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I EP'-:l'?fb'lI I' .- I' II. ' X, 'I'- '.Ig" ..'I,I-cf 'II'I7"': ' 'hi-1 I. II ' I II f'. -' II " a "-'. 5 '-.3 -IH Ia, 'VII-5 I ,XI I..-:XIII I I II I,, I I II II -' - II I. -I-'FIHIX wII ,. , .I . I' - 1 'I II ' . I"I'- ' .-- I , I -I I FAI I- fx.. ' LVL H I 'II 'I 'I 'Y' '5" " 'H - 'C--L '- W--I g I .' HI' If " I- IJ-11' I ' U . I :fr +5- XI XIIXX -I XX -,. .X,I. 1 EI. Wmgy '5I, X , 1 . 'IXIOY If Xr X 4, XX' I. --JI .I 2:-UJXX X H .. ,-.. X I J' I, - -M X I XXQX XXXX- ., IX, FIXIXIXI- X , I... I, I X ,- . -1X X IX X,r,:X I . X I X. ,I XXXXXXX.X,XA,XX .I-X -.--. IV- ' ' , X'- X 'v.gIXX ' I . -' ,X-1X.X' f,IXXI 'X'," FI, ' - If "III " 'II k I XI:X XJXX I' ' , , ,I Ig III I 'I '.X 'I'-.XX-I' I I,I'. 'XX .X Z LIIIX I 'I' FIJI' ' fa- 'LUV I ' IW'-' 1, 4,3 I X I , :I .. . , I 1 I mln, 3' -f,Xf .II .-- XI-X wr - ,RXXI I . Ivr, ' - rII. X XI II -I " f' :za II . ' , "I 1 I. .J ' . I . III, I X. ..IXlX IIY' E.Ij,L,4'I , Id X, .-P 4 I . II fal- 'I' 'r A P IXITIIQII' X A ' I II I 'I ' - I-ITPIWTL.-w'X . " 'I ' ,X . IIHLI X, -' ...X X.'IIX , -XB I I V ' X I X. ' X gf.. . ' 1,-ISJX. X JI I --Iv 'I 'I'I I X I ' I, , I A 'T . ro! IJXI 'JI - X XX QI -.,'I- I - XL., I r' X , I 9 I-f II 1-,X X X1 4u. I . V IL . -, I II Ay II r.. -II., ' ' HI i XIEPI . P I'-In -I I I -rf HIQII, I ' 'Immf' 'Iri ' 'J -III XII., -' I., I I I ' ' ' In 'X I ' In I' I M I T.. - I .X I I ' . . :iii . ' ,I3XI'.?i-.'.X' ' W X I Vi " XX a XX I ,I 1 I ' . LL'-I I I ' I I -4-III X' ',..IX' I .XXII XII A X--II--'X, " XX, - ' I' . ir - .I- ' 4 I I I -'il' - ' III' ' I -'V ATA I-- sX X' ,- Xl I X IXIII' .' -HI I I I 1' I- 1: rf X I- X .X L Xllfm ITI X I I -'I ' 'I P I .I -I . I I Q- I I IX I I"fff-I - .I X. YI M 'I'IX 'II' ,ZX A X I m X L , I I ,, I X-- I ILJXIFIXX 1 --. ' .4 I I ' N- - I' .I ' I I , I I I ,Ie ' QXII ' I - IT.- , I' 5. ,us .-4 ' g iffwim r WVIA !7l1MiiFuwuvlHwr-v---...-,.:Y9.,,, . --.., ,, ,, .I -.:QT.,'::ns '::.-:.-..41i -- .1::-: -2-1- :,.. A- -., -..JY-, .-.. Au..-numxas-uunuusuuca . pmaauvzx-uu.'-man-uv-n......--N..-.. Q-rf' -,,,,,,,,,.W.f,q,.,,,,.,,,..4i,-1:11nf,-,::,:,T,,,f:,,,,,,:g,Qi:.:-2 U Y Y Wi:-,W -i-V-.W ,235- 3! 1, iw ll 1, fl il 1' ,i 2 A 24 YK , '-a ,IL- ' .T.I..T.'...f,....,... 'R ,df 5. Ex ..- W-- "' 4:'::::1t:' A ,. f at F' C31 Qi- ..... rr S I .-.........-, A Q v I Q. 'gg 4" Q -H V,-...,-.. - . ",-vp.-,. - My , r, . .gif--' , L . 3' fp," " 'x :-5' Pgk- Q-E" a ny , , ' ... -' :ff - ' 1 ' . . aw ':h,..fp.,,:efss-gf:::.,. ' , g ,, rw, '- -.- ,-.-g-fa-.f-z,.f',gLg.4-j .,,,-,3,:,. W - ,,.1i-'rf . ' . 1 - K A I .- V ,f..v-,- -gg 3 -v,-. '...-H:-'--'--Ii'--. -x,:,Qv-,,..,.--- , 515: f. .,f:.Qi1A,3':, Sent forth as a testimony io Him of whom iz' is Written, "What manner of Man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him!" -Maff- 8:27. We yfhzsm af ffie :gm Like ships we're sailing on life's sea From Time into Eternity. Our human barks, how weak and frail! Yet roughest storms shall not prevail, For Christ is Master of the sea. He's Master, too, ot each frail boat That sails the sea, He'll keep afloat Each little ship. Be not afraid, But let thy trust on Hirn be stayed, For Christ is Master of the sea. He is our Pilot in control, Our hope and anchor of the soulg Afore and aft, at His command, The faithful crew unflinching stand, For Christ is Master of the sea. Long some have stood. The Pilot's hand Controlleth well that faithful band: 'Tis they who lead the lesser mates, Directing them through rocky straits. Still, Christ is Master of the sea. As fellow-servants in the crew, We seek to know His will to dog He leads and guides by treach'rous shoal And quiets hearts when billows roll, For Christ is Master of the sea. He knows the path each ship will sailg He knows the storms that will assailg He knows the currents which would force The drifting ship from off its course, For Christ is Master of the sea. "Sail on!" He bids, "if winds that roar Would change thy course, then man the oar! Launch out into the stormy deepg Thy bark so frail l'll surely keep, A For I AM Master of the sea. Fear notg Trust ally Be not dismayed, Sail on!" -Margaret Elizabeth Apple this volume of the ARCH is defiicaled to J. Many . xlaweff MANUFACTURER, FINANCIER, EXECUTIVE FAITH I-'UL STEWARD OI-' THE LORD JESUS CHRIST For forty-one years a member of, and for the last thirty-eight years President of the Board of Trustees of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, wk XVHOSE constantly enlarging vision of the vast possibilities of every activity of the Institute has always kept ahead of its achievements, ff VVHOSE wise counsel and unheralded munificence during twoscore years have so greatly helped both to keep this institution financially sound and to win and retain the full confidence ofthe Christians of this generation, and gk NVHOSE gracious, consistent Christian life, abundantly bearing the fruits of righteousness, has given to Our school a legacy of spiritual, wealth that will continue to bless and enrich all who come within the circumference of its influence until our Lord Christ returns. ,245 ' 'bf V W --V, J The LaSalle Street frontage. From left to right: the Administration Building, thc Womcn's Building, and the Lower Hull of Torrey-Uraly Auditorium. These modern buildings overshadow thc place where D. l,,. Moody prayed that God might give him Il sire for the training of young people for Christian service. W11.i, H. HouoH'roN U Prasidenl of Ilia Institute 6 rx., , . George Shannon jlillnfllune This "t'aitliful servant" is recognized far and wide for his uncompro- mising loyalty to the Lord jesus Christ during twenty-six years of missionary service in Korea. After sufliering persecution for the sake ofthe Gospel, and finally being driven from Korea because of his testimony, Dr. lVlcCune returned to America where he continued his ministry us adviser on Fur liiastcrn affairs, college president, and for four years instructor at the Institute until December 4, 1941, when he went Home to be with the Lord. 7 Zin ernnrianr l l t i D ' s 3 . R ,AH , .J L A:-., rung: rn., A HH -N ,J nw ' ' 'sf' V V' ,, M, . it WT 9 , 4, -. - r 1 ,,,..-.- -fl V V . 4 , t . ,V nl V ' V ' ffm ' 5 t g-1 - X V' I . VV: . V Q I , 8 ur t a 1 V' . ' ' l V vi V' .V VLH ' 'VV' VV V VV VV VVV . , o, ' uo..g:,:-V .W . f- -.41 ...L- The girls who live in the "148", "goo", and Wakeman Hall Even sweeping is interrupted when il picture is being taken. dormitories have 11 good block to run for meals and classes held at the main buildings. The Chicago VAyenue-LaSnlle Street intersection ns seen from the Admlmstratxon Building. V .. - ' -E., an VVVVVV i vfr I 7-1 ' ' ' 5 I A 'M-..- F I 'V r z Wim xx- ,-, r K, ' .. Wi ' 'N X o - 'WF'-X,..Q,j3-.....-, I V 1 vf--'lf' Institute Place, showing the original "153" Building to th right where D. l.. lVloocly's office wus loczxtccl, and the Ad ministratlon Building to the left. . t V, , . rr. .-xf. A -- t V44 Vfnrm. W - -I ,-,VV Q 5gf?'??gSf'ffLqQViyim22 'ini-'S ':.""" " l 'vivid .-'Y M ll. if ':"'i'5', 7. 'T' A .M 7- . 1' e - l -'9FQs,g,'vH.,- .1 '."I', , "9".,.f.l . 7 4., -L KQAVANQ.-,V -- v no VoV, - Q. ' V C.. ,H-V7vfV-. - Q , VV9,g.V: g,VVV,,:VV,V V, Ky? . 1 ,-V' . VV VV-V : V ff!"-"'L5'lf,':Lxf ' 1-1113?-t,'u' A ,ft-if 'ff' . -'i"F' ' m 'Su t,iwsf."a1' ..?-E'2:"l'-ggi Pw '- A -V - - 'QA 1 1, - . '-:iffy ' 'SH ',.?:?'.-Airs? ' F " 1 -ff, , -4' . I 1, 1.- ':.-L: gg ,-.1 ,, 2 ' -2 . rt . - x ' --J -f- - ' r , .f "'I he snow which cometh down Vt"f-Vp'V.f5,Vfp9V -V ' f - V . lf, VV f. Q from heaven" beautifies IUSYI- : .1353 "',2f5.Qt li, 'mv-.,.,, 'F . 'Y ,. -V V.V V 'VW V . ,-V, ..,, I N, V - ture Place. V V"f'?',Q 1' ,f. , V ' Q V . Q -- 1 ' ' 4 r .. ,tug ,., T - V V ',.4V Y V? 1- .- - - 4 -. ,Y vu- , -, tff:i"1' ,N A' ' N N -- V' Y t A I ?'iv"'s'f3"w-1.m'f"f" r'eai'i"I"'.1 I ' -.--, -r,., ,v .:-,..- , , A me re., W . fl 45.5 'i . I ' 2 ,F- e-,,', f 1 vm , N V. +1 'M' elif?" ' V, . KQ4 7-riiili I , r t ' t- '4 ',l t ,. 54sPF' ' I J 1' The "l52" Building, Men's Dormitory, 1 I situated on Institute Place. 0 'S' 8 - ' V .Ill I Kel . X 3326 C A new crew enters in September, IQ4l. Monday morning Chapel service brings the Institute family from all directions. Moody appetites :ire satisfied by Mother Russell's cooking. Living proof' that men can compete with women in the art of talking. 'T' :nv i,' I -1' " .- M .-. . E. C. CHRISTIANSEN Bmifzesx Marlnger W' the Inxlilule Q 0 .tk 1 . ff X X 9 f if 'I dr' 0 if Q E I kssllf I ' YQ-A JL. 4-Jil, "' 'S . JW ,Q Dom. ' - iw Q! """fJfJpq.. It must be the fifth of the month! The Student Record Oliicc has its problems, tool ,4 -ill- .-nw., Dictation is legitimate in the Stcnogmphic "Pool," Miss Carmichael delves into Student Employment records Not many sparc moments for Mailing and Service clerks fumfbwzl 'i 5 -JE Y A I'1ENRY P. CROWELL President, Board of Trustees - President Board of Direelors ,wlfllkff Gals Co., Chicago D 7 X4 'IQHOMAS S. SMITH Vice-President, Board of Truslees Commission Merehzlrzt and Frnil Grower, Chimgo WM. ARTHUR Hom' Presidenl, Holt Lumber Co., Oeonlo, Wis. SAMUEL H. NIARTIN Presidenl, Northwestern Electric Co., Chieogo ROBERT E. NICHOLAS Secretary, Board of Trustees President, R. E. Nicholas, Inf., lllorlgages and RenlEs1alr, Oak Park, Ill. VVILL H. HOUGH1'0N Presidenl of the Instilnle FRANK F. PISAYLOR Vine-President, Conlinenml Illinois National Bank and Trust Co., Chieago Pmup A. BENSON Presidenl, Dime Savings Bank, Broolelvn, N. Y. H. COLEMAN CROWELL Vice-President of lhe Institute H. EARL EAVEY Presizlenl, Eovey Company lVholesrzle Grocers President, Xenia National Bunk, Xenia, Ohio C. DAvxs WEYI-:RHAEUSER Presidenl, Myerhnelzser Timber Co., Taromn, Hizsh. WILLIAM NOll'l'0N Direelor, Colporlage Division ofthe lnslilule r -r, 5 px .1 452 f- A ef L sr s-I5 I-'Q' 'Wi F' 1' 949- ' , -n. S-4 .ly ?fh. ,' -- Manzzzzl Arts P. B. FITZVVATER Bible Amzlyxis Dcnomimztiomfzl Polity Homilelirs Symvnalir Theology FRANCES C. ALLISON Biblv Story Telling Pcrxorml Evangelism '1'.