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O YC? EX HHHIS - I is-N Richard E. Penoluna. Editor-1'n-Chlef Anna Mae Nelson, Associate Edifor Ben Cochenei, Associafe Ediior Howard Rosema, Business Manager Elizabeth Fleming, Secretary Bonnie lean Bigelow, Artist Charles Heller, Associate Artist Robert Unmack, Publicity and Circulation Mgr William Buttishill. Photograph er Charles Hulbert. Associate Photograph er i U L lltllllll lll '1f?7f?7f?7f?73'k Pfrikeilerfrikeikrikeikikike if ik' 'iff ted to ti? Thls volume of the ARCH 1s dedlca C Il lf lll 1 Devoted servant of the Lord lesus Mlnlster of the Word of God f llfe manlfes e Chrlst Whose personal up 1n a transparent smcenty a true Puntan ln a that values v1rtue llghtly whose ab1l1ty conce1ve great projects for the advancement of the gospel and capac1ty to labor unceasmgly the1r real1zat1on and whose pass1on for the souls of men make h1m an outstandmg leader Cl'1F1Sl1OI'lS rn our generat1on trusted of all who seek the honor and glory of our Lord lesus Chnst and recogmzed everywhere as God s clear cho1ce for the hlgh honor as dy B1ble lnstltut Pres1dent of the Moo Pfk,X3,7i'rZki3'2'k'Z3,ikf'ik7ikP2?7137i?ik,7f?ihf7fk77fk7fr Pi? C1512 ati C, .1 UUJIIEUTI rightness o ' ' t d . . . f . . H age . . X .. to for ' ' ' , ' ' ' of . . . 8 451254 4244 25447- "'-Q WMM JC'- 434347-23- 47-43471 fff' 1.45, 4 fhrfflz HAZZQ1 wmvl Y: muy: WI Ahh ming. Nunn Munn WUIVAVA Vlllllh N IYIYIVI nun Au AVI WIYIVLV wnnnv g n nu y n nl QW 'L ps ,Q X YX 5 UGS QESS W we x03 XX YP? X WGA XC: Os ml n ff F lr., 810, d Ld AW Cf? C, 17 ,4- -qv-mwwnmvnvu 9' M V 'Pv- 33333. -wc, 33333 333 4 F ., ll! 'f ,o -a .Q-wi OIT19 The girls th I H H at live here at Q mae Igcienogily across the stregljtrom uildings, while . , , , , Xgx 141 1 3 Q fMr"',f,,- ....those who live here at the "900" building and Wakeman Hall have quite a lot of exercise going to the in buildings a good block awa Starting in ow was converted into R mitory. AT, the winter term Huston a girls' dor- 3 These buildings are on historic Wells street. From left to right, The Col- portage building, Ransom Hall, a dormitory for the married students, and the Music building. M31 fi lltltlltt HY-NYY Y. CBOWELL President, Board of Trustees President, Board ot Directors, Ouaker Oats Co., Chicago THOMAS S SMYYH Vice President Board Trustees Commission Merchant and Fruit Grower ica ARTHUR HCS-'Y President Holt Lumber C Oconto is SRM Y-L Vt BRTXN President Northwestern Electric C Chica BO ERT E NKCHOX-BS Secreta y Board f rustees resident E Nichoas nc Mortgages and Beal Estate Oak ark lll YHA Y TAYLOR Vice President Continental lllinois National Bank and Trust Co Chico o .pdf YHXKA? A BENSON 1 President Dime Savings Bank Brook yn COLBMBN CB VTE-LL ice President of the lnstit te H BL EP- YD! resident Eavey Compan holesale r ers President Xeni National Bank Xe ia O io C D NHS wi HRH!-Y-USER President WeyerhaeuserT1n'1berC Tacom Wash YNXLLKPMY5 ORTOYX Directo Colportage Division of the lnstitute WHA. H ROUGH on resident of the Instttute Io . it Our new Dean, Dr, Culbertson, teavhmg the thtrd year Postorfs Course rnen Q Iessorz in History ct' Doctrxne. f rf 584415. 0 I 'i U -v . v A VWIHQ qs. A 9 . e .- J -0 In Culb i eflson 571, , Lam 'Ii 1. F l'QnL-es C , 6 Xprote-Sscrf' Bzrtzkcts-r X shows us how tc really smg H15 prcuses. .,HfUHi.., mesa. lo1q,,Hcb 'Q - Allison e An TQ1mU9e L Binu, Ofer Q f A . Ffqhkli I1 Bremen 'l,,f7-z,.,4vr- rlgfgsf L-I fa 'P ,-is AP' l LN Lu: We leave 1t'up to you to ptfk out the X'SuperIntend- ent" tn this one. gelyn D Unfumq Cfqce DUrlin 9 M1 Brcmcn forks over hrs Dr. F and hisx leece 4' D F1fZX de IUSI dw water outside and ,MW 'fm .4 mm .ff H. Pfdeku D unmp VWGKGT Frank Earnest 'il aa, PAXen YK 6868 Wax :en Yihixn Morgar DT, Filkin One x'Sho0?'gu1,?Si'tO 121 501776 et Gordon Swor . Y. B. fill -ii .NO V w, what ,S WTO HQ vvvfh . this Xsmes Y . Harrison M' C WKXHQSD H. Hoduncn Mixed Hohwonh Do re, rm, fo, etcg Mr. Holzj worth demonstrates how lf should be done 'Q 1 CIC1s51'f Wholls' ffl e Scope, MI' chow? G llbyll nn aclrs n Han- Y Iolzn 8011 George E. Leslie Harold L. 451' G uy C. Lalclza W W1 S 1? 14513 one?" Mk Zovefess and 615' SfI1lYS.! Wendel P. Loveless H J I Harry Dixon Loss in Q Lundquisr Elgin S. Moyer Hel enL N99 411011: 1 Ni hf 10 1t0Ug This 15 the way be Written Y, r' 11179 teSf W OHSVG Dr Cgitriggjgi OSS1SfS, i Wu MISS J if! X171 XMW WH! vf do Tb omus Cottrell, M.D. sffhwi .deff liffle W1 JUS' O :tus M Elean - Johnson. Ed bv ali! na E. JMZZQ or Gernberling . Rvberi L Heurlin W-v MD. Lois ll LeBar Fritsch Harold E. Garner . J ew, 13 4 . I . D.D.S. . cCorre!l gets Q prepared Mlliam MCC 4 Mrs. W H. Hackman Dr M ought u arrell I5 - i, jf an i-Fr I l-'. Y ,Q,.......-,Y ff - 4. 'Q HiiY?'.',A ,Luffy , :Q an-iltffx -If rv Q, f -, vwiqw 4 'Ha-f:Q-Q ' XL u T - I x rfsiln fist 1,,a,I . Ed-N or Q5 65.0 cketl COOK -1 One Jr ,gqferr pr 15 gGm9S6'DC1rQS for Cc :X X. Sch umacher ff X Elk: Wubbeno Kohn D. 'thomas assist S. SW ubbeflfl V I If, Mr.ThOrI1o5 QXPIGWS ought to be Sung' O VN' 4-'fi ua, 5 7 S '- 'si Milf! WW! See fhem Come! Thzls pos! wxhfer 1' corn-rho on Tuesday ond F TFOIUJCQ for user' Bzlole T erm sow 700 young rlofoy evemhgs fo sh ufhess of fhe EVSHITI hshfufe. These eorhesf O'Qy1'1me. They ore wives, nur o ,oeopfe ore fhe joy of Q Sohoo! of fhe Moody sfudehfs ho ve ofher dunes fu fhe sfenogroph ers, cferhs, moohzhflvfs, house- ses, feoehers, ond droffsln-eh, Th ey come from oflp 1' fhe Chieogo oreo. Here ore fwo of fherh fusf Q fnshfufe fo enjoy o few rmhufes of fe!!o Evemhg Schoof budge! supper Qrzis' rrjwbg of fhe wshzlo over fhe Speozof , fherz the sfzmulus of eonfoofs 1h fhe ofossroofnf A In 041097100 fo their subjects us! engoge ID or X C FILSUCU he Proof ossz , whfoh 1 1 offh ' ofso off s Hour ur os w eport h em h ere. th ey also eos! o zoo! Work ghmerzf eooh we ek S fhe foborofory feofure shfule frozmho. They up erm fer: dent ' Ho eho' Gnd 1? e see 1' Af ew znfrzufefs cf !'enU'0wSf7.','.N in lhe Qwflef Shay: afwr Q ' H111 t'X,'f'.'T.'.'IU rv! Cf"S NHS !"51 an F U X 'Wm f Ae-ISOH COM H5515 tom GY cmd Evgmng SC hoo! studems- fin X . A 1 1- az.: LSIFCR A VVOFIII H'E'jCCH76' OWCIPS YOU Qt the MUSIC Bufldzn . HL4'6, and fwfr Bdfkcfer hfcny have heece-c the Chol- 'erige - X Study io shew zh ysezff cgproved unto Gcd, .. " q ,, 5 Yhe proc! from Mr. Schafer Vli 24...,,,4 " - SJ l r mwxxixxwwk ...-1-' J UU rf? ki. H4 Lis. The ministry of the Correspondence School extends to thirty-seven stotes ond five foreign countries, which ore: Africo, Alosko, Conodo, Puerto Hico, ond New Zeolond. This entoils much office work which is hondled in this office on the sixth floor of the Administration Q., 2 XV Buildin g. Wm. H. Lee Sprott, os Director, gives o smiling greeting ot the door. '20 iiiiiiii iii bn A. Anderson. Toronio, On do Bopiisi, Mis sideni. 