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jf A ,yi ,lr ,Q ' W , . 1.177 1 iv 'V : 5.-' " I 5 A 'I nf.-LAI' f ff' 'x n -ff -5 .0 A 7?J,!y . gf 'J A f ffl?-1' rg A. 15, s . 5 if-f -: .CZ 4c"if V fs 4: fx Tiff" N '2 Biff' E , 43' N' . . Jfi X E u- . 1-K K' !wx ! 5 : . ! ! g4 " b 'el ' f f! V w If W ! 'H S 1 45 ff'E ! 5 'W E lr g' ! : , !S V N a1f? V ' Zb' ,Q 'Agra - Y . , ' " -A ' f X Ca I cg it J? . C, K 6X N5 if ,Q C? if -.2 4 if 3,-L, 'Y if-fe 2652 if QQ vgf vo'-QxGi1+ff+,gfffQ L, ,Ci ki: -9, F'-ff? "6?f?f- Q: 'fffgffev , gi 2 ig so 'fc di i5,"'ffS: if W' Q35-gg'-7 Q SS. resign' ' 'VS Jfiii Q4 sf, 22, 1523? fi ggqi if - 324669 Q C?- duca isa ing' fa, A O , 22-C 2, fag gznandinenraghel-1chE -5: , -git Gigi 50 lac 3 -gb ik 'gc E?-f in Hg? ip , v V ?Q+ ?fT21iE.FSe pifg? 2 Fe, E gf? T5 img D wg 211.5 'ai' m ?' "1, -31,6 1g 3 Egg A k 4 i 'ilimeifs of MQLEAFQ . VNS. J A 1 Q X , .X 'gxaefffr-Y! . i I 1. ' ' A -7wigrin',aimgi'fQQf5..1,g:i'IL,Q:fTS5f2iSg:'5i' Y,- Q- 4 K w cf fb m v i3QJU'Q!p A ,Aux V1 X D! Q1 4Jx, Q1lif3J JO X fp Am :yy A Mxppl W 'X"4'f, W MQ C EX J MN X VJ if .. N , . M M V91 X' X MJFDC? BTL .. qi" as MQ. 1 or M95 W' V QP X if 'O , 'OJ ff 'Q GO Nga? Agia YQ . Q, .X , , xx , V QF X Q mf? QQ F J " ' x ' . 'i f V Z ,f F L - moon HIGH . . Q'f1?fg2f4Qg Y f fi QE Xff1rgj.fQ? g Q1q,5f Y U J -' fr 4 22- ,. xiffi R F9253 nf, 3, ' . E- 11 so 1943? vis AND EXPANDS HQ W0 gf 'XJ UW W A 2,9 ,JP , K, fy A fb M 4 gf dum: tj, jg? if 7 gL, fu4 azf QQ j1Z,'LCgu1f,1f0 my ' 4 2,Lp 'K 14 j,,4,y - Qffczfff-v QL, z,4j,,fJ, J i L in Dua 44? 256' in Q40-26" f5fu96f ffwm ,766 'MLM .fizffwvjefb-wa-M: Mfff,, f I ,eff .AJCJJQDLCV 'A C' ifirxmrxr k : f f. V .u -' Q I O 'GJ z LV, ' WL1WW'U W W My l -is-.---0 ...........i. l n 5, , fm Nj :Li if xx.. HQ . A XX, m"N+., 'A' xzq HX .,4,,v 'V ' N 1 x MWA- LW .fx - K KJ . . . ' L I 1 I W 'YXJE-1 V 2 f - . . x . .A .. .J I . . M ' ' F1--I-I A .. .... .WJ I---...-:-.-'..::a 'H' . 1 K ...,. ff- , IM, .,....m H... F 1 ' "-....,, '--' -' I w . V 2'1A 5 'xxswxw ,f rv urkrv ' k A A Us .H-w xr, fn , -QSM Ywmxhfgwx q ff! I , . ig ' Losnv 'W . 1, M ,X 1 L .mu A if ky I.-5,12 K, H JQTN X K . V , . ' 1.1 ,. , . 2 . Y if j Q Q7 2 , A W ' H ,X ,ff . ,A IK, N kim , A .,,,,g,.L...?,J... Y .... Faxfgf 4 Af A MQ, ix? fri .. , pw- ,ff . i ' V , fx- , ' eg f , . -. LX - A x , -Q -6- s. ,k ' . ,M N A . 1 . . , . Ki' 4- ,- K J M - if Kg - 5 M, :fx fu V f 5' p VH fffifq W 'W!fMM 1 JQDVU hwy X my N4'Lx -Slffwfw WWWJSMQV Nxdyv 2 W' Cv mf mo Sub NS ,O- ' K ,wing . VY hmffff 4' g f! ,ff The Class ggigjfg Miz Nall 1955 Wiawf gigs prese IVQZK L" 'JW T1 l TH mf my Wg fs' M' fwwfif 4, rf My a M my M W n 'A f W W M M ,MJ MSM h' fda My V ff , ' 42 wh 'J ny, ,ff D ,,.. A ' QM th ' 'l ' 17 n alume XX It L a a '5 Moon High School A R D 4 . . 1 EJ Coraopolis, , n lbw 1 ,J af "9 Sv MJ i -WJ R h !,X,Mp Pennsylvania WAV J-' jijQiJZi,f wfliodfg Ya-J? N , 'Sf' ff2QfZz1,fw1.M.f, JJ aa 71114. Q29 l Q, ffwwfuff,-Md V257-af 46411 3 ymmazf .Ma Ev. " X412 422 " R. ANTHONY V. COLANTONI has been our faithful friend and tireless counselor through our high school years. In appreciation of his help and en- couragement we offer our best wishes and dedicate this issue of the FLAME of Moon High School to him. 4 foreword HE FLAME bums more brightly and more clearly as we, the class of '55, produce the twentieth issue of Moon High's yearbook. The com- pleted new building has served as an inspiration to greater scholastic achievement which has brought added recognition to our school. May you share now in our pride and pleasure as we conduct you through our "hal- lowed halls." mwu wA.Aw N t XNIJN? Air: 5: '4 fin Mx .l,....r x N , 11 ?'f" The people who come to our dedication and open house sow 5 9 .. 'K'--W 1 N . . . our board room . . r -fr , ' ' ' 'E,i.K rf 4 is xv ,L Mr. E. P. Hawes ....... Pres. Mr, C. L, Williams .. V.Pres. Mr. Russell M. Patton. . Treas. Miss Virginia Barbian . . . Sec'y Mr. F. T. Crawford Mrs. Ruth Frey Mr. William Smith Mrs, Olive Vogel Mr. Hawes board of education T long last, the Board of Education has its own room where the members can assemble to make their all-important decisions concerning our educa- Mr, williams Mr. Patton tion. Surely, no group is more deserving of such ad- equate ql1aI'tefS . f ir' I MIS. Vogel Mr. Crawford Mrs. Frey Mr. Smith Miss Barbian 5 IN MEMORIAM Mr George Cassler Dred September 21 1954 I Assistant County Superintendent Our counselor, and our Friend 6 Q Dr. Allard Mr. rocks mf I ' ADMINISTRATION 7 , DR. J. A. ALLARD I 4 Supervising Principal - MR. I. H, BROOKS f I S High School Principal Q MR. IOSEPH SIEGMAN Administrative Assistant f MR. KENNETH SHAFFER Elementary School Principal I MR. JAMES CRAWFORD Assistant High School Principal .nl air, 1. .sa Q B. S. Pennsylvania State University B. S. Indiana State Teachers College M. A. University of Pittsburgh Litt. M. University of Pittsburgh Dr. Ed. University of Pittsburgh O two men have given more of their untiring effort and priceless time to the planning and prepara- tion of our school than Dr. Allard and Mr. Brooks . They, in working with the school board, their administrative staff, Township Authority, and the various contractors, have made their dream of a new and functional high school a reality. They head the faculty who teach us guide us and help us in all possible ways to make our school and its students outstanding in the community. adminisircllion I I Mr. Shaffer, Mr. Crawford, Dr, Allard, Mr. Siegman, Mr, Brooks I 7 I mn. .v.,,"' f sr, .. --v JN an .4 'Q .47 4 ,Ba of". Located in Mr. Brooks' office 35? 1' is the public address system, which facilitates the reading of the daily announcements. N addition to Miss Barbian, we are fortunate to have Miss Minton and Miss Johnston on our secretarial staff. The switch- board and the ditto machines only add to their numerous duties . Miss Ruby Minton Miss Barbara Johnston QF 'Um our main office DJOINING the board room, we find the new main office, which leads to the private offices of Dr. Allard, Mr. Brooks and Mr. Siegman. an R. ALLARD, on dedication day, accepted this whole wonderful building for us and the classes to come. Mr. Brooks' office is the scene of the many conferences which he holds with faculty and students . Through the hands of Mr. Siegman pass school funds which he capably handles as a part of his administrative assistant duties. MR, JOSEPH SIEGMAN B.S, Indiana State Teachers College M, Ed, University of Pittsburgh - sri azwgfcs E X .ga 5- 's' . .t, . .,. i '-i1l7f-7- M55 , ,s I f Q 3 I N i -P 'fl sg -' is W if 5 E .t 5355.2-K ' ,,. All get ig 1 ,.., -f' E-Q! , ,. 4' ' 55 5 X .'h, M ,, l 223' OMPOSED of two individual guidance offices for private counseling and an outer waiting room, our guidance suite is the scene of interviews for help in person- al problems, college plans and vocational placement. Through the understanding guidance of our counselors, we have successfully ful- filled our high school obligations and look forward to a bright tomorrow. MISS ELSIE E. BRAUN MR. WILLIAM H. LEE A.B. Westminster B.S. Indiana State College, M.A. Teachers College, M.Ed. Pennsylvania State Un. University of Pittsburgh Spanish, Guid Social Studies, Guidance C 6 0 I. L . G S C M30-4076660 A 9 . L : i 'H fl 'N-.. 1 . . . the guidance offices . . gg 9 X' it Qi: MR. A.V. COLANTONI MR. JOHN W. COOPER B. S. Un. of Pittsburgh B.S. Slippery Rock M. Ed. , Un. ofPittsburgh State Teachers College Mathematics Physics, Mathematics QW MISS ADESTA KOEPFINGER B. S. Duquesne Univ. Mathematics MR. EDWARD P. HAWES A. B. Westminster College M. Ed. , Un. of Pittsburgh Math. , Remedial Reading Q A x L A yew 3? fill: ,ff it WEN A .a s Q A- ZW 591.4 ' F- s: : 'f - - ' fshgglflijviff sh K 2 P151 Mn. max.. 1: .rf HE colorful green board space is used to its fullest extent by the mathematics classes as they work problems in ....... - plane geometry - - D . RB 1 'bmnchzq B C D : Rndlus DB S Chou! algebra I - X4' l1 X OH x'+xxi 1-x + " x'+2xn1+ 11" - mathematics - ,250 "l.550,,0 750 5oo 500 ooo .. the mathematics department . . . . . . . MISS THEODORA ROMANO B.S. Indiana State Teach- ers College, M. Ed. , Un. of Pittsburgh, Mathematics physical education H HEALTH room and a spa- cious gym which divides into two regulation size gymna- sium, promotes the field of physical education at Moon. Here the last word in phys. Ed. equipment makes class- time a greater pleasure to both instructors and students. 7' 1' A 'edits 0 u .. the physical education facilities MR, JOSEPH FRYZ B.S. M.A. Eastern Kentucky State College History, Physical Edu- cation, Health MR. HOWARD GRACEY B.S. Eastem Kentucky State College Physical Education, Health MISS WINIFRED KING B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College Physical Education, Health MISS JEAN WINNE B.S. Slippery Rock Slate Teachers College Physical Education, Health cafeteria 12 VERY day a com- petent cafeteria staff consisting of Mrs. Combs, Mrs. Goss, Mrs. McArdle, Mrs. Jacobs, and Mrs . Ayers prepares delicious hot lunches for close to one thou- sand hungry students who certainly do jus- tice to their hard work. . . the cafeteria .. and our beautiful patios . . our recreation room for lei- sure time and extracurricular meetings ...... U tix the ramps which shelter us as our busy schedules take us from unit to unit ....... Q 5' -v un' . .-, 41, sf-.. 3,9 Q . 1: Q 'K indusirial :Iris ""'-in . . the industrial arts equipment . . . . . . . WO large, newly- equipped shops, one for metal, 'the other for woodwork, and a me- QN chanical drawing room that features slanted desk tops and adjust- able stools comprise the industrial arts de- partment of Moon High. IIS , 14 MR. ELMER E. BRAUN B. S. Carnegie Institute of Technology Industrial Arts Elective Shop MR. JAMES REED B.S. Ohio State Univer- sity Agriculture, Mechanical Drawing El, Shop -ng , MR, DHBERT WAITE B.S. California State Teachers College Industrial Arts, Elec- tive Shop . . our spacious science department . . . . . . . CIENCE students are fortunate in having the opportunity to work and ex- periment with the very lat- est in equipment, which consists of three large rooms with more than ad- equate working space. Principles in chemistry, physics, biology, and general science are easily acquired through the use of the up-to-date equipment. ,. M MRS. GRACE CRAWFORD MR. LOUIS GOLD A.B. Allegheny College B.S. Un. of Pittsburgh General Science Physics, Chemistry g Q fs 5 R i M f r . . nv' '- Gilt: fi. 1.1. ny, af? MR. H. B. LIEBERMANN B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College, Litt. M. University of Pittsburgh Biology J R N , N i -4 i Ni typ 5' M.. M- r fgglff 559. ' W A . 1 : I I 7- . ,i ,Q 11, s 5 - A , ,Q ff. 'I S N. lS'5T'iN' .Q - TRS fix! . , rl 2. do ,. , , nu' ,Q N -. If ' ,X ' i SQ' I 1 'fs' 2 L tx Y ' vu. I .. A, s... Sis-Q, in 5 3 'JR-17' 'NA - -f-1 --at A151 5,-sa.. L E .O ax 1, it :"' . S N -- L L t Q xv 1 , , . O. E- -' O ,Es is s 3 4 fififi ' . ' A 'Q ' . "N ' s. - N ' 'fx 'w 'n' --M ' -?s2.:k?Fi'i:N'1 . '5"3".. , - - ' "tv "4" N I 'Q' fii'.sWs:!z:iS . . -. Q. K Q 11 .Vw R , , , 15 , tg nga., .X V -- it at - - 4 .X f:- 1' -if arfi:s'3'.t-isi'1 f L' Ax MR, WAYNE GOSS B. S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College, M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh Geography EOPLE- their lives, their habits, their for- eign and domestic prob- lems- these and many more interesting items are revealed to us with the help of modem visula aids . MR. JOHN G. MILLER B.A. Washington State College, M. Ed. Uni- versity of Pittsburgh Social Studies if Q 'Q '1 is . '-- if ss.. . .., L g 3. . -tis-ffatffs s . Q L is . , izi- ' i MR. GEORGE TIPKER B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh Geography 16 MR. CARL R. GOZUR B.A. Duquesne Un. History, Civics MR. LEONARD MR. EDWARD MERGES HUCKESTEIN B.A. Pennsylvania B.A. Un. of Pittsburgh State University M. Ed. Un. of Pittsburgh Social Studies Latin, History . . the social studi-es rooms social studies if "-"-1-Ar' I .35 4 I 1 MR. WILLIAM GILBERT B.S. Clarion State Teachers College, M. Ed. University of Pitts- burgh English, History if-n Q ,Q if ic wi Q t, l 'ir ' YT'-r V 1'--v MRS. ISABEL HIXON B. S. Clarion State Teachers College English " "Aim f ,J l x s MISS CORAL HUFFMAN MISS SHIRLEY LUNT B. A. Waynesburg College B.A. Grove City College English, Reading Speech, English the English department . . english CR 'PQ R. OURNALISM, remedial reading, speech, grammar and literature pro- vide a wide variety of subjects for our English department, located in unit one . 