-'LLMAGE J. BITTIKOFER Conducting Normal Training Publi: Speaking Sigh! Reading BLANCHE B. BRECKENRIDGE Superinlendenl of W amen Elhiu' A. FRANKLIN BRoMAN Superintenflent of :Wen Bible? Arzalysis Homilm'if.r Ethiar JOHN H. CABLE Englirh Bible Tmclmr Tflliilillg Greek G mes DARL1Nc Home Economic.: I3 Are you .laughing :lt us, pr with us, Mr. Blttlkofer? Mr. Bromnn,"strong to do His will." Mrs. Breckenridge rcnds :1 lcrtcr from 0 n c 0 f I1 c 1' "dnughtcrs." Mr. Earnest at the Studio "B" Kimball Organ. Dr. Hammontree, can you even read music from a telephone book? Y H. ADELLA DUNLAP English Composilion FRANK EARNEST Piano, Pipe Organ Elements of Music Piano Sight Playing VVARREN FILKxN Christian Psyelzology Elernenmry Psychology Bible Inlroduetion MARGARET GoRDoN English Grammar HOMER HAMMONTREE Voiee Condurling General Chorus Harmony Nolation Sigh! Reading JAMES F. HARRISON Chalk Illustralion Personal Evangelism VVILLIAM H. HOCKMAN Comparative Religions Missions Missionary Principles ana' Pradicc' Missionary Social Problems Pagan Religious Experience ALFRED Ho1.zwoR'rH Piano, Pipe Organ Chzzrrh Mzzsic Music Composition Normal Training Renewing acquaintance at Founder's Week Con- ference. w- fi V. 'FS' 1:6 O G, C LII E! ir ,gi -N. 1 al, x P rnctical Work con K. ,i,, Q , l 'Q- Dr.Moverp:1rchcs Jmc of' thc overly- sed books from the nstiturc'sl.ibrnryof ,ooo volumes. gm.. .fi ""'.,: ls-.5 l g ir Gs ili i 1 "Profs" Harry johnson and Talmadgc J. Bitri- kofer display some of the joy they play and sing about. RUBY ANN JACKSON Rfglflfllf and Secretary Qf Faculty Tenclzcr Training Q J. HARRY joHNsoN Piano, Pipe Organ Normal Training Nolalion GUY C. LATci-mw Voire Choir Class Nalzztian GEORGE E. Lasmn fisxistmzt Szrperinfendenl of Men HARRY D1x0N Loss Voice Conducting Harmony Wi-:NDsi.i.. P. LovE1.Ess Radio Broadnuting Radio Srhool of the Bible HAROLD L. LUNDQUIST Englifh Bible Bible Sjnlheyix Enom S. Moves Librarian Radio Srhoal dike Bible Missjackson presides in Room 305. Mr. Leslie dictates acceptance for an anxiousl awaiting prospective student. Y I A.. , V 'Pa "ill , l . '57 , 93 ' 'F--H' -"gl i : iis H 4 ff flu fl . f ' H ' li 1 B ' A V l Q'-41, Ali' v .. B - 'Q i f 5 BP A 'iff . 1 K l l i. l T --A -fl ' fe 1 i I l I 1 l fr l I G HELEN I. NEEDHAM English Grammar English Composition If Another day's work done. vg 1o,ooo Correspondence School students would keep any man busy wrmng letters. MAX I. REICH Bible zfnzzbfsis Outlines of Chureh History ffewish History ffewish Customs Messianic Propheey JOHN R. Ruins: Churrh History Historienl Survey of Missions Home Mission Fields Homileties Rural Church GEORGE S. SCHULER Piano, Pipe Organ Conducting Notation WILBUR M. SMITH Bible Anabsis Bihle Doetrine Bihlieol Theology Christian Philosophy History of Doelrine Modern Apologetics WM. H. LEE SPRA'r'r Radio School of the Bible NATHAN J. STONE Hebrew Yiddish GLADYS MARY' TALBOT Assistant Registrar KENNETH S. WUES1' Bihle Anezbsis Bible Geography Bihlieal Critieism Christian Evidences I Greek r i . ed -5 I :AQ L is Is thst ml bagful of Golden Nuggets, Mr. Wuest? 'Z' ' . L -'FB ff-use .. vm ...... 1 1 fi A IB? Q -.,f1' Cl Q Q' cf ,. 'V ' 12" T- - , me 1"'l ' Qflifif-ngl bQHLv".D.Q E!f!ill?.'5w,14E Mr. Garner meets u "Keene" conversa- tlonallst. CLARENCE H. BENSON Currimlum Making History of Religious Education Corrrhzlion and Supervision Teacher Training GEruu'r1' Corrs, M.D. Missionary Mcdicai Instruction EDNA E. FRITSCH 1 Phonetics HAROLD E. GARNER zidalesrenl W ark Vacalion Bible School llfeek Day Church Srhool J 1. ELEANOR GEMBERLING Piano s ROBERT -I. HEURLIN, D.D.S. Dmtislry A1 ' Mas. W. H. PIOCKMAN Nursing on Ihr? Mission Field D l Mlss FTIISCII prepares some more tongue- twisters for her Phonetics class. Trrus M. .IOHNSON,.M.D. Anatomy and Physioiogy Minor Szrrgfry 'Open just n little wider!" I7 Coach Ockert supervises. if-, E D Li 'C J i gi. Miss LeBar gleans more ideas for Children's Work. W Lois E. LEBAR f V Tm Z? ,vi 4 Q ' Clzilrlrenis Work l WILLIAM MCCARRELL Evangelism ?""? EDWARD H. OCKERT Manzznl Training Recrealional Leadership CARL J. SCHUMACHER Bookkeeping JOHN D. THOMAS Voir: ELLA WUEBBENA Hygiene W v u Y' 4-F" boxlx 00' ,100 V Oh, Mr. Schumacher puts Vernon to work in thc Shipping Room. 18 F V Cammqzgigkf if Qlilghlgtd lr: lyfh 'i . ff W tf Jypjvdsd JS 'i is 5 lly d ren! sl II H I D I j ,a fl " ' , IfnL 1 if m""', E Qi null , - I Illlll 'I " F E mmmlnnlmll gwf :ffl I I s s 5 5 5 I I lI Ill If , 7..H"""" ' 121 J f U 1 " 'T' j , 3 i gi f . Him i ' if!! l VII if a2+,Kein ' I I T' A' 1 ' Ill Q W 5 :HY ll A I vi nf. il! . , ii Y, I v, ,V N0 Enjoying the Comforts of the Social Room after ll hnrd clz1y's work. Duomo CJEN W Lily 3--....,, Did you get your picture in? Everyone had zi chance! All set to hear Dr. Filkin expound the book of Matthew. lTu1-, I gt igi ui" Y F A Html' Hifi ' 1'7- B It 1 l i? 5' gt ! X Ne- x affix N A-15912: 3 1 I , M , Evening School students at the "excuse-writing" table on the ' Q- Ji 4th Hoor. Looks as if they have u good excuse to offer! lhe Social Room keeps spare moments from being dull mo- ments. "Seconds" on cheese, please. Don't befussy about the holes. 'ES , , .1-3 3 XM,- . 5 ' rss ,QQ Evening School students have no vacation in Mr. Garner's Vacation Bible School class. , I . .ff H81 Kitchen helpers help themselves. These men and women may prepare our food, but they receive spiritual food in the Eve- 4 Q ' ning School classes. I Evening School students sometimes hnd an "A" in their .. Familiar faces on Tuesday and Friday evenings. boxes, but it is usually "Please see Ti In FR f ,X 'I1 f f Tig I 5143. Dt I' in lm wi 71 :Q Ill lv 2 5 E is ki gr 'J l. nl " Jr, IJ Q 'll :S- ml IH, 1 ,...l, agp. .. J H , TRW' " -:QI-f Q , Lilla Steenson fzuthful and friendly Evemng School Regls trar. JSF if omoshofzoifzco giivioof I L,., 1 I 5 WM. Hi L1-:E Svmrr, Director th "So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom " QP l . sa m 90112, The Correspondence School offers to those who are unable to .study at the In- stitute, but who desire to "redeem the ti b me, ecause the days are evil," a wonderful opportunity for enrichment of devotional life and extension of usefulness in Christian service through its seventeen Home Study Courses for either individual or class study. It enables them to learn how to wield the "Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God" effectively, without serious interference with regular vocation and without time or age limitations. Sinc , orrespondence School has embraced in its helpful, instructive ministry 97,061 students of the Word throughout the world. During the last school year I 5 o b ,7 4 mem ers of this branch of the great Institute fa 'l mi y profited by the pursuit of Home Study Courses. e its organization in 1901 the C of e Correspondents School. ,f .N-tix Z ,,..-r the MASS at School C ward A C the C0rreSP0nSeiiii1Qht by Horolled ln A . , ' KY fn 'LW Members 0 Ba use Cbxarc re twen vms Ed! 3 21 . O V 'Y C73 R urscs ef at 1 ' Bwater 215101. dence CO valuable ' the rruansen, 'P gesvon 3 , yy in . Cox' - X ,ateS CQTO H9 classflhe ag S9503 ho cafmot tbls Study ge W for clwiudy fof 'ho 'ble 5 Yljixstlwte' 23 V vrr,.,r - '. .wrt - .- rv ,..t-..,l5 , -r me . .Mm . . - 1 V , I ,F fx,- pw . 'ly I-Of - N5 farm . nt '40, retufnsfwlhle First BHPUS' C Ral?btRg35 riow P33535 - a visi of Orestes, In Chute ..- eC!'ar.ii""" Good ff d Don , Morey, an Wheaton it, wk at Kathleen lzigiocpursuit of Study Conginue College' l Qmzmfzf ssaafkzzffbfz The Executive Committee of the Institute in 1916 felt led of the Lord to formulate plans for uniting the alumni into an organization, which came to be known as the Alumni Association. Its headquarters is in Chicago with auxiliaries throughout the world. It seeks the welfare of former students, the advancement of the inter- ests ofthe Institute, and continued co-operation in its great work. A:-IA' 7 for . ' Nh, F Q I ttwettti tii ' - -. 'tjgjug L ' 'A iffrl ' I qi Many of our graduates are serving in distant lands.. Here wc have Lillian Schrag, '39, in Nigeria, West Africag and Ruth Pinckney, '38, in Guatemala, Costa Rica. 67125525 "gloom the Mftofitu ,79Qndafg1d" P EMIL B. ELBE, Racine, Wis.g Undenomi- national, jewish Missions, class president, frst vice-president and associate treasurer of Missionary 'Unzon, leader ,of open air 1 ,-sk rou associate leader ry'ja1l group, class E P Missionary Union committee, WMBI. RUTH D. HoRs'r, Myerstown, Pa.g United Brethren, Missionary Bible, class vice- president, secretary of Missionary Union, ' g assistant deputation chairman for India ' Prayer Band, Evening School promotion, class Missionary Unionvcommittee. Now Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Balmain- MARGARET ELIZABETH APPLE, Greens- boro, N. C.: Presbyterian, Christian Edu- cation, class corresponding secretary, WMBI, class broadcast committee. Caught in the act! BETTY MAE BRUNNL-za, Detroit, Mich.: Baptist, Christian Education, class record- ing secretary. PHILIP E. ARMSTRONG, Bronson, Mich.g Baptist, Christian Education, class treas- urer, associate leader of open air group. L1 LLIAN E. BALCOM, Milwaukee, Wis.g Baptist, General Christian Education, class speaker for women, floor prayer leader, asso- ciate leader W' jail group, chairman for class motto committee. LEROY A. THOMPSON, Ada, Ohio, Metho- dist Episcopal, General Home Missions, class speaker for men, chairman for class devotional committee, leader W' Cook County hospital group, WMBI. Is that nice? Is ic char sour, Betty? What .ffrnuy ""w-4-.. 