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P L i. is I W I DEDICATION Not on the gory field of fame Their noble deeds were doneg Not in the sound of earth's acclaim Their fadeless crowns were won. Not from the palaces of kings, Nor fortune's sunny clime, Came the great souls, whose life-work flings Luster o'er earth and time. No sculptured stone in stately temple Proclaims their rugged lotg Like Him who was their great example, This vain world knew them not. But though their names no poet wove In deathless song or story, Their record is inscribed aboveg Their wreaths are crowns of glory. -E. H. D CW3.I'f. 2 Perry B. Fitzwater Teacher, Scholar, Friend Qin as gg -Q' se G if Q f N :if H1 . f :YW'5fi?4i.i,E?'ff"!2RT?S5SfaHSsD'W-v:EWf1fii3r'w 3 kv 141.735'iW" MH YH 5 FOREWORD "Thou therefore endure hardness as a good soldier ofjesus Christ. No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this lifeg that he may please Him who hath chosen him to be a soldier. ' ' II Timothy 2 :3-4 The soldier marches through the favorite similes of Paul. The Apostle frequently alludes to the life, duties and discipline of the Roman and Greek military men to illustrate the privilege and responsibility of the Christian warfare. lt is very natural that he should use the figure of soldier life, for he was brought into contact with the soldiers of many governments and as a prisoner he was guarded by them and bound to them. "As a good soldier of Jesus Christ"-the very term "soldier" implies warfare. It is no cold figure of speech, no empty name, no meaningless position. There are foes to light, dangers to face, and possessions to be won, and so our Commander bids us to "put on the whole armor of'God" and to remember 'Hour God shall light for us," " for the battle is the Lord's." Soldiership in the Christian army is not the re- ward of faithful services but the birthright privilege of all the redeemed. Girded with the power of God, the moment we enlist in the army it is our privilege to wield that power until the last battle is won and we are called home. In this present age of strife, turmoil and war our spirits are listening for the command of our Master, who has called us "to flght the good fight of faith," and we find in Him the strength for the battle, for He has promised we "shall be more than conquerors through Him that loved us." "The Lord our God goeth before usf' Therefore we have chosen Christian Soldiership as the theme of the 1941 ARCH. In days of old, the Lord commanded that great warrior joshua to build a memorial on the bank of the Jordan. We have compiled this annual as a testimony to the battles fought and won here at the West Point of Christian Service, where Staff and Field Officers have worked patiently and persistently to mold raw recruits into a Senior Brigade. Our Master has given forth the command, "Be strong and of a good courage, be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed, for the Lord thy God 1S with thee whithersoever thoulgoest. "And our answer goes up clear and strong, "All that thou commandest us we will do, and whlthersoever thou sendest us, we will go.', So we send forth this book to pursue its way, "to the praise of the glory of His grace." -HAZEL F. TUNSTEAD 4 QM? ,N .Q .A-11" mx-Ti. av' A A , .V.. -gmezzgerc 1 I , -zgysiijf,-,J-f.'3.'53 f' 'L 1 ' -- 31.44 ,fa-'Vf, ix f2'f-5.1.7224 . .gil -.W rg- V. ' A - K 1.51 ' .arg . , -24 L -p - f V' .g3.vV? -. X - 4312 ,. 1 x ,A V 4 'ff uf-w ,, V -ww P' ' Q 5551-"'Vf-M?,.-ew V Ms ws. : 215 "f"E'N ,f-113:-7 5Vi?1"'fV!3f1f-1I-.ff Q24 Q .ww M14 -' 'V A nf M21 -H e+f1V.' 53 5 2251713 U91 -"-W5 ffl, 9'f'Q.'S,fWf1fi'ff11 . ,Vx ,iii 'Sift I V-6 I' V -?ii5f1iV'f-F15 3 ,V l I Legg: 'zjfgr ,QV '- , XL:-V .fi elif-'th , jff:gV1i4fLj1-QQ, ..-,MI-v,,.V 5 s,..l. f i - "M-V-V-1 -vm: f Q V5.2- 25' 1:72-ei! I AB LE OF I I O T 3f1z1?fiVf"'Aiff3'::1 t':,-V5i3z,1N5.,:fP'w , ,rVfe?1h2r:,:V..2 -V2 vie.-ifcf, ' fi. V. , Q - :VL S E 1'- grilw T: V -215' W . ' 'I I O R B R I Gr' A D E ,, -J 1: 1-VJ, 'I , . .V ire'-. '-,EW 0 F F D T lf- ', ' I V' LQ, 'K T- lv? . K K my , I 3-,Q , g .i3'ff?'f-V Cf' Egg ? ' 'I' . ww- I 4 V v . ef . A - X ,Ex :L 4.114 . , J" ' . 'S V-i 'V"' 535, Nl , .',fVkv-X. , S133 6177 Q: AV V, V .41 'vff'LV" -21572, In--f3qvX:,,:-444.51,1554-,if , V.-w-ji ,U IA W yi E 3 -2 t Ag, PM , Y R i ur t . ..- , .,,g, ' ' AQ' , ' 1, ' ,Vw 12 ,, V -5, I .3 -I --ji Q ,LV--5. , th ..V,.,1kV . -f V ' ff:VfVAf'.LiVT I 4 f HQ I : ' V ' W 'F -I WW- "'f .mf ,V V- Vw., ,,V mm ,Ag-.A A 14 VV L, 1 Q,-V , .V -lm V1 , , A Y-, V. 1.-' - J A- , V, V 4, 4, I JV ..,..,- MU,-V ,ymqf ,V V hw, . M, A ,441 V ,V -, .V ,, uw . I. V 1 . V UH. 3- -- .rv ,V + n M., V ,f-, 1 V , , V .V f .,-:V , VVV ,V ia 1. ,V . Vik-w , V ff V -fx.. -1 -fm. R ,VL-Y T FW if -Pi? ws ' V K Q ' VV . ,,. -' -" ., 'fm ' "M A-'V ' ' 'Q ff' 'fiV,,,,J-,VgVf'Lfwf'fIfVf',' J: fsfgsififgf5'ff-f.213iQV,i1-,Vif -E rg: ' "j.--i""" YI TM A E ' -+P 19, - Q.. 5 I . ,Q -' """j' VE 2' 'gf gi kg - 2-., '-W.-,V fg.,.3- -.-1 f,:5.,-.,g-.j,V 'V-I 4 ww:-W g -42? , y ,id 1, . . .ftp k fy ,fi X . as ,pf ,1 -4' V f N. '- 1.-,Q-'K'-7-'w--fu:41, v-' f - 3' r A IFJ' 1 V' 'V 'U ", ' - V ' ' 'if I V I+ Q I ,' 7, AS V ,111 J:-V ?"f"?z M' .TEMP-f:!f3'5+l 13. V 'q' P 55" -"f-"4 i 3121.14 'V ' fir,-' ' 1 V x 1 -if A V V V: 1- af gf 1 V14 W Fffflff 12 4-9355. 5 'ii ' ' 1 N ' . - 'T' ' T V . 147' Qkf- ,?"'1l' 4' " 1 E-vf YV?-'.U 'ei f-"' iii? 'X I 113' :hi 1, M , ,355 5 , Q M. .QA . .M-'VV r - V .V ,,,f,,, V r. . . Q K ' V. ,pg -w 1 qhykvy' ,414,:g:l1 -V 'V' 1 Va ,UV rw f,-rm WEA!! M 1 -A f 1 - V .' w5"'fA"'5fh Q' VJV-1 'L , mf gffixfqgf 'N M W," 5-Ffa" L N X. '5 fb P a ,ff ' e f A N 52 rr ,xii ' 'R . X ,'i,'ff"' IV ,Q I . 'ww , V i f ls' Q I If ' , "T " , . , E . Q. v' . Rl- A 44 " Q'X", f n w- 1 .V.12-..,- 'v -Q - f ' ' ' 'fa XM " . f vi 1 ff, :-,-:I'. -, :. ' I .ii fi 6' , M' t., 1- X 1 -f ' 'f fn f A m g V w f A I , fl-'f-ja. ,Jw 'fig'-,555-Q an 1 :3 ,uw QF., Je , V 5. ' V V A .ff-'il V v I , -V -ming Q ,hz A Mu, J k ef. ey -ff. 4. ., 2 V, "f ,-.Vw J. .V V , VS,-, ' .ggi ' 4 A A s 'A , ' v - f,:iV1. -V-fs' ,d iff 3, H - . , 1 . :VV 5 ' f .- L 'iw Vgaif. 4 ' 'Hu f V 1 iw gulf- f X gig, In -. 43:6 l Q!-vflrt, 143 31. I 4 ,,- - I I V U Q- : 1-'V' H f,M,V V- pjrgfzgu iq 154. 5, , A Q' A. H , V .V 'W' U 9Q1'V V fv2fi5fLf'?'v!' - P' ' V L , 3. V , R, ,:w.:rV, Y A ,si ,JA ' wwf' ' .V Zf'H'l,,: H 'N "xx I-AS1cf'!V V' V+ f , uf' f' V V, ' 5. XJ ' :':f'f" "F"k -afiff,- "its V V . A sf' .W wk NY' if iff . .,...,,,,, V... A Vfghjzifwfjai- -145-FLE:::'-.XIYV VI IN MEMORIAM Aymer F. Gaylord A faithful, loyal and courageous soldier, for nearly a half century business manager of the Institute, after which he was elected trustee, in which capacity he served from l935-1941. "I Have Fought A Good Fight I Have Kept The Faith" 6 BOARD OF TRUSTEES PHILLIP A. BENSON .... . . . . ..... . . ...... President Dime Savings Bank, Brookbn, N. Y. HENRY P. CROWELL . . President Board of Trustees, Chairman Board of Direetors Quaker Oats Co., Chieago VVILL H. HOUCIHTON .................................,............... President of the Institute THOMAS S. SMITH. .Viee President Board of Trustees,Commission Merchant and Fruit Grower, Chicago H. EARL EAVEY ................................... President Eavey Company Wholesale Groeery SAMUEL H. MARTIN. . . . , .President Northwestern Electric Co., Chieago ROBERT NICHOLAS .,.. .... M ortgages and Investments, Oak Park, Illinois H. COLEMAN CROWELL ..,. ..... Q .................. V iee-President of the Institute VVILLIAM A- HOLT -.... ............ P resident Holt Lumber Company, Oeonto, Wisconsin FRANK F. TAYLOR ..... .... V ice-President Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Co. 7 STAFF 'im NYILI, H. HOUQQHTON l'J7'L'.fi!fL'7lf H. COLEMAN CRUWELI, H. C. CHRISTIANSEN Vzfe-Prwiden! Busznesx Nlzzzzagw' 8 OFFICERS Hx f, , HA Rom I,. LL:N1JQLY1s'r 1361171 A. FRANKLIN Nzzperiizlarzflmzt Qf film ROMAN BIANCHE B. BRECIQENRIDGI N11pwifzfwzffwzt fy' Ilblllfll 9 SZ . A . FRANCES C. ALLISON CLARENCE H. BENSON FIELD 'IQALMAGE J. BITTIKOFER -IOHN H. CABLE WEST GRACE DARLING H. ADELLA DUNLAP C H R I S I I A N ,l': FRANK EARNEST P. B. FITZWATER MARGARET GORDON . .. Ll,Al . Wi TM' 'Z Q - - R A ffsip iirggli 7. .. .,.L. W, , A W. , K zivgfws A , -- 5353? + I' . HOMER HAMMON'FREE JAMES F. HARRISON RUBY ANN JACKSON csUY C. LATCHAW HARRY DIXON LoEs CEEORGE S. MCCUNE WILLIAM H. HOCKMAN ALFRED HOLZWORTH J. HARRY JOHNSON GEORGE E. LESLIE WENDELL P. LovELEss El-GIN S- MOYER OFFI POI CERS SERVICE MAX I. REICH GEORGE S. S gn-qv qi JOHN R. RTEBE WILBUR M. T. L. BEARSE EDNA E. FRITSCH -4---up L5 -. CTERRITT COTTS, M.D. HAROLD E. fgARNER .5 J 1 . ig?- J "wx 'J .. f 4- ROBERT J. HEURLIN, D.D.S. Mas. W. H. HOCKMAN S - ' '62 L"-'L A A 'O " ' -ffr ' 1' .' Jligwi.. 5. . f - ' - - "-LL' 'L ' - ' - 2' . 'A" TITUS M. -JOHNSON, M.D. Lois E. LEBAR WILLIAM MCCAP-REI-L CHULER WM. H. LEE SPRATT GLADYS MARY 'LALBOT EDWARD H. OCKERT CARL J. SCHUMACHER SMITH NATHAN J. STONE J KENNETH S. WUEST SWQUM .4 Ir' JOHN D. THOMAS ELLA WUBBENA TO OUR STAFF OFFICERS AND FIELD OFFICERS VVhen Joshua, the noble warrior of the Old Testa- ment, gave his last charge to his people, he recounted all the wondrous works of the Lord among them. He re- minded them ofthe many times the Lord God of Israel had supplied their every need, had guided and protected them. "Ye know in all your hearts and in all your souls, that not one thing hath failed of all the good things which the Lord your God spake concerning you, all are come to pass unto you, and not one thing hath failed thereof . . . Now therefore fear the Lord and serve Him in sincerity and in truth." Our noble leaders, we, the Senior Brigade, believe the words of Joshua are your testimony and challenge to us. We deeply appreciate your constant, prayerful watch-care and your faithfulness in all the details that have gone to make up our training at this VVest Point of Christian Service. For your guidance throughout our study of theory and general principles we are grateful, and through the practical application of these principles in your daily lives we have been blessed. You have taught us that obedience is the truest characteristic of a soldier, and that when obedience is wanting, though the soldier possesses herculean strength, superior skill in fighting, and valiant courage, he cannot be a good soldier. Therefore, as we approach the time of our departure from this training camp, we realize anew the value of the lessons you have taught us- lessons in obedience and discipline, spirit, mind and body. We take up your challenge, lift high the standard and send back the answer clear and strong, as did the people of Israel unto Joshua. "God forbid that we should forsake the Lord . . . The Lord our God will we serve, and His voice will we obey." STAFF OFFICERS AND FIELD OFFICERS WE SALUTE YOU! fffff POI N T ffl? CHR A G R e IO 5 IGHDE gli p f 4, I I ' I ' ,- Li' . ' Q1 x l I I rp If- Q I ' , x F ' f IL L L llyrl fwl , .fffffg 'V I II Q 1 M ' ee our Sawfxour caheojli, Saimiaythcofnex ' he caheo ro 'md os, GON- XA, from church and home, garher eo here , ow he W 'V Mr we , V u 06 Wow- Q XY 1' N rf nd he A 'awww M ,N 6 x rxt Q " me f M . .LM mr. f " ' WM ' Wewkiwi W m N, WK AJ H ' we ' wfffiii ' P vga' uw- . H551 mi-f ow, ,, , 5 A gm' 'gi Y A his 'in Ure-11 us 'Yo shew os. She Keck us rrx the 'Yeachxrxg by precepir V Bow best no serve and worshxp aT.K.CY0I Gm H-dggw Y, if if fi Q ra J, wr ef was o f iathfgr' f'equ the gn the ent jo enin Carl y . y m , orni n g o Ur Ir To O A we, ,H , N frimmrw 1 www -w"wv,,,- . , f , me Wim ' V , 4 ,nn ,, 0 rsh- W? MTJ1' H "W1"'w W-3555, '11 fr me 1g,7w-W , mm5Q,,.,, , -ww Q 1 ,Hy , ,W U ww S s J " A de A ' ,Wm-xi 'wwf' W-H ,miww ,wgw ,N 'wif ',fm,mm:3w,, ,, ww. C wuum, '1 S " ' Z " eq- H d 'W , ' 'mid -- M- my 3" 0 W 1. . ff 211 w 15'wfW,C.., ' FMfW'21w ELT if W M' ' ,W 'sie N 'Saga L, , J iff '11 fe-5 Ei L ' 5125? WE: " it gf' r Wines, ,. , 'M' fJU17:fZ1M,2. -wr, . 