Montverde Academy - Interlachen Yearbook (Montverde, FL)

 - Class of 1926

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Montverde Academy - Interlachen Yearbook (Montverde, FL) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1926 volume:

Q n I x . s u v. f, 1 i , . 3-43 - , . "fr-:+ 1, ,,, V, -yr - V - - ,. ' . Y ...V A- .L 4, , Q ,.f.f.zf - ,, VV V ' V I K - ...f 'f. 'Y ' ' I . ' i ffl . ' 4 Q ,. - 8 f , Q '. , V , . . V ' i V F V V, . I. f ' A V. - . QA 1 V . ,VVVV X, , . V. f. 'xr lm . . .- Q 1 2- -.a,V,,V. -.1 --f'rI- " V V .A .V IV V. 8. ., A V V ' E . P, in , VN ' . . Q ' - .4 V , A ' vw f. 4, Y , . s ,. , , ge, Vg: 4 4-3, V: f ' f .', .Er 5.4 1. ,L f . f . . sf- . .VM V ,N 6- - 1- . f . I3 ' . - -, - , IV. I , Q.. . i L A W. V vo- 1 . V- . 4 f 41.336 - - ha - .-I . .VV me - f qi ' Y X A K . ,V f . , . . . 62: .. 1 I V . W1-s' sw, x3 V I ,',- U V V... V VViVv -, . V .- V V ...E .V . 3. H' 2g.1.,,.,V'?V ' V Via. x , Q . VV V4 V . .V .V . . V, .4 .1 Vf-, sk. ' 1 3-'4-'fn ,QQ . , , L' 1. L V f Vp.-f..V .,AJLjjggL, fi-V-V? ,rig . V. ' . . 1' A 'G f 4, Q. '-Jtmf. -.,'f.. . "K 2.2" . ' , Vg, iQK.?g"!7f'LM ,gg ..5fvm,- - 41.3. ' ,- '..:"'-"v - J . , ,, , . V . .- , I Q., A 1 - '- . . . VW? . VA ,,. ., . V ek . 1 'f 4 ' gl ' . ., ,V"5x-,qgyix A 1 V F WMQ. - . H. ' FM ff :D J ".. 51 .if .. .F ' -. Y . ' ' , ' ' . ma , " XM L . ' A 599 '.:. U tw '- , N A, . . - ' 4 , V .- S . A ' 1' Vg 111 .V RW V ' . 'f ig Q 1 ' sf: , .,. 7 ' 'Y -' I I 1 .V f VN Y V ' f, ' .?,'.g:' nv ' Q 5 L ' .511-V V gigiig ' 1. -,pf YH. V , . ,, , ,- . yg r , ,V . " . 2.4 'Vi ' 4... ' -, 1 ,W ' 'r1,. . -wa. .:,,5.:V E. , V, . gm -, . ff.: V 3- .. 4, ' I V . . .. . . .rush , , N p ,. "f,xf" f-A Q 1 ' 1 5 , ri A , VV V . w ' 'r I - .. .f , , X, ff P K -9 PM 73 . ififgfsg Y 1 i " , , ,- 9 A A 3 N ' V ' . i, 7 55- " . A , .. - ff. .V . ..-Q3 1' 1' 34 . -.f QP? .L V QQ, VV f. V V. . 3 . QA V V,L.f.:V .V , '.':w- Q, "Y ' ALM 5 ' ' ff.-jf 'E , 4 1 '. I ...J " A 'f .79 ' ' .117 "'gAEf"ij'1' 412+ . . 1 -Sf3'2"r'f'.A.'-,-1- ' 42 44 'I 4. - ,.-+1 ' - -. ,ivy V .QQ .Ik A . ' " ' V '. A, ,. ... 41 -- ..-1 IQ: W ,V .,. .1 Az. 5, -. , C K 'w:3fQf3jv..? X-'d'?f.31'i"+:'4 K s-. ' 'zxk' V' .VY fp .,'l.gTqV.' ' ibfai-wif -.- 'VL f 2x3'S2.f!...'L',-FJ.: - f .,41f in-nah. .. N ' ,lv . 'V V gf-V"',.Yg, ,K-V V.1 Q 54, 3, Q, A , . ,.Vr .'kL+7s?n.VQ:f 1g V- mf Vw-V :xr -V, 54 21 'f - ' Q vs 1 e V K . I 'E 5 'M V w ,ff Vk-,flfuar f +2 f V, lv i:,:.v1':: pig. :- Q f V V1 V jlaxlii' 'if f .1- ' V . 15 in , LV. L'2,5ff.' " s . ' V. 'B' if-'ig 1V':'V,V3. '. V, f'N,lV JT . pf '. , ,-,, ,,, N .51 mg.. , ,Az ,,V .Q -gr K A " ' W J -E' ,5.,v gQ,fk,3f:", 1 1 ."g,VQa, 757 1 'A fy 1 V I-12, -' 3' " 'rf'-"'.f X' 4 :-". . -V V A". ll if -"' y V vf 7? . f WT 95? Mft - w4r:f Q4.a,Vf sYi3.i Q,-.5511 Vw V ' ,' Higi.. ,Vg-4,1 ' -' ., Vifff V' .- -?i""X, 'f?.A,1.jg,f?55,V RQ: ,5i"V.,f', ' ' V, ', V, W' WV V ff QM.. 'g,3, 1en .j,,:Q . : sf-pig" AV , . ,Vie ' V , .V V. V V- ,:,, ,, .QQ-""w,.M":V "A , izggl-'V, tQ3i7-1 ' ffl 1 ,S ,Sacha V iw, L, ggi' ,ix xp' 12-VA: K. V,- A 5. Fir aff, a n -Qggv, L,Vgx E 5 ' 'Q 5 -2 fi! '3' -J:,f""..,. 'V I1 1: fl' ' ' ' V 'gVVg..5 . Q32-V 5 . QV ,Vim , , V ,V K it il, t. - .. . ,A .. ,C ,, -, Q, 41, 5, V., K... ,Q , ,A ff, 2, ,. ing! ., , 'M' x ,Ml J M. X, V . f 'fji A , -' ,Vafw-f.V .I ffff . . , ,. ,. . ... My . 7 ,3 V, I VV. 4' .eg , AV ' -r V ff 9.1: -VA-,-,m V.. 1 ' , VM iw L Y -V V, V -,Vip fs- V,gVQrmv52Q '5h -' if 'QV Adv W V VV V A Jig-5"i 'SL ' ' 5. " 5-'73EVVV V -,fx , 'is V igyifr-V V 4.-t, V V H' 'agg f ' iV ' 1+az+:f' V U . , a3f.-by ,Q , ggff-'ah V gg: E " ..'QV., V:g 5. S' 5, ' ug 8, wg r-1'-wgigw g .. -nr ' -"f,f-f e, V iffg,-:ig VV 51. , WJ ffff-V. ' V 1 ' , V--1 I'.La.L ff , 5" 12 , FW' 5V. .- ' ' -r JG' EV . ,. L P' gi: A?" 'H " V.1:Vi'e J .ft 1 - ,' 5. .,.-f":t?, x1",1iv ' f ' , 1 -2512751-'I "'5H1',gg,w 1?-'wfflffi' Qtif.i1.?,Vl3f" if . ' .- Ah Rf, 11. Wt. . " fr! V. "gV"4.V' .f-'V FY? V' V. . . . . 9. , -V' , ' ' . g M6 w-AVR ' ' V , - ' Vx ,-NA. V ,,.- . ,,,.,Vv, ,V , ,, . . - V , N5 -73,5-,. in V mfifig. , V, ' , -- ""i V ' : ' f- 'f?3VVI. 74, -L Qyvfg , V :A V. V V1 vc' :V VV -2 1 2: ' :Vac-fV W, -54, s V V mf. VV. wg V V VV V V , V 'V ' t'e?'V.Z?3Tf' 5 ' Vli'1iV?V-Q V ,. W 1 ,V +V, , rf .I ff' Vagffffff 'izifff 1,29 .ir , I -La' 1. - V . f-D - . QA ,ihilg ,, af 2 1: .Vi KQV .V , 'V 5.13 . ,, A ff, VVVVUI' W.:-V'2nV, '-" 39 44. gg.: V A p V '.f'1Vm 4, V Vi ' , , , k ly: ,"i' 2 251' :J Vzg '.,,V . ,Q , 3 m'2V,AN 'A ' H? X "V ' V'-Vi5vVVV'jQf3'i 'ff 'HV V 'lx f-E -lg ' Wi." 4 'f 2 ., fr 'A ff' f.ev'7'L V 'V V V V ,V ,V, JV , , '55VV?f,,5V,., 'kia 55,52 . f:i:'f74L f , V..-Eg 221231:-Lugfg? gg' V V ,5 -1 ,1 Vg :A gV,,Vwn'3Vg -' wif, eg .4 :gi-' - .. ff-'Ix,3,p-:FV , ,L -V .,wVV V. . Qs, , - V J gy. 5.-1 x ..:::V.,..- fb, , , 1. , , ,.v- BAE-.. ,Y-Q ...App ., .Egg ,Q 53.153, A-'YQLA' ,S gl if 'V .AV aw, VV 1.4 xg 'K' ' 'f -' f " 33 4' T f, A .fff -- VV ' V V VV V.. V - V , JA, , Q, V Vi yn? V-A-LV V ,gf V , My f . A V 3, ,r , ' -, " f ' vga f wg. VV , we V. ' W- Q'-A ' . f2j"5f he V VV -V 4-4,'f-V ' 1- ,X , -:NV ' ,: ' .Ui--f., ,vu K M' ,, 14 V. , . , ' giww' 'rf K N 15? 'V 4 gf 3-' , LU: - V' -xv,-1' 'J-i, gg V ,ij is -' V- ' f --:Vw .:VV-V:41i.f:1M 'V , ' V VV'VV w . . A ' V A A ,4V1r?'gvw:, A f V-iw - , 19 VM-X. X ' wif: V .V , Ley: ,wmV:V . ' . :Maw Vv'.w,vr AV lr . . .., Z . V . , ,. VM ,WN , I ...V . ' - :- V 'S,,g,.xA3 Q ,'.:'.. .gf if gig., AJ? 4 Y Qi ' ' Vjv ef QW 5632 1,0 A V"f"5'f'.'3,V,1:' V ,QV 1-in V 1, -, . V if S+ agp V 1 ' ., x ,, ' l ' f', .4 gl - V .. N mf" " "',4:'zgf,fn A ' in ' QM gn. -NV ' Mag 4: ' . AffiQV:'a,5.f.., V age' ,. V::iV:v-wk ,V-'i'-V' 'V V, -V av 'x x . . V ' Q A fir ,V Q , I J 1 A 'fi 1- ...VH . zVmf4V- 4. . . - . ang . V. f 5551 ,,VVr1,VgVf, WVV-'V,V.,iV 1g'5zg,. ,V V 3 ,W . i If 3 H A Le :Via AQ N1 , f mg! fl P, K ' :img-4V.. ,. V 5 ,fy 'VA " 41 . ?"A.A'5?QF ': V HSV-.'V'.rf 'ff 'V V f' , V Vi' ,ZZ '4' v 1? 5 .V QW 4 1.VV1V?f Vr-ig. - -'J ' .f V -1 V:-M.. V 3 ms - . A 'V -- V- 4' va i V- V..V-.Wa - uf V 'gin' N' ' 5 ' V- .' ' , A," ,taxi .i 4 ' QLQQVV ' , fag ' -iff-f'g.V" 4, xii " ' 'K' f 4" . V74,..-iii' .fav ,-,' "'-'f5f'?3 if-i, "V y fp V'-Z7 " VV 5 lv , 5 A Af '. 'L VV , , V . VQ"?4V ffm? J' PV ' a wa' 'lf' . -V 'F Fw ' mf" ' -UH:-:..' KV V " f'- ff' + 1' 3- . V.. , . I ,ng g. , . , 1. 1... A " ling ' 5'.,""7 wif, . X A ' I " . 2 ' ' . '5"V',5 V552 t' 1',,i!:'fi.,K K Q ffQr'ffr ' , ,Q 'Q"v,- ' K' 'ff Q", 15.43, , . , -.V ' 'fa . 3 V, V' ft. .V , Q gs, . f . V' as A VV f U P V Mfyw Mt, , 4. ' M ' " 9 -1 A , V Vf rv .V- "- ft :IH , . ,A we ' A L ., fn - W . - - , -3- A -U F ex-11.1" - Z .- W ' . iff! 1 f my in .lt 2 ,,,i f ' K 13.1. , ., . - W .v J , . -x - . , , Q,5Q , F, 5 I ITERLACI-IE VOLUME' III YEAR BODK 0F THE MONTVERDE, scHooL PUBLISHED BY SENIORS OF 1926. Z, . 3427392 2001 PWC P001 2001 3Q0C2B00CQD00'r,?00ST.P00C1300C1300C D001 :Ok 'WC 1001 30649 -np, .l1.:" 6. f "Quj'ggwfuv:w5:wwg1",' ' - av in 'Q 'K' 'xjvtf M' , '-- f -' H , - Mr- . ,-9:53 , . J , 'I ' Y REQ-lJ0Cl900ClD0OCfD00ClD00C fD00C1D00C190OCiD00CiD00CfD00CfD00ClD00CfDOOCEDOOCEDOOCEDO K-Q22 I I AL A F Z JL 5 I 1 I FA M I F I I I Z Q I Q W Zlfnmunrh A A A Q g IT IS NOT OUR PURPOSE T0 PRODUCE AN IM- 'K A A Q PERISHABLE WORK OF LITERATURE BUT WE WOULD M A AE RECORD IN SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE MANNER THE Q gf DEEDS OF oUR HAPPY DAYS SPENT AT THE MONT- W . A A Q VERDE SCHOOL, SO THAT IN THE YEARS TO COME WE 5? Q MAY LIVE AGAIN VWITH FRIENDS S0 DEAR. THERE- Q :A W FORE, VIEW NOT THIS HUMBLE WORK WITH CRITICAL I A A BJ" cv, EYE BUT AS ONE WHO RECALLS TENDER MEMORIES. 7? FA W A A A A 3, .SL S JL I I A4 I I W QL .54 F A I y, PM AA I QL ii TF I Q AL YA I 34 A I A A A I L A TA Q I IIZQPJIOC I D0 0611001 1 DQOCEDOOCE900CT900Ci300CT300CQi00Ci9c0Ci900Ci300Ci900Cl900Ci900Cl30Kq9:: f' ,A " r, In "1 . - A 'nv A pn, -' 4, '---1-vnw r'v-""'w'S"i-r-w-P , ggi-1 C'C1D00CfD00QlD00CiD00CQD00C 1D00CiD00C QDOOC 12006 1D00CfD00ClD00CfD00C1D0C'Ci D00Cf20l'-692.1 A 2 31 1 I FI Al, Ii I I I 'K I3 Qlnntents - Z 'II' If Q Contents Page Contents Page Q Fi FOREWORD . 3 FRESHMEN . . . . 45 If M . W DEDICATION . 5 FRESHMEN HISTORY Q . . 47 g I I I 1 ? CLASS SONC . 6 STUDENT ACTIVITIES .... 49 Q? LQ FACULTY . 7 ATHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY . . 50 fi STAFF . 11 PHILOMATHEAN LITERARY SOCIETY 52 57? SENIORS . . 13 MUSIC CLUB . ...... 54 gg I I l Q? SPONSORS . . 21 ORCHESTRA . . . . 55 ai? Q CHUMS . . . 22 AGRICULTURAL CLUB '. . . '57 E WHO,S WHO . . 23 JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET . . 59 . ll 3, 'Zi SENIOR HISTORY . . 24 ATHLETICS .... . 65 E W A n u - A T M CLASS POEM 26 RELAY 66 3 Q PROPHECY . . 27 SOCCER . . . 68 LIL Q CLASS WILL . . . 29 BASKET-BALL . . 69 H if JUNIORS . . . . 31 ALUMNI . . . 71 T ? JUNIOR HISTORY . . 39 TRACK MEET . . 73 gf gg JUNIOR POEM . . 40 SCHOOL DIARY . . 74 Q W Q SOPHOMORES . . . . 41 JOKES . . . 77 fi SOPHOMORE HISTORY . . 43 ADVERTISEMENTS . . 85 2 A 1 II W ' I II 1 1 W 7? I I I fi 2. Q PI AL W 7? I I I, 1 31 Pigfzfiltg D00CiD0OC1D00ClD00C1200C1D00Cf DOOCQDOOC1 D00C1300CiD00ClD00Ci200ClD00C f ..,r...x .x 3 A ?6b.'I'JCD0l0C f D006 1D00CfD00CQD00CQD00ClD00C1D00C 1D00CfD00CTD00C1D00C 1 D00CiP00CQ D00Ci9O W if SZ I! W 3 W I I Q Fi I Fi M T 2, I I Z3 T 73 M 2, T if SI W FY M E F 1I 54 Q F KT R 5 I 1 1 2, X 51 Fi 1 543 71 TI NL 2, F F 54 2, E F 2, 2, 73 Fi AL QL T Pi JL 2, I I I Z W I 1 I P M i 2, 'K W I 9 1 ar f f Q 72 CHRISTINE CARPENTER ..... . . . Editor-in-Chief fi Q EARL YORK . . . . . . . . Business Manager Q 'K WESLEY P. LEROY . Assistani Editor-in-Chief 7? IV' SNOW JUSTICE . . . . Athletic Editor Q Wi LUCY JUSTICE . . .... Joke Editor I THELMA A. MILLER . . . Art Ediior I 57? J. C. MARTIN . . . Circulation Manager ,I N Al FZQWJOC i 90 0C1300C1D00C1300CfD00C1900Cf 900Ci900CiD00Ci900CT3'00Ci900Ci900CiP00C i D00C12ClCi9Q l'4u1c IJIIHI' ?6bJDC lD00CfD00ClD00C1D00ClD0CrC1D00C1D00CiD00C1D00C1D00C 150 0CfD00C1D00CiD00C1D009iD0 D00C1D0OC1D0 Off DOOCQDO acfbfbbci OCQDO' OCTDO 0C1D0 OCZDO 0CiD00CfD0 OCLDO P0OCiD0 K 150 GQZPO OCQDC OQQ 65-7l0CfD00CfD00C1D00CQD0OCib00Cib0 Brhiraiinn WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK T0 OUR DEAR FRIEND, MR. EMERSON BEDELL, WHOSE GEN- EROSITY AND KINDNESS DURING THESE MANY YEARS HAVE BEEN A BLESSING TO ALL. Q fi .NL Fi .SL 7? BZ W LQ W Q Fi A QT FQ' 24 73 2, f 7? ki T A 3 Q F7 2. 71 fl Ii 2 E -21 if PY 54, F 54 3iCQ9'a Oc 1 200Ci50OClD00Ci500Ci500C1 5001120011 DOOCQDOOC LDOOCTDC 0Cl500C1S00c 1 5001i DOOCT Page Fi rc , l'1 Guo: :ooc Poocgooczbooci:-oocTboociboocboociboociboocibo ociboocboociboociboocibo args. Qllazm Sung N o longer in our classes, we'll gather day by day, No longer lads and lassies, will walk the self-same way, Another duty calls us, a wider path awaits, And we must leave these portals, these dear familiar gates. No more the morning greeting of comrades tried and true, No more the daily meeting, our problems to renew, We're stepping out together, but as we pass the door, W' e take to varied pathways, we'll walk as one no more. Yet other earnest faces, will shine where ours have shone, These dear familiar places, shall not be left' alone g For year by year untiring, our Alma Mater true, Will send her loyal children the world's new work to do. . CHORUS ,loin in one more song together, join with all your heart, Time has cut the classmates' tether, we must drift apart, Come, a store of memory bringing from the happy past One more song together singing, one more song, the last. 96551 OC D001 DOOCTJOOCQDOOQEOOCQDGOCADOOCl20OiD00Cl200Ci20 0CfD00CfD00CiD00CQD00CI9Q 5 P w V 73 it YY 2, li 2 Ti 1 ll 2, 79 1 T 2, 73 1 li 2, TT i 1 V A Fi .st Fi 2, fi .st lf 2 T 2, If 1 T it li 5 Page I f QGBJ1 'Czkffifl1"L-P1QiDf."i..L".."fl2f',.'iP5 413 rf? if f2'l ll! Vffff-. fxfglf 'l ID' r,,g'Q 9 if R' T1 I+ Xff KZD' 53-Q lg,"- Efx KQEQ .1130 Fifi! JCQDQ JCL, FT 54 5 54 FY SL JJCTDG KfD0 JC1D0 9CiD0 50 3i3-I OCiD0 JCL 96150 D0 OCQDC DCQDO P0041 W P Q, F CUL M Ktnvis ENTF?-'A NCS . fu-"""" If l'f ? f Ek 4 ffl Mommcu ein: if ALL Aer: 5:-Q7-4 GQDCOQQJ OiDCi2C0iDO0iP0OQlP1l0Cl+i3NTf'i.bQC'C.'D-j Q45 'NHC form: 9 I N T E R L A C H E N :::: ::w: i:':':':::w5? 