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 - Class of 1946

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THE ACTA 1946 ww- QQ SENIOR CLASS i,,lt,.I:4 A ,A--1. 'fx ff I ju x-K if Published by the of MONTROSE HIGH SCHOOL Foreward a H1 H NV I W years to com n Hue rcmcm 46 ACTCH ,wwf H9 a Moa U f f O l GJHU rig Ofiri ION VJ e wt ww brmg al! of uj blame OF Um Jchod ffi H9-We lx ' x N1 y 5: I9 'f " , . " 5 IX' mmol xvlfh sljw QCII? f pwcw L 'fs ff 5 il 1 in HM: ' ' H' ' f much rwappimegg 1 'V ' A ' F X xfl. J' f ,,. LSSIF1 'rv' '-. If maxi' A 1, X Dedication X al Fifi, U SFT vw Jumsmnc W CS CQVNJWF- V' C1 V WSF If LJ G TVCVTO OT CVGV O96 GTG W"CSc dN',"TUW" S 'WGS DGCOVTWG 5 SXVTNO O US we 'We QV tmq cus 94 wnoy G G ca e , H: . '. M PM ' 16535 KJ t e " V- I f ' f' ' Af Qi, gui W K 1 TQ fim. Un B119-'lit u-fm: 'r 'H IJOff:,Tf'1 ' "cj-'fgfieresiiusfaw.,X in Nic ua' Rf Q5 I -6 A' 9 f 1L:vEs Acta. Administration o o o ', .. R95 .. f2"!yg,f ggiyrf Y - f ,f'f5": ' ' Mfr 2 .- V iff' f' School Board r- rfb'- Er 'QE' F 'WF V551 fxfvTF3LNPk 'WG 'TPC fu "oy 1: 9 ' I5if'3'w'i.,1' ' o' 'F - QVGWJ of 1,,:':' " dw-P 5 L 1 ' 946 r'es:i'3-'52, , '11-fzizt, toe rx ff: 'r We ,V ' B 'Vi E1Lw'di"', 153, HA'.f'LNf. PH'-f':9oi Q. QQOVD Thi? 'Vcc D"'?3-SSP1 Wil. RED C. Cx. QP. Effie", VQQ. ADDR V3 -LY Am H K ' V' Prmclpal s Message ur N Lo Yearr e new worrd wonde develo e un er the urgency or war corwdutmorws Use frm rx W ms rumen 5 wr ely They can brrrwg to realrty rrwan 5 aqe old dream of a better world 6 o 0 I 5 Y l ', Y 5 , Y ,, 'I 5 E 4 r Yo 5 is the frrzi gags , rs p d d F 4 ' . me C ' i f Faculty 5 2 f' Mr Dc3ytOl'1 BIFCFMBVG MA Mr Maumge D Taylgr Social Stuores M ,C ,....N 4ws.JfW" 'wr Wm Fw s Ma Q awosc sian 1 VW I . I x I l M us' I A ' I I , a 1 l A ' ' Z . - fur- I L Sf -, g V -lilkv. 4r. v god- D, 'N H, BA. Mis ,Q Rii1'Kl.." 3.2.7 Ed. E Qfm V-"bfi Mrs Ruth James Mr Jack YQGQ'-3" BS l-atm Industrial Arts M S Irene Pedrmck Mr Howard S pe Commerce! Scwence 8 Mrs Tessne Be ryla BS Home Economics 69" 'inf' Mwss Mary Shrpe BA French Mrs Nancy Keller BS Physical Education Mass Mary Edith Frantz BS Mathematics . ' l ,.. . .-- lr ,wg B if 'wr l 9 r...,..,.. f 1 P I F F T F z Class History of 46 e we ned t e a es o n s arch ot much nee w sdonn and Q dance We soled a tal s ud ous appear no t low lrorn Lake Avenue horn w o a ey Pd ornrnand Tnough we were e School s greene t tresh ner- P Q F1lCXVlF' A9 wr ely through he ear y ur-an rnous vo e J r a trogrnru was elected o ead our sophomore Cass r-le proved tha oh schc l va made up entlrely ol nard work when he enguneered s that ta a hot dog roast at Lake Montr Then we had a roller ska an marly at lun-cnannock what fun' Say hose sophs certalnly know how to put over a 'VOPEY r tuture use uho we acce ted more re oensl It an oun o t e surp 5 O e acu y that nqh schgg was really worth wh le However wut this new urge or e ucatlon we d d neg ct our guest lor lun lt was no tvrne at all atter we electe Elaine Setser as oresndent that we found ourselves on the way to the roller skating rlnlt t Tunkhannock Memher7 And then the class dance agasn successful we held n he sprlng7 On the last day ol school we planned to surpnse the seniors wlth a party at Elk Lake The day came and we held the party well let s drop vt at that lo eer our class runnrng srnoothly we chose S s l-l llsster as our Q mor pFSS1 lhe Halloween party broke the record as one ol he best conducted partues take pace a M rl S Our last year nas oeen hlleo wrtn me usua actlvltles such s compulsory exarnunatlons sensor play and a tormal dance and through them all we wave caught a olrmpse ot what we can make school lute lt we wxll Though our years ot hrgh school were war years we have truly learned the value o educatlon andthe part rt wlll play In our lives the lnrst step toward bu ldnng a et er world l l ' ll ll ln th lah ol '42 c cras' th g t 5 lvl. l-l. Sf e w l ded f L Jul . ' ll Q s , y at Q 'ff e Frnnoe '7 t l In c r , I i th ' U 3 - 1 , ete' Goo lull! Ld L. 's l t 1 li y . B - I . t on C so ' ' , t l , ' , . ihlg r ,o '. snlt .' l A tor u L 3 , ose. V t' g ' , ll 4 l . ll .5 ' dancefl Sorne crowdl And so it was that we paid all our debts and put away some ,too lo . As gs l rs , pw, . s 'p5l'.y d t d lt ch ri e t th fc lt t ll , 1 f I . , ' h ' , l d ' , 'A nxt lie t , . ' d at .L V . , ' , I kqi . xv O. Ve. N .W dent. H l L A t ' ' l 1 I l l l l 'l l 'rl sl I ' ' ' I Lo :' r . . . V - as ' ' , ' X, l . I . b A ' "M "W" 1 ALUmc3H.LEROY L Cm Agricdture Coursey Hi-Y 4: Ba5ebaiN 43 V H ,bawN 4 Quiet, ufwpresumptkuus, buf aways wifi' 5 rfvaciy mw'r1 t a LORGX, Hai rfwer 4,fwr1srJi'u':n,' and yet Pres H19 of H1050 fo f Yows you can always depcrd moan fav ad Ir ary dw 5 v w 1r ' , ,. rw HTf9V9Sf ws F. F. A., bmi we fee! ibat baske a fur' ARNOLV MARY ANN softball Mwaqor 4 U 'J "'Q'M" BU ELL JEAN eww J Om f s e U1 r C wc cfctewyj nCWe Dhvbm rw r r Us Mbasfd ca 0 O Q a O G L un My f r basket r P1 I e nfvr 5 ld me P rv mr m 0 a 0 ass SML Fw w ess NF T Egg V W ci G Yid 'J VT 'HOL Pays, I 2 - oF the 'Her ww Saud, Sta!! watev rum OEF? Cffvse secofd. Wfhen you ini.-,f LeRoy, you if 'eehe the s p. WWF-f a ourse Besk C am rw x n uv 4 Aria 57 y A f a HP popuiarlty wow em 0 das not to men fm b r I or Q A if awe? a rw avpl y H sur mls be when s e Ieav Goo Yue O -Qu. 'HDD ' BQLUNGER. DEAN Anricuzure Course: l-lr YB 47 F, F. A. 3. 43 Azza Ska' 4. 1 .QUQFV BPOWN ROBERT er ral C urse 'ur quiet one-at east in scroil. Aw re- rralre. tlwoud' usualiy evokes a cnuclie from trie listener. Dean Fas beer- wifl' us all tlne way up tnrcuqlw ine grades and he certainly lias added 9-is bit to our class. Wbetber lwe is sfud ing wifln Plwil working 55 M5K95f-eg, or lrwuntin.. be Y if . L1 '3 lias roven livnsell a ga able leiow l-3 F3 o corn 'n a arm y e o c o ex rn In w intelligent and line Farmers c an must be A nouql'-A lull of un an t e w p there wth lass marlrs As we peelc into your lu ure o we see a blonde lassne srwlinq ber approval at your ultra modern farm We lcnow that we sna always be proud f ou 'Y' xv" X CASTROG-i NNY CECIIJA orus 2 3 4 Acta Stan 4 County G neral C ur x d nor r' e 1 a President 2 S wakb ber lov on winning honor and lla r' n nor for good ard V! hope trai sne can re a We are sure snglng wil b n u r oans an know tba she wil be succes u i s d FASTFA NN CHN 11 4 rea a ri f M 4 and Uwe M U aw corne I e rw g nt ti u'e he state orcxarwza Ailw udb al 1 v ,ou ey r QT I3 L C' e C -: Hi-Y 43 Trac? 4. B b es fro f 'l of industrious, suc: sslul a ple. He is a q od a ple af C ' 4 ' A an d . It f d a errible teas , be is i ay u " i ' , ' t , l -1-: B b. ' " 4 - - ll O Y - K r I . ,.--..,., . ..-.. Wifi: vm , . , I ' 1 A ' l 'ff . YH W6 ' e or se: Mi e Cl us Ig Girls or . . 1 Girls' Trim I: Girs' Ense ol 47 T i-Hi-Y l. 2. 3: V 2 i Cl'lf."d5 4: Cl ss Vize ii . Ceci' bas wo 'o K old M. H. . i ely sopr r voice. e 1 ' go ' ' ' larr, as ye rs go by. tlnat i A il e I - cludeo ir lwer l tu e ll d t il sf I. A pleasing persoraliy, 'parlrling blacl eyes, an lovely srnile 'vale up our Cecilia. ,, .effiiryri ev' i A4"iu tu'-Q Ccqae' Ciass Pesizifi 27 Lie Strrr 2: Atta Sui' 4q Linux Beraeft 4: feriir Sa, 4: F. F. A. l, 2. 3. 47 Pezla-1-nt fr F. F. A. fl4'3y51Cr, F 47 St te Se :ir-el 4. E ery 'r ii fre , H.S.:a1: ,f 6 , .l-l. S. lac lt, is 91,11 if our Jorn, To ye, rr , . 'lp 'I lnesi lunar: we :an S-Eififlf :opnorvcre class preside, . r'b ., by ilu: local F. F, A. and,n b, t - H .' tion. 