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f if Open House y me provides a night of fun in the dorm X., Eze faq? There's no place like . . . Open House at Moody :- LJ 4 J. fgmxwi g.g.,.,,..,,,,,, Bild. Wil . Ewa A '- El lv 1: A , ,., 'A 'K yf V " ,.N,, ,. q ,.4..., .. . , f ' 7 7' 7 Y if F My s iw' 'sr' Kg." -' 19, YF. V. - JJ- .Q . . ,R Q N. T , up ,V Xe 3' Q 2" -1-'sgjw-rg - 2-'9f'."i J. 4 Servanthood through the Centuries was the motto for Senior IOO Day Would you believe 9 nuns from 6th HODI? fl didn? thi k Id 2 Got any spare I II f I 2 Ilbg nM Md if 'KS Can yau be replaced for 55? f.. . wi-3 8 The Bell Sisters . . . "Ding, Dong, and Clunkl" yo. in ' f-A425 .v Hvligp No C ommenl Really Chrissy, l'm the "Burger Kings" righl hand man! 99 Married Bllssl? "fFf?l0m'rafm pf? 1 , lI's not the G No more of that holding hands kid s stuff now huh Food, the way to a man's heart. Ah, just another normal night at home with the wife and kids. XKtX:s-an Let me fix your collar. brother. I hope Mr. Calenberg likes this project on Jonah. S I t h 1 K- X sm-:461H4'Fl4 ,s ' 9 Y ' X ,. ka , S X I just washed my hair and I can 'I do a thing with it.'s see those pearly whites, girls. 33'- yr It's called organized chaos. 41,1 ,f- Bw """'-+1 ?'vf - am.,4f 1 Settling in lor an evening of studies. Shorts and knee-highs are in this season, you know Taking lime to lalk. IO3 Such I L is life in f 3 T, E is .. H Hush 1 ' is 'na 1,5 11 4 . hi ..- A typical fun-filled evening in the laundry room, I Yi l 1 I .ff A ,C,...s...v" N N A N 1 L 3 F I didn 't know Moody had a music major with stereo emphasis. C u I b How soon did you say you'd be ready? 1 . Y' 1 XYKH. N I W A fe' A! X -A ! WWW I as S457 f -.. l,:ggx1M-W, ., H51 ', - ,s mann gg. ' ' 'I 'rti Gffsvuf li' i. J f ,feet M, ' - 5, Fug Q . mfs! fe- , o Q? ' A gf Q 3194. VLAN, X 5 .x fsufae uf . u A.Vb if nf ,1- ,,...a" Ii , One of many Moody Museums of Modern Art. 1 x I - 1 Q7 f - I ' N , f Q if u s 4 .A p . X . 'xy -h R , X X gl. ,F , 1 A E? I T, g 'V D t ly P ' 49" K K 0 4- ,A -4 A Christian Ed. major consults two authorities. A Sometimes people need a "helping" hand. Go back to bed Dave. A' ,JAQ Lllllfn.. The only wisdom we can hope to acquire ls the wisdom of humility: Humility is endless. The houses are all gone under the sea. The dancers are all gone under the hill. And cold the sense and lost the motive of action. And we all go with them, into the silent funeral, Nobody 's funeral, for there is no one to bury. The laughter in the garden, echoed ecstasy Not lost, but requiring, pointing to the agony Of death and birth. I said to my soul, be still, and let the dark come upon you Which shall be the darkness of God. 11, g T ui' uf' QF A cl 'T ' r L-J X 'll The Houghton Hall Husband Hunters? SX"-V1 5 -:g":::,,' Study break lime, right? . l fm 1 H ..ids.E An ever-Iirlening fblar. 'gif gf AWS S Strangest head I've seen in a while! u MX :Q , fi IU Hi Eff ' s W' M ' xr-V., ,vi , ,M L , -QC? X' This'll be my last letter. I still have tha! I5 page paper to do. 1-5 'x..f X ,Ex 4 M N - 5 9 vs 1 t8 4 S x X , , A Q - . 1 ZFX!! .' A ' ,'-.,. 'WN' ' - 'f P 'Q v 5 , X X1 -- 5 P- , 5 ' 'Q ' F 4 X ' , A l ' . - Wk- ' .5 ' - A . , QP" 'Q f - .W - - - 1 "A 'n ,.-A, .. K ' 4 V1 -na.. - x 2 he' Don'l jump Eve, He's not warfh il. Which one gels Andy? Houghton ""' 'Q' lov ' v .V , -,:::5'fx5- v' 'bf-1: iff, " 4Qz::.,c,.,,,.,.1,, 1 :I ,X- M v IM 4 Nu , X A 1 X' X? A. 'S 5 .Q 9 N fskx Ml xg., L. Q' f '?iY?f'lQ,ftJ ICVS 7 ,M-. Y 1 I-w 4 ,332 g,,.gyqJ:p 'rg H .,., .-,, C .,,..--v- ., T, , .f , ,pfifg 411 F77 5' I' .11-12-.g'7" ,,.-f w ' W "' U H:fx , :: , Ti- 'A 1 Kev .Q5 -V2 X mn W vm Living It Up T At 1 MBI WN xxx, 1 Ffx 2.5.1. - J. ,, A .,,' , -, , f, 2: 'iffiil +L- ifiiigf- Ak 7 5 .25-:Lgx I F. ,, .,: . :i2g:3gA..:5--g..,- K4 ,A ,, Pw-::-x,gi,g,.- 1 . . - 3:95327-f,, , . 1 V 'Af -.-1:5 ' ..--f -Z.. N.. -,A ,, , 1' R. 5335 ' :zz -gc -- W - A- 5431 " Lia.: -V ' H . r A- 'EKEQQQA fL':2ig5:gjl,3AL1,4 Q ' Y 4' 'x-:+.:Yj :gk-, " f TTL: ae .' sew X N r-M 5 'J-'mmm S'T..,' v4-6 Y gl L lv ,Q I L -,,.-- L -5 f' I 31- f it ,.. ,ll I' 1 A '1 31 x, 'I' -vi: , 1 rv-, -' I-rw lf-- n f i , i . 15 , . fvp , P . 0-ri' S, N :Wh X. x5 .-.. :Pi Q wff-vsizf-v ' 414: Xf':i?L?f4 . ,gr -Q A ua, - 1,6..35.,5,. ..,,,-a,,Y- ga - .zvf-zzi-uf ll' .11 ' We are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made was the theme for this years fall Senior Retreat. Behind this quote is the philosophy that in order to effectively encourage others one must have a self- concept that is glorifying to God. Bill Turner Senior Class President views this role of encouragement as one of the primary functions of each Senior Class member. Not only were the seniors an encouragement to one another but also to the underclassmen. breakfasts the Class of SI found that its biggest responsibility was the planning for graduation involving many many details. l think that attending Moody Bible Institute has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. Not only have I gained head knowledge but more important- ly Jesus Christ has become my Rock stated Bill. Hopefully each Senior Class member can say the same after walking through the arch for the last time as a student here at M.B.l. Along with retreats. socials and prayer I ' I C fl Otis Agee Bible Theology - Greek Michael Agnew Bible Theology Natalie Baker Bible Theology Jolene Anderson Bible Theology - Bible Front row. left to right: Ranita Korpak, rec. secretary: Gretchen Becker, treasurer: Lynne Turner, cor. secretary Back row: Bill Turner, president: Jim Hanna, chaplain: Charles Butler. vice president. "9 sf f tl Kurt Alford Cheryl Allen Daniel Anderson Bible Theology - Greek Christian Education Communications - Broadcasting Gretchen Becker Foreign Missions Pamela Beck American Intercultural Ministries Christina Bardill Bible Theology ll 1 Bruce Benson Communications - Broadcasting Patricia Boersema Christian Education Larry Breid Bible Theology - Greek Harold Buckwalter Pastoral Training - Greek Deborah Bergstrom Christian Education Kimberle Bonk Christian Education Claire Brenneman Church Music - Piano John Beyer Melanie Bixby Communications - Speech Bible Theology 1 Bible Orchidy Boyd Stephen Boyd Christian Education Pastoral Training - Greek ' Gary Brewster David Brickner Bible Theology K Greek Jewish Studies Deborah Bland Bible Theology Eugene Bozsik Pastoral Training - Greek Judith Bubeck Communications Writing f ,il E , . i YQ: 'A"I , J" William Burns Charles Butler Vincent Camera Kermit Carlberg Bible Theology Bible Theology - Greek Communications - Foreign Missions Broadcasting Seniors if - ' . -' Q- ,mf ig.,,,,, ,af.:'1'X M Lis'- Q Marilee Carlson Foreign Missions is John Carter Lori Carler Peter Cartwright Donna Chadwick Pastoral Training - Bible Theology - Bible Bible Theology - Bible Christian Education Christian Education IC -me Tw Hi oh 'Z 4 E ! x AM wt 2 'X 3 49" I , Kevin Champion Foreign Missions Mark Cherry Bible Theology - Bible LZ iff.. ":. 5 2 W if '.,' ' ,' ,,- f'., 5 -i'2 Z V 'lik Dan Christensen Church Music - Piano Samuel Chan Pastoral Training - Greek 'ii'-Q 'CSV Jin Choi Pastoral Training - Greek John Churchill Bible Theology Kim Clark Christian Education A 'QM wo iff' 12. , . .xp ,. 'V 441' ' X VD R QS f C ,-f lisa! T Stephen Clymer Bible Theology Rhonda Coats Bible Theology - Bible 'af 9' -A N-J Philip Coleman William Conlorti Dave Conklin Bible Theology Bible Theology Bible Theology lg as , .,,.. , ' .. my-'W ILM. . X David Corlew Pastoral Training - Christian Education Deborah Cocklin Christian Education Barbara Cunciff Christian Education I D I A Elizabeth Cusick Michael Daniele William Davis Gregory Delong Edward Dills Christian Edu,-ation Communications - Communications - Bible Theology - Greek Bible Theology - Greek Speech Broadcasting Seniors I i said to my soul, be still, and wait without hope for hope would be hope for the wrong thing: wait without love For love would be love of the wrong thing: there is yet faith But the faith and love and the hope are all in the waiting. Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought: So the darkness shall be the night and the stillness the dancing. Le ' fly ' r"" """"'P F' 3 '1.esf953ff351:,gi 5535 EI, - . T5 -"L f YW X -A S 5 Gary Disterheft Rebekah Dorily Bible Theology Communications - Writing Pastoral Training - Greek a Robert Edwards Bible Theology - Greek Kenneth Earhart Bible Theology David Dusenbury 5"' 'Pl' M tfiig T35 sf A Vi' " - V ' '1?1-1?'wT'1- :-1' -fav: . rf " ' f Q. Q ,jr ,EW x i I x 3' is ,N ' at .X X 0' X . ' I . f or ' .. X , i ' e ' Y. H Y 0' X ' Iffifi V ' ,B s t lx ! , Stephen Engram Bible Theology .h MGP t David Erickson American lntereultural Ministries Anne Eskridge David Fabarez Bible Theology Bible Theology Dawn Faeh Rebecca Fair Ann Fikeis Foreign Missions Bible Theology Christian Education ' ,rv D. X Q A I N., Q I. 1, f Q C C 4 x X 1 Brian Float Bible Theology - Bible Martha Ford Christian Education J Anita Fore Bible Theology fr? 1 - X li ,fig 1 9 l l X' nn A f 1 B! H Q " Kenneth Fox Ralph Garcia Pastoral Training - Greek Foreign Missions Clifford Gardner Paul Gardner Gary Gay Richard Geiger! Peter Goss Bible Theology e Greek Bible Theology Pastoral Training 4 Pastoral Training - Greek Bible Theology - Greek Christian Education J G ' I ,ay , --'s x ' "VN Q 4 Q - f Z f G 'S , . Christopher Gouzoules M3Yl3l'll'l9 GYBVBS Evangelism Christian Education - Music 1' .sizucb Y Sharon Green Bible Theology Miram Gutzmer Christian Education Seniors 'ffl -'if' .--,fm .f-.J Aa --,jf 'ii 1- X Colleen Haag Calvin B. Haines. Jr. James Hanna Enoch Harlan Marc Harrell Bible Theology Bible Theology 1 Greek Pastoral Training - Greek Foreign Missions Y -fd? Lf' - . ...QW ' r Q ,"A ' N ' 1 I A , w kv f x X VX 5 'i A ' fi 2 ft ,, B, 3 aa Q x df . Q X X A . ff x Y 3, , sw! xl iz I Rebecca Harrenstein Lars Hasper Sandra Hathaway Bible Theology - Bible Foreign Missions Bible Theology Randy Heinsch Arthur Henry Jonathan Herring Pastoral Training - Jewish Studies Pastoral Training - Christian Education Christian Education '-', na' Qi ,,., V. i v B vw- 9' g six I -f- xg -. J ' x Linda Hipple Thomas Hirschler Flora Ho Gaye Hoch Robert Hofstra Bible Theology Bible Theology Bible Theology - Bible Christian Education Bible Theology - Bible ,. F . 4 4 l "1 Cheryl Holder Lynette Holm Church Music - Piano Foreign Missions X Jonathan Howinglon Ronda Hudson Communications - Christian Education Broadcasting .gpm Beverly Hughes Christian Education Music 'VH' Charles Hughes Bible Theology P Greek L Dale Hurd Jack Imer Mary lsmiel Melinda Jackman Brenda Jacobs Bible Theology Bible Theology - Bible Bible Theology Bible Theology - Bible Christian Education Seniors 1- X Q f-W W fe W 'M- f We x - . rf ' ,Ri '-s f xi V Q , 25 x t I :rift 1 f, s -,, lin Johnson Bible Theology - Greek and Hebrew -, , , ,V h .em T? Israel Kalb lll Plano Lommumcarions Writing Bible Theology - Greek Keith Kazner Evangelism H1 5551: vv MY' 'Ali' 'S ,mu ' -- 52235: - -- A . ef f' V l"i I 'J .l P ' l Marcia Kelly Christian Education Music Charles Johnston Pastoral Training - Greek Patrick Kamm Bible Theology Mark Kellner Church Music - Composition Carl Kirchner Bible Theology - Greek f .B f Z- X in X M X , f s fr - -B-at n K Ar! 'A cg ' A , - ... ,?xQ'e.Q t . V X V . mx ,. M H X 1 A ' ',. -'1 , -Q 1 . . , ,. AH-, QM' N 1 , 1 . Q 1- A 'ri-mum, . -aff '72, 11, .. .1 4-3-T' BW - an N.-a--,!,.Ql N g -X .5--q,,'f Egg w, . +-. 58, . ' , ' CL -,ww 'X 4 - -, .b :y-'wur-I',-.- 4' ' 1 ing-f,-4 ,Q-, q, -K Q'-a-fvivivv 1 1 -j 'z Lf, f uw- -. -, '. M. gf in -N' r- ' ' - , P4 fam.,-.,-. " ,xi j v - 5 , A, Q., -Ay' ',w,N -' M -: . fi Xp, -. , . 1 I E Q ,lsr V , .. E AQ, 4. gn 5 ,J :Mun ggaxgqy TLQXASK5 PM KN , N .Q H , -r. " Q,,,' tx 'f ' ' g.. 5- 3-13 L YFTUS 'vi -fi I nf, f f -. '. -as , - ' F ,Q xg, M " . . x Lf on' f'- - 'fy-U' I ff ' .",'."' , , i 2 ' ,g-, .' " i V'-5 A xx "wx N5 , .. Vw - i Q' , ' ' X L V' mv xx, .1 t' ' X M X RQ X- " "V - Q P' ' XY ' K , -. - L wx., ' ' it . "W Craig Kittaka Bible Theology - Greek Cheryl Kleinow Christian Education Ranita Korpak Julie Kvlin Bible Theology Communications Broadcasting Brian Kumkoslti Anthony Kyriazes Bible Theology - Bible Bible Theology f X Dean Landis Bible Theology Sandra Lallocco Kim Laue David Laughlin Debra Lee Howard Lee Christian Education Communications - Bible Theology - Bible Christian Education Bible Theology - Greek Writing Seniors ,px .., S Q, Kathryn Lewis American Intercultural Ministries Donald lesher Pastoral Training christian Education Walter lemmeri Bible Theology Bible at ,Rx it Eric Llechty Pastoral Training Lhristian Education W'-'SY Chrlstme Lmdstrom Christian Education if ' Q ' 3 'E Fu' '20-A - .ir'..'K'5:Q 1- '-- ' " T V V - ' Q5 y. A . I 1 A M ,. . ,e"75.l:' . , 1 Q : i x V K s 'li . c - , 1' sf. - P -1: PX , 'i w K 1 ," "1f'A Q3 asf .:...::: . ' -, if -V - fs. to ., tag: ,,:.i.:':,1s:51:f,:-' ' vi t .,. z - X 3 ' ,.-:,:Z!aES:sE:i.'5. My , . MA- D A fa Ev- - - c, U95 EW W 3 f -ti- f Y . W-" ,. 0 , Y Robert Lmk Pastoral Training A Greek Ann Lyons Christian Education Kathy Lmk Christian Education 3 I ' :Q- Deborah Mariano Cheryl Mark Leona,-d Ma,-,ch Communications - American Intercultural Bjbfe Theofogy Writing Ministries ' X Susan MacKenzie Foreign Missions I lynn Malanowskl Communications Writing Nancy Marshall Philip Martin Bible Theology - Bible Bible Theology - Greek J X Tim0thY.M3fhi52n A louis -Mats'-in John Matthews Thomas Matuch Angela Maughon C0m"'U""f5t'0f'5 - L0"'mU'1'Caf'0"5 ' Communications v Bible Theology - Bible Bible Theology Broadcasting Broadcasting W,-ning 3395" sa xi PX , I A .X gf Julie May Mike McDowell Miriam Metcalf Brenda Migliazza Hannah Miller Bible Theology - Bible Foreign Missions Bible Theology - Bible Foreign Missions Church Music - Voice -nv f ,re . V Pamela Miller 3 M Bible Theology - Bible ,Q'f"' 5 3 i j' B ' , Q' - ' Rh ' X 551 - 5 " r M . T K v . . 5, . N, .., ,vw if - . ,W x 1' - f, Mark Moritz Bible Theology G. John Morris lynn Morton Eileen Murphy Danny Murrill Douglas Myer Bible Theology - Bible Bible Theology - Bible Christian Education Bible Theology A Greek Bible Theology - Greek Seniors 114 ,. -.:,-.ruff 'V-...:,, "2 1,711 '- . -' 'f Q, " , " ' - ' , e:',,x+4' 11,1-.f-L L if 1-1 .sit iw 5: Zh i I ,luv . J 4 " ,P 5' "l-. Vicki Myers Communications - Writing , ,W ,, ,, x William Neff Bible Theology - Greek Terri Nunley Cheryl Oberg Franklin O'Neal Cheryl Otto Bible Theology Bible Theology - Bible Evangelism Church Music - Piano Donald Pearson Pastoral Training - Greek of" Christine Perrine Foreign Missions Phillip Persson Josephine Peterson Bible Theology - Greek Church Music - Voice Rebecca Nearbin Christian Education if tx' Karla Norby Bible Theology Roy Patterson Communications - Broadcasting Gordon Petty Bible Theology - Theology i Arthur Powell Pastoral Training - Christian Education 'svn Sheryl Pozza Sharon Quiggle Terri Ramsey Keith Rascher Bible Theology - Bible Bible Theology Christian Education Foreign Missions . j 3' , mls fir , 1 at Z.. 5 v fy ,c.f' " if Lf' 'a M. Dennis Ragey Douglas Read Christian Education American Intercultural Ministries Jonathan Reed Rebecca Reichman Church Music 1 Piano Christian Education Tim Richards George Rider Pastoral Training - Foreign Missions Christian Education Sen IO rs 1 O r ny' 'Q by 7 . ,rf 53. oA " 6 4. G' - ' "" L ,Sw I H 144 QF. 'fur W w 1 ,. ' , Q ns , ,asm -Xu A ' ' H ws , ,, ,fs WM M , why! , H H ' 0 ., f 2 V M -N -w, ,':P- lu Maw W , M ' ' aw' ' . fu S QA 'ui' ,zfdlffx I A ,N N W, W .I ' :wr ' ,N YW ' 4 4 "'A ' 1 ,., W iff A 4" +1 4 ,A I W in Q" . A .N ,2",.., -' H gr- 'Q ' w 1- . -f . u.-- 1 il 'F 'Wi v Hawk' x . X 4 H an f Y .r . Q Y I wg W M , M w 5 J' M ..1" 4 v QM P D .nw av .5 - N 1 7 J' 1 -M iffflr 1 ,.., .1 , . 5,3 1.. V 4. ., - ff., -vi W' J iw. ,. ,Y- iv 'Il -em? U' ,WI . Y J' an Hs WW? 'Ill 'wr ifflf-W gl Hia? EH?-,ie " Y 1- :re 1 is h 3? Donalda Robans Manny Rocha Darrell Rodin Pamela Rieckman Dale Rinielman Christian Education Bible Theology A Bible Bible Theology Foreign Missions Bible Theology -.f. in . bww" QQ, ci: x X5 ,-me :46.:.e- 0 xy.. ya : - ' K 's , X sv ff'.f,j.f.j-. -fa, gv. 'H' U . . . . .X rv f , , ..., . A--X Mfrs:-', 1 fx 1 , -4- ra 1 sr.: as , , .. ,.::-4 fr - Q X or , .., ' A ' Q 1 A Q X xx A51 Y -- .,:: : Q 'E 5 45 as 'R' "2 X Y C Annette Rojas Bible Theology - Bible QWW Harvey Rollerson Pastoral Training - Christian Education Q! Lisa Raging Jerome Rucker David Rundle Lynnelle Roolsi Paul Santhouse Church Music American Intercultural Church Music - Communications - Communications Ministries Composition Writing Broadcasting i SQ I .:'f2"S"?3i - E , - -. 1. N. .w-rm" . .Q fx V . xxx xr -:J X H" . K : NN'Ww- Yum .S. l - i , " 9 . rv Anthony Sarnicola Mary Schmitt Pastoral Training - Greek Foreign Missions Janice Schneider Timothy Schulte Bible Theology Foreign Missions Y N Q S X 2223 ft - .V t ,. .3 X' '-T".-E itll 1, '?'j'zL?- :4,ig'la'i "- ifliz. .'ZN.5"' . Barbara Scan Richard Scott Mgndy Sea,-5 Carole Seegraves Kathryn Shaw jewish 5fudie5 Communications - Cgmmunicangng - Christian Education American Intercultural Broadcasting Wripjng Ministries Thomas Shaw Michelle Shev Robert Shuck Becky Simmons Jill Sjogren Christian Education Communications 1 Bible Theology - Bible Christian Education Christian Education Broadcasting Seniors ' Deanne Skinkle Malcolm Smith Church Music Church Music - Orchestral Instruments if qw Richard Smith Karen Snodgrass Daniel P. Snyder Pastoral Training - Bible Theology Christian Education Christian Education 'xy ' of if Daniel T. Snyder Christian Education -5 A and! Y 'ff fd f'l 12 an ,fo David Spearman Lauren Spiegelberg communications - Communications - Broadcasting Broadcasting Susanne Spahn Jewish Studies Ronald Spitler April Sterbin Randall Stewart Bible Theology - Greek Christian Education Bible Theology Mark Stradiot Nathan Strand n jf-th" Swalf ,luleen Swinborne Christian Education V American Intercultural Bible Th6'0l08Y - Bible Communications A Music Ministries Writing 'E Priscilla Swineford Christian san ...Q v ' a f Kent Taylor Patty Taylor N' Bible Theology - Greek Christian Education K Nl wi ts -:si -e 3 A1 R. .,-. . 3 L S - ns, 5. ..X S .-teagm pw.. . ..v"' 'fi 4 .ek X A Me., va -ixggf Wayne Taylor David Terrill Pastoral Training - Christian Education Christian Education Michael Tesauro James Thomason Bible Theology - Greek Bible Theology - Greek - 'legit 6 ,ii X 'YM Nm X A . nn pn Q P bl :J it ' Seniors , ,ga F --Q-my-p . QA . -1, g5,4:.1Ei.y,., . .21.,e54at f f- ,, Egio Ei-mgazerfl' tr.. -af...wi.n'-my . E3 1:4 r E-azg , K, Debra Thompson H- Bible Theology -GT .,,, S3 Z N .......i 5 Uflffz David Thomson Foreign Missions T , we fix X' 5 'G 1' ,war-r i It X ' I l 1 I Gregory Thornton Alan Tillery Darrel Trulson Lynne Turner Willialt Tllmff Bible Theology Christian Education Bible Theology Communications - Bible 7'hE0l0By Writing Terry Vanderwerf Christopher Vogel Ronald Vogelpohl Edward Von Meding Clayton Walker Church Music - Bible Theology - Greek Bible Theology 5 Greek Bible Theology - Bible Bible Theology Orchestral Instruments 1? psf at if X av of ,J :Q Jeffrey Walker James Ward Jan WBUUIIS Pastoral Training - Church Music - Church Music W Voice Christian Education Composition Thomas Wiegman Harold Wilkin Mary Williams Bible Theology - Bible Church Music - Piano Christian Education - Music Sharon Wright Debra Yankey Jeffrey York Communications - Bible Theology Communications W Broadcasting Broadcasting Luanne York Karen Zielinski Communications - Bible Theology Broadcasting C179 Mark Wells Richard Wheeler Jewish Studies Bible Theology - Bible Robena Woelke Shawn Wolfe American Intercultural UYFISH-if' EdUC3fl0f7 Ministries V A, f - rf' X665 Seniors In! S9 ,wg -X i - QL. , was V42 f ?,.1rY , , . TW Seniors retreat to Green Lake X x 1 ui? , 1, Q V.- , f.!s,4 f fx .,.w!?5-?'1',2q . V-A.. Wi... qusG' "Well, the way I see the hypostatic union . . Told ya being a senior is great! Why can't our campus be luke thus? .ggqj-.' gi' ' rumen' Qefm... --we wa!" ..,-Nr 67?- . M l. ' H .. 1 . Q .. . .Ak 5",.vf:,. -N .Y '-f -V . -t ' A '::. A V i ,,.. ,ah - . , ....., .rf W, ,,: ' .IU ' k "' ' . ,.,, "iff-'A 5, .. Q.-0" Q an-r '--1' ,AAZ ,-. -F' e-nw-'L aan-- vp-' 1 um.. Aw . . . ,,... qv' ' .. --e .ap- ,..Blq,huPv mu me... . - ,,,' . Q, U . -e-l-quam., .- M-, - 1 LF --hx, 'dx .,,, ,.,, 1-"TI W... TWG? -wmv - 11 , 'NN de V--wma-., , . " rwlnlu - X! N -K H mc. ' . ., . ., . .op f f'-' a ' 2- - ' N, I M -' -yr ,,v-ky L5 E, M13iN,M,-gn .- S , ww ,,x.j.f:9:g- l REAL. h X--.351 Wink' ' k " QQ'-' -I' "'7",.fr' ' -: .151 -vlmmmgm X . .X f....,, .Q e ., 4 -x ...:c,,,, 3, v . . , Arias "ia M 3,1-A .1-Lie, v 0 VPD mi.-T tu-i'..ef?Ril-CLQIQ4- I l' Chow Down Time' lls supposed lo be on the plate, Manny, The comment most seniors would make concerning the senior retreat is "Don't miss it." It is a relaxing break from the pressures of studies and a time when seniors develop a closer bond. Bill Muir. from Campus Life, gave some good insights on the topic of self-esteem. Special music was provided by the senior ensemble as well as other soloists from the senior class. The camp provided several activi- ties to participate in. One of the more popular was the bicycle built for two which Rich Geigert took most of the girls for a ride on. Gne of the highlights of the retreat was the campfire which ended in a downpour. Few took advantage of the "no curfew rules" that night. The Senior Retreat Committee was headed up by Steve Clymer and they did a fantastic job -in making it a memorable time for all. ' 'C 4, Ziaird Year Aviation E55 ,--1:5f--- 5 W ff If ax ' :ez . ,,,,,,,.. , .,.: x.:.. , . .. QQ :S xi X X? 4 ' A xg X N '5- Q Daniel Carlson Russell Chapman Duane Creger Timothy Dyk Glen Ferguson David French Craig Goodman Douglas Heidebrink Jonathan Mahler John Maki Chris McClintock Gene Rhodes Our aviation training in Elizabethton begins with an aviation mechanics course. We are introduced to the skills required for maintaining and repairing a wide variety of aircraft. At the end of the year each of us will hold two FAA licenses permitting us to work as aviation mechanics. S K.. KN. I .1 .I Q m .f X' vt., -asf X . X Brent Ropp Chris Rorex Fred Schmidt David Scroggins 1 ...Q :fri ,f 'ia 5 wx' LX .--null., Q Monty Summach Barry Timko 'Nw '51:I3Er."vf':'A ' ,151-, '- Y-x,f. ff' .jQ. 15:2 -F 1 'YW' ,f Russell Wafdle - ,..,--.:.: 4::,. X N , Ki i Aviation TVX' And so each venture ls a new beginning, a raid on the inarticulate With shabby equipment always deteriorating In the general mess of imprecision of feeling. Undisciplined squads of emotion, And what is there to conquer By strength and submission, has already been discovered Once or twice, or several times, by men whom one cannot hope To emulate-but there is no competition- There is only the Hgh! to recover what has been lost And found and lost again and again: and now, under conditions That seem unpropitious. but perhaps neither gain nor loss. For us, there is only the trying. The rest is not our business. Y 'VY sammy Fourth Year Aviation "w..,,, Robert Datsko Philip Edmiston Wade Ewing Dwight Fegley 1 X , W gal 5 David Bochman Wayne Carroll Jon Christiansen Ronald Curtis 'oy-1-v 'US' Gordon Friebel Mark Fuglestad Daniel Gleason Thomas Goheen Matthew Goodman Eric Hallquist Thomas Harry Ronald Hilbrands Philip Jones Robert Jones Benjamin Karcesky Jeffery Malzdorf Wade Paquetle Randall Pearson Stephen Ross Brian Shepson James Streit John Taylor Kenneth Van Kirk Aviation .. ,"1 Q '1'A"' I ' lwifth Year Avlatlon Ronald Banks Douglas Baughman Max Beachy Thomas Beekman Mark Borland Philip Buller Robert Dontje Mark Ferguson fur 'A VY ffl: i5S Roy Gentry Claude Heiniger Steven Lehman ,j:"t i., .-'X vrrv v- ,, ,f'f"xf" if h Edward leman Warren lyall Grant Miller Ronald Ponlier Bruce Riggins Joel Tegeler Eugene Thieszen David Turley Paul Wesllund Albert Williams Aviation " ffxg, 42 Evening School Graduates 'WW aw William Berg Mary Burton Lorraine Digby f twg Beverly Hamslra Brenda Harris -ms. .::fI'X '-:wg y W M ,f A Orval Heckenberg 4'-nc t ..,, P Us -:fai r s ,,.X::1,.g, , - ' ,vim 15-Pj. Q my X, Q f' W, Sybil King Shelley Kneeland. Jr. David Koepke all Viola Oliver Maurice Parrish Magnolia Price Carl Schuller Robert Schultz Emma Stewart Tommy Walker Evening f - " 'A 1 iff t iff' Junior Class Officers Taking the leap from P.M.T. to Systematic Theology is not an easy move. but every Junior must do so. The middle year at any school is always difficult. knowing the ropes tWhat the Freshmen must STILL obtainh, yet not on top twhat the Seniors have ALREADY obtainedj. Losing their class president was no way to start the year. either. Clint Ayers was elected the new class president in September. He and the executive committee built-up the class spirit by initiating small groups that met together periodically to pray, share burdens and encourage one another. Socials were aimed at strengthening the unity of the class. To get a number of people involved. each event was planned by different people within the Class of '81 "l feel that we are much stronger and more united this year . . . we've come a long way." commented one enthusias- tic Junior. wi 1... is ll A . ' .rf q?Vs.bx ws 1' Ab A it la ' anice ens urora. .,, David A'Hearn Joliet. IL if. 1.11 I 'Q ' Terry Allenbaugh Oak Harbor. WA A .. 4- 3,6 Karen Anderson Antioch. ll. 6' F " TX 'T' f . -.f AX L 'sig fi- Lori Anderson Rockford, lL , 1 ,p ne Dale Archer Akron, OH Diane Arnold Nathan Aubrey East Peoria. lL Monroe. NV t we E Nerf sk 1 ' N Q A s ni ' 1' A ,A "U : 'D 'hw' . f -n W , Xi-sf . 'iz-, . X , K iff., , :QF J ,wigs 2:55 ---,-f 'g',fflk-. ff? -W. 'J . -r' -rl' .Y :riff .,- - its Clint Ayers Susan Bachert Kathy Ball Barbara Banks Cut Bank. MT Bloomfield. NM Elverson. PA rr- ,,6'i Arlington Heights, lL - ' wi- . , N-uw, X A ' . -Q -yl .. .SK4 . . My . ' . .Q I 'D 5 X A! 'fix Y' X A 4 X it A W N f tl .H ,atv-sis wr U-. 'N-4 we YI., Q fe,-. . 1 'if X 1 N Rv l . N r N I ' I x X if :l Q ' fl .Y ZX 5 , .ry- x P 1- F I I s lr I xi I U ab P , N. - wp Ki. ,Nu . . M , Y 5 ' R Q3 W I' 'N 1 I , . we x. v 1 '. ba f- . ' P -I ad Lx B vs e e. . K .I 'S if Q '-Q ' Si- I ' - 'I V .Il , I 1. 7 I IM' 4 .fivw f . .LIV 1.- Mark Barett Helen Barrows Frank Barton Terri Batcheller Jake Bateman Celesla Beachy Diana Beck Dwight Beguin Bonnie BeMent Rick Berenschol Chuck Bethel John Bezel Tom Bishop Jenny Bixler Hugo Bouse Michael Boutot Doug Brave Cheryl Breid Terri Brennan Gayle Broberg Joel Brown Bev Brubaker Joy Brunk John Bucy Bend, OR Prattville. MI Seminole, FL Hickory Hills. IL Chicago, IL Sugar Creek, OH Cuyahoga Falls. OH Joliet. IL Lombard. IL Wheaton. IL New Florence. MO St. Clair Shores, Ml Abilene. KS Apple Creek, OH Kinsman. OH Willlmanlic. CT Chebanse, IL Bloomington. MN Atlanta, GA Racine, WI Norwich, NY Zion. IL St. Petersburg. FL Akron, OH IORS ,1 ,,W Mi, ,, 19431, was Amy Buell Tony Burkholder led Burns Brad Buss Octavia Camacho James Cantleberry Diane Carlson Nancy Carpenter Bill Carter Brent Casper Wan Chang Cathy Charley Craig Chism Charles Cionca Patrick Clarey Dan Clark Ted Collins Glen Compton Lynn Condron Daniel Conklin Tammy Cooper Frank Coulson Marchelle Cowser Craig Crabill Oak Brook. IL Lititz, PA Chicago. IL Dover. OH Virgin Islands Cuyahoga Falls. OH New Lenox. IL Hayward. CA Danville. IL Huetenanto, Guatemala New Carrolltown. MD Norton. OH Muskego, WI Chicago. IL Auburn. MI Chanhassen. MN Olean, NY Neosho Falls, KS Peoria, IL Gibson City, IL New Berlin, WI Barberton, OH Peoria. IL Bronson, MI hs 7-" ar 'ly ' , 'I 'T' 3 ... r '41 J ' 2 I u I .. 