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THE FLAME PUBLISHED BY V Class of 1936 of Moon Township High School Contents Administration fffff f Page 4 Staff f f f f Page 5 Faculty f f Page 6 Seniors f f Page 8 juniors f f Page 15 Sophomores f f f Page 16 Junior High School f f Page l7 Athletics f f f Page l8 Activities f f Page 21 Foreword FOR many years, the desire to have a complete modern high school has been burning in the hearts and minds of everyone, The class of '36 saw this desire materialize. We, who saw the "Flame" ignite from a tiny spark, pass it on to our successors to supply fresh fuel. It is our de' sire that they never allow this MFlame', to become ex' tinguished, but with each year help it gain more momentum so that it will burn more and more brightly throughout the years. Let its light always shine forth that the world may know of our achievements. May the 4'FlameM continue to burn forever and keep warm the memories that will smoulder always in the hearts of all M. T. H. S. graduates. Dedication TC our parents, who have made possible the step of our education which we are now completing, who have given us the joys of life, and who have shared our trials and troubles as well as our happiness, we hope in this small way to show our appreciation. ' Therefore, we, the first graduating class of Moon Township High School, respectfully dedicate to you, our parents, this first issue of the "Flame" Board of Directors IN no small way the Board of Directors of lvloon Town' ship has contributed to the success of the hFlame," and to the following men who comprise this group, we express our gratitude: Ivlr. K. C. Gardner, President, Mr, Edward P. 'Hawes, Vice President, Lee Springer, john J. Trunick, Wilson C. Dickson, and C. E. Vandervort, Secretary. I if:1fAcIminisI:ration MR. A. ALLARD, B. S.--Pennsylvania State College -M. A., University of Pittsburgh. Mr. Allard, our supervising principal, has resided in Moon Township for a period of eight years and during that time has very capably and efficiently managed the Moon Township Schools. To him the students of this district, need to extend thanks for his tireless and successful effort in bringing about the es' tablishment of the High School, which is the pride and love of every student. May he know that we appreciate the personal interest and excellent advice which he gladly ex' tends to each student's problem. I. H. Brooks, a graduate of Indiana State Teachers College, has been very capably and efficiently filling his position as a teacher in the local schools for ive years. This year Mr. Brooks was elevated to the position of the high school principal. This page is sponscred by i THE UNITED ENGINEERING 81 FOUNDRY CO. First National Bank Building Pittsburgh, Penna. l siaffrfifi , .- . , .. 9' i ETER plans were definitely made for the publication of a year hook, the faculty ' chose the editors, who in turn, named their assistants. The following staff has worked diligently to produce this first issue of "The Elamev: Editorfinfchief, Wayiie Gossg Associate Editor, Katherine King, Business Maiif ager, Geraldine Busch, and Elizabeth Snionko, assistant, Activities Editor, Vianna Kennedy, and Louise Hofacker, assistantg Athletic Editor, Woodroxxf Cole, and Clyde Shafer, assistant, Art Editor, Helen Caponecchi, and Theodora Medwid, assistant: Typist, Frank Evanko, and Dorothy Mauser and Thelma Smith, assistantsg Faculty Advisor, Miss Elsie Braun. f-- , l This page is sponsored by MR. AND MRS. D. E. KING l RIDGECREST FARM l Lee ,EEE E says, e,ee so s s Faculty- Miss Elsie Braun ffff A. B., Westminster. College English, French Mr. J. H. Brooks f f f f Indiana State Teachers College Health, Geography Miss Eleanor Tomlinson ffff A. B., Ursinus College Mathematics Mr. M. J. Gendich f - B. S., Indiana State Teachers College Science, Geography Miss Elizabeth Sutton f f f A. B., New Jersey College Latin, Art Mr. G. H. Schach f ' B. S., Indiana State Teachers College Commercial Subjects I I This page is sponsored by WILLIAM H. STEVENSON, INC. Center and Highland Avenues Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania I I I l Facultyg I i Miss J. Marie Prather f f B. S., Pennsylvania State College Health, Home