Moon High School - Flame Yearbook (Coraopolis, PA)

 - Class of 1958

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I I. ' . -. " .I,.x:e. :. I . . .- I-I I- - I I , .. I II, II I .-IFII, .- I.' I -. J . III 1 ' H .I x..fI I". wwv Msfwbihdhk ar W mvI. ,,4 L -I M - IIA' II Ii II III II I I IL II5I:I.J.. I a VII XI I I 5 II I I LI I I I., IHIH I' 'In II PI .I I" I Iv A-I II' I I I I- I I J II ..-'FI-I .II v Y I' ' I ,II . . I A' I I . . I I Ii .. I ' I II. IIIII I fn' ' 1551, " I ' .I .gunz Vw . II .Ir .II I it , I ' I wr- . .'I'vI 'af' TI ' I. -41 -Lf .qf.'If, IIIHI11 II. I 1I,xI,I I I I. I.-I "I . ,- . :TY ' 0 r -I-.3 in ," I I': s' . I I 'If In I.II .gg - .ffm J' I In ,.: I . III I Yin ' I- -:M I ' I' A . r, ib -, I-I Ii. -. ' 'M' f- .I,LII,I.. I I I I',I I I w I I I 'I I I I l- Rv .rs- . .. . I ,.II.I"JIII,I.'II II..-.QIII f . - I: K gf :- - : . 'I I I" f-f , .I 3 15 . I Q II I Ig: f . J' 'wwf' . .I rg . I S .Q II gf-I. I .-" ' I IIFII .I !3'Ix-I I I f7159.?f1I I -I'I"'1.II ,':. 131.-'IL I :IIs ,g-,,IIII5, .II "TJ'?- ' .I ' iq I III -4 I I 'I-5I'n. 'I' ,, . ' . '. 2 -. II - I, "I:-I .-iff' I IIFI II :IQ , I - ' 1.1-JI' I '- '1g..I1 I If'-' 'ff' I I I ,I ,. . I.afIfI.'iQII 5 QQ-:I,aIf,:.-I! L, ,II I-4 , .III hid , I I Tv" 'V I f" 'III I 45'-I" 1" .' Ib I I , 'WMI II-. I ,-If . I.- ,J ' " ,E 1' QI azsII I 'Q , WH? I I-q7.LEg':E: k .. , I I:-IA: . If 2' 1 -5-'ii ,. '1 - ' 4 I -:TI 'HI' fi, 'VIII' .II- Q ufjllrff? 'If . I IIIIQIIII, I I .. ., ,Eff .. U7 L I. I-3shIl5I3I jk. I . "TF iw:- '1 LI.: .,I. I I.s, -gn II : .' I ,-Ig-"LI-J I a,.',-.' ..- .- I II I3iI. ' In ,. 3 .WI I I I I I . f ,. n' '. I I-'U-1: I I I III. I . HQIIII.-I 'ln ,II '. X' I I I , . II .I I .ifI5liE-fY9+ a .-- I-q5Z1wi:'.. 'III fLJ-HfI..... II' I'I4t ' II I I . I ,II II?- II II I . . L. I I,,I II, 'II I II I I I III I , I .. , I I I I I I I- FI .Ng .ul Q . ., -v- v, 5 1: .n' ,. IQS 1 Dedzmizbn Q, V. 1'- -'m.f'.5,,S:,w.Lk,.,w Q 1 f-fp '1,F'.r' . ff, 1 gkrzir ,,.:V,Air.. "" Q , W ir: gf.. ., ... 4.1.5 12.1, Q '. Zi ,d - .2 ,..K,.,.n, . A ,U f-'ef 0 ,V ff. A 'iff' ' - "vii r -4- , Y" -'1-JJ-W a ' 3- 1 Lv. Q , vu M iffy, - .4x.r ,Q , f 5 Aa' r .:9'. , L. - I , , K, . Mfg, f ."'i.gc,w:.zp .iyg 31 .Q .- f , ff, wswz- ...mfr . 1. 9 IRT. 2 .1 j AM' 5. +,'YL 9-gfip mx, iw f.. fi-'--fg., A -f!,,::1f-vf-w,'f "" 'W -'S E..-r F'-.S--N1-Lf'?tP1..7e7Tf'mi K' -'ff' "1" .'aw,x.-if-t. ,.5,..5' x-fx-gg-wg L3 Mgt -ping g ifsggvj' BJ: A. - A ,jf-. .4'.Q,,,, kg .5. ah? .-.... 414, 47,34 1 . ry. ' I ...vw- . "iff -in . 1',1f.J X '9 f f1't'v3g:'a4 'e r. , ,,-.,A- ,. fd . I .TRI -W xc'- f ,-ff an gui. f f'1f'Zrxc1N X ap--'lf 21, IsGq'..g.s-.uf , 5- V f.,,1,- ..., - r-.,'-f' A ' Us ,"' dxf- ,!YK'Q'.a. nf X J . 4' 'lk' P 11' ffl! : ft, , A . - . f, ,- a '. A 'Z .e K 1, .,,, . 1' C, 394' . s vim 15"- Q' .3 . SSH ' ' rn' Q IC 52255 'ui Q. .vl gp-Q 1,31 f iga-.iff ',-x-1.2412 if -.A-. iso- -.. iq.,QQ,.a Z . W" ." " ' "' ?:,,J':'g1?fzg:i1 .pfwntt yt . wx , ',- .' ,. 5'-ff" L' 'J -Ar,-.1 gb! 1 v,i"'-177 'lSv4',H-2' QF?-'1'g4'-1i:,Me--fvl n -'f , . ' X L Y' .. ",G:7:14 ' 3 ij','Pqn.'S,P gill? ., Q. tv., x. ,X--Mg' qxlifa' ,Q J., ,X -. , . ,. if 215- "ir -g',t?'?2",1:Yu .-J wif. ff '- -C g- -1 .- f ,, ,lik ee. -4 .:- "5-4735 111' '5' " 5-Zfigflv' The dedication of this volume of THE FLAME to Miss Theodora Romano is a small token when we consider the friendship, service and helpful advice she as our sponsor has bestowed upon us throughout our high school years. 2 , . Q-,rv , .- f5.,"Z'g4" 121616 Of Confenif OW Peqole ................... ............. 8 -25 OW ACfZ'VZ.fZ65 ........... ..................... 2 6-65 OW fembzff. ................. .... 6 6-91 QW 1361170145 ............ ..... ..... ..................... 9 2 - 104 I me XX111 PUBLISHED BY C 11155 Of1958 - Qf Moon 11056 1526001 Foreword ...YJ r'J'.. ". -5.--is ',, i .,,gi1. ,f I .913-14" F, gg . ..- -'w :' ' A . wl.:.r1J' ev-, '-Y gr 5 elf- 7 'ib..5:f?i1m,11.,1, V .S-ii-n'f,"Gr3'1k4 .-:,.--,-af - ..!f,1qgJ-1 .qi-' L u3f'4,""qvg ,- -.Z-if rw- . 5- 'Liga f:",1I""-" , . ., ..f.:-if-f af" ' f ::- --:z-' . y ' f"K"F .. ILLJ' --,f'al,,',1 -'f-41' .N-. . .4' :J x. al,-0 Sv g- , j.-Q, 1 rr 1-7-1,-V .ig.,..2-if1sf,ff'5f5ryyfmq-rafbfi-f Q-Fig H ' -K ,.-,I -X'+"4' .?,.-:j'f:w' ' . ..?.-if-in' ILS.. yi-1 if K . 3...-'ulirz fl, -.J ' - . Airs' -gm. .4 .44 - :Q ' 1.1 1,-1--ff .--fi.-A-vs-4-5:1--:rr f'-'- vi "LP -Y'-PM 'JG' N 4 I v ..1 .. ,... .p--. 1 Q-1 - .'- - if f'j7f'-Gi' 'r'-sn -' I-.-.1 ,A 5Mh,1-.-,5.- .f 71 '1 :.,er:,','4g.'.-, -, P ,- v ..-.f:..s-is sr' -'i .'--25'-: -A In this geophysical year the attention of the peoples of our world has been directed to the possibilities of reaching outer space and what we shall find there when we are able to set men and machines down on planets and satellites. This presents another challenging thought. If man plans to visit as- tronomical points, what is going to prevent the inhabitants of the moon from returning the visit? Anticipating such a trek and scan- ning the names on our spherical map, moon men would surely be in- trigued to find the name of Moon High School. ..,...-,- -. 1' . 5..,g,:.. f 'jfr' ..-,Kiki If-225 9' wa: if .Im- , F, 4'7" .,x'-f til.-m 1 Zi. Ti sq -f . .Mafia -,gvi.,q':- . M . ,. ur, ,'6i,f'r - ' ,,.W.., , l,,'3f' f ,..., 4 .a.'i'5f'Y" With this in mind, this volume of the Flame will be devoted to pre- senting the story of a year at Moon High, a story which we know would impress our visitors from outer space. How these people might look and their means of transportation may be fantastic con- jecture: but the account within these pages is a true picture of the people, the classes and the activities that make our high school a cherished Alma Mater. - What better places could we use to make our plans to entertain our visitors than the office of our high school principal, Mr.Brooks, whose interest reaches out to encompass the welfare of us all and to Room 113, which since September of 1954 has been the center of activity for the class of 1958 because it is the home room of our sponsor Miss Theodora Romano! Lk' Ji'-P' ii1',4r'f-"W ' n- --vw-.-' .- 4-a .fa , . 135: ', j-, gstPl,e?iffFffi,?fb: if il-915: . ,'z',321.wi.-411-435+ . fv,..- ,-L. , fe 9ff1"I3Fr"ffH :i"xf.'15' 'ff' fab 2 Q' -JK' Ff'Q'r..?,-V .- I 4 1' ',?.1'f"!i sw '-iff' mf?-K+' ,Lv less., if 32552-2-Q L.-fy : -9 , .ffm v 1 se.-1 'Ti.1:Y',: Iii'-1 '?Yif'es'5. WL in "21i- "5-' Ei. swif- 'sfi ' 'ggifz QFYJI' J"-'51 R553 ,UF 'D-V,-L. .r,- R. ., .Q .1 -jaws, 1 haf:-, 'f 'a -. 1 at gh.. I.. x fy 4 9 25 LA 5 5. ,IWW Ike Bevzuiyful 0610 Bound! ow Town! '1 N MEM -an n I nv , M, -wry ings., K Wig. f - . 'vm "' W ,ff .-fffifi m-an-. WQQ W dh .M i.r x,-L xs"f-H45 ,.., 'G'-n..f 45 6 'QA' ,N l ii. -iss: xi' .gfz fir' ' f W'f5 Ziiif: .iff .W Q N ff ,.. A 1 M-.4 :' 35" xi- ilk:-gg'i '. "if .' ,nw I Q. 1 L L ,wax ,, -x mu ug... Xxi 1. x llll N .,,, x aw X feknfly.. A- , "fXv'xg,.,,N :Ni Cfyvii "" - v w V 4. 1 f-ix A 6 :way-+fx f X 'K av .. TW. - x - -x . Y f L L - ,. ,Qi-vgfiQ,.A. 7 W V J.gf1.r,f?k 4 .gk-gf .. ' - A 4 Vx - A - x ,L f K A --x Maw f i E' M., , - 1- . ,A . ,W S -- .ff Exim, W... hi ,iss 'I X xx ,W 47315 x I 1 :Ml ww. W . xi n ax I, wif' Q- -fxfv - V ' 'RQ K Qlix x 1 - 'pf' 5 sf N Qs x5l"'1y..N ' 'Q A T0 OW Bmw' Oflikfuwzizbn Am! flaz'mmz5imizm few Row 1: Mrs. Waltonbaugh, Mr.Williams, Mr. Hawes, Mr. Van der Voort. Row 2: Mr. Stouffer, Mr. Patton, Mr. Kern, Mr. Smith. Mr. Needham is not in picture. BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. Edward P. Hawes, Sr. ..... President Mr. Carlton L. Williams .... Vice President Mr. Russell M. Patton . . . . . . Treasurer Mrs. Virginia Waltonbaugh . . . Secretary Mr. Robert Van der voort ....... Solicitor Mr. Kenneth Kern Mr. William Smith Mr. james Needham Mr. William Stouffer ADMINISTRATION J. A. Allard Supervising Principal . J. H. Brooks Assistant Supervising Principal . joseph Siegman Assistant Supervising Principal . Kenneth Shaffer ...ra- I-nw.. A, ,J-. ,. . r- -. fait :fr .3553 1'-ff' W-4.f4,:-7.: Y- I-ff Elementary School Supervising Principal . james Crawford Assistant High School Principal H' on .M fue, ROW 1: Mr. Brooks Dr. Allard, Mr. Siegman. Row 2: Mr.Shaffer, Mr. Crawford. Gow The Cffedii For Fine Leazdmbgzv Dr. I. A. Allard Supervising Principal B.A. Penn. State University M.A. University of Pittsburgh . Dr. Ed. University of Pittsburgh VW Mr. J. H. Brooks Mr. James Crawford Mr. Joseph Siegman High School Principal Assistant High School Principal Assistant Supervising Principal Assistant Supervising Principal B.S. University of Pittsburgh B.S. Indiana State Teachers College B.S. Indiana State Teachers College M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh Litt. M. University of Pittsburgh OUR SECRETARIES Mrs. Virginia Waltonbaugh Mrs. Gloria Belgie Miss Ruby Minton 9 -SJ Mr. Huckestein, Mrs. Hixson, Miss Stout, Miss Braun, Mr, Lee. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT MR. IOSEPH M. LESKO MR. EUGENE DEPTA B.S, , M.Ed. Univ. of Pittsburgh B.S, Geneva College Chemistry, Mathematics Biology MRS. GRACE CRAWFORD MR. LOUIS L. GOLD A.B. Allegheny College B.S, , M.Ed. Univ. of Pittsburgh General Science Physics ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Row 1: Mrs. Bames, Miss Lunt, Mrs. Tussey, Mrs. Andreyev. Row 2: Mr. Sharps, Mr. Morris, Mr, Seibert, Mr. Shissler, Mr. McDaniels. UW FJCMZU We Fr Emil LANGUAGE AND GUIDANCE DEPARTMENTS MR. LEONARD HUCKESTEIN B.A. Univ. of Pittsburgh M. Ed. Univ. of Pittsburgh Latin Latin MISS JUNE STOUT MRS. ISABEL HIXSON B.S, Clarion State Teachers College MISS ELSIE E. BRAUN B.S, Carnegie Inst. of Technology, A.B. Westminster College M.Ed. Univ. of Pittsburgh Home-School Visitor MR, WILLIAM H. LEE M, A. Pennsylvania State Univ. Spanish, Guidance B. S. Indiana State Teachers College M.Ed. Univ. of Pittsburgh Social Studies, Guidance MR, ROBERT SHARPS B A Waynesburg College English MR WALTER SEIBERT B S Indiana State Teachers College English MR ROBERT SHISSLER A.B. Univ. of Pittsburgh Litt, M. Univ. of Pittsburgh English. Journalism MRS. EVELYN BARNES B.S, Carnegie Institute of Tech- nology English MRS. HELEN TUSSEY B, S. Millersville State Teachers College Library 10 Mr Lesko Mr Depta Mrs Crawford Mr Gold MR. LESLIE MCRRIS B S Geneva College English MR STANLEY McDANIELS B S Slippery Rock State Teachers College English MISS SHIRLEY LUNT B.A. Grove City College Speech, English MRS. ZONIA ANDREYEV A,B. Geneva College English Who Teach Guide amd COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT MRS, NANCY DAVIDSON MRS. BETTY MILLER B,S, Indiana State Teachers College B,S. Indiana State Teachers College Commercial Subjects, Secretary Commercial Subjects MISS MARY C. ALBRIGHT MR. THADDUS KRAJEWSKI B.B,A. Westminster College B,S, , M. Ed, Univ. of Pittsburgh English, Commercial Subjects Commercial Subjects wi 'TW Mr, McCormack, Mrs, Fryz Mr, McFarland, Mr. Miller, Mr, Cummings MR, THOMAS BRADY B, S. Clarion State Teachers College Mathematics MR, EDWARD P. I-IAWES A,B. Westminster College M.Ed. Univ. of Pittsburgh Math, Remedial Reading MISS ADESTA KOEPFINGER B.S., M.Ed. , Duquesne University Mathematics MR. SAMUEL PETERS B,S, Slippery Rock Teachers College Mathematics MISS THEODORA ROMANO B. S. Indiana State Teachers College M.Ed. Univ. of Pittsburgh Mathematics MRS. MARTHA M. McGlNNIS B, S, Westminster College Mathematics MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Mrs. Davidson, Mrs. Miller, Miss Albright, Mr, KI'8j6WSkl MUSIC AND ART DEPARTMENTS MR, WILLIAM MCFARLAND B,S, Indiana State Teachers College Art MR. FRANK L. CUMMINGS B,F,A, Carnegie Inst. of Technology Mrnic MR, JOHN C. MILLER B,S, Indiana State Teachers College M.Ed, Penn. State Univ. Art MR, FRANCIS MCCORMACK B,S. Penn. State College M.A. Carnegie Inst. of Technology Music MRS, BETTY F. FRYZ B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Music Miss Romano, Miss Koepfinger, Mrs. McGinnis Mr, Brady, Mr. Peters, Mr. Hawes -nfs' V JSM V, N Tw .,,..,,..,, fsr,..w,5 ' 'M . .. f figs I Pffqvmfe U for Ike Fu lure Mr. Goss, Mr.Miller, Mr.Merges, Mr.Lebec Mr.Harman, Mr.Kramer, Mr.Stull, Mr.Wilson INDUSTRIAL ARTS AND HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENTS MR. CHARLES MAYER B.S. California State Teachers College Industrial Arts MR. JAMES REED B.S. , M.Equiv. Ohio State University Industrial Arts MRS. JEAN MCCORMICK B.A. Muskingum College Homemaking MR. ELMER E. BRAUN B.S. Carnegie Inst. of Technology M.Equiv. Calif. State Teachers College Ind. Arts, Mech. Drawing MRS. MURIEL SIEBERT B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Homemaking MRS. DORIS CONRAD B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Home Ec. , Cafeteria Mr Karcher, Mr. Gracey, Miss King, Miss Palumbo,Mrs. Petersen,Mr. Fryz SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT MR. WAYNE GOSS B. S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College, M, Ed. University of Pittsburgh Geography MR. EDWARD MERGES B.A. Permsylvania State University Social Studies MR. HARVEY P. HARMAN B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College Biology, Geography MR. EDWARD C. STULL B.s. in Ed., M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh Social Studies MR. JOHN G. MILLER B. A. Washington State College, M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh Social Studies MR. STEPHAN LEBEC A.B. Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College Social Studies MR. ALEX KRAMER A.B. University of Pittsburgh History MR. EDWARD WILSON B. S. Edinboro State Teachers College History Mr.Mayer, Mr.Braun, Mr.Reed, Mrs. Siebert, Mrs. McCormick, Mrs. Conrad HEALTH AND SAFETY DEPARTMENT MR. BROOKS KARCHER B.S. Geneva College Driver Education MISS WINIFRED KING B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College Physical Education, Health MRS. MARY PETERSEN R.N. St. John's Hospital School Nurse Home Nursing MR, HOWARD GRACEY B.S. Eastern Kentucky State College Physical Education, Health MISS OLGA PALOMBO B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College Physical Education, Health MR. JOSEPH FRYZ B.S., M.A. Eastern Kentucky State College Physical Education, Health Ev. OW Cooky Am' Cufiadzdns Mrs. McArd1e Mrs. Goss Z Wh pore Mrs Wlob ., . s Ygfig-39 uf: SMH?-i"lZi frai'-151'AQw f 9158? . Q. , .ga W ' A N g hy! M 6 fwf ' . i ,I M I YO x 49, XS mmf 'xWE?1, - W s fjwf 5 is . S' .1 Q H 4' gn if ' Q Q' .Q A an 'ws 'MEM x i ' a . I 5 'fm' ,K fi .Ek ft It xiii . Q N X. iq srsr ff li , , Q' Mrs. Waltonbaugh Mrs. Born Mrs. Pariso 1' . s, ombs Mrs s ' Mah: Mrs. Almacy M 1 M . Ob d Mr. Baechto d Mr. Holland ML Bom V.AA by i I enre er sig A Q , .,,.. W ,,..,. , X Vrkk ky P I 'fy , . Mr. Gittins Mr. Rebuelta Nrss so M ,W V ' f are the people who take such good care of our physical welfare. 13 f Row 1: Betlyn, Wirth, Egenlaugh, Tranter, Pardo, Kinchen, Larkin, Clark. Row 2: Miller, Heiliman, Castellan, Dempsey, Marzlak, Man- ko. Row 3: Botkin, Gaydos, Delancey, Yoder, S chofie ld . fmzwff Pffqzvmfe T0 Enjby .- -1 . .,, , .. ,3grf.:,if'-A L Q3 ' ""LizJ:g2,,5f 1 ,. T, if-s. 411+f,,,.., ' ' ' "AQ-A.' Le ." 3'-? ,'f"-'-31-FLY-9. V- . ,,,,,,1,,,,S?,,5,1. ,,,,,,f,,,,,a. if : 1 -A . 1 gs 1, Q.-:iz-,i.T:1':i-1 331- r- .'ZEF:7f.-.152 Evflffw-,, ,X '- '1.- r .2 ,:gv.5f:af5-"figs:-11 2f3gxi1fZ.E'f13?r'?2'f4-eil?2:53.. """i' 'Quail LJ' 7,4-if V ,.'g 1,,L..RL4,,a6, M.-3 ,... , Q-".,. ,ug -, v-,-.-:'fgf,g.g,, 'urs-f.,5, ..:,.3-f' 54-,H -,V ' 'fiflfrilfrggffa -:g7f:::gf,, "5-ff an-fiiiffrfa Nt.,-flip.-3'rL-'-if ' 1: xgggiab' .4 A . Eff! isps? 19,123 X' ff cLAss oFF1cERs john Urban . . . . President John Rabbitt . . . . . vice President Marilyn Gaydos . . . Secretary . Treasurer Dale Turzak ....... Miss Theodora Romano . . . Sponsor Row 1: Miller, Cyrilla, Smith, Wilson, Trunick, Coyne, Almacy, O'Nora, Row 2: Barone, Palitti, Wilson, Messner, Mata, Sanko, Schutzman, Frye. Row 3: Fisher, Potts, O'Rourke, Steinmetz, Shelton. X1l,l, If ,f , fl xxxr 'X f if 1 f' -" Row 1: Dickey, Milligan, Holsinger, Buzza, Hoover, Celio, Graff, Myers. Row 2: DeLutis, McLean, Conley, Trapp, Waltenbaugh, Cook. Row 3: Mullaugh, Massung, Killip, Shimer, Kolinie, Garren. Row 4: Turzak, Padgett, Churchill, Ramsey. -,, ,,.... 14 Tbeiff Lam' Flmcg A I ACZZMZZEJ Q . , y . I 5 . V' .fi .4av,4.-i, , I - lb 1 ' P ff' , P' T f. JVO 1 f .Qui . 'Q' t F' alfii' j .vf'w..f"l' v' 2F.2iefSff"l Yfn' 5:1 ,, 1 YJ, A .. 1 aff? . V! ' W 'Wi' 15 W ' ' 2 .gf N -ci 11 15 .ntai W . . V3 1' , ,.,, Vive. - ,ji . S 42 a m . NW ' --'L 'f lr K 7 'mv ,V fleas i . i . .M f .QTQ-gfzbtyt .r M V wt: tr yh'.g" , if , 1' -W' if 41" ' ' ,,, X -...H -rt: -, -5-. . Row 1: Green, Linn, Harper, Bell, Wilson, Dunn Row 2: Parsons, Dlday, Patterson, Hutchison. Row 3: Manko, Kinchen, Lansberry, Wirth. -1,:.y,.A., ' '-4'-25, .,1a4.,' t :,:J::.i:QEuff.r:aal.,,6ggi. '- v -1 -fffrf .- .-'.s--aYr?-'.-'iz'-za. 'ff-'f Q.'.f-fL15,o 3 .. 'l'r'i'?ff-vfj'.'g- Y'-'H'95'Z'?v -' 4-1' fmt f ':".2s- :Q-2 Row 1: Jellison, Franc, Hafer, Elliott, Karl, Kavanagh, Moreland. Row 2: Ropos, 1'.,1,'f,QiLvg,,.1f.3.1fSfgif-Pggf'j?,is-CQ,-'r gig. King, Hickey, Tribby, Patton, Kaufman. Row 3: Cramer, Lightner, Goodnight, - , .---.-- -. - 'r,. up-..+., '-' .-.,y.-f ''65,x'g,3.53,!