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f . - H E 2 f 9 . A E 5 N I 1 x 'I 3 1 2 i T s i 5 5 I X a 5 :- I '1 E n R i 4 .,..........-...i Y ,,7,, ,,, ,E.7 fr V-f M.. 'Er -fn! .HH 5 2 E i I I f E ! l 'mls " THE ACTA J' V X"-W' , 77" 3157 H575 A , xXx 5 N' Published by the S E N I O R C LAS S of MONTROSE HIGH SCHOOL Foreword Our aim in presenting the I947 Acta is well ex- pressed in the words of the writer: "A bool: that charmed us in our youth recalls the delight ever afterwards." 2 as z 1 :',R:'i , :sv r f ,, X' 'I l Dedication ln ten years we have come to associate Mr. Ball with school just as rnuch as the "three R's." We've always found the building warm, the walks shoveled, and the tloors swept-but more than these. he's been companion and triend with a big "hello" tor one and all. With these thoughts we dedicate to you, Van, the I'-747 Acta. 3 Adminis+ra+ion l' 1 I School Board ', To show our appreciation for the never-ending services rendered our school. we sincerely dedicate this page to the members of the Board of Education. Class of '47 MR. LEE G. HAMLIN.fPresiclent MR. C. LLOYD TYLER, Vice President MRS. FRED C. OWEN.QSecretary MRS. AUDREY KELLY ' MR. BENTON CASTERLINE 5 Principals Message Leonard G. O'Brien Never loctore has there been such a challenge to high school graduates in considering vocations. As you study and plan tor the tuture, give teaching some thoughttul consideration, and it you have the right qualities, become a teacher. 6 Facully Dayton l.. Bircliard, M.A. Maurice D. Taylor Social Studies Music Marjorie M. Davidson, AB. Jane M. Rathbun, BS English Music 7 Ruth James Jack Yeager, B.S Latin Industrial Arts i I Irene Pedricic Howard Sipe Commercial Science 8 ,nv-s. fb Qgxxw 3'N?"'r'jvw+r.v N. W. V Jennie B. l-llghhouse, MA. Nancy Keller, BS. Mathematics Physical Education Marlon A. Mclieown Frank F. Chillettl French Physical Educalion www? .Q Vxuv' 'A 5 Q 'ENS va if Robert L. Snyder, AB. ESHWGV B- PGYWGY- B-5- Coach Home Economics John Casiroginni Miriam Hollister Agriculture Office I O Class History Montrose High School welcomed us in I943 Amid the very chaos of a second World War. But that didn't stop us, as you can well see, We felt through perseverance we'd patriotic be. Our leader that first year was a Silver Lake young lad, ln name he was Jack Marrer, and boy! he wasn't bad! As usual we "freshies" were allowed but favors few, For sponsors always tell us, "Like upperclassmen you can't do." So on throughout the year our group of a hundred went Without too much disturbance and exciting an event. As sophomores, we tried to claim a "fun priority." But had to wait for quite some time its value to see. But later, on December 7th, that memorable day, The chance to stage a splendid dance did finally come our way. With Dick Mackey as president our class was "hot with cash," We boasted of a treasury exceeding any class. But one mistake we made, and others have. we fear. We thought we needed no review forimid-terms that year. So when test time rolled around. and with papers handed back, We made our minds up then and there we couldn't be so slack. A roller skating party came along for us in March And next morning people wondered why our legs were stiff as starch The third year found us back to work with lots of pep and force. Our most perplexing problem, though, deciding on what course. 'Twas Gussie Blaisure, all agreed, by whom we should be led. lt was not long before a crowd at our box social was fed. But at last the day of days-we could order our class rings. Soon followed, though, a letter at which all our hopes took wings. 'Shortage of materials makes all school ring orders late: They'll come next year," read solemnly this letter of our fate. Ah! seniors at last, and dignified, by the looks, After that long struggle through all those pond'rous books. We chose Janet Taylor, a mighty clever lass For the very last year to preside over our class. With thirty-three girls, eighteen boys had small choice, But when meetings were held, they had their share of voice. Class picture appointments, then our own, were soon made: The results-oh, well-why couldn't they fade? ' And then the Senior play we found was next in assembly line: Our class did some "Foot Loose" work that was exceedingly fine. And now, as we leave, we thank those who through teaching Have helped us in winning this goal we are reaching. Seniors ALLEN. DORIS Commercial course, Tri-HLY I, 2, 3, 4: Cheer leader 2, 3, Softball 3, 43 Chorus 3: lvl. I-I. S. Life Staff 4. Whizl That flash going through study hall is surely Doris Allen, She is one of those girls that did such a splendid job of cheering our basketball team through their crucial moments last year. Then, too, she was an active participant on our soft- ball team. I-Ier ability at typing has made her quite the Hteachers' handy gal." As far as her future goes, from the looks on her left hand, we think it's pretty well planned. ARNOLD, GEORGE Industrial Arts I, 2, 33 Chorus I, 2. Whos that sauntering past the courthouse corner at five min utes past one every afternoon? None other than George Arnold, of course, hoping to miss English class, which he just manages to endure day after day. Mrs. Davidson is certainly going to miss his derogatory remarks about English Literature. Besides his job at the Brunges saw mill, Georgels main interests are dancing, roller-skating, and the boss's daughter. Good luck to youl ATKNSON, RICI-IARD Ariiiciiliiiiir riuuiseg Baseball I. 2, 3, 4: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 41 i'I!34lliY234ETA34 ',',,,"- 'ifi.:'.i- irnist liknly to find Dick cn the dance floor if theres . sgiiniiz dance in progress. I-le has also been quite active in v illeylrnll, altheuiili that lock of hair caused him trouble during ' 'rrp 'il the games, This tall young man. who has finished four fa I-nit, oi lnxrrl wirrl., is new going out to harder things, to which, iuzliiiig lil ni past performances, he will surely be more than ry iuul. DLAISURE, AUGUSTA llfiizir- Ecrriir-rriiimg llmliillmll 2, 3, 41 Sfritball 2, 3, 41 Track 3, 'lg Chorus I, 2, 3, 41 Life Stall 4, Tri-I-li-Y I, 2, 3, 4. 'Gussiif' was voted the most popular girl in our class. I-ler rhrrery srnile and friendliness went a long way toward making our high school life gayer. Her basketball ability has left us astonished and certainly has done much to boost our morale. Br-sides basketball, the "light fantastic" seems to rank high on Iwi list of activities, for it seems she's at almost every school dance. I 2 BROWN, MARY Academic: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Tri-I-Ii-Y I, 2, 37 President 43 I3-and 2, 3, 43 Basketball: Manager 43 Soltball 43 Life Statt 4. A quiet triendly girl is lvlary, who comes to us from South Montrose. Shes an all around good girl, no matter whether it's in sports, en the saxophone in band, or most ot all in getting the highest marks in class. Mary has very successfully led us in Tri-I-Ii'Y this last year, and were sure that she will be capable ot any job she chooses as her lite work. BUTLER, IDA Commercial course, Tri-I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3, 4, M. I-I. S. Lile Statt 4. This Ilgenteel little Icssl' is one ot our best liked classmates. I-Ier aim in making good use ot time has been proved in count- less study halls, but when the time tor relaxation comes, Ida rrnizys playing a tast game ot basketball. Alter leaving M. I-I. S., she plans to enter college to continue her I-Iorne Ec. studies. ' CARROS, LOUISE Cwiniiivicial course: Tri-I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3. 4g Band 2. 3, 47 Chorus I, 2, 3, 43 M. I-I. S. Lite Statt 41 Acta 4. limit? Tall? Nice? Yes! That's Louise all wrapped up in Inv. Louise has worked hard at everything, the commercial .wmirsv iwing her tavorite. She can always tind a bland smile .nail .1 tht-erlul word tor everybody. It youlre her friend, youlil Ln.