Moon High School - Flame Yearbook (Coraopolis, PA)

 - Class of 1956

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Q , , M. ,ml 1. B' ' yy' f " 4-1' -Q 'k'.W, " L. 'Wfx ' ff 4' K .'-. . -1 x,. 1 v .- H . A -, 11 kv, 1 wwf fav,-'1 Q, .g,:-'P' 5'f'7Yf' - .1 r w,,lQa' , -w ,fl Q14 -Q' ,di '-bgbzdrl 5 m -3fv?'5.N.i lr-K. 'w,k.'.' 4 4, h..-.,g,,, .p- 'gf' :fa f '. fx. A-f r Lf, o x J l a X , 4 1 l 5 v .x '- BW , -- as ' Q COMPLIMENTS OF OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE CLASS OF 1956 THE HAME ME XXI P LISHED THE CLASS or Moolv H H SCHOOL coRAoPoL PENNsYLvANlA Foreword IRST among all high schools in the nation" are the words inscribed on the plaque which was presented to Moon this year by the national land- scape artists of America. Not only is Moon rated "First" by the great artists of our nation but also by all its departing Seniors. ln the following pages may we show you the busy calendar we have followed through our years of happiness at Moon--the years which have made it "first in the hearts of all Moon students." Table of C onfenis I, 5' - S3 1, 12 ,Q, ,W ' 2.1 '9 -7 9 .1 , People - - - - - 4-21 Afhleiics ---- - - - - 22-33 Acfivifies - - ---- 34-61 Seniors - - ---- 62-86 Pafrons - - - - - 87-96 Dedication -R. JOHN C. MILLER has been our respected friend and the faithful sponsor of our class. With his persistent encourage- ment, he has helped us to attain our goals. To him we, the class of 1956, appreciatively dedicate this Flame of MOON HIGH SCHOOL. 4 C ongrafulafions "--ww' E, the Class of 1956, wish to congratulate Mr. J.H. Brooks upon this, his Silver Jubilee at Moon. ln these 25 years of service as teacher, high school princi- pal, and assistant supervising principal, many people have been influenced by his friendship and guiclance. We are happy to be able to pay him this tribute in our 1956 Flame and wish him many more years of success at Moon. 5 Q SF :E- . 3 A-3, ' 4 in 'Q , J we KR is , if f K is 'Q 'U'-rn-.N f-W-'flu' Z' WN 3, .N-,,,M , SLA-W7.m-I-A"""'1 ,W . , -1 -L. M .- M A-wi av' A 2 X U 6 1 1 ,F ik-mM' fp 'f . ff 'Q ig K I Vktty Wk N 1"m ,,, .. -Inna ww.. I., , - ' 1-.1 V. I 5 l 1 saf e, gg ' ffffiz P -1: 2 . , A:,,. --y, VJZA A- s IZ- - 5 H575 1' f' 'QrfE'SLS2i53-5z" P Pi , ' Mr. Hawes Board of E ducafion Mr. Williams Mr, Patton Miss Barbian ' - get -- Mr. E.P.Hawes ,.,,, Pres, Mr,C, L. Williams. . . . . . . ff, V . Pres , 1:1 Mr, Russell M, Patton .... . , . , ,. Treas- Miss Virginia Barbian. . . . . Sec'y A Mrs. Ruth Frey as Mr. wnuam smith V - ' Mrs. Olive Vogel Mr. William Stouffer is... , , . ,A - . is R Q 5 Mr, Smith Mrs. Vogel Mrs. Frey Dr. Allard B.S, Penn, State Univ. M,A. Univ, of Pittsburgh Dr, Ed. Univ. of Pittsburgh Mr, Kenneth Shaffer B. S. ,Indiana State Teachers College M, Ed. , Univ. of Pittsburgh Mr, Joseph Siegman B. S. Indiana State Teachers College M. Ed, Univ. of Pittsburgh ' 'sv ifl - . , sifzgq ,As . f . , . ,.f,-f ,W . ,r k k - ,.-.. , 4 :Q Mr . Stouffer Mr. Brooks The Adminisfrafion DR. I.A. ALLARD Supervising Principal MR. LH. BROOKS High School Principal Assistant Supervising Principal MR, JOSEPH SIEGMAN Administrative Assistant MR. KENNETH SHAFFER Elementary School Principal MR. JAMES CRAWFORD Assistant High School Principal Mr, Shaffer Mr. Siegman Mr. Crawford B. S. Indiana State Teachers - .V College A Litt. M. Univ. ofPittsburgh K , ,Q , ,Q . ,ji Mr. James Crawford Q- wi B.A. Univ. of Pittsburgh M, Ed. Univ. of Pittsburgh , lf. ri 1 I: ' ?7fffQ"1' sv rss cz 2 1235 iiffffi fi 1 SQA ' 1 if i t .1- . 1 MISS MARY C. ALBRIGHT B. B, A., Westminster College English, Comm. Subjects . , ?E, MR, THOMAS BRADY B.S. Clarion State Teachers College History, Mathematics 35 F aculfy 955 s Sgfltqli ,LS 1:4 WZ55 yt- X 0 q lo 1,0 ll 5 r S B fl lg Q , .v 7 yb -P1 , 7 b X5 qs 15 s ,q ,y 2 L 51x3xlx 1.1130 -,sei 2, 15 159 0 xv? 7-91 5'1" 3 '70 QQ? 2.9 x5 1511 7' Jo 7,5 E take great pride in introducing our Fac- ulty. These kind friends have helped us in our times of need and have advised us in our moments of indecision. From September to June, they have aided our progress all through the school calender. To these, our teachers, we pay tribute . MRS, ZONIA ANDREYEV A. B. Geneva College English, Violin p if f it 1 ' "'- if MR. ELMER E. BRAUN MISS ELSIE E. BRAUN MR. JAMES A.CRAWFOR.D MRS. GRACE CRAWFORD B.S. Carnegie Inst. of A. B. Westminster B.A. and M. Ed. Univ. of A, B. Allegheny College Technology College, M. A. Pittsburgh General Science M, Equiv. Calif. State Pennsylvania State Un. Social Studies Teachers College Spanish, Guidance Ind,Arts, Mech. Draw- ing, Elective Shop MR. FILANK L. CUMMINGS B.F,A. Carnegie Inst. of Technology Music MISS JEAN A,FALBO A.B. Univ. of Pittsburgh Social Studies I , 'z ft ' . 1 iv- A . 'Q sn ' 'N , Q r , t if - ,' i ' H .,. PQI A 'K t f 1 Q- is MRS. BETTY F. FRYZ B.S. indiana State Teachers College Music MR. LOUIS L. GOLD B.S. , M,Ed. Univ, of Pittsburgh Chemistry MR. N.A. FLANNICK B.S. In Ed., Univ. of Pittsburgh Comm. Subjects . 1 -Jffigis.. , - .. , 1.3.,E,': . r 1, fe" " - xi! ' 5.5-5 'F' 1: MR. WAYNE GOSS B, S, Slippery Rock State Teachers College, M. Ed Univ. of Pittsburgh Geography MR, JOSPEI-I FRYZ B, S, M, A, Eastern Kentucky State College History, Physical Edu- cation, Health K r Y as , ' felf' . JV ' iff Q MR. HOWARD GRACEY B.S. Eastern Kentucky State College Physical Education, Health MR. HARVEY P. HARMAN B, S, Slippery Rock State Teachers College Biology, Geography ,, F aculfy ' 1 E0 1,l xgiyqi ' fef A '- e Q el . MR. MAYER H. HARRIS B, S, Clarion State Teachers College Driver Ed. , Geography MR. EDWARD P. HAWES A, B. Westminster College M, Ed., Univ, ofPittsburgh Math., Remedial Reading MRS. ISABEL HIXON B, S,Clarion State Teachers College English MR. LEONARD HUCKESTEIN B. A. Univ. ofPittsburgh M. Ed. Univ. of Pittsburgh Latin, History 1'-1' I A E A 'laa yt. W'-rf t se s s'- El 115 A SAS. C ,, K .,.,..,g . 35,2 , ' '.', 9 t i f S" " ' 1 ' . 'eff I ,Q f s iia ,S 4 T 1 J it i MRS,MARY F.KANASKIE MISS DOLORES KENNEDY MISS WINIFRED KING MISS ADESTA A. B.Waynesburg College B, S. Mt. Mercy College B, S, Slippery Rock KOEPFINGER English Homemaking State Teachers College B. 3. Duquesne Unjjy. Physical Education, Mathematics Health g.,xm,l 5 . ' if Q .". .,. L, H V fl MR. STEPHAN LEBEC A. B. Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College Social Studies . rigging H3 A MR. FRANCIS MCCORMACK B. S.Pennsylvania State College, M, A, Carnegie Institute of Technology Music MR. WILLIAM H. LEE B.S, Indiana State Teachers College, M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh Social Studies, Guidance MRS. JEAN McCORMICK B, A, MuskingumCol1ege Homemaking, History MR, JOSEPH M. LESKO B. S, and M, Ed, Univ, of Pittsburgh Chemistry, Mathematics MR, STANLEY MCDANIELS B. S, Slippery Rock State Teachers College English I0 MR. H. B. LIEBERMANN B, S, Slippery Rock State Teachers College, Litt, M, Univ. ofPittsburgh Biology Y uf- 3 2 ., Q57 -if MR. WILLIAM MCFARLAND B. S. Indiana State Teachers College Art MISS SHIRLEY LUNT B, A, Grove City College Speech, English MRS. MARTHA M. McGINNIS B, S, W estminster College Mathematics 2 f s Q f wi 'li J as I J as MR. EDWARD MBIGES B.A, Pennsylvania State University Social Studies MRS. MARTHA RIDGWAY B, S, Slippery Rock State Teachers College Health, Physical Ed, W ' was 1 '2 ' ? 3 , F gl .. Fisk MISS JUNE STOUT B, S, Carnegie Inst. of Technology, M. Ed. Univ. of Pittsburgh Commercial Subjects Home-School Visitor , 1... E- f i ' 5' v7ei.,, - "f' MISS DORIS WILDEN B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Home Ec, , Cafeteria Q 3 F MR. JOHN C. MILLER B,S, Indiana State Teachers College, M. Ed, , Penn. State Univ. Art MR, EDWARD C. STULL B,S. inEd. , M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh Social Studies aw. if - 5' K9 MRS. MARY PETERSEN R, N. St.Iolm's Hospital School Nurse Home Nursing MISS THEODORA ROMANO B.S, Indiana State Teach- ers College, M. Ed. , Univ. of Pittsburgh, Mathematics F aculfy MRS. BETTY MILLER B, S, Indiana State Teachers College Commercial Subjects College English MRS. HELEN TUSSEY B, S, Millersville State Teachers College Library if MISS VIRGINIA BARBIAN Secretary ll MR. ROBERT SHARPS B,A. Waynesburg ,H Zim. .V , ., 1 ali! MR. JOHN G. MILLER B. A, Washington State College, M.Ed. Univ. of Pittsburgh Social Studies 3153? MR. JAMES REED B. S. , M. Equiv. Ohio State University Voc. Agriculture Industrial Arts . , sa-f is ' Qi Y Q sssfii o 3 I MR. ROBERT SHISSLER A, B. Univ. ofPittsburgh Litt,M.Univ.ofPittsburgh English. Journalism are ,W ,,. W gm H Jb'..J 1 , . J1. A MR. DELBHIT WAITE MISS VELMAJEAN WARD B,S, California State B.A. Grove City College Teachers College English Ind. Arts, Elective Shop ' .Q i f 'rm ' g me ' I 3' ,W Leif NHSS RUBY JVHNTON MISS BARBARA Secretary JOHNSTON Secretary C ustodians t QE ,, V'.z:f,.fr'::,,':f,wV, gums 1 'si' N.. wx - ' . 'tl Aff, , H ,V K I 5 V s ' ' ' w.f.:wQ? :--ii.: ft. ' " Zh' if -: " EEE-: 2555 11' 1 ' -' "U . .7 ' f H s .rf ' """' ' l' " "-ta: Vik? H if f 'QTY V- ., J. V V V -' V' 'K'k ,K ,L K a 1? f' ZW,"f5-'E5,V'Vf",,sS qi.-VV 251 1: -f I I . - 2:liYVfjfl'ag-'7iMQff'Ss:E.-E V Q ' - H t i ' 'Z 'L' f7S?'fs1'hV' f'1,.'iT-1Kf.:"I', lv' ,. ' Vi "" sf, ' zexli 2 ' , V " f V- V Va - V r.m,.ff- VV:::. q,tsfwsx'es.i ' ' vez:-9f"1"" 'M - , ', : '35, .ik , ,V 'qs ' g 1gj.i3gViti,2,t-i 3 V V 5 W . - I' - sts ft: gg f Mr, Born Mx, Baechtold Mr. Holland MOON HIGH boasts o superior custodial staff. Consisting of five men and five women, they work to keep the inside and outside of our building a plant of beauty. 'iz' ' V W i ' 2 'iss 9 3 fs 2 K J-if 5. Ji."-. V W. 'sewn Mr . Rebuelta Mr . Gittins 'r i 2 ig H55 li - if ' qf ri V g V1 rm ,S gm., ' Q "Tlx '-'E 1 is k .1 A if V, -Vf I' , V V :fs M15 , Mixrer Mrs. Zimmerman Mrs. Dickson, Mrs. Pariso, Kinlock The Cooks 'es Mrs. Combs, Mrs. Goss, Mrs, McArd1e, Mrs. Jacobs, Mrs. Ayres ' . ' .S . ., , L -". Our Bus M an O one watches over the welfare of our 5 'EE:" AmW,5V UR cooks have been taking care of commuting student body more carefully -fi :"': the "inner man" in our cafeteria so than Mr. Clarence Miller, who directs his ""-'f well and so graciously that they enjoy o fleet of buses and corps of drivers with a g popularity second to none at Moon High. finesse that only his many years of service 'Z to Moon Schools could produce. 'I . - .,:: I2 Nxr NN ck Hrs r Turz C I ass Officers se . . V 3, N V 'jgfw ,Z sk'mso0, PYBSN 'oNNoXie, KXXer , sporwserg RXc'nord.Ho ' ey, vice-presrdgnfi 50 ok, treasurer . S vfoofr 8llCe'serl oh 'oresigirs . Cr o Ch Ord- eflf W ' R fofd. P s S PMorw C - OoXe aerrrr or ' OXNe CYGXOYY, f,e U on U ld 1 pres .d I surer D ' 8 uhm. e flf' F ! se Cb B lr ei se cya, . Rom . 501m Urborx presxeenkg Nxxss 6' jlzlpresaaengy jtxrxek Uxckey, XL rreosurer. SP Kr onse, fa,ob0ff,' M y- f. ' Cl! Vf Re If-fOr3e.p,-Zia Am TrU fide nick nf: Focco ' f fed 1 Topfes- I. :den orwser, oXXedg Kurzo , f e Us Ur ere g lofel' 1 r. 1, S ecrerory, ecfe- 6 Ur 'Ts Ur y jeer. oycf e Ml, 1' -f Spenser , cDonKeXsg Bde GKXXR, preskienkg John Kem, vXce-presiderwg Teddy Neekl, sec- rekoryg Werxdo bMXXer , treasurer . Sp Chonse dleorlofr' M f r z S e B . M. eCre'Q?jfe'ff'l'eff M I NZ, Vic Ur' nc e'p 'off 7 f e - e Keflgzdelxiogve va I fre! org pre . su,-e 7 M side I' , CAI. Fifi I3 V356 Seniors Row 1: Schavolt, Thomas, Mros, Thorn- hill, Maske, Hughes, Schacoski, Conner. Row 2: Caponecchi, Boden, Walker, Cy- rilla, Rehm, Dunn, Anderson, Rutledge, Jones, Birmingham, Trunick. Row 3: Mc- Laughlin, Hainley, Miller, McHenry, Mertz, Coyne, Holmes, Neal, Parker, Morrison. Row 1: McClafferty, Golasz, Portman, Todd, McClellan, Gordon, Lender, Messner. Row 2: Magnus, Watson, Ol- son, Springer, Curry, West, Le Parmentier, Thompson, Nicastro. Row 3: Kozar, Sul- livan, Kramer, Clark, Ar- baugh, Rodgers. Row 1: Rao, Tennyson, Evanko, Fabec, Walls, Hoover, Glass, Leoni, Whiteman. Row 2: Srrutzel, Burns, Wolf, McGivern, Litterini, Conway, Scaletto, Hisey, Singer, Anderson. Row 1: Scaletto, Creps, Basalyga, Cyphert, Larkin. Row 2: Grubb, Julius, Bailey, Guiliani, Colledge, Raihall, Row 3: Baun, Honcho- rek, Bishop, Kammerdiener, Hennen. Row 4: Ropos, Cumpston, Lockhart, Griffith, Tilly, Kruppa, Fischer, I4 Row 1: Dixon, Zelinsky, Maske, McCormick, Henley, Vardimas, Hetzer, Blystone, Moon, Frisch. Row 2: Eckles, Klass, Barnhart, Keller, Saveno, Diehl, McCe1- lan, Mushalansky, Conley. Row 3: Meyers, Raddant, Peret, Lego McArd1e, Cain, Fenimore, Tru- nick, Kephart, Tarquinio. Row 4:McKendry, Rabbit, Stelzig, Glatz, Hoskinson, Turzak, Han- son, Dickinson, Corbett, Severs, Juniors Row 1: Laughner, Merriman, Zelinski, V. Drake, Rowe, Crognale, Goss, Blanchard, Techmeyer. Row 2: West, Palsa, Molchan, Mcglullough, Ward, Barone, Gaydos, Cantrell, Row 3: Kno- tic, Bonach, N.E. Grimm, Clingenpeal, B, Sullivan, Wadsworth, Garner, N,D,Grimm, Biggerstaff. 196.7 Row 1: Schavoltu, Neff, Meacham, Snell, Newman, Kulchak. Row 2: Mc- Farland, Werner, Sellers, Greer, Har- per, Hogue, Ryan, O'Neil, Omlar. Row 3: Tumer, Vernocy, Williams, Brooks, Lawson, , ., V,,.. ,,,,,. , so orrr .,,,,. :? .. rells ,iss 3 1' igggf .t Row 1: Rhodes, Danley, Kenelly, DeChellis, Hawuee, Locker- Row 1: Minick, Hennen, Kaleugher, Knoll, Baker, Burns. Row 2: P.Drake, Quinn, Kramer, Miller, Bedick, Rehburg, Gillis, Coburn, Smith, Marnhout. Row 3: Drennen, D.McFarland, Wiley, A.Goodnight, Burk- hart, Dickey, Frisch, Lottes, Thompson. bie, L,Meacham, McCutcheon, Schaper, Row 2: Caro, Babik, Andrasik, Starry, Easter, Gittins, Chevront, Hornyck, Muller, Manko. Row 3: Hasak, Hayman, Schowski, Chick, Stelzig, Raf- ferty, Dunmire, Bell, D.Wirth, Richie. 