10 iorio, Cond , Bibie, cioss pre depuidiion dio sionory e r o n d der oi in ee class heads get t oqeiher. Thr X4 S 014161145 L , f SPY ' B P' record ciioirrnon ond ieo Prcxyer Bond, ieoder oi open dir ond rnission qroups, Mis- sionory Union coiieclor. W1 f new x 1 , V ' O1 Q ICUI ,fO1'lC llQ1'01'S 1111149 I 1111 'i Murq or er L. Xohnson. Mornence iiiinois, Bopiisi, Ciirisiidn Edu- cdiion, cidss yicefpresideni. 'IB Myriie Rae Mcieivey. Beirnor, New Xersey, Bibie ?roiesioni iewish Missions, cidss corre- ' ndinq SQCYGKGYY, cioss de- rniikee, reporier oi d, iioor spo vokionoi corn Europe Proyer Bon prdyer iedder. Caroiine Porceis. Spdrio, Micifii- , qon, Bopiisi, Clnrisiion Educo- - ' iion, cioss recording secrekory. Lcdoik Stevens. Des Moines iowo , Bdpiisi , Missiondry Bibie ioss ireosurer, piioioqropifier Skudeni, ossocioie ups. C ior Moody ieoder oi mission qro indioncx, Bulb Becxdiey. Gary, BGQKXSX, Cinrisiion Educoiion, cioss SQQGKGY, cioss paper cornrniiiee, ossisioni depuid- xion ciioirrnon oi isiond Worid A Proyer Bond, qroup ieoder, PC1159 for ,ld iioor proyer iedder. e'feg ff t' Morris V. Brodsky. Boiiirnore, Moryiond, Nonfdenornino- Kionoi, Xewisifi Missions, cioss speoiaer, cioss deyoiionoi corn rnitiee, ediior oi Moody Siu- deni, depukoiion cnoirrndn o Hebrew Proyer Bond. Wh of s so funny The h r-.iv . I N ov- n, Myrt ro It le ond orrlmdte Mar gUFe1D Y Od G fight to be proud fhgt day 1 L. lk. - 4 eg A AL7dre dlf1O famlfrar ,005 f G. .n' A pair of Marys Roma K. Alexander. Memphis, iissouri, Methodist, Mission- ary Bible, class bulletin board committee, decoration commit- ee ct' Becreation Club, ree 6. porter ol Latin America Prayer Cx and, auditorium choir. Florence lane Mar' Alton. Sault St a ie, Ontario, Canada, y- fnouth Brethren, Missionary Bible, class devotional com mittee, assistant deputation chairman ot' India Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. Howard Amstulz, Bluffton, Ohio, Mennonite, Pastors, le r ci open air gr . 'vf ' OUP. George L. Badger. Worcester, assachusetts, Baptist, Gene al Bible, deputario and rec T. n chairman order of Africa Prayer Band, leader of open air x missions aroups lcetball 1 and , varsity bas- Q Marybelle Beebe. Canton, Illie -. nois, Methodist, Music, class 'X musician, class musi ee, radio b W c commit- roadcast committee, MBI. ' Frances gets wer while Roma Doris M Boykin. Wakefield, WOfC5SS. Virginia, Baptist, General . A ,pg Bible, Moody Student stafl M Edith Braclrett. Zion, Illinois, f on-denominational, Ch ' ' Education. ku X ris ti eota get Chalmers n a Baptist issi nary Bible assistant deputation chairm o in America Prayer Band O rayer leader Bur Mary Carter Auburn ew York aptist Genera r an Education class picture mmittee Missionary nion ft ollector, refreshment co mi- ee ol' Recreation Club. Mildred euv nt B Vista, Colorad tian . is 'A ' '-'N ., J Q. " f 1,8 'Q 44 familiar frlb, . uena o, B 'st, Chris- Education, lass poet, cass picture c mmittee, oor prayer leader. E, 4'- 1 Bern . 4 Grd SefS his CDU I'Se tow Gfds th 9 1 and of Africa. Q uv Bernard Ciyrrxer Bryan io Gnnsiian Union ssi ar i ie ciass PBC rn rnmee cioss Missionary Union cornrm iee e uiaiion dnoi man and iea er K rc Prayer Band oberi Couture Pracine Wis consin Non denorninakronai issionary Music recor e o isiand Worid Pra er Band P-rchxe H Curnmqs Sparia rchiqa a i l e ra usic ciass Prepori our and Pxadro roadcasl cornrn Kees venrnq Scnooi ro okion qronp 'XNMBX Proctor Leonard Dc-ns Greer ouin aroiina ouinern Bop risk ewisn Missions iass pork Hour corrirniikee ro am c airrnan an resrdenx o e creation Cub ecorde an ieader o Hebrew Prayer Band reporker ior Mood Sm eni ernuresi 'Yei-:onsna ns Genera qo n Head Y fo Qc fOI'f1-1 for Him Yay an Ba and crnq Bibie ciass cap e Q fr.. C O HXIUX G enhurn 'Yerre Horne deni P asiors 1 n rana ciass Pia io roadca rsrani treasurer oi is ieader sroriciril e rew Prayer Ban xion ieader i siand Wor royer Band ieader Eve ninq Scnooi Prornoxion roup Biesnor Doorenbos. Morrison iiiinois, Preiorrned, Missionary Y Bibie. irene Duet. W iiiainsburq, Penn- syivania, Undenorninaiionai, 5 Generai Bibie. Virqirfru former. Boicicow. Mis- souri, Bapkisx, Cnrisiian Edu- ern 1 depen sr cornrri ee ass U mo n K we de u di' 4-r' 45' 1 lf ky W X -? .L K' . Ne , A caiion. Bernard Yriesen. iansen, brasica, Ev anqeiicai Mennonite Generai Bibie. Br einren. 'Q w ,Q an Mr . CQ M rs. Denhc Wan te dg h elp for the GQ d e gf' IT1 Iitergjjy ,lon th e ROCIC 1, 24 et Shop . the SWS Everett pqigjjbocrds. s d. e d in ne n QerY IS G me Mof Artie M. Gallegar, Stanton Michigan, Baptist, G Christian Ed' of ' eneral JeQtlOf1. Everett Goin L T 98, Van Wert , Evangelical, Home Mis- sions, class outing committee. Esther L. Gray, Dorrance, Kan- sas, Baptist, Christian Educa- tion. Bryce Greenman, Farmington, Michigan, Baptist General Music. ESUIGI' Gust. Cedar Sprin Michigan, Baptist Education QS, , Christian , floor prayer leader. d Indeed . frien . s U Lena Harvey, Decatur, Ala- GOIHQSI alna, Baptist, Missionary Bible, class outing committee, class Missionary Union corn- mittee, Helen Haskins. Orleans, M ' n, Baptist, Ch ' ' tion. ichi- ristian R1 Educa- -1 fy L Richard Hawle . Bingham- Y ton, New York, Baptist, Gen eral Music, class music corn- mittee, auditorium choir, WMBI sk I basketball team. A ' O Margery Humphrey, Mowe- aqua, lllinois, Baptist, General Music, class trio, class infor- 2 Q 1 Q X 'nation committee, Even' xi - - x School Promotion, floor prayer ' ' ' leader. Q' 9' mf 1 . Sutter esbyte ' Bible. Harold C . Iingsl nois, Pr , llli- rian, General if 9, sv- " iv. 'Y Former flngst' and her "jewels," Thai smile again, Mary Lcqorricrsino, Washinaf ton, C., Baptist, Missionary Bible iicor prayer ieader. . 5 M K' ' Doricxid G. Liberty. Ottawa, ' ' I Ori' trio, Canada, Underiorriik :dx 5, nfittonai, Christian Education, "' .Liss paper cornrnittee, ieader ' -ind associate iorider oi rriis ' , sion and open air groups. ' Eiia i. Lodqcurd. Bioorner ,Wis- consin, Undenorninationai, Christian Education, ciass pa' , per corfirriiitee. 67 George V. Loriq. Eiinhart, inf ' - V diana, Undenorriiriationai, Gen- -H, -ke emi Ernie. iisobeth Mcrshaii. Loweii Michiaan, Baptist Christian Education. EI, Gb th IZ e rt Mcrhri. Fonda, iowa, ristian Educa' m. Loma an right to le e Two, V136 rian, Ch Hour co Presbyte tion, ciass Pteport rriittee, tioor prayer eader. d short, reading ff- Harvey 1. Matthews. Decatur Priabarna, Baptist, Generai s sociai cornrnittee orrirriittee, Bibie, cias cioss iniorrriatiori c r OiXCQOYX1il-OYQOPYOYSI r Missionar recorde Band, coiiecior io Union. Vioic McCoy. Keokuic, iowa, inter -denorninationai, Kew ish ' ciass Missionary eoorter Missions, Union corrirriittee, r A idehrew Prayer Band, iioor prayer ieader. ' ivqh Pq-uiirie Miiis, Cerro Gor- do, iiiinois, United Brethren, Generai Bihie. Annu Moe Neisori, Napoieon, Ohio, Uridenorriinationai, Mis- . Christian Educ tion, A r, cias s V kr Is this of qos .f hu, sionary iass pape s s ' nt depu- . ,, 1 editor oi c rfirriittee, assista n oi Europe air- ' On , e and Out? innerb, ciai co tation chairrria d, decoration ch ' nt oi hec- Thre , ntest W iClass co rayer Ban rrian and vicefpreside reation Chip, associate editor oi i9A'3 ARCH, Giri