3 rg A- H x .fb 2 ' X 1 vw N t I xt' lvl. ,Q K2 fy? fl 'ff 'L . V.. :La "-Sf 1 1 -..Q faq 1. I VY W -R i 1 'AJ f 4,-v X. fl ,bi .6 I f. '-5 'Q 'S J' .A Q 0 f 1 J x-nv' an 'S I 3, .. In -'A - -4-A D if A 5' ' I ' 7? if . 5'-Wi 'fixiif ,J -"1" tl ,I tw" A I :if 1 ' vw:-:-ef: Q , . yo, I 3 6 ' , -ab. f T57 . ' ,i rv 3 Ik' if L'll7l'1 V ini 'L 91 'H " K ,Aan ' A : ' vw-f if-5 ff fi ' 1 -Q-9 I i Fx' X I I M , I I . I c L v. , ,. n ,, T' ?rk ,za f 91 C O , . Z CID 2 -C - 'ir Qi.: .f A Qs-Q' Deborah Crabtree Linda Croley Tami Cruz Holly Davison David Dean John DeCleene lndulis Denays Freda de Rivera Debbie DeVries Kathryn Donato Dan Duarte Brian Durbin Chicago, IL Hanover. MA Villa Park. Il Joliet, IL Peoria. IL DePere. WI Itasca, IL Worcester. MA Addison, IL Lindenwold. NJ Redlands CA Mansfield OH 1-L 6 Home is where one starts from. As we grow older The world becomes stranger, the pattern more complicated Of dead and living. Not the intense moment And not the lifetime of one man only But of old stones that cannot be deciphered. Love is most nearly itself When here and now cease to matter. Old men ought to be explorers Here and there does not matter We must be still and still moving Into another intensity For a further union, a deeper communion Through the dark cold and the empty desolation, The wave cry, the wind cry, the vast water Of the petrel and the porpoise. In my end is my beginning. T, 5. Eliot vazzi-V: - , Ruth Durling Todd Duslon Debbie Dyson Jon Egeler Lori Ehnis Nancy Eldridge Brenda Elias Steve Enders Mary Epp Res EPP Hedda Erickson Bill Fallin Doug Fiorilla Tracy Forrester Debbie Forte Terry Franklin Hudson. Ml Mukwonago. WI Largo. FL Springvalley. NY Holt. Ml Clio. Ml Kassin. MN Allegan. MI Powell, WY Powell. WY Rockford. ll Atlanta. GA Hawthorne, NJ Mount Clemons. Ml Lombard, Il Miami, FL 'vs .fig l N x, x ,wax v Y A it X f 4-'S X . ga QT 5 fl, X ' N1 '- l if om, -7 97 fibre '13- ,al -is ' ll 'Q '-vc FT I ,,.. ll-4 4-. ' 'E 5 eric '-, .4- yt .1 wr v 13 - ,X 41- "' V? .l, l Venue- Q5 Sm .-4? pr-49' 9 IQ. X Kf'.,m ww. R..- MP: fb -4, Pfii Gianni Frey Wes Friberg Robin Frutig Dave Garlick Gale Gebhardt Kim Gilbertson May Gillette Jim Goodrich Terrell Gramling Cindy Grant Gary Grommet Randy Guliuzza lim Gunsteens Bob Gustafson Tim Hahn Linda Halladay James Hamilton Doug Harrison Jeffrey Hart Kathy Hart Karin Hartman John Hauck Helen Hawkins John Heininger Remington, IN Glouchester, MA Howe, IN laichung. Taiwan Lombard. ll. Tacoma. WA Riverside, CA Park Ridge, IL Liberty Center. OH Addison. IL Wichita. KA Rapid City. SD Panama Zion. IL Mansfield. OH Salem. WI Springfield. IL Whittier. CA Oceanside. CA Algonquin, IL Roselle. IL House Springs, MO Atibaia. Brazil Glen Ellyn. Aust. .IU IORS Stephen Herald Jim Hilker Rhonda Hill Brad Hirsch Janet Hockett Cathy Hofstra Cheryl Hoover Patrick Hopkins Mike Horst Jonathan Horton Marty Horton Sonja Horvath Bonnie Howard James Hoyne Ric Hudgens Anton Huger Mitch Huling Jerry Hullinger Ron Hunt Richard Irvine Connie Isley Jeff Jacobsen Bill Jancewicz Bonnie Jefferson Michigan. IN Racine. Wl Akron. OH Waterloo. IA Tampa. FL Lansing. IL Tallmadge, OH Streator. IL Warminister. PA Henrietta, PA Wilton, NH Glenview. IL Norwich. CT Chicago. Il Tuscola. IL Washington. DC Columbus. GA Monticello. Il. Lexington, KY Baguio, Philippines Bensenville, ll. Windsor. Ontario Norwich. CT Colchester. ll. .-5, ' .f -Q QC' 43.1 ' 9 fs- V I 19- f 1 'I F, . ,pr R 1 e-Z, 1' .. X . 2 v me ' V R 47 7' X 1 fill. r' I , 35 .5 . .W Qi . 'if' ,I Q1 P' biihakfi' A . 5 V cv :1 '13 -sg 'QD ,W 'xg A y . H I -'C-Xlj 1 .i Q. 1? My : I X x I . " KQV... xx v X X A A ixxx . . 'WS J I4S N 1945 'PQ lm' rf Y ' . Y I ll nv- B h N N" ' ' , 5 X .. . l S .1 I Y ! .,,-X If x ff , NIJ 'N'-T7 X Q7 'f 1. v,' if i x U5 Left., A XX 1 V ' X ,-Q Q 6' Q: uf' S 54- cm ,.,,?. .N A I. xg - Q, .Q A N x X 'V ' ,' ' e' ' 1 S'-H h X . 4-1 1 ' XA 3' 3 ,E 'N ,- Q , Ai ' if ' , X . Wil'-SFX in sit QM It J., . .1951 ggw. I Qaaigiyg , w 1 K ,Rss Christian Jenkins Charles Johnson Lori Johnson Timothy Johnson Tim Johnson Lucci Jones Gary Jorgensen Kim Julian Peter Jung Esther Kao Scott Kiddle Brent Killian Moon Kim Bill Kirk Steve Klingbeil Glen Koch Alexendar. VA Mt. Vernon. OH Willmar, MN Chicago. IL Chicago. ll. Elgin, lL Marinette. WI Akron, OH Oxford, Wl Toronto. Ontario Buffalo Grove, lL Johnson City. TN Columbia, MD Loveland, CO Oak Park. IL Moorestown. NJ JU IORS '4 52? by Willem koens Pete konkel Daniel Krahn Sarah kruit Gary kuehl John Kuhn lakae Kuhn Greg Kurtz Donna Lajoie lerry Lamon Patti Lassen James Latimer Jean Lawhead Dan Leal David Lee Frank Leone Daniel Lewis Scott Lilia Grand Rapids. Ml Greenfield. WI Winkler. Manitoba Skokie. IL Waterloo. Ontario Clarendon Hills, IL Tokyo. Japan Dayton. OH London. Ontario Cleburne. TX San Jose. CA Chicago. IL Waukegan, IL Gizafton. OH Seattle. WA Oakland. NJ Cuyahoga Falls, OH Woodstock. IL -7 v ta,-Y 6 K N I fi . Yer I i ggi. 'v , v- 'I fl , " rv. - ..- .-.. Q of I y rf L . -, la ' -:i Ii' ,W-.1 " 6 V ., , Ugg. - "lY'1" F' l ' 1 ' gl 2 rt ' ' ins , I ef N'..'?..N " , :F -. L' .Pk , 1, "g3j.i13g'5,,f ' "3L.f.2' ,X .IQ " ' 1: ,ia a,: V ,b 3 Q-, A Jef ' 4 3253!-1 f it QI Lal I It A I 3 I W 'I , Q fi 14 ' Yr W I I 3 I I T. ' 'ff x N .- g, f .4- 'x ,Q if . .I gi.. ' x 8 I Z MA. BQ. It I . I , rf, x 97 'H Q, M- wg-if-Xxqi 1 51 ' xv my SI 'XXX x 'F 'IQ 3 s f. s -.4 "" T veil, ri ,-' I .1 J -Q -A. f Q -,. , I "':,:Y' .K X it F 'J I: us" ? , is-N -fit I "' 1-:. 1. -K 3, I 'V 4 JI a. x -.4 A 5 ' fi . - ". :I r 6? .c 3 .f I, - QQ. X I xy A ost I .. .JB 31V I - 2' Q - 5 Q I' J' y ,Q 'k I A HA I I-.Sis 4' if 4 .ini fa Michael Lily Jill Lindeman Thomas J. Linderman Carmen Loayza Edward Lonski Lawrence Lonski Dale Luetscher Brian Lylxins Rafael Maldonado Greg Manning Diana Martin Tim Martin Jacob Malhen Sue Matson Jack Mayer Tim McClure Kathy McDaniel Daniel McDougall Tom McGehee Jim Mclnlosh Luann Mclntyre Randy McLaren Cathy McNeill Ross Meads Jr. Indialantic. FL Rockford, IL Chicago. IL Lima. Peru Chicago, IL Chicago. IL Sauk City. WI Ashland. KY Chicago. lL Chattanooga. TN Bay City. MI Aurora. IL India West Chicago. IL Bartlett. IL Carlock. IL Richmond, VA Toronto. Ontario San Leandro. CA Jackson. MI Martinsburg, PA Orland Park. IL Kitchener, Ontario Fortaleza. Brazil JU IORS 52 1' 'IZ'V7'YiW'l Joel Mellinger Valerie Merutka Gregg Meyer Daniel Meyers Rhonda Mialke Tammy Middlebrooks Brian Miller Dale Miller Emily Miller David Minor Elizabeth Montie Melody Moon Willian Moore Elizabeth Mosby Jeff Mosier Sheila Moulton Cleve Mugford Janice Murray Bruce Mushial Akron. OH Tulsa. OK Seminole. FL Laurel. MD Waldwick. NJ Dothan. AL Chicago. IL Zion. IL Silvis. IL Chandler, AZ Mount Prospect. IL San Jose. CA Jacutinga. Brazil Palatine. IL Naperville. IL Ontario Bristol. WI Lahaina, HI Los Altos. CA Rick Naatz Mantorville. MN Blair Nelson Vancouver. British Columbia Mark Nelson Beverly. MA Darryl Newman Dallas. TX Tim Nielsen Dundee, IL -fx? , , k 12. Qs if 3 I " x ,I il I Y "5 9 A I 4- I Q ' I '15 , , 5' 'iff-41513 l""" Q fiib V fx-2 'V' I . , v A -Q, I ,, '. 1 L ' I ' .1214-aa! l - Q 1 V ., 17 ' 1 " "X Q-' .mr Maw a y M t 1 X y I I K' f . . i H I xx vs , f tx ' vt 3 wiv - l S HE I 5 Iv: , b ...- X , I Qi ' 1 1 .' " e, . , wg - . , ',.:VA.- mp ,L ' - 4- 1' ,j.-:Q i. .. sta f.'53'fiii . 531: .. V, -P X '? nf DDQ ,vs . KA, , 'Lat' no. -e . i v .rf-4 SNA c 3-I JD f Q .-1 ..,s:g UA 'X ,Q .X 7' xx A A l ' 9' tx" :. 'ei' 2 IMA at I A Q Wh fr, xn 'gm' ,G .im ,S x X . . X I E x N 'fi A.. fe: fr Q -3 .,.--1, in 'Q-. ir? XX SS ,X FSS? ' j C51 9-5 I+ 1 X' 4 , I IX I I Linda Nikitin Lynn Noble Rene Noble John Noverini Rosemary Nummerdor Randall O'Brien lom Olsen Mark Ondracek lim O'Ouinn Richard Otten Carey Owen Francis Owens Ken Parkhurst Don Parks Michael Patrick Warren, Ml Ottawa, IL Ottawa, ll River Grove, IL Waupun. WI Minneapolis. MN Racine. WI Berwyn, IL Long Beach. CA Whiting, VI Marcellus, Ml Lisbon. lA Edmonds. WA Midlothian, VA Honolulu. HI .IU IORS mseaiaw ' Mike Patterson Steve Paul Julie Peiffer Mark Penn Ed Perrine Mark Perry Ruth Perschbacher Kathy Petrie John Petrilli Jim Petzel Jill Phillips Sandy Pierce Daniel Placko James Pohlman Sandi Pollock Joel Popenfoose Phoenix. AZ San Jose. CA Pottstown. PA Brownsville. PA Belgium. WI Spencer, IA Park Forest. IL Kincardine. Ontario Syracuse. NY Warren. Ml Kitchener. Ontario Huntington. IN Chicago. Il Minneapolis. MN Avon. CT Leesburgh. IN S., 'fi . K ,QS - nu.. v ' Ia . ,N . -eif, x H - ,f A1 . 'M -,gg 4: X M as rn gil ' of A A X .N 1. va if Q ,.. za if' 4? X -,V . yi I 1 x I ' li Ta X Ci-'Q Es "' X. r-ii Sa ,.- in glee 0 ' NX P3 1 'Q V. -Q er If , "' R " Q' -7 K ' 1 C Kg, l .Xi ' T i A-if X x I -Q r., ',, x - ,,. 12 as . .--1+ Q , fs x V- i ' X 1 N' - ' X Ag:A,.xT.Bg?iy, - 4 Q J x X, 1 ' , yi Q ' '- . T 'EI -' - ,114 2 ,1 a ' -'T 'I-T' . -1 .vi 61 J: 3 ti 3 M - is . A I TQ ' 1' was x .42 :Q br .F . i M my x 'I ' . "1 S i Iii Dan Porch Bruce Powell Doug Prevette Tom Price April Ramos Jerome Ramsay lawrence Rascher Keith Rathbun Tim Reed Debbie Rees Marcia Reichman Donald Reiher Joyce Reist Dick Rhodes Julie Rice Roger Ridley Ted Rings William Robbins Terron Robinson Greg Rodgers Annette Rosol Cindy Roth David Rousseau Kenneth Rubow Chatsworth. GA Torrington. WY North Wilkesboro, NC Bloomington. IL Portland, OR Oakville. CT Sl. Louis. MO Houston. TX Lapeer. Ml Slidell. LA Diamond City. AR New Town Square, PA Kitchener. Ontario Seneca. PA Joliet. lL Peru. IL Omaha, NB Carlisle, PA Indianapolis, IN New Brunswick Ft. Meyers. Fl Detroit, OR Bulawayo. Zimbabwe Chicago. IL .IU IORS I98I Dedicatee OOC is wiv: ' n ik 1,535 WE? ,zz fa-A5511 LeeAnn Runyan Gayle Russell Betsy Ruth David Samuel John Santaferraro Lou Sari R. Steve Saunders leo Schele Ted Schlueler Steve Schmidt Susan Schneider John Schultz Nancy Scott Timothy Scott Gary Sears Pam Shanahan Julie Shawback Steve Shearer Kathleen Sherman Carla Shirkey Kenneth Short Thomas Showalter Lesa Shreve Cheryl Simpson Zionsville, IN Elburn, IL McHenry. ll Bellingham, WA Sunnyvale. CA Chicago. ll. Haverton. PA Chicago, IL Oak Park. IL Hayden lake. IO Mount Prospect, Il Billerica, MA Richlandtown, PA Evanston. ll. Cleveland, OH Franklin Park, ll Streator. IL Jackson, MS Canterbury. CT Oak Park, ll Griffith, IN Geneva, IL Akron, OH San Jose, CA , lk , ji fi, r lava'- Ag s- , ' f r 'X 'il rl X N J I ,fist M J, in u 1 ,, , X. . -ea , 1 . . .., '-T u '30 I X v,. 1 ,5 T - : ., 'X , A an , ,t ' I-rf? ,,l X , A ,Jr stigljfi ' ' 5 fa J 'Lx L: ,"5!f" " 17' ,x Xe! 3? b 1' l M-xx. v- ma, 1 .f F1 "Lf, -'wx , 1 . , , X A J 141 ,. 3, ini 69 K-4 sl .fl - N s -J ,5 1.4 Pr' ? 471. 'Y' -I v A53-., X C Qs X Fd. S ll'XAl..X If ,, 1 sv. fig, Fixx" VL James Simpson Kent Simpson Willie Simpson Denice Sipress Cindy Skidmore Steve Small Gary Smith Jana Smith John Smith Chris Snyder Jung Sok Candy Solheim Luke Sommer Peter Sorensen Stuart Spencer Utica, Ml Flushing, Ml College Station. TX Jones, Ml Marcellus. Ml Leesburg. IN Chicago, IL Bend. OR Burbank. CA Chicago. IL Korea Phoenix. AR San Jose, CA Cumberland, ME Media. PA JU IORS Qswwgmwea Ray Spetz Sharon Spinella Marie Spoka Carl Staff Max Stager Dawn Staley Judy Steimle Tina Steingraber Wendy Stevens Jenny Stiles Michael Stimac Sherrie Stirewalt Sally Stout Dennis Slrege David Stultz Becky Sullivan Ironwood. MI Maracay. Venezuela Chicago, IL Springdale, AR lowa City. lA Cedarville. OH Holland. MI Barrington. ll Shasta, CA Vallejo. CA Joliet. IL Uniontown. OH Flushing, MI Valparaiso, IN Sioux City. IA Plymouth, MN my 3, .- R f 'ic ws ,11 .-f - ' J J' f"",f 1 f X ,ffv EL We f YI . ,I AN 'uri all C ,F . V e , ,-1.- . A . V, 2, -. f 1 5 C ' 9 i Y 7 X, . 135, ' 1 S ' '. mf' I If xf' X 41,1 , . 2 Jah' - 'I l. .. M tw P ,. ,-., 5 u 1,g X W.. XY -'Ls W ' ff 'X I z U II IX 4 -fi-+ I xy ' v -,If gt I, 1 D i - f . X lx T- P 'Fi 22 -f:'s ' Q.- 6 . N ' I X X , X X A he 147 1 "TJ 7 :- . ,V-I X ar :,, 5 gy ,- any ' X .I-1 J' f 4 . 'I ' ,, , Q15-" L glirfrrl 5, -it f I 'Legg . U s f fi' "' - R 7 'M . ly 'Q Sant , I ' X I it :N gg 'A 3 gg ' A ' in - 2 f .A Penny Sutherland Steve Swope Becky Tanner Brian Tansy Chris Taylor Bill Taylor Pete Thiessen Dan Thomas Lisa Thompson Cathy Thornton Deborah Trhockmorton Dwaine Tilford Rick Topping Nancy Traylor Chris Troolines Elizabeth Troolines Marc Tyler Stephen Tyler Randy Umfleet Gail-Anne Vaiko Keith Valles Anne Vandenberg Sarah Vinson Francis Vitollo Brea, CA Plainwell, MI Glendale Heights, IL Indianapolis, IN Federal Way. WA Springfield. MA Hudson. MI Norwich. NY Quarryville. PA Rochelle, IL St. Petersburg. FL Portage. IN Bramalea. Ontario Indianapolis. IN Sunnyvale. CA Sunnyvale. CA Silver Bay, MN Silver Bay, MN Olney. IL France Fox River Grove. IL Flushing, Ml Parma. OH New Baltimore. NY .IU IORS Q '4'axB Wesley Wagner Tom Walker Lynn Wall Byron Waller Randy Wandell Mary Jane Way Sarah Weiss Charles Welch Iris Wellington Glenn Wendtlend Susan Whaley John Wheaton Tim Wheeler Dan White Tom Whiting Curt Wilkinson Brenda Williams Melody Williams Carol Wilson Rebecca Winzer Ron Wismer Julie Woodruff Pat Woods Wes Woodward Warsaw. IN Fort Myers. FL Bradford. IL Chicago, IL Chicago. IL Berkley. MI Augusta. WV Cleveland. OH Mesa. AZ Chicago. IL Wheaton. IL Minnetonka. MN Wheaton, IL Wheaton. IL Richland. MI Chicago. IL Tempe, AZ Campbellton. New Brunswick Peoria. IL Douglass. KA Saginaw. MI Wheaton, IL Cumberland, MD Oregon, WI 4 I 'A' ,fqjv flu, wlllx X? ff .. A xiii, I . ..., I J I Af Qs q Q' I it -Z-S. Y ...Q r 4.'.i- IA VAAIQ .gg ' N -MEL.. ' " ' ' , X xl-L:",:-:gl Ll' ' i A. X- Q :PN I , :IM 1 .. fax . i. f S x"'5'f I I vr"7 '1 Elizabeth Woolsey 9' fits J X fi' . 'I I 141, s .fr , Roger Woolsey II 'vi David Wright . Jim Wynslra N !IPN'N.,, Jay Wysong Debra Yeip Jerald Yensan Sacrificio Yuayan Q I, .1 4 - V I . .' X .,., . AG . if 4a 1 1 sid ,1 gr X lynelte Zarriello -i ., Robert Zickfoose fi X ' 1 -1, Le.- 2 N xv I Washinglonville, NY Boone. IA Wonder lake. Il Racine. WI Wawaka. IN Schroon lake, NY Wheaton. II. Chicago. Il Chicago, IL Vermilion. OH .IU IORS g 1 -,ff-'J .. "ull tg 1 a. '-k'k14I-' ,-f- L- uub, 3 as if l Si S- 0 ,- . ' I Though their parents said they would get homesick and their pastors said the academics would be excruciat- ing and their friends said they would never see them again, they came. anyway. Second City welcomed them with open, hazy arms in the pleasant August humidity . . . They paid their freshmen dues by sleeping through countless assemblies and slouching in mile-long lines. Bill Turner and his band of merry troubadours. costumed inconspicuously in fluorescent orange T-shirts, made sure everything ran smoothly. The week was highlighted by the climactic Freshmen Outing and introduc- tions to the city they would be spending their next three years in. When the dust settled. though. they were rested and ready to begin classes. ff 4 ,,.. N X JN elcoming Six By Four. E IS Nail 'Em lo the Floor! Get Small Volleyball - a traditional highlight. Forget the straw, baby. I'm hungry! Freshm n to MBI 'ive -R., .- .up .Q ns Q,.J QA5f , I hope lhere's no Swiss Slealr here. No. stupid. we don 'I speak Braille. if Kgs Q Now. what does he mean by that? YT? Www .naar QE 2, .mu wg, :f .w,,f+272w.3s:seffv,.w -hy, iz, A E . an .4- 1 A, .1 ., ,ff f r, ffl fic: Freshman Class Officers The Class of '83 converged upon the city of Chicago in August. representing a variety of backgrounds, personal experiences and expectations for the future. Though many came from foreign countries and were culturally diverse, a spirit of unity prevailed over this Freshman class. "Our goal for this year was to help the class grow spiritually as well as socially," stated Freshman Class President. Lyle Reffey. This aim was accomplished by instituting monthly prayer meetings, class breakfasts and developing a prayer chain which enabled class members to share requests and diligently show concern for each other. With their number nearly reaching the SOO mark. the class of l983 strove to reach new goals and accomplish- ments here at M.B.I. Hopefully the next two years here will prove as fruitful as the first one. William Adkins Michael Akert Sue Akins Rrchard Albright ll Cindy Allen Robert Alton Sault Ste Dun Alvord Pamela Ames Craig Anderson Robin Anderson Allen Andrews Arenla Ao Sarah Appleby Angela Arambula Ronnie Afbuthnot Santa Monica. CA Roselle. IL Kalamazoo. MI lkoma. Japan Munster. IN Marie, Ontario Placentia. CA Chicago. ll Cam, Ml Antioch. lL Sugarcreek, OH Nagaland, India Byron. lL Colorado Sprtngs, Co Pittsburgh, PA Seated. from left to right: Teresa Splittorff. Rec. Sec.: Kim Blackburn. Cor. Sec. Standing: Lyle Reffey Pres.: Stew Weinisch. Treas.. Bill Cunningham. Chaplain. Not pictured: Keith Nauta. Vice Pres. - gh' f R J 'mf ., M 'ss' ' f , ek , ' '- Y 5 Mi. "-,::',- ,, ,x ,XA W' !f.5hM?!.gg' f M--' xy x In gt -av y - x ,- . +3 'W ll!" A sy - ,.. 4, .sr A A y tsa. L , z , " F H , " F .1 - ij- ' it ' ' r" if ' t - A . l 1 5 I In . I ,A x is 'iz I I ff, " 5-A 'E Q .N r es- -- A as .V :ef . y y i n N A .Num si , 7 y tk J fl I 1' Bgraisa if N A254452 - . x V1 , ' -i K f 5 Y .-.Li QW .. mr x Y V 6. A r 2' -Y If I ' ' H fa, A u ' - 'B .N " l ,. , dx ma wiv nl CT jj f, W .uk V 1 W . .N ...SI 'B Ili A . 1 if - .. '. fi ., ., i 1. . ...E L 5 W -, HX B Z -" I -, . .. 1 if y IXRZXT.. X A' X 3 i ,AJ RX J -4 ' .fi if 1 QQ. 3':"':5 , " 'gwigw . K1 ms '-:QA 2, -az Q f . . " 1 If A .9515 x I if . - A 9'-3.. Ars., . rr, gas- I VI . -in my . . , . 5 , V it ' A I f' I' 'Eff' 1 41. N - ,---', . 1 . 1 I l 'Y . Qx. . X . meg ' for ,ew 5' ,.. . V '-"xx Ai . tl 4 xf Q " . N 2 J -:gym gay any . ,sei s.waa 2 T-, - 5 Q i .:: 4 V A . Ji F . r , , ' I " ' l - .- L. f-as M V- . I I f " ' " -?,-X . . .if -. ff -:aff . ' .- 1: Q E . I 5 I V . L.. V. ' . .v I 5 '- . .3 6 3 Q V 5 . .. -A 1 A 63, V.:-:V ' A' 5 .. i... W z Q4 ' Q M I new A I , lftmlfiii G5-'V 1: FRES kari Arnquist Downers Grove, IL David Ashbrook Randall Babb Joy Babcock David Backman Josue Balderas Alliance. OH Chander. AZ Rockford. MI Livonia. MI La Puente. CA Dale Ballew Dundee. IL Curt Balsis Elgin. IL Susan Barcanic Bothell. WA Carolyn Jane Barker Ames, IA James Barlow Mary Barna Dorothy Barrows Kurt Baughman Andy Bayba Colleen Beck David Belch Eastford, CI Endicott. NY Porto Alegre Brazil Zion. IL San Manuel. AZ Norridge. IL Bancroft. Ontario Jodi Beltz Russells Point. OH Carolyn Benz Gainesville. VA Dennis Bergstrazer Chicago, IL Jeff Bilhorn Deerfield. WI Joy Bird Debbe Bjork Sheri Black Manuel. ND Taylors Falls. MN Burbank. CA kimberley Blackburn Kettering. OH Timothy W Blackwood Milwaukie, OR Graham Blaikie Bucklands Beach. N Z lim Blake kitchener. Ontario Rebecca Borth Alexis. IL Christien Boudreau Lincoln Park, Ml HMEN Mr. Gilbert Mead Quiet and unassuming, Mr. Gilbert W. Mead has faithfully served the Moody Bible Institute for thirty consecutive years. Turning down a professional career and many promising positions with leading evangelical artists. Mr. Mead has remained at Moody ministering unpretentiously to administration. faculty. students and staff through the gift of music. An extremely talented musician. Mr. Mead entered the American Conservatory of Music after graduating from M.B.I. Cwith a maior in Biblej. After performing his audition for admission, the conservatory allowed him to waive many required classes and recitals, thinking that he had studied much longer than he had. "He's very gifted and always professional." commented one student. Mr. Mead desires to educate students concerning the vital importance of music in the church as well as one's own life. His warm personality and sharp sense of humor show forth in the classroom. "He can really relate to students well and takes personal interest in them. That's why he's here. really." said one student who is very close to Mr. Mead. His ministry does not end at the Institute. Over the years he has conducted numerous choirs and played organ in major crusades. His primary hobby is building and repairing pipe organs, a painstaking job requiring hours of patience. From his Monday morning toccatas and scherzos to his Introduction to Music classes, one can certainly see God's hand upon his ministry and in him perceive a true example of the loyal and faithful servant. 3.-31-FIV! '51-I-E J -mlfifk' ' Michael Bowen Greg Bowman Mark Boyce Muskegon. MI Mount Joy. PA Boca Raton. FL Douglas A. Brandsma Phoenix. AZ Dan Brewer Denise Brewer Wheeling. IL Muskegon. MI Greg Brewer Spruce Grove. Alberta Larry Brown Downers Grove. IL Nancy J. Brown Jeffrey Brunner Wendi Bucher Brenda Burkey Cindy Buss Amy Campbell Chris Capes Lisa A. Carlen Doug Chapman Ruth A. Chase Lon Cherry Daniel Chiu Janice Chody Torrington. WY Nisland. SD Valparaso. IN Princeton. IL Dover. OH Glennallen. AK Sarasota. FL Boca Raton. FL Monee. IL Dallas. OR Huntington. IN Chicago. IL River Grove. IL Dawn Christensen Seattle, WA Peggy Christy Lower Burrell. PA Lance Nalani Claggett Hopkinton. MA Diane Clark Lincoln. NE Jim Clark Dutton. Ontario Karen Clark Kimberly A. Cline Brenda Cogdill Randy Coglianese Oneonta. NY Phoenix. AZ Hayward. CA Chicago. IL , . dig X. . is s' 44' . ix JW Q 4 1- ? W. . - Q35 A ' .M .. ..- s.,Q'fA' an Q ml 'lu X .Arif ' .I I 'V 'A' 'Q 3' . ...S X - - , .J . ' ' 4. R .ix . ,I ,ffl ,X ,iigw 'za fi I "' ' I " 1.1 . I .af-3, 1' .gay -4 1' fill- vii .X I NND I I 'A f Yr I Q N f i yr' wif' ' . . A I I IIa . I: . ..., W . 1 2553 -f 'ex . 1, A ' if f , Wie' 'X 5: ' 'glee IR A Q K Ag Y fbi... N. . A P g n, K .1 H fl C if .X IIIIIJI U if ' xx z rip- . . x Q In 21,-' vs X I.. 'vial x--1 S. x 'x aw I 5 if s 'J 'I -' C' ' . , ,. . .X . ' -L1 V' '1 ' -ii' is I ' N All I ' Q5 if 5 .Q I R 'J fl X I a gy 'vs -4. fix X , ,, X 1 "' X ' , E ti .haf 1 I. " I ,-5 ,,. gf r.. .Yr,,, IN J: 'WF' mill, It A 4413 , A xg - I ME if f A- .. fr. ,K .f ' I r 'rt A S . J fx: ix . f 4 ST N-'1 ill , ., -A I wav.- Q. -tv HW h Q. I B . ll! 3131-54 :,, X, I ,. 4. - ve If I ' x ,pak f', M. - "Qv an YI Rebecca Collins Gailand. TX David Allen Compton Neosho Falls, KS Philip Conner Churchville, MD Michael Cooley Davenport, IA Doug Corlew Shorewood, IL David Craig Decautr. IL David Crawford Carmel. IN Tara Crocker Woodstock. IL Mark Crooks Grand Rapids. Ml Thomas Cunningham Akron. OH William Miles Cunningham Royal Oak. Ml Julie Dade Chicago. IL Timothy L. Dalton Germantown Hills. IL Bette L. Daniels Campbellsport. WI Freshmen .-.- - 751553 -. ' . Paula Danielson kathy David Mark Davidhizar Anton Davis Lea Ann Davis Selim Deans Allyn Decker John J. Desaulniers Jr. John M. Devine Carol Dickson Mark Dickson Norway. Ml Pierceton, IN Houston. TX Chicago. IL Anadarko. OK Pakistan Bridgman. Ml Springfield. VA Richfield. OH Brockport. NY Memphis, TN Suzanne Diddams Gallup. NM Janice Dierdorf EI Paso. TX Dennis Disterheft Dowgiac. MI Neil DuBois Nasuli. Philippines Roberta DuCharme West Chicago. IL Michael Dugan Oxnard. CA Rudy A. Dyck Niagara-on-the-Lake. Ontario Q ' ' 9 5 'U . UOCUQ ? 'G' .-4 sw III'-vs ,,.f , Q flu-v .G l jf, en 1 'Y at ' Q 4 .zz f 21? T! Y W 'VA 9 Q f A 2.6 -R c r EX It w. 2-err x 4 X x 'J I- f A -5 , . ie' ah .yzayw . 5 it ti I "Q ' 'za gl ff 'S- ' ss.. .,, 'Y " Y I ,fb Q J i fi.-is -.. l Q, A X Rx D 'X 5' ' Y' x 1 .wfuy ' 93'- ,. .-..., , 3' it 1' ' ' ' wk 9' sw- 'W 'I y V T. . - 5-A ' SQ vis- W , e' 'ff' g I , , I I. 1 C 7 5 J :X .1 Ja ' ,, . Z . at X Q S 5 . 'I-x Q -. X X Q ,-,. ' f ,u fd' ' S ' A 1 -ii, ' Q . swf , Al 5. 3 -as-.Q I s 225' sg. Q it 'naw' r vs X 'Q as . R 1 4 2 R x m- Ei-si " f' 'v x -Q A Ni!" , P' N Y' Z MII thi' .la ill - -- x 'I ' A f " NS Q ve' ' ,NS na " Q .AX Ss- xi ,. . . -swisgg W 5 . Q 5 ,sf-L 'SFR Q17 C351 x Sx F-. .X F L in HN sv? ei 5 ,uwif Q A' 'Qi-fa Eli X S M X Q M 9, . ' ' :Q it M gi ,Q ff X . sl R .gigs-gf fii---5 if , f g J ig X . bw .55 I 4' 1. ffgii K N fg wi I K . A K' v , M- A Wg f i? I I as Bradley Dylhoff Gobles. Ml Marc Eagles Saginaw. Ml Mariorie Dawn Ebbett Hartland, New Brusnswick Jocelyn Edwards St. lhomas. Ontario Daniel T. Elifson Chicago. IL James Gregory Elliott Souderton. PA Alysa Ellis Ft. Lauderdale. FL Lily Wah-Lee Eng Singapore Joe Engel Hubertus. WI Chris Erickson Lincoln. NE Joyce Erickson Menominee. Ml Tom Evans Louisville. OH Brel Farestad Littleton. CO Heather Farmer Maitland. MO Gwendolyn Rae Fetters Lowell. IN Christel Fichtner Peachland, British Columbia Diana Floyd Atlantic Beach. FL Michael Forsyth Oakville. Ontario Bradford Fredrickson Burlington. IA Jeffrey Wm. Fuka Glenview. IL Kevin Fuqua Whitesboro. NY Edward Gainer Indianapolis. IN L. Lon Gantz West Liberty. OH Therese Garapic Brook Park. OH Matthew Garrison Ft. Collins. CO Mary Gentile Detroit. Ml Gina Gerig Grand Rapids, MI Christopher Gillon Rome. GA Jeffery Gilsdorf Oregon. IL Diane L. Ginger Millington, Ml Freshmen fp.-:Q-ZF? 7 ' 1 4' ' Ei'-:'2E2zs5 Andrew Goffinet Sharon Gospich Peter J. Grant Timothy Grebe Rick Griffiths Barbara Groom Thomas Grose Karen Gudeman Hillsdale. Ml Bakersfield. CA Edinburgh. Scotland San Lorenzo. CA Elma. NY Racine. WI Wheaton. IL Medaryville, IN James Gundersen Addison, IL Jacqueline E. Gustafson Hales Corners. WI Martha Gutzmer Whitewater. WI Tim Gwinn Antioch, IL David Haas Burnsville. MN Bruce Hamphton Fowler. IN Paul Hancy Memphis. TN John Patrick Haney Wilmette. IL Miriam Hanna New Hope. MN Jill Robin Haraldsen Wheaton. IL Jill Hargrove Diane Harmis Elly Harrington R. Mark Harris Terri Hartmann Pam Hasselmann Sterling Hawkins Ben Jay Helfer Jack Heller San Diego. CA Baltimore, MD El Segundo. CA Oak Forest. IL Memphis, TN Woodstock, IL Hillcrest Hts.. MD Villa Park, IL New Orleans. LA Colleen Henderson Ingleside. lL Douglas Hendricks Grand Rapids. Ml Karl Henry Ames, IA 'IROC' .45 . www . N A li, X w msfisff rear!! . vs 'z L wx. 's 3 x. my jk J S ff' ' F I .4 sf be 'e 1-.- Q' -fs Vis ' H ke. E, X. K 1 .4 :L x V -.f r Aff 2 ,..,f ff .af Y X 1 Nc fx 3 . -'e x S A . fl gf., '11 X 4 . . 4 9 " 2 f R M, I li' ' fl' t , I in I 8 v 'FI' r lx " k L N N V ef' A 'mr I 3 A as 1 a, ' M of ,wig , -.f . ..- ' I N I X'N. -A ., lb. ' " - w- -V t -we Q fljf-qw 1 A lqhl . '13, CT' T53 K? w g, Q' ' 5' iw, - - Q .f f Y ' , X .S , V. 1 'F "' Q If . AS. ,Q h gtk q n S v -ff ww .. 4 .f . 7? f N 'T T . N r. . 