 07 U!! N Q ,Q 3 Seniors hd OLIVIA ADAIR "Olivia" Academic Student Court 1,'2,3: Hall Patrol 3: Operetta 2: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2: Fu- ture Teachers 3: Caterers' Club 2, 3: Junior Red Cross 3: Senior Play 3: May Day 1,2: Majorette 1,2,3: Commencement Usher 2: Guidance Hostess 2. MARJORIE BAILEY "Margie" Academic Entered Sept. '58 Debate Club 3: Senior Play 3. 9- nu if JANE GAIL ALEXANDER rIJane 11 Academic Moon Beams Staff 2,3: National Honor Society 2,3: Cafeteria Patrol 1.2: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2: Future Teach- ers 1,2,3: Debate Club l,2,3: Usher Club 2,3: Senior Play 3: May Day 1,29 Pep Club 2: WPSPS 2,3: PSPA 2: Bulletin Reporter 3. t LINDA ALMACY "Lindy" Clerical Intramurals 1: Cafeteria Patrol 1: Mixed Chorus 1,2: Operetta 2: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2: Area Chorus 1: May Day 1,24 Commencement Usher 2: Guidance Hostess 2. v A lk We Made lt! LOUISE BARRACKMAN "Wease " Stenographic Mixed Chorus 2,3: Operetta 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2: May Day 2: Pep Club 2. JOHN BARNES "E1fie" Academic Football 1,2,3: Track 1: Hall Pa- trol 3: Cafeteria Patrol l,2: Mixed Chorus 1,2,3: Choir 1,2,3: Oper- etta 2: Hi-Y 1,2: Future Teachers 3: Junior Red Cross 1,2: Usher Club 1: Senior Play 3: May Day 1,2: Baccalaureate Usher 2: Pep Club 2: Area Chorus 1,2. ""..f"' CYNTHIA JEAN AUDIA "Cindy" Clerical Student Council 3: Hall Patrol 3: Cafeteria Patrol 2: Tri-Hi-Y 1.2: Junior Red Cross 3: May Day 1,2: Majorette 1,2,3: Commencement Usher 2. CONSTANCE JEAN BAUN "Connie" Srenographic Yearbook Staff 2: Student Council 3: Hall Patrol 3: Cafeteria Patrol l,2: Mixed Chorus 1,2,3: Sex- ICIIC 1.2: Ensemble 2: Choir l,2, 3: Operetta 2: Tri-Hi-Y l,2: Area Chorus 2: May Day 1,2: Homeroom Officer l,3: Pep Club 2: Commencement Usher 2: Na- tional Honor Society 3. ts-sv, X W t i ,fl 'sg 'N frm JUDITH BELL BENNIE BORTLE MYRNA BOSTAPH JAMES BUDZAK udy Bean Myrna "Budz" Stenographic Scientific Business Scientific Student Council 2 Hall Patrol 3 Track 1 2 Cafeteria Patro Tri Hi Y 1 May Day 3g Service Homeroom Officer 1 2 5 rr . yi s s ,P f he ti H V. .. .. 1 .aa ' 11.22 '- '- 1 Cafeteria Patrol 1 Mixed Chorus l-li-Y 1,21 Stage Crew 1,2.3: Committee 2. 1 2 Operetta 3 Tn Hi-Y 1,2g Senior Play 3. lv ay Day 1 2 Pep Club 2. JOYCE ARLENE CAIN Njoylv Clerical Cafeteria Patrol 1,24 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2: Future Nurses 1,25 Att Club 1, 2: Pep Club 2. Passing Out Photos LOMA JE AN CAMP llLom ll Stenographic Intramurals lg Cafeteria Patrol 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Ensemble 1, 2: Choir 1,21 Operetta 2: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2: May Day 1,'2: Homeroom Of- ficer 2,3g Service Committees 1g Pep Club 25 Moon Beams Staff 3: Moon Beams Representative 1. JAMES CHRISTNER "Pee Wee" Scientific Yearbook Staff 3g Cafeteria Patrol 11Hi-Y 1.2: Chess Club 1,2,3g Pep Club 2. 71 tt ll . . ajlorette 1 Serv D xfZh Pi 'Wa E. ANN CLARK JOE CLARK RAYMOND COLLINS JOSEPH K. CREA "Annie" "joe" "Raymbo" "joe" Clerical Academic Industrial Arts Scientific Intramurals lg Moon Beams Staff Track 2,35 Hall Patrol 3: Hi-Y 2: Stage Crew 1. Yearbook Staff 2,31 Cafeteria 21 Cafeteria Patrol lg Tri-Hi-Y l, May Day 1: Homeroom Officer 35 Patrol l,2,3g Hi-Y 2g Chess Club 25 Junior Red Cross 3g May Day 21 Service Committee 3. 25 May Day 1,2g Senior Play 33 Pep Club 25 Guidance Hostess 2. l 2 VI X mel l X 1-t.VJf,km,ty, QM-RBAX , jx NV Practice Makes Perfect li' X Wk 'rl 0 if Acadern V I X R r hTtZS?luQsrii?iZafjfQrl c?PjJAj P 'X ci Ningjigi S MQQET i-Siipw M 91 tere s' ub2 ce ce Pl a 2 3 enor M - I t 1 : : ' , L' IITIIIIEES 1 m Hx KN D QINSEHIO vue 7 tri or l t ,, . '- u I C1 5 '-Ed" ggiciexlglpf or in lndustrialArts W 4 X I WILLIAM CUMPSTON lvHuntvv Business Cafeteria Patrol lp Operetta 2g May Day 2: Service Committees 3: Pep Club 2: Hi-Y 2. im, Band l,2,3g Area Band 1,2,3. SANDRA DAVIS vvsandyrv Business Entered Jan, '58 Moon Beams Staff 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2 May Day 2. FQ JUNE DENNIS ujune rv Scientific lntramurals 1: Yearbook Staff 3: Student Council 1: Cafeteria Patrol 1.2: Mixed Chorus 1,2,3: Ensemble 1.2: Choir 1,2: Operetta 2: Tri-Hi- Y l,2: Future Teachers 1,2,3: Sen- ior Play 3: May Day 1,2: Guidance Hostess 3. ALLARD DRAKE HA1 vt Scientific 'i Q 327: QS JAN ET RAE DICKINSON lljanetvt Academic Intramurals 1: Student Council 1, 2: Cafeteria Patrol 1.2: Mixed Chorus 1.2: Western District Cho rus 1: Choir 1.2: Operetta 2: Tl'i'Hi'Y 1.2: Future Nurses 1,2, 3: May Day 1.2: Homeroom Of- ficer 1,2,3: Service Committees 1: Commencement Usher 2: Pep Club 2: Guidance Hostess 2: Ensemble 1,2: Senior Play 3. JAMES DICKEY Ujim tv Scientific Golf 2,3: Yearbook Staff 2,33 Na- tional Honor Society 2,3: Student Council l,2,3: Hall Patrol 3: Cafeteria Patrol 1: Hi-Y 1,2: Key Club l,2,3: Senior Play 3: May Day 1: Service Committees 1: Varsity Club 3: JoAnn Caponecchi Citizenship Award 1: Science Club 1,2,3. Food, Females, and Fellows SAM DUGAN Baseball 1,2,3: Student Council 1, "Sam" 2: Hall Patrol 3: May Day 1,2: l-lomeroom Officer 1,2: Service Committees 2. si :SV i 51. s -MIS Industrial Arts Football 2: Cafeteria Patrol 1,2: Hi-Y 1,2. BERNARD JCBEPH EBERLE "Bernie" Scientific Yearbook Staff 3: Student Court 3: Hi-Y 1,2: Debate Club l,2,3: Caterers' Club 2,3: Science Club l,2,3: Usher Club 1,2,3: Senior Play 3: Band l,2,3: Record Re- porter 3: National Honor Society 3. DONNA J. DiMEO "Donna" Academic Student Council l,2,3: Hall Patrol 3: Tri-Hi-Y 1.2: Caterers' Club 2, 3: May Day l,2: Band 1,2,3: Area Band 2,Ll. GOLDIE EGENLAUF "Goldie" Clerical Tri-Hi-Y 1,2. E1 JUDITH ANN FIORE vlhludyvv Clerical Tri-Hi-Y 1,21 May Day 1. fr - .C , MJ V 1 Ke! Aff' 'jfff' lt' " . if' ft 1 1 rf 1 . 