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 - Class of 1952

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94.9 M52 jnfwzhcfeq pf Z ,ff 7- M My f 7ZwZZzZp?Zfez2ZV. 64 We, The senior class of '52, bring This annual To you as a Token of our love for The MonTverde School. WiTh The year coming To a close, we are preparing To enTer life as This, our school, has TaughT us To do. Our class will soon fade away, leaving noThing buT precious memories. We hope ThaT This annual will enable you To remember us as much and as oTTen as we will always remember you. famed cwzlealc 'ze46dfea1!'4 77Z6d449e Qjrglpi, , eds? cha 'Q , Hama! f ' 2455565664 f 'l r Hamm fildaezl ' 4 ze4cdeaz"4 WZ E 39: ai 15? Ql 1 ' You have gone a long way Toward completing your formal educa- tion. However, do not be satisfied with your accomplishments. The world needs citizens who are well informed, who know how to do things, and who are not afraid of work. Success in the years ahead will depend largely on your desire and determination to keep abreast of your field and to achieve mastery in one of its important sectors. Important factors essential to success, usefulness, and satisfaction in life include iudgment, discrimination, courage, persistence, and a willingness to consider the other person's point of view. They include also kindness, sympathy, and unselfishness, open-mindedness, and the priceless asset of wisdom. l hope your training here has taught you how to think and that through your informal out-of-class contacts you have come to realize that, with all the difficulties confronting us, this is still a wonderful world. Sincerely, it 1 r-V-Now 3. 9-P' velalld N. RAY CARROLL H. P. CARPENTER Glo Kissimmee Orlando J. M. LOWRY R. F. MAGUIRE Montverde Orlando J. HARDIN PETERSON HARRIS G. SIMMS Lakeland Lakeland We We, the senior class of 1952, dedicate our annual to our trustees, a group of men who mean much to our school. Because of their love for The Montverde School and their generous donation of time, energy, KAQL LEH CARL E. DUNCAN .losEPH E. HENDRICKS '140,,,v MANN Tavares DeLand efde C. H. MCNALTY C. W. PALMORE Melbourne Lakeland L. NEAL SMITH G. G. WARE Montverde Leesburg edicalfe and money for its maintenance, we, the seniors, wish to bestow upon them the highest honor within our power to bestow, as a symbol of our everlasting appreciation of their loyalty and support. 'WW annu- 'had 'ii ss Back row, left to right: Grace Williams, Sandra Hawkins, Mr. Butt, Sandra Russ, Carolyn Tillson, Carol Lindstrum, Bill McKearney. Front row: Miss Lombardero, Jean Callahan, Steve Roberts, Shirley Thompson, Frances Fugate, Sharon Huston, and others not present. , In behalf of the annual staff and sponsors, I would like to thank all of you for your co-operation with us in working on this annual. This year we have produced a bigger n' better annual than has been offered to you in previous years. We have put much work into this annual and we all have the feeling of satisfaction which comes only through a iob well done. You get out of anything only what you put into it. We hope that you enjoy this issue of the INTERLACHEN as much as we have enioyed working with all of you in making its publication possible. Members of the staff are Mr. Butt and Miss Lombardero Shirley Thompson as 7 ,, C Editor-in-Chief Jean Callahan Assistant Editor Steve Roberts , Business Manager William McKearney , Assistant Manager Dale Pease and Carolyn Tillson Sports Editors Sharon Huston and Rawson Buck , Activity Editors Frances Fugate Official Typist Willie Frouin and Tony Rutz Junior Reporters Carole Lindstrom and Bob Welch c Sophomore Representatives Grace Williams and Dean Hanson Ninth Grade Representatives Sandra Hawkins and William Hays 7 , , Eighth Grade Representatives Sandra Russ and Paul Walcot , , , , , , Seventh Grade Representatives JLTQ ADMINISTRA non acuity I' Il k L , tgp!! 7,1 Vt, It I MRS. GROVER M. FORD Montverde, Florida Principal , X 1 411 ROBERT BAILEY Claremont, New Hampshire- Piano and Band l' n ,A NANCY FARRIS Lexington, Kentucky Nurse .c..