'y l rp 1 efer ou., you 'Ways frd time to give Help flien ' ' ' needed. Vffatee' :mcse grime we beii e tlis is any r . I ire lgelirring 15 ,:..r ii ie. r . Q VA f CHAMBERLAIN PHILIP rrculture Course F F A 3 4 4 Ba Le Volleyball 4 Senlor Play 3 4 Lrbrary Benet A llashy qrln a deep bass volce and a pleaslnq personallty srrrbe PhIl Hrs easy qolnq manner ind qenfro Ily IIIGlKC Im a worn' amonq al o us I In tus or a party or some other clas lflIVlty fn o remembered lor hrs worlc IU thc sennr play 'HI Lrbrary Bonetnt these combrned wIth hIs athl t abr ty PhIl to cvery fun' one of us DALY FRANKLIN ustrIaI Arts C urse HI Y I 2 C o Basetna Track 4 Llbrary Bene It 4 Acta 4 Senlor Ilay 4 anLlIn r ac Ira o er a hIs wIttIcI omftrmes nearly urrrps rs avr son s also on of the rn I stays ot the Pne Company We Iut couldnt havc hrcs wtl out Franlc He IS another one ot the Herne crowd and may be seen there almost any atternoon atter school Probably one ot the thrnqs well always remember I-ranklm tor was ns ex gallant portrayal ot C ppy Ever Since Eve 'J-"' 1:-nal 4112 DEPUE PAUL neral Course B nd I 2 3 4 Mrxecl C 2 3 O Chorus 4 Boys Octet 4 Volleyball 4 Traclc 4 Senior Play 4 Gym Exhrbltron 3 How can a merc classmate descrrbe thIs rare persona Ity w Ich graces cur class7 He has ound I n trou e t shIne IU sports Such well chosen words tell on our ears as we rnecl t w It or hs answers n c You have an Inner strenqth Paul that we somehow annot tathom but we lcnow your footunq IS surc and your dreams are certaIn to come true DERR SARAH A ome E on: I our r II orus I acl 4 Gym ExhIbItIon 3 Lute Statt 3 4 Gnrls Chorus 2 Senror Play 4 o IS he r I v r s n qrouchy r'rIoocl7 None other than our Sarah Her sense ot humor and ea y way o malung trIcr'ds have been a real boost our cass In Hume c has ery capable and acroba ICS are rIql"t own Icr aley A to uturc pans well youl have c ask her I4 AA AQA g . . . , 7 HI-Y I, 2, 3, 7 s tl:JaIA 41 7 A I , 5 A , , It 4. de , A A. A A - A A, I ,Af s' hA A fc AIe l lA ,. PhAl Is always wlllA rg to lend IA car f f se.AA .,hewillbe A A 1 Ar e Q cl A 5 A. A' All , A A A e If, Ali , AAsoldAA A 2 Ind A A O 1 A- , , 3, 4, h rus lg II 43 Fr 'A is ou pr tA.l lc., nd A A Afsm s :A , AAst AA M . D Ad . He I ' e aArI A . s . A A A 1 I I I AA a A' in AA A 15 I Ge : a . . , : A horus , I B VSA e A - ' A lA h' , t At o bl a all to lea o aA I I I lass, A . .ga H c zwlcu C su Ml ed Ch I: Tri-HA-Y I, 2, 4, AlAr' 1 A A A g A , g A A , 3, 41 Wh A t tail, cu ly-haAred girl who ls ne e ee in a t :A ' .t A A to l . f E s -A v , tA ' - A . d l' 'l . s t - l , , Al t, we FISHER. BENJAMIN Industrial Art, Cfurseq I-li-Y 3 4' Easletball I 3, 45 Base' Dei' 4: Iiacli 43 G-yrn Exhibition 37 Senior Play 4. i , tw wi V Y ,Z -, r , tape? vu nt y bu een wi u on: U I' In 77 GU IWIDVCS lol' 5 As capta r' ba xetoa ri b rar r I L ne rPASEI? JANE I-I Lite Sfdff 4 A ta Sta Jane has prev d her Ir a worthy ard agreeable ciassmate Baslretball appears to be her tayorite sport The active Dart she has played both o I6 and school lite h proved her 0 an a arou d a The diamond on h r third finger o he lett hand suggests plainly what her lutu e plans will be 9 CSAIG DORIS Feral C arse Ti Ban I Lite S all 4 C 5 I VS F CG Q nas di payed a diarnon ite can the future VTOGDI and ll7OI'5xL4'lVV'I9 GS bUSlfIeSS ara ca V wi surey adap her to eo 5 I GDAHAM A LENF rn 1'9" Athe 4 5 I 5 lvlros that Ialla th the drwn nnwyra e loolr cn Irs It last ci Id i be an bedy tBer. I-le has bi 'ith s ly yearz, b t he has Qeta' It left quite ' I 3' I on II F it us. . i et the sl tl II fear' this year, he did E 1 -Q--atiy lead it te ficferv, ut he certain I, tcuqht ' d trying. X We also hea that Benis quite the icasarc-wa' wherf girls are A If Qsrzer d. General Cimrse' Chords I 2: Tri-I-Ii-Y I 2 3, 47 Band I 25 M. .S. A ' : : tt 4. e se i l . i in s C' l ' A as t be II- n l." A e ' ' t t XX 4 " i . M ii ' 'WiW '-i'iT I I - .9 I 4. Q X YH ' ! 5E G-A E Ge ' 0' 3 r'-I-liYY I 2. 3, 4: d 3 i t :A ld St V 4. D'-ris 'Q :s a . 'nn paw- ret only in ou hearts but also in the I1 'II 3: certain sirn-eine. Shi' is I' i ' fl iw gsrra :Fe new bi.: has nz eatin, 'I s ter 'r as Heraese 'lity reatress, ' sg' ss ' i-'ICT Q: the A tf we Inner 'II Al t th 1 bu 'ness wziicl. i I X y , I I-li e Ezerensiis Civic: Tri-I-Iifr' 2, 3, 4. A' '- a dpi,-1 in'1-si"2t.5 'girl irirr Birchardwille, In ' Hirra- Ei ir: ra' rzri.-13 asf 't as a si-arrstress. I r pr .,e iarri :reefs 'ar fsiqe .-fe lcnrw that arreng her other Ini':i'.', 3 iG':"' :ar"er ranls Iriqh, We're Sure gl-ag ,za I :,:Qe.s fr ,-.ui-:er ,za Qhccge, Arere. . GRAHAM ELWOOD n ustrral Arts Cours B lretball 2 4 bal l-l a R4 Basebal 4 Gym Exhlbltlon wood as parhcula y ood In s er s s e all a an volleyball s a w rc as IS the envy more than one gurl A ouqh e s very qulet he recltes we ID classes We re not sure lout we thlnlc he would rnalce a good physucal education teacher GREEN PATRICIA neral Course Band I 2 4 pres: en Lute Statt 3 When Patty carne to M I-I S trom Southtown students and t wchers Ice soon learned that here Indeed wa a real Good cout rustworthy loyal e ul pour eous Ion Qheeru brave and reverent' She was ernbued nth all the graces and ncne ot he vlces Truse as a treshrnan respece as a sophomore loved as a Iunlor and hono ed as a senior she had the deservlnq rewards ct beunq elected p osldent ot the Trr Hu Y and chosen as the student rnost nearly typntylnq the pertect Mav the One who has thus tar been your Example +.4r"h'Q' I-IOLBROOK ROY ustrsal Arts Course I-I Y I A 4 Ch Roys lcnowledqe of Current events has often stlrred up terestlnq debate IU hrstory class Roys tavorrte sport IS pool a ough he as active IH e s orts IU sc: ool oo rn rnber t rnvng pl ys a brq part h Ite Even though e u et re H res to our llttle oy I-IOLLISTER MIRIAM neral Cour e Trl I-h Y ores I S 3 4 Basketbal 3 4 Gym Exhnbuu ack 4 Presrdent 4 Sensor Play 4 Mrxed Chor rrarn o wn S can always be found wearunq rn: goo tl Those Iong shots a rn ant so rnu h to the Vars y Basketball team rarne trorn our s e r playung was an asset to the an Wlth h I r Q ve tnlshe ur da happ I, I6 Patty contlnue to be a Corntort and Gurde ,dl wnwwafu ' ' ' ' JQNES TCM GP"-'Aw Cwrsfiq HvY I. 2 3 4: Baebezbml Mfmai f fs J1L,a' app A T um A Qarw a He u T Tw has fx ty to 'og mr W0 W agp-A. VN SHT BETTY OJ be r PM years to owne 'QFFV' I H 4 HT T 4 Acta a ma L dusm ohm, o Be T vu en d e mu Tu rf 0 men Jw has qathered 'to r Q e wx n e orts on ue 5 df' haw- won Her 'cw acc aww PT ramen I was I , as sho napa Jr yr 1' 0 r 9 r I ur WI I Fl H 105' 'QQ TUPOCKY PETE? f 5 -'wi ...arno- vf rn Hd vm 1 L J V' 3 'I Ml ravmirvg or I 7 ..- 1' LEWIS DORIS me Eforwomlcs Coursfl I I Baslfe ball 4 Gym Enlwlbt rs s r m r In r b cms to be onwpeturm w ttw tt ys wdtlt u Qu r lwalred Doris lea S a yu mr U 0 I 1 nfl 0 y t 0 r wlm mes tfwn atm rx In If the-r I Inq quxt 9 9 a m I lmcd to ag QW, with lwer YU' LEWIS JOI-IN Jgnfral Course Baslcr-tball 7 5 4 I f seball 2 3 4 Volleybal Qutslde sctwool hours Jfrlm can usually bo lfmrvd e A ore etball fbdll IS su Pr Xlffltlwout lv 0 l Umor Q emustry r 1 mud lwayf pn In ompl e best ot uclc rw a cytr ru 1 uf career -hh. .aug QM' MQCOLLUM I-IUGI-l rculture Cours nd Frovw out Tiffany ay l-Iuqlw fame to us th b ul llstv If e 'member t lass I-le tool: the A9 course an a s as e fwewwber of tlve F F A Hurwtmq and tlslwmq are favorite rt WI uc: rmm as u e lwls future Dans 'HP' MICKS MILDRED ommercnal Cours I 3 l. S Laxe as I ed When It comes to roll d 5 Cl so t all r 5 t F- f nt IJ urn 9 CI r rf, U Q VT1 e an I y C 'JO IX I8 ' HO , I ,f mH:Y , 24 3, 41 tball 4 Soft I I llfwrw 3. Dol' i ou only se 'O fulvl tat' q Industrial Ats, ut slvr se C I ' X, F ,Q tm " wel sugffessl lly. let da lc' ' ' cl 'Q I C 5 IiI,. Plc sebzclc rldinq is Her A , prl fpal l1 bb. bu slw ,BVI follainly lwfvld l'f-r 'fwfw OH i 4 "' no X K 'ce-slr ' q and sqtmw da C' fg, lfavl, tlwimls , 0 ' - moth, We lllr th I r ,ami rvany ul us ave ifc' 1 f 'ee ' x Cl: I 4 .q. gTa.lcI.4yHi'Y2,3,4 B5 , , g l 4. ' , - In th . 81 F St , In bask as In basg ' llc ' . p,. ' ' arms, 0 Im . , H ' lfsc w l 2 bo, ' Q fate A Th l , Jolw , ir' wl1 t z yv Uvifvsff as yo lil 1 .V.,, 14. ' 5 ,. ,IIA MA -?:: ,inf Agfl ' e:Ba I.2, 3,41 F. FA. I,2, 3, 4. ', I wt ' f f as 0 aslwl , bt - Img l' tl O fu' Cl . C d l D spa s 'th I-I llw, Fa f Q' Incl d-d in ' l 4 C ' Q-7 ti-I-li-Y ,4: Softball 41 ite tat? 4. Fvest ' lw giver Us Mlldw . ' - 'lay' - b II V7 Ib , atv: die, all rlqlmt, Mlld ed l qule, but lt: tlwcs- lwlclden qtmlltlfw, :Int .arf fylrq tf, gnu ffsf 5 happy tl -. V! 