4 5 I a , , A M I of ' - "- x ,iw 'M WE ' , 3 ' A in as N '5 , A 4. Tl Al l , Q ' ' it z . ' W. ' p . A - 3? X 2 45215 li'- ' 4 . A l we fs- -New -,-- - g 'Wie 5 r- g X e A . X x - Y. ,Q A, X I K v. 5 Y l 5, N 'if ' F x ,,- . ffl" -Q .' ' x , I Q. of-' all xt ,f i -- K I X , '. Vx ff I , L A r I an m e 1 '- 1' ' ' um .,. . Jeffery Herr Elmhurst. IL Jim Hill Newfield. NJ N, 'Q- Q if A .I C Q, I li Vi A . --vi? I I gg J Robin Hilsmeier Nonh Olmsted. OH Q JY ff ig ' s A mr , 5- NS fs ks f'- ' ix? , lb lxf 1 I - Q Judi Hinkle Columbus, OH ' ' 3. gr 'NA' , Rebecca Dera Hinton Kirkwood. ll. s " . Ls. 1217 51 , x if x xl its 5 l gg N N Sharon Hodgson Dakota. IL ji xl ' I Q wi 'Q Theodore Hodgson Cicero. IL nerr, ggi ..:..x aff-'A 'Q Q , gg? , Joni Hoff Glendale. CA e w ' :Sl " V' Rob Hoffman La Mesa, CA J X N , Ne, Y fx fx , ,. X x John Holly Immun. Ml ' '-ffl?-'7": J I. Q' x ax' W wx l 5 1 ,fg'x.. f". , V . lk " -X' 4,.,.x. ra., , -- U ,p 1, Ag ,R x '- EN-F Jael Holm wandom: MN ,P S V. M k R E 1 Ii V A 13 Dawn Hootman Pekin, IL .qgls Q I V X 'gif ' A555 T' Mark Hopper Allen Park. Ml X 'I .if .,' ' 'V Nqr Debi Horina Sl. Charles. MO """'l ll , 1 A -1 ' - J Diane Horina Sl. Charles. MO i x A ' X c . .A E. n , ll I C Freshmen L3fQfA'H5- f , . 1 f-WJ.-j Douglas V. Horne Joel Hoveslol Frank Huber Steve M, Huddle Rebecca Hueber Joy Inman Susan lssler Chuck Jackson Pennie Jackson Vivian Jacob Mark David Jamerson Sparland, IL , Beve James Brenda James Heidi James ' x. W. ?"'-A-S?" E Palos Park. Il Delavan. WI ff 43' Brinklown. NJ -fx Glen Morris. 1 1 Ontario -J ?f,.,MM Sycamore. Il j S -I -'N. x V ,v ui A W Wheaton. IL , '., J I ,Q 'Q an Anaheim. CA Kei? Y' 1 .P Q Burbank. CA ' 1 f gl 1' - Y Lima. OH i' In X . 1 i 4 X M -ai A 3' 9' I' Tacoma. WA 12535, is 5 ,-V . 'K ff Coventry. CT A , I Wheaton. Il Fairfield. CA , ,., ,W Q wg. L ., 3 A x 9 ' Xa z Q 'al . rg E 'F 5.4, 1 xv .. X N-- J' s":".a-v 'Ei' ' 9 D ' 'Q . f., 1 .-,u .. S, A ff., 'V' Ly .., 4-.wi ,I . - -af- A9 1 -I 4. ff' s , or 0 x 'A ' A! '-2135.34 f Lx fi' sz xl. H- i ll., '55 W? 5. ni' ' :u f it 4, Y ,a P- if 1 r 2 ' I an my 'l X L.,-. . "ft" .N "f av' . I. ' M as ' va Q V'v ,- . I iii X up 'ki' vw" . wil 4 'xl fig. IXIVV' M I i " vo Q x 1 5. s. is . awe. Ili: Iv--' F ,N A is ggi "3 . , ' ,J K.. law' 1'3i'I'f'l . I - ey l 'H V ia. ' N' gm.. f Y - My ' I J fbi GP! , ix, . . Q-W. gYi' I ,,.N l 9Er..I'ikf 1' , ir X x . wc' . ' I 5 a .Q . .54 ig . X ' sf- I. Sy . ':.' f. of xv 1 Z'fn ' X3 Ns it I at - A ' i ' l X - X'N. N K l x .XX Em' . 'Sw -1 - --- QQ 'C . I I V! l I I I Q ' 3 . J .1 . 4. ff" ,S A , NX ' is S X . I I- Mxth s. ' gl , . "f- "" Q x 'A' Q- E .X 1 .Xi L Q . Q , ' . Tai. .. ' 31-3 H' . .4 1 gee, I I .fi Ni X x Q f, X' .M X, y 4: ,fi ' 6 9 'gs- A 1 3 ' QV S.. F", 'I . 'CI' .v L -ee less . ' ' I A Q. .gay . ,gig s we x 5 ' wx lv FX" ,...-K - x- . -xg . .,,..i , ,WN 1-. ,gg ' . .W ,-- I s.. .3 X3 Ba A Q -. fig .Q L Q,.9 -e hw., l x ,N ,A vs -I 3 X its 5 W xs- Su j . - l W QM X X. A .Q We Q.. -. N gk C' ' .Vx se K' QQQSL5 J .0 Linda Anna Janusch Chicago. Il David Jewell Oxford. Ml John Jindra Northridgeville. OH Cynthia Johnson Gillett. WI Gary Johnson Valpo. IN Karen Johnson Birmingham. Ml Valerie Johnson Miami. Fl Debra Jones James Jones Lisa Jones Mark A. Jones Melissa Jones Michael Jones Hazel Crest. IL Forestville. MD East Peoria. IL Forestville. MD Brevard. NC Lansing. IL Robert Gregory Jones West Kerry Karr Richard Keenan Bill Keener Grace Kendall lim Kerr Wayne Ketchum Bill Kilgore III Linda Kinsel Karen Kissenger Charles Klea Helen Kluge Mariorie K. Knight Vera Kocepula Nancy Koponen Timothy Kringle Lafayette. IN Propherstown. IL Bloomington. MN Leola. PA St. Catharines. Ontario Malartic, Quebec Chicago. IL Tempe, AZ Ironwood. Ml Valparaiso. IN Leo. IN Ontario LaCrosse. WI DesPlaines. IL Palmer. MI North Riverside. IL Stephen Kuntz Cambridge. Ontario A Freshmen Sharon J. Kurer Glenn Ladenberger dui ,, ,4"i: ,442-' f . West Bend. WI Dearborn, Ml Douglas Roger Landis Quakertown. PA Dannel Lanman Mary Larsen Donna Lassen Royce Laverman Louayne Lavin Mark Lawrence Anna Laws Scott P, Lawson Pamela Learned Tim Ledbetler James Lee John Lee Karen L. LeValIey Norman Lewis Jurg Liesch Kathleen Lindstrom Gregory Livingston Julie Lockner Ro Juanita Lotgren Laurie Eve Loftin Kathy Longnecker Davenport. IA San Jose. CA San Jose. CA South Holland. IL Oak Forest. IL Chicopee. MA River Rouge. MI Elyria, OH Washington. IL DeKalb, IL Park Forest. IL Bronx. NY Owosso, Ml Chicago, IL Switzerland Zion, IL Chicago. IL lling Meadows. IL International Falls, MN Tulsa. Oklahoma Melrose Park. IL Brent Critchfield Lonius Phoenix, Kristine Lottus Rebecca Loveland Michael Luce Carol Mass John Maclean AZ South Delta. British Columbia Newton. NJ Portage, IN Murdo. SD West Chester. PA . 5 'K 1. ,greg - isa 45 I .sv ' I '5 ' f '- V kj? 1 ' .C L, .aim , I . 2 Tl, Y R ' fr 5' 1 l 'ia W5 fe -L .M-. wi se . ... 1- ' ' ' 91-?' - K. f. .iv X , 1 , f " QT' if-. Q I 142. 'ki' 4 sf! Q. l x Q P-1.04 ' f K' - V-J' NN mf? 4' . J-' ' :ig ' Sf '-Q .. - '7 X. J J I N f I D X ! I 1 fver- Affl' x w WX -V I ' . -, Q' .,. L 1 E f - ,V " ' . .e--v ,, Ni V i S 1 8 L . ..w'!y..w ' F. 1- :W . iv L if F 'K , ' ,Q a M.. .. an x -X R 3, A, . ,fr x . 1 1 - ' ' .r-"' 1 I '. 9-Y - 0 Ng' ,. L- 'Z I X ' L ..,. ' J J J 5. L ' -A 'N N lx -as -A I V QM, Q lx f "T v + A .gtg D?- r , it , ",. A ,-1,2 , ,, . ,kj A gjvgv U. - ,., ..- rg X P "' . X I . . ,- ""X 1 J ' f '--NV T ' ' f .1 f' i ,lf ' ' i""f" I I JW- I .. , J A . 11 1 Si. 1' ICI! A' 1 7 ' " " mm Ti" 1 .3 q x '9"pJ'J Q A . f"i'g"L ,A r N' ' - N , . " " ,a I Q .: fa 'Nz " Q 4 f... .- if -1' - R ' I A g ..,J' fa K , . .. f v ' D f .. . A rj .xjv T - X f , 'X ' -,Mg ' 4 1 if I vm: .,1,-ta. X x at fe: ,Z :IJ X Q3 yy .Y of , R Q 1 QF Q K: T , ,K Q, me iq Q we wa Xv. X .. if 5 I if I l x H . ii N km: A l 'bs X JJ. 6 'A F' 3 .0 'MS QW nf 'Xu Q ,iff x ff K, 'Evil X5 Q X, wt.: xx va, xkhx .ty K., ,lhwx iv I . --V' 1 fu fi YW Q 1' " .3 -, 5 'ff ' "' Ax ww i 'W X ' W ry f.. V- E ' ' 75 E sf "'3-4:5271 Q. I 33Q.41Q,e rx W f 1 ' i '-Q x A ,flies Susan Jane Mahan Saxonburg. PA Mary Kay Marquardt Manitowoc. WI Barbara Martin Chicago. ll Jeff Mason Portsmouth. VA Steven Mason Portsmouth, VA Warren Matson West Chicago, Il Bob May Spangle, WN Louis McBride Galveston. IX Karen McCallum Peachland. British Columbia Gary McCammon Arlington Heights. IL Philip McClain West Allis. WI Sandee McKean Cedar Lake. IN Christopher M. Meadows Bedford. IN Daniel Medbury Plymouth, Ml Marilyn Meier Wauseon, OH Freshmen kd I x 1 .I I In 3 . Q --.4-4-.- 190 . 4,h,.gmx-N .... Y .Y-W N Q., , 5 V .. ,, 1 76 K: rf , 1. jg. AM, . , F557 ' X2 ..if -:avi -3:1-. John Mell Craig Meredith Diane Meredith Jayne Mergan Donald Mielke Gregory R, Miller James Miller Jamie Mogler Ade Mokoko Rosalinda Monteiro Beth Montgomery David Morrow Barbi Murk Todd Murray Fo Corianne Musser James C. Myers Keith J, Nauta Atlanta. GA Spokane. WA London. Ontario Stevensville. MI Williams Bay. North Aurora. IL Spooner. WI Chicago. IL Ontario Federal Way. WA Jefferson. OH Pontiac. MI Wheaton. IL rt Lauderdale. FL Freefort. IL San Marcos. CA Hillsdale. Ml Mark David Nelson San Jose. CA V 1 . . 51 L ffl 4:0- - f u A' , , TY? L G ll if q. a ,. L 3 54. . 1. WM41 -f. ,., l 0 ., ' tw ., ,H . - -fl-:lj .A I ,wif l "kv A 'Q WF .mf F "H, fa I ev' .1- oewwgjfii? . ,iq . F A i , V, , ' YJ'-M ,j R ' nik i ,ev A A I .six Li , , to? Q My W, , -L-'ff I y ff- IFJ X L . x xv 141 -, . X i X .,.', i W , X "' ' lv J if ll ilk. al l U ,. it v A l -Q Q-' r' "". ra- e - N s i 'a"'l- X - K. X K .,f ,Vi , x Y - Nw ,AS- .. 1 aff + fe , fy AJ J ' " 'T -1' oi 7- ' A 5 Y Q fi '1 Q. xyklwvl t Q Y mi few, 5 A- -I 5 4 , G:-. , ,. Q x it ' l ' .li 1 ' ' J .r : . I il M FJ . .- af . J I A '95 ev Na- v N - ' B fl .. M, I fe ya " A -- ' ' , N C., A E 'sg ,,a fx 44 " 2 , is 'Jr 7 5:9 ss 1 1. -1 . X X Q + t f Q .wr " ' ,. FU, X A A :X .gsawf ,rx A H B' ' Egg: J H - 1-"N "' 55' ' .. 'XHZ7 ' W 'S I X JXXX A X . L ' . s . L xxl if M dk-ff? ' mt ' A "xA new s ' x . PM " leg,-sg G ,fs T , slain -.t U ji A v' A . A .Qi gST,,g' ,I WX ,, Y W, . 4 B ce .. Wilt A A J else . A A, -I fz-.QQ SX. ,J . 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AZ Ohio. ll Chicago. IL Chicago, IL Bartlett. Il Freshmen . 'I t . 4-1'-. Lori Plastow Melody Pollard Ann Porter Cynthia Porter Lori Porter Laura Potts Debbie Powell Donald Powers Aaron Preston Michael Preston Brussels. Belgium Grand Haven. Ml Zion. IL Baltimore. MD Akron, OH Batavia. IL Pennsauken. NJ Clinton. WI Lambeth. Ontario Mt. Prospect. IL Roy Price Chicago. IL Rob Pucel Strongsville. OH Tammie Purinton Woodstock. Tracey Pust Robin Rackley sm Ralph Christine Rasmussen Rosemary Rausch Kevin Recker Tamara Reed New Brunswick Lake Bluff. IL Payton. IL Moline, IL Mansehra. Pakistan Key Largo. FL Cerritos. CA Boca Raton. FL Lyle S. Reffey Lima. OH Matthew Reichart Butler. PA Lynn Reilly Garden. Ml Shirley Reinhold Gillett, Wl Kelly Reminick Euclid. OH Rebekah Repke Ringwood. IL Jeffrey L. Rice St. Johns. Ml Cynthia Richardson Chicago. IL Dean G. Ridings Edmonds. WA Evelyn Robarts Windsor. Ontario 'eb sv.: 5 .' 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Venezuela Naperville. lL Brooksville, FL Naperville. IL Sunnyvale, CA Glendale. CA Trout Lake, WA Portersville. PA Bloomington, IL Darien. IL Northlake. IL West Bend. WI San Rafael, CA Chicago. IL Loves Park, IL Rockport, MA La Mesa. CA Mantua, NJ Oak Forest. IL Elmhurst. IL Freshmen -.:r2'f5'f'afY-Fi l' -' '-1.23355 ' - 5 2 Owosso. Ml Glendale Heights. IL Lee Talmage Hickory Corners. Ml Glynise Taylor Nancy Swedine Ana Szczepanski West Valley City. UT Robert Taylor Kelsey. CA Sydney Termorshuizen Chicago. ll Karl Thames Chicago, IL Rebecca Thiery Onsted. Ml Karen Thieszen Henderson. NE Amy Thomas Frankenmuth. Ml Cynthia Thomas Phoenix. AZ Richard Thomas Chicago. IL Daniel Thomason Royal Oak. Ml Anne Thompson Wheaton. lL Marion Thornton Manchester. NH Wood Dale. IL Cleveland. OH Christian Torp-Pedersen Belmont. CA Stacey E. Tiffany Harry Tomm Brett Torrey Overland Park. KS Kenneth Paul Travis Gettysburg. PA Margaret Trish Woodridge. lL Jeffrey Trotter Miami. FL Ethel Tweh Liberia Xenia Valdez Chicago. IL Mark Andrew Vance Belem. Brazil William Vance Lloyd Harbor. NY Tom VandenBerg Zeeland. Ml Jeffery Scott Vander Meer Grand Rapids. Ml Gregory Van Kampen Huffman. TX Marianne Verbic Elgin. TX 'x I-Lf i -1 L N as---" . If . Q ' Oc ir ' I gif' ff T A If. ' YY -. a K. 'C T -:ree Ra: PS C - fr I , 'a' A Q yew: x-af my ' fi or 1 xx I , K .r . , r in K ? ,vs g 1 A it f- f V 4 v v-v . .A .' E-4 . ti. .. H- ,. ', , V3 gd lv T- 'ST C: +.. 'L 6 A , I I ', 4 - ' A -J ' fi 'I .4 .Al- a :Xe 5 Q' A- 0. ' 1 J' 'Q 1' -, . T i ' A , fn? my . l TT X l 3 fx . A Mt, . X it 1 x. ... .. A.. . h A -9+ 'iw 'ii 1 ""' 1-',f' x K A? if .t.'. , 151125 L-5232? F' r 'T 'T' .4 ve . 1 - if ,H-, Nz. ,gi x.rg.1x:g2 Y.. R '13 1? 'FJ' rp 1 ,Tl if ' J is of s T l l f ll fi ' " 2 -A 4- I' 5' 7 nl l v L ww, L 474' x.. 4 .- M -ff" 1 I 1 ' N'- , . T if '-fu, . 1 fu M f , X . Te it Kaur refs f Q 1 Q v 1' tags l . 'Q' '!, tw Q X fl J , x W3 ' 1-'L 4 l . 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MO ei X 5 A X 'dh r h-X - Susan E. Wright Mercer Island. WA , Q, "" " Ronald L Yahr Riverview. Ml f ' Afl 7 ii" 4 ' Jae Yoo licolnwood, ll as Q Kylix, A Nw Young Yoo Baltimore. MD s X Q ,N Ag, , x x xt' dnl' A R --- w - - 4. fn. A .fn fe 5 .W ,.. 5 ' "' ' ff-as - .. 1. A 1 ,' I vski' 'M I Q Q5 - ? '1,',,-" ' f' Q. "gift wx, If My . f'jl',,"" . - --Rf. ' A I ' -."' 'A A154 I .V xg Q- 1, J.. A .v 1 "' -lb i.. r - , - 'S 1' .i w , 4. .' 4 he f. - - 4. if' 5' " -A. " 'L -I i' . is gmni: 3 . 4 Q - - . T wa- A ' iii, A be iff .fs , ' . 1 i 1 ...R W, X" N Russell Lee Young Vincennes. IN Zi, G., 'H ,, Ar. Stephen Zech Redding. CA n 1 , U ' 7. . Tom Zegan Ventura. CA t f' f A ' - Randy Zimmermann CDU-320 Grove. MN N Y? "Q A i A f ' N Freshmen . fITf"T +2 wi "TQ , H fb ' TZ" ff - - wi' " 1.-nwg i8qdw,,,k1,: wigs? .4 , mf vw mama ff vr wx -,km-1 x wi ,ia A , V-.vm ,,,,, aussi. ,.,.. :mm...LM- . ,I I 1 J ,. I - "" fm V 4.-,, 5 s gb mf V .wg ,339 f- -fm: 'f F25-'f' ' Z lv! Q,-A 5 'A Q -a '4 AL- s "ala, 4 5 '11-, 1 ' Wxfr "1:S:?f3: QL, ,.v ,J ' . A -,Q J.--ju, 1 .-Yarn rf K- .:..-5. , wvvf- W H -1-IQQELJ Q?" .ggfy .agp 2 ' A 'f-.-wgfwfag 4' -Jai :K we 'T ' f A.S.P. Officers The A.S,P. class is a living example of unity within diversity. The class is composed of a great mixture of abilities CAgronomists to Architectsl from all across the country lConnecticut to Californial and from around the world Clndia to ltalyl. Goals for these students who have already received their ba- chelor's degrees elsewhere are as diverse as their backgrounds: they are going to be missionaries. minis- ters and airplane mechanics. And some of them are going to be totally confused if they do not figure out what they are going to do. The diversity becomes unified, however, in their love of God and their desire to serve Him as He leads them. The fellowship within this group is special. as only a fellowship centered in Christ and unified by His love can be. Though they are only physically together for a year. the friendships made will last for many years as they go their own ways. Bruce Anderson Fredina M, Anderson Jody Anderson Michael C. Anna Don Babcock Jr. Edward Bartel Shores. MI Randall Beasley Phyllis Bell Mark D. Berry Scott Bishop Dawn Boone Larry G. Boone Karen Bressler Vivien C. Chan Barbara A. Choy Jeff Chudy Patrick Daniels Rebecca S. DeBerry Ottawa, IL Smithfield. WV Chicago. IL Mesquite. TX Baton Rouge. lA St. Clair Chicago. IL Chicago. IL Elizabethton. TN Columbus. IN Houston, TX Houston. TX Harrisburg. PA Hong Kong San Francisco, CA Warren. MI Shayzee. IN Myrtle Beach, SC 3, Treasurer - Michael Anna, Vice Pres. - Edward Barrel, President - Larry Boone, Cor. Sec, - Linda Wooley. Rec, Sec. - Sally Gramm AM! p ,se Q xi ici :-I ,.- 1 '34 -3 vc- F , N - sk: A ,V Z -'- ,Qu XD-'xr V ' 'vz-,LW -5. hi, ,la X H fire K I :X ,fa ,W ,M K: K x Wm. , 5,-. ' ,, 'ws 1 f' if f I I xr! rl Q, 95 3, ,Q X QV Q X I "L A1 . X f .v lx g ',. 3 VKL, xnrgvstglv 5 . IW T' M245 '- T A - .il l li lass, ' 'Q Wm 1 LJ 1 I 7' GP, TWV' fl" . gk 5 . L . vs, Q ,M V ' E' 1- 1 X 'N fi, -. - , ii I V Alas I .CT - J I , Q ,sth - 3: ' gf I I N: ' XSS l Y x Pg' Paul DeYoung Dean Dippolito Joni Fetz Sue Frickey Paul Friesen M, Donna Geimer Blue Island, II. Chicago. IL Phoenix. AZ Salem. OR Arden Hills. MN Maplewood, NJ Ng' Y i Solomon George India ' 95. if- on ,. - V! " Cindy Ann Gera Glen Ellyn. ll v . 'N ' " Q51 ,QQ "T o erta lor ano oema ersvi e. MJ, Y' 'y jx 3 Rb G' .1 Sh u 'IL 'Q A: J 'f 'Qui -elf' H A T' ' - Q Y Sally Gramm Lhenoa. ll. ,iffy , , 1 ff A Paul Haines Newcastle. Australia Q , ' V5-WI Elke Heisserer Augsburg. Germany ' I I ' - , if T . X If Jennifer Hicks Mason. OH fe s. . fax Q an 4 Q' Daniel Johnson Maryville. TN la' . Q, LJ , ' George Johnston Vienna, VA VV A ,-..'f"f '45, , it Larry Jones Chicago. IL E , . 'X' Jeffrey Kerr Apollo. PA Q. ' , ., I i Sandy Kil ore Tempe. AZ sl xg 8 ' L :IQ w Y Ng R ' 48 , Hansiorg Leotwyler Switzerland J ' 1 5' Dm und Elmhurst. it ' Q x N Mike McConnaughay Aurora. IL A V ' Gior io Mere a lia Milano. Italy ,4 ,, S 2 2 . Wax' Glenn Mitchell Castro Valley, CA J A 2 yvi, Diane Monteith Devils Lake, ND . E ill T, 'Ce H Hynig ,Au -Q sm, Q V "3 lg.-if 4 YM! , 1 1 A ' - , Kg Q Mike Nichols Glenview. IL .1 "' I - ' 1 3 --, 1 Mary Poeppelman Troy. OH 5 T If gee, s. ,A Anne E. Reid Avoca. Ml K ' " f T' y vt' I Carla San Giacomo Chicago. IL V 'I ,iffy 1 a 4+ ,, W ,V Jeff- I Ronald sfhum Waukegan, IL 4 I, ' ig? Xl . 35.5, IIS ,A Debra A. Shelly Manheim. PA fx4,,lM,.,g J 4 I i ,ji e 5 za A.-fix 1 ai J l , "' -f ag- S ' I, if David Shook Akron. OH Y 92 'T ' +7 . sl Timothy Siktberg Anderson. IN '- l it ' .V i 5 Carolyn Stecher Niles. IL - -' f '- ' Don sinner Nates. it , - vs v 'Q , gl., Barry C. Thorpe Rochester. NY X yi ,k3Z,.'r ff y ,bg gh H. Grant Troop Ouarryvrlle, PA X 22 wi ' X I X x lil. 5 ' 7- 5' 1 . ' X . H Loren Var a Piscatawa . NJ , . , J . . , . Q v QA Ti f5'9 . Barbara Welch Elyria. OH 1 fa? Debra West Oakland. CA 5 my XX, " I f 3 rg? Linda Wooley Chicago, ll Ill jf ., - - 1 I , N' 1 5 "- " 1- June Zaruba Elmhurst. IL I If V .3 , , - Jani -1 '1"L- ! I wx '- . i , ,, 'Lf I L I r. ' .i iw 1 . I LL iiisiivn ,". A.S.P. 'ss fa " Vickie L. Chism Jennifer Craflon Richard E. Dilling Ralph Giffone Landa Lade Barbara K. McClintock Stephen Mugglin Kirslen Petty Gregory A. Raymond Jennifer Kay Riedel Cheryl Rucin Rodney Sanders Sharon, Wl Rogers. AR Berwyn, IL Brooklyn, NY Salinas, Lima, Deal. NJ New Brighton. MN West Bloomfield. Ml Wheaton. lL Oak Lawn, IL Chicago. lL Unclassified Students .:-4 1 - -gy ye " - 'WR -:MV ,- f FSI Doreen Swanson Terrance Zink Unclassified ix .. . ..1. yi, 3 . x. . Q Q . . v I . . In , I W bw.. - f Rockford, lL I EMS' l Carrington. ND ,, , jx Vw? I le Q-eff 4 r 15 U1 7 f N l i ,. .41 6 F A 5114- . 1 2? .5535 Q ,al VL .LA i 5 I' l S QA . A. 'I fx , -fsl 'xszw wl :J -Q 2 ' ' 'C J i 'K sg, ' 'tri-it ' mi- 'ich y JUN: I Fully '9"'1 P fi its .-'X-,,:'x 2 JJIIJHJI qt! . 5' , ." ff - if li J .4 i yyy. . X 'I : I . 2 I .A 'x E3 , 'ii if . iii. 1 , aw 1- X i 'S I Q f A ,. x X-Q, .. -.Q -- . I M " .S 51 Vu" R . I .. 1 af 1 '." Q V ' ,i ' Q at 5:5 '.'- A , i'f fo . A Q ' , ,. , 1 , 1 Q -et: f . , x Ac, IN. X ...K Q I an 'P , 5 ' ig? F3 ' 5.1 , A ah, x , 52, Q.. ' 15:7 K F X ' ' 5 ,Q X - -+. esac, Q A , I Q ' . 'J' M .J I ' 1 f xx 1 3 'ff -' Bi ,ii , sl, N -eip . '- v ,ii 1 M Ja XX! 4 y I xx 5 WV ,wa 2 All A T i . CX K 5' f 'B Hilv x . X , ff- t. I F" 1-. 'W' f mv, 14 ,"' Q HU' x :, C 9 z Yfksyz J . I 'gf' , . fairy, a 4-.,, " 'fl' I 7' f . sf I' 'V ,V Zff55.5: X A 31,-,ral .Q x vb .I it sf I.. 'bl ,,.,x Daniel Aeschilman David Anderson Patricia Anderson San Diego. CA Springbrook, WI International Falls. MN Victor Argo Colorado Springs. CO John Beer Michael Benik Christopher Black Donna Brand Kathryn Brodie Bruce Brown Don Budd Laurie Charness Belinda Cheng Mark Christensen James Connelly John Corbin Tony D'An1ico Stephen Damon Domenick DeMaria Sheryl DeMott Denise Didrichsons Grietha Dikken Joey Duarte Peter Dubinin John Easterhouse Heidi Farmer Russell Findlay Brian Flowers Jeretta Friesen William Funderburk West Sayville. NY New Baltimore. NY Waukesha, WI Jacksonville. FL Albuquerque. NM Seymour, IL Atlanta. MI Chicago. IL Houston, TX Racine. WI Toledo. OH Milwaukee. WI West Chester. PA Yucaipa. CA Elyria, OH Deerfield, IL Des Plaines. IL Holland Redlands. CA Goshen. IN Burbank. IL Maitland. MO Naperville, IL Palatine. IL Wichita, KS Elkhart. IN Spring Students -ff, - Y- 1 , ' I W . 1 Maria Fuqc Billv Graham Pele Guillard Mark Hansen Paul Hard! Alan Haymaker Charles Kopecky Krislopher Kowal Michael Laramie Lisa Lelle Bob Lempa Katrin Leutwyler Stephen Lilly Glenn Louis Janet Mann Thomas Mason Sheila Maze Nymphas Meade Eric Miller Myung Min David Montgomery Debra Moore Jonathan Mork Lillian Nicholas Carol Nichols John Packard William Parman Theodore Paschke Ruth Potts East Haven. Janesville. Portersville. Racine. Chicag . Chicago. Marengo, Western Springs. Chicago. Nappanee. Chicago. IL Switzerland lndialantic. FL Chicago. IL Central Islip, NY Onalaska. WI Sparland. IL Aurora. ll. Salisbury. NC Seoul. Korea Evansville. IN Prospect Heights, IL Richfield. MN Windermere. British Columbia Needham. MA Tampa. FL Barrington. IL Billings. MT Grand Rapids. Ml Bob Quinn Killyleagh. Northern Ireland .Q .I-N. :ga '-' A Kia! I? W fig ,- . .4 t ,Q he X' X I ll 57, ff 'vs rc E ?-V I I s 'Y s an I F ix A.-4 1 6- ,QQ s ,"Z'.Z' cr' ev: Qi A 2 A.. , fail if U 3' 7' f in .9 , ,gf-i - . . '55 -. ... if Q ,Q at . A I . .gh E g e. ,S . I 3,51 X 'Q ll X Y '55 ie 'W e-... . mi . . . H i .K 1 xg. is fx Z-.I-.0 x- " K E arf...-3 Y is A - T Q 11 E "iff 1? ' "w M, '51 V' - K ,ji , M gg I . L fi 6- A .L .V as : , f- is xi 4311" Q-rags: ff-A QTY' . - c. -2. Z fr? c. GE, ki r 4- I x . 5 , .V , 1 1 1 1.- ' !" '9"' l 3 .,4 ' ' ff'-.ri I -if I 5 V1 ' uf rv . - 3 M QE' 3 Q'- A 5 I ' Tm i A I Q E A Q Q X? H -'I ,I f A 1 , -i Q Nr' A an I X I Isla ' N ' 1 . . .Q 'iff I 'i?v.2. . 'ff - ,H I . 1 N- I iii' V ' 55-no my ' 'W' fs ., .. w- 'N 'K 1 in S 1 ' , 59 I .. J '- f... ' Q L73 Q, ' -H It Sb, 'la 5 I -.N I, 1 1 -' 1 at Y y - ce: x y ., . , gh ' 1 .. 'Mc , ' I+. -Io, --are f P-cv V I , M I 4 I ' I5 fc ., . '- eff: Q:T1g 1' - . Q' 'E SVI' ' 'T I 'sh "1 ' I W Af X ' Q. ' ' I u . - - fw .- ' ' - MM. . . Thomas Rakow Dwight Ranck Bruce Ray Keith Reinhold Patrick Rohen Mark Rolley Patricia St. Germain Rosemary Sankaran David Schaeffer Rebecca Scheel Douglas Shoup Terrence Smith Janice Sowski John Swan Kelly Talcott Mary Taylor Debrah Titrud James Vagner Susan Woodhams Deborah Yarrow Bernard Zayner Richland Center. WI Paradise. PA Chicago. IL Gilleu. WI Toledo. OH Malone. NY Oxford. MA Singapore San Jose, CA Wheaton. IL Akron. OH Hartland. New Brunswick Mokena. IL Rensselaer. IN Port Orchard. WA Joplin. MO Milwaukie. OR Parma, OH St, Johns. Ml Lombard. IL Chicago. IL Spring Students 'nhmiz ivlbl' .- ... if 4 4- , , V5 fzxk yr?" -,N ' ?W'P . G '4 'i n. IL J. xi "ui", I? A gk Cn C ' n -A 1 F3231 ' x W M PUJFA If K ii 'rgW+ Es' 45 3' K i x ffm A 4 MA in -'xr -I ,lm , 1. uw- .J Y .,i,,':: gum, 2' 'fe tv 4 " -b Q.If...w..g.,. QM! Compliments of OHIO HOUSE MOTEL OHIO Ohio and LaSalle Dr. Chicago, Ill. 60610 Comfortable Free courtesy car Modern to Moody guests Color TV for downtown Loop and vicinity muuih llpenyuur andsav Kenya QFTWISSIOHBFIGS o fx BEREAN MISSION, INC. AFRICA: Flepublique du Zaire n loanl ISLANDS: Philippines - Barbados Dominica - Grenada 7th Floor Q Water Tower Place 280-2700 SOUTH AMEBICAL Ecuador - Brazil MUSLIM AND EURO THREE NEW FIELDS: Englan Bev, Josep 3536 Russell Boulevard Congratulations h L. McCaskey- Interim Gene S anlsh Field lFLl USA. Navaloland lNMl - p AN FIELD France PE d - New Zealand - Martinique ral Director Si. Louis. MO 63104 STEINER CQRPQRATION 225 Wax! Chexrnul Chicago. Il, oO6l0 337-4080 AMERICAN LINEN SUPPLY VL. S151 . 1 1. .2 . , gr-1 -,.., 'fir' ize- :,.,, ' . .,. 1 r"1 - .1 .-1, .1 "1'., L, w .1 1,111 111171 ,QL X 1 111 Q. 5? . f, ,., - 1 J wi 11-2 R.. 11 1. ,Qi Er 51 14 .-1 1 p f 11' '13 Qi, VV, .x 1, , . .AV .vs ,W ','T1'.' mg 31-Q1 r., 'X , 1 Nm. .. 'X 'Hifi ' 1 ,1 1. 1 El , ff -'x:.','-7 5,1598 LAQX 1,4 ., , 1 Ji' 21 i' . 13.1,-,, ,,z'?f" , I IQNA, Harp' ,ef ' I ,:.,1 '1. 1,!,'R, 1,1 I' 1. r " 11 ,F 4 R. xt' mi? l11,",." 1. S. ,,, I. ,wr 55: ffl 1 ,L 1 .1,1-11: 4.14 '11 'w WJ, H. "' f 1 51,1 1 . , , .1 . uf 1 vq. 1 . 111.1 1 , ,.i ,a F' ,MQ 1 fe 11 'v 1-1 . 1 1 . sv., 119' -1 ,-C J.- " ' W3 ,531-1. r 7' .Ml ' L JJ -1' . -,l . "M E Q: ff-'f,wf.i-1 nb' 11 .1 .:, ' UI'-gi 1 5 A , J . '.. v 1,311 'Win ' 'ii-Avy-gin ' "1 . " " - ' 1 A 1. 1" "'s'-.Ma '. President of MBI The real theme of this yearbook is our new life in Christ, During my student days, I became seriously ill. Our school doctor, Titus Johnson, recommended immediate sur' gery. Because it appeared to be a malignant tumor. the operation was followed by 30 x-ray treatments. I shall always remember the loving concern of missionary doctor Titus Johnson. Carefully he explained that the condition could be fatal, and if not. the possibilities of fathering children were remote. The hospital bed at Swedish Covenant Hospital was, in a real sense. my altar. I reminded the Lord of my desire to serve Him alone. I told Him that I wanted His will more than anything in life. I prayed, "Dear Lord. this hospital bed is my altar of sacrifice. I want to be dead to self and alive to God." That decision for me was a new beginning. It is my prayer that each graduate will experience the new life found alone in Jesus Christ. ri"' 1 L...l fx! 1. CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 'Sl AND WELCOME TO THE MOODY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION F om left to right: Tim Ostrander. '62, Executive Directorr Marcy Harrell, '8l. Placement Secretary: George Irwin, '54, Ass D rector: Katherine Teeman. '76-'77, Departmental Secretary. You are entering a fellowship of more than 45.000 former students and graduates! For your benefit we offer: Annual Local Alumni Rallies Quarterly Issues of MOODY ALUMNI A Placement Service fBroadcasting N Building Construction Business Administration Computer Science Engmeermg Home Economics Natural Sciences Psychology Teacher Education Christian Service O 1 I I D - V a s Y pw I Since 1919 John Brown Universityihas heen I I I I ' ' ' , I ,I I 'I epiringngfhristian leadetsuiand othetgxsrkofes- I ' ' , 5' , g ' ' siona s, programs are itupo ' oun- B J W ' I dation of Christ and His teachillgs. As a o n n Chrisgiian college, o ri mum University is ,Y , a t' ' 'th. livi nd - - 1 llreliara iomu ng . cson 5244131 M J h B Siloam Springs Al 72761 CC Th1S IS ohm 3 16 m 3 O00 languages of the world Wouldu t you hke to Jem the translauon team to make thls page meamngful for some ZOO m1111011 people? Interested? Wr1te Serxlee mth Wfyellffe W lff Bbl T It G lifaaa' HuntI1i1gtZnH3eE1el'ragX155g4b wycnee O O O o ' 9 , o o o o . . 0 0 o . H . . , H As r v ' V uns Avurnv Am luao scnvrs wc ' ' : Ly p.'. xx Nr", ' fr ' w 1 a V . ,, Buble Yvanslalofsy Whole Learnipg. tl! Faith accredited degree S d I Greenville is a ully e ' Greenville College is granting college. offering bachelors degrees in any one of 28 liberal arts and pre-professional majors. You'll not only leam how to eam a living. but how to grow as an individual. Carol Finger is currently a senior at Greenville College, majoring in elementary education. She is the fifth offive daughters to attend Greenville College. To find out more about Carol and her family, please read the article on page GREE LLE COLLEGE 652 East College Avenue Greenville, Illinois 62246 618l664-1840 For more information, call or write us today. Prepared by BEN WOOD at ASSOCIATES for GREENVILLE COLLEGE Light di Lie-October 1980 1 A ., In '1l,.,.l,... committed to encouraging the spiritual development of each student, as well as his intellectual growth. Every aspect of Greenville's curriculum reflects this tt to Christ. Km. As one of Greenville's 900 men and women, you'll study, grow, and develop life-long friendships in this close-knit community of believers. Congratulations to the Class of '81 Is Pray tor the Peace ol' Jerusalem to CHURCH PLANTING a cross-cultural environment IN THROUGH 3 mUltl-f3C9lfEU ITIIFIISUY USING workers with a variety of gifts TYPES OF WORK ' Village EV8I'lQ9llSFTl ' lVllS5lOl'l3fYTf8lllll1Q PTOQFBITIS ' EUUC8Il0ll3l Il'3ll'llflQ Centers ' C3mDIl'lQ lWl'lII6 BHC I'l3IlV9l 0 lVlUlIl-fTlEUl3 PVOUUCIIOHS 0 UFDBH FTIIDISUISS ' SUDDOVI work llJUIlG9fS, maintenante, cooks, SECFGUTIESF ' Snort IEFFTI 3 CUUSIIIEI ill! WOIII1 YES BUT non t Overlook Over 3 million native Deoole atrnss Kanada and in Alaska B RE flUSUlTll'l1ETODDOfIUl1lIIES AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR JEWISH EVANGELISM N' AM W N P l l l 5860 North Lint-oln Chicago, Illinois 60645 Congratulations to this year s graduates Moy your ministry be long and fruitful A . . S may we serve you os you serve His growing church? S QNDQRD PUBLISHING Cinrinnnlt Olyialifll n flMunrp Qnkl 0l'jJ ,-if I X IX aj OMLJN I f y wt-1,11 N-'7 NN., True-ro-the Bible 4, literature since 1866 Mcnonalu-5 Jlsustlsiiiii IO E. Chicago Ave. W' fl'I9 Qi fri? IOIJEIIHQQIOP I5 ,. Ggfff Efhmugh frfnNAll'I win lt I Regions Beyond Missionary Union A BIBLICAL MANDATE - A DUAL THRUST- 'xt-it V, 1 '1'.'l .tn tr, -1 +,-.,- H x"ii':7'l,iiiI.1X.'Liz--tliiirl Us 'IW ITT sf- -'rl-f's Q11-.41 I Ilius-. I-s'i't1i-.ling xi--tt -'I-Aiwlws. Eiwiitietu 4-,-el1ii1l'lirt-sL's sl I uv- lt 'ting riitlti l lt-itleiwliigi. .i":-tn: e.i!'Ell'- triiws. A WORLDWIDE MINISTRY - A STUDENT SUMMER PROGRAM til iii L-L' -su-I tt 'zitiviic-sta, V11 i',' L-.ling tttllt-we stuclents will 1'-r-l, I ill-, Lrl- l':l1Ii:tgtii1-qs. wixftue-fieltl tiiiizitna. ttorkir .lift . 