1 1 .ii ,rf IX . I, , -1 . 1 1. . 1 X, tr A , ., W I, 1, ' , 1 . A 1 ,, .1 ,t. , , ft t , . 1' ,- 1, if f lm J ' j J 1- 7.,-" if-1 Y , wt M X 111 A .LQ ll ,A J-.aft .,flKLfyl1"u gf 1'--It 1,1 tif! RICHARD EASTNERWX vlRiChQv Clerical Yearbook Staff 3: Moon Beams Staff 2,31 Student Council 31 Cafeteria Patrol 11 Mixed Chorus 11 Hi-Y 1,21 Junior Red Cross 1,2, 31 Usher Club 31 Senior Play 31 May Day 11 Band 1. WILLIAM J. FISCHER "Bill" Industrial Arts RUTH FRAME "Rufus " Academic National Honor Society 2,31 Hall Patrol 31 Tri-Hi-Y 1,21 May Day 1,21 Guidance Hostess 2,31 Com- mencement Usher 2 . Spanish Fiesta CAROL ANN GAYDOS "Carol" Scientific Hall Patrol 31 Tri-Hi-Y 1,21 Ca- terers' Club 2,31 Library Club 1, 2,31 Science Club 1,2,31 Home- room Officer 31 Class Officer 21 Service Committees 11 Commence- ment Usher 21 Pep Club 2. yum PATTI GILLIGAN "Kinish" Stenographic Intramurals lg Yearbook Staff 3, Moon Beams Staff 1,133 Student Council 35 Cafeteria Patrol 1,21 Mixed Chorus 1gTri-lli-Y 1,21 Usher Club l,2,3g May Day lg Home-room Officer 31 Service Committees T31 Guidance Ilost- ess 3 ELLEN E . GARDNER HEI vv Stenographic Yearbook Staff 31 Moon Beams Staff 31 Cafeteria Patrol 1,21 Tri- Hi-Y 1,21 May Day 1,21 Pep Club 2. DOROTHY GLATZ nDotvl Stenographic Cheerleader 2,31 Intramurals 11 Hall Patrol 31 Cafeteria Patrol 11 Mixed Chorus 1,21 Choir 1,21 Tri- nr-Y 1,21Ushcr Club 1,21 my Day 1,21 llomeroom Officer 1,131 Class Officer 11 Girls' LeadersC1ub 11 Commencement Usher 21 Pep Club 2. .weft Q- so wg ni? 0' if A MURRY ALLEN GOSA ARNOLD GOSS BARBARA GRIMM "Reb" "Arnie" -barb" Academic Scientific Clerical Entered Sept. '58 Football Mgr. lg Moon Beams Tri-l-li-Y 1. Senior Play 3. SANDRA HALLER "Sandy" Stenographic Yearbook Staff 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Homeroom Officer 2,3, Q Staff 1,2,3g Student Council 2,34 Cafeteria Patrol lg Key Club 2,3g Stage Crew 1,2: May Day 1,23 Homeroom Officer 1. "Malte-up time MARCIA ANN HARTRICK "Marcia" Academic Intramurals 1: Moon Beams Staff 2,35 Student Council lg Tri-Hi-Y 1,29 Chess Club 2: Future Teachers 2,31 Debate Club 2,31 Senior Play 3: May Day 1: Service Committees 1. BERNARD l-IEALEY lvmrntv Scientific Track 3. .A A MARGARET L. HABENICHT "Maggie " Stenographic Intramurals lg Yearbook staff 24 Student Council 1: Cafeteria Patrol lg Tri-lli-Y 1,2g Future Teachers 29 May Day 1,25 Band 1,2,3. JANET MAE HEIN LEIN vvJanvv Srenographic Cheerleader 133 Yearbook Staff 3: Student Council 25 Hall Patrol fig Cafeteria Patrol Ig Mixed Chorus l,2,?lg Sextette 1.2: Ensemble 2: Operetta 25 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2g Area Chorus lp May Day 1,2g Com- mencement Usher 3g Pep Club. SUS 'ji Wm ZABETH ANN HENNING BARBARA HETZER HARRY HIXSON "Sue" A 4 0 X tty" "B3.bS" "Hook" Academic W Academic Stenographic Scientific Yearbook St ff 35 Halt Patrol 35 Cafeteria 1,25 Mixed Chorus 15 Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 Moon Beams Staff Bfwkelball 1.2.31 Track 1,2,3: Cafeteria Patrol 1,25 Mixed Chorus May Day 13 Guidance Hostess 2. 35 May Day 1,23 Majorette 15 Student C01-mcil 2.3: Hall Patrol 3: 1,23 Western District Chorus 15 Homeroom Officer 2,35 Pep Club Mixed Ch0ruS 1.2: Operetta 25 Hi- Ensemble 1,25 Choir 1,25 Operetta 23 Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 Future Teachers 1,2,35 Caterers' Club 2,33 Senior Play 35 May Day 2,31 Homeroom Officer 33 Commencement Usher 2: Pep Club 2. NELSON HOLMES "Ho1msy" Scientific 2. Spanish II Records CAROL DAWN HOOD "Hoodie" Scientific Yearbook Staff 2,3Q Student Coun- cil 2,35 Hall Patrol 33 Mixed Cho- rus 1,2,33 Ensemble 25 Operetta 25 Tri-Hi-Y 1,22 Caterers' Club 2,33 Library Club 1,2,35 May Day 1,25 Homeroom Officer 13 Commence- ment Ushor 23 Choir 1,25 Area Chorus 13 Cafeteria Aide 3. DALE HUGHES "Da1e" Academic Basketball 1,2,35 Baseball 23 Hall Patrol 33 Class Officer 3. '-1' Y 1,23 Key Club 1,2,35 Caterers' Club 2,35 County Chorus 1,25 Jun- ior Red Cross 2,35 Senior Play 35 May Day 1,22 Baccalaureate Usher 2: National Honor Society 3. BARBARA ANN JONES llBarblV Stenographic Cafeteria Patrol 1,25 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 25 May Day 1,23 Pep Club 2. was Na, ...Nb DONNA JONES ALLEN KEPHART BRIAN KIMMEL "Donna" "Herm" "Kim" Secretarial Industrial Arts Scientific Cafeteria Patrol 2: Mixed Chorus Baseball 1: Track 1: Science 1,29 Chorus 1: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2: May Club 2,8g Track Mgr. 2. Day 1: Pep Club 1,2. VERNA KRAUSS vlvernn Secretarial Intramurals 2: Cafeteria Patrol 1 Tri-Hi-Y 2g May Day 1: Service Committees 3. N X Qt -4 ' Roman Christmas in Room 208 DAVE KRIGER "skip" Clerical Track 1: Cafeteria Patrol 2: May Day 1. LOIS KLIXBULL "Lois" Academic Tri-lli-Y 1.2: Chess Club Jig Senior Play 3: May Day 1: Homeroom Of- ficer 1: Guidance llostess 71, Y ,N K1 'lip l A .ui L U N1 ' f WV t V41 ,L 1 if l Q I .UM J , , 1 .ju by T in 3 X J' v. , :J X U H1 9 s.- . l bfi V f . 