-ma D .- 5 .Ali NICK BORATA MARVIN BUTT JOSE CONDE Stielton, Pennsylvania Yards, Virginia Oriente, Cuba Mathematics and Coach Commercial Maintenance x I Pham not Available 1 - tatssiiiit ISABELLE HARRISON Clermont, Florida Matron of Odell Hall MARIE HAWKINS SAM LAMAR Youngstown, Ohio Denton, North Carolina Matron of Community Hall Industrial Arts ONDINA LOMBARDERO Tampa, Florida English and Spanish CHARLES LOWE St. Cloud, Florida English and Science MR. B. R. SANDERS Sumter, South Carolina Social Studies 5 i, . LEWIS TREEN Eustis, Florida Physical Education KATHARINE SMITH Jacksonville, Florida Secretary and Shorthand LORRAINE TREEN Eustis, Florida Home Economics MR. J. M. LOWRY DAVID F, PRAY Montverde, Florida Oak Park, Illinois Secretary and Treasurer Science BLANCHE S. TATE LAURA V. TILLER Mt. Dora, Florida Kissimmee, Florida Dean of Girls and Librarian Head Mafron if JOHN WELCH MELBA ZARFOS Montverde, Florida Red Lion, Pennsylvania Business Manager Piano and Voice Vi ' ata rf' 5 ' . 'N' W- in' 1 s R w R "PN K A .N vw, wil , QQ W N N 1 k'SM'X M- Q i Q ,W J' W was , A, 3' . if 'Q . Af is SENIORS P xt . ', ..- 3 'Z'9 A , X x " emlaw YVONNE ANGELA BAXTER Home Economics Club 9 Camera Club 9 Cheerleader 9, 10, I2 Philomathean 9, 'lO, 12 Commercial Club I2 Glee Club lO, 12 Philo Treasurer l2 Lakeland, Florida RAWSON ANDREW BUCK Philomathean Il, 12 Annual Staff 12 Cocoa, Florida ERICH GARCIA CASTRO Athenian 9, 10, 11, 12 Science Club 12 Baseball 10, 11, I2 Bayamo, Orle., Cuba Jose ARTURO CONDE Post Graduate Baseball lO, ll Varsily Club ll, 12, P.G. Varsity Club President ll, l2 Philo President I2 Philo Vice President ll Philo 9, lO, ll, l2, P.G. Sanfeago de Cuba . ' embed VVALTERTHEODOREFLETCHER Baseball il, l2 Basketball 12 Class Treasurer I2 Philomathean ll, 12 Philo Vice President 'I2 Norfolk, Virginia FRANCESJAYFUGATE Athenian 9, 10, 12 Cheerleader 9, IO, 12 Class Secretary 9, i0 Class Treasurer 12 Commercial Club 'I2 Home Economics Club I2 Cheerleading Captain I0 Maitland, Florida JACQUE Gul.l.ois Philomathean ll, I2 Philomathean Treasurer Havana, Cuba SHARON LEE HusToN Basketball 10, ll, 12 Philomatheaun 9, 10, 11, 12 Philo President 12 Annual Staff Music Appreciation 12 Glee Club 12 Camera Club 10 Junior Play Hampton, Virginia ESTEBAN LACALLE Baseball ll Athenian 11, 12 Bayamo, Orte., Cuba JAMES EARL MARETT Baslgefball 11, 12 Baseball 11, 12 Class President 12 Athenian President 12 Speech Club 12 X Glee Club 12 Athenian ll, 12 Junior Play Miami, Florida ,f 4 .2 fvff' 1 ref' E Wfflm, J I n nf ' , ,f . N f' . " 1 .1 dy I YV- pb ,P I , 'k ill WILLIAM JOSEPH MCKEARNEY Basketball 'I2 Fire Department I2 Secretary-Treasurer Fire Department 12 Athenian ll, I2 Annual Staff 12 President Student Council of Arnold Hall Miami, Florida DALE OWEN PEASE Class Vice President 12 Athenian Treasurer IO, ll, I2 Secretary-Treasurer Varsity Club 12 Baseball 10, ll Basketball 'lO, 12 Captain Fire Department I2 Glee Club l0, ll, 12 Band 10, 'Il Leesburg, Florida 9' J x ROOOLFO THOMAS PITTALUOA Philomathean 9, Ii, T2 Speech Club I2 Class Treasurer 9 Baseball 9, ll, i2 Cheerleader l2 Camera Club 9 Glee Club 12 Hershey, Cuba