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li., ag .-sf-Y-A i Y : 1. , X5 " ' ' 'N 4-wif'-S. t X . Q... ' .Qy qc.- ' :Hs 311' ' . x 3 X11 4- x X a, ,-s. .git .4 mf - -r 'R' Ut' W A ata. Lf.--Q, .,, L ' E.-rv z 'Pi FTQIK 4 'Aff fs, K. --'4 K 1 1,54- ' . LJ' -A I 135- . ...., . Wx, . Avrf -.Air .F 21.55. , 'gs - 71 " , Sf . xv ' -if T TV? 56.1, T A11 Y, 135' X --1 f 3, L., ,-gy , wa, J- A , . 1' Q--Quinn:-Q -3- 59,4 Q, "'- SKIN 5 ns-4 nn ARY Moom U-WENT M OODY HIGH SCHOQL FOREWORD Scenes of Moody School will be fond remembrances long after we graduate therefore xt rs our arm rn th1s book to capture for you rn words and prctures a portlon of your hfe at M H S and make ll lrve agam for each who was a part of ll These are the scenes of M H S Students hurrylng down the hall to classes The basketball team srnkmg another shot The stands cheerrng norsxly The lme at the cafeterla at noon The rush of crammlng before frnals Assembly wrth Mr Durrett s announcements The excrtement of graduauon and the end of an other school year MJ' Study Hall IS one of the centers of 3Cl1V1Iy at Moody School Here we study for classes cram for tests see our frrends and garn new knowledge Assembhes on Monday afternoons grve opportumtres for recogmtron of any outstandmg achlevement by the students whether ll be rn athletrcs or scholasuc events The homemalung cottage the Ag buxldmgs as well as the grade school and hrgh school btuldmgs are person who has gone to school here It 15 ur hope that we may re cre ate for you a part of M H S rn th1s book brmgrng these landmarks back to hfe for ou indeed, landmarks to any ' u . O ,- Y - ' :,.. 75 lv 'V' CZ? I DEDICATION ,J-'i.,,. iw gif' MISS PAT ALLBRITTON Because of her fnendly mterest 1n Moody School, her W1111IlgI1eSS to help, and her capablhty both as teacher and person, the annual staff proudly dedlcates the 1957 Bearcat to Miss Pat A11br1tton if a fa x " g .51 ES . LZKG V -f P 1? - - "hs MR B B PARHAM Supermtendent Mrs B B Parham rrght IS characterrzed by courte ous and eff1c1ent servrce to Moody Hlgh She IS al ways w1ll1ng to help the students 1n any way possr e Interested rn the students of M H S and therr welfare descrrbes Mr Durrett He deals drrectly wrth the students grvrng them assrstance 1n many problems Besldes hrs dut1es as prtncrpal Mr Durrett teaches algebra and IS a graduate of Sam Houston State Teachers College fx ADMINISTRATION The progress and welfare of Moody School are the concern of Mr Parham graduate of East Texas State Teachers Col lege Durrng the frve years he has been at Moody the school has taken strrdes forward Mr Parham 15 an example of school sprrrt and a staunch supporter of all the ac IIVIIICS of the students Hrs mterests outsrde hrs work rnclude musrc and sports 7 MR W R DURRETT Pr1nc1pa1 .-I The use of scrence rn the modern world IS hrghlrghted by MR W E SCOTT Always w11l1ng to ard the students rn any way Mr Scott 15 an adm1red teacher of Moody H1gh School An A 8a M graduate he teaches Brology General Scrence and Erghth grade subjects -3-11' M H S Vocatronal Agrrculture students are rn good hands when they enroll H1 class under the capable gu1dance of MR HORACE D STEARMAN who IS a graduate of ASL M and an enthusrastrc supporter of the school Bemg Sophomore sponsor, he 15 always wlllmg to help wrth school BCIIVIIICS FACU LTY Typing Shorthand and Bookkeeprng are made more enjoyable under the leadershrp of MRS JACK CHAPIN Mrs Chapm who teaches Sophomore Englrsh 1S a graduate of Mary Hardin Baylor A chref outsrde rnterest IS her son Mark Versat hty 1n every sense of the word would best descrrbe MRS LAYTON GARNER a graduate of N T S C Her talents are by no means hmxted to Home Economrcs whrch she teaches Mrs Garner sponsors F H A news paper Qulll and Scroll and Semor Class She 15 srncerely rnterested rn every M H student ip Coachrng and teachrng are Coach Todd s great rnterests L R TODD lS a graduate of Daruel Baker and teaches Soctal Studres Hrs favorrte sports are Football and Basket ball Hrs mterest rn sports rs surpassed only by h1s interest rn the students FACULTY Enthusrasm frrendlrness and a wrllrngness to help others make MRS M H MCGINNES a beloved member of the hrgh school faculty Although she teaches Englrsh Spamsh and sponsors the Yearbook Newspaper Qurll and Scroll and Sophomore Class Mrs McG1nnes a Baylor grad f1nds trme to help the students rn any way 'I' ' A superror arnstrc abrlrty has become the trademark of MRS SAM ROBERTS A grad uate of Baylor Mrs Roberts teaches World Hrstory Englrsh and Erghth Grade subjects An attractrve appearance and frrendly at mosphere make her room one of the most frequently vrsrted rn Moody Hrgh The Cafeterra at noon trme rs a favonte meetrng place for high school teachers s e o , , . . . S - . 1 , Y I 1 , . G Y . ' Q . ,, :"'A' 'M , g, , 4 1 . . . , r 1,9 ,. f - - , . v , ,,..,, - - - -. 1.x ,...,.,1. .. ., . . . ' 1 -.'. ,rx-rv... umm. . ln: --nl:g.l : ' :lf nr nz nu- Gu .nd -mM' g - ' I . - L. ...t ..-rr. f I IJ ' lf. " 5- ' 45- ,'.. 'A 'Q , 5 . , T4 .t - . :T , I , , p -Q S . . . . . I 'V Q . ' ,, Nt 5 , - Y I ' 1 . MOODY SCHOOLS AGENTS OF THE P T A PROGRESS "-y The P T A under the leadersh1p of Mrs Donald Allman Presrdent Mrs D E Book Secretary and Mrs Hrram Howard Treasurer ernphasxzes the value of our Amerrcan herrtage 1n all programs One of the1r projects IS the Mothers March on Poho for the March of Dlmes held each year rn January THE SCHOOL BOARD The School Board members Damels McKam1e Srms Welch Eakm Schuette and Elkms g1V8 much of then' trme and effort to provxde a better educatron for Moody Hrgh and Elementary students Thxs year s projects rnclude the burldrng of a sidewalk at Elementary School 1m proved schoolyard and a parkmg area and bleachers at the football freld Thelr goal rs A Better School it DEPENDABLE HELP FROM THESE Q Bus Drrvers Todd Burton Perryman Durrett Barker Brumbalow Elkxns Some helpful members of the school staff are these The Bus Drxvers Todd Burton Perryman Dur rett Barker Brumbalow and Elk1ns who work da11y to brmg all students to school School Custodxan Mr Goode the many tasks he does well are hxs trademarks The Cafetena workers Mrs Brumbalow Mrs Coker and Mrs Garrett who g1Ve the students a well balanced d811C10US meal each day Custodlan Mr Goode Cafeterxa Workers Mrs Brumbalow, Mrs Coker, and Mrs Garrett . . Q , . -- - r T ' .F .I X . ,Q M - v .,, ' X ' 9. -.- 5 i ,- . IX ' ' 1 - .Q . Y I - t -s' l V ' ' ,x' ' ,V .x ,. Y, is v I H-L-1 .af .LA - 7 I I i I 9 I I I - I I I - , y 1 1 ' - . , . ' . , . l a L ' .r .6 .3 'KO -Q 3 I lp f'! ffm' s SENIORS Semor Sponsors Mrs Garner and Coach Todd The Semor Class sponsored by Mrs Garner and Coach Todd lead the school tn parttctpatlon and school spurt They en Joyed several excellent partres and a chrcken supper Some semor sponsored HCIIVIIICS were a Talent Show football pro grams refreshments at basket ball games and the Semor Play Semor Offrcers are Jeanette Lewrs Hrstortan Mary Roberts Secretary Max Hatter Vtce Presrdent Patty Hatter Sergeant at Arms Mrke Hargrove Prestdent Frances Garmon Treasurer Marlene Urbantke Parlramentartan Dtnah Teague Reporter I C . V I ,- ..Q . 7 1 . , f ' V - , . . . . . " ,pu 1 , ff , ,N x 1 - 5 - X 1 f. LET' ' V :ri ' r "f'Li' fr? 3 . I . F . 4 ' - - I ' ' u O 1 I I U 7 : . , , . 39s, JERRY BELL one of MHS frrendlrest never a dull moment around hrm active rn football and basketball Football Cap tam Jr Class Pres1dent Best Personalrty Most Popular Boy Qulll and Scroll Newspaper Sports Edrtor Annual Sports Ed1 or Track -of' DEAN DIXON a qulet sm1le and amrable ways transfer from Flat football player FFA Track f"4" DIANNE BERRY a versatrle grrl wrth a pleasxng drsposrtxon terested rn FHA annual and newspaper Qurll and Scroll Reporter Drum Majorette Who s Who Basketball Captarn Class SENIORS -its DELILA FETTERMAN a quret grrl w1th a pleasant outlook always smrhng ready to help 'Ci IO EVELYN COMER talented pranrst and arust a frrend to all act1ve 1n FHA and Qmll and Scroll Holds State Degree tn 3 yrs Twrrler 1 yr nual Staff Artlst Who s Who Class Offrcer sv 44:4 FRANCES GARMON a sports enthusrast has many frrends eager to help 1n any task Basket ball 4 yrs Captarn 2 yrs Class Offrcer 4 yrs Most Athletrc 3 yrs A nual Staff Newspaper Qtull and Scroll Offrcer rn FHA 1 ,x Qi.-rf - In - 'Q t p 4-' xv , F 15 Officer, FHA. . . Pep Squad Drummer ' ...An- 41- i TY 0 LL! "' Ss 4 "-' I , Y ' n- i' CAROL HAIGOOD small and qulet but wrth a sense of humor an ex cellent student news paper edltor Qurll and Scroll Annual Staff Who s Who Personalltres Lrbrarran FHA Class Offrcer Pep Squad png 'WX 3 DOROTHY HATTER never a frown on her face rnterested ln FHA Qu1ll and Scroll and newspaper a credrt to M H S Pep Squad Class Favorrte Class Treasurer ketball CHARLENE HARDING always smllrng worker on newspaper and annual staffs actrve rn class pro jects Choral Club FHA Class Offrcer ep Squad Qurll and Scroll Tenrus Volleyball Lrbrarran Wy! MAX HATTER excellent student match less sense of humor one of whom MHS 15 proud Senror class offrcer Qulll and Scroll member C Edrtor of Bearcat Lone Star Farmer Class offrcer 3 yrs Who s Who Per sonahtres 4 yrs FFA 3 y Football 2 yrs Bas ketball 3 yrs MIlxE HARGROVE a brg athlete good stu dent Senlor Class Presr dent member of Qulll and Scroll and annual staff Football 4 yrs Most Athlet1c Who s Mho Basketball fNom1nated for All Statej and Capta1n Basketball 4 yrs Football All Dlstrlct 5 'ixix Kf'-, PATTY HATTER v1vac1ous and frrendly one who w1ll succeed rn any endeavor takes part rn basketball Qulll and Scroll newspaper Senror Class Offrcer Class Favorrte Personahtres Who s Who Cheerleader 2 yrs Twrrler 1 yr FHA Choral 1- ' X4 ' JBA . ff' 9 '1- fv, 'Qi - ' ...P - ' fx ,u ...Chora1Club...Music. ' X ...x . , if G V xluu-" 4 , wa - 6 L .2 ' S . fxm , In 1 i Q ' , ' o- ...Bas- " . rs... - ff T1- FRANK HEROD IR fun and fnendlxness mark h1m worker on FFA pro jects annual staff work Basketball 1955 Class favorlte Publlc Speaklng Award QFFAJ 1955 4, N GENNIE GIBSON LASSETTER marked by a pleasantsmrle and a wxllxngness to help 1n any job a frrendly word for all FHA Choral Club 1 yr Basketball Pep Squad Q mms 1-vi T' REYNOLDS HERRINGTON hard worker fr1endly qulet and unassumtng FFA football manager as ketball 1953 Baseball 1953 Sophomore Class Favorrte SENIORS IEANETTE LEWIS a pleasant personahty and cheerful smlle are Jean ette s worker on annual staff and rn offtce Class Offrcer Basketball 3 yrs Qu1l.l and Scroll Pep Squad 4 yrs FHA f-vt MARY FAYE HUNDLEY always wllhng to work nrce personalrty Lrbrary FHA Basketball 1953 54 Choral 3 yrs Pep Squad 4 yrs Off1ce work I .t Sins. NORMAN MCGREGOR frrendly and fun lovmg goal IS graduatton terested 1n football bas ketball and gtrls All D1str1ct Fullback 56 Pep Squad Beau Most Ath 18I1C Boy FFA Soph Class Favortte and Presrdent Annual Staff Football 3 yrs 9. -m p sf -' 4' , 54 1 - 'Q ,.