2? r-. .5 A - X 17 -gy- X I I MRS. LUCILLE SHAFFER B.S. Indiana State Teachers College English, Reading - an Y I? fu-wa Q f' 'pf L -I 5, Rv'-7 MR. STANLEY MC DANIELS B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College English S 9- 5 gg i i it ii' 5' MR, ROBERT SHARPS B.A. Waynesburg College English MR. ROBERT Sl-IISSLER A. B. University ofPitrs- burgh, Litt. M. Univer- sity of Pittsburgh English, Journalism ff I . . Mr. Crcwford's modem office . . o i ' I c e fx r?i' -i Ss. rv 9. iii mr. crclwlol-cl B. A. University of Pittsburgh, M. Ed. University of Pitts- burgh Social Studies S assistant principal, Mr. Crawford is a busy execu- tive . He dispenses absentee slips, handles discipline prob- lems and still manages to find time to teach senior Problems of Democracy classes . '53 -L I N.-Q ' ff si W if L YQ' A L f If li -L miie MR. WILLIAM BOYD B.A. Indiana State Teachers College Commercial Subjects Geography eu-vom. E' 'M yu HE modem machines of the business world will pre- sent few problems to Moon High commercial students, who have been thoroughly instructed in their operation by our commercial teachers. ' LA 't.'KAKJ 'J MRS. BETTY MILLER X B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Commercial Subjects .. our well equipped commercial rooms .. commercial department 19 is wil i MR. ROBERT F. ESPY B. S. Grove City College M. Ed. Un. of Pittsburgh Commercial Subjects MISS JUNE STOUT B.S. Carnegie Institute of Technology, M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh Commercial Subjects Business English aw '5 L R437 .. f I T Q . le Q45 5 " L :gl if LW 4.4 L I3 L v as -f Teachers College 5 5' Home Economics, Cafeteria I .av fix .,h .sq Q...- '--.Q Y Mrss DOLORES KENNEDY 'W' ' B.S. Mr. Mercy College lf Q' ' Homemaking 'Wi up Nui! Wg? . MRS, JEAN MC CORMICK B.A. Muskingum College Homemaking, History -N , MISS DORIS WILDEN B.S. Indiana Stare makers .E , ,. .., .L sl J. K . 4,1 Q., . ...our home economics suite ......f- . .favs 'is -V W ,. is MOON High Miss will "'fT"'N'f'3z.- make a more compe- ,ffm it A, F, ,. -. 1:-,if-W-'r-W pn tent Mrs. because of her training in our completely 1 ,w , Mtg, I equipped home economics '- ln department. 1. Xi! ,ffrye 5 - 1 'fi 9? X gs f Y ..-......--..-9-.N K -,,..,..-v-f MR. WILLIAM MC FARLAND B S. Indiana State Teachers College rt MR, JOHN C. MILLER B.S. Indiana State Teachers College, M. Ed. , Pennsylvania State University rt N these two rooms are lo- cated the most modern in equipment for arts and crafts - -a kiln, potters wheel and buffing machine-just to men- tion a few. the art rooms HE Art Club, under the su pervision of Mr. J. C. Miller and Mr. W . McFarland spends most of its time and meetings with the designing and production of scenery for the stage. Seated: Glass, Curry, J.Bedick, Tar- quinio, Hastings. Row 1: Gaydos, A. Miller Kammerdiener, Conley, S. Miller Diehl. Kramer, Hornyck, Brown, Row 2: Schavolt, Cain, Mc- Ardle, Twigg, Griffith, Kurto, Big- gerstaff, M.Bedick, Kozar, Turzak, McLean. 21 in library UR library is the center of Study and quiet. The girls of the library club had the hon- or of "setting up" the spacious room with all up -to -date equip - ment and the opportunity to serve in the "work room" ad- joining the main room . The library and its conference room also serve as meeting places for school clubs and commit- tees . Here the Student Court meets to mete out justice to those who break school rules. Guil ski, er, Gillis, Gaydos, Gordon, Sullivan, Mathie, Cham- bord MRS. B.S. Millersville Teachers College Library X -- LEFT TO RIGHT: Fabec, iani, Rao, Krechkow- Rehburg, West, Tum- on, Curry, Keller. K ' ' ,sr1-Li HELEN TUSSEY Seated: Jim Payne, Dorothy Bailey, Jim Colledge, Pat Coradi. Standing: Patty Gaydos, Tim Sullivan, Jean Kepharr, John Knoll, Absent. State is si Q , , Q, ai 31, sy.5ggssfsqg5,?Mw,,MiB,Qimm T W s 1 .. the library 22 .'.,al'u.IL J HE school nurse presides over our modem, five room health suite. Seated ill ' zz il health . X' ,L ' ,ff i 5 here, she assists Dr. Maratta as he makes routine examina tions. Below, the school den- tist, Dr. Schector makes den tal check-ups . s-1 fl wry. .. - , ' ., ' - 5' S- .- f 5 U E if 9 I , gwvf 1 Y I .A 'ff' O X ,, -1 -4 .N 4' NURSES AIDES Left to Right: Lego, Diehl, Olson, Cain, Kephart, Evanko, I. group of junior girls joumey to Sewickley Valley Hospital each Saturday moming to help with general duties and gain hospital ex- periences. our efficient health suite MRS, MARY PETERSEN R.N. St. Iohn's Hospital School Nurse Home Nursing 23 f ' r MISS HARRIETT C. EMRICH B. M. Ed. Northwestern University, M. A. Col- umbia University, Teachers College Music N the southeastem corner are located the several sound proof rooms where we prepare instrumental and vocal mu- sic . In the band room equipped with risers and a storage room all the bands practice. Three practice rooms afford space for individual sessions. There's another room for choral rehearsals. Another room will some day be a broad casting room . MISS BETTY FARINA MR. FRANCIS B. S. Indiana State MC CORMACK Teachers College B. S, Pennsylvania State Music College, M.A. Carnegie Institute of Technology Music ku off for B111 and Dick get their instruments ready Au i ld and Diane "too to play in the Pittsburgh Junior Symphony in ties and Sandy Frank. Dona 'Or High Band' Orchestra. Wes pre An weswm Wm OME band members have a special ses- sion in a practice room. 'ern P Pafed t ennsylvania 5. faire pan Istrlctaand CE l- .: .- . 24 jR. HIGH ORCHESTRA Holsinger, Myers, Kozar, Riggle, Gillis, C,E1liott, Michalasin, Skarada, Licbcrmann, L.Elliott, Neely, Neilson, Hare, Wana, Curry, DANCE BAND Accompanistsg B.Ma1hie, S,Orr, Row 1: A.Moon, N.Evanko, P, Coradi, L.Gui1iani, L,Gillis, Row 2: A.Frish, R.Beh1ing, B. Thompson, C.Olson, G.Tar- quinio, R. Burns, F.Kolinie. M WE all had the pleasure of hearing the music of the junior high orchestra during , '7 p Z. - it M ks x 04 J kgs, 1 , GS ,glfyg ,f 5. is - i ' :'wi4fQf?,tl 1 is H L THE Rhythmaires, our well known dance band, continued to entertain us byplay 'Q ,xg-M., 1 3 JUNIOR BAND JUNIOR Band prepares our young musicians for future years in Senior Band. Its members are from the eighth and ninth grades. Q 0 ,Q- BEGINNERS BAND EMBERS of the be- ginners band are our youngest musicians inter- ested in a future in the high school bands. dedication ceremonies E waited with impatience for this day of dedication. It meant the first public use of our brand new auditorium and the official presentation of the building. Mr. Brooks accepted on behalf of the administration and facultyg and Roy Behling, on behalf of the student body. We were greatly honored to have as guest speaker Dr. Alfred W. Beattie. 26 national honor sociei EBRUARY 14, 1955 was the induction date for the new Na- tional Honor Society members this year. The induction was the first to beheld in the new auditori- um, which lent to the significance of the ceremony. Twelve seniors and eight juniors joined the six I members inducted in 1954. President - james English Secretary - Sally Knorr Sponsor - Miss Braun Y Row lg 1-loskinson, Portman, Curry, Keller, Rao, Fabec, McCormick, Turzak, Row 2: Gordon, English, Mathie, Behling, Knorr, Walls. Row 31 Krcchkowski, Turner, Pcrrinc, Kramer, Maher, Johnson, Morris, Harvard, Chambordon, Bedick, Orr. Frances King is not in the picture. G3 in 1+ Pratt, Knorr, Gordon, Mathic, English, Bchling Behling, Coradi, Brooks, Gillis, Mr. Lee, Rao, Burns 27 Walls caponecchi ll ward ACH year a sophomore girl and boy are chosen for this award on the basis of their outstanding citizenship in junior high years. The members are present to see Libby and Danny receive this year's award . x if A CHRISTMAS CAROL HE auditorium continued to be the scene of much activity and many assembly programs. The Christmas assembly was the operetta "A Christmas Carol" which the junior high music groups presented for the student body and in the evening for the P. T. A. At another assembly, the mixed chorus gave us a preview of their num bers for the Christmas Concert. And, of course, there were pep as sembliesg one in particular when the cheerleaders and majorettes changed positions . ...NN ' f senior band Clark, Mushlansky, Goss, Morrison, Krechkowski, Cantrell, Bailey, Peret N our auditorium, with a seating capacity of nine-hundred twenty- five, it is possible to present almost any form of entertainment. On our spacious stage we have curtains, a microphone system, lighting facilities and equipment for any production, and in the rear a projection room makes it possible to show movies. The music department is well taken care of by a beautiful electric organ and a majestic grand piano. What more could we ask? Top Row: TRUMPETS-Bums, Olson, Twigg, King, Mc- Givern, Lender, Kalaugher, DeChellis, BASSES-Heinlein Frish, BARITONE HORNS-Wolfe, Rosignoli, BELLS-Alls- house, DRUMS-Knoll, Baker, Haas, Yoder, Santucci, DIRECTOR-F.A. McCormack, TROMBONES-Eaton, Brooks Litterini, Anderson, Shelton, Thompson, Behling. Second Row: CLARINETS-Rehburg, Thompson, Burns, Turner, Kaufman, Easter, Snell, HORNS-Glass, White- man, BASS CLARINET-Santucci, OBOE-Turner, BAS- SOON-Pratt, SAXOPHONES-Moon, Gillis, Orr, Worth, Rao, Coradi, CLARINETS-Guiliani, Evanko, B.Frisch, Diehl, FLUTES-Lattes, Gordon, Lego, Keller, Mathie, UR band performed so capably at all football games under the direction of Mr. McCormack, and we were so proud of their intermission routines. They also marched in Halloween and Christmas pa- rades . However, we remember especially their stage performance in the Christmas concert when they presented their mem- bers in ensemble and specialty numbers. Orr, Olson, Burns, Wolfe, Behling o A,,,,,,.... .. choral groups E CHORUS THE Nui 9 QU' I gamer. at ve"1'1',R2w',j' 1. . ei' 'aiiaeibiyfh Vigil, Khaki: linen. . Cr0?,naxe'lxlQgY" Balieijllrosv Nx?iAuSCaYe li1B-Suuwzeg' amd, xecitzrnigivgnogxsfj? o'iffx:gn,Nr?Cei5'3iefa- , cemss, ia. Mofigsioafmaayfifwwei1,X2??Ra15RaY ' ver. Adagihluei?atkeEYPhenxiBa?ora5x' Kagan' Mcfxiii- Banu' Row V 6311102 Sxnoii' Smiley' YXAHWH' Ne ll ambogdon. aww' B8 Parker. Ch xlams, CGD ROVJC. il X Gals. ' Magik . HAT could have been more beau- tiful than the combination of our vocal 'aggregations dressed up for their part in the Christmas concert! Miss Farina directed all these groups . No one has given more graciously of her time and talent than Theressa Perrine, our soprano soloist. The boys' octet is composed of Ted Niederriter, Charles Wheeler, Jack McCormick, Tim Sullivan, Ken O'Gorman, Bob Dixon, Richard McClellan, and Bill THE VESTED CHOIR Sullivan. Row 41 Dunn, Heinlein, Vernocy, McClellan, Bedick, B.Sullivan, Williams, Conway, Baltzegar, Meacham, Tilly, Richie, N. Parker. Row 3: Adams, Bishop, Chambordon, De Masso, Lockhart, West, Huhes, Mros, O'Gorman, Nieclerriter, T.Sullivan, Biggerstaff, Baun,' Maher, Cals, D. Kramer, Deyton. Row 2: Knorr, Miller, Cyphert, Saveno, C, Sullivan, Dixon, Kulchak, Julius, Mosley, I. Kramer. Row 1: Wheeler, McCormick, Crognale, Bailey, Ropos, Snell, Perrine, Walker, Carrick. Pianist, Mertz. 30 THE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Row 1: Drake, Kammerd' Drake Per ' iener, Conl , rilla, Maller Mosley, D' ey, A. Mill ,Parker R ichl, Allsh Morris er, Cypher! . ow 2' Hold ouse Russ on, Fabec Cur , D. Kramer, J.Krarner, Cramer, S . en, Lockner, Coradi, Sullivan, B , ell, Allshouse, Mathie, Meacham ' , Zellnsky, Neff, Rehburg, McCull ry, Springer, McArdle, Creps, Le Richie, Baun, Molchan ner, Piar' mizh, Ward alley, Knor , Giesler, T ' ough, Easze go, Evanko ' , Neuman, P list, Turne , Rowe r, Krechkow ' runick, Rao r, Blanchard ' , Miller, Gr'f' arker, Me F. ski, Keller , Mushalan , C. Miller ' ' i fith, Warm rrz, Ondrasik sky, McCall , Griffith. , Moore, C ' , Thomps Row 3: Raddanl, arrick, Julius, Gross, Till on, Snell, Honchorck, Cai rl, Meacham, aler- . XTETTE an ,aa, A RLS SE , aaaa ,aiaa iaai THE G1 'c'l - l ll'ri 2 M-'A' U E5 A W' :vs llhlh L," F l lcham- I ,E - W l alir c f . - e Car0 - W 1 ' , ' " ' 2 - 1 .- , LEY' Tar 2 if vig JF. My El Q I OROTHY lifixgne Ballflv geggfmie V ll' S X 'sk 5 bofdon' -Dine Snell' an also sang tffl X, ,J L yy , . Chr1S- , extefre, hrist- K I. x 9 1 1. , u1H10' ls 5 I C R 5 Y , i q r our gli' Schools 21 xx at A V A , x r 4 Magi elementary ,e honor i ' 21 - . hr mo il maSTt,1::2u11ivaE lflfffffwas chssriz to f' 0 l . . h W e - te C o '- , towafglsu so ' f Partlqgs Janet Stewior high muslc . f Ml ' n I I bly direflted our Ju rl f 5 ' Us X, 4 Ve A g xi-Q-,W ... --0 ,ww-r s her fafewehl Con- ouDS Pfesegfggrmas Carol' gl' D HA tribuuon 1 , V 4 31 ug- - K . 