9, 'T 55 d, , ,, ,,, ,, so Row 1: Topscher, Messner, Betlyn, Red- enbaugh, Bottoroff, Adair, G.IS11iS0I1. Gastner. Row 2: Heinlein, Schneeman, M' Bagnato, R.Ie1lison, McCaslin, P.Pal- itti, Patrilla, Eaton. Row 3: Nantz, L. Pallttl, W.Goodnight, Martin, Trim- ber, Hoover, Franc, Kern. I5 ff fb ,A 1 Row 1: Rozinsky, Milligan, Holsinger, Kaufman, Deimler, Hoover, Powell, Bryant. Row 2: Kavanaugh, Curry, Ska- rada, Cook, Conley, Raihall, Graff. Row 3: Lightner, Goodnight, Shimer, Kolinie, Padgett. Row 1: Harper, Meyers, Linn, Olson, Gross, K.Wilson, Parsons, Diday, Row 2: Scaletto, Bell, Manko, Lansberry, Kabana, Green, Kennedy. Row 3: On- esta, Hutchinson, Kinchen, Swall, Patterson, Sophomores Row l: Kriger, Minear, Frye, San- E Row 1: Laughner, Evanko, Fratangelo, Beaman, Honchorek, Franc, Kozar, Ful- ler, Trimber. Row 2: Tarquinio, Trapp, Colledge, Colangelo, Fenimore, Sza- laygi, Massung, D.Martin, Waltonbaugh. Row 3: Moon, Urban, Mullaugh, Garren, Turzak, Lauderbaugh, Churchill, Springer. l. c L i I6 ko, Wilson, Fisher. Row 2: Betlyn Coyne, Smith, Messner, Miller, Cyrilla, Kinchen, Patterson, Dris- coll, Neiderriter, Larkin, Castel- lan, Riggle. Row 3: Heiliman, Ryan, Potts, Botkin, Gross, Schutz- man, Palitti, Manko, Walker, Ma- to, Delancey, Row 1: Wilson, Tranter, Danley, Trunick, Moreland, Dye, Pardo, Ballard, Prunty. Row 2: Meeker, Egenlauf, Smith, Miller, Marzlak, King, Schofield, Demsey, Ba- rone, Lydic, Row 3: Dunn, Wirth, Harvey, Boling, Carrodus, Yoder, Eckley, Ken- nedy, O'Rourke, Shelton. Row 1: Ropos, Dickey, Jellison, Almacy. Row 2: Eliott, Reed, Celio, Wana, Hickey Potts, DeLutis. Row 3: Rabbitt, McLean, Martin, Patton, Kremin, Myers. Row 4: Gray, Pirog, Snodgrass, Bowers, Ramsey. Row 1: Dickey, Riggle, Yacsetic, Oesterling, Bostrorn, O'Neil, Mc- Farland, Tagliferri, Rao, Row 2: G,Lottes, R. Lottes, Hetzer, Hartrick, Gardner, Dickinson, Sacco, Hainley, Glatz, Page. Row 3: Alexander, Gaydos, Michalson, Clark, Frame, Popp, Larkin, Tener, Mosley. Row 1: Gastner, Gray, Kline, Stary, Rommert, Schosky. Row 2: Col- lins, Stitsel, Dunmire, Swoger, Kennedy, Bell, Haller, Gilligan, Youchison, Swearingen. Row 3: Audrey, Tilly, McCutcheon, Holden, Klass, Cumpston, Gray, Yeck, Krause, Boden, Freshmen !'3 2.4-sm ' S-M I7 xi s g'Q":l9 S -' UQQQX 19 S Row 1: Jones, Heinlein, Almacy, Dame, Kavanaugh, Jones, Audia, Coradi, Yoder, Griffith, Row 2: Vidmar, Campbell, Potts, Elliot, Cristian, Davidson, Kane, Egen- lauf, Wolfe. Row 3: Fisher, Du- gan, Redenbaugh, Moore, Mayor, Weber, Adams, Neal, Barnes, Golaz, Boden, Kephart. Row 1: Stewart, Bostaph, DiMeo, Springer, Camp, Simon, Haben- echt, Clark, Lego, Bottle. Row 2: Myers, M,Mi1ler, Popovic, Kastler, Kroboth, T.Miller, Hen- ning, Rudge, Croyle, Crea, Eb- erly, T.McCaslin. Row 3: Potts, Wiant, Lipps, Wegner, Dennis, Stouffer, McKenna, Bagnato, Trunick, Hixson. Row 1: Manna, Hoffmann, Hughes, Crognale, Manko, Rolin, Christner, Drake, Popp. Row 2: Cheveront, Grimm, Kurto, Reden- baugh, Walker, Adair. O'- Gorman, Good, Baun, Hutchinson, Row 3: Budzak, Healy, Miller, Svat, Klix- bull, Vesta, Rabosky, Hare Goss, Wadsworth. E ighfh Grade V960 Row 1: Knoll, McGregor, Penning- ton, Bostaph, Manion, Milligan, Kramer, Mapel, McKenna, King. Row 2: McCullough, Huffman, Snell, Lozer, Cunningham, Lie- berman, Sienbowitch, Norten, Bredahl, Delancey, Dudeck. Row 3: Noss, Gillis, Santucci, Free- man, Baldwin, McCorkle, Bosetti, Popp, Raffner. C .I Row 1: O'Rourke, Ladesic, Schneeman, Hy- att, Crimm, Pancirov, Zimmerman, An- derson, Gallaher. Row 2: Gray, Wood, Hemphill, DeWitt, Driscoll, Waltonbaugh, Miller, Combs, Russell, Anderson. Row 3: West, Shafer, E.Mil1er, Dunn, Gilchrist, Rosignole, Kennedy, Saskos, Inches, Row 1: Kennelly, Glass, Chick, slea, Conner, Hoge, Schultheis, Pierce. Row 2: Neiderriter, Titus, Rao, Miller, Gereg, Morris, Creps Z,Goodnight, Atalluh, Foster, Davy, Naughle, Schaper. Row 3: R,Smith, Lang, Iarmaluski, Mc- McCutchen, Linn, Hann, E, Smith 18 Snell, Walker, Cumpston, Billing- Intosh, Lansberry, Hitt, Schofield, Row 1: Cook, Doughty, Hein- lein, Powell, Bolea, Row 2: Gordon, Morris, Gereg, Good- night, Mikula, Hunter, Kop- sa, Williams, Kern, Pirog. Row 3: Bailey, Lighter, Grubb, Highman, Wana, Curry, Has- tings, Schnelzer, Barone. Row 4: Venneri, Jenks, R. Heinlein, Kenley, Wentz, Young, Kerr. Row 1: Ruppert, Cumpton, Moxin, Hervit, Pardo. Row 2: Cramer, Sellers, Fagan, S. Hoover, D'Arnico, Schulenberg, Machenda, Headly, Kolesar. Row 3: Churchill, McDon- ald, Boor, Glass, Ballard, Mueller, Phillips, Rowe, Lovey. Row 4: Kirkwood, Hornecek, Neely, Saveno, Herbert, Shriber, Bethlyn. Row 1: Grimm, Stewart, Sever, Cluelow, Diehl, Sheffler, Bell, Mossey, Thompson, Yuci. Row 2: K,Miller, Wright, Lawyer, Tetsko, D.Ward, Swadlo, Josef, Brackus, Grannis, White, Meacham, Row 3: Honchorek, Messner, Potts, Buckhart, Smonko, Haney, Martin, McEwan, Scott, Row 1: Sunday, Smith, Kammerdeiner, Heininger Thompson, McCullough, Christner, lngwalson, Shef- fler, Siegman, Molchan, Dickens, Row 2: Kriger, Harper, Bowers, Kruppa, McCall, Strasser, Krom- mer, Burns, Campbell, Pavlakowich, Walls, Hartman. Row 3: Iarrna- lowski , Wagoner, Magnus , Zaluski, Behling, Gittens Yeck, Andrick, Dennis, Venari, Padgett, Urban. QW ,B Row 1: Helninger, Caro, Messner, Kulchak, Shivel Sn der Eckle Landford McNany, Rody, ,glow gg Graham,yStuckwish, Hogue, McCaris1ana, Miser, Borden, Ropos, Spar- oda, Hare, Iurina, Taylor, Coros. Row 3: Walls, Mallaugh, Griffith, Saveno, Kline- peter, Dempsey, Ruthledge, Goss, Hoover, Neilson. Row 1: Botkin, Miller, Pierce, Holmes, R, An- derson, R. Collins, Ciccone, Withee, Zimmer- man, Row 2: Tilly, Bailey, Ruffner, Bodey, B, Lentz, Yargy, Beatty, McCutcheon, E.Sruith, N.Lentz, Tomalchesky. Row 3: Thomas, Camp- bell, Hann, D,Potts, Ward, Homko, West, W alters , Blystone. Sevenfh Grade Row 1: Gilchrist, Kaufman, Littler, Toy, Oesterling, McKendry, O'Gorman, Vidman, Row 2: Harringer, Creighton, Heinlein, Sca- letto, Evanko, Young, Shannon, Eberle, Carrodius. Row 3: Anderson, Donaldan, Git- tins, Mathie, Smith, Curry, Holden, Page, Bell. Row 4: Hoge, Swall, Fullard, Cappola Omlor, Dunn, Hayes. Row 1: Mushalansky, Anderson, Miller, Dwyer, Thornhill, Yoder, Bobilon, Wolfe. Row 2: Darrah, George, Lockerbie, Carnvale, Rodgers, Trimber, Thompson, Kramer, O'Neil, Coll. Row 3: Kurto, Patterson, Neiderriter, Dunmire, Wadsworth, Sosebec, White, Ryan, Fenimore, Young, Noss, McBride. Row 1: Logan, Dunn, Topcher, Fabec, Steffen Tagliaferri, Hawtree, Beal, Kruppa, Miller. Row 2: Horner, Uhrine, Weber, Rossi, Milnear McArd1e, Acherson, Brown, Joseph, Csonka, Adams, Bell, Girrins, Winkle. Row 3: Gray. Ciper, Kness, Beilsinger, Muccah, Kissinger, Derrier, Collins, Bedick, links. :sf 6 5 S: F? vs S 'G 'S as yy 'f + If 3 2 - P 75 Vx T3 'S 5. in Q 52 B 3 A E5 'if gig , L. -M... -ww.. 5 Football i ' X V rn r 9? ,us a i i 'U 1 'N i g E l x 5 l K ' ' r34t y 3 , za, as ',asf'43'las"aa" V ssl la-if 'IQ Row 1: Colangelo, Barnes, Rao, Powell, Trimber, Meyers, Colledge, Goodnight, O'Nei1, Greene, Tarquinio. Row 2: Conway, Szelzig Wilson, Richie, Glatz, Clark, Turzak, McEwen, Urban, Hasak, Dunmire, Manko, Tator. Row 3: Adams, Hoskinson, Martin K - zar, Peirog, Rafferty, Hayman, Burkhart, Tenet, Manna, Kinchen. ,o vu' 'as H1 If 5 1.16 55015 I 151116 8 1 1 , is iigbff as '19 5 HE loss of fourteen by graduation and a plague of iniuries were too much ofa deficit for the Tigers to overcome. Due to their lack of experience the boys made many mis- takes. Many times, however, they made up for this with their undying spirit. Losing on- ly eight seniors, the team holds great hopes for next season. The Junior Varsity showed some promising material and should greatly bolster next year's team. Senior Squad Members Stelzig Conway GIBIZ KOZBI 29 ,SU Singer Mcgwen McCormick Junior Varsity 24 25 26 27 30 31 Row 1: Bosetti, Lieberman, Kramer, Santuccl, McEwen, Wolf, Powell, Kline. Row 2: Manko, McCor- kel, Glass, Hughes, Wadsworth, Yacsetic, Trunick, Bagnato, Savena. TIGER TALES ' Moon I5 East Pittsburgh O ---- Bill Glatz, Senior quarterback, led the Tigers to avictory with a touchdown and a 35 yard field goal. Moon 0 Beaver 7 ---- Moon's defense proved very strong but lost to Beaver on a 53 yard run . Moon 7 Hopewell 20 ---- A very swift Hopewell team outran the Moon men to rack up 20 oints. Moon I4 Carlhegie 35 ---- The very big "Little Tartans" overcame the 7-6 halftime lead of Moon by wearing them down by sheer weight. Moon 0 Sewickley I8 ---- The loss of triple threat man, Bill Glatz, early in the game proved too much ofa deficit for the "Planeteers" as they lost their fourth straight game. Moon O Neville 32 ---- The Rivermen proved too fast as they racked up 26 points in the first half to toll over the Moon boys by a lop-sided score. Moon I4 Burgettstown 39 ---- Halfback, Max Stelzig of Moon, ran for two touchdowns, but Burgettstown proved too strong as they handed the tigers their seventh loss in a row. Moon I2 West Allegheny 18 ---- Moon failed to score on the Indians five yard line and went down to a heartbreaking defeat. Moon 0 Coraopolis 32 ---- The Blue Devils constantly intercepted Tiger aerials and won by a misleading margin. KRAMER MROS Having been a football manager for three years, This little fellow did a big job as basketball Ed, better known as Butch, has done a marvelous manager this year. He kept the uniforms of the boys job, Well liked by all the boys, he took good care neat and in good order. of their cumbersome equipment. 25 OCTOIII 1955 M T VI 1' I S S 2.3 4 5 7 I 9 101112 14 16111119.20 23 6 rills Tiger Th along with a ho Phil Colangelo, of Tigers, brings down his man. 26 st OVEMBER 1955 N M TWT S 12 3 5 1 8 910 12 14151617 19 23242526 930 2122 7282 Stelzig, aided by RaFferty's blocking goes for a long gain before being halted by a West Allegheny tackler. an' --' s an f X 1 6' 5 I .jx . wg 6 - I .sim 3 EE RLEADERS SENIOR C Row 1: Kephan, Holsinger, Almancy, Pardo Row 2: Patton, Kavanaugh, Marzlak, Rehburg Sullivan, Cheerleaders JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS HESE pep inspiring girls did a wonderful iob of cheering our teams to victory. Most of the girls are very young but proved them- selves to the students as they went through their cheers like real vet- erans. The girls were always faith- ful to the school and never gave up rooting for their team. A lone sen- ior on the squad, Jean Kephart, is the only loss to the group next year Row 1: De Meo, Rao, Heinlein, Homer, Row 2: O'Gorman, Glatz, Tilly, Sacco. Mr, Merges, Mr, Gracey, Mr. Fryz, Mr. Lebec, Mr, McDaniels. Coaches HE coaching staff, composed of five men, is relatively new here at Moon. Coaching football are Mr. Gra- cey, headcoach, and his assistants Mr. Fryz, Mr. Lebec, and Mr. McDaniels. In the basketball season Mr. Fryz becomes the headcoach while Mr. Gracey heads the Junior High Team. Mr. Merges is the track mentor and Mr. Lebec will replace Mr. McDaniels as baseball coach this year. All these men are working very hard to further the name of Moon in the high school sports circle. 27 Varsify B askefbal I Ezli S L' .ifl ,mm'h Q fy ff '- of ! r l r r j .'A V ff vardimas Conner Kramer Front row: Rafferty, Wily W Goodnight McGivem, Hoskinson Richie Con- ners Brooks Vardamxs Back row Mr Fryz A Goodnx t Kramer Dunmlre Rodgers W11son Mros . i F McGivern 678 9101112 55 sv-1' S of.G""",u 1 ' s 1 1 10 S 'A 1 is U. 9 1: 1 fp '1 Q1 1' 1' Q 'D 31 1122 1' 1' 1 13 14 15 16 11 18 20 21 23 24 25 26 27 28 d s MATNUARY 12 WT 8 45 '6 rs 19 293 5 76 27 23 8 FS 15 9 7712 ,Z '4 oi?-9:41 an YY' 1 'X 1 N 'I Hoskmson 'L Kzbil 15 'Moon . . 49 'Moon . . 51 'Moon . . 52 'Moon . . 43 'Moon . . 43 'Moon . . 48 'Moon . . 39 'Moon . . 57 Moon . . 48 Moon . . 51 Moon . . 48 at Q95 S Q0 Y Q gi-Lek gl 12 'I G 1 9 X1 lu 5 ll 1 55 .xg as 6 -,nJ,,1'5 ga a " fl- we '31 719 so x 1 s 1155135 31 1 1 1955-1956 SEASON Hopewell ....... 28 Moon . . 60 Robinson ....... 44 Moon . . 35 Sewickley ...... 54 Moon . . 51 Hopewell ....... 49 Moon .. 32 Carnegie . . . . . 81 Moon . . 57 Midway .... . . 38 Moon . . 64 Avalon ..... . . 28 Moon . . 62 Neville ........ 50 Moon .. 71 West View ...... 57 Moon . . 56 West Allegheny. . 54 Moon . . 68 North Allegheny. 58 Moon .. 52 Junior Varsity McKees Rocks. . . Coroopolis .' ..... Stowe ...... . . . Sholer ......... West View ...... West Allegheny. . North Allegheny. McKees Rocks. . . Coroopolis ...... Stowe .......... Sholer .... . . . Row 1: Moon, Goodnight, Fullard, De Lutis, Pirog, Urban. Row 2: Shelton, Lauderbaugh, Turzak, Padgett, Snodgrass, Ramsey. 1 Sq Boy! I'm tired. Mike goes high to make a lay up. 29 Wow! Is he tall. 041 Q Y 'tv ,ffm I 1 ff !1gJ-'JM 5 J 3 .3 I W, 1 Jgg 9323 JI 2 Junior High Row 1: Hughes, Leibermann, McCork1e, Scofield, Urban, Connors, Bosette, Rao. Row 2: Mr. Gracey, O'Nei1, Hixson, Tator, Tenet, S.Popp, Trunick, Wadsworth, Stewart. AVING competed in one of the roughest sections in the W.P. l.A. L., the Tigers' win column was not very high this year. The boys played some good ball and the many close contests they lost attest to this. Four boys will be lost from the team by way of graduation, and Mr. Fryz will have a fine group of veterans returning. The Junior High team, coached by Mr. Gracey, had a successful seasonf thus from all in- dications Moon should be a hard ball club to beat in the near Future. Goose Norm Alonzo 30 , , . 1 N li v-4 7 u1Av'19ss Golf iii Efiifpy. w 1 I s s-44' 'I 3 4 5 a I0 ll 12 13 14 15 I7 Il 19 zz 24 as 2 29 31 Clark, Baker, Kramer, Coach Siegman, Williams, Vernocy, O'Gorman. HE golf team enioyed a very good I955 season and won the Section VII title. Coach Siegman had a comparatively young team consisting of one senior, two juniors, and two sophomores. For this reason he believes the I956 outlook to be equally good . Kenny O'Gorman who won the W.P. I.A. L. tournament last year by de- feating a field of participants consisting of the top men from all the schools in West- ern Pennsylvania, will be the only member not present on this year's team. Kenny is now attending the University of Miami where he plays on the school team. Jack Vernocy, a sophomore last year, played well this summer. Jack was the runner-up in the Pittsburgh District qual- ifying rounds for the Hearst National Jun- ior Golf Tournament. For this, he won a trip to Los Angeles, where he competed with boys from all over the United States. Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon I 31 . N vlasg ik was-ttf' 24? Mt 1 . i ' 1' 1 1- - 1 ' 0 I' a tif' ', . I 1 . ' . I , Z, I E I, ,,.-,J ' " K Hu ' ,,.. - fs.-iszfy -Q .v sf" ' J 'e ' 1 M i . ff 'L ti' CCF' ,V E X S Qing? - ,,. . I- I 1 A 4, ,I , . 5 K V ,Q ' . is 'I ik 5 'ii I at 'I is i I .Av K 5 'L I ,fs f iilwiii . E g,,.i,,,, A -, 2 , ,,4,fis.,:j:: .YS pg f ,gr -' SI' 9.31-Q C tiwwwiryxr i r . M . ht.. . L, ,,- ,U H ff, fy -.,f.SZ. sffrfgm In W-,5gz..s,Y . I X s ,fr,L..,,32g31:: 1.-"ir" , Y ,fy r. f W -'fi tiff M W A Butch gatryn ,ful GOLF RECORD 8 'If2 North Catholic I2 If2 Ambridge I6 Aliquippa I3 Monaca II North Catholic I5 Ambridge I6 Aliquippa I5 If2 Monaco 7 3 O 3 5 I 0 V2 If2 V2 Sports Spring rf' 1. li Row 1: Colangelo, Dymler, Wadsworth, Campbell, Fullard, Wilson, Kaufman, Waltonbaugh. Row 2: Tarquinio, Potts, Kaleugher, Turner, McEwen, Mallaugh, Greer, Rao, Coach Merges, Row 3: Urban, Barnes, Tator, Hixson, Laughderbaugh, Vardimas, Gastner, Row 4: Hayman, Martin, Goodnight, Adams, Singer, Gordin, Kolinie, Saveno. 63 0 :rv ,g Baseball -, .f-. ,awa- igpv . W1-tg-.ff at -f 1 ' I A g e,.A'j"."5gf1f':f W, Track RACK, one of the new sports introduced at Moon last year, had no regularly scheduled meets. The team, coached by Mr. Merges, visited other district meets and gained valuable exper- ience needed in the future. Due to this fact we can look forward to some very capable teams in coming seasons. AST year saw the initiation of the first baseball team at Moon in a number of years. Because of this, and because the boys had very little experience, the season was not very successful. The team is looking to the future, however, and a great many veterans along with some new boys are expected to return to the diamond this year. Row 1: Evanko, Rafferty, Saveno, Zelinski, Vardamis, Burkhart, Burak. Row 2: McFarland, Iellison, McGivern, Bell, Conner, Hoskinson, Dunmire, Petricko, Turzak, Coach McDanie1s. Row 3: Lawson, Crognale, Payne. 