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1 u I . Q , ' ,, 1 . ... ' Lk K 8 v I I 9 ln. .m4,n:4,,-,Law Ig K 5 iq 1 v 1 X 1 . 1 u I . Q , ' ,, 1 . ... ' Lk K 8 v I I 9 ln. .m4,n:4,,-,Law Ig K 5 iq 1 v 1 X 1 . 1 ... 0 1 ,fm w . x,, P: ' N I 'I ,AI AI 1 ' 5' 1 N1 ,U af, . 11.5 NV, 1 LL , I P 'L I I 'I wwf, f ,JJ .W '. 'r ' 11. . . J," , 4 - ' J ,x ' Wh , 4 -4 " :Q if .'.' 4 , 4.4 . , bv. 4 , 5 4,:-4 .N 44, yarfa' .4 , 44 .N Q n, F ,. .x 1 . .4 4 K , 'I .'4 . 4 K . lr, "4 H In' EI , . 4 fx ry. 4 .ya X 419, 4, ' 4 4 '..1 ,. J. 4 .1 4 4 .n- 4 f ' 2 x E 34? FP 4 .D - 4 1 4 1 I 4 1 Z4 I 4 fl, -4 4 u Hrs' - 4 4 , 1 4 4 4 V IH. ' 'w H' 1 4 9 u 46, .T Q X 14" . X V I 4,4 e. Xu 4:: 5' 'X 4 f" 4 ' wal: -cc' ','J4Q5fif!1n', ,"4'n" 45 ' ' 41"-. -H44 'ii'9f' 1"-'-!4'.f2" 'ilAmi'4'- .-4' ' aw .wh -f.0mnZrmmm:-:MI .. 1 ' RAMBLER 3 fi 'V Twin , 'Q-fs? 3 '51 T11 4 Xu- Z vc 3 ' 'N Q, Y b-are y yw , 1 I .YK ITIVPL fi . .f . ' ?2':5'f5fg F ,. A 1 .A R .xi X -go, , ,Q N Q, ,- ' 1 glisw, f nf I. 71.4. xt ,.9' , 'Butt' R' I I Qgf-my k:'xXz, .fxg nh! Q . X .gf ..'?"' ., .. W fo V .Lv A . I- - ' Qi , . . pq .sl Aga ' ' .X ': Y' '. -, n iw ww, F 3 ...V - . ' 4 3-2 ff' ' 2 sg? K. 5 I Q 3 O -can-9' we M, , .A t N X Y A X 4 ,.y,1.-..- x ,mid-.-ifw ' gim- Q YY' , "' , J-X , f N - - - . , TJF' x, Jtfyzg' I ' 5' -' AVGL A ' 15- l . 'Q "Af ,eff 114. s . - J 'vs h Q u f- . k ff, gi? -' Q " 1 p f 1s'- I' -. . fax' nr . '1' 'I - ' , 'P - 4 , 'Q ' "' S .4.:?4",qfl'N' .Q .fm Y., 4 5 'g'f'l ,, .- ,K !.",. -' .!',? ,Rust - n-:'1'k-gf' .1 1 x G fl .Le rl mg. Ir ."',.- N 'ff 'Q '4 . I Q ' 55 1 q ' ",' I La- A I F eg I Juan' tif'-if f. ' " Tix . 1 ",,c'X ffl Z , -'Y H A A 134g , 'vfir'-n It gf T X 'Tfyiifg-Q If on in K, ii -4z1.f.. W . ' l 515' 4 1 .L ,.U . 'H f QQ, ' I ' 5 Q1 iv A 4, ii ' W, L ,Q , I ii f as io? fl-, I 4 fxwa- 4., , . 5 N I -318 g'- " - Y, .u ' if Q' q f, fads :V 7- ':. " -. V . . 4 43? 22322 gl? ffm G w::w': 4 ' . g., -Y 'Q ,Q ,fwwwgf I, N ,hw . 4, .,x 'QC - 'U- ' ,,,,-sv V." Sh ' .. "Rn, ' , M, '-:fix . Yun ,A ,gps , V . K :N . -in--BHK r-. t' , , .4 , Y was .f. M- '-C-.mmf-f i ' A H ,Q-2.-'f'.Q1gh .af-02,4 j-9 ,,,,,:,,,.,,.,,-M ' ' ms:-"1" -eww ' i ff ' - .V , w h N N -- - W' V, . , if: 'A ,L H ,V W ....0., 5, wx Q: -Q-'sw Ia: wi' -. Mwfvigfq-?2Sfg: L,-j'7Q',gwak:,. ff?-"P ' 1 K A - fr " a..g5,.-dig'-ff y , ,.,.. .y , .QE+ ' .--, V, .15Ff"'k7 . .va-.-QQ, si IJIJQM. ,JF x. " -if 73:- 'xii fz:a:iv E : ' "9 ' ' QI pf ff ff? 6 - f fff , v.-,,,A f f.f..4,3:i4.,sA, maemfr ll' +"-5a.": Q vo? X nffin Y s' ' ' Administration 1 to Superintendent + as I am pleased to have this opportunity to extend greetings to all students in the Montrose Township School system. We are proud of our school and I want to congrat- ulate you on the excellent citizenship dis- played by you in and around the school and when you are away on school trips. It all helps to give Montrose an excellent repu- tation. .Q feb FRANK B. MCCLOY C. M. C. - A. B. Degree M. S. C. - M. A. Degree .G Principal FREDERICK A. BARNEY M. S. N. C. - B. S. Degree U. of M. - M. A. Degree Mrs. Reva Poag Mrs. Fern Johnson 9 Algebra Geometry Secretaries K , 4 RY X SN' gk -llllllll Lavern Alward ' C.M.C. - B.S. Degree Grad. Work - U. of M. Business Training Science Coach 2 gpg T' ...Z-" :alll ,,,..-4 Hazel Axtell Robert L. Ewigleben I. S. T. C. 10 x U. of N. - B. S. Degree 3 - M. s. c. - H - M' S' C' B' S' Degree uraduate Work 5 L Homemaking 37 1 i a Coach Chemistry U . x "'-1 H, "M: 9 . 21.4, . I Ji 'L . ,Z w..-. Hx i , Ae .-my, 0 P . . . gh .W . A- - "'3"Nf,N S I- .,h"iJ If-44.50, , W 2 X ffl 3"'L,v'I 'IH 4 f V -..x ' v- -sq K f' ,-. Ls lima x 4 ,pa R J- ":,Y! fu 1 L wwf.-M 5.. .S I ' I ilk' W Xp, . 4 ' 8'1- .VQ xv- ."'-s " N . .- ,. Nw 1,.:x. n K. .A K. ,. , .l , 5. ' fy x Q Leslie T N. E. Mo Univ. of Univ. of English Library Marjorie Shoup George M Young B 5 Degree C. M. G B S Degree Cleary College 12 M. s. c Graduate work Shorthand Typing senior Gov't Bookkeeping Agriculture o ex Isabelle Wonch W. M. C. E. First Grade . . W Beulah M. Chapman I Dorothy Meehling Ferris Institute C. M. C. Fourth Grade Evelyn M. Blight C. M. C. E. - B. S. De First Grade M. S. N. C. M. C. Second Grade 5 E- -. A ,R - .j Joan M. Johnson S1035 M. S. C. ' A. B. Degree Fifth Grade ' 16, 'h n Lelah Rowe M. S. N. C. Third Grade E Ruth I. Volz M. S. N. C, C. M. C. E. Grades 1-2 Mildred R. Morton Ila J. Blight M S N C B. S. Degree Kindergarten B. S. and Grad. Work Fifth Grade Wilma E. Latimore J E 1 M A 4 c M. G. E. - B. s. Degree Sixth Grade ? li 'S ig 5 1 ' 1 Beatrice M. Phipps Ethel M. Gunder N '.." M. s. N. c. c. M. c. 12. Third Grade sixth Grade r .... i .5Q5r. TF. 'M ' 'Alai Flossie C. Race U. of M. - M. A. Fourth Grade 1 4 E I ENIORS 15 :fag .151 , Y? . . , 423 2.15 52:5 1,263 ' 5'-6,3 , In-f.2f"' gay , , M xt i , 1 9 K 352 -If , Qkag ,wwf gmxw Viv 2 , iq 1 qxizgaw A-J '9' X President Harold Myers Vice-President Betty Butler Officers and Sponsor Secretary Corinne McCormick Treasurer Sandra Wyzynajtys Sponsor Mr. McCloy ATALIE J. ANDRES asketball lass Play 4 -Teens 1,2 asketball Mgr. 1,2 M . H. A. 2,3 lee Club 2,3,u ose Echo A ambler M arsity Club 3,h HIRLTY J. BULLARD lee Club 1 ibrary 2 oftball 2 lass Play M 1Teens 2,h ose Echo M tudent Council 2 5 SE Tala? ' 1.frytiasv . -Na' ., , nw , 'ff' ., - I .T.L,,. ,,,q , A ,, ,. A aaaaaaa H 'NQSESW BQ ":gsS?'x ,zz asv -:f..s2s.:,::,3':,:g5. QQ, Q .N emmag Q Qmmwm "?f:1si?? , 5 :Vg :acl-:ff gl' , -1-15-'59-' :ffl N f Skis?-U' mama - -bf fl aa sawed - li, awww 5.,.,R3g.5 . W, , ,. s- ' Cx RN ?iSQ? Q was a S X NX X lk GENE E. BARKS Gaines 1,2 Basketball M Baseball 3,h H1-Y 3 Rambler A Student Council Class Play L BETTY R. BUTLER Majorette 2,3,h Basketball l,2,3,H Softball l,2,3,h Glee Club 2,3,h Varsity Club 3,h Class Officer M Cheerleader l,2,3 Harvest Queen M Class Play M MALC OLM L. CASTER Basketball 1,2 Senior Hi-Y 2,3 M NORMA J. BRENAY Rose Echo 3 ROBERT O. BULLARD Glee Club 1,2 Senior Y-Teens 3,U Conservation Club 1 Softball 3,u Majorette 3,M Varsity Club M Class Play M ROSE MARIE CAMPBELL Y-Teens 1 F. N. A. 2 Rambler 3,h Glee Club 3,h REGINA MAY CARPENTER Class Officer 1 Rose Echo 2,3 Basketball 2,3,h Rambler A Glass Play A Y-Teens l,3,h Glee Club 1,2,3,h Librarian 1 WAYNE L. CLARK J. D. COLE Basketball 1 2 3 Senior Hi-Y l 2 3 3 I 9 I Baseball l,3,L Football l,2,3,A - Hi-Y 2,3 Varsity Club 3,4 Student Council A Rose Echo 3 Class Play 3,A DONALD R. DUNKLEE MARGARET DUNLAP Senior Hi-Y 2,3 Glee Club 1,2,3,h Varsity Club 2,3,h F. H. A. 2,3 Glee Club 2,3 Rambler 3,M Football 1,2,3,h Rose Echo M Basketball 1,2,3,h Varsity Club 3,h Baseball l,2,3,L Senior Y-Teens 1,2, Class Play 3 Softball l,2,3,h Basketball 3,u SANDRA J. GODSAVE Band l,2,3,h Library 2,3,h Rose Echo 3 Rambler 2,3 Basketball 3,h Y-Teens 2 Class Officer 3 Varsity Club 3,h Class Play 3,h ,M . khxllhsv VELMA J. CRUMP Softball 1,2 Basketball 3 Varsity Club 3,h F. N. A. 3,h Rose Echo 3 Senior Y-Teens M T. A. B. 1,2 KENNETH B. EASTMAN DARWIN G. DANNER Glee Club l,2,3, Conservation 1,2 SHIRLEY M. GILLE Rose Echo M F. N. A. 2,U YFTeens l,2,h Glass Play 3 T. A. B. 1,2 F. H. A. 2 JAMES D. HELFRICH Baseball 2,3,b Basketball l,2,3 Football l,2,3,u