-'36,-f.1.f'TE" fitlaii-,:j.ri,.'gq Potts, Gray. Row 4: Snodgrass, Curry, Lauderbaugh, Bowers. Row 5: Woodruff. " 1- ,, . ga' .1 .1 4' '-.NR-7. '- u"': 'ig ' Z.1+m3,f. '44-:xf 12' 'vff'.m-rg: .. A +1 ,591',i,'fQ'53,-4-15.9274 ww' -1 x ,ge ' ,'--0" d"Qn1'., uf. '1- i' '-fwixt'-.sglyav Row 1: Weightman, Riggle, Honchoreck, Beaman, Kozar, Laughner, Powell, Evanko, Row 2: Tarquinio, Colledge, Raihall, Fratangelo, Fullard, Colangelo. Row 3: Fenimore, Rabbitt, Moon, Urban, Trimber. L-aa 15 ,? N, sl"-' L11 fvmzbfff fel Their flgbltf Row 1: Haruick, Adair, Heinlein, Miller, Lipps, Potts, Sacco, Dickey. Row 2: Manko, Gaydos, Dennis, Goss, Rolin, Hixson, Row 3: Popp, Larkin, Wadsworth, Tator, Pittinger. Row 4: Trunick, O'Nei1. 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J" ' Left to Right: Rozinsky, McCas1in, Holmes, Yeck, Frame, Vesta, Kroboth, Lottes, DiMeo, McMechen, Rabovsky, Stouffer, Huges, Dean, Mauna, Springer, Row 1: Drake, Christner, Kroboth, Lottes, Dickinson, Myers, Hood, Simon. Row 2: Bortle, Croyle, Rudge, Alexander, Klixbull, Yaksetic. Row 3: Popovic, Wiant, Clark, Lego, Riggle, Crea, Row 4: Eberle, Oesterling, Healy, Kimmel. Amy Sacco . . . Carol Gaydos . Fred Tagliaferi Clifford Trimick Miss Koepfinger 16 CLASS OFFICERS . President . Vice President . . Secretary . . Treasurer . . Sponsor Un The Pfam 'QA' x,,,K,"1Ql-r cn, 3, -. 4, 5-fl., 'gf:'.-'an f- . 1- gi,-.1 ,-."":4. 4 -Q A ,,n..3,'.-PQI.: A,-gf: X-ln., - ' X S J ,YW Row 1: Dugan,Kephart, Collins, Wheeler, Clark, Rao, Fisher. Row 2: Moore, Stelzig, Schosky, Weber, McCaslin, Crognale. Row 3: McKenna, Maher, Neal, Mosley. Row 1: Page, Grimm, Bostaph, Audia, Patterson, Miller, Almacy, Rank. Row 21 Egenlauf, Cain, Swager, Fiore, Dunmire, Cheuvront, Row 3: Gastner, Simmons, Remmert, Vidmar. Row 1: l-letzer, Latta, Habenicht, Baun, Hein- lein, Bell, Gilligan, Jones. Row 2: Kurto, Venanzio, Gardner, Barrackman, Jones, Stitsel. Row 3: Wolfe, Kriger, Krause, Henning, Haller, Glatz. Row 4: Wegner, Bostrom, Svat, Tilly. -fffrq ea H. 1 . ,, . .xx s , ,V it 1x ,, gi , JZ? Fi XX x I 38 'E , ,,3l+J'.:'lf9+ . ,sl , LF r Y' n"""" G Row 1- Russel Milli an Pardo Dewitt Lozar - . 3 . . . . Cramer, Curry, Pennington. Row 2: Thompson, Mashuda, Yusl, Sienkewitz, Hornicek, Row 3: Popp, Burkhart, Churchill, Diehl, Venneri, Fa- gan, Row 4: E,Miller, Hyatt, fqzvkf felm Cowley Row 1: MacDonald, Rao, Miller, Hollowell, Headly, Soderquist, Krommes, Heininger, Row 2: McCorkle, Gillis, Snell, Breadhal, D'Amico, Thompson. Row 3: Hastings, Kern, Campbell, Dudeck, Gittens, Severs. Row 4: Baldwin, Tannehill, Newman, Santucci, Cald- well, Pickens. Row 5: Andrick. Row 1: McKenna, Hewitt, Fetsko, Harper, Mor- ten, Gordon, Titus, Schneeman, Row 2: Powell Brackus, Huffman, Stewart, Hunter, Delancey, Row 3: Knoll, Schulenberg, Mitchell, Hudnal, Glass, Christner. Row 4: Schreiber, Behling, Dennis. l 3 5 QV? s ,-: S A ls f 1 :K . : -1 ff' . , .'-TC, '- a-.-W" --T5-2-cf 'Q f'5'. - . .--. .-he ..s -fl, . - '-.. . MLW? 5695- 21 -"4'e,-fglffr 925.32-as 1 'fs .Fw-2? :if '55 - .QM-'rr for-iaglaf ' :ix 3.9 9152331 ta P1-':'1?'.i'f 21fzu'?Zs'!' l s..'.s ...Qs Lg, .',- t'1'a'1..,5 ., fig, ,f.:,g-55',,:- i, Ni 5.1-Q-4-.--1 if --ri r. 4: - '1 Y' . ,.g,,,,,. Y-'.rs,,,3-If 'Fx nyltsbxei 7' Row 1: Tessore, Naugle, Hutchinson, West, Waltonbaugh, Grannis, Bower, Morris. Row 2: Swadlo, Wana, McCall, O'Rourke, Hemp- hill, Schnelzer, Row 3: Doughty, Hartman, Lightner, Jarmulowski, Josaf, Smonko, Row 4: Gray, Carter, Williams, Haney, Laird, Potts. Row 5: Urban, Kennelly, Chick, Con- nors. Cluby mm' Colon E F1 Row 1: Noss, Grimm, Pierce, Cook, Butera, Walker, Liptak, Rosignoli, Row 2: Cunning- ham, S Lansber iegman, Betlyn, Martinez, Row 3: ry, Padgett, Saveno. Row 1: Wright, Coombs, McCu1laugh, Kam- merdiener, Soda, Dame, Ward, Kolesar. Row 2: Bums, Heinlein, Foster, Ballard, Goodnight, Shefflar. Row 3: Srubb, Pavalakovich, Booth, Saskas, Phillips, Kruppa, Row 4: Iarmulowski, Semencar, Walls, Caro, Nemeth, Magnus. Row 5: McEwen, Mclntosh, Boor, Starry, Hann. CLASS OFFICERS Richard Santucci . . . President Row 1: Schaper, Moxin, Doughty, McGregor, Straker, Highman, Bolea, Smith. Row 2: Mc- Mullin, Wood, Kennedy, Manion, Mapel, Bums Row 3: Neely, Woodru Wagoner, Kopsa, Cluelow, Bosetti, Wentz, Row 4: Ladesic, Freeman, ff, Kerr. rr: Frank Yusi . . . . . Vice President , . ,Q4:1f':,, . Wenda Miller . . Secretary 1 u, it vi 1-p.gH52,H:' Bob McEwen . . . . Treasurer -gy?-1f's,iff,,,3. Mr. McDanie1s . . . Sponsor . ..'t,1.:1V, if-, l1.E'3:,,::,J-,.,,..- .-vaffvi. QV' 'gu-'-V.P.'.'i,.-'-Z:in ' '-'lglf H, -"ff, .1 ' 'g'f"fZ5." i . 5 ,1 ,- -L2 E . , 2'-5 ...aff .t'-- -"- p .xc ,pig L.,,.i ,V -, ,..4,.,,,3, ,r'.. - r- uff. .-'. .--,Q..n',"! f- :f - U- -V5 ., ",r- - 5' 'J' 'Q .,.. , . 1.45 .1 e. ' "1 1 '-Fi? ,L Algebra amd Lazim ?5s Mya"- ffl: '. N Us 1' , - : Zig.-.-1 - V - ,.,A,4v:rr ., .ul K., .:!i3.,: v','E-'gi-2 ,gl :wx . M.. --'."j"'.-f'ii'fv -'f N L 'a.. --".f'-f- .,.,3,,.3 1? U-my, 54. if-affes5v'.r'1'1'.J, wp, -' -g4.31.'1f.f1i, , "5 H. ,,,g.,',:-,F-4148. A .V E.-, , ,,,' v,f',,:,L,,l. :lui-fykk ,A-'ra-'33, , .:':TI.-1-.063 :fm ig .. il, '11i?"s1 '-',L'?.,-if , F' "F" "1 7-'iff' :Ti I- '5'l'lI'12"f'-f',:'.'i' T -sv 4 ... . i-Y .. '.,!f.f wg, - .. f-.. ,. Y .. ix- "",',."-4 23:53-tlfr. 14'-4-1.--.-' if -4 '12 xv-an, -f. -vw -u. .-.-,: gm--'1:M -ar - -ef ' . .. , 1-' , -.ku .X 11, . ,, 3.6 .-l-.- U? ,,. 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Row 3: Frank, Lockerbie, Rodgers, McCaudana, Wana, Stuckwish, Row 4: McEthaney, Cappola, Killip, Shome, Kavanagh, Rank, Hogne. Row 5: Stakes, McKenna, Hayes, Kness, Honchorek. Cbazffenge OW Flfofb CLASS OFFICE RS Fred Sacco . . . . . President David Hayes ..... Vice President Charlotte Bosetti . . . Secretary Robert Conti . . . . Treasurer -0 Row 1: Lang, Cyrilla, Currie, Glum, Schively, Tilly, Larkin, Pershines. Row 2: Howells, Shannon, Borden, Iurena, Hoover, Young. Row 3: McNay, Campbell, Foster, Beitsinger, Mossey, Dwyer. Row 4: Wolf, Rut- ledge, Caruso, Hinzman, Gitters, Patterson, Row 5: Lunn, Smith. Row 6: Barone. Row 1: Botkin, Pierce, Holmes, McCutcheon, Yarger, Collins, Anderson, Gereg, Row 2: withee, Lentz, Smith, Hoskins, Lentz, l-lann, Boden, Row 3: Circone, Blystone, Potts, Ward, Schmidt, Thomas, Aulback, Row 1: Kulchak, Zak, Lewis, Vidmar, Haw- tree, Creighton, Taylor, Coros. Row 2: Brown, Moon, Hoskinson, Trimber, Kinchen Bell. Row 3: Patterson, Sevens, Klewepeter Josef, Younguest, Newman, Row 4:! Eger, PHHCUOV. Diday, Babilon, McBride. Row 5: Noss, Bostaph. Row 6: Sacco, Karto, Price, Fisher, Yeck. if Row 1: Kristoff, O'Neil, Heinlein, Fleck, Tagliafcrri, Rossi, Beale, Habenicht, Row 2: Frisch, Rogers, Ward, Thompson, Atch- eson, Mathie, Row 3: Darrah, Evanko, Minch, College, Donaldson, Jefferies. Row 4: Walls, Conti, Venanzio, Croyle, Leich, Kolonie, Row 5: Neilson, Kneuffner, 21 Row 1: Sella, Mease, Clark, Crognale, Johnston, Helder, Sleasman, Hoge, Row 2: Massung, Price, Maxim, Sallberger, Kenlock, Eberle. Row 3: Kruppa, Gastner, Runciman, Miller, Kenley, Curran. Row 4: Keson, Ondrasik, Malone, Git- tins, Row 5: Childs, Spotsky, Bell, Gardner, Hitt. Row 6: Dunn, Sheets. Row 1: Mechtel, Russell, Petrie, Eger, Cummlsky, Helblg, Highman, Baker. Row 2: Drake, Albert, Rich, Corbett, Hudson, H.Gray. Row 3: Petersen, M.Gray, Brown, Mitchell, Quarles, Klass. Row 4: Hartman, Frye, Elliott, Carrodus, White, McGrath. Row 5: Hornlcek, Barone, Hobbs, Murdock, Goss, Young. Row 6: Dtmmire, Hainley, Wiley. Eghik Gmdm Feel df Row 1: Conklin, Kinnear, Cummings, Miller, R.Pierce, Creese, K.Dunn, Galloway, Row 2: Sherman, Venanzio, Tranter, Wolfe, George, Aulbach. Row 3: Dilisio, D.Dunmire, Bell, Davidson, .Ll-Ieiliman, Tilly, Row 4: Weight- man, Ebert, Gittins, Hoover, Hartrick. Row 5: Matthews, Griffith. "E'f-'f-'f-f-""-"'.'f1'- 'f,- li- " A.. "1 fifii-1145.552--2?-?f'f1-f-flair' . "I-Tilfvt' 5 if UE: ' "' 'S'3'?'!7.,'fo'f'?2f'7"f5'5-1 :- ".',fWJgi ff.-Q5 3513, :Sy-11. wi' L25-'Sf .1 A-' .' '-,-v..1.:, -, gf- ,. 2' -u' ':. - W 'sg if ' --'7"??"v9f1"?.?.'!.4f,sTf6-Fr QM 3,-e."".'. . .a -,-,ofj.,.:S3,+. ,. Hy.. rf' ' -Q-U ...-. -. -a:.i"W1-2,-- KZSF'-4-1 3" '- V'-' - .-MC" mg., . .2 -ar. .:1 '-:-57:1-f -23.2"-F Qifqfa-s np.,-Q-, ,3,-. ,. Q, 5. ,- .V .,,,, - 4 ,,.:- 41. -'1'- --.waif ftp. ,",4 fr-:::v ,- fs .,f,f - ,iggnr ..a:, J: g','f.:-' sh'-.'3.-Q,-,",, ,4 ., 5. .,,. .qs ., ,, ' n...3L11 13411-'P' -4 X- S ' sr ..'7.,,"':-.1 9 . - E9-c'54'i:T.4-6 :t--:v-..Z'-.u! -tlihf' ,-'. '-if .1 sv- 1-, f -"6""p-.,- "NM 5. ' 4.3,.pQ'.,'4.y'1:-u-:jan 'f4c.1L.Q3v. N . ,air hgxigdf-.ryfgrjlygi dig H' f"f:1' Jizifi' 'FF ' rkutvg- .:"f-1-ra .,.1gi'.f- 'eIii'-:4S.f:1- - -4 15,E,,4.19va"d3f,z+i,sn .23-1 Q, gg. Iiaffiffggfifg. , 'QM-.loitf, Hwy...-,,,-,K .:x,"erz-3 , "'f..jOf71-A' M... 1-. P' .11 ff 1-A ,-fi.-.f-.r 1.,, . -. -:".4hw'-'f'1"Ji"hx..,:3' "'vs'.gvrs. 'vii'--'aS."k4,f 3.3,-'il 'QGTH' Mu' '-is. .JJ -1 - 'Q' .f'J1:. .V :.4:,f- In -"rw """rv'. A'-K-K fwfr! 'ggi' "Millft'?iEf1-':H'f'-s-swan-1: vi, A.-jjif , F. . 'rig-H'yL,?f.L',at3sg ':",4.'fs sf 19- ' -' .-Q'-:J-1 -l':'?'iM'.?51-'i' ,'l!'f1iA?f X mf, -5-:firm css, CLASS OFFICERS 'WIS Allan Shocoski . . . President Martin Ploy. . . . Vice President Meride1Bero1a . . . Secretary Malcolm Turzak . . . Treasurer Mr. Sharps . . . . Sponsor Home in Moon Hazllf Row 1: Scalettl, Schosky, Severs, Quinn, Gar- land, Davis, Laufried, McKendry. Row 2: Pierce, Campbell, Weber, Fauntteroy, Iellison, Betlyn, Row 3: G.Moser, Link, Egger, Davidson. Cuteri, Wadsworth. Row 4: Lee, Phillips, Jureva, Jones, Meyer. Row 5: I.Hoge, Nasa, Bates, Popvic, Johnson, Sacco. , use Row 1: Butera, Yusi, Bell, Bates, Dickson, De- Nasso, Litterinl, Hetzer. Row 2: Mazurek, Witt, Berola, Rodgers, Schmidt, Sevin. Row 3: Mc- Clure, Kramet, Gebhart, Svat, King, Duhamel, Row 4: Olson, Mytinger, Miller, Higgins, Glass, DeLutis. Row 5: Ralston, Poppinger, Steiner, Ward, Row 6: Kleis, Solano, Moser, Shacoski. Row 1: Curry, Goodnight, Bostaph, Baker, McCormack, Turzak, Schulenberg, Hunter Row 2: Sacco, Woods, Kennelly, Trunick, Saunders, Brooks. Row 3: Seigman, Camp bell, Scott, Walls, Santucci, Sonnett. Row 4: McCaslin, McCormick, Sullivan, Paton Griffith. Row 5: Ayres, Babik, Morris, Bonanza, Ploy, V M 63 imply my LW Ffa. Qft. fl .lgn , ff: 53 . Row 1: Moxin, Clark, Udvari, Knotts, Creese, Frazee, Boden, Bell. Row 2: Foster, Franc, Wolfe, Kammerdeiner, Palsa. Row 3: Cregs, Harper, - Deramo, Krommes, Barlosch, Bostram, Brown. Row 4: Gregoritch, Thompson, Cowles, Portman, Haney, Wendel. Row 5: Kenley, Dickey, Par- sons, Ramsey. Row 6: Rudolph. Row 1: L.Neison, I.Goodnight, Zalensky, Crognale, Oesterling, Ellison, Bosetti, Thompson. Row 2: Moorby, Kissinger, Doughty, Littler, Altenburgh, Pfoff, Row 3: Potts, Neely, Breedlove, Young, Bry- ant, Sella. Row 4: MacLean, Wirth, Miller, Hixson, Blystone, Holmes. Row 5: Pickens, Linn, Hanley, Morrison. -t -....,. Row 1 Malnak Lewis Hood Mazurek Barwell Hoskins lunge, Kennedy. Row 2. Golasz, McCausland, Edmundson, Walls, Walters, Prunty, Row 3: Hein- '-v Q.- lein, Fahrny, Karl, Dye, Hast- I I ings, Christian. Row 4: Miller, Phillips, Young, Dunn, Getz, Jones. Row 5: Thomas, Urban. S L.- Honors Awmfdg Am' A V . . , . . Mr. Lee, Wood, Gillis, Snell, Popp, McCorkle, Kern IOAN CAPONECCHI AWARD This year Susan Snell was the girl to have amassed the most citizen- ship points during her junior high years to win the coveted Joan Capon- ecchi Award. For the boys there was a tie when Ronald Popp and Robert Liebermann had the same number of points. Robert Liebermann, how- ever, received his award in absentia because he is attending State College High School this year. Those who were close runners up were Betty Wood, Evelyn Gillis, Robert McCorkle and John Kem. Mr. Lee in presenting the awards represents the Class of 1953 who founded the Joan Caponecchi Award in memory of their classmate who died during her freshman year. The class wished in establishing this memorial to encourage junior high school students to seek the scholastic and extracurricular achieve- ment that were the goals of Ioan's short life. l Churchill. Celio OUR ABLE YOUTH AND A GOOD CITIZEN Fred Churchill came our a winner in the Able Youth Tests given in Pittsburgh. Placing in this group means that Fred ls eligible 'to apply for a scholarship to a Pittsburgh district college should he choose one of these schools as his future Alma Mater. Diane Celio was elected as Moon's Good Citizen of 1958. The Jacob Ferree Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution each year asks the faculty and seniors of the local high schools to choose a good citizen on the basis of school service standing, loyalty and patriotism. These girls are entered in a nationwide test on civil and government problems. These girls are also the Chapter's guests of honor at one of their meetings. Congratulations to Fred and Diane! 25 BAUSCH AND LOMB WINNER Padgett Each year an accredited high school is priv- ileged to bestow the Bausch and Lomb medal upon the member of the senior class who has maintained the best grades in science during the high school career. Paul Padgett of this Class of 1958 has achieved this honor. Also as a result of this success Paul repre- sented Moon High in the science quiz held at Moon High School. OUR MR. MILLER A very important person to the successful op- eration of the Moon Schools is Mr. Clarence Miller, who contracts the many buses that trans- port our more than 2000 students to and from school. He and his corps of drivers have our gratitude for a job so very well done for so many years. This year Mr. Crawford, assistant high school principal took over the supervision of buses and joins Mr. Miller in the task of keeping our bus service at a peak performance. Mr. Crawford, Mr. Miller ACTIVITIES A W P -r 26 .1 4 ir, 414.1 . 'f'f. 1. -if ,. ,- .4.f.f.,?. .1.I'K nfs., ,V ,' 'xgi.,Eb1:. ,y .L J- ,T -1-11 .5 fa, -.5 , .E . f a. - ,-.1 . 'sm r 7 :gr-"h, 1 'l' f"4'f'f Q-. 'I O' 7 I 53:1 ,Nuff - ' A' .J -2,1 ni' ,in-v.",'l . ".V'.,,,rLf? .A -'..' :ss - -V at an "1"P Zz' ,1rgg,-5.A..,,1.2,':- F s L 'L-:L '-4,2 -'mi -' .'."' v, yf ,..:Vf,F, -. -,' 'l,, 1 . I . f . ' . . 4-juz" V . 1 ""1 '- .. 5, -1-5 -'-1-",v"" ',,"fg - , Ji., . -4 '. ffm. pziw- Q-'.f--V-f 1' -' ' ' uf- ' L 4 z -1, mfg . fn. .Q--.' -- -4- ,,., 1.41 .4:'d1g- Q..-HAT 'I V 'x X 'A iv' ,H H5 1 ".1"'f'f M- 3Af7.'-f2.:.4 .. f"':' 'K Tha"-"f "H J ff-1-4'2'S':.-Q-.'. www ':' --f. -. L-'f -r, ,. ..-1 l,.l ".,.-A-5,w,.4.jfp4',f,.Ag:-.., ' :v"'.l ."'.t'v rim?-' Q-'Tri 'ff' 1-11-'fl' ' 4'- ing ."' .Qin V ,l. ' y'..T ,' L. '.9, '11 -f. -1' ' -ww'-,,1 .- fm- .1- .1 0 . . ,-',. f. L -. .. 45.1" bv? ' 'l5F,-""1J'. 3- :'f-Qf' is Q., td,-5 . fluff, , ' '- ' ' , I 'Av ' ,gil M, -fn,r-4.14 bg.- .A 5'-' :bug 'Qs-.:3"!f .4,..v.-far? .,.w .--.'gL-- if-'rgn ft,-ff' 1. . . .'... . .' v"- , .34 -, .1 fn. Q L ' , v ' .N ',' .C ' "'1,:,'r 'H --"-J-.r ffwsfg 14'-ff. - ' 'j','v-4,.'4,r1x,," 'uf' vb... -.n '16-,' Eta.-x. P,-M x F' 514- ff "A N s"'fvH-r . ,, 41 c,-,,"- 1,y , S. 'D-me 51, I . P-6 :N fun 5 . it 1' ff h HN X X2 Gridiron Heroef Gai OW fpoffif Row Row Row Row Tigers and Rivermen mix lt up. 1 2: 3: 4: s i 1 Rao, Trimber, Venanzio, Colledge, Gould, Tarquinio, R. Popp, Trunlck, Colangelo, Kinchen, Rabbitt, Hann, S.Popp, Wadsworth, Manna, Santucci, McCorkle, Fagan, Mucha, Fleck, Pittinger, Leech, VICTORY WAS OURS A winning season is quite difficult to achieve. Many hardships befront a gridiron squad during the course of a season. Our boys suffered this year from injuries to key players, and the flu epidemic practically cleared the bench. The boys still worked hard and cooperated with one another to mold a well balanced team. There were no heroes or stars, but boys whowere just as proud to block as to score a touch- down. The student body and faculty made an all out effort to raise the spirit throughout the school. Fans were well presented at all games and when the team took to the field they knew they had full support. Many times the teams they played were considerably huskier, but our squad had the needed spirit to bring home a victory for its we, the seniors, offer congratulations for a job well done. 28 many fans. To the squad and coaches, 4 Off Z0 az VWMMMCQ tswfbliff Potts, Wheeler, Rao. Myers, Welghtman, Turzak, Sacco, Karo. O'Nell, Bames, Bochan, Kennelly, Potts. Yusl, Patterson, Schlenburg, Kurto. Moon 30.. . . Moon 12 Moon 20 Moon 6 Moon 14 Moon 18.. . . Moon 33 ,,,, Moon 19.... Moon 6.... ...- ...