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N.. , .-whirl' . .-rip: .fn ,f-. . .. ,. Q, , ., v. -vw ,. ., "- r A A' . .A -, ,.,.::,-9. f'3f5a5,,i,'Ff . . -3, , f, 4 K fy , t W Y Y V. 3 , ,. ,H . , 4? . v-rv 1 17 Af- I 4, X J x :. ' 'E--tu. Q fx -' rf, 4, . -Q. -xy -, fic., I., , 4 gn -M44 .1'f'yL. ', , .J- .-,, 1j, 2. W F x V'. I ., -it ', -Y. , t , ' '4'F'f. 'LAL . f. - H .r 1- ' ' ,,, I 'l'. ' 4 ef ' .,:5 'f , 44:51, , Ei, 7152 .Y 'J .f M - . ,Q -2 -11' " :- Wb., , A' I if ' , Q1 ' ,.-v ,- T , p JY -, bc- ,- :ru H ffizzii' i515 .f,.. x THE ACT 1948 -N: WM igrfjr- W f 'J wp E-A af, ., ' f ,I MS 1 Published by SENIOR CLASS Of MONTROSE HIGH SCHOOL Qoooooooooooooooeege----QQ N 3 L L A FOREWURD JW, 1 sv sw. I 7 x MQ- J I KX nk: ff 1' X "gave k Q sr , V xx .fy I ' XN 'vga NX N X A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever. In these few words is our purpose for presenting the I948 Acta. 2 DEDICATIO I l . ' X?-,-ll. ' " N 'VI 4..':gx 1, - I A : , k Q- N f1SZP" f 3551 , Q ,f ,,,- - , 4,117 Oxy V-xx Vlgl To MR. LEE HAMLIN in appreciation ot his twelve years ot service as a school director, during which time he was never absent from a meeting, and in ac- knowledgment ot his sincerity ot purpose in dealing with the prob- lems ot our school, we gratefully dedicate this, our l948 Acta. 3 l ACTA STAFF First row, lett to riglwt: Jay Warner-, Roger Wood, Marian Aldrich, Lloyd Stevens, Marguerite James, Donald Fellcer, Barbara Benjamin. Second row: Lucille Kermiclas, Betty Clarlc, Paul Smitlfi, Neil Conover, Lois Fanctier, Mrs. Davidson. 4 L,, DMINISTRATIO 0.9000o0---oq.------0-0o-o0o--------0o0c.-o V N Q N Pg 4? V .Nw., - I . -. - I Eyx V ., .. .. Q 9 J' 5 t' ' ' f Qb,Q:,, L ,,,,--,,,-::-::-::,:,,,,::,::,::--:::::---,::::::----o----0 ' is K 1x55 L ,xxx . f - ff. gs' x ' 152' dl h 5 ALJ l SCHUOL DIRECTORS This, our senior year, marked the beginning ot Montrose- Bridgewater Joint High School. With the merger came new organiza- tion, new problems, and many hours ot study. As an acknowledgment ot their tine work and interest, we respecttully dedicate this page to our new Board ot Directors. Lett to right: Benton Casterline, Lloyd Tyler, Wayne Taylor, Horace Williams, Perry Gott, Mrs. Fred Owen, Lee Hamlin, Mrs. Mel- vin Kelly. Absent when picture was taken: Arthur Bowen, Howard Gould, Mrs. Searle Lake. 6 SUPERVISIO Leonard G. O'Brien Our inquiries to hospitals and colleges have shown us that our graduates are doing a commendable job. Have confidence that your preparation will enable you to do equally well. 7 FACULTY DAYTON L. BlRCl'lARD Social Studies MAU RICE D. TAYLOR Music IN EZ ROBERTS Physical Education MARIAN McKEOUN French MRS. MARJORIE DAVIDSON MRS. JE English IRENE PEDRICK HOWARD E. SIPE Commercial Science ESTHER PENNAY JACK YEAGER Home Economics Industrial Arts HAROLD DONOVAN Agriculture 9 NNIE HIGHHOUSE Mathematics MRS. RUTH JAMES Latin ROBERT SNYDER Physical Education JANE RATHBUN Music i x I !O A , 1945: !946: i947: 1948: President JAY WARNER Vice-President NANCY CALBY Secretary BELLE PRICE Treasurer JOAN STENZHORN As the leaves tell and tangled with each other, they symbolized us as "treshies" mixing with those snooty upperclassmen and-we thought-eccem tric teachers. From the south part ot town came our main driving power tor the year, Don Felker. "Theres a war on," we were told, so our leader satistied us with a riotous party at the quarry. Buttons were poppin'l Sophomoresl Prom Snow l-lollow way person- ality, guidance, and tun dritted into the president's chair in the torm ot Lloyd Stevens. The tew dewdrops ot tun sprinkled on the tlower ot knowledge still remain with us. Tho ettects ot that roller skating party are still ours. lSome ot the atter ettects are, tooll The girls started atter the men in a different way. We were semi-sponsors ot a box social with the juniors. That money looked good, too. "Provided the proportions aren't too large, school and pleasure can be mixed." Our stamina and responsibility shocked our teachers when we returned tor our iunioruyear. The middle man was Neil Conover. Great plans were de- veloped tor our dance that year. The night came, and to make the scene more beautitul, so did tons ot beautitul, clean snow. The dance? Well .... Class rings and skating parties revolved around the usual run ot things. A fitting grand tinale tor a tun-packed year came with Class Day--tood, Elk Lake, and a joyous bunch ot seniors and juniors. The year ot drastic changes! The new look! Predominated on the tair sex and prevailed on the senior photos. The tellow who's always seen running around somewhere was chosen to head our class. Name: Jay Warner. Li- brary Benefit gave some ot us a chance to prove our acting ability. The popu- larity ot the play, "Dear Ruth," was shown by the tull house at the senior play. All these with mirth-packed activities still couldn't keep the look ot sadness Ott our taces. As the year neared the close, we realized that tour year ot high ichool can and should be something that has a hallowed spot in everyone's eart. CLASS HISTORY ALDRICI-I, MARIAN Commercial Lite Statt 3, 4, Tri-t-Ii-Y 4. ARNOLD, FLORENCE Commercial Tri-I-li-Y I, 2, 3, 4. BARNEY, ADALINE I-Iome Economics Tri-I-li-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play. BENNETT, KENNETH Industrial Arts Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3, 4, F.I:.A. I, 2, Track 2, 3, 4. CALBY, NANCY Academic Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 2, 3, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Lite Stall 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Library Benetit 4, Softball 4. Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Acta Statt, ARNOLD, ALLAN Industrial Arts I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Man- aqer 3, 4. ARNOLD, PRISCI LLA I-Iorne Economics Tri-I-li-Y I, 2, Softball 4, Lite Statt 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. BENJAMI N, BARBARA General Chorus 3. 4, Acta Stahl, Lite Statt 3, 4, Cheerleader 3. BI RCI-IARD, COURTLAND Agriculture I-lr-Y I, 2. 3, 4, FFA. Pres., 48, Keystone Deg ree, '48, Sec'y ot County F.F.A., '48. CLARK, BETTY Commercial Tri-I-Ii-Y I, 2, 4, Chorus I, 2, Bas- ketball 3, Softball 4, Cheerlead- inq 4, Acta Statt, Lite Statt 2, 3, 4. CONKLIN, ELEANOR Commercial Tri-I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, Lite Statt 3. DECKER, ROBERT Agriculture Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 41 Track 2, 3, 4, FPA. I, 2, 3, Baslcetball 4, Vol- leyball 2, 3, 4. FRISBIE, MILDRED Commercial Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Chorus Softball 3, IVI.l-I. S. Lite 4. GOFF, CI-IARLES Agriculture FFA. I, 2, 3: I-Ii-Y I. GREEN, AUDREY General Iri-I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3, 4: Lite Statt 2, 3, 4, CONOVER, NEIL Industrial Arts Band I. 2. 3. 4: Clnorus I, 2, 3, -4: Octet 37 Acta Statlg Baritone Contest 47 Class President 33 I-Ii- Y I, 2, 3: Senior Play. FELKER, DONALD Academic Basketball 2, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 43 I'll-Y I, 2, 31 Band l, 2, 3, 4: Clnorus I, 2, 3, 41 Lite Statt 3, 4: Acta Statt. FRYSTAK, JOI-IN Agriculture I-Ii-Y 3, 4, FPA, 3, 4. GOFF, MYLO Agriculture Track 3, 47 I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 43 F.F,A. I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 37 Volleyball 3, 43 Senior Play. I-IALL, PATRICIA Academic Tri-I-Ii-Y 43 Library Benetit 43 Senior Play, Declamation Con, test: Chorus -4. I L . I-IOLLENBECK, LOUISE Commercial Tri-I"Ii-Y I, 2, 3, 4. JAMES, MARGUERITE General Chorus I, 2, 3,41 Lite Statt 2, 3, 4: Tri-I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3, 45 Ensemble 2. 3: Acta Statip Senior Play, Poetry Contest. LOCKETT, EMILY Commercial Softball 2. IVIILLARD, EDWARD Agriculture Track 3, 43 Volleyball 43 I-Ii-Y 2.3. NAVICKAS, LEONARD Agriculture Volleyball, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4: Track 3, 41 I-Ii-Y 3, 43 F.E.A. 3. JACONSKI, ELIZABETH Academic Band 3, 4, Chorus 41 Senior Play. KERMIDAS, LUCILLE Commercial Tri-I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3, 41 Chorus 2: Base Iretball I, 2, 3, 4: Acta Editor: Softball Manager 3, 4: Lite Statt 2, 3, 43 Library Benefit 4. LUCE, SANDRA Commercial Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 2, Tri-I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3, 4. NASSER, RICHARD Industrial Arts Baseball 2, 3, 47 Chorus I, 23 Basketball 2, 3, 4, I-IifY I, 2, 3, 43 Band I3 Traclc 3: Volleyball 3, 4. PETERSEN, RUTI-I Commercial Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2. PRICE, BELLE Academic Band I, 2. 3. 4: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Tri-I-li-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 41 Lite Stott 2, 3, 4. ROUNDS, FRANCES Commercial I T,i.H..Y I, 2, 3. SNELL, LOUIS Agriculture I-Ii-Y 3, 4, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4. SPIEG-EL, ROBERT Agriculture l:.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4. STEVENS, LLOYD Industrial Arts Band I, 2, 3, 41 Clworus 2, 3, 4: I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Acta Statt: For- , ensic Contest 4: Senior Play, Li- brary Benefit: Lite Statt 2, 3, 4. REYNOLDS, MARJORIE Commercial Tri-I-Ii-Y Ig Basketball 3, 4. SMITH, PAUL Industrial Arts Band I, 2, 3, 45 I-li-Y I, 2,3 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4, Acta Statt Baseball 2, 3, 47 Chorus I, 2, leyball 4: Track 3, 4. SOTI-I, MAGDELINE Commercial Tri-I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3. STENZI-IORN. JOAN Commercial Band I, 2: Tri-I-li-Y I, 2, 3 4 Lite Statl 4. STEVENS, MARY I-Iome Economics Clworus 2, 33 Tri'Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4 STROPE, DONALD TINGLEY, JANET Industrial Arts Commercial Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3. IPI-I'lI-Y I, 2. 3. 