'Nitin .in ef-'wt'ltf:1.utl zcisaionat 1 1 1321 i.t-Wtrti .wt-., i.. I l"lll Stat' ugli, llfil. Flli l-l ME ut.. - - , How You Can Be Part of the Cansldef This. Pacific Garden Mission Ministry MUCH PRAYER, MUCH POWER. SO... I. Pray that. through the three Gospel services and the three Bible classes conducted daily, many men and women will profess faith in Christ and have a hunger for the Word. 2. Pray that our staff will compas- sionately minister to the spiritual needs of all who come to us and lead tiff' irlllliliit, .lpwwmfg 12 '-2-t 144 3..r'3'1'i'aifff , W gg,-'fp-Aly., Consider the opportunities... ' Summer Tea.m in South America ' Short Term Q2 Yearsl ' Career Work WRITE FOR MORE INFORMATION: South America Mission P.O. Box 6560 Lake Worth, FL 33461 the converts to a life of victory over the sin that has ruled their lives so long. 3. Pray for the world-wide ministry of NUNSHACKLEDV' - a unique Gospel broadcast featuring true stories of transformed lives. C440 stations in the U. S. and 35 in other countries air this program: write for a listing of the stations and then ' ia. : . .- I '. .L 1 ',, c I' .2 ! 9 .-I ' share this information with others.D 4. Pray that God will thrust forth laborers into the rescue mission field. As you do. He may lead you into this vital soul-winning ministry. THEN . . . I. Visit us to see firsthand what God is doing through Pacific Garden Mission. You are welcome any time. day or night! Write for a folder titled. "Visit PGM." 2. Write us for information on our films. MIRACLE ON STATE STREET. OUT OF THE NIGHT and THE STREET, plus our latest flimstrip. AROUND THE CLOCK. Or ask about a deputation team visiting your church. Producers of "UNSI"IACKLEDl" Pacific Garden Mission 646 South State St., Chicago, IL 60605 X If this IS your kmd of learmng ..m If to be competent rn knowledge and skrlls to understand yourself your values your world to work effectrvely wrth and for others to become a mature person rn Jesus Chrlst We re your kmd of school BETHEL CGLLEGE in innesota A lrberal arts college of Chrrstran commrtment and solld academrc achlevement of ferrng 27 major areas of study wrth nearly 2100 students enrolled For rnformatron wrrte to Phrl Krmball Drrector of Adrnrssrons 3900 Bethel Drrve St Paul MN 55112 O O C Q 1 my , ', 8 1 5 , , 5 N Y - A Q . E. f '?. Q . . as . 1 Nfl' 0 . . I f' - 'V ' v 1 .pw-f--. ,N Qt-, ,J--M M., L - 54 . , ' - - Q 0 0 ' . , . , V , , - , . BIBLE CHRISTIAN UNION Offers CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS of 7987 and opportunities of service for God. In Europe Team Evangelism, Church Planting, 14 countries Radio, Literature In North Evangelism among Youth, Children, America Jews, Ethnic Groupsg Radio Broadcasts into Soviet Union. United States i Box 718, Lebanon, PA 17042 Canada i 554 Nlain Street East, Hamilton, ON L8M IJ3 Write for INCREASE, our bimonthly publication. CAM-COUNTRY CHALLENGE CONSIDER... OUR CHALLENGE... 1,300 Double CAM-related that churches in number of Central America, churches Panama, in Mexico, 10 and Spain. years! If you have the gift of evangelism or pastor- teacher, why not consider exercising your gifts with us in CAM-country? 8625 La Prada Drive me Dallas, Texas 75228 CGNG BATU LATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1981 o Real Estate Development ' General COnSIruCtiOn - Condominiums ' Architecture - Limited Partnership Investments v Building Management o Regl Egtate Brgkgragg 0 BUIICIIUQ M5Ir1T3ll"i3I'lC9 Qui 7 QZHQMFKA 5544 iiieiuiiiflcorseonation i11IBN.LASALI.EDl?, CHICAGO, its coolo l3l2 337.17251 "Goal is alile T' to iizalce all grace alioziml fo you, so flzaf in all flziiigs at all times, A lzaving all flzat you need, you will alvoziml ' ll 111 every gooa' work. Ill Corin. 9:8j 1.1 ,-tp.. Q 1111i o,111,1Mt.1i,q .111eTii1i:11.'. . 1, rg 1, 'I -55 illllrlxn I'-nvlwww WFII Ii1leVr1dl11y13 I-lf?.:i1l1,111,3"+J'i lI,.1Q1- New 'v1'+- I THE UFFICERS AT T1115 INTERNATIONAL iimoomitfriaits or THE CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE Nyack, New York 10960 I111' .1 liilili-1' .1l11111I IIl11'isIi1111 si-1'x11'11 11i111111'l1111iIi1 Us IIIINIIVIII.'XIlIi'l'lIIii1llllllIX!'IlS-IRIN. 11l1-.1s1-n1'111-InII11-11l11n1-.11l1l11-as rm i., .IH ,I 1. . . ..'1..,V1u1 Q , .1L.., 0 ,V iff'-,.,' ,1't, ERO BIBLE 2230 S. Laramie Av. ' , ' ' 60650 Cicero Illinois "P R O C L A I M I AT HOME Sunday Services: Sunday School 9:30 AM Morning Worship I0145 AM Evening Service 6:00 PM Wednesday - Family Night NG Ak ll l CHRIST IN ALL THE HLIRC W O R L D" AROUND THE WORLD Over 63 active missionaries and I9 missionary agencies preaching Christ to every creature in the following countries: United States Cincluding Jewish Mis- - I :E 5 L , '- Era Eagle: , Awana Clubs - Kindergarten ' sionsh Through Eighth Grade 7100 PM QJTQM A E xl Mexico Prayer Meeting 71l5 - i ,A K Honduras Choir Practice 8130 PM V I3 I k Aruba, Netherland Antilles. Ecuador fy 11 T" 3 - X QHCJB Broadcasting into S.Am.. Eur., S Friday Asia? Pro-Teen Bible Time 6:00 PM 1121 ' it 720 qE Brazil Kenya Pro-Teen Action Time 71m PM "' E EE E! ' " 'E England Tanzania Ireland S. Africa Our Pastoral Staff: Mid-East Rev. David G. Hill Senior Pastor . . Japan Ron L. Alburtus Assist. Pastor PIWIIIPPIHSS Rev. Joe Arnett Staff Evangelist Matt E. Mills Pastoral Intern CCoIIegefCareerJ .....m...... THE TOY DESIGN CAPITAL OF THE WORLD CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF I98I MARVIN GLASS AND ASSOCIATES Ile Dr. Chicago, II 150 wesv cv-ucAGo AVENUE I cr-ncmso. upumoos 60610 I PHONE 3121329-4:3252 OTHEF! IVICJODY BOCJKSTOFIES I CHICAGO. ILLINOIS, 26 E. ADANIS ST. 346-2532 S16 VV. SBFID ST. 783-1074 I DES PLAINES. ILL.. 14613 ELLINVVOOD ST. 298-4806 THE NAME YOU CAN TFIUST IIC NOITH LAIALLE-ITFEET ICHOCEO,lLLIllC H310 Dean of Dean of Education Dr. Kenneth G. Hanna Dr. Kenneth G. Hanna comes to Moody this year after seventeen years of faithful service at the Winnipeg Bible College and Theological Seminary. It was during a research sabbatical from administrative duties as President at Winnipeg that both Drs. Sweeting and Martin approached him concerning the appointment as Dean of Education at Moody. Being content at Winnipeg. Dr. Hanna was at first resistant to the idea. "I was not looking for the position at all, wanting rather to return to Winnipeg and resume my presidency. But. after much prayer. I felt a distinct leading from the Lord to come here." Dr. Hanna and his family are adiusting well to Chicago, though he says he does miss his home which stood on twenty acres of farm land. "l'm a farmer at heart. I enjoyed putting my blue ieans on when I got home and working on the farm. I do miss that." Assit. Dean of Education Dr. Jay Fernlund Dr. Jay Fernlund is a vital part of the administration at Moody, although he is seldom seen by the students. His official title is Assistant Dean of Education. He deals with continuing education as well as filling in for the unoccupied office of evening school director. Dr. Fernlund is the only returning member of this three-man team. Last year he served as Dean of Faculty. so his job has varied within the last few years in his interchangeable administrative duties. While we are used to hearing his name concerning administration. many are not aware that he now occupies a new position and is serving MBI in a new capacity. Faculty Howard A, Whaley Mr. Howard A. Whaley also sensed a distinct calling from God in assuming the position of Dean of Faculty. A member of faculty for seventeen and one half years. he is certainly qualified to take the post. His administrative experience from serving on several mission boards and as Chairman of the Missions Department will aid him considerably with his duties. Mr. Whaley misses the interaction with the students. but that will not stop him from having a strong impact on the student body. He will channel his resources into his new office by seeking teachers with the same type of challenge-oriented approach to learning. He looks forward to experimenting with the current system of scheduling and eliminating certain obsolescence in particular courses. , I fa 1 u A ,,UzT.l,. px,i.f-- 'ur' 5. 9' .' .X . . 4 A . 8. 1-. . X . L ,L In memor of CARL WILLI M SWANSON l , lr Gly! ' .. ' :V 'SV' V. ,4Z'2?'. 'E ' He was only with us a short while. but for those who really knew him his life was a remarkable shining light in a world of hopelessness and self pity. He was tall and strong, bright and cheerful. handsome and humble. He had one very special goal in life. to become a missionary pilot. He still clung to this goal during the last few months of his life. To some, cancer is a horrible disease. To others. it is an added opportunity to witness and minister. and a short cut to glory. Bill never complained. His one comment that dominated each conversation about his disease was, "l have the victory." He truly did have the victory. His doctors marveled at his ability to withstand pain and suffering. He never lost that young attractive smile or his concern for others. Bill went to be with the Lord on December 23. I9Sl outa .iff ajz15ifzbj1 or mm conceit, 611i Ln ay15z0Zr ozfens 6etm' ijap Agouwefves, ' -V 215 Q J it f ik? X Xu! mfs'- 'siif Alumni Association American Association for Jews Arctic Missions, Inc. Berean Mission. lnc. Bethel College Bible Christian Union CAM International Cicero Bible Church Coffee Cove Christian' 8 Missionary D.B. Kaplan's Freshman Class Greenville College - John ,,., Brown University Junior Class Mcbonalds Mai-Vin Glass Alliance Mission Aviation Fellowship Moody Book Store Ohio -House B Pacific Garden Mission ' 'Regions Beyond Missionary Union :Senior Class B American Mission Standard Publishing Steiner Corporation Sudan Interior Mission Tulip Maintenance Corporation Wycliffe , QXY xkxc. A- F X m-, .nm :.-. . Q. J ,.1:mi-Q . - gr X B '3S'i'Tff QQ? f,gxs:f., QQ. ,. . ,eww X, ,v-ga, .1 PWA' tw.. A ,waz . ,, . tm,-s it N A 3 QV. . S X mx :xsx sit w. --- -ui A. -1g':'wg.'s:x-165 ,. Q , - as , li? A Q ,q,w55,..,-1,1 , X "BY?S5:nM9 .V f : "ifQiY5:Yx. o P C X ,r , MXN i.+,,,,, X gf? an si- . Q' . : - -X , - A' - 1 -' , wi -. -Q-:-. ---K. . M., ft. .. : . it Q, - f- z - - , ve. 9 -tem .. ,N x t xi X x . . x a ., N E ' V - -' if af-' MQ tres- Q-:gtg V-,xg--. -Q-'ksiasig wx, 4' Y Mtyxiiflif.. ,r ONWEA .fflf W. S -- Sf N N X QQ. X Xa QENQ N ji c ,X4Qf"' 'R '- Ffiffx , .qv ,g.f-rfrvili IW g 9 3- -Qt A at ' X , . .. fi-ffewf ARCH STAFF Editor-in-chief: Ross Meads Business Manager: Ed Perrine Literary Editor: Cal Haines Layout Editor: Lynne Turner Class Editor: Tom VandenBerg Darkroom Technician: Bob Gustafson Photography Editor: Peggy Christy ADVISORS Technical: Eric Fellman Faculty: Sharon James PRINTER Walsworth Publishing Company Robert Moorehead - Representative Diane Moore - In-plant Consultant PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY Anthony Comunale COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY Peggy Christy COVER DESIGN Ross Meads WRITERS Helen Barrows Bonnie Bement Bruce Benson Steve Boyd Allyn Decker Cal Haines Rhonda Hill Jeff Jacobson Kim Laue Ross Meads Dennis Strege Roy Patterson PHOTOGRAPHERS Peggy Christy Bob Gustafson Scott Howington Bill Moore Mathew Reichart Dennis Strege Eric Williamson Trustees and Vice-Presidents as Donald E. Hescott Brandt Gustavson Vice-President Vice-President -:J-1.525-s::a.5:::r:saf .s..s.3:z:a.a:ga::.f-.5:1:::f:1-aw, ---- :-:-'--:-1::' --Muzi, N- we J: ,:4:-1-:Z:f.:.--an-pq.-N- :-1-x-- :1-.--1-.-:-:-:1s5:,:-r:r::'--...-- ' ' Wi 1. Sz ,.1:-:2:-:1" ,,--J. N-' .Q.':r:::j'-'-1:52.-3:1-1... ' ' -' W ' Yw:5q.g.':.-.--1 .. " F' ' E5 9 ' -v f55r5:i5.-ff.f' , s va-5: ..,.g:,. ' "' . A ' i' Iss. he , W: tx .V Lowell L. Kline Marvin Beckman E. Richard Tallmadge Gerrit Wit James N. Mathias Vice-President Vice-President Chairman Vice-Chairman Secretary .ffm John Elsen Robert G. Dunlop Robert E. Foltz Richard E. Gildner Edgar A. Harrell Assistant Secretary s's's ,. N t"i 1-- 'f 225. Q ,v 1 f Jrqx 'V' 3 1 l -. 5 if 'S N33 n T L' ,, 3"- 1 , -Ig, S Q gb A -:Q,f:..:5E f Edward L. Johnson William F, Mitchell Roy Nyholm Wallace L. Pepin George Sweeting i III - s- ,,x:1m1--W f. Cxiefei. 52.3, Wrestiing I,2.3: Intramurals l,2,3. Pauba Plans: More schwling and retarded children Band I,2,3. Brian Albin Float John IQIO 30I5 W. School St, Chicago, IL 6CBlB position as Youth Pastor or Assistant Fore Job 23:l0 St, Kansas City, KS 66102 Discgrles l,2, Intramurals l,2. ,tsaiah 4l:9-I0 rbgriluniversiry Jeffrey Ray Fuller sf, it ""' :Roinatgs 8428 Plans: Start a church in the city or work with a city church, possibly more education. Garcia John l:l Drt Martinez, Georgia 30907 cavity i,2,3. schooling, eventually missions Muslims in an Arab country 2,31 Prayer Focus 31 Friday 21 Sr. Retreat 21 School Play I,2. Gardner Romans MSC-4M7 ' Mu fa ' Ashland, KYYIIIU ' A. A' "'i"' A fill Wesley Gardner Psalms II9:2.a Arbor Dr, Ormond Beach, FL 320745 - eff 1 ' 1: .Q f AJR, . .5 'lg' ew! Miriam P alfQ,sf'i14g,g Sis I Peter MD 2l04 7 Rd, Monkton. MD Jllll Attend Wafghrngtfon Btblg College for a then to the mission field, possibly South l,2,3t Mens Glee 3, MU Rep. 3. cca Jeanne Harrenstein Philippians 2246 N. Springfield, Chicago, IL Plans: Secretarial work as my to school, then possible camp Women 's Glei L21 Intramurals If Lars Daniel Hasper 33I0 W. Wrightwoodi Chicago, IL 61547 Plans, Intern work for a year or two. then on to , ,Q Lynette Rae Holm Phllllplans iss, Windomm4N 56101 Short term missionary work to Kenya East New Hurd McMahon Dn Plans: Further New Disciples I,2t overseas missionarg work, .'.,, ., ..,,f'jack David er Ephesians I3l4 sandra Lee Hath Mat. -g'- Highland, IN 46322 I522 Beechwood Circlet Cuyahvga FSBSQOHA . e , P15119 5.12522 Ii' 51 Cvllesf and Semlnafy' Plans: To continue my education parrtime, with the possibility of getting a degree in Elementary Education Cheerleader 2, Floor Council 2, Jonathan Wayne Herring Galatians 2:20 39020 Chestnut Ridge: Elyria, OH Plans: I plan to go into the Pastorate. linda Kay Hipple Philippians Kingwood, Morton, IL 6l550 Plans: More school. major in Accounting!Com- puter Sciences A ' Oratorio Chorus 31 Food Service I,2,3. Thomas Allen Hirschler Philippians L6 458 Pinecroft Drt Brick, NJ 08723 Men's Glee LZ Intramurals l,2,3. Flora Ho Habakkuk 3:17-I9 3321 S. Leavitt St, Chicago, IL 64508 Plans: Church planting in the States - suburban area - among Chinese people. Gaye Rudell Hoch Isaiah 43:10 324 E. Jefferson, Wheaton, IL 6087 Mary Pro verbs 4 718 II 912 ora, Morton Grove, IL 641753 Chalrmanj 2. 'zf' 5 :mr Plans: rbs l6fI Jackman KR. N1 Plans: Brenda IIO2 Plans: Further Intramurals 3: MU 2,3. Audrey Elizabeth Jamieson 367 4th Ave, Deux Plans: Marriage, retail R.A. 2.3. Charles Oscar 920 N. Plans: Kirsten L 431 l0th St. Plans: post-grad school Rd: Manistee, Ml 49660 Further education at a public Richard John Geigert X Ephesians I8l0 Wycliffe Rd, Baltimore, MD 2l234 1 Plans: Only God knows. .- Marianne Lois Graves Box l34t Gifford, PA I6732 Plans: Marriage, Director of Christian Big Sis I, Women's Glee 2.3. r Sharon Elizabeth Green ' 24I Chartley Dr, Reisterstown Plans: Capenwray Bible School, Carnforth, England, then on towards a Masters degree in s Joy Chorale I,2,3x I' Keith Robert Kazner Mark 8:34:35 2052 Brookfield Dr. SW: Roanoke, VA 24018 Plans: More education, work in a church. Evangelist Student Outreach 1.2.3. James Michael Kelleher Romans 1099-13 3534 5. Clarence: Berwyn. IL 60402 Plans: Further training in local church ministries. Mark Robert Kellner Isaiah 26:3 136 N Humphrey: Oak Park. IL 60302 Plans: Continue studying music composition at a music consevatory sa:::tXi.2.3. Marcia Lynn Kelly Proverbs 3:5-6 17333 Deering: Livonia, MI 48152 Plans: Work. work in church, go to Detroit Bible College part-time Chorale 1,2,3: Intramurals L Carl Scott Kirchner Colossians 2350 SE. Pinero Rd: Port St. Lucie. FL 33452 Plans: Seminary work leading to teaching profession. Craig Stuart Kittaka Proverbs 3:5-6 5440 W. Madison: Morton Grove. IL 611753 Plans: Undecided Intramurals 1.2.3. ii Tf::::::hy 3:14-15 St. Charles. IL 60174 Plans Big I Corinthians 16:14 Junction. Ml 49056 E College. Secretarial 1.2: Big Sis 1: Class : Floor Council lA.R.Aj 3. Psalms 139:23-24 IL 6CX718 in Broadcasting at or Columbia 9560.7 Naper Blvd: Naperville. IL 60540 Plans: Further schooling MU 2.3: Food Service 2.3: Intramurals 1.2.3. Donald Jay Lesher Hebrews 12:2 11601 S Kolmar: Alsip. IL 61.558 Plans: Pastor Intramurals 1.2.3: Floor Council 1.2. Kathryn Joanne Lewis Hebrews 7:25 6457 N. Bell Ave: Chicago, IL 61545 Plans: To complete my degree and raise babies Prayer Focus I: Floor Council 2. Eric Newton Liechty Romans 12:2 2030 Bethesda Blvd: Zion, IL 60199 Plans: Go on for degree. and into full-time Youth Pastorate 1 Psalms 3 7:4-5 511399 l.2.3: ing Secretary 2, R.A. 3: Ann 1125 Hanan Forest Park, IL' Plans: work eventually or more sc Stuco Rep. 1.2: 2: Floor C Suzan Elaine Philippians 1:20 2022 N. Mozart: Plans: Possibly tramurals 1: i Lynn Radnor, OH college and lpossibly Intramurals l.2.3: Floor 2: Big Sis llfxecl l.2,3: Public Deborah Ann Mariano 563 Waterloo Geneva Rd: Further education. degree Plans: More schooling and degree in Communica- tions Men 's Glee 1.2: Soccer 3: Intramurals 1.2.3. Angela Darlene Maughon Joshua 1:8 945 Mt. Belvoir: Chattanooga, TN 37412 Plans: Further schooling. work Cheerleading 2. Julie Ann May 404 N. George St: Millersville, 'PA 17551 Plans: Marriage Women 's Glee lfxecl 1.2.3: Handbell Choir l,2.3: Oratorio Chorus 1.2.3. Michael L. McDowell Philippians 4:2 820 M LaSalle St: Chicago. IL 661510 Plans: Candidate school with T.E.A.M. and l year at Western Bible College Moody Student 1.3: Intramurals 1.2.3. Miriam Metcalf Proverbs 3:5-6 29 Carolyn St: Harrisburg. PA 17112 Further education, either Liberal arts or training Rep. 2: R.A. 3. Migliazza Dr: Dallas. TX 75218 Summer Institute of Linquistics: Wycliffe Bible Translators Committee! 3: 5.0.5. team to Philippians 3:1012 I John 3:1 CA 92111 or Biola. and and in a L2.31 School play 3: Mark 633 Acts 16:31 21 740 Philip 2340 t:::::::::zg:g coll I ed. Walter Bruce Lemmert Exodus 15:2 JN458 Fair Oaks Rd: West Chicago. IL 60185 Plans: Further education 31 5 4 - . : '-.1:1f:3:vf.w:- ea: 7 -...-W , , , ,. .. tfiiufale 1.3: Prayer Focus 3. harla jean Norby Philippians 4:13 6037 57th Ave. Kenosha, W1 53142 Plans: Marriage Intramurals 31 Floor Council 3. Terri Lynn Nunley Colossians 1:9-14 2744 Skyline Dr, Lorain, OH 44053 Plans: Masters of Elementary Education Stuco 1.2. Cheryl Kay Oberg Psalms 3 7:4 175 Clark, Muskegon. M1 49442 Plans: Child Evangelism Fellowship Institute, possibly Nursing Intramurals 1. Women's Glee 2,3. Franklin Dee O'Neal Jr. Philippians 3:1011 Lt. 24. 88617 Harlem Ave: Bridgeview, IL 60455 Plans: Full time Evangelistic ministry, "Magic, Music, and Message" New Disciples I. Roy Patterson Jr. John 11:40 4571 E, Blvd: Garfield Hts., OH Plans: Full time ministry in Evangelism, singing through broadcasting, Marriage Intramurals 1.2.3, Black Students Fellowship 2.3: Senior Ensemble 31 Stuco Rep. 2. Floor Council 3: Music Committee 3. Donald Ixenneth Pearson Philippians 3:10 515 Forrest St: Wayland. MI 49348 Plans: Alaska as a summer missionary and Marriage Intramurals 1.2.3, Men's Glee 1.2.3, Stuco 3. Christine Mary Perrine Hebrews 12:11 5718 Hwy. Bi Belgium, WI 530.11 Plans: Starting a family and eventually the Mission field Volleyball 3. Phillip Vernon Persson Philippians 2.16 Route 2, Leslie, Ak 72645 Plans: Attend Central Arkansas University to get a trade and start a college ministry Intramurals 1.2.3, Floor Council 3: Prayer Encouragement Leader It Jude Prayer Leader 3, Arthur Dale Powell Psalms 86:11-12 203 Salem Avet Newfield. NJ 08344 Plans: Work and travel. and minister in Spanish churches in the U.S. as a Pastor Intramurals 2,31 Spanish Gospel Singing Group l,2,3: Prayer Focus 1.2. Sheryl Lynn Pozza Colossians 3:12-13 710 Damon St: Akron. OH 44310 Plans: Travel then work Intramurals 1.2.3. Sharon Jean Quiggle Psalms I39:l6l7 2934 Birchena Crescent: Orchard Lake, Ml 48033 Plansf Unknown Women 's Glee 2,3. Senior Ensemble 31 Intramurals 1,21 Stuco 3: Floor Council 2. Terri Lynne Ramsey Psalms 139:23-24 554 Poplar St. Elyria. OH 44035 Plans: School, orphanage work R.A. 3. keith Allen Rascher Colossians 1:27:28 I f!.m.a.w.- - 820 N. LaSalle St: Chicago, IL 66510 Plans: Get degree at Western Bible College Intramurals 1.2.31 Soccer 2.3. Jonathan Frederick Reed Isaiah 43:Ib-2 976B Bird River Rd: Baltimore, MD 21220 Plans: More schooling lMusic Educationj. Rebecca Jo Reichman Isaiah 41:10 Route M Yellville. AR 72687 Plans: Work for a year, then go on to school to train to work with retarded children Floor council 2,3. Marvin Timothy lTim1 Richards ll Corinthians 6:13 Route I. Box 73: Fairdealing. MO 63939 Plans: Youth Pastor in my home church Intramurals 1.2.3, Chorale fVice-Presidentj l.2,3: Floor Council 2. Pamela Ann Rieckman Psalm 403 9680 15 Mile Rd Rockford, MI 49341 Plans: Going on to finish up for teaching degree Band 1.2. Dale Dennis Rintelman Ephesians 3:20 2122 Woodside Ln: Mequon, W1 Plans: Finish degree and Youth Ministries at Baptist Bible College in Missouri - Basketball 3: Floor Council 3. Donalda Margaret Robarts Lamentations 2:22-23 -1590 Riverside Dr. Et Windsor. Ontario NSY IBS Plans: School to major in Archaeology, Manny .Io Rocha Hebrews 12:1-2 2728 N. Racine. Chicago, IL 64514 Plans: Marriage, Seminary. the Mission field Intramurals 1.2.3, Stuco 2: Welcome Week 2: R.A. 31 Tutoring 2. Darrell Eugene Rodin John 10110 820 N SaSaIIe St: Chicago, IL 60510 Plans: Get a job Intramurals 2,3. H. Wayne Rosentreter Romans 8:15-I7 1101 Woodward: I.a Porte, IN Plans: Accept call to a Pastorate Intramurals 1.21 Pubit Club 1.2. Lisa Jill Rosing Psalms l03,3 1510 S. Fairfield Rd: Ingleside, IL 60041 Plans: Degree in Music-Chorale Conducting, then a teaching job or opening up a Pre-school Intramurals 1.2.31 Chorale 1.2.3, David Hugh Rundle II Corinthians 9:8 RR it It Centalia. Ontario N014 1K0 Plans. More schooling, Church Music work Chorale 31 Oratorio Chorus 1.2.3. Lynnette Ruth Ruotsi ll Thessalonians 3:16 211 Ohio Ave. W: Gilbert, MN 55741 Plans: Communications MU fexecj 2.3. Paul Jacob Santhouse ll Chronicles 16:9 5791 Blossom Lk, Dr: Seminole, FL 33542 Plans: Further schooling -K degree in Christian MediafAdministrative Trouble Shooting Men's Glee 1.2. Anthony Michael Sarnicola Ephesians 3:7 4234 N. Harding: Chicago, IL 64518 Plans: Pastorate or related ministry Stuco Rep, 2. ' Mary Ann Schmitt Philippians 4:13 2050 Emerald Lake Dr. M15 Grand Rapids, Ml 49505 Plans: Not sure MU 1.2.3. .lanice Kay Schneider I 1076 Winchester Rd: Neenah, W1 54956 Plans: Go to Nursing School I West Suburbanj after working for a year Intramurals 1.3: Chorale 1,24 R,A. 3. g Timothy Jon Schulte Galatians 6:14 RD If 1 Box l30A: Quakertown, PA 18951 Plans: Further schooling in Education Men's Glee 1.2.3, Barbara iBarbiei Colleen Scott I Peter L3 3322 56th St: Moline, IL 61265 Plans: Further education R.A, 3, Richard A. Scott Proverbs 3:5-6 Independence. MO Radio Club 1.2: Epic Club 2.3: Intramurals 2. Carole Jeanne Seegraves Ephesians 1:7 SCU Oxhill Dr: Pontiac, MI 48054 Plans: To teach in a pre-school Intramurals 1.2: Floor Council 2,3. Kathryn Mary Shaw Philippians 3:10 26 W. 311 Bud Ct: Wheaton, IL 60187 Intramurals 1.3. Women's Glee 2,31 R.A. 3. Thomas Allen Shaw Matthew E33 RR :UI Box 94. Van Wert, OH 45891 ' Plans: Director of Youth in a church Intramurals 1.2.31 Men's Glee 1.2.3. Michelle Ann Shev I Peter 5:7 3171 N. W. ICB Ave: Coral Springs, FL 3355 Plans: John Brown University, Siloam Springs. Arkansas ' Cheerleading 2. Robert Lee Shuck 422 Ponderosa Drt Security, CO 80911 Plans: Librarian for Wycliffe Bible Translators Epic Drama l,2.3: Candlelight Carols-2: Stuco Rep, 3. Deuteronomy 33:27 Becky Lynn Simmons Psalms 139:14 908 "E'2 St. Ramona, CA 92455 Plans: To go on for my Degree in Elementary School Teaching Intramurals 1.2.31 Floor Council fSports Rep. 1 3. Jill Marie Sjogren Proverbs 3:5-6 630 8th St. MWt Chisholm, MN 55719 Plans: Further schooling and Marriage Intramurals 1.2.3. Deanne Sue Skinkle Psalms 62:1-2 3347 Perrine Rd, Rives Jct.. MI 49277 Plans: Capernwray Bible School in England next fall, then a Music Ministry Band l,2,3. Richard James Smith Galatians 2:20 9905 Leland Ave: Schiller Park, IL 60176 Plans: Still praying. either go on to further schooling or look for a church Intramurals L2.3. Daniel Phillip Snyder Philippians l:6 B838 Church St: Marcellus. MI 49157 Plans: Camp work or more school Prayer Focus deaderj 2: Intramurals I.2.3: Stuco Rep. 3: Senior Retreat 3. Daniel Thomas Snyder I Peter 3:15 20725 Palatine Ave. N: Seattle. WA 9!?l33 Plans: More schooling CUniversity and Simon Greenleaf School of Lawi. tenative teaching plans Intramurals 2.3: Women's Volleyball Coach 3. David Leroy Spearman Jude 24 9029 S. Euclid: Chicago. IL 64517 Plans: Attend Columbia College of Broadcasting and get a degree in Radio Broadcasting within a year and a half Black Student Fellowship iTreasurerj 2.3: Welcome Week 2. April Kay Sterbin Isaiah 43:1 2816 Arthur Ave: Racine. WI 53405 Plans: Schooling. major in Home Economics Intramurals 2: Band 2.3. Randall Todd Stewart I Corinthians lO3l 624 N. Rohlwing Ret Palatine, IL 6057 Plans: Work. get Married. and eventually return to school to prepare for work with youth Intramurals I.2.3: Soccer l.2. 3: Big Bro I Exec I l.2.3: R.A. 3. Mark Michael Stradiot I John l:7 995 Rose Blvd: Highland Hts., OH 44143 Plans: Get into ChlIdren's ministry. Marriage Band I Student Conductorj l.2.3: Senior Ensemble IConductori 3: String Ensemble IConductori 2.3: Class Music Chairman 3: Stuco Song Leader 3: Class Song Leader 3. Nathan William Strand Galatians 2:20 RD III Box 292A: Kane. PA I6735 Plans: Further schooling Prayer Focus ICo-director? 