-s 8-C? er....-I ' , ' , ' p l ef. :Z Q , 1,4 4 -03 f 4' 52 . lv.- 's1T" xv 'ia gru- QL, PEGGY PERMENTER quret and unobtrusrve drlrgent worker pleasant pAT5Y MOR-RIS manners Volleyball outstandmg ln FHA servlng as state secretary con screntrous worker pleas ant dxsposmon Personalr tres Who s who A nual Staff Newspaper twrrler Qulll and Scroll Holds FHA State Degree 34: Baseball FHA Lrbrary 1"'x MARY ROBERTS outstandrng rn every way a great rntellect musrcal good personalrty very versatrle Year book Edltor Qulll and Scroll Presldent FHA of f1cer who s Who Per sona hues Newspaper Feature Wrrter SENIORS H"- 111- WELDON SCHMIDT actlve m FFA d trrct treasurer rarses chrckens busmess manager of annual easy gomg per sonalrty Lone Star Farmer Basketball Football Who s Who Bell County 4 H Offrcer Ag 'D WANDA STANDRIDGE always gay never worrred has a smrle for everyone plays basketball annual FHA Qurll and Scroll Class Favor1te Twrrler Lrbrarran Basketball 4 yrs DINAH TEAGUE sparkhng personalrty never downcast rnterested worker on annual news paper and Qu1ll and Scroll Sr Class Favor1te Most Popular Basket ball 4 yrs Cheer leader Best Per sonalrty Football Sweetheart Choral FHA Class Of freer IT' MARLENE URBANTKE a ready smrle and frrendly personalrty always cooper at1ve on annual FHA and office work Drummer 1 yr Holds State Degree rn FHA Newspaper Personalrtres Secretary Qurll and Scroll A fa fa X Sv 1 ,N fx, ' W iA"r.p' . . ' ' ,,,a U ' - . ,. Q A y C' , - f x N"'.- V , K4 I xf " wr 1 ,, Trp 'ku IQ! H V iz- al Carol Haigood s high grades and good character have been warding She received a four year scholarship to Mary Hardin Baylor Weldon Schmidt won F F. A. s highest degree the Lone Star Farmer. His special interest is raising chickens. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN SENIORS WORK AND PLAY TOGETHER Max Hatter second from the right and his mother Mrs Ray Hatter at the ex treme right relax with the other entrants of the Citizenship Speech Contest at Waco Max won second place and M H S IS proud of him He 15 also a Lone Star Farm Chicago was the setting for the National F H A meeting which Patsy Morris second from the right attended as State Secretary Her experience in F H A will inspire other F H A ers to work for higher goals A leader in her class Mary Roberts holds the Betty Crocker award of Home maker of Tomorrow along with top honors in the National Merit Scholar- shi . SENIORS HAVE I7 STUDENTS WITH AVERAGES ABOVE 857' Max Hatter shows that determlnatron rs an asset rn the old fashroned game of Bobbxng for Apples at the Sen1or Halloween party 1n the Sprrng Valley Club House At the Halloween Party held at the Sprmg Valley Club house Mrke Hargrove tnes to play detecuve blrndfolded by identxfymg the person before hlm Mary Faye Hundley D1d you know that Mlke IS nomlnated for All State rn Basketball? Marlene Urbantke helps to keep the party hvely by pamcrpatmg rn the Halloween games at the Spnng Valley Club House Patty Hatter strrkes a carefree pose whrle helpmg the other Semors decorate the goal posts for the Cllfton Moody game -Q-X JUNIORS JUNIORS The Junror Class under the sponsor shrp of Mrs Chap1n and Mr Scott took a large part 1n commuruty and school actrvrtres They rncreased school sprrrt by selltng shrrts wlth the Bearcat emblem Many worth whrle and ttme consumrng pro1ects the most rmportant one the Iunxor Semor Banquet made the Junrors a busy class at Moody I-hgh School Jumor Sponsors Mrs Chapln and Mr Scott gr E7 ,Q Junior Offtcers are Sarah Raby Photographer Wtllram McN1e1 V1ce Presrdent Brlly Brown Hlstonan B1l1yDowe11 Sergeant at Arms B111 Culpepper Parlramentarlan Mary Jean Beerwmkle Reporter Sandra Damels Presrdent Jane McK1nney Secretary Mary Ellen Beard Treasurer 20 I I O ,aff 2' ,L- -XXX I S ., Q rf X L.. . L S T 1 , , T V! 4 A M mf JUNIORS 'Ile TQ PEGGY ANDREWS MARY ELLEN BEARD MARY JEAN BEERWINKLE I SUE BERRY TUG- uf II! C BILLY DOWELL if BILLY JESS BROWN iv -3 6 gf?- BILL CULPEPPER SANDRA DANIELS GLENDA DIC KENS ON O O O ,Q X R ,X xy '2 ,gp A L if I' , , X X J N 1 fy .-6 2. -S x- A' 1 Q 5' X M, y I 'gt' 'fb' . :fig :.'. z- 7 311:- 1. H Q-R FEES. n Q , 1. abit, .34 . :u.:?I.. E I1 x CA fi' 1 Q... JI ' ' 36' Q ' 'S 2: . ', 4... R. ' iju . ' Nik .L 1 4110 EMMETT DOWELL BEATRICE GUTIERREZ. L 'Vi l CARL E KEY mi Qilg Nxv-J ,An ALFORD FLETCHER DOROTHY FORBES Mus1c theme of an autumn party featured E1v1s Presley Frxmg Lhe records are Wllllam McN1e1 Lela N1x B111y Brown Jane McK1nney and Mary Jean Beerwrnkle IQ5 JOAN LASLY JANE MCKINNEY WILLIAM MCNIEL N 1 ' . - its I ' x q 45 fs 2 " ' " ' . V L f it X Or 1" N C3 A-ef " f I ,. fipfygzrx Liz' ,, v . V A , Q: ii , 5 --7 - ' - I -xx ! 'i" -'Q' . Lg? J x N H., A , J . h fi 5 1 l I RAYMOND V MORGAN LELA NIX Halloween and black cats gave these Jumor boys B111 Culpepper Wllham McN1e1 Danny Twxtty and Emmett Dowell a thnll at the October party QRS fn 'T BEVERLY TILLEY ECIE THOMPSON 'nfi si YVONNE PARHAM " 5 A? SARAH RABY 36 JUDY TALLEY aff'- Fw DANNY L TWITTY V 'F .. 4' K v A. mu O ' LL '.k..Q.xN W., fl , X ft. s x Y A A P M lla 2' A4 x ,- J 'J - I , I 1 . . f ' J., , -,- - 4 ,.x' f 1 if 3 B x- X of -A x V 2' ' A LN .R ff' M NE , JUNIORS ENJOY LIFE AS UPPERCLASSMEN '4 K Mary Jean Beerwtnkle Brlly Jess Brown and Jane McK1nney try to show that the game Cross Quesnons and Crooked Answers can her between class actrvrties to prove that be played wlthout lau h1n at the Junror s 3 3 b bbl rn Halloween pany held at the Wh1teha1lCom u e gum lm t a mg of the past Center mlll Neecre Thompson takes ume out from his These thlrd year Homemakmg gxrls Sarah Jack Bell an ex student of Moody l-hgh Raby Peggy Andrews Lela N1x and Mary purchases the wuunng ucket for a cake whrch Ellen Beard admrre the season s fash1ons Alford Fletcher Mary Ellen Beard B111 Cul pepper and Yvonne Parham are sellmg to ra1se money for the Junlor Semor Banquet Chnstmas presents have aroused Mary J Beerwrnkle s Beatnce Gutrerrez s Jane McK1nney s Alford Fletcher s Beverly Tilley s Brlly J Brown s Judy Talley s and B111 Culpepper s cunosrty at the Chnst mas party held in the Moody l-hgh School Poem In America to dlsplay the free G m Y doms of Amenca Thxs poem 15 pubhshed 24 in a Nauonal Anthology of Poetry - 0 'H gs . 'A s I , pg, 3 N 4 V ' . ff: , k ' n 1 ' -I ' rj' F T ' i A Q ' ' 1 sm J i A A f I I-,JJQ 4 K n L , .V,r xi X 'fzfg-i J 14 f . . , , Q . " ' I, ni f .K f Q ' Y! y p 3 . . - . . C E , Q ' Y I , Jane McKinney uses a Self-composed , ,, ' 'll ' - if SCPHOMORES . . 3 The Sophomores are energetic and willing to work. This class, sponsored by Mrs. McGinnes and Mr. Stearman, display sports- manship and is very active in school activities. They take a large part in all sports events, and they help to spread the good will of the school. Their class meetings are lively and con- structive. Sophomore Sponsors Mr H D Stearman and Mrs M H McG1nnes Sophomore Officers are Virginia Fischgrabe Secretary Billie Mae Beard Treasurer Sally Eakrn Parlxamentarian Charles Hargood President Winnie wright Historian Monue Teague Reporter and Sue Mclilhaney Vice President SOPHOMORES . . . H. Q Us ,, , "QQ Glenda Alton , A 'IT Joe Burden Bllly Bushrng ix f. 0 .fix was , 1 - 'A ' ffwm, ., R -X 1 ,M 'V R, Billie Mae Beard James Beckner Nl "VX XS- Bernrce Coker N K ,v I., fn as Mary Ann Binns Davrd Cowan jQ""'- l Jerry Ducon in fm 'vy ,tj- Q-3 L3Ne11 Eakln Sally Sue Eakrn Charles Emmons Vrrgxnra Frschgrabe 456 -, 4'1X Q-. sun.. , M M rr N x X ff, IW RN Joan Goode Archie Guyer Charles Haigood Mary Alice Hatter all 'HS 4: R ,Q 'ws Darlene H111 Lorrarnne Holt Dora Lee Kelley Cappy Lawson Q32 rs, 'K n4"N K dx h Wx Eugene Lightfoot B111y Mangum Sue McE1haney Garlene McGregor Q W is W Q ' 'N S rm, I sw-4x Lf? " N ' , - , -f UW 1 f- as G '. r, ,7 ' ' -, vp.. K f- ' " A 'XJ ' .,- v'qlTl ,I- ,,, . . ... u ki , Gs. l' -'iii . . . P- . K 'i ' 61 cs X' 7 've-. X 91 nk Cra1g Meacham Jlmmy Moms Bobby N1ch015 Leon Nlgo l is ff- z f, Mary Lupe Qmroz James Alvm Rhoads Robert Scott Charles S8115 2' fam 0. M fi :v I W Earl Ray Smllh Monue Len Teague Sybll XN1u131'US Wmme Sue Mrxght Y . f M QM .A fl! ns - .c.' 1 'rn In L G l ,A gi ,F 3 in e ,QX e- a , " ' X Q, :Qi . X 3 5 1, TC-Q A . Z- B Avbl fr- '- - - is Q 'B 6 K I , I QNI' -1 qc. 5 1- Q 4, 3 '7 -1 " R QLD m I T if 4-l I x is Q , I X If ' X .1 4 L s - 1 1 - A ,ig S ,.. ' 4- ,A . wx A i 'fo ,nr 1 R lb-:A k x L V-A A' x h' , Q 7' x 1 v a X - I N SOPHOMORES SHOW GREAT SCHOOL SPIRIT These Sophomore girls Mary Lupe Qul roz B1111e Mae Beard and Mary Alice Hatter are among many Homemakers whose favor1te after class activity is music These second year Homemalung girls