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 - Class of 1988

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ocus lvld color os eve-lopmenr nlorgemenr 1 23 . . . . 8 ' . . . 44 ond White . . 54 I h . . . . 76 ,Q 2 5 Ss 6 HE we team icruRE Leaving behind the fam- ily photo album, our lives have mingled to become a permanent part of the Moody Bible Institute. We have stepped outside the framework of our past and dared to follow a call that is only now coming into view. Focusing our minds on the Bible, the Word of God becomes the negative which determines the por- trait of our lives. We zoom in on Scripture through per- sonal devotions and gain a wide-angle perspective through our Practical Chris- tian Ministries. Whether still- life or action, posed or can- did, we reflect the image of the One who has given us new life. We pour out this new life - into studies, ministry, friends, and activities - and in doing so our field of vision is enlarged. Yes, MBI has given us a greater grasp of the world around us - it has given us the Bigger Picture. The Bigger Picture -- as we apply the Word of God to a world around us. The Bigger Picture - as our compassion for those we know is transferred to per- sons we do not know, The Bigger Picture - as our ex- tra-curricular activities pre- pare us for future leader- ship. In a phrase, Moody is the Bigger Picture. Looking westward from the John Han- cock Building, the city lights sit brilliant against the skyline Q.. xxx.. T "I know that the air filter is clogged, tt carburator and the engine need to t: rebuilt, but what in the world possess me to drive it without oil?" said George, always learning the hard wa' , ,,- .-, -- .M X ' 84 me " . N l 2-1 ,"IQ"",'i1-'se fk-'K r f - I ' ' , A ,R 2168 4 as M Q 'V ' . F " ia. -asf' wer .-'. . .7.-6 - , -, . . . Micky Mertens presents the Gospel to o needy person in Washington Square Park, s-if ii'l n 5. , it I ., 5 oPi5N 61TH Bios picr E if f if , E Z3 , y fi? ii Deonne Love, freshmen, posses out trocts with the Jews for Jesus min- istry on Michigon Avenue, M- An oggressive yell in the plozo helps to relieve the pressure of oc- odemic rigor. Just osls senior Dove Sheldon. WN 'MNH' . Sitting in the plozo, Liso Sisson, Qnd yeor student, finds sudden inspiro- tion for her poper Ed Powlouski tunes it in ond reflects it out on o mellow lote summer doy. A big brother porticipont reoches his little brother the delights of good, cleon fun. 4 OPENING: THE BlGGER PICTURE Dovid Long ortemprs to comphrehend 'V VV V V .gn fore him. before they heod out for their PCM. , f Af as , 2 K I "N E--f"'fi.:' 1, 1 The Bigger Picture ex- pands our horizons, giving each of us a nearly limitless perspective. This vantage point begins to focus when we first step into the social aura of our school. The blur of people and events soon grows crisp and distinct. Conferences introduce a splash of vivid color . Speakers deliver messages which bring out the brilliant tints and pigments of Scrip- ture. Each speaker chol- lenges us to explore the depth of the hues for our- selves. A sharp contrast startles us as we compare the block and white of aca- demic studies with the fogged-grey values of the world. The high resolution of Scripture unfolds before our eyes through classes. Dave Benware Senior, gives a bit of brotherly advice to his sister, Laurie Benware Freshman. "Carry that meal ticket everywhere and save quarters for laundry." The flash of victory on the sports field couples with the release of giving it all. We cheer and ogonize, learning that physical disci- pline strengthens our spirit- ual resolve. Our development could not be complete without organizations. These groups become a part of us and shade our days with the ful- fillment of taking the blank and giving it distinct design. We are thus shaped. The intimidating size of our school minimizes through the enlargement of individuals. Faces, names, and goals all grow familiar. The bigger picture takes us from the vague, hazy lilse- ness of an impersonal in- stitution to the crisp portrait of individuals who care. RZ. gf- fe ,wx Mgw N2 If Q 2 35 ak, P A mx E W Y P KN nw ws 1 P 22,252 3 up M 3 WN ww ,W :X W U R4 N N M K :P fam Y '2,g,in4s1 , Y 'm ir 2, X .HU A yy K rw sm 5 212, we ,3 xx '-Wi'a'L Sf X 1 W E WX' "1 2 M f ? Q 1 +L- , ' f "1 isfzfmzl-1'fL QQ ? " , A ww 43921-1. g:ff:f,---- . V. ,mmm ..,-figiilgpzg, Q 4-ifzffgm-,.7 - gsgggyf: ,wg kwglgx . 5 fj,--v::::Qg5- fa S-HH 1f.s'Qwsi?i3ig?Va,,.-'Ze .5?5f63RS5lSJi.w-.11 fab :f?E?'fwfg? , Q-ffvfi Zssifviiigifsl Ehflilinl'1::.1i11f1f1gg'2:fRi7s if'fifii-5Pg1g:Evg5?ssi5?'-f'ZL 135,rlP?r:P55??5f-Siqiiziiz, EY-:RS5?esg?gQ5iz'1-'K 11522 345553fF1S5S!isil5?3Fv5 19512ie5YiP?5'f?51iz1fYI'i7fiK' 32'?lZY15f'?iAV-fSm?3Efag3f 7 ?fg3?E5gSiFffM:ES"f25745? 1553? -,lafmxgy :x asf vuiwsg.. 1-'kt Hr: .xg Llwglrstfiw 1.5 'f'wflfsL':-1 1'f?LP1fss .. -, 5 zivlfff-mp?'WFsff?M,INF -f--'zmii xfez-Lavfelilfi -12942551Wi-b'Y:s'-mr 7. ,mf Xe551Ra,Lggffw. Lf4xf'2'f3LPz5ggpf5M,wfy gggyfa wQ'm:5,LyAgLKI Kl5:zQ.gkp'm-wk-wfxlk 1m4eg3yfs1-.g 93541, :-K. Q-.:c K KP' , msffifgflm Q1:iQ?3?ss1f1fQ':'1iw4-ffff1- 522TeWff2?H1isf-f MQ' f1ff2fezgs::f1sf:f:sQTg1Risf Qxs?efwffg5fQ2.ffgQg, way,gs1Q?g2f533geSswfs i2Qguf,51Waf?mf:.e? 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Z In , 7,1 . .W,., ,- ,.,, 'Mm ,:g.,-w--'fswi mwwwg,5t Qxmifu'-liivfiw v.amLf:z?YfkMZ fU.fu,ffp61g4Q4QHG w.ffg,q-Lumkzwff f4,.1ff.Lm-,ww AQ,-mL1,rfS-wa WWE: .A-Wifi' Ml'- .,-.wiw-fi 'Z 0 fi-amiskwxvw fffcsifevsglggwggw-v ,M-, M V .Awg1hQewai. f fiwfgleifff , KL., ' iff? f -fviiffilifilfiiif' 113' V "If one is o Chrisrion reocher, he or she will or rhe right seoson ond in the right woy sow the good seed with the firm hope of harvest." -John Timmermon Dr. Horold Foos is o Chrisrion reocher in the truest sense of the word. There ore mony good reochers, but once-in-o- while one rronscends the stomdords of re-osonoble quolifyg one uses merh- ods, makes demands which leave indelible im- prints on rhe lives of growing srudenfs. For rwenry yeors Dr. Foos hos sown the good seed or M.B.I. Mony of his srudenrs would prob- obly report wonfing ro heod for the door or times when his questions forced them ro look or themselves 'foo closely. Sitting on 0 corner of 0 roble, orms crossed, tie loosened, joclser off, po- dium with Iooseleof nore- book before him, he be- gins. His Socroric method is deliberoreg he wonts ro 511555-' Q 0 12 ..ii 1 zsssmfm Y fe 2 ' - MVN ff W - P lefgsmgg 1 K f 2s219535z1ff .3 2 3 2 gi gzismmw, W Z gm 5 :5?1rQ1is2gf? A 1 1 X A K fd I A S' 2 P Y, , ff f 1 Q f ::mx-Nga W N F :ma-vW,1.5, S f Y 3 , Z.,4--sw, Q Q i :fff55?wf:2i2 K P' , mmxlf E fafxtgfis P m:?'m:5?4w'f, 5 s2f?m1.fl2 -I :fgswl - 51525321515 X , 731Qa::ms:m ,zsfgysfs 1 z1fA-xvw:-V1 wr- -1 f-.zfwmf-1134--fl Y s1,waKSTg2HwifK M -1fgf:3fgffx?wffa'2fff-545we A 5521512 ffsgiffr i 15 fm, - ' , ,Z ..1i Q,.,l,, . N, . wg Mm wk-21 ,-M,-1m4f--W1 ' sV'5ff?r5'fw 3551 Xfgfifgzgwsgjf'fmfg:5??5 -' gg357f'ti.vfS-iivl JZ? -V-L':l.V?fi71iEE?f5SL,3g?if,f f:f?i4refQ,?4s:3TTfK W' iaffwssgfffiz,-axSSHi5fS?iQ1 wsigsmms-ff .ef-m..:, . m,:K,:fm fs Affrfl yum Jgf'3Qt,xf:- 4' ,j:fp542fQ f . -wi, Q 1..1i RQ-,H .,.. .. 1i,,. r lsf-em. 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One stu- dent reports: "He once told me To put my question on O bocls burner ond let if sim- mer owhiie, lest my broin fry." Another recolls the doy he opened 0 discussion on euthonosio. "He mode no store-menrsg he merely osked questions. Only or rhe end did he fell Us of two older friends who hod comitted suicide ro escope rhe indigniry of growing old in o society thot doesn'f vol- ue the elderly." Inrimidoring? Ar times, yes. Conviction usuolly is. Caring. Thor roo. "Prayer before closs is 0 big thing for Dr. Foos," soid one young womon. "He rokes re- quests every closs period, ond often oslss members of the closs ro lead." Another soid, "When he soid he would proy for me, I knew he wosrff just throwing out o line. Dr Foos meonr ir." Thonls you, then, Dr. Foos, for being one of those individuols who demon- srrore rhor teoching is, in- 1 1 px ,V - 1 V V , - 'R L, . X ,X I 32 2 'fx 1 ,agp x 4" GT FHGOFIGS' he OII I IS ro deed O noble I'Of9SSlOf1 f f 1 - , rf? 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R, N 3 Q .WWW MW 552 aww? 2114525 wf?L3ff:A-'wel w:sfs,f1- 1.--zlfffw aufazi-.V,5,ffvfwe?Si h . wfgv: sMw1ffwi,A'-1 'm:,.f22gsww:if:M w ffm,zfff4m,.,'13,W A-,f-ifgy-fa iv. -vffgsrlw .-.f M,.5flf53f5?5f ff.. gkswm -'f15Ji5IQiFi'fEElgik,- :f'S'i?i5ifiiE"27z5,,'Q-xx? ?'f223"'yf.QiQfgQjj-'iezy Efgfgfy':g3Qr:'9,g-g5l,W' i2'gi,i':5f:fSf"Z2?5?ii 7iV:q5?f":I1!5fVff3E'f?fg?f 'ii'fiQZ2'Ki?iv3lf59-Q5 -,'51??l?I57l55l2fi5?'k'i,1l-5? ,55fjiW5fS5C3"zf3i1f1 51945 Sfrkfgiykiffrkifg-7gj?EQ'fs2 YL55fQi5i?fi,,g7if52?5,F',f? fi7SlCf:T?fifi5g'2:iaz1'?1ffI?l wIi.Z5gffQ?T'Q gp,WV.-f,sf,ggvQ5,f?15 gf, jw5.f2iesg,afgf,' vmumQneQzXQgJQs:i ,?Pafg,Pgwayma,w g5f1gM,fggg1NggvfgQ aggifflzafsfimwiawg-Wg ,vfggfffssfwisvwlemg wil-meg1aam?1fwzfw 5QayK..vsg,Q,gfm15,wA -aggqfg5g,Wfgz31gIg Q,yQ1gi,gqy5,f2M Kglmwgggygggg ygigp- A Q ., ,, .WM va ,. .7 Af--fm,,v.,,, .f A ,,w..,N .V,3,A Law., a,,,m.5,A,M ..,,,,f..u,,Lx,A se, ,gm M.,N,, Mgt ,aww ,J M, ,,igg,,,,, W, M, ,kwykm wma, A w M,u,,, , , A g,2,.,,,..1,.,,,,m:mfA K , .Mm ,K My ,ay Wy, as 4 Q eiagfw-Mt,vW,5-:Q 1,5125'fw.i21-'zffgwfgasxvk wfigml,.?'Rw'-Sm. :wfH1sfrf3w?1ff2wWvf 1fw?1ifQm,gf-?1w142 wmsffwmvflziy'wp a1xLmY?fvw1wzg1 W mifgwlfgfvfafkffwm' 1,wzg-M559 ,mph 1W,fgyfm,fAg2f2f35MU mgzgwxmy ,,.:1f5fffyz5 ,wxmwg wegxy.W,,g .,2EfgM'g,ggQ,1f,,i,gf Qvkwmgi-L,1wL9i, 3MQ,5g,,.,M1,,IVMQQ ypfzwyfggx. 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IQTESE1: WE51 K - -'M1-I Q ' K ' 'K Dr Srowell urges the srudenrs ro carch rhe vision for a dying Chicago as he emphasizes lWe need ra see rhe bigger picrure " As always President s chapel was a success ,z 1 as 3? E zz . S5 Q 3 3 5 ,S s ,. g 5, 1 as 'f' iii9iFSsZ?.ZZfS?5 as-amnwwwammws 1 .,.- . -.wfmwsmgg - .,,, M with www 1w,wwi11f3?i2?i'A5 .si ,..w,.,Rmmm-ss' : "-' si ss J residenr . Dr. Srowell This is a bools of mem- ories. A bools of faces and places and evenrs rhar car- ry meaning far beyond the dimension of picrures on a page This year's ARCH is a reflecrion of your world ar Moody. From here you move inro a world rhor is far bigger and significanrly differenr. This world inro which you move is full of people rhar God loves and cares for All lsinds of people Bur people who are of singular impor- rance as individuals, The Moody world in which you have lived for rhese years was nor meanr ro be your permanenr world bur a remporary sropping place ro prepare you ro be launched inro rhe 3 1 bigger picrure of Gods redemprive plan. Remember rhar we will be praying for you and rhar your producriv- iry for Chrisr in the new worlds in which you move is rhe very reason why Moody exisrs. Be sure ro ralse rhis bools wirh you. Periodically you ll need ro lools bacls and remember rhis place and rhese people who have enriched you for rhe rasls, We will miss you. Yer rhe lay of lsnowing rhar you are inro rhe bigger picrure will be our re- ward, Gods very besr is all rhor you do, Joseph M. Srowell I if 'J 15 s V 5 . f ', M 1 3 fr ,gig E, il 53 2 3 ' i 2 Yi fi ii: if ggi? Q :kg 5 I: in P 5' s 5 X 2 T -155 S A 3 Q Is this the "Leaning Tower of Houghton," or ore Sondro Boin, Troy Murphy ond Trisho Fink o little off bolonce? Bill Reicheld, Andy Asmus, ond Luther Tsinglou take 0 break from their Culby 14 floor meet- ing. gi iii xg.-I if Q s ig N , 2 BW ,J I ' ' E in i, s s fx Q X Wi gf. . if Q3 2 Aff 8 FOCUS: STUDENT UFE fx' ug, we V 'Q ik yn- 'N The life of o studentg it seems so ordinory, so redundont - so routine. Doy in, doy outg closses, chopel, homework. The question frequently posses through your mind: "ls there life offer studies?" As you rewind the film of your yeor, you see the onswer to thot question. Now you hove the chonce to focus bocls on those unforgettoble moments you hove lived through, from exciting moil in CPO to those Indion summer evenings on the plozo or those nights on Culby 2 when everyone tried to beot the chill of o blustery Chicogo winter. This is o snopshot journey from the mundone to the momentous, from the ordinory to the outrogeous. It is your life in focus . Zia... 5724. 'IW You see herds of chotting freshmen, corts piled high with everything from tennis shoes to typewriters. Animoted mothers try to tell uninformed sons how to keep from turning oll their underweor blue on Ioundry doy. Fothers filled with folse brovodo pre- pore to kiss their little girls goodbye. On the terroce neor Torrey-Groy, the hulloboloo escolotes. Returning students from every orgonizotion imoginoble pres- ent their best propogondo. Sitting behind toble ofter toble piled high with literoture, they eogerly try to droft recruits. Amidst the tumult, smiling R.A.'s ond Welcome Weekers, clod in bright yellow ond red shirts, oct os tour guides, movers, The Plozo Comes to Life As New Foces ond Fresh Blood Join Our Ronks ond friends oll in one. A doy to remember, it is like wolking to school with your brond new lunch box on the first doy of kinder- gorden. This is the beginning of one of the wildest weeks in most freshmon's lives. One ex- cloimed, "l've never seen so mony cute Christion guys in one ploce." Others were surprised by the friendliness, "everyone tries so hord to moke you feel welcome ond tolk to you." Within these few short doys, the Moody fomily hos grown. Our lives hove been forever chonged. A new generation hos been welcomed. Story by Kristie Duden. A. ' x-', V - si-,gf-.sf V' - . s 2293 10 FOCUS: WELCGME WEEK As freshmon grow weory of llne standing, Tiffony Wlllls smilesg she knows this is just one of the mony long lines: the lunch line, bookstore Ilne, registration line, school bill line . . . Poised with o Welcome Week smile, Lee Oestry looks hoppy even when toking 0 breok. Mwf 'Wg 5153 N , rr W ,,f-LL? LADO f' 29 ref 3- -mz ' 3 l Q - TL '. ff, -e A ,gi 1 A ' ' ' J? - " fy 1 1: 1 K ' . i V E -fu .V 9.5 1 t it i 5 I' i. it 1 vw . M, Q - I 5 , 'lg , .L 9: rj ' , , if ia- gsf it 1 ' M """'a rf RJ 1 1 i i l lnternotionol Students Fellowship is on orgonizotion creoted to help foreign students odjust to o new life in the United Stotes. Todoy, they ore helping new fresh- mon odjust to Moody. Poul Krouse whips o friendly welcome ot the in- coming Freshmon closs. fi!!! sg-...,,.g As mom onxiously moves her son out, she osks, "Did oll these belongings octuolly fit into this one smoll M.. Q von?" ve .X X k - XXQ. K mmf-:awww-'11 fa-N Ihkkh A ' fe -.,. :,M,f,,Qw im-gs f Rn X ' " , i' .S - is . . Q '75 3 :KW X .. i Although it moy not be the sofest choice for on compus employment, Jim Coffmon, senior, ond Mike Coy, 2nd yeor, live out their life long dreom os "Moody Vice." Public Sofery oides us doily in the protection of our campus. :-'- . --wr I I ss N Q ,,.. L, 7, .X z,l 5 5, agqileff ,512 It-,. -, gm-nj fi" if ,iw- "I get poid to sit in chopeII" If you worked for the Audio Visuol Deportment, you might too. "I con ect onything ond everything I wont for breokfost, lunch, ond dinner." Working in the cofeterio moy not sound so bod ofteroll, huh? You might even overheor o Physicol Plont worker humbly soy to himself, "It's o tough job, but some- body's gotto do it!" These ore the few, the proud, the brove, the students who endure on-compus employment. However, other doring souls ore drown to the hustle ond bustle of big city jobs, For some the city "represents on owesome otmosphere," os well os "better poyf' Others retreot to the "outside" for the Acodemic Scholors Driven To Work By Three Words: THE SCHOOL BILL chollenge of focing o moteriolistic society. "I reolize the necessity of moking my foith procticol. Seeing their emptiness urges me to communicote the freedom ond joy I hove in God." The opportunities ronge from working in the bookstore to serving coffee ot Tempo or Coffee Chicago. Some cleon houses, while others sell stuffed onimols in Woter Tower Ploce. Whotever the reoson, wher- ever thejob, oll student workers ore driven by their common denominotorsp "GlORDANO'S PIZZA" ond "THE SCHOOL BlLL!" Story by Jenni Royer. be-nw Vx "Sonyo, how mony times hove I told you how to spell Notionol Bank?" Sonyo Ovikion gets some lost minute tips on her spelling from o porient boss, sf 'Qi 5 K .asiflfur sf- " f "I'II bet yo fifty big ones thot I con beot yer socks off in o gome of tennisI" dee Clork, senior, looks omused by her clientell. ZE2.. EW! 11. . XX as X51 , ' - Forget Water Tower Ploce - scrap Rush Street - don't even bother to hit the Chicago Loop. lf you crave crowds, action, ond excitement - head for the Plaza or Culby 2, the seasonal hubs of campus flut- ter. Both are fully wired with that super- sonic grapevine thot "keeps things inter- esting." Spending on afternoon on the plaza promises everything from sunshine to spot- ting o future mate. A typical evening on Culby 2 storts with jalapeno nochos and ends with on exciting game of pool or ping-pong. Students do have their preferences. Tory Roborts, freshman, says, "The plaza is bet- w. Ed George condemplotes mugging Wayne Herr for his small ghetto blaster, but knows this won't work ln the plaza. FOCUS: PLAZAXCULBY 2 -4. W. lt s A Hoven For The Sociol Butterfly - A Ploce Full of Familiar Faces ter than Culby 2 becouse I don't feel like l'm being watched. There oren't any R.A.'s scoping the plaza. I also think we should be oble to have compfires and sleep outs on the plaza. We could FOOST marshmallows and oil." Some time about mid-October, the plo- zo loses its oppeol Cond warmthj. The clus- ters migrate to the second floor, where the snack shop business booms. Louro Empson, 2nd yeor student, sums up the whole mood of these, our heralded hongouts: "They are like sanctuaries away from the city." Story by Kristie Duden. Blll Relcheld flashes that "Come Hlther" look at Eli: obeth Yoder ln the plaza. lg Y 'X I 1. O-bb Scott Foutz and Robin Matthews help each other hone their skills on the sunllt steps of the plaza. Ain :MU M ' kjf . rf . x Q M4 r WX X Tommy Hogue obondons her posr or the Culby 2 shock shop ro mug for the comero wirh Deon Smoll. Triviol Pursuirers rhreoren the phofogropher for on onswer. Mr' lk! 50 ' rr f - af f' in -.Ni gi ii. . fx s HW - -.W..... ,,1o,, tr! x ro vo ,f r 'I if 'CRE W, "I betcho thot tokes olot of coordination to eot ond reod ot the some time," soid Jonet Knee to Debbie Kolne. "But woit Dove, did you moke sure your glasses ore on the left ond your silverwore is on the right?" Dove Peters very corefully ploces his troy on the rock. 16 FOCUS: DNNG HALL .. -P ' .wx-, ibm A ' bf 1 L,.. Q , .5 .Im .g,,.rz..1.s-yrngslaff.w:W - . - 3 5 H X . .W , ,I .. ,, .k,.A,hL,A ,.,:w3. . 5 fl ff sfsQi.' if t Skeet: .. 'gy is A --as as-fiifi .fsssslis-f.f.:....M. . ,ff sim 'fm.Qff2:f,.: f r 5-:gsiiigEkfwiigiivgflg-:Lfgf -, 'Wi rgwrfeswv i' :feats 1s1e..r',aeef Aigiggiaeggfixskgisiisigifsfef- i UM V f'.s'lQ,f 1: AS Alf' Students Monoge to Eot, Drink ond Be Merry" While Enjoying Our Compus Cotering Buried deep within Chicogo's downtown turf, occessible only through tunnelied hoils, lies the Student Dining Room. When in the vicinity, odd smells often woft from its kitch- ens. The dim lighting, mellow music, ond shimmering gloss doors oll give the illusion of o clossy joint. Opinions obout the dining holl vory from student to student. Some finicky ones show their fostidiousness: "I believe the dining holl is odequotely preporing students for the roughest missionory field work," soid Mork Hufen, senior. Others like the food, but mention the tunes: "The food ot Moody is good no motter whot everybody soys, but whot- ever hoppened to the 'Get-Out-of-the Cofeterio' song?" soid Ed George, 2nd yeor student. This opinion wos echoed by others. "We hove got to do something obout the music thot is piped in down there," soid Ron Christionsen, junior . For the first time in Moody history, cosuol dress wos ollowedin the dining room eve- ry night except Wednesdoy. The student body wos delighted! For some the dining holl is considered the best ploce to scope out ond meet people. And, despite the the sometimes cold clom chowder ond rore roost beef - it's still the cheopest ploce for o dote! Story by Kristie Duden. sl" 'iv I "l con't believe oll the food he hos on his troy. He's got to put thot yogurt bock!" Louro Golliher polices the lunch line, Now thot professors hove unlimited occess to the cofeterio, it is not unusuol to see them spending time with o student over o meol. Dr. Douglos Kennord hos lunch with Kevin Whitford. R gf!! 4-""" Qi 3 G L 3 g, N..t A4 , '+ At .i vv . A . "So What, Now What" Attitude Strikes ::5" I" The Conference Center As Seniors Take It By Storm ",o i""5 "You know how dreams look when they start getting close, they start to look scary " Dawn Westadt, Senior Retreat or- ganizer replied after reflecting on the year of planning. And that planning was great. There were canoes to paddle, bikes to ride, and vollyboll to play. "It was just great to be free to do all the different recreational activities," April Corwin said. All the activities were there for the ask- ing. Without having to worry about money matters, the camp was theirs to enjoy. "I love being able to get away to the woods, not having to shave for three days", Tony Invergo replied while Laura Martin, his fi- ance looked at him with disgust. Campfires, midnight motorboat rides and a pizzo party all added to the fun of being there. The great excitement of the weekend was the ice cream available at every meal. It was not unusual to see a bloated Moody student muttering, "I'm full for the second time. Why did I do that?" The weekend would not have had the impact it did if Dr. Russ Rogers from Inter Act Associates hadn't been there. He talked one night for two hours, and no one complained. "He's not spirituolizing eve- rything," Karen Buck stated, "and ultimate- ly it is for the glory of God." He exhorted us to live to our full potential by asking, "Imagine what it would be like if this was done excellently?" As the weekend drew to a close, seniors had only one question to ask, "So What, Now What?" Were they going to have to say in T.S. Eliot's words quoted by Dr. Rog- ers, "We had the experience, we missed the meaning?" Or was their future going to see the implementation of the dreams they were building in their last year at MBI. Story by Teresa Stirewalt. lX"'fZ,... ' 9' - 3. IM ix it ,tn ,Y 'V . . k I ... EEE 5 Q l TR ,F ft x V NTS 1' s. Mr. Rogers asks Seniors ot retreat not, "Won't you be my neighbor," but "So what, now what?" 18 FOCUS: SENIOR RETREAT A-fl....nau-In-4-n-lwkllll Joyful camera ready seniors travel vigorously to the retreat. Hove sox wtll trove! Joseph Stetmburg convinces Dr Steve Deweese Koye Adams sung on o btcycle butlt Wtlltom Mortv of ms mustcol obtltttes for two 5. qu- vi. . 1'- E. HBut, Mrs. Oates, you don't understand, l did sign up for the tennis courts. Can you see the eraser marks . . A student questions Mrs. Nancy Oates about the reliability of the tennis manuscripts. Counselors Mr. Tim Hodges and Mr. Ralph Bradbury enjoy doing what they like best. . . "COFFEE BREAK!" Coffee is more than the trivia on the cup of Mr. Bradbury. QQ FOCUS STUDENT DEVELQPMENT Following another day of managing student concerns and questions, Ms. Dorothy Hostetter, resident su- pervisor, and Ms. Susan Shickley, director of resident life, relax over a cup of tea and conversation, F 5 sw . . mr? 3 M 3 ff-X 1 .. I .Jim 5 ,f .,f""""'-W, l 'xii 4 ff J W :Q 11 -- ,, A , ' f s. s., . 55s:wsWig5fsys.3,5, .. . ,s v file.,-My E s N? L as cs 3 Q P A j li U 5 Q W if I - . r -1 ' 715 rv f , -,lv f s:.,,g,v . . ,zi . -,- -r sy- :I . i ql, g,..i,,s 53' ,, :-:: r ",': V331 s. 'TE ' . ,s LX 72 I 935 wa ss .N gs - .,., As on ocorn is the fruit of the Ook tree, so Student Development is o fruit of Moody Bible Institute. lf you were to pick up the brochure which describes whot hoppens behind those brown wood doors of the office on Culby 1, you would see, on the cover, three brown ocorns with the motto written boldly ocross the bottom, "Come Grow With Us." This theme presents the wishes of the deportment. Their common gool is to coll students to "nurture ond support os well os to confront ond odmonish, olwoys speoking the truth in lov'e, so thot the whole body moy grow up into Him, who is the Heod, thot is Christ, ond build itself up in love." Come Grow With Us Ask The Heroes Of Our Successful Student Lives Student Development is the heortbeot of successful student life. They ore not "bod guys out' to get us," rother o unified de- portment with o unified gool. As they hove mode the tronsition over the post three yeors from merely o "Student Services" deportment to o more visible ploce of helping, serving, ond encouroging, they hove sought to be just whot their nome reveols, on office devoted to our devel- opment. These men ond women, committed to our growth in the body, could be better known os the "unsung heroes of bottle." Story by Jenni Royer Mr. Timothy Arens, Deon of Students, gives wise coun- sel to Joy Lindstrom, senior, while Mr. Joe Gonzolez, resident supervisor, listens, Although fomilior foces ot MBI, it wos their first yeor in these positions. Student development counselors, Mrs. Potty Vonder Sonde ond Mrs. Jon Moore get "psyched" up before helping students find the onswers to their problems. Zig.. QW The scenorio of coming home ofter school hos foded to o distont memory. Greeting the folks ond siblings seems so long ogo. Now, we greet o roommote or o buddy from down the holl. Living in the dorm odds o different perspective to get- ting our homework done while building friendships. Returning from o nutritious meol, the Moody student settles into his or her deskchoir to tockle on insurmountoble ol- lotment of syllobi requirements. After five minutes of serious study, the roommote enters. Tolk, tolk. Gob, gob. Lough, lough. Bock to the books ond five more minutes g is "Where did Mom soy thot the lint filter is?" Ed George gently pulls out the little godget. Disturbonces while studying ore only worth it if they include o brain mossoge. Twonno Whittington helps Whitney Buckwolter relox her mind os she studies. Q12 FOCUS: STUDENT DEVELOPMENT ,Q I Studying, Reloxing, or Sleeping -- the Dorm Floor is olwoys exciting of serious study occur before the phone rings. Chot, chot. Giggle, giggle. Chortle, chortle. After five more minutes of work, it's time for o study breok. "lt's hord to get serious obout studying before curfew. lt's too eosy just to spend time with the guys, tolk on the phone, or ploy o little nerf hoop," soid Brion Col- lohon, 2nd yeor student. Although it is difficult to study in the dorm, the friends you moke in those mo- ments lends voriety to the rigors of study. The dorms ollow us to see reol people. No focodes. Less the mousse ond ironed shirts. Story by Down Von Konegon. "Do we hove o problem with the evoporotior oround here? How come there is never ony ice?!' yells Greg Linberger to no one in porticulor. "I li. if f W3 yr X .. gs lies l Gwen Abell retreats to the Houghton restrooms to find some reol peoce and quiet while working on the floor message boards. "I knew we should have token the stoirs!" said Phil Hoynes to floormate Keith Bryant, Once again, the Dryer Hall elevator broke down on the residents, Z.. t ,Q Apple Jacks, the classic 11100 am. breakfast! Tim Kelly and friend Jim Brandon rely on their own stash because they missed the 7:00 hash. "We'rejust one big happy family! Won't you be our neighbors?" exclaim two Houghton roommates amist their friends. Bug, QQ Surviving college life without a room- mate is like Gaitield without Odie. Some- times we all need somebody to lean on. But, this business of living together ex- tends beyond hearing the same alarm clock and pulling JAP's together. Kristi Delong, 2nd year student says, "Every night Marti and I eat garlic popcorn and go to bed without brushing our teeth. You need a good relationship to do that!" Sometimes roomies even start talking alike. Beginning with a little change in ac- cent, pretty soon, they're using the same phrases. The way you think can be in- fluenced too. Chris Hanna, 2nd year stu- dent says, "We enjoy sitting around ex- 24 FGCUS: ROOMMATES I fi F - Bliss Mingled With Misery, It s Reality At lt's Best in a Cubicle pounding and stretching ideas we've heard - seeing the possibilities." Overall, roommates across campus agree that "the single life" leaves them feeling half-hearted. Bob Morgan, 2nd year student, says of his roommate Mark Jackson , "'He's handicapped and has made me alot more thankful for what I have. Things like talking and walking. lt's humbling." And, as old friend Garfield knows, life wouldn't be the same without somebody to eat lasagna with and complain to about Monday. Story by Kristie Duden. "How many times have I told you to stay on your own side of the room?" Robert Dages and Todd McCauley, learn the fine art of confrontation. ls T fr, ,f K M I' X Q-.Lf ff' 5 'Ts fi , ,, K I 'Q' F 'GUST' Xa? f-.sux "Beth, I promise that l'lI never borrow your sunglasses again!" Deb Smith puts Beth Borrillo back in her ploce! Kelly Yingling let's Sarah De-nbow in on her secret, "I heard somewhere that doing this for twenty minutes o day was greot for your complexion. Just be coreful to hook your toes under the mattress." ZZ2.. gf is 4 f is 3 1-4 fi , . xr t o . Qi J 2 s l F Brotherf5ister activities are like a Birthday Party, ol- Q If ways filled with fun and games. Culby 7 and Hought- ' on 4W celebrate Open House. :ef 5 . Mark Juane, o man ready for all seasons, cheers on his 5- sisters in intramural football, umbrella in hand. - ' ...,W...,W X E fu iw- ' .sf E- X fx ' ' 1 Q1. L ' . x C I ,lx ""'f"2 2? i,,hi " 'f' at "The New Chorus Line,-look at them legs!"Culby8 The dining hall affords both spiritual and physical entertains their sisters - ot least we think it's en- refreshment. tertainment. Ki l l 25 rofcjusf YEEKCQUSSS srorigeiffe A A young mon stonds ond foces the ou- dience. He wipes his sweoty polms on o t- shirt thot reods, "How good it is when brothers live together in unity." Nervously he speoks: "My nome is Roger, ond I never ottended my Brother 1 Sister functions rf Horrifying, but true. Mony students never experience the joys of preporing chips, ond grope Kool-oid for on Open House. These people sometimes seek releose in self-help orgonizotions such os "Brotherf Sister Skippers Anonymous." At their meetings, they speok of the girlfriend who kept them from welcoming lost freshmen into the open orms of lote 'M Our Bro f Sis Floors Bring Love And Wormth To The Compus night trips to the Sub Stotion, or Soturdoy ofternoon intromurol footboll gomes. How- ever, the finol breokdown occurs when the BrotherfSister skipper reolizes thot never ogoin con he leorn to core deeply obout people in woys unimoginoble to the world. Fortunotely, the troumos con be ovoid- ed. On every floor ond wing, sociol reps were oppointed to motivote students to porticipote in fun-filled nights of frolic. From gomes to sing-o-longs, everyone could be involved, regordless of post mistokes, eve- ryone wos urged to "come join the fun!" Story by Jennifer Lehmonn. "Let's see who hos o bigger mouth!" Looks like Julie Adkins, freshmon, beot out Tom Appel, 2nd yeor student. Zia... Q? During Open House you take ony seot you con get. Pornelo Evons, freshmen, obviously QOI the lost seot in the house, but doesn't seem to be complaining. ww f .1 ..ff?f'fx.M,'Ef w 2 'am Q ' fzzzs, W, And you thought we needed 0 compfire. All you reolly need is o couple of friends ond o guitor. "I've got o river of life . . . " sings Down Von Konegon, Jon Furseth, ond Kevin Sloter in Houghton. 28 FQCU5z OPEN HOUSE 'ff' Y ,W A fr WW. ig Ext? y. ' tvtt . -Wg 2 ' "Open House isn't thot bod ofter olI," soys Troy Murphy. At ieost he gets to watch the Cosby Show, in the compony of Sherie Vonder Konegon. .5 Easily amused . . . Sue Perry, Tim Rackley, and Brian Briggs are amazed by soap bubbles. "Lawrence Welk, here we come!" Kelly Yingling makes a startling observation about a brother, "I am still taller than you - your hair is just fluffier!" The minute hand slowly encircled the face of the clock bringing 7:00 p.m. closer. With each second, ten more girls enthu- siastically entered the already crowded lobby. The volume slowly rose, reaching a crescendo as the elevator doors opened, bringing a miriad of handsome men to greet the waiting ladies. Yes it's Sat- urday Night's Informal Open House! Open House is that time when the dorm rooms really get cleaned! You know, the toothpaste is scraped off the walls, moun- tain high trash cans are finally emptied, dirty socks are stashed in the closets and beds are reduced to only a few lumps. Expected Visitors Make Residents "Clean Up Their Acts." Food is prepared, from gourmet meals to Jewel donuts. Entertainment is arranged to impress and entertain. Walking onto a floor alive with activity you could find men and women with toothpicks in their mouths, poking at life- savers or you could join a quiet game of Trivial Pursuit. Men in suspenders may be doing live entertainment for their sisters, or a gentlemen in a tux could be playing on his violin. The best part of open house is its unpredictability. Just to run from floor to floor to see close encounters of a new kind is great. Story by Teresa Stirewalt. ZZ2... gf! After yeors of comploining, .lockie Morsholl finolly "Getting o little onxious, Noel?' Moll Iso big event receives o pockoge ond is sure to let everyone know in the lives of students os senior Noel Roybin it, demonstrates in his close scruinty of his P O Box ls f il J 5 in ffm- 41 ski : f ,"f ' ,, mall? Look closely! See if you con spot the box peeper. He even hos 0 letter! Chris Coulter hos gotten so hungry for moil thot he connot woit till he gets to his room before he opens it. 30 FOCUS: MAR idx 0 egfufj With sweoty polms ond quoking limbs I heod, for the twentieth time in two hours, down the corridor which Ieods to the only link with the outside world, THE POST OF- FICE! School hos now been in session for two long doys, but no letter hos visited my CPO box. My outomotic sensoring device Ieods my body straight to the box. I bend down inconspicously Cdon't wont to oppeor too onxiousj in front of it ond quickly glonce into the little window to see if there's ony life in the cube! Box Peeping Becomes The Fovorite Post Time Of The Students- Foculty Worries My eyes pick up the outline of on en- velope. lnstont excitement pulsotes through my veins, cousing me to lose my bolonce ond foll bockword onto the hord, cold linoleum. The moment isjust too greot to beorl I seorch wildly for the key, second only in importonce to food, ond discover thot I hove left it bock in my dorm room. The woiling woll in lsroel hos never heord the likes of my cry thot night, olone in the moil room with on unreochoble letter! Story by Teresa Stirewolt. gk: i "Excuse me, Miss Pardon me but I need some ossistonce Excuse me, Slr " Unfortunotely, Soroh Denbow did not "ring the beIl" for osslstonce, She will surely have o long woit. 2... fezf,-Wli si5Ei'li??'57 WSL? L- fghfffgiiiiiqgfisisitifgisf fs. X 11Qiis5mQw5,2.3fga.wfii., W--wvgfsyfm-:begs ...M .. ,,,..4wsggsstW-f,..,.......w- X ,W gisii i gsw gti i 'i T 1: i , :n ... w wf f ' .,,,gij J " Em AL., , Kwfgs.. W,,. , time .ff eS11i .s S5Eg, sf . 'ti , 4- sf., mgs gglxi,-'-' U85 -I , 235,95 igpsz f' if ' ,Silas S-Q ' sialic aa. E lg gzfskfal' sw .' H, ' ,w ifi Q1-V ?l':Q3li5is x MSW' 5 X Se sl-if 9' 9' tt 'it .. E g,..W, 39,3-1 There are seasons we will see and face together You and i . . . and this makes me long to live . . . We will feel the dragging months in cold, when life seems frozen still and new growth, tender shoots, are hard to see and sometimes seem smothered . . . We will wake to summer sun and and be warmed by summer's breeze, The colors of faIl's foliage will invite us to discover. Laced in our existence, Close in remembrance Our Friendships And the fragrance of spring in bloom will carry us on . . . if only we allow it . . . For seasons are such beautiful things . . . And you and i, we'll learn ro laugh in the rain and cry in the sun . . . And we'll go through seasons Together . . . You and i . . . Poem by Erika Metzler. s c... , - "I hope all our kids lookjust like you!" Michael DeKay and Christine Brown comtemplate a future llfe to- gether as the best of friends. Friends, someone to sit on when you're tired, some- one to choke when you're irritable, good friends are hard to find. Luckily, Daniel Schmidt and David Mur- phy have found each other. 82 Focus: Friendships 'few 1 .. , ,Rfb I HSSP' ' 'TF 'V K 9 ,W we Escope to Lincoln Pork. Mike King ond Jodie Sweezey, Dove Benwore ond Kelsey Monn find our pigeons flock when food is on issue. Closped in o beor hug, chin up, Morie Amyx ond Kothi Nelson epifomize the words "Pride ond Joy." ef 1 in 5 s .- f . 1 . in l vii:-li? ' sew no. 2. Ms 4, v , 'PAW . N?-i Q' .'.s1 gc. A i,'jg4, ff ' u 'fill . 122' 2 The true fest of friendship - someone who'lI let you wod up his jocker ond sleep on it, then ignore your snoring. Jill Thompson ond Michelle Miller enjoy o long bus ride shoulder to shoulder. Jenny Fenske corefully describes her dreomboof doreg meanwhile, Chrisrino Boeremo tries nor ro burst her bubble. Z22.. The scenario of seagulls and crashing waves catches a Tim Asher threatens Kelly Reed with "ten lashes with taste of solitude, even in Chicago. Dan Spencer and a greasy french fry" as they enjoy sandwiches at Ed Julie Andrews escape to a unique atmosphere. Debevics. I f-vl . W V, V L A,,, 4, 5, .,,. t. V V ,Msg -'W W W if ?n"'1,v'3 1 :wg-My -',.., , ,ls ,Q " f I f 5 " QW 5 A abs A ,, 5 'if ,wg l . it nuuulq- 5- - -nun-. 5 2 ' Clad like a true Californian, Tim Kealy, Junior, rides through the city on his skateboard to fetch his favorlte newspaper, the "Chlcago Tribune." 341 FOCUS: OUT AND ABOUT l l 4 , 1 f-Y 5, MW lv' .I J 4 l l X if i Z vw E., Moody students toke ci trip to the fifties MocDonoldS. wishing they could go "Bock in time" for o cruise down the Magnificent Mile in o 50's Corvette. "'lY"" NVQ' J' yu ,f im.. ' l i I J Q 2 ' X - -I 5 V ,tjgff I . , 4,,,. W , Chicogo s Distinct Atmosphere Bring Fun ond Adventure To Student Life Promenoding through this metropolis, one sees the distinctiveness of the urbon dwelling we now coll home. This is Chi- cogo, the incomporoble city, providing eoch of us with diverse food ond fun. The fovorite ploces of Moody students were os voried ond originol os the city itself. Sheryl Breuker, freshmon, soid the best ploce to be wos "the grope deport- ment of Jewel." Tim Erieou, senior, soid, "The Nightlight Ployhouse, where quolity Christion entertoinment is found." The true romontics of MBI hod o different ideo of fun. Melisso Hortmon, freshmon, thought of "Woter Tower Squore, where oll the horse-drown corrioges begin their route . . . lt's so romonticf' Steve Shickley, senior, is portiol to strolls by the "Wrigley Building overlooking the Chicogo River." Liono Forrer, senior, trots up north for Ann Sother's Swedish delicocies. She soys, "The food is greot ond inexpensive." John Klopfenstein, freshmon, preferred the beoch, while clossmote Scott Krus wos fond of the Hord Rock Cofe. Finolly, Arthur Moron, senior, retoins his ocodemic ded- icotion os he "studies ot The Third Coost." Story by Jenni Royer. HZ... ,ffffpg Z Or Not So Fond? The Welcome Week ushers in porodise. Ah . . . the selection, like Bressler's 33 flovors. Which one to pick first? Then, sovereignty seems to point the woy. You meet in the registrotion line. His eyes ore seo-blueg her hoir coscodes in o golden woterfoll. Then, not twenty-four hours Ioter you find your- self in the lunch line together. This couldn't be blind coincidence. A wolk follows on o worm Fridoy night. The loke lops ogoinst the shore os you stroll lozily, the wind tossing your hoir. He must be the one, ofter oil, he's even spirituol - he proyed over your Hoogen Doz cones. She's it for sure, she ploys the piono. At this point, he storts corrying o brief cose. The relotionship deepens: you eot two of the three meols together, ond you go to Moody Church os o couple. You both like You heor the gossip, "You'll never see her oround onymoref' "Con you believe he's spending time with o girl?" "Did you heor obout their engogement?" The ru- mors roor, ond you osk, "Whot does it oll meon?" Becouse you ore only on observer of this so coiled love, you moy never fully understond just whot goes on behind the scenes. You see them together for months on end ond wonder, "How con they spend so much time together?" You lough when you heor the onswer, "Becouse we're in love!" "Love?" you soy, "BAH!" Your mis- understonding continues. Only those in- love seem to know the true story of their relotionship. Reol love goes beyond petty little dot- ing gomes ond Welcome Week flings. It is more thon mere physicol ottroction. Reol So FOCUS: ROMANCE Two Perspectives On Romonce Fridoy night sing ond Guess jeons. You write home . . . glowingly. A fomily meet- ing is plonned for Thonksgiving. Then, midterms force you oport. He foils osleep during o lote night phone coll, she doesn't moke it to breokfost one morning. One bleok November doy you woke up chonged. Your power to discern God's rev- elotion hos motured, ir doesn't include him or her. You tolk, not ot the loke, but, quickly, in the plozo. "Let's be friends, God wonts me to study more." Possing in the tunnels you look crushed or you look owoy. You never speok ogoin. Two weeks Ioter you choose brown eyes, o coscode of brown woves. The theologicol question remoins: wos it God's will or hormones? love demonds occeptonce of onother hu- mon being, fully, foults ond oll. This love involves complete dedicotion, not only to onother, but olso o bono fide dedicotion to communicotion, to work through o situ- otion, o need, or o conflict, to be selfless ond to understond. This love tokes long hours to build, it finds its foundotion in com- mon ground. Reol love olso requires o certoin omount of risk. "Risk?" "Forget it! This love stuff is not for me!" But woit, with risk comes the reword, growth, ond hop- piness exclusive to love. Though reol love moy not hoppen often oround here, it does exist. So before you knock it, why not give it o try? Story by Jenni Royer. "Oh Note, onywhere is wonderful when l'm with you!" Note Gordon gets off eosy on o cheop tunnel dote with Sheryl Corlson. Gee, Rob tells funny jokes, or ot leost Morti thinks so. Rob Willioms ond Morti Swotek, second yeor students, linger on together in on empty cofeterio. Dove Olsen lets his dimples do the rolking os he sends his love AT 6 T style. ...iran al df: fr A ff- . :Q 'Q ff KA l ,EQ s K sf sill f s f Q e--J-- - Ryrie Study Bible: the foundotion to oll good re- A Moody Couple grope to express their true feelings. lotionships, Fronk Snoek ond Heorher McMullen toke "l'm not sure thot I ogree with your view of women's time to discuss Genesis Two. roles in the church , , , " iifqi' M, face, Joe Cannon sings the blues of on-campus married student life. ., ,,,,, yW.iy.WW,V,, V 1 " A f .fm-.ffi 79 ,. 4' M My ,Wir "I sing because i'm happy!" Sarah Souers sings a "Isn't it wonderful that we don't have to worry about Qty ballad of the life ond times of being a spouse to a Senior Panic?" Cherrie and Roy Gonsleben reflect. student. 355 STCPCIUS: GN-QAMWJS MARRIEQ 4 X "Alexandre hos olreody decided thot she is o dis pensotionolist," Angelo Sourisseou proudly tells Annie Colvin os her son Eric ponders which line of orgument to toke. W kifvii-V ? c .,- ff-X ? , ef 'f , W S NX x High in the uppermost reoches of Smith Holl, the on-compus morried students bosk in the woves of spirituolity emonoting from the oportments of Sweeting ond Stowell. We hove the distinct privilege to be port of o community representing couples be- tween the oges of twenty ond forty who hove escoped the hossles of commuting from the Chicogo suburbs, preporing meols, ond the disodvontoges of olienotion from the compus proper. Our world is full of people, from Belize to Brooklyn. Our sociol stotuses ronge from Houte-coutre' to Hog-Slop. Our environ- ment is o microcosm of city life, eoch oport- "l think this McNickle exom is gonno be o breeze, don't you agree honey? honey?" Joe Connon ond Barb Connon crom together for on exom. Smith Morrieds Prefer Tunnel Trovel to Troffic ment odding its distinct flovor ftownhouse or slumj. The only thing obsent from com- pleting our idyllic retreot is the sound of children. But mony of us ore seriously con- sidering chonging thot. Most of us hove broken ties with home ond ore surviving. We hove Young mor- rieds ond the Old morrieds, the lotter of whom prove thot by ogreeing on to how to hong the toilet poper. At leost one person of eoch couple is enrolled in day- school, ond we strive to retoin our identity os morried couples in o world geored to- word single students. Story by Mike Brooks. 222. Eff! "For the hundreth time, hermeneutics is . . . " Scott Borg explains biblical exegesis to the married students children. Off campus married students dig into some good home cookin', something not all at MBI have a chance to enjoy. Who are the people who brave brisk, snowloden winds and public transportation just to attend MBI? Those off campus Mar- ried students! "lt's an exciting experience getting lost on the C.T.A." Jim and Judy Fitz, freshmen, exclaimed. Even though liv- ing off-campus is a hassel, the consensus is that it's best. Paul Clark, senior, reminisced, "The greatest joy is coming home after a long, hard day and being greeted by big hugs from my two boys, getting a great meal and snuggling up next to my wife." All is not marital bliss, however, as two people mustjuggle their families and other responsibilities around a school schedule. 