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s 3 E 5 Q E 5 5 E E 5 s Q 5 3 5 5 3 E ? s E Z I E 5 : 2 E P 3 E 5 5 I 5 P 5 5 5 Q 2 E I S 5 I 5 3 I 5 5 E F E 5 i E E E 2 s E E 4 9 H E 2 1 E 5 i E E E E E E e 5 2 E I P3 he E E 5 E E It Z 2 E E 5 Z E u w 3 E k E E P 2 5 5 E E m.wn,mwmw1Qum1nwmw mmg1-1.-mmmmm mxm-1ummmmmzn 5 s n H a E 3 2 E E F 4 2 3 Q E E E Q F 5 E 3 H 2 Q i ! Q 5 s E 3 3 5 H a : 5 3 Z 5 F 3 , E 5 5 ! 5 E 1 E 1929-As We Appeared in First Grade I The Acfa Published by the Montrose High School 1941 I Page Two 1941-Our Class of Today I Foreword It is with the hope of leaving one final achieve- ment after four enjoyable years in Montrose High School, that We, the class of 1941, publish this Acta. "Q" I Dedication To Miss Helen Robinson, who began her four years of service at Montrose High School the year we entered, and who, by her kind nature, efficiency, and friendliness, has set us a truly fine example, we are very happy to dedicate this Acta. Page Three Page Four Acta Staff I Seated, left to right: Madelyn Chier, Josephine Jewett, Dorothea Bush, Helene Porter, Mrs. Davidson, Werdon Allen, Eleanor James, Marian Hamlin. Standing, left to right: Worthington Warner, David Stilson, Irene Estabrook, Marion Marsh, Mary Lee Sterling, Joan Mackey, James Shimer, Bill Maxey, James Harman, Robert Stevens, Arthur Bush, Raymond O'Day, Harris Ayres. 5 i 1 1 I Principal's Page We of an earlier generation have not succeeded in grasping the torch thrown to us from failing hands. As a result you members of the gradu- ating class are leaving the shelter of the school and going into a chaotic world. Perhaps you can do a better job in bringing about charitable unity than we have done. Surely you have the opportunity. Meet its challenge. Page F'ive Page Sm Table Acta Staff . Activities . , Advertisements , Athletics , Classes . . Commencement A Dedication A Faculty ..i. Principal's Message School Board . of Contents Page 4 36 53 48 13 52 3 8 5 6 We are not unmindful of the splendid work carried on by our local school directors. We wish to take this opportunity to thank them for their fine interest in us, for their support in providing us with the new Agriculture Course this year, and for the countless hours that we so little realize are spent in our behalf. I School Board MR. LEE HAMLIN, President MRS. FRED OWEN, Vice President MRS. FRED BUSH, Secretary. DR. A. E. HOLLISTER. MR. EDWARD CALBY. Page Seven Faculty M12 Dayton Birchard, M. A. Mrs. Jennie Highhouse, M. S Social Studies Mathematics Mr. iXI2lL11'iCC D. Tuyloi' Mrs. Mz11'jo1'ie Ilavidsoii, B. A Music English Faculty Mr. Joseph Fluppel' Miss Ira-no Podrick Vocatiomxl Agriculture f'0IHI'H0l'L'i2il ss Louise McICnIi1'e, Ifi. S. Mr. Howz11'd Sim' French Scimm- 215,11 Pzxgc Ten Faculty Miss Irene Giioson, B. S. MTS. Ruth James Music . Latin Miss Charlotte Wohlhietei' M12 Frank Chilletti, B. S AIT Physical Education Faculty Miss Tessie Pilch Mr. Paul Harrison Home Economics Industrial Arts Page Eleven Page Twelve Class History We charged on M. H. S. one day As pea-green freshmen, scared but gay. We didn't know what was in store Because we'd never worked before. A Bush we chose as president, And on a party he was bent, So each turned out to do his best That it might be a huge success. Two members of the faculty From math and hist'ry were set free To watch us when we had our fun, Or squelch some mischief just begun. Then in the fall of thirty-eight We came back feeling simply great. Miss Mac, our sponsor, made her bow, And Jo was picked to lead us now. Another party was devised, And mem'ries of it still are prized, But all the fun we had that night Could not compare with our delight At going off to swim and eat On Class Day-that was joy complete. Then Mr. Sipe accepted us As Jolly Juniors without fuss, And soon, with Stilson in command, He gave our class a rousing hand. We chose our rings without delay, And when they came, the bright display Made us the envy of the rest Who'd have to wait a year at best. It wasn't long before we thought A dance would calm our minds distraught It truly did, and we declare It Was a very grand affair. Thus one by one the days flew by, And when the first of June was nigh, We took the seniors on a spree. To end the year successfully. But living up to customs old. As seniors we've been brave and bold. Bill Flindt has been our captain great, Miss Pedrick's hand has kept us straight And looking back, we'll safely bet That this year's been the finest yet. One night we skated at the lake- It was a treat-that's no mistake. And then there was the Senior Play To be remembered 'til we're gray, But now with graduation near, We bid good-bye to school days dear. Class Presidents Seated: Senior Class President-William Flindt. Junior Class President-Bill Whalen. Standing: Freshman Class President-Amos Hollister. Sophomore Class President-Betty Stevens Page Thirteen Evelyn Auburn From Southtown comes Evelyn. She is an en- thusiastic bowler and is fond of dancing and going to the movies. Scranton is a big attraction to her be- Seniors Werdon Allen First saw light of day Jan. 17, a few years backg finished four successful years at M. H. S. with a place on the honor rollg was Mr. Sipe's right hand man in Chemistryg that's a short short of Werdon Allen, secretary, class of '41. Louise Arnold Louise Arno1d's high school days at M. H. S. were filled with activities. She cooks and sews but pre- fers to roller skate. She belonged to the Tri-Hi-Y and participated in our faculty impersonations skit. As Miss Swain in the senior play, she was charming. cause many a day she has spent there shopping. ii fifffff, Harris Ayres Whether we think of Harris swimming, hunting, or driving the delivery truck, we think of him as his own natural self-a sincere friend. He is our strong man and acquired his strength working on the farm during the summer. His hobby is collecting guns. Page Fourteen Seniors Hilda Bateson N o class would have been complete without Hilda. She pleased the teachers with a quick, correct recita- tion and her fellow students with her sense of humor. Well liked, Hilda goes in for skiing and tennis in a big way. Eva Maye Bell Eva was born in Dimock, but came to M. H. S. for her schooldays. She was an active member of Tri- Hi-Y her first year in high school. As typist on the "Life" and Lady Lillian in the senior play, Eva has proved she has much