'x zz versatile man, 6 ai! 14- eq, .Liu .li ..- Js' ' 1 is 'PTT' R' ,- -,QL if -...4 . 1 Q, vo Q. .- , , ., J Cnfxm AMUNDSEN, Navarino, Wis.g Evan- gelical Free, General Bible, jioor prayer leader, chairman M class refreshment com- mlffff. 1?HY1.L1s BALLINGER, Seattle, Wash., Swed- ish Baptist, General Home Missions. JOHN BELL, Clyton, N. 74 Presbyterian, General Bible, leader of mission and hos- pital groups. NONA Anms BROWN, Dublin, Ga.g Bap- tist, General Bible. Amer: BRUHN, Chesterton, Ind.g Baptist, Christian Education, floor prayer leader. MARY L. BU11, Zion, Ill.g Undenomina- tional, General Music. ELEANOR O. CALHOUN, Betula, Pa.g Bap- tist, Mllllf, chairman of class soczal'and music committees, Broadcast committee. WILADENE CONGDON, Zion, Ill.g Interde- nominational, General Bible. EVELYN CRUM, Monroe, Iowa, Independ- ent Baptist, Christian Education, jioor prayer leader. ALMA C. DARSNEK, Two Harbors, Mich.g Presbyterian, Christian Education. Don't be bashful, Susie. eg, U S. Yhefxdshw Man' ' Acwa lara Amundsen shows us e Key of B Natural. Inq v l V-ge :hiv es' It must be fun to graduatz , A V ' . e wxih mor v AMoodY Swdegt - . heS- 0uXd xrxsidxt of dot than 0 ,lgwl Who said this isn't a mzm's job? Q 1 When Eiris get together' It doesr1't look like war rationing. LEON C. DECKER, Aberdeen, S. D.: Inde- pendent Baptist, General Home Missions, Deputation chairman for Home Prayer Band, leader of mission groups, Sunday School superintendent, epitome committee. HARRIE1' Ds VRIES, Kenosha, Wis.g Evan- gelical, Missionary Bible. HOXVARD DUNCAN, Wheaton, Ill.g Congre- gational, General Bible, Recorder for Ya pan- Korea Prayer Band, leader djail group. DOROTHY DUNTON, Boulder, Colo.g Church ofthe Brethren, Missionary Music, recorder and assistant deputation chairman for Latin flmerica Prayer Band. NOAH DYSON, Dallas, Texas: Undenomi- national, Christian Education, chairman of class constitution committee, leader of hos- pital group, superintendent cy' Colored Sunday School. ANNA EPP, Henderson, Nebr.g Mennonite, General Christian Education, assistant deputation chairman for Island World Prayer Band, class picture and motto committees. HAROLD LEE EVERETT, San Fernando, Cal.g Baptist, General Bible. FRANK FERREL, Gravette, firing Undenomi- national, General Christian Education, associate editor M 1942 ARCH, Treasurer ty Recreation Club, chairman of class ARCH committee, leader of Mission and open air groups. EUNIOE FISCHER, Blue Island, Ill., Bap- tist, General Christian Education. Evmuavr FORD, Cherry Plain, N. Y.g Bap- tist, General Bible, associate leader of mission group. 'P' Gaining new heights every day. , as A 5. 110i i Q.--Q ,na- .Qae- Ev N., wi, 52 'RT- 1,6- as !"'9' ' 'li ELEANOR GEMnmu.ING, Northumberland, Pa.: Lutheran, lllusic, S'l'UDEN'I' News, ARCH, reporter for Hebrew Prayer Band, fiuditorium Choir, Evening sclzoal promo- tion, associate leader of jail and visitation groups, class lzroadcast committee, 14' 1VIBI . ,El.lZABE'l'H B. Gonmzaw, Hfashington, D. C.: Baptist, General Mzzsic, Auditorium choir, chairman of class epitome committee. GENE R. GORHAM, Fremont, Micl1.g Bap- tist, Music. ESTHER L. GRAY, Dorrancc, Kang Bap- tist, General Christian Education. I-Imuw B. GREEK, Oil City, Pa.g Evan- gelical, Pastors, leader of mission and open air groups, class motto committee. FRANCES Giwnns, Lakeland, Floridag Christian, Missionary Music, Assistant deputation chairman for Latin flrnerica Prayer Band, floor prayer leader, leader of group, class missionary union and consti4 lution committees. ELMER A. I-lAn'rwEL1,, Tucson, fIriz.g Northern Baptist, Pastors, leader and asso- ciate leader of mission and open air groups, chairman of class program and Senior report hour committees. l,,iso1.A Mlm Hswwoon, Grauette, Ark., Undenominational, General Christian Edu- cation. S'rAN1,sY Hmm, Charleston, S. C.,' Bap- tist, General Music, class musician, asso- ciate leader of mission group, WMBI. Eleanor rests before that weary climb. Jig, if, 35 A ' , " 5 i ,' - I r -4,. 3, h .1 N-,f V ,Jn .v W, fl Q V ,i W- ,-,1, A 1 1:fv"':g-,"4:- s . ,- .' . :,, . 3 ffffii , M 'fl , ,.' .72 . Y - ,-,I - .3 . ., l , f r' is., ,,., . f 5. Y 'r-.v 3, 1' i -. w if- T-ef ,- 5 J if'i,TJg it . ' . . .- , ,M-. -W .t .,:4w.' .,5gf:.g I 'A Tv, 4 gli., ' gf 53. N- . , , . .1...- 2.42, l.,fi?Sit1 ' jg., ,N H 4 W sp' T' .j.1v,L"i 1 . - -53 ,Q L, : ,fn - , . .. V .. xi- v.. -' ,,,, f, H. ' "F ,,.,: , 1 4 rriiixffil. .- 'if 1 L wifi!! Frances isn't always on the fence! 'in C mix s l 3' thugs' EDNA A. HA RMS, Minonk, Ill.g Undenomi- national, Missionary Bible, rluditorium choir, class ARCH committee. 1 Is this where Stan gets his inspiration for song writing? ci 1 l L.-. f Y fi J Elieabeth educates herself while waiting to see the Superintendent. - SY ,. din! His 'ca n- Som .1 29 l i l Miiilil 1 w E ,li lllil U -E It looks like their work agrees with them. 5-Fl .,, ' . 19.11 " -A L fri-7 Phil Koontz in native environ- ment. That means Africa for'Lucille. l -I eo vc mac A wants new P earl. Q E546 QQSPEL E9 Q. 5l4,6AGl.lQ'f u l Going to take it along with you A to South America, Harold? Emily and her precious jewels." LUCILLE HATCH, Chicago, Ill.: Presby- terian, General Bible, STUDENT NEWS. HARRIET V. HEINE, Chieago, Ill.: Inter- denominalional, General Christian Educa- tion, superintendent of Yunior ehureh and Primary department. GEORGE JELLIFF, New Canaan, Conn.g General Bible. ZELMA JOHNSON, Kokomo, Ind.: United Brethren, Missiorlary Mzzsie. FRANCES LUCILLE KONGABLE, Wingfield, Iowag United Presbyterian, Misxiorzary Bible, axsislant deputation ,chairman for yapan-Korea Prayer Band, auditorium ehoir, floor prayer leader, class devotional eommittee. P1-i1LxP E. KooN'rz, Belle Fburehe, S. D.: Baptist, Mixsionary Bible, Chairman of flax: name card eommittee. HAROLD J. LAKE, Iowa Fallx, Iowag Unde- nominational, Mitsionary Bible, leaderfor India Prayer Band, reeorderfor European Prayer Band, leader and assoeiate leader for open air groups, ehairman of elax: cap and gown committee. VALERIE Locicwooo, Holly, Miehg Bap- tist, Christian Education, Sunday School Juperintendenl. EVELYN MCCARRELL, f7aek.ron, Mich.: Undenominational, Mixxionary Bible. EMILY AGNES MCCLEAN, Bronxg N. Y.g Baptixt, Chrixtian Education, floor prayer leader, Auditorium choir, superintendent W' D. V .B.S. .G-.. 'EJ' 30 Qw -A-1? i-. TK" lr ,JI ,?,.,.. 1 V. .,. .R ,- " 4 J J ' o. ' Us ' il gf?-5 - Yi' ' il A ...J JI y,'f o . ..g, v v f , I l L! , A Q I MTLDRED MCEVERS, Winchester, Ill., Baptist, General Bible. ETHEL RUTH MCKl1llN, Chirago, Ill.g lllethodist, Missionary Bible, reporter for India Prayer Band, leader tj mission group. DANIEL N. MTLLER, Hammond, Ind.: Independent Christian, General Home Missions, leather training class. DOR0'FHY OPTTZ, Detroit, Mieh.g Unde- nominational, Christian Edtttation. Lo1.A PHILLIPS, Des Moirles, Iowag Inter- donorninational, Missiontlry Bible, Re- porter and assistant dcpatation chairman for China Prayer Band, chairman of :lass derorations committee, Senior class report hour committee. ESTHER L. Plsnsolv, Chicago, Ill.: Inter- rlonominational, GeneralMztsic,foorprayer leader. RUTH Lu,1.1AN PLACK, Baltimore, lVIa'.g Methodist, Missionary Bibltgjloor prayer leader, assistant depntation chairman for 711 pan-lx'ort'a Prayer Band, class molto and devotional eommitteos. lVlr1.muzn PRINCE, Clovis, N. lldexirog Bap- tist, Christian Education. CLAUDIA PULLEN, Grand Rapids, Mirl1.g Baptist, General Christian Edneation. CLARA Bs1.1.E Russsm., fllbion, N. Y.: Baptist, General Bible, reporterfor Europe Prayer Band, floor prayer leader, rlass pittnre committee. "l am ready." "I am deter- mmedf' -yv-4.4 .- "4 - f ' Q 'fb' ,, , '- Vs -" Q I-Q' Y. , 5- . Sv 1 v !' V if.1iviiL 'fit . xc I I J " I ,J 5 ,i wif ' Z .. , o. . ., . W EQ, 'v 5, . "TW g ni-I x 'V N W- ! 1 5 l 'fm ,.-. 1 , - , 4 hluihhg.. , L . f ' It rhust be worth going after! .A 'f ' '. Tlmt smile again! l w' . M, AP Lola Phillips in Chicngo's Chinatown previews her hopes .-1 for missionary work in Chinn. ,.,u- .f-wg.. Prank gets plenty of advise frdm hungry Seniors. -s T A Q00 mo eww A xl .sQfe?2'e w0'V" 3 1 Two Georgia "peaches," Susie and Addis, take life easy. Mr. and Mrs. Trevathan "back home" enjoying North Carolina sunshine. LILLIAN A. SAMPSON, Peekslcill, N. Y.: Baptist, Missionary Bible, reporter for India Prayer Band, floor prayer leader, chairman of Usher's eommittee, leader of visitation group.- RUTH V. Scnom., Chicago, Ill.g Inde- pendent, General Bible. G. LIONEL SEGER, Centerville, S. D.g Swedish Evangelical Free, Missionary Bible, leader and deputation chairman for Island World Prayer Band, assoeiate leader of open air group, :lass motto committee. MARK Hous'roN SEN'rER, JR., Lookout Mountain, Tenn.: Undenominational, leader and deputation chairman for Moslem World Prayer Band, leader and associate leader of mission and hospital groups, class broadcast rornmittee. DORA SHARm.ow, Marshall, Minn.g Con- gregational, Christian Education. Susiz SMITH, Dublin, Ga.g Baptist, jewish Missions, floor prayer leader, class cap and gown eommittee. HAROLD S'rEwARDsoN,Findlay,Ill.g Unde- nominational, General Music, leader Unus- sion g7'0Itp, chairman of Senior Broadeast. MARCIA CHRISTINE TARRANT, Shumway, Ill.g Methodist, Missionary Bible, reporter and assistant deputation chairman for Latin zlmeriea Prayer Band. DON MA'T'FHEW TRxzvA'1'HAN, Fayetteville, N. C.g Baptist, General Bible, leader of mission and hospital groups. VIRGINIA VAYHINGER, Seattle, IfI4zsh.g Methodist, Christian Eduration, Sunday School superintendent, class ARCH rom- mittee. f -5 . 