40 FOCUS: OFFCAMPUS MARRIED The Continuous Commuting Does Not Negate benefits Of Family Living "Sharing my husband with school hours, PCM, work and homework is my greatest frustration," said Pamela Browning honest- ly. Not having enough time for each other is a problem. When Joseph Owen, senior, was asked how his marraige was fairing, he replied, "Like a Foos exam-fill in the blanks." Yet, amid the frustration, Moody years are a time for maturing. Dale Robinson, freshman, said it best: "lt is part of growing in Christ. It sometimes hurts, yet many times it's joyful and enriching. It means always giving of yourself, lovingly." Story by Teresa Stirewalt. W S af" , it ,N , fwfr, Full-time fother, full-time husbond, full-time student - Byron Reiner's briefcose is his photo olburn, desk, ond Michoel Austin needs some heovy duty sleep. librory, oll in one! EQ.. ,Qgff Z? After proyer, singing, ond testimonies, Jill Reehl sings "Touch People Your Once Agoin," Ieodlng us in wor- ship. Mr. Chorles Cooper chollenges the sleepy-eyed 6:OOom crowd by osking them, "Will YOU Go?" He ended by singing, " , . . Even though l'm fotherless, l'll gow. " ll 4 Y. Dove Peters enjoys moking fun of wox figure Rick Olsen in their mime presentotion of "Wax Museum." Revivol begins with individuols coming before the Lord, A solitory student tokes time olone to prepore, cleonse ond refresh himself before God. ffOff.fUS: Jilin liiffilwii X-RFEWS C5519 A chollenge for united revivol through proyer wos led by StuCo president Dovid Anderson. Aww 9 Students socrifice Slumber for Sermons ond singing. '42 I It looked like o giont slumber porty in Torrey-Groy. Students filed in sporting cozy flonnel shirts ond toting pillows. But this gothering wosn't just o potty. Students os- sembled to devote themselves to the owesome privilege of proyer. The foundotion for this evening wos set months before when student Ieoders met to discuss o ptoposol by StuCo president Dovid Anderson. The students heortily welcomed the ideo of spending oil night in o revivol service. A committee wos formed to go obout the work of cutting red tope ond promoting the evening. The results were ostounding. As the spirit of God gripped heorts, on ottitude of hu- mility prevoiled. Through the joint effort of lifting their souls to God, students goined unity. "Just seeing oil my friends sincerely seeking God's foce encouroged me. It bonded us oil together with one purpose," soid Jill Reehl. Dt. Stowell kicked the event off with on opening oddress, ond the night progressed with congregotionol singing, speciol solos, testimonies ond messoges from Mr. Chorles Cooper, Mr. Greg Quiggle, ond Dr. Williom Throsher. Highlights included sincere exhortotion by Dovid Anderson ond Dr. Throsher's dis- course on the love of God. As the night woned, o mime performonce ond Mr. Coo- per's mellow gospel number focused the tiring minds on the source of oil strength. Worshipping God so unreservedly re- freshed. Students wept ond flomes of re- vivol burned. "When I wos proying to God, I kept telling Him how wretched I wos. Then I reolized thot to truly worship God wos to begin by thonking Him for who He is," soid Tereso Stirewolt. As Il Chronicles 7:14 become o reolity ond students ploced priority on proyer, the focus shifted. Eyes were turned from self heovenword toword God Almighty. Story by Kristie Duden. P ,Q WWE! wing... .. ftwmmi .tfw ,ff .,,,,,f'Ets ,,gg'9j,w?l?I mfg MW f f r ,S .1 k 'Aix .mff"'-i ' A 1-..X,mf.w- 1, 1g5?m,W1s,,. ,,.wm,Q. mmm, 'ma mwws-12, '5?i3f2313i55iSf2 .wayne fr, W..,.,,.w. . usmsmlfe Wmmw. Q Ewmsmn. mf,mm- SFSNYSKZSSZHZ 1,-.Www w,,w,,ff 5fg5??fT?5i5'52l5"' .sis weffziifgsas, rfQ..f5i5,m, ,wgh.,,WQ.f :swf ,ifwgs Sw .rmyww ff amwmm awggfglfgkfr Lazer- mm,- fwgksfals' X 'Qixwsrfsr zmamw mmmrsf .esmqw mm,fW.' .mmm-fy Hmmm,-' ummm: mmm, 5, wumw eggmwmaf Me,-.mmf mfmmzff .?2s5E5?is"5?,E?3L Jwgamf' ra W ,mm ,z-135 Qrzgfmy Wx., IW., ,rmmuszf vm, .mpmww Qiesusaielfssg. sewwfsw Hmmm, wfserfsussify flwwvfw mmrw Q fwfr-wwf ,W..rg..w.wmmfm.m ,1r3, ,,fmMfm.fmmr.y fmmmrmumgmmm -frs, ,mm :,w.2rmsWMf fX,mq,fM,uw far- My ..,,.,,.,5a,,..,, 'Z?Ex5'i5 Moklng the big declslon, Steve Many ond 0 frlend flll our cord durlng Missions Conference, their comrpitment "The crisls is crucIoI." J. Oswald Sonders urges us to the mlsslon field In October's onnuol Mlsslons Conference. 7 . .-Y 'V'ikSii?Li?S15U:!YY sf .V ,-: , :-:gz'Es3'EiiT:E7bEiis2?Qz?i. u ggfgggggw ,f.,,..r.y,.fu,.W5gfms::e:gf - -- -M--f,.fgf5gge .flaw --554:15 isxzsv QQQQQWWY ,g:gmx..w.Pg, ,Q .QL fgffgf' .Q www. gsgysgggxasf ra'?E52I?iae? gixgzqqyslgri' iziisnszaxrzzk :iai5Ew?EZEE: snmzixiseeza mfeg 'QQIQHTRZEESE ,siis ,ii "1l35i9h.52e2Z:f S?l2?'i?S5E?i5fH rams msws 15 smear: Ex- fsxsms Qrfxiz Q V Q 75.5. U, wx, ri ufiimzx. 4 .wmmgr .vnzsaxvgxaxnemir mn: x-Zxssxxsnxia. ,m,,,mm. w,wQ,,mw mm Wm. 9, , Q,1,Wmvm.w,, ,M '95zZi?51E5T 1521952155-5 551 'I ry mg ,g.rX,,M,.,,. fm, Q, . 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', ww, Lew -- Ewa rsagggeigg N ,'? fgg?Qsf ggi . azww ggzeieisgeggig Qggiggieievigzfieigig s,,w,.m,A1m., mmwmw. we-1s151s:ffi'!111 Qy.gfm,.Sf.Q,fw ef. - .. 255?E3fSVE37Z?Iif? 'Q' . 51?i4?lE5'?5lEs?Z:?2ib 1. -5:--mzzgmswf,-:,m - f -A.. 'aei'agesse1kizz4S?g- .. R. . CGW 1575555353 :ir . . y - ,, , fr32r1k,m,,v1?w, r - M .. . . .. f lfli- ' . AA Vivid Color: Conferences .., We eornestly proyed for vision. We possionotely longed for fervent heorts. We heord powerful chopel messoges. But nothing coptured our ottention ond chonged our perspective quite like our conferences. Disployed in vivid color, we sow our mentors, those men ond women who hove fulfilled our yeornings. Shodes of red burned in their ordent chollenges. Blue glowed in their compossionote cries for o lost world. Sunshine yellow floods us when we recoll their joy ond tronsporency. ln o world struggling to define the shodes, of grey, the vivid color they brought wos refreshing. lt invigoroted usp it wos like glimpsing o lone roinbow behind the clouds. 322. 5724! fQzf2,:4i1 V CONFERENCE mf ,L1-L-' :1-,,,.:ters-.-- -f 1 . . ,,WMvfs1w, f ' We-r - ,-we-1tzwr:ezsz1sz:rz'stf1tf 'N Tfff' f -' . . T' If M'55'0m'Y I-'-"ifffirf-5?.57gr:f':iE,il.rift. . ' - -r-isl2f5ipf7i,3'Etzf':-Exirl' - n ,.1.-1rff:t2,'rrzss2,9t1LsSf--rf- , ,- . - 1:aigift555:issisfstgsitfallf-r f H ., ,.,.,. t ,.ff,-ff- s - A.,,. EEE Oswold noted l ourhor, speolser ondftnrsslonory esrogesmon, spoke onthe theme .mfr Qf 'he CfU??9ftEsE:95vif?99 the Ort? Qpdrtfunity, cond EWQ?ffic5hESTOhfly hove crisis in our livesf' Sonders sold. "At this confer- ence, we ore deol- 'lngwith the crisis off E-. dif9Crlon wit! go." The theme Crtsrs of the Crucrol wos chosen becouse we ore ltvrng rn o doy when we ore colled to moke chorces not only between good ond bod but olso between good ond better sold Dr Roy Tollmon The theme verse Phlllrpprons 1 10 wos chosen becouse tt hos tn vrew the chorce of God s best for on tndrvrduol s lrfe lt fthe conferencej ts meont to be o srncere help to those who hove o colltng to mrs saons Dr Roy Tollrtnon Chotr mon of World Mrssaons Deporr ment sold For others who do not feel colled to the mrsston he G this conferenw is to help them see where they fat rnto the Greer Commtssaon Sanders sotd The first ob- Jectrve rs not to force anyone fnte mrssions thot hesn t been lied te go but to resent the prrivtleges of rnissi os The mrssronory an todoy s world wrll nor leod from obove T it lf you hove o fare rn you thot burns you ve got to get rt out somehow Tbo55iZ5 ?igstdeT- norftsef butcofservonr, He will regqluire o Qftgsfilffiieol of hUml5?YQ9'3dcWm' NVQ 0 ssls f 1 forryiour ogencies' oftefndetd the conference by invitotion. These rnlssionories were requirecdg to V STOY'O0VCQfQl'1f5bESrO0d . be muy the students? bften lf wos oftef hours on the dorm floor when students took trrne to folk wtth the represenrorsves The three ob tecrlves of the rnrssronory con ference or Moo- dy ore educo non monvotron ond rnformo non ln the educotronol oreo The conference helps the stu dents see thot no matter whot they do tn lrfe tt hos something to do wtth the Great Commts snort Next The rnlssronory conference helps mortvote stu dents into seetng what they wont to do ond where they wont to go Lost the conference ts to prov? tnformotron to the stu dents on the up to-date sttuo ttons of the couse of Chrtsr sold Tcailmon I setze every op porrunrty I con to preach mrs srons Sanders sord lf you h ve so fire in you fitter burns, how Story by Kathy Popp .. . . 1 r- K ' -I . Q31 -',, . ,. ,r Q , '- ' ' 1' 1 V . ' uv V , I 1 . , ,. . . . . , . , Q , Q f E 'VVL kg 'K ' D' V t 4 .. .. . . ,, . . trry . 1 ,Q .V -'--tV, .t , 1 if-,sf j1.5gL,,V V A T. T . - T rycl T rrrs to A I ' 1 I , ,V , , r 1- I ' V 5 ,fr , T - rl r .jk ' , Vg X r A ' '1?7ff"-f!2i'lV:VrQVs:.K . ,, "'r fii.y-i:Vj , , , ' , , u . .'-, 1 f,,t.-, r ' . ' 'V --'. Qu: f :wx ',',, f li 1 ' ig- Q' ' 3 r L f-.-k- as:psif1,1s:,1i2,t:f,5sQfef-.1 s-hf. fftyrrgfgs-tts,,.,:-,-5 I I rggggislgsggrfgya ,. 3 ,'f-, K 1. W g- iiifil-,fm - Z' gs: V I -,"-t T gh -, gj , Q .g trrr - J, ' 3' ,. K '--'. W ' K "'-k ', ' 'fss'f1T-'irfrzlfriiilrii .- .-,"" i w . 7' - ,lV. e . V, V-5. , - ., tf,,. ,,.. E ,,,- Vg , , V V 'f,- 155122 v , lf.'-f' of ' K, A ig 2 ' , ., ' ,. - gif'v'ff'fE3VVj"-. - ' I .- '-k' V, ,U , ,- - 5 stffs crrlscs T T' l fflr . t s 'T T E t s ' - T ssst T 1 , T A T frrr . . -t-. r, .'-. ,,-' I ,V , T5535555iiZ'15Ti5X.Ll,5'rr-if,'r -r-r ' "." 5,.1I'H97lfrsfffllffsifaffi''rs' s". i ,", f " :E'.E,.Sz,EEELSSTPQWZyffgfirijffj"jfjj,j1, 'rg' ' E- ,355gcgjgjt.,,::,r.::fijiSlggjtgjjgigtyigjsrrV5V T A.,, Vly. V V .,.g V 5 VV, V ,.,Q st,. ,.,, IVV? s,, ,Z,, l J ,Vi ,,,k f"- l-'- rssr T T 1 Q ,- ,V , . -42?-i r ' K ,,i.1V-ji fist-' " gkgslg W, ,. r I - - . 1 T A 'lr" fill: T." Q 1 -',- 'i to j ' llsc T 46 r j iijjff r 1-I lt wos o joyous yet sobering moment os students gorhered wlth mlsslonorles ot the front of Torrey-Groy The rnvlf totlon wos unernotlonol, the declslons were srncere Mlssionorles rolse center stoge ro grve students thelr perspecrlye ond to de- scrlbe the needs out there Comforrobly seored on 0 couch rn rudenrs crwor wrrh mlsslon represenr- Culby 2, Slwerr Beorden llsrens carefully rrves ond pursue possnble summer mis- ro words of wrsdom from o visirrng mis- ions rrips ond orher Opportunities slonory 4-" ,., M-1""' From the jungles of Zorre ro me Swrss Decodes moy seporore Presrdem Alps, rhe oprrons ore llmrrless Srowell ond Dr Sanders bur rhey srrll srond srde by slde os Godly servonrs 5'?cW.. XD, ,ff riimffffafefum, CONFERENCE More photos from the annual missions conference Dr. Wilkinson communicoted openly and honestly with the students about occountability and personal integrity. As a closing challenge, students thoughtfully stood to symbolize their commitment to world missions. Mr. David Brubaker opened the con- Q ference sessions in song. li xt- w 1 f Us ,, is .tsp I B 1 .-rv" J, Oswald Sanders convinces Women's Guild that "the mission field is the place to be." 7 the possibilities of going overseos. to build the walls of good hobits higher Speaking of the sacrifices of missions ond to avoid "the pits Laura Younger and Greg Nichols discuss Dr. Bruce Wilkinson challenges students G work. 48 Vivid Color: Missions Conference f Spiritual Enrichment Week if l I Xxx' The three chairs were a powerful anal- ogy Dr, Wilkinson used to express var- ious levels of spirituality. They regress from committed down to compromis- ing. CONFER N E Spiritual Enrichment Week Bruce Wilkinson challenges students during the November Chapel series Dr Bruce Wilkinson of Walk Through the Bible Ministries ad dressed the MBI students during the Spiritual Enrichment Week Wilkinson spoke on commit ment and character in the Chris tion life On Tuesday he said l m go- ing to talk about commitment and lm going to talk about three chairs And before you leave chapel to day youre going to know where you sit on those three chairs where your parents sit anc where your grandparents t He ta ed about the three transitions be tween godliness and godlessness The messages were based on the life of Joshua and the two subsequent generations The first chair represents commitment Joshua was com mitted to what the Lord want d The second chair repre sents compromise The second generation knew what was right in God s sight but they just weren t sold out to Him The third chair represents conflict The third generation didnt know the Lord or the works He had done for israel Characters made in the summertime when you re away from this greenhouse Wilkerson said You can go to a movie at night and no one will ever know what you go see lts character that God looks for said Wilkinson Any area of sin is a heart issue Don t Don t tell me that you want to be used by God when in private you re sinning tell me that you want to be used by God when in private you re sinning lt doesn t work Humble youselves out of the mighty hand of God and He will lift you up On Friday he challenged his audience to decide what they thought was Gods will for our lives Wal kinson also chal lenged students to be sold out for God Be men and wam en who burn up for God he said Many students thought this years Spiritual Enrich ment Week was just what they needed Fresh m a n J o h n B re k e l b a u m said What he said was need ed because we tend to get complacent here in our spiritual lnfe Sometimes we take sins such as cheating on tests lightly God doesn t take cheating lightly and neither should we lt takes a consistent steady walk with the Lord to build character Cleave said hope that people didnt want to make things right because of peer pressure because we all have pitfalls Cor things wrongj in our lives Senior Michael King appre ciated the fact that Wilkinson did not assume that we were the perfect holy Christians l thought we were when l came here he said Not all speak ers give us what we need fun damentally and he did Story by Ann Bucy t , . , . ... . . . . . r ' ' .. , , . , . . ,C I . , . Si " lk I - , . . , , e ., .. . .. . .. . nl , . . - , . . . , . .- . . ,. ,. - . , .,.. . . . ,, V . . . . .. . . ,, . .. , V - , . . . . . , ,sf A wfsss gQffZ2lf'f2cL.,s F 0 l I E R S E E B Dr. Joseph Stowell , Chicago, IL "lf we DL John Momnhurr pomommo C are to experience the power of re- it the h ble m M g X ,MQW X Q A 1 In CA. Where are um T- MW" ifwmm y vuval, we must be un the right posutuon me-0 of God who always speak February brungs MBI s Annual Buble Conference Messages call for deeper comrruttment to the Word of God Founders Week 1986 opened wuth Dr Joseph Stowells call to revuval un the church lf we are to experu ence the power of revuval we must be un right posutuon of faith fulness saud Stowell Throughout the week speak ers built upon the themes and messages of those who preced ed them Rev Begg observed that the seed of Gods Word does not bring about the some result un all persons STOTIDQ that ference reflected the necessity and means of revuval Revuve me O Lord according to Thy Word Psalm 119 107 Throughout the week exposutors gifted un handling the Word of Cao brought the theme to lufe un bright bold messages Each speakers desire for revuval became ap parent Rev Alustaur Begg fwqyf To begun wuth your drive for revuval start wuth your heart and begin wuth un tegruty soul of our soul Two hours later Dr Mac Arthur proclaimed that soul the condu tuon of the heater s soul us the primary variable un the pro cess of the seed tak :ng root Such sum ularutues un messages helped to druve the udea deep unto the mind of the listener Rev Tom Mahouras saud W are allowing our churches spurutual pupul to dualate so called for spurutual progress Dr Donald Hubbard pleaded wuth Christians to regain the dy namusm of Chrusts lufe and duety Mr Ted DeMoss pleaded for our focus on the only two eternals which may be seen with earthly eyes Session after sessuon the men opened the Scriptures and un vuted the listeners to examune their unduvudual and collective spurutual condition un the light of Gods truth Repeatedly they confronted the American church wuth ITS lazy bloated state The speakers saud that any revuval or renewal un the church would come through un duvuduals changung theur person al lives much that we can see even wuth the darkness un the church ln hus message on prayer Dr Haddon Robunson stated that true spurutuoluty begins wuth a concern for the reputatuon of Gad He developed thus state ment wuth the observation that Chrustuans often regard and fear names of men greater than that of God The full week closed wuth a celebration of prause led by Dr Charles Swundoll In a futtung close to the week Dr Swundoll called for untegruty un the luves of Chrustuans committment to character rather than personal gaun Story by Paul Krause I - r The theme verse for the can- y at issue is the condition of the I ' f I V l . U D I . , , .. e l of faithfulness." Christ and never speak of self." Rev. Alistair Begg , Solon OH. "We will never have revival in dirty minds. We will never have revival in dirty lives. We will never have revival in churches which tolerate moral filth." Mr. Ted DeMoss , Chattanooga TN. "What an indictment for any of us to go to a Bible conference or church service not expecting God to change us." Q gifs. 1 'Q ii Responsible for o crowd over 4,000 people, these ushers worked hord to ensure thot everyone had o good seot. Dr. Truman Dollar , Detroit MI, "The bosis for our decisions os porents ought Dr Donald Hubbard Boco olwoys to be, "What kind of effect Jesus can become so fom would this hove on my fomily spirit' thot we no longer sense the uollyf' ' of His life ond the diety of His Julie Royce ond Jeonine Trim concen- trote os their music fills the ouditorium with melodic Proise, 52 S if fl, 1352 --503125-ilil: f Mr. Charles E. Jones , Comp Hill PA, "You will be the some person in five yeors except for two things: the people you meet ond the books you reodf' Dr. Haddon Robinson , Denver CO. "Proyer is not designed to get things from God, but to remind us that we hove o relotionship with God." Dr. Chorles Swindoll , Fullerton CA. "I would like for you to stop bloming ony- one else for your sin. I would like for you to tell yourself the truth obout yourself." I , ,rs . ..., W1 , ., Y ,. ,,. , K as I-ww-Q -:fmeaswIef,S5sf-,- :,:,,ga-gl.5l4ri5I,?4Is--'mf' -' fi- ,gf?f?2,f It is the only woy: Revavol by God s Word Messoges motavote students to check thear perspectave ond vasaon Storang up ot Moody Church wath ats ornote orches ond de toaled corvangs I fell o sense of hastory Those red brtck wolls seem tameless ond chongeless Fattangly Hebrews 13 6 deco rotes ats front woll Jesus Chrtst hongs lake o block cloud Worry tugs Feor glowers Iremember Kent Hughes messoge Fo I know the plons thot I hove for you declores the Lord plons for welfore ond not for colom tty to gave you o future ond o the some yesterdoy ond forever other Founder s Week hos come ond gone ond I pouse to ponder ITS effects Beyond the pulsang stroans of Revave us Agoan deeper thon the ptercang words of ortaculote men more thon Intense emotaonol ansparo taon whot chonged wathan me? They brush my shoulders these todoy 4.1 'ii ...A The world hos not seen whot God con do through one men wholly com matted to Ham hope Oer 29 111 When my fondest washes foll through ond cher ashed dreoms dae do I faght ond fret o clang to o foathful 5ovaor7 Is antegraty o pra oraty? whot IS the condttaon of the soul soal 7 Do I de spase the sewer pape of self love? Hord questtons metomorphosas as needed an mony oreos Jesus Chnst as wallang to tronsform but om I wallang to wropped tn furs ond clutchtng Ieother braefcoses I recoll Ted DeMoss ond know thear success doesnt fall the emptaness Wall I become os they or wall Has peoce ebb ond flow through me omtdst the rush? Morsholl Faeld s wtndows beckon A gnowang greed ID sade breeds dascontent I heor Stuort Brascoe ond know the hagh prtce of trodang eternol re words for temporol goan But wrll I look beyond thts vonrty or end up wath on osh heop? Groduotaon looms oheod Uncertoanty obout the future gave up everythang9 Words from Hoddon Robtnson ore comang bock We hove des petote need of I-lam outsade of I-lam we hove nothlng ond ore nothang The knowledge as here but om I dafferent9 Ted DeMoss soad We wall know when chonge hos occurred becouse God wall chonge our perspec rave I proase God or stengthentng my eternol vasaon Thrs Founder s Week wos more thon o sparttuol moutoantop I got o new set of eyes Nothang wall ever look quate the some Story by Knstae Duden ' I h . , V , H I An- ' , fl I ' ' A . . x I ,, , , . I ', , A ' I I nomeless foces, .Z,rfr, ,yyaa, as,I , ' ' X ,-, .LL ' , '- -f - 'wr 1-f'ilf+um A M- .,, ,,, KA V -wgg,'v,,a:!zM--321: el-riszffi-:,:fM A :fg,a.-lame:-':,, Q., we ,af M E rr --' .fstuqxf , .,.f..1a s . my Q fum w wf zww r siesz we W 2' riff-iitwfGs'3v1iblie'ffl??rQS5K?fZ?f?.WfislN" '5 3 gLQ1.wd- A F- 2,65 , fsgggjarelggzgtl irggrw, 2'5?,,,, wmszrfefgf- srs5Eeuem!As?zeSmWwwmr1wW Bringing ln o new semester, Dr. Joseph M. Stowell ond Dr. George Sweetlng shore o laugh ond o smile os they portlclpote ln the openlng convocotlon. Freshmen desporotely try to sook If all in os they experience the porolyzlng blow of syllabus shock on the flrst doy of class. , f,gjggZgLl.3iQ, ii.-rjtgwwii,-gm' f ,4-i'iELa?lzwTbz'f'lu3-Lf,:iifi'fV3f37f9'5f55'7Qil'?',U' ' '?Nf'l:if6G?WGl 7la?'l7gkWfsMfl21'.saiff'f-E2'2? 'Q' fl' ' "6 it - - Z - ' +2?fii3s?3-1 Q - ' KM, W,sm.,f.M.2f.s,Q,W5,,,,Q, W L, ,,,5,,, Amgen A Y 5, , W Q4 K 51 4, rw , l-'HHWFG 3' wffifgylf-V,44sKi1SfUi? 'm:iziieswixlaklHriQiZ?i45i5LQ wgvwvvfs-ifiggifzjsffJf5,si?i?l1 JW' ' :E? :.":'i.f 'i', 'www'-ff Y'l2'?Q'5f H21 mvfriwfw mwwwr-w Maw f- il L -W VM'fSQ12x22'JMl52gfnigfwrwwvmff:1lMr's'ftws:lfiw3,wiffflrs55?ws5K'l?WwwlfffeifH 2 95 'friw' fig ffflgg-sg, gf Zgigis gigs fy' ,1 Q . i ysrrzr y i s l f 3 we 2 W l 5? fwiiigi 'W QQ A I, 1 - L h w y tw , up . . is giasg Em Q 255' E X 1 W5 , 5 3 A .WE E Q 532551 5 H Y fnfg, sm as 7 sf W 2715555 54 BLACK AND WHWE: ACADEMICS sl-no-aa, Pluralism dominates the American political scene. Relativism saturates moral thought and behavior. Humanism dictates the classroom teachings of the public schools. The courses at Moody stand in stark contrast to such philosophies. We search the Word of God in our academic subjects, finding that there are biblical absolutes on which to base our lives. The vague, hazy impression of the world confuses and distracts. The clear, crisp teachings of the Bible are black and white , providing standards and direction. These teachings are presented in the classroom, reinforced in chapel, and lived out in the lives of our faculty. 22.- OF -CAMPU 045' W.-1' In pursuit of the new degree progrom, students toke to the streets to study. After o strenuous twenty minute wolk south on Store Street, I opprooch on eight story educotionol structure, nomely Loop College. Entering the revolving doors, I see crowds of peo- ple gothered. Profonities is- sue from some groups, oth- ers stond puffing owoy ot their lost smoke of the hour, while some, obviously fresh- men, dort up the escolotors looking for their clossrooms. Most students weor stylish jeons ond expensive leother jockets. Others oppeor slight- ly disheveled in their sweot ponts ond holey t-shirts. Here ond there, in the moss, op- peor o few peculior stu- dents. We ore the Moody- ites, clod in routine Moody dress code, corrying our Bi- bles ond sporting oppropri- ote Christion smiles. Continuing on in my quest for room 405, I eventuolly breok through the crowds ond orrive for the 9:25 ses- sion of History of World Civ- ilizotion. I quickly orient my- self in o seot ond put my heod down to finish previ- ously mode observotions. Suddenly, I om interrupted os I heor someone colling my nome. 5,1 vis Tom Soyre ond Alon McElwee con- sider the poges of history before them, "Con you believe thot we will octuolly cover over 2,000 yeors of history in 20 weeks? Amozing!" 56 Block ond White: Off Compus Closses Whot? Someone colling my nome ot this stronge ploce? I study the foces oround me. I feel o groon beginning. Here I om, ot o seculor college, time to put "personoI evongelism" techniques to use, ond whot do I see in every inch of the clossroom? Whot else but twenty-five other Moody Students out to get their de- gree. So much for evongelizing my fellow clossmotes, Who knows, moybe if we oll work ot it, we con convert the professor? Story by Jenni Royer. "Ok, I'lI exploin it once more, His- tory of Civilizotion meons . . . " Me- Iisso Kelly, second yeor student, ventures off Moody Compus in seorch of her degree. if , if wi j"'lQ S was or A 'Y L in T N-sv Making new friends is just half the Located within Chicogo's Gold fun .. . Melissa Kelly even gets to Coast area, Students commute to venture into o new cafeteria. the ivy-walled Loyola University, "Okay guys, here we go, it's our big chance to tell 'ern all we know , . . Loop College watch out! " Alan McElwee, Debbie Josma, and Laura Younger, embark on new territory in the Loop. L 7 gi 51-...,, V'.xw,,,.. xv No' ZZ2... Q II 'NR301' lil! W "I con't believe it! I con octuolly see post the first row!" For the first time, Dr. George Sweeting hos to resort to glasses. 55 lliofgle msec? White Ei'3CiiJQU?CfE?liPf3 me-J Dr. Joseph Stowell humbly tokes the finol step to the seventh Pres- idency of MBI os he kneels for on onointing through proyer, With flogs in ploce, men robed in regolio ond Chorole singing, the in- ougurotion went down in the his- tory of MBI. 111 i"i -E i , f' At the inauguration press confer- ence, Dr. Stowell and Dr. Sweeting At the inaugural chapel, Dr. Stowell explain future plans for MBI in the briefly talks with the chairman of New Century ahead. the trustees, William Mitchell, Jr.. INAUGURATION Joseph M. Stowell, III, takes commmand of MBI as the Seventh President. A call to purity, a call to consciousness, a call to the demonstration of our faith . . . a call to reality. Do we sit idly by as human fetuses are aborted late in term and their organs used for spare parts like so many new brake shoes? Or do we, like Asa, take courage and re- move abomination from the land? Where do our hearts lie, Dr. Whaley? The Tribune, the Suntimes, radio and TV stations, area papers are all invited to wit- ness and interact. A roomful arrives for the press confer- ence. Dr. Sweeting and Dr. Stowell explain Moody his- tory and Christian vision. Then they open the session for comments. Silence. Questions come from WMBI radio, channel 38 TV, the ed- itor of the Moody Student newspaper. Silence. Could it be that few care about fe- tuses? The Light. A Beacon. Someone who can direct the Radiance with a sure hand. What is the price, Dr. Hen- dricks? Are there those, are there enough, who are will- ing to pay, willing to sac- rifice? Who will swing out on a limb? On the Unbreakable Limb? Can you encourage us, Dr. Stowell? Can you move us to take a hold of the branch? You insist we need to be more than encour- aged - we need to be en- countered. Encounter us, Dr. Stowell. Roar at us, Dr. Stowell. Joseph M. Stowell lll, you are the leader of many. Are you the leader of many who are willing to joyously sacrifice for Our Lord Jesus Christ? We pray you are. We pray we are. Story by Mike Wertz Z22.. 53222 I OT CLASS I The life ond times of o typicol student en route to "Our birth is but o sleep ond forgetting." The worthy words of Wordsworth echo through my pillow. My roommote keeps yelling "sluggord" eoch time he comes in. "l'lI get frostbite if I go out there," I whisper to my loving pillow, "lt's time for your 8 o'clock sluggordf' He Ioughs . . . the door sloms. Well, l'm olone. If I don't get up now, nobody will. My olorm went off oges ogo. l'll woke up ofter I countjust to 25, The clock. Whot does the clock soy? I store ot it. 7:50. Whot does thot meon? 7:50. 7:50. Seven. Five. Zero Whoo! l've olreody token six cuts! I stumble comotose to the tile jungle. The bore neces- sities. My hoir looks like its competing for spoce. No problem. I toke o mini- shower in the sink ond chew o0 Block ond Whitez Chopel thot first closs. on some toothposte. Khokis ond o gotor. The old stond-bys. Oh, con't for- get my belt. l'd storve with- out it. Books? l'll borrow. I think there's o pencil in one of my shoes. I could hove tronsloted the Lotin Vulgote in the time it took the elevotor to come. My shoes ore fit to be tied, but who's got time? lt's 8:02. I hope he's reod- ing Christianity Todoy in his office. I toke the Incognito route through the plozo. I know I hove mojor rock-heod Cthot's the "hoir-in-the- blender" lookj. Rock-foce too Qthose lovely pillow im- printsj. The world is still o very stoined-gloss window. My eyes hove thot "toosted morshmolIow" feel. Three "of courses." my closs is on the fourth floor, the girl I wont to toke to the 95th is in my closs, my seot is in front of her in the first row. Bounding from the stoir- well, the sounds of vorious hymns fill the hollwoy. I feel like on outcost. Twenty-five bright eyes Cl didn't see ony bushy toilsj escort me to my seot. "Thonk you for joining us," soys the good professor, not in his office reoding QQ tionity Todoy. He rescues me from fur- ther emborrossment, "Bow your heods with me in proyer before we tolk obout the hypostotic union." I think he's referring to my hoir. I bow my heod my pillow is reciting Shoke- speore: "O sleep! O gentle sleep!" I don't remember onything else. I think I need to borrow someone's notes. Story by Mike King. a X KR. ..,, '-JN "The Sleeper" 11 nonfunc- tionol eyelids, 23 comfort- oble lounging ottireg 35 the wrong books, 35 unbrushed hoir ond teeth, Aj loofers with no socks, .r,,... Odie, on innocent freshmon, is reody ond roring to go, but Kirk Gliebe holds hlm bock os peoceful slumber prevails over his 8:00 closs. f- -,qlguj ,,..d- 3 llam- Www .Qi ,grill-so lull-1 rl sian., Teddy fllls on empty desk . . . but where ls this diligent student? Off to closs without on O.T. book? gl "The Organized Student." 15 carefully lotched brlefcosep 23 both shoes tied ond shinedg 35 lroned shirtq 45 stroight tieg 55 fresh brushed smlle. 224. ,522 Eric Nerison proctices the fine on of sleepwriting. His bicep seems to work well os 0 pillow, ond the quiet of the Iibrory helps his couse. After o week of hord studies, Mory Wonolo hos discovered thot the 5th floor Iibrory is the best ploce to kick bock, put your feet up ond delve into o good book. Bonnie Horrison is in o deter- mined resolve os she contem- plotes how she is to reoch 0 book. "I think I con, I think I con, Ithink I con . . . " Jose Gorrigo proctices his Spon- ish chorm on Koye Adoms os Bill Euler studiously ignores their pondor, 62 Block ond White: Library 'wx we s .1 N41--sun--11... ,x A ,lVkHi'R6.4 T'IlVt'N IIXISO' A A 1- . ,,,., K -A vfsianiiiruhk LIBRARY 9 9 Whether trying to poss o closs or simply possing the time . . . the librory The oir is thick with silence. Every now ond then the distont ding of the elevotor or thud of the door breoks the monotony. Choirs creok, poges rustle, couples whisper. Occosionol coughs ond sneezes ore sprin- kled into the hum of nothingness. Whot is the mogic thot drows people to this ploce colled the librory? "lt's o good ploce to pick up intellectuol men," soys junior, Kothy Popp. Others echo her opinion. "lf you need to study, but would rother be sociol, fifth floor is the ploce to go," soys senior, Kim Aden. However, hidden owoy in corners be- hind stocls of books, some ore octuolly studying. Uninterrupted by phone colls ond popcorn porties, these diligent souls find o hoven. "Bookworms" increose oround the time reseorch popers ore due, ond cold weother seems to bring out the "curling up with o good book" instinct too. But, despite its odvontoges, some con't oppreciote the cord cotologue scene. "I hote the librory becouse you hove to be quiet. You con't eot, either," soys fresh- mon, Jennifer Behl. "Lately, the only peo- ple in the librory ofter 9 P.M. ore morried students ond Moody couples holding honds under the encyclopedia. lt's reolly disgust- ing," soys Liso Sisson, junior. Whot mogic drew you to the librory? Wos it the books or the bobes? Story by Kristie Duden. Hz... -57.24- ciiissiio, 'WM Memoirs of Mustongs ond Moody Students os told by o Moster Mechonic. Sometimes we professors get confused. We mix things up ond see stronge onolo- gies. Toke my recent trip to on ontique cor swop meet, for exomple. Cots sot ev- erywhere, But I wos sure I wos seeing some of my stu- dents. See, over there, thot tired looking one on o troiler. Lights ore out. Looks dork ond forlorn. Not much leorn- ing toking ploce there. Moy- be it's o lote storter. Obvi- ously doesn't do well eorly in the morning. There's one thot's holf fin- ished. Either tired of the pro- cess or ron out of resources, I guess. I think I hove o few of those in closs, too. One wonts so bodly to help them get going ogoin, but it's hord. lt's interesting to note the different kinds of cors. Seems like mostly Mustongs here, with o Hudson or o LoSolle or o Grohom, mixed in. There ore some unusuol students, too. Eccentric? Weird? Moybe o better word is "unique" or "speciol". Deserving extro ottention ond moybe, in the long run, worth more. Ah, but the mojority of cors ore bright, shiny ond ol- most flowless. They ore eo- ger to go - especiolly the rore high performonce mod- els. Point them in the right direction, give them o little fuel, ond they will leorn ony- thing. Whot o pleosure to see o clossroom of winners like these. l've QOT to leove now. As much os I enjoy these neot old cors, it's time to get bock to work. The restorotion proj- ects ore woiting. Story by David W. Fetzer xf s-., Mr. Quiggle foces onother doy with on overlooded clossroom "Ahhhh, the drowbocks of popu- Iority." 64 Block ond White: Clossz An Instructors Viewpoint "I don't believe for o minute that we hove to reod, From Jerusolem to Irion Joyo cover to cover, I'II relox ond skim it," on industrious student rotionolizes. ,M ffl f ?f'ffIf?, 1 25? if , f Atv f1 zrwy, ve, M f ,X 3 1- gzggw, :aw Q WEEWM Corlo Witocre disploys the proper pencil holding techniques. A flexible wrist is olso o must for toking quick notes, The reol educotion occurs outside the clossroorn. Here we have srnoll group student lectures. in Students get o lesson in Bible ln- troduction stroight from the heort- Dr, John Hon-thot is. "We hove to know oll those misf sionories by first ond lost nornes ond memorize where they come from??! You look so sweet, Miss Tur- ner " A freshmon hos o new foscinotion for CWXV I, HZ.. 552453 Eff? ws' 'V Y' .ffm 66 Black and White: Chapei an - , , I Q V 7 A M The entire student body present for Daniel Gallery concentrates on the their daily nourishment, message. 54 if W 4 t t sri ff . st f ffrfw "Paul Schultz, don't you know your Proverbs?" "A little sleep, a little slumber, o little folding of the hands Lisa Sisson and Heidi Staat excitedly jump to their feet and cheer as Mr. Quiggle takes the podium. to rest, and poverty will come upon you like a vagobond, and want like an armed man." Prov. 6:11. ...,,Q .-...stasis 31 1 'M' CHAPEL 0 M Chapel: the student's brief reprieve from the hectic Walking through the plaza immediately following nine o'clock classes one cannot help fighting the rioting mobs as he tries to survive the path to Torrey-Gray Au- ditorium. Once the student battles the crowds to the sign-in sheets, he slips into his seat for thirty minutes for for- ty-five if he's luckyj of re- freshment. Whether the re- freshment comes from the Word, or for some, from sleep, chapel seems to be a significant break in onyone's schedule, a reprieve from the hectic day which lies ahead. daily schedule This year each of us were treated with some "chapel changes" Cfrom the ridicu- Ious to the sublimej. Be- cause of the "male- overload" some fortunate girls were able to share their sign-in boards with those of the opposite sex. The bright colored greenery sur- rounding the pulpit over- whelmed us all. Though it was only a subtle change, it added "new life" to old Tor- rey-Gray. The most out- standing change in our chop- el time was, without a doubt, President's Chapel. With a substantial move from Monday to Wednes- day, Dr, Stowell focused on mid-week nourishment, in- stead of Monday, post- Sunday, overfeeding. The format was also adjusted to provide a "meaningful time of worship." Though chapel may not rate as a ten on everyone's list of greatest needs, it is about time we realize the advantage we are offered at this institution. Grasping the benefits available in this thirty minutes is half the chal- lenge, Story by Jenni Royer Ziff... if Carefully pinpointing the ploce with his pinky, on evening school student helps o friend re- view for on Old Testoment ex- om. Virginio Ronkin looks poised ond picture perfect even ot 7:00 p.m. Dr. Williom Morty, ofeorless leoder, She ond on evening school student guides his closs in o wolk through enjoy o brief chot during breok. the Old Testoment. also xiii, .MT 68 Block ond White: Night School QW NIGHT SCHOOL ,M .W When the sun sets, the chollenge begins: Doy school students in night school closses. After the dining room girls wipe the lost toble ond the bookstore closes it's doors, most students wind down o leisurely doy of closses with some homework. For others, however, the ocodemic doy is still in full geor, for when the sun sets over the plozo, night school isjust beginning. The doy school student should not miss the oppor- tunity to ottend MBl's eve- ning school. Rother thon the some old foces, o night closs promises o roomful of pos- tors ond loymen,' breoking the monotony of the homo- geneous doy school crowd. The night school students bring with them procticol ex- perience in ministry. The questions of night school stu- dents ore specific, pertoining to reol situotions octuolly hoppening in their locol churches. "The questions they osked ollowed me to see more of the procticol side of theology," soid Heidi Guettler. The focus of the night school student ot MBI is to troin in their specific field, not to merely increose ocodem- ic knowledge, "They ore reol in their opplicotion of the Bible to their lives ond ministry," soid Booker Mor- gon. The benefits of interocting with these older students be- comes reoson enough for toking o closs ofter dinner. Besides, the nocturnol creo- ture in eoch of us thrives in the night school setting, Story by Poul Krause. They oren't os different os night ond doy. Except for o modified dress code ond more odult atmosphere, doy ond night school ore olike. Mony night school students such os Corol Anderson seem to fit right ir W AC TY Q-mi WW? QW In our quest for academic excellence, five new instructors come to MBI to lead us in the classroom New faces appeared be- fore us again. Not only were there crowds of new fresh- men, but five new instructors now walk among us. Though each one came from a different part of the country, they all proudly join us at Moody, unified in the purpose to "teach the Word", and thus, "reach the world." Dr. Ronald Sauer, Assistant Professor of Bible, states that MBI is "the finest Christian school in the world." He has "felt o sense of genuine love and unity among the peo- ple here, as well as the Lord's presence." Both Dr. Sauer and Dr. Doug Ken- nard, Assistant Professor of Theology, have delighted to see "the students zeal for the Lord." Ms. Laurel Wartluft, Assis- tant Professor of Physical Ed- ucation and Head Women's Basketball Coach, knew Moody as a place "that clung to the Word of God and did not compromise in a compromising world." She feels, "lt is a privilege to be at Moody. It is a challenge to greater depth, and a call to holiness." Dr. Un-Young Whang, As- sistant Professor in Piano, said, "Moody turned out to be much more than I ex- pected." She commented on the good rapport Moody has with the Korean com- munity where she first heard of the school. Mrs. Sandra Carney, Sacred Music De- partment, has "heard and seen the commitment to be- ing scholastically sound." Each member feels the excitement of being a part of this "team of Christians who live out the faith," said Dr. Kennard. Story by Jenni Royer. 70 Black and White: New Faculty I l Coach Laurel Wartluft sits at ease as her women put all of her good advice to practice. I "According to this seoting chort, your nome is Mork Phillips, but you're obviously NOT Mork Phil- lips!" Dr. Ronold Souer sorts out the essentiol things before closs storts, W5 .WAP Qrf ' Dr. Sondro Corney shows her voice Dr. Un-Young Whong gives one of student how it's done , , . "Open her students o bit of odvice during o your mouth ond breoth, like this . . . piono lesson. Dr, Doug Kennord, stoying ofter closs, exploins Dispensotionol The- ology for the twentieth time. The life of o professor. A 5211... M. John Alton ond John Wright push for on oll nighter. "2:3O om, ond oll is well , . . except l'm running out of rypewriter rib- bon, ond my roommote is snor- ing,.." 1 . P ..--uv ,, 'i Hoving coordinoted fingers ot this hour is truly on occomplish- ment. Computers ore omozing, they never seem to foil osleep. Too bod we con't be quite so olert. "By 3 o.m., the typewriter slow- ly fodes owoyf' 72 Bloala ond White: All-Nightets f -21. 'VP' N Wx Y. if F A M, we - ' if' 3' . ri gl"t . ' if .riser 2. gy rf f,,,.,,f Q' f,,,,x . ai 5,17 1, , mfg I if :Vajra , 5 M 1 ,wi Q .4497 3' ALL-NIGHTERS MM' Procrostinotion couses self inflicted poin Your entire body feels like o morshmollow: squishy. You connot seer Your mind is no longer producing. The poges before you lie blurry ond worn. The typewriter hos disoppeored. The only cleor thing is the clock. It is 3:17 o.m. "UGHHHHHHl" You screom lucidly. To beor on- other second of this bodily torture is obsolutely unheard of! But, somewhere fiooting in your mind, olongside the dreoms obout soft mottress- es ond electric blonlsets, is the memory of whot pushes you so odomontly toword morning. you hove got to get on You constontly weigh the consequences of going to bed: foiling on exom, hond- ing o poper in Iote, grode reduction. You connot offord foilure: it would meon toking the closs over ogoin: from Neor to the bed but not quite in it, Twonno Whittington stifles o yown ond pursues her poper. thot, more bodily offlic- tion ond poin would oc- cur. So you press on. Pump o little more coffeine into your veins, ect more sug- or, ond proy fervently for life sustoining energy, oll in the hope of on The question is, "ls it worth it?" The onswer re- moins the some, "No", Story by Jenni Royer iii!!! i X - an l sl N , The words ore storting to jumble, but this unidentified student is still glod he's QOI the new Smith-Corono lop model, 52... gm 3 ,4 Procrastination is a funny thing, it begins with a feeling of complete control and in- ner resolve and then plum- mets to a sense of helpless- ness and despair. Finals Week seems to bring out the procrastinator in the best of us. Anyone with any sense of decency knows you can't memorize an entire semes- ter's worth of notes in one evening. But, panic-stricken and caffeine-charged, we all try. inventing utterly absurd acrostics and repeating ir- relevant facts as if in a stu- por, we attempt to 74 Black and White: Finals FINALS gud Students struggle to survive finals despite lack of study time and sleep. "prepare" Like televi- sionless couch potatoes, we stare glassy-eyed at our un- intelligible notes and munch popcorn just to keep blood flowing to the brain area. "Can l borrow a scantron?" replaces the familiar, "How are you doing?" and sharp- ened pencils are a rare com- modity. Some see as a chance Coffman says, "lt's a real op- see the true yourself and exam season to serve. Jim portunity to character in others. Under pressure, more than ever, people need encouragement." Others avoid being over- whelmed by conquering one quiz at a time. Brenda Combs says, "lt's scary look- ing ahead, you have to con- centrate one at a time, get one out of the way and then start studying for the next." But despite sensations of extreme stress and tempo- rary insanity, surival of finals promises a scintillating re- ward - Christmas or sum- mer vacation! Story by Kristie Duden. - , vt While other students continue to la- bor, Todd Crouse breathes a sigh of relief as he hands in an exam for Dr. Bernard. ':!........ Finols week brings out o voriety of octions: some write popers, some memorize notes, ond some horse- oround. Tyrone Poimer sweots-our his first set of exoms os o freshmon ot MBI. ww-0 - Mfliwz 4 M ggi E mwnvr ig 4-in '47 slgilix X as mil if wr--...Nw-W The rudest introduction ever con- ceived to freshmon finois is the Old Testoment exom, Here, Jonice Hon- son pours over Dr. Benwore's notes on the prophets. In the woning moments of their fi- nol, two students review the exom onswers. f .ff uw, tv Ml Blood, swept, ond teors . A A with three seconds left in the gorne, the score tied, ond the boll in the opponents honds A . . who soid it's boring on the bench for Gin Lee, Lonnie Wilson, ond Don Bond, Is it Wimbledon Corol Anderson shows o stunning bockhond os she tries to beot her opponent in one-on-one intromurol tennis. f A 4 Q, 4 Y , A 2, V if W at ' ' nf' '19 Ly, -f - f- - ' :VA Hs1VIs1'mt"f,, 'A " , ,t , ' - Y A,AAwM, :wsu-', f , ,Au ft-,f , W V, ,t - , t Af, w AA ,, 5-:NYY V ' 'S fs9'1z,w1Lz,AAs, -'r 'i ' I f f- ' 'fx'n:7f55,:zf'lf,,Sf,AQ'7,A' , 'Q ,,,'ANSas--g,fsi?2E5HjWi1'1"'A',i A 7,7 QVQQ,,AfQ,fi7:f5lL:53f?zE?71A'1witj ' l,fI7:,,'fAfiE' kE','E5i2E5gi51ffggjgfgj5:1 F 9 Q K JAA, ,.,., , . A ,- V A ,A , ,AH ,..,,., A ,,A, ,A 8 V, , 3 fif'22wfw:es1a,Afiz'A,AAN A-A, A ,-w:w:f:fWmtA,:eff A,f:g,,- Af,At,A-,,A-,f3s,m,-QI--L, , AW ,,-AW, , ,, W, A "Le'weiiiszssz-we-12,1-1fm1,1 f-55faizfesiAs?sswgA:yAs',,,1 t,,fffg:wf:ywg-:gg-fm:Q,-11 -gy ga,ft,5Maisy,sr+z711s1f'2zAfEA?fs,f1,1-HHS A-2finsgg-ff:fgfgWd?1gf:tt',, A , ,A ,h,., ,AQ,, , A, f,.