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E FLAME TH WWW 'K 2 f M f 1937 This page is sponsored by AMSLER-OEHLING DRUG COMPANY Pharmacists 942 Fifth Avenue Coraopolis, Pa, GRIESWFE' This page is sponsored by a Friend Foreword We, the class of 1937, have accepted the challenge that was made to us by those who kindled the first spark which ignited the smoldering embers and burst into the "Flame", We have endeavored to incorporate their ideas and ours to produce a "Flame', that will glow strongly and steadily. Also, we have dipped into the future to hint at the "Flame" that is to be. May it be said that we have fulfilled the challenge and let this challenge be passed on to our successors. Board of Directors To the following men who comprise the Board of Directors of Moon Township Schools, we, the class of 1937, express our gratitude and appreciation for the kindness and consideration they have extended us throughout our school careers: Mr. K. C. Gardner, President, Mr. E. P. Hawes, Vice President, Mr. Clifford E. V andervort, Secretary, Mr. Lee Springer, Mr. John J. Trunick, Mr. Wilson C. Dickson. This page is sponsored by MINCH 8: SELZER Furniture-Undertaking 1008 Fifth Avenue Coraopolis Pa E, the I 1, in some way, to show our ap- preciai I X. Allard, who has given will- ingly of his time and ability to make our high school careers as pleasant as possible. Therefore, it is to him that we respectfully dedicate this second issue of the "Flame," This page is sponsored by THE UNITED ENGINEERING 8a FOUNDRY CO. First National Bank Building Pittsburgh, Perma. Mr. J. A. Allard .,.. , Mr. J. H. Brooks ........ Miss Elsie Braun ........... Miss Eleanor Tomlinson ..... Miss Miriam Cokely ...., Miss Grace Dickson ..., Mr. M. J. Gendich . . . Mr. 'W. A. Mitchell .... Mr. C. H. Russell .... Mr. G. H. Schach .... Miss Frances Lytle .... Miss Cecilia Rugani .... Mr. A. H. Scheer ....... Miss Madeline Lewis Miss Madeline Greco . . . Miss Dorothy Barbehenn .... This page is sponsored by ANDERSON AUTOMOBILE CO. Sewickley, Pa. Buick Sales and Service Mr. Allard Mr. Brooks Miss Braun Miss Tomlinson Miss Cokely Miss Dickson Mr. Gendich Mr. Mitchell Mr. Russell Mr. Schach Miss Lytle Miss Rugani Mr. Scheer Miss Lewis Miss Greco Miss Barbehenn Supervising Principal S. Principal, Geography, Health ................Eng1ish, French , . . .... ..... M athematics . . . . .Latin, English . , ..................... Music . . . . . . . . . . . . .Science, Geography . . . .History, Commercial Subjects ...............Science, English . . . . . . . . .Commercial Subjects . . . . .Home Economics, Health .. .Arithmetic, Social Science . . . . . . . .Social Science, Shop .............Librarian . . . .Public Health Nurse Katherine King .. Tessie Stark .... James Salts . . . Nick Shust ...... Ernest Kissinger . Dorothy Campbell Joseph Schnelzer Harold Heinlein. . Daniel Borden .,,.. Wanda Forsyth. . . Olga Salaga I Gladys Springer S Miss Elsie Braun. . . .Editor-in-Chief . . . .Associate Editor Business Manager . ........ Art Editor . . . .... Athletic Editor . . . .....,..... Activities Editor . . . ...,............. Chief Typist . .,., Assistant Business Manager . . . . .Assistant Athletic Editor .. .Assistant Activities Editor . . . ......... Assistant Typists . . . .... Faculty Advisor This page is sponsored by ai Friend This page is sponsored by THE CORAOPOLIS NATIONAL BANK Fifth Avenue Coraopolis, Pa. Member F. D. I. C. GR Th1s page is sponsored by J. F. HARPER Builders Supplies 873 Fourth Avenue Coraopohs P SGPHOMORES. EDNA BIALOWAS Journalism '37 Chorus '35, '36 Dramatics '34 DANIEL T. BORDEN Class Ohicer '37 Basketball '35, '36, '37 Football '35, '36 Merit Parade '37 Dramatics '37 Student Council '35 Journalism '37 Flame Staff '37 Stage Crew '35 usugaru DORIS C. ADAMS Dramatics '34, '35, '36, Journalism '37 Chorus '36 NELLO BALDESSARI Football '35, '36 Stage Crew '36, '37 1937 '37 "Red "Cucci' lzDann F. WANDA FORSYTH Entered September '36 Flame Staff '37 Dramatics '37 LEWIS J. HEILIMAN Journalism '34, '35, '36, '37 Stage Crew '34, '35, '36, '37 Basketball Manager '35, '36 DOROTHY J. CAMPBELL Orchestra '36, '37 Band '36, '37 Chorus '34, '35, '37 Dramatics '34, '35, '37 Flame Staff '37 Journalism '37 ELSIE MAY FIKE Drarnatics '35 Student Council '34, '35 Girls' Chorus '34, '35, '36 Journalism '34, '35, '36, '37 1937 "Dot "Else caLeWsv KATHERINE V. KING Dramatics '34, '35, '36, '37 Flame Staff '36, '37 Forensic League '37 Cheerleader '35 Student Council '34, '35 Merit Parade '37 ERNEST KISSINGER Basketball '34, '35, '36, '37 