ability. E In spite of his many school pranks, Art received honors. He plays the clarinet, but I'm sure glass blowing is his calling. Art is extremely witty and his favorite pastime is thinking of nicknames for everyone he knows. Musical variations are a spe- cialty with him, too. Dorothea Bush Dorothea has travelled with this class all her school life, and she's been a true friend and helper. The active part she took in Tri-Hi-Y and Acta will be remembered by all of us. She spent her noon- hours dancing, which is her favorite past-time. 5 Q. iz 5 s E . Page Fifteen Seniors Kenneth Caterson Kenneth Caterson, the tall blonde member of our class, has been a very popular pupil among his class- mates. He spent his spare moments in his "Chevy" and usually had two or three fair ladies as company. Ken was a member of the band and topped an out- standing basketball career as captain. Earle Catlin Small of stature, quiet in nature, but one of our most loyal members is Earle Catlin. He was a mem- ber of the band for two years and was class treasurer when a Junior. In his senior year Earle proved himself a capable third baseman on the ball team. 5 Q s s Kenneth, better known since the lmpersonations as Mr. Birchard II, is the star pitcher for the Mont- rose Swampers. Ken goes out for sports in a big way. Volley ball, baseball, and bowling are his favorites. Speaking of the impersonations, Ken's curly hair is the one advantage which he has over Mr. Birchard. Madelyn Chier Madelyn Chier flitted from the cradle to the end of her high school days with dancing toes and a song in her heart. Her dark eyes sparkle from morning till night, and she leaves no task undone, whether it be supervising N. Y. A., working on "Acta," or senior dramatics. Page bixteen Seniors Edwin Conklin Edwin is just a shy farmer boy, but he does have a way with the girls. If you've noticed an increase in his height, it's because of swimming which he en- joyed nearly every day last summer. He has, also, taken to dancing and is getting to be quite an artist at it, both in round and square dancing. Rita Dean The old adage "surprises come in small packages" suits Rita to a "t", for though she is the shortest girl in our class she has been active in many school affairs and is a first-class commercial student. Al- though she is rather quiet, she possesses that qual- , 3 , 1:55 yr r .weuwmmi ' Searle Dolan Searle Dolan's first squawk was officially recorded one morning Knot the firstJ in April. Eighteen years later, he has earned a place in the boys' octet, and the distinction of being one of five in the smallest class in school-Solid Geometry. Irene Estabrook Irene joined us during our Freshman year. She soon mastered the flute, and now holds a chair in the senior band. She likes English and is excellent in shorthand. A cheerful worker, she has made the band room pleasant in carrying out her duties for Mr. Taylor. ity which makes her a favorite wherever she goes. Page Seventeen Seniors William Flindt The M. H. S. Rogue's Gallery lists Bill Flindt thus: Born April 28, '233 height, 6 ft. 2 in. fthe Senior skyscraperlg weight, 1703 hair, browng eyes, blue. He's a tailor's son, and he looks it. Incidentally, he's an honor student, as well as class president. Helen Garey Helen says very littleg nevertheless when she does, it merits a listening ear. Her part of the senior im- personations was reader, which she handled effi- Q ciently as she does all she undertakes. Helen takes f the commercial subjects but enjoys English most of all. Anthony Golis Anthony, who comes from Williams Pond, was one of our star basketball players. He made many a point for M. H. S. An earnest worker in Problems of Democracyg at square dancing, not easy to excel. Florence Greiner Our sweet, shy classmate who sells candy at noon is Florence Greiner. She was born in New York State but spent her four years of high school with us. She can play the accordion and has been al- ways willing to entertain at school affairs. Page Eighteen Seniors Allison Griflis Allison was born in Binghamtong now he takes noon jaunts around Montrose. A quiet sort of lad is "Al" until that effervescent giggle breaks forth- then there's no rest for anyone. Allison has held a clarinet chair in senior band and is a whiz at art. Marian Hamlin Marian came to us from Binghamton during our Junior year, but we soon learned to feel that she be- longed to us. Her even disposition and graciousness to everybody have gained for her a reputation of charm and sweetness. Her favorite candy bar is "Oh Henry," and of dancing she is extremely fond. James Harman came from Picture Rocks in his Sophomore year to complete his education at M.H.S. His knack at photography has helped out a great deal on the Acta Staff. In band James plays a trom- bone. He's active in sports, too-basketball and track being his specialties. Dorothy Hawley Dorothy was born at Forest Lake and still resides there, but comes to town for readin' and Writin'. She likes to do experiments, dance, and talk about her big brother Bill. Dorothy has a desire to be- come a nurse and our guess is that she'll make a good one. Page Nineteen Seniors Donald Herne Don Herne arrived late one day in October, and has arrived late at everything since. He left M.H.S. in '40 to join the Navy, found high school completion required, and came back to finish a commercial course in the best of spirits with the class of '41, Eleanor James One of the kindest and most beloved members of our class is Eleanor James. She can smile her way through any trouble and has a willingness and abil- ity for work that is seldom found. Eleanor was assistant editor of the "Acta," and merited a place on the honor roll. Josephine J ewett A conscientious pupil and a friend to everyone is Josephine Jewett. Lady Mary in the senior play and Editor-in-Chief of the Life have proved her abilitiesg but her four years' work in Tri-Hi-Y and her high marks also help make Jo an "all-around student." Donald Johnson Another tall member of our class is Donald John- son from South Montrose. "Don" is very handy with tools and machinery and is also interested in voca- tional agriculture training. He likes to square dance and often entertains us during the noon hour with cowboy songs. Page Twenty 2 l E E E Bertha Lewis She calls Williams Pond homeg she's an excellent seamstressg she's a model of the straight home eco- nomics