- AA-,AA-vw, .-f. . .W X,..,, A, ,.,- k-,f,, A 5,,AAf,AA,HA,,A,,VA-A,-'L ,,ff, AK,t,A,,-Uf,,A,wAAAg,35,gyAv,,A,LAf,AAmA,QMAWA,A,,WA,W,5AQM' , -Al.. an az AMAA 4 As Ammnas f'-s,--, A, wt - 2,AAignfegAss,,A,,Aggt,,ng W, , t,,. ,A ,A A - ,,,t,AAf, , A .,.t, A, A, AAA,AA,,A -Ass, X AAs,AA,,,, 133,11 11215, M, ms gwtvft WWA A, ez Aw' fw, ,gsxenaiies Q 1653354 issnisfwitffgfwt mffzuzvsf-if WA WA tfwfs,A2tA,,gfig 2tf55atejm,5Q2fi3,g QQAQEQAAA W 2?f5tAfi'?iiViiif9fqx 'if ,,M-A,,- f,AA,,A A, W we ,Asn we if ,AffAfeAff Ag sfzgfg '11 ws, ,f ff' A YE- iii, M 5 A fy, 52625, ,, As I HI ,F is1f1sfsz1':.,f5 A 3r:tiTft2Ai:?2i?5EgSj,,1Q ,As ,,., AA ,.,A, z fx r V ' 2 ,' 3 A, A AA wfAf,As,AA,A, A,f ,A H2-A,, A-., A,,1,,f5 fffiwfzi M ,S X Af fs, AP kmgyg , ,AAAAA,A, , Ay mgsmmgwg 2? its 11 free gs ww, me -fe, ,Mgtf .t,Af 1twfsq,AfiAwqftA5, was f--A, ,- ,At A ,lst-sms' fm, glfsggfggiisxsgggep QQAQSMQ :?g,1fexA ns QA Q 2 1 H nesAw-- f- M Xkbsfwfi-5k?1i5i4A t,fs,,,5 A,AA we M f-'-- if f -w.,,:-w,A if f SMA , Wm My B3 03' X5 ,A -As 351, 76 FLASH: SPCR? fe mt A, AA,A AA tt 25ig5graz?f22yf:w?fa 36595 Qffgfsxf? ifff fm,Afw,-A ,W ffs,Afs,fwA:,ff, 5,-.W Ats ef A .W ,f ,fAA smfAwsAf,s Q- Mx fly .AMA ,tn ,S ,A,AA Fails: FLSMET: if axiszuezzxfe,As:f,'iH?E tmwQAA,ff,A , f-ft,, 54 lg' WA, 1- J, AMA-L A Picture this . . . You ore sitting on the sidelines ot the soccer gome. The score is tied. The teoms ore running neck ond neck for the finol gool. Then, with only seconds left, it hoppens. Thot Moody othlete floshes post you ot the speed of light, leoving the opponent for behind. At the lost moment, to the crowd's intense delight, he kicks the boll with oll his might. lt dorts its woy beyond the opposing goolie, blosting into the net. This is Moody sports: othletes running to win, competing in the gomes, exercising self control, beoting their bodies, moking them their sloves, ruling out disquolificotion for the finol roce. lt is on intense flash, oll for the glory of the Lord. Z22... fiff W Heel, roe, heel, roe, Andy Wegener dis- ploys his greor control of the boll during o reom procrice. Bottling for the boll . . . os o teommote looks on, Jim Herzler leops to heod the boll ro vic- rory. ' pi W 4 . 3 Yi . Y,,, ki,,,,.,q...o.- - -game - Nor wishing to lose his leod, Brion Hurnon does some "foncy foofwork" post his op- ponent frorn Cenfrol University. ..4i..p-Q. ,-., i..'-2-How-uqva. , ..-W-...J - .--wwf' . , , K ,1, .A.i :Q -- i 7 . ,,., ,,,A,. ,J 3 .' nl 9. grep. ' i e s A . www N . 4 gush' , . ' lf ,S if , , fx -he - I ,f -Qin, Q . ,. ,, J Ui1, ,!s sugf., Q . K, Y x,,sN,'5L'q,, Q ., Q, .- ' ,U w . kv' . Fgf'fi'1 "W jfs K , Q , I ' 444 .3 , "'f'h7ivL K A 4, gk WJ., H x ,N ,, 'f ', fxgsm , , -N5 sf 1 1 K Y -s1fe2ix',5,fs:imsxwih X if 7g'5.,7 ,ik 'He 1 I"-gf W f ggE?'-ilk ' f' a ,F . ,. .. AQ x ...fs . .Q g -,.ss.4- of ' Qi ' T his 1. kim ffif i y in f e 4 .L s e e , Q' 11+-1 1 i. , 1X ' F vi. -1"fffs,,, f".,,4"sb - ' , sw L f H my Q I. sg,-a4,:x..i ,Sim ',bkg - s ' 75 lim MQW S Sgffei f ,Ss sieifsgfeqaio. i fn. l4"'0N5','fxx gh' i . , .A -f.-,f - ...- ""' , 'fi .. N ' - -V W fx . X f ' .X - R, k v,. V ,J , . ' I-,4 3",31,e, -, lk- - 1 "P i J' Nfggf - - " -lv-is ff' .X X 'xv Kfuvk' Q," x hh- -'X if ,M w'4' A ' 1 'ii'-vt J: 'K gi A 'T f ' 1 , 3 tl f 1. +21 ,Xu Q :fa v by j?1iP3'?il'12 L ' Q 1 A gl. , -.Q A in In ,ffg 1 3' 453' . ' 1 - "M is - xzfsi 7 T L. i ,. v ag. A , W. 9 'YRS 5.5 'Y ,, A qs-4 .42 4 oi- ,gg ,. ' ' 1 .. . 'fs fiydsgqi ' Q im , 3, 1 v8 if 'ii' ls i T- ' Q .- me ry, K 5V,A J :L , V Q 'HX- 1' +1 f 1 53 A Em 'xi w' -9 Q " i f-U" jQ'9x1s:f4:g H4955 is ,, ,.- 'if' ,, , - i n 5 i A! . A .K ,- A ifxy t x i, -, H .. V 1..- V , L Ev! 4 as 1 ' 5 i e: l. ' f'. n."fff1 x 55, b f 1 11,4 siifl 'Y-Il 1.- .1 X '.zm"i .' m,r""'1vg""'Sf'vhl s W 5 v ' , K - " X .Jn North Centrol COT Lincoln Christion Trinity Christion Not I Col. of Educ. Northlond QOTQ l.l.T. OU Moronontho Roosevelt Univ. Groce College Trinity Christion QOTD Groce Bible Olivet Nozorene COTJ Judson College 1 4 O 6 ' 3 2 1 1 C ' 1 o 0 2 0 3 1 1 3 0 0 O 0 4 Front Row: Kyle Eorhort, Dove Knickerbocker, Tim Miller, Note Gordon, 0 2 Jim Hetzler, Jim Zidon, Kent Frozer, Andy Wegener, Brion l-lumon, Jeon 6 2 Luc Colixte. Dock Row: Assistont Cooch John Egler, John Brekelboum, Gene Lee, Don Mothewson, Rondy Weidenoor, John Bodden, Dove Brown, John Alton, Borry Livingston, Tim Keoly, Joe Srowell, Mick Rozso, Cooch Joe Hokes. Pillsbury QDist.j Northlond QDist.j Finol Record: 5-6-4 5 1, S f Deor Mom ond Dod. We just lost to Pillsbury in the District Tourno- ment. lt seems likejust yesterdoy l wos writ- ing you thot I hod mode the teom. I hod o greot time getting to know oll the new guys ond ploying with mony from foreign countries. Some seemed more like they were from other plonets. Cooch hos been greot. A little soppy ond o bit verbose ot times, but we oll love "I hod o greot time getting to know oll the new guys . . . doing some- thing l enjoy ond glorifying God ot the some time." him for it. You'd think thot your first yeor in col- lege soccer would bring memories of stots ond gomes. How- ever, I think l'll be more opt to remem- ber bus rides, Kyle's hot ond the good times The guys were the best too. One guy on the teom wore o wet- suit to proctice, ond I don't meon o soggy Hort Schoffner ond Morx! Words con't ex- ploin these guys. You'd hove to meet them, olthough l don't know how sofe thot would be. Along with oll the good times, we hod o tremendous ministry to the other teoms. lt is greot to be oble to do something you enjoy ond glorify God ot the some time. Well, I QOTTO go. Cooch hos got us work- ing out for next seoson olreody. Thonks for your love ond support. Love, XXXXXXXX Story by Jim Zidon. ffiffff ., V The volleyboll through. 1 2 O 2 1 3 3 O O 2 O 2 O 2 O 2 O 8 O Bock Row: Cooch Jeon Hollodoy Kim Ellison Jodi Sweezy Ruth Bronger Koren Busenitz Leosio Hill Rondo Cumberworth Potty Sorgent Asst. Cooch Pom Milbonk. Front Row: Jonet Knee Alyso Correll Kris Fulkerson. sss isi sils s,i iili ll , t t m J 3 CJ Lincoln Christion Bethel College Moronotho Boptist Trinity College Northlond Boptist Olivet Nozorene Judson College Morion Greenville Mundelein College Ft. Woyne Bible Eorlhom College Kentucky Christion Judson College North Pork College Grond Ropids SDM Olivet Nozorene Totol Record: 6 - 11 2 1 2 2 O ' ' o 2 ' ' ' ' 2 1 , , 2 0 I V o 2 . ,': .. 8 . C E I iv- ' "f, f'i -2 l'-i2 'i.'- I i- 'ii -",, 0 P ' ' fffi' ,V " ffl S Q i teom's key verse for the yeor wos I Corin- thions 16:18-14: "Be on your guordg stond firm in the foithp be Qwojmen of courogep be strong. Do every- thing in love." Be on your guord: We must be owore of whot is going on oround us, whether it is on the volleyboll court, in closs, or wolls- ing through Chicogo. Stond firm in the foith: This con be done only by wolking with God. Through memo- "Glorifying God ot oll times, both on the court ond off, is our gool." rizotion of weekly teom verses ond teom proyer times we were oble to build up ond encouroge one onoth- er spirituolly. Be women of cour- oge: We leorned the importonce of never giving up, even when the score wos bleols. 80 Flosh: Women's Volleyboll Working together ond coming bock shows true chorocter. Be strong: Through physicol, emotionol ond spirituol poin it is possible to be strong in God. Even when we feel down or ore losing concentrotion, mentol toughness con bring us Do everything in love: We ore com- monded to love our sisters in Christ. Volley- boll provides not only competition, but olso on opportunity to en- couroge ond support fellow teom members ond other teoms. Glorifying God ot oll times, both on the court ond off, is our gool. Story by Janet Knee. : 'S is ?"4Q'r , Leosio Hill spikes the boil bock into the opponent,s court, Kim Ellison ond Ruth Bronger defend ogoinst o Moronotho hit. NH! 4 X E E J1 or it e,le " -A K 1 qi - g - - N- 'F ' 4 4 ...., ....,.. .,. f .1 , hh. A wr! ,,,,.f" Q.. ... -ws ., , if +i-- , 4 I Y ,L i Kim Ellison concentrates on form os she prepares to serve. Kim Ellison ond Jonet Knee block the oppo- nents ottock. wafers-fr , ' f " """" , f ft mm f V 6 ' A I 4 5-4 tw ' ' , 4 is ff Ruth, Jonet, Alyeez, Kim, ond Potti congrotulote Moronotho for their victory during o home motch. M-1 M Dove Benwore, Brod Von Wyhe Mork Sounders Mike Gotliff, Steve Morty Don Toylor. Srd: Cooch Greg Goffney, Chip Russell, Dove Fuder, Dove Oom, Alon Stirling, Don Bond, Tim Worren Jon Lunow. Front: Greg Chisholm, Tim Asher. 2nd: Lonnie Wilson, Joy Lindstrom, If there is one word thot would describe the 1987-88 Moody Archer bosketboll teom, it is PERSEVER- ANCE! P r s e v e r o n c e throug hord proctices different ersonolities, the loss of 0 teom cop- toin, ond even sleep- ing on cement floors in Cincinnotig oll of this hod o port in bringing this group of 17 men miles from where we begon in the foll. We leorned thot tri- ols come quite often in YOU ria s Ea? rss Ielam u s 0 ndu 1 I love the guys becouse they wont to use the tolent God gove them to glorify Himself. o sport where compe- tition fuels the fire for mony disogreements. We Ieorned thot eoch person responds differ- ently to these diso- g re e m e n t s . W e Ieorned to love eoch other despite these dif- ferences. 82 FLASH: MEN'S BASKETBALL T h o u g h m o n y would soy we hove o lot to leorn in the oreo of PRIDE, I would dis- ogree. Becouse we do hove PRIDE. The right kind of PRIDE. Thot of representing Moody Bible Institute ond THE LORD JESUS CHRIST on the ploying floor to on- ti-God othletes. Not every mon on this teom con sing, preoch, or ploy on instrument, but I love the guys be- couse they wont to use the tolent God gove them to glorify Himself. I hope they continue do so the rest of their lives. In cose you're wondering, the seventeenth mon is Tim, he will olwoys be port of us. Story by Joy Lind- strom. 'QQ Brad Van Wyhe concen- trates on defending against a Grace College point guard. NS! it 3 A A -an-ff, ., fv i.i ,sm sa During a timeout, Coach Greg Gaffney gives his play- ers instruction about their de- fensive play. --...X .r,.k ln a Grace College home game, Tim Asher lays in an easy two points off a fast break. -. 'Lilmf' el Q lg JJ I 7 Don Band powers the ball to the rim using his size advan- tage to "sky" over a Fort Wayne defender. 1 s I Zig.. QW Q i Kerri Pierce drives post the defense of o Groce College ployer. Ruth Bronger concenrrores on her free-rhrow form or o Lady Archer's home game. .s1'?, fi'-L Wir' 84 i:iA3i-i: WGMENWS BASKETBALL i v All-Arnericon ployer Wendy Chisholm shoots from the lone under pressure from o Fort Wayne ployer. 0 eww, I zf M., y,ysy ' ' VV 'wffffazlffz' ' ,,,,,,i,,.mpuo0' """' 4 if if Front Miss Laurel Wartluff Mae Grant Becky Roberts Cathy Buresh Kerri Pierce Rebecca Raney Allen Eshleman Back Shawn DeMoss Esther Stralnlc Juanita Murra Wendy Chisholm Ruth Bronger Kathy Roberts, Alice Hibma, Jim Pardee. "Life is a series of new beginnings" someone famous once said. For the Lady Archers this year was no exception. The new season looked promising with half of last year's squad re- turning, a new coach and fresh recruits. And what a season it's been. Coach Wartluft ushered in a new era of basketball for the team. Attitude and ef- fort became the watchwords for prac- tice and games. Coach does not allow medi- ocrity on the court and demands our full at- tention and concentra- Al MEN S f words during an citin 0 g ea I I say without a doubt that Caside from Godb basketball has had the greatest impact on my life at MBI. tion. This has built our team unity and helped us reach our goal of "one spirit, one mind." Our game has im- proved greatly this year. Toward the lat- ter half of the season our pace increased, we had more fast breaks. But it didn't come easy. Twenty hours of practice a week, brought us closer to this goal. Not every game was sweety some were hard even when we were ahead the entire game. As a team we've re- Iearned how to glorify God and realized anew the importance of encouragement. We've been shown our selfishness, and God has helped us to overcome it. I am proud to be a part of the Lady Arch- ers and to be part of the lessons basketball teaches. I enjoy play- ing ball. I couIdn't ask for a better set of teammates or coach- es. After three years, a National Champion- ship and many lessons learned, I say without a doubt that Qaside from Godj basketball has had the greatest impact on my life at MBI. Story by Esther Stralnic. as 524- "Please take the photo and leave, this happens to be o very important free throw." X 6 Q .. 3 5 K WN X i ,. . ,- s A 23 ---- - 5 'f . 'XQPHX X NN 86 Flash: North Hall -sg cg x XXX . in my. 3 NK. 2 X f A ,H Q 1' S gg 5.4.-, , a E , 3 55 J if ,,, W-.We , . . - N M 4+ K K' x -u-""""" .c , .swam ,fs 5, x 146, 146 ,.., These neck lifts are killers! Gary Davis moons as he works to maintain his youthful figure. "Two volleyballs, o goalie mask, and six hockey sticks what game are you playing?" Bob Morgan fulfills equipment requests. Are Holly Vick and Kelly Moore participating in a new intramural activity, or are they attempting a Jane Fonda workout. . 1 i . l . Q The intramural floor representatives meet monthly to discuss the sched- uling and competition in the intramural program ll R N0 in-ii i Wil A LL lt's 8:30pm. You don't want a study break, you need one. The prospect of the same Culby Two crowd induces atrophy in your social muscles. Besides, the nachos put the "freshman ten" Clbsj well within your grasp, literally. You can hear the cry of your forefathers, "Go north young peo- ple, go north." North Hall - a building of action, activities and attitudes. Our athletics are marked by action. The "lt's a great place to watch a bas- ketball or volleyball game, or just get away to relax," said Sam Wright. intensity of our intra- mural competition and the athletic teams keeps the Hall hoppin'. From the basement weight room to the floor hockey gym on three, movement sel- dom ceases. North Hall becomes home for student ac- tivities. Women's Guild, Chorale and Men's Glee have the chance to sing and to serve here. For the Moody Student and Arch, there are late nights of struggling and scribbling. Face it - student at- titudes about North Hall are extreme. The P.E. Concepts course is not popular before chapel or during the slushy, frigid winter. But for the veter- ans, those men and women who excitedly seek the thrill of the Hall, the walk is but a skip. The weeknight excitement of recreation attracts them, and the prospect of group activity keeps them. Story by Paul Krause. Zia... QW- Kyle Kostreva, Gregg Stearns, Tim Kizziar, Jay Klopfenstein, Allan Ogg, Joel Conley Chris McHugh, Mike Czech, Steve Shickley, Mark Juane, Keith Witwer, get ready for National Cheerleading Competition. all .. ,..,,.,, ,,.,,t,,, I zfgi g :,5EEg , gs .,,, ,...,,.,, lqltau 7 :... -,:-.,t.i,... 0 iii tii ttcsc ctttitt iztw, tt- x ,E'q. ,--' "5' ,,: :r,V I E " ii- O exe g ' 0 ' o - f t:'?"i-r W retitht I it 1,' -iit 'W ,iivi . V.i:t' ' ri I A well-rounded ex- perience of MBI sports rests in the competition between floors in the intramural program. ln the fall, there is foot- ball, volleyball, and basketball. As the floors participate, they display attitudes as dif- ferent as the senior pragmatist for whom "the end justifies the means," and the light- hearted freshman in- quiring "didn't I sign up for volleyball? What are these flags for?" Intramurals help to unify the participating 88 Flash: Intramurals "Competition unifies each floor. They work as a team for the same goal, using individual strengths to com- pete," said Tom Sayre. floors. This unity stems from guys and gals working together, spurring each other on in a tangible way. "Competition unifies each floor. They work as a team for the same goal, using indi- vidual strengths to compete," said Tom Sayre. Realistically, such unity is not achieved in every game. Friction develops between op- ponents, officials, and spectators. At this point, there is a need to approach the situ- ation with a Christian mindset. Encouraging someone by allowing him to play, thinking through our response to an official's "bad" call, and showing a gracious reaction to a big win . . . or loss. Intramurals are great. Interpersonal skills are challenged, and strengthened. And sometimes, there is even some display of athletic ability. Well, sometimes. Story by John Lampe and Greg Linberger. 'M-wr ww vwgr 'iv il? f-WV X A disguised, macho woman marches up field with the pigskin tucked safely under her arm. Rob Williams concentrates heavily on the play in an intramural football gome. "I don't remember who was on my team." 'si my Lonnie Wilson, senior, twists and turns his way to o touch- down in on lntromural foot- ball gome. Go, Lonnie, Go! Too bod the Chicago Bears don't use flogs - Kathy Buresh, engaged in more than o friendly embrace, would be a top draft to pick. ""f'-f."-Q HZ... i iff 89 Heods ducked in true rocing form Greg Poyne Mork Hufen ond Mork Rockwell bottle o bitter Chlcogo wind The rocing teom troined oll through the winter to be prepored for the Spring seoson 4, - Y , ' I E For exztjnce wzt Ml3l's inter-collegiote sports offer the othletic on opportunity to por- ticipote ond compete. While these four sports ottroct both ployer ond fon olike, the vor- ied interests of the sports-minded go be- yond these current sports. To meet the need, students orgon- ize the "club sport,' ond compete with oth- er schools ossisted port- Iy by the othletic de- portment. "The othletic deport- ment tries to support the club sports within the porometers of our 90 FLASH: CLUB SPORTS "It hos been my gool to build o foun- dotion for the teom which will ollow 'them to thrive ofter I groduote," Lyndell Enns, men's volleyboll cooch. resources. I wish we could do more for them, but there ore limitotions which pre- vent thot," soid Mr. Joe Hokes, othletic di- rector. Despite such hord- ships, the club sports ore growing. This post yeor women's soccer ond the bike rocing teom developed to meet student interest. "Promoting by word of mouth, we hove more rocers thon we con occomodote. God hos blessed the ideo by providing nec- essory equipment to roce ond 0 troining room in North Holi," soid Greg Poyne, men's bike rocing mo- tivotor. "Previously, the vol- leyboll teom hos hod to stort from scrotch. It hos been my gool to build o foundotion for the teom which will ol- low them to thrive of- ter I groduote," soid Lyndell Enns, men's volleyboll cooch. Despite such difficul- ty, the club sports will remoin intoct, for thot which students desire ond work for will en- dure. Story by Paul Krause. is :fp ,. lt's not exoctly o noture troil, but Greg Payne, Mork Hufen, Mork Rockwell find recreotion ond sport in o neor north biking trek. Ill Ill Ill .lvl ,Ill QE Lyndell Enns defies grovity ond gives the volleyboll o wollop. John Stocy eogerly woits to ossist, ss 'tk I? ff.-'f'f'f ta J T, .Q,s. . til g . .f ,Q gsa -, - . ,ww 'Q y pcsig l k f Q Q. 1-uri-ak f if? r lx A X fx 1, f" . i 1 wen V? Men's Vollyboll Club: John Srocy, Mott Geier, Kent Steiner, Borry Livingston, Mike Juhnke, John Kolil cocch, Greg Nichols, Tony West, Troy Murphy, Lyndell Enns cooch. Bike Racing Club: Mork Rockwell, Neno Conji, Greg Poyne, Mork Huefen, Jeff Rehbine, Cross-Country Club: Advisor Ron Benginer, Cooch Don Toylor, Shillino Molich, Karen Psooy, Poulette Zohn, Kelly Greenlee, Dennis Boiley, John Heold, Dorrel Potterson, Pete Finger. Women's Soccer Club: 1COooch Henry Motorrito, Cooch Andy Lowson, Jodi White, Deonno Worthington, Lori Rog- ers, jomie Moson, Suzi Shore, Robin Beoumont, Tereso Midkiff, Becky Cumerford, Julie Conwoy, Chorolette Mosher, Borbi Knight, Cheryl Brown, Debbie Fish. .Z-22... I ,.44ElL,. s li f 5 it Ein f i a 5 3 ,Q s will its ' I Q ,, 1 1 f ' E T , iii ri i ll? Q .. ..,-.,,,,,, , ,., ., ,,-a amgf:Mmeaif-s..,i::,5-M-y,,,:5,fl, E ,: K 1 +.. ..afe :'1 V :::. Z ,!Egg5iZ:i5ii!" Mis - tvs Not only con they sing, but they hove those covergirl smiles too! Jill Leininger, Suson Yoger, ond Julie Royce help re- cruit voices for Womens Glee during Welcome Week. Compossionote Deb Mizro, PLA., listens to her girls ottentively during o floor meeting, while Kris- to Dempsey clock- watches. 1, ,nvl WM um' E X E nm ,,. ri:,i ,.,, . X i - rWMc.,.,s-W ..,,,.fw,f,,..i.,s,s,s,M,.,,.,s.- - es M l ol, 2 92 DEVELGPMENT:ORGANIZATIONS ...NM ....,,,,i 'N-.Q Get involved . . . Develop your potentiol . . . Become o port . . . These ore the trite phroses used to promote school groups ond clubs. Are they mere stotus symbols? Glorified cliques? Whot exoctly is the essentiol element with which they provide this college's existence? Unity is thot element. The kind of oneness thot only comes through tedious hours of proctice, meetings, ond music tours. Unity is monifest through our development os individuols to become port o group. Our orgonizotions ollow us grow into leodership ond responsibility, expression ond service. They develop the film of our lives from the row footoge to losting impressions. 2522... WOMENS GLEE Moody Women's Glee is o fellowship ond ministry in song. Q l'll never forget the feeling of flying over the Coribbeon Seo os the sun wos setting. Who could forget the doy it took us eleven hours to drive 230 miles or the mony times we sot by the rood- side in 1 10 degree heot woiting for Cecilio, our bus driver, to fix o flot tire. Crowded ouditoriums, orenos, friendly people, the crystol cleor Coribbeon - we sholl remem- ber these things obout our sum- mer tour in Venezuelo ond the Netherlonds Antilles. But it wos the people who mode it worthwhile. Seeing them respond to the music ond testimonies renewed my com- mitment to our gool to be serv- onts of Christ. The words of one Venezuelon brother left on im- pression on my mind: "You con't lmogine whot your group hos done to elevote the nome ond couse of Jesus Christ in this coun- try!" Our three week tour come to on end oll too soon. The reolities of lush green mountoin ronges, white sonds ond blue woters be- come pictures in o scrop book, but the memories will stoy olive. Story by Ruth Kendal. Ruthie Phillips is the glod recipient of o bockrub from o fellow member of Women's Glee. 94 Development: Womens Glee Angel ouditions onyone? Julie Allen, Jonet Pollord, ond Koren Rundquist proctice moking heovenly music. 'QI' in 3 A fs 4,4- 3. 2 + SI' jk Front Row: Jennifer Wright, Kimberly Mulley. Mr, Chorles Thompson, Kothryn DeVries, Jodi Beckemeyer. Row Two: Gwen Abell, Jone Schell, Jill Leininger, Koren Buck, Michele Miller, Melisso Hortmonn. Row Three: Kim Bulkley, Victorio Roborts, Cotherine Cumerford, Louro Croner, Suson Speer, Anito Willioms, Becky Bocnuk, Rochel Regier. Row Four: Julie Royce, Heidi Skinkle, Melody Conord, Cotherine Zong, Kristino Keller, Liso Vonder Werf, Jonet Pollord, Koren Rundquist. Row Five: April Pildirch, Yvonne Smith, Christine McFee, Chorloyne Henry, Anito Wheeler, Rebecco Forrey, Julie Allen, Anno Budoi. Row Six: Rebeco Soge, Jill Reehl, Suson Yoger, Koe Beth Rosenberg, Re- bekoh Mortin, Deonno Winons, Julie Lundgren, Row Seven: Jennifer l-ledstrom, Jody Johnson, Jill Thompson, Deboroh Drury, Ruthie Phillips, Korolin Csoky, Deboroh Limo, Jeonine Trim. Dock Row: Bonnie Horrison, Louro Thomos, Melonie Bernord, Jonice Honson, Kristen Schontz, Ruth Kendol, Virginio Powell, Debro Greoves, Koren Cormeon. -. I! Above left: Mr. Thompson helps his lodies Sqfin, pegrlgy Gnd CUH5 mokg Wom. hold o high note. Proctice times like these os well os pizzo porties ond extensive touring, en's Glee one of the most ottroctive moke Womens Glee o closely knit bunch. OVQOJWJZOVJOVJS on COVUPUS- M-Q ,mr Front Row: Peter McConoghie, Potrick Anders, Mr. Robert ller, Brion Briggs, Eugene Morks. Row Two: Keith Witwer, Jomes Hofmon, Brent lnion, Keith Arnold, Timothy Young. Row Three: Thomos Appel, Poul Correro, Lorry DeYoung, Roy Yobuki, Mork Correro, Woyne Herr. Row Four: Doniel Midkiff, Williom Dipple, Brett Howord, Andrew Schmutzer Dovid Mill- heim, Bryon Welker, Rodney Brock. Row Five: Dorcy MocCollum, Richord Pittenger, Scott Jones, Phillip Higgins, Doyle Croker, Lyndell 96 Development: Meds Glee WL X N fa r 0- Enns, Dovid White. Row Six: Eric Widholm, Douglos Simmons, Donold Smith, Michoel Chovers, Steven Windle, Andrew Beoty, Ronold Criel. Row Seven: John Gilbert, An- drew Lowson, Chod Wiebe, Troy Lewis, Mi- choel Monske, Scott Kricken, Brod Von Wyhe. Bock Row: Motthew Swortz, Robert Morgon, Poul Zettek, Dovid Ottensmonn, Timothy Knight, Woyne Downen, Bruce Everhort, Ste- phen Meeker. The Men's Glee perform during the Spirituol Enrichment Week, "Ol4oy Phil, enough of thot funny stuff, this is the song we're singing!" Mr. ller helps Phil Higgins with some orgonizotionol toctics, while Andrew Lorson listens in for some tips. CZ. ' Q.-V 1.-r"e c XX MEN'S MU GAMMA KAPPA - fro ter ni tyf n. 1: o group of people ossocioted or formolly or- gonized for o common purpose, interest, or pleosure 2: the quolity or stote of being brothers. Focts must be foced. MBI hos o froternity on compus. Coll it o fel- lowship or o brotherhood or o so- ciety if you like. The Moody Men's Glee Club is, in foct, o society of fellowshipping brothers. l wondered time ond ogoin dur- ing freshmon orientotion if the guys who come by the Glee toble to hove their blue popers initioled would be Glee men. Eoch one who "C'mon guys . .. Just how low con you go?" At o procrice, the men go through worm-ups. GLEE "Men With A Song" ouditioned ond mode it would hove been proyed for . . . need- ed . . . useful. "You'll hove fun. You'll be chonged ond chollenged: it's my job to see to it." You'll minister os o port of o frontrunning Chris- tion orgonizotion. Are you to be one of the "Men With A Song?" Men's Glee is o froternity, yes, ond oppropriotely so. We proy God's Spirit will use us publicly. l've proyed for Him to minister to us privotely. Story by Pot Anders. HL.. 'Moybe if my voice doesn't crock, something could come out of this "1,2,C3,4 ,... lthink they finolly got it neighbor relotionshipf' Tim Blycker down!" Mr. Edmonds conducts his ond Penny Dix sing ot o practice. MOODY young opprentices with o look ofjoy X Moody Chorole is o joyful song in on effective ministry. Only the rore person ever hos the privilege of seeing the Cho- role in its true form. Doily proc- ticesp colisthenics, long dress re- heorsols, tuxedos to be bought, stonding on risers for hours ot o time under hot, sweot producing lights, ironing wrinkled dresses with no ironing boord ond only one iron, someone burning o hole in her dress with on iron, ond more. The guys wotching the girls toke over during tour on We Appreciote Guys CW.A.G.J doy, thirty girls bottling it out for the electricol outlets before o concertp eoting one more piece of fried chicken, ofter o week of 98 Development: Chorale the some, wnne sriii smiling thonkfully, Mr. Ed onnouncing, "I om so sorry lodies, but you only hove three minutes to chonge dresses during tonight's offer- ing." Sure, ot first we groon ond moybe even comploin o bit in our heorts, but loter we lough . . . boy, do we lough. We lough ot the sheer hilority of every- thing, ond then we lough ot our- selves for not seeing how God uses oll of these experiences, people, ond comments to moke us more ond more into the ser- vonts He wonts us to be. Story by Jackie Morsholl. We CHORALE X 4- ,,,. 7 'Iv V21 'U -iv s 5: Front Row: Dovid Kott, Rene Vonder Ark, Mr. Gerold Edmonds, Morgoret Brooch, Doniel Schmidt. Row Two: Psonold Kommermon, Set- suko Sosoki, Noncy Vigno, Simone Gordon, Korene Peterson, Volter Filipe, Row Three: Ryon Streeter, Kim l-lonno, Deboroh Smith, Amy Neswold, Liso Johnson, Timothy Blycker. Row Four: Steven Clork, Rodney Fry, Deboroh Murphy, Mork Chose, Elizobeth Peik, Jeffrey Ingersoll, Andrew Snyder. Row Five: Erik Porks, Elizobeth Newbrough, Lono Worden, Doniel Gollery, Denise Muston, Trocy Gordon, Keith Join Chorole ond the loughs ore endless . . . just osk Lono Worden os she recruits during Welcome Week. Dowson. Row Six: Scott Yingllng, Rene John- son, Noncy Covell, Lindo Musgrove, Trocy Achziger, Liso Biel, Corlo Whitocre, Renee Lineburg, Dovid Loney. Row Seven: Gregory Ingersoll, Sonjo Corlson, Brendo Tollefson, Pen- ny Dix, Poulo Doebler, Shouno Kettinger, Troci Simpson, Jocqueline Morsholl, Dovid Murphy. Bock Row: Thomos Forster, Trevor Fehr, Mork Wollmon, Deltho Jefferson, Deirdro Ozment, Wllliom Grohom, Mork Rockwell, Michoel True. ZEN Mr. Hecht ond his students . , . "When I point thot meons COME IN . . . Now, COME IN!" The bond, our speciol guests in chop- el, entertoin ond minister during Spir- ituol Enrichment Week. Front Row: Gregg Steorns, Jodi White, Henry Hecht, Toni Rice, Jonothon Young. Row Two: Kevin Sloter, Julio Jomes, Jon Furseth, Soroh Bouroin, Rebecco Chose, Tonyo Mollenkomp, Dove Alisenrono, Row Three: Joonne Hooker, Vito Solno, Ronold Christionsen, Jock Stowers, Philip O'Doy, Ardis Nelson, Louro Empson. Row Four: Millo Delgodo, Lynn Oliver, Lori Tokocs, Juonito Murro, Eloine Anderson, Kothy Tully, Mortho Hurd. Row Five: Christopher Honno, Timothy Mosters, Priscillo Hockett, Normon Hon- IOO Efbevelopmentz Concert lficsnd sen, Kenneth Smoll, Motthew Vile. Row Six: Doniel Toufolele, Jomes Mitchell, Arthur Tober, Bryon Horrison, Robert Chompogne. Back Row: Curtis Hopkins, Christine Spencer, Ben- jomin Choinord, Doniel Ronning, John Weller, Timothy Govlik. Tonyo Mollenkomp performs os she looks to Mr, Hecht for further direction. 'Ve y :,'. L 5 D' 1. 54 'Ay I ANY I iii' L h 'L an ffm froi? I QQ, , lim Mitchell turns up the heot with his horn ploying: the other bond members con but listen ond wonder. CGNCERT BAND Whotjoy! To feel the Son! To Know thot in Him we ore one! Music, os foir os the song of creotion Musicion, free like the wind. Tools of the trode together telling The messoge of our Greot King. Musicions, free like the wind Eoch o child, chosen, chonged ond chorged with the messoge of our Greot King. Whotjoyl To feel the Son! To know thot in Him we ore one! Eoch o child, chosen, chonged, ond chorged. Ever-blessed, never-ending, gentle joy. Whot joy! To feel the Son! To know thot in Him we ore one! Mojestic blue, our collingg pure, Holy white, our Coller. Ever-blessed, never-ending, gentle joy. Tools of the trode together telling Mojestic blue, our colling, pure, Holy white, our Collet, Music, os foir os the song of creotion. Poem by Lori Renae Tokocs. 372521 101 CANDLE- A time of proise ond worship ot the onnuol December event. 3 'Y' On the night of December 25, OOOO, Mory ond Joseph surely ogonized thot the Son of God must come into the world with no celebrotion or even o decent birthploce. ln spite of this, God hod it in His plon thot the entire world would sing the proises of thot very speciol night when God come to eorth os o little child. In December, this celebro- tion wos held in oll the splendor of mon's creotive worship, with the onnuol presentotion of Con- dlelight Corols. From the glorious processionol to the Ten Thousond Joys of the notivity scene, eoch heort wos moved by the wormth of voices offering proise to our God ond King. Some moments were sol- emn ond still os we concentroted on o single voice or on the im- oges on the screen. Then, soon, every voice joined together in the intensity of the triumphont chorus. Every person odded his own to the occosion. And every person will olwoys remember his very speciol night ot Condlelight Corols, when he united with thousonds of believers in cele- brotion of the birth of Christ. Story by Chris McHugh. Shepords survey the greotest gift ever given. 102 Development Condlelight Carols .ser ff t-'lf' Lono Worden ond Moria Toby portroy Mory ond Joseph in the dromotic- musicol presentotion of the first od- vent. The Notivity scene brings o peoceful ond reverent spirit os corols couse listeners to pouse oncl reflect on our Sovior. A holy ond serene otmosphere per- vodes Moody Church os the stroins of "Silent Night" sweep through the crowd. syn who UNIFYING GRGUP Stu-Co ond Roco supply student with the necessory interoction Whot o better woy to begin o new school yeor with o new president, new odministrotion, ond new toilet poper holders, thon with o new unity? Student Council's pursuit of this gool cor- ried four specific gools with it: To be o lioson between the od- ministrotion ond the students, to become more student oriented, to develop unity omong differ- ent student orgonizotionsg ond to detect ond work on spirituol problems existing ot MBI. From the very first, "I coll this meeting to order," to the lost, "I move to odjourn," the key people who built up Stu-Co's credibility ond helped to moke it whot it wos were the rep's. Becouse of their dedicotion ond hord work every Moody student hod the oppor- tunity to give blood, reod the 1041 Development: Stucoflloco weekly minutes, eot wotermel- on ot the Lobor Doy Picnic, ond, of course, go rollerskoting. Among the opportunities thot Stu-Co provided, their moin con- cern wos to surround MBI stu- dents with "unity in the body of Christ." Another orgonizotion formed to enhonce the educotionol ex- perience of the student body wos RACO Qkesident Activities Councilj. Boot ond bus rides gove students o chonce to see the city from o different perspec- tive. Time outs, open houses, ond fireside chots equipped eoch with the bolonce of study ond fun. Between the two groups, everyone hod the chonce to join in the "pursuit of unity". Story by Scilly McForIone CStu- coj ond Joy Lindstrom QRACOJ is 3 'Y' Stu-co Exec: Dorrell Potterson, Steve Freitog, Koren Geymon, Solly McForlone, John Tobin, ond Will Ken- ney. Not pictured: Dovid Anderson, Roco QL-RJ: John Kolil, Steve Legont, Tim Reist, Liso Sisson, Stephonie Wor- son, Joy Lindstrom, Heidi Stodt, Beth Pitton, Sondro Boin, Bill Pieicheld, Lou- ro Younger, Louro Croner, Jenny Wright. J., 'B M ,, J.. F M A f... at " ff-mf sli.if!m'if?' - . K ' 5 v fi, ' ., - 'Us' , sr Pot Anders grociously serves his Stu- dent Council President, Dovid Ander- son os he gives him o lift through the crowds ot the Stu-co sponsored Lobor Doy Picnic. "And now Lodies ond Gentlemen of the press, the Vice President, with the lostest news from the Pentogonf' Zfc... "You wont us to go where? You've got to be kidding!" Sonjo Mognuson, Joy Georgeff, ond Henry Motoritte contemplote the motion thot the exec do some field work in the jungles of Africo. Front Row: Angelo Velosco, Liso Coffmon, Noel Roybin, Tim Blycker. 2nd Row: Ann Scott, Tim Deorborn, Poul Wells, John Heold. 3rd Row: Bill Grohom, Jeff Somuelson, Chorles Kihumbo, Robert Kesler, Bock Row: Jim Doughtry, Cindy Morsholl. 106 Development SMF Proyer Focus "l'm freaking out, l'm freaking out!" Nathan Martin sheds his calm, serious demeanor to demonstrate how the president handles pressure at an exec, meeting. SMF PRAYER FOCUS "Sending laborers into the harvest fields." Student Missions Fellowship's goal is to promote God's world program in keeping with His Word. We believe world evangelization begins on our knees. SMF has begun its efforts in prayer, asking God to be the motivator in our programs. The programs we sponsor are designed to keep prayer as the priority. The programs include: monthly concerts of prayer, 15- 20 weekly prayer focuses, and the pray-for-a-nation-a-day pro- gram. lt's exciting when God an- swers our prayers to "send la- : r borers into His harvest fields by sending Moody students! Another way we unite the student body's effort is to choose a missions project to financially support. We pro- mote missions through our eight yearly chopels and through "Friday-Nite- Challenges" which often fea- ture experienced missionaries. Story by Nathan Martin Nathan Martin served from September-Octoberg he had to leave school due to illness. Front Row: Nathan Martin, Erika Met- zler, Mrs. Dorothy Blaha, Dr. Raymond Tallman, Sonja Magnuson, Brock Steiner. Back Row: Jay Goergeff, Cindy Marshall, Melissa Rains, Susan Schwabe, Henry Matarrita. KET SOURCE OF HELP R.A.'s leod us to survlvol in the community Iif One is inclined to believe thot R.A.'s, in their single-room suites, ore living o life of rest ond peoce. Yet behind the focode, oll forty hove set out to com- plete o demonding tosls. Being on R.A. is more thon o position of responsibility ond ou- thority. The root stucture of pur- pose is phrosed in two words: Serving ond Troining. This troining ground teoches the RA. obout the ministry ond how to communicote effective- ly, using toct ond love. R.A. work troins one to be flexible, to S L T 'S Front Row: Tim Asher, Jeff Wilson, Richord Porkinson, Kevin Whitford, Chris Clinch, Seon Murphy, Bloke Show. 2nd Row: Steve Acott, Ken Gibbs, Steve Shickley, Kurt Kriemelmeyer, Phil Remmers, Greg 108 Development. RA, 's G be o listener, not just o tolker, on odministrotor ond o discipler, to love ond to comfort. But most of oll, its honds-on troining in Servonthood. Motivoted by the theme of, "Serving the Shepherd", R.A.'s ore tried doily in the trenches os they develop servonts heorts. The R.A. tolses on o ministry, o ministry with rewords ond strug- gles, sleepless nights ond hectic schedules of poperworls, meet- ings ond deodlines. Story by Blake Show. l K .i Nichols. 3rd Row: Jeff Gouthier, Lon- ny Wilson, Spencer Smith, Rondy Prouse. Bock Row: Alon McElwee, Bri- on Sincloir, Eric Musser, Brion Rondone. Nothing like o little humor on the dorm floor. Debbie Mirzo reocts strongly to o joke by "one of her girls." cr, ii. Resident Supervisors: Dorothy Hostetter, Sue Shickley, Joe Gonzolez, ond Pete Mills. F x x S 5 A 'K ,N i V , ' QW ,sf W W if Front Row: Jonice Ehrhordt, Dorcy Thiel, Melonie Bernord, Koye Adoms, Deb Mirzo, Becky Horrison. 2nd Row: Corlo Whitocre, Bethene Anderson, Deb Fish, Julie Lundgren, Toni Rice, Kim Aden, lone Schell. Bock Row: Jonet Knee, Kothleen King, Jonelle Brosk, Becky Borron, Brendo Combs, Kim Wote. "Them's my boys!" Steve Shickley, R.A. on Culby 16, cheers on his boys. Wonder if he dresses like thot oll the time? Ken Gibbs potrols Culby 2. Ever olert, Ken spots 0 couple ond instontly evoluotes them for "code encrooch- ment." EEZ... XZ Borbi Knight, helps her lirrle friend in orirhrneric. "C'mon, you con do ir! Look on the bock, the onswer is 8!" Corrie Folk poinrs up the fine on of construction, coreful not ro set the domino effecr in motion, 'R 'fl L :', be MG Deveiopnnenrz Big BFOiflBiQ Sis - Tutoring F' J Suson Horshborger, Jeffrey Gosnell, Ed Powlouski, Tim Deorborn, "The people thot moke it oll hoppenf' R ,J IMPACT MAKERS Moody Students become fomily to kids of onother culture Three words hove morked the Big Brotherf Sister progrom since its beginning four yeors ogo: discipleship, commitment ond love. The words express the purpose of everyone who comes to be involved in the pro- grom, the joy of the ministry, ond the socrifice required. Discipling children to follow Christ is the Big Bro-Big Sis pro- grom: personol involvement with children whose lives ore bound in despoir ond tropped in on environment of sin. Leoding them ond their fomilies to follow Christ by exomple. Being com- mitted to toking time out of your busy schedule to give when you don't feel like giving. Setting on exomple of security for o child who hos rorely experienced ony security. Showing love to one who seldom hos known ony love. Enjoying the experience of o lifelong friend. This is Big Bro-Big Sis. Giving your life, giving your love ond developing on everlosting bond. Story by Ed Powlouski. Hz.. 525 With the plone thot mode their chop- Pre-Av odvisor Ludwig Anderson ex- eI's fomous, the Pre-Aver's gother on ploins how to sign up for on oppoint- the plozo steps. ment to one of the new students. PRE-AV GUYS? Doomed to Q fote of not quite fitting in, Pre- Avers still intend to fly. Yes, we hove no closs. Our colling is like every other stu- dent'sg however, we, the Pre- Av guys, never quite know where we belong. As o new Pre-Aver, my first semester wosn't too bod. I felt ot home with with the 650 or so other new students, but os time went on, things begon to chonge. Beginning second se- mester, I wos thrust into the rovenous jows of Sys. Theo. 204, where the rest of the closs wos mode up of mostly Juniors. I odjusted to this poce ond begon to consider myself o Junior. Then come J.S.I3., ond they sold, "Sorry, You Pre-Av guys con't go. You're Freshmen." I wos confused. Acodemicolly, I'm o Junior, but sociolly, I'm still 0 Fresh- mon. Things got even more con- fusing in my second yeor. I wos in mony senior closses, but my sociol plocement improved only slightly. I wos ollowed to go on Senior Retreot, but everyone wonted to know whot I wos doing there. I tried to exploin my situotion, oll I needed to soy wos, "I'm Pre-Av," ond they understood. J.S.B. orrived ogoin, ond this time Pre-Avers rejoiced becouse we could go. Yet, do we get to sign up with the Seniors ond get dibs on the good seots? Or do we woit to sign up with the Jun- iors? We Pre-Av "'guys moy not ol- woys know exoctly where we fit in or to whot closs we belong, but we're o closs in ourselves. We're just o bunch of "flying nuts," ond we dig it. ""Guys" is used in the Mid- western sense ond con meon either mole or femole. Story by Ken Smoll. 112 Development: Pre-Avflnternotionol Students ti ,ty N1 xx-M..............?5mx, 'if III, ....,.,,f Q ...M . I qi ,. , Q.. .. M., 5-- -.-..-0.--.-.,, ... .,,,,.. S+-H - .. Si""-i-D M ,.. .Ns""""'Q-...M I "I con Ieove the country but I con't Ieove the food!" ,Qi , I t QW' YVHCD ,ARE THEY? Some say they're foreign . . . we call them "Internationals" Where do they come from? What do they come for? You may now be asking, "Who are they?" Gladness and sadness, excit- ment and apprehension, disci- pline and challenge - those are but some of the emotions in- ternational students feel. From Japan of the Orient, the chills of the Artic Circle, the isles of Caribbean tropical splendor and the colorful jungles of African life, they all come-bound by Gods promise, sealed with His love. For many, Moody has been a long desired dream, the result of prompting of a friend, a financial possibility, the world of mass me- dia or a chance to taste Amer- ica's up-beat culture. But for the 188 students representing 51 countries, there's a longing to know God, a zeal to step out with Him and for Him, a zeal which makes them risk home- sickness, years of living with the unfamiliar, and even fail- ure - all to prepare for a more purposeful life. Some enter timidly, others with poise, many with enthu- siasm and most with crumpled English. Their names are too difficult to pronounce, their costumes are too brilliant to look atg their food is some- times too odd to taste. Regardless of their circum- stances, one to four years of Moody's molding energizes them for home - still bound to God's promise. These years teach them to cry, "My soul pants for You, O God." Who are they? Why are they here? Don't ask me, ask them. Story by Maria Simon "Look man, it says it right here - "Greet one another with a holy kiss." Let's catch the next girl walking across the plaza and see what she thinks!" International students often discuss literal Biblical interpretations. The international students "en masse" following a chapel. Z22... gi?9Z.ff.:. MIME TEAM From lllinois to Austrio, these Pointed foces presented Christ Whot is the first thing thot comes to mind when you thing of "Pontomime?" Chor- lie Choploin? Morcelle Morceou? Clowns? Weirdos? At Moody o group of guys mime to bring glory to Christ. While words often become meoningless, o visuol ond emotionol tool such os mime is effective for priclsing colloused heorts. This opens the door for o verbol presentotion of the "Good News" of Jesus Christ. The Moody Mime Teom hos troveled throughout the midwest performing for This is the Seloh fomily . . , the next contestonts on the Fomily Feud. 1 14 Development: Dromo churches, youth rollies, ond open-oir groups. ln the summer of 1986, God opened the door for the mime teom to minister for six weeks in Fronce, Austrio, ond Hungory. Mime crossed lon- guoge ond culturol borriers with the Gospel. People comment positively on its effectiveness. Someone hos replied, "You guys must proctice o lot for this . . . " To which we would hove to onswer, "Proctice molses perfect, but proyer molses the difference." Story by Dove Peters Mime Teom: Dove Peters, Ric Olsen, Kent Steiner. Smile you're on "MBI Todcry's" Comero complete with tele- prompter ond professionol comero operotor John Roemmich. dass, Q- ' Us Becky Jontz, Brion Rondone, Tim Doniels, Tim Reist, Koye Adoms, No- thon Anderson. ls this o closs in self- defense ond medirotion or is it Selah? 'I it . Move oside Ted Koppell. Quit los- ing lote night sleep, Dove Letter- mon. Go bock to London, Peter Jennings. The hottest T.V. news show on this compus wos MBI To- doy. This student produced ond directed T.V. show feotured world briefs, weother, music videos, ond even o segment to onswer ond resolve problems in relotionships. "This is hot news . . . this is good stuff . . . this is gonno moke you the next Borboro Wolters." Pro- fessor Jomes Krogel gives Lionno Forrer o confident word. Behind the scenes - Liono Forrer ond Dove Stonkus discuss the upcom- ing news formot. 