-w what we mean and if youlro not--well, you donlt kn iw vvlmit youlre missing. We're sure et bright days tor Louise. Ci IfXfvILlIQl?LfXEN, ROBERT l'i-Iu1,tiitilAi'ts3 I-Ii,Y I, 2, 3, 41 Chorus I, 2, 3, 41 Qctet 3. Bobby is the cute little tellow who works down at Taylorlz- alter school. I-low could we ever forget that cheerful per- f.oritilit'yQ7 When we were treshrnen, everyone thought Bobby should still be in the grades because he was so short, Now we know we could never have done without him. The old saying "Big things come in small packages" we certainly believe. I 3 C! lRlSTENSEN, MARJORlE General course: M. H. S. Lite Statl 4. Marjorie has been with us only two years but she has proved she has the ability to malre hiqh grades, mostly because she has termed a habit the rest ot us laclr, that ot studying. Out- side ot school her main interest is in her two prize-winning, lshe hfrpesl collie pups. Marjorie hasn't told us her plans tor the future but whatever she does, it will be done conscientiously and ghorouqhly. CLINK, BETTY Cprnrnercial course: Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3. 47 Chorus I: M. H. S. Lite Statt 4. Perhaps you have seen this qirl worlcinq in a restaurant somo- w'rere. Thats Betty, always busy! She's there with a grin, too, tv brighten up what might have been a dreary day. Some ot her cute rcmarlcs have eased many a shorthand class. We lrnow :hat whatever Betty plans on doing, she'll do well, because she's that Lind ot person. Q CONATY, JOE Agriculture ceurseg F. F. A. 3. 4. .loels our tarmer boy trorn Silver Late. Hels the quiet type, at least as tar as qirls are concerned. Vfe iudge he just doesnt relish reciting in English class--that is, it the crimson tace is any sign. Could that be bashtulness? We hope so: it's dit- teient. From the leots ot some ei Joe's F. F. A. proiects, he will mate a Mtop notchl' farmer. CONSIWNE, RCSE Commercial course: Tri-t-li-Y l. Let me see. YK7lioin shall we have sell ticlcets at our dance? Yfflry, ni course, Rose will: slra always does. What tamiliar words nnrl how true! Yes, herels to the qirl who was always ready to do the backseat jobs, except in the classroom and there she was way up tront. ln commercial subiects she shines the briqhts est, and atter qraduatien she plans to continue this lcind ot worlc. Wlio could aslc tor a more reliable secretary than Rose? I 4 COOK, LEOMA Commercial course: Tri-I-li-Y I, 2, 3, 4: M. I-I. S. Lite Stott 4, Whenever we hear the name "Leoma" mentioned, we think first ot her peitect complexionj And just as enviable is her t.iendly disposition. She and her shadow, Ida, can usually be i hind together in study hall at noon studying bookkeeping and chewing gum. From all appearances, Leoma seems quiet, but trom what we hear, the Forest Lake bus driver can hardly think so. DALY, CATHERINE Home Economics course: Chorus I, 2, 45 Tri-t-lieY I, 3, 4. Katie is a lass who meets more people in one night than anye one else, tor she's the well-known ticket girl at the theater. l-ler interests center around home making, and from a reliable source we hear she's a very good cook. Katie has live-ned up many a dull day with her amusing jokes. By way of the "grape-vine" we learn that there's a certain person stationed in Korea who ranks 'first place with K-K-K-Katy. DEPUE, JOHN Agriculture course, Band I, 2, 3, 41 Basketball 47 Chorus 2, 3, 47 Volleyball 3, 4: Acta Stati 4. John possesses a sincerity and dependability that wins and holds the respect ot his friends and teachers. I-le says little. but his words carry weight, and underneath John's sober counte- nance, there's a clever sense ot humor. There aren't'many members ot the "fairer sex" who haven't admired John's broad shoulders in his basketball uniform. Besides all this he seems to have certain knack for getting big marks. Everyone knows him: everyone likes him: everyone will miss him. DOWNS, JAM ES Industrial Art course: Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 4: I-li-Y 2. 3. 4. YQ'he.'e's that cowboy and guitar music coming tromff NVho's that fellow with the knack tor making triends and keeping them? None other than our certain prescription tor the "blues"--Jim Downs. Jim's also our "land-locked-tar," as that sailboat in the shop will prove. We are sure his witticism and his scope of activities will provide him with a prominent place in the future. I 5 FISI-I, ELDRED Industrial Art course, I-li-Y I, 2, 3g Chorus I, 2, 3, 43 Track 3, 4: Band I, 2. Eldred is one ot our working men. Any night atter school and on Saturdays he can be tound at our local shoe store learning the trade. I-lels one ot those rare individuals who mix business with pleasure by hunting and tishing with his boss. Aviation ranks high with him and rnost ot his spare time is spent making model airplanes. FRASER, IRENE General course: Tri-I-li-Y I, 2, 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, 43 Chorus I. 2, 3, 43 M. I-I. S. Lite Statt 4. Do you have a tough math problem which is stumping you? Irene's the girl to call on. There is a popular demand tor her in Tri-Hi-Y as a soloist, tor her lovely voice is admired by all hm classmates. I-ler tine disposition and sincerity typity her as a true triend. Irene is always 'lready and willing" to do her part. HALL. BARBARA General course: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, M. I-I. S. Lite Statt 2, 3, 42 Acta 41 Tri-Hi-Y I, Z, 3, 43 Cheer leader 21 Basketball 3, 4: Sott- ball 43 Track 3, 4. I-Iere's "Bobby," a live wire in the electrical system ot Senior study hall's run, But she doesn't exercise her ability as tun- maker all the time and detinitely not on the basketball tloor. Ask her opponents. And tor the tun-making side, ask Sylvia. Barbara has been one ot the most popular members ot our class. It there's anything in a name, Barbara's should mean, "clever girl." HALLICK, ELLEANOR General course: Tri-I-li-Y I, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 2, 3, M. I-I. S. Lite Statt 3, 4. Years trom now, when you count the links ot your chain ot Friendship, you will tind one link, "Ellie" She's the same happy. laughing girl all the time and she surely has helped to keep the senior side ot study hall lively. We aren't sure ot "Ellie's" secret ambition, but we know she can't miss with such a mag- netic personality. I6 J"""FU f?'5Q"'r 'Q' HICKOK, FRED Agriculture course: M. H. S. Life Staff 2, 3, 4: F. F. A. I, 2, 3. 4: President 45 Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4. Dependable-that's the word that describes our Fred. When- ever we wanted any worlr done, we just called on him and would never give the matter another thought. He has proved his worthiness as president of the F. F. A., l'm sure we'll all agree. Agricultural work seems to be his chief interest. He's bound to be successful if he keeps up the good worlc. ' I-IOLBROOK, ROSALYN Home Economics, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4: Chorus I, 2, 3. 43 Soft- ball 3g Cheer leader 3: M. H. S, Life Staff 4: Acta 4. Rosie's lovely smile and intriguing dimples certainly suit her personality to a Although she wasn't on the teams. bas- ketball and softball are two sports she enjoys and is very pro- ficient in. She showed her interest in school activities by cheer leading. Her faithful worlr as mimeographer has made her an indispensable member of the "Life" staff. ln the future Rosalyn plans to become a beautician. KEENAN, GEORGE Academic course, Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 41 Band I, 2, 3. 