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Ilyl. Y 0 NXXS' f X ll 'xx We Q? Y vm W "' 1' 4KIllKf fA"pl Q , 4 L ' ONTRO 'V 1 f x Q3 Q I A T nf , Q 4 , 4 4 55X X . ff C 1 f f',,f' ' , X 7 ' . - f' 4 f 47 f QQ . Q , If uf 'P fmizrtkfm Q, ' 1 T BLE GE C0 TE TS Dedication 3 Seniors 4 Faculty and Staff 18 High School Activities 26 High School Sports 41 juniors 57 Sophomores 63 Freshmen 69 Middle School Activities 75 Middle School Sports 82 Middle School Classes 87 Elementary Activities 101 Elementary Classes 107 Sponsors and Advertisements 126 M.C.S. 5100 lf this were 1950 and you were stationed in Korea at the M.A.S.H. 4077, you would probably meet Radar O'Reilly. Here at Montrose :Christian School, 5100 Randolph Road, we have our own Radar O'Reilly,f She answers the telephone endlessly, "yes we are opening two hours late, no we don't1have anymore openings in day care." She takes care of the wounded lsick studentsl before medical help arrives fthe nursej. She consoles our Klingers Qstudents with every emergency in an attempt to leave schoolj. Yes! Our company clerk is there to help us. She is there to meet the V.I.P's lvery important parentsj. She is there to assist the staff with our high tech precision instuments fthe copy machinej. She makes sure we ,turn in all of our forms on time tattendance slips, grade distributions, etcj Every great unit in the Armed Forces had a great company clerk. Here at Montrose we have a great secretary who keeps us going. It is to her we dedicate the 1987 yearbook. Thank you Mrs. Mary Lou jones. One grape NeHi to a great secretary. My -2 wwf 'm ,C W M0669 SENIORS REBECCA ABBOTT 7361 Oskaloosa Dr. Derwood, Md, 20855 ACTIVITIES: Drama Club: SGA committee leader: Treasur- er of Senior class: Spanish Club SPORTS: Scorekeeper for Basketball and Softball FAVORITE VERSE: Ephesians 1: 7,8 GOALS: To serve the Lord: to graduate from college and get my CPA: to get married to a strong, Christian husband and have two kids HOME CHURCH: Montrose Baptist Church MEMORABLE MOMENTS: HomecomingfSports Banquet. Drama: "You don't mean you'd kill me, do you?". The cab ride in N.Y. City wfA.P. History! Mr. Lowe's rainy field trips: everyone getting lost: never hearing the Watergate tapes. "Reba Rabbott was the cutest Rabbott in the pet store!" Class of 1987l! M , ,,,,,,,V ' XR JAMES ANNABLE 706 Stonington Rd. Silverspring, Md. 20902 SPORTS: Soccer HOME CHURCH: Atonement Episcopalian Church MEMORABLE MOMENTS: great times with Mr. Lowe:- rainy field trips! A.P. History. Homecoming. 5 SENIORS NOEL BLANK 4402 Everett St. Kensington, Md. 20895 ACTIVITES: Yearbook, Band, Talent Show, Advertising Committee, Ski Club SPORTS, Soccer, Track, Baseball FAVORITE VERSE: John 3:16 GOALS: To do everything to serve the Lord, to become a good professional cartoonist or guitarist, live comfort- ably, become happily married and have kids. HOME CHURCH: Trinity Lutheran Church MEMORABLE MOMENTS: The Van Halen Concert. WM 215414, NOELLE BLANK 4402 Everett St. Kensington, Md. 20895 ACTIVIES: Editor of the School paper, SGA chaplain, Ski Club, Chapel Committee, Biology Club, Spanish Club SPORTS: Volleyball, Track FAVORITE VERSE: Luke 19:40 GOALS: To do God's will, study communications and even- tually become a news reporter. HOME CHURCH: Trinity Lutheran Church MEMORABLE MOMENTS: Skiing with NIGEL!-the "Dipsey Doodle" and the "Triple Diamond", Amy Grant Concerts, Nigel's dumb ole cats and both our dogs named "Lady", the 1st annual Homecoming with Nigel, KBob's Big Boy!-Iim's "curl"j, track meet in Suitland and the splinter-filled seats! Mr. Lowe's unpassable tests, Kelly and his "date"- fat lunchlj Mr. Lowe's rainy field trips, underachiever Linsey, Nigel and Brian and D.C, Nigel and the family trip to Williamsburg,-the Big Bad wolf- the Hurricane, jim and the banquets, Linnet: "Tina!- Gidg!" Sandy: "Its almost time!"-and her 1987 Mitsubi- shi,-Won's Camero and Ion's "HRUDUDU", Reba with "Pee-Wee" and the fuzz and my leg! Mrs. Murtaugh's accent, Mr. Morgan's constant grin, Heather I. and I cracking up in English and History, "look-your'e wearing blue and pink-I'm wearing ggg and and look- Britt's wearing lg and bl-we all match!!", Mike Sarf: "TICKETS!"- 6 mmm SE IORS JON BURGOON 11402 Hounds Way Rockville, Md. 20852 ACTIVITES: Fund Raising Committee: Homecoming Committee SPORTS: Soccer: Baseball FAVORITE VERSE: Isaiah 40: 30, 31 GOALS: To go to college: become successful in the business world and to one day get married and have a family. HOME CHURCH: Montrose Baptist Church MEMORABLE MOMENTS: Connecticut '85 8: '86!!: MCDLT: "GROUND BEEF!" the famous "speeding tick- et": Mr. Morrison!-hilariousl: how many hours did it take to get us there ????! ffinally?J: Uncle Dean: Breeitt- my sis!-"yes yogi??": Heather I. Sz Heather Z., - - you've Q been great!-see you in later years.: Krissi . . . someday: FREEZEFRAME: No-doz: John "HOWIE!" 8: W. Roches: "Freeze Gopher!": Gettysburgll' JayfDave- fjoelflienster-thanks for the support . . . you all were great! Won Shin !!!: Tim-glad you stayed so long!: HRU- DUD U LIVES! Alan! Talking I-IeadsfThe Fixx:-"Burning Down the I-Iouse": Class of 1987!!! SENIORS!