Conservation 1,2 Senior Hi-Y 2,3,h Varsity Club 3,h Glee Club 3,4 Class Play M Rose Echo 3 Rambler A CORINNE J. MCCORMICK asketball 2,3,M lee Club 2,3,M ajorette 2,3,h -Teens 1,2 lass Play 3,L heerleader l,2,3 0 Ho Ao 2,3 arsity Club 3,M oftball 1,2 ambler 3,h ose Echo M lass Officer 2,h THOMAS H. HOSKINS Football l,2,3,u Baseball l,2,3,h Basketball 1,2 Conservation l Senior Hi-Y 2,3 PATRICIA J. MOOR Y-Teens 1,2 F. H. A. 2,3 Rambler M Rose Echo A Office Secretary A HAROLD R. MYERS Class President A Rose Echo 3 Senior Hi-Y 2,3 Varsity Club 2,3,h Class Play 3,h Baseball l,2,3,L Football l,2,3,h Basketball l,2,3,h SHIRLEY LAHHIN Library l,2,3,h Softball 1,2,3 T. A. B. 1,2 Varsity Club 3,M F. H. A. 2 Class Play 3,M JOHN D. MORIER Saginaw 1 Glee Club 2,3,h Basketball 2,3 Football 3,h Baseball 3 Rose Echo 3 Rambler M Hi-Y 2,3 Varsity Club M Class Officer 2 Student Council M Class Play 3,M Voice of Democracy M ROBERT E. MACKENZIE Band l,2,3,M Student Council 3 Cheerleader l,2,3J Class Officer 1,2 Hi-Y l,2,3 RALPH E. MORSE Football 3,h Glee Club 2,3,h Varsity Club M JAMES E. PAPINEAU Football l,2,3,h Basketball l,2,3, Baseball l,2,3,M Class Officer 1 Varsity Club 3,h Senior Hi-Y 2,3 Glee Club 2,3,L Class Play 3,u V. SUSAN THORSBY Y-Teens 1 Rose Echo 3 Rambler M Glee Club 3,h F. N. A. 2 RICHARD H. RIES Senior Hi-Y 2,3 U Class President 3 MARY J. UNSEL Y-Teens l,2,3 F. H. A. 2,3,b Rose Echo 3 Rambler A Class Play 3,u F. N. A. 3 THEODORE S. THOMAS Conservation l,2,3,u Football L Glee Club M Baseball 1,4 A A ,, wflkzz L'.22Y.2t,s,' ,,- F x x " sK?' , '- 'if-35 ,MQ . S Q E ' uw - 2 , ' . : ... 1" . aiais 'f sssff r . gwmww, .-ww- ---- ,Q f?HHESQ. ' ' f"s Sfffissyvgx QQQQSE .3-5 , ,I.:s,fg"ig5g.?1Q'.53ii g.- -f W' ' b'TTH3iiffggE2 i ' ,JM MAHLENE J. THORSE Band l,2,3,M Glee Club 2,3 Y-Teens 2,u HAZEL J. WAY Basketball l,2,3,h Softball l,2,3,h Library l,2,3,h Glee Club l,2,3,L Varsity Club 3,h Rose Echo 3 Rambler A F. N. A. 3 Class Officer 3 1-1...-v' SANDRA WYZYNAJTYS Library 1,2,3,h Glee Club l,2,3,h Class Treasurer 1,2,3 Class Play 3,L D. A. R. Award M Class History The past four years have been years of turmoil and strife. A war-weary world has once again been pushed to the wall. Our first year of high school was ushered in by the Korean war. It was this same year that Bob MacKenzie as president, Jim Papineau as vice-president, Regina Carpenter as secretary, Sandra Wyzynajtys as treasurer, and Mrs. Shoup as our soonsor, led us through our many trials and tribulations as freshmen, including, of course, the Fresh- men Initiation. The school year of 1951-52 saw an increase in the fighting in Korea. Our class leaders that year were Bob MacKenzie, presidentg John Morier, vice-presi dent, Corinne McCormick, secretary, and Sandra Wyzynajtys, treasurer. Mr. McCloy was chosen sponsor and has counseled us through the remainder of our high school career. In that year we enjoyed the activities of the sophomore class, which included initiating the freshmen. In 1952-53 the presidential elections loomed over all. Our junior class president that year was Sandra Godsaveg our vice-president, Richard Riesg our secretary, Hazel Wayg and our treasurer, Sandra Wyzynajtys. The junior class scored a big hit with their first play, URoom for One More.N The big event of the year was the traditional Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. The year, 1953-5h, brought with it the news that the whole world had been waiting for--an end to fighting in Korea. Harold Myers was our president, Betty Butler our vice-president, Corinne McCormick our secretary, and Sandra Wyzynajtys our treasurer. Gene Barks and John Morier were our representatives on the newly-formed student council. The senior olay, WOur Miss Brooks N proved to be another big success. The Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom was once again successful. The seniors decided that the annual senior trip should be to Sault Ste. Marie, and, of course, it was a thoroughly enjoyable trio. And commencement! It is doubtful whether there was any senior who didn't feel a touch of sentimentality as he wore the graduation gown during that last week. 'M ' '11 l N 1 Q . . Wayne Clark Sandra Wyzynajtys Jim Papineau Our Miss Brooks Regina Carpenter WX Corinne McCormick Class Will We the Class of 195ll of the Montrose Township High School, do hereby declare this our last will and testament. I Article Faculty To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To Article Student I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, Article To To To To To To Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mrs Mrs II S .Goddard, a study hall with a McCloy, good health in the future. Barney, we leave no more skippers. Alward, the hope of gaining that seven foot basketball center. Axtell, a class that can boil water without scorching it. .Ewigleben, a chemistry class without jokers. Friedl, a class that will get their book reports in on time. separate lost and found dept. watch history students during a test. without a mistake. class with plenty of erasers. her Nash on a new car. complain about the typewriters. Young, a more peaceful government class. Reva Poag, a horse with plenty of get up and go to run her errands Fern Johnson, a trained dog to summon individual students. Goddard, an electric eye to Gwillim, one musical concert Miller, a mechanical drawing Rhoads, a good trade in for Shoup, a class that doesn't Natalie Andres, will my incomparable height to Ron Polk. Gene Barks, will to Jack Clolinger my ability to try and find a girl. Norma Brenay, will to Carol Yankee my long curly hair. Robert Bullard, will to Bob Francisco my shooting eye in billiards. Shirley Bullard, will my good nature to anyone who needs it. Betty Butler, will to Wanda Smith my ability to hold a man. Rose Campbell, will my job as a student custodian to my sister Jean. Regina Carpenter, will to Lula Jane Feller my spare men. Malcolm Caster, will my like of chemistry to next sucker that takes it. Wayne Clark, will my jokes to anyone who can stand them. J. D. Cole, will to Charlie Duncan my set of hot-rod tools. Velma Crump, will to Barbara Danner my quick temper. Darwin Danner, will to Alfred Crowe my way with women. Donald Dunklee, will my management of late hours to Carl Lovasz. Margaret Dunlap, will to Jackie Aldred my basketball uniform. Kenneth Eastman, will to Darrell Parks my pair of hot-rod gloves. Shirley Gillett, will to Joanne Diem my seriousness. Sandra Godsave, will to Don Frazier my position in the library. James Helfrich, will my quietness to Betty Sholler. Tom Hoskins, will my looks to Mike Morier. Shirley Larkin, will my shyness to Barbara Clark. Robert Mackenzie, will my stock of paper wads to Chuck Eastwood. Corinne McCormick, will to Pat Shepard my bottle of hair dying shampoo. Pat Moor, will to Marlene Somers my talent in attracting men. John Morier, will my ukulele to Walt Goodwin. Ralph Morse, will to David Keys my talent in singing. Harold Myers, will to John Ost. my worn out baseball socks. Jim Papineau, will my Hot Chevrolet to Dewayne Taylor. Richard Ries, will my position as a senior to anyone who wants it. Ted Marlene