Montverde Academy - Interlachen Yearbook (Montverde, FL)

 - Class of 1929

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r Q vi .9 v 1 '- S .1 .if .V ,,, -1 fx 'RQ :SY yn: ' Z W 1 mr F: 5? .55-,4 . '32 '. .Ev .- .IAQ-f-Q' I S L ' in W WW QEMWM f :E f I WWW? J QW EX LIBRIS Z B, fda W 263 75? me f Q ' X. , W , I 5 W: Qu- yu 5 KW I . .. Z' 4 ,X 117 57, Q: A A 9' Q n v 0 - , bbmemmw Cqpyfeight bg: ROSA BELLE Ll LE, Gditola-in-chief CLIFTON 'ruoanrroav , .business Qnanagqm m mm I m X mferlac an f THE SENIDRS 4 'Cine I g CQ 1, Jvubzished by 'H yesizzsiok 0 me h Oflonzfvjirde School M " MONTVERDEJLA, f A ' J Vw I f f will W fyx K Q M' I , I' 'cirkfff il, T'i-- ""' MAX . 6, . f,M .f 'x X , I r X 1 I W X W W f ZW MM X Ns vw w M will Aw , M, 4 5' A , X We FUREWDRD We the edttors of the stxth volume of the INTERLACHEN have trted to brmg to sou pleasant memortes 0 the happx days that were spent wtth the clearest 0 frtends and classmates durtng the past year We wtsh to ex press our apprectatton to those who have so heartzly co operated wzth us tn maktng thts book posstble The Edltors 1" N 4' ' 0 , . ll' "' by 'WJ "u , ,,f If -: x ihfcpim Lllw lf he ' . 1 5 i L g ,W 41 '. ,Tigi-ff ,I r .:. . hw! Nlus- rf WWW fm Aj Q! DIZDICATION To OUR PARENTS Wyho by their never ending work and inspiring interest have made possible our opportunity of at- taining the stepping stones of lifeg with much ajection and loving thoughts we do sincerely dedicate this the sixth volume oj the INTERLACHEN. A WNV ,-fx fx ffmfxnm X U H W 411 'tug -.r-'ai ia? WFT xiif M A CUNTENTS FACULTY CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS JOKES ADVERTISEMENTS 4 M A J-x A 4' ffo f' , ' '- 4 -""',4f " . ' , ef: Q? 5 cg MLW A ' I I I I All W L'ffIfv,C:I !b,, I W' I XI MU I M 3 , A fu af! a f ,, F4 wr . 1 171111 would 110170 nf .mul who r0ul1ipns.x' by I1 sight so fuzrflzing in ifx zm1jv.vty 2 Q il! ., V 6 Tim Royal Feast was done 'if E X :- 'Sf-f f.,5,f'm'w .m , I' 5, o .X 1.:'!'fA "These are the days 'when birds fume lmrlr io Iuka a backward look Earth lm: not mxytlzing to .vlmw marc fair L- mc u uv 'judge not her worth by her L 4 i3lN.HHQ MR. H. P. CARPENTER, A.B. 5 Kentucky Wesleyan College President 'Greatness .lies not in being strong, but in the using of strength." MRS. H. P. CARPENTER, A.M. Kentucky Wesleyan College Lady Principal 'There is a great force hidden in a sweet command." MR. A. R. MCCAUSLIN, B. S. Gettysburg College, Penn. State Dean, History 'History is the revelation of providence." Miss MARY A. DAIDER, A.B. University of Florida .Mathematics sizef, MR. VV. D. WALKER Berry Schools Business Manager Never was a man more genial and happy than he." Miss EVYLINE DEVARY, A.B. Kentucky Wesleyan College English and French Ever since her first year here, she has had the same man-nearf' MR. LEoN GSBORN, A.B. Asbury College, University of Florida Science and Spanish If were loved as I desireego be, This world would be a para se to mef, 'fe ACHENQ?D Page Thirteen X ' aa l I I V U me .. i ' l .ei ' MRS. J. N. ARNEY Indiana State, Cincinnati Conservatory Piano and Voice "God sent his singers upon the earth with 1 songs of gladness and.of mirthf, I: n MR. C. G. SHOWS, A.B. I Millsaps College L Coach and Latin "Deeds, not words." Mrss ELs1E V. ZEPP Gettysburg College Grades "You bear a gentle mind, a careful teacher you have been." MR. O. L. CARTER Bookkeeper "To say little and to perform much, shows the character of afgreat mind." MRS. J. E. DUDLEY Montverde School Stewardess "What-so-ever thy hands hndeth to do,,-- do it with all thy might." MR. VV. R. MCQUAIG Farm .Superintendent "Work is the key-note of success." 'I MRS. EMMA R. PARRISH Q Dining Room Superintendent "What ever's worth doing at all, is worth doing well." - Page Fourteen .. c . f ' - gf" ' 7 l MR. E. B. FLAHERTY Dunwoody 'Institute Srnith-Hughes, Automotive .. if If I serve mankindf 'tis well." MRS. ELs1E B. HARSON, B.S. Colorado Agricultural College Honie Economics ,eg With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right." - KC . 'rv MR. B. K. WHEELER, L.l. University of Florida Smith-Hughes, Agriculture . There is but one method and that is hard laborf' KK Miss ALINE HARPER, L.I. ' ' Stetson University 1' Grades "She is quiet, but still waters run deep." Miss BEULAH PAYNE .. Kentucky Western Normal Primary "Loyal in everything." MR. J. CN. ARNEY, A.B. Indiana State, Cincinnati Conservatory Manual Training, Bond Director - - 1 -K, "Small men are also great men." Miss FLORENCE MCKAY, A.B. Rollins College Spanish, English "The hand that hath made you fair hath madetyou good." X R .... . E 3 E E Puyrl Si.1'ta:m1 Q f X f X f W 1 Z f U J CLASSES 'V ix f M' f X f W I, .., I Y ,vffxb gc It b N, ff ' Ifb7fZfI6W Q'f1u11mu, fJpp f N ew J ,F -H QU Q Q, 1, id -, X 'E .,, ,. M- ,fNCQ:"i1 .3 vi Z WW PM nw PLoMh K f X SEM 0 Q ug g4L551U,,, A ' Q .- .,a pls i i 'ijl ill Ui 4' LIISS DEVARY Miss DAIGER Sponsors ln the selection of the sponsors for our class we feel that we have been wise in choosing Miss DeYary and Miss Daiger. XVe wish to extend to them our most heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for their helpful guidance throughout the year. ,, '?1t , Y' . .gi . ,. ,Ji i,-,,.-,.4....,,7,.:.-l, Page Twenty ,. U LEFFIE HANCoCK, Presidmzf QHOJJJ Nlyakka City, Florida HVVell that's tough" Age 21 "Ta be nr' nm' to Ire." "The world knows nothing of its greatest men." President Senior Class: President Fresh- man Class, President Athletic Association, 127, '28, '29: President Philomatheans: Vice- President Philomatheans, '27, 'ZSL Member Soccer, Baseball, Football Teams, Captain Football Team, '29, Manager Basketball Team, '26, '27. '28, 'zgz Philomathezm. MOTTO: "Put your slzoulders to the tulicclf' COLORS : Pink and Green Page Twenty-one K J. FI1OWER Gladiola f I ! v I 'ls li ri ff Wir l'x if .., ,I "1 il .4 :ii i, wi til :LQ , I., i5S,y,. it 2. ,1"',.-. ill ill l'1 Ill .V Ml Hi ill 12 'i ig' l I 4 r l i l l 1 5 1 BRADLEY PIPKIN QCOaclz Pifvkiuj Safety Harbor, Florida "Hey little one" Age IS "To grow a nzzzstaclzvf' "Hell willingly clie to be the main thing at his funeral." -- -- , Cheer Leader, '28, '293 Band"'aii'd-Orcliestra., YZ7, 28, 291 Athenian Sergeant at Arms, '28g Athenian Secretary and Tfeasurer, 'zgg Member Football Teamg Treasurer C. E. Societyg Member Annual Staiafg Member Music Cluhg Athenian. V 'Fi ' . for i I' Q 3 gli V . A--Wi-W -v Yv,,,, uv, MY,-H ,AWH ,Wd .,,,.,. i ii gt... M , XX T-1 il 1 N. ku i l Ls 1 l l el il 1 ii all tl l I il! zli ill i I Il il: li' tif ml gl! 355 iii Q. ll Q ,-., f ll ff! l ,. , '5Er--m-M-M-f':gZi7"""' 1 1 i ..i GENEVRA BAILEY i l v : QGCHCJ 512 l . W'est Palm Beach, Florida g A'NVell what about mell' Age I6 "Tn make a Peaiziyzt stand." "She follows her own sweet will." Secretary and Treasurer l:l'E!Slll!lZll'l Class, ,27Q Member Glee Club, 'z7: Member Basket-ball Team, A 1 ' '29g Art Editor INTERLACHEN: Member Home Economics Clubg Member Expression Class, ,27Q 'Q ' Commencement Play, '283 Assistant Manager , l i Junior Minstrcls, ,283 Philomatliean. -'l M li, J M ik? ' I 25 if my as Ar V V Y 9' L ' -i il ' wr l 1 ' n gr if ly lil ln il l mb ll ,, , W. X aaat ll! l Pam' TII'f'llf1j-fll'0 p ' 1 , A , ,V-f ,..f------' ""' We 'W-------.. -.' '5'!,ifQ.f .M V .,"" ff X.- L ,f 'gf?"'i-" X ,f f,,, f' QQTHX, e A ,i fe, f ----LX?-...X-, 1 ' -xx--.L4 i"'xk K , 'ox Q' -.." Xxx, V t N !.,- ,H--, Q K' ff' ,A..... , , , ,- ff 1 , X X -f ,..-A-'fxx . N X v , f rx l', N ..l 1 ' 1 i T l J i 7 5 A l f r l i 5 ' T 1 l P I RALPH C. ELLIOTT GERALDINE REED Q A QRaIpl1zr dearj fferryj 1 l 1 Haines City, Florida Baldwlllv Florida l Ku H K I f.Great day. Age I8 Cute euough ' 1 Y Age I8 ,A , , To make a lezfclzen smkq' T0 be highly Fsfepmgd by my fff10w.'f1ff1.' "A thousand words and not a single thought " "All great men are dead, Yice-President Junior Class, '28, Treasurci' I'm not feeling well myself." Philomathean Societyg Member Music Club, '26, V , , , ,27, '28, '29g Member Home Economics Club, ,281 Football- 27, 283 b35kCt-llall, 282 Cap- Member Baseball Team, 'zgg Secretary and Treas- N fain bagkgpballv 'ZQJ baseball' 'ZQZ President urer Sunday School Class, y28Q'Pil'CSlf'lCI1t Sun,day ' Sophomore Class, '28: Athenian. liyfqlfaillasi-il2S:1'.' 29' Manager Jumol Mmstrels' 28' .. ,, -af 4 lm' wewfsfi L l F li Q .L:11tZ2.ELggi, "" Tim" 'T' ::g3T53:?t'7," ' ' l 3 5 filf il? 1 1- .L,g.J.,, v. ig- , , L,-----,,,.,L,,...L,-.L,--L,-.L--- LL.. ,,,. - --.-,,...3..s:.LLL..L:t,-.,...4.l.LI 'NM ' W- M ' C " is i , 3 1 I Y ii - -L -V L L if l .. ...- .,..,Q.,..-..-.i.,.....,,,.... ,.,., -LLM-,-1.L,,v,L,,,-,,..J Page Twelzty-three ,-Xl.1:I2RT I.. K1M1:Rm'GI1 MARGl'1iR1'1'14: l1I2I,EN LINN Qfjlj QC'00ki0j . . jacksmwllle, Flurida 01161113111 Floflflfl 'AHow va' call it? Huh?" Age I7 I d0l1't Care" Agp I7 "Tn IIIIIICI' KI 111111511 Im.1'." UM , V "Sm11c- think thc wurlrl was made for fun and fn UNH tl gflllrf Urgrlll H1111 IIIIJILICCLY. frulic, :md so do I." HHN H ,l xl 1 x C?l1!fElillV10f Athenian Track 'lerrmg Mprnhgr uf t,qve'Elff,t1 my? 'ind ygtrfllkre hw Debating lezun, 27, 'Rig Nlernhcr lzxprcssum Llass, A LUIIXLISAUOII 111 Ins eub. . . , . . ' :gg Secretary and 'lreasurcr Nrplmnwre Llass. N, 1 . f F UZ ' ,I 1 - 1 ug. , .- 'z g Member Glee Club, ,Z7, 28: Member Baud, lx I lgnlllyur 0, 'HQ if VF UTI' I-iff Ll' 1Bfl5 '28q Member Umskct-hall, '2X: Captain Basket-ball KVM 1 39- 'JN ld 1 291 Nlflmfli mlm- Team, 'zgg Member Home Iicononmics Club, '28g Music Club. ,27, 'L-85 Vicc-l'residcnt Athenizms, '29g Joke Editor of IN'rER1..xc'11EN: .Xthemum r 1' vw-5 xv. rw any 5 W 111531 ., .,, Page Twenty-four +, , S V ' .V N Tie'---,VTX-2,P 3' J, -- H ' x K . ' - " .fr RX '- ' 4 ' ' . ,,f' 4" 'rx 'X , , . .4 ' Jffff! T"-XTCI' '- mf V' ' ' , -' f K. 2 ' ,Ai :LA-,fjff -1,423 1 f' x 'Y I -1 X '-X , L," 'i ,.