-wer'e out!! . . . see you- go "break a leg!" fha! hall get it? -I.T. Burgoon ,QD-JY! DEAN CALOVIRAS 2941 Beaverwood Ln. Wheaton, Md. 20906 ACTIVITES: Homecoming Committee: Ad Hoc Committee SPORTS: Soccer FAVORITE VERSE: Psalm 150 GOALS: To be a Chemical Engineer. HOME CHURCH: Halpine Church MEMORABLE MOMENTS: Homecoming: field trip to Gettysburg: Ocean city '86 the kidnapping of a Christ- mas tree onto a 3rd floor building's roof:??????. Turner's class: eatingfplaying cardsffirecrackers??-a joke. the "ANTELOPE!": Lake Needwood '86: movies with Jon, Won-Connecticut '86!!: CHOIR ROBE!!! QHa! Hail: Consumer Math class!! my b-day party f'85J: good times with Debbiefjane fHomecomingj, Heather, Britt, Heather, Julie, Jim Baker, David Conner, Sandorius John- son ..... and, of course-Won, Alan, and Ion!! 1 NIORS!!!-wer'e finally out!-Class of 1987! See you later, Uncle Dean!!! Qand the "mobile"j 7 SENIORS KELLY CRAIG 16 Thomas St. Rockville, Md. 20880 ACTIVITIES: SGA: Sports: Spring Festival SPORTS: Basketball FAVORITE VERSE: Hebrews 11:1 GOALS: Attend Messiah College: To run and own a suc- cessful business HOME CHURCH: Christian Covenant Church MEMORABLE MOMENTS: Spring Festival: The Summer wwf, BRITT ENGEN 4908 jasmine Dr. Rockville,Md. 20853 ACTIVITES: SGAfPresident: Art: Ski Club SPORTS: Soccer: Basketball: Track: Volleyball GOALS: To become a Graphic!Design Artist: marriedffamily. HOME CHURCH: Halpine Baptist Church MEMORABLE MOMENTS: heh-heh, get a life! ex-cuse me? AAHAAAHAHA! '82-'85:A.C.' C.D.- .L.' T.W.' I.C.' MISS BRIGGS BAKER: U2fBoss: turbo boost. DIS- TURBED, Sandy!!: Deputy Dog. YAM. Kidfjr.: David blub! cats: Reginald, darn burned 'eml Ionny! -yes yogi? Uncle-Dean 81: the Mobile. IQ Ton Soup! Butch! Alan - hee-heee: REECE!! if44! Spudfwingate: oo-Manute. BeaufgStace:BOB! -keep smiling! PAUL! Mr. Arrell: thanks so much. Matney: Mrr. +'?f24f4i10-AWESOME. Holm Girl! Ajax QGREAT V. P 8: friendlj Bleb 0 Insane 0 Roach ' Suzi 0 Dionne! SOCCER!: Mr. A.-thanks big friend!-"Part-time Lover": Conn. '85-'86! my bro Qig- nice knee pad! BRECKISH!Cobbertg- WEB. Porter- Shorter ' ason' cheezy, doggie style: SKI! SWEENEY!! IACE! BILLY! Brian: FELIX! MCDLT. "be serious!" Brando at carts Flowership! HEATHER2: REET-REET. Off my vest! Cold-Busted! ooo-loook-SHUT-UP GIRRL! Rock- H.: IUNIOR!! Wes-ly! GUMBY! Eric Clapton. BRI Sa BRI!! "BrittSky"fHBRITTISI'I"f"BitsABritt" and "Brittany!" FRIENDS ARE FOREVER! Iso, everyone keep in touchj "It's no fun being an illegal alien!" . . . !Mr. AJ Class of1987!! LVL! Ci. SE IORS HEATHER ISAACS Olney, Md. ACTIVITES: Senior Class represenative, Advertising Committee. SPORTS: Basketball GOALS: To keep in touch with all my friends, have a good life, be a beautician and have my own boutique. HOME CHURCH: Halpine Baptist Church MEMORABLE MOMENTS: "where's Olney?"-"where's Montrose?", M.C.C.A.fSherwood, "CHICK-OOO!"-, "Hey, Hey Bubba Jay!", "How Mow Surf Cow!" "silly- gooSe!!", N.M., S.B., S,W,: L.M., A.R., M.D., C.T., R.L., R.H., L.R., KR., IH., Skip!BitseyfBarbfMuffyfCon- sumer Math- '85f'86: Gumby! '86 Seniors!!, H2, "Thai Girl", NJ. wfBritt, "MY SEAT!", "Grrr . . . ", "The 4- some", sons: M.M.fP.S., Bro Wes- Thanx! GOOD TIMES with: S.M., B.P., A.B., A.W., WS., U.D., B.K., M.M, Butch, j.S., B.M., R.C., R.K. Qredneckslj, All my love to lohn Always and Forever!!-Best Friends!-I'll miss you!!!!!!i??!!-go to college???!- -and be a Fresh- man?-AGAIN??!NEVER!! Thanx Mr. Arrell for all the advice , . . you're a CHAMP!! Love ya, Mom, Dad, Bro and Sis!!-thanx for everything!! Everyone keep in touch! l and Friendship! Gotta ZOOM! ibut I can't drive ..... J- class of 1987!!!!! WMK NORA KHALAF 12526 Hialeah Way Gaithersburg, Md. 20878 ACTIVITES: Baby sitting, watching adventure movies, translating things to French, drawing SPORTS: Skiing, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, FAVORITE VERSE: John 1: 1-51, Genesis 1: 1-31, Revela- tion 1-22, Psalm 27, Psalm 31: 1-S, Daniel, Esther, Mark 1- 16 GOALS: To have real friends in the U.S. and be able to write them when I return to Lebanon. Also, I would like to major in Space Physics HOME CHURCH: St. Rose of Lima QUSAI, Church of God fBeirutJ MEMORABLE MOMENTS: THE lst day of school in the U.S., the day I almost got killed in Beirut, the day I had my appendix operation, Nora, we're glad you came here! signed your friends, Heather, Britt and Heather and the Senior Class!!! 9 FAVORITE VERSE: Hebrews 11:1 GOALS: To go college and be the best I can be. HOME CHURCH: Grace Community Church SE IORS NIGEL KING 1104 Thornden Rd. Rockville, Md. 20851 ACTIVITES: SGA: Decorating Committee: Ski Club: Art SPORTS: Track MEMORABLE MOMENTS: "REBA RABBOTT!": "Look, Sandy's open!!": Good ole LOU and FAT NATI: "Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit."Chineese every Thursday night: "You dadd burn snake!-get outta my pea patch!" I WDJY!!-tee Wizzz! Spanish!