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THE ACTA "7 'W-'rf I IUIIIISIHII In SENIGR CLASS HHN I IJDSI HN ll s1F1NH 'ly 1 4,14 I xl-J 4 ,fix 7- X ffffl , -f xf fi1s'I .'.". 1 '-1-qs52f1':. . yf 'jgi l,-r.r- 1 .1 -1.1 ' wi N' 'N 1 ,Qu Hx! I '.. , . nf -, . , . 41 . . v . . 4 I , . 1 L oooooooooooeaaagqoqgoooooooooaoooooooooooooooooooo ALMA MATER Our Alma Maters prause we sung our love and homage true We pledge to her our loyalty and try our best to do All that shes taught us through the years we ve sat beneath her rule Those glornous days' Those happy days' Our own Montrose Hugh School Leonard G O Brien Supervlsrng Principal Yours s the largest class ever to be graduated trom our school though we serve an area no larger than we drd titty years ago Thus condutuon s typ cal ot present day Arneruca The future wal show greatly Increased enrollments wlth attendan problems ot tmdung enough room When you come ct votung ago rememoer the condutnons under whnch your teachers and admnnns trators struggled trysng to hnd room tor you to s Face up to the problem so that those who follow you may have adequate school taculntses Each unduvrdual an our Am rucan culture rs con community an whlch you wall lnve will otter you many oppor unntues tor selt expresszon and soclal servnce lts snstrtutlcns nts churches lts local government all wall bad tor your talent and wwll expect much self sacrltsce on your part l trust that the lessons you have learned ln twelve years experuence rn the Amerucan publuc school system wall urnnsh eacn ot the members ot the class ot l955 a suthcuent background tor success as you assume the plac s ot resoonsubuluty an the communrtues nn which you choose to Inve Day on L B rchard H101 S hool Pruncupal . L T L , V A ' , 'l ' l tronted with many claims upon our loyalties. The L .. . . . L ' . . . . L l . l T l e g . .. . .L. . . V l l r , L : L . 1 .L C ACTA STAFF Seated lett to rlght Duck Meehan Elolse Stevens Jane Frear Allyn l-lunds Llsa l-loopes Carol Sloat S andsng Ethel Wnlluams Charlotte Cranqe Betsy McKenzIe Jnm Gruttns Ted Mcl.auqhlIn Pat Hall Carolyn Downer CLASS OFFICERS I I l' ' I I I I pri io 'fii Pa? Pvafffi' life r'ti"1:f Nix -Lee Wfeegaf AN Hn-of. FACU LTY S aed left to nght Iss Gvens Mrs Davndson M Bernoskr Muss r Nur re Mrs James Mr Gloflca Mlss l-lelferan Mr Donovan V!ocd lf ss Dedrrclc Mrs Coleman Mass Walmer Mr Rolston Tlwrd row Mrs Wltman Mr James Mr Yeager Mr Snyder Mr Wvtman Mr Sm ln O e f . F ' 1 M' 2 , . ' , r, '. ' Mc.. ti , . . , . . ' , . . Second row, left to right: Mrs. Slemlnslcl, Mrs. Maynard, Miss Mclfeown, Mr. . . . , . li . O I95I 2 I952 53 1953 54 I954 55 CLASS HISTORY -5 'X'-"f1"' ' " L r .