-ff' "' rx N - f ' f' TNXX X ' ,f ,,,. A -V-xx, ,. ,--fr """"N-.. K R ,' 2--' ,,, .2 , - 'N--.K ,V--' ,.-A rx N , ff' "X 'eu , W f f f 7 if so X. fi- f XX-C I fi if ,I ii -i i ii vi l ? ' I E ,g , ai ll l is I ?i fl i gl 3 ,fl ' ie il ill ,,, li ,i ,s H if - .,., NNN-A -A,,,f-ef? Avis MAE BROWN ' QSh0rticj Bowling Green, Florida "NYcll, you're the limit" Age I7 K "To bv an English fcaflzm' in :UfI11f'Z'I'7'dL'.U "A smile for all, a greeting glad: An amiable way sl1e"'l1acl." i Member Music Club, '27, ,282 Assistarit joke Editor of TNTERLACHENQ Atlieniaii. lji I l ,, gg I ff i 1 i l l I l, i Q l 1 . E l il I l I sl 1 : i fi ffJ ff' xxx XX!-as GILES HARIQIS XYANSICKLER QG1'Ic'sJ Lakeland, Florida "Yo no se" Age 19 "To Iwecnuze an agricultural r,rjve1'f." "His only books were wnmen's looks, And all they taught were folly." Member football Team, ,27, 'z8g Basket-ball, i28QV Baseball, '29, lland, '27, '28, ,292 Glee Club, '28, ,ZQQ Graduate Agriculture Class, 'zgg Secre- tary and Treasurer Agriculture Club, '26, '27, '28, .Viee-President Agricifliilre' Club, ,292 Member Stock Judging Team, '26, '27, '28, '29, Treasurer ' ' AfIi,eni:l1i,,.LitE'mt'y Society, '28, Vice-President i 1 ?ff2s4ei?vSei'29f4thfnian- li E Y ,Y-km. 1 A T " M5 li ii" 5 'V r L H i N ' ' 'll T l f ,, 'f l f A V lil' ' 1 , ' , , fi js- - 'rl' 5 .L x l us, if A A D in ., . N N 3 D , I i, I N. , ., . I I i 1? i ill 1 2 l A f is fff - ' if is Gif Z F A " "5 ' ' " , M, - ,A N 1' - -- ,ji 'Y f' , i t kat rr ' i at lar-N ALL,-, ..-..-.-fsfw i 1 . ,K " Mex, .i . 3 2 I 5 i I QQII:-TCZAQ-llili V ii f. ' fl- - - ---ff' , . - Y 4 - E ,' 5 g ,,'1-'leo,, , i 4 iiiii..---H - W- 2 Page 7'1f'w1t1f-fi1'1f l I 9 I r l v i l i , l I I i X C1.1E'roN FRANKLIN THoRN'roN CCWD Griffin, Georgia 'By George" Age 18 " To be a big Imsizzvss 1l1tlllll,Q0l'," 'Tiood nature and good sense are never separated." Vice-President Sophomore Class: President Junior Class: President Athenian Literary Society. '27, 'z8: Vice-President Senior Class: President F. F. F., '27, '28, 'ZQQ Manager Football Team. '27, '23, Member Glee Club, '28, '29, Member lf. lf. F. judging Team, '27, '28, 'zgg Business Manager INTERLACHENQ Athenian. -4. 4 , .Ti fr I V . . 2 i. ,A ,sa . .. ,.r,, . 'E 1 il l il' ,iz RosA BELLE LITTLE Ufosiel Contoocook, New Hampshire , "jammit" . l 1 Age 17 "Tu own the Ent night dub in M1mtz'e1'dc'." f "She is gentle, she is shy, But there's mischief in her eye." Member Glee Club, '26, Member Home Economics Club, '27: Member Basket-ball Team, '29g Commencement Play, '28, Edi- tor-,i11-Chief of INTERIM-xl'11EN1 Athenian. 1 .W V., 'rf 54 TE! iiwZ,i.:, , ,U "1 I 4 l E N i 1 l l i , , H . , i v . 1 1 x A l ' h.,A,,.1,,,,, 4, ,... ,,.4.,L.-., . ., , ... L .g.,-,., ,. F r I l Q ' , ,,,, , .,,..,.,,,,-2,. . l . E. E .. ,.., ,J , ..,,.,,., ...f,,--, .......2.. --J , -W -Fd in-m4,vMwV V Y., ,, ,-,,..,,-...Y..,W. - 2 Page Tu'c'nty-si.r , , ,MA- -- --lr V-xx e-SQ? ,.. , KN HLTBEIQT NIACE STEVENS fMa-slzawj "Immediately" Age I7 "To sell fllllllfltlliu "He is wittyg he is clever: lle's an all-around good fellow." President Christian Endeavorig Member Band and Orchestrag Graduate Automotive- Mechanics Course: Circulation Manager INTERLACI-1ENg Philomathean. ,V ' X ., V . .,C,m-74,115 , ff-' HELEN C. BAKER fDutchiej Detroit, Michigan "You people" Age IQ "To be a nurse" "TllEfS'5 no use rushing through life." Philomathean President, '27, 228: Philomathean Treasurer, '27Q Philomathean Critic, '28, '29: Member'Basket-ball Team, ,27, '28, '29g Member Band, '28, 'zgg Member Home Economics Club, '2Sg Member Music Club, '28, '29, President Music Club, 'zgg--Charter Member Varsity Club: Treas- urer'g'Se1'1i0r Classg Philomathean. Q H .5 r E, Q aa ' L .: 1, 1 9, 4 X r""'3 2 ' ' A' mrs., ' , 21+ l 1 , X Q l , K fl l ' 'Eli xl' 'xr F , ,., ,-,,s,M,. ...EL f- - 1- - 'Al . 3 k..,..........i...--.......-w..,r-.1-.. YY Y --f----- T' '-- -- Page T1L'ClIfjl-8C1't'Il l l ' C nX':x."-. x, " v , l 1 l 4 V l l r 1 ' E 5 - Q 1 l ' 1 5 , i A I 1 1 N ' l 1 ,...4 i 3 s 1 , 1 2 Y l 1 A 5 l Z 1 1 . , ri l 1 4 C i Q il 5 l 1 I 1 if l l l V ' T ' ' ' ' . l 5 5 E I El la I l l 5 1 t , 1 2 l E 5 L ll Q g i K-X Q 1 L l , QQ i 1 , ' fff if 3 - 1 X X , ff e , , l L 'X'---ire-----,eff ' "ii-f ' 1 l , .- X-M---,.,,-i..,f is Q 1 Z Q . , ' I'I,EMING BUTNER Lois NETTLES 5 5 - - . ' l X QFarmc'rj QOH! Mazdj lil , . . . l l DeLand, I-florlda Dunedin, Florlcla l ' , .i ' v - , , v l 5 '-XVCH Ah,-Ah' Age I9 W 115 plelx on me? Age I7 M l . 1 - 1 - "' ' 'fr V U l l ' '70 bf' Cf01lHfj' and .Stafc x1gr1v11ltu1'U I0 Inf' U5 gm'H3 05 I mu- gl i A.jffUHf." 'KX pleasant companion for all-f I 5 ,. . , A . , And in height neither tiny nor tall." l l 5 VN orrls :lun t count so much, it s . , . . , , , I f Q Vvhm we Say and don, Secretary henior Class, Secretary, Junior Llassg , l Y , , - Secretary Christian hndeavor, 17, 28, ZQQ Man- '5 , M6mlJf't1 Band Emil Ljl'CllflSU'Zl, 28, ZQQ zigexf Girlsl lflagket-hall ffeam. f283 Philomgathean Member Football Team, '282 Member Music Ugg' Zff nflfg 2fi.1x1"11lQ'11H'hff-H ioclelg' , , - - . , a am 3 1' e r . pressmn epar men , Club' lwcmher F' F' Judging Team v 'ztfri fgjgl Assistant Editor INTERLACHLQNQ Philuma- Class Prophecy: Phllomathean. Athe.4g!fZ" M- , , ,, ,- M , Vi X Y i, . l ' in i il 1 5 v 'li g f' -' 1- ' 1 l ? l ' 1 i l C l .e.,e,l, Aeee We le , , 3 I l H H C' .ri V 'f"A3M' F ' W 3 ,Ei -1 l,',,,.e l l ,...g.4,,.......,..u.-.'-.. ...C Q... ,.,. , ..,,,,. --,,-,,,,,,, ,,,-....... ,.-..-Yin-.. ...A. -W . Hy---mfvf-7-M-A-f-is-3-x-ah----....- -L.. l s...,.,....,.k.-e.-...,..,,..,,w.E,-.,-..-,.. .- v....-A-W--. Y -W,-..------r--.v---1-V4-------A A -,..YY.h..-..-.-.--.- -- imma 'l'1r'f-111.11-viylzl A ,xq A ' , , gr' , f ., -1 1 ,ZZ ,, ,f fi ff' . .' .fi ,uf-"lff"" 'y"' ff I ."N. ' - Q, -Nx K -X CRN I N ' X2 'fir' Hg, NN ff ' x ,Xl 1 i 1 1 1 1 . F qs 1 li ,l O ,, 'K 11 , f f, fl . I I i I 14 ' PMN , 1 1 I L 1 , 1 r..-..1 l ' : l 1 l l ' W l l 1 1 I 1 I' I ll 1 i p I ' 1 4 l A . Q . l ' , 1 1 1 1 ' f 1 2 1 S ll I 'Q f f iwxx MW4 if fX,--e,e,,-,,,.. we-gif' T t XR-,lla--' ' ""'-W--.s,-,,,.,,'Z FREDERICK OLIVER Lois XYRIGIIT 1 1 QSwinrj CL0w-cssj . Baldwin, Florida DeLand, Florida A'Did they" Age I7 Mlhc idea, Age 17 1 , "T I 1 " ' , X' , I0 bp a saltmmmh, outa Hllll1I1gll nf a rat farm - lioth practical and good- Q "For even tho vanquished, he could argue still." VVl1at more could be said." ' Member Football, '28g Member Glee Club, Sophomore News Reporter: Social Edi- '28, '29: Member Baseball Team, 'zgg Philo- tor Junior Class: Secretary Pliilomathezmsg mathean. Assistant Cheer Leaderg Philomatbeans. 1 if i l 1 T .N 1 , ,K , X , - w '1 L t W ' l 1 l ni f 1 L Jud, " ,,,-.,g .-., of ,Q I -.QA V 4 'U A- 'fi' -U I 2 --. i l 1 S l "" T"i4 .Q ii.: 1' K l D Vx ,il . ,-, .jj l.XA"' x -,.-...4-... -.4,..,.. ,,,, .. ..,. . .... ..-,.---,... ,... ..-,..-...---- .... v- -..-P .Y.. -. -in-Y'-1-1-4-24------.-1-----W -, l r 1 Ihlflf' Tzren L11-11 im' FTHE1. LE FEVRE JANE l'l0RNING Qlitj Urine Annj Valhalla, New York DeLand, Florida AI dmft know" Age I7 "Hey listen" Age I6 "To bv tl fir.ff-class It!'Zx'j'L'1'U "To avquirv flm ability tn slap fvaizzt witlz "Her voice was vpry soft, gentle and lowg Ski!! Und dgxtmllty' All Cxcellflll tlllllfi 111 WUUIHU. Y "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart." Afllelliall- Philomathean. -3 5 :Y .V ,fi Y -:Q , ,r L l M, l., i W Fi .- me ll' " 5 T.,-5-'Q' , Pugv Thirty l.ovA BARRIER B.-xRM12R QLWJ quffzc my "Ny g'0UClIlCSSV Age I7 lllontvercle, Florida "To be or 1101' fo bc" "My Starsu Age IS "And they say that small packages 'WYi1l1 a graceful little air, are valuable." She wins and holds her own." Pliilomrltlicau, Basket-hall Team, '26, '27, '28, l2Qj Music Club, '26, '27, '28g Philomatliean. ' f, A,.:"i!1.,! . ff 7, ..r" 'P li W lf' , f V 'L' A . l JA. 'gm iw ' -fix", -. Page Thirty!-una 4 , I Y . M 4 Y Senior Class ,,History' p CHAPTER I Ancient History RITTEN records are generally said to be the only source of materia 1 , for narratives of past events, therefore the history with which we are , i 1 4 yi li ll . . rw, J Y ps' 1' s - - ,Pi concerned begins in the early fall of 1995 A D Here wri en A-Agf hf x . r records furnish us our first accurate knowledge of the assembly and invasion of a great tribe of rats, who, spurred on by desire of greater knowledge, immediately occupied Freshmanland. Their struggle had just begun. They fought to get here, and they had to fight to stay here, and are still lighting harder to win. Under the able leadership of Leffie Hancock whom they chose for their President, they set about to ac- complish their purpose, that of fighting, not enemies of their own likeness, but to overcome the difficulties- of Algebra, English, Science, and History, subjects which, incidentally, the class before had left. In this manner fifty-three rats trained during the fall and winter of ,25-'26, for the first battle of Examinations. CHAPTER II Medieval History? Sophomore Period : In the year 1926, the first battle of Examinations being over the thinned ranks Qonly seventeen survived of the rat forces of last yearj drew together with new ones who proclaimed loyalty and organized themselves in Sophomoreland with Lelhe Hancock again their President. This period may be called the period of obscurity in popularity and activities among other classes, but a high degree of classical