-HA-!! the Gapl: . its a little nippy in here! -ooo-ooo!!" Cnice hairlj fgwwfi TASHA ROBINSON 4028 Byrd Rd. ACTIVITES: Decorating Committee: Drama Club: Teach- er's aide FAVORITE VERSE: Proverbs 16:3 GOALS: To go to college: a year with the Covenant Players, and a variable career MEMORABLE MOMENTS: -all of us getting lost on every si g . ' ' . . . ' : : n le Mr Lowe field trip! A P History class Freud the Thundercats: a Rabbott: and me: "Now SANDRA!" iRob- ertj Kelly Craig: the crazy 8: W of the Montrose Mutants: Mrs. Murtagh frequently running amuck in drama class. Rebecca's attempt at profanity: "Oh, marshmallow!": . . great times with Nigel!-UNICORNS!! HOME CHURCH: Montrose Baptist Church 'TIAAX' SML. SENIORS WON SHIN 6010 Nielwood Dr. Rockville, Md. 20850 SPORTS:Baseball FAVORITE VERSE: John 3:16 GOALS: To be happy throughout my life. HOME CHURCH: Fist Korean Baptist Church of Washington MEMORABLE MOMENTS: Homecoming '865 field trip to Gettysburg: fthe "Gift Shop" and McDonaldsj5 Turner's class: eating, playing cards and firecrackers??, great times with Heather, Britt and Heather! VAN HALEN CON- CERT!!: Won Ton Soupg "Is Won at home??" "No!-NO WON!" "click." "computer pictures", "Lake Needwood"g "MILKSHAKES": "the Camaro"!! Foreigner-Greaseman- "Point of No Return" GREAT TIMES with Jon, Dean, Tim and Alan!!! "Whats in the trunk of your car, Won Son??" "I WANT TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES!" "- - oooo!-" Class of 1987!! "the van!" "Whats your middle name, Won??" Woodward HS! CHARIS SMITHSON 3918 Decatur Ave. Kensington, MD 20895 ACTIVITIES: Volleyball: Swimming: Writing: Knitting: Composing, Day-care: Computer Aide SPORTS: 9th grade basketball and softball: 10th grade basketball FAVORITE VERSE: Colossians 3:16 GOALS: To become a doctor and use my talents to the Glory of God. HOME CHURCH: Calvary Lutheran MEMORABLE MOMENTS: Tackey Ol' OJ: Contact Saga: Drama Class: The Montrose Mutants: Intellectual locker- oom conversations: Junior year chapel: CapitolfWaterga- tefLowe: '85 The year of Ogaptian: '86 Origin of S.O.U.p Agape: Firefall 'l'I SE IORS SANDRA WILLIAMS 22 Mills Rd. Gaithersburg, Md. 20877 ACTIVITES: President of Chorus: soloist in Chapel FAVORITE VERSE: Psalm 37:4 GOALS: To get married and to travel and sing professionally HOME CHURCH: Central Baptist Church MEMORABLE MOMENTS: "Now, TASHA!": Britt and her 5 packs of gum: The Dunkleburger Fan Club: Edra: "A-Hem!-Britt, do you to do that?": Iust, SHUT UP: Blank!: Prime Choice: Dean the Bean: Noelle as Gid- get: Now, NIIIIGEL!! "Put your shoes on!" -"Be QUIET Kelly" Class of 1987!!- LOLZQQWW ALAN WILSON Gaithersburg, Md. SPORTS: Baseball FAVORITE VERSE: Phillipiarls 4:13 GOALS:To be an army man and then go to school HOME CHURCH: First Baptist Church of Rockville MEMORABLE MOMENTS: My poor car!! 11th grade field trip to somplace in Md. wfMr. Lowe: WS: UD: D. Conner: I. Baker: Ion B.-my so very delightfully DISTURBED friends! RC on Pepco Mt.: deer run: Hank Ir. '85!!-RAD! Cons. Math-Mrs. Coley 85-86: Britt E. --AAGHAAAA- HAGHAAA.-Distrubed. X7 Super Frap Ray guns for all! Sgt. Fury. A Lawman-Greasernan Jack: Will this day ever be over? King Wormies "We are the WORMIES!-La, La, La, La!" Miles, its an ANTELOPE-shoot it!! Hippo at the zoo: thanx HZ for the good times: HI-Child Develo- pement!-CHEEEEEEEEZZZYYY! DOG!!! Heather-Britt- Heather-It was cool! HEEHEEEEHEE!! Be cool school!- Bye, Later, Adios-ARIVADIERCHE!-Aya! "Alan's GREEN Machine!" Safeway parking lot before school: BUFFALO HUNT! the "Biter-bugs" on MR. PEER's plants!-CLASS OF 1987!!!!!--"the magnificent SEVEN! JQQMUJCWJ SE IORS HEATHER ZETTS 725 Beall Ave. Rockville, Md. 2.0850 ACTIVITES: SGA: Spanish Club: Drama Club: S.O.M.E. SPORTS: Volleyball: Basketball: Softball FAVORITE VERSE: John 14:6 GOALS: To go to college and then become a missionary HOME CHURCH: Halpine Baptist Church MEMORABLE MOMENTS: CLASS OP '87! "scan the area!": Muffy-Bitsy-Barb!! U.D.: W.T.S.: A Ku W: Roach: Puf: Mooch: Cumby: "Lillian!!": Bleb: Insane: O'mar-Sar- ice: Lepracon: Lady in Red: 8: Bonnie -n- Clyde: -Dr. Engen: "Little Lovers": T.W.: J.B.: I.C.: SJ.: D.C.: S.O.M.E. A.B.: R.C.: 1.5.5 R.K.: W.D.: D.S.: HARLEMI: Planned Famine Hi, Grandma-Hi Grandpa!": BIG COOKIE!': "BANG-BOOM-NOT US!-the 10th grade!": H2-H2- Brittnyl: SCA: Mr. "take more notes" Lowe!: Mrs. "do you have to do that?" Murtaghl: Mr. "faithful" Peerl: Volley- ball Tournament: Homecoming '86: SALAMI SAND- WICHES!: Driving: well? . . . : Watergate Tapes-"MOVE YOUR CAR!": All-Night-Bashl: donuts under the stairs: fchomp-munch-oh, no-lets get outta herell CAMP SON- SHINE!!-"Sit Down . . . NOW!!"-the overniters: Cun- ningham Falls:-WATER BALLOONSI: "where's your paycheck? " -never again. "I saw you . . . coldbusted! . . . do a rambo . . . but I chilled . . . CRUMBCAKEV' "RoocH.: the leg- be a gg girl: -great time.": HEATHER 8: BRITT: I love you . . . I'll miss all of you . . . Montrose Mustangs. Mom Sc Dad: THANKS, from the bottom of my heart . . . I love you both. SENIORS!!! 