- 1- , ". mf " 1' 1 ' BEPG f'-V hru UCGVI VY aiu Pay BRKSHAM ROBEPT W1 am fweo awe, eao OV aut as Q preb Y 7 UNNELL ONNA C PN Y...J Self N e c BOLLE5 APTMU ww G UT S 5 BRUNGES MILDRED M ie .vw 'nber of ou ass 'r v reserve '11 1 0 DO x' 4 H CARTER ROBEFZT ,uv 1 1C"'b' A 9-pq. K DAL! H W 'V WW 1 Wils- ww fs. of r-1 ELLCWORTI-I CLKUE ZY Bono wc Sona I we I G nose Chevy of n 4 C u no ufwtv Ba FOX WILLIAM Forcve sm around 'uc a good dresser easy to et a onq wwth oaseba 5 etbaII GARJNER CHARLES Chuck Very cas gonnq never Iva oo mud' to a ac' embe Ba GLINPA ROSALIE M Roy 4 EVERITT KENNETH I-Io ods arou cz Pon a e offs fv 'In saIesr'er 1 FREAR JANE :SPE d es b skcts III pIays er ward or sua d ,oe named Joe 5omaIIty Draw' s etball I A 5 County Cha us 4 Courwfy an e GILLOOLY RITA at dark wavy Pc nd blue eyesI" O un a F avi H Cv LVER ENN T' f- rrr CLCVE' ' f fu f "1 MM 'N mf X! SLr' H f- W ex 'T-36? it 5 W 4 f QL I -rn, pug, .QYL f 59 ....... s,- A f- 53 f LVS Sn HIN lg ALLYN f: Sf r' O 5 U L e 'wav Mfm YP V4 fx Oo n om, Quar a D as Cer' 65 CV' OV HOWELL BONNIE OH Q L24 vc ao sod e W r- 4 Vox C S ANA T' 3 W-,gr LLS WAVN: O CVFCW 3 PGV' HOOP S L SA Lusu w cute Mite padagg f ard fu adds a great Lo basketba' 3"1es ng 2 4 Volicy w A a e w HUGHES BRYCE CHop ff 1:1 D ora! mrs LW65 to en vav COC G 'GU 'H U N roi! fv' QE HSE SA A x- 5 IAQ 5 ws "F-Q.. an 9, l'1'3x J L Aff MILLER QOBEQT J! on , 'VCT J EE Cl aw MUDGE MARGARET ANN Peqqv Known for her Qnoqlmc fr er-diy lots of un has a hard 'cfne with the bovs A3 OAKES LYLE Fslwy Inkab awwq :me o ur' arm hi Wests n Auto H 4 Ch JLMSTFA Jfxp' CC qs -L-o hz. : 1 1 L.. KENQATI NEWTON BETTY JPAN 6 t. I PQVH. afe graductwon omg brown eyelashes uleasmg A 4 0 u OBOYLE JOSEPH O6 ec Dewwocrat Tkcs o s the Luck of ine teno vome vu U3 f N X cQQSCN BEATRJCE 51 T- I A r TC 'LL , ,- ..'s.-A1 A CJJVGT ..ePws'nA1.,, f-:il 'A 31 " 'gk , fu" . . . ea. gcing ,..- 'xg 5' T' , K I , N QE n E ' wma :,.W A -V,-.-1 1' L' LQ ,Q . IIT . , . ofa-,S t'i"'b:'-,- I, 2 7 F55' 33"C 95W -39 - - - '31 ba, - Vgyyi . V? o rue, -,QTY T 3 3 41 Bro 2 3 4' 5fT?'K" T X V1 'Mfg' 3, 'wma ,7 3 47 Cffxt. Ev: 4 ls.. Yivy ' X .- 9 47-A ' Ti ' W3 I , , ,. ., 'B t" . . C-:c"'g to chanqh he . :A I ' ' ' ' ' Y if ' , . , ! , A' ' ' sefsonality. I V ' 'H' ""' PH T,I,2,3. gchwunz. WJ ' T Sk Y . T , '3 32,21 -T ,..a-rn fwn g ' ' '9 ' ' ' I ' L b " n . , . ha ' the I- l f r f ..,, w ., 5' T Tag- 5 .4 ' r 4 A F 44 W, P,F,A,T2T3,4fCh052T3 P, F, A. T 23 Bowne! 2- T T 1 47 Bid Q me 3 44 M ed ' CWS I' 2- CPTZS 2 3 4. 'Jail lp VK V, Lk? :A 'n 5, C' '.' . . .- , " ,A 'LC Z1 "iL,:i..." , , , 5: ' 5 V: 3 ,vt xx U . BN hay, . f' , . . KL ' 1 M ' ' 1 'X '- - J - 3 H ,- ,Q , 5. , ,Y 5 H., . .,, ,I- fi ' 3 Q 5 -4 Q' . . , It , . .'tk'5'a.M,.f ' V T 4- H" 2 5 1- Q , -mn T I ' -- A . ' '- , -- 4. Q 31,15 .. . ' ' . 4. 3 .. 4' A fn PEE JUAN A AN' L-4 r-1A KOBERTS GARTP-1 Gard Friendly quset In cess never lacks a sm4Ye ROGERS GEORGE JOSEPH Fasf we 'wobb YGVYWD 0 6"'NdV' -3 mrs ck! Y Pav ROSE BOY- QE ei . . . eaz-. T' NS' , wkfn . . . 