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- ' ' ' ' , in ' . "J K ' i . ' 1 . - , t ,- 1. 1 . ' ,4 'v 1 , . 4 1 . wi 'Q 4 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 I 1 ,i 4 1 1 . f E1 A 1 1 ' "' I 0 A A' 3, Q 1 ' Ei ?A x 1 1 n 1 x1-I . F1 .151 . v A 'A :RQ ff 1 'f-'ggmg 4.3, v. v W . , ff- , - . 1 Q- W. ' :2f.,f.- Q ' ' A x 1 1.2 A-' :.f'2,1-' 'li'-'f ' ' 4 1 1 1 '--Q' 'L 'A 'W 1 "tv 7.3-1. - 1 f tfi l' ' " . L '7 ,.- 5,1-' :-. 5 - , .. . ,Q A , I ff yim ,r-Aigxggigga ,,y .:,3f'l'. k . ,a-,. 14 4,g,?.Q,,,aIa:S.'g?Q '. 121..'f',1-:Q.ff1 f L '1,'fff.fl 1. iii? x. K imp Q46 5641, -1945- - ax Published by Q Tfze efenior Glass qof MONTVALE 'I-IIGI-I' SCHOOL ..m..4.., aug I l l "I cast a fond glance o'er the meadowg The hills just behind it I seeg Away in the charm of the distance Old school house! a blessing on thee l" "The Old Brown Schoolhouse Anonymous V FOREWARD Our yearbook, THE ECHO, is a reminder of our activities throughout four years of high school. In order to preserve the memory of these activities, We have endeavored to make this Volume of the ECHO a lasting record of our high school career. To portray the events of the years, 1941-1945, which have seemed the most important to our class, has been our primary purpose. The graduates, however, are and will be able to re- minisce without a reminder of school days, but may this year book be a challenge to us to achieve greater things in the years to come. We hope it will also serve as tangible evidence to our- selves and to our friends of our accomplishments of the past, and of our dreams for the future. , iD66l1Z.CdfZ'07Z mu. .fnazgazef gutted If you meet a lady in the classroom, in the hall, or on the playground who is always Wearing a smileg who finds time to take a personal interest in every student-what he does and what hebecomesg who never turns a deaf ear to anyone in need of help or adviceg who does more than her share of "honest-to- goodness" Work with never one Word of complaint or self-praiseg and who is, we think, a very fine person-that lady is Mrs. lvlargaret B. Garrett. Mrs. Garrett has taught many of us and, through her example and teaching, has made a lasting impres- sion upon our minds. For these reasons and many others too numerous to list here, we, the Seniors of 1945, with pride and gratitude dedicate this volume of the ECHO. Honor .Miss Cffsie JM. cldjzigbf VVe believe in giving honor where honor is due. There- fore We are happy to place on our honor roll this year a teacher who has unostensibly but cheerfully rendered so many services to the students, teachers and principal that vve want her and the public to know thatiwe are appreciative of it all. Never one to boast of her own Work and activity, she gets things done-and a lot of them. For her untiring efforts on our behalf, the Sen- iors, as well as the whole student body, honor IVHSS ELSIE WRIGHT. czculzgf I MISS VIRGINIA F. RUFF MR. HUGH D. McKEE GMRS. MARGARET B. GARRETT Librarian-Science Principal Mathematics-Seventh Grade MRS. MARY H. RUFF MISS ELSIE WRIGHT MISS VIRGINIA' HICKS MISS DOROTHY LeGRAND History English-Social Studies Latin-English Home Economics MISS VIRGINIA ELLETT MISS BETTY ALBRIGHT MRS. MILDRED ROBERTS MISS RUTH ALPHIN English Mathematics Sixth Grade Fifth Grade MRS. EULA B. McKEE MISS RUBY WALLACE MISS HELEN HUFF MISS EDITH WOODING Fourth Grade Third Grade Second Grade ' First Grade Pictures of Mr. K. E. Coffman. agriculture instructor, and of Mrs. Coffman, teacher of the second and third combination grade, were not available. , The CALENDAR 1941-1945 It was with mixed feelings of wonder, dread, and joy that we ascended the steps of Montvale High School in September, 1941. Everyone of us was bubbling over with joy that he was be- ginning his high school career. But deeper than that lay a sensation of wonder-and perhaps a little dread-of what was in Store for the coming four years. There were fifty of us then and each year we have lost a number of our classmates-a sizeable group to the armed forces, many to in- dustry and a few to enter into marriage and various other enterprizes. This, our last school term, 1944-1945, opened with twenty students continuing the march toward graduation. Already two boys, Elton Hite and Albert King, have