1 ' .V 1 r, .5 OA PAUEETTE rckoaon-r M s W Jtjoa H Will' J' as KROBOTH cademic' 1' . .f'." X' gyda" Ye bpok Staff 3:'Moon Beams -,' Sta 8: NatiohalH or Spci th, 3: tudent 6Idunai1T2'H ,Patrol qsjcamtqia Patrol 1,2? ri-ui-Y 1.2: ture Teachers ,2,13: May Da I,2: Hojrieroo fficer 3: ,S vice Committees 1: Commence- ent Usher 2: Senior PLay 3. K . A. demic Intramurals 1: Yearbook Staff 2g Moon Beams Staff 2,1ig Cafeteria Patrol 1.2: Tri-Hi-Y 1.2: May Day 1.2: llomeroom Officer 1, . 2: Service Committees 1: Com- mencement Usher 2: Pep Club 2: Guidance Hostess 2,Il. ' s PATRICIA KUE CH JAMCE KURTo llpatlv ltjanvt Commercial Entered Ian. '58 Student Council 35 Mixed Chorus 25 May Day 2. LOUIS LEGO llBushyIv Scientific Student Council 35 Hall Patrol 35 Cafeteria Patrol 1,25 Hi-Y 15 Key Club 1,'2,35Il.llll0I Red Cross 1,25 Science Club 1,2,35 Stage Crew 15 Senior Play 35 Band 1,2,35 Area Band 2,35 Homeroom Officer l. Secretarial Intramurals 15 Cafeteria Patrol 15 May Day 1: Girls' Leaders Club l. JAMES M . LARKIN "Hatch" Scientific Football Mgr. 35 Basketball 15 Year- book Staff 35 Hi-Y 1,25 Key Club 2, 35 Caterers' Club 2,35 Senior Play 35 May Day 1,25 Chief justice 35 Homeroom Officer 1,2,35 Pep Club 25 Service Committees 35 National Honor Society 35 Student Court l,2, 35 Hall Patrol 3. Senior "Chicks" lead the way at Open House ELIZABETH LOUISE LIPPS nBettyn Academic Intramurals 1: Yearbook Staff 35 Moon Beams Staff 2,31 Cafeteria Patrol 1,25 Tri-Hi-Y 1,21 Future Teachers 2,35 Senior Play 35 May Day 1,25 Pep Club 25 Betty Crocker Hmkg. Award 35 National Honor Society 3. GARNETTE LOTTES "Game tte " Academic lntramurals 1,2,35 Cafeteria Patrol 1.25 Ensemble 1: Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 Future Nurses 2,35 May Day 15 Girls' Leaders Club 1. 5. NOX a ve' s-3 BONNIE LA'T'TA NI-itn Stcnographic Tri-lli-Y 1, 12, RUTH LOTTES v1Ruthvv Academic Intramurals 1,2,35 Cafeteria Patrol 1,25 Ensemble lg Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 Future Nurses 2,35 Senior Play 35 May Day 15 Girls' Leaders' Club 1. fl " Us r i 2 JAMES VINCENT MAHER RICHARD MANKO RONALD MANNA JAMES ERNEST MCCASLIN Big jim "Rich" "Ron" "jake" Industrial Arts Scientific Scientific Industrial Arts Hi Y 1 May Day 1 Track 1.2.3. Football 1,25 Hi-Y 1,25 Baseball Football 15 Cafeteria Patrol lg Mgr. 2,3. May Day 1. THOMAS E. MCCASLIN llTomll Academic Senior Play 33 May Day 1,25 Band l,2,35 Area Band 3. Holiday Trimmings JANICE E. MCME CHEN uJann Academic Intramurals 1,2,35 Yearbook Staff 85 National l-Ionor Society 2,3: Hall Patrol 35 Mixed Chorus 2,35 Choir 2,35 Operetta '25 Tri-Hi-Y '25 Future Teachers 2,35 Junior Red Cross 3g May Day 1,25 Pep Club 2 Guidance Hostess 2. 79 THEADORA NANCY MILLER UvTeddylv Scientific Yearbook Staff 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 May Day 1,25 Band l,2,35 Dance Band 1,2,85 Area Band l,2,f35 Pep Club 25 Cafeteria Aide 1. KEITH MOORE "Dazy Hayes " Industrial Arts RICHARD LEE OESTERLING "Oyster" Scientific Track 1,2,3: Hi-Y 1.2: Stage Crew l,2,3g Senior Play 3g May Day 1. A K .1 'fm ia I 1 , I.. si , ,.. 1- fi. GEORGE E. MOSLEY HMOH Industrial Arts , IUDITH HELEN MYERS vvjudy lv Scientific Intramurals 1,2,3g Yearbook Staff 35 National Honor Society 2,35 Hall Patrol 3g Operetta 21 Tri-Hi- Y 1,25 Caterers' Club 2,3g Library Club 1,2,3g Junior Red Cross 1,2g Science Club l,2,3g Senior Play 35 May Day 1,25 Band 1,2,3p Western District Band 2g Area Band 1,2,3110Al'll'l Capponechi Award 25 Cafeteria Aide 1,23 Ensemble2. Our Spectacular: "The Man Who Came to Dinner" JOHN O'NEIL "Jack" Scientific Football 1,2,3g Basketball 1,2,3g Baseball 1,24 Yearbook Staff 3g Moon Beams 31 Mixed Chorus 15 Key Club 3g May Day lg Varsity Club 2,3g Hall Patrol 3. GARY PITTENGER Mpittll Academic Football 1,2,3g Basketball 1,2g Student Council 1,2,3g Hall Patrol 35 Cafeteria Patrol 15 Hi-Y 1,2g Key Club 1,2,3g Science Club 1: Senior Play 35 May Day 1,2pVar- sity Club 2,3g Baccalaureate Usher 2: National Honor Society 3. DANIEL NEAL vvzubecll Industrial Arts Basketball 1,2. CHAR LES RICHARD POPOVIC "Chuck" Scientific Hall Patrol 3g Cafeteria Patrol 1,2g Operetta 2g Hi-Y 15 Senior Play 3: May Day 1,2g Band 1,2,3g Area Band 2,31 Homeroom Officer 1. A' I QAM if-e J M I HS Q r JK 1 V . f , is 4-ww. 7, - s if O? I gf as -if gf ,K :lv . s '- 3' i I A -A11-', .- of 'Shit Q Q ,,' 7 t , , I STEVE POPP "Steve" Scientific Connellsville Track Relays 23 Foot- ball 1,2,3g Basketball l,2,3g Base- ball 1,2,3: Track l,2,3p Allegheny County Track 8t Field Meet 1,2g Student Council 3: Hall Patrol 3, Mixed Chorus 34 Ensemble 3, Hi-Y 1,23 Key Club 1,2,3g Caterers'Club 2,35 Senior Play 3, May Day l,2p Homeroom Officer 1,21 Commence- ment Usher 24 Varsity Club 2,3, Big Ten All Star Football Team 3: WPl.ll. All Star Football Tcam 3, National Honor Socicty 3, DORA JEAN POTTS PATTY RANK FRANK SAMUEL RAO "Dora" "Spanky" "I-Ierkey Scientific Clerical Industrial Arts May Day 1.2, Intramurals 2,135 Mixed Chorus 1, Football l Track 1 lli Y 1 1 2,31 Choir 1,2,3g Operetta 2g May Day l County Chorus 2, May Day 23 Pep Club 2. WILLIAM REMMERT lIRem9l Clerical Golf 3, Hi-Y 23 May Day 2, Home- room Officer 2,3g Pep Club 2: Cafe- teria Aide 3. NS' A -5 1' ,spy X-555, 4 . if -gg "The Staff at work JOSEPH RIGGLE Ir Scientific -1 JOHN ROLIN "Lonnie" Scientific Track 2g lli-Y 2: Chess Club 2,3g Usher Club 2,3g Senior Play 3: May Day 1,25 llomeroom Officer 81 fk 'MWC ,iw A9 wiv' f x , i ,Nj 1,5 MARGOT CA33-IENRI Elfbrrqncl-3 AMY sAcco Marg" I JU DP , . 