STEPHEN WENDELL ROBERTS A lf' Athenian 9, 10, ll, 'l2 Class Treasurer I0 Athenian Vice President I2 Business Manager of Annual I2 Annual Staff Junior Play Avon Pa rk, Florida SHIRLEY JOAN THOMPSON Music Appreciation 12 Annual Representative 10 Junior Class Annual Reporter Home Economics Club 10 Philo Secretary I2 Basketball Manager Ii Editor-in-Chief of Annual School and Church Camera Club I0 Philomathean 9, TO, Il, 12 Junior Play ll Miami, Florida Class Secretary 10, 12 Class Treasurer ll QD Speech Club 12 is Glee Club IO, ll, 12 Basketball TO, ll, 12 Cheerleader T2 Athenian 9,iO, 11,12 Athenian Treasurer 12 Annual Staff T2 Junior Play Camera Club 10 Walden, New York fo CAROLYN ELEANOR TILLSON emma Secretary-Treasurer of Montverde Sunday ROBERTA ANN TOWNSEND Glee Club 9, IO, I2 Athenian 9, 10, 12 Music Appreciation 12 Duneden, Florida RICHARD KELLY TRESHER President Varsity Club Fire Department 12 Philomathean 10, ll, l2 Baseball 10, ll Class Treasurer ll Cheerleader 'll ,av 1 STEPHAN Kiss Zeucsicovics Baseball 9, 10, ll, 12 Varsity Club ll, 12 Vice President 10 President 'Il Science Club President 12 Varsity Club Vice President I2 Band ll, I2 Havana, Cuba X . 'fd 33 A LABEL FAMOUS FOR USUALLY SEEN WEAKNESS Baxter, Y. Flirting Cracking a ioke Men Buck, R. Quietness Making nets Boats Castro, E. Dancing Causing confusion Mambo music Conde, J. Talk Repairing Blondes Fletcher, W. Walk Doing nothing Fun Fugate, F. Cheerleading Waiting for the mail Opposite sex Guillois, J. Muscles Being nice Outings Huston, S, Happy-go-lucky manner Rolling hair Bubble gum Lacalle, E. French With the Cubans Rum Marett, J. Basketball ability Behind shower house Miami McKearney, B. Clean room Writing letters Sh6r0r1 Meldorf, U. Tall tales Supercilious grin ESt0r1i6 Pease, D. Voice With another girl Wine and women Pittaluga, R. Curly hair Bumming a "weed" Cuba Roberts, S. Neat dress Telling iokes P"efTY 9iflS Thompson, S. Temper Swinging along Hl5T0l'Y fe5Chef Tillson, C. Bandaged legs Smiling GSYUS Townsend, B. Score books With a gang F595 Tresher, D. Cold lips Changing room around Comic books Zelicskovics, S. Brain Loafing Baseball Treen, Mrs. Dress Getting cat food C575 Treen, Mr, Walk ln old duds Weekends E3 . J K 3 'fl CLASS COLORS-Green and White .- X Av, 45 CLASS MOTTO-Aim high, shoot straight i X Qi - ' 5 N CLASS FLOWER-shssfa Daisy . j I Z I ALLERGIC TO WANTS TO BE PROBABLY WILL BE THEME SONG School Glee Club director Directing husband ln Love ln Vain Girls Navy guy Deck mopper Anchors Away Steady company Owner of coffee plantation Last drip Cigarettes and Whiskey Matrimony Car designer Taxi driver Nevertheless Unfair Treatment Jet engineer Raising little iniuns Now ls the Hour Work Married A loved mother Tom's Tune Bus rides Atlas Mighty mouse Shoes Miami bride Left on the beach l Won't Cry Anymore Razors Barber ln the chair Loveliest Night of the Year Fibbers Dairy owner Milk boy I'm Just a Country Boy Dirty duds Doctor Prosperous I Don't Care Disorder Doctor A success Shrimpboats Soft drinks Veterinarian Veteran All the Things You Are Engagements Night-Club owner A waiter Because of You Cigarettes Ranch owner Playing the range Lucky Ole Sun Annual work Welfare worker Wi: probably need their TSB for Two . e P Dull times Commercial teacher MarVir1'S Wife Jim Quiefnesg Married Waiting at the altar Always Sarcagfic remarks Aeronautical engineer CHURCH fodder Blue 75990 Barbar shops Arnold Hall Junior Night-Club owner A mother Basketball coach Master of ceremony Successful A proud papa It lsn't Fair Pretty Baby Philippino Baby iq MQ xg 5-3 Jai? J X llllfk 35 Q NY' X - X . if . 