1 v ZW ' ,ef Jw ww 1 . . if iefm lgwgf ' ffw'1:m he 'V57'vFPs'?'? "WI , T'.,," ffiffvn N M me A, I ggzggs. v z ' "A r Q 1 Y rl, , oh? Q i if A ff' we A 'M HA ff 4 wzmiwy :J W Q vwiied rn 'W W 'Q' 'W r' -J L "nw Plmwir vm e ii WWE 11' wi , in Q , M 4 ,gf an . rl v , 4, wav '31 "r"1:sr'V 655 fi ,W w a J' A' if vw , 1 M J' . Hifi..-V, Wm., ms 3 C was a An d ed Oqg e Co ay HHH? en b ez F: 1 amish' ec' 'ng 1 0 e tu S In tr c 01 11,1-tsets re, w . orx dsa 1 e n C I 0 1. ve . H I' S C. tri? d an:d W I ! .1h,' r. ed H171 30 T Where W 17 S d Q ' l' Y' tif' 1 11 52: eh I C - ei, au 'ry a t res t g b S 1'-'a F 1 D r With W: an on ds U1 If it W 6 dajfrled , as mere heroes gher' s roh. rhs XX de 1' H a n m d . W, t I1 aw e he Ps hrsr we hrxe-N each ot Ctaheo our rh classes how We 1? h mon 'Yherh as xhe ?"Mt Vfocessxgn 0 X C Y assed by , VNV Svtxnghan We came 10 V005 we - 595 iox'oXes, iarxcresa YNh'a1S0Y 31, 'N we 'O 'Yo iehovlshrp wwh 55055 ,A-,vqgm b w.4g1,,qQma V F ,peg 2 g g , 1 r , ,ef A 031 L' Gr he L, fe. f 45 5 R , gf A 'rf-e A ff ' , Q2 z , ev , ,W , Q 1 i N 9 f A-'af 915- -4 r EH 3 gs Z Tifiiilif as . 4 FQ 1 5 'A f W 5 J J 'firm m lm? F her as dear rx ' . N-!, V. H2116 s V " e en 'wmufn t F11 Wham Soy eo work roger Bearkrxg dear vlkrrxess to our ieho Xrr shop and prrsorr, on rhe busy street, 'Yo men and women, chrklren, young and oXA. The years were ah ro0 shore. Before we knew , The irrhe had come io 'rhmk oi other ExeXds. er our hearrs ro garner ah we coumf O oaysfoi Xiessmg frkerxdshxp,Xoye. in Ido U an mded y rhe Qprd, ndiving hand scidne gl COY1tXOQY68YS2f o th gras,-1 1601 nfs, rosario ep ' 6140 tud ow ate , U81 1-jd 'doe r Wesmaspyw e0f fs M rai Cp 0 H1-chori, me 0sts'B.1se oun ou ts, f. H 1 fog 1' her lasflend who arts t da S' m .Y She Stan ds We s Xrx those X-asr We chose oor Xeaders, Q Aho framed our purpose for :he "Umm che GospeX we are ser aparx. Pmd so arxother Serfxor dass was h0rrx Ps: MB .X . 13 Gods U I AJ d a , nds. Cl, iqkfdiasa.-new-4 'RIMM IJAVID A. DAY, Kansas City, Missouri, Baptisr. Ulnstrueted in the way of the Lord, fervent in the Spirit, .seeking diligently the things of the Lord." General Music, class president, devo- tional committee, leader of street meeting group and Old Peoples Home group, superintendent Bethel Hall Sunday School. EVA ALLEN, Hamilton, Ohio, Baptist. "Readyfor all Thy perfeet will." General-Home Missions, class vice presi- dent, secretary of Recreation Club, re- porter for Japan-Korea Prayer Band, as- sociate leader of Foundlings Home group. 1941 ARCH Domus M. STRONG, Clarksville, Michigang Undenominational. "In the fear Q' the Lord ir strong eon- fdeneef' General Music, class recording secretary, senior broadcast committee, Evening School Promotion, floor prayer leader, class day music committee, class girls' trio, leader of Pacific Garden Mission girls' group, choir leader. HAROLD M. THOMPSON, Waterloo, Iowag Baptist. "Being confdent in Him.', Christian Education, class corresponding secretary, recorder for Japan-Korea Prayer Band, chairman class.Report Hour committee, leader and associate leader of street meeting and Mission groups, super- intendent of Sunday School. CLARENCE C. BENNETT, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Baptist. "Ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord." Missionary Bible, class treasurer, recorder and leader of Latin America Prayer Band. ADA BIRKETT, Winter, Wisconsin, Ameri- can Reformed. "An undivided heart, whieh worship.: God alone." Missionary Bible, class speaker, reporter for Japan-Korea Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. FRANK M. 'Iii-IATCHER, Fostoria, Michi- gang Methodist. "In tlzefullner: ey' His rujicieneyf' General Bible. CLYDE E. HUTHER, Canton, Ohio, Methodist. "Unto the goypel fy' God .ret apart." General Bible, associate leader of open air group. HELEN GEDELMAN, Chicago, Illinoisg In- dependent. "The integrity of the upright :hall guide them." General Music, Evening School Promo- tion, Evening School recreation com- mittee. LUCY E. ALDRICH, Moravia, New York, Baptist. "Doing the will ay God leaves no time for disputing about His plans." Christian Education, reader for Mis- sionary Union, floor prayer leader. Christian Education, class Missionary MARVIN N. ANG, Stromsburg, Nebraskag Evangelical Free Church. "Sowing righteousness for o sure rewardf' Missionary Bible, chairman class devo- tional committee, deputation chairman of Moslem World Prayer Band, leader of Latin American Prayer Band, Leader and associate leader of Racine Avenue Jail group, student assistant. DEAN M. BALDWIN, Watersmeet, Michi- gang Baptist. "Pressing toward the mark for the prize of the high calling ry' God in Christ Yesusf' General Bible, leader and associate leader of Cook County Hospital group, associate leader of Pacific Garden Mission and Racine Avenue Jail groups. BERN1cE BALZER, Guthrie, Minnesotag Baptist. "Of soul sincere, in action faithful." Missionary-Music, reporter for Home Prayer Band, floor prayer leaderg women's devotional committee. MRS. SAM BECKER, Dolton, South Da- kotag Evangelical Mennonite. "Looking unto ffesus the author and finisher of ourfaithf' Christian Education. G. LILLIAN BERGERSEN, Elgin, Illinoisg Evangelical Free Church. "A merry heart doeth good like o medicine' Missionary Bible, class social committee leader of Racine Avenue Jail group. 1 SARAH ANN BIERMAN, Galveston, Texasg Presbyterian. "Little, nameless, but remembered aets of kindness and of love." General Bible. FLOREFICE BLANCHARD, Columbus, Penn- sylvamag Baptist. "To follow meekbz, with reverent steps, the sacred feet Q' your Savior." Christian Education, Primary Depart- ment superintendent. VERA BROWN, Wilmington, Delawareg Independent. "On to broader fields of holy visiong on to lqftier heights of faith and love." General Bible, associate deputation chair- man for Moslem World Prayer Band, leader of Italian visitation group. MRS. IRVING BRUHN, DeKalb, Illinoisg Baptist. "Workers together with God." General Bible. MRS. LLOYD BURDETTE, Akron, Ohiog Evangelical Reformed. "Sati.vfed with Thee, Lord 7e.fu.r." jewish Missions, assistant deputation chairman for Hebrew Prayer Band. LLOYD G. BURDETTE, Arkon, Ohiog Evan- gelical Reformed. "First to the Yew was the order He gave." Jewish Missions, leader of Hebrew Prayer Band, associate leader of C.H.M. Kedzie Mission group. WILLIAM F. BUSLAP, Chicago, Illinoisg Interdenomlnational. "A devout mangfearing God." General Bible. DOROTHY CONOVER, Erie, Pennsylvaniag Baptist. "Onward, upward, apprehending wholly, all for whirl: He call: me from above." Missionary-Music, Hoor prayer leader, assistant deputation chairman for Africa Prayer Band. ALBERT CRoNK, Des Moines, Iowag Baptist. "Our :ujeieney is aj God." Missionary Bible, leader and associate leader of Cook County Hospital group. STELLA DALEBURN, Chicago, Illinois, Presbyterian. "For Hi: namelr Jake, .the went forth." Christian Education. MRS. VICTOR FRANK, Bunker Hill, Illinoisg Baptist. "Ready for rerviee, lowb' or great, ready to do Thy will." Missionary Bible. BETTY GANNON, Ballston Lake, New York, Plymouth Brethren. "The Lord .shall open unto thee Hi: good treasure." General Music, floor prayer leader. MARIE GLENN, Gary, Indianag Baptist. "A merry heart maketh a cheerful counte- name." Missionary Bible, floor prayer leader. MARY EDITH HARRIS, Winona Lake, In- dianag Presbyterian. "Ran.fomed, redeemed, rejoieing in salva- tion." General Music, floor prayer leader, class social chairman, class girls' trio. EDWARD W. HOGAN, Port Huron, Michi- gan, Baptist. "In nothing idle, joyful in labor, bringing His kingdom on apacef' Gene-ral Bible, leader and assistant leader of mission groups. EVANGELINE HOLTY, Caledonia, Min- nesota, Evangelical Free Church. "In her tongue is the law cj kindness." General Christian Education. FLOY L. HOOVER, Rittman, Ohio, Brethren. "Pray for the peace of Yerusalemg they shall prosper that love thee." Jewish Missions, assistant deputation chairman and reporter for Hebrew Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. ANNIE INGRAM, Richmond, Virginiag Baptist. "The light M the righteous rejoirethf' General Bible. BENJAMIN C. JONES, Hampton, Virginia, Baptist. "As thy days so shall thy strength be." General Bible, deputation chairman and leader of China Prayer Band, associate leader open-air and mission work. DOROTHY E. KEBLER, Eagle, Michigan, Baptist. "Casting all your care upon Himg for He careth for you." Missionary Bible. ELIZABETH KEMPTON, Shanghai, China Undenommational. "Her meditation of Him shall be sweetf General-Music, floor prayer leader, as- sistant deputation chairman for Japan- Korea Prayer Band. DOROTHY KETTLESON, Chicago, Illinois, Interdenominational. l'Grounded frm and deep in the Savior's ove. ' General Bible. HELEN L. KRAFT, Minneapolis, Min- nesotag Presbyterian. "Faithful.i.s He that ealleth you, who also will do it." Missionary Bible, reporter for China Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. BETTY J. LANE, Nitro, West Virginiag Presbyterian. "A heart submissive, meek, our great Re- deemer's throne." Missionary Music, class program chair- man, Student News reporter, floor prayer leader. I A i NICHOLAS S. LASKO, Chicago, Illinoisg Undenominational. "Going forth preaching the kingdom of God." General Bible, leader of open air group and Moslem World Prayer Band, depu- tation chairman and recorder for Europe Prayer Band. EMIL S. LEMBKE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin, Baptist. "Holdingforlh the Word of Truth." General Bible. CLIFFORD A. LOFOREN, West Burlington, Iowa, Baptist. "The Lord is my light and my salvation." General Music, Evening School Promo- tion, choir director. EDNA M. LOWDEN, Florence, New Jersey, Baptist. "Complete in Him." Missionary Music, class motto committee, chairman senior broadcast committee, assistant deputation chairman and re- porter for Africa Prayer Band, floor prayer leader, Evening School Promo- tion, class girls' trio. FLORENCE MARTIN, Mason, Iowa, Men- nonite. "A humble, lowLv, eontrite heart, believing true and clean." Missionary Bible, floor prayer leader. 18 MILQRED MCCORMICK, Gary, Indiana, Baptist. "Thy times are in His hands." Christian Education. GLADYS L. OTT, Greene, Iowa, Baptist i'To go, as Yesus went, spending and being spent. General Bible, Hoor prayer leader, EDWARD N. ROGERS, Chicago, Illinoisg Baptist. "Appointed to preach Good Tidings." General Bible. EDWARD G. ROHRMAN, Detroit, MichiQ gang Methodist Episcopal. "Preaching the unsearchable riehes ay Christ." Pastors. JOI-IN. W. SCHEARER, Hope, Michigan, Baptist. "Faithful in sounding His Word, to the millions who have not yet heard." Missionary Bible, deputation chairman of Africa and Japan-Korea Prayer Bands, leader and associate leader open air and mission groups. DOROTHY SCHILLER, Oconto Falls, Wis- consin, Undenominational. ' "Looking unto 7e.vuJ." Christian Education. l i i braskag Evangelical Reformed. "In Him will I fruit." General Bible, 1941 ARCH. DOROTHY M. SEVERSEN, Minneapolis, Mmnesotag Baptist. "Rejoieing in Ihe name Q' the Lord." Missionary Bible, assistant deputation chairman India Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. D1'rH L. SMITH, Mexico, New York, aptist. "The Lord is lhy Keeperf' General Home Missions. AARGUERITE SPRUNGER, Berne, Indiana, flennonite. 