Glenda Alton Monue Teague Garlene McGregor Bernice Coker and Darlene Hill f1nd that a sewing group can be frm while working on a class project These Sophomores Charles Haigood Kenneth Goodwin Montie Teague Vir- ginia Fischgrabe Charles Sells Sue McE1haney and Billie Mae Beard show off their Halloween costumes in the M. H. S. Gym. A bale of hay serves as a resting place for Bobby Nichols between Halloween games in the Moody High School Gym me 41 1 The October P T A meeting IS made more enjoyable by Patricia Welsh Garlene McGregor Bernice Coker Mary Lupe Quiroz and Mary Alice Hatter in the Homemaking Cottage The room mothers Mrs. C. B. Morris and Mrs. Woodrow Coker with the class sponsors Mrs. Merle McGinnes and Mr. Horace Stearman are glad that the Sopho- mores are enjoying the Halloween party in the Moody High School Gym. Ai, 1.154 FRESHMEN . . . Actron and excltement are brought to Moody Hrgh School by the Freshmen Thls class sponsored by Mr Durrett IS always eager to learn They are best known for the1r frrend lxness and enthusrasm and for therr school splrlt Then hrgh school career promrses to be an rnterestrng one Mr W R. Durrett Freshman Sponsor Offrcers of the Freshman Class are left to rxght Reporters Wllburn Aycock and Dorothy Schuette V1ce Presldent Hope Hudson Presldent Eugene Sells Secretary Jean Nlx Treasurer Rlta Burton and Sergeant at Arms Mary Ann S1ms 'CS If FRESHMEN . T' Pl' Vlfglllla Bomar :His X James Burgess Ima NNW Eswell Campos -qs ' 7 Donnetta Brown M ""'Vx Douglas Brumble Frances Campos ui? 1 4 r 5 Q Y Y - b - fv 'rr-64' 441 J , . M' I H. 'S-s I 'L' 4 7 .il kwin ii 'I J x i K . Q 9 I 5 't s rf Q G! ' ' r N X N V Vx A ,' N X Q 4 . . 2: X X r 4 al I 'J M -H 1-an 'Ui- Q , Beatuce Emmons 'Ra K ' , Char V1rg1n1a Guuerrez l ng 'Ty Hope Hudson Nancy Lew1s Dw111a Fetterman Casxano Guu CIICZ 14,4 315 John Guuerrez les Hatter A" 'tv K?-'Q J Donna Lynch Lynda Ann MCK3ml8 , 6' Fx V K P. M, Nb ,I v A Q- 1 2 S W - I ' ' , ', '- 3, . 5 y Nl X y 4 Q. ,. l X cu: ,. -H . . lv ,- 4 'h A- ' 9'.,k g -4-0 K-10 Tv, Q, I U ii F I X ' 1 Q -- Z3 5 , .l VL. x ' L 7 I -N D XX . 'N in I tx ft 4 s --Ll, 0, f 1 9 ' ' ' V ,q '9- .wi 4 5 Joyce Mooneyham 'Wa Y, T' Daxsy Nell Schmldt vs 'ss XI Dorothy Schuette .1 e e Jean Mx ,G 6 LaDean Rushmg fi 19? I 'xxx 'F-35. Iuamta Payne !"'C. james R1chter gas x8 A FRESHMEN SEARC 1 The F H A yearbook com mrttee Darsy Nell Schmrdt Rrta Burton and charrman Dorothy Schuette ftnd that assemblrng the 1956 57 F H A YEARBOOK can be more fun than work Actrvrty perrod grves these Freshmen Darsy N Schmrdt Donna Lynch Mary Ann Srms and Hope Hudson trme for a chat before Pep Squad practrce H FOR KNOWLEDGE AND FUN Frrst year Homemakrng proves to be a pleasurable experrence for Donetta Brown Dorothy Schuette Jean Nrx and Nancy Lewrs as they prepare for therr cooklng class Rita Burton Mary A Srms Bobby Bush mg Hope Hudson lean Nrx and Charles Hatter dtsctss therr class af farrs before the next actrvrty la Rrta Burton Char lene Patrrck V1rg1n1a Bomar Mary A Srms Hope Hudson Frances Campos Darsy N Schmrdt Beatrrce Emmons Juanrta Payne take a wade rn a pool at Barton seeing 1n Austrn Mary Ann Srms and Hope Hudson relax after therr twrrler and cheer leader practrce sessron 5 'se . 4 , l ' ff 'N I . I Q f , T7 I N f , JF . . . - -3 Y, I Y I . , . v A f F .i A ' A Springs after sight- . 'wsu . ' , K P .. . - , Y-136 V . ' J I Q . . 9 36 fr' ' ,,,,t,r' -'45 ,awww Q vivlmvipw Y5' SCIENCE MATH The use ofsc1er1ce rn da11y hfe IS emphaslzed to B1010gy and General Sc1ence students by Mr Scott Actual sc1ent1f1c exper1ments g1VC the students a better understandxng of the laws of nature These students are preparmg for advanced study rn Math Th1S rs an Algebra II class taught by Mr W IL Durrett They studred all the phases of Math rncludrng graphs factortng and square roots 38 General Sclence helps students understand themselves 1n the modern world. ' H S i . . . b -X .. . . ". ,Q Q ' ,1 ' W 2, , .. I' , I I . L , , J . I if 'HK . . .Q fi Q 1 xv I , . ENGLISH SPANISH Q USMS c, A Sparush 1S a 11v1ng language! Tlus class under the leadershlp of Mrs McG1nnes thmks talks and uses Spanxsh They enjoyed a weekend at San Antomo s Gunter Hotel and an evemng meal at the Casa R10 Enghsh students leam the values of correct Engllsh Mrs McG1nnes teaches all phases of Enghsh and the students study Grammar Vo cabulary Spelhng and L1terature They leam to take then places 1n the modern complex world 3.32111-J 39 0 0 , 5 l 1 1 W 5 'Q-1 , 'lx K . -aff., Nrxsgpfslz 4 wg Q-1 .':. ' 4 -'g,..1fx-,V 5 f . . 1 ' 5 ' M I I v 1 ' 1 ' l 'A , - . 1. ' ' ' ' X . . ,, , . 9 J EMIS ' , vu A - V -. V A N ,Y Z -,- , . v , ,T-, 1 , J-Y 2 , " 1 1- 1 -4 -fats,-' ' f BUSINESS CIVICS vw 5, 1 Bookkeeprng teaches the students methods of busmess management and prepares them for more advanced studres wrth busmess machrnes Many bust ness students from Moody Hrgh contmue thetr tralmng at the f1ne busmess schools of Texas Thts spectahzed trarrung en ables them to secure better Jobs Essentral rn today s world 15 a knowledge of government These crvrcs students learn thoroughly the processes ofthe Federal government the varr ous departments and the meth ods of lawmaklng A sk1l1 often used 15 typmg Th1s helpful course opens many career doors, bestdes ID the busmess fleld These students type ftnger excerctses, bestdes many business letters. TODAYS F F A ERS Mr H D Stearman Sponsor Enjoy woodworkrng as a hobby and a buslness M Stearman explams how to use tools to W Aycock A Barley C Gutrerrez C Hatter E Compos E Sells D Brumble G Twrtty J Burgess and! Gutrerrez TGMORROW S FARMERS The Vocatronal Agrrculture Department learns many trades and skrlls uslng the modern equrpment and fac111t1es whrch are some ofthe best rn the state MOHIIC Lynn Teague Moody F F A s Sweet heart rs th1rd rn the D1str1ct III s Sweetheart Contest I I . . . . . I 'X O I. ...V Y ,V N "M-'--5 I . I , . . . V '-'1 , a A . 1 X-w--Q 2 I ' ' 1 ' . r. . nf,,.- "3" . I l ' l ' ""f' . . h , . , . -HQ, F ' 'EQ -" 1 . - , - . , . , . A 4:,.. tw? ff!" , . 'F N, . X x . Q . l ' 1' 1 f ' ' le ' X Il . , . I , n I u I ' - , . . - . i ' I , . . . I , - l - Weldrng methods are be1ng studred by C Meacham E Llghtfoot J Beckner D Cowan E Dowell B Mangum I Bur dett D Dregor E Smrth A Guyer K Scott L Nego I Rhoades C Emmons C H31g0Od B Nrch ols andC Sells The PARENT and SON BANQUET honors the Greenhand Chapter farm ers with pins and recognizes the Lone Star Farmers, the first ones in over twenty years. Mr Stearman introduces our guest speaker Mr Raleigh Jackson as B111y Dowell F F A President looks on Honorary Degrees are conferred on Mrs Hatter i Walter Schmrdt and Mrs Ray Hatter for their 5,55 help rn the1r sons Lone Star Farmer Degrees Weldon Schmidt S X X h Q l I Max g . . ' . ng- . . , ' M -:, The annual! F A PROJILCT bHOVw 15 one of the greatest undertakxngs of the year by the F F A Chapter The members plan a meal and bulld a huge tent for thetr show Learnrng showmanshxp IS lmportant to each boy The Freshman Vocatronal Agn regrstered I-lampshxre boar as therr mstructor Mr Horace D Stear man looks on Mr Stearman cools off some grate ful Hampshlre Barrows as the Moody F F A Project Show gets underway Mr Stearman helps prepare Archre Guyer s Shorthorn steer for show Archxe rs takrng hrs steer to the Houston show Anrmals are blocked and shown by members who wxsh to gaxn valu able expenence rn showmanshrp Y X .Q I X , V . l 4 ,nl . 'F ll 9 . . , "-"VK, . 7 , ,I E N culture students feed the Chapters 7 E E . of . A i 7 wx.-"u x' s 'V T . ' , Q N XX Y' A Mrs Layton Garner Sponsor FUTURE HOMEMAKERS ts one of the school s oldest orgamzattons th1s year celebrates tts twentreth brrthday The Moody chapter IHSPIISS tts members to be better homemakers through 1t.s purposes and 3CIlV1IlCS Each member 15 fulf11l1ng the Creed as they face the future wrth warm courage and hlgh hope The orgamzatlon s capable of flcers are Sue McE1haney Song Leader Mary Roberts Reporter Marlene Urbantke PIHHISI Mary Ellen Beard V1ce Prestdent Jo Jo Comer Pres1dent IS conduct Comer Presldent Jane McK1nney Secretary Syb11W1ll1ams Parha mentarxan Judy Talley Hrstor-lan and Mary Jean Beerwmkle Treag urer mg a busmess meetmg the mem bers areM Hatter G Alton V Flschgrabe S McElhaney M Qturoz J Goode B Beard C Lawson B Coker D H111 D Kelley G McGregor S Eakln S W1l11ams M Teague andw Wrlght Jane McK1nney Secretary IS calhng roll members are V Bomer D Lynch F Compos M Srms R Burton H Hudson J N1x N Lew1s D Schuette D Schmrdt D Brown J Payne andJ Mooneyham Mary Ellen Beard V1ce Presrdent IS mtroducmg the program mem bers are P Moms B Guuerrez Y Parham B T111ey P Hatter C H31gOOd G Dxckenson D Hatter J Comer L Nlx P An drews S Raby S Damels D Teague J Talley S Berry M Roberts M Urbantke D Berry J McK1nney M Beerwmkle W Standndge and T Schwake Mr and Mrs hm Comer F H A Paren HIGHLIGHTS H 4-in till CHAPT R FE Judy Talley D1str1ct IH Thlrd V1ce Presrdent 15 IN P'-ts, We COM Eh. studymg the dunes of her off1ce SCHOOL takes part Chtcago Patsy Moms State Recordtng Secretary on the program at the Natxonal Meeung tn Mary Roberts IS wmner of the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow contest Jo Comer IS wmner of Rec1pe Wnung con test and Mary Jean Beerwmkle 15 wmner of an ad Wflllflg con V ICSI Jo Comer Dlanne Berry and Marlene Urbantke are wmners of the NICCI Awards for sewmg Marlene Urbantke Jo Comer Patsy Moms and Kay Talley are the f1rst students 1n Moody H1gh School to achreve State Degrees Patsy Moms, Jo Comer, Sue Mc Elhaney, Jane McK1nney, Sandra Danrels, and Judy Talley attend the Area Leaderslup Conference 1n Col lege Stauon - : OF Q I I -1 B F, A I ,Zi K . ' 0 y t I A I - ' V " F .,,. --I . 