13 THE PQUR MINUTE RUSH HQUR mv. Who has a harder time? Your parents driv- ing during rush hour on 270, Or a student getting to the next class? What goes on in the mind of a typical student during our four min- ute rush hour? "Buzz . . . I have to get out of here! Move out of my way! What was my combination? I can't open my locker! Three minutes to go, and I have to be at Mrs. Murtagh's class. I can't be late! What book do I need? Oh no, I got my history books! What was I thinking! What was the combination again? Oh no, two min- utes to go. Bang, bang!! The locker won't close. I didn't do my homework. Oh no! I gotta get out of here! Oh no! I-Iere comes the gang, should I speak to them? I have got to get out of here! I gotta get to the bathroom! One minute to go. Oh no, here comes Mr. Coley. Stop chewing. "Hi, Mr. Coleyf' Phew, didn't get caught with the gum! Run, run. Oh no another line in the bathroom. Ten seconds left. Run, run, around the corner, five seconds left. Slam the door, seat dive! Buzz!!! Phew, I made it! i S 2' 2 2' 5 1 a 4 '5' S 5 .wf, 'f .,,..,, BA 'fits ,Qs A v, :gill Q - -V . ,WM.w' 1 'V P3 4 3- g.,.2 , ' , f.: " TQ... isp .lt x L 3 ff " if 15113, M 5 4 HE 155 31 fin jtiywi? , f I F, si BEI G THERE IS. ,,...-v"" 17 9, M FACULTY ,- , :M M l Ken Coley Principal Sandra Sauerwein Administrative Assistant Robert D. Crowley Pastor Mrs. Judy Rosey Kindergarten Mrs. Donna Winston Kindergarten Miss Beth Cassidy First Grade Mrs. Amy Greene First Grade Miss Doreen jueneman Second Grade Miss Ginny Schroeder Second Grade, Discovery Program Miss Laurie Schuh Second Grade Miss Brenda Reinwald Third Grade Mrs. Norma Seiver Third Grade Mrs. Marion Robinson Fourth Grade Mr. Michael Smith Fourth Grade Miss Karin Danielson Fifth Grade Mr. Joel Speiss Fifth Grade FACULTY LID xkaggxiiga ,fa Mitts' 'M , Q ' V 1'-ag, --,N - 2 r's' A " W' ' Q. 1-, FACULTY Z. ai' Q Q ---1 i ,ff ' .KWWQ , ,G,,, ',Wzl??5233Ye Mr. Rudy Hewitt Sixth Grade Mrs. Judy Smith Sixth Grade Mr. Jay Anderson Athletic Director Mr. David Arrell Bible, History Miss Cathleen Baulig Science Mr. Charles Beach Science Mrs. Deborah Calhoun Discovery Program, English Mrs. Kathleen Coley Music, Guidance 21 Rev. David Depp Bible Mrs. Janet Geary Physical Education Mr. William Hartshorne Bible, History Miss Stephanie King English, Spanish Mrs. Linda Loring Business Education, Discovery Program Mr. Bruce Morgan History Mrs. Vernelle Murtagh English, Drama Mr. Kenneth Nelson Math FACULTY FACULTY 5. W., . f if Y f V., K ,. 1 A Mrs. Lu Peck Discovery Program Mr. Gene Peer Computer Math Mr. Carl Rosey Band Mrs. Sara Rusk Art, English Mrs. Dianne Barringer Physical Education Miss Debbie Bamford First Grade Mrs. Mary Lou Jones Secretary Miss Sharon jones Assistant Secretary Mrs, Rose Hannet Nurse Mrs. Anneke Kroos Librarian Mr. Harry Osborne Bus Driver Mr. Larry Ryan Bus Driver Mr. Roy Rhodes Bus Mechanic Mr. joe Middleton Maintenance Mrs. Brenda Milligan Cafeteria Manager Mrs. Pat Collins Cafeteria, PM Bus Driver Miss jaine Hopkins Cafeteria FACULTY M1 'Hunan--..,.,, gl' Wa B 'N--W' TEACHERS AT WCDRK AND PLAY N55 M. L. nv-. .fx fM:Axm:,g. , f -An 11 ,. , In ---' -- V :.,L.':f, ,44 4, A ffwwffffrxff'-' ww ' QV- A -v-NM ww -- :ff - W - I-IDMECDMING SPIRIT WEEK 1986 CLASH DAY 5O'S DAY PUTTING ON THE RITZ WESTERN DAY GREEN AND GOLD DAY THE RAIN CAME PEP RALLY HAY RIDE BON FIRE 5: Nia AND THE SPIRIT S0 RED MONTROSE M.C.C.A. 1 O iff, 445' C ,nav gmt, wwf.,n,,, M, Y' r r N 5 We it 5' ,E M- new M G aw tp M if Lwgd- , , 4,,, hmawrw V., A M V - Q Ju, ,, I , - A M-a,.Z'..ffwe1wwvmwf 'Wh' We W, W it .V I fs ' , , ,, I V' ' 'www . " hau.W,,,: I The awesome Montrose soccer team overcame dismal weather and a pow- erful M.C.C.A. team to post a victory in the annual Homecoming game. The defense, led by Jason Sweeney's ag- gressive play, shut out M.C.C.A.'s of- fense for 90 minutes. The game cli- maxed eight minutes into sudden death overtime when John Howard eluded the goalie for the game win- ning goal. Mg ,aw , A , to f f ., , t, 'iff WMM ., W D - V ' ff , W-my-, , wax , , ,E ., 'V 2 g "Wi 54' 5 W ,rfrvwfwh N WWW we f 3. V , I g 5 HOMECGMING Q M 30 5 5 v A! xr 4 if z . . ,, 'H 4' 1, A 1m Agile? I u 4 Q ,QUF'qig: X ."' 591 In ' nr aan., 1 wfg f N4 k'UiM, Ai, A p my wr 25- 2132: u. I f ni! Na,,d-YY ' if 'QF' 2 .,U rQggiaE - 4 f .-P-FW A V' " Q- QA , .