'Faith lhut look: to God alone." flissionary Bible, floor prayer leader. HERBER'F F. SCHOLL, Tecumseh, Ne- LILLIAN STUCKY, Berne, Indiana, Men- nomte. 'grind lhe Lord, He it is thai doth go before t ee." General Bible, floor prayer leader. MILDRED SWENSON, Chicago, Illinois, Methodist Episcopal. "The Lord :halt guide with Hi.: counsel." General-Christian Education. CoRNEL1A L. TURBWILLE, Charlotte, North Carolina, Baptist. "Probing the Lord with her whole head." General Bible, chairman class social com- mittee, associate editor I94I ARCH. C. BERNARD WILLIAMS, Farina, Illinoisg Baptist. "Continuing .vteadfuxtbf in the Lord." General Bible. MOLLIE DEE YATES, Tacoma, Washing- tong Baptist. "My presence :hall go with Thee." Missionary and Christian Education, floor .prayer leader, reporter for Latin America Prayer Band. I9 CLASS SONGS Unto the Gospel of God CLYDI IL H0111 Blul,Gmu.lul I7ll'm'U-Lil: runnin inzie . i':l1ll'lT:H-hlfl il:-lllljll 'Gb-n2f23-1 12'-1:-rif'-12:!'r-e i n I-'ZS . Saul: ell e-nmndus ere seek-ing to- dxyg Tell them of Je-m,the 2. Hu-veetie reed-y, the le-h'ren en lang liutenomtheluter B . - hG - I I God wouldlive Dei-ly ourell in Hil Un to t e oe pe o we 5 , 4. Melt Ill md mnldul, 0 Bev-ionr we prey' Grunt ne to lol-lnlThy P51111--CQQll'Q'1 '- -g 'Q ii i 1 3 'Q' I 'O' , :-fs-'-yu :ull-1 '. ..-Enema D I I H LA Truth and the Wayg Here in the home-lend, he -youd the dark een, veit - ing for you. Bonn comes the mn - set: 0 ter - ry not lnnsg hu-vest we give Joy-lnl-ly reap-ing to-goth-er withGo, will end Thy vuyg Lead by still we -ten or ul -leyl ol woeg S, -'P :HE -H. Q fzgam D-LE-is gpcl0lU8 , I l I U HF' ' ' e " ' - " ' " ' - Erm a- n.g 1 . ' - m 1 i-3-iilluri 2-1: -11211-1 w I iiinwgvii 1:1111-ll-1.113 D ie pleed - ing, "Come wit-neee for Me. " our light, our eel -ve - tion, end IOIIS. Un-N be Gul-pol of ang-Eng l-lie preie- ee, what-e'er mm hath tru . - 1 Je-me God ie Thy will and Thy Ivey let ul know. 9. " 'EEFEEI S EE!!-EEE lv....: 1 ri F351 I11- 11:1 isle!-hgI11n-ig I I D D God nt e - pm, Hid-ing Hin Word in the depth of our h8ll'flQ May we be -9- -0- - . 1 vid-1-11-1-in i1i :i 111-4 1 1 -ug V 3-' ,-5!u1E........ ' e fa, .. ' ...f - ' .. ..::.....:-:: . ' 7 i'illlZl'1lElD I . 1 1 xiii 1711 ...-' -. hilh - lnl in sound-ing Hie Word Un-to the million: who heve not yet heard. Q,-1 -1E.iF5 5gss, -.- rf-u-141 4' " nl 1.111-1-in 1 1 ii I l-ran'-ii " - 1 : ' 1 v n u..,,,.' fi.. 'H Ho Je sus, Blessed J '45 3:33 98 1' J "5 5:-isis us 2, ' - . - Q -Q , ' b!e's"0d jhsllss' Thine 3 'mock 1.3 at e., 'F111 Nw, ' gli ggggi as Keeponrsonls 'da - '55 -es- - . .. -H lf., -ma' Tu nrg Wig. 'G pr., . Wi ' '1s,L,, wiki. :inf-if W U' a fd 4 - 4 ., figfg , lr . , n. 5- Q5 . . lrgnl 1 S -'f5 3 ffm SQ . b ' ' .- dev. . X' 5 e ,, ii, gg A ' sian l?'l1atT1,0n 'E X I e Ev - nh, 10511 epra -Q Fm -S-. 77, 'W -'wo "ul-n. .onli -5.5 eg h Fay Pray, . 'Q r N . 'y fb- -U 0 hflltdl - it e .-Yerbedlta -'N gi . -J ujlrmlng 83:9 H ,T 55. , - H Ri: . "' 0 an hast .Q ' :R 'f ' , ' ver mn.-1 ' 5355. u 'fl 55 - ' ' 1 lo i , ' 5 if I 6, y 2 l.. ls 2 . e 0 ,in B 'Har X- 3 r fda 8 Q' H 5 Bar Tb 6, 01- E' I .. Gr e f y I H "'- .J E " 'Z "Biff -' T"-1 . " , u R. I, Tw 2 :Q X U1 de 3, Aw -iq . " J Thy bel -.erpsy ,, . Th l 7 T L Q25 :3 Q. "alfa Ind-in tm' " 3:55 7? I1 a G 51 5- am rface wediea, ' hgh:-acl, deed 1 eff: Thou:-vfo11h Page-U ' :gl ' in-5. -5 hom Ubnn Ve W ug. i rQ, , the vig' tIzem,B1: would h .-:gg 'f , .. ""' BH sigidggfifzf ' if l -. - 69 i ' JN '0'ry, ' J' Hia . ' '-Si-S X ' B ' s u!5 'Thx-er C us,b1eg, . od isa As : b A, J Q. 9 ' Hlls, . 5 Q s-. We S-Q -ax J 'T' ' 'vnlq 313.5 -N -- - In '- fs ' L- - " -f s wi- 1 " rz. . X 6' X ee, Thou -'QE' 'i s -x wb Q '1 -in 5535- -sl. " in " 'sm 52:35 M' wc xii , ' Q-'Ls ' I : ,. - I -' , . -0 'ibm ""' Bo N' -sie N Won ' E+- o H 'b, eo. -If-,,,,, if "f ,- .gg-. ment, ,941 Lmm -Q., NK IC , M -gain: ""-'f 1 . ghqkk -Q.. -4 Q - ks! 20 Vw cf 1 X559 arid not Sed has as .io Qfax xs0"ax?o1a16"9ie5' .Ns - le ea- sa NY 4' 39 g-,Ax 9.39 Q?-C. in gvl' xd1e'z,ef'K,00'lt3a0ACXxf'53, 661' -osx- Y 0 Y Vl As Ol calc wo YW ' ' 5C me l No flags 'Ea 0? Xjvvog yoga GOA S Q In our junior term we th ed To exalt our Lord angaSa5'lour, And to praxse I-hm for His goodness. Then, dependmg on the Father, our forc es, and speakers are nothingi w0od and stubble TOQVO at ailihe C 5655852 n ro TH WCW' its h 0 W We C0 Angf ou, I n Itriheu, fI,.juigiEPPlJlHs'fUz:l6 LA Ht-.- muni0D in Sweet C5"2h,0Ch"' and With bled e assem blessing' Pow w At aflle Iuniol: Once wfay and haPPY part F spent 8 day t Y' Wh-UU ofskating, coasggethqr , :ch wrll never b I '18, Slllggng Called our day ofjorgotten, ' N a L M.B.I. we truly thank you For each lesson you have taught us, . Thank you for the lives of teachers, For each service you have rendered. Thank you for eachfriend and classmate And each lea r w 0 A 080111 ,bless ' 1f"4T'1 elifmfanr Lord , t fe I1 A In pl, ld . old nd ou Clmst Ole wid Ofserpi d lead ,T,s1,a,, 'praye We a f uf 0 e Us Ill We ascend " far " wr 'Wd ' - lp Gp, Never meet I to If one 3 eq de 1105- Us mon, " elo, 'U our "ff '0ffn0f,:0ffdef'?C'0Q PM SC 21 NOLAN FRED BALMAN, Rozel, Kansas, Baptist. "The labor of the righteous tendeth to lU'e." Pastors, class president, treasurer of Rec- reation Club, leader of Mohammedan Prayer Band, captain '39-'40 basketball teams, reporter Student News, associate leader of Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary group, leader of.Racine Avenue Jail group, student assistant. LOUISE M. BROWN, Paterson, New Jerseyg Independent Baptist. "A heart that has rome to rest in God, a willfulbf surrendered." Missionary Bible, class vice-president, chairman class Report I-Iour committee, class constitutional committee, assistant deputation chairman and recorder for India Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. MARGARET SELENA SUTHERLAND, New- ark, New Jerseyg Methodist. "Live Christ!-and all thy lye shall he A sweet uplgling ministry." General Music, class corresponding sec- retary, Hoor prayer leader. MARGARET HELEN STAVER, Miami, Florida, Presbyterian. "Let me hoth diligenlb' work and duly pray." Christian Education, class recording sec- retary, assistant deputation chairman and reporter for Latin America Prayer Band. LEE A. PERRY, Appleton, New York, Baptist. "To him that soweth righleousness shall he a sure reward." Pastors, class treasurer, leader of Japan- Korea Prayer Band. NORMA G. HOYT, Guilford, Missouri, Baptist. "Selfforgetling, seeking onLv emptier :ups cy' love lofllf' Christian Education, class speaker, Hoor prayer leader, leader women's group Cook County Jail, and visitation group for Gospel Mission Sunday School, superin- tcndent mission Sunday School. JAMES HENRY Bovo, McClure, Ohio, Christian Union. "The lips W' lhe righteous feed many." Pastors, class speaker, leader of Chicago Avenue jail, Cook County Hospital, mis- sion group and street meeting groups, student pastor, leader of Japan-Korea Prayer Band. MARJORIE BEATRICE .ROBINSON, An- gelica, New York, Baptist. "Somewhere a hurden resls lhal you may lighten, And thus rejleel the Master's lovefor men." Missionary Bible, class poet, class social committee, 'floor prayer leader, Audi- torium Choir. PIERCE WILLIAM HISCOCK, Vassar, Michi- gang Baptist. "Singing and making melody in your hear! to the Lord." Music, class musician, Moody Men's Octet, "Let's Go Back to the Bible" ensemble, Witness Quartet, Galilean Male Quartet, choir director, leader of Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary group, "Miracles and Melodies" program. ANNABEL BAKER, Mentone, Indiana, Baptist. "He that i: ofa merry heart hath a continual feast." General Music, Auditorium Choir, 1941 ARCH committee. ARTHUR BAKKER, Midland Park, New Jersey, Independent. "Whom .shall I Jend, and who will go for us? Then :aid I, here am Ig .tend me." Missionary Bible, recorder for Japan- Korea Prayer Band, leader of Home Prayer Band, deputation chairman for China Prayer Band, deputation secretary of Missionary Union, WMBI string trio. MARGUERITE FLORETTE BEDWELL, Laredo, Texas, Undenominational. "A veuel unto honor, Janetzfed, and meet for the Ma.tter'.f use, and prepared unto every good work." Missionary Music, class girls' trio, as- sistant deputation chairman for Africa Prayer Band, associate leader Racine Avenue Jail group. E. Lou1sE BURLEY, Burlington, New Jerseyg Methodist. "Ready for work and .rteady at work, True as steel rome woe or weal." General Bible, Christian Education, class constitution committee, floor prayer leader, women's devotional committee, chairman usher committee, leader of Bethel Hall visitation group. GLENN EDWARD R. CALHOUN, Betula, Pennsylvania, Baptist. "To make known the certainty of the word: ry' truth." Pastors, chairman. and announcer class broadcast, deputation chairman for India Prayer Band, leader mission group, and Crusaders Quartet, Moody Men's Octet. JEANNETTE ROSALIE CLEVELAND, Chicago, Illinoisg Baptist. "To distant land: the tidings' hear, And plant the Rose ly' Sharon there." General Bible. LEONARD WILLIS CLYMER, Lincoln, Ill- inois, Disciples of Christ. "The mouth ay' the just bringeth forth wi.rdom." General. OLALAH COBBIN, Brown City, Michigan, Baptist. "LQ'e'J woe: are lightened when thou Jmile.rt." Missionary Bible, assistant deputation chairman for Island World Prayer Band. LAWRENCE CLAYTON DAWSON, Otsego, Michigang Baptist. "Standing hy a purpoJe true, Heeding God'.v command." Missionary Music, deputation chairman of Latin America Prayer Band, Moody Men's Octet, choir leader. VVXLLIAM CASPERTON DIETRICH, Pedrick- town, New Jersey, Baptist. "Follow I must, I cannot go before." Missionary Bible, recorder for Europe Prayer Band, deputation chairman for Moslem World Prayer Band, leader of Chicago Christian Industrial League group. CECIL DONALD FINFROCR, Kansas City, Missouri, Baptist. "Be still, O soulg thy God doth undertake To guide the future as He has the past." General Bible. CATHERINE LUCILE FOSTER, Wheaton Illinois, Undenominational. "Like a watered garden, and like a spring M water, whose waters fail notf' 3 General Bible, chairman class social com- mittee, reporter for China Prayer Band, circulation manager 1940 ARCH, floor prayer leader. VICTOR LEROY FRANK, Raymond, Illinoisg Baptist. "Still achieving, still pursuing." Missionary Bible,,chairman class devo- tional committee, I94I ARCH commit-tee, leader of China Prayer Band, associate leader of Cook County Hospital and open air groups, chairman of Chinese Deputa- tion meetings. VIRGINIA KATHERINE HENCREL, Otsego, Michigan, Baptist. " The light within the soul shines out through the windows W' the eyes." Christian Education. EVA MARGARET JOHNSON, Rochester, Washington, Congregational. "Faithful tofriends, true to God, zlfragrance on the pathway trod." Christian Education. I 24 HELEN BERNICE JOHNSON, Chicago, Illinois, Interdenominational. "Let it be lQ'e's one aim To know and do Thy will." Christian Education. MILAN E. T. JORDAN, Chicago, Illinois' Undenominational. "Wise to resolve, patient to pejormf' General Music, director midnight hour ensemble, trumpet trio, Witness Quartet Galilean Male Quartet, Moody Men's Octet, 'AMiracles and Melodiesn program leader street meeting and mission groups I I y DOROTHY KAREN KETTLESON, Chicago, Illinois, Undenominational. "Little deeds of kindness, little words Q' love, Help to make earth happy, like the heaven above." Missionary