32 54 .il 'Q Ts Q 'u MPORTANT to any school is its ath- letic program. Here at Moon, girls may participate in ath- letics through a well planned intramural program. This pro- gram consists of two major parts, team sports and individual sports . Our team sports, many in number, con- sist of such sports as basketball, volley- ball, softball, side- line soccer, and kick baseball. lndividuals may participate in such popular activities as checkers, pick-up- sticks, iacks and Chinese checkers. Through both types of recreation, fun and good sports- manship are devel- oped. Girls' Intramurals ffffrgifis, 33 U I Top picture: Our cham- pionship soccer team. Standing: Dunn, Kavanaugh, Honchorek, Clark, Conley, Kurto, Redenbaugh, Sacco, Myers, Kinchen, Wy- ant, Miller, Habinick. Sitting: Guiljani, Glatz, Middle picture: An ex- citing junior high soccer game. Bottom picture: A typ- ical locker room scene during individual in- tramurais, aa S fi If 5- If 3 5. xg 15 1 .X ss 2 i 5 I , V3 i i 55 3 -495 ., . . ' fi 1s,'1's:?siEs,LN, 7 I .Af W' if , .. :sr s s.",1 'Y 4 - an :: --'xy.::,,::,9v1w: ' 11, rv , , '11 nc Q -w, . ss EBi3QnQnfn?s'tpu ff V , 1 .5 f N: . My gi' -1,,1'f3- 4 yy' 7 ,- y'i,yji as--.:"'5,",."gf' w, I rg ' '7 i Y E , Q My -Mx . wfyvfw, :g.,cfL is fn: i E - ,S A was s -' .ff ' ..,. : . ' , f get, 'r K K f f Q, - Ann, Miss Braun, and Margie. A E A A me A H a Suzy Dick Anne Jim Editors . . . Activities Editors Art Editors . . Business Managers Typists . . . Faculty Advisor. . 1 I .f f's"'52f2 sq, 1 531 Q Bob Ann Curry Mariorie Keller Suzanne Lego -Richard Hoskinson Anne Glass Joan Fabec Patti McArdle James Portman Harold Gordon Jack McCormick Katie Whiteman Linda Peret Mary Jo Julius Kitty Basalyga Nancy Kammerdiener "Si- I ack Flame Staff Ann 'isii tgiff' ' ' ' ,.,. .. fi, EW? K' it ii Joan Katie QQ? Mary Io Kitty Margie Pat Linda Nancy Miss Elsie E. Braun 6 36 Journalism THE FLAME OON HIGH can be proud of the fame earned by our iournalistic representatives. The members of this, the 1956 staff congratulate their immediate predecessors who produced a Flame that won a first place in Columbia School Press Association fudging, and was awarded a second place in both National and Pennsylvania School Press Associations competition. Joan Fabec represented "The Flame" in a panel discussion at the P.S.P.A. conference in Uniontown. 'SA Jack, Mary, Connie, Patty, and Ed. The senior staff and the "Annex," five juniors who were chosen to try out and if successful, serve as a nucleus for the T957 staff, and their advisor, Miss Braun, proudly present this twenty-first edition of the Flame with its ac- S MMARCH ,W '- W , count ofa year's events at Moon High. T 4 F 5 u ,3 5 7 J 3 ,K lg I3 H ,S I9 IO 15 26 20 1, 22 If I7 J 28 29 30 l ls gifiwpaiy ,SSE s 9 3 4 3 F s Grace, Mary Io, and Mary Ann ii ,S ll? ll If 7 1553? if 537 3 RECORD REPORTERS ONTINUING a tradition begun in T936, Moon High News appeared weekly in the Coraopolis Record among the news Jimmy of other local schools. Grace Collegde, Mary Ann Dunn, and Mary Jo Julius, under Miss Braun's supervision, have added another volume that keeps the people who read the Record in- formed on all events at Moon High. BULLETIN REPORTER NOTHER source of Moon High news was opened this year Sify, when the Moon Township Bulletin asked Miss Braun to se- cure a reporter who would contribute school news to this paper issued monthly to residents of the township. Thus was born "School Scrambles" with Jimmy Portman as reporter. A picture of the "Flags" makes an attractive masthead for this column. 37 M001 lkgfliifhlf by 0 A Q he Q D all P "EVER SHININGH Moon HIGFT scH6o:EBiRUARY 3, mg coRAoPous, PA. -85,15--Mi Annwemw W-VOLUME 22 g NUMBER I5 MOON BEAMS STAFF Seated: Dunn, Colledge, Rehm. Standing: Ca- ponecchi, Hoskinson, Ward, Zelinski. UR most able and talented Moon Beams Staff has kept us well supplied with news and laughs this year. The many awards won by our school paper are ev- idence of the fine organization and good material with which they are comprised. Mr. Shissler is acting ad- visor and under his guidance we are sure to capture even more outstanding groups in the field of journalism. M yi 09 2 . K . 38 C1e11an, Grimm, Blanchard. Row 2: Caponecchi, Ward, Ze linski, Lego, Babick, Drake, Row 3: Meacham, Coyne, Shultzman, Riggle, Skarada, son, Kennelly, Karo, Neff, Franc, Dunn, Fabec, MSDN BEAMS "EVER Sl"llNlNG" Published Weekly by the Journalism Class Moon High School, Coraopolis, Pa. 5 cents per copy, 50 cents per semester Mailed Subscription Rate--Sl .50 per year National Scholastic Press Association All-American Award, 1952, l954, i955 Pennsylvania School Press Association .Keystone Award, 1954 Editor ....................... Marcia Rehm Business Manager ............... Ilene Ward Assistant Business Managers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Deanna Zielinske, Anna Marie Caponecchi Features Editor ................. Joan Fabec Production Manager .......... Frank Strutzel Sports Editor ............. Richard Hoskinson Chief Typist ....... . . . Grace Colledge Exchange Editor. . . .... Mary Ann Dunn Advisor ....... . . . Mr. Shissler Row 1: Gittins, Chevront, Mc- Castellain, Merriman, Hoskin- Student Government SENATE Seated: Keller, Whiteman, V.Drake, Beggerstaff, Singer, McCormick, Basalyga, Vemocy, Birmingham, Trunick, Mosley, Standing: Glatz, Ceilo, Mullaugh, Palitti, Bagnato, Marzlak, Turner, Schneeman, Garren, Rodgers, Kammerdiener, Waltonbaugh, Kavanaugh, Tarquinio, Baker. HE Student Government of our school is composed of three main groups: The Student Council, Stu- dent Court, and the Hall Patrol. l The Student Council is the representative govern- A K ment of our school, under the supervision of Mr. K ' Brooks, and makes all the laws necessary for the prop- er government of our student body. The council is STUDENT COURT composed of two houses, the Senate and the House of Knoll, Gaydos' Tgfquinio' Kephart, Kramer' Sullivan' Crggnale' Representatives. Members of both houses are elected Almacy, Bowers. from every home room in the school. The Student Court, elected by popular and seniors. They do their best to give everyone a square deal. Our hall patrol, composed of worthy seniors appointed by Student Council, keeps order in our busy halls. Through their efforts, our school is a pleasant, or- derly place to attend. HALL PATRO L Row 1: Rao, Peret, Fabec, Keller, Basalyga, Curry, Griffith. Row 2: Whiteman, Kep- hart, D.Truncik, Miller, Morrison, Colledge, Bishop, Tilly. Row 3: Burns, Glatz, Tur- zak, McCormick, Rodgers, Kramer. Row 4: Singer, Hoskinson, Thompson, Sullivan. Row 1: Kulchak, Kruppa, Cyrilla, McLean, Fenimore, Mullaugh, Aber, Reed, Smith, Knoll, Anderson. Row 2: Singer, Lewis, Graham, Bailey, HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Svat, Perrier, Kinchen, Wiant, Moxln, King, Hemphill, Mr. Lee. Row 3: Hyatt, Goodnight, Curry, Dickey, Di Meo, Halnley, Oesterling, Lipps, Gaydos, Goss, Stouffer, Schneeman. 39 ballot, is composed of sophomores, juniors, if Fi 3 LOST AND FOUND " A 2 'ff I , A it . . .fII5.1x.3'EA I 5 S g Y ig? 555216 fm- -1 2 2 J' - Service C ommlHees 'I l Ie it ar l fi 4 lihfiigv , ,QQ A3 5 f xgigpiigf 'sr' , Q if sf ., , :aes ii" I f 9 if Q f gn 9 1' .1-E it If 3 s RECREATION O carry on the various routine chores of the school, the Student Council chooses pupils from a list of volunteers to fulfill these services. STAGE CREW ART CLUB HOSPITALITY USHERS I xl A, sr ,::qiFaf ' .rv ' HE Art Club, which also cloubles for the Bulletin Board commit- tee, is made up of: Row I: Shaper, Honchorelc, Miller, Griffith, Kam- merdiener, Mr.McFarland, Cyrilla, Barnhart. Row 2: Meyers, Coin, Diehl, McArdle, Conley, Schavolt. Row 3: A.Curry, J.Curry, Kozar, Turzak, LeParmentier, Bedick. Row 4: Glass, Tarquinio, Springer, King, Hoover , Raclclan t, Gaydos . . , ' ae 1:2 I 2 Service C ommiHees DEVOTIONS if ANNOUNCEMENTS LOCKER SCHOLARSHIP Lgw wx b 4 Wm INFORMATION BEAVER FALLS STUDENT COUNCIL CONVENTION ACHIEVEMENT 41 oo wx N Science Club initiation day, ther can be seen many happy 6 students boasting the Al- pha Sigma Rho sign. Mr. Leiberman takes great pride in his clubbers and their successful trips and weekends in their search for scientific information . Service Clubs SCIENCE CLUB Row 1: Mr. Liebermann, Drennen, Dickey, Portman, Gordon. Row 2: Gaydos, Holsinger, Rehburg, Palitti, Kramer, Julius, Kaufmann, Kulchak. Row 3: G,Mi11er, Neff, Glass, Sullivan, Celio, Morrison, S.Miller, Karrunerdiener, Guiliani, Bishop, Row 4: Scaletto, Bowers, Kern, Gastner, Turzak, Greer, Cuccaro, Moon, Ramsey. DEBATE Cl-UB and useful debate. Row 1: Mr, Huckestein, Glass, Neff, Sellers, L.Meacharn, Evanko, Row 2: Snell, Thompson, Stary, Fabec, Drake, Petrilla, Row 3: Schulzmann, Skarada, Lego, I.Meacham, Schavolt, Conley, Graff, Elliot, Row 4: McLean, Dickey, Drennen, Easter, Garten, Greer, Knoll, Mc- Clellan, Whiteman. ffl ANY long hours of concen tration leads to long hours 66 F4 HE Debate Club boasts many a triumph and victory under the direction of Mr. Huckestein. Their aim is to master the art of sensible of enioyment for these Chess Club members. Under Mr. Hawes' su- pervision the members gain exper- CHESS CLUB lence and fkill for use in their ln' Row 1: Drennen, Dickey, Kaleugher. Row 2: Glass, Werner, Lego, Neff, Lottes, Eberele, Scott, f9V5Cl'Y0l05flC matches- Sigman. Row 3: Mr, Hawes, DeLutes, Burkhart, Moon, Hutchison, Belhing, Mason, Kremin, 42 GIRLS' LEADERS CLUB HIS newly formed organization under the direction of Miss King, directs and main- tains our girls' intramur- al program. Membership to this club is offered to any girl sincerely inter- ested in sports, who can pass a difficult written examination . Row 1: Burkhart, Bowers, Vernocy, Brooks, Williams, Greer. Row 2: Mrs, Crawford, Molchan, Crognale, Rowe, Blanchard, Rehburg, Sellers, Danley, Schavolt, Drake, Row 3: McCellean, Sullivan, Miller, J, Meacham. Marnhout, Thompson, L.Meacham. Snell, Jellison. Row 4: Bagnero, Starry, warner, Neff, Bedick, McCaslin, Schneman, Wadsworth, Easter, Drennen. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA HE Future Teachers Association is the newest of Moon's many clubs. This chapter, which will be known as the George W. Cassler Chapter, has twenty charter members and is co-sponsored by Miss Braun and Mr. Lee. Bruce Thompson, Ann Row 1: Rao, Fabec, Dunn, Snell, Rao, Miller. Row 2: Rowe, Neeley, Redenbaugh, Elliot, Glass, Whiteman. Row 3: Gillis, Conley, Graff, Kozar, Skarada, Gulliana, Castellian, Delancy, CATERERS' CLUB HE hard work and effi- ciency of the boys and girls of the Caterer's Club are appreciated greatly by the guests of our many din- ners. Their white and red aprons are their "signs of service" ancl with Mrs. Crawford's supervision and leadership, they do their best to make these dinners enioyable. Gloss: Pe99Y Reed, and Row 1: B.Thompson, B.Read. Row 2: Garner, A.Glass, S.Miller, H.PetIilla, Row 3: J.Iellison, K,Conley, Joyce Garner ure the McCaste1l.lan, M,Sellers, Row 4: D.ceu0, L.E1uor. l first officers. The club's aims are the national association's aims: the promotion of the teaching profession. Service Clubs KEY CLUB Row 1: Gassner, Colledge, Zelinsky, Knoll. Row 2: D,Turzak, Brooks, Urban, McCormick, Greer, Vernocy, Row 3: Bower, Williams, Hisey, Thompson, Kozar, Bums. Row 4: Hoskinson, Kramer, O,Turzak, Wolf, Rodgers, Kolinie, Dunmire. HE Junior Red Cross Council, under the direction of Miss Kennedy, has been in existence for two years. This Club works hand in hand with the Pittsburgh branch of the Senior Red Cross, getting different things for hospitals and other needy places. JUNIOR RED CROSS Af, ERVICE is the motto of the Key Club. The club, com- posed of sophomore, iunior, and senior boys, undertakes many proiects for the benefit of the school and community. The boys, headed by Mr. Jack Miller, also promote loyalty and spirit among their fellow students. Row 1: Kavanaugh, Holsinger, Sullivan, Celio, Reed, Keller, Stouffer, Rudge. Row 2: Greer, Knoll, Lego, Marnhout, McCormick, Thompson. LIBRARY CLUB Row 1: Guiliani, Curry, Sullivan, Rehburg, Reed, Row 2: Gaydos, Keller, Rao, Fabec, West, Myers, Holsinger, Celio , Gillis . 44 sy l HE Library Club and their sponsor Mrs. Tus- sey, give generously of their time and ability to keep our library the pleasant and convenient place it is. I 9 Bottom Picture Row 1: Boor, I.Clark, Wilson, Baun, Heinlein, Almacy, Gardner, Audia, Jellison, Hoover, Cafeteria Patrol HE Cafeteria Patrol was estab- lished in i955 to keep order during the lunch hour. They have made it possible for us to obtain our lunches quickly and efficiently and have seen to it that the tables are cleaned after each meal. As a relatively new organization, they have proved themselves quite help- ful to us. Janet Dickey, Milligan, James Dickey, Row 2: Henning, Krobath, Lipps, A.Clark, Lego, Kavanaugh, Alexander, G.Mi1ler, L.E1iott, Trunick, Wana, Row 3: Klixbull, Gaydos, I. Miller, Gastner, Ardrey, Davidson, B.Yoder, C,Eliot, Skarada, Hughes, Hoffman. Row 4: Delancey, Kozar, Michalison, L.Yoder, Popovic, Wiant, King, Pettinger, Tatot. Middle Picture 'Lal Row 1:Rao, Guiliani, Creps, Raddant, Kephart, Conley, Fabec, Row 2: Holmes, Venneri, -4 Glass, Diehl, Meacham, Colledge, Thompson, Dunn. Row 4: Nicastro, DERBY, DWHUCH. ' 1 Werner, Meacham, Cumpston, Easter, Walker. tl Top Picture A Row 1:RCh1'1'1, Stewart, K.Mi1ler, Kriger, Harper, Bower, Kruppa, Krommes, Heininger. Row 2: Ellen Smith, Swadlo, Burkhart, Pavalkovich, Brackus, Grannis, Eva Smith, Camp- bell, Burns, Row 3: Christner, Patterson, Zaluski, Hartman, Iarmalowski, Walls, Magnus, Behling, Dennis, Gittins, Ingwalson, 1 .ivy Dual uf an V DRIVER EDili.Aii0il R:--f .. TALARlC0Jl0.Q'!-2 Driver Training NCLUDED in this year's iunior curricu- lum is a course in driver training. It has proved a great aid to the juniors who have anxiousl awaited a chance to obtain a driver's icense. Under the watchful eye of Mr. Harris, the able instructor, Moon is now turning out a bumper crop of fledg- ling drivers. 