2553... figefffw fzgjiipli-5 Women's Guild member, Jomin But- ler, ieods the group in on encour- oging word of devotion. With the objective of enriching the spirituol life of students ond their spouses, Women's Guild committee u serves their peers. , i l M6 Deveiopmentg Womens Guiid Reloxing, os well os leorning, Womens Guild provides it oll. Begun in the eorly 1QOO's, the morried women's guild hos con- sistently provided fellowship ond instructions for wives of MBI stu- dents. TUESDAYS LAW North Holl Hoven provides o quiet refuge for women. It is common knowledge thot Murphy wrote his low on Tuesdoy. The olorm forgot to go off. Con- sequently, hubby went off without his breokfost. The kids screom oll morning, ond the peonut butter jot is empty. Whot will I pock them for lunch? Pom will be here soon. I should just stoy home! Who needs Guild onywoy? Thot's eosy - I do! At this hoven, someone else wotches my children ot no ex- pense. I con enjoy o "quiet" lunch thot someone else hos prepqred. I bond develops os I proy with other wives ond moms obout fomily needs. Through Guild, o foculty wife is ovoiloble to lis- ten to my weekly proises ond concerns. I con olso enroll in two closses. These closses, tought by doyschool profes- sors, equip me for mutuol min- istry with my husbond os well os give us more time togeth- er. Now I hove to stoy up oll night with him, doing home- work. hove the liberty to unlood q bur- Story by Mory Lynn Clever. den, or to shoulder someone's. A Z22... MOODY STUDENT Our very own journolists copture the news "The Moody Student" hod o to- tolly different oppeoronce this yeor, not only in stoff but olso in equipment. This yeor's stoff in- cluded people of vorying tolents. Some on stoff hod prior ex- perience with newspopers, but oll hod the determinotion need- ed to produce on excellent newspoper. Mr. Col Hoines, our odvisor, used red pens to show us thot on orticle con olwoys be mode better. ln on effort to produce o bet- ter poper, o Moclntosh wos pur- chosed CThonk you Mr. Dovidhizorj, for the poper's loy- out. This computer mode things eosier, especiolly once we Ieorned how to use it properly. This yeor olso brought o chonge in the choice of o printer. Becouse of the chonge of print- ers, we soved money. A full color photo of Dr. StowelI's in- ougurotion wos included in the second issue. This yeor's stoff would like to thonk the students for their ideos, editoriols ond stories. Your work helped molse "The Student" well rounded. Story by Ann Bucy. Y , X ,X Front Row fL-RJ: Ardis Nelson, Ann offer their meeting begon, Ann Bucy, Bucy, Kothy Popp, Dono Trumbower. Bock Row QL-RJ: Dove Moyer, Jomes Eoster, Ed Arrington, "ls it time to go yet?" Five minutes 118 Development: Moody Student Editor, olreody contemplotes leov- ing. Kothy Popp, Feoture Editor. "This is whot hoppens when you work so hord thot you don't get dinner . . . you resort to pencils MMMM Good!" "Now this is how it's going to be Dove, I wont you to reserve me six full poges for ods . , . " Business Mon- oger, Jomes Eoster, helps Dove Moyer see it his woy. is ,Q Q Q 61 , y K i h,,,--- . 4 W' A . il iv.. "3" 4 .Q QQ- . 2-SZ ' N .. :Z -57" - ., - - K 5 - . Q ' S S V A , - -'f:.'5f'23-F" 32, 't T l 51.414,-q3?:?Q":" '- iq ,,,,L"J.4 , "W ' -w:4.2.i-zrffii-aft. . ' .W A F, 228? in ' 0 4 'Af' , !w 'u A-'Uilfl 122' fx EMA 'E-L 31 9 - M ' ., ' 'v 4 'Kg'-1 ' ,549 A ' ' ,fn-A,ff 5.1 rv ,1 Z X15- They've been together so long they've even leorned to pout in uni- Poul Krouse, Editor, "olwoys on top son. Mott Eberle ond Jennifer Behl of things." Except the lotest styles . . . endure "just one more" ioyout. where did he get thot shirt? soy, "Oh, Jenni, thot's hooplof' Miss Rosolie de Rosset comments on Jenni Royer's excuses for Iote orticles. Brion Nowotzlse in preporotion for thot perfect picture . . . "OIsoy, o little to the right ond then sit up stroight, ond o little to the . . . " 120 lievesfifgzggufnentL 3155 ARCH "Nobody does it better thon o pro- fessionol." Frederic Sourisseou, dork- room technicion prints onother per- fect picture. ,av yr Angelo ond Alexondro Sourisseou ore Frederic's personol support teom. "Great spirits hove olwoys encoun- tered violent opposition from medio- THE ARCH It moy be true thot "pressure produces," but white-out ond popcorn sure help. As you hold this glossy book ond flip through its shiny poges, do you ever question its birth? Ponder from whence it come? The story of its creotion is loced with toil ond triumph. The setting is clossic. A cold office three flights up in North Holl. Tereso ond Poul engoged in offectionote bickering. Jennifer ond Mott sit cheek to cheek ot the loyout toble - designing o loyout? "Better rework the shod- ing on the Arch, Mott - get onother bottle of white-out." CThis is only the twenty-fifth one.j Miss de Rosset groons ot the sky rocketing expenses. Jenni Royer osks for the fortieth time in twen- ty minutes, "Why hosn't Chris colled yet?" Between comploints obout our oncient Thesourus ond retorded computers, she mon- oges to help Kristie ond Tereso coption o record two pictures in one hour. Yo know, "Don't rush the creotive process." About this time Poul struts jo- violly to the center of the room ond onnounces, "lt's time for on- other White Hen run, onyone hungry?" Stoff responds: "Are you buying?" Even Frederic emerges from the dorkroom ond ploces on order. We see our photogropher, Bri- on, on rore occosions. Tonight he shuffles in muttering something obout o molfunctioning comero. The stoff seems to be obondon- ing oll sense of sociolizotion. We're oll too busy munching ond rocking our broins for the "perfect phrose" ond how to moke o horizontol picture look verticol. As deodlines opprooch, the scenorio becomes o pressure cooker. Every word spoken is token os o personol ottock. Poul cronks his Michoel Cord TOpe to mosk the screoms of "friendly conflicts". About this time, two well meoning Moody Student stoffers step over the threshold ond coll o truce on WW Ill. Toss- ing o mini "Kit-Kot" into eoch of our lops, they restore our sonity. Kristie is beginning to stort non- sensicol conversotions, "Hey Jen- ni, where'd you get those shoes?" "Does onyone wont some of my mom's speciol homemode ted?" Poul yells, "Get bock to work!" Kristie ducks ond timidly returns to the torturous tosk of coptioning . . . Now do these coptions hove new significonce? Do the orticles occrue new worth? Are the loy- outs more ottroctive? Does this volume copture the essence of your yeor? We hope so, be- couse you were our inspirotion. Enjoy . . . we did. Story by Jenni Royer ond Kris- tie Duden. cre minds," CEinsteinj. Kristie Duden, 2 Tereso Stirewolt, ond Jenni Royer f2lW"i As Llso Slsson ond Sondro Boln lough hysterlcolly, Dove Benwore ond Joy Llndstrom otfock Trisho Flnk ond Noncy Vlgno. Little dld they know, thot the glrls got revenge flve minutes Ioter os Dove ond Joy ron owoy wlth their tails between their legs. Slx hours ond counting . . . helping poss out PCM assignments during Welcome Week ore Kristie Welnlnger ond Mr. Tohl, men's PCM odvlsor. Service with o smlle. 122 ENLARGEMENT: PEOPLE Bu People - those you poss in the holls, stond with in the lunch lines, ond fight ogoinst for the clossroom's front seots. Some you know by foce, some by mojor, some by nome. So often you ore introduced to someone you've never seen before, only to discover thot he too is o senior on your floor. Sometimes they hove complicoted lives, yet they would be incomplete without their loughter ond teors, not to mention the times you coerced them into running with you to Joys. Here they ore, in ploin view, on enlargement for your memory. Now, finolly, you con find out their nomes. You con discover those greot people who fought olongside you to prepore themselves for world evongelizotion. Hz... 5243 ' FSU VEZV llennis Cormon molaes proctlcol use of his troining I V o S ' r o 5 is 7 LM N Q, M, , rs-,tw-rcs W 1' vMw+l1:' im: , ,sw rr-rf Wtv twf I f Will y: tAQsgli1Ig3l,59iiwiSwgLErsgf,pis:t:W-ij, frigh t, 5 9 wtf K if wt I is is 5 rl is t, Q W 5 1 we asa Q is s ,, 5 gifs Ks G sw If Q Z rs YOUR WINGS Lives scorred by sin Only Your 'ove con win Behind their bots Men Very much lllse me of stolls unusuol ottitudes night flight Eyes oglow Their questions roll This is my chonce Lord I drow out your sword But eyes dim ond interest bleeds All they wont ore Wor stories When will they see? How con I DAZZLE them with YOU? They need Your wings not mine Lest eternity enfolds them unowores Will it olwoys be so? F39-W . 5 QL. . I I - , Spellbound, they listen to toles So mony plones, so little time, Brion Alse Chuck Broun Dennis Cormon Fron Derocher, Flight Emphosis Flight Emphosis Flight Emphosis Flight Emphosis Andy Forrell, Avionics Emphosis Allon Giesbrecht, Flight Emphosis Kelly Green, Flight Emphosls Gill Houn, Flight Emphosis 124 Enlorgement: Aviation School instolling on engine Jim Keech utilizes high tech weother wotching equipment for pre-flight preporotion. ul,k,. , . ff A My as K ' I i 'J 1 'Q F- V: Q i Q f' -f. '1'i4!Y" ,Q . , 4 :dal 1. "Next time use the oil pon," Mike Jerry. Greot things con be occomplished on your knees - Don Lenz, ?- -rf is-1-As There is on ocute missions field need for ovionics speciolists like Andy Forrell. IN SEARCH OF FAITHFUL FISHERMEN There once wos o son of o fishermon. Destined from birth to be like his fother, he devoted his youth to developing the need- ed skills, How he loved to fish - the fro- gront solt woter breeze, the glorious sunrise on o cleor morning, the curious tug of o fish, the thrilling ond tense struggle of ploying the fish in, ond obove oll, his fother's proud smile no motter whot the size of the cotchl But the work wos tough, ond os he witnessed his brothers' toil, he begon to dreom. At the drowing boord, he proceeded to invent. His motorized fishing boot virtuolly put the oor builders out of business. An ingenious hovercroft soved the fomily business hundreds of hours. But the peorl business sought his tolents, os did the seoweed conneries ond the corol thieves, Alos, the money wos good, ond he wos for removed from the rough seo plonks, the snorled lines ond tongled netsg for removed from the leoky boots, the brutol sun ond the unpredictoble seo, for removed from the heort beot of his fother. O, Fother, moy this our tiny closs be diligent to the mission before us, occount- oble to eoch other, foithful to you. Story by Don Lenz. Dorrell Hoys, Flight Emphosis Mike Jerry, Flight Emphosis Jim Keech, Flight Emphosis Don Lenz, Flight Emphosis Andy Ott, Mointenonce Emphosis Chris Simpson, Flight Emphosis Jeff Sprecher, Flight Emphosis Tom Thorp, Avionics Emphosis Hz.. 57W AVIATIO Fourth Year mem lf vssfsiiissisftsrtrr ti 5 if M tt M W 3 me Ken Wilson found poper work required os much time os oircroft work on 'inu- "ll11.2,,"l'llllfi2?' nm --'E iii? ff -of Rick Abner tokes o quiet breok in the student lou 4? For the missionory oviotor, like Gerrit Vermeer, ser- vice for Christ is with o wing ond o prayer. Tom Bolser, Flight Emphosis Norm Cochrone, Avionics Emphosis Mork Engel, Avionics Emphosis Greg Green Steve Gregory, Mike Hommond Bill Hodgson Don Hunziker, Tom Irmeger Dove lsook Flight Emphosis Flight Emphosis Flight Emphosis Flight Emphosis Flight Emphosis Flight Emphosis Flight Emphosis Enlorgement: Aviotion School Rick Abner, Flight Emphosis Jomes Angihon, Mointenonce Emphosis Mike Borlow, Flight Emphosis JA. x Yus Ulsung prepares for cro s country flight. James Angihan does some engine work. Joe Karabensh, Flight Emphasis Dan Neville, Flight Emphasis Eko Pinardi, Flight Emphasis "Honorary International Tennesse Hillbillies? David Mongdong, Yus Ukung, James Angihan, Dan l-lunziker, Alan Giesbrecht, Dave Isaak, 'ff Jonathan Raney, Flight Emphasis Budi Santoso, Avionics Emphasis Debby Schrenl-2, Flight Emphasis Kelly Smith, Flight Emphasis Jeff Smythe, Flight Emphasis Mark Stanley, Flight Emphasis Yus Ulsung, Flight Emphasis Gerrit Vermeer, Flight Emphasis Ken Wilson, Flight Emphasis Jim Winters, Flight Emphasis 3211... F3776 AVIATION Third Year 9 0 ef X t. k , K.,.m1M:c: , , f, , , , .,....,MQw AW. - -- i i. Maw . ., ., We -, , , ,, .. ,sf ,seg .W ,, ,.. ,M ,, f .,,esm5t,s,,1,. ,misc ,W M, W ..sse,,, ., ,,,, S s 2 is s S sf s if Doud Mongdong enjoyed showing off his bolting skills, Me?" Don Worster. ...ay 4 K 'rf' ' L. ' M6193 Doug Hoag, "Please pardon the pun, but this welding is hot stuff," Brian Cordes, Maintenance Emphasis Randy Gromlich, Flight Emphasis Doug Haag, Flight Emphasis Kevin Heassler, Flight Emphasis Tim Hunter, Flight Emphasis Carlos Rangel, Flight Emphasis Alan King, Flight Emphasis Robert King, Flight Emphasis Bob LeNoue, Maintenance Emphasis i , Tom Leininger, Avionics Emphasis David McCleery, Flight Emphasis Daud Mongdong, Flight Emphasis David Moreland, Airframe and Powerplant Ken Morton, Flight Emphasis 128 Enlargement: Aviation School "Take it apart, no problem. Put it back together? iw 1 ii'-Q ll S" 1 35 "Now guys, let me show you just how mommo used to do it . . . " "Now where did this thing-o-mo-jigger come from?" "If I con't get this to worls, I'm going to go bock to osl-is Kevin Heossler. Tinker Toys," Corlos Rongel. Ken Mosher, Avionics Emphosis Rick Nochtigol, Flight Emphosis Borry Nichol, Flight Emphosis Dovid Peorson, Flight Emphosis Steve Pope, Flight Emphosis John Schuler, Flight Emphosis Tim Schulze, Avionics Emphosis Don Smith, Flight Emphosis Tim Smith, Avionics Emphosis Holm Tron, Flight Emphosis Fride Thorsen, Airfrome ond Powerplont Jim Von Gorder, Flight Emphosis Bruce Wolff, Flight Emphosis Don Worster, Flight Emphosis Moria Wuerffel, Flight Emphosis ,QE Spring Students S 52' V sr ,,..,.,, ,E L x , R ,Q IF mg, tt I meek imjfx r get ts 1' .gb ltr, ,iw I wee , Wt is T mee PM ie M 1 1 , .sewtr me ,rw A spring students reflects on her first impressions of Chicogo. Here is on exerp from her diory: Jonuory 20th, 19881 Oh Lord, upon con- templotion of todoy's moments, I grow serene ot the spirituol eyes you gove. So mony foces in this incredulous city - so greot the longing ond desire in the heorts of the moss. How understondoble it is thot you wept upon entry to "your own city." I om in owe of your mognificent power - to be in tune with the perspective of God's love, God's mercy while yet considering the burdens of this world! I om only oble to glimpse this dimension in such o smoll woy. Were I spirit olone, I suppose my hon- Andrews, Deon Austin, John l3oiIey,Tim Bergmon, Becky Bird, Jomes Broun, Robbin Brown, Alon Burco, Cornelio Corlson, Deonno Corlson, Jeffrey Cellon, Christino Chuo, Diono Cunninghom, Kevin Dol Pro, Mork Delgodo, Millo Eberhordt, Kothy Emord, Debbro Erickson, Kurt Eustice, Mory Finnon, Suzonne Fuger, Borboro Gogorinos, Gory Gorcio, Esther Gorcio, Gerson Gifford, Jodeon Gront, Steven Honson, Gregory Horshborger, Poul Hight, Richord Hirte, Christion Howord, Andreo Jencks, Leonno Jensen, Philip Kelling, Thereso Kendogor, Ruth Kiel, Brion Klopp, Rebecco Knutson, Keith Koop, Morionne Kuykendoll, Kim Le Soc, Joseph Linden, Steve dling of such would come with greoter eose. Yet, the slides of todoy's fromes pull up those two elderly bums stonding mes- merized by bulldozers through o choin- linked fence. How lost were their foces thot yet onother steel ond concrete obstruction would go up to block their souls from the cleor blue sky, from snowy white clouds os pillows for ongels ond imoges of fontosy. Only one more giont to ossure them of their ont-like size in this universe of insig- nificonce. How will they know - how will they comprehend thot while we os humons look up with longing to refresh our souls, our spirits, YOU ore looking down with the some? How is it, divine Moster, thot I shol be used by your Spirit to occomplish tx tosk of telling these men of Your longir for them? How could I ever come to ti complocency of side-lining humonityl onything? Lord, moy I not, moy I olwg wolk with Your eyes, moy my heort I woys see their need. And yes, moy yi olwoys heol my blind eors to your Spil Keep me from seeing the mere physicl ond odd to my foith through the heoring Your Word, MY God, thot I sholl forev occept Your groce. Fulfill this doy thot pric less quolity of looking down from on hig ond I sholl proise you in odvonce my Kii for your gronting of this very thing, E nr as - m ik .- 3 er ' , f i 180 Enlorgement: Spring Students e L ,Aff 4 S imrf AWS? 'ffiifmsrismwfev ir, I V i . ,W,tQ,wfmerfaiff ,gre ff Q 42 1 J WSI , , ff' .smsw ,MJWJM , 'H ,, ' gs WZ? C ',,.M , ,, I, ,,,g 3115, 2, dl ww ,595 his 1 -4 l J M ,X X K , .M Q s 15 K ,. ,li . It Q K - X , 1 'wx 2 ' KV Z Jingle, Jingle . , . "lt's lovely weother for o sleigh ride together with you . . POP, BAM, POP, POP! Are these rnen rioting ogoinst sleigh rides? No, it's the lost bond chopel of the foll semester. Lineburg, Joi Lineburg, Jill MocEwicz, Koren McCleskey, Vicky McElroy, Pornelo Miller, Dovid Murro, Jeffrey Neilson, Potricio Ness, Kevin Ng, Shirley Oliver, Jenno Olson, Philip Porsons, Steve Poter, Christine Pepple, Soroh Perri, Vickie Petschciuer, Sherri Repke, Alesio Rosies, Elizobeth Rosies, Jonothon Rutherford, Brion Schellenberg, Jen Schroeder, Jornes Show, Robin Sheehon, Kevin Sloter, Thomos Smith, Curtis Spychollo, Peter Stork, Robert Stone, Jeffrey Sumroll, John Tirnmrecls, Cheryl VonBorriger, Roger Vergoson, Gerry Wolbtidge, Liso Worner, Melody Weststeyn, Joe Whiteheod, Sherrie Willioms, Brion Willioms, Peggy Wolfe, Tonner Woolever, Michelle Zdziorski, Glenn Zinlse, Morls 131 A Nome hometown, ond mojo vii FQRQEQSQHQMQ oN I six Looks like thousonds to me. No, only six-hundred or so. On- ly six-hundred? You're crozy. Oh sorry. Guess I should fill you in. We ore reliving the first doy of registrotion ot college ond trying to figure out how mony people reolly were in thot in- fomous line. So you mind if we continue our conversotion? No, good. It'II toke me hours to get to the end of this line. No, only obout thirty minutes or so. Don't believe them. It took two-ond-o-holf hours. I think I told everyone on compus these four things: my nome, where I om from, my mojor, ond my sociol-security number. After telling my entire life story, I reoch the end of thot extremely long row of tobles, ond someone tells me to get oll these little boxes, on this ugly oronge poper, initioled. An assignment olreody? I ho- ven't even signed up for closses yet. Just stop ot eoch of the one-hundred booths on the plo- zo ond get the boxes signed. Eosy for you to soy since oll you hove to do todoy is sit there ond give these orders. Well, now I om ot Cl Christion College so I hove to oct moture. Yes mo'om. I'II do whotever will moke life eosier on you. I'm only o freshmon, stroight out of high-school, trying to od- just to oll the chonges ond trog- edies in my life, but don't wor- ry obout me. You won't see me cry becouse I'II hold the teors in until I get to my room ond see the ugly corpet ond ploin wolls. Young Iody, you hove o terrible attitude. Sorry, oh it's time to end so listen core- fully. We lived hoppily ever of- ter. The end. Story by Louro Thomas The BIG three for the frosh. Leoving few possessions behind, freshmen wrote o new choprer in their lives oi mode themselves ot home. Ackerly, Soroh Adomson, Julie 'T- Adkins, Julio ff Adkins, Philip ' Allen, Julie " s it 4 Alisentono, Dove y 3, My Amodor, Luis , so , '41 I ' Amicli, Phillip , ,.. 4 ? ,b , Andresen, Kenneth I , if 4 'I ,LMT ti ,gg Aspinl 69 L g I V Aubol, Mortin , it ..' l iv I , g ' M i Austin, Michoel , Y l Bodertscher, Joseph I , ,Q , Boiley, Deboroh ' ' W y 0 Q -. Boiley, Dennis p ft, Boldwin, Joy M ... ' W - Bollou, Michelle I. I 4' ' Borr, Rebecco ' 'A I Botschelet, Curtis liiii A I Botterton, Joneie . i li V Q. ,, Q' 'I Bouroin, Soroh Y ., L, , Beoton, Richord ,yg g I . Y l Vv' Beoryl Stephen V Vx . K Q Bechtol, Cynthio fi X ' I 3 Q. ea? i 1 I ' 182 Enlorgeme-nt: Freshmen ii VW" 'vs J . +,- .. ' , i , S ii ., W -if rf in X 41 4 s ' M' -f l ,q-, - V be wg ? A" 1' M1 fn ,f f 5, all .M , Q i, , ,J 2 ' i t iiiiiil t J- J S . i J C ' f- J J as . J tim - U Karl Q K i ki il if , we R , 2 ,N y 'zijn ' if A SC C 'M Y Beckemeyer, Jodi Befus, Joel Behl, Jennifer Benwore, Lourie Bertrord, Robert Biel, Liso Bigley, Joy Binder, Mork Bixler, Robert Blockburn, Mike Bledsoe, Curtis Blough, Kimberly Blough, Ron Bodenhomer, Brent Bombelo, Dovid Boxill, Horold Brodrnon, Korneron Brondon, Jornes Bront, Keith Bredbenner, Brodley Brekelbourn, John Bresnohon, Christopher Breuker, Sheryl Brooch, Morgoret Brood, Keith Brock, Rodney Bromwell, Beth Brooks, Cheryl Brooks, Groce Brosinski, Steven Brown, Aoron Brown, Dovid Brown, Mork Brown, Shoun Brown, Scott Bruboker, Ronold Bubeck, Sheryl Buchonon, Mork Burkhort, Aoron Burnett, Aoron Busboom, Annornorie Busenitz, Koren Cornpbell, Glenn Compbell, Koren Condollo, Cynthio Corlson, Dovid Corlson, Sheryl Correro, Mork Correro, Poul Corroll, Doniel Corson, Dovid Coston, Mory Jo Cedergren, Dorryl Celosse, Michoel ZZ!-1 Chan, Dorcas Chang, Ho-Yoon Chase, Rebecca Chavers, Michael Chen, Yi-Shen Chouinard, Ben Christensen, Wayne Chung, Melody Ciocan, Michael Clapp, William Cleve, Mark Cloys, Mark Coffaro, Terrance Collard, Timothy Collins, Jeffrey Colwell, Todd Condron, Todd Conley, Joel Conwell, Steve Cooke, Lawrence Cordes, Thomas Cornette, Timothy Correll, Alysa Coulter, Christopher Covell, Nancy Crabbs, Sherri Craig, Robert Crawford, John Crist, Robin Csalsy, Katalin Cumberworth, Ronda Cumerford, Catherine Cushing, Janis Dahrens, Catherine Dalager, Debra Daley, Lisa Daniels, Timothy Davis, Deborah Davis, Kelly Davis, Toby Dawson Jr., James Denbow, Sarah Devora, Michele DeVries, Kathryn DeWeerd, David Dix, Penny Doebler, Paula Dommisse, Kristi Doss, Nathan Doyle, Deborah Draper, Maureen Drury, Deborah Earhart, Kyle Earnst, Todd 184 Enlargement: Freshmen gm ft - M.. 1' I ."""', 7 vin, Yi l -I -T T Y . , 7' ., F , ti' X A fx, ,cr ? 522 I 1 is QB, ' S '1'f'f SA'Z i A A I sa A fl' s i al A 'M so f fi' JF I V A T7 V V, , I a t 5 . L ,,,J,J,, 9 X, ff' if-J' , Eostmon, Tommy ., ' ,,,, Q. f U Eberle, Motthew Q ,Q 5 ' A ,Q V QW 7 it Elond, Joel I Q, . ,H yy 'Z - Elliott, Dovid il. A A I V A N Elliott, Kenneth is A I. gi SE I Ellison, Kimberly A Emmons, Louro A lllt 2 3. .. A Evons, Christopher ,si , , Evons, Jomes wt " Evons, Pomelo A g M A if Folkenberry, Roger ,-, ' I P I Fovenir, Genevieve EE z I A I ,g d ' Fowcett, Williom 4 A 'if L r Q sir I S Fehr, Trevor :Q-QQ' , wg, s S . Felty, Sheri 23' 2 rs' ' .I . Fenske, Jennifer I A A ' It Fink Sheri .Q .,, af. ,, , .sc I I Am M ' A Fisher, Irene Fitz, Jomes R MA Floyd, Chorles A Foutz, Scott Fronklin, Andrew Freire, Poulo French, Nicholos AFC QEQSQHQ 0 QNA Suddenly, I wos enveloped in o dork, sinister cloud. The monster of gorgontuon dimensions wos slowly closing his mile- high teeth on me os I entered his vost mouth. Doom! We mode our woy through downtown Chicogo. Spurting through the troffic, my thoughts vividly set off into fireworks ofter o summer of television-wotching, reoding, ond worrying. So this is the "Windy City." The only windy thing obout it wos the trosh ond dust blowing obout on the chipped sidewolks. Whot would the skyscropers look like if I were o cockrocich? "Hey mon, my cousin, the one who lives in the pipe on the one-hundred-ond-twenty-third floor of the Honcock, soys thot's where heoven is." "Yeoh, but whot obout my best friend?", "He got stomped by o yuppie's wing-tip on on elevotor there." How come the people move so fost? Whot is the big hurry? Oh, this is the rot roce. "Rot number four is in the leod . . . woit . , . now it's rot number seven . . . is number seven! The winner!" So thot's why oll the Iodies weor Reeboks with their dresses. Two weeks Ioter, I venture out of my dormitory into the cementjungle, Nervously, I gulp lorge quontities of cor-exhoust oir os I trudge through busy intersections. Quite ropidly, I begin to feel reloxed ond in control. My stote is interrupted by o top on the shoulder. A six-foot-five block mon with eight pounds of The City of Chicogo: it moy not look like just home, but there is little choice gold oround his neck turns ond smiles. This is o twelve-inch smile, fifty percent ivory, fifty percent gold. "Hey big mon, you neeeeed sum powty suppliiiiiiieeeeesss?" His lost words drool out of his foce ond drip onto his lips. He floshes the 14-korot smile ogoin. "Uh, no." I quickly wolk owoy trying to figure out why he smelled like coconuts. I wolk into o pork ond sit on o bench. I notice birds ond squirrels everywhere. Where in the world did they come from? Loter thot night, I look out my window ond observe the skyline. Whot is so beoutiful obout o bunch of lights? I imogine whot it would look like if the lights were oll put together to moke one big Iightbulb. Bright. The more I store ot the lights, the more they look like the eyes of mechonicol predotors lurking ond goping from the dork, metropoliton roin-forest, I lie down ond turn my imoginotion off. My broin thonks me, sighs, ond returns to normol thoughts. Story by Paul Porkerson Friedrich, Marc IAVII Fuder, David G i f A Tiff! ig i Fujinami, Yoshitaka If wg I ' "" I Furseth, Jan f M , ...W .,5,, Galliher, Laura common, James I GGIGT, MOTTIWGW ' V Viz. V Q , Gibson, Larry I ssisr Grrbeffsf John , , GIOQOWSKL Ptobeff C i fi .,, iLY i Gomez' C0"0S or l f ICGIII Clil l I ii f ' 5 ll Ii l ' ICCIICCI : , Gordon. Simone I I ill, Z 2ff 1 5 ,, T l, Gordon, Tr0Cy I I . l Gotbaum, Sherry s ' r I r r rrr1r Graffius, Jonathan I GrOnf, MOG I ' rr rrrrr lrr sc. Greaves, Debra ff as Green, Joseph Groff, Barbara Guerrero, Robert f C Haldeman, David Hamilton, John Hammond, Sandra MA AF' 'E'S'H' ' 'NA "l'm going to live here for three years?" I thought as I craned my neck to look up at the tall, unwelcoming, red brick buildings of Moody. This was supposed to be home. My life for the next three years would be wrapped up in the activities going on within one city block. Could real people actually live here? Millions of thoughts and feelings whirled through my mind during my first hours at Moody. I was awed by the immense size of the buildings, intimidated by the throngs of people, bewildered by all the lines, and completely confused. First, there was the registration table where no one could spell my name, and, therefore, couldn't find my packet. After pro- nouncing and respelling my last name ten times, I was finally stuck with a name tag and sent to the next table. PCM. "How many languages are you fluent in, and which Chicago neigh- borhoods would you like to evangelize first?" Then there were the Glee Clubs. I thought they went out in the forties. At last, I escaped the unending lines and headed for the dorm. I had never seen so many doors in one hallway. At least I didn't have to wait in line to get to my room. "Well, this is it," I thought, as I began to unpack. There's more to Moody than meets the eye, however. I had seen the campus from the outside and been inside the dorm, but there were still the tunnels. I couldn't believe it. There was no way I could avoid them. I couldn't get to the dining room any other way. So I devised a plan, and by sticking close to a 136 Enlargement: Freshmen , ,.,. , , Wg 3? few A-4 AI I .. 1,-k,,,, smwgg, 'fi Upon first arrival, we ask if this is going to be home: Bricks, tunnels and lines? group of girls when the meal hour approached, I made it safely to the dining room. By the end of my first day at Moody, I felt that nothing in life would ever be the same. My mind was full of tunnels, lines, elevators, people, and noise. Gone were the spacious lines and quiet stillness. In their place were unyielding cement and wailing sirens. This was home. Story by Debbie Kalne White shirts, dress pants, freshly cut hair . . . they must be freshmen. 1 3 V, , . V ' ' F nz, I ,- M' 'vi 4,24 , 4 ,Qty 6 if 'is 'Z f ' K, s, 'wr' r ft i ' a ' uffh 4. Q77 .Al ZX f.. M , ,,,, -.:::,f -g , x x ,fx . Qi. 4 , Q.. V 9' Ml' A i , o 'S 'J , gi? Ii H J Vg , , g W ff., H ff.f ,,,,1,,,111..f,- V ., ,., 'J J A -W 1 if iq , x J xi, , ,L . K ,L . E ,f 1 , 4 J f. -, T 34 J il: J :Q , r i -fi K 1 " Ai if , ,of FTS ' 'W t vi ' mf, ' ,- 1- 4' ,. as 2, 3.5! I M1 4 if Honder, Kevin Honno, Kim Honson, Jonice Hordie, Christopher Hormon, Scott Horrimon, Lynn Horris, Foith Hortmonn, Melisso Hoynes, Philip Hoynes, Shown Hoys, Timothy Hedstrom, Jennifer Hendricks, Kevin Henry, Chorloyne Herndon, Kim Hertzler, Jomes Hetzel, Jeffrey Higgins, Phillip Hill, Anton Hofstro, Rondol Hoon, Aoron Howord, Koren Hulse, Lourel lm, Kyong-Ok lngolls, Lorry Ingersoll, Gregory lsgro, Melisso Joclsson, Morls Jocus, Steven Jontz, Rebecco Jeonty, Potricl-2 Jensen, Louro John, Roymond Johnson, Cynthio Johnson, Dovid Johnson, Jody Johnson, Poul Jones ll, Terry Joy, Gory Juhnlse, Michoel Junger, Lindo Juntunen, Ruth Kelch, Gory Kelemon, Duone Keller, Kristino Kelly, Timothy Kelso, Amy Kinney, Poul Kizzior, Timothy Kloossen, Brendo Klopfenstein, Joy Kness, Jomes Knight, Borboro Kringie, Thomos Z... M Knorr, Elizobeth Konold, Bruce Kostopoulos, Thereso Kostrevo, Kyle Kott, Dovid Kritzmon, Kelly Krus, Scott Lommers, Jennifer Longe, Todd Lowson, Andrew Lowton, Dennis Lozor, Shoron Leomon, Lourle Leotherwood, Chorles Lee, Rebecco Legont, Steve Lehmonn, Jennifer Lenicls, Tommy Lewis, Moro Lewis, Morls Lilly, Scott Lindsey, Brit Line, Brent Liston, Croig Liston, Jonothon Livingston, Borry Loewen, Trovis Long, Dovid Long, Lori Losch, Timothy Love, Deonne Lowe, Lucindo Lyons, Corol McCouley, Todd McCormocls, Mork McDowell, Christy McDowell, Mork McFee, Christine McQuoig, John McMullen, Heother Moc Leod, Allon Molich, Shillino Molone, Dovid Monn, Kelsey Monslse, Michoel Morosi, Suzonno Morsholl, Jomes Morty, Stephen Moson, Jomie Moson, Ross Mosters, Timothy Motto, Pierre Motthews, Robin Mourer, Ruth 138 Enlorgementz Freshmen 2 ,-,,-, W, V V. .,,, , ,V I . , I , if ,,,.,, ,,.1,, 1 ,,,,,.,. , I Q do Q ' 1 .,1,, J , ,. , , As , , . V K 'J' K - fl A slls srs J V ' 'J ' J J L iw tv .1 O f Q. mf, HY, - H i A fir' --1 ,, A F ' PX ' E ' 5 ' H ' M ' A ' N A You con wosh ond wox 'em, The welcome weekers of Houghton 5-West mode little effort to oid in my comfort os I moved in, Curiously, they wotched me fill my room with boxes os they ignorontly ossumed I wos on upperclossmon. "Why else would she be three doys eorIy?" they probobly thought. I wos flottered thot I looked older to them, but I dreoded the three doys of solitude focing me. Inside my room, I stood omidst my trunk ond suitcoses with six Iorge pieces of heovy furniture surrounding me in o dis- orderly cluster. I noticed the porticulorly foshionoble brown ond green color tones on the floor ond wolls. The interior decorotor in me thought, "My roommote will love it! It coordinotes perfectly with the dust on the furniture." The point chips ond tope morks on the woll steodily drew my eyes upword until I beheld the ceilings The remoins of hundreds of poster-putty globs of yeors post jeered bock ot me. Fronticolly, I dusted the furniture ond woshed the wolls thot ofternoon. For the two hours succeeding thot tosk, I took it upon myself to heove ond tug the desks ond dressers oround the room in on effort to ochieve on occeptoble orrongement. I persevered throughout the three lonely doys thot followed, ond on Registrotion Doy I diligently woited for my roommote .6 n - g 4 M' O ,' , -'- - .L A "ttc You con scrub ond scrope 'em, But you'II never remove o Iegocy to orrive. Immediotely, I knew I liked her, ond we spent the first couple doys experiencing Chicogo ond Moody together. She, olso, did not oppreciote our room, but we took steps to moke it personol ond comfortoble. After owhile, we storted overlooking the poster-putty globs ond tope morks too. About two weeks ogo, Corol, my roommote ond I visited some friends on the third floor. We odmired their newly pointed room, ond comploined to them obout the vondolized stote of our wolls. The third floor RA overheord us ond entered the room Ioughing. "Oh, ore you in room 518 by ony chance?" She continued to Iough hystericolly. "lt wos so funny," she continued, "Two yeors ogo or so we jopped our friends in 518 by toping ond poster- puttying oll of their belongings to the wolls ond ceiling! You would hove just died if you couId've seen it!" Agoin, she Ioughed. Oh, I bet thot wosjust so hiloriousl Story by Kelsey Mann Moynor, D Midkiff, Doniel Millheim, Dovid Mills, Virginio Mincey, Christopher Mines, Kenneth l S ri' I A I Mitchell, Jomes U ' i gk.. 5 A A Mitchell, Jomes ia. :tgirl Z! is Mulley, Kimberly Ry 'b I ". tg 35" s gg 5 y,,,,y ,lyg I ' ' Mundy, Morvin sq I Murphy, Troy I A. , fy J I Murro, Juonito - , A if f s f I I Murtoy, Poul , V j 5,,,f 43 Myers, Todd I itr, 1 Nelson, Liso 'if ' i Nelson, Stephonie ' Nesto, Mork Newholl, Brion Newmon, Richord ' Ng, Morcio Northorp, Joy Nystrom, Theodore 322. Z g AFvRvEvSvH0M0A0NA .Imustsoythotthis Oh, brother here I go ogoin, but this time I'm storting out in the middle of the yeor insteod of ot the beginning. I reolly hope this wosn't o mistoke. Too lote now, I'm committed. I'm on o jet plone not knowing if I'll be bock ogoin. Boy, I hope those guys ore ot the gote woiting for me. I hove noideo how to get oround in O'Hore. Well, whot con you expect, I'm from ldoho. Oh good, there they ore with big Moody signs. Thot wos nice of them. Well, here goes nothing. "Hi, I'm MeLone." Blonk, totolly blonk, I just love telling people my nome. It's olwoys on experience. "How do I spell thot? M-e Copitol L-o-n-e. No, no it's not MeLone, or MeuLone it's MyLone. Thot's right, I know, it's 0 hord one to remember. Beep, beep you're in my lone? Well, I guess thot's one woy to remember it." Where do they get these guys? Beep, beep you're in my lone, oh brother. This should be o fun semester. My goodness doesn't onyone know how to drive oround here. I reolly would like to moke it to the school in one piece. Yoo, I'm here. Too bod it's night time. I would kind of like to see whot the school looks like. I guess I'Il do thot tomorrow. Now it's into the elevotor, push number four, down the holl, room four-o-seven, throw open the door, to-do, yeesh, ond they reolly wont two of us to live in here. I hope I like my roommote. O'Doy, Philip Odenthol, Kurt Ogg, Allen I Olsen, Jeonne - I I -1 Oom, Dovid Orris, Morilyn "' 'I' D Ortlieb, Lindo I ' Ozment, Deirdro Poigo, Amy - Polmer, Tyrone it . ,, Porkerson, Poul Poyne, Poul will be o fun semester Only If you soy my nome right. And here she is, my roommote. "Hi, I'm MeLone." Blon totolly blonk. Well, you know the rest of the story. "So you like going to bed Iote ond getting up even loter. N4 no, I con't soy thot's how I do things. I, oh, like to go to bed eorl ond get up even eorlier." Ah, yes, this should be o fun semeste Story by MeLone Dusky "And this is 0 picture of my mom, ond this is my house. And this is old Aunt Solly Freshmen get ocquointed. f ' . ' ' fn' ,' lik I , . .2 I I 5, 5 X ' - 9'.'f'f'LU:v, -V '- f n Penz, Jonothon liiil l I "' . lill ' . I 3 Perik, Corol . I , . 1, N f Peters, JOY r . if ' . M 'F . , , . . if Peterson, Todd ff? I i v ' V, 4 ME! '37 Pflughl Howord V: I If ig . ,.. J I Pham' DOO if I.-:.-as fl phmipp' Grant .,.,,.. - . V. I z 1: 1., . Pierce, Kerri .A , IQ I Pit? G'e9O'Y v Pinch, Joyno N .fe 1 j PIPQV GVGQOVY , A. . 'H 3, I . . 140 Enlorgement: Freshmen 16 "4 '-.-5' f A .. f s fwskf' K 'Bly " 4 sh , f Q I Q ', -?. l in gf 1' i N5 7' X, 4 fi U 12 E F an fi. L T ' - ' Q ici'-1? , . It ,fi X ' i Nil. J P W, X , - z .e ii? ' " , f??t'Q.fC:1'YI' ie: - fag, 11,1321 ,f - gk? gi: ,af JH 1? 1 if - ..,1 i ? '? if 'gf . fl' 'W fa A .cv 3 , 1"'? 49' B isll:il T Pratt, Chikako Pratt, Timothy Presnell, Harry Prim, Carol Psooy, Karen Puffer, Keith Puffer, Wendy Pyon, Su-Ok Raney, Rebekah Rankin, Virginia Rascher, Karl Rasmussen, Michael Reed, Robyn Rees, John Rehbine, Jeffrey Reimer, Larilee Reicheld, William Reigel, Samuel' Reist, Timothy Rincon, Claudia Robarts, Victoria Rogers, Lori Romeis, Christopher Ronning, Daniel Rose, Dawn Rukin, Eric Rusch, Mark Rush, Mary Rutherford, Rebekah Sabel, Beth Sage, Rebeca Sanders, Timothy Sandstrom, Steve Sapp, Michael Sargent, Patricia Saski, Setsuko Sather, Sara Saunders, Mark Schantz, Kristen Schlote, Michael Schneider, Esther Schreiber, Stephen Scudmore, Lea Seburg, Roxanne Sherwood, Jennifer Sifford, Alan Simpson, Traci Simmelink, Lisa Sisk, Kenneth Skinkle, Heidi Skjegstad, Robert Slater, Kevin Smith Jennifer Smith, Jessica 24- 5511 Snyder, Andrew Son, Won Speer, Suson Stocy, John Stoniey, Jeffrey Stoveness, Jody Stedmon, Lilo Steiner, Kent Stewort, Alisso Stowell, Joseph Stoyle, Simon Strolow, Regino Streocker, Robert Streeter, Ryon Strietzel, Dovid Stubbs, Soleo Suess, Amy Sullivon, Bryon Svec, Volerie Swortz, Motthew Sweeney, Wendy Sweezey, Jodie Toki, Richord Tolbot, Brion Tozeloor, Debro Thor, Jonothon Thomos, Louro Thomson, Shown Thonnes, Amber Tyerino, Eric Tober, Arthur Tokunogo, Emi Tollefson, Brendo Tornquist, Mindi Turner, Timothy Vonder Ark, Rene Vonder Loon, Timothy Von Konegon, Down Von Wyne, Brod Vonder Veide, Doniel Vonderveen, Jock Vile, Motthew Vizzini, Suzonne Wolloce, Potrick Wolker, Bryon Wolker, Todd Weber, Allon Weck, Elizobeth Wegener, Andrew Weidenoor, Rondo! Weiler, John Wertz, Becky West, Anthony Wheeler, Anith 142 Eniorgementz Freshmen fi wr nf 2 1 sf f . sf W' S J 'Q mt ,, A 'M 5. F4- X X 4 . 5 i fe ff? f , W, U.. "' M ,it , ., W ikfiql x ' " X - W e 1, , 5 , , ' xr kr, 32:92 ' , A "..'5' . X . t - - - i Q.. my : f s M -, v ' .4'!,Q , 'Y 5,4 4 K og' S iv i ,. , L I 4 ?'i- ---1'-1. ' 1 , if My ,, Q K X Vf l V A, ,,,. , - I I kr f, 3 ,giwg ,v' y 31 ,, M , V V 15 5 ': i:A' V ' , , 2, 11 VV, l , ZA ,,:V2 ' 'fii --" ' I LLiL' Q52 , VV' ' fi A, A est 'L' ' Y ' I ' K .1 5 X -f gg V fi' 'f in .vs - Y H, ,f ,if S B X 'tl xt-W if? f i 2 At the end of 0 hord day, Mory Anne Rush settles down with o good book. Devotional reoding from D.L. Moody's outobiogrophy become 0 must for the freshmen student. White, Dovid Whitmer, Don Whitlow, Borry Wick lll, Stephen Wiebe, Chod Wiersmo, John Wilsstrom, Koy Wilson, Christopher Windle, Steven Winterholter, Poul Witwer, Keith Wong, Chun-Chiu Wright, Robert Wright, Sornuel Wysong, Jornes Yorrow, Melody Yenson, Christopher Yi, Jong Zohn, Poulette Zong, Cotherine Zettek, Poul Zoetemon, Keith Zygmunt, Gretchen HQ.. i r- ,.,. f, Second ' ' Year ,M ,,,,,, , l e e, t irri il,e lil, ffff l,eii l l il lii ,r l i A il i l i ' sies A sie US7f0FWhdf5sW?f3f??P5.f6 i sBf9?1fili3bCiUffPfHiSi lfiiT1erir5lfhG iisfifSfl lSff5i?'iii iii es , Q,deirbalel?lCQl16dli'6Uif,rQfrheliefigeifrifffiiinifct A4 silr peeredhreined i,ls before' WSQACOUIGA iihfrodvf llre, lcbriflfdef'fliesifSSU6isS?fiOQS4Yr000 fbiiffiiliefoi f fheme iw?ir'i'5iSC0Vi2fedl7 iifhe'YlfQwefe hh burfbrooldsidesiftrorzfsjewith trottg the,y 7,ondfpronced 1 offg, , time ondQwife!QHe told hisrwifethotheehd ah,eieraser,ibeiieverft:5medr,rYciiigvfoomime ruowevef, fhisiimes SCSf1OrIOk,CiJUghf-the , e iPf0YEd5?to 'receive rvshuoffimdi me-ft vi lisne,tbe fbo rti,of Ne,wfYork4known as Green- rentionlof oiyoungswornon whoillookedfo ,sprayed with hisiwifej A A wichyiiioge. lbegonsoiconversotion within me sos though shewos Jewish. Shelcome A Story by Steve Shermitt. A A Aoron, Kothy e, i Abdo, Suzonne - , , r e , g , Achziger, TrOCy ,W , Q, 3 f Akins, Stephonie lii rs gp, 1- l A , , e i f e,,,,e 5? V f 5. i Alfsen, Cher I ,J 1 ,V e I i A i n Alton, Johxn A An 'Y A iff, - no " n Q ,1f' ""1" K ,- , ,, . 'Ik': ,.,, . ' , .,., 5 ,. l,,. 1 W K 'V Anderson, Corol ,e , " if e, sf Anderson, Dovid , r A, 3, g 1 , , , ,h Q Anderson, Eloine 'Z ' , K Anderson, Erik i ,r V is' k Anderson, Nothon ,,, ,,,s if A l Antrim, Shelly fi ,ir ior' A Wuliiim A siisiirii l APPeI, Thomos lllfi ,,, ,i,,, Appleby' Jon , ,,,,s e , , Arnold, Keifh A 3' Asmus, Andy i l Boird, Tommie Q gll ii A llii Belles, Pour iiii f is t , , Q , Borber, Debbie ij ,, , M l ' A ltlf ' Beofden, Sherri 7 Beournont, Robin 2 Beisell, Joson q i QL Beloz' U50 iff' f Berkimer, Noncy :A A , ifl 1,,, Berry, Andrew . , V iii ,, , ' Y? kzx VA, J EEQL25-if i .,., Billow, TFOY 7 ll ll t, Bm' Chen Blycker, Tim l liili so A eliii n,, ,,, i,r ll lll ,r, s, , i Bond' D0f'0'd A lii I r ' ifii A l 144 Enlorgement: Second Yeor Students Bodden, John Bolin, Sherri Boyd, Williorn Bovee, Melony Brondhogen, Robert Brove, Kent Broy, Dovid Bredfeldt, Jeonnine Briggs, Brion Brinkmon, Amy Bronger, Ruth Brower, Verlyn Brown, Cheryl Brown, Donold Brown, Jennifer Brown, Robert Brunt, Christi Bryont, Keith Bryont, Kim Buclsinghorn, Julie Buckwolter, Whitney Budoi, Anno Bullocls, Arron Burke, Kent Butler, Enos Codwell, Brod Coholon, Brion Colvert, Gerold Comeron, Wendy Conji, Neno gif- E56 Carlson, Sheryl Carmean, Karen Chase, Mark Chesebro, Shelly Christen, Calvin Tlsfi l:f1'fQlT!if"i5iS2f r J E e eeee e J it 4 S' X J MX t' I' X X i f , ,se Y Christiansen, Ron sss., Cole, Sue t C, , Q , g Conordl Melody Q4 ,f'. N L 4 as .,.. - W . , W x i .K S 29-ki. I gi Conant, Joanna ' Q " ft is K A A in ssr Conway, Julie N X 'S' n ,,,. get tg - Cook, Jason M ' Q , A rg t ,,,, S isis j ' i 6 it ' 'K iii x i 1: Costanza, James - A Coy, Michael Crafts, Michael Courtney, Kristi g, ,,,' if el , is Craker, Doyle x., Craner, Laura rtsi A 5 . -:tif-in -- fri Q s fe . ,.., gggyfiieim K me Crawford, Paula Criel, Ronald Cross, Travis Crothers, John . ,F I, Czech, Michael Deangelo, Beverly 1 as 1 'L 'lfkifififi ' N rf .t 5 , 5. , , .J K - , J , ,A , , g , i. '45 M as t .2i" ' n--- t 4 it half Q I Q 1 Damm, Regina E 4 if E Darling, Lisa 1 N S nisinf V Davis, Gary - , V ' N ggi j ' , V N, De Jong, Kristi 'sa' QF' ' i Delawar, Steven 4 A Dempsey, Krista ,fp 1 A- t Second ' ' Year i "What did you say?" Language barrier is hurdled through love and committment As l sat preparing my first Sunday School lesson, l focused my attention on the con- tent and on which methods to use. l worked hard preparing, and when Sunday morning arrived, l was prepared to go. l was taken to the Korean Bethany Church. As l stood among the children, l noticed l was an oddity, the only blond person around. When l spoke, the children seemed to have difficulty understanding mei isii This wasn't unusual since lil have a South African accent, but l thought, "They'll 146 Enlargement: Second Year Students get used to it." When l finally got my class together, I realized the reason for the lack of re- sponse. Three out of the five chiidren couldn't speak English, What now! At a snails pace, l worked my way thorugh the lesson. "Whats your name: could you re- peat that. l'm afraid l didn't quite under- stand what you said." Aftef sorting out who was who, l began my Bible lesson. l'd say a phrase, ask someone to translate it, try to get some feedback and then continue. The childre were amused at my attempts at certai Korean phrases, Laughter broke man barriers, and they were more willing to s something' after having laughed at m l've often wondered exactly how mu they've learned since there-'s such littl communication. Just when l'm on t verge of getting discouraged, Christ r minds me that His light will shine through 3 ways which l've never considered. Story by Teresa Dickerson ,k, , W i A if sf 4 1 QWWIQ1 Y De Young, Lorry Dickerson, Tereso Dubiel, Mory R DuBois, Shelby Dunn, Cosey Durhom, Diono it Durhom, Ronold , Dusky, MeLone 'r Eoles, Dovid ' Empson, Louro Engle, Bob -'Z 15: 'f,,, 'ff z. , , K t. ai nnnn I Euler, Bill vi ' Y X K. g ,,,, , , Evons-Ponoyiotis, Vivion Q 1 ' I ? Folco, Shori ., ln Folk, Corrie t' l i Forrey, Rebecco ' i Fink, Potricio Finnon, John QQZEIQ A 3 5 Forster, Thomos it Fortier, Seon s Fountoin, Fron '- Fox, Tim Fugmen, Tino Fulkerson, Kris X Gorrigo, Jose Gotliff, Michoel George, Ed Georgeff, Joy Georgopulos, Pete 1 f x ii i i Gollery, Don if Concentration .ls the nome of the game says Dovid Anderson os he mokes his crucial move on Peter Merris. "Oh, thot Colvin is such Q crazy chorocterg DOT to mention his tiger-friend Hobbes." Joonno Conant con- centrates on priorities. 