42 Band 2 3 4 43 Volleyball 3, 4: Chorus 2, 33 I-Ii-Y I 2 3 4 I V I - WARNER, JAY WQQDI RQQER GGVTGVGI Commerical Baseball 2, 3, 47 Volleyball 3, 4: F,F,A, ll 2, Clworus I, 25 I-li-Y I, 2, 3, 4: Li- brary Benefitg Senior Play: Class President 4. WOOD, TI-IELMA Commercial Tri-HE-Y I, 2, 3, 43 Life Staff 4. Rose Considine Office I6 WHO'S WHO Best Looking Joan Stenzhorn Robert Decker Mosf Athletic Nancy Calby Dick Nasser Funniest Barbara Beniamin Neil Conover Most Studious Donald Felker Belle Price Most Pleasing Personaliiy Nancy Calby Jay Warner Most Likely to Succeed Marguerite James Lloyd Stevens l7 JUNIOR GIRLS First row, lett to right: Lois Arnold, Hazel LaPear, Eleanor Petersen, Evelyn Wil, liams, Peggy Taylor, Carolyn Holbroolc, Ann Eitzgerald, Bette Nasser. Second row: Katherine Gilbert, Louise Lewis, Pauline lvlarrer, Dorothy Olszewslci, Lois Clinlf, Louise Groover, Barbara Edwards, Nellie l-liclcolc Third row: Retha Colcely, Emma Saunders, Ethel English, Alice Reynolds, Esther Taylor, Bertha Wood, Lois Olmstead, Louise lvlagnotti. Fourth row: Erma Jean Roe, Nancy Gaige, Sophie Drivas, Anna l-lolbroolf, Joyce Foster, Eunice Edwards, Marlene Ainey. Filth row: Mary English, Doris Pierson, Alberta Reynolds, Betty Gardner, Dorothy Kielceslxi, Delores Susla, Marion Swiderski, Barbara Palmer, Marion Brunges. I 8 JUNIOR BOYS First row, lett to right: Theron Banker, Raymond Kuroslcy, Stephen Depue, Donald Hamlin, Edward Starzec, Bruce Carey, Robert Mitchell. Second row: Donald Tiernan, James Colwell, Dariel Barnhart, Richard Sneed, Ray- mond Shuta, William Gardner, Robert l-lenry. Third row: Charles Bush, Duane Wilbur, Charles Lalce, Earl Payne, Kenneth Ayres, Bartley Rydzewslci, Rolland Conklin, Albert Snell. I 9 SOPHOMORE GIRLS First row, lett to right: Carol Luce, Naomi Lindsley, Joan Monahan, Marcia Mer- rill, Peggy Shannon, Marilyn Eessenden, Jean Lalce, Donna Kelly, Joan Geiger, Gladys Hughes, Esther Mead. Second row: Ann Stone, Martha Small, Delores Monahan, Mae Blaisure, Barbara Smith, Charlene Connell, Theresa Erystalc, Shirley DeGraw, Esther Smith, Joyce Green, ilea Allard. Third row: Virginia Cole, Dawn Tingley, Shirley Wilbur, Patsy Springer, Barbara Johnson, Jeanine Pratt, Gretta Shimer, Elizabeth Daly, Ann McKeage, Joyce Warner, Peggy Griclc. 20 SOPHOMORE BOYS First row, lett to right: David Keenan, Walter Barbour, Dick Boldt, Robert O'Boyle, Charles Sweeney. Lee Smith, Ernest Blachelc, Allen Fitzsimmons, Dudley Fish, Karl Green, Millard Graham. Second row: Earl l-lenry, Edward Sprout, Kendall Parlette, Donald Booth, Donald Webster, Douglas Webster, George Brunges, l-larold Norris, George Soth, Neil Grit- ting, Rolland Colwell, Robert Gott. Third row: Frank Griclc, Albert McCollum, Donald Blaisure, Gordon Taylor, Ber- nard Graham, Diclf Butler, Earl Lamson, Norman Brown, Temple Smith, William Wil- cox, Robert Lewis. Fourth row: Willard l-layes, Edward Allen, l-larold Fish, Richard Posson. 2I FRESHMAN GIRLS First row, left to right: Florence Gorski, Dorothy Sherman, Sylvia Porter, Annie Ratlerty, Sandra Cease, Mary Kashinski, Janice Bush, Barbara l-licks, Mary Lou Curry. Second row: Mary l-lickok, Margaret Edwards, Phyllis Reynolds, Doris Aldrich, Suzanne Lake, Beverly Cornell, Alice Foster, Evelyn l-lart, Allison Ainey, lda O'Brien. Third row: Maxine Bollinger, Norma Root, Ann Sickler, Barbara l-layes, Wilma Palmer, Louella Van Tassell, Arline Lewis, Mary Benio, Gertrude Warner, Mina Butler, Shirley Fancher, Doris Cook. Fourth row: Barbara Gunther, Barbara Fancher, Edith Lathrop, Carolyn l-lerne, Ann Norris, Dolores Yoder, Rose Marie Magnotti, Gloria Gorton, Joyce Ball, Audrey Wood. Fifth row: Mary Burgh, Gladys Atkinson, Grace Welch, Nancy Ely, Mary O'Boyle, Venora Setzer, Vonda Coy, Esther Depue, Alberta Evans, Marian Rosenkrans. 22 FRESHMAN BOYS First row, lett to right: Douglas Hart, Frank Moger, Douglas Carey, George Hayes, Dick ZuHone, Herman ZuHone, Frank Haley, William Bishop, Paul Harrison. Second row: William Mawhinney, Richard Rainville, Wiltred Henry, Jack Arnold, Frank Fitzgerald, Kenneth Maynard, Nelson Craig, Robert Wood, Michael Flannagan, John Singer. Third row: John Snyder, James Tyler, Robert Bennett, Kenneth Russell, Ralph Kudart, Manley Fowler, Steven Snow, James Barbour, Delbert Millard. Fourth row: Robert Schlegel, Robert Decker, Delbert Potts, Walker Hendley, Kenneth Krna, William McLaughlin, Richard Dailey, Neil Andre, Kendal Van Housen. 23 1 L M. H. S. LIFE STAFF First row, lett to right: Marian Aldrich, Mildred Frisbie, Donald l-lamlin, Mar- guerite James, Duane l-linds, Cynthia Stanton, Belle Price, Lucille Kermidas. Second row: Betty Clarlc, Priscilla Arnold, Nancy Calby, Bette Nasser, Elizabeth Daly, Marlene Ainey, Esther Taylor, Barbara Beniamin, Katherine Gilbert. Third row: Miss McKeoun, Joan Stenzhorn, Thelma Wood, Audrey Green, Gordon Taylor, Lois Olmstead, Donald Tiernan, Miss Pedriclc. Fourth row: William Wilcox, Barbara Smith, Barbara Palmer, David Keenan, Lloyd Stevens, Marcia Merrill, Kendall Parlette, Donald Fellcer. 