1 "Amy' Scientific K -J 'X op Scientific Yearbook Sta fx , 'ona Cheerleader 1,2,35 Intramurals 15 Honor So i ' ,3-n lhgar-pol ' Hall Patrol 35 Mixed Chorus 1,2,35 Tri-Hi-Y! , lub Q Ensemble 25 Operetta 25 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Librarygggibl 1,2 unior Red 15 Caterers' Club 2,35 May Day 1, Cross 1, ien' lub 2,35 Sen- 25 Class Officer 1,2,35 Girls' ior Play 9i2,5l5 Area Band Leaders Club 15 Pep Club 25 Cafe- 1,2,35 Hom or Officer 1,2,35 teria Aide 1,2,35 Area Chorus 15 DAR Good Citizen Award 3. Choir 1,25 Commencement Usher 25 National Honor Society 3. THOMAS HENRY SACCO Vlsacn Academic Football 1,2,35 Baseball 1,2,35 Track 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Hi-Y 2 May Day 1,22 Homeroom Officer 2,35 Senior Revue 35 Pep Club 25 Varsity Club 25 Cafeteria Aide 3, ,. "Our future office workers" JAMES CAR L SIMON vvJay rv Scientific Yearbook Staff 35 Hi-Y 1,25 Chess Club 2,35 Debate 35 Senior Play 35 May Day 1,25 Band 1,2,35 Area Clerical Band l,2,35 Cafeteria Aide 1,2,3. LEONARD SIMMONS H VV WALTER SPRINGER usonnyn Academic Hall Patrol 35 Hi-Y 1,25 May Day 25 liomeroom Officer 1. ewes, as 1 if ,Ti ,L.s,fs. .MN . . MICHAEL SCHOSKY "Big Mike" industrial Arts Hi-Y 21 Stage Crew 1,2,3. OLA STITSEL "Pear1ie " Secretarial Tri-lli-Y 15 May Day 1. 15 A 3' -'- 5? as-as ,651 bv ,ex 5 gust , , j A if i ' s A' H 5 Scientific 4 WAYNE STE LZIG "Walley" Industrial Arts MARY E . STOUFFER uMarytt Academic Intramurals lg Yearbook Staff 2,3p National Honor Society 2,3g Hall Patrol :kg Tri-Hi-Y lg Caterers' Club 2,3-: Library Club 1,2,3g Jun- ior Red Cross 1,2g Science Club 2, :ig Senior Play 3g May Day 1,2g Band 1,2g Area Band lg Homeroom Officer 2. MARY LEAH SVAT "Maryleah" Stenographic Mixed Chorus 1,2,3g Choir 1,24 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2: May Day 1,2g Homeroom Officer 1,2g Pep Club 2. "Steady" Sets KENNETH TATOR nP0n CLIFFORD B. TRUNICK "Buster" ,V-js' FRED L. TAGLIAFERI vvTagvl Scientific Baseball 1,2,3g llall Patrol Ilg Hi- Y 2g Key Club 1,2533 Stage Crew 25 May Day 1g Class Officer 1,2, 31 Baccalaureate Usher 2g Pep Clu 25 Varsity Club 2g National Honor Society 33. Football 1g Basketball 1,2,3g Track 15 Yearbook Staff '21 Moon Beams Staff 35 Hall Patrol 3: Cafe- teria Patrol lg Hi-Y 1,23 Debate Club 1,'2,3q Science Club 2,33 May Day 1,21 Homeroom Officer l,2,3g Baccalaureate Usher 2. fkifii' "- ft X W' 11 lil Academic Football 1,2,3g Basketball 1,21 Track l,2,3g Hall Patrol 35 Hi-Y 2g Key Club 2,35 Senior Play 31 Class Officer 1,2,3g Baccalaureate Usher 2: Varsity Club 2 ,3g Big Ten All Star Football 3. 83 ROSEMARY VENANZIO "Rosemary" Stenographic Student Council 2. if A 4 1-1,5313 X E A ai I '- . GAIL VESTA ROBERT VIDMAR JACOB RICHARD WEBER "Gail" "Vidie" "jake" Academic Clerical Industrial Arts Yearbook Staff 35 Moon Beams Staff 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 Future Teachers 35 May Day 1,25 Record Reporter 35 National Honor So- ciety 3. HAROLD EARL WHEELER -wEar1nv Industrial Arts Football 15 Track 25 May Day 1,2. Mixed Chorus 1,25 Operetta 25 Usher Club 2,35 May Day 1,25 Area Chorus 1,2. all Mr. Brooks welcomes new N.H.S. members. MAX KENNETH WIANT, JR. vvKenn Scientific Track 35 Yearbook Staff 2,35 Hi-Y 1,25 Science Club 2,35 Stage Crew 15 Senior Play 35 Band 1,2,35 May Day 1,25 Homeroom Officer 15 National Honor Society 3. "-1 MARY ELLEN WINGARD "Mary E11en" Clerical Entered Sept. '58 Yearbook Staff 3. EDITH WEGNER "Edie" Stenographic Cafeteria Patrol 1gTl'i-Hi-Y 1, May Day 1,25 Pep Club 2. RICHARD WOLFE "Dick" Stenographic Hi-Y 2 . CHARLES YAKSETIC JOHN ALLEN YECK THOMAS YOUNG NICK I. ZELLEM "Chuck" "Big John" "Tom" "Nick" Academic Academic Scientific Scientific Football 1.2: Football Mgr. 35 Hi-Y 1.2: May Day lg Band l,3. Entered January '58 Entered Sept. '58 Basketball Mgr. 2,35 Baseball Mgr. Senior Play 3: Band 3. l,2,3. FRANK M. ROZINSKY "Mouse" Cnot picturedb Scientific Homeroom Officer 1. "Sizing up for Caps and Gowns" THIS IS OUR LIFE As we prepare to don caps and gowns for graduation, we remember that the Class of l959 entered Moon High with a feeling of excitement that is typical of new seventh graders. With Mr. james Reed as our sponsor, we elected as class officers, Sue Ann Cashion, president: Margot Rudge, vice-president: Fred Tagliaferi, secretaryg and Charles Popovic, treasurer. Our eighth grade year brought a change not only in subjects, but schools as well. We were indeed proud to be a part of the new school atmosphere. Officers for this school term were Donna DiMeo, president: Richard Gilchrist, vice- presidentg Fred Tagliaferi, secretary: and Amy Sacco, treasurer. Passing on to ninth grade, we earned our first title. As freshmen, we chose our curriculum for our remaining high school years. Still having Mr. Reed as our sponsor, we elected Amy Sacco to be our class president: joan Kroboth, vice-presidentg Fred Tagliaferi, secretary, and "Buster" Trunick, treasurer. Our sophomore year brought two new changes in class leadership. Miss Adesta Koepfinger became our new class sponsor, while Dorothy Glatz filled the post of vice-president. During one of our busiest years , we chose green and black to be our class colors, the green carnation as our class flower, and the red ruby for our class rings. Our main proj- ects were selling stationery and sponsoring a girls' tag day and dance. In our junior year, most of our activity was centered around "Underwater Fantasy," our prom. Our class rings finally arrived in October of this year. The vice-presidency again changed hands with Carol Gaydos now holding the position. Finally, as seniors we reached the last plateau. The production of our play. "The Man Who Came To Dinner," our revue, "Anything Goes , " and plans for commencement provided a full schedule . Dale Hughes took over the office of vice-president, with all the rest of the officers remaining the same. As our high school career ends, many of us are look ing forward to college careers, while others make employment plans . 