4: Chorus I, 2, 3: M. H. S. Life Staff 2: Editor-in-chief 4, Gaze down the long coils of a trombone until you come to the end. The boy puffing there is George Keenan. He has been very busy this year as the editor of "Life." His editorials have been excellent, and we are deeply indebted to him for the time he spent in giving us a good paper. KOVALEFSKY, DOROTHY Commercial course: Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4. Dots that small, quiet, but friendly girl who came to us from Silver Lalce. She's the type that never complains and is always willing to go along with the crowd. For four years Dot has been tooting her saxophone in Mr. Taylor's band. After grad- uation she has hopes of being a medical secretary. If we lcnow Dot, she'll do it, too. I 7 LEWIS, JOI-IANNE General courseg Basketball 2, 3: Softball 2, 3, 43 Track 3, 4: Ass't. Ed., Acta 4. "Joby" is our honor-bedecked, tair maiden, having been chosen twice as our Harvest Ball Queen. Although she didn't participate this year, she previously was one ot our basketball stars. She has a dynamic personality which has gained her many triends in high school. I-ler plans for the tuture include interior decorating. LINDSLEY, MARIE Commercial course. Marie doesn't have very much to say, but what she does say counts. Along with her genuine good will comes her interest tor history. I-Ier ideal as a good Samaritan has been practiced during her time with us. The old saying, "A stitch in time saves nine," tits Marie to a "T," as every spare moment is spent in sewing. LITTLE, SUSAN Academic course: Chorus I, 2, 3, 42 Girl's Ensemble 37 Tri- I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3, 41 Acta Stott 4. Sue's red hair makes her an easy one to spot: her hearty laugh and witty remarks make us want to be around her. She's always ready tor a good time. Perhaps her favorite pastime is riding, but her acting ability was certainly proved in dramatics all along tho way. She also does some mighty clever Hdoodlingf' A good student, Sue will make lvl. I-I. S. proud ot her we BFG SUVO. LOOMIS, ROLLAND Agriculture course: I-Ii-Y 3, 43 Track 3. How can we ever forget "I.oomie"? Wherever there was tun, Rollie was in the midst. No matter how serious the rest ot us were, he always had a witty remark to brighten us. Loomie just came to us last year but he should have come sooner 'cause blonde curls and a '46 Buick put more than one girl in a trance. Success, "Loomie"l I 8 ustrial Arts T clc 3 HiY I Band I, 21 CI10VU5 LOWRY, DOROTHY Commercial courseg Trial-li-Y I, 4. Dorothy is the shy, quiet member ot our class. Commercial studies are her favorites. particularly shorthand, which she is a whiz at. Among school activities she enjoys Tri-I-li-Y and at- tends it regularly. Though her disposition is very gentle, in gym classes. she is "all-out" for a fast game of basketball. MACKEY, RICHARD General course: I-li-Y I, 2, 3. 4: Chorus I. 2, 3: Band I, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 23 Acta Editor 4. Q- What's that awtul roar descending Irorn Mrs. D's room? Nothing to be alarmed at: just another one ot Diclcs wise-craclcs escaped. What would we have ever done without him? Malc- ing iolces is only one ot his many accomplishments. I-Iis French horn, for instance, has won him state wide tame. With his genuine love for music and his playing ability, he's destined to go tar in the music world. I .laclr is our tall, curly haired senior with that torcetul and engaging character. I-le is the possessor ot a time tenor voice which has been a valuable asset to the chorus. I-le was also a member ot the district chorus this year. I-lis time attributes have won him high regard in the class. To all who know him. Jaclc is a true triend. MAXEY, PEGGY Academic course: Tri-I-li-Y I, 2, 3, 43 Chorus I, 2, 3. 43 Bas- lretball 21 Acta Statt 4. 8:55. Last buzzerl ln rushes Peg. Wherever you are, her witty remarlrs and hearty chuclcle liven the occasion. She's a happy-go-lucky girl with lots of pep. According to Pegs theory, and we quote, "You haven't begun to live until you have a slri parlraf' lt's also a convenient place to hide when Mrs. Keller is looking tor you. l 9 ' Naev, JoE ball 2, 3. OAKLEY, SYLVIA wr-41' ORGANSKI, KATHRYN I-lome Economics Course: Tri-I-li-Y I, 25 Softball 3. We never hear much from Kate: everything always seems to be the same with her. But do you want a good dancing part- ner? Just go around to any ot the local dances and you'lI find Kate cutting a neat rug. In Home Ec. she has always been busy with something, but that's not surprising: she-Is never idle. OWEN, CHARLOTTE General course: Trial-li-Y I, 2. 3. 45 Band I, Z, 3, 45 Chorus I, 2, 43 Lite Statt 4. Charlotte is that light haired girl with the jovial smile. Her chief tield ot activity has been music. She is the possessor ot our excellent alto voice which has been a strong linlc in bind- ing our girls' chorus together. The honor ot playing in the district band was given her this year. Charlotte has all the qualities ot a true friend and student. 20 Industrial Art course Taclx 2 3 4 4 Although Joe is quiet he still has a broad good natured grin and a triendly "hello tor everyone I-Ie is a baseball tan an certainly Icnows how to handle a bat I-Ie also enjoys hockey and horse baclc riding and has a lceen interest in mechanics Atter school he plans to till the soil Commerical course Chorus 2 3 4 T l-I Y I 2 4 lcetball 33 Cheer leader 4 M I-I S Lite Statt 4 Acta Statt 4 Sylvia, with the deep brown eyes and curly auburn tresses has been one ot the most popular members ot the class ot 47 Vivacious, jolly, and charming is she Sylvia has real ability as a cheer leader, too. We hope that she will always be the smll ing Sylvia that she was at lvl I-I S we-Q. 'ef 'QM' PARLETTE, WILMA General course: Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3. 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Band 4: M. H. S. Lite Staff 3, 4: Acta Statt 4. To most of us, chewing gum, giggles, and unbounded en- thusiasm characterize "Wimpy." Her specialties are good times, good times, and more good times. "Wimp" certainly believes in being merry while you can, and she is teaching us through her example. She hasn't missed a basketball game this year. so we guess that this, along with skiing, must be har favorite sport. Now who dares to ask why? PAYNE, GENEVA Home Economics course: Tri-l-li-Y I, 2, 3. To the person who does not know her, Geneva seems rather reserved and quiet but to one who does know her charming dig- nity, it seems a great relief from the common run ot chattering, noisy people. We don't know what her plans are but we are sure she will be at the top. We'll surely miss you. Geneva. and we are sorry tor our sake that you are leaving us. ROSENDALE. MARILYN General courseg M. H. S. Lite Statt I. 4: Tri-l-lifY l, 2, 3, 4: Chorus l, 2, 3, 43 Acta Statt 4. "Rosie" is possessed with that excellent ability ot horse back riding and she has also had that "way" ot getting along with them. l-ler art work on the "Lite" has lett us in awe, too. During her junior year she did a splendid job of acting in the Library Benetit. She plans to make photography her career, and we know she'll be a success. ROUNDS, BETTY l-lorne Economics: Chorus 3: Cheer leader 4. What a girl! If you want to know one of the peppiest, most energetic persons in the school, you must meet Betty. As a cheer leader she's tops: she shines on the dance floor, too. She's a peach-always willing to do her share in everything and can always be depended upon to "put it over." What would we do without her? 21 STETZ, FRANCES STROPE, JOHN SUMMERS, BETTY Commercial courseg Tri-l-li-Y I, 2, 3, 43 M. H. S. Lite Statt 47 Acta Statt 41 Softball 4: Chorus I, 2, 33 Band 2, 3. Pretty, petite, smiling. Can you imagine a nicer combina- tion. Neither can we. Betty's a good sport, good dancer, and loads ot tung no wonder we like her. The shorter member ot the Lewis-Summers combination holds a position as typist on the "Lite" statl and on the "Acta" statt. l-ler place as attend- ant to the I-lar-vest Clueen twice proves that Bety has personality -plusl SWIDERSKI, LEONARD Industrial Art course: lnli-Y I, 2, 3, 43 Basketball Manager 3, 43 Track Manager 3, 43 Chorus I, 2, 3. 41 Volleyball 3, 4: Acta Statt 4. Managing the boys' basketball team tor two years has been Len's most important job and from what the team has to say, it couldr-'t have been put in more capable hands. The Grand Union also has a claim on him as he is their A-Number-One clerk atter school. With his "flashy" yellow sweater and "gay" ties. we think that he is one ot the school's best dressed boys. 22 Commercial courseq Tri-l-li-Y I, 2, 3. Modest, unassuming, with a smile that of shyness-that's Frances. Though she Frances is a valuable addition to any ot teams and has fairly high batting average Next to basketball, her tavorite pastime, c willing to bet she's just as adept at that, too. suggests just a touch isn't on the varsity. the "noon basketball" around M. I-I. S., too. omes dancing. We're Industrial Art Basketball I, 2, 35 I-li-Y I, 2, 3, John is one ot our ex-servicemen who came back to M. l-l. S. to finish his studies. You are likely to see him zipping around town in a red Buick almost any time. I-le's a whiz at basket- ball, and the pin ball machine at I-lerne's certainly gets a work out when John drops in. l-lere's to a time tellowl Glad to have had you with us, John. :Pw- 'gg' aj ' xv . ,awww fruit! VAN HOUSEN, EARL Industrial Art course: I-Ii-Y I, 2. 