- Neville 6 .... The Tigers began the football season with an explosive start, as Dave Welghtman, Allen Colledge, and John Meyers formed a devastating ground attack which the Rivermen could not surpass. North Allegheny 6 .... Moon emerged victorious in lts first league tilt as the North Allegheny Tigers were unable to stop the spectacular runnlng of Phil Colangelo who raced 70 yards for a touchdown. Stowe 6 .,., Moon Tigers gained its third consecutive victory, its sec- ond over Class A opponents and its flrst ln the Blg Ten Conference to a standlng-room only. Crowds watched Dave Weightman and Steve Popp stampede the Stallions. Camegle 28 .... The Little Tartan's Ron Hatcher proved too much for Moon's injury-rlddled team as Camegle rallied behind a six to nothing defeat to win by a comfortable margin, West Allegheny 12 .... Bouncing back from a spanking at the hands of Carnegie, Moon edged a determined lndlan team wlth the excellent broken field running, and the point after touchdown ldcldng of Steve Popp and lack O'Nell provldlng the margin of victory. Dormont 13 .... Capltallzlng on three Dormont fumbles, the Tigers roared from behind, scoring two touchdowns ln the flnal quarter on the pass- ing arm of Dave Welghtman as Moon's defensive unit led by Ron Popp, George Tarqulno, andlack Patterson recovered Bulldog's miscues .... P0pp's ln the second quarter of play in which he rambled 75 yards for a touchdown. Brentwood 12 .... Making use of its excellent running backs, the Tigers combination of Steve Popp, Dave Welghtman, John Meyers, and Allen Colledge, rocked up a total of 188 yards rushing with Dave scoring three times and Steve once. Hopwell 14 .... Balancing the serles at seven games each, Moon's Tigers opposed a fighting Hopewell squad as Dave Weightman starred . . . . gaining total of 176 yards lndlvldually. Coraopolls 0 .... Moon's mud clad Tigers scored over a fired up Corry team. Nelson Wadsworth made a spectacular dlvlng finger-tipped catch of Allen Colledge's pass for the TD, 29 Mr . Gracey Coaches nf, 5: X t x H Mr . Peters The Big 5671674 'I' Une uf 0 4 Q95-' 30 G 7-41. k KAQBLTT f 1 3 Aaizm I-Ionmff Am' Awami! "Coot," Dale, and "Tark. " The "Big Ten Conference" was formed during the '56 campaign, Three Moon High players were chosen for the All-Star Team by the Big Ten Football Conference. The honors went to Allen Colledge, Dale Tur- zak and George Tarquinio. and until now has existed on a temporary basis. ln the '59 sea- son it will be completely activa- ted. A trophy, which will be awarded to the team having the best record, will remain in that school for one year. I 19 -' I, .' I f -s Nfl ,M-. "5'5' t ,o,- 4, wx Q 7+ . Can't catch them alll The Lions Club of Coraopolis honored the three district schools--Coraopolis, Moon, and Neville--when they pre- sented trophies to a team composed of outstanding players from the three teams. Trophies were presented to Dave Weightman as the Out- standing Back and to Dale Turzak the Outstanding Line- man of the district. Moon s charging Tigers At a dinner the All Confer ence Team IS selected. Moon had two players on the squad last season, and this time due to the successful season obtained three positions on the team. Schools that make up this Conference are Carnegie, Cora- opolis, Crafton, Dormont, Mc- Kees Rocks, Montour, Moon, Quaker Valley, Stowe and West Allegheny. 1 .zszvggs ,, We've got the ball! Full speed ahead! Weightman and Turzak 31 s X ' Hafdwood Haopfieff fem' Vmffzly VARSITY SQUAD Row 1 Popp, Hann, Fullard, Neal, O'Nei1, Lauderbaugh Row 2 Hughes, Pittenger, Turzak, Tator, Padgett, Hixson, Trunick, Mr. Fryz SENIOR PLAYMAKERS Dale Pa ul 3 2 Tom JUNIOR VARSITY Knoll, E.Siegman, Bossetti, Padgett, Murphy, Thompson, Popp The bright spot in this year's basketball season came from the tremendous suc- cess of the junior high squad. The var- sity teams fell below expectations with all the breaks seeming to elude them. They provided, however. many exciting moments for their supporters who never gave up hope . We are hoping that in the near future a winning varsity squad can be produced . Moon . . 15 Moon . . 36 Moon . . 29 Moon . . 41 Moon . . 27 Moon . . 37 Moon . . 33 Moon . . 39 Moon . . 26 Moon . . 40 Moon . . 39 Moon . . 27 Moon . . 46 Moon . . 51 Moon . . 43 Moon . . 32 Moon . . 24 JUNIOR HIGH Hopewell .... Ambridge . . . West Allegheny Ingram ..... Alllquippa . . . Avalon ..... North Allegheny Stowe ...... Neville ..... Coraopolis . . . McKees Rocks . Avalon ..... North Allegheny Stowe ..... Neville ..... Coraopolis . . . McKees Rocks . Row 1: Conti, Wolf, McCormick, Brooks, Miller, K. Slegman, Colledge. Row 2: Mr.Gracy, Ploy, Bedick, Neilson, Mucha, Koline, Venancio, Heinzman. Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon 'Moon 'Moon 'Moon 'Moon 'Moon 'Moon 'Moon. . 'Moon 'Moon 'Moon. . 'Moon 'Moon 'Moon 'Moon . . Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon VARSITY Hopewell .... St. Veronica . . McDonald . . . Neville .... Carnegie . . . Midway . . . Avalon ..... Burgettstown . . West View . . . Quaker Valley . North Allegheny McKees Rocks . Coraopolis . . . Stowe .... Shaler ..... West View . . . Quaker Valley . North Allegheny McKees Rocks . Coraopolis . . . Stowe .... Shaler . . . 'W.P.I.A.L. I. V. Hopewell . . . St. Veronica . . McDonald . . Neville. . . Carnegie . . . Midway . . . Avalon .... Burgettstown . . West View . . . Quaker Valley . North Allegheny McKees Rocks . Coraopolis . . . Stowe .... Shale: ..... West View . . . Quaker Valley . McKees Rocks . Coraopolis . . . Stowe . . . Shaler . . UU '1 gl is rm ,R-i, all ll! l S 1 F .MTW , TE 1 ms lil F9 Rl df . uw an-yi M . E ,Wg gg . A QQ M 1 . any-' ig xx Q i ' X 5 Q ' Q s 5 ,.. awww-xmw -- K X wi X N S S N wi Q75 On the f 100175 Agenda for fpffzhcg Gof Our golf team has obtained through the years the most impressive record of wins . Last sea- son our team again reigned as section champs , losing only to Sharon in the play-off. VK LAST SEASON 'S SENIORS Seated: Shacoski, Mr. Selgman. 2nd Row: Williams, Vernocy, Baker. Baseball, America's No. l pas- time, returned to the list of Moon's sports three years ago after anabsence of several years . Mr. McDaniel coached the team its first season. The team obtained a record of three wins while suffering four defeats. The following season Mr. Lebec replaced Mr. McDaniel as coach. The question mark was in the catch- ing staff . The heavy rains and damp- ness halted outdoor practices and caused postponement of the first few games . The team scored well in its games and provided many exciting moments . The season ended with a total of three wins against five defeats . With the retum of eleven veter- ans. including four seniors, Mr. Le- bec ls expecting the most successful season yet. He is strengthening his mound staff and is planning to field a team of heavy hitters . We agree with Mr. Lebec and are hopeful for a successful season. 36 - ? - PRESENT SENIORS Mr. Stull, Dunn, Ropos, Urban. jack Vernocy, the No. 1 man, set a new record while winning the W.P.I.A. L. and tied for lst in the state: jack received one of the best scholarships offered by Penn State University. Jim Williams, the No. 2 man, is now golfing at Lehigh University. Former coach, Mr. Seigman, has turned over his coaching duties to Mr. Stull. Mr. Stull is building the '58 squad around seniors john Urban, Joseph Ropos, and Richard Dunn. We are confident that these seniors have experience and drive to produce another perfect season. You can be assured that Mr. Stull will quickly assume the winning ways of Mr. Seigman. Baseball! f " Seated: Lauderbaugh, Turzak, Tagliaferi, O'Neil, R. POPP- Bossetti, Caro. 2nd Row: Mr. Lebec, Yakseric, S. Popp, Meyers, Sacco, Seigman. AW Bmebazll Gay Am! Tmck Our track team is looking forward to the best season in its short existence. The retum of a tremendous number of experienced lettermen to the team should help guide the remainder of the team to a successful campaign. Last season more boys became interested in track and joined the team filling in the capacity for which they were best fitted. This brought about a well- balanced squadg and thus the team had a winning season. Coach Merges and the student body are enthusiastic, and they expect the win column to be larg- er this season. HURDLERS D. Goodnight and J. Mucha. s 1 . S 3 f ,I Q, . - 'MM in 1' 9.55 I I f Fi itfgf , SQUAD Row 1: Fratangelo, Manko, Fennimore, Goodnight, Oesterling, Popp, Weightman, Evanko, Cramer, Bortel. Row 2: Laughner, Newman, O'Rourke, Mucha, Trimber, Colangelo, Colledge, Bedick, Potts, Wadsworth. Row 3: Moon, B.Fennimore, R. Martin, I-lixon, D.Martin, Woodruff, Kimmel, Mr.Merges. ,fu st- . h LQ P tiff? , fm X' 'Q 7- X' Q3 . 52 Jfg R E 5 r N 1 , ,rln g Z2 ' SENIOR TRACKMEN : A Q 7,15 Row 1: Colledge, Weightman, Potts, Evanko, Cramer, Row 2: O'Rourke, Q . 7 ,ji ' - - l 5 I N R.Martin,Trimber,Goodnight,D.Martin,Collangelo,Fennimore,Woodruff. I 4 if , tsiegt .a . l w fifijff l.,tti . A V 1' K 1 K f E at ' yi 'Ti 3, ' , 3 i aff r , Q: x tttt., it -1 . i 5? W e P it ' ' V y ,ttr t t 7 . , W g H V! I Q K .3 ' LE L X I I K V' 2 G Q In 'V - .45 fi E -1 i I 1 X x 1 V T F E R' 1 N 9 ag V P , , t ' 51 rl l 1431 , as P P , 1 N , , I W E a . , .,-, V , M 5 I 3 1 , ,,.,..-.f W . t t eiir at lf ' H ' ' W gt, , S f Vgpg ' A A FIELD EVENTS Fennimore, Wadsworth, O'Rourke, Co LETTERMEN '57 Row 1: Goodnight, Oesterling, Weightman, PoPP- Row 2: Colledge, 37 Colangelo, Hixson, Potts. langelo, Hixon, flIfBm'kz' filfoncg Bodzbf In Gym Cfmfef ! .L .N . I i if i . . l i K ,1 . gt. A an Lkyh :E ll il A . f ' t f 1 4' mm " Vzzk AYAL M rtggrviiss A eets tss W f vy iii? 1 A f si? k -' In Q fgigify- .i . Vyiy Avrl -- QW V wimmm ' ..,,.i M .T .f'- 1:f-f1iQV .. "A' +- 'ff ',": ,M 'A'. "L' M .:," A . ,K . yy-ki ,'.--, We have chosen to include among our athletic pages several scenes from the physical education classes, because we believe that many fold are the results of the activities conducted on these tloors. We cannot all represent our school on the gridiron, court, or trackg but we can be good and healthy spectators. Better spectators are developed for sports events because we enjoy more that which we understand. The rudiments of sports are taught as a part of "gym" instructions. Secondly, it is in these classes that our athletes get their first knowledge of the requirements to be a team member. We also believe that here is the answer to the criticism of the physical development of American Youth. In tumbling, group games, rhythmic exercises and feats on the "horse" and parallel bars are the best body and mental health builders we know. i K H - -1: 46 N4 f .V ft'i y , 5 Y , ' i 38 Am' Inimmmfazlf For Girly GJ' D Q-pf I 7 A :ff i"4'1 ' "fi ". Q -. al., -'I-'v.!.Lw.V. vu .- - -:.'- fu,- , 1 " ' 'H-'.'.A.f Z' -af, 'A " .4 .--,.'-nm .P5..'fw',u aw 5 1" it' 'Q' mm:-' -'rf " - ' nr" fr' "'f'11-!v'- -Eh'-C: .. 'Y'-F' ,+7:'f?f-E 'f :1g',t'f-4-if -, ..x- 1. 's,'5,'1'f'f'vl.'NqQ1'y- YN, 11,g:1.llg-ay 43 zmgfzq- f .4 ,451 : fm: ng? 4. gg 1, h V 3 ,gm .ugj gm ,gl-1,.--g61,ps6'.A', ,,.- ' J 7: sf-Ti A ' 21 1-11 f'S'f'-fx .Z4fi1'S5"'1S- S ' vf. "VT ' .:f:'.,fv',f Yt'-.'1-- 7 f "' ffif' P . -.i'f'-i- 9 ., .1m' 1 5 if" lg. -Tr 5 ' if 4:2 "- 3- fir-1 fi:.'?::1jf' fm if' 4 - . '- Q" fi .. 'Hi ,f--L.: vig! " '. rg Q",'.Egn1. wx, -- .- ,Y :-' ,.-'ri' 1 7 ,:,pi'f1' ' S-if-'i" :'?'L-' - ,w ' Li- 5-Q., , 0 , cv . X., 1. . '. .- 'A' -. . -'J!..'y' ,L-, vt- 4 ,' .':,, '4' 5 f'sf-- If rr iii -". . ,m 34, I... +P- 211 2 1 'g ,.,'- I A . 1, . I X , lid- ' f Q NQ5 wg fa Q , Qgww 5 5M A3154 S bgafiiiawd 625595 WM ,S 'W' QM 'Q' my 539 M25 478 X53 RRS Q 2,51 ask 151.555 S 'IWW W g : ,-1 .21 mi- 5 f - M lsr :Si ni , 3 . 52: -' fb f F q 'S' ' W 'Y .51l:fp?E' ,mm .A,,, .f . ,5,g5isw1-m.f,fp5- - , 5, si nk? Q 11. ,g , few Af S ii 3 - E W 5 J 55 w x 'Wg Y W X Silk H f WGN Iii? 5 QW Q L f 1 2 . W 2 Q H , 3 R 2 fs Q3 M E L 4 X wil 25, f X f 3 , W E X + .gg Qfiigzfiefezsif K , , W :AK V flfi., ' W 71- i 'AVA ' ' wiffi, ' Ezfi EDXTORS ' ' MISS Elsze mah XT OR ART ED Gall Miner FF - Garten usmess STA Beau B Nancy Patton ACTIVITIES E 4:1 The News Of UW School B JUNIOR FLAME STAFF TRYOUTS Let it not be said that the Moon High story is not told in many ways. The biggest item in the journalistic en- deavors is THE FLAME. A member of the Pennsylvania, National, and Columbia School Press Associations, the last year's Flame won honors in all three. The Flame Staff is composed of seniors with Miss Braun as adviser. A group of juniors has been selected to work with the sen- iors . Those who fulfill the requirements will be ready to head next year's staff. Row 1: Kroboth, Hood, Habenicht, Baun, Miller. Row 2: Wiant, Stouffer, Dickey, Rudge, Crea. i i MOON HIGH NEWS, a column printed in the Coraopolis f , . , 4. Record each week, is perhaps the most far reaching of L v s p our news dispensers . Johanna Schutzman and Beverly SA XI .3 x..c....-,va-'IM' ,, Honchorek have served as reporters for the twenty-third volume of NEWS of Moon High. SCHOOL SCRAMBLES, is a monthly report of our activ- ities and appears in the Moon Township Bulletin, a local paper distributed to all township residents. Fred Church ill is reporter for this third volume of School Scrambles . Beverly Honchorek has assumed the typing duties. MOON HIGH NEWS Miss Braun serves as adviser to both these groups of re porters . 3 It has become the custom to keep class mem- bers informed of special class business via a special class publication. THE SENIOR SCROLL, or JUNIOR JOURNAL and SOPHO- MORE SCENES as it has been known in form- er years, with Miss Romano as adviser has served well the Class of '58 in this capacity. ,58 SCRAP BOOK SCHOOL SCRAMBLES SENIOR SCROLL Row 1: Dempsey, Hickey, Honchorek. Row 2: Elliott, Kozar, Garren, Rabbitt, Schutzman, Castellan. I It y ,k,, ty J Our Scrap Book supervised by Diane Celio and Judith Milligan under the guid- ance of Miss Romano con- tains pictures and souvenirs of our activities during our six years at Moon High. Now it is to be found in room 113, and Miss Romano promises to keep it in her custody to be brought out especially for class reunions . . af if .. t K g Cbffonzbleaz' B Main Sm 5 Y 7 M -N' Q Q Pl I-' rv M AM s Moon Union High Schoigler Shining' Coraopolis , Pa. s il Lauderbaugh, Lightner, Lipps, Haruick, Alexander, Steinmetz. Moon Beams brings forth the news of the school each week. It has been doing its job faithfully week in and week out for each school term for the past 24 years. This paper is made up by the joumalism clss students and the staff of editors under the supervision of their advisor, Mr. H. R. Shissler. Moon Beams this year has again won the N.S.P.A. award. It has also won the Keystone award for the first time since 1954. 71 Goss, Semencar, Dunmire, Tilly, Gasrner, Krommes. MOON BEAMS " Ever Shining" Published Weekly By The Journalism Class Moon Union High School, Coraopolis, Pa. 592 per copy Mailed Subscription Rate--Sl. 50 per year National Scholastic Press Association All-American Award, 1952, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957 Pennsylvania School Press Association Keystone Award, 1954 NEWS EDITORS ...... Jane Alexander . . . . . . Marcia Hartrick FEATURES . . . ....... Betty Lipps . . . . Mary Ann Moreland SPORTS. . . . . . Bill Lauderbaugh . . . . . .Charles Lightner BUSINESS. . . . . Wanda Kroboth .............GailVesra EXCHANGE ....... Margaret Dunmire EDITORIAL LAY-OUT . . Starre Steinmetz TYPISTS ........... Dinah Betlyn . . . . . . . . . .Elaine Castellan 42 ..........MaryHeiliman MIMEOGRAPHERS............. Arnold Goss, Judy Semencar Standing: Lauderbaugh, Steinmetz, Rabov- sky, Clark, Vesta, Kroboth, Hartrick, Bal- lard, Rugani, Lipps. Seated: Lightner, Harper, Doughty, Alexander. Honon foozonof Clonno On ifiononncg finden if Row 1: McMechen, Myers, Kroboth, Rudge, Stouffer, Alexander, Frame, Dickey. Row 2: Churchill, King, Gaydos, Miller, Hickey, Myers, Holsinger, Celio. Row 3: Honchorek, Castellan, Tribby, Dempsey, DeLutis, Patton, Garten, Kavanagh, Cook, Waltonbaugh, Jellison, Buzza, Milligan. Nolzonol Honor foczoly On February 7 twenty-one students were tapped for membership in the Moon High chapter of the National Honor Society. Representing ten percent of the class of 1958 and five percent of the class of 1959, these people, chosen by a secret faculty rating on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership and service, were inducted by those members elected during their junior year. Mr. Brooks and Miss Braun, the group sponsor, participated in this service . A covered dish dinner and a trip to the Pittsburgh Playhouse has become the annual social function of the group. A school news letter sent to alumni in the service or in college is one of the service projects of the Moon National Honor So- ciety Chapter. NWI Row 1: Brooks, Curry, McCormack, Seigman, Bates, Fauntleroy. Row 2: Litterini, Wett, Berola, Baker, Petersen, Schakoski, Eger, Albert, McCormick, Ploy. Row 3: Goss, Wiant, Svat, Minch, Stephan, Horner, Mathie, Keller, McCausland. Row 4: Ault, Bosetti, Tagliaferri, Dunn, Hogue, Heininger, Rody, Fabec, Lekas, Kinchen, Croyle, Caponecchi, Bedick, Scaletto, Venanzio, Howells, Coros, Brown, Cain, Franme, McArd1e, Killip, fnnzor Noizonol Honor foczoly The Moon chapter of the junior National Honor Society held its formal induction service on February 14 at which time thirty-eight new members, eight and ninth graders, were tapped by the group who had been chosen during their eighth grade year. Chosen in the same manner and following the same rules for eligibility as the Senior Society, the members of the junior group have undertaken several projects with the purpose of increasing scholastic interests and school spirit. Mr.Lee sponsors this group. 