intelligence was reached during this time which enabled them to face boldly the Second Battle of Examinations. I , 9, Page Thirty two 1 v , ' 'Y leuamelmlew Y Junior Period : -f The Fall of 1527 found the rats mentioned in chapter I, recuperating after the Second Battle of Examinations, which had reduced their army to thirteen boys and girls, now called Juniors. Clifton Thornton was elected President and they quickly allied themselves with others to form an inseparable body of' Juniors, who boastedtwenty-six in number. They arose again in popularity in campus activities, athletics, and showed but little decline intellectually. However, they acknowledged their superiors in the early Spring of 1928 when they paid tribute to the Seniors at the Junior-Senior banquet. CHAPTER III ' M odem History The Third Battle of Examinations having been fought and the line losses being small, the final number was determined to be twenty-one. They met, dis- cussed, and came to certain conclusions that they were, after three years of pro- gressive iighting, real dignified Seniors in the eyes of lower classmen 5 that under certain conditions and approved by the faculty, they were to enjoy certain privileges, notgranted lower classmen, that the task of putting out an annual befell their lot, and immediately they put their shoulders to the wheel g and last, but not least, that theirs woulli be the class of "1929,U one hundred years after "the famous Class of I829,H from which Longfellow and his friends graduated. MACE STEVENS. 1. - as -em , l i, Page Thirty-three lis N T llillQIlJ!MI3 IHHEN Senior Class Prophecy l Z ERE it is July 4th, 1933! Giles and I are leaving Miami in our monoplane for Chicago to attend the Worldls Fair. The plane is a perfected Hying wealth, and after awhile Giles says to me: "Tune in on the radio, boy, andilet us see what we can find out of the news of the world. As we listened to the announcer we look at each other in astonishment for we hear the melodious voice of Bradley Pipkin at Station W. T. M. S., Montverde, announcing the Clarinet which he had lost back in 1929. By this time we are over Atlanta and I am starving so I mention the fact to Giles about stopping down at lunch. "That suits me fine," answers Giles. We now enter a cozy place, called the Royal Cafe, for our repast. Imagine our surprise when we gaze upon Lova Barrier at the cash register and Helen Baker pouring gravy over the potatoes. They tell us that they are doing a grand business. Dinner over, we hastened back to the ship. "Look out, Giles," says I, "For there is Frederick Oliver in his 1920 model Ford, rattling down the street, looking the same as he did back in T. M. S., maybe a little more recklessf' Now, there it was, a sign "F,lliott's Cigar Co." and as we enter we see Avis Mae Brown at the typewriter and Vice-President Albert Kimbrough dictating close by. They tell us that Ralph and Rosabelle have recently tied the happy knot and are in Europe on an extended honey-moon. We are again in the ship with Giles at the stick and I am tuning in on the radio for more news. Giles nearly loses control of the ship when we hear Station R. A. T. S., Cincinnati, featuring Clifton Thornton, the worlds' greatest bass soloist, accompanied by his partner, the most popular pipe organ player of his time, Leify Hancock. From the same station we hear that Miss Ethel LeFevre, 4 " ' S fi 4- fl , Ula' ,R world's famous dancing instructor, will now enumerate some points on the new dance, "Ride 'em Cowboy." "Tune in on New Yorkfi says Giles. "All right," I answered. As I do, we hear the announcer reading the names of persons who were married in New York. The old motor gives a couple of jumps when we hear that among those called out were Geraldine Reed and Genevra Bailey. We are landing at the fair grounds and have finished tucking in our ship. As we walk up the street we sniff the odor of "Hot Dargs" like the Seniors of ,29 used to make. I completely lose my appetite when I see before me Lois Wright and jane Horning running a stand patterned after their class stand. Of course Giles wants a hot darg so, as I wait for him to devour it, I look around and see way up in the air on ropes Marguerite Lynn and Nellie Barmer, now the world's famous acrobatic performers. "The sun is sinking low, Gilesf' I venture to say, "VVe had better beat it for the hotel." "All right," says Giles, "but since I need a hair cut I will stop here at this barber shop for a bit. "Well, I'm a scoundrel if here ain't ole Mace still cutting hair." "Good evening, gentlemenfi exclaims Mace, "Step over here and meet the woman of the outfit, my wifef, We are dumbfounded to see Lois Nettles as his wife, polishing the finger nails of Al Smith. A Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! "What is that, Giles Pi' I asked. "That is the breakfast bell, and you had better be getting up," shouts Giles. But what a happy out-look to the future I have had and may the whole Senior Class be as happy as I have seen them in my wonderful dream. F LEMING BUTNER. I Page Thi,-tywnive it 52 NFIIIIIEIIQIUMBIVIIIEN NCllilE2llQll,!MBlllllE3N I Last Will and Testament of the Class of '29 W STATE OF FLORIDA COUNTY OF LAKE We, the senior class of 1929, realizing that we are soon to take a sad departure from these walls we love so dearly, and wishing to dispose of all our material goods and to voice our wishes concerning the last acts to be performed over our remains, do here declare and ordain this our last will and testament: We, the Senior Class of The Montverde School, desiring to show our apprecia- tion to the Junior Class for all the assistance they have given us in the past year, do will and bequeath to the said Junior Class all our privileges, in the anticipation that they will be well fitted to fill our vacant chairs as a loyal class of P30 I, Geraldine Reed, being a very frolicsome and frisky miss, do will and bequeath to Benita Moon all my gay ways and friskiness that she may enjoy them on the campus as I have done. I, Clifton Thornton, being well versed on the value of silage, and being a dairyman, do will and bequeath to William Deuel a tub of sweet smelling silage. I, Bradley Pipkin, being a person of rare argumentative ability, do will and bequeath to Lamar Williams the art of wearing a society moustache on the campus. I, Genevra Bailey, having a remarkably serene nature, do will and bequeath to Nell Lowery my ability to scold the teachers with my catching ways. I, Lois Nettles, being a very domestic young lady, do will and bequeath to Mary Lou Abbott my position as clerk of the Senior Stand. I, Ethel LeFevre, being the Senior blonde, do will and bequeath to Bessie Weiner my light complexion that she may enjoy more popularity in the future. I, Leffie Hancock, being a very quiet and reserved young man, do will and be- queath to Steve Zant my ability to Jazz a piano, that he may sway great audiences in the future, as I have in the past. I, Giles VanSickler, being a woman hater, do will and bequeath to Mollie Robinson my ability to shun the girls and keep out of mischief as I have. I, Mace Stevens, being the school barber and the slowest talker of the Senior Class, do will and bequeath to Theodore Perkins my barber shop, including chair and razors. AVO NTIEIIQLAWEIIHIFZNQ I, Helen Baker, the star Spanish student, do will and bequeath to Nita Rose Kreher my easy method of reading and translating Spanish, so that Mr. Osborn may be reminded of my quick response to his many questions on that subject. I, Lois Wright, bei-ng a very demure young lady, do will and bequeath to Pearl Elliott, my oratorical ability that she may at least hold one certain young man's attention. I, Lova Barrier,'in my noisy ways, do will and bequeath to Irene Ward my modern way of getting demerits. I, Nellie Barmer, being able to play basket-ball, do will and bequeath to Midget Goodwin my skilled shots at the goal that she may be able to play basket-ball in the years to come. I, jane Horning, in flirtatious ways, do will and bequeath to Frances Boone my privileges of riding every Saturday and taking a certain person with me. . I, Ralph Elliott, "The Woman Hater," do will and bequeath to Roy Sanders my position as bell-boy and he may leave class early and thus avoid the rush of girls as I have done. I, Albert Kimbrough, being one of those seniors and a dignified Spanish student, do will and bequeath to Paul Thomas my jealousy over a certain Junior girl. I, Rosa Belle Little, being shy of all the boys, do will and bequeath to Leons Rushing my dimples and smiles in hopes that she may use them to best advantage as I have done. I, Avis Mae Brown, with my melodoious voice, do will and bequeath to Devota Bender my ability as a singer that she may reach high notes in her many performances. ' I, Frederick Oliver, being somewhat lacking in the upper story, do will and bequeath to Valdemar Kreher my glasses that he may be able to study better and thus become a second D. Frederick. I, Flemming Butner, with my loving eyes, do will and bequeath to Ella John- son my curly locks that she may win favor with the boys. NVe hereby appoint Leon Howard to view our belongings that he may acclaim any that have not been willed. Signed, declared, and published this I 7th day of May in the Year of Our Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Twenty-nine. Witness: LEON HOWARD Testator ' FREDERICK OLIVER. 