- ,. - ""'-3" '2-. F , d "'-1 ' 5, 4. A .. .f s 2 w 3 11: wwf: AU-ff -xx 0 ilu, A War STOP. LUCK BACK Yes. This was a fun year. The S.C.A., under the leadership of senior Britt Engen, Mr. Arrell and Mrs. Coley, continued to offer exciting activities for the students. Skiing, skating, spirit week and homecom- ing were just a few of the activities. just when you thought that studying had stressed you out, along came stress releaseg an S.G.A. activity. Yes the S.G.A. provided the opportunities to make this year a fun year. J F .343 d,' 732' 'Y 3 5, JU 'J 5 .433 t I gmac x v 53.1-E ggig f ,M 32 Breck Morrison John Howard Heather Isaacs john Howard, Krissi Reist, Myra Matney, Buffy Patton, Heather Isaacs, Melanie Marcey, Stacey Machado, Brandon Cruz, jeremy Butz, Dennis Burkey, Tom Matzke, Porter Shifflet, Britt Engen, Wesly Desroches Breck Morrison, jennifer Collison Robert Cobb Tom Matzke Wesly Desroches Jon Burgoon DR MA rx Q, ,w-wg 34 12 ANC-RY I RGRS Guilty or innocent? You could choose, but were you certain? Did he commit murder or was he falsely accused? Un- certainty remained in one's mind as the jurors argued. The fate of the accused was in their hands. Was he guilty or innocent? One became intensely in- volved with the jurors, choosing sides. The fine acting drew the audience into the unfolding drama production in late May of 1986. On this hot and humid night the audience could feel the su- spence hanging in the air. Waiting for the final vote, was he guilty or innocent? The drama club's first full length play under the direction of Mrs. Murtagh was an event not to be missed-an exellent performance that left the audience wait- ing for this year's production. .ig Q., W ' - 3. as . QW -.. 5 -..V is . 2 35 THE MCNUMENT The Journalism students are very good, commented Mr. Morgan. The major high- light of Journalism is the school paper, The Monu- ment. A new edition is pub- lished every six weeks. In be- tween editions they have to work on making the dead- linesg getting pictures and ar- ticles to fill the paper. Mr. Morgan commented that he is glad to have Noelle Blank as the editor because this is his first year as advisor. Mr. Mor- gan enjoys teaching journal- ism and is looking forward to it next year. 36 HCDRU C 5 1' Y fr . . H i Qs, .L , 1" X , I 37 HIGH SCHCDCDL BAN s 5 'uf fi: ..-'-.- 13 'Nw Left to right Mr, Rosey, Lisa Ajaj, Renda Bizkallah, Nicole Adams, Warren Stouse, Front row: Dustin Stream, Min Shin, Alli- son Taylor, Lilly Hsu, Christy Jordan. 38 1 ' i 5 I X S SPCJRT5 BANQUET 1986 The highlight of the 2nd annual Mon- trose Sports Banquet was the guest speak- er, Johnny Dawkins. The All-American guard from Duke University spoke very highly of Mon- trose. Encouragement to pursue one's goal and the positive as- pects presented here at Montrose were Mr. Dawkins' main points. After enjoy- ing fine food and ex- cellent speaking, awards of achieve- ment and improve- ment were presented to individuals in each sport. The most prominent of the awards were the fe- male and male ath- letes of the year, pre- sented to Britt Engen and Breck Morrison for their enthusiasm and hard work. Top left: JV Basketball Award presentation. Left: A well- catered meal enjoyed by Wes and Britt. Above: Mr. Johnny Dawkins encourages the high school .t N 3' . Mfwmgfs-f f A S.--Qwiiffi. is ACADEMIC .1 125, H? f M' ,M A f A 1 -3: y Xkkkk- K kikk .. x Q , Q. ff CHALLE 5' 1 5 -QQ.. :,:: C-E A5 :i ' .- . ik is fs I, I 40 e i 0 , SOCCER WITH STYLE Jason Sweeney-Goalie Robert Cobb-Fullback Porter Shifflet-Fullback Noel Blank-Fullback Dennis Cruz-Fullback Dean Caloviras-Left Wing Billy Caloviras-Left Wing Jason Scott-Sweeper Breck Morrison-Sweeper Brian Kelley-I-Ialfback Wesly Desroches-Halfback Britt Engen-Right Wing Brandon Cruz-Right Wing Tom Matzke-Right Wing John Howard-Center Forw ard Jon Burgoon-Center Forward Philip Ajaj-Fullback Mike Spiers-Fullback 42 sf NxiP uve Q Y. A . w THE RECQRD Montrose MCCA Montrose 1 Camp Springs Montrose 4 Calvary Baptist Montrose 1 Southern Maryland Montrose 1 Grace Brethren Montrose 4 Christian Center Montrose 1 MCCA Montrose 2 Riverdale ' Montrose 0 Annapolis PLAY-OFFS Montrose 0 Capitol Christian CONNECTICUT TOURNAMENT Montrose 0 Christian Heritage Montrose 4 Springfield 4541 QLLEYB , LL M.C.S. M.C.S. M.C.S M.C.S M.C.S. M.C.S. M.C.S. M.C.S. M.C.S. M.C.S. 44 X39 I x -Mmmaw if ,sf ""'l'dq,. 3 Camp Springs 2 ' 3 Capitol Lutheran 2 3 Calvary Baptist O 3 Southern Maryland 1 2 Cwrace Brethren 3 3 Christian Center 2 1 Capitol Christian 3 3 Calvert 2 3 M.C.C.A. 0 TOURNAMENT 2 Camp Springs 3 HIM WE WI , .gm.p.,.pviy.-- , ,, , 75 H, ., ......-uw--'f-'-' ' .4'dOi"" - 'Q is s is 59 Cv ina? V' fi, if ll .4 At left-top-Dani Gibbs, Yvonett Smithson, Stephanie Engel, Lisa Ajaj, Renda Rizkallah, Rachel Kane, Coach Mrs, Geary Bottom-Trina Kemper, Noelle Blank, Shawn Owens,Myra Matney, Dawn Clark, Danielle Honemond A SUPER SEA50 TEAM ROSTER Mr. Arrell - Coach Britt Engen - Guard Myra Matney - Guard Gretta Pittman - Forward Rachel Kane - Forward Lisa Ajaj - Center Sharice Evans - CenterfForward Stacy Machado - Forward Heather Isaacs - Guard Suzanne Brown - Guard Yvonett Smithson - Guard Forward jane Annable - Guard Debbie Harrison - Forward Dionne February - Forward EGR THE VARSITY 1986 - 1987 RECORD ZND PLACE C.S.A.A. TOURNAMENT ZND PLACE 4 BOYS VARSITY TEAM MEMBERS Bobby johnson- Guard james Dawkins- Center Mark Norris- Forward Rob Wolfe- Forward Wes Desroches- Guard jason Sweeny- Guard- Forward john Hillman- Forward Quincy Jones- Guard Tom Matzke- Guard BASKETBALL n E THE FIRST SEASON Standing: Jason Scott 'Co Captain John Howard Brian Kelley 'Co-Captain' Undefeatedl Coach Nelson Chris Mossburg jeff Davis Jeremy Butz Kneeling: Min Shin jim Roberts Keith Roberson Alan Wilson Justin Broadhurst Sitting: Matt Mondi Jace Broadhurst Dwayne Broadhurst Robert Cobb John Williams Breck Morrison 50 is ,.i"f , ' , , A Y .vw fw -nf , ,QN I 41 p fl K , N3 , 'tw' W.. W-um-mb. x WE HAVE SQUAD MEMBERS BUFFY PATTON CAPTAIN RACHEL PIERCE CO-CAPTAIN ELISA MILNE AMY BISSETT EMILY WEST SUSAN DYKES JENNY DUNCAN PATTY CRADDUCK ELIZABETH MYERS WE HAVE SPIRIT, HCDW ABOUT YOU? an SPRING SPORTS 86 .Mm 54 wlfvgmwmwifwfed, Mr QMAHW- "' M QM... WM. Y I . ffyvnm MJ ' "X ,M ,,, f iii 6 W 'za' 4 .LUKE 1 K . x x m,V 1 1' 5 -1' S fafljx 2 f 4 25 52 A Q -g ' , ,Q ,5'.f5b1"f 3 M ka. J v fa' S 5' m , af. ' 1, ,i4?f,',i5N ua , I 1 V' 9 1 I ' S , 423 fv, ,, V ' L . A fag xx? Y . 