Economics i l Mr. Walter Deiss f f B. S., -Carnegie Institute of Technology , 4 l Social Science, Shop Miss Cecelia Rugani - f f f f University of Pittsburgh Arithmetic, History Mr. Harold McDougall - f f f B. S., Creve City College History, Commercial Subjects Miss Grace Dickson f B. S., Indiana State Teachers College Music Mr. Charles Russell 1 B. S., Indiana State Teachers College English, Science This page is sponsored by CORAOPOLIS CASH MARKET HOME DRESSED MEATS GROCERIES FRUITS VEGETABLES Fourth and Mill Streets Cora. 666-667 SEN OR JOSEPH ARTHURS "Joe" Operefia '34 Dramafics '35, '36 Class Officer '36 Moon Beam Staff '36 GERALDINE A. BUSCH "Gerry" Dramatics '33 Baslcelball '33 Moon Beam Sfaff '33, '36 Year Book Slaff '36 JOSEPH J. BUTERA "Joe" Stage Crew '36 I 936 This page is sponsored by THE CORAOPOLIS HARDWARE CO Mill Stfggf Coraopolis, Penna. L WALTER BARTOSCH "Blurty Dramatics '33, '36 Basketball '33, '36 Operelia '34 Football '35 LAWRENCE BUTTERINI "Butter Baskeiball '32 Football '35 H ELEN CAPON ECCHI "Cappy' Operetia '34 Moon Beam Sfaff '33, '36 Year Book Siaff '36 HELEN c. cepuus "ceppy" Cafeteria Aid '36 EMILY F. ERICKSON "Swede" Baslretball '32, '33 Dramatics '33, '34 Moon Beam Staff '33, '36 WAYNE E. GOSS "Wimp" Basketball Manager '33, '36 Dramatfcs '33, '36 Moon Beam Staff '33, '36 Football Manager '35 Year Book Staff '36 SENIOR I93 WOODROW W. COLE "Percy Dramatfcs '34 Football '35 Basketball '35 Year Book StaFF '36 FRANK EVANKO "YonIrs Basketball '33, '36 Football '35 Moon Beam Staff '36 Year Book Staff '36 Dramatics '36 ALEX L. HILL "Dynamite Entered In '35 Football '35 Orchestra '36 This page is sponsored by ANDERSON AUTOMOBILE CO. Coraopolis and Sewiclrley BUICK AND PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE i I I I i SETIIOR E. LOUISE HOFACKER "HofFy" Basketball '32 Moon Beam Staff '33, '36 Dramatics '34, '36 Class Officer '36 Year Book Staff '36 VIANNA B. KENNEDY "Vinnie Basketball '32 Dramatics '34, '36 Moon Beam Staff '33, '36 Year Book Statf '36 Record Reporter '36 LEORA I. LA RUE "LiI' Entered in '35 Moon Beam Statf '36 This page is sponsored by THE CORAOPOLIS NATIONAL BANK Fifth Avenue Coraop0liS. P I 93 III JOHN JAVA "Java Operetta '34 WINIFRED KING "Winnie' Basketball '32, '34 Dramatfcs '33, '36 Operetta '34 RUTH E. LEONHARDT "Betty' Cheerleader '33, '34, '36 Orchestra '34, '36 Dramatics '34, '36 Chorus '36 Band '36 CHESTER R. LA RUE Basketball '32, '33 Dramatfcs '33, '36 Orchestra '33, '35 Band '35 Football '35 "Clues" HELEN C. MCEWEN "Blondie" Entered in '35 Moon Beam Staff '36 HAROLD W. MEINHARDT "Meinie Dramatfcs '33, '34, '36 Orchestra '34, '36 Football '35 Band '36 ,l ,l ,W ll SEIN OR mi JOSEPHINE B. LUCAS "Jody Dramatfcs '34 THEODORA E. MEDWID "Teddy Dramatics '34, '36 Moon Beam Staff '36 Year Boolr Staff '36 CLARA M. MORROW "Gage Dramatics '36 Chorus '36 Ml ll, lla ll' ll' Ml SN l 9 3 6 lL-W,.-KLLL, ' ' l Th'5 p ge is sp nsored by AMSLER OEl'lLlNG DRUG COMPANY Pharmacists l I 942 Fifth Avenue Coraopolis, Pa. E l DOROTHY I. MOSER "Dot Opereiia '34 Moon Beam Staff '36 Year Book Staff '36 Class Oflficer '36 I I,I SENIOR I, II CHARLES ROZN ETINSKY "Ro1y Dramafics '33 Orchestra '34, '36 CLYDE SHAFER "SI'1a'f Baslreiball '32, '33, '36 Football '35 Dramaiics '33, '36 Year Book Staff '36 Ths page 15 sp nsored by THE CORAOPOLIS TRUST CO Coraopolrs Pennsylvania I936 I EFFICIENCY SECURITY SERVICE J JOHN REGOTTI "Johnny Siage Crew '33 Opereita '34 Football '35 Dramaiics '36 ALICE C. SALAGA "SaIag Dramafics '33 Moon Beam Siaff '36 RALPH B. SHENEFELT "Shenie' Eniered in '35 Class Officer '36 WILLIAM A. SIMMONS "BiII" Stage Crew '33 ELIZABETH SMONKO "Lee" Basketball '32, '33 Chorus '36 Moon Beam Staff '36 Year Book Staff '36 FRANK WALKER "Farmer" Entered in '35 SEIN OR Q- is 195 6 Operetta '34 Moon Beam Staff '36 Chorus '36 Year Book Staff '36 4 Dramatics '36 PAUL VERNOCY Stage Crew '33 Basketball '33 Football '35 THELMA R. SMITH "Mickey "ea MATTHEW TRIMBER "Mat This Page is sponsored by HENRY G. WHITE, REALTORS Fifth Avenue Coraopolis, Pa. and D. W. PENNEY. JEWELER Mill Street Ccraopolis, Pa. Class Officers President JOSEPH ARTHLIRS Vice President f f RALPH B. SHisNEFi3LT Secretary E. LOUISE HOFACKER Treasurer DOROTHY Mosisn