2. John Steele Swale I John 3:1518 4950 W. George St: Chicago. IL 66541 Plans: Further schooling at Trinity College and Dallas Seminary. Intramurals l.2: Security Guard I.2. Juleen Joy Swinborne I John 4:I0 5796 Woodlane CT: Woodbury. MN 55l25 ICXO Jeff Swinbornej Plans: Marriage. move to Pennsylvania where husband will finish Bible School. plan to be missionaries in Ghana. West Africa. Priscilla Swineford Psalms 77 Il5 77 Meadowbrook: Warren. Ml 48033 Plans: Go to Wheaton College for degree in Elem. Ed. Kent Joseph Taylor Galations 6:9 584l North Kenmore: Chicago. IL 6w60 Plans: Missionary Internship Program at home church in San Diego. Foreign Missions is in our future Basketball I: Intramurals 2.3: MU fVice-Presidenti 2. Patty Ann Taylor Psalms 73:25-26 3I0 Clair Hill Dr: Rochester. MI 48153 Plans: More school part-time. get degree. day care work Floor Council 3. David L. Terrill I Peter 5:7 606 Gillette Rd: Clay, NY l304l Plans: Teaching. and further study Stuco Rep. 2: Big Bro 2. Michael Angelo Tesauro Il Corinthians 9:8 930 S. Ridgeway: Evergreen Park. IL 60542 Plans: Future graduate education amifor secular employment Intramurals I.2.3. Debra Sue Thompson Romans l:l6 R.R. J? 3: Long Prairie. MN 56347 Plans: Marriage. Tommy Thomson Ecclesiastes 9:9 292 North Rd: Bedford. MA 0730 Plans: Hike the Appalachian trail. go to lrian Ja ya, have a mystical encounter with God. Soccer l.2.3: Intramurals 2.3: Moody Student 2.3: Fifty Minutes 3. Gregory Robert Thornton Philippians 4-E17 6604 Mason Hill Rd: McHenry. IL 64.1750 Plans.: Marriage. work full-time. graduate school part:time Stuco iParliamentarian. Presidenti 2.3. Alan Lloyd Tillery Philippians l:6 8I7 Cleveland Ave: Hamilton. OH 4503 Plans: Construction. serving on the mission field Floor Council ISports Chairmani I.2: MU I: Intramurals fSports Director. refereei l.2.3: Basketball 3. Bill Turner I Peter 5:c1l0 615 Marshall Ave: Mansfield. LA 7IO52 Plans.: Be available to do whatever God would have me to do. He usually surprises us Intramurals l.2.3: Wrestling 2: Band Welcome Week IChairmanI 3: Class President 2.3. I.2.3: Lynne Michelle Turner Isaiah 23:4 l09 Porter St: Daisy. TN 3 7319 Plans: Finish up degree at Bryon College Intramurals I: Arch iEditor-in:Chief. Layout Editorl 2.3: Class Corresponding Secretary 3: Big Sis I: Welcome Week 3. Terry Scott Vanderwerf Lamentations 3:22-24 530 Farmstead Ln: Lansing. Ml 48917 Plans: More Schooling Band iPresldentI l.2.3. Christopher Paul Vogel Habakkuk 3.:I7-I9 I392 Hollywood Dr: Lancaster, PA 1760 Plans: Marriage. Seminary. Pastorate School Play I: R.A. 3. Ronald James Vogehrohl Jeremiah 32:27 72I9 Butternut Ridge: Grafton. OH 440-I4 Plans: Youth Pastor at Buena Memorial Presbyterian Church Intramurals l.2.3: R.A. 2.3: Welcome Week 2.3: Floor Council fSports Chairmanj I. Edward Joseph Von Meding I John 3:l 424 Warwick Rd: Kenilworth. IL 60343 Plans: Evangelistic Work. Scipio Mark Walton ll Timothy l:7 l3304 42nd Pl. W: Lynnwood. WA 98036 Plans: Pick up a B.S. in C.E. From Biola. James Robert Ward ll Peter I:3-4 609 E. Franklin St: Waupun. WI 53963 Plans: School Band Ivice-Presidentl l.2.3: Student Outreach l.2.3. Jan Marie Watkins I Corinthians I5:58 2822 Westchester Rd: Lansing, MI 48910 Plans: Lansing Community College. then back to Moody to get degree Class Corresponding Secretary 2: Chorale I.2: Intramurals l.2: MU Rep. 3. Mark Alan Wells Psalms I RT I. Box I44, Hamilton. IN Plans: Further education. Richard Mark Wheeler ll Timothy 2:l-7 3l5 N. Maple: Lewistown. IL 6I542 Plans Work in church. possibly more schooling Chorale l.2.3: Oratorio Chorus I.2.3: Stuco 2: Big Bro I.2: Intramurals l.2.3. Thomas Paul Wiegman Philippians 2:2 Apartado 38: Puebla. Pue. Mexico Plans. Marriage. degree. mission field in Latin America Intramurals I.2.3: Chorale l.2: Oratorio l.2. Harold Eugene Wilkin Micah 6:3 2l7 Lilac Lane: North Aurora. IL 60542 Mary Anne Williams I Corinthians I5:57-58 I444 Harrington Dr: Racine, WI 53405 Plans: More schooling. teaching Women 's Glee tTreasurer, Presrdenti l,2.3: Welcome Week 2.3: Handbell Choir l.2.3: Oratorio Chorus l.2.3: Big Sis l.2: Intramurals I: Senior Ensemble 3. Sharon Elizabeth Wright Philippians 2:l-4 IO47 Hayes: Oak Park. IL 50302 Plans Word and possibly more schooling Intramurals I.2.3: Floor Council 2: Arch I. Debra Lynn Yankey Psalm 37:4-5 II4 Stadium Dr: Joliet. IL 60435 Plans.- Childrens work and further schooling. Jeffrey J, York Jeremiah 29:ll CXO I9 Prospect St: Greenfield, MA 030 Plans: Further education. Luanne Claire York Psalm l39 CXO I9 Prospect St: Greenfield. MA Ol30I Plans: Degree in English or Communications. Karen Zielinski Philippians 3:I0 l072l S. Kilbourn: Oak Lawn. IL 60453 Plans: Get B.A. 5 M.A. Eventually teach English in a foreign country Volleyball I: MU Rep. 2: Floor Council 3. jzns la i x I 4 Qu. XM"-s .1 r AN-556 1 N N -,751 'x'15g Counseling Students f"'i'o 62 158 'C-9 ,.a.,. .: ,- r . A f- ie... , '- il!-21' " l f . , 15' 2- - ' , .. 'r:Q.y.1iiv-- -Q . , K Ip- A. .cn . .e J ' ZA -4-' -. - ' X ',- -1 . - 4 .f-- vw, b-,'.,f . -.Q K 1 2? .if 4- -- ':- w 1 QL? "Qi Nw' .v A . I . - , - - . ix., . ,- ff -, . V ' ,. . t FfJ"l-, . nv, Q-r-5' . ,g Q fxlf 'Rx - f - ' a . -- +,a"Bz-' Miss Jo Ellen Zumbrun X. xx Rx Mr. Robert W. Irvin if ,X ll Ir :Lax -Q ze sh- Mr. Robert Shackelford Miss Sara Lauffe, ," fi.- ,lfr gf. , ., . A ' .- -Q ' '4'.-71, f . -.f , ,i,7,,g, .- , - ' .fu cl'-of A ,:,19',. ," v. .-f . ,-X' - ff" 6' : H ,J H ,lx . .', AI, -. --' rf- 5 A r ,i ' , V., , ,., , , , . , ., . , ,r.. L 1 J, , -, , rl . , . r , - fn.. . , . X Ar C. V5 - , I ra th 1 A Q ,rv J :.' of ' ul N Q rg 1 5 N ' -N i, -:LY3 I .ns Abens, Janice I 44 Boone. 3. .g gg,.f:v5.533 ..-:':"1e-- i f 1' .'LuLL can vquuLYE Allen, Warren W. 23 Baker, William H, 27 Bakke, Corean 27 Banks, Walter L. 27,3l Barron. Robert A. 27 Beam. Ruth 27 Becker, Carl 22 Benson, Mildred 24 Benware. Paul N. 27 Brackley. David R. 27 Bradbury, Ralph W. I9 Braunlin. Connie 20 Brood, Nadine N. 27.80 Byrd, Wilda 25 Cain. Bruce W. 24 Calenberg. Richard D. 27 Canine. Sam L. 26.27 Carbaugh. Robert C. 27 Christensen. Charles N, 26,27 Clark. Robert E. 27 Classen, Alben J. 26,27 Currie, Swantina 27 de Rosset. Rosalie 27 Dickason. C. Fred 28 Edelen. Thomas C. 2I Edmonds. Gerald H. 28 Fernlund. Jay C. I7 Eoos, Harold D, 28 Freese. Doris A. 28 Frye, John W. 28 Goddard. Robert L. 28 Goldberg. Louis 28 Graendorf. Werner C. l4,28 Greenebaum. Joseph R, 28 Haik. Paul S. 28 Hamilton. Thelma L. 29 Hanna, Kenneth G. I7 Harding. Joseph C. 29,79 Hecht. Henry W. 29 Hopkins. B. Wayne 29 Irvin. Robert W. I8 lrvine, Ruth I9 James, Edgar C. 29 James, Sharon R. I5.29 Johnson, Benjamin W. 29 Krupsky. Eleanor 25 Lastoria. Mike I9 Lauffer. Sara M. I8 Lepore. Barb 20 Luck. William F. 29 Lusher, Paul L. 29 Marty. William H. I5.29 Mayer. Marvin E. 30 McNickle. Alan A. 30 Mead, Gilbert W. I2.I3.30 Naegele. Elizabeth M. 30 Nevin. Paul D. 30 Oldham, Robert B, l4.30 Ostrander. Tim 37 Raquet, Gerald L. 30 Rascher, Leonard P. 25 Schock, Richard G. Shackelford. Robert E. I8 Shervy. Roy 23 Shive, Emily E. 30 Smart. David 30 Smith, Donald G. 30 Smith. Virgil E. 3I Stephens. Douglas C. 3I Stump. Mary 22 Sweeting. George l6.37 Symonds. Dorothy E. SI Tahl. John S. l4,25 Tallman. J, Raymond 3l Terwilliger. Alan 25 Thrasher, William D. 3l Turner, Rosemary E. 3I Tyler, Clifford 25 VanDyke. Richard C. 3I Widder. Wayne A. I5.3I Wieland. Paul D. 23 Wilson, Lon E. l5,3l Wise. Donald L. 3I Zumbrun, Jo Ellen I8 ETUUEHL LUUEM Adams. Laura Adkins, William 8.I64,I84 Aeschliman. Daniel I89 Agee. Otis II2 Agnew. Michael 2I.I I2 Ahearn. David I44 Akert, Michael I64 Akins. Sue I64 Albright, Richard Edward, II I6 Alford. Kurt II2 Allen. Cheryl II2 Allen, Cindy I64 Allenbaugh, Terry I44 Alton, Robert l64 Alvord. Don I64 Ames. Pamela I64 4 Babb. Randall I65 Babcock, Don, Jr. I0.I86 Babcock. Joy l65 Bachert, Susan I44 Backman. David 78.79.I63.I65 Baker, David Baker, Natalie II2 Balderas. Josue I65 Ball, Kathleen I44 Ballew. Dale l65 Balsis. Curt I65 Banks. Barbra I44 Barcanic. Susan I65 Bilhorn. Jeff I65 Bird. Joy I65 Bishop, Scott I86 Bishop. Thomas l45 Bixby, Melanie II3 Bixler, Jenniter l45 Bjork. Debbe l65 Black, Christopher I89 Black. Sheri I65 Blackburn. Kimberly I65 Blackwood. Timothy W. l65 Blaikie. Graham 64,I65 Blake, Tim I65 Bland. Deborah 85,l I3 Bardill. Christina 20. I I2 Barker. Carolyn Jane I65 Barlow. James I65 Barna, Mary l65 Barrett Mark I45 Anderson Bruce I86 Anderson Craig I64 Anderson Daniel II2 Anderson David I89 Anderson Fredina M. l86 Anderson Jody l86 Anderson Jolene II2 Anderson Karen I44 Anderson Lori I44 Anderson, Patricia I89 Anderson, Robin I64 Andrews. Allen I64 Anna. Michael C. I86 Ao, Arenla I64 Appleby. Sarah I64 Arambula. Angela l64 Arbuthnot. Bonnie l64 Archer, Robert I44 Argo, Victor I89 Arnold. Diane I44 Arnquist. Kari IGS Ashbrook, David IGS Aubrey. Nathan I44 Ayers. Clinton l42.I44 Barrows, Dorothy 80.8l.l65 Barrows, Helen 63.8O.BI,I45 Bartel, Edward I86 Banon. Frank l45 Bartz, William Batcheller. Terri I45 Bateman. James l45 Baughman, Kurt l65 Bayba. Andy IGS Beachy, Celesta I45 Beasley. Randall I86 Beck. Colleen I65 Beck. Diana I45 Beck. Pamela II2,I32,I63 Becker. Gretchen II2 Beer, John I89 Beguin. Dwight I45 Belch, David I65 Bell, Phyllis I86 Beltz, Jodi 80.l65 Bement. Bonnie l45 Benik. Michael I89 Benson, Bruce II3 Benz, Carolyn l55 Berenschot. Richard 82,I45 Berg, William I40 Bergstrazer. Dennis I65 Bergstrom. Deborah II3 Berry, Mark D. I86 Bethel, Charles l45 Bever. John 2I.l I3 Bezel. John I45 Boersema, Patricia 68.1 I3 Bonk. Boone. Boone, Borth. Kimberle II3 Dawn l86 Larry G. I86 Roger Rebecca 80,8l.I65 Boudreau. Christien I 65 Bouse, Hugo l45 Boutot. Michael l45 Bowen. Michael I66 Bowman, Greg l66 Boyce. Mark I66 Boyd, Orchidy II3 Boyd, Stephen II3 Bozsik. Eugene II3 Bramling. Terrell I49 Brand. Donna I89 Brandsma, Douglas A. I6G Brandt. Ralph Brandt. Richard Brave, Douglas l45 Breid. Cheryl I45 Breid, Larry Il3 Brennan, Terri 96.l45 Brenneman. Claire lI3 Bressler, Karen l86 Brewer. Dan l66 Brewer, Denise l66 Brewer, Greg I66.I79 Brewster, Gary II3 Broberg, Gayle I45 Brodie. Kathryn 84.85,l89 Brown, Bruce I89 Brown, Joel I45 Brown. Larry l66 Brown, Nancy J. I66 Brubaker, Beverly l45 Brunk. Deborah I45 Brunner, Jeffrey I66 Bubeck. Judith 45.I I3 Bucher. Wendi I62,IG6 Buckwalter. Harold 2I.I I3 Bucy. John I45 Budd, Don l89 Buell. Amy I46 Burns. William Il3 Burkey. Brenda I66 Burkholder, Anthony I46 Burns, Geoffrey 82.I46 Burton. Mary l40 Buss, Bradley I46 Buss. Cindy I66 Butler, Charles II3 I if Camacho, Otavia I46 Camera, Vincent IIS Cameron. Brad II3 Campbell, Amy I66 Cantleberry. James l46 Capes. Chris I66 Capriglione. Richard Il3 Carlberg. Kermit 4.63,l I3 Carlen. Lisa A, I66 Carlson. Diane I42,I46 Carlson. Marilee 45.I I4 Carpenter. Nancy 2O.I46 Carter, John II4 Carter. Lori II4 Carter, William I46,I50 Cartwright, Peter II4 Casper. Brent 38,I46 Castic. Jerome Chadwick. Donna II4 Champion. Kevin 8,I0,II4.I62 Chan. Samuel II4 Chan, Vivien C. IB6 Chang, Wan I46 Charley. Cathleen I45.I46 Chapman. Doug I66 Charness. Laurie IS9 Chase, Ruth A. l66 Cheng, Belinda IS9 Cherry. Lon I66 Cherry. Mark 45.I I4 Chism. Craig I46 Chism. Vickie L. ISS Chiu. Daniel I66 Chody. Janice l66 Choi. Jin II4 Choy. Barbara A. I86 Christensen, Dan II4 Christensen, Daniel Christensen, Dawn I66 Christensen, Gregory Christensen, Mark l89 Christy. Peggy 76.I66 Chudy. Jeff IS6 Cionca. Charles I46 Churchill. John II4 Claggett. Lance Nalani I6G Clarey. Patrick 2I.l46 Clark. Daniel I46 Clark. Diane 96.l66 Clark. Jim I66 Clark. Karen 3,l66 Clark. Kim Il5 Cline. Kimberly A. I66 Clymer. Stephen 68.I I5 Coats. Rhonda II5 Cocklin, Deborah 6.68,I I5 Cogdill. Brenda I6G Coglianese, Randy 87,I66 Coleman, Philip 45,l I5 Collins. Matthew 2I.82.I46 Collins. Rebecca 80.I67 Compton. Compton. Compton. Condron, Conforti. Conklin, Conklin. Conklin, Alan David Allen l67 Glen I46 Jonna 96.I46 William II5 Daniel l46 Dave 45.I I5 David 96 Connelly. James I89 Conner. Philip I67 Cooley. Michael I67 Cooper. Tamara I46 Corbin. John I89 Corlew. David 2l,l I5 Corlew. Doug I32.I67 Corty. Julia Coulson. Frank l46 Cowser, Marchelle 8, I 46, I 49 Crabill. Craig I46 Crabtree. Deborah I47 Crafton. Jennifer 96.I88 Craig. David I67 Crawford. David 79.l67 Crocker, Tara 7.l67 Croley. Linda I47 Crooks. Mark 79.l67 Cruz. Tamara 97.I47 Cundiff. Barbara II5 Cunningham. Thomas 37.I67 Cunningham. William Miles l67 Cusick. Elizabeth IIS Dade. Julie l67.l85 Dalton. Timothy L. I67 D'Amico. Tony I89 Damon. Stephen I89 Daniele. Michael II5 Daniels. Bette L. l67 Daniels, Patrick l86 Danielson. Paula I68 David. Kathy I68 Davidhizar. Mark 97.I68 Davis. Anton I68 Davis, Lea Ann IGS Davis. William IIS Davison. Holly I47 Dean. David I47 Dean. James Deans. Selim I68 DeBerry. Rebecca S. 97.I86 Decker, Allyn IGS Decleene. John I47 Delong. Gregory IIS DeMaria. Domenick IS9 DeMott. Sheryl I89 Denavs, lndulis I47 DeRivera, Freda I47 Desaulniers, John J.. Jr. IGS Devine, John M. I68 Devries. Debra I47 DeYoung, Paul I87 Dickson. Carol I68 Dickson. Mark IGS Diddams. Suzanne I68 Didrichsons. Denise I89 Dierdorf. Janice I68 Digby. Lorraine I4O Dikken. Grietha I89 Dilling. Richard E. I88 Dippolito. Dean I87 Dilts, Edward IIS Dirks, Charles Disterheft. Dennis l68 Disterheft. Gary II6 Donato. Kathryn I47 Dority. Rebekah Il6 Duarte. Daniel I47 Duarte. Joey I89 Dubinin, Peter I89 DuBois. Neil I68 DuCharme. Roberta ISS Dugan. Michael I68 Duma, Lori 20,l I6 Durbin. Brian I47 Durling. Ruth l48 Dusenbury. David II6 Duston. Todd l48 Dyck. Rudy A. l68 Dylhoff. Bradley I69 Dyson, Deborah l48 .. , ,vw -NSA' Y I I Eagles. Marc I69 Earhart. Kenneth II6 Easterhouse, John l89 Ebbett. Marjorie Dawn I69 Edwards. Jocelyn l69 Edwards. Robert Il6 Egeler, Jonathan 64,78,79.I48 Ehnis, Laura I48 Elias. Brenda I48 Elifson. Daniel T. I69 Elliott. James Gregory I69 Ellis. Alysa I69 Enders, Steven I48 Eng. Lily Wah-Lee l69 Engel. Joe I69 Engram. Stephen II6 Epp, Mary I48 Epp. Reginald l48 Erickson, Chris I69 Erickson. David II6 Erickson. Hedda 7.3.l48 Erickson. Joyce I69 Eskridege. Anne II6 Evans, Tom I69 Everett. Frank II Y Y Fabarez. David 82.83.I I6 Faeh, Dawn 8O.I I6 Fair. Rebecca II6 Fallin. William l48 Farestad, Bret l69 Farmer. Heather I69 Farmer, Heidi I89 Fetters. Gwendolyn Rae I69 Fetz, Joni I87 Fichtner. Christel l69 Fikeis. Ann 8,II6 Findlay, Russell l89 Float. Brian II7 NJ' ,JJ 5-.tschael riwfiia. Douglas I-I8 Flowers. Brian IS9 Floyd, Diana I69 Ford. Madha II7 Fore. Anita II7 Forrester. Tracy I4S Forsyth. Michael I69 Forte. Deborah I48 Fox. Kenneth II7 Franklin. Terry I-48 Fredrickson. Bradford I69 Fresh. Donald II7 Frey. Ronald I49 Friberg. John 62.63.6S.I49 Frickey. Sue I87 Friesen. Jeretta IS9 Friesen. Paul I87 Frutig. Robin I49 Fuka. Jeffrey W. l69 Fuller. Jeffrey II7 Funderburk. William l89 Fuqua. Kevin I69 Fusco. Maria I9O I' Gainer. Edward I69 Gantz. L. Lon I69 Garapic, Therese l69 Garcia. Ralph 5.I I7 Gardner. Clifford 62.63.I I7 Gardner. Paul II7 Garlick. David I49 Garrison. Matthew l69 Gay. Gary II7 Gebhardt, Gale l49 Geigert. Richard IO.l I7 Geimer. M. Donna I87 Gentile. Mary I69 George. Solomon I87 Gera. Cindy Ann I87 Gerig. Gina I69 Gibson. Allen Giffone. Ralph I88 Gilbertson. Kim I49 Gillette. Ethel 2O.I49 Gillon. Christopher I69 Gilsdorf. Jeffery l69 Ginger. Diane L. I69 Giordano. Roberta IS7 Goffinet. Andrew I7O Goodrich. James I49 Gospich. Sharon I7O Goss. Peter II7 Gouzoules. Christopher II7 Graham. Billy I9O Gramm. Sally I86.IS7 Grant. Cynthia I49 Grant. Peter J. I7O Graves. Marianne II7 Grebe. Timothy I7O Green. Sharon II7 Griffiths. Rick I7O Grommet. Gary I49 Groom, Barbara I7O Grose. Thomas I7O Gudeman. Karen I7O Guillard. Pete I9O Guliuzza. Randy I49 Gundersen. James I7O Gunsteens. Timothy I49 Gustafson. Jacqueline E. 3.I7O Gustafson. Robert Gutzmer. Martha 8O.l7O Gutzmer. Miriam II7 Gwinn. Tim 82.I7O Haag. Colleen 6S.I I8 Haas. David I7O Hahn. Timothy I49 Haines. Calvin S.76.77.I I8 Haines. Paul I87 Hall. Albert Halladay. Linda I49 Hamilton, James I49 Hamphton. Bruce I7O Hamstra. Beverly I4O Hancy. Paul I7O Haney. John Patrick 74.7S.l7O Hanna. James IIS Hanna. Miriam I7O Hansen. Mark I9O Haraldsen. Jill Robin I7O Hardt. Paul I9O Hargrove. Jill 8O.l7O Harlan. Enoch II8 Harmis. Diane I7O Harrell. Marcy II8 Harrenstein. Rebecca II8 Harrington. Elly l7O.I83 Harris, Brenda l4O Harris. R. Mark I7O Harrison. Douglas I49 Hart. Jeffrey 62.63.I49 Hart. Kathleen 96.I49 Hartman. Karin I49 Hartmann. Terri I7O.I8S Hasper. Lars IIS Hasselmann. Pam I7O Hathaway. Sandra ll8 Hauck. John l49 Hawkins. Helen I49 Hawkins. Sterling I7O Haymaker. Alan I90 Heckenberg. Orval I4O Heininger. John I49 Heinsch. Randy IIS Heisserer. Elke I87 Helfer. Ben Jay I7O.l84 Heller. Jack I7O Hemstreet. David Henderson. Colleen I7O Hendricks. Douglas I7O Henry. Arthur 63.l I8 Henry. Karl I7O Herald. Stephen 79.ISO Herbert. Michael Herr. Jeffery I7I Herring. Jonathan IIS Hicks. Jennifer I87 Hilker, James ISO Hill. Jim I7I Hill. Rhonda ISO Hilsmeier. Robin I7I Hinkle. Judi I7I Hinton. Rebecca Dera I7I Hipple. Linda II8 Hirsch. Bradford ISO Hirschler. Thomas IIS Ho. Flora IIS Hoch. Gaye 2O.I I8 Hockett. Janet ISO Hodgson. Sharon I7I Hodgson. Theodore I7I Hoff. Joni I7I Hoffman. Rob l7I Hofstra. Cathey ISO Hofstra. Robert II8 Holder. Cheryl 4S.I I9 Holler. Steve Holly. John I7I Holm. Joel I7I Holm. Lynette 68.l I9.I33 Hootman. Dawn I7I Hoover. Cheryl ISO.I62 Hopkins. Patrick I46.ISO Hopper. Mark I7I Horina. Debi I7I I-Iorina. Diane I7l Horne. Douglas V. I72 Horst. Mike ISO Horton. Jonathan ISO Horton. Marty 2I.ISO Horvath. Sonia ISO Hovestol. Joel I72 Howard. Bonnie ISO Howington, Jonathan 2l.I Hoyne. James ISO Huber. Frank 64.I72 Huddle. Steve M. I72 Hudgens. Rickey ISO Hudson. Ronda II9 Hueber. Rebecca 62.I72 Huger. Anton ISO Hughes. Beverly II9 Hughes. Charles II9 Huling. Perry 2l.lSO Hullinger. Jerry ISO Hunt. Ronald ISO Hurd. Dale II.I I9 lmer. Jack II9 Inman. Joy I72 Irvine. Richard ISO Isley. Connie ISO Ismiel. Mary Ann II9 Issler. Susan I72 Jackman. Melinda II9 Jackson. Chuck I72 Jackson, Pennie I72 Jacob. Vivian I72 Jacobs. Brenda II9 Jacobsen, Jeffrey ISO Jamerson. Mark David I72 James. Beve I72 James. Brenda I72 James. Heidi I72 Jamieson. Audrey 20.I20 Jancewicz. William ISO Janusch. Linda Anna I73 Jefferson. Bonnie ISO Jenkins. Christian ISI Jewell. David I73 Jindra. John I73 Johnson. Barbra I20 Johnson. Charles ISI Johnson. Cynthia I73 Johnson, Daniel I0.I87 Johnson. David ISI Johnson, Gary I73 Johnson. Marilyn 63 Johnson, Karen I73 Johnson, Kirsten I20 Johnson, Lin I20 Johnson. Lori 2O.ISI Johnson. Timothy ISI Johnson. Johnston. Johnston. Valerie 3.I73 Charles I20 George 82.187 Jolliffe, Carol I20 Jones, Debra I73 Jones. James I73 Jones. Larry 82.I87 Jones. Lisa 96.I73 Jones, Mark A. I73 Jones. Melissa I73 Jones. Michael I73 Jones. Natalie IJO Jones. Rebecca I20 Jones. Robert Gregory I73 Jones, Timothy ISI Jordan. Ralph Jorgensen. Gary ISI Julian. Kimberly 8O.8I.ISI Jung. Peter ISI f Kalb. Israel I2O Kamm. Patrick IZO Kao. Esther ISI Karr. Kerry 84,I73 Kazner. Keith IZO Keenan, Richard l73 Keener. Bill I73 Kelleher. James Kellner. Mark I20 Kellner. Paul Kelly. Marcia 2O.I20 Kendall. Grace I73 Kerr. Jeffrey I87 Kerr. Tim I73 Ketchum. Wayne I73 Kiddle, Glenn ISI Kilgore, Bill. III I73 Kilgore, Sandy I87 Killian. Brent ISI Kim. Moon ISI King, Sybil I40 Kinsel. Linda I73 Kirchner. Carl IIO Kirk. Bill ISI Kissinger, Karen I73 Kittaka. Craig III Klea. Charles I73 Kleinow, Cheryl I2I.l32 Klingbeil, Stephen ISI Kluge, Helen I73 Kneeland. Shelley. Jr. I40 Knight. Marjorie K. I73 Kocepula. Vera I73 Koch, Glen ISI Koens. Willem IS2 Q "5 f 31, 3. QI NIUE? as 2' ff Q9 'rin f' ' .ef I I 1' N, W' .ff - f' ,D 'S'-. - ,Q I 5: to vw A II 1 P J .1 w Koepke. David I4O Konkel. Peter IS2 Kopecky, Charles I9O Koponen. Nancy I73 Korpak. Ranita III Kowal. Kristopher I90 Krahn. Daniel IS2 Kringle. Timothy I73 Kruger, Dawn Kruit. Sarah 80.lS2 Kuehl. Gary 63.IS2 Kuhn. John IS2 Kuhn. Takae IS2 Kulin. Julie 96.I2I Kumkoski. Brian 64.I2I Kunlz. Stephen I73 Kurer. Sharon J, I74 Kurtz. Greg IS2 Kvistad. Kathleen Kyriazes. Anthony I2I Lade. Landa ISS Ladenberger. Glenn I74 Laioie. Donna IS2 Lamon. Terry IS2 Landis. Dean Ill Landis. Douglas Roger I74 Lanman, Dannel 36.I74 Larabell. Nathan 2l,I2I Laramie, Michael I90 Larocco. Sandra I2I Larsen. Mary I74 Lassen, Donna I74 Lassen. Patricia ISI Latimer. James IS2 Laue. Kim 2O.I2I Laughlin. David 2.I2I.I32 Laverman. Royce I74 Lavin. Louayne I74 Lawhead. Jean IS2 Lawrence, Mark I74 Laws. Anna I74 Lawson, Scott P, I74 Leal. Daniel 2I,IS2 Learned, Pamela 4,8,I74 Ledbetler. Tim I74 Lee. David ISI Lee. Debra III Lee. Howard Ill ' :S x , , I ' ' fig: If Ax 5 'f "WI ft' J: ' ,nl 5 f tfffff fa if 1 .Fifi its 'uf Lee. James I74 Lee. John I74 Lelle. Lisa I9O Lemmert. Walter I22 Lempa. Bob I90 Leone. Frank 4.IS2 Lesher. Donald I22 Leutwyler. Hansiorg I87 Leutwyler. Katrin I9O LeValIey. Karen L. I74 Lewis. Daniel ISI Lewis. Norman I74 Lewis. Kathryn I22 Liechty. Eric I22.I32 Liesch. Jurg I74 Lilja. Scott ISI Lilly. Michael IS3 Lilly, Stephen I9O Lin. Nelson Lind. Dave I87 Lindeman. Jill IS3 Linderman. Thomas ISS Lindstrom, Christine 2O.I22 Lindstrom. Kathleen I74 Link. Kathy I22 Link. Robert I22 Livingston. Gregory I74 Loayza. Carmen IS3 Lockner, Julie 96.I74 Lofgren, Juanita I74 Loftin. Laurie Eve I74 Longnecker, Kathy I74 Lonius. Brent Critchfield I74 Lonski. Edward IS3 Lonski. Lawrence IS3 Lottus. Kristine I74 Louis. Glenn I9O Loveland. Rebecca I74 Luce. Michael I74 Luetscher. Dale IS3 Lykins. Michael ISS Lyons. Ann I22 LI. Maas. Carol I74 MacKenzie, Susan I22 Maclean. John I74 Mahan. Susan Jane I75 Malanowski, Lynn 96.I22 2I9 Mosby. Maldonado. Rafael IS3 Mann. Janet I90 Manning. William IS3 Mariano, Deborah IH Mark. Cheryl 20.63.02 Marquardt. Mary Kay l7S Marsch. Leonard 2l.l22 Meier. Marilyn I 75 Mell. John I76 Mellinger. Joel IS4 Meredith. Craig I76 Meredith. Diane I76 Meregaglia. Giorgio 65. I 87 Mergan. Jayne l76 Merulka. Valerie IS4 Metcalf. Miriam 2O.l23 Metzger. Barbara 96 Meyer. Gregg IS4 Meyers. Daniel IS4 Miatke. Rhonda IS4 Middlebrooks. Tamara IS4 Mielke. Donald I76 Migliazza. Brenda I23 Miller. Brian IS4 Miller. Emily IS4 Miller. Eric l9O Miller. Gregory R. I76 Miller. Hannah II3 Miller. James 2,l76 Miller, Pamela I23 Miller. Sidney 62.96.IS4 Min. Myung I9O Minor. David 66, I S4 Mitchell. Glenn 82.l87 Moering. Rene 8 Mogler. Jamie l76 Mokoko. Ade l76 Monteiro. Rosalinda l76 Monteith, Diane IS7 Montgomery. Beth I76 Montgomery. David I9O Montie. Elizabeth IS4 Moon. Melody IS4 Moore. Debra I9O Moore. William 96.lS4 Moritz. Mark IIS Mork, Jonathan l9O Morris. G. John IJ3 Morrow. David I76 Morton. Lynn I23 Elizabeth IS4 Marshall. Nancy I22 Martin. Barbara I7S Martin. Diana IS3 Martin Philip I22 Martin Timothy IS3 Mason Jeff I7S Mason Steven ITS Mason. Thomas l9O Mathen. Jacob ISS Mathisen. Timothy l22.l32 Matson. Louis 79,l22 Matson. Sue IS3 Matson. Warren ITS Matsumura. Miles Matthews. John S.l22 Matuch. Thomas ID Maughon. Angela I22 May. Bob ITS May. Julie IIS Mayer. Jack ISS Maze. Sheila I90 Mazorolle. Michael McBride. Louis l7S McCallum. Karen l7S McCammon, Gary l7S McClain. Philip I7S McClintock. Barbara K, I88 McClure. Timothy 96.lS3 McConnaughay. Mike I87 McDaniel. Kathy 2O.lS3 McDougall. Daniel IS3 McDowell. Mike l23 McGehee. Thomas IS3.l88 Mclntosh. James 63.lS3 Mclntyre. Martha IS3 McKean, Sandee I75 McLaren. Randy IS3 McNeill. Catherine IS3 McQueen. Steven Meade. Nymphas I90 Meadows. Christopher M. 82.I7S Meads, Robert 76.IS3 Medbury. Daniel I7S Mehaffie. Melinda I76 Mosier. Michael 2.IS4 Moulton, Sheila 63.lS4 Mugford. Cleverdon IS4 Mugglin. Stephen IBS Mullins, Steven Murk, Barbi l76 Murphy. Eileen l23 Murray, Janice 74.7S.IS4 Murray. Todd I76 Murrill. Danny l23 Mushial. Bruce I42.IS4 Musser. Corinne l76 Myer. Douglas I23 Myers. James C. l76 Myers. Robert Myers. Vicki I24 1 Naatz. Richard IS4 Nauta. Keith J. I76 Nearbin. Rebecca I24 Neff. William 2I.4S.I24 Nelson. Gary IS4 Nelson. Mark Edward IS4 Nelson. Mark David l76 Neumann. Brian 4.I77 Newberry. Edgar I77 Newman. Darryl IS4 Nicholas. Lillian l90 Nichols, Carol l90 Nichols. Mike IS7 Nielsen. Timothy 63.IS4 Niemi. Brad I77 Niemi. Lynn I77 Nikitin. Linda lS3.ISS Noble. Helen Noble. Lynn IO0.lSS Noble. Rene lOO.lSS Norby. Karla I24 Norton. Wendy I77 Noverini. John ISS Nummerdor. Rosemary ISS Nunley, Terri 124 Oates. Steven N. I77 Oberg. Cheryl IJ4 O'Brien. Randall ISS Oechsle. Jody I77 Oliver. Viola l4l Olsen. Thomas ISS Olson. David I77 Ondracek, Mark ISS O'Neal. Dorris 36.ISS O'Neal. Franklin 36.l24 O'Quinn. Timothy ISS O'Quinn. Vicki I77 Ordway. Lori I77 Orner. James I77 Ossler. Bob I77 Otten. Richard ISS Otten. Steven W. I77 Otto. Cheryl IJ4 Overbaugh. Marjorie I77 Owen. Carey ISS Owens. Francis ISS Packard. John l9O Park. David I77 Parker. Jean l77.l8O Parkhurst. Ken ISS Parks. Donald ISS Parman. William l90 Parrish. Maurice I4l Paschke. Theodore IBO Patrick. Lavern ISS Patterson. Michael 79.lS6 Patterson. Roy S.4S.I24 Patterson. Sandy I77 Paul. Stephen 38.79.IS6 Peacock. Susan I77 Pearce. Pauline J. I77 Pearson. David 96.I77 Pearson. Donald 68.69.04 Peiffer. Julie 84.SS.lS6 Pelt. Leslie A. I77 Penn, Mark IS6 Pennza. Laura I77 Perrine. Christine lOO.I24 Perrine. Edwin 76.77.I00.IS6 Perry. Mark IS6 Perschbacher, Ruth I56 Persson. Phillip I24 Peterson. Joel I77 Peterson, Josephine 4S.I24 Peterson, Melissa 4.7.I77 Petrie. Kathleen lS6 Petrilli. John IS6 Petty. Gordon I24 Petty. Kirsten I88 Petty. Robert I77 Petzel. James 82.83.lS6 Phelps. Barbara I77 Philhower. Diana I77 Phillips. Beverly F. I77 Phillips. Gillian IS6 Pierce. Sandra l42.lS6 Pierson. Corlette I77 Pirrie. Dara I77 Placko. Daniel ISG Plastow. Lori l78 Poeppelman. Mary I87 Pohlmann. James lS6 Pollard. Melody 97.l78 Pollock. Sandra 2O.IS6 Popenfoose. Joel IS6 Porch. Daniel IS7 Porter. Cynthia I7S Porter, Lori S4 I7S Potts. aura ITS Potts. uth I9O Powell, Arthur IIS Powell. Bruce I57 Powell, Debbie S4.S5.I7S Powers. Donald I7S Pozza. Sheryl 5.I2S Preston. Aaron ITS Preston. Michael S2.I7S Prevette. Douglas IS7 Price. Magnolia I4I Price, Roy 36,I7S Price. Thomas IS4.IS7 Pucel. Rob ITS Purinton, Tammie I7S Pust. Tracey I7S Porter. Ann I 78 L . R Quiggle. Sharon IIS Quinn. Bob I9O Rackley. Robin l7S Rakow. Thomas I9I Ralph. Bill I78 Ramos. April 2O.I57 Ramsay, Jerome IS7 Ramsey. Terri 2O.I2S.I33 Ranck. Dwight I9I Rascher. Keith 79.lOO.I2S Rascher. Lawrence 7S.79.IS7 Rasey. Dennis IIS Rasmussen, Christine l7S Rathbun. Keith IS7 Rausch. Rosemary 74.l7S Ray. Bruce I9l Raymond. Gregory A. ISS Read. Douglas 7S.79.I2S Recker. Kevin I78 Reed. Jonathan IIS Reed. Tamara 7.I7S,I7S Reed. Timothy IS7 Rees. Deborah IS7 Reffey, Lyle S. I7S Reichart. Matthew I7S Reichman. Marcia IS7 Reichman. Rebecca IIS Reid, Anne E. IS7 Reiher. Donald IS7 Reilly. Lynn I7S Reinhold. Keith I9I Reinhold, Shirley ITS Reist. Joyce I57 Reminick, Kelly I7S Repke, Rebekah I7S Rhodes, Richard IS7 Rice. Jeffrey L. I78 Rice. Julie IS7 Richards, Tim IIS Richards. Tim 2I.4S Richardson. Cynthia I7S Rider. George IIS Ridings. Dean G. I78 Ridley. Rodger 64.IS7 Rieckman. Pamela I26 Riedel. Jennifer Kay ISS Rieke. David Rings. Blane IS7 Rinlelman. Dale S2.83.l26 Robarts. Donalda I26 Robarts. Evelyn 7.I7S Robbins. William IS7 Roberts. Jaclc I79 Roberts, James I79 Robertson. Rodney I79 Robinson. Terron IS7 Rocha, Manny 2 I . I 26. I 33 Rodgers. Gregory I57 Rodgers. Janet I79 Rodgers. Sue I32 Rodin, Darrell I26 Rohen, Patrick I9I Rojas. Annette I26 Rollerson. Harvey I26 Rolley. Mark l9I Rosentreter. Herman Rosing. Lisa 4S.I26 Rosol, Annette IS7 Roth. Cindy lS7 Rousseau. David 74.7S,I Rowan, Paul H. I79 Royce. Jack Royer. Diane L. I79 Rubow. Kenneth IS7 Rucin. Cheryl 9,ISS Rucin. Craig I79 Rucker. Jerome S2.I26 Rundle. David I26 Runyan. lee Ann ISS Ruotsi. Lynnette 62.I26 Russell. Gayle ISS Russell. Linda J. I79 Ruth, Betsy 62.63.lSS Ryan. Patrick I79 S7 St. Germain. Patricia I9I St. Marie. Diane I79 Salios. Rebecca I67.I79 Samuel. David ISS Sanders. Rodney ISS SanGiacomo. Carla IS7 SanKaran. Rosemary I9I Santaferraro, John ISS Santhouse, Paul I26 Sari, Louis 67.ISS Sarnicola, Anthony I27 Saucy. Gloria Joy I79 Saunders. Robert ISS Sawyer. Thomas I79 Schaeferle. Tracey I79 Schaeffer. David I9I Schael. Daniel ISO Scheel. Rebecca I9I Schefe. Leo ISS Schindler. Julie 7.lSO Schirman. Randy ISO Schley, Dennis ISO Schlueter. David ISS Schmidt. Steven ISS Schmitt. Mary Ann S,62.63.I27 Schneider. Janice I27 Schneider. Susan ISS Schott, Donald Keith. Jr. ISO Schreyer. Schuller. Schulte. Schultz. Schultz. Schultz. Schultz. Steven ISO Carl l4I Timothey I27 Gary L. ISO John ISS Robert I4I Ronald IST Schwenke, Gregory ISO Scott. Barbara IO,2O.97 Scott. Nancy ISS Scott. Richard I27 Scott, Timothy ISS Sears. Gary ISS Sears, Mendy I27 Sechrist. Wendy ISO Seegraves, Carole I27 Selin, Scott ISO Shanahan, Pamela ISS Shaw. Kathryn 2O.I27 Shaw. Thomas I27 Shawback. Julie 3,ISS Shearer. Steve I SS Shelly, Debra A. IS7 Sherman. Kathy ISS Sherman. Randy I7I Shev. Michael 79,ISO Shev, Michelle I27 Shima. Steve I7I,ISO Shirkey. Carla ISS Shook. David IS7 Short. Kenneth ISS Shoup. Douglas l9I .I27,I33 3: I JJ f' N1fl'2L9Qff2'ffr"' ii 'kiarmnne Showalter. Thomas ISS Shreve. Lesa ISS Shuck. Robert II7 Siktberg. Timothy IS7 Simmons, Becky II7 Simpson. Cheryl ISS Simpson. James 79.I4I. Simpson. Kent I59 Simpson. Willie I59 Sippress. Denice I59 Siogren. Jill II7,l33 Skidmore. Cindy I59 Skinkle. Deanne IIS Slagle. Laura ISO Slonske. Jill ISO Small. Stephan l59 Sminkey. Dawn 74,75 Stough. Smith. Donna Smith. Gary IS9 Smith. Jana IO.I59 Smith, John l59 Smith, Malcolm IIS Smith. Mark ISO Smith. Richard IIS Smith. Robert I75.ISI Smith, Terrence I9I Smith. Timothy ISI Snodgrass. Karen IIS Snodgrass. Kristie ISI Snow. Shelly ISI Snow. Vicky ISI Snyder Snyder. Snyder Christine l59 Cindy ISI Daniel P. IIS Snyder. Daniel T. SO.IIS Snyder. Diane ISI Sok, Jung I59 Solheim. Candy I59 Sombrio. Murray ISI Sommer. Luke I59 Sorensen. Peter I59 South. Terrell Sowski. Janice I9I Spahn. Susanne G3.IIS Spearman. David IIS Spencer. Rocky ISI Spencer. Stuart IS9 Spetz, Raymond IGO Spieglberg. Lauren IIS Spiegelberg. William IS Spinella, Carolyn 7,ISl QI..