5 'b1sy5 L 'Xa' q,0,C1q Hi-Y ' 2:3514 .f X! 5 y Dr -fl- fs svxxsxqu x qx1xs'i 1 5 s U 15x41 50 1 491 at 'L SENIOR HY-Y Row 1: Kozar, Vardlmas, Clark, Kramer, Sullivan, Arbaugh, Schavolt, Strutzel, Row 2: Mr, Gold, Burns, Dixon, Wolf, Lttrerini, Mros, McClellan, McCormick, Henley, Corbett, Turzak, Portman, Row B: Lender, Todd, Golaz, Malnak, McEwen, Conway, Thompson', Rodgers, Blystone, Row 4: Gordon, Singer, Eckles, Moon, Hisey, Anderson, Sever, McGivern, Conners, JUNIOR HI-Y Row 1: Mr. Sharps, Turner, De Chellis, Minick, Heinlien, Rafferty. Row 2: Kennelly, Baker, Hen- nen, Greer, O'Nei1, Sullivan, Burns, Kulchak. Row 3: Hague, Ryan, Brooks, Vernocy, Williams, Gastner, Knoll, Hayman, Row 4: Lottes, Frisch, Kaleugher, Dickey, Burkhart, Adair, Jellison, Bell, G55 5 Dunmire, Martin, 99" 1 'A io 944391 91 Qtbx 5 xQ1x4l,'l X1 59 41 1 xzs ,er ,mm .L A QL ll Q Q .Er r ' -r s of """"'f'g SOPHOMORE Hi-Y Row 1: Mr. Waite, Waltenbaugh, Colledge, Turzak, Bowers, Urban, De Lutis, Cook, Row 2: Tar- qulnio, Bell, Goodnight, Kremin, Cramer, Manko, Row 3: Silazy, Garren, Sanko, Marma, Hutch- enson, O'Rouke, Rayhall. Row 4: Springer, Malaugh, Gray, Plrog, McLean. HE purpose ofthe Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend Christian character throughout the home and com- munity. The code of the club is to maintain clean thought, clean speech, clean living, and clean sportsman ship. Here at Moon there are three chapters of the Hi-Y: the senior club, sponsored by Mr. Gold, the iunior club, sponsored by Mr. Sharps, and the sophomores, sponsored by Mr. Waite. All three groups joined to sponsor the Thanksgiving assembly. The New Year's Eve formal was their ioint project with the Tri-Hi-Y. r 46 5 uM"N1 1? 0 0 V C ' s 11,016 '59, 2 2 lfl-HI-Y if . 519, '31 9 Y 2: ,I .10 9144156 lg "2 Q 259, ly . -32 2130314 SENIOR TRI-HI-Y Row 1: Griffith, Keller, Julius, Whiteman, Row 2: Miss Lunt, Fabec, Evanko, Rao, Walls, Tenny- son, Larkin, Creps, Walker, Cyrilla, Barnhart, Boden, Basalyga, Cyphert, Raddant, Lego. Row 3: Cain, Glass, Peret, Rehm, Honchorek, Ropos, Mertz, Baun, Bailey, Dunn, Miller, Morrison, Mey- ers, Conley. Row 4: Diehl, Guiliani, McClellan, Le Parmentier, Grubb, Raihall, Colledge, Hoo- ver, Hennen, D,Trunick, Birmingham, Kammerdlener, Mushalansky, Kephart, Row 5: Rutledge, Parker, McArdle, McLaughlin, Curry, Springer, Fischer, Kruppa, Tilly, Coyne, Bishop, Lockhart, Neal, Holmes. JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y Row 1: McCullough, Drake, Blanchard, Bagnato. Row 2: Miss Stout, Laughner, Miller, Goss, Crog- nale, Gaydos, Merriman, Zelinski, Jelllson, Caro, Ondrasik, Babik, Barone, Newman, Ward, Drake, Petrilla. Row 3: Knotic, Rowe, Moulchan, Sullivan, Rehburg, Bedick, I.Meacham, Marn- hout, Thompson, L,Meacham, Danley, Schavolt, Snell, Cantrell, Row 4: Palltti, Stary, Drennen, Werner, Neff, Sellers, McCaslin, Schneeman, Wadsworth, Easter, Gillis, Grimm, Garner, DEC s M I SKMYHER F s 45 6 I 2 3 11,28 7 8 9,0 181 M151 2529?02f22Zf'7 52728293064 SOPHOMORE TRI-Hl-Y Row 1: Patton, Pardo, Meyers, Dockey, O'Nora, Row 2: Miss Falbo, Potts, Coyne, Jelli- son, Betlyn, Kichen, Patterson, Miller, Milligan. Row 3: Smith, Dye, Holsinger, Riggle, Hellman, Castllen, Almacy, Miller, Cello, Reed, Kavenaugh, Scarada, Honchorek, Lar- kin, Cyrllla. Row 4: Delaney, Walker, Wana, Manko, Hoover, Marzlak, Dempsey, Elli- ot, King, Graff, Shutzman, Gross, Trunick, Neideriter, Messner. Row 5: Mato, Yoder, Boling, Carradus, Schofield, Eckley, Smith, Egenlauf, Kozar, Conley, Lego, Gaydos, HE purpose of the Tri-Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend Christian character throughout the home and community. The code of the club is to maintain clean thought, clean speech, clean living, and clean sports- manship. Here at Moon there are three chapters of the Tri-Hi-Y: the senior club, sponsored by Miss Lunt: the junior club, sponsored by Miss Stout: and the sophomores, sponsored by Miss Falbo. The Easter assembly is pre- sented by the combined groups: they do their part in New Year's Eve formal: and they are famous for their "tag d Y ll G 47 Fllg s M TUAJY PM 6 7 ' 2 F s 3 3 Jci9'519'0Iii 5 27 28 22 argl: ls ,if 25 26 ad UP' 5 pieyw i Sb Av it if y 5 x QKOXSX 1 S mt 51l:5Wx5K:9b1A'1.5 ixnioigv 1611 National Honor Society HE National Honor Society is one of Moon High's most highly esteemed organizations. ship, Service, Character and Leadership. The members selected from last year's iunior class were: Jimmy Portman, Jack McCormick, Mar- gie Keller, June Rao, Joan Fabec, Ann Curry, Oliver Turzalc and Richard Hoskinson. Joan Fabec was elected this year's president of the society and Miss Braun continued to serve as sponsor. The two main proiects this year were a Valentine Tea for the teachers and a news let- ter written for the alumnae of the society. HIS year thirteen new senior members were selected. They are Mary Jo Julius, Elaine Mertz, Darlene Baun, Grace Colledge, Bob Wolf, Arnold Moon, Ann Diehl, Ida Mae Ropos, Anne Glass, Gerry Walls, Mary Ann Dunn, Evelyn Guiliani, and Carol Cain. Our seven new junior members are: Floyd Greer, Edward Dickey, Em- ily Neff, Dan Brooks, Carol Sullivan, JaclcVernocy, and Bob Gastner. Patricia Woodward Memorial Scholarship UR girls who are planning to become nurses aspire to win the Patricia Woodward Memorial Scholarship for nursing. It was founded by the Class of 1952 and valuable contributions are offered each ,Z f year by the Tri-Hi-Y. 48 its members are selected on the basis of Scholar- Junior National Honor Society Row 1: Waltonbau h, Q Churchill, Garren? Kozar, ,.. Conley, Graff, E,Myers. jj Hoover, Gaydos, Padgett, L:Q::'5js,N,,f 55, ffxgrxglsg N K 4 Turzak, Urban, Row 2, I-,thai-JQ-s?' ,1m WH ,V Kolinie, Tranter, Castel- 521-'fig L ,gi '-" ,,:v V A N - -L lan, Eliot, Hickey, Celio, ' V 'K ' I sl, bl b it if Barnes, Kavanaugh, Mil- - V t ' ,, I ler, Patton, Reed, Row 3: 'L M, ,. ,. Dickey, Adair, Alexander, nr ' ' X- is sr - L Klixbull, Kroboth, Rudge, Hood, LM ers, Pittin er. Wi' UE gr 2' Y g 1 V ,,- ' Q qfwng-'S' Q -M, ,Wag ,..,, . xx-is-in:staxwtwxwxztxtlrtf-xl-Qtf'-tt-,lvizl s 'Q N -X ' w. x x xsxxxxsxxwxxxwxqsw 'X 'rx ' N N y X 'NR XXX sv' 'N WNXNKT Row 1: Snell, Klixbull, Alexander, Kroboth, Dickey, Hood, Myers, Rudge, Miller, Row 2: Straker, Heinlein, Baun, DiMeo, Croyle, Habenicht, Sacco, Gaydos, W.Mi1ler. Row 3: Pavlacovich, R.Popp, Tener, T.Mll.ler, Dennis, Stouffer, Weant, Tagleaferri, Wood. Row 4: Ruppert, Thompson, S,Popp, Behling, Kerr, Ingwalson, Kern, HE Class of 1953 established a Memorial to their classmate who died during her freshman year. To encourage students to maintain the same high standards Joanne had set, they sought to honor a boy and a girl who have displayed these some qualities. Therefore, each year a sophomore boy and girl are chosen for this award on the basis of their outstanding citizenship in iunior high years. Above: Mr. Lee congratu- lates this year's winners and runners up. Right: Peggy Reed and Frank Koline ioin juniors, Lib- bie Gillis and Dan Brooks, and seniors, June Rao and Dick Burns. 49 ATE last term Moon High was granted a charter to Junior National Honor So- ciety and ten percent of the class of l959 and five per- cent of the class of l96O were elected by the faculty on the basis of scholarship, service, character, and leadership. With Mr. Lee as sponsor, their main proi- ects have been school spirit boosters and the tapping service on February 10 when I3 eighth graders and l4 ninth graders were elected to membership. Joanne C aponecchi Award Senior Band sh r l fr Q 'B .1 W QAM FZ, L Goodnight Moon Baker Brooks, Row 1: Morrison, Mushalansky, Peret, Bailey, Goss, Cantrell. Row 2: Strutzel, Shelton, Celio, Reed, Mc ean, , , , Litterini, Thompson, Knoll, Lego, Keller, Anderson, McGivern, Kremin, Eaton, Fabec. Row 3:5-nodgrass, Grey, Wirth, Koline, Padget, Easter, Drennen, Lottis, Kaleugher, Diehl, Whiteman, Turner, DeLutis, Gillis, Wolf, Santuci, Stary,, Shimer, Ramsey, Frisch, Row 4: Kaufman, Fisher, Snell, Thompson, Marnhout, Rehburg, ' E anko, Rao, Laugtmer. Burns, Lender, B.Burns, DeChel11s, v lorful of our school IGH among the most representative and co activities ranks band. The official band calendar begins in mid August when marching practice begins. During late summer and continuing through fall, the band appears in all halftime shows at the football games and in district parades. This year our band was asked to appear in the first annual district band festival. Also appearing were many large and well known bands including the University of Pittsburgh Varsity Marching Band. The annual spring concert was held on March 23. The program featured many beautiful selections including Richard Rodger's well known back- ground music to Victory at Sea. Late spring brought more parades and the annual spring picnic honoring the graduating seniors. Row 1: Peret, Morrison, Mushalansky, Row 2: Goss, Cannell. Row 3:Bai1ey, 50 Lin da, Linda, DOHI13 and J oyce Pelfor fn Hr nam, me, CY, x9 MPA: qi 56 s ,Q xiio SM .,'59ii'l , 6 is 14 5x!lA,11 gi ol 19 A xx Q3 1 8 Dick and Janet is '16 11 1 15 996 3' Junior Bond I9 w este tot , 5 I . Y! 3056? 6559 at . 96 Bvglztx Band . a x gtck S 59301 HE Junior High Band is a good example of Moon's plans for its students' futures. From eighth and ninth grade, under the guidance of Mr. McCormick, these students get their chance to specialize in the instruments of their choice By the time they are Sophomores, they will be ready and able to be members of the Senior High Band. Donn 'luflior H- a' Judy Ish B ' and Bush and Festiva 1. Y Prepare to leave f Or W estern District Beginner's Band Mr, Cummings took over the Beginners' Band organized to train ambitious seventh graders for their future positions in Junior High Band. 51 Sharp Notes , r A ,. , -,' .. K k,.k lf sggmjf: so . r sise V -' . 'rr K gn ,'-k ,-fiiksy-i'Tgigt?-is " ,f ,liar 7' 451: it I SH' f ix" -1:12 13 , 'rf ' 'W iii so 5 mm g. - 5 x W gb 'L ,gi ' g fy ,ymif , ii , s e ga Eiga Y5 gifs sgwia w S2 ggi! if 3 sg musty- if 'Y-x ,. ,,, Q--is-:-it - A t I K I sa, - fc . F .- .L 7 af- J T : -- L. 42? ,A 5 If 5 M gen. ,I , -V is-ff - ' zfsfiii i f? 3 A-qt .sf-,M .- W --W W ,rays .W ,, . ..,,,. . 34. M s. is H . 1, re, V Q , ,, --Q E' I : : l .X 0 me Dick and Bill represent Moon ot District Orchestra ---- Dick student directs a group of begin- ners---proctice makes perfect ----our male ensemble plays for assembly---the trombone and percussion sections of the senior bond. XJR f 'I X ' it I .v,..V l x O 'gA' , Junior High Choral Groups HE Junior High Choral Groups, under the direction of Mr. Cummings, present for the student body and the public many fine choral selections and will be long remembered as a fine example of the work being done by Moon's music department as a step into the future. GIRLS' SEXTETTE-Phillips, Sacco, Miller, Gillis, Perier, Lottes, Kirkwood. Dance Band 5 l DANCE BAND-Row 1: Mertz, Ropos, Starry, Baker, Moon, Cellio, Rao, Evanko, Reed, McLean, Gillis, Row 2: Frisch, Kollrie, Eaton, Thompson, Mr, McCormack. BOYS' OCTET-Kirkwood, Rupert, Compton, Boot. Row 2: Cramer, Bedick, McCorkel, Samucci, Barnes, ESERVERS of much recognition are the members of Moon's Dance Band. The well-known Rhythmaires are often en- gaged for school dances as well as for auditorium events. Much practice, much loyalty and much talent has really paid off for these ambitious students and their director, Mr. Mc- Cormiclc. 53 Choral Row l: Biggerstaff, Tarquinio, Trunick, Row 2: Parker, GIRLS' SEXTETTE Ropos, Baun, Row 3: Meyers. MIXED CHORUS 9 vw' f ' ,saw 2 l Vi., Aim , 35' Groups ,Q 2,3 BOYS' SEXTET Seated: Mertz. Row 1: Lockhart, Smith, I.Trunick, Kephart, Crognale, Kava- naugh, P,Trunick, Dye, Saveno, D. Danley, Walk- er, Raihall, P,Danley, M.Trunick, Rutledge, Scaletto, Ropos, Rowe, Hickey, Julius, Mosley. Row 2: Biggerstaff, Hoover, King, Miller, Garner, C,Sul- livan, West, Yoder, Moreland, D.Raiha1l, B.Sul1i'.'an, Ropos, Cramer, Fenimore, McCullough, Kramer, Row 3: Schofield, Laughner, Tarquinlo, Botkin, Meyers, Holsinger, I.Hoover, Cyphert,McCle1lan, Dixon, McCormick, Kulchak, Cook, Kinchen, Paletti, Smith, Goodnight, Basalyga, Meacham, Parker, Marzlak, Mol- chan. Row 4: Sanko, Conway, Vernocey, Williams, T.Sullivan, Mros, Hawtree, Patton, Baum, Tilly, Anderson, Ballard, Newman, Smith. Cramer, Cook, McCormick, Mertz, Sullivan, McClellan, Thompson, 54 VESTED CHOIR .. - A Row 1: Hoover, West, Lockhart, Crognale, Scaletto, Rowe, Ropos, Danley, Baun, Fenimore, Meacham, Kramer. Row 2: Mertz, Techmeyer, Cyphert, C.Su1livan, Garner, Kulchak, Ropos, Cramer, Hawtree, Hickey, C.Raihal1, Rutledge, Row 3: King, Ondrasick, Holsinger, Kephart, Saveno, Cook, Mros, McClellan, D.Raihall, Molchan, Trunick, Julius. Row 4: Meyers, Tarquinio, Biggerstaff, B,Sulllvan, Sanko, McCor- mick, T.Su11ivan, Conway, Vernocy, Williams, Dixon, Parker, Tilly, Walker. ANY hours of practice bring their reward to our many choral groups and their spon- sor, Mrs. Fryz, if appreciative audiences are the ultimate fulfillment. Our vested choir consists of 50 members who proudly wear their new robes. They are selected from the senior mixed chorus. During the year they represent Moon as they sing at church 'ser- vices and give concerts as o program. Moon is proud of their vested chorus. The girls' sextette sang "l Saw Mommy Kiss- ing Santo Claus" at our Christmas concert. Roy Toy was the soloist, singing the story as only a little boy can do. Once a week after school, the girls of the senior high practiced for the Girls' Glee Club. The choral group sang at the Christmas concert, giving the audience many pleasant songs to listen to. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB GIRLS' SEXTETTE AND TOY Back: Baun, Parker, Trunick, Ropos, Biggerstaff, Tarquinio. Front: Toy. Row l:Ho1slnger, Crognale, Snell, Gillis, Basalyga, Bedick, Lego, Hoover, Trunick, Barnhart, Ropos, Keller, Ramsey, Skarada, Dickey. Row 2: Kephart, Sullivan, Hoover, Glass, Kruppa, Almacy, Milligan, Cyphert, Rowe, P,Danley, Thompson, Reed, Molcham, Dunn, Walk- er, Bablk, Petrillo. Row 3: Heilaman, D,Dan1ey, Cello, Parda, Rehburg, Miller, l-Ionchorek, Meyers, King, Biggerstaff, Ralhall, Colledge, Parker, Kozar, Graff, Wana, Julius, Mosley. Accompanied by Elaine Mertz. 55 .I Momenfs A 5 2' 3' W ww 2 I s Remember 5 f I . , . we x 3 M 3 .. W , 'L Af A' vga-s ' Gt """-1. F 4 viii: Riga all QQ 1: g':- K Y 77157 725 ' WF? H 1 . Club lnitiations--- 2. The College Debafors entertained us.--- 3. Joyce and Olivia dance for Open House.--- 4. Underclassmen hard at work.--- 5. Friday night dances.--- 6. Pleasant practice sessions on the organ.--- 7. Our festive holiday parties.--- 8. Hi-Y members shine.--- 9. Santa's Reindeer.--- l0. Decorating for our Christ mas Concerf.--- ll. Key Club Banquef.--- 12. A relaxing game of Chess.--- 13. Captain Brooks at the Friday ' ' ' --- h ' .--- l6. Tri s to colleges.--- l7. Practicing for fu- mght Dances.--- l4. Hazel s winter coat. l5. C ow time p ture nursing.--- l8. Our paid assemblies. 