43 finden if Govern ffm Council Row l: Colledge, Celio, Waltonbaugh. Row 2: Mr. Brooks, Kavanaugh, Raihall, Dickey, Mullaugh, Trapp, Hafer, Garren, Patton, Churchill, Kolinie. Row 3: Tar- quinio, Pirtinger, Hixson, Bell, Heinlein, Dickey, Hood, Drake, Venanzio, DiMeo. Row 4: Vennari, Moxin, Grannis, Phillips, Rao, Grubb, Kruppa, McMullen, Smith, Christner, Bailey, McCorkle. SENATE HOUSE STUDENT COUNCIL The government at Moon is in the hands of students elected by the student body. The Senate, comprised of seniors and repre- rooms, and the House, consisting homerooms , hold separate legis- lation brought up in the individual homerooms . Row 1: Mr.Lee, Acheson, Littler, Coros, Colledge. Row 2: Hornicek, Schulenburg, Scott, Croyle, Horn- er, Blystone, Nolte, Neilson, Fauntleroy, Kristof, Cappola. Row 3: Trunick, Brown, Caldwell, Svat, Mc- Lean, Tator, Curran, Delisio, T.Hunter, DeLutis. Row 4: Comiskey, Litterini, Hunter, Moxin, Crognale, Deramo, Evanko, Kriger, Gardner, Di.Meo, Aber. POPP- Mr. Miller, Bowers, Almacy, STUDENT COURT Each year an election is held to let the entire student body select members to the judiciary body of the school. Individual students in senior high school are eligible to compete for positions on the court. The Student Court hears cases of misbehavior and law-breaking in school. The defendents are tumed over to the Court by the hall patrol or another authorized authority, and the court surveys the case and passes sentence. weightman' Larkin' Adair. and Mr. Row 1: Myers, Kavanaugh, Patton, Dempsey, Holsinger, Pardo, Row 2: Dickey, Celio, Hafer, Hickey, Elliott Crawford- Knot in picture Caldwell, Graff, Kozar, Row 3: Gaydos, Larkin, King, Almacy, Hoover, Miller. Row 4: Turzak, Urban, Mullaugh, Good HALL PATROL The hall patrol acts as the law enforcers of the school. At the end of the junior year the faculty chooses qualified students, and the Student Council selects from this group of eligible students. Hall guards keep order and silence in the halls . They have the au- thority to turn violators over to the Student Court. 44 night, Bowers, Gray. Standing:Co1ledge, Mr, Crawford, Cook, DeLutis, Garren, Padgett, Churchill, Raihall, Weightman, Tarquinio, Waltonbaugh, Koline. 1 A -4 ,H.S1"?-bE55a?w ,IT 2 ,N - , 'V sentatives from senior high home- of representatives from junior high fiudeni COW! Ami Vmfzbm Pamfoli GUIDANCE HOSTESSES A new group has been initiated this year. These girls, known as guidance host- esses, assist Miss Braun and Mr.Lee, our guidance counselors . Each period one of these girls serves in the guidance office where she greets visitors, runs special errands and assists the counse- lors in any way their services can be used Seated: Kozar, Hanley, Hickey, Franc, Frame. Standing: Clark, Riggle, Borden, Heinlein, Dickey, Tribby, Milligan, Hart- man, Adair, McMechen and Soderquist. Not present for the picture: Coll, Minch, M.A.Jellison, Omlor, Schutzman, Elliott, sa Dickinson, Henning, Gaydos, I.Jellison. CA F ETERIA PATROL A group that deserves our special thanks is the Cafeteria Patrol. Under the supervision of Miss King these people divided into three groups assume var- ious responsibilities for the care of and conduct in the cafeteria or halls dur- ing the three lunch periods . Seated: Foster, Fullard, Page, Egger, Rehm, Schmitt, Ploy, Eger, Paton, Shacoski, Son- nett, Noss, Zak, Cleis, Egger, Rogers. Sitting: Kisow, Atcheson, Thompson, Venanzio, Helder, Heiliman, Gastner, Johnston, Habenicht, Wolfe, DeLislo, Sheets, Childs, Runciman. Standing: O'Neil, Withee, Gardner, Sherman, Ebert, Griffith, Schmidt, Murphy, Hunter, Botkin, Seated: Kruppa, Magnus, Rowe, Fersko, P.Jarmalowski, Grannis, Braekus, Hewitt, Llarmalowski, Josef, Gardner, Audia, Baun. Standing: Smith, Boot, Hunter, Heinlein, J. Kruppa, Dennis Henning. Standing: Ven- neri, Dehl, Fish- er, Campbell, Kern, Brooks, Miller, Lewis, Krommes, Mac- Donald, Lozer, Del.utis, Julius, Berola, Soderquist Witt, Bates, Saunders. 45 Mitchell, Behling, Crea, Bortle, G.Lottes, Cbmfm Emma ble Glee Club MIXED CHORUS Row 1: Hood, Heilein, Kruppa, McCullough, Gillis, J.Woodruff, Kramer, Cunningham, Vidmar, Campbell, Santucci, McCorkle, Dickinson, Butler, Hewitt, Dickey, Hafer, Patton, Row 2: Kavanagh, Lovy, Neely, Magnus, McMechan, Swadlow, Rowe, Dempsey, McGregor, Stewart, Ropos, Bosetti, Schulenburg, McDonald, McKenna, Joseph, Barrackman, Ramsey, Svat. Row 3: Tranter, Trunick, Titus, Rao, Holsinger, Pardo, Kammerdiner, Boot, Wadsworth, Schriber, Glass, Wentz, Snell, Rank, P,Iarmalouski, Llarmalouski, Bell, Jones. Row 4: Tribby, Almacy, Miller, Sacco, Hoover, Yoder Schofield, King, Croyle, Cook, E,Woodruff, Barnes, Hixon, Garren, Glatz, Dennis, Hickey, Phillips, Baun, J.Heinlien, Camp, Virginia I .J Peggy Tribby it AZ.. , Nancy V. tile: X- tm WESTERN DISTRICT SEXTETTE King, Holsinger, Heinlein, Baun, l-lafer, Patton. Moon's music groups are sec- ond to none in the "we-point-to- with-pride" department at Moon High. Under the most capable di- rection of Mrs. Betty Fryz the sen- ior choral groups presented the an- nual Christmas concert, "Holiday Sunburst" in a stage setting de- signed by Mr. Jack Miller. This year the chorus raised money for pins, jackets, and the annual banquet held in the spring to honor the senior members. Their projects were a bake sale and telephone directories . 46 if C. fexieiie folozkis Am' n i. va , ,, Frances f . ffi. -ff rf, ,J i 5 F6 .. Q eff:- ,zw ,',,ff' XR? 1 v,? F3 ' Q .1 f' 1.9 ' me fig? .315 John Schulenberg CHOR US Peggy Tribby and john Schulenberg were chosen to represent Moon at the Western District Festival in February. An additional project this year was the operetta "Babes in Toyland" pre- sented on the night of February 7. This marked the first musical since 1955. ENSEMBLE Row 1: Hood, S. Heinlein, Tribby, Kavanagh, Dickey, Myers, Bell, Hewitt, Hafer. Row 2: Lovy, King, Gillis, Croyle, Neely, Baun, Ll-Ielnlein, Hickey, Dennis, McKenna, Patton, Myers. Row 3: Kruppa, Holsinger, Sacco, Miller, Phillips, McConnell, Wentz. Joan GLEE CLUB Row 1: Kammerdiner, McGregor, Vidmar, Campbell, Santucci, McCork1e. Row 2: Cun ningham, Stewart, Ropos, Bosetti, Schulenberg. Row 3: Cramer, Boor, Wadsworth, Schri ber, Glass. Row 4: J.Woodruff, Cook, E.Woodruff, Bames, Hixson, Garren. 47 The Robm' Cham Excel I 14 foncg Row 1: Kavanagh, S.Heinlein, Rao, Holsinger, Cramer, Vidmar, Schulenberg, McCorkle, Rank, Dickey, Hafer, Phillips, Myers. Row 2: Sacco, Titus, Tranter, Rowe, Trunick, Hood, Croyle, Stewart, Boor, Ropos, Campbell, Glass, MacDonald, Snell, Hewitt, Dickerson, Hickey, Patton. Row 3: Mc- Mecean, Schofield, Tribby, Yoder, King, Cook, E.Woodruff, Hixon, Garren, Svat, Wentz, Glatz, Dennis, Baun, l.Heil11SiH. -- i ' Vifar A a"" i ."' L i 1 I Q. if ,.,- ,. , 1 H+- I ff ',-' 9- Q I ' , 'ez ' . . ' 1' ' gf-ffiiil , ' , .. Q , 3 .G at ..,, pw, N , , ,ggi , . like I I I 'Q I K 'sr L . , , ,, at .i as Q 5 I 4, n it Row 1: Bates, DeMasso, Johnston, Lauderbaugh, Bell, Zak, Dunn, Kulchak, Rehm, Horner, Kaufman, Litterini, Huld, Witt, Row 2: DeLutis, Hawtree, Berola, Lucci, McClure, Schmidt, Kramer, Gebhart, Borden, Bell, Steiner, Poppenger, Glass, Moon. Row 3: Coros, Saveno, Hoskinson, Miller, Mc- Bride, Duhamel, Josaf, Fabec, Grannis, Ralston, King, Taylor, Svat, Topscher. Row 4: Ward, Goss, Fullard, Harvard, Price, Cleis, Kurto, Sacco, Pancirov, Bostaph, Eger, Svat, Creighton, Hetzer, Brown, Perrier, Dickson, and Mazurek. THE JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS The junior High Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Frank Cummings, has experienced a very successful year. ln compe- tition at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania last spring, they claimed second place as an outstanding choral group of Pennsylvania. To secure funds for their many activities, including the purchase of their robes, they have sold cookies and donuts during the lunch hours, and Stanley products. Other appearances included the P.T.A. Christmas program, Christmas caroling at the airport and program for Rotary club 48 And Pmenif 6301665 In Toylvzmzw I SPIDER NG FORES THE LEMON A95 SO T DIRECTED BY FRENCH DOLLS AND 8 WIDOW PIPER, MARMADUKE, AND BARNABY MRS. BETTY FRYZ. MISS SHIRLEY LUNT MAKE-UP TIME ju'---' 3 T, 1 IW GE CREW I MR MILLILR AND STA . Q EL ' 1 f L Q -6 ' 7 " I I 53172131 ix ' Q 8'-5 J W: fy' 5? Q J ,E .-ag. '.'.'f. , . ..:,' 'A It - ' 4. I ,fy ' 'ur -1 x 1, 7 xr . 55 H Q. -. A - f A - 1 2 ' - , xii. H .L g . , A , 5 HH, I If Q 'V 1 A "V nf' , ' V"N f , ' - L I .fw1x'Tf7f h +4 Y' ' ff ' iv- FLORETTA THE GYPSY THE TOY MA KER CON TRARY MARY AND THE DANDIES 11 Q. ' 0 .W Km I D Th HHEYJW' T1fz!Iih!Y SENIOR HI-Y Row 1: Myers, Larkin. Row 2 Demp sey. Row 3: O'Nora, Trunick, Coyne, Messner, Botkin, Delancey Row 4: Betlyn, Castellan, O'Rouke, Egenlauf, Tranter, Riggle, Kav anaugh, Almacy. Row 5: Milligan, Celio, Tribby, Hickey, Dickey Yoder, Schofield, Beaman, Honchorek, Manko. Row 6: Holsinger, Patton, Wirth, Smith, Barone, Cyrilla, R.Miller, Palitti, Wana Moreland, Elliot, Conley. Row 7: Buzza, Gaydos, Graff, Hoover King, Hafer G Miller Miss Albright Row 1: Hood. Row 2: Rudge, Frame, Tilly. Row 3: Myers, Adair, Baun, Rabovsky, J.Kroboth. Row 4: Audia, Dickin- son, Almacy, Gardener, DiMeo, W.Kroboth, S. Heinlein. Row 5: Gilligan, Bell, Barrackman, Vesta, R. Lottos, G. Lot- tos, Camp, Glatz, Habenicht. Row 6: Miller, Hetzer, Svat, J.Heilein, Fiore, Egenlauf, Dunmire, Cain, Latta, Hart- rick, Gaydos. Row 7: B.Jones, D.Jones, Klixbull, Croyle, Mclviechen, Stouffer, Krauss, Dennis, Wegner, Alexander, Mrs. Davidson. SOPHOMORE HI-Y Row 1: Gillis. Row 2: Burkhart, Lozer. Row 3: Doughty, Soderquist, MacDonald, Rao. Row 4: Brackus, Schnelzer, Huffman, Scheaper, Heinlien, DeWitt. Row 5: Gray, Churchill, Morten, Bredahl, Snell, McCullough, Semen- car, Straker. Row 6: Curry, Headly, Milligan, Seinkewcz, Manion, Highman, Wence, Bowers, Jarmalowski, Lightner. Row 7: Mrs. Crawford, Fetsko, Wright, Wana, Ward, Burns, Grubbs, Hartman, Pardo, Hornicek, West, Cald- well, McMullen, Krommes, Delancey. SOPHOM ORE TRI- HI- Y Raihall. 2: Turzak, Co- Snodgrass. Row 3: Patterson, Colledge, Weightman, Ropos. Row 4: Manko, Kra- ughner, Evanko, Powell, Dunn. Row 5: Sanko, Springer, Trimber, Rabbitt, Kin- 1, Fenimore. Row 6: Curry, P. Padgett, Szylagl, Lightner, Potts, O'Rourke, Frye, Bochan. Row 7: Mr. Gold, Gray, Killip, Cook, Garren, Goodnight, Woodruff, Wood- Absent: Wilson. SENIOR TRI- HI-Y Manna, Pittenger, Christner, Tator. Wiant, Bortle, Cumpston, Springer, Rolm. 3: Dugan, Gastner, Hixson, Scho- s , Remmert, Wolfe, Wadsworth, Barnes. Row 4: Gold, Larkin, Yeck, Crea, Simon, S.Popp, Trunick, Clark. JUNIOR TR I- HI- Y Row 1. Schulenberg, Kerr, Fagan, Thompson. Row 2: Sebers, R.Popp, McCorkle, Caro, Hanns, Bosetti. Row 3: Knoll, Newman, Stewart, Kern, Freeman, Kopsa, Campbell, Hastings. Row 4: Mr. Mayer, Sanrucci, Cook, Seigman, P. Padgett, Urban, Diehl, Hyatt, Bailey, Behling, Schneeman, Stewart, Boar. MGM Many Other Clubf Row 1: Urban, Turzak, Tagliaferi, Garren. Row 2: Mr.Miller, Churchill, Padgett, Colledge, Waltonbaugh, Bowers, Gray, Cook. Row 3: Larkin, Pittenger, Trunick, Hixson, Dickey, Popp, Lego. Row 4: Yusl, Bailey, Knoll, Popp, Thompson, Heininger. KEY CLUB The Key Club leads in performing services to better conditions in the school and the community. The "Y" clubs work with the local branch of the YMCA to promote social activities and render needy services. Among their many projects is the New Year's Eve Formal. CHESS CLUB The Chess Club engages in interscholastic chess games and gains greater knowledge in playing pro- cedure. Moon's club program is an extensive and varied one. Meeting times are scheduled as much as possible for Thurs- day activity periods, but almost every club has an additional evening or after- school meeting every month. Many of the clubs--Key Club, F.T.A. , F.H.A. , F.N.A, , Hi-Y, and Tri-H1-Y--are chapters of state and national groups and have participated in conferences and con- ventions. Our clubs contribute many and valu- able services to the school and the com- munity while they offer opportunities for social development. qv Row 1: King, Kozar, Lottes, Dickinson, Honchorek. Row 2: Tribby, Hoover, Karl Delancey, Schnelzer, Huffman, Cain, FUTURE NURSES CLUB The Future Nurses Club ex- plores by means of speakers and field trips the nursing careers. Mr.Hawes, Creese, Cummings, Christner, Moorby, Eberle, Ebert, Bower, Straker, Dennis, Dunn, Ault, Conklin, Shacoski, Griffith, Eger, Simon, Massung, DeLutis, Crea, Martin, Kimmel Burns, Lottes, Miss King. Row 3: Brackes, fpomoff f1CfZ.7fZ'lLZl?5 mm' Row 1: Miss Braun, Alexander, Elliott, Celio, Jellison, Kroboth. Row 2: Soderquist, Kavanaugh, Cauldwell, Graff, Lipps, Habenicht, Heinlein. Row 3: Hickey, Mc- Mechen, McMullen, Bredahl, Snell, Curry, Titus, Hart- rick, Dennis. DEBATE CLUB The Debate Club engages in debates and sponsors an assembly performed by college debaters. FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB The George W. Cassler Club of the Future Teachers of America co- sponsors with the P,T.A, a scholarship for a Moon High student who plans a teaching career. ff' Row 1: Milligan Myers Mrs Tussy Rudge Stauffer Holsinger Row 2: Celio Rao Bredahl Burkhart Hood Gaydos JMyers Row 1: Mr.Huckestein, Kozar. Row 2: Elliott, Eberle, Graff, Schutzman. Row 3: Conley, McLean, Garren, Cook, Larkin. Row 4: Hastings, Gillis, Krommes, Man- ion, Hartrick, Kxoboth. Row 5: Alexander, Tator, Semencar. LIBRARY CLUB To Our Library Club members goes much credit for the efficiency and trim appearance of our library. West, Harper, M.Gaydos. Row 3: Church ill, R. Milligan. CATERERS CLUB if The Caterers Club serves and waits on tables at all dinners held in the school cafeteria. ic Row 1: Cook, Celio. Row 2: Holsinger, Miller, Dempsey, Myers, Garren, Bower, Padgett, M.Gaydos Kavanaugh, Kozar, Schutzman. Row 3: Mrs.Crawford, Larkin, I-lixson, Eberle, Popp. Row 4: Adair, J. Myers, Stouffer, S.Hein1ine, Hood, C.Gaydos, DiMeo, Rudge, Sacco. Con ilfibuie Z0 W0VibWbz'!e few ber The Future Homemakers of America, composed of the ninth and tenth or eighth graders are as their name implies, the girls of today who will be the home makers of tomorrow. They are getting an early start on learning how to run a house efficiently and turn it into a happy home. These girls are now working on their Junior Homemaker Degree. They al- so conduct service programs and joumey to district and state conventions. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS II Row 1: Wood, Swadlo, Ballard, Moxln, Julius, Cain, Curry, Rao. Row 2: Wentz, Neely, McMullin, Top- cher, Straker, Bower, Harper. Row 3: Goss, Keller, Wlant, I-larriger, Eberle, Kinchen, Minch, Doughty, Row 4: Snell, Bredahl, Coll, McArdle, Darrah, Hos- kinson, Habenlcht, JUNIOR RED CROSS The jr. Red Cross makes favors and performs many worthwhile services for hospitals, servicemen and needy persons in the community. Row 1: Mr.Gold, Churchill, Myers, Miller, Holsinger, Graff, Kozar, Conley, DeLutis. Row 2: Mas- sung, Padgett, Cello, Milligan, Dickey, Cook, Gray, Garren, Moreland, Kaufman. Row 3: Milligan, W.Miller. J.Myers, Stouffer, Rudge, Gaydos. Row 4: Miss Lunt, l-leininger, Kern, Behllng, Kerr, Eberle, Wiant, Crea, Dickey, Tator. Lego. Z ,.Q Row 1: Sherman, Delviasso, Curry, Bates, Berola, Nett, Baker, Jellison. Row2: Mrs. Selbert, Peter- son, Gray, Childs, Curren, Helder, Petrie. Row 3: Litterini, Frye, Dll.esio, Helllman, Link, McCaslin, Geyser, Cuteri. Row 4: Steiner, Ralston, Paton, Glass, Gartner. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS I L Row 1: Cello, Kavanaugh, D. Goodnight, Holsinger Mrs.Selbert. Row 2: W.Nliller, Burkhart, E.Good- night, 1.Myerr, K.Tator, Coros, Omlor, Stouffer, Rudge. Row 3: DeLutls,'Lego, Hixson, Padgett, Thompson, Bailey, Helninger. SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club whose sponsors, Mr. Gold and Miss Lunt, are substituting for Mr. Liebermann, now on leave of ab- sence, work toward a greater appreciation of science in our everyday world. On their agenda are many interesting field trips. Another service committee To CIM by We Ada' 56777156 Cammzfieef ART CLUB Mr. McFarland, King, Curry, Cain, Hoover, Myers. The Stage Crew is really a service committee under the supervision of the Student Council. These boys may al- ways be found working behind the scenes at plays and as- semblies . They also man the microphones wherever they may be needed throughout the building. USHER STAFF STAGE CREW The Art Club members not only explore the field of artis- tic endeavors and develop their own especial talents, but they contribute much of their time to making the scenery and post- ers for school plays and dances Row 1: Malone, Jefferys, Aber, McCausland, McLean, Caponecchi. Row 2: Siegman, Oesterling, Bortle Waltonbaugh, Tagiaferi, Stephen, Cook. Row 3: Mr,Mayer, Rosignoli, McEwen, Urban, Padgett, Schosky Croyle, Donaldson. Row 1: Turzak, Gilligan, Trunick, Honchorek, Alexander, Semencar, E. Goodnight, Rolin. Row 2: McLean, Eberle, Glass, Glatz, Diehl, D.Goodnight, Urban, Masuda, Colangelo. that has been activated this year is the usher staff whose members are on duty in the auditorium at all auditorium functions. Mr. jackMiller is faculty advisor to this group. feffzzbfff Pmenl Rm' Home fwfiery Si l V., ,, ,iq i Mrs. Norburry interviews a prospective son-in-law! nxt? a-.S tting: S.Pardo, N.Patton P King E Myers L Elliott Standin E Holsin U b , , , , , , . g: . gel. I. r an, D.Cook, B. Garren, M.Mu11augh, T.DeLutis, W. Hutchinson, C.Graff, I.Schutzman, J.Kavanaugh, B. Bochan, V.Hickey. ,K X-lfwav j11igg:,,q.q 4 - .,'f,,.z-f 41, , 3 ya :tg Two suspects of the crimel I ! give . , ,., ,. 