Thorsby, will to Carol Wesley my way with Susan Thorsby, will to the expert pea-shooter Vic Mary Unsel, will to Joyce Francisco my collection Thomas, will to Marvin Somers my sharp goatee. Mr. Young. Pyne, my glasses. of rings. Hazel Way, will my going steady to Edith Harrington. Sandra Wyzynajtys, will my personality to Jeraline Barks. III the the the the the the Juniors we leave the thrill of becoming Seniors. Sophmores a plate at the Junior and Senior banquet. Freshmen the chance of revenge in initiating. Eighth and Seventh graders the dream of becoming upper classmen. Bus Drivers, buses with automatic transmissions. Custodians, a robot to do their work. 22 , Class Prophecy LET US TAKE A LOOK AT OUR CRYSTAL BALL TO SEE WHAT IS GOING ON IN 1967. NATALIE ANDRES is now marriedg she has six children, but she still insists they're cheaper by the dozen. GENE BARKS is now a coach. He is teaching the boys to dribble a basketball. NORMA BRENAY is still trying to find room for Burt, her old home town, on the map. BOB BULLARD has now taken over the railway depot in Burt. SHIRLEY BULLARD is a nurse working in St. Mary's Hospital in Saginaw. BETTY BUTLER has joined a lonely hearts club, to see lf she can find the right man. ROSE CAMPBELL has taken over Ted Canfield's job as janitor of the school. REGINA CARPENTER is now operating a comptometer. MALCOLM CASTER has taken over Mr. Young's job of teaching at M. H. S. J. D. COLE now runs a hot rod shop. VELMA CRUMP got her only wish--singing torch songs over WKNX. DARWIN DANNER now is promoted to a corporal in the National Guard. DON DUNKLEE is the owner of the most modern gas station in Montrose. MARGARET DUNLAP is the new owner of the pool hall. KENNY EASTMAN is now a chemistry teacher. He is teaching at old M. H. S. SHIRLEY GILLETT is now in show business. She got her experience from the junior play. SANDRA GODSAVE is now working in the post officeg she always said she'd work for the government some how. JIM HELFRICH has moved to Burt, as he finds that Montrose has become over- crowded with girls. TOM HOSKINS is now president of the Archery Club. SHIRLEY LARKEN is ln service. She is trying to find herself a man. ROBERT MACKENZIE is now married and is running a new drug store in his old home town. CORINNE McCORMICK is working in Washington D. C. She likes it very well: it seems the place is full of men. PAT MOOR is still making her regular trips to Cllog she has finally won the raceg she has a husband. With a bachelor degree, JOHN MORIER, is teaching school in Burt. RALPH MORSE is now in the army. He is stationed in Kentucky. He likes those Louieville Lovelies. HAROLD MYERS has now been promoted from 'Carry-Out-Boyn to general manager of Shephard's Super Market. JIM PAPINEAU sells fresh roasted peanuts, in front of the Salvation Army Post. RICHARD RIES is now a professional football player--Pee Wee Ries. He plays for the Detroit Lions. TED THOMAS is a big town operatorg he operates a machine--one that sweeps the streets. MARLENE THORSBY is now a senior in college. She surprised everyone. MARY UNSEL is married and has a full time job, taking care of her six children and trying to keep track of her husband. HAZEL WAY is now coaching girls' basketball at M. H. S. SANDRA WYZYNAJTYS has taken over Mrs. Rhoads' job as school librarian at M. H. S 23 Shop Shorthand 6 Chemistry Seniors at Work Typing II Government English Lit "1 President -------- JoAnn Hill Vice President ------ Betty Sholler Secretary ------ Julie Piechnik Treasurer ------ Irene Cobleigh Officers and Sponsor Sponsor Mr, Miller X i w -vi V fi.: 4? 3, ' j W w- i -' R' f - -- I . W, X K-If N' l ti: V A lx BM, kc xx 8 'QA 2 h 'z - gif' ii' K' Q .LY-h 'N 1 .es ,Q , ,. e: "5 . L 'ws ' Qs ,, , -M ' ' 'D' ' cr--f ' X - - ""' 5,1 ax A YJ , I , x f L f 4' - - 1 5' -xgl 'Q Q- 1 ' , ' " V -e We 'X , f ---"Q W, f -, -as ik V si, Z xv --w , K' .2 v- """ w... 1 . oi' , S . " f we l ,Q , N f W -W -f ' L 'cf- I 4 .. 'T' Y -za fif 1 , H Q GN '- 7- Q y fm- , . - ' -I :sl 4 - 'QF i xx' :O l' y f '- K' '12, S ' 'Tr " . r 'z' -Q if --B . gr- .av sf '57 YQ: 1 X , '1 4 l N , ' Wu 5,5 'ny , ' ii , , Nfl .I-G, r , 1. 21,511.1 , 2 A Q , .. M c e- ' ,. 1 .fri 'lm K. Q g, .v V Y v? ,C W , - . N- 1 .V s.. V .L X -J x I., -Y it - t ' - u N f Q l 'A 'B , 1 , I x, b, .. , 'i - .f L I X 1 4 ' X vi . is 0+ 2 2 " , fl 'sw X 4-f' '-' ' Q we-" ' 3.-vx "'f' kv Q . 'if' P V was V' 1 ' -. Y w- fi ' 5' ' c L ' Ethyln Beeson Irene Cobleigh Raymond Crane Barbara Donner J . Allen Davidjon BZCLTQE ggifgl ' as Donna Davl son wind Dowel' . . D Ggolgiz Drlfgjg Charles Eastwood Gloria Dunlap Reber? Francisco Louis Fras Donald Frazier Richard Gross james'-l5l.'i':'oW Ed'1h H ' 1 WHY' ' I arrmg on Donna Hobson Carl Lovasz Doris McWherfer Daffell ,parkf Jeff Nolan Julie Piechmk 27 Ronald Polk E n Saucier , , , Mldgtiaesauder Ma'lo"'e Shmk Dale Scanlon Belly Sholle' Wanda Smith Marlene Somers Marvin Somers Mary Thorsby Bernard Walker Dean Wesley Carol Yankee Gerald Yeasfer K American Lit. American History Agriculture I American History IS! Speech mr' Juniors ui Wcrk American Lit. 'mr Typing I x br? SGPHOMDRE I o o I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I- I I I I I I I I o o o o n s o o 0 0 o o 0 0 o o 0 0 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 0 0 o o o Q o Q 0 Q o 0 o o o o 0 0 o o a s o o o o o o 0 Q o 0 0 o o 0 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .I I I I I -I I I I I, I I I4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I, I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I o o Q u o c o o o s 0 o o o Q e o o Q s o o o o c o o o 0 o a 0 o 0 o ,Q I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I o o o o Q n 0 o o o 0 0 o 0 'o 0 0 0 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I o o 0 0 e o o 0 o 0 0 0 I I I 29 President ..... Vice-President Secretary ..... Treasurer ..... Bruce McCormick Jack Clolinger Jackie Aldred Thelma Feher Dfficers and Sponsors Sponsor Mrs. Rhoads 30 w,- . 5 Q' .et I Q Q - -J W- ft. gs, 221 , ' 3121. - -:, 2. -..' ,S E, - ., 5, ,.. "" K 4.' Q ,NT- '-' J -I. ' ,tx 4 T, I ' F . A X , A -' -' k Ai si - ,, M x P Hjg,' a -if 1 sv, -' - 'lf , fry : ,,, - A fr 4- ,R ,sr-1, ws- ' W. ' Q ..,- 5, J 1 sv . xi. ij- W ,A ,--- f- , of I l J ft' ...M --- '- 1 AF, .-:X . 1 W N 3' 3' h 34 ' J: I1 ., ,--.Im . 5 I ' invfsf. 1 2 T 'fp-f, fa- b-Q 'en.+ f FWF so ., --we , I W. ng: .e, gl ,Q QQ, ga Q ls ' sf ' fp: , f X p ,Rx 'x N, g 3' 5' g X' QI,-KN! -mx u... - 5. , M, ' A -6 H' - ,I We J, 39 1 fs 5,3 at fs' ' mama SW an Die. L 'A G' J:-.F f I " 'M W 0 .. 11:5-' 1 M f, 'P -: A Qin 4 S- V ' sf qs I me or "" .kk Ll' f P N X M , ,JM A g ,J ,M ' My 5, , G' , u- Q, -'X -S- " tl if , Q CL YJZ ' " I ,w It It ' - x Q, tight , 1' S. - ixx ' 1-aw, J 5" Q' -5 t, ...Q Q! 7 I k h -- v. 3 '3 '6- Q4 L X, Q? if! 1 X1 M I. , T' , I ' 6 ah. ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW I II III IV V VI VII VIII Jackie Aldred, Ernest Clark, Gala Eastwood, Jim Green, Ellen Larkin, Joe Newlon, Judell Sharpe, Jim Unsel Jim Andres, Jack Clolinger, Judy Eastwood, Marlene Grim, Tom Laine Delores Nusa, Dan Shepard, Carol Wesley Ellen Baeckl, Vivian Collier, Thelma Feher, Joan Harger, Beverly Maitland, John Osterman, Gerald Shook, Marilyn Yankee Eva Bednarskl, Jim Connis, Lula Jane Feller, Jim Herrick, Margaret Massey, Chloe Polclk, Gretchen Shouse Shirley Benoit, Bessie Couchman, Mary Gerow, Margaret Hill, Bruce McCormick, Victor Pyne, Mary Stafford B111 Biggs, Pat Cowgill, Carol Godsave, Rita Jennings, Vernita Mya Frank Hood, Shirley Stoolmaker Nadine Bullard, Norma Crandall, Louis Grey, Dale Keith, Donna Ness Alfred Saucler, Dewayne Taylor Shirley Camehl, Charles Duncan, Roberta Grey, Eugene Kime, Bob Nas Larry Schmitzer, Irene Thomas 31 ke, rs, 9 Sn English lO Business Training Sophomores ut Work World History Business Training Home EC. World Hi story English 10 my President.... ...Larry Schack Vice-President.....Rose Cook Secretary... ....Doris Cole Treasurer.... ...Shirley Massey Officers and Sponsor Sponsor Mrs. Friedl 34 4 1 A . f 5 F 2 sm- si if 3 'l f. 2 '- " iii. 523 'G - ,ATM 'v 5 c C' .nk ' RKYK . 7 si,fL 'q 'lit ' Azalz - ug A-,Q s. x 2 ' ' as 1 K gig' Y X A 'G ?l.Q, J fs I-V 5-we X A . .R but N ' S' ,. . Lg! is " .RW 1 ' ' V Q xi-LQ vgfsfib. V I h ' sh x- v ' 0' - , 'Av f .7 , G A AL W 'J JY if A' a , erlvx 5 GF' ' ,i If " If i Q2 - - Q V 1 . Q? 5 'FI Q .F ' i V- iva i G' Dlx. :'fgS55Nh . Ii ' lg' 1 X lx' A C ,n.,- .N x !Q:E: wg! Ev' ini: E3 :Q it 1 ,lawsui- ' M . .QQLVC - Q QLQ 4 fr ' X 5 S ua Q' in , V , .,., 'K is K 'I ., Q- 'Im ,Q XAVV ,, -.5 ,gs rziva N 4, ,M .sy , hp ' 1, fn A ' 1 Aff' g el,- '- -it fl '94 'wi M. W' I ,fx i "si 4 lx 8' ' . A 1-v .N I S 'nz va' X ,-LX Fw L e. ' Y so - ' N- 21 'Y .1 AM ed' A Y , v , xr ' ' Q xp ,F wire X x Mx Q 1 ,'- IL. g,,,f'fi N 'N I ix vs. 5, K W 3 -1 if 1 .' 'ing' an - "-R .1 - ' - , .1 -J.: N Q I '?.'- -1131 1 X, EN if , , , - --W , s' A if e' - I 4: 6' A ' - gf, :N:? gg, J Qs Iwi? I gs fm -W x, '-,A , C' Nr - I A Q 3 kb N. ' mln! ROW I Frank Balanowski, Bruce Caster, Margaret Davidson, Oley Frappier, Duane Harrow, Pat McDowell, Darlene Powell, Robert Walker ROW II Jeraline Berks, Jerry Clark, Dan Diem, Joyce Francisco, Dale Herington, Gladys Mcwherter, Sidney Reed, Winzola Wallace ROW III Richard Beardslee, Linda Clubb, Gerald Douglas, Don Goodwin, Carole Hill, Tom Millington, Larry Schack, Janice Wesiner ROW IV Eugene Bednarski, Kathryn Cobleigh, Milton Dowd, Walter Goodwin, Beverly Hobson, David Morrish, Roberta Seelye, Jeanette Wesiner ROW V Harry Bigelow, Doris Cole, Charlotte Dunklee, Barbara Graves, Barbara Holmes, Wayne Morrlsh, Pat Shepard, Dennis Wilson ROW VI Sara Jane Boswell, Richard Collier, Annette Edenburn, Joan Gray, David Keys, Jerry Murdock, Kathy Shook, Margaret Wilson ROW VII Jean Campbell, Rose Cook, Pat Eycleshymer, Deanna Harrington, Alice Larkin, John Newcomer, Charles Slade, Betty Wood ROW VIII Rose Mary Cardinal, Mary Crane, Edith Fawcett, Bill Harris, Alvin Loomis, Geraldine Parkinson, Georgette Spencer, Joan Wymer Row IX ' Theodore Cardinal, Linda Cummings, Mary Ann Feller, Zelda Harrison, Shirley Massey, Ruth Ann Parks, Henrietta Tacklebury x lo , o? .Qt-'? English Algebra Biology Home EC. NZ -f. 'I ' PF: 4 . . ,M ' s MH vm ,M U M 3 tiff' - RPM. jiri: - lg o , ,lbw - 1 ,,, L - ,Eg og Q-Su ,,, f F JQFXX f .QA 'Rf ' 1 I' '. 4. 1 ' 1 , Q- DEF U! .5 I Freshmen at Wade wzw -' mwq '5MMiv H amos , 3523! V - . V AQ ., pwvvg :mmm jqqmg, 4 5 36 Shop I UNDERCLASSMEN I I I I I I I I' I I 0 I I 0 O I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 0 I O 0 I 0 I I I 0 O I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I - I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 37 Eighth Grade i I 5 Ii 5 f 1 President... ....Raymond Chase Vice-President.....Virginia Sellers Treasurer... ....Janice Walker Secretary...... ...Nancy Henry Sponsor Mr. Goddard 38 ww M fa , ptr. : - gi - 5' Q . 3' we , Q 6' , .vs-v, , I-, N 5 J lk I WS. we? ev e ' ' L, .fi f - I "'- "1 Aw fi J 3 ' 5 1- - K 1' ISA ! 1 fl., N 'E I xi Q R'- V JL A S '..:. - - ' as I- P+ ef . te, sf 'E' - 3 S' 'A e R 1 ii' I Lf 1 W u, ' Er' QPR il R Y . I X N .y X rkx :X 1 L, Wt ' J ' y ' fax -A Lb ix..ill f -:K ,yir 455, W 6' ni.. , J ng Mlm' "N'l 'Jes ' T S :'f Q34 439 3 43 gg. Wy: 13 Q .o,. ..w. X, , g' ip A in r X I rr, ig , ws i. S X U sw- ,ng-5, A, ww fl p X, sw tg, ef me we fe in I sl he so flf' at V ? K 5 1' , -I , dl "' 3- gf I dr .4-fa' 'f ,ea ... Q, ' dkv ' I be xx gt- ' e f t' VI I A : Afyvligt, R L it R, Q Q' A !4"A S . XY J!-iixsiwiiea -Gi: 'X ",?'-KNO L Z' az' L. fi Rf I , - - Q ,,, ,- n ' Q e ' " KG ' w I ' Q 1+-f 1 34 'R' 1 I .11 'fl Ni'--' TMC? L. wx' 2. Y' gil- ggi La ezifaaagia :N M 1 ,aa -fp aa M ' p A 3 x tg, 5, 5 11 , ' H ,aB I v- :A 1- ' 'L ,ng 4, V7 C S. is Q. N! -8 :i -QE Z' 31 Q1 gn- Q1 Za .if Y by X.. , A ,Y f -xi J, l on f-ef. I -N X , - ef, A I ., .4 H' x- -M--.. . Jr 4- I Jw. I ,Q gg- Li Qc ,F Q. V I R fy -+C We J- cf -+ n. no , Q fin. ROW I Lois Bechtel, Max Chrivia, Nancy Haines, Richard Larkin, Jerry Papineau, Mary Santos, Marlene Wagner, Raymond Chase, Frederick Rocker ROW II Donna Beedy, Barbara Clark, James Harris, Patricia Leach, Barbara Parks, Margaret Scanlon, Janice Walker, John Cherry, Frederick Ryker ROW III Kenneth Biggs, Marcella Crowell, Nancy Henry, Helen Leineke, Frank Piechnik, Dallas Schmitzer, Robert Waters, Dan Edenburn, Shirley Stevens ROW IV JoAnn Boswell, Ellen Cummings, Jerry Hoskins, Jack Leineke, David Polcik, Virginia Sellers, Dick Westfall, Richard Gerow, George Tarrant ROW V Joyce Britton, Owen Danner, Jacob Hutton, James Lovasz, Pat Porter, Ione Sharpe, Lorraine Whitney, Helen Lambertson ROW VI Bette Burleson, Bertha DeSander, Billy Keys, Janice Malone, Lynn Race Ronald Shook, Joanne Wright, Nancy Larkin ROW VII Robert Burry, Mary Diem, Joseph Keys, Jerry Mansfield, Maynard Reed, Betty Spencer, Leonard Wright, Carl Nicholas ROW VIII Larry Carmody, Ruth Duncan, Irene Kline, Carol Newcomer, Mary Renner, Henry Stafford, Don Yeaster, B everly Oakley 39 fx 3 1 .mu President.......... Vice-President..... Secretary ..... ..... Treasurer ......... . 'S 63' Sponsor Mrs. Shoup 40 Bob McNeil John Gifford Pat Krebs Sandra Diffin 155' ln 1'-Q :.' Q, , 4- -' , - - 1 I S77 I-3' is 9 -, 5' S21 , . lb- '-7' A. 4-, -1-'S S v ' 'S 4 'R "I: N, .f A -.'- - - .,.a.i am! , . Lift g 594 6' '- 1? G, ' '3 1' , '45, w A Ab 1 'A 5 Q N .5 .7 Rf -vi ax V- 'I ,xxx fri, :x X, , Egg, . . 'Q7' at sit i ' H- 6 we A Q? :ff ' " A ' :Q li" "La w, , Q E In L.. vs ,Q J ' ' .' x . -X" w 1 . XX KN--.X W ein X - -..-. Q.. f-- -- me H M' N. as , :SN S .:- ' 's - Q h tax 'V -Y ,-R' ' ' , V A ge 'T' 1 Ae! Q I , fkxffmx' N ,L ' M ' o -A an a Y 5' .X 4. ' .jf 5 - , 5, 1 ff'-1 Qi- ,V a.. 5,-. " ff, ' 1 A ry, str' r-x "' 55 , ,. Q, oggjbxg ' I N me ', ' x , is fx as a?s,m, as I ,Er X 1 A T ,- .YJ A .. , ' ' a - 6 m 5 g aim 'of 'L' 54 41 Y , er:-N :L Tw A . ll J a J 4 J " 'W' . ' ff qwmala if ff x N' ' 'G-. "4 N- A fr-.QI 'Q ,AG '. 8 af-' 'Yr A '., QE, if 5 - Ah- 5? B' --' ,rx - ,, ' I , 'im' v ' I X, ' ix, F f A A hx . -V. 9 :- ?, 1 , , n- .. ,W Q -h W ' 4- X C' l +- xfzu f?uY A V J? igf :yd 153: S 'Q.Q ' . 5 .' M'f' . 