3 H X VA 1-I 'x , 1 I 'M T1 5 I 5 M s 4, I N 5- . . . ts N, ,f 4 ' ' - - - F IN NI'UN'ITfI ' I ' . ,.,1 1 ' YI N XL ,H 1, , I . , I N A I srdmb I5 I I ' Q I A V I 5 H X - I I P 5 I I I . . . l I ' 45 THE MOODY I-HGH SCHOOL PEP SQUAD presents colorful entertamrng and varred marchmg acuvrties durmg half trme at the foot ball games if K Dranne Berry Ns Drum Ma-'Creme Pat Perryman Rush Martm Mascots mt "' -4-hr D H111 B Coker B Berry M Quxroz Y Parham B Trlley D Brown L Holt C Law son D Hatter F Garmon G Alton L Eakln V Bomer L McKam1e D Lynch J Eakm J Moms M Beerwrnkle I McK1nney P Andrews S Damels S Raby B GUIIBIICZ J Mooneyham, D Kelley, N LEWIS, M Hatter, G McGregor, M Hundley, D Schuette, I Payne, B Brown, B Duncan B Cook, S Beerwrnkle, D Schmxdt, J Smxth, P Welch, and N Gabbert are members of the PEP SQUAD sz' if 1 , A Q 5 ? gl .L 5 4 . . ' ' 3 : 1 , Lf. we - .1 LL ' ' l ' 3 ' ' I il E Z- -Z J A v li' u 'F ' -1 2: if ,h ls. 'ff 'L 25.2 W " 5 v -' gi -fr if 1 A, .. , 5 C- 01 V Q . ' V , . , . - .1 'Dpi , Q ' ,B 1 ll'f . ' l f i 0 .V . K . I - X . - ' ' I rs I - Y A 'I V V , X, ' r V I 1 ' 1 X fx . x 1 . f , ,f 1, A-, L 'wr , Q 5 , ' . -01 -r h. .V 1-5' -.,-fk'0f'g,-I ,-1" 1- ' .xx 'E , 4, A ' 'f ' A .-1 ' ' fs. 1.3.-.-,-P .. " B . ' - Q f . , 1 I 9 n g a g 4 ' , 1 ' 4 ' y c 1 n 7 n - I ' I ' I ' I ' I I ' I ' I 1 ' I ' , I - ' , 1 l 7 n . ' I 7 1 ' y n 1 0 ' p 1 D1st1nct twrrlrng routrnes are presented by the majorettes Glenda Drckenson Brllre Mae Beard Montre Teague Jean N1x Wanda Standrrdge Treva Schwake Salhe Eakrn Judy Talley Mary Ann Srms Jo Comer Patsy Morrrs and Patty Hatter School sptrrt rs the theme of the yells led by the cheerleaders at games and pep rallres they are Drnah Teague Mary Ellen Beard Joan Goode W1nn1e Sue Wrrght Jerry Brumbalow andHope Hud son A snappy drumbeat rs e drummers contrrbutron to PEP SQUADperformances they are Sybrl Wrllrams bass drummer Rlta Burton Mary Roberts Mar lene Urbantke Lela N1x Vu' g1n1a Frschgrabe and Sue Mc Elhaney 47 ?'.. .. . . . UQEQ .F . Y 'th ..., I S l'laJlM The social wh1rl keeps Patsy Morrrs socral editor busy Jane McKinney and Mary Roberts feature writers keep the school rnformed on special events Dorothy Hatter, Mary Beard, Judy Talley, Charlene Hardmg, Weldon Schm1dt, Marlene Urbanke, Yvonne Parham, and Mary Beerwrnkle are an excellent production crew. What is happening in the sports world? Patty I-latter, Frances Gar- mon, Mike Hargrove, and Jerry Bell report all sports activities. if Extra' THE GREEN AND GOLD NEWSPAPER 15 on sale' Read all about school and class actrvrtres These are farnrliar words echoed through the halls on Frrday by the staff Carol Hargood editor encour ages students to rmprove their school and conduct with her edrtorrals Dinah Teague Sandra Danrels Jo Comer and Dianne Berry inform the school on news of interest YEARBOOK STAFF MAKES MINUTES COUNT :Qui Sports organrzatron and ele rnentary school sectrons of the year book are created by Mlke Hargrove Dtanne Berry Jerry Bell Patsy Mor r1s Patty Hatter Dorothy Hatter and Marlene Urbantke We Through careful plannrng and hard work Mary Roberts and Max Hatter edrtors createa wonderful school yearbook Dxnah Teague Jeanette Lewrs Carol Hatgood and Weldon Schmrdt are bustness man agers What advertrsers they are and what frnancrersl 5' The productlon staff consrsts of art 1sts J o Evelyn Comer and Charlene Hard mg typrsts Wanda Standndge Frances Garmon and Norman McGregor and photographers Frank Herod and Jrmmy Moms To complete the yearbook Mary Hundley Reynolds Her rrngton Peggy Permenter Genn1e Lassester Dean Dtck son and Del11a Walker proof readers gtve the frnal O K 49 ill In the HIGH SCHOOL LI BRARY with the aid and guid ance of these llbrarlans one can always find a good book Judy Talley and Sandra Daniels are county librarians Patsy Mor ris IS school librarian Each of these Mary Ellen Beard William McN1el Mary Hundley Patty Hatter Wanda Standridge Dorothy Forbes Sue Berry B1lly Brown and Sybil Williams give an hour each day to help the students in the library dill! the school Through rts efforts the chapter inspires members to greater efforts attracts stu dents of high ability to publication work and develops the Journalism department Officers CMWSQ are Mary Roberts President Dorothy Hatter Vice President Marlene Urbantke Secretary Patty Hatter Treasurer Dianne Berry Reporter and Mrs M H McG1nnes and Mrs Layton Garner sponsors D Teague P Andrews S Daniels J Lewis F Garmon C Haigood D Hatter P Hatter M Beard M Hargrove D Berry C Harding W Standridge S Berry J McKinney M Hatter Mrs McG1nnes Mrs Garner I Talley S Raby M Beerwinkle Y Parham J Comer and P Morris are members of QUILL and SCROLL 50 -- 1 --ann , 1. 4 3 r H L T- is ' 3 ' hp J. ,l,,, 1 . . . . . g A I QUILL and SCROLL is an honorary organization which places journalism on a high level in I Y it -.. 4'-a. bl S O i T' ' 1. f, ,VX g'-x HS iff, f.""f't TC gi' , .Q Q , l,, V Q'-fn i' 3 S M H S MOST POPULAR DINAH TEAGUE JERRY BELL L. , 5 X wi, Jeff- H1 NX Wx X FOOTBALL SWEETHEART PEP SQUAD BEAU F H A B AU F F A SWEETHEART 'X FAVORITES fd 15-1,4 'HUC JUNIORS MARY ELLEN BEARD BILLY JESS BROWN SENIORS frm ,yer DINAH TEAGUE MIKE HARGROVE 'S ik. forf- , , A 2113 H h- . . - 'afs bi V I -1 1 1 V,v'f""0. FTW: sq- Q "' Q, -P ' fail 1 ,I UAA? 5. 4 gi if 0- 'M ' v as R ll ' ,1. . Q: -V . Y r X .- br L - g, ,Y A 4 A' V ' ' 4- l ' J' 5' .1 I R Q 1 Q N X gzi.,p -I X , sl ,QQ v 7 . O I OMHS SOPHOMORES fix FRESHMEN lk The student body selected these the most popular 1n M H S They have the school SPIIII vxtahty and the enthusxasm so repre sentauve of Moody Hlgh students Best Persona 11ty JOAN GOODE C HARLES SELLS Cutest Girl MONTIE LEN TEAGUE Cutest Boy CHARLES HAIGOOD Most Llkely to Succeed MAX HATTER F gg. . y 6' 3. !, Q, -. A Q . fs A 1 , , - 1' J ,unix fl . A " ga 1 : 5 N I C .. S. - hh F 'Qi .,LA " :Q 7. of .: ' ' aww is J his inf" Most Intelhgent M051 Aihle Y I Frlendllest SUE MCELHANEY ALFORD FLETCHER 'gi IIC CAROL HAIGOOD FRANCES GARMON NORMAN MCGREGOR BILLY JESS BROWN an-Oo ,BB 'QQ 3 1-1- Most Ambmous v WILLIAM MCNIEL MARLENE URBANTKE WELDON SCHMIDT '1 0,1 . . .Qlx X Av 5 mm Tb' ' . n ff??'Li.A I lx- I A ' ' 1 "7 4 . Q . . .hy A , ' 2 I I WTI F .-sg, ' ,gag . A . ,X ' 1 f P I , - ......-L-, L W I L. , W , D . .""i"i" V ""f"C""'1 EAY' "Q,-' V I ,, . Ot-7-.A U ,Inari -E ..., f,'?",4kT ' X . . ..' 'vu ' '4 " A Q - I :' ' 7 WHOS WHO IN M H .nm MAX HATTER DIANNE BERRY These exght students f'S the most outstanding IH Moody s semor class were elected by the student body and the faculty They were selected on the basis of charac ter grades extra currlcular activmes and personahty CAROL HAI GOOD PATSY MORRIS 58 MI KE HARGROVE JO EVELYN COMER PATTY HATTER r MARY ROBERTS 1 l O O C I O u A YV V a-"V . i K , : :,:.':g:'.': 1 2:32, 4 h ff JI' . A 1 A if 5 K A I W fd " - -1:3 ' ' ' ' W I -gli' ,nay A91 A Y . li? 5 .. -A - QW? ' - Y A I. A . ,vm Y- y Y X f-fell A , 1 H I ,- ,f ,gnu- 1 -rr 1 muff j T. 4 Qui" 4-5,11 Q-'f?j?:17?5i 4 gf! "ff ' - bib s W b. .tv 5,',. " . ,Q ,. ',, ., 11:-, ff' 1 .-I2-Jr' I "l if ' : ml pa' , I 5"'. " ,. ' L'3'1f,g' ,f.,'fj, "iff v , 7 sf, in .iipw ' MTH ICS M H S FOOTBALL HIGHLIGHTS At the end of the regular season the team elected as the1r captarns senrors JERRY BELL and NORMAN MCGREGOR and Junror AL FRED FLETCHER Each boy played f1ne ball throughout the entrre season and all three were deservmg of the honor The Moody Bearcats were coached by L R TODD Mr Todd came to Moody from Danbury IH February of 1956 and wrth such mexperrenced boys he drd a frne Job -Il all 1 All if-:QI M11 i 411 These two boys were very helpful as managers throughout the season They are EDGAR AYCOCK and JERRY Mc These two boys end MIKE HARGROVE and full GREGOR- back NORMAN MCGREGOR 60 were selected to the 19A ALL DISTRICT team for 1957. Both boys were seniors at Moody. MOODY LOSES TO ACADEMY The Moody Bearcats playrng therr frrst season rn Class A traveled to Academy only to be beaten by a strong well balanced Bumble Bee team The Bearcat team berng so rnexperrenced fumbled the game away An outstandrng performance was glven by MIKE HARGROVE Mlke was a senror play rng rrght end He was also selected to the All Drstrrct team and has lettered four years The Mart Panthers wrnner of the Jrnx Tucker Trophy for the most outstandrng team 1n central Texas gave the Bearcat team a vrsrt on September 14 Playrng the second team most of the game Mart snowed Moody under wrth a sound defeat A freshman halfback WILBURN AYCOCK was Moody s brrght spot for the nrght Wrlburn IS a one year letterman at Moody MART STATE QUARTER FINALISTS, ROMPED PAST MOODY The Rogers Eagles gave Moody the worst defeat in several years at the Bearcat Stadi- um on September 21. The Bearcat eleven played good ball the second half, allowing Rogers to score only once Moody s halfback WELDON SCHMIDT played rnsprred ball throughout the game Weldon IS a senror and a one year letterman Moody traveled to Thorndale the follow mg week only to be stopped agam Thorn Moody team 26 to O Tn Captaln JERRY BELL a senror at Moody played frne ball for the Bearcats Jerry IS a one year letterman at Moody He played a strong game on defense and prcked up many needed yards from the Lme of scrrmmage dale scoring in every period out-lasted the THRALL STEMS THE GREEN AND GOLD Game number five and still not a win for the underdogs - Moody. Thrall Bulldogs overpowered The Bearcats on October 5 at the Bulldogs' field. The Moody team could not compare wrth the larger and more ex perrenced Thrall team but they fought well DAVID COWAN a one year letterrnan played extremely well for the Moody eleven at tackle Davrd was strong on defeme and opened many gapmg holes for the Moody backs CLIFTON BOUNDS OVER MOODY Moody began d1SU'1Cl play on the 19th of Cllfton Cubs scored easrly rn every