courseg her proficiency in the art of the cuisine fgood cooking to youb is well known! that's what we find about Bertha Lewis. John Lewis John Lewis spent the early years of his life in Williamsport. He entered Montrose school in the third grade. Not only has he made his mark as cornetist in the band, but he attended District Chorus two years, was elected President of the Hi-Y, and was selected for the Honor Roll. Delbert Knight Esther Kovalefsky Seniors Delbert is our senior lad from Franklin township. However much Delbert likes to dance, and he dances well, he will always help us out by calling for our square dancing. His teachers say that's the only time he can be heard. In between times he studies shorthand and excels in wrestling. Esther Kovalefsky came to us from Silver Lake. She is a likeable, energetic friend and has taken active part in noon-hour basketball and volley ball games. She plays the guitar, but her favorite hobby is collecting pictures of movie stars. Esther is planning to be a nursery governess. 2 ..fQamw4wmzywq:gs1ff -, f an W,mmt,mmwi,M ' 2 5 f E i 3 2 i a 2 3 E i Z Page Twenty-one i Seniors Joan Mackey For a number of years, Joan Mackey has been a loyal citizen of Montrose. She has a well-known habit of saying what she thinks, and she's a member of the honor roll. A high standing in art and a place in the Girls' Ensemble are the stand-outs of her school life. Gerard Mahoney Gerard Mahoney may not have much size, but he certainly possesses a lot of wit. Wherever he is- in the shop, out hunting, or in seventh period Eng- lish class, he always has a joke. Gerard was Sopho- more class treasurer. He was also active in base- ball one year. Marion Marsh . Marion Marsh lives in Fairdale, but she comes to M. H. S. for her education. Her friendly nature has won many friends for her. President of Tri-Hi-Y, a member of the senior play cast, and a first-chair saxophonist describe Marion better than we can. George Martin Even though he settled in M. H. S. for his educa- tion, George Martin has not let books get ahead of his natural love for hunting. 'Alf there's game to be shot, Martin will shoot it"g but in between hunt- ing seasons George has found time to play clarinet two years and participate in Hi-Y and volley ball one year. l Page Twenty-two Seniors William Maxey Bill Maxey began life in Montrose. He spent two years in Arizona and California but returned to M. H. S. for the completion of his schooling. He was a member of the Hi-Y and an advertising man- ager on the 4'Acta" staff. Bill wants to be an aviator. Geraldine McCabe Geraldine McCabe began her days of overflowing helpfulness in Bridgewater Twp. No one could ask for a more willing classmate. Geraldine has dis- played her ability and originality by designing and weaving a beautiful Indian rug. Her many friends look forward to the day when Geraldine will attain her goal as a nursery governess. 5 r. 3 i 5 is 5 i 5 Jimmy, a filend to all, has been with us twelve H years. His interests vary from riding to playing the French horn. He played in the band three years and proved himself quite a handy man in the In- dustrial Art department. Donald McKeeby The one with the grin? Yes, that's Don. If there ever was a class cut-up, the class of '41 has him. When Don plays baseball, however, the rest of us grin-he always comes through a-sailing. 2 E Z, ? gr Page Twenty-three Seniors Lucille Melhuish Lucille comes from Heart Lake, except for a few days in the winter when she is snowbound. Pets take her fancy, especially sheep and cats. She hopes to enter Keystone to prepare for a medical secretary. In chemistry she is excellentg in fact, in all of her subjects she has been at the top of her class. Patricia Melhuish "Patty" is best known for her sweet alto voiceg but she will long be remembered for her impersona- tion of Miss Wohlhieter. Besides her ability to act, "Patty" possesses invaluable cleverness. She took a fender off a certain car, and the mechanics are the only ones wise to this. George Miller George came to us from Mayfield, Pennsylvania, in his sophomore year and since that time has been known to us as the silent camera man. George takes Chemistry and seems to enjoy it a lot. His idea as far as sports go is-"I'1l watch." Evelyn Mitchell Evelyn can be found on the Snake Creek Road almost any time except when she is participating in her favorite pastime, dancing. You often find her just visiting with someone around school. She is quiet, but full of fun, and an all-around good sport. Page Twenty-four 1 'E 2 Z S 3 i Seniors Kenneth Morrison Whether it be baseball, volley ball, or basket ball, it is not easy to surpass "Kenf' A glance at his re- port card shows that his favorite subject is "Prob- lems of Democracy." Ken must have plans for a vacation as he is making a clever boat in Industrial Arts. Evelyn Oakley Evelyn comes from South Montrose. She has been a member of Tri-Hi-Y for four years, and of band for three. Evelyn still has time to be pianist and caller for "Dud" Bollinger's Swing Orchestra. Raymond 0 Day Silver Lake sent us Raymond O'Day, whose scholastic ability has long been recognized about the school. In public speaking he was outstanding, and in French or English class he proved that a sense of humor makes many a class more interesting. John Organski John is our quiet farm lad. Most of his interests are centered around agriculture, but on at least one occasion he has been known to enjoy a moonlight stroll with a city girl. Page Twenty-five Seniors Harriett Overfield Harriett is that girl you see bustling about-hair Hying and arms swinging. She can swing them, too. If you don't believe it, ask Don McKeeby! She takes an active part in sports such as softball, track, volleyball and dancing. Hale Porter Hale Porter, besides being the "other half" of the Porter twins, is noted for his skill in Industrial Arts and his industriousness out of school. He seems to have been a favorite, especially with the fairer sex, ever since one June morning in the early 20's. Helene Porter Since Helene has a fun loving twin, she has always had double responsibility. This fact has not, how- ever, had any effect on her activities. She was captain of the basketball team in '40 and '41 and is now editor-in-chief of this "Acta.'i Her pleasant manner has won her many warm friends. Mary Quain She's from "Snake Crick", she has always pos- sessed a