25 HI-Y "Clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living." With this motto in mind, each boy this year has tried to better his standards ot conduct. Our Hi-Y opened with ninety-two members and is the largest ot its type in this sec- tion ot the country. Richard Nasser as president led us through a very profitable and educational year. The l-li-Y participated in many events. Seven ot our boys attended the Older Boys' Conterence in November at Berwiclc, Penna., where they led a devotional meetf ing. The l-li-Y and Tri-l'li-Y joined in presenting a Christmas pageant betore the en- tire school. The members ot the l-li-Y and Tri-l-li-Y clubs trom Wyoming and Susquef hanna Counties held a very lively rally at our auditorium last tall. ln February the "boss" ot the l-li-Y treated the Tri-l-li-Y to a roller-skating party at Binghamton. In February we also commenced our study ot the booklet, "Teen Talk." Harold Norris and Gordon Taylor went to a ioint meeting ot the l-li-Y and Tri-l'li-Y in Pittston on April 24. We were conducted on an extensive tour ot our county jail. Everyone agreed that it was an event to remember. District Attorney Robert Dean addressed our club during one ot the meetings. A The graduating members and the otticers wish the best ot luck to the club in its tuture years. 26 l TRI-HI.Y With Belle Price our etticient leader, the Tri-l-li-Y launched its i947-48 season on September I7. The club registered nearly IOO members at the induction meeting a tew weeks later. Other otticers tor the year were Marguerite James, Ist Vice Presi- dent: Audrey Green, 2nd Vice President: Louise Lewis, Secretary, Charlene Connell, Assistant Secretary, Joyce Foster, Treasurer and Elizabeth Daly, Assistant Treasurer. Our clubs acted as host and hostesses at a joint meeting ot the Wyoming and Sus- quehanna Counties' l-li-Y and Tri-l-li-Y clubs. A candy sale on January 9 and a bake sale on April I netted the sum ot S28 toward pledges our organization had undertaken tor the year. As usual we packed attractive Christmas boxes tor under-privileged tamiliesy we also sent tive dollars to the needy in Caney Creek, Kentucky. Our calendar ot activities tor the year included a Christmas pageant presented to the student body, a piano concert by Miss Rathbun, and a roller skating party in Binghamton. Esther Taylor, Peggy Allison and Katherine Gilbert were elected to attend North- eastern District Youth Council meeting held at Pittston on April 24. The final event ot the year was the annual Mother-Daughter banquet on May I4 held in the Home Economics room. 27 SENIGR BAND Montrose l-ligh School Band, comprising 68 members and directed by lvlr. Taylor, has again upheld its high standing as it has done continually in the past. A total ot torty-eight were sent to the county testival in New lvliltord, twenty-two ot which toolc part in the band and orchestra. Fitteen members participated in the district band, held at Hazleton on January l5, lo, I7. County, district, and state contests were held in Montrose, Kingston, and Oil City respectively. Six members returned trom the county contest with a superior rating: one, trom the district. The band achieved a superior rating trom the state contest. An excellent rating was given in sight-reading. Truly the superiority ot this organization has become a tradition, one ot which the school and town are iustly proud. 28 PRE-BAND CLASS Each year the people interested in learning to play a band instrument are enrolled in a Pre-Band class. This group is given instruction concerning tone quality, tundaf mentals ot tone production, and special characteristics ot the ditterent instruments. They are also given a preliminary trial period on the song flute. Those who do accept- able work then enter the regular beginners' band class. First row, lett to right: Tommy Youngblood, Jimmy Worrell, Maureen Darroch, Arthur Lawton, Betsy McKenzie, Judy Cruser, Charlotte Craige, Jane Frear, Wanda Reid, Sandra Reid, John Daly, Dana l-larrison, Robert Scott. Second row: John l-lenry, Jimmy Grittis, Teddy Mcl.aughlin, William Scott, George Reid, Mary Ann Zlotucha, Yvonne l-lart, Sally Russell, Robert Root, Richard Robinson, Lawrence Reid, Billy Edwards, Kenneth Ashman, Dick Blachek, Joseph Rogers, Jack Olmstead, Dick Meehan, Joseph O'Boyle. Third row: Jane l-lendley, Dolores Monahan, Gladys Atkinson, Naomi Lindsley, Phyllis Reynolds, Doris Aldrich, Shirley DeGraw, Wilma Palmer, Ann Sickler, Greta Shimer, Gertrude Warner, Mary l-lickok, John Singer, Ralph Kudart, Robert I-lillis, Donald Berg, Ronald Colwell. Fourth row: Dolores Susla, Joan Geiger, Charlene Connell, Marlene Ainey, Mr. Taylor, Miss Rathbun, James Colwell, John McConnon, Barbara l-licks, Norma Root. 29 GIRLS' CHGRUS First row, lett to right: Elizabeth Jaconslqi, Marian Brunges, Ann Siclcler, Norma Root. Nancy Calby, Theresa Erystalc, Elizabeth Daly, Mary Lou Curry, Mary Stevens, Nancy Ely, Charlene Connell, Peggy Allison, Eunice Edwards, Patricia Hall, Carolyn l-lolbroolc, Cynthia Stanton. Second row: Marcia Merrill, Peggy Shannon, Evelyn Williams, Dorothy Sherman, Joan Geiger, Belle Price, Venora Setzer, Mary O'Boyle, Sandra Luce, Lois Eancher, Rose Magnotti, Ann Norris, Delores Susla, Esther Taylor, Barbara Beniamin, Joyce Foster, Marguerite James. Third row: Barbara Gunther, Edith Lathrop, Barbara Palmer, Patricia Yeomans. Mary Burgh, Marlene Ainey, Dorothy Olszewslri, Lois Clinlc, Pauline Marrer, Barbara Smith, Peggy Taylor, Barbara Eancher, Louise Magnotti, Esther Depue, Gloria Gorton, Gretta Shimer. ,fi Fourth row: Joyce Green, Esther Smith, Suzanne Lalce, Edith Allard, Gladys Atlcin- son, Nancy Gaige, Evelyn Hart, Allison Ainey, Mary l-ticlcolr. 