Scout ditofitim choir. ie ader , au This put A ones 6 ebln a' th e bars. SO1DSff1l?7 g to eat Hose vs, Lawrence Neuman. Chica llinois, Undero enera' K .I lf 90, , rninational, i Bibfe, leader of mis- sion group. Cora L. Pardon. Borneo, Mi aan, Baptist, Mis ' class C B sionary Bible, paper committee, class Beport Hour committee, class - ulletin board committee, as sistant deputation chairman ot Home Prayer Band, reporter of Island World Prayer Band. Myrtle Puqsley Consin , Merrill, ' , Methodist, Home Mis- sions, class cap and gown committee, Rosemary Russell, Bronson Michigan, Baptist, Missionary Music, Class devotional com- "' mittee, class brass trio, assist- ant deputation chairman of Latin America Prayer B auditorium Cho' Melvin H. Schimnowslri, M - tain Lalce, Minnesota, Menno- nite Brethren, Home Missions, leader of mission group a assistant leader ot' jail group. Pearl E. Seado. Aberdeen Washington, Baptist, General ,qnofflerewdence Ofgos Blble- rationingf Agnes Shaffer, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, Brethren sionary Bible Broad , Mis- , class Badio cast committee, assistant deputation Chairman ot' Mos- lem World Prayer Band, leader ol visitation group, floor pray- er leader. f Frances Sivley. Decatur, Ala- '77U'Y'D bama, Baptist, General Music class music committee, clas ABCH committee, class trio, 3.131 WMBI Girls' Glee Club, audi- f C torium choir, floor prayer ,N eader. Harold E. SieqlafL Waterloo owa, Baptist, General Bible. Thelma C. Si9gJaIL Eslherville, lowa, Baptist, General Bible MSXVI in a 'Q- ' mood P X Pioture of her man that wasn 't Mere! -at 015 and, ir. ,ff ', , - g-Q., .. -A....... Three joyful Conguerors! Liiiian M. Snyder, Pork 'Town- sena, Washington, Bapiisi, Generai Music, ciass trio, as- sisiani aepniation chairrnan ot , Mosieyn Woria Prayer Band, h 3 5' group ieaaer, NNMBX. r V M s ya P YJ A ri er. e in, - Music. X I Mariiyn iiiinois, Baptist, Ge Haroid Sprin gon, Michigan, Baptist, erai Bibie, ciass sociai corn- rnitiee. Win, f-.-54 A 5 . 1, 'S 3 J Q' f' f V521 4 4 One of s . those Wash U hes.' peac Q ,. 'z Rosaiie nerai ' qslead. Muske- Gen- if Rosemary Storm. De Michigan, inierfdenorninaiion- ai, Christian Edncaiion. Tayior. 43921, 'vm' r Yr. 4.-5, li' mm! the worst of it, urnp? Who's ge or the p Rosemary 'f' dieq M US- 'G e Pm iist, C Geneviev ' nsin, Bop Generai as irrn . Educaiio oito COIYX U Sb.. of , a Wisco ' n and YUXXXGG. 'F' I ., fs is Q fb 's ow Xian Bibie, ciass rn C ' Frank L. Wedekiriq. Chicago, iiiinois, Baptist, Generai Bihie, J" L recorder and ieaaer oi isiana Q1-Y Worid Prayer Band, Evening . i representaiive ot WAX and ass-isiani n air 'U 4, A Schoo - ARCH, ieader ieader ot mission and ope igwr. groups. ofrna X. Wooster. South Lyon, Michigan, Presbyierian, Horne Missions. Lesiie Yank. Kenosha, Wiscon- ' Congregationai, Generai 1 W -vw' ,gg hr 4 MP" Z. t'Cor1aueror" that 1' rl ' for Him rn the of her A CI' nq 1 a One made conau heart of .Afric . favorite verses was real to her, Exodus 23:20 SKU . Bibie. irlgton 28 We stand readyl y B1 men! eczder of opmyer Bond f - " f Ol S K Ol' K 5. 'ff' "WW, Irene an son C Q Non d mme !1onC:1Chr1st1On du Gloss speaks I CQ mu mme UOIYVYIIH CGS? Edward E Ste Img Charles ton, Sou! Cor m Muslc Clos S, in The S enjors d On? get G11 M1,jd Fed' Wemn S Q IO, an A mbossodor Hjjd , G? S . rv Ko Mthe mOnGger4 , hn Aiien. Pori ifiuron, Mich- - Undenorninaiionai, Gen- 'Q' iqan, erai Bihie. Yresion Bacon. Piinr, Michi- aang U ndenorninaiionai ,Music. Neva E. Botruii. Cedar Sprinqs, Michiqanq Bapiisi, Horne Mis- iass iniorrnaiion corn- sions, c rniriee. Kewaunee, 'xiii- i Mis- Xanei Briggs. noisy Mission Coyenan, sionary Chrisiian Educaiion Music, audiioriurn choir, Mar- urian irio, moody Neiqhhor- hood Sunday Schooi. Mayy iiie, iron Edu eader, assisiani chairman oi Europe Prayer 5 ciass huiieiin hoard A Band, cornrnikiee. Luciiie Corier, Piainiieid, iiii- noisq Bapiisi, Chrisiian Educa- iion Music, assisiani depuia- iion chairrnan oi 'india Prayer - Band, ciass paper cornrniiiee, Broadcask cornrnikiee, Giris' Chorus. Priianiic Ciiy, ' Pas- Ben Cochenei. New Rerseyq Preshyierian, tors, Moody Siudeni siaii, as- sociaie ediior oi ihe F5513 ARCH, Porensic Society. ierioo, Y-siher Gdii Covlies. Wa Nehraskaq Christian Mission- ary Priiiance, Missionary Bi- e, assisiani depuiaiion chair- rnan oi india Prayer Band. Eiizabexh W . De La, New York Ciiy, New Yoricq Bapiisr, Mis- sionary Bihie, iioor prayer ieader, assisiani depuiaiion ch nd reporier oi China Prayer Ban , d vice-pres ideni oi Missionary ' Moody Student sraii. Yhyihs Y-. Brown. Michigan, Bapiisi, Generai usic, iioor prayer ieader. Xaneia Mae Buiier, Howard Ciiy, Michiqanz Bapiisi, Chris- caiion, iioor prayer ' depuialion K airrnana d secon Union, Esthe I' Gail Seems to be IHOHO . Qing Are You get Img c old fee t Qirl S? 4 4 X R 'L-X , 11 f QM ,, . r., ,, ...wc be ,whol S SO im BeffyP?feS"HQ, S Uuflhf on Un strojlcffernoon S 'lp Nellie I. Q' 'S Ha 'Wt . 1 s ,G stqht' YSHOW7 s in Heqqtllzgre pfemou Mary Alice Donaldson, Find lay, Ohiof Undenorninaticnal Christian Education Music class social committee, audi- -? torium choir, leader ol' Paciiic " I Garden Mission group, Eve- N- ning School Promotion group. , S V Adella Fast, Delft, Minnesota: if Mennonite, General Bible. Elizabeth Fleming, Nu tley, New jersey, Baptist, Missionary Bi' ble, iloor prayer leader, as- sistant deputation chairman oi China Prayer Band, second ' " vice-president oi Missionary f Union, student assistant, sec- ervx retary oi the 1943 ARCH COIT1' g mittee, Class report hour corn- , mittee. I Alice Louise Flint. New York City, New York: Presbyterian 4 Missionary Christian tion, auditor' . de . Educa- rum sho' votzorzal . Guthrie, Charleston West Virginia: Baptist, Gen- , eral Bible, assistant deputa- A . tion chairman of Latin Amer ica Prayer Band, iloo leader. r prayer rriet Mary Hamilton, Friend, Nebraskaf Congregational, Music. :SN 5 Le Roy A. Hansen, Walker. 5. Minnesota, Evangelical Free 51" Church, General Bible. Lucylle Hazen. Bourbon, ndi- ana: Methodist, General Home Missions. Amanda Heeren, Forreston, lllinoisf Dutch Reformed, Mis- ,' Sionary Bible. assistant depu- tation chairrnan oi Africa Prayer Band, class Missionary Union committee. h Y 9 s Evelyn R. Herr. Conestoga, C a m e r G Pennsylvania: United Breth- ren, Missionary Bible, reporter o India Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. if 't 4, vim QW' K 5' ,gf he fof f ere bUSZjsrZ? S These Wxtmbos Me-ef Del? muSt be G This if? ir, class colnlnittee. ECU! seems fo be all mcchinesfcpped up. . . 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"4 A. v an , Q' 1 ., fn' 41. if v A? 33' N' i ' 'QW' 1 X Y 33 N. r , , If bl In or or 1 4 ' Jig, CHL if Nix . lv A lg , 5 . ' "nf . fr .amd . L' M 'ibn-,mc h ' -is , - This i . foundggoilejojces H Siigod ifaifdggli vi 2' The Io h H50 ns fclczss Comes! W, mnefl. Mqnie Larson. ilonsosg Swedish Evans Mission Coveneni, Chriskion Educoiion. ,, K 1 K 3 . A , A vi- C Remember these busy days, QWSWH Seniors? 