25, -- N95 : u: :r:1g: 1 9 2 6 :: : : . . :ix::x l:: 1: 1t::1w:L1: Pago I It 556-us'::s::::s::::s:::: uzsv I N T E R L A C H E N 221112: ara? QI ...,..m,...,...,,.! live'-15'i..iai,.iii in i Page Nine Jiurultg MR. H. P. CARPENTER, A. B. Kentucky Wesleyan College President "Busiest and wittiestf' MRS. H. P. CARPENTER, A. M. Kentucky Wesleyan College Lady Principal "Most considerate, with a heart of gold." MR. C. K. WILLIAMS, A. B. University of South Carolina V ice-President "Best faculty sportf, MR. A. R. MCCAUSLIN, A. B. Gettysburg College Dean and Principal 'Toursquqare is his middle namef' MISS EVYLINE DEVARY, A. B. Kentucky Wesleyan College Teacher of English "Where there is fun she is,to be foundf, MISS MARY DAIGER, A. B. University of Florida Teacher of Mathematics "Always ready with a helping hand." MR. W. D. WALKER Berry Schools I Teacher of Manual Training and Mechanics "The boys' best friendf' MR. LEON OSBORN, A. B. Asbury College Teacher of Science "He loves his fun." MR. DAVID E. BIRD, A. B.. Peabody College Principal of Grammar School "Biggest tease." MISS CARRIE WILKINS Limestone College Teacher of Voice 4'Quiet and modest." MR. O. E. F ULGHUM, MASTER Accr Gem City Commercial School Business Manager "A strong believer in system." MRS. J. G. PARRISH Dining Hall Superintendent "A loving friend to everyone." 29 a::::z::. 1 9 2 6 :sax NEDES 3 1 fre.. Q. ' 1-.,-Www--7 - ' fFV"e .1"""""f,u,e,. X 1 -,. . . g5q,w::s1s11:.s..i:s. 11:5 I N T E R L A C H E N 31:11:22 ::.:.::s.:::w.9g.5 QCUVDIIIITZEILIEII IEITIEI MISS MARY RICHEY Stewardess MISS HELEN BUCK - The Montverde School "A strong believer in work, and plenty of it." Teacher of the 7th Grade MR. E. B. FLAHERTY Dunwoody Institute Smith-Hughes Auto Department . "Boyish, yet serious." MR. B. K. WHEELER University of Florida Smith-Hughes Agricultural Dept. "Most industrious." MR. W. R. MCQUAIG Farm Superintendent "Work before play is his motto.', MISS DOROTHY ,BAILEY Virginia State Teachers' College -Teacher of Primary Gradesl "A leader for the young." MISS MAUDE SKINNER University of Colorado Teacher of 5th and 6th Grades 4'Stern but jolly." "Young and adventurous." MRS. NELL WALKER The Montverde School Teacher of 3rd and 4th Grades "Boss of Community Hall." MR. LEON CARTER The Montverde School Bookkeeper "A hard worker but can tell a joke." MR. H. A. NEWELL I Peabody Conservatory Band and Orchestra ' '4Most original." MISS MIRIAM WEEKS, B. MUS. Teacher of Music Anderson College "A favorite of all." MISS AGNES AVERYT, A. B. Birmingham-Southern Teacher of Home Economics "Always busy" 1IEIIfIEIIff5IIlI 1 9 2 6 IIII'fEI1'EII'EIl ZIIIIEIEIIEIIZIEEIIICQQQ Page Ten 4 265.1 CEO 0Cf50OCE0O-f15OC'4YD4L'C1DQQ Q54 7 iDf'I1CQDC bCi9OKLD0Z'ClDf 9CiD0ff-SQDOOQE li? Q76 Q 34l503QEO.Kl3'i 3-1-22101241 JEf'C'i5Oi3O'K- ,P0OCP095l50OfI503C3O 1, H2 1 ,V xi! if gf 'Hi Qwwczbo r-41 T922 GX 7 ,J 'N 5? Q 0 5? 2 A Q Qi Q O fQfDi 015.2-C G ' r QQ1 ' Oifzx cf xA! E4 W Q mx fu WG' .Q F ki Q Q fm 'N Q Y 1 I Q4 G 4, 5 s. .. Q-D lf-q4?7J50CmD0 0fYD00C D006 DOOC D004 0Ci5C0Cf300Ci300Ci3'00CA900C 900C15C0CfDC0Ci3CKQ93i: l I I fl 4 ' .Qga,w'2fr12rw2wi: 1 1 N T E R L A C H E N :s:t::::,9? -K, BEATRICE Cox fBeej Raiford, Florida uBegorria." Age 17. WTO make good in expression? c'Quiet, but sweetg and hard to beat." Atheniang President Senior Class. SUSAN OSTEEN fsukej DeLand, Florida "That for you." Age 19. "To raise macaroni on the muckf Our most studious, but only at times. 7 President Junior Class of '25g Philomathean. gGm:,1:::f:i:::::: :xt 1 9 2 6 51315733 S i.t. . i.t. T zcelve gqpflllliflilllilli. 12251115 I N T E R L A C N 11,2122 II'III'II?4QQ fl, :HE Q are ' E J. D. LETTON fshadyj Paris, Kentucky "So7s your bow-legged aunt." Age 17. 'GTO become a saxophone shark? A good pal at all times. Atheniang Member of Basket-ball and Soccer Teamsg Member of Orchestra. LUCY JUSTICE fLucyj Catlettsburg, Kentucky wPon my honorf' Age 17. Q "To be an interior decorator? . Full of life and fun. Member of Basket-ball Teamg Cheer Leaderg Athenian. QQD2lI"'IIIII EI1.IEff.IEIIfIEII,I Z 2 6 EHEIIIIEIIIIEII ffffillliiflllilil Page Thirtcm I fl lim. U. .i H. ,Q ' ' tttt ' " ' IN T E R L A C HE N 33:11:11 R' lill R v CHRISTINE CARPENTER fChrisj Montverde, Florida "Now, ainit that the berries?', Age 18. 'CTO be a vocalistf' A good friend, but hard to handle. Member of Basket-ball Teamg Secretary of Senior Classg Secretary and Treasurer of Athenian Societyg Athenian. JEWEL DAVIS Uigssl Hastings, Florida "Oh, my land!" Age 18. "To be a famous violinist." She'll have the last word or know the reason why. Member of the Orchestrag Secretary and Treasurer of Music Clubg Philomathean. gfQm::,:.: ':::":1:4s:z::'t 1 9 2 6 23:32 s.51:z::::s::::s1::.:i::N95 Page Fourteen E565-"i5l5l5l 'fff I N T E R L A C HE N vrf 5Ti57i5i33'Q' Q -- A BARBARA WALSH fBohbiej Montverde, Florida "Land of Goshen." Age 19. "To be a success in lifef' , Is there a 'Ggreat doctor" in the hospital? We wonder. Athenian. RUBY ROCK KRHIIYJ Orlando, Florida "Well, 'I,ll he switched." Age 15. "To win fame as a lawyer? With a graceful little air she Wins and holds her own. Philomathean. gflGw::t:12,::l IEZIIZEIII' 1 9 2 6 :tegzizxl ::.1:::.:s:::::.:11mfDgi l 1 nyc Fifteen YW , t , 1 Gg'6w:1::sx1::x:::x::i :zz I N T E R L A C H E N tzitie :::1::s:':::":::'in49? -L WESLEY LE Ror Q51-:natorj New Port Richey, Florida "You ainlt got any mail." Age l7. "To be Mr. H. P. Carpentefs private secretary." Our most talented in the use of a large vocabulary. Secretary and Treasurer of C. E. Societyg Philomathean. ANNIE EARLE HARRIS fHarrisj4 Montverde, Florida "Hold your potatoes till the gravy gets done." Age 17. "To be a naturalist." We don't know much about her, but what we do know is all right. Philomathean. Ee tiit . itii ttit ,ttu . utui at it u 5 ...Gai ..ii 2 ,.ii 5 i,ii i,i, 5 ..i, 5 1 9 2 6 .,., .,tt :::xsl1tsx.iz.ir1x9.: 1.--T1 Page Sim-teen 65-121.2 W: I N T E R L A C H E N 3: sxaxzrxze S9 - G2 SNOW JUSTICE fsnowballj Catlettsburg, Kentucky uSho' willf, Age 20, MTU get marrierlf, She is noted for gaining weight and jolliness along with it. Member of Basket-ball Teamg Treasurer of Class of '26g Athenian. J. C. MARTIN fTiPl Moss Bluff, Florida G'Quit your kidding." Age 17. c'T0 be a great chemist? Ah, ha! the only boy in the chemistry class. Philomathean. an 'nz 5 :Wal EYIT. 1 9 2 6 13:35 :Ug:xg:xm9G5 eSIfe1 J gl ' sm: I N T E R L A C H E N :::s::::s: :'::s:1::::::zw9?i 9: EARL YORK fEarl of Yorkj Oxford, Florida "Oh, mercy." Age 22. E'To put out Annuals." Whewi He's got a mustache. Philomathean. PHILUP SPACE fPhi1,j Oldsmar, Florida "Boy howdy, I'l1 beat ,em yetf, Age 27. "To jill vacancies." A new world's record: He is the slowest, speediest, smartest, dumbest member of the Senior Class. Philo-Athenian. P9 'T 5 il'zC'k5'd'5ll115III1El111El1K ., .',., :ESI 1 9 2 6 Effllilflf .... auQ51111511.1511.1ElI.lEfI:QEII565: Page Eighteen 2236515 5,53 jmgjj I N T E R L A C H E N T 1EZCI5IIZZEl'liE'24fcg2g Svpnnsanru WE, THE SENIOR CLASS, WISH T0 THANK OUR SPONSORS EOR THEIR LOYALTY AND KIND ASSISTANCE TO Us DURING THE PAST YEAR. YZQJV-I:I:Is:I:: ::I::::lz::g:s::I 1 9 2 6 I:p3,:::::::::1 ls:1:s::2::::m95: Page Ninclfrn " 1' ' f'-D-' -v--.AV ,,,. ., , N , Y ' "' ' vf' Ife.-ar"-vq J. D. LETTON SEAGRAVE LORD CHRISTINE ' CARPENTER BEATRICE Cox - BARBARA WALSH WESLEY LEROY BRYANT FUGATE EARL YORK JOE HENDRIX JEWEL DAVIS Glhumn SNOW JUsTIcE THELMA MILLER J. C. MARTIN JESSE SKAGGS LoUIs SLOAN ANNIE EARLE HARRIS I-NEz HARPER LUCY JUSTICE RUTH PARKER RUBY Rocrc mu-ummm -mmm HELEN BUCK BURMAH Bow1E 'SUSAN OSTEEN RUTH OSBORN lv ZEEIIIIESII 1 9 2 6 ik' ' -"T" I ,.,I.5..,.51..,! inuini.vi0hi EQZJCQ-'4'ZZ 'U S Q Q ' 'e E Q 2 - Q gggw 12:2 me I N T E R L A C H E N :2aaszzss!ff.e:Iss:s1:..sf:.z::...... ICQ? BEATRICE Cox . LUCY JUSTICE . LUCY JUSTICE . SUSAN OSTEEN . RUBY RoCK . . LUCY JUSTICE . SUSAN OSTEEN . BARBARA WALSH . CHRISTINE CARPENTER BEATRICE Cox . . JEWEL DAVIS . SUSAN OSTEEN . . LUCY JUSTICE . . ANNIE EARLE HARRIS CHRISTINE CARPENTER RUBY Rocx . . . SNoW JUSTICE . . CHRISTINE CARRENTER RUBY Rocx . . . JEWEL DAVIS . . CHRISTINE CARPENTER BEATRICE Cox . SNOW JUSTICE . JEWEL DAvIS . LUCY JUSTICE . SNOW JUSTICE . BARBARA WALSH . LUCY JUSTICE . lmhmfa mlm Prettiest .. . . Hamlsomest . Cutest . . Best Athlete . Wittiest . . . Most Attractive . . . Best Sport . . Most Popular . Most Sarcastic . Most Conceited . Sweetest . . . Biggest Blujer . Most Stadious . Biggest Flirt . . Most Dignified . . . Brightest. . . . . Most Self Conhdent Tallest .... . Shortest .... . Neatest . . ' Class Dude . Most Ficltle . Proualest . . . Class Bachelor . . . Old Maid . . folliest . . Best Musician . Most Original . Most Polite . Fastest Talker . Luckiest . . J. D. LETTON J. D. LETTON WESLEY LEROY J. C. MARTIN J. D. LETTON EARL YORK EARL. YORK EARL YORK WESLEY LERoY J. D. LETTON J. C. MARTIN WESLEY LERoY EARL YORK J. C. MARTIN WESLEY LERoY EARL YoRK J. D. LETTON EARL YORK WESLEY LEROY J. D. LETTON J. D. LETTON WESLEY LEROY J. C. MARTIN WESLEY LEROY WESLEY LEROY Page T lb enty-one 'V '65-'V J I N T E R L A C H E N E If If-Q9 Svninr Gllaza Eliatnrg CHAPTER I Four years ago thirty-two freshmen began the journey together. A meeting was called and Malcolm Bass was elected as our president and it was thus we hoped thirty-two would be our number to graduate, but much to our sorrow, thirteen is our number. We, Seniors, will soon leave our Alma Mater and disembark on the hazardous sea of life. After applying ourselves most diligently to the task of secur- ing our education by the hardest of labor we feel we should be called the most efficient class in our school with many trials and triumphs under the skillful works and guidance of our patient teachers and officers. In our "Freshie Year" we had a very pleasant visit to an Ancient City Island and while there were entertained most royally by the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and Crusaders. After rounding Algebra peninsula in fair and shiny weather we sailed across General Science bay where we viewed the first eclipse of the sun. After Christmas a number of our crew deserted us, but we soon found others who took their places. We then sailed to Sophomoreburgg then each went to their respective homes. CHAPTER II After four months of vacation, which passed very rapidly, we again assembled ourselves, feeling we were a very important bunch, and looking with scorn upon the "Rats.', Much to our surprise we found that only twenty-five of our first year's class had remained with us, but we were happy to note five new members added to our throng, which made a class of thirty. Often we felt that our burden and task of getting an education was by far greater than our mental or physical capacity. But after a most difficult struggle we found we made excellent progress. As a token of permanent remembrance our class presented two beautiful flower urns to be placed on each end of the porch of the C. E, Chapel. Many were the socials and picnics that we enjoyed, but best of all was the coming year, finding ourselves on the road toward Junior City. CHAPTER III ln the year of '24 a force of twenty-one enthusiastic Juniors invaded the terri- tory of T. M. S. and surroundings. 