left us to serve with Uncle Sam. Jack Newman and Layton Franklin, sailor and soldier respectively, joined the armed forces during the summer previous to the opening of this school year. We hope there will be no others to leave before the year is completed. Below is a calendar of the events of the years, 1941-1945, and the officers who have guided us: F RESHMAN YEAR-1941-1942. President-Dick Brown, Vice-Presidznt-Harry Lee Nester, Secretary-Treasurer-Elsie Dooley, Sponsors-Misses Ruff and Hicks, Matto:'fSet the goal and strive to win". September 8-Entrance into High School. September 9-Registration for classes. Remember the time we had in finding the different class-rooms? What excitement as rat day rolled around! Have you forgotten the mouse-traps and dunce caps? April 18-Sophomore-Freshman party. SoPuoMoRE YEAR-1942-1943. President--Nancy Forgie, Vice-President-Audrey Dooley, Secretary-Alma St. Clair, T reasurer-Jack Newman, Sponsor-Mrs. Jacobs. Motto: "Set the goal and strive to hit the mark." September 7-Started our second year of events. May 12-We entertained the freshmen with an outing at Buford's spring. JUNIOR YEAR-1943-1944. ' President-Dick Brown, Vice-P1'e.vident-Elsie Dooley, Secretary-Alma St. Clair, T rear- urer-Jack Newman, Sponsor-Mrs. Jacobs. Motto: "Make the highest higher". September 7-We entered our Junior year and became "the cock of the walk" with the help of our leader, Mrs. Jacobs. December 15-Mrs. Jacobs entertained us with a luncheon at Buford's Restaurant. May 10-We honored the seniors of '44 with a formal banquet, followed by games and music. SENIOR YEAR: Prerident-Dick Brown, Vice-President-Elton Hite, Secretary-Alma St. Clair, Treas- urer-Virginia Sink, Sponsor-Mrs. Mary H. Ruff. Motto: "Faith in Ourselves." September 18-The beginning of the end of High School. January 12-We made our stage debut in presenting a three act play, "Gabriel, Blow Your Horn", which was a great success. As the climax of our year's work in physical education the entire school participated in the annual May Day Program. In honor of the King and Queen of May Day and their court, we had demonstrations of exercises, a May pole dance, athletic contests and awards to the out- standing athletes and to the five pointers. V May 10-The juniors entertained us with a formal reception in the Home Economics Cottage. From June 3rd to June 6th, we brought to a close our school career with the graduation ex- ercises, our theme being "Faith in Ourselves." Upon the completion of four happy and profitable years, we are leaving Montvale High for broader and more varied fields of study. With our motto, "Faith in Ourselves," and' a high re- gard for others, we will succeed. We can! We will! We must! - NANCY FORGIE-GERALDINE LANTZ ECHO 11 enior Qfcers DICK BROWN-President Pep, personality, and a capacity for leadership have placed him in an im- portant executive position as senior pres- ident and editor of the "ECHO." With a peculiar bent for flying, arguing and a certain sophomore lass, there is no doubt that Dick will continue to "fly high" in all his enterprizes. ELTON HITE-Vice-President Blonde, companianable, easy going- Elton is everybody's friend. Where sports are concerned, Elton's enthusiasm is up and above par. He left at midterm for the Navy. May the future bring smooth sailing. ALMA ST. CLAIR--Secretary Reliable, fun loving, and intelligent! An enthusiastic athlete and student, Alma has made a deep impression on her class- mates and teachers as a good sport in work as well as in play. Because of her capability and popularity, many honors have been conferred upon Alma. VIRGINIA SINK-Treasurer Virginia is one who is always ready and willing to help. Because of her pleas- ing personality she has won a hast of friends at Montvale. We wish her the best of luck in the years to came. em'or.v The AUDREY BOYLE Always teasing and laughing about any and everything, Audrey usually has some kind of answer for every question. She can oct sweet and innocent one minute and raise whoopie the next. AUDREY DOOLEY "Laugh andrbe merry" seems to be Audrey's motto, for if he isn't laughing himself he produces that effect on others. We wish there were more such people. ELSIE DOOLEY Elsie is noted for knocking home runs in soft-ball and