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Jw-K - :.'E,..:.,. 'fsff-,.:gA,f 54, , F' ' eawkf"-fl! ,,1 A H- YJAEa4f'avai.,M .11 p-.. fo-r Gaim-E9 " 'JNL :fm pw i ru- gl '-- ,-.... ,, N ,. ,f-. 5...-.4-nary 1 .augu- flhi, ' ..1- 'af' - -, - x ff4f":.:I'fi-215-Qmrizl-yup J . Q v. . at fp . , . , ,, , .Y . ,J ,, Y. ' 3 ff X , ' ' if-' -ivigzh . 5.525.121 .N . . , .i , H.. --vga all H .1 - x Q ur.. ,, pa? , .1. -. . V- nf"-'Z Wit'-2xJf'4 'Q v .Iliff - i"5fh1'f11,: Aww V .A , J 'L - ...f.gxQ,:Lf.vglg12..L.-sr-' Khlj 14119184 1 . 1 n f v 3 V-:-v.,r-WW .-in-we w.. --5115, . fs:-11' ' 7 ' f' ' '..'..g-1555 BEM' Z'iTLZei""A"i M -V - i'."'4i'f'E.fQf.. flclif' ,G M p Y. 5 , -W ,. :I .,,. ,. - - -. . . -EW -, --: f 4.535 'L-:!T'fff7",jv,',,, f' 95.5-Q" , 1, My - 2' "'-,Q If L, W if2x,7l-,.A,,gm,,ix.ii-A.. ,FV , ,. Q --hz -, 1i5"+L5'i1 WZ' Ln., il vm... .fy .-A -M 1 N -""5"'z'g,.1-'.,iu,. , ' ' - ' -' - .,,.- M .hz ,f ,. , .,, U - as -,,d-. , X. - KL ' - , " ' - K Y -Tir-H , ..'xffu,., 'E' ', ,.1-:- 'z z-"5,9.'7'.fF"1x3m- 'N' ' " 1 1'T""'92ilb,g?.,, , -. 5 1 1, , -Y -'-4.q.,,,.,g,.,- f, ff. . jr X -fwgigfg--.z, .. V 'Q M ---sawn.,-N L13 1 V .,1'-'t:g5g,,I"hL 1 -n x " , !.' 7-ai, , M U A ' . :" w g 'J I Vliivn '-1 V' - '-I 3'i.9'l"q:I: " 131115 3 '5L'Kf..i ' 5' ,wg . ' ' Q f...,.L-, f. pf ' f' . -'ffl-.. Y ' " tw g-,:1.r-Zn- " nm' "f',n.. m,,g,f,, A .nn ,. ..- ...W 4- 4 ,-,.., 7,5 gqxf ' 1 I n . ,. -, ,..,L, . ,-Mn W rw" ,rf-k.-.:.g , -" .,15',...ifif- ,U- ,it . Vg' ...Dw- . L, -wh T 13135 I f ' EQIP . 1 -wb'-ff' 'f .,'f"-4"-:'r1..'4a--44, i Y . T:-'59-31-'7F55F4 'Q'j,Lfif:: IIA' .5?fsafWK:f.aa A fy-fM?f'-F':1'1g,l 'n'1'?T5f 'f1"Qff!uJ.'x.. ':.,:s1.-. T7"t'2'f15-.Iiff 'QW JY- 1' .is 9:21 .::Q.f.1-. hx!" 2 .,U,, W .-' 35, :uf . .uv--H 1:' 91 . Llc, 451 , .E Wh! f-'7' , ' . r ' W A" .2 .1 rf.: - -T y. MMM "-"'f4a.5y wg., "" n.. PRIVATE LIBRARY O.: CHARLES F. PFEHTFER Vnlumeg Nga:-fr! ' Published by the students of the Moody Bible Institute Chicago, Illinois . . . Editor Zfwv . Associate Editor ,,..........q-gg, 31 in . 'G 5 1 V , 4 exam , asian' I' will w A :Eli 15' ii x mmm ,pgs c. . f.. . ii A ' f -'lr J ff -R Y rw -' .. w - Lmm- - ii' "' - 4!!l5fQi7ji 5. fr-...Q 1 fv I' W lr 2 'is P - A jr' A 1 A N 'I 1' 1 4 .Inj f L 5 W IQIZ. I . 1 1 ", if ' 449, A ' ' , ' .I --'4 11", lv' b - , lf' . . , I u 41, 4? X av: 1 A ri 4 'Q fm , Q1-Q: -if-A-555' e-5:15.-' ! :":2v.' , I 'jgjgk .. 1:33- , XIQN . fl '--IN. , S rip-i - , mai? " eq ljjlk ' 'ein 1 - 5,1 4 AJ E ,, I 5.3 f- V , . W 5' M . . Lv - Q-4 D .311 ill! E ANU- 2. JN- V E 4 .4 . ., A? , ' .Y4, , MV- ., 1 1 1'Hr'M ff . " ' 3 ' ' H 'K' fiiih A w..w4Jif4.1 1 'J .ggu ' J.: Q W, V . , li, W 1- L L, '11 ,gg -' 2 . ' Yi 11. W , '51 ' 'if-nfff ,A ' Q- Vf 'ff prhhvlr fri l fqfieixfgk if ' . - " 4'T fil?f1f ?ff'f"' . . A 2 ' -' ' xg-:v,f2HfTf', ," -'I - . ' ' -V f "5 Alex, ' 11+ r , i 5, 13, I ,Q : in .I . . 1 v 51? . 1.9" ' ff" N .l,..!,-'l' 1 , L- . QV ax I3 L - I -1 if H IA. . f x' I UQIAV Z ,is 6 ,. 5, it +,,wgwgN K ,L+ L' 'U' I 'f 52. 'Q Qwgwwwhwf fLi'f"" ., i IH . gf J , ' , f, 4+ SV ,2 44ff f . .- if - JS. . A f Efs' - ., Q U 5" K ,Zi 'ff I ' P ..-QF ,wr - ' , ,V "1 , . n,. t , B . rt ' V, 1 ' 4,5 VAL, 1 H .f ' ' rf X. ' iv ' -.Ji ' - "'rU'!L,. 'Q '4 - ". .. ' --ff,-x . , "3 ' Q I U f f A ol l','. ,fl 44 ' j 5 ,- 4 N HAI? i, 1 , 6 ' f' f uf , K1 W.: ,' ,-. - ,, Y, V .r, , ' " 1 ' , . ' , lr 1 ' A. ' ' , , ' Q . ' X mx' K , 1 1 1 ', ' -, ,J .Q ,V ,, .- ,, - ,, , -A f - ii 'M - - . , ' ,I -F X ,. .... .. , Y n MA. Q f . .- fl ' , vi. 4 wi ' -' -fn-A .,,V li ' Q , fxlfaf 'X' vl ff - fx . 1 x I f X ,, . , ' I mm. I Y -'f -rf" - ' -.1 ' V '. I y D! ' A X5 I .q T1 ' 1- - -off "' r .- qx H., ,rv ll I 1 1-9 'T L Mfg, , l I ve l A X F .1 5 A if fag, . fl. .,. " ' 12 - - +-. '- 4 4.1 ' di rfiff .f Q .M dll, ., I' 1 it Q . 1 1 I K 7 a 050- ' 4, 1 V" 5' '32, f" 'u Q ""ff ,." ' Q '- k JA. law, ' -94 , J- N ' , wx' J Pzf f 5- Af L., 4 - ' ' , ,I , ,sp I E, Q-', Q yr HQ , ' 3 , , - 'I I L' s ., ' x, wt I ,. , I " n ru, I , J 1 . ' H .1!'f:n,j M13 , ,lg rf, .Y -, lm, i up yi, 'nfl' v.k,,l 'Z tl. V A qiclxll' 5 , if fu 1' ' . , A N. - . U 1 9 X- 'J iq, 1 ' 4' F2 I x 4-1 '."Agf'f'5'.1oV" 'G X KX , ix gs' I ' " " sa" I I J ' . ,I 4 -, - . t, K . 1 f . . . , -. ye ..' 4 x 41 . f ' 1 11. If f ' IW ,K 'll IJ v J 1 puff Q N 1 ,,r,1',p 'x I L I 1, ni, Q 0 l' 12' Ig ' Ay 'Ar V ,1 I X " ,r I In 'S l N, 1 I ' . Q W sg isgfu I fi Q , r' A ,rdf H ' r 1 A Q48 ' If I vpn ' ' .1 1 k i . " ' I' 2' , A, 4 ' 0 " . r 1' P ffS.,'f' 1 4' ,A T I. I 4 sz. ... , . 4, J, uv f , 1 n J, '4- 1 Q 4 if 6 ,Y -' , hir f K L' Ina. 0 P 1 "' 5' ,, f A My Qi fl ' lo af ' . - , ,. :L Q " 4 Ei ' i P , 4 L .L : P' f , ' 54. . Q . 3 - -,.. - 1 4 uf J N V 1 - -K .--L. Q - -'1i5u:'s::::- , ' " by x Mau' , ' ff, -1:5 -, 1 N n n m' , A' .g ,- 3, V ' f 'V'-'44 - 1 S7 "fAii.' . J H U 1 ' Dedication A man of worship. . .refreshing others through the beauty of his rever- ence. . . of challenge. . .calling the men to "press on". . .always encouraging, uncompromising. . . of enthusiasm. . .entering into the student activities with zest. . . full of humor and friendliness. . . of inspiration. . .emphasizing the "abundance of life in Christ Jesus". . .instilling integrity, sta- bility, open-heartedness. . . In sincere appreciation, we present this volume in honor of Mr. A. Franklin Broman. Wi- ?2 fx,-m -f M' 9, Ef f ' 'M ' w ww ,: - 2 -.xfuraqu - 6155. , .. "' mu 1 : , EW- ....., .,,, , . if H H mWW, V b X , N H X Y 2 H1 'M Xu Y, ,Q'fQ55i, N if 2 T ' 1 . ,Q Ei- fair- -E'-. M vw - Y H w L -ra JA' Memoriam A cry . . . and a life has entered humanityg a stillness . . . and it has entered eternity. Whether it be a student or a renowned theologian, it is universal in its consistency. To the lost soul, death is the end of all. He plans . . . he works . . . he strives to achieve . . . for this life. He has no hope for eternity . . . only horror. To the Christian, death is the beginning of all . . . complete happiness, ultimate peace, precious fellowship with Jesus Christ in heaveni He has triumph over sorrow, over sin. Death is appointed unto us all . . . not always the same way, not usually the same time. Some of us are ready . . . some are not. These men,were. And ringing throughout the courts of heaven must surely be the Master's voice, saying, "Well done, thou good and faithful servants. Enter into the joy of thy Lord." DR. P. B. FITZWATER 1871- December 29, 1957 ROBERT A. DAY 1936 - December 13, 1957 Foreword Maturity is many things . . . It begins with the first evaluations of familiar truths . . . the focusing of experience . . . the relating of knowledge into a world of wholes. It grows with the appreciation of life itself . . . the awesome joy of being . . . the worth of the simple things that are part of our heritage . . . liberty . . . labor . . . laughter . . . love. It unfolds in the realization of our potentials . . . the meaning of our existence . . . the awareness of our responsi- bility. It blossoms in the significance of Christian fellowship . . . the deepening devotion to God . . . the renewing of dedication of purpose. This, the twenty-first Arch, symbolizes our concept of - Christian Maturity. CCDNTENTS Administration A Academic Activities Application Associated Ministries I 1 1 ' K 4" O f I . . - , ,V , ' X 'Ulu' " K . V 5 . , , , J w : 1 R ? e , QU:-' - .' A 4,.1:+,I1',l. - ..-, J el 1 X '-'I-f.:.., ,"' W.. -1 -f1fv5s5ir 'W EWTJ L 'QQM1 '1 - .. ., M, .Q ng.. . ' . Y'-'In ' f ' E-'j.,:,f ', 19' I gy H4 X . fgf-' '- ' V . 'L,-.-.LIQ.' A... fanfgpw 95- ,H n...-ni Q17 nm .mc cn, L fr ' -V" ' D,-'Jia' -5-I, ,I.r.,. ,,...,.g1g ,, . .-X ann 1 ,,,., ,r PRESIDENT Dr.Williom Culbertson Not all believers in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ are of the same spiritual maturity. The Bible itself recog- nizes differencesg indeed, it suggests at least three classifica- tions. Some are "babes in Christ" C I Cor. 3Z1Q Heb. 5:13J. Evidently some are "children tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, in craftiness, after the wiles of error" CEph. 4:14J. Still i others have, by the grace of God, reached spiritual maturity CI Cor. 226g Eph. 4:13g Phil. 3:15p Heb. 5:14g all A.S.V.J One of the words translated perfect in our New Testament is this word "fullgrown." Without for one moment making any claim for ourselves, and further disclaiming any power of our own, we should surely be desirous of entering into spiritual maturity. Its signs, by contrast or similarity, may be discovered by looking carefully at the above scriptural verses and their related passages. Among the negatives are the disavowal of strife over personalities, the shunning of jealousy, and the discernment of error. Among the positives are love for the meat of the Word of God, artless devotion to the Lord, and the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Let us never confuse spiritual maturity with great gifts. The Corinthian believers came behind in no gift, yet were but babes spiritually. Your theme of Christian Maturity is a worthy one. Earnestly we expect that the Lord has met you there to that end. But let not anyone of us think that he has arrived! May II Peter 3:18 continue to be your motto: "But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and forever. Amen." Y' sf " X X. Y, , I 1 1 -1 --533 Xmg: ..2,, ,X H 1 ' -1 11 v .1 11 in 'WX 11 W- XX 11 11 , 1 1 1 1 ,A .-. 1 1 1 11 1 11,1 X 1 ,MW 52 11, :Q'XX11 X11 . .5-11 1X sf SW its ,- ,111X111 11 11,111 1 521.51111 .1 W.-111 : H 1: . 1 'E W1 11392 1' '15 11 H iggw' X '11 11 - XM X 1 113 XXXXQXXXXXX1111 - .-,- ' X, .. .XJ M -, 1 E, XA , , . ,. . 1 1,2-S1 1" 11 H 1111 " 11" 11 'Q 111v:az..Q '11 111" -255111 'rs " 'f'i11- - , ' ' ,,' .... X 1 J -V' 5 fi XX X11 1 1 1' '1' ,W 5. NH!!! X 1 H' .,, 1.x X 1 V 1- X 1 111 XX ,A X XX .,..., IX1 .R XXXXXXXX11 XXX1 11 , 1 m" wk 11 X 451, 1 11 -fi X 4 '111 11 A X, MA: X11 11 XXX11 X w-,111 ,Y X ff -- X 1" ,::" I3 ' E . M5- f 1 " ' l f" NX, 'XX NL 3 X11'1X 1 X111 " , XXXEX..,.:: fr 5233- X WXX11XX..1 X:X,XXX?11"11'!5.,XXE X XXXLXXQ1' X 1.1111 LQ X ' ' 111 1, -11 A 5 j sg' ,Qj-Xgi,'gg?- ' 1, 1: . ' ' ' 1591563 H 11 555531 11 11 " 2253? 1 11 ' 1 11 E1 - , 5 1 111 f 7,1 " " 11 2 511' MXX XXH H X -3' 1 1 vffilgfigf. 1 N15 X' 1 Www 111 i M N ' 5 2X ' 'ff-??X.':'1L ' 1 XX 1 XX1ffX11111l K DEAN CDF EDUCATIGN S. Maxwell Coder Although the word "maturity" does not appear in the King James Version, the theme of this year's Arch is developed in many passages. There are babes in Christ, who must be fed with milk CI Cor. 2: 1,2J. We read of children, carried about with every wind of doctrine CEph. 42143. And there are also perfect, or full-grown men, who are mature adult Christians fv. 135. You belong in this category. The Institute di- ploma recognizes your academic achievement and attests your Christian character. As mature believers, you are admonished to manifest the attitude expressed by the apostle Paul in Philippians 3:12-15. He did not think of himself as having attained unto a high degree of spiritual per- fection. Instead, he took his place as a humble follower of Christ, desirous only of fulfilling the purpose for which Christ had laid hold of him. Many years before. the apostle had turned his back on all earthly gain. He counted it as refuse, in the light of the high calling of God -in Christ. Now he was determined to forget those things which were behind, even of growth and achievement, in his zeal to press forward toward the prize which lay ahead. The demonstration of your spiritual maturity will lie in your being thus minded. We of the faculty and staff shall be laboring fervently for you in prayers, that you may henceforth stand perfect and com- plete in all the will of God, wherever He may lead you as graduates of the Moody Bible Institute. .eww H iii.. .-f ,,., 4, i' Vt" if ' l il! ' ' iii ii .ar ' T ' X it . , . Y Q 'ffl' V. , Pifsf , FRANK F1 TAYLOR .ELNER A. EDMAN WILLIAM GARLAND JULIUS J. ALMS JAMES H. BARNES FREELIN A. CARLTON Chairman Vice-chairman Secretary Vice Presidents Administration 'S .lg ' J HENRY C. CROWELL S. MAXWELL CODER HAROLD E. ROBERT L. E. C. CHRISTIANSEN General Manager Dean of Education STOCKBURGER CONSTABLE Investments Treasurer Administrator of Development ' F. ALTON BERNARD WILLIAM WAYNE EVEREST ALDRIDGE BOYLE CHRISTIANSON Moody Institute Extengign Moody Monthly Moody Monthly of Science K, I ui 1 L 'Im U. . liiiw' ' 1 Departmental ..... I L. I X . X 1 T5 "n' A tj . I Q5 ' 'V -'Y-ini .,. ' y ' X. 'QATJV ' I I uifi- 1 A. PAUL G. KEITH ROBERT H. JOHN H. PAUL W. HAROLD K. KENNETH H. FRYE HARGETT PARSONS RAYMOND SCHWEPKER STEPHENS TAYLOR Radio Technical Moody Institute Radio Program Promotion Moody Institute Stewardship MOD'-'ly PICS? and of Science of Science Literature Missions lbs r' ' lb ii ,I 'Q . , HENRY C. WILLIAM CROWELL CULBERTSON 1, S l 'l F. ' l 4 1 Q 45' . MAXEY DAVID H. HARRY R. JACOB JARMAN JOHNSON SMITH STAM C. DAVIS EDWARD L. ANTHONY ROBERT E. WEYERHAEUSER JOHNSON MOHR NICHOLAS Division Managers v I 4 'I lu LeROY E. LEONARD A. IRWIN A. C. B. NORDLAND CARL J. JOHNSON UNKEFER MOON Publications and SCHUMACHER Assistant Treasurer Personnel Moody Institute Radio Operations and Controller of Science D ire C to rs T re os u ry EARL M. FRED M. LOWELL L. WILLIAM M. A. ROLLIN ANDERSON ELZEY KLINE LESSEL SHERWOOD Legal Household Accounting Service Methods and Procedures L, sl.,-lg. ' N DR. JOHN MOSTERT Director of Admissions A Iile drawer closes . . . a sheet of paper is inserted in the typewriter and the keys begin to spell out a letter . . . a name . . . an address . . . a "yes" or a "no" . . . An application has been processed and the Lord has led in the selection or rejection of another candidate for enrollment at M.B.I. Requests come from the uttermost parts of the earth as well as the immediate environs. Certainly, Moody students are a selected, cos- mopolitan group. Prayer . . . research . . . interviews . . . the guidance of the Holy Spirit . . . these deter- mine the success of the Admissions Oflice. Admissions 20 -s iiil , i ,at Registrars "Fourth floor!" With an "Excuse me", I struggle off the elevator, blankly glance at the directory, and instinctively walk to the right and down the hall to the oiiice of the registrar. As I approach, the vague look in my eyes reiiects my perplexed mind. Once again, these women graciously solve my schedule problems and aid me in the arrangement of an education well-grounded in the Word of God. Checking grades to determine eligibility for extra subjects, considering the needs of the student in scheduling his courses, always ready to attempt the diflicult . . . this is the Registrar's oflice. ALICE E. EVERARD Assistant to Registrar GLADYS MARY TALBOT Assistant Registrar RUBY A. JACKSON Registar Deans ANGEI-YN G- DANTUMA A. FRANKLIN BROMAN Dean of Women Dean of Men . I MARY HAVIRD Assistant Dean of Women ISOBEL S. MILLAR Assistant Dean of Women FLORENCE G. MILLER Assistant Dean of Women HUBERT R. BATES Assistant Dean of Men RICHARD L. RUD Assistant Dean of Men RALPH W. SNOW Assistant Dean of Men WILLIAM CULBERTSON Historical Geography Faculty S. MAXWELL CODER HAROLD R. COOK Missions, Spanish HENRY C. CROWELL ROBERT H. BELTON Bible, Personal Evangelism, Theology A. FRANKLIN BROMAN Practice Preaching, Orientation WILFRED L. BURTON Voice ROBERT C. CARBAUGH Conducting, Church Music, Oratorio Chorus, Women's Glee Club, Men's Glee Club ANGELYN G. DANTUMA Orientation GRACE DARLING Home Economics EDNA E. FRITSCH Phonetics, Linguistics HAROLD E. GARNER Christian Education 23 ILMA E. GEESAMAN English JAMES F. HARRISON Chalk Illustration DONALD P. HUSTAD Moody Chorale F clculty RUBY ANN JACKSON HARRY DIXON LOES Music Theory, Hymnology G. COLEMAN LUCK Bible, Apologetics, Comparative Religions J. C. MACAULAY Bible, Pastoral and Systematic Theology, Practice Preaching ALFRED MARTIN Bible, Greek JOHN MOSTERT Greek, Bible ELGIN S. MOYER Church History HELEN I. NEEDHAM English, French MORRIS E. NELSON Historical Geography, Physical Education, Christian Education RALPH B. PATTERSON Piano, Accordion LAWRENCE E PEARSON Blble Theology CHARLES F PFEIFFER Bible Hebrew R NATALIE RAGLAND Christian Education HELEN C. ' RENTSCHLER Christian Education IRVINE ROBERTSON Missions, Bible 4-Ib DAVID SMART DONALD G. PAUL - Music Theory, SMITH ROBINS N Composition, Speech, Hvmilelics Missionary Aviation Counterpoint Practice Preaching 'F' -71' ,x wk tx kxw , so J ..