'fgft lfnzy, ll-f' plum, but we a 1 s r- :Ile would als etfici-ent stf:f"'qw,mffr, amd cal we s I od M' ef. 4 GUN LENE 1'-L !"1r1 V-'S' UGA J w rf- L. 'BTW VALME 'EAN mm 4 Gym Exh fn mn c W f oufgh sh f nf r momvnis ww f wg x and wnafever r mtem J LJ ww V1 r-nur H P 'W HJ DYJ 'G 4 Aa I9 RI-IINFVAULT JACK FJ nur 5 f mo PIa f Inf ION arlot yeryorrr rr 1 s I e emo I e rr Dr, au y Ira ar' ms: e rar n nn: arms to O mer ttr Ira ucIcy IacI 'r L ev n Igw faIIs wrttr tnat C ev SANDERS JESSIE mae our C' rIs CI A ta Stavf 4 Library Iuerrgr I Lrte Stat! 3 I r b ight sm If, an I-I' Jessie as urrooubte one OI our Iwapplest q rI q a s e around wztIw Iwer eat epertor rl of 0 es y r 'romerrt J C ramIy makes ttrrrwq Iryny rw tt Qorrwr'rrercraI ss s arr year 'QQ A SETSER ELAI NI: mmercraI COurSS Tru I-Ir Y I 2 4 C e P esrderwt I ass reasurer 2 a s H 6 anne IS a New to eyeryo e I-Icr trappy qc IucIry way an r sfrrr e ma e er 0 s O cass e ary aII ctvtres t ancmq rs we tayolxte Even the ra es ea 'ur er o ac u nc s oo u to you rw your future wor Izame WV CII-I Afad ro 4 rf 4 Ava M ca CII me Iras vays e m c e r met C eertu Hd a ny member 1. rrny ff FL ups an oowrt u rw one J au '1 r aways the sam IO an Irrerwry Iam as been ex Q sc Iran a provwrr r' r rrr the semor Iwo aIso IrIres rust a out a s Ort afrbrtrorv to PU Keep up he geo work Jarrc 20 I Ifgstinl Arts Cf' seg Samba: 4: I-Ii-Y 43 Baslett:aII 43 i I ' Ir CI 43 Se ' r y 4, 'I I IQFI rides IU 3.I ,I zzfrfry r rrr, r'rIr.r Irr Itwfz SrrutIr Mfrft f- I Ctr I . E 2 Icfrvs tImI Ir-- I. frm: mt IIVJ hut IMQIIH1 I Inoy 'rr th s I r r.Ius',, but cunt Get r:xtII d, g'rIs, I Hi uf: I Uett s I I Ad t ,In Nrttr' Q so. I0 tI , ppy g gall g ol e a B dose , ' I Ir. y. I I I . CJ '. fQiaI C ss1:,IrII'IIY I 2. gf II wiruf, I, 2, 3, 4? Q I I ' 31 1It 41 3'-rfiz' I5Ify 41 Mhed Chorus IZ W'tIr Ire F I f CI cheery I." ' ' ' dIy V ' is. AsIf1r. 5 IW, is A gr' ' r 'r, Im, IIIOH: Is he Q 0 duII rr . essIf: et' As',,Ii 12 'cIae, dws: often wonder what Ivliss Pedrick WIII LIU wItIrQut Irer giggle met X CO A ' 2 '- , , 3, 45 I.IIC Sfatt 3 7 Iass VIL r ' 7 CI 'I 3 Cl -, Prusidc t 37 Act 4. EI ' ' IA d A rr , 1 - - ' CI Ire' trie-ndIy 'I In Iw It p I In ur I . SI IIIXCS me I a 'I I ' . bu CI ' ' I r ' ' . I t f step is sy tt tr t q ire. EIai z rar1Ir IriqIw with alI ot us, Cr CI I- QI I Ie, 'I' . QW. QW smr QANQ W , efr 3: C2155-i Bar I, 2 3 4, 'IMI-Ir-Y I, 2, 3, 4: Lite 1 Sta' : . A Sag 4: Senior PIay 4: Ixe' orus I. .Ia a' .2 In e gn at the ,S Ir I a :tl C , 1 s GI Cur dass. Sh- f I'a 1 -r d I .s b t I O ewr tears fbf t tl e". SIM, f, I el Ily d ' CI . ., AF 21 -C -IIent In QII Iwer IWOCI WO' CI had 're It pa 5' ' rpIayg s ' b II p s. I-Ie' I " is be a rso, 1 C d ,..- JTAKZEC HELEF QA'- .fx VN D tin W3 'i JUMMKRS VI--JYLUS Y A fa WWI: my w no p an Ar fa Man of fx Q vm no Wx M Mes rv my teh QQ' WAN? EUUEWA NXADL 5 P ww WCP VCI Qsagv V G '1 arc a NN rw me 5 0 VT IFN xv mtere sum 0 A sucfesh u Q5 ar Q NW fv asxed gre uatso in ted of neauty fuWtuv Vp know that cw ne un tfm Sucre A 1 2 I TRECOSKI ANTHONY IndustrraI Arts Course H Y 4 ere never soerns t be 1 uI r a ou the-r t r r w ot rr r rr 1 e p at 1 wa 1 Iau 'ge QW y IS enro e rn Indu trra ourse srd has trrrne ou s 'n x ent spe rmmrs very ond a an a s a zoo TUROSKI MILDRED rnrnercraI Cours r Chorus t rrrrus S 1 rr cornrnercraI crass ootre rea P s rn cu p e p sues to constructrng I Ise cerhnqs he Ina proved h ecoratrnq abrIrty H r wrtty r fnc havw brouq man a ufth tom the enror srde t study 11 s r a one rr Aan r n worn e was rm or an aII around good sport we refcrnrnerrd Tootre xw' WALKER EDWARD neral Course B Ire-tbaII I s1baII 4 Boys o us 3 4 Mr ed Chorus rs our anrbrtrous classmate He his beer' a member o as e baII earn for rree rears Hrs hobby rs coIIec rno stamps Ed aso seems to qo tor the grocery busrness for e W r'npIwyn y re Sto Were not sure W at hrs uture work wrII be but we know heII be su-:cesstu XXMICOX ELYNOP neldl CJJI orus 3 4 nsem 4 Court r astra 4 Al orus 4 Gyn Exhrbt Lte Sta f a Statt 4 rnr Pla fr otrcrcnt o yno Durrnq tre ast tour yea s rr a a s abs been QhaIk d u aqarrrst I US Mrs W w xyIophone ma rrfba arro f arrnc' We re su e a J ent wrI ta e r P r u 22 , . ' Q I- . . Th , . o , f d I fY'f"1f3nt 'I Antrrfrny' Is r nd, Whe r, I is In EngI'5I c,Iass, rt' In, Ir: hos ty' g to tfIr0 4 hy sto s a time at dIsrfrrssaI he LI ys aftords Q gh. "i He' Ild' the 5AIA'tsC -fr d 1 if 'rr 9 e CeII ff , ot hIs abihty. He rs aIso ., 'I Q . . E ot b sobaII d pI y :I d qarfo. Co A eg TrI-HIYY I 2. 3, 4: GrIs' 2: Mi ed C' r 21 Lrbrary BenofIt41AQIa ttII 4. I ' I 'IT ,A " is IIy Itdpf Pro ttrrrq ap r o ' A .a 'A , s is or d A V 'A . e ' or rIrs ,, - ht y Ia t r s A .A o IfII. Ba bib I5 Is ot her best-Weed sports, a fi -, CAP, is a tf At, 1 t' e. I: .A wp Ge 'sz as ,2, 3: VoIIeybaII 43 Hi-Y I, 2, 43 Ba 2 1 ' CI: r , , 3 'x 4. Ed A ' A , f . I the b kt t. 1 I tl I . I A tA 4 . I -.. A , h is no e r I .d b tI , A, 81 P. re. I h A t ' , ' I. Ge fr any Irl Hi-Y I, 2 3 4: Mrxed Chorus I, 2, GIrIs' Ch , g GrrIs' E K bI-3 47 Band I, 2, 3 I ry O - ch 1 'I State Ch ' g r ' Iron 3, r tt 41 Fmt 154 Air 'y4. A. ,tA , iuulez rqIrI rg found in ur EV J. ' I p t , r or d y' ence has 1 I e p ' her. ShI, Ig 'ret 'r rf I hair? Yes, you zuessed rt. It! IrttIo As Flfrf fmt tts: piano. Sho aIso I: a hu' at tht,- r 'A rr '. x ' .I A lt, I rr th t your rrr :rfar tal I If you fa, EIy ro. Good I. ct. W-'ii 'Q As We Know Them Leroy Aldrich y Ann Arnold ean Bedell Bessie Bennett Dean Bolllnger Robert Brown Celia Castroglnnl John Castrognnnl Phrllp Charnberlaln Franklin Daly Paul Depue Sarah Derr 5524 'Y 'mn Jar' Fraser Doris Gauge Arlene Graham 23 , Mar , . k 'V r 5 A . . ' 'r"ls"l- ,, 47 A QW ' M. ,, . N., ' h . 1 , x. I ' f ,rr X ' r K ,- 1 i V :.Ivq-A ..,:fi"a- . ,- 153.5 . F V h K V f Q . M V ' ns' ... V . . .7 be Barra ' Flslner e 4 ' ' Elwood Graham Patvucua Gucen Roy Holbrook Mlruam Hollister Thomas Jones Betty Knight Peter Kurosly Alex Kveragus Doris Lewis John Lewis Hugh McCollum Mrldred Mlclrs 'Wil Ge e Own Joan Palmer Gladys Phflluos Martha Jane Reynolds 24 2 X ,. , , Q H 4 . l . s 4' . i , 4 . fi' , A, , 3 2 . - V . , z ' 4 . , 7 , , 7 3 ,sm J . , r 1, e I value I ' A I .W 'iw 4 my ,Q .. Jock Rhlnevault Je ue Sanders Elaine Setser Jane Smith Helen Starzec Plwyllls Summers Euqenua Tlffany Catherlne Tlngley Anthony Trecoslu Mnldred TUTOSRI Edward Walker Elynor Wulcox 25 Whos Who In Achvlhes Semted tett to rrqht Mnruarn Hollrster Captarn or qrrts baslcetbatl John Castro ornnr pre :dent ot F F A Mary Ann Arnold Acta edrtor Jean Bedett Lrte odrtor Standrng Frankhn Daly manager ot base-batt Betty Knnqht rnanag r ot gut oasketbait Leonard Swrdersku manager ot boys bastcetbatl Patrrcua Green presrdent ctTr1 Hr Y Ben Pusher captarn ot boys basketbatt 26 f 0 0 0 0 . .. . . , .. c , - . r ' Q ,s'3 -- -I 1 I . . I , I ,r C 'S r . . , .. . Who's Who in M. H. S. FRANKLIN TWWNSIIII LIBERTY TOWNSHIP SILVER LAKE TOWNSHII FOREST LAKE TOWNSHIP L47 'AS - g in 55 T SWL -ESSUP TISMISHIP 27 .lunior Girls Elrst row lett to rught Susan Lnttle Janet Taylor Charlotte Owen Mae Austun Betty Rounds Marilyn Rosendale Louise Carros Johanne Lewns Augusta Blarsure Wulma Parlette Frances Stetz Dorothy Lowry Eleanor Halhclc Second row Peggy Maxey Dons Allen lrene Nye Catherrne Daly Eleanor Conlc lun Jeann1neConlclln Geneva Payne Rose Consudlne Leoma Cook Barbara l-lall Irene Fraser Third row Eleanor Van Ohlen lrene Kovaletslqy Marjorie Tangley Sylvua Oakley Mary Brown Marlorre Chrrstensen lda Butler Marne Llndsley Catherune Organslcu Betty Cllnlc Prlscllla Kruse 28 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 . .lunior Boys Furst row lett to right Robert Charnberlaun Richard Mackey Fred l-llckok Robert Second row Eldred Push Earl Van Housen Glenn Shlmer Donald Srwvth Bartley Qydzewsku Rrchard Mnllard Joseph Nagy Norval Potts Third row George Arnold Jack