4.1. l . Y W1 r I4 ' P . '. - , ' i ' .N 4 1 , it-2 , 'fs Q L- sl' BH . " 1: +-- f T- 'ff Whz1t's fascinating Phyl 4 and Harold? ALICE M. WATKINS, Rarhexter, Minn.g Baptist, Mixsionary Music, Class poet, chairman qf invitation rammittee. LUGENE G.Wu1'rxs,jn.gPhilade1phia, Pa.g Preshylcrian, General Bible, Leader fy' minion group, chairman of class pirtun' rommillfe. NELLIE G. W1L1.1AMs, Chiraga, 111.9 Lu- theran, General Christian Eduralian. Enjoying the fry, smoke and all! CClass contest wmner.D Frances and Winfield, both headed for South America. Emily finds a mission field at home. 33 YT E. LowE1.l. MARTIN, Ephrata, Pa., Breth- ren, Missionary Bible, president senior elass,jirst viee-president Missionary Union, reeorder and leader Moslem World Prayer Band, student pastor, leader Monday morn- gx, H ing prayer meeting, basketball, WMBI. twine Qiitteueb Wan ,feed " 7 fee. 751-5 7 ' R.,-. Q F: 1' Q- Qi .dll 4, ,., 9 ALICE K. UNKEFER, Wheaton, Ill.g Inter- denominational, Missionary Bible and Gen- eral Bible, vice-president senior class, vice- president Recreation Club, reporter Moslem World Prayer Band, Missionary Union eolleetor, floor prayer leader, auditorium choir, WMBI. ELEANOR CODDINGTON, Murray Hill, N. 7.5 Presbyterian, Missionary Bible, eor- responding secretary senior class, ARCH committee, publicity seeretary Missionary Union, reporter Yapan-Korea Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. ALBERT KANTOR, Bridgeport, Conn.g Con- gregational, Missionary Bible, reeording seeretary senior elass, associate editor ARCH, deputation chairman and leader Europe Prayer Band, leader mission group. KENNETH BYSTROM, Ashland, Wis.q Bap- tist, Missionary Bible, treasurer senior class, treasurer Missionary Union, leader Cook County hospital group. Daddy and Kent Martin. ELOISE T. STORCH, Beecher, Ill.g Metho- dist, General Home M issions, class speaker, jloor prayer leader. SYDNEY M. HOFFMAN, Heidelberg, On- tario, Canadag Pbrnouth Brethren, General Bible, class speaker, leader mission group, reeorder and leader Island World Prayer Band, devotional committee. 4 p-4 S7 "A stitch in time saves nmc , I 1 -r lib A uv. Q J -fr The "chief" Volunteers. 34 mg HEl.EN M. Ax'Ds1.o'r'rE, Chesterton, Incl., Baptist, General Mttsic, PVMBI. JANE BACHMAN, Baltimore, Ma'.g Presby- terian, Missionary Bible, reporter Moslem Prayer Band. N1AXlNE BACHMAN, Lindsborg, Kansa Swcrlish Covenant, Missionary Bible, as- sistant cleputation chairman Africa Prayer Band, jioor prayer leader. J. ALVIN BAn1.ow, Kansas City, Mo.g, Baptist, General Bible. jovcs KNxcH'r BLACKBURN, Hampton, Va.g Baptist, Music, floor prayer leader, junior-senior party committee, auditorium choir, chairman senior broadcast, student reporter, WtWBI stajf. I. T. Buck, jk., Lawrenceville, Va.: Bap- tist, General Bible, leader mission and colored visitation groups. Iil.1.v1-:NA BLooMQuxs'r, Wausa, Neb.g Swedish Covenant, General Christian Edn- cation. RUSSELL Bowxuaw, Pontiac, Mich., Bap- tist, General Christian Education. Ax.v1N BMV, Barnum, W. Va., Intertle- nominational, General Bible, leader mis- sion group. TH ELMA BRAY, Streator, Ill., Interdenom- inational, General ltlusic, special gospel group. I ' , and fc30hC- nw word was unso mL the Jo! imf mine heart- Jia E s 7 x , ,ii ,lane brings the nheavies' r early dinner. 'gT"5' - i ft." ', r -is 7, ' v- 'zf swe 'L ' 'T ,, ., hai' ' , lf' ', ' f"' 1 If Mrs. Bray "puts to sea if ' .7 , Q H V ' ' s v Ntwfi, , ! . Fi X 5- . i 'X Emplfwmen r and fun combined' Running low on shirts, Carl? A' ARDIS J. BROWN, Mason, Mich.g Baptist, Missionary Music, reporter Moslem World Prayer Band, assistant deputation chair- man India Prayer Band, senior Mission- ary Union committee, auditorium choir. Jos O. BUTTS, Roch Island, Ill.g Evan- gelical Free, Missionary Bible, recorder and leader Island World Prayer Band, treasurer Missionary Union, senior Mis- sionary Union program. VERDA BUTTS, Moline, Ill.g Evangelical Free, Missionary Bible. DALE H. BYSTROM, Ashland, Wis.g Bap- tist, Missionary Bible, leader mission and Cook Coungv hospital groups, program chairman Recreation Club. PEARLE CARNEAL, Helmet, Va.g Baptist, General Bible, jioor prayer leader, leader visitation group, assistant deputation chair- man Yapan-Korea Prayer Band, senior broadcast committee. IRENE M. CHADBOURNE, Winona, Minn.: Baptist, General Music, class constitutional committee, Evening SCh00iPf0m0li071,f00f prayer leader. NELDA L. COOPER, Evansville, Ind., Bap- tist, General Music. ' R. DALE CUNNINGHAM, Apollo, Pa.g Men- nonite, Pastors, leader Eye and Ear Infirm- ary group, associate leader jail group. HERBERT M. DALKE, Salix, Iowag Men- nonite, Missionary Bible. CARL W. DAvxs, Grand Rapids, Mich., Baptist, Missionary Music, leader Chinese visitation, deputation chairman and leader India Prayer Band, frst vice-president Missionary Union, chairman motto and senior report hour committees, basketball. v. 1.43 , Y . , a 'L 'L P fi., 1 1-s. 44' .- 5 , ,W .L -, '-' :.. I .1 sw' .- Dale, the Sweet Shop financier. an wi Q' X A. is ,. J 4,4 s,' Q. LL ,S 'H '53 nr 1-? .,, X ,,. A familiar duo- Alice and Mike. 'Q -.,,, DONALD F. DEVOS, Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baptist, General Music, choir director, WMBI. Ames N. DxxoN, Chieago, Ill.g Interde- nominational, General Music. ALTA B1-LRNICE DRQNEN, Zion, Ill.g Inter- denominational, Missionary Bible. RUTH DUNCAN, Lubboek, Texasg Baptist, Missionary Bible, reporter ffapan-Korea Prayer Band, readerfor Missionary Union, floor prayer leader, motto committee. MMLTHA EMLEY, San Antonio, Texasg Baptist, Christian Education,ji'oor prayer leader, reporter Home Prayer Band. RACHEL EPP, Henderson, Neb.g Evangel- ical Mennonite Brethren, General Bible, auditorium cl1oir,jioar prayer leader. NORMAN L. EVERSWICK, East Orange, N. ff.: Norwegian Evangelical Free, General Music, basketball. FRANK Fo1'oP1.os, Belmar, N. f7.g Baptist, General Bible. IRENE GARRETT, Freeport, Tex.g Baptist, Missionary Bible, assistant deputation chairman and reporter China Prayer Band, student assistant, publicity secretary Mis- sionary Union, ARCH, prayer leader, usher, Missionary Union committee, devotional and senior report hour committees. MICHAEL G1.mUM, Grand Rapids, Mich.g Baptist, Missionary Bible, leader Moslem World Prayer Band, group leader, dining room host, devotional committee and senior Missionary Union committee chairman. Thr ggod pace. s ser a ee missionary student Norman stopped in his tracts by a camera. . 1 :ICT 'Yhxs X5 be mce. . OST 0 than 'n the P T 3 XL- A , 1 ' s M Y., Awsn WSOP dmt- ,Q- . d s a movvmg goo MERRILYN B. HALE, Fl B . aeoner, N. Y., ' aptist, General M ' ' usze, audttoriur I n e ioir. RUTH E. ITIANKINSON, Basking Ridge N. 7.5 Pfesbyterian, Missi ' l onary Bible, pray eader, reporter Ya a if ,,, p n-Korea Prayer Band, ld motto and picture fommitlees,jioor colleelor ' Missionary Union. ALICE HEIN1uc1-ls, Wortindyke, N. 74 Re- formed, General Bible, student assistant, prayer band pianist, ehairman junior- l , senior invitation committee. E RICA HOFMANN, Saginaw, Mieh.g Melli- odxst, Missionary Musie, auditorium elzoir. DOROTHY HUBER, Trumbauersville, Pa.g Brethren, General Bible, assistant depula- tion chairman and reporter Home Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. MARY O. HUGHES, Cressey, Mieh.g Meth- odist, Missionary Christian Education. Dolus IKENA, Baltimore, Md.g Presby- terian, Missionary Bible, second vieeupresi- dent Missionary Union, assistant deputa- tion elzairman and reporter China Prayer Band, devotional committee, prayer leader, usher, class devotional eommittee. M , ainfeld, N. Inter- denominalional, Musie seni WMBI. , or broadcast, ARTHA JENSEN Pl ' ALVIN JINGST, Warsaw, Ill.: Baptist Gen- eral Bible, leader ' ' 7 mission groups, rap and gown eomrnittee. Lois KATHI.EEN JOHNSON, Racine, Wis.g Baptist, Missionary M usic, reporter Isl d World Prayer B an and, floor prayer leader auditorium ehoir, Miss: ' e Y onary Un-ion and ap and gown committees. -t.-Q , Q " JY! -unr- Q--: Pla Q' Lis '43 0 Q' 1 nf, ' A rriyll nc . . 1 4, "I" 'isps 1 '57 1 , . , , 'a . 'C ..ff- 1 'NJ J' Q Al om Alice. ways a smile fr X.. - wr--vp . .1 X , I l 5- , 5. W- 'v 1, 12, ,f Penny for your th ' oughrs, Ruth. 'W -vi .1 N i L af- . Q Of' Gb ' -of 4 A '-r V 1 . A Q.. . isfleiflila -J 'Zz' .... , .,,Wm W! . ,J Q-ur 1 14 - 1 'X Yx nw ei... RUTH I. JONES, Warren, Ind.g Methodist, Christian Education. V VELMA E. JUST, Crivitz, Wis.g Presbyteri- an, Missionary Bible. HELEN KAAz, LaCrosse, Wis.g Baptist, Christian Education, prayer leader. AGNES M. LANSQN, East Chicago, Ind.g Mission Covenant, Missionary Bible,jioor prayer leader, reporter Moslem World Prayer Band, Evening School Promotion, auditorium choir, WMBI. EsMoND C. LASSYVELL, Centralia, Ill.: Baptist, General Bible, student pastor, in- dustrial Bible class, Evening School pienic eomrnittee. ALFRED H. LEONARD, Hammond, Ind., Presbyterian, General Bible. MARJORIE G. LONG, Rochester, Ina'.g Bap- tist, Christian Education-Music, audito- rium choir, assistant deputation chairman Europe Prayer Band, jioor prayer leader, chairman usher committee. JAMES E. LucAs, McLoath, Kan.: Baptist, Pastors, leader Africa Prayer Band, re- corder Europe Prayer Band, secretary of prayer bands, devotional committee. Eunice MCREYNOLDS, Hope, Kan., Bap- tist, General Bible, reporter Latin America Prayer Band, prayer leader. BEH RING MACDOWELL, Fort Dodge, Iowa: Non-denominational, General Bible. Sleepy, Agnes? vw I., I v , Marge enjoys a cljuekle between bites. -5. i In a hurry? Any more brllllant xdeas for ro rams, MARY Lou MILLER, Bu-Halo, N. Y.g Bap- tist, Missionary Bible. ROBERT C. OFFER, Waterloo, Iowag Bap- tist, General Music. V1oLA M. PECK, Waterloo, Iowa, Baptist, Missionary Musif, prayer leader, devo- tional eommittee, chairman Class Day. TWILA PORTERFIELD, Butler, Pa.g Presby- terian, Missionary Bible, report hour earn- mittee. ALICE Pos'r1rF, Plymouth, Miei1.g Baptist, jewish Missions, reporter Hebrew Prayer Band, report hour committee. JAMES A. W. POWELL, Marion, Va., Bap- tist, Missionary Bible. GORDON H. RoLo1-'r, Lansing, Mieh.g Un- denominational, General Music, leader mission and open air groups, program chairman Recreation Club. HAZEL H. SAYLzs, Wattlzeslza, Wis.g Bap- tist, Missionary Bible, prayer leader. PAUL E. SCHOMING, Dahlgren, Ill.: Inter- elenominational, Missionary Bible. E. FAITH ScHoM1NG, Wilmette, Ill.g Inter- denominational, General Music. pv,,..