6 Q'E"'f'f"'A..". f' Sefd ara YE' 0 3 ROBINSON PAUL vi! Pauu e cute and u or n sually oun somethmq as qomg ac3 V ROOT RLJEDONNA a wut? stranq r anqll HIY HA 4 Lnfe Stag 2 RYAN T M .,1'f,, 'gf ' :N lan. J 3' V cms. Tfadc 2 37 HHY Play. 2345 HCV,- V Q 'Mar 'v fx CJ A, 4 S VERS BAQBARA Barb 51 1 N SMITH RICHARJ D r fl 57 U F' 5 N UQEN 3 LHFY' c .1 W-iw NRG .fum 'fd' SLOAT CAP' I .1 4 mb L x, ou, M M W QTEVENS ELOlSP MW 2 fbi, Udy emo Que was mow' m3 Bm ,J ,1 4A A WNHQA 1 is ad' CIP -ini' '95 I i C"I? KW' ,L y 'XY 'Cd' -as 'fl 4' 1 aug i' was I3 wlth the gatt ot an old Smuth and Wesson revolver To date he owns about 45 among them a s ngle shot percussion cap pistol made IU London out IBSO t o e t t w vlng a orlgrnal parts and wlth no rust or corroslon The oest Amerlcan made one IS an l849 Colt s pocket model revolver the type ot hand arm used ln the Clvll War Antuque shops auctuons or even add ng books on guns to has own library all these ar an obsesslon wlth our Danny To Jane goes the speclal honor ot recelvlng the Trst Federal Music Assocuatnon award ever granted to a member or our student body Thus award newly establrshed ln l952 was presented an recognrtlon ot Janes tune accomplishment as a puano accompanlst A s udent ot pnano tor nrne years she has contrlbuted much to our varxous school organuzatlons and at con certs Whether tor Mlxed Chorus Trl l-lu Y banquets D A R meetnngs or Rotary Jane has been most wlllmg to gnve her support Probably her tunest achueve ment has been the A ratlng as accompamst whlch she recerved at State Contest Jllf ' l fe'- gmail' L . . . , j-5 A 's -'lv 'f fl-:L-I -P U Q Dana's hobby ot gun-collecting began when he f A. ' V4 ab . l's n ot he e ha' ll its ' ' A 18 il 'UI When people ask Lisa how she started her hobby ot horse language she simply says Boys' After all arent boys usually the cause of everything good or bad7 lt all began back in 8th grade when she got tired ot teacher s punishment tor doodlung her dream mans name on every thing in sight Since Lisa liked horses so much she decided that tnere must be some secret way in which she could ousguis names with them A little more doodling' The result7 Everyone s in writing notes in a brand new language Ot course she was the only one who could translate them but it was tun anyway Now whenever Lisa doodles names shes getting practice not only writing names but drawing horses 19 Watching a repairman servicing a radio some years ago aroused in Bob a desire to know "what mad it work He secured an old model and had the tun ot taking it apart and putting it together again Happy to tind that nt would still play he continued his experiments until one day he ds covered that he had changed the tuner ot the radio until it passed dntterent trequencies and he was getting ama eur stations That did it' Hs interest in amateur radio established he soon enroll d in a course trom the National Rado lnstitute hs chief tascinatron being the study ot transmitters Bob hopes some day to get a corn fnercial radio telephone license required tor a technician in a broadcasting station He may be a ham in radio but in everything else w tound him tops lLLfN V-if fV'QRv N Q X HP-Xp-,O M3144- ' ' e . t . Q it ' ' if 2 ' ' t ' . ' i . i .Q. e ' i ' E , t , . . . . . . fig i 'gl ,, ., . . n . . eve ' r i flier' I . . .