- 'G VIRGII.. E. SMITH Piano, Music Theory MARJORIE SPAIN English J. ARTHUR SPRINGER Bible l l i l n Faculty NATHAN J. STONE GLADYS MARY TALBOT GLADYS E. TAYLOR Jewish Missions Storytelling English HOWARD F. VOS Bible, Archaeology, Theology LON E. WILSON Horniletics, Speech, Practice Preaching KENNETH S. WUEST Greek, Bible AUSTIN G. ANDERSON Radio ROBERT E. MAYHEW Airframes and Power Plants WARREN E. PALMER Radio Technical Instructors ff"",'TP "7f"'-g.':,'L:3.,:ijv,. 'K' , U' if ' Q:-i?3iqqe:,:,'w Thug. .t F i.,.A:AQ'v 1, ' .1.,,.,,..,,, ROBERT M. RICH Aviation ROBERT L. STOCKLEY Aviation FRANKLIN E. SWAN Radio ALLAN LYNN WASHBURN Aviation PAUL M, WERTHEIMER Aviation PAUL E. SMAY Radio 1.1 FRANK J. CURRIE Personal Evangelism J. MAURICE DOBBINS Violin, Orchestra ARVILLA K. GARNER Christian Education GENE A. GETZ Christian Education MARY ALICE GOODRIDGE Piano DAVID S. GOTAAS Spanish ROBERT J. HEURLIN Dentistry TITUS JOHNSON Missionary Medical Instruction, Anatomy and Physiology PAUL E. ADOLPH Minor Surgexy I-IUBERT R. BATES Greek MARTHA E. BLIX Obstetric Nursing Home Nursing KENNETH O. BOUTON Bible Special WILLIAM M. LESSEL Duplicating Techniques JACOB MEDENDORP Bookkeeping STELLA M. MEYER Piano JANET MOON Physical Education Wm --v ,,.qr5FuT.I.-1-mypzrs run 1' l 5, f , I rw H, mm ' m m , I 1 MTW i'iw"'ww , I www w2ifi:1l I n ,pea 4 .,-1 '- - ,, ,nrskv-fi! 119 L g- 2 uf-V QV 6 AoXo5..." Instructors DOUGLAS R WEIKEL Brass JOHN F. WILSON Piano, Music Theory, Radio Broadcasting DONALD L. WISE Bible, Greek, Philosophy M. THOMAS WOODALL Piano GORDON A. SMITH Voice DOROTHY SYMONDS Voice ,H 1 ROBERT C. RAYFIELD LILLIAN H. ROBINSON Organ, Music Literature, Organ Service Playing RICHARD L. RUD WILLIAM F. SHORT Psychology Bible, Philosophy i.' 'A 29 I lp lv H, Lib,-b L Y V L X LUN 1' H" i .Li WY: w a DEAN SIPPEL, President RACHEL GREEN, Corresponding Secretary DIANE DINGMAN, Treasurer LORRAINE STELLING, Recording Secretary Class of '58 gggELgg'gf Flashing back from three exciting years at M.B.I. sparkle the highlights of our experience. We listen intently as England's Stephen Olford drives home the deeper life. Our happy eyes scan over the thank-you letter from Missionary Aviation Fellowship. . . praising God for the new hanger that student gifts have built. Ears perk as enthused spectators crowd the gym and scream delight as the favorites pound down another spike . . . and wide smiles reveal that we remember, too, those 9:30 Sweet Shop raids. Hearts quicken as strains of hi-fi music . . . flickering candlelight . . . and quiet chatting at the Junior-Senior Banquet come to mind. We see again shadows cast by crackling pine ailame . . . fire- side testimonies at Jack and Jill Ranch . . . an advance into physical and spiritual reinforcement. Senior Retreat, a powerful experience . . . not to be forgotten. Afterthoughts of the vibrant hallelujahs from Handel's Messiah stir our memories . . . young, strong voices . . . intense musical enjoyment. Events . . . these are just a few, just a sprinkling from three full years. Yet the perceiving eye discovers that behind these events . . . these years . . . lies something intangible . . . challenge. Challenge to demonstrate maturity! In our total school life-successes . . . failures . . . laughter and sadness-we have been expected to manifest maturity. And in the conflict of problems and pressures we have managed to catch a glimpse of real maturity. But it's just been a taste . . . Ahead we face the "university of life" and anticipate it with gratefulness for the past . . for these years . . . for these events. They've brought us closer to attaining maturity! Seniors AAMODT, OTTO RAY Missionary, Christian Education: Minot, North Dakota Missionary Union, Prayer Band John 20:21 ABRAHAM, ARTHUR General Bible: Fresno, California Intramural Sports II Timothy 4:7 ADAMS, JAMES W., JR. Christian Education: Kilgore, Texas Sophomore Class, President: Student Council: Missionary Union, Prayer Band II Timothy 1:9 ALDRIDGE, P. DAVID General Bible: Wheaton, Illinois Proverbs 3:5,6 ALVIS, MERILYN J. Missionary, Bible: Bloomington, Illinois Student Council John 10:4 1 AMBURGEY, LORNA L. General Bible: Sparta, Michigan Moody Chorale: Oratorio Chorus: Mis- sionary Union, Prayer Band Psalm 37:5 ANDERSON, ESTHER M. Christian Education: Buffalo, New York John 10:4 ANDERSON, RICHARD A. General Bible: Brooklyn, Michigan Christian Teachers' Fellowship: Intra- mural Sports Psalm 27: 14 ARMS, LAWRENCE W. Christian Education: Lapier, Michigan Psalm 37:5 ASHLAND, VIVIENE L. Christian Education: Zion, Illinois Oratorio Chorus II Corinthians 12:9 BABER, GLORIA L. Christian Education: Alexandria, Virginia Psalm 18:1 BACKERT, EARL C. Missionary: Ann Arbor, Michigan Romans 11:33-36 BADDORF, PATRICIA J. Christian Education-Music: Dillsburg, Pennsylvania Women's Glee Club Psalm 16:11 BARKEY, ERLE C. Missionary, Bible: Pickering, Ontario, Canada Moody Student, Copy Editor: Men's Glee Club Philippians 1:20,21 BAUGHMAN, A. 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Missionary, Christian Education: Water- man, Illinois Junior Class, Treasurer: Student Council: Missionary Union, Prayer Band, Special Affairs Secretary Jeremiah 32:27 WISE, KENNETH E. General Bible: Missoula, Montana John 15:16 WISSINGER, JACQUELYN E. Christian Education: Ypsilanti, Michigan Moody Student: Intramural Sports Micah 6:8 WITMAN, NANCY L. Christian Education: Manheim, Pennsyl- vania Student Council, Resident Counselor Psalm 37:5 WOODWARD, GEORGE A. Missionary Technical, Aviation: New Richmond, Wisconsin Philippians 4:13, 14 WORLEIN, LORENA E. Christian Education: Minneapolis, Min- nesota Women's Glee Club: Oratorio Chorus I Corinthians 10:31 WORTH, BERNICE C. Christian Education: Malden, Massachu- setts Moody Student Philippians 3:10 WRIGHT, ELLEN V. Missionary, Bible: Chicago, Illinois Psalm 34:9 WYZGALA, ALISON E. Christian Education-Music: Chicago, Illinois Oralorio Chorus John 14:27 YAXLEY, F. ROBERTA Sacred Music, Piano: Skokie, Illinois Sophomore Class, Vice President, Corres- ponding Secretaryg Missionary Union Prayer Band: Oratorio Chorus Isaiah 42:6 YOUNG, MYRON W. General Bible: Barron, Wisconsin Philippians 4:6, 7 ZEHR, PHYLLIS J. Missionary, Modern Language: Normal Illinois Spanish Club Isaiah 41:10 PITTMAN, J. EDWARD Missionary: Hermosa Beach, California I John 3:1-3 dn' ,swf VEQW-W W " '-F' Y 1 GUN SMOKE Senior Retreat Hey! Hey! good lookin' Dr. James M. Pfeiffer n ' 1 I Senior Retreat if 4 5 if FJ 47 uf 1 P .-f' 'ie 3 mm. ...L 'g - sm' - M -:- 'ff . 'Aff' M Classes A brief aside . . . "4'W35', -rf I 910.1 we-'f 52 ur w ,-nk Y " Fx?2iguT','f : "i - A " Jw "lj V' MEAL, , , . M., . . ,.3.m-mL--:ff- -'lf' Studying . . ffllxtatllf 1 X Co-operatin g Listening Teaching . . . 9? ir' - una W . V ww-'vm . R lf, Lf' ,,,J'Lilpg, Radio Aviation Feathering the prop Moody Wooddale Airport 7 MQW ,N ?f JACK LX LES, President DORAN EDWARDS, Vice-President WARREN HORNUNG, Parliamentarian DAVID MOUW, Treasurer X JUDY IMHOF, Corresponding Secretary EDYTH TRETHEWEY, Recording Secretary Class of '59 Between the freshman's unsteady world of "first times", and the senior's heart-tugging world of "never again", spins the exhilarating universe of . . . the junior. The welcoming of the Retreat-returning Seniors . . . the outdoor atmosphere of the colorful Junior party, "Fall Nut Hunt" . . . the imaginative "Woodland" theme of the Junior-Senior banquet. Efficiency, capability, eifectiveness, and enthusiasm mark the Junior Class. Behind each activity is their desire that "In all things, He might have the pre-eminence". f iuniors ACKERMAN, KENNETH J. Sawyer, Michigan ADAMS, MARION L. Winona, Mississippi ALBRECHT, ROSALEE Plymouth, Indiana ALLEN, CHARLES W. Panama City, Florida ALLEN, KEITH G. Christiana, Jamaica, B.W.I. ALLEN, WARREN W. Crawfordsville, Indiana AMBROSE, LINCOLN S. Rochester, New York APP, DAVID W. Elgin, Illinois APPLE, MARVIN D. Altoona, Pennslyvania ARMSTRONG, CAROLYN A. Saginaw, Minnesota AUSTIN, LEONARD E. Corry, Pennslyvania BAILEY, HERBERT L. Toledo, Ohio BAKKE, RAYMOND I. Deming, Washington BALDWIN, LARRY E. Oak Forest, Illinois BARBER, H. WILLIAM San Jose, California BARBER, JERIEL M. Englewood, Colorado BARCANIC, TORREY G. Chicago, Illinois BARNES, BILL J. Union Grove, Wisconsin BATES, JAMES Westwood, New Jersey BEATY, HAROLD L. Avon, Illinois BEITER, DON R., III Pasadena, California BELL, FORREST E. La Grange, Indiana BENNETT, RAYMOND R. Windom, Minnesota BERRY, REID B. Windom, Minnesota BICKEL, BARBARA V. Garrett, Indiana BILDERBACK, SUE E. Denver, Colorado BINGHAM, ANITA C. Jackson, Mississippi BLANKENBAKER, AUDREY C Calumet City, Illinois BOGGESS, JAQUITA L. Prairie Village, Kansas BOWER, JOHN D. Bagley, Minnesota BOWER, VIVIAN M. Jackson, Michigan BOWERS, TERRANCE R. Muskegon, Michigan BOYETTE, MRS. MARY H. Harvey, Illinois BRACK, RAYMOND G. Salina, Kansas BRADY, RONALD J. Chetek, Wisconsin BURDETT, MARTHA L. Akron, Ohio CALDWELL, JAMES B. Lowell, Arizona CALDWELL, MARGARET A Curwensville, Pennsylvania CARLSEN, JEAN M. Maiden Rock, Wisconsin CARLSON, RUTH L. Casper, Wyoming CARNES, CHARLES E. Melbourne, Florida CECIL, DARLENE G. Elizabeth, Colorado CLARK, DOROTHY Alliance, Ohio CLARK, JACK L. Deerfield, Michigan CLARK, REBA E. Otsego, Michigan CODD, CAROLYN D. Rochester, New York CONDREAY, DAVID F. Maguon, Illinois CONDRON, THOMAS R. Marion, Ohio COOPER, JACQUELYN E. West Newton, Massachusetts CORKISH, THOMAS G. Denver, Colorado COX, J. STANLEY Dundas, Ontario, Canada CRAFT, JEAN W. Michigan City, Indiana CURRY, HUBERT E. McKeesport, Pennsylvania DAS, IRIS fMrs. BJ Bangalore, India DAVENPORT, LYNDON L. Diagonal, Iowa DAVIDHIZAR, JANICE R. Hollsopple, Pennsylvania luniors DAVIES, DORIS M. Pontiac, Michigan DAVIS, CURTIS H. Findley, Ohio DAVIS, LAWRENCE P. Wheaton, Illinois DEAN, GEORGE A. Spring Lake, Michigan DODGE, ANN G. Dumont, New Jersey DOEBLER, ROY W. Lansing, Michigan DOUD, BRIAN D. Mansfield, Pennsylvania DRACUP, MARION G. Seattle, Washington DUNGY, ROBERT E. Ferndale, Michigan EDWARDS, DORAN J. Croydon, Pennsylvania EGLI, HELEN J. New Salem, North Dakota FARMER, CARLEY B. Norwood, Ohio FEGELY, FRANCES M. Coopersburg, Pennsylvania FENTON, KENNETH L. Antigo, Wisconsin FINK, WILMA L. Freeport, Illinois FINKBEINER, E. MARIE Wayland, Michigan FORRESTER, GEORGE W. Deckerville, Michigan FORSTNER, RUTH M. Kalamazoo, Michigan FRAILEY, GEORGE H. Brentwood, New York FRAILEY, NELLIE QMrs. GJ Brentwood, New York FREER, FAITH L. Wheaton, Illinois FUNK, JOYCE I. Bedford, Ohio GALLEY, JUDITH M. West Seneca, New York GILLILAND, BARBARA G.- Van Wert, Ohio GILMER, ALICIA G. Wyandotte, Michigan GLEASON, CONNIE E. Uniontown, Pennsylvania GOERTZ, KAROLYN K. Wichita, Kansas GOLZ, R. LUDWIG Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada GRAHL, SYLVIA K. Freeport, Illinois GRANNAS, CLAUDE E. Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania GRAY, PAUL Tucson, Arizona GRENDA, JANET M. Bayonne, New Jersey GRISWOLD, AUDREY R. Corning, New York HAHN, LOVICE L. Loganville, Wisconsin HAMM, WILLIAM E. Bloomington, Indiana HANSON, MARCIA M. Union Grove, Wisconsin HANUSCH, ALBERT Sodus, Michigan HARMS, SONJA O. Blooming Prairie, Minnesota HARRINGTON, JOAN K. Lyons, Kansas HASKINS, JO ANN Tyler, Texas HAWBAKER, BERNETHA S. Minburn, Iowa HEDGES, PAUL E. Ft. Wayne, Indiana HENRY, CHARLES D. Ames, Iowa HETER, THOMAS M. Mission, Kansas HILLMAN, JUDITH A. Franklin Furnace, Ohio HIX, JUDYTI-I A. Houston, Texas HOOBYAR, ROBERT W. Redondo Beach, Califomia HOOVER, JANICE M. Huntington, West Virginia HOPKINS, JOSEPH G. Spray, North Carolina HOPKINS, LARRY D. Bryan, Ohio HORNUNG, WARREN G. Cost, Texas I-IORTON, JOSEPH Knoxville, Tennessee HOYMAN, E. JANE Acme, Pennsylvania HUBER, LESTER E. Billings, Montana HUDSON, FREIDA O. Bumettsville, Indiana HUFNAGEL, DANIEL Valleyview, Alberta, Canada Iuniors HUNT, BEVERLEY J. Osgoode, Ontario, Canada IDE, KEN Tokyo, Japan IMHOF, JUDY A. Racine, Wisconsin IRVIN, NANCY L. South Bend, Indiana JANTZ, B. COREAN West Plains, Missouri JEFFERIES, ROBERT C. Newport, Pennsylvania JOHNSON, ANNE E. Memphis, Tennessee JOHNSON, CECILIA G. Memphis, Tennessee KELSHEIMER, RUTH A. Clinton, Indiana KEMP, MARGARET A. Pontiac, Michigan KESSLER, PEARL M. Waterloo, Indiana KIMBLE, MARY E. Rochester, New York KITTREDGE, NORMAN M. Chicago, Illinois LABORDE, GLORIA M. Minneapolis, Minnesota LEACH, BETTY M. Jellico, Tennessee LEIGH, MERTON B. Mt. Vernon, Washington LEE, ALLAN R. Nassau, N.P., Bahamas LEE, CAROL J. Chetek, Wisconsin LEE, CATHERINE M. Bagley, Minnesota LEMASTER, DONALD W. Indianapolis, Indiana LILLEY, HOWARD J. Lapeer, Michigan LINE, STANLEY E. Carlisle, Pennsylvania LLOYD, JOHN W. Elgin, Illinois LONGMAN, RACHEL E. Palatine, Illinois LOYD, JOAN C. Ft. Morgan, Colorado LUECK, PHILIP E. Mineola, New York LUHN, SHIRLEY J. Robertson, Missouri LYLE, ERNEST L., III Orlando, Florida 5 Q LYLES, JACK B. Lumberton, North Carolina LYON, GRACE E. Mombasa, East Africa MACDONALD, GEORGE E. West Frankfort, Illinois MACLEOD, DAVID M. Wheaton, Illinois MAISEL, RODNEY A. Langdon, North Dakota MARCY, PAUL S. Leverett, Massachusetts MARSHALL, STEPHEN J. Tarrytown, New York MATHIAS, JAMES A. Uniontown, Pennsylvania MATTHEWS, GEORGE E. Jackson, Michigan MCBURNEY, ANNA M. Normal, Illinois McCAULEY, JOHN W. Salem, Virginia MCCOURT, MICHAEL Redondo Beach, California MCLEOD, ALICE J. Hayward, Wisconsin McMICHAEL, ELLWOOD E. Alanson, Michigan MCROSTIE, JONATHAN S. Kansas City, Missouri MEGINLEY, NEVA E. Sparta, Michigan MEHNERT, DAVID B. Averill Park, New York MEYER, HERMAN C. Des Plaines, Illinois MILLER, JANICE K. Gas City, Indiana MILLER, MYRON M. Niles, Michigan MILLER, ROSCOE M. Blakesburg, Iowa MOORE, ANIT A Niagara Falls, New York MOORES, LUCILLE M. Olalla, Washington MOUW, DAVID J. Clifton, New Jersey MULLINS, JUDITH K. Lansing, Michigan MURPHY, SHARON L. Racine, Wisconsin NIENKIRCHEN, BEVERLEY A. Pembroke, Ontario, Canada NINNEMANN, GAIL I. Palatine, Illinois Juniors NORDLAND, ELIZABETH A. Oak Park, Illinois NOYES, MARILYN A. Newburyport, Massachusetts OGLESBY, MARY E. Chicago, Illinois OXNER, EDWIN S. Tucson, Arizona PAIGE, RICHARD L., Jr. Concord, New Hampshire PATERNOSTER, IVAN C. London, England PAYNE, BERNARD L. Brookfield, Missouri PENROD, ROBERT F. De Graff, Ohio PERRY, NATHANIEL C., Jr. Baltimore, Maryland PETERS, PHYLLIS J. Three Rivers, Michigan PHILGREEN, VIVIAN J. Kansas City, Missouri POST, CLARA D. Redding, California POWELL, ARLEE L. Jamestown, New York POWERS, EILEEN South Bend, Indiana RAMPLEY, EVELYN M. Plymouth, Illinois REDMAN, ROBERT C. Romeo, Michigan REDMOND, JOHN D. Hendersonville, North Carolina REMPEL, SHIRLEY R. Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada RICKERT, TOM E. Chicago, Illinois RIDDLE, WANDA P. Tallmadge, Ohio ROGERS, CLELL M., Jr. Venice, California ROOT, GERALD H. Dayton, Ohio ROTH, PATRICIA J. Des Plaines, Illinois ROUTH, BETTIE M. New Albany, Indiana SAUER. ROBERT L. Kingsport, Tennessee SCHAFER, ARLENE J. New Lisbon, Wisconsin SCHINKEL, RUTH H. Berrien Springs, Michigan SCHRAMM, LOUIS J. Romeo, Michigan sie ya ,Mm SCHROCK, MARTHA J. Deer Creek, Illinois SHELDRAKE, JAMES W. Lawrence, Michigan SIEDSCHLAG, BETTY A. Monroe, Wisconsin SMART, ROBERT W. Atchison, Kansas SMITH, SAMUEL J. Westfield, Indiana SMITH, STANLEY E. Wheaton, Illinois SMITH, VIRGINIA S. fMrs. S. EJ Wheaton, Illinois SPRINGER, MOLLY O. Seattle, Washington STARR, KEITH M. Lapeer, Michigan STEPHENS, BARBARA R. South Bend, Indiana STEPHENS, SANDRA J. Michigan City, Indiana STIER, JOAN G. Chicago, Illinois STINE, BONNIE B. Adel, Iowa STUDER, BETTY J. Eureka, Illinois TAIT, FRANCES D. Chicago, Illinois TAYLOR, PATRICIA B. Memphis, Tennessee TELLOYAN, SAMUEL P. Chicago, Illinois TERRY, SANDRA J. Springfield, Massachusetts THOMPSON, DALE N. Adrian, Michigan TIMMRECK, JOANNE C. Berrien Center, Michigan TRENT, VERA J. Marion, Ohio TRETHEWEY, EDYTH A. South Bend, Indiana VALENTOUR, JAMES C. Stearns, Kentucky VANCE, JAMES W. Ogden, Utah VANDENBERG, LEE Grand Blanc, Michigan VANDENBERG, MARY LOU Grand Rapids, Michigan VAN HORN, PAUL R. Zanesville, Ohio VAN VLEET, MYRTLE A. Hoisington, Kansas "Q luniors VARGA, CAROLYN R. Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin VER STRATE, BARBARA L. Byron Center, Michigan VONK, BETTY L. Hudsonville, Michigan WADE, EDITH M. Akron, Ohio WALKER, PAUL B. Burlington, Iowa WAWERZIN, JESSIE H. Menominee, Michigan WEIANDT, STEPHEN P. Marcellus, Michigan WETZSTEIN, ELEANOR M. Waseca, Minnesota WEYHE, CAROL J. Olean, New York WEYLAND, SANDRA L. West Newton, Massachusetts WHALEY, HOWARD A. Florence, Wisconsin WHITE, ELLEN L. Amarillo, Texas WILKE, BERNARD P. Wausaw, Wisconsin WILKENS, CHARLOTTE N. Leoti, Kansas WILKIN, CAROL A. Maple Park, Illinois WILLIAMS, ALTON E. Delavan, Wisconsin WILLIAMS, DALE R. Peoria, Illinois WILSON, BETTY G. Whiting, Indiana WILSON, DAVID A. Minneapolis, Minnesota WINN, JAMES R. Grand Rapids, Michigan WINZER, JAMES R. Augusta, Kansas WRIGHT, ROBERT J. Detroit, Michigan YOCKEY, DOLORES I. Worthington, Pennsylvania 5 . .V H1019 wj df, W -f' i .i J if fi ,, iv, if J - in af I i ff N t C WC, W.. Sails...-lik TN V -A L , I , They'l1 do xt every time. ' ABRAHAM, MARY L. ADAMS, GLENNA J. AGNELL, NANCY L. AKENS, WENDELL H. ALDRIDGE, GLENN B. ALLOCK, LA LONNA B. ALLEN, RUTH E. ALLFORD, J UANITA R. AMEY, GARY R. ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ARTHUR E JANET M. J. MARIE JESSIE L. NANCY J. ANDERSON, RONALD E. ANDREWS, JESSE L. ARNETT, LITA J. ARNOLD, CHARLES .A. AUBERT, MADELINE R. AUSTIN, CLYDE L. BAKER, RONALD L. BALIUS, GARY BALLAGH, MILDRED R. BARCHUK, GLORIA BARNES, NANCY A. BARNETT, CHARLES E. BELDEN, M. ANNE BELL, CAROL A. Sophomores BELL, WALLACE A. BENDER, GEORGE A. BENSON, BRUCE O. BERRY, KAREN L. BERRY, ROBERT H. BETTCHER, NATHANIEL W. BEYER, VIRGINIA R. BINGHAM, JOANNE E. BLACKBURN, 1oYcE E. BLACKWELL, CHARLES H. BLAIR, WILLIAM E. BORRINK, WENDELL H. BORROR, RUTH D. BOUTON, HELEN L. BOWER, SHARON L. BOYD, BEVERLY A. BRADLEY, JIMMIE C. BRECKENRIDGE, ROBERT B BRITT, RUTH ANN BROUGHTON, MARTHA BROUGHTON, WILLIAM BROWN, ESTHER L. BROWN, R. LEILANI BRYARLY, RICHARD G. BUCK, JOHN J. BULKLEY, PATRICIA F. BURGETT, NANCY M. BURKE, BEVERLY D. BURKE, JOHN M. BUTTMAN, VIOLET L. CARNE, WILLIAM R. CASHIE, IRMA D. CASS, MARILYN F. CASSEL, JANET S. COLE, SHIRLEY A. CONSTABLE, THOMAS L. COOK, HERBERT B., Jr. COOPER, JOHN E. COUGHLOS, ADORIE JEAN CRAPO, PATRICIA A. CRARY, DANIEL R. CROFTON, CARL CRUMP, ROBERT L. CULLINGFORD, ELLEN J. DAVIS, SUZANNA DECKER, CAROL J. DE COU, LEWIS J. DE FLON, RUTH ANN DICKINSON, RUTH ANN DIDDAMS, RICHARD L. DIGBY, HENRY A. DOMINGO, CLARENCE O. DOOLEY, JACK L. DOTY, DAVID L. DOTY, NEAL R. DRIEDGER, JANICE E. Sophomores DUNBAR, RUTH A. DUNHAM, DORIS M. DURIE, GEORGE W. EAVES, JANICE G. ECKERT, RICHARD D. EDGREN, RUTH M. EDMONDS, ROGER E. EDWARDS, BEVERLY J. EDWARDS, RONALD C. EICKLER, LEONARD ELLIS, ANN EMERY, NANA J. ENGLING, EMELIE M. ENS, LOIS M. ERICSON, KEITH W. ESLING, JERRY D. ESTEB, ROBERT H. EWING, SHIRLEY M. FAIRWEATHER, JOHN D FARISON, ROBERT M. FISHER, DAVID E. FITTING, WESLEY C. FLEISHMAN, JOAN R. FLYNN, MILDRED M. fMrs M TJ FLYNN, MICHAEL T. FRADY, DONALD FRAGER, ROBERT R. GENET, HARRY W. R S Q GERDES, MARLENE A. GIBSON, MARION R. GILBERT, PATRICIA L. GLEASON, RICHARD L. GLITTENBERG, CAROL GOUPILLE, RICHARD A. GRANDE, ROBERT E. GREEN, KATHRYN V. GUENTHERMAN, ROBERT H GUNZEL, DAVID S. GUSTAFSON, FLORENCE J. GUTIERREZ, GEORGE A. HALL, DOUGLAS A. HALL, NANCY K. HARLAN, LINDA D. HARLING, MARILYN T. HARMEL, LLOYD R. HARRELL, ROBERT C. HARRING, BARBARA M. HARTMAN, MARIANNA HARVEY, MILFRED E. HAVES, THOMAS J., Jr. HAYHURST, RONNIE L. HAYWARD, DOUGLAS HERMAN, WILMA A. HERTZLER, MELVIN R. HESTER, WILLIAM D. HEWLETT, CHARLES B. Sophomores HICKMAN, JERRY F. HINEBAUGH, CAROL A. HIRAMATSU, KEIKO HIRE, JANET P. HIRSCH, JUDITH A. HIXON, DONALD E. HOCH, JANICE A. HOFFMAN, ELIZABETH J. HOHULIN, RICHARD M. HOKE, LOUIS D. HOLTZHOUSE, ESTHER L. HOUBOLT, DONNA R. HOUTS, HARRY D. HUBBARD, RICHARD D. HUMBLES, JERRY R. HUTCHINSON, PHYLLIS L. HYDE, CARL K. INOUYE, IKARA JAIN, BERNITA E. JAIN, EUNICE A. JANKOWSKI, IRENE JOHNSON, BRUCE A. JOHNSON, DAVID S., Jr. JOHNSON, DOYLE P. JOHNSON, DELORA M. JOHNSON, JONATHAN D. JOHNSON, WARD M. JONES, WILLIAM R., Jr. KASCI-I, JUDITH G. KENDAL, DANIEL F. KILE, GERALLYN M. KING, DONALD E. K1Nz1E, WILLIAM R. KISER, HOWARD w. KISSINGER, KARL E. KNAPP, DONNA J. KNOWER, CLARA A. KNOWLES, SANDRA C. LACCONE, JOSEPH F. LAMKIN, ANITA LANCASTER, CAROL I. LANDIS, WENDY E. LAWRENCE, RONALD F LEE, KENLEY R. LEFTWICH, JOE S. LEHNER, ROGER O. LEMCOOL, RUTH ANN LEONARD, BETSY J. LESLIE, ARTHUR E. LEWIS, ROBERT A. LEBERSKY, ELVON E. LINDSAY, JOHN W. LINDSEY, JOAN K. LISTER, IRVIN T. LONG, DONALD W. LONGMAN, RUTH E. ,f- Sophomores LOUX, GORDON D. LYKE, DAVID R. MAAS, DAVID E. MAASCH, ROSALENE J. MAGOON, CLARE R. MARKS, SHARON L. MAST, ROBERT A. MAYER, ROBERT L. MAXFIELD, WANDA J. MAZARAKI, ETHAN P. MCADAMS, DONNA D. MCCORMACK, DOUGLAS H. MCINTYRE, ROBERT C. MEAD, MAVIS J. MEAD, RUSSELL L. MELROSE, MARGARET D. MERCER, JOSEPH T. MESSNER, JUDY C. MEYERS, RONALD R. MIKKONEN, NANCY M. MILLER, DOUGLAS N. MILLER, EDMOND F. MILLER, EMMA R. MILLER, ERVIN D. MILLER, MARILYN R. MINNS, ALICE E. MOORE, BARBARA J. MOORE, DAVID E. MORRIS, SHIRLEY F. MORRISON, CAROLYN L. MOYER, JULIA M. MOYER, SYLVIA L. MULLER, SHIRLEY J. MYERS, NOLL V., Jr. NAVIS, HECTOR E. NAYLOR, GERALD C. NEHRKE, DONALD J. NEHRKE, WILLIAM NELSON, MURIEL E. NEUENSCHWANDER, GLENNA D NODEN, DAVID L. NORRIS, MARGARET OBENOUR, JANICE K. OLSON, ELIZABETH PACKER, ROBERTA J. PAQUET, DARLENE F. PARKER, RALPH N. PARKS, SALLY L. PAUL, WILLIAM G. PELLETIER, RALPH L. PERRY, LEROY C. PETERSON, CHARLES B. PETZEL, ROBERT P. PEYTON, JACK D. PEYTON, LOIS M. PHELPS, JUDITH M. Sophomore-s PHILGREEN, DONALD E. PHILLIPS, THOMAS H. PHILLIPS, VIOLET M. PLASTOW, FREDERICK w. POLLOCK, DAVID C. POLLARD, DORIS J. POZZUOLI, GILDA PRATT, JOY C. RAY, MARY J. RAYNARD, BONNIE A. REED, NYMA E. REESE, OMER E. REMPEL, HELEN REXROAD, CAMERON E. REYNOLDS, DAVID H. RICHARDS, M. JOAN RIGGLE, DAVID L. RINGENBERG, BARBARA J. RISHEL, G. CAROLE ROBERTS, BETTY LOU ROBERTSON, GLENN D. ROBINSON, ANNETTE W. ROBINSON, JAMES F. RODEN, DORIS L. ROGERS, ETHAN A., Jr. ROKUSEK, KENNETH W. ROSNER, LOIS R. ROST, MARGARET R. ROTHGEB, DOROTHY M. ROZMA, CAROL A. RUPPEL, ESTHER C. SANTINGA, TIMOTHY C. SAPP, A. DOREEN SAVIDGE, SUELLAH J. SCHENKEL, JEANNE J. SCOVILL, DARLENE E. SCOTT, DAVID W. SCOTT, GRANDVILLE D. SCOTT, RICHARD A. SEAGREN, PHILIP E. SEAGREN, TIMOTHY C. SHERRARD, EMMA L. SHILANDER, JANICE R. SHOPPY, DAVID E. SHORT, MIRIAM L. SHUMATE, BOB R. SIM, BEVERLY A. SIMPSON, RONALD W. SISSON, NANCY E. SMITH, JAMES D. SMITH, JOSEPH P. SMITH, SIDNEY S. SNAVELY, ELIZABETH J SPENCE, ROBERT L. SPENCER, MARY E. STARBUCK, NANCY G. Sophomore-s STEVENIN, THOMAS J. STEVENS, ERNEST L. STEVENS, JOSEPH J. STEVENSON, RICHARD L 4 STEWART, JAMES R. STITZ, ROBERT A. STRAUEL, DOREEN K. STREETER, WILBUR C. STRONG, DAVID W. STROEHLIN, JEAN M. SWANSON, DAVID G. SWARR, PHILIP C. SWARTZ, RONALD E. SWEATMAN, DORIS M. TAFT, DONALD C. TANIS, PETER I. TAYLOR, EDITH R. TAYLOR, EVELYN E. TAYLOR, MARY L. TAYLOR, ROBERT L. TER MER, DONALD A. THIELMANN, HENRY B. THOMPSON, NORMAN J. THOMPSON, RONALD L. TICE, BELINDA L. TOMLINSON, PEGGY J. TORRENGA, ROGER L. TRANTER, VERLIN B. TREANOR, SALLY A. TRYLLER, JANET M. UNKEFER, GRACE A. VAN NIERKERK, LOURENS H VESTAL, DONALD G. WAGGONER, DONNA H. WAGGONER, GWENDOLYN L. WAGNER, SHIRLEY L. WAKEFIELD, NANCY L. WAKEFIELD, NORMAN WALL, JANITH M. WALTERS, ERASTINE WALKER, JACK D. WARTON, ROBERT A. WEBB, DORIS E. WEIDENNAR, JOHN B. WEISS, ANDREW M. WEISS, DAVID N. WERNEGREEN, EVA M. WERNEGREEN, JOYCE E. WESTLAKE, TOM C. WHITTAKER, ROBERT E. WIEST, PHYLLIS M. WILKE, MARILYN CMrs. BJ WILKINSON, BEVERLY J. WILLIAMS, CHARLENE J. WILLIAMS, JEAN A. WILLIAMS, JUDITH Sophomores WILLIAMS, MARCEIL K. WILLIAMS, SARAH A. WILLIAMSON, RONALD M. WISE, CLARENCE E. WOOD, ROBERT G. WOODWARD, IRVING P. WRIGHT, FLORENE WRIGHT, LORRAINE M. WRIGHT, RHODA M. WRIGHT, SANDRA J. YEAGER, DOROTHY L. YONKER, GARRET An extra . . . Serenaders play with a tune. Unorqamzed AMBURGEY, DONNA BAUGHN, LOIS BEARSS, IANIS BERGEN, ANNE BIRKS, HOISE BRYAN, SHIRLEY BURNS, DOUGLASS CARPENTER, REID CLINK, DOUGLAS CUSTER, JAMES DAVIS, RICHARD EICKMEIER, ALVAN ERWIN, GLENN EULER, SHARON FISCHER, DOUGLAS FORD, DAVID GANT, BOBBY GETZ, MYRON GILLSON, BEVERLY GOTHARD, DAVE GoUsE, CHARLOTTE GRUSY, NORMAN HAMIL, JOHN HARPER, BETTY HATHAWAY, HAZEL lMrs R B HATHAWAY, RALPH HEINRICHS, MARTHA Unorqcmized I-IEINSMAN, WILLIAM HIXON, DONALD KEAZ, IZAT KNOTT, SYLVIA LAUVER, DANNY LEMKE, ELEANOR LEMT, CHARLES LLOYD, JOHN " MILLESON, DAVID MIRANDA, ATTAGRACIA MORGAN, SUZETTE OKRASSA, ERIDA OSTENSON, ELIZABETH PARKER, DORIS PENZ, DAVID RASEY, JOHN RATHBUN, PEARL RICHARDS, SANDRA ROBBINS, HOWARD ROCKWOOD, BARBARA SAMPLE, CLYDE SKARSTEN, BOB STENSTROM, BERNIE STURHAHN, GERTRUDE SULLIVAN, THOMAS THOMAS, EDWIN TICE, CAROLINE TOBEY, LINDSAY CRev.J i Seniors CARNEY, LORETTA M. TOM, MAINARD WHITE, MELVIN WHITLOCK, JAMES WRIGI-IT, WILLIAM BULT, HENRY CHRISTENSEN, DENNIS DYCE, THOMAS ECKSTROM, CAROL EDMONDS, BONNIE ELLINGER, ROBERT HOLSTEEN, DALTON LANCASTER, EUGENE LEHNHART, ROBERT MC KINLEY, JONNINE RAMSEY, RUTH STRONG, OLIVER WELLS, JOHN General Bible: Davenport, Iowa Missionary Union, Prayer Band Philippians 3:13, 14 SKINNER, T. J., JR. General Bible: Eldorado, Oklahoma II Corinthians 5:17 Dr. Martin, Evening School Director Evening School Evening School . . . precious opportunity for busy men and women . . . source of spiritual bless- ing and education. As the weeks pass, experiences are collected and treasured . . . the teaching of Spiritfilled in4 structors . . . the fellowship of Christians with similar beliefs and stimulating opinions . . . the Sweet Shop filled with day school students who have changed their minds in the dining room . . . the widening horizon of new acquaintances . . . School-teachers . . . ministers . . . factory- workers . . . craftsmen . . . housewives . . . business- men . . . the young . . . the experienced . . . seekers after the Truth . . . these are the men and women of the Evening School. Applicant seeks advice. Evening School Graduates ALOJADO, MIGUEL E. Bible Branch CROWN, IEANETTE K. Christian Education Branch CUMMINGS, CORA L. Bible Branch DAHLGREN, EVELYN C. Bible Branch DALY, RUTH E. Christian Education Branch DE SHONG, MILDRED L. Bible Branch DITMARS, EULA G. Christian Education Branch HASKELL, VERN T. Bible Branch HIGGINS, RUBY B. Bible Branch MAINORD, VERNA G. Bible Branch ROBERTSON, GERALDINE M. Bible Branch SEIM, A. KATHERINE Christian Education Branch SHIPMA, DAVID J. Bible Branch SWINEHART, THOMAS F., JR Bible Branch f NX 1 ' .1- ' ' ' ,. ..,gx. ,1., - '- ' ' ' K ' l - Q., I . ,lx -1 1!:3lf'v7jfg.x-v4 'i- 1 , i ,L - if Tfllfi,-ji?-3-THA , H 5 may Q .-if ,.- 1 ' I ,. Q' ., 1 7 31- , ' u ' - Ag flu 531,-1 2.1 ,, " Xg -' "'SfL-'- :L 3. Ji' ' Miss Miller helps prepare for registration. Registration makes it definite Excuse me, is this where I pay my bill?" ' I -ci " New students receive warm welcome. Questions are answered . . . Time out for refreshment. and friendships are made. Personal instruction . . . n 1 V ...I - , .ei K Tim U .., LJ? 1 ' ii.. ir Q.- ,JE nf. ff E -if Classes begin. 1 'S X . and practicality i, 5 x ww ' ' "' WP' 'fiiiif w H gf H , , :fx 5 vvv----f ..... .. I , f I, , .- 'I' an ez, ' 5' JQfE'?f'3"',v1-i'61'f ,,,, ,, .. Ml.. 142.11 I -vm "' .,K,,41, , F.: A 613 5 I 'Q ,. 'f xg 1 x A x 1, , . Uh W A . , wx , ' in , . xg, g 4 ,W V- ,, H- V ,Q1 '-'fiff-A , ' ' A A 45:1 .ffjggj-gaif 1 ' , i -ylQm,Yv,f-V' - . ' 4-. ,'f1f.C- '.w,.Yf' . ' - vffiigvq 'f".'-T 3 . ' i" 1 -:gw-.-f'f' ff: , u - Iijfmilfaxs 3- V I W 5 'L ,W ' gr ' . " 1 3--wi H, ,s1Qasz-wxt-,.