3: Acta Statl 4: Baseball 3, 4. This friendly chap is one ot our most "ambitious" classmates because he is finishing school in eleven years. I-Iis lite is not all work, lor with work there must be play, and his spare mo- ments are devoted to basketball, shooting, and dancing. We Iznow he will tind his place in the world. VON Ol-ILEN, ELEANOR Commercial course: Cheer leader 3, 4: Tri-I-Ii-Y 3: Sottball 4: Ensemble 3, 4. Eleanor is a veritable "hail-tellow well-met." When you hear a sudden peal ot laughter from the west side ot study hall, look tor her tirst. Eleanor's always tull of "go" and animation and fairly radiates this spirit to those around her. She really puts her "all" into everything. As a cheer leader, drum-maiorette. TAYLOR, JANET Band I. 2, 3, 4: Chorus I, 2, 3. 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Softball 2, 3, 4: Track 3: Class president 4: Tri-I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3, 4. Naturally the most accomplished girl should be class presi- dent and that's our "Jan." Basketball, music, and class mimic all make up that just too colorful personality ot one Janet Tay- lor. She puts herself so earnestly into everything she does-W work or play. That is the quality that is going to make Janet get along, It there were more like her, this world would be a qayer place to live in. VAN ANTWERP, BURTON General course: Basketball I, 2. 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2: Life 2, 3. 4: Acta Statt 4: Chorus I, 2, 3: I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3, 4: President 4: Boys' Octet 2, 3. Who is Burton Van Antwerp? The most popular boy of the class of '47, We'II tell you why, too. I-Ii-Y President, talented actor, singer, basketball star, and the number one hitter on the baseball team are just a tew ot the things that make Burt so outstanding. Everyone likes Burt becausefwell, they can't help it. Good luck, old chap. Oh, yes, and happiness. ,vas-eye., and an all-around good sport, Eleanor will long be 'remembered by the class ot '47. 23 ' WI-IITNEY, SALLY Academic course: Chorus i, 2. 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y l, 2. 3, 4: M. l-l. S. Lite Stat? 4: Art Editor: Acta Stalt 4. Salts the gal who introduced ballet slippers in M, H, S, She is always seen attired in the latest fashions, the envy ot every senior qal. This lass has a keen sense ot humor and the ability to receive hiqh marks, which make her an excellent asset to the class. Work at Westerrn Union keeps her pretty busy. but she still tincls time to see every movie once-usually twice. WOOD, HERBERT Agriculture course: F. F, A. I, 2, 3. 4: l-li-Y I, 2. 3, 4. Herbert comes from South Montrose, He travels where the milk truck qoes. Ile mates us lauqh in study hall And is a tiend tor volleyball. A good reporter tor F. F. A.. He handles the news in a splendid way. l-lerbis qreat biq qrin shows that him you can't neil, And his chief ambition is to till the soil. ZU HONE, EVELYN General courseg Basketball 4. "Lys" riirly blonde hair is a cause lor envy from many ot her sihriiiht haired classmates. She came to M. H. S. only this year, lrwm Oranqe, N. J., but it didn't take her long to 'find her "place," Evelyn is a stronq member of the basketball team and did her best to brinq victory our way. Her favorite subject si-irrrrs to be stories about her chemistry class in Orange, but dnn't let her tool you. Chem. wasn't her chiet interest. 24- As We Know Tnern wwv Q Dorm Allen Gumwm A-'und Richard Aikimon Auvgugid Blnigurc Many Bmwn fda BUUQH Lonizo Canon Rcnbmt Clmfnbfrvlain Marqorie Christensen Betty Cnnlc Joe Conaty Rose Considine 25 Leoma Cool: Catherine Daly Jolnn Depue Jurnes Downs Eldred Fish Irene Fraser Barbara Hall Elleanor Hallick Fred Hiclcolc Rosalyn Holbrook George Keenan Dorothy Kovalefsky 26 XXX Johanna Lewin Mario Lindshy Suzan Little Rcswmd Lcwmiu Doroilwy Lowry Richard Mackey Jack Marror Pmgcgy Mlmey Joe Nagy Sylvia Oakley Kathryn Organski Chaviottw Gwen 27 Wilma Parlette Geneva Payne Marilyn Rosendale Betty Ronncln Frances Stetz Jolwn Strope Betty Summers Leonard Swidowki Janet Taylor Burton Van Antwerp Earl Van l-lousen Eleanor Von Ctwlon Sally Whitney Herbert Wood Evelyn Zu Hone 28 29 Junior Girls First row, lett to right: Lois Fancher, Joan Stenzhorn, Florence Arnold, Sandra Luce, Mary Stevens, Mildred Frisbie, Frances Rounds, Magdeline Soth, Irene Kovaleslcy, Jane l-lardy. Second row: Janet Tinqley, Marjorie Reynolds, Barbara Benjamin, Eleanor Conklin, Isabel Price, Priscilla Arnold, Betty Clarlc, Nancy Calby, Thelma Wood, Ruth Peterson. Third row: Edith Brown, Ann Wellman, Louise l-lollenbeck, Elizabeth Jaconslci, Marion Aldrich, Audrey Green, Adeline Barney, Marguerite James, Emily Loclcett, Lucille Kermidas, Betty Passmore. 30 Junior Boys Seated, lett to right: Leonard Naviclcas, William Root, Paul Smith, Courtland Blrchard, Kenneth Bennett, John Frystalr. Second row: Charles Gott, Allan Arnold, Neil Conover, Donald Fellcer, Jay War'- ner, Robert Decker. Third row: Lloyd Stevens, Donald Strope, Robert Arnold, John Bender, Louis Snell, Roger Wood. 31 Sophomore Girls Eirst row: lott to right: Bette Nasser, Susan Benjamin, Nellie l-lickolc, Edith Allard, Joan Bender, Barbara Chamberlain, Eleanor Peterson, Erma Jean Roe, Nancy Gaige, Jean Eowler, Norma Lou Cole. Second row: Alice Reynolds, Louise Grooyer, Lois Clinlc, Marlene Ainey, Pauline Marrer, Louise lvlagnotti, Catherine Gilbert, Janette Pierson, Emma Saunders, Bertha NXfood, Retha Coleely. Third row: Marjorie Reynolds, Jenaveave Nagy, Lois Olmstead, Carolyn Hole brc-ok, Lois Arnold, Louise Lewis, Mary English, Ethel English, Evelyn Williams, Eva Jean Howell, Joyce Foster, Esther Taylor, Dorothy Olszewslci. Eourth row: Barbara Palmer, Peggy Taylor, Anna l'-lolbroolc, Marion Swidersl-ci, Betty Gardner, Delores Susla, lvlary Ellen Taylor, Joan lvlcConnan, Marion Brunges, Doris Pierson. 32 Sophomore Boys First row, lett to right: Paul Arnold, Roland Conklin, William Gardner, Raymond Shuta, Dariel Barnhart, Donald Tiernan, Raymond Kurosky, Dudley Fish, Robert Henry. Second row: Charles Bush, James Colwell, Duane Wilbur, Stephen Depue, Richard Sneed, Robert Mitchell, Charles Lake, Ernest Blachek, Clifton Fancher. Third row: Ivan Payne, Dewey Lyons, Theron Banker, Edward Starzec, Beltord Birch, Kenneth Ayers, Sydney Fisher, Bruce Carey, Donald Hamlin. 33 Freshman Girls First row, lett to right: Esther Smith, Theresa Erystalc Carol Luce. Shirley DeGraw. Lois l-lunt, Mae Blaisure, Gladys Atkinson, Esther Mead, llea Allard. Second row: Joyce Green, Celia l-lenry, Dawn Tingley, Anna Mae Stone, Patricia Springer, Mildred Rose, Martha Small, Joyce Warner, Elizabeth Daly, Alice Foster. Third row: Delores Monahan, Charlene Connell, Joan Monahan, Joan Geiger, Barbara Smith, Virginia Cole, Marie Brobst, Gretta Shimer, Marian Rose, Lois Wilbur, Shirley Wilbur. Fourth row: Cynthia Stanton, Marcia Merrill, Margaret Dillon, Margaret Shannon Marilyn Fessenden, Jean Lalce, Donna Kelly, Gladys Hughes, Naomi Lindsley, Jeannine Pratt, Barbara Johnson. 34 Freshman Boys First row, lett to right: William Wilcox, Preston DeGraw, Ronald Wolwell, Ken- dall Parlette, Gordon Taylor, Neil Gritting, Earl Welch, Bernard Graham, George Soth, Temple Smith, Douglas Webster, Robert Gott. Second row: Willard Hayes, Harold Brobst, Albert McCollum, Edward Sprout, Harold Norris, Norman Brown, Edward Allen, Ross Grover, Donald Webster, George Brunges, Robert Lewis, Tom Curry. Third row: Robert Taylor, Dick Butler, Donald Blaisure, Millard Graham, David Keenan, Walter Lindsley, Dick Boldt, Earl Lamson, Kenneth Johnson, Robert O'Boyle, Frank Grick, Edmund Sieminski. Fourth row: Edward Spiegel, Thomas Lockett, Walter Barber, Lee Smith, Duane Hinds, Carl Green, Earl Henry, Gerard Clark, Alan Fitzsimmons, Francis O'Boyle, Har- old Fish, Charles Sweeney. 