'f. B 'x 3 i, A' 'Q ,,'- X X Qi-gf li lg gl tn ' , Vx Xa ' 1 ROW I Gary Andres, Charles Connis, Linda Edenburn, Ronald Hobson, Robert McNeil, Richard Renner, Edward Taylor, Lawrence Cobleigh, Barbara Reed ROW II Thomas Andres, Ronald Cooper, Jon Frledl, William Hobson, Patricia Mogg, Henry Sanford, Nancy Thomas, Lena Collier, Donna Reed ROW III Glenn Atwell, Delores Crandall, Louise Gerow, Pat Krebs, Delores Mountney, Pat Schack, Gloria Valliere, Judy Dinsmore, Lynn St. John ROW IV Barbara Atwell, Nelson Crandall, John Gifford, Juneau Lambert, Doreen Mountney, Stanley Shook, Betty Vroman, Judeth Ealy, Claudia Taylor ROW V Beverly Bigelow, Violet Crowell, James Gillett, James Lane, Sandra Murdock, Kathryn Slade, Keith Wallace, Beverly Herrick ROW VI Tony Bigelow, Pauline Davidson, Beverly Harger, Robert Lorensz, Beverly Parks, Gloria Smith, Stanley Wolosuk, Patty Hobson ROW VII Loyde Camehl, Jerry Davis, John Harrison, June McDaniel, Martha Phillips, Leo Snow, Margaret Wood, Mary McNeil ROW VIII Robert Chase, Sandra Diffin, Judeth Harrow, Douglas McLachlan, Lynn Pollard, Alvin Stanley, Anthony Wyzynajtys, Melvin McNeil l I Noon hour popcorn rush D Taking it easy Study hall Xxx I Vi'-1 1 . " Q45 , fl- ,r- f v , , V ' f 4 nf' x .M nfl. ,r - 4 . 5 W 1 N . 4 ,e 1 F NNN N." 'yr Y. AC X ' 1 ff X ff-'1,Lfg l' 5 'AA ' jx' kk' f-139:-. K fwfr' ,,w W'jdP' 42 'lsfun -' ' h -A 0 -- ' A r 'Va ' wk Av' f 4 ' .V , ' I , yi ., 1 I A " 7th grade History I Miscellaneous 8th grade Science ,f f r 4 vis' I 7 xX X 4 Dy V ir x 6 Ngafgmgig NL w vw' k Wiz, ., sg, . A -,, :N xxx-, my x ff-- ,Ju I B S. ,sl ' -' E -f ' , 1 . I N .J . 9, ' z I , l 1 . .- ' , fx.. W , , 'I , g V . I ' T i any 6 fi5L' 'f' fi' '.' . v '-- ' , , 4 - v-xhp w , V3 - X N 1 L Q . 1 af, ' ' ""' A , . M, I . ,qv x wg- in N ,S .,,,,, , se K S9335 A x.4. . N . S X I.-:'f':1+r Q . in Dwi iii! P ,Nr sf, I Q 51' W-we-. 4-Q... A V . 4 , g 1 11116 1 gn 'HWQ-A Q .wf , ,-5' ' I , ' "', j " ,jg "' , Q f V A a if ATM as J E5 Fzliggiif Q 1QfQg5i ""- H- 'X '.L.f,... f1i:eiQrssiZ2i.4f 1 x 2 - Q I F. J c ,A 3 4 ,. 'P , a I I I l X Vlu -' -L 'F , -gr Q. . V- .li .,.,-""' ,, l xxf X ,. X 4 1 x I S S .1 -:fi ,jf-gn QQ? , N . in-f I ,af-"'1 4 ...,.. L 1? ,Ag :Q -..' ....-L-J-F ,.-Fe , WV' X A I ? A Nu -R .ar ' ?Y ,yn X Q. is gi E .1 i 'ii 2 n Fi' T1 - . , P X 2 I Xxx-'f If 'ix N xi . , I 5 it 1 tb ,,k. A ..f E Lf"'f.'3B'i' 'Tx F V l -f GK ' 'iziliih , n 4 ,.--- 'X i X . , ' r Q Q 3 r, " ,r' ', .4 i 12,553 , , .x .-f Tr : N . kr , , ,. . B4 -5' . ui' , ,. Q., 'Ti .,. Y. T f Qi y ' A 5 Q 2' ' J' ., ..- I. I. F-5 "", -V 1 f"- . X-- . i X I H 5 'P' w- Q XJ' , . 'x B 'K 4 , ljfdfikgaf N h x 4 ' '. ,.,..-Le'- , '. A x , H5-5 ' his lm vw, . 6.X A - " rl. I Q O is Il I' .. .' , R x. - 4, I Q ff - ks I - r , '4?N r ,' mvgkgi X .' xst- - Ni, I S' I v' r x + ' ' a- ' N . . S 3 AQ' 12 if' A ar XV i"'T' 1 1- "' . ' ,- QMQJY VVT".1 5 'EL- A 5 Q 1 A f ,W J, .. ik 2 - " 4- 4 i n " 4' ,- A. in 'HQ mm, , N -il 'rs "J ' -'af 4.3 , Y 1 l ' 1 i ' X I2 .fx ' 'Qfiix E gun 4 main I A I g I GG .A31 ' sg. .- . ' .:, 7' R33 gy 6 0 3 N 4' gf l WF 3- 1. ,4w-- ' f .N-.X nf, K"' Ni if ' -msg, S, A Q if-I- xf T3 A X SAN 1 11 .'-Q! mu ' 1 we "wig Rambler Stuff Greetings from the Rambler staff to the student body! Another year, and another year-book comes your way. We wish you many pleasant hours thumbing the pages of what we hope will be one of your most prized possessions. Assistant Editor editor Corinne Betty Sholler McCormick 52 6 e Rose Echo Sponsor Mrs. Friedl 53 The Rose Echo staff has made every effort to obtain a cross-section of news from the various deoartments,cluhs, and activities throughout the school. The editor is Dale Scanlon, repor- ters From clubs etc. are: Marjorie Shick, Julie Piechnik, Shirley Bullard, Joanne Diem, Margaret Dunlap, Edith Harrington, Carl Lovasz, Doris Mcwherter Margaret Massey, Eugene Saucier, Marlene Somers, Natalie Andres, Barbara Danner, Bill Draper, Louis Fras, Don Frazier Jo Ann Hill, Betty Sholler, and Wanda Smith. Grade Louis Hill, reporters are: Shirley Gillett, Fras, Lula Jane Feller, Carol Betty Burleson, and Betty Vroman. , The typists are: Corinne NhCormick Pat Moor, Betty Sholler and Regina , I Carpenter. . Y Room For One More Junior Play The Junior Class Play of 1953, Room for One More, was extremely well received by Montrose. The story, whic concerned a large family and their adoption of a crippled boy, was both warm and real with a mixture of humor and pathos. It was a good story, with all the attributes of a successful play--good cast and unique setting. Mrs. Goddard directed the play, with the assistance of Pat Moor as prompter h Q Director Mrs. Goddard pinna- ' Q 1 Q ,Ai-gs Senior Pla Our Miss Brooks Q25 Miss Brooks, a play based on the popular radio-television series of the same name, was chosen as the senior class play of l95h. The action took place in a classroom, and the story pictured Miss Brooks in a series of predicaments which kept the audience laughing from start to finish. Mrs. Goddard again directed, with Pat Moor prompter. Those who saw the play en- joyed it to the fullest. 55 9 5 . i 3 4 y Director Mrs. Goddard 'HV E iv Vw' Y , , " as-mrmfff' 1 , librarian l The library has continued to grow and the student librarians have found their work increasing with the growth in circulation. Some pleasant trips have partially compensated for the work, however. Three students, with Mrs. Rhoads, attended the spring and fall county SLAAM meetings in Flintg the same number attended a week-end camp at Clear Lake last fallg and the entire staff went to the state meeting in Ypsilanti in May, All of these meetings were quite worth while and the students gained enthusiasm from them. Librarian Mrs. Rhoads Sponsor Mrs. Axtell F. All girls who Felt they were interested in becoming F.H.A. members were invited to attend a picnic soon after school opened. It was a great success in that we now have twenty-seven girls who are members. We have received our charter. At Christmas the members dressed dolls and distributed them to little local girls. We also enjoyed a Christmas party at our soonsor's home, and a Valentine party at the school. We are planning to send delegates to the state F.H.A. convention March A H 5 in Grand Rapids Our officers are President, Qeverly Maitlendg Alice Larkin Vice-Presidentg Eva Bednarski, Secretaryg Rose Cook, Trea- surer. H. A. 'fx F.H.A. Officers 7 :l!!' 09988. if N 5' F. N. A. Sponsor Mrs. Axtell The F. N. A. organized this year with twenty-two members. The sponsor and officers attended the state convention for F. N. A. held at Battle Creek in the fall. The same delegates toured the hospital for disabled vet- erans at Battle Creek. Members sold popcorn and purchased material with which to assemble first-aid kits for all the grade rooms. In January club members toured the School For The Deaf. Officers are Carol Wesley, pres- identg Jean Crump, vice-presidentg Joan Harger, secretaryg Julie Piechnik, treasurer. A I ,A 2: W '31,-f l m " "?f"2,:':'2fgg,wf fQf27f,i.,Qg a-4sX'f'Y',,,mf ' L I .,, ,,124.v:M3, 'K .eigfj , '- W , I-f m., .. ,ii N'-,.vi1,,Ll , i -iii gg? .- ,wr-3:41, Qs 1 Q 1 5 3 2 , v , . 