30 BOYS' CHORUS First row, lett to right: Billy Bishop, Frank Haley, Diclc ZuHone, Allen Fitzsimrnons, Donald Hamlin, Lloyd Stevens, Herman ZuHone, Duane Hinds, Donald Strope, Ken- neth Bennett. Second row: Michael Flannagan, Jack Arnold, Richard Rainville, Kenneth Russell, Neil Conover, Robert Schlegel, Ralph Kudart, Manley Fowler, Donald Tiernan, William Wilcox. Third row: Miss Rathbun, Robert Bennett, Kendall Parlette, Gordon Taylor, Charles Lalce, Edward Allen, Robert Henry, Neil Andre, Donald Felker. Fourth row: Delbert Potts, Richard Sneed, Edmund Sieminslci, Stephen Depue, Robert O'Boyle, Clitton Fancher, James Barbour, Willard Hayes. 31 F. F. A. This year our adviser, lvlr. Donovan, can take most ot the credit tor providing a very successful year tor us, both financially and socially. The club enrolled several more members than in previous years. The F. F. A, held its annual l-larvest Ball, most important function ot the year, on November ZI. The Father-Son Banquet, held some time later, was equally a great success, evidenced by the splendid attendance and enthusiasm. ln New lvliltord our club brought special honor to itselt. President Courtland Birchard received the Keystone Farmers' Degree. Those winning prizes in the Project Contest included Charles Bush, Bill Gardner, Duane Wilbur, Bob Spiegel, and Court- land Birchard. 32 SCFTBALL For the second time in succession the girls' sottball team had a victorious season. Under the leadership ot Miss Roberts, the team met and conquered Rush, Harford, and Springville. About 25 enthusiastic girls came to the practices where everyone showed a splendid spirit and an all-out determination to carry away the Iaurels. With this record, then, already established, may the future teams tultill the dreams ot the old and keep it up! Montrose ,.,...s. 59 Rush ...... . ..ll Montrose , ,... ........ 4 9 Springville .. . .. ,Nl l Montrose ...,,. ........ l 9 l-lar-lord ,., . .IO 34 BASEBALL The Montrose High School I947-48 baseball team showed great improvement over last year's organization under Coach Snyder's supervision they went on to win in the Eastern Susquehanna County Baseball League. In the County playoff the team was defeated by New Miltord, 6 to I. The baseball team will lose seven players through graduation but a group ot capable reserves promises to maintain an equally good record tor our school hAontrose .,...... ...... 6 Montrose .,... ....,.... 5 hAontrose ...,. .,....,., 29 h4ontrose .... ,......,. I9 hAontrose .,.., .,....,.. I4 Montrose ..... ...... I 2 Montrose ,... ...... I I Montrose ..., .. I Rush ..s..A.,.,. Hop Bottom Dimocla ..s.,... Harford ..... Broolclyn ..... Springville .. Harford ...,.. New Miltord GIRLS' BASKETBALL Again this year the Montrose girls basketball team has come out on top tying with New Miltord tor tirst place. Montrose girls lost two games this season New Mil 'tord and l-lartord. The championship was won by the enthusiasm and determination ot the entire squad, cheerleaders, managers, and coach. the Scores ot the league games: Away l-lallstead Montrose Home Thompson Montrose Away l-lartord Montrose I-lome Great Bend Montrose A 'i.-' v ay Susquehanna Montrose Away New Miltord Montrose l-lome t-lallstead Montrose Away Thompson Montrose Home l-lartord Montrose Away Great Bend Montrose Home Susquehanna Montrose Home New Miltord Montrose The prospects tor next year's team are encouraging. Member o h uad o graduating class are Lucille Kermiclas, Priscilla Arnold, and Nancy Calby BOYS' BASKETBALL Under the patient worlc of Coach Snyder the team has demonstrated better play ing ability than in previous years. Although the score wasnt in our favor the boy showed excellent team work and gave us several close-scoring games The team loses five seniors: Don Strope, Dick Nasser, Paul Smith Bob Decker and Don Fellqer. Coach Snyder's Tigers, however, have some up and coming players ror the next season. Montrose ..... ,,.., ..I6 Montrose .,... .,..... 2 8 Montrose ...,. ....... 2 3 Montrose ...,. .,,....... 3 I Montrose .,... .,....,... 2 I Montrose ...., .,..... p 38 Montrose ..,.. ..,.,.. 3 O Montrose ..... ....,,. 3 I Montrose ,.... ...... I 8 Montrose .,,.. ....,. 3 7 Montrose ,.,.. ...... I 7 Montrose ...,. ..,.,., 2 4 Montrose ..... .,..... 2 9 Montrose ..... ...... 3 5 Montrose .,... , ...,.. 32 LeRaysviIIe . I'IaIIstead Thompson .,., Tunlchannoclc Harford ...,.. Great Bend Susquehanna New Milford I-Iallstead .... Thompson .... Tunlchannoclc Harford .,..., Great Bend Susquehanna New Milford Our slncere lllanlqs lo a 'lsuper set" ol clweer leaders: Buddy Wllcox, Peggy Taylor Anna lvlae Stone, Carolyn l-lerne, and Edmund Slemlnskll And to our basketball managers, Donald and Douglas Webster, Peggy Slwannon Jean Lake. ancl Bette Nasser, we also say. "Good work!" 38 39 LEST WE FORGET Those first report cards! Our Hailowe'en Party The Prize winners On Parade A blue-ribbon trio Parents' Night Before the curtain As the curtain opens "A Young Man's Fancy" 40 "I-lunqry l-lorn l-lonlcers ot Hamburg" What colossal cornl -and technique! Our faithful librarian l-lear Ya! Annual Harvest Ball leaves us What a crowd! Our Queen is crowned Faculty-Director testimonial dinner tor Mr. l-lamlin Crowd awaits Santa Claus Still waiting Hels here! Our representatives at the Farm Show 4I DAY BY DAY SEPTEMBER 2 I-li, Kids. Weclome back. I-Iave you noticed our "new additions"? IMr. Donovan, Miss Roberts! 