Bible, class social committee, Auditorium Choir, Missionary Union committee. JU.ANlTA JUNE LANGTON, Three Rivers, Michigan, Undenominational. "Af blithe heart makes a blooming face A merry heart makes musie wherever it goes." General Music, class girls' trio, WMBI, gsociate leader of Chicago Home for ir s. MARIE M. LIECHTY, Berne, Indiana, Mennonite. "Who best bear His mildyoke, They serve Him best." General Bible, class girls' trio. REBECCA KAY MCCUTCIIEON, Kensing- ton, Maryland, Presbyterian. "fl charge to keep, A God to glory-y." General Bible, associate editor 1941 ARCH, chairman women's devotlonalrcommlttee, floor prayer leader, Auditorium Choir. CARMELA ANN MORETTI, Chicago, Illinois, Presbyterian. "Look up-and laugh, and love, and l0't. Christian Education. VELVA ARLEN E N ELsoN, Claypool, Indiana, Baptist. "Do with might whalyour handsfnd to do." Missionary Bible, assistant deputation chairman and reporter of Island World Prayer Band. ERIC ALFRED NORMAN, Putnam, Con- necticut, Mission Covenant. "To the work! To the work! In the strength M the Lord." General Bible, leader of Pacific Garden Mission group. JOAN WYNANDA OL'r1-iorr, South Holland, Illinois, Reformed. "In alll do he Thou the Way, In all he Thou the End." Missionary' Bible. EUNICE OTT, Greene, Iowag Baptist. "Cool head and warm heart There are never apart." Missionary Bible, reporter and assistant deputation chairman of India Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. HEDLEY JOHN PARKER, Leonia, New jersey, Baptist. "The way of the Lord is strength to the upright." Missionary Bible, chairman class picture committee, leader of Africa Prayer Band, leader of Chinese visitation groups. ALICE CLARA PATER, Racine, Wisconsin, Baptist. "In thy heart the dew ofyouth, On thy lips the .Smile of truth." General Home Missions. ROBERT EDWARD PRIDE.-wx, Racine, Wis- consing Baptist. "ReLving on Hit power and resoureer we are to go forth, well assured that all thing: shall he added unto us." General Bible, leader of Cook County Hospital group, associate leader of Chicago Avenue Jail group. ELSIE Rl!'I'H REID, Bellwood, Illinois, Presbyterian. Hhivefor Jef, you live in vain: Lxvefor Christ, you live again." Missionary' Bible, class devotional com- mittee, assistant deputation chairman 'of Island World Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. 25 FRANcEs WARD RODGERS, Sioux City, Iowa, First Covenant Church. "Give every jiying minule Something to keep in store." Christian Education, Hoor prayer leader. ROBERT CHARLES SHERMER, Chicago, Illinois, Baptist. "Be Thou our eonfdenee, matehless Leader! Go before us, and we will follow." Missionary Bible, leader of Chicago Hebrew Mission, open air, and U.S.Ma- chine Shop groups. EDITH MARY SLEEMAN, Muskegon, Michigan, Baptist. life can o i hy God,s power, " .2 f We onbf bear the burden hy the hour." Christian Education, Hoor prayer leader, Auditorium Choir. ALMA PAULTNE G. SMITH, Indianapolis, Indiana, Baptist. ' "U there he some weaker one, Give me strenglh lo help him on." Missionary Bible, Hoor prayer leader. VIRGIL EVERETT SMITH, Vinton, Iowa, Baptist. "Praise ye lhe Lord. Praise Him with slrznged inslrumenls and organs." Music, Radio String Trio, choir director. RUTII MAE STREBLOW, South Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsing Independent. "Thefeet that wailfor God, fire soonest al the goal." Christian Education. HILDA M. SWANSON, Ruble, Missouri, Baptist. "An undivided hear! Which worships God alone." Missionary Bible, class Missionary Union and motto committees, filing clerk and secretary of Missionary Union, reporter for China Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. ROBERT FENWICK TILLOTSON, Gorden- ville, New York, Baptist. "God thine all, thy theme, thy inspiralion, and thy crown." Missionary Bible, chairman of class Mis- sionary Union committee, deputation secretary of Missionary Union, leader of Latin America Prayer Band, mission and Bethlehem Evangelical Teachers' groups. ANITA ALICE V1ss1A, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Reformed. "All the heauly and sweetness of living Is to ask, lo receive, and to give." Missionary Bible, class devotional com- mittee, floor prayer leader. IVAN M. WILKINS, Pontiac, Michigan, Baptist. "Help me to livefor Thee eaeh day Answering Thy fall." Missionary Bible. EUGENE STACY WoLrE, South Bend, In- dianag Baptist. "The Lord commands, His power no power can resin." Christian Education, class Missionary Union committee, leader of Africa Prayer Band, superintendent Moody Neighbor- hood SundaylSchool, prayer band secre- tary for Missionary Union. 26 rom ia: and neo: we came xo Xeam 1 to serie our matchkss wid, wkce Rn Hxs fxeklf ' from Hxs hands ve How bbs And adm for se unceous bkssmgs I ' hc brkng and pro our school Tha: bo s we :mg ' and for 5 'Yo other for hmm Om' Xove Joxx The w'x al' ' J if Ou L' 3jy"w h H - U o o ' th Gush h I wxx' " 1 X 1'o- , 0 '- C' .A N ' ' 1 01-t X '- 'IIS '. fs . ed prob! ' fm ' n S C lg I . by W01-king E o bringin We ha ve Sgjved fw As COHH. Hi wel 'cfs X s h anne We t If We eip Chl! curate Surhe She our I. rlst the f e to ave Ives tpfomisge to face si 0 H' S t me o - Ct glve ' H E, HA E HT Ww6"e'i,22lM.. . qggximtif ,N Qglxt 3 os C1009 bc Qggfl e5 50 AA. 95' S K 'Yo A 1 XX 1 5 1 K , lk W ' giave Ord gf l' and sou nd I le S011 true 0 1 rt 11 to Us It vt have etf30'i, , e 0 Ml sixth ?tXA mmd oi Chnst. I me 307 meet 'Yqxie Wmxjgxqsh Xove ' 9 1 e X sv1eec.50M OW when xbefp W Xlmg. UM . . 9,95 mms xs Qi ykaveo abwf i 'Yo img we QXOWP 0 W' 27 W 99 CLARE G. DAFOE, Sandusky, Mich., Pres- byterian. "Malte my Ive a ehullenge- Not zz eompromisef' Pastors, class president, assistant treasurer of Missionary Union, leader and deputa- tion chairman of Home Prayer Band, VVMBI, leader of mission, open air, hospi- tal, and Juvenile Detention Home groups. ALTA FERN BORDEN, Minneapolis, Minn., Baptist. " The root ry' all .flemlfartneys if in eomeera- lion to God." Christian Education, class vice-president, assistant deputation chairman for Home Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. ANDREW .ANDERSON, Farmville, Va., Presbyterian. "When God'J will ir thy hearfs pole- Then is Chrixt the very soul." Missionary-Pastor, class corresponding secretary, president of Recreation club, leader of Island World Prayer Band, Stu- dent News editor, leader and associate leader of Ogden Center group. RETAjAvENs,Owen Sound,Ontario,Can.g Baptist. "That I am nolhing, Thou art all, I would he daihv taught." General Christian Education, class record- ing secretary, vice-president of Recreation Club, assistant deputation chairman for Europe Prayer Band, WMBI, floor prayer leader. JOHN S. IRONSIDE, Oakland, Calif., Non- denominational. "There are deep thingx of God. Therefore, puxh outfrom .vhore." General Bible, class treasurer. MARY KATHARINE BALLARD, Fayette- ville, W. Va., Baptist. "A true life i: at once interpreter and proof ofthe go.rpel." Christian Education, class speaker for women, women's devotional committee, floor prayer leader. GORDON G. JOHNSON, St. Paul, Minn., Swedish Covenant. "Moy my life he a thing felt-but no! nolieedf' Pastors, class speaker for men, chairman of constitution committee, leader of Europe Prayer Band, men's devotional committee, leader and associate leader of Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary. HAZEL F. TUNSTEAD, Livingston, N. J., Baptist. "Only for 7e.vu5.' Lord, keep it ever Sealed on the heart, engraved on the life." Christian Education and Missionary Bible, Editor-in-chief of 1941 ARCH, Stu- dent News staff, "Missionary Notebook", publicity secretary of Missionary Union, Missionary Union collector, floor prayer leader, program and social committees of Recreation Club, student assistant, super- intendent of Senior and assistant super- intendent of Intermediate D.V.B.S. demonstration school, supervisor Guild Kindergarten, student librarian. L. PAUL SHEDTZ, Milesburg, Pa., Breth- ren in Christ. "Fai!h can victor he in every trying hour." Pastors, Business manager 1941 AizcH, leader of India Prayer Band, Editor, ARCH 1940, associate leader of Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary group. CHARLES ALLISON, Pontiac, Mich., Baptist. "Whether to work or to sit still, A The appointment of my day is Thine." Pastors, leader and associate leader of hospital group, student ass1stant,'deputa- tion chairman for Latin America and japan-Korea Prayer Band. J. CECIL ANDERSON, Paxton, Ill., Pres- byterian. "Trusting Christ I may go on without afear." Pastors, leader of Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary group. VIPLA E. ANDERSON, Wallace, Mich., Mission Covenant. "Truth makes thefaee of that person share who speaks and owns it." General Music, senior broadcast commit- tee, WMBI, leader of mission group, floor prayer leader. PHILLIP BAER, Philadelphia, Pa., Pres- byterian. "To do God's will with a ready heart And hands that are prompt and willing." General Bible leader for India Pra er 3 , Y Band, leader and associate leader of mission groups. GEORGE BAKER, Denver, Colo., Baptist. "Be selfiforgot in serving others needs." Pastors, leader and associate leader of mission, street meeting and of colored visitation groups. MABEL BARGFELDT, Gary, Ind., Baptist. "What God hath ordered mast he rightg Then fnd in it thine own delight." General Bible. SUSIE BARTSCH, Bingham Lake, Minn., Mennonite. "The happiness Q' the tender heart is in- ereased hy what it ean take away from the wrelehedness of others." Christian Education. FEBN BAs'r1NG, Bloomington, Ill., Men- nomte. "He goes before! therefore all is well." Missionary Bible, Missionary Union collector. ARTHUR E. BEATTY, Owensville, Ind.- Independent. "Preaeh as never sure to preach again, And as a dying man to dying men." Pastors, leader of open air groups, pastor of church. x MART!-ia BECKER, Marion, S. Dak.g Evangelical Mennonite Brethren. "A courage to endure and to obey." General Music, student assistant. HOBART W. BLANCHARD, Columbus, Pa.g Baptist. "Make me useful in this' world of Thine, In ways' according to Thy will, not mine." Pastors, leader of Home Prayer Band, leader of Old People's Home group. FRITZ BOERSMA, Freeman, Ontario, Can., Non-denominational. "De:iring, hut to do and he What pleaxelh God." Missionary Bible, devotional committee, WMBI. JEANNETTA BOERSMA, Grand Rapids, Mich., Baptist. "A good heart is sunshine in a house." General Music, assistant deputation chairman Island World-Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. MARGARET BOONE, Westmont, N. J., Presbyterian. "A eontented heart is an even .rea in the midst W' all .rlorm.r." Missionary Bible. TED L. BRADLEY, Cicero, Ill., Baptist. "He knoweth the way I take." Pastors, WMBI, MBI male octet, Stu- dent News, recorder for China Prayer Band, choir leader, associate leader of Old People's Home group. 