- . 8 I .3 ' ' ' fr.. TV f " Alf fd l name was being done in 'horses -to say nothing ot Lisa s skull H ,I y f ,Li J' 'Vi ' ' ' ' . ., ,- V- 'Vx . ff' G P' " Wir- ' , - .--- I" N ' r r ' r H ' -fr, N-Q4 if . . E . . in T is Cf-kj '36 H ' t L- in ' . J, ' ' - , 1 , 1 X- ' 2,15 Da:-. G, tl - t- x R -, , " Q ,-i fr.. , . 52,4 iii? LLASS XVILL 'N 'w N X k Mizglll l flll l'l' J J Jia SENIOR BAND MEMBERS Seated let to rrqnt Carolyn Downer Barbara Eddy Jane Frear Elorse Stevens Ethel Wslrams Pal l-lall Sandra l-lacks Mary Louise Weegar Standung Clyde Elnswortlw Tonwr Sclnall J rn Grnclus Allyn l-l nds Charlotte Crauqe Dorothy l-larutun Fatt Anderson Carol Sloat Bob Carter Robert Muller Jack Olrnstead Ted lx1cLauql'1l1n 'A5"lfU W' 1 CHORUS MEMBERS a e Cra oe Sa dra l-l Mar L or lf 'za Qa C1 :J a a r yge E wer n J e J 5 . ' , . .,. . , . r l 1 l I ' ' , . . . . , . 1, , 1 , , .TYY 1 I L I 1 I R I v l I V - A . 421.17 -- , W, , . M .. V V , P' M Se-ateo ert to font: Pat H ll Crar oft '4 'n his r y o Vse Wifeegar Jane Frea' Dorefny l-lefty Ease Sfe-vena. Sfano no: Boo Carter Barbara Edd, Bets, 'Kwik Nffan X Rea Car: Sfii Var' ,F l.X!'nvs , ' fa Re'-', Beatr ie Persson. Tnlro row: Dane rlarfson lonf Sine Teo UCL ooo F A yn l-l' os Jack Q 'nsteao Bo: Nlllef C , 5 tl Q Q Boyne. .., 'l' ,Vik I - Z I I A I I I l I A 4 , Seated lett to nght Margaret Mudge Charles Gardner Kenneth Lews Garth Roberts Clyde Ellsworth Donna Yoder Bonn e Howell Sarah MacG orqe Standing Carolyn Baker Sandra Rend Joseph O Boyle Kenneth Evertt Ann Red Betty Newton Muldred Brunges Ruedonna Root Jane Wood ' llan Lews a Gullooly Paul Robinson Phyllis Glover Mary Gott Art Bolles D1ckVanl'uren Joyc Edwards Rosalle Glunlca Ted M Lauq a ersso S Q Sa a MacGeorqe a Gr oo Betsy M Kenze D o l-l t oy Marr Wrars P Anoe on Elo se Stevens Pa Hal , ' 1 , , . 7 , , F e . L ' : , ' , ' , I , , E , , ' , , , gl ' l , Rlt Seateo, left to font: Carol Sloat Eine NW7 anns, Jane Efear, Baroara SI-fers C n 'n Be tfce P n. tanor : r n , RE: 'l ly C . ' , or tny arlw Ju 'f Cmser 'qyn I , ati ' rs , """'u ' "' BASEBALL Seated left to rght Bryce Hughes BM Fox Ds k Lmfcot Allan Warne: Second row Jerry LaRue Jam Berg CHEERLEADERS 1 ' , I Z . 'N , 'C ' . A Carcxyw Downer Fatt Afwoerscn Eine' WEi1Iams Llsa Hcoces. 'Y Brngham Jrm Berg Jerry LaRue Be sy McKenzwe Manage 20 Left to right: Judy Cruser, Jane Frear, Clwariotie Cfdge. Standing: B . I . I I t . K rn' VVHATS HN A NAME Our class IS proud of these tour the largest number to graduate In any one class of Montrose l-lugh School Lett to rlght Sandra Rend Phyllns Glover Dennis Glover Ann Reld Though we navent nad any ourect con act wlth the departrnen ltselt we re glad that the Opportunity Class was establ shed In the school durnng our senuor year The display aooye shows some ot the many prolects fnnnshed under the direction of the class teacher Mrs Sheldon 9 0 3. , ., ,. 