5 Rush is defeated! Rah, Rah, Rah! 8 School letters were awarded to our athletes this morning. IO Big taculty picnic at TayIor's cottage today. I2 Boy, are we hot-even added some extra innings to the Dimock game! I5 Is it hot??? Whew! 30 A game with Harford. Weather? Brrr! But we're almost champs. OCTOBER 6 Oh woe, why did we have to lose to New Miltord? Good-bye championship. I3 And we thought autumn was supposed to be cool! Whew!! Nothing but heat everywhere. I5 More heat! 20 Today on the menu we have scrambled periods. The Biology class takes a tield trip. 22 M. I-I. S. students enjoy two movies today. No one teels bad about it at all. 23 Whoopee! Institute! Teachers, "youse is the most wonnertul peopIes!!" 27 We can't win, kids. All good things llike Institute! must come to an end. 3I I-Iooray, our tirst dance ot the season is a success even without the trimmings! NOVEMBER 3 Say, did we complain recently about the heat? Anyway, we could use a little today. 4 Why is everyone talking about sleds and skis? It couIdn't be white stutl out- side, could it? 5 Riot at rear bulletin board. Cause: vacations listed. I I Armistice Day, and the beginning ot work on Library Benefit play and scenery. I7 O-o-oh, those noises from the stage! But we really shouldnt be alarmed: it's only the "Hungry Horn I-Ionkers 'From Hamburg." I8 The Library Benetit. My achin' sides!! Our tirst basketball game-LeRaysvilIe was the victim. Thanksgiving vacation, so our special thanks to our "dear faculty." DECEMBER I Funny, there's hardly a tellow in school today. They listened to the "call ot the wild." 5 Ouch! Was I bragging about basketball? Well, anyway, those Thompson fellows are just too big!! 9 A very inspiring speech today by Dr. Emmons, trom Scranton, a missionary to Japan and Korea. I2 All the tellows are in tears-no snow tor doe season tomorrow. I5 Snow or no snow-there are hunting stories tloating around today even bigger than the usual tishing gags! I9 Whoopee! Vacation! Merry Christmas, everyone. See you next year! JANUARY 5 Ah-I948! Come on, gals, this is your year to shine! 20 Just school- 23 Look how everyone is studying! It just couIdn't be mid-terms? 27 You could hear a pin drop in study hall-those tests come tomorrow, a very good reason tor the great gobs ot concentration! 42 28, 29, 30 And here they are-now everyone worries. FEBRUARY 2 Worried brows still in evidence. 4 Too cold for anything but work! 6 And here are the death certificates! lReport cards, if you pleasel. IO Another chilly school day. I2 This "long look" is beginning to become a habit lworse luckl around M. H. S. I7 Everyone looks forward to the "big game" with New Milford. I9 Hooray for our girls' basketball squad! We now have a championship team! lBetter luck next time, fellowsl. 25 Chapel is in an uproar this morning. Mr. Taylor demonstrates a new record- ing outfit. We all agree that Miss Roberts sounds different with a deep bass voice! MARCH I Old March comes in like the proverbial lion, but M. H. S. won't stop because of ferocious animals! 8 Working toward the concert tomorrow night. All the chorus kids have it easy no school at all if they're lucky. 9 The vocal concert, and a record crowd! Wasn't it "super," gang? II Who is that fellow out in the blizzard? Why, it's Mr. Taylor, returning from Milton. I6 Much activity on stage. M. H. S. works in preparation for the big band con- cert. I7 The day for the wearin' o' the green. St. Pat surely is remembered. 24 "ln the spring a young man's fancy-" Well, you can't blame the fellows, the weather certainly is co-operating! APRIL I Here it is-All Eool's Day-land sometimes it seems foolish to have to attend school when it's so beautiful outside!! 6 But it changes! April showers, you know. It takes a day like this to make school enjoyable. 7 Still plenty of free H20 lying around. 9 Here's wishing all our forensic people luck in the Kingston district contest to- morrow. I3 The senior class is forlorn. Gosh, we were hoping to go to court this morning. I9 Every senior looks ill-could it be the final English exam, or the fact that the gang couldn't go trout fishing on the opening day? 20 Ah, a beautiful day-and what a day for a fast game of hookey, or-something. 22 Hear the screech of auto tires? Don't be frightened-M. H. S. students are discussing the "diameter of a dime." How quickly will your car stop? 28 All the band and forensic entries start for the state contest tomorrow. The longing in their eyes is obvious- MAY 3 No question about it, Montrose is "up there" with the best. Top honors for band in state contests. 