perrod and defeated the t1red Moody team by sev eral touchdowns One of Moody s brtght spots of the mght was a sophomore end CHARLES HAIGOOD Charles a one year letterman at Moody played a strong game on defense and offense October against Class "A" Clifton. The Moody played perhaps 1IS best game of the season against a larger Glen Rose team on October 96 The Tigers had the smaller Moody team 20 to 0 at half time but the Bear cats came back to score twice in the last period Two Juruors BILL DOWELL and ALFRED r-LETCHER were the top performers for the Moody eleven McGREGOR DEFEATS LUCKLESS MOODY Powerful McGregor, the district champs, handed Moody its eighth loss of the season on November 2 at McGregor. On a very slick and muddy field both teams were slowed down considerably. EMMETT DOWELL and DANNY TWITTY, two junior lettermen, were very outstanding for the Bearcats. Danny is a one year letterman and Emmett has lettered twice. BEARCATS LOSE HEARTBREAKER TO GLEN ROSE ITASCA FROLICS OVER BEARCATS Moody s nrnth game was agarnst Itasca and meant another defeat for the Moody eleven Itasca had a very fxne team and also had frne reserve strength Playrng commendable ball for Moody were two one year lettermen CARL KEY a Junror and CHARLES SELLS a sophomore Both boys were strong on offense and defense Moody s Homecomrng agamst Mldway on November 16 was a runaway the frrst half wrth Mrdway scormg three touchdowns At half trme the Moody semors crowned Wrnah Teague as Sweetheart Norman McGregor as elected as Pep Squad Beau In the second half Moody lead by L err brg fullback NORMAN MCGREGOR scored hree trmes and held Mldway to only one touch own Norman IS a sen1or three year letterman td was selected to the All Drstrrct team MOODY ENDS SEASON WITH MIDWAY GAME JIMMY MORRIS GENE SELLS These f1ve boys because of thelr slze and age were not able to letter but thelr spxm and determmauon helped the team 1n many ways Each boy w1ll be good marenal for the next season MORRIS and BUR GESS played tackle bELLS and TWITTY guard and GUYER was a halfback JAMES BURGESS ARCHIE GUYER GARY TWITTY SENIORS Weldon Schmrdt Norman McGregor Mlke Hargrove and Jerry Bell F2 THOSE WHO MAKE BASKETBALL A SUCCESS The Moody Glrls Basketball Team entered three tournaments and was awarded frrst second and thrrd place troph1es The frrst tournament was at By h num where the Moody glrls defeat DIANNE BERRY ed Abbott Connally and Byng PAT-TY HATTER captam Forward fOk1ahomaJ but lost frrst place by Co captam Guard s1x pornts The followmg week they ventured to Academy where they took an easy fust place by overthrowmg Rogers Troy and Academy Q Th1rd place came at the tourna ment glven by Baylor Umversrty T recerve this the Bearkrttens had the top scores rn the Penelope Aqu111a and Gatesvrlle games iii ihi WANDA STANDRIDGE DINAH TEAGUE Co captarn Forward Guard OUR TROPHIES FRANCES GARMON SALLY EAKIN Forward Guard AT .A -, U D D X K - B . , A I Co- ' - , , , ' - A - , sl ' D ' - I I , ' ' ' . o ' 1 . . , . Q U ' x , p 1 K A p I V u l 67 --:iii JOAN GOODE Forward Q1 i MARY SIMS Forward 68 1 479 Coach Brumbalow and Dorothy Hatter Dally pracuce helps to keep the gn-15 tn manager are two essenttal team members good common M H S VIEWS A SUCCESSFUL SEASON Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Moody Aqu111a Aqullla West Mendran Abbott Connally BYUS Mtdway Connally Gatesvllle Rogers Troy Academy Penelope Aqu111a Buna Gatesv111e Gatesvxlle Glen Rose Chfton M1dway Itasca Itasca Glen Rose Chfton Total 1 161 WINNIE WRIGHT Guard MONTIE TEAGUE Guard DAISY SCHMIDT Forward DARLENE HILL VIRGINIA BOMAR Forward Forward The offxcrals meet wrth the Moody caprams and the captams of the opposmg team for a few last mmute m snructions before the game "!" MARY HATTER i Guard BERNICE COKER Guard Moody s offrcrals for the past bas kerball season were James Slms qlefrj and D C Perryman fI'1ghI, BILLIE BEARD Guard 69 45' xr J arf' sos BEATRICE GUTIERREZ LELA NIX SARAH RABY Guard Guard Guard The girls Seriously d1SCUsS thelr m1Sl3kCS The guards are on the1r toes before the ball durmg a ume out ever leaves the hands of the opponent N i '1 fx 1 h 1 f- NEECIE THOMPSON FRANCES C AMPOS Gllafd Guard Some of the games get rough In the f1na1 d1SIIlCI game of the season Moody was defeated by Mrdway w1th a score of 48 49 MOODY PLACED SECOND IN DISTRICT 19 A and lost only two drstrict games One game was lost by two pomts, and the second game by one pomt The Bearklttens played 26 games 70 and lost only four of them. M. H S had a very successful season G4 If fav I I If ,it Ap? . A Lxiizui , - ivx 5 Nj , Au N P 1 X , 3, , 1' Q Q n 'I aj f ' Q . A fx , -2 A- i ' -X I K , Y , O f -1 rf 'Z , - f - "nut" 5' v BASKETBALL TEAM WINS SECOND IN DISTRICT CoachL R. Todd and the 1957 Bearcats They are left to rrght Guyer Schnudt Burgess Bell Dowell Halgood Hatter Hargrove Nrchols Fletcher McNe11 Cowan Culpepper and Sells MIKE HARGROVE Co Captarn Four Year Letterman Trophres won by the BILLY DOWELL E Co Captarn Two Year Letterman JERRY BELL Three Year Letterman BOBBY NICHLOS One Year Letterman TON and ACADEMY Scorekeeper PATSY MORRIS and manager JIMMY MORRIS Both Patsy and J1mmy were very helpful and con srderate throughout the Basketball season we Wag 1? MAX HATTE Three Year Letterman CHARLES HAIGOOD One Year Letterman 7I D E I I , ,I . If . - W ' A 1956-57 Bearcats at BEL- aff?-'R !,.2 'j5akA.:I vq Q - x Kfxp 1 ln- R ,E H NORMAN MCGREGOR WELDON SCHMIDT ALFORD FLETCHER Three Year Letterman Two Year Letterman Two Year Letterman WILLIAM MCNIEL BILL CULPEPPER DAVID COWAN Two Year Letterman One Year Squadman One Year Squadman CHARLES SELLS ARC!-IIE GUYER JAMES BURGESS One Year Squadman One Year Squadman One Year Squadman HARGROVE shoots free shot as Moody beats Itasca 43 to 22. The Bearcats won seventeen out of twenty four basketball games Thrs was tl1e1r best season rn many years OPPONENTS M H S OPPONENTS Aqullla Merrdran McGregor Rosebud Temple Roundrock Connally Chrna Sprlngs West West Lorena Gatesvxlle Rogers Buckholts Gatesvrlle Glen Rose Clrfton Mldway McGregor Itasca Itasca Glen Rose Clrfton Holland TRACK TEAM TRAINS FOR FAST SEASON fl rf Top row they are left to rrght L R Todd E Smrth J Moms B Culpepper M Hargrove E Dowell B Dowell I Burgess Mrddle J Gtuterrez W Aycock C Sells A Fletcher D Cowan D Twrtty G Twrtty Bottom I Bell W McNre1 N McGregor B Nrchols D Drxon SPORTS HAVE IMPORTANT PLACE AT MOODY U- Football and basketball mean much to Moody Hrgh The townspeople and students altke follow the teams wrth IHICICSI The experrence garned IH sportsmansh1p rs valuable to both 1ts parucrpants wxth sound bod1es and healthy attrtudes 1n the hope that they w11l play the game of lrfe as well as they play the games of football and basketball and other sports '7 T F S Q y the players and spectators. The physical education program at M. H. S. is designed to provide .A 'I A Y x in 74 Max Hatter shoots as Itasca players wait expectantly. .. -.. -5,-.J , Vg wk. ,U .. ta-. , ,.,. K'-4 Z, ,,"", Q E-M..,fsq,-E-:cw-+f - 'f -- 1 1- E f3'rsZ.w?S2?'-:E-' 334 ,5- i, mm, F, 'V 4 ,mf-'.f-.E-.1 .W A , . -..,.,, ,nj + X1 SE , -1 'Q P . E, 5 1 , . L an " xr gps- '-fff IIMWXXWQQBZEZ v . .pw 1 'fry -fx E .Q in rx' E "' lui. ...W .f M , ,N-5 I ,E 4 -:-- -f- - '- -. Stix . N-H.,,.,,b, EQ Q. H 45 K ts ' r an s x , - -. , 4 5 3 1- , - x - -. ,u -in .7 ' 1 ,4- C 9 . Y .,-1 N, . I gs-, . '-'..- -' 'iv'-6 ' -. Q x R, 7 vigfilhi-x . ' ' ,- -- .K 'ff E ELEMENTARY .Y . fax .. xv - ' 5 Q x , P ,, .wp . ELEMENTARY AND -QR Mr R L Chaney 15 a very eff1c1ent and admrred prrnclpal who teaches hxstory and geography to the Junlor Hrgh students He recexved h1s B A De gree from Southwestern Umversrty gl Mrs E A Culpepper another frrst grade teacher grves each puprl her at tentron and presents new rdeas so that each can understand She recerved 76 her B S from Mary Hard ln Baylor 'Abs Mrs R L Chaney frrst grade teacher presents to each class a new and ex c1t1ng world of knowledge A well loved teacher who recerved her B A Degree from Mary Hardrn Baylor 'K' Mrs G E Barker s w1n mng ways set an example for her students Each one looks forward to her class es She recerved her B S fromE T S T C atCom merce M1ss Ullah Cornforth s hob by of books and love for hterature make rt easy for her thxrd graders to 11ke school She recerved her M A Degree from Baylor Unrversrty Mrs W S Foman 15 a fourth grade teacher who is mterested rn seemg that her puplls learn She enjoys outdoor hfe especrally boatrng She recelved her B A from Texas Umversrty JUNIOR HIGH FACULTY 'YXX if Mrs Mike Jones another fourth grade teacher IS always found busy and her room is always in order Her hobbies are fishing and sewing She recelved her B A from Baylor Unrversi Miss Margaret Munz through her friendly and understand mg ways has made studying exciting for her fifth grad ers especially the study of science and crafts She re ceived her B S Degree fromN T S T C atDen ton Mr G E Barker is an en thusrastrc sports fan He teaches history to the Junior High students and rs Junior High boys football and basketball coach He re cetved his B S Degree from E T S T C at Commerce Mr. Emmett Brumbalow is science teacher and also coach for the girls' basket- ball team. He received his B. A. Degree from S. W. T. S. in San Marcos. Miss Pat Allbritton teaches English and llterature to the junior high students. Her friendliness and understand- ing linger with her pupils. She received her M. A. De- gree from Baylor, and the '57 Bearcat is dedicated to her. Mrs Nora Hundley through her friendly ways and love of music, makes all her students understand and learn music faster. Mrs. Hundley is one of Moody's and Moody School's out- 77 standing citizens. 