2 fi . ,W 1 , r E t 314 '75 6 Gnimq ' rG1 9 O , ges- f all In CG they re 1 dai' G l readY to enjoy denf Y oO- oi full Gr the Z i Donald H. Lonie, Keeao Har- or Michigan: Baptist, Pas- Rulh A. Martin. West Lancas- ' ter, Pennsylvania, Brethren, Missionary Bible, class devo' tional Committee, assistant putation chairman of Africa ayer Band, class constitu' tion aornrnitiee. wg Qui. Kenneth McQuere St jamaica, New Yor Undenominational, eneral Bible. Reba I. .1- . tj-lgml Briggs' Horrrin mqke Janet RUM Mgt ss THC' ton Senior C a up . Miller, Claysvil ,V Pennsylvania, Disciples of Christ, Christian Education, auditorium choir. Q- Anne L. Morris. Lansing, Mich, S' iqanq Baptist, General Home Missions. '5 Mabel obeniand, Villa Parr, 5. Illinois, Undenominational, 25- , Q, Christian Education Music. .IJ , ' -F, ,,.. . I F. Franklin Orr, North Man- Chester, Indiana: Congrega- A' tional Christian, General Bible, associate leader of mission group, leader of Sanitarium W ,-h' group, deputation chairman t' G A it Hebrew Prayer B S' Y Fr T' B o and. ed Orr, North Manchester V Indiana, Congregational tian, General ' Co H9 ent 9 t NOWZ Q time- 51109 fum, Chris-I Bible, leader of ' ok County Hospital group. IO m " Mildred the Evelyn M. Palm, Detroit, Michi- hejmo Vanfggmefhiflijrl aan, Mission Covenant, Chris' T holdings of tl115 p ,Q tian Education, Moody Studen be hec k 3 ca "X staff, reporter for Europe Fran ' Prayer Band, floor ,orayer meOne' 'Pg' 'SJ leader. Waiting for SO .gr Thelma Plummer, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, Evanaelical Lu- theran, Missionary Bible, re- porter for lndia Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. ' 1 I JS1ne SS dom, Us H,S I0 do Mf fo . hnson If 1 emily cgfnes his burden. oward Cixy U ' rv Yum H Gener hiked E icniq on M Bibie Robert iiiinoisz Bapiisi ,,. Y.. Prinunq Cnicaqo Bapiisi, Generai Bibie 'C Geo Mo roup iea , rniiiee. if ' .Q ' uf Q Q Union corn Chacries S. Rhine Kr., York ' 1 Undenornina- ' audi- Penn iionai, Missionary choir, qroup iea iion cha may Micixiqany sionary Eibie, recor Worid Prayer Band, Missionary rqe D. Rendei. Miian indepenaeni, Mis- der ior siern der ciass syiv ania Bibie, der toriurn ieader and depuia rnan oi isiand 'Nor Prayer Band, ciass rnoiio corn ciass so-:iai cornrniiiee. ' nv T' a Ciiy , Xi 3555 Vivian Rowe. Geno Wisconsing independeni, Mis- sionary Music. buiieiin board rr,y V K by cornrniiiee. L x E Heiena Sieberl. Henderson, ' - Mennoniie, Chris- ' Nebraska, Educaiion. Music. f , , . HGH xl? 16' Barbara Doromhy Vaik. Gran Rapids, Miciiiqany Undenomi- naiionai, Generai Bibie, chair- ciass buiieiin board B N rnan oi corn ' ,Qs rniiiee. Liia D. V an Barriqer . Towanda, P ennsyiy ania' Meinoaisi, Mis, sionary Bibie. Leonard Van Darn. Pruqusia, Micniqanp Undenorninaiionai, f Generai Bibie. Lois Vander Unden. Wyanf doiie, Michiqanq Bapiisi, Mis, sionary Bibie. Geor Qep . amfs whlje LNG -VSSIS on the FU 11, X, K Could it be Moody students with time to rest? 1 L 34 afe rr d HG Garnet an ame ot tennis' L Q bOUf C' HOW G 1 the f ,end o and h,?QI1 t-X 45- he oseS Umqpg t lim p 'IJOSYS' Y ydfap blaCkS' If the landOfthe wllfds ff Rodenhauseri owe' met M. W - lo' a .W aqoner vV ' B studles' .QQ , Waterloo , aptist M ' Bible , issionary , reporter for Africa Prayer Band, cap and gown committee. .V Q , Mary Wefherbe, Montague S- F 5, Massachusetts: Baptist A ? sionary Bible leader O . Mis-I , floor prayer Evelyn Whitaker. Southport, Indiana: Baptist, Missionaly Bible, floor prayer leader, senior photo committee. Sarah Yaqgy. Bagley, Minne- so ap Undenominational, Chris- ian Education. A , Lydia zinii " ' Ne e. Richmond Hill, w York, Non-denomi al, Missionar de 9 nation- y Bible, assistant putation chairman forjapan- ,Y f Korea Prayer Band, floor prayer leader, editor oi' paper, auditori class um choir. Raymond V. Holt, Northwood, Iowa: Baptist, General Bible. A L Rodenhausen, Ardss IS-Y, Pa.: Baptist, Missionary Bible, associate leader tation group. lbert ot visi- Peter Derzipilski, M Books, Pa' l sic cKees ., ndependent, Mis- nary Bible, leader ot India Prayer Band. lmnes Hillman Slnilh. Somer- Q ville, Alabama: Southern Bap- tist, Missionary-Pastors Course, leader ot Moslem Worfd Prays er Band. Franklin O. Dwyer, Cleveland, Ohio, Independent Baptist, Missionary Bible. v n, the mteffuptlo Pordoxir Johnson. ,s. f .f iiii Just UChUfI'1S 'c ii iiiii ,Vi f if W. Norman Barrgrn, Picion, Oniario, Canada, Baokisi, Pass presioend, siuaeni c' airrnan tors, ciass assisianndepuiaiion ,n . and ieaaer oi Xananfiiorea Prayer Band, aepulakion sec- rerary ai Missionary Union, asior, SXXA dent 'o P51 CQ-arusl C: ijfll fjul , 1 Lansinq, Hirons. norni- ff Boy P-udiey Onrario, Canada, Unae naiionai, Pasiors, ciass vice- esiaeni, iirst vice-presidenr Union. oi i-.i :ei Krug 'rar fn correspon reporier Pray er indent ska recor dinq rope Prayer Ban miiiee. SP ck leaves for one nqagements, fa eakirlq e pf 'ssionary orione Nlorqcx er. Piiaaeiieia, N. X.: Daidn Yie- ea, Missionary Music, ainq secreiar Eana, ciass oi 'riorne ii, XNMBX Moody S red 'l.ubei. Grand Rapids, eri' odisi, Pasiors, ciass ieader oi "7 9- . XNAiCi'X.7 NX . ' secreiary , a, rnorninq En devorions corn Xohn S. Xokmson. Minneapoiis, inn.g Evanqeiicai Free, Pas- easnrer, ieader oi Prayer Kors, ciass rr Prima Prayer Band. Band secrofqiry ci Missionar Union. od. Ponca Nona Lee Lockwo Ciiy, Oicia., Bapiisi, Mission- 'Vrisiian Eaucakion, ciass ' r oi Mosiern ' iry Numa n and Hufh len shopped S, , by me if 4 N .X I OSS. Q26 ' all 21 7 OS FC mc pol. l 4,, ap--f Mu, V-ral LQ QW if Looks like MN Ofmff J AL r. r -.1 WN " ,H V, .sxffx If ,Bw Nl reached the hh dgspcjrl Sights ' A REQG, ,nghobom Al Uffoneg, ary-on speaker, reporre Woria Prayer Band, pubiic irzaitrnzxn oi Missionary Union. R. Sack Drake, Moscow, Midn., Eapiisk, Pasiors, Ciass speaker, 'iepuiaiion chairman and iead- ,Xl of his iinrne Prayer Bana,ie'1fier ir ara. mission aroups. fi, .,. ' VP. s A 5 40. 1 k CQH1 6 X , . 1 ' I3 s - x . ' Lee Cctfff N . Un ex -eg X. V Dec! C'GnQ N5 " ecy. , ,C . i o f'lf Oh' . Those youd We S13 36 2' Ab X C A ira's-eye we 'oper X., L., pc. X L epause IOT Us to Aloflo e , h and Afdlf -5f1OOfH them. Robert S. w of Bennie is anon. " Allen, Oakland Un den :minational ss phot , Pas- o committee. Paul Hilton Anderson. Gran- od, N. I.: Norwegian Evan- lical Free Church Assoc., '- Pastors, deputafion chairman ana leader ct Euros Band, chair ti , e Prayer man oi class devo , ons committee. EveningSchool Promotion group. Az-dith Ann Arnold. Logans' 3 port, lnd.: Undenominational Christian Education-Home Mis- '-, WH - A 4 sions, secretary-treasurer of ,ff ' ,ff s Forensic Society, Moody Stu , f ff , Qi 5, - dent stall, Senior broadcast ftdv " committee. . 4 f 1 J f. f f 1, -f t - . ' V V . P . . 'f ,IJ - . ., - Elsie B. Bailey '4 W ' " "' i PM t ,.. of f . up f,.,w'. My 'V ' f I ' ' I ' ' 44 . 'f f l 'T ,,.1' , , , A 1 I Dir ft fy,'fMqf'J'-fs JW fr' of ' I ' - li' L ,5A., 1 Af V' 1 ami' ' 1' D 61,54 O1 ,f .iff f W0 , Birmingh , ethodist. Missionary Bi- He e, Iloor prayer leader. Be ' res another use forfa 61190177 OH movin? 