-- .I . LYNN D. Scnnocx, Waterloo, Iowa: Breth- ren, Missionary Bible, basketball, associate group leader, class social committee. ESTHER A. Srcxusn, Osterhoat, Pa.g Bap- tist, General Bible, prayer leader. OLIVE A. SILVER, Havre de Grace, Md.g Presbyterian, Missionary Bible, associate deputation chairman Moslem World Prayer Band, student nurse. MARY ELLEN S1-EED, Grand Rapids, Mich.g Baptist, Missionary Bible, reporter Island World Prayer Band, prayer leader, chairman epitome and social committees. M11.oREo STELLING, Charleston, S. C., Baptist, General Bible, reporter Africa Prayer Band, prayer leader, devotional com- mittee, class devotional committee. IiDI'rH E. STEVE, Dollar Bay, Mich.: Bap- tist, Missionary Bible, reporter Home Prayer Band, auditorium choir. W. C1.ovD S'l'EWAR'I', Tucson, flriz.g Bap- tist, Missionary Bible, leader mission and open air groups, leader :Yapan-Korea Pray- er Band, chairman class constitutional com- mittee. DONALD D. STou'r, Gasport, N. Y.g Unde- nominational, General Bible. RUTH SUNDQUIST, lifes! McHenry, Ill.g Evangelical Mission, Christian Education. AUDREY 'l'oNG, Carey, Ohiog Undenomina- tional, Christian Education and General Bible, reporter Island World Prayer Band. 1 lf "ll 'l he Schommgs, all bound for Alaska. Lust a second 8 dlth, your let ter will keep wx we-E,:.r:.:1-V cs. '1- The distinguished Class ' i Poet-always up to something. r 1. xii! w G2-'i 'T' -Q 3? jg x 9 ,At ' , Ti, I , X 4.5 at JD 3 I L iff-gl, 'i if .J A 4 ,sf bb "f- '!W.-- - , .Q- A -"I . ' Q X fa-if if , Q i " vs- ,Q,..q -I ' I is .Zi ' .:' ' .:iEi.ff I M ,I . :fx E V: .. short-circui Hustling to Hx a ALFRED S. TOWNSEND, Philadelphia, Pa.g Baplist, General Bible, FRANK E.. TURNER, Pekin, Ill.g Baptist, Missionary Bible, leader hospital group, class poet. Q 1"-' ABRAHAM UNIKLIH, Lancaster, Pa.: Mezz- nonite, General Bible, Sunday School super- rntendent. HARRIE'F VAN ORDER, ffllegan, Mich. Baptist, Chrislian Educalion. ,J . RUTH VAN STENSEL, Grand Rapids, Mich., Reformed, General Bible, secretary Recrea- tion Club, reporler Europe Prayer Band, chairman picture eommitlee. BETTY E. VAN WAMBEKE, Elgin, Ill.g In- - dependent, General Musir, social commit- f lee chairman, ARCH commillee, junior- senior banquel chairman. HILDA WALTRE, Tampa, Flo.: Boptisl, Missionary Bible. ANNA MARIE WILSON, Chicago, Ill.g In- terdenominalional, General Christian Edu- eaiion, sponsor junior young peoples groups, Evening School picnic comnzillee. ' T N ,L--, . ' r My . A . CLIFFORD R. WING, Marzcntlzzzl, lxans.g 1 'Ti R Baptist, Chrislmn Education. ' T' '14 JOSEPH O. ZILLEN, Pitlsburgh, Pa.: Bop- X iist, Home Missions. R Caught in the wind. '5s. ,,. 4,2253 Qi A'1.l.AN E. LEWIS, Shaker Heights, Ohiog Baptist, Pastors, class president, program chairman 4 Recreation Club, depulatian chairman for Europe Prayer Band, leader of U. S. Machine Shop group. 'lgefhot the ,Qwaee of the Qs ef " phil 7 7 7 RAE POMMER, Racine, Wis.g Nan-denom1- national, Missionary Christian Education, class vice-president, secretary of Missionary Union, publicity chairman cy' Recreation Club, reporterfor China Prayer Band, su- perintendent of Colored Sunday School. W1l.HEI.MlNA RYNDERS, Hull, Io-wag Christian and Missionary fllliance, Mis- sionary Music, class recording secretary, associate deputation chairman for Island World Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. ARLA BROWN, Ohio City, Ohio, United Brethren, fewish Missions, class corres- ponding secrctary, associate deputation chairman for Hebrew Prayer Band, floor prayer leader, Missionary Union building collector, W MBI . JOHN D. McKAY, Detroit, Mich., Unde- nominational, Missionary Bible, class treas- urer, leader and deputation chairman for Latin zlmerica Prayer Band, men's evening devotional committee, Recreation Club. RUTH B. HALL, Mt. Vernon, Iowa, Luther. an, Missionary Bible, class speaker, re- porter for Island World Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. E. RAYMOND Hscuw, Berejord, S. Dak.g Evangelical Free, Pastors, class speaker, class devotional committee, group leader. Three Defenders on their mission assngnment. 43 E., . l. 1-ui - HOWARD ARRAHAMSEN, Clintonville, Wis., Independent, Pastors. Gd Q.-Q' HERMAN ADAMS, Hiekory, Ky.g Baptist, Pastors, leader and associate leader Qf hos- pital group, Evening Sehool promotion. LEoNoRA ANDERSON, Monroe, N. C., Presbyterian, Missionary Bible, reporter for ffapan-Korea Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. ? Clothes for LEONARD ANDERSON, Ontonagon, Mieh.g ' ' Li t t l e Independent, General Bible, Missionary Herman?" Union building eolleetor. W! Doxus ASELTINE, Okemos, Mieh.g Baptist, General M usie, auditorium choir. Q 'I' , JOHN L. Asszx.T1Nr-:, Okemos, Mich., Bap- W tist, Pastors, reporter for India Prayer - Band, leader and assoviate leader of hos- pital group. sr l , A it 4 V- 3 LILLIAN ASP, Minneapolis, Minn.: Evan- gelical Free, Yewislz Missions. - 1 '-.fN PRESTON H. BACON, Flint, Mieh.g Inde- pendent, General Music. fx.-I ' . C has ocCa?'on? th W on Ullxan' av' ' L . DONALD E. BARTLEY, Mayville, Mieh.g I ndependent, Home Missions, leader and associate leader W' jail, mission and open air groups. 97' 9' J. R. BEATY, Petersburg, Ill.g Baptist, General Bible. Preston plans strategy while Dick moves. County Fair. "Sa U! 2,5 K Sf' '2 el 5 il? 'El' gi. , S: G-Q ,sf , 'iw' new 'vcr' 1' 'hu' 4' '- 'PN' 7, 1 it-P' .v f'f' ..1 ,-I -- 1-,X 9-"Y .QUE Q uv' x g.f 1 ,, l I -25.6 E-'l '-x , :NZ -- X - f 11. r, A 1 'Q' n I "' ' l fi' '?L ',, - --3: ze ' B li H., - .. lf- . su , ' es- 'L X ":' , 3 fl, U ,1kGsi'f"' 5.. . vf -1 GORDON J. BISHOP, Windsor, Ont., Cana- da: Baptist, Pastors, deputation chairman for Moslem World Prayer Band, leader associate leader of jail group. MAJORY BLUM, Berne, Ind.g Evangelical, General Bible, reporter for Home Prayer Band, usher committee, jloor prayer leader, Evening School promotion, WMBI. Ric!-IARD P. BOEI-IR, Pandora, Ohio: Gen- eral Cofyference Mennonite, Missionary Bible, auditorium choir, debating club, class reporter for Moony STUDENT. INEZ Boo'rE, Yacksonuille, Fla.g Inter- denominational, Missionary Bible, reporter for Moslem World Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. CAROLYN Boo'rHs, Wakefeld, Va.: Bap- tist, General Christian Education, Recrea- tion Club, class social committee, leader of Foundlings Home group. V. JUNE Bowssx, Brookville, Ohio, Brethren, Home Missions, floor prayer leader. DOR0'FHY L. BRAUN, St. Louis, Mo.g Pb- mouth Brethren, Christian Education Music, WMBI girl's glee club, pianistfor Island World Prayer Band, co-editor of class paper, leader of jail group. PAUL Bucxmvr, Warsaw, Ill.g Presby- terian, Pastors. WINNIE LEE BURTON, Elsom, Va., Bap- tist, General Bible. Pmmr' E. BUSH, Fulton, N. Y.g Baptist, General Music, auditorium choir, leader ey' jail group. 'ijff' 47 ' '39 ' .ii - ,.f 'E .cifrvfi --Hs: -7.1. I Not a Moody custom! , 1 '-2."'1'2'. ,nf -- . 1 1 1 ,, L, .L 4 z 9 ,l Q ' 'vi' I ' . "Z ,, U Fr 3 , .9 s -1-1 - ' - Z:-1' . -3 Y 7:44, . 'U L 51 2. JW-rl .,,..3 f . 9 v' 31,5 'Hllv ws . I 0 'l N J A ,.1 1 1, ,,. -l ' L - g!. ' 5? rl ' . il Lv , , ArlaBrown poses Bill and Phil bargaining with her class. mischief. just made it, Marge! june arranges her museum. an W- - Wesley on the V X V run. QE? , , 1 Comfortable, ' Walter? 1.41.11 A couple and a pair. f ' , ii I r -an una-n RUTH BUTTS, East Orange, N. 7.5 Baptist, Missionary Bible, seeond vice-president of Missionary Union, reporter of Moom' STUDENT, class ARCH committee, floor prayer leader, W MBI . ALLEN F. BUTZINE, Lake Mills, Wis.g Moravian, Pastors. , RUTH H. CARLSON, Los Angeles, Cal.g Swedish Evangelical Free, Christian Edu- cation, reporter for ffapan-Korea Prayer Band, floor prayer leader, epitome com- mittee. WALTER BERNARD CARLSON, Spokane, Wash.g Swedish Mission Covenant, General Mztsic, deputation seeretary of Missionary Union, deputation chairman for ffapan- Korea Prayer Band, associate leader of hospital group, devotional committee, WMBI. VVESLEY A. CARLSON, Eseanaha, Misha Evangelieal Covenant, Pastors, recorder and deputation chairman of Island World Prayer Band. DORIS A. CHAMPNEY, Stoughton Wis.g In- dependent, Missiorzary Mztsie, auditorium choir, ,floor prayer leader. STEVEN CHAPKO, Chieago, Ill.g Baptist, Pastors, leader and deputativn chairman of China Prayer Band, leader Q' mission andjail groups. PAUL JACKSON CH RTSTIAN, Milwaukee, Wis.g Interdenominational, General Music, leader and associate leader of Eye and Ear I ryirmary and open 'air grou ps, Evangel Male Quartette, W M BI . JAMES H. CLARK, JR., Detroit, Mieh.g Northern Baptist, General Bilzle. Enwm CODDINGTON, New Monmouth, N. 7.5 Baptist, General Home Missions. Isn't he ticklish? No trumpet? The married couples have rhelr say Few: i U IJ -:K Y' ' ' 7 nc 'i7:'u-.- FQ fr V YiTig, In Us ft., an 'wu- T15 W 4 fa 'W'W. ,, 1, flue-1 ,J i ,... 