1324.54 Clearly, we have either a foul or violation on this play - but which? There is a hack, yet since the play is above the rim, it might be considered goaltending. You be the ref - you make the call! Where else could you find two intelligent women such as these except in the Cove , . . or maybe In the Zoo? Teresa Stirewalt and Chris Brown. Goodwin, Wendy Gordon, Nate Gosnell, Jeffrey Ivy, Greig, David ff Grna, Cindy , Guettler, Heidi Haas, Donald Hackett, Priscilla , A Halsey, Lisa Hanna, Chris Hanzelin, Steve Harlan, Charles Hating, Jenny A Hating, Jenny Harrison, Bryan Hartley, Duane Headtke, Valerie Heald, John Henke, Michael Hibma, Alice Hickey, William Hildebrandt, Sue Hill, Leasia CX 2 , r Q x fr 'M 4 ?, ' Q 1 1 t ,f rf ti H 'Z ' If 5? P c we .17 t If K.. Ho, Kirk ' Hofman, Jim Holderby, Elizabeth Hopkins, Curtis Hormig, Dave Hoysack, Kimberly Hulet, Clayton Human, Brian . r : L '. ' Q, ' ' 1' Q ,Av i 1' rl.. " ' 148 Enlargement: Second Year Students VV I A '51 au r K, 4' , 9 .r 1 1 , V " I-ft . ft rr' 3 if 35 G L '32 t A ,,u, ,J . r . , f- , x,'f:NX it . U - ne y lg ' .rl , ,,V"' r li , t:',. , Q? -' 1w,,.fm Q' ' '42 "W 'Y lf' 8.1 ,gt . . , Second ' ' Year iternational students are won to Christ in America nd are then sent home to be His witnesses Many countries which no longer issue as for missionary work have been send- their nationals to America to study. liege campuses throughout America are haven for international students, These dents are often lonely just waiting for American to come to them and be a Je honest friend. International students e open to a good friendly conversation 'id will enable you to get some sound formation about different cultures, while ving them a chance to experience prac- :al Christianity. This is an open opportunity for the Chris- un world to take action, Christians who believe they have ta go overseas to be involved in cross-cultural ministry should think again. GOD in His grace has brought these nationals to America to study- now it is up to Christians to take initiative to win -souls. However one organization has been making a great impact by bringing Christ to these nationals. The international Students incorporated ministry, lSl, is targeting these internationals with the message of the gospel with the hope of winning them to Christ, We can read about the Ethiopian eu- nuch and Philip. After Philip led the Ethi- opian to Christ, he not only returned to Ethiopia with his official business but he also brought the messoge of Jesus Christ. Acts 8:26-40. lSl is doing this with friendship evonge- lism Bible conferences home Bible study and many other opportunities. This is on effective way of getting the gospel into the different levels of a nation s society. As nationals return, they will be in key po- sitions in their countries and will be able to influence others with Christian principles. As an international, l gave myself to Christ because of lSl's influence. This is a simple proof that this ministry works. Story by Cameron Cato. T -,-, -.,-. r ....s,r.,...., . ..,- rs. ..., -t me -. .i., .M Y r.1..t.e,.. . . . . . I . . . 1 i . i C , 1 , . 4 if li ' "'9 '. If i Q Lg --. ' W B T i t at T27 3 if A ' tli' fi. t t Humbarger, Roger Humes, Kristyne lnion, Brent Jacobsen, Jennifer Jacobson, Jonathan Jaywheh, June x Jebb, Michael Jobe, Marsela Johnson, Lisa Johnson, Rene Johnson, Sheila Josma Debbie Juane, Mark Junek, Ginger Q, . ht , Kalil, John sf i t Kanter, John Katzir, Rivka J Kealy, Tim - 'B ,,,,yg A Kelly, Melissa it ., .lgk Q Q ' C Kendal, Ruth J 'gl V N ,. , Kenny' Willigm ' ' A VZ:-f C Q11 Kesler, Robert i3 T' ci T Khan, Iliff King, Kathleen TC C Kirk, Wesley A liill J A t . Knee, Janet H 3,-nt, i tags., qw: Knight, Tim 2 4' cry' J Koesema, John ' J , U A ' if , C Koch, Bryan i 6 . Kornit, Carla Q2- Z Kronich, Noncy Krouse, Poul Krueger, Kori Krueger, Koren Kruszo, Cindy Kryder, Robert Kutz, Rondy Lomp, Kothy Lowton, Steve Leoch, Corni Lee, John Lee, Won Leininger, Jill Lewis, Greg Lewis, Troy Limo, Debro Linberger, Greg Loney, Dovid Lurnodue, Rick Lusher, Kim Moris, Peter Morlser, Tom Morsholl, Cynthio Mortin, Nothon Mortin, Tom Mortz, Eorl Moshlon, Eric Motorrito, Henry Moy, Thornos Moyer, Dovid X I N g , , , .,,, WW' if JL X. ,-L Y of D., I 1 WPI' 4531? l nz, :Q if if 4 'A 'lm i l flie Q KM We 4 lx ,fi 4' X 1 if . if on ,K7 X A ixr . 5-N' awww AA! f Ever feel like hogging you foce? Deonno Worthington Gets some help from the hood on her windbreoker ond good friend Lynn Surin Toking odvonroge of the librory s quiet seventh floor Jomes Rochol lounges cosuolly os he completes some ossigned reading 150 Enlorgement: Second Yeor Student I A , 5 Ala, , f is Fi at iff , M , a XJ' KJV al , A' Q , , g ,Q A,V,, Q McConaghie, Pete S , McConnell, Tracy McElwee, Alan McFarlane, Sally ,f ,,,. -' S Meeker, Steve McLachlin, Tammy Mehrtens, Bw Merilatt, Natalie Midkif, Teresa Mirza, Deb Mitchell, Paul Moore, Kelly Mosher, Charlotte Munson, Gregory Musser, Eric Myers, Roy Nelson, Ardis Nestor, Christine v fl c , X i ' ' Neswold, Any V, i 5 , Nichols, Gregory , S ' 'Zen 5 Y 1 fl N i Fi ' 'A Niemiec, Robert W' fi , f gf? W Q - Nordlund,Peter , r . 4 it ix -ti X ' l ' Norris, Andrea' 1 c r r ' Northrup, Cathi ,A W Nowatzke, Bryan f ' ' i Odette, Kevin i V S S Q " -f Ohlen, Christine M w g , 'I Oliver, Lynn if i 521 ij' Onstott, Jerome f ti, Orris, Marilan y Second ' ' Year lhe local church can fulfill it's biblical role as a center of worship, instruction, iellowship, and service. , The Bible commands fellowship with oth- tion, encouragement, and motivation ings, the warmth of heart-felt hugs, and the ir believers . . . we as Moody students are through hearing sermons and Sunday comfort in the affirmation of others. equired to have membership in a church. school lessons. I began to learn the mean- Several years ago, l started talking ile all know that the local church is in- ing of servanthood through teaching in Sun- about wanting to be a missionary. Several iortant, but, with all the negative things day school and involvment in service proj- people approached me promising to pray re hear, many people often wonder if ects. for me. Some continue to seek me out were is any good in the church, These things are all extremely impor- whenever l am home to let me know they l have been greatly influenced by the tant, but the part of the local church that are still praying. This is a small thing, yet hutch. l began regular attendance as an has benefited me the mast is fellowship. l God has used the encouragement of these ifant and have missed few Sundays since don't mean the nice little luncheans or fun people to give me the strength I need. wen. The church has been a major part of and rowdy youth group "fellowships," ln- I want to learn to be a prayer warrior wy life. stead, l mean the deep love and concern like these in my home church. What could God used Sunday school teaching to one believer shows to another. I think of be more important? iring me to salvation, I received instruc- the beauty of intercessory prayer meet- Story by Debbie Barber. 25251 ,.,,.-, ,.,. J..-ft... ff-ff - . 'Q f 4...'1.,1.,ffs:.f,sfsw:fszpgstiggygfgsgggfggzufef,,,,ffQg.r::1f,tyrsz-Q,tft,q efsa.ef'srz1w'rwsgrel,-f::, , side QT' ta 'F E22 S W 3 r K K Y Ft 1' ns! SHN' K l I at Us at I New was F,-steer gp , 4 cs ,Q sjii s M?s.g.,m..,,, A i Work in Cabrini Green teaches students the fundamentals of service and witness. , I have been working with "Friends of Cabrini" since the beginning of my first year at Moody. I got involved with the program after hearing a man in chapel explain the ministry, I talked to him af- terwards and asked him how l could get involved. He took my phone number and said he would get in touch with me. In the meantime, I began to say to myself, "Jay, you've got to be nuts if you want to wit- ness In Cabrini Green." From a human standpoint, lt was a pretty crazy thing to do, but not from God's. After praying about it and getting asf surance from the Lord, I decided to give it my all and go to Cabrini Green. After my first visit, l realized it was not as bad a place as people say. Almost everyone l met was open and friendly, even though they were jobless, or alcoholics and were surrounded by constant violence. They were hurting badly inside and would do anything for a way out. l also realized that having an- swers for these people would take prep- aration on my part fl Peter 3:1531 So my friend Mike Berry and l proceeded to tell them that Jesus was the way they wel looking for. ln the first semester we bu several relationships, and three peopl trusted Christ as their Savior. My experience with the people of Cr brini Green has helped me to be bolder my witness for Christ and has pushed me 1 spread the Great News of Salvation. would encourage anyone who is thinkin about this kind of ministry to see how or awesome Lord can be glorified in th hearts of the people of Cabrini Green. A Story by Jay Peters. J , . Oseid, Diana i Ottensmann, Dave sl . Otoo, Jemimah , , A 32 tp, if I ,A Oviklan, Sonya ' '74 I Q I' rt Parson, James I iw , wi Pape, Kathy t I Payne, Gregory ,Q A Petit, Elizabeth y Q y 'I ,-i - 5 ' I ' Perry, Sue half", if -' Peters, Dave X-' y Peterson, Susan A I X . ii' Phillips, Ruthie I . SX Philson, Elizabeth Picard, John Pircey, Tony Pitcher, Karen Pittenger, Rick Pollock, Tom Powell, Gini Purcell, Kim . . A , 0 . si! Reiner, Byron . Rachal, James Rains, Melissa Ravesloot, Sarah Cf? ' Reed, Kelly Restea, John Reusch, Annie Richeson, Christine Roberts, Rebecca Robinson, Eric 152 Enlargement: Second Year Students 'W ew P left., vm, ,IT ,K 2753? W 5, ,t,, , fi' Pt, w it , s r hi ,si ,.,,,t,, I I 1 U 1 ' 0,7 f . f . Af I I x ,, X j, iv--:V . ,. sts: '34 ,tg W. .-.k .M ., J J, . " t Q 3 E x ' ' -K Al. f 'S-V if .6 Two interesting species of fish were found last week in "Yeah it's true, when class gets a little boring l flick on Culbertson Hall . . . correction, lt'sjust Ron Christiansen some tunes . . . so what's the big deal?" Deanna and Ken Small. Worthington asks Travis Cross. Rockwell, Mark Roemmich, John L , ,K Rork, Steve X Q-7 i' X -..-1 Rottet, Robert J f, ', je 3' Rounds, Rob if, Y, 5, V " Royce, Julie ' S Xa 5 ff A t"'Z I V X 0 " . ,' mf' ,J Qs S, J NV- nl? f- k Royer, Jennifer Russell, Larry Sayer, Deborah Salchak, Tina Salzman, Stephanie Samuelson, Jeff Saxe, Daniel Sayre, Tom Schmidt, Daniel Schneider, Kathi Schales, Darcy Schultz, Paul Schwabe, Susan Sernatinger, Jamie Shermett, Steve Simmons, Doug I 1 1 K wail , t-,,' ,H , , Y 2 Q I ff-1 t 1 l I"'...'::f.2 J F is A Sisson, Lisa Sisson, Rick Small, Sydney Smith, Deb Smith, Don Smith, Yvonne Small, Dina Small, Ken 'Z-' FQ' Off" Snoek, Frank Somerville, Jeff . Spahr, Peter T is 1 , ,:r. 6 , ' if 3, W at I I -2 Spencer, Christine gi, Springer, Felix ' Stadt, Heidi Srriirei 2 f Stankus, David Stearns, Gregg Stephens, Mickey Stevens, Matthew Stirling, Alan Stowers, Jack Stroup, Paul ,. Strube, Timothy 1- . Sunnerville, Sue Surin, Lynn T i f Swatek, Marti n fl Swinkl , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, f . Takacs, Lori T , Talmage, Trevor Tamplin, Brad Taylor, Sheri Thompson, Karla Thomas, Steve , if ' Q sr T irlrrssss e Y' I Q'-y , ' sfewzzletms, -IQQQQ Q W I I ' , ,ne V " " "il :i' 'TH' -fr'1 2"11ff12z,1 ' " -itffftititifseti jf Rx r - t f r O . if f SE t W sseffueaff ff 14, ' Ziig 3 VV i f . . . i' , . K X S fi W' es ' 3 A G, 4 , . ' , , 7- M rl , ' - - L., Tobin, John V S l Todd, Alex , true, Michael X if -s Truman, Rhonda ., 2, 3 its Trumbower, Dana gf g g,,, K My' 'Why To Q A l ll Second ' ' Year Teaching Bible classes in a secular school becomes an opportunity for ministry "lt's not fight ar wrong: lt'sjust different." Professor l3adgero's words were so deeply lnbeclded in my mind that I cringed when a fellow winter worker exclaimed, "They drive an the wrong side of the road." This was a part of culture shock -- another blcultralism term, and something l expe- rienced much less of than I had expected. Zimbabwe, directly above South Africa, is a beautiful mountainous country where English islthe trade language although "shane" is spoken by about 7096 of the people. SA typical greeting translated would be: "Good morning, How did you sleep?" The reply, "I slept well if you slept well." l found the people to be open and accepting, much more in touch with spir- 154 Enlargement: Second Year Students in Zimbabwe. ltual realities than the average American. Although the government calls itself so- clalistlc, l had the privilege of teaching Scripture in the public primary school. We had an average of ninety-five children lin- ing the walls, sitting on desks, and scram- bling for chairs in each of our three classes. They were eager to learn, and l had the joy of seeing fifty children accept Christ as their Savior from our 5th-7th grade class. My main task for the ten week expe- rience was to organize the library of the Evangelical Bible College. The dayl ar- rived, the woman l was to work with had a heart attack. She was back taking charge about a week before l left. I had a chance to get to know the staff through tea time Can excuse to eat five meals instead e threej and the students through sports. l have fond memories of walkin through "high density" suburbs hearing th children yelling something that l later di covered meant "white person." l wante to practice my shona, and they wanted t hear my English. l also remember walkin in rythmn down to a river celebrating th baptism of several adults. God is doing great work among the people of Africa. thank Him for Eettlng me be a part another world fora short time and l pro that I may return. Story by Ruth Bronger. W its , 3. ,my ' ailiu 1' f "., Q ' IX f ff. ' A ' 'wi 4 4, ny if " im 1 . , , il . T f , i A X i I 'N?w24 3k 7 V4- X! J Ani A . f X Q T li ' -i. f i Twist, Koren Vonderwerf, Liso Vergoz, John Vick, Holly Vinlosoco, Roger Vizzini, Tony Woller, Adrion Wolton, Judie Wonolo, Mory Worth, Kimberley Worren, Andrew Worren, Tim Weiner, Sondro Wells, Poul Wertz, Deon Wertz, Michoel Westhoff, Gotthord White, Becky White, Jodi Whittington, Twonno Widholm, Eric Willioms, Borb Willioms, Robert Williomson, Kent Willis, Tiffony Wilson, Jeff Winons, Deonno Witt, Timothy Woo, Jennifer Wood, Keith Finolly finding the perfect study spot, Borboro Williams tokes odvontoge of the solitude to read her closs Greg Lewis ond Jerome Onstott have determined thot word processing is not the only use for the ever increasing dorm-room computer. Qifrssi, Second ' ' Year A I g,,,, l , I l , i I we I ,is,lu AS l,i, I Sfeppeid ,iii Offslifheefenki isus ffF?25UddC0 l IEQCVWS l 50 l QelQfe0lff?!iY isii,U 1iiCief5fC1f3QiifWQ,lli0fi ifeiiliferien ,ut l deseieifedsbefzdrfiie l s l l ssis, Ivimeflinlifnir - i lseu efeF,,Si5fi? iies rsilis fe siiii QS-f 1 1 see l i l isui,l 9,6565 sei, ,iilt GCi'UQfIyrbelnefit l Ybiuifeundii f l 1 l ,iis silii WHY ihezfre iiifoifiediisfirficiifcifs iiflrirfsiidd, flee-SOS isil 5 l Bfriesjl usis 6siuiolIlls1sCOU,id lsii remifflbfelf ,GffMlS5I l fl1Qeld',S,uu5l5eQCh l dQruiunQ iui, flfkeglniieui-?I,iQn,gli l iiiisr he un,eedi1I7i?n,IQhr l1 Croweir2rJo,fi tncdigiaesen iyis vcmfvfisiraiiirsngyqs i W , ,,t, iSf?fi1ffSf9f'PCMi.fTh,e1ffuieiliuffffiulriutiiuiffiifvlti-bf ,,fi0ffS uisul ihfieeflfeheifse iilu C10 l i l simocirrng Qryiineydisorg ssyi efcomlpilere.strongest yrisirerigsomeifgsiihe ,sgi,, ,isii s sigs issgiy ll l s i l ers, only to have the metro! ,door Isnoclrer i Whor fl learned, was thot Whenifeized' with shoved bocls in umyffoce was the grim on impossibleisituorion,itll-wossopentolGod'.s picture 'I hocl pointed. ,Change it? Why should i turn down on opportunity forre- jection? I wos going to tell people what I believed, teil them oboutplesus, lt was thot simple ond who knew, l might even leorn something. my These were my reoctions to my PCM, but os olwoys, God con use someone os stubborn os I to chonge the events for His good will, Von visitotion is o ministry thot everyone or Moody, extrovert or not, should experience, lt tools o bit more cour- oge rhon l wos willing to odmit of first, but it Wood, Seon Worthington, Deonno Wright, Jennifer Wright, John Ross Wright, Poul Yingling, Kelly Yingling, Scott u A , ,, , ,A Yoder' Ehsoberh Y ,,,,g I ,,, Young, lonothon Young, Kirk Younger, Louro Zorote, Monuel 156 Enlorgement: Second Yeor Students woys, ondwill, the worldbecomeo much bigger piqcerhfough this PCM, God snowed me once ogoin how my understandings ore not lilsesHis. lf l hodl never token von visitation os my PCM, l might have learned something different obour myself or moybe nothing or oil. Now I con look bocls on this semester with o sense of fond memory os well os the lsnowl- edge oi o conquered challenge. However smoll o step it might have been, it is one step closer ro the person God wonts me to be. Story by Becky Tollmcm. l , .,f: if 12 Q Zenlsels, Down Zidon, Jomes er ... .W 4.-.W Holly Vlclds "guardian angel" - Ardis Nelson -- doesn't seem to approve of this proposal on the steps of 153 lnstiture Plocef Too bad Eric Nerison didn't see the warning sign in time, or is it that Erlcis really the model for the figure on the yellow indicators. xl? I r -1. .JT Kg' Jennifer Wright mugs for the camera proudly dis- playing her smile to the photographer and thus the entire ARCH readership Second Year Executive Board: Darcy McCallum, Kelly Yingling, Eric Moshlon, Andrea Norris, Judy Walton, Travis Cross. ,, ff' ,K i'ffi?iffW'f?e ,f ff 157 fiifjlfifm Advanced ' ' Studies ' ' Program ,. .,... ,........ .,. ,.., . VM -W . ---- 'M :W ,, An infant with a BacheIor's Degree? Missionary experience teaches ASP student dependence on Christ. Life changing? Personally, I would not describe the two years I spent in Japan as life changing. True, while I lived in the city of Fujinomiya I taught twelve English class- es a week, was a missionary for the local church and a member of the missionary agency SEND International. This was all very academic. However, the only true life changing experience came when I made a Lordship commitment to my Savior Jesus Christ. Through my experience in Japan, I grew more and more in the likeness of Christ. Most notable were the first six months when I was humbled. Not being able to use the phone, trying to use the chopsticks, adjusting to the new currency, etc., re- duced me from a college graduate to a one year old baby. This dependence on 6 , others helped me to understand my de- pendence on Christ. People grew impo- tient at my mistakes while I was frustrated by how much I had been taught but was constantly forgetting. As I struggled with patience, I also gained a better under- standing of the life of Moses. Just as Moses had forty years in the wilderness to draw close to God, I also had an environment totally foreign to me in which I could draw close to God. Because I could not read the train schedule or know which train to take, I constantly missed trains. I learned to wait on the Lord. The written language posed problems in traveling in the same way that the spoken language created problems in communi- caring. I was offered watermelon when it was at the peak of the season. I wanted to compliment the wife of the man who ha invited me over for dinner. Using the littl Japanese I knew I said it was "juicy", Littl did I know that this word is also used t describe a "young attractive female." was embarrassed. I grew closer to Go through a more meaningful prayer life Serving God in Shizuoka prefecture was meaningful experience because of the le sons I learned that can be applied latter i life. More important, I am looking forwar to a closer and more personal relationshi with God wherever I am. Story by Tom Richardson. '1' X 4, 5 Z, xy lx 158 Enlargement: Advanced Studies Program I 4 iddi , .,,,..,,. rr.' . x 5 . . - S f I 'sisii ' C My - C Siege ' ' sg. 9? L Qi -,f- . Wy if-:ffl 111122.-. , :.:Is1311::11'.1'- I f X .I ,-5 aww 2' .gs 4 . N X 9 A . . Q s Q ,, , - - F ,, . 1 P 1 Q J 2. V C G. , , . . , x. 1 -Q, 'Y' Q ,M Grafton. Mary Alice lillings Bible Chur 602 N. 27th Sr. tillings, MT 59101 Klingenberg. Erwin 00 S. Emerson Ct. taunt Prospect, IL 60056 The Advanced Studies Program is no cake-walk. The intense courses cause many an ASPer to pull hairs. "Is it getting hot in here or is this silly bow-tie just making it seem that way," asks a confused John Kierspe at the ASP Christmas party. . 3" "- 1 , ., . ll. V W YL' -I I 7 -t,i. 1 W ., V if vm 'mv 'NL ' '- . ,J av:-rf , Horine, Patricia 4867 Estepona Way Buena Park, CA 90621 Koegel, Mary 4600 N. Clarenclen Ave. M1805 Chicago, lL 60640 l-lrushka, Grant 5881 W. Dakin Chicago, IL 60610 Lafita, lvette 2882 Rose Franklin Park, IL 60181 Hudson, Lettice 2222 E. 70th St. Chicago, lL 60649 Lewis, Jeffrey 28 Millbrook Height Danis Powis, Great Britian South Glamorgan CF64JJ 9 MZ '4'? MW I ifri ,fs ff' Jefferis, Robert 45 Patterson Road Dayton, OH 45419 Lorey. Linda cfo Eunice Shafer P.O. Box 886 Westville, OK 74965 w. at : f N ,, , iv 71's-. 1 'fl ... , 2 4 Kierspe, John 602 Sandhurst Pl Aiken, SC 29801 Lunsford, Tina 7320 Piacita Maicoba Tucson, AZ 85710 222. 17225 Routhrer Renee Richardson, Tom 530 Cedar: Drive 38 Brookside' Mt. Pleosont, MI Ave- 48858 Westbrook, CT 2501 Ookdole I ' 06495 COI'y1, IL 60013 Advanced ' ' Studles ' ' Program Whether joy or triol, PCM opportunities ollow students to see God's Before school storted, I wondered whot my PCM might be. I reolized just how inexperienced I wos. I hod never tought o Sundoy school closs, didn't relish open oir compoigners , ond I wosn't sure whot "von vis" wos. I proyed thot I would get some- thing I could do ond thot it would be en- couroging. I wos worried obout mony things in returning to school in the ASP progrom, ond I didn't wont to be struggling in my PCM too. I received my ossignment - nursing home visitotion. I wos shocked ot how perfect this wos for me. I hod worked in o hospitol ond reolly enjoyed the elderly potients. The Lord wos beginning to on- swer my proyers but in o greoter woy thon I hod osked for. When our group wos being oriented to Worren-Bott Povilion nursing home, I be- gon plonning whot floor l'd choose, how l'd opprooch people, ond how to structure my time so os to see "instont fruit". Agoin, the Lord wos olreody working. I wos os- 16O Enlorgement: Advonced Studies Progrom foithfulness in oction. signed to 0 floor with mony senile potients, ond I wos confused obout how to op- prooch them with the gospel. The first doy I briefly visited os mony people os were olert ond interested in tolking. I met one lody ond introduced myself. Her nome wos Julio, but it wos difficult to know whether she comprehended whot I wos soying. She hod hod o stroke, ond her speech wos offected. The second week, the Lord gove me ci sign obout whom I should opprooch. Julio wos'the only one who remembered my nomel Co remorkoble thing for o 7O'ish womon I'd only tolked to for 10 minutes o week beforej. She olso recolled thot I wos o Moody student! I found out she wos o polish Cotholic who wonted to leorn obout the Old Testoment to "discover her roots." The only thing she remembered hod come from o movie, "The Ten Commond- ments," by Cecil B. DeMille. The Lord blessed me becouse she hod o heort, hungry for the Word. As the hours possed, we discussed Genesis, Exodu Abrohom, ond the Possover with its sig nificonce to Eoster. My Old Testoment wc coming in hondy olreody Cthonks, D Mortyj. Since then, she hos osked me que tions obout the virgin birth, the purpose 4 the crucifixion, why bod things hoppen t good people, ond other meoty question Every week, omidst the mony tosks ot m PCM, Julio olwoys stresses thot we mu tolk obout the Bible. I hove been blessed with the tosk c feeding o hungry soul os well os by mee ing o new friend. She is helping me to to obout my foith ond give my spirit releos while she is being brought to o bett understonding of our Lord. This PCM hos given me visible proof o how foithful the Lord is in onswerin proyers, in o greoter woy thon I eve dored imogine. Others ore being blesse too. God did it in o simple, perfect woy. one I would not hove plonned, Story by Denise Denholm. ,,1 .1 .51 Q Sartor, Thomas Schmidt. Kathryn 625 Nicholson Rd. 1615 Hyde Paris Fowlerville, Ml 48836 Thomas. Kaye 7001 lrondale Ave. Canoga Paris, CA 91306 Ave. Waukegan, lL 60085 Vander Meiden, Marcia RR. 3, Box 287 Pello, lA 50219 + As 'W A9 , 1 hm , - .I T wwf 5 C777 i , 215 V r 'B tg V, . K4 , 1 64 49" .4 his "-sf' . C-7 , Scan, Ann Shackelton, Kathy Shapella, Valerie 10160 Lee Sfreer 214 2nd Ave. West 747 Bellevue Ave. Broomfield, CO 80020 Warren, Peggy cfo Russel Warren Box 120, RR. 41 Phillips, NE 68865 'W- fi I, . 'RN Sutter, Susan 2115 Mills Street Motgflfgilzii SD GCD' PA 17527 Sandusky, OH W od. D ld Yabuki, Roy 44570 o ter. avr 1Q42 N- N . Cobblers Cottage Homp iw Zggg' Lgomcs Chapel Street Shire Ave Creek RSV Shomfmq' Los Angeles, CA R 'V Lecesrarshire, 90027 Front Oyol, A ENGLAND 22630 l v At their Christmas party, ASP studentsjoin is singing the carols of the season. Even ASP students need to pay a school bill, here Kelly Greenlee works in North Hall in order to retire her debt JoBeth Bronough tells of o prayer concern to her ASP class, as the other students focus their ott her Q? H? . G Pastor James Ford delivered the evening school C it ' R ,Wm ,www My 3 , , w i, X. . . ,W el messages during the first week of the sprin i T sf.: fwfr-fe-wi. -2- F . - 1. 5- - ww.. sf. -rms-.,,f. vw A .. ,, is mesfef They come from the neighborhoods of Chicago and the outlying suburbs. By car, subway, and CTA bus - some even drive those buses - the evening school student arrives at MBI for two or three hours of class. Unlike the average day student, their school work represents a priority ranking after family, employment and ministry. In order to attend night school, the student must sacrifice time and money, and find a way to concentrate and study. Pastor James Ford, day-school graduate, teaches at evening school and pastors a church. His exposure to the evening school student has been as peer, professor, and pastor. Pastor Ford explains the many ob- stacles which an evening school student must overcome. "The student must make adjustments to reenter the academic en- vironment after 10-25 years of absence. Dealing with the strict academic regiment of term papers, quizzes, and reading re- ports is difficuIt," said Pastor Ford. Evening schoolers take a different per- Wesley Cobbs Work: CTA bus driver Deanna James Julius Jones Work: Chicago teacher Blanche Lee Work: Retired Renee McGee Work: UIC student loans Dorothy Snow Work: CHA legal dept. Carolyn Walker Work: Quaker Oats Trade Deal Co-ordinator Essie White Work: U of l Hospital lnterviewer 162 ENLARGEMENT: EVENING SCHOOL spective toward learning than day schoolers. They view evening school as something vital and necessary to their lifes- tyle. "The night school student has had an opportunity to flesh out the Christian life in a work-a-day world," said Ford. "The day school student is not as settled as to where he wants to go and what he wants to do." Furthermore, the evening schooler is more practical in regard to his class subjects. His main question is, "How do I take the Bible and live it out on my job, with my family and at my church." The benefits of evening school are nu- merous and diverse. The course work and class environment help students to acquire and develop ministry skills, set goals, im- plement programs, and evaluate perfor- mances. "The program allows students to get ideas about how something is sup- posed to be set up and implemented. lt cultivates the skills God has give him." Story by Paul Krause and Teresa Stirewalt. Ahh thi: lutt ul ftririttig Uorilau tri thi- lmoliutritrs lyf-ri eyitritiig '1llftltdFfV5 gffl to play uw-li urirt ttrid rr they rollr-it their trmtlioolxs Lvsfritrig 'school stiidffhts ponder over tlirtulogtrril rrtrfriritrigs of the lffxl to discover how they can live it Out in a 'work-u-day world " I 5 .....ff if Ni .X N ' H1 X X- x O7 ,fiildhis "Do you have any classes that deal with Junior Higher?" With o practical rhtrioset evening school students register for classes that will equip them for their present responsibilities in their churches Evening School ' ' PHOTO JOUR AL A Wesley Cobbs Chicago lL 60617 5035 W, Gladys Minsitry: Teacher, choir, deaconess. Chicago lL 60644 A Renee McGee Ministry: 5.5. teacher, Iayspeaker. 7957 S. Southshore A Julius Jones Chicago IL 10045 5. Hoxie Ministry: 5,5 teacher, choir, Chicago IL 60617 A Dorothy M. Snow Ministry: Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, 12635 5. Eggleston A Blanche Lewis Lee Chicago lL 60628 7931 5. Paxton Ministry: 5,S. admin., CE. director, Bible teacher. A Carolyn Charlene Walker 5080 S. Justine Chicago IL 60620 Ministry: Youth worker, CE. leadership, A Essie White 240 W. 110th Chicago IL 60626 Minsitryg 5.5. and mission teacher. fpg Sfgwf f re' iw Z F2177 Pursue M.A. in Business Mngmt. Potrick Anders-Church Music! Pursue Church Music Leodership Pursue: Youth work overseos Normon Anderson-lnternotionol Joy Andrews-Communicotions! Pursue English,Counseling Degree Julie Andrews-Bible Theology! Pursue: Counseling! Discipleship Gory Andricks-lnternotionol Timothy Asher-Bible Theology! Sandro Bain-Communicotions! O I ' ., ,iff ss : fries , nv - -z:4:gesstp1Q,z ,V -,C -ss:s:Qf::f::-ff-'sftfsw-wffffmz fsqw:t-sf-'qv s- f'r", -ff 5, ,,+, 1 'mi " Taft! t c ' 'ft Ji 'Wislwwwft"'fW'wf'Q 0 i-'f ! 7i-ff4 C M J it frf,s Q Mme .rff ,-.f.ff,,f-f 4 Whot lessons hove l leorned from my P.C.M. these post three yeors? I feel Lois Cheney sums it up in o poem from her book God ls No Fool : The oncient Hebrews were so tied by tro- dition thot they couldn't recognize the Mes- sioh when he wos right there in front of them, ond he wos crucified. The disciples, who wolked ond worked with the Christ, were ofroid of him, they hoped, but they olso doubted, ond they ron thot night, ond he wos crucified. I The common people mobbed him, Koye Adoms-Christion Educotion Kimberly Aden-Christion Educotion Voice Bethene Anderson-Bible Theology! Bible Ministries Pursue: M.A. in Missions Writing Greek Ministries lmeldo Andricks-Christion Educotion ! Music Bible Thereso Aylworth-Bible Theology! Bible Pursue: Missions in Fronce Broodcosting Pursue: Degree 'lo-4 ENLABGEMENT: SENKDBS showed him their sickness ond sores, ond they threw them down on isle of polms for him ond song to him, ond he wos crucified. His fomily wos emborrossed, ond stood outside, ond wished he'd come home, ond he wos crucified. Would we crucify Jesus todoy? lt's not o rhetoricol question for the mind to ploy with. I believe, We ore eoch born with o body, o mind, o soul, ond o hondful of noils. l believe, When o mon dies, no one hos ever found ony noils left, clutched in his honds or stuffed in his pockets . Whot lessons hove I leorned from i P.C.M. these post three yeors? l've leorr thot there ore myriods of people w hove run out of noils, people who still ne their lives filled. But mostly, l've come understond thot in order to reoch so m empty honds ond be used to fill so m empty lives, my Procticol Christion Mini connot be o commitment thot losts o three hours o week, it must be one t envelops every moment of my life. Story by Eric Steinberg. 1.37 f'5h I I '15 Janice Bales-American Intercultural Ministries Pursue: B.A. Vicki Ball-Int Ministries Pursue: Bible Translator-Tribal Rebecca Baron-International Ministries Pursue: Latin American Missions Jessamine Bartos-Christian Ed. f Music CVoicej Pursue: Foreign Missions - Asia Thomas Basset-International Ministries Pursue: French Missions Andrew Beaty-Christian Education Pursue: C.E. Dir. of Camp Beverly Beltran-Church Music f Organ Emphasis Pursue: Further Education Judith Bennett-Christian Education Pursue: Missions in Portugal David Benware-Bible Theology - Bible Pursue: President of MBI Jennifer Bergan-International Ministries Pursue: Study Photography Melanie Bernard-Christian Ed. X Music QOrgany Pursue: Finish Degree Robin Billow-Christian Education Pursue: Christian Ed. Director The Senior Class ' ' PHOTO JOURNAL ' Kaye Ann Adams 3590 Rice Street St. Paul MN 55112 - Chorale 1,25 Intramura 1,2,3: R.A. 3: Selah 2,3 - Kimberly K. Aden N. 9611 Sundance Drive Spokane WA 99208 -- Class treasurer 1,2: R.A. - Patrick Bernard Anders 661 E. Browning Fresno CA 93710 Men's Glee 1,2,3, President 3, His Ambassado 1,2, Messiah soloist 3. ' Bethene Ilene Anderson 1003 Pilot Ave. Cherokee, lA 51012 - Intramurals 1,2,3: Fir A mln. 27 R.A. 3. ' Norman Stanley Anderson 13920 W. 8th Ave. Golden, CO 80401 - Joy Lynn Andrews 4487 Country Club Lane Stow, OH 44224 - Intramurals 2. ' Julie Andrews 4487 Country Club Lane Stow, OH 44224 - SMF 1. ' Theresa Aylworth 2805 Beechridge Room Supr. 2,3. ' Sandra Jean Bain 7 Lea Dr. N. Kingstown, Rl 02852 - MBI Today 1,2,3, WMS 1,2,3: RACO 1.2. ' Janice Lee Bales 5324 Marion Ave. Chattanooga, TN 37412 0 Vicki Ball 1895 E. Union Rd. Jefferson, OH 44047 - Women's Glee 1: SM Rep. 1: Prayer-N-Shore Rep. 2. - Rebecca Sue Baron Apda. 460, Cd. Satelite, Edo de Mexico, Mexic 53100 R.A. 2,3: Intramurals 2,3: Womens Glee 1. - Jessamine Ai Lin Baftos 24953 Chase Dr. N. Olmsted, OH 44070 Flr Opn Hse Chair. 1: Flr Spirituol Chair. 2. ' Thomas M. Basset Box 145 Andalusia, IL 61232 - Intramurals 1,2. 0 Andrew John Beaty 219 Bennett Pontiac, IL 61764 -- Intramurals 1,2,3: Men's Cale 1,2,3. Hudsonville, Ml 49426 - Intramurals 1: Dn 'Beverly Liza Beltran CPO 79, Lock Bax 10060 Chicago, IL 60610 - Intramurals 1: Organ Guild Exec. 3. - Judith Bennett 30 Carline Dr. Billerica, MA 01821 ' David Paul Benware 3439 Martha St. Highland, IN 46322 Intramurals 1,2,3, V President 3: Welcome Week 2: Varsity Basketball 1,2,3. - Alan Wayne Berg 9202 Evergreen Dr. Wonder Lake, IL 60097 Bible Theologyfiiible Stu Co Rep. 3. ' Jennifer Lynne Bergonn RR. 31, Box 20 Chatfield, MN 55923 Intramural 1. 0 Melanie Jay Bernard 428 Thunderbird Trail Coral Stream, IL 60188 R.A. 2,3: Women's Glee 3: Organ Guild 1,2,3: Intramurals 3. ' Robin Lee Billow 6758 S. Karlov Chicago, IL 60629 I I Becky Bocnuk-Christian Education Pursue: Elementary Ed. Degree Christina Boerema-Christian Education Pursue: Degree Rosemary Bohn-International Ministries Pursue: Short Term to lndia Karen Bliesner-Christian Education Pursue: Kindergarten Teacher Scott Borg-Pastorolf Greek Pursue: M.A. in Counseling Julie Brasfield-Communications Writing Pursue: Degree Janelle Brask-Communicationsf Writing Pursue: Missions in Alaska Patrick Browning-Bible Theology f Greek John Buchta-Pastoral Training f Greek Karen Buck-Bible Theology f Bible Pursue: Nursing Degree Ann Bucy-Communication Writing Pursue: Degree in Journalis Gary Buell-Sacred Mu Composition S! m sic The Senior Class ' ' PI-IOT0 JOUR AL U - Becky Bocnuk 1607 W. 7th St. Marshfield,.Wl 54449 Floor Council 1,25 Women's Glee 8. ' Christina Boerema 7100 W. 94th St. Oak Lawn, iL 60453 Floor Council 23: intramu Gulld.f3. rals 2: Orataria 1: Orgar v Rosemary Margaret Bohn R.R.a1'1, Box 60 Brewster, MN 56119 0 Karen Bliesner 3603gJuanita Ln. Appieton. Wi 54911 Intramurals 1,207 Selah Drama 23: Brof5is Rep 1,35 Assist. R.A. 3: Women's Guild 1,2,8. ' Scott Borg 1801 S. 58th Ct. Cicero, lL 60650 Survival ' Julie Marie Brasfield 550 E. Horny Hazel Park, Ml 48030 Moody Student Feature E 0: Norwegian Studies 2.3. 166 ENLARGEMENT: SENIORS ditor 2: Welcome Week 'Janelle Ruth Brask RR. 31, Box 140 Frederic, Wl 54837 MBI Today 2: Moody Student 1: Senior Ensemble 3: PMA. S. 1 Karen Buck 556 Thunderbird Trall Carol Stream, lL 60168 tntramurals 1: Floor Councit 1,2: Women's Glee 2,8. ' Ann Margret Bucy 1447 N. Broadway Springfield, MO 65802 STUCO Rep-Chairman of Publicity Com, 1: EPIC Publicity Chairman 1,25 Editor-in-Chief Moody Stu- dent 3: Welcome Week 3: MBI Today 2: Moody Student Writer 2. - Kimm Yvonne Bulkley 4160 E, 115th Pl. Thornton, CO80260 . lnteramurals 1: Floor Social Rep. 1: Women's Glee 3. ' Catherine Lynn Buresh 1 Mile Rd. Marley, Ml lntramurals 1,20 ' Robert W. Burns 205 Mantle Ln. Carol Stream, IL 60188 Class Chairman 1,3. - Jean-Luc T. Calixte Monplaisir Sainte-Rose 971 15 Guadeloupe 971 French West Indies ' Varsity Soccer 1,20 - Deanna Carlock RR. 32, Box 102 Gilsan, lL 61406 WMSR 2.8: MBI Today 2.3: Bookstore helper. : 1 Diane Christine Carr 3610 N. Cicero Ave. Chicago, lL 60641 Keywest Spring Break 1,2: Candlelight Carols Make-up Crew 1,2,3. f Michael Joseph Carr 0610 N. Cicero Ave. KB Chicago, lL 60641 ' Timothy Allen Christiansen 201 N. Orange St. Port Jervis, NY 12771 Seniors ' ' Class of 1 988 f L'L ,L'- k'-f' f L-'L I '-f' f.'L f ,.L' ilu: sfztffssg fsgfwftz,-,.r,.-s:+rsm:J,sr mqrfzf mr: rw fs, its ff-f,ifg,f,,wm we -f rr - rr. ,fr,,f,N, . ,U ,- r ,s zrflf-f,fgr-W,-ff2.,1fgyf+,fs +i+QQ2-rstfa':-,fr.,v fsfrgf-:rf-,rffff,gyf.iQf-if wisp-fr, +s+fEs+wr-at i:sitff+w--g-r., --:iframe is -it cs ,..., , f, ,-5 .,..,, Ms fs,-or ,,-.. it V , .tis-rose., , .x,, , , M, M, ,s c , . , , , "Hellol My nome is Louro ond this is nny. We ore with Chosen People Min- ries. This ofternoon we ore conducting o irvey in your neighborhood, mode up of enerol religious questions. We ore very terested in heoring your religious opin- insl "l'm Jewish." We were not ot oll sur- rised to leorn thot our contocts were Jew- w, for we purposely ministered door-to- or in Jewish communities. Our worls in- lved on intensive effort to reoch Jewish eople with the messoge thot Messioh hos omel His nome is Yeshuo Oesusj. STEP. CSummer Troining ond Evonge- am Progromj is Chosen People Ministries' method for teoching men ond women ow to witness to Jewish people so thot iey in turn con educote others. When we were not porticipoting in evongelism, we were speolsing in churches, mode up of Gentile believers, troining them concerning Jewish sensitivities to the gospel. One en- couroging exomple of how God wos using our ministry in the churches wos when o young womon gove o testimony os to whot she hod leorned. She soid, Qon the verge of teorsj "All my life my fother told me to hote the Jewish people becouse they lailled Christ! I found out tonight thot he wos very wrong." I om o Jewish Studies mojor. The verse thot wos instrumentol in my choosing this mojor wos Romons 11:11, My life in Yeshuo Ho Moshioh QJesus the Messiohj is to drive the Jewish people tojeolousyl The joy ond hope thot I hove wos mode pos- sible through the redemptive worls of the Messioh of lsroel. All men wontjoy, During o tore opportunity visiting on or- thodox Robbi, my portner oslsed if he could reod o portion of Scripture, The Psobbi ogreed to listen. My portner proceeded to reod without noming the bools. When the Robbi wos oslsed whot he thought obout whot wos reod, he responded, "Thot is bosic Christionityf' My portner hod been reoding from lsoioh 5CJl H There ore mony Jewish people woiting to heor the truth! "My heort's desire ond my proyer to God for lsroel is for their solvotion Cllomons 1O:1j." Boruch Hobo bo Shem Adonoil Clllessed is he who come in the nome of the Lord.j Story by Louro Mortin. Kim Bulkley-Christion Educotion Pursue: Business Degree Cothy Buresh-lnternotionol fs! 7-m i Ministries '40 Pursue: Foreign Missions f Greek Jeon-Luc Colixte-Postorol Troining fGreels Pursue: Urbon Ministries f Music Broodcosting Dione Cort-Christion Educotion Pursue: Further Educotion fGreels Pursue: Church Internship Gregg Chisholm-Bible Theology f Greek Greek lnterculturol Ministries Ministries 5? ,EE Robert Burns-Postorol Troining Pursue: Educotion f Postorote Joseph Connon-Bible Theology Deonno Corlock-Communicotionsf Pursue: Work in Rodio Stotion Michoel Cort-Postorol Troining Wendy Chisholm-Bible Theology f Timothy Christionsen-Americon Pursue: Seminory Educotion O T Catherine Chung-Internotionol Dee Clork-Christion Educotion Pursue Teoch elementory school Pursue: Church plonting mission Pursue: short term missions Brenda Combs-Communicotionsf Pursue: degree, tribol missions Robert Doges-Bible-Theology! Seniors ' ' Class of 1988 my, fL,,,,,M 'V f,,w,,,QPj 'ffhflfff W , vhs? fu' 5' ,lv ,ff " , ms fff,4,Wv7v ,-gy' , ,c S ,Zhu fppvjw ww f la s Jv v H W " I , ., Mn, .ww fr f My H . W A J t, fwwfffrwfm wisp F vw,-cfvwxfwwfr' -we ww M tw ff t Going to Poris, Fronce wos o dreom come true. The thought of the Eiffel Tower in the moonlight, set deep within the so- phisticoted city sent visions of glomour roc- ing through my mind, Then, os I stepped off the plone, the cold roiny weother be- gon to slowly wosh owoy my dreoms. The city wos now like ony other: busy ond filled with needy people. The missionories l worked with through TEAM Uhe Evongelicol Allionce Missionj, helped me come to o bosic understonding of the French people. They olso gove me o toste of the reol French life, These privote, independent beings rorely occept new people. Reoching the isoloted French seemed like on impossibility. Poul Clork-lnternotionol Ministries Liso Cleveland-Christion Educotion Christopher Clinch-Postorol Studies - Greek Pursue: Mosters degree Jomes Coffmon-Christion Educotion Pursue: Youth Ministry Liso Coffmon-lnternotionol Ministries Pursue: Degree Cloresso Cole-Christion Educotion Pursue: Nursing degree Jomes Colvin-Postorol Troining f Greek Broodcosting Pursue: Degree Kim Cook-lnternotionol Ministries Todd Crouse-lnternotionol Ministries ki' N7 Bible Pursue: Bible teocher 168 ENLARGEMENT: SEIXHORS As o teom, we hod the opportunity to work with eight different Churches ond the chonce to live doily with the people in our hosting homes. We worked with the chil- dren of the city who lived in the surround- ing oportment complexes, ond gove our testimonies in Church ond home meetings. These meetings olso gove us time to on- swer questions obout Americo, os well os time to tolk with personol contocts. The most effective evongelistic method used wos person to person. We were oble to reoch the people os our French coun- terports brought their unsoved fomilies ond friends to the churches. The young people of the country chollenged us with their philosophicol questions obout the United Stotes. The people, os o whole, we drown to the music ond dromo whit ployed o key role in our ministry, Though there were mony borriers, e peciolly longuoge borriers, God strengt ened our group ond helped us to develc unity in diversity, The unity of our grot mode o profound impoct on the Frent people, for they hod the unusuol oppc tunity of seeing complete strongers wot ing together. The most effective testimor we could hove given wos showing the: people the unique possibility of uni omong believers with o common bond. , Story by Phyllis Schorr. 00 . if 'V ' 'LJ rf: 1 Othelmo DaSilva-Christian Education James Daughtry-International Ministries Pursue: Mission field Timothy Dearborn-Bible - Theology f Bible Pursue: BA degree, missions Michael DeKay-Pastoral f Greek Pursue: Marriage, career Aaron DeNeui-Pastoral! Greek Pursue: Church planting Bruce DeVries-International Ministries Pursue: Missions William Dipple-PastoralfGreek Pursue: Rural church planting Sam Dodd-Pastoral f Greek Wayne Downen-Bible-Theologyf Bible Pursue: Engineering, seminary Kristen Duden-Communications Pursue: Degree, writing Alan Dunaway-Communications Audiovisual Greek Pursue: Degree The Senior Class ' ' PI-IOT0 JOURNAL ' Diane Kay Clark 9411 Forrest Drive Highland lN 46322 F- Intramurals 1,2,3: Senio Ensemble 3: StuCo Rep 3. ' Paul Thomas Clark 1604 S. 50th Ave. Cicero ll. 60650 -- MSF Committee 3. ' Lisa G. Cleveland 442 Russell Ave. Winthrop Harbor, lL 60096 - lntramurals 1: Bi BrofBig Sis 1,2, Friends of Cabrini 3. ' Christopher Allen Clinch 326 Main St. Calais ME 04619 - lntromurals 1,2,3 RA. 2.3. ' James Lionel Coffman 752 Pruitt Dr, Madeira Beach FL 33708 - Lisa Lynne Coffman 0211 W. Brush German Valley lL 61039 f Claressa Jean Cole 3114 Amelia Flushing Ml 48433 - lntramurais 1,41 Women' Guild 1-4: Senior Ensemble 4, ' Brenda Ellen Combs 919 Maple Ave. Findlay OH 45840 lntramurals 1.23: MBI Today 23: R.A. 3. 0 Timoth Crane 820 N. LaSalle Chicago IL 60610 lntramurals 3. I Todd Crouse 1254 Lancaster Ave. Columbia PA 17512 lntramurals 1,2,3g Mime Team 2,3 - Robert Paul Dages 312 Davis Rd. Havertown PA 19083 SMF 1: StuCo 2: X-Country 2. ' James Daughtry 8455 5. Kenneth Chicago lL 60652 Prayer Focus leader 2,3: StuCo rep 3. v Timothy R. Dearborn 702 Joliet Rd. Marquette Hts lL 61554 Big Btojbig Sis 1,2,3g Prayer Focus 3. ' Michael Eldon DeKay BLR. 41, Hyde Park Ontario CAN NOM-120 Intramurals 2,3 - Aoron DeNeul 1614 51st St. Cicero lL 60650 Cabrini tutoring 3. ' Bruce Albert DeVries 145 Peterson Path Marshfield MA 02050 Intramurals 1,35 Men's Glee 2: Pre-Av 1. 0 William H. Dipple I 2326 Jersey Ridge Rd. Davenport lA 52803 Men's Glee 1,3 1 Wayne Louis Downen RAR. itf7, Rock Run Dr Joliet lL 60436 Men's Glee 1,2,8. 1 Kristie Joy Duden 1048 Fairway Terrace Clovis NM MBI Today 2,3: ARCH 3: Moody Student 3. ' James Easter 1450 St. 61 S. N, Fairfield OH 44855 Moody Student 12.3. ge James Easter-Bible Theology f Pamela Egeler-Communicationsf Writing Pursue: Missions in E. Africa Janice Ehrhardt-Christian Education f Music f Organ Pursue: Church Music Ministry John Emmons-Pastoral Training fGreels Pursue: M.Div.g Psychology Ph.D. Lyndell Enns-Pre-Aviation Timothy Erieau-International Ministries f Aviation Pursue: Foreign Missions Deborah Fish-International Ministries Pursue: Int'l students ministry David R. Fleming- Communications f Broadcasting David W. Fleming-Bible Theology Pursue: Missions in Mexico Liana Forrer-Communications Radio Broadcasting Pursue: Overseas Radio Station Kent Fraser-Communications Audiovisual Steven Freitag-Pastoral Training f Christian Education Pursue: Degree Edith French-Church Music f Voice Pursue: Church Music Ministry The Mrs Jonathan fPameIaj Egeler 2011 Ridgefield Rd Johnson City TN 37601 Married Student Fellowship 1 2 His Ambassadors 1 2 CCaptotn 21 Janice Grace Ehrhardt 390 Parkside Ct Coprague NY 11726 Women s Glee 1 2 Glee Exec 2 Intramurals 1 2 3 R A 3 ' John Emmons 8354 Rexford St Venturo CA Band 1 2 3 Senior Class Vice President CJ Timothy Duane Erteau 612 3rd St Oconto Wt 54153 Intramurals 1 2 3 SMF Rep 1 2 MBI Today 2 3 Aviation Club 1 2 CJ Deborah Jean Fish 6017 St Johns Ave Edina MN 55424 Floor Administration 1 Intramurals 1 2 8 R A 2 3 S O S Team 1 David Walter Fleming 4007 Shoals Dr Olsemos Ml 48864 Intramurals 1 2 3 ' Liana Forrer Qs 1 ,tn ff Q 'Wt-,. Senior Class ' ' PHOTO JOURNAL intramural 1 Senior Ensemble 3 Rebekah Catherine Frantz 9395 Bennett Lalse Rd Fenton Ml 48430 Christian Education Major Pursue Teach in MK school overseas Steven Mtchael Freitag R R 615 Box 18 Delavan WI 53115 Intramural 1 2 3 STUCO CJ Edith Ann French 158 Carltng Rd Rochester NY 14610 Teresa Friedel P O Box 475 Inkom ID 83245 Floor Council 1 Intramurals 1 2 3 Charles Edward Fry 13 Altff Ln St Albans WV 25177 Arttst for The Arch 1 Intramurals 1 2 R A 2 Churchill Cartoonist 3 Rodney Fry 1046 W Ridge Rd Elizabethtown PA 17022 Moody Chorale CJ Philip H Gagltardr 5813 Rognar Dr Chattanooga TN 37343 International Ministries Major Pursue European Missions Gretchen Louise Getztnger Floor Social Rep 2 Epic 1 2 3 STUCO Election Committee 2 Candleltght Carols 2 Welcome Week 2 3 Karen Lynette Geyman 2824 Treetop Ln West Linn OR 97068 STUCO 2 C3 Intramurals 1 2 3 MBI Today 2 3 Floor Council 1 2 Kenneth Richard Gibbs 1055 Susttna Dr Wasilla AK 99667 Kirk Anthony Gliebe 3233 Hoen Ave Santa Rosa CA 95405 Class President 1 Men s Glee 2 Kenneth Eugene Gruber R D 51 Box 255 Bainbridge PA 17502 Candlellght Carols 1 Norman L Hansen 934 Bowling Green Rd Homewood IL 60430 Band 1 2 3 Intramurals 1 2 3 Mary Elizabeth Harnes 793 Forest Ave Des Plaines IL 60018 Intramurals 1 SMF Rep 1 2 3 Oratoria 3 170 ENLARCBEMENTY SENIORS Semors ' ' Class of 1988 is www: ta iff- 1 ,I+ -tt-as S f its ff triigff- Q Rf sms 3 es s if X fs ww?