35 Acta Staff Seated, lelt to right: Sally Whitney, John Depue, Johanne Lewis, Richard Mackey, Barbara l-lall, Leonard Swiderski, Louise Carros. Standing: Sylvia Oakley, Earl Van l'lousen, Betty Summers, Peggy Maxey, Susan Little, Burton Van Antwerp, Wilma Parlette, Rose Considine, Marilyn Rosendale, Jack Marrer, Rosalyn Holbrook, Mrs. Davidson. 36 lvl. l-I. S. Lite Cn November I6. IQ46, titteen members ot the LIFE statf attended the regional conterence of the Pennsylvania School Press Association held at Bloornsburg State Teachers' College. March 20-21-22, IQ47, found Louise Carros, Lucille Kermidas, and Priscilla Arnold at the twenty-third annual convention ot the Columbia Scholastic Press Association held at Columbia University in New Yorlc City. Wilma Parlette, Barbara Hall, Louise Carros, Leoma Cook, and Doris Allen are to be highly commended in their assistance in helping to make the paper a success this year. George Keenan 37 I-li-Y In view ot the various successes we have had, our Hi-Y club has enjoyed a very protitable year. With the help ot our president, Burton VanAntwerp, and under the guidance ot Mr. Birchard, we have established goals and have met and exceeded them in I946 and '47, From the very tirst meeting ot the Hi-Y on October 4, we have all enjoyed the ex- cellent education and instruction which our club has given us. We were privileged, on various occasions, to have educational talks by members ot our taculty, including Mr. Snyder and our own "Frankie" who related, in his humorous and enlightening way, his experiences in the army ot Uncle Sam. We are also very gratetul to the members ot the clergy who helped to make so many ot our meetings worthwhile. The annual Father and Son Banquet held on Tuesday, March I8, was a night to re- new a boy's tellowship with his dad, land also a night to remind us that those Home Ec girls really can cook, and that our "Frank" really knows the secret ot making spaghettilj Various parties were held during the year and enjoyed by all members. And who wouldn't enjoy themselves in the brisk October air at Salt Springs, or in the well known savor ot jburnt7j weinersl We all wish to congratulate Burton on his excellent job in the capacity ot presi- dent, and we hope that next year's Hi-Y club will be another unendng source ot pleas- ure and inspiration tor its members. Lloyd Stevens 38 Tri-l-li-Y The I94647 Trielnli-Y club held its tirst meeting on October 2. The otticers tor the year were Mary Brown, President, Janet Taylor, Ist Vice President: Joan Stenzf horn, 2nd Vice President, Nancy Calby, recording secretary: Johanne Lewis, corref sponding secretaryg Belle Price, treasurer, and Louise Lewis, assistant treasurer. Mrs. l-lighhouse has been back with us this year as counsellor. The l-lieY and Tri-l-li-Y held a joint meeting in the auditorium on November I3 tor the induction ot new members. Our membership reached I IO. ln October the Public Speaking classes, under the supervision ot Mrs. James tour last year's counsellorl, gave us an enjoyable program entitled "My Little Boy," The HifY invited us to a weiner roast on November 6 at Salt Springs: a splendid outing was enjoyed. Members ot the ioint clubs helped with activities in the Teen Age Center, too. We started "Teen Talk" topics February l2. Mrs. l-lighhouse and guest speakers led the discussions tor us. Those attending telt that much protit was gained trom the studies made. Every year our club does something to help the young people in Caney Creek, a small community in the Kentucky Mountains. This year we donated ten dollars to that cause. Here in our own county we packed boxes at Christmas time tor the underf privileged tamilies. The Mother-Daughter Banquet, one ot the outstanding events ot the year, was held Friday evening, May lo. Mrs. l-lighhouse and our president attended the Northeastern District Y. M. C. A. conterence at the Montrose lnn, March 28. Dr. Peter K. Emmons, pastor ot the West- minster Presbyterian Church in Scranton, was the principal speaker. Mary Brown i V? , Senior Band The band and Mr, Taylor are again responsible tor bringing lvi. H. S. much ot its interfscholastic honor. Supposedly weak as compared to its playing ability, the band, nevertheless, won two tirst prizes in marching contests in Factoryville and Wyalusing. Probably the greatest honor ever bestowed on the band was an invitation to play tor the Northeastern District Convention ot the lviusic Educators Association. In this meeting, held this year in Scranton, the band gave a halt hour concert betore the "big- name" teachers ot eastern U. S. high schools, colleges, and musical organizations. A total ot 8 members were sent to district orchestra, band, state orchestra, and state band held in Wilkes Barre, Canton, Altoona, and York, Penna., respectively. This was the tirst band to wear the "new unitorrnsu-a thing Mr. Taylor has talked so much about and worked so hard tor during the last ton years. 40 Junior Band First row: lett to right: Marian Bulloclc, Phyllis Bowen, Dawn Tingley, Carolyn Herne, Elizabeth Daly, Nelson Craige, John Starzec, Franlc Griclc, Carlton Taylor, Bar- bara Smith, Dorothy Kovaletslcy, Marilyn Fessenden, Stephen Depue, Miss Rathbun. Second row: Mr. Taylor, Elizabeth Jaconslci, Dee Pierson, Joyce Potter, Marva Reed, Francis Henry, Shirley Fancher, Barbara l-liclcs, Barbara Fancher, Mary Ellen Tay- lor, Pauline Marrer, Catherine Gilbert, Josephine Phillips, Kenneth Krna. Third row: Ann Yorgensen, Shirley Felton, Anne Tyler, Barbara Stevens, Richard Olmstead, Riggs Smith, Wallcer Hendly, Donald Cruser, Roger Fisher, William Dean, Roland Quick, Kenneth Russell, Robert O'Boyle. Fourth row: Anna Mae Stone, Paul Potter, Douglas Webster, Frank Wilson, Ray- mond Smith, David Keenan, Edward Sprout, Albert McCollum. 41 Girls' Chorus Eirst row, lett to right: Mr. Taylor, Lois Fancher, Augusta Blaisure, Carolyn Hol- brook, Joan Geiger, Mary Ellen Taylor, Marguerite James, Elizabeth Daly, Anna Mac Stone, Lois Wilbur, Edith Allard, Janet Taylor, Nancy Calby. Second row: Esther Taylor, Eleanor von Ohlen, Marlene Ainey, lrene Eraser, Pauline Marrer, Barbara Palmer, Mary Brown, Charlene Connell, Marilyn Rosendale, Lois Arnold, Marian Aldrich. Third row: Eva Mae Howell, Lois Clink, Catherine Daly, Rosalyn Holbrook, Sandra Luce, Evelyn Williams, Barbara Smith, Delores Susla, Barbara Hall, Sylvia Oakley, Johanne Lewis, Louise Carros. Eourth row: Marian Brunges, Wilma Parlette, Peggy Maxey, Susan Little, Donna Kelly, Marian Swiderski, Sally Whitney, Charlotte Owen, Margaret Dillon, Marcia Mer' fill, Cynthia Stanton, Bello Price. 42 Boys' Chorus lh s First row: lett to right: Neil Gritting, Gordon Taylor, Clitton Eancher, Robert Chamberlain, Donald Webster, Kendall Parlette, William Wilcox, Willard Hayes. Second row: Charles Lalce, Eldred Fish, Edmund Sierninslqi, Burton Van Antwerp, James Downs, Duane l-linds, Neil Conover, Miss Rathbun, Third row: Donald Strope, Jaclc Marrer, John Depue, Leonard Swiderslci, Edward Allen, Jay Warner, Ernest Blachelc, Stephen Depue. 43 F. F. A. Credit For this time tarm club and tor its many activities this year must go to three advisers: lvlr. Donovan, lvlr. Stapleton, and lvlr. Castroginni, last oi whom saw the boys through the end ot the year. The clulo continued in supplying the schools most important social tunction-tho Harvest Ball. The F. F. A. and Home Ec girls held a spaghetti supper once during the year. Later the girls served at the annual Parent-Son banquet which was sponsored by the Hi-Y and F. F. A. groups. Our boys played host to the annual county meeting ot the F. F. A. in which three home-club boys, Dewy Lyons, Bob Decker, and Courtland Birchard, were elected to executive ottices. 