Football '35, '36 Dramatics '35 Flame Staff '37 "Chir1k" "Ernie" HAROLD D. HEINLEIN Dramatics '34, '35, '36 Golf '36, '37 Basketball '37 Band '36, '37 Class Officer '37 Flame Staff '37 MILDRED E. HEINLEIN Chorus '34, '36 1937 "Heinie ,H Q. Av" Jw .7 iffy-Svff ' Q OLGA R. SALAGA Class Officer '37 Dramatics '34, '35, '36, '37 Flame Staff '37 Student Council '35 Journalism '37 Cheerleader '37 Chorus '35, '36 JAMES G. SALTS Dramatics '34, '35, '36, '37 Flame Staff '37 J. FRANKLIN MCCORMICK "Frank Dramatics '34, '36, '37 Band '36, '37 Orchestra '34, '35, '36, '37 Class Officer '37 Student Council '34, '35 CHARLES M. O'LAUGHLIN Dramatics '34, '35, '36, '37 Football '36 Football '36 Journalism '37 Basketball Manager '36 1937 "Chuck nog., "Jim" CHARLES O. SOMERVILLE "Bud" Dramatics '34, '35, '36 HELEN M. SMONKO Basketball '34, '35 Chorus '36 Student Council '34, ' Journalism '36, '37 Dramatics '37 sccorkyvv 35 JOSEPH R. SCHNELZER Basketball '35, '36, '37 Football '36 Dramatics '34, '37 Flame Staff '37 Journalism '37 Stage Crew '34, '35, '36, '37 NICK M. SHUST Football '36 Orchestra '34, '35, '36 Basketball Manager '37 Flame Staff '37 Dramatics '37 1937 "Joe "Nick Mathematical Original ..,. Optimistic . . Natural ..... Trustworthy Obedient . . . Willing . . . Naive ...... Sportsman .. Honest ..... Independent Persevering . Helpful ..... Inquisitive .. Gracious .... Husky . . . Sedate . . . Clever . . . Happy .... Orderly ...., Opportunist . Loquacious . GLADYS R. SPRINGER Glad Dramatics '34, '35 Flame Staff '37 Journalism '37 Chorus '35, '36 Band '35 RICHARD WYKE Dick Dramatics '34, '35, 36 37 1937 Hall of Fame . . . . . .James Salts . . . Katherine King . . . Frank McCormick . . Gladys Springer . . . Lewis Heiliman Charles Somerville . .Joseph Schnelzer . . . . . .Wanda Forsyth ..Ernest Kissinger .Dorothy Campbell . . . . . Helen Snonko . .Mildred Heinlein ...... Nick Shust , . . Richard Wyke . . . Daniel Borden . . .Nello Baldessari ........Elsie Fike . . . . . .Doris Adams .Charles O'Laugh1in . . . .Edna Bialowas . . . . . . .Olga Salaga . . . Harold Heinlein This page is sponsored by THE EMENETTE SHOPPE Dresses, Knitwear, Accessories Coraopolis, Pa Fourth and Mill Phone Cola 556 CLASS OFFICERS President ................... Daniel Borden Vice President ..... .... H arold Heinlein Secretary ...... ........ O lga Salaga Treasurer .... .... F rank McCormick CLASS HISTORY Early in the month of September, 1933, a group of actors, who as eighth graders, had already made their presence felt during the initial season of that well-known unit, Moon Township High School, made their appearance as freshmen ready to take the school by storm. The meager amount of ap- plause they received showed them that they must earn their laurels. Now we have reached the last scene of the last act and we hope that our gradu- ation will be as stirring a finale as ever a curtain has rung down upon. In Act I we became engaged in struggles with the new high school cur- riculum which appeared very complicated to us freshmen. Several of our troupe were interested in athletics and followed their calling. Others be'- came interested in such activities as glee club, dramatics, and orchestra. Through the efforts of some of our actors, the operetta, "Circus Days", was presented. During the intermission we gained new momentum and when the cur- tain arose on Act II, we went on with greater spirit than before. and wel- comed the new activities and problems with appropriate ceremonies. At this time we held first place in the school, as the junior and senior vears were not yet a part of our high school. As a class play we presented the comedy, "Meet Uncle Sally", which won for us no small niche in the hall of dramatic endeavor. Also the success of Moon High in the extra curricular fields was in no small part due to the members of our class. In the course of Act III, we were again relegated to second place, as the high school offered now the full six-year course. The beginning of a football team lured many of our classmates to the gridirong our initial appearance in basketball under the W. P. I. A. L. saw several of the boys of '37 provine' that they were equal to the challenge of much stiffer competition: band organization induced several of our members to show their musical ability: and the dramatic efforts of the year resulted in "Dotty and Daffy" and a minstrel show. In Act IV we sallied forth on the top of the waves and conquered the last of the obstacles between us and graduation. The social functions were This page is sponsored by T. BONTEMPO 8: VILLA Groceries-Meats 550 Franklin Ave. 318 Franklin Ave. Phone 999 Phone 765 Aliquippa, Pa. .,,. ,,.,, H1990-1 numerous and varied. Skating and theater parties, dances, kid day, and plays held our interest throughout. The two dramatic ventures were "Murdered Alive", the first semester oiferingz and "Smilin' Through", the senior play. To this last act we have given our best and most faithful serv- iceg and now as we stand on the threshold of our last and final act, we are resolved that we will give even greater things and achieve greater success than in the past. Half of our number dropped by the wayside. We are sorry. We wish they could enjoy with us our final triumphs. Each member has attained a crown in his particular manner. Seven of our troupe became Varsity Letter-men. Allof us have gained the priceless jewel of friendship. It was a hard, but pleasant fight, and we shall go forth from our graduation wealthy with friends and armed to make a place in the world, where we may try to be as happy and as successful as we have been at Moon Town- ship High. FAREWELL Now, Seniors all, we must heed the call, That has come to take us from this hall, Where we have so earnestly sought education, That we might the better serve our nation. We've all had fun We must admit, For those of our class are quick of wit. And if the faculty at times we've tried, We know they like our better side. To those Juniors who are able to pass, We bequeath our place at the head of the mass. And, Sophomores dear, if at times you fear. Remember you'll be Seniors in another year. To the Freshmen who at times are blue, We too were children just like you. And so to our friends both kind and true. We bid just now our last adieu, And some day in Moon High's Book of Fame, May you too be able to carve your name. This page is sponsored by FIKE ELECTRIC COMPANY Chas. Fike, Proprietor Electric Fixtures-House Wiring Montour St. Ext. Coraopolis Pa Phone Cora. 1365 Tessie Stark Virginia Bailey Mary Alice Broscius Helen Hissam Verna Erickson Sarah McCormick Stella Gray Betty Kinchen Sarah McKinley Henry Trunick Dragon Tesla Harold Ginin Addison Dally Wallace Harkness Guido Poletti Albert Blackstone Howard Trirmner Martin Baldessari Sam Brunette Ruth McDonald JUNIORS Ruth Reisdorf Sue King Ethel Woods Thelma Somerville Olive Carson Ruby McElhaney Jane Richards Margaret Trimber Edna Mae Styles Eleanor McMaster Margaret Forsythe Ada Barnes Eugene Castellan Andrew Kuzio Charles Smith George Shenefelt Virginia Meanor l President, Addison Dally Vice President, Jane Richards Secretary, Olive Carson Treasurer, Charles Smith These p HOF Indt Grant Building v onsored by KING ction SOPHOMORES President, Robert McLaughlin Vice President, Paul McMillin Secretary, Ralph McMaster Treasurer, Helen Harkness Pittsburgh, Pa. - Louis Fritz Joe Druga Samuel Lisica John Cunningham Darrell Konter Ronald Konter Mario Poletti John Gaffney David Fike Edward Hawes Leora Link Vera Kadlick Catherine Gozdal Evelyn Cunningham Margaret Kadlick Helen Harkness Anna Kruest Yvonne J aussand Margaret Schmidt Dorothy Gittins Ruth Bell Doris Petrie Virginia Cepulis Ethel Hofacker Viola Harvey Josephine Lawrence Alda Barnes Marie Coradi Annabelle Kennedy Doris Forsyth Lydia Kostiha Louise Wherry Virginia Schell Betty Gebhardt Emma Brackus Marjorie Kunkle Norma Jenkins Mary Lucas Laura Hill Dolly White Dorothy McClinton Dorothy Von Stein Robert McLaughlin William Graff Harold Lottes Elmo Regotti Leola Smith Margaret Lauderbaugh Mary Price Gertrude Alexander Elmer Foust Charles Bosetti Betty McCartney James Arthurs Ralph McMaster William Ondrasick Alfred Fabec Paul McMillin Red Letter Days SEPTEMBER School opened and we prepared for hard work. Seniors voted-Borden elected president. Opened football season by losing to Coraopolis. Social whirl began with a "Get Acquainted Party." OCTOBER First "movie," 'tLast of Mohicansl' swells athletic fund coffers. Chessmen checkmated Sewickley sufficiently to make the first score a tie. Beat Findlay on their muddy field. School band presented a concert. Holiday-Teachers Institute. South Fayette showed us how-to the tune of 33-0 victory. Ended football season with a victory over Robinson. NOVEMBER Football men broke training to attend the dance seniors gave in their honor. All school mystery play, "Murdered Alivef' Balfour representative measured seniors for rings. 