-ss 5-NT "Love is potient, love is kind . . Sweet ords, yet tough os noils. While in college, met ct young mon whom God used to lp me understond these words. Spirit- lly, he wos like 0 kid with o runny nose d scroped knees. He wos dirty, yet his ort wos teochoble. He wonted me to isciple" him. I hod little desire to be with m. ln my selfishness, l did not wont to be terrupted by someone who needed love Wd help . . . often ot the most inconven- nt times. We got together weekly, to tolk obout e ond to communicote our foith with 'her college students. During these times, e olso osked mony questions. "I hove o crush on this girl, whot do I D?" "l'm hoving trouble loving my fomily: how is it done?" "My wolk with God is soggy cornflokes. Whot's wrong with me?" After o while, o funny thing hoppened to me. my view of "regimented discipleship" went out the window ond wos reploced by love. Before, he hod been my project. Now I wonted to give my life to him, We were becoming close friends. With friend- ship comes tronsporency. I wos not ofroid to soy, "Scott , . . l'm chewing on coffee grounds in my wolk with God. Got ony suggestions?" We begon to give to eoch other ond wolk life together, We spent time drinking coffee ot "Dwights," comping, wolking, pulling off jokes, loughing ond whotever else come olong, Love is tough os noils. Yet God hos be- gun to show me thot love is the heort of ministry, My life is much more colorful be- couse of my good friend Scott. All I wont to do for the rest of my life is to wolk with God ond give my life to more people like Scott. Story by Chuck Fry. Two "professionals" meet to discuss ond demonstrote the use of vorious gestures in conversotionol com- municotion. QN .xx I W. Z 'Q 94-1 X t 'Q .Jaime f, , S Q r, Teresa Friedel-Americon lnterculturol Ministries Pursue: Youth Ministry Chorles Fry-lnternotionol Ministries Pursue: Use Art in Missions Rodney Fry-lnternotionol Ministries Pursue: Chonge the World Joy Gauthier-lnternotionol Ministries Gretchen Getzinger- Communicotionsf Writing f Broodcosting Pursue: Foreign Missions Pursue: Serve the Lord wf Dromo Koren Geymon-Communicotions Wa Mt 3 , Kenneth Gibbs-lnternotionol Ministries Pursue: Notive Americon Mission Kirk Gliebe-Jewish Studies Pursue: Jewish Evongelism Roy Gottsleben-Evongelism Kenneth Gruber-Bible Theology Bible Pursue: Work Norman Hansen-Christion Educotion f Youth Pursue: Youth Ministry Mory Horness-Christion Educotion Pursue: Teoching Overseos 57- 171 I QHIOTS ' ' HSS O at sz scwsisgt tst. Xtcsstg . . f ""' . .. r " ' " " n f- --r-I A was X. w w: Q : FF 4-E - .swim nwsw ...., ..s.c.A.. . - ':: !:. ii i. I my I ..r5. I ". .A 'F .. 13-. - " 5 M fffiegwt' -A rl ' ' 9 1' :s if-2 4 iw. 5 Xi . I ,Sur VZ-V:ti:.l:iV . F 1 . N Z' 7" fbfv ,sn-C, n-wgggg-35r,,3,m.,,Q.,.-v..e..u,.,,., ..., , ,.,m,,x+w,,,,,,,...,,, -. SQ: m,.g5rss,t K s f.,.:2:fWiEKsSf. swf-cewfw-S1-tsst . f.,--::s-Wx.c::s:s-ws :sMM:erw-so -- .-wMM.. MH- . , WW-w 'wrt' .. :gs:g,f:- SJW., -tt cf-1: sm- .. - ,s ,wp sg J . .. sf ada Asscwrg :ff-Qt n,s sw..s-2s:s- Q I Something unexpected happened to me when I came to MBI. I lost my heart. lt wasn't to some tall, sweet-talking Moody man, nor was it misplaced under the stacks of papers and other rubble on my desk. I lost my heart to a group of junior high girls from a housing project on Chicago's Near West Side. I'm not sure how it happened or exactly when, but it did. From all realms of human logic it was an unlikely match, but then again, love is not in the realm of human logic. I was scared and excited on that first day of my PCM assignment. I took a deep breath and walked into my class of eight black, junior high girls. I told myself there was no reason to be scared. I had the answers they were looking for, and by the end of the school year, they would be excited, growing Christians. To my surprise, that was the day I got my first lesson in humility. My white, middle-class George Harp III-Bible Theology f Greek Pursue: Teaching Rebecca Harris-Christian Education Pursue: Degree in Education Bonnie Harrison-International Ministries Susan Harshbarger-Christian Education Pursue: Foreign Missions William Hatters-Bible Theology f Theology Pursue: Cross-cultural Missions Stephanie Hawley-American Intercultural Ministries Dawn Holshoe-Communications Broadcasting Pursue: Short Term in Japan Joanne Hooker-Church Music f Organ Pursue: Finish Degree Dave Horbus-Bible Theology Janet Hornemann-Christian Education Pursue: Open Air Evangelism Jurgen Hornemann-Evangelism Pursue: Open Air Evangelism Jeffrey Hyma-Bible Theology f Theology Pursue: Pastorate 172 ENLAPIGEMENT: SENIORS upbringing created a wall I had never en- countered before. I made many mistakes that first year. I think those kids taught me more than I taught them. As I got to know "my girls" a little better, I developed a great respect for them. That respect evolved into admiration: that admiration grew into gen- uine love. Despite all the frustrations of that first year I went back. I was able to stay with the same girls as the year before. That year I began to pray about the possibility of serving the peo- ple of the inner city. I'm a senior, and I am back again at the same PCM assignment. I'm considered a veteran club leader, but l've only begun to scratch the surface with these girls. I will leave MBI with a diploma in Chris- tian Education. That's not all l'Il leave with. I'm going on to a fulltime PCM assignment in the very place I first started. l've had the great privilege of studying under many great men and women of God, and my mind h been enriched. I look back on my Mooc experience and see a different set of teac ers who taught me too, They don't lot scholarly, but they have taught me life fro a different perspective. I-low much mo practical can a Practical Christian Ministry A signment be? Story by Stephanie Watson. Burning out: Keith Nick naps at the keyboard. v ,aan- F an .QV It N l J is I 5 he 'fur The Senior Class ' ' PI-IGTO - George D. Harp, lll 24430 Morgan St. Block Diamond, WA 98010 - Intramurals 1,2,3 DkroomfMoody Student 2. ' Rebecca Lynn Harris 102 E. Santa Fe Marion, KS 66661 - Floor Admin. 1,25 lntramural 1,2,3q Tutoring 1: RA. 3 - Susan Morie Horshbarger P.O. Box 180 Ellenton, FL 34222 - Cheerleading Coach 3, Bi Brofliig Sis 1,2,3: Intramurals 1,2,3. ' William Brian Hatters 22 W, 220 Thorndale Medinah, lL 60157 - lnrramurals 2. v Tammy Lea Hauge Box 509 5. lnt'l Falls, MN 56679 Communications Major, Pursue: Career in 'l'.V. Broa costing. lnrramurals 1,2,3. ' Tracey Dawn Hawkes 10130 Pulbrook Rd. Windsor, Ont. Canada NSR 1C1 Women's Glee 2. ' Dawn Michelle Holshoe 7147 Packer Belmont, Ml 49306 SMF Rep. 1. ' Joanne Elizabeth Hooker RR, 31 Belmont, Ontario Canada NoL 1130 Concert Band 1,2,3, Exec 2: Student Conductor 3 Oratorio 1,2,3: Organ Guild 3. v Dave Horbus 17400 Lee Rd Fr, Myers: Fl. lntramurals 1,2,3. ' Janet L. Hornemann 1140 N. LaSalle Dr. 8711 Chicago, lL 60610 lnrramurals 3. - Jurgen Hornemonn 77 Kamm Ave. South River, NJ 08682 lnrramurals 1,2,3. ' Mark Hufen 1704 72nd St. Kenosha, Wl 53140 Communications Major, Pursue: Missions to Comm nists Countries. Bicycle Club 3. 0 Jeffrey Scott Hyma 222 74th St. South Haven, Ml 0 Jefi Ingersoll RR. 6, Box 28 Elkhorn, W! 53121 Intramurals 1,2,3y Chorale 12,31 Social Rep 3: Chair Jeffrey lngersoll-Church Music f Voice Pursue: Finish Degree Donna James-Christian Education Gregory James-Bible Theology f Greek Julia James-Church Music f Piano Pursue: Finish Degree Peggy Janofski-International Ministries A Pursue: Tribal Work in SE Asia Philip Janofski-International Ministries Pursue: Tribal Worls in SE Asia Kevin Janosky-International Ministries Raymond Jelich-Evangelism William Johnson-Pastoral Training f Greek Debbie Kolne-Church Music f Piano Pursue: Foreign Missions Guillermo Katz-Jewish Studies Pursue:Jewish Evangelism Rachel Kendal-Christian Education Pursue: South American Missions JOURNAL man JSB 2: Senior Ensemble Dlrecta 31 Floor Council 1,2. ' Julio Rachel James 2314 W. 74th St. Prairie Village, KS 66206 Concert Band 1,2,3, Exec. 2,3 - Peggy Marvel ne Janofski cfo Jim Miller P.O. Box 248 Woxhaw, NC 26173 Married StudentsExec Committee 2. ' Philip Lynn Janofski cfo Jim Miller P.O. Box 246 Waxhaw, NC 28173 Married Students-Exec Committee 2. ' Debbie Kalne 2910 Brown Rd. NE Salem, OR 97305 lnrramurals 1,2,3: Selah 2. ' Guillermo Elias Katz P.O. Box 182 Skokie, IL 60076 ' Rachel Ann Kendal 1055 Reaser Ln: Ramona, CA 92065 SMF Rep. 2, Floor Council. Robert Ketchum-Pastoral Training f Christian Education Michael King-Communications! Broadcasting Pursue: Northwestern Univ. David Knickerbocker- Communications f Broadcasting Merry Kolarek-Communications! Audio-Visual Pursue: Use AV Skills in Evang. April Kard-International Ministries Pursue: Missions Jeffrey Kreider-Pastoral Training f Greek Pursue: Pastorate Michael Krogman-Bible Theology f Bible Pursue: Degree From MBI John Lampe-Bible Theology f Bible Melvin Lawson-Christian Education Pursue: B.A. Degree Gary Leden-Bible Theology f Bible Jin Lee-Pastoral Training f Christian Education Randall Lienemann-Bible Theology f Bible 'VS The Senior Class ' ' PHOTO JOUR AL - Michael Stuart Klng l Jewish Studies Major: Pursue: Pastor of local deal 31500 Burlwood Dr. Solon, OH 44139 . ministry before going to lsreal. - Melvin C. Lawson , ' V,Presldenr1: V.P. STUCO 1: President STUCO'2p 9308 SQ 80th Ct. J Vollyball Club 1,25 intramural 1.23: WMBI Em- Hickory Hills, ll 60457 playee 3. . ' Jay Allen Lindstrom ' James David Kline 2500 S. Lyon 1.5016 w, tam st. mi: . g Sioux ary, IA 51 tae g . 'Cicero lL60650 Z ' Intramurals 1.23: Basketball Team 123: JrQ Class Pastoral TroiningfGre-ek Major, Pursue: Seminary. President 2, P-ACO President 3. 0 Merry Carol Kolarek 4804 Edgar Rd. V. Ellicott City, MA 210432 " I April Kord' 1249 S. 49th Ct. Cicero, lL 60650 SMF Rep, 1: Intramurals 3. -1 Jeffrey Neal Kreider, V 4079 Northampton Rdff 'J Cuyahoga Falls, 44223 0 Michael Douglas Krogman . 208 Roundup Ave. . ,Newcastle,..WY 82701 - . lntramuralSO1,8. I ' Jack Kurtz 2408 S. Lombard Berwyn, lL 60402 174 ENL ABCSEMENT: SENIOBS - Renee Dawn Lineburg 7407 Jefferson Hammond, IN 463524 .:. Chorale 1,2.0: STUCO Rep. 1: lntramurals' 2.3: Devoted Basketball tan 1,2,3. ' Ronald Dale Lineburg 7437 Jefferson Hammond, lN 46324 A Bible Theology Major: Pursue: Degree. 0 Shawn Dale Loewen PMR. 2, Box 25 Burnet, TX 78611 Mens Glee 1,2: Men's Glee Secretary 2: Cheer- leading 2,31 Sr Ensemble 3. ' A A - Kimberly Ann l-lawkonsen Lasos 3346 N. Paris Chicago, IL 60604 ' Jennifer Sue Lott 902 E. Adams Washington, lL 61571 lntramurals 1. ' Julie Ann Lundgren RR. 1, Box 153-A Coleman, Wl 54112 lntramurlas 1,3g Women's Giee 2,3, Floor Admin 2: RA. 0. O'O' fn - Sonja Denise Magnuson 0441 County Rd 100 Glenwood Springs, CO 81601 SMF Secretary. 1,25 Evangelism Awareness Week involvement: SMF Vice-President 0: 50,5 Liberia Team 2, f ' Joy Rebecca Marks 1100 N. LoSolle 93187 Chicago, IL 60610 0 Amy Marsh RJR, 2, Box 59 Winnebago, MN 56096 - Jacqueline Tracy Marshall 23626 Stonehenge ' Novi, Ml 48050 ' O International Ministries, Pursue: istry. Chorale 1,2.3: Jr. Exec, MusicfMissions Min exams W ,gi-If 9 945 ,."'f?f1?r.1rQsi!.-Siriiiiifir 'fre lsflfr if-iris: M ifiw sxwier- r: :- QH4frsbgg-q- K h w y - -erg- g,g: q,s:,srQ s,ff, -- As I mode my woy up the stoirwoy to e Iorge 747, I couldnt believe the doy d octuolly orrived when I would be go- to Europe! Although I hod never flown fore nor even crossed o time zone line, l os obout to emborls on o ten hour jour- ey thot would tolse me ocross eight of rose lines ond set me down in the beou' ul yet distont country of Sweden, My IGOYTN consisted of eight members, reso Stirewolt ond Kerri Bolser were closs- otes from Moody, ond soon the others 'rented lilse old friends too We were dis' tched under the ouspices of Crreoter Euv pe Mission to spend neorly eight weelss assisting the missionories ot the Scondino- on Bible Institute in Soffle, Sweden 'ronounced "set-lo", not rhyming with wofflefj Although our supervisor, Joe King, could not meet us ot the oirport, he did send on outline of the toslss he wonted us to com plete thot summer, ond this time he wosn't "Jolsing"l After recovering from syllobus shocls, we unpoclsed our bogs in our new home, or "Iittle inte hus" os we coiled it, ond went directly to worli I Our responsibilities included cleoning the monor house ond the dorms, which were now being used to house tourists, weeding the gordens, ond helping in the kitchen, The two moles on our teom 'helped Joe build o mochine shed Morning worls wos interrupted only for filso Qcoffee breolsj ot 10.30, but when ofternoon orrived oll physicol worls wos put oside os our teom regrouped to worls long hours perfecting our songs ond slsits for the dinner theoter we were to perform on the weekends. On Thursdoy ofternoons we crowded into the monstrous, blue pile of junls which wos our primory source of trons- portotion ond heoded for o compground two miles down the rood to poss out flyers which invited the compers to our progrom, Crowds did not surge to our doorstep, but every weels someone did orrive, ond by the end of the summer, eoch of us hod the chonce to tolls obout our foith with ot leost one unsoved Europeon. Although we didnt sporls o revivol, we did plont o seed. Whois more, we leorned o greot deol, As o teom, we leorned to shore our worls, We discovered the benefits of encourogement ond the volue of tollsing our problems out. You osls if I would return? Just give me o ticlset. Story by Jennifer Bergen. 'Q-if ts' It I Bible Pursue: MD.-Pediotrics Ministries Troining f Greek Pursue: Stort A Fomily Jenny Lott-Christion Educotion Pursue: Childbirth Educotor Julie Lundgren-Christion Educotion Ministries Ministries Bible Amy Morsh-Christion Educotion ri Pursue: Degree Brendo Mortin-Christion Educotion Z22... P52210 Joy Lindsfrom-Communicotions Pursue: TeochfCooch HS Students Renee Lineburg-Bible Theology f Shown Loewen-lnternotionol Pursue: Teoch Eng. to Muslims Michoel Lookenott-Postorol Kim Losos-Christion Educotion Pursue: Church Involvement Sonjo Mognuson-lnternotionol Pursue: Missions in S. Africo Steven Monsour-lnternotionol Joy Morks-Bible Theology f Pursue: Support Husbond in Sem Q 0 5 88 It wos o worm, roiny night olong the shores of Loke Boloton, locoted in Hungory. We were performing on o busy wolking street olong the shore, We hod just finished our lost set of mimes, ond we hod o curious group of onlookers woiting to speok with eoch one of us. We split up ond tolked to obout five people eoch. This night, o Hungorion girl in her lote teens trcnsloted for me. But before she would interpret, she fired o borroge of questions ot me such os, "Why did you come to my country? Did you come out of curiosity, or for pleosure? Or did you come for us?" I replied, "We come here for you ond your people, to present o messoge which hos chonged our lives in o tremendous woy ond to offer you the some chonce to heor the messogef' This led into o con- versotion with her ond her friends obout Louro Mortin-Jewish ond Modern lsroel Studies Pursue: Chosen People Ministry Rebekah Martin-Christion Educotion f Music Pursue: Degree Kenneth Moyne-Postorol Troining f Christion Educotion Pursue: Single Porent Ministry Koren McCIelIon-Christion Educotion f Bible Theology j Greek Pursue: Seminory Trocy McConnell-Postorol Troining! Greek Dovid McGroth-Postorol Troining f Greek Christopher McHugh- Communicotions Pursue: Refined Thinking Rick McNoIly-Bible Theology f Bible Ken McPherson-Postorol Troining f Greek Pursue: Seminory George Mendes-Bible Theology f Greek Pursue: Choploincy in U.S. Novy Ren Merry-Church Music f Clossicol Guitor Pursue: Music Ministry NE Indio Michoel Mertens-Evongelism Pursue: Josioh Ministries 176 ENLARGEMENT: SENIORS Christ, Her questions sent my mind reeling bock to just o few weeks before. I hod listened intently to o missionory in Poris tell me motivotions for church plonting in Fronce, He sold God must be the first stimuloting influence in o person's life. These conversotions mode me think obout my reosons for going to Europe, Whot wos motivoting me to go to the mission field? The noble purpose of world evongelisnn, the tremendous needs of the world, or simply becouse of Christ's com- mond to go ond moke disciples of oll no- tions? In recent yeors l've heord missions speokers ond postors moke emotionol op- peols to join the couse of World Evonge- Iizotion. I remember them soying, "You must give yourself to the couse in some woy becouse milions of people ore going to o Christless eternity, if you don't q involved, mony more will perish!" I sow through these sincere but mon ulotive colls to missions. They tried to fluence me to go to the mission field out guilt ond pity for the perishing. But if I wrj to go to serve Christ out of pity, my tivotion would be purely on o horizont humon level. No one oppreciotes pity IJ couse it puts them on on inferior level, o the one pitying becomes the superior. God needs to be the primory influen in our lives to spur us on to the mission fie All other reosons must be secondory. Or by looking to Christ con He give us the pc motivotion to serve Him. If we hove inword eyes looking to Christ, we'Il be o to minister the woy He wonts us to. Je: soid, "Come, follow me, ond I will mo you fishers of men." Story by Todd Crouse. 19" .,., S it 'ix The Michelle Miller-Bible Theology Pursue: Education in Counseling Timothy Miller-Christian Education Pursue: Work Neil Montgomery-Christian Education Pursue: Youth Ministry Arthur Moran-Pastoral Christian Education Pursue: Missions in Argentina Masatomo Morita-.Iewish and Modern Israel Studies Sharon Morris-Christian Education Pursue: Degrees Caroline Moutz-International Ministries Pursue: Missions Deborah Murphy-Bible Theology f Bible Pursue: Degree in Nursing Sean Murphy-Christian Education Michael Musser-International Ministries Pursue: Missions in Asia Denise Muston-Church Music f Voice Pursue: Music Ministries Mary Neff-Bible Theology f Bible Pursue: Degree f Flight Attendant Senior Class ' ' PHOTO JOURNAL I Laura Lenee Martin f Ren Merry Warsaw, IN 46550 R.R. 31, Box 271 Etsuchukho Colony Varsity Soccer Team 1,25 STUCO Rep. 2. Shannon, IL 61078 Wokho Nagaland, India 79711 0 Sharon Lea Morris Intramurals 1,2,3. Intramurals: Band. ON 071 Myrtle 0 Rebekah Jean Martin ' Michael Warren Mertens Winfield, IL 60190 35 N. Caroline St. 5810 Keith Rd. Women's Glee 1,2. Crystal Lake, IL 60014 Jupiter, FL 33458 ' Caroline Moutz Women's Glee 1,2,3. Rene 1.2: STUCO Class Rep. 3. R.R. 4, Box 194 0 Kenneth Bruce Mayne f Erika Metzler Birdsboro, PA 19505 371 Green Hill Dr. P.O. Box 576 Women's Glee 2: Intramurals 3. Tallmodge, OH 44278 Lancaster, PA 17603 - Deborah Susan Murphy Men's Glee 1,2: Intramurals 3: Floor Social Rep. 3. International Ministries Major: Pursue: Ministry R.R. 1, Box 133A ' Karen McClellan overseas. Nice's Hollow Road 8910 S. Parnell Chorale 1,2: SMF Rep. 3. Jersey Shore, PA 17740 Chicago, IL60620 ' Michelle Yvonne Miller Chorale 2,-3. Pray-o-Shore Coordinator 1. 1327 Countryside Circle - Michael Musser 0 Christopher Scott Mcl-Iugh Hartville, OH 2655 Brooklyn Rd. P.O. Box 80366 Women's Glee 3. Mercersburg, PA 17236 Conyers, GA 30207 ' Timothy Harold Miller - Denise .Iune Muston EPIC 2: Audio-Visual Dept. 1,2,3: Physics Club 1: 834 Rutts Rd. 6823 Childsdole NE Intramurals 1,2,3. Elizabethtown, 17022 Rockford, Ml 49341 - Kenneth Wayne McPherson Intramurals 1,2,3: Soccer Team 1,2. Chorale 1,2,3: Chorale Exec. f Librarian 3. 9721 Lou Ann Ave. 0 Neil Montgomery 0 Mary Neff , Riverview, FL 33569 320 Soutneress Dr. 318 Heather Ave. 0 George James Mendes London, Ontario Canada N61 1N-4 Groysloke, IL 60030 12 Sheridan PI. Intramurals 1,2,3: Cheerleading 2: Sehlah 1,2. Concert Band 1: Intramurals 1,2,3: Floor Council 3. Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 ' Arthur Lawrence Moran Military Prayer Focus Leader 2. R.R. 8, Box 100 If ' . 3 . 177 Terry Neff Jr.-Christian lducat ian Pursue: Seminary Keith Nick-Bible lhreologyf Bible Valerie Nicksic-Arnerican Intercultural Ministries Pursue: Inner City Ministry Robin Norris-Evangelism Lee Oestry-Communications! Radio f T. V. Broadcasting Pursue: Drama f Youth Ministry Eric Olsen ll-Broadcastingf Pastoral Training Pursue: Broadcasting Ministry David Olsen-Christian Education Pursue: leach on Mission Field Bruce Olszewski-Pastoral TrainingfChristian Education Pursue: Evangelism Andres Panasiuk-Communications f Bible Pursue: Ministry with Hispanics Richard Parkinson-Pastoral Training f Christian Education Pursue: Grad. School Richard Pastuch-Pastoral Training fGreeIs Darrell Patterson-Bible Theology f Bible Pursue: Seminary The ' Terry W. Neff Jr. 318 lieatlier Ave Grayslalxe, 60030 Intramurals 12,11 ' Valerie E. Niclssic 5871 Roosevelt St Merrillville, IN -10410 Intramurals 1,2 0 Lee Oestry 5 S 225 Fagle Naperville, ll. 60540 A ' Intramurals 12,51 Usher wfArrihassadors 2 yrs, Cap tion 1 yr. v Eric K. Olsen, Il, V A g Volleyball Club 1,21 trrtrrtrnurals 2,3g -MIMF learn 1,2,3g RACO 2. ' David Olsen - P.O. Box 671. McNaughton, Wi 5-1543 ' Bruce Charles Olszewslrt 834 South Austin Oak Park, Il. 60004 I V ' Married S. F. Fxec. 1,'2,i3p Pray U Care 123. ' Andres Gregorio Panasiuk m Doulogne Sur Mer 605 U - . . , .V ' 517663 labladci, Buenos Aires, Rep Argentina Vice President SMF 2, latin American Prayer Focus 12,11 - Richard Kent -Parkinson. 178 l7Nl.ARGFMENli SENICDRS r Q. 9? L Senior Class ' ' PHOTO JOURNAL Box 591, R R A41 tlian, NY 13351 KA 1,25 Gospel Glove Maker 2 ' Darrell Mark Patterson 1211 I 10th St Duluth, MN 55605 lritrartturals 12,137 SIULO V Preslrierwt 3, Assist RA. 28. ' Lana Patterson D219 W. 30th St. Cirera, 60030 ' Robert Patterson, Jr. 5219 W 30th St. Cicero, 60050 ' Edwin E. Paulauski, lr. 1-14 Greenway Dr. Bloomingdale, Il 60108 Renee 12 tan Band 23 lr Class Cha' llang Bi , r I - D BrofSis Dlrerror 3, llr Spiritual Dir 2 - Abel Pena 1056 Fourth Ave. , Chula VislO, CA 9201 1 ' Greg Penn Douglas Island Bible Church 2Y7O David St. . luneau, AK 99801 Intramurals 1,2,3g Crossfrountry Club 2. - Justine Faye Peterson 2805 l ee' Dr, ' Ur tlwt afield, CA 93304 ,Q Q SMI Rep 1,25 Spiritual lnrtrliriwnt Cfuurd 2, ivan- ryalisrn Awareness lash lorce 213, Muslim Prayer lo cus 1,235 Ustterette Caridleitrjlrt Carols and launders Week 1,2 ' April Joy Pilditch 13820 Arlington Ave lort Wayne, IN 116807 Wornen'sClee 1,?,3, lntrattiurals 1,235 llilftlllllllfllh 1 lr Rep. 1,3. ' Beth Ann Pitton 5114 I Southern Ave M157 Mesa, A! 63204 I-It Council 1, 'RACO 2,33 imitating 1.28. ' lanet Ruth Pollard 1092 Daririavent Dr lletrriitage, IN 31070 Intramurals 1,Q,3, Womens Cttee 1.2.3- ' Martha Elena Polo Castellanos Miguel Salinas 17 Centra, Cuernavaca, Morelasbi?OOO MliXlKQO Int'i Student Cornrriittee 28, lloar Rep. SMl 3, selor louridefs Weels 2, Welrartie Week 2 - Randall Wiltiam Prouse 9019 Roy Rd, NE Bremerton, WA 08310 R A 8, Coun- Semors ' ' Class of 1988 'M Wim 'm Awww AM-emma WWSWIW If life on eorth is o crucible for growth hen teoching Junior High boys hos been he blozing fire of this post yeor Mony tudents dreod hoving to teoch o Sundoy chool closs ond I wos no exception How ver, I wouIdn't trode the time I hod with could be the positive influence thot eoch of them locked ot home ond they could show me the energy of o time in my life I hod missed out on I sow blood sweot ond teors over the course of the yeor, eoch time my own experience. At those times I sow the fruit of my efforts in theirflives, ond my heort stirred with the concern I felt for them. Too mony doys Iended up feeling very foolish in front of thot judgmentol Junior High store, yet, I won their respect, Every " .ms,m5,-.? -M -',"""" - ..L .f:' ... W . MQ" - " -ssc-'2 ,. mmm 'ISM is :Q M W ss. . " timswwwsm MW --'-- ,fs-wmfs .,.sWm,..w. ww N sw., I, ssmsmsc. www. I msgs .I .mm . I I ' I ' - I r hem for ony other ministry experience. The boys were either hyperoctive ond loud, or they slept through every word I old. It took dedicotion to do more thon Enere PCM requirements, but success of -ony kind is usuolly like thot. From bos- ketboll ot the YMCA to pizzo porties ofter church, we become more thonjust teocher ond closs, we grew to be friends. I found I -iq i ,V 2 On o bike o thon I tried to ossist two of the lods in on odd fiosco of colliding bi- cycles, I wos the only one to hit the pove- ment. Thot wos the blood. My sweot come every Sundoy when their pronks disrupted the other closses, especiolly ofter chosing them through the church porking lot. Con- sequently, it wos the teors, or the feeling of teors, thot were the reol hollmork of my Sundoy I hid my frustrotion ot their opothy ond wondered if they would ever heor me. I wos oble to pour my heort out before them in the possion of my seorch for truth, to corefully work through the biblicol tools they would need for the yeors oheod. And though I wos their teocher, it's hord to soy who reolly Ieorned the most. Story by Chris McHugh. Lono Potterson-lnternotionol Ministries Pursue: Notive Amer. Missions Robert Potterson, Jr.-Americon lnterculturol Ministries Pursue: Notive Amer. Missions Edwin Powlouski-Postorol Troining f Christion Educotion Pursue: Inter Vorsity Ministry Abel Pena-Bible Theology f Bible Z Pursue: Youth Ministry Greg Penn-Internotionol Ministries Pursue: Evongelism in Alosko Justine Peterson-Internotionol Ministries Pursue: Missions to Muslims Judson Pierre-Communicotionsf Broodcosting April Pilditch-Communicotionsf Broodcosting Pursue: Degree ot Purdue Univ. Beth Pitton-Internotionol Ministries Pursue: B.A. Jonet Pollard-Church Music f Voice Pursue: Church Choir fYouth work Mortho Polo-Internotionol Ministries Pursue: M.A. in Educotion Rondoll Prouse-Posrorol Troining f Christion Educotion Pursue: Further Educotion ZH... Seniors ' ' Class of 1988 .. A w .... . . -- '- From competing with eighty-yeor-old voluntory preochers who Uhelped me" ot o nursing home, to rounding up eight-yeor- old renegodes ot club, sotisfoction ond ex- perience wrop up whot I tools with me from my PCMs. People ore whot PCM's ore oll obout, ond you meet mony vorieties. All hove infinite worth, ond without Christ, they hove QFSOT need. Therefore, it wos o priv- ilege to present them with the Word of God ond to meet their needs olong the woy. l found it sotisfying to serve these people even without seeinglresults, sotisfying to see some mischievous boys being discipled with the expectotion thot they would grow up to become men of God, To be honest, Koren Purcell-Christion Educotion Pursue: Teoch in MK School Storlus Pyle-Evongelism Brion Rondone-Evongelism Pursue: Evongelism ! Seminory Jill Reehl-Church Music! Voice Pursue: Degree Rochel Regier-Christion Educotion Phil Remmers-Bible Theology! Bible Pursue: Preoching !Teoching Robert Repke, Jr.- lnternotionol Ministries Pursue: Cross-culturol teoching Toni Rice-Christion Educotion! Music Kothy Roberts-Bible Theology! Bible Pursue: Missions Koe Beth Rosenberg- Communicotions! Writing Pursue: Prison Ministry Michoel Rozso-Bible Theology! Theology Pursue: Unknown Sorcih Ruben-Church Music! Voice Pursue: Music Evong. Overseos 180 ENLARGEMENT: SENKDBS ond l should be, I olso tools with me some heodoches: nine-yeor-old-seventy-pounds multiplied by 80 type heodoches. But more importont, l goined experience in telling obout Christ cross-culturolly to those from other countries residing here in Illinois. Cobrini-Green, more populous thon my hometown in lowo, provided mony other controsts. My hometown hod two block fomilies omong eleven thousond whites. Perhops through it oll l've goined more of o vision to see "red ond yellow, block ond white," young ond old unified in the Holy Spirit os the people of God. Story by Terry Stom. Neil Montgomery ond Koren Bliesner . . . "She oin't heovy, she's my girlfriend." i 3 :ff .. .. , The Senior Class ' ' PHOTO JOUR Doug Russell-International Ministries Pursue: Laterneau College Randall Rust-Bible Theology f Bible Gertrude Rwakatore- Communications f Broadcasting Pursue: Missions in Africa Linda Saunders-Jewish And Modern lsroel Studies Pursue: Jewish Evangelism Robert Sayer-International Ministries Pursue: Arab Muslim Ministry Roger Scarbo-Christian Education f Youth Pursue: Native American Youth Jim Schaeffer-International Ministries Pursue: Missions Jane Schell-International Ministries Pursue: Cross-Cultural Ministry Andrew Schmutzer-Bible Theology! Theology Pursue: Seminary Phyllis Schorr-International Ministries Pursue: Missions in France Blake Shaw-Bible Theology 7 Bible Pursue: Teaching or Postorote David Sheldon, Jr.- International Ministries Pursue: Missions AL ' Karen Rebecca Purcell Flr Council 1,2,3: lntramurals 2: Welcome Week 2: ' Jim Richard Schaeffer 6975 W. Glenbrook Rd. Women's Glee 3. 643 45th Pl. SE Milwaukee, Wl 53223 0 Michael John Rona Salem, OR 97301 lntramurals 2, 4082 Ponn Rd. - Jane Martha Schell ' Brian Lee Randone South Beloit, lL 61080 R.D. 3, Box 298 5312 Weir St. Varsity Soccer 1,2.3: lntramurals 1,2.3. Valencia, PA 16059 Omaha, NE 68117 I - Sarah Lorelei Ruben Womens Glee 1.2,3p Flr Admin. 2: R.A. 3: lns Men's Glee 1.2: VP Ambassadors 2: R.A. 3. 20 Forest St. tramurals 3. ' Jill Ann Reehl Rockport, MA 01966 ' Andrew Jon Schmutzer 5886 S. Plain Rd. Epic 1.2: Women's Glee 2. R.R. 1, Box 186-L Kingston, Ml 48741 U Douglas Lee Russell Gering. NE 69341 - Oratorio 1,2,3: Sr. Ensemble. Womens Glee 1.2,3: Corresp. Secretary 3. 5906 Caborwood Ln Mens Glee 1.2,3. Exec 3: SMF Rep. 1: lntramurals ' Phil Remmets Charlotte, NC 28212 SMF Rep. 1. 1,2,3, 230 The By-Way ' Gertrude Rwakatare ' Phyllis Marie Schoor :Ridgewood NJ 07450 Mission to the Needy P.O. Box 7545 53 Long St. iR.A. 3: lntramurals 1.2.3. Dar-Es-SalaamsTanzonio, E. Africa Huntington Station, NY 11746 l' Robert F. Repke Jr. 0 Linda J. Saunders SMF Prayer Focus Coord. 2: SMF Fir Rep. 1. l6420 Greenwood Rd. 1148 E. 38th St. - David Blake Shaw lRingwood. IL 60072 lntramurals 3: Cheerleading Brooklyn, NY 11210 RR, 1, Box 2510 13. SMF Rep. 1: Sports Rep. 2,3: Jewish Prayer Focus Cardwell, MO 59721 J' Kathleen Ann Roberts Co-Leader 3. Varsity Basketball 2: R. A, 2.3: lntramurals 1.2.3. L 108 Viking Ln, 0 Robert William Sayer - David Frederick Shelden. Jr. Norway. Ml 49870 828 Greenmount Blvd 1091 Edgewater Ave. Basketball 1,2.3: STUCO Rep. 1, Carr. Sec. 2: ln- Dayton, OH 45419 St, Paul, MN 55126 tramurals 1.2.3. Married Student Flwshp Exec 2.3: Hosp. Com, 1,2 Varsity Basketball 1.2: Welcome Week 3: Class W' Kae Beth Rosenberg v Roger Scarbro Treasurer 3: SMF 1.2: lntramurals 1.2.3. l3339 Chester Rd. Married Students Fellowship Com. 2: V Pres. 1 lRoyal Oak. Ml 48073 lntramurals 1. L i , X0 W., Stephen Shickley-Church Music! Pursue: Minister of Music Del Shimandle-International LrsaJoy Shoberg-International Maria Simon-Communications! Spencer Smith-Bible Theology! Pursue: Degree ! Seminary Timothy Smith-Christian Pursue: Degree! Seminary Susanna Soulek-Aviation Dan Spencer-Bible Theology! Pursue Work with Church ! Youth Eric Steinberg-Jewish And Pursue: Change The World Voice Ministries Ministries Pursue: Missions Broadcasting Pursue: Christian Radio Brian Sinclair-Pastoral Training ! Greek Pursue: Pastorate Greek Education Greek Terry Stam-American lnterculturol Ministries Farrel Stauffer-Bible Theology! Greek I Pursue: Unknown vw Modern lsroel Studies f,f,r.,:rim ffwfes 'W ,Mm ,, li ' I , - . . 1, ' S fillllll.ll.Q2E:E7iQaf:Q,:i7i'-T2 17 1 1, ' W rrf Jr " , 'wp 1 249, f' EV f' wow wgjqi Z 6-W' if 7 'rv , 1 2, I if 4. fr gy. fy w wffeffff 4 J gr 5, 1 1. V gay lr hi I lf 4 fy yr V 1 gtg! A ggiw L ! L .1 fs ,rev QW 'W Vie 5 wr' 1' t ew 12252 1 I . V,V: The Senior Class ' ' PHOTO JCURNAL 0 Stephen Mark Shickley B502 Sunnyview Rd NE Salem, OR 97305 - Chorale 1!Exec 2,8: Messiah Sololst 3,4: NATS 3,4: String Ensemble Conduc- tor!Organizer 4: Intramurals 4: Fir Council 3: R.A. 4. ' LisaJoy Shoberg 807 S. Cleveland Ave. Arlington Heights, IL 60005 - Women's Glee 1. ' Moria Simon 16 6th St., Conefleld 4 Commonweath of Dominica: West lndieslntefl S.F leader 2: Spirit. Enrich, Leader!FIr,2. -Brian James Sinclair V' ' . , - 1102 Fairlane Dr, ,',, , ,'i, ' ','g g V':,V' ' Valparaiso, IN 46358 lntromuralS.'1,2,CJ: R. Assist. 2,3: Welcome Week 23,7 f ','P'l 1 I i 7 ' Spencer Dale Smith ' f 'J , R.R. 1, Box S16 r ' Alvin, IL 61811 - Intramutais. 1,2331 Fir Adm. 1: R. Assist. 3. ' - v Timothy George Smith 2243 Grandview Ave. Springfield, IL 62702 - Intramurals 1,2,3. - Frederic Sourisseau c!o Durland 13776 Weld Ca. R.D. 1 Longmont, CO 80501 - Pursue: Missions in France - Bible TheoIogy!Greek Major: Prayer Focus Leader 2: ARCH Drk Room Tech. 2.3. 182 ENLARGEMENT: SENIORS 0 Terry Glenn Stam 1810 Barclay St. Oskalaosa, IO 52577 -- Men's Glee 1. ' Farrel D. Stauffer 6N 171 Gary Ave. Roselle, IL 60172 v Eric Reed Steinberg Uosephj 13912 S, Chester Rd. Chester, VA 23601 - Intramurals 1,-3: Bond 1,2: Fir Soc. Rep. 1: R. Assist. 2: Sr. Class Pres. 3. V v Brock Robin Steiner V . I 1 E. Superior St. 'V 'V -1, Chicago, IL 60611 - SMF Treasure 31 'Intrarndralg' ' Teresa Lynne Stlrewalt 'V M ,,r, VfgQ'VE l,,', 13,j2VSj 4422 2319 Sf- kL'.A U Torrance, CA 90505 , -i'.:jE',f,f'fl' Intramurals 1.20: ARCH class editor 3:'CandIelighr Carols make-up 1,2. r.-' 1 ' , ' Esther Louise Stralnlc V , A 2303 MCCord Rd. V V 1 Valparaiso, IN 46383 -- Intramurals 1,2,3: V, Bas- ketball 1,2,3, ' ' Debra Strietelmeier 4081 Beechbank Whitehall, OH 43213 - SMF Rep. 1: Intramurals 1. - Timothy Scott Suhaydo 822 Blnns Blvd Columbus, OH 43204 -- STUCO Rep. 2. f Joseph C. Suozzo 790 Newman Springs Rd. Lincroft, NJ 07738-Jazz Group: India Prayer Focus 1,2: Open Air Campalgners. ' David J. Sweeting P.O. Box 41 Lake Villa, IL 60046 0 Darcy Lynn Thiel 5361 Hollenbeck Rd. Lockport, NY 14094-Intramurals 1,2,3: Sr. Ensemble: RA. 3: Pryr Fcs Ld 1.2. - Jill Lynne Thompson , 309 N. Oak St.. li. Womens Glee 2.3: Candlelight Carols 23: Welcome Week 2: Trlnary Conf. 1. I I . few? 1 Philip Thompson 1 I' p ig 6938 Ambassador Blvd, I I ,V St. Francis, MN 55070 - Intramurals 1,2: His Ame bassadors 1,2,S. I Jeanine Barbara Trim 2120 So. 48 St. . ' Omaha, NE 66105-Women's Glee 1,2,3: Exec 3: Sr, Ensemble: 4 per. puppet rm. - Timothy John Turpin R.R.6: Bax 242 Tahlequah, OK 74464 - Men's Glee 1: Intramurals 1.2,3, Giasford, IL 61583 . -li Brock Steiner-Aviotion Seniors ' ' Class of 1988 am"-we rm mm- , , A block slay spits sleet ot my cheeks while -n insistent wind wrestles to unwind my orf. I licls chopped lips ond push icy honds ep in my poclsets. With trocts stuffed verywhere, ond John 3:16 ringing in my cars, I somehow still don't feel prepored. I uestion my mission, struggle with my hu- won tendency to resent this "socrifice." This whot it is to be on Open Air Compoigner. As Lou preoches his heort out ond slops lotches of point on the boord, I survey is clon. lt's composed mostly of frozen- molsing fellow students. But, this is merely o Jrfoce glonce. This chilling scenorio tells nothing of the woments when I've seen the eyes of 0 'ronger comprehend the reolity of Christ's love. Those seconds when time stood still os o sinner ended his lifelong seorch. Soul to soul, l've given desperote people new hope in Jesus. If MBI is boot comp, this is the bottlefield. In the trenches of Rush Street, cold ond for from comfortoble, l've lsnown joy inexpressible. Story by Kristie Duden. I Fi? o 1 . ?fJ"'sN.5. . Q: 'T Snow flies os Steve Frietog, Brion Sincloir, Rochel Regier, ond Melonie Dernord ottempt to dowse eoch other in o friendly gome of white-woshing, Moses QAlon Dunowoyy leods the lsroelites QFreshmenj to the rock Cwoter fountoiny during the wonderings Ovelcome Weekj Lools, onother mirocle in the North Holl weight room IX , ,A .344 Pursue: Attend Moody Aviotion Tereso Stirewolt-lnternotionol Ministries Pursue: Missions in Sweden Esther Strolnic-Christion Educotion Pursue: Teoch in MK School Debro Strietelmeier- Internotionol Ministries Pursue: Missions in Africo Timothy Suhoydo-Bible Theology! Greek Pursue: SeminoryfGroduote Schl Joseph Suozzo-Bible Theology f Bible Pursue: Missions in Indio Dovid Sweeting-Postorol Troining f Greek Pursue: Postorote Dorcy Thiel-lnternotionol Ministries Pursue: Cross-Culturol Ministry Jill Thompson-lnternotionol Ministries Pursue: Missions Philip Thompson-Bible Theology f Greek Pursue: Field of Techology Jeonine Trim-Church Music f Voice Pursue: Music Director Tim Turpin-lnternotionol Ministries Pursue: Missions R: Nancy Vigna-Bible Theology f Training f Greek James Vonl3usch- Training f Christian Education Training f Christian Education Pursue: Work f Marriage Lana Warden-Church Music Pursue: Professional Singer Kerry Warren-American Pursue Start Indian Academy Stephanie Watson-Christian Pursue: Inner City Missions Dawn Westadt-Bible Theology f Training f Christian Education Pursue: Missions in Ireland Kevin Whitford-Bible Theology f Bible Frank Visco-Pastoral Pastoral Pursue: Youth Pastor Larry Voss Jr.-Pastoral Intercultural Ministries Kimberly Ware-Comm Audiovisuals Pursue: Degree Education Theology Pursue: Degree John Wheeler-Pastoral Pursue: Sr. Pastorate Carla Whitacre-lnt Ministries Bible Pursue: Make Disciples The P Jerry Vergason 46 Ave B Endwell, NY 13760 -- Church Music lVoice Major: Pursue: MissionsfMusic Evang. CHoral 1,2,3p Fd Serv. 2,3: Oratorlal Chorus 1,2,3. ' James Allen Vonbusch 1416 lndlgoDr. L Mt. Prospect, IE 60056 -M Intramurals 1,2,3. l 0 Larry L. Vossklh R.R. 3, Box 600-17 ' Lake Geneva, Wi 53147-Intramurals 1,2,3. E v Lana Beth Warden R.R. 4 fliierpontj Columbia, Ml 65201 -- Chorale 3, Chorale Dress Chair. 2.3: JSB Chairman 2. ' Kerry D. Waxzen 5480 Barr Oak Rd. Lisle, IL 60532 ' 0 Kimberly Kate Wate I 755 W. BunQi.lf:5g .g A ' jfflntramurols 1,2,3: Flr Adfning: ., 184 ENLARGEMENT: SENIORS .W W ,,.,, -I i i 0 I is senior Class - - PHOTO JOURNAL 1,25 PLA. 3. 1 Stephanie L. Watson B046 Gordon PI. Highland, IN 46322 -- Intramurals 1,2,3: RACO Sec. 2,Z3. ' Dawn M. Westadt L 306 Wakefield St. - t Laurel, NE 68745 -- lnrramurals'1,2,3,4: Basket- ball 1,2: ARCH Staff 3: Class V Pres 3: Flr Council 'l,2.3,4: Epic 2g Sr. Retreat Chairperson 3,4. 1 John Wheeler 113 Harrison St. Oak Park, IL - Married Student Fellow. Cam. 2,35 Chaplain 3, 0 Carla Whltacre 422 Latimer Rd. Jappa, MD 21065 - Chorale 1,2,3: RA, 3. 0 Kevln James Whitford 1839 Meadowlark Rd. Fredonia, WI 53021 -- lntramurals,1,2,3: R.Assist 2,3.: . 4 li ,::.. :lfiliiff v Lonnie Allen Wilson R.R. 1 Forest City, IA 50436 - Intramurals 1,2,3,4: V Basketball 1,2,3,4: PCA. 4. ' Kristi Ann Wlneinger 206 5. Bobby Ln. Mt. Prospect, ,lL,60056 -- Jr. Exec: Sr. Exec, Wel- come Week i2fliriiramurals 1,3. , P ' ' Ronald D. Womeldorf 246 W. Spring Rd Baroda, Ml 49101 - Intramurals 1,2,3: Fd Service Ministry 2,3. ' Susan E. Yager 15503 Robinwood Dr. Minnetonka, MN 55345 - Women's Glee 1,2,3: V Pres. Glee 2: Pres. Glee 3: Big BrofSis 1,2,3. - Timothy A. Young 6901 Doenges . I Troy, Ml 48098, 5- Intramurals 1,2,3: Men's Glee 2'3' -,fi ,,', f- t , I crawled into the stuffed van over four air of legs, three flannelgraph boards, o winter coats, and one long sigh. Man," I sighed, "just another long day for lelease Time." I have eight girls within my RT circle. I used to have nine, but Gloria stopped com- wg. Gloria is unique. She's not black, and he's not white. Her friends think she's lcool" because she can, "knock out ANY toy in the fourth grade class" and "some ilder ones." Great, I thought the first time I het Gloria, "a national hero." But Gloria iadn't been back since the first two weeks. Aaybe it was the fact that she couldn't stick iubble gum in her neighbor's hair, or may- me it was because the class was interested 1 her story on how her sister had her first iaby before she turned sixteen. I, as her eacher, didn't care that she continue the tory. Maybe I was too harsh? The fifth week provided my answer, 'Gretchen, Gretchen," Tamica, the oldest ind best-behaved in class, approached me iefore class, "Gloria is back, and she wants o come to cIass." I never had the op- :ortunity to answer her before Gloria ame in. Gloria satin the middle ofthe half ircle. She ALWAYS sat in the middle of the zircle. "Welcome back, Gloria." No smile. No smirk. Her brown, curly hair iors . Class of 1988 Lonnie Wilson-International Ministries Pursue: Degree Kristi Wineinger-International Ministries Pursue: Overseas f Degree Ronald Womeldarf-Pastoral Training f Christian Education Pursue: Youth Ministry Susan Yager-Bible Theology Pursue: Degree f Missions Timothy Young-Pastoral Training f Christian Education Pursue: Youth Work f Missions Randall Zimmerman-Bible Theology f Theology fell around her shoulders. She's small, but her dark eyes provide a dominance that surpasses her height. I began the lesson with prayer, but I was quickly interrupted by Gloria. "Gretchen, I want to teach the lesson this week." "But, Gloria, I haven't started yet." I was think- ing that Gloria wanted to teach the lesson after me, as I sometimes let the girls do for better understanding. "I know," she says matter-of-factly, "but I want to teach first." "What now?" I thought quickly over the chaos that this could cause, or the benefits this could offer "Alright, Gloria, but if you need my help . . . " I took her small chair as she quickly assumed control of the class. She looked harmless, but those eyes "Alright, Iet's pray. God, forgive my sin. Help my sister and her baby. Help my mother and whoever my father is, may he not rest until he finds peace because of You and Your Son, Jesus. Help me to be good for Gretchen and obey her, for she's good, Lord, she's real good. And help me to teach this lesson. Amen." "What Iesson?" I thought, as I swal- lowed. "What could she say?" Gloria did quite well that day with the lesson. Of course, it was the lesson from the first week, and it wasn't word perfect, and I don't think baby Jesus wore Pampers when He was born, but, over all, Gloria had remembered all the points. The class ended quickly, and they all rushed out to catch their various buses, but Gloria lingered around my book bag. Now it was my turn to talk. "The lesson was very interesting, Gloria. Did you practice the last two weeks?" I asked, hoping for an explanation for her absence. "No," "I guess you were just busy " "Gretchen, l'm His daughter." "What, Gloria?" "Jesus l'm His daughter." She shrugged, smiling from ear to ear. I waited for further encouragement. "You talked about being His daughter and hav- ing a Father. And, I did it. Last week, I told my mom and my sister. That's why I wasn't here. I ran home, so they'd know. I didn't think you'd mind, and I knew l'd come back. I may be cool-but you're the cooIestI" A hug of joy quickly surrounded my waist, then, just as quickly, she broke away, the "coolness" returning. I smiled through tears. "That's great, Gloria. That's great." "And, l'll be back. They Qmeaning her relativesj didn't become daughters, but they will - I know it!" Gloria smiled. Her dark eyes sparkled just for a moment, then she was gone. I sighed. What else could I have said? She's His Daughter. Story by Gretchen Getzinger. Hz.. EW Senior Salute V. K K ? . .: i, iw 5 ,.L . wQ. , 35 fag ,, . .k A K I i Ig g y? -I . ..