'We chose Susan Osteen to lead us through this strenuous year. Our boys' basket-ball team was represented by three of our mem- bers, and on the girls' team the same number. Q91 E ZEII..2IZIIZIZ.II 1 9 2 6 iCL'EIEIIEIIZIEI1 ,.,, .JIESIIElZIIE1IlIElZllEIZ,1E INLET? -ii Page 1 ttenty Mro gee 1 if I N T E R L A C HE N T57 Our class has shown up nicely in their ability of raising funds for the Junior- Senior banquet, which came in March, and we had a most delightful evening together. But alas, then followed the unhappy experience of final exams, which determined whether or not we should be allowed to class ourselves as "Dignified Seniors." Af- ter soundly defeating this deadly enemy we 'were ready to bid farewell to our dear friends. After a time we were to come back for the most adventurous and delight- ful part of our journey. CHAPTER IV After three years which are past and gone, we are proud to say that the courage and pride of the twelve of our class has not abated. We are again ready to buckle on our armor and make a last desperate effort to reach our goal. When taking an inventory of our class, we found that only two of our members that had started out with the thirty-two freshmen are with us now. After much discussion we chose Beatrice Cox to lead us through our Senior year. The year has brought us many hardships as well as many blessings, though our path has been trying and many times we have hesitated, nearly giving up in despair. We still kept struggling for- ward and regret to say that we presume at this time, we have nearly driven our patient teachers to desperation. We are well represented in the orchestra by Jewel Davis and J. D. Letton. We are represented on the girls, basket-ball team by Snow Justice, Lucy Justice and Christine Carpenter. On the soccer team by J. D. Letton. During the close of the year we enjoyed our banquets, picnics, walks, etc. We gave a class play for the benefit of our Annual. We have traveled far, but do we not see a bright light ahead? With halted breath and hearts rising in our mouths we are about to ascertain-what is it? Ah, yes, it is graduation. Now as we have reached the end of our adventurous High School career we are going to say "Adios" to our beloved school and teachers. We, indeed, hope that happy will be the Seniors of T. M. S. in the years to come and that each new year in the history of this school will find it a larger, better and more prosperous one. JEWEL DAVIS. g3C'2?a U5Z11Z5ZZ1'511lI 1 9 2 6 112,522 515 IUQQE5 Iale Lluznty-three l'g36B3li5l'IIEfIEIEffEIEI I N T E R L C H E N 55 Iillililliliiicaag Gllaua Harm W hen, this, our last school year is done -And all our battles are fought and won, When each has gone his separate way, In later years we know he'll say " 'T was at Montverde that first I found A longing to tread on higher ground." Now is the time that we must part From those we love, with a saddened heart, In aftertyears may we hold dear The memories of friendships formed while here. f Before we're all placed ,neath the sod May we find the road to our F ather-God. WESLEY LEROY. 1 9 2 6 E55 ''i Page Twenty-four 559' 53 if INTERLACHEN V5 55 Hfegi Qllaaa iirnphrrg The sun had nearly gone to rest on a golden summer afternoon. Just a few beams were left to find their way into a simply but tastefully furnished room of a house in the suburbs of one of our largest cities. The curtains were half drawn to catch each ray of light. In a room singing softly to herself was an old lady with a child resting contentedly at her feet. The soft voice went on and on, but at length the child grew restless and begged for a story. Upon the woman's lap was a treasured volume, an Annual of the class of '26 of The Montverde School. As the child's entreaties grew more urgent she open- ed it at random. It chanced to open at the beginning of the Senior Class, and thinking to amuse the boy in this way she told him of each in turn what they had been in school and after graduating and leaving the school forever. And this is the story that she told: "She," pointing at the smiling face of Lucy Justice, "Is now traveling with Johnnie J. Jones' show as a fortune teller, making people's dreams come true." . "Jewel Davis, while in school, always wanted to be a famous violinist, but after graduating from T. M. S., she went to Hawaii to be a ukelele girl." "Ruby Rock, who would have thought it? She wanted to be a lawyer, but like others changed her mind and is a fancy dancer in New York City." HJ. C. Martin is now in the big city of Montverde, a man of medium height and wearing a long priestly coat, collar on backwards and a cross dangling in front. All the little children call him 'Father Martinf 'i '4Snow Justice, after failing to secure the position of stewardess was made the head manager of T. M. S. steam laundry." "Susan Osteen, after receiving her diploma from T. M. S., took up a position as Home Economics teacher in the High School at Astatulaf' "Annie Earle Harris has settled down on a little farm with-, and now she is eating all the green vegetables which she once disliked and called rabbit food." "Earl York, instead of publishing Annuals, is chief engineer of a peanut roaster on the streets of Orlando." 2?Qm5 55::5553:5 .... .. :':::::::::"5:::il 1 9 2 6 5::55::55::551:5 gg N955 lajc ll enfy-fire .1 wi? - ' :S6w,:::a11s1x:s:l :zz I N T E R L A C H E N l::s1::s'::sw.9g.-g "Beatrice Cox, after completing her college course, settled down to board stray cats that came by her little cottage where there is 'just room for one.' " "Christine Carpenter wished to be a prima donna but finds she is on the com- mittee for entertaining the inmates of Chattahoochee, but sometimes they have to be carried away for they are not able to stand the volume of her voice." "Barbara Walsh was well known as a vocalist but is now known as Horse 3 Doctor's head nursef' "Wesley LeRoy had always hoped to be president of T. M. S.,I but hardly at- tained that position as he is foreman of Beatrice Cox's cat plantation." "J, D. Letton now is a great chemist and has discovered a chemical substance which can be spread over the ocean and makes skating a favorite pastime there, a very cheap way to travel. BARBARA WALSH. FZQDUIEIIQZEIIIIEIIIIEI . ..,, .I'II 1 9 2 6 11,1511 ...W15IIITEIIIIEIIIIEIIllEIII'5f1,F4355 ---- - P11116 Twenty sim Sgew 212 12 INTERLACHEN 1 Ewa! will anh Gfeatamrnt nf the Gllaaa nf '25 We, the members of the Senior Class of 1926 of The Montverde School, being in good health and in as sane a state of mind as we have ever been known to be, and realizing that the time draws nigh when we shall be no more associated with our present companions do hereby make our last will and testament in the presence of all these witnesses, We, the Senior Class, do hereby will and bequeath to the Junior Class all our many privileges, such as, keeping on our lights after ten oiclock the whole term, to go walking anywhere, any time without a chaperong to chaperon others, to go to town regardless of our home deportment and many other privileges which we have never enjoyed. We also leave to them our English Literature notebooks to save them many tedious hours of work. We, the Senior boys, do hereby will and bequeath to the Junior boys our past experiences and hope they will profit by them. We, the Senior girls, do hereby will and bequeath to the Junior girls our great argumentative power so they can enjoy many little arguments. To Miss Betty Helen McCauslin we gladly leave our many aprons and caps along with quite a bit of pity. To the following individuals the departing Seniors leave their merits and vices: I, Miss Snow Justice, do hereby will and bequeath my long curly hair to Miss Nellie Gilbert, my great art of gaining weight to Miss Louise Hudson. I, Miss Susan Osteen, do hereby will and bequeath to Arthur Evans my un- unusual sincerity in geometry class. I, Mr. Wesley LeRoy, do hereby will and bequeath to Mr. Johnny Wines my good looks, charming personality and pleasing manners so that he shall never lose his reputation as a lady's man. I I, Miss Barbara Walsh, to Miss Burmah Bowie, do hereby will and bequeath my faithfulness to my one true love in place of two-timing them all. I, Miss Christine Carpenter, do hereby will and bequeath to Miss Inez Harper all my charming qualities, which Mr. Bradshaw so admires that she may use them hereafter to a good advantage. max :::s:f.t:::r 1 9 2 6 '::1s::1 5111121 Page flllfCnt1I8Cl'f'l Q 'gm ZIEIII 122511 INTER LA CHEN :s . I, Mr. J. C. Martin, do hereby will and bequeath to Mr. Leon Osborn my last pair of good black socks in order that his classes hereafter may not have their atten- tion turned from their lessons to his striking combinations, also to Mr. Curry Jones I leave my ability of adapting myself to any situation, in case he should be the only boy in the chemistry class. I, Miss Beatrice Cox, do hereby will and bequeath to Miss Ruth Osborn the Senior Class dimple on my right cheek. I, Miss Lucy Justice, do hereby will and bequeath to Miss Myrtle Van Duzer my many flirtatious ways, for she seems to yearn greatly for them, I, Mr. Earl York, do hereby will and bequeath to my honorable brother, Mr. Wesley York, my seeming ability of wearing a mustache so he also can try to play the part of an up-to-date villain. I, Miss Jewel Davis, do hereby will and bequeath to Miss Maude Skinner my great talent as a violinist so that she some day can play as she hopes tog to Miss Louise Clark, I leave my ability to pay the uke so that in the future she may be as popular as I have been in the past. I, Miss Ruby Rock, do hereby will and bequeath some of my many hair cuts to Miss Daisy Horne. 4 I, Mr. J. D. Letton, do hereby will and bequeath to Mr. Sam Paul Sensabaugh my prominent place in the orchestra and hope it will keep him as it has me. I, Miss Annie Earl Harris, do hereby will and bequeath my droll sayings to Mr. Capers Jones so that the chemistry class hereafter may have the hilarious moments which we enjoyed. We, the Senior Class on departing, leave our last wishes and deepest love and gratitude to our dear friends, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Carpenter. Upon, this, we, the members of the Senior Class of The Montverde School, city of Montverde, county of Lake and State of Florida, do hereby conclude our last will and testament on this twenty-seventh day of April in the year of our Lord, 1926. h ' RUBY RocK. EC-yr, ggggggg ::asz:::::::e:::I 1 9 2 6 zssgesazsssszzs 5 Page 7 ztenty etght u,Q?4 f-fIDf ?fi5'fffE'i'rf7D"'?"ff21Q 54155 f-1,39 rf1f3'Q'?CfD" Q-'QD'7"-f,,5f FL? fi? K'4'f9 065.1-iD,Q-1R2,4-lffifb .-Qui' Clif Kgy- fifffl'-1f.lf'. liD'1 ,-Ci? .-il-. -19. 1'x.'f'. rm, J NIORS Ifrffr 1H'l'Ilf!!I7fll1 E5g,w'::m::::::s:: we I N T E R L A C HAE N rx :::1::::::::i:: -x RUTH PARKER fFeeniej "You, scare my horse and buggya' Philomatheang Junior Class Pres- identg President of Musie Club. ENICE BRADSHAW fHawkshawJ ' "Wluzdda we care, baby? Huh?', Philomatheang Captain of Soccer Teamg Secretary and Treasurer of Junior Class, ELEANOR EVANS fConceitedJ ' NI ain'L got anyf, Philomathean. DONALD MOORE fDonJ "-if I know? Athenian. Q CURRY JONES fCaseyJ "Wait once." Athenian. gQn:::: ,iii :tx 1 9 2 6 !:,:,:::.:::. is ,.ii g::33:::,:'::,:m9gS A Page Thirty R25 E65-1 I N T E R L A C H E N :st ,:':.:.w,.9g5 Sk , JOHNNY WINES ftvhiskeyxy "Skeet.', Athenian. LUCILE BAKER fCeiU "Oh phooeyf' Philomatheang Vice-President of Jun- ior Classg Cheer Leader. RAY THERMOND fLeftieJ "Hannah, come to papa." Athenian . , KATHERINE SMITH fKatej "You know me, kid? Philomathean. JESSE SKAGGS Uohnnyj I "You get to workf, ' President of Athenian Societyg Athe- nian. QQM: :I:t:::::L 52:3 1 9 2 6 5.3: zzzzmfsbg Page Tl1irty4onc g:Q,wp1:sf::r:S:v: : I N T E R L A C H E N nggggg . .. . .R.lc453l Q 62 5. HERBERT CAMERON Q St. Pete? "Sho' will? Philomathean. DAISY HORNE fDizzy Daisyj 'cY0u tell 'em.', Athenian. JOHN PETREY 'vs l fPeteJ '6Get outa here, I ain't got nothin, to eat." Philomathean. NELLIE GILBERT fBootsJ "So's yer olol manf, Athenian. FRED REITZ fFrecldieJ '6Heck." Athenian. ggGP'JIII,I 511 21.111212 If 1 9 2 6 ILIILI EII,IEIC,lElI,EII,5II1512115211222E Page Thirty-two ggQ,w:.:::: 5:22 I N T E R L A C H E N :ms :3:'::.c.r555 J. W. KING Uayl "Do me a favor, drop dead." Philomathean. INEZ HARPER fSoda Jerkerj '6My Iandsf! Athenian CAPERS JONES 1 Corduroy Sheikj 'HP0n my worrlf' Philomathean. RUTH OSBORN f Rufusy "Oh, Shoot." Athenian. V HENRY CRITTENDEN fHenceJ ccoh lnyivv 1 A thenian . K ggQm::n:l gygitgsy 1 9 2 6 53:3 EII5IlE'I,IE1IK'Q9Q Page 11 fy thr e L- gggwtzxzritz :vz I N T E R L C H E N 3:11. 1112115 C15 Ifllf-692 ROBERT WYNNS fBobJ mathean. ZELMA RAY fBobbiej HMy starsf' Athenian. GLENN CHEATHAM iCaptainJ aMy gosh, I reckonfi mathean . RUTH SHERMAN fTriXieD "For goodness sakesf' Philomatheanp HERBERT LANGSTON f Hubbiej "Let,s go back? Athenian. : :ls 1:15:13 1 9 2 6 :gm Captain of Basket-ball Teamg c'Well, I'm a horse eatin' rattlesnakef' President of Philomathean Societyg Soccer and Basket-ball Teamsg Philo- Philo- -1-N1-wnN1m1ni.1.,w IJ nnnn Page Cl'l1ir1y-ffm 'S GC'5N'5V5V5 INTERLACHEN Q CHARLES BOWLES K Chickj 6'Sufferin' catfish? Athenian. IVIARGARET PARROTT lPollyj "Well, Iall be-H Philomathean. WILLIAM GEBHARDT Q Billi HCrawl in a hole and clief' President of Agriculture Clubg nian. T H1-:LMA MILLER fTamJ "Oo-la la-laf' Art Editor of lnterlacheng Athenian SAM PAUL SENSABAUCH QChauffeurJ NI-I-I fl-florft s-stutterf' Athenian. Athe- E 5 CQ'2'1III,III2Z TI' Page Thirty-fire 1926 ?gQ,ui:2:'11:::L::: :::I::: I N T E R L A C H E N Yuan I:':'::r..Q5 DAVID SMITH fH0P5 6'Get of my beflf, Philomathean. BLANCHE RAE flneachyj "Honest and truly?" Athenian. LOGAN SHEARER 101' ladyl "fm from Orlandof' Athenian. DOROTHY WHITMAN QDol1yJ ' 4'0h, thafs a secretf' Philomathean. ERIC HARTLINE flndianj "You don't say? Athenian. 