54- , Vs 1 s ,V lv' -ff. s 9 vga W . 'R Ayr, ga I m. 'V'-2 . 'ff- 4 Z 4 uv A343 gf! " ag , ' 3 2 Q. 1 ww: 4552 3, Mm, ,ft wiv Uni Mya!-M' K SPRI G SPCDRTS TRACK AN FIELD 1 ZEA Af? rw ff? ww, ' M ,v,, ' 1 ' -:.. ---,.... W 56 'K Quan Lisa Ajaj Philip Ajaj jane Annable Dennis Burkey Brandon Cruz Dennis Cruz julie Elder Stephanie Engel JUNIORS ? 2f5Qr fi-37? I 'WWW IUNIORS -4 r, o xy Q xr' I X n 4. ' x X X A Q -B , ' ,vw hw, Sharice Evans Christopher Frazier Deborah Harrison Brian Kelley jo5eph Khalaf Mary King Myra Matney Andrea Ritserna Yvonnett Smithson Evette Vasquez Cayll Worsley Dionne February Dwayne Broadhurst Holly Brown Suzanne Brown jeremy Butz Dawn Clark Robert Crum jeffrey Davis james Dawkins Karen DeWitt Haley Farmer Robert johnson JUNIORS IUNIORS No Photo Available pf Cs Katty Kam Melissa Kijowski Elise Milne Christopher Mossburg Mark Norris Ze" ,sz V f s , .Wa , Q' retta rttman Kristen Reist Warren Strousse I ,77 , ' f fj,,,,,w ,' V Vx as ,R is CQ "MN, X . 1 X Q X , Nicole Adams lace Broadhurst William Caloviras Robert Cobb Wesly Desroches Paul Foret Frederick Haddox john Howard Lilly Hsu Christina jordan Rachel Kane Stacy Machado SOPHMORES ,.h, Y I Q 1 . - x ,ffl win' l i SOPHMORES QV. 1,4-. J Wm Thomas Matzlce Connie Milne Break Morrison Rachel Pierce Renda Rizkallah jason Scott Porter Shifflett Michael Spiere. jason Sweeney Robert Wolfe julie Barber Amy Bissett Jennifer Collison Christopher Evans Lance Ingram Melanie Marcey SOPHOMORES Y 1 is X Q 5 5 1 5 . i Sa 5 X -:gy ...Q if "vga 1:4 sk w r aa if ,--4 v R1-'F' SOPHOMORES it N, PK 1 91' Shawn Owens Buffy Patton Min Shin Emily West Johnathan Williams LaDrica Winston CLASS UP 1989 TWO MORE YEARS AND WE WILL BE THROUGH E rrawgtar Y E , in ' WS R , V L " R 7 1322311313 FKVVEW ME l'ieiA2f ', f, 1 , ,tww V L , ,l , , M lg ' 1 George Abbott Eve Bailey Jeannette Duncan Susan Dykes John Hillman Trina Kemper Sheri King Lenore Lopez PRESHMAN fx, .AM f :MAX PRESHMEN ,fm Y... 'Q 'QL ,KM April Mineo Elizabeth Myers Lynnette Porterfielcl Sefton Price justin Reed Brian Roberson Patrick Shannon Leavitt Smithson Dustin Stream Alison Taylor jennifer Wise joseph Adams Matthew Billes Courtney Bynaker jennifer Clousc Patty Cradduck Christopher Daniell FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Kurt Deaton jason Evans Maureen Heffernan ,4 jeremy lsom Amina McWhirter l CLASS OP 1990 THE FIRST STEPS IN THE EQUR YEAR JOURNEY QS 74 - 4 -r , swf, !.Im 1 ' .Q 17' 5575 , ' f" Lxjv: i ..,, f. A -I fi v .aa ' 'f fa- LF: 5 ' , 15 3 kd 1.1.4 f 2 , . , Mfr ,-3, L gg- .7 f f 5. 4' . 95 1 T . ' aff' ' ' - :rl P 1 A , , w 1 f f ,g h 'W fr, Y ., I-IGRSE TALES It was so, so fun. At Two Thirty AM, a friend with big nostrils and four legs came to my win- dow and started a conversation, but I was so scared by his ugly face that I fell off my bed. After that, none of us could go back to sleep. So we decided to go see the boys cabins, and to scare them. So we did, we scared Joey out of his wits. Then we went to the other cabin and scared them. Then it rained, so we went back in, and finally fell asleep Andrea Hewitt fClass of 19915 7 , 6 4 , ,f f ,W if I , M a w 1 4 W' 4 +. I didrft Steal ngghing Be a model, or just look like one! ?iu-iL"'f -slim 1, M Mfg., The zoo crew Q94--.- .4 I Z .322 ff rf my in 1 l 1 He's cute, what's his name? ,, shim X . , Q Are you guys really midgets? ' ', ,-Q: ,ff ,. V' lm f ' w,",, V , 1 f ff .Q wffffij M, ff" 'f "Q 'f f ,y,,, K ,My 4, , I, A ,tg V4.5 ini, t L, W' , " " ' I ',n4i'?1'4-' A N. W ! ?,'vV'h,:.,x.,i W Y ,. -- f , ' f qu . , ., ' . , ' ' M -. 'i!'ff M, Q, v ' , ' , I 'fig 'tn X 1 ,w ijj myz Q, if lghv f-"Q,,,4. My , ' . f 4 .2- 1 - I , wmv , , A A 1 ' A 4 I - , ,, ,,. L' mm, W ik v f ' . , 'fr Q A A L7fmCLf:,f ff, Ltftfk. JV. -.M TQ f ' VA , H Ml" A , f- ff: G'?g1"7f3W, 7 'f W I W ' f '2 5 Q V fyq'flN-,lff , .uw .HQJWWEM nib' New -, '!,wI,,4M iivaaiwglwzf ,, Hey! Is that lunch? MIDDLE SCHOOL SGA PRESIDENT - GREG JENKINS 8TH GRADE V.P. - KEITH ROBERSON 7TH GRADE V.P. - AMY JOHNSTON 6TH GRADE V.P. - PAUL SCHWARTZ SECRETARY - GARY JOHNSON TREASURER - TERESA HONEMOND CHAPLAIN - JESSE BLOCHER ACTIVITIES ICE SKATING PIZZA AND MOVIE PARTY GIFTS FOR THE NEEDY HAYRIDE AND BONPIRE MARYLAND FOOTBALL - GAME SKI TRIP SEMI-FORMAL BANQUET TRIP TO WILD WORLD 9 MIDDLE SCHQQ v v D A- :Qw- SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE BAND SIXTH GRADE BAND MIDDLE SCI-IUGL CHORUS -1"""'-- 80 M.C.S. CHRISTMAS PRGGRAM lhvlqg 4, MONTROSE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL C O CHRISTMAS PROGRAM I 1' A Christmas Prelude .... . arr. John Edmondson Good King Wenceslas Away in a Manger Deck the Halls Oh Come All Ye Faithful Greensleeves . . arr. Gregory Kerkorian The First Nowell Angels We Have Heard on High .... arr. Forrest Buchtel Brass Quintet: Phil Foret Greg Jenkins Chris Kane Gary Johnson Keith Roberson God Rest Ye M rry Gentlemen ... .. arr. Bill Holcombe -i'1221N5 9 . ,gi Jwqiw, sx,3y F N Q 4 . N December 15, 1986 B1 1.42, 1 1 x.:,f:v-vk f -,, -i ww, ,Law f...i.ivf-ww fg.L,1rMawf.:fw ,-f.'fywM M- f , - fi-,w:'w,-ff .f f',vf.fmv'e::wQ --1' mamma: -':':?,, r ww-rlfmvwfx L ,,g.,1Lkf',1-wwf-J, :Q-L-1-'14 'N C""9i.: QQ! 1 he . . 1 I -s s , vQ w w' J 5, . X . 'N H-W .5 .M-:mf Q, ,, yan- BASKETBALL ROSTER Craig Curtis Bill Hamilton "Pint" Johnson Matt Billes Gary johnson justin Reed Tony Collins Gary Byrd Chris Kane jesse Blocher Jamie Stackhouse Brian Roberson -sw 13' Montrose Montrose Montrose Montrose Montrose Montrose Montrose Montrose Montrose RECORD CCA Calvert Calverton Grace Christian Capital Lutheran St. john's Grace Brethren Jewish Day Christian Center LVINNING WAYS CONTINUE. 1987 SEASON RECORD 4 - 1 151' PLACE TIE C.S.A.A. TEAM MEMBERS COACH GEARY TEAH DAVIS MEGAN ZAHRA CHARIS SEIVER APRIL MINEO JANICE BAKER DIANA FRANKIO ANDREA HEWITT SARA KING K L EY E L DREYER DONALD BURKEY MGR. . . . FOR THE I.V. GIRLS I MIDDLE SCI-IUCDL SPIRIT SOARED . . . i . . . this year with the addition of the middle school h ering squad. Tiffany, Barb' , Kelly, R b d M f e ecca an issyf ght reez- ing weather duri g he middle h l h y d h f 5-QUAD M-EMBERQ TIFFANY LAURITZEN BARBIE PATTON KELLY PARK REBECCA MYERS MISSY BURKE fm V: V g,,l,A , , ,,,,., .,,V, ,,,,A . ,, . Janice Baker Talitha Benjamin Tabitha Brown Melissa Burke Gary Byrd jason Catron Kenon Chen Anthony Collins Catherine Costello Craig Curtis David Draughon Kelley Dreyer EIGHTH GRADE EIC-HTH GRADE it f ixzxy, iff' A,-A No Photo Available k.,..f Bethel Dudt Diana Frankio Danielle Gibbs Steve Hamatlo William Hamilton Andrea Hewitt Gregory Hill Brian Hollister Danielle Homemond Gregory jenkins Cary johnson Winfred johnson Christopher Kane Sara King jennifer Lane Tiffany Lauritzen Cindy Makuch Matthew Mondi Rebecca Meyers Barbie Patton Alisha Ridenour Keith Roberson Nathanaei Siever Nathanael Smithson EIC-HTH GRADE J' .4 M I yi I, ASE 'K A Q 'bu E it 7 Qkri EIGHTH GRADE I James Stackhouse Bobby Staub Jacqueline Warthen Heather Weir Timothy Zirkle jennifer Albisu Kerry Babylon Jesse Blocher Justin Broadhurst Donald Burkey Joshua Cooley Teah Davis SEVENTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE Available NO Photo ff rx T7 ' David Field Philip Foret Philip Georg Christina Hayunga Teresa Honemond Vaughn Hunter Amy Johnston Derek McNeill Richard Osgood Kelly Park Viki Pauler Steven Rhodes SEVENTH GRADE . A , ESS ' -'K , ,534 SEVENTH GRADE No Photo Available james Roberts Tara Robinson Clayton Suggs Thomas Urquhart Stephen Waugh Melissa Wright jamie Bakersmith jennifer Braddock Lakisha Bratcher Charlie Bucklin Amy Burger Christopher Chandler Craig Dixon Wendy Duckett SIXTH GRADE ff' if we-Y SIXTH GRADE 4,- ,Q his Kim A rv A Q. K Q "'lZ"" 5 43 K ? if L Philip Dudt Michelle Fisher Angela Courley Steven Crimes Christine Hannett joy lsom Burton jones jessica Lydecker Valerie Marino Chrissy Meadowcroft jay Ormsby Kirk Palmer john Parker Barbara Phelps Benjamin Powell jamie Pruner Courtney Reed joseph Rende Paula Rende Rebecca Rhodes Greg Robinson Paul Schwartz Charis Seiver Brian Shannon SIXTH GRADE LP x ,1- Xix 1 e ea x Qu P Q ae. Q aa SIXTH GRADE 'kv' ,,,,,,l, ' 2 ,ij if ,f Qi VX New a William Shin Norma Slack Shelly Smith Kellie Swaney Angela Warthen Ivan Wilson Rebekah Wilson Kimberly Wood Megan Zahra USTANGS A D TERRAPINS MIDDLE SCHODL SPIRIT AND ENTHUSIASM . . . . . . was in evidence at the University of Maryland Football game against Wake Forest. After a dis- mal first half the Terps rallied and received roar- ing support from the Middle School Mustangs. The evening was one of the many great activities sponsored by the Middle School Student Gov- ernment Association. cl! 4 fl -'-N.. .W W, , "" f 47 C 'Za ff? N I . , f, 4, I i 'r . Y, . . y, , .5 ,X Q ' 'N in 1 4 X I 1 14. , I E . A P A 2 m. 'T .af y A ur . ELEME TARY PATRGLS ' , Pictured above- Fourth Grade Patrols. 1 Pictured at right- Fifth Grade Patrols. t Vi,, V, vxr, , I Q 102 ELEMENTARY BA 'Y r 1 r w 'V Pictured above- Fifth Grade Band Pictured at Left- Fourth Grade Band THE GREATEST CHRISTMAS CARD ffm Y C0013 KING WENCESLAS STORM OP 87? THE GREAT SNOWSTORM p OP 1987 WHAT DID YOU DO DURING THE SNOW MIKE EPPERSON FIFTH GRADER "I was shoveling sidewalks and d y f y MRS. WINSTON p y l gtime.l k d p d d d b k "I had a rett re axin LESLIE ANNEFLING SECOND GRADE "I played out in the snow and h d MR. SPIESS "I sat around the fireplace Ply 1 . 