Class History WAY back in the spring of 1932, just a short time ago, the commencement ' exercises for the last graduating eighth grade class of Moon Township were held. However, in the fall of that same year those identical faces reaippeared at the newly transformed Junior High building, not as children, but as grown up young men and women in their freshman year of high school. From this point on, for a period of four years, the activity of each and every student became more kinetic. Time rolled on. So did that good stage "Freshman," Over the rough road of first year Latin and through "Algebra Lane" went those gallant first year high students braving the many squalls handed them by the troublesome general science and an advanced English course. But, everything came out well at the end of that onefhundredfeighty day journey and the passengers on the initial trip of the stage "Freshman" all arrived safely at the depot of the waiting transit, "Sophomore" Greatly revived after a three months rest period, the same crew and the old familiar transients again appeared at the station in preparation for boarding the already waiting 'LSophomore', coach which was to carry them farther westward in this great game of life, While on this step of their long awaited excursion, the active group on the coach, in order to have time pass more readily and to fill their strong box with ducats, presented three masterpieces in the field of drama: a comedy, "Only Sally Annng an operetta, "Circus Days", and a mysteryfcomedy, "Lady Lilac." ' ' However, all good things must come to an end, and once again came the arrival of spring and the longfawaited destination appeared. This, too, was the climax to two years of high school in Mooii, for the next term found these students scattered far and wide, due to the absence of the junior and senior years in the township building. However, every cloud has a silver lining and in the fall of '35 those forlornf looking, but patient followers reappeared to begin the last mile of their great four part journey. Each and every one boarded the "Senior Gmnibusw with a smile, and at last they were off. Events came and went fast and furieusly. The field of dramatics gave forth three more great pieces, namely, "Dotty and Daffy," a minstrcl show, and NSQVCII' teen." N The changing of school colors, the choosing of class jewelry and the selection of a new type of diploma, all made the final trip speed along trio fast. In a very short time the crew gave warning that the great show "Graduation" was appearing just around the next turn. Great preparations were made, and on the night of June 2, every member of the good old "Senior Gmnibusw deserted its protecting walls and proceeded through the sad ceremony of graduation. Yes, following this great fete, those thirtyfsix iM. T. H. S. students bade their last farewell and departed upon the great journey of life, net las a group, but alone, to achieve that success which those four years at Moon prepared them to gain. -Wziyiie Goss. ADIEU We, the seniors of Moon Township High, Now must say to you "Good bye". How we've dreaded the time to pass, And thus break up our jolly class! Aside from trial and tribulations We've learned the spirit of ccoperation. We shall miss you all, you girls and boys, For you have helped to make our many joys. Ah, yes, we must say adieu To our advisors and faculty, too. We'll think of you 'mid cur laughs and tears Along in the life of later years. Now we have had our one last say, And each will journey on his way After that glorious commencement day. E. W ----Geraldine Busch. IV Class Officers President WILLIAM STEVENSON Vice President f f QLGA SALAGA Secretary f DORIS ADAMS 'Tfreasmev f ELSIE FIKE This page is sponsored by THE COMMUNITY SERVICE STATION Broadhead Road W. C. KROEHS, Prop. Juni QI I I I OTS 1 1 1 A 1? 1 1 11: 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 i 1 r 1 1 1 1, 11 Sophomores 11 1 1 11 is 111 Class Officers President f f TESSIE STARK Vice Pfrcsicient f HAROLD MILI,ER Secretary f f MARY ALICE BROSCIUS Treasurer f f IVIARGARET FORSYTHE N ,, M 3 This page is sponscrcd by 1 THE como MANUFACTURING COMPANY 1 Manufacturers of TYPEWRITER RIBBONS CARBON PAPER and Other Accessories Junior High School X! w R N !'X M 1 A H H K W Y 111 !'