Marrer James Downs Leonard Swnderskr John Depue George Keenan Herbert Wood Rrchard Atkinson Earl Lake 29 E rlayes, Charles Ellsworth, Robert Spiegel, Joe Gonaty. V A Sophomore Girls Farsi row left to ruglwt Mary Stevens Irene Kovalelsly Belly Clark Ann Wellman Josephine Clunlc Alma Jean Raynor Jane Hardy Marlorue Reynolds Lows Fancner Second row Mildred Frusboe Frances Rounds Marwan Aldrucn lnelrna Wood Mary Jane Prutclward Sylvia Fowler Pruscllla Arnold Nancy Calloy Florence Arnold Adelrne Barney Tlwurd row Belle Price Sandra Luce Joan Stenzlmorn Lucille Kermvdas Marguerite James Audrey Green Janet Tungley Mary Engluslw Ruth Peterson 30 Sophomore Boys Frrst row lelt to right John Frystaclc Leonard Wood Donald Fellrer Nell Con over Kenn tn Bennett Roger Wood Douglas l-lardy Allan Arnold Charles Gott Roy Oalces Second row Edgar hlolbroor Rooert Decker Elras l-legedus Lloyd Stevens Paul Ball Arthur Van Tassel Paul Srnlln Cortland Burchard Bruce Banlcer Th rd row Harrls Stephens Wllram Root Jay Warner Donald Strope Rrcnard Nasser Bel ord Burch Robert l-layes Charles Ellsworth James Consldrne Lows Snell 3 I A .. , el' , l . , .X l I 4 I - 1 w : . , 1 . r L r . Freshman Girls Flrst row seated lett to rlght Eleanor Peterson Norma Lou Cole Dorls PIGFSOH Jean Eowler Paullne Marrer LOUISE Lewls LOUISE Groover Retha Colqely Evelyn Wllllams Carolyn Holbrook Bett Nasser Allce Reynolds Nellle l-llclcoln Second row Jeanette Balcer Dorothy OlSZGVJSlCI Betty Gardner Cella l-lenry Delores Susla Erma Jean Roe Jenaveave Nagy LOIS Cllnlc Emma Saunders Dorothy KI6lC9SliI Jeanette PISFSOD Anna l-lolbroolc Esther Rudoclc Barbara Chamberlaln 'lhlrd row Edlth Allard Bertha Wood Ethel Engllsh Peggy Taylor Marlene Alney Marlon SWId6FSlKI LOIS Arnold Marlon Brunges Barbara Palmer Joyce Poster Lols Olmstead Dede l-loopes Esther Taylor 32 l l - l l l I l l l l D l l v l l ' - l l l l . l l l v l l l l ' - I l l l l l l 1 l l l l - Freshman Boys Frrst row lett to rrght Danuel Barnhart James Colwell Dudley Ersh Donald Tner an Paul Arnold Sydney Pusher Dewey Lyon Charles Lake Earl Payne Stephen Duke Robert Henry Wnlluam Gardner Second row Clltton Eancher Walter Russell Kenneth Ayres Robert Mitchell Donald Hamlin James Ratterty Rrchard Sneed Bruce Carey Ernest Blochek Raymond Kurosky Thomas Lockett Thnrd row Charles Bush Rrchard Eancher Roland Conklin Albert Snell Duane Wulbur Bert Lewis Duane Brunges Charles Brown Stephen Depue Edward Starzec Theron Banker, Rvchard Travis, Raymond Shuta. 33 Know Em? I 0 Acta Staff Seated lelt to rlqlwt Plwyllus Summers Jolwn Castrogunnr Mary Ann Arnold Dons banqe Pnllp Clwamberlaln Jane Fraser Second row Catlwerlne Tungley Elalne Setser Tom Jones Mrs Davndson Celua Lxslrognnnl Elynor Wllcox Hurd row Jane Smutlw Betty Kn glut Dean Boll nqer Franlqlun Daly Je sue Sanders lartna Jane Reynolds is . . . , . . . . . 1 , . . ki W. . 'r Hi-Y The club thus year consrstrng ot about 79 boys ns the largest we have had n Montrose tor some tlme We started with the tollowrng ottucers John Lewis pres: dent Burton Van Antwerp vrce president Donald Fellcer secretary Jay Warner 'reasurer Richard Nasser reporter and Paul Smlth assistant secretary For the trrst tlme the annual Father and Son Banquet was spon ored jointly by the F F A and the l-lr Y lt was held on December I2 and the attendance was good 68 being present We were prxvuleged to hear two excellent spealcers Mr l-louclc Louus Cardinals Mass Rathbun also entertained us by playvng two prano selectrons Eleven ot our boys attended the Older Boys Conterence held at Hazleton Penna from November 30 to December 2 Mr Brrchard accompanled them there and all reported a tune tnme enjoyed Besudes the above events we had several unterestlng tallcs by lvlr O Brien Principal lvlr l-louclc Mr Chrllettu teacher and returned veteran Reverend Atlcunson Mr Pusher oame warden Judge Little and Bruce Payne and Allan ldlunsunger return d veterans Elwood Graham 36 Secretary ot the M. C. A., and later in the program Mr. Kelchner, scout for the Stt Tri-Hi-Y The I945 46 year opened on September 26 wrth the tollofvrng newly elected oftucers Patrxcla Green president Phyllus Summers lst vnce president Dons Gauge 2nd vnce presudent Sally Whrtney secretary Belle Prnce assrstant secretary Betty Summers treasurer Nancy Calby assnstant treasurer and Mrs James the new coun ellor At thus meetnnq Mrs Hnghhouse tormer mathematics teache and TruH1Y counsellor snnce beqannung ot the organnzatnon spoke to the club A membership drive an October resulted In our haveng IO7 members Two meetings were held In the audrtoruum In October The turst was a lonnt meet :ng wuth the Hu Y tor the purpose ot lnductung new m mbers unto the clubs the other was a Get Acouaunted social tlme tor the gurls The members cooperated dwllgently an bringing out the three phases ot the Plat torm Selt Improvement Chrrstuan Fellowship and Unnted Servlce by worklng on themes ot devotion servnce and personalaty We were anded greatly by lnspurrng tallcs quven by local rnunlsters therr waves and other puolac spnrrted quests who were tormer members ot the club Other annual actlvntles uncluded the contrubutuon to Caney Creek paclong Ch lst mas boxes and enyoyung our annual Mother and Daughter Banquet The attendance tor the year was excellent and the ottncers aporecvate tne splendl manner an whuch var ous commuttees served Patrlc a Green 37 ii I Q 2 5- ' 2 , x' . - I r 1 T . . T Q 1 . I T . . . S , . , ' F - - , . . . . . . . , . Q ' -1 . I . . , , , . I - 1 . ' I . . , , . t C r I Senior Band As Mr Taylor stepped up on the podlum on September 5 tor our hrst pvactuce our band began to reallze how lt telt to be a peace tum organl atron agaln We ould see that Mr Taylor meant business ths y ar and that w were rewlly goung places ln rapid successuon we played tor the Armxstuce Day program Halloween oarade program at St Joseph honorung a 7 star mother and the Amerucan Leglon Welcome Home party Atter conslderable practice we made a radlo broad a t c Feb Io over W N B V We have records ot thus broadcast Twen camc tw concerts one to: tl e Pomona Grwnge on March 6 and our b g annual sprmg con rt on vlarch 2O trom whnch we realuzed 235 Cn Aprul 5 twenty tzve members partlc1pated In the county testnval at New MII lord The cllmax ot the year s worlc occurred when we traveled to the state band con test at Johnstown on Aprul 26 and 27 returning home wuth trust place honors ln class B Two ot our members Janet Taylor and Drclc lvlaclcey entered solo contests Janet re celved thurd place rn tuba solo and Dlclc ranked tlrst ln French horn solo A maller band made up ol thlrty players marcned n a parade a M ltoro Pa on May 4 at an Amer can Leg on Dlstnct Conventlon Vfc were awarded a 'EIO crlze Thc entzre band plwy d at Scranton on May IO brlnglng a vcry succe lul mus cal yea to a cle e Elynor Wllcof 38 - , . . . - , 'I 1 I A. Q .Z . . H . 