'J' M, 5 A 55115 if Hg vig 5 ' ja A ., . ,A . ...... ., , Q ,p,., ' .K 4. 'fm Ma- 51252 X ririg- 5 L L' QL -. 5 e AL.A . 4 7"-- ffm ' 1 - 55 3 f 1: 9 .T Y X si-:ii 2 1 L Vg' S Q ' E1 , .Q 3 . " 5 5 ? 5 'sig K X - Q wg X M ig K 'T-1 'wx H L g HF' .wfwqefmms hy, I n A S ' L'L" 4 N, WT k L S' k..- Q K , M i , , 1 , 3 , , S . if f fiwegga 455. fm' nik :iw Y yn V' --.,. :Wy ..., . X L -r-5 sk: ,af nf. : N -fu w 1, nn .-Q ', ffxum ? I 'ff NA. .wa F Y f 7 1.5 ' an--.. ,QM w Fai-'A 4- Fawn MM. 'lk I F 'RT' 'Ir i Q Q fi S 'XF wk -. .ww X is X335 .....,,, 5' 1 sm- as '92 A .Kiki 'L as x xf ,S 1 J," . uf 1 'U Q 5 S. 5 ss ..,.E" MQ'-Q ki 5 -. X ,, L N"' Q X . 'Q 'X ' ,sf ., as A A, . . wx A-'T 11' QM - . , X ' S' X- : X ',,,,.L X X Q XX A 'i': 1 V Q? d iw 6 4: y Nik, N35 I BB 'SY'-23' They're dressed up and stitched up And look very fine! That's Shirley and Rudy Eight times out ot nine. lf you want a job well done By willing helpers of the best, Then look for Jacques or Bobby, And your mind can be at rest. Sharon and Jim Are always in Trim. With muscles They husfle. Don'f you envy Them? Frances and Kelly Flash a smile Thar's a beauf. lT's vvhaf you'd expecf, though, For aren't they cure? ' 'Y 32" wi 'Q cLAssl-:s :wicca Dwight Bradshaw Delray Beach, Fla. Athenian Willie Mae Knight President Philomathean Jacksonville, Fla. Doris Bissett Tampa, Fla. Athenian Tony Rutz Vice President Camaguey, Cuba Philomathean x' 2 "MTX 'l 'unfold Ar x nuugvi Jean Callahan I Pensacola, Fla. Athenian . ,SN ,fa Alice Farrar Athenian Bradenton, Fla. Pat Greene Philomathean Sanford, Fla. js, -qv if Nancy Hillier Pahokaa, Fla. Philomathean Martin Dyckman Boys Treasurer Clearwater, Fla. Athenian Betty Layne Dominican Republic Bob Marriott Tampa, Fla. Philomathean A, Willie Frouin Secretary Dominican Republic Philomathean Betty Jean Spann Jacksonville, Fla. Philomathean lf,,, 4 ff 1 lf: 5:- r 9 f 2 , ,tl-,gf I ,. W Jeannette Smith Girls Treasurer Isle of Pines, Cuba Philomathean Hugo Venegas Camaguey, Cuba Athenian Allen White Summir New Jersey Philomathean 1' Glen Alber Athenian K I ra we SHO Carol Chaudoin Athenian AVAILABLE Wallace Burgiss Athenian Terrell Carlton I Dlr3'N1' nAv: A THING 'ro WEAR qw fb ill! 2 -. JL Hugh Cassidy Philomathean Cynthia Beatie President Philomathean Bob Welch Vice President Athenian Gail Crews Secrerary Philomathean Bobby Dugger Philomathean F A Wayne Edwards Athenian Shirley Hiley Athenian S Carolyn Lindstrom Philomathean Patricia Lynch Athenian W05U5Y 1. :' ,' jg lisa 710551202111 Gena ro Nunez Athenian Gustavo Pittaluga Philomathean Margaret Schaffner Class Treasurer Philomathean Dennis Alber Class Treasurer Philomathean Ronnie Rood Athenian ,, ,H i 1, 4 . na-Fm H ....,,jf' ,- D, i 1 ,V 5--:fi - 5 , 'fn 53 " ff 'Ts :-f gf, . ,,-,X I , K, Maxfli, qt". xv, - . 'vw . .. A,..H.'g .4,., uv'-': K M- ,".', - 3 g.-+..,,- Blake Sorrenson Philomathean Kitty Smith Athenian Enrique Valdez Philomathaan ghirley Wysong Athenian -0 2 X I KWX l Abreu, Carmen Allen, Jackie Anderson, Dicky Athenian Athenian Athenian Appleby, Tommy Athenian Athenian F01 SHOWN S Cooper, William Eaton, Ken Ellison, Carol Gresham, Anne Athenian Athenian Philomathean Gunter, Gay Athenian Athenian AIKNY iNllPKN1! QHQK ,-Q? 5 I ' . 'Six 1 n fxigrit if i CWC Srl' ,:., N: 74'-?r-kill U . ,aw it i Hanson, Dean Philomathean Hawkins, Paul Kepler, Florence Kilpatrick, Charles Phillips, Jackie Athenian Philomathean Athenian Athenian me I , is 9 C . t E f Q 5 1 .., ,P A ..,,a 8:1 W iz If .Q ,, f , kyhy A-:K , . .I . , 14. eq . , , t , A v J.. i A this Ransom, Posy Tucker, Allen Vreeland, Jack Williams, Grace Wilson, Julia Athenian Philomathean Athenian Philomathean Philomathean Bullen, Bob Chaudoin, Marilyn Athenian Hall, Margie Athenian Powell, Joy Philomathean X x X 5 E Ngafxk ' X fs. gswgiis. as-is .X ees - cs , - : X X x XX ,Qs X x WSH, Weis X X X ci 5. X gt E -M , - t C V .f :, X 4 . Q A' Y a at wee-1 sexi-. - fi 5 .. X-is si - E . 