4 Ah, sweet commencement- The seniors find that their release from English is not all ease and luxury! So long, gang. 43 OUR PATRONS Adams, Dr. A. E.-Osteopath Albano, Joseph-Barber Andre 84 Son-G. L. F. Arnold, O. H.-Dairy Artistic Beauty Parlor A 8: P Company Avery Nursing Home Ayres, Harris C.-Garage Banner Slipper Co. Benninger Lumber Co. Birchard Coal Co. Birchard, D. Fred-General Store Birchard, Dr. F. S. Birchard Farms Bowen, Arthur H.-Funeral Director Brown 81 Fassett-Feeds Brown, Robert H.-Barber Brunges, George-Lumber Bush, Kenneth-Funeral Director Calby, Dr. J. A.-Dentist Commercial Hotel Conover, Harry N.-Grocery Consumers' Water Company Cope, Francis R.-Woodbourne Orchards Craige's Greenhouses Cruser, Dudley-Hand Printing Curry's Grocery Store Daly, Charles--Electric Welding Dean, Robert G.-District Attorney Deuel, Dr. Paul-Chiropodist Deuel, Robert R.--Restaurant Earnshaw, John-Dairy Edith's Beauty Nook Finn, George B.-Mobile Service Furey, James E.-Westinghouse Gay Murray-Hardware, Sporting Goods Gardner, Gerritt E.-Attorney Goodrich, Arthur-Gas Station Gould, Howard-Grocery Grace, Dr. James J. Grand Union Gritling, M. D.--John Deere Farm Machinery Gritiis 8: Sons--Lumber Hamlin, L. G.-Grocery Hamlin, Dr. L. P.-Chiropractor Hollister, Drs. A. E. 8: C. J.-Veterinarians Howell's Gas Station Hower, W. S.-Sheritt Hughes, Carl-Grocery Jenner, Andrew 81 Sons-Lumber Jones, Earl-County Commissioner Kelly, J. Melvin-Attorney Kropa, J. E.--Feed Store Lake View Inn Lathrop, Clyde-Register and Recorder Lazarus Electric Center Little, Judge Edward Little, George P.-Insurance Lonergan, Philip T.-Attorney Loomis, lrving-Contractor Lott, Harland--Dentist Louden Hill Farms Mackey, Dr. Robert B. Marsh's General Store Maynard, Howard T.--Prothonotary Meehan's Electric Milady's Beauty Shoppe Miller, Maurice-Veterinarian Mills, O. B.-Grocery Modern Beauty Shop Montrose Bakery and Locker Service Montrose Cut Rate-Drugs McLaughlin, Harland-Atlantic Service McNerney's-Men's Furnishings A Nasser, Joseph-Shoe Store O'Brien, John E.-Insurance Overton Dairy Farms Penna. Loan Co. Penna. State Employees' Service Preston, Dr. W. W. Ratterty's Garage Sieminski's Department Store Smith, A. C.-Insurance Smith, Mrs. Anna-County Treasurer Smith, Drs. E. J. 8: E. K.-Optometrists Smith, L. F.--Deputy Sheritt Smith, W. T.-Dry Goods Spencer, Robert J.-County Commissioner Stephens 8: Co., Inc.--Stationers Stephens. Morton W.-Attorney Stone, L. H.-Jeweler Summers' 8: McCain's Gas Station Susquehanna County Auditors Thomas, Gerald D.-Dentist Titsworth 84 Ely-Attorneys Very, Donald W.-Plumbing Warner, W. E.-Lumber White, Leo A.-County Commissioner HERNE AND STREIN Full Line of Salted Nuts Whitman's Chocolates If it's cokes, or sweeis, or apple pie Or 'For hamburgers you pine, Just drop in with 'che rest of us And fry out Herne and Strein! MEET AND EAT AT HERNE'S PUBLIC AVENUE MONTROSE, PA. 45 Best wishes to the Graduating Class of I948 Colonel Braclqney Inn BRACKNEY, PENNA. Compliments Compliments E. Rn STANTON JIM OLIN'S BARBER SHOP Watch Repairing Where I-Iaircuts Montrose, Pa. Are Still 5Oc: COMPLIMENTS OF THE F-AIRLAWN STORE Montrose, Pa. ELECTRICAL WIRING AND REPAIRS OF ALL KINDS MONTROSE ELECTRIC SHOP "Electricity In Capable Hands" FELIX OLENIACZ PHONE 496-M SAM LEWIS 46 CLINK BROS. Tea Room - General Store Springville Phone 7 l02 Compliments of L. C. AVERY FORD SALES 81 SERVICE Springville, Pa. M ERCHANDISE H ONEST S ERVICE A TTENTION C OURTEOUS T REATMENT A LWAYS ERNEST E. MacPEEK Montrose, Pa. Your Friend on the Square" Craiqe's Greenhouses CUT FLOWERS, FUNERAL SPRAYS, BASKETS POTTED PLANTS A SPECIALTY Authorized Florists' Telegraph Delivery Shop 7l SO. CHERRY STREET MONTROSE, PA. Nelson F. Craige, Jr. PHONE 279-M COMPLIMENTS OF BEACH Manuwfacfruring Company COMPLIMENTS OF RED'S DINER, Inc. Under New Management Steaks Chops Sandwiches SOUTH MONTROSE, PA. LUDWIG ENTZ Phone 9384-J MONTROSE HORSE AND CATTLE MARKET See Us Before You Buy HAYDEN L. TINGLEY "As good as the best and Beiier than the rest." 48 CONGRATULATIONS UPON A WORTHWHILE ACHIEVEIVIENT: Graduation trorn High School is the completion ot a job well done . . . not only tor the knowledge gained and put to use, but tor the character training as well. IVIcLean's con- gratulates you upon this achievement, and extends best wishes tor success through the years to come. M c L E A N 'S Department Store COMPLIIVIENTS OE Lee's Furniture Store MONTROSE, PA. "Where nothing but nationally advertised lines ot turniture are carried." Your Headquarters tor AII G. E. Appliances LARGEST HOME FURNISHINGS STORE IN SUSOUEHANNA COUNTY 49 ACTA as Again Prinied by ine Monirose Publishing Company H. D. GRIFFIS 8: SONS GENERAL HARDWARE MILL WORK - BUILDING SUPPLIES TELEPHONE 307-J BEECH STREET MONTROSE, PA. Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE HEFFERANS PAUL SHERMAN HOME OWNED I-Iarriess 8: Hardware Store 34 So. Main St. Montrose, Pa. MONTROSE' PA. COMPLIMENTS OF CURRY'S BRACKNEY HOTEL BRACKNEY, PENNA. MONTROSE VULCANIZING SHOP COmp"me"fS of SuperIiOrI Service SITOIO IMPERIAL GRILL 23 CI1es'cnuI: SI:. Monfrose, Pa. LaI'I'1rop Brofhers Distributors OI: LEI-IIGI-I VALLEY COAL and MOBILI-IEAT FUEL OIL Tele. Montrose 460-J 5 I coMPL1MENTs or ROSENDALE 8. CORWIN QUALITY MEATS BIRD'S EYE FOODS Free Delivery BURNS DRUG STORE DOWNER FURNITURE SHOP Graduation Gifts 7 South Main St. Complete Line of Drugs NEW and Uiilg FURNHURE PRESCRIPTIONS COMPOUNDED WM. L. EVANS 81 SON General Insurance Notary Public Tele. I86-M Montrose, Pa. ROZELL RADIO SERVICE MOTOROLA Auto ancl I-lome Radio Sales and Service I5 South Main St. Montrose, Pa. PHONE 440 Compliments ot Radio ancl Electrical Service Bicycle Repairing ancl Accessories GARDNER5 GARAGE 4 So. Main St. Phone 463-R Springville' Pa' 52 Montrose Department Store, lnc. lSusquehanna County's Leading Department Storel Men's, Women's, and Children's Clothing Hats - Footwear - Drygoods And Furnishings MONTROSE, PA. CRAINE SILOS . . . A Type for Every Farm and Purse CONTRACTING BUILDING H. G. LAKE l-lardware, Building Material, Plumbing Farm Supplies, l-leating Phone 362 Montrose, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF R. L. O L l N 53 MONTROSE SWEET SI-IOPPE I-IOMEMADE CANDIES - ICE CREAM TOYS - NOVELTIES -- TOBACCOS LUNCI-IEONETTE SODA FOUNTAIN MAGAZINES JOE 5 F1 C1 DOT 54 -----------.-----------.f COM PLI MENTS OF MONTROSE CLEANERS Superior Cleaning anol Service COMPLIMENTS OF WHITE SWAN RESTAURANT Short Orders Dinners Joe Catlin LEWIS MOTORS Authorized Sales "FO RD" Service 56 GROW AVE. PHONE 487 S'l:orage, Greasing, Car Washing M A X H . P A R K E Monfrose, Pa. McCormick-Deering Machines Farmail Tractors International Trucks' Service Refrigeration 55 is l A TIP A . Q X Education is a mighty tine thing, Q Makes a man equal to a king. E l But never work at the expense of your sight . , Use a lamp that gives good light. S -. Your friend, REDDY KILOWATT BEST WISHES I 9 TO CLASS 4 8 "SPROUT" STRAWBERRY PLANTS STATE INSPECTED-MANY VARIETIES Write for tree folder. REX IO4 N. Elmer Ave. Sayre, Pa. MONTROSE THEATRE Where Boys and Girls Are Wholesomely Entertainecl ln Safety and Comfort 56 COMPLIMENTS OE WALTER J. BLOCHBERGER PLUMBING AND HEATING GREEN'S GROCERY FRESH MEATS COLD MEATS GROCERIES Open Tuesday, Thursday 81 Saiurday Evenings C 81 E MOTOR SALES DODGE PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS AAA - SERVICE Complete Shop Service CHAMBERLAIN 81 FERRIS Phone 346 MAPLE AND CHESTNUT STREETS 57 V , I COMPLIMENTS OF C . E . A I I e n SUCCESSOR TO ALLEN BROS. SOUTH MONTROSE, PA. Mfrs. of Garment Hangers and Novelty Boxes GEO. E. TAYLCR 81 SONS Headquarters for ALLENTOWN PAINTS WALLPAPER - LINOLEUM - HOUSEWARES Gifts for All Occasions PHONE 2lI MONTROSE, PA ----- -------.n.-------- 58 BEATTY'S 5 c +o SL00 S1'ore 42 CHURCH STREET MONTROSE, PENNSYLVANIA fl' ww H HW Mb-it wfww-2' Qfnskamf. MM' Na am? ex e, .x ,ff Y '- .. A ,,,w. ' '-ff-, -V 5 1 " Iii ::g:g.ggff -"' : .-4 .. ..,,. ay-g:.,., wr, .f,. gy :fi .13 . . ,, - , - , gif---'-"--Q -1-.eq -wg:-.-:w -121 ' '12'2I:",-:.5!:f2:f:m '-I:-::.':,'2'i , ,Q I .- y , H . 'j ' ..:..5:':::e 1, ., H., A--Q-.:.1.:v-vm-':3f::,:.5s:EI.-. .ram -'5'52.::f,1.5:-f,.,:.-2'1f:2:'5-':'i5""f' "" . ,.:.'-''f-5i:Z:5-5-9-!": .'s:'i:i?- -: '---E.'I:'5'5'-52-55:',-ElE:E:f:i?151iE-15555554555'5?T"':EfE-:ff5"T'5: f ""' ""' :QIzz.,-fi-fzf::fS:E.I:,::gS-1, ':s1:..'jI..:"Es:"z'55,s'sS':'-:'::-'-E-: V v..:.::z::" -. .2L--:9sf:f:5:'ii-5ii1sf,s:f-.F"5..a:-s5:2-:3e:e:S':i1:4Ee3..:12:.e:v"--"2 ' ""-" A':::'5:'5'.'1-::-'Ear-::--f2:I:::A2'-s:,::.::.f , : "" I "" S The Plant Behind Our Products MONTROSE D GARMENT HANGERS WOO EL RACKS, Etc. TOW ou'rh Mon+rose Manufacfur South Montrose, Pennsylvania in 59 , I I E wgE?gf?'H "l w i-ifeii ' FIPEPROOF' COMPLIMENTS OF MONTROSE INN. Inc. Montrose, Pa. GAS OIL RAY SMITH'S ESSO STATION 73 Souih Main St., Montrose Verified "ESSO" Lubrication ACCESSORIES BATTERIES Phone I69-R TIRES TUBES Why Not Lei the VALETSERVICE DO YOUR CLEANING AND PRESSING Just Ring 260-J Our Work Must Be Satisfactory to You WE ALWAYS APPRECIATE A CALL 60 DONALD DEAN LUMBER DEALER Hardwoods and Sottwoods LOCAL AND LONG DISTANT HAULINO Montrose, Perma. HORLACHER 81 SHERWOOD, Inc. CHEVROLET Sales, Service, Accessories 20 S. MAIN ST. MONTROSE, PA RAY D. CRUSER Real Estate 8: Insurance Real Estate-Some town properties. Farms A'plenty. Insurance-Life, Fire, Auto 9 So. Main St. Montrose, Pa. THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1948 WISHES TO THANK ALL THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTED SO OENEROUSLY TO MAKE THIS "ACTA" A SUCCESS. 6 I COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE 'E-,-,,.EL....J :-"i2?f37',,, EE.V. r E f a f :A mjM,1'1nr1,1rr F WW nr - w i . -5- -,Yi ,fV-r- a W fxfv fw-we M 'xfv 3-K F E r sig E E 'snr i Q 3 -!!a ' il: ' T ' r V ' 3 H r W I Llll if r r .P a ur as NTROSETJ ' EM' sLfSouE1Li Firsi' 8: Farmers Na+ional Bank 8: Trusi' Co Montrose, Pa. Susquehanna, Pa. 62 AUTGGRAPHS qn " Q 1 ' 1 1. x P . 's 1 ' I Jw , . Y V - ,Y -. 4. ' r if , .-at' 5 X " .L V7 I 1 1- , x f- T 1 M A , ,, ,,,,, , . A , 4 1 ,, f if N -.4 ,e 5 4 -, ., .1 A WJ ,. ,-fq,,, 54, ,, ,.....N .4-

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