5 31' D- ' 5 3 U1 0 O CJ '1 I-' O '4 ,o This year marked the existence of the first per- manent student council. The council sponsored a homecoming which was well received and also a semi- formal dance. The of the council are and the interest he oused in the ceunc toward increased a the future. It is to prove its worth. activities increashu ing arr- l points ctivity in striving s President..........Wayne Clark Vice-President.....J1m Papineau Secretary,..,. ,..Jeraline Barks Treasurer. u o o 1 I 0 o 0 Gene Ba-FXS Student Council I xfip A 0 UQ!! Mr. Barney 59 3 ll, llp 6 The Senior-Y-Teen Club is composed of junior and senior girls. The pur- ose of the club is threefold: to be P more cognizant of the needs of those less fortunate than they, to develop a better understanding of the racial and religious problems, and to develop a keener insiqht into their own urob- lems. Sponsor Mrs. Friedl 60 It Senior Qi ., Y-Teens I unior Y Teen Officers 5 ' I..- The Y-Teens have not been so active as in other years, but have had a number of social and recrea- tional meetings. They have contin- ued to send cards to patients in the County Infirmary and have entertained the faculty at a tea, in addition to their regular activities. Soonsor Mrs. Rhoads 61 ' n. ,1-n41- , EE? ll., , eg ,, 'V A5 71h s. am Y-Teens I . 7th Sc Sth Y-Teen Officers Sponsor Mrs. Shoup x N The Seventh and Eighth Y-Teens organized last fall with Mrs. Shoup as sponsor. We met every two weeks during activity period. The officers are president, Mary Alice Santosg vice-president, Carol Ann Newcomerg secretary, Joyce Brittong treasurer, Lois Bechtelg inter-club council, Pat Hobsong reoorter, Beverly Harger. 62 Conservation Officers The Conservation Club consists of members interested in conservation activities--such as: preservation of wild game, handling of fire arms and ammunition, and understand ing of game laws and rules. The main purpose is the con- servation of soil. At the present time the club is plan- ning a re-forestation project. We meet once each month during activity period for lessons in the above subjects and the club co-sponsors the annual fall-hunting assembly. Conservation Sponsor Mr. Young AA Allk Varsity Club Officers Varsity The Varsity Club began its activ- ities with a pot-luck dinner and hay- ride during the football season. They were able to finish the record board they began last year. They have elim- inated the wearing of other school let ters in our school. They planned a project to improve the athletic field by hauling in good top soil, however, their plans were made, and bad weather forced them to cancel them. To com- plete their activities, they plan a gift to be given to the athletic pro- gram. Sponsor Mr, Alward 71h 8. 81h Boys' Club 4. Officers Through the Boys' Club, 7th and 8th grade boys the demands of attempt to adjust to high school. With the aid of their sponsor, Mr. Goddard, they solve the young teen-age include hikes, fellowship one problems arising among boys. Their activities picnics, and general with another. Sponsor Mr. Goddard 65 .m . ,ag self B, ? Queen and Court Harvest Festival Queen ---Be tty Butler King----Jerry Yeaster Court Joanne Wymer Joan Harger Julie Piechnik Ralph Morse John Osterman Don Goodwin Homecoming Queen Court: Ellen Larkin Donna Davidson Jeraline Berks Hazel Way King, Queen, and Court ,it I 1 ff 1 YQ 1 f Q, H! E F Z 3 - : 52 EE K- Mrs. Harrow rector Gwillim Boys' Glee Club The Boys' Glee Club consists of fourteen members. We have concentra- ted on three part arrangements from all of the standard male voice lit- erature. A large number of our group are seniors. We will miss them upon graduation. 67 4 , 5 3 a s 'A ,V fi Girls Glee Club I The Girls' Glee Club consists of forty-three members. Their efforts for the past year have been directed to a diversified selection of vocal music. In their repertoire are classical, semi-classical, religious, and musical com- edy selections. Nine seniors will be lost through grad- uation. Their abilities will be difficult to replace. :--4-1..h-..,... Pianist rector Mrs. Harrow Mr Gwillim Director Mr. Gwillim The Girls' Glee Club II consists of twenty-one members. Their musical efforts have been directed to a wide range of vocal music. They intend to use the second hour section to replace graduating seniors in the first group. They have enjoyed preparing many musi- cal selections from all fields. Girls Glee Club II 55 , A, 5,3 A YX,MAYx,, ,Y XX X X. X3 xx N xxx 'jx r,,,,, '-5 , - ' . ' : .. 5 , . i Q ', .-.,,., . , , ry, .f,Q.g,-f- A. , ' ' . ' '.-,'-Q"C,,fA.,y,Aw:x,,,.-"'- ,..' k -- .5 '.,,' V-. ', 1' M .. . ,. - Q-1 X. ix, . x Y N , U 'v.,x . .wh KJ l 'X ff Vx'i 9.-Q.-fn X w V' W X X G 5 fr. A I 4.-A , , , 1' ' X K+ Hy1.GXfx .W , 1 X 1 xnxx . A XX x 1 - x QM M f X w Q J 4 'F' Percussion 5 : xsisii? 1 ' , - V 1 fkiiin "3 3 K 'fu Yf , ' QA ,QQTQ ' If FI R Tp- ii ' rf . ,4 .' 'X - .1- Q!! ! r I ! -- 2-V. 573 , L ,- L ' 1- 2, ' ' - E' ...J 70 2 E 5 9 0 bra 93 Q 1 Q , i 1 I 4 G ,T o 00' 3166! , Q of 'W T K 'AQV ri,f,.HAA:-D .X My Director W' gg. A ' Mr Gw1111m ' The Montrose High School Bond 1' I if- comprises thirty-four musicians and three majorettes. The band has con- centrated on a high level of perform- ance with contemporary band literature Their outdoor activity was diminished somewhat, because so many musicians participated on the athletic teams. Their indoor work has been varied and pleasant, including pep rallies, P.T,A, meetings, school assemblies, and etc, Six seniors will be graduated. Their loss will be deeply felt and difficult to replace. 71 F Choir The choir is composed of members from the girls' and boys' glee clubs. This group deals with the stan- dard four part literature. 'YK MPS. HQPPOW Director Mr. Gwillim 72 ,,........1--"" . ..,...s--""""'WY WW V inn! R1I?13i4!5 l8!9?0?127Q3 82930 ' l5?b?7?A Custodian Rose Campbell Jim Helfrich Mr. Ted Canfield Mrs. Margaret Feher Mr. Tony Feher Mr. Blight Mr. Thorsby DI'iVBl'S Mr. Feher Mr. Leslie Mr. Sivyer Mr. Murdock AUTOGRAPHS Cheerleaders The cheerleaders organized again with Betty Butler, Corinne McCormick, Beverly Hobson, Jeraline Barks, Lula Jane and Mary Ann Feller, Pat Shepard, Doris Cole, Mary Alice Santos, and Bob Mackenzie. They were cheerleaders for the football games, and later Gale Eastwood joined them. When the basketball season started, Barbara Clark, Joan Boswell, Beverly Harger, and Helen Leineke joined to be cheerleaders for the girls games. Mary Alice, Doris, and Gale were cheerleaders for the reserve games, and Beverly, Mary Ann, Lula Jane, Jeraline, and Bob were cheerleaders for the varsity squad. VARSITY IF" RESERVES Sponsor Mrs. Shoup I-fxgi ,:-:,- Gigi?-3 l Z-11. 4 5 :ig 169 + s 'ifT'QSgg,T- Q,l1,:"l "ff " , igxfrg' if - - sj- af,' J nxwfq -s, X w ao. -a.f14,ft4 su, sua es s,f or-L,-Qoffmnixg veg? 55' ag ggi , if XG' X "' XXV' Nm r f t'Li?199?? i-11:25 ' -'qi six A . ,X Xl -ii ," .g ' fx' ' 'U J- r--' Yagi ' V i 'W "ffl6a'xQ'imUQa xx hljbfn F J sg V xg? f X3" QQ Q ff .fl ' 3, ' V ' 4 Q1 . . x ' 1. .ff 4 f f .t igyxggx-iv!,-Sfyex x X Q Luk! Sl: . X, 'x x q fwf X on s f f ,,A .tengo NYJ' ' L 7 Ll H ' iii' -" Y N ' K ' 'L:., H, '5iA.A 5 'LJEFE w Jw , x c.