0195'- nnie Gilbert Benson, Stough- on, Wis., Free Church, Pas F""S , ors, leader and assistant leads ' er ot mission group, Forensic 5 ociety. Henry O. Berends Ir., Grand Rapids, Mich., Baptist, Pastors, class music committee, chair- man of refreshment com ' cl Recreation C mittee lub. Helmuth Jack Berg, Marion, S. Dale.: Evangelical Mennonite , Brethren, General Bible. R Q 3' Pauline Beynzer. Diagonal, lowaq Presbyterian, General Q Bible. Bonnie Ie Xa the een ht befw ul' nnie ls Cougenf and PQ BOSuDeriHlen ission- ducatio or l943 C and 9' Ar an Bigelow, Larch mont, N, Yp Baptist, M' ary-Christian E artist t n, stall AB lol, collector publicity secretar iissionary Un' School TN Carl I. Bihl 'L' lnd - B i ors, chair- Inan ass music com recorder tor Ho lead mittee, Q me Prayer Band er ot' India Pr WMBI. y tor ion, Evenin Promotion group . Indiana Harbor ., a,o ist, Past of cl ayer Band. ,J-D l ii S 1200 volumes of 1 d some Bob an 3 A flip-nd in H5-ed! .. X, A P-M, 'Li Richard Biouqh. Fori Wayne, ind: Brefnren, Generai Bibie, epu'.a'.i3n chairman and iead- 64 f ' ' ' er oi in ia Prayer Band , , ' ffl . I I , f . 'ffi JC Reuben P. Bodmer, Veniura, J , , M I I 1, A Caiii: Bdpiisi, Pastors, recor ' I R ' er and depuia'ion cha' H ' r irrnan oi Europe Prayer Band 'Y N Belty X. Boyer, Rochesier or - Minrmy Bapiisi, Generai Chris- ..r-.M iian Educaiion. Y ' 5 K I U ' .9 V Chories W. Boyer, Rochester, ' 59: Q Minn., Bapiisi, Pasiors, ciass '7 , M rnoiio cornrniiiee, depuiaiion chairman oi Horne Praye r 'ate ieader oi rnis- Curley," Chisum as he used to look of ,' o ' .- by ,J y , M l ! . ,f i ' I 1 4 I 4 1 ' , v 1 4 fm I ' Q 9 A4 . . .774 J, M 0. ra: I f' rid associ Ba , sion qrcup. Buiium. Grand Rapids, nerai Bibie. Bari T. piisi, Ge tty Msto ,IOOkS,1iSf8I1S.H - F9-1.45 Niichq Bo Lois Eveiqn Briikerna. Chicago, iii., Pirnerican Reiorrned, Chris- tian Educaiion, assisiani dep- uiaiion chairrnan oi Laiin Psrnerica Prayer Band, ciass y ,, rnoiio cornrniiiee. .L is N' 1 Doroxhsj Yliizsbeih Burton. 'Bai- ' A, irnore, Md., Bapiisi, Generai 3 N x Bihie, ieader oi visiiaiion aroup. .1 WiiYiam Gordon Ccrder. Bur- qessviiie, Oniario, Canada, Bapiisi, Pasiors, ieader oi Cook County Yiosoitni aroup, depu- tarion chairman oi Hebrew Pray' er Band, chairrnan oi dass f'QaX'iS'i1UuOYX corrxrriiiiee. S x . Neva D. Curr. Lime hidqe. Was., United Breihrefi. G99- eral Christian Education, ciass acer corfrrrliiiee. Chisum. Tuoeic. Y So her Gord e's where last year. at tan Karnes - f'v.1p'.isi, Of! Q Miss., , Frank keeps A - Omer. IOOUSCH the dl.'ivFQ' 'Yhecii Pasiors. .ZX f'- 0'- ,,.4 1 .-dOfm- If fin HOU, of me Naom P Y" Doris E Cl . ark, Goodman, VM Methodist Episcopal, Christian Education, girls' Qylnfiasium instructor, chairman ot' class refreshment committee. S., Naomi Ruth Collins, Cedar Lake, Ind.: Independent, Chris- xi tian Education-Music, student assistant, floor prayer leader, 514535 chairman o! class social com- ' mittee. Gladys May Couts, Detroit, Mich., Baptist, Jewish Miss sions, class devotional commit- tee, assistant deputation chair- man for Hebrew Prayer Band. Warren demonstrates his 'ZOFSSN l ' feCf,f,,qUe.f 13,Maf1eDQh1m H issio , oclcford, Ill., n Covenant, Music, class music committee, floor prayer eader. Hilda L. Dalke, Olds, Alber Canada: lndepende sionary Bibl ni, Mis-I G. Elizabeth L Dennison. Monc- ton, N. B., Canada: Baptist, General Bible, floor prayer leader. -n M Dwight G. Duer, Waterloo, Iowa' Baptist, Gene ral Bible. R. Joseph Evans, Chicago, lll ' Baptist, Pastors. HN ,t if 3 , M, " I 5 Q ' Y s Holland A. Ewald, Pontiac, 5. X, Mich.: Baptist, Pastors, class 5,f music committee, evening 9 votions committee, WMBI I M H . Fab ds, Mich ' er ' 4 5 , Wh ere C7001 ,VO U get the not Bob? 51 Warren, bm and Henri' OU MSU G d R western four . ran ap- ., Baptist, Pastors. 39 Mae B. Yosiq. Chicoqo, Church oi God, Generui Bihie. Arnoid B. Fast. Deiii, Minn.q , ennoniie, Posiors, Senior Re- N rnrniiiee. pork Hour co Ruih B. Fink. Freeport, iii.q U niiedBreihr en ,Gener oi Music. Lucy Fisher. Rocky River, Ohio: Bcxpiisi, Chrisiion Edu- 'onMusic, ciuss pubiiciiy royer ieoder. CGM - corrirniiiee, iioor p Prehy Pre Daring for O He of OIVGI? Your fucks lx V W , heres the wat er, H Glen? X X X 1. K - Y- 1' 1 N .av I cx Kon.: s conirm ido 1. Yiickinqer. Mennoniie, Pos- 'iiee. Vrcririe , s dev oiion iors, cios YOW U1 Yioden. KN oierioo . Bibie, Se- Heien Missionary rriiiiee . Bopiisi, Hour cor!! Report nior Line up rf. M I iw si Orvci O. finden, Woierioo. iowog Bopiisi, Missionary Bi- bie, depuioiion choirrrion oi J M' Mosierri Worid Proyer Bon , J Missionary Union 'ouiidinq coi- iecior. 7 'Z Wiiiiarn Y. ford. hensseioer, ' ind.q Bopiisi, Pusiors, Senior broodcosi cornmiiiee. EVGYHHQ Schooi Prornoiion qroup. kherine Luciiie Yostor inierdenornincr- F' ie iioor :4 71" for th pruye Chino Prayer Wisq Bo e 'XEots. caiion. hecxion, iiiq tionoi, Missionary Bib . r ieoder, reporter ior Bond. Yuiier. Oshkosh, Edu- Mcrqery Beiie ' piisk, Chrisiicxn fohn and Cot 17 . On clternigne CGUght H S11-OH. OI1 tg ,X fb 1 1 ends. rY and hef fn Marge e and George. Geofg George, f. S A. Clu Wi lli a ' Wisc.,' ' Bible. Homer Oh ' - its Q . . se. Gibs Ill.: niled B Ch ' race, Diagonal I Methodist, Gen progr le, clas mmittee, B b. E. Craven. Loudon 10. lndepend Bible, il Alvin Forest Gage. Newark, N. lf Baptist, Missionary Bi- ble class social committee. Milton R. G . usguehanna, Pa.: Baptist, General Bible, eader and associate leader ot mission group. elatt S Eva A. Georg Ba ' e. Brooklyn, N. Y: st, Christian Education. Mabel George, Qualcerto PGV' Brethren, General Music, auditorium choir, Evenin chool Promotion group. C. Maynard Geor to wn, Pa 3 f ge. Ou Church ren, Pa er- ot' the Breth- B stors-Missionary Bible, leader of Island World Prayer y Band, chairman ot Senior Hee X, r port Hour committee. Y fi MY:-o n L. Gess, Baroda, Mich.- . Congregational, Pastors, as sistant leader and leader ot' ' mission group, floor prayer leader, collector and Prayer A Band secretary of Missionary Union, deputation leader and leader ot' Africa Prayer Band. Violet Mae Co U on City, rethren, General ristian Education, floor prays r leader. Beth G , owag eral Bib am CO , 5 ecreati Wg fy U1 R. Grant, Oxford, Independent, General Whats the molten ville, ent, General OOF Drayer leader. A K Evo? Myron and that d Jock on hip! fell0WS Mogdy 41 A we T W Off C hey Cl,-mZfeSdD1cn1C from o f,' m ee to Qef H1250 cur, Hej Q Qyf' 1, JST? h YN xsconsm YH md Gray epen G KVM xsc nd cxssocmx Dehs us mu Educouou r oi fmssxorx group Xeode ommoc 'Lcbek Gwen P Axssxouoiy Eh Mxcb GY xsk Educguou de e 'I Ar I d Gteen X erxdem cms o-:mr Y kxdep New me N XOYS od Y Vv'O bodes Y Grosho Eopusk Pos ox L1- X1. 