57 Cur Prom CIO MAYI955 1 w 1 5 3 4 5 by 1011 'l2I314l 171s192o21l 311252427211 T last the long awaited night arrived--the night of our Junior Senior Prom. As the name suggests, our prom, "The Carousel," was a gala affair, one filled with the laughter and the ioy of youth. With the aid of Baron Elliot and his orchestra, students and guests alike danced their way into that mythical land of en- chantment. When the evening finally came to an end, as all good things must, we carried away with us memories of a never-to-be-for- gotten Prom . APl'L"55 s 5 M 1 w 1 1 I 5 6 1515 s 4 14 xo 1' 1115111 12 uf, 1,112,212,293 2435 3 The Admirable SHIPWRECKED N April I, the Senior Class of 1955 presented "The Admirable Crechton" starring Roy Behling. Directed by Miss Braun and Mr.Brooks, the story centered around the butler of a wealthy English family. The climax ap- peared when on ocean cruise ended with the crew ship-wreclced on an island. SAFE RETURN CRICHTON SERV 7' STAGE CREW as-3 Crichton 59 lVlay Day EQ THE QUEEN AND HER coukt ,, MAY 1955 Tai- V--W EM-- M T W T F S 2 3 4 5 6 7 910111 1314 16 'I7 IB! 2021 23 24 25 27 28 30 31 THE QUEEN IS CROWNED MONG the outstanding events of the past spring was MAY COURT Queen ofthe May. . . ....... . . . . . Lord ofthe May. . . .......... . . . . FLOWER GIRLS Susan McCormack . . ........... . . CROWN BEARER Edward Hanley TRAIN BEARERS BEAUTY REIGNS the May Day program at which an operetta was given to honor our queen and her court consisting of a Lord ofthe May, Alma Mater or Spirit of Moon, and 20 elected seniors. Joan Krechkowski , , , Roy Behling A1maMater..........................Sal1yKr1orr Abbie Miller-Bob Gross, Patricia Rowe-Harry Rouzer, Carol Chambordon- John Bedick, Donna Smith-Terry Tierney, Dorothy Bailey-Kenneth O'Gor- man, Janice Fenner-James English, Peggy Turner-James Paine, Christine Snell-IarnesCol1edge, Janice Former-Joseph Glatz, Nancy Lee-Jack Kramer, . . Dottie Vogel Billy Bourroughs .................... . . John Billetdoux 2' Wa! 60 Words and Music is HE highlight of Spring programs came on May 20, when our op- eretta, "Words and Music" was pre- sented by the choral department. Directed by Mrs. Fryz and Mr. Shissler, this musical comedy hon- ored the Queen of the May and her Court. PRINCIPAL , , s s :Z 35 iff f ,E 2 3 Eg 3? 2 is , ,S Z' X . ' ki. 4 ma! ' in v S5 E q, F? v 3 an .- ..,..-MW .u,,.,.,Mw+1,,,. V - WH W- Q . Y 3 4. ,A-fl" sf 5 A i-,Sf 'g RL ri- ,x a ffgfiill 4,1 1,-Sal 35,3 L ,THQQE ' f + .gag ,, . , f fe ,z -ag fig QQ H . ,f E. LEROY ANDERSON, JR. 1 :Hoot 1 1 Chess Club 1, Radio Club 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Dance Band 3, Orchestra 2,3, May Day 1, Caf- eteria Aid 2. "Trombone trlcks in Moon High's band, Leroy's humor's really grand. " a'o'a'1' .- nv 1 .-ff.f.- 'lies .,,. 6402 04292 . .-.1 .9 V. 02.5 BARBARA BAILEY I I I Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1 2, Girls' Glee Club 1, Majorette 1,2,3, Head Majorette 3, May Day 1, "As head majorette she made her fame, A light blue Chevy- we all know his name, 3 . D . . e ,. . Q Q . . V 0 Q - 1 s'. . f .. . :-ve? 112349, . . . f 9 , A Q.. . s . s . . lv ,. , . .'., . . KATHRYN BASALYGA ' 'K i t 1: y ' ' Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Offl- cer 1,2, Mixed Chorus 1,2,3, Of- ficer 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Stu- dent Council 3, Officer 3, Flame Staff 3, Hall Patrol 3, Operetta 2, Senior Ensemble 3, May Day 1, Cafeteria Patrol 3, Hall Monitor 2, Usher 2, "A charmer ln her cool, black Ford, A Moon High graduate is her lord, " . H.-:-9 -' I-'4-2-ag.,-2 J.-: AUDREY BIRMINGHAM 1 :Burp 1 1 Tri-l-li-Y 3, Student Council 1, 2, Hall Patrol 3, May Day 1, Hall Monitor 2, Service Committee 2, Student Council Conference 1, 2, 3. "A brand new joke for each com- ing day, A long line of friendships lead her way." Seniors 64 JERRY ARBAUGH ' 'B al Z s 11 e ' ' lEntered Senior Yearj Service Committees 3, Hi-Y 3, Homeroom Officer 3, Christmas Cantata 3, Hall Patrol 3, "Mt, Lebanon high once made him merry, Now he's content with Moon High and Jerry, MAXINE BARNHART I I I Art Club 3, Trl-Hi-Y 3, Girls' Glee Club 3, Operetta 2, May Day 1, Intramurals 2, 3, Cafe- teria Patrol 2, "A smile when she's cheery, a smile when she's sad, A pleasing personality that makes people glad. " DARLENE BAUN ' 'Too t s " ' Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3, Officer 3, cms mee Club 1, 2,3, Operetta 2, Girls' Sextette 2, 3, Senior Ensemble 3, May Day 1, Cafeteria Patrol 2, District Cho- rus 2, National Honor Society 3. A friend and good student is dark haired Darlene, In sextette and chorus her smile can be seen. " H a 'Q 51:32.-'v '.ygg:,I:Ql" -:-ye -4.35.7 sg., ,ww CAROL BISHOP ' 'Caro l ' ' Science Club 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Officer 2, Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, Student Council 1, 3, Hall Patrol 3, Operetta 2, May Day 1, Cafe- teria Patrol 3, Hall Monitor 2, "Our blonde queen from the Cres- cent Fair, Always a smile and seldom a care. " Seniors ALFRED BLYSTONE Hi-Y 2, 3. '3 'X "Not very talkative quite clever tho' shy, V M -I Here's to a future quite happy ,L 2' for a 'grand-to-know' guy." 'N 'N as Q' 'ii s G' pf' Q 4, tr 3 r if 4 as Q Q r 3 ,I RICHARD BURNS I I I Radio Club 33 H1-Y 1,2,33 Class Officer 23 Homeroom Officer 33 Band 1,2,3, Officer 2, 33 Hall Patrol 33 Operetta 1,2,33 Sports Manager 13 Dance Band 1,2,33 May Day 13 District Band 33 Joanne Caponecchi Award 23 All State Band 33 District Or- chestra 3. "The Harry James of our high school band, As friend and companion AUDREY BODEN ' 'Shar ty ' ' Tri-Hi-Y 33 May Day 13 Cafeteria Aide 2. "Dark, wavy hair and a smllethat's eyecatching, At Hawkins the hotdogs she's faith fully fetching. " CAROL JOAN CAIN I I I Art Club 2,33 Tri-Hi-Y 2,33 Girls' Glee Club 2,3: Ir, Nurses Aide 2, 33 Intramurals 2,33 Cafeteria Pa- trol 33 Service Committees 3, Na- tional Honor Society 3. "Flry hair-- her most outstanding trait, Swell, clever, and brainy as a nurse she shall rate. " Dick's certainly grand. " ANNA MARIE CAPONECCH1 BARRY CLARK "Ria" "Barry" Moon Beams 2.3: May Day 1: H8112 Golf1,2,33 Hi-Y 1,2,a, Officer Monitor 23 Teen Age Book Club 33 Football l,2. Offifrer 2 . 4 .E "A clever, good golfer and jazz "A steady worker on the Moon -P music fan-- Beam's staff. ,.., : Q1 , He'll have a good future spent Helpful to all with a friendly 'W 'Z 'sf-3 . mostly with Ian- -- 13 ugh- W if - ,fwqsifzlz-Z'k7:i:ss '. .t - 3 'R .. 2' Q,ia-:Li 'yis MARY ANN CONLEY I I I Art Club 1, 2, 33 Tri-H1-Y 1, 2, 33 Homeroom Officer 13Mixed Cho- rus l3 Girls' Glee Club l,2,33May Day 13 Intramurals 2, 33 Cafeteria Patrol 33 Hall Monitor 23 Usher 2, 33 Service Committees 1,2,3, "An artist, good worker and good friend to all, She'l1 be remembered as the Charleston doll, " 65 GRACE COLLEDGE ' 'Cao t ' ' Tri-Hi-Y 2, 33 Homeroom Officer 1,21 Girls' Glee Club 2,33 Moon Beams 2,33 Hall Patrol 33 Intra- murals 2,33 W,P, S,P,A, Conven- tion 33 National Honor Society 3. "She's blonde haired and pretty, as bright as the sun, A friend to a Joe and to most everyone, " WILLIAM H, CONNER f 'ai ll ' ' QEntered Junior Yearj Hi-Y 2,3, Homeroom Officer 2, Baseball 2, Basketball 2,3, Cap- tain 3, Track 2, "A sprinting young man on our basketball team-- Wlth Pat at his side Billy Boy can be seen, " Seniors A- .,.. In 1 V:-1, 'ww 4... -V: wr -swf Mgsw' 2 3 -ll' if A 3 'r gg Y f 2 ..x-: iw, A as fr sn vi, ss ,Wag if 14,2 1 I .4 LYLE CORBETT I I P Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Officer 1, 3, Baseball 2, May Day 1. "A friendly 'hello' and a bright, shiny smile, These are but some of the vir- tues of Lyle. " SUSIE CREPS 1 :Sue .v 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, May Day 1, Cafeteria Patrol 3. , "Small and dark with a sly big smile, to meet a girl like Sue, we'd walk a mile." t 9 - I 'Q C 'f ', 9 I . .,, ' 95 'Q as .- Q. ' -4, . -. o 4 , sf 0 'I ' 'O 5 0 E Q sw ,. easy .,.p3,.,., -- 'ree ,. ..-we-, N434 s. S -.s 0. ., . QM, - ' sm., gf ,.,., -.f '.,.,.g 'qw -.e:'.-.-aaleksz .2-.' -,v ,e"., v .we 5 0 fs 0 . 4 1 2 H t if In Sv I :'-:: . 3 10 4' s A 2 erl . .,,, sbfs' if ANN EVANS CURRY ' 'Currie ' ' Art Club 1,2,3, Officer 2, Library Club 1,2, 3, Officer 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Homeroom Officer 1, 2, Girls' Glee Club 1,2, National Honor Society 2, 3, Flame Staff 2, 3, Editor 3, Hall Patrol 3, May Day 1, Usher 1,2, W.P.S.P. A. 2, 3, "Hardworldng editor of our year- book this year, With Ann at the helm, we have nothing to fear," ,pr CW GEORGE CONWAY I lF.I: Z I I Hi-Y 1,2,3, Mixed Chorus 1,2,3, Officer 3, Football 3, Boys' Sex- tette 2, Senior Ensemble 3, Oper- etta 2, District Chorus 2, County Chorus 2, "He sings bass in chorus, in the operetta he had a lead, With that fine strong voice, he's sure to succeed." ' ANNA MAE COYNE ' 'Ann ' ' Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, May Day 1, Caf- eteria Aide 2, 3, Cafeteria Patrol 2, 3, 'A future bride she is sure to be, This wonderful girl is nice to see, " BETTY CUMPSTON ' 'B oo t s ' ' Mixed Chorus 1, 2, Girls' Glee Club 1, Moon Beams 2, Cafeteria Patrol 3, Pitt Publications Conference 2, "Work's hard it's true, thru hard- ships and strife, To eam her place, in the society of life." SHERRY ANN CYPHERT ' 'Sherry ' ' Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2,3, Officer 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2,3, Operetta 2, Senior Ensemble 3, May Day 1, Intramurals 2,3, Cafeteria Patrol 2, 3, Service Com mittee 3, District Chorus 2. "Her red hair is dazzling, she's tempered so hot, A personality worth millions is what Sherry's got. " DORIS VIRGINIA CYRILLA ' 'Mar lon ' ' Art Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Moon Beams lg Intramurals 1,3. "When hard work is mentioned Doris won't wince, She'll just grin and bear it, and dream about Vince." ANN K. DIEHL ' 'Andi ' ' Art Club 1,2, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 35 Band 1,2,35 Girls' Glee Club 2, 35 Jr, Nurses Aide 2,35 Operetta 25 May Day 15 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Cafeteria Patrol 2, 3- Service Committees 35 National Honor Society 3. "Beautiful hair and that "pep- sodent" grin, Ann's quiet nature assures er a win." 1 4 . ,1 5. . .- 0' MARY ANN DUNN I1Mad:n Moon Beams 1,2 35 May Day 15 Intramurals 2 3- Girls' Leaders Club 35 Record Reporter 3- Cafe- teria Patrol 3- Service Committee - .P.S. . . -P. A. - Penn State Conference 2- - tional Honor Society 3, "When Friday rolls round and the kids need some fun, A nickel can purchase a cross- word by Dunn." Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Girls' Glee Club 35 3,w PA 3, s,P, 3, ' , Na THOMAS EGENLAUF 4 1 1 F.F.A. 1,2,35 May Day 1. "Blond and merry, a word to the wise He hides his abilities in his bash- ful disguise. " Seniors 5' 4 ff Y . ,,, .. zr- V - , Q l i 67 CHARLES DICKINSON ' 'Di cky ' ' Track 25 Hi-Y 35 Homeroom Of- ficer lg May Day 15 Usher 2, "Cute and a swell guy is marvel- ous Dick, with friends of all sorts, his personality will click. " . . ROBERT W, DIXON I IBob I P Hi-Y l,2,35 Mixed Chorus 2,35 Sports Manager 15 Boys' Sextette 25 Senior Ensemble 35 May Day 2: I. V. Basketball 15 DistrictCho- rus 25 County Chorus 2, "On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixon, It'll take all you've got to catch up with Dixon, FRANK ECKLES Chuck le s ' ' QEntered Senior Yearj Hi-Y 3, Officer 35 Homeroom Of- ficer 35 Baseball 35 Hall Patrol 3. "A wonderful sport is blond crew- cut Frank, Always finds time for a joke or a prank," . S J xp" ' . I I 5 - - -5.-.- ..,.-,e . .-ra .- . ..,.. Q .--. -.V . . .,. . .., ,- Q' 5 I . NORMA JEAN EVANKO ' 'Bubb le s ' ' Debate Club 2, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Homeroom Officer 25 Band 1,2, 35 Girls' Glee Club 1,25 Student Council 15 Dance Band 2,35 Or- chestra 15 May Day 1,25 Intra- murals 2,35 Service Committee 15 Student Council Convention 1. "Shelby and Ioan and many friends more, That's Norma Jean's trademark She's friends by the score. " IOANN TERESA FABEC ' 'Fl eeb ' ' Debate Club 2, 35 Library Club 1, 2,3, Officer 25 Tri-H1-Y 2,35 Homeroom Officer 35 Band 35 Girls' Glee Club 1,2,35 National Honor Society 2,3, Officer 35 Flame Staff 2,35 Moon Beams 35 Hall Patrol 35 May Day 15 Intra- murals 2,35 Girls' Leaders Club 35 Cafeteria Patrol 35 P, S,P, A, 3: W. P. S.P. A. 3. "In all the activities Moon High can present, Joan's time, personality and good work are spent, " l 4.-1.59. IRMA ,JEAN FISCHER I I a I I Tri -Hi-Y 3. "Our friend Irma is everyone's friend, Her fame and her fortune will have no end." I 504'-'pftv Q' , 17:26-K .akizvgkf ' 3' .5-s:-:-:-:-:-5-5-3.53 '- i-.25-T-1-74'ff'7'7:7'1 ANNE GLASS ' 'Anne ' ' Chess Club 35 Art Club 1,2, 35 Science Club 35 Debate Club 2, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,35 Band 1, 2,35 Girls' Glee Club 1,2, 35 Flame Staff 35 Orchestra 1,25 May Day 15 Intramurals 2,35 Cafeteria Pa- trol 2, 35 P,C,W, Youth Forum 25 Service Committee 35 Girls' Lead- ers Club 35 Voice of Democracy 35 Future Teachers Association 35 Officer 35 National Honor Society 3. "A brain and a wit is our Anne Glass, She has devoted her time to aid our class, JOSEPH PAUL GOLASZ I I I I-li-Y 2, 3. "Always says 'hi, ' helps out where he can, As friend and companion, Joe seems the best man. " Seniors ig PQ ei iw!! 5 X 'i WX L, i 3 3 5s,k g,gf715,s. s. ALICE NELLIE FENIMORE I IA l I 1 Mixed Chorus 1,2,35 Operetta 25 Senior Ensemble 25 May Day 1, "Alice is kind and loving to all, She's willing to help at a mo- ments ca1l." W'llie Hi-Y 1 - Homeroom Officer 25 ' Band 1,2,3g Operetta 25 Dance Band 1, 2, 35 May Day 1, 25 District Orchestra 1, 35 State Orchestra 1. "His spot in the band will be hard to fill, And no one can replace the friend ship of Bill. " .Q . . . J' ., Q 0 " 5 wrLuAM E. FRISCH ', 1 1 .L I I .2.3, WILLIAM I. GLATZ ' 'Slick Willie' ' Student Council 15 Football 1, 2, 35 Baseball 25 Hall Patrol 3. "Out on the field he gave viewers a thrill, A famous Romeo is good looking Bill." . ' ' ' -' as .-,'.'.'.-.-.-.m'.-.A .-.f1- .f7s:'1'57k'.'.'.--ev-'.--.Q-at-.'. -af...-,....,......,,.. 02-'Qi 3'7" '-'.'f'?-.92 '- HAROLD R. GORDON I I I Science Club 2,35 Officer 35 Radio Club 25 Officer 25 Hi-Y 1, 2,35 Track 25 Field Events 25 Christmas Cantata 35 May Day 15 Flame Staff 35 National Honor Society 3, "A chemist at heart everyone will agree, A great success is what Bob's sure to be." CAROL L. GRIFFITH I IGr I I Art Club 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, Officerg Homeroom Officer 3g Girls' Glee Club 1, 25 Hall Patrol 35 Operetta 25 Christmas Can- tata 25 May Day lg Intramurals 25 Hall Monitor 2g Usher 25 Ser- vice Committees 2, "Tall, shy, and quiet and quite pretty too, As secretary someday she'll be loyal and true." EVELYN JOAN GUILIANI ' 'Ev i e ' ' Science Club 1,2,35 Library Club 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Girls' Glee Club 3g May Day lg Intramurals 2,35 Girls' Leaders Club 2, 3g Ca- feteria Patrol 2, 35 Hall Monitor 1,25 Homeroom Officer 1- Na- tional Honor Society 3. "She's friendly and helpful-as honest as Abe-- Someday real soon she will be Mrs, Babe." KENNETH HANSON ' 'Ol lie ' ' Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Student Council 1- Sports Manager 1, 35 May Day 1. "A joker and comedian is this jolly lad-- As 'Post Master general' he made people glad, " . r .