85 In Memoriam R. NEIL STEWART died August 23, 1957 86 We, too, shall lay our tools aside We, too, who scorn to wince or fail Shall also heed the clarion call And follow the familiar trail. Fear not the joumey to begin Nor worry when the call shall be To join the great, brave, sturdy throng Magnificent the company. Gygsying in Verse I. A. Allard The an Who Came to Dinner 1 fd Lorraine We presented "The Man Who Came to Dinner," under the di- rection of Miss Shirley A. Lunt on November 22. Row 1: Trunich, Popp, Pitringer, Croyle, Popovic, Lego, Adair, Heinlein, Ham-ick, Lottes, Alexander, Bailey, Row 2: Bortle, Oesterling, Rolin, Crea, Simon, Wiant, Hixson, Eberle, Rudge, Gosa, Yormg, Gasmer, McCas11n QCA fc. .v fy n 5 . o G r June , K Ri.Ch3Id Banjo whneside Maggie je ffe rs on Beverly 1? :af I 2 87 Senior Snaps Our Stationery Sales Cindy and Dale Ex tc, X W Senior Play Practice The Line Up Q L Q frg . , L g fm ws, 5 Y 1 , -Q ' A 'Ein nits-5 I -E L . if sa v - 5 L ttnn 'L r . ,, 4 5. Q Carol and Buster Olivia and Allen Spanish Christmas Three Little Girls "Look Ma, No Hands" "Now Listen Here, Santa" 88 v Preparing for the "Big Break" "Donna " v Juniors Steal Our Seniors' Hearts i if' if 'fm v 4 W 2 nr, t 3 , 'mr we - p f . 1 ,Xi A , Lg, 1 X . x ',, -i.xw,,i N 1 "Waltz ofthe Flowers Our Star 5 A Pi B uni The Thinker l Stand by for Blast Off Barb and lar Slopping Around Together f K w ppl 4. 5, I . 1' . '1 ug . tv., ' , nr... ' .,-N A . -. . ,D 3. , .fu A ' Big Chief Sitting Janice 89 1 thing Goes. Lharleston "Big Daddy" The Bcatniksu "Granada" "Sometimes" "Calypso" A 1, Q ' x ,f X AA A r m I A "When I Played X ' XR I f 4? , w Hddleu "Graduation Day" I A Y f ' A i x, I 77 "I CIan't Say No" "March" "Chi1dren's Marching Song" 90 I I Q is 5' W ? . , w 'V' Www A "No Man Is an Island" W " Goufusu sv K4 x , ! 5 Su if 5, z 1-15 Sugar Blum . "" ii ,u "Jamaica" "Birth ol thc Blues 'Play ga Simple Melody "Shish Kababu ii' NSI. Louls Blues N1-.lfkdlm a la cane .gl J 1 ,ye-'-.ik Qin: ' ii-xrxjxi "Ng Stl, 'V .-ag"-jr 'l'i. '33 ff lf? I . Am -ve: 'rf f?-if l 5 A :Q ' I -Q , -59 l 1' 1 , X. ii i Q 135 5 1 la Ei l f - . I 5 Q 1' IE? 532 -S 1 .4 M , ' A 'ic 3' T I : 527 ya 3 ' ' '-552 3 . 1 1 7 g . "7 :' R X ' " V igfgl A flag: .. . lf:-if 1 ,S I Q' , l . X, 1122 - ,z 5 '1 " 5 fg V A . as 2, . gg , I TLQLQLQ Y L 2 .. X. 1 5' A ji' A 5 i lv A 'J 3155 - I Y li N? " ' l --Green Eyes-A "Married to a Murruaxdn 91 A. D. ROSSI INC. REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE MORTGAGE MONEY HOME BUILDING AUTHORIZED ADMIRAL HOME DEALERS WWS 'IE SYM? if if L 1038 FIFTH AVENUE CORAOPOLIS PA AM 4 3078 FE I 4800 4I0 MERCHANT STREET AMBRIDGE PA CO 6-6290 . I ., . V 5 ' Y N' -- I ' IL "WSF I N -' ..-: . - "w"T"" , A fm? A I 1. A I I I . . . M M . . z X m L. ' M . ' svifgeiff ' -' -'W ' - I f 'I . ' . A. f Q -Xfz?.:',iffIQ7g L T: 5' ' 439-'i' uf' 5" , . , . 92 iff' + Y -1 .- X T 'ufpx : v1,X ' 3 Y ,- A.. I Q, . t gffr. fll 3--A lot has happened in our first 50 years Come take a look with us over the 50-year span since our beginnings in 1909. 123.990 passenger cars were built that year-3,297 trucks. Electric lights for automobiles came in the year before. The self-starter-3 years later. Wherever automobiles traveled. the country- side rang with cries of "get a horse." "your trol- ley's off. mister." whenever luck went bad with a courageous motorist. A gas station was any- thing from a grocery store to a blacksmith shop. And a good car was ol' necessity a good "mudder." In this fifty yearsvliterally hundreds of names of automobiles have flashed across the horizon, enjoyed brief success. and disappeared. Remember Ajax. Apperson. Case. Chandler. Cole. Duquesne, Earl. Kissel. Marmon. Ruggles. Saxon. Vclie. NVhippet'? lVlemoriesfall but lost in this dynamic demanding half-century. Rockwell-Standard was born with those in this vast industry who challenged the many who had "open mouths and closed minds." XVe have grown through these 50 years because we have shared in the vision and progress that have character- ized the industry since men ol' great courage dreamed the dream of today's automotive miracle. As we celebrate our half-century mark. and look forward with eagerness and optimism to our future. we View the achievements of the past with gratitude and no little humility. 