5 . Q' . 1 , sz Yates, Angela Athenian we an :A Q. f ' Derek Alber Roger Brooks Athenian Philomathean H K 3 V5 ey X I' 5 Joe Carter Louie Grice Sandra Hawkins William Hayes Ray Hoefler Athenian Athenian Athenian Athenian Athenian ,, i , l rweusy I 222 21 BR. wx 7!0f5iawn Dave Locke Ann Mallard Billy Robinson Julia Fay Rogers Edna Spring Philomathean Philomathean Athenian Athenian Philomathean Maurice Turrise Sharon Ward Sue Welch Roy White Phillip Yarbrough Philomathean' Athenian Philomathean Philomathean Philomathean ' f 4 - 1 I, 53 if 1 -an .., . 4 , FS? if 'n, la Beniamin Abney Philomathean eaemfi 62446 ii fF'.' 1 - - E' bi I ' 1 Q 111 , 1-W K ,..: ug - i I N C. E. Acree John Cassidy Athenian Philomathean if rf' . gf 'aiif Hi U' in Barbara Dorr Norman Duncan Athenian Athenian U7 'u ZS go. 3 203 TT Sc :us ui EEE C3 G3 0 +3129 yi lllll F Douglas Fornstrom Athenian 5 he s. N. -, 'A ey ui. W. K. Chinn Athenian W 5 f l" f X -flux 3 XV. if if Ji Ji Y in T. J. Green Joan Hoeffler M. L. Roberts Athenian Athenian Philomathean tr A kills . . . 2 A fl lixmixs 1 Bobby Williams Paul Wolcott John Woody Philomathean Athenian Philomathean fx. :Q l g 1' ll. Q . A Q . . 1 nk , L 6 N X '51 9 ll f ,. ,. X f ll lil A THLETICS .QI x I A i X.. 5 1 '3 'O I I I If xx WALTER JIM , I LOUIE 'D' J A xc , NM I ..,. . XX A if ! 3 Q s 3 I COACH BOROTA GLENN its A fl BASKETBALL 1951-52 SEASON Montverde participated in its first season of The Central Florida Conference play and fared well with a 7-7 record. After the season, Montverde went to the C.F.C. play6ffs and lost to Umatilla by 5 points. It later seeded in the District Tournaments to play Mt. Dora but lost to them by 13 points. Enya ' 24466156456 RONNIE mt , L x K ei ..s.,w.-a ' X rw J 2 off' I DENNIS 1 yt 1 X 1 wi -It . 1 -N ., www -di . , . MM--9.35 WW". .Jawa w . f' ' '.' " BoYs' BASEBALL ' Back row, left to right: Nicholas Borota, Coach, Ronnie Rood, Louie Grice, Duran Alfredo, Benny Parrish, Walter Fletcher, Rudy Pittaluga, Jim Marett, William Hays, Wayne Edwards, Manager. Front row: Paul Hawkins, Bob Marriott, Esteban LaCalle, Stephan Zelicskovics, Enrique Valdez, Eric Castro and Bob Welch. X1 in-fall GIRLS' BASKETBALL Back row, left to right: Mrs. Loraine Treen, Coach, Ann Mallord, Sharon Huston, Shirley Wysong, Nancy Hillier, Gail Crews, Willie Frouin, B. J. Spann. Front row: Carol Ellison, Willa Mae Knight, Carolyn Tillson, Bobby Townsend, Score-Keeper, Pat Green, Shirley Hiley, Pat Lynch. HISTORY OF THE SOCIETIES ln T910 the Montverde students started organizing the literary societies which are today known as the Athenians and the Philomatheans. These societies started for the purpose of creating school spirit. The competition between the societies has been good since the two societies began. There have been 25 track meets since the origin of these days dedicated to sports. The Athenians have won 12 while the Philomatheans hold the title with I3 wins. In 1952 Jim Marett was chosen as Athenian President and Sharon Huston as the Philomathean President. Steve Roberts is the Vice President of the Athenians and Walter Fletcher holds that office with the Philomatheans. Jean Callahan secured the position of Secretary of the Athenians and Shirley Thompson serves in that capacity with the