78 EIGHTH GRADE L E! Class offrcers rn the erghth grade are as follows Top row 15 left to right Sergeant at Arms Jerry Faye Brumbalow Reporter Shrrley Beerwrnkle Vrce Presrdent Mac McG1nnes Treasurer Jeanette Eakm Parlramentarran Johnnre Smrth Reporter Patrrcra Welch Bottom row Sec retary Bettle Brown Sponsor Mrs Sam Roberts Presrdent Bettle Cook P -116. has f9"' :R ,at ge 'ir 'N ' r M A Shlrley Beerwmkle Betty Berry Chors Blackwell Bettle Brown Kenneth Brown Leonard Brown 35, -ap. Bu- 35 as. f '49 f:: 'v 0 if Jerry Faye Brumbalow Bettze Cook Shlrley Dowell Barbara Duncan Jeanette Eakrn Franlue Emmons 'Qs' Are" 'WVU' L... C 'XY' Tommy Forbes Norma Gabbert Maudrne Glenn Pauhne GUIICITBZ 2 ' - Q 54 , ":7 I rt, ' B , R Y , A xl fr if 1 ff i ' Y SFX 5" Q ' . .-. S L -:- as TDI, W' F B ary 7 , . ' . ,Y ruff,-i x : 'Xp ri, .Q-tix A ' f -142221-'J-: '1312-gi , - -1 s - 'N' -f 4 L: 2 A., - ::::' u.'.:.::xb 5:55--tl.: I: ', -' V r . I -X f -E:f:?T--. :iii 'X ul kv , . MA it EE! 1 . K A Y Q 4 '1 411 2 ' -,, 1 .ng fu- ..,. -,W L f-fx ' 5' X R - 'R if fy ,Q -.K N hr Q -P X ' ' 1 "' -Lv ' 'X ' ,F , V ' HW Mx I L, X 1'-7-ijt: N -xl -. X I, me U! ' N A , A if lg J b H.. " 4 f ' F 1 s. Q .A 3 'ij' A . , i, AN X - I ti, t 'F ,, A1 X .4 AE, ' . 500 Z 4 7 -'E 5 v pi i 'AY These exghth graders who kept the splrxt ahve rn Moody School are takrng a test rn a more serrous mood 25-v Qdg rife "' MR James Haas Jamce Meacham QU 5 54151 L1 Franky Phillrps Davld Ross Jimmy Shelton obert Haas Mrchael Hardlng Donald Lasly Mac McG1nnes Glen McNe11 QQQ 4105, 4,5 nn.-' LWX Weldon Morgan Jourdan Morr1s Jenrce Morrrs Leroy Payne B11ly Permenter Q, 'dbg 'S 1 Mary Shelton Joe Sxms Johnme Srruth 1136 Q '36 fu- to' X Juamta Sauseda Roy Vmcent Patrtcra Welch Robert Zuehlke 79 1 ' I K fa! , , Q-'V nil o Q , S X' I1 R S 7--" ' , .4 ll was X me ee ,Q v ,ZA f-is 5' , , ' M S .x ,- S Q' ' K A, fc '.0s, 'N I g . V. A - X V - 1.34, v' ' - - PN , 131 A 1 I I ' "N .cl S il -XJ X S. fc' . J is Q I x '- N 1' fs ,FY 3 s 1 -:Q P' els f Y x 'np , 'vi' I ' - , - S ' f 6 M m O ,- f I Vai A y' l ' r . V ts 1' A f I X LX 1 . X X' . " 4 A f I I x fe 3 I V . A ' N 1- 6 fu W. ' S 'Y '5 ',,' . : M- N 'nal " "' . I za' L", 1 --1 :L A A-'K' ., V ,,, tl Sf ml. wx V li '1 nl . fr 'S 1. Y! 'Q 'M' . ,, Civ 2" "fl x..:' i - !?' Q i ' f ' K ' f Nw , L k-. y x- . me SEVENTH GRADE Class offrcers rn the seventh grade are as follows Top row rs left to rrght Presrdent Kathy Urbantke Vrce Presrdent Sonny Donaldson secretary and Treasurer Jack Wrrght Reporter Jewel Sue Sawyer an Q- "' 249 N ., gk Frances Alexander Darrell Alton Edgar Aycock Robert Barley Bobby Berry Jud Berry , ng .5 A QQ "' 'R-'1 Arfx Joyce Brllrngsley Patsy Blackwell Jerry Book Jerry Cagle Beatrrce Campos Larry Connally fm as 'P' wflfe Q C' Y 44X-'rv Q ' ,KYWXA Q x Eleanor Cox an Mary Wanda Dean Jesus Delgado Marrlyn Drckenson Sonny Donaldson Thomas Dowell J 9 Dean Elkm Ken Garner 4 ,I 5.1: E N N o li 4' 6. 'Q bw 'Q " ws. '1 " H-: "' '- "' A X S..."s C-LSR K -4 Kr' A x V. .v ff - Xa v A I X " 1x , 4 N, ' E I D. I: ,- 5 xx l I . . . ' . . Y - -3 ld f- hy 1 4, ,i 4 , 4- 4, Rx J A 5. gh . K 4 XJ Ll Q S 'lr - - , - 1 X , Y .I Q ffl x 'X 59' V7 A ,, QR . X . -X ' . : in 4. X AIJ 3 4' x .., rf ip ' ' as .L V' I. za av- A Q 'l .6-A 1 .,.X ' --' V 1' "' -I: 'X ' ' -B f B A tk E ' ' A 5 xg, E' fp 1 'J Y H yy V ? . - ' gf X x' , , . . ' , v ,, , 1 A f s-, 1 9'-' , ff. Sy -, ' K9 l 2 I K 1 f fa . Nha 'Q ASW .N The seventh graders take prlde 1n thelr studyxng and in thexr room ig '36 5 X Paulette Goodwm Anna Gutlerrez Jesse Gutxerrez Kathleen Haas hm Hamson Barbara Hodde 1 Gibb -if t 'K X"'X 'tiff-1 3 1 Jerry Kelly Linda Lewis Clayton L1ghtfoot Shlrley Marrs Jerry McGregor Fermm Nxgo ""lw ,Qs .Q 'S QI sigg W A 5-4.1 Anme Raabe Jewel Sawyer Loretta Sells Wlley Bob Smldl Bobby Stubblefxeld if me gm- Qc. 7 N Xf Frances Twmy Kathy Urbantke Jack Wrlght Jane Wnght Ronme Wrlght Bilhe Ruth Zrmmer man . A A K Q y X 'fs N . A X ,Q -4: av' 'O Y. -4' 'L l -Q A 3,1 . .-.J 4.3 -1- ... Y! 1 L , Q 4, xx - ., Jil '- ' XX, x K 1 - 4 N ' N I - ' - ' N I vlyx . A x' L, I N! I lx, s f ' v 1' - V if S K! 'Q V A 'X s fr, A Y' 1' -0 Q- ft' fl' ' ta '-f-9 'X 3 -ig' ' v , xl ' , ,I , . In 5 N 'Nr '41 1 'V J' 4- ' . 1- ,. ' - , , W If -N y U tthxgl l S vs I I D , 5 . hr- N ' -U5 Q- -Q A 1 I vcr ig, LJ ,L 4 ' - by :gs E 6 - xx V' X 'p 6 All J' ' ,,., I Q ,X Q ' N 3 ' Q ' x ' 'Q 'f 1-W X x 3 ' ' . -5' li d xx 1 "' 0- I , 1 5 R 'r 1 . ll :S G' m ? ' 12,5 - gl, ,Qs gL- -11 " 1 ' .I . I - " me o ' -' J, F Y X 1 s , q . , X W -. - X 1 I .xx 41 i . fy ,S X U f . nxt 1 - N SIXTH GRADE X "O 4 ,vu "4 T " R '1""" 3 no U if A 'ik ,g sg ,, s E55 Q 9 Michael Alexander Bobbie Jo Brown Ernest Bushmg Eddie Earl Cook Kent Donaldson Earl Emmons if Rf, 4-vsx is f"'b-1 Q., gf x X Delica Fetterman Patrlcra Fletcher Shirley Holt Patricia Moore Beverly Morgan Danme Morgan Ash it 06 'N E-" wikis! is Io N1ta Morgan Jrmmy Naler Dorothy Parham Quenell Peacock Pruett IV! RJ Dianna Kay Poe Angela llifq .Rm -Ri. tl -tiff Q Z Thomas Ross Brenda Scruggs James Shelton De Etta Stubblefreld Hazel Stubble freld Km has x Julio Quiroz '15 '- "S k 'x. '32, if ka . '-'ww fix' X x ' K 7 fa, . N ' ff J 7 -. W. ' ..LL -'L I ' - ' 'T 5 f, AV .x QQ ' . nik , ,, . X f r V 7 .331 ' V f x x Y 4 . V it NL- 'V N l 1 3 5 Q r Q hs s V 7 . I iw' u 1 AM ' ui" 1 ' --1 ,gl Y I t l 4552- sf s , 'f ' H we A f A ' - X V g N-as J 9' . I I I I I . I I , 'S' 1 v " t ' l F ' 1rif',",., .A I t 1 r at 4 'E -K L1 's fr 1 f t ' Us "les 1-Q V x V -I xx" ' "' 554 'H 'l x X iq A - ' K x ' X Y X . - X . , . . ' . , . . , , . 'i , F 1 M - X X A. .. ,.-' ef' lx ry U V 'K' 5. '55 gg ,B 47 - ' It 115 , a s I- ' . X V 4' H ' -ill . --:. A i 4L15 Q . x , "' , 1 . I - ' S., Q K - -so 1 V . ' VJ., , -S13 K , I f-4 'HLA L ' x ' V , x -' L X X Q nl. X .. T t g ' 2 A '- .x 'tx k I - 1 " K l ' ls: 'Q -nv Q' w -, . - xi -,. 1 '- t " . x ,-, , 'ss its T 'f R l I --L. . --Rf Y - - , , .-1 Z ' . n I ilk bi ww A MX 1 X' 351 . -'-, ' ... " . Xlffi Q-X ' ix r tg , f-642 'Y g y , A 'N x ' fa l,ff-i , lr. , - .4-Af vi . A A , y 1 ' - g.l ,,. V Q ab- J- A ,f 'I . - x 7-me , ,JT r x v' fl- of xl N E . ----w 82 James Tilly, Linda Thompson, Billie Vincent. JUNIOR HIGH FAVCRITES 'WG Exghth Grade Seventh Grade NORMA GABBERT DAVID R055 MARILYN DICKENSON EDGAR AYCOCK W 6 S1XI.h Grade Seve a BRENDA SCRUGGS JIMMY NALER LORETTA SELLS JERRY MCGREGOR 83 1 I . - i . '5 ps' Q- A Yi . Q 'S-'-. l.v- I-. E Q - ' , J ' , xx xl A rv . , .Q I tg 'T W"-A N .4 xx . I N Q X J Xa-TVX Y: rf I , "5 Q1 ft U. f 4 . 5 U fr' . , ' ' , I I - 4 ' f K I - 1 I THE JUNIOR HIGH STORY. . . lT's FOOTBALL AND CHEERING SQUADS - - A 4 The Junror Hlgh Football Team had a very successful season under the Ilgld tramrng of Coach George Barker They only lost one game and tred one They are as follows Front row left to rrght Ray Bushrng Julro Qurroz Kent Donaldson Edgar Aycock James Trlly Tommy Ross Jerry Kelly Mrke Alexander Second row Sonny Donaldson Wrley Bob Smrth Jerry McGregor Larry Connally Jesse Gutrerrez Ken Garner Jerry Cagle Thrrd row Tommy Forbes Glen McNe1l Davrd Ross Mac McG1nnes Thomas Dowell Joe Srms James Haas Coach George Barker These are the grrls that kept the school Splfll hlgh as they cheered the Junror l-hgh Football Team to 1ts many VICIOHCS They are as follows Front row left to right Twrrlers Loretta Sells and Judy Berry Cheerleaders Mary Wanda Dean and Kathy Urbantke Drum Major Marrlyn Drcken son Cheerleader Jane Wrrght Twrrlers Barbara Hodde and Frances Twxtty Second row Squad Lrnda Goodwrn Donna Sue Beard Frances Alexander Betty Wolff Snare Drummer Paulette Goodwrn Base Drummer Eleanor Cowan Snare Drummer Glorra Eakrn Squad Kathleen Haas Barbara Haas and Peggy H111 , , . : , ' ' , , . V 1 0 A P, V ir Q - ' . R ff' I , 3 , X f , if . ' - , ,xg 2 4 N ' . : , : ' . ' ' - 2 . ' I ' . ' . : ' : , : , ' ' 2 , . 84 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL BOYS I rw I The boys basket ball team 15 havrng a very successful season The players are top row left to rrght Davrd Ross Frankre Phrllrps Mrchael Hardrng Mac McG1nnes Joe Srms Glenn McNe11 X! CoachG E Barker Second row Frankre Emmons JerryM Gregor Jourdan Morrrs Ken Garner Tommy Forbes rley Bob Smrth Bottom row LeRoy Payne Sonny Donaldson Jerry Cagle and Edgar Aycock The grrls basketball team has won all IIS games The players are top row left to rrght Johnnre Smrth Betue Cook Jane Wrrght Jeanette Eakrn Second row Sh1rley Dowell Jenrce Morrrs Coach Emmett Brumbalow re Sue Brown, Kathy Urbantke Bottom row- Judy Berry, Norma Gabbert, Barbara Hoddre, Jerry Faye Brumbalow, Lmda Lewrs, and Patrrcra Welch GIRLS WIN DISTRICT XE s X, 5 f V lg S I w, lvgfv ,D E 7 E i , Ax , 16 541 9 ' rsh gf , I px ,7,!,,gAf.Vx,, T,i,, , B f A' f, .ft J J S in fy me . ' . 4 Q , I I I, s I'4 W' I '. .I : I . I Ig . M Qian The Boy Scout motto Be Pre pared IS practiced daily by these boys as they go about doing their duty to God and their country The First Baptist Church sponsors this troop They are as follows Left to right Joe Bob Massey assistant scout master Caroll Ward Julio Qu1roz Tommy Ross Kent Donald son' Jim Harrison- Ken Garner and scout master Mr. Arnold Raabe The boys 4 H emblem 1S the four leaf clover with the letter H on each leaflet meaning four square develop ment of Head Heart Hands and Health Their sponsor IS Mr Lawrence Winkler and the club meets once a month Officers are as me Wright Vice Presr dent Edgar Aycock Secretary and Treasurer Jesse Gutierrez Reporter Jerry Smith and Coun cil Delegate Wiley Bob Smith f These 4-H girls strive to make their motto To Make the Best Bet- ter a reality. The club meets once a month with their spon- sor Mrs. Edlth Brown. Officers are as follows- President Judy Berry' Vice President, Paul- ette Goodwin: Secre- tary and Treasurer, Barbara Hodde: Parlia- mentarian, Mary Wanda Dean: Reporter, Billie Ruth Zimmerman, and Council Delegates, Frances Twitty and Loretta Sells. ELEMENTARY CLUBS . . . 