50 years is a long time-but years need not necessarily mean age, When progress is the ideal. a business retains the vitality of youthA and moves forward aggressively with the years. In management. in research. in engineering. in plant. in financial soundness. we are equipped to face the challenge of the next 50. ROCKWELL-STANDARD C O R P O R A T I O N GENERAL OFFICES: CORAOPOLIS, PENNSYLVANIA RUCKWELL STANDARD 93 ur Patrons Mr and Mrs Georgew Alexander Mr and Mrs G C Harper Sr Complxments of a Friend Carol Karl Mr and Mrs Robert A Martm John Vernocy Mr N A Vater Mr and Mrs James Gore Ill Mrs Marg Sarandria Mrs M A Wllken Mr and Mrs Wlll1amG Cowles A Friend Mr and Mrs Georgel Mlnch The Fauntleroys Mr and Mrs E C Hernlexn Mr and Mrs UrilChrrstner James Sloan Ray and Louise Serack Mr and Mrs M S Henmng Mr and Mrs F W Ogden Broadhead Tratler Park Susan Baker and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Wrllram Carpenter Ralph Hall Vrctor Bottle John O Baun Louls Kopsa James Manlon A Fnend Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs N R Mclntosh Leo Bottorff Franklm Lang Dxck Mushalansky Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs A Friend Mr and Mrs Phrllp Prnt Mr and Mrs John Smonko Frank Vldmar JohnC Miller Frank Kroboth Jr Paul Padgett Mr and Mrs F M Rehm and Famlly Theresa Kramer Margaret Woodward Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Myrna West Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Wrlllam Aber Edward Boggs Jr Edward Svat Robert Clers Evelyn Mxller Darlene Baun Mr and Mrs Nxcholas Denms Mrs Helen Tussey Edward Hawes Walter Setbert Alex Kramer and Mrs StephanE Lebec Mrs Martha M McGrnn1s Charles S McDan1el Mr and Mrs Harvey P Harman Mrss Shtrley Lunt and Mrs J Porter Barnes Wayne E Goss and Mrs H B Ltebermann and Mrs Robert Gunn Roberta Vesta Hemphrll s Beer Drstrrbutor Mr and Mrs Cook New Moon Servrce Statxon Mr D L Crerghton Mr and Mrs P J Hrcks Jack Hlcks Mr and Mrs Bxll Graff Mr and Mrs Earl Waltonbaugh Mrss Ruby Mmton Kenneth Cotton and Mrs ArthurE Kllxbull Joseph Lesko JohnG Mrller Lours Gold and Mrs JohnF Kurto Sr and Mrs Andrew Schavolt Cpl JohnF Kurto Jr 55 Mr and Mrs Charles Lozer Lorratne and Dxane Lozer Mr and Mrs P Lang Mr E C Hemlern Mr and Mrs K K McMechen Mary Peterson R N Mrs Thelma Wtlkerson Mr S A M Soxman Mrs Whrte Eugene Depta Eugene Anderson Jane M Cleaver Bobbr and Joe and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Wrlllam Rxchard Karl GeraldA Eberle Wl11l3mM Booth R W Botkm JamesE Allxson H Petrle Martln Elrzabeth Hartle and Mrs Elmer H Eger and Mrs JosephL Crea r and Mrs Glenn M Tttus The Purple Sneaks Bob and Carol and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Ralph Chambordon RobertW Kerr I C H att Davld Hunter James Palrttl A Frtend and Mrs John Berola Kenoco Orl Company Mr and Mrs Georgel Glatz Jr and Famtly Rosemary Bard L C Erwm Mr Thomas Sliwlak Mr and Mrs Emll Brackus Lltterini s Cafe Mrs Angelrna Gaspertni and Mrs and Mrs A Frlend Eugene F Ralston George Omlor and Family and Mrs Ervtn Grllrs and Mrs Alex Szilagyr Mrs Rose Lltterlm Mrs Marg Bosettx Mrs Charles Guillam Mrs Richard Castellan I and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Ector Bonazza Rocco Polxcarl Bud Grrenersen Wtllxam R Yeager a sShopplng Center Mrs I T Hickey Wrreton Servrce Center Mrs Wrllram Harper Mr and Mrs Nick Basalyga Mr and Mrs Vincent Maher Mr and Mrs V C Mrlllgan Nancyl. Lee John Erbey and Mrs Joseph V Newman and Mrs J C Helder and Mrs Edward R Twxgg Judy Stouffer Mr and Mrs Wrlbert Huntley Mr and Mrs R G Croyle Wrlbur Howard Barley Mrs R E Barnheart Mr and Mrs Robert Grtmm Mr and Mrs T Mrller The Brauns Wanda and George and Mrs James D1Meo and Mrs Wtlltam Rudge and Mrs John Hartnck and Mrs P J Sacco Ollvra and Allen Mr and Mrs George Lovy Mr and Mrs JamesA Lawson Valentrne s Atlantic Servlce Station Mr and Mrs Walter Soroczak Walter A Soroczak Rose Rabovsky Mr and Mrs James Wlthee Marlene Gray and Mrs W J McClafferty and Famxly and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Freder1ckA Ramsey Elmer H Eger W M Llkins ElllsL Schechter RobertL Watson Wrlliam D Burrows I C Douthwaite C A Campbell JohnB Urban Anton Satorlus JosephF Moxtn Barbara and Earl Mollie Galterlo and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs W1l11am Srrocky R E am Stephen Popp George Dlckey Henry Shemmer Manlyn Gaydos and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs WrlltamD Smtth GeorgeB Evanko W B Kelley Benney Trumck Jr WarrenA Smrth Wtllram E Albert A Frtend Mr and Mrs D W Htsey Mrs LyleT McMlllen Mr and Mrs W E Holsinger Ann Buzza Rosemary Toya Cathertne Lozer Mrs Mary Story A Frrend Mr and Mrs Pat Prrce Mr and Mrs Mr Wtlltam Mr and Mrs James R Crawford W Waltonbaugh E Wrlson Wrllram Llpps Dale Turzak Rrchard Gastner Mr and Mrs Rudolph Gastner Mr and Mrs R G Portman Mr and Mrs John Rohn Betty and Doug Mr John Gray Barb Gray Mr and Mrs M S Henrung One Hour Martmxzlng . Mr. - ' ' . . . . ' , , , Mr. . ' . . ' . MI- - ' . . ' Mr. . . , , . . . ' Ml- - ' ' ' ' Mr. . . . . ' ' Mr. . . ' . . ' , , ' ' Mr. - Mr. . ' Mr. Mr. ' . . . . ' MF- ' Mr. . . . . . . . . MF- Mr. . ' Mr. . . , , , , ' . . Mr. . . . . . . , , ' Mr. . , . . , , , Mr. . . . ' . ' Mr. . . . . . ' ' ' ' Mr. Dr. . . . . Mr. . . Mr. . . , , ' Mr. . ' ' . Ml- - , , , , Mr. . . . ' Ml- - - . ' Mr, , , ' Mr. . . . Y Mr, ' ' , , ' Mr. . ' . . ' ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . . . . . Mr. and Mrs. John Gray, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Soderquist and Family IBy'S Hvme Bakery , Mr. . . - - , , ' Mr. . ' - - - , ' ' Mr. . ' ' ' - - P . ' Mr. . . , ' Mr. . . . , ' Mr. . . . ' , Mr. . . ' . . Mr. . ' Mr, . . . ' Mr. . ' . ' Mr. . ' ' . . . . Mr. . . Mr. . ' ' ' ' Mr. . . . M, . ' ' . . . . Mr. . ' . R y' ' . . ' Mr. . . ' . . Mr. . ' . . . . Mr. . ' ' . . . . . . . . ' Mr. . ' . Mr. . . . Mr. . . . ' ' ' Mr. . ' . ' . Dr. . . Mr. . ' ' ' ' Mr. . . . Mr. . . . C ' . . . Dr. . . Mr. . ' Dr. . . Mr. . ' . . . Mr. . ' . Mr. . . ' ' . ' Mr. . . . ' . . ' ' ' Mr. . . . Mr. . . ' . Mr. . . . Mr. . . ' . . . . . . . . ' 94 Mr and Mrs A Fnend and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Paul M Hood Marvrn Lawyer Phrlrp Shaw Gregory Conley Grlbert Young Harold Hrghman Elmer