2, -'T 'izQm:::,:::1:::q:::::E 1':::Q::1x 1 9 2 6 115:15 xx:1:11s::3::::1::::'Am9s: O Page Tlzhty-81.17 ?Q5I1E1'lIEl'IIElII I I N T E R L A C H E N 1511 QEEIEEIIQZEIKIEZIEJQEQ ,Uuninr Gllewz Jliiatnrg OFFICERS RUTH PARKER . .... . . President LUCILE BAKER . .... Vice-President ENICE BRADSHAW . . . Secretary and Treasurer JESSE SKAGGS . . . ..... Reporter Miss MIRIAM WEEKS . . . . Sponsor COLORS! Pink and Gray FLOWER: Pink Rose MOTTO: "T he elevator to success is not running, take the stairs? On September 12, 1925, a meeting was called of the Junior Class. Much to our dismay only thirteen 4'Old S'ophs" were back, but the black cat did not cross our path, for this thirteen brought 6'Lady Lucki' along. With them came twenty new members, to whom we gave a hearty welcome. With Ruth Parker as our class president, things have certainly been a-booming. 2 We are noted for being the most ambitious and snappiest class in the school. Have we any athletics? Well, I should say. Ruth Parker and Glenn Cheat: ham are captains of the girls7 and boys' basket-ball teams respectively. Enice Brad- shaw is captain of the soccer team and also plays basket-ball. Glenn, besides being ' . . El captain of the basket-ball team, played soccer and was captain of the relay team. Bob Wynns, one of our most enthusiastic athletes, also represented us in basket- ball, soccer and track teams. Every one of our members have participated well in raising the money to give our honorable and dignified Seniors a joyful banquet. Seniors, I think we are capable of filling your place next year. LUCILE BAKER. lifiv-AsKitzsfsrzszezzszsizsszitin -:,i..:::::, 1 9 2 6 .s:1:s.'g:. Page Thirty-sf'ren . ..... l . :SCP-"::::3::::::s:::: I N 'I' E R L A C H E N luninr Qllazs Bunn We are the jolly old Juniors, A class of thirty or more. Striving to do something better Than the ones who have gone before. We are represented in every vocation Taught in The Montverde School. Everybody works, nobody shirks, You know that is the rule. We are not yet perfect, At times our mistakes are bad. Such things do not worry us To be corrected we are always glad. We strive to work together For the betterment of women and men. May this be our motto forever, Even unto the emi. . ,..,.,,,.:,. ia.ia:,,Hi YZWNEUIZIEEZEEE EEIIEIEIIEII 1 9 2 6 ,....IEIEIIESEIIEEZIIEZEIIEEE1222151Ilfigii Page Thirty-eight lf fn L? 150 K150 JCDO' ,sa FT y, if LZ Yi Q4 Fi 54 T 54 Fi Km 5 Q F l K LZ A DOCPCQDCO-f.D0OCibOOC190 04150 KA l1- 1 .k.T.- f aw 1, Q f LLJJZSJQL: ,,,,,- - T0 BE A ff ' R . V , fmnksn 'llli 32 5 l'fl KQV: ociboocivcwibcocivoocivf 9Cl9C0Ci5C0Cl900CiD00iPCKf.?f il-'C-Q51 1-fZbC'l4'.3i-i w.9 W ll1l,lf!Hlf14 6531 ,'C,DwC , PWC, DOJCYDO 94-50 N-6,50 JC,bQ J1'...'5',' Jibf' aibw-136 ffl?-, .fC'.2 .'CffD'.' Ji If YQ, P gggw :f:r:r: :rx IN TE R L A C HE N C121 ::::':::uQE,5 Snphnmnre Mana CLASS FLOWER: Red Carnation COLORS: Crimson and Silver CLASS MOTTO: 'gRowing, not Drifting." s :xg 1 9 2 6 :tar .... .,'::1:A.A.:.:..:"':gg1vd'Dg5 -.l PflgcfFm' 'Sim' 'zwvarff f ' rj Q30-" il INTERLACHEN 553 U5 A-02-Dc? Snphnmnre Gllaaa Eiatnrg We, the Sophomore Class, gathered once again in Montverdeion September first to continue the work of our High School course. A number of new members joined the class and were heartily welcomed by all. 4 We soon began our work and were organized with Bruce Hamilton as pres- ident, Leon Braddock as vice-president, Esther Butler as secretary and treasurer, Sea- grave Lord as sergeant-at-arms, Emily Sterrett as reporter and Mr. Williams as sponsor. . In the early part of the first semester a number of our members left to con- tinue their work elsewhere. We were very sorry to lose them, but hope wherever they may go they will be as well liked as they were here. With the zeal and earnestness of real live and wide-awake Sophomores we are working toward the goal of becoming worthy Juniors next year and later "Dignified Seniors." New members have gradually come in and now we are looking forward to a bigger and better class. . RUTH JUSTICE. f.Cl'n s:a::a:.l..... 1 9 2 6 zzz: 2 mtv, Page Footy one 'GW 1'5INTERLACHENi5f5? iwa' Stnphnmnrr Ollami 5111111 MR. G. K. WILLIAMS BRUCE HAMILTON . LEON BRADDOCK . ESTHER BUTLER . EMILY STERRETT . SEAGRAVE LORD . . . Sponsor . President . . . Vice-President . Secretary and Treasurer . . . . -Reporter . . . Sergeant-at-A rms BRUCE HAMILTON Philornathean LEON BRADDOCK . Philomathean BURMAH BOWIE . . Philomathean MYRTLE MCCLELLAND Philotnathean MARION BUHL . . Philomathean MARY INEZ TUTEN . Philomathean LOUISE SMITH . . . Athenian SARAH REEVES . . Athenian RUTH JUSTICE . Philornathean ARTHUR EVANS . . Athenian HAROLD AMMERMAN . Athenian FRANCES WILLIAMS . Athenian BLANCHE RAE . . . Athenian EMILY STERRETT . Philomathean ESTHER BUTLER . Philomathean MAUDE HUNTLEY . . Athenian ANNA BELLE STARRS . . Philomathean SEAGRAVE LORD . . Athenian MAURICE HAYES . . Athenian SNOW MARTIN . . . Athenian ROBERT AUSTIN . Philvmaihewl Emu. :11a:::::::f 1 9 2 6 I:,:.s::.s.: s1:11a::::a::::e:::1s::1:s mm. Page Forty two Q Q QAQ X W 5 V ZX 3 AQ ggwrcivccw Dorf Q iboocgbfo-cibwflbozclnc so D0 Di fcQDQJQ1QQ-f..Q6g5 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 'us if Q Q Q nr Q 2 Q Q Q Q Q Q 5 E Q Q Q Q ! QQ Fi F ? .QA Q Q if 1' W K Q E Q Q Q 29 5 l5i?D3Q5giQVQf1vcoc'boof Doocivooci:oof:.:Qo-civocciboociboocivoo-: Doo: Qc b61civC0clbf.r'Q9?2 Q ua: 2.222 I N T E R L A C H E N 1211: ::::::::L,,9? Ilhwhmznn Qllazu CLASS FLOWER! Violet CLASS COLORS: Purple and White MOTTO: "Pull Together or Pull Out." CLASS OFFICERS LEF1-'IE HANCOCK . ...... . . President GLADYS SIMPSON . . . . Viet:-President NELLIE BARMER . . Secretary and Treasuier GEORGE OBLINGER . . . . Sergeant-at-Arms .i.l.l- Z, I ,,tt..,tt.t,tt.LtLL 5 13115 3V15j3Q:53315m 1 9 2 6 .,,i...IEIilIEIIllEII1.i .... aIZ1lEZEI1EEIllEI2lK'Q93Si Pay t "arty-fo'ur 0 I -aw 222 I N T E R L. A C H E N all ww 4.3-- Ereahman 0112155 Eiztnrg We are too young for wills, we can not prophesy and all we have is reputa- tion. We "Rats" organized a class of a little better than half a hundred, the largest class in the history of the school. Some have been faithful, ,Wg others have deserted us, then we found some to take their places during the h s. Beginning on our career 'we have some who delight in History, less in Latin, several in English, many in Science and Algebra and all the way around our class agrees more on Athletics. In this line, Wesley York and Billy Pearson play on the basket-ball team, Ona Stevens, Nellie Barmer and Gladys Simpson also play basket- ball. Cecil Keene, Ralph Seals and Giles Van Sickler would rather run and to our delight they made the Relay team. Lellie Hancock showed the "Rats"' spirit in Tavares on Armistice Day by taking the highest number of individual points while Dorothy Jackson ran Lellie a close second. By all in general, the "Rats,, would rather picnic than exercise brain and body. This they proved at Lake Apopka December 14-th. Miss Devary, Miss Daiger and Mr. Osborn chaperoned the class. Sandwiches, coffee, salad, weiners, marshmal- lows, buns and cakes were served. This was voted one of the most enjoyable of picnics. ' The class has taken much interest in things of this sort but still we have some permanent Honor Roll students of which we proudly boast. These are Norton Ster- rett and Helen Alexander while many others play peek-a-boo with the Roll. The class soon hopes to complete their reputation and start anew as Sophs. GLADYS SIMPSON. Www 1EII,l. .... .. EZII'ZEZ1IIEIEIIl 1 9 2 6 iII,lE1Z,CEZZ.IEl IIEIIZZ KQQES Page Forty nee fgw 1111- I N T E R L A C H E N :::: 1::::::s::r.e55 Zlirwhman Gllasm ilinll HELEN ALEXANDER ..... . Athenian NELLIE BARMER . Philomathean FLEMING BUTNER . Philomathean RUSSELL BRADDOCK . Philomathean GERTRUDE CATE . Philomathean BELLE CALDWELL . . Athenian EDWIN Cox . . . Athenian 'HENRY ECHOLS . . Athenian ROBERT GRABEL . Philomathean LOUISE HUDSON . Philomathean LEFFIE HANCOCK . Philomathean EMORY HANCOCK . Philomathean RALPH HARPER . . . Athenian DOROTHY JACKSON . . Athenian CARTER KILPATRICK . Philomathean CECIL KEENE . . Athenian GERTRUDE KISTNER . . Athenian HARRY LUMPKIN . . Athenian RUTH MARSH . . Philomathean CAMILLE MORRIS . Philomathean EVA MCCLELLAND . Philomathean VERNON MITCHELL . . Athenian JAMES MCCAWLEY . Athenian LOIS NETTLES . . Philomathean MARIE NORSTRUM . . Athenian HAROLD 0,H.AVER . Athenian GEORGE OBLINGER . Philomathean ELEANOR PUTNAM . . Athenian CORRIS POTTER . . Athenian BILIIY PEARSON . Philomathean ROBERT RUSH . . Athenian GERALDINE REED . Philomathean TED RAE . . . Athenian ONA STEVENS . . Philomathean ROBERT STONE . . Athenian RALPH SEALS . . Philomathean JUANITA SHEPPARD . Philomathean NORTON STERRETT . Philomathean RUFUS SUHL ,. . Philomathean THELMA SMITH . . Athenian MACE STEVENS . Philomathean GLADYS SIMPSON . Athenian ALBERT THURGOOD . Philomathean TRAVIS PETREY . Philomathean JAY TICE . . . . . Athenian MABEL THOMMASON . . Athenian GILES VAN SICKLER . . Athenian EDNA WHIDDEN . . . . Athenian LOIS WRIGHT . . Philomathean DON WILLIAMS . . Athenian IVAN WEBSTER . ..... . Athenian -- WESLEY YORK ....... Philomathean I .C-in ':':1z:::::ass:1 1 9 2 6 l:::taqJ:t:Jtz :1::::,a::::2ia:m93i -L- -! Pflflv Forty-si.1: E 73 P0 344 , A 5 Pi Q 1 W. 1 2 if, N? f 1 I y. A Sn Q A Q Q 4 5 ! F Q RS WI .SL In KW ! F, Q I X 'Q nj Y ZH Fl! ij 7 ziggy-wcvcibokibo ocibe acibovcibooc 1 23 ocivo Kbxfcbo Kiwicmtcxliximkboocbo MQ- MUSIC ,- -Q Q5 bl- 'fgfhbby 5 fx X K X. 1, -qi! f .. 'K 1 5:53. Z 1 f X lla Y: . i ,5 5 -X - -,, C L U ffmzfk L E eg Q, L: lb I'z ,W 11.,,-f,,.S, ,.,,,, ' C5,':CID' .QQ gmw r7INTERLACHEN ' l: :x: ufcggg Q Qbrrhvatra OFFICERS MIRIAM WEEKS . . . . . . Orchestra Director RUTH PARKER . . . . President BEATRICE Cox . .... Vice-President JEWEL DAVIS . . Secretary and Treasurer V9 :zQm:r:r:q Nr 1 9 2 6 :g.:r:r .r.y:l:t: 2 : in-Q93 Pays F0Tf,U46'iHllt xc-Q,-1 "2 rl ,i.,.....,.1. .f.,,., -,. ... rx: I N T E R L A C H E N .12 lztxsyxstxzowgg 90 A 'Q g?Q91:.: :zz :zz 2: Pa!lc Forty-nin illfluair Glluh igiatnrg ORGANIZED SEPTEMBER 9TH, 1919. MOTTO: Siempre Gai ffllways Merryl COLORS: Purple and White FLOWER: Iris Daintily touched by the paintbrush Of nature's own delicate hand, And grown only in fairyland. We chose this flower, the Iris, For the beauty its soul conveyed. And then to the purple we added the purest white As if by magic our colors were made. Purple and White twined so loosely Then daintily looped to a bow Round the stem of our flower, the Iris Makes the loveliest emblem we know. The Music Club has had a prosperous year. We have enjoyed the recitals and many entertainments given hy them. Past presidents of the Music Club: 1919-1920-Miss BLANCHE SIMPSON. 1920-1921-Miss BLANCHE SIMPSON. 1921-1922-Miss EVA MALPHUS. 1922-1923--Miss LUCILE ABBOTT AND Miss KATHERINE HINELY. 1923-1924-MR. RAY COX. 1924-1925-Miss HAZEL CAMPBELL. 1925-1926--Miss RUTH PARKER. 