- .M - I Senior s feelings on graduating and leav- ing MBI range from excitement to ner- vousness from confidence to fear. Each anticipates the transition which awaits and concerns for the future de-emphasize the past. As a unit the class of 1988 has dis- tinguished itself for its commitment to ex- cellence. ln describing the seniors class advisor Dr. Cynthia Steeves said They were very interested in serving the Lord challenged to excellence in their lives and committed to relationships and living as Christians in a secular world. Throughout their preparation at MBI the And I ' Todd Crouse : Working for the past two years in a detention home has given me a good picture of the de- struction of sin in human lives. I guess its given me more compassion for the lost but who can measure how much? Diane Carr : I am not indispensable. lt s the Holy Spirit which brings results. Team effort and delegation allows for work to go smoothly." ' Deanna Carlock I "lt's been a grow- ing experience telling the Gospel to homeless women who are hungry for God's Word and the hope that only He can give. It has shown me a new perspective of life and given me a desire to reach out to people, to meet them where they are spiritu- ally." ' Merry Kolarek : "My PCM has in- creased my vision for seeing believers strengthened in the foundational truths of what Scripture teaches. I have been able to teach what l've learned at MBI. lt's exciting to see young believers grow in their faith." ' George Mendes : "PCM has helped me to not lose touch with the "outside" world, . . . which will be my fulltime focus as a minister of the Gos- pei." seniors have known that they want to be involved in others lives and in evangelism. Exposure to the city and its vast needs has changed the ministry goals of some. For the student from rural areas the city was a big shock. Urban ministries are now the choice of many who never saw the needs of another race said Dr. Steeves. The class of 1988 has been challenged at MBI and in turn they have challenged students who follow to the same level of hard work and enthusiasm. Story by Paul Krause. uote Dawn Holshoe : I ve learned that even though I may not be qualified God is and He will get the job done. Michael Mertens : One thing I have learned: Never compromise your presentation of the Gospel and the Gospel needs no gimmicks only a man of God! Richard Parkinson : It has helped me realize that ministry can be very hard work, and that I must personally be involved in the process at a deep level to be truly ministering." ' Sarah Ruben z i'Working with youth reminded me to keep my teaching approach fresh, innovative and inter- esting, Be considerate to the attention span of my students!" ' Janice Bales z "Van visitation helped me become more comfortable with witnessing and going into unfamiliar areas. It has helped me to discern and refine my spiritual gifts." ' Robin Norris 1 "I had no idea that "Friends of Cobrini" could make such an impact for Christ at the Cobrini- Green housing project. Today, over forty residents are involved in indi- vidual Bible studies, six are enrolled in Moody extension classes and one comes to Moody evening school." It: ' Ist I I if fag I HI? . 5 -I iff ...if as I. Er. 3 . , . . fi mI.2,s. Im . -ImIi...I. , . . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I V O I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I I I V I I O 186 ENLARGEMENT: SENIOBS . AV .1-fe 5- .... XIX 4 if 5 .. th f'! ff72i': ff+ff17 AA ' x -uma I 5 -.-. XX 7 th, Yah, I dinls a frontal ootamy is in order." 's Noel Rabin and uke Shaw prescribe sur- rry for brain stressed ark Hufen. N lkzyk Arlixv, "lt's almost as fun as look- ing for Easter eggs!" Phyllis Mikel and Alan Berg go on a hunt to collect boxes in which to pack three years of accumulated "stuff," Mary Neff gets in shape as she prepares to be came The Complete Woman' Stephanie Hawley tries to catch a few pertinent words over Mary s shoulder Kim Ware does her fa- vorite imitation of Alvin the chipmunk There does seem to be quite a resemblance at least with the cheeks tai-xy "Envelope, Box, Letter!" Randy Prouse enjoys a brofsis activity of "Pictionary." Q Egg, i rg? A t Students find thot the foculty ond odministrotion ore concerned with not only ocodemic success, but olso personol ond spirituol well-being. ,zffmff frss1f2mfs:w25tsQi:?1isi5syiessgamffisisr:e'w1fs1s?:i5f:tari5ma1gfrss:ssfwwrifiaams-wrsifmiqfmsisrs -:ez Iiiwiftsgeft-'f iff .f.'ew:sSLsx?seQ1,:1mf.mgtffasifwfrercfzrgs'11,-:rtazwsvtftgwfffs'wp:fwe5:igm: we..,,:ggy,,gg,5geg:f5,,:g, 5,1i,fr:me:-'litemwt Q -fr wmv'-:wi--.U - frm-ft,rftifQf::::,,.: fr--its-ft ,-guesses: mf, -E ,L --sm 5, .A.,,.Ml Do you long to osls one of your teochers whot kind of dreoms he's dreoming? ls your heortfelt desire to cotch o vision of God's potentiol for you? Are you looking for o prcrcticol woy to integrote theology ond the reolities of everydoy life? During one hour o week, o few dedicoted stu- dents octuolize these desires. It's colled discipleship. Accountobility, proyer, worship ond encourogement ore their primory purposes. The single gool is Christlike- Did President Stowell come to see his son ploy bosf lxetboll or wos he there to question A4413 why he missed o Wednesdoy chopel, Eoch summer, Dr, Louis Goldberg brings 0 group of MBI students to lsroel for o summer of Jewish out- reoch. ness. "Not ony one person teoches, it's more of o group effort. The foculty member needs it os much os we do," exploins Greg Nichols, "This time helps us become more motivoted in min- istry. We discuss woys to more ef- fectively counsel those we ore dis- cipling." Although most students ore not involved in o discipleship group os such, mony express on interest be- couse of whot con be leorned. "lt would be 0 greot opportunity to leorn how to proy, study the Word, ond 4j.rg "Push on to excellence . . . " Dr, George Sweeting, Choncellor of MBI, enjoys some ofter chopel inter- oction with Lindo Junger. 188 ENicAlXGEMENlm: STUDENTIXFACULTY PtElA'l'lON5l-llPS w fu .- ,,.. ,K in N ,..., My , . it ,,.. is Q- A tqm,,,,:-w.r: is w,..,,.,,trrr,mw molse decisions from some very God ly, wise, men," soid Jeff Rehbine. With so much tolls of revivol on renewol on compus, it's refreshing t encounter ct group dedicoted to builc ing eoch other up. A group wher both professor ond pupil beor eoc other's burdens ond stimulote spirituc growth. "As iron shorpens iron, so on mon shorpens onother." Proverl: 27:17. Story by Kristie Duden. bv' -24+ : +.-arg ,.,,, ,,,,,,, .M , Leodmg rhe S U R E revwrnlm mro smull group proyers, Dr Wllluorh Throsher proys ofrer exhorrrhq the srude-hrs to proy for O Iovrhgly opplred spurwlxrhg uf their pursurrs were directed owoy from God Wrll rhe reol Rupp Simms please srond up for sn downyl Andy Aarhus demonsrrores rmnorron 4 me hughesr form of florrery fx fy' .f ' F, 41, 5 f: 'L ' F , wif-1 'xii fsfrmr-in ,if .ggff .fsf:'iQ:?f'!.'fQfff'. -Q .ww ' gs-x"fQ-'iwffrvifvlffzz . .W-,, , , ,, 2 '- N-.9 ,sawfisz '- gpgy. - ,ffm 275,-g .1--r.,,wf ..v-, , wifi? 1 .r-1 4fF3?.f'e, '1iy'Pir'.z. -525 - p ffw e F? -L'?2f1+f 14261 '-1 ff Fifi?-Qfff-'U 6-gfiflfizaviwf-1 fg rflggtfl' P h' f M f X1 ,aan M A e 1 - 2 Q.'fef"r M""7"'Tg '.'51K'fvf:"fv. 't"ff4'fi?- .. "fa 'Y-F37 1 ' ' 1 -QUE , ffii.-,:i'f ffgpiigifffihf g-3. ' ' " ' "'-' , I-Z. ,T 5.f3,f :fq,fT.,L5,". l?'i1'E.,'r ,lf-im 'J' J' 4 .rr" 159 ' 'qf' J ,Q ,A Qf:.ffiz,zWif Ofouosl OQQQCS : g .:,, -,:- V ::- -:..-: A? -,..:-::.: t -- f X, 5, --.. tt 1 l. gmsg b iw an 1 4 - A 1 - .P if Q5 7 sl Ji? 4 3 F . M 5 ' W, st as ,Q . ya EL, X . 5, me giitii, F ssh, ie, st ihlmw tm iw -5 -m fg sm ite., EssgsnseMwumt,sttAtm,s, as M wwhffsfgiixi-iiis-H Sf .sfsif -- M, w ith mmgw Fifi? 343.gif-A 1'aiPl5.f5AiwfEi?5fsi"1i1isff'iwritfifsftiszgg?Y5stnrfiyw?tgg52f'5'g'l'aZsf'Q'2iiitikiwsli-V fsttfltfim gif fi .MM H Student stereotypes which perceive the trustees os o group of remote "rule-molsers" ore inoccurote. These men provide directionol guidonce, spirituol leodership, ond executive occountobility to the lnstitute. The decision-molsing of the trustees is evident in Dr. Joseph Stowell's oppointment os MBI President ond the Century ll exponsion project. ln recent yeors, Trustee leodership hos octed os o cotolyst in MBl's occreditotion process. As spirituol leoders, the trustees ore o model for the student in their personol spirituolity ond Iocol church in- volvement. Furthermore, these men defend ond offirm MBl's doctrinol stonce, committing themselves onnuolly ti signing the stotement of belief. As President ond Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Stowell directly occountoble to the trustees, MBl's boord of 1 rectors. ln evoluoting Dr. Stowell's odministrotion, the tru. ees insure thot thot doily operotions of MBI ore working fulfill the long-ronge gools ond objectives. Thus, the wo of the trustees is to insure thot MBI is fulfilling its work, or 1 Dr. George Sweeting would odd, "The moin thing is J keep the moin thing, the moin thing." Story by Poul Krause. Williom F. Mitchell, Sr. Choirmon of Trustees Robert G. Dunlop John Elsen Robert D. Erickson X Richord E. Gildner Edgor A. Horrell Edword L. Johnson Poul H. Johnson John MocArthur, Jr. Roy H. Nyholm Wolloce L. Pepin Bervin C. Peterson George Sweeting E. Richord Tollmodge Poul W. Wills Gerrit Wit 190 Enlorgement: Trustees f VEcemPtesident5 Joseph M. Stowell Ill President and Trustee Marvin E. Beckman X , Senior Vice-President, Operations l ' Brent D. Garrison Vice-President, External Studies B. Wayne Hopkins jk . 5 Vice-President, Graduate School Jerry B. Jenkins Vice-President, Publishing Donald P. Leach Vice-President and Treasurer C Robert C. Neff Vice-President, Broadcasting Timothy Ostrander Vice-President, Church Ministries A, r" Frederick J. Rudy g Vice-President, Administrative T , Services ' sii1 - Q Alan B. Terwilleger -- 'Q ' Vice-President, Stewardship -r - Howard A. Whaley Senior Vice-President, Education S Robert O. Woodburn P ' + School fs J 5 -. ' I . 'f-,, Vice-President, Undergraduate is are Our leaders give insight into preparation for ministry. i How can the MBI students focus on "The do what they do, what problems they A What advice would you give students in igger Picture" during their days as a stu- face. - Mr. Tim Ostronder order to avoid a "narrow focus." ent? - Develop a relationship with the Lord in - Endeavor to be a "world Christian" by - The world perspective can be en- which He can have two-way communi- understanding what is happening interna- anced at Moody not only through class cation with you. Don't look at the MBI tionally politically, religiously, and spiritu- xperiences but also through extra- experience as only training for future min- ally. Know key people, movements, and lirricular reading, taking advantage of the istry. Minister to others today. - Mr. Rob- organizations by name. Keep reading the Ultural and intellectual enrichment oppor- ert Neff Scriptures, - Mr. B. Wayne Hopkins inities of a large city like Chicago, and A How have your own lifetime goals -lwould understand narrow to mean the aveling internationally to gain first-hand helped you in seeing "The Bigger Picture" some as selfish! As l become more pre- ie experience of another culture and na- of God's service? occupied and caught up with my life and pnal setting. - Dr. Robert Woodburn - My lifetime goals are more qualitative my concerns, l naturally narrow my un- Seize every opportunity for exposure to than auanitative. By concentrating on try- derstanding. BE INVGLVED in the lives of ie big picture. Read widely, stay abreast ing to glorify God by doing the best I can others - you won't need to worry about f current events, engage significant peo- do with whatever assignment is mine, rath- narrowing! - Dr. Brent Garrison le in conversation to find out what they er than worrying about how my work or - The challenge before us is great and so re reading and pondering. - Dr. Howard achievements compare with anyone should be our vision. This vision should not 'haley else's, l leave the results to Him. Some- be unlike that of D.L. Moody who saw that . How can students gain a fresh per- times we get so enamored with goal set- the preaching of the gospel could not end Eective of the ministry? ting and goal reaching that we lose sight of with this generation, that workers had to ln the course ofa year, MBI brings many what we have really been called to. Self- be trained to grasp the torch and run the lfferent people and ministries on campus. lessness and servant-leadership are foreign race. God's work must continue until every sten to what they say with an open mind. concepts outside the faith, but only these soul has the opportunity to hear of Christ's possible, spend time with people who lead to truly lasting big-picture results, - salvation. - Mr. Alan Terwilleger Z22.. C 52435. re involved in ministry. Find out why they Mr. Jerry Jenkins ,... I'3'Q2'l,1'l't' A .. .... ..... ,. . ,Mamma awww Aww-m im tt BL Mm F awk' sw After fourteen years of teaching at Moo- dy, Mrs. Currie enjoys getting to know her students. "I enjoy hearing from students, and I like to keep in touch with them after they have left here," she said. Stepping into her office is like walking into a pho- tography studio, for she has pictures of students pasted all over her filing cabinet. If you have had her for English or linguistics, your name appears in a notebook she keeps of all the students she has had. "I keep updating it from what I hear or read about them in the Alumni magazine," says Mrs. Currie. In fact, she is very good at remembering student's first names. By the second class period, she has all the names memorized. Once she ran into a student she had in class twelve years ago. She told the student her first name, but "she had to Douglas Allrich, Aviation Timothy Arens, Dean of Students Raymond Bodgero, Missions William Baker, Bible and Theology Robert Barron, Bible and Theology Thomas Baurain, Evening School Director Ruth Beam, Communications Cecil Bedford, Aviation Paul Benware, Bible and Theology Edward Bernard, Missions Reid Berry, Aviation Jim Bostrom, Aviation David Brackley, Sacred Music Nadine Brood, Physical Education Omar Brubaker, Christian Education Bruce Cain, Communications Sandy Carney, Sacred Music Charles Christensen, Communications Jonathan Christiansen, Aviation Robert Clark, Christian Education 192 Enlargement: Faculty With Mrs. Currie, help me with her last." When she isn't teaching or memorizing names, this grandmother of twelve travels with her husband who is the Director of the American Messianic Fellowship. "I see my- self in a support role," she reflects about her relationship to her husbands work. On weekends and on school breaks she often travels with him to various churches across the states. When I asked her how they became engaged, she replied that he pro- posed to her on a bridge over a creek at Houghton College. She spent the next two hours telling him how it could not work. Four children and some thirty odd years later, I guess you could say she was a little ' ' 59515, I comes a friend for life mistaken. Besides teaching you will hear this I guistics teacher using unusual words such "kittywampus." lr's another way of sayin "askew." If she ever tells you that yt look all kittywampus, you can be assured is not a compliment. She may be incline to tell you, however, as she loves "mother" her students. She tries to sha herself with students by talking about hl life or her family. With Mrs. Swantina Curt for a teacher, you learn more than jr English or linguistic skills: you gain a frier for life. Story by Teresa Stirewalt. , .. ti.. A 1 f I . ' I t.tfI - 'f A L ' r 343' fiffg s:' . .1 W 'hi F' . "m?' 43- ,.. - ' R fr . .. t1,,., r -M ,,',' " ,. . .W f f I-'ff -'i'i I Q.. A' I ' it we: fy, lr ' fl A I I c 5 RW'?'tfSf3SE5?SSisiftsESi545??ii9E:2if 1 , . uc . V. ., .V . S1 55 gw5fEQ55W5!3iiEiEk5f5af?25?'s2'55h3 wk? Siifefifiiaiiisiffiil " . ,H e' fy 9 ,, - . f 'ff 4 l W.. ,, ,C , C , . W Kew AM, N, , , ., ZY E ,,L , fx A f l Dr. Paul Lusher emphasizes a point to a music class: "The notes go G-B-D-F-A, or, 'Good Boys Deserve Fudge Always No need for class to be dull. Mrs. Swantina Currie brightens up the classroom with a cheerful smile. Charles Cooper, Evangelism and Pastoral Studies Thomas Cornman, Theology Swantina Currie, Communications Larry Davidhizor, Student's Activities Coordinator Rosalie de Rosset, Communications Fred Dickoson, Theology James Dodgner, Aviation Gerald Edmonds, Sacred Music Keith Ericson, Aviation Jay Fernlund, Evening School David Fetzer, Communications Dennis Fisher, Evangelism and Pastoral Studies Harold Foos, Theology Jerry Foulk, Aviation Doris Freese, Christian Education imw Greg Gaffney, Physical Education Louis Goldberg, Theology, Jewish Studies Julia Graddy, Sacred Music Paul Haik, Bible and Theology Calvin Haines, Communciations Joe Hakes, Physical Education Jean Halladay, Physical Education John Hart, Bible Henry Hecht, Sacred Music Karyn Hecht, Communications Kim Heinbaugh, Aviation f Speical Instructor Bruce Hendrich, Aviation Timothy Hodges, Counselling Wayne Hopkins, Graduate School Edgar James, Bible and Theology Q ..,.. C.. . fc M.,5E5G5EIYLWZE535135EQEVJQTASSZQRWRYEWEHWQWAEQESQQEQR? , ,, M. V Wig y VV, 1 T -ft. Q----W .. , f -f':,gi11,13 , -- ,gg ,ei--tisfy 4- 1 1 ' VVJJ 'JJ, f '-""," '., - X 5:33Eilii?F5i':.EER?9E52R3?f6'Eiii?35ifZE??9Wa9J233.255223.3335QEQiiiiii?i5555?iiiS5it?K3iQZETSiS3QQif3435Efi!EP?Q??iES2QSM52253W333553EQ?iiZWEiii55692532QQ255515EEE55?x5WmQ5'3G?5?Q3Qi?QiQEEiiiSQiiSF5!EM9 "No comment," captioning committee of the ARCH. "This photo speaks for itself." "Okay, now what happened? When l play, you're supposed to sing!" Mrs. Nuoegele may be advanced, but her students have a lot to learn. T A any ,M it , A ,il , M 'W tif, W N, ,f mg ,uw 5 -,T A V, www tim'-fwun gffygi,-sweety Q1 mfwwtwwa rimpyxu if KW Qgigwtyugni-vgwtggga fimwggnmfkgwwwgmgxmug-we, M te. iw we Jw tt. 194 Enlargement: Focuity sl Y X. Douglas Kennard, Leslie Keylock, Bible and Theology Brent Killian, Aviation James Kragel, Communications Roger Kuypers, Aviation Paul Lusher, Sacred Music Richard Martin, Aviation William Marty, Bible Gerlad Mathisen, Evangelism and Pastoral Studies Marvin Mayer, Bible and Theology Alan McNickIe, Bible and Theology Gilbert Mead, Sacred Music Dan Mills, Aviation Marilyn Morgan, Health Elizabeth Naegele, Sacred Music Paul Nevin, Bible and Theology Mark Perry, Communications William Powell, Aviation Nard Pugyao, Aviation Greg Quiggle, Bible and Theology .N , 0 a 0 C 0 u o 0 0 " f . N -' Most people walk with their feet, some in, some dance, and others just stand round. But, if you are really talented and nique, you can use your feet for some- iing beyond the norm . . . playing the rgan Qno hand allowedj. This may sound Jpernatural to some, but for Mrs. Elizabeth aegele, of the Sacred Music Department, le act is pure talent and a lot of practice. Not only fancy-footwork and a true love r 20th century music put Mrs. Naegele in iclass all her own. Her talents go above hd beyondjust musical ability. In and out I the classroom, Mrs. Naegele is consis- ntly concerned for the personal needs of Quick moving feet at organ and in daily life her students, and challenges them to new heights in not only their musical perfor- mance but also in every other area of life. Her pleasant and empathetic personality motivates her students to push harder to achieve their goals. Many experiences give Mrs. Naegele some common ground with her students. She grew up in Africa with her missionary parents which helps her to personally re- late to the many students coming from the mission field. Also, she attended MBI, which means that she is able to understand the pressures of Moody life. Mrs. Naegele has almost finished her doctoral work at Northwestern University. This is especially amazing considering the fact that she is married and the mother of two young children. All else aside, Mrs. Naegele is known to her students as a warm person who is always a friend. Story by Jenni Royer. l T 5252 Taking time out once again to help a student, Dr, Raymond Badgero remains after class to help Eliz- Paul Raney, Aviation Gerald Raquet, Sacred Music Leonard Rascher, Evangelism Alvin Rice, Aviation Theodore Rich, Aviation Gary Robinson, Aviation Gary Rownd, Sacred Music Ronald Royce, Aviation Jonathan Schmidt, AviationfSpecial Instructor Ronald Sauer, Bible and Theology Richard Schock, Librarian Robert Shackelford, Counseling Susan Shickley, Residence Life Harry Shields, Evangelism and Pastoral Studies Ken Simmelink, Aviation 196 Enlargement: Faculty Q-v M.. 3'C Ll' wb? -XWSQ' wtf' tx A I O O O si i as Q LfE ,gQ.en::5mggy's:ggn n .t" ,1 -fi at i12f35ii'fkg-i'lfigysigiwggflklditgtez E-iP?i':5siE?fiiii5?1W15t f- .2 1flTfSiei7ft3?iEl1?gi5Zfs:riLi''f 1kL'?fiis2:?5f N, Q, My ... . is .,i,,.., , EW....i..fwm. ,gpg 5, ,,.,,QN,...,w ,Z WE Ea., LLQ, pw. MR gU,tg.5,Q.,5f t5,,.tgt,Qeg1m. T, E P P Egg J Z ch "skinfold" tests became routine for Miss Brood -..fri L .1-,K -s 3 'fu ss 44. 2 7 the Physical Education Department. Eoch incom- closs, as well as the graduating seniors were if ' E i i "ACTIVE" - an adjective to describe Miss Brood Having to "pinch an inch" is not her idea of fun, but Miss Nadine Brood takes great interest in helping students attain physical wellness. "Sometimes she comes in at 7:00 a.m, and stays till midnight," Miss Wartluft ob- served. Miss Brood shows personol interest in one-on-one instruction with the students. Anyone who wonts direction on a physical fitness program can come to Miss Brood. She'll make on appointment for on hour but will work as long as necessory to help that student. Besides this availability, she researches new material on health reloted subjects in order to keep informed of any current issues. Between research, she ploys field hock- ey regulorly with the North Shore Club. She spent lost Thanksgiving playing in a field hockey tournament in Florida. "I played with some of the originators of this, women who were in their 50's to oO's. It was quite interesting to ploy with them." Oregon born, she used to backpack on the Pocific Crest trail every summer. Over Christmas, she does some fly fishing in 'fi 'iff it fi' Wllll 1. fl, ' i tg ' ' 4 0 ' A 3 i . .. ' V ir A V I I .Qp those mountain streams. "You've got to know how to read those streams," was o tip she gave. "After I fished and decided that an oreo was dead, my father would come olong behind me and pull out a few where I had just been." She admits she's not the world's best fly fishermon. She has traveled cross country by car, from Rhode island to Oregon. Once on this trip, she decided to visit a friend in Clamath Falls, Oregon. Thinking that she had arrived on Saturday morning, she was alarmed to see that the town was deserted. She thought for one second thot she had missed the rapture! Then she discovered that on her trip, somewhere near New Mexico, she had lost o day. She was re- lieved. lt was Sunday, and everyone was in Church. ln the midst of all this octivity, she still has time for fellowship. After o tennis class was over, she invited her "girls" out for coffee, A time had never been arranged because of the busyness of the semester. Well Miss Brood, how about it, let's go! Story by Teresa Stirewalt. Rupert Simms, Bible and Theology David Smart, Sacred Music Lindley Steere, Assistant Academic Dean Cynthia Steeves, Sacred Music Terry Strandt, Sacred Music Raymond Tallman, Missions Paul Tanner, Aviation Charles Thompson, Sacred Music William Thrasher, Bible and Theology Barry Timko, Aviation - Rosemary Turner, Missions . Patricia Vander Sande, Counseling itt wt T T ,itv Philip Van Winen, Registrar James Vincent, Communications . ' Timothy Voss, Physical Education ' , f 5 at-' . -. gpm r S i I RZ.. ,Q John Walton, Bible and Theology Laurel Wartluft, Physical Education Un Young Whang, Sacred Music Edward Wheeler, Aviation Wayne Widder, Christian Education I 4 5 2, Donald Wise, Bible and Theology Claudia Zebell, Communications . . .y ii i,yys , AF'a'c'u'l't' :.--, S T Off and running: Dr. Marty is out on the road again Off on another whirlwind trip to famil- iarize hundreds with the entire Old Tes- tament, Dr. William Marty once again spends his weekend away from home. Taking a car, train or plane, he sets out, weekend after weekend, to teach various groups the "Walk Thru The Bible Ministries" method of memorization. Many of us ex- perienced this when we were freshmen as we were led through the Old Testament by him in Torrey-Gray, For Dr. Marty this is an almost-every- weekend-occurence, and it's something he enjoys. He got a taste of the "real thing" on senior retreat this year when, while walking the seniors through "Creation, Fall, Flood, Nation," he was doused with a real flood of water. Though he's invisible on weekends, he's very visible during the week. lt's not un- usual to run into him at the gym. He enjoys 198 Enlargement: Faculty f Support Services playing basketball, one reason you'll find him practicing with the basketball teams. But he is also the men's and women's devotional leader. Though he appears at a lot of their games, this year he has extra motivation. His son Stephen is on the team. When many of us think of Dr. Marty, pictures of New Testament history come to mind or the jokes he put on the overhead before our exams. Maybe we think about his infectious laugh or spontaneous smile, but those of us who had him for New Testament survey in the Spring of 1966 will never forget the story about his dog that "enjoyed" Cie. killedj the neighborhood cats. lf you've never heard it, it's a must before leaving MBI, Story by Teresa Stirewalt. During the waning days of the semester, Dr. Paul Benware reviews the material on the Old Testament Prophets in a section of OT Survey. .fy 4? '3 ' l I 4 1 i l In her phonetics class, Miss Rosemary Turner give extra assistance to three eager students. 1139-smwwe w Hello Audio Visual department this is Krissy answers our epartment secretary as she does a hundred times a day Eugene it s for you A student wants to know why his MacWrite ftware wont work on our IBM There s also a teacher in the omputer lab who can t get his disk to print and a student in 101 itz wants to know why it is illegal to make copies of our software r his personal use? Hello A.V. department- this is Krissy. Dave it s Photo Processors n Line one. They want to know if the film you sent in yesterday No ahh would you like to leave a messagef Hello this the A V department Tom there s a student on Line 2 who wants to know how much it would cost to have a four camera video production with lasers and smoke machines for his recital? There s also a student out here saying the projector in his class ate up the film bring plenty of splicing tape Hello A. V. department this is Krissy. Scott there s a student on Line 2 who says the student radio station is not playing in Culby lounge. Also, a student in the T.V. studio wants to know if a i" Su Ort 0 o Services The secretary's story ',t:l i 'iiT'::lAV!4 orked "needed tomorrow" meant today?" "Hello A. V. department: Krissy speaking. Bruce isn't in right wow. He may be at Moody Church, no, he may be meeting with Dr. Whaley, or he could be meeting with the building committee. Ltudent Development: Nancy Oates, Maxine Schneider, Sue Drushinin, Judy Fitz, anet Moore, Patricia Vander Sande, Dorothy Hostetter, Sue Shickley, Ruth aharek, Barbara Cannon. Tim Hodges, Peter Mills, Tim Arens, Ralph Bradbury, arry Davidhizor, Joe Gonzales. l Registrar and Admissions: Phil Van Wynen, Carolyn Klingbeil, Rick Banifas, Stu Zaharek, Ludwig Anderson, Tom Kemner, Sherri Lunow, Susan Boyd, Melanie Vlonteclaro, Donna Manis, Alice Lindsley, Liz Yahr, Krystyna Jonick, Gaylene Eannin. dropped studio camera can be repaired?" "Hello A.V. department.." Story by Tom Wood. Chris McHugh and Mr. Davidhizor discuss some serious planning, "Well, if you had the wedding immediately following graduation . . . " W .. Audio-Visual Services: John Koesema, Scott Chism, Eugene Williams, Tom Wood, Julie Hight, Trish Protsman, Krissy Andersen, Tim Vander Laan, Bruce Cain, Karen Thacker, Albert Yip, Merry Lolarek, Julie Lundgren, Sue Perry, Carol Preik, Chris McHugh, David Huhta, Eugene Jesel, Darrell Simms. M-1 fzffff. Support ' ' Services O W ..:,.,5.. W .... X .lzz , ,,,.:: ,.... ,...,.. 4,,. W .... .... . . .. .. .,.. -M ,... . Public Safety has always had a good rapport with the Chicago Police Department, and a few years ago we found out just how good. lt was a cold night during a Missionary Conference when an officer found a shell ofa car in the North Holl parking lot. The officer knew the car wosn't here for the conference, so he was going to put a red sticker on it. He couldn't find a place to put one becouse the car hod no windows, in fact, it had no seats, no wheels and no engine. The officer called the dispatcher to have the police come to check the car out. What happened next, no one knows. A little later, the officer saw several squad cars coming his way. Two motorcycle cops orrived to assist him, followed by more squad cars and paddy wagons. Cops and guns appeared ev- erywhere. lt was good that it was night, so the officer's red face Public Safety: Jim Coffman, Mike Coy, Bob Bertrand, Kevin Odette, Rob Rounds, Jim Rachol, Joe Thomas, Paul Sauers, Eddie Boyd, Dave "Ace" Wiggins, Dave Malone, Darcy Scholes. A Q ir r Q9 'll . a6'4 ' 9, , Health Service: Marilyn Morgan, Barbara Cannon, Amy Suess, Chris Brown, Lori Long, Cynthia Morsholl, Renee Routhier, Kelly Wehr, Mark Andrews. 200 Enlargement: Student Services A routine coll to police brings o floshing-light extravaganza. couldn't be seen as he explained the situation. lt must have beet a slow night, One squad did stay. and check the car which turnec out to be a student's. lt was being restored, but it hodn't beet there earlier. The problem was communication. The officer asked the police to come to check the car, but the dispatcher told the police ai officer needed assistance. The police dispatcher told the police c Moody officer needed help, and help came and came and came We never did find out whom the cor belonged to because it ho no permit. ln fact, it didn't even get o red sticker because th officer couldn't find a place to stick it. Story by Sargeant Harrison L. Gunter. Mike Coy tells the Public Safety staff how he managed to make the squad car dc wheelies in the parking lot, Organ Guild: Melanie Bernard, Beverly Beltran, Christina Boerma, Janice Ehrhardt, Cherrie Gottsleben, Laurie Leamon, Joyce Ng, Phil Higgins. Gilbert Mead, David Brackley, Elizabeth Naegele, l l -oughton Desk: Ruth Zohorek, Becky Bocnuk, Joe Bozic, Amy ozlc, Joson Cook, Bryon Horrlson, Sieve Freirog, Jeff Krelder, Json Horshborger, Down Wesrodt, Michele Miller. rl ,- lulby Desk: Kevin Whirford, Tim Miller, Scorr Yingling, Kerri Boker, John Bodden, ric Musser, Phil Thompson, Norm l-lonsen, Ed Powlowski, Joy Goorhier, Ken floyne. North Holl Gym Supervisors: Jon Lonow, Don Toylor Deep within rhe heorr of Firzworer Holl, o corpenrer lobors on o roble, os lounge choirs owoit his orrenrion. A Iirrle prevenrorive moinrenonce on the boilers keeps MBI roosry-worm rhrough rhe long Chicogo winters. H .. L .fu-' is -,.-uv Z32:'f.W Q1 Q Support ' ' Servuzes . 'J J - - I - -- : s r izapg , , x ii Y 3 0 J, ,Je ,J KW ff 35,3 I"Z'q,f"""' 1516 writ: if vtzfqgiw new , 1 my qs. ,,, is A-5..-If ig wrt' if r I fa W ft W M if We wt if M' 4 wrt J gt , rrtawqim we M may W A verse obout Stors Doncing . . . somewhere in lsoioh . . . How om I supposed to know . . . . . . you're here for the meetings . . . whot meetings? Mo'om, Founder's Week wos lost week . . . . . . Ccrockle . . . crocklej Bose to control , . . I need o IO - for o 10-Zone 'I Level 1 ... . . . The rodio stotion is closed right now . . . No I'm not sure whot song theyjust ployed , . , Counsel your son . . . whot . . . oh . . . I'm not.. . No . ., Don't . . . Hi kid . . . How do l get myself in these messes , . . . . . Just o moment, l'll connect you . . . why con't people just leove me olone to do my homework . . . Story by Neno Conji. Rolph Mondy chots briefly with o student ot the Crowell desk switchboard, NJ f V, I ,gf ki i. tf,, 'f glf f 202 Eniorgementz Student Services Crowell Desk: Jon Heorny, Jerome Onstott, Neno Conji, Morene Di Costri, Rolp Mondy, Don Schott. Jeff Willioms, Trevor Tolmoge, Greg Lewis, Comeron Coto. CPO People: Ron Hunt, Jenny Motthews, Delores Touey, Royfield Benton Holesopple, Allen Eshlemon, Tony Stello, rounds Crew: John Morris, Gary Disterheft, Andrew Beary, Stephen Beaty, Ruth ranger, Jonathan Downey, Priscilla Hackett, Ken Small, Dawn Westadt, Barry hirlow. Scott Schaeffer, Vince Carmera, Matt Morris, Gordon Hardin, Troy Billows. 42721: X 9 5 s,,w' . i ue. ,.1-we 'hysical Plant Administration: Lori Taylor, Marv Rhodes, Ed Ahrens, Engineers: Andrew Warren, Phil Haynes, Rick Pittenger, Doug lxcaragua, Chris Marks, James Costenza, Roger Vinlasaca, Aaron Burkhart, Prous Boulas, Peter Spahr, Doug Russell, Darryl Cedergren, Paul Ross, Bonifacio Campo, David Carwell, Paul Siebold, Jose Lozada, Jack Jager, Carl McLemore, Tim Phillips. Carpenters: Kevin Wagner, Mark Ondracek, Tim Meyers, Won Chul Lee, Dave Ramsey. .hx . 'Q f" 12,5 0' .- L' R3?r'l'ilJJ - . '. -1 If i l ls jj , 1 , 4 ' R' its A' A C A- X V ,,.,, V ,Q 5, 4 if - .gf , gf, - ' .V i " g, 552. . .k,k 5 5 It v was H "We're going to the chopel ond we're Soft light reflects off the snow, trons- gonno get rnorried . , , " Keith Mont- forming the brick plozo into o minioture gomery proposes to Suson Neubouer winter wonderlond. during o Morried Students chopel. 204 iniorgefriemt Advertisefmlfmts lt's the Breezley Bruin look. Dove Molone gives his best impression of the cortoon hero, pulling his Public Sofety hot over his foreheod. 3 of Bible expositors being trained ? at WESTERN SEMINARY Dr. liar! Radmai-Iier tilt ii ii ii llll i ' Dr Rrfiiald Consider studying under Western's internationally recognized faculty team. The forty-two facility members provide a consistently high level of training in all programs. Like Drs. Radmacher and Allen, they are known for their warmth, scholarship. and keen interest in the students' development. When you think of "rightly dividing the word of truth," consider Western Seminary. For infurmatmn about Western, contact: Director of Admissions Westem Conservative Baptist Seminary 5511 S.E. Hawthome Blvd. POrtlarld, OR 97215 l-800-547-4546 jgm. 1 J! XI , ti C X E X ' FROM THE STAFF OF ' STUDENT DINING Room , COFFEE CovE 4 - KITCHEN 'li AS, xx CULBERTSON SNACK SHOPPE X 1, : Q-'F X k S 3 'H' N X S27 ! , .U in U' f 9 xnfs-Tlrfl 'Y :' mQ7':- 5 14,0 - -PT 3-V 5' S VE A m n 045. ik X4 if gjl1?'WNsmE'i?0 X ' . X ' J-iff: " 1 7 "il g' 'b ' . F 1 E' X W omg 00 . 1 f f ,- lu, ' fl X! E .- , K 1,3 - i if lf!-L Z! 'I Q, gif! 5 ii .:. .20 L? Z' .:: .on I as .if H tis 5 F g.- ,Q .fir Y Secret prayer is the secret of success, ond o well-morked Bible is the best chort of Iife's seo. -- Thomos N. Nelson Our proyers ond love go with you. - The Sophomore X Junior Closs. ,.,..Mqf 1 I ', 0. ' , . 1 ' xv , , 5 i, ,- a " s'rg"f' Q J' nb A '.,:xf,l"a 1 , rg. . ' ,., f',', 1-5? , A , , ,L 1' THE CLASS CF 1988 Senior Closs Exec.: Dr. Williom Morty, A fomilior sight in the Doone Arch, Joseph John Emmons, Kristi Wineinger, Dove Steinberg ploys o Christmos corol to bring o Sheldon, Dr. Cynthio Steeves, Joseph little holidoy cheer to possers-by. Steinberg, Jill Reehl, Robert Burns. XX J 4 i ww-W' ,X Chuck Fry is still seorching for thot missing While Koe Beth Rosenberg mimics Tim Wor- iexrbookr when OH else foils' fry me ren, Liono Forrer pretends to be the stor of the hit movie "Return to the Plonet of the conference reoding room. Apes., "Let your light shine before men in such o woy thot they moy see your good works, ond glorify your Fother who is in heoyen" - Motthew 5:16 beglns wlth a competltlve edge Our personal attentron to the frnancral servrces you recerve IS your key to garnrng a competrtrve edge 1n your Where Successfuls Bank COSMCPCLITAN BANK The Cosmopol tan Nat onal Bank of Ch oago 801 N CLARK ST CHICAGO 60610 TEL 664 5200 business and personal finances. GA C s i e i GNADR TI5 NTS Shopping in rhe Moody Book- 'OWV' homesweemome books cords ond wedding in s Loop ond River North The ciry of big shoulders .. rhor rod- Store. A wide Selection of AITAA , , 1 . . - me Captured looking nonheost virorions odd ro the conveniece YW me Sears Tower. of our cornpus srore. ft i .exe . Moderorely Priced Coffee Shop 600 N. LoSolIe Sf. C3125 943-6000 ewes ss... it is if A ,Q si' r SA Ahh, rhejoy of public rronsporrorion in Chicogo: being rolsen ro the for reoches of our rnerropolis on spocious cleon vehicles, oll rhe while enjoying good compony ond Conversofion. G a 209 ". . . shine like stars in the universe Philippians 2-15 210 ADVERTISEMENTS ff'F'0P"f EBUPKSTUPE SIGMA HQQE3 "IT'S MORE THAN A MERE GAME, HOOPING I5 A WAY OF LIFE." - Dr. Wilkinson surprises the student body through his use of the "Sigrno- Hoop Theory" in one of his chopel messoges. - Dr. Alon McNickle demonstrates his excellent technique for hooping the entire closs ot once. Note how the overheod olso disploys his efforts. M2 QC U XXX ' I X4 , ' H X T M' s l , R I X masse- . 'Timo - Three "Joe Cool" hoopers, Eric Nerison, Alon McElwee, ond Jeff Rehbine, leisurely hoop on their dorm roof. - A hord doy of hoopin doesn't end in the dorrn room, just osk Keith Bry- ont, Greg Linberger, or Brion Colohon. - The dignified hooping of Poul Krouse stonds in stork controst to the "Avonte Gorde" style of Mork Cleve. - Not even Sonto is sofe from o little yuletide hoop oction, shown here by Debbie Josmo ond Louro Younger. SQQMJ , Q s ' i Q I , Let us help you . . 'W s KEEP IN rouoii X For Your Benefit We Offer: XX I' Updoted Address Files Ig Ouorterly Issues of Moody Alumni Mogozine 3' Annuol Locol Alumni Rollies 'T A Plocement Service rn Mooov ALUMNI A A ASSOCIATION Alumni Stoff: Gwen Jebb, ond Gory McCoy. If f if KX Q35 MARVIN GLASS AND ASSOCIATES The Toy Design of the world Joonno Conont ond Kevin Neff ride the escolotor in Woter N0l'Th LUSUHB Drive GIICGQO, IIIIIIOIS Tower. Looking for rings, kids? 212 Adverrisemeni s FRESHMEN 1991 Tronsformed for Hrs Servlce Romons 12 1 Freshmon roomotes Jody 49' -J Beckemeyer ond Rebecco Borr mug for the comero s eye os therr fnends Teddy ond Mistletoe Beor greet eoch other Genet plozo Once ogoln Jen the cookie jot hongs on to every word Mott speoks Closs Executtve Sherrr Crobbs Poulo Fretre Amber Thonnes Doug Asolo Mott Freshmon :rem Mott Eberle At on open house o fresh ond Jenifer Behl folk on the mon IS found sneokung from O O I I s 'W 4 Q ff, N ' . - . 1, W , 1 1 , H' rr of , ,V , N11 M Q X ,,, 4 - , If t X A f. I 2332... ,XD J fxhzil Adkins, Julia ...., 27, Chrsm Scott Aaron, Cathy , . . . . .144 Abdo, Suzanne .....,. 144 Abell, Gwen ...,.. 23, 95 Abner, Rick ...,...... 126 Achziger, Tracey. . 99, 144 Ackerely, Sarah ...... Acott, Steve ......... Adams, Kaye ,..., 19, 62, Adamson, Julie ....,.. Aden, Kim . . . 63, 66, 109, 4 Adkins, Philip . . Ahrens, Ed . , . . Ake, Brian ,.... Akins. Stephanie Alfsen, Cheryl . . Alisentono, Dave . , . . 203 4 44 44 Allen, Julie . . . 9 Allrich, Douglas. Alton, John . , , 72, 79, 44 Amador, Luis ,,...., . . Amick, Phillip ....,... Amyx, Marie .,,....... Anders, Patrick .... Asher, Timothy .... 34 83 108 Asmus, Andy . 8, 144 Aspin, Tim Aubol Martin Austin Michael . . . 1 Aylworth, Theresa Badertscher, Joseph Badgero, Raymond Bailey, Deborah Bailey, Dennis Bain Sandra . . 8 05 Baird Tommie Baker Kerri Baldwin, Joy Dales Janice Baliles Paul Ball Vicki Ballou Michelle Barber Debbie . . 44 Barfoot Susanne Barlow Mike Baron, Becky 0 Barr Rebecca Barron Robert Bartos Jessamine Basset Thomas Batschelet Curtis Batterton Janeie Baurain Sarah Baurain Thomas 82 4 44 44 65 222 2 3 Bernard Melanie 95 165 183 Berry Andrew Berry Michael Berry Reid Bertrard Robert 133 Brel Lisa Bigley Jay Billow Robin Billow Troy Binder Mark Brxler Robert Blackburn Mike Blaha Mrs Dorothy Blann Cheri 44 Bledsoe Curtis Bliesner Karen Blough Kimberly Blough Ron 109 20 44 200 6 4 224 Blycker Timothy 98 99 106 144 Bocnuk Becky Bodenhamer Brent Boerema Christina Bohn Rosemary Bolrn Sherri Bolser Tom Bombela David Bond Don 76 82 Bonrfas Rick Borg Scott Borillo Beth Bostrom Jim Boulos Prous Bovee Melany Boxill Boyd Harold Eddie 6 4 6 44 6 203 4 .WW if-' 145 154 Brood Nadine Brooks Cherie Brooks Grace Brooks Mike Brosrnski Steven Brower Verlyn Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Aaron Cheryl Christine 32 David Donald Jenifer Mark Robert Scott Shaun Browning Patrick Brubaker Omar Brubaker Ronald Brunt Christi Bryant Keith Bryant Kim Bubeck Sheryl Buchanan Mark Buchta John Buck Karen 18 95 Buckingham Julie Buckwalter Whitney Bucy Ann 49 118 Buda: Anna Buell Gary Bulkley Kim Bullock Arran Buresh Cathy 85 89 Burke Kent Burkhart Aaron Burnett Aaron Burns Robert 23 4 45 4 200 4 4 4 4 4 4 66 4 4 6 4 4 67 4 203 27 Carman Dennis Carmean Karen 5 Carney Sandra 9 Carr Diane Carr Michael Carrera Mark Carrera Paul Carroll Daniel Carson David Carwell David Caston Mary Jo Cato Cameron 4 Cedergren Darryl Celosse Michael Champargne Robert Chan Dorcas Chang Ho Yoon Chase Mark Chase Rebecca 100 Chavers Michael 96 Chen Yi Shen Chisholm Greg Chisholm Wendy 84 Chouinard Ben Christen Calvin Christensen Charles Christensen Wayne Christiansen Jonathan Christiansen Ronald 100 146 Christiansen Timothy Chung Catherine Chung Melody Ciocan Michael Clapp William Clark dee Clark Paul Clark Robert Clark Steven Cleve Mark 4 Cleveland Lisa Clever Mary Lynn Clinch Chris Cloys Mark Cobbs Wesley Cochrane Norm Coffaro, Terrance . . . . . Coffman, Jim ...,. , Coffman, Lisa . . . , Cole, Claressa ........ Cole, Sue ........... Collard, Timothy ..... , 4 ex "7 .m,,4.,1 .QM --'- --M -f - W. -- , . , . , ' . , , 1 . 0 , ' ......12 , ,164 , , O , ' ... 192,197 , U Q '14 , 189 , .,,.,,. 1 , ' ,..,,... 133 , ,... 5 ,7 ...,,.,....132 ,' ........158 , ,.....,.133 71,19 , ...,.... 132 , ' .......... 192 , ' ,,...,... 158 , ' ,,,,, 167,18 , 4 , 132 , , , ' '. ...... 133 , ' ,,,,,,, , ,16 ...,16 ,.......99,133 , .......15 , ,,,,Q5,13 ' , .....,,... 133 , ......,. 133 , ,,,,, 56,13 ' , ' ...,.... 1 5 , .... 91,1 , ' ,,,,,,,, 13 ' , .s.,..... 14 f A ' .. , 1 3, , ' ,,,,, A , ,13 ' ' """"' I ' '---"- ' , ....,... 133 , ' .... 79, 133 , ,,,,,, 13 , ' ....,. 133 . ...,... 1 5 , ,, 1 5,20 . ..,. 107 , ' ..,...., 1 5 , ,,,, 13 ...132 , ' .... 1 , 145 , ........, 133 Q0 ..192, . '...133, , ....,.. 15 ,' ,,,,,,13 196 ' . ,. 166,180 . .,..,.... 133 ' , ..1 ......132 f' .....133 , ......,.133 , ,,,,,,,.13 ....91,132 , .........133 ' , A .,...166 , - ......13 , ,1,122, ,' , , . ...,.. 192 , .....99,14 132 154 , - J 1,-- 138 . . , 13 108 , .....,, 1 . ...95,166, , ' ' ......... 1 5 , - , ,153 , , ..,...... 201 201 , A ..... 23, 1 5, , '- ....... .13 109, 115, 164 Baker, William ....... 192 ' Bodden. JOhn .... 79, 145, 211 Chesebro, Shelly .,.... 14 132 ......... 132 201 . ' .....,.... 1 5 ' , ... 82, 16 , .... 165, 186 . .... 133 . ....... 133 ' , ,V '65 16 , ....,.... 1 , ' ' .... 33, , ....,. 133 16 132 , ,.,,....... 165 166,200 , ......... 166 ' , ,,,,,,, , ,1 132 , ...... 132 , ...... 1 6 f .. , ,1 ' , .. 100,13 , 1 , 151 ' , ' .......... 1 5 ' , ' ..... 1 5 ' , ' ,,,,,,, 14 12 , ..,... 158 , .......... 12 . ' .. 22, ' . ...19 1 , ........ 126 . A ...... 133 1 5 ' , ...13 1 .... 1 9, 1 , , ..... , ,33, , ... , , 1 6 ' ' , 100 1 ', ...., 95,1 5 ................. 19 132 , ... 132, 1 ' , ' ...,..... 199 , .......... 166 ' ' , M, 17 4 95 132 , ,.,,.., 192 , ...,... 40, 16 . ' ...., 95, 167 , , 15 192 . ..... 165 ' , .......... 25 . ....... ,1 5 ' ' , ' H16 1 , ....... 165 .' ......... 192 . . , ,1 , ' ,HH16 132 , . ,.... 132 , ........, , .......... 1 5 , ,,,,,, 413 132 , ..... 132 , ....... 1 5 , . 133, ' , ' ....., 13 33 , .. 100,132 ' . ........ 133 . ,...,.. 133 , " .,.. ..,13 96 97 , ...... 192 , ' .....,... 200 , ... 167, 0 , ,,,,,,, 13, 16 . , ......... 192 , ..,...... 199 , ' H138 , ...... 40, 16 199 , ...47,1 . " ........ 15 '. ..80,133 , .......,19 109 , ..... 158 ', . ......... 201 , .......... 1 5 , ..,... . . .9 16 , ...... 132 ' ,J ........... 201 . ' ......... 116 , ,,,, 13 ,211 ...96, 1 5, , ' . 192,200 , ' ....... 16 1 , .. ,199 , . . . .11 ... 12,132, , ...133 ' , ' .... 108,16 , . . .1 5 , ......,. . . 13 , , 1 , .. 24, 133 , ,..,.. .162 144 132 ' .......... 133 , ...... 123 166 13 166 2 1 5 12 163 '24 211 106 ff? 154 133 1 5 129, 168 132 120 133 1 5 1 6 1 5 134 164 144 79 134 105' 164 Beam Rufh Dgyd 511501-1 Busboom Annamarie Andersen, Krissy ..,... Bearden Sherri 44 Boyd WIllIOfn 4 DU59nlfZ Keren Anderson Bethene. .. , Beaton Catherine BOZIC Amy BUYJGI' Enos 4 4 Beaton Richard BUZIC O9 Bllflef JOFWW Anderson Carol . , . 69, 76, Beaty, Andrew 6 Brockley David 44 203 Bradbury Ralph 20 Anderson David. . 43, 105, Beaty, Stephen Bf0dt'n0n K0l'T19fO0 144, 147 203 Brandhagen Robert 4 Anderson Elaine. 100, 144 Beaumont Robin , 91 44 Brondon James Anderson Eric ...,.,.. Bechtol. Cynthia ....., Brant, Keith Anderson Ludwig .... 112, Beckemeyer, Jodi ..... 95, l3f0Sfi9ld, Julie ........ 199 133, 213 musk, ionene . . . 109, mg, '5" Q' ' 1,45 Anderson Nathan .... 115, Beckman, Marvin E .... 191 Broun, Chuck ......... ' ' ' ' ' ' 144 Bedford, Cecil ........ 192 Brave, Kent ,........ 145 . Anderson, Norman .... Befus, Joel .......... Bray, DOvid .......... 4 gg:::2l2'Lj2Z6-'l-lk' Andresen, Kenneth .... Behl, Jennifer . 63, 66, , Dfedbennet, BFOGIGY. . . Calvert' len, ' ' A Andrews, Joy ........ 164 133, 213 Bfedfeldf. Jeanine ...,. 145 Comercgn Walla AA"" 4 Andrews, Julie . . . 34, Beisell, Jason ......,. Btekelboum. John. . 49, , Compo donlfoclg' ' ' ' ' '203 Andrews, Mark ....... 200 Belford. David .....,., 144 Bresnahan, Christopher Campbell Glenn ""' 133 Andricks, Gary ....... 164 Beloz, Lisa ........... 144 ....,,........... 133 Campbell' Karen """ 133 Andricks, Imelda ,..... 164 Beltran, Beverly . 165, 200 Breuker, Sheryl . . . 35, 133 Condollo 'cymhlo "'i' 133 Angihan, James . 126, 127 Bennett, Judith ....... 165 Briggs, Brian . . 29, 96, 145 Conll Ne'no Q1 ',l45'2O2 Antrim, Shelly ......., 144 Benton, Rayfield ...... 202 Brinkman, Amy ...... 145 Cunnan Borbbro ' 39 '199 Appel, Thomas .... 27, 96, Benware, David .... 5, 33, Brooch, Margaret . 99, 133 ' ' ' 206 144 82, 122, 165 Broad, Keith ........ 133 Cannon Joe 38 39 Appleby, Jon ........ 144 Benware, Laurie, . . 5, 133 Brock, Rodney . . . 96, 133 Cannon' losebll' ' ' ' '167 Arens, Timothy . . . 20, 192, Benware, Paul . . 192, 198 Brokaw, Jon ......... 158 Cml0ck'DeOnnO ' ' 186 199 Berg, Alan ...... ,.... 1 87 Bromwell, Beth .....,. 133 Carlson' Dovld ' ' 133 Arnold, Keith ..,., 96, 144 Bergan, Jennifer . 165, 175 Bronaugh, JoBeth .... 158, Carlson' Sheryl ' ' ' '133 Arrington, Ed ......... 118 Berkimer, Nancy ...... 