1. ,.. "'. . - 'Q , , v .1-..i. ' ,'5' ---, 1-g..-,': -,..f.,s 1 '. zzfsiw-N.-f--if-b The major discusses business with Mark! The Class of 1958 pre- sented the annual senior play "The Red House Mystery," under the di- y rection of Miss Lunt and Mr. Shissler. It was presented ' in the high school x auditorium on November J' 22, 1957. l I OW men Rezgneoz' Over Enter Queen Pat Exit the Queen QUEEN of the MAY PATRICIA GAYDOS LORD ofthe MAY JOHN IGXIOLL ALMA MATER CAROL SULLIVAN FLOWER GIRLS CHERYLL BROGLEY and KAREN MLCDZIK CROWN and SCEPTER BEARER DENNIS GOSS TRAIN BEARERS DENNIS BURKHART and MARK WYNN COURT ATTENDANTS Mary Ann Molchan Joe DeChellis Annie Knotick David Baker Doris Rowe Charles Adair Jean Marnhout Bill 0'Nei1 Gretchen Biggerstaff Bill Rafferty Myrna West Dan Brooks Jean Thompson Jack Vernocy Joyce Rehburg Clark Burkhart Linda Meachum Ronald Dxmmire Libbie Gillis Kenneth Kern sn' -' fgL...,- Ike H0515 V056 Wofld " M, C" Dickey 'mizi' The Queen Reigns Electrician Waltonba ugh 9 . Gym classes and Chorus join forces by presenting customs of many lands. 57 I0 Cfllellaifl 0LU.' qlleefl if 3 ?'Q-A L X 5 I VW Honored like Chin Of 195 Our guests were greeted officially by the r 4 , S 53 2 K , V is 3-:gi-. 33 94:5 we .A .V,k gb I gs eceiving line- , s- H? On May3, 1957 the class of 1958 presented their prom, Enchanted Gar- dens, to honor the graduating class of 1957 . After many long months of hard work and preparation, the finished product was beautiful. Featured were some of the scenic spots as a small wooded bridge, a flower-covered wish- ing well, a pond filled with small goldfish, and twinkling stars which shone over the roses everywhere. Surely the night was made com- plete with the music of Russ Romero and his orchestra. This prom willbe long remembered by all. and we danced to the music of Russ Romero's band over the bridge to the enchanted pond, '5 W 58 ifwih OW Encbam im' Pfam and it's scenes like this that make "our" prom a precious memory 0' .-,,. wfrf v' - Pm r?'f yu? I ,gy-'er ' Oops! There go the chairs! High up Girl Carpenters??'? Enjoying the evening. sr my W LJ JF Johnny and Gail by the wishing well Whats up? A C Xikqfv xxx' -fr fi- ,4. LM John presents a camera to our sponsor. The gang. 59 Q,-ww Knowing that. ,W,h,,1 is I Mm.. e4 , The Bmw' Plazyf mm' MdjbV6ff65 TWWI Jr. , -. I ,-,I' Q. I K - tx ' x 1 1 , N' V' It f Row lg Elliott, Dempsey, Miller, Croyle, Adair, Manlon, Audia, Phillips, Moreland. Row 2: Snodgran, Lego, Shimer, Williams, Highman, Bolea, Booth, Rudge, Kerr. Row 3: Kolinie, DeLutis, Gorden, McCaslin, Hudnal, Behling, Bailey, Dennis. Row 4: Cello, DiMeo, Goodnight, Wiant, Wood, Habemicht, Padgett, Siegman, Cook, Our big The band, under the direction of Mr. McCormack, was active in serv- ing our school and community this year. During this past football sea- son. they have made fine showings of formations . Besides marching at football games this organization also marched in local parades including l the Memorial Day and Santa Parade. Band is one of the most colorful of our school activities. The offi- cial band calendar begins in mid August when marching practice be- gins. The band also holds aspring concert each year and a picnic, hon- oring the graduating seniors . A very important part of our hand is the majorettes. These 7 girls gave to our band an appearance that made every Moon High heart swell with pride . 60 for Ike Plemmfe Uf All Simon, Heininger, Schnelzer, Christner, Kilip, Glttens, Hunter, Urban, Andrick, Kopsa, McLean, Smith, Mlller, Powell, Kern, Hastings, Thompson, Padgett, Gray, Bower, Eberle, Shelton, Stouffer, Myers, Doughty, Kaufman, Crea, Popvic. ,Di Croyle, Audia, Dempsey, Adair, Miller, Manion, Phillips 61 OW Band! Are Afro For Damcmg DANCE BAND Row 1: Myers, Celio, Miller, Smith, Heninger, Powell, Hastings, Kern. Row 2: Kerr, Kolinie, Gray, Behling, Dennis. Row 3: Bower, Gittins, Killip, Hunter. The dance band, a small group of high school students who play dance orchestra instruments, meets on Monday nights after school to practice tunes to be played at dances and other school activities. The main purpose of the "Rhythmaires" is to entertain others while receiving pleasure from what they are doing. The "Rhythmaires" is truly a fine organization from the music department of Moon High. Members of the beginners band, under the direction of Mr. Frank Cummings, make up our youngest instrumental group. They are looking forward to their next Step, junior Band, and eventually to participating in the Senior Band. Beginners band gives the seventh graders a chance to become acquainted with group playing. BEGINNERS' BAND Row 1: Norman, Gray, Crea, DiMeo, Drennen, New, Lawson. Row 2: Kennedy, Kriger, Larson, McKenna, Goss, Gardner, Hunter, Ardrey, Oakes, Andrick, Rabovsky, Harper. Row 3: Conway, Aber, Evanko, Maker, McMullen, Hartick, Buttler, Keller, Booth. 62 L6-6lVWl'Wg A 14611 E17flf67fl6lZ.W mcg JUNIOR HIGH BAND Row l: Vidmar, Baker, Curry, Kinchen, Harringer, McCaslin, Trimber. Row 2: Hertzic, Schulenberg, Gould, McLean, Bonnazza, Gaiser, Paton, Santucci, Tator, Smith, Julius, Turzak, Kennelly, McCormick, Lewis, Campbell. Row 3: Woods, Walls, Scott, Frame, Sonnet, Babilon, Griffith, Aber, Keller, Youngquist, Siegman, Saunders, Brooks, McCormack, Wiant, Stephen. Row 4: Caponecchi, Diday, Valensky, Newman, Cain, Caldwell, Ploy, Fisher, Yeck, Ayres, Morris, Goodnight, Trunick, Hunter, Sullivan The Junior High Band provides a great opportunity for the eighth and ninth graders to specialize in a musical instrument. Under Mr. McCormack's supervision, each year the band presents a spring concert. It is always on hand for junior high as- semblies and other school activities that require its services. Marching in the Memorial Day Parade is a great help for these future members of the Senior High Band. WESTERN DISTRICT JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND FESTIVAL Every year several students from the junior High Band are selected to take part in the Western District junior High School Band Festival. This year, Moon played host to the Band Festival which consisted of 160 instrumentalists from 67 junior high schools in the western district of Pennsylvania. Janet Cain, Waldo Caponecchi, Thomas Diday, Fred Sullivan and Richard Noss, represented Moon on january 16. It was an experience that will long he remembered. Noss, Sullivan, Cain, Diday, Caponecchi. Moon Hgh Pmen If lfwib PV de Geometry is required of all college preparatory sophomores. Advanced algebra tests the mathematical know-how of the juniors. whet their appetites for the senior high sciences in General science All ninth graders leam the rudiments of elementary algebra and they MQ 6 T he se Ven,-11 grad ers gel' off to 8004 sta rr CBXCVXBS ' X016 b the seniors exp y the Study off tass ' Ullda Knaih C 'Dent lc. 64 UW Malh And fczmce Program 'CT Chemisuy challenges the academics and scientifics. B a mug KO! 0165. " a xoxoilnl 'S 16509 019659 A696' The e ' 0 A mme sw lghth graders are .ac - ,A A H W soya Cluamted with th get wa sen e many math took MC ' visas sri C OWZ X16 Se and so . 42 0 'SWSLM pi A WZWXX 'ki A ' fx, ,an 'f is if? xffb Ml? K, L" 19 ass- L3i3sJ,5 Q 1 QW 3:3- 'Mai ... The seniors delve into the laws of physics. 65 the s0Ph0m 5 6 0 6 RADUATION 4 Q.. --.-.. r w.. ,vu MU,-f' jf." NF., A ,ef .g"'p'-T z 9. fr I, - gil.. 11'- 'LL if 17 K' Y' J 94, -'T ,. I . 2- ",.- , .. 352f'f:f-5QFfg?ffFB . ' W, .,k ."g- ,"'- "-'L va, ,. -1.3, -:-4 4, ,vi ., ,-74", ,.. M fy, -v s.t,, M., :QA-J. L'.,.-,sw , , '-X.:-3 , , , :,u,,f.1l , I' f',q,t5 1 -,J - V5 MS, 1,11 '-- ,I , g...' gr. 1. V., .,g,,,.f ,Q . ,Q zvjf.-,iw-f-.I '-f ,S , Q, 3.x - ' ' ', wt.. Y' 1, 1, ,f.h1xa.1 aw. Q94 "., K .f .-"-. ii. .- ,-,, ug-'f-f,A.L5,g4'g . A. . -. ' V.-Ly' Y X W, , , ,' -1+ .-,vi -x,J.',.-.fz-', L" ,4, 'sx,.f',, Q e.,-,M-,i:', 51-"','9-is-1 If M"-Ep'-:Aix 'f?,...1 1 :X-,,sf4' 1- 5- r'Z',A. '-. -' -. ,f ..'v:'. 2-, my-, :,.-... "uf :,Z.'f"L-:,'sai'l-1l"." ,.vl"'2,H51f ES,--' '7' Q.-"fix-'--,i '-. ' V975 2 5:42 -,gf gnu'-E, 'L-vyw ' W,-' f- ',.V -f . . "-04, ,A,'.,f,q -3. 31,6 51 Q,-'N 4-.,.-3,4 , -'Ama-., gi., ' ' - ?,.Q1f-':r"' .1 -:fl ,,p- f .,-24,3115 .41- w if .1.,.A H-xi., ,,-R ' 1,5-gq, ' . fr.-Af .-xn:,',g,: 66 I + E I ln aj 1- 1 I N . , 3 ,.. 5-' , ,,. . f", i. - ,Is Lv' X "Q, ,.. Vaul- ',1'u ., -4- '-1-1 . .354 sv.. in c,..uu.j .' W.. ,'.,: .Q ,ii .g,-Q -.Y L I 1: .UB A -' .- ,, x nw - r , r ,1"',f'11 'Fug--Y! 7 ' 'ur' ?"', ' .,. -4. -. 1, ., fl . 1"'15 , . " vi. ' -,g.'.-,,1fi 47.4. .. ,.,,,,,, 5.-.. ..- . v , . J.--.,'. u . -Z 2... , ,y.,.. 'ze .., .1:, grim?-H,':'h-1' 1' - '- 1,. 5. vu- , .x Hg Q-,N A .H I.. Q' K 11 jf M x, J,v:i-X1 N:-, - fl'n....'.- n -.L -- . wr-f.'.n..w. 1 .' gg- nr-y,"ggr'!L.d .v.'.'L. ' .:,-3:1 'Ti . v 'Mp ez'-H A'-'FZ"'f.1' ' N: ,,-,,.-..-2 -,g.,.- " 'V' F t'7'f "A 7-Jr' f5'T'5'L ' "1" f in ,'l.'vT. .GSX ,ry th ' .','.5f.5 rf, , . , ' A ' ' '. ' ,Q wld-.y-3. I., gg,--lg'-fffu1l"1-' ww -TQ 1 -W A 2 ff! I'-2.f'1,,,-'-".'N-.swf ' .l gf' :-1.3: .'.-'vf-'-,:.,.f, dal. Q Inj? Q-'fpv 'ju' ,Q-f"g.'j.Y'j.:,f' -L :vw .gf'2.T.'-S151 if , 3-'15 -iq -0:3-. 3,-., ,JL :S ,34,5ing.s -4' 4'-'.'j"': '31,-' ', .' 'j' L 3g:1':r' ' 95.11 '-'QNX . 1- 21. .ygcfru -'?'- QW? 'N-if'-Ai:-'.7:.' ' r- 'v , M--5 ,.r..,. .4 ,, 1 39:45-f.. ,-1i,g.i-M- L-"Ha-','. ., ,nf ' Q,:a,'...Vf,1-' gd.: . ' 67 ,f A5 The Claw Of 1958 Pffqvmfef IANICE LYNN ALMACY alan.. Clerical Student Court 1,2, 3g Chief Justice 35 Cafeteria Patrol 1,2,3g Cafeteria lg Homeroom Officer lg Girls' Girls' Glee Club lg May Day l,2g Girls' Leaders Club 1,23 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3g Service Committees 1,2g lntramurals 1,2,3p Cheerleader l,2, 3g Commencement Usher 2g Hall Patrol 3: Senior Revue 3. she leads the cheers and student court. . . he's her Jimmy, she's his Jan CORA MAY BARONE "Knish" Clerical May Day 2g Tri-Hi-Y l,2, 3. McKees Rocks loss was our gain. . . confiden- tially he's " army". . .thrives on dancing E . BETTY BEAMAN "Betty" Academic Hall Monitor lg Cafeteria Patrol 2, 3: May Day 1gTri-Hi-Y 1,'2,3: Service Committee l. "speedy" is a basketeer on the gym floor. .. Lucille Bal1's got nothing on this girl, her humor's supreme WILLIAM BELL MARY E BOTKIN "Bm" Pepst Industrial AIIS Stenggraphlc Hi-Y 1: Track 1.2. Cafeteria Patrol 1 Mixed Chorus 1 that beard was famous while it lasted. . . a co hort of Karlfs. . .an "indusn'ial arts" man To Receive Dgylomm Tbq Fill T15 WILLIAM L . BOWER "Bugg'zie" Academic Student Court 1,2, 31 Hall Patrol 31 Homeroom Officer 31 Band 2,32 Of- ficer 31 Dance Band 2,31 May Day 1,21 Key Club 1,2,31 Key Club Convention 1,21 Science Club 1,22 Officer 21 Caterers' Club 1,2,3Q Hi- Y 1, 21 Officer 11 Service Committees 1,21 Senior Revue 3. a future Gene Kruppa. . . headed for college. . . has an Astaire technique The New Year's Eve dance is one of our two yearly formals. ANN BUZZA "Anil" Academic Uintered September '57J National Honor Society 31 Tri-Hi-Y 31 Senior Revue 3. we're glad she deserted Montour for us. . .she gets a lot of fun out of life fl' ELAINE MARIE CASTELLAN Stenographic , National Honor Society 31 Flame Staff 31 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,31 Moon Beams Staff 31 Journalism 11 Girls' Leaders Club 11 Intramurals 1,21 W. P. S. P. A. 1: Class Paper Report- er 1,21 May Day 1,21 Cafeteria Patrol 21 Senior Revue 3. key pounder for Flame and Moon Beams. . . knows her way around shorthand s ' ' -Ziifkiifliff - 1 1 Q V , E ' DIANE D . CELIO vvDean1v Scientific Student Council 1,2, 31 Officer 2,3Q Hall Patrol 31 Flame Staff 31 Girls' Glee Club 11 Band 1,2,31 Officer 31 Dance Band 1,2,32 May Day 1,21 National Honor Society 2,31 D. A.R. Citizenship Award 31 Science Club 1,2,31 Officer 31 Library Club 1,2, 31 Caterers' Club 2,3Q Future Teach- ers' Club 1,2,31 Officer 2, 31 Service Committee 1,2Q Intramurals 11 Area Band 2, 31 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3: Area Council Representative 11 Senior Revue 3. Voted the best citizen at Moon---Sure likes basketball games and a certain basketball player FREDERICK C . CHURCHILL HF-red.. Scientific Student Council 31 Hall Patrol 31 Flame Staff 31 Moon Bulletin Re- porter 31 Homeroom Officer 1,2Q National Honor Society 2,31 Key Club 31 Science Club 2,31 Officer 3. placed high as an able youth. . . an asset to any roster. . .sure to go far JANET CLARK Stenographic Cafeteria Patrol 11 Mixed Chorus li Girls' Glee Club 11 May Day 11 Intra- murals 11 Tri-Hi-Y 3. Re-entered September '57, Senior Revue 3. no "Passing Stranger" when it comes to enter- taining us with her singing. . . retumed to us after a brief separation PHILLIP COLANGELO "Phi1" Academic May Day lz Hi-Y l,2,31 Officer 31 Service Committee 21 Sports Man- ager 1,21 Football 1,2,31 Track 2, 31 Senior Revue 3. This athletic animal is a letterman of the grid- iron---anorher member of the cool hat gang 69 1 is X Q b5iRi,w?NSS 35 is 5 1 1 -S5 a p11 CSS. , P Tis Q ' -3335 1 . s RQ X NDN Hows VWM Classes A ml Acimizks R. ALLAN COLLEDGE "Coot" Academic Student Council 3: Officer 3: Hall Patrol 3: Captain Hall Patrol 3: Class Officer 1: l-lomeroom Officer 2: May Day 1,2: Key Club 1,2,3: Hi-Y 1,2,3: Officer 2,35 Football 1,2,3: Track 2, 3: Baccalaureate Usher 2, Big Ten All-Star Team 3: Varsity Club 3: Senior Revue 3. a guy to watch during football season. . . defi- nitely leans toward cheerleaders KATHLEEN CONLEY VlKassyll Scientific Cafeteria Patrol 2: Girls' Glee Club 1: May Day l,2: Girls' Leaders Club 1: Science Club 3: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3: Debate Club 1,2,3: Future Teachers Club 1,2: Intramurals 1,2: Senior Revue 3. our "airport" show girl. . .plans to invade col- lege in September DAVID COOK YlDavell Scientific Hall Patrol 3: Homeroorn Officer 1, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Officer 2, 3: Boys' Sextette 1: Operetta 3: County Chorus 1,2, 3: Western Dis- trict Chorus 1: Dance Band 2: May Day 1,2: National Honor Society 3: Senior Play 3: Key Club 3: Science Club 2, 3: Caterers' Club 2, 3: Of- ficer 3: Hi-Y 1,2,3: Officer 1,2: Debate Club 2,3: Service Commit- tee 1: Area Chorus 2: Senior Revue 3. led us in the senior play and operetta. . .keeps our caterers' aprons immaculate CATHERINE COYNE licathylf Clerical Journalism 1: May Day 1,2: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. immaculateness a byword with her. . . one of the more quiet set. . .one of Jo's gang 70 WILLIAM L. CRAMER "Spider" Academic Mixed Chorus l,2, 3: Boys' Sex- tette l,2: County Chorus 3: May Day 2: Track 2, 3: Boys' Glee Club 3: Robed Choir l,2,3: Western Dis- trict Chorus 2: Operetta 3: Hi-Y 2, 3. helps keep our chorus on the ball. . .likable lad' from 219. . .buddy-pal of all There are the Friday night informal dances. JOHN G. CURRY Hcurryli Scientific Flame Staff 3: Homeroom Officer 3: Art Club 1,2,3: Hi-Y 1,2,3. popular with his artistic endeavors. . . this good looking blond will soon be at Penn State PAULINE CYRILLA "Smith" Clerical May Day 1,2: Tri-Hi-Y 3. another Mooncrestlte. . . hopes to major stenographer. . . a willowy blonde ?91?'siE+yi,. 