Foust Charles Yaksetrc Chuck Yaksetrc Mr and Mrs Frank Krauss John Kyle Josephme Malkoskt Mr and Mrs Ntck Pavlakovrch Mr and Mrs Glenn Ersaman and Famtly Wrllram H Humphries Jr Mr and Mrs Herbert Snell and Famlly Mtss June Stout and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Judy and Gary Mr and Mrs Jack Barley Mr and Mrs Bernard Vochmskt Mr and Mrs Elmer Kalman Raymond D Roth Ivan Bell Mrss Margaret E Renstrom The Class of 1959 wlshes to thank everyone Henry Neff Howard Gracey and Famrly David J McMu1lrn and Famrly contrlbuted to the success of l'.I'I1S Flame Mr and Mrs L Osterllng Mr and Mrs Sam Chredoi Mr and Mrs James Gardner Alvin Leland and Jolene Smtth Mrs W V Ingram Jtm Ronald and John Gardner Ellen Gardner Mr and Mrs Wm G Kammerer Marilyn Rehburg Joyce Rehburg who has and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs a Gaydos and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Complrments of RUDY REDEK S W Stouffer Frank Keller Bnan Geddxs CharlesL Mertz Joseph Esla P Bates, r Raymond J Lane A T Hunter John L Kramer Harold F Mowry George Leach Ralph Elkins Michael Gaydos Wrlltam McCausland Arthur Yeck Robert T Smrth Thomas Pungock rn any way J H BONHAM AGENCY Insurance and Real Estate Mtll and State Coraopolrs Pa Compltments of MONTOUR HARDWARE DR W N CANNISTER 1009 Fourth Avenue Coraopolrs AM 4 7550 BYERS HARDWARE CO Devoe Pamt Products AM 4 1230 Compltments of RELIANCE WELDING CORP EDWARD HAWES Sewtckley School of Tutorrng Sew 4048 CA HEN S Coraopolis THE CHOCOLATE SHOP 932 Frfth Ave AM 4 1976 BASSETT BROS Grocerres Fresh Produce Phone AM 4 6030 WM G DOUGLAS AGENCY Insurance 81 Real Estate James H Bonham AM 4 1480 CORAOPOLIS FURNITURE 926 Ftfth Avenue Coraopolts, Pa BELL MOTOR PARTS 1200 Fourth Avenue Coraopolls P GILBERT S FLOWERS 937 5th Ave Coraopolts Pa AM 4 1020 AUTENREITH S DOLLAR STORES 946 Flfth Ave Coraopolis Pa C WM MORRIS GENERAL CONTRACTORS 2015 Laurel Drtve Coraopolts Pa AM 4 4308 Compllments of GENE S SUNOCO SERVICE STATION 1344 Ftfth Avenue YATES ATLANTIC SERVICE Route 51 at Carnot R D 4 Coraopolrs P FANNING S DRUG STORE Prescrrpttons AM 4 5086 1110 5th Ave Coraopolts EGER S Leadrng Jewelers Coraopolrs Ambrldge Compliments of STEIN S LADIES APPAREL COMINOS RESTAURANT 940 Frfth Avenue Coraopolrs HAWKINS PINE CANDIES AND D F MILLER COMPANY HAWKINS DRIVE IN AND EAT AM 4 2685 24 Hr Towmg Coraopolts Pa Stoops Ferry Coraopolrs, Pa 1450 5th Ave Complrments of S 8:1 S MCCORMICK DAIRY CORAOPOLIS HEIGHTS CLARA 5 BEAUTY SHOP PUBLIC GOLF COURSE Bon Meade Beaver Grade Road Coraopolrs, Pa GL 7 8384 Complrments of GROGAN DISTRIBUTORS PETE MYL GARAGE JOE WORKMAN S DEPARTMENT STORE De Soto Plymouth Men s Clothmg Coraopolts Pa AM4 4130 Coraopolrs Pa I-ULLARD S BON MEADE SUPERIOR VENDING INC VAN BALEN LAUNDRY INC Vendmg Machtne Servtce Laundry St Dry Cleamng 823 Broadway McKees Rocks Pa 1403 1407 Frfth Ave AM4 5250Coraopolrs Pa EDDIE S LUNCH 1107 Ftfth Avenue Coraopolrs Pa Henry Shemmer TALARICO MOTORS Ford Cars and Trucks AM 4 2525 FEderal 1 2550 COIBOPOUS Pa Mc KNOWN 8a BEATTIE 865 Fourth Avenue Coraopolts AM 4 0490 P Mr. . ' - - 1 Mr. . ' ' . Mr. . U - - - Mr. . ' - Mr. . ' MI. U .I . . . Mr. . ' I l Mr. . . . Mr. . f ' Mr. . ' ' . . ' ' Mr. . . . D ' ' Mr. . - - . ' . Mr. . A. . I . u i - Mr. . . - Mr. . . . Mr. l Mr. . . Mr. I - Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr' ' , Mr. . ' . ' ' Mr' ' Mr' I Mr. . V ' Mr. . - P I ' ' ' - - Mr. . ' ' Mr. . . ' Mtg. Agnes iam Mr. and Mrs. James McArdle - . Mr. . . , , co. . - I . a 3- - . . , ' , a. . ' . P2 95 NAUGHTON 8. BEROLA AGENCY 59 onus PHARMACY 4 3 HODAN CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC N' c,p9jMj5kflJ5O Il COMMTSO wid, CKQRAOPOLIS NATIONAL BANK gwy Wm AND MW CORAOPOLIS TRUST COMPANY MEMBERS OF FEDERAL EPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Compliments of I 7 I " Insurance" National Bank Build' Fifth and Mill C aopolis, Pa. Coraopolis, Pa. - 3 I-1 . h - h B B I Congratulations Class of '59 924 Fifth Avenue C I' I i - 2 Dr. F. J. Hodan, Director R de S -4 3 x I ' JG o -. , ,,, PL N F UY,,Xf1 Q D 96 I STREM STUDIOS QUALITY SERVICE Official Photographersofthe Clossof '59 B TURNER IMPLEMENT STORE INC Coraopolns Heights AM 4-6230 FE I 7737 lnternatnonal Tractors Trucks Farm 8. Garden 8. Industrial Equrpment Ports Sales 8- Servuce COPELAND Known wherever there are schools or colleges Class rlngs and Pnns Commencement lnvutatuons Dlplomas Personal Cards Club lnsugnla Memorual Plaques REPRESENTATIVE Charles H Klungensmlth FU N E H 424 Greenhurst Drive CORAOPOLIS "TT Puttsburgh I6, Penna Tele Fleldbrook I-6801 BEAUTY DISTINCTION lllll Graduahon opens the doors of the future a future fnlled with brught and shining promise From all of us comes God Speed to the graduatlng Class of l959 Compliments SHAFER COACH LINES INC Dlrect servlce from Clmton Carnot and pomts rn Moon Townshlp to Downtown Pittsburgh I . ' I K . 5? I I Fw X1 1 I If xl I lllll llfl. I . Mill f It " 'IIN O , . . I . I 97 X. l A f J, 'C A x 'l Elm- .' - - HQ JT.-1 3' u A 1' 5-Gs. YOU an XC 'N '- ' 5 X11 I U N V Al 1' f' 'I 1 SANVITQ 79 S STARQSHOEQ STORE FUNERAL HOME Sh - . 1' 1 oes for Enture Family , V, Q , . ' 1 - A of 1' -7- . 422 M111 sf. 1-- ff' -. ' .' .. 1'--f . fu .- ' , ,H h, U, , - i gc---'f--- - ' I I Coraopolls, Pa. I I Ar v The Most Modern Funeral Home f - ' , ' 1 1 cnc Lads Thu' x one- I herst 4-5152 Att T147 5-gn.. J 1 In The upper 01110 Valley ff" 1 f Fa.