1. . . C . l S C r X r I ' - 1 - 1 f C 3 , ' s l , ,F 'U . . . . . . l uf ' ' 1 4 ' 7 ,ce , . . l L , , 1 , , . Y . l 5 , , l . l , -, c c ' 1 1 t c c . ' , ' ' f - X c Q . , 2 'K 2 55 lf ' ' Sn Junior Band Farsi row lerr to rrqlwl lvlarrlyn Taylor llea Allard Carol Luce Slwrrley llellle l-l clrolr Carlton Taylor Teddy Palmer Eleano Peterson John Starzec Davues Betty Jane Grnclrs Slrlrley Felton Second row Mrss Ratlwbun Sylvra Oakley Barbara Hall Eleanor Conklrn rrer Rayrw r e ll lendall Pare e Kina NM TaWor Tnrrd row Allrson Reynolds Dorothy Kovale sly Sfeolwen Deoue Edwa Brl y Dean Drclc Olmstead Buddy Wrlcox Roger Frsner Donald Very Fourtlr row Rrqgs Smrtn Walker l-lendley lfdrtn Allard Duane l-lands ureen Temple Smdn Robert MacGeorge 39 lvlrnller Joanne Paulrne Kenneth rd Allen Patrrcra Girls' Chorus First row lelt to right Lucille Kermrdas Lois Olnnstead Irene Eras r Jeannine Conklin Dede Hoopes Marlene Arney Mary Stevens Sandra Luce Pauline Marrer Bette Nasser Priscilla Kruse Mae Austln Betty Clark Miriam Hollister Augusta Blaisure Nellie l'llckok Second row Jeanette Baker Dorothy Olszewskr Susan Little Lois Arnold Marilyn 'Zosendale Betty Rounds Mildred Frisbie Barbara Palmer Barbara l-lall Lois Fancher Jessie Sanders Thrrd row Marjorie Tingley Sylvia Oakley Mary Brown Peggy Maxey Doris Allen Jane Smith Edith Allard Johanne Lewis Louise Carros Lois Cunk Carolyn l-lolbrook Louise Groover Elynor Wilcox Joyce Foster Sarah Derr Martha Jane Reynolds Fourth row Nancy Calby Marian Aldrich Eleanor Hallrck Mary Jane Pritchard Es her Taylor Mary Ellen Taylor Marguerite James Peggy Taylor Mr Taylor Louise Lewis Belle Price Delores Susla Evelyn Wnlluams Marlon Brunqe Jean Bedell Eleanor 'on Ohlen 4b I I I . . . I I I l I . I 1 Wilma Parlette, Janet Taylor, Marion Swiderski, Priscilla Arnold, Cecelia Castroginni, L I I . . l . I X, I n , , I Jr I Boys Chorus Furst row lett to raglnt Donald Strope Rrcluard Maclcey Tom Jones Robert Chamberlann Nell Conover Ruclnard Nasser Kenneth Bennett George Keenan Mlss Ratlnbun Second row Lloyd Stevens Ernest Blaclcolc Rrcnard Sneed Eldred Frsn Jay Warner Donald Felker Donald l-larnlun Clnarles Lalce Stephen Depue Tlmd row Edward Walker Paul Depue Jack Marrer James Downs Leonard Qwuderslcu John Depue Richard Fancner Paul Srnuth 4 I Girls' Ensemble From our gnls chorus was chosen a group ot 22 gurls who showed promrse ot worlc :ng diligently on rather dlttucult music and who also possessed speclal abrluty along musical lines We made our tlrst public appearance on March I2 at the annual school vocal concert where we sang Wall o the Wrsp and To a Furetly Mr Taylor then chose trom the group twelve gxrls whose vonces blended best together to sung IU the county contest at l-lallstead on March 26 C Aprll II county winners the ensemble competed ln the distract contest at Bloomsburg and again placed lust From there we went to Johnstown on April 25 and sang ln the state con est placing third the highest any ensemble from Montrose has ever placed The tull ensemble sang Carollna Moon and Songs My Mother Taught Me t he Tru Hu Y Mother Daughter banquet on May 8 For our last public appearance the smaller group ot twelve gurls participated IH the District Festival at Scranton on May IO Two members ot the organszatuon deserve specnal mentron Elynor Wrlcox was chosen as our representative ln the All State Chorus held at Reading on March 2l 22 and 23 Cecllra Castrogunnr placed turst In the County Contest held at l-lallstead March 26 Elynor Wilcox 42 l - ' ' . n ' , as l . a Y .M .V - . T I I M. H.S. Life Staff Fust row lett to rrght Nancy Calby Pnytlus Summers George Keenan Jean Redel' Duck Mackey Patrucua Green Elynor Wulcox Second row Muss Stuube Es n r Taytor Bette Pruce Fred Huckok Barbara Hat! Jane Srnu n M udred Mucks Mary Ann Arnotd Pruscutua Kruse Muss Pedruck Tn ro ow Eeanor Hattuck Elaune Se-'ser Uoyd Stevens Saratu Derr Jane Fraser Marguer te James Be ty Knugtut Dorus Gauge Due to roeaceturne condufuons rnany spuendud opportunutues nave been avaulable o ne rnennbers ot our statt Cn November I7 a group ot tutteen attended the Lewus burg Pres Conterence Mrss Stuupe Geo ge Keenan Betty Knugnt and Nancy Calby attended tne Keystone Press Conterence at La Plume Pe-nna At thus meetung our Press Conyen uon was tueld a New York Cuty Eugtut statt ottucers represented our sc oo a n s assemb y as a ct max to our year s orogram snowr anfuong t e s at' nfuennoers durung eyeuy s age or tne pub t. s s y gc o U we soc ess o other sta s Jean Bede4t 43 I' ', Y . ' I . ' , , J 1 ' ' , tf e . ' ' ,, f ' r 3 u ' , I L , , , 4 I a ' ' ' Av t X I . . K S . ' ' . F . ' J . oaper receuved the tuugtuest honors tor art work. On March 2 I, 22, and 23 the National .th u t ' . ' ' f- , - r ' 1 ' . Tne coocerazfon ' u ,n t f ' ' r- t f - 'catcn foe" s'- 'ss e 'oc d ser e as a 'ude 5 r 5 t c 5 . . nt. 5.-W Under the leadership ot its newly elected otticers the Montrose Chapter of Future l-armers ot America set up a challenging program ot work In cooperation with the National UNRRA Program the boys gathered and processed at the Bridgewater cannery over 250 quarts ot vegetables which were shipped overseas to starving Europeans The cost ot the cans and miscellaneous ex penses for this humanitarian progect were defrayed by the Montrose Rotary Club ln an attempt to improve the scholastic work in Vo Ag classes the boys posted an P F A honor roll atter each marking period The response was splendid Atter the second report there were two to three times as many names as tormerly The Fifth Annual Harvest Ball, the highlight of the year brought over six hundred ioymakers in old M l-l S auditorium The gala attair was brought to a brilliant climax with the coronation ot attractive Johanne Lewis as Harvest Queen The local otticers and their advisor, Mr Whitney, traveled to Harford on Novem ber I5 to participate in the leadership training school. John Castroginni and Norval Potts were elected president and vice-president, respectively, ot the Susquehanna Co. Council tor the ensuing year. At the eighteenth Keystone Convention held in Harrisburg, January 24, I946, the Keystone Farmer Degree was conferred upon John Castroginni. He was also elected State Sentinel. With a tield trip to Birdsalls Swine tarm and a pasture improvement project at LeRoy Aldrich's tarm. the boys were kept busy. John Castroginni 44 Cheer Leaders Furst row lett to rrght Eleanor Von Ohlen Bette Nasser Second row Dorns Arlen Rosalyn l-lolbroolr Barbara Palmer One two three tour Three two one tour Who tor7 Why tor7 What do you thlnlc were cheerlng tor7 M O N 'I' R O S E Ou cheer leaders thus year wlth thel lusty vowces lsroug t our tghtung team cause they telt as much ln tne tught as the marooners Eleanor Von Ohlen aooecl a ew cheers to he ones alr aoy us o oy M H S provadnng a nlce reserve OT spice ano varlety For your hours of practace and splendid demonstrahons glrs we gratefully com mend you Be y Knlght 45 g I , . ' I I l a . . . . . . F R . V . .r L . V ! A X E . through many a tough battle, Not even bllzzards lcept our tfve talthtulsl' home, be . , . ' 1 V r . l l . r t e X e , . , . . . f . I . . . . . , it I . Girls' Softball Frrst row lett to rrght Phyllrs Summers Janet Taylor Mrruam l-lollrster Johanne Lewrs Jean Be-dell Se ond row Catherrne Trngley Mrldred Mrclrs Kathryn Organsrr Augusta Blarsure Jenaveave Nagy Dorrs Lewrs Thrrd row Mary Ann Arnold l-lelen Starzec Betty Knrght Marlon Brunges Dorrs Allen Jane l-lardy Mrs Keller The season opened thus year wrth the usual practuce und r the drrectron of Mrs Keller the season when we lett the held at Hop Bottom w th the proud score ot I I 2 rrngr g rn our ears Yes Rush walked over us as well as our own players lout there s strlr another year cornrng We wrll have to say goodbye to the prtcher Srs l-loll ster and manuger Mary Ann Arnold to say nothrng ot the seven others who saw us through 1 v y good year :ood Luclr nannc L 1 40 F - . . . . ,. . . . O .A . The teamls hard worlc and continuous drllllng were revealed ln the tlrst game ol ' I - ' 'n ,, ,, , ., . . X ,. . ,, ig -N I i X X , ' K, err , o 1 fx . Joi - ev ls Boys' Baseball Errst row lett to rwqht Wwllmam Root Ben Pusher Donald Eellcer Second row Jay Warner Paul Smith Elwood Graham John Lewis Earl Van l-lousen Tn rd row Rwcnard Sneed Jaclc Rhrnevault Paul Kuroslcy Edward Walker LeRoy Adrmc Renard Nasser Franlqhn Daly Early rn tne year we posted a notice tor baseball tryouts and we found that we ad a 'nos enouqn ' r wo teams We trawned tor only one weelc betore we played our trs game Tnc season was lawr tor us consnderwng the t me we soent ln organuza lOVl U VC Wet afeo 1 ve eaque games and one Qame wt n e a umm D k l-lop Bo rn l-la oro A umr and Montrose Montrose Montrose Mon rose Mon'rose 9 QGWWGS WOV' WGYQ we C936 V6 Home Away Away Home Home Q w esseo ne game ost too were well assured na ne ooys C1 o not 47 Eranxhn a y ,I , Y Z . , X , 1 X V rw' lr 1 N riff . . . ' ? 1 . E A ' ' ' ' A 4 t ' fl . l ' 1: r FS ' ' , ' At. tn Emoc IO 9 tto 6 8 rf 1 I5 t 3 Rush l4 Montrose ll Home Bfcol yn 3 lt 25 ' 6 . 