making the top grades in history. Friendly and gay, she is a favorite with every- one and a true pal to all. NANCY FORGIE Nancy may not raise much of a riot herself, but she is an ardent supporter of those who do. She is a likeable girl and we feel sure that she will go for in her chosen field--that of nursing. JOHN FITZGERALD John is another one of those persons whose outward appearance may fool you. On the surface you may take him to be a model of good behavior, but just observe him at recess around where the girls are. ECHO 13 efziors GLADYS GILLISPIE This smiling, friendly girl is usu- ally in a good humor--except on rare occasions when things don't go to suit her. She seems peace- ful and quiet, but make no mis- take about it--Gladys is full of mischief and derives a lot of fun from life. OTEY FRANKLIN Otey is one of the quieter boys of our class, he has a tempera- ment of his own. The greatest ca- tastrophe of his young life has been his removal from the store to study hall. LILBIAN GROSS Lilbion, shy ond quiet, yet re- liable, exemplifies the adclage, "Don't stick your nose into other people's affairs. " Although he keeps very much to himself, Lil- bian is popular with his classmates. KATHRYN GIBBS Jolly, fun loving, and giggling over some situation which was meant to be serious--that's Kath- ryn. Often saying just what she thinks, she has gestures to match her opinions. BARBARA HATCHER That merry twinkle in Barbara's eye can and does mean only one thing--a flare for mischief. An en- thusiastic sports fan, she is raring to go whenever a ball game is mentioned. I 14 The QYenz'0rs JAMES KEY Neither boisterous nor mischiev- ous, James seldom offers his opin- ion about matters. Although he possesses a dignified air, he is well liked by all. ELIZABETH KING Having won the title of the pret- tiest girl in the senior class, Eliza- beth is a tall, slender brunette who is usually smiling. Very athletic minded, she displays a wholesome interest in all sports. GERALDINE LANTZ The only redhead of our class, Geraldine is forever brewing up pranks to pop on some unsuspect- ing victim. She is an active par- ticipant in all school functions- whether sport or social. DOLPHINE OVERSTREET Endowed with a love for talking, Dolly seldom runs down. Neverthe- less, she is a likeable, jolly good fellow who is ever ready to offer help. May you have a large share of the worId's success. GENEVIEVE WILKERSON This friendly, breezy young lady answers to the nickname, "Lu-Iu", as often as to Genevieve. Regard- less of what you say to her, Gene- vieve's ready reply is, "That's tough, aint it?" She aspires to be a nurse---and who could make a better one? ECHO V 7, ,, Qur G5JC'A00!Z'72, Our first year in high school-can you remember that, When everyone enjoyed calling us "rats"? lVe studied hard and tried to learn, Our first credits we did earn. In our Sophomore year we were full of hopes. By then we thought we knew all the ropes. All of us have faults-we won't pretend, But by study and hard work, all well did end, ' Some of our dear friends had left us in our third year, But on we trudged with both hope and fear. But happy we were when in reality, Seniors next year we would be. Seniors at lastl Our dreams have come true, But our studies go on-both old and new For final exams we still have our fears- The same as we did in those other years. When school is over we will be glad, it's true, But, friends, We will always remember you, And we hope you will think of us and strive To reach your goal like we, the Seniors 'of '45. So good-bye, good friends of Montvale Hig The time for parting is drawing nigh. YVe leave all our friends who are so dear, And go' out i11to the World both far and near. I ELSIE DOOLEY The Teople elbouf Qjgchool Mrs. John VV. Bolick, successor to Mrs. Coffman as teacher of the 2nd and 3rd. grade combination. Jessie Pollard, helper in the first and fifth grades. Mrs. Mose Gross and Mrs. George Obenchain, operators of the school cafe- teria. THE JUNIORS TOAST THE SENIORS TUNE: Auld Lang Syne To all you senior friends we give, A toast to your successg Oh! may your life be filled with joy With peace and happiness. It. seems but just a week or two For time so hastens byg But three long years we've all spent here , At ,good old