- 1-3-nf 'upgg 42. ls! 5 'N .M V4 A,f,gL:.L,.u,r, 1. V , 1, ,.,, 4-,-Aw . 1: 1 ' V ef- vf:,":,41,Q:..:-wslf.-, 1 5, fzw- - 2 z QE: , , fm',-.f,"54,1.1'-.fLf--'gif3 ff, ,H-JXQF ',g,,:-ma" 1 J ,W -,,. ,,g. q,-,5f.,ig.Q:g3iwmxmf - 13,2 if ,.'-J. ' Q ' 'f-'iff' ' .'d-Uilfffjiriffr ' . , 1. . , ,,,.At-1'g5:f-v.w.3,zQ-,-.n..'gF1rf5:'P'f" 1' ' . ' ., Y LN Q ,M ,, 3-,Q g:E:,.,,,,:,-5:4 :M s4i3lf,g,,,.,...1,f. Au ,, ,,7e::v, . .yr .- A- 4:-w T11wP:a - 1 V wig, -:- , . ,fm rg ff.-V-' ,, H 'g5j7.4E,W'f fE:iw,,f, 1 4 sf .. 'N Ng f' . Lifiilgngggf sia Q , - - ' 1 . zgfgsfigxiw 'QQ-egfvzinifviaidfiAafmgg-P1411-:iv-1 H- wi 'f'ff.vJsHv:m:vif' -:zf'1f'z l.ffa5s,L,:-'gfiifffjifffz 1 N gL1Q555f'gi,,gg',3iQ51,f5,g,2?LQ 4?-if. -, 3 -5 .'1d,5bV,f'I ,QM 'jg F , W 1 k,gi5fvg?ifIg.1-'Giga Sgr-:1:"2,f1'ji-'fill11'5,1.:'5:fv',j5Q1gQ2?J1g'1f5,,F - ' -fl :7gfT"Q' K 'TTQHS - '34 V ii? ffiif 722-T g :A-V w. .:...1e.1a' - Q finafia Q-gf miiisvm,,fg-,evbferA9:.,'aza.4-Legg , 5 V L. - ,:,. I H W W. 7 ?!7.:... -A F . 5 Xu s IW 9 0 51' 'f" Q f 1 .v ' ' fn .- if? 1- , .ff-Q is Q R ' ., I4 ' NH fel. if? '7 l fi "X qi ! ut ,wb .il N, I 5 'A g 3' QM G 1 ge, --. 1., . Te. eggs, - Lf L: ' V1 ZR 'aw' ' , g22Q!i7!E'Ji' W 5 U, fe V- ' 'Z' Q .1 . dei-al.-"5" , A t . ' 'fo' Memories . . . that elusive quality called remembrance photographs . . . points of time preserved from the past as tokens of experience . . . symbols of life lived as a student. To passers-by, a school is little more than a group of buildings, perhaps a meeting place or a point to measure distance . . . fuyeah, lady, you go a few blocks past that school", and the police officer wearily crosses the streetj . . . but to its students, . . 'ff- is a way of life, pulsating with the impact and 8.1 zv9"x aiiis.. response of its people V-' Us. 4 e su H w Action . . . the pounding of a ball on the gym floor . . panting of breath, shuffling of feet as players strain to excel. "Who's playing? . . . Who won? Volley Ball Ballet Well, there's wrestling! there's a future for sports at Moody anyone for Centrifugal-Bumble-Puppy? Tempo . . . swift beat of shoes upon cement rise and fall of voices in a classroom . . . echo of laughter as boys, heads bent, push against the wind . . . ,ff cadence of horns calling out above the traffic in the street . . . the sounds of life . . . beautiful for those who hear, touching the commonplace with music "'-luis 2 Rimlight on Gold Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Adorie Coughlos, Barbara Greenawalt, Jan Hoover, Carolyn Warner, Patty Manges, Patricia Roth, Anita Lamkin, Nancy l-laack, Diane Dingman, Carolyn Conrad, Judith l-Iirsch, Barbara Stevens, Barbara VerStrate, Jane Schrock, Pat Kempston, Faith Freer, Frieda O'Barr. Muriel Nelson, Arlene Schafer, Sylvia Ruoss, Jean Craft, Jonnine McKinley, Alice Minns, Grace Unkefer, Shirley Rempel, Ruth Ramsey, Vivian Philgreen, Martha Burdett, Alberta Brower, Margaret Kemp, Ruth Forstner, Bonnie Edmonds, Priscilla Strabel, Ruth Longman, Beverly Akens. Dale Williams, Ed Carnes, Doran Edwards, .lack Cromer, Ray Bakke, Thomas McDermott, Malcolm S. Morris, Les Huber, Wes Bettcher, Jerry Edmonds, Gene Follis, Ken Fenton, Mert Leigh, Dale Brown, Dennis Christensen, Lynn Goetz, Shirley Billman. .lack Carpenter, John M. Burke, Dan Hill, Omer Reese, Ron l-layhurst, Jim Vance, Dick Eckert, Glenn Ruby, Dave Riggle, Larry Brown, Robert Spence, Robert Curry, Howard Lilley, Dalton Holsteen, Wendell Borrlnk, Paul Hollinger. Moody Chorale Voices raised in glorious harmony . . . moving the hearts of men even to ecstasy . . . solemn . . . sublime . . . and we see our own experiences perhaps more clearly through music than ever possible with words. Behind it all . . lst Violin: Larry Brown, Dorothy Clark, Brian Doud, Mr. Maurice Dobbins, Conductorg Connie Trecek, Frank Gross. 2nd Violins: R. F. Merrill, Jack Bachman, David Noden, Duane Christensen, Leonard Jensen, Judith Galley. Viola: Evelyn Taylor, Richard Nass. Cello: Sue Rust. Clarinet: Judith Hillman, Barbara Sanders, Shirley Luhn. Oboe: John Cooper. French Horn: Dick Eckert, William Murray. Trombone: Howard Lilly, Arlee Powell. Bass Horn: Joseph Smith. Trumpet: Lois English, Gene Brack. Crchestrcl hours of instruction . . . practice . . . discipline. Eyes and ears intent, the orchestra rehearses and presents a concert. Presentations that become Orcltorio Chorus lovely memories . . . the glory of the music unfolding the message of the Messiah as soloists, the Orchestra, Chorale, and Oratorio Chorus unite . . . Beloved carols sung anew, ,tum LAL! 105 Merfs Glee Club Mr. Carbaugh, Director Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Bob Lewis, Larry Hopkins, Paul Hedges, Cameron Rexroad, Charles Peterson, Richard Paige, Roger Edmonds, Karl Kissinger, Bob Docherty, Kenley Lee, Duane Schmutzer, Bob Lenz. Jim Stewart, Bruce Benson, William Paul, David Egner, Charles Chambery, LaRue Schad, Louis DeCou, Neal Doty, Jerry Esling, Wendell Akens, Charles B. Hewlett, Ken Ackerman, Harry D. Houts. John Buck, Douglas Hall, Ward Johnson, Calvin Streeter, Ralph Pelletier, David Pollock, Claude Grannas, Eugene A. Slater, Tom Constable, Don Philgreen, Lloyd Harmel, Eugene Lancaster, James Winn. Erle Barkey, Dan Crary, Larry Davis, David F. Doty, David Sabin, David Johnson, Bill Kinzie, David App, Bob Whittaker, Torrey Barcanic, Arlee L. Powell, Richard Scott. Men's and W0men's Glee Clubs blend in delightful arrangemerzts of sacred ' melodies . . . Easterztours that minister to the lives of appreciative Christ- ians . . . Womens Grlee Club l Row Row Row Row l I ,i ZQAX f "Mr. C." directing Nancy Barnes, Sandy Knowles, Ellen White, Lorena Worlein, Vera Trent, Lorabelle Durner, Barbara Gilliland, Ruth Dunbar, Kay Lindsey, Shirley Cole, Wilma Fink, Joan Harrington, Donna Houbolt, Sally Treanor, Linda Harlan. Eleanor Wetzstein, Nancy Burgett, Jackie Boggess, Pat Baddorf, Marilyn Campbell, Carol Lancaster, Marceil Williams, Evelyn Rampley, Susan Wells, .lean Peterson, Carol Eckstrom, Donna Garwood, Audrey Griswold, Lois English, Sally Parks. Doris Sweatman, Janice Eaves, Irma Cashie, Shirley Reynolds, Lita Arnett, Glenna Neuen- schwander, Lonnie Allcock, Helen Nelson, Enid Graham, .Ianith Wall, Betty Lou Roberts, Janice Obenour, Ruth Ann DeFlon, Vonda Bradshaw, Jan Swenson. Lorraine Wright, Sandra Weyland, Erastine Walton, Mariel Fenton, Belinda Tice, Rosalene Maasch, Janice Shilander, Beth Westphal, Janice Driedger, Marianna Hartman, Florene Wright, Gwen Waggener, Joyce Blackburn, Margaret Rost, Florence Gustafson, Jessie Anderson, Barbara Moore. l 1 ' 1 l 'F' Left ascending: Mr. Rayfield, Alberta Brower, Gedney Vining, Ann Dodge, Marilyn Miller, Barbara McCullough, Ruth Dunbar, Kay Lindsey, Sandra Wright, Joanne Timmreck. Right descending: Ron Lawrence, Kztrolyn Goertz, Evelyn Rampley, John Cooper, Mildred Ballagh, Janice Shilander, Janet Hire, Judy Coates, Mrs. Robinson. Seated: Roy Johnson. Qrgon Guild Unity . . . student life with its endless demands upon time and loyalty . . . maze of activities . . . individuals with aggressive opinions and preferences coming together in groups . . . learning the complexities of human relationships, yet in common interests and purpose developing the bonds of unity. Capable organists find both profit and Pleasure in meeting together as members of the Organ Guild Roy Johnson, President. 71: uni ijWlil""' m'H1i.'5ieQf- iw' X X 3' , Curt Davis, WSPTA calls CQ. Radio Club A vid members of the radio club finally gave up listening for the famous beep . . . beep", but zest for this absorbing interest never seems to dimin- ish... Light versus blacklight . . . new in the field of visual-aids. 'i W, P ,-kg Christian Education Club . . . the field A presented to the student body . . . through literature . . . special speakers . . . the Christian Ed Fair: highlight ' of its activities, product of the combined energies and ingenuity of member students. Christian Education Club Seated: Gareth Sweatman, Treasurerg Jim McGarrahan, Vice-Presidentg Sue Jones, Recording Secretary. Standing: Bob Teela, President: Gay Baughman, Corresponding Secretaryg Mr. Garner, Advisor. N urses' Christian Fellowship Nurses Christian Fellowship . . . young women united to recommend the opportunities of medical ministry. Nurses' Day . . . Houghton Hall lounge becomes a jungle medical station . . . faithfully throughout the year, Nurses' deputation teams enthusiastically W' give the challenge of nursing to local l l' 5-dl-I 'ij it Oh-that tickles! Left to right: Barbara Bickel, Jo Haskins, Ann Ellis, Beverly Burke, Marilyn Noyes, Bernita Jain, Rhoda Wright, Betty Leach, Ruth Forney, Marilyn Cass, Beverly Nienkirchen, Lovice Hahn, Pat Fillmore, Patricia Boyd, June Dokes, Jeanne Schenkel, Janice Everett, Ruth Longman, Carolyn Warner, Carol Rozma, Anne Swank, Doris Webb, Nancy Schaeffer. Seated: Wanda Riddle, LoraBell Durner, presidentg Miss Needham, Advisorg Robert Sauer, Beth Westphal, Judy Kasch, Phyllis Griffith. Standing: Rosa Lee Albrecht, June Dokes, Anne Swank, Frank Bell, Faith Freer, Sue Jones, Alice McLeod, Harry Genet. French Club youth groups. Enterprising French Club, and the newly formed Hebrew group, develop the more enjoyable side of language study: culturally appropriate socials, meetings enjoy- ing guest speakers, practice ses- sions . . . - - IP? .- . me .H Ulm' 2 L. ,Q ,- , L Officers of M.U.g Seated: Nancy Williams, Gary Chapman, Presidentg Jean Peterson, John McCauley, Carolyn Warner, Robert E. Rush. Standing: James Mason, Phyllis Griffith, Joseph Bellingham, Richard Germaine, Howard Whaley, Patricia Fillmore. Missionary Union Response . . . in preparation . . . not that assignments aren't sometimes undone on a Monday morning . . . or that one couldn't be caught dozing at the back of a crowded classroom . . . but faces are earnest as the lecturer begins in prayer . . . for an instant all acknowledge again dependence upo n God. Gary Chapman presents a 953500.00 check to Mr. Bowman of the Far Eastern Broadcasting Company. . . . in practice . . . Missionary Union . . . students joined together in the interest of home and foreign missions. An extensive program prompted by the eager desire to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ "to the ends of the earth". Evening prayer bands stressing intelligent intercession . . . Monday evening missionary speakers bringing up-to-the-minute news and needs of the fields of service . . . deputation teams rf! FF , A t I Y , enlarging the missionary endeavor of local churches . . . the annual student-supported project . . . this year gospel radios for evangelism of natives in inaccessible villages . . . extensive activity demanding dedication and unity . . . characteristics of Missionary Union . 115 Left to right: Charles Doughtery, Secretaryg Robert Geiman, Treasurerg Ernest Bruni, Vice-Presidentg Bruce Snyder, President. Men's Student Council Individuality . .. . in an age of conformity . . . "Which can say more than this rich phrase that 'you alone are you'?" Not the artificial nonconformity of the immature . . . but it is seizing the opportunity to value and develop the unique characteristics that make a student different than all other students. Student Councils . . carrying the responsibility of student government with good judgement and good humor. Sensitive to campus trends, originating extra-curricular activitieswith Women's Student Council perception . . . warmth and sincerity is evident in the welcoming of new students . . . in the Big Brother and Big Sister receptions. Council-sponsored Left to right: Shirley Reynolds, Presidentg Beverly Graham, Secretaryg Avie Dickie, Treasurerg Kathan, Vice-President. V S , 1, gf, ff . nT,i.5,x'f5,,., f ' ' N-'XX B7 4. Q--f ,:'A..-,i'j,,A.-.4 ..:, Sherri -1 X W I I 11 ff J 95 E Q ,I ,,-,.,.-a- high-light of the school year, the Junior-Senior Banquet originality and ingenuity . . . talented students giving of their particular abilities in planning . . . work . . . rehearsals . . . decorations . . . entertainment. Opportunity for individuality . . . Creating atmosphere V 4'Here's a howdy-do" Through the Moongate L iw' hm .J 'B Q T se A r" ,L .W Seated: Dick Dinwiddie, Anne Johnson. Standing: Barb Hamman, Bill Sischo, Ann Hornstein, Gene Slater, Paul Hollinger, Phil Lasse, Carol Fairchild, Ruth Sippel. ARCH Tributes . . . to the ARCH staff , . . students and advisors . . fellowship based on the anticipation of a goal attained. Deadlines again and again . . preparations for the Arch banquet . . . photo contest . . . Arch Night . . . all staff members work calmly, efficiently. Advertising, circulation promotion, bookkeeping, layout, copy, art, secretarial work, and photography . . . all require originality, organization . . . and time. One thing about this deadline-we made itll Arch Stoii Dick Dinwiddie, Editor Ann Hornstein, Associate Editor Ruth Sippel, Business Manager Advertising Paul Hollinger Mike Flynn Dean Sippel Art Phil Lasse Circulation 8: Promotion Clayton Bauman Copy Barbara I-lamman Carol Bell Jack Houston Tom Mannon Dave C. Pollock Myrna Reid Jan Swenson Evening School Mary Martin Mary Boltz Robert Crump Pat Gilbert Layout Carol Fairchild Phyllis Clements Dave Egner Connie Gleason Lynn Goetz Nancy Starbuck Photo Gene Slater Neal Doty Hank Thielmann Don Beiter Phil Ericson Dave Fisher George Fraily Rex Horton Wayne Kiser Ron Myers Secretary Anne Johnson Treasurer Bill Sischo Finished and to the student 'i NS The editor-in-chief, of course is supposed to have the last say . . . and his associate usually agrees with him and with the aid of the advisors and the printer, the work is gradually completed. Sacrifice discipline . . . self denial . . . laughter . . . comradeship . . . all characteristics of a staff united in presenting to the student body . . . the ARCH Nw -lx, '1 , K ,f-,alleg 'D 4. - fi 'Q3?'f:L 'S' ill I X X 1 14 Arch Photo Contest End of an ordeal Fav fu 'ff gmk V' f , A A X 1 I m f J it-5 1 ,. -WMI .. 