30 IVAN T. BROWN, Lewisville, N.B. Can., Baptist. "Not to he xerved, but to serve." Pastors, leader of mission group. M. JEANE -BULGIN, Kitchener, Ontario, Can.g Baptist. "The .runshine of lie is made up of very little heami, that are bright all the time." General Music, Hoof prayer leader. OLAP N. CARLSEN, North Bergen, NJ., Lutheran. - "Let eatlz man wheel with Jteady sway Round the task that rules the day And do his best!" Pastors, first vice-president and treasurer of Missionary Union, WMBI, leader of open air and Municipal Sanitorium groups. JAMES CAYTON, Colorado Springs, Colo.g "Let faith in Thee and in Thy might Determine every motive, every move." Pastors, leader of Home Prayer Band, leader of Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary and Chicago Avenue Jail groups. STEVEN C1-IAPKo, Wallington, N. J., Baptist. "A Jervant W' the heavenb King Muyt :peak hit joy: abroad." Pastors, leader and deputation chairman of China Prayer Band, leader of mission and jail groups. KENNETH ARTHUR CHAPMAN, Pulaski, N. Y.g Baptist. "Who trusts in God's unchanging love Builds on a roeh that naught ran move." Pastors, leader of open air, mission, Even- ing School Promotion groups. C. L1NwooD CHESHIRE, Norfolk, Va., Presbyterian. "Master-do with us as Thou wilt! That we may heeome Thy perfert image." Pastors, chairman of social committee, president and vice-president of Recrea- tion Club, leader and recorder of Africa, leader and associate leader of mission group. PEARL A. CLICK, Knippa, Tex., Baptist. "Myfeet would scale the heavenb' heights." Christian Education, floor prayer leader, superintendent of Primary department. in Moody Neighborhood Sunday School. ROBERT CooPER, Keokuk, Iowag Unde- nominational. "Lead Thou the way, Thou guides! best." Missionary Bible, recorder for Home lgrayier Band and Moslem World Prayer an . Nw i"5"Hlui' R353 Sf' iv-avr DOROTHY A. DEAN, Chicago, Ill., Men- . ff C nonlte. ' . K . "The human heart is sdtened hy instanees .. I it . -V of gentleness and eonsiderationf' General Home Missions. . ' L ' - 'i i Y lisa JULIUS DE GRUYTER, Charleston, W. Va., Presbyterian. "Lofty intentions passing into deeds are hes! of all." Pastors, social committee, recorder, depu- tation chairman, leader of Island World Prayer Band. HENRY DEMLER, Milwaukee, Wis.g Con- gregational. "LQ'e's nohlesl aim-to do the will of God." Pastors, cap and gown committee, prayer band secretary of Missionary Union, leader and recorder ofjapan- Korea Band. HELEN DENHAM, Terre Haute, Ind.g In- dependent. "Murh more projftahle and gracious is doftrine hy example than by rule." Christian Education, motto committee. C. ELLSWORTH DEPEW, Peekskill, N. Y., Baptist. "There is always work, and tools to work withal,for those who will." Pastors, leader and associate leader of mission group. Howaao DEVERS, Alton, Ill.g Baptist. "Work for some good-he it ever so lowly, Lahor-all lahor is noble and holy." Pastors, leader and associate leader. of colored visitation group, and hospital group. 31 BERTHA DEVINE, Hamilton, Ohio, Bap- tist. "There's nothing so kingly as kindness, And nothing so royal as truth." General Christian Education, decoration chairman of Recreation Club, reporter and deputation chairman for Europe Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. ABRAM C. EDEWAARD, Holland, Mich., Baptist. "To he the means one human soul to save From the dark terrors of a hopeless gravef' General Bible, associate leader of Jewish mission group. GEORGE M. Exsraom, Alexandria, Va., Evangelical Free. "It is a signal honor to he an arrow in the Almighty? quiver." Pastors, leader and associate leader of open air and mission groups. IRA L. ESHELMAN, Conestoga, Pa.g United Brethren. "All is hob: where devotion kneels." General Bible, epitome committee, leader and associate leader of open air and mis- sion groups, basket ball team '40 and '41, Missionary Union collector, deputation chairman and recorder for China Prayer Band. I94I Arch. MIRIAM E. FACKLER, Sterling, Ill., Breth- ren. "Our character is our will,for what we will, we are." General Bible, Arch committee, WMBI string quartet and trio, associate Editor of Student News, associate leader of Foundlings Home group. LEOIQA FREEMAN, West Frankfort, Ill., Baptist. "Real goodness does not attach itself mere.Qv to this ljeg it points to another world." Missionary Bible, reporter and deputa- tion chairman for Latin America Prayer Band, second vice-president of Mission- ary. Union, floor prayer leader, Missionary Union collector. ELEANOR E. GEMBERLING, Northumber- land, Pa., Lutheran. "Our deeds determine as as much as we determine our deedsf' Christian Education-Music, music com- mittee, VVMBI, reporter for Hebrew Prayer Band, Student News reporter, floor prayer leader, student assistant, Auditorium Choir, associate leader of Foundlings Home group. JUDITH ciEN'l'RY, South Charleston, W. Va., hlethodist. "The creed of the true saint is to make the hes! of lye and the most of it." jewish Missions, reporter for Hebrew Prayer Band. VENICE D. GEORGE, Buffalo, N. Y., Baptist. "The richest pearl in the christian's crown ofgrace is humility." General Bible. HERSCHEL G1vEN, Charleston, W. Va., Baptist. "To know Him is life's highest attainment." Pastors, leader of mission groups. GRACE G. Go1T, Mt. Clemens, Mich., Baptist. "The earnestness of lQ'e is the onLv passport to the satijaetion of lQ'e.', Christian Education. DONALD GOOD, Milwaukee, Wis., Evan- gelical. "Rest in the Lord and wait patientbr for Him." Pastors, leader of open air and mission groups. DORO'FHEA GOODRICH, Watervliet, N.Y., Presbyterian. "Faith must he not only living, hut lively, too." Christian Education, report hour com- mittee, deputation chairman for India Prayer Band, Student News reporter. AGNES L. GRANT, Defiance, Ohio, Chris- tian. "The Christian life is not hearing nor knowing, hut doing." Missionary Bible, women's usher com- mittee, Missionary Union collector. RUTH E. GREENMAN, Farmington, Mich., Baptist. "No good thing will He witholdfrom them that walk uprightlyf' General Music, floor prayer leader. GRACE GREER, Sunnyside, Wash., First Brethren Church. "What sweetness in the thought, One soul to glory to have hroughtf General Bible, floor prayer leader. v FERN J. HAMMAR, Tustin, Mich., Baptist. "Far, very far, the summit doth appearg But Thou art near, my God, hut Thou art near." General Music, floor prayer leader. BETTY HANRINS, Norwalk, Ohio, Baptist. "Those who hring sunshine to others cannot keep it from themselves." Christian Education, social committee, chairman of Recreation Club program committee, Auditorium Choir. RAYMOND HANsoN, Los Angeles, Calif., Swedish Evangelical Free Church. "Go armed with Christ. Andfnd a weapon frm 'gainst every ill." Missionary-Music, constitution commit- tee, men's morning devotional committee, leader and recorder of China Prayer Band, deputation secretary of Missionary Union, leader and associate leader of Lydia Children's Home group. VERNON J. HARRIS, Sunnyside, Wash., Progressive Brethren. "The power U' God worketh the will in the heart." General Music, WMBI brass quartet, Gospel Cornet Trio. MARION H. HARVIE, North Bergen, NJ., Baptist. "No endeavor is in vaing Its reward is in the doing." General Bible, social committee, record- ing secretary of Missionary Union, Mis- sionary Union Collector, reporter for Japan-Korea Prayer Band. ROBERT HATCH, Chicago, Ill.g Pres- byterian. "InjYexihle in every good purpose." General Bible, 1941 ARCH. WILLIAM D. HERB, Shamoskin, Pa., Baptist. "Greatfaith must have great trials." Pastors, associate leader ofmission group. CEc1LE E. HEss, Grundy Center, Iowa, Baptist. "What matter though the tempest rage? Heaven is my home." General Music. ELEANOR HILL, Ottawa, Ontario, Can.g Undenominatlonal. "Master, it is good to he U H Entraneed, en-wrapt, alone with Thee. General Music. 34 ANDREW HOOGERLAND, Grand Rapids, Mich., Presbyterian. "Thy lU'e is nohlerfor a saerxfeef' Missionary Bible.and Pastors, leader of open air and mission groups. I FRANK B. HOPKINS, Poynette, Wis.g Presbyterian. "That by each deed and word and thought glory may to my God he wrought." General Bible. l SALLY G. IRONSIDE, Pasadena, Calif., Non-denominational. "Wefear nofoe with Thee at hand to hless- Ills have no weight, and tears no bitterness." General Christian Education, devotional Committee. EVA JANTZ, Hillsboro, Kan., Mennonite. , "The glory is not in the task, hut in The doing of itfor Him." Missionary Bible, floor prayer leader, l leader of Racine Avenue Jail group, re- porter for Africa Prayer Band. FLOYD E. JEFFERSON, Waterloo, Iowa, l Baptist. l "Square thyseh' for use. A stone that may l ft in the wall is not left in the way." Pastors, leader and associate leader of 1 Cook County Hospital group. Lsoryiz -IEPPERSON, Waterloo, Iowa, Baptist. "Kind hearts are more than toronets, and stmplefaith than Norman blood." ,Christian Education, devotional com- mittee. l yLYDIA jEPsoN, Plainfield, Iowa, Ply- mouth Brethren. "Now I have found the ground wherein Sure, my soul's anrhor may remain." Christian Education. l 1 ANDREW E. joi-rNsoN, Minneapolis, Minn., Evangelical Free Church. "None hut a theology that came out of etern- ity can carry us safely to and through eternity." iPastors, devotional committee, deputa- tion chairman of Island World Prayer Band, Missionary Union collector, VVMBI studio assistant, leader and associate i leader of mission group. ELVULA JOHNSON, Chicago, Ill., Evan- gelical Mission Covenant. l "To livefor Christ alone." General Music. RAYMOND JOHNSON, Seattle, Washingtong Swedish Baptist. "Ohedienfe is the true sign ddiscipleshipf Pastors, chairman of senior broadcast, student announcer WMBI, leader and as- sociate leader of mission and jail groups. v L it at . , any r iff ri , 4 4 o ,.. 0 1 , 4 i.. 5 ,I sz ' 'mime t f. W. i X 'WI f i 1 , .X V T 2 4 .- Q- so gs. 'YF' ...Nga-.sf .. fx. VIOLET JONES, Waukegan, Ill.g Baptist. "Never dare to despair H While God answers prayer. Christian Education. WALDo W. KAUFMAN, Pretty Prairie, Kans.g Mennonite. "Dear is the ofering of melody,' D H But dearerfar, love's lowliest ministry. General Bible, Harvester Quartet. OPAL KOE'TZ, Downers Grove, Ill., Un- denominational. "-S'how me the desert, Father, or the sea Is it thine enterprise? Great God, send me." Missionary Bible, reporter for Moslem VVorld Prayer Band, fioor prayer leader, Auditorium Choir, leader of Racine Ave-- nue Jail group. F. .Vxoroa Kona, Tionesta, Pa., Evan- gelical. "Praftiee in Ive what you pray for and God willgiue it to you more abundantly." Pastors, recorderiof Japan-Korea Prayer Band, leader of Home Prayer Band, dep- l1tatl0h secretary of Missionary Union, leader of hospital group and open air groups. WILPIAM KRADO, Chicago, Ill., Unde- nominational. "Time for employment, eternity for enjoy- ment, This ly? to battle, the next for the frown." General Bible, leader and associate leader of mission groups. 35 NORMAN A. KREBBS, JR., Pittsburgh, Pa., Presbyterian. "After henedirtion comes battle." Pastors, clarinet trio, WMBI. ELROW LA Rowe, Northville, N. Y., Presbyterian. "Faithfully faithful to every trust." Pastors, leader and associate leader of hospital group, and open air groups. VERNON F. LEGG, Colon, Mich., Baptist. "The weakest saint may Satan rout, Who meets him with a praisdul shout." General Bible, treasurer of Recreation Club, photographer 1941 ARCH, associate leader of Racine Avenue jail group. ELIZABETH LESLIE, Chicago, Ill., United Presbyterian. "Live as with God." Christian Educationg picture committee, associate photo editor of ,4O ARCH, chair- man social committee of Recreation Club. CHESTER R. LINDSEY, Henley, Mo., Southern Baptist. "The preaehing that comes from the soul most works on the soul." Pastors, leader of Europe Prayer Band. EVA LODGAARD, Bloomer, Wis.g Unde- nominational. "The greatest business is for God-to serve Him." Missionary Bible. EDGERTON C. LONG, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Baptist. "Ohedienre is the fruit tjfaithg patienre the bloom on thefruitf' General Bible, president of Recreation Club, Missionary Union collector, men's morning devotional committee, head usher, publicity chairman of 1941 ARCH, deputation chairman and leader of Island World Prayer Band, leader of Evening School Promotion group, associate leader of open air and mission groups. JAMES Low1-LR, Rome City, Ind., Baptist. "Tis being and doing and having that make All the pleasures and pain of which we partake." General Bible, social committee of Rec- reation Club, leader of Illinois Home for the Blind, associate leader of Missionary Workers Mission group. ALBERT j. LUIBRAND, Detroit, Mich., Baptist. "Hopefnds its strength in helplessness and ealmy waitsfor Him." Pastors, leader of Racine Avenue Jail group, associate leader of Cook County Hospital group. ERNEST G. MALYON, North Bay, Ontario, Can., Independent. "He who the sword of heaven will bear, should he as hob, as severe." Pastors, report hour committee, leader of Europe Prayer Band, student pastor, leader of mission, and Evening School Promotion groups. 