3 fy' Sb 4 Ruth but ff-ill ., 5" YI- ,v -- Y ' N1 f ' ' , Q, is , . -' ' V, .F V: -v : eww ' HELEN L. CoNNE'x'r, Des Moines, Iowag Baptist, General Home Missions. JACK M. CORRY, A'ugusta, Ga.g Southern Baptist, General Bible, president of Recrea- tion Club, leader of Municipal Sanitarium group, deputation chairman for Africa Prayer Band, WMBI student announcer. ROBERT F. CUUTURE, Racine, Wis.g Inde- pendent, Music and Missionary Music, recorder for Island World Prayer Band, choir leader. Ex.EANon DAVIS, Lancaster, Pa.g Inde- pendent, General Bible, reporter for India Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. OLGA B. DEMERY, Welland, Ont., Canadag Anglican, Christian Education, co-editor of class paper, jioor prayer leader. WALTER J. DICK, Mountain Lake, Minn.: Mennonite, General Conference, Pastors, business manager of 1942 ARCH, Gospel Messengers Quartette. RUTH M. DOEBERTIN, Hartland, Wis.g Baptist, Missionary Bible, class social committee, assistant deputalion chairman for ffapan-Korea and Latin America Prayer Bands. . ELMER M. DOR'I'ZBACH, Arlington, Va.: Methodist, General Bible. ROBERT G. Dow, Sunnyside, Wash.: Bap- tist, General Music, WMBI. MAR'FHA JANE DU VA1.L, Wells Tannery, Pa.: Methodist, General Bible. s n U 51 1' I , Al' ' 0 '-1' .T A' ' .1 , U -. ' r . ' '1 f f px I P ' " it .7 '.f':i",' ,: 5 rf -5 W 'J 5 3 eg m sg. ,L Bob keeps "looking up." I' lmer and his student, 47 ni 5 A -'f,2ri.x-:vm'rfrvxv pu. ,963 ,.x""m 'f' S fn - '53 1 . , . vt6KHn'r X ., MB., 751 . .,:::...q,,em,,v,,raax-- ,Ww- -""""'v " 5 . :P 'ay """W'g1+'w1:w1g5fw7r"a:r-vw-raM-aWrnwh-v0f'fH""5'7 . ' ma.-I-wjw A , .' Swmmmapswagwvwi l . ..,. , - ' eases.. X '12 . ,, ... .es ...M ' , ,I x 'I , 9 -lfhfnr 5 .av at I I J, is 1 ' - ,A s 5. 4: 1- . Olga searches the Word. Norris, do you behave 1n signs? 2122 116317 - -" r.. I Walter, the North Woods man. f5, . Y.? ppivni 1, X 2"a:':Q,.s uden IS Pose ST. th and ' 1 Mr. HOVLWOT ssc Bundu g' OU tssdfi me Mu 'mo Farmer Johnny. CLEON M. FERGUSON, Marshalltown, Iowa: Evangelical, Pastors. C. Noruus Flscl-risk, Evansville, Ind.g Un- denominatianal, Pastors, group leader lj Illinois State Home for Blind, associate leader of jail group, Recreation Club, staf artist 1942 ARCH. MARY E. GALE, Oak Park, Ill.,- Unde- nominational, General Home Missions. HILDA GxMPEL, Tulsa, Ohla.g United Brethren, General Bible, jiloor prayer leader. CLARE W. G1.1:AsoN, Charlevoix, Mieh.g Baptist, General Bible, group leader. JANET GLUPKER, Holland, Mieh.g Un- denorninational, Missionary Bible. FAITH Gooowm, Bay Shore, N. Y.g Baptist, Missionary Bible. ' -IQHN GRABER, Pretty Prairie, Kansas: Mennonite, Pastors, leader of E ye and Ear Infirmary group, assoeiate leader of mission group. VIEVA J. GRAVES, Byou Hills, S. Dak.g Methodist, Christian Edueation. WAx.'rxsn GRAY, Guelph, Ont., Canada: Baptist, Pastors, morning devotional eom- mittee, leader of open air group. PM 0- ag 'F . .bv "T" 48 'BVS' 1 5 'Q' sf- fx I .. 'TY' X, 1" 19: sn-A 'we 1- Q-"' , 'ir' --r W 1 Q 2 W ,'. 3 1,55 hui"-G, l'l' . if rin- "ww, ,, s Tw1LA NADENE HAHN, Minerva, Ohio: Methodist, General Christian Education. WENDEL1. HANSEN, Waitkegan, Ill.: Inde- pendent, Pastors. STANLEY A. I-lANsoN,Minneapolis,Minn.: Independent, Pastors, deputation chairman for Europe Prayer Band, leader of Hebrew Prayer Band, class social committee, leader of mission and open air groups. LUCY E. HANSSEN, Chicago, Ill.: Inter- denominational, General Christian Edu- cation. KATHERINE I..HARWELL,Mdf5hdll, Texasg Presbyterian, Christian Education, floor prayer leader, leader fy' jail group. EMABETH HAYES, Fort Worth, Texasg Un- denorninational, Christian Education. FAITH Ho1.s'rEEN, Morning Sun, Iowag Baptist, Musir. AL-rum Hooxmz, Getzville, N. Y.: Baptist, General Home Missions,foor prayer leader. .,., ng -Aw .cu Q.,- i.. - E so QE, 'A 'IVV .,. va . Kay and Eunice , Q 1 1 L Q ' I H 1 - .H -I ,.2. .12 3' ' ft Q25 1 Emabeth. eclagsspf k On a er Stan and Ruth. JAMES M. I-Iowmzo, Chicago, 111.9 Metho- dist, General Bible. "Ga J' "We, fb '73 u , 5 EDWARD E. HUFFENBERGER, Hamilton, R Wh v r Ohio: United Presbyterian, General Bihle. "sr ' '33 qv. ,u- if A Q- , ,K .. if ' N O vl dz 5 'I:., , ...F l O , .l 5,33 ' Q 'Q .4 ' A 1 - . ..,, .i- . Q xx- A l ' t -A "Q ,mv mai E n qi? ' . I, ' - H . a -V x '- Q . . P .,,,' 9 1, The "b1rd1e" V tl ' ' ' P c a t c h e s a g , l ' 'I ' cat-napper. 49 .n .,-1 .ri fe, L, , ,..., .,1.- ..-, I-Q. 1 t 5 .effu- B .7' wg ,ini K' , -4 ssl-'-' I f A Syria-bound Kary. I KH Dill N Did vou choose the I settihg, Norma? Literally "feeding his sheep." DONALD HUMPHREY, Royal Oak, Mich., Nondenominational, ffewish Missions, boys club work. MARION E. IRWIN, Table Rock, Nebr.g United Presbyterian, Yewish Missions. RUTH M. JINGST, Warsaw, Ill.: Presby- terian, fewish Missions, reporter for He- brew Prayer Band, jfoar prayer leader. MARGARET E. JOHNSON, Henry, Ill.: Pres- byterian, Christian Education. WILLIAM EARL JOHNSON, Fairhope, Ala.g Presbyterian, Pastors. ETHEL E. KANEY, Forreston, Ill.g Evan- gelical Reformed, Christian Education, re- porter for Europe Prayer Band, jioor prayer lseader, superintendent fcolored Sunday choo . CHARLES C. KARY, Chicago, Ill.g Presby- terian, Missionary Bible, leader of mission group, boys club work. BURWELL KENNEDY, Richlandtown, Pa.: Mennonite, Pastors. class epztomecommzttee. LILA KENT, Auburn, Iowag Presbyterian, Christian Education, class social committee, floor prayer leader, leader of visitation s 1 L v 1 -I. .A 41 , S 1.3 F' y , I I.. . "wi " F" ' is W." Lf 'L A ""'x' 4 -I PI rn rs: - V ' . A - . ' HQ get nfs? , is Q1 if group. A-4' Ml A NORMA KNEE, Rockford, Mich.g Baptist, Christian Education,j?oor prayer leader. 1? K. R153 NN f -5 :A '-Iii'-A s. i I A Ev 1. l . gh 'M I - of ' b l-31, h Q A , P - It ' A 'i.7f" ",. 1- , ,A - - , f 5 N Qoyigigfsk f D LL K . Lmsiczf. 5, ,AZ gli 50 l H H X 'W 'A A- 1 i ig, 1'- lf as-vs if 5 Q lllll U .U N, r nag., Sb-O ,,,.. I . r 'rv-'G-' 5' 'swf QP 43 Q si. v , - Q L fi L-I 1, .ss 9, x- A 1 1 'v , 7 .4 T 'wee sw eXX Fias- . l ,nafH., . 1-- fb F ',. cf .5 i 5 Y 'Y 1 L.- : ' ' V - ' ii. VN. '- l ,g-: M ' 5 I 1. H 5 Us - 4-"1 ' A' 1,14 - - , -'." '1.4.- -A fo I' -. " T' I s, ' ' ., ,N V " -'A f Eu, s, , 1, ,A ' xl, . 1 '. . ' V , 1'- V .'. '. n ' Q 1 ' 'Tlu7 5l.s -fe.. 'ofa 'fl , ' '. 'K Qi. ,vi 71 " 'KA 'V . 0 -' " 1 , . .f5X hi .X .l, Q , l f , K, ,A ,.e ' . h I A V .I 3, .-' .sf I A, U Y. x ! I mix li -3 xx SW 3'. EARL R. Knocx, LaRue, Ohio: Inde- pendent, General Bible, leader and asso- ciate leader ij hospital groups. EDWARD G. LAMBERT, York Mills, Ont., Canadag Undenominational, General Bible, class picture committee. RANDALL W. LAnsoN, Muskegon Heights, Mich.: Swedish Baptist, Christian Edu- cation. EDWARD W. LAUKHUF, Wichita Falls, Texasg Southern Baptist, General Bible, auditorium choir. JOSEPH F. LEvAc, Mt. Morris, Mich.g Presbyterian, General Bible, class picture committee. EVAN WAYNE LICHTY, Sheldon, Iowa: Undenorninational, General Bible. JANET A. LIGHTVOET, Kalamazoo, Mich.g Undenomtnational, General Home Mis- sions, floor prayer leader. MARY EL1zAm:TH L1NQu1s'r, Keokuk, . M, .. Q eixx BA C 3 Yfwi.. ws" f XX A 8021. ' D Yank? at ,A C6 , ' 10 S I .E f In -5' 1 A. 1 is 3?l A ...ff E 91 s xx '54 I fd . Iowa, Undenominational, Missionary and .oi Christian Education, floor prayer leader. V . A are Q ve I D :Show Ax- .K-X SWG'-Bass Q00 'E Sun ' L ' , ', RUTH E. Losscn, Allentown, Pa.: Evan- X 1 gelieal, Yewish Missions, class devotional ', X committee, assistant deputation chairman ' R , 1 ,ford Hebrew Prayer Band, jfoor. prayer 1, X ea er. - HELEN MCALERNEY, Milan, Ill.g Evan- ,Y xg XX K I gelical Lutheran, General Bible, WMBI. 1 XX ,S W 1 ' .4 X , I lm, ik ,,, x ff. N, L nA f N r X ' - ' ui a- - rs. C ' Laugh Yeacyng .1 s L xs0'f'eioNCR" I . l :Kiki 'gk ,g ' s ,XS ' , sk ' pdl. gpm.: 1 M 1-Nl' sl 451.93 ,pf . sk 'fheobgxan Ma gk HCIIOI1. Ed,M3I'Un1n .'l Fifth Hoor pals. if "' k C . Chums' 50,6 HELEN MCELROY, Brown City, Mich., Baptist, Christian Education. ROBERT J. MCMILLAN, Cedar Falls, Iowag Baptist, General Music, auditorium choir. BUR'roN MCROBERTS, Creene, Iowag Church rj the Brethren, General Bible. E. RICHARD MARKEL, Canton, Ohiog Bap- tist, Pastors, leader of hospital and Evening School Promotion groups. EDWARD MARTIN, Lancaster, Pa.g Inde- pendent, Pastors, Evening School Promo- tion groups, evening devotional committee. ESTHER L. M. MATTESDN, Oakland, Cal., Undenominational, Missionary Bible, floor prayer leader. JEANNE M. MAY, Detroit, Mich.g Baptist, General Bihle,j7oor prayer leader. MYRTLE M. MESl.ER, Bzqfalo, N. Y., Baptist, Missionary Bible. HELEN MEYER, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Evangelical, Music. MAx1NE E. MILLER, Waterloo, Iowag Baptist, General Bible. V.-.f Bob in a happy mood. iv! 1 I , a 'i Qrfaf. K 'w p . J 52 1 lm F5 v ...- A' .Z it -1- -I' r . Ili in I Qin-h -I . ,, 'KW' f"T' :af- TIT4 ' 0 -cz fl' up .IX 'H K x CHARLES A. Mormon, Rich Hill, Mo.: Baptist, Missionary Bible, recorder for Africa Prayer Band, deputation chairman for India Prayer Band, leader cj U. S. Machine Shop group, associate leader cf mission group. CLMR E. Moons, Altoona, Pa.g Baptist, Missionary Bible, reporter for Yapan- Korea and Moslem World Prayer Bands, deputation chairman for Moslem World Prayer Band. ROBERT L. MORELAND, Ironton, Ohiog Baptist, General Bible. CHARLES H. MORRIS, Douglas, Arizona, Baptist, General Home Missions. ROBERT MURFIN, Greenfeld, Ind.: Metho- dist, General Music, leader W' Eye and Ear Infirmary and mission - groups, morning devotional committee, publicity manager of the 1942 ARCH. LEONA F. MURRAY, Waterloo, Iowa, Bap- tist, General Music. ARTHUR NEETZ, Emmaus, Pa.g Baptist, ffewish Missions, leader cj Hebrew Prayer Band, deputation chairman of Europe Prayer Band. BERNHARD J. NICKEL, Mountain Lake, Minn.: Mennonite, Pastors, leader of Home Prayer Band, Gospel Messenger Quartette. WII.LIS OLSON, Duluth, Minn.g Evangeli- cal Mission Covenant, Pastors, evening devotional committee, leader and deputation chairman W' ffapan-Korea Prayer Band, associate leader of hospital group. ALTA F.