Moutvale High. CHORUS: Ohl may your life be filled with peace Oh! may your life be bright Best wishes for a carefree life, .1 We give to you tonight, ' By FREDERICK MYERS, a Junior ix, 'The ECHO zmiors "To measure life, learn thou betirnes, and know Toward solid good what leads the nearest way." Prexicient ..... . Vice-Prexident Secretary ....... Treafurer .... . Adriror ...... Biggs, Virginia' Burkholder, Jack Carter, Lillian Carter, Marvin Creasy, Louise Fizer, June Fogle, Elizabeth Gray, Ruth To Cyriach Skinner Gross, Hubert Hamm, Carolyn Hartberger, James Heck, Lucille Johnson, Walter Kirkwood, Ola Lantz, Jack Marsllall, Phyllis John' Milton Miller, lylyrtle Myers, Fredrick McGuire, Christine Overstreet, Norman Patterson, Mary Pollard, Ernest Raudabush, Paul Jack Burkholder Hubert Gross VValter Johnson Lucille Heck . lVIiss Elsie YVright Smith, Doris Smith, Genevieve Stallard, Billy Thornton, Geraldine Updike, Virginia Wheeler, Mildred XVhitworth, Nancy The ECHO QSDUPAOWZOVEJ "So 'murh one man can do That doer both act and know!" Horazfioaf Ode Upon Cromu-'e17Z'f Return To Ireland-A. Jlfaroell J Vice-Preridevzt Secretary ......... Trearurer .... Aclzfixor ........ Aldridge, Kathleen Allen, Betty Bowles, Lorene Brown, Janie Brown, Nancy Carter, Alvie Carter, Jane Carter, Walter Connor, VVillie I rexident .......... Cook, Tom Custer, Bobby Davidson, Duanne Dooley, Guy Fitzgerald, Gladys Foster, Gena Franklin, .lanies Gibbs, Jayne Gray, Mary Ann Gross, Charles Hatcher, Courtney Hawley, Elsie Holland, Harrison Hutchens, Mary Alice Key, Margaret Lam, Evelyn Newton, Janice . Courtney Hatcher .. Betty Ann W'ood Thomas Vlfilkerson Charles Gross Nliss Virginia Hicks Pollard, Nell Robertson, Bessie Saunders, Betty Seaboat, Ronald Stflair, Emily Trembley, Evelyn XVilkerson, Thomas Vlfood, Betty Ann The ECHO qreshman Glass l ".41a5! tlzir is not what I thought Life war." P1'e.v1de11,t ........... V ice-Preyicient Secretary ....... Treafurer Adviror ..... Aldridge, Byrdie Bobbit, Earnest Bowles, Agnes Brown, Everett Burch, John Chilton, Norris Cook, ,Betty Coleman, Ben Dillard, Ray Dooley, Edna Dooley, Junior From a fragment by Percy B. Shelly Evans, Gracie Forgie, Danny Fralin, Dale Giles, Clarence Giles, Vivian Gross, Junior Hawkins, Bill Hogan, Junita Holdren, Jack Holdren, Kenneth Huddleston, David Johnson, Norman King, James Lam, Ruth Lancaster, Claudine Lantz, Mary jane Lowe, Anne Lumsden, Anne McCabe, William McGuire, Edward Mchflillian, Hugh Miller, Marvin Hugh lVIclVlillan Ray Dillard . Mary Jane Lantz hflarvin hfliller Nliss Virginia Ellett Nester, Carlton Newton, Milton Noell, Ann Louise Orange, Elizabeth Orange, Hazel Overstreet, Gladys Overstreet, Rhoda Stallard, Peggy Stratton, Joe Whitworth, jimmy Witt, Jerline The ECHO ewentfz grads l "How fit he is to sway That can so well obey." Horatiorz Ode Upon Cromwell? Return From Ireland-.4. Marvell. Adviror Allen, Irene Carter, Annie hflae Clarke, Thelma Dooley, Jennie Lee Early, Phyllis Falls, Shelby Foster, Lucille Fralin, Miriam Giles, Woodrow Hamm, Billie Jean Hutchens, Lois Mae King, Rebecca Lam, Vera Letchford, Norma Jean Luck, Jimmy Seventh Grade Seventh and Eighth Combination Grade lVIrs. Garrett Adeiror Miss Albright Lumsden, Norvell Adams, Vernon Marvosy Dolly Alldredge, Josephine Nester, Geraldine Allfnv Goldie Orange, Abner Chilton, Doris Orange, Ernest Dooley, Bllly Gray, Maynard Orange, Frances . . Hooper, Louise Pafkeff WY Joe Hurciiens, lVinifred Parker, -llmmy Karnes, Kathryn Price, Sonny Richards, Homer Roop, Helen Smith, Doris Smith, Edger llloolridge, Elmer Morgan, Ira Nester, Ray Obenchain, Billy Overstreet, Eleanor Overstreet, Lettie Overstreet, Randolph Thomas, Janie Q? 3, A tr f T f I V I r T I 'Ll S ax b N LS is I I , E The Ecffo Ufrznual Qftaff "Irz boohr, or work, or healthful play, Let 'my firft yearf be parsed, That I may give for everybody, Some good account at last!" "How Doth the Little Bury Bee"-Isaac WVatts EDITORAL STAFF Editor .................... ........................................................................ D ick Brown Axxistant Editor' ..... ................................................................ V irginia Biggs Literary Editorx ..... ........ E lsie Dooley, Virginia Sink Feature Editor ..... .................. G enevieve 'Wilkerson Srtapfhot Editor .. ....................., Barbara Hatcher BUSINESS STAFF Busiriexs .Manager . ......................................................... . flffirtarzt Buriness Alanager ...... .......... . ....... . ...... . Circulation Manager ........... Q ........ Alma St. Clair Walter Johnson 'Tilton Hite Anistavzt Businefx Jllariager .................................................................... Jack Lantz .4d'u1Jor ................................................................................. aklinlisted in the Navyg succeeded by Audrey Dooley Bliss Virginia Hicks ECHO Cftudent G'0zmcz'Z "A time like this demandx Strong miazdr, great hearts, true faith and ready handrg Zlfen whom the Zurt of office does not killg Illeu whom the Jpoilr of office cannot buyg llfen who ponexf opiniom' and a willy Ilflen who have honor." "God, Give Us Me1z.'1'-blosiall G. Holland Preficient ........... Vice-Preyident ........... Secretary-Trearizrer SENIOR MEMBERS Dick Brown Elsie Dooley John Fitzgerald Alma St. Clair SOPHOMORE MEMBERS Betty Allen Courtney Hatcher Betty Saunders ADVISOR ....................... Alma St. Clair Jack Lantz Betty F. Saunders JUNIOR MEMBERS Walter Johnson Jack Lantz Mary Patterson FRESHIYIAN lX'lElX'lBERS David Huddleston Anne Lumsden Mrs. lXfIary H. Ruff The uture armers of Qffmericcz President ........... Vice-President ..... Secretary ........ Trearurer .... R eporter ...... Advisor ................. Adams, Vernon Bobbitt, Ernest Carter, Marvin Cook, Tom Custer, Bobby Dooley, Audrey Dooley, Billy Dooley, Guy Fitzgerald, John Forgie, Danny Fralin, Dale "Happy the man, whore wirh and care A few paternal acres bound, Content to breathe hir native air In his own ground." Franklin, James Giles, Clarancc Gray, Maynard Gross, Rubin, Ir. Hartberger, James Hatcher, Courtney Hawkins, Bill Holdren, Jack Holland, Harrison Huddleston, David Hutchens, Winifred Solitude" Audrey Dooley John Fitzgerald Courtney Hatcher Marvin Carter Harrison Holland Nlr. K. E. Coffman Johnson, Norman Key, James King, James McGuire, Edward Morgan, Ira Newton, Milton Obenchain, Billy Overstreet, Randolph Seabolt, Ronald Whitworth, jimmy Wilkerson, Tommy ECHO enior Tiny "All the 'worlcl'J a Jtage, A And all the men and women merely player.r." "AJ You Like It" VVilliam Shakespeare "GABRIEL, BLOVV YOUR HORN" By William Ellis jones "Gabriel, Blow Your Horn" is a comedy in three acts centered around Gabriel Pennington, curator of Miss Thelma Smith's mountain home in Asheville, North Carolina. Everything goes well for Gabriel, his wife, Zerusia, and his daughter, Daisy Mae, until Miss Thelma decides to honor her niece, Janet, and her friends with a house party at the cottage. Her purpose in doing so is to whisk Janet away for awhile, hoping she will forget her admirer, Herbert Brown, Jr., and in the meantime fall in love with Harold Dillon, a rich young broker. But Herbert has other plans and loses no time putting them into action. Then the plot thickens and the sparks begin to flyg but finally the puzzle is solved inamost surprising way and everyone is happy-even Miss Thelma. THE CAST GABRIEL PENNINGTON ..... .................................. ........ .............. A u d rey Dooley his wife ....................... ........................ ,,,,,, D 0 lphine Ovgl-street DAISY MAE, their daughter ................... ,,,,,.,,,,,,, N gmgy F01-gie MISS THELMA SMITH ............................... .......... G ladys Gillispie JANET SMITH, her niece ................................. .........,.... G eraldine Lantz ELEANOR BARNES, a friend of Janet ........ ..... G enevieve Wilkerson MILDRED CLYDE, a friend of Janet ...... .............. A udrey Boyle PETE WRIGHT, a friend of Janet ........... ....... J ohn Fitzgerald FRANK STEPHENS, a friend of Janet .............. ,,,,,,.,,,, L ilbian G1-OSS HAROLD DILLON .......................................................................................,..... ................. J axnes Key HERBERT BROWN, JR. l in love with Janetj .............................................................. Dick Brown HERBERT BROWN, Sr., his father ...........,.......................................................................... EltonfHite DIRECTORS ....................................,............................. Mrs. Mary H. Ruff and Miss Virginia Ellett The glee 61246 Leader ............. Secretary ..................... fldwxor and Pianist Virginia Biggs Dick Brown Nancy Brown Jack Burkholder Lorene Bowles Doris Chilton Marvin Carter June Fizer "'Let 'murie .fwell the breeze, And Mug from all the trees, Sweet freedom'J .f01Zg.U "America"-Samuel Francis Smith Elton Hite David Huddlcston Carolyn Hamm Lucille Heck Walter johnson Margaret Key Jack Lantz Myrtle Miller Jack Burkholder Ruth Gray Miss Elsie Wright Phyllis Marshal ' Christine McGuire Norman Oyerstreet Paul Raudabush Betty Saunders Nlildrcd YVl1eeler Nancy Whitworth 7ff7h0's Who at Jflfforztfzfale "Fame, at the which he aims, In whom already he if well gracil, cannot Better be held, nor more attairfa' than by A place below the first." "Cariolauuf'-William Shakespeare GIRL BETTY ANN WOOD ALMA ST. CLAIR BARBARA HATCHER MARY PATTERSON ALMA ST. CLAIR BETTY SAUNDERS NANCY WHITWORTH BETTY SAUNDERS MARY PATTERSON GENEVIEVE WILKERSON .VIRGINIA SINK BOY Most popular ......... ......... A UDREY DOOLEY .... ...... Most outstanding ...... ......... D ICK BROWN .................. ...... Most congenial ..... ,....... . THOMAS WILKERSON .... ...... Most conceited ...... ...... H UBERT GROSS ........... ...... Most athletic ...... ......,.. E LTON HITE .................. ...,..... Most capable ...... ......... J ACK BURKHOLDER ...... ...... Most dignified .... ......... J AMES KEY ................... ....., Most studious ............. ......... J ACK BURKHOLDER ...... ......... Most meddlesome ........ ......... M ARVIN CARTER ....... ......... Most wigglesome ............. ......... M ARVIN MILLER ......... ......... Most likely to succeed ...... ......... K ENNETH HOLDREN ....., ........ Laziest ............................... ......... O TEY FRANKLIN ...,..... ...... Best all around ............ Best looking ........ Wlttlest ............. Prettiest hair ...... Cutest couple ...... Biggest loafer ...... Biggest flirt ........ Best personality ..... Biggest pest ........ Neatest ............. .........DlCK BROWN .........AUDREY DOOLEY ......FRED MYERS ......ELTON HITE ......HUBERT GROSS .........FRED MYERS .........MARVIN CARTER .........DAVlD HUDDLESTON .........CHARLES GROSS EMILY ST. CLAIR BETTY ANN WOOD ELIZABETH KING LUCILLE HECK GERALDINE LANTZ PHYLLIS MARSHALL KATHRYN GIBBS CAROLYN HAMM VIRGINIA SINK .........JACK LANTZ .CAROLYN HAMM .ELIZABETH KING Th? , In fPartz'1zg - - Soon we will be leaving M.H.S. We hate to go, but, following the laws of nature, all good things must come to an end. In parting, each member of this Senior Class wishes to will his .or her most prominent characteristic or talent to a fellow student who most deserves such a gift. First of all to the faculty members go our thanks and appreciation for the many kind- nesses shown us in the past four years. Note to the Juniors: You carry on where we are leaving off. W'e know you can do it. Sophomores fa very nice classjz May your baseball team be as good as ours. When you aresseniors we shall challenge you to a game. i Freshmen: We surrender to you the tasks of washing boards, emptying trash cans and keeping the school clean. Cheer up! Your day is coming. Now for the roll call of senior requests: I Audrey Boyle agrees to share her tallness with Ruth Lam and Kathryn Gibbs, her short- ness with Alberta Hawley. Nancy Forgie donates to Genevieve Smith her ability to find something funny in everything. Elsie Dooley yields to George iVashington Pollard, her good grades in history. Dick Brown leaves with Betty Ann. Audrey Dooley imparts his he-haw laugh to Ben Coleman. John Fitzgerald transmits to Fredrick Myers the .opportunity of driving the Goose Creek Valley bus. I Otey Franklin presents Jack Lantz with the key to the store. Next year's VVho's Who will probably list Virginia Biggs as the most outstanding in Alma St. Clair's place. Gladys Gillispie donates one of her fits of temper to Nancy Whitworth. Elizabeth King leaves a host of pleasant memories. Dolphine Overstreet leaves deep silence. t'I'hank Heavenslj The wit and cleverness of Elton Hite is granted to Bill Hawkins. James Key confers his bashfullness upon Walter Johnson. Genevieve VVilkerson hands