4 t f - , ' 13? ' ' ' .4 ' -' 'il ' ' X I follows.: President, Ron- ..a N . 0 . z . N If l f N ELEMENTARY FAVCRITES G Frrst Grade Janet Brown Wrlham Fust Grade Goodwin Eleanor Teague Moms Poe Thud Grade Judy Donaldson Garland Cook D31 09- 'B Second Grade R.1Cky Herod Elalne Parham Fourth Grade 1 Dolores Duncan Davrd Lynch Fourth Grade Flfrh Grade Davld Miller Sandra McE1haney Billy Brown E1-lille Daruels FIFTH GRADE .ig Alex' Aix Eddre Akm James Batey Raymond Beckner Donny Bell Jane Berry Jerry Bomar its K. fIuX'!S lv' ali- Hw. A .N Brlly Brown Randy Burdett Leon Carr Larry Coker Elarne Damel Mary Delgado tub? 1 Qs, is Charles Drckenson Mary Ann Danrels Glorla Aktn Stephen Flsher Ernest Forbes Freddre Forbes QQ- hxd 'ak I' Pete Wayne Fe11x Barbara Gonzales Goodwrn Gutrerrez Haas ri g.I e frfth graders enjoy s udyrng about nature under the gurdance of Peggy oe Mrss Margaret Munz Cums Dlane H1 Hamrrck -.-Q I Lasly Lrghtfoot Q36 acl 4' 1-36. 'v' n 'Nb In S0 I I Joe Bob Massey Roland Parham Raymond Sauseda B111y Ray Schutte Larry Shelton Jerry Sxms Q QQ. 36- Q is-' ws Qs x", , x- I 88 Jerry Smlth Joe Vmcent Wayne Vrncent Betty Wolff Elbert Woodam Harvey Zuehlke 3 ,H - gi: Xa Q Y- I' ... .a fi as 9 I .N - ,..- .N rf, 'fu-., .--. ,fj .,, ' . ' ' . 44 - KL- 'V ' 4 Ki 4 ' 'Bur ' ts I 5- ' K .' . 4, 'x , ' fl?- I , .t.,,,,J Q, ,, ,:,,,, 1,-wc., 4-4 pb ikfgll -.Q 'Q' W,,g u , 7 , V I p . 1 . x , I X . 59-'iirl-' If 2-Bar X I Q X S' . .is 'NL - Us I 'I ' if I F' " -X "' dl as I 1 4, -lv gr - 'I , . ' -' 1 EE-a I - X L, 'FL 1 L, , if X ' ' A, 'P K' ' 1 A -.- I ,.. " I-. ' .fn Q." Vx I " V1 3 6 sv ' -B ' N., ' Ln ,gg . 1 :E ,i v I -- I I Is, I .Ii H XE . Iss., fax, ' . . 7 , . ,gf a ' .,.1 ' T Q I W I, .,i .- Th ' ' I1 J' Sv Q S - Y A . fl.. .V Sq, X, I fi gy, 16 ' . '71 . I '- ' '11 I ' it a. 5 I ' If. W 1 . -.I I I 5' -..r' 'ws " " V -'- I - 5 h " 1 - . -1 , I Al. rf. Q . 1 .I Yrs ,.: , g, jg , X f...3:. ur It ..l'I vi "T if' -x . Q . - ' 9 1 Y I I I I ' .5 V 3 G! V I ,X , I b I- IQ S 4 P349 .kv . -t ,'1-X A sg, '-, , ' X -A L' . rr -L, sy vi AY .A-' .- , , -4 , Q. pf .'I-:I I .xv as I , . v I 1 I , - FOURTH GRADE . , ' X an , r- ' - y 'el if. 'U gl, Q .z 5., fc ,, 5, lf -vs f gn" .' ,Ar K ,X ' A . an - , -. 41-vs., - -4- ,KX rx A ata . Jimmy Akin Kenneth Allen Douglas Allman Jimmy Don Aycock Donna Sue Beard Ann Blackwell 'nf' my 000- mn' I'-D-.4 J x ' Barbara Book Lrnda Burton Stella Cavm Marxlyn Cummmgs Betty Davts Freddte Dean ""Cs ,, 7 Delores ah Duncan -1 Q Geography 15 made more meanxngful to the fourth graders wlth posters and maps These maps were made by the students Barbara Gabbert 'lf- Qh Ag gh 15' Gene etterman fin. Brlly Gorman -GQ., 6.3. "vw 'V' :Q Q A L Lmda Faye Goodwln Edward Gutrerrez Henry Gutrerrez Mary Sue Hatter Frankre Holt Davrd Lynch 2 G Johnny Lynch 89 ll 'I-NJ I is ,rj QM zu A v ...SA V lk N -?-K -QL, 9 W Q f ' -' A I 1 , 95 ' 1 p I , 1 . yd Q, .N x b N 11 -vw 0-, E ,X ' ' ' ' as A 6 ' . ' . i q 6 F 1 f - . '1 . Q X an 'Q QI-.. lv cz' ' ' 'F -W l ,K -In ,1 , 2-11: A f.x, a I Q l 1' 5 . ' :I Q. . v , . 1 All y i ' Ar :Y , '- Z. n k,,. Y W' if Q A i - . ,V Lk f .V .. , Y As A . elf! if A S' FOU RTH GRADE . is-. The fourth graders made thxs chart and f111ed ll with dxmes for the March of Dlmes Drlve AY! 46 I1 1, .HK 'st Davrd Lasly Mxchael Lasly Sandra McElhaney Mane McKam1e Larry McMahan Davld Mrller Gigs i Q6 xx' 1 Ieanme Moore Patsy Mlmz Erlmda Nxgo Mrke N180 Charles Pratt Conme Pruett o- ag, we -af.. Q Q t nl 4' Ronme Reat Jams Reeves Tommy Rutherford Carol Sue Schmrdt Lxnda Lou Schmrdt Louxse Sller AN: f hr X V' 0 V A 1 x- - 1 'Y X i Y .- . X 6 D X 4, K A . rg E, f . P ' , g iq' ' ,n .V -., l " TY' '- , . x, . " r" , Ek 5-' T ik. Y 1 'sd 3 , -'ll E 3 h 1 ' fkfs .- 'mg x .R ,e R 3 4 ' 1 f N: 1 :A-MESS. AL f -. A. ' --I 1 s . Ne . ' V - ft! - V t v ' , .,-. . , , Tk, K 1 '.l: 1 .. -e , if 'Lf x . - K Lv , - L R a e ' f ' at r N sr, . , r I ' e . ,155 , fp.. .M 1 f , I Q ' , D .rx . -. ' ,img Y R of R , ,R ., of t.. 1 go Dan Smith, Ian Smith, Joe Ray Soliz, Louise Stubblefield, Charlotte Wright, Kenneth Zimmerman THIRD GRADE . 435 'ii'-0 A .Lt 3-P- --vi 95' 'Q 4 ilu alba I... Antrim Q9 4.-,3 HMM gl 3-4 'P 4 -Qx ,H-41, .I :A X Q6 in-5 30' .aww 'U-In .Q flu 51. N 6 TG! Xicri Clydra Alton Cec11 Ash Elarne Blackwell Ehzabeth Brown Garland Cook Danny Davrs Tony Delgado Judy Donaldson Mack Dowell Janet Eakm Wrlham Ford Dean Gabbert Jack Goodwm Marrlyn Goodwxn Thomas Goodwrn Georgra Gutrerrez Lrnda Harrrson Alton Holt Eva Jo Key Kenneth Naler Johnny Norman Marsha Patterson Weldon Payne Mlchael Perryman James Raabe Rlcky Rlchter Bill Rutherford Josephme Sauseda Sandra Scruggs -'Q in ' Herman Sohz ,S 91' 4' Q. Averxl Stubblefreld Mrldred Stubblefteld Darlene Thompson S Q A I . A N ' fa 'Pm . K! 6- 0 I4 is f A X ' A ' Y ' K Q' - wg 'i "1 he V ' f-Li., Q , ' V, ' ' ' s I f I - . 2 :QA Vlyb Z -wwf , Q I T , 15' " N g 'Lin . ' ,L 'N' iff: -V "' - - 'X 'Z 4' "" -0 0 r 'I I L-t - ' 9:3 Aff. .np X- '-Q, x " rf 5, . . N oi- Ah- N- L J 'cu N - N 4 Q X nr - lv- ,, . my V' , ff' In -iQ in ' ' I X v vv- ' G , I r , ff ' ,," V... Q' . xi h X -3 Ann Howard X- . - T E X L X V ,-,Ax If i .I-LJ' Q X B 43 i-er- 3' 1 , 5 A' . -.Q L4 ,"'N' Q f-ps gg U fi' ' ' .' ef as v A Q ' A . ,4 saw cf A I' if' Q-,' 'U 9- : A A - . . D 14 V XL K I U A 'fe " Q 4 A f.. ' ' ' ' " " , 4. ' , A 'N LT I ,Q s u h K ,Q :ist - 1- 1 N. X A- L 9' SECOND GRADE me-, Y 1 AT ,Q3 L1nda Duncan Gregory Flsher John Forbes Trm Garmon JAC Judy Mangum Travrs Morgan Arthur Lee Munz Sue Nelson gg.:- 'il- "1 Nur' 1-12 Q fi Noe Arteaga Rey Arteaga Mary Lou Brownrng Jeanme Chaney 4? :- T5 Marrlyn Garner Mary Ann Gutrerrez Rrcky Herod Barbara Lasly 1'5- Q-.J -'IQJ '0- Elarne Parham V1Ck1 Patterson .,.,A , ,, A 6 ' Q X, "" s., g '- g. A N J I 'ix I ' 1- . .an x ' 'M 'PL - - wi: Y, X s ui' , I Lf-x l Z1 5 4. Q R 1 . L I h . . I at Mp., ,P 30 .b 4, as 9- 4 1' Q' 'Q I . . -L., 4-'fl' -- K N v 1 K T ,S J V' . . 'Qs A 1 ' 3 4 ' V V . nf .gf .... - ., QL' ' , 1 ra - 'lk 4 'f I A ,I K . . k F 1 O 5' If "1 l I ' 17 Q E M gi f IJ f '- f I rl, v A K xx. ...J J ' K . 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Y Shrrley Akm Bob Allman Dora Bernal Thomas Berrrer Gary Blackwell Donna Book It 'QQQQ Q' 45 r-av3 4 'fd' X Bobby Brown Janet Brown Robert Brown Ame11a Cortez NeRay Dowell Donna Beth Foman K 1' gf R1ta Bea Goodwrn Wrlham Goodw1n Alma Gutrerrez Frank Gut1errez Sheha Hernngton Georgla Hogg J6- Brenda Alton Mana Holt Morgan Sohz Y N xg . . D . I I 1 ' ' 1 ' '- . . g -1, E X .. k"9.,4,,Xv3,- I 'Q l - 1' l 21 't 4' 5- f - ' - , 7--ff Q Q , 4' ' no 'V 1.1 ,lf 49 -'xl - N 7 PX , 1 A ,N - fx lf ""' ' ' 1' Xl X w N- x X -s . fr dim... nw be lf , 'VM fi .. -- ' -at, .5 . - "' T - V V1 l If f 1 r . :::?e..' ,.' 1 ss, ' w X x Q za -lv' A 'Wi' .- lu l x , 'T . P ff Q T 1 f . , 3. W 'V - I J .If- T gf ' V ' vw f 5 .f 1 sr x.. W ' ' I I FIRST GRADE ?x s-W6 If -56 Hao- if 01- " Pre Mxguel Delgado Patncra Naler Phy111s Newman Moms Poe V1ck1 Jo Pruett Johnny Reeves W 5 'U' ' ar as "' ' 1 " 4. S 61 R K. Ki P fume. X i Iimkh We lu. A KBS.. Naoml Resendez Isalac Resendez Mary Sue Ross Edd1e Rutherford Amy Sebastxan Joyce S11er The flrst graders enjoy then' sesslons 1n musxc They have learned to hsten for the dxfferent tempos L M 'L r"'-F 4,11-p Qdvy If L-I A-s Q31 Jerry Shelton Mlchael Shelton Len Stubblefreld Loya1Stubb1ef1e1d Genaro So11z Eleanor Teague 191 N A 5, 3 fi A L1ndaTw1tty Carroll Todd "1 Kathyrn Zuehlke s , 1X Qf' A thx' ' ILE Lg fnnvq T A X .' . . X If X yi 4, 5 1 f Q " I . ,fp ': A t -I , .Jn ' - K , ' Q H 3 .1 'tix ln' ss .- x vi- 2 I,b ,.. I L' 11 fig- i fial x " 4 I I - A is f I K l il' '54 . , . 'T T X wig T' Q CN. ' -fffff .T Q 'H f 1 I ' K . , X 1 .- r, 1 . , . , . T I , , ' '..1X --5 - t I " - "" -f , -:f " I D Ex X An. Z V -1 I . 4 t ' in V ' , L mx t' -. M . ' .. If X D' 1 '. XM 4 fl ' , Y N3 71 ,V I R . 1 , vs F' , 'f -4 Q! . -15' 'I I ,Q ifif , f Q . ga ,A , , :' ,b . ,- v 5 S3 1 g? ,pgs ff? , xi 1: 2 , ' " 'ii ' W 4 is W , 5, ,, 4 ,, i H vjzih, ilx' ' :ii gl Q 2, 4 wiv s11i'aq+4,,: , A ,H an , I mi d g!1!el8f:'.:m 2, ' .s. , . .,s .1 of ! -4' 'E I 'im 4 df - V Qc' . .F s f ww 143 .fe , ' 'nf' 4 .. . a 'vs ' -iw 31 ,,f'f' l ADVERTISERS E4, H . .Q ' of ,S ,QJI-f"u'w 'X i PA -M 3.13 1915? ""1'5'-so ixga Q is- 'Wwmpfs M50 BUTANE GAS CO AND EMPLOYEES We Appreclate Your Busmess 5500 McGregor I-hghway TOM SHOFNER JR Owner Phone 2 1689 Waco Texas Call Us for A11 Your Gas Needs I . .La f I4 any aim! IXXI CTEL Phone Gr 52.448 Phone 9 P O Box 97 Moody Texas McGregor Texas BCDLJLEVAJ2 D GLASS COMPANY Temple Texas 'VEIVICCD I4 LECICAS :LI 'VI C71 FEEDS MILLS CITY DRUG Temple Texas Temple Texas LANE S TOP SHOP Seat Covers Ph 3351 McGregor Texas QI , A e I . I we I Of I f his cooo FOR LIFE PEPPER BOTTLING CO W aco Texas VVVCA Home Away From Horne for Glrls Commg to Waco for Tralmng or Work Come V1S1t When You Are The FT1eHdl16St Store 1n Town ln Town 2. 600 Austm Ave Moody Texas Waco Servmg Home Farm Busmess and Industry Wlth Dependable Low Cost Electmc Serv1ce Zu! MMM an! Q!! dmfmffy I I DR. . DRUG n , l D Q xg A -0-MII X fa. I An" Wm? 24745406 Kia! ACt1Ve 1n Rodeo and Horse Sh P1-esld VICE Pr Sec Trea Rmgxnaster OWS ent RAY DONALDSON es LOUIS EDWARDS s B R PARI-IAM .TR IVY GOODE1 ' -- - 'YN ., - '- . A ,U Mb u 'f ,- - W ,R . .tu , r y I 'A-A. 1' M1 , ,vu ' N. Q. ' ' I , - , 1 '- sq- -A. '55 , - rf 1 4l- 13:-n lf if ih ' i I . b 4 f' I. I 1 4- - Ai- -. - ,- 1 W . ' J. V- 0 W' -'N I 1, 'I D 5 4'- if '.,-L, Q y A R g : J '- 4, m . V A -P L . 1 lla, 1 ' :W q' 1' mn rg - ' uiciw Y ' -.. 