29 Turkey Day-VVe gave thanks for a vacation. DECEMBER Seniors dazzle school with class rings. Basketball season looked as if it were in the bag when we took East Mc- Keesport. Revenge-We beat Coraopolis. Junior High School sang "Christmas Masque." Christmas vacation began. First defeat at hands of Neville. JANUARY Coraopolis scored last minute point to get revenge on us. We were back at school. Band bazar. -19 "Flu" epidemic--Holiday called. 1 Usually bright faces gloomy-exams. FEBRUARY We lost to Bridgeville, Section XIII "champs," Marionnette Club presented "Robin Hood." We just couldn't end the season by taking over Neville. MARCH Senior High "stepped out" to see "The Great Waltz" Seniors enjoyed a skating party at Sheridan. "Smilin' Throughn cast chosen. Those heroes of the gridiron and court received letters. Athletic Stag Banquet. 30 Easter Vacation. APRIL Another skating party. Seniors acted their age-Kid day-and an assembly program. "Flame" sale underway. "Sophs" Play host to upper classmen. Senior class presented "Smilin' Through." MAY Everybody went to Night School. Social season finale-Junior Prom. -21 Senior exams. School Picnic. Senior Round Up. Baccalaureate Services. JUNE Commencement-last curtain for seniors. Everybody suspends operation for the summer. This page is sponsored by BYERS HARDWARE CO. 1897-40th Anniversary-1937 Phone Cora. 721 935 Fifth Avenue THLETICS F . AND GTHER ACTIVITIES Football Basketball Cheerleaders This page is sponsored by CORAOPOLIS HARDWARE CO. Plumbing Fixtures and Supplies Magic Chef Ranges-Sherwin-Williams Paint 421 Mill Street Phone Cora. 36 Football During the last week in August, a small band of footballers answered Coach Gendich's call to football practice. The squad, which numbered among its veterans such seniors as Baldessari, Borden, Schnelzer, and Kis- singer. showed decided improvement over last year's. The teams, although light and battling against much heavier opponents, displayed excellent team work and a well-directed offense as well as de- fense. The chief weakness of the team lay in the shortage of seasoned sub- stitutes to replace the first string men. However the "subs" have practiced faithfully and fall practices should prove that this liability has been erased. Although Moon High will retain such valuable plavers as Smith, D. Tesla, McLaughlin, Brunette, M. Baldessari, Poletti, and G. Tesla as a foun- dation for their '37 squad, the six men, Kissinger, Borden, Shust, N. Baldes- sari, Schnelzer, and O'Laughlin will be sorely missed. WINNERS OF THE VARSITY "M" The following are wearing the varsity "M" for their work on the grid- iron: Shust, Smith, McLaughlin, D. Tesla, Schnelzer, Poletti, Kissinger. N. Baldessari, Brunette, M. Baldessari, O'Laughlin, G. Tesla, Borden, and Mc- Master. 1936 SEASON Moon 6 . . ................ . . . Coraopolis 26 Moon ......... Pike 13 Moon ........ Findlay G Moon .... South Fayette 38 Moon ........ Neville 32 Moon . . .Robinson 6 This page is sponsored by THE COMMUNITY SERVICE STATION Brodhead Road W. C. Krochs, Prop. Basketball Moon High can Well be proud of the Way its basketball team performed during the 1936-1937 season. Coach Brooks was fortunate in having a veteran team consisting ot McLaughlin, Smith, Borden, Kissinger, Dragon Tesla, and Schnelzer, While Heinlein, George Tesla, and Poletti proved to be dependable substitutes who performed notably When the occasion permitted. The season was highly successful-Moon winning 12 games out of 19 and Hnishing in third place in Section XIII of the W. P. I. A. L. with a record of 6 victories and 4 defeats. Moon Will lose four valuable players by graduation. Kissinger, Borden, Schnelzer, and Heinlein will be hard to replace. The "B" squad under Coach Gendichis guidance didn't enjoy a similarly successful season, but since most of these boys were playing basketball for the first time, they are deserving of no little Commendation. WINNERS OF THE VARSITY "M" The following were awarded the Varsity MMU: Ernest Kissinger, Daniel Borden, Joseph Schnelzer, Harold Heinlein, Charles Smith, Dragon Tesla, Robert McLaughlin. As manager, Nick Shust was also awarded the Varsity "M", 1936-1937 SEASON Moon 43 .. ................. East McKeesport Moon 32 . . . . ....... Coraopolis Moon 21 . . . .......... Neville Moon 25 . . . .... Coraopolis tMoon 37 ...... Bethel Moon 43 .. ...... Findlay 'FMoon 24 . . . ...... Robinson itMoon 31 .. ............. Clark itMoon 24 . .. ...... South Fayette Moon 48 . . . .... Oakdale Industrial itMoon 29 .. ......... Bridgeville icMoon 18 .. ........,.. Bethel tMoon 33 .. ........... Robinson Moon 27 . . . .. Oakdale Industrial 'tMoon 36 .. ........,.... Clark i'Moon 43 .... South Fayette Moon 41 ......... Findlay ftMoon 29 ........... .... B