1 " N N1 A V 1 Q If . s W4 I M INIEIQILACIHIEN GERALDINE- REED . NELLIE BARMER . IWARGUERITE LINN GERALDINE REED . GENEVRA BAILEY . HELEN BAKER . GERALDINE REED . NELLIE BARMER . HELEN BAKER .. LOIS WRIGHT . NELLIE BARMER . ROSA BELLE LITTLE LOIS NETTLES . . NELLIE BARMER . LOIS NETTLES . . MARGUERITE LINN AVIS MAE BROWN MARGUERITE LINN NELLIE BARMER . GERALDINE REED . LOVA BARRIER . HELEN BAKER . GENEVRA BAILEY . MARGUERITE LINN GERALDINE REED . LOVA BARRIER . GERALDINE REED . MARCUERITE LINN ETHEL LA FEVRE . LOVA BARRIER . . LOIS NETTLES . GENEVRA BAILEY . JANE HORNING . MARGUERITE LINN WhO's Who Prettiest Haridsoihest . Ciitest . . Best Athlete . Wittiest . . . Most Attractive . Best Sport . . Most Seareastie . Most Corteeited . Sweetest Biggest Blujfer . Most Studious . Biggest Flirt . Most Digriified . Brightest . . . Most Self-Confident Tallest .... Shortest .... Biggest Prefvarieator Class Dude ' . . . Mast Fickle . Proudest . . . Class Bachelor . Old Maid Most Popular . folliest . . . Best Musician . Most Original . Most Polite . . Fastest Talker . Laekiest .... Reddiest Blusher . M0stBashful . . Neatest . . . Most Adaptable . Most Reserved . M ost M isehievous CLIFTON THORNTON ALBERT KIMBROUGH RALPH ELLIOTT MACE STEVENS LEFFIE HANCOCK LEFFIE HANCOCK BRADLEY PIPKIN BRADLEY PIPKIN BRADLEY PIPKIN LEFFIE HANCOCK GILES VAN SICKLER CLIFTON THORNTON RALPH ELLIOTT LEFFIE HANCOCK FREDERICK OLIVER GILES VAN SICKLER BRADLEY PIPKIN FREDERICK OLIVER GILES VAN SICKLER BRADLEY PIPKIN FREDERICK GLIVER LEFFIE HANCOCK BRADLEY PIPKIN LEFFIE HANCOCK BIACE STEVENS CLIFTON THORNTON BRADLEY PIPKIN RALPH ELLIOTT FLEMING BUTNER ALBERT KIMBROUGH CLIFTON THORNTON MACE STEVENS LEFFIE HANCOCK GILES VAN SICKLER Page Thirty etght NTIEHQILMEWIEN YE' Senior Class Poem Compare us to a seed, ' That planted in the ground, Has grown into a tree, Needed the year 'round. Compare us to a mountain, That towers above the land, And has a heart of gold That is always in demand. Compare us to an airplane, That soars up in the sky Flying ever upward, Into the great by and by. Faith, strength and highness, All these things are real With our motto so strong and good, "Put your shoulder to the wheel." D. BRADLEY PIPKIN Page Thirty-nine In Memoriam RIARCH zo, 1842 FMERSON BEDELL JANUARY 18, 1929 VVe, do respectfully dedicate this page in memory of our beloved friend Mr. Emerson Bedell, whose death brought to an end our associations with the happy and helpful spirit that made him loved by all that knew him. Mr. Bedell, with his wife, Martha Pedell, came to Montverde in 1921. As the couple loved boys and girls and had no children of their own, they bestowed their love and money upon the students of Montverde School for their growth and development. Mrs. Martha Bedell before her death some years ago, gave funds for the building of the Martha Bedell Dining Hall, one of the finest buildings on the campus. Mr. Bedell, the "Grand Old Man," of our school was loved by all who knew him. UMXIHI IKHFC has find fi friend has found The link 'frnixf iimrtal and dif."ilIl',' Though mm' he .rleefnv in lzallmved ground, He lifes in mei1z01'y's saered .Yl1I'iI1U,' And Ihew he freely move.: aboul, The spirit fha! has quit the Clay, And in the times of sz'1'es.r and doubt Sustain.: his friends throughout the day." -,w,,,,,-.e,, .,.,,. W, no 1-4, I , t ,E - M - ,li f m" 3 Q q w T fW.Sn-i70 'T U ! Qi x ff My f', .. ':'x"-fe-..-.4r.'7J41' K-J , f f if j ' aff' I f JUN D Pi Egg? ' 'qi 9 Q EQ 3 Xf- I f' X . V X '-+R xx ,-H-'Z X X fA S- 5 K ' V-NX I M7 5 ' 7 2 f"'5r -1-X i K M CXEMNTIEHQLACH N PEARL ELLIOTT CPearliej "Gemini 'nee Christmas" Member Expression Class, '2Sg Treas- urer Athletic Association, ,ZQQ President Junior Classg Philomathean. IQEMPIS CARPENTER fKempj "I spcct fd bettcr be goin' " Member Basket-ball Team, Secretary Agriculture F. F. F., Vice-president Junior Class, Treasurer Sophomore Class, ,ZSQ Vice-president Christian En- deavor, Reporter Agriculture Club, '26, '27, '28, Philomathean. NELL LOWRY fNel1j "I d0n't care" f Athenian. RALPH HARPER fRalphiej "You would" Member Basket-ball Team, Member Football Team g Member Baseball Team 5 Member Mechanical Club, Athenian. MARIE FERNALD flfflariej "Murder" Secretary and Treasurer junior Class, Member Glee Club, '28, ,ZQQ Secretary Music Club, ,ZQQ Athenian. Page I arty two lime s 1144 F I ' N TLV IQIL, All? llll IFN 1253 E THEODORE PERKINS fPerkj "Na I Ain?" ' Member Football Team, Athenian. GERTRUDE WALDON fTrudyj ' "B'Gosh" Athenian. NITA ROSE KREHER CNityej "Oh Gee" Member Music Club, Member Home Economics Club g Sophomore Song Leader 5 Member Glee Club 5 Philoma- thean. VVILLIAM L. DEUEI, fDeuelj "Excuse Me" Member Agriculture, F. F. F. Member Glee Clubg Member Football Team g Philomathean. I ELIZABETH BIRCH CLisardj "Dear M e" Recording Secretary, C. E., Member Glee Club, '28, ,295 Assistant Secretary Sophomore Classg Assistant Secretary Athenians, ,295 Member Home Eco- l nomics Club, ,281 Athenians. a N Z lE2,IlQILM3IHllEzN f I I Q l 4 A JEANETTE STANTON QNetj "VVhere's Bessie?" Philomathean. LAMAR VVILLIAMS QDocj "Aw-Shoot" Member Basket-ball Team, '28, Glee Club, ,28, ,ZQQ Philomathean. 1 RUTH ELIZABETH SHEPHERD CRufusj A "Oh My Lawn Philomathean. JOHN M. BRYSON 41011113 "My Gawshj' Athenian. ELLA FRANCES Goonyvm QM1dgetj "Aw Curses" Glee Club, '28, ,ZQQ Athenian. -at if ,29 5 Member Football Team, ,ZQQ President Auto-Mechanic Club, '28, ,ZQQ Member Member Basket-ba11,,'28, ,ZQQ Member Page Forty-four DOUGLTASS E. PATTERSON QPatj "lVeII, I Rcckofz 50" Member Band and Orcliestrag Member Mechanical Club, Assistant Treasurer junior Classg Philomatliean. Ivy GERTRUDE RAL'LERsoN flvej 'lO1z Lemme Seal' Member Music Club, Athenian. DEVOTA KATHERINE BENDER QD0-Doj f'Yozc lfV0uld" Member Music Club, Member Glee Club, Philomatliean. TARRIETTA ELOISE CARROLL fSunshineD "Good Granny" Pliilomatliean. ,IEss1E BIAY BUTLER . QFreeklesj "By love" Member Music Club, '26, 527, '29, Member Glee Club, ,ZQQ Philomathean. T99 i If T Ll I l v . Page Forty-fi re lx X 4 ... . L... 1 , 5 , NTEUQLAGWIEN BESSIE WEINER QBessiej "I'll Ring Your Nasty Neck" Member Basket-ball Team, ,27,- '28, 72QQ Member Glee Club, ,28, ,293 Mem- ber Home Economies Club, '28, Athen- ian. BENTTA MOON CEQPU "M y Lor" Athenian. HAZEL Cox fBi1lyj Nfnnzping Grasshopper? Member Basket-ball, ,293 Philomath- ean. MARY LOU ABBOTT QKittyj "The"re Ain't No Good In That" Member Glee Clubg Member Bandg Member Music Clubg Member Basket- ball Teamg Athenian. ELI-:ANOR ELIZABETH MASON QNOry Annj "Oh My Goodness" Member Home Economics Club g Athenian. 1 E 3 a T M lEllQIlJME IENMAQ XYILMA LOUISE SHAVV Qllflikej "Good Gosh" Member Basket-ball Teamg Philo- matheau. XYALLACE J. AREY QVVallieD "Oh Hcckf' - Member Band and Orchestrag Athen- ian. ANNELLE XYELLS KA-Nelj Hfiilljf N0 fustzrv In That" Member Basket-ball Teamg Member Glee Clubg Secretary Athletic Associa- tion: Secretary Philomatheans, 329g Philomathean. AIAURICE ROBINSON QMollyj "By Gosh" Member Mechanical Clubg Philomath- eau. GRACIE BRENVSTER Qlfrecklesj "Atv Shoot" PllllOITl2lfl1C2lll. BENJAAIINE GiiT'rINcs QBCUJ "Oh Lmzau Agriculture Club, Philomathean. .f in -W' , ,A ,Lf af- , ,il tp 1 :viii 46 ...ft V If,-E f We ,x 1 fic For 1 1 'W I ' , . ' Q1 - . ,H v s .' -. . W , A ' ' " u W iX '1 '2llNFllllf2llQlls!3kll3ll1llliN ' Junior Class 5 if ,, 'lil' in gs NM M It 'ii B u-.QFFICERS 1928-1929 9 , ' 1 I, '2 Try 1, .v ' 'A .v Ae 1 1 PEARL ELLIOTT . . . . . . President . A.. fx K 1 v V. I f Vx' A- g ' A KEMPIS CARPENTER .- . 1, . . . . . +L. 3Vzce-Preszdent . 1- - t 116.5-' gy f 5, MARIE FERNAIZD . A . .Y 'Secretary and T1"easurer9'izT' sf . " Q -r 111 . . . ' 1 ' . e. 4,4 A-r CpLoRs: Orange and Grgiep ' , FLOWERS? Ora?zge'fBlossom U W . ' . 'Q ' , , 3- A ' . 5 ,W v , Y in - u MOTTO? "Sit on the tar? ojfgambition and you are Iilound to rise to suceefvsf' ., .. '9 ! . 'c 'V' "T, ' , a ul ' ' Ah.! Here we are atylalsytj! 'Thintyfsix boys zfidQgirls, Qhi? Excuse us, Young Ladies ai'1dQ3Gentlemen, stklimping into the thirdfyear of our high school. .VVe conie'pre'Rared to' enjoy ourQ battles with Geometry, Literilture, History, Spanish, and Caesair? VV'e hope by the,ei1d of -the yea-1:.t'0 fhave Wop evefy single conflict and eomeiqut victosigus. I ,- 5 n E - i . , . I A . fr ' 4 1 ' W I Q ' ' 4f1CC0l7'lPlI:61'l7llL'Q.f5 f 4 I Q X- ,F N ' 'A 4 .f ,Q h ,T 1 5 Q Q 1 r '- sr "- YJ , junior Play- Lost aqthaperort, Q Q4 ,, AthleggcsQFurnisheiil life of eleven footvbzill players! " H Four of first tearn girl,s basket-ballfi " .1 -' Fouriof F1i'st'sqi1ad boy'.s baslzet-bifll, V 4' 4 Algood percent. of' ba'se-balllplayersf. V' Ly , . K Pancake Supper-Benefit of gnnual fund? , n Junior-Senior Bjmquet. ' T ' .6 1. 'S l , Q, . .Q 1 Now on tlptoes to enter our Senior Year. li ur , K x A ,A ' 'MARIE FERNALD. . b , . V 4:- O T . I'1 1 1 I I ' ! C I ' 4 I 7 A . ' , ft Page Forty-ezgm f 3' Y , u xl V ' Se Q' 15 0 s . 2 . 3 W Tl Q x v A oct , fy' P A Qin? ba k e ' Jkt' ' W - y iv 7 5 V U. D, I Wff WAlW7'U f1fw 1 Y 0 -3. 