!N w N' Vx, V ,Wu I! V fl N J!! Ai K W Y Ulf HM I Q K 9-8-7 1 Y x x Athletics This page is sponsored by GEORGE DOWNES GROCERPES CONFECTIONS TOBACCO CIGARS and AUTO SUPPLIES Phone: Coraopolis 9729-Ring 4 Football IN September of 1935 the first football team of Moon Township was organized. With Mr. Gendich, a new member of our faculty, the members of the squad practiced diligently to gain a berth on the team. A fairly strong team was moulded around such experienced players as Butterini, Hill, and Roth. This being our first year, we were beaten by teams of greater weight and experience. Despite all these defeats, the season was successful in so much as it aided 'lCoach" to find such prospects as Kissinger, Baldessari, Borden, and others for next year's team. I935 WINNERS OF THE "M" Alex Hill Ernest Kissinger Lawrence Butterini Clyde Shafer Daniel Borden Matthew Trimbcr Nello Baldessari Alvah Barnes Sam Brunette Charles Smith Wayne Goss fffff' Chester La Rue Frank Evanko Robert McLaughlin Dragon Tesla John Regotti f f Manager Kenneth Goss f f Assistant Manager I935 SEASON Moon O f f Moon O f Moon O f Moon 6 - f Moon 7 f Moon 1 5 f f Moon 0 f M pp J p p CHEERLEADERS .- f North Fayette 24 f Findley O South Fayette 25 Neville Island 13 Robinson 26 Sewickley Res. 0 Leetsdale 19 AT every basketball and football game, Betty Leonhardt, Mary Alice Broscius, T' and Mary Davis lead the cheering, assisted by the junior cheerleaders, Geraldine Craigo, Betty Conway, and Jack Davis. Basketball MOON I'IIGI'I'S basketball team was organized in 1935. With a strong squad " of players from 1934's junior High team, Coach Brooks produced a capable aggregation. Kissinger, Borden, Shafer, Tesla, Schnelzer, and McLaughlin, allfstar forward in Sectien XIII of the W. P. I. A L., filled the forward and guard posif tions. Smith, a lofty sophomore, performed at center. These boys, together with dependable substitutes, cooperated nicely providing strong opposition to the teams in Section XIII of the VJ. P. 1. A. L., and, considering that this was our first year in high school competition, we had a fairly successful season in the league with three wins and seven losses. The B squad under Coach Gendich's guidance, proved to have a more success' ful season than the Varsity. We are glad for this, because it shows us that there arefamong this young material-4boys who will capably uphold our prestige in the future. WINNERS OF VARSITY "M" THE winners of the Varsity ' Ernest Kissinger, Dragon Tesla, Robert McLaughlin, Charles Smith, Clyde Shafer, Daniel Borden, Joe Schnelzer, Frank Evanko, Walter Bartosch, Woodrow Cole. As managers, Wayne Goss and Charles O'Laughlin were awarded the Varsity I935-I936 SEASON w -v Moon 15 ffff- f Neville Moon 24 Sewickley Moon 34 f Findley Moon 22 Carnot Card. xlvloon 10 f Bethel Moon 19 1 f Pike 'kMoon 22 Robinson W'Moon ol - Clark 9FMoon 44 S. Fayette Moon ZS - Sewickley Moon 24 f f Pike 4'Moon 10 f Bethel :kMoon 33 Bridgeville iklvloon 15 Robinson Xlvfoon .12 f Clark 'klvfoon 23 S. Fayette :kMoon 28 Bridgeville Moon 'ZS f'-f- f Neville Moon 36 fffffff Findley "'W. P. I. A. L. Games J I This page is sponsored by -: PERRY E. MERCER AE-HQi-hes GENERAL MERCHANDISE Carnot, Pa. Cora. I I I3-,I Orchestra THE year 1932 saw the .organization of the first orchestra at Moon Township ' High School when thirteen musicallyfinclined students, under the baton of Miss Grace Dickson, began to develop their musical ability into a pleasing ensemble. By the end of the year, although they had not made many public appearances, the orchestra had really accomplished its first year's expectation and since then its rapid progress has made it one of the most active musical groups in our school. Assemblies this year were more enjoyable because of the orchestra's conf tinued presence. The musical interludes at the "allfschool" and senior plays were possible only through the cooperation of this body of student musicians, The orchestra now consists of the following twentyftwo members: Alex Hill, Edward Hawes, Annabelle Kennedy, Geraldine Crago, Delores Heath, Nick Shust, Dorothy McClinton, Sara McCormick, Dorothy Campbell, Harold Lottes, Ursula