Philomatheans. Each society elected Treasurers, a boy and a girl. Dale Pease and Carolyn Tillson collect dues for the Athenians and Jacques Guillois and Yvonne Baxter do the same for the Philomatheans. ACTIVITIES HOBBY CLUB Back row, left to right: Dwight Bradshaw, Tippy Evans, Kay Chinn, Carole Lind- strorn, Ginger Kepler, Dick Anderson, Mrs. Marie Hawkins, Sponsor, Cindy Beattie, Nancy Hillier, B. J. Spann, Sharon Ward, Grace Williams, Elain Boeker, Joyce Cartwright. t 'N l"' -A-.4-4 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Back row, left to right1 Mrs, Loraine Treen, Sponsor, Bobby Townsend, Florence Kepler, Shirley Hiley, Betty Layne, Carol Ellison, Gail Crews, Nancy Hillier, Frances Fugate, Grace Williarns. Front row: Doris Bisset, Pat Green, Shirley Wysong, Margie Hall, Kitty Smith, Jean Callahan, Willie Mae Knight. MIXED CHORUS Back rovv, left to right: Allen White, Dale Pease, Alice Farrar, B. J. Spann, Sandra Hawkins, Pat Green. Bottom row. Rudy Pittaluga, Hugh Cassidy, Yvonne Ba'xter, Carolyn Tillson, Willa Mae Knight, Sharon Lee Houston, Jean Callahan, Bobby Townsend, Nancy Hillier, Instructor Melba Zarfos. ' .. L . tn., BAND Lett to right: Carmen Abreu, Florence Kepler, Stephan Zelicskovics, Dean Hanson, Edna Spring. QOthers not picturedj - -- 9- 3:7 , ' iigf.. 5, I . .Q 62 L? Q -3 X X 'R 3 1 , 5. wuz. 1 V15 5 Aziz' - 'X Y 2 'T Q .fs 3 Q Y f 2 -Q, 1 ,M :gg f,'7'5i1 - .m,'.. 'J G" 'H . .fz?,5SX'Sl35Y:- - ' ie . Q U wa- sf P is P. Q. 3115 k . f . f sq? y V is W 4- Y ff fi' ' 'va . Q, ar 12 f ssh . 1 1 ,. q K v 'FX' 'Q' X 1 x . x 3 if a Q ,X f., Wx, fi .1 35 J 2 6 A30 35:2 X .79 , 3, 5. 5 ij . ' 35 -fi: i EK, . if. Q 1 'A 5 Xfifij K it f A .Q ' X 'S ,, N if T x .qi 'X i 5 X , .L 5.1, ., gz - hx if S' 1 4 .Q N , Q .- .4 . .S .W . gr, . 5 A1555 5 5 vs wa J is . f X ...fu Q .X x Wa X +8 Q5 N fx A T54 Q, A J .. , Y 4 Q 1 x MX L Q X K ee ,, . 1 5 X 2+ , i 4 'QQ X . Q, 1 ,Rx f. -fSfXNS- N. ,f -. X W 111 'K .f-5 A I . - N P - wr, - .wif f'ffe'TxfA -1 : f .. , , -' M X . 156 If' i X X 1 X N A V , I' I , . rx K X Kg kno' X NANCY X- I , ,' 5 X PAT 5 f'- ' AI , 1 ' ff X x x X Na I . XX Q , 1 ', Ruov X: RN A W x FRANCES NK, gl cARoLvN xx x N 'O , c ' J I. D Q l A .A Q53 5, ,H YVONNE i f g X , A vi I, la JEANETTE Left to right Frances Fugate Nancy Hillier Yvonne Baxter Rudy Pittaluga Carolyn Tillson Pat Lynnch Jeanette Smith km! 2 Y 9 r K wk 5 2 x- ,U Wu. - n x 'f'?"f'Jr WWW my! ' 4 V-B. -1 X Z. ,,,-Q' 'www pg w.1m.,v rf LK. f u 'Q u v un- wi' af-Fd-ff 11 th. if 09- 'Glu ATHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY S an U C fO L- LL U3 C O UI ba Bo 6 512 Em 5.0 WE .O Q.-I 2.11 --va I5 Pa, 21: :C 52 .53 Q0 ,J- 3? an Ep Q90 mm 35 '-ow -Q: QILL -cu 35 0.0 -I C N Q5 gi ,Nm me .Em .- L N 'U'U EO O cl 'Um EE jc O ,JM 2,5 ..'Q "ru .c ca? 'ETJ u.: Qu: -5 lbs Bu: QE xl xi :DI ,lD.C 7.2 21. mu.: C2 38 .EO- LQ O2 Dim D Z' 5: o 2 C -C, .2 an 3- 22 mu I.: C. Oro B.: S Calla Jean berfs, 3 fU Q. 3 O L.. First Ro SOD. E .E uf ev :N fU I E .E Ca an an L CD -Z I-J :Z .Q an -6-an 2.92 fi' E Oren S- E2 s-- Nm QD M CD U .CU OE C Ps pictured. T HO effler, others O I X ru 1 Q To u fU -I C fU .Q CD Q- U1 LU O 3 an fD U of E .E LD U YU L LD -6 L.. 40 FU 5 c C 4 E 3 O 'U fU .c LJ c Z' O I- an U 3 O L- 2 'C T9 E SFI Carm h, u C P- ...I 4- fD D.. -6 L- S C O L- ro .C LD -C. .".Z E an Pa +- 3: M C L O O fU L. ru .Q X- ru ca K , 4 51. ir 11 N NN gf -Q.. fi s. M , 125' 5 Q. Q , .vw nk -9 is 3: '9 -552' ' ma QW On- F r 5 W Q ii Q., Wx X if 'TU Q x 1 n as S S Aix Y. ii Ei: if K M MQ, S Q Q TW MEX :ab 1 QQ.. K if gf' ian V , 555 , if W' iv if 3 M LQ ' ew ,.,. L f ,wp we . 