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UNCH Leland se .ome Prayer Leland Dean Hine O ' Baptist P l 1 Ty' tg Y s t, Chr' on, clas ' mittee. Joseph E. Humericlrhouse. Omer, Mtch.,- Baptist, P corder lor lsl er B , tego,N,Y,- , astors, deputation ciairman and leader ot Latin America Prayer Band, chair- Inan ot class motto c ommittee. Grace Hoelrserna. Chicago, lll,,' utch Belormed General Bible. Delpha L. Howland, Mid town, Ohicf Bapti Educati s tian s publicity com- astors, ana' World Pray- and, floor prayer leader. QWSFS 'V all y stumpeafl 4 C R lLJ"r tb- 3 the hovelgu fn' 'L A I5 Ondef ff fislynfhesfst 1' w , m Q . Bob Satggme rfiiilgl answer ' tufe res p1C He Robert Frederick Hurne, Har- nell, N, Y., Independent Bap- tist, Pastors, leader ot' mission group. ,M Elmer G. Johnson, Carney, Mich.: Swedish Baptist, Pas- tors, Wg., I' x X . P7 by Eunice L. Kebler, lonia, Miche- Vf Baptist, Missionary- Christian -s Q Education e, orter for Latin . " 3 America Pra er Band, floor B -f ,X pm er lead class photo ' e Lydia Kozohorslry, Brooke lie I ap neral rsian Educati f sf' h for the HO ff fUS fer-CICSS 1 ta The 0-mee M91 . Shogln OH his or SOC,fgfP3?ii1 me Sweet Which. Om' Guess .W -H Q Brrbean Lacy , Him , Mrdm Bop- kisk, Crxrrskkorx Educdxrorx. Moines, H. 47 M el ,- Berry Kean Lows, Des XOWO1 Bdpkksm Germercd BXbXe, , dssrsrdrxx deqsukdtrorx chokrrrx and reporker ior Priricd Pray Bond, CXGSS Mrssrondry Urxrorx comrmkkee. eddrrxq, Gordon X. Leirxirxqer. YR rxderxorrmirxcmorrcxk erm- X dder oi Eye on W sd! erdX Bride, e Eur Krxirrrrmdry qroup. E-rrxesl B. Lettie. Purxxsukowrmey , P04 Bdphsx, Pdsrors, ' Ehrx 5. Lirxdrnarx. PxXO0d, Fin- EyorxqeXicdX Lulherdrx, Betty and Iris both from Des Moines. Xdrxdg GerxerdX Musrc. . Mukxrxowski, 'Yerre drsk, Pos- Wrmqm 1 Horne, Xrxdq Memo xors. DBHG Ruth McCcxrmey. Ldn srrxq, Mrchg Bdpkisk, CXYXYXSHGU ducdkrorx, coheckor 'ior Mis- srorxdry Urxrorx, qrds' usher corrxrmkkee. Marian Loks McWekhy. 'YoXedo broy Bcxphsk, Christian Edu- cdXiormfMusrc, dass socioX corn- rrhlkee, dass proqrorrx corrxrrmik- ree, XQOd9Y oi mission qroup. gi" Lois Xearre Nfrher. Arm Arbor. - UYXCXQYXOYYHYKOHOYXOX, Gerr- 1 X f . r P 1 ,- X X U2 g' Q 2' L 3' Nr E1 ' mv , 1 V .ES ,iw KP uf , e , 'L Almost ready to MCOU16 and get it." vgtgxvusm Mewirr W. MiXXer. Ldrxskrxq, MX-Chg Bdpkksi, ?dsKors, Door prdyer Xeoder, Xedder oi Home ?royer Bond, irrsk vice-pres? ff' i Mrssrorxdry Urxrorx, Yo- ' I, di dem 0 rerxsrc Society. And th ey are Gllncmed M flier. QW J", "vA . r c 1: 1 , pujw. .' TS 'fe- Evo Lena Caroline mo u th, l.'if-' Moseley. Pa Nev., Eaprisf, P llon, .orne Missions Florence Moshe r, Ply- . sn., Presbyterian, sionary Bible, floor prayer eader. Evelyn I. Myers. Winston- Salern, N. Car.: Baptist, Mis- sionary Bible, floor leader, I7 example ofbow 'no1"'t'o eat water- N A melon? "" " w 'WT 1 I ' . t - , WW l Y P it Wt' . 'lk 2 wil ' it ll vn- V de Richard Colo orraine Pederse Minneapolis, Minn., Evangel cal Free, Missionary class Report VJM Doris E. Needham R' Ind.: United M DFQYSI' , ichmond, Brethren, General uslc, class paper Co ' rnrnittee. David C. Olson, Chicago, Ill.,- Baplist, General Clirislian Edu- cation. Frances L Music, Hour committee Bl. Lovetra Aleen Penaluna. ueblo, Colo., Baptist, Genera' Music, assistant d t airrnan I Band l epu ati or At' 'on rica Prayer , class paper co " auditorium ch ' Ulm! . ISS, oir. Pe fl naluna. Pueblo, .f Baptist, Pastors, Ed' in-Chief of 1943 corder :tor- AHCH, re- ana' leader of Africa Prayer Band, Evening Scho Promotion group, choir. ol auditorium On, ,pardon as, Donsf Strings' X Three 6 Irving as be woufa' look Ofi fOiO of Me Qld" Irving E. Penberthy. Stockton, 8u17a917 Calif., Independent, Pastors, evening devotions committee, X putation chairman for China Prayer Band, basketball, stu- dent pastor. X elen E. Peppler, Racine, MGS.: ' F- ongregational, General Bible. j'N am. i jiiiii Ml ll 1. Ano! he, de !?gg1itratjOn niqllel of '77orse" A we w of Lok IHGHYG Ijoigicjygcn S Y sffouerefn by . 4 ' V V . I F. Curtis Yeterson. Rochester MiBQ: Baptist, Pastors, chair- man ot ciass sociai committee, chairman oi music committee tor Recreation Cinb, assistant ieader and ieader ot Eye and Ear intirmary qronp, ieader o mission qroup. Martha Lotnse Peterson. Des ' Baptist, Gen- Moines, iowa, erai Bibie. Chicaqo , Esther C. Yeterson. iii.1 Eyanqeiicai Mission Cove- nant, Generai Christian Edu- Q cation. I Lois Y. Reynoids. Rives Sunc- A tion, Mich.: Baptist, Christian ' Education-Music, assista ' depntation chairman oi isia Worid Prayer Rand, ciass con stitution committee. P.. Don Roberts. Rrinceton, iiiq Baptist, Pastors, ciepntation chairman tor Home Pray Rand, proqram chairman a president ot Recreation Ciub. Sane Robertson. Detroit. Mich.1 Vresbyterian, Christian Education, ciass bntietin 'ooard committee. Robert A. Rogers. Grand Rapids, Mich.g Baptist, Pastors ciass sociai committee, corder and ieaaer oi india Rand, Gospei Messen- Rrayer QGY QtlOYiQii9. Howard W. Roserna. Spring 'h.g Christian Re- ' ss - Lake, Mic termed, Pastors, husine aqer tor NAB ARCH, morn' evotions committee, For ns ociety, ieaaer oi hospit mission qroups. t Lansinq. Mich: ssion- 'Q X X emi 1. mir. interdenominationai, Mi ary Bibie, iioor prayer ieader. 5 Bunk. Priientown, Generai Annobetie . "' Pa., Presbyterian, Bihie, tioor pray er ieader, ciass decorations committee. Peo P16 Wi 111 bi g HO SSS COnfI is game x"r',T6m3 te-i - W3 my a or-93" "TK 05521.-53 46 rf' Ellzfib Elanor Marie Sa ter l he looks to US' eth US S nders. Roches- . nd.: United Brethren, Gen- eral Bible. Lloyd C. Sanders, Roch Ind.: United Br t Bible. es ter, e.hren, General ! w 'A .cnjCS. UI' D1 ol olle of O ' w A we th ty LUG' the Ifd Seniors Elizabeth elz. Mile b Pa.: lndepend ' Music, cl H. She s urg, ent, Mis ' lloo sionary r prayer l GSS l'!1OllO ing fb . June Mich., Cath en if Lewis Slnede Mich - U 4 Lois Mae Smith Y 4' lll - Met Clarence V. Sn Bend l o leader of orea Prayer Band, no devotions committee, tr ol Recreation OI' , Muskegon, ., ndenominational, Pas- tors, Forensic Society, Edi ol Moody Student. V' . Manhat ., hodist, General Music I. auditorium choir, Evening 4 School Promotion group, glee club. eader, committee, reco secretary o ' Union. rd- ! Missionary Shir lr, Kala Bapti Inazoo, st, General Bible ne Slnedes, Muskegon Mich.,- Undenominational, G eral, Bible, floor prayer leader, class constitution com ' orensic Socie Tnittee, ty. s tor f girls' L XR yder, Sou I , nd.: Church ot' the Breth- J ' ren, Pastors, deputati man and K , 1 n chair- lap I 4 an- . on -day Hoo mln ale V x .. easurer Club, Senior Be- ' t Hour committee, leade Cool: County Ho 1' of spi tal g ' R . Snyder apids, Mich ors IIS CO ul E. Sw P . Grand Reformed, Pas- , evening devotio mittee. roup. obert C In. Urfz, Th a.: Und omasvill enomina ' sionary ' S. tional Bible Euro , Miss , recorder lor pe Prayer Band, leader ol open air group, associate leader of visitation group. Irish 1 H1 QU' Spojlpgaflgig ggumonl hot Paul is Sfudy- t be f Coflld I jI7 Q7 3 Sf rf, I -,O I Haro 1 ... , Swag, mg Us he l ooks back hom e. Xcxxnes ' t Posi Wnham A Bonn-5, ' onwnklkee. don, N. X., mnq devcnons c hompson. dcnk I 'Q may ernice S. 