44 45 Girls' Softball A banner year it was tor our sottball team, tor we toolc all tive games that we played. Our girls were especially proud ot deteating New Miltord, who has given us a Stihl light tor years and has always emerged the victor. Other schools we played included Dimock and Broolclyn. Perhaps Coach Keller's enthusiasm was contagious, but we teel it was more than enthusiasm. l"ler determination, her skill in coaching chal- lenged the best in us throughout the season. Seated, lett to right: Betty Summers, Irene Kovaletslcy, Gretta Shimer, Doris Allen. .lohanne Lewis. Second row: Geneveave Nagy, Augusta Blaisure, Barbara l-lall, Janet Taylor, Eleanor von Ohlen. Third row: Lucille Kermidas, Manager: Mary Brown, Marilyn Fessenden, Marion Swiderslci, Marcia Merrill, Marion Brunges, Gladys Hughes, Coach Keller. Doris Allen 46 Boys' Baseball 'llwe past year proved to be an interesting one in tlne tie-ld ot baseball, lvlr. Rob S d n w coacln led us witlw unusual slcill tirmly tlnrougb 'lmany a battle. ort ny er, our e , , Atter less tlwan a weelc ot training, we emerged witb 3 wins and 3 gallant deleats. . Q f Percentage45OO. llie members ol tlwe team slwowed a time spirit and turned out or practice regularly. ltme lineup: lNlaviclcasfl:islner-33 Strope-Allen -SS l.. WoodfVan Antwerpfrtll Van t-lousenff-Rt Root Bennett-CF Fellcer'Blaisure-f-QB Warrner-Golt-C lvlanager-ffAllan Arnold Nasser-Lal4e'lB Coacti-'Robert Snyder lbe pitclwing was bandled by Snood, Blaisuro, Butler, and Van Antwerp. Dick Atkinson was our pinclw bitter. Altbouglw we sutter loss ot a tew men, tlwe next season sbows muclw promise tor Montrose Higb Sclnool. WGIVNCI 47 we are looking torward to a winning team again Girls' Basketball 'Wife tanlt lail in anytlwing we do." Yes, tlwatls ttte motto ol tlte etiarnpions ol llw Keystone Girls' Basketball League, Montrose. llwis triumpln, ours only once in previous years, was scored by practicing daily at 7 and again at 4, and by tlwe sneer determination ot tlwe entire squad and eoaelw tlwat Montrose snould come out on top once more betore leaving the league. It was a de- t rsive victory, inasmuch as tlwe team dropped only one gamefto Faetoryville-witlw tlte lieartfbrealqing score ot 20-l9. ine team expresses its tlwanlcs to Manager Mary Brown and lter assistants, Bette 'vlaf,r,er and Marcia Merrill, wtto by tlweir worlc and interest gave moral support to tlie loam. Next year's girls will suller tlwe loss ot Janet Taylor, Augusta Blaisure, Evelyn Zu llolwn, and Barbara l-lall, but wtien M. lol. S. t A tl'i S l en ers e usguewanna County League, Naney Calby 48 Boys' Basketball The arrival ot Mr. Snyder and early tall practices started the year ott with a bang. The odds were great and the opposition ruggedg however, our team stood its ground and gave some stitt competition. Most ot the boys will be back next year, but we are sorry to bid tarewell to this vear's captain, Burton Van Antwerp, and also to Leonard Swiderski, Manager. An innovation in our lite ot sports this year was the presentation ot a trophy to one ot our members. The presentation, sponsored by a local patron ot the school, is to be made annually to the member ot the boys' baslcetball team who shows the most progressiveness throughout the season. Upon the decision ot the judges, Dcilc Nasser was the tirst winner ot the trophy. The season ended with a banquet in the Home EC room at which both girls' and boys' baslcetball teams were present. Movies were shown later in the evening, lol lowed by a dance in the gym. Donald Felker 49 Lest We Forget Introducinq Coach Snyder And Miss lvlclieown As well as Miss Penney Our tennis tournament L... If A popular place September field trip Our tirst game l-ltalleween prize A visiting ventriloquist Anotlier winners "Clwarlie Mccartlwy F, F. A, parade line-up The parade What a crowd! 50 Harvest queen Phat pop meeting and attendanis Gentlemen, be seated! Huw Crnns,-A, Wu Torn TIWUVWM3 WCddi0fj Steno fffxrn UA Younxq Bvidcf' Mani Fancy" . r, 5 Ii Cm new electric score Look out! ania Clam Img come b cl in town! Oar ,A - ,,... .n,................. Scnool lunch "buyers" 51 A tense moment Time oui durlnq ouv last gums Day by Day Sept. 3-Oh! happy day l??l Four new teachers! Miss McKeown. French: Miss Pen- nay, Home Ec: Mr. Snyder, civics, math, and sports: Mr. Donovan, ag. Sept. 6-Game at Rush. Ouch! Sept. 8-Goodness gracious, Mr. Sipe, another new suit? Sept. I0-Game with Hop Bottom, ouch! again. Sept. I3-lt's Friday, too, but we were victorious. Game with Dimock. Score was l I-3. Sept. I6-We struck gold at last. In the form of class rings. that is. Sept. I7-Played Harford. Need I say more? Sept. 20-We won! Brooklyn has the cutest first baseman!!!! Sept. Sept. Sept Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct 24-Say, now, we're buzzing right along. Springville 4, M. H. S. I2 26--Mrs. D. has begun! Senior English test tomorrow. . 27-Girls' softball. School's out. . 2-See you at the Freshman party tonight, provided we can find our mittens. . 4-Girls' game. Won again! I3-7. . I4-Here endeth the tirst six weeks. . I6-Chapel. Mr. O'Brien introduced our school cat, Snoopy. . I7-Sophomores seem pretty tired after their roller skating party. Sloan's liniment is selling well. Oct . I8--Report cards!! Spasmoclic tits common. Oct. 2l-22-institute! No school! Dear teachers, we love you. Oct. 23-All teachers survived. Oct. 24-Band played for the Republican Rally. Oct. 29-Band played at Wyalusing. Presented Eleanor von Ohlen as majorette. We won first prize, 550. Oct. 30--Any people lose their porch steps? Oct. 3I-Apparently Mr. Birchard likes to fish. Nov. I-Alas! no boys! They've all gone hunting. Nov. 4-Still no boys! Nov. 8-Magician tor assembly. Nov. I2-Duckwalking in gym. Girls seem to be crawling up the stairs. Nov. I3-Girls still crawling. Nov. I8-Harvest Ball was a big success. Johanne Lewis, a senior, was queen. Nov. 22-Beginning of basketball season. New Milford here. Scores! Well, Mr. Snyder suggests we print them real small. ll?-321 I9-I4l. Nov. 27-28-29-No school 'til Monday! Happy holiday! Dec. 2--Brr!! Winter has arrived! Study hall is packed with mittened icicles. Dec. 5--Watch the birdee! Now smile pretty! Mr. Wilcox is taking Acta pictures. 52 Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb 6-Game at Harford! Close score but we lost! Report cards again. All teachers promptly locked their doors at 3:45. 8--Let's see. What color caps and gowns do we want? 9-Game with LeRaysville. and the boys won. We're so happy!! I0-What's this? Janet T. has a broken nose it seems-result of basketball. I I-Who can bring a rug? a desk? another rug? Library Benetit tomorrow, you know. I3-The big night! This year Burt didn't have any accidents-Well, not really! 20-rMr. Stapleton looked awfully cute in his Santa Claus suit at the Home EC party. Free movie this afternoon, thanks to Mr. Clifford. Chapel at ll:3O and the Junior dance tonight. Signing off until next year. A Merry Christmas, everybody!! 6-Happy New Year!! lt seems strange but rather nice to be back atter two weeks' vacation. The first thing we noticed this morning was the! new electric scoreboard. Our hearty thanks to Mr. Herne tor this much desired addition. 7-It's a red letter day tor M. H. S.! We won both games with Susquehanna. Also dedication ot the new electric score board. I3-On first glance at Jim Downs' tie you think you're seeing things. A second glance and you know you are. Sequins!!! I4-Miss Pedrick was late!! ' I5-Another rainy day. A tew members ot the band and chorus are spending three days in Wilkes-Barre. I7-Won both games with Factoryville by overwhelming scores. Everyone is celebrating!!! 20-D-Day minus one. 2 I-To be exempt or not exempt: that is the question. 23-!! -------- Groans!!! 24-Girls beat Clarks Summit I6-I 3. First time since I922 and are we proud!!! 27-Seniors drowned sorrows in Post Pond. Report cards and the mid-term re- sults have been given out. 29-That lovely rotten egg odor creeps from beneath the science room door again. Won't the chemistry class ever stop? 30-Miss Pedrick is still collecting money for the March of Dimes. The Seniors alone have contributed over Sl I.OO. 3-Acta Salesmen out tor the second time. Miss Pedrick is absent. Quiet, isn't it?? 4-Ah, ha! A blizzard. Perhaps there won't be school tomorrow!!! . 