155 l - ' Riu o o ie l M odern Stroller lst Prize-Above: Gene Follis 2nd Prize-Lower right: Sharon Murphy 3rd Prize-Upper right: Howard Whaley A diamond is forever. I., 3 jgrfpgf-1 -' -mein - f 7f .M a earn: " ' li? K , ,' ix- V-i'h V N -- if . l-ef' il ui 1511 iw 35. -wmv A Seated: Bob Docherty, Editorg Jonnine McKinley, Assistant Editor. Standing: Carol Eckstrom, News and Feature Editorg Jack Carpenter, Sports Editorg Ken Pearson, Layout Editorg Albert Hanusch, Business Manager. Moody' Student . . . to the MOODY STUDENT . . . fortnightly student publication School-wide coverage . . . featured interviews with unusual students . . . previews of coming school activities . . . news of faculty members . . coming events in the Chicago area . . . "sports" . . . class columns C we always read our own column lastj . . . "Round the Institute" . . . News is plentiful-but scoops are scarce . . . and the work is hard . . . Bob plans ahead . . . As staff prepares for c1rculat1 n Moody Student Stuff Jonnine McKinley, Assistant Editor Art Abraham Ruth Allen Torry Barconic Erle Barkey Barbara Bickel Sue Bilderback Jo Bingham Nancy Burgett Jack Carpenter Daniel Crary Carol Decker Carol Eckstrom Dave Fisher A1 Hanusch Tom Hayes Beverley Hunt Judy Imhof Irene J anowski Tony Jordhamo Ruth Kelsheimer Norman Kittredge Ruth Ann Lemcool Elwood McMichael Janice Kay Miller Malcolm Morris Shirley Muller Helen Nelson Ken Pearson Donald Philgreen E. Allen Rogers Bettie Routh Bob Rudolph Dick Ryman Jan Sherman James Smith Elizabeth Snavely Fred Udhe Lee Vanclenberg Paul Walker Ron Williamson Jaki Wissinger Nicki Worth - - i-ful I "Wi 1!l'.i2:.'W?1'3if,' is 4 ' 'K ' 's A I gg ' A' "ff" f - 'f'?'f'1'7 'T Ia" ,, ' 1 ' ' ' ' ':.,,L ,. . fu I ,Y . ' ,ti A -4-2' ' 3 use T1 up 4113.731 4'l,o'r01'Z,-g,s,gsf,4I ,QI .. 1 , ' JL' "49"1. 7? Elf" 'xffi' HQ9"f':'-17'-:Qt-1'-3 43 .-7 - '-' --sv V ii t if i c s its . 'JE QET' is gAiffs,:if Pl y an f- t ll .R-1:23,-L5 . . . to the graduates . . . for being the kind of men and women we aspire to be . . . for consummation of purpose and maturity of character . . for three years of steady sacrifice and service . . . congratulations! 'j:L1Qfg11 ,E L ,mm L, Years. . . Behind us the past . . . beside us the present before us the future. Future years - what will they bring to us? What will we bring to them? We look with searching eyes upon ' "W "-limit. 1. ..,?,,Y ' v i , :ugh 1 x i- :,: r-1-.. Practice today . . . performance tomorrow. those who have gone before . . . pastors . . .Christian educators . . . chaplains . . . missionaries . . . alumni witnessing in the business and professional worlds . . . The High Calling is ours. i It i i potential, but not cer i , tainty - it is up 5 iii ' to us. Future years are made to- A 1 L. dar- e W , ' arg Open House . . . time out for sociability. 4 O I ' 5 0 9 0 o 5 Q v ' I , :gil C' A ivy We El , 51 ., 1 N ni Daniel Hill, Composmon. Senior Recitcllists Monotony will come into the life of every student at one time or another. Hours of learning become days . . . years. Without a way'to prove itself, the product of our education is not. Therefore, each student applies himself in some way . . Some in what they have learned . . . through study Larry Brown, Violin F. Roberta Yaxley, Piano A ,Z,, , Jeanette Sprik, Piano i.i-Hxw W i r . Roy Johnson, Organ through practice . . Gedney Vining, Organ Senior Recitcllists Sylvxa O Halloran, Voxce through performance Shirley Billman, Piano 1 I ' 5 W I S ri 1 w lr ri Mrs. Joan Kassik, Organ Student Placement -m1f"'e-'f-1'f"f"5mf A 'W 1 'fq2g3e"':w"' 'wmv ,w 1 Wk 1 Ht Qu'-Q.--.,.,, ,, :J F? l if After dinner, taking out the "heavies" , . . My I 1 I yy M .I . . 'Others in what they have already known I , from past experience . . . and use today to help others as well as themselves . . . '- J..t,,ff,,,, ,i t --VI W , .iz War against grime . . . enlisted or drafted, these two battle with "Chicago". 137 Mr. Harrison, Director, with his associate Miss Rentschler. Practical Christian Work . . . All in what they believe . . . and would have others to know . . . N Lively youth who need a living message Dir CC 15.- , Nr L ., I X XT'- 4 rs vp +A M -,fn .gain-vq Week Day Church School . . . where boys and girls learn about Christ. whether youth . . . or their predecessors . . . . . off to an assignment. nx- -SJ Q...- Hm ' ' NH N N N gg , Q N W ' 'X , 1-lam- A 4: X 5 ' w H ,-5 .,,-me Tn.. ,,.,.'-' ff: W 12,53 , , rw 1' , if 16" 140 Listeners at our doorstep. , fn , .fl in TW? iw-,-nr ff - 1 .Q- is 5, 11. E' m5 His 4' V' -- x rn .N X Practical service in hospital ministry. A hunger for Christian love is mirrored in the faces of children like these. on the street . . . in the home . . . or at school These are the expressions of that which has been received in our minds. . . . now they have become realities. w I -EY V. if Q mu w 592m ' aaa mmm N x w w -M ww , 'Z-3 x w s X Y K' 5 TT 'V 71' .g. mg:vf.'f'ETYffi-:ff ,,4 ,. , , E. JA.. w , 944. -' wr.-f vw I - w X .y 'QT' in-J+:-1-1, 'N - 5' ff :sf , Q2 , 5 'Le 2'-'ff ' , A . 4 Lf .Mfg-'X' .1 ..1,,.,,- ,X 452117 mei 1 - I1-zinxlgwfynrjw-' 3 61,1211 ffl - , ' Lyjk, 1gw g'?51'1 t.::-3: 5,"ni.1,, ',,1,,u Lggixjfvgl tu E,1ffgrV,: j i g is " ' E'3fE"' 5f"" ' M R: . V r f ,,4 , . , . ,., v-JSA :Lf , , . ,U -.,JA'm,, ,rn - f'tX2!5t' 7. 5,4- . .Nqr ' ff v ',.gw .,. - 1 ---:J ...M y N .v, 1- -.N A 1 i ' ' wgqj.--K , - . 1 V :Q - is , in 'M ' ' L Mm H :Q A . if ' ' . :a"5,:: ,. Y. , i My N' ,X , , , WW mfg? 2 F H 5 K M 1 , , ' w 1 QP,--. Q w , I M X :C f. 1 'sy s 5 in 5 ur WV'-gi Q 44 The finished production. Prayer preceded it . . . prayer will follow it. Moody Institute of Science The world of the snowflake and the wisdom of Solomon . . . the wonder of science to the man on the street. UNE-ml 'W Spring Fever? No, this bull elephant seal objects strenuously to the cameraman intruding upon his X This chameleon's tongue is quicker than the human eye. However, the camera captured this amazing action. Pfivacy' Moody Institute of Science, probing into the mysteries of nature, uncovers These two-toed sloths from the jungles of Central America rest between "takes" in a science lab. f '..-1 . nun-" 42 " AIIN if-.3 1 'x Tl , -f .,-4 7 The new cardiac pulse duplicator developed by scientists at MIS for observing the heart under controlled conditions. designs of delicate impressions The camera begins to roll 2 .fl -' if lending insight to Biblical truth ,515 M il, :lla . Q-2 gi-v . 1 i Qihi' KA' rl' 5 A i H Y I I 146 Do it yourself . . . Dr. Irwin Moon produces some-homemade lightning in the MIS lab. f f X I I, Fil 1551090 679 No. Wells St. Chicago 10, Illinois SERVING MISSIONARIES E1 I'CCOgl'1lZCLl 111155 All those Studen with Equipment and Supplies at Subsidized Prices Some items also available to Pastors and Christian Groups ts are not eligible vice until accepted by ion boardqfor a specific Field. Welcome to visit our display room. Fav I rm C 6 nf .' " N ' I ...s.. gn 'gg 1 'I - 5 'Q X v E' 'V H - X EB ,ku h N La at . I L his 'S' my I A , 1, 2 X 4 , L . :.f,'x.- ' ' 1 35 Q- li .. 4 'E 14 , Q f 3" HTF-Tiff ' - -1 1' tm' ' 3 '- if ' ., A I . A VI. N N : Y, 3:11 Z4 'H gf? - N g 'Z W'-N4-' 1 .V ,,, . V "' A A 2 '-Q K A .gg ., , .Q 1 - V !F'-l'4- 4 ., L K Fc Q .ragga a fu 'ff-7.2-fjz.. 2'-W' ff,,, May God give you His richest blessings as you set out in his service. Remember that you'll always be Welcome at the SWEET SHOP Where you enjoyed the best of food and fellowship during your years at MBI. Do come back and see us! 729 fdfaeef 149 Somethlng to Smg About Bill Pearce and Gil Mead. Waller Carlson, left, head announce Robert Parsons, Program Director. l Jim Grant, producing . . . demonstrating originality in approach . . . creating impact for Christ. as Walter Carlson interviews "Meet the Students" And in Studio 'C' Flynn gives a station break Alumni Association A. F. Broman, '24, is presented the Alumnus of the Year award during Founder's Week for his twenty years of service as dean of men at MBI. Behind the scenes . . . a stimulus for campus standards, for achievement. Alumni Association efforts . . . solidly focused V Yijr. Bob bog:-Egbeineypresenied as president of the Alumni Association during Founder's Week was -JK' , M x 5222 5 Tfikef' ' ' -N x '-' 1 ' " --lv' M 'N .Q ef' W M fr! .i I l ' M! 11255 il ' Wi: Alumm Banquet . . . a feature of Alumm Day durmg Founders Week. on the practical: wide-ranging placement service . . . Alumni News, extending vital contacts. A significant outreach building friendships and funds. ,ix--1 '- " ,,'. . A A-mei,-,.,I Y Y..-. ,,,, 4 t ' ss- -I. e ,,.-. .-.i I ":4.. 'Q in-, 154 Teen tension . . . two top YFC Bible quiz teams strain for a victory. Foundeids Week Excited anticipation . . . old friends and alumni eagerly return to campus new friends are welcomed into the Moody Family. Subdued expectation Students and guests crowd in lobby of Torrey-Gray Auditorium after one of the sessions. , .H ,,, Y, ..,T,, -f, Y lf, . ..?q..J.-, 2 ? E i an I Closed circuit TV and tape recorders at Founder's Week . . . visitors, alumni, studenrs reverently assemble for sessions. Opportunity . . . for any to take . . . to sit in stillness before God . . . to hear His voice . . . to re-evaluafe, rededicate . . . renew "Hello - Quito, Equador? Can you hear me?" -nl QAM 3 Q, S ggi Qfx 10 mn y eruxnunes . . . , ou can alwa, 5 be 'members 0 N v the I'n5titfu,te famzl f enabIe you 'nterest and whenever possIbIe, your gifts ver you may be. mio. Your prayers your r , MBI iamiIy where Q si? to contrnue as actrve members of the Our srncere best wrsbes to you as you begxn to use the trarmng, recewed at Moody BrbIe Instrtute Word zumon free' Thrs At MBI you have been prrvueged to study God s has been possrbIe through the prayers and ants of God s peopIe of every denomxnatron and from aII waII4s of Irfe As you step forward rn Iarth Into the fxeId of your caIIrng we hope that you wxII not forget your student days at MBI We pray that you wxII aIways remember the Instrtute rn prayer and stewardshrp In thrs way you can heIp to perpetuate the Instxtute s program of rumon free trarmng as estab Irshed by D L Moody Thousands of Chrrstxans rncIudmg many MBI graduates hare found rt convenrent to use the Monthly for Moody enveIopes Thrs rs one way whxch you can contrrbute reguIarIy to the mxmstrres of the Instrtute You wxII derwe great satrsfactron and bIessxng rn Ianowrng, that as you Iabor for armg to ioIIow you and contmue the work the spreadrng the gospeI congratuIatxons, and may your mrmstry be Iong, and frurtIuI Lord others are prep Agam, OF STEWARDSHIP GWN RNS, ,ay tt 1 DEPAR1' MEII1' MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE ?lk6"f 'lk if, QE ,, ,W 5' 55 K Q, my X Q .. ., I , rees T. ,, Q po pr M yaa, .I , :W K Q W ' tezcwzvf--mi .-:hw .': '41-Q. -vw:-aff Wfgi., ,.,: 3 max ' I Q' ' :iff fl, ,. , N e . ,ay 5,5 ,,,, ,Ms 1 ,AQL iv ,M V X 1 g,:QX?.1j-I Q Lessons by long distance . . . students of every need and potential. Examinations returned with testimony of salvation . . . of increased understanding in the Word of God. Long distance ministry . . . and far reaching! Mr. Klingbeil and Mr. Shaw, director, take a look at a new course. Correspondence School .-3 Secretaries hard at work in Correspondence School RIC KE Clarlc8iOalc "We Dispense Cheerfulness With Our Food" Established 1907 HORDER'S, INC. 0 OFFICE SUPPLIES I.-4.5: 5 1,352 su..-. '-sezifiz: -1-Z4-2-tb THIS IS A Honozn stone YOU R NEAR YQU Ll F E When office supplies are Mekefhemosfofifwifhe needed you find Prompt distinctive Christian Education I . I Who: Christians planning their courteous service at all of the fufure se,,,i,,g Him, eight Horde' stores' Why: You must have Bible study and liberal arts preparation . l Where: On Biola's brand new College Conveniently located in Campus Downtown Chicago when. Make Q date for 1958 HORDER'S, mc. 2 I 91 14 Founded 1901 L A 184 N. wanash Ave. so E. Adams st.. fm ' I A g x S. Dearborn St. MBfchandISe Mart ' 1 WRITE iiil'f1X'.?S'.l.'5"Zl'T" S" 223 51. 'lllotffg mid. -N 2 S Bw' ADM'SS'ONS OFHCE Office Furniture 81 Systems ' 562 W. Jackson Blvd. SEND MAIL ORDERS T0 231 S. Jefferson St., Chicago 6 All Telephones Fitanklin 2-6760 LOS ANGELES 17, CALIF. g-s 75 69 4 558 sour:-I HOPE sr. I ii . GREETINGS FROM l 0 a -X Q , I Q E SCPWPTURE PRESS. Serving the Sunday Schools of America and the regions beyond with publications designed to bring the whole Word of God to the whole World: ALL-BIBLE GRADED SERIES of Sunday School Lessons ALL-BIBLE VACATION SCHOOL Lessons SUEDE-GRAPHS, GOSPEL-GRAPHS, MISSION-GRAPHS Books, Filmstrips, and other Bible-centered Teaching Materials Materials Scripture Press Book Shops: 135 South Wabash, Chicago, Ill. 1825 College Avenue, Wheaton, Ill. Winona Lake Conference Grounds, Ind. Scripture Press Building, l825 College Avenue, Wheaton, Illinois PHILLIPS IIQWELRY co. VVI-IOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS DIAMONDS - WATCHES - IEWELRY SILVERWARE - OPTICAL WATCH AND IEWELRY REPAIRING Serving Institute Patrons at Wholesale Prices for the past 25 years. 59 East Madison St. - Chicago eneeao BIBLE PRESS AMERlCA'S BIBLE and BOOK HEADQUARTERS Write for complete catalog and prices to Students, Pastors, Missionaries and Christian Workers, O Suite 1101 CICERO BIBLE PRESS Telephone Dhrborn 245508 2301 Roosevelt Road Broadview, Illinois O MOREY H. PHILLIPS - Proprietor 'I I , fi, J FRIC -"THE WORLDS e D . - C . . nan I ff If , lflryov . A X .. ff Mosr EXPLOSIVE CONTINENTY' ,q:1:2.:f:1f3r- ,E .-,s 1 ,- f :325f:?2I5?3,.,1:3Ss S if 'si ..,4 ,f , , -- W,W,,,,,,111',11v11, Y D E C A 1-'- ,.,,V There 1S an unparalleled opportunity to preach ' - - WW' mm, .,,,. 11.1 L D y 'I the Gospel in Africa to-day. ' . I r-1 I f ff . H. M1ss1onary Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Tech- ' I " I., . fl' nicians, Journalists, Printers, Radio Person- - 1 ' 51- nel, and General Workers are needed. 4 I " '17 Look on this Held white already unto harvest if Bi . 1 -1 , '39 ' I lrrr, ' ' Fe JN ' then pray the Lord of the harvest to thrust X , fl Q list ef X , Q, QI forth laborers. If He speaks to you, write for My -,IN JN ' s lx I I 1' jr rf- informat1on and hterature to the Secretary. 'I X, at -' li allka e,,,r I X- I r1r I 1ere ' X SUDAN INTERIOR MISSION 5 . YN' , as Z 4 QW, '1':lL fy 164 West 74th Street, New York 23, N. Y., or I L 405 Huron Street, Toronto, Ont- TAKE THEIIFIOUT OF YOUR LlFE'S DEDICATION TO CHRIST LY especially Christian workers, ,, .,v1,--- . "je f i mf - F. , fa , ,,A ,, ,ff-f, " 4,-A-,,, gg . ll fag? ff, ij if suxlmlq id BW 4 I , Klaiuvg Q. ', -,ev-is-il -'-vi 'Mind y' ' 1.- ,, V .3 ,,p11',.t tr- g. f'I H ' -, I -ei N. ' s 'r A sag v g . 1, t wb , X L , 1 ,L , Q x X kg? vt ' wr 'K r W at i ,R ., ' I is ' .