hearty sense of humor since her entry into this world one bright day in Augustg she took great interest in Business Law-even went A.W.O.L. to court during school hours 5-yep, that's Mary Quain. Page Twenty-six Seniors Florence Randall Florence has widely distributed interests but one of the major ones is the Allen Manufacturing Co. Her ambition in life is to be a nurse. Bicycling and ice skating help to keep her busy in summer and winter. James Shimer "Jimmy" is a friend to everyone. During his stay with us he has shown his ability at square dancing and volley ball. He does well in history, his favor- ite subject. He doesn't spend all of his time on sports and studies, however, as he has not gone un- noticed by the "fairer sex." Mary Lee Sterling, in the 18 years since she in- creased by one the population of Montrose, has achieved a great deal. At M. H. S., she managed the '41 basketball squad, represented Montrose in the county declamation contest, played flute in the band, and topped a busy 4 years with valedictorian honors. Freda Stevens Freda has been with us all during our school life. She is always ready and able to do her part and has won many friends by her willingness to cooperate. Her favorite pastime is sewing and her ambition to be a Home Economics Teacher. Page Twenty-seven 5 Marie Sweeney Marie Sweeney hails from Silver Lake and has been one of our most energetic classmates. No mat- ter what work she's given, be it an editorial for the Life, or work in Tri-Hi-Y, Marie is sure to do it well. She was Tri-Hi-Y secretary for one year. Victoria Swiderski Basketball is right down Vic's alley! She's a whiz at it, too. I'm sure all who know her will agree with me, that she is never seen with a frown-unless she is making faces. If you haven't met Vic, go to a dance. She'll be there. Page Twenty-eight Seniors Robert Stevens Bob Stevens is one of our local Montrosites who, while in high school, has filled a prominent place in the sports field. A basketball star, a member of the hockey team, and an expert with golf clubs: these do not hinder Bob from being a "Whizz" at the bass drum. David E. Stilson, Jr. Dave Stilson's career, begun one August day in '23, terminates as far as M.H.S. is concerned with a brilliant senior year as captain of both the basketball squad and the track team. "Dave" has that certain something when it comes to the "fems," too. if L f 5 Z 5 ,fi , it f W 4 E i Z Seniors Eleanor Very Eleanor has a natural love for sports. Baseball, volley ball, and hockey are her favorites. She en- joys coca-cola and Art class. Her home town is Fairdale. Everywhere she goes she can be seen with Mary Quain. Viola Ward Viola Ward greeted life at Forest Lake and later moved to lVIontrose. Viola holds a warm spot in the heart of each of her classmates and is willing to do any task assigned. Her alert fingers turn a difficult "Life" stencil into play. Viola likes to skate, dance 5 Q l l fi and read. 3 wa. Alice Warner Entered life quietly one day in Aprilg entered M. H. S. quietly Sept. 1, 19375 silently won high praise on her bookkeepingg slipped quietly through a commercial courseg left quietly June 7, 1941g on the q. t., that's the record of Alice Warner. Worthington Warner First in the Library Benefit and later in Senior play, "Worth" proved that his talents for acting are exceptional. He is a conscientious bowler and plays a brilliant game of basketball. He is fond of read- ing as well as talking to Ray O'Day in English class. .Q 5 l s 5 il 3 Page Twenty-nine Page Thirty Junior Girls Reading left to right First Row: Grace McCollum, Mary Sherman, Bertha Kovalefsky, Jean Marie Ral- ston, Ethelyn Wood, Marian Hughes, Esther Gordon, Elizabeth Cogs- well, Marion Hall, Leila Whalen. Second Row : Virginia Reid, Kathleen Stone, Barbara Gordon, Helen Mitchell, Pauline Nichols, Pauline Groover, Eloise Brown, Arlene Reynolds, Eleanor Tingley, Dorothy Herne. Third Row: Doris Shimer, Mabel Holbrook, Anna Markovitch, Sophie Starzec, Catherine Golis, Alice MacKeeby, Jane Dale, Margaret Roe, Kathleen McNerney, Mary Pearl Depue, Lucy Adams. Fourth Row: Joyce VanAntwerp, Anna Stetz, Jean Davies, Rose Duke, Mildred Warner, Marjorie Weavers, Helen Warner, Ruth Cromwell, Jayne Smith, Katherine Norris, Anita Coy. .lunior Boys Reading left to right First Row: John Kveragus, Aleck Novack, Evans Wood, William Arnold, Joseph Henry, Richard Murray, Kenneth Taylor, Lawrence Calby, Bill Brown. Second Row : Donald Griffis, John Russo, Clifford Fish, Ivan Payne, John Blazewick, Ray Conklin, Edward Hallick, Andrew Stone, Nelson Bowen, Bill Whalen. Third Row : Clarence Foster, Ralph Owens, Warren VanCampen, Lawrence Lynch, Robert Andre, Bill Decker, Charles Sisco, Miller Rosendale, Bud Pass- more, Francis Rafferty. Fourth Row: Guy Wellman, David Ball, Lloyd West, Stanley Baker, Warren Gar- dener, Travis Everett, Julius Nagy, Arthur Richards, Albert Ainey, Dolan Patrick. Page Thirty-one Page Thirty-two Sophomore Girls Reading left to right First Row: Ruth Webster, Ruth Skinner, Edna Phillips, Betty Brown, Dorothea Gardner, Betty Stevens, Cora Meacham, Catherine Soth, Celia Dubra- chek. Second Row: Genevieve Marrer, Marie Conaty, Jean Maxey, Jennie Adams, Joyce Stevens, Elizabeth Brogan, Cecelia Kurosky, Wanda Estabrook, Evelyn Wall, Mary Hanagan, Marian Swift. Third Row: Four Ethel Blaisure, Betty Lewis, Bertha Towner, Ida Mosser, Betty Lott, Dorothy Roe, Jean Powers, Nancy Camp, Eleanor Ward, Harriet Dadey. th Row: Evelyn Wells, Doris Lamb, Ann Daly, Adeline Chamberlain, Eleanor Rhinevault, Harriette DeWees, Grace Maclntire, Mary Martin, Jean Tennyson, Marie Russo, Marian O'Brien. Sophomore Boys Reading left to right First Row: Frederick Sherman, Arthur Goff, Norman Stone, Lewis Hill, Stanley Kermidas, Matthew Bobian, Felix Shimansky, Worth Nestlerode, Walter Purta. Second Row: Donald Seely, Gene Olin, Frank Kanane, Richard Hickok, Anthony Kveragas, Douglas Bollinger, Earl Holbrook, William Cavanaugh. Third Row: Franklin Thurston, Ray Wellman, Michael Conners, Laverne King 9 Jerry McCabe, Glenn Strope, Andrew Shuta, Ralph Thurston, John Lake. Fourth Row: Samuel Depue, Huck Finn, James Bishop, Irving Ireland, Edwin Bush, Glenn Palmer, Joseph Welden, Leonard Poch. Page Thirty-three i Page Thirty-four Freshman Girls Reading left to right First Row: Margaret McCormick, Lois Palmer, Rose Schittone, Catherine Perron, Eloise Barnhart, Evelyn Foster, Anna Bennett, Ellen Considine, Euna Downs. Second Row: Beverly Ralston, Eloise Jenner, Julia Stockholm, Virginia Sherman Joella Russell, Marian Clark, Ruth Taylor, Eva Conklin, Hilda Daley, Gladys Hart. 7 Third Row: Elizabeth Aldrich, Barbara Kanane, Julia Markovitch, Katherine Ko- cak, Eleanor DeWees, Peggy Davies, Lillian Weed, Mildred Owens Louise VanHousen, Dorothy Carros, Marie MacGeorge. I Fourth Row: Marguerite Shimer, Marian Jewett, Barbara Barnum, Emily Knight Lois Garner, Mary Jane Tiffany, Nellie Starzec, Betty Sue Casterline Charlotte Warner. 