ridgeville Moon 27 ............. ...... N eville P. I. A. L. Games. This page is sponsored by PLEASANT VIEW INN Refreshments, Soft Drinks Gasoline, Oil Phone Cora. 9716-R-2 J. W. Stokes, Proprietor Cheerleaders No less in importance than those heroes of the gridiron and basketball court were the five girls who made up the cheerleading squad. At every basketball and football game Mary Alice Broscious, Olga Salaga, Helen Hissam, Verna Erickson, and Betty Gebhardt were present leading cheers. Also at "pep" meetings in assembly, this group could be depended upon to lead the student body in cheers that made the "rafters ring." Unlike those of other years, this year's cheerleaders had definite prac- tice periods at which Miss Tomlinson acted as coach, and they wore special uniforms which carried out the school colors. Four of the girls wore red corduroy culottes and shirts displaying a big white "M" and the captain wore white corduroy with a red "M", Much acclaim was showered upon this squad both at home and abroad, and when Miss Tomlinson presented to each one the letter she had earned, the applause of the student body was proof that their work had been appreciated. Assisting the senior cheerleaders at all preliminary games were the junior cheerleaders: Betty Conway, Geraldine Crago, Dorothy Wilkinson, Joan Tipker, Paul Riccio, and Ralph Thompson. Such good work did they do, that we have no fear of lacking a senior squad for the next few years at least. Golf Last year for the first time golf became an organized sport at Moon Township High School. With Mr. Brooks acting as coach, a team, composed of Joseph Butera, Woodrow Cole, Paul Vernocy, Charles Smith, and Harold Heinlein, participated in varsity competition. Not getting underway until late in the spring, the team played only three games. Playing at Sewickley, they were defeated by Sewickley High School 6-3. However they were able to trounce Etna High School in a home game to the tune of 1015-116, and in a return match Moon again triumphed over their opponents. Of last year's team only Smith and Heinlein are still in school, the others having been lost by graduation, but we expect the '37 season to fea- ture both new players and more victories. Golf is not as yet in the "letter" class, but if progress is made in the same proportion as last year's success, we may look for it to take its place beside basketball and football. Athletic Banquet Those boys who gave so willingly of their time and ability that Moon High might take its place in the athletic world were guests of honor at a banquet Friday, March 19, in the gymnasium. At this banquet, an annual affair, Mr. Russell, acting as toastmaster, introduced Mr. Allard, Mr. Brooks, and Mr. Gendich, who voiced their per- sonal opinions concerning the graduation of several players and the pos- sibilities for next season. As guest speakers Coach P. Miller of Indiana State Teachers College used for a subject "All Americanismf' and assistant coach Paul Boyts dis- cussed entertainingly various phases of athletics. Band This page is sponsored by Chorus PERRY E. MERCER General Merchandise Carnot, Pa. Cora. 1113-J Band After enjoying a most successful initial season, the Moon High Band, made its first appearance of the '36-'37 school year at a concert presented to raise funds with which to purchase uniforms for its members. Although this aim has not as yet been realized even with the addition of the proceeds from the November bazar sponsored by the organization, it is expected that the outfits will be bought before the close of this term. Tryouts were conducted for the role of drum major and Ronald Konter was chosen for the position, with Lloyd Harbaugh as his understudy. This year the band accompanied the football team to several games, and has opened numerous assembly programs. In addition to its appearance at school affairs, the band, as a special feature, played several numbers at the March meeting of the "Sportsmen's Association." Wednesday has been the day for rehearsals and with the advent of spring, outdoor drills were held to give practice in marching. Orchestra Under the supervision of Miss Grace Dickson the orchestra has been continually improving and making more public appearances than formerly. Tt has opened many assembly meetings and offered musical interludes for all dramatic performances held at M. T. H. S. At the concert in March, the orchestra really displayed its best work in helping to make the concert, the first of its kind to be held at our school, the big success that it turned out to