- . X A rg., 1 A Q? X 'ie -1 X 1 .' Q 3 1 - 3: 1 X ' "' r 'I ' P i X 91 N ' -, I X "' I A' X 5 L X N I Hrs find Mooov MONTHLY a read- ing must. The Idea Notebook is always a ready source for prac- tical material . . . Youth Supple- ment is beamed to young people and people who are interested in the problems of young folks at t t r fb' if t -- 4 . . . boys and girls enjoy Moody 1 Monthly Jr .... comments on i m g? the Sunday school lesson ap- eamensmmmscuuntss peal to teachers. . .In the Study . has a large following among SPGCIUI Iflff0dUCf0fY pastors and students . . . and Offer allreaders find the Bible studies and devotional articles, as well 1 2 MONTHS as the news section, most in- formative and stimulating. ' 93-00 Every home should have C Regular price, 54.001 Moom' MONTHLY-for pleas- ant and profitable reading. Mail your order today to MOODY MONTHLY 820 N. LA SALLE STREET o CHICAGO 10, ILLINOIS 'ff-2-I-I-1-I-If-2-2-2-2'I4:-:-2-:cc-:41-2-2-1-1-1-:-:-2-1-:.:.:.1.1.:-:-:V:4-:-:-z-:-:-:4:-:4:-:V:-:-:-z-:-:-:-:-:-:4:-:-:-z-:-:-:-:-:-:-:':-:-:-:-:l:4+:4-:-:-2-:-:-:-:-:-za-:-:-z-:-1':':-:4:-zV:Azvg-:.,,:.:.:.:.,,.:.3.:.:.:.:.g.I.I.:.,1.,.1.1.2.:.5,5.2.:4.2.3,I.,,.c,:.,,I.:.,.Z.,.,:,.,.,.,.A.,.,.,.,,.,.,,,.,.,.,.,.,. FROM YOUR ARCH TO OUR ARCH EDGEWATER BAPTIST CHURCH wELcoMEs You X W fi SUNDAY SERVICE 9:45 om Bible School DGEWATER BAPTIST cl-IURCH 11:00 Gm M0mif19 W0fSi'1iP HOLLYWOOD AND GLENWOOD AVENUE pm Youth FeIlow.ship Meetings 7:00 pm Gospel Service REV D THURLOW YAXLEY WEDNESDAY LONGBE CH 1 SMC 7:30 pm Unique Midweek Fellowship MONDAY-FRIDAY 7:00 pm Pioneer Girls 7:30 pm Boys Brigade T WORD OF GOD AND TH TESTIMONY F JESUS C P ST EV 9 THE COSMOPOLITAN NATIONAL BANK OF CHICAGO Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation MOhawk 4-5200 BANKING HOURS: Monday thru Thursday 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. Fridays- Continuously 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. 801 North Clark Street Mr. Ohs CCashierJ opening an account for a Student. no never drink alcholic beverages you are probably a better friend, better citizen, better churchman, parent, in better health mentally, physically and spiritually-in short-a better person because you abstain. We Know that you are a better driver if you don't drink. Recent studies prove this. Good drivers who don't drink are safer drivers-have fewer, less costly accidents. It is for just such drivers that the Preferred Risk Mutual Insurance Company was formed. In ten short years over 200,000 non-drinking drivers have joined Preferred Risk to save money and lend their support to the cause of temperance. If you are a non-drinker, we invite you to join them in insuring with Preferred Risk Mutual, the first auto insurance company for non-drinkers only. If you qualify call or write: CHICAGO OFFICE 208 South LaSalle - Telephone'FInancial 6-0849 PREFERRED RISK MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY 6000 Grand Avenue - Des Moines 12, Iowa BAUER'S SERVICE STATION WACKER HOTEL STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS - Huron at Clark - 631 N. La Salle St. 300 Rooms - Fireproof Freshly Decorated - Smartly Furnished ERICKSON .IEWELERS Mode fate Rm GUSTAF LARSON 81 CO., Successors 5304 N. CLARK STREET DIAMONDS ,D Sterling Silver - All Kinds Watches - Jewelry SPECIAL DISCOUNT TO 111 W- Huron SU 71386 MOODY STUDENTS Bt EMPLOYEES The Preferred Hotel for Moody Guests an iinportant invitation to Christian Education loaders . . . EXAMINE and DISCOVER FOR YOURSELF the ad antagnes of David C. Cook Bible-teaching literature spiritual advantages Bible-centered. Cook's devoted Christian writers uphold high standards of Biblical scholarship and evangelical belief. The great Bible doctrines of the Father Son and Holy Spirit. . .about redemption-personal salvation through Christ . . . His resurrection and coming again are simply and carefully taught. Publications inspire loyalty to the pupil's own church and to the whole body of Christians everywhere. educational advantages Fully correlated and carefully graded. Highest educational standards are offered. Everything is designed to make publications attractive to the pupil and to make his Christian training alive and meaningful. All teachers' quarterlies, Primary through Adult, feature Cook's exclusive "facing-page teaching plan." Lefthand page gives teacher's lesson development-righthand provides full copy of pupil's lesson. financial advantages Moderately priced. As you check the features of Cook lesson materials and take-home papers, compare prices, too. Profits from the sale of literature belong, not to individuals, but to the David C. Cook Foundation-a nonprofit organization furthering projects in Christian education. All lesson helps available at half price for an introductory quarter-and on a money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. DAVID C. COOK PUBLISHING CO. Periodical Division of David C. Cook Foundation, a nonprofit organization ELGIN 0 ILLINOIS SUPPLYING SUNDAY SCHOOLS FOR EIGHTY-THREE YEARS I WRITE FOR FREE CATALOG featuring 1485 products and publications for every need of the Sunday school. Also a copy of illustrated booklet, Let There Be Light . . . tells the story of our Company and Foundation. HUFFORD runnnune to. W'l'IOI,IiSAI.l5. SINCE 1899 220 W. Madison, Chicago 6, Ill. Phone Clintrnl 6--ll9I Nationally advertised hrnnds of quality home furnishings. Special Discount to all Moody Students and Employees on all Home Furnishings. Courteous, Christian service to ull of our customers. Our Customers include the best known Christian names in Chicagoland. LAWSO Y. M. C. A. ' Modern residence for young men ' Complete athletic facilities ' Business men's health club ' Barber and Tailor Shops ' Quality restaurants ' Boys' Outpost ' Program of Adul t Education 30 West Chicago Avenue Prices are Horn Here - Raised lilsewhere Chicago 10, Illinois O Phone WHitehIl 4-6211 PHIL CLARKSON - IUHN CLARKSON for infofmation and fm Q i' 'TM GLAD THE LORD CALLED M 110 MBI" thi- Institute is at stronghold for God. The cinploycv fziniily is at I-lost-ly knit army of men :ind women with ai God- givcn responsibility for training sol- diers for Jesus Christ, and for the spreading of the gospel by various ineains. Ilerc under God I van be zu part ol' this strategic work." Beryl VanPelt, 'Sb "I'm glad thc Lord Called me to the Moozly Bible Institute, for I believe "I'ni glad the Lord called me to MBI. To linvv been nblo to study at the Institute-. I consider ai high privilege. I count it no It-ss an high privilege to be nlzlc to work here 'in the service of the Kingf God has His hand on M BI and to bv il part ol' it is wonderful." David liclwrrl, '55 This is the testimony of more than 100 other graduates serving the Lord at MBI. There are 'fi also opportunities here for you and your friends. In CONTACT l NIOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE PERSONNEL DIVISION M 3' Il Ur- I lit? I iii' 1' ll -17" 165 A Perfect "NATURAL" . . . THE MOODY CHURCH FOR MOODY STUDENTS S TA N D A R D P H 0 T O Your Church While Attending School S U P P C 0 . , I n C . ifillllillliiwr-Faneuil--nf"' 'lf 43 E. CHICAGO su ' 7-9515 FOUNDED ON GOD'S WORD CAMERAS - PROIECTORS Alan Redpatl-I - Pastor Eric Crichton - Assistant Pastor Leon I. Cone - Pastor's Administrative Assistant COLOR PROCESSING - TAPERECOROERS Winona Walworth - Executive Secretary Board of Christian Education 9:30 10:30 11:00 5:45 7:15 8:30 5:30 6:30 7:30 A.M. . P.M. . P.M. . P.M. . P,M. . P.M. . Paul White - Minister of Music SUNDAY SERVICES - i . . . . . . SUNDAY SCHOOL Young Peoples' Bible Class-Torrey Chapel LIGHTING EQUIPMENT A.M ........ Graded Choir Time A M. . .... MORNING WORSHIP Every Need PM ....... YOUTH MEETINGS chnsnnn Companionship Club-'Torrey cnnpci For The Photographic User . . EVENING EvANGEI.IsTIc SERVICE . . After Church United Youth Fellowship CEvery Third Sundayj WEDNESDAY SERVICES . . . . . . Fellowship Supper . . . . . . . Prayer Meeting . . . . . . . Bible Study Generous Discounts fo Moody Sfudenfs and Facuify "We trust we shall shortly see thee and we shall speak face to face"-3 Iohn 14 166 GRADUATING STUDENTS particularly will want to keep up reading Christian literature THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES contains just the diversified reading you need, including helps on the Inter- national Uniform Sunday School Lesson. Special short term offer - 13 weeks for 351. THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES CO. 325 North Thirteenth Street PHILADELPHIA 5 , PA. All of us at Moody Bookstore join in saying CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES with the years of preparation Behind and a life of Service ahead we pray with you for I oy in Service and a fruitful ministry as you labor in His Vineyard. Ready to Serve you with Bibles Christian Books Sacred Records Supplies Stationery Ready to Serve you with Visual Aids Equipment Music Books Sunday School Supplies Gifts .- - 5, f .- I.-i, gal . H' , 4 I"4"f' . X- v 1 525' , A- - '- M' -, df,--" ' ifvr, " s Y"-"" J' - '-. lr "' 1 ':224ffff'7 Jw: ,, Sfilsimiig.-.Fnlq3' , bi fQk2?i5? as ff-'-zaegi-,Q wvfg . :E NF-.Xxx .,,- - A , , wm- l - 'Clegg z u ina L5-ll' i it .W .f lk .Q -eufflw. fy 2 . . 'y 'A 2-EQ? e w f an from -. , f u ' ' .r 1-gg.--1, ,.,,, - .1,,:.1 ,225 ilk i. tg. --7 L1 :hz s-vii? ' 'M 1 -.-'eFa4 , ef-fs.. ee. .1 . A C 1 2- me -A V " .4-f - "gig ' V ' ' ' -1: 'fglgilgf-iff. will 'eva M leaf- . ' , lea 1 L 1 :..l x!.v ,argl Q, !! ,gi1?f'l,V- My . '. an mafia- -M. . T ' ' x fr- ' fe- 'Wt' ' STG -Q ' "xl'- Peilll kc' 1 ,IL 1, err- raw , wail er X, v 'N"'i-- lf , I . I 514235225 , - 3: 1 za - - ' -T k kazabei, -..v:'.'I?:Q....r5LiZ-f-.L Y W , -,,L4:"-' l ff-4, MOODY BOOKSTORE LaSalle St. at Chicago Ave. Chicago 10, Illinois Write for a free catalog n reffsrvf-r, JILJC. it 4 'L A , 9. 167 A. L. JACKSON CO. BUILDERS GENERAL CONTRACTORS 300 W. Washington Chicago 6, Illinois CEntroI 6-3950 4 augff if F Y 1 nv, h 'Q-, Y. :QQ ' , 'P , cf: " 4 5, , CHRISTIAN Sc MISSIONARY ALLIANCE CHURCH A. IV. TOZER, Pastor RAYMOND McAFFE, Associate Pastor EDWARD MAXEY, Asst. Pastor A SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY A MINISTRY TO THE WHOLE WORLD EVANGELICAL - EVANGELISTIC - IVIISSIONARY Union Avenue at West Seventieth Street Chicago 21, Illinois 1.1. ,y:.. .I ,114-t-.v -. ,.:-'f 'av ' -. .-,-3,71-3-.2 .-IE-T A ' H ,H ,,,. . .,..l-,.-g,'.-..A , jffgz- -11512Lpilizlz-ffrkijfi-fi? .g,ff'fft. ' w, . . 1.-1,-u.-w.,f,5,3,:. Q5 - ' ' J' ' 'f-1+ gf ,-f SW wi? 'W Q57 . 5-5 '-.ff-f 1:4-Zvi-f1i'1'-:V .22"g.-ff , .Is-"'.7jfE3ff?lfv.'-. -fi, ffir. ',yir..2,. ,fi-.-.j-1 ' , 1' , . , -2 - we N '--'W.':" . -2 nl. 2 - tatgffg 11 QP- f' .gee -- 2. f "I believe that music is one of the most powerful agents for good or for evil." Thus did D. L. Moody state his reason for emphasizing the study of music, for he knew the importance of a singing Christian and of a singing church. It is the prayerful goal of Praise Book Publications to provide music that will glorify God and honor the name of His Son and our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Whatever the Lord may be calling you to do, you may find opportunity to use these excellent publications. For full information, see any Christian book store or write to us. YOUTH SINGS - the favorite of singing Christian youth SUNDAY SCHOOL SINGS - a new collection of great hymns and favorite choruses TWO-N-THREE TIME SONGS - for pre-schoolers in Sun- day School, nursery, or home. CHOIR PRAISES - grand and powerful arrangements of favorite hymns. DISCOVERIES IN SONG - all new hymns and arrange- ments for choirs and smaller vocal groups "Music for a Singing Church" P r a I s e B o o lc DW1GHTL.MooDY PUBLICATIONS MOUND MINNESOTA 168 ' Pi? MNH 1.Il.I'5R kdm Our Best Wishes for ca successful future It was fun to make you smile. 1352 Norih Clsrrlc Street Telephone MO 4-1411 Ag, on zafufafioni, an 0 ES! 'zom E55 64105 of qiffy-559 lie I 12 IUMBOS from Hull Developed 351 3 IUMB sf A lhSk:1I-R02 ness k d Us i 16 mm-30 min.-sound 8- color . , N- - I 1 -P3 . I f Th 2 I A ' 30010 mscoum "" " "W" I f, , ,I .fx-I 'nn' ITIIIIQ E I l I I -X X S EASTMAN KODAK COLOR FILM f-3 ' 0 HS - u Write for Prices 4fmUiLS?gEZLZ Mf, 0 S K R u D L A N D Fugiznrmrp llvsfgialrrsm Sctx-:eT:TI::c:3r?ni3':2liix V - TUNE IN Pl-loro SERVICE im --uugmmy 6444 DIVERSEY AVENUE s f"'Y:1':f: CHICAGO 35, ILLINOIS Pacific Garden Mission 646 S. STATE ST., CHICAGO 5, ILLINOIS ME 7-4526 I7O I C0 GRAT L T10 We wish for you on min- istry thot will be long olncl ever fruitful. .lg fog, Please counl on Us lo CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! 5efVe YOU in eVe"Y WUY CHRISTIAN BUSINESS MEN'S COMMITTEE of our commomcl os you 108 North Dearborn, Chicago serve Ch ris'r. TRUE-TO-THE-BIBLE LITERATURE SINCE T866 THE STANDARD PUBLISHING FOUNDATION ,ICINCINNATI 31, OHIO ' 1 E GRUIIDIG ' ' HIGH FIDELITY MUSIC INSTRUMENTS .,.ffa+ for the musical thrill 0 your lyk! ",,.---,-ss ' s I 4' IMPORTED FROM sg kswssr GERMANY,,' 5 I ss, na' ml . O INTERNATIONAL SALES o1vIsIoNor wucox-GAYCORP, 743 NORTH LA SALLE STREET o CHICAGO IO, ILLINOIS Q WHiiehaII 4-0077 ALASKA IS CALLING The Slavic Gospel Association work in Alaska is now being carried on under the new name, Alaska Gospel Association. New Testaments and Gospel literature are distributed and Gospel services and other Christ-centered activities are conducted for children, youth, adults and service-men. Several Bible-trained missionaries are needed ior this'iield. ALASKA GOSPEL ASSOCIATION of Slavic Gospel Association Peter Deyneka, General Director 2434 N. Kedzie Blvd. Chicago 47, Illinois MIDWEST BIBLE CHURCH SUNDAY SERVICES 9:30 A.IVI. Bible School ll:00 A.M. Morning Worship 7:30 P.M. Evangelistic Service WEDNESDAY - 7:15 P.M. Our I-lour of Power 3469 North on Cicero Avenue A. M. VELTMAN, Pastor R. E. WAGER, Youth Director JULES AUTO SERVICE 648 N. WELLS STREET DEIoware 7-2340 FIRST CLASS BODY WORK BRAKES ADJUSTED 5100 WITH ANY OTHER SERVICE MOTOR TUNEUP 5100 perivlinder 2 ROY BAUMANN HOME FURNISHINGS FURNITURE ORGANS HEATING AIR CONDITIONING APPLIANCES Now in the Loop MU1berry 5-7700 Do You Need .. BUILDING SERVICING and REPAIRING? "No rllfllirr lllllllf It Is . . . llfe D0 It."' Industrial ' Commercial ' Institutional Residential Additions, Alterations and Modernizations 0 M.-XSONRY 0 HOMES 0 MRPENTRY 0 Hortats 0 l'l-ASTERING 0 olflfltzias 0 tuEt:oRAT1Ncs 0 CHURCHES 0 CEMENT wotuq 0 11.-xtzronttis 0 iat.EcTR1c:.-xt. worm 0 HOSPITALS 0 PLUMlalxrts-tltfixrlxcz 0 PARTITIONS 0 TuttxvomrlNc:-tit-11MNurs 0 sromi FRONTS licrnst-tl lvlnwn CUITIFGICIUFN-l-lCL'l'lsCll :mtl lltnmlctl Puhlic Sitlcwatlk .- Cotitrztctor FHA TERMS- Easy Monthly Payments PHONE MOhawk 4-5577 A. A. ERICKSON BROS Q INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS 1040 N. Wells St. - CHICAGO I0 CITY VVIDE AND SUBURBAN BRANCH OFFICES 1559 VV. Devon Ave. . ROgers Park 4-8670 7201 S. Stony Island Av. I-IYdc Park 3-9010 4800 YV. W'ashington . . AUstin 7-4766 3711 VV. 63rd . POrtsm0uth 7-6262 MOODY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES FROM THE NATIONAL ALUMNI OFFICERS Dr. Robert Cook, '30 President I ,. - f . I a.,- Rev. Kenneth Bouton, '36 Rev. Robert Murfin, '42 Rev. Ray Schulenburg, '34 Miss Carolyn Gerber, 'Sl lst Vice-President 2nd Vice-President U Treasurer Secretary .L' II I I A A '-" " ' Jia " -A ,, 1 LII: , inf I " ' ' , Q V ng. 1: f . I" ,. 2. . 