1 9 2 6 :1:,: .. .lslixzlzxsximfbs 5 Qggwt :I:: :: I N T E R L A C HE N H1121 ::::::r4r5Z'5 ' giafzwsgy K - Athenian illiterarg Snrietg OFFICERS JESSE SKAGGS .... ..... P resident CHRISTINE CARPENTER . . Secretary and Treasurer LUCY JUSTICE .... Cheer Leader I --4 55 ::Qm:l:I:: ::I: 1 9 2 6 sy: "1,1'jrq93: Page F iff!! 4. .n 'CN :uf 12.12-1 I N T E R L A C H E N ilfi 15 Meg? Biatnrg nf the Athenian Eitrrarg Snrirtg As usual, at the beginning of school, ballots were placed in a box and all new students drew to determine to which society they would belong. We soon perfected our organization by the election of the following oliicers: FIRST SEMESTER EDWARD BODEKER . . . . President JESSE SKAGGS . . . . . Vice-President CHRISTINE CARPENTER . . Secretary and Treasurer For the second semester the officers were the same except that Jesse Skaggs was made president. , Under the direction of our worthy program committee consisting of Don Moore, Christine Carpenter and Gladys Simpson, many literary, dramatic, musical and athletic programs were given and reflect great credit upon the members of the society taking part. It was toward the latter part of the school year that some of our best programs were given. One especially to be remembered containedg a very interest- ing and humorous play entitled 'That Rascal Pat" with Charles Bowles and Johnny Wines as leading characters. Indeed, they performed well. Also some odd -athlet- ic stunts in forms of pyramid building, directed by Don Moore, filled the audience with admiration. At Halloweien the Athenians entertained the Philomatheans at a costume party. Elizabeth Berry as fortune teller and Blanche Rae as the witch prophesied fame and fortune for all. Later the Athenian girls succeeded in defeating the Philo girls in a close and interesting game of basket-ball. ln the inter-society track meet last year the Athenians lost, but we are striving hard to keep this from happening again and have a good start toward a victory over the Philos this year. JESSE SKAGGS. s.QI'u .IEEE 12lI2ZZIIE2Z1lEIZ, 1 9 2 6 'I.'EIZ.ZSZI.'5IZ. TZ tc'Q9a I U18 I zfty one Il :':::- I N TE R L A C HE N 1E'III'I, IIlIIlI"l'I IC-6'Q2: Q G2 lghilnmathean Eiterarg Qnrivig Ur OFFICERS ROBERT VVYNNS . .... . . President RUTH PARKER . . . . Vice-President SUSAN OSTEEN . . . Secretary and Treasurer BRUCE HAMILTON . . . . . Cheer Leader Eff 21:1IfI.l2Qf 1 9 2 6 22121512122 l:11,:l1,1f1I,flI,flfQIE . Page Fifty-two . .H -, , ...,,+..t..Wpug1g E5q5wv:1::s::::s: :rms I N T E R L A C H E N :::: :.:::1:f.f,9gg igiatnrg nf thr iihilnmailyean iliiterarg Snririg Six years ago The Montverde School opened its doors the seventh time to the many boys and girls of worthy characters. A few days later saw the new students drawing slips to see to which literary society they would belong. In 1921, The Montverde School offered an athletic championship banner to the society winning the most points in track meet. Six years have passed since that day and the Athenians have been champions twice while the Philomatheans have been champions threeitimes. The Philomathean is the only society to hold the banner two years in succession. gt' ln 1924, the society erected a light tower so their light may shine in the years to come. The Philomathean Society is not a selfish society for in the fall of 1925 they gave twenty dollars to the Florida Home Society for orphan children. The society consists of a group of boys and girls who believe in clean sports- manship and when they tackle a job they always put it through. Q When new members enter the school they are always welcomed into the society with a smile from everyone. And when our boat is headed south No matter how heavy our burden be No matter how much we are tossed about Weill stick to our boat on the roughest sea. ROBERT WYNNS. gkbwz,:ii.s:::::::1::::::::":1 55:1 1 9 2 6 :gag ggggggggggggggggggmefig Page Fifty-llrree Q 5 INTERLACHEN -if 'fiiwibgi Agriruliural Glluh OFFICERS EARL YORK . . . . . . . Preshienz CLYDE HUMPHREY . .... Vice-President GILES VAN SICKLER . . Secretary and Treasurer KEMPIS CARPENTER . ..... Reporter ' ygg 1 9 2 6 ,:2:'2:i . 2 2 il: 2 2 am95i Page Fifty-fam' 'Q ?q,wI:..:": :xx I N T E R L A C H E N .1 is r. tg Smith-Hughes Agrirultural Bvpartment I- The Smith-Hughes Vocational Agriculture is taught by Prof. Wheeler. This department has thirteen members this year. The work of this department is divided into four classes. One year of plant life and horticulture, then animal husbandry and farm management, also We have a weekly shop period in which we learn help- ful things from shoeing mules to repairing tools. In the last three years we have won at fairs in Tampa and Jacksonville eleven first prize ribbons, seven second prizes, two third prizes and one-fifth prize. We have also won three silver loving cups for judging stock and one for best shop work. This year we sent to the South Florida Fair in Tampa an exhibit of different kinds of vegetables grown on our muck. About fifty different varieties were included. Also an exhibit of wood work. Dairy . Dairy . Dairy . Poultry . Stock . Florist . A piary . . Home Garden Bananas . Grove . . Grove . . Vineyard . . Grove . . . THE LINE-UP OF THE BOYS . . GILES VAN SICKLER . . KEMPIS CARPENTER . . . . AMBERS COLLINS . . RALPH KINSEY . . . F LEMING BUTNER . . FRED REITZ . . . . EARL YORK . . . CLYDE HUMPHREY . . WILLIAM DEUEL . . . A. B. HULLINCER . . . CHARLES KINSEY . '. RALPH SEALS . . . . WILLIAM GEBHARDT . Lakeland, F la. Montverde, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. Camaguay, Cuba . DeLand, Fla. . Tavares, Fla. . Oxford, Fla. . Sanford, Fla. . Ithaca, N. Y. Bradenton, Fla. Camaguay, Cuba . Live Oak, Ela. . Tampa, Fla. Our club has given good programs each month and expects to improve them in the future. We have had enjoyable times together at banquets and picnics of various types. 6 L- si fiCQ?:i2lIlEli'5II1EIIl5II...,.. Page Fifty-fire :sux 1 9 2 6 :xgsxq vit- Y ,, 0 ?f6N'ii3 I 52 I N T E R L A C HE N 12 lflitrif-far: 9 C2 illierhaniral Qlluh At the beginning of the school year there were thirty applicants for the Auto- motive Mechanical course. Many have fallen out because they did not come up to the requirements. The students get work on different makes of cars under the super- vision of Mr. Flaherty. The machinery has been installed, several useful parts have been made on the lathe and shaper. In the Shop Knowledge class the intricate workings of gas engines are taken up and discussedg also the different parts of the car. In the Machine Drafting class drawings and blue prints are made of the different parts that are later made on the machinery. The tool room has been well supplied with all necessary tools to carry on the work. This is one of the most interesting features taught in The Montverde School. rir rrtr . yyyy . Page Fifty-sir g tvrr 1 9 2 6 a1::::: 5 ,i.. ::::a::'z::z'::m9i5 gfb-5DC-D00C QD00CiD00C1D00CQD00Clb00C , D00C1D00CfD00CfD00CQD0 3C7D00CfD00C1900CfD00C1D0 Yi 54 F M T 5 54 FE 1 0 34 I ? ? ? 0 Eluninr- I f Sveninr T . I Q - Q . Banquet ? f ? KZ 0 Q4 77 Q, 0 1 Fi A I 0 2, 0 2, 3292 0CLD00C1200C i D00Ci200ClD00C1D00C Q 300Cl300Cl100Clb00CfDC 0CQD00Cf D001 1D00C1D00C1DC Page lfif ty-seven 0 2, 0 1 0 1 0 2. 0 2 0 .1 0 il. ,D00C1D00Cf D0 I 1 0C1DC0C OCLDO 0C1D0 01190 Ocf D00CQD00CiD0 OCTDO 04290 fD00C1D00CiD00CfD0 0CiD00C ' - R :SG,w:::s::::s::: :za I N T E R L A C H E N 31151 illllmu FRUIT COCKTAIL CONSOMME OYSTERETTES ' CUCUMBER CUPS WITH LETTUCE TARTAR SAUCE ElIiIEI'IIEI'IIER4a2g PRESSED CHICKEN DRESSING - GIIAVY POTATO CHIPS CREAMED PEAS K n HOT ROLLSI BUTTER ICED TEA BEAUTY SALAD MAYONNAISE WAI-'ERS ANGEL CAKE ICE CREAM '.zzGnus::1:z::g::::::z:: s::'::"'::':l 1 9 2 6 zzxezfxzitx 32:11:111s::1:s::::s:::::::llsr: N953 l'-'ll' Page Fifty-eight g5CN3l,111E1111E'1'211E 115 I N T E R L A C H E N 1115111121 Z'11ZI'11I1'112I'11!K-69? gCZw::::'::::.: ,. 1.11 . .1,, Page Fifty llielrnmr Ahhrran Professor and Mrs. Carpenter, other members of the faculty and most dignified Seniors, it is, indeed, a great pleasure to have you as our guests on this joyful occasion. In behalf of the Junior Class I welcome you to- night. Professor and Mrs. Carpenter, We appreciate the many things you have done for us. As we enter into life We will take with us memories of your willingness to help us over our difliculties. In our short but happy stay here at T. M. S. we have learned to look upon you as our guiding stars. Seniors, as we think of your departure we feel a tinge of sadness. Other friends may come but we will always hold you dear in our memory. Again in the name of the Junior Class We extend to you our heartiest welcome. 1 RUTH PARKER. : "" 2 "" 2 "i' 1 9 2 6 21Q115111222,,,, ,,,, 111151111E1111E111'K'4L9.'S nine -l 5 32365-Iiilfffitii 531353 I N T E R L A C H E N :sus s:::.::s::::s::ur5gQ Gmini in the Svninr Girlz To the girls ofthe Senior Class of '26 What does this event mean to you Who are about to step up into a higher life of endeavor Some to go to college, others to enter the home circle? But no matter where fate may place you, you may keep a Sacred Remembrance of thisschool, of its faculty and Particularly of its Founders, who, by their persistent Endeavors have made our residence here possible. My toast to you is a token of happy remembrance, Which will be held by the Junior Class, and we wish to Extend to you our hearty good fellowship. May you now Carry forward the torch of life, which the world has Placed in your hands and uphold it to light, not only Your own footsteps but also to show the way to some Less fortunate traveler on life,s journey. To those Of us who remain, your going will jar the order of Our usual lives and we will miss your familiar faces With regret. 'DONALD Momma. :::a::::szs::::z::z:::I 1 9 2 6 sazgtgzggzgggggggz 1ym33E::m,.,L92'5 "' ' P f, Si.:-fy INTERLACHEN V5 Efnazt tn thu Bimini' Mugs Our friends, the Senior Boys of T. M. S. 'Tis a pleasure, we confess This little toast to ofer here To the friends we hold so dear. May your path be ever bright And your lives, a radiant light May you grow to wealth and fame, And possess an honest name. May you ever go through life Winning victory over strife. May you see the star of light Shining in the darkest night, And that beckons you to trod The Highway of Our Living God. At the close of the clay of cheer In some happy future year That you look with joy and bliss To the happy days of T. M. S. RUTH OSBORN. 51::11s:e:: 1 9 2 6 52:35:11: 'Q T .... . ..,. . .... 5'-S65-3.222Illllllllllllllllll C? if lf! ......m.I,I.,.I,.H INTERLACHEN ---- Efnawt tu the Elluninr Girlz 0 Iunior Girls to you, alone I say, You've been my pal in every way. ' Here's to you my noble friends, Your co-operation I must commend. Our joys we all shall not forget, And nothing has hindered us as yet In our pleasures ever sublime, But let us think while we have time. Soon the sad day will appear When we must scatter far and near, So let us be happy while we may And forget it's coming until that day. Then say "Good luck, good-dayf' With a cheer, by the way. J. C. MARTIN. Efnant in the Eiluninr Engn To you, 0 Junior Boys, We wish a school life thatls full of joys. In chemistry may you ever see the light, Perform experiments that all come right, Find everything that is on the shelves g Have notebooks, too, that write themselves. Themes required in English Lit, Smoothly ylow and never quit Until the English teacher is satisfied. Every good thing in study and in play, Success in life when from school you are far away. ANNIE EARL HARRIS. 23 --l ws IQQPWI f 22:32:12 1 9 2 6 :::I:s1:::::11a::l1s ,-.Til P9 S QSQAJ 1-iDCfvCfD0C'4fD'J3C Qb09C1D0OC1D0OCQDOOCiD00ClD00Ci900C1P00Cfb0OC1DO0C1b0C'CZ50OC150I!.Jej'f ' 14150 P' D0 Klk P OCQDO KTDO K1 P0 KLDO 36150 O4 QA DO OCfD0 Kf90 KQDO Ki KQDO KiP0 94190 9ClD09CfD03Cfb05iP0OC1D0 Kibfl KiD0 K1D0 Q1 34590 k:Qm1 :fi1-cocivocciofmcivoocivoociboocivcoci D00-C1b00fib0 Gii 9C5C1D00C1D4i900CiD00Ci9CKK93 Page Si 1-fy-flu ff? S2651 Z1 Q: I N T E R L A C H E N 122212: :::::z C2 Athlrtir Eiatnrg fm' 1925225 It is believed that the best qualities in any student body can be largely meas- ured by its work in athletics. Athletics bring out fair play, clean sportsmanship and generates good school spirit. The teams in The Montverde School try to take a defeat in the same spirit as they do a victory. Our teams at all times have the undivided support of the faculty and student body. The fighting spirit and the efficiency of our teams can often be traced to the careful coaching of Mr. Walker. We feel that we are entitled to believe because of the numerous victories of opr teams and the splendid sportsman- ship which they have portrayed in their athletic contests throughout the state that we have one of the best coaches in Florida. We wish to thank our visiting teams for the fine sportsmanship they displayed. Each team we played tried to do their part in making the games fair and interest- ing throughout and whether we were victorious or defeated we always believed that each team had done its best and we were always satisfied that the best team had won. May The Montverde School continue to develop teams,with as high standards and with as much efficiency as have the teams representing us during the past year. WESLEY LEROY. ....1 -1 EGM L:1:1:1:l:: 1 9 2 6 I:::"::::::: pggggwggggggg rag? Page Smtyf ur gov: E'EllI I N T E R L A C H E N 5: Isxfrsxxslwagg ff. 