4 -- - B - K- : . ,i 5 al S J- ff 1, , , . we 'rw -L , ,S is .X was UR auditorium was also the scene this year of one of the greatest honors Moon High has ever known. Here the Western District Chorus, one of the largest groups of its kind ever assembled, gathered to fill the school with music for three days. Concerts were given Thursday and Friday nights, February 18 and l9 under the direction of the guest conductor, Miss Mary Muldowney, Assistant Professor of Music at the University of New York. Sixty-six schools were represented by the 285 students that were housed by parents and friends in the district. The boys and girls who participated worked hard at long rehearsals, but they also had an opportunity to renew friendships and make many new friends at a dance held in our gym Thursday night and a formal banquet at the Horizon Room in the airport before the concert Saturday. The Festival was a brilliant success and a very thrilling experience for all connected with it. AVING done a capable job in their own right our sextette and octet combined forces to form a singing ensemble that sang at the Christmas concert. Ted Neiderriter, Elaine Mertz, accompanist, Bob Dixon, Dorothy Bailey, Tim Sullivan, Richard Mc- Clellan, Geraldine Tarquinio, jack McCormick, Bill Sullivan, Christine Snell, Darlene Baun, Constance Maher, Ken O'Gorman, Carol Chambordon, and Charles Wheelerwere members of the ensemble. 7 "'l -451 Q.. 32 WE are indeed proud of our new building that has become a mecca for visitors from far and ' d h ' tivities . near, but we believe that a school is only as great as its students an t elr ac .51 Russell Ranshaw was our Science Talent Expert: Betty Mathie placed in the Honor Award group in the Exceptionally Able Youth tests. CLASS of 1955 ME b k with us now to September 1949 as we entered seventh grade. Our Penny Carni- O ac , , val in ninth grade was held in the old gym. That year we sold magazines to raise money. d th ade our class In 1952 Mr. Colantoni replaced our previous sponsor, and when we starte ten gr ddenl increased as pupils from Crescent Township joined our student body. That spring su y Billy Alimena's orchestra played for ourApril Showers Dance. It was during our sophomore year ' ' 2:30 P. M. Others that we had three shifts. Some students had classes from 8.00 A. M. to could sleep in and come from 10:00 A. M. to 4:30 P. M. and the third group was from 11:00 4 30 P M As 'uniors we commuted between the two buildings. Our class presented A. M. to : . . J . the last prom, Southem Promenade, in the old gym. Now we have the honor of being the first ' ' dit rium. It class to present a senior review, give a senior play, and graduate from our new au o orth eve inconvenience and before we leave these halls that we have watched in the was w ry , making but have had so little time to enjoy, let's take one last tour to fix in our memories--- 33 gi!!! . x ,ri In MARGARET MAE ALLSHOUSE PEG Band 1-2-3, Girls' Glee Club 2-3, Girls' Sextette 2, Hall Monitor 3, Intramurals 3, May Day 1-2, Service Committee 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2-3 BARRY W. BAIRD BARRY Chess Club 3, Hall Patrol 3, I-Ii-Y 1-2-3, Intramurals 1, May Day 1-2, Hall Monitor 3 VERNEEYCE ADAMS BUSSI E Bulletin Board 2, Hall Monitor 3, Usher 2-3, Intramurals Cap- tain 1-3, May Day 2, Service Committee 2-3, Usher 2-3, District Chorus 3, Glee Club 2-3, F.H. A. 1 DOROTHY BAILEY DOSIE Cheerleader 1-2-3, Captain 3, Girls' Ensemble 3, Girls' Glee Club 1-2-3, Girls' Sextette 3, Mixed Ensemble 3, Hall Patrol 3, Intramurals 1-3, May Day 1-2, Mixed Chorus 1-2-3, Commissioner of Elections 3, Operetta 1, Service Committee 1, Student Council 1-2-3, Of- ficer 2-3, Student Council Conference 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2, Hall Monitor 3, District Cho- rus 3, Ir. Red Cross Conference 2, Jr. Red Cross Council 2-3, senior Play 3 l W: is any . - . '.... .ff .', 4 . - ,- ,,., 4 e,. , , ,ss '. . ass,- .,,, .. ,,,, 5 ,M ' . 2 B V . :' G G Y' f ' - ' ' si 3 . ' . ' ,f 1 f, l ' If -. X - V -1 ' s . , .2 N f f" - fs , lv 52253-iii ,gi sz. , 1: sw, wif: fl. 'NW 12? -my K ti yi A , H , . l ,fr K 1 W, O -s .. -,R ic i'-2" , I. ' f se ' ee ,.... rsifsgiikgimp- , r-a.r.,, ROY ALBERT BEHLING ROY Band 1-2-3, Officer 3, Basket- ball 1, Dance Band 1-2-3, Golf 1-2-3, Hall Patrol 3, Hall Mon- itor 3, Hi-Y 1-2-3, Key Club 1-2-3, Officer 2-3, May Day 1-2, National Honor Society,2-3 Operetta 1, Orchestra 1-2, Stu- dent Band Director 3, Student Council 1-2-3, Officer 3, Stu- dent Council Conference 1-2-3, State Secretary of Key Club 3, Key Club Conference 2-3, Io Ann Caponecchi Award 1, In- tramurals 1, Ir. Red Cross Council 3, Ir. Red Cross Con- ference 2, Service Committee 1, Senior Play 3 JOHN BEDICK BENE Art Club 2-3, Officer 2-3, Bulletin Board 2-3, Cafeteria Aide 1-2-3, Chess Club 1, Hall Monitor 3, Hi-Y 1-2-3, Officer 3, Homeroom Officer 1-3, In- tramurals 1, Key Club 1-2-3, May Day 1-2, Mixed Chorus 3, Officer 3, Moon Beams 1, World Youth Conf. 2, Yearbook Conference 2, Operetta 1, Sci- ence Club 2-3, Service Com- mittee 1-2-3, Student Council 1, Usher 2, W.P.S.P.A. 1, Key Club Convention 1-3, Dis- trict Chorus 3, National Honor Society 3, Hall Patrol 3, Class Officer 1-3, Football 1-2-3, District Chorus 3, Senior Play3 that statue of the entrance 1 l itil, Q ROBERT BENJAMIN May Day 1, Service Committee 1 M, "" 1 Qjlmm- Q I 2 LOUIS CHARLES BRAST LOU Chess Club 3, Hi-Y 1-2-3, Homeroom Officer 3, May Day 1-2, Moon Beams 3, Science Club 3, Service Committee 2-3, Usher 2-3, P.S.P,A. Con- ference 3 ERNEST ALVIN BOWERS ERNIE Hi-Y 3, Intramuralsl, May Dayl NANCY BROWN DONNA MAE BIGGERSTAFF B UG Art Club 3, Bulletin Board 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, Intramurals 1-3, Hall Monitor 3, Usher 1 1955 which is the sculpIor's tribute fo youth NAN Art Club 3, Bulletin Board 2-3, May Day 2, Service Committee DEAN BRYANT DEA N F. F. A. 1, Hall Monitor 3 I. f, -1. Quai.-,L .Vw ., 'gf .Rafi-sq Q'- YVONNE CALS Girls' Glee Club 2, Intramurals 1, May Day 2, Mixed Chor , Moon wy0gs.P . 3 'XLMUOJW yy frilly, 'WW vt' , ly U ,JJ P ' U JW ,fy Y! 1, f JAMES BURAK I I MM Y Cafeteria Patrol 3, Football 1-2- 3, Hall Patrol 3, Hi-Y 1, Intra- murals 1, Key Club 3, May Day 1-2, Student Council 2-3, Of- ficer 2, Hall Monitor 3 MARLENE CARRICK JAMES COLLEDGE COOT Chess Club 1, Hi-Y 1-2, Intra- murals 1, Key Club 2-3, May Day 1-2, Service Committee 2, Student Court 1-2-3, Chief Justice 3 CAROL ANN CHAMBORDON CHAMBIE Cafeteria Patrol 2, Cheerleader 2-3, Class Officer 1-2-3, Girls' Glee Club 2, Girls' Sextette 3, Hall Patrol 3, Hall Monitor 3, Intramurals 1-3, Capt. 1, Li- brary Club 2-3, May Day 2, Mixed Chorus 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3, Officer 2-3, SeniorPlay 3, Mixed Ensemble 2-3, County Chorus 3, District Chorus 3, Na- tional Honor Society 3 JAN ANITA f 'Q' !Cafeterid!Pa ro , tra rals 1,1 X20 Chart ager Day 1 oon Be s 1 Scie lu 3 1 1 S P A L44 . - 3 HY wwf W' f if W, I MLW LM ' ff' ,V . L' N A ff 4 MWA LAN SQUEEKIE Art Club 2-3, Cafeteria Aide3, Girls' Glee Club 2-3, Hall Patrol 3, Intramurals .1-3, Manager 3, S e n i o r S May Day 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Science Club 1-2-3, Tri-Hi-Y l-2-3, Bulletin Board 2-3 the new stadium where only as Moon High ' . 'fl' I ur W . ,V f 6 A . L L flfy W 6Uu ' J 1 Q., -Q - l PATRICIA JOAN CORADI PAT Band 1-2-3, Cafeteria Patrol 1- 2-3, Dance Band 1-2-3, Girls' Glee Club 2-3, Homeroom Of- ficer 1, Intramurals 1-3, Cap- tain 3, May Day 1-2, Orchestra 1-2, Service Committee 1, Stu- dent Court 1-2-3, Tri-I-Ii-Y 1- 2-3, Usher 1, Hall Monitor 3, IOAnn Caponecchi Award 1 LORETTA CORADI REETS Class Officer 1-2, l-Iomeroom Officer 3, Intramurals 1-3, Mixed Chorus 3, Moon Beams 1-2, Tri-Hi-Y 2-3, W. .S.P.A. 2-3, a Day -2 We I of If RICHARD CONT' V MARTHA STUART , . RIC!! CRAMER . V Entered September, '55 TUDY xf Wu 5 "" , Class Officer 1, Girls' Glee Club , , N 2-3, Intramurals 1, May Day 1- yj ,S 2, Moon Beams 1, Service Com- fy 5? ' mittee 3, fP.s.P.Ap 1 ,N gp A VV if. J f w .4 fi cf .L W' LL 7119 ,A .,,, L Q IIJIJI- UNM' I L yy f' 4' 'yt I, If iyd 3, ,, QW , L Cf . 'ff U Y, sv V-jr.-A .. ,vga ' ' . .g'g,..:e:--: , , 41,51-,.2s2:1s . I 4 A ' I ' as f ,gk alumni we can enioy the events to come il JOSEPH CROGNALE JOE Band 2, Basketball 2, Cafeteria Patrol 3, Class Officer 3, Hall Patrol 3, Hi-Y 2-3, Officer 3, May Day 2, Moon Beams 3, Ra- dio Club 3, Science Club 2-3 LOUIS CUCCARO LOU Entered September '54, Home- room Officer 3, fNo Picturej suns--1' XL A IZML V rvw HQ -J by I GJ!!! qjjtg' 3 f ,I L, W l -.M GEORGE CYRILLA JUNIOR Cafeteria Aide 2, I-Il-Y 2-3, May Day 1-2, Student Council 3, Intramurals 1, Chess Clubl E255 . 1 ,Q frm' .1335 ,KW Nfl' 'ua -1662 " fl, 4. 4, t , ..r.. ,... 2 J - 4.5. H .s To 15 r , ,Y er-.' ELEANORE CYNTHIA DEMASSO E L L I E Cafeteria Patrol 3, Girls' Glee Club 2-3, May Day 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Record Reporter 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3, County Chorus 3, Hall Monitor 3, District Cho- rus 3, Senior Play 3 PAUL DUNN P.D. Cafeteria Aide 1-3, Chess Club 1, Hi-sY 1-2-3, Homeroom Of- ficer 1-3, Intramurals 1, May Day 1-2, Mixed Chorus 1-2-3, Moon Beams 1-2, Operetta 1-3, Science Club 1-2, Service Committee 1-2, Student Coun- cil 3, Usher 1-2, W.P.S.P. A. 1-2 I JOAN MARIE DEC HE LLIS JO - A N N Cafeteria Patrol 2-3, Girls' Glee Club 2, May Day 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3, Service Committee 3 ,I ' as sr' 15,131 I i au ,-:,.:,f ' -- , H i . 'Z sl , ' 5 .. 1 is.,s2g:s2j:2i3siife:egt, , if' 'Xb' ' 'P ' 9 K ierasifsffsswa Q, , - L , -fl ' . 5:11ff1fQ?'iiiz:f fa X , . ,,..,. ,M,g,,u. r my . 1 ,.,,,,,,, ,la , ,. 1 EAR L FAGAN S ID Football 1-2-3, Intramurals 1, JAMES ENGLISH JIM Hall Patrol 3, Intramurals 1, Key Club 1, May Day 1-2, National Honor Society 2-3, Officer 3, Science Club 1-2-3, Officer 2-3, Stage Crew 1, Hall Monitor 3, Service Committee 3, Senior Play 3 F.F.A. 1 NINA MARVEESE DEYTON Flame Staff 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, Hall Patrol 3, Homeroom Of- ficer 1, May Day 1, Mixed Cho- I rus 1-3, Student Council 1, Hall Monitor3 the halls through which we have . ,"" Y. . X Q i 4 5 J I 4' :Vw ,P sig. , AJ JANICE FONNER IAN Cheerleader 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, Hall Patrol 3, Hall Monitor 3, Intramurals 3, Captain 3, Ma Da 2 Moon Beams3 Tri- Y Y . . Hi-Y 2-3, Senior Play 3 WILLIAM BOYD THOMAS FLECK RAT Class Officer 2 3, Football 1 2-3, Hall Patrol 3, Hi-Y 1-2, Student Council 1, Intramurals 1, May Day 1 1955 FENTON, Ill NEWT Cafeteria Aide 2 Football 3 Hi Y 1 2 3, Intramurals 1, May Day 1 walked os we went from class to class JAMES GILLIGAN JIM Football 1-2-3, Homeroom Officer 2, Intramurals 1, Hall Monitor 3 JAMES ELMER GILCHRIST ELM TREE A, Cafeteria Patrol 1, Football 1-2, F.F.A. I, Hi-Y 2-3, Intramurals ' 1. May Day 1 A SALLY J. GITTINS GITTINO Girls' Glee Club 1-2, Hall Patrol , 3, Intramurals 1-3, Capta 3, 4 May Day 1-2, Hall Monit 3, if wwf E1 f ' I M E: K xi ..,-W T 'X14-11 'S' ka - vi 32' in ' a W ' Q . 4 K, . ,K :gr pa, . . . , X, ,512 . f-f kxfig -1h,. PAUL J. GOLASZ GO Chess Club 1-3, Officer 3, Class Officer 1, Hi-Y 1-2-3, May Day 1, Radio Club 3, Intramurals 1 Lrpbdpcrr i Hifi iw U n EILO MAE GORDON EILO Band 1-2-3, Flame Staff 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, Intramurals 1, Hall Patrol 3, Homeroom Officer 1, Library Club 1-2-3, May Day 1-2, National Honor Society 2-3, Operetta 1, Or- chestra 1-2, Tri-Hi-Y 2 JOSEPH GLATZ IOE Cafeteria Patrol 1-2, Football 1-2-3, Hall Patrol 3, Hall Mon- itor 3, Hi-Y 1, Homeroom Of- ficer 1-2-3, Intramurals 1, Captain 1, May Day 2, Service Committee 2, Usher 1, F.F.A. 1 gg 'WSL Eg 'N is QQ-ish, ,N M s Q gg S5 N ' E DONALD GORDON DON Basketball Manager 1-2, Intra- murals 1, May Day 1, Hall Monitor 3 'Tis is f-it f Q. , - gifs . 7.23 -' W "WL EILEEN GRlFFITH GRI FF Cafeteria Patrol 2, Girls' Glee Club 2-3, Intramurals 1-3, May Day 1-2, Student Council 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 2-3, Usher 2, Hall Monitor 3 JOHN GRIFFIN GRIFF Football I-2-3, Homeroom Of- ficer 1-2, Student Council 2 O S 9 ll I 0 Y S the track and diamond to ROBERT LEONARD GROSS BOB Cafeteria Patrol 1-2, Football 1-2-3, Hall Patrol 3, Hi-Y 3, Homeroom Officer 1-2-3, In- tramurals 1, May Day 2, Serv- ice Committee 3, Usher 1, Hall Monitor 3 Q tk " "' ., ve , .ti r. 5 an 46' ,,f,,.: +ve? ' fwlab 'tt CAROLYN MARIE GROSS Girls' Glee Club 2-3, lntramur- als 1-3, May Day 2, MixedCho- rus 2-3 LLOYD EDWARD GUILIAN I Band 1-2-3, Dance Band 1-2-3, Hi-Y 1, lntramurals 2-3, May Day 1-2, Operetta 1, Orchestra2 ill 1, JUDITH LEIGH HASTINGS IUDY Art Club 2-3, Officer 2-3, Bul- letin Board 2-3 Flame staff 3 Hall Patrol 3 Homeroom Officer I ! 