4 11.2 ,,,,f3f,.g ffifzigff 'X' he r ,I 123: :dw 23 1 FIFTH GRADE MISS DANIELSON M l l 1 M l f fi 'Eff' 9 '1- 501111. Ni Jennifer Anderson Erin Davis Bryan Kim Tiffany Butrum Michelle Gonzales Michelle Lane jason Curfivs- James Kidd Diana'-Mason .fw- L ,,,,, Q S .1 U 'V A X ' it W"'f Nicole McArthur john Moreland Samuel Park Kristien Perry 5- Dawn Reilly jonathan Sweeney Bobbi Jo Rhodes Kwame Waters Avidl-Safaipour Cagxey Weaver Andrew Seaton Daniel Williamson FIFTH GRADE MR. SPIESS M1 "T'? 'L ,' ,, ii gi 3: . QC... 4' ,V 4 ,I 'it f 'ld haf 2 ll ll v T , 004059, X9 N, lk' ,Qi 'egg T 'gs Rachael Al'Jl70tt Aargn Benjamin Melanie AU Shannon Calhoun ' A I jeffrey Curtis Raymond Curtis Karen Daniell Michael Epperson Heather Hannett jessica Howard Benjamin Nix Todd Holmes Pamela Hudgins Nicole Pedrotty Tracy Holt Joseph Marion Kary Williams 109 FCURTH GRADE MRS. ROBINSON Q1 '7- 7 wr"'5 Q91 'V 10110 Blflfhef Jessica Hines David King Matthew Pf'25i0f1 B1'0HdhUf5f jessica larman Timothy Lewis Morrisson Cara Hewitt Amy Khalaf Patrick Marth Dana Ormsby 1 Brian Poore 110 ., R w f J i if .,g, ,l 5 iff, x X I S YR 3 S X V s ' 5 I ' Lg 7 , 5 Q V E 9 y Ashley Reed Blaine Slacum l lerey Suggs Matthew Swanson X I FOURTH GRADE MR. SMITH 4 . QW 5 ag.-A s FA gem '? 'ea .rv 1 i 4, v wg , S at x Meghan Bertoni Daniel Dwyer Matthew Bryant Tiffany Dyson i I Laura Cale Mary Lee jafari Edward jones Chariotte Levi , 'N f . is an 9 -1- sr 5 Q -V I f 6 Q.- I i 'if NTP' 5 , ,tar aaannay " ' "" 9' Christopher Long David Roberson Kendra Mix Eric Thomas Veena Narang Michael Tozzolo Andrew Peters Christopher Uston jennifer Van Slyke Brian Young THIRD GRADE MISS REINWALD 1'- ,x N Rini I ...Q N . ki A K ff 3 f-, -- rf 1 D. Xff' Q, ff Aaron Beach Thea Bertoni james Cowherd Nicole Dvoskin Not Pictured Renato Henriques Kelly Frederick Charles Gregory jane Hall Richard Hsu .ww vle lm t aw!! , , ,ff if-', ,fy -sux. V K .r . t t Wfiilf! ,, 1 , 1. ', f V .5 E f 1 f ' if ww j f ' 'Y ,ff " D :MMI I f I I t ff, r X t x Ebony McMorris jessica Roberts Shante Smith Bradley Tippett Amanda Mortl David Rodale Teresa Soaper jared Whittington Andrew Moss Angela Santiago Aaron Roberts Clarke Seaton Wx ,l'5, Aaron Cooper Jason Davis Tiffany Crawford Soma Fallahian THIRD GRADE MRS. SEIVER Ali w Kg gf? va RJR . I 'ltr' A l95SiC2 Cmlfley Eileen O'Niell Wesley Rhodes Sara Zakikhani Amanda Harris Rachel Osborne Dustin Ritter Trina Zericlc Kendel Mineo Christopher Payne Gloria Rizkallah Jonathon Zetts Sam NiCCO-Annan Timothy Perando Stephanie Saling 113 3 SECOND GRADE MISS JUENEMAN QVZQWW, 51 f K 2 fa wwf, " ,A ' ' all - -"v f g as e e K M A L' it J 1 Kb ,I Q I , in X? ,f E k,, A 5 . ,, YM, 6 . an 1. A3 V, P21 ' E ' K Y.'."'QZff.i1gx-.l A , Q 'lg K-3.2 ' ,P . it f' .Q 'K' ' RX g, , l gigx 652 ls X M f I t xi G an t db.. Ilona Aberl Michael Baraniecki Dana Bynalcer Salvatore Costantino 'l'l4 Q lily' ' Kimberly Crump Carmen Holmes Lauren Kelly Christopher jessica Vermillion Serah Diroll jennifer Hyde Kenneth Lee Peg-andq james Wilson Leslie Flint Pamela Jarman Phillip Lewis Eric Robinson Heather Goode Geri Kaplowitz Donald Ormsby SECOND GRADE MISS SCHROEDER ,eff 'll 4 1 Daniel Courtis Lydia Dooley Emily Gale Benjamin Davis Christopher Dorsey Victoria Hansen joseph I-layunga Anne Hendricks K, lv 7 ff Q ir , Q V-r John Kidd Morgan Liscinslcy Kimberly Orban Kristin Pedrotty X N, Mariarn Pourshouslitari David Reush Christine Sink Jessica Stover l Mark Swanson Andrew Thomas Damo Tyler SECCDND GRADE MISS SCHUH 17 I Rachel Barnett john Ferrell Timmy Cyftopoulos Samir Hamatto 116 , . V ,dxf new 3 'luv' 15 Q 2 t , Christine Honemond Kelly Huss joseph Hutchinson Brandon Lapp ,L r,-V . 1 'EMM 1 --. If l ull Laurel Lydecker jamie Oleksa Heather Owens james Phelps Q Q t Meghan Rice Stacy Santiago Christina Slack Suzanne Somogyi Matthew Swaney Meunda Williams Michael Van Slyke Leah Wilggn we SES' www FIRST GRADE MISS CASSIDY-MRS. BIORK 'Q iggyl 'inane X Eitffiwf 'SSSS M I i we ,Xi ,fa an bv qw f L" N gf If ' New R 1 1 fu:-+ ,. Richard Armstrong Kelly Bale Christie Flanagan Erik Holmes Amy Lindinha Navy Tran Kevin Arnone Victgria Embrey Stephanie Haines William Hudgins Theresa McClellan Danielle Walton Melinda Hines Stevenson Kim Daniel Shoemaker Jeremiah Mrs. Bonnie Georg Whittington 117 we FIRST GRADE MISS BAMPORD L.. I QW " e . tv! o X 1 Q Derek Bratcher Amita Chen Nicole Fister Kristina Holt 118 937 'J 7 UNH .w, Www , 1MQ .ww' .ww , - Ki l 1 5' DX l li E94 n wk k'fi W W mwm EV Daniel Hunter Charles johnson Kara Johnston Peter Khalaf .4457 VI. Qvv W VZCQWW lx, at Meredith Lucas Eileen Oleksa john McCally Chiquita Raschid Erik Murray Christina Roney Angela Nunley Hollie Slagle so itll!! lllllll lllllll All Kathryn Swanson David Wilson Kyle West Lindsay Zahra FIRST GRADE MRS. GREEN 0'- 'tv-nf bil Yrs if 9... .Kd ' ' 2' "EI" I . Ffa ' ,',,: Q- ,, 4 I .,.,.. .U 9, . L.. we-f' Shaun Auxier Timothy Eric Eisentraut Christina King joshua Rice Christopher Sink . Matthew Bennett Broadhurs! Racheal Hall Talila Levi Nicole Richards Danielle Stover Craig Dameron