1 A A 9 ,nfs IN ll lEllQllsNl3IlfllllfZN Sophomore Class " OFFICERS FOR YEAR 1928-1929 DONALD CORMACK . . . . . . President WILTON PARKER . .... Vice-President Lois WHIDDEN . . Secretary and Treasurer MR. LEON OSBORN . . . Sponsor COLORS: Blue and Yellow FLowER: Hydrangea MOTTO: "Work conquers all things." On September 3rd, 1928, we, the class of ,3I, rallied at Montverde to start our career as Sophomores. Wle were indeed glad to extend the cordial hand of friendship to the many new students which we found in our midst. Every one was sure of a successful year, and all hoped to be back next year to fill the empty seats which were left by the vacating Juniors. Accornplishrnents Algebra, English, Science, History and other academic subjects we easily conquered, and we are proud of the fact that we have always been well repre- sented on the Honor Roll. Several of the boys have taken vocational training courses. They have made good records, one of the boys taking a prize in Tampa at the South Florida Fair. A couple of boys have been instrumental in designing and building a new printing press. In athletics we have been well represented. Wilton Parker, Steve Zant, and Donald Cormack played first rate football. On the boys' basket-ball team, we have Murphey Crawley, Leroy Lowry, Steve Zant, Wilton Parker, and Charles VVeaver, all of whom did splendid work. VVinifred Smith and Lela Rushing represented us on the girl's team. Many of the boys have expressed a desire to play baseball, and we have several seasoned players with us. Our class has a Christian Endeavor Society of its own, and is doing splendid work along that line. - VVhen we return as Juniors, we intend to do bigger and better things in every line of work. DONALD CORMACK. IMI!!! I-'iffy-4 NH ,'xv13 ,- . QV' ffl ,-62 fx Pa ' I- 'ftj-t co If 1 v 1 , A go vt I I FHESKHWA VQWN , N X W . N6 I E ,7 1....m. M 'B 1 4 NCIVIEIJQILJMBIHIIESN Q Freshman Class OFFICERS FOR YEAR 1928-1929 JOHN HUMPHREY . . . President CORINE FOY . . .... V iee-President FRANK BUTLER .... . Secretary and Treasurer MISS ZEPP AND MR. SHOWS . .... Sponsors COLORS White and Green FLOWER: White Carnation MOTTO: "To the Stars through bolts and bars." VIRGINIA BAKER FRANCES BOONE CHARLES BUTLER FRANK BUTLER GORDON CASNER HERMAN COX VVILLIAM FAIRCLOTH OMAR DAVIS MARGARET FLAHERTY CORINE FOY BILL HLANCOCK GLEN HICKSON JOHN HUMPHREY FRESHMAN ROLL DOROTHY JONES FRANK MCGUIRE EDWARD MCKTNNON HENRY LOPEZ MARY MOORE JAMES MORGAN MAYBELL NETTLES FORREST OLLIFF VVILLITAM FARR MERLE SHAW JANIE STONE MARY THOMPSON J PHILLIP AERY Page Filly four N , yn' lfiffy-li1'6 r 5 ie S Page Fifty-SLI A mm -SMU ! W im I 1 , 'fm E '- v ' M' ACTIVITIES 1 - fihm'5hfQS'w2 fufWDi.11.15 ',fJA9:'u'1'SBE.L'e rl.1.'tZV " " Q, H, -L . I x Q I 5 x 41'?.i.? Y 'sf 1 4 in ,Ji A, ,L I 55,53 if ?f A 4 Pi Page Fiftyfn ing 4 x 'H yu H . 'W NTIEHQLM3 EN I 44 H A n ps e 1' f Philomathean Literary Society On September 14th, 1928 a meeting was called of the Philomathean Society for the purpose of electing officers for the following year. A number of old members were back to welcome the large number of new ones, and all entered together into the spirit of making this a banner year for the Philos. Our Society gives a literary program once a month. These programs consist of plays, debates, musical and literary numbers. Following the custom it was our turn to entertain the Athenians at Hallowe' en. This we did, and many are looking forward to the entertainment to be given by the Athenians at Track Meet. Last year the Athenians won the banner from usp however, everyone is in line spirits and looking forward to a victory for the Philos this year. OFFICERS FOR 1928-1929 . Fall Term HELEN BAKER . . .... . . . President KEMPIS CARPENTER . . Vice-President Lois WRIGHT . . Secretary MACE STEPHENS . . . . . Treasurer MACEI STEPHENS . . Sargeant-at-Arms Lo1s NETTLES ..... . . Chaplain MRS. ELSIE B. HARSSON . . Sponsor Spring Term LEPPIE HANCOCK . . . . President DONALD CORMACK . . Vice-President ANNELL WELLS . . Secretary GERALDINE REED . . Treasnrar , Lols XVRIGHT. Page Si:1'ty-:mc ,aw PHILOMATIIEAN LITERARY SOCIETY NiIlilE2llQlL!Ml3ltlillZN Athenian Literary Society In 1920 two literary societies, Philomathean and Athenian, were organized at Montverde. The purpose of these societies is to create a literary atmosphere and appreciation of the best of the literary world among the students. Each group gives a program once a month. The Athenians have sponsored some splendid numbers during this year, consisting of debates, literary authors, plays and musical selections. At the end of each year a track meet is held between these two societies, and to the one receiving the highest number of points, a banner is awarded to be re- gained or lost the following year. It is now in possession of this society .which is planning to put up a hard light to hold the championship. On October 3ISt, the Athenians were entertained by the Philos with a spooky Hallowe'en Party. According to custom the Athenians serve their rivals at a banquet following Track meet. OFFICERS FOR 1928-1929 A Fall Term CLIFTON THORNTON . . . . . . . President MARGUERITE LINN . . . . . Vice-President GILES VANSICKLER .... . Secretary and Treasurer MISS MCKAY AND MISS ZEPP . . . . . . Sponsors Spring Term RALPH ELLIOTT . . . . . . . . . President CLIFTON THORNTON . .... Vice-President BRADLEY PIPKIN ..... . Secretary and Treasurer MISS MCKAY AND Mlss ZEPP . . . . . Sponsors ROSA BELLE LITTLE. Page Sixty-thrcc ATHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY NfIIlliIlQILlMl3ll'llII3N Music Club MUSIC CLUB ORGANIZED SEPTEMBER 1919 ' MOTTO: ,Siempre Gai ffllways Goyj COLORS: Purple and White FLOWER: Iris PURPOSE: "To know and to appreciate the kind of music which not only trains mind and muscle, but enriches the souls of all who understand mind and muscle." Q, OFFICERS FOR 1928-1929 p HELEN BAKER . . . . . . President MARIE FERNALD . . . Secretary MRS. J. N. ARNEY . . Sponsor MR. J. N. ARNEY . . Director CALENDAR FOR MUSIC EVENTS ' Annual Band Concert . . Feb. 22 Baccalaureate Service .. . May IQ Class Night ..... May I7 Recital-School of Music . May 20 Expression Play-Orchestra May I8 Commencement . . . May 21 Besides playing a large part in the events listed above, the Music Club takes its turn in giving programs about once a month. The band, orchestra, glee club, and all music pupils contribute their share in making these affairs a success. The expression class often add delightful selections. Occasionally, one or more of these groups gives concerts in other towns. The Orchestra plays for chapel exercises, also furnishes music for banquets and special occasions. 1. In fact, we believe our motto might well read, "Ich Dien," CI servej. MARIE FERNALD. Page Sixty-four I D1ec'111zs'1'RA Muff Ni.1't,ff-Ziff IZAND Nlllf-SIE M3 EN Smith-Hughes Auto Mechanics Department i On September I, IQ28 the Automotive and Machine Course started its fourth year. To Ht mechanics to he leaders in their trade is the purpose of this course. This is accomplished by stressing honesty in all their work and giving each student a thorough understanding in all the mechanical phases of the automobile. The course is outlined to run twenty months. This is divided into two ten month periods. Instruction and practice of all the mechanical features of the automobile is given in the ten months. The simpler machine operations are also given in this iirst period. Carburetion, electricity in itsliapplication to the automobile, trouble shooting and advanced machine work constitute the practice and instruction in the second ten months. Three hours of practice work on all different makes of cars is given each day. The subject of machine drafting is taught with the course as a related subject. This enables the student to make a working sketch and a drawing of any part to be made or machined. The equipment in the garage is quite complete. All the small tools, necessary for an up-to-date garage is part of the equipment and new tools are added, from time to time. A grinder, press, power hack saw, benchdrill press, large drill press, shaper and lathe is included in the equipment of the machine shop. Machine shops, garages and auto shows are visited during the two periods to ac- quaint the student with the practices of the trade and to keep up-to-date with the new mechanical features. Trade Science, a study of all parts of the automobile, gives the student of the course a thorough understanding of his trade. This, with the practical training, enables him to work intelligently and be a leader in his chosen work. RoY SANDERS. Mechanical Club QFFICERS FOR THE YEAR LAMAR XVILLIAMS . . Prfsideifzt DONAI,D CORMACK . . . l71'cc-Presidffzt ROY SANDERS . . S6'Cl'Cl'f11'j' and Treasurer MR. FLAHERTY . . Tcafizer l Jr Si1'ty-.www N IEIRILAQIWIRN Smith-Hughes Vocational Agriculture The Montverde Chapter of the F. F. F. fFuture Farmers of Floridaj, met September 15th, for the purpose of electing officers. The following were elected. CLIFTON THORNTON . . . . . President GILES VAN SICKLER . . Vice-President KEBIPIS CARPENTER . . Secretary FLEMMING BUTNER . . . Treasurer MR. B. K. WHEELER ......... Advisor The F. F. F. is a state organization to bring together the different chapters in social and athletic activities. The F. F. F. also offers different degrees of rank by complying with certain objectives. First, is the green hand. Each member then Works up to the Florda Farmer and, from the Florida Farmer to the Florida Planter, the highest degree. It is the custom of the Montverde School to send a stock, fruit, vegetable, and poultry judging team to the South Florida Fair held each year at Tampa. This year the students making the respective teams were: ' Live Stock: William Deuel, Kempis Carpenter, and Giles Van Sickler. Fruits and Vegetables: Fleming Butner, Ben Gettings, and Valdamar Kreher. Poultry: Dennis Carroll, Clifton Thornton, and Glen Hickson. Glen Hickson won first place in judging white leghorns. ' Kempis Carpenter took second place in Angus Beef Cattle. As a whole our team averaged as Well as the other teams in the state. Three of ,our members will graduate from the Smith-Hughes Agriculture course this year. They are: Kempis Carpenter, Giles Van Sickler and William Deuel. Mr. B. K. Wheeler, our most able teacher, has done much to improve the campus and gardens for T. M. S. and we Want to express our appreciation for his help in our 'club work. GILES VAN SICKLER. Page Sixty eight R Y r A XTVUQLAQ3 Agriculture CLIFTON THORNTON GILES XTANSICKI, XYILLIAM DEVEL GLENN HICKSON I1ENRY HAYRIAN CIIARLES OWENS IJARRY STAFORD ER JOHN HUBIPHREX' Page Sixty-Iline Club ERNEST KREHER XFALDAMAR KREHER KEIIPIS CARPENTER ZACK CREWS RICHARD NIERRANNIAN FLEIIMING BUTNER DENNIS CARROLL BENJAMIN GETTINGS GLEE CLVU Page Seventy sffwq ,fl Qmnv f W My I , J f 'M flfff ff' ' 4 '. ld f g W xf""'1 , 1:34 f ffff I 11,-,fl v ' 1? 