5 lee team worked 'arc . in t r A l' rf d. l'os- no wftn A Z sl , , l t ti l ll J' -as wftnzat a tghi, ll- D ix Girls' Basketball The basketball season ot I945 46 opened tor us wsth a thrllllng vlctory over New Wlnltord The game was a tnght to the tnnrsh but wmth excellent team work we brougnt home a score ot I8 to 2I The team then matched nts skull wxth Nlcholson s but lost wlth a close game on the opponent s court However thus deteat was ottset later when he Nncholson sextet hallenged us on our own court and the game ended I I to I5 IU our tavor The hrghlvght ot the season was the atternoon trlp to Clarks Summlt Our team was determlned to down Clarks Summits colors When rn the very closrng seconds ot tne game Johanne Lewls dropped ln a tneld goal the score was almost a te u lather Trme stepped ln an Instant later and the gurls ln maroon torterted the game o Wth two years expersence behrnd them next years team nopes o have many ore vlctor es The g rls who have won thelr last vrctory tor Montrose l-l gh School are QS Holl ter Jean Bedell Mary Ann Arnold Pnyllrs Summers l-lelen Starzec Dors ew and Betty Kmoht manager We want to wrsh PSX y ars team al ne uck ne word yn 43 r . , ' ' Q ' C ' . L' g , ' ' ' , l. Bt I8t l9. 5 A , . . W . k , E rn ' 7 M Y ' ' I C., . , . , . :St , r , t , l L at 5 r , ' use is . fl 1 in 11 . B650 K lgni Boys' Basketball Most OT the team was romprrsed of new recforts thrs year wrth the exception of Ben Frsner Burion Van Antwcrc and Donahi Strope Thus meant for Mr Chneftr n ng r ar rca a new 'c Twou n me score book rnay not reveaN very many J r r e no on oeny rnat tnc boys worked hard at practices and nl na 'I Or 'vu SCU o osr o c r U n for the nex year or two and with ne doubtecify get 'cyenge hex ycar Gnfo fr D ccwwrf hr r eoouq munw Y P M 1 c afvcemmc rfn cr ana 'orward Boo Arno S cc n 'earn 0 U great non r and Stn more mp r n e he on tne yoo suocort ng 'nem wrth ah our rnrgnt Leonard Swrderskm 9 f . . . . . iral S fr: pi' hy o . rann. r Q' ,' ' ' wlciorief 90' ou. t anw, A C wh? ' L Q ' 1 ' ' ' :oug U rc ' 't Q 'c'-i. M r ? ine prezent loam NIV fc pigyi Q ' - at , ' t' irarnincg they have had pros the SUH routine which hes ahead for them, they wih un- - wr H, -v , - . L , rg 5crrv'3i'1SiF7A7"' w 'lows L, onmrzf Ven a a' ' hee in ,he f. H. S, raac' hc 'S our Arte' of J if wce bf ' 4 'U ld. Let V Rio eptyfearsh- t do 5 ' ' ,oy f ofa iltg r r x ,T - - r L , .r . 4 Lest We Forget Welcome back Our bride Another bride Halloween More of It Mr Clapper Mrs Belryla Mrs Keller camouflage Franlcuel Basketball' Advertr mg the s 6 The Mormc Fwc l-larvet Ball reiurns 50 Our l-lallowe'en Party Welcome lwome. First "Life" goes to press . '5' ' Flrl l I ' W School lunch bequrws A chapel program and 1 Prom N4qht Burtre has trouble Lots of trouble 4 M f, U C ff ,Ca dgpa fm M A tgngg 'wow rv F r' at n n hour 5 I -. .. . - -.- -V -- 3, ,555 l ' xii ' - .6 . A ' E ' 2 . , K . . ,-U ,, X . rf - f, . 7 an 4 A ':3c'r'bN-,' 'ziifwoac at fi 'ww I' r ew ' r V25 U' 50 Cvammmg for mud farms Watch the bwdle' Sf Valentines Day Noon volley baU 52 lic Ag H APY Life A-, H ISU Satflvl 'yd ffv My Qxlw' Da .1 Y BY Day nf? f JIS J'-TUC Wfw I 1 H 'I t 433 'TW DI OIVGC OI 'I V3 'W V1 V W' If W rw N aww and A ew f I rrrw weave u 'Ov 'Wee wee HMV f" C5 UL no Qm J ti, TIdII 'I YS Giyd VOVTI 'IGFQ OV! FNHNCOFQI qamf Am' Mfwtrfwso de-teatrlci but defmrteIy uwrors ImaIIy G eft das ott cers today mm r D t J a tm three years 0 the army The resu ts nf ft csrrxda IIrwra me-w wwe 5 gh rcturnod YQ 5 rm or ar rgcwyflo Cn to two fiays troIlc over Ipacners Instrtut 2021 c moo we tow We wrtrw Chool marms' Penn ate qfwf tmp Dtudvnt body a mrce taIIc ttms morning J XX! are mm I fookm Iorwar our mst amr Q Y Q Q C ww IXIHTTTD Vauqtwn StapIe'orw H N at Q ale wma a ca 1 mfr m mber Qt the F A He wa, rn ' 3Lf r rw U SJ xt L tate ,rf mfr ver QQ N191 V1 DN ' 'INDI J 'NEC 'Q IIIIVF' fi 'If' Fi HH NV f'W'iV'Pf CV! DISC Gd IPIGFVD uggrw Qt Nm Vasorm ID rrwq I-Iona' A J fy L HL. ' MMOG won Wdf r irc f f Nw Har CIW tgrmq THQ forget r I JC J jx :fr ', 4 WM' rf,:ff'r'.I Iw- t'frc"zIv.'vr'rrv 'f'rtI.j and the rffst VG 'I nt. 'fr f ' 3 'fa- +-' 'qw .fr-'Nj t.I'.x 1"'i 'N,fIf"N' IXIIV. Qf' Dqr' Q, Urlfl 'I f j 'I 7 If II' I' I' I' W 'II r '1"'i 'I "W 'aft t at tty- sc Io 2, 'JCI '. fa . tr ff III IH "tr r"Ir " Erwjgilfvw Ir'f1V'1'rxr'C1ftfH lffvif-r I2 NWO orrwus Ittw ff, If f b t f y. Nam". Mfr Xf'75:ru1'i'iff:3OQ M's'.PAI,' ' , mf ' ' , Ins. .QQ '. I7--f Igrilfliri Q: ., iffzayh V,,rvtr'C5e A, ttx 6. Eff:-1. 22-I'rfa,wrI Miss Ptrfr "let, M' . B in 5 I. . Qcpf. 24-f--f'Xmc'fvQr' ,ti I I' J. iw. - , , ' Q , ,, . 'A ' , IS-3. Gd.. QA-SH ' . I , Q I . GCI, Sfp, "IO CtwAII,t'I ?'CtUIVY ti M. I'I. tg 5 - , I 3:'TI51Y3'tIV1Irrtj setevldevt. Mrs. BQ ,Q WWI WUI, ,CII I , ,. ,. , l d y. mai. I7-Fra' Iytfti 113 2 Q .I ' ' , ' ' A Qct. f VI' ., If ' mls it d " Q . QM, 22--'Un IIf1II ut I St 5-I , ' A : I I . Ori. 22 fr? :mi-czmfai LVEHCIICQ TOWIQYN, CorwtroI tmaf ctribbingl Yifatftw iw: f: I yfQ,:C1IyN.I C It I ft' 1, f X dx " F' Q. VI-V , 24-V A "I vf A41 Lcfxgtw--' Y, 11 In Our rrwhtsi. 'f ,, , . eta fa tc rrw-r twmr t P -rm Stf' -t I Is, f 'or' 2 9 I' A . F. . " fm A r yzrhot t rtgrw r'fH5ur.mI Q st diff 5 P frm S 1. FII,-,p I fx5ifr ff rfmqt rw'qIn1f1! I'V,'I-If 'gwc-1,-rw f my Q y' udy' I X 'ff 5ch,,.,I10qwIu, 01"q1,f'I. Iwi- rest -are rrul A frwf. fly. 8 Sfrttfir Crist. 4 ,qrdsf ' ,cu icq y. Flaw, Ibn'-Irie A. 1 get Ba? Ie in. JV' LJ is a lurwlor, I3 , t I Vat Q Q 'f-, J, II .. QI' fX11,u15"1', Iffi'vtzQ4'v4 51 ,yf 'Ij.. Qc gurfvf,-Q: 'wf Ifa,,k5j'v7'Q '3?m,f:r, 'Y Fry ziffi-ffzifx rprrwf ini- Qeasir z1,y,:' i. New ,f, If r . Ive gif-5 :zur tra ' . , 'I ry. EO- A .wr ,rTX5bf1J31IQai'w-Q I 'J ' t1t. I Score- Ott I 't. W , rf 7-iw ' :imp mr' Vi. 5.13 'ww' '11 gweiz. GC GC CC GC GC SC SC GD an GD GD dm dm GH GD GD GD GH 9 he e 7 The Atomuc Fave played a YMCA team ID the gym Theur U 235 seeme tuzzle out IO Everyone as practvclng tor the Lvbrary Benetlt show I3 We were shocked to hear ot John Dulce s death today I9 The Lnbrary Benetlt was accompanied by snow The hugh school program conslsted ot two plays Prom Nrczht and Are You I.ustenmc17 There were also several musical presentatuons under the durectlon ot Mr Mauruce Taylor and has able assustant Mass Rathbun ZI School closes tor Christmas Many Yuletlde wushes to you one and all 23 Junior Dance tonlght 3I S e you next year' I A somewhat disillusioned student body IS seen IU school today 8 The seniors cast ballots to see who was going to a semi tormal I I Boys and grrls varsrtles played thus noon wuth gurls rules The boys won by one point I4 We were saddened today by the news ot Mr O Brren s seruous Illness I-low strange ut seems wuthout htm' I5 We had a Magucran s Act In the gym today Everyone seemed to enjoy the program I6 Mud terms have started I8 Thus week Mr Burchard IS actung prlncrpal ID the ab ence ot Mr O Bruen The number ot teachers mrssrng totals tuve QI Mass Madrgan a student teacher trom Mansfield State Teachers College started helpung Muss Pslch out today We hope she wall enjoy her stay wuth us Mrdterms are over and everything us runnrng normally agaun 28 We welcomed Mr O Bruen baclc today 29 Acta group pnctures were started 30 Chapel thus mormng An unterestmg commercual program was presented More puctures I Tom Jones Iett school today to talre up mulltary traunnng wrth the Army Arr Forces Good Luclc Tom 4 We welcome a new rumor Rolland Loomis 5 Induvudual puctures to be talcen today tomorrow and Thursday A class meetung to choose announcements 5 D..- A' I . ' - dto D. - I . D. - . . . . . D. - ' '. D. -e . J.-4 . . .P I J. --f'f' . J. -. . I . , J. - ." . J. f ' . Fbg .. .. . . bt M .