4 ., l. . .N . l. . , . .. .. tl. . 0 CLASS PRUPHECY ltis i960 now so let s take a quick trip by Our private helicopter around the United States to check uplcr some of tne graduates of Montrose High Schoo Class cf 55. First refs fry to Binghamton and see wnos there. On our way we notice those steam-heated caoins or the left hand side of Snake Creek Road. Dick Smith is now owner cf the place and has been doing a boom- ing business since the road was made a main highway. Xlifed be er s op for some gas at Coyis mode 'zed oas s ation Since Dick took over there have been some changes they even sell helicopter gas Now for Binghamton' A I B M Miss Donna Yoder and Mss Jo e Edwards employees about four years each are helping acquaint two new nurses Phyllis Glover and Rita Gilloolv with the plant We find Tomi Schall working at a Plymouth repair shop where he specializes in fixing old 38 Plymouths for French speaking owners Dana Harrison is now working as a salesman for Ansco Film Corporation a traveling salesman at that' Whom should we find sitting in the president s seat at Spauld ng Bakeries but Tom Youngblood' His dispensable private secretary is Miss Barbara Eddy ho filled this position after Betty Newton left to get married As head bread baker we find Ethel Williams Rosalie Ginka s now hea salesiady n the Teen Shop at Fl lls Lyle Cakes has been promoted head driver in tne Fowle and Williams trucking fleet They carr an hng a vwnere' We see Elo se S evens wo king at the desk c arroor as we Lass on our way to our helicopter Nek stoc New York As ne p ot sets 'ie ner op e oowr a La ar Fred wo y ung a rl ne hostesse rn uc e we rho nerr' be tv' s h s Ma Geor e an M ss Ml reo l Xlg 'NVQ Ja e pan 61' Sivers, Richards secretary. They say the new hair style this year is a curl on the ieft side of the forehead. Mr. Robert Brigham and famiiy have just completed their first year in New York, where Bob is head tech- nician at the newly formed Christian broadcasting station. Two cf our graduates have made names tor them- selves in the dramatic world. Since the custom of cast- ing men in womenis parts came back into vogue, Mr. Thomas Ryan has been continually praised for his ex- cellent performance of Lady Macbeth in the sleep walking scene Could it be previous experience7 Mr Wayne Cecil Hills s fast becoming known for his excellent interpretation of Polonious the snoop Shakespeare s Hamlet Gve t h y thoughts no tongue You remember Ann Reid dont you7 Well now shes strutting her stuff showing off those new Paris creations for Saks on Fifth Ave Her sister Sandra Reid is head cook in the