1'.'Il L I W in In In Ig III. , J: I I VA' I A .A A Jil!! III! ! 1- , A'-- " 7 i ', ' "I 5 f .I 5, I- l, H Ilia? I Ag" ' L if T ' I I 1 li W, Fw J Dr. David H. Johnson, '22 Mr. Robert L. Constable Herbert Lockyer, Jr., '39 Otto Schoerner 31 Alumni Rep. MBI Board of Trustees Institute Representative Executive Secretary Director, Alumni Placement I I Welcome lnlo Our Fellowship of 30,000 Alumni ,73 NEED GAS, OIL, or REPAIRS FOR YOUR CAR? SEE TONY and MYRON MAJOR OIL COMPANY 524 W. CHICAGO AVENUE Opposite Montgomery Ward CStudents and Employeesj Discount To- or fM.B.I. Familyy THE MISSION 25E3EgEgEgE3E3:5:5:51533555112-f'1-1-i 1E1E""' Egl'1'E11'1jE5E3EgE5E3EE:E:E3E21"Z, . , . the ?'5a!,?SS " Porters evan- gelical Sponsors more alms fo rance 1gegegag5gi52521222252?2iei:2agag15:a2a2a222222253525232515252522222225Saiaiaiaiagegipezii "H Ei.. 4. O ' ' ' india ,, 1 L Xu 'U nm : or a " iizklgzll, H I W.:-:1s'. 07171222 292923 ng--5 J--. :r V' fu '2E:'01rI1 Z,-:Env -1 3:12, 5' mn. N mm 3' J at Q 1' 2 gouthern Rhodesia f 1 ml pain T v, i UI' Tibetan Frontier '53-4,359 xdlxsig Venezuela-Colombia 1-qixrvwxti . xi C X A 51225335 """i wiv CANADA: 1043 Clifton Ave., N.W., Moose Jaw, Sask. HDQTRS.: 2845 W. McLean Ave., Chicago 47, Ill. UNION EALTY MORTGAGE COMPANY 110 South Dearborn -M CHICAGO ---- lust a Good Place to Deal For Residential Sz Apartmental Mortgages To acquire a mortgage. Telephone DE 2-4655 Specializing in loans on homes and apartment buildings. I Used around the world I , Now in 18 foreign language versions I Outstanding for worship services - youth meetings - rallies - evange- FI listic meetings - Sunday school assemblies - banquets - camps - , men's and women's groups - spe- deslgned to cial occasions hr hr Films CI6mm sound and full colorj yOLll' C UI' C sERMoNs from SCIENCE ' - MISSIONARY build Gil EHGCLIVE BIBLE ADVENTURES SCIENCE ADVENTURES Filmsfrips IIUII COIF-W1 TEACHER TRAINING BIBLE STORIES BIBLE BACKGROUNDS Write for a catalog and the name of your nearest dealer: Moody Institute of Science, 11428 Sonic: Monica Blvd. Los Angeles 25, California r,, , I 5 2012143254 lil yeailaais. . . BUDGET COLOR SYSTEM ADVERTISING LITERATURE LAYOUT AND DESIGN burtfy state press, me 4-818 Calumet avenue Q hammond, indiana Q westmore 2-1066 Q saginaw 1-3441 lithographers and primers .9 The Old Spinning Wheel, Hinsdale, site of the Arch banquet Hi-C Reaching youth through Hi-C clubs- A supreme challenge and a two-fold task,' to be a sincere pal and a spiritual pace-setter. We are deeply grateful to God for the splendid work and encouragement of students and faculty of Moody Bible Institute. Hi-C board and Staff, Dan Ankerberg, director COMPLIMENTS OF John Sexton 81 Co. Fager Studio COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Aamodt, Otto 33 Abraham, Arthur 33 Abraham, Mary 70 Ackerman, Kenneth, 59, 106 Adams, Glenna 70 Adams, James, Jr. 33 Adams, Marion 59 Agnell, Nancy 70 Akens, Beverly, 103 Akens, Wendell 70, 106 Albrecht, Rosa Lee 59, 113 Aldridge, Glenn 70 Aldridge, P. David 33 Alexander, Arthur 84 Allcock, LaLonna 70, 107 Allen, Charles 59 Allen, Keith 59 Allen, Ruth 70 Allen, Warren 59 Allford, Juanita 70 Alvis, Merilyn 33 Ambrose, Lincoln 59 Amburgey, Donna 84 Amburgey, Lorna 33 Amey, Gary 70 Anderson, Arthur 70 Anderson Esther 33 Anderson, Janet 70 Anderson, J. Marie 70 Anderson, Jessie 70, 107 Anderson, Nancy 70 Anderson Richard 33 Anderson Ronald 70 Andrews, Jesse 70 App, David 59, 106 Apple, Marvin 59 Arms, Lawrence 33 Armstrong, Carolyn 59 Arnett, Lita 70, 107 Arnold, Charles 70 Ashland, Viviene 33 Aubert, Madeline 70 Austin, Clyde 70 Austin, Leonard 59 Baber, Gloria 33 Bachert, Earl 33 Student Index Baddorf, Patricia 33, 107 Bailey, Herbert 59 Baker, Ronald 70 Bakke, Raymond 59, 103 Baldwin, Larry 59 Balius, Gary 70 Ballagh, Mildred 70, 108 Barber, H. William 59 Barber, J eriel 59 Barcanic, Torrey 59, 106 Barchuk, Gloria 70 Barkey, Erle 33, 106 Barnes, Bill 59 Barnes, Nancy 70, 107 Barnett, Charles 70 Bates, James 59 Baughman, A. Gay 33, 111 Baughn, Lois 84 Baumann, Clayton 34 Bearss, Janis 84 Beaty, Harold 59 Bebout, Phyllis 34 Beiter, Don 59 Belden, M. Anne 70 Bell, Carol 70 Bell, Forrest 59 Bell, Frank 113 Bell, Wallace 71 Bellingham, Joseph 34, 114 Bender, George 71 Bennett, Raymond 59 Bennett, Virginia 34 Benson, Bruce 71, 106 Bergen, Anne 84 Berry, Karen 71 Berry, Reid 59 Berry, Robert 71 Bettcher, N. Wesley 71, 103 Beyer, Virginia 71 Bickel, Barbara 59, 112 Bilderback, Sue 59 Billman, Shirley 34, 103, 135 Bingham, Anita 59 Bingham, Joanne 71 Birks, Hoise 84 Blackburn, Joyce 71, 107 Blackwell, Charles 71 Blair, William 71 Blankenbaker, A. Carlene 59 Blankenbaker, Lee Ann 34 Boggess, J aquita 60, 107 Boltz, Mary 34 Boone, Norma 34 Borrink, Wendell 71, 103 Borror, Ruth 71 Bouton, Helen 71 Bower, John 60 Bower, Sharon 71 Bower, Vivian 60 Bowers, Terrance 60 , Boyd, Beverly 71 Boyd, Patricia 34, 112 Boyette, Mary 60 Brack, R. Gene 60, 104 Bradley, Jimmie 71 Bradshaw, Vonda 34, 107 Brady, Ronald 60 Breckenridge, Robert 71 Britt, Ruth Ann 71 Broughton, Martha 71 Broughton, William 71 Broussard, Medrick 34 Brower, Alberta 34, 103, 108 Brown Brown Brown Brown , Esther 71 , H. Dale 34, 103 , Larry 34, 103, 104, 133 , R. Leilani 71 Brown, Viola 34 Bruni, Bryan, Ernest 35, 116 Shirley 84 Bryarly, Richard 71 Buchhalter, Ruth 35 Buck, John 71, 106 Bult, Henry 86 Bulkley, Patricia 71 Burdett, Martha 60, 103 Burgett, Nancy 71, 107 Burk, Paul 35 Burke Burke , Beverly 71,112 , John 72, 103 Burns, Douglass 84 Burns, Busse, Jo Ann 35 Alice 35 Buttman, Violet 72 Cain, Frances 35 Caldwell, James 60 Caldwell, Margaret 60 Campbell, Marilyn 35, 107 Carlsen, Jean 60 Carlson, Ruth 60 Carne, William 72 Carnes, C. Edgar 60, 103 Carney, Loretta 86 Carpenter, John 35, 103, 124 Carpenter, Reid 84 Cashie, Irma '72, 107 Caskey, Margaret 35 Cass, Marilyn 72, 112 Cassel, Janet 72 Cecil, Darlene 60 Chambery, Charles 35, 106 Chapman, Gary 35, 114, 115 Choisser, Daniel 35 Christensen, Dennis 86, 103 Clarin, Joyce 35 Clark, Dorothy 60, 104 Clark, Jack 60 Clark, Reba 60 Clements, Phyllis 35, 191 Clink, Douglas 84 Coates, Judy 108 Codd, Carolyn 60 Cole, Shirley 72, 107 Conrad, Alyce 35 Conrad, Carolyn 36, 103 Condreay, David 60 Condron, Thomas 60 Constable, Thomas 72, 106 Cook, Herbert, Jr. 72 Cooper, Jacquelyn 60 Cooper. John 72, 104, 108 Corkish. Thomas 60 Coughlos, Adorie 72, 103 Cox, J. Stanley 60 Craft, Jean 60, 103 Cram, Carroll 36 Cram, Delores 36 Crapo, Patricia 72 Crary, Daniel 72, 106 Creathorne, Carol 36 Crofton, Carl 72 Cromer, Jack 103 Crump, Robert 72 Cullingford, Ellen 72 Curry, Hubert 60, 103 Custer, James 84 Das, Benjamin 36 Das, Iris 60 Davenport, Lyndon 60 Davidhizar, Janice 60 Davies, Doris 61 Davis, Curtis 61, 109 Davis Lawrence 61, 106 Davis Marilyn 36 Davis Richard 84 Davis, Suzanna 72 Dean, A. George 61 Deavel, R. Philip 36 Decker, Carol 72 De Cou, Lewis 72, 106 De Flon, Ruth Ann 72, 107 Dennison, James 36 Deremer, Mildred 36 Dickie, C. Avie 36, 117 Dickinson, Ruth Ann 72 Diddams, Richard 72 Digby, Henry 72 Dingman, Diane 32, 36, 103 Dinwiddie, Richard 36, 120, 191 Docherty, Robert 36, 106, 124 Dodge, Ann 61, 108 Doebler, Roy 61 Dokes, June 36, 112, 113 Domingo, Clarence 72 Dooley, Jack 72 Dorsey. Harold 36 Doty, David 72, 106 Doty, Neal 72, 106, 190 Doud, Brian 61, 104 Dougherty, Charles 37, 116 Dracup, Marion 61 Driedger, Janice 72, 107 Duez, Robert 37 Dunbar, Ruth 73, 107, 108 Dungy, Robert 61 Dunham, Doris 72 Durie, George 73 Durner, Lorabelle 37, 107, 113 Dyce, Thomas 86 Eaves, Janice 73, 107 Eckert, Richard 73, 103, 104 Eckstrom, Carol 86, 107, 124 Edgren, Ruth 73 Edmonds, Bonnie 86, 103 Edmonds, Jerry 103 Edmonds, Roger 73, 106 Edwards, Beverly 73 Edwards. Doran 58, 61, 103 Edwards, Ronald 73 Egli. Helen 61 Egner, David 37, 106 Eickler, Leonard 73 Eickmeier, Alvan 84 Ellinger. Robert 86 Ellis, Ann 73, 112 Emery, Nana 73 Engling, Emelie 73 English, Lois 37, 104, 107 Engstrom, Margaret 37 Ens, Lois 73 Ericson, Keith 73 Erwin, Glenn 84 Esling, Jerry 73, 106 Esteb, Robert 73 Euler, Sharon 84 Everett, Janice 37, 1 12 Ewing, Shirley 73 Fairchild, Carol 37, 120, 190 Fairweather, John 73 Farison, Robert 73 Farmer, Carley 61 Fegely, Frances 61 Fenton, Kenneth 61, 103 Fenton, Mariel 37, 107 Fillmore, Patricia 37, 112, Fink, Wilma 61, 107 Finkbeiner, E. Marie 61 Fischer, Douglas 84 Fisher, David 73 Fitting, Wesley 73 Fleishman, Joan 73 Florio, Anthony 37 Flynn, Michael 73 Flynn, Mildred 73 Follis, H. Gene 32, 37, 103 Ford, David 84 Forney, Ruth 37, 112 Forrester, George 61 Forstner. Ruth 61, 103 Frady, Donald 73 Frager, Robert 73 Frailey, George 61 Frailey, Nellie 61 Freer, Faith 61, 103, 113 Fulton, William 37 Funk, Joyce 61 Galley, Judy 61, 104 Gant, Bobby 84 Garwood, Donna 37, 107 Geiman, Robert 38, 116 Genet, Harry 73, 1 13 Gerdes, Marlene 74 Germaine, Richard 38, 114 Getz, Myron 84 Getz, Loren 38, 103 Gibson, Marion 74 Gilbert, Patricia 74 Gilliland, Barbara 61, 107 114 Ward 75, 106 Gillson, Beverly 84 Gilmer, Gail 61 Gleason, Connie 61 Gleason, Richard 74 Glittenberg, Carol 74 Goertz, Karolyn 61, 108 Goetz, Lynn 38 Golder, Iva 38 Golz, R. Ludwig 61 Gordon, Robert 38 Gothard, Dave 84 Goupille, Richard 74 Gouse, Charlotte 84 Graham, Beverly 38, 117 Graham, M. Enid 38, 107 Grahl, Sylvia 62 Grande, Robert 74 Grannas, Claude 62, 106 Grant, Ruth 38 Gray, Paul 62 Green, Kathryn 74 Green, M. Rachel 32, 38 Greenawalt, Barbara 38, 103 Grenda, Janet 62 Griffin, Charles 38 Griffith, Phyllis 38, 113, 114 Griswold, Audrey 62, 107 Griswold, LeRoy 38 Grusy, Norman 84 Guentherman, Robert 74 Gunzel, David 74 Gustafson, Florence 74, 107 Gutierrez, George 74 Haack, Nancy 38, 103 Hahn, Lovice 62, l 12 Haight, Robert 39 Hall, Charles 39 Hall, Douglas 74, 106 Hall, Nancy 74 Hamil, John 84 Hamm, William 62 Hamman, Barbara 39, 120 Hanson, Marcia 62 Hanusch, Albert 62, 124 Harlan, Linda 74, 107 Harling, Marilyn 74 Harmel, Lloyd 74, 106 Harmon, Virginia 39 Harms, Sonja 62 Harper, Betty 84 Harrell, Robert 74 Harring, Barbara 74 Harrington, Joan 62, 107 Hartman, Marianna 74, 107 Harvey, Milfred 74 Haskins, JoAnn 62, 112 Hathaway, Hazel 84 Hathaway, Ralph 84 Hatrak, Diane 39 Haves, Thomas, Jr. 74 Hawbaker, Susan 62 Hayhurst, Ronnie 74, 103 Hayward, Douglas 74 Hedges, Paul 62, 106 Heinrichs, Martha 84 Heinsman, William 85 Helmar, Ruth 39 Henry, Dean 62 Henderson, William 39 Herman, Wayne 39 Herman, Wilma 74 Herren, Barbara 39 Hersom, Muriel 39 Hertzler, Melvin 74 Hester, William 74 Heter, Thomas 62 Hewlett, Charles 74, 106 Hickman, Jerry 75 Hill, Daniel 39, 103, 132 Hill, Hazel 39 Hillman, Judith 62, 104 Hinebaugh, Carol 75 Hiramatsu, Keiko 75 Hire, Janet 75, 108 Hirsch, Judith 75, 103 Hix, Judyth 62 Hixon, Donald 75 Hoch, Janice 75 Hoffman, Elizabeth 75 Hohulin, Richard 75 Hoke, Louis 75 Holcomb, Mary 39 Hollinger, Paul 39, 103, 120 Holsteen, Dalton 86, 103 Holt, Gilbert 39 Holtzhouse, Esther 75 Hoobyar, Robert 62 Hoover, Janice 62, 103 Hopkins, Joseph 62 Hopkins, Larry 62, 106 Hornstein, Ann 40, 120, 191 Hornung, Warren 58, 62 Horton, Joseph 62 Houbolt, Donna 75, 107 Houston, John 40 Houts, Harry 75, 106 Hoyman, Jane 62 Hubbard, Richard 75 Huber, Lester 62, 103 Hudson, Freida 62 Hudson, Richard 40 Hufnagel, Daniel 62 Huisman, Ronald 40 Humbles, Jerry 75 Hunt, Beverly 63 Hutchinson, Phyllis 75 Hyde, Carl 75 Ide, Ken 63 Imhof, Judith 58, 63 Inouye, Ikara 75 Irvin, Nancy 63 Jain, Bernita 75, 112 Jain, Eunice 75 Jankowski, Irene 75 Jantz, Corean 63 Jealouse, Raymond 40 Jefferies, Robert 63 Johnson Anne 63, 120, 191 Johnson, Bruce 75 Johnson, Cecilia 63 Johnson David, Jr. 75, 106 Johnson Delora 75 Johnson Doyle 75 Johnson Jonathan 75 Johnson Roy 40, 108, 134 Johnson Jones, Evangeline 40, 111, 113 Jones, William, Jr. 75 Jordhamo, Anthony 40 Joslin, Gary 40 Joslin, Marion 40 Justus, Barbara 40 Kalb, George 40 Kasch, Judith 76, 113 Kassik, Joan 40 Kassik, Ronald 40 Kathan, Sherrill 40, 117 Katzenberger, William 41 Keaz, Izat 85 Kee, Ralph 41 Kehl, Mary 41 Kelsheimer, Ruth 63 Kemp, Margaret 63, 103 Kemper, Bruce 41 Kempston, Patricia 41, 103 Kendal, Daniel 76 Kessler, Pearl 63 Kile, Gerallyn 76 Kimble, Mary 63 King, Donald 76 Kinzie, William 76, 106 Kiser, Howard 76 Kisner, Kathleen 41 Kissinger, Karl 76, 106 Kittredge, Norman 63 Klaassen, Silas 41 Knapp, Donna 76 Knott, Sylvia 85 Knower, Clara 76 Knowles, Sandra 76, 107 LaBorde, Gloria 63 Laccone, Joseph 76 Lahaie, Lynn 41 Lamkin, Anita 76, 103 Lancaster, Carol 76, 107 Lancaster, Eugene 86, 106 Landis, Wendy 76 Landrum, Paul 41 Lasse, Philip 41, 120 Lauver, Danny 85 Lawrence, Ronald 76, 108 Leach, Betty 63, 112 Lebersky, Elvon 76 Lee, Allan 63 Lee, Carol 63 Lee, Catherine 63 Lee, Kenley 76, 106 Leftwich, Joe 76 Lehner, Roger 76 Lehnhart, Robert 86 Leigh, Merton 63, 103 LeMaster, Donald 63 Lemcool, Ruth Ann 76 Lemke, Eleanor 85 Lemt, Charles 85 Lenz, Robert 41, 106 Leonard, Betsy 76 Leslie, Arthur 76 Lewis, Robert 76, 106 Lilley, Howard 63, 103, 104 Lindsay, John 76 Lindsey, Joan 76, 107, 108 Lindvig, Joan 41 Line, Stanley 63 Lining, Alfred 41 Lister, Irvin 76 Lloyd, John 63 Loney, Roderick 32, 41 Loney, Sylvia 41 Long, Donald L. 42 Long, Donald W. 76 Long, Kathryn 41, 42 Longman, Rachel 63 Longman, Ruth 76, 103, 112 Losey, Rose 42 Loux, Gordon 77 Loyd, Joan 63 Luce, Duane 42 Lueck, Philip 63 Luhn, Shirley 63, 104 Lyke, David 77 Lyle, Ernest 63 Lyles, Jack 5 8, 64 Lyon, Grace 64 Maas, David 77 Maasch, Rosalene 77, 107 MacDonald, George 64 MacLeod, David 64 MacPhail, Myrle 42 Maisel, Rodney 64 Magoon, Clare 77 Makil, Gaspar 42 Manges, Patty 103 Mamrosh, Michael 42 Mannon, Thomas 42 Marchak, Edith 42 Mikkonen, Nancy 77 Miller, Charles 43 Miller, Douglas 77 Miller, Edmond 77 Miller, Emma 77 Miller, Ervin 77 Miller, J. Kay 64 Miller, Marilyn 77, 108 Miller Miller, Myron 64 Roscoe 64 Miller, Sidney, Jr, 43 Milleson, David 85 Minns, Alice 77, 103 Miranda, Attagracia 85 Moon, James 43 Mooney, Shirley 43 Moore, Anita 64 Moore, Barbara 77, 107 Marcy, Paul 64 Markley, Alice 42 Marks, Sharon 77 Marsh, Robert 42 Marshall, Stephen 64 Martin, Mary 42 Mason, James 42, 114 Mast, Robert 77 Mathias, James 64 Matrou, Marilyn 42 Matthews, George 64 Maxfield, Wanda 77 Mayer, Robert 77 Mazaraki, Ethan 77 McAdams, Donna 77 McBurney, Anna 64 McCauley, John 64, 114 McCormack, Douglas 77 McCourt, Michael 64 McCullough, Barbara 42, 108 McDermott, Thomas 43, 103 McGarrahan, James 43, 111 Mclntyre, Robert 77 McKinley, Jonnine 86, 103, 124 McLennan, Joseph 43 McLeod, Alice 64, 113 McMillin, Edward 43 McMichael, Ellwood 64 McRostie, Jonathan 64 Mead, Mavis 77 Mead, Russell 77 Meginley, Neva 64 Mehnert, David 64 Melrose, Margaret 77 Mercer, Joseph 77 Messner, Judy 77 Meyer, Herman 64 Meyers, Ronald 77 Moore, David 77 Moores, Lucille 64 Morgan, Richard 43 Morgan, Suzette 85 Morris, Janet 43 Morris, Malcolm 43, 103 Morris, Shirley 78 Morrison, Carolyn 