'W : V Y! J 'A A iv-7 ' fwi ..a,, Qwlag Grant The first week of school a meeting was called to organize a relay team. Joe Hendrix announced himself manager and began at once to show his authority by announcing several rules which all members must obey. After three months of training a run was made from the school campus to the Eustis City Hall. Although the former record was not broken, the boys came out good considering the number of steep hills on the road. Only two boys failed to make their run in the time required to get their letter. Glenn Cheatham, the able captain, made his run quicker than any other mem- ber. The team did very well considering the fact that it was the second in the sclioolis history. It is a good thing for the physical development of young men. May each year bring more interest in this kind of sport. -'F1QM:..::1sxq:: t"":::i. I 9 2 6 .:.. . :s:.::gxsxm95' Page S MTI!-l7'l'1' -H--iqvnvr-vvffv Y- ...v R.w..,,.., H. In Q5q5wqx:D::s::a 1: I N T E R L A C H E N :::: ti BRUCE HAMILTON DONALD MOORE GLENN CHEATHAM WESLEY YORK ERNEST CARTER LOUIS SLOAN Surfer Umm MEMBERS ENICE BRADSHAW, Captain RALPH KINSEY LEFFIE HANCOCK EMORY HANCOCK J. D. LETTON ROBERT WYNNS ED. BODEKER T,.. . ,T.. . .T.. ,laden BRITTAN SPANN ED. COX SEASON'S RECORD Montverde .... 2 University Of Florida 5 Montverde . . .... 3 Eustis ............ . 2 Montverde . . . . . . 0 Duval ....... . . . . . . 8 Montverde . . . .... 4 Duval .......... . . . 3 Montverde . . . .... 1 University of Florida 3 Montverde . . . .... 1 Live Oak ....... . . . 41 . Montverde . . . .... 2 Groveland ...... . . . 1 Montverde . . . .... 1 Umatilla . . . 4 Mbntverde . . . .... 0 Live Oak . . . 1 :zQmsg: 2:12:11 111521, 1 9 2 6 ElI1,E11,lE 11:s1:T1:::T:s::gzxqzxnes: Page Sixty-sim "GN 5 I N T E R L A C H E N U: :I:1:?2:2lf1:qI:h4r9Q Girlz' Iikizkvt-182111 Gram RUTH PARKER, Capmin RUTH JUSTICE CHRISTINE CARPENTER SNOW JUSTICE WILMA SHAW LUCY JUSTICE HELEN BAKER NELLIE BARMER KATHERINE SMITH , 329, 5 1:::,::::g::::::::I 1 9 2 6 .... :::3::fqs1p::'rQJs Q5q.,w::1:x1:s:::z1xis li I N T E R L A C H E N :::a:::: ifiinga' 'Basket-Ball Gram GLENN CHEATHAM, Captain WESLEY YORK SNOW 1x1ARTIN Bois WYNNS BILLY PEARSON ENICE BRADSHAW J. D. LETTON RAY TH URMOND SEASON'S RECORD Montverde . . . 24 Clermont . . . . . . 12 ' Montverde . . . 28 Florida ....... . . . 27 Montverde . . . 13 Winter Park .... . . 8 Montverde . . . 13 Ocoee ........ . . . 18 Nlontverde . . . 20 Groveland ........ . . . 17 Montverde . . . 18 St. Cloud .......... . . . 20 Montverde . . . 14 Stetson, Freshman .... . . . 18 Montverde . . . 8 St. Cloud .......... . . . 10 Montverde . . . 11 Ocoee ............ . . . 17 Montverde . . . 16 Winter Park .... . . 7 lVlontverde . . . 17 Winter Garden . . . . . . 11 TOURNAMENT GAMES Nlontverde . . . 28 Sebring . . . . . . 12 Montverde . . . 17 Arcadia . . . . . 10 Montverde .. . 20 Lake Wales . .. 8 Montverde . . . 0 Clearwater . . . . 20 :ZCb7'l,5lill5lIll51l1l5l '.fEli.15lffEII 1 9 2 6 5111221135121 512,152 Eifllillllilfllillkfsg Page Ni.1-fy-ciyllf ?26x,.1:t.a:1::e:.:1 :: I N T E R L A C H E N Til aux: iqintnrg nf the Gfrark Meri nf 1925 One of the most important events during the scholastic year in the student body's estimation, is the annual Track Meet held between the Philomathean and Athenian Literary Societies. This event arouses great society spirit among the stu- dents and a friendly rivalry between the two causes each and every member to do his utmost for the society to which he belongs. Last year the Track Meet was held about the first of April. The opening event was the girls' aquatic meet. The Athenians got the tip-off by running up a score of 60 to 3 by noon. During the afternoon the boys' Held sports were held and the Philos clipped off quite a bit of the Athenian lead. The following morning the boys' aquatic meet was held and the societies broke even. The afternoon concluded the Track Meet with the girls' Held events. During the course of the afternoon the Philos overtook the Athenians but lost their lead again. However, at the very last the Philomatheans turned the tables on the Athenians and won by a margin of twenty-one points. - The Athenians vow vengeance this year and the Philos are determined to keep the championship. According to the spirit of the societies and the material in each, the coming Track Meet promises to be close and hard fought. WESLEY LEROY. 5 . iQQ93ll.EllEii5llE .... 21721222 1 9 2 6 22125221 EIIIE Fig? aye Siaffy nine '3fg.3fJ14Z1? -. V 'ili'13""i 5' L5 'Vp I 1. -, 1 rw? ff ,Q '65-3 1151125115 --zi 2 I N T E R L A C H E N 15111 I:-.gras t Alumni Ilinll Class of 1915 WALTER HARPER, Montverde, Fla. Class of 1916 ARLINGTON LEWIS, Lewisburg, Pa. Class of 1917 CEPHAS CLOSE, Houston, Texas HERBERT CRAWLEY, Groveland, Fla. Class Of 1918 NELLIE MAE SYKES fMRS. W. D. WALKERJ, Montverde, Fla. IVA MCQUAIG IMRS. JEFF HARDENJ, 1 Montverde, Fla. Class of 1919 JEAN LYON fMRS. SCOTT BOGUEl, Jacksonville, Fla. RUBY PIKE, Mt, Dora, Fla. ANNIE HARPER QMRS. DEL TURNERJ, Parrish, Florida Class Of 1920 MARY GAINES QMRS. PAUL SETTLE1, Clewiston, Fla. DOROTHY PETERS IMRS. R. W. HAR- PER, JR.J, Montverde, Fla. ELLEN JARRETT, Williston, Fla. HETTIE GAUSE QMRS. RICHARD CAR- RUTHERSJ, Tavares, Fla. DEWEY CAUSE, Astatula, Fla. PANSY GLENN, Berea, Ky. ANNIE MAE HALE, Piedmont, S. C. JENNIE RICHARDSON IMRS. J. S, MC- CLIMANJ, Duncan, S. C. ELMER HALL, St. Cloud, Fla. NMARTELLE HARPER, Montverde, Fla. Class of 1921 DOROTHY LYON, St. Petersburg, Fla. BLANCHE SIMPSON CMRS. R. TATE1, Atlanta, Ga. MYRTLE VAN DE VORD, Daytona, Fla. FLORENCE WALTZ QMRS. E. E. NUTTERJ , Mt. Dora, Fla. I' Deceased. LUCILE REED lMRS. ERNEST CATH- CARTJ, Miami, Fla. ORA HARPER, Montverde, Fla. IVEY BERRY, Center Hill, Fla. OTIS BERRY, Jacksonville, Fla. JAKE ALEXANDER, Gainesville, Fla. NEALE SMITH, Atlanta, Ga. CLAUDE BLACK, Gainesville, Fla. SARA HUNTLEY, Montverde, Fla. INEZ PEURIFOY, Grand Island, Fla. Class Of 1922 HORACE HULL, Pine Castle, Fla. JOHN BETHEA, Orlando, Fla. HATTIE MAE BRADFORD, Erlanger, Ky. ALBERTA STEVENS, Covington, Ky. IVAN PARKER, Mt. Dora, Fla. LAURA MAE HOLLOIMAN, Milton, Fla. EVA IVIALPHUS, Savannah, Ga. FLOYD ZEBENDON, Valrico, Fla. CHRISTINE ROBERTSON, Newton Centre Mass, JAMES HODNETT, Los Angeles, Cal. REBA KINDRED, Tavares, Fla. EDGAR NAPIER, Orlando, Fla. CARRIE ENGLISH, Callahan, Fla. MARVIN PEARSON, Orlando, Fla. RUTH HODNETT, Benson Springs, Fla. LILLIAN STECHER, Washington, D. C. MARY STECHER, Washington, D. C. DENNY SLOAN, Mascotte, Fla. ' Class of 1923 CATHERINE HINELY, Detroit, Mich. VIOLET BANKS, Mt. Dora, Fla. CONNIE COCHRAN, Eustis, Fla. HARRY BRADHAM, St. Petersburg, Fla. DOROTHY HARPER, Montverde, Fla. BESSIE BETHEA QMRS. DONNIE BLOCK ER1, Blanton, Fla. REARDON BOGUE, Jacksonville, Fla, FRANCIS HAMMOND QMRS. ABBOTTD, Orlando, Fla. MARGARET HAMMOND, Orlando, Fla. RUTH BOGUE IMRS. J. E. DUDLEY,l,' Montverde, Fla. f.C'bvv --A 1 9 2 6 mi--,HE mg, Puje Sm nly la c Seventy-one 'f"?'Ky Ff5'?!f2' 2' 131 - 'g.,.-If fggg-.mpg 6,1-,,--, '63-Sl Uxsxt: ::- IN TE R L A C HE N sa - K? FRANCES SIMPSON, Mt. Dora, Fla. ARTHUR ERWIN, Ft. Eustis, Va. CHRISTINE NELSON, Tampa, Fla. WERNER DANIELSON, Tampa, Fla. RUTH HUNTLEY QMRS. TONY STECHERJ, Montverde, Fla. RUTH WHITE, Tampa, Fla. QUINN PARKER, Orlando, Fla. DORIS VAN DE VORD, Daytona, Fla. CHRISTINE SOUSLEY, Winchester, Ky. MARSHAL ROBERTS, Annapolis, Md. J. J. WILLIAMS, Homosassa, Fla. SARA POTTER fMRS. H. MORRISONJ, Leesburg, Fla. EDWARD CRAWLEY, Miami, Fla. RUTH BELL, Tampa, Fla. GERTRUDE BEVILLE, Webster, Fla. SCOTT BOCUE, Jacksonville, Fla. HAROLD BROKAW, Annapolis, Md. Class Of 1924 MARGARET LETTON, Lexington, Ky. BEULAH WYNNS K MRS. H. T. SORREL Orlando, Fla. HELEN BUCK, Montverde, Fla. WARD CRAWLEY, Miami, Fla. RAY COX, Clermont, Fla. ROBA WEBB, Oakland, Fla. THELMA FINZEL, Mt. Dora, Fla. ROBERT BLACK, Gainesville, Fla. WALLACE OSBORN, Zellwood, Fla J, MILDRED PEURIFOY, Grand Island, Fla RUTH ST. JOHN, Eustis, Fla. Class of 1925 JOSEPH HENDRIX, Montverde, Fla. MADELINE VAUGHN, Center Hill, Fla. RALPH OSBORN, Zellwood, Fla. HAZEL CAMPBELL, Hastings, Fla. LILLIAN ROCK, Orlando, Fla. BRYANT FUGATE, Montverde, Fla. ERMA CARTER, Geneva, Fla. RAY BUSLER, Tampa, Fla. FLORA WILLIAMS, Nashville, Tenn. JOHN HERLIHY, Orlando, Fla. BELLE RICHEY, Leesburg, Fla. JOHN BUTLER, Atlanta, Ga. MURRAY WHIDDEN Q MRS. LEE MILLSJ, Bartow, Fla. JACK BUSH, Winchester, Ky. DOROTHY BOGUE, Ocala, Fla. MILTON BUTLER, Montverde, Fla. MILDRED ALEXANDER, Orlando, Fla. KERMITH BLACK, Gainesville, Fla. VIOLA HUNTLEY, Montverde, Fla. CONNER BREWSTER, Gainesville, Fla. HARRIET BANKS, Mt. Dora, Fla. KARL SMITH, Gainesville, Fla. MARY RICHEY, Montverde, Fla. HOYT STOCKER, Orlando, Fla. ' ESSIE HARRIS, Cordele, Ga. gain :s::,:z::.1s::q :::: 1 9 2 6 2:31:11 N962 W Srhnnl Eiarg B SEPTEMBER 'l'uesday, 1-Here we are back again to start our last year of school. Everybody busy trying to find out who is who. Wednesday, 2-Chapel in the morning and recitation in the afternoon. Susan roll- ed in to-day and everybody glad to see her back. Thursday, 3-Regular routine procedures. Girls had a talk with Mrs. Carpenter to-night, - Saturday, 5-The extra work begins to-day. Social hour and drawings for socie- ties. Everybody excited. . Sunday, 6-Once more we all assemble for church. Monday, 7-Real work begins to-day. Boys planning for soccer. Tuesday, 8-Senior meeting to-night and officers elected. Thursday, 10-Nothing doing. A rainy day. ' ' Friday, 11-Hoyt Stocker returned from Missouri. Nobody cares, though? Saturday, 12-Extra work again. Horrors. Philos and Athenians give joint pro- gram and ofiicers of both,societies elected. Sunday, 13-Went to church as usual. , I Mondays 14--A cloud, did burst to-day. - Tuesday, 15-First chemistry test came to-day. Guess Mr. Osborn will find out ' how much chemistry we know. Wednesday, 16-No Domestic Science. Teacher sick. Saturday, 19-Philos gave program. Alumni sold ice cream at social hour and we had our first game of basket-ball. Monday, 21-Talk in Chemistry class with Mr. Osborn on going to college. Tuesday, 22-Barbara and Susan set the alarm clock behind the door. -Wonder ' what happened. V ' ' W Vifednesday, 23-A joke was,played on Ruth Osborn by roommates. Saturday, 26fHurrahl Chickenhfor dinner tomorrow. Monday, 28-Changed work andtables. A I 4 Wednesday, 30-Mr. Hollister, Mr. Boyd and Mr. 'llwilley here to hold a revival. OCTOBER . . I - Friday,,2-Revival still being held. - ' mesday, 5-Nothing exciting has happened the last two days. Wednesday, 72-A lot of girls had extra work for dishes found in their room that belonged in the kitchen. - Saturday, 10-Work, Wvork, work. rHad social hour once again. Sunday, 11-Great excitement. VBeds.start falling through ceiling during breakfast. Mondayk 12-Mary Richey put Dining Hall Girls to bed early. War in camp. Wednesday, 14'-Spanish Club gives first Spanish program. Friday, 16-No school tb-day. Hurralr! All teachers gone to Orlando for teach- ers' convention. Had our first 4'Come and Get Itu supper.' ' l'uy1r2 Seventy two ?g.3w.:::z::2:s::::s::as. ::2 I N T E R L A C H E N x::s::: 14,3622 O QM .... . ,, . .... . ....m...f... age SP e 1 Saturday, 17-Lights Tuesday, 20-Rained Friday, 23-Teachers Saturday, 24--Music ball game. Tuesday, 27-Change Wednesday, 28-The ' hall. Some eats. W ., . on the bum. Everybody in bed by six o'clock. yesterday and cold to-day. gave all their monthly tests to-day and still cold. Club gives program. Eighth and ninth grades have basket- of weather. Some hot day. six D. D.'s gave Susan Osteen a surprise party during study Thursday, 29-Mrs. Carpenter gives her Sunday School Class a picnic down on Lake Apopka. ' Friday, 30-Wonder why girls are taking so much time in primping? live got it. Duval boys are expected here to-night. Everybody excited. Saturday, 31-Fifteen cheers for ourqboys. They won the soccer game with Duval. We entertain the boys 'with a Hallowe'en party, which was given by the Athenians. 1 A - NOVEMBER Sunday, 1-One of our last yearis Senior girls, Murray Whidden, came back to Montverde to visit us with a husband. She is now a Mrs. Mills. A Friday, 6-Nothing important has happened all week except that its has rained and it is very cold. Chicken dinner tomorrow. Yum, yum. ' Saturday, 7-Why, the girls are all excited again. Of coursef The Florida Uni- versity boys are here to play our boys a game of soccer. Shoot! They won. Tuesday, 10-1Whoopee! No school tomofrow. 'Mr. Carpenter said it was Armis- tice Day. ' P Wednesday, 11-No school to-day: At live o,clock all the school wentfdown to Lake Apopka for supper. , ' r Thursday, 12-We had Mr. Tillman and daughter here with us to-day 'in chapel. Mr. Tillman favored us with a short speech ,and vocal solos. Everybody en- joyed them greatly. , . . 