be. Members of the orchestra include: Violins: Edward Hawes, Geraldine Crago, Charles Deiker, Annabelle Kennedy, Dolores Heath, Bernard Brackusg Flute, Hallie Jacobig Clarinets, Sarah McCormick, Dorothy Mc- Clinton, Dorothy Lottesg Saxophone, Dorothy Campbell, Phillip Herman- sen, Trumpets, Frank McCormick, Howard Gittinsg Mellophone, Leora Link, Trombone, Louise Dicksong Drums, James Arthurs, William Dallyg Pianists, Ruth Kennedy, Harold Lottes. Two of this group, Hallie Jacobi and Edward Hawes, took part in the music festival on May 7, and played solo numbers at the local concert in March. Chorus The choruses of M. T. H. S. have done bigger and better things this last year. A seventh grade mixed chorus made its first appearance by ren- dering three numbers at the musical concert in March and at the same time the senior high school chorus also made its first appearance. Three members of the chorus, Leora Link, Ethel Wood, and Dorothy McClinton, represented our high school in the trio section of the forensic contests and Ethel Wood placed third in the soprano solo group. Besides this, Leora Link was chosen to sing in the All State Chorus at Ebensburg in the early fall. Finally, our school was well represented at the annual music festival held at Syria Mosque, Friday, May 7. These girls, who under the direction of Miss Dickson, have practiced so faithfully, always after school, deserve much credit for they are gaining recognition for M. T. H. S. in the realm of music. Clubs Thursday was club day this term and regular meetings were held dur- ing the fourth period. Early in the term Miss Tomlinson's "Girl Scoutt' club decided that they would rather knit so they joined ranks with Miss Braun's Needle Craft Clubg and if we can judge by the numerous sweaters, hats, and purses that have made their appearance at M. T. H. S., these girls have spent their time profitably. The Chess Club with Mr. Mitchell as sponsor spent time in becoming so proficient in the game that Sewickley couldn't defeat them. Miss Rugani and her Dramatic Club have produced many plays and monologues, and their minstrel show, offered to the student body, was well received. The Novelty Club, of which Miss Lytle is faculty advisor, was ready to exhibit bed dolls, place cards, and flowers which they had made. Miss Dickson's Marionette Club spent the first semester in preparing "Robin Hood" and the second, "Punch and Judy." The Aviation Club, called the "Moon Township Air Hawks," under the direction of Mr. Scheer, made model planes and, in May, held an endurance contest. Miss Cokely and her debating club have learned the fine art of debating, while Mr. Schach and his "Camera Clubn submit the following list of accomplishments: Taking and developing pictures and discussing and rating current movies. This club alone boasts a club pin. The "Travelers Clubi' has listened to outsiders tell of their travels and Mr. Gendich, their sponsor, has shown travel movies. Mr. Brooks' "Danc- ing Club" became so proficient at the end of the first semester that the members were forced to resign to make room for others who sought similar instruction. Last but not least, Miss Greco and her Museum Club have ready for display dolls dressed to represent every nation, and models of trains, Social The social whirl of Moon High began with the "Get Acquaintedn dance given by the dancing club early in the fall, and next came the Senior foot- ball dance given in November in honor of the football team. This dance was made most effective by the original football decorations. During the Christmas vacation, the dancing club again took the lead and sponsored a dance for the Alumni of '36, The social affairs were then temporarily suspended until April 9, when the Freshmen held a dance for their own class and the faculty. A week later the Sophomores were host to the upper classmen. The social activities of the year were brought to a close with the colorful Junior Prom, held late in May as a farewell to the depart- ing Seniors. Forensic League M. T. H. S. this year entered interscholastic competition in fields other than sports, for we were represented by entrants in four sections of the Forensic League. At Etna on March 15, Katharine King presented an original essay on "Television," while on March 18, Tessie Stark journeyed to Sewickley where she gave a declamation on "Combatting Crime." In the music section the trio division had as M. T. H. S. participants Leora Link. Ethel Woods, and Dorothy McClinton when they met at Mc- Keesport. However it remained for Ethel Woods to "bring