- Fb. - .. . I V . I4 8 Ee e S Mar 'vtar v1ar Mar ar Mar Mar 6 F Mar Mar Mar 5 l' Y' 6 Mrs Keller Mary Ann Arnold and S s l-lollrster lett tor Stroudsburg tor a tew days to look thrnqs over 7 Senror qualltyrng tor scholarshrp exam took a prep test IO Basketball game tonight I3 Chapel thus morning We enjoyed a musrcal program thanks to Mr Taylor and hrs able assistant Mass Rathbun Gym classes have changed' Dancung school' Guess the sensors want therr tormal to be a success 27 Chapel thus morning Juniors and senrors under the dlrectuon ot Mrs Davrdson presented Lrte as lt Aunt starring Duck Mackey and Marrlyn Rosen dale and Lute as lt ls the latter a serves ot taculty rmpersonatrons l Mass Madlgan returned to Manstleld State Teachers College to resume her work an Home Economics 4 Play cast was selerte 5 Flrst practrce tor Sensor play toneqht John Castrogsnnr as at Penn State tor a tew days 6 Chapel Basketball letters were awarded Mr Kellogg was Introduced to the student body He rs an ex marine havrnq served on lwo Jima as a lieutenant IU the 5th Marrne Drvuslon Vocal concert tonight Capacuty house Sensor play progressing The band put on nts annual concert last nrght an exceptronal program Everybody enyoyed st 20 Sexen members ot the Lita statt lett tor New York tooay They were accompanied by Mass Shape 2l Only ten more weeks ot school 25 Practrce nn New Mrltord today tor county musrc contest 26 Music and Forensic contest tonight at l'lallstead Cecnlra Casrroglnnl placed trrst ln soprano olo and glrls ensemble placed trrst too arents rght e our rn wa crammed wrth r e ups an puprls I Well at s been nlce knowunq you So long' The end ot another year rs here Tonn Jones and Franklun Dal 55 F b. - . , , i " ' Feb. - ' s ' ' ' 'N " . . b. - ' . F b. - ' ' . ' ' , . F b. - ' ' . ' ' , ' ' . 1 . - . ,J .- d. Mar. Il-The Music Department presented a matinee vocal concert today. M '. IZ- ' . ' . . I4- ' ' . 1 W- A ' , ' ' . rl , - f ll ' 'T ' , M . 27-P ' Fl L. Th ' 'ld' q s ' lttl p Sl " d big Ap . - , A ' ' ' . . ' . ' Y HERNE'S Full Lune of Salted Nuts Wlutman 5 Chocolatm If ts cokes or sweets or apple ple Or for hamburgers you yearn Just drop In wrth 'the rest of us And fry ouf that man Herne' MEET AND EAT AT HERNES PUBLIC AVENUE MONTROSE PA 57 O ' 9. . ,. .1 . I I I I I I . STUDENTS' L U G G A G E Personal and ' Leaiher Goods BINGHAMTON LEATHER CO. "THE LUGGAGE SHOP" I09 Court SL For Aldine and Hotel Reservations Dia 4-l8I2 Cong atulef O s Lo SENIOR CLASS I946 Frank H Deuel Corm ents of JAMES J McLAUGHLlN Mei Life lnsuramc Pe e MQQE Complmme ts of J J RYAN AND CO els s,,,f V '-I fa a M ne als ,Zhi 'SUPER D RUS-Q FRESH MILK CREAM a CHOCOLATE MTLK D e ed Da y O H ARNOLD Phone 28l R O Z 0 3 ff' 1 0 m cu 'U C4444 S IE T T ff Q l 5 E 1 T T: A - In 3 ' I H' 2 W 3 3 fi ' ' gs 1 : 3 2 T 3' Q .E E . ev xi d M 3 : W' -' -.., f u " fl 7 fx 5 -ff is A : .Q .qc E Em 5' - rn E 'iz W I ' 'E" T T E 1 AH E 1: A T0 I in - I I 05 , gg L. . .sf . 0 TE? . 5 TE 1 3 ' T: Q. A xl: - . 3 ll Q. 4: I-IOME EQUIPMENT EOR YOUR COMFORT SPORTING GOODS FOR YOUR PLEASURE GAY-MURRAY CO TunIrI1annocIc, Penna. WRITE OR CALL 5050 Dustwnctwp Ternnnune CQQUQI Appgre-I B X! HYKUR S 78 Court Street Bmghamton N Y COMPLIMENTS OE D A V I D S 69 COURT STREET BINGHAMTON as Ine SUITS SPORTSWEAR COA I ,QKAWA '44, I Y M 115 9 ALLAN C HUNSINGER EL Montrose P E-P CLASS OF 46 Gerrlti E Gardner DRESSES . . . X - . . est X Fares Tv I I I I E mens Tor . Junbr M555 K , J V 6 V "X I I-, fy 3 M1 xl ,pee , If 4' 19 "NIJ I Reg resentfvlvc Q,yI4 'iffyzfnng Q' wi, , a. LAKE VIEW INN LAUREL LAKE, PA. Dm wers and LuncI1eo'1 Served Dazly S CLAVERACK ELECTRIC CO Montrose Pa MAIN OFFICE TOWANDA PA Attendants F ancs Moqer A thu Dora PHONE ll? PHONE 473 60 I 1 S Compiimerwi of , . - ' . r I A r r , Compliments of BANNER SLIPPER COMPANY MONTROSE PA. LATHROP COAL CO sf buto s of Lel1gl1 Valley oal Tel Montrose 460.1 MODERN BEAUTY SHOP Tuc r wr L l WHITE BUS LINE AUDLEY B LOTT . Di ri r : ' ro 1 O General r lrlng l Ln' Q A-.Well ly ll ANDREW E. JENNER 8: SONS We Specialize in MANUFACTURED LUMBER - CUSTOM SAWING COAL -- MINE PROPS Full Line of Oliver Farm Equipmeni and Repairs HINMAN MILKERS Phones: Fairdale I5-R-8 Eairdale 7-R-32 Fairdale 5-R-5 Conqaiu atfn: For- Eciior Atlantic Gasoline MARY ANN ARNOLD H and , - uvnOtOT Oll and the eniure ACTA STAFF It's- Clwarles D. Maclcey PAUL DEWEES P INENIS E JOSEPH NASSER Shoe Store PUBLIC AVENUE MONTROSE PA ROZELL RADIO SERVICE Ou rl nee oo Sales ind Serv IE South Main Si Iv'onI:rose Pa PHONE 440 G F Manufacturer of Lumber Hardware MII Work and Building Supplies PHONE 307 M I PUBLIC AVE COM L fm O. t and -Q I Racii I Q I ice H. D. R l FIS E . . J . JOHN WALL'S GARAGE General Repairing Phone I9O I0 Chestnut St. MONTROSE PA. BEST X1 ISGIES SUMMIT TEA ROOM RIDLEY SECRETARIAL SCHOOL F0 D HOWARD GOULD ren nneat Goce e BEAUTY SHOPPE J I M BARBER SHOP WALTER R MILLER CO nc einer-IAMTON N Y School Supplies Stationery Sporting Goods I70 WASHINGTON ST I2I STATE ST WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 34 So Mann St MONTROSE PA E' at Q , f -rits Llght Hi1"Qwf3L limi V. . ., I , MILADYS . ' OLIN'S I fi' OOMRIIRIERIIS Or OVERTON FARMS DAIRY Quelkv Ice Creern I LIQIIL Lunch I MONTROSE PA. PHONE 238-R Onwfrn nis OI - ARTHUR H. BOWEN FUNERAL HOME OITV7 ITIQVI O I EDITHS BEAUTY NOOK h A V I M I A 7 '2 PubI'c Avenue beden InveIId ber M t P II AnIbuIenCe Service on rose ' Monirose Pa. Phone IOLR COIVPLIMENTS O EREDDIES BAR AND GRILL Wnere ine IInesL Ieqal beverages are served Enjoy play ng our 'c o shuffleboards EAST TIOGA ST TUNKHANNOCK P HEFFERAN S HOTEL PRINS HeIness 34 Hardware Store WI-IEN IN NEED OF LUIVIBER 'D A E BENNINOER LUMBER COMPANY 6 I :I I I I : . . 'I II I I I TI C III C ' C LII Is I I I I I I I IE ,I I I: III III . a I, A I I In I I I E I II I II IE fe .-' II II II I'I ' I w AEI -II 59 . . A. I :I II :I II CQIQII-IIII-IU:"l '.I QQIVII IInIenIa O' II I I YTIIIILLIIIIIIIIQII, PII. Montrose' pa. I: I il II I I: I II! III IF :I Or I I ' EUIO III3 rw f RIALS C51 QR 4 A C T A Was Again Prinfed by 1' 9 Monfrose Publishing Company 6 ' 6 Comphrnerts e' Dxuaw 'bhe coaV HRCHARD COALCO. High Street ' MONTROSE, PA. Phone I06-R MEN S AND YOUNG MEN S CLOTHING HATS A FURNISHINOS Everything Men and Young Men Wear Shoo here and save McNERNEY'S 42 COURT STREET BINGHAMTON, N. Y. MONTROSE CUT RATE STORE Q A 3 P Lei Us I-IeIp To Keep You I-IeaIthy McCAIN S GAS STATION SuncIaur as and COMMERCIAL HOTEL J G McLaughI GRAND UNION STORE ITV S T Wood Manager CLOVERLY DAIRY R J CATERSON O13--n 7 . M. to 9: O .M. I Cernwhrnems Q' - - S e I I S e IC e G OEI ' ' Qc,nvrupIIrncgnI, QI COITIIIIIITICIII5 VI ' ' In MM Cheer' GC SUSQUEHANNA CGUNTY COMMISSIONERS GUY B. ROBINSON WALTER LDAVIES LEO A. WHITE ' ' CHARLES E DALY . M. BUSH RECORDERS OFFICE JOHN E O BRIEN FAILORV RE IC D Montrose Pa COC IPI URPL FE Montrose Department Store, Inc Susquehanna Countys Leading Department Store Complete Lune of LADIES WEAR MENS WEAR CHILDREN S WEAR HOUSEHOLD DRY GOODS .J JUVQ' MILK I' I DREAM I ,M ,M my K vw II . Cf HA. E - . L, 'IMTZA I I Q A J W AL If 'B Evey ind Q5 I, 13,I.s.,1,L O I Q . . I I I' I C II I . ,ly IVI I omplimenis oI 1' RosENoALEacoRWuN Birds Eye Foods GROCERIES - MEATS CRAINE SILOS . . . A Type for Every Farm and Puse CQNIRACIINQ BUILDING H G LAKE Hardware- Buiidng MaIeriaI, PIurrvb'nq f , Phone 362 CompI4merwIs oI A FRIEND Farm SuppIies, I-Ieatinq Montrose P . WOODBOURNE ORCHARDS pIe Wrth a I:Iayor Sweet Cvder IN Season RUSSELL S DAYTON IMOCK IA Cornpbments of RUSSELL OLIN bb I I .I I I5 . . I : I I II II Il I In, v 6 :gg ,af EE E 'IE II eq I :uI A . K Ap I Ig' . . I: I:I ISI I" ' II ,, , y: ., , I In In IH II I:I 1:I Igi I ,L II Ii! IES Qi' - III 'I II' lx' 1, III sl' II iEI II 'EI SEI ,, 5: g3 -i511-::.g-4::1.3:::T iii.i':-7.:i:--::.Lpgr3-,Y:.' Compliments of Doctors- A Good Place to Buy A. E. 8: C. J. HOLLISTER I ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 1 and Veterinarians FURNITURE OF ALL KINDS COMPLIMENTS OF STEPHENS 81 COMPANY Inc. 85-87 State Street Binghamton N. Y Ray. W. Bolt Salesman COMPLIMENTS OF C A R L H U G H E S Blrchardvulle Pa GULF GAS AND OIL CONOVER S Franlrlun Forks Pa G ocerues CompI ment I Meats P T LONERGAN Vegetables Hafgge ATTORNEY M LAW Notuons c COMPLIMENTS OF LEE BROTH ERS Montrose and Sprmgvulle Whe U IIN If Of urn fu 6- OV TI FANY 69 III 551 :i I, II E1 I I .1 ,I Ip I Il' I ' I I I I I I I I H i V V I I , . . I ,I 'I II I I I I I - f f ---- I In , I I , I ' ' I f O I J - I I' I I I I . . , v , I ' I ' ' I Et . I I I wi I lv, I a III Is! III I I I I I I. I I I IH . , . . , IIf n YQ rn E I r , -Itwmlr U5, 5: I I In Iwo Stores Smal' QVGVIIEGCI - Lcw Prmes. I: Il J. L. F IA-5. rA'w,,, 314, EI IPI M ERC!