8 Friday, 13-Unlucky Friday. Soccer boys go to Live Oak to play. All are anxious to hear how the game ended. ' Saturday, 14-Mary and Mother Parrish give a cafeterialsuppcr. E Wednesday, 18-Just eight rrfore days till Thanksgiving. Everybody excited. Friday, 20-Boys played soccer in Qroveland. A11 those who had been good the last month got to go to the game. A X ' - Saturday, 21-We gave the soccer boys a bonfire down at the Donnelly Building. , Later the Mechanical Department gave a program. Monday, 23-Cold, but just two more days: J Tuesday, 24f-F ive Spanish students.gave us Ya vocal selection in Spanish to-day. Vlfednesday, 25-Departing and on our way. for the Thanksgiving holidays. Sunday, 29-Everybody back from vacation. . , DECEMBER Friday, 4-Live Oak boys play our boys soccer tomorrow. ' :::s::::s::::as::' 1 9 2 6 l:.:a::::sss::s::::s:s ggggg mg, 1 fl 'Y 12 I N T E R L A C H E N 12211 2 Tuesday, 8-Lights went out during supper. We all ate by lamp light. Wednesday, 9-Seniors had a meeting and decided to have an Annual with the help of Mr. Earl Yo-rk who is now growing a mustache which is a scream. Thursday, 10-Mr. Moore presented the school with a banner we won last year for having best appearance in Armistice Day parade. Sunday, 13-All Dining Hall girls played a trick on Margaret Rayl. She got up at 12 o'clock to make biscuits. ' Wednesday, 16-Seniors 'elected their Annual staff. Sundaya 20-Mr. Cooper, our' new Methodist preacher, preached his first sermon E to- ay. ' Tuesday, 22-Hurrah! Homewa'rd bound for Christmas vacation. JANUARY, 1926 Monday, 4-Everybody glad to get back and tell what Old Santy brought them. Tuesday, 5-Back at school again. Everybody still excited over Christmas vacation. Wednesday, 6-Mr. Harris E. Howell spoke in chapel to-day on Science. Thursday, 7-All'Senid'rs excited. Their Senior rings came to-day. Saturday,'9-4Mr. Brigham gave al musical program. He is a wonderful bass . singer. Everybody enjoyed it. H ' ' Wednesday, 13-Mr. 'Victor Eytinge gave a wonderful talk in chapel. He is often called "'The'Man' Who Came Backf, I - T Tuesday, 19-Seniors are bound for Orlando to have their pictures taken'for the Q A Annual, " ' . t . . I Saturday., 23-Music Club gave a real good program to-night. Ruth Osborn gave her first vocal solo. A . ' i Tuesiay, 2?-7All the M.lun'iors have their day in' Orlando to have pictures made for , nnua . - 1 Wednesday, 27-Mr. Osborn receives a picture of Miss Skinner. Sender unknown. " Then Miss Skinner received a letter from supposed Mr. Osborn thanking her ' for it. Everybody laughing up their sleeves. ' A ' FEBRUARY Tuesday, 2-Another' new month. Seniors have meeting to-night and decide on in- vitations and cards. Friday, '5-Mr. Osborn goes to Tavares to take. teachers' examinations. 'I A MARCH A f 1-Space'will not ,peimit us to enumerate the things' that happened during this month. ' ' U - , APRIL Thursday, 1-April Fool has come at last. Friday, 2-Junior-Senior banquet. Friday, 23-Senior Class Night program. Q ' Sunday, 25-Commencement Sunday. ' Monday, 26-Eighth grade graduation and Alumni banquet. Tuesday, 27-Whoopee! Graduation day. Homeward bound. tChv.s::1:s::.:z::Wz, s:::1z:f:' 1 9 2 6 :::::a:: :::::::,:::.:s::f:s1::m9g . .1. Page Scvcnlpnfuur .1 'bfi Qc Q 543 Oclbi OC iDCf'CiP9f'CT5f 94152 1-f1bif1'CDGOCLb'3KibQC'C LDQYYCQB1. Kibl fPCfD0 bcivtv IILJKD X ' 3 I GJ 90 0ClD00C1500C1D00CfD0OCiDOOC15'l0CfDO0C1D0OCi DO0Ci50OC7D00C1DOK f Di cfiwakibcrfdbs I H I H fi rr' -v"-nr'viv,g-gr ' - ., mi' gg!-SIEZEEEEEEEIIEE: T5 I N T E R L A C H E N 11: Zlnkw Heard on the campus: 4'Did you ever take chloroform?" "No, who teaches it?" - 1 if K' 'K' 'li' 'H A HINT FOR THE THIN. Jump out of the attic window and you'll come down plump. ' 'H' 'R 'I' I' Q, '6We,ll have to rehearse this," said the undertaker, as the' box fell out on the way to the cemetery, -H' if 'X' ii' if "That's a hard one to beat," remarked Mr. Osborn as he picked up a petrified Egg. 41- -as -is -K' -sa- 5'It,s no use talking," the fat lady said, when she couldn't get into the telephone booth. QI' 'li 'K' 'll' 'I' 5'Oh!', said Lois Nettles, "I think soda water is soda-liciousf' Glenn Eaton took the hint and soda dime on the harvest field of love. 'X' 'K' 'I' 'lf l' Boots: "Why do you insist on calling me your little cold cream?" Hay: "Because you are so nice to a chapf' f 'K' if 'I' 'll' 'I' Ride, and the girls ride with youg walk, and you walk alone. lf 'lf if if U' ODE TO SLEEP. Oh sleep, you are a wondrous thing To help us through our classes, For when we are most bored to death, With sleep, our time soon passes. Those soothing lectures, how I love them When they softly rise and fall In that sing-song kind of way That puts to sleep one and all. Only one thing now is needed In this classroom almost dead, I know my classmates will agree When I tell you ,tis a bed. Sleep that brings to us all zeros, Sleep of which we love to tell, Dreaming of our latest crushes, Wake up girls! There goes the bell. s 5 5 - QQPIIEZEZEIZJEIZIE' E11.1E1I.1EZZZ1EIZI'l 1 9 2 6 EI11IEIlI1Ef1fT5I 512115122522 EIIIIEI5IIEI1'EflI'lCQ9E5x Page Seventy-sim 565, .. - -I L L V, 1::1 I N T E R L A .C H E N :1::::::::s:::sr.q.3g Snow Martin: "Say, can't you carry a tune?', Burmah: "Yeah, why?" Snow: "Carry that one out in the alleyf' 1' 'K 'K' K' 4I' , J. D. to Mr. Osborn: "Do you believe in evolutionfwv Mr. Osborn: "Where I came from doesn't trouble me it's where I'm oinfff' 1 g c 4? 'X' 'X' 'X' 45 Enice: "Do ou like codlish balls?H ' ' 55 y 7 7 9 7 Chrlstmez I dont know, Ive never been to one. I cant dancef 'li' 41' 41' 'I' 'li' Curry: "Did you see any romantic old ruins while you were in Europe?', Snow: "Yes and one of them wanted to marr me." - 1 Y 4' 'X 'K' 'I' 'X' Ona: "I go to bed between ten and eleven." J. W.: '4Gee, that's too many in one bed." 'K' 4I' 'X' 'X' if lVIr, Osborn, in History class: "Order! Order!" - Ruth Parker, who had just awakened from a peaceful slumber: "Ham and eggs, pleasef, 'll-K-Qfi' "Drop me a line," said the second mate, when he fell overboard. 4I' W 'I' 'lf 'll' Mabel may be a yard wide, but she's all wool. You said it! If you opened your arms for a kiss, she's guaranteed not to shrink. X ... .... vm. rm. ,.... ..-.W,.........1...,..iw Page Seventy-sez' -I-llfl'-ll'-if Don Moore: "I used to love you,-,' Jewel Davis: "Yes, but itfs all over--the campus." 'li' 'lf' 4' 'I' H' 77 Louise Hudson: '6Are you going to the fair? Daisy: 4'What fair?" Louise: "The a ers sa 4Fair here to-da and tomorrow. P P Y Y 41' 41' 41' 'K' 4I' 757 Give him the air, he is going to sing over the radio. 'X' K' 41' 'li' 'X' Eleanor Putnam: "Do ou slee with our windows o en?7' Y P Y P "No, just my mouth." 'X' N' 'X' 'I' 41' Gladys: Susan: "Why do men hold girls, hands?" "Because they wear their watches in their pockets." 41' 41' 'ii' 41' 45 Wesley : Seagrave: 6'Gosh, you're smallf' ' Frances: "Precious articles come in small acka es." 1 7, P g Seagrave: "And so does poison. I' 'K 'li' 41' 41' Rosemary: "Still wearing that dirty shirt? Why don't you wear a clean one?'7 Louis: "I don't get up early enoughf, Iilll' 1 9 2 6 :ee::sss::s::::n-405: 1-- PN - l 0 H- --v - fn '14-sf-,WF-.--,,,'f fi W .,,,.v,,,..m,2...,,,.,,,1,A E56w1:::s::::sxa1s::a:a x I N T E R' L A C H E N u::a:::s 9. B HEARD IN KENTUCKY' What was that noise? Oh, that was just the Florida boom we've been hearing so much about, Q 'K' I lf 'I' Waiter: "How would you like your steak, sir?"- Impatient patron: "Very muchf, 'K' 'I' I 'K' 'l WOULDN'T IT BE FUNNY IF- Rosemary were short instead of Long? Polly were a ,peacock instead of a Parrott? J. C. were a crow instead of a Martin? Daisy were a drum instead of a Horne? Christine were a .mechanic instead of a Carpenter Lucile were a shoemaker instead of a Baker? Gladys were a simpdaughter instead of a Simpson? Donald were less instead of Moore? Johnny wereiwater instead of Wines? Margaret were oats instead of Rice? J. W. were a queen instead of a King? Helen were a doe instead of a Buck? Ruby were wood instead of Rock? Segrave were a lady instead of a Lord? Louise were a Packard instead of a Hudson? Aurelia were president instead of Dean? Irene were guardian instead of Ward? Lillian were alleys instead of Rhodes? Geraldine were a cone instead of a Reed? Miss Weeks were months instead of Weeks? Mr. Bird were a cow instead of a Bird? Miss Skinner were fatter instead of Skinner? Juanita were a valet instead of a Butler? Uh-huh. -I' -I I' I- fl' ? Wesley LeRoy: "What's your roommate like?" Earl: "Nearly everything I've got." 'I' l', I 1' 'I' "That's a new one on me," said the monkey as he scratched his back. ,.T,,..7,1.,:f, I'IIE'5IE1.Elc4aQ l I' 'I' I' 'I' Q Mr. Osborn: 'Tm on my way to biology." Mr. Williams: "What are you going to buy? And please donit swearf' 'I' I 'lt ll' It Bobbie Rae: "I feel like a bird, I'm so happy." P Mr. Bird: 'Then why do you act like a fried chicken?,' I I' It 'K' I' Ruby Rock: HA moth lives an awful life." Burmah: '6H0w come?? Ruby: 4'He has to spend the summer in a furcoat and, the winter in a bath- ing suit." ::Gm:1::s::1:s::: zzzzzzsszzezszil 1 9 6 I:::::e::::a:::: Qi..itzzseas:it115.:1:s:s1:azz:zs::::ag1::m9s: Page Seventy-eight 'ew J555 5' 5 INTERLACHEN 3 HUIWQ ,R wb-mf yan wmv Thu-us SHIIS HNQE fa W-fhnrr he PTEncJ-:ERS THINK SHE IS p H L5m.ocw-lean nf" 'YAMP vfh an SHE T5 wh""T"'E 00153 Th-mul SHE IS ANu1' OLLMIZQELL 45 KX 4! . 1- ,7 ' O D. ll I 1 .Y .git ' - C rs l 1 : Q 4' .Nag :.1.' 6. iss - 2, N' - r E 2 . .-4' E 1 1 .,"x ' WT-.A1'3H.'s Th'ZN :1S8HsI5' 1 iq f' Q! . O n lx Il ' F SI Ll-E . 'F QM ..... Qs 1 9 2 6 il xx:x ::r:g r1L9s I Yr' 1' l rn-fe -,vhs Y:-,wwfvgv -- . , , ' ' 1" 1 ' . ?C9N'S1TfiiFf5ii5f5i I N T E R L A C H E N asa: ':::':::':::r4r5a5 Helen Buck: HDO you play by ear?,' Jewel -Davis: KNO, my neck isn't long enough." 'I' 'I' 'l 'X' 'H' Hoyt Stocker: "l wish I had enough money to get marriedf' Barbara, blushing: f'And what would you do?" she said, looking up at him. Hoyt: 'Sl would spenxd it traveling." 4 if 'I' 'K' 'I' H' Beatrice: nWhy are you always reading the private side of blotters?" Susan: "Oh, I find them quite absorbing." 'I' I' 'I' I' ff Ruth Parker ther head on his shouldersj : "Your shoulder is so softf' Sam Paul: MSO is your head." 41' ii' I' 'H' 'I' J. W. King: "Who gave you the black eye?" ll Earl York: "No one gave it to me, I had to fight for it." 'I' 'I' ll 'l 'l Miss Averett: "Charles, now eat your oatmeal or yougll never get to be a manf, Charles: "Aunt , is that wh ou eat yours?" - Y Y Y . ar 49 44- 45 it Something that runs in the best of families-silk hose. l' 'li' 'K f f Odell Hall Wail: Wish my roommate would buy some new clothes: her old . ones donlt look well on me. ' 41- as -nr 41' -I- WHERE WE DIFFER: 1. We do not like short skirts any longer. 2. We refuse to talk about boys. ' '3. We all like to work and look forward to it with joyous anticipation. 4-. Some call the T. 81 G. the Tavares 84 Gulf, but we call it the Try 81 Go. I' I' 'll' 'K' 'I' Joke Editor: "Are my jokes all right for the Annual?,' Editor-in-Chief: 4'They are all right except for one thing." Joke Editor: "What's thatfw Editor-in-Chief: "They,re not funnyf' !iZQ9'al51111E1111E11I1E 1 9 2 6 5111151111 .... ...1IEEE11EEE1ZEEEQEEEI1EEEE555155511115111151111EEEEEE1i11lri93':i Page Eighty 'YIQL W-l1,,-Y ,--pf-r --.W av , N 4 A DC E355-1?CD00C1D00QAD00CD00CD0 ki200CiD00C1D00CiD00CiD00CiD00CiD00CfD00Cf D00CiD00C1 D0 lbdcggg K Q g Q I M 1 I 2, I in QL I ri i Q ri QL FT vi 4 Q g - 3 g Jlclverhsemenis Q . 7? w N E ff ? W I , 1 ,x Q, Q fi S Q QL Z Fi 1 W W 51 Q I Fi Q 2, I Yi Q 2, Q W 54 I ff 5 5 X V if fi 1 Q, 7? Q Q 3 Q I Fi E9 2, ECM' ocivcocivoocibooc i Dooclnc ocgfoociaooclboocizoociboocibooci 900Ci3C0C1900Cf300C15C FIRST STATE BANK ..015'.