7 Y cw vm' Freshman Boys Reading left to right First Row: Ralph Lewis, Edward Goff, Duane Stevens, Leland Stanton, Henry Brudnick, Edward Kovalefsky, Arthur Hall, William Ohman, DeFor- est Decker, Robert King, Donald Wood, Stanley Frystak. Second Row: Kenneth Mitchell, John Gesek, Lloyd Robinson, Ted Calby, Richard Merrell, Mark Reynolds, Delmont Henry, Glenn Palmer, James Haw- ley, Woodrow Shultz, Liston Greiner, Randall Sechrist. Third Row: Henry Mosser, George Hiekok, Allen Rosendale, Seldon Rirchard, George Rose, Henry Sieminski, Edwin Blaisure, Howard Lindsley, Van Cady, Russell Clink, Amos Hollister, Jack McCormick, Brooks Warner. Fourth Row: Albert Lowrie, Delbert Day, Leonard Norville, Jack Kirmes, Elbert Freeman, Henry Overfield. Albert Tunilo, James Walker, Robert Dean, John Early, Van Ball, Albert Kinney. age Thirty-five Page Thirty-six Senior Tri-Hi-Y September 11 Making of program plans September Lake Ariel October 2 Echo of Lake Ariel October 11 Induction of new members October 23 Mrs. H. E. Weavers, speaker October 30 Travelogue by Mary Martin November 13 Musical program November 20 Bible study December 19 Christmas program January 15 Joint meeting with Springville Club February 12 Sleighing party February 19 Lincoln and Washington program March 7 Hymn study March 19 Travelogue by Joan Ward April 9 Miss Mary DeWees, speaker May 2 Mother-Daughter banquet Junior Tri-Hi-Y We organized on November 12 and our sponsor, Mrs. Highhouse, explained the purpose of Tri-Hi-Y clubs in high schools. Our oHicers were elected as follows: President, Joella Russellg vice- president, Beverly Ralstong secretary, Eleanor DeWeesg treasurer, Mildred Owen. The meetings during December were devoted to dressing dolls for Miss Blocher to use in her Christmas baskets. We believe that our mothers, as well as our sponsor, renewed their youth and got fully as much pleasure out of the project as we did. Euna Down's "Baby Bunting" doll was voted worthy of the first prize. Several members of our club were invited to attend the Springville meeting, and in January we began our Bible Study Course. It was called "Basic Attitudes of Youth." We have been guests of Senior Tri-Hi-Y at several of their meetings this year. Page Thirty-seven -x September October 9 October 22 October 29 November November December December January February February February March April April April May Page 'l'hii'ty-eight Hi-Y Membership campaign Induction ceremonies Sportsmanship campaign Afternoon hike and refreshments Current Events discussion Alcoholic Beverages discussion Plans for Older Boys' Conference Conference at Pittston Open Forum Father and Son banquet History of the Bible History of the Bible Hobbies Open Forum College education discussion Election of ofhcers Induction of officers f M. H. S. Life Staff Reading left to right First Row: Miss Pedrick, Edwin Conklin, Eva Mae Bell, Evelyn Auburn, Evelyn Mitchell, Irene Estabrook, Josephine Jewett, Robert Andre. Worth- ington Warner, Nelson Bowen. Second Row: Thir Richard Murray, Hilda Bateson, Marian Hughes, Marie Sweeney, Helene Porter, Joan Mackey, David Ball, Harriette DeWees, Mr. O'Brien. d Row: Mildred Warner, Marjorie Weavers, Viola Ward, Dorothy Hawley, Katherine Norris, Betty Stevens, Jane Dale, Alice MacKeeby. Page 'l'hirty-ninm Page Forty Beginners' Band Reading left to right First Row: Tom Jones, Frederick Blaisure, Eloise Jenner, Jay Warner Dicky Fancher, Burton VanAntWerp, Jack Bowen, Stanley Frystak, Joseph Welden, Laverne King, Belle Price, Elaine Setzer, Peggy Taylor, Betty Gardner, Grace Maclntire. Second Row: Gordon Taylor, Belford Burch, Mary Martin, Eva Conklin, Phyllis Estabrook, Eleanor Wilcox, Ruth Fancher, Fay Lesley, Martha Reynolds, Bonnie Jean Gibson, Phillis Louwrie, Esther Taylor, Evelyn Foster. Third Row: Dick Mackey, Russell Clink, Duane Stevens, Eldred Fish, Charles Ohman, Donald Tierney, Betty Nasser, Genevieve Marrer, Josephine White, Charles Merrell, Jerry Barrett, Louise VanHousen, Louis Hill, Ray Wellman, Betty Sue Casterline. Fourth Row: Donald Strope, Donald Hamlin, Ralph Lewis, Henry Mosser, George Hickok, Sabitine Recchiniti, Jack Kirmes, Joseph Recchiniti, John Whitney, Richard Nasser. September 9 September 13 October 11 November 15 October 31 October 28 November November 11 March 5 March 21 March 15 April 9 April 19 May 230 Senior Bancl Calendar First band rehearsal Brooklyn Home-Coming Celebration Local concert County Band at Montrose Hallowe'en party Political rally at Laceyville Massed band concert at Hancock Armistice Day services Pomona Grange Local band concert District Band at Bloomsburg County Orchestra at New Milford State Contest at New Castle Memorial Day service For the lirst time in Montrose High School's history our band en- tered Class A this year, competing against seven bands. Pottstown was awarded first place in the state. Although our band placed fourth, it shows that with continued practice and perseverance we stand an even better chance next year. v W, 7 age Forty-one 0 Forty-two M i x e cl C h o r u s Reading left to right Amos Hollister, Marjorie Weavers, Joyce VanAntwerp, Ruth Taylor, Jennie Adams, Patricia Melhuish, Beverly Ralston, Joella Russell, Billy Ohman. Second Row: Donald Herne, Mildred Owen, Doris Lamb, Peggy Davies, Jane Dale Lillian Weed, Joyce Stevens, Elizabeth Brogan, Jean Davies, Mary Pearl Depue, Bill Whalen. Third Row: John Lake, Searle Dolan, John Lewis, Robert Dean, Robert Andre, Ralph Owen, Allen Rosendale, Huck Finn, Warren VanCampen, Joseph Welden, Arthur Richards, Nelson Bowen. 