'U - at 5 ufi ""l9i?' 5-as Tho! Are Meafuwed For C5505 And Gown! an JOANNE DELANCEY IIJOH Stenographic Cafeteria Patrol l,2: May Day 1,2: Girls' Leaders Club l,2: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3: Service Committee l,2: Intramurals 1,2,3: Geneva Play Day 2: Senior Revue 3. enthusiastic intramuralist. . . possesses a laugh we won't soon forget. . .seen with Mary THOMAS DELUTIS vu-Fornn Scientific Hall Patrol 3: Band 1,2,3: May Day 1,2: National Honor Society 3: Sen- ior Play 3: Science Club 3: Junior Red Cross 2,3: Hi-Y l,2,3: Chess Club 1,2,3: Basketball 1: Senior Revue 3. master of the slidetule and ofthe Red House . . . it's rumored he hopes to be an engineer And we always look forward to the e 0 f. 1 . Z!! vl- Ulm xchange of Flame autographs. BARBARA LEE DEMPSEY "Barb" Stenographic National Honor Society 3: Majorette 2,3: Flame Staff 3: Hall Patrol 3: Hometoom Officer 3: Mixed Chorus 3: Girls' Glee Club 1: May Day 2,3: Caterers' Club 2,3: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3: Officer 3: Area Council Representa- tive 2,3: Tri-Hi-Y Training Con- ference 2: Commencement Usher 2: Class Paper Staff 2,3: Operetta 3: Senior Revue 3. a fashionable model-to-be. , . digs those C001 Corvettes. . . a prancing majorette JANET DICKEY ..Jan.. Academic Student Council 3: Hall Patrol 3: Cafeteria Pau-ol 1: Class Officer 1, 2: Mixed Chorus 3: Girls' Glee Club 1: Operetta 3: May Day 1,2: Science Club 3: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3: Officer 1, 2: Service Committee 2: Intramurals 1: Commencement Usher 2. guards that lower hall. . . with a bit of male help. . . a typical college miss FRANCIS DIDAY ..Diday.. Industrial Arts A blond likable fellow. . .one of the industrial arts gang. . .with the dreams ofthe future bubbling around in his brain RICHARD DUNN "Hunus" Industrial Arts May Day 1,2:Hi-Y 1,2,3: Golf 2,3, rockets around in his hot car .... who is that secret girl'?. . . .another one of the industrial ans gang EVELYN EGENLAUF Stenographic May Day 2: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. her smile greets you at the Tumpike. . . this girl can't be anything but successful Thy Chew OW Tammy Af Gamer LOIS ELLEN ELLIOTT "Loie" Academic Hall Patrol 35 Cafeteria Panol 1,35 Flame Staff 35 Homeroom Officer 1,25 May Day l,2g Girls' Leaders Club 15 Senior Play 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,35 Officer 25 Debate Club 1,2, 35 Future Teachers Club 1,2,35 Of- ficer 1,2,35 Service Committees 1, Intramurals 1,2,3g Pep Club 35 Drivers Training Conference 25 Commencement Usher 25 Guidance Hostess 35 Senior Revue 3g Baud Color Guard 35 Class Paper 3. her luggage is packed for Waynesburg. . .enjoys Frat. Parties at W 851 GEORGE EVANKO "Butch" Academic Hi-Y 1,2,35 May Day 25 Track 1, 2,35 Senior Revue 3. changes between a Chevie and a Cadillac. . . physics no problem to him. . .our "Charleston Man" RAYMOND FENIMORE "Squire" Academic May Day 1,25 Hi-Y 1,35 Track 1,2, 3. this boy goes for hot rods. . .likes to hunt for relaxation. . .one of Boch's crowd JANET FRANC RAYMOND FRATANGELO Nlanll lIF1eall Scientific Scientific May Day lg Tri-Hi-Y 25 Debate Sports Manager 2.3: Track 2,3g Club 2,33 Guidance Hostess 2, Pep Hi'Y 1. Club 3, Senior Revue 3. wheels a souped-up station wagon. . .a happy 1 k goes from school room to campus life. . . a big go- uc Y guy future in store for this girl as a nurse Choosing name cards is a pleasant chore. LEROY L. FISHER JOHN L. FRYE "Fishmo" "Frye" Clerical Clerical Band 2,35 Basketball 15 Football 2. Homeroom Officer 2,31 May Day 15 Hi-Y 3. an asset to the band. . . Little Wil1's pal. . . a rock 'n roll man hangs his hat in 204. . . the darkness of his law class, . . Szilagi's companion Pazrizbglyazie I 14 H01 why Cham! Cammy R '... N THOMAS R. FULLARD tt-Tornu Scientific Basketball 1,2,35 Track 1. one of our hardwood harlequins. . . always at a certain grocery store And who will forget the Boor's head ceremony in the Christmas concert? BEAU GARREN rvBeauu Scientific StudentCouncil 1,2, 35 StudentCoun- cil Convention 15 Hall Patrol 35 Flame Staff35 Mixed Chorus 25 County Chorus 25 Western District Chorus 25 Senior Play 35 Key Club 2, 35 Officer 35 Key Club Convention25 Science Club 2, 35 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3g Debate Club 1, 2, 35 Serv- ice Comm. 1,25 A11-State Chorus 25 National Honor Society 3: Caterers' Club 2, 35 Area Chorus 25 May Day 1, 25 Operetta 35 Class Paper 15 Bacca- laureate Usher25 Senior Revue 3. Westmlnster, here he comes. . .a big man in choral activities rs 'v'M'.'r Q- , T' 4 ' 1 .5 .VA .nip A 4 p . .. K " or ! in A Y! MARILYN GAYDOS Stenographic Hall Patrol 35 Cafeteria Patrol 15 Class Officer 35 Homeroom Officer 1,25 Mixed Chorus 15 Girls' Glee Club 15 May Day 1,25 National Honor Society 2, 35 Library Club 1, 2, 35 Caterers' Club 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y l,2, 35 Commencement Usher 25 Drivers Training Convention 25 Guidance hostess 3. holds the position of class recorder. . .has beniflcenr traits toward all DAVID L . GOODNIGHT "C1ance" Academic Hall Patrol 3: Flame Staff 2, 35 W,P, S, P. A. 35 Homeroom Officer 1,2,35 Band 1,2,35 Officer 35 May Day 1,25 Junior Red Cross Council 2,35 Officer 35 Hi-Y l,2,35 Officer 25 Service Committees 1,25 Basket- ball 1,25 Track 1,2,35 Thiel Col- lege Yearbook Conference 25 Var- sity Club 35 Area Band 35 Table Tennis Champion Singles 2, 35 Doubles 3. what a man on the track team. . . co-edits the Flame. . . a good scholastic man CAROL ANN GRAF F "Caro1" Scientific Hall Patrol 35 Cafeteria Patrol 2, 35 Flame Staff 2, 35 W. P. S. P. A. 35 Homeroom Officer l,2, 35 Girls' Glee Club 15 May Day 1,25 Girls' Leaders Club 1,25 Senior Play 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,35 Debate Club 1,2, 35 Officer 35 Future Teachers As- sociation 1,2, 35 Service Commit- tee 15 Intramurals 1,2,35 Theil Yearbook Conference 25 Senior Revue 3. nursing her goal. . .this gixl's real George. . . personality plus STEPHEN E. GRAY "Steve" Scientific Hall Patrol 35 Band 1,2, 35 Dance Band 2,35 May Day 1,25 Key Club 2,35 Key Club Convention 25 Sci- ence Club 35 Hi-Y 1,2,35 Sports Manager 15 Senior Revue 3. plays a hot trumpet in dance band. . .never a saturnine moment in his life ' 5 5 rw... W, sm- pf , 5 -to S s S Q x N K fs t 57 X' x vt? X RICHARD GREEN "Rich" ' 5 he H Industrial Arts in I K May Day 15 Hi-Y 1,2,35 Football. 1 Q goes for a Bonnie Lass. . . Montour Street marvel K S . . . what a smile! 3 ,K T 1 iiii R . 5 ,,.. .sv . 73 asses N, 4, .. if gs femolff Try For Pofiizbm I 14 fiuaieni MARIORY E . HAF ER "Hafe " Academic Student Council 3: Hall Patrol 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 3: Officer 3: Girls' Sextette 2,3: Girls' Glee Club 1: May Day 1,2: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3: Area Chorus 2: Commencement Usher 2: Mt. Lebanon Play Day 2: Operetta 3: Girls' Ensemble 3: Robed Choir 2,3: Senior Revue 3. scratches the pen as chorus secretary. . .sings 2nd soprano in sextette ARNOLD HARPER u1HarDvv Industrial Arts Hi-Y 1,2: May Day l,2, wields the mop at Central Drug. . .Moon's Henry Ford MARY HEILIMAN Stenographic Moon Beams Staff 3: Mixed Chorus 1: Girls' Glee Club 1: May Day 1: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3: lntramurals 2. knows the shortcuts in shorthand. . .a key punch- er for Moon Beams. . .works hard at the Turnpike VIRGINIA FLORENCE HICKEY "Ginny" Academic Hall Patrol 3: Cafeteria Patrol 2: Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3: Operetta 3: County Chorus 2: May Day l,2: Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3: Senior Play 3: Tri-Hi-Y l,2, 3: Future Teachers Club 1,2,3: Officer 2: Service Committee 1,2: F. T. A.Con- vention 2: Area Chorus 2: Commence- ment Usher 2: Girls' Glee Club 1, Pep Club 3: Senior Revue 3. the Patti Page of our senior team. . . Betty Crocker, move over, here she comes E LINOR LOUISE HO LSINGE R "Ellie" S cientific Hall Patrol 3: Cafeteria Patrol 2: Ca f- eteria Aid 1: Homeroom Officer 1, 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Girls' Sextette 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club 1: County Cho- rus 2: Western District 1, 2: Robed Choir 1, 2, 3: Operetta 3: May Day 1, 2: National Honor Society 2, 3: S enior Play 3: Science Club 1, 2, 3: Library Club 1, 2, 3: Caterers' Club 2, 3: Jun- ior Red Cross 1, 2 , 3: Officer 3: Junior Red Cross Convention 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y Conference 1: Cheerleader 1, 2, 3: County Red Cross Officer 2: Area Chorus 2: Commence- ment Usher 2: Senior Revue 3, a real ambitious future citizen. . .one of our senior representatives in cheerleading The commissioners of elections "set up" the big election of the year. LOIS A. HOOVER IILOH Scientific Hall Patrol 3: Cafeteria Patrol l,2, 3: Mixed Chorus 1,2,3: Girls' Glee Club 1: May Day 1,2: Art Club 1, 2,3: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3: Area Council Rep. 2,3:CouncilOfficer 3: Debate Club 2: Service Comm. 1, Intramur- als 1: Future Nurses' Club 2: Officer 2: Commencement Usher 2: Area Chorus 2: Operetta 3: Mount Leba- non Play Day 2: Senior Revue 3. nursing her aim in life. . .represenu us at the Cory Y Council. . . neat at all times BEVERLY ANN - HONCHOREK ..Bev.. Academic Cafeteria Patrol 2, 3: Record Report- er 3: Homeroom Officer 1: Mixed Chorus 2: Girls' Glee Club 1: May Day 1,2: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3: Intramur- als 1,2: Moon Bulletin Typist 3: Fu- ture Nurses' Club 3: Officer 3: Class Paper 3: National Honor Society 3: Area Chorus 2: Service Committee 3: Senior Revue 3. creates good will for us through her Record re- porting. . . member of National Honor Society team SW f4Ql"EPZE-. fi!FSz2?,,lS X Comfzj femwf Pkzy UIUEVEULZ Am! Flame fiazyf V A,y5.k,T K . .k,. WILLIAM HUTCHINSON "Hutch" "Judy" Industrial Arts May Day 1,2: Senior Play 3: Hi-Y 1,2: Chess Club 1,2: Track 1. IUDITI-I ANN JELLISON Academic ficer 3: May Day 1: Tri-Hi-Y l,2, 3: Officer 3: Future Teachers' Club the " cs sir!" guy of thc senior play. . . music 1' 2' 3: Officer 2' 3' Intramurals 1' Y ls in this boy's soul Qfcet to you: Caterers' Club 2: Guidance Hostess 3: National Honor Society 3: Senior Revue 3. wants to be a teachcr. . .recently tapped for N. ll. S. . . . college bound And the library is always the scene of reading and research. CARROL JEAN KARL "Carrol" Academic . fEntered September '5'7J Future Nurses Club 3. bition. . . a flashy smile WNW? Cafeteria Patrol 1, 3: Homeroom Of- addcd to our clan. . . nursing her undying am- IOHN CHARLES KAUFMAN "Johnnie" Scientific Band 1,2, 3: Officer 3: May Day 1, 2: Science Club 1,2, 3: Officer 3: Track 1: Area Band 3. cavorts around that gridiron at halftime. . . it's rumored he goes for a certain girl PATRICIA JOYCE KING "Pat" Academic Hall Patrol 3: Cafeteria Patrol 1: Mixed Chorus 1,2,3: Girls' Sextette 2,3: Girls' Glee Club 1: County Cho- rus 2, 3: Western District Chorus 1: May Day 1.2: National Honor Soci- ety 2,3: Senior Play 3: Art Club 1, 2,3: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3: Service Com- mittee 1,2: Intramurals 1: Future Nurses Club 2: All-State Chorus 1: Area Chorus 2: Senior Revue 3: Robed Choir 1,2,3: Art Club Officer 3. she represented us at State chorus and Fusco's . . . het heart belongs to Andy JOYCE JEANNE KAVANAGH "joycee" Academic Student Council 1,2,3: Cafeteria Aid 1, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club 1: May Day 1.2: Girls' Leaders Club 1: Senior Play 3: Cater- ers' Club 2, 3: Officer 3: Junior Red Cross Council 1,2,3: Officer 3: Tri- Hi-Y 1,2,3: Future Teachers' Club 1, 2, 3: Service Comm. 1, 2:Intramur- als 1,2,3: Cheerleader 1,2,3: Cap- tain Cheerleader 3: Commissioner of Elections 3: Geneva Play Day 2: Op- eretta 3: Area Chorus 2: National Honor Society 3: Hall Patrol 3:Robed Choir 2, 3: Senior Revue 3. helps serve our daily meals. , .a romping cheerleader WILLIAM R . KILLIP url-tulips: Academic QEntered September '5'7j Band 3: Dance Band 3: Hi-Y 3: Senior Revue 3. noted for 2 birthdays a year. . . the most face- tious member of our class. . . gallops in band WW Damn Pffoblemf lfwfb Coumeloffs GEORGE KINCHEN "Twinch" Industrial Arts Homeroom Officer 13 May Day 23 Hi- Y 1,2,33 Football 1,2,33 Drivers' Education Conference 23 Varsity Club 33 Senior Revue 3. stopping enemy advances on the gridiron is his dish. . .big man with a "Graff" JOAN M. KINCHEN "Joanne" Stenographic Mixed Chorus 1,23 Girls' Glee Club 13 May Day 13 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,33 ln- tramurals 23 Senior Revue 3. who needs a joke book? she writes her own gags. . .her friends think she's tops FRANK KOLINIE "Frank" Scientific Student Council 33 Band 1,2,33 Dance Band 2, 33 May Day 1,21 Hi- Y 33 Hall Patrol 33 Basketball 1,23 Homeroom Officer 1,21 Senior Revue 3. the Harry James of our class. . . "Frankie Boy" never makes it to homeroom on time VELMA KOZAR nveln Academic Hall Patrol 33 Cafeteria Patrol 1, 23 Flame Staff2, 33 Homeroom Officer 23 Girls' Glee Club 13 May Day 1, 23 Girls' Leaders Club 13 Science Club 33 Ca- terers' Club 33 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Offi- cer 33 Debate Club 2, 33 Officer 33 Service Committees 1, 2g Intramurals 13 Future Nurses Club 2 , 33 Officer 33 Thiel Yearbook Conference 23 Class Paper Reporter 23 Pittsburgh Advertis- ing Council 33 Guidance Hostess 33 Pep Club 33 Senior Revue 3. totes trays for Caterers' Club.. .slated for col- lege life. . .often seen, seldom heard JAMES LANSBERRY "Ding1e Berry" Industrial Arts May Day 1,2: Hi-Y 3. faithfully delivers our Moon Beams. . .always seen in Cadillacs. . . a jokester MARGARET LARKIN ..Maggi.. Stenographic Student Cotmcil 1,23 Hall Patrol 33 Hall Monitor lj May Day 1,2Q Tri- Hi-Y 1,2,33 Officer 1,2,33 Debate Club 2, 33 Service Committee 13 Class Paper Reporter 33 Commence- ment Usher 23 Senior Revue 3. our Xmas wrapping paper salesman. . .always seen larking around Valentine Tag means a day on which the girls "buy slaves. " WILLIAM LAUDERBAUGH Il Flop!! Scientific Moon Beams Staff 33 Stage Crew 13 Sports Manager 2, 33 Basketball 13 Baseball 2, 3. rallies for our basketball men. . . a top notch sportswriter. . .a future loe Di Maggie? 76 fl Am' P61916 Tb WR0 dfnio Th6FMfM76 JAMES LAUGHNER "Wa1ter" Academic Hi-Y 3g Sports Manager 1,2,3g Senior Revue 3. likes to tinker with cars in his day off moments . . .our contribution to the college world And the Student Council trims the lobby Christmas tree. CHARLES L IGI-ITN ER Academic Moon Beams Staff 3. W. P.S. P. A. 3g Homeroom Officer 31 May Day 1. Hi-Y 3: Track 1.2, Is he Gus Fan?. . . if not, hc's still an efficient Moon Beamer. . . a likable lad qg A 'N' II y P' .2 Q K 1 Q' gr . I Z , y ',5..I lf 4' V Y R X . Q i JAMES F. LINN .,Duke.. Industrial Arts rocks at the roller rink. . . carries . . . seen with an underclassman a royal title RONALD MARTIN Y I Academic Homeroom Officer lg Hi-Y 1,31 chess Club 2, 3. Track 3. yy Q, u its a sparkling Spanish student. . . Donald's twin. . . . im ' F owner of a bright smile , s .. . . ' ,s S-A ,1 s . . Q' Egg W ppts p , -if-I' " --1 4r DONALD B. MARTIN "Marty" Academic Homeroom Officer lg Hi-Y 3: Track 3. Ron's twin. . . awaiting his bid from the Olympic :rack team A W K- s X 5.5353 ROMAYNE MANKO "Romayne" Secretarial Journalism lg May Day 1,25 Tri-Hi- Y 1,2,3g Intramurals 1g Senior Revue 3. hopes I0 merit a good secretarial job. . . has an abundance of hobbies. . .one of .Ianet's crowd THEOPHIL I. MANKO rrlohnr. Industrial Arts : Hi-Y 1,2: Track l,2. , a hurdle hopper. . . hammer and saw man. . . K Is that a swept-winged Dodge? K 'III BHhRl Tha Libmffy 05275 Monk Am' I 14 CAROL ANN MARZLAK "Carol" Stenographic Student Council lg Cheerleader 1,35 Girls' Leaders Club 15 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3g Inu-amurals lg Service Com- mittee lg Girls' Glee Club lg May Day 1,2g Senior Revue 3. notcd for pixy haircut. . . a real cool cheer- leader... this girl and Sharon HOWARD MASSUNG "Ching" Scientific Homeroom Officer 2g Science Club 3g Hi-Y lg Chess Club 1,2,3g Track 1,2,3. a tricky track man. . . call's "Howard's" home . . . manipulates that mad auto PATRICIA E LLEN MATO ..Gaby.. Clerical Homeroom Officer 3: May Day lg Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3: Debate Club 3: Service Committee 3. No one passes out Moon Beams as she does. . . Evelyn's companion. . . CIBZICS a mean sundae at the Turnpike ROBERT B. MCLEAN uDirtyu Academic Band 1,2,3g Flame Staff 3g Dance Band 1,23 May Day 1,2: Hi-Y 1,3g Debate Club l,2,3g Service Com- mittees 1,2g Area Band Festival 2: Senior Revue 3. right in the swing of things in band. . .drives a live bomb. . .better known as "Dirty" 78 CAROL ANN MESSNER "Mess" Clerical May Day 1g Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. one of the Messner clan. . .she joins the sten- ogxapher's list. . . the duo is familiar--Jo and Carol Joi-:NNY MEYERS Industrial Hi-Y 2,3g Football 1,2,3: Baccalau- reate Usher 2g Senior Revue 3. the mighty mouse of the football team. . . pre- fers cheerleaders to football players We certainly rallied round our football team. GAIL MARIE MILLER Stenographic Majorette 2, 3: National Honor Soci- ety 2,3g Hall Patrol 33 Cafeteria Pa- trol lg Flame Staff 3g Mixed Chorus 1g Girls' Glee Club 1: May Day 1,2g Science Club 1,2,3g Caterers' Club 2,3g Officer Caterers' Club 3g Tri- Hi-Y 1,2,3g Intramurals 1, Service Committee lg Commencement Usher 2g Tri-Hi-Y Training Conference 1, 2: Robed Choir lg Senior Revue 3. a high stepper with our band and class presi- dent. . . popular with capital P 236581 PVQDJVZIWK RQQVEWCK Pazlvm ROLENA MILLER "Dotty" Clerical Girls' Glee Club 15 May Day 1,25 Tri-Hi-Y l,2, 35 Service Committees 1,25 Chorus 2,3:,Area Chorus 2, Intramurals 15 Pep Club 3. a small gal with a big diamond. . .the Moon- cren madcap. .. lover to dance And the "Red House Mystery" proved a successful senior play. JUDITH MILLIGAN "Millie" Academic Cafeteria Patrol lg Flame Staff 35 Girls' Glee Club lg May Day lg National Honor Society 35 Science Club 1,25 Library Club 3: Tri-lli-Y l,2,3g Service Committee 1,25 Intramurals lg Senior Revue 35 Pep Club 3. Juniata bound. . . an adopted Flame staffer. . . keeps our library in good running order .yr , " I M it tn. ' . " BR UCE MOON v.Llma.. Scientific Sports Manager l,2,3: Basketball 1. his heart belongs to the sports world. . .likes each day as it comes. . .thrives on friendliness MARY ANN MORELAND Academic Cafeteria Patrol l,2g Moon Beams Staff 2,35 Mixed Chorus 15 Girls' Glee Club lg Band Color Guard 35 May Day 1,25 Science Club 3g Tri- Hi-Y l,'2,35 Commencement Usher 2. keeps us record fans informed with her Moon Beam's column. . . her best fricnd's John MICHAEL I. T. MULLAUGH "Mike" Scientific Student Council l,2,35 Hall Patrol 3: Senior Play 3. pin boy at the howling alley. . . inspector Birch solves all cases ELOISE MYERS Scientific Hall Patrol 35 Cafeteria Aid lg Home- room Officer l,2, 3g Mixed Chorus 1, 2,35 Officer 35 Accompanisrs for Boys' and Girls' Sextettes l, 25 Girls' Glee Club 15 Operetta 35 County Chorus 2, 35 Dance Band 35 May Day 1,25 Na- tional Honor Society 2, 35 Senior Play 35 Science Club 2, 35 Officer 35 Library Club 1,2,35 Officer 2,35 Caterers' Club l,2,35 Art Club 1,2,35 Officer 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Officer 1, 2, 35 Area Chorus 