144 161 ' ' ' ' ' 146 Asala, Doug .... .... 2 13 Bernard, Edward ...... 192 Bronger, Ruth ..... 80, 84, Carlson' Sonja QQ 214 ENLARGEMENT1 INDEX Collins, Jeffrey . . . . . . Colvin, Annie ....,,.. Colvin, James ........ Colwell, Todd ........ Combs, Brenda . . 109, Conant, Joanna . 146, Conard, Melody . . 95, Condron, Todd ...,... Conley, Joel ..... 88, Conway, Julie .... 91, Conwell, Steve ....... Cook, Jason .... 146, Cook, John . , , .39 168 134 168 147, 212 146 134 134 146 134 201 146 ook, Kim ........... ooke, Lawrence ..,. ooper, Charles . . . 42, ordes. Thomas ..... otnette, Timothy .,.. ornman, Thomas .... ottell, Alysa .... 80, ostanza, James. 146, oulter, Chris ...,. 30 outtney, Kristi ...,.. ovell, Nancy ..,, 99 168 134 43, 193 128 otdes, Brian ...,..,.. . 134 . 184 . 193 134 203 134 .146 134 oy, Mike . . . 12, 146: 200 tabbs, Sherri . . , 134, 213 rafts, Michael . .,... . raig, Robert .....,.. taker, Doyle .... 96, tane,Tim toner, Laura .... 95, tawfotd, John ....... rowford, Paula ..,.., riel, Ronald ..,.. 96, tist, Robin .......... toss, Travis ..... 146, rothers, John . . . . . . . rouse, Todd ..... 74, 176, saky, Katalin .,.. 95, umbetwotth, Ronda . . umerford, Becky .,... umerford, Catherine . . urrie, Swantina . 192 ushing, Janis ...,.... zech, Michael . . . 88 Dages, Robert . . . 25, Dohrens, Catherine .... Dolaget, Debra ....... Daley, Lisa ...,....,. Damm, Regina ....... Daniels. Timothy. 115, Darling, Lisa .,....... DoSilva, Othelmo . . , . . Daughtty, James .... Davidhizat, Larry ..., Davis, Deborah ....... 146 134 146 196 105, 146 134 146 146 134 153, 157 146 168, 186 134 80, 134 .91 95, 134 193 134 146 168 134 134 134 146 134 146 169 106, 169 193, 199 134 Davis, Gary ,..... 86, 146 Davis, Kelly . , , Davis, Toby .... . . . Dawson, Gary .,...... Dawson Jr. James ...., De Jong, Kristi ........ de Rosset. Rosalie ..,. De Young, Larry ...... Deangelo, Beverly , . . , Dearborn, Tim . . . 106, DeJong, Kristi ..,..... DeKoy, Michael .. 32, 134 134 158 134 146 120, 193 147 146 111, 169 .24 169 President Reagan talks with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev during arrival ceremonies at the White l-louse. The two superpower leaders held a three- day summit meeting in December and signed a nuclear arms control agree- ment. The Dow Jones industrial stack average dropped 508 points, the largest in his- tory, on Monday, October 19. Some called it a "crash," others called it a 'lmeltdownf' and others callled it iiBlack Monday." Whatever it was, it stripped S500 billion from the market value of U.S. securities. Curr nt Event oving beyona' ignorance ana' apathy. Life at MBI can be so peace- ful, so enjoyable. Quickly, the student learns the convenience of the tunnels and how to es- cape adverse weather. The stu- dent enjoys the simple life of eating in the dining hall and shopping in the bookstore. Yet, too often, the environment which protects also confines. He may know little of what is go- ing on outside the lnstitute's self-made community. The problems may enlarge into ignorance of national and world affairs. And the inevita- ble consequence is apathy. Looking at the photos on these index pages, could you have written a caption for each? As a "world Christian," a stu- dent should realize that what occurs in the Senate Judiciary Committee or in the Oval Of- fice has a profound effect upon his life and ministry. By keeping abreast of world affairs and their implications, the MBI stu- dent can prepare himself today for his ministry tomorrow. ln a survey of MBl's Vice-Presidents, each wrote of the necessity to develop a sensitivity to the broader concerns and issues which face others around the world. Our present preparation for future ministry - for our role in The Bigger Picture - is fur- thered through the study of these concerns. We must take the time to read and under- stand current events, even to be a force in what is happen- ing. We proclaim a simple Gos- pel, however, in communicat- ing this message, we must cross political, cultural, and economic barriers. Story by Paul Krause. .Z2k.s.., xv, ,,f51.izfM'f2,fw. 2 5 ,wmmsmwnsmkmomaaw . ..M...,..,.LvrW:-ff0:.,Rwm Delawar, Stephen ..... Delgado, Milla ....... DeMoss, Shawn ....... 146 100 .85 Dem sey, Crista . 145, 146 P Denbow, Sarah . . . . 25, 31, 134 DeNeui, Aaron ....... 169 Denholm, Denise .... 158, 160 Derocher, Fran ....... 124 Devoro, Michele ...... 134 DeVries, Bruce .,..,,. 169 DeVries, Kathryn . 95, 134 DeWeerd, David ...... 134 Deweese, Steve ....... 19 DeYoung, Larry ....... 96 Dhanyavong, Charee . , 158 Di Castri, Morene ..... 202 Dickason, Fred ....... 193 Dickerson, Teresa ..., 146, Y 147 Dipple, William . . . 96, 169 Disterheft, Gary ...,,. 203 Dix, Penny , . . 98, 99, 134 Dodd, Sam ......... 169 Dodgner, James ..... 193 Doebler, Paula . . . 99, 134 Dommisse, Kristi ..... 134 Doss, Nathan .,...... 134 Downen, Wayne . 96, 169 Downey, Jonathan ..,, 203 Doyle, Deborah ,.... 134 Draper, Maureen .... 134 Drury, Deborah. . . 95, 134 Drushinin, Sue ....... 199 Dubiel, Mary ........ 147 DuBois, Shelby ...... 147 Duden, Kristie .... 43, 121, 188 169, 183, Dunaway. Alan . 169, 183 Dunlop, Robert G ..... 190 Dunn, Casey ......... 147 Durham, Diana ....... 147 Durham, Ronald ...... 147 Dusky, MeLane. . 140, 147 Eales, David . . . .... . 147 Earhart, Kyle ..... 79, 134 Earnst, Todd ......,.. 134 Easter, James . . . 118, 169 Eastman, Tammy ..... 135 Eberle, Matthew ..... 120, 135, 213 Edmonds, Gerald . 99, 193 Egeler, Pamela ....... 170 Egler, John ......,.... 79 Ehrhardt, Janice . 109, 170, 200 Eland, Joel ..... . . . 135 Elliott, David ,........ 135 Elliott, Kenneth ,...... 135 Ellison, Kimberly. . . 80, 81, 135 Elsen, John .......... 190 Emmons, John. . . 170, 207 Empson, Laura . . . 14, 100, 135, 147 Engel, Mark ........ 1261 Engle, Bob ......... 147 Enns, Lyndell . 91, 96 170 Erickson, Robert D . . . 190 Ericson, Keith ......, 193 Erieau, Timothy .. 35, 170 Eshleman, Allen . . 85, 202 Euler, Bill ........ 62 147 216 ENLARGEMENT: INDEX Wwoseiwewweess-Emximwkvaasmwmmwm emfsQ',?sm1Qf.wr-s-sf'-NHi'-- Evans, Christopher .... 135 Evans, James ......,. 135 Evans, Pamela . . . 28, 135 Evans-Panayiotis, Vivian Everhart, Bruce ........ 96 S'M4E lmE5 Falco, Shari .....,.... 147 Falk, Carrie ..... 110, 147 Falkenberry, Roger . . . 135 Fannin, Gaylene ...... 199 Farrell, Andy .... 124, 125 Farrey, Rebecca . , 95, 147 Favenir. Genevieve . . .135 Fawcett, William ...... 135 Fehr, Trevor ......... 135 Felty, Sheri .......... 135 Fenske, Jennifer . . 33, 135 Fernlund, Jay ........ 193 Fetzer, David W . . 64, 193 Filipe, Valter .......... 99 Finger, Pete .......... 91 Fink, Sheri ........... 135 Fink, Trisha .. . 8, 122, 147 Finnan, John .....,,.. 147 Fish, Deborah .... 91, 109, 170 Fisher, Dennis ....,.,. 193 Fisher, Irene .,..,.,.. 135 Fitz, Jim and 'Judy' .... 40, 135, 199 Fitzner, Jonathan ..... 158 Fleming, David R . .,.. 170 Floyd, Charles ........ 135 Foos, Harold ...... 6, 193 Forrer, Liana . . 12, 35, 115, 170, 207 Forster, Thomas. . . 19, 147 Fortier, Sean . . . . . .147 Foulk, Jerry .......... 193 Fountain, Fran .....,, 147 Foutz, Scott ...... 14, 135 Fox, Tim ............ 147 Franklin, Andrew ..,.. 135 Fraser, Kent ...,. 79, 170 Freese, Doris ......... 193 Freire, Paulo .... 135, 213 Freitag, Steve . . . 105, 170, 183, 201 French, Edith ......... 170 French, Nicholas ...... 135 Friedel, Teresa ..,,... 171 Friedrich, Marc ....... 136 Fry, Chuck ...... 171, 207 Fry, Rodney ..,.. 99, 171 Fuder, David ..... 82, 136 Fugmen, Tina ........ 147 Fujinami, Yoshitaka . . . 136 Fulkerson, Kris ..., 80, 147 Furseth, .'an . 28, 100, 136 Gaffney. Greg .,,.. 82, 83, 194 Gallatin, Laurie ....... 136 Gallery, Daniel , . . 66, 147 Galliher, Laura . . . 17, 136 Garrigo, Jose ..... 62, 147 Garrison, Brent D ...... 191 Gathman, James ..... 136 ssl-mm Gatliff, Michael . . . 82, 147 Gauthier, Jay ... 171,201 Gauthier, Jeff .,,..... 108 Gavlik, Timothy . 100, 158 Geier, Matthew . . 91, 136, 213 George, Ed . . 2, 14, 17, 22, 147 Georgeff, Jay . . . 106, 147 Georgopulos, Pete .... 147 Getzinger, Gretchen . . 171, 185 Geyman, Karen . 105, 171 Gibbs, Ken . 108, 109, 171 Gibson, Larry ........ 136 Giesbrecht, Allan .... 96, Gildner, Richard E ..... 61, Glogowski, Robert .... Goehring, Matthew . . . Goergeff. Jay ........ 188, Gomez, Carlos ....... Gilberts, John .... Gliebe, Kirk ...... Goldberg, Louis. . 124, 127 136 190 171 136 158 107 194 136 Gonzalez, Joe . . . 20, 108, 199 Goodwin, Wendy .... Gordon, Nate . 36, 79, Gordon, Simone . . 99, Gordon, Tracy ,...... Gosnell, Jeffrey. . 111 Gotbaum, Sherry .... Gottsleben, Cherrie. , . Gottsleben, Ray . . 38 Graddy, Julia ...,.. Graffius, Jonathan. . Grafton, Mary Alice. Graham, Bill .,.... Grant, Mae ...... Greaves, Debra . . Green, Greg ...... Green, Joseph .... Greenlee, Kelly . . Gregory, Steve . Greig, David ,... Grna, Cindy .,.. Groff, Barbara . . Gromlich, Randy Gruber, Kenneth Guerrero, Robert . . Guettler, Heidi . . . 85 95 91 66 Gunter, Harrison L ..... I 148 148 136 136 148 136 200 171 194 136 159 106 136 136 126 136 161 126 148 148 136 128 171 136 148 200 Haag, Doug . . Haas, Donald . Hackett, Priscilla . 100, Hague, Tammy ..... Haik, Paul .... Haines, Calvin. Hakes, Joe . . . Haldeman, David .... Halladay, Jean . . . 80 Halsey, Lisa .,....... Hamilton, John ...... Hammond, Mike ..... Hammond, Sandra . . . Hander, Kevin ...... Hanna, Christopher. . . 100 fQ'll8 ... 79 Hanna, Kim ..... 99 Hansen, Norman ..... 1 1 1 128 148 148, 203 . 15 194 194 194 136 194 148 136 126 136 137 24, 148 137 100, 171, 201 Hanson, Janice ..., 75, 95, 137 Hanzelin, Steve ..... Hardie, Christopher . . . Haring, Jenny . . . 145, .148 137 148 Harlan, Charles ....... 148 Harmon, Scott ........ 137 Harness, Mary .....,.. 171 Harrell, Edgar A ..... 190 Harriman, Lynn ,...... 137 Harris, Faith .......... 137 Harris, Rebecca . 172, 222 Harrison, Becky .....,. 109 Harrison, Bonnie . . . 62, 95, 172 Harrison, Bryan . . 100, 148, 201 Harshbarger, Susan . . . 111, 172, 201 Hart, John ....... 65, 194 Hartley, Duane .....,. 148 Hartmann, Melissa . 35, 95, 137 Hatters, William ....... Haun, Gill ........,.. Hawley, Stephanie . . . Haynes, Philip .... 23, Haynes, Shawn ......, Hays, Darrell .... .,.. Hays, Timothy ........ Headtke, Valerie ..... Heald, John . 91, 106, Hearny, Jon ...,..... Heassler, Kevin. . 128, Hecht, Henry .... 100 Hecht, Karyn ......... Hedstrom, Jennifer .... Heinbaugh, Kim . Hendrich, Bruce ....... Hendricks, Kevin ...... Henke, Michael ....... Henry, Charlayne . 95, Herndon, Kim ........ 172 124 172, 187 137, 203 137 125 137 148 148 202 129 194 194 95, 137 194 194 137 148 137 137 Herr, Wayne ...... 14, 96 Hertzler, James ....... Hetzel, Jeffrey ....... 137 137 Hetzler, Jim ...,... 78, 79 Hibma, Alice ..... 85, 148 Hickey, William ..,.... 148 Higgins, Phillip ..... 96, 97, 200 137, Hight, Julie .......... Hildebrandt, Sue ,..... Hill, Anton ........... Hill, Leasia . . . 80, 81, Ho, Kirk ,............ Hodges, Timothy. . 20, Hodgson, Bill ....,.... 96, Hoffman, James . . Hofstra, Randal .....,. Holderby, Elizabeth ..,. .202 Holesapple, James . . . Holshoe, Dawn . . 172, Hooker, Joanne . 100, Hoon, Aaron ......... 100, Hopkins, Curtis . . Hopkins, Wayne . 191, Horbus, Dave ....,... Horine, Patricia ....... Hormig, Dave ........ Hornemann, Janet .... Hornemann, Jurgen . . . Hostetter, Dorothy .... 108 f Howard, Brett ......., Howard, Karen ....... Hoysack, Kimberly .... Hrushka, Grant ..,.... Hudson, Lettice ....... 199 148 137 148 148 194, 199 126 148 137 148 186 172 137 148 194 172 159 148 172 172 20, 199 .96 137 148 159 159 Hufen, Mark .. 17, 90, Huhta, David ....... Hulet, Clayton ...... Hulse, Laurel ........ Human, Brian , 78, Humbarger, Roger . . . Humes, Kristyne . Hunt, Ron ...... Hunter, Tim ..... Hunziker, Dan. . . 126, Hurd, Martha .... Hyma, Jeffrey. . . 79, 18 19 14 13 14 14 14 20 12 12 ll 17 ller, Robert ..., . . .9 Im, Kyong-Ok ....... 13 Ingalls, Larry ........ 13 Ingersoll, Gregory. 99 13 Ingersoll, Jeffrey . . 99, 17 Inion, Brent ...... 96 14 lnvergo, Tony ....... . 1 lrmeger, Tom ....... 12 Isaak, Dave .... 126, 12 Isgro, Melissa ........ 13 lxcaragua, Doug ..... 20 Jackson, Mark .... 24, 13 Jacobsen, Jennifer . . . 14 Jacobson, Jonathan . . 14 Jacus, Steven .....,. 13 Jager, Jack ....,.... 20 James, Deanna ...... 16 James, Donna ....... 17 James, Edgar ....... 194 James, Julia .... 100, 173 Janofski, PGQQY . .... 173 Janofski, Philip ...... 173 Janosky, Kevin ...... 173 Jantz, Rebecca . . 115, 137 Jaywheh, June ...... 149 Jeanty, Patrick ,..... 137 Jebb, Gwen ... ... 212 Jebb, Michael ....,.. 149 Jefferis, Robert ...... 159 Jelich, Raymond ..... 173 Jenkins, Jerry B ...... 191 Jensen, Laura ....... 137 Jerry, Mike ..... . . . 125 Jesel, Eugene ....... 199 Jobe, Marsela ....... 149 John, Raymond ..... 137 Johnson, Cynthia ..... 137 Johnson, David ...... 137 Johnson, Edward L .... 190 Johnson, Jody .... 95, 137 Johnson, Lisa ..... 99, 149 Johnson, Paul . . . 137, 190 Johnson, Rene . . . 99, 149 Johnson, Sheila ....... 149 Johnson, William ...... 173 Jones, Julius ......... 162 Jones, Scott ..... . . .96 Jones ll, Terry ........ 137 Jonick, Krystyna ...... 199 Josma, Debbie . . . 57, 149, 21 1 Joy, Gary ........... 137 Juane, Mark . . 26, 88, 149 Juhnke, Michael .. 91, 137 Junek, Ginger . . . 149 Junger, Lmda... 13f 222 188 ntunen, Ruth ....... 137 lil, John. .. 91, 105, Ine. Debbie . , . 16, mmermon, Ronold . nter, John S. ...., . robensh, Joe ..... 149 136, 173 .99 149 127 tz, Guillermo. . 173, 222 tzir, Rivlso ..,..,... 149 oly, Tim . ., 34, 79, 149 ech, Gront . . . 124, 125 lch, Gory .,......., 137 lemon, Duone ..... 137 ller, Kristino .... 95, 137 lly, Melisso . 56, 57, 149 lly, Tim ....,.....,. 24 lly, Timothy . . , 24, 137 - Iso, Amy ,.... .... 1 37 mner, Tom ...A.... 199 ndol, Rochel .....l. 173 ndol, Rutht . 94, 95, 149 nnord, Douglos. . 17, 59, 70, 71, 195 nney, Will .... 105, 149, 224 sler, Robert. . . 106, 149 tchum, Robert ..... 174 ttinger, Shouno. . 51, 99 195 eylock, Leslie ,...... hon, lliff ....... . . .149 ierspe, John ........ 159 ihumbo, Chorles . , . , 106 illion, Brent ......... 195 ing, Alon ........... 128 ing, Kothleen . . 109, 149 ing, Michoel . . 33, 49, 60, 174 ing, Robert , ........ 128 inney, Poul . .. ....137 irk, Wesley ..,..... 149 izzior, Timothy . . 88, 137 loossen, Brendo A... 137 lingbeil, Corolyn .... 199 lingenberg, Erwin . . . 159 lopfenstein, Joy . 88, 137 lopfenstein, John ..... 35 nee, Jonet ... 16, 80, 81, 109, 149 ness, Jomes ,..... . . 137 nickerbocker, Dove . . .79 nickerbocker, Dovid . ,174 night, Borboro . . 91, 110, 137 night, Timothy .. 96, 149 norr, Elizobeth ...... 138 och, Bryon .....,.. 149 oegel, Mory ....... 159 oesemo, John . . 149, 199 olorek, Merry . . 174, 186, 199 onold, Bruce ....... 138 Kord, April ....... 18, 174 Eornit, Corlo ........ 149 ostopoulos, Thereso . 138 Kostrevo, Kyle . . . 88, 138 Kott, Dovid ....., 99, 138 lKrogel, Jomes. . . 115, 195 lKronich, Noncy .....,. 150 Krouse, Poul ..... 11, 120, 150, 211 Kreider, Jeffrey . . 174, 201 Kricken, Scott ,........ 96 Kriemelmeyer, Kurt . . .108 Kringle, Thomos ...... 137 Television evongelists Jim ond Tommy Foye Bokl-ter soid forewell to the PTL ministry in Morch. Jim Bokker resigned ofter confessing to o sexuol encounter with o young womon. f-in 11 vnu, g - 541 Nu, , .4 1 Q , N M: , 2? N, -vu ' , Q . - l 6 ff, . K t . g I. xi 1 -.m w , . Q. W' ni' ' ,, g 1 if 'w 'X-i A 1 , - ' "1 , 'bk' . 3, . ,V D -wk ' t :J s. MF ftp, A , , . 7 ',. -A ' 4 sf'-h - 3 I' I ., ue-- 'ss-an '- . - 1151 1 Q 1 'g l sf' J b f' Democrotic presidentiol condidote Gory Hott wos forced to drop his bid for the presidency ofter it wos reported thot he wos romonticolly involved with on octressfmodel ln De- cember, Hort re-entered the Democrotic roce Morine Lt Col Oliver North wos o ltey officiol in the plon to finonce onti-government rebels in Ntcoroguo with money from orms soles to Iron in testimony before the Iron-Contro heorings in Woshington, North become somewhot of o ce, lebrity ' ff ,f j L, ffiiszxfiffo -.,.....,, 7 'MW' We r-tits" x"cTfe?if.'::':: " ' -V Mi- VY SWS f r21 2 3l'M" ',---- ':f- -'f-"W1::mm:-eff?-,:et.-pfxmf' h'Wf "1-im. it. M "A"' "" .... 2 2 'LZ ,.,. :QM-i'ff'i'i: eww' "H' 1' Meri.--W Jffm' 'UR WW""WWW""' N'-J' FUNK" KfifZfT'10f1f KGHY -4.'--- 139 Lunsford, Tina ........ 159 McEIwain, Sharon ..,.. 160 Murra, Juanita ..., 85, 100, Ott, Andy ....,....,, 1 Kf09m0f1r MiCi109i ---4- 174 Lusher, Kim .......... 150 McElwee, Alan ,... 56, 57, 189 Ottensman, David .... QI Krueger, Karen ......- 150 Lusher, Paul ,... 198, 195 108, 151, 211 Murray, Paul ........, 189 1 Krueger, Kari ......-. 150 Lyons, Carol ......... 188 McFarlane, Sally ..... 104, Musgrave, Linda . . 99, 160 Ovikian, Sonya . . 18, 1 Krus, Scott ....... 85, 188 105, 151 Musser, Eric . 108, 151, 201 Owens, Joseph ..,..... KfU5Z0f Cif19Y ---.'--- 150 McFee, Christine . . 95, 188 Musser, Michael ...,.. 177 Ozment, Deirdra ....,, 1 KYYUGL Robert - V - - . i 150 McGee, Renee ,....., 162 Muston, Denise . . . . . . . 177 Kufz. ROVWUY ----- A V - 150 McGrath, David ....... 176 Myers, Roy ...,. ,.., 1 51 Kuvpers, Roger .,,.... 195 McGurk, Nathan ...... 160 Myers, Todd .... .... 1 89 MCHUgh, Chris .... 88, 102, 176, 179' 199 llllllltlllhllnlnrnq-.nouns Mac Leod, Allan ...,,, 188 MfrL0Chlin. Tommy -..- 151 Maaqrrhur, John ,,,,,, 190 McLemore, Carl ...,,.. 208 MacCaIlum, Darcy ..... 96 MCMUUGI1. HG0fher ---. 37. Paiga, Amy .....,... 1 Magnuson, Sonja .... 106, 188 Palmer, Tyrone . , . 75, 1 Lafita. lvette ......,, 159 107, 175 MCNOUY. Ri'-Tif ,.-..,-- 176 Panasiuk, Andres ,... 1 Lammers. Jennifer . . . 188 Malich, Shillina . . . 91, 188 MCNiCki6. A100 V - 195. 211 Nachtigal, Rick ...,... 129 Popp, Kathy . . . 46, 68, 6 Lamp, Kathy, ....... 150 Malone, David . . 188, 200, MCPh9fS0f1f Ken ------ 176 Naegele, Elizabeth . . . 195, 118, 1 Lampe, John ..... 88, 174 204 MCQUOi9. John ....-.- 135 200 Pardee, Jim ........,.. Lange, Todd ......,. 188 Manis, Donna ........ 199 Mead. Giibeff . V . 195. 200 Neff, Kevin ......... 212 Parkerson, Paul . . 185, 1 Lawson, Andrew . . 91, 96, Mann, Kelsey .... 88, 188, Meeker' 5iePi19f1 - 99. 151 Neff, Mary .,... 177, 187 Parkinson, Richard . . . 10 136 189 Mehrtens. Bill .......- 151 Neff, Robert C ....... 191 178, 1 Lawson, Melvin ..... 174 Manske, Michael. . 96, 188 Mendes. GGOFQG' ...-- 176. Neff, Terry ........., 176 Parsons, James ....... 1 Lawton, Dennis ....., 188 Mansour, Steven ...... 175 186 Nelson, Ardis ..., 118, 119 POSfUCh. Richard ....,. 1 Lawton, Steve . . . . . 150 Maris, Peter .... . . ,150 Meriiflff. NOf0ii6 .-.--- 151 Nelson, Kathi .... 88, 189 Patterson, Darrell 91, 10 Lazar, Sharon .... . . 188 Marker, Tom . . . . . .150 MefriS. PGTGF ---. V - - 147 Nelson, Lisa. . . . . . . . . 189 1 Leach, Cami ........ 150 Marks, Chris ..., . . .208 MGHY. P-G0 -------..- 176 Nelson, Stephanie ..... 189 Patterson, Lana ..... . .1 Leach, Donald P ..... 191 Marks, Eugene ........ 96 MGFTGHS- MiCi109i V V 2. 176. Nerison, Eric . 62, 157, 211 Patterson, Robert .... 1 Leaman, Laurie . 188, 200 Marks, Joy .......... 175 159 Nesta, Mark ......... 189 Pawlouski, Ed ..,., 4, 11 Leatherwood, Charles. 188 Marlatt, Rebecca ..... 160 MG-'flier' Efii10 - - A - V -107 Nestor, Christine ...,, 151 179, 2 Leden, Gary ......,. 174 Marosi, Suzanna .,.... 188 M9YeF5r Tim ---- - - -203 Neswold, Amy . 4, 99, 151 Payne, Greg . . 90, 91, 1, Lee, Blanche ........ 162 Marsh, Amy ......... 175 MiCh09i- i-0UVi9 --.--.. 160 Neubauer, Susan ..... 204 Payne, Paul ......... 1 Lee Gin ,.... 76, 79, 174 Marshall, Cynthia .... 106, Midkiff. Daniel - - - 99, 139 Neville, Dan ....,... 127 Pearson, David ..... . . 1 Lee John ........,. 150 107, 150, 200 Midkiff. TSFGSO - A V 91, 151 Nevin, Paul ..... . . 195 Peik, Elizabeth . . . 99, 15 Lee. Rebecca ....... 188 Marshall, Jacqueline . . . 80, Mikel' Pi1YiiiS -1VV---1. 157 Newhall, Brian ...,,, 189 1 Lee Won .,.... 150 208 98, 99 Miibfmkf POYTW ----,---- 80 Newman, Richard ..... 189 Pena, Abel . . . . . , .1 Legant, Steve . . . 105 188 Marshall, James ...... 188 Miller. Midieiie ---. 33. 95. Ng, Joyce ........... 200 Penn, Greg ......,.. . 17 Lehmann, Jennifer . . . 188 Martin, Brenda ....... 175 177. 201 Ng, Marcia .......... 189 Penz, Jonathan ..... . .1 Leininger, Jill. . 92, 95, 150 Martin, Laura .... 18, 167, Miller, Tim- - A 79. 177. 201 Nichol, Barry ......... 129 Pepin, Wallace L. . . . . . 1 Leininger, Tom .,.... 128 176 Millheim. David . - 99. 139 Nichols, Greg . 48, 91, 108, Perik, Carol ...,..,... 1 Lenick, Tammy ...... 188 Martin, Nathan . . 107, 150 Mills. 000 -.--.--.-V- 195 151 Perry, Mark .,... .... 1 9 i LeNoue, Bob ........ 128 Martin, Rebekah , 95, 176 Mills. pefef ----- 108. 199 Nick, Keith ..,,. 172, 178 Perry, Sue . . . 29, 152, 1 Lenz, Dan ....,,..., 125 Martin, Richard .....,. 195 Mills. VifQif1i0 -..----- 139 Nicksic, Valerie ....... 178 Peters, Dave . . 16, 42, 11 Lewis, Greg ,... 150, 155, Martin, Tom ......... 150 Mif1CeYf Chfi5f0Pi19f - - -139 Niemiec, Robert ...... 151 15 202 Marty, Stephen ..,. 44, 82, Minei Kennefh ------ 139 Nordlund, Peter .....,. 151 Peters, Jay ..... 140, 15 Lewis, Jeffrey ....... 159 188 MNZ0. 099919 --.- 92, 105. Norris, Andrea. . . 151, 157 Peterson, Bervin C. . . . . 1 Lewis, Mark ,....... 188 Marty, William .... 19, 68, 109. 151 Norris, Robin .... 178, 186 Peterson, Justine .,.... 17 Lewis. Troy ...... 96, 150 195, 198, 207 Mitchell. JOFNGS. . 100, 101. Northrop, Joy ......,. 189 Peterson, Karene ..... . Lienemann, Randall . , 174 Martz, Earl .......,., 150 139 Northrup, Cathi ....... 151 Peterson, Susan ....... 15 Lilly, Scott N ,,....... 188 Mashlan, Eric .... 150, 157 MifCh9ii. POUI -.--.--- 151 Nowatzke, Bryan .... 120, Peterson, Todd ....... 14 1 Lima, Deborah . . . 95, 150 Mason, Jamie .... 91, 188 MifCheii, Wiiii0fT1 F -V-. 190 151 Pflugh, Howard ..... . .1 i Linberger, Greg . . . 22, 88, Mason, Ross ...,,.... 188 M0iief1k01TlPf TOUYO - - -100 Nyholm, Roy H ....... 190 Pham, Dao ..... . . . . .1 i 150, 211 Masters, Timothy . . . 100, M0fIdYf P10195 -------- 202 Nystrom, Theodore ..., 189 Phillipp, Grant ...... , .1 Lindsey, Brit ........ 138 188 M0n9d0n9r D0Ud ---- 127. Phillips, Ruthie .... 94, 9 Lindsley, Alice ....... 199 Matarrita, Henry . . 91, 106, 129 15 Lindstrom, Jay .... 20, 82, 107, 150 Montecloro. Melanie. . .199 Phillips, Tim ......... .20 104, 105, 122, 175 Mathewson, Dan .... .79 M00190m9FYr Neii --Vi 177. Philson, Elizabeth .,... 15 Line, Brent ......... 188 Mathisen, Gerlad ..... 195 190 Picard, John ......... 15 Lineburg, Renee. . 99, 175 Matta, Pierre ......... 188 Moore, Janet .... 21, 199 pierce, Kerri , , 84, 55, 14 Liston, Craig ........ 188 Matthews, Jenny ...., 202 MODIS' K9iiY -.------- 151 Pierre, Judson ...,.... 17 Liston, Jonathan .,... 138 Matthews, Robin 14, 188 Moron. Arthur --V- 35. 177 andy, Philip .... too, 140 Pike, Gregory ........ 14 Livingston, Barry. . . 79, 91, Maurer, Ruth ......... 188 M0fei0ndf D0Vid ---'-- 129 Oates, Nancy .... 21, 199 Pilditch, April ..... 95, 17 188 May, Thomas . . . 150, 222 M0f90f1f B09 ---..- 24, 86 Odenfhol, Kurr ,,,,,, 140 Pinardi. Eko . . , . . . .12 Loewen, Shawn ...., 175 Mayer, David . . . 118, 119, Morgan. i300i19f -----.- 69 Oderre, Kevin, , , 151, 200 Pinch, Jayna .... . . . . 14 Loewen, Travis ...... 188 150 M0f90f'1f M0l'iiYf1 V 195. 200 Qesrry, Lee ,,,,, 10, 178 Piper, Gregory ....... 14 Loney, David .... 99, 150 Mayer, Marvin ....... 195 Moritn. MOSOTOYUO ---- 177 Qaa, Allgn ,,,,,, 55, 140 Pircey, Tony ......... 15 Long, David ...... 4, 188 Mayne, Kenneth .,.. 176, M0ffiS. John -.----.-. 203 Qhieh, Chrisrihe ,,,,, 151 Pitcher, Karen ..,..... 15 Long. Lori ---V-- 138. 200 201 Moms' 5h0f0fi- - - - - -177 Oliver, Lynn .... 100, 151 Pinenger, Richard. . . . . 96 Lookenott, Michael . , . 175 Maynor, Dwight L. .... 189 MOFYOD. Ken --.------ 123 Qiseh, David ,,,,, 37, 173 152' 20 Lorey, Linda ........ 159 McCollum. 00fCY -4-4- 157 Mosher' Chorlofy , , O1, 151 Olsen, Jeanne ...,... 140 Pitton. Beth ..... 105, 17 Losshr Tlm0fhY i- 135 Mccduiey, Todd .. 25, 188 Mosher, Ken ,,,,,, m'12Q Olsen, Ric ....... 42, 114 Poirier, Donald .......14 L0595' Kim ----- - ' ' 175 McCIeery, David ..,... 128 Moufzl Caraiihe ,,,,,, 177 Olszewski, Bruce ..... 178 Pollard, Janet . 94, 95, 17 LOW' Jefmv ---- 175 McClellan, Karen ..... 176 Muiiey, Kimberly , 95, 139 Ondracek, MOTK ...... 208 Pdiiddr, torn ......... 152 Love, Deanne ,.... 8, 188 McConaghie, Peter .... 96, Mundy, Marvih ,,,,,,, 139 Onstott, Jerome . 151, 155, Polo, Martha ......... 179 Lowe, Lucinda ....... 188 151 Munson, Gregory ..... 151 202 P0Pef 519119 - - - - - - . 129 Lozada, Jose ,...,.... 208 McConnell, Tracy .... 151, Murphy' David ,,,, 32' oo, Oom, David ..... 82, 140 Powell, Gini .... .... 1 52 Lumodue' Rich ,,,,,,, 150 176 139 Orris, Marilyn . . . 140, 151 Powell, Virginia. . . . . .95 Lundgren, Julie . . . 95, 109, McCormack, Mark ..... 188 Murphy, Debarah , QQ' 177 Ortlieb, Linda ........ 140 Powell, William ....... 195 175, 199 McCoy, Gary ......... 212 Murphy' geah , , , 108' 177 Oseid, Diana ,........ 152 Pratt, Chikako ........ 141 Lunow, Jon ...... 82, 201 McDowell, Christy ..... 188 Murphy, Tray , , , 5, 28' Q1' Ostrander, Timothy .... 191 Pratt, Timothy ........ 141 Lunow, Sherri ........ 199 McDowell, Mark ..,... 188 189 0100, Jemimoh ----'-- 152 Pieikf COf0l .---4 ---- 1 99 218 ?S5i...fa?iCfiEfw.11ii?s5i?: 25305134 'Yfwimmwzmfs-we?1stresea'Sr::3:iLliQzwmi31figss esnell, Horry ,...... 141 im, Corol ..... 141, 224 otsmon, Trish ....... 199 ouse, Rondoll. . 179, 187 ouse, Rondy ..,..,. 108 ooy, Koren .... 91, 141 ffer, Keith . . . ..., .141 ffet. Wendy . . . . .141 gyoo, Nord . . . . . .195 tcell, Koten . . . . . .180 tcell, Kim ... ...152 le, Storlus . . . . . .180 on, Su-Ok ... ...141 uiggle, Greg . . , 40, 195 . bin, Noel ..... chol, Jomes . . ckley, Tim ..... ins, Melisso . . . Q-,sgfsss-if-niriswimstszismwxe ,..,187 150, 152, 200 . . . . .29 107,152 msey, Dove ....... 208 ndone. Brion . . 108, 115, 180 ney, Jonothon ..... 127 ney, Poul . , ....... 196 ney, Rebecco. . 85, 141 ngel, Corlos . . nkin, Virginio . . 128, 129 68, 141 quet, Gerold ,..,, . . 196 schet, Korl ....,.... 141 schet, Leonord ...., 196 smussen. Michoel . . . 141 vesloot, Soroh ...... 152 ybin, Noel . . . . 00, 106 ed, Kelly ...... 34, 152 ed, Robyn .... 141 ehl. Jill . 42, 48, 95, 180, es, John ...... gier, Rochel . . . hbine. Jeffrey . . icheld, Williom . igel, Somuel , , . 207 ....141 95, 180, 188 91, 141, 188, 211 .. 8, 14, 105, 141 ..,.141 imer, Lorilee ....... 141 iner, Byron .... 41, 152 ist. Timothy . . . mmers, Phil . . . 105, 115, 141 108, 180 pke, Robert ii..... 180 steo, John .... eusch, Annie . . . eyes, Arthur . . . hodes, Morv . . . ice, Alvin ..,... ice, Toni . . 100, 109, 180 ich, Theodore . . Ptichotdson, Tom . 158, 160 icheson, Christine incon, Cloudio. . oborts, Tory . 14, 95, 141 oberts, Kothy . . oberts, Rebecco obinson, Dole . . obinson, Eric . . . obinson, Gory . . ,..152 ...152 ...160 .....208 .....196 .....196 .,..152 ,....141 . 85,180 . 85,152 ......40 .....152 .....196 In on effort to keep the Persion Gulf open to novigotion, the U.S. begon in July to escort vessels to protect them from Iron. In Sep- tember the U.5. Novy blew up on lronion ship thot wos cought loying mines in the Gulf, ' 1 .2 L14 fi iii U90 ,AWGN QLESSED V If A - AR! , -ery' gy PER'5F' .3 Zi-gn IN THF Q -ram A ,,,g-,g,,.yiivct10V' K In the six yeors since Ameticons first heord of o mysterious immunity- robbing diseose from which no one recovers, AIDS hos killed neorly 25,000 Americons, millions of dollors hove poured into medicol reseorch ond Pres- ident Reogon hos procloimed the 4, plogue "Public Heolth Enemy No. 11' The -Senote rejected President Reo- gon's nominotion of Robert H. Dork to the Supreme Court by o 58-42 vote, which ended o long contentious de- bote over o judge olternotely por- troyed os o brilliont jurist ond o don- gerous extremist. 153 153 Schmidt, Jonathan Taylor, Lori ..,... 'l?1a5'S'i355cAB Rockwell, Mark .... 90, 91, 153 Roemmich, John . 114, 153 Rogers, Lori ...... 91, 141 Rogers, Russ .......... 18 Romeis, Christopher . . . Ronning, Daniel .A.... Rork, Steve .......... 141 100 153 141 Rose, Dawn ......... Rosenberg, Kae Beth . . 95, 180, 207 Ross, Paul ........... 203 Rottet, Robert ....... 153 Rounds, Rob .... 153, 200 Routhier, Renee . 160, Rownd, Gary .....,. Royce, Julie . . . 52, 92, Royce, Ronald ...... Royer. Jennifer .... 67, 120, 121, Rona, Michael , . . 79, Ruben, Sarah . . . 180, Rudy, Frederick J 200 196 95, 153 196 73, 153 180 186 191 Rukin, Eric .......... 141 Rundquist, Karen . . 94, 95, 160 Rusch, Mark .......,. 141 Rush, Mary Anne .... 141, 143 Russell, Chip ....,... .82 Russell, Doug . . . 181, 203 Russell, Larry .,.,.,. 153 Rust, Randall ...... Rustad, Jennifer . . . Rutherford, Rebekah . Ruthrauff, Mollie . . . Rwakatore, Gertrude . Sabel, Beth ......... Sage, Rebeca ..., 95 Salchak, Tina ........ Salna, Vita ..... 100, Salzman, Stephanie . . Samuelson, Jeff. . 106 Sanders, Timothy .... Sandstrom, Steve .... Santoso, Budi ....... Sapp, Michael ....... Sargent, Patricia . . 80 Sartor, Thomas ...... Sasaki, Setsuko . . . 99, Sather, Sara ,....... 1 1 1 181 160 141 160 181 141 141 153 160 153 153 141 141 127 141 141 161 141 141 Sauer, Ronald . . 59, 70, 71, 196 Sauers, Paul . , Sauers, Sarah . Saunders, Linda. Saunders, Mark Saxe, Daniel . . Sayer, Deborah Sayer, Robert . Sayre, Tom 'Dimples' . . 88, Scarbo, Roger ........ Schaeffer, Jim ...,.... Schantz, Kristen. . . 95, Schell, Jane. . 95, 109, Schlote, Michael ...... 82, Schmidt, Daniel .... 32, Schmidt, Kathryn . Schmutzer, Andrew . . . Schneider, Esther. , Schneider, Kathy . 200 .38 181 141 153 181 56, 153 181 181 141 181 141 99, 153 196 161 96, 181 141 153 "5" " 1wm-ts.sw,.t.,---s:..,,,,1..m1s..1.-:-'-f- , 'Mmvxm .199 Schneider, Maxine Schock, Richard ....... 196 153, 200 181 202 Scholes, Darcy. . . Schorr, Phyllis . . . 168, Schott, Don ..,....... Schreiber, Stephen .... Schrenk, Debby ...... Schuler, John ......,.. 141 127 129 Schultz, Paul ..... 67, 153 Schulze, Tim ......... 129 Schwabe, Susan , 107, 153 Scott, Ann ...... 106, 161 141 141 153 196 161 161 Share, Suzi ........... 91 Scudmore, Lea .,..... Seburg, Roxanne ..... Sernatinger, Jamie .... Shackelford, Robert . . . Shackelton, Kathy ..... Shapella, Valerie ..... Shaw, Blake .... 108, 181, 187 Sheldon, Dave .... 3, 207 Shermett, Steve . 144, 153, 222 Sherwood, Jennifer ,.., 141 Shickley, Steve .... 35, 88, 3: .W Tharp, Tom . . ....125 Thiel, Darcy .... 109, 183 Thomas, Joe ......... 200 Thomas, Kaye .,..... 161 Thomas, Laura . . . 95, 132, 142 Thomas, Steve ....... 154 Thompson, Charles .... 95, 197 Thompson, Jill . 33, 95, 183 Thompson, Karla .... 154 Thompson, Philip 183, 201 Thomson, Shawn .... 142 Thonnes, Amber 142, 213 Thorsen, Fride ......,. 129 Thrasher, William . 43, 197 Tijerina, Eric . . . . . . .142 Timko, Barry . . , . . . ,197 Tober, Arthur. . . 100, 142 Tobey, Mark .......,. 103 Tobin, John ..... 105, 154 Todd, Alex .......... 154 Tokunaga, Emi ....,., 142 Tollefson, Brenda . 99, 142 Tornquist, Mindi ....... 142 Touey, Delores ....... 202 108, 109, 182 Shickley, Sue .... 20, 108, 196, 199 Shields, Harry ........ 196 Shimandle, Del ....... 182 Shoberg, LisaJoy ...... 182 Siebold, Paul ..,...,.. 203 Sifford, Alan .... .... 1 41 Simmelink, Ken ...... 196 Simmelink, Lisa .,..... 141 Simmons, Douglas. 96, Simms, Darrell Simms, Rupert. . . Simon, Maria, 113, Simpson, Chris Simpson, Traci Sinclair, Brian Sisk, Kenneth 99, ...108, 199 197 182 125 141 182, 183 ........141 Sisson, Lisa . . 3, 63, 66, 67, 153 105, 122, Sisson, Rick .......... Skinkle, Heidi .... 95, Skjegstad, Robert 153 141 141 Slater Kevin. 28, 100, 141 Small, Sydney ........ 153 Smart, David .,....... 197 Smith, Dan .......... 129 Smith Deborah .... 25, 99, 153 220 ENLARGEMENT: INDEX Smith, Donald .... 96, 153 Smith, Jennifer ....... 141 Smith, Jessica . . .... 141 Smith, Kelly ......... 127 Smith Spencer . . 108, 182 Smith Timothy . . 129, 182 Smith, Yvonne . . . 95, 153 Smoll, Dino ...... 15, 153 Smoll, Kenneth . . 100, 112, 153, 203 Smythe, Jeff ......,.. 127 Snoek, Frank ..... 37, 154 Snow, Dorothy .....,. Snyder, Andrew . . 99, Somerville, Jeff ,...... Son, Won Jae .....,.. Soulek, Susanna ....,. Sourisseau, Angela .... Sourisseau, Frederic . . . 162 142 154 142 182 .39 121 Spahr, Peter .... 154, 203 Speer, Susan ..... 95, 142 Spencer, Christine . . 100, 154 Spencer, Dan .... 34, Sprecher, Jeff .....,.. 182 125 Springer, Felix ........ 154 Stacy, John .,.... 91, 142 Stadt, Heidi . . 67, 105, 154 Stam, Terry ..... 180, 182 Stankus, David . , 115, 154 Stanley, Jeffrey ....... 142 Stanley, Mark .....,.. 127 Stauffer, Farrel ....... 182 Staveness, Jody ...... 142 Stearns, Greg .... 88, 100, 154 Stedman, Lila . . .... 142 Steere, Lindley ....... 197 Steeves, Cynthia, 197, 207 Steinberg, Eric .... 19, 164, 182, 207 Steiner, Brock . . . 107, 183 Steiner, Kent. 91 114, 142 Stella, Tony ..,.. .... 2 02 Stephens, Michael .,... 154 Stevens, Matthew .... 154 Stewart, Alissa. . . . . . .142 Stirewalt, Teresa . 43, 121, 148, 183, 192, 197 Stirling, Alan .... 82, 154 Stowell, Joseph M . . 7, 50, 54, 58, 142, 191 Stowell Jr., Joe .... 58, 79, 142 Stowers, Jack . , . 100, 154 Stoyle, Simon ........ 142 Stralnic, Esther .... 85, 183 Stralow, Regina ...... 142 Strandt, Terry ........ 197 Streacker, Robert ..... 99. Streeter, Ryan .... Strietelmeier, Debra . . . Strietzel, David ....... Stroup, Paul .... ...... Strube, Timothy ...... Stubbs, Solea ...,.... Suess, Amy ..... 142 Suhayda, Timothy ..... Sullivan, Bryan ....... Sunnerville, Sue ,..... Suozzo, Joseph ....... Surin, Lynn ..... 150 Sutter, Susan ......... Svec, Valerie ........ Swartz, Matthew . 96 Swatek, Marti ..., 37, Sweeney, Wendy ..... Sweeting, David ...... Sweeting, George , 54, 1 1 Sweezey, Jodie . . . 33, Swink, Cliff .. . ... . Takacs, Lori. 100, 101, Taki, Richard ......... Talbot, Brian ........, Tallmadge, E. Richard. . Tallman, Becky ....... Tallman, Raymond. . . Talmage, Trevor . 154, Tamplin, Brad ........ Tanner, Paul ......... Taufalele, Daniel ..... 142 142 183 142 154 154 142 ,200 183 142 154 183 154 161 142 142 154 142 183 58, 190 80, 142 154 154 142 142 190 1 56 107, 197 202 1 54 197 100 Taylor, Dan . . . 82, 91, 201 203 Taylor, Sheri ..... Tazelaar, Debra . . Terwilleger, Alan B .... Thacker, Karen . . . Thar, Jonathan . . . 154 142 191 199 142 Tran, Holm ......,... 129 Trim, Jeanine . 52, 95, 183 True, Michael ....... 154 Truman, Rhonda ..... 154 Trumbower, Dana . . . 118, 119, 154 Tsinglou, Luther ..... . .8 Tully, Kathy Jo . , 100, 154 Turner, Rosemary ..,. 197, 198 Turner, Timothy ,.... 142 Turpin, Tim ......... 183 Twist, Karen ...... 4, 155 Ukung, Yus . . . . . . 127 Van Gorder, Jim ..... 129 Van Kanegan, Dawn . . 28, 142 Van Winen, Philip .... 197, 199 Van Wyhe, Brad. . . 82, 96, 142 Vander Ark, Rene . . . 99. Vander Ende, Sherie . . .28 Vander Laan, Timothy 142 Vander Meiden ...... 161 Vander Sande, Patricia 21,197,199 Vander Velde, Daniel . . 142 Vanderveen, Jack ..... 142 Vanderwerf, Lisa . 95 155 Velasco, Angela ...... 106 Vergoz, John ........ 155 Vermeer, Gerrit. . 126 127 Vick, Holly ..... 155 157 Vigna, Nancy .... 99, 122, 184 Vile, Matthew. . . 100, 142 Vincent, James ....... 197 Vinlasaca, Roger .... 155, 203 Visco, Frank .... . . .184 Vizzini, Suzanne ...... 142 Vizzini, Tony .... . , .155 .1.,1f ..1Wl""" VonBusch, James ..... 1 Voss, Larry .......... 1 Voss, Timothy . . . . . . .1 Wagner, Kevin ....... 2 Walker, Bryan .... 96, 1 Walker, Carolyn ...... 1 Walker, Todd ......., 1 Wallace, Patrick ...,.. 1 Waller, Adrian ....... 1 Walton, John ........ 1 Walton, Judie . . . 155, 1 Wanalo, Mary .... 62, 1 Warden, Lana .... 99, 10 1 Warren, Andrew. 155, 2 Warren, Kerry ........ 1 Warren, Peggy ....... 1 Warren, Tim . 82, 155, 2 Worth, Kimberley ..... 15 Wartluft, Laurel .... 59, 7 85, 19 Wate, Kimberly . 109, 18 18 Watson, Stephanie . . . 10 172, 18 Weber, Allan ..,..,.. 14 Weck, Elizabeth ...... 14 Wegener, Andrew . 78, 7 14 Wehr, Kelly .......... 2 Weidenaar, Randal . , . 7 14 Weiner, Sandra ....... 15 Weininger, Kristie ..... 12 Weller, John .... 100, 14 Wells, Paul . 106, 155,22 . 14 . 15 Wertz, Becky ....... Wertz, Dean ........ Wertz, Michael . . . 59, 15 West, Anthony . . . 91 Westadt, Dawn. . . 18, 201 , 14 18 ,20 Westhoff, Gotthard .... 15 Whaley, Howard A .... 19 Whang, Un Young . 59, 7 19 Wheeler, Anita . . . 95, 14 Wheeler, Edward ..... 19 Wheeler, John ....... 18 Whitocre, Carla .... 65, " 109, 18 White, Becky ........ 15 White, David .... 96, 14 White, Essie .......... 16 White, Jodi .. 91, 100, 15 Whitford, Kevin. . . 17, 10 184, 20 Whitlow, Barry . . 143, 20 Whitmer, Dan ........ 14 Whittington, Twanna . . 2 . 73, 15 Wick lll, Stephen ...... 1 Widder, Wayne ...,,. 19 Widholm, Erik ..., 96, 15. Wiebe, Chad .... 96, 141i Wiersma, John ....... 143 Wiggins, Dave Ace .... 200 Wikstrom, Kay ....... 143 William Mitchell, Jr ...., 59 Williams, Anita ........ 95 Williams, Barbara ,,... 155 Williams, Eugene ..... 199 Williams, Jeff ........ 202 Williams, noi-Jen. . . :37, eo, 155 illiamson, Kent ..... 155 anis, Tiffany .A.. 10, 155, 222 ills, Paul W ........, 190 ilson, Christopher .... 143 ilson, Jeff ..... 108, 155 ilson, Ken .... 126, 127 ilson, Lonnie . 76, 82, 108 inans, Deanna. . 95, 89, , 185 155 indle, Stephen . . 96, 143 ineinger, Kristi . 185, 207 interhalter, Paul ..... 143 inters, Jim ......... 127 ise, Donald ...,.... 198 it, Gerrit ..,......,. 190 itt, Timothy ........ 155 itwer, Keith . 88, 96, 143 olff, Bruce ...,..... 129 omeldorf, Ronald .... 185 ong, Chun-Chiu ..... 143 oo, Jennifer .....,.. 155 ood, Keith ...,..... 155 156 ood, Sean ......... ood, Tom .,........ 199 oodburn, Robert O . .191 oodier, David ....... 161 Orster, Dan .... 128, 129 orthington, Deanna . . 91, right, right, right, right, right, 150, 153, 156 Jennifer . . 95, 105, 156, 157 John ..... 72, 156 Paul ......... Robert ....... uerffel, Mark ....... ysong, James ...... 156 143 Samuel. . . 87, 143 129 143 obuki, Roy ..... 96, 161 ager, Susan. . 92, 95, 185 ahr, Liz ......,..... 199 arrow, Melody ...,.. 143 ensan, Christopher . . .143 ie, Jong .......,... 143 ingling, Kelly .... 25, 29, 156, 157 ingling, Scott A... 99, 156, 201 ip, Albert .......,.. 199 oder, Elizabeth ....... 14 oung, Jonathan .... 100, 156 oung, Kirk .......... 156 oung, Timothy .. 96, 185 ounger, Laura .... 48, 57, 105, 156,211 aharek, Ruth. . . 199, 201 ' aharek, Stu ......... 199 ,'ahn, Paulette . . . 91, ang, Catherine . . 95, 143 143 Y arate, Manuel ....... 156 V ebell, Claudia ,...... 198 ' enisek. Dawn ....... 156 ettek, Paul .,... 96, Zidon, James .... 79, 143 156 Zimmerman, Randall . .185 Zinn, Thomas .,...... 161 Zoetemon, Keith ...... 143 1988 Arch Staff Faculty advisor Rosalie de Rosset Editor-in-Chief Paul Ward Krause Photo Editor Brian Nowatzke Dark Room Technician Frederic Sourisseau Class Editor Teresa Stirewalt Layout Editor Jenifer Behl Literary Editors Kristie Duden Jenni Royer Business Manager Matt Eberle Contributing Photographers Jennifer Behl Whitney Buchwalter Alan Dunaway Matt Eberle Paul Ward Krause Brian Nowatzke Frederic Sourisseau Dana Trumbower CCDLCDPHON Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas, print- ed 1550 copies of the 1988 Arch. Mrs. Cathy LaVal- Iee was the sales representative. LifeTouch Photos of Chicago, Illinois, shot, de- veloped, and printed all of the underclass mugs and the senior portraits. Color photos were printed by Standard Photo, Chicago, Illinois. Aviation photos were done by Coleman's Studio, Elizabethton, Ten- nessee. The remainder of black and white pho- tographs were printed by staff technician, Frederic Sourisseau. The Arch photographers shot, devel- oped, and printed over 3600 Tri-X exposures. The cover was a custom designed lithocote print- ed wrapped around 150 point binders board, smyth sewn and rounded and backed. The cover color was maroon printed in 801, screen with 1001, 3 pt. rule lines and silver foil stamp. Endsheets were printed in 4-color on 65? stock with different design front and back. All body copy and captions were set in Serif Gothic type between 8 and 12 point. All copy throughout the Arch is set justified. The Headlines vary between sections. The folio copy was in 12 point Serif Gothic. The index was set in 7 point Serif Gothic. All copy was prepared, submitted, and fitted using Taylor's TypeVision software program. The 1988 Arch staff would like to thank the large group of people whose cooperation was necessary to complete the book. Mr. Tim Wise of Public Relations and Ms. Lori Hippard of Graphic Services aided in production. Especially appreciated are all those who contributed stories, photos, and ideas to the Arch staff. Notable mention would also include Jennifer Carrier, layout artist and liason at Moody Aviation School, her efforts eased the production of the flight school pages. Special thanks go to Mrs. Cathy LaVallee, Taylor Publishing sales representative, who labored far be- yond any of our expectations. Her faith in Christ al- lowed her to see the special needs of a Christian institution and yearbook. The staff would also like to extend heartfelt thanks to faculty advisor Miss Rosalie de Rosset for her di- rection in the production of the Arch. Her aid extended off the printed pages of this book and into our lives through her keen interest in our personal well-being. The staff desires that every reader of the 1988 Arch would know of the new life available in Jesus Christ. On the basis of His sacrificial death and resurrection, Jesus Christ can bring each individual into a personal relationship with God. This new life can be entered through faith, by trusting Christ alone for personal salvation. Further information about this new life may be gained by contacting the school at 820 N. LaSalle, Chicago IL 60610. HL.. gaffff gig., A continual looking forward to eternal world is not a form escapism or wishful thinking, one of the things a Christian meant to do. lt does not that we are to leave the world as it is. If you history, you will find that Christians who did the most the present world were just who thought most of the '-C.S. Lewis Suppose upon strolling the arch you were told had only one year left to Twelve short months to and fulfill the gools and of a lifetime. Merely short seasons left in which revel, in which to enjoy and family, How different our doys would Dare to imagine how our would change. sunrise would become every hour would be Into the er Picture precious. Our identity would seem insignificant in light of the consuming task of telling others about Christ. Our greatest joy would be pointing them to God, our deepest comfort would be coming to knowing Him more fully. Regrets would be released, bitterness dissolved, joy welcomed. Closely and care- fully we would watch the little things as we prepared to ex- plain ourselves to a Holy God. Yet, seventy-five years, the average lifespan, is but a mo- ment when compored to eter- nity, a breath when measured against the vast span of for- ever. We must then pray, now: "Teach us, oh Lord, to number our days." Helps us to spend them as we should. ln spending them with an eye on eternity, we glimpse "The Bigger Pic- ture." Paul Wells and Willie Katz find pleasure in their Strong's Concordance, Maybe they've been here too long. Good to the last lick. Thomas May can't believe he ate the whole thing! iguqdl :ip- ..--71 K. E.L.......,,n E' -f ,EH- MA3 Becky Boron, senior, Ginger Junek and If your Christianity isnt contagious, It Tiffany WiIlis,juniors, and Becky Harris, may be contaminated." fChester H. senior, all decided to brown bog it at Johnsonj Steve Shermit enthusiastically the Labor Day Picnic. gives away the faith. sv. 3.-J 5 ., 'v msg 5,7 'f--. Girth-,. fs ll --Q., sf Y .55- X'Hyposroric Union , , is ir rwo per sonolifies or was thot rempero me-nfs?" A srudenr nervously ques if rions xo Q: L, 5, .. li x T Q11 ' . 1:2-:S ' ffif-'V-iiiA13Kf Q. F552 1"-hs?z'ff'f' ' .'1ZlY'w'g' . X -Q. '13--sc, s:,:1-.-Ns-:4 "2 F'-2:2--"?'!E-TCSKEH: , E5 B l f K. 2 L 2 ,. f S K : . 1 -may wggss-gs-- s,41y5.1sa?' -shew sf f 'aw my Q-Rl, ?'ssfstslf-Q--ff-ft-W W rss--H-its .5592 f---11-"fl'z:wwnPs-A XA . , ,.., ,sk of . ws. q M .M ,Ms . .. , . X ., S. sys-as--1 -f-fms, .U-sf--Qi --EsgvsQ55zLSe-:ztig,?agggRgagssfss:-f- igsgksfgasi-E-sgfs. X , :Yi sg-ass. ,e fans.: gs---5-A651-.ef +1253 , ui, -1 H, .' 2 - 'V Hamm- - K A A 1.s?.::v'-5 .:. - - :wit .. 1 5-if mf+i:s .. fs sus: Q 5265- .E H 5-1.- , - I - I n C I e S f'- K t - ,8- ' 1- 1 if 5 lsmssissif 'gl ,.,--' s N fs - 'E W-'i:-fl ' we Sli H fi: :ss K -. ' 15 5 " 1 5ii'Q2S9lszYf-ssrfri-miss si K fm-fsgffk : ,, .5 ' ?f5?E.f5E1S7 A , . ' Curt Bledso spends some time wlth hls Fo- ther Ns --.. , ewan NNW siwisfii, N ,E-,Q 4 ,. 551311 , -1 . X ? H ,...L-as kj V l- ff iw . .t My 3 T 1 sf 5537? Zami Yin! g ,Wm pf 4, X125 - ' 2 Sssgggjijfy' figs , oro nm soys goodbye wlrh o srnlle. .1 N' 72, ,- flip ' 1 Helping hrs slsters out, Will Kenny lends 0 helping hand os students go through A t the moving process, 2.1 ,Q wv 1123 .- s i K I 5 - 1 . . A K - 1- 11215521-fs S 1311? ":sf7f'l'f121- -14522 Q?2i:iQisfwgi52Qifli'?z 1: if Y 1 S K Q --1 H--,Q , . 1 -- S , .ss Q, mm-w,ff4t.ff ff-we - fa-afwllafmgpwtxdii , X- 1 .. ,ss A J V ,gg . -- sss, A f so so K Q K i-2 so ' Ziff 555352537 if 511 Lggsfglfjfgzg .f U 7-73. 7 qw , 113- 1'-151 fs-5543 , 3 . 1 ,. , - ' ., -. L. . ' A -W 2531 ,

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