4. ei ,... , i RALPH H. 'MANCI-IEE, West Allenhurst, N. J., Baptist. "There is no index of eharaeter so sure as the votre." General Bible, senior broadcast commit- tee, Student announcer WMBI, leader of Ogden Center group. NIARTA MATEJKA, Dufresne, Manitoba, Can., Union of Czech Brethren. "Thou must share thou wouldest keep That good thingfrom above." General Music. MILDRED E. MEADOWS, Gadsden, Ala., Baptist. "Love this world through me, Lord." Missionary Bible, Missionary Union col- lector, Hoor prayer leader. ERNEST XNILLIAM MILLER, Chicago, Ill., Nondenomlnational. "No service in itself is small, That meets God's will." General Bible, leader of Edward Hines Veteran hospital. LUCILE MIZE, Bunker Hill, Ill., Baptist. "To do His will wherever it will please God to :all me." Christian Education. EVELYN C. NELSON, Racine, Wis.g Un- denominational. "Would we know what major ehords were sweet-U there were no minor chords?" Jewish Missions, reporter for Hebrew Prayer Band. JOHN VV. NELSON, Mead, Nebr.g Baptist. "When thou goest, thy way shall be opened up before thee step by step." General Music, choir director, leader of Cook County Hospital group. MARJORIE J. NELSON, Chicago, Ill., Evangelical Mission Church. "To tell to all that God is love, For the world has never known." General Home Missions. HARRY E. NEWHOUSE, Holland, Mich., Undenominational. "My album is a savage breast- To write the name of 7esus there is my soul's delight." Missionary Bible,. leader and associate leader of colored visitation group. JEANETTE NEWHOUSE, Holland, Mich., Undenominational. "To livefor others That I may live like Him." Missionary Bible. ANNABEL NEWSWANDER, Alido, Ill.g Baptist. "One by one thy duties wait thee, Let thy whole xtrength go to each." General Music, Evening School Pro- motion. BLANCHE NICKERSON, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Congregational. "Let it be my lQ'e 5 one aim, To know and do Thy willf, Jewish Missions, constitution cornmittee, second vice-president of Missionary Union, reporter for Home Prayer Band. ESTHER K. NOLAN, Clarence, N. Y., Presbyterian. "Whatever dies or is forgot- Work done for God, it dieth not." General Bible. KATHRYN NORDENFELT, Geneva, Ill., Baptist. "Each kindly art i.r an acorn dropped In God': produetive soil." Christian Education, fioor prayer leader. HELEN NORTON, Lorain, Ohio, Baptist. "Who for Him their powers employg Their toil: .shall yield the purest joy. Missionary Bible, floor prayer leader. 38 PAUL OKKEN, Elgin, N. Dak.g Baptist "Sow thy seed, and wait in peaee The Lord'5 inerea5e." General Bible. EDNA O. OLSON, Chicago, 111.5 Baptist. "Beauty for aJhe.r may I give alway, I m :ure I Jhall not pau again thi: way." General Music, Sunday School superin- tendent. DOROTHY ONALEE OSBORN, Covington Ind., Methodist. "To .vhowforth Thy beauty, 7e5uJ." General Music. AGNES PARKS, Huntersville, N.C.g Pres- byterian. "In love, obscurity and tear: The richest .sheaves are grown." Christian Education. V EVERETT O. PEARSON, Chicago Heights, Ill.g Baptist. "Smooth rum the water when the brook is deep." General-Christian. Education, associate leader of hospital visitation. 1 HELEN L. POTTER, Centerburg, Ohiog Christian Union. "Choose Thou for me, let me still replv, O, Master, here am I." Missionary Bible, report hour committee, reporter for China Prayer Band. 1941 ARCH. JOSEPH M. PRINCE, Clovis, N. M., Baptist. "Use me, Lord 7ust as Thou wilt, and when and where." Pastors, Sunday School superintendent, leader and associate leader of mission and Cook County Hospital groups. MAR-IORIE RA1o'r, Grand Rapids, Mich., Baptist. "Leave it all with Him-for you are His rare." Christian Education. W11.Ma RATH, River Forest, Ill.g Non- denominational. "Help me this lesson sweet to learn, Waiting is working it he Thy will." General Bible. MARCELLYN L. REED, Pontiac, Mich., Baptist. "LQ'e eounts not hours by joy or pangs, But just by loving duties done." Christian Education. MARY M. REHA, Gary, Ind., Baptist. "Let me glean and gather after the reapers among the sheaves." Missionary Bible, social and constitu- tional committees, 1941 ARCH, publicity secretary of Missionary Union. 1 VVILLIAM REID, Romeo, Mich., Baptist. "For the love of Christ eonstraineth us." Pastors, leader of India Prayer Band, leader of Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary group. WILLIAM H. RICE, Dallas, Tex., Baptist. "He that hath My word, le! him speak My wordfaithfullyf' Pastors, student pastor, Auditorium Choir, Student News reporter, 1941 Alai!-I, leader of U.S. Machine Shop, associate leader of open air groups. 4 l l VVILBUR C. Room-1, Atlanta, Ga., Baptist. "The greatest spiritual asset is an unwav- ering eonsexousness of the actual presenee W' 7esus." Pastors, leader of open air and mission groups. 1 GEoRoE W. Rorl-1ERY, Detroit, Mich.g Baptist. "Thanks he unto God, which always causelh us to triumph in Christ." General Bible, Missionary Union commit- tee, leader of China Prayer Band, leader and associate leader of Cook County Hos- pital groups. 1941 ARCH. 39 MARION SANDQUIST, Denver, Colo.g Mis- sion Covenant. "Spend and be spent, Thy joy to do the Father's will." Christian Education. ELIZABETH L. SANroRD, Minneapolis, Minn., Presbyterian. "Be it mine each day To love and please Thee still." General Bible, social committee, secretary of Recreation Club, reporter for Moslem Prayer Band. FANNY M. SARGIS, Gary, Ind., Presby- terian. "O, what care and sorrow you may help remove With your song and eourage, sympathy and love." Christian Education, floor prayer leader, chairman of women's usher committee. DANIEL K. Sci-mrz, Oak Park, Ill.g Bapt- ist Independent. "The debts we owe to God are payable to man." General Bible, leader and associate leader of mission and open air groups. E1.1zABE'rH J. SCHREIBER, Bemidji, Minn., Baptist. "To sing with the spirit, and with under- standing." Christian Education and Music, epitome committee. ARTHUR G. Sci-IWABE, Ottawa, Ontario, Can., Undenominational. "O, Lord! That I eould live my lye for others, Andfor them alone." Pastors, leader of mission and Old Peo- ple's Home groups. ROBERT H. SCRUTON, Milwaukee, Wis.g Baptist. "A soul sorely bruised is a soul elect." General Bible, chairman of picture com- mittee, leader offEurope Prayer Band, leader of Great Lakes Naval Training Station and mission groups, Sunday School superintendent. JESSE H. SHANNON, Ardmore, Tenn., Baptist. "Order my footsteps by Thy Word." General Bible. ROBERT E. SHEAGLEY, Cutler, Ind.g Pres- byterian. "PrayermaleestheChristian'sarmorlrrighlf' Pastors, leader and associate leader of open air groups. WAYNE M. SHEETS, Parsons, W. Va., Un- denominational. "Thy God in darkest midnight Works, as well as in the day." General Bible, leader of Racine Avenue Jail and Christian Industrial League groups. PAUL SHELTON, jerseyville, Ill., Southern Baptist. uffoy only comes When Yesus has His way." Pastors, leader Hebrew mission group. M1-:Lv1N P. SHELVER, Enderlin, No. Dak.g Lutheran. "As He died to make men hob, let us die to make men free." General Bible, superintendent Bethel Hall Sunday School. ELLA SHRAUGER, Falmouth, Mich., Methodist. Hlfyou want afeld of lahor, You fan find it anywhere." General Christian Education VIRGINIA SIES, Detroit, Mich.g Disciples of Christ. "Now is the time to live, and, hetter still, to serve." - Missionary Bible, Missionary Union com- mittee. GLENN SILVIA, Chattanooga, Tenn.g Un- denominational. "They who trust Him wholbf, fnd Him wholly true." General Bible. BEATRICE SIVLEY, Decatur, Ala., Baptist. "Trust the Harvest-Giver: He will make eaeh seed to grow." Christian Education assistant deputa- tion chairman for Jiapan-Korea Prayer Band. 0111.0 J. Sviux, Detroit, Mich., Baptist. "My lye is but afield Some harvest rirh to yield." Christian Education. MELBOURNE STADT,Grand Rapids,Mich.g Undenommational. "All one's lU'e is a music, one touches the notes rightb' and in time." General Music, deputa-tion chairman for India Prayer Band, choir leader, associate leader of mission group. GRETCHEN STANBERRY, Decatur, Ill., Church of God. "A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything freshen into smiles." Christian education, motto committee, WMBI. JOHANNA STEUDLER, Lancaster, Pa., Independent. "Afloat upon l0'e's boundless sea, Who sails with God is safe. indeed." General Bible, cap and gown committee, floor prayer leader, leader of Illinois Home for the Blind group. KENNETH STICKNEY, Rochester, N. Y., Baptist. "NearLv all God'.v jewels are frystallized lean." Pastors, leader of Ogden Center group and associate leader of Chicago Hebrew Mission group. EVELYN RUTH Sricizizs, Avon Lake, Ohiog Baptist. "Nohly will our work he done U molded hy Hix Word." Christian Education, chairman of refresh- rnent committee of Recreation Club, as- sistant deputation chairman for Home Prayer Band, floor prayer leader. ANN SWAIN, Springfield, Ohio, Baptist "My Shepherd if lreiide me- Nothing ran I lark." General Home Missions. HAROLD C. 'IiALLMAN, Plainfield, Ill., Baptist. ' "Rest not-Ive is Jweeping by, Do and dare before you die." General Bible, 'picture committee, as- sociate leader 0 Chicago Hebrew Mis- sion group. JOHN E. Tic!-IY, Chicago, Illinois, Un- denominational. "Reaper: are few, and the work it great, And rnufh will he lost .fhould the harvexl watt." Missionary Bible, leader of Maxwell Street jail group. L 42 .ALLARD G. TODD, Loris, S. C., Baptist. "Lord, lead me on to higher ground." General Bible. MALCOLM E. VAN ANTWERP, Tustin, Mich., Baptist. "A .vermon need not he a work of art, but it muit be a voice from God." Pastors, MBI male octet, recorder for Europe Prayer Band, leader of Chicago Avenue Jail group. JARMILA VEBROVA, Czechoslovakia Europeg Union of Bohemian Brethren '4To the Jtill heart God doth Hit .veeretx tell." General Music, floor prayer leader. CARL O. WAHLSTEDT, Bloomfield, Conn., Interdenominational. "The Goxpel .vtory they must know, Thefullnes: aj redemptiorfs plan This is the love-debt that we owe To every man." Mission Bible. ROY E. WIKANDER, Muskegon, Mich., Methodist. "They neverfail who die that He may be made known." Pastors, recorder for Island World Prayer Band, deputation chairman for Home Prayer Band, leader of Chicago Hebrew Mission Kedzie, associate leader of Cook County jail group. JAMES WILLIAMS, Eldora, lowag Baptist. "To walk with Thee in l0wLv paths of seruzee. General Bible, leader of open air group. HARWELL WILLIAMSON, Chester, Pa., "Have thy tool.: ready, God will find thee work." General Bible, associate leader of Cook County Hospital group. LEST WE FORGET! God of our fathers, known of old, Lord of our far-Hung battle-line, Beneath VVhose awful hand we hold Dominion over palm and pine- Lord God of hosts, be with us yet, Lest we forget-lest we forget! The tumult and the shouting diesg The captains and the kings depart, Still stands Thine ancient sacrifice, An humble and a contrite heart. Lord God of hosts, be with us yet, Lest we forget-lest we forget! Far-called, our navies melt away, On dune and headland sinks the fireg Lo, all our pomp of yesterday ls one with Nineveh and Tyre! Judge ofthe nations, spare us yet, Lest we forget-lest we forget! If, drunk with sight of power, we loose Wild tongues that have not Thee in awe, Such boastings as the Gentiles use, Or lesser breeds without the law- Lord God of hosts, be with us yet, Lest we forget-lest we forget! For heathen heart that puts her trust In reeking tube and iron shard, All valiant dust that builds on dust, And guarding, calls not Thee to guard, For frantic boast and foolish word- Thy mercy on Thy people, Lord! -Rudyard Kipling. 