25 Tri-Hi-Y U.N.Convention 25 Senior Revue 3, tickles a rhythmic note on the ivories. . . con- scientious in all her school activities. . . she stands "united" CAROL O'NORA "Caro1" Clerical Homeroom Officer 1,35 Mixed Cho- rus lg Majorette 25 May Day 15 Tri- Hi-Y 1,2,35 Officer 1: Service Committee 1: Commencement Usher 2: Intramurals 1. always writing to her pen pal in Germany. . , a sharp dresser with jet black hair Q il PM ' 1 .fgeffi .mv Thy Work TOWdV6iHOWOVf0 zkhfflnaz' RICHARD WALLACE O'ROURKE "Big Rich" Clerical Hi-Y 1,2,35 Football 15 Track 2, 3. another tripping track man. . . Libby's his company. . .Wotta guy! CHARLES PAUL PADGETT "Big Paul" Scientific Hall Patrol 35 Cafeteria Aide 15 Band l,2,35 May Day 1,25 Key Club 2,35 Science Club 1,2,35 Caterers' Club 2, 35 Junior Red Cross Council 2,35 Hi-Y 1,2, 35 Basketball 1,2,35 Area Band 3: Bausch and Lomb Award 35 Senior Revue 3. a star on the basketball court. . . and also to Diane. . .he spoke for Democracy SHARON C . PARDO "Sharon" Stenographic Student Council 25 Hall Patrol 35 Mixed Chorus 2,35 Girls' Glee Club 15 Operetta 35 May Day 1,25 Senior Play 35 Tri-I-li-Y 1,2,35 Officer 15 Cheerleader 1,2,35 Area Chorus 25 Commencement Usher 25 Robed Choir 25 Senior Revue 3. totes the megophone for a certain football player. . . a no. 1 actress GERALD R . PARSONS ulenyr. Industrial Arts rides a bad motorcycle fvoom, voomlj. . . another of the indusuial arts aggregation 80 NANCY SPRINGER PATTON "Nance " Academic Student Council 35 Hall Patrol 35 Flame Staff 35 Mixed Chorus 1,2,35 Officer 2,35 Girls' Sextette 2, 35 Girls' Glee Club 15 Officer 15 Oper- erta 35 Western District Chorus 25 May Day 1,25 National Honor Soci- ety 35 Senior Play 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 35 Officer 15 Service Committee 25 Cheerleader 1,2,35 Commence- ment Usher 25 Robed Choir 2,35 Area Chorus 25 Girls' Ensemble 35 Senior Revue 3. Butch's girl and frat pal. . . a stomping cheer- leader. . . presides over the chorus Eloise has been our ever faithful ac- companist at the organ and the piano. THOMAS R . PATTERSON HT-om.. Industrial Arts Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, girls and cars take up his spare time. . . another of Mr.Reed's Industrial Arts proteges DAVID I. POTTS "Dave" Scientific our own little Rembrandt. . . quiet but depend able. . .a good man scholastically f -!ki'lWi1Ni H6517 To Pffqv re For Holzday Fesiw 1765 JAMES EDWARD POTTS WILLIAM POWELL m "Bil1" Clerical Academic Hi Y 2 3 Sports Mana er lg Foot- Hi Y 3 Sports Manager 2 3 Bas ' 'f , 3 kerbau 1 2 Track 1 2 3 Captain ball 1'2' Golf 34 senlofkevue 3- an added member tn the golf ream. . . con leu no hurdles stand in his way another of UUUWUF of friends ln the guidance office we get career advice from the counselors and JOHN RABBITT "Bunny" Academic Class Officer 2, 3: Homeroom Of- ficer lg May Day 1,25 Hi-Y 1,2,3g Sports Manager 1,2,3: Track 25 Class Paper Reporter 2. the v.p. of our class. . . very popular with his fellowmen. . .sports his first love DENIS RAIHALL "Bones" Academic Student Council 3g Hall Patrol 3: Cafeteria Aid 2: Homeroom Of- ficer 1,2: Mixed Chorus 1: May Day 1,21 Hi-Y 1,2,3g Officer 3g Service Committee 1g Senior Revue 3. on his way to college and student council meetings. . . wears nothing but black hats FREDERICK RAMSEY llRamslV Scientific Band 1,2g Dance Band 2. towers over all. . .slings the slide trombone. . . plans ro be a campus man WANDA ROSALIA RIGGLE "Wanda" Academic Cafeteria Patrol 25 Journalism lg May Day 1,24 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3g Service Committee lg Intramurals 2: Guidance Hostess 3g Geneva Play Day lg Senior Revue 3. a career in housewifing coming up for her. . . no one could ask for a better friend JOE ROPOS ...Ice .V Academic Homeroom Officer 1,2g Mixed Cho- rus 1,3g Operetta 35 May Day 2g Hi- Y 1,2,3: Golf 2,3. mighty mite of senior class. . . an active fellow Ln chorus. . . you can'r help but like this guy Stenographic T 0 Make Many FOV Cfmr Tffemmfy , , X iX ,r W in we BETTY ANN WHITE SASKAS uBunnivv Scientific qEntered September '573 a senior uansfer from Florida. . .reigns in the scientific course. . . very chic gal SUSAN SCHOFIELD USCG.. l-lomeroom Officer 2, 3g Mixed Cho- rus 1,2,3g Girls' Glee Club lg May Day 2: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3g Service Committees 29 Commencement Usher 35 Senior Revue 3. carries a rock on her left hand. . .who will for- get her "proud walk?". . . a bubbling personality IOHANNA RUTH SCHUTZMAN H10 H Clerical Flame Staff 2, 3: W, P. S. P, A. 1, 3g Record Reporter 3: Journalism lg May Day 1,2g Senior Play 33 Cater- ers' Club 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3g De- bate Club 1,2,3g Officer 3: Officer Tri-Hi-Y 2,3g Thiel Yearbook Con- ference 2g Guidance Hostess 31 Pitts- burgh Advertising Council 3g Class Paper Reporter 1,2,3g Senior Revue 35 Pep Club 3. keeps the Flame burning. . . the Nixon of the Debate Club. . .has a secret chauffeur MICHAE L DEAN SENKO "Tank" Clerical Mixed Chorus 1,25 County Chorus lg Hi-Y 1,2,3. doughnut man of Glenwilliard. . . c a-a-razy about drag racing aa H Kp f' 3 -gg A, EDWARD SHIMER KENNETH SHELTON "Skip" "Kenny" Scientific Clerical Band 1,2,3g Hi-Y 1,35 May Day 1, 2g Senior Revue 3. Band 1,2,3g Basketball lg Football 2g Senior Revue 3. known for his hor car. , .tall, slender and good looking. . . the Tommy Dorsey of our band especially for Iudy a man of the soil. . . he has a constant smile, The Flame staff puts in many hours of work to produce the "best book yet." is az c fi C Q ia ' F X IUDITH MARION SMITH ..Judy.. I-lomeroom Officer lg Mixed Chorus 1gTri-Hi-Y l,2,3. this petite girl has a sweet singing voice. . . al- ways seen driving that car around NEIL SMITH "Neil" Scientific Qlintered October 'SD came to us from Allderdice High. . .friends ga- lore. . . can be seen around that certain flower shop Tb y Hafd Fffzbfazy Mghi Damcey DONALD SNODGRASS 'Docs' Scientific Band 1,2,3g May Day 1,23 Hi-Y 2, 35 Officer 3: Basketball 1g Senior Revue 3. an all around fellow... popular with the band members. , .-1 special friend to a certain sophomore ROBERT SPRINGER "Spring" Scientific proud owner of that Chevie. . . wolf: with Snod- gnu And we shall remember at the hall fountains. STARRE T. STEINMETZ Ted" Clerical Flame Staff 3g Moon Beams Staff 3g W. P. S. P. A, 2, 3g Journalism 2, 3g Homeroom Officer 3. ho! rod enthusiast. . . a big executive of 204. . . in charge of our Flame activities v ,J E 9 A X "-'. x U ,, the "socializing" ROBERT SZILAGYI "S1age " Scientific renowned for the me of his Chevie. . . friend. . . enjoys hunting RICHARD TRAPP Scientific Student Council 2g Moon Beams Staff lp May Day 1,2g Homeroom Officer. an assistant hall poster for a certain girl. . . high on the popularity poll.. .Moon's marvel GEORGE TARQUINIO "Tark" Scientific Student Council 1,2, 3g Officer 35. Student Council Convention 2g Hall Patrol 3: Cafeteria Aid 1,2g May Day 1,2g Key Club 13 Hi-Y 1, 2,35 Officer 3: Stage Crew 1,21 Service Committee lg Football 1, 2,3g Track lg Baccalaureate Usher 2: Big Ten All-Star Team 35 Var- sity Club 3: Senior Revue 3. the Eisenhower of student council. . . a rugged man with our pigskinners NORMA JEAN TRANTER "Norm" Stenographic Cafeteria Aid 2,35 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3g Girls' Glee Club lg May Day 2: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3g Intramurals lg Service Committee 13 Area Chorus 2. that hair is the reddest. . . to be a successful secretary is her aim MARGARET ANN TRIBBY upeggy.. Academic qEntered September '5'7j Mixed Cho- rus 3g Girls' Ensemble 3g Western District Chorus 3g Tri-Hi-Y 33 Future Nurses' Club 3: National Honor So- ciety 3g Operetta 3g Robed Choir 3, Guidance Hostess 3: Senior Revue 3. has time for two hobbies--singing and a certain military man, . .returned to us after a long re- cess from Moon A5 OMVEJJOOZ Yemff Comluaie We Look LARRY TRIMBER "Trim" Academic Homeroom Officer 3: May Day 2, 3: Hi-Y 3: Football l,2,3: Track l,2, 3: Senior Revue 3. pm of the big gang with his cool black hat. . . one of our favorite comedians JOAN LEILANI TRUNICK "joanie" Clerical Student Council 2: Cafeteria Patrol 1,2: Homeroom Officer 3: Mixed Chorus 1,2,3: Girls' Glee Club l: May Day 2: Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3: Com- mencement Usher 2: Operetta 3. forsakes school buses for convertible. . .seen roaming the gloaming with Carol DALE TURZAK "Dale" Scientific Hall Patrol 3: Cafeteria Aid 1: Class Officer 1,2,3: May Day l,2: Key Club l,2, 3: Officer 3: Key Club Convention 1,2: Hi-Y l,2,3: Of- ficer l,2,3: Service Committees l,2,3: Football 1,2,3: Captain 3: Basketball 1,2,3: Captain 3: Base- ball l,2,3: John Tilly Award l: Big Ten All-Star Team 2, 3: Bacca- laureate Usher 2: All District Foot- ball Award 3. a wicked man in the field of sports, . .our minister of finance JOHN MICHAEL URBAN -uUrb1v Scientific Class Officer l,2, 3: Hall Patrol 3: Cafeteria Aid 1,2: May Day 1: Sen- ior Play 3: Key Club l,2,3: Key Club Officer 2,3: Hi-Y l,2,3: Of- ficer Hi-Y l,2: Key Club Conven- tion l,2: Service Committee 1,2,3: Football 1,2: Basketball 1: Track 1: Golf l,2, 3: Baccalaureate Usher 2: Driver Training Conference 2: Var- sity Club 3: Senior Revue 3. President of our Class and Key Club. . .Sure knows his way around the golf course. . . Gail's Sui' RICHARD A. WALTONBAUGH "Walt" Scientific Student Council l,2,3: Officer 3: Hall Patrol 3: May Day l,2: Key Club 2,3: Hi-Y 1,2,3: StageCrew 2, 3. he's seen behind the scene. . . guards that lst ramp. . . also student council till if 1 is We waited for buses in all kinds of weather, LORRAINE E. WANA "Raine" Academic Cafeteria Patrol 1,2,3: Homeroom Officer 3: Girls' Glee Club 1, May Day l,2: Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3: Intramur- als 1,2: Future Nurses 2. thinks "Boots" is the greatest. . .a special kind of blonde. . .likes to travel on the glazed H20 GEM P 9kE DAVID WEIGHTMAN "Dave" Irregular Student Court 3: Hall Patrol 3: Homeroom Officer 2,3: Hi-Y 3: Football 2, 3: Captain 3: Track 2, 3 Baccalaureate Usher 2: All District Football Award 3. a rugged man with our Crimson Tide. . . goes for cheerleaders in a big way. . .our Hall of Justice man Y -tj 'I .::,.,,,,.,, P :ltl 13 t tlsv y g 1 A Q Lsiff iff ' NN" Foffwmfof T0 QW IfV01fldOfT0W101f1f0w if A . 'P' 3 I .- Feffa . A' " 'ff 3'l I . -it -. 5.-'msyls -4 ,fv-in , KARL WILSON "Wi11ie" Industrial Arts a roller skating addict. . .when was that car of his made" CAROL A. WILSON "Shortie" Clerical Cafeteria Patrol 1,25 Mixed Chorus 1,23 Girls' Glee Club lg May Day 1,2g Tri-l-li-Y 1,2,3: Intramurals 1.2. guards the cafeteria as well as they do Fort Knox. . .singing one of her hobbies WILLIAM WILSON "Little Wi1l" Clerical Cafeteria Aide 1,23 lli-Y 1,2g Chess Club 25 Sports Manager 3: Football 1,2p Captain 1,2g Track 1,21 Cap- tain 2. a clnder and gridiron man. ..a satire form of humorlst. . .wondering when his 'Uncle Sam' will greet him JANET RAY WIRTH "janet" Stenographic Mixed Chorus lg Tri-Hi-Y 3. plans to add her talents to the business world . . . tzavels with Romaync WILLIAM F. WIRTH JR. "Bi1l" Industrial Arts drives a mad bomb. . .sets the alarm early so he can deliver his Post Gazertes EDWARD SANFORD WOODRUF F "Woody" Academic flintered September '57J MixedCho- rus 3, Hi-Y 3: Track 33 Operetta 3: Senior Revue 3. the "Sam Cook" of Moon lligh. . . drifted up from Cory And three o'c1ock every day meant our departure for home on the ever faithful school buses. LAURA YODER "Laura" Stenographic Cafeteria Patrol lg Mixed Chorus 1, 3: May Day lg Tri-Hi-Y 1,35 Serv- ice Committee 1, Intramurals 1: Sen- ior Revue 3. Not Enrolled in 1957. returned to us after a slight absence. . .hangs around with Seo. . . goes with a mystery man 85 , f 1 . "" T ,. , ..,-,.-4 ,Q JANET FRY ujanvv Irregular fEntered January '58j drifted down to us from Langley. . . her pearly whites arc always beaming U ii Thai f fziiffk-,if MY - , . " K iw TM 'f jk' 5.7 L 0, . , , ,, k E , -. ... I 'hw , -41 'Lullaby of Birdlax-ld" L A i f P- 'iz K , A. , ,ityf A Q , Y Z Q "s1 '.i'l'1 7 Tumbling Q W-id Q IK' 'A ' ' A-. xx ij Q nz ..f ' 7 M x ,.K U x Q V, Q 5 x A. K in A , E .W A. W ' wwf f I fy , Q L "--'k 'L ' ' b V' Liu . I 4 f - f if 1 b' " 'V' "'-' . .i 5 , , A Q' M-----., Q Wi -1 "Bye-Bye Baby" -Qs? ' ., ,, ww 1 ws A? 4 1 lf, 233' 1551.1 , " W .N A it M A V ' ' ' Q x 1- ffikffl if 5 ff V ,, ,, V b Ia - A V Q ...qi 6 -"H 12:1-M V 1 wwf haw S525 4 3:1 bi wg W, k Xia . Wig-V ,AM N, R 3 P f wgw we Q M H Q ,5 if w 4 ' fa " wg .Q2:giQ 5,'m,r1 L, N, Qi! If 5 xp A 4' , w? , 1 1 X 2 z Mx- R f 0 P , v E 2 1 V? af g Q Y 3 2 x J L v 1 25 5 I 2 k 1. Z? g 2 2- S 4 2 , i ' 5 g-. f Q Z' L ? UW femmff Have Pfemy Uf Tazlem' 4 r 1 Yql x 1 1 fi? Dxxleland Band Q I 4 . 1 Hoop in "Chances Are" Lot" "Swinging Shepherd Blues" h Me, Annie" M51 Cgzb Momgnff A W fkmfed VWM Reciie I 6 sm presides 3' our 0 the Podium. .41 VSA.. ,. . 4 if X. - h Key ww- I - Dave at his Flame post. IFS onl Y Tom, Karl. Are they ready to take over, Rich? Eloise 3 Hd her "lime sis ters . patty Blue Party Wmme Ion and Jo 88 hu Studi' 2 su mmons, Clam Am' School MHZKI r B 4. ,. e 9' REEUPQU QHUF5' 1 9 Q ,. o Q . , - 4 Jn G f lu Wg. . 6 k ji g " K-7 F' T Q , ii in xx WN. qi M V. + I n g. LV.g , Rf. - ge fm, . A - V ' k .a X , icture exchange- h ' I S' The gen p Just w at ll says E.. 1 N. H . S. 1957 model' sgr- I QQ XY .Qa.,,,1. . 3 Cho' BOX 'S a va eH 7.1 8 9,-. Snow time. yd Dxd YOu win. 9 1niIi3Ie5. Susx what career. BBW- Grin and bear ir, Joyce. Ele menI31, my dea 53 Er' 1' 5CieI'Jce club new fo' N' Le'0Y and X Ginny Putin uP P0 Not the wedding march--Christmas wreaths. Dive live it up at the 89 Roundup. Qddf Anal E 716175 Were Coffecied By ,Z . warn' Ian and Judy Babes in Toyland History PIOJC Cl W1I1l'lCl'5. G15 ' 81 as! Cue A ,fi V 5' X "Winter Carnival." In line for polio shots. ' - Now, that didn't hurt It's all over in a minute. Ku Frank Was S Seventh grade officers and their advisers. uZiC's S1 Shadows of the future. ave 0,1 T 38 Day 90 ' OW C0lW46V0l5 Many Timer Am' Pkwy l . F4 .Q .-wsswdf' Sitting out a dance at the New Year's Eve Formal. 16 We won the poster contest. Girls' sextelte and beaux. Enjoying themselves at the Formal. 81? 15 are th Ere , f""'A Seventh grade poster contest. I 0 Pre!! J'-up all shea dy be . aut- lfuj S Cgne 37, 91 Marjorie, with all my pianos and the organ I thee endow, OW Pamfom The Class of 1958 wrshes to thank everyone who has rn any way contrrbuted to the success of thrs Flame Mr and Mrs N R Mclntosh Frank McFarland and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs James Garland John G Curry Frederrck A Ramsey Walter Sxenkewrzc Margarette Larrd James Chrrstner Mr and Mrs Robert Edwards Mr Roy G Thomas Marshall s Gulf Statron Ronald Smrth Nance and Berme and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs G J Conley Fred Churchrll Willram J Graff Martm Coyne Harry E Delancey Paul T Luccr Patsy Santuccr Val Mauna and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Joseph L Crea C E Kaufman Ed Kramer Leo Bottorff Paul Wolfe Janrce McMechan and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Paul Martm Campbell Wrllram Rehburg A C Bredahl Clark Burkhart Willram O Nell Glenn Buzza Frank Keller James Myers S W Stouffer H H Snell CharlesE Dexter Jr Edmund R Huld Mr and Mrs Kenneth Tator Mr and Mrs J C Herder Darlene Baun Mrs Wxllxam Trlly Sara Muller and Mrs Theodore Almacy and Mrs Fellx Colangelo Raymond Brennan Mr and Mrs Wm B McLean Commuruty Purse Dr and Mrs M A Wrlken Mr and Mrs A Cello PaulJ Hrcks Jr Mrss Koepfmger Mrs Hrxson Mr James Doughty Lucille Eaton Mr Frank Cummm s and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Stephen Popp Edward Chreskr E V Botkm Joseph F Moxm James Schutzman Frank Hexllman Henry Ellrott J L Bower RobertR Karl Raymond Sternmetz M1chealT Manko V C Milligan Waldo Shelton Charlesw Rrggle J Larkrn Andrew Bochan Carl Green CharlesL Mertz Raymondl Love Wxl11amL Aber J A McArdle Anhur Yeck Wrlham Julrus Jr 8 Mr and Mrs G W Alexander Mary and Clark and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs James D1Meo Clrfford Hyatt Roy Behlmg M S Hennrng Judy and Harry and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs John J Hemmger John Coros Dudley Coles Albert Frame Merle s Srgn Studxo and Mrs Charles D Jones E Musuo and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs A Fnend George Lunn J L Frelds Frank Rrce Paul Cover JohnJ Trxska RobertN Bramerd Earle P Braun A Raymond Egler and Mrs Joseph Lewis John Turzak Jean Goss Mrs Elbert V Connell Mr andMrs Clyde Moon Nrcholas Dennrs Mr Howard Moon V F Koontz and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Huntley Henryk Neff R E Wrese I T Chrlds Raymond Roth W H Humphrres Robert Vrdmar Mr and Mrs Frank D1 Meolo Mr and Mrs John L Caldwell Mr and Mrs George Dlckey Hemphill s Beverage Drstrrbutor and Mrs James G Wrthee The Werghtman Famrly and Mrs RussellM Patton and Mrs James Benvenuto and Mrs Thomas Klmedensr A Frrend Robert Emerson and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Damel Castellan W E Holsmger M J Caponas Leroy Stoops Alexander Szrlagyr The Maye Shop and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Cook