down to Ola Kirkwood her enthusiasm to argue. Lilbian Gross surrenders his quietness to Marvin Carter. Geraldine Lantz wants Janice Newton to be her successor as "Big Boss". VVe, Barbara Hatcher and Virginia Sink, offer to Mary Patterson and Betty Frances Saunders our places on the Annual Staff. Well, that's all, folks! We are leaving, but we are not forgetting. We are gone, but hope not forgotten. . BARBARA HATCHER VIRGINIA SINK The ECHO 30 The Gomic Qftrzlb From the ridiculous to the sublime and vica versa! The characters in this comic strip were drawn merely by chance. They are fictitious and any simi- larity to any one you know is purely coincidental. NAME Audrey Boyle ..... Dick Brown ....... Audrey Dooley .... Elsie Dooley ...... . John Fitzgerald ............. Nancy Forgie ..... Otey Franklin ...... . Gladys Gillispie .... Kathryn Gibbs ...... Lilbian Gross Barbara Hatcher ........... Elton Hite ........... James Key ..... Elizabeth King ...... Geraldine Lantz ............. Dolphine Overstreet Virginia Sink ..... Alma St. Clair ............... Genevieve Wilkerson HEIGHT WEIGHT AGE 4' 150 3 2'6" 31 54 6' 56 11 4'3" 53 4 7'8" 150 8 4'l0" 200 2 3'6" 100 16 7'4" 37 4 6'4" 22 5 7'6" 69 12 6'7" 100 77 4'1" 60 7 2'3" 175 3 6'2" 62 8 3'10" 34 4 3'3" 8 3 7' 50 4 3'2" 225 11 5'5" 50 3 HAIR Grey Blonde Grey Black Brown Grey Grey Black Black Grey Brown Black Brown Blonde Brown White Blonde White White EYES Blue Blue Brown Black Green Green Brown Green Black Blue Blue Green Black Blue Blue Brown Grey Blue Green ' OPINION OF HIMSELF . No one else can do it. Bureau of Information. Can't be beaten. What will they do without me? It's wonderful what genius can do. A model of good behavior. Hello, Hollywood! Here I arn. Nothing' gets a good fellow down. Well,I am what I'amgthat's all I am. Frank Sinatra's rival. Brilliance always does it right. What beauty! I looked in the mirror and was I scared! Well, what do I know? Nothing. Walking encyclopedia. Gee! How silly! Am I dumb! Ha! Ha! Ha! Tightwad. 5 .f .1 1 1 '. 2.911211 -' X Q31 1.1-.111-1 1 E 1. ' Miki 1 ' X -'gr X 11 gg '...,,Q.,N., . X X 5. . 1 1 1 3 S 111 k,,,', 1 1X1x1g1gxg11k 11.1511- 11.1,. .1fg 1 1111 1 . N sAg1q.ss1.S11Q2- 11 mix 10 xx. - 11 1 1 15:12:51 New W 1-xxxscat:.-1wX:1iFSx11:1 S111 Q.. 1 11 1 -1 -11. se . 1 Q R- I1 11 . wk. 1 - . 1 xx- -, - 5:1 'X x1Q1g.:1 1,111 11 .saw .1 . . .. 1- . 1Rs.-' 21 S.- .. 1- 1 1151. 1 , 1:-11. - aa -' 111f'QWffs:1wfsg 915' SS 1.31. .. . X gszis . , "Q: if . , ., ., - z 1 I s 113,41 K ' .cv , S11 xiii ' 11,25 , ., 1 . :iilisz Q! 12:5 ' 1? If 13 XX 1 iii WX 1 1 11 ,Q 3 , :gf QQXN Skim 1 is N X Q K 1 101 N X S 21 gifs X 1 1 NX 1 1: xg O M 3 S 1x1 A1 Wigs 11 W s S ' x 1 1 . fm.. 5 1 f:9sE'1Iaf fxx X .Q Xxxibt 1 x 11. Q s X 1 13 1 j SN QK M .XX jx XX is 1 W N is 15 QQ FX is 1.51: Xxx QQ: X S1 gf .1 113 . X,XQ X ..:.x .X.L . Ri igew 111 gg. 551 SEQXXQ 1 XfN11Q 1 xS 1 1 . 1 MRS mix EX 1 , N 1 XQ11. 1111 1 11 .111 1:1 XA.. 121 Mk xxx 3 N525 1 1 'f 'L 11 1 - .:. 111.1-xr-1 1 111 ' 1 11 1 Ffa. 5 1 1 1 1 QNX X. 2 NXRQ 1 , 11: 1 .111 .2 1 13 I 15151 -is 111 1151-1111. ..f1fs Q X.. 1,,1g1.g.1 111.15515 1 1 11 1 11 -111 1 1 1 1 1 1 15113. 1. X -Q1 1, www is v Six 1- E 2 13 51 'Z E' 11 . 11 :F 1 1 111 1 X11 N . ' 1 wx S15 1 . SQ wigs 1 331 11 Q- 11999F1x.g gsZf .1 11 315119 11 wg 1 1 1 1 1 1': Rx M1 -mi.i111S1s 11 1 Rx 1111. I3 -1 .11"2iflLf-11145-" g F1 f-X25-. QQ . Wti1f3iSE1q... Xsfgiazi 513135: 11 21:5-:.i--1 1. -. 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N S 5 1 1 -1 , . s1.5,,w1,1.E 1 11 1 11 .1 1 ANM11. 15 ... 1 1 1 :nge ew-1111 1: 1-11 h hwy X- is-251225191-1 1 W1 .15 5 '. li! 55511 SY is H1 3. E521 1 ' 35 1 1 iw: .-.--. 'Nz S211 +P. Pk ' if Q a 1 'Z- I 1 1 1 1 1 1 s A .11 1 ig S 1 2 1 1 11 15 wmfsezxf 1 31 111 .:aQii:::'111 F . 1 5 111 E1 1 if 11 1s'2i:i:1 11f11..i1 ' ' , 1.53 1 12 ahh .ff .AN X 1. . ...Egg 1.1 X , .. .:1Q,.11mg . :S gg-:N1 .1 .1 1 1. ,. .. Q1 .-..X,:.,. '.,- .Q X., 55 1 1 mmm . -. ..Q xisxiiiisx 1111fSS1.x1.::1..R1kM3513 S51 1:11 1 XQR XXSNSMEE X QTYNFQERQA K- Y we x515i1SNfNX1 -11 1 M12 ..f---1125111111 1 1 . vm 1 1 1 1 ' .fwgi 1 111 1 1. 2. ws1 .g1.,-1131111 315251118- 51 1 1sfQ1f1:-- -11 wp Niifilmxzg 1 1 111.-1 .R 1 1 1 1 1 N xAagef1s:i::1w1:sg 1' 'E fe: . 1-11 5 W111i3f111f- 595 1511 11ti11Y'm1f 1:. . 