-f 1 Montrose Montrose Montrose Montrose Montrose Montrose Montrose Montrose Montrose Montrose Montrose w,Mw EK .w, vf.' vi 1 ' ' ' 2051- SF. as ' "bfi-1 ,X 11--Gaines 8 2--Linden 3 S--Hoover O 5--Swartz Creek O 5--Dye M O--Otisville 2 6--Goodrich 1 3--Mandeville M 11--Bentley 8 3--Mt. Morris O 18--Utley S Assistant Coach Mr. Miller i Reserves Coach Mr, Alward OUTFIELDERS 4Jim Belill HJohn Eycleshymer 4Jack Clolinger NDave Foster PITCHERS +Chuck Duncan tJim Papineau iEldon Dunklee HLETTER W INFIELDERS iHaro1d Myers 4Tcm Hoskins +J1m Helfrich iPRi chard Gre en WDick Cumminqs 4Ceci1 Clolinger CATCHH WRay Feher INNERS Planning Strategy 45' x D a " V t 1 . 1 i 'f SIX ' . ffw.,n,iE!L4aL QM QQENQP' Montrose O- LINEMEN NRalph Morse Nwayne Clark 4Jerry Clark NJohn Morier MTom Hoskins tHQrold Myers Jim Andres HJerry Murdock Dean Wesley Football BACKFIELD 4Jim Papineau 4Chuck Duncan 4Jim Helfrich HCarl Lovasz WJohn Osterman Danny Diem 4Jim Green WJack Clolinger Duane Harrow +Bpuce McCormick WDeWayne Taylor NBill Harris award Dowell Gerald Shook Mike Morier Dennis Wilson WTed Thomas NAlfred Crowe Hlerry Yeaster HLETTER WINNERS Montrose Montrose Montrose Montrose Montrose Montrose Montrose 0- 0- 7- 7- 20 Q- 0- Coach Mr. Alward Assistant Coach Mr. Ewigleben -Otisville lb D76 55 -Utley 38 Swartz Creek -Mt. Morris O -Linden 6 Hoover 6 Bentley 12 6 QR 'U' Managers Max Chrivia Jim Harris l Coach Varsity Mr. Alward Montrose 23 Montrose 33 Montrose M9 Montrose 35 Montrose 57 Montrose 59 Montrose M2 Montrose 30 Montrose Ml Montrose 63 Montrose 37 Montrose 52 Montrose 36 Montrose 52 Montrose M1 unsung-zu was ' 59 N is -xi R xg. , 6 -JJ- Full Mandeville 33 Bentley 3h Bendle S2 Mt. Morris 39 --Hoover S3 Atherton Sh Swartz Creek 31 Mandeville 61 Bentley M2 Mt. Morris 73 Linden 36 Hoover 39 Birch Run 67 Swartz Creek Ml Goodrich MS Captain V Harold Myers Co-Captain Gene Barks Basketball GUARDS FORWARDS WGene Barks 4Harold Myers 4John Osterman +Bruce McCormick NCarl Lovasz- iJack Clolinger Jim Papineau John Morier CENTER aChuck Eastwood 4LETTER WINNERS Managers Jim Harris Jerry Hoskins Montrose M3 Montrose 3h Montrose 27 Montrose Sl Montrose M7 Montrose M3 Montrose M1 Montrose 39 Montrose 37 2 Montrose Montrose Montrose Reserves --Mandeville 38 --Bentley 27 --Bendle Ml --Mt. Morris no --Hoover 37 --Atherton 38 --Swartz Creek 38 --Mandeville MS --Bentley ML --Mt. Morris 27 --Linden 35 --Hoover 28 --Birch Run 25 Montrose --Swartz Creek M8 Montrose --Goodrich hh O 6h Montrose M5 37 33 FORWARDS Duane Harrow Larry Schmitzer Dan Shepard CENTERS GUARDS Gerald Shook Jim Andres Jim Green Duane Taylor Jerry Murdock Chuck Duncan Jim Herrick 80 Coach Mr. Ewigleben CATCHER PITCHERS INFIELDERS OUTFIELDERS NNorma Brenay wJackie Sullivan WRita Jennings WE11GH LaPkin Jackie Aldred 4Haze1 way fBetty Butler 4?Mnpgapet Dunlap 5i'ShiI'1S'y L3I'ki!'1 453113 Hendepgon 4Mer1ene Somers Montrose Montrose Montrose Montrose 6--Mandeville 17 9--Utley 17 11--Hoover 3 7--Otisville 18 Manager Vernita Myers Vernita Myers QGLETTER WINNERS Softball Carol Wesley Betty Sholler Wanda Smith Lula Jane Feller Joanne Diem Carol Godsave Coach Mrs. Shoup Basketball Captain Hazel Way as I f J uf? 'A r w k ,Q .1 :A , K , 'U V ,Q V 4 N ke n,fH '.-:Zig i ' ' Co-Captain Corinne McCormick FORWARDS 4Corinne McCormick NNatal1e Andres 4Betty Butler WDorris Mcwherter NBetty Sholler NVernita Myers Jackie Aldred Lula Jane Feller Joanne Wymer xx ll? GUARDS NHazel Way wMargaret Dunlap NSandra Godsave NReg1na Carpenter WMarlene Somers WEllen Larkin Carol Godsave Rita Jennings NLETTER WINNERS I Managers Mary Ann Feller g, M . . A wi t Q, , 2,2 -, HI if sf Q, 1 JS- LQ Montrose 26--Hoover 10 Montrose 18--Swartz Creek 22 Montrose 13--Mandeville 26 Montrose 13--Bentley 22 Montrose 15--St. Mary's 19 Montrose 15 Hoover 3 Montrose 19--Swartz Creek 26 Montrose 19 Nola J. Clark C. M. C. Utley 20 Roberta Seelye Girls Athletics CALENDAR ADVERTISMENTS I f Compliments of Member F.D.l.C. 1 C I B k' ' omp ete on mg Service Deposits Insurance 10,000.00 September 9 School reopened today. ll The seniors sponsored the first dance of the year. 12 The seniors had their pictures taken today. 1 Christmas cards came for the seniors to sell. 18 Initiation was today. The freshmen were real excited. There was a dance for them given by the sophomores. We had our-first football game after school. It was with Otisville. Otisville won by lh points. 21 The seniors got their proofs back today. 25 We played Dye and lost 55 to 0. 29 Grades 7-12 had their pictures taken today. October 2 Game with Utley. We lost 38 to 0. 9 Game with Swartz Creek. It was played on our field. We won 7 to 61 16 Today was the last of the first six weeks. Next week, report cards! We played Mt. Morris St. Mary's under their lights. We won again 7 to 01 21 Game with Linden on our field. We won 20 to 61 The queen was crowned during the half of the game. Ellen Larkin was elected. The sophomores gave a Bill Lamb dance this evening, and the queen was crowned again for those who didn't get to the game. 27 Rehearsal started today for the senior play--Our Miss Brooks. 30 Game with Hoover today played on their field. We lost 6 to O. What a shame! The Lions Club gave a dance for all the students here at the school. They have been doing this for several years. We had an as- sembly this morning on Ethiopia. It was very interesting. November 6 Game with Bentley. We lost 12 to O1 The P. T. A. held a Harvest Fes- tival in the gym. The school elected Betty Butler and Jerry Yeaster for king and queen of the festival. 84 November 13 We had an assembly this morning--a magician. The freshmen had a disc jockey dance. 17 The senior pictures finally came today. We thought they would never get here. 20-21 Senior play--Q33 Miss Brooks. Some fun! 26-27 Thanksgiving vacation. December 3 Report card day. Game with Mandeville fbasketballl. We lost 33 to 23. M 8 The P. T. A. gave a Christmas program this afternoon for us. 9 ll 15 18 2h January M 8 12 13 15 19-20 20 21-22 22 7th and Sth grades had a dance just for the two grades. The Sth grade was the sponsor of the dance. Game with Bentley. We lost 3h to 33. Game with Bendle. We lost 52 to h9. Game with Mt. Morris St. Mary's. We lost 39 to 35. Christmas vacation started. School reopened today. Game with Hoover. We wgn S7 to S31 Game with Atherton. We won 59 to Sh! 7th and 8th grade party--7th grade sponsoring. We had another assembly today. It concerned Scottish folk dances and songs. Game with Swartz Creek. We won again S2 to 311 Semester examinations. The senior class gave an all school dance for grades 7-12. No school. The teachers graded papers and marked cards. We had a vacation. Game with Mandeville. we lost, and we were having such good luck be- fore. The score was 61 to 30. canqwlufalians ia llw Class of I954 SCRAMLIN REXAll DRUG STDRE Phone 2001 Montrose, Michigan I 1 85 Congratulations "Seniors" HOPES JEWELRY MILLS' SUPER MARKET "Your one sfop shopping center" CORNER FLUSHING AND PIERSON RD. FINE DIAMONDS AND WATCHES SELF SERVE MEATS--PRODUCE HARDWARES--APPLlANCES--BUTTERCUP FORMERLY CLIO BAK EMS wA1.T SMITH OF PHONE 7'59" DRUGS UFTS MONTROSE 29 Game with Bentley--h2-hl. Lost by one point! February 5 Game with Mt. Morris St. Mary's, 73 to 62. We lost! 9 Game with Linden, 37 to 36. We Egg! 10 7th and Bth grade party. 