'AEK V N ATl1LliTlcs .vw 1 . v, ' f , il . 1 if vi Eg Y S '. X 'I Q99 , .High s .., Em ,UC we A IEIQ ...I C. G. SHOWS Coach This is the Hrst year in T. M. S. for Coach Shows. Though he arrived late at the school he took his place at once. On the day of his arrivalthe Montverde eleven were playing their Hrst game of the season. By the help of Mr. Flaherty they had whipped a squad into shape for this first game. They played a game T that showed their merits at the start. Coach took charge of the recruits and kept them continually working that they might develop into a strong eleven, Fit to meet one of the hardest schedules the school has ever made. . f,..,,,.1 . I . 1 Page Seventy-three X ' 'ff 1 a 2 NilVlE2lQlLM3lHl N E' MM, f if HANCOCK, I Captain j Quarterback S "Leffie" as Captain and quarterback was at the head of his team all season. His ground gaining was well known by all the opposing teams. ELLIOTT, Fullback "Ralph" played his second year of football as fullback. He did his best on every occasion and tried to be worthy of his team. BROWN, Halfback "Edward" played his game as a halfback. He did not start the year as a regular but proved his worth before the season was over. Page Seventy- four .vip 5 mrlhllamcwlraw 225 THORNTON, Right End "Cliff, also played at end. Although his first year in football he showed that he could play a remarkable game. PIPKIN, Left Tackle "Bradley" as tackle was well known on the team. He played a steady game and was always there. X HUMPHREY, Halfback Hjohnieu filled a position as halfback. His offensive game is well known, but on the defensive he hit them low and hard. Johnie is our Captain for next year, and we are looking forward to a successful season. l Page Seven ty-five . NrlllEllQlUW IFN 1 c M PARKER, Quarterback "Wilton" played at quarterback position. He kept a cool head and made the most of every emergency. Parker did most of the forward passing for the team. KIMBROUGH, Center "Albert" the lightest man on the team iilled the position of center. It was his first year in football but he seldom failed to pass the ball in the right place. DEUEL, Right Tackle "William" did not report for practice till late in the season, but he proved later that he was a hard hitting tackle to all who opposed him. . 1 - Page Seventy-sim Npwf w ' vi, 'ff of ' '- e"'Z3" gr Nilln IEIQ All? WEN y ZANT, Left End "Steven played at end. E He was down under punts, and his ability for catching passes was undisputed. A TROUSDALE, Halfback "Wesley" filled the position at halfback. He was well known for his defensive game, as well as carrying the ball. HARPER, Right End "Ralph" played all season as end. Few were the gains made around the end while Ralph held that position. Page Seventy-seven l I 2 ' J ' 1 g M ' 1 V, 'st N ll IEIQILME lHl IEN f BUTNER, Right Guard "Fleming" played his first football as guard. He applied himself to the task of learning the game and he succeeded well. WILLIAMS, Right Tackle "Lamar" was the largest man on the team and the hardest tackler. Many of ' the opposing teams were impressed by his vicious and determined look. CARMACK, Left Guard "Donald," a new comer to football, filled a positionvas guard to the best of' his ability. He always stood for a clean hard game. Page Seventy-eight NTEQLAC EN 4 C ,I Page Seventy-nine Foot- all Squad Top Row ARCHIE CASTILLE AVERY SIDOW GEORGE SMITH NVORMAN -IERKINS GERALD THOMPSON ERNEST CAMPBELL Middle Row RALPH ELLIOTT WESLY TROUSDALE FREDERICK OLIVER MACE STEVENS THEODORE PERKINS GILES VAN SICKLER GLENN HICKSON MR. SHOWS "COACH" EDWARD BROWN WILTON PARKER JOHN HUMPHREY Bottom Row CLIFTON THORNTON RALPH HARPER DONALD CARMACK LAMAR WILLIAMS WILLIAM DEUEL LEFFIE HANCOCK FLEMMING BUTNER ALBERT KIMBROUGH BRADLEY PIPKIN STEVE ZANT N AIEQIIQ AWIIHIEQN Y , y 6 . Baseball Squad FLEMMING BUTNER ERNEST CAMPBELL DENNIS CARROLL WILLIABI DEUEL RALPH ELLIOTT WILLIAM HANCOCK LEFFIE HANCOCK JOHN HUMPHREY ALBERT KIMBROUGH FREDERICK QLIVER CHARLES OWEN WILTON PARKER DOUGLAS PATTERSON THEODORE PERKINS GEORGE SMITH GERALD THOMPSON GILES XIANSICKLER STEVE ZANT 1 A Page Eighty Girls' Basket-Ball MR. XY. D. VVALKER .... . . . Coach M155 EVELYN DE VARY . . Monagfr NELI,1E BARRIER .... . Forward ELLA FRANCES GOODWIN . . Forward HAZEI, COX .... . Forward HELEN BAKER . . . Forward BIARY LOU ABBOTT . . Forward MARGUEIQITE LINN . . . Canter ROSA BELLE LITTLE BESSIE VVEINER . . TLXNNELLE VVELLS . XYINIFRED SMITH . XYILMA SHAW . GENEVRA BAILEY . . .... Cantor . Rmmrirzg Cantor . Rmznizzg Cantor Guard . Guard . Guard Page Eighty-one t l I I XY , W , .., ., ,.L-.'i NT HQMWWIBN Girls' Basket-Ball Team The Montverde girls started very early in the season under leadership of Miss Devary and Mr. Walker. Most of last year's team were back so they had good material with which to start. New players were added and a strong team was soon organized and successfully led by their able captain, Marguerite Linn. The girls started out by winning and kept it up throughout the season. We are certainly proud of our 1929 team. Each member played her part Well. Boys' Basket-Ball Team The boys of the Montverde team started their practice the first week of De- cember. A large number of new recruits were on the scene to learn the game of basket-ball. Only three letter men of the previous year, were left as a foundation upon which to build the new squad. Coach Shows showed his ability by picking out a team that was capable of holding its own against any team with which they were evenly matched. At the beginning of the year, it was thought that this would be a winning team, but at the end of the season, they found themselves at the small end of several scores. Wherever they played, the team of twenty-nine were complimented on their good sportsmanship and clean playing. R. C. E. ' 1' Page Eighty two W ILTLINIIIEIQF Afslmlfz 'vf ifgi ' 'Lv Boys' Basket-Ball MR. C. SHOWS . . . . . Coach KEMPIS CARPENTER . . Forward WILTON PARKER . . Forward MURPHY CRAWLEY . . . Forward FRANK BUTLER . . . . Forward RALPH ELLIOTT fCaptainj . . Center LEROY LOWERY .... . Center LAMAR WILLIAMS . . Guard RALPH HARPER . . Guard ALBERT KIMBROUGH . . Guard i I 'i Page Eigh tyAthree N g li C. '5 fx! W V X if E-' L X A x - 2 X vii N13 fir I wg W "XJ 'M N 1 if ' fa Q 3552113 Page lfiyllfy-four fl XYfaPj'7f Will' .NQSSQVSE if A ff X Q U o LII C- 39 fb '::1 D J QR? U fi ull NIV IEIIQIL!-IG IHIIEN ' Jokes Mace Stephens: "Hey, jerry and Genevra, want to go to the Senior Play P" jerry and Genevra: "Oh-h-h-h, we'd love to.', Mace: "Thanks, girls, I'm selling tickets, how many do you want P" 4- Pk 4- 4- Pk Mr. Walker: "And the father of the prodigal son fell on his 'heck and wept, what did he weep for P" Donald Cormack: "You'd weep too, if you fell on your neckf' 4- 4- 4- Pk 4- Virgil Lowe: "And last night I dreamed I proposed to the most beautiful girl." Nita Rose: "And what did I say P" ' Pk Pk 4- 4- Pk Mary Lou: "Aw,, Clif, I'm sugar, ainlt IPM Clifton Thornton: "Yes, powdered sugar." Pk Pk Pk 4- 4- Devota Bender: "Every time I sing, tears come to my eyesf, Mr. McCauslin: "Why don't you stuff cotton in your ears P" Pk 4- 4- 4- 4- Irene Ward: "I always sleep with my gloves on. That,s why my hands are so soft." Maurice Robinson: Yeh? well do you sleep with your hat on, too P" Q 4- 4- 4- if It Albert Kimbrough: "Pearlie, do you know the latest song P" Pearl Elliott: "No, what is it P" "Albert: "Kiss me and I'll tell you." , Pearlie after a moment: "Gee! What a pretty name. Please tell me again." 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- VVinifred Smith: "Did the boys say anything dove-like about me P" Lois Whidden: "Yes they said you were pigeon-toed." if 4 4- 4- 4- Frederick Oliver: "Are you fishing P" Bradly Pipkin: "No, just giving the fishes some swimming lessons." wk 4- 4- 4- 4- Geraldine Reed: "PII have you know I'm not the fool you think I am." Roy Sanders: "Then what fool are you P" 4- 4- 4- 4- if Annelle Wells: "I think sheep are the most stupid of all animalsf, Ernest Kreher: "Yes, my lamb." 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- Forest Olliff sent S. O. S. for some A. B. C.'s to be sent C. O. D. If they don't arrive P. D. Q. he will be S. O. L. '- 4- 4- 4- if ik Mother Parrish: "Many true words are spoken through false teeth." I '9 i Page Eighty-sw . 'gg'- Nflul , ., A WL ' V 4 e 3JlNrlljlEillQllJ3Wl3lllllliZN Marguerite Linn: "Say, loan me fifty cents." Frances Boone: "I only have twenty-live." Marguerite: "Alright, give me twenty-five and then owe me the remainder." Qlt is done.J Marguerite: "Now you owe me twenty-five cents don't you P" Frances: "Yes." Marguerite: ,"And I owe you twenty-live P" Frances: "Yes" Marguerite: "Then we will call it square." 