43 RA.Y WOLFE, Guthrie, Okla.g Presby- terian. "IVE .rhall have all eternity lo eelehrate the vzetorzer, hut we have only lhefew hours of sunret to win them." Pastors, leader and associate leader of Cook County Hospital, Chicago Hebrew Mission groups. EMILY WONG, Bashaw, Alberta, Can., "Yuri what Thou uppointesl Thy will is better, Lord, than thinef' General Music. "M---li Class Advisor for August 1941 k, Mr. George S. Schukzr, L 44 n ' . Q 5 I 110091 Pzgociqtxoti I I ,A IA fj ,Inf 0 ! rf-l X X MNPJ fcneci' Club fl E V" ' - X 1 ra xg X II :JDM dlp !k+.- u. D 1 " l m is WW uf Q J??f1Kme,,'s 2 1941. A,-cl. Ma'fE,A na I v 0 - I 1nVIh",.,x.., X A x..Y"'x frm 'lm x 'V' fi Q K link M-ss. ' ' UQ xlxk I lonary uhflln 'I-' J EL S Xhmllh fl' LJZT.. . 5, Stwulenf New 1" my M f off DUTY CORNELIA TURBIVILLE Axxorialf Edilor STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS VERNON LEGG HERBERT SCHOLL ANDREW ANDERSON EVA ALLEN CLYDE HUETI-IER VICTOR FRANK WILLIAM DIETRIOH LOUISE BURLEY FRANCES ROGERS NORMA HOYT MARY REHA BERTHA DEVINE ELEANOR GEMBERLI HELEN POTTER LEONA FREEMAN FRANK WEDEKING NG MRS. ROBERT HATCH HAZEL F. TUNSTEAD L. PAUL SHEETZ Businus Manager PUBLICITY ECE RTON C. LONG CIRCULATION EDWIN STEFFY DECEMBER 1940 DAVID DAY LILLIAN BERGESON EVANGELINE HOLTY APRIL 1941 EDITH SLEEMAN JEANETTE CLEVELAND ANNABEL BAKER RUTH STREBLOW AUGUST 1941 IRA ESHLEMAN HENRY DEMLER GEORGE EKSTROM GEORGE ROTHERY EVENING SCHOOL JOHN WIMBISH FRANCIS CROWN GLADYS GORENSON 1 46 REBECCA MOCUTCI-IEON Axsorzate Edilar STAFF ARTISTS NORRIS FISCHER IRENE GARRETT ELIZABETH VAN WAMBEKE RUTH BERGERT BONNIE JEAN QBIGELOW ELIZABETH GANNON MARY EDITH HARRIS HEDLEY PARKER ROBERT SHERMER MARGARET STAVER MARJORIE ROBINSON ROBERT TILLOTSON WILLIAM RICE ELIZABETH SANFORD DOROTHEA GOODRICH ARTHUR SCHWABE RAYMOND HANSEN ROBERT HATCH VERA ENGEL 'S hooX S:a?ffXek: Robert Hvenwg ec nd Mr. ' X'Yun- Mrs. a TeX Hue hm right, Vera Eng, , 1' dekkng, yo Harsh, stead, Frank We Wkmbksh, Ghxdys Gorenson. e Q .2 . Q XX Cacixwg 'A . 4 N- xx Oy AERO Q00 fx D Q 4 I .J J Q 5, L7 f fe-1 ,ff M ,. ffm f . X 1' I Af E ,fi f-X. ' 'f "'-N 1 ,.i f' ff f -5,-'ff 41" 4 7 47 K Xg. ary Re '11, 1 rfwlk I "iff A g rand gl-OUP of wo l l u L -be'iOu ' millistsl Student News ANDREW ANDERSON, Editor MIRIAM FACKLER, firsofzale Edztor STAFF MARY IQATHERINE BALLARD HUGH HORN TED BRADLEY CHARLOTTE KRUGER MORRIS BRODSKY CALVIN H. MAXSON PROCTOR DAVIS GRACE RICE ELEANOR GEMBERLING HAZEL 'I'UNs'I'EAD IDOROTHEA GOODRICI-I FRANK VVAGGONER Student Newr is the Institute family's bi-weekly newspaper. Included in its pages are news items of current interest at the Institute, announcements, accounts of students' practical Christian work ex- periences, interviews with visiting speakers, students' poems and editorials, a missionary column, a VVIVIBI news column, and occasional articles by faculty members or outsiders. Most of these stories are collected and written by the staff but some ofthe best articles come from occasional contributors. Stories submitted are checked for appropriateness and accuracy. Then head- lines are written and copy goes to the printers. The paper is printed in the Institute Printing Plant in the basement of the Administration Building. During the past year several Sludenl News articles have been reprinted in leading Christian peri- odicals and some ofthe stories have appeared in tract form. 48 'f1"6' Sx gui Dwi X0 ' 9. Gcxhus at w awk. NLLJ5 XR Q xg F X , 5- TX , L A N c 'K x Lf W f-- x X N , 1 1 -X 'N E w f ,W W I Q -f i V , ,Q ,C 1 xx A v , l gi. 1T xii? HBMY5' Knthcrknc, , ezmox' and il proNem'." HF , Jdxtor shows him, ,. 'I 'i""w-fa., I I02 X KMZCQXXJ ENT NEWS Q9oS0fbe'6 xxblconrle -'Afil C TUNE?-EAD? THE ARM Missionary union OFFICERS 1940-1941 EMIL B. ELBE, First Vice-President LEONA FREEMAN, Second Viee-President KENNETH BYSTROM, dssistarzl Treasurer RAE POMMER, Recording Serretary EUGENE WOLFE, Prayer Band Secretary RAYMOND HANSEN, Depatalion Secretary ELEANOR CODDINGTON, Publifily Secreta U' President, WILLIAM H. HOCKMAN Treasurer, ERNEST C. CHRISTIANSEN OFFICERS I94I LOWELL MARTIN, Firsl Vife-President RUTH BUTTS, Second Vife-President KENNETH WHITE, Assistant Treasurer MARION HARVIE, Rerording Serrelary HENRY DEMLER, Prayer Band Secrelary WILLIAM PENCILLE, Deputation Secretary IRENE GARRETT, Publicity Serretary The Missionary Union was organized to stimulate missionary spirit among the studentsg to promote missionary intercession, to maintain contact with former students in various places of the worldg and to keep before the student body the task of world evangelization.Towards this end ten prayer bands have been organized to represent the various fields of the world. This school year each of these bands had an average attendance of one hundred fourteen persons, which is a gain of one hundred sixty per- cent over five years ago. The Deputation work carried on by the Prayer Bands also shows a large increase.Two hundred sixty. three meetings were held, at which seven people professed conversion, one hundred seventy-one dedi- cated their lives for service and one thousand eighty-eight promised to pray for missions. Many prominent Christian leaders and missionaries addressed the student body in the regular Satur- day night devotional hours. Among them were: Mr. Paul Pietsch ofthe Migrant Fellowshipg Dr. and Mrs. john F. Scroggie from Englandg Capt. J. E. Mallis from lndiag Mr. Thomas Young, South America, Mr. Carel Hamel, Dutch East lndiesg Mr. Saltau, Korea, Mr. Falkenberg, C.C.C. Work, Mr. S. Gunzel, Mongolia, Mr. Jack Wyrtzen, Homeg Mr. S. Fidler, China, Dr. Charles E. Scott, China, Mrs C. Kent, India. 50 W sjj2'Mi vfffQi'51y2 ZFX 'RX li' - xi xx. 'xxx mu mn :xxx- X - x.1 ! , X LW 'I . .m, - ,S WXYKQ, tex f NXX5Q'xonarv Umon X . H 0 , . ?fe5gnt21U0 . . SUKXUXKS - Locamng fo' mer s IXMM LD' , Hx 1---.....,.,., 0 kg ,fav ' ,D L' ,r'w,, .M .L ,XM K v-an an 5. ..,- s fi 'J WJ j w www E+ 11 T A iii yx .f ,, i- PJ, - gg ,,,3f,, 4.33 are nam Publiciry-an - Phase f ' ' lmportinr 0 MlSSlOl13r f Y Umon, The Married Women's Guild GUILD CONIMITTEE MRS. VVILL H. HOUGHTON, Chairman MRS. A. F. BROMAN, Secretary and Trezzsurer MRS. 'LHOMAS S. SMITH MRS. P. B. FITZWATER MRS. W. H. HOCKMAN MRS. GEORGE E. LESLIE The Married VVomen's Guild organized to help the wives of students who are unable to enroll as regular students at the Institute provided fellowship and inspirational study courses for thirty women this year. The classes which prove so helpful to these women are taught on Tuesday, VVednesday and Friday afternoons. On Tuesday Mrs. P. B. Fitzwater leads the Fellowship Hour followed by Miss Frances Bennett's Synthesis class. On the first Friday of each month Mrs. L. O. Langston conducts a Mission- ary meeting. In her absence, Mrs. VVilbur M. Smith takes charge. The other Fridays of the month instruction in sewing is given by Mrs. james Harrison, Mrs. Kenneth VVuest and Mrs. F. C. Christian- sen. The Wlednesday classes are taught in cycles-During the Fall Term Mrs. VVilliam Hockman has charge of the Missions Class and Mrs. Ralph Stewart teaches Doctrine. During the VVinter Term Miss Flla Vllubbena teaches Hygiene and Mrs. Stewart Bible Analysis-Book of Acts. In the Summer Term Mrs. A. F. Broman leads the class in Home Making and Duties of a Pastor,s VVife. To care for the children while the Mothers are in classes a nursery for the babies is supervised by Mrs. VVilliam Lessel, with Mrs. Beverly Shea assisting her. A kindergarten with Bible stories, memory verses and handwork is conducted for the pre-school age. Mrs. Raymond Nelson and Miss Theresa VVorman work with the older boys and girls training them for the K.Y.B. radio programs. The Guild endeavors to make a wife a real help to her husband, so the training afforded includes both the spiritual and the practical. 52 ggYAm MTS- Mtzwwtcr ' a nd F6110 WSNP Ho ur, 1 N II to Hgh f XP 1 x xe 11, f r x. fy Iaoleggx 1 ,' Llc-I7 Sha J Ieanjll-'Oh On Q H R .SS- e - le 8161.1 EMOr J ga, 1 ! IJ fl!-1 C le an Or B a Fqharfle F. Pmnuzd Xuzmquex NXM sXmXX VRXAS 1 Y m The less on of the I Vy. mder gm Lexx Ckxhdvexx. Maki xo 'Qxghxf NXQNXQXXQN Uzxmixe NX?-CACW XXWWW M0066 Yam Ymwemove, Leo bkecdco. K 53 'X The Alumni Association VVILLIAM H. LEE SPRATT, Preridenl MELVIN SEGUINE, Firr! Vine-Preridenl H. RAYMOND BAYNES, Sammi Vire-Pre.rident GERTRUDE BRINCKERHOFF, Serretary ROLAND AGGERS, Treasurer Miss MARGARET GORDON Representativffrom the Faculty MR. THOMAS SMITH Representative from Ihe Board of Trustee.: MR. H. C. CROWELL Vita President W' lhe I nytilute The Alumni Association is a fellowship of men and women who have either graduated from the Insti- tute, or who have been enrolled as students in the Day or Evening Schools, or who have taken a course of study in the Correspondence School, and who have joined themselves together for mutual helpful- ness, to pray for one another, and to encourage former students to remain true to the teachings of Godls Word. The Alumni Association seeks to perpetuate the Christian faith for which the Moody Bible Institute stands, and to propagate the glorious Gospel message throughout the world. It seeks the welfare of former students, the advancement of the interests ofthe Institute, and continued co-operation in its great work. In the accomplishment of this aim the Alumni Association has undertaken to contact former students in different parts of this country by means of a system of field representatives situated in strategic points throughout the country where the former students live. During the last year about seventy rallies have been held for former students-happy times of renewing old acquaintances from the days at M.B.I. Many of those who have attended the Institute testify to the value of these meetings. Also, a further means has been employed to bring news of the Institute family to the ends of the earth, namely the new publication The Alumni News Bulletin. Through these means more than 8,000 former students have been contacted this year. 54 X65 a wonder GLENN RSEMXRTXM EKXQKRKXES WY. fd ding NBHXD to be am QJUWIXUSX- X225 ' Nb SGW X 65 0 K9 OW 92, 94 55 IX, . rwgfgssgiarr, Mr, A rmkerhog ingfirs iand U4 dle. The Recreation Club FACULTY ADVISORS Miss ANGELYN DANTUMA MR. RAYMOND NELSON 1940-1941 1941 EGERTDN LONG, President ZROCER DAVI?.P"g'dfg RETA JAVENS, Vice-Presidenl RNN XEVSLSOQI, ire- 7551 ent ELIZABETH SANFORD, Secretary FUTH EN TENS?" NNMU' VERNON LEGG, Treasurer CRANK EERELL, rmjurgr BETTY HANKINS I AROLYN oo'rHE, . PROC-FOR DAVIS, Pmgmm Chmrmm GORDON ROLOFF, Program Chairmen , . ELIZABETH LESLIE, Rdrefhmenl Chairman EOVBERIVIWILLIMA5' Re7,rf,5h"EfZ7!.Cha"man ANN NELSON, Deroration Chairman REFTIE ACKAE5 bjfqmlgg . mrman NORRIS FISCHER, Pahlicily Chairman AE OMMER1 u fffff mrmun HAROLD VVHITE, Maxi: Chairman "He who can play well can pray well." With this in mind, the Recreation Club ofthe Moody Bible Institute provides a well-rounded social and recreational program for the student body. The first three Monday nights of each month are "Rec Club" nights, at which time programs of inspiration, fun and fellowship are provided. The faculty members, students, and occasional guest artists entertain. Among the many indoor programs this year,-a Birthday Party for everyone, an evening of music by the Fetler family, and a lecture on astronomy by Rev. Clarence H. Benson. Outdoor programs included a weiner roast down at the Lake front, game nights, athletic events- basketball games and a ping pong tournament. The Recreation Club has recently purchased a new supply of games for the game room located on the first fioor of the 158 Building. On free nights students can gather to play games if they wish. On Saturday and Monday afternoons special outings of interest were planned. Groups visited the Brookfield Zoo, the Stockyards, the Field Museum, the Art Institute, the Shedd Aquarium and the Planetarium. A boat trip to Benton Harbor, Michigan on the SS. Roosevelt provided another en- joyable day. 56 3 x Yarn Max X a ,,..