Edmundl Trapp D J Krlllp Dale Lauderbaugh Joseph Hickey John Tarqumro Vrctor G Franc Mrchael Gaydos R G Croyle Mollre C Galterro A Frlend Rrchard Gastner A Frrend Mr and Mrs IohnB Hartrlck Jean and Jack 57 and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs George I Mmch Wrlllam Lrpps Rudolph Gastner Wrllram Rudge Wrllram G Cowles EdwardJ Hemlern Henry Shemmer James R Knoch Robert Gordon Edward Lay C Thomas Hartrg Mrs Johanna Thompson and Earl and Mrs Boyd Lyslak and Mrs Wrllram J Evans S Laughner and Mrs Thomas De Lutrs and Mrs James Potts John H Snell Mrs George Goss and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Ruth Frey A T Hunter Harold F Mowry Frank Kol1n1e KennethW Kern Charles Norman EvanL Moreland and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Betty V Beaman RobertL Beaman Elmer W Powell Clyde Maratta Chfford Drehl Mrs R E Wilson Stephen Crognale and Mrs R F Hansen and Famrly and Mrs John J Asprnall and Famrly and Mrs Ron Smrth Nancy Grttens Frank Lackey John 0 Baun Evelyn Mrller Janet M Fawley Andy Gula Mrs May Kunkel and Mrs Leonard Baun and Mrs Louis F Kopsa and Mrs G C Gardner and Mrs W J Parkrnson and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Wrllrs Rrdgway Mrs Arleen Kavanagh John G Drckey and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs George H Schofreld Charles Yaksetxc W R Bums Albert Wxener Paul Raley Earl Tabler John Skarry Matthewl Rehm Robert Ward and Famrly John C Mrller T Mrller and Famrly Frank Kroboth Jr El1rsL Schechter James R. Coll E C Bamhart R E Stephan Kennethw Morrrson Thomas Wheatley W F Prttenger Peg and Jon and Mrs Albert Kremrn and Mrs Charles Kroboth and Mrs McEwen Wanda and George Mr and Mrs James Gore Mr and Mrs Ira I Eberle Dr and Mrs Elmer H Eger I I I I Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . . . Mr. . . MII I Mr. . Mr. . . . ' MII I I Mr. . Mr. . . . ' MII I ' I Mr. . Mr. . ML I ' ' ' MI. . . . . n If ' Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . . . ' I , Ml- - ' ' . . . I I Mr. . . . . . ' - - Mr. . ' ' ' ' ' Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . . ' ' Mr. . ' ' MII I I I Mr. . Mr. . . MII I ' Mr. . Mr. . MII I ' I Mr. . . . Mr. . ' MII I ' Mr. . . . ' MII I I Mr .... Mr. Mr. . . ' Ml- - ' Mr, I ' . . . . Ml. . . . ' MII I ' MI. . . . , . . . . ' Mr. . , , . . . ' Mr. . ' ' ' ' Mr. . , ' ' ' . ' Mr. . . . Mr. . . . ' ' Mr. . Ml- - Mr. . ' . ' Mr. . ' MII I . . . . MI. . ' ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' . MII I I I ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' MII I I ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . . MII I Mr. . ' ' . ' MII I ' Mr. . . . ' ' Mr. . ' I I ' Mr. . . . MF- - ' ' Mr. . . Ml- - . . . ' MII and MIII TI EI Snodgrass Mr. and Mrs. William N. Bailey ' MII I ' Mr. . Mr. . . ' MII I ' I Mr. . Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . . . ' ' ' l Ml- - MII I Mr. . . Mr. . ' ' MII I I ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' ' . MII I I ' Mr. . Mr. . . ' ' MII I MI. . . . ' Mt. . MII I Mr. . ' Mr. . . MII I I Mr. . Mt. . MII I I Mr. . . ' Ml. MII I ' ' I Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . . MI- - - - MII I Ml. Q n MI. s ML I ' ' ' , l Ml. Q . l - Mr. . . . W. . MII ' ' Mr. . ' . Mr. . I Mr. . . . Mr, , , , Ml. . . . ' Mr. . . MI. . . ' MII I ' ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . . . . . Mr. . ' MyI I MI. Ml. . . - Mr. . . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . ' ' Mr. . I ' Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. Mr. . . Mr. . . ' I Mr. . ' ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' , Mr. . . ' ' Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. . Mg, , Mr. . . . Mr. . . Mr. . . . . . . Mr. . . . M.r. . . . . . . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . . ' 92 A Friend A Friend Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Bengt Soderqurst George Omlor C W Morris William Srrocky Elsie and Tonl Carol Gaydos and Mrs James E Taylor and Mrs Paul Hood and Mrs William E Latta and Mrs Alfred Mullaugh Chief and Mrs R A Colledge Mr Andrew Nesteo Armand Falso and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs S E McCas1rn RobertW Kerr David Hunter George R Omlor John D Knoll Edward L BoggS Jr Max K Wrant George E Vaydar A P Bates Jr Fred Miskell Robert Hafer A 8n D AIRWAY SERVICE End of Arrport Parkway Your Srnclarr Dealer Mr Lahna Horner Ray Reed Joseph Bosetti Willram and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs DeWrtt John Paul James Trlly Henry W Sacco and Family Charles Frledl and Famtly Norbert Schneider Wtlliam L Martin R D Powers R Cummrskey and Family John F Sacco and Children Ronald Fagan and Famrly M C Haller WIRETON SERVICE CENTER Wireton Pa '7 3532 Everything i.n Furniture Applrances GILBERT S FLOWERS 937 5th Ave Coraopolis Pa AM 4 1020 CLARA S BEAUTY SHOP Bon Meade GL 7 8384 ANDY S BARBER SHOP Coraopolis Pa FIFTH AVENUE RESTAURANT Ross 8: Katxes 809 Frfth Avenue Coraopolrs BARCASKEY MOTOR SALES Chrysler Plymouth and Imperral 855 Fifth Avenue AM 4 2480 KITTY S FLOWER SHOPPE Dlal CO 6 4858 PETE MYL GARAGE Coraopolts, Pa AM 4 4130 L C ERWIN South Herghrs Pa ESsex 8 1653 THE CHOCOLATE SHOP 932 Fifth Ave AM 4 1976 RAY S WIRETON SHOPPING CENTER Wtreton, Pa GLadstone 7 8849 THE NATIONAL RESTAURANT the finest food in town 930 Frfth Ave Coraopolxs Pa THE SENIOR TRI HI Y congratulates The Class of 1958 VALENTINE S SERVICE STATION McGovern Blvd 8: Divrsron Ave Wueton, Pa Valentine Frankrewicz, Owner GL 7 8951 JOSEPH KEPPEL All Forms of Insurance R D 4Broadhead Road Coraopolrs BYERS HARDWARE CO Devoe Paint Products AM 4 1230 FABEC BROTHERS Televrsion Sales and Servrce AM 4 1380 BASSETT BROS Groceries Fresh Produce Phone AM 4 6030 C RL M MOTORS Plymouth Sales Service Fifth Ave Coraopolls VAN BALEN LAUNDRY INC Laundry 8a Dry Cleanxng 1403 1407 Flfth Ave AM 4 5250 Coraopolts O ROURKE S ESSO STATION Frfth Ave at Ferree St Coraopolrs Pa EDDIE S LUNCH 1107 Fifth Avenue Coraopolis Pa FAMOUS DEPARTMENT STORE 429 M111 St AM 4 2940 Coraopolls The Store of Values VILLAGE INN Frne Sea Food Route 930 Glenwillard MARTIN S SUPER MARKET Narrows Run Road AM 4 6533 AM 4 6534 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 941 Frfth Ave Coraopolxs P D F MILLER COMPANY AM 4 2685 24 Hr Towtng Coraopolxs P 1450 5th Ave WM G DOUGLAS AGENCY Insurance 81 Real Estate James H Bonham AM 4 1480 RUDY REDEK Moon Clmton Road JOE WORKMAN S DEPARTMENT STORE Men s Clothmg Coraopolrs, Pa SHAFER FLORIST AM 4 2184 Margaret C Shafer, Prop Plants and Flowers for All Oocasrons AUTENREITH S DOLLAR STORES 946 Frfth Ave Coraopolrs, Pa GEORGE MICHAEL 415 M111 St Coraopolrs P Complete Toy 8: Hobby Store EGER S Leading Jewelers Coraopolis Ambndge FANNING S DRUG STORE Prescnptrons AM 4 5086 1110 5th Ave Coraopolts Pa CAHEN S Coraopolxs COMINO S RESTAURANT Coraopolls JAY S HOME BAKERY Hrgh Street Wrreton, Pa Phone GLadstone 7 8610 MONTOUR HARDWARE COMPANY Sportlng goods S011 Ptpe Plumb1ngSupplres Motors Coraopolts AM 4 5141 HELEN C LAUGHNER Wlreton, Pa GL 7 8569 Insurance BOYD LUMBER CO 1425 Fourth Ave Coraopolrs, Pa AM 4 3130 McKNOWN 8s BEATTIE 865 Fourth Avenue Coraopolrs Pa AM 4 0490 BARBIAN HEATING Carnot Beers Road Coraopolis, Pa AMherst 4 1248 BELL MOTOR PARTS 1200 Fourth Avenue Coraopolrs Pa LEO GROGAN ICE AND BEVERAGES 840 Fourth Ave Coraopolrs AM 4 4630 Mr. . . . ' - Mr. . . , , ' Mr. . Ml. , , Mr. . . Ml- ' ' . . . . Mr. . . Mr. . , , ' Mr. . . . Mr- . ' Mr, , , ' Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr. . ' Mg. . , Ml. . . . . MI. . ML , Mr. . Mr. . ' . Mg. , , Mr. . Mr. . . . Mr. . MI- - - ' , , , Mr. . . . Mr. . ' 1 , , GL - . . . ' ' . Pa- D ' A 95-11m Street Ambridge, Pa. De Soto-Plymouth 'Distributor . I ' - . . ' , Pa. .. ' ' - ' ' . PH- D ' - - Q ' , - , Pa. ' ' . ' i ' - ' '. 3- - - ' , a. . . . - ' . ' . '. 2. 93 Solrd Steody Growth rn the Greoter Prttsburgh Trodrtron In 1914 a company known as Standard Steel Sprmg Company started operatrons ln the C1 eater Plttsbur gh Area The 10Cdfl0I1 Coraopohs The plant small and 1lI equrpped The personnel 50 people The capltal S5 000 Today s outgrowth of thls small beglnnmg Rockwell Sprmg and Axle Company a consoh datlon of Standard Steel Sprmg Company and The Tlmken Detroit Axle Company his 22 mod ern plants strateglcally located from coast to coast Its 1957 estlmated volume IS rn excess of 260 mrlhons It has lnvested over 95 m1lI1ons ln the past ten vears rn plant expansron and addltrons automauon and rmproved operatmg fac111t1es Our busmess IS wldely d1V6l'SlH6d servlng the great names ID the automotlve lndustry the farm machlnery lndustry the constxuctlon machinery mdustry and the road construotlon machmery lndustry The steady sohd growth of Rockwell Sprmg and Axle Company through good tlmes and bad 15 due to progresswe management and the Lour age and foreslght to burld strongly for the future by plowmg earnmgs and profits back 1nto the buslness Truly an example of great g10Wth from small begmmngs rn the Greater Pittsburgh tradltlon ROOKWEll SPRING AND AIIlE COMPANY STANDARD STEEI SPRING COMPANY AND THE TIMKEN DETROIT AXLE COMPANY GENERAL RESEARCH LABORATORY Rockwell Sprung and Axle Company Coraopolrs Pa AXLE RESEARCH LABORATORY Trmken Detrort Axle DIVISION Detrort Mtch SEATING AND BRAKE RESEAPCH LABORATORY Rockwell Spr ng and Axle Comp ny Birmingham M ch DISTRICT OFFICE 1217 Fisher Bldg Deirnll Mtch CANADIAN OFFICES TIMKEN DETROIT AXLE DIVISION OF CANADA LTD Windsor Ontario Canada O I , . . . - y 1 C 7 , , , O O . n - - y C - , , . , g , 4: r El . . . . , , . , , , I 1 A t r Q," ,a.- 1' ,, 7 ' r -1 I 1 In 94 STREM STUDIOS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS OF THE CLASS OF -sa Televlslon 8 Radio'Pianos'MusicaI Instruments Hallmark Greeting Cards'Phonographs 8. Records Appliances CAR ROLL'S MUSI C S HO P 405 Beaver Street Sewickley, Penna Sewickley 318 COPELAND FUNERAL HOME CORAOPOLIS Graduation opens the doors of the future, a future filled with bright and shining jaromise. From all of us comes "God-Speed to the gro uoting Class of I958. " TURNER IMPLEMENT STORE INC. CORAOPOLIS HEIGHTS AM 4-6230 FE I-7737 INTERNATIONAL TRACTORS TRUCKS FARM 8- GARDEN EQUIPMENT PARTS, SALES 8- SERVICE A GOOD PLACE TO EAT SKYLARK RESTAURANT AT THE INTERSECTION OF STOOPS FERRY AND NARROWS RUN ROAD. s 4 We played Shale: at home. I Sh u H GILLIS FURNITURE CO 7 5TH AVENUE CORAOPOLI PHONE FEderaI I 6266 or AMherst 4 0830 CREDIT TO ALL Compluments of the RECORD PUBLISHING CO Printers 8. Publishers THE CORAOPOLIS RECORD All the School 8m Sports News CODO MANUFACTURING CORPORATION HECTOGRAPH SUPPLIES FACTORY LEETSDALE PENNA SALES OFFICES CHICAGO PITTSBURGH NEW YORK DERAMO BEVERAGE CO I404 Rear and I406 Fourth Ave G BALFOUR CO Known wherever there are schools or colleges Class rings and Pins Commencement Invitations Diplomas Personal Cards Club Insignia Memorial Plaques REPRESENTATIVE Charles H Kllngensmlth 424 Greenhurst Drive Coraopolis Pa Pittsburgh I6 Penna Tele Fleldbrook I 6801 PHONE AM 4 5300 4 3270 BEAUTY DISTINCTION , PA. of CARBON PAPERS INKED RIBBONS I ' ' I l YATES ATLANTIC SERVICE Route 51 at Carnot Phone AM 4 9750 R D 4 Coraopolls, Pa Flrestone Tnres and Batteries Lubrication a Washln9 S 8- H Green Stamps Puck Up and Delivery Service ANTHONY CIPER JR Justice of the Peace AUTO 81 FIRE INSURANCE BOX 276, GLENWILLARD PA PHONE GL 7 8360 GREENHOUSE PHONE 410 BEAVER STREET COMPLIMENTS THOMAS JEWELERS SEWICKLEY PA AMHERST 4 3902 SEWICKLEY 1916 FLORAL HILL FARM PLANTS FLOWERS AND EVERGREENS GREENHOUSES AT CARNOT PA ON BROADHEAD ROAD 435 BEAVER STREET SEWICKLEY PHONE SEWICKLEY 1898 R D 4 CORAOPOLIS PA COMPLIMENTS SHAFER COACH LINES INC Dlrect service from Clinton Carnot and polnts In Moon Townshup to Downtown Pittsburgh FRIE , . - 4 , . I . . C r - I . I OF A. T. ' ' I 'I . - , , . OF , 0 97 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF T958 TAYLOR MILK CO Note Hugh School Graduates The Dcury Industry offers many lob opportumtues Dalry Techmclans Danry Engineering Dclry Manufacturmg Pennsylvania State Umverslty offers the fmest course an the U S A CONSIDER A CAREER WITH PITTSBURGH DES MOINES STEEL COMPANY EIIGIIIEIS IAIIKAIOIS GIITIKIOIS Elevated Steel Tanks Flat Bottom Tanks Steel Swlmmlng Pools Steel Deck Grandstands Refuse Inclnerators Industrial Bulldlngs Steel Reservoirs and Standplpes Pressure and Vacuum Spheres Wind Tunnels and Allled Work Steel Platework Closed Tanks and Buns Brldges Gasholders NEVILLE ISLAND PITTSBURGH 25 PENNSYLVANIA ' Bu'Iders of 98 EVAN KO'S COMPLIMENTS OF MYTINGER 8E CO. HARDWARE 570 MERCHANT STREET AMBRIDGE AMHEIIST AMHERST 4-5920 4-5928 PIPELINE SERVICE CORPORATION GLENWILLARD, PA. FINE FURNITURE COATING 8. SERVICING PIPE APPLIANCES - TELEVISION SALES - SERVICE IoI7-I9 FIFTH AVE. CORAOPOLIS, PA. Gmdsfone 7-8823 GLcdsfone 7-8823 PHONE: Gmdsfone 7-8632 WIRETON SERVICE CENTER EVERYTHING IN APPLIANCES AND FURNITURE "COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND" NICK BASALYGA, OWNER WIRETON, PA. COMPLIMENTS STUDEBAKER MACK PACKARD OF NAUGHTON 8. BEROLA AGENCY W. A. NO,-TE "lNSURANCE" NATIONAL BANK BUILDING CORAOPOLIS, PA. AM 4-0335 JOHN L. NAUGHTON - JOHN B. BEROLA 908 FOURTH AVENUE CORAOPOLIS, PA. AM 4-2I2I CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '58 HODAN CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC CORAOPOLIS, PENNSYLVANIA F J HODAN Direcfor DR W N CANNISTER, Associate Director MITCHELL BUICK INC Comphmenfs New and Used Cars Brood and Centennial, Sewlckley P Sew-Ckley 461 8-199 CORAOPOLIS HARDWARE POplar I 7282 505 Flffh Avenue Coraopolus P M 4 49 o 1029 1 Coraopolls AM 4 2663 A 3 3 PM Avenue SANVITO BON AIR FUNERAL HOME public GOLF COURSE gig' Vgsqg ESTABLISHED I932 THE MOST MODERN FUNERAL HOME IN THE UPPER OHIO VALLEY M J HEINLEIN JR OWNER HAROLD HEINLEIN PRO 24 HR AMBULANCE SERVICE HERBERT HEINLEIN SUPERINTENDENT AMHERST 4 3050 FEDERAL I I7II CORAOPOLIS PA PHONE AM 4 5404 DR. . . , . . . I ' . of ' ' , c. ' , ' , a. - I W- A--"""' L EW' ,Y ,3-2-j'VI . T A, f ' .,1 lx "'1 W- ' 'if . lying fl! . ,wp ilzq gy jl qfq ,ty I pf, -ef-J., mu-V . . , ., , . ' I .. .. I I - - 100 TALARICO MOTORS Ford Cars and Trucks Coraopolus Pa Good Coffee Fine Food Compliments HOWARD S RESTAURANT 1510 Carnot Beers School Road Coraopol ls, Am 4 9978 Stationery Greetlng Cards Offnce Supplies 406 Mlll Street Dial AM 4 CAIN S NEWS 5102 Coraopolls, Penna HALLMARK CARDS STAR SHOE STORE Shoes For Enture Famlly 422 Mlll St Coraopolus, Pa CORAOPOLIS HEIGHTS PUBLIC GOLF COURSE Beaver Grade Road Coraopolns, Pa Phone AM 4 4765 Ernest E Easter, Owner Quick Service Prescrlphons Corner Fourth Ave and Mull St Lowest Prices Always We Glve S 8. H Green Stamps 1 907 50 Years of Servuce to the Coraopol us Area 1957 OELLIG PHARMACY The new 1958 Chevrolet Almost too new to be true GOURLEY CHEVROLET Mull St 8. Thurd Ave CORAOPOLIS PA AM 4 6690 of ' Pa. - SHERRYS cut-rate DRUG STORE I CO. 101 Telephone AMherst 4-5152 HOTEL PITTSBURGHER MOTEL Opposite Greater Pittsburgh Anrport Harry M Flick T500 Beers School Rd Manager Coraopolls, Pc Busmess Resudence AM 4-5830 AM 4-3944 CORAOPOLI S FU RN I TU RE CO Complete Home Outfatters Better Furnuture For Less Coraopol ls, Po T A Buz GIVE S Sl H GREEN STAMPS COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLES N MORGAN INSURANCE KEYSTONE BUILDING CORAOPOLIS PENNSYLVANIA SHARON HILL MANOR DEVELOPMENT FINE HOMES 8. HOMESITES MR 8.MRS RUSSELL PATTON II59 STEVENSON MILL ROAD CORAOPOLIS PA AM 4 6595 LANG BUILDERS a. coNTRAcroRs CORAOPOLIS CARNOT ROAD Box na RD t4 CORAOPOLIS PA 926 Fifth Avenue ' ' WE 102 PITTSBURGH FORGINGS COMPANY CORAOPOLIS NATIONAL BANK CORAOPOLIS TRUST COMPANY MEMBERS OF F.D I C COMPLIMENTS OF AND A. D. Rossi INC. I REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE MORTGAGE MONEY HOME BUILDING AUTHORIZED ADMIRAL HOME DEALERS wfgygggsxww WLWQ S W We 2 kiQ3i E iflffw ...yi A I038 FIFTH AVENUE CORAOPOLIS PA AM 4 3078 FE I 4800 410 MERCHANT STREET AMBRIDGE PA CO 6 6290 . . I I I' Q ' H- -"f .. .. M .. . . fi . , Q1 .. I - T . I ' y f , , . . A- A ff A A . , . - - - , . This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of litho- graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y No oth er prin ting firm is authorized to use the Vclvatone method II I V I I I ' I'1J ' -.-K iwi -1-,QIII IMZYQWIBIE .-II-L- IL L . .' QI- Iv-.' 1-:LV I I EI.--I' , H L., F - , - -2 lbrvfm 'I-I .-'rg' IQ. , , C ,.,., FI. ,. .- I. ,bi IF. P Q . I f., I I I I I I g I . , , r I k I I l ' I III ' ' I I I I I I ,I '. 'ilI'I- I I I I I I MG, I- SI ' :L 1 I I ' ' P -v II-I L. as . fl " d. I: ' 'I 'I I W ., If. WI. I " I ' I: I ff - I I r3f"1I,It'.rf"9I" - 'fufllif II ' f ' ' , - ,e'I'l Fl., I I . ' 1 J- .:.,'.:3 I I I I b II II 'I . 0' I. ' ,I . riff II I I +Q..I I . I . .II ' ' I , :af I ,V " I I : I I I .I X, U I ,I I I , Ie E I X N Hr I, , f"I I I I I I I - I' ' n. 'VIE I , 'Ii I I 35' I I -II-. ,-IIN ' I 'I I ' I ' II ,I I if I III 1, I , I ' I I . 1 ' '- -. EI., I I ' .. .I:.I ' I-.SI ,II V L -!V.3dZI:l.I' - X '- I al 'I. I l t , ,il I -IIIIII. - II. I I 5 I I :fWf,IiiI'2f I . 5 . I lL- ill. I I. V LET.. V I 'I It II I I' , vf I l R- Qu! I A . A, VN. I., I i , I ' puI,..:IIII III.- II 'L-1 ' I'

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