-7 is...-JJ xc' 'Q' ' sf. W S.. C Z' I fa ,QS I. I .I I.. . ..,.1 S .u ' :"!ZN.'fr,'91N1sEil5WNF5. I. ' gs.. Spinella. Sharon IGO Spitler. Ronald 4S.IIS Splittorff. Teresa ISI Sroka. Marie IGO Staff. Carl IGO Stafford. Leonard ISI Stager. Max IGO Stahler. Karen ISI Staley. Dawn S.IGO Stecher, Carolyn IS7 Stecher. Con IS7 Steele. Kurt ISI Steimle. Steingra Sterbin. Stevens. Stewart. Stewart. Stewart. Stewart Judith IGO ber. Christina IGO April IIS Wendy GI.lGO David P. ISI Emma I4I Joe ISI Randall IO 79.lIS StickeI,' Bradley IS I' Stiles. J Stimac. enny IGO Michael IGO Stirewalt, Sherrie IGO Stone. Bonnie ISI Stopoulos. William Lisa ISI Stout. Sally IGO Stradiot. Mark 45.II9 Strand, Nathan II9 Streder. Genny ISI Strege. Dennis 79.IGO Slrietzel. Kurt ISI Strohm. Kathryn ISI Strzala. Paul ISI Thornsbury. Vaughn Thornton, Catherine IGI Thornton. Gregory 9.GS.G9.I3O Thornton. Marion ISI Thorpe. Barry C. I87 Throckmorton, Deborah IGI Tiffany. Stacey E. ISI Tilford. Douglas IGI Tillery. Alan ISO Titrud. Debrah I9I Tomm, Harry ISI Topping. Rick IGI Torp'Pedersen. Christian ISI Torrey. Brett ISI Travis, Kenneth Paul ISI Traylor. Nancy IGI Trish. Margaret 3.4.ISI Troff. Wayne Troolines. Christine IGI Troolines. Elizabeth IGI Troop. H. Grant I87 Trotter. Jeffrey ISI Trulson. Darrel ISO Turner. Lynne 7G.77,I3O.IGI Turner. William lO.I3O Tweh. Ethel ISI Tyler. Marc SI.IGI Tyler, Stephen IGI Il Stubbs. Virginia ISI Stultz. David IGO Sullivan. Rebecca IGO Sullivan. Sarah Beth ISI Sutherland. Penny IGI Swagerty. Susan ISI Swain. Sharon ISI Swale. John II9 Swan. Joel ISI Swaney. Michael S. ISI Swanson. Doreen 3.ISS Swart, John I9I Swedine. Nancy 9G.ISI Swinborne. Juleen II9 Swineford. Priscilla II9 Swope. Steven IGI Umfleet. Randy IGI Il Vagner. James l9I Vaiko. Gail IGI Valdez. Xenia ISI Valles. Keith IGI Vance, Mark Andrew 7S.79,IG3 Vance. William ISI Vandenberg. Anne IGI VandenBer . Tom 74.75.76 ISI Szczepanski. Ana ISI g . Vander Meer. Jeffery Scott ISI Vanderwerf. Terry I3O Van Kampen. Gregory ISI Varga. Lorew IS7 Verbic, Marianne ISI Vinson. Sarah IGI Vitollo. Francis IGI Vogel. Christopher IO,I3O Vogelpohl. Ronald IO. I 30 Voisin. Daniel L. ISS VonBusch. Becky IS3 von Meding. Edward l3O . U Wagner. Wesley IGI Walker. Chris ISS I Talcott. Kelly I9I Talmage. Lee S.ISI Tanner. Rebecca 7.IGl Tansy. Brian IGI Taylor. Christine IGI Taylor. Glynise ISI Taylor, Kent II9 Taylor. Mary I9I Taylor. Patty II9 Taylor. Robert ISI Taylor, Wayne II9 Taylor. William ll.IGl Termorshuizen. Sydney I Terrill. David II9 Tesauro, Michael II9 Thames. Karl ISI Thiery, Rebecca ISI Thiessen, Peter IGI Thieszen. Karen ISI Walker Clayton S. I 30 Walker Gayle IS3 Walker Jeffrey I3I Walker. Thomas IGI Walker. Tommy I4I Wall. Lynn IGI Walles. Byron IGI Walli. Arlyne I S3 Thomas. Amy ISI Thomas . Cynthia ISI Thomas. Daniel IGI Thomas. Richard ISI Thomason. Daniel ISI Thomason. James II9 Thompson. Anne ISI Thompson. Debra ISO Thompson. Lisa IGI Thomso n. David 7S.79.I3O Walton, Scipio Wandell. Randall IGI Ward. James I3I Warden. Jon Waring. James IG3.IS3 Warren. Marla IS3 Washatka. John IS3 Wassenaar. Jeffrey 79.IS3 Watkins. Jan I3l Watluns Mark A ISS Watson Douglas Way Mary Jane I62 Wechsler Brian I84 Wechsler Carole I84 Wemlsch Stew IS4 Wernslem lmre IS4 Wenss Sarah S4 S5 I62 Welch Barbara I87 Welch Charles I62 Wellrngton Jewel I62 We s Mark ISI Wendtland blenn I62 West Debra IS7 Westcott Llsa l84 Westel Dannel I84 Weslplate Jane IS4 Whaley Susan I62 Wheaton John I62 Wheeler Michael W I84 Wheeler Rlchard ISI Wheeler Timothy I62 White Daniel 97 I62 White Ruth I84 Whrte Susan I84 White Veronica IB4 Whltlng Thomas I62 Wlegman Thomas ISI Wllke Steve IS4 Wrlkm Harold ISI Wilkenson Curtis I62 Wllllams Wrlllams Wrlllams Wrlluams Wllllams Andrew Brenda I62 Mary 45 ISI Melody I62 Steven I84 Wrllramson Eric I84 Wilson Carol I62 Wrnzer Rebecca I62 Wrrkus Lynn A ISS Wrse Stephen Wrsmer Ronald I62 Woelke Roberta ISI Wolfe Sharon ISI Wong BethAnn ISS Woodhams Susan I9l Woodruff Julle I62 l6S Woods James I62 Woodward Wesley l62 Wooley Llnda I86 I87 Woolsey Elizabeth IGS Woolsey Robert IGS Wooten Lorl 4 3 ISS Worley Wnght Wright Wnght Wright Larry 74 79 ISS Davrd 8 IGS Michael ISS Sharon ISI Susan E 65 Wynstra James I6S Wysong Jay 82 I63 Y r Ronald L Jr IGS 85 Yankey Debra ISI Yarrow Deborah I9I Yelp Debra I42 IGS Yensan Jerald IGS Yoo Jae ISS Yoo Young ISS York Jeffrey ISI York Luanne ISI Young Pat I85 Young Russell Lee I85 Yuayan Sacnflclo IGS Zarrrello Lynette I6S Zaruba June 80 I87 Zayner Bernard I9I Zech Stephen ISS Zegan Tom ISS Zlckefoose Robert I6S Zlelmslu Karen ISI Zrrnmermann Randy ISS Zunk Terrance ISS .' AI84 f u. ' ' I I .Iss I ah, .. . ,I In his book AUTHENTIC CHRISTIANITY, Ray C. Stedman says the secret to the Christian life is "nothing coming from ust everything coming from God." This is the idea behind the theme of this year's yearbook. Paul also states this theme in 2 Corinthians I2:IO. I hope you know this truth from experience and can say, "ln the end is my beginning." It has been a pleasure putting this book together. I hope you enjoy it as much as I already have. My two goals in preparing this yearbook have been to glorify God and to give you something which will bring back memories of your I98O-8I year at Moody. I trust and pray that the book meets these goals. I have had a great year as editor. I have learned and grown through the experience and will never be the same because of it. I would like to express my deep appreciation to each one ,on the staff, to Miss James, and to Bob Moorhead. the company representative. I have had their support and cooperation from the beginning and owe much to each one. Enloy the book and may we each find a new beginning in the end. l5won'rH PL 'fwfr lv fini-3 Mrs. Ruth Irvine ' TI I I5 ' "S, Q .atm .s""3-Y, Mr. Ralph Bradbury The Deans Department jf Mr. Michael Lastoria Robert Irvin, Dean of Students. has said that the Deans Department is designed to meet the non-academic needs of all students. The deans try to build relationships that will lead to a sense of sincere mutual trust and openness. "I want to challenge people to think." said Ruth Irvine, "to look at the whole scope of a problem and to solve it for themselves." Problems of identity and decisiveness seem to be most common among Moody students. The deans desire to stimulate thought amongst students. constructing self- awareness tools that will be useful throughout life, "Sessions with my dean give me insight that Iam producing myself. I am discovering new things . , . by examining myself." one student has said. 1s-A, - -Q 1 fiap-551: ---e A 'x 4 '. f - ' ' ' 1 ,,- , A ,, lr 'X 4 ' 2 LJ, t A, .-n" ,. -,f,,'-f J 1 Vim, ,l V. ' W ,. L, 1 -, , ,gr 1, K, .- , ,x. , -' :fr ,lr-.' 1-9- .X , ' V I Q I L. . 1.5, . QW. u- 1 Z'WE,k.," ." 1. "Z ' y L.- ,:,i . rj' E.. .y V . v- ,.,. ,jul-'j , 'v.v,, 1 , 1 2,1 gx',J.iIj:-l:'. .' , . uv, Z .,, , .Y 'UU ,f W1 f ,, SV. 1 , Lg , 1 L- ,mr -- l,. "elm-L:',gi' ',,y',1A'jx . gif i"ii- ! 'X' if ' ,riff ix' ',' " 1, l W .,. , ,- .I ., , ..q -' M11 s wg ,--.1 ' ..+,1,, I",M", ' 2" f' f7o'5fikjf,-N 'fu 'MH11' ' 'r. if' . 10:1 F, A, 1 Q . 4 r ,., ,, ' 1 3. w.'.. 5, ,v - v ix fr Y . ' 7 f x 1 " ' hy S fi ' B K. 5.1 ,. , .g .3 1 L xr ,-J ' , . . 4 .v. 1' V ,t X' V1. 4 .. . H. .JIU w tu.: ,-I T P, ., -, fi um. , , L- ' ag 1.' . Nl W . X.--' -iss' - - f AQ ', 3 . 5 ' A -I1 ' 4 n , 1 1 v A, 9. 1 -wh y,.X..Q v 4 , f gh' , , , V V-V. , . L' 'L n If F1 L, SQ". I nb . :-'Y -Ill. 2 i A. r . 1 1 W v , .Q , .ew r .1 If Q t"5 I. A 'I 4 ff' - U, 1 f Q ' 5 sn- ' Vx. ,lsv 5- fu 4.5 xx-1, F ,,g,J 4"'Yx ,, ,J 'N ' D v f, - "1 f flfik 12055, ' 7 ,Q ,, - 4 45 ., , .Tc ,, if 4' 'v 3 . ,- 2. .A .1-. ,n . .V , ,'.,w 1 3,-f-.1 .f'L5gVv 3":t. Q"7."'1 -ff1'e:i'5'-ifiar f ' 1 ,I : -' 4i 4, J., S -Ag, f E- it W". v" aa.. fri' , ' vb V, J 4 " . ' " ' ' ' W. , ' A w A"P'." J 14+ '51 y' Q Y XY 1 . 15,' ,jx 4, , . ' 1' ' ' , Uv 1 ,Q P 4 r , 1 ,' 1 v A W 'A b 5 u 1 'af if 1 A .- 0 Q , A e 49 . I 1 4' T 1' mum TU. :msgid bk , . ,Y X U! A AV if p " ' " Staff f '1 I i . V ,ex Connie Braunlin, Women 's Assistant Head Resident. Barb Lepore. Women 's Head Resident. C-J C' Women 's Resident Assistants. First row, left to right: Gay Hoch. May Gillette, Kim Laue. Barb Scott. Second row: Marcia Kelly, Audrey Jamieson, April Ramos. Nancy Carpenter, Lori Johnson, Kathy McDaniel. Tina Bardill. Third row: Kathy Shaw, Jana Smith. Chris Lindstrom, Lori Duma, Sandy Pollack, Cheryl Mark, Terri Ramsey, Miriam Metcalf These are your R.A.'s Men 's Resident Assistants. First row, left to right. Matt Collins. Doug Buckwalter, Pat Clarey. Randy Stewart, Chris Vogel. Second row: Tim Mathisen. "5queaIy" Dan Leal, Scott Howington. Ron Vogelpohl, Dave Corlew, Marty Horton. Third row: Frank Everett. Manny Rocha. Mike Agnew, Bill Neff Fourth row: Lenny Marsch, John Beaver, Mitch Hulig. Being landlords for I.35O people is not an easy task. There's more to the iob than signing late permits and giving out the coveted Mr. Clean Award. Most responsibilities are carried on behind the scenes. "The most challenging aspect of my iob is the nature of being a liaison between the students and the deans." said Tom Edelen, Men's Head Resident. The staff works primarily with the R.A.'s, trying to develop and encourage them with their work on their respective floors. Tom. Barb. Connie and Nate feel that they must always be conscious of being fair to all students. presenting a balanced image, constructing reciprocal trust and respect and developing meaningful relationships. "My ultimate goal, of course." said Tom. "is to learn how to control a men's dorm meeting." , l V .l l 1: sf 7 fa, ui Y 'eq it uf' I l tiff' i Nate Larabell, Men 's Assistant Head Resident. Tom Edelen. Men 's Head Resident. x Y - 4-4 1 Y- 1' N -. . ' 2 f X' ,X ' 1 lf .X . X 1 . N f ' 1 y X li A . 5 ,X v sy, if -- .. ' l - ' . ,A . A. V ' , . V F: I f l' V' l' V - gshgf P 5" K ,- 13 ' F who 1- smiths? ' " t" ' -' Mrs. Mary Stump Health Service Nurse Marilyn Morgan and her team of student nurses see "everything from sore throats to torn ligaments" each day. Knowing that many of the illnesses treated are brought on by mental stress. afternoons are spent counseling with some of the students. "We try to help the whole person: this is a ministry," says Nurse Morgan. fit Miss Marilyn Morgan - Head Nurse Student Employment You come back from a class. enter your dorm lobby and push the elevator button. ln front of you a message reads: "3-5 People Needed To Hand Out Leaflets: I-6 P.M.g S2510 Per Hour," 4Well. maybe it doesn't read exactly that way.D lt is signed. however. by Mr. "B" or Mrs. Stump, the two maior reasons why Chicago's economy retains its vitality. Because of the growing inflation rate. the number of students seeking temporary or holding part-time employ- ment has risen from SOUZ, to 7092, in just three years. Oddly enough. though the unemployment rate has also been rising. "many businesses are using more part-time employees than ever before." said Mr. Becker. Temporary loans are granted to further ease the financial burden of several students. nnvf incur- i 2 Moody's Medical Corp 4 Mr. Calvin Becker - Director C9 C? Jef 'ss Mr. Roy Shervy - Director Mr. Warren Allen - Assistant to Director UM' Mr. Paul Wieland 4 Director Registrar How many students have blue eyes? What is the maiden name of your roommate's mother? How many students from Omaha, Nebraska. attend M.B.I.? You may never ponder these questions. but if you do there's one place where the answers to these and many other inquiries may be found. Yes, the Registrar's Office possesses a wealth of knowledge designed to "provide fast. accurate service to students. faculty and administration." said Mr. Roy Shervy. Director. Handling the acceptance of incom- ing students. Mr. Shervy stated empha- tically that "standards are tightening. not being lowered. all the time." Correspondence School Celebrating its eightieth anniversary this year. the Correspondence School is a ministry of the educational branch of the Institute which ministers to those who desire a more formal education but are unable to attend classes. Courses are available by mail for college credit or. on a less intense level, without credit. The school is presently preparing over HKU students to better serve our Lord in limitless ministries. One of the most popular studies is the Schofield Bible Course which gives an overview of both testaments and Bible doctrine. Other courses include Bible book studies. Christian faith and practice courses and even courses in the original biblical languages. Audiovisual Center Everything from issuing flannel- graphs to mixing sound for a concert to building an impressive video library to filming messages during Founder's Week fall under the responsibilities of the A.V. Center. Bruce Cain and his troupe of electronic whizzes staff one of the largest and best equippedlcenters in the area. having more material than some major universities. If by chance some piece of equipment should malfunction, the A.V. staff specializes in the repair and operation of all its equipment. Evening School Designed for the committed Iayper- son. Evening School offers subjects on an adult education level to nearly lm students each year. From the Florida Keys to the Mississippi. the schools assist local pastors in training their members as Sunday School teachers. youth leaders. music directors. club workers and church officers. One recent graduate has written. "At Evening School I have grown most in my Christian life. I thank God for some of the most dedicated Christian teachers in the world at Moody." Graduate banquets include testimonies of how God has matured them so much in such a limited time. To further this ministry, plans are in the making for a video Bible Institute operating completely on tape to be used by cable networks. Christian stations and churches. Library "l'm very pleased with the way students work here," said Robert Schock. head librarian. "They seem to be serious about their classes and projects." Assisting students with their studies. research and plain curiosity. the library currently possesses lO5.000 volumes and subscribes to over 900 periodicals. carrying everything from the Harvard Theological Review to "The Wittenburg Door." Due to the present overcrowded conditions. the library must expand to the seventh floor. This will allow for the purchasing of needed books. periodicals and new furniture. Mr. Schock. extremely happy about and proud of the expansion. said, "Building a collection that is constantly changing and will have a lasting influence is the most rewarding aspect of my job." N X Bruce Cain - Director .Q XX 6,4 4. , f ,I .fl X I Mrs. Mildred Benson ' z Hag? Mr. Richard Schock P.C.W. Department Though working understaffed iMr. Tahl and Miss Byrd carry a student staff ratio of I.35O:I9. the P.C.W. department is a very closeeknit, cohesive group. Originated by D.L. Moody himself, the Institute is one of the few Christian schools that hires a full-time staff to care for this ministry. Assignments range from teaching Sunday School and C.E.F. classes to performing magic and ventriloquism. The department. in the future. hopes to give academic credit for assignments. f Mr. Clifford Tyler Food Service l.OOO gallons of milki ZOO loaves of breadt 300 pounds of meat: SOO pounds of tossed salad: SDLP pieces of fresh fruit - all consumed in one week. "lt's very different from where I formerly worked." said Al Terwilleger. comment- ing on the difference between St. Meinrad's Monastery and Moody. "They were not allowed to talk when they atei and they listened to spiritual readings instead of B.J. Thomas." This year John Ringer ioined the small staff that does everything from soup to nuts: managing the dining room: Coffee Coves l and II fa new one opened in the Norton Building this yearli and catering dozens of luncheons and dinners. 3. w.'.. 5, ,v - v ix fr Y . ' 7 f x 1 " ' hy S fi ' B K. 5.1 ,. , .g .3 1 L xr ,-J ' , . . 4 .v. 1' V ,t X' V1. 4 .. . H. .JIU w tu.: ,-I T P, ., -, fi um. , , L- ' ag 1.' . Nl W . X.--' -iss' - - f AQ ', 3 . 5 ' A -I1 ' 4 n , 1 1 v A, 9. 1 -wh y,.X..Q v 4 , f gh' , , , V V-V. , . L' 'L n If F1 L, SQ". I nb . :-'Y -Ill. 2 i A. r . 1 1 W v , .Q , .ew r .1 If Q t"5 I. A 'I 4 ff' - U, 1 f Q ' 5 sn- ' Vx. ,lsv 5- fu 4.5 xx-1, F ,,g,J 4"'Yx ,, ,J 'N ' D v f, - "1 f flfik 12055, ' 7 ,Q ,, - 4 45 ., , .Tc ,, if 4' 'v 3 . ,- 2. .A .1-. ,n . .V , ,'.,w 1 3,-f-.1 .f'L5gVv 3":t. Q"7."'1 -ff1'e:i'5'-ifiar f ' 1 ,I : -' 4i 4, J., A Q. nilqsn - 5,.,- ,,, ggiihaacggxy was-'+ ' - tune-mem nga--snr . nuumwa sfrsu numswnmu n-ww--1. lzsf-1.-..: '::3z:z:.n1:1us:muwvxwx-'umm 1-msn m n.1:,.1:.1: .a.g.:.zz2a.L Jager. . - 513 r gQQ3'??:g1ig':."4.'Z.'ff..'Zi'1.i1"g':r: g .T . I I' I .45 A I - wmununuix-rv-wuq: --v- gag x . m:r+r,.::...s...-W - f . .IIIF . - 2: wil x-u mx in " ' It 4' - stf'f':-ass: N412 ' P-1 1- alt 25'??f'fII sf--yi-yi: .V-fs: 'S nwssatvtwggs "'f.1..rqlIIWtt:t t -'z ugylf' Q 1 ., r. -Q X M ' sf st. t , I it C t ttf' as Q "Ii5i3IKIQ315iYIflf mtg? tftgfgst. P1335 ss. ,' ,.,Q,.E3.:g, :sex .ms '- -N: R ul - . S l Albert C Iassen A lot of what I do centers around the family. I was raised in Kansas during the dustbowl days of the Great Depression. Those years taught me many Stern lessons of life. Food on the table, though very simple, was something for which to give thanksg not iust to say "grace" Health and strength were more important than wall to wall carpeting or a highly respected label inside the lapel of one's suit. The knowledge of God, a copy of His word and a reverence of Him who created and provided all were the central treasures of our home. I met my wife at Biola and we started a family of our own on the mission field. In three missionary terms we brought home three sons. Ev and I are now grandparents. twice in fact, and love to watch the little ones grow. Qur second son is getting married this spring to a lovely girl, our youngest son is planning a career teaching in seminary. So, we have our hands full, but we love it. No father or mother whose sons are men of God know how to express their pride and ioy or to aptlopriately thank the Lord. ' Teachers Speak f3ut Charles C hrislensen lt's a crisp October day with golden leaves framed by a blue sky. l'm standing on a ladder, paint brush in hand, to preserve and beautify our home. On Christmas Eve morning. Winnie and I invite friends in for a holiday breakfast. The pressure is off and the fellowship is warm around cranberry juice, Swedish .lulbrod and scrambled eggs. Late spring is the time to visit Canadian lakes. Though trips come only once-in-a-while, there's no doubt that a "shore lunch" of freshly filleted walleye reiuvenates any tired professor. Hot summer days mean camp for boys and girls. Baseball, swimming. campfires and popsicles make the Gospel more palatable. Bowed heads and teary eyes mean changed lives. -'GT' I t is R 1 Sam Canine Every week I am involved as a part-time staff member of Calvary Baptist Church. Highland, Indiana. This usually fills eight to ten hours per week. In the course of a year I preach, lead choir and congregation fin the absence of the Pastor or Music Directorl, counsel, teach a basic Christianity class, provide special music, participate in weekly visitation and teach a couples' class each Sunday morning. Every fall and spring I teach two hours at the Moody Evening School located in Highland. For the last three semesters I have scheduled one week with other churches in either evangelistic seminars de- signed to train laymen in articulating the gospel or spiritual life confer- ences, This past summer I logged about one hundred hours of research toward the completion of my dissertation for the Ph.D. degree in Speech-Communication. Recently, I contributed a chapter to a book scheduled for publication sometime in I98l. Summertime also provides more opportunity for such family activities as biking, swimming. reading and RELAXING. 1 Q .e 4 . . t, 1-. W! df . B lf' . N'-' Y. ,Z-We ww , ,wt 1 M. I .1 , x . w :Q 0 f Mrs. Corean Bakke Sacred Music Dr. William H. Baker Bible and Theology as fig Dr. Walter L. Banks Bible and Theology F, ' Miss Ruth Beam Dr. Paul N. Benware Communications Bible and Theology BQ 1 fl 3 ' K' . , -af .L f ...N-0 Mr. Richard D. Calenberg Mr. Sam L. Canine Bible and Theology Pastoral-Evangelism Dr. Robert E. Clark Mr. Albert J. Classen Christian Education Missions Mr. David R. Brackley Sacred Music Q. Q 5 if C Mr. Robert C. Carbaugh Sacred Music .YA Q u e. Q Z..'y,?2:J Q .... f "' 1 -?,, gal? D X . X 'Y' A f' ig Mrs. Swantina Currie Communications 03 Mr. Robert A. Barron Christian Education -gig . ef' 'A 'R J . T 1 X ,Sf t :kgs A Miss Nadine N. Brood Physical Education .e v 1 W. gg.-i. rm 1. ks ff V RE -Q ' ., Q . 1 X 3, ' writ ' Mr. Charles N, Christensen Communications Miss Rosalie de Rosset Communications Faculty Dr, Harold D, Foos Bible and Theology F Dr. Louis Goldberg Missions 5 I Miss Doris A. Freese Christian Education A .X 'xii Qing ' 'Si' . 'fa Us x . ., one ..A x 0 A X C. 'N ,, N ii it Mr. John W. Frye Bible and Theology .12 'f"""S 'S- y ...- Dr. C. Fred Dickason Bible and Theology . Gerald H. Edmonds Sacred Music Dr, Robert L. Goddard Bible and Theology Q, X 'ff 5 ,Nb 'lr X Q i 'xk+ narfiim, Q 1 X Q f '19 . .ks .1 . Dr. Werner C. Graendorf Mr. Joseph R. Greenebaum Dr. Paul S. Haik Christian Education Physical Education Bible and Theology fc . 'iii 12 'Q 5 ,- ,dvagymt GX X. s N Q-- y v! fi N N 1 A. ., 1 X Mr 1? 3 " .. O . ' l Dr. Thelma L. Hamilton Mr. Joseph C. Harding Mr. Henry W. Hecht Communications Physical Education Sacred Music ix 2' 1 a J f- 463 0 .V . ,. Y y. .," l - - r sl ' an N 4, '-Eff: . Q N N F 5 Nts ll --1 l is X Dr. Edgar C, James Miss Sharon R. James Mr. Benjamin W. Johnson Bible and Theology Communications Bible and Theology 'W 3 1. .A . ,X C x l L . Dr. B. Wayne Hopkins Pastoral-Evangelism I xl v. . z Mr. William F. Luck Bible and Theology Dr. Paul L. Lusher Sacred Music AD X Mr. William H. Marty Bible and Theology iacisliy ., ,U Was, 1 ...Q .QW. . , 5 -, ,eg Ig '-" 119 if: 5 A - f P. 5' 4- iw 'Rv-1 1 ,. - I ns, ,T .x ' - A Dr. Marvin E. Mayer Bible and Theology Dr. Paul D. Nevin Bible and Theology Q 3' Q . A , X Q , J X x X 40 Q xx X . 59,5 sz . 'J Mr. David Smart Sacred Music 'SF X ,N in 9? 5.V.L-.h . . .Lg a. xg, ' g X '1 . S- X ' Egg Dr. Donald G. Smith Communications Mr. Alan A. McNickIe Bible and Theology N ,IX '6 x X N X " . , .3 X-gzgigjglcxr: 'Kg-firm 5 lf., ., "iFv:fAX3i3E:::a 135 . kiwi, . . ' X-lawn M3 Q ' E, Mr. Robert B. Oldham Communications l Mr. Gilbert W. Mead Sacred Music R 'f'3-'ms ' ., ff . fri' 5 f ' '1"' 5-c z-. ff ' ,. 'T Mrs. Elizabeth M. Naegele Sacred Music I . .. , - . J i at .4 r 5 . ' 9 ' Q. 1 :. - 1- ? 'O x X xg X xxx S X I X X Mr. Gerald L. Raquel Mrs. Emily E. Shive Sacred Music Sacred Music ..'Q- I ff A ve. M. .ms- , if Q - I Vx X ' T , '.'. . . g,,:.Q .. , , -,.' .IT-3II,L5, , X YQ' 4' if 5 51 INS: s .J Q ig g g, Mr. Virgil E. Smith Sacred Music . - ,i ' no '52 c 4 ., ffsxfla Y' Q5 :T Q mimi-1 i 'L' .W 'I--X : T-,y 1' nl K 'I' 6' . xc. QR :I ' . w sg -" 1' T. inf Mr. William D. Thrasher Bible and Theology 11125511 I I- ', Q . u 4 , . 1 . . - ' .1 , ..- rl., s . n . ,4.-- 1 ? v. 'W ,Q -6 'O - pf. A f 'ws .it NW, ' O U vw P' 0 I 'vazf n'tf.3: 1 " Miss Rosemary E. Turner Missions -, ' gg2w?iL-'- -' .. N.f1'.ff?5?1 Mr. Richard C. Van Dyke Communications Q- l .17-:if is , Dr. Douglas C. Stephens Miss Dorolhy E. Symonds Mr. J. Raymond Tallman Bible and Theology Sacred Music Missions l if . KM , Mr. Wayne A. Widder Dr. lon E. Wilson Mr. Donald L Wise Christian Education Pastoralelivangelism Bible and Theology 456' rw-. Facuhy Hcaiiiy Aviation Instructors I 'I I fl 'S ,f f Cecil Bedford I mf Mm.-. 'be' M' ' -a,Q..m:-,,,,f.,- 43,93 W 3 f z Waller Carrier Keiih Ericson John Hamilton JOSBPII HOPHIIS Chaflgg Hgfn Reid Y + .Qt , K h N I n I P i Bruce Hendrich fx N45 Roger Kuypers Charles Patton Ronald Royce Dirk Van Dam .. news. Richard Martin Dan Mills William Powell Alvin Rice Faculty X ir 2? 3 ? R of --msn M Rolland Trempert K, i Edward Wheeler A af 3931- a1f' : M." 1, Q-. V sm, --, , . -,- , -IV. . ..... -1 .fazggwi ' A 1, , 9.1, "5"0f"' -aa we ff' we W Q -M: .. X XL ,.-1 fi- . x-,SQ 3 Ebfsix- .- "-A ' 35.6, 51 flzrfx 5-v. x 'arf -- 5535" K! ,. fda' ' I 1 H l QA 1' 2 -:ffff.:,,.. 