home the bacong' for at Leetsdale on March 30, she placed third in the soprano solo division. Moon High has only begun and we promise more entrants and stiffer competition in the future. Dramatics Moon High's dramatic season was off to an early start this year, for in November, "Murdered Alive," a mystery-comedy, was presented. This play which displayed very fine acting was directed by Miss Braun and Mr. Brooks who chose their cast from the senior high school. Those in the cast included: Mary Alice Broscius, Tessie Stark, Jane Richards, Leora Link. Olga Salaga, Ethel Woods, Sarah McKinley, Charles Somerville, Harold Heinlein, Frank McCormick, VVilliam Stevenson, and, Richard Wyke. The proceeds, as is customary, helped to swell the athletic fund. For our Christmas entertainment, "A Christmas Masque," sponsored by the Moon Township P. T. A. and directed by Miss Dickson was given by members of the Junior High School. This play which had as its setting the English court during the fifteenth century portrayed the customs and char- acters of that time. The last dramatic oiering of this '36-'37 season was the famous stage play "Smilin' Through" which the graduating class presented on the night of April 30. The roles already made famous on stage and screen ,were portrayed most capably by Charles O'Laughlin, Daniel Borden, Doris Adams, Kath- arine King, Olga Salaga, James Salts, Joe Schnelzer, Dorothy Campbell, Frank McCormick, and Wanda Forsyth. In no small way the success of Moon's dramatic production is due to those people who comprise the stage crew, for Joe Schnelzer and Lewis Heiliman, both members of the graduating class, have been responsible for some very effective stage settings. Journalism In the fall of '36 the school publication was placed under the super- vision of Mr. Russell and a class in journalism, scheduled to meet twice a week, was organized to take care of the publishing of the school paper. This journalism class is devoted to the study of the correct methods for writing and the methods of "putting out" a school publication. The "Moon Beams" has been the chief problem of this group and all material used in its publication is Written or made up by the members of the organization. Formerly the "Moon Beams" was in the form of a magazine and had a regular cover, but it has been changed and is now published as a bi-week- ly newspaper, taken care of almost entirely by the students. The chief mem- bers of the staff are Elsie May Fike, Sue King, Sarah McKinley, Lewis Heiliman. Joseph Schnelzer, and Daniel Borden. This year members of the staff again attended the annual convention of the P. S. P. A. and learned new and different methods of publishing a school paper. "Moon Beams" also has quite a large number of exchangers from all over Western Pennsylvania. We feel that each year our paper has shown much improvement over the previous year, and we hope that each future year will bring forth a bigger and better school paper. Snapshots dMk,,.,,....h.--fd + Wig WE Jr. Cheerleaders Elsie, Lew, Dan Olga and Helen A Junior trio K K giylwiwirfn School bus Nick and Nello A snow fight Dan and Olga More snow Jimmy Stage crew Horrible five Chuck and Tommy A carload of seniors Room 9 officers Samls "car" P90000oooo0QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q A 0 0 GEORGE DOWNS 2 0 O ' 2 S Groceries and Auto Supplies q 0 0 1 3 3 2 8 Phone Coraopolis 2 11 9729-1--4 2 41 0 tl I 11 0 L o --.. ..-.-....................-.... -4 p.----- ..... --- ..................... 1 tl 9 tl 1 mn 1: 2 2 DAVID W. PENNEY Q 0 0 0 ii Jeweler and Optometrist z ll 11 9 nu i It 3 1: Keystone Building z I1 ' 11 over AQP Store Phono Cora. 305-J I o 1 1 ll ' mu ' 0 0 ,.....-.. .... .... ................. --.A fQQ.......----..p QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 00000 T I1 0 II GEISLER so TUCKER g ii The Men's Store g tl 0 II 409 Mill street Phono co1-o. 647 2 Il 1 5 vqqoggoooo oooo 00 oooooooooo- 0- 00000004 r00000000 00000 00:0 000000000000 0 00000 1 0 OELLIG BROTHERS :E Pharmacists 1 Il Fifth Ave. and Mill st. Phone Cora. 183 tl 1l.------------------ ................ -4 yo--- Q... ,--- ............ - ..... Qeooo 1 3 2 Q C. P. MCLAUGHLIN 85 CO. z Groceries and Meats 2 C . 423-25 Mill Street Phone Cora. 140 2 iv 1 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ00000000004 foooo QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q 000000000 001 R. N. FERREE ELECTRIC Co. 2 . R.C.A.