Stork Club Formerly Miss Mary Goff held this position but she is now kept busy as Mrs Dyer with a set of twins running around As you wander through the new A 81 P Super market you will probably catch sight of James Worrell who at present is Assistant Manager of the store Re member Super Service with a smile Lets hop over to Chicago now and see who blows oy inthe Windy C ty There goes Charlotte Cra ge skirts billowing and rght behind her is Jim Berg the man with the edu cated cows they milk to passages from Shakespeare nstead of music who has had a bad case of ulcers Looks as though he recovered quite successfully unde Cha lotte s care as a registered nurse That new I96O Oldsmobile that yust shot by with a ooo tal wnd was piloted y Bl Fox l-tes ea alesman o c a Genera Motors Showroom Here ccmes a word encwreo heart specia st D lneooore McLa ghl n and h h m s his me ical e ary M ss Pa Anoerso 'i Cn oO P and vc ino Miss Bonni cwe' M g We g lnc ype ma dro c fu 8+ 5 rn , J ' ' - ' . y . . . J . l. 'l ' F ' f . . , in . . ' - l" i X t . . . i yc 1: L i ' , ' i . i ' . i in- ' - . ' . . . . . . - W . . .. . . r - .i . i r l i . d i k Q .' 5 L . . . I ' ' ' ' Y y i l t- 1, ry . ' , . . . i I i . 4 1 r f in tn' ' t N ' D . , . J d . E I X' b il , ' h d . .f 4: .r r, . , , , . . .- in t . C . ' ex L V .f t A y K l t Gu dia ' l I t io i i . s co e to grc-ei us. M n to our 3 ignt 'i t , in .t A . -r i i i ' ' r ' li to rss R ylf c 'g .d 1 i. A id. ig ' ' ug i , . wif .i i ' d' Brfocs. secr t f i ,tr i n. fxf 'vi-C571 if gg-Y -, Qrf 5 VT Qny F52 '3 fifil T-"f N555 C513 ing E:j,L,.. 'T vscw Wrifinq 5 qcggip Cglumr rirr. Vi ss Car: S oat.. Sne s now coo i with :,, 3 6 jp- JC rf ,me ' ,i A g- - -6 I r near who 1. L-:iarng 'or ner Rl ro concert H A 6,5 33 Jak, X 33 ,refmyng Q 5 X . r Cameo e ha ne T month. ...cpm L., me Sem, '9 ,:.. ,z 'e gs' :yes ia .cf ,.'-1' Sack Toi 1 4 'A 'at-2-t wc arc gc rg tc . c 'n B iuiy Srzr an: ma e an aicsiniment .Rn fss 5" a iff - . . e 'ancc n 'fomana' ine cwrr-' is Dcnna f'i GUESS WHO? ---,,,...--"""' in Z YBYDY Y ff' I' 1 I V :M . .. A 71111. " D ,, 'F ..' Lf. , ,x,. , .f I fi C:'?1HT',f',Q X., ,-N Q 8 ,all H 13 J my DJ a 'TTVTWL O ow Pr Jfif' 1 I 1.. f PATRQNS 1'-f xx fx fn pd n LxC r a F fc Ia G rwfo X Fi fi ""lV"' WSG 'xr wwf wwf' H H1 'JVJF - ' - ' f ., L fr., 1 I I . , F , V .. I ', 'Q , 1 " fi , '1 ,,V. . ' g V .. 1 L Q : 'L 1' AH Q . l 'K , , 4 Y , V f , Y f F f. . 1, . 'X v. L., ,f 1 Q 7. , 1 1.1" Z 171 v 5, ,,4. , Q- xi 3. , 2,1449 -, QW ,. 2 1i': '1ga .'f':i-3' .'.' ',:' " . 2-VPQ 'ix Her" FMT" "1-:lik 4' 5'5" Bgwfm D". Tl, C, ff-Q f-ff ' L."','V"'fff' Bvfgwf fri: Fezsett Fees Fe 'zu' an 5 Ezfzfffq C3335 4 Efrf-fi Z' Sm Bufgei Lw'Dff' CJ. 