'LAM 4'-l'fi7f: nik-in "1 ,P .1, ,fu , ' ggi , s . .i sSs2Q,Qf2i:iiiL"'-"3Q2 F '- .',1,' ., s .'4 QQ" 1- 144. -,.' ' .. -- 15, it ,N .t - 1 Q. . Js- v . - Wv. 'I f,.n .,-as 1 1 rf., ,Y . V' 4 , , " - , A-4.- n:,, ,. 4, 'I . f "I 2' J'3"2V- " ff-Civ ffl "ZH-SEQ' 4.iQf,1:ff-, 'Z jx '11 2-5-2 f ,..'!'?-- sF'i1,5f?E?7f', Lg we ,f-9? 2fz:5y,3,.i?,1 1 'N ' lv 245 1 x'fP2:f-pa " lx-'li' -4- fzjb- 9,1 , f fgg , 11 , '4Qff,cf - 1455? "'fl'+,'f:23:-,Q ' 1 4 - ' - ,1 Q ' ,. . -: 1, -- 'q,. :Ee m Zig 'Avril--'f?.,f-wq"7?1-5 75 45 if-7+ ' f f . - ,I ' -- -I fi:':g5My,g'1:ia 'S A N . ,X .0-J '31'iRt'2'zi1M,.., . ' P -.4 .. 'ju ,igsezsw-W. . ., 3 ,1 - .4 - ' ? --+.,1ai.' ' qeffffx - --'---vvnw,-.-55,4 lv' bm -4 rl O gg J, l'Q' A. J' .15--.X .wwf L - . d,,. .. V r W .J '-- ,-7AAs:1t , V P . y ' O Q M , Y-if ' if ' " ., -TZ ' ' , Q5 , nl ' 1,9 .- . ' . ,.: . ,' f fn' , 4. . ,gg vw 'HV um . ln. . - 1 .C . A' ' " 5 . ,. . 5' f ' If I , ... , D. s 5 wiki lgsisg zrlx i l- Y. :' 4" Ni: 3-.ff -9-v .QM '-" 1 'f.5ff.i' 'Q ' ' ,Q I, , I A -4 , 'K I ff I f '-' M N ' ' v A v 9' 4 44 2" I3 L. IH Q w Q Q l S ' ' z" -1 - 1 ii r g 4 W. , I si 1, A, w ' S ,' 3,389 , , J ,A 4 A I rl 4 x 1 X -I .'..,w4.f u.f'w,.wefv--?'f.'2",-15.5 ,,- 5-,,4:.: . - ,- , f"x-,QM ' ',':"?ffW' L-Q' A N -. -I Y4xfiN'2i..x..ih4.w..Y -'---Lf1.15f-:Y ' F34 ffyr v -Tl 1, Jeiiwlgsgq- ff: 'i',-11VJ'5'- - , .L .Yxf amish- 'A""-I A ' 'WL 'K . X. Q1 s V -x .- 5K L jgffgiwiff V rf- Qi ! . ' vs a, , I .. 'I 1 . 1 1-f 5. 4' Q- ,. KP" v A 'fs .N , 1. J ' W' ' ' .gil - " in - -Q1 . , - 1 X ' . A . ' X , , ,gf 'F - gd. 1- . lr' -. X: :L ' 4 4 f rs. 4 J- ' I ' I 1 '- A- , ,:r59",4,-Q, ,ui AMG 1 - 'f?K::'N-F55 'gf-..3qzQgi.".Lf35,g. U "fl" 4 .g. . 'V-Jffu 2. . n . ,J I v , .Q- ' .ti 4 I fis- 'li f' ! 5jLcmifa gpm PL 4 -..'-'Si gs E, V, . N fi , .., , '. w Q 2 A piwm . Mr. and Mrs. Frank O'Neal minister to the brethern. f - E r- A , uc: FP fsccr pig' C, fs T he familiar sound of the Torrey- Gray organ greeted us and made our departures more pleasant each morning. What did you think of the speaker? v--. xv 7' I, S , It My Y... i3' u, hapel i 5 , 't '-tif? 11 1 f '5:?"i , z 3 t V ' E , 5.155 ...t . U X l l ' l i '? " 1' b , E xml 3 f 4 t if e is 4 vY"f Filly 'egg' We wr 7, " r t 'Q' 4 3 . . .Q ,,.. V . 'J - at ,gifs mg -as ' 41 ' 'ig,i, I .y.-S YW : x .ffl . WVAI ,. " " vie 3 A nother Leonardo ? There 's nothing so destructive to the spirit as to be by your number without a pen. Tim Oslrander describes the many ministries of Moody Alumni. Time lt has been said that 801, to 907, of everything we do each day is out of habit. All of us go our own ways through the day according to set schedules. But at ten o'clock every week day we all participate in an habitual event that is beneficial in breaking up the rest of the day. Of course. this event is called Chapel. Dr. Sweeting opens our eyes and hearts on those gloomy Monday morn- ings with his enthusiastic expositions from the Word. Such groups as the Missions Department. classes, P.C.W.. Student Missionary Union. Deans Depart- ment, the Music Department and STUCO all have responsibilities for the remaining four days of the week. The function of chapel is to edify and challenge us with new ideas concerning diverse aspects of our faith. Faculty recitals, scenes from student life. comedic speakers Cwho could forget that master of mirth. Mr. Robert Irvin?J. presentations from the many ministries of the institute and messages from those burdened with the concerns of all the students were methods used to reach us. Within the common occurrences of day to day living one thing stands out as a completely unique experience: Chapel. Sober SN Nb 0 oe 59 2 ,Y ,Y I Q Al Platl 's favorite pastime: talking with students 22 A missionary discusses the intricacies of Iran. 3 J An African group performs their native music during an evening session, YI 5 "To A World On The Brink" was this year's theme for Moody's Annual Missions Conference. This week long event allows eighty-five missionaries from thirty-nine mission boards to come and share first-hand experience with the students. Themes for the conference circulate in three year patterns: church, disciple- ship and world. This year's emphasis on world brought Dr. Albert T. Platt. President of Central American Missions International. as key note speaker. With his down to earth manner and quick sense of humor his messages left lasting impressions on everyone. Between Dr. Platt's talks. sessions and seminars were held throughout the day. Topics from Ethnomusicology to Use of Music and Puppets in Jewish Evangelism were all covered during the conference. With most students coming from middle class American backgrounds, the week serves as a catalyst for developing a world consciousness and perspective. While the students are able to transfer information during the sessions, the missionaries can tap potential resources for the ministry. Mr. Tallman claims that one of the most rewarding aspects of missions conference is receiving letters throughout the following year from those attending the conference who say that the student body as a whole has a very warm response and dedication to missions. "lt's an exciting and beneficial time for both the students and the missionaries," Mr. Tallman said with a wide smile. The call to revival was sounded during Spiritual Emphasis Week Revival was the cry to greet weary students during Spiritual Emphasis Week. The meetings made an impact on many people as Rev. Lutzer, the special speaker, challenged students and faculty to live truly victorious Christian lives. Rev. Erwin W. Lutzer, a much respected and admired man at MBI, was formerly Associate Professor of Bible and Theology at the Institute and is now serving as Senior Pastor of Moody Church. Lutzer defined revival as. "God pointing His finger at us" and "Our experience catching up with our theoIogy." He said we have to first realize our sinfulness, confess that sin t la i, 3 . c 5 Evangelism came alive for many through Pastor Cocouris's messages. and then renounce it, claiming God's power to enable us to flee from sin. Rev. Lutzer did not confine himself to the main speaking sessions, but offered his services as a counselor for anyone needing an open ear. He counselled students in groups and then led them in personal prayer. The week was characterized by the Holy Spirit's work of conviction, the sinner's response and the ultimate development of disciplined lifestyles to avoid future occurrences of the same sin. The only thing lacking in this revival was the tent. Rev. Lutzer wants to make sure it sunk in "Good News Chicago" was the theme for the Evangelistic meetings Ralph Bell poses with two quickly-made buddies. 39 Wm. if QM Se 1 q., 'J . "vp , ' 1.-35-2 Q -1- f . fafig. 'Q '-11.5" 533 'W km, ' - Q" w,-S51 Wim' . M' Kgfgi f if .. , X' rfb I and stepped in f Harry Bollback and the seeds Ben the Lhristlan s place In can forget AMEN? Moody Steve ollee in society. Jim Reese the speakers' Mered if ,. .W . 1-me P it nh- ,,,.,. . ,fugunf .fq,,,..., "Iv as J' spoke mother us all thro ugh his solos and the " The alumni luncheon and in the Campus was concluded John De Brine on of Praise with Charles on Sunday. The Spirit the week and though most were by its end. God made great use of his servants in ministering to the brethren. lj Much appreciated was Dr, Charles Swindoll. 23 "Fellowship in Jesus" with Jim Reese. 33 Our President. Dr. Sweeting, h 0.4. ,Q -lf? , t.5-1.5 . 1 52-if , .. gal.:-Q ,es P I ' - l lg 3 , , ix. Q fi? if H Harry Bolback Alford of lifd JN Dollv Meridithgmwoman lo Woman! if S M luckridge - AMEN! H 4:3 ziffgwl ,. 1 lk Qf- 2- f, X-glrix.-aggnsmx 1 3-1'-g3jg?f7 i14:,g'::Q'i:5 -'aw' V few 1 lm Dr. Lehman Strauss JJ Charles Colson and a congregation of 5.000 3x Freshman Presrdent lyle Ralerdy, in control of the ushering 5 . 'Q 45.1 -K j .Lg 9 I b lk is S x 5 Q si? 'NN , -new vifm, "3 . -fs,-15 SQ: "'i2:.?'i5f N1 . :Q ' v""1f5-'5'5535y-e-- Q New Disciples tour British Isles The New Disciples. a seven member music evangelistic team led by faculty member Dave Brackley, had the priviledge of traveling to Scotland. Ireland and the British Isles for a two week tour last spring. While ministering with Dr. Sweeting the group was able to share the gospel in song with many unsaved Europeans. Mr. Brackley and company were also able to minister here in the states during an eight week summer tour. En- gagements for the year included summer camps. youth banquets and conferences. Their talent was best appreciated by the student body when they served as spiritual forerunners for speakers during Chapels and special activities. Their unique style blends sincere enthusiasm fi-'H TT with an effective message of God's love. New Disciple Nancy Swedine com- mented, "By being in the group. I've learned that in order to be an effective witness through music. I must be willing to surrender my life to God because many of our songs speak of surrender and submission to God's will." Attitudes like these have made the Disciples' ministry pentrating and convicting, allowing God to gain the glory. IJ The New Disciples: from left to right - Elly Herrington, John DeCleene. Nancy Swedine, Ken Travis. Becky Sullivan, Lance Clagget, Steve Muglan. and Lynn Niemi. Senior Ensemble Under the direction of Mark Stradiot, the sixteen voice Senior Ensemble was able to minister in a variety of ways during this past year. Singing at many Senior functions. such as socials, Senior Retreat and Chapel, the group gained practical experience in doing the Lord's work and valuable insight in establishing a church choir or choral group By using a variety of songs and instruments the group was able to expand their musical outreach. Along with piano accompaniment by Cheryl Holder, the String Ensemble and members of the Moody Concert Band were used to give the ensemble an added amount of effectiveness and a better sound. Although each individual's schedule was packed with other responsibilities, weekly practices paid off, giving the sixteen voice group an exceptional ministry to their classmates as well as the entire student body. The continual effort was well worth the outcome. :ugh IH I-I I-If ISI ICI III -I Ill luv' l gm - img ' 2. IT I L4 X. 3. I 1 The Ensemble. Front row, left to right: Roy Patterson, Mary Williams. Dave Conklin. Second row: lisa Rosing, Judy Bubeck. Ja Peterson. Third row: Marilee Carlson, Bill Nefti Tim Mathisen. Phil Coleman. Al Spitler, Cheryl Holder. Fourth row: Mark Slradiot, Mark Cherry. Not pictured: Terry Vandenveri Karen Snodgrass, Sharon Ouiggle. Chris Lindstrom. 21 Maestro "Don Baton" Stradiot conducts a rehearsal. 32 Somehow it makes noise when you hit it. Al. I.. J .fs -f -' 'W' , ps. J . M. , Q. '- -1 W v-. J , jg, , , ,..,..,,.. ....- ,- ...Mr 4 ..,..... f--""'v. M" ,, A A . ..-A. .4-w.-as-4,. , ...MY ,M agx -was V' fr' K, -sy. I' 'x M. X ,VA F il si, 3 ? as'-ff " H A fm, if 5' ,,. ",- .T ai X Q' . '55 K SW - N, 'hr Y V66 5 5 ,Q - M 'Q A s k Q' V o 'w 'Q' YY 1 1 .I , ' ki "" 0 i 6' rv A I A N 5 I A 1 L -V, E v .., 4 1 , . 'A M. 5 X i,.QY Y IS, E .fl ',' Q1 I . ,.,,, jx is , 2 , :. ,.,,,A , 2 A my 1 VV 'l ' ix i ,... - fx W , A Iv A l i s gg ' i v . - . 1 la' x Q 4 ......... 4- 1 1 "V In , I U f V I I ,,,. 5 ' I JJ f 1 ' - . Q I Y I fi. ex ,, fo iw -v " 4 f - L 7 wi I ' I' f 5 ' Sf i 3 Carolyn Benz John Bever Mark Bezanson Joy Bird Debra Bjork Cheryl Breid, secretary to president Ruth Chase Philip Coleman David Conklin, president Holly Davison Carol Dickson Ruth Durling Lori Ehnis Ann-Laureen Fikejz Robert Harris Jennifer Hicks John Holly Cheryl Hoover, women's soci Douglas Horne Vivian Jacob Stephen Klingbeil, treasurer Timothy Kringle Timothy Martin John Matovich Emily Miller al chmn. Not pictured: Mark Lindeblad. Marcia Reichman Henry Hecht - Conductor Carey Owen Julie Peiffer Mark Perry Daniel Porch Lori Porter Rosemary Rausch Deborah Rees, secretary to band Steven Schreyer DeAnne Skinkle. librarian Malcolm Smith Cynthia Snyder April Sterbin Mark Stradiot Susan Swagerty Joel Swan Glynise Taylor William Turner Terrry Vanderwerf James Ward, vice president Michael Wheeler Eric Williamson Rebecca Winzer Elizabeth Woolsey James Wynstra Russell Young rf The Concert Band Provides Instrumental Music I use "Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord." This is the theme verse for the Moody Concert Band, conducted by Mr. Henry Hecht. These fifty-two individuals feel that praising the Lord should be evident in all that they do. It was on this basis that each musical piece was chosen for performance. This spring the musicians travelled through Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas during their two week tour. Not only were they involved in church musical ministries. but were also active in evangelical endeavors. involving them with youth of all ages. Many bands members used not only their musical instruments to tell people about God's love, but they also utilized visual aids to spread the gospel message on beaches and in parks. Also included in their schedule was a band prayer meeting held twice a week outside regular rehearsals. Mr. Hecht commented, "Working with people who are really dedicated to the Lord creates a special communication. Seeking to know and glorify God through music is a common goal shared by each of us." lj PIANISSIMOI 22 The next Buddy Rich or just another pretty face? y ,I Chorale combines male and female voices F l t S-'7 l I l 5' L vw U We ain'I singin' THAT song again. are we? 21 "Doe, a deer. . . " The Moody Chorale . . . a mixture of male and female, classical and gospel. hard work and fun. How do all these elements fit together to form a unified avenue ministry? The answer is simple, persistence. Excellence is the watchword that motivates this group of singers. "Arrest- ing fifty-three minds to coordinate all of the basic functions of the choral sound makes Chorale one of the most unique ministries in which l have ever par- ticipated. The thrill of it all is when God works through the entire process to accomplish His eternal goals," said Mr. Gerald Edmonds, director of the group. But don't misunderstand. They have plenty of fun whether it be co-ed football at the fall social. group olympics led by Chorale president Bruce Benson. or a competitive game of Rook on the bus. But throughout the tours and the campus and local concerts, the Moody Chorale is striving to "Sing Unto God." Daniel Anderson Sarah Appleby Nathan Aubrey Barbara Banks, secretary Dwight Beguin, treasurer Bruce Benson, president Kimberly Blackburn Brent Casper Diane Clark David Compton Frank Coulson David Crawford Rebekah Dority, librarian Kenneth Earhart James Elliot Christine Erickson James Goodrich Lynette Holm William .lancewicz John Jindra Kirsten Johnson Marcia Kelly Kim Laue Pamela Learned Christine Lindstrom Kristine Lottis Melinda Mehaffie Gerald H. Edmonds - Conductor Joel Mellinger Diane Meredith Todd Murray Corinne Musser Vicki O'Quinn Josephine Peterson Joel Popenfoose Richard Rhodes, mens social chmn Timothy Richards, vice president Lisa Rosing Annette Rosol, women s social chmn Paul Rowan David Rundle David Samuel Diane St. Marie Kurt Steele William Stopoulos Anne Thompson Randy Umfleet Mark Vance Anne Vandenberg Barbara Welch Richard Wheeler Daryle Worley Susan Wright Randall Zimmerman T ---Q 7 - .N . ' N . - . , N-:SQ .vm .mwwwwg , if jniiihl I 1 .., qq,,' ...gnu ' Q' mi. L ,Q -4-gf , , Q n 'uw' Nik If Q s Q Bb-. T-7 A Qf5i':14'Ff',l"fu59?PN"! '- :ggi A Qi gum? Q W V -f .. Q, 711 1--.,, f " "if - ,xx , 9 4- ,f 6 I pu 85? ? 6 ,- Q 4- wr. Y x .A wx Q? ,v-N ,V-.www Q X "Reioice, the Lord is King!" This triumphant exclamation is the first phrase heard at every M.M.G.C. concert, Conductor Robert ller has continued to use this traditional hymn to set the stage for a concert filled with praise for Jesus Christ. The format of each concert was geared to relate to every age group - ranging from senior citizens to children - who were actively involved in a musical pantomime of the "David and Goliath" story. Their ministry also included engagements here at M.B.l.: Spiritual Emphasis Week. the "Messiah," socials, Candelight Carols, Founder's Week and Commencement. The group also had many local performances at area churches throughout the school year. "M.M.G.C. is a terrific training experience for all types of ministry," said Mr. ller. "Besides all the fun and good times shared, the spiritual blessings that come from ministering to others and from fellowshipping in Christian homes are the most lasting and meaningful." Their theme, "Building Relationships" was truly evidenced all year in the group that proclaims, "We are men with a song." I 2 "He that ruleth over men . . ." 22 Easy now, boys. Robert I.. ller, Assistant to the Director of the Sacred Music Department: Concert Manager, and Conduc- tor, Moody Men 's Glee Club. Men's Glee Communicates Through Song .ii LL Michael Akert Richard Albright Craig Anderson Dale Ballew Thomas Bishop Christian Boudreau Michael Bowen Gregory Brewer Joel Brown Mark Cherry Craig Chism Patrick Clarey David Craig William Cunninghan Allyn Decker Rudolph Dyck Bradford Fredickson Lon Gantz Kim Gilbertson Christopher Gillon Gary Grommet, chaplain Mark Hagan Andrew Harlan James Hill Joel Holm Mark Hopper Not pictured: Jeff Bilhorn Jeffrey Jacobson, librarian Peter Konkel Dean Landis, president Douglas Landis Daniel Lewis John Matthews, vice president Steven Mason Timothy McClure John Morris Thomas Olsen Mark Ondracek David Pearson Donald Pearson Rodney Robertson Timothy Schulte. secretary Randy Schirman Thomas Shaw kent Simpson, treasurer Mark Smith William Spiegelberg Robert Taylor Clayton Walker John Washatka Timothy Wheeler, special events chmn David Wright ,,.......-...aa L f-ee-e 1.-lN..,,Y..., ll Janice Abens Karen Anderson Lori Anderson Helen Barrows Celesta Beachy Bonnie BeMent. committee chmn. Melanie Bixby, vice president Gayle Broberg Beverly Brubaker. music co-ordinator Judith Bubeck, secretary Marilee Carlson Jennifer Crafton Tara Crocker Beth Cusick Debra DeVries Becki Fair Gwen Fetters Gina Gerig Marianne Graves Terri Hartmann Helen Hawkins. treasurer Robin Hilsmeirer Gaye Hoch Janet Hockett Debi Horina Diane Horina Bonnie Howard Bonnie Jefferson Natalie Jones, concert chmn. Dannel Lanman Jill Lindeman Kathy Lindstrom Julie May Karen McCallum Sandee McKean Cathy McNeill Beth Mosby Cheryl Oberg Pauline Pearce Ruth Perschbacher Melissa Peterson Sharon Quiggle Julie Rice Tracy Schaeferle Kathy Shaw Kristy Snodgrass Vicki Snow Lauren Spiegelberg, social chmn. Dawn Staley Jenny Stiles Ana Szczepanski Christine Taylor Lynn Wall Lisa Wescott Mary Williams, president Robert C Carbaugh - Conductor Not pictured: Pam Hasselmann, Pennie Jackson, Debbie Jones. Bonnie Stone. Jane Westplate, Melody Williams The Moody Women's Glee Club and Handbell Choir celebrated its twenty- fifth anniversary this fall. and with that celebration came the realization that God blesses those who truly serve Him. Under the direction of the group's initiator, Mr. Carbaugh. the fifty-five women ministerd to many people this past year as they toured to Ohio, lllinois, and Indiana in January. During the Spring Tour. the Glee Club travelled to New England and Canada heralding the good news of God's love through song and music, The theme for this year was "New Dimensions" which stressed the things above. This idea was not only shared through the women's singing voices and handbells, but also by the use of many different musical instruments such as violins. clarinets, guitars, a flute. and also an electric organ. Happy twenty-fifth birthday, MWGC. May your next two and one-half decades be as fruitful as the firstl I J No, we 're not doing this for Founder's Week. 21 Hold it stilll Women's Glee Performs With Harmony I., L- 4,-"I+ Wh.-u,..'i' K V9 13 C' ww M' vii if 'NME X . .1 3 nv S JS. x X M M I ':xf.'Q5A' 'V zizdffiz . sg 1' uf R x 'i. 1 ,- '-1. 4- v- V-., 4 egsim -fp r fab' ,ag .lu t Plan A' sw' T 1' 3 S E-Q Y .At ,X X 'M,,,..f' 4 ,A E , A -. .GA - W v A s Sk X N K . . 5 S,r.,X.- X , M N' 3 'W' . X N Q W ,N xx , 9 'Pj' QA X X N X-. X b.,X.N N im . sx ' ' W W' ' 5 X ' 'Nl ,W V , f Q Xu wp,-Q .S w Q-ga-W Q ' Vklyfu , K"g..,v N wfew: x . P , - ,ww wg ' -2' W , -:wrswXg ff ,. .. Na. ' ' wks-V A-' -- - 1 ,..--.,-..,.,..,N. my X M - ..5.. -, ,.., L ...M 3 x Q Q A ' NV 9 xx if 1 'Xb V Q x ... K Hg , if X li N fx if Ii ,. f ' ' Lx E- Niinmg. wx . . -,V--Max MWA : " . 1 . :Q , ' - 'L' : : 9 K,..-wxwf . WX. f.: ,V A Q ii 'Q , ww-, H W JV F, , ,, . 1 1 A , , ,, 1. x ' I 11+ ' X . f1wfZ:4,wiQx-13 z:1iziQ'.g,dQ"-5 .fXS5:wf,E2,. .X w'j'NX2+vN.f.Q,wRw5N.3i X, N N xl Wx , ,-X, g.Qb':w..5XjNw5WQxgg4ggSm. A . ,-n YA . w Folks 9 X ..Ax',MNh QW wmv. -am.-qw ,,!! ,V 5 11' . ,, -.- W -M, :Q-5. 'LJF-fi'i",, 1 ,f "Yi ?'L5wv.,. "'1. x . 24 1' JL., f umm V., x -f fe- "5 - . ., 5 .4 V, , J., 5 BAM L .H ' fiffs v I 1 V jf,-vi .X V LTV. ,-3 ' Q x I C3 L 'J , L W L......,,,, A u ,zfr--mf' lag - B ff ,J I I ,fp Ki ,av XXX- ""'91!!S4?5g "'f' ,' What is Moody Aviation? Good question! We'Il let you take a stab at that after reading this sketch. We have a three year program starting out with mechanics training the first year leading to the FAA mechanics certificate. This enables us to work in the shop for the next two years. inspecting and repairing the same aircraft we fly. The second year begins with primary flight training which leads to our private pilot's certificate. During this time we have ground- school. shop work. and about ISO hours of flight time. The third year involves training leading to the commercial pilot certificate. After this is obtained. it is time for the highlight of our training - the advanced cross country. On this two week excursion the class divides into two groups. one group following a northern route to the west coast. and the other. a southern route down into Mexico. The two groups meet in California where they exchange airplanes. routes. and in some cases even instructors. The year finishes with tactical training. which involves many skills a successful mission pilot must acquire. There is more involved in our training than just technical things. We are learning how to work together. how to handle pressures. and how to encourage one another. We are learning more and more the joys of depending on the Lord for all of our needsffinancial. spiritual. and academic. Outside of school we have many opportunities to work in churches in the local community. learning to take positions of leadership. We are finding that our own personal relationship with Christ is something we must cultivate on our own. not depend on others to spoon feed us. The Lord is using Moody Avia- tion to train us for that often difficult service of mission support work. The key lies in a servant-like attitude. What is Moody Aviation? .XPQXX f 'I' , ', in T 5 1' 2' BX TFT it , ,, 1- , ,EW , J- 'I'-1' 5 .Z ll'- x L-er.-gf-:kj S T. 'J -ff gf 97 r.QWi"nu N, ,WMI -L Y 4 vu. w S- 'A-an Pre-Aviation Club Preparing For Tennessee . x S 'fp - Though not widely known on campus. the EPIC CLUB continues to interest students in the field of communications. Concentrating on hands-on experience and evaluation of the media. the spectrum covers everything from film to radio production. As a result of a survey among the group. EPIC has focused on the area of film this year. Various Christian films were shown and then evaluated in order to show exactly what makes a good film. Knowing that in our society. the members of this group endeavor to learn and later put into practice the idea of using media to Christianity's advantage. While many Chris- tian organizations are already involved in film and television, the area is wide open to new imaginative and creative thinking. The EPIC people hope to capitalize on this open field. Each year the club also sponsors a play in the fall semester. This year there were two plays: "A Cloud of Witnesses" and Chekhov's humorous one-act "Oh, You Brute," which were both popular, Under the leadership of Dr. Thelma Hamilton. the EPIC officers Ueff Jacobsen, Pete Thiessen and Kriste Snodgrassj strove to broaden the horizons for those who might not otherwise be able to observe the endless possibilities of media. With EPIC standing for. "Every Person In Communications." their goal has been to involve all those interested in the communications field in some type of practical outworking of that interest. They seem to have achieved their goal. iiu pit Eqilivpine 0 Club Preach 3 fr. ,-4 The next Charles Spurgeon or George Whitefield may be a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute. Though it is entirely possible, we have no way of knowing that. What we do know is that there are over fifty individuals here right now not yearning to be Spurgeons or Whitefields. but simply desiring to pastor wherever they are led. Since most of these future expositors of the Word have not been exposed to a great deal of pastoral work in their lives, the Pulpit Club was formed to broaden the perspectives already received through pastoral courses. Dr. Donald Smith. Chairman of the Department of Evan- gelism and Pastoral Training and director of the group, coordinates the meetings held every other Friday night. The sessions include lectures, sermons given by members of the group. and guest speakers from local pastoral staffs. This supplement to the prescribed pastoral courses greatly aids in the development of viewing the pastorate in practical. everyday, nitty-gritty terms. Tiff' v - A ei I. ... ...-w-- may W :P . . B '55, T 57 f 3? Tum A Ei' as..i.-BL 2. I I The Exec. Left to right: lynnelte Ruotsi. Recording T reasurer. Betsy Ruth. Secretary. Dale Miller, Secretary to the Vice-President: Wes Freiberg. Vice-President: Jeff Hart. President: Cliff Gardner, Prayer Focus Director. Mary Schmidt. Secretary to the Prayer Focus Director: Wendy Stevens. Corresponding Secretary. Becky Hueber. Secretary to the Treasurer. 