4: ac- -r :sf fr No wonder the electric iron is not popular with Mrs. Dudley. It can only be thrown the length of the cord. .i 4: ik is 4: 41 Clifton Thornton fed the cows newspapers thinking they would give print butter. :sf wr if as wk IT TASTED LIKE HAM Mr. Osborn entered his classroom. "To-day," he announced, I intend to show you the inner workings of a frog." As he unwrapped the package the students exclaimed: "Why, Mr. Osborn, that is two ham sandwiches." "Ah! how stupid of me," said Mr. Osborn perplexed, "I could have sworn I ate my lunch a few minutes ago." wk ar 4: is lk Devota Bender: "That diamond ring I lost, used to belong to a famous millionaire." Bill Hancock: "Must have been Woolworthf' Donald Cormack: "I once knew of a Scotchman that wouldn't go to a funeral." Jeannette Stanton: "Why ?" A Donald: "He didn't want to pay tribute to the deadf' we if ix is if Mr. H. P. Carpenter: "Why is the water blue, Lois P" . Lois Nettles: fBeing an A1 Chemistry studentj, "Because there are certain chemicals in the water and the reflection of the sky." V Mr. H. P. Carpenter: "All wrong, it's because the wind blew over it." Lois fGetting it backj : "Well, why is the Gulf green PN Mr. Carpenter: "Must be because you live by it." lklkbklklk Miss DeVary had a little lamb, 'Twas given her to keep, It followed her around until It died from lack of sleep. . wx' I 1' C HN IEQUQILAWEIFHIEQN 14914 ill MONDAY, SATURDAY, MONDAY, MONDAY, SATURDAY, SATURDAY, WEDNESDAY FRIDAY, WEDNESDAY SATURDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, TUESDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY, ! Calendar SEPTEMBER 3-School reopens for it'S seventeenth session. Many new students are cordially welcomed and old students are met with a smile. A ' 8-Great excitement! New students drew for membership to Every one got acquainted after the two literary societies. which refreshments were served. . 1 Io-Senior Class met, officers and Sponsors were elected. I7-Raincoats, mops and buckets! No school. All evidence of a hurricane. 22-The Athenians gave a program-Special attraction! Some- one sings a piano Solo. 29-Football season opens with Orlando game. Giles has the misfortune of breaking his jaw. Several others are injured. OCTOBER 3-Seniors made pies and sold them. 12-Miss Weeks departed to take up another vocation. She has joined in the Holy "Bumps" of Matrimony. I7-Senior's "Declaration of Independence" was acknowledged by the faculty Ctown privilegesjf' 27-Smiths and Hoovers have a diversion from politics and play football. Hoovers victorious. Home Economics Club gives two plays. 31-Ghosts and goblins prowled about. The Philos entertained the Athenians. NOVEMBER I-Everyone excited, only eight days until we go home. 6-Look out for tires! We are all firemen. Chief Walker says so. 9-Armistice vacation begins, everyone is in smiles. 16-First football victory. V 23-Fire down town! Coach is hero, rescues box of powder from second floor. Page Eighty-eight ED ADREN " 46 . .U 1 s' qu", SATURDAY, MONDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, WEDNESDAY SATURDAY, TUESDAY, FRIDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, THURSDAY, THURSDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY, TUESDAY, Page Eighty-nine 9 24-MTS. Carpenter gives bonfire in honor of two football victories. 26-Seniors staged a "Krooks Konventionf' Pass word "O- Watta-goo-siamf' Only belts and knives were used to ex- hibit their strength. 29-Thanksgiving Day. Turkey? Yum-Yum!! 30-Teachers are gone. Were we good? Oh, boy and how? DECEMBER 1--Athenians attempt a program, Bradley is main feature. 5-We've "Lost a Chaperon" and it sure was carried out well. "Oh, isn't that drawl?" 8-A newly married graduate came to see us, Mr. Bryant Fugate. 11-Kiwanians have banquet. Mr. Dann boosts Florida. 14-Special attraction-"Elopement of Ellenf, featured by Sen- iors. Dorothy Little wins beauty contest sponsored by Seniors. , I8-Senior rings arrive at last. 19-Faculty rushed! Senior Home Economics class gives faculty Christmas Tea. Mother Parrish and Mrs. Dudley also en- tertain in the evening. 21-We would tell you more on this day, but we Went home for Christmas vacation. JANUARY 10-D. A. R.'s visit school. We were favored by a talk from two of them. 17-"Only women and hyenas laugh? I guess we girls will take a back seat now. Mr. Osborn led chapel. 22--A professor from Boston University delivers excellent speech on "American Ideals." 24-Girls go on Weiner roast on Lake Florence after Study Hall. FEBRUARY 2--Rats! Southern Rats Qfrom Lakelandj played Basket-ball against our boys. 5-Major Martaindale, Chief Ranger of Yellow-Stone National Park, gives interesting talk on "Wild Animal Life." NTEELACWENf Mb THURSDAY, 7-Seniors are away for the day. Musicians have hot dog roast on shores of Lake Florence. SATURDAY, 9-Mr. Grover of Rollins College gives lecture on Children's Crusade. THURSDAY, I4-Teachers all get joke' Valentines. The Seniors feature a Valentine Party. TUESDAY, 19-The President of Rollins College addressed the students in chapel. THURSDAY, 21-Exams begin. Everyone is getting studious. FRIDAY, 22-A number of girls privileges were taken. It does seem that socks were all the vogue. MARCH FRIDAY, I-Pancake Supper, sponsored by the juniors. SATURDAY, 2-Students are preparing big for the coming "event,' of the ' year, Track Meet. MONDAY, 4-Serious minds are in vogue for new semester. New resolu- tions are made, to be exempted. FRIDAY, 22-Every one goes visiting or home for the Spring vacation. APRIL ' TUESDAY, 5-Some excitement and preparation. Seniors give play. FRIDAY, I9-Track Meet begins. Every one is anxious for the outcome. SATURDAY, 2o-Hurrah for the winners of Track Meet! And a good feed, too! FRIDAY, 26-Juniors give Seniors a grand time. Thanks so much! MAY FRIDAY, 3-The final inter-class debate was enjoyed by all. Every one can't win. FRIDAY, I7-Seniors day of joy. They perform. SATURDAY, 18-Such a success from Mrs. Carpenter's work-the Commence- ment Play. SUNDAY, I9'A special religious program for the Seniors-Baccalaureate Sermon. MONDAY, 20-We were glad to see so many of the Alumni. TUESDAY, 21-At last we receive our walking papers, more specifically known as diplomas. WEDNESDAY, 22-Seniors bid good-bye to Good Ole High School and many dear friends. 1 F' Page N lnety NTIEHQILMEIWIEN vfutogmplzf ls X NITIEHQILMBIWIEN Ufutogmplzf I 9 'P 4 A 1 X I Page Ninety-two f x XNXX X X 3' W ,- 9 gf ow . 0 4 A . !,' AV '-n. f 4 ' r m 4sX 'xg A S 'Q' fi ' K 3 15523, W, b 1 Axv-'X s xx X Wx 1 1 J . 5 'sg l .5 '51 ' t T f V4 , n ibm. Q VA M ,il ffvpxs X X 'A g 'A x Wu A A X WX 4 U' an x 'Av' " v-' ,Wag , -, , - , - , X .09 06 Q - ' 1 gk 'v -f x b x gg xxx ,M 51 X X X 15 , X Enj o Your Food 5 9 Q 4 6 9 5 Fresh and Wholesome in 2 9 YNIE ARE constantly urged by the medical 5 profession to eat more fresh, nutritive Q food if we would keep well and therefore happy. This is an easy prescription to follow for, besides resulting in better health, it actually costs less to buy and keep all food fresh. For the day or two fresh vegetables, fruits, milk Q and other foods are kept in the home, their appe- tizing freshness and nutritive qualities are best ' preserved at the least expense?-with ICE. 6 A good refrigerator filled with Ice is real health ' insurance. Never be without it. 5 ff ' ' xx THE 0. K. ICE C0. K uf F. B. KREIDER, MANAGER ' . - Clermont, Florida Q 2 Page Xilzcty-four' 5 9 Q 5 a 2 e FIR T NATIONAL BAN OF LEEK BURG LEESBURG, FLORIDA OFFICERS G. G. WARE . . .......... President E. K. BUTLER . . Vice-President and Cashier J. C. ROGERS . .... Assistant Cashier GEO. H. RAST . Assistant Cashier DIRECTORS H. C. DUNCAN E. K. BUTLER S. E. WALKER G. G. WARE . J. Y. CLARK, JR. Page Nine!!!-li re "O"CWC"00'O0O"O"O"C0O"C"O"O"O"O"O'IOHOWOWOHCHO"O'IO0OWO'UO'fO'IO'IO''O'IO'IO'IONI'IO'IU'IOIIO'IO'II'IO"C"O"O'vO'vO'vI"l0l0ll'li"O"l"O"UIy I 3 6 S Q Q Q LAKE ABSTRACT AND TITLE GUARANTY CO. INCORPORATED 1887 ABSTRACTS OF TITLE AND TITLE INSURANCE f 5 Tavares Florida 5 ' Z ' a PERFURMANCE- 3 We are here to perform a service that is satisfactory in every detail, and we exercise every effort to make it especially useful. Q We Invite our Montverde Friends to f'Bank" With Us. Q THE BANK OF TAVARES 3 Tavares : : Florida 2 FIELD'S CHEVRoLET Co. ' A six in the price range of the four 'I' Clermont, Florida E Y THE FIRST NATIUNAL BANK g Winter Garden, Florida ez, j On Savings I CAPITAL AND SURPLUS 360,000.00 . Member Federal Reserve System I .1 Ninety-si.1' Hg..g..q..g..g--of-o--o--o--Q--Q--q..q..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g...... g..g..g..g..g..g.. -o..o..o-- ano--Q--o--s--o--n--o-o--o--ol -s 3 ' Harry P. Leu Dickson-Ives Co. E Orlando, Florida Orlando, Florida Q Most Complete Stock of Sends Greetings and fi 3 Machinery, Heavy Hardware Best Wishes and Mill SUPPlies to the Teachers and Students of I In Central Florida ' Montverde School 9 5 Q We Clean Your Rugs The LaSt S9l'VlCC 2 Z Absolutely Clean Loved Ones Can Render Z Russ Mattress Morgan Funeral Home, 2 ' Company Inc' Orlando Florida Where Service Predominaftes 5 Phone 570 Orlando, Florida 5 Modern Ambulance Sermce 5 Sleep 00mf07'l'tl.bl6 Prqfggg 2 Have Your Twenty-four Hour Service f Mattress Made New P h o n e : 9 5 5 2 5 . Finley Pioneer Paint Compliments Of I Co. Joseph Bumby Established 1887 Hardware Co' 6 2 WALL PAPER Orlando 3 l... Winter Park 5 g U. S. N. Deck Paint -and- Phone 3348 Winter Garden 'T Page .Yinet 1-I ' " .g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.....g..g........g..g..g..o..o..s..o..g................ .....g................................g..g..g..........................g..g..g. .4-QQ S11 r J. W. HUNTER DUNCAN 8: HAMLIN 9 5 9 I ATTORNEYS AT LAW Tavares, : : Florida - 5 X l I l , 1 HARRY C. DUNCAN I R P. H i ' ATTORNEY AT LAW Om AMW 9 V N I I . ARTHUR G. HAMLIN, 3 Consulting Counsel 3 CARL E. DUNCAN 5 5 TAVARES, I FLORIDA ROBERT COLLINS 5 8 Compliments Attorneys and Counselors 'Of' at Law F B ERRAN UILDING DR. H. K. CREWS Eustis, :: Florida D E N T 1 S T 3 DOUGAL MCREE BUIE C. HAROLD HIPPLER 5 2 ...l 5 Telephone l70 Orlando, Florida .g..g..,..g..g..g.....g..q..g.4.4..o..o.-Q.-Q.-0..e..e..g..g..... .....g..g..g..g........g..g..g.. g..g..g..q..g..g..g..g..g.Ii P j Nifwfll-Giyhi ia' W Announcing to all the Vegetable and Citrus Growers That We can now serve you through our special representative MR. I. E. ESTRIDGE SANFORD, FLORIDA Q0 35 IF YOU NEED FERTILIZER DROP HIM A CARD c60: 5C 06O West Coast Fertilizer Company TAMPA, FLORIDA -r-0--0--0-f0-v4--Q--Of-0- -Oni-0'-0-'O--O --iw -I wi--I-vl-'Dwi-OfIO--I--0w0I-vIw0f-0-0-vOv-I--D-fr-if'O--vw-Q-Q-0-0--0--0--0--I--9-0--I--0--0--0--0--0'-I-fr-O--I--I--0--v-0--0-0--0-- no--0--I--I--lv! LEWIS CHITTY CONSOLIDATED Distributors of Over Sea Brand PURE FOOD PRODUCTS FLORIDA,S OWN AND FLORIDA OWNED R. C. WOODBERRY COMPANY Wholesale Groceries Orlando, :: Florida Phone 4651 P. O. Box 1115 MEBANE BUICK COMPANY BUICK AUTOMOBILES Orlando, Florida E. L. FERRAN COMPANY "Everything to Wear" Eustis, ' ' Florida neH g'vvOvOw0vfCvIwl0O"O"OMl0O"C'lOl'l'vl"l"l"O'0 1 PC0Ul'l"l0'lv-O0 The First National Bank of Clermont Banking in all its lines lvllvil O" 'C0O0C'lC"lflllll nl'-U' OI' 'l0O"l"l0O'lO"O"O"ll'Ol Scott's Pharmacy The Rexall Store "Everything to be had in a first Q class drug storew Under supervision of , United States Government PHONE 6 2 E Clermont, Florida Clermont, ' Florida I 2 Ogden Motor Company Sportman's Supply A.. Company Q 2 LINCOLN - FORD - FORDSON -- 4 I SALES AND SERVICE SPORTING GOODS Y Y E Clermont, Florida Tampa, Florida We Appreciate Your Business Crest Farm i 6001116 fo S99 HSD "Royal Purple" Jersey Giants George S Merchant BLACK AND lVHlTE The Show Flock of the South MEN'S WEAR E DRY CLEANING PRESSINC Wrile for catalogue l A, E. Wright, Proprietor E Winter Carden, Florida Orchard Hill, : Georgia 9 il--0--O--0--v-l--0--lu-0--0--l--0v-l--lu-0--I--0--0--O--0' -0--0--9-.lug .gap qc One Hunflrerl and One .9..g..g..g..p..g..g..gnga... ..g..q..g..g..g-.g..g.. HQUALITYH Is the invisible ingredient in any product that establishes its worth from usage. " ORANGE BELT BRANDS " have won and held a reputation for G'Quality" by the uniformity of the results given over a period of years. They are made of '4Quality" materials to produce '6Quality7, results. There IS a difference in fertilizer. Lyons Fertilizer Company TAMPA, FLORIDA "Quality Fertilizer for Quality Fruit" ig I ug.. -our-Q--Q..g..g.. P ye One H I I I 1 l..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.,g..g..g..g..g..g..g-. ..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.. .g..q..g..g..g..g..g..g. .....g..g..g. ..g..g..g..q..g..g..g....,g..g. ..g..g. ! Eustis Piano and Music Cooley and Wilkerson 5 Co. -- ATTORNEYS AT LAW' , Everything in Music bfmm- THOMAS H. COOLEY, Q Harmonica to Grand Piano Mt- Doraf Fla' i 3 Phone 115 ? B. G. PORTER, H KFRTOL 3 Eustis, Fla. 3 Owner and Manager. Phone 51 First National Bank PRINTING OF Q DIS TI N C T I ON Mount Dora, Florida IS OUR Member Federal SPECIALTY 2 S T . . , Reserve ystem Lake County Publishing Q Co. 3 Dependable Banking Service Mount Dora, Florida 9 M, C, Phone 12 Phone 69 Q 5 Growers and Shippers, Story Brothers 'Of' Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables Vegetables, Nuts 3 2 -Q 1 1 2 Winter Carden, : Florida Eustis, : Florida 5 ,, lOWO0O0O"OHC"l10O"O"O0O0l0C'4l"O'Il" l I 'O0O1'C"I"l'0l0ll'O" ' 'U"l1'lWlvO"!"lHO"l" 'l"O0O"O"C"l'lI' "l"O"l'vOv'O0l"O"l'lli Page One Hundred and Three l,... ............., , , , . , , ,.....,.............. . . . ............,..............,. . ..1 Q 5 2 2 5 i 9 EDGE MERCANTILE 5 l CUMPANY 2 Z 5 Q 0 5 3 LAKE COUNTY'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE i ocpoocbo 3 5 Q 5 GROVELAND, FLORIDA 3 : E J R "5"5"5"5"i"5"i"? '5"i"i"5"!"i"i"5"l"'r"r'5"i"f"5"5"5"5' COMPANY range Conwy e 5 3 Flonda Q E .7lflLlTlUfaCtUfC7'S of OWN a home midst hills and pgetty ,F lakes, in a land blessed yvntlm a N l g ! year-round, healthful clnmate. l , Q ' wluerenfamxlers mark? 2 :llildlf cropi Y -' 9 9 FLORIDA DENSE LONG ::2::ef' l'0fnfe ,fag-Qxln l' A g Q Orange, Flonda s ' county bountiful. L ' Y 5136105 50i5J0ggJ00 acrelllmproved farms Q wx f LEAF PINE ,.f,.,,,,:'z,,.,.,.,.:'f.2,1h::f 'e:::::'f:g1. 5 . 5 5 table, poultxv and general farming. vf' 4 2 I Wm new for illustrated booklet. :, I -AND-- 'E U Y 1 l Q cgiwgsigogcgammngacn I Z 6 U3'a'aB1's" Ed' mm Mil. ' ' 6 GULF CYPRESS ,,4Ws5,g,, 1,1 5 2 ,,.,.,,,,, . , -- 11 1.31 9-1 .we . Y.-f,.,.,, fig E G1'OVClaI1Cl, Florida ' .g..g..g..g..g..g..g.4..g.4.4..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.. i. Page 0:10 llunrlrrfd and Four ik-.....-...,............M...,-.........-........W...............,,...--.,................. ....,............ . ---- ei? 1 4 The First State Bank of Eustis Our Business Is Done With Courtesy and Promptness Eustis, :: Florida FICQUETTE BROTHERS GROCERIES and FEED Oiwltl Winter Garden, :: Florida CITIZENS BANK OF EUSTIS Eustis, Florida 472 Paid on Savings and Time Deposits W. 0. Ham, President and Caaltier L. J. Taylor, Vice-President II. C. Hannah, Vice-President Alive Alert Active BOATS BAIT THE MONTVERDE FISHING CAMP Phone Montverde I4 COTTAGES TACKLE PICNIC GRUUNDS I 1 mel! I'I ll qi1....................,..,................................... ...,,..,..,....................... ......................,..,.............. ..,....,,.....,...... pil? C0MPLH?ENTS Launalerers - Dyers - Cleaners 0 S HI-Ie Profits Most Who Serves 'Tb Hola' dn Shoes' Bestn 110 So. Orange Ave. . Orange Laundry Co. and Colonial Cleaners Shoes and llosiery for All Occasion DRY CLEANING DEPARTMENT U Office: 490 N. Orange Avenue, J Orlando, Florida Shoes and Hosiery Phones 4735-7313 "For fhe Youth of Today" W' P k F1 . : Ph 413 22 so. orange Ava., Orlando, Era. Inter ar ' a one SOUTHERN BREAD AND CAKES -Made by- Seybold Baking Company PHONE 3174 ORLANDO, FLORIDA 1 1 0 H I ,I ll 1 9' is ',g..g..g..g.. ..q..g..... .g.,g..g..g..g..g..q.. -4..g.4.4.4..g..g..g..q..g..g..g..g..g..g. g..g..g..g..q. WHEN IN MONTVERDE, VISIT COMPLI ME N T S -OL E. BARNETT'S DRUGS, CIGARS, SODAS THE GULF FERTILIZER AND CANDIES PAINTS AND OILS COMPANY Montverde, Florida AND THE . PHARMACY f Drugs, School Supplies PENINSULAR CHEMICAL and Books -PHONE or WRITE- COMPANY We Are for the Montverde School TAMPA, 1 FLORIDA HS"UeRI2ffllSgfffg,,at the IIIQAIIQIIWIIQIRIDIIQ lIllII4DGlIFlIE5lIl9 Montverde, Florida THE HOME OF GOOD EATS --AND RESTFUL ROOMS One Block from School .g..g..g..g..q.4..g..g..g-.g..g..g..g..g..q..g..g..q..g..g.. I1J1mHllIS'f Q 2 ' GRAPES 2 THE COMING CROP IN FLORIDA 9 IVIONTVERDE, THE BEST GRAPE SECTION For Information Write "Farmer Truskett 9 MOUNT DORA, FLORIDA HOWARD STUDIO ' Reliable 'Z FOR YEARS FAVORED WITH MONTVERDE PATRDNIZE PHOTOCRAPHING OUR 6 X ADVERTISERS 32 E. Pine Street Orlando, " Florlda Page Um' H I I I I llf 99 R x 3 a 1 JK, tv l IQT Q . I XM!! VN ff , f ,fu , X, ,A f , pn-+ K hiv-' ,.,-J, W, V l 4 ggfis, !r++l'v '1 V H Vw, J yy xg J ,X " KAQXX5 ,I E1 f . f x ' J ,, A If , YI' ,1 X N L? if 1.071607 714 My 51117517155 ' x Q71 , Jifmfffw 4fMfQ00fZ s' Jfffffffff ENGRAVERJ W I! I G L EY COLLEGEANNUAL --1 ATLANTA -l IQOUOHOUCWOWOIlO"l0O"lMO"O'4O"O0O'P0004PO''O'IOlIOlIO''O4'OwlvO"l"l"O"I"l"l"l"l0O O O Olfilllvilfiwl'DO"O0O'fl0O"l"O"O"l'lO"O"." 1 2 Q 5 6 Q 1 Q Q 2 5 5 6 5 5 9 9 1 9 Q 9 6 Thank foil g'To know what to do is Wisdom, to know how to do it is Skill, to' do it as it should be done is Servicef, These three, Wisdom, Skill and Service, have been our ambition in this edition of The Inter- lachen. We wish to express our appreciation and extreme 3 gratefulness to those who have in any way aided us in this publication. THE EDITORS. 3 ? 2 2 5 Q ? 9 9 Q ! Q . 2 2 lI-0-o-our-9--o-o--0--Q--o--o--o-o-o--o--o--ono--o--0--0--Q--o--o--c--c--o--o-fo--m-o--o--0--c--1--o--o--we--a--o--o1-o--e--o--o--c--o--o--o-o-- --o--0' , Page One Hundred and lflvlfzwt "' "'E 1S,-,3E'.Ki' R 'f' " Q .qs 4 M' . '-N. r' 'f' H f. , fan ,, ,P .I ,-, Jgfr V f gg Q N. 1 X ' . Msg.,-,' - - gs' 1 mi gif- . ' A Q Q I . , 2.1 2, .f".g, WM,-Q Q:-X L?u:.u:Saia "E" gf. ,gm-,..,-, .yzgv t VA V' 9. Mig' 'sir W-Jin 5' ,j,:g3:,g,c.lHl,. ,- R ,yu ., - . 4111.-ww ,A Q-, f if ' V I . N., . , - ,4 -5 ,M I ,Q Q- . 1 'L F A . K, N A A 21' 3255,-' s ,, W , V X- Wt -1-.-'ml -. J 35 us, '15 .gf . . , iw , 'r ' . Q 'f n Q ' 'Pay -1., ,-, le ' g- ' f . ' . - 'J . fam: , gi.. Y. - .u,. M '52, .. 'ggifihf -2. W' - 'j' ffiwjfg Q HE, ,, -3 fi...-I 331' 1 .' ,lf ' .bqkw 3, I-i - 'V .,:cWik4Iq::gt,.l.1' in M, , rp r.'F"'k , , v . . X A , ,. z-:kv L -. A., 1. 'nf . K ff' fi "H r V-fix "M" A ., M 3,2 4 limi f,M:.v?fAg Q 'gf 5253i 'R ,, -J ,".1. : , x an Q. .A -. In .nt Y' - , , .f 'ue-.., 4 -Q 4, 3 tr V Aff ' l- J. w v R 4 ' x 5, Q 2 if 3, ,L 4 . 1 v-- x gf 7 . . 'Xa P 'L f 4- , Q f 5" ' fr ix f 'E' l fz,-.Q- 'A' ,l J. 1 . , ,, 1 - -wg ' 1 '93 '3a4"'xfR, 1 .V . R- ' w , 1 .K . , ,X - ,wg . 21,5 I Q A , -X ' f X' 4 1' ,RL ,, f' f 4,5 A 'V'-Jil? V f x J, A-. .0 4 Q5 4 A ' . fqfflhy.. Ja Ben., 1 ..,.. , yr. , . kv wif 0 4 ,..,, . A , 'QF . , , , 4 -:WK , , 1: 4- it ' J' 21 . ., H. uk W . X A fn .- e J f . ' : fn ' f' A 434, ,, - R 'v ' 1 . , 1 8 . 5 ' , 4- ' . -'in 2 .8 , Ri' ,, ,gg av. .y . 5-.ei . , ,he ' . A. , .. L. ' 1 Qi X UVM! V FMF 'R . Q ,r '4 1 ..,, '-Lf! 113- N , , ,, 'P f '14 i'- , Evil ww Q1 H Fl N 3' 3 11 ! 1 1 Q'V.Fwf'f,? ?? .V Tilllku .,V?iL?.Q liiic f 4m:Ai5.i-f' '-

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