7 District Chorus On February 7 and 8 our high school had the privilege of serving as host for the first time to the Northeastern Pennsylvania District Chorus. One hundred seventy delegates from twenty-one schools assembled here for the event, and through the generous efforts of the Montrose people in furnishing food and lodging, we believe the participants deemed it an experience of great value and enjoyment. Under the capable direction of Alan Nern, director of vocal music in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, the massed chorus gave a short concert for the benefit of Susquehanna County school pupils on Friday afternoon, February 7. The festival closed on the following evening with a splendid program in the school auditorium presented before an appreciative audience. Page l"'ol'ty-three 9 cj 4 6 10 17 27 30 2 0 O 4 7 18 25 31 Day by Day SEPTEMBER Well, it's time for school to be- gin now that Mr. Birchard is back from the farm. A familiar greenish tint hang- ing over school, caused no doubt by the in-coming Fresh- men. First week conquered, and Dimock, too. Baseball team Wins 31-0. Seniors pick up their tents and move again. Miss Ped- rick at work re-seating. You'd groan, too, if you could see the size of the English books Mrs. Davidson present- ed the Seniors today. All aboard for Lake Ariel! Noon hour dancing in full "swing', supported by Huck Finn's "'SWanky Swingstersf' OCTOBER Come on, Detroit! Come on, Reds! What a rumpus! Even Mr. OYBFIQH is excited! Canning contest held in Home Ec department. English test. Odd subject- "Education" Members of local fire depart- ment visit M. H. S. We fGroan!J get our fGroan!J report cards again. "Roses are redg Violets are blue-" Seniors have begun annual struggle with poetry. Cider, doughnuts, ghosts, and dancing couples-it's really quite a sight. Day by Day NOVEMBER Latest returns show Republi- cans ahead, 29 to 22. Every- one wearing Willkie pins. Everyone wearing Roosevelt pins. Excuse us while we try to pick the meat out of this poetry. New Ag Course started in M. H. S. School marches in the Arm- istice parade and attends the flag-raising ceremonies next door. Seniors finish "Macbeth" and want to start "Hamlet," This shows what an intellectual class it is. Cold l! Dandy chapel today. Boys' Chorus sings three songs, and nobody ran out! DECEMBER Several boys out to get that deer. Only Ken Morrison suc- cessful. Boys in Hi-Y off to Older Boys' Conference at Pittston. After school sessions start for French Class. Mr. O'Brien running around giving more tests. It's finally arrived! Library Benefit given in afternoon and evening. Several enjoyed a sleighing party in the romantic moon- light. Miss Wohlhieter d r a w s a Christmas picture on the board in chapel, and Mrs. James's Latin class carries on singing duel with the French- men. See you in 1941! ww Day by Day JANUARY The curtain rises with a bang -We defeat Nicholson 33-22 Field day for Stilson. But the girls lost, Ccurse it!J That grinding is the Seniors sharpening their skates for tomorrow night. Boys grind out a 31-20 victory over New Milford: girls get a tie. Milton, Shakespeare, subjunc- tive, mood, petit, petite, don't bother me, please. Unhappy day! Mid-terms. Seniors go to court in morn- ing, everybody want to go again in afternoon, but no dice. Seniors start public speaking Mr. O'Brien conducting. FEBRUARY Everyone bringing potatoes carrots, and milk for District Chorusers. Father and Son Banquet held tonight. Everybody is still blinking with his mouth open. The jugler gave a dandy perform- ance this afternoon. School starts late this morn- ing, tsk! tsk! "Look at the birdie"-Acta pictures today MARCH The snow is really coming down now, and Mr, O,BI'l0Il dons his train conductor's hat and gets the busses on their way. School half emptied by after- noon. Twirling class twirls its stuff J Day by Day APRII. 1 Shop workers dig in in earn- est on their various projects. 3 Senior Honor Roll announced. Picture orders out-essays in. 7 If we could only do that well in our examinations! M.H.S. entered in eight events Satur- day-result, eight firsts! 9 A new hobby is spreading throughout the school like wildiireg autograph signing. Music Festival at New Mil- ford tonight. 10 School out at 3 o'clock, and students and faculty bid each other a pleasant Easter, and adieu until Tuesday. 17 First spring fever victim re- portedg namely, John Lewis. 23 The big event of the year for seniors. "Fresh Fields," the annual dramatic production, is termed a fine piece of work. MAY 2 Mother-Daughter b an q u et held in gym. Rev. John Mar- vin gives splendid talk. 14 Art exhibit draws many vis- itors to auditorium. Senior boys have spent much time on stage scenery for the play. 17 Track meet at New Milford. Much enthusiasm displayed. 26 Penn Relays at Philadelphia. Five Montrosites eligible to enter. Last Day Just a taste of frivolity that goes with all class picnics. Page Forty-eight Girls' Basketball Seated, left to right: Mr. Clapper, Beverly Ralston, Lois Palmer, Betty Stevens, Ethelyn Wood, Mary Lee Sterling. Standing, left to right: Jean Marie Ralston, Marian Hughes, Helene Porter, Jean Davies, Marian Jewett, Victoria Swiderski, Peggy Davies, Louise VanHousen Joyce VanAntwerp, Eva Conklin, Betty Lewis. The girls started basketball practice this year on October 15 with a total line-up of' twenty. During the first semester our coach was Miss Potter, but upon the termination of her contract January first, Mr. Clapper took over the work. With Helene Porter and Victoria Swiderski as our co-captains, we launched forth into our first game November 26 against Susquehanna. Our games during the season numbered thirteen. Although the scores do not indicate any overwhelming success, our efforts were sincere and we had a good time working together. v Boys' Basketball Reading left to right First Row: Lawrence Calby, Ted Calby, Andrew Stone, Matthew Bobian, Amos Hollister, Norman Stone, Mr. Chilletti. Second Row: James Harman, Laverne King, Van Ball, Edwin Bush, John Early, Kenneth Caterson, David Stilson, Arthur Richards, Anthony Golis, Glenn Strope, David Ball. November 26 December 3 December 6 December 10 December 16 January 10 January 14 January 24 January 28 January 31 February 4 February 14 February 21 February 28 March 5 League G HIIICS Susquehanna at MONTROSE MONTROSE at Hallstead MONTROSE at LeRaysville. MONTROSE at Harford New Milford at MONTROSE MONTROSE at Nicholson MONTROSE at New Milford Clarks Summit at MONTROSE MONTROSE at Factoryville Tunkhannock at MONTROSE MONTROSE at Great Bend Nicholson at MONTROSE MONTROSE at Clarks Summit MONTROSE at Tunkhannock