2-3, lntramurals 3, Tri-Hi-Y dream of the records to be set 5 f t 2-3, Hall Monitor 3 s ' Milf ., - A 55 5235 fri it JO ANN CAROLE HARVARD . I0 Cafeteria Patrol 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, lntramurals 1, MayDay 1-2, Tri-Hi-Y1-2, Moon Beams 3, Hall Monitor 3, Na- tional Honor Society 3. l if CONRAD HEINLEIN CONNIE Band 1-2-3, Chess Club 1, Forensic Contests 1, F. F. A. 2-3, Key Club 3, Hall Monitor 3 ELIZABETH ANN HOLDEN WAYNE HYATT BETTY Girls' Glee Club 3, Intramurals 1-3, Tri-Hi-Y 3 I 'nazi Football 1, May Day 1 CAROLE ANN HOOVER CHIOUITA M. JOHNSON HOOV Bulletin Board 1, Girls' Glee Club 2, lntramurals 1, MayDay 1-2, Mixed Chorus 3, Science Club 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 2-3, Hall Monitor 3 CHEETIE F.H.A. 1, Intramurals 1 3, May Day 1-2, Moon Beams 2-3, Editor of Moon Beams 3, Hall Monitor 3, W.P S.P, A. 2-3, National Honor Society 3 NN' 5752 58,-f""': f f 5 9 . 4' CAROLE DIANE HORN H TOOT 1 An Club iieun . 1-2-3, e ommitte , Hggywfgr U r'1-,rn - tr ural , XJ' X I ' My . the library for o last look QW , I X GU ' I' f , ,VJJ GI U , , I ,U . AIA J' jf! 6 MARIAN ELIZABETH HUGHES ,,.,-2 ,', - I Girls' Glee Club 2, Intramurals ,. , 1: , 1, May Day 1-2, Mixed Chorus if 3 fl ' q 2-3, Operetta 1, Orchestra 1-2, 7 , V , Science Club 1-2-3, Officer ,-f.. I, ' -,,, Q , 2-3, Service Committee 2, I W Tri-Hi-Y 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y Conn- E , t ,sdd "" C '12, H ll M ' 3 - E sl, n ci a omtor A 'NH' 42 'J' W A . , 1 ifI.?.:'fLl, '- .E FRANCES KING FRANNIE Band 1-2-3, Bulletin Board 1, Cafeteria Patrol 2-3, Girls' Glee Club 2-3, Homeroom Of- ficer 1, Intramurals 1-3, Offi- cial 3, May Day 1-2, Tri-I-Ii-Y 1-2-3, Hall Monitor 3, Forensic 1, Service Committee 3, Na- tional Honor Society 3, Senior Play 3 if LORETTA J. KENNEDY LORRIE WAYNE KING SNAIL Intramurals 1, May Day 1 5? 1955 Cafeteria Patrol 3, May Day 1-2, Service Committee 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2 JAMES KOZEROVICH JIM SALLY TRUITT KNORR TRUITT Cheerleader 2-3, Flame Staff 3, Girls' Glee Club 2-3, Officer 3, Hall Patrol 3, Homeroom Of- ficer 1-2, Hall Monitor 3, Intra- murals 1, May Day 1-2, Mixed Chorus 3, Moon Beams 1-2, National Honor Society 2-3, Of- ficer 3, Senior Play 3, Student Council 3, Tri-Hi-Y l-2-3, Usher 2, Red Cross Council 3, District Chorus 3, W. P. S. P. A. 1-2 U H o the books and magazines v-r ,mai gh! L I 'i VN-I I f A 5 JANICE MARIE KRAMER jAN Art Club 1-2-3, Bulletin Board 1, Flame staff 3, Girls' Glee Club 2-3, Officer 2, Hall Patrol 3, Hall Monitor 3, l-Iomeroom Officer 1, Intramurals 1, May Day 1-2, Mixed Chorus 1-2-3, Officer 2-3, Operetta 1, Science Club 1-2-3, Officer 2-3, Serv- ice Committee 1-2-3, Student Council 2-3, Council Confer- ence 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3, Usher 2, W.P S.P.A. 2. Year- book Conf. 2, Sweetheat-tDance Queen 3, National Honor So- ciety 3 w V6.1 . f-""Y'4 . k Y- ,L 1 - 'ly - , ta 3 -. ' -ruaE.3.van'E5h.i2az,' JOAN MARIE KRECHKOWSKI KRECH Majorette 2, 3, Head 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Officer 2, Hall Patrol 3, Hall Monitor 3, Homeroom Officer 2, 3, Intra- murals 1,3, Library Club 1, 2, 3, May Day 1, 2,3, Mixed Cho- rus 1, Operetta 1, Science Club 1,2,3, Officer 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Usher 3, D.A.R. Award 3 JOHN F. KURTO KUR TO Art Club 2,3, Band 1, Senior Play 3, Basketball 1, 2, Bulle- tin Board 2, Cafeteria Aide 1, 2,3, Chess Club 3, Football 2, 3, Forensic Contests 1, Hi-Y 2,3, Homeroom Officer 3, ln- tramurals 1, May Day1,2, Ra- dio Club 3, Service Committee 1, 2 Q, U vm:.rk.:i,ri A 1 JOHN L. KRAJWQSK' ,IA K . Basketball 1-2 ootb -3, F.F.A. 1 2- , f 1-2-3, Hall Patr 3, Ho om Of- fice 1 , lub -3, Of- fice , M y1,, rage e 2-3 SN lj s RONALD KREN TZ - RONNIE Intramurals 1, May Day 1 CON STANCE DAR LEN E MAH ER CONNIE Cafeteria Patrol 3, Flame staff 3, Girls' Glee Club 2-3, Girls' Sextette 3, Intramurals 1-3, May Day 2, Mixed Chorus 3 Operetta 1, Science Club 3,, Tri-Hi-Y 2-3, Mixed Ensem- ble 3, District Chorus 3, Na- tional Honor Society 3, Senior Play 3 NANCY LOU LEE NANCY Girls' Glee Club 2-3, Home- room Officer 2, Intramurals 1, May Day 1-2-3, Mixed Chorus 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Hall Monitor3 the auditorium where we had so HELEN JANE McFARLAND JANIE F.H.A. 1, Glrls' Glee Club 2, Intramurals 3, May Day 2 ELIZABETH KARLEN E MATHIE BETTY Band 1-2-3, Class Officer 1-2, Dance Band 2-3, Flame Staff 3, Girls' Glee Club 2-3, H311 Patrol 3, Library Club 1-2-3, May Day 2, National Honor Society 2-3, Operetta 1, Orchestra 1-2, Tri- Hi-Y 2-3, Officer 2-3, Hall Monitor 3 'E-"'7' much fun presenting "County Fair" JOHN McKENDRY JOIIN l-ll-Y 2, Homeroom Officer 1, Intramurals 1 uv" LORRAINE McCALL RA IN Y Cafeteria Patrol 2-3, Girls' Glee Club 3, Intramurals 1-3, May Day 1-2, Tri-Hi-Y 2-3 . - zlrk - m5if? ixk , 2. A 41 1 H i , ,X K , , IA,-.-Nffr, . 'f 5, L F' is s 1 i s N x x x F M s X s X , ,f,..,, f K 7 sr ' lg' . I - g2 f'iV:rs1f-ws? iz' -,- . Q -,.. , 1 f- fr we osq. 31 if ' - , W- , .. 1. 1 1 V 'V' JOHN D. MCLEAN O.D Art Club '2-3, Hi-Y 1-2-3, Chess Club 1-3, Cafeteria Aide 2, Senior Play 3, Flame Staff 3 X ROBERT McCALL BOB Cafeteria Patrol 1-2-3, F.F.A. 1-2-3 g fi " W - , 3, DON NA MARIE MEANOR Cafeteria Patrol 3, F. H. A. 1, Intramurals 1, May Day 2, Glee Club 2 ABIGAIL JOYCE MILLER ABIGIRL Art Club 3, Bulletin Board 3, Cheerleader 2-3, Girls' Glee Club 2-3, Officer 3, Hall Mon- itor 3, Homeroom Officer 1, In- tramurals 1-3, Captain 1-3, May Day 1-2, Mlxed Chorus 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Officer 2, Senior Play 3 DELYTE L. MORRIS DEE Intramurals 1-3, Captain 3, Moon Beams 3, Record Reporter 3, Science Club 2-3, W.P.S. P.A. Conference 3, Hall Mon- itor 3, National Honor Society3 PATRICIA ANN MOORE PA TTY KENNETH O'GORMAN SCHULTZMIRE Football 1, Golf Team 1-2-3, Hall Patrol 3, Hi-Y 1-2-3, Home- room Officer 1, Key Club 2-3, May Day 1, Mixed Chorus 2-3, Stage Crew 2, Boys' Ensemble 3, District Chorus 3, Senior Play 3 TED NIEDERRITER MOOSE Mixed Chorus 3, Boys' Octette 3, Cafeteria Aide 2, Football 1-2, F.F.A. 1-2-3, Hi-Y 2-3, Mixed Chorus 2-3, May Day1-2 Cafeteria Patrol 3, Girls' Glee Club 2-3, Intramurals 1-3, May Day 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Science Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Hall Monitor 3, Senior Play 3 those stone benches which soon will , ' L . ff 'iI'f"Wl' ," 'I ' i ,' P' 4 Mm' , QM' A 'I-3-"'?-LI' - ' '. it L - I ,C A 46 . .- , I , I I I - ' ui' ww f 55' I' ' . ,. vim..-alert aww. . - , M FRANCES IELENE PALITTI DONALD PARSONS F RA N DON Moon Beams 3, Intramurals 1,3, Entered September '54, HOITIC' w.p.5.p.A. 3 room Officer 3, Chess Club 3, Hall Monitor 3 H GEORGE ALEXANDER oak, III W SANDY V ,1V,axyVV I Band 1-2-3, Chess Club 1-3, Dance Band 1-2-3, Flame Staff V 3, Forensic Contests 1, Hall ,Q V Patrol 3, Hi-Y 1-2-3, Officer VV , ,,,, . , - ' ,, 3, May Day 1-2, Orchestra 1-2, V V- 5 'V .f Hall Monitor 3, National Honor li V D" W'i1 i5Es'l-.t ' is , V Society 3, Western District 'AV , '3,,.,,. f V Band 3 'Ev' . -'P' t m 3 A ,f' ' fr ,. V V ,., M ' A A 'V 11. 1 , lf . ., F ' ca in wife 1 - J GEORGE D. PETRICKO A C E JAMES RAYMOND PAYNE JIM RA Y Football 1-2-3, Hall Patrol 3, Homeroom Officer 1 -3, Intramur- als 1, Key Club 1, Hall Monitor 3, May Day 2, Student Court 3 1955 be sheltered by frees and surrounded Entered September '54, Hi-Y 3 by shrubbery in full growth. Ku-s. Jr, , . ,ir A I as ag' W, V y I JACK PETRIC KO JACK Entered September '54, Hi-Y 3 IV 3,5554 'i-'ti EDWARD A. PREKOP ED Band 1-2, May Day 1-2 RUSSEL O. RAN SHAW BUCK Chess Club 3, Moon Beams 1, Radio Club 3, Officer 3, Science Club 2-3 THERESSA MARIE PERRINE TERRY Dance Band 2, Girls' Glee Club 3, May Day 2, Mixed Chorus 2-3, Officer 3, Student Council 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2-3, Officer Monitor 3, H 1 ro Chorus 3, tional Hall al Pat M V, V' v,,, if "" 'xxx r 0 L ' e . 1 ,,,,, Q, 5:5 ,f' his ess 1,- I o f E i- -,'- L ,, 1 fi: W J ggigsg t i il 2 1 - ii. J :kg 71 RSV-1' j Q, - ,-., VIVIAN RALPH TOOTS May Day 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Intramurals 3 LAVERNE RICHIE LA F.H.A. 1, Girls' Glee Club 1-3 Intramurals 1-3, Captain 1-3, May Day 1-2, Mixed Chorus 1- 3, District Chorus 3, Trl-Hi-Y3 CHARLES LOUIS RECH CHUCK Cafeteria Aide 1, Hi-Y 2-3, May Day 1, Moon Beams 2-3, Service Committee 2, W.P.S. P.A. 2 the "gym" that will be the 48 PATRICIA ANN Rows g nl:-:-ye ' f JANET RUSSELL PA TTY Girls' Glee Club 2-3, Hall Patrol 3, Intramurals 3, May Day 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Officer 3, Moon Beams 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2-3 ROSI Band 1-2-3, Hi-Y 2-3, May Day 1-2 Girls' Glee Club 2-3, Intramurals 1-3, May Day 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2-3 y JOSEPH PAUL ROSIGNQLI ANTHONY L. SANTUCCI SAM Band 1-2-3, Cafeteria Patrol 3 Hall Monitor 3 ll! 1955 scene of games and proms to come. FRED SCHNEEMAN FR I TZ Intramurals 1, May Day 2 RICHARD SHANDICK ll fi, A M RICH Lg!! Intramurals 1, May Day 2 ff A sf "ij" DONALD SMITH SMITTY V CHRISTINE G. SNELL CHRIS Cheerleader 2-3, Dance Band 2, Flame Staff 3, Forensic Con- tests 1, Girls' Ensemble 1, Girls' Sextette 1-2-3, Hall Patrol 3, Homeroom Officer 2, Intramur- als 1-3, May Day 1-2, Mixed Chorus 1-2-3, Officer 3, Oper- etta 1, Tn-1-ti-Y 1-2-3, District Chorus 1-2-3, County Chorus 3 HENRY CLAYBOURNE SHELTON IIEN Band 1-2-3, Cafeteria Aide 1- 2-3, Dance 1-2-3, F,F,A, 1-2- 3, Officer 2-3, Homeroom Offi- cer 3, May Day 1-2, Hi-Y 3, Hall Monitor 3, Key Club 3 N Req 2 E X , MARY EILEEN TIERNEY EI Girls' Glee Club 2, Intramurals 1, Service Committee 1 NAN CY STE LZI G N A NCE Cheerleader 3, Hall Patrol 3, Homeroom Officer 3, Intramur- als 1-3, May Day 2, Tri-Hi-Y3 the cafeteria to get in line for one more DONNA SMITH DONNIE Girls' Glee Club 2-3, Home- room Officer 2-3, Intramurals 1-3, May Day 1-2, MixedCho- rus 3, Science Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2-3, Senior Play 3 TERRENCE A. TIERNEY TERRY Basketball 1-2-3, Cafeteria Aide 1, Chess Club 1-3, Football 1- 2-3, Hall Patrol 3, Hi-Y 1-2-3, Key Club 2-3, Key Club Con- vention 2-3, May Day 1-2, Stu- dent Council l-2-3, Officer 2-3, Intramurals 1, Captain 1, Stu- dent Council Conference 2, Hall Monitor 3, Service Committee 1 3 K ,f MARGARET ANNE TURNER PEG Band 1-2-3, Flame Staff 3, Fo- rensic Contests 1, Girls' Glee Club 2-3, Hall Patrol 3, Intra- murals 3, Library Club 1-2-3, Officer 3, May Day 1-2, Or- chestra 1-2, National Honor So- ciety 3, Student Councill-2-3, Student Council Conference 1-2, Tri-Hi-Y 2-3, Hall Mon- itor 3, W. P. S. P. A 3, Senior Play 3 HAROLD WALLS WALSO Flame Staff 3, Hall Patrol 3, f Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3, Intra- wr murals 1, Key Club 3, May Day ag 2, Moon Bea 3, National , YQ Honor Roxiety Hall Mo 't 1, f. , ,Kb qt L f X I K ag, I ' 'fa V if 'N I W All f TJ """"'f V W if ' I , , ' ffggw 1 lv . , VW A ILC' A L D ' :fi L' fig ' AK c aries? I of the lunches we have enioyed so much THADDUS E. TWIGG THAD Art Club 3, Band 1,2,3, Cafe- teria Aide 1,2, Cafeteria Patrol 2, Chess Club l,3, Forensic Contests 1, Hall Monitor 3, Hall Patrol 3, Hi-Y 1,2,3, Home- room Officer 1, Intramurals 1, May Day 1, 2, Service Commit- tee 1,2,3, Usher 1,2,3, senior Play 3 .tiff ,. K is., x, I Q HELEN A. WATTS HEL Girls' Glee Club 2.3, Hall Pa- trol 3, Homeroom Officer 1,2, Intramurals 1, May Day 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 fs"-'7"t,t- CHARLES WHEELER WEE Basketball Manager 3, Cafete- ria Patrol 2, Chess Club 1.3, Football 3, Hall Patrol 3, Hi-Y 1, 3, Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3, Intramurals 1, May Day 1, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Officer 3, Student ouncil 2, Usher 2, Distric orus 2,3, Hall Mon- itor 3, unty Chorus 3 .jw 0 . ' ,an . J' . I 1 'Sp-r" fi 7 Sl AR LENE EVE LYN WILSON WI LL Y Girls' Glee Club 2, Homeroom Officer 3 1955 'fi DARLENE vooga DAR ,L , Band 1,2,3, Cafetelfb P' trol 3, Cafeteria Aide 2,3, Gd' Glee Club 2, Intramurals 1, May Day 1,2, Operetta 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3 ,- 'F 'lf . K, to ,wx .Emi 135 xx 1. if .sb A ff ,qv gg 52 Sponsor - Mr. john Miller CLASS OFFICERS President ...... . . Geraldine T arquinio Vice-President . . ...... Dick Burns Secretary .... . .Richard Hoskinson Treasurer ......... . . Oliver Turzak HOMEROOM TEACHERS Mr. Espy Mr. Liebermann Mrs. Miller Mr. Sharps HE Class of l956 has bent all efforts A this