5--There is!! Still no Miss Pedrick. Lucky commercial kids!! 53 Feb. 6-She's back! Afternoon game with Nicholson. Girls won: boys lost by three points. Great day!!! Feb. I0--Band uniform samples are here. Pretty sharp! hm! hm! Feb. I I-I2-Measuring band members for uniforms. What fun!!! Feb. l3-A few band members are spending three days in Canton where they are playing in the district band. Feb. I4-Will you be my Valentine? I Feb. I9-Dull, isn't it? Mar. I-And the snow came!! NO School!! Mar. 2-Still on vacation. 1 Mar. IO-I I-Try outs for Senior play. Title, "Foot Loose." Mar. l2-Play cast announced in chapel. Hard work begins tonight. Richie Nasser was presented a trophy given for the most improved basketball playing of the year. lvlar. l3-Don Felker and lvlr. Taylor are spending the week in Lebanon, Pa.. Don playing in the State Band. Mar. I7-And a happy St. Patrick's Day to you, too. Junior Dance tonight. lvlar. 22-Who sezs it's spring?? Oh, for a fur coat!!! Mar. 25-Another Senior is flashing a diamond. This time it's Eleanor von Ohlen. lvlar. 28-Chapel. Octet, ensemble, and Janet Taylor presented the numbers they will give in the district contest in Kingston tomorrow. Mar. 3l-Band, octet. and tuba solo won the district contest and will go to the state contest at York. April I-Annual vocal concert! Big turn out. April 2--This begins our Easter vacation. April 7-Back to the grind! April 8-Annual spring band concert. Premiere of the new uniforms. Pretty snazzy. April I7-I8-I9-20-Band and octet are in York for the state contests. Proud to say Janet Taylor won first place in the tuba solo contest. April 24-Plans are being made for the Senior Prom. April 28-English final-Nuff said!! April 30-Miss Pedrick looks sleepy. Dress rehearsal for May 2. The hour arrives- Senior play last night! Full house and very entertaining. May 6-Commencement plans have begun and with them comes the realization that our school year is rapidly drawing to a close. lt's been a happy four years, thanks to our sponsors and teachers. and we have had a great many opportunities opened to us. ln short, it's been work, but it's also been fun, and we're quite a little bit sorry to leave old M. H. S. for good. Wilma Parlette 54 HERNE AND STREIN Full Line of Salted Nuts Whitmank Chocolates If it's cokes, or sweets, or apple pie Or for hamburgers you pine, Jusi drop in with the rest of us Ancl iry out Herne and Strein! MEET AND EAT AT HERNE'S PUBLIC AVENUE MONTROSE, PA. 55 Best wishes to the Graduating Class of I 947 Colonel Braclcn BRACKNEY, PEN Compliments ot DR. PAUL R. DEUEL J. Clwiropoclist Compliments ot JAMES J. MCLAUGHLIN Met. Lite lnsurance ey lnn NA. Compliments of J. RYAN AND CO FRESH MILK, CREAM and CHOCOLATE MILK Delivered Daily O. H. ARNOLD Phone 28I-R-0 Montrose, Pa. v-CKAWA 'fm an px. ALLAN C. HUNSINGER Representative A Susq. 8: Wyoming County MONTROSE, PA. 235-R 56 Home Equipment For your Comfort Sporting Goods For your Pleasure GAY-MURRAY CO. Tunlrhannoclc, Penna. Write or Call 5050 M ERCHANDISE H ONEST S ERVICE A TTENTION C OURTEGUS T REATMENT A LWAYS ERNEST E. MacPEEK Monirose, Pa. "Your Friend on the Square" Creige's Greenhouses CUT FLOWERS, FUNERAL SPRAYS. BASKETS POTTED PLANTS A SPECIALTY Authorized Florists' Telegraph Delivery Shop 7l SO. CHERRY STREET MONTROSE, PA. Nelson E. Craige, Jr. PHONE 279-M LAKE VIEW INN LAUREL LAKE, PA. Dinners and Luncheons Served Daily Also All Legal Beverages Compliments of RED'S DINER Steaks, Chops, Sandwiches SOUTH MONTROSE, PA. Phone 9384-J MONTROSE HORSE AND CATTLE MARKET Hayden L. Tingley Sales Every Monday 58 Compliments ot LEE'S FURNITURE STORE MQNTROSE, PA. "When you think ot turniture, thinlc ot us." Your headquarters tor all G. E. appliances Largest Home Furnishings Store in Susquehanna County Air Heating Sheet Metal Co. lnc 95 State St. BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK Coal, Gas, Oil Furnaces Installed and Repaired Eaves Troughs, Conductor Pipe, Stoker, Automatic Hot Water Tanks, Radios. 59 ANDREW E. JENNER 8: SONS We Specialize in MANUFACTURED LUMBER -- CUSTOM SAWING m COAL-MINE PROPS HINMAN MILKERS Phone Fairdale 5-R-5 I For- C I' I I Omplmen S O Atlantic Gasoline and MODERN Motor Oil BEAUTY SHOP 'FS'- PAUL DEWEES COMPLIMENTS OF JOSEPH NASSER Shoe Store PU BLIC AVEN U E MONTROSE. PA. ROZELL RADIO SERVICE Auto and I-Iome Radio Sales and Service I5 South Main St., Montrose, Pa. PHONE 440 WI-IEN IN NEED OF LUMBER OI' BUILDING MATERIALS Call on BENNINGER LUMBER COMPANY 60 --.--a--------I------gp-- JOHN WALL'S GARAGE General Repairing Phone I90 I0 Chestnut St. MONTROSE, PA. Compliments of Best Wishes To SUMMIT TEA ROOM CLASS OF '47 Dolph W. Atherington Ge,-rift E, Gardner COMPLIMENTS or HOWARD GOULD Fresh meat, Groceries, Light Hardware Compliments of MILADY'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Compliments ot JIM OLlN'S BARBERSHOP Haircuts and Shaves LATHROP BROTH Distributors of: Lehigh Valley Coa and Mobilheat Fuel Oi ERS Tel. Montrose 460-J WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIAT PAUL SHERMAN HOME OWNED 34 So. Main St. MONTROSE, PA. E STORE COMPLIMENTS OF OVERTON FARMS DAIRY Quality Ice Cream Light Lunch MONTROSE, PA., PHONE 238-R Compliments ot Compliments ot ARTHUR H- BOWEN Enm-rs BEAUTY Noouc FUNERAL HOME Sedan Invalid Car 7V2 Public Avenue Ambulance Service Monffose- Pa- Montrose, Pa. Phone IOI-R AUDLEY B. LOTT FLouR - FEED - GRAIN - FARM SUPPLIES Custom Grinding and Mixing Phone Montrose 432-J-2 SOUTH MONTROSE, PEN NA. I I ' 1 Compliments ot HEFFERAN'S Compliments ot l I-larness 84 Hardware Store DR. GRACE Montrose, Pa. H. D. GRIFFIS 8: SONS GENERAL HARDWARE MILL WORK - BUILDING SUPPLIES TELEPHONE 307-J BEECH STREET MONTROSE, PA. 62 -naqnsuinaeg-gy---.-2,155-.nb--Q----na A C T A Was Again Prinied by Jrlwe Monirose Publishing Company ..f.--- .- -..Ianni .L- 63 Compliments of DLGWZ 'bhe coaf HRCHARD COALCO. High Street MONTROSE, PA. Phone I06-R MEN'S AND YOUNG MEN'S CLOTHING HATS FURNISHINGS Everything Men and Young Men Wear Shop here and save McNERNEY'S 42 COURT STREET BINGHAMTON, N. Y. Let Us Help To Keep You Healthy MONTROS Open 7 E CUT RATE STORE A. M. 'to 9:30 P. M. SUMMERS' AND McCAIN'S Compliments Of GAS STATION Sinclair Gas and Oil Compliments of F. J. PARRY MEATS AND GROCERIES GRAND UNION STORE Self Service S.T.Wood Manager Compliments ol CLOVERLY DAIRY R. J. CATERSON Milk Cream 6I'-na COMPLIMENTS OF SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY COMMISSIONERS GUY B. ROBINSON WALTER I. DAVIES LEO A. WHITE GUERNSEY i MILK and CREAM Compliments ol NORRIS ERNSHAW Compliments of RECORDER'S OFFICE GAYLORD REYNOLDS Compliments ol CHARLES E. DALY Compliments ot JOHN E. O'BRIEN Every kind of Montrose, Pa. I econ INSURANCE Montrose Department Store, Inc. ISusqueI1anna County's Leading Department Storel Men's, Women's, and CI'1iIdren's Clothing Hats -- Footwear - Drygoocls Ancl Furnishings MONTROSE, PA. Compliments of ROSENDALE 81 CORWIN Birds Eye Foods GROCERIES - MEATS CRAINE SILOS . . . A Type tor Every Farm and Purse CONTRACTING BUILDING H. G. LAKE Hardware, Building Material, Plumbing Farm Supplies, Heating Phone 362 Montrose, Pa. l WOODBOURNE ORCHARDS High Grade Apples Compliments ot With Flavor and Quality Forest Products John F. Stanwell-Fletcher L. F. SMITH Manage' Francis R. Cope, Jr. Owner Compliments ot RUSSELL OLIN 66 Compliments of FUREYIS Doctors, A Good place to Buy A- E' 8' C. J' HOLLISTER ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES and Vete""""""s FURNITURE or Au. Kmos COMPLIMENTS OF STEPHENS 8: COMPANY, Inc. BINGHAMTON. N. Y. Paper Ray W. Bolt, Representative COMPLIMENTS OF C A R L H U G H E S Birclriardville, Pa. GULF GAS AND OIL c o N o v E R ' s I I Franklin Forks, Pa. Compliments ol Groceries Meats P. T. LONERGAN Vegetables Hardware Feed ATTO R N EY-AT-LAW Notions. I Etc. Compliments of BANNER SLIPPER COMPANY MONTROSE, PA. 67 Compliments of Phone I09-R