'Y Undex wood, N. Dena., Kndepen Geeneicn BXWQXQ, Sweennq. nine, OY5 , Edmund B. Train. Lind-5 , Kon., Evunqehcm NXX-sskon onk, ?cxs1ors, Xecxder oi Y ' sion qronps, ,V boxq ff i ' Q oven open on ond rnxs XNNXBX, choir dnecior. Ankon Trinei. LQSQXXQ, XXX., Bop- nsx, Posxors, noondcxy' if none cornxnikkee. A dep br ew Pfoy ei N. -. , Robert Victor ' Nab., Bopkisy Genevm nkunon cnomnnn oi Xndkcm er Band, cncuhxlion an oqer Koi X943 mo. Vxoy ns his pnbncny oder oi ARCH, Xe Hcxxokl M. Ude . Mach., Presbykencxn, Pos nncmon cnonfnon Koi Bond. XX ?on Huron, mms, Unxnuck, Ornoho, Mnskc , :non Xl icxory O N! 1 'S I , 1 15? ufq Gr K Mx 'Q EX1en VetB . - Bogus, '5- Maw ' Bopxds, Mich., sionow BTQXQ. Den on, I R vonOew1en. Pcxskoxs, R oben . ' ng Pxesbytefkon, n cm' and rnXs-sion Mxc "' Xeodef oi cpe ' qronps. .pw O56 , X W A 1 .1 Lf I ,ok vvhcvtlsb Zh 'ff .Ind VO A U S cnsnd, 'N kbp Moe Vincent. 'Q XXX., .'BopfAsk, Cnrxsnon Ednccxf SIIMACASXC, dass rnnskc coin- .AQ ynihec. R axex A. Woxnbokl. Pnxm "Kei, Chiiswxn BXXJXQ, Mcxq S90 - Boy, Gnovn , Q, Z dekinxo, ., Edncnnon and G, , . 'N f1',C15S paper cmnrnk','.ee, Yoxe sv: Society, Bgbv A ip' if ,fx '95 f 'Q ""x:. '45 D , d, John' our little frieri -Whose Y E lmon W ard Denver oo p st Pastors eader 1 Prayer B ocie 1ZQb X by x dglohn S B Ted W Morgar Iolzn oseph We ot' nd Forensic eth V. War anic . ea - tle, Wash.: reshyterian, iss sionary Bible, publicity ch ' Inari or ecreat' air ion Club Ufherly eca r a aptist Genera Bible ader o Home rayer Ban ead r o Inission group Inor ing dcvoti ns committee Mar garet I. s Weiundt arc ich Independent is sion ry Bible foor ade prayer W. Willidms, cKe s Boclcs, P Methodist, Mission ary Bible, deputation chairman and leader ot' Island World Prayer Band, assistant treas- urer ot' Missionary Union. M adlyn B Now Tea' is that nice? . Williq, Akron, Ohio, elormed, Jewish Missions and eneral Bible, assistant depu- tation chairman for l-Iebre Prayer Band. . Wilnbish. Macon, Ga.: aptist, General Music, chair- Inan of Senior broadcast com- mittee, supply pastor, tions cornmitte oodflrd tis t, P de vo- e, WMBI. , Cairo, lll.,' Bap- astors, Editor ol clas aper, Moody Stude et Alice Braintree, M I s nt Stall Crossman, ass.: United Pres- -- erian, Missionary Bible, as- TWO exgmpjeg of sistant deputation chairman and reporter lor Home Prayer Band, floor prayer leader, WMBI, trumpet trio. B W etty Ellen Flo Pa ' Ba fy. Allent ., ptist, M' ' floor genuine Southern gen tlem en f OWU, issiori ar " prayer l y Bible, eader. his whose desk t s n QUGS YOU CG i ' his a drink for pumpscots- Xsxe Howard Coming, Y Bcxpusi Mx-ssxonory Bibb, md commikkee. Lydxa B eX enbexq Mhwcu- kee Wxs vonqehccd Gener- G Musxc: cxssxslom epuicxkion choxrmon for skxnd Wodd my r and YN B decom mrmkiee io: Pxecteokion Xecxdegu race Ex-mbeth Pond. CXeve cm Ohxo o Kist, Genet X or pm ex' Xeoder Yusicnl . is dass xchokxs X Mermomke , Vosto mmhkee OY xo board co 0 ff, my What IS the gged for th flee-n 9 9 cha, Om UHHHNIIHHHNS ik if 'ik' ik 513' 'ff if if iff' i? iff' 'ik' if SQ? ik' l 5 A- , , E , 1" or" Class I 5 J The "Baby-fum 1 13: 77161 2, 'ICJ' CHO' Drff' "X aff! lg askin ff f .1 I! U x fm :fx QAILQ5, gvbe-1 NIH 'IFF FAU- .4 : IO The SYM' O17O'5f6 170 ors of fb e 830 191117 O96 Q. 7662 488 UlyQQ,f Q The 51 1' '1'. 117, 716 ond 6t!7 1700 rs of fb e 8351 6 Ulfdffl Q YZ' S IU OFIVISOI sm dew fs off? QUSOIU Ho, The STO' The 151' ond 2 ond 4 oo' ffo OIS ffz 170 ors of Osborne HQXZ Q N 0 " of Osborne HO!! """"x J ffjjjfo T N 2 be Is! cmd 20 O' ffoors of Wok emorz H all 1 Y The 3rd ond 4 ff: 170 OPS of Woke-'ry cm Hoff 777e 76e- Jslj 2h 416, 5 dond 3rd ffoo rs of fb e 900 81117092 Q J M ooo' 676 ffo Ons' of ffze SOO 5111709 '79 The 3rd on-Q' 4 The 51h oho' fh 1700 The 200' rs of fh e152 BUIYOQ hs? Q., 'T 61h ff oors of the 152 BUMO? h 1 fl ,- .X-. "1J:' The 3 4 , floor of 1 The 41'h ff K fhe 153 8u17Q9hg fffrx M64 -L .' rd ffoo 5. Yhe r of fhe 1538 m!oQh Q ,NX Sfh 17 oor of fh e153 81117095 cor of th e153 Q BLIIYOQ' HQ. , ' . f 1 ff fl, I V n .f Y Jr T6 Q 'f 11 S Ozorrfeo' sfuden fs o131?Or1so1ry THQ!! Amy eg x K The 10328 A QFO up of X6 e sfu den' fs .f fzof Hv e oufsz Us of! 17Sl'lYUI'S r 11170117 g I ww 4 C' L. 2 f 2 5 Az' L2 If 9 , L 1 ff Q93 gag" A , - 1 -f Xt . 4 I . . y N , ' V , f K - . " 4 'Z - .'Z x f' ' x , sf. , ,A " f- ,R :Sz V .S ' 'i' 1, 4 ' 1 5- ' ' iw ' .ag 1 - if 22 1:7 'lx ff- Sl SI " 75' 10 3 n - 1 I W QU? 1 ra "- ' ' - 4, 1 X pi . , , , 5 . ' - v ' 0- F' ' , ' 2- ' 1-1.-,X 6 wif? I A -' Q5 illttllllll Will I .., ntin those who have gone unto the uttermost Heprese g parts of the earth with the Gospel message, Dr. Culbertson addresses the Saturday evening ' A ' d otions. Missionary Union ev e. Q, Melvin points fo the Purpose ot Missionary Union! rayer meeting for the This is the Sunday afternoon p Deputation groups which will be going out later in the evening. Q11 ICFIB ff. Representative of the many DQDUYUYIOU QYOUDS Whlfih the Missionary Union sends out to represent the mission fields of the whole wo prayer meeting before going out to h tChicago 58 A group h ission field in some churc o the need of t e rn 7 , 2 TT' hi. Th e new off Cers of Mzssronofy Umo f term H of fhe 5.Dr1nQ u7V"5,I armhor scene at Prayer BOUC5 Af at 4-WN ld xf 5 J 'Ulf -si- s inisfry of Missionary Um resen e The rn reached to other lands rep h se two sfudenis. byte Xittitttiiiiiti Witt i Betty ' ht' lohn Haqqa, H rry Q3 The out-going otticers welcome the in-coming officers . . , Lett to rig . Warhaniclc, Paul Lundgren, lune Casi, Curtis Peterson, leanne Davis, Don Roberts, a Zemmer, Kenneth Dalton, Ida Adolphson, RayBrubaker, Helen Loizaux and Clarence Snyder. lda and Harry seem to be enjoying their duties as Re- freshment committee. V Q 3 s at y y 32" - One ol the most interesting programs presented by the "Rec the night that Chiet White Feather played tor us. Curtis pr H Club was rs for the Hecreation Club Nelson, The adviso Miss Millar and Mr. esents a prize to a worthy winner. cnics are all hand led by the "Rec" Clu Our school pi fl ' 4 ,Ly H ls G. 1 s 'f im- THE MOODY STUDENT L. VIII, No. 'IS MAY 21- 1943 FIVE CENTS ere's a story from emissionfieidt Stlld9lltS give M. U. UVEI' o blocks away "Want a story, sonny'?" "Yeh, Ma'am," answerefl the ide-eyed, curly topped colorefl y. He eagerly grabbed the tract hich Lois Ludeman otfered him. Lois was one of a group of In- itute girls visiting the homes of e colored neighborhood near the stitute. Asked one of them, 'tlio u have any brothers or sisters?" "Yeh, Ma'am, six of ern. But is all in baid yet," responded lad. One of the girls had a camera Carl Bihl, Hhoda Brunsinlc Horne, Charles Hulbert an Roeper and Hoy Hirons, Viiashington. He came in no time at all with about or ten other little black tops hugh white eyes. VVhile the one worker was tak- g the picture, Lois immediately her Wordless Book to tell them tl- 35.916 of Jesus and I' eioffi negroes. Ove, iiieypers oon X 0019 Oi YU5 ard 6 ire set X Tw New caballeii si ' pictures of the Andes tribal customs and of government are a few of highlights to be offered Mon- evening when the Rec Club ill present the sound color film, ur Neighbors llown the Road." oi ful sceneiv Gay "We are indeed fortunate in se- ring this film of South and Cen- al Americaf declared Hugh orne, program chairman, "since is in great demand everywhere." Preliminaries of the evening will ' two newsreels. The program members at The Moody Student ' Lewis Smedes, editorg Hob- business managerf Char- , feature editorg William photographerf and the tol- are news reporters, Henry deGroot, Ralph Ganoej tilt' SZGII OI IHS IWOOUY DIUCGHI' I . ,,. v.