-ws O'r1s, Haslett, Mich.g Baptist, Missionary Bible. -an nf- ' " 2422 if in More for Moore. Enjoying the game, Chuck? T' 'D in E , A -n .if 46" - 'Y ......q-N L td, , hu, it ,... g..., 4 3 'i ,ry as i f' -A Ti 'Al- - 1 fs V ...A 6. 1 Nr. .-f.,1 :ff is ,v,. .,s '. ..s ,v.s ,fm+'.f4 -- A H .ff s 5 -Y 4-"nv L FFQPEJ fifwm r. 5, .. L. 'Y ' 1 5755 " - 13, vvzfjfzqj Bob shows hls early trammg PQIXGV7 2' .we 5 l K I . l s, 452.1 GQS P Y encxue - . ' uSf' oses m MSE Josnm-1 T. PANTANo, Passaic, N. 7.5 Baptist, General Bible. WILFORD PAUL, Stet, Mo.g Lutheran, Pastors. VICTOR T. PAULSEN, Burlington, Wis.g Independent, Pastors, leader U Europe Prayer Band, leader lj mission and jail groups. WILLIAM R, PENCILLE, Rochester, Minn.g Baptist, Pastors, deputation chairman of Missionary Union. Gus PETERS, Buchanan, Mieh.: Congrega- tional, Pastors, leader and reeorder of Island World Prayer Band. ETHEL. E. PETERSON, Chicago, Ill., Inter- denominational, General Home Missions, floor prayer leader. I11v1N Pnzu., Frenehtown, N. Y.: Baptist, General Bible. LINDA F. Puzvr, Lehigh, Kansas, Men- nonite, Christian Education, jioor prayer leader. WILMA RATZLAFF, Newton, Kansasg Men- nonite, General Bible, foor prayer leader, Evening School Promotion trio, WMBI Girls' Glee Club. DEE E. Rslcl-ual., Stoudsburg, Pa.g Bap- tist, Pastors, recorder for South America Prayer Band. . ofe VN xsffffsesus o I , gpeedf proud.. than M5 Saves , Ln "fire Charm i 1 .. W . .tv ef' "Neil - '-v 2,1 51 ow smKX2S for Deethxwer reason' 2:00 L .ew -ss., 1. , 'IZ' .4 Q1 'W ' w f L4 r-fir J , 1 , 'sr E 1.4 Q ,G Y? - Ihr' ewes, I if .-od i 5.4- fa- ,1- :H 'S kb- 4 x, , 'CY DOROTHY M. RENDEL, Milan, Mich.g In- dependent, General Home Missions. EVELYN M. Rl-IOADS, Lancaster, Pa.g In- dependent, Christian Education, reporter and associate deputntion chairman for Home Prayer Band, leader of Foundling's Home group, floor prayer leader, secretary Q' Recreation Club, gymnasium instructor. JOE B. RICE, Decatur, Texas: Baptist, Pastors. DOROTHY DEAN ROBBINS, Redwood Falls, Minn.: Undenominational, General Music. FREDERICK M. Ronsnrs, Kingston, Pa.g Baptist, Pastors, MOODY STUDENT staj, program committee of Recreation Club, deputation chairman for Hebrew and Europe Prayer Bands, associate leader gf Western Electric group and leader q' jail group, WMBI. CAIIMAN WILLIAM RoIaINsoN, Ottawa, Ont., Canadag Undenominational, Pastors, class social committee, decoration committee cn' Recreation Club, leader M mission group. CLIFFORD N. Rows, Genoa City, Wis.g Independent, Missionary Bible, deputation chairman for India Prayer Band, recorder, deputation chairman andjeader of Moslem World Prayer Band, associate leader cj mission group. KENNETH RUDE, Chicago, Ill.: Baptist, Pastors. IRENE K. RYLANDER, Oneida, Ill.g Luth- eran, Christian Education. JEANETFE SA LDIN, Missoula, Mont.: Evan- gelical Mission Covenant, Missionary Bible, floor prayer leader. Never a dull moment when Freds Q Evvie and Eddy. Brother and SIster Rendel. Carmen gets hxs medicine. Barber Rud. cl I . Dorothy wlth ass use the ming 10 HKS RIC? -Gate for EW g1OTY ' CATIQERINE SCHAEI-TER, Pocatello, Idaho, Baptist, General Bible. GRETCHEN SCHOONOVER, Des Moines, Iowag Federated, Yewzsh Missions, floor prayer leader. HAROLD J. SCHUMACHER, Preakness, N. 7.5 Independent, Missionary Bible, ' re- corder for Hebrew Prayer Band, leader of Moslem World Prayer Band. Lssrsx L. SCHWEMER, Columbus, Ohio: United Presbyterian, General Music, asso- ciate leader fy' mission, jail and hospital groups, 1942 Ancn staf. RUTH SHAFFER, Brooklyn, N. Y., Non- denominational, Christian Education, floor prayer leader. LYLE SHARP, Normal, Ill., Mennonite, Pastors, General Music. HATFIE V. SH ELTON,EUd71Jf077,Ill.Q Baptist, General M usic. MARGARET SHERSTAD, Highland Park, Mich., Baptist, General Musir and Music, jioor prayer leader. 1 Old fashioned pose. CLOYDE SHIRK, Conklin, Mich., Baptist, General Home Missions. Donornv ADELLE Smuvan, Toledo, Ohiog Christian Missionary Alliance, ffewish Missions, jYoor prayer leader, Evening School Promotion group, WMBI Girls' Glee Club. 4 'GT-9 w VJ' 'Jig 1 wil' nj: '11 nv I' rl 4 A it . Y i 4 ' m . f - 7:7 t X 'hs Fl ,uw N ,'...?i.- , 5:16 , 1-L . ' in-3 ' ., - '- ,331 .ggi V K N f.-:fly - h .,- X, -a I 'rf 1. ig' J A V 1 ri: K 1 F1 I CTJIV '- w'g,.::f,yg if A . ' , , V .1 i . , v. 'L "" 2 -- .1-. - i'i?!'r"3l . e -4 'V we - ' ik " ' V 2 - K 'gg Lp . ' ' ' s .s lm, - Y Q?-J A -1-' ag . H. .. Gretchen and Arla get heads together over Yiddish lesson. 56 1+ rf.- 61. ' .g.'e.aa::1- 'Z' T9 S . ' 6 .." I' L ' . Z: ,l,1 ll X' J, L ,y , Jin? if " F , A t 2 If -F- ilti -4::..! , B qw-r 15- L KEITH N. SILL, Peoria, 111.5 Baptist, General Bible. ROBERT R. SPRATLIN, Atlanta, Ga.g Bap- tist, Pastors, Editor-in-chiey' ry' 1942 ARCH, deputation chairman for Home Prayer Band, leader ty' open air and mission groups. EDWIN C. STEFFY, Ephrata, Pa.g Church ry' the Brethren, Missionary Bible, recorder for India Prayer Band, circulation manager of 1941 ARcH. C. WILBERT STERNER, Sutersville, Pa.g Primitive Methodist, Pastors, leader of hospital group. CAROL S'rocK'roN, Des Plaines, Ill., Mis- sion Covenant, Christian Education, ,door prayer leader. MARY JANE TEICH, Chicago, 111.5 Baptist, General Bible. VALMA UNRUH, Lancaster, Pa.g Men- nonite, General Bible. ALICE VAN STE:-:, Grand Rapids, Mich.g Reformed, Christian Education and Gen- eral Bible, associate deputation chairman 6or Ixland World Prayer Band,-floor prayer eader. CHARLOTTE E. VAN S1-EENBERG Chicago, Ill Baptist, Missionary Bible, class paper committee OLIVE VAN Svoc, Milo, Iowa, Christian Union, Christian Education, reporter for apan Ixorea Prayer Band Keith with his Sword. Ed in the midst of the P.O. rush. . 57 is C' ,,4,..1--f Inspiration for study, Willie? The Unruhs. Wi -fu ., T - gf"-i 4. Q.'S-if" Alice cuddles h'er menagerie. y and Lois Out for the clay' ' Side saddle? Two "Maxes." t . on 1 0 FRANK WAGGONEII, Jn., Burlington, Io-was Baptist, Music, associate leader of hospital group, reporter for Moody Student, l940 Axon. NORMA M. WALL, Gary, Ind.: Swedish Mission Covenant, Missionary Bible, asso- ciate deputation chairman for China Prayer Band, reporter for Europe Prayer Band, jloor prayer leader. MAX WEIR, Terre Haute, Ind.g Inde- pendent, Pastors, hoy's club work. WILNA j. Walk, Terre Haute, Ind.: In- dependent, Christian Education, recording secretary qf Missionary Union, floor prayer leader. RANGHILD VELLAMO Wmzuo, efmeshury, Mass.g Baptist, Christian Educat1onMustc, class devotional committee. KENNETH WI-IITE, Binghamton, N. Y.: Baptist, 7ewish Missions. ERNEST R. WILLIAMS, La Moille, Ill., Baptist, General Bible. MARY ETHEL WILLIAMS, Decatur, Ala.g Southern Baptist, ffewish Missions, as- sistant deputation chairman for Hehrew Prayer Band, leader of women's jail group. ROBERT D. WISER, Pontiac, Mich.g Bap- tist, General Christian Education, leader ry' open air and mission groups. Ronsnr Woomwnu, Flagstaf, Arizona, Northern Baptist, Christian Education Music, WMBI, deputation chairman for Latin American Prayer Band. F MU. -L - 1, w-df ya.. '-rf' , A.. 'WIT -I I yr. M' , f 5 4 T""' 'V' fi Ill .29 .Tr- UU' X -...Q Til iv fl I ' sl J A a 1 -'E I Wilna and Emil, happy couple. Ronnie and Olga. 58 9- -Mn. -.7 on F : ' 7 l 5 is 10 1 ,. . s 'Q if ' NY' J IT' U , ' 3 .V fvrl . 1, ' QQ , .nv I .N ,A-. You guess-we've reached the end of our road ! Bsmsxzca Woomwm, Toledo, Iowa, Bap- tist, General Mrtsit. Rscnm LD O.'WOODWORTH, Detroit, Mich.g Baptist, Pastors. STEPHEN ZDEPSKI, Stoelcton, N. YJ Bap- tist, Pastors. GORDON G. ZIMMERMAN, Flanagan, Ill.g Mennonite, Pastors, leader of Evening School Promotion, mission and open air groups. Emorw McKsNzu:, Lorraine, Kansas, German Baptist, Pastors, leader of mission group. jossvams Rnrcl-mL, Chicago, Ill., Inter- denomirmtional, General Home Missions. VICTOR E. Suns, Braintree, Mass.g Bap- tist, General Bible, student pastor. NORMA 'I'1wNan, Chicago, Ill., Unde- nominational, Missionary Bible. 9 if I . - 1 .,- 5 . 1. 'P s - Qsee , as Q 1' , ' ,Bw . -'EVM , vt-nu Steve on Sunday and Monday. ...,..-.f-.-. r. -.-Q..,.....r .... 'I GLQ..:Q':1':i'yp' -T73':Q77 s : .CQTM-,5 ,:' .Ni L? ::f':'l.1'i p Que.: --:Q s 1 f3"":Tf'.,3f ,g W .1 it--:-H . .- .. ,, - . - .- - w .ar H, in -M Quick-shot Reg. The J . Trio. ewlsh Missions Frank on the roof and Gordon up a tree. fs? '-N -- r 1: 1 Vs' 'L fx 3: .Q 1 fe-'alll ' lan fm' 'Y' Ll i alll!!! . A - og I - l g 'T g xl e ll El 5, W "1 Q! i,,..Y -- P Y., ,.1.. :- -1 ' 431 Ya . fi' ,.., ., fr fiiflf' ' I-we .udibw D. L. lVloody's birthplace and final resting place on "Round Top." His memory and , I l his work abide because he was completely G.,-ff" X yielded to God. 761'-"' X AX It .. SGCXX RM , , X do K .XX lil Q X l' -NX Y? lf," A 'fsf ' N Q lv' 2 f ', fi X X Q ln' . at - I L1 1 Q X .8 X N lxxl N 1' K L X . X Z Z df! 'fl Nfl l 'xx' X -Y m V ' .11 1- 5 Z: 5 Q G Y L :1 -J., , 1 x 4 "' Q A Q 07Qd7Z!fdfZ'725 The needs of China from one knows. Missionary Union officers face world needs: Walter Carlson, Deputation Sccretaryg john johnson, Prayer Band Secretaryg Roy Hirons, First Vice Presidtntg Betty DeLa, Second Vice Presidentg Elizabeth Sheetz, Recording Secretaryg Vern Denham, Trensurerg -lean Bigelow, Publicity Secretary. y . I 'JIU Dudley plays the role of newsboy for "Rec" Club. Roberts and the band lead a Recreation Singspiration. 