- Clermont, Florida RESOURCES OVER 3B1,100,000.00 We Appreciate Your Business 471 on Savings Deposits Insured l'ru7v lfcyl CLERMONT REALTY COMPANY "WHERE BEAUTY THRILLS AMONG THE HILLS" CLERMONT, FLORIDA J. W. DINOASS, A 5. H. BOWMAN, President Secretary THE HOWARD STUDIO 32 East Pine Street ORLANDO, FLORIDA Photographs of the Better Sort JACOB BURKHARD Plum h in g GAS FITTINGS AND SEWERING HOT WATER AND STEAM HEATING Gas Stoves, Gas and Kerosene Water Heaters, Bath Room Specialties 11 So. Main St. Orlando, Fla. Phone 204 Visit the home of good groceries STORY BROTHERS WHERE THERE ARE THE BEST VARIETIES OF FINEST FRUITS AND VEGETABLES "We Feed the People" Phone 12 EUSTIS, FLORIDA Phone 69 I1 I range Cou Flor1da,lWjYyf2ft , i, OWN a home midst hills and pretty ' , 1 lakes, in a land blessed with A ,ll year-round, healthful climate, I where farmers market 2 and 3 crops , V' ll h I ll l' f annum y, w' ere peop e rea y ure and N 'l prosper. Its ours for the making in x 2 9 Orange, FloricI'a's "county bountiful." 1 N Land S50 to SIOO acre. Improved farms Q ' I S I 000 to S3000 acre. Live towns, good X f f I roads, schools, churches. Fruit, vege- t ' I table, poultry and general farming. If 3 I Write now for illustrated booklet. if I ORANGE COUNTY A i 'L CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. I' : I State Bank Bldg. 9, Orlando, Florida nm!!! v wid 791'-F Suv- . Ye. s.:41V..-JJ-1... . ,,,,,,,,-,. ,1 ,"" ,ul ' W 61- M, 1- 3- .T f-"W" f 4 .,,,y,lvfF LE. . Y l' ,, 4 Lg .eQ,t1fL -1-fr, V1 ..-f V, , L -V 'wg-1,.t,-i-. 1 .- ,.-A , 'Cen-A - THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CLERMONT Under supervision of the United States Government CLERMONT, FLORIDA BANK 'of ORANGE 81 TRUST CO. ORLANDO Angebilt I-IoteI Corner RESOURCES OVER FOUR MILLION Member of Federal Reserve System WE practice a most consistent conservation at all times and service Worth while, with cour- teous treatment With every transaction. MEBANE BUICK COMPANY Buick Automobiles ORLANDO, FLA. Branches : SANFORD EUSTIS LEESBURC KISSIIVIMEE I Higfhtlf CLERMONT MOTOR COMPANY Lincoln FORD Fordson AUTHORIZED FORD DEALERS CLERMONT, :: FLORIDA CLERMONT FURNITURE CO., Inc. SPECIALTY IN SHADES and AWNINCS Everything for the Home CLERMONT, : FLORIDA HOUSES' Dry Goods Clothing A Shoes CLERMONT, FLORIDA THE FIRST STATE BANK OUR BUSINESS IS DONE WITH COURTESY AND PROMPTNESS EUSTIS, FLORIDA UIIIIWIIHIIIUIIIHIIIIICRIIIMIHIIIIWIIIIiIIIIIIIIHIIIHIIIIIWIIIIIIIHHIIHIIIHWHIUIHHNIIlxIHWWIINNEPINIIIIM' THE KITE ELECTRIC COMPANY EUSTIS, FLORIDA WVIIIIILIHIIIINNWNIW IW NW',W1II'QIIIIIUIIIIIHU11IUIIIIIIIHIIINlIIEIUUIIIIIkIIIUNlIIIIHLWWNIIIINNIIIII COMPLIMENTS OF A. B. ALFRED DRY GOODS COMPANY FAMILY OUTFITTERS Phone 5 I Leesburg, Florida WALK-OVER SHOES HOPKINS, STRAWS COMPLETE LINES WILSON BROTHERS, FURNISHINGS P. J. LOWRIES COMPANY MEN 'S WEAR EUSTIS, :: FLORIDA Iflflf ORLA DO FLORIDA The City Beautiful An established metropolis in the heart of F lorida,s scenic region with an agricultural backbone of real wealth. We are most adequately equipped to represent you in any realty capacity. Our long experience as brokers, developers, large property owners is your safeguard. C. A. ROBERTS REAL ESTATE COMPANY 'EWHERE VALUES AND PRICES HARMONIZEH 62 N. Orange Orlando, Fla MCCORMICK - HANNAH., Inc. lillllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllll W LUMBER BUILDING Material and Mill Worli J. W. FITZGERALD E M M CORMICK Sec T Orlando q Eustis Leesbu F L O R I D A EUSTIS THEATRE MATINEE: 3:30 P. M. NIGHT: 7:30 AND 9:00 P. IVI. PLAYING THE BEST - . IN - . MOVING PICTURES -- and -- ROAD ATTRACTIONS Phone 86 EUSTIS, FLORIDA 41111111-111:10 BANK OF OAKLAND STRONG ENOUGH TO PROTECT YOU LARGE ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU Oakland, SMALL ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU Florida COMPLIMENTS OF C. F. KNEELING Winter Garden M E N ' S Ice and OUTFITTERS AND TAILORS Storage Go. Montverde, Florida We Serve Maxwell House Coffee Bishgpag KEYSTONE INN AND BAKERY Ornamental G. D. Baokenstoss Proprietor Nursery 29 Magnolia Ave., Eustis, Fla. A REGULSjE-Eglrgl OISDERS IN GREENHOUSE ON LUNCHES McDonald Avenue, Eustis PfXty For REAL ESTATE and INVESTMENTS IN EUSTIS OR LAKE COUNTY -fSEE-- THE BODEKER COMPANY, Inc 106 Bay Street EUSTIS, LAKE COUNTY, FLORIDA Information Bureau J Rn ARNOLD P ti I It II AARRNNOCIHIFD VT P d I Wemb c, Fl d saw Min A I S S th Cypress Mfgrs. As t Florida Lumber and Millwork A t I. RAY ARNOLD LUMBER COMPANY Mill and Yards: LAUREL, FLORIDA CROVELAND, FLORIDA Manufacturers of Gulf Cypress and Long Leaf Yellow Pine CROVELAND, FLORIDA Band Mills Daily Capacity-300,000 Feet. X 1 THE- E. L, FERRAN COMPANY Incorporated Dry Goods, Ready-to-Wear, Millinery, Clothing, Shoes and lVlen's Furnishings FLOOR COVERING 8-12 Magnolia Avenue EUSTIS, :: FLORIDA The Sporting Goods Store of Lake County We Have at All Times an Extensive Line of SPALDING AND D. Sz M. BASEBALL GOODS SPALDING TENNIS GOODS SPALDING GOLF CLUBS AND BALLS Heddon, Shakespeare, Winchester, South Bend and other well-known makes of Fishing Tackle. Winchester Guns and Ammunition Eustis Hardware 81 Furniture Co. HFerran7s H ardwareu PIN tyt DEPENDABLE MERCHANDISE Hardware Furniture Undertaking Leesburg Hardware 81 Supply Co. LAKE COUNTY'S LARGEST STORE LEESBURG, FLORIDA HooD-LEE-BUTLER Co., Im. HARDWARE Tools and Sporting Goods THE HOME OF GOOD HARDWARE PHONE 301 LEESBURG, : : FLORIDA I THE DIAMOND DRUG STORE Pure Drugs Perfect Sodas PROMPT SERVICE Phone 3 Leesburg, Florida S H A D Y B R O O K SUMTER cowvrrfs PLA YGR0 UND Pionics Parties Swimming Hardware Groceries JoHN H. ISAAC W, MONTVERDE, FLORIDA Walk-Over Shoes ALWAYS NEW AND STYLISH AND KNOWN FOR THEIR WEARING AND FITTING QUALITIES WALK-OVER BOOT SHOP San Juan Hotel Building ORLANDO, :: FLORIDA I 1 Xiuzff f J. S. IVICCAWLEY, Realtor LEESBURG, FLORIDA Real Estate in All Its Branches Studebaker Automobiles The Greatest Value in DODGE BROTHERS HISTORY MILLER O. PHILLIPS, Inc. ORANGE AVENUE AT JACKSON O R L A N D O SANFORD LEESBURG EUSTIS KISSIMMEE ff T H E FIRST NATIONAL BANK --0f.- Leesburg, Florida RESPECTFULLY SOLICIT S YOUR BUSINESS MlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIHIHIHIHIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIHIIIIHIIIIIIIHIIIIIIHIIW ESTABLISHED IN 1886 LEESBURG STATE BANK Leesburg, Florida -MEMBER OF THE- Eederal Reserve System DEPOSITS OVER ONE MILLION DOLLARS R. F. E. COOKE, President E. P. WEBSTER, Vice-President GEO. W. WEBSTER, Cashier A. W. IRVIN, Asst. Cashiel I X fl OWNERS AND DEVELOPERS OF HINTERLACI-IENM A TWO MILLION DOLLAR DEVELOPMENT IN TERLACHEN, Inc. I08 N. Orange Avenue WORK - VAN VALKENBURGH INVESTMENT COMPANY Capital Stock 0I00,000 ' REAL ESTATE "GREATER ORLANDO'S FINEST SUBURB7' Orlando, Florida --x SLE ' N' - Y .xi 132' ' I f5AXeXs.WW -sux - ef. N 'A 9' I 'Q S Y Y ' EL 5hfm::l nxu-ull!! fllf - V -I HIM "H ' !l .gl.lgl . Y , ,f' itll! 5 lg'4L- ' ATT, f' L 41-,f:V, '- AV X - .fi-7 ,gy S4 W y IVMIWMX W 'lwwxx y Aff ! hll lkx , .... llx . won' t hurt a Valsparrecl Kitchen Finley Pioneer Paint Company ORLANDO, : : FLORIDA CITIZENS BANK B. S. CROSBY OF EUSTIS Eustis, Fl0I'lClE1 P a i H t S . -AND- DBPOSIISI Insured Furniture 475 PAID ON SAVINGS AND TIME DEPOSITS BEST PAINTS BETTER PAINTING W. O. Ham . . . President L. J. Taylor . Vice-President H. C. Hannah . Vice-President NORTH BAY C. R. Phillips . . Cashier Alive Alert Active Phone l7l Eustis, Fla I X 11 CARPER'S BOOK STORE "CENTRAL FLORIDA'S LARGEST OFFICE OUTFITTERSM TWO STORES 21 W. PINE STREET 24 so. ORANGE AVENUE ORLANDO, FLORIDA Orlando? Greatest Drug Store SAN JUAN PHARMACY ORANGE AND CENTRAL EVANS-REX DRUG CO. 21 SO. ORANGE AVENUE "IN THE HEART OF THE BUSINESS DISTRICT" I O H I l vm WILLYS-KNIGHT OVERLAND W. E. SMYTHE 81 SON Orlando Sales Room 535-7 W. CENTRAL AVENUE Orlando, Florida BREWSTER-HASH REALTY CO. MTHE CITY OF VINEYARDS" R e a It 0 1' S MONTVERDE, 1 1 FLORIDA ART AND GIFT SHOP EUSTIS, FLORIDA F L U I F L U I F L U I For Quick Relief DON'T DELAY MONTVERDE DRUG CO. MONTVERDE, : : FLORIDA LAKE VERDE CORPORATION Brokerage and Investments CITY PROPERTY ACREAGE RENTALS INSURANCE MONTVERDE, : : FLORIDA The Quality WHEN IN ORLANDO Men's Outfitters and Tailors -VISIT' lVIcELROY'S CENTS' FURNISHINGS WALK-OVER SHOES GRIFFON CLOTHES 8K FOUNTAIN WILSON BROS. Clermont, Florida 45 YEARS IN ORLANDO W. R. LINK, VIN- TON Sr BABCOCK MILLER DUNLAP INDIAN TIRES W. R. LINK TIRE CO. 42 WT. Central Ave. Phone 626 Drive-in-Service Road Service Tires and Tubes Vulcanized Orlando, Florida KNOWLEDGE IS ONLY FOUND IN BOOKS The best educated people keep posted on the happenings of the day. You can have the World before you each evening by sub- scribing to the Orlando Evening Reporter-Star Delivered evenings and Sun- day mornings throughout Cen- tral Florida. I5 cents per week. Orlando, Florida O II I I III YOUR BUSINESS SOLICITED O'NEAL-BRANCH ? CO., Inc. Bestfloods Lowest Prices The Crescent Drug Store Latest in STATIONERY AND BOOKS Call and See Us Leesburg, Florida 33 E. Pine St., Orlando, Fla. Jordan - Cowles - Eccles HENNING TIRE Drug Company WORIQS HOOD TIRES STOP AT OUR STORE WHEN VULCANIZING IN LEESBURG Corner of Main and Pine Sts. Phone 89 Leesburg, Fla. Phone 552 Orlando, Fla. CARTER'S PICKETT LUIVIBER HARDWARE COMPANY Everything In CROCKERY, HARDWARE, PAINTS, OILS, SPORT- PHONE 780 ING GOODS, ETC. I 17 E. Pine St., Orlando, Fla. Phone 200 Orlando, Florida P g One Hundred rl FRESH AND CURED MEATS AGENCY DRESSED FISH AND PENNANTS BANNERS POULTRY MONOGRAMS Skull Caps and Hats for Schools West End Market F. M. VICKERY All Kinds of Kodak F inishings phone 279 S. P. Sensabaugh Leesburg, Florida Montverde, Florida Eustis Piano 81 Music Lake County Shoe Company Hospital EVERYTHING IN MUSIC FROM A HARMONICA EXPERT SHOE TO A REPAIRING GRAND PIANO B. G. PORTER, 118 Magnolia Avenue Owner and Manager Eustis, Florida DILLARUS 0RLANDO'S EXCLUSIVE . . . LUGGAGE SHOP Filling Station TIRES, GAS, oRocER1Es, HELLER'S DRY GOODS, LADIES' WORKSHOP 121 S. Orange Avenue Winter Carden, Florida Orlando, Florida P g One Hundred and Five B. W. HUNTLEY REALTOR TAVARES, LAKE COUNTY, FLORIDA DEAL WITH A REALTOR AND BE PROTECTED. Phone Number 34 Write Box 183 TAVARES PHARMACY The Rexall Store TAVARES, FLORIDA Drugs, Sodas, Cigars and Candies, Registered Druggist on Duty all the time. Have your Prescriptions Filled Here. "COURTESY T0 ALL" THE LAKE COUNTY CITIZEN THE COUNTY SEAT NEWSPAPER Prints all the News Tavares Florida VCIIHOTQI GSHHVAVIL SLVHS 19 NIAXCIFIVEI Ev smva ao scrum TW ouv SLCEICEIJXKS SLVIEIIAI I 1 01112 Hlmrlrerl I 9' Lake Region Abstract and Title Guaranty Company I NC ORPORA TED UNDER THE LAWS OF FLORIDA TITLE INSURANCE ABSTRACTS Q PAUL F. DANIEL, MANAGER Tavares, Florida gf,woc2oocboocgoocDoocboocgoocboocgoocboicgoovboocpoocDoocibonfagg i 3 i N a i 4 4 ' N P lt, l 2, I olleqe Gcrtcxloqs if lg? W olleqe Annuals Q? LQ , olleqe 'Diplomas Q it orrmrnencemenic jf g tim Invitations g 4 4 . C 4 4 I 5 i i M it i ? 43 We are Printers of College Annuals Q W ll' 4 4 4 l f This annual is a product of our plant. 3, it l 'K Our lithographed and copper engraved W 4 4 l 4 lt diplomas are a delightful memento of work g Zi well done. 4 4 it W W Q Invitations bearing the Foote 82 Davies im- Q I print are a fitting announcement of a dis- 2, tinctive party. We design and engrave or Q fi print unusual invitations and dance pro- Q i grams-engrave commencement invitations, W Q monogrammed and fraternity stationery. Q Ti ll i i Q Wedding Invitations of the aristocratic Southerner are engraved by us. T li g .t 4 4 , ll Q Po ofe dt Dawes Co. i lil 4.44 ? .Wflqnfa , Ga . li it l 5-'Z?ml4o2Qsooci:oocisooci2ooci:ooci:ooci:ooci:ooc1:ooc1foofiSooci:oociSoo21sorm9si Page One Hundred and Eight Fihamk Hun Now that our Work as editors has been completed, We commit this, the third volume of the Interlachen into your hands. We Wish to thank all who have in any Way contributed to the publish- ing of this book. We especially wish to thank the business men who have so kindly and generously helped us by patronizing our advertising section and assure them that we will be pleased to patronize their places of business. Therefore, to all who have contributed, to all who have purchased, and to all who may read this volume in the spirit of kindness and appreciation we sincerely say, "Thank you." THE STAFF. 1 U II I I N UJ WW .1-4 -A .1 .V iz., -,Y,,v11, . , . L LOL, -- c - HJ?-' ', .- ff . M . ' :':7.f':rf,s 'M Y U f , K k -D, nf' t, X . .sk ' ,I 'J' ' Q ,,, . ,Q i . . QL .r , f lv 'Q' Q 1? p ' ' 75 -wi ' j , . ' '41"'Y, f 'sh 4: wt Q 'f , -' , 4 X ' . 'Y wr- " - Q, , . - , M JY, f . 'QL li' 5 gm, S, IU ..Q' 1 in Ei., ,L ' 336 , E Q F R. e ri .X P . S E A Q 1 S X' yi ,, 454 .rf ni, ,R e W Q .-ff' 14 mf' 4 ,, 1 5? x n -Q- s

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