1 . . . ., 4' v- E - R -, ' , 1 ., w A - '12 fa' 1:-e Rig.. .L ug. X . . S 11 Q 11111111 U I , I NAEADOVVS Pl ACIIFBL IDN MGg HL!!-HI-c K Z4 CO :ff ix! Zemf F 12 W th th F Q W 5? 'N VV!-I ITE I-IAl.l. GROCEIRY C51 EB S EXCLUSIVE SHOP SAIXASLET2 VVTIZ -JI: COMPANY INC B AQ NE S LUMBER COMPANY MGgT Msg -me 'f F I -A T T ' ' T 71" ' V ' I W c re or, T - Roofing - irs i e inest T mple, Te Waco, T ' T ff WZ - TAT' N b IX V ' A' i, hub, gfivf "'P""A ,. I X Q. 12+ . 'Qi-5' A Q: . 1 A X T mple Te , . c re or, c re or, T C5 CDTQDCDN QCD LJ IXITIQEE Olds Cad1llac The Golden Rule Guaranteed Used Cars Our Rule 1n Busumess Waco Texas IVICLJEECJQJTQ ROLLER DROME Located 2. M1les Out on Waco Hwy McGregor Texas fd 4 CAFE Open Z4 Hours Waco Texas In Waco Eat at ELITE CAFE Two Locat1ons at the C1rcle or 608 Austm Ave C E IVICDCDTQE SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION h and LaSalle Waco Texas 61460 NEWT W BIGHAM 8: SON Your De ale r Ph PR 3 3001 Temple Texas Circle Hi. 81 ? . . 5t S9. EVERS' DRUG W www COUNTY CO-OP Phone Gr. 5-2022 Q McGregor, Texas "' McGregor fzfemikf 257 DICK SAXENIAN 1101 Austm Avenue Owner Waco Texas KINGS BARBER SHOP Clothes for Men and Young Men f, 715 South 25th '21 The House of Famous Brands Temple Texas 1 . 'X ' N ' N. ,Ai I , 2 f 5fC?fR 7 ..' o C K' 1 , . 'ga . bf A 1 l -lllllltwm ' , cf. j1g5333313:3Q-:-' -bgigig Temple , Texas ' :ALA:Qigi31f3f1f.f13.3.ifff3Q1f1 , . . . ....,....... If I I4lIV1BEL.l. VVACO COMPANY Wholesale of Food Products Telephone 42537 Waco Texas W vw-ECT LAKE MAN SHOP West Lake s Pa1nts Temple Texas Temple Texas MWKZMMW 0624 MANUFACTURING COMPANY Temple, Texas I Your Friendly Referee f kj ' f if Z!! DSC55555 GRILL OPTOMETRIST H1ghway84 McGregor Texas Temple Texas fu It s Lucky to Eat at THE 615 North Thlrd Temple Texas SI-LAIVHQCDCI-Q Jia-1 S M ixx xx f"""--- 'Y-,,.. Our Waco M111 BRAZOS VALLEY COTTON OIL CO INC Waco Texas W L GOBLE. C .T HUCKABEIE Pres1dent and Gen Mgr Secretary Treasurer W L GOBLE. IR V1ce P1-es1dent and Mgr I EEEEZV Mcmgn 1. SPOT SERVICE STATION WHESSQBQE CAFE MU FINE mon M K SHIPP Moody Texas Moody Texas EDDY CO OP GIN AND GRAIN Courteous and Efflclent SCIVICG L M NEWMAN WLM! Mgr BARBER Sz BEAUTY SHOP Moody Texas IX!! CODY FROZEN FOODS Food Processmg Locker Storage Phone 18 Moody Texas 5 gym-Z4 VV!-HTES INSURANCE AGENCY Home of Greater Values Moody, Texas Phone 94 Moody, Texas 'F 2 0 3 ': .,!l!, - I D 1 1 ! I Z wwidm Moody Texas Wfgdmfig MCGQEGQQ 8: SON ROLLERDROME LUMBER COMPANY Located Z M1les Out Every-thumg for the Bu11der Phone Z1 Moody Texas on Waco H1ghway f I 36744 RADIO TELEVISION 717 South 18th Waco, Texas I 'I v fodlw I Ill-wg Nngnli, L, 1221213312 TIIQST NATIONAL Service When You Need It BANK GUYER S SERVICE STATION Moody Texas WA 1.115 - GRAIN CO. Moody Texas Moody Texas and C129 TDZVV FOOD MAR KET Phone 80 Moody Texas .TIM C OMER HARDWARE Now Is the Tune to 'f-QDLJH C CCJIIFFE Apphances and Te1ev1s1ons Moody Texas Waco Texas A 9 25 at U ' l Q 0 450 X "Four-C Your Future" O O ' if if O :J CDLN2 -TQVVTNI 1557 MQW STUDIO Fashlon Center Lverythmg Photos raphlc McGregor Central Texas 75 M6 AW? McGregor Waco Phone Gr 52011 M 1400 Temple Local News Sports Servmg You Mus 1C pg- tl. Mus1c mgfgzgrirg u M ' 'E us 1C N GIQAUES VVILSON BARBER SHOP AUTO L RADIATOR SHOP 214 Ma1n McGregor Texas McGregor Texas of M . v Q FRIENDS OF M H S Mrs Vernon Pack C I Teague Jo Ann Culpepper Tommxe Jean Allen Ladme Coulter Donald Allman Z S Teague C R Eakln Ivy Goode B111 Urbantke .Iohnme Bums Helen McMahan Mrs Frank Jordan Orvxlle Ph1l11ps Wh1te's Garage Laughl1n's Snack Bar E O F1elds Mr and Mrs J B Montgomery Boren and Rogers Crossroads' Grocery Austxn Shoe Store Jezek Sellers Auto Supply Avenue A Coffee Shop K1ng's Serv1ce Stat1on Oasxs Cafe W P Lee Used Cars H W K1ng John H1gh Real Estate Paul Norman's Watch Repa1r Wllson Cleaners Clarence Burton B B Parham Bartley Spears All1edFence Pat Rutherford R H Cornehus Jay Lefeuers Ruth Henson Huggxn Da1ry Mart Veteran's Cafe Western Auto Carr1e Cobbs Green Grocery DOWl1Hg'S Elizabeth Thomas Wanda Polka, 6WW4Z9 BEAUTY SHOP Moody Texas IXAOODV POST OFFICE MRS C R EAKIN Postmlstress AJVISLEIPS HARDWARE BUILDING MATERIALS For Your Needs Ph 2847 2833 McGregor Texas M1125 ALEEIQT NACKAM I E SEWING MACHINE SERVICE Moody T exas IXAOCDV SI N Moody Texas W1nn1e S Wrxght and Bobby Nichols Really Belleve ln Dressmg for Then' Partles EDDY CO OP C-SIN Eddy Texas afmwffha GIN Moody T exas IXIALEFE D12 THOMAS GRoc1-:RY IDELA NIEV Wh1tson OPTOMETRIST Texas Temple Texas FDALJLS SHOE SERVICE Waco Texas '46 Although you can t recogmze them II s Genme Patty Dmah C2151 L.CJCJ .2 EQUIPMENT CO Belton Texas WL WQJWZML DRY GOODS Belton Texas emember to Stop at 4iffIZO GARAGE AND CAFE McGregor H1ghway Waco Texas IXI. l H A I GROCERY Route 1 Meador Grove EARL AND JACK BREEDING MCGREGOR MILLING AND GRAIN Phone GR 5 2851 Complete Auto Repa1rs Waco T exas McGregor nn- Fresh Up' Wxth 7 UP A '7 w o B 0 Waco, Texas - 1 gx gf. K b ' 'fn VTR A ,1 A ll I Db IIA ' ' W ,ff-4 At the Clrcle Wfjfmu fm Good for You' Representmg EAT MORE FIDELITY UNION LIFE TURKEY INSURANCE COMPANY The protexn of meat Phone 33 18 a body bullder It not Moody Texas only bullds new tlssue but repa1rs the old A major need today M125 SIIVIOIXIS CAFE AND Prote1n Content of Turkey TRUCK STCP o Dark Meat 34 870 Whlte Meat Waco Texas IDI SUPPLY CO. V. G. QBUDQ MONEY Telephone: Temple 3-5744 Poults - Chxcks- Supplles Remed1es Hatching Egg Contact Year-Round W1th Guarantee Pr1ce Fmancxng on Feed and Bu11d1ng Ava1lable IH QV Cf' If Y in Y S Waco, was 36.. 87 - Q lfl tl I 3,1253 YOMWHNO0DS are such FRYERS ' f cur uv g 4.64 J t 'fa wwf 1-am :Zn f I I7 fm Z 4 .4 .3 fs I P' ffaffff fffff IIYIIJQ Miva BEAUTY SHOP 316 Mam McGregor A11 Portable Makes TYPEWRITING CO 512 Frankhn Waco Texas BEST POLICY A., ALL TEMPLE LIFE INSURANCE co 1-:Mes 1-4 T emple T exas Ixflc- C-:lil-C-:C D14 MILK BUCKET fimewfi SPECIALTY SHOP McGregor, Texas DRIVE IN I I ..- .rr aru-,-Wtrgf-1417 f -Sl"f:.'.2Q " ' ""' -er,-, 4' , -I: I lr! ' 'V' I x 'gc .div 51: ll I . me 1 l yk - 1 il' , Acc: .3 xy.. 'ft lerx A., . I' ,, all ' z. . 1 I N JV I "ic-if, .X I A 49AEQ,"r j I ' KLI, . ' Y , ln- 5 , FT 27, F' 3 3 1 Y P. .5 Ii+WC' . MAMA IVIACZ CAFE Gatesville Highway c6aZQffm4zeZ! COCA COLA BOTTLING CO Waco Texas Dld They Make the Touchdown That Mrs Teague Is Yellmg About? A sooo STEE fin f' cannons nmvf mu BRUGERY Meats 0 Grocerles 0 Vegetables 'Your Any! me Store Thank You Call Agam PHONE 8826 MCGREGOR Texas The Nxght Was a Success Look at Wanda Vlrginla Hope Mary Ann Mary Ellen VVHXH4I.ET2S PECAN FARM Route 1 Moody Texas FURNITURE LUMBER COMPANY For Style and Durability Good Building Material Phone 48 Moody Texas Moody Texas TEMPLE FLORAL COMPANY Phone PR 3 4445 Kyle Hotel Drive a Temple L HEVROLETf Texas TORRENCE CHEVROLET Moody Texas Wwka DRUG Fine Service Temple Tl-IE DISC RECORD SHOP 12.07 North 25th Street Waco Texas FPED IVIINIXIIX Wholesale Distributor of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 1217 Mary St Waco T exas I3 JC SUPPLY CO Will Buy Your Corn Oats Maize Barley See Us for Your Feed and Poultry Supplies Phone 45618 300 So lst Waco I C l.".'l.Il I 'P "More People Do" I - T sl 1 Cl E-C5 Homemade C akes Ak and P1es 4 'W-I Wm 714556 DELICATESSEN Waco Texas BURR Y I 5 for your D Sf' SPORTING GOODS BEN FRANKLIN 5 Temple Texas -11 Moody Texas If You Plant It We Have It EMPIRE EELTOIXI SEED COMPANY BOOK STORE 109 East Avenue A Belton Texas Temple Texas 0NNIOJ' 34, I1-I-44 .Sim S Y Q Waco, Texas Frances, That Isn't the Goalpostl ,- ' I A I f 1 I WY T - : ' T: to M A ED 3 id? -4, BABOVEC M.. yi 5' . QQL .A gd. n . T r if LX ' . f 5, 'J . fly 9 YOUR WESTER N AU FO DEALER McGregor Texas COACTIIZQ- Moody T exas For Your Feed Needs See Your CENTQAL FEED DEALER Waco Texas Your MCCORMICK DEALER McGregor Texas Za' 6506156 we SERVIC E STA ION T McGregor , Texas CSOAED GIN Pendleton, Texas in LA 73 as - SERVICE STATION in in in 1. f- , X. , ff ' , A 1 ,W . jp, ur. fl ' ,yji f ,U-:wa ... -2 . .-'-131. T. X YN- , .Mr 11 VV?-4l'I'EI-I,Al.L.. GIN MRS D B STANDRIDGE Owner EDD COOK Manager cum.. O 1-DEP aymajhic FEEDS TV 81 APPLIANCE CENTRAL FEED 81 WHSE CO 117 Jackson Phone 4 4921 Waco Texas R C A Whlrlpool Moody Texas HGDDE AUTO 8: TRACTOR SERVICE Parts Electrlc and Acetylene Weldlng Phone6 C W HODDE 'sf F Syl 1 " 'nv .gf x - A Your Dependable Druggxst MOODV PAV NES FURNITURE For Comfort and Style DRUG STORE Moody Texas Moody Texas 0 OTIS MOODV ELKINS 5 COURIER QE bmi SERVICE STATION Moody Texas Moody Texas ii Kenny mf! Wa? :Nc GENERAL MERCHANTS FUNERAL DIRECTORS 'Your Fr1end1y Store" Moody Texas I H. I AQ, ADVERTISING - PRINTING M I , . ., -'La The 1957 Bearcat Staff AND SO FAREWELL The staff of the 57 Bearcat hopes smcerely that through the years th1s book w11l recall to you your years spent at Moody School the frrends you made the classes you attended and the 3CI1V1IlCS of whlch you were a part We hope that the memor1es of your years at M H S w1l1 be made more meanxngful by our effort to record them i The staff wrshes to thank those who helped make our annual a success Mrs M H McG1nnes our sponsor whose sound advxce gutded our plans Mr H G Moore our photographer whose patrence and w11l1ngness to work en couraged us rn our efforts Jane McK1nney and Mary Jean Beerwrnkle who although not staff members were never too busy to help work on copy and layouts 'HN 7 I TA LOR PUBLISHING CO i,1TEi' lf SYAPHETI ' PY' gm. sw . :-1 o fm, , a f MOODY ELEMENT NN SCHO OL .w"i,P5-.-1A-- 4,3 ' 'V I' .4 I !Hlwh!f'-311 IAEA N?32nTlliiK'i'B'5I2!l Fill iiie'Y:Rf3!'1f?if!YZ? 1137-H'i?Wi'lf N, Q .,,, il 5, is 'f'- 4. ns. ,A gf, vi -H1 4 A Q fi if ,aa s 1' F W' P j -OH-Di!-39Pl'l9'9?E'WE'NEliV9N9-13W -F.: 14 HU .Q A 4? , J :P-T

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