COUNTY AUDITORS ARTISTIC BEAUTY PARLOR All Branches Charles A. Lamont of Fred W. Brainard Beauty Culfure J0SePl'l"e 0'Nf-Pi' ao CHURCH smear COMPLIMENTS OF BROWN 8: FASSETT FEEDMILL Montrose, Pa. PHONE I57-W MONTROSE THEATRE Where Boys ancl Girls Are Wholesomely Entertained In Safeiy and Comfort 68 We Always Think of You I Compliments of DAVID L. ROBINOVE Compliments of FINN'S GAS STATION MONTROSE VULCANIZING SHOP Superliorl Service Shop 23 Chestnut St. Montrose, Pa. Compliments of MORTON W. STEPHENS Attorney D. FRED BIRCHARD 8: SON Birchardville Store GENERAL MERCHANDISE Complimenis of COOK'S GROCERY STORE Laurel Lake, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF LOUDEN HILL FARM Producers of CERTIFIED MILK VISITORS WELCOME Phone 290-M l GROCERIES -- CROCKERY I RAFFERTY'S GARAGE Everything Fresh nd Good INSPECTION STATION Come in to see us, I GENERAL REPAIRING L. G. HAMLIN I Montrose, Pa. 69 COM PLI MENTS OF ANDRE 81 SON MONTROSE, PA. Compliments ot DR A. E. ADAMS Montrose, Pa. Compliments ot DR. H. W. LOTT Compliments ot AYRES' GARAGE I7 Chestnut St. MONTROSE, PA. Compliments of R. H. BROWN Montrose, Pa. "YOUR BARBER" C 81 F MOTOR SALES DODGE PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS AAA - SERVICE Complete Shop Service CHAMBERLAIN 81 FERRIS Phone 346 MAPLE AND CHESTNUT STREETS 70 ..-gngf...-.-1.41-4.--.... COMPLIMENTS OF C. E. Alle n SUCCESSOR TO ALLEN BROS. SOUTH MONTROSE, PA. Mfrs. of Garment Hangers and Novelty Boxes GEO. E. TAYLOR 8: SONS Headquarters for ALLENTOWN PAINTS WALLPAPER - LINOLEUM - HOUSEWARES Gifts for all occasuons PHONE Zll MONTROSE, PA an .a...--.Q.......un'::1z.. ..-.--.. --- 7 I COMPLIMENTS OF WALTER J. BLOCHBERGER PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPLIMENTS OF BEACH MANUFACTURING CO. THE GEORGIA-HANKS CO., Inc. I30 State Street BINGHAMTON, N. Y. Business furniture, stationery and office supplies. Pen Repair Service GREEN'S GROCERY FRESH MEATS COLD MEATS GROCERIES Open Tuesday, Thursday 8: Saturday Evenings 72 BEATTY'S 5c +o SL00 SI'ore 42 CHURCH STREET MONTROSE, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of SIEMINSKI'S DEPARTMENT STORE Dry Gooclsiand Dresses 9 Public Ave. I I Compliments of Compliments of W. S. HOWER Sheriff IMPERIAL GRILL Compliments of THE CONSUMERS WATER COMPANY PHONE I23 73 COMPLIMENTS OF MONTROSE BAKERY AND LOCKER SERVICE Compliments of Compliments Ol MRS. ANNA SMITH DR. F. S. BIRCHARD TREASURER Class ot I899 Montrose' pa. Compliments of Compliments ot TITSWORTH 8: ELY A. C. SMITH ATTORNEYS ZETNA LIFE INSURANCE Montrose, Pa. Montrose, Pa. Compliments of W. T. SMITH ROMAN STRIPE HOSE STAR BRAND SHOES COMPLIMENTS OF J U DG E LITTL E 74 The Plant Behind Our Products MONTROSE WOOD GARMENT HANGERS TOWEL RACKS, Etc. South Montrose Manufacturing Co. South Montrose, Pennsylvania MAX H. PARKE Montrose, Pa. McCormick-Deering Machines Farmall Tractors International Trucks' Service DOWNER i BURNS DRUG srone FURNITURE SHOP 7 South Main gt, Graduation Gifts NEW and Uililg FURNHPURE Complete Line ot Drugs REPA'R'NG PREscRlPTloNs comrouuoso PHONE 47l-J 75 EIIIIIEJ 111111111 I.,-.W i. E g , . 1 , g I. v-- ,I , -I!!!-QQ!! M L.-1 M A "WM .rv , W- V ' " H it--WA V f v f i V T5-:.-1.1--,I-iff-.if -as I, Xf-, N M HWJM 'ma 4 I 1 .L ' f E A -'m x E ! -' - I ' 1. I ' nf A A r'f ' ."" f'1'T2h , A I L f 3 A ff ,l QLHQWLQX W1 QL Q'-,N ' E N ,' Vg- l ,L F li 2 2 2- 2 . - " f I A fs W 'A E I F' :D X Si I S llT.4:.l..1T I j 1 PFJ , ,.,,,,,, 1 w ol Smmm 1 , lg w g 1 ' .ff ,x..?,K ' i"-Y ' Q- NTROSE 7 1 57' Firs+ 8: Farmers Na+ional Bank 8: Trus+ Co. Montrose, Pa. Susquehanna, Pa. 76 -.....--- -. ----.L,-,-U-,,.-.ei,-4.-.....-.....,---.. ..--..--.. GAS OIL SMITH'S ESSO STATION 73 Souih Main St., Montrose Verified "ESSO" Lubrication ACCESSORIES BATTERIES Phone I69-R TIRES TUBES Why Not Let the VALET SERVICE DO YOUR CLEANING AND PRESSING Jusi Ring 260-J Our Work Must Be Satisfactory to You WE ALWAYS APPRECIATE A CALL Compliments of A F R I E N D pun anbpapol5 pnRn-ppnnflpnlonol 1 Q 77 L. H. STONE JEWELER Watches Diamonds Fountain Pens , 38 Church Street MONTROSE. PA. S I 0.00 To 5300.00 Open Tuesdays and Wednesdays PENNSYLVANIA LOAN COMPANY Post Office Building Montrose, Pa. ' i Compliments ot DONALD W. VERY Compliments ot ROBERT G. DEAN Plumbing - Heating Air Conditioning Attorney at Law Montrose, Pa. Compliments of KENNETH A. BUSH FUNERAL DIRECTOR South Montrose, Pa. Compliments of Compliments of JOE'S BARBER SHOP District Attorney 30 Public Ave. Montrose. Pa. JOSEPH L. CARRIGG I 78 -----E-,------- ffrf us ro S afe W onderful I nstantaneous TODAY! T ima-saving C lean H ealthy See Your Eiectrical Dealer NORTHERN PENNSYLVANIA POWER CO Compliments of A FRIEND 79 DR. EARL J. SMITH Compnments of DR. E. K. SMITH oprommlsrs L- P. HAM'-'N coiifilccilrrlgbyiiocloriilialjtiocyjroviciilonilldopiioi CH I metric service. 42 So. Main St. Hgrglglil MONFLT-OSE' Montrose, Pa. M A R S H ' S LINFOOT'S GAS STATION I880 --- I947 General Merchandise Fairclale, Pa. GAS, OIL, TIRES LUBRICATION South Montrose, Pa. Compliments of DR. W. W. PRESTON Montrose, Pa. Compliments of J. MELVIN KELLY ATTORNEY-AT-LAW IRVING LOOMIS Shovels, Bulldozers, Trucks Monfrose, Pa. Phone.. I03-R ARTHUR C. GOODRICH Groceries Gas Ice Cream BROOKDALE. PA. fy- 'sf cf"T:N,ff?n X -.X -'X ' fir, ffi iiff X' " ox U .4 hx ubcuijf 1 L' ' .. 3 V1 ' ' W f ' ' rf wILl I Mi!E!S!!llZ!!! ff USVI..!lW A ' N Nj .7 Il-'- "" .wins H A .L FIFEPROOF COMPLIMENTS OF MONTROSE INN, Inc. MONTROSE, PA. Wm. L. EVANS GENERALINSURANCE Notary Public Tel. l86-M Montrose, Pa. DONALD DEAN LUMBER DEALER Hardwoods and Softwoods LOCAL AND LONG DISTANT HAULING Montrose, Penna. 8 I COMPLIMENTS OF BIRCHARD FARMS Breeders of Pure Bred Jerseys CARLTON E. BIRCHARD 81 SON Bikci-IARDVILLE, PA. R. M. HOWELL'S i I ' C I' i f Sunoco Service Station ! omplmen S O Groceries, Gas, Oil and Accessories R- R- DEUEL BROOKDALE, PA. I i i JOHN DEERE Farm Machinery Sales and Service M.D. GRIFFING MONTROSE, PA. LEWIS and SLOAT Authorized Sales "FORD" Service 56 Grow Ave. Phone 487 Storage, Greasing. Car Washing 82 COMPLIMENTS OF MONTROSE CLEANERS Clothes Pressed Compliments of While You Wat GEORGE H. LANE AVERY NURSING HOME TAILOR Cleaning and Dye ng Montrose, Pa l PHONE 457 I MONTROSE Compliments of CANDY KITCHEN Home Made Ice Cream MEEHAN'S ELECTRIC Lunches - Candy Strawberry Plants Berries I Compllments OI Any Quantity Certified Delicious GEORGE BRUNGES Price In List Season Lumber REX SPROUT Montrose, Pa Sayre, Pa. "RED SHUTTERS DANCING GAS and OIL 83 COMPLIMENTS OF HARLAND McLAUGHLIN ATLANTIC GAS and OIL 4. F. KROPA Feeds and Farm Service Dimock, Pa. Phone I94-R-2 I CLINK BROS. General Merchandise Meats and Groceries and Tea Room , Springville, Pe. Phone 7I02 Compliments of G E O R G E P . LI TTLE GENERAL INSURANCE Montrose, Pa. Good Wishes from RESSE6UIE'S DEPARTMENT STORE COMPLIMENTS OF WHITE SWAN RESTAURANT Short Orders Joe Cailin Dinnezs 84 11.ppy---------q-.p-g.p ---5:-ap--- WILCOX PHOTO SERVICE Montrose, Pa. LEGAL COMMERCIAL PORTRAITS l' 31 , E f I 947 Acta Photog rapherj up-n unnnnuiiinppng-:Lp ppiv ungllfginaiiipgphnnpannnpnnp 85 CONGRATULATIONS TO Montrose High School Class of '47 Like Janus, you are looking back--and forward: back upon happy school days filled with memories and with preparation: for- ward upon a future of planned accomplishment. Experiences of the past are valuable stepping stones toward future success. Don't disregard them. Our best wishes go with you! McLEAN'S Department Stores Binghamton, N. Y. Endicott, N. Y. Compliments of Compliments of COMMERCIAL HOTEL JOSEPH ALBANO George Drives THE SENIOR CLASS OF I947 WISHES TO THANK ALL THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTED SO GENEROUSLY TO MAKE THIS "ACTA" A SUCCESS. 86 - ' ' ' 'Fr i: ,. -vue, Y . . IE - . A .v ,, X AQ.. - . ,I WA' Q, A .M -e . 'ri is '15 , .',, ' w 'FF' N4 lg: ..,O fi W. Q 414. Q 01E' . ul 1, ..iE,,vi11:m.'n5K:x,.-l4!s4'ii:1-3Xb:xH2,zf2lEnPl.azixL mgi... n i E a i 2 5 5 5 I E i .g -..., P " C -A.-4. ." Y " ' F - "T-'1 -. l W -f f diffs" E'f"'fF' ' ' W" A , ,

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