- Q s f f ,Q 54' .VA-.iv ,, .,.,.,. 9 'O W. s Q 4 JEAN HENNEN I lBe an I I Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3g Homeroom Officer 35 Moon Beam 15 May Day 15Hall Monitor 1, 25 Service Committee 1 , 2. "Cute and good-natured is dark haired lean, At the'Y' dance with Audrey she is always seen." Seniors C, sm, -SU x , 6 If at iq . E ,f ef' 5, J X. if 'i f is :fi 69 Ia. JOYCE CATHERINE GRUBB ' 'Grubby ' ' fEntered Iunior Yearb Tri-H1-Y 2,35 Girls' Giee Club 35 Intramurals 2,3, Captain 3g Hall Monitor 2, "Tall and slim and seen with Phil, Loves skating it seems and be famous she will. " . . 0 GAIL HAINLEY I Z I I Mixed Chorus lg Cafeteria Aide 2. "The heart of a giant as big as a whale-- That's the heart of Miss Hainley known better as Gail." ARNOLD HENLB' Arno ld ' ' Radio Club 2,35 Hi-Y 3, Track 3, "ln study hall, he's a rolicklng riot. Look's quite studious, but is sel- dom quiet. " .,.,.,.d,,:,.. . .g.-.s,g.s:. 9 . , I I Q .av - -.+.-:-:v.-:-w:-'- 4'G.-I-354.6-'-:-22:1-55" ' ' "' vb:-twe.-:-:kc-:-:Izg. " ... ...-..,.,:,w 0 N 4 f -94 S s 9 v '- Mg -.S gs 1' D' 0. ay . S S 6 . s 1, 3 . ,. ee . . gauge z. 9 . 31' "4 3 ' 4' 561. .' 3. .. 3.10" e 0 0 RAYMOND HETZER I 1Ray I I Stage Crew 3. "Just holler out 'help, ' when in need some dull day-- And to brighten your spirits will come running-Ray. ' RICHARD HISEY ' 'Dick ' ' Key ciub 2,35 H1-Y 1,2,3g Class Officer 3, Homeroom Officer 2, Basketball 1, 23 Christmas Cantata 2g May Day 1, Cafeteria Patrol 2. "A characteristic of Dick is his manly height, If you think he's grand you're perfectly right. " n' 'shui Seniors ! siwtiiis. . t 2 W D xg.. f- As, 1f1s 5?'a?si?!a- . , Emssfsesz t, f t W, . lfffif' ik" I DOROTHY JEAN HONCHOREK I IDD t I I Art Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3gGirls' Glee Club 2g Moon Beams lg May Day lg Cafeteria Patrol 3g Hall Monitor 2. "In act and in friendliness her fair face is seen She's quiet and kindly, not noisy and mean." 'U RICHARD HOSKINSON ' 'Beans ' ' Key Club 2, 35 Class Officer 2, 35 Homeroom Officer lg National Honor Society 2,3, Flame staff 3, Moon Beams 2, 3, Hall Patrol 3, Football 1,23 Baseball 2,35 Basketball 1,2, 3, May Day 1. "A basketball star, a real ath- lete at heart done his part. ' As president o'f our class, he's I BEVBILY M. JONES :rBeCkyr: if ,K , is ,,kt I t fs all 5 in , A . 5 in 1 ,, , as s 2 5 ,s aww- sg ad eghgw 4 E Q K E2 4. Jwjfif Senior Ensemble 33 Cafeteria Aide 3. "Her cheery smile can be seen in the hall, Beverly is, a friend to all." sv:-. 'ug Q ,ge . .HP ifilfjii -2-iw ,fit " ' in - - . ,,.,, 4 ,. ' .1 s. 'PI' 'Q 'Q . . . . e' Q .' . . '+"'f-'89 ' "0,5'- 4 as-.f-'sw I . N' ii? t 'F J 'Q s ge 'S-, r .,.., N ey ,A ., ,W , , 5' fm AN! M iff-f' ,. :Z ,.....- A V ' ' ...- t 'M ii? . - P M .. . ,.f , ,f ff? vt L, . LQ .eff . ' YVONNE HOLMES ' 'Mo l l ie ' ' Tri-Hi-Y 3, Mixed Chorus lg Intra- murals 2g Cafeteria Patrol 3. "As a cafeteria patrol, she forces 'kids' to retreat, Her June wedding will make her life complete. " JANET HOOVER 'Jan ' ' Tri-Hi-Y 3, Homeroom Officer 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 35 Girls' Glee Club 1,35 Senior Ensemble 3: May Day lg Usher 23 Devotions Committee 3. "In our class she is the spark, She's seen with a lad named Barry Clark. " a.-.,.f.g.:.g.5.g.f..,.. 6 1 2 . fu.- . . ., 32.9, . . 7:s1.g.?Zg:s g.-:sa-.,a.v ' 4-f?v.'.-of - vw.'.'f. ' -' . . N.. .. .,-f.-.-.- HOWARD HUGHES ' Howie ' ' Hi-Y l 2- Cafeteria Aide 1,23 Hall Monitor 2. "This boy Howard is really O. K. . He s seen with Barbara come what may." v. u . 1 - Q-...rf '. -.'.'.'.s 4- .4,.,..a,2...,. ' s MARY I0 JULIUS I I I Science Club 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Officer 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2,3, Girls' Glee Club l,2,3, Flame Staff 2,3, Operetta 2, Sen- ior Ensemble 3, May Day 1,2, In- tramurals 3, Record Reporter 3, Service Committee 3, W, P. S, P. A, Convention 3, National Honor So- ciety 3. "This charming president of Tri- H1-Y, Helps to keep our spirits high." MAPJORIE ANN KELLER ' 'Margie ' ' Library Club 1, 2,3, Officer 2, Tri- Hi-Y 2,3, Officer 2,3, Class Offi- cer 1, Homeroom 2, Band 1,2,3, Officer 2,3, Jr. Red Cross Council, 2,3, Officer 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3, Officer 2, Student Council 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Flame Staff 2, 3, Hall Patrol 3, Operetta 2, Orchestra 1, May Day l,2, Intramurals 2,3, Cafeteria Panel 2, w.P,s.P,A, 2,3, Pitt Publications Conference 2, Service Committees 2, 3, Y. M,C. A. World Conference, Paris 2, D. A.R. Award 3. "This cute little chick is popular Plus. With her it's a smile and never a fuss." 4. ANN KLASS I I I May Day 1, Intramurals 2, Cafe- teria Aide 2,3. "This girl hails from near Scott's station, Her short dark haircut is a Paris creation." Seniors NANCY LEONE KAMMERDIENER ' 'Nance ' ' Art Club l, 2,3, Science Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Girls' Glee Club l,2, 3, Student Council 2,3,Flame staff 3, Moon Beams 1, Intramurals 2,3, Hall Monitor 2, Usher 2, Ser- vice Committee 3, Student Coun- cil Convention 3, Penn State Con- ference 1, Hall Patrol 3. "A versatile miss, secretary her ambition, Can always be cheerful Linder any condition." JEAN MARIE KEPHART ' 'Je anne ' ' :. room Officer 1, Mixed Chorus 1, 3, 1: Court 1,2,3, Chief Justice 3, Jr. Nurses' Aide 2, Hall Patrol 3, Cheerleader 3, Senior Ensemble 3, May Day 1, Intramurals 2,3, Ca- feteria Patrol 3, Hall Monitor 2, Usher 1, Service Committees 2, 3, "To be a wise justice was her aim, She led the cheers at every game. I Girls' Glee Club 1,2, 3, Student S "fx Z TOM KOZAR H A fi ' 'Ozark ' ' ,L " Art Club 1, 3, Officer 3, Key Club . Q, 2,3, Hi-Y 1,2,3, Officer 3,Home- n ' room Officer 1, 2, 3, Football 1,2, r S' ' May Day l, Hall Monitor 1, 2, Fu- - ture Teachers Association 3, Hall Patrol 3. ' 'f A "Tom is one whom we will surely A , remember, N V ., , For his artistic work as an Art ' , Club member. " fri Z - ' ir...,., .fs -'1.-r ,. 71 '5:?i'Z-93.3.5rqsgagi-z',I'-'Q' ' ,.-1.33 'fy-" ' EDWARD KRAMER ' 'Bu tch ' ' Golf l,2, 3, Key Club 2,3, Radio Club 2, Hi-Y 1,2,3, Officer 2,3, Class Officer 1, Student Court 3, Hall Patrol 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Sports Manager 1,2, 3, May Day 1, Cafeteria Aide 2, Hall Moni- tor 2, "This flashy guard on our basket- ball team, Is full of pep and full of steam. " Library Club 1, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Home- RUTH ANN KRUPPA ' 'Ru th i e ' ' Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Homeroom Officer 1, Girls' Glee Club 3, Operetta 2, Intramurals 2,3, Hall Monitor 2, Service Committee 3. "Quiet and demure as a typist she works, From the chores she's given, she never shirks. " SUZANNE LEGO I lsuzy I I Chess Club 3, Debate Club 2 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Band 1,2,3-Jr, Red Cross Council 2, 3, Onreer 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1,2, 3, Ir.Nurse's Aide 2, 3, Flame Staff 2, 3, Moon Beams 1, Operetta 2, May Day 1, 2, Intramurals 2,3, Cafeteria Pa- trol 2, 3, Usher 2,3, Jr. Red Cross Training 1, W, P. S. P. A. 1, 2, 3, Pitt Publications Conference 2- Service Committees 2 3. "A future nurse, she'll be some day, She's everyone's friend in every way." 1 s .,5.,.............. s . ' Q o Q Q CONNIE LEONI ' 'Connie ' ' Tri-Hi-Y 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Intra- murals 2, 3, Girls' Leaders Club 3, Cafeteria Aide 2, Hall Monitor 2, "A popular gal, a roller skate queen, Connie's long black hair, in the halls can be seen." 4.7. DONALD LITTERINI llFa.ts!J Hi-Y 1,2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Christ- mas Cantata 3, Dance Band 3, May Day 1. "A jolly lad, the uombone he plays , When a jobs to be done, he helps in all ways," 56' O' A 1' 9' 4 .- A ' Q ,fr ,.,Q " Seniors MARY ELLEN LARKIN ' 'Pudgie ' ' Tri-Hi-Y 3, May Day 1, Cafeteria Aide 1. "Mary is quiet, as quiet as can be She has many friends, which is plain to see, " '-:-.- 1, ass.-.', . .-3. . . ff r.f1'?.-wb'---ff L-td-1-' eww MARGUERITE LE PARMENTIER , ' 'Frenchie ' ' L Intramurals 1, Anciub 3, Tri-Hi-Y t .Z 1,2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, Hall Mon- ' , fha., 1 , itor 2, ' 3, :" "Our cute little Marg, to Penn 1 if t State will go, . A 4-H Club member, she's won ' many a show. " -:',, Q -1 7 . RONALD LENDER ' 'F in igan ' ' Hi-Y 2,3, Band 1,2,3, Stage Crew 2, 3. "This Senior jokester is on the beam, Y gg? . 72 , I t 9 'Impala-2-tgaaz-L ' , -' 3. vig 1, Under his crew cut there's always a scheme. " JOANNE LOCKHART I IJO I I Tri-Hi-Y 2, 33 Homeroom Officer 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Girls' Glee Club 33 Operetta 23 Senior Ensem- ble 33 May Day 13 Cafeteria Patrol 33 Hall Monitor 23 District Chorus 2. "Joanne is cute, and nice to know, She'1l always make friends, where'er she may go. " EUGENE MAGNUS ' 'Gene ' ' fEntered Junior yearj Usher 33 Service Committee 3. "A Senior boy so strong and tall, 3,-4 V This is one kid that's on the ball. " -f ,. . -s-:J-?--21: v. . "5 1 . . yi l PATRICIA A. MCARDLE ' 'Pat ti ' ' Art Club 1,2,3, Officer 33 Tri- Hi-Y 2,33 Band 13 Girls' Glee Club 2, 33 Flame Staff 33 May Day 13 Intramurals 33 Cafeteria Patrol 33 W.P.S, P.A. 3. 2 "Witty and nice with a kind 5. compassion, 3 Someday our Pat will be a leader of fashion." Seniors Q? .-w e 1 5 S . Fu. 4'-5' 53' 23,3 .3 t ar ,f SHELBY JEAN MCCLELLAN 3, " 3 ' 'Shay ' ' ' A Debate ciub 2, 3, Officer 2, Tn- 3 C Hi-Y 2,33 Girls' Glee Club 2,33 ' i Moon Beams 2, 33 May Day 13 Ser- . ' vice Committee 33 W.P.S.P. A. 4. ' ' ' 23 Pitt Pubncmons 2. 3, "1 "Blonde and cute. she's quite a e A ' 'Gal' She's seen with Norma, cause 1, Norma's her pal. ' , X ,tnt 73 EUGENE LEWIS MALNAK ' 'Clem ' ' Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 May Day 13 Cafeteria Patrol 3. "To school every morning this boy does walk He's always quite helpful but he never will talk. " HERMAN MASKE ' 'He rm ' ' QEntered Senior yearj "A new senior to our school this year, We sure are glad he moved around here." W"""V JOHN McCLAFFERTY Jack ' ' F.F. A. 1, 2, 3, Officer 1. "A real Irish lad is this quiet senior boy, He always seems happy and Hlled up with joy. " 1 .--.- . . :J-Thai'-3x1-5f-:5,'n. ,,,-x,. ..3,.,.,A. Z I I .-..-,- nv.. 31 .s ,- J- . . .3 .,t,.. ,,- 0 vw x n" 3 RICHARD MCCLELLAN Seniors "Rich" H ' Hi-Y 1,2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2,35 Boys' Sextette 2,35 Senior Ensem- - ' ' ' 5 ' .k. f ble 35 May Day 1, 25 Hall Monitor 25 District Chorus 25 County Cho- V' fu 5 "He's quite a singer, so we've dis- 3 A O 'Z f covered, What other fine talent has he tried to keep covered?" 1 1,1 "r" Y.' 1 fff'Y fr- 1 ,RQ RONALD MCEWEN 5 1 :Q-Bal I 1 f gi Hi-Y 1,2, 35 Homeroom Officer lg Football 1,2, 35 Track 3, "Big and athletic is this football man, His good line play won many a fan, " Q' V N ' h 4 'I 'RS 1. .,' ' 'u ' Q SHIRLEY MCHENRY ' 'Shirl ' ' Moon Beams 2, "A Harper Village senior and friend is she, A swell secretary she's sure to be. " Q' :Q ' . 9 'nl 2 . W-,QS-QQ PEGGY LOU MCLAUGHLIN I I I Girls' Glee Club 35 Service Com- mittee 35 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Intramurals 2,35 May Day 1. "With laughter and jokes and everyone's permission, This girl provides fun, without intermission. " 23 t sg'-"' 495: BVS' 1 74 JOHN LYTLE MCCORMICK I I I Key Club 1, 2, 3, Officer 2, 35 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Officer 25 Mixed Chorus 1, 25 Jr, Red Cross Council 2,3, Offi- cer 2, 35 Student Council 1, 2, 3, Officer 2, 35 National Honor Society 2,35 Flame Staff 35 Hall Patrol 35 Operetta 25 Football 1,2,35 Basket- ball lg Boys' Sextette 2, 35 Senior Ensemble 35 May Day 15 Cafeteria Aide 25 Hall Monitor 25 Usher 15 District Chorus 25 Ir. Red Cross Con- ference 15 Student Council Conven- tion 15 Key Club Convention 1, 2, 35 Y. M. C. A. World Conference, Paris, 25 County Chorus 2, "In every activity he's a leader and friend, 5. His help and his cheer seem never to end." MICHAEL MCGIVERN I I I Radio Club 25 Hi-Y 1, 2,35 Home- room Officer 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 35 Baseball 25 Basketball l,2,35 May Day 1,23 Cafeteria Aide 1. "A basketball wizard, a star on the floor. This is one player, we sure can't ignore. " WOODROW MCKENDRY ' ' Wood i e ' ' "Woodie McKendry is really good, looking, When this boy's around, some- thing's sure to be cooking." ELAINE MERTZ ' 'Me r t z i e ' ' Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2,3, Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3, Op- eretta 2, Accompanist 1, 2, 3,Sen- ior Ensemble 3, May Day 1, Intra- murals 2, 3, District Chorus 2, Dance Band 3, National Honor So- ciety 3. "The ivory tickler of our class, so fair, When Elaine's around, Richard is there." MARGARETTA CECELIA MEYERS ' 'Gr e t a ' ' Tri-Hi-Y 3, May Day 1, Intra- murals 2, 3, Cafeteria Aide 1,2. "Greta ls quite often seen on a horse Her love for all animals is evi- dent, of course " ARNOLD MOON Mo onshine Chess Club 3- Science Club 3- De- bate Club 2- Radio Club 2- Hi-Y 1 I Band 2 3- Cafeteria Aide 2- Na- tional Honor Society 3 At science and math he is quite a whiz He makes real high grades on every quiz. " 9 1 1 f 2,3, Band 1,2, 3, Operetta' 2,Dance 5,5 . Seniors . K 1 1 ... M N it . . X r--s 'Musi- 75 ez :ff .1 , H knows, " RONALD MESSNER ' 'Pe te ' ' May Day 1, Cafeteria Aide 2,3, F.F. A. 1, 2, 3, Student Council 1 "Ronald Messner, a farmer is he He knows his onions from A to Iz STORMA ANN MILLER 'Stormy ' ' . .,. - , , . 5 I ,. ,Zi An Club 1,2,3, rn-Hi-Y 1,2,a Science Club l,2, 3, Mixed Cho- rus 1, Girls' Glee Club l,2, Stu- dent Council 1,2, Hall Patrol 3, Operetta 2, May Day 1,2, Hall Monitor 2, Usher 1, Service Com rnittees 1,2, 3, State and District Council Conventions 1, 2, Foot- ball Queen 1, Future Teachers -. Association 3. " Of An Club and service Club, she is a good member, Storma's one senior we're sure to remember," LINDA MORRISON . 54 's 1 rLinr 1 gl -4 Service Committee 1,2, Science Club 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3, Ma- jorette 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1,2, Girls' Glee Club 1,2, Officer 2, Student Council 2, Hall Patrol 3, Operetta 2, May Day 1,2, Intra- murals 2,3, Usher 1. "That smile and those eyes are the talk of the town, Everyone's happy when Linda's around." LORETTA IEAN MOSLEY ' 'Lor le ' ' Science Club 3, Trl-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Oficer 3, Mixed Chorus 1,2,3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Student Council 3, Hall Patrol 3, Operetta 2, Senior Ensemble 3, Intramurals 2,3, Usher 2, Student Council Convention 3, Moon Beams 3, "Into marriage Loretta soon goes, Her partner is Dave, as everyone Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Homeroom Officer PAUL ROBERT MROS ' 'Paul ' ' Hi-Y 1,2,3, Mixed Chorus 1,2,3, Operetta 2, Sports Manager l,2, Senior Ensemble 2, 3, Usher 2, Dis- trict Chorus 2, "As manager of basketball he's at every game, His quiet efficiency has earned him great fame." , , . ,. . 