-:"" ..,- "' A .f-3' G H fgx Sbfihg ,Qi teryn .4 1. XnsmXX adcm of Rec' ' CX uh offmex Q gm GW" E E Library DR. RLGIN S. TVTOYER, Librarian Miss NTABEL SPRAGIJE. Assislfznl Librarian STUDENT LIBRARIANS INEZ Boo'rE PlI,IZABE'I'H SCHRIEBER DORO'l'HY CTUZZARDO MARGARE'F STAVER HELEN KOESTER HAZEL 'TNUNSTEAD RANGHII.DE VVERHO On an average day two hundred fifty-nine Day and Evening School students visit the Institute Library to read, study, or consult the many reference books. The Library now boasts a total of twenty four thousand, one hundred sixty-nine volumes.These vary from such heavy works as Calvins lnstitutes or Shedd's Theology to bedtime stories for children. ln- cluded are Christian textbooks, commentaries, Bible Expositions, Annals of Missionary Conquests, Christian Education texts-all the kinds appropriate to a well rounded Bible School library. Un display in large well supplied racks are found several hundred current religious and secular peri- odicals, missionary letters, magazines, and newspapers. The yearly circulation totals nearly thirteen thousand,issued to more than eighteen hundred students. There is also a Public Library deposit of several hundred volumes. 58 QQ: gguc . X MES ,, Ninn v ev um Uv. Nl avgucr Xie Scirus 5 rephchxg hooks 'm Stack S 31 H550 Y ' rkmg ul Xxoestex wo Ro O UN . Ilkt' . lfute Q . tudents studN' .vlhg in the lil 5111!-V 59 V iz' MQ: m f- l l : F ' ' E 9521 6' I WMBI "The Station wholly dedicated to the service of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ." Blessings abound through the ministry of VV.M.B.l. Thirty-one students have been engaged in the radio department during the past year as singers, speakers, announcers, continuity writers and office helpers. Under the direction of Wendell P. Loveless and his associate, Ralph E. Stewart, 2,299 broad- cast hours' in the fiscal year 1940-41 have been heard within an approximate radius of 150 miles, reach- ing more than five middle western states. - A special 1941 Founder's VVeek broadcast from midnight to 7:30 brought replies from 39 states, several Canadian provinces and South America. The 1941 Letter Week broke all previous records with a total of 29,467 letters received. During June and July, the busiest time of the year there were 51 weekly broadcast hours, represent- ing nearly one hundred programs. The Shut-ln Hour is the oldest program ofthe station as well as one ofthe best loved. It consists of hymns, prayer, poems, meditations, readings, letters, children's songs. A construction permit was granted this year to erect a frequency modulation broadcasting station which will operate on 47,500 kilocycles and is licensed to cover an area of 10,800 square miles, in which it is estimated more than 4,500,000 people reside. The result in one woman's life is told in her testimony: "lt was last September, on a Saturday night, a steady conviction of how terrible my sins were, grew and grew, until, while listening to the broadcast over W.M.B.l., I took jesus into my heart and now l am a diH'erent person." f 60 YM . , Q kwX9.ix'mx'5CU N 1 'ww NCXQSW5 as 9-W6 Y' BM . Vx 'Y YYWV NM. ?s. VNS. XA C, ,QYQBNNCXM BM Xlxxth 'Q Msifmxxc ' The 1,-mngcfluflar H and lcixnmngrsnme ho rs f n A. ur- ' lx ' 11- , N-. el1r1CtlqeGV11kt.EEl: ucst X .Yvumpcxevsf and NNMTX NY .NK .Ya . Ymus , 6 1 W Geo: ge, Summa, Soi dim t 'Q 6 ood f 000 . Ye' Xe 0 we 1560 SQNQ in L X K i 1 - 4 , i ' 15095 hva 1 I gi X16 v SSR tea? 6 vi? EEQOOY aa? XQSUWY ' Mother Russell ts' 'AKC' we Bliss I-laves and Miss Reuther pause to' let us "snap" them. ,Q if QM. AV wb Mr. YVuest calls you "Inky', because You re black and run out of the pen." XQYOS' "Holding forth XNOYTW rx SWA XQIXYXQ 50 6015 006 OE the Q the vvofd of Life." 62 Smiling reception- TRHNEES f , fwwf fxfwmwffk N M ffidfgiqvx C -ff 'W 'l i ic W iskafnw X If-1-!!.!m!!!' f X h P" A X J' Z 10 if l-.W NK ,MLW-N N xx... Wk M. , C5223 an Jmwy us Jn..- N vm K- . JV' M 408 oobxede- oi 90000 'xo -Q0elxx 60013005 64052801 as 00 Q Nad' fa .KX A me XX exe 6 Q0 Woe! 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W . f QQKAQZ1 if 7. , f , 0.6 Q05 ig, V 0 ' w, 'fi Q ,vm Si 2 - .,w,,,5 - AR Being F' 1- yiwii 21 ikf. L' '+ 5 13 M 1,2 fy Q 3 5 5 155 . 0, ' H55 3 3.3 '1- 0 - 2 ,. W' Aw 'Q 505.0 M '33 0 gg 5 ' ffl. ii. 2 an gym I Lv? P fs- ew km ggi 3 I , W, ,SN , , 7 ,, A ,W I 2,30 93 2- 'f K 5 1 4, . Q V24 9 :PH A -'M 2 ' 1 4,57 - ,, 4 fm, U X pf' -mm H0 WW K is X fi -,ff Q -7 - J, V gm' ' 3, , W-wg v am ' i 1 . , f ' Y -. - , " 'Y' , 77 49 ., A ., ,,, S 3-F Q, vig " M 59.8 -, W 1 mg' fx T y if 31 is W L Q Ffa Q gg 1 ,., 2, Q , 1 fn 1 pf gg . eg N " V Q A4 1 7 r "5 ' , A ' 7 Q ir ,4 1+ 9 FP H X ff M H, 37. ,, ,., , - f , ,,, , W Supcnntendent . Dfmmma m Lharge. N. Hvenkng Schod ITQIFHC Xu the Post Ofiicc. 65 "Those weddy reportsv V'-1. W alia KX ' ' X CYXCXXXXXE cosy 'JN t K - 'tk X- 56 XXX 3 QV vs dude Qxfxofvsl "The Qmgcls of thought tread the tongs of thc common rhetorlcal ladder." NQXXK - QXYXQ Ywtvf' ex SW Xjf . Q 3309? NI 1 L5 awk w Mr. Broman talking to "his hoysf' t XM XXX. . """'s. -im? KQIQEANNE I tg A AGL, QQ 1-Af-t A N N 'H bon N30 cr L ass. Q66 . Q06 had ,AQLBCS X0 yX 1. Y Back row-Fred Crown, Thomas Cawlkins, Arnold Richart. Center row-Paul Bone, Francis Crown, Gordon Sears. Front row-Wanda I-lalstad, Evelyn Heath. Chicago Gospel Messengers. sl 'him 5' a 061,618 C17 A 11156. . S S. class. G l,pu,1J1Y 1 . on ' X Putt ol lwef mlgsl . ' hui am Sohlivd ko K Q e netrs' isa he strterl - f , 8 Q ,Q 'QQ K J ,A-'F V is 1. 3 1 ,af K K Mr. 81 Mrs. Frank VVedelcing and some to whom they mmlster ln a South slde rescue m1ss1on. CORP-E590 ENCE Wckomc to the Corrcspomkxxcc ScXwoX. NYM. H. Mui Svvxmw' SCHOOI M . S Q nX a few members ok hxs wodd-wxdc mmdy. Y pmt a L 68 E ' Hrs goodness , 'Yhe Correspondence SchooX orders seventeen Home Study BXbXe Courses, each compXete Hn 'rtseXf and desrgned to rneet the need of peopXe who can- A , U not attend the Xnstktute or who may be deXayed rn Mom Qamlfhli PGY WW' QQQM YS attendrng, hut who desrre to obtakn an Xntrmate and hofff EVEN YS HKS beauw' UNSC M6535 truths knovdedge of the B'rhXe and practKcaX methods of me heme Yeveaxed YO me m Fm evefdjmfeasmg Qhyretgem Work. degree as X study and ponder Hrs HoXy VN ord. How At present there are nkne thousand eaght hun- K prznse God for the correspondence courses of the dred seventy-nrne enrohed for one or rnore courses. NXOOGYBXNQ MWSUWUZ WWW WWC 5095 50 much Then testrrnonres are concrete proof of the vaXue m mah-mg HKS WOM PTCUOUS V0 WY heaffx- X have of thks Work. now cornpXeted ten correspondence courses, and partiahy cornpXeted two. Each and every course has proved a rnrne of wezdth, and has rnade rne the happy possessor of treasures unthought ot. One th'rng X arn assured or Ks that correspondence BXhXe study, such as the Moody BXhXe Xnstrtute offers, From Coxomdoi -Lx have Ceuamw emoyed me rs one of theyhnest ways of estabhshrng Chrkstrans symxrerxe entre sway Course for the heXp at has m the Wh- heen to rne 'rn garnrng a better knovdedge and apprecratron or the BKhXe as a whoXe. X can reconn- rnend the course to others. Thank you very. krndXy for your patrence and encouragement durrng thrs course." n reward. Urhgence has Kts ow 1 el V Y ' xxgelx kkvofls G 2-Y X-axis OiXOy'X'gaXXfaX' A 5 V . 7 S X36 695 3. X ha Prayer fo al' 'Ihke this one day, dear God, And make it Thineg I would Thy will be done, And none of mineg I am so prone to leave Thy tender care, So chasten me, dear God, And keep me there. 'Ihke this my heart, dear God, And let it be Filled overflowingly YVith love for Theeg nd may the light of Christ In me today So shine that none can Emil 'Ib see the VV1 1-OneD "Prayer 1666135 the C111-istian'S arlnol' A . y. And take my mind, dear God, Vnxixcizi May it be stayed LOVX Xfel On things that are ofThee, X And not dismayed By problems of today, By doubt or fear- Guide Thou my though And ts, dear God, keep me near , ' I of 09 , 5 UCVSQWNRQC ' Rkcxgigi ex' Nyce af ANR? C Xx L GYM mom Flaw XX am Xtgf vm we .Wim BW SOI 5 do X ,on Ov X 5 G These things I ask, dear God, just for today: Thy will, Thy love, Thy care- I will not say Tomorrow, Lord, for Thou Wilt give me lights I'm seeking guidance, God, From now till night. -lVIARGARE'l' I":LIZABE'l'H APPLE . Qc, xiii' - , mm gx, A L13 iiwrww ' L KXQXX - ha . 0 ' me-eafed 'XQWXSQ e W ' lv . . ble week . , ies assem h n en S d0m?'tOr d in pravef- T C or of the Wom Word an ' R resentativSS from eVe2li1r?Spirati0n around gthfhe Throne of Grace' f Leaders. CP ' - 1 for an hour dentS gather 'PIU SEI Che B Breckenfll ged all the women Stu Mrs. an - Q itories im heir Cl0Tm retum to t Tom Btackman reyncmg wrth " rn Chrrstf' two new Brothers Ya Veta Buder sowkng the seed in a chHXd's heart S lrgilmia Si Breaktug Ui e to a CS XV' r. lth her girly, fro - m Chinese Sundav Sch .1 - - oo , Y v angdxsm Chas the Bread of X Lhdd , taught by Evdyrx Nlyers. hurtgty sou . ia! W , 5g'rxooX . , nd Sxmdm Cjrxx1YCx0' ' rdorx 5622? P411 erme Ymptxst W ugordgng forth the Word of Ute." Q L geese M BCM 71 e?.4J XXX Xxlxg 0596 KW C, wi Ax duxc-L . 1 'A WX V goo? SX ' v 60,25 O? Institute students proclaiming The VVord - Q6 MX udeoig i ,q kv Victor Frank leading the singing at the Chinese Christian Church. "Praise Him, Praise Him, jesus our Blessed Redeemer." Daily Vacation Bible School held at Chinese Christian Union Church. Victor Frank director. Happy-for they know Him. These smiling faces radiate the real joy within 73 1 W W W Jgfwrf O Coe cond 'CK 'Ai Ocke " Coach QKS 3 U . P th6 tree, Frm, P . IC. Vvhft . C t now 1 fl lrl frlen d or a th CO1OglC2-ll prob Cm "yXwQxcf Smeg ying Orr, XDQNCYNUN5 X guy ?xXXx1mjN Qxxx, QYXXX Kei Q Orr. WNW , NK ui Qxvfx nv CMN X NCYK x -Page . va X 'X a . W 5 CNML Ymkmg V XY ew , X ,WN ei , NK am I X3 of A , MQW Slu 8 Y gfrr Krebbsy, in action 74 me "Why so 'xrxcr edxhoos, Rem. NK X5 .X . VvasX4erfXmXX 'Yemrf' W'rXYxmmx, Caovalm Km Y.sXwXef ' erYxr1, Norman VAICYI X Anderson Ysober r VCVMX , Rob er K lx 0 sv-JKQXL , Kr v mg, Y ember dry , Y no iff' Ymsorx 'Y 'C ous So .vp ' N wa. ,Ear Thar Saw 'ro . 1 Q D eeph' absorbed KH . , ? Ove I' the f ence ig Out! The more W C get to gether the lei' are We. -,4.......4 1 Q'- ,1-JL , . 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