-,D NCSKHL is R L 'b 4 ' 752 5914! site r ,add 24 Hr. Ambulance Service X Fl' k - 15003 S h lRd. AMl"e'5l 4'3050 FEde"C'l l'l7ll yy a r lc Cor?:S:olii,ol'?o. '17 N A X .029 ' J. H. GILLIS FURNITURE CO. 2 0' 'ad ' XL! MS. "Westinghouse Appliances" 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION 1025-27 5th Avenue Coraopolis, Pa. Ccqrfagpoliis Office: Sewickley Office: 5 5t Ave. Broad St. and P11008 FEderol 1-6266 Of AMherst 4-0830 C"""Po"s' Pc' Ce"'?""l"' Ave' Sewuckley, Pa. ncfedl' 'O AH" Phone: AM 4-4940 Ph6n6: sew. 1859 Compliments of the Compliments RECORD PUBLISHING CO. of Printers 8. Publishers CORAOPOLIS HARDWARE of THE CORAOPOU5 RECORD AM 4-4930 1029-31 Fifth Avenue "All the School 8- Sports News" 98 f I. 0 . . .' K. , viiiv i7 7 v N- , X . I ,,. .ff IP M J 1 ff, W A FRIEND AXIQQJIDXX mf I Vw TO THE N GRADUATING CLASS OF 'I959 TAYLOR MILK CO W 02 NOTE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES THE DAIRY INDUSTRY OFFERS MANY JOB OPPORTUNITIES DAIRY TECHNICIANS DAIRY ENGINEERING DAIRY MANUFACTURING PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNI VERSITY OFFERS THE FINEST COURSE IN THE U S ,J , Q9 r Y I 1 'M ' " ' I Q 71 fp vw fo' ' OF :Q X b wee. 'IIA I 1 'NN -Iv -K ,s ,v I .5 X , XVN KQ xo J rj Vf 5' X' D 3 PF f ,jd , N ,FU X .RY , I -I 'I ,f mid .9 AU ' 'V CONGRATULATIONS J , I --JXJMV I ,jf X ' ,XX I' L Iv v 5, NJ 6 'V Q1 Q Rf, x 5? C- ,EJ I -,J f ' RJ K, , IX - I fp, II IIN . If IN . .A. 99 C. 81 L. SUPER MARKET YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS K II00 BROADHEAD ROAD ALIQUIPPA PA A. R. JAVA CONSTRUCTION SUPPLY CO COMPLETE CONSTRUCTION FROM FOUNDATION TO ROOF EXCAVATING 8. GRADING 231 SNYDER DRIVE AMHERST 4 5684 DI CICCO BROS BUILDERS DEVELOPERS I5I7 FOURTH AVENUE CORAOPOLIS AM4 5612 FEI OII7 I030 Fifth Ave 4IO Becver Street Coraopolus Penne Sewuckley Pa Phone Flowers Nnfe AM 4 3902 PLANTS FLOWERS and EVERGREENS Greenhouses ot Cornof Pa on Broadheud Road SINCE I89I R D 4 CORAOPOLIS PA X X K, xv BURCH CONSTRUCTION CO INC 295 EWINGS MILL ROAD CORAOPOLIS PENNSYLVANIA AM 4 5544 BUILDERS OF WESTWARD HO DEVELOPMENT FINE HOMES 8. HOMESITES MR 8.MRS RUSSELL PATTON 'I474 CORAOPOLIS HEIGHTS ROAD CORAOPOLIS PA AM 4 6595 N .I 8. "'-. . AT - AM4-2184 sHAFER's sewafIZf2'Le1916 HILL . . , , . I X tIbin'rJ -- I . . Ax I 9 My ., . 100 I CONSIDER A CAREER WITH G I I I PITTSBURGH-DES MOINES , T flu ll' ' JM' lf My is STEEL COMPANY rw I I ni In r x - XXX M I fffkxb lx AAIIVLI D YL" N f A I l 4 A ,lf l J ' I , Qu! if T, ly h fl it giuusrnlurmsiunnnun PLN' I Y x I if I Builders of DXTXL ily M - I X. Elevated Steel Tanks Flat Bottom Tanks I I lx Steel Swimming Pools Steel Deck Grandstands 5 V Refuse Incinerators Industrial Buildings ' Steel Reservoirs and Standpipes Pressure and Vacuum Spheres Wind Tunnels and Allied Work Steel Platework Closed Tanks and Bins Bridges, Gasholders NEVILLE ISLAND, PITTSBURGH 25, PENNSYLVANIA x S so S.- 1- I i I ' S9 'all LX' X . if wi up ,ft , V v ,ppp SD COMPLIMENTS 0. 5' P 'QP NNQY , ill' A YA Sv- TY E OF ' T . ' NPI' X Q A I My pdl QV W 359 I I fl ZX W9kMfi'iW Hifi, E PITTSBURGH EQRGINGS COMPANY EY WS, EQ GH 101 SAM'S ESSO SERVICE AUTO BODY REPAIRS COMPLETE AUTO REPAIRS ELECTRIC 8. ACETYLENE WELDING Day AM 4-9900 24 Hour Towing Night AM 4-2340 OFFICIAL STATE INSPECTION MOON CLINTON ROAD R.D.3,CORAOPOLIS, PA. AM 4-6193 EMBASSY CLEANERS 81 LAUNDREIMAT DRY CLEANING - SHIRT SERVICE I Day Service - 3 Hours Finish In Our Own Plant Pick Up and Delivery RAY LACENERE lI26 - 4th AVENUE Prop. CORAOPOLIS, PA. THE NEW I959 CHEVROLET ALL NEW ALL OVER AGAIN GOURLEY CHEVROLET 409 BROAD sr. sewucmev, PA. USED CAR LOT III4 5th AVE. CORAOPOLIS, PA. STANGLE BAKERY CODO MANUFACTURING CORPORATION CARBON PAPERS INKED RIBBONS HECTOGRAPH SUPPLIES FACTORY LEETSDALE PENNA SALES OFFICES New York Cnty Pittsburgh Dallas Chicago Detroit Cleveland Los Angeles E J HEINLEIN CUSTOM HOME BUILDING I227 MAPLE STREET EXTENSION CORAOPOLIS PA AM 4 0240 I , - : , . - l . . l 102 W WM W7 if M ENsfoF MMM gfybic N :QE if-2, S 1, 5 O ANTHONY CIPER JR Jushce of the Peace AUTO 8- FIRE INSURANCE BOX 276 GLENWILLARD PHONE GL 7 8360 3 CORAOPOLIS PENNSYLVANIA AMO BEVERAG Q , 1404 Rear and 1406 Fourth Ave Coroopolus P PHONE AM 4 5300 4 3270 f-A4449 L-YHg BON AIR . f public M 0 Nj f JJIJIJ 'Dol 1 X Nf I GOLF couRsE , L M, L ,JBUILDERS as CONTRACTORSC LANG BEAVER GRADE ROAD ESTABLISHED 1932 CORAOPOLIS PA M J HEINLEIN JR OWNER HAROLD HEINLEIN PRO HERBERT HEINLEIN SUPERINTENDENT CORAOPOLIS PA PHONE AM 4 5404 1 sq . , V I , , W pa A P J R J LU JL, - ' L . f E J . ' W 1 J .J A ' I ' PA' J A M .9 A J K sr E lLD I J -5 2 J ' L ' ' , c. ' -qv w , u.,,e'L K NY AL SJ' A 5 Lf' ,IU ' pf ' J ,F Qfrii L LXLJN J QA 'Tx LQWX 55" L5 J gpg-A W , JL-A HY 'W .W JW WJ w - lv XLLL 4 Jljvvqyqgoyfphe PQ! ,July I I M J ' J QR-1,-DLJJJ 03' L J i71PJ.Iif7f AC? JL! 5 J P I., riffgpx. AJ K TFJLX Aj 4 P 5 z L N J 103 Peopl xiii 'Qi iy'4 ,us -1' ia-1 ?1 .5 2 2 Afffiqy' nu , . N. eg WY-in - -Wfkii: F Q xxx jx . .H Q ,- .. . LM 53 A-J A , , X 9' 9 . Q ii, F A P1 1 Q 5 f - 5 7' i iz x This hook primed by VELVATONE, an special prom-ss of lithu graphic printing. Solv producers Wm. J. Kvllcr Inf., Buffalo, N. Y No other prinring Hrnw is authorized in use the Vclvamnc method 4 e' u. 1 A x , X. Q ff , . FX ! Q Q3 f X f ,x I 1 ky -X V ff 0 J 54 4, 2' 0 ,fy .ff Q' 1 ,Q , N X VY! ff X XJ xx , N ff L, A ,G , , X W I l 5 E E Q ! Si S E is E S 5 5 ,........i.71Bl X 1152? 4335.10 WEWYX-Zilla,-f -'fB ' "

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