year to make a success of their "prom" to take place May 6, 1955, in the high school gym. Row 1: Bamhart, Fenimore, McClellan, Perer, Fabcc, Rao. Row 2: Meyers, Cain, Strutzel, Hanson, Litterini, Glass. Row 3: Fawkes, Turzak, Golasz, Malnak, Kirkwood, Bly- stone. Row 4: Conway, Baltzegar, Sullivan, Komnamitsky Frisch. Row 5: Clark, Conner, Watson, Hoskinson, I-lisey. Row 1: Conley, LeParmentier, Tarquinio, Raddant, Hoover Kephart. Row 2: Dickinson, McArdle, Geier, Leoni, West, Springer, Row 3: Kozar, McEwen, Sever, McCormick, Scaletto, Kramer, Stelzig, Row 1: Henley, Schavolr, Trunick, Evanko, Keller, Lego. Row 2: Lender, Whiteman, Rabbit, Bums, Dickson, Diehl. Row 3: Vardamas, Todd, Wolf, Olson, Curry, McClellan. Row 4: Moon, Rogers, Thompson, Portman, Gordon, Glatz, Row 5: McGivem, Anderson, Singer. Row 1: Dunn, Cyrilla, Walker, Caponecchi, Muscate, Boden. Row 2: Birmingham, Jones, Rutledge, Breiten- stein, Rehm, Anderson. Row 3: Coyne, Miller, Trunick, Hainley, Morrison. Row 4: Mros, Holmes, Neil, Thomas, McHenry, Klass. Row 5:Thomhil1, Shacosky, Corbett, Row 1: Hennen, Cyphert, Creps, Scaletto, Larkin, Geisler, Row 2: Bailey, Mosley, Honchorek, Basalyga, Saveno, Julius. Row 3: Griffith, Tilly, Kammerdiener, Mushalan- sky, Guiliani, Ropos. Row 5: Parker, Lockhart, Cumpston Mertz, McFarland. sophomores Sponsor - Mrs. Crawford CLASS OFFICERS President ...... . .jim Williams Vice-President. . . .jack Vernocy Secretary .... . . Patty Clark Treasurer ......... . .Floyd Greer HOMEROOM TEACHERS Mr. Boyd Mrs. Crawford Mr. Merges Mr. Shissler Mr. Waite HE Class of 1957 lcnew sorrow when a classmate, john Tilly, met a tragic death. Their main project was the sale of stationery. Row 1: Clark, Miller, Schavolt, Topschcr, Jcllison, New- man, Bagnato, Smith, Row 22: Baner, Hennen, Harper, Lotlcs, Frisch. Row 3: Ryan, Dickey, Adair, Kern, Dun- ham. Row 4: L.Palett1, Brooks, Williams, Hutchinson, Hoover, Goodnight, P.SantucCi, Row Ig Schaper, Merriman, Zelensky, Goss, Laughner, Ward. Row 25 Kcnnelly, Muscati, Danley, Garner, Lock- crbey. Row 3: Mueller, N.D.Grimm, Biggerstaff, Chick, Doughty, Shacoski. Row 4: Chevrount, Stelzig, Genronc, Walls, Rafferty, McFarland, Manko, Row S, llayman, Tilly', Bell, Linn, Dunmire, Wiley. ' Died Ifchrnary 4, l955, Row 1: Sullivan, Neff, Parker, P.Palett1, Kaufman, Kramer. Row LZ: Cantrell, Bell, Meacham, Rehburg, Gillis, Minich. Row 35 Omler, Drenncn, Burkhart, A.Goodnight, Jellison, Hoguc. Row 4: Lawson, Vernocy, Haas, Row 1: Iletlyn, Kulchak, Miller, Petrilla, P.IJrake, Messner, Row 22: Sncll, Mvtiutcheon, Knoll, Thompson, Bedick, Burns Row 33 Gastner, Sellers, Schneeman, Eaton, Kalaugher, -Greer. Row 41 Pratt, Worth, Householder, Turner, Heinlein, Franc. Row 5: Martin, Trimbcr, Bottoroff, McCaslin. Row lg James, N.E,Grimm, Blanchard, Crognale, V,Drake Gaydos. Row 2: DeChe11is, Robinson, Rowe, Molchan, Mc Coullough, Bonach. Row 31 West, Crawford, Babik, Wads- worth, Meacham, Hawtree. Row 4: Hornych, Sullivan, Worth, Palsa, Caro, Ondrasik. Row 51 Worth, Thompson, Richie, Gittins, Nanz, Wemer, Onesta. V nun :gp- ifr K 10 I.-... 54 Sponsor - Miss Romano CLASS OFFICERS President ...... . . . Fred Churchill Vice-President. . . Micheal Mullaugh Secretary. . . . . . Lois Hoover Treasurer . . Dale Turzak HOMEROOM TEACHERS Mr. Goss IMI. Gozur Mr. l-luckenstein Miss Romano Mr. Cooper HE Class of 1958, who stand on the threshold of senior high school, can look back on a year of excitement and fun mixed with plenty of studying. Row 1: James, Miller, Wilson, Harper, Pardo, Clark, R. Olson, Dunn. Row 2: Egenlauf, Tranter, Meyers, Ports, Senko, Patterson, Row 3: Gross, Dempsey, Carrodus, M. Kennedy, Crown. Row 1: Franc, Bryant, Fratangelo, Powell, Beeman, Hoover, C,Iellison, Rugani, Row 2: Kremin, Riggle, Celio Reed, Conley, Manko. Row-3: McLean, Colangelo, Tar- quinio, Yoder, Moon, Springer, Gray. Row 4: Urban, Goodnight, Snodgrass, Shimer, Kolinie, Padgett. Row 1: Trapp, Cramer, Raihall, Fullard, Laughner, Ropos. Row 2: Neiderriter, Honchorck, Barnes, Milligan, Helsing- er, Curry. Row 3: Ballard, Potts, Martin, Cook, O'Nora, Smith. Row 4: Meyers, King, Waltonbaugh, Marzlak, Kavanaugh, Hickey. Row 5: Garren, Mullough, Lightner, Lauderbaugh, Manko, Parsons, Patton, Row 1: Kriger, Meeker, Coyne, Cyrilla, Kinchen, Messner, Moreland, Trunick. Row 2: Wirth, Botkin, Driscoll, Heili- man, Walker, Smith. Row 3: Schutzman, Lydic, Shelton, Cumpston. Row 4: Eckley, Boling, Ramsay, Fisher, Ken- nelly, Kinchen. Row 1: Wirth, Almacy, Von Stein, Danley, Minear, Diday, Gaydos. Row 2: Miller, Boden, Ryan, Dunn, Larkin, Prunty. Row 3: K.Wilson, Linn, Paletti, Gross, W.Wilson, Olson. Row 4: Patterson, Potts, Lansberry, Scalletti, O',- Rourke. Row 1: Betlyn, Rozinski, Bvanko, Trimber, Rabbit, Mas- sung. Row 2: Castellan, Cruckshank, Beaman, Deimler, Skarada, Wana. Row 3: Graff, Elliott, Merriman. Row 4: Kozar, Martin, Tennimore, Colledge, Karcesky, Churchill, Szalagyi, Frye. Row 5: Green, Hartz, Turzak, Bowers. :,,-- :yr - eighth grade Row 1: Barrackman, G.Lottes, R.Lottes, DiMeo, Simon, Remmert, Dickey, Lego. Row 2: Crognale, Habenicht, Popovic, Hare, Heinlein, Sheffler. Row 3: Crea, T.Mc- Caslin, Williams, Rudge, Myers, Winkle, I. McCaslin. Row 4: Davidson, Padgett, Bagnato, Eliot, Michalisin, Tilly. Row 5: Stouffer, Trunick, Yoder, Golasz, Yeck. Row 1: Campbell, Bostaph, Rapp, Christner, Rollin, Riggle, Bortle, Heinlein. Row 2: Miller, Creps, Almacy, Hart- trick, Dame, Kastler. Row 3: Jones, Swearinger, Smith, Boden, Adair, Svat. Row 4: Hoffman, Shosky, Laiff, Frame, Manna. Row 5: B.Gilchrist, Collins, Hann, Penrod, Tater, Neal, Penninger, Row 1: Moore, Manko, R.Gilchrist, Geier, Heller, Hein- lein, Coradi, McFarland. Row 2: Yaksetic, Henning, Gill- igan. I.Potts, Tagliaferi, Dugan. Row 3: Rabovsky, Vesta, Kurto, Klixbull, Wadsworth. Row 4: Ardrey, Cheuvront, Griffith, Holden, Hixson, Mosley. Row 5: Bames, Doerr, Betlyn. Row l: Stewart, Drake, Clark, Fisher, Hutchinson, Camp, Hood. Row 2: Hetzer, Grimm, Maher, Stelzig, Bell, Red- enbaugh. Row 3: Dunmire, Kennedy, Davanaugh, Stitsel, Krauss, Potts. Row 4: Goss, Weber, Rao, Fior, Page. Row 5: Popp, Budzuk, Ioy, Klass, Dennis, McKenna, Tener. Row 1: Kephart, Anderson, Springer, Wolf, Potts, Reden- baugh, Molchan. Row 2: Gardner, Baun, Gastner, Driscoll, Dickinson, Sacco. Row 3: Christian, Walker, I.Koch, Glatz, O'Gorman, Gaydos, Hainley. Row 4: M.Miller, I, Miller, Larkin, Alexander, R. Gray, J.Gray, Cain, Hughes. Row 5: Egenlauf, A.Clark, McCutcheon. HE Class of 1959 anxiously antici- pates next year, when they will have eamed their first title, "freshmen." Sponsor - Mr. Reed CLASS OFFICERS President ...... . . . Donna DeMeo Vice-President. . . . Richard Gilchrist Secretary .... . . Fred Tagliaferi Treasurer ......... . .Amy Sacco HOMEROOM TEACHERS Mr. Gilbert Mrs. Hixson Miss Koepfinger Mrs. Shaffer Mr. Tipker -u-un-swung-vg s-a-we-in S-Im., L. , 'vvmnunuy Q -sunny 5 . 'funny vffvmnm-nf H. LH' 55 ,.,...sf,Q 1 'Q SWS? ufliixi 1 q:,? t - . A, N "' H FQ Bw? 1 is t " ,., ,, .Qs K 1 aa ' 4 .V 1 A "" Q 7 ' sw K Mitiigg, ' 9 ..: f a '- 'if ga' i 35 al, x A ,, Q b K 1 , 'f, 4, Fa ggi 'li ' is as ' ".'.:'F , ig. ..s,,..,,,,,,, -' P- v. - -W, x. ,.. si. f s ft . fig .Effiir 5' V . M... , . -- , , A V t .I-e-fil ls t X' Nj if 2' , ' X i , SQ if ,Q ' s Row 1: Rupert, N,Miller, Stewart, Grimm, Bell, Boslaph, Mc- Gregor, Moser. Row 2: P.Walls, V.Neiderriter, McCall, Hyatt, Machuda, Schultheis. Row 3: Smith, Boot, Cercone, Walker, Wright, Davy, DeWitt. Row 4: Patterson, Zuleski, Z.Good- night, Popp, B.Neiderriter, Wentz, Homechek, Hartman. Row 1: Knoll, W,Miller, Penrod, Shetller, Ward, Shulenberg, Yusey, West. Row 2: Curry, Schneeman, Manion, Cars, E. Smith, Walls. Row 3: Inches, Mack, Driscoll, White,Gereg, Wood, Burns. Row 4: Haney, Martin, Neely, Schaffer, Lans- berry, Morris, Hitt, Mc Corkle, Andrick. Q . l ,. J f--M-ss Row 1: Cruickshank, Schaper, Fagan, Anderson, Kriger, Kramer, Wilkes, Cramer. Row 2: Gittins, Hoge, Zimmerman, Messner, Smith, Potts. Row 3: Honchorek, Penseron, Naugle, Swadlow, Bosetti, Griffin, Ladesic, Waltonbaugh. Row 4: Schneltzer, Hemphill, Polokovich, Bryant, Cunningham, Foster, Row 5: Burkhart, Walters, Haney, Riggle. ff 5 . 3 . - -. 1 .- -- ' . - .. as as .....,.M......s.s..t , N . -3 f K,'. 33: K.t'. 1 V """"'Q'f- . . . si- 3 V- - . ...,,s,s,.M..,....... ff: ,,. , ,- tant.. . .,, V Q , ,sf . , K J 7' .4 'esp .K 11-gfff. any '-W' "ii -. I l in -a 1. I - 1, as ts J V, gi, 1' ' Y? W 1 3. si 542. Q " li - 1 - '1 V'-3, it.-le, W X gym. ,,,..-A . - t ' "4 Q Q- -in Z'-37 '34 Q r ' f M K itil- . F' ' v ff ' .. ,, 3 " , A .. K ' , Q , W ,4 .5 Q 5 . L 0 V I. - an : ' iff' Q 5 3 rr ' l his S ur E 'X 5 N lf Q ef fm st A 'FJ A Q Mi s K -, -. . z , WL , ' .. agasifm s Ads S v as Row l: Gordon, Sunday, Shively, Heinlein, Rao, Ewet, Morris, Milligan. Row 2: Christner, Hunter, Gereg, Bailey, Sellers. Row 3: Dunn, Fesko, Ingwalson, Siegman, Anderson, Saskas, Campbell, Highman. Row 4: Smonko, Meacham, Pickins, Vennert, Iarmulowsky, Morton, Smith. Row 5: Tomachesky, Dennis, McCune, Baldwin. I lfi-1Q?N'e+w 2':w1,LQ.s1a4-. sw-4, wfamsfr, 5, , , ,,, 1 ,',,,: F? Q 5 a rast' 53. fur ,-" 'K fir! L W--Us , ::-:: s r: --'1. Q-Q 'Z I .Q . w 6- f .f., N, ,-fs . ,.,,i Q , s j fm' 1' N 4... vs is af- 1.5, .5 ' ' ' A :,4 fjli-sp K V .. I , .., an Q W -v . Q as :L :, . , , ff t A ,, f" ,La 4.5 ind , . ,gn " 36"u"'q , I: i ,-f' N: fd f . P 5 1 4 si 1r'v'f '9 Riff' W f"?i 'A i 2 F .. . K . ',, ' gb? T V ' Row 1: Pardo, Zimmerman, Sever, Hoover, Mossey, Demico, Thompson, Mapel. Row 2: Neemoth, Rosignoli, Otto, Tile- ming Lozree, Kolsar, King, Glass. Row 3: Kolezar, Delancey MacDonald, Zincourtah, E,Miller, Jones, Lovey, Kirkwood, Ballard, Conner, Kennelly. Row 4: Lieberman, Santucci, Young, Schafield, McCutcheon. s e v e n i In g r a cl HOMEROOM TEACHERS Mr. Braun . . .Mrs. McCormick Mr. Fryz .... . Mr. McDaniel Miss Huffman . . . . Miss Winne Miss Kennedy HE Class of 1960 has had one year in which to establish themselves in this, our high school. They can look forward to being the first class to spend their entire six years in our new school building. Row l: Cook, Mocksin, Ramsey, Doughty, Smith, Powell, Heineger, Molle. Row 2: Russell, Parker, Thompson, Rintul, Goodnight, Kem. Row 3: Hastings, Grubb, Iarmuloski, Jinks, Williams, Mueller. Row 4: Brehdahl, Snell, Adams, Churchill, Noss, Gintone, Row 5: Behling, Cumpston, Gittins, Urban, Yeck, Billingsley. Row 1: Crim, Bowers, Anderson, Kammerdeiner, Compton, Combs, Harper, Pierce. Row 2: Kruppa, Ward, Phillips, Sellers, Klulow, Kennedy, Row 3: Deihl, McCullough, Grannis, Mc- Cutcheon, Atallak, Gray, Kopsa. Row 4: Saveno, Freiman, Titus, Schruber, Gillis, Smith, Miller, Jones. Row 5: Glass, Mc lntosh, Lynn, Dtmn. c u s i o cl I Cl n s W rd., ' Q go it J t 'ff Mr. Rebuelta -avg ,J ' bk :.L1,qK ' Mr. Holland rf' l . ,rw f f ' at ' l V I. Ms,-' Mr. Born Mr. Baechtold Mr Miller and Mr Meanor R CLARENCE MILLER and his corps of bus drivers perform the herculean task of transporting both elementary and high school students . Weather is not the only obstacle they must surmount, but their record is one of which we are proud and for which we are grateful. We also take this opportunity to congratu- late and thank Mr. William Meanor for 33 years of service as a bus driver in the Moon School District. He is Mr. Miller's right hand man, for "Bill" not only drives but he keeps the buses "on the road." Mrs. Dickson, Mrs. Pariso, Mrs. Kinlock sg t . 5 ti ff' 4- I if ' ' f no n' b I, I' J ff 'S ,. s.4' Qi T is a major operation to keep our building and grounds in good working condition, but we boast a custodial staff equal to the task under any circumstances and in any kind of weather. Mr. Glttins av- 57 Mrs. Bonach and Mrs. Zimmerman H A iff P I ' - Q I ,Q f r X Y - - ,. - V at 5 N L K A l I ?i?i?E1 'S r 1 f 'Y' - 1 f Hi7iffQ , ,Y' ' -- ' L ' - 'X Q. t ' - f- L Q f fl fl 1 K.. .g .. 1 v , . - Z w ' , . '. ,L 1 s ' , - !Jr - Q' b HA, I at YZF Row lg Rehm, Dunn, Johnson, Morris. Row 2: Walls, Fonner, Brast. O other organization has won more awards and in so doing brought more honor to Moon High, than has the MOON BEAMS, our week- ly paper. The l954 issues won the Keystone in Pennsylvania School Press Association competition, and the all-American in National School Press Association. Mr. Shissler and his staff headed by Chiquita johnson as editor are continuing to publish Moon Beams that live up to their predecessors . Along with Mr. Shissler, several members conducted a panel dis- cussion at the N. P. S. P. A. meeting in October, and attended the P. S. P. A. meeting at Pennsylvania State University. 