78 Most, Gloria 43 Mouw, David 58, 64 Moyer, Julia 78 Moyer, Sylvia 78 Muller, Shirley 78 Mullins, Judith 64 Murphy, Sharon 64 Myers, Noll, Jr. 78 Navis, Hector 78 Naylor, Gerald 78 Nehrke, Donald 78 Nelson, Helen 43, 107 Nelson, Muriel 78, 103 Neuenschwander, Glenna 78 107 Nienkirchen, Beverly 64, 112 Nikolich, Natalie 43 Ninnemann, Gail 64 Noden, David 78, 104 Nordland, Elizabeth 65 Norris, Margaret 78 Noyes, Marilyn 65, 112 O'Barr, Frieda 43, 103 Obenour, Janice 78, 107 Oglesby, Mary 65 O'Halloran, Sylvia 44, 135 Okrassa, Erida 85 Olson, Elizabeth 78 Ostenson, Elizabeth 85 Osterhus, David 44 Ottersen, Roger 44 Oxner, Edwin 65 Packer, Roberta 78 Paige, Joan 44 Paige, Richard 65, 106 Paquet, Darlene 78 Parish, Oliver 44 Parker, Doris 85 Parker, Ralph 78 Parks, Sally 78, 107 Paternoster, Ivan 65 Paul, William 78, 106 Payne, Bernard 65 Pearson, Kenneth 44, 124 Pelletier, Ralph 78, 106 Penrod, Robert 65 Pent, Benjamin 44 Penz, David 85 Percy, E. Jean 44 Perkins, James 44 Perry, Leroy 78 Perry, Nathaniel, Jr. 65 Peter, John 44 Peters, Phyllis 65 Peterson, Charles 78, 106 Peterson, Jean 44, 107, 114 Petzel, Robert 78 Peyton, Jack 78 Peyton, Lois 78 Pfiester, Edward 44 Phelps, Judith 78 Philgreen, Donald 79, 106 Philgreen, Vivian 65, 103 Phillips, Thomas 79 Phillips, Violet 79 Pittman, J. Edward 50 Plastow, Frederick 79 Poast, David 44 Pollard, Doris 79 Pollock, David C. 79, 106 Pollock, David G. 44 Post, Clara 65 Powell, Arlee 65, 104, 106 Powers, Eileen 65 Pozzuoli, Gilda 79 Pratt, Joy 79 Puzey, Ruth 44 Quick, Garold 45 Rampley, Evelyn 65, 107, l Ramsey, Ruth 86, 103 Randall, Charles 45 Rasey, John 85 Rathbun, Pearl 85 Ray, Mary 79 Raynard, Bonnie 79 Redman, Robert 65 Redmond, John 65 Reed, Nyma 79 Reese, Omer 79, 103 Rempel, Helen 79 Rempel, Shirley 65, 103 Renfroe, Barbara 45 Rexroad, Cameron 79, 106 Reynolds, David 79 Reynolds, Shirley 45, 107, 117 Rice, Donald 45 Richards, M. Joan 79 Richards, Sandra 85 Rickert, Tom 65 Riddle, Wanda 65, 113 Riggle, David 79, 103 Ringenberg, Barbara 79 Rishel, G. Carole 79 Robbins, Howard 85 Robbins, Raymond 45 Roberts, Betty Lou 79, 107 Robertson, Glenn 79 Robertson, John 45 Robinson, Annette 79 Robinson, James 79 Robinson, Mary Ann 45 Rockwood, Barbara 85 Roden, Doris 79 Rogers, Clell, Jr. 65 Rogers, Ethan, Jr. 79 Rokusek, Kenneth 79 Rood, John 45 Root, Gerald 65 Rosner, Lois 79 Ross, Neil 45 Rost, Margaret 79, 107 Roth, Patricia 65, 103 Rothgeb, Dorothy 80 Routh, Bettie 65 Rozma, Carol 80, 1 12 Ruby, Glenn 45, 103 Rudolph, Robert 45 Ruoss, Sylvia 45, 103 Ruppel, Esther 80 Rush, Robert 45, 114 Russell, Joan 45 Ryman, Richard 46 Ryon, George 46 Sabin, David 46, 106 Sammons, Frederick 46 Sample, Clyde 85 Santinga, Timothy 80 Sapp, A. Doreen 80 Sauer, Robert 65, 1 13 Savidge, Suellah 80 Schad, LaRue 46, 106 Schafer, Arlene 65, 103 Schafer, Nancy 46, 112 Schenkel, Jeanne 80, 112 Schinkel, Ruth 65 Schmutzer, Duane 46, 106 Schoultz, Frances 46 Schramm, Louis 65 Schrock, Martha 66, 103 Scott, David 80 Scott, Grandville 80 Scott, H. Orville 46 Scott, Richard 80, 106 Scovill, Darlene 80 Seagren, Philip 80 Seagren, Timothy 80 Seymour, Frank 46 Sheldrake, James 66 Sherbeck, Carl 46 Sherman, Janice 46 Sherrard, Emma 80 Shilander, Janice 80, 107, 108 Shoppy, David 80 Short, Miriam 80 Shumate, Bob 80 Siddall, Mary 46 Siedschlag, Betty 66 Sim, Beverly 80 Simpson, Ronald 80 Sippel, Sippel, Sischo, Sisson. Dean 32, 46 Ruth 46, 120 William 47, 120, 190 Nancy 80 Skarsten, Bob 85 Skeie, Robert 47 Skinner, T. J., Jr. 86 Slater, Eugene 47, 106, 120 Smart, Robert 66 Smith, James 80 Smith, Jerry 47 Smith, Joseph 80, 104 Smith, Samuel 66 Smith, Sidney 80 Smith, Stanley 66 Smith, Virginia 66 Snavely, Elizabeth 80 Snyder, Bruce 47, 116 Spence, Robert 80, 103 Spencer, Mary 80 Sprik, Jeanette 47, 133 Springer, Molly 66 St. John, D. Martin 47 Starbuck, Nancy 80 Starr, Keith 66 Stearns, David 47 Williams Stelling, Lorraine 32, 47 Stenstrom, Bernie 85 Stephens, Sandra 66 Stephens, Barbara 66, 103 Stevenin, Thomas 81 Stevens, Ernest 81 Stevens, Joseph 81 Stevenson, Richard 81 Stewart, James 81, 106 Stier. Joan 66 Stine, Bonnie 66 Stitz, Robert 81 Stowers, Jack 47 Strabel, Priscilla 47, 103 Strauel, Doreen 81 Streeter, Wilbur 81, 106 Strong, David 81 Strong, Oliver 86 Stroehlin, Jean 81 Studer, Betty 66 Sturhahn, Gertrude 85 Stutesman, Philip 47 Sudo, Timothy 47 Sullivan, Thomas 85 Swank, Anne 47, 112, 113 Swanson, David 81 Swarr, Philip 81 Swartz, Ronald 81 Sweatman, Doris 81, 107 Sweatman, Gareth 47, 111 Swenson, Evelyn 48 Swenson, M. 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Westphal, Fred A.-500 Fourth St., S. W., Little Falls, Minn. Weyhe, Margaret L.-1013 Griffin St., Olean, N. Y. Wickstrom, Janet E.-217 S. Pelham St., Rhinelander, Wis. Wiggers, Kenneth N.-Box 127, Clymer, N. Y. Williams, Nancy A.-R.R. No. 1, Waterman, Ill. Wise, Kenneth E.-610 N. Third St., Missoula, Mont. Wissinger, Jacquelyn E.-819 Stanley St., Ypsilanti, Mich. Witman, Nancy L.-222 S. Main St., Manheim, Pa. Woodward, George A.-443 S. Main, New Richmond, Wis. Worlein, Lorena E.-2713 Third Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. Worth, Bernice C.-l Brook St., Malden, Mass. Wright, Ellen V.-7635 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago, Ill. Wyzgala, Alison E.-1529 N. Washtenaw, Chicago, Ill. Yaxley, F. Roberta-5142 J arloth, Skokie, Ill. Young, Myron W.-359 N. Mill St., Barron, Wis. Zehr, Phyllis J.-1 105 N. Linden, Normal, Ill. Acknowledgments ADVISERS Mr. Henry C. Crowell, Photography Miss Angelyn Dantuma, Copy Miss Grace Darling, Faculty Mr. Lowell Kline, Business Mr. William Lessel, 'Technical PRINTER North State Press, Inc. PHOTOGRAPHER Mueller Photo INSTITUTE DEPARTMENTS Office of the Registrars Student Record Office Evening School Promotion Department Alumni Association Member, Associated Collegiate Press r I, 155-4 Epilogue It seems that eons have passed since that memorable February afternoon when the retir- ing Arch editor said to me, "Dick, how would you like to be next year's editor?" Now, I'm the retiring editor, and I'm asking myself, "Well, Dick, how did you like it?" It isn't easy to compress into a few words the emotions and endeavors of fifteen exhaust- ing months. And yet, without a slight men- tion of all that is close to us at Oilice 20-22, 153 Building, you might think that this book was actually not too much harder than cutting an ordinary stencil from a commercial pattern, or that it is just another college yearbook. Obviously, the book would not have gone beyond the stage of thought " had it not been for the work i I of the advisers and the print- , 156-fl fy er. Mr. Heitmann, of the North State Printing Com- pany, Inc., should well re- Q member the September day when a few of us stormed his plant in Hammond, Indiana, previous to the signing of the contract. Heitmann Your advice was always appreciated, sir, and your patience as well. Always ready to take a little extra time to insure the work was done correctly, you really made us feel that you had confidence in both your work and ours. Deadlines seemed to always come too soon, and yet the thrill of meeting one made all the energy expended seem some- 'k"' what worthwhile, anyway. Those all-night sessions in the darkroom, Neal Cof which you actually had com- paratively few this yearj will probably remain in your memory, at least X . fl 51 'E " E ei if A' - 11,7 ' x ' ig,1l"' 'g 2 V ' ' ff-Vs: 1-'I' 1' I ' ffl: -:Eg ii Doty until your book is done. Especially vivid to me is the time you blasted the hot water by mis- take on that roll of negatives that I couldn't shoot over. Then there were the innumerable last minute occasions when I had to "whip out the Rollei" and bring in any material still c is missing. There was the prob- lem Gene, you, and I had deciding if that eight-inch dimension was horizontal or vertical, the night we shot I pictures and .I ack wore "his Mueller jacket"g the times Mr. Muel- ler and his wife graciously came through with our urgent requests for another picture of Mr. Crowell or an emer- gency appointment for the last senior whose picture hadn,t been taken. Rex, you and Hank certainly had your problems with the Graphic, never knowing for sure if it were going to work all right or 1'10t. Carol Jeanne, you surely recall when the senior pictures refused to A .1 line up evenly on the layout boardg the hours of sketch- I L ing and drawing, striving for y., that good contemporary de- gtg ' : signg and there was that I question you'd always ask me, 'lWhen are we going to have any pictures to paste?" Well, they're all pasted now, and we can all rest. I also seem to recall the numerous times that Dave or Lynn would leave a layout session with plea, "I'm going to get my radio? Fairchild And Phil, there was the night we consid- ered leaving even the "Arch" off the cover- and left that fake cover design lying around that sort of "shook" some of the staif. When it came to being faithful to duty, Barb, you certainly were. Sometimes I thought those typewriters would never be silenced. Jan and Carol, all those pages of copy -slippery stuff, too! As for you all, Myrna, Tom, and Jack-you enthusiastically took hold of his new concept for yearbook design, and I marveled that you did such a fine job of writing in an unfamiliar idiom. Dave, to you went the task of compiling the student index, a job nobody wants, but one which is so essential to a good book. "Forsooth", Bill Sischo, your collection of green ties with silky textures thereof were wonders to be- hold, and at staff meetings, no less! The job of treasurer must have been a burden- some bore to your semi-fri- volous personality, but hav- ing you on the staff was quite a diversion from many of the simple problems and the serious ones as well. Only you would have sent me a note just before a meeting, stating, "Must study. Won't come? -typically Sischonian. Definitely memorable was the Saturday we drove to Hinsdale to select the place for the banquet. You nearly broke up the party, Phyllis, with your suggestion that we leave Lynn "sittin' by de side ob Clements de road". And then the scare when we thought you had Sischo the mumps. . . All the responsibilities to guide in develop- ing the Evening .School section were placed upon you, Mary, and you did well. We will never forget your weekly report that "Dr. Martin is quite pleased." As business manager, Ruth, the problems of finance were basically yours. That we sold a record dollar amount of advertising, and that the hundreds of individual photos for the class section were handled efficiently are credits to you and your staff. The pages of minutes on my desk are evi- V in dent testimony, Anne, to . your work as secretary. I 6 I 1 seem to recall that there was .,i -W .- I i ,.,Y 5: Q--Q ,771 f.--1-,-1.1.1-gag, - P lii.r- considerable approval when - you became engaged. After .gn ,,- , , as 'X that, it seemed best to have Johnson staff meetings at 6:20 in- stead of 6:15. To you, Ann, my associate editor, prob- ably is due more credit for the completion of this book than any single other staff member. Without your constant encouragement, I wouldn't even have finished this letter. More than once l would have al- ! Y most stepped down from this I job and turned it over to someone else, yet you al- ways reminded me that my strength was in the Lord, so I kept on. I never suspected when I asked you to be my associate editor that not too long after, I would ask you to be something else, resigning myself from the world of bachelorhood. Whether it was taking pictures, writing or rewriting copy, suggesting layout, selling an ad, or presiding at a meeting, you were there. Each of you can be proud of your part in the production of this edition of the Arch - it meant hard intensive work for seemingly infinite hours, but He brought us through, it was worth it. You all were a great staff with which to work. 1 ' n . Z Hornstein D. Dinwiddie 'fqwj -- , .F- , . ,J W .V v, W 1 w M H H ,. 3 Q 1 uf! . -. - :Q 1 .-s . if . ' i ji..2,3 ,-:tai 6. ,A,H...2.11s - yy .1 , : L Jia- , .4 , - , . 1 ZFQHQ-' ' ' - -":'-93,5-T." .fl 'P'-ig, - E 5 -.jgglegfi 4 zz gf:-45: ' Q5.g,.,'.,. w 1 A 'Ui-T: Q. 1 - .5 ., YY 3. 5,515-52514 , r , ,:, '.gn4:I:LpLff--.-5. IFF' .-1i - p.?g?fi-.-- " . 'z,45T1f2,T nQf " -l V. , : v F73.1..'.y . le ' , gf' :2Ti5?'?'f,,' .Z'3h51-H Q gh' ' ' sth, ' 5 g-g,2-- iIf""1" ,i..,G --- 3514 ,' 313272 lvl ' A fi Hfyig ' ff , '. 1 - , . " 2153575-' g..,iff!- 'E M "DF 'Lk-R:'f'fg55W' U? ,. . ' w igwg. ' ' ' "LQ- Fr" ' ,".Ni, 1. ' - ' ' +2-LL.-2-:i'1... .. -lf 'Q ,,'?F41'9 5 -'-"' "' '+V F " r.. kf'i"" wi.. 'fix ' . .. -:., wr. - H- . J L - .fr , ,w .,. - . .. 1,5 .1-,g 3, . , - ,5,.,. Q. .,,, .41 13' N' F515 T,57UEx1J'4.'l'i ,1 af' 1' "' Y " 7-fd --5572? " "' - ,firi- H. , ' m,L:,..'g,"Q5gf2f . A ,:' fini! . -- V, . .dine x. . 21 vii., ' "-1' L ' ' Q - , ' 'Qff' 2 . fl: 3.1 ,.:-. .g,1.- - Y l -. .1 4 .. if .3 l '-: ' ' 5.412 .734-g'-'-'I' -- Y - . ' . -"WL -s 'Kim J' 'V 1 ' - -r.r.akr-.'f ML .,1,'..f..,-g.: FW-1 , ' , - w V . . 3 - I S U"v:5?1v ..f+.-1.1-' "' N: , . ., . --.f '-I.. .' 'fu . ' - E., J 1- f 5 E, ' L-1 - w f . 3-wa! 'fy - -- AN-'29s,"':"!!f1 -:Q" - M 'mgfasffi " H 'H 'Z 11:1 -K sf .v' sl. ' ..',f?iT'f2ffv'f?' ,, , L' 7 fm " ' 1? . . . .Q-1 Q i Qc .A , J ,. iff Jeni... I. . U 9' . ,NI .:. ' W. " A ff : 3 .film .jf-Ed Aff 1 .A w ---W X Iwfflr-wif -jaw '1."',f3F?1,J,51",. . - - , , ' ' ' ' .f -. . . 5. 1 - lnHEi5f'-E5- '- ,, . 'gi W 4 f:li""-"ff fb: ." P455 "L ?i'f"'fi'G2. W"- -' fH'fi?'v' 'T N '9 Will? 'f" fig V ,, '51 A W ,. , W x jgfqgg. EQS,- Qi.. M ' , ima j . Wi 1. mm 1' S ' W :M N H - ., . . fa I E 911 X Y 11' im?-I". g.,.XL 21.43, . ATM L lf, . I' .' L- : r 2-3: E. ,L ,, Q, g?,:'la-1- " " ' ' f- .ffm L17rqr' . ,V D JS W, iw Ex I -4- .f ,Q ZR -5317-ii-T7--fg v - Aff-""N"H - f""-SMH' -M 'A" f g' 'H " 'L ,, - ' r .TWw::, I 'I V I, nfgk U9--1-. FTW 9579: . . 3 S., . I. AI,.,t S' Jvshrv' .fgfffii f 3 - mea' 'FN' - , , , ,i '15 - - -WA-: , 1 '+- ' 1'-".-.w . :xi 1-" :If-I-I A"' mv- FC F Q z. .Q-f?ff" M,- 51' A - --..., 1. ."' .vm Q Y I --' I, .u..:- 11, .,, . :K ., I , I-f-.., , ,, lit? -. ' H I LII .:.I-- 1 V .em " V .'1fiq?EtTL"5 .-QL . v "glfI:I. . uf' - ,I 1, v Is. I-14.3 .1 U K a. 3, If -v , Q., I F """"l ,. .1 , 3 S 7' ' vi 0 e ve- - -Ah? 'fginx . X I ,I , K ,, ..A- -,qms , MI ,am Sane-H, . ff v """"'1"we9nuoe-. - -J' :.-I-1'- ,, 1.,.- t " Vw-. 4-v ,www I - Q.--Qx. -Q . In V ' I "Y . I I 'J " -pri ' .Yf1"'.?f'f . , 'Q 'fri' 3.-I'-5-:.,g, I . ' . 11"" W.-7, -1, . V, , , . , 1, ,--.. .-w ' wx' f'n.,,' '1 -3--. v . I -, V - f -A - -' u ',a..w. . I I .1- . I - 'I ' .-1P?fPh-wr. .11 , .:. :,,,. I - 'I I A , ..jIxLflr-- I.gfn.5Ji'.:-"' .. -I3 x :g1'1'ii'I, ' ,

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