'J' 'Q CF:'fviif Qycw ' 'V',,':-'Q CQ. MV' " "Q 2 Toe EMF: p'3'k'W'ify H: 'gif' Zn F, E. !f'l9i'?"'i'-:IV if Kenna? Plg,'f1ine"2f Sf? if Che-wclwi 30133 H CCNTQW Siifc F5735-2 HQ'-rg-N Laffy 'ffa ffwiff 3 Stiff: F'iALC Fgwi 'fr v',- 136- Sig, Vo. ifcie 'fefkfzi Cath J:-9 R -Si5-'a't ffefhwq E". F. J. Denis? C F Moicf Q 3,5 42 ,' 81 We ,A Fxiijfmf- if jaw LJTO' Eu. Mzfvzsg Tmaie' few D". Paul B. Cav, A Keel Q Lfxl, Ra IQ ,m Eecfflc Se 'N CC: -C0351 'fcffh R,fx, Cf-.N an glib Tilsfi' HQ C: ,ffa H te nice QQQ M' C7 H gf Fla' -f1P'a- .CQ we EQQWQ 'vc Fawn S D Civf' J4:1:'i3': SL" 6Y-l:' -3--' Cf ,"1 1' i 5. Ci. 2 31 ig g:"'.if Cffg-,fi S"-:zmgpe -':""ZI' E' ii. fy fc Xie 517' C 3f:QApfE' aft RECT-'JE' Q.-1' Qffa 3 L.f':e" 'f' Q'-if ?,:-Qi 3'5"'ii Aid"-. - ."""f- feiw' ff? , 'n ,V 4 J E-, " Q ', - " iff--1":' " ,wfif PATRONS ,K X, Pc 'Nr' r L Sc C f 81 Lo f mms Ccfme Shu K, on V, wc oft' V Q r uf G O 'FVTCVV IGCCV E MC of Arm, 81 Navy C fc' Mcvwef eva! D u Theo Cie' Snce Shve OB f QV' EFS 'W U r C W' Qefncf qfvxp C"'C'T1n f f-X ufrf-1 pf: UL Q4 ' V x mfr GG i CJ 'V' v GJ? Bae, W Jew Qavag nw ov'- awey pw-249 Q , Q X' x W fx P N PK Q x X m C r , ,. ,4,:,:. -479 Ej.'.':'fI Mice 3572-'1fT..'f'2 A 1, l Te.-.1 A 3" 59 'z K 3-1"s.'.afe Li? f'mra'f. -iii "1f1'5rg JJ. :ff"" :"f' VMI' '-'VC -QQ-'Vi H. fg Z S202 iiffl DQ' fi. '-'ifey Emezi E. :?,'ffIi ,Lft'i..ez 'fared fix-fift: Y, ?"1"x:'..'.e'. :1,3'f E225 -' .i1..Q"' . genie- S'ei":' Qfifj ' naif. ani ' '.'f,-ff 1316 ffwfa' pi, .'.es"1"' FM." 'facui Eeauv S".., fefff-' i 26:25 TMS" Siife 'J' cv k'fE:.A'.f6: W'-fQ"'.efAf:' fha ENV Attfffe. 'f' f' Sfxiff fifvfgpfj T ""N " E - XE -7. iff. fr? Tfw rf Wgyfra "', Lrg' TW-id SMU" S ETC STFYQNA 'fccvf Bdmiy h p fwfr M .tcm Y-f,f71'i'.E BsfL!'Y CL: SC'y4'f4 fwfff Q YU, T. Sbfe VvfLr1tr:.5r-C+ .fm iiiwrfi rf. K. f""'NN, V'.4cff':xfc W fl Sicfff L. H. 'fwffi' fV1C"f'ffG but Rate Eff. ...ff i. H. M , I 'ic' Hwfff F CfCY'X7 is .vane C,N.PfX, Cwrwrrl.. V wiv:-if If 61:1 Q- f- i My C' 'Cf-C. E Q Sins V . Cie inf VC 5 DC 'fi Dewfst Mcffrf-gf 7- 1 Sa! 5 U"f-A Af L, 8 View Sicw ,: Jiri Xf St . , 'ty fx. Cn V. 'Macaw R- N 'gs NVE? , , I Dr, .A.S. X-'- 'QNJWL New W VJ , f Ai J- -Wx He Jo P E, Nm XXf51tl7fs Dfci Qgfye V. J. JVC- QCW ' Q . ,' R ,GV E1'f,1rteri3f D.'.:'a'. QF K jf Q -- V' V WXRWY-E:'Yi V2 inn AJAVS, NGA! Paws Var H. IH SJ., f" ,?.' . C. E L. :vc '.':' L. nn' ff Sur: ,' Aimvff

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Montrose High School - Acta Yearbook (Montrose, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Montrose High School - Acta Yearbook (Montrose, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Montrose High School - Acta Yearbook (Montrose, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Montrose High School - Acta Yearbook (Montrose, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Montrose High School - Acta Yearbook (Montrose, PA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Montrose High School - Acta Yearbook (Montrose, PA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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