Factoryville at MONTROSE Page Forty-nine Page Fifty Baseball Seated left to right: Gene Olin, managerg Kenneth Morrison, 3rd baseg Laverne King, 2nd baseg Earl Catlin, 3rd base, John Blazewick, right field, Mr. Chilletti, coach. Standing left to right: Ted Calby, short stopg Albert Tunilo, 2nd baseg Donald McKeeby, 2nd baseg Albert Ainey, catcher, Kenneth Catlin, pitcherg Worthington Warner, left fieldg Anthony Golis, assistant coach, Bud Passmore, Center field, Andrew Stone, lst baseg Amos Hollister, left field. The season was started by beating Dimock 31 to 0, but unfortunately the game was forfeited to Dimock because of an ineligible player used by Montrose. The second game was lost to Springville and the third to Rush. Then M. H. S. went to Brooklyn and beat the undefeated Brooklyn team by a score of 6 to 0. Our final game was played at Montrose where we de- feated Hop Bottom 6 to 0. Volley Ball Kneeling, left to right: Mr. Chilletti, Donald McKeeby. Standing, left to right: Walter Purta, Kenneth Morrison, James Shimer, Anthony Golis, John Organski, Travis Everett, Edwin Bush, Bud Passmore, Clarence Foster, John Blazewick, Ivan Payne. Volley ball is played in our high school with the chief purpose of giving the out-of-town pupils an opportunity to compete with others. Our team was organized on February 20, and we started practicing March 8. We participated in one pre-season game with New Milford. The county elimination contests were held at Nicholson on March 19 with Montrose winning two games out of three, thus earning for ourselves the Keystone championship. On March 26 the district play-offs were held in Waverly with the Waverly team capturing first place. Page Fifty-one Page Fifty-two Commencement Invocation Music ,..., ...,A..,..............,.,..... H igh School Band "THE AMERICAN NOVEL" In developing the theme which we have selected for commencement this year, we have written four short sketches centered around the four epochs of American life. Each part is given over to one of the four ele- ments found throughout the history of our own country and portrayed for us by well-known novelists. PART I The National Period, characterized by the Indian element. Scene: The Trial of Deerslayer, an adaptation from a scene in Cooper's "Deerslayer." Vocal solo by Patricia Mel- huish. PART II Romantic Period, characterized by the element of Negro slavery. Scene: "Down the River," taken from Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin." PART III Frontier Period in which we find the literary trend following the life of ranchmen, cowboys, and miners. Scene: An adaptation from Ferber's "Cimarron." PART IV Realistic Period, beginning with the World War and extend- ing to the present time. Scene: An original adaptation from Rinehart's "Amazing - Interlude." Music ..,......... ...,. H igh School Band Presentation of Diplomas Benediction Music ..... ..... H igh School Band H E R E ' S FULL LINE OF SALTED NUTS Sandwiches, sodas, candy or pop- Whatever you wish, Herne's always on topg And whether you're feeling gay or blue, Drop in to see us: bring a friend with you. Meet and Eat at Herne's PUBLIC AVENUE MONTROSE, PA. Page Fifty-three I Page Fifty-fou 1' T0 JUNE GRADUATES Your first weeks of job hunting will undoubtedly bring home to you the importance of specialized training in a specific field. Often the lack of such training means the difference between a good job with a definite future, and a nondescript job leading nowhere. For this reason you are urged to investigate a vocational course offering exactly the kind of "polishing off" training needed for successful entrance into the business world. B B I would like you to read two short, interesting articles on this subject. They are titled, "The World Owes Me a Living," and "What Will You Be Doing One Year From Today?" Send your name and addressg they will come to you at once without cost or obligation. New B B I Classes start July 7, September 2 and 9 Enrollment Books are now open. BINGHAMTON BUSINESS INSTITUTE On the Beautiful Chenango River 163 Front Street ---- Phone 4-2791 ---- Binghamton, N. Y QUALITY CLOTHING HATS AND FURNISHINGS Everything Men and Young Men Wear. Shop Here and Save! McNERNEY'S Phone 2-2815 42 COURT STREET BINGHAMTON, N. Y. Compliments of HOWARD GOULD South Montrose, Pa. Compliments of R. J. CATERSON MILK - CREAM 1 : I Compliments of Walter R. Miller Co., lnc. BINGHAMTON, N. Y. School Supplies, Stationery and Sporting Goods I I HELLO OLD PALS 81 lllc. Compliments of 85-87 State Street Binghamton, N. Y. RESTAURANT P. D. TURRELL and L. D. TURRELL FRANK A. WEST CO., Inc. OFFICE EQUIPMENT - STATIONERY OFFSET PRINTING AND REPRODUCTIONS 130 State Street BINGHAMTON, N. Y. Surge Milking Machines Compliments of . Surge Milk Coolers P. T. LONERGAN --Best by Mtv ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Sales and Service JAMES W. BALL COMPLIMENTS OF L E E B R O T H E R S Montrose and Springville, Pa. Where you can get anything you want in Furniture. Two Stores - Small Overhead - Low Prices J. L. 'l'Il"l"ANY, Mgr. Montrose Store Page Fifty-five Page Fifty-six VISITORS WELCOME T0 MY STUDIO AT 126 FRONT STREET, BINGHAMTON, N Y -The Finest Studio in the East - Foster Disinger Photographer Official Photographer to the Class of 1941 1 WORLDS LRRGESTGHRMENT HRNGERFRUTORK Q5 - U ' f 9 ' "" .-.' :,.. ' n ' 1A' ' . Iz' The Plant Behind Our Products WOOD GARMENT HANGERS TOWEL RACKS, Etc. South Montrose Manufacturing Co. South Montrose, Pennsylvania Atlantic Service Station DRY GOODS NOTIONS Frank VanHousen, Prop. DRESSES --- SHOES Complete Lubrication Service Phone 9076-R-7 Resseguie's Dept. Store New Milford, Pa. Hallstead, Pa. THE FORD V-8 AND MERCURY Sales and Service CAWLEY MOTOR CG. Page Ffty Compliments of The Only Complete D' L., sl wt Low Priced Car 7 'blue coal Birchard CHEVROLET Coal CU- Gleml L. Voss 21 Public Ave. G MONTROSE, PA. Pg Ffty ght Phone 106-R Montrose, Pa. Compliments of RANDALL FUNERAL HOME Montrose, Pa. MacLENNAN'S FLOWERS The Best in Flowers 449 Court Street Binghamton, N. Y. Compliments of MONTROSE BAKERY Montrose, Pa. Compliments of A Friend EDWARD CALBY ' 7 I: E 2 g I E.: n Compliments of Binghamton Battery Sales Service BINGHAMTON, N. Y. Magic Chef Ranges Pyro-fax Gas Service Rudd Hot Water Heaters Electrolux Gas Refrigerators CHEVROLET Passenger Cars and Trucks Guaranteed Used Cars Horlacher 8: Sherwood