1, Ly M, vi Q-Q ., +1 i 13 3 lzb 2? A a K-1 W9 if 10 uw 4 1+ F I' ,f ui ff 1 se I K.. 3 gssg Q , 'S 1 K J z , 11, .J ,U E' sr . qw fi ,. iii nk y , Y .5i ' I., A, za- ,1 Ni 3 in? ,1 W I 'Y 'ltllru-gg. Nh 15" 5 if 1 --.ww W M.. '- we I X 'Fu , in 1 K X E mx, 6 SK A . gif xg .2595 5 ...J M ' . Ng, Q Pfiwg- - . nf, 5 X 'L .QV ' ' E nu.- ff- k X , 1 P A an A W P 3 an L Q K' "'M'Q--ua.q,..f .T 2+ if .,,,,. 0 'Vis ywAw,.Q.MA A ff'-M , A ' 5 13 ..wn-- Q '- J, ii -m h A .x MW.-Mm I Q-3 .. .. , Q 4 Mk """"""""'-"--Q -.......... fx V if fi - m KY W +5 fl wx f ,K E M, ,lm ,Q -we 1: 4 ' y .. 1 ART CLUB Lett to right: Dean Hanson, Paul Hawkins, George Nunez, Carmen Abreu, Posey Ransom, Joy Powell, Mrs. Homer Ivy, Instructor Cnot picturedD. MUSIC APPRECIATION CLUB Left to right: Mr. B. R. Sanders, Sponsor, Sharon Huston, Pat Green, Esteban LaCalIe, Bobby Townsend, Jenaro Nunez, Shirley Thompson, Wallace Burgess, Tony Rutz and Enrique Valdez. x a Cx SCIENCE CLUB Left to right: Dick Anderson, Ann Mallard, Carol Ellison, Margaret Schaffner Carolyn Chaudoin, David Pray, Sponsor Qnot picturedj. MONTVERDE'S LETTERMEN DENNIS ALBER .......,,A,.,,,,,.....,..,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ---,,,,,,,,,,AAY-vYw,--,-,-- B ggeball Basketball ERICH CASTRO ,YY,.YYY ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ww B aseball JOSE CONDE ,,,.,,.., ,vYw-,----------,-AYY B ageball WAYNE EDWARDS WALTER FLETCHER LOUIE GRICE .,..,.,, WILLIAM HAYES ..... ESTEBAN LACALLE JIM MARETT ............ DALE PEASE ,,,,,,,,,,,, RUDY PITTALUGA RONNIE ROOD ......, TONY RUTZ .......... KELLY TRESHER ........ ENRIQUE VALDEZ Basketball Manager. Baseball Manager Baseball Basketball Basketball Baseball Basketball Baseball Basketball Baseball Basketball Baseball Baseball Basketball Baseball Baseball Manager BOB WELCH .,,. ..............,..,. STEFAN ZELISKOVICS - ......... Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball xx 7 ' , I 123 X - Ka: :uh 'Q ww 15, li DW NI H-Mm f' V1 Q 2 W 5 m,,,yV 5 AQ? g , , ww' ,wa W' W' milf' is ll' E md-'F X , ' - P X . X' f X 1 - K QQHXRR5 ,ik YW , ! Lf A . Sw! ADVERTISERS CASE TRACTORS and IMPLEMENTS HARDIE SPRAYERS L.P. Gas 'For Tracfors POUNDS MOTOR CO. Winier Garden, Florida CompIimenI's of CLERMONT ELECTRIC Clermonf, Florida ECONOMY SUPER MARKET Free Delivery Service Win'I'er Garden, Florida COMPLIMENTS OF GARDEN CITY CAFE WINTER GARDEN, FLORIDA A60 M2924 Phone I50 Clewisfon, Horida CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH DEALER Complimenfs of SNAPPIN' TURTLE Used Cars, Car Repairing LAWN MOWER FILLING STATION .mlb L, I.. NEAL SMITH -je . li Mon+verde, Fla. -I-GM COX Complimenfs of MEN'S 81 BOYS' WEAR WINTER GARDEN. FLORIDA PIGGLY WIGGLY WinI'er Garden, Florida B.L. PITTMAN, Jeweler Keepsake 8: Feaiure Lock Diamond Bulova 8: Elgin Wafches Syracuse China 8: Heisey Cryslal WINTER GARDEN, FLORIDA J. V. BRICE DRY CLEANERS Clermoni' - Groveland IN BY I0 OUT BY 5 Phone 334I Clermont Florida Complimenfs MONTVERDE SUNDRIES Monfverde, Florida COMPLIMENTS Clermonf Hardware 8: Supply Co. A GOOD STORE IN A GOOD TOWN Clermont Florida Complimenfs CAMP GROCERY Complele Line of Slaple 81 Fancy Grocer es -Nofions-Qualify Meal-Fresh Produce- Sporling Goods--Sundries Come To See Us Monfverde, Florid B FERGUSON FURNITURE CO. "Makers of Happy Homes" Clermont Florida ISERMAN 8: COMPANY Welding-Sheel' Melal Shops Phone I - Nighf Phone I33 Winfer Garden, Florida Complimenfs ELLlOTT'S DINETTE Fifih Sheer Clermont Florida HOURS: 5:30 fo I2:00 MIDNIGHT Complimenls M. MORRISON STORE Monfverde, Florida Mrs. Tom Wright Mgr. Tom Wright Owner TOM'S