23 President Jeff Hart provided strong leadership throughout the year, T7 1 as ..f..,1,'.. Tflz Missions Becomes Alive Through The Work 0f Missionary Union Missionary Union's purpose is to glorify God by imparting to the campus community a world vision, a global perspective of man as viewed through God's eyes. The "ends of the earth" is the ultimatum. but without solid spiritual construction in Jerusalem the expansion of God's kingdom will be minimal at best. M.U. stimulates visionary growth through a chapel program featuring prominent missions' leaders and motivat- ed students. prayer focus activities encouraging world intercession. a stewardship project supporting the Lord's work in various parts of the world and a Friday Night Challenge program allowing for exposure to numerous ministries. The fall proiect. which provided Bible study book sets printed in Mandarin. is enabling Chinese house pastors to better care for their congrega- tions. These materials are difficult to obtain and therefore are a wonderful asset to the church in mainland China. The book sets include Bible dictionaries. devotional guides. several commentaries. a Bible and a small systematic theology. The spring semester had as its stewardship focus a partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Student prayers and dollars supported translation work through the purchase of a micro-computer system. enabling Wycliffe workers to speed up the translation process in the Solomon Islands. The Word of God secure in peopIe's hearts is paramount. Bible translation plays an essential. vital role in this accomplishment. Prayer focus: an extension of MU "Our primary goal is to effectively intercede for the world. but even more so to change the heart and attitude of the student," said Cliff Gardner, coordinator of the Prayer Foci. Cliff noted that any advancement in the field is through prayer, not necessarily through monetary endorsements. "lt's a spiritual battle and our greatest weapon is definitely prayer." he said. Nine separate foci meet once a week. The sessions try to be as informative concerning the area being prayed for as possible. Maps, news- papers, slides and especially information received from mission boards providing the very latest political, economic, social and spiritual needs of specific countries all are used to help the student pray more intelligently about these places. Also a weekly prayer calendar based on the book OPERATION WORLD is used to carry on the praying between foci. Though the turn out for the foci has been much better this year. Cliff said he's not concerned with numbers, but rather the cultivation of faithful prayer warriors. He quoted E. M. Bounds: "The life of one that communes with God is the life that moves the world." I I The Prayer Focus leaders. 22 Samuel Law. Director of China Research Center, accepts a check from Jeff Hart for the publication of desperately needed Bibles printed in Chinese. " . . . Appealing that you contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints," is the admonition from the writer. Jude 3 is a group designed to witness specifically to cults and to the occult. "Chicago has every group you could imagine." said Brian Kumkoski, leader of the seven member group. Witnessing to over fifteen organizations including the Unification Church, .lehovah's Wit- nesses, TM. Science of Mind, the l AM, Mormons. Christian Scientists and even Tibetan Buddhists, the group spends numerous hours in preparation and eventually goes out once a week in pairs, This year Jude 3 was able to conduct seminars once a month. concentrating on maior targets. "We want the students to get more involved . . . with this greatly neglected field," said Brian, concerning the function of the seminars. Having only one known convert in three years. the groups goal is not in numbers, but in preaching and defending the truth to those who have been so drastically led away from it. .lude 3 ministers to cults A J X 3- ig i S8115 ix fi 1"N'M l it ' X 'Q Q 'w .. ze. N S. Wx gg s N X : lvhx ,fr. , 1 ""'t:,a5 PCW'S put training into action . 'sxfrvf' 1 'X QNX .ans-shi.. ' ,Q ,eff .fit 5 'i Q ,aw ll! f 1 5 1 X lx , , s, ,-ik W rw: J s- 13 its n I. I J A captive audience pensively awaits yet another lesson. 22 Cookie Monsters appear weekly at mosl release time P.C.W.'s. hi Friday Night Challenge broadens the concept of missions l. lt's a good time to have a meeting- iust after one eats dinner or just before one goes out with the girlfguy of one's dreams to a night of pizza and lake shore strolling, Thus. Friday Night Challenge ministers to the student body during a very comfortable. easy-going time when one can relax and enjoyably comprehend what's being presented. "We seek to provide pertinent information concern- ing world mission endeavors Cand the people that are the targets of those endeavorsj in a way that is relative to the lives of all students," commented Wes Freiberg, Vice-President of M.U. and Director of Friday Night Challenge. The theme for this year was "Reach the Unreachedf' Speakers QRon Sider, Keith Phillips, Dick Corley, David Hasselgrave and Elizabeth Elliottj, films f"Forgotten City," "When Hell Freezes Over" and "Heavenly Deception"D and singing groups f"Bondservant"7 all aided in giving students an open-eyed perspec- tive on the inner city. Muslims. the Chinese. cults and the Hindus. Wes said that being an M.K. helped him in planning for the meetings. He hopes that through the Challenges the students were not afraid of being grabbed in by an inconspicuous mission- ary lurking around the corner, but that everyone's world view was expanded and walk with God deepened because of a further knowledge of missions and God's workings in the world. 2. 3. I J Throw lhe basketball down here. Kent. 22 Ron Sider speaks on world hunger and materialism. 31 fhe audience discusses the issue at hand. s, Y :J Q- ls , tl"-av' ." ,Q Q g D , Q., - 'Ak' 4 r . V ... . -7 -. ..' "ix ' Q 'K' F' " xl XA. 1. "lr 1 N - 1 , .x 'W in If pf. ,K - f ,' . N . H 'f H X , 1 . 1 X I ' n ' I f -4 f ,Q M X XV .qlh 1, xl s x 5 ' .4 r f"' 1 1 , .D is' ,, Jr,- A ' v - 5.5.1. lg, hifi- , : ' ' - V '51 ,lv ,.'. 3: Pg:.s'!: 4 ,A 1 '. ' 'X v . -' ,' A J' s x..Z J, -...Z X' A, N' Sharing what you've learned What else happens at the Mont- gomery Ward's cafeteria besides eating meat loaf and seafood platters? There's only one answer: it is the location for the Montgomery Ward's Tutoring Program. Volunteers from Ward's. M.B.l. and Quaker Oats work on a one to one basis with kids mainly from the Cabrini-Green housing project. Danny Wall. former M.B.I. student and current secretary of the tutoring program. states that the tutors concentrate primarily on develop- ing students' self-concepts. not on actual intellectual problems. With most of the kids coming from single parent homes, Danny states that this is vitally important. "Secondly, we try to make learning and reading fun," he says, using puzzles and drawings on the worksheets to allow the student to eventually motivate himself. With the selfless efforts of ISO volunteers Csixty-five of those being Moody studentsj, some kids are receiv- ing the long desired attention and instruction that has been lacking too long. Students reach out to the city 41 You are walking along Rush Street on Saturday night, You see a small group gathered on the corner. Did someone have a heart attack? Are they giving away free samples of some new detergent? Could it be that ALL those people are waiting for a bus? No. none of the above. Actually, the Gospel is being preached. On any Friday or Saturday night eight teams of ten to fifteen people can be seen on the busiest corners of the city. Using sketch boards, gospel magic andfor personal testimonies. the Student Outreach crew hit the streets witnessing and hopefully planting seeds in stony hearts. Chris Gouzoules, Director of Student Outreach. stated the three purposes of the group. IJ win souls to Christ. 25 develop tools of evangelism in students, and 33 strongly contribute to the revival spirit of the school. Started officially three years ago under alumnist Ed Lowe, Student Ou- treach averages 30O decisions a semes- ter. Chris is quick to add though that personal contact and concern. not numbers, are the true thrusts of the outreach. The group tries to follow D.L. Moody's practice of shoe leather evangelism, getting the word directly to the people on the streets. S Serving students. seminars. study breaks T Taking time to meet people and their needs U Unifying students through activities and prayer meetings C Curricular activities, Chapels O Outreach to the students, faculty. administration and staff STUCO is for the students. DOI just for holding social activitiesl providing a medium to the faculty, administration and staff. STUCO strives to meet the spiritual. intellectual and social needs of the student body. Seeking unity. STUCO is interested in YOU - your needs. problems and interests. Being the nerve center for M,B.I. student life, STUCO carries the heavy burden of trying to please I.3OO people at one time. Knowing this is impossible. the organization neverthe- less does a marvelous job at keeping the peace and settling the waters. I J The Exec. Fronl row, left to right: Debby Cocklin, Treasurer, Steve Clymer. ViceAPresident: Greg Thornton. Presidenlf Patsy Boersma, Women's Rep. -Second row: Don Pearson, Men 's Rep: I.ynneHe Holm. Recording Secrelaryt Colleen Haag, Corresponding Secretary: Bob Gustafson. Parliamentarian. 22 According to my flgures, we're 54,000,000 in the hole. il? , .., Is' I i t..wf4.-W l, J w 'J .s-QWJ' eww, as 4, S2 1 gig:-l,3 . N. J A: , , gn. I gp'-.WSH f 4 K ' . ,if - 2 -' 1, . ..,1,.'-4-.isizzxrxe 1 STUCO, Student government in action I .f:'-'lm nl we jr will 4.111- -x 2. I J Ah. yet another awe inspiring testimony ol student Iile at the institute. 22 Alright, who swiped the gavel? 32 Mr. Chairman, the distinquished senator from the great state ol Culbertson wishes lo,,, X x A 1 Q x W V ' ? X x ki .J 3 Q I 1 President William and Julie lead a meeting, 22 Roy prepares to share with the group, 32 Veronica illustrates her point. -an 5 F, M. gig i. Y. 2 WJ, Akamai., IQ' F 'L' . Q .--FhJ- The Black Students Fellowship in its third year of existence The Black Students' Fellowship is more than a club. lt's a gathering of believers who share the same rich culture and enioy unique fellowship. In the Fall of l978, black students saw a need to preserve their ethos while studying at Moody. This group also wanted to communicate its input directly to the long neglected surrounding black environment. This form of sharing has involved chapels, seminars and library displays. Feedback from these projects has been tremendous and encouraging. Future ventures include a more effective ministry in the black communi- ty through preaching in churches, evangelism and retreats. This invol- vement will serve as a bridge between M.B.l. and Chicago's black community. Seeking identity in a school that is culturally imbalanced is difficult, but B.S.F. provides a way of restoring and preserving the heritage that is often lost in the normal, everyday campus lifestyle. l If J I 2 Front row. from left to right: Leslie Pell. Veronica White. Julie Bade. Cynthia Richardson, and Orchidy Boyd. Back row: David Spearman, Roy Patterson. Robert Smith. Corlette Pierson, Anna Laws. William Taylor, Sterling Hawkins, Otis Agee. and Byron Waller. 22 Robert and Byron give it their full attention. Married Students Take Time To Get Away From It All H--, 1 . 1: A ay 4- 3 Married Student's Fellowship 5 ,- ,Q .f .. 'ar fl- ' ' '. -Q fs x-- - , - " ' I ' ov' as' A ' i v Q x r u. A A . I " f " 24- "' "' G A "' W- lp. V' V ,, 5 Q 'C 1 .ff " V J A bg, 4' :Q N S --x , 'iwqfff Q- A -gr fs'V'. . xy 3u.t'Yf. - 'iw 'Q-',.,.v .xv "' rw, ' ,J ' . " 5 :Q.f'5 .M -.. X, 4.x.w,,. , , A, " ,. , 8.13171 ff . NR, Mn., S.:,fC!-?: .A 5 M ' , . -,f t N 4' E- ' y 4 M fx ws, . Q, n 4, V f. 58, , ' '39 , ' I A - ""'q.1.f' 'ff ff 'Q " ' , V. . . V n A If 1 x ef A lem' Y ov v ,. 1- 'H E 15- ' auf5'P?: .W Y-3 I ,si -: - ' G 0 .- E 'in' . .V . 5 ev' cs f X ,fi f . T tg.: n Q The future Citizen Kane's? -Q.. 'fr Rosemary Rausch. Editor-in-chief Daryle Worley, Sports editor Moody Student works to give the news to students CHICAGO CAPD - Important changes have been taking place this year in the MCODY STUDENT. Under the leadership of editor-in-chief Rosemary Rausch, the staff has worked hard to put together a newspaper that both repre- sents and catches student attention. Combining local and international news. the MOODY STUDENT seeks to keep students informed concerning events on campus as well as in the nation and around the world. The editorial page give students an opportunity to express their thoughts and encourage one another. Feature articles highlight some of the people and events that make things happen here at M.B.l. ln addition to superior content. improvements have been made in the area of layout and design, making for easier reading. Also, many editions were expanded from the usual four pages. The result has been a quality newspaper with timely. informative articles and an appealing format. As students have expressed, the MOODY STUDENT seems to be coming of age. he ' Q W. f - 2fAf 4"'5"'lk 4'3- ww X . sk b,+XX5""1 ' I Tom VandenBerg, Layout editor Dave Rousseau- Feature editor Af? wX 'x ,G XX John Haney, Darkroom technician D-NW' sminkff A550539 fdiw' Janice Murray, Business manager 4' v ln my beginning is my end. ln succession Houses rise and fall, crumble, are extended. Are removed, destroyed. restored. or in their place ls an open field. or a factory, or a by-pass. Old stone to new building. old timber to new fires. Old fires to ashes. and ashes to the earth Which is already flesh. fur. and faeces. Bone of man and beast. cornstalk and leaf Houses live and die: Keeping time. Keeping the rhythm in their dancing As in their living in the living seasons 'Q T4 25 . A 2 3 Q UK ga - 5 1. X . , it RN, X X XX -as .A v. x xlygx ,N X Ross Meads, Editor-in-chief 2 -'WN XX Peggy Christy, Photography editor Tom VandenBerg Class editor The Arch Staff makes their mark To many. the yearbook may seem like iust another job. To those on the staff it means more than that. They don't keep regular hours, which makes for odd hours such as working till 4:00 in the morning. One vital qualification for each staff member is dedication. The Arch is a creation of a small number of students. The staff's iob is to effectively capture a year packed full of memories. The trick is to do it in a way that every student will be able to have a memory in print. The yearbook is for the student body. The staff's job is to please you. the student. Editor Ross Meads is new to his job. He plans to take the iob next year after gaining good editoral experience this year. iii ' -H' in 1-1 4- V 4 ' .. B. Bob Gustafson. Darkroom technician ...--v Qi b - W -STKE l No tional Yeokr :ook W4 UK Osrobv D-7 NN Cal Haines. Literary editor: Quiet Dot, Assistant Literary editor Ed Perrine. Business manager CL C-HJ l S - 5 ,, bf - .... E ' up . Q it E N- .59 Lynne Turner, Layout editor fwith Ouiel Dot? 77 q M4-1 ,, -,iw qffx. 'I Ar." af .M . ,om ,..,...-4-ww US, ,O V , 4 . Jfyp.. - .,,f -f 'V , Nw L -gndiw 1 'f' Wx. . 1:4 'F .favs 'mi' ,,, x x Y- Hy, xi. 1 ,,, 4523 2. 7 fs? . ff A' f-2 IQ H srnxsunnw --H 5 ' -gf ,l 1.-Ji' 11.2" , -' ' J' -r 9 . V, ' ' "" ' . . '-R: ff - was . iw ,. lf- , A 'L . f JZ. , 'f 'l' UQ 'la " l xv ,-' . Q I I J Thomson shows some fancy foolwork. 22 Mark 'j'f I" rQ sets up for a shot. 32 Go for it. Chip! 42 Vance P--A j r my 1 scores. X- P L ,ll P Q4 W' 58,59 ' 5. , Wffwf A , ' ' is .... K 'K so .of . ' Si- dill pf 78 5 num- 1-vsalu .g,,,,,, K" x , Q K,.,Ni ..-X m,,,X, ,, , . X M,,....sap4-vow?" we-"V .lm,-.4 ,- ,, AM ' sw 4 a N , I., x 1 ' -:Z 'X 9 Team gets a kick out of soccer y ,I 'QE J Q-in f If A A52 1 Mais? -Aww -,mf . Ntlumufdf' .- -. 1- .., -AY. ,sV'S::.,x -. , A . '5 'A' dtrifif ix ' ' . 1' N" !5L, 1P.f+ -sql' Y . ' ' -cv 'L ' ' - . J.. ,S X. D' 4 -f ' . ,. - ..sS4.xs..uu 21-,of -. A . L -. Ii- Front row. from left to right: Mike Shev. Mark Crooks. Second row: Doug Read. Keith Rascher. Mike Patterson. Lou Matson, Steve Herald. Mark Vance. Steve Paul, Daryle Worley, Coach .Ive Harding. Third Row: Dennis Strege. Chip Rascher. Dave Backman. John Egeler, David Crawford, David Thomson, Randy Stewart. Jim Simpson, Jeff Wassenaar. Not pictured: Rick Berenschot, Ross Meads. David Rousseau. season! Moody had a good l98O soccer season. Eight players returned from last year's team and a wealth of new talent was added by new freshmen and some upperclassmen. Coach Joe Harding and assistant coach Randy Stewart molded the team and helped individuals play as a unit. The season started great as Moody built an impressive 4-O record. Some losses followed but in only one game was Moody soundly beaten. There was a certain disappointment when the team was not allowed to go to the NCCAA playoffs, but it did not remain long. An aura of unity pervaded the entire team and van rides to games were a time of fellowship. The team also was granted the opportunity to show their testimony to the unsaved when they played Stateville prison. Moody soccer gave each person an opportunity to enioy the sport, but it was also a time of enrichment for each one who had a part in the team. Special recognition was given to Randy Stewart - honorary captain, Steve Paul - most inspirational, and Mike Patterson - most improved. I? It gets kind ol rough, eh, Dave? 22 Randy Stewart - honorary captain and assistant coach. ..f . s..4q Lady Archer'-5 Volleyball A .... M Franl row, left lo right: Helen Barrows, Becky Barth. Second row: Jill Hargrove, Dawn Faeh. Rebecca Collins. Sarah Kruil, Jodi Beltz. Third Raw: Dan T. Snyder, Dorothy Barrows, June Zaruba, Kim Cline, Martha Gutzmer. Miss Brood. Not picrured: Julie Kulin l ' :gg i , l XXX xx N V V vi R X X t i g,,,.,-v"'-.1-..f.....-e -- A e r E y . 3 t.-N . X " X .QSSQLQ -:. .wx 5 I2 Two points! 22 Stre-e-e-Ich! 32 Swan Lake? 43 Spike il, mummy Borthl 52 Kim, "doing the bump" With only one returning varsity player. student coach Dan T. Snyder set out to develop the twelve "potential- packed" players. Although no major iniuries occurred during games, there were plenty of sore muscles from practices as the team had to be conditioned and taught to master volleyball skills. Winning the Judson home game after a discouraging eight losses gave the Archerettes a needed push and its momentum took them through five consecutive victories. Losing the last game to Grand Rapids was heartbreaking to some but all knew it had been a worthwhile season. The team wanted to see God working in and through them. individually and as a team. God did that and showed what the team could do in Him. Most valuable player, Becky Bortht most improved player, Kim Clinei most inspirational. Sarah Kruit. ARCHERS Shape up For Another Season K 5 , ST.. I . ' .mx i'f e- ...f r 9., .nal The Men's Basketball team. a fourteen member group comprised of students representing each class. saw itself grow into a fine team this past season. Coached by A.S.P. student Larry Jones, who has his degree in Physical Education. and advised by faculty member Joe Harding. the team finished a fine season and was chosen to play in the NCCAA Regional Competition in February. Mr. Harding comments on this year's team. "The guys learned to pray for each other on and off the court. l have received many comments from visiting coaches whose team members have remarked on the fantastic spirit of fellowship they felt with the Moody team." The men practiced on an average of twice a week. a relatively short amount, due to PCW's and other conflicts. However, due to real dedication to each other and an honest effort to improve. the team slowly saw itself grow into a strong, skillful unit. "Our purpose is to grow spiritually through athletics. Winning and losing is not a factor when you're doing your best for Christ. Winning is great, but there are times when we need to lose in order to grow." states Mr. Harding. It is evident that the Men's basketball team has shown that no matter what the scores are, a winning season is still attainable. lj Jumping Jay-bird. JJ Mike in a moment of strategy. 32 Front row. from left to right: Tim Gwen. Chris Meadows. Second rowi Glenn Mitchell. Marc Tyler. Mike Preston. Jeff Burns. Dave Fabarez. George Johnson. Third row: Rick Berenschot, Jerry Rucker. Matt Collins, Dale Rintelman. Jay Wysong, Jim Petzel. Fourth row: Coach Larry Jones. 43 Dave drives another one home. SJ "The Statue of Petzel" GJ The MAN of last second Heroics! Lf- -'r' -P 1 - X ' ' Q ,--'xr wqq? -. ,-2.23 F- y:-,.,' X 5 -s we-mm, , 'Q-S N' NN can :YN Lady Archers strive for EXCELLENCE i 2 6 XT! an ,Wal -Q-...- tiff., '-ni. J 5 This year the women's basketball team experienced a season of establishment and growth. Because the team was quite young, the winfloss factor was not a measure of determining its success, but the emphasis was placed on building the team. The ladies faced some tough competition this year and realized that much work would have to be done in order to adequately compete and win, The nine member team was coached by Paul DeYoung, an A.S.P. student who graduated from Trinity College with a degree in Physical Education, and was advised by Miss Nadine Brood. who is currently the women's Physical Education instructor, Miss Brood comments on the growth she's seen the team experience this year. "Each athlete on the team was immediately faced with two struggles - establishing time priorities and meeting personal goals. lt's been such a thrill for me to see the improvement within the team when each player concentrates during practice time, and when she follows through on a commitment." Miss Brood hopes to see more interest in the basketball program next year, and is also looking forward to additional facilities being added so that each athletic team can be adequately accomodated. I First row. left to right: Kathy Brodie, Sara Weiss, Kerry Karr. and Julie Peiffer. Second row: Paul DeYoung - coach. Debbie Bland. Debbie Powell. Janice Sowski. and Miss Nadine Brood - faculty advisor. lnset: Lori Porter. 29 Debbie takes the jump! 35 "O.K. ball a little to the right." 43 "Umphhhl" 55 "lt takes two to tango!" 69 I guess she fooled you. Q! l .4-. W. 2" , Ab I J , . . ' .. N Wx' T ,.. The The The time of the seasons and the constellations time time time man of milking and the of harvest of the coupling of and woman And that of beasts. Feet rising and falling Eating and drinking. Dung and death. Wre tlers Grapple for Victor 'R x Q x X E , I t , r Y .. we-g 13+ 'ff 49-www-wr-aww.,-n.,.,.,...,k. . 1 3 i and' .,.,..-.--assi 5 . ' X - -. '--Qi, ' , ,Q-H' "" was 4 1 tg .. , I., ........4.... Q-iquimvnnnvv as is-it 9 Q.,-v 9 5 Many people have the misconcep- tion that a team of wrestlers is made up of belligerent brutes who use no skill in competition. But in actuality this idea couldn't be farther from the truth. Many holds and counter-attacks must be learned and practiced, and the wrestler must be able to think quickly and have foresight in order to succeed. He must also be willing to spend time in weight training and in building endurance for the six to eight minute matches. This year's team was advised by faculty member. Mr. Joe Greenebaum. Veteran wrestler Kurt Wilkinson ar- ranged practices and instructor Mr. Joe Harding assisted in coaching. The eight matmen had a fine season with a record of four wins and four losses in dual meets. losing their last match by a mere 2 points. ln the two tournaments they participated in. the men finished sixth at Calvin College and third. out of eight schools present, at the Maranatha Baptist Bible College tourney in Wiscon- sin. Three of the team members had winning seasons. Tim McClure collected I5 wins and only I loss and both Jeff Bilhorn and Kurt Wilkinson shared the honor of holding a I4-2 record. With a good year under their belts. the Moody team looks forward to another good season next year. So support them and be involved with winners. IJ Sorry Bud, it's glued on. 29 "Ready - wrestle. SJ Say Uncle. 45 The thrill of victory. SJ First row, left to right: Randy Coglianese. Bill Kilgore. Ken Earhart. Aaron Preston, and Cun Wilkinson. Second row: Jeff Bilhorn and Bill Cunningham. Third row: Steve Tyler. Bill Turner. Tim McClure. and Jeff Chudy. - -1 . eff, . fmysghe Msn Mm MBI Mai MBI MBI MBI MBI MBI MBI Sports Scores Soccer MBI 9 aty I MBI 3 at 2 MBI I - 0 MBI 6 at I MBI 2 at 3 MBI 3 at 2 MBI 2 at 2 MBI I - 6 MBI 3 at 2 MBI I at 4 MBI 4 at I Wrestling GR. School of Bible S Music Maranatha Fairhaven Wright College, Elmhurst College I North' Parkl College f X Northwestern College ,Maranathai-lColIegeeg' Christian College Tournament Christian College Tournament Ma-ranatha Tournaments: 4' ,, Maranatha Tournament ':" IIII I il North Park College Morton College v Lincoln Christian College Trinity Deerfield Lincoln Christian College Trinity Christian College Grace Bible College Stateville Prison Stateville Prison North Park College Trinity Christian College Maranatha Baptist Bible College Northland Bible College Women's MBI 38 at I09 MBI 35 at 53 MBI 45 - se MBI so - 64 yMBl eo - 64 MBI as - 52 Mm 39 at 53 MBI 70 at 67 MBI 4I at 53 MBI 40 at 55 MBI 60 at 45 MBI 52 - 34 Basketball National College Business Truman College Kennedy King Concordia CJVJ Lincoln Christian Truman College Judson College Lincoln Christian Tournament Lincoln Christian Tournament Trinity Deerfield Kennedy King Malcolm X ' MBI MBI MBI MBI MBI MBI MBI MBI MBI MBI MBI MBI MBI MBI Volleyball Trinity Deerfield Grand Rapids Baptist Wheaton College UVB Wright College Judson College Trinity Christian Morton College Oakton College Emmaus College Judson College Emmaus College National College of Business Northland Bible College G.R. School of Bible S Music MBI 85 MBI 70 MBI 66 MBI 82 MBI 54 MBI 69 MBI 68 MBI 88 MBI 78 MBI 89 MBI 68 MBI 87 MBI 84 MBI 88 MBI 92 Men's Basketball Morton College G.R. School of Bible 8 Music Grace Bible College Tournament Grace Bible College Tournament Trinity Christian Tournament Trinity Christian Tournament Northwestern Tournament Northwestern Tournament Lincoln Christian College Emmaus College Maranatha Baptist Bible College Niles College Northland Bible College Emmaus College Niles College i- f ,I 25:33. N W " Q2 ., I, Q 3 Q 4 . Q wr - Intramurals Give Students A Chance To Blow Steam ..- wx My . "Vv., ff. , gi XS x x ' k X In 37' J ' n-Q"'t f , , NN .XL .. 3 A vw. ,. x 1 . este: K . . 4xx.., ,,i. Xu W , :, Jiri J Qt . 4 ,N 4 Y X311 "1 Xt, ' if-f-img:-4 ix , w hy 3, . -r.,- -5'-11.36. Intramural sports are a popular pastime here at Moody, involving all students who are interested in athletic competition. Sports range from volleyball to floor hockey to checkers. and are an important aspect of Moody life. This sports program, headed by senior Lenny Marsch, offers competition among the various floors and also with the A.S.P. and married students. Active intramural participant. Manny Rocha sees the benefits in this way. "Intramurals offer fellowship with others through athletic competition. They build floor unity and also help to release a little steam caused by academic pressures." Points are awarded to all participants. These go toward their floor tally and extra points are given to each game - winning team. All points are totalled to reveal the champion floor. A picture and the names of these athletes appear each year on a plaque which is placed on Culbertson Hall's second floor. Participation is encouraged by those who have "experienced" intramural sports, The games help to strengthen and test spiritual truths as well as provide good exercise. So, if you're interested in fun and fellowship - go intramuralsl l I Q 1 3 O I . if :iq I y.,g.f,Q- :4 Nix x Gm .5-W- ' his . 0 I is Swv ' ,..v:'W- -'11

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