-.,....,, Island Won' ' 'Mr of the Latin Am f H+-I Ve' bOl1i.d IiOt, NO + P thy voice. win 1. e heart, The cardbc my shoes when serve "The bell star must be ing. I h alcoholic face watch. to my perate. a book. chair inter in Open Calif. there far as I Way WHS Long hours station begun this aimless PT0gYam- TTIUS best. and I still was as be- ministry which today and lost as before. the Haven Of Rest- The Business Manager checks over the subscription list. HFTTPHT S hool wartime res show 'he Insti- number d by 471 ents, ac- ed from lents, as e women ollment Democratic elections or not, students give 54,395.45 to missions Disputes over the demo cratic method of Missionary Union elections seem to have little effect on students' dis- position toward giving to the missionary society. During last term alone, they donated more than four thousand dollars. The Moody Student is a biweekly publication edited by students and printed in the Institute print shop. lt is an 'lover all picture" ot student lite and thought. A chance perusal would reveal tour pages ot attractive newspaper style typography with pictures relating to the various phases ot student activity. A closer loolc into its contents would reveal such columns ot interest as Hamblin Hound the Institute, Studio Static To the Ends ot the Earth, Fighting tor Old Glory, What Do You Think Pulse Beats and those two column editorials which cause such corn ment. What is the Moody Student? lt is these 1400 students reflected on tour pages of newspaper. 460 Ojfbgf "ery dormitory Se - 'nh h id 050. S ovie . .iuary ing ti. len, the negative. Stated formally the subject is: Resolved, that America participate in a world police force. The sub- ject has aroused considerable in- terest in recent college debates and town hall meetings. Next week, according to How- ard Rosema, chairman, the Foren- sic Society will feature a round table discussion on the subject Have the American Colleges Failed to Meet the Needs of the Students Those scheduled to discuss the from the students by the Of! representing their dor- O'-sf There is a collector whicli e Jrrow ,ion of Juld po- 1 subject. vill do the e Clemens J, represent- cive side, and Kay stil nd Robert A1- .arf I F' ,s -V o If 1159- as ff f' Y 57' 0 5' Y i 7 us that the 9 That nrahl Dr, Fillcin Told 'nned and some short ol f l ramznunion. rfber March 22nd?. ld mean, Afffall have Sl Cfffconssecralion amp , Ziness and heaven. Berne . " CH" cou , pllon. ' hope, ha AF Goa. RfffT6dGITl XRCH Ccmmztlee members ore Richard Penaluna, K n Cochenel, Howard Hoserno, Elizabeth Arlene lohnson, Bernard Climer Bamshill ana Charles 1943 f ' lson be Bigelow, l . Wlllxam The l Anna Mae Ne , ' ' ,honnie leon DlVPAl'f, Robert Unmack, Hulbert. Flernmq ,,1,. Pram ., , N , 'rl1ITCj, iv QK XXXQ F 3 :nyx -wx. CO and Belly warnznj Qenror g :greg Htl ene AM M., lllllf I2 Au 4 Q h.,, is., ff:-14 wt an lu 'h-.1 5, vm Q Wu avi vi '1 X ,- .- 'QW-A of Me sludents lb rlze noon -doy lzym S127 9 prOgrol11, H A0 Loveless, D1f'SCfOl of W HUaDb if. Sie MBI Wlrb war! Me czsso ' I oQrecfor of WMBI CIO e h Forensic Society are: Chairman, rer Elaine Hummel The officers lor f e Howard Hosema, Secrefarylreasu , and Vice-Chairman, Roy Marshall. f. , S ,. e , i p -,Q ya 'XX Hay presses How d . ar , Ardith and Hoy plan a point home! UH Ollgck l'Lol" and Ann are lllbllfmt' 1' J' H ,f After the deb ale. I Margaret just isn't convinced. An eloquent plea! Fa ,iq-3 Frank clin ches an argurn enil ,.q , i Q xl- f '64 v 'I The minutes stand appro ved V, .Lg ll' Tl' Qf ,li-it -,li ,.,.- -,.f qQfg"":'1h w. th hal 1' Elizabeth Yodnes CH " from which our year- Showing the rial to The "AH , hook gets its name. Service flag which is a memo ose who have left these "sacred ls" to train for 'Uncle Sam." :vw aa A M .ATU vw I tb- Qi 'lf 'fn fX Y. mm H 'Lloyd Rigby P'--. 'SQ-f Dudley Olson ' ,fu '31-5 - ,M .fl-.4 l L' TY '55 Elliog Brewer Z' 241 M5 44 vii ,Z esus omg 0 wefclre 'ff f, TQ 'ff' 4 X 'r I 1 '55, 2 Z' Glen lonlen .2135 i 4 x if - 5 x1 ,L f' Floyd Ireland -if Floyd M1011 Pvt Flo H 2. X Y xx S fQ171e Y Adqi I' Hqfold F 6 Bxxon I 'finer . 0 WND dive olzn Andel-son ww YA A H.,,o,d U gdqxgix M119 se" x ,N- -Z 3 xii? 'V -Q f- 1 Chmes VW11 Nevin Beehler H 9-omims uber' Bqfes m To . ack Bob MUTE ww' 1' xd .5 sofa Robb Pinata' R A n C00 4 S LOW 4 . - .1 68 5 d fx MWHIMIIU . K7 "dn, ? I 1 E r 1- Rl 'X ,, I iv x5u0wdl Q5y:Q', 4 v 0 , I 4 L.., +s I x NW 5. v .nk f"T,,,4-4 1' ' J H 11" x ,I These scenes trom Brookfield Zoo, Lincoln Pork ond downtown Chicago show the oppor- tunities tor recreation outside the Institute. 40- A,,-. 'sc U' 1 nh . K 3. ,Qu If i The studenfs have dISfI'lbUf6d about 675 OOO tracfs Jn the pas! year Wlfh the prayer that some lost Soul m1ght heed the Gospel H'1V1fGfIOH J. Ni' Wy, 5: QAQHI Qflgni -4-QQ? ESI -kann ""A.,-.ww It J", :F I-Ti"l'1' ll! 'ul 4 Ulf! asf '. nk A' ', . ..,Vg- , 5 -1- LL 1 A .4 Q PHHEHV l 99 mt Inrb Inburetn fa, fu? r ,390 98 uf iw nr Qt1uii3f"awxwm vm mv Sw Swat nf 3615 flrif HS ?Yf7'5!i I-fig ml U llc .1 y Q 'J . '2- ,, ,, ..--1T""""". lm-.J , X T 5. N Q-ff! 3? H' 2 5 fi ! X .if L.. Ivo 1 A sr jsp 'K Q I z.. ' s -4 I A I ,fur Qs-L. . - .Q -I ' I 'll af' Pi 1 iq F f I' I5 it NX ll l e 1 'Sr Q. , all N X rfw -Q, Q W QV e --- ": " 'L ,no X Q HC LSC Ex Lrbr Page T S The ARCH Dedrcatxon Theme Pxdrnxnxstr atron T5urTdrnq Dormttorres Sechon T E-ducat1onaT Trustees YacuTty 5 ecTaT Tnetrnct rs venxnq Schoo Correspondence 5c oo Sectton TT Seruors December CTass Ptuqust CTass Sectxon TTT Orgarnza xons UndercTa5smen rssxonary Unxon Tlecreatron CTub T e Moody Student The IXTQCTJT TNTVTBT Yorenstc Socrety Sechon TV Bctwxtx s u ents Tn the armed Torces T5 pToyment and Dornest c wo ocraT Lxte ce ne 5 around the ns rtute T31 acTrcaT Traxnmq Student hT TT T4 T5 T5 22 28 35 50 or 55 58 707T 72 73 75 79 T3 me 2 920 ZT 50 EST 64 65 '19 f' J I, .......... ' T5 ......... ' -, ' ' ........ 4,5 . . . . . . . . . 5 ' ' ........ 5 , , ,..... TO o, ' A. 1 o A I. U, u. Q. - E - A T ...,. T7-T9 TW T . . . 20 Pram crass . f f f f f 25-35 ' . ' TZ' ,... - , ,,..,. 5,57 TVT' ' ' .,., 555,59 , ' ..,.. 50 h .... 5T . . , . . . 52 . . , , . . . 53 ' ' .,.., 54 ' . ' ' 'e .... . . - 5t d ' . . - m , T rTc . 59 5 ' ' ,...,. . , 5 2 ? , T T' , . . ,FI ' ' e ....., 4 Bo fl! 'X X 3 h 1' f .1 ',Qg',',fg'gwfg' 1, - vagif' . " '5ii19adl , -,j3fs:.5G?' , Q - 3 ,Q-. ' " " P . ' ' i EH ' A"::i" +-' if-V W 'Ti , VLC, L "Y .

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