'iii EX 1Fgj1:x-...wkqg 1 ffm i 1 Mifsfw . s1N3iIiA212M:f1 f ::1f11' 1, 11 1 g 1 1 513 1 1 -1 , 1, E 1 . 5 51112. 1 15 fz.m.:a1f1ggQ1sf,.. .112 A N- 1 I-1 . 1'2 fr e 1 'P IB 111: 1 ,..1:'? 1 -4-E'--. 1 Q :1 1 .1 11 'ig . 11 1 1 1. 231 .gf 11511 1 .. 3-1 1 -111: 2 11 5 E31 gi" 1 S11 . 311 5 Q54 ' ' 1 WEEE' 1111 1 11 1-S112 :TV 515 511 ' 1i1gf:1:1g51gSE11w 1. X - ., 1 11 1 1 ' 5--1: wwf11.w 1 1.1 1 1- XP , K1?5' i .1 1 -Q11 . 11 1 1 1131 f 1 1 gifs? 3- 51311 11 M51 SE 1 1 1 gi, 1 QWXQQQS.. 1. -11 3 1 333 1 1 1.1,,f!...1 1111 Es:.1.111.1111. 11 111 s , ,1111 5, 5511 1 23525521225-Ei:fQY' 11:9 ' 11.155251151211111 3 1 1 25:2-151 --15111. Q1 H 3112.1 s .?f1.lx1c'Nv3gw111 1112 1 Q 1 .. .. 11 1. " 5 S 1 1 1131 i 1' ' if - K 1 1gE1 1 5ff'ifii1:. X11i1. W " , - 1 .1 1 1 . 1 1 " 1 1 1 11. Q .: 1 1.. iss' 1 1 , 1 1 1 1. , 11 1 . 11 11311 1 1 1 5 'A .. 121511-gp 1: 1- 11 1511 31-:Q 1 Q 2311 rss.. 111, lisxmlxiiiy 1 ga-wb 11, g' 111111w.,1 X Qwg-fi . -1 -111 :T 1523 122.22153153222251 5 35155 -far. 11 1151 ?1E':P 'gi 1 1 gg: 1 1. gi A 115 1 .. 15 . Sis .. 11i.isQ.1:19ss11P 5 1 xv 1, 11 1 t11H111fM'If1'fw'11113f?ii'Wf1fff1nSi 9 2 -1 55 1 1 1 ' e...:.:: . H gl 1 ., 3-ww 11- if 1 1 X AUDREY BOYLE .Senior Play Glee Club Victory Corps DICK BROWN Senior Play Bureau of 'Uizfaf e5'ta1fz'stz'cs Annual Staff '43, '44. Editor of Annual, 1945. Vice-President of F. F. A. Basketball Team President of Freshman Class 1942. President of Junior Class 1944. President of Senior Class 1945. Student Council, 1945. Victory Corps Glee Club Who's Who, 1944, 1945. Captain of Baseball Forest Fire Fighters Service. AIJDREY DOOLEY President of F. F. A. Captain of Baseball Who's Who, 1945. Annual Staff, 'I 945. Senior Play Forest Fire Fighters Service. Victory Corps ELSIE 'DOOLEY Victory Corps Annual Staff 1944, 1945. Vice-President of Junior Class Glee Club Student Council, 1945. Secretary of Freshman Class, 1942. JOHN FITZGERALD Captain Basketball. Senior Play Treasurer of F. F. A., 1944. Forest Fire Fighters Service. ' Student Council Vice-President of F. F. A., 1945.' OTEY FRANKLIN F. F. A. Forest Fire Fighters Service. Who's Who, 1945. Victory Corps NANCY FORGIE Senior Play President of Sophomore Class, 1942 Victory Corps Glee Club KATHRYN GIBBS Glee Club Who's Who, 1945. GLADYS GILLISPIE Senior Play Who's Who, 1945. Victory Corps , 71944. .M l i LILBIAN GROSS l Basketball Team. Senior Play i Victory Corps F. F. A. Forest Fire Fighters Service. BARBARA HATCHER Who's Who, 1945. Annual Staff, 1945. A Victory Corps 4 ELTON HITE - Annual Staff, 1945. Senior Play 1 Forest Fire Fighters Service. l Captain of Baseball Basketball Team. l Victory Corps Glee Club i Who's Who. 1 Pzlice:-Pisident of, Senior Class, 1945. l V l JAMES KEY ' 1 Senior Play 1 F. F. A. . ' Captain of Baseball ' Who's Who, 1945. ' . Victory Corps ELIZABETH KING Who's Who, 1945. Victory Corps ' Cc-Captain, Baseball. GERALDINE LANTZ Who's Who, 1945. Victory Corps Senior Play Co-Captain, Baseball. DOLPHINE OVERSTREET Senior Play Victory Corps Glee Club ALMA s1'. CLAIR, Captain, Baseball: . Student Council 1945. Annual Staff, l944. Business Manager of Annual, 1945. Victory Corps Secretary of Classes, 1943,1944, 1945. Who's Who, 1945. ' VIRGINIA SINK Who's Who, 1945. Treasurer of Senior Class, 1945. Glee Club Annual Staff, 1945. GENEVIEVE WILKERSON Senior Play Annual Staff, 1945. Who's Who, 1945. Victory Corps. x4,,.., -Q - ,, X1 ,L

Suggestions in the Montvale High School - Echo Yearbook (Montvale, VA) collection:

Montvale High School - Echo Yearbook (Montvale, VA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 15

1945, pg 15

Montvale High School - Echo Yearbook (Montvale, VA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 6

1945, pg 6

Montvale High School - Echo Yearbook (Montvale, VA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 9

1945, pg 9

Montvale High School - Echo Yearbook (Montvale, VA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 32

1945, pg 32

Montvale High School - Echo Yearbook (Montvale, VA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 35

1945, pg 35

Montvale High School - Echo Yearbook (Montvale, VA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 25

1945, pg 25

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