-Philco-Grunow Radios S O Norge-Kelvinator g 943 Fifth Avenue Phone Cora. 143 2 O 00000000000 000... Q ..... -oo .oo.0000 04 f------------------------- 1 oooooooeoeeooooq Qoqqoooo 1 ro 1 000000-00 r- --------- 1 fo --------- 1 f- 00-0-0-9 1 fo Q00-00-Q--QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ HENRY G. WHITE AGENCY, Inc. "Insurance With Service" 953 Fifth Avenue Phone Cora. 359 BRODHEAD NURSERY C. T. HANLON Brodhead Road Phone Coraopolis 4106-R-5 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQ 0-000-000 0000-00-09 0 i 0 0 0 O O O O O O O O 0 0 0 O O 0 0 O O 0 0 0 E 0 0 O 0 i- ---------o4 oo-- oo 0 0 O 0 I O 0 0 0 O O O 0 O 0 0 O O 0 I O O 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 i4 no-Qooooooooqqoooooooooooooe FAMOUS DEPARTMENT STORE Clothing for Men, Women and Children Fifth Ave. and Mill St. Phone Cora. 785 -----------------------Q-Q------...4 """':::'::"::::::::':::::::::::1 RASKIN'S JEWELRY STORE Watches-Gift Jewelry , 1038 Fifth Avenue Phone Cora. 591-J E ----------------..-------..-----...l ""'"'"""""""""""""'1 SERVICE ELECTRIC STORE 5 Frigidaire-Electrolux 5 1024 Fifth Avenue Phone Cora. 610 z O --------------..--------------------4 '"""""""""""""""" "1 GEORGE DRUGA E Confectionery . . . Service Station 8 Carnot, Pa. 5 -----..----------...-----...---..-.l 1 P- QQQQ0QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQ y..----o-------------------------------------....-----.1 QQ---Q-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ....Q.QQ-J 3 3 , 3 CAHENS 3 3 , 3 Shoes . . . Clothing Q . . 3 Men's Furnishings Quality-Service 3 3 3 3 3 Corner Fourth and Mill 3 Coraopolis E 3 3 3 3 0-----QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQooooooooood 3 7 3 Shafer s 3 3 3 Flower Shop g 3 3 3 1030 Fifth Avenue, Coraopolis 3 Phone 515 mu 410 Beaver Street, Sewickley 2 Phone 1410-J 3 0 13 13 Greenhouses at Carnot, Pa. Phone Cora. 935-M 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 oooooooooooooooooeooooooooooooooooQQ - -, rf- --------'-'-'.--'---" Q- ----'---- 1 nr II II 33 mr 3 3 3 mr 3 3 4 3 E BOYD LUMBER CO. 3 0 3 3 3 v 0 3 0 3 Foundation to Roof 3 I 3 3 Since 1896 3 ' 0 3 o 0 ll 3 31 3 3 3 COLUMBIA CEMENT :I 3 0 0 3 0 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 0 3 1425 Fourth Avenue 3 Phone Cora, 1 120 3 3 o IC 3 II 3 u 3 13 3 3 L, QQQQQQQQQQQQ Q Qqoooooooeooo e oooo cool ',,--..-------- .......... .......---..-H Q I3 ' II 3 3 0'BRYON SERVICE STATION 3 1: 3 3 For Happy Motoring Q 0 ' 33 3 Fifth and Ferree Coraopolis 3 2 L3 p------- .... ..-- ...... ----..-------.4 Mlliitt SSSSSSSQSSSSZQ CC?-it Siiiiiii T 3 3 3 EARLE E. EAKIN 3 3 Service Station 3 3 Tobacco . . . Candy . . . Lunches 3 3 Gienwiuard, Pa. 3 3 3 L: :::::---: ::::::---::::x---::,:, 3:3 f::::::- -:::::::::-: :::::::::::e:::- 3 3 g KEYSTONE SHOE STORE 3 3 3 Shoes . . . Hosiery 3 3 E 404 Min Street Coraopoiis 0 z 3 Loooooooo:::::::::oo:::ooo:::: : :ooo:Q fo 00000- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 0 00-40Q00-0090QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ S O E 8 FRATERNITY, COLLEGE AND CLASS JEWELERY l Q 0 i COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS s 0 . 0 i Invitations . . . Diplomas E 3 Jeweler to the Senior Class of , Moon Township High School 2 0 0 5 L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY g Q 0 i Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers i i Attleboro, Mass. 2 o 3 2 g Represented by C. M. KLINGENSMITH A 2 i 1110 Milton Street Regent Square Pittsburgh, Pa. E 2 E E 1 .QQQQQ Qoooooqoooo 00 00000 ooooooooooo 0 oooo 0000 0000 0000 00000000000000 1 00000002 700000000 OOOOOOOOO O0 OOOOOOOOO 909099 """" """""" " """"""""' ' 3 . 0 4 ' 2 v s 2 3 A. E. CARLBURG g 9 O E E 1 Cleaning . . . Pressing . . . Tailoring 2 3 3 2 2 g NASH 2 S Golden Rule Clothes ll Q for Men and Women : EE U 0 S ll 2 Phone Cora. 42 U S 1021 State Avenue Coraopolis E EE 3 It in O 9 L- OOO, .O .,,,,, ,,,,,, C :,,,-:: .QQQ .::::00000::: 0000 2: OOOO 9090 0000 000001000000-Q4 .-. I.-f1.Y1.Il'f.I.lL3k3 i There are few fields where +he necessify for progress-fhe demand for new ideas, is as pronounced as in 'Phe producfion of School Annuals. U Here in Can+on we lake pride in no? only keeping pace, bu+ in seHing +he pace 'For innova+ionS and changes in ihis highly progressive field. Q When you work wifh Can+on you are hand in hand wi+h experienced people, cons+an+ly on fhe aler+ +o sense 'rhe wanrs of Annual publishers, and quiclr +o change from +he old order, and offer new and unusual ideas 'ro progressive edi+ors. me cAN'roN ENGRAVING s. emscmorvpe co., CANTON,,0I-IIO PRINTED IN CORAOPOLIS AT THE RECORD OFFICE

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