9.6.-. Q ., -. 4. ,. s 1 .+ . ' ' Q o 0 0 0 ' ' we-14:1--4e2".'2-:-1-ze FN-2"54-'Q'e'-'.'.'Fi 1+ - . 0 0 5' NORMA NEAL Norm Tri-Hi-Y 3- Intramurals 2- Cafe- teria Patrol 3- Hall Monitor 2, "Norma is a pal of Gail and Molly she ls so jolly.' I , , 1 . . . . ' 4 We're glad she is around, because , . . ,Q ,oi 0 .O .-'fm o 99' V.. Q' ,. .:,. ' 5, as Q e' 9 if . . . S . ,..,...a,,.. 6' f'1-2' 2" 6-fm-2.0 J'I'Z'.d NANCY PARKER ' 'Parker ' ' Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Operetta 2, Girls' Glee Club 1, Seniors 2,3, Girls' Sextette 3, May Day l, Intramurals 2, 3, District Cho- rus 2, Senior Ensemble 3. "A Sextette member true till the end - She's seen with Gretchen, cause Gretchen's her friend. " .+f1?:5"'t-242-91-S' . 2'2- f JAMES PORTMAN I :Por ty 1 I Moon Beams 1, Chess Club l, Science Club 1, 2, 3, Officer 3, Hi-Y 3, Homeroom Offlcer 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Flame Staff2, 3, Operetta 2, Service Com- mittee 3, P.s,P,A, 2,w,P,s,P,A, 1, Moon Bulletin Reporter 3, Fu- ture Teachers Association 3, Bausch and Lomb Science Award 3. "This is the business manager of otu yearbook, The Flame, Everyone's friend, Ilm Portman's his name, " it X ii' M' 155: xy -mix? KF ss in-0 ,, , Y? 3 K 45 JOYCE ANNE MUSHALANSKY ' 'Mush ' ' Science Club 1, 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club l,2, Student Council 1, Moon Beams 1, Hall Patrol 3, Majorette 2, 3, May Day 1, Intramurals 2,3,Service Com- mittees 2, 3, Student Council Con- ventions 2, 3, Penn State Confer- ence l, Usher 2, "A cheerful lass and also pretty, She amuses her friends with sayings witty." JAMES NICASTRO B ab e ' if ' I I I ' Hi-Y l,2, 3, Homeroom Officer 1, F.F. A. 1, 2, 3, Baseball 3, Christ- mas Cantata 3, May Day 1, Ca- feteria Aide 3, "A real swell boy is our friendlim as Evelyn's guy, We're all proud of him, " Q 'b 5 .,.,.,.,.,. .,.,. .,.,.,.',,.,.,.5.,.,. 45,2-I-tftQ?2.k,.g.,:g.,.g.qg.s s,.,.,.,.- A-.-, .,.,.s,,.- ,., 1-wwf:-39e2'.'.-!':-via:-: LINDA PERET ' 'Pert ' ' 1,3, Hall Patrol 3, Majorette l,2, 3, Flame Staff 3. "A talent for marching, and modeling her aim, Her friendly way will bring her great fame, " 76 WILLIAM RABBITT I IBunny I I "This is one Rabbit that's always in season, His jokes and his humor are the sure-fire reason. ' KATHLEEN MARCIA REHM ' 'Mouse ' ' Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Girls' Glee Club 15 Moon Beams 1,2,3, Editor 35 In- tramurals 25 W, P, S.P. A. 1, 2, 35 Pitt Publications Conference 1, 2, 35 Homeroom Officer 35 Service Committee 35 May Day 25P. 5.P.A 1 . 2. 3. "As editor of our high schoolpaper Marcie has cut many a caper."':-'.-:-:- a' .5.5..5,.:. CAROL ANN RAIHALL ' 'Carol ' ' fEnrered Junior yearj Trl-Hi-Y 2,35 Mixed Chorus 35 Girls' Glee Club 35 Senior En- semble 35 Intramurals 35 Hall Monitor 25 Usher 2, 3. "Raihal1 and Grubb look a little the same, But Raiha11's the one called Carol by name." Seniors 'ik Q 5 , ,, Ream, SHIRLEY ANN RADDANT ' 'Shir l ' ' Art Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 35 Home room Officer 25 Girls' Glee Club 25 Intramurals 35 Cafeteria Aide 25 Cafeteria Patrol 35 Service Committee 3. " Little and Irish with eyes so blue, She's got a good figure, and she's real cute too." GEORGE RODGERS Hodge ' ' Key Club 2,35 Hi-Y 1,2, 3, Offi- cer 25 Homeroom Officer 25 Stu- dent Council 1, 35 Hall Patrol 35 Basketball 1, 25 Sports Manager 25 May Day 15 Cafeteria Aide 25 Hall Monitor 25 Stage Crew 15 State Student Coimcil Workshop 35 State Student Council Conven- tions 3. "This is the fellow with the sly little winks, A real swell guy is what every- one thinks. " ...Z-4. . I 1 IUNE RAO 'June Cafeteria Patrol 35 Library Club 1,2,3, Officer 35 Tn-H1-Y 2,35 Homeroom Officer 15 Band 1,2, 3, Officer 1,2, 35 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 35 National Honor So- ciety 2,35 Hall Patrol 35 Girls' Sextette 15 Dance Band 35 Or- chestra lg May Day 15 Intra- murals 2, 35 Girls' Leaders'C1ub 35 Caponecci Award 1. "June and That Wolfe are always together , 2 ,,. :wwe 4 ,ff 4-ff' 5-Ki' 77 what weather. " IDA MAE ROPOS ' 'Ida ' ' Tri-Hi-Y 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Girls' Glee Club 35 Operetta 25 Girls' Sextette 35 Senior Ensemble 35 May Day 15 Intramurals 25 Dis- trict Chorus 25 Dance Band 35 Na- tional Honor Society 3, "This is the girl that leads our sextette, Her voice is the inest that we've ever heard yet." No matter what time no matter SYLVIA RUTLEDGE I I I Mixed Chorus 2,3g Girls' Glee Club 2g Senior Ensemble 3g ln- tramurals 2,3g Girls' Leaders Club 3g Cafeteria Aide 3, "As Eartha Kitt, she really sang swell! We hope she'll soon find 'Ze wedding bell. " GEORGE C. SCALETTO ' 'George ' ' Science Club 1, 2, 3g Homeroom Officer lg May Day 1. "Tall dark and handsome with nary a word, This quietgsenior, is seldom heard." CHARLES SCHAVOLT ,. ' 'Chuck ' ' ' We 'Q to H1-Y 1, 2, 3, 'Miva "He likes to hunt our natural , r -- A game, ' ' Without him our class would 'A not be the same." , I ill, Q ,,,, . f Q 'igfg ' f - :Qi iais R ., X it li to Seniors FRANK SEVER ' 'Se v e s ' ' Hi-Y 2,3g Homeroom Officer 3g Field Eventsl, 2g May Day 1,2, 3. "Real blond hair and a deep voice has he, His swell sense of humor is as nice as can be." 78 NANCY JANE SAVENO ' 'N anc ' ' ' Science Club 1,2,3g Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3g Homeroom Officer lg Mixed Chorus 1, 2,3g Girls' Glee Club 1, 2,3g Operetta 2g Senior Ensemble 3g May Day lg Intra- murals lg Cafeteria Patrol 3. "Right after school into mar- riage she'l1 fly, Nancy can hardly wait for the months to go by. " RUTH DELORES SCALETTO ' 'R u t h 11 e ' ' Homeroom Officer lg Mixed Cho- rus 1,2,3g Moon Beams lgOperetta 2g Senior Ensemble 3g May Day lg Intramurals 2g Service Committee 3g Glee Club 3, "A hard working lass is our girl Ruth, She works every night at mat airport booth. 0 EDWARD SCHACOSK1 I lEd I I Football lg Basketball 1g Golf 1. "At night Ed can be found as he sells gasoline, Why he's a success is plain to be seen. " IOHN MICHAEL SINGER ' 'Mickey ' ' Radio Club 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, Student Council l,2, 3, Officer 3, Hall Patrol 3, Basketball l, Track 3, Field events 2, May Day 1, Cafe- teria Aide 1, Service Committee 2, 3, Student Council Conven- tions 1, 2, 3, Student Council Workshop 3. "As captain of hall patrol, this boy's a humdinger. A football player is our Mickey Singer, " MAX STELZIG I I I Football 1, 2, 3. ball team V This Moon High athlete is on the beam ' -::,:1,3c2f:q.frgi-:-fr. 9-.-2-.-3:41.-:-.-:-:sc . '2' :c.,:.g.gI-:.:4,Z':-"1-5.-2 "A real gone halfback on our foot- I J TIMOTHY JAMES SULLIVAN ' 'Timeo ' ' Hi-Y l,2, 3, Officer 2,3, Home- room Officer 1, Mixed Chorus 1, 2,3, Officer 3, Student Court 1, 2,3, Hall Patrol 3, Operetta 2, Football l,2, Boys' Sextette 2, 3, Senior Ensemble 3, May Day 1, Stage Crew 1, District Chorus 1, 2, State Chorus 2, County Chorus' 2, 3, Service Committees 2, "To our Moon High chorus he adds his support, He's associate justice of our Stu- dent Court. " Seniors 79 JANET L. SPRINGER I ISP r 1 I Art Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Band 1 Girls' Glee Club 2, Orchestra 1, May Day 1, Intramurals 3, Hall Monitor 2, Service Committee 3. "Tall and blonde with blue eyes that gleam, When Katie's around, lanet is seen." FRANCIS STRUTZEL ' 'St ru t z ' ' Debate Club 2, 3, Hi-Y l,2, 3, Homeroom Officer 1, 2, Band 3, Moon Beams 2, 3, May Day 1, Usher 1, w,P,s,P,A, 3, P,s,P,A. con- ference 2. "As a super debator this boy ranks high, He's surely a credit to our Moon High." GERRY MARIE TARQUINIO ' 'Tark ' ' Class Officer 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Mixed Ensemble 2, Art Club l,2, 3 Officer 2, Homeroom Officer 1 2- Jr. Red Cross Council 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 3, Student Court 3, Hall Patrol 3, Girls' Sextette 2, . 0 0.0 . . '1 . , . 'W' .. 3, Senior Ensemble 3, May Day 1, Cafeteria Patrol 3, Usher 2, Ser- vice Committee 1, 2, 3, "Short and pretty is this little lass, She s surely a credit to her Senior class TENNYSON ' I f ' 'Carole Trl-Hi-Y 3. "Very quiet is our Carole Ann, To be a nurse is her future plan." BRUCE M. THOMPSON ' 'Bruce ' ' Key Club 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y 1, 2,3, Homeroom Officer 1, 2, Hall Patrol -3, Basketball 1, Sports Manager 3, Boys' Sextette 3, Senior Ensemble 3, Dance Band 1,2,3, Orchestra 1, May Day 1,2,3, District Band 3, Future Teachers Association 3, Of- ficer 3, "A future teacher and a member of the sextette, He's always welcome in every- one's set," DENNIS TODD I I I Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Officer 1 2, Student Court 1, Stage Crew 1 "Nice big eyes and curly hair Ou: pal Dennis is really there MARYBELLE TRUNICK ' 'Do Z Z ' ' Try-Hi-Y 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1,2, 3, Jr. Nurses Aide 2, Operetta 2, Girls' Sextette 3, Senior Ensemble 3, May Day 1, Cafeteria Patrol 3, District Chorus 2 "Marybelle is our bell of the ball, Come winter or spring, summer or fall. " .4:.L..g.p.1:.b?: '.:g...1of-1 -'ff 4 Z-51121392 "W:32f:1t- "1r2:3'tw-1:f:21:Q:4:2:,:2: e ' A ,O 6 .Q .0 ' .- VALMORE VARDAMIS I I I fentered Junior yearj Hi-Y 2, 3, Student Council 2, Bas- ketball 1, Track 2, 3, Field Events 1, 3. "As track star in 440 he ran, A real fast Kid is this little man. " Seniors f-.. 80 '95- MARY JANE TILLY ' 'Mary Jane ' ' Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3, Homeroom Offi- cer 3, Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Hall Patrol 3, Op- eretta 2, Senior Ensemble 3, May Day 3, May Day 1, Intramurals 2, 3. "Tilly and Sherry make quite a pair. Where you hear laughter, you're sure Tilly's there." 1235 Siva,"wx-ff.-1-1.-.'.-.-24.-. 'SA4'!Q0J-23:2-2-Zzfiiii' I I I I ? DIXIE TRUNICK Dix Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Girls' Glee Club 1 2, 3, Student Council 3, Hall Pa- trol 3, Operetta 2, May Day 1, ln- tramurals 2, Hall Monitor 2, 3, Service Committee 3. "In the Senior Review a song she did sing, ' A fine June wedding, summer S will bring. " ....-,...,.. .-.'.,4.f,:.,sf.a,. -2-:-..-.,.,.-3.5.9, .'.-'QQ-.tau 'mfr 9-fuk . e N 'o . .Q-,-M.,,w..,.....-.. . ark:-.wwwe-:-.-:':-f-Q-S-. ,,, g.,.y.5.3.54.g,.,.,.,.,.,.6s,.,.3,., -' ..-.2 rw.-.4,.,., gm., 5.-,-,.'.-.-,.-, '-I-:EZ-Z-L,.3.,ag.g.'.-1:31-I-gtg!-Q.. OLIVER JOHN TURZAK I lol l I I Art Club 1,2,3, Officer 3, Key Club 2,3, Officer 3, Class Offi- cer 1, 2, 3, National Honor So- ciety 2,3, Officer 3, Football 1, 2, Basketball 1,2, May Day 1, Hall Patrol 3, Hi-Y 1,2, 3, Offi- cer 3, Radio Club 2, Key Club ,. Convention 2, "With a blond crew-cut and a winning grin-- This promising artist will many friends win." VINCENT R. THOMAS ' 'Vince ' ' Mixed Chorus 1, May Day 1, Ca- feteria Patrol 1,2, "A jokester and prankster with eyes oh so dear, There's sure to be fun if Vincent is near." GERALDINE WALLS ' 'Ge r r ie ' ' fentered Junior yeary Tri-Hi-Y 3: Girls' Glee Club 2: P.C.W. Youth Forum 2: Future Teachers Association 3: National Honor Society 3. "Quiet and shy is this girl Gerry But get to know her and she's quite merry. " DAVID N, WATSON ' 'Dave ' ' Hi-Y l,2,3: Intramurals 1: Hall Monitor lg Vandalism Prevention Contest Winner 2: Stage Crew 3. "Tall and exciting is brown haired Dave But hands off Ladies he's Katie's slave." eQP."h?1f"1-:I-:QP KATHRYN L. WHITEMAN ' 'Kat ie ' ' Debate Club 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2,3: Band 1, 2, 3: Student Council 3: Ir, Nurses' Aide 2: Flame Staff 3: Hall Patrol 3: Orchestra 1: May Day 1: Girls' Leaders Club 3: Ca- feteria Patrol 3: Tri-Hi-Y Confer- ence 2, "Loads of excitement is this girl Whiteman, And a boy named Dave is Katy's rightmanj' JOSEPH ROBERT ZELXNSKY I IJO I I Class Officer 1: Key Club 1,2, 3: Homeroom Officer 2, 3: Football 1: Baseball 2: Basketball 1: May Day 1. "A wonderful athlete is our little Joe, He's one swell kid that we're all glad to know, " HARRIET WALKER ' 'Wa Z k e r ' ' Tri-Hi-Y 3: Mixed Chorus 1,2,3: Girls' Glee Club 2,3: Moon Beams 1: Operetta 2: Senior Ensemble 3: May Day 1: Intramurals 2: Cafe- teria Patrol 3: Hall Monitor 2: Usher 1. "Harriet has a voice like a lark, When ever you see her, she's al- ways with "Park. " THELMA JOYCE WEST ' 'Chinclz ' ' " May Day 1: Cafeteria Aide 2: Hall Monitor 2, "North, South, East, and 'West,' Joyce is the one that we like the best." 2-'Z-as . ...I . . , , ,,. ,.. 'wt-1' 'H-'18-3'. ,,:.- .m.,...,..t , ROB HIT WOLF KeyC1ub1 2 3 H1 Y1 2 3 Class Officer 1 3 Homeroom Of 1 cer 2 Band 1 2 3 Christmas Can tata 3 May Day 1 Hall Patrol 3 ational Honor Society 3 The future holds an exciting life When Bob takes June to be his -r E5 I: -:g Bob ' ' . , : ' . . : gf . : f- : u v I ' : I I I wife." 5434-11446 .-x,..- 43.5 RALPH M. MAPEL I IMC l I I F,F, A. 1, 2, 3, Officer 2, "This boy Melvin is a farmer at heart, As a student of Moon he's done his part." In Memoriam GEORGE WESLEY MC CUTCHEON DIED JUNE 15, 1952 Oh, not in cruelty, nor in wrath The Reaper came that clay 'Twas an angel visited the green earth And Took the flowers away The Reaper and the Flowers Longfellow 82 'HSSP Elk' Marge and Jack Senior Memories S we look back on our senior year many people and events come to mind and we know they will long remain in our memories. There was our senior assembly program on January i3 when we presented The Mickey Mouse Club with Frank Eckles as Master of Ceremonies. Row I: Sullivan, Conway, McCormick, Keller, Tarquino, Arbaugh, Kozar, Moon. Row ll: Glass, Cain, Diehl, Basalyga, Lego. Row lll: Eckles, Anderson. Then our travelers Jack and Mariorie, who had spent the summer in Europe at the World Youth conference, gave us, the P.T.A. and neighboring Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y groups, vivid ac- counts of the people and places they had seen. We also remember the many "romances" that blossomed in our years at Moon High. Some like hardy perennials endured, others bloomed and faded but there were several senior "two- somes" that we especially remember. Janet and Barry, Margie and Jack, Patti and Bill, Gerry and Jerry, Evelyn and Jim, Junie and Bob, Elaine and Blubber. HIGH spot is always "tap ping" day when the "old" members don clerical robes and tap the new senior and junior members of the National Honor Society. 83 cxtfme September: 6- Back again ---- school starts. TO- Our first football game---we won. 17- We played a good game against Beaver. 24- The Tigers lost to Hopewell. 