-TANDISE H CDNEST S ERVRZE Wwne'0ER Q giglggug ARTISTIC BEAUTY PARLOR T REATMENT , All Branches. A EWAYS B Oi: I ERNEST E.bAacPEEK QGUFYH utu'e Montrose, Pa. 30 CHURCH STREET Y F311 "f':S1,.'l'5M COMPLIMENTS QP BROWN' 81 FASSETT FEED MILL Montrbse Pa: PHONE I57-W MONTROSETHEATRE Where Boys and GT ls Are Wholesomely Entertamed In Safety and Comfort u A FRIEND FINN S GAS STATION MONTROSE VULCANIZING SHOP u e-MQ: Suwc I 23 Ch si ut St Mont ose Pa MORTON W. STEPHENS Attorney FRED BIRCHARD 8: SON ' cha d 'Ile GENERAL MERCHANDISE LAZARUS ELECTRIC CENTER 35 Chu ch St Mo tose Pa Ze th R C A V cto Admural Eme son Mag Siromberg Carlso LOUDEN HILL FARM PVOOLICGIS OI CERTIFIED MILK Pho e 290 M GROCERIES CROCKERY RAFFERTYS GARAGE L G HAMLIN Mo tose Pa Bur r VI Store I fx r ., nr , . ' 'fA. 7 "IA, Ufllvl E ' . ,.' L Ci, SID I I A C JIT-P . Spartan HI , . . . I r ' e n . r navo r , . n A'A5T4'Y ,Hi "ES .'.EgCC'T,'E n . I Efcythlwg PYLE ana G13 1 V- " '. QTL' '. , , nr , . --- L--------------------------------------------- -- ----- ----------,-------.-- 'I I' COMPLIMENTS OF ANDRE 8: SON MONTROSE PA. '. '. I I 'I m mnfs , DR. E. ADAMS I Montrose Pa. 6 AYRES GARAGE I7 Chest ul SI om, 'rn nts I A FRIEND pI R H BROWN Montrose P YOUR BARBER C 84 F MOTOR SALES DODGE PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS AAA SERVICE Complete Shop Se CHAMBERLAIN 81 FERRIS Phone 346 MAPLE AND CHESTNUT STREETS 72 II I I :QI in U I I In I - :I I I II :I II, III Co pl: e oI If C pl: e o I II If I . I IIN , I! II Is ,u ,. Compum nts of Com :ments OI I :I ' ., . . I I n . I a' I MUNIRUSL, M. - S .. I I I I I III I: l ! I ,I III I 'I J rvice I I II CCT?-,4DLlP.'UlT5 OF C . E. All e n HJCCEQQOQ ww ALLEN BROS. SOUTH MONTROSE, PA. Mfrs. of Garment Hangers and Novelty Boxes GEO E TAYLOR 81 SONS Headquarters f ALLENTOWN PAINTS WALLPAPER LINOLEUM HOUSEWARES Gffs for ail occas ons PHONE ZII MONTROSE PA l I Ol' i . CCMPL MENTS OF WALTER J. BLOCHBERGER PLUMBING AND HEATING CCN PLT E TS CDE BEACH MANUFACTURING CO NAUMANN HOTEL W te S ect Jo T opp Phone I66 A FRIE , 4 'M 5, -.i,,:'n: - "Q I In aI r w I'1n sc:I'1 ff, 1 fI N D BEATTY S 5c 'ro SI O0 SIore 42 CHURCH STREET MONTROSE PENNSYLVANIA W S HOWER She H EMN 9 Publc Ae M 3I CI'1u cI1 Sf GLEN S GRILL THE CONSUMERS WATER COMPANY PHONE I23 I R. S. SI I S KI U, Giiac wuz IDIL-wo, I v . Qfgcafee 31 cut Q11 I' . - CHM i U ri COMPLIMENTS OF MONTROSE BAKERY AND LOCKER SERVICE Comdimenfs 05 DR. F. S. BIRCHARD Class OI l899 Cmpl ef5I TITSWORTH 81 Y ATTORN EYS Montrose P Compliments of MRS. ANNA SMITH TREASURER Monirose, Pa. LI Is A C SMITH AETNA IIFI INSLRANCI' Montrose P SM MAN TRIPE I-IJSE TAP ERAN SHOES CGMPLIMENTS OF JUDGE LITTLE O 'im m O Comvimen oI EL . . .' ' , C f I ' I , a. , a. Comdimemts of W . T . I T H :fu I S f S C 76 l l , l l I Tne Plant Behind QUr Products MONTROSE WOOD GARMENT HANG-ERS TOWEL RACKS Etc South Montrose Manufacturing South Montrose Pennsylvama MAX H PARKE AND SON Montrose P McCormack Deerung Maclnlnes Farmall Tractors lnternatlonal Truclcs Service DOWNER BURNS DRUG STORE FURNITURE SHOP 7 South Mem St Graduatuon Gntts NENV a cl USED FURllllUl2lf 5 O Complete Llne ot Drug REPNRH RR5RcRlR lows coMRoUmDEU PHONE 47l J H I ' . ' C O. I . a. X U X f R r V- ' ' 5 O lf l ARD v ' 1 l' TEAM!! UP When you deal wnlh us you are sure of gelhng full value for a good baslc reason We are a permanenlpari oflhlscommunlly we musl succeed or fall on Qhe basis of repeal busmess People re lurnlousagamandagalnforloans and other servlces largely because Farsi' 8: Farmers Nallonal Bank 8: Trusl Co Montrose Pa Susquehanna P 78 five, V! . ' . . '- N' ' ' ISAVICTURY' our policy is "give full value." , . , a. OAS OIL SMITH'S ESSO STATION 73 South Main St., Montrose Verified MESSCN' Lubricai' ACCESSORIES BATTERIES Phone I69-R TIRES TUBES Why Not Let the VALETSERVICE DO YQUR CLEANING AND PRESSING Just Rmg 260.1 Our Work Must Be Satisfactory to You WE ALWAYS APPRECIATE A CALL McLEAN S BINGHAMTON S BUSIEST DEPARTMENT STORE Extends Heartlest Congratdatuoms to the I946 Graduatmq Class of MONTROSE HIGH SCHOOL e e a me Han He cm 79 I I Upcfx LPI succeesid ccmpI HCP 9? your Ca"- tfaflrwo if . CLSAFIGSS cf LIEE. May you-and each sugeealfg Q6VT6'6iIC'- Odd tier wcrId L. fr e you Wie 7t. Watches L. H. STONE JEXXXELER Fountain Pens 38 Church Street MONTROSE, PA. Diamonds STOOO To S300 O0 Open Tuesdays and Wednesdays PENNSYLVANIA LOAN COMPANY Post Office Building Montrose, Pa. Connpl me ts ot Fusi-4 AND VERY Comme S T Ptumbung Heating Air Conditioning Montrose P Cornpl ments opnne Dr R B MACKEY KENNETH A BUSH FUNERAL DIRECTOR Sou tm Mon rose P AVERYS GREEN HOUSE Co pt Plants and Cut Flower JOSEPH L CARRIGG Montrose P gn D struct Attorney 4 ,i n i nt or J N . . . , a. C nmvti nts ot I u, u L , B. i ot ,in invents of I y . S 5 . , a. i 2: ,,..:,' .,. -1- I - I I ,J 2 JUNIOR SAYS: No wonder I run home from school What Reddy bakes sure makes me drool' Pwo nv IM neoovl feddq hlawait NORTHERN PENNSYLVANIA POWER CO S A FRIEND 8 - , I I I 'ooo ,g Ccmpfimemf of I DR EARL J SMITH DR E K SMITH OPTOMKTQT M A R S H S ITT W W PRESTON Montrose P L P HAMLIN 42 So Mem St Montrose Pa THE ANTIOUARIAN RESTAURANT MELVIN KELLY f-WTQRNP f AT TMJ LAKE BROTHERS ARTHUR C GOODRICH Q fQ l Cc r'm:TTlr'mf:mf', of 4, 7, 'SVU I l V, , ,- 4 1 A V1 f,HTRl,JPRf'Xi,TCDR GQCNIQ-'TTE:"L Q' I Qerwcrd LVLGVCLTSXTOLTSE . LU' :Mr pw. T'.1'Hw.m'N l R . Co' ,mow . L T Wm L Cc1:mxTwm3mf', O' DR. . . J, N ix Rf A, a. ' ' ' H' LCEMPLTME'ETL OP 'LCUTW cTfCfVRCiE EH, u GV? eip GIGS Tug Cwiav TATJ' ,VTQPLE Rf'-. ,.,, V. x, 1- . I, , ,, I Vx, I K, ' . ' 1 4 4 iz., V V i J'-, . -' AQ- -- A ,li ' -' ' ,ig , ' ff 1- N'A'.f:::? a 1fA3,f-:- ' J.. '. Ex 'L -3'a5vL E D 1 U fr , - f'-I Q' W" . . .. " ' '57 I f f 1 fn ff N I N 4 XX A in .E -'LHJHI1 J I I ul ' L ,K 5 I-' 'fr' mm f:-1 'A Fusspnoor 'v'pU'V1EN S Or MONTROSE INN Inc. JONTQOS DH m L EVA V PL? C O Montrose Pa DONALD DEAN P-lfXRUVfQQDJ ii O SOFTX OOD Long DISt6l'1t Haulxng PHONE lb4 MONTROSE PA v I CO T E V W E W . . N S GEfEQALlNSUQfx5.0E Ngiary 1,14 Tc. l'D6fM Deder in af! kinds cf- N mx X, N 5 A Run EXC v Y Y V1 ,J COMPLIMENTS OF BIRCHARD FARMS Breeders of Pure Bred Jerseys CARLTON E BIRCHARD 8 SON BIRCHARDVILLE PA R M HOWELLS Sunoco Servuce Stetson Comphmenfs OI Groceries Gas OI an A FRIEND Accessorues BROOKDALE PA JOHN DEERE Farm Machinery SaIes and Service G R I F F I MONTROSE PA LEWIS and SLOAT AutI'1or4zed SeIes FORD Serwce 56 Grow Ave Phone 487 Storage Greens ng Cer Washrng 84 4 :I I d M.D. Ne- D LETTER EA Purebred Holsieuns JAMES W BALL AVERY NURSING HOME MONTROSE CANDY KITCHEN GEORGIA HAWKS Co I3O STATE STREET BNGHAMTON N Y GEORGE H LANE o 'fo JAMES P MEEHAN ELECTRIC GEORGE BRUNGES Lumber Mo tose P RED SHUTTERS ANC R E R M Efflffl EROS. CC. PRODUCT -I-gi' Q" M n r se, Pa. PHONE 457 e ., Inc. V nr , a. ll ll QM . A 'HO ---.-----f:-.1r:.-- ---------.,-..-----.-v--- -- - - COMPLIMENTS OF PAU L C LEM EN S ATLANTIC GAS and OIL ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION Curtis CIarIc Complete Lubrncatnon Service PHONE 62 J I NEW MILFORD PA pI ORGEP LITT GENERAL INSURANCE Montrose P Good Wnshes rom RESSEGUIE S DEPARTMENT STORE The Sensor Class washes Io thank aII who contrlbuted so gemerouslf to the Acta 86 Com imenfs of G E . L E . a. I QTOGP I O QV' WILCOX PHOTO SERVICE Montrose LEGAL CQMMERCIAL PCRTRMTS 0 C7 , Pa. 9 ' Fii, D':Tig"nQ','q C

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