'K to j 3 y I . I lj -Q ' 5 The past comes to life again. 63 0 X, Retiring President Proctor Davis con- gratulates the new president. President Corry and Miss Dantuma, facul- ty adviser. Wea 60192171 Uh! 'Q'-z. e-QLQ, ,xx V . yr "XX V3 I ,,,,"..?-- ""': L-.1 10- ll 0 1 f- Q fn G, Games won-9 Q Games lost rl Left to right, front row: P. Anderson, Ci Hulbert, R. Goerlitz, L. Shrock, and F ft N. Everswick. Standing: L. Wick- ? strom, Fred Orr, R. Hawley, M. Freier, 1 G. Geverr, and Coach Ockert. MQ Bob, Marion, and Helen make it a trlo. 52Wf4kzQb'5 Student announcers Carlson and Smedes talk to "m1ke." '95 ,I 0 c ff' 4 elm? -. ali' 4 'Brodsky WWF' 'alien while on an evangelT?Tb gum, the South last summer. G1-ay Auditorium L-H-B, 1 -some wine edifof 0 msg, Apt-n 22, at '1 145 P.MQ I ,- t with the next issue. will be heldthe same leight ' . auditorium 'at 10:30 S for the 8'1g1?1t: and In.. 19 L -QJ5 the y of Qul. Lgy that ourvembel-S of D ig rd and Kai Qapel. ma vhls Stag. t dd if Q! 5 go on tole s ., a ress ,I r" 'z-9, pci' ,S .John Hugh Horne i Thegcr . 'T 6 - she as - ., UDENT E New Herman emoc,.a+ic ,lame Bqggeln Flexfn sfanley Lad .S Brown .' busines Marv. Q editol Eng cifeggag-I Ardinrlf Sfevelssclriulafion irgdnager Ill Ufley' new i.l'l6 Publfgfzv Evelyn ep Cgcheiznbld, Rlufholfographegager 5 edi ' I Sub 'fd bfweekl a""' L0uis c""f'es HB""'f M - scnpffon pric YS by gud Poeffer Flllberfl gglorie Chr' f ei loo a"+S of T ' 'ed R 'Hoff 'S 'Ph - h ob e K er almst' i per year' 35 een: MoodY 85:75. Frankriwer' 0222: mrhe .-., v 4 Per ferm' 9 lfldffufe fggbller Miss W ir- 'T' . , -3- O Chltlqgc by the W "Tia ' A 'former vw-0 both timely sub- 'clog fiij J: ,. Brodsky is V: Q changing world of Hour byoadcagtg, ' L mmf of 4' B Seniors this term will not efllllllment if 2 5 Qs me grad' a midnight houijbroadcast as has Mg At the X Ceneral Cgul-sez. been conducted by former classes, ai,-eady come, h Qdugall but instead will have this period The woman replied 15,1 brew ff' it f-fir: tide eww for their PIOQTHITY- son was a Catholic and her d man of the. H txgszisg Features of the hour will consist ter-in-law was a Christian Sci ttee' . ndkwo from of music by 2. choir of 25 Seniors, and that she herself was col U W 2' with instrumental -'an 1 have ,aww an iw ourse Wx enty performances, tianiiy is a wonderful religio the broadcast will added- , H tions comrm ' 's to contin e "0ur desire 1. present policx of the Brodsky said, when A..- L-,,.,--""' Aprn io 1 does "dom work the bell had silence, the was sung, and then pitched i . w ent along smoothly moments, but suddenly noise arose from the vi- f the kitchen. Hutchinson, dining hall shot a questioning look at Bates, student dining hall "What's going on out vc the din. 'Z" she called abo tell h' t noise O them to stop t .1 Bates came running into the Hey, fellows," he shouted. 'Cut it out! We have Dr. Hough- ton in the dining room as our guest today." Fred Orr, chief of thc kitchen crew, pointed to a bespectacled man with a towel in his hand, and answered: "Yeah'Z Well, take a look at hat we've got in the kitchenl" Wilbur M. W Bates turned to see i ing glasses with Smith busily w p Herman Baggett! The postollice and the surdine Of all 'the fish that we have seen There's none that beats the poor r sardineg l'le's always cooped up in a can, ' ' " l-if cramming like a man. the Pastors C The giadua tes axzqogsua sr acl u ' S9 alll no QEQS off, April add to 'non lil B 1 way l Wi ers a+:Hr"""' ONVH P005 he J. faculty, who teacher, baritone A native of d p and fhlnk you grad 6 Seu bv feel I her. T able is il' l I hope to be house visitation v ten thousand w one fundamental Miss Jensen mten s her work in WMBI OD Evening School for Bible subjects. 9 "Since coming to the Agllol Gordon R""m l have-acciuired an intense appre- "The Lord Wi' ciation for classical music, but Ike be dfllng elfangel also have learned the value of YOUUEZ P90Pl91 I good music in the church pro- place where I on my igim and Other' 5 gram," Miss Jensen said. "Too,' knees with students to pray." Mar sind. l have come to realize the 'great Thus answered your teacher to My ' importance of prayer in the the inquiry uno Von enjoy teach- 1 Plan to do christian life " . ' - ' - Southern Ind ' mg at the institute more than in through Augu: a secular school?" Then he con- A ' . tinued, "The Lord has most cer- Robert Opterz Stevens' Sanhamerl tainly used the Institute in a won- "Well, Pm Shelfgni win Prizgg dei-ful way to strengthen my spir- going to some - -.,,,,,,,d hom page, itual life." Johnson City - --f-- rmiith Your teacher is a musician. He howevefv Fil A- bf-rn in a Christian home in my Clzlsslflca' ,-:.,,,,1 earn, b0aI'd. 5-Zftai gf.:-4 cgcatoa QMMIXIQZK Cgafaoatfafa avazfntftiza ROBERT SPRATLIN, Editor-in-Clzicf FRANK FERREL, Asxociatc Eclitor AL KANTOR, Amociatc Editor WALTER DICK, Business Manager ELEANOR CODDINGTON, Secretary any NORRIS FISCH ER, Artist J OYCE FREEBERG, Circulation Managci' ROBERT MURFIN, Publicity Manager' LESTER SCHWEMER, .ffssistant Circulation Managoi WILLIAM KISSINGER, Photographer STANLEY ADAIR, Alxft Plzolograplzcr DECEMBER CLASS APRIL CLASS FRANK FERREL, Chairman AL KANTOR, Chairman EDNA HARMS A ELEANOR CODDINGTON VIRGINIA VAYHINGER BETTY VAN VVAMBEKE AUGUST CLASS ROBERT SPRATLIN, Chairman WALTER DICK RUTH BUTTS HJ' Lili!-:ill-.E f JC 55' an ,A . 0 by 1. 1,01 fyfwkfzhbs t acffbvz zz Why t 5, Earl Johnson in one of the 3,373 mission services held by students .. .. , Ifishinf ., during the past year. A group leaving Institute Place for work on the street corners ofCh1cagog 1,183 open air meetings last year. QZMM ma fm! J my mage Wu 145142115 J mm Claude Sailhamer "preaching the Word This group visits the Tubercular Sanitarium each Sunday morning. Waiting to "go forth bearing precious seed." 4 N- ' h '22,-L ' x P? Lllllll l - mmf! II Students bring Negro children to the Moody Neighborhood Sunday School. .fMo0dy'S Bible heahy, 'fel .kwa yew nel: in S M 4 fzlmuyf' Student teachers with some of their pupils. Teachers of the Intermediate Department of the Fairfield Avenue Baptist Church. .Al V if The Moody Neighborhood Sunday School visita- tion group. - 59 Cook County .Hospital visitation groups bring words of spiritual healing to 13,700 persons a year. f'lf':'3g" Some of the teachers at the Shepherd Hall Mission. E011 The Evangel Male Sextette at Niagara Falls on their Eastern r. ""-5 35 gm M 03.5. SZ. BO OD G HUF. -.o Us: 'VD D' 05" ga :AE "'r:. is EG' nr? :. U' S FY K1 CD O 5 FD O "'1 F. 'J' fb UN xl X . H ON L: . 5..- J J. A S' cf. The Gospel Messengers Quartctteg Bob Rogers, Walter Dick, Ben Nickle, and Bill Kissinger. Mary Lou Miller with n part of her child evan gelism class. The Evening School Glad Gospel Group. 1' 5 ,,.. r f 1 :J A S 91.2" 'tx A 1-..f-., T14 r',. ' W. gwfbymiil On this and the following page are seen views of students at domestic work and outside employ- ment. J. Edward Stauffer, Howard Berglund, and Miss Alice Anderson, of the Purchasing and House- hold Department. J 1' v'I , A .f , Q' 4 .r , '19 I me - 1.9, ' 'gi 11-P'-my v'-1 X- , -: ,'r1.l.l.'f-P 7 1. J J 9 aiiil ' ' '- E5-if -.7 4- Qui , . Vrk . M L In 1 l I., -A.. l Q, v ' Aj , Q D : ,711 .f l , 1, wifi", ,1 el ' it i-- .w if.: I rl 1' , ' -'I sl - "1 Ii: 'L L I V. wx a A .T 1, iiyf, -,-, 'r-hui-t 1' A 'A G01 4 r 'gi .1-54:13 Mew! iff' f . 1 all HH A gi I A A ! Ex I . "x " A I . K -f 4 35, " ug X. ff lr, Z 4 i ITT'- a-QL... 72 M ' lg, 1 F., 'rr A 'Tllf I QQ F 14 ' - W:..,qiiBr-.V , lv ,lx I' P 'ww Egg' -r "' 1 AL S-QQ' 2 AQJ ' 'A wt? cf' O ., V,-MM - 1 Q F Vf Rx xx ' ,. - -f w ww .P .F N J I b' Uv- S A I X Wm N M 'Q W ' 5' fpmiqm A Q nw M ' Iwi " 1 Y., X 4 lv, A-.12 lg-ff T.-fl: if lijfffi . I 1 . V. .V .. v 4 , 1 4 U ' 1, ' n X ' ' ,le ., , , .-' 22" +7 4, . ,- rf' ' I ' ' K A . fix '- FA' A'L""54 E x " M TM l' Y' H " ' F.. ' 'x 'I ,' ., "f, I p ' NWFP' 'Hi' V-iwv.-im-r q w I 532 1' .- , ' ' 4 lx . ' i, , -Figs . 7 4 . 'V " vw ' ' 1145- f' gn , .1 'iff' "J'l1L'.-QIF' , ,J ' "-.s ' L, ' xy ,' A-M. -QdLmLl!.f'3il57'i 'i- 3-ic' 1 PRIIQEZQI RE I CHRISTIAN SERVICE ASK FOR FULL INFORMATION I53 INSTITUTE PLACE OP PHONE MICHIGAN I57O ""w--...R l 'J :.fT 'I "II W-.x J i Af - -.- 1-1 ,3- '1 ,ik ' rf:-,gif : -.-.y ' - f-Q: '13 " f . 1322, if ll I Y'-Y 59' 6 J TQ.,--q ,,-, su 'Y Q I Q1 1 5, a3'W"V. 3,l'L"2' I M as -.fifntq-u A my 4' 41 'S f-.'1l.A 745' I .,-A U V, A X, X ' Q ll ' F' N D ' V Q fixzn .4 1 2 '4 4.x g'f" -'U-si., , -.5 15 igjm 13? N in . fa, I ' K 0 '1 1 l 14, V , I ?' 'fl Q ID I xgkf, m fum 1. S 1- , 1 , Ex N . ' Wk ff' 'il " ' '5 X LN N - ' '---.-1.02-ff 4 ggi' ' 23. ,vjxlx . fl' - P . B an-a 1 G E , 1. ,.,, ,L ' ' Ax' V 1 3 -4- 'V l If rv-3 ' L ' ," L'-il 7 f, . x i , A H A ,' ,. N ' ', I -f j 53.3 -..., V A ' ' , I R4 Ny, ' ' v'3'f1fyFuf' -'-K V ' ' , Wu.: -, .. n bx Q1 A 5-.V i 4 "-'15":?'l6kMA gtxfiilw. A L, 5 -3 ' 4A H ' ' -1 '5.'c1',3 1. 'xv' . .3 , 5211 " fi- rf . r 1. Ju ' rn ,A ALF I I -N-,J ' u 9 , ff" 'fr R I gh . , frffav 1 I 2 xx' lk.-r ,. YP 1 0 Q 41 I . ' u ' . V , -.KJ ' rfv - 'X- jwfhaewhahmenfs .. 1-TW V . . mf, V .-,, X , , DLX .a-Y ,o , We would like fo acknowledge and express our sincere ap- preciation lo lhose who have so graciously assisted us in che preparation of this yearbook: to the Faculty Arch Committee, Mr. Sprall, Chairman, Miss Darling, and Dr. Cahleg to r. mi z e ioria a viserg 0 r. esse 0 ze ns i u e DSzl,dc!d zML!, 11111: printing plantg and lo the Proinolion Deparimenl. May this hook he a witness to Him cyf whom it was said, "Wha! manner of Man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey Him!" THE 1942 ARCH STAFF N 5 .4 '80 W L d... -Lu.

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