8th grade sponsoring for the two grades. 12 Game with Hoover. We won 52 to 391 19 Game with Swartz Creek. We won S2 to Ml. 26 Play-o?f game with Goodrich. We lost! March 3 6 District basketball tournaments at Dye. S 7th and Sth grade party--7th grade sponsor. 8 Assembly by a crayon artist. 10 7th and 8th grade party. 11 Report card day. 12 Dance given by the sophomores. 26 Dance given by the juniors. April 9 Dance given by the freshmen. 16 Good Friday. School closed. 20 Baseball game with Utley, We won. 21 Softball game with Mandeville. We lost! 23 Baseball game with Mandeville. We won 13 to O1 23-2h Junior Play--Meet Corliss Archer. 28 Softball game with Bentley. We E92 17 to 91 30 Baseball game with Bentley. We won 7 to 2. May l Junior and senior banquet and prom. 6 Baseball game with Mt. Morris St. Mary's. We won 5 to O1 7 County track meet. 86 -1 Congratulations Compliments Cnass of "54" JAMES R. AND CHARLES R. COLE of FUNERAL HOME PERIARD STORE I BU., Mich. PHONE 119 E. STATE ST. 2481 MONTROSE Congrotulafion JOHN C. ROGERS Class of "54" DeVOES SERVICE GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY PURE-OH.PRODUCE MONTROSE MONTROSE MICH. PHONE 25N May 11 Baseball game with Otisville. We won M to 3. 12 Softball game with Hoover. We won 15 to S! lh School master's meeting in Ann Arbor. No school! Game with Hoover. 15 Regional Track meet. 17 Baseball game with Atherton. We won ll to I4! 19 Softball game with Swartz Creek, We lost. 21 Baseball game with Swartz Creek. We won 2 to 1!! The win gave us the championship of division I. 22 State track meet. 23-26 Senior trip! 26 Play-off softball game. 28 Championship baseball game. 31 Baccalaureate night. Memorial day celebration. School closed for the day! June , Class night, Commencement. I 1 2 Day of class picnics. School closed for the summer!!! 87 DAY PHONES RES. PHONE I'IELFRICI'I BAKERY 4572 . 4591 I 2366 SPECIAL CAKES FOR ALL OCCASIONS STALEY'S FARM and HOME SUPPLIES PLUMBING 8.HEATING ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES MORRIS HEL FRICH 125 MAPLE S-I-I E. A. STALEY, OWNER MONTROSE PHONE 2223 FLUSHING, MICH. Congratulations Compliments of DELEHANTY PONTAIC CO., INC. Class of "SA" LAURA'S DAIRY BAR Regular Meals Short Orders McDonald IceCream MICH. FLUSHING MAIN AT CHERRY STS. 'FLUSHING MICH FLUSHING JEWELRY Flowers for AII Occasions Phone 2583 DIAMONDS WATCHES REIDS' FLOWERDALE JEWELRY Corsages - Cut Flowers SILVERWARE WATCH 8. JEWELRY REPAIR Seymour at Wilson Rds' Flushing, Mich. Landscaping Montrose Mich. Phone 4536 Compliments FRUTCHEY BEAN CO. of MASTER Mix FEEDS PEOPLES STATE BANK Grains of FI.usHINc, MICHIGAN Beans Fertilizers MEMBER OF F. D. I. C. and Montrose, Mich. Phone 2451 FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM l 1 1 1 A BYERLY'S Congratulations Class of "54" I STOP SHOP SAVE GROCERIES - MEAT LEACH AGENCY Montrose Michigan GENERAL INSURANCE PHONE 3551 MONTROSE VARIETY GIFTS - DRY GOODS - NOTIONS HOUSEWARES THELMA M. SCOBY, PROP MCCORMICK AND PERSONS GENERAL MERCHANDISE Dry Goods Shogg Groceries Meqfs Frozen Foods P HON E 220 1 For The Best of Everything to Eat GENERAL MERCHANDISE SHOP AT SHEPARD'S Notions Shoes Congratulations Class of Phone Montrose 249I "54" Compliments Congratulations Class of of "54" GLENN W. MOOR LIFE - HEALTH - ACCIDENT LYMAN'S HARDWARE HOSPITAL - SURGICAL AND GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCE SECURED CR EDIT INSURANCE Phone Montrose 2321 Phone 2977 "' -' 89 Compliments of ELK'S GROCERY "lt Pleases us to Please youu Phone 3171 GOLD SERVICE QUALITY GAS . TANK TRUCK SERVICE PHONE 2501 Congratulations Class of Congratulations Class of "54" ll54ll MclNTOSH FRUIT FARM ITS STALEY'S BARBER sHoP F'NE FRU IN SEASON McKINLEY RD MONTROSE 'II9 N. SAGINAW ST. E. 5. McINTOSH MONTROSE Best Wishes To The Class of Congratulations 354W MCKENZIES GRAVEL PIT Mr. and Mrs. John McKenzie Class of "54" CLOVERLEAF DAIRY FLUSHING MICH. Phone 2778 MONTROSE PHONE 4541 COHQTUIUIUIIOUS Congratulations Class of Class of '54" "54" MAY THEATRE PHONE 2881 JONES AND EDGERTON 'Your Friendly Ford Dealer' CLIO, MICH. PHONE 3821 90 olL I r A 1 - 1 Congratulations BARKS GRO' SMEATS Class of "54" DRY GOODS MONTROSE RECREATION GAS - OIL I I ICE CREAM- POP MR. GMRS. LAVERN POWELL CORNER OF OPEN PHONE I06 E. State St. Montro M , -I3 - 57 SUNDAYS 2162 Congratulations Class of ALLENS JEWELRY H54n DIAMONDS - WATCHES PUBLIC SERVICE I GIFTS TELEPHONE CO. ALL TYPES OF REPAIRING PHONE 2211 CLIO MICH. LAYCOCKS GAMBLE STORE Compliments of APPLIANCES WALT GOODWIN SPORTING OOOO5 GOODWINS sERvlcE HOME FURNISHINGS SUNOCO GAS - OIL AUTO ACCESSORIES MONTROSE PHONE 40'I'I CLIO I PHONE 252I NEW USED Compliments of CUPP'S INDIAN MOORE'S GROCERY MOTORCYLES SALES I GAS 81OIL an MILES sou'rH OF SAGINAW ON M-13 91 M -I3 8. BURT RDS. BIRKMEIER HARDWARE RIVER - SIDE MONTROSE, MICH. MARKET Frigidaire And Electric Appliances AT THE BRIDGE NONTROSE Hardware, Paint - Bottle Gas QUALITY MEATS 8 GRO. Sporting Goods PHONE 2571 PHONE 3263 Cong.-qfulqfions Congratulations Class of "Class of "54" "5,4," BLANCI'lE'S GRILL THE MONTROSE ORCHARDS FINE FRUITS II8 W. STATE ST. IN SEASON FURSTENBERG BROTHERS , Congratulations LUMBER - COAL 'seniofs' BUILDERS' SUPPLIES TIM SHOUSE MONTROSE, MICH COW CORNERS Phone 2241 PHONE CLIO 2704 Compliments Best Wishes For of Class of "54" SWING BOWL RESTUARANT CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE "Meet 8 Eat with Your Friends At The Swing Bowl' 605 E. MAIN ST. MR. GMRS. H. S. SANFORD 84 EMPLOYEES FLUSHING MICHIGAN PHONE 3701 IIS W. STATE ST. 92 Autographs .ff fig, Qa- W?" '- ff AS' . --Q f- ,,:?sq. fc :Mr it 7 I-n -eb' X :QQ I 'S' 644 ..,x it .ani E I. i, n J". X up .50 uw .I f x I' f xl, ,Q 6 I H og of ' f I bf ,13- fu sc: 40 'v L .P X 1-M 'Q X V v XX ,IX Q 1? HA . , .1 ,Y H if TW 1, fa as v 1 4 mt' " v'F:.' 3 D. W ,K . Qian . br, V. V ' 1,25 x .lm '3'+-.v.: 4 R, " ' A Us M wr, - ,S pw, 'V 'xr ,.',n:N ,- ' 1 3- vf N I 1 35 , 9. ig, 1 1 I 1 1 'IV 1 g.',',v.1.'N 41.11, , 1w.1 'I 40444, 1 1 I 1 '11 1 'ff' 'XI l 1-1 1 511A 1 A 1! V 1,1 1 1 1 I 1 'I '4' 1 ,rm N ' 1, 1 11 I 1 Q1 1.31 - 1 4 :I ' 1 .-H a 1 1 . - 1 1 - V 1 1 1 o 1 'PU'1!1 ' 1 1 1 1. '.'l1' ' 1 1 1 1 Y 113, 5 .1 ' ? 1 1 -1 1' . 1 I .1 '."i,1- ', '11 1 151 1 y111 '1 1 "1 1-' 1 1-1 ' 1 X, 11 Q1 If . r X 'f ', 1 1 , 'I 5-N Q' F 'qgvr 5 1 'v 1 J 1 ' 1 .I 1 1 ., .1 49,1 HS' 111 11 v 1' 1 1 1 ' ' 1 -1 1 'I' 1 1 .1 1 11 .11 1 V, . 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ff '11, 1 1 1 V 1,1 1 1 ' 1 ,VF 1,111 1' "1111-- 3wu1e1'1 1. 1 1 Q 11 I 11 1' 11. 1 V 1. .-1 f. 1y1l 1 . 1 1"-6 .1-I' v1-M 111: ' 1':11 116 11x 1 .1,, " 11 1 .1 1 . 1 '-all V1 111 11211 -. 1'1t1I1i S, " -1.3! -.1 ,H 1 1 1 11, I ' 'H . 1 11 '1 - 1 1,. 111 1,1 'I 1111 .1 11 11 1 '- 11 11 1' WW 1 11 111 .4 .1 '1 1 1111? ,1 11111. L 1.511 1 . 11, 11 , A 4 - ,H Ls fl! A. ,Q K' ' by ' I . ' '1 .,,. . , . 4 M "lu wtf W gk," . 4,15 , ' r ,I .Q WX , :IL '. . , N t r", ' My-1 I, .IJ V I .I I, . ..5 , A--1, ,fL 'ni 44 ui 1 I , . 19 ,ef ' V.,Z 'Mx 51, 1 ' , xii ' .- . I ' 4 w?1 l':w ' '..' 4' 'X F .

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