30- Our team played the best against Carnegie. October: 4: X f 6 an Xlfg ay xx Xx X I 2l- 22- 24- 28- November: 2- The Senior Tri-Hi-Y gave a Big-Little Sister party after school. 3- Our last football game was played at home against West Allegheny. 4- A Friday night dance held by the Student Council. 8- Open House and a program by the students. TO- A big bon-fire pep rally. il- The rival game--Moon at Coraopolis. l5-l7- Moon was evaluated by the Middle states- we were proud of our school. 29- We were the winners of our first basketball game of the season . 'Z A a! December: 2- 1 V 6- '9 y I 8- K 9- 1 x 13- 2, 1 I5- ' 20- Q 22- mg' 31' 37 an 84 T4- Days an' , , i' x l f W 143 We lost to Sewickley at a home game. Moon played against a new team-- North Allegheny. The biggest and most exciting dance during football season . Our team played at Neville. We Seniors had a dinner-dance. The Tigers iourneyed to Burgettstown. as V -,,.s 'Ill 't if xll -X l Robinson played at Moon--our second win. Our boys played against Sewiclcley. The Christmas Concert featured a cantata by candlelight. The Tigers played at Hopewell. Moon traveled to Carnegie. The Tigers beat Midway. The Tigers won over Avalon. Our team won a close game with Neville. The Tri-Hi-Y, Hi-Y New Years Eve formal was a big success. Deeds January: f 4- We lost to West View. n 6- West Allegheny won over our boys. , 0 5 10- Moon played at North Allegheny. 1 II' Wtufm., ,. 1 13- Mc Kees Rocks played us at home. ' "QL, We seniors gave our hilarious assembly. 17- Moon lost to Coraopolis on their floor. Q, Y - is 1 20- Moon verses Stowe, it was an exciting game. 24- We played Shaler. -- -' W Q3 25-27- We cramed and took our exams. . 27- The Athletic Club put on their annual boxing show 31- West View beat us. February: X 3- At a home game we beat West Allegheny. Xt 7- With a long fought game, we lost to North ' ki Q Allegheny by one point. 10- Another thrilling game against a good team, XX but again we lost to McKees Rocks. 5 14- We gave Coraopolis a good beating. 17- National Honor Society tapping. N 21- The Tigers played their last game with Shaler. 24- The seniors presented "Senior Showcase" as their review. xx . March: 16- We attended the senior class dance 23- Our band concert. O. , N2 Mjdliii 42, April: F 5-6- The seniors presented their class play. 10- The Annual Athletic Banquet. 27- The Senior Mixed Chorus entertained us with . , theirs ' X" KW! prmg concert. - f . f .Qi , May: V 4- The PROM. 16- Moon's P.T.A. game a reception for the seniors. 24- The Seniors' last class event. 25- Moon's court grandour at the May Festival. 25-28- We took our final exams. 26 - The school's picnic at West View. June: 3- Baccalaureate 5- The "senior commencement." 13- School's out. F I flflls' S 6 85 iowa is A ii X X 16 x0 X: 5 1 Rf: 63515 4,-li xg 111 91 11 'X Q, 1 Senior 3 N QX19 Showcase Raphael Mendez "No Business Like Show Business." Sylvia s rendition "Sweet and Gentle" of the Senior Class Linda and her shadow " Uninterrupted Melody" "Rusty Gates" Prom Jump" "Night and Day" "Charleston" "Make Believe" "Buttons and Bows" "Carmen" our accompanist Elaine The Itchy Seven minus one HE Class of 1956 was proud to present "Senior Showcase" as their review this year. Comprised of comedy skits and mu- sical numbers, it proved most entertaining to the audience in attendance. Repre- sented on this page are just a few of the many acts which made up the Star-Studded Show. Our Patrons WE wish to say a very special "thank you" to "our patrons," for it is their financial support which makes possible our "Flame. " Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Behling Jay L. Bower Clark Burkhart Anthony Celio David P. Cook D. Marnhout Steve Raihall Robert J. Glass Mr. Samuel R. Glass Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Colan Robert Patterson Albert Ropos E.Constantin, Jr. Joseph Tarquinio Andrew Kuruce Albert Tankosh Mr. Patrick M. Trapuzzano Peter Papst Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Vete Pat Trapuzzano Mister Gustave Galante John Zabarko Mr. and Mrs. Frank Trapuzzano Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rozinsky Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. Victor Butya Sam Signeri Otto Winkler Phil Scally Mr . and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. William Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. The Reverend Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Arkle Trapuzzano George Dickey Robert C. Drennen Rudolph Gastner Robert C. Grady Graham Walter E. Holsinger Kenneth W. Kern A.M. Kerr John J. Kramer James C. Meyers H. R. Neff Kenneth O'Gorman George R. Omlor William G. Rudge Henry Werner W.J. Eaton and Family A. Carl Bredhal Howard Dougherty, Jr. A.C. Gracey Spencer Curry and Family James Kruppa William M. Rehburg S.W. Stouffer Frank Keller Elaine Mertz Mr. and Mrs 8. Richard McClellan . Paul Frey Mr. and Mrs. Raihall . Strutzel and Mrs. D.E. Turner . A. Diener and Mrs. Arthur Yeck . Jesse Grafton . Albin Borden . Frank Kolinie a Eaton . James McArdle and Mrs. Robert Sours . John S. McCormick . William Fetch . Roy Thomas . Theodore Popovic . Tony J. Marzlak . Beniamin Bortle . Clarence D. Miller . Norman C. Miller . Sylvester Cichoski . Grady Alexander . Paul J. Gentile . Michael Gaydos . Harold Hoffman . H.A. Highman and Mrs. F.B. McCorkle . Daniel Mushalansky . C. Hoskinson ietrich and Family . William Taylor . Harry E. Morrow and Mrs. William E. Smith . Norman Sloan . W.B. Kelley . Oakes, Sr. . Dean Hanley . V. Steiner . J.E. Taylor and Mrs. G. Meyers and Mrs. A.C. Shenefelt and Mrs. R.J. Grimm and Mrs. Clifford R. Diehl nd Jane Liebermann Emma Hootman and Benita Trunick . B. Trunick, Jr. . J.P. Delaney . R.E. Wilson . P.T. Tierney and Mrs. William Julius, Jr. and Mrs. Donald Sohn and Mrs. Leno Guiliana and Mrs. S.B. Laughner Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Bill and Lind Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mrs. Leah D Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mrs. John T Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Bob, Tom, a Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. John Meacham Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Neison Mr. and Mrs. Howard Parks Mr. George W. Miller Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Henry C. Tennyson Paul C. Walls Cunningham Nick Basalyga John Vernocy Ra Kulbacki Robert Manke Joseph Butera Din Lydic John Jacobs Geo Klass Miss Marie Klass Mr. and Mrs. Charles O'Donnell Mrs. Arthur Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. ,and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Leonard Postage William J. Thompson William N. Bailey Dale Rinehart R. D. Widdowsom Dudley Coles David Freeman Clark Cain Frank Rice Albert R. Frame Jack Fields C.J. Smith E.J. Wanchock Allen Paine Paul Cover Vernon C. Milligan John Triska Russell Kammerdiener William Stary W. S. Vogel L. Campbell C.E. Tierney Elmer Powell John Trimber Herbert Haidle B. F. McGivern William Follett Paul Sacco W.H. Hamphires, Jr. Robert Wiese August Caponecchi John Skopinski John Mueller Herbert Stoops George L. Keim Joseph Glatz Max Stelzig George E. Rogers Mrs . Margaret Keller Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Portman and Mrs. Gregory J. Conley and Mrs. W.G. Sherman Ted Heinlein Garage Hafer Radio and Electric Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Toy 87 Mr. Henry Elliot Mr. and Mrs. E.E. LeParmentier Tessie and Malcolm Toy COMPLIMENTS OF CORAOPOLIS TRUST COMPANY MEMBER F. D. I. C. CORAOPOLIS, PA. COPELAND FUNERAL HOME 867 FIFTH AVENUE CORAOPOLIS PHONE AM 4-1390 Graduation opens the doors of the future, a future filled with bright and shining promise. From all of us comes "God-Speed to the graduating Class of I956. " COMPLIMENTS OF THE CORAOPOLIS NATIONAL BANK MEMBER OF F. D. I. C. WIRETON SERVICE CENTER Wireton, Pa. Gl.adstone 7-8632 Everything in Furniture - Appliances WIRETON BUILDERS SUPPLIES, INC. Wireton, Pa. GLadstone 7-8632 Redi-Mix Concrete FLOWER SHOP GREATER PITTSBURGH AIRPORT I 0 ? 'I J ed: fi ,I !!'IIL','!y X Q R n X1 MR. LAWRENCE A. MC CONNELL, ROOMS IIO-148 PHONE AM 4 I056 PROP. SCOTT BROTHERS Case Farm Machinery - Parts And Service Surge Milkers, Lime, Feed and Fertilizer 93 ill tg, 09 2 KK 420 , " ' ww 4PM vw Phone CArnegle 3253 Coraopohs Po BARCASKEY MOTOR SALES CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH Soles and Service Repairs Body and Fender Work BON AIR public GOLF COURSE ESTABLISHED T932 MJ HEINLEIN JR OWNER HAROLD HEINLEIN PRO 855 Fifth Avenue Corcopolns P CORAOPOLIS PA PHONE AM 4 5404 Phone Corcopolus 4 2480 - R.D.I ' .I I .. , ., , . . .I G. I . - 89 COMPLIMENTS OF SHAFER BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS Direct service from Clinton, Carnot and points in Moon Township to Downtown Pittsburgh Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations Diplomas-Personal Cards Club Insignia Memorial Plaques Representative: C.M. KLINGENSMITH 424 GREENHURST DRIVE MT. LEBANON PITTSBURGH I6, PENNSYLVANIA Balfour is Recognized As America's Finest BROADWAY Si FOURTH CORAOPOLIS, PA. AM 4-4520 MOTEL OPPOSITE GREATER PITTSBURGH AIRPORT HARRY M. FLICK MANAGER CARNOT BEER ROAD R. D. No. 2 CORAOPOLIS, PA. TELEPHONE: AMHERST 4-5152 RAO and TESSORE PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS FRANK R. RAO MICHAEL W. TESSORE Insurance 8- Notary Public FABEC BROTHERS CODO MANUFACTURING CORPORATION Electrical Appl lcnces Household FU""5'1"'9S TOYS CARBON PAPERS INKED RIBBONS Everyfhmg for the home HECTOGRAPH SUPPLIES SALES OFFICES CHICAGO PITTSBURGH NEW YORK I032 FIFTH AVENUE CORAOPOLIS AM 4 1380 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS CHARLES N MORGAN INSURANCE KEYSTONE BUILDING CORAOPOLIS PENNSYLVANIA -A 1 FACTORY: CORAOPOLIS, PA. A OF 91 J. H. GILLIS FURNITURE C. 81 L. SUPER MARKET "YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS" WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC APPLIANCES "CREDIT TO ALL" I025 27 5TH AVENUE PHONE FEderaI I 6266 or AMherst 4 0830 CORAOPOLIS PA IIOO BROADHEAD ROAD ALIQUIPPA PA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1956 TAYLOR MILK CO Note Hugh School Graduates The Daary Industry offers many lob opportumtles for college grad uates DalryTecI1mclans Da1ryEngmeermg DauryManufacturlng Pennsylvania State Unlversnty offers the flnest course In the U S A - gm AT , . , . 92 TURNER IMPLEMENT STORE SHARON HILL MANOR RESTRICTED ACREAGE PLOTS AND HOMES MR 8.MRS RUSSELLM PATTON R D W2 CORAOPOLIS PA AM 4 6595 Parts and Service Farmall Tractors Power Lawn Mowers Infernaflonal Trucks Bolens Garden Tractors McCormick Farm Equlpment Wallys Jeeps SANVITO FUNERAL HOME THE MOST MODERN FUNERAL HOME IN THE UPPER OHIO VALLEY ,,fff'W7 ffm 113 .Min ME JL, 24 HR AMBULANCE SERVICE AMHERST 4 3050 FEDERAL I I7II . . , , . I' I . . ' if If,, J D m, ,l4u,k 'ffl' ' ' ' 3 , A , 4 ,I+ , M, 3 15' gil' A ...D......,..J .., L., ,, M ,,,,, ,, . 93 A. D. ROSSI INC. REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE MORTGAGE MONEY HOME BUILDING AUTHORIZED ADMIRAL HOME DEALERS IO38 FIFTH AVENUE CORAOPOLIS, PA AM 4-3078 - FE I-4800 410 MERCHANT STREET AMBRIDGE, PA. CO 6-6290 A. D. ROSSI INC. 94 BROWN S ESSO SERVICE McCa111ster Cross Roads AM 4 0358 OE WORKMAN S DEPARTMENT STORE Men s clothing Coraopolrs Pa McDOUGA.LL PONTIAC Pontiac Sales and Service Coraopolis Pa MARSHALL S GULF SERVICE 4 hr towing servtce GL 7 8993 GL 7 8250 RAY MORRIS SUNOCO 1344 Frfth Avenue Coraopolls Pa A 8: D AIRWAY SERVICE End of Airport Parkway Your Smclalr Dealer HILLTOP ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Moon Run Phone CArnegie 4337 P 82 M FRUIT MARKET Corner of Fourth and M111 Coraopohs, Pa IAY S BAKERY Hxgh St Wireton GLadstone 7 8610 DICK STAFF BOAT SALES Oakdale R D TALARICO MOTORS Ford Cars and Trucks Coraopolrs Pa FAMOUS DEPARTMENT STORE 429 Mill Street Coraopolrs Phone AM 4 2940 ROBINSON OIL COMPANY AUTENREITH S DOLLAR STORE Curaopohs Pa I MARTIN CONFLENTI Coraopolrs P STEIN S Ladies Apparel 411 Mill Street Coraopolis Pa E I BEAUTY SALON Beaver Grade Road AM 4 2685 Edna I Cox Prop LEO GROGAN BEVERAGE DISTRIBUTORS Coraopolrs Pa EGER S Leading Jewelers Coraopohs Ambndge VILLAGE INN Ftne Sea Food R01-We 930 Glenwlllard CHARLES L CRAIG Plumbmg and Heaung Coraopolls Pa McKOWN 85 BEATTIE 865 Fourth Avenue Coraopohs Pa AM 4 0490 J F HARPER BUILDERS SUPPLY Coraopohs Pa AM 4 1130 HELEN C LAUGHNER Wrreton GL 7 8569 Insurance GEORGE MICHAEL Complete toy 8: hobby store 507 M111 Street Coraopohs Pa Complrments of THE CORAOPOLIS RECORD All the School News HAROLD M GORDON Parnttng and Wall Waslung Call AM 4 6202 BURGER 8: SHONTZ BARBER SHOP 1014 5th Ave Coraopohs CAHEN S Coraopohs I S 841 S MCCORMICK DAIRY R D ltl Beaver Grade Road Coraopohs Pa WALLS COLORIZER PAINTS 407 Lmcoln Ave Bellevue SHAFER FLORIST AM 4 2184 Plants and Flowers for All Occasions RAY S WIRETON SHOPPING CENTER GLadstone 7 8449 POLETTI S SERVICE STATION GLadstone 7 8977 Route 930 Glenwillard Pa CORAOPOLIS HARDWARE CO Patnts glass plumbrng 8a heatrng supplies 1029 31 5th Ave AM 4 4030 D F MILLER COMPANY 24 hr towrng AM 4 1360 1450 5th Ave Coraopolrs C Sc M MOTORS Dodge Plymouth Sales Servxce Frfth Ave Coraopolls ELI DEMASSO SERVICE STATION 5th 8: Maan Coraopolis Pa BAILEY DINING ROOM Drnners Parties Banquets Flaugherty Run Road GL 7 8967 FANNING S DRUG STORE prescuptlons AM 4 1110 5th Ave Coraopolrs 5086 TONIDALE GULF SERVICE A Saveikis Rts 22 84 30 West R D 1 Oakdale Pa MONTOUR HARDWARE COMPANY Sportlng goods power tools plurnbmg supplres motors Coraopolrs AM 4 5141 Comphments of JOE S UPHOLSTEIY FE 1 4552 TONY S PLACE Compliments of Narrows Run Road COMPLIMENTS AM 4 9821 BARBIAN HEATING CAIN S NEWS Carnot Beers Road AM 4 5102 Coraopolus, Pa A FRIEND AMherst 4 1248 MARTIN S SUPER MARKET Narrows Run Road 4 6533 AM 4 6534 Com laments of Compliments of p SEWICKLEY SAVINGS 8- LOAN ASSOCIATION NAUGHTON 8. BEROLA AGENCY Savmgs Insured to Sl0 OOO O0 INSURANCE Home Mortgage Loans Avaulable Natlonal Bank Bunldnng Coraopolls, Pa Coraopoles AM 4 0335 ll05 5th Ave , John L Naughton John B Berola . AM 4 4940 . I . - or ' , . - ' A ' . . ' . a. Beauty By The Brushful Margaret C. Shafer, Prop. Wireton, Pa, ' . , Pa. ' . . - . ' , Pa. l . . .. ,. . . 1 U U - Q . of - AM - - . I . II Il ' Offlces Sewlckley Broad Street 8- Centennual Ave Swky l859 95 ROCKWELL SPRING and AXLE COMPANY BUMPERS UNIVERSAL JOINTS COIL-PRECISION-MECHANICAL-SPRINGS OPEN STEEL FLOOR GRATING CORRONIZING SEAT CUSHIONS-BACK SPRINGS FLAT LEAF SPRINGS TUBULAR SEAT FRAMES AXLES-GEARS-TRANSMISSIONS LIGHT-HEAVY STAMPINGS BRAKE PARTS-BRAKE ASSEMBLIES TRAILER AXLES FORGINGS-AXLE-HOUSINGS AXLE BOGIE UNITS ORDNANCE CORAOPOLIS, PA. 96 This book printed by VELVATONEQD, a special process of litho- graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method HAZEL HAS A BOY FRIEND Compliments of BUTTON AND McLEAN

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