Tunkhannock, Pa. Robinove's Department Store Everything for School Wear H GOLD RESTAURANT Good Food Good Service Montrose, Pa. JAMES GOLD, Prop. BROWN 8: F ASSET Chick Starter Turkey Starter Poultry Remedies Sturdy Dog' Feed Seed Corn and Buckwheat Compliments of JUDGE LITTLE Compliments of GRAND UNION Grocery Store S. T. WOOD, Manager Page Fifty-nine Page Sixty : -l--- u : and Louden Hill Farm Arrowhead Store Producers of Meats and Vegetables F St l ' ' ' my fm es Certified Milk Groceries GORDON A. AYRES VISITORS WELCOME Compliments of Compliments of Miladyys Deitrich Theatre Beauty Shoppe TUNKHANNOCK, PA. Montrose Compliments of Vulcanizing Shop M00N'5 FEEDS Superfiorj Service Shop Dairy RHUOIIS 23 Chestnut St. Poultry Rations Montrose, Pa. M. J. KANE, Mgr. Groceries -'- Crockery EDWARD F- LEE Candy Atlantic Gas and Oil Everything Fresh and Good. ST. JOSEPH, PA. Come in to see us. Phone 4-R-0-4-J-0 L. G. HAMLIN , Route 267 3 71' ' --s The Montrose Publishing Co. Publishers of The Montrose Independent LEADING Newspaper of Susquehanna County Since 1816 rs of ACTA b Page Sixty-tw0 MONTROSE CUT RATE STORE Open 7 A. M. --- 9:30 P. M. Prescriptions Carefully Compounded Compliments of ANDRE 8: SON Montrose, Pa. RAY D. CRUSER 9 SO. MAIN ST., MONTROSE, PA. "HomeIinder" REAL ESTATE Insurance Special Agent New England Mutual Life Insu1'ance Co. Graduating Age Is Insurance Age Compliments of AYRES' GARAGE 17 Chestnut St. Montrose, Pa. FRESH MILK and WHIPPING CREAM Delivered Daily O. H. ARNOLD Phone 281-R-0 Montrose, Pa. C 8: F MOTOR SALES Dodge --- Plymouth Dodge Trucks Sales and Service Dependable Used Cars CHAMBERLAIN Kz FERRIS Phone 364 34 South Main Street Compliments of ARTHUR H. BOWEN Funeral Home Montrose, Pa. NASSER'S QUICK SHOE REPAIR While You Wait SHOES and RUBBERS For the Whole Family Compliments of PARK VIEW HOTEL MRS. DAISY LEWIS New Milford, Pa. Compliments of W. L. EVANS GENERAL INSURANCE Montrose, Pa. Compliments of EDITH'S BEAUTY NOOK 22 Public Avenue Montrose, Pa. Phone 101-R HEFFERAN'S SPORTING Gooos BASEBALLS AND BATS WHEN IN NEED OF LUMBER OI' BUILDING MATERIALS Call on BENNINGER LUMBER COMPANY Page Sixty-three Page Sixty-four DEAN PHIPPS AUTO STORES FISHING SUPPLIES PHILCO RADIOS ---- BICYCLES ----- LAWN MOWERS TIRES ---- BATTERIES CLYDE COLEMAN, Mgr. MONTROSE, PENNA. PAINTS ---- WALLPAPER ---- LINOLEUM HOME NEEDS ---- GIFTS ---- SOUVENIRS Have your painting and decorating done by our PAINT GANG, the best equipped painting and decorating service in northeastern Pennsylvania. PERSONALIZED FLOORS AND LINOWALL Installed by a Factory Trained Mechanic GEO. E. TAYLOR st SONS MONTROSE, PA. PHONE 211 Compliments of Compliments of MARTIN HAND CONCRETE EARL H. EVANS BURIAL VAULTS SHERIFF New Milford, Pa. GLENN WILMARTH 4 South Main St. KENNARD H. GARDNER PHONES Distributor of Day 370-R Nightm-R'19 ATLANTIC PRODUCTS Westinghouse Appliances Refrigerator and Radio LEE TIRES Service g 3 - 1941 ls McLean's Diamond Jubilee Year SIXTY YEARS of serving people of northern Pennsyl- vania and southern New York, yet as young as today and always alert to serve you, the youth of America. HILLS, MCLEAN 8: HASKINS BINGHAMTON, N. Y. BEATTY'S 5c to 51.00 STORE 42 CHURCH STREET MONTROSE, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of VISIT THE CONSUMERS THE NEW WATER COMPANY MONTROSE THEATRE S s.Sty A New Service for You! PAY BY CHECK No MINIMUM BALANCE REQUIRED lt's Easier to Pay By Check . . . Safer, Quicker. Any salaried person, any Wage earner, housewife, professional man or Woman, any responsible individual is invited to open an account. Total cost is covered by purchase of a book of 20 checks for 51.00 First 8: Farmers National Bank 8: Trust Co. Montrose, Penna. MEMBER FEDERAL nEPos1T INSURANCE ooRPoRAr1oN Compliments of A. C. 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Pure Bred Holsteins Apples With a Flavor l I Sweet Cider in Season L O W E L L SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 116 FRONT STREET BINGHAMTON, N. Y. I Page Seventy-foul' I "Best Wishes Seniors" from the "RED SHUTTER " AND STAFF ROBERT WALKER, Prop. New Milford, Pa. Lackawanna Trail Bell Phone 90-76-R-4 Full Course Dinners Served Daily A When in Binghamton Complete Line of PARK YOUR CAR SPORT SUPPLIES at Babcock, Hinds KL Underwood Binghamton, N, Y, Cor. Exchange 8a Hawley Sts. YOUR HEADQUARTERS f 0 r ALL THINGS MUSICAL WEEKS 8: DICKINSON 39 Chenango Street ---- Binghamton, N. Y. Page Seventy-five 310.00 To 5300.00 Open Tuesdays and Wednesdays PENNSYLVANIA LOAN COMPANY Post Office Building MONTROSE, PA. Compliments of Your Barber R. H. BROWN Montrose, Pa. Compliments of E. R. W. SEARLE Attorney-at-Law J O H N W I L C O X Everything Photographic Commercial and Portrait Work Leave Your Films for Overnight Finishing I Compliments of MONTROSE INN, Inc Montrose, Pa. Page Seventy-siX The New York Sales Company, lnc BUICK MOTOR CARS 32 STATE STREET BINGHAMTON, N. Y. Sal Dept Tel 2 3431 Servlue Dept Tel 2 6132 Z8 W L St t LOMPI IMENTb OF THE HOLY NAME OF MARY CHURCH MONTROSE PA 2' Merchandise HOI16St Service S U C C E S S Attention T O T H E C ourteous CLASS QF '41 Treatment Always Your Local Olds Dealer KENNETH A. NORTON Phone 440 72 Grow Avenue Montrose, Pa. Ernest E. MacPeek MONTROSE, PA. "Your Friend on the Square F AIRLAWN STORES F. J. PARRY 51 Church St. Montrose, Pa. The class of Nineteen Hundred Forty-one takes this oppor tunity to thank all those who supported our Acta through the purchase of advertisements and by various donations. I Page Seventy-eight 7 -W W QM. umfwwg.--C Nw--Q .M u:.f.L,w,,. .,,, .3.-Lxam' mum1l1-1 ,Q I, .4 ' -. 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Suggestions in the Montrose High School - Acta Yearbook (Montrose, PA) collection:

Montrose High School - Acta Yearbook (Montrose, PA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Montrose High School - Acta Yearbook (Montrose, PA) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


Montrose High School - Acta Yearbook (Montrose, PA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Montrose High School - Acta Yearbook (Montrose, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Montrose High School - Acta Yearbook (Montrose, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Montrose High School - Acta Yearbook (Montrose, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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