FISHING CAMP MINNOWS-COTTAGES-MOTORS On Lake Apopka Telephone 363I Monfverde, Fla. COMPLIMENTS FERGUSON'S MEN 8: BOYS' WEAR We Fil' You From "Six" lo "Ninefy-Six" Clermont Florida Complimenls Florida Power Corporafion Clermont Florida Complimenfs LOIS' GRILL Where Besf Food ls Served LOIS STALNAKER, Prop. Near corner 8+h St 81 Minneola Ave. Clermont Fla. Complimenfs GRANT-HARRIS DRUG STORE lSou'l'h Lake Coun+y's Only Rexall S+orel Phone 3I I I Clermont Florida GUFFORD TIRE COMPANY JOE L. GUFFORD I33 Wesi Plani' Sfreel Winfer Garden, Florida COLONIAL CORNERS Flowers-Gills ChiIdren's Shop Winfer Garden, Florida PLANT STREET CAFE Delicious Foods-Home Cooked I30 Wesf Plan? S'l'ree+ Winfer Garden, Florida HILLTOP BOOK NOOK GIFTS-STATIONERY-CARDS Phone 309I Clermonf, Florida Complimenfs of "DAN" FIELDS Owner SUN CHEVROLET CO., Inc. "26 Years of Service al' Ihe same old s+and" CLERMONT, FLORIDA Chevrolel-Service-Oldsmobile THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK WINTER GARDEN, FLORIDA Member of Federal Reserve Bank Deposifs insured up Io SI0,000 By Federal Deposil' Ins. Corp. Buy and Save. Complimenfs I' LEESBURG COMMERCIAL a LEDGER cANTwELL's DEPT. STORE Leesburg, Florida Clermonf, Florida Sou+I1 Lake Coun+y's Bes+ S'l'ore COMPLIMENTS OF CLERMONT SHOE REPAIR Clermonl, Florida MONTVERDE GARAGE GEORGE D. CRAW, Prop. Monfverde, Florida . ,-, Balieries-Tires-Accessories- Greasing-Tire Repairing Phone I84 BRITT'S SERVICE STATION HENRY BRITT, JR., Mgr. STANDARD PRODUCTS Wesi' Planl' S+. Winfer Garden, Florida WINTER GARDEN FORD, Inc P.O. Box 236 WINTER GARDEN, FLORIDA CAPPLEMAN BROS. Groceries-Feed Phone 40 WINTER GARDEN, FLORIDA HOGUE'S 5- I O-25c STORES A. W. Hogue, Inc. WINTER GARDEN, FLORIDA WINTER GARDEN PRESS PHONE 87-RED Winfer Garden, Florida Complimenfs of THE LEADER DEPARTMENT STORE The Besf Place To Shop Winier Garden, Florida BOULWARE'S DRUG STORE The Sfore Thai Apprecia+es Your Parronage TAVARES, FLORIDA 1 CONGRATULATIONS To The Class of '52 LAKE COUNTY SUPPLY CO. Lumber and Building Maferials Tavares, Florida BOOSTERS TINKERER APPLIANCE REPAIR ,. MAXINES BEAUTY SHOPPE ..,..,E,. KESLERS 5-I0-25c STORE ..,R. , .... I REE S DRESS SHOP .... ,I or ,..,., V4.4.,....,, , ERNIES CITIES SERVICE ,,,,,I I.., . , .I I,.......,.. DYCKESBROTHERS SPORT SHOP .,I,....,............ SATINS' ORANGE BLOSSOM CANDIES .,.,.. ELLA PEARSON TRADING POST ,,...,...,.,....,.. BEHE S SERVICE STATION . ...,..,I..,.... BOB KERR , ,..I,I.., ...,, .I,I,.... . . ISONS SERVICE STATION ..,.,....V .....,.......... .,.......I C. R. FANNINGS SILVER DINER ..,,.,.,,.,.....,,.,. WEST ORANGE AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY ....,,. ORANGE BAKERY I..,.,... .I..,..4....,...,.....A......,....,.. RACHEL'S FISH and POULTRY MARKET .,..,.... DANFORD'S SHOE SERVICE 4...,.,,.4.I...........,.. S. D. GAMBLE DEPARTMENT STORE ....,..., DICKONS, G. E. APPLIANCES .I,,.,,.,, I......, JONES 5 8: I0c STORE .,....,......,II......,......,.,A... NEWBOLD'S 5 8: I0c STORE ...........,.........,.,,.... SHEPPARD'S NEW 81 USED FURNITURE ....A,., .. T. F. THOMPSON FURNITURE .,........,.,.,.......... CLERMONT JEWELERS ..,..,........,...........,,..... .I..4.. ,Au agrzzplzs ., ,. Tavares, Tavares, Tavares. , ,.... Tavares, Tavares, Tavares Tavares, Garden, Winrer -Garden, Winler Garden, Winfer WinI'er Garden Winfer Gardenl, Win'I'er Garden, Winfer Garden Winfer Garden, Winrer Garden, Winfer Garden, Winier Garden, Clermoni' Clermonf: Clermoni, Clermon-I, I Clermonf, Clermonr, Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida 1-

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