King, Philip Hermansen, Leora Link, Harold Meinhardt, Betty Leonhardt, William Dally, Ruth Kennedy, jack Stevenson, Charles Roznetinsky, Chester La Rue, Frank McCormick, and Hallie Jacobi. Band AFTER a demonstration on various instruments by Mr. Mango of the Conn Instrumental Company, thirty M. T. H. S. students organized a band in April, 1935, and after four weeks' practicing they gave their first concert. Throughout the sweltering summer diligent practices were held each Friday evening in the high school auditorium. When school opened they were well enough advanced to put on a co-ncert during the first month. They have also favored us with demonstrations of their ability in assembly. Because of their rapid accomplishments they now have a regular Friday morning period alloted them for practices. Because all of our football games were played away from home, the band was not able to appear at the football games, as was originally intended. However, since we expect to play on our own field next year, we shall certainly look for our band to lead every football parade. Glee Club IN September, a group of girls under the direction of Miss Dickson organized ' themselves into a glee club, and have worked diligently. During the first semester they appeared in assembly and before the P. T. A. This semester they aided in the production of the minstrel and spent every available minute practicing for the Music Festival which took place early in May. Clubs THIS year, virtually all of the latest clubs were introduced into M. T. H. S. They were divided into two distinct groups+S'enior Clubs and Junior Clubs. Students of Junior High were given these recreational periods every other Friday morning, at which time the Senior High had an assembly period. This procedure interchanged regularly. The clubs sponsored for Senior High were: Airplane, Chess, Dancing, Miovie and Radio Appreciation, Needle Craft, and Nursing. Those for Junior High were: Nursing, Hiking, Historical, Chess, journalism, and Scouting. Cafeteria AMCNG the newer organizations of the school this year, came the establishment J' of a school cafeteria, This innovation was greeted with enthusiasm as it gave students and teachers an opportunity of eating hot lunches, a privilege which heretofore they did not have the advantage of enjoying. This successful department was sponsored by the Home Economics Departf ment under the competent management of Miss Prather. Dramafics THE 19354936 dramatic season was ushered into the Uspot light" by the presentaf tion of "Dotty and DaHy", a comedy composed of a cast which was selected from aspirants from the upper classes. An intriguing plot, combined with fine acting marked this a successful play for M. T. H. S. As a Christmas offering, the play L'Why The -Chimes Rang" was presented for the student body and P. T. A. for the second successive year. Then, on March 27, the high school students and chorus, with the assistance of Miss Braun, Miss Dickson, and Mr. Brooks successfully staged a Minstrel Show before an appreciative audience. The last display of dramatic talent was the annual play produced by representaf tives of the graduating class. In the successful "Seventeeni', Louise Hofacker and Chester La Rue managed to overcome the troubles of their children, Winifred King and Wayne Goss. The supporting cast included Betty Leonhardt, Joe Arthurs, Vianna Kennedy, Clyde Shafer, 'llheodora Medwid, Frank Evanko, Harold Mein' hardt, John Regotti, Thelma Smith, and Walter Bartosch. Social THE whirl of the social activities began early in the fall when the Senior Class sponsored a dance in the high school gym. Because Armistice Day was "just around the corner" this ho-p was characterized by decorations of stars, streamers, and flags. The Valentine Dance, held by the Junior Class, once again presented a gayly decorated "dance floor", on which the upper classmen glided to the smooth melodies. Then the Sophs staged a Gala Hop April 24. The dances of '36736 were brought to a brilliant close May 15 by the delightful junior Prom, which the Junior Class gave as its farewell to the seniors. Journalism EEPING pace with all other activities, Journalism has expanded rapidly this term. The outstanding