58 journalism at Moon High includes the production of the F LAME, "Moon Beams" and "Moon High News" in the Coraopolis Record. Since our FLAME must needs have become larger through the years, so must the production staff have in- increased. This year we saw the wisdom of giving a token force of juniors an opportunity to know the prob- lems of preparing a yearbook. Five members of the Class of '56 have proved of valuable assistance and will form the nucleus of next year's staff. Ann Curry, Joan Fabec, Jim Portman, Margie Keller, Suzy Lego, and Mary Jo Julius have been the first juniors to be Flame Staff assistants. A bigger book also means alarger budget. Mr. Colantoni, the business managers, and six boys who offered their services were equal to the task. Thanks to our many patrons who re- sponded to our call. Assistants to the Business Managers. Rosignoli, Guiliani, Brast, Twigg. Fenton, and Parsons did their share in selling advertising for the Flame. The FLAME, a member of National, Pennsylvania and Columbia University School Press Association, won a third place rating in the first and a second in the last two for the 1954 edition . Miss Braun, Betty Mathie, and John Bedick led a panel discussion at the Pitt meeting of W.P,S, P,A, and Miss Braun appeared on TV in a yearbook discussion. RECORD REPORTE RS Eleanore DeMasso, dou- bling as typist and reporter, and Delyte Morris worked with Miss Braun to contribute Vol- ume 20 of Moon High News to the Coraopolis Record. This is our means of keeping our neighbors and friends informed on our school activities . 7 R- , Q . " av, .- W M 1955 V 'rf f f Betty Iohn Janice IUC-ly car'-"J as x 3 QQ-Q. A -Aw 5 i tw -ef A -' agar' A X ' L A X 7 ' A 5 mi, X f 3 1, . fe liilo Mac Harold Peggy Sandy Sally John Qi F4 'Y L., fl td kb g ,f 'D It . 5, . t 'TP' fegfsx 7 ' aj I ' M 'Y Q' f If M 4 Y ' qi -i Q . M, 7 K Qqigy 'mn-ASs4M,,. . A , A V 3sAlsa'if at Harold Miss Braun Judy , . , , FLAME STAFF Christine. Nina Connie Editors ...... . . . john Bedick Betty Mathie 'fy Art Editors .... . . judy Hastings s 'iq janice Kramer Business Managers .... john McLean ,M Peggy Turner 3 Q' 3 me George Orr b Activities Editors Eilo Mae Gordon fs' S 11 K Z1 Y HOU' 59 Typists . Faculty Advisor . Harold Walls . . Nina Deyton Connie Maher Christine Snell Miss Elsie Braun Y , S S ff" il, Standing: Behling, McCormick, Sullivan, Singer, W.Goodnight, Paletti, A.Goodnight, Baker, Tumer, Cyrilla. Seated: Drake, Gittins, Biggerstaff, Griffith, Bailey, Kammer- demer, Birmingham, Miller, Knorr, Morrison, Dunn, Perrine, Vardamis, Turner, Kramer. HE Senate is the upper house of the goveming body, which is comprised of all Sophomore, junior and Senior homeroom rep- resentatives. They meet with Mr. Brooks every Thursday in the confer- ence room to discuss and give decisions on imme- diate problems of the stu- dent body. Officers Pres. . . . ........ Roy Behling V,Pr-es, , , , , . Jack McCormick Sec'y .... .... D orothy Bailey Treas. . . . . . . Terry Tierney Advisor .... ..... M r. Brooks siudenl government N., vn- Storma Miller and Roy Behling represented Moon's student Council at the state convention in Philadelphia. HE House under the supervision of Mr. Lee takes care of the problems confronting the junior high students Yusey, Dickey, Snell, Rintoul, Phillips, Rao, Springer, Knoll. Row 2: Rabosky, Miller, Kav- anaugh, Barnes, Meacham, Almacy, Dickenson, Inches, Hood, Kem. Row 3: Urban, Gillis, Tator, Waltonbaugh, McCas1in, McCork1e, Behling, Bryant, Moore, Deimler, Adams, Kolenie. Jack, Roy, Dorothy, Terry 1 I 1 HREE half hour closed lunch peri- ods necessitate a well organized corps of mon- itors each period to en- force the cafeteria rules for cleanliness and L order. 'Q , ' if HALL GUARDS Row lg Perrine, Snell, Hastings X H 3 ls Row 1: Rao, Niederriter, Goss. Row 2: McEwen, J.Heinlein, S.Heinlein, Ralph, Hood, Jones, Barnes, Milligan. Row 3, Lego, Keller, Alexander, Diehl, Rugani, Baun, Kavanaugh, T.Mil1er, Trunick, Hen- ning, Almacy, Ballard, Elliot, Kurto. Row 4: Whiteman, C.Gaydos, Glass, Lippo, G.Miller, Coradi, Sullivan, DeMasso, M.Gaydos, Meyers, Neff, Rudge, Meacham, I. Miller, Castellan, P.King, F.King, Row 5: Yoder, DeChellis, Meanor Maher, Hoffman, Churchill, Pittinger, Tarot, Santucci, McClellan, Bottorff, Cramer, Kennedy, Dickie, Werner, Easter, McCaslin, Moore, Harvard, Wirth, Rodgers, Hisey, Richie, Ch 'E es. NCE again the Student Council and faculty appointed hall guards to handle the traffic problem during the changing of classes. IH! , Knorr, Watts,Chambordon, Kramer, Mathie, Gordon, Bailey. Row 2: Miller, Gittins, Krechkowski, Tumer, English, Crognale, Rowe, Deyton, Fonner, Stel- zig. Row 3: O'Gorman, Fleck,Baird, Payne, Bedick, Tierney, Walls, Orr, Twigg, Kramer. HE Hall Monitors serve a two fold purpose. Stationed at vantage hall posts, they keep a record of all students who are in the halls during class periods and they are of- ficial guides to visitors to the building. '?f'fwfnesfaaQOO Nl ' ri .QP Row lg Caponecchi, Perrine, J. Kramer, A.Miller, Bailey, Griffith, Blanchard, Le Parmentier, Coradi, Kephart, Rowe, Birmingham, Trunick. Row 2: Conley, Homych, McFarland, Honchorck, Turrler, De Masso, Deyton, Fonner, McCelland, English, Gordon, McCormick, McEwen. Row 3: Chambordon, Gittins, Knorr, Lee, Bishop, Lockhart, Coyne, Allshouse, Hastings, Krechkowskl, McArdle. Row 4: Rodgers, Dramer, Kozar, Mathie, Hoover, Hughes, Biggerstaff, Adams, Moore, Harvard, Twigg. Row 5: Bedick, Walls, Tierney, Baird, Shelton, I.Kramer, Heinlein, Orr, Payne. 61 - .. ,W-,., f - Q ,L .f gag S fln S al' S 5- 5, 4 3 53' Girardi, and Kramer. Left to right: O'Gorman, Vemocey, Williams, Clark, Mr. Seigman J J llllU"-' Jack, Butch, Mr. Seigman, Barry, and Kenny get ready to leave for a match. V I Sw vw OLF must share the spring spot light with baseball and track this year. With two seniors, two juniors, and some promising sophomore material who earned letters and ex- gil perience in the l954 campaign, our golf pic- , A ture looks bright for the coming season. -Q 'sf NEWLY organized track team worked out in the fall. They looked forward to an active season this spring. Everyone is anx- iously awaiting some action from a new organ- ization coached by Mr. Merges. , A 1 . 1 lx' if Q., x I - -ra limi. . as 1. - fi- , KQYW' ' ' gg , X t . i ,jk if - 5 at W Ev . K' N ..j:"' ' Kraft-.iihmifr-A -' r I-fiw,-wi., 1- mv - I if gs, 5, if-5-. 3 g- , Q A -. -V ,Q-5 5 in H .f T I , xl 'A VL . I " 'ZW Y ' . ',.g:xr. .vlimil 5. 37 ' K . 5 'sg he ' x ' be I ' K Y K , "Q, Watch it, Kenny, Kirkwood, Hixon, Colledge, Vardamis, Potts Dickinson, Diemler, Mr. Merges, Hutchinson See you on the green, Roy tg, football TOP Row kinson : Clark N' - MCE ' lederr' Turz . Wen. P "eh F be " f ay K 8 a a , G1-1 fi Ile, O H H, San! . " Fleck, Mfg K'-ffnef, Sui?" Redick, DUCC'-,G111iga,, . onmck G Wan' Breig unmue' Whe , Tierney Bu ' ' ' .. ' r oodmghr, CUSISH1, Tiny' in singer, Daliimchje. Rouze afnirsky ' 'Uber . 1. D T . Bono ' Mrdd1eR . urzak Man . ' 1, 'U Row. OW 0 - W,G ' Save ' Kun altz. Raffe no' Hallshalf 0' Fenton H HY. I.G1a!Z er, Colledgg Ss. Meyers, L Tr. - im- HE Tigers made a good showing in their first year of Class A competition, producing a total of four wins, four losses and a tie. The underclassmen are looking forward to next ye Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon ar, when they can play home games on their own field. TIGER TALES 32 -- East Pittsburgh 0 -- New opponents, New results 6 -- Beaver 12 -- A couple of bad breaks, the kind of game that's tough to lose. 13 -- Hopewell 7 -- The Tigers held off a desperate fourth quarter drive by Hopewell. 12 -- Carnegie 26 -- The "Little Tartans" proved to be not so little. 19 -- Sewickley 12 -- A big fullback made the Tigers work extra hard for their third win. 0 -- Coraopolis 7 -- The Blue Devils did it again. 7 -- Neville 7 -- The Tigers ran out of time before they could score their second T.D. . 6 -- Millvale 27 -- An action packed second quarter yielded 20 points for Millvale. 14 -- West Alle hen 13 And the season ended A g y -- with an Indian fumble on the nine-yard line. 63 Mr. Gracey, Mr. Fryz, Mr. McDaniels, and Mr. Gilbert discuss a new play. OURTEEN senior boys worked hard, contributing their share to nine exciting games. It looks as though the sophomores and juniors will have some mighty big shoes to fill. .iw ,,k, .v ww. sf, .swf lack if- Bene Peewee I SCBIIBS ll A061 Q04 Jimmy Ray Gills We don t really use two footballs in a Griff 64 Boo We Ambrose Q- at 'Q ' V v J? tw thx ix a Bob Uh is 5 ::f' . s Kg W H 'x Joe HE senior gridders can look back on a good season,- the best Moon has had since 1951. Although these fourteen grad- uates are leaving a big gap in the line-up, we are hoping that the underclassmen can give another good season next year. Left ro right: Bailey, Snell, Chambordon, Stelzig, Knorr, Fonner, Miller, Center: O'Gorman. ff r V riyr wr 1, if 'K' Ea Ex " or Row 1: Sacco, Bames, Pardo, Kavanaugh. Row 2: Rowe, Holsinger, Almacy, Patton. cheerleaders HE seven senior cheerleaders who com- prised the squad this year were very active in both football and basketball seasons . Kathy O'Gorman, the mascot, added a touch of color to all the games. They initiated the new au- ditorium with its first pep assembly. Our cheerleaders will participate in the cheerleading contest in April. JUNIOR High cheerleaders lent pep and pul- chritude to the junior high basketball games Q1 Q 1 a e 2 as s t fx 't V ii M 'L iss. A 4. . K , gr -S xitkisgt A I N!! tux , X bw lffe ' .. yd it ML V X ,ff H K ! . T, Q V f 1 VV, K K I ga I K .k!f k ' X 5 1, gf . :V V , W 1 N X X . X , s .. 4 2 5 1 5 . 7 . svn? X - f N '. n 3?f::2 S-4-'X N:"f- -.,,,.- f Q.--, -1:1 h as - - - 5-': V 3 -- ' V 5, N-f -' " t E- s.. 3 - 117, Y ,lj XE: K iv AXA 'K any A 4? K , 2 I Mix, r: Ng' w.4 n l l ' who fg fff 5' 4 K9 , E ' T Q fe ff l A 5 r , i 5 fa g r f ,f - I - . Q gl , if " if 4. 'f " l A I .., , W in . ' t , H - 5 - 'Q ee --'A f an ge' i, 5, me s VARSITY ' lzfmif 'M Mr. Fryz, Vardamls, Rogers, Tiemey, McGivem, Hoskinson, Richie, Hisey, Conner, Kramer, Turzak, Wolf. K baskeibull HE boys worked hard all year and showed lots of Splfll even though the new opponents were tough DCSPIIC the small number of wlns, hopes for the ture look good, wlth the JUHIOI' high just mlsslng a sectlon tltle JUNIOR HIGH Left to right Mr Gracey Hughes Tener Penrod Ko11n1e Bower Turzak Urban Goodnrght Potts Sprlnger Tar qulnlo Conner Stewart , .s,-'pid-4, 'ffjiirl Q my gfgirf 'lv 'Q , - ffl? T' xfi55v2'l '. . ' ' ' nge HHS 'sw 'S JUNIOR VA RSITY Left to rlght Rowl Dunmlre Rafferty A Goodnlght Haas Row2 Brooks Wlley Paletu W Goodnight Q! Put it to good use, Terry, Hurry up, George, I'm thirsty. No, I want it. WO seniors took part in this year's basketball festivities . Terry Tierney was the sole senior on the squad, while Chuck Wheeler took care of the management department. wt. 41 ff lt's up there! Put your arms around me, honey. 68 C 0 0 0 0 0 C O U MOON MOON MOON MOON MOON MOON MOON MOON MOON MOON MOON MOON MOON MOON MOON MOON MOON MOON MOON MOON MOON MOON Non-League ga mes Dance, ballerina, dance, Hopewell . . . Neville , , , Hopewell . . . Sewickley ... Avalon ..... Carnegie ..... St. Veronica West View ........ West Allegheny .,.. North Allegheny McKees Rocks ..... Coraopolis . . . Stowe ...... Shaler .... Neville ........... West View ........ West Allegheny .... North Allegheny, . , , McKees Rocks . . Coraopolis, , , , Stowe Shaler ,,,, tiger twists Reach, partner. Two for Terry Something new in hats. Asleep on the 0 69 our prom v ERTAINLY there was no better prom than ours. As we entered the Southern Promenade, we were greeted by the officers of the classes '54 and '55 and their guests. We were also welcomed by Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Colantoni and Miss Romano and her escort. P 'Q .Fi Next ' danced the Q music 9 Brad Hunt's Orchestra s Q Y iles' 5- rXKA K,m'fff?fLt As we walked back to our table we noticed that our M ""ii'A refreshments particularly appealed to our faculty. 'S Q s Q . Now we see our officers, Carol, Betty, Tom, and Loretta with their guesterjlwv- S 9 f xr x- 5 W Feavluri ng w l BRHD H U N T X' If " and hi S orcheslra X' I H' i I X Q l O And before we leave, we stop v and listen to a little extra entertainment provided bv Mr. Hunt and his ense Q 97" n-'L o o i r I - In I - y . , FFILIATED with the Coraopolis YMCA, Moon's Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y organizations have enjoyed an active year. In addition to their usual service projects, the groups which this year added sophomore tenets, have won honors and traveled or plan to travel. OFFICERS President ........ Betty Mathie Vice-President ..... Mary jo julius Secretary ...... Carol Chambordon . 4 Treasurer. . . . . Margie Keller Chaplain . . . Terry Perrine Sponsor' ' ' ' MISS Lunt Row 1: Hoover, Mc Ardle, Richie, Hughes, Kennedy, Moore, Harvard. Row 2: Kramer Raddant, Geisler, Julius, Chambordon, Mathie, Perrine, Keller, Rao, Fabec, Evanko. Row 3: L.Coradi, Mc Call, I.Griffith, Russell, P.Coradi, Cyphert, Rowe, Dunn, Snell Bailey, Conley, Castellan, Miller, Morrison, Row 4: Maher, Fonner, Glass, Lego, Diehl Trunick, Mushalansky, Kammerdiener, Creps, Honchorck, Saveno, Lockhart. Row 5: The four Club presidents, John, Marilyn' Betty Bishop, Guiliani, Coyne, Colledge, Raihall, Grubb, Baun, McFarland,-Parker, Mertz, Tumer, Knorr. Row 6: Le Parmentier, Curry, De Masso, Hastings, Tilly, C.Grxff1th Smith, Watts, Allshouse, Stelzig, and Jack. I ANICE Kramer, chosen Moon Hi-Y sweetheart, became the Sweetheart of the Ohio Valley chapters at a Valen- tine Dance in Sewickley. Row 1: P.C-olasz, Gross, Tierney, Crognale, Mc Corrnick, Bedick, Sullivan, Rodgers, Orr, Baird, Kurto. Row 2: Schavolt, Mros, Dixon, Guiliani, Bums, Wolf, Mc Clellan, Todd, Lender, Litterini, Gordon, Mc Lean, V. Vardimas, Blystone, I Golasz, Thomhill, Malnak, Mc Ewen, Corbett, Frisch, Conway. Row 4: J.Petricko, Bowers, Reck, Kramer, Thompson, Brast, Rosignoli. Row 5: Fenton, Kozar, Moon, Anderson, Watson, Singer, Niederriter, Hisey, Mc Givern, Twigg. hi-s OFFICERS President ....... john Bedick Vice-President . jack McCormick Secretary ....... Barry Baird Treasurer. . . . . joe Crognale Chaplain . . . George Rodgers Sponsor. . . . . Mr. Tipker 72 , , W 5,11-as 7, 3 .. .g .,-s--,- Vf .. ,v-iwi, , W v 73 Y A Chaplain . . Sponsor. . Row lg Petrillo, P.Drake, Molchan, V,Drake, Robison, Garner, Blanchard, L. Meacham, Neff, Laughner, Kramer. Row 21 Gaydos, Goss, Carol Miller, Clark, Mc Culliugh, Schavolt, Connie Miller, Crognale, Iellison, Danley, Snell, N.D.Gri1-nm, Rehburg, Sul- livan. Row 3: Rowe, Gillis, Bedick, Newman, Stary, Wadsworth, Caro, Babik, Ondra- sik, Schneeman, Sellers, Thompson. Row 4: Gitrins, J.Meacham, Easter, Werner, Drennen. W 1' 4 iL...L. .-.RL if sophomore fri-Ili-y OFFICERS President ..... Marilyn Bagnato Vice-President. . Joyce Blanchard Secretary ....... Vickie Drake Treasurer. . . .Marlene Robison . . .Joyce Garner . . Miss Stout .Q . if , , Vw 'A 1 S - . ,. J .... f A A .x g W, . . -iz- , LN, ,.-2 " mul -M-, sw-if ,. I ,. l s- 4 INAHMQ w -f K f"'fYF""g ffl f-,'C 95 X 5f'.,."i ' . 1.5: use 'IH ----..4.i- ,":vr-- A ' i Q' ri Fl' . Q . 'A UT the greatest honor has come to Marjorie Keller and jack McCormick, who will attend the Youth Council in Paris this summer. They have been chosen two of the three members who will represent Allegheny County. Bon Voyage. Row 1: Gastner, Baker, Haas, Heinlein, Rafferty, Vemocy, Dunmire, Burns, Peggy Turner, Janice Fonner, Joyce Blanchard, and Miss Lunt went to Harrisburg ro participate in 3 mock U. N. meeting- Kern, Nantz, McFarland, Hutchinson, Brooks, Martin hi-y g f OFFICERS if President ....... John Vemocy Vice-President .... Bill Rafferty Secretary ........ Bob Bums Treasurer. . . Ronnie Dunmire Sponsor . .... Mr. Sharps '--?-T Xixff? Kulchak, S.Grey. Row 2: Kennelly, De Chellis, Sullivan, Frisch, Kalaugher, Lortes, Jellison, Bottorff, Adair, Turner. Row 3: Dickey, Williams, Burkhart, Row 4: Thompson, Bell MAA May Court Queen of the May .... Tessie Stouffer if Limik ,, if Lord of the May ..... Warren Goss Alma Mater ....... Joanne Ranshaw The May Court Shirley Bowers ...... Virginia Thompson .... Pat Curry ...... Gail Needham . . Sally Howell . . . Kathleen Bums . . judy Stouffer . . . Inna Komarnitsky . Carol Swearingen. . ' Patsy johnson ...... N A ' Flower Girls . . . m y 5 f If ,, ,rr- 5, 5 ,ii ' 1 X.. , Crown Bearers V i t Hg hifi ' Train Bearers. . . l jky fir 'l J ' 'Je' 'fi,'4? 'Q du v T It t -1 if 1 .59 -ff, ,,,7ZL" , .W A gf., yi, P -'sf-'ri 1954 HE l954 May Day festival took place in the "old" gym, but a beautiful queen, her court and the program in her honor made it an evening that we shall long remember. Gayle Stelzig Ralph Wolfe Don Bagnato Dan Roehrich August Caponecchi Lester Freeman Russell Galloway John Crawford Carl Vitevitch Melvin Hughes Kathy O'Gorman Bennita Trunick Richard Goss Thomas Liebermann Dennis Goss v-Z Fo 2 -3 h 9 C' W 6? N -- . ' V. A J- '-4 ' -.64 - -A '- Z Qi .f 5'gz2 .. , ' - ., ,- -rw ai 1 -. Z , M , . X : if ., f ir ' . , '. -2, be , ' ' Z. S as ' ' rg S 111 ' , N gf:-his bigff' if S -g 'r w' ' I i f t Y 1-- ,, fri W 7 , v r - ': -- ' 1 if 2 . f- x- ' -.i , 2' ' .. - ' xr : N 1 A 52: t : 1 ei, i f t .1255 . a W , x r :gs t f . it fu . - :x-:- 1 ' 1 .- ,,. If xx- . .- we r . SLS: : : ' ' E A it 1 I 5 , 2 ' :X :Q 1 z - -. -- ' :Q-C .1 M I f 4 :Q ...,- .- I ' 1 12.-"' Q 1 E 2 - y ,M 1 - E 1 it E : : - , A -X -- a, Q . , X --' N , -1 ' n V4 - Y X --- s 4 -1 . : A . X :rl w - -'M . f V -S' x .- A t - . i .,, fix? ' 'K r 1- . A 'f-1' 5, fe, , t Alu , Si . - I s a 4" ., A- , . . Rusty Galloway and his "daughters, " Peggy Payne and Gail Needham: HE class of 1954 presented the sen- ior play to be remembered as the final production on the old stage. However, "Father of the Bride" was a happy con- clusion to an era. A double cast of girls with the boys doing double service gave Thursday and Friday performances ofthis famous "hit" that tells the trials of a father when the time comes to "marry off" his only daughter. Miss Elsie Braun and Mr. j. H. Brooks directed. One complete cast. Fulher of ille Bride - ' .., 51412 ' ' in 5 jr L L? f-I , v-1 ig :'-, I - as We F ti Q . E .1 NE '3 2 'ii 5 In His "wives" were Kathleen Burns and Sally Howell. A very efficient stage and property Crew. ? 1 2 Tl Q ' q I ffl , 'I ilk ' i! . P! ' 1, , 1, 3:5 if l f Q f . Q.. .sf X, W ' .' -w i2 4 ',', xp QQI' 4 . 'A Yittrfx ' i f f i i ' ' A...i..,,.,' ' Q fkilff lx x Q A ' i at ha. lex ' V--.......,., WN clubs RADIO CLUB HIS newly formed organiz- ation seeks the knowledge of the intricacies of electricity. Mr. Gold, chemistry and phys- ics instructor, is their sponsor. CHESS CLUB NDER the direction of Mr. Hawes, the chess club enjoys the pleasure of chess in their free periods. KEY CLUB HE Key Club, sponsored by the local Kiwanians, has many worthwhile projects Mr. jack Miller supervises their activities . Seared:Wa11s, Bedick, Turzak, Mc Cormick, Behling, I.Kramer, O'Gorman, Colledge. Standing: Bums, Brooks, Zelinsky, E. Kramer, Heinlein, Wolf, Hoskin- son, Greer, Haas, Vemocy, Rodgers, Thompson, Tierney. clubs SCIENCE CLUB Front: Kem, Crognale, Cuccaro, Portman, Row 1: Gaydos, Sul- livan, Rehburg, Kramer, Hughes, Krechkowski, Maher, Saveno, Iulius. Row 2: Ranshaw, Guilianl, Miller, Morrison, Mushalansky, Bishop, Castellan, Smith, Morris, Hoover, Mr. Liebermann. Row 3: Drennen, Moore, Brast, Scaletro, Dickey, Bedick, Gastner, Gordon. HE Science Club continued their Search for scientific knowledge via discussions, speakers and field trips. AG RIC ULTU RE HE vocational "ag" class, all mem- bers of F. F. A., still had classes in the old shop but they made the trip every day by bus . IR. RED CROSS COUNCIL NEWLY formed council at Moon has been functioning with many Red Cross projects. Miss Ken- nedy, the home econo- mics teacher, heads the council. OFFICERS President ........ jack McCormick Vice-President ..... Margie Keller Secretary . .Susy Lego Treasurer ........ Carol Sullivan Left to right: Lego, Thompson, Keller, Mc Cormick, Tar- quinio, Knorr, Sullivan, Haas, Bailey. W N i .. .,.-.........l....u-nu-1 ,W .... - . M- K l --4--.-..'.....,.,,,,,.,,e,e IIQA , ,. ' - tl . i Qs,--J- ll A "-"' H 1' W f ' ' - ...i.........e.....,-,.- ' " K I '5 ' X . N 'A--A- 7X-----N - , : v'?-iw-x param-Q T-1 5" -1---l' r'f""!Z"'1 t-,-,g l ,... .... A mmf ,, nrxaxnntvr v H'--,:s.s.f..u '---A 1' 5-P-'i -ffm ' - - V ll , -K'!"'Wx:...1'Q'1 1'--gre --A- K--1 Y - -f " ' 5' ' , Q ww - Lfffmivferrr Q Mx 'ern-1' K 'if ' 'ii'fF3h'W'ii'?' 5 1 5 f M ' """'1 H "ft , ik 3 .. 1 -' --: t. R5 M - -W A .u..... ue. ,m,...,-,j-.1- -,-Q .- . ' W-'ii1.r-'rang ' X- Fw? - me-vw1r"1'gMn1 1- LJ J- vs-we 5 -F' W"' 5 t'l:w."jp or f hazmat. my llllnirwl A - . 5 gg -wi 1 ' . miitg..-It , 'r''13x- 'fa ,- M .. A fx-it ar-+'r1-r"'1-f'-'n-n-r- ' -af if N """""' if 'k"' "" ' , ' , Tl - 1 .. lite LL,ALL W,W,,,, ts. Y ' Q 5 Al Hill 1 NT? V11-YTTi .FT K 'FUIIUFX LL -ll S il " F !"?T"""f1l ' fy.. , l , , Q2 - 'N' ,.................,..-.-.....,- 1 .i K , hp MQ-,W ,,,.. , ,.....- ..... .. MJW -uri . . V ,W,,,,,,,, v ,.,.. ....,,. .. . X T '- ' , 5 -5 . r-:rf - .--- or 5, ....,..,,..vr -if-f -, " ,-s,s-1:+f-si.:--ww-xsane P - - - -Q ' I - ......,..,...,A-www- gf-f---wgl---F 9' , ,i ' -111 'rms 5 - . W-ia..-it .....,-...- .... . L ,. 5, :'-ini - NEW building meant many new experiences but the traditional activities mingled with the new to make a happy 1954- 1955 term. HE gym partition created temptation to peek to see what the girls were doing. ICK and Bruce aren't in the repair busi- - ness- - it's a I physics ex- Q' periment. s ,,... gi , ,g',f,,,S'i E- , 1' Riff' ., , .FIS ' ' I ., x p X .- A W -s'15""55 - 5, ---- ,Q - N" .X . E had to get used to those gates that close off parts of the building when circum- stances deem fit. ROPE climbing was one of the many gym activities. 5 Af.. V -tx-.awe H f E 3 s 1 W 3 .F S sf- :BW x, X Y 1. Yi tt, R it ,F k' 'K -P .Q N 'WS wi 'sq f ff . K w ...+' - X ,Q A RESHMENT5' ' RE DRIMI Im., I Standard refreshments were sold in a trailer this year. 78 RESHME i X . I For at ii E' .. , , ,J G' Spanish I-B kept the 102 bulletin board up-to-date I 59 S" is "L. Q Suzy and lack delivered the Red Cross mes- sage they had learned during the summer. We hope Dale has better luck next year. Student Council trimmed the tree in our new lobby this year Delyte and Joe had many happy memories of their summer at Conservations Camp, w"?' W? eie' , 0095 V1 xfldxce 150 .0 QN ucv X A, 'N 1 Junior High operetta L. 5.51 L HQ,-2 featured the 4 .-. , v V' asffg boar's head. iii? ,gli QD Co . class P 5. . , . un electes 5701 S 5 The "fresh" all had their opportunity to become scienusts, ed 'Ud J if agalh ent gli v. xr-"9 AQSW' S' Q seg, w e , .::.. and we The seniors gave their all for those chemistry experiments. These "snow sprites" were just acting, Del. P03602 late' S0 II Ha 2612760116 11 31-ln ad I 5 0 80 OLINGER Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Tierne Mr. and Mrs. P. M. English Mr. and Mrs. George A. Orr Jr. Compliment of a friend Mr. ond Mrs. Dan Mushalansky Mr. and Mrs. Ray G. Portman Dr. M. A. Wilken Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs W. B. Fenton Paul Hornych David Brown . Kenneth W. Kern G. R. Kinderman Dr. J . Maratta Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Delbert L. Brown W. B. Whitney P. Cals Frank C. Knorr Merle Goss John J. Triska L. Joseph Carrick Mr. H. L. Rouzer Mr. and Mrs. Louis Santucci Mr. and Mrs. James W. Mathie Mrs. Leah A. Dietrich Mr. and Mrs . Frank R. Keller Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Wiese Miss Christina Lego Mr. Samuel Mrs. Emel ia Glass M. Fabec Mr. R. G. Fabec PVT. Raymond E. Boni Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bosetti Miss Paula Brunner Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Curry Mrs. Adeline S. Curry Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Curry Mr. and Mrs . G. M. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. C. C. McCall Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs , F. W. Ranshaw . Paul Golosz Mr Mr Mr Mr C . Mr Mr Mr . and Mrs. Karl Berg . and Mrs. E. F. Allshouse, Jr. . and Mrs. Louis C. Rach . and Mrs. J. Krechkowski A. McCartney . and Mrs. R. B. Lowe . and Mrs. Joseph Hornych s. Margaret R. Keller Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Lane Mr Mr Mr. Edw . and Mrs. Charles A. Wentland . and Mrs. Daniel Castellan and Mrs. E. A. Prentice ard J. McCarriher and Mrs. Hayes W. Moore . and Mrs. Joseph Kearse Mr. Dr. Ellis C. Schechter Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr . and Mrs. H. W. Moore . and Mrs. Conrad J. Heinlein . and Mrs. L. O. Turner . and Mrs. R. G. Gordon . and Mrs. C. A. Beltz STREM STUDIOS FUNERAL HOME Official Photographer for Class of '55 GlLBERT'S FLOWERS lII2 State Avenue AM 4-I560 Ladies Auxiliary of Moon Twp. Fire Department WALDRON'S BAKERY 945 5II. Ave. Cefeepelie, CoRAoPoLIs FLOWER SHOP Fm., Avenue We teIegro::Afll'ozv?5Bworldwide Coraopolis, pa. EVANKO RADIO 8. ELECTRIC SHERRY'S CUT RATE DRUG STORE TIQ,fQ'2fr?cn"Q?lffff Corner of 4th Ave. 8. Mill St. IOI7 5th Ave. 660 Merchant Como ons Pa Cefeepelie AM 4-4782 Cefeepelse, Pe. - Ambridge P ' ' FUsCo's DAIRY STORE JOE WORKMANS STORE L d,EGER'5 I 40I Feree St. Mens 8. Boys Clothing 40 ,Il ea 'ng Jews ers C I, COVCOPOIISI PU- Coraopolis, Pa. 6 M' Sl' omopo ls AUTENRElTH'S DOLLAR STORE J. F. HARPER BUILDERS SUPPLY I MONTOUR HARDWARE COMPAN Coraopolis, Pa. Sporting goods-plumbing Coraopolis AM 4-II30 su plies, power Is Pa. Corao I AM 4-5l I f be s 4 MCLAUGHLIN GULF SERVICE CAHEN? CoRAoPoLIs CASH MARKET Fifth Ave. , 8. Ferree St. Coraopolis Free Delivery AM 4-60l0 Coraopolis AM 4-9708 Fourth Ave. Coraopolis STAR-SHOE-STORE Shoesf the e tire fam'l FRANK'S AUTO BODY CALER MONTOUR STORE 422 Mill St. or n LIl6raopoIis Kendall St. Coraopolis , SIGN' 8' Nlomour S" 4 1360 Complete Body Repairs C0"'0P0"S AM ' PETE MYL GARAGE , DeSoto 8. Plymouth sales 8. service . - n CoRAoPoLIs BRANCH MASTRIIS BARBER 51-IQP C""opol's AM 4 4130 413' Sewickley Saving 8. Lean Ass'n National Bank Building FABEC BROTHERS 1018 Fifth Ave. Coraopolis C0"'0P0"S' PC- 1032 Fifth Ave. Cefeepelzs GOURNEY CHEVROLET D. F. MILLER COMPANY AM 44380 24 hf- 'Owing AM 44250 J. H GILLIS FURNITURE Cm and Trucks 1450 59' Ave- C0"'0PO"S 1025-27 sn. Ave. Cefeepens G FE T-6265--AM 4-0830 CARROLL'S MUSIC SHOP C0mPl'men75 of Records, all types 8. speeds Y H LDE BRGADHEAD TRAILER PARK Coraopolis High Fide ity H E O Joseph C. Spotskey Owner ANTHONY CIPER JR. RONALD MATTY Box 276 Glenwillard Dance Studios BROADWAY MUSIC STORE Insurance AM 4-l4l5 408 Broadway McKees Rocks FE I-5145 GOODMAN'S FURNITURE STORE ..A,f2'5'fnEL',E,'f1QfJfl:ce.. Everything for the Home Momour S' Ex' 938 4th Ave. Coraopolis, Pa. HUGHES 5, QGIUVE CQ. ' ' Compliments of RELIANCE WELDING CORPORATION HENDEL'S STUDIO lI5 Fifth Ave. Industrial Weldments ORIOLE TAILORS 60I Beaver St. Sewickley Suits for Men 8. Women Fine Cleaning and Pressing 81 ft ""1F3!. BAILEY'S DINING ROOM BYERS HARDWARE COMPANY MOON MARKET Groceries---Confectionery Dinners-Banquets-Parties Devoe Paint Products Phone AM 4-9841 -Moon, Pa. Flaugherty Run Rd. CL 7-8967 935 Fifth Ave. AM 4-1230 liments of Best Wishes Compl iments of Comp PIPE LINE SERVICE CORPORATION Glenwillard, Pa. M. F. SNYDER COMPANY Coraopolis, Pa. AIRPORT BARBER SHOP ELI DEMASSO SERVICE L nj A-Comp iments of MCKNOWN 8. BEATTIE I STATION rl .1 ,Z I do ,amy aes Fourth Avenue 5th 8. Main Coraopolis, Pa. A.. "A IEND"f Uni-5 'f Coraopolis, Pa. I B. J. PRYCL WELL DRILLING J JOHN W. FREEMAN V Compliments of Water Pumps Hobby Craft 8. Do-it-Yourself CORAOPOLIS BAKERY Clinton, Pa. Am 4-6192 Supplies--at Roller Rink AM 4-5960 I A. R. MILLER HARDWARE REDEK AUTO SERVICE BURGER 8. SHONTZ Carnot Crossroads Moon-Clinton Road BARBER SHOP Phone AM 4-3184 I Coraopolis, Pu, 1014 5111 Ave. COYGOPOIIS I GOLASZ SUNOCO SERVICE A. T. SHAFER GREENHOUSES Compliments of Plants 8. flowers for all occasions Stoops Ferry, Pa. AM 4-3902 DOMENIC SANTUCCI THE WOODLAND PRESS GEORGE FALCK Box 248 DAVEY TREE COMPANY GRAFF SERVICE STATION I Coraopolis, Pa. 543 5th Ave. Coraopolis SHAFERS FLOWERS EISLER NURSERIES OELLIG PHARMACY V I Margaret C. Shafer Landscape Contructorg Fifth 8. Mill Streets Phone AM 4-2184 Butler, Pa. Coraopolis, Pa. CORAOPOLIS NATIONAL 'BANK TEDDY'S 2 HR. CLEANERS JAY'S HOME BAKERY 24 HOUR pickup 8. deliveries High St. , Wireton, Pa. Member of F. D. I. C. I Am 4-2502 Moon-Clinton Road Q GL 7-8610 CARDEST PLUMBING COMPANY Compliments of KICKPATRICK CONTRACTING 2324 Josephine Street Company, Inc. Pittsburgh 3, Pa. H. D. HYATT AND SONS Neville Is and, Pa. Compliments of CORAOPOLIS PLUMBING 8. HEATING LARRY'S AUTO REPAIRS J. C. HEIDER 1619 Fifth Avenue ' RECORD PUBLISHING COMPANY Coraopolis- AM 4-5725 Phone AM 4-3690 BASSETT BROTHERS MAPEL RIGGING 8- ERECTION MARSHALL'S GULF SERVICE Groceries-Produce Stack 8. Boiler-Paintings 4 hour towing service Phone AM 4-6030 Ralph M. Mapel, AM 4-2546 GL 7-8993 or GL 7-8250 ' CORAOPOLIS HARDWARE CO. Congratulations to WIRETON SERVICE CENTER Paints, glass, plumbing 8- Heating supplies CLASS OF "'55" Wireton Builders Supply 1029-31 5th Ave. AM 4-4030 MANNA'S DELICATESSEN Wireton GL 7-8632 For good foods stop at THE CHOCOLATE SHOP WM- G- DOUGLAS AGENCY COMINOS RESTAURANT X 932 Fifth Avenue Mill 8: S1016 Streets 940 Fifth Ave. Coraopalis AM 4-1976 Coraopalis AM 4-1480 CORAOPOLIS C 3- M MOTORS A. R. JAVA CONSTRUCTION CO. I Dodge-Plymouth Sales Service Coraopolis AM 4-5684 YMCA Fifth Ave. Coraopolis, Pa. R, D. 114 GEORGIA 8 GENEVIEVE CARNOT ROLLER PALACE BEAUTY SHOP JERRY'S SHOE SERVICE Carnot, Pa. Coraopalis Bank Bldg. AM 4-0827 AM 4-9778 or AM 4-0142 SlMONl'S GIFT SHOPPE BROAD-VUE GOLF COURSE DUVE COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS Gifts 8. cards for all occasions "Chapel in the Pines" I Wireton, Pa. McCalIister's Crossroads GL 7-8205 HAWKINS DRIVE INN J. F. RUSSELL O'ROURKE'S ESSO STATION I Tastee Freez-good things to eat and drink MARKET 5ll'1 Ave-, at Feree SI. Stoops Ferry, candies Pa . Glenwillard, Pa. COYUOPOIISI P0- K. C. JACKSON BARCASKEY MOTOR SALES C. W. BROWN SERVICE STATION ABRASIVES INC. 2nd St. , 8- Grand Avenue Glenwillard, Pa. Chrysler and Plymouth Neville Island, Pa. FAMOUS DEPARTMENT STORE It Pays to Own Your Own MARTIN'S SUPER MARKET 429 Mill St. ,Coraopolis Home Everything for the table Phone AM 4-2940 M. C. STYLES JR. GEN. CONTR. Phone AM 4-2470 I CORAOPOLIS FURNITURE CO. WIRETON SHOPPING CENTER ZIMMERMAN'S GARAGE 926 Fifth Avenue Coraopolis, Pa. Wireton, Pa. Carnot, Pa. SEGNERI BAR 8- GRILL Compliments of CORAOPOLIS TRUST COMPANY Home Magle Spaghetti 8. Pizza Coraopolis, Pa. 314 Mill St. at Fourth Ave. W. A. NOLTE Member of the F. D. I. C. I Compliments of GEORGE MICHAEL PENN SOUTHERN CONSTRUQQJN h CONROY'S PHARMACY Complete toy a. hobby store I 150 Wabash Ave- "fs W9 Coraopalis AM 4-oaoo 507 Mill sf. Coraopolis, Pa. GRAFF SERVICE STATION MOONCREST MARKET HELEN C. LAUGHNER . 543 Fifth Ave. Coraopalis "Everything in Foods" Wireton, Pu- GI. 7-8569 ,dy - - I l l M I 1 1 1 az Mayta Washe X N . X' .. V x A K X- H XX Y X m JA 1f1" . - Y ' Ss sf 4 x 1 X X X lOXf 5 ' 374 I I XX wi P Xu IX fd I . 1 'I 'I 1 ' - , , M NTON f WARE como MANUF7fkIlllgE mgwpffgdj I 1170, f 67 JW Aw 'W ftinghouse Appliances if au , ,fm ' lorie Gas Ranges A WM WZ W! If bb ' car! f - wwf! JI Ri S X W l WH5,,Z,9faf,h suppayvf WL X Q MJF to :C 'noTi ff A, JP 'MW L , , X I7 , I QM' ' Soles ffiawff' 6 Chicago . 'f sb r ew York 4, 5, 1 f ff S Yi' W q,PQ. - Q , 4. ,, My MW Q 5 3' P' COmPIimf1fSO I SHALRQXNYVHILL MANSDR a M W 'W Iwi a CHAWZ . N wif WW Q M WY M JV ff! at 67 ' Wy -.ffzfsmfgiea ACFGGQZDPQ4 V 'j ' 4, J 3 - n + Qplfjxswl and homes V Wnyvgij ,, 0 Mr.aMrs.RUssell , M' , Keysfonesuzlding JU ln ,G R.D.ff3,c.7rW61f.s,kQ,.?Iif' ' 4 of "fW wMff5VfZf9ir 22 "iv Wx W m Qggwi g,'ZM:L5fQLii'fftf'fiJ H2 ,Ma W ' c0rq0Qlas Q fWFff,?j bH,al 'Qc'H-Qjgg 57 All 'p k KVF VLA Vg? L CQQ' S2Q,1 V V W V ,Q A Q' - A W I , n U-If 4 LJ V My -Cl L? 'M by t V4 I fb' 'Q 'fa . I ,U I M ww If - Q? T L :iff ,LA , lc? , b VUL D wwf K Wh, AJAX, Lexi JI RQ bfxf .VI O gl' ww ,I yay 3 w MN fuQd' Ii V19 COMPLIMENTS OF viii Q I 'L L! XL x , C 4 J I 'yt I , IVV , I I ff ul' 7, .V LP N , 4 U' lf DIRECT SERVICE FROM CLINTON CARNOT AND POINTS IN I wxzxs MOON TOWNSHIP TO DOW OWN PITTSBURGH L Q A I iw M ,cf M W W z WL VM! If ff 'I WW fmfvflana fo WW Al m f EE w ff' fa, 1 'fif"V3 WWA, Moeqbgh, M ff Iwuafijjw fjfw I TC Wifi I MJ W ,, yi!!! I ,A ,, IU U ry, . ! 7 WV? VA 6 M xl Q, if I . ti M . A I , ,l o ' - !- Kona -M f A , ' I - F I HOME Pgyf I - aw H AV NU - 7' c Ao - fy! 1, ' ' Iv' - ' I .4 ,, i . ' I0 .F I I. I 'N , Grcdu nopens e r of the I ' Q , o fufur filled wi ri d hining ise. From all of L come cI-Spee the grad- 5 K uutin css I9 1 I . .y I qs' -1 - ' ' WW l Qu puffy N . -1 I L W , Sq ,. I I " ,gg Va f IIII Ex -H -I A , . - -If -E Inf M 153-, . . 4 .ugh N VM,-K I Af . - . -M 5 D I4 'L A 1 A 3 , ' " W .Sv is I . , - - I ' ' I ,ea . fx ' . IIQQIQIKLHAFER COACH LINES ITISTEEEQKQ? If 1 My BALFOUR COMPANY ff' J MJVM fl b Wwiw ll lffl' W Mywjiw ff M, MQW ,ff l tsl ll W W L MJ ,Q M BIIRDSALL 8: WARD BDLT AND NUT C0 , 5 I 'J El ' 2 fa- 'll Madera me Construction Attle oro Massachusetts W ' ' jf," Class Rings and Pins 'O' 'lvl Commen ' ffrrjxfxpl ' xy A ' Diplomas-Pe l cl Maple St. Extension, R.D.2 l fxla My Club Insignn , AX Memorial Plaq ' Represerllat ve: C. M. KL G S f C HS, Pa, Nl 4 Greenhurst D dl iw lil' J., f Mr. Lebanon Pittsburgh 16, ft- Phone Coraopolis, Co-4-0240 j, B four ls Recognized ' ' Lt l 5 . 1 , . ' . J 40 f . v may A L fy A X ll Ll Ll' ll ,aa . V , jk lb . C JL L m 2' 4 pq 4 G M J .I ' ' l 2 . P IEII. JJ jr! lik, , J if ll ill' ' . Nl 51,0 'X L l 4 x dl - JV ' O! LJ ' momma . QS 'X res:P H R,N APL,A R F ,LL f U H v 1 L AN L , AL F Y l 5 . W A M w A EW A vm 'Q 2 MWWMWQANVITO EUNERAVSR LFRAE6 T316 Fourth Avenue Coraopolls Pennsylvam AMhersf 4 3050 6 I PW 'l A 'R Ll tm! liz. THE MOST MODERN FUNERAL HOME IN THE UPPER OHIO VALLEY -JY,-4.5, aff MJ "f TURNER IMPLEMENT STORE PARTS AND SERVICE FARMALL TRACTORS POWER LAWN MOWERS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS ,MW ,WJ BOLENS GARDEN TRACTORS K MCCORMICK FARM EQUIPMENT B M, INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER REERTGERATION jo jpd Mk My e W 4 M fijy M C 6 Q CORAOPOLIS, PA. WKWCQWQJ x ff W R MSW M PHONE- AM4 6230 ' KN ,+R RR MHS 7" 1 ' R 1 ,VV ' 1 EP if A '- 'R wl 1 , - I7 fl f ' A' it 1 W M f-f A I lj fu J I ' ,LL , I If. A fl fi X N Ugb ' . E fl A V, ,J ' 15 , TN ,-1 ,lf . V M' . .cf , QR - Eedbe lVlg7I1 A qw' J' ,F Q5 OV . R Q74 -2 ' f f , , Yr? iff x ,-1,-2 f-f f , Tw ' L A 'J A ER ' I A A A A DSX 1 , A v-'Q:W ,,,L,,Y ,,,, X X- ' ' - J , .f.' I ll I, A. 7 f!",'. ' -L If . 7f,4,' ,Q fx . . Qfmhy. jflgl, ,M . bfi.. 7, V'lVQA r- In ' . A f , lf - ,H I : - J . , , l , , .. , -. A V ,f--.- . ,J ff--, A. 'f I, . ,, , A Y, A Jw QW ' 'x ,jj , 'I ' , A 86 V 67 0 I - 0 my Il l f I W Aw o , . I 1 ,r ll Fr lg,H:I. , ll i 1' ? L, V 1 t , J JMU t f r . lj . V ' Wishes never became hors r! ' U ...they turned into horscelgj "lf wishes were horses-beggars would ride,9 sa s an old Scottish Proverb . . . but science bypasse - horse and wishes became horse-power. Now, you need do is pull up to Il gas pump and say ll 'er mister!" Q H Your foot touches the p?d ys sllwlggmeath your wl elsg miles are re in mi ute . s horse- ips into Itt no ' 4 .' 1 ' . s s ago this Axtglxizi, e wh t oil' lep Ai s o the C1 'were for oday lc'zxsm- -it to s - yo . nl eel drill i e and cl wire 1 .n it 'tr e st 'ii drilling get-p , earth. X nd w 4 s wells o du Jer sind is new drillin is ont DEQ rn qor prmigis of clril :pe QC!! jf f n e 1' 'lp' - ' ' ' ll "I ' ' ' V l S echn' 4. . re developed, jdil, keeps pace with the oil PI'0ClllClll industry with new and better steels. 'Cu KONTQ L EA' sim -'M' W w w Look to JdL...for the steals that work for modern industry A ljff fl JW , K f N , . I I AN N dv if Jw We 65 V tw t 87 - . IV RESIN! V yg, QRXW IW PWA IROCKWIELLE P? I WRT JIW if - VUJSPRIIJG AND AXLE Rm CIJIIIIIR ' MPANY LO, if WN , I bp N, X fXwx?AUwUEfV QVIQIJ If Q3 I If of M WX A ' M I NT A' U V Q Ah. 'xx , X01 of 5 ILS? 'ISION-MECHANICAL SFRlNGS!!rh?J 'DQ X JI I JV PE STEEL FLOOR GRATING as gm XlYfTW 'ORRONIZING Cfvoik F MfI,.Ix ED NP ik XM ARMOR PLATE 3 UFAJAQNQ I J, SEAT cus 1vQR3vOS V bxgdx V7 NU - FLAT LEAP SPRI 'QA -A I I II fa JR I W TUBULAR s ES C15 W 0 , M x RJ AXLES OEARS- TRAVX Q27 X I Tj I OIL GAS HEATING EQUIPMENT my j vw A LIGHT-HEAVY STAMPINGS Q f X BRAKE PARTS-BRACE ASSEMBLIES f Q I TRAILER AxLES S RQNGS-AXLE HOUSINOS 5A BOGIE UNITS XNQCCX ,Q X QRS-NNANCE D K J Nev I MXAO .j SS I II PQEJSEN ORAOPOLIS, PA.m QA?Nk SQ RR 5 88 apecia eller x-Efbvwfff, Qfflfdtf 0oc4f'fC,cwv, u2GfqW,5L!44fAmLmQj'24,a4f ,M-Muna Qcaif af f? amz, af juabpu 3, , 4420 7f6fQ7v41zZ4fc!4Uw? fwffofdaw Lffviczf f5cf17 910,447 0100 .fkdn 5 5z,f,,!Qv0'0Q,61xzL,Vr1 yfw CYWJJ-Q GENERAL coNmAcroR JLQAQVI ' ' " - J? Alfa' A-pl! CL, . Awkwxfq J VWMQF- 5 Jfiiff M W, WM Am 5icw4fv"f7v MI 30427. Qfvw nxj . V Jf VU P PnrssGReH,PENNsvLvANuA 9W"'f"b ,XA U' of 4, 0 0 by ' ff I " ' L X f f 0 f, X424 3522+ ,iM WLM A K f 0 v ' ' sum me New MooN H13 L yilvbfvugywvxlh W-M MQW Y MW 01, f It J L .. 1 Aw W W 5 Q A fo FIX M" I W O!,A!QV tj" fb Y 9 f if E AX '- I .5 1? 2 E X -. , J, i IC? I 1 is 1 3 'Y mg ll L- iuS"""' gun-1 ' f J 1 ,, - J 1 'A f t " .J ,A 4 ' f 4 " R, lg 1" xg' Lil A.,,A's If V , V 4 gf ., LQ ' wif .3 ' ' .if YH , J x ,' . N 2 3 ,yf 1 Q ,X 1 Q 1" i ,,s f ,3 Y' K' , ,J ,, A 1 1 A N4 ' 1 ww fbi' XP Nrw ' P ,, A ,. , f rf ' ,J f:QZ1"t1i.fJ .'g,,fw , , 13' ' Q e'.4 f,.2.f,f km-N X 4? 9 Lf Aa.-1,,. I ff-',-. 's.x.s" f ,J f 'L J' .N

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