feature in this work was the increase in size and cirf culation of our school paper, "IvIoon Beams", published bifweekly. No small credit for this is due to Geraldine Busch, editorfinfchief, Emily Erickson, associate editor, and a faithful and hardworking staff. Then, in order that we might present a weekly resumee of our activities, "Moon High Notes", appeared in every issue of the Coraopolis Record. Vianna Kennedy, as editor, and Vsfayne Coss, sports editor, made this column a popular feature. Also in order that we might see what other schools have done, twelve students, representatives from the "Flame", "Moon Beams", and "Moon High Notes" staffs attended the conference of the High School journalistic Association at Schenley High School on March 7. Hall Patrol N important factor in the maintainance of good behavior and obedience in the " corridors between class periods was the efficiency and tactfulness of that group known as the Hall Patrol. When the first bell rang for the exchange of classes, thirteen patrolmen took their designated places in the hall. "Single line, please," 'LKeep to the right." "Walk down those stairs,"-that was the job of a hall patrolman. We realizc the great amount of work connected with this task and we duly appreciated thc effort put forth by which this year's patrol obtained such excellent results! Secretarial Corps N order to gain as much experience in secretarial practice as possible, each com' ' ' mercial senior was assigned a teacher to whom he acted as secretary throughout the year. Clicking of typewriters and the whirl of the mimeograph were all signs that the secretaries were at work. This proved a very worthfwhile enterprise and afforded much good training. The secretarial corps consisted of the following students: joseph Arthurs, Elizabeth Smonko, Helen McEwen, Frank Evanko, Leora La Rue, Louise Hofacker, Josephine Lucas, john Regotti, Theodora Medwid, Clyde Shafer, Joseph Butera, Alice Salaga, Thelma Smith, Dorothy Moser, Vianna Kennedy, Lawrence Butterini, and Clara Morrow. 3 Red Letter Days SEPTEMBER School opened and once mere the wheels began to grind. School band's appearance in assembly. Arthurs scores and Seniors elect him president. Seniors selected their class jewelry. OCTOBER Football gained spotlight although Pike defeated us 24fO. M. H. S. emerges muddy, but almost victorious from the Findley game. Score: OfO. Holiday-fTeachers Institute. Senior High went "to town" to see "Midsummer Night's Dream". NOVEMBER Senior Class Dance. We show Sewickley how it's done! Score: 17fO. Allfschool play, 'lDotty and Daffyv. Seniors flashed their school jewelry. O Students relaxed and ate turkey4it was Thanksgiving. A DECEMBER Basketball opened with a full house. Blanketyfblanik! Neville won 16-15. Seniors and faculty had pictures taken for yearbook. Iniated our new Crimson and White basketball suits by defeating Sewickley 2420. "The Flame" chosen as yearbook's name. Special assembly--"Why the Chimes Rang" presented. jan. 2 Christmas Vacation. 2 2 2 JANUARY We started our basketball league season with Bethel. 1 Midyear examination Blues. 4 Vacationffblizzard. junior and Senior class journeyed to Penn Theaterf!'A FEBRUARY Tale of Two Cities". Junior Class Hop. Almost demolished Findley, the basketball champions. MARCH Staff members went to Journalism meeting at Schenley H Senior Class viewed the great flood. O More vacation. Yearbook assembly. Senior Play Cast. Miiistrel Show. APRIL Football and basketball letters awarded to gridiron flashes and basketball stars. Athletic stag banquet. Seniors turned waiters while their mothers cooked a Chicken Dinner. Sophomore Class Dance. igh. MAY' Senior Class presented "Seventeen". 22 Senior Exams---Seniors jump last hurdle between them and diplomas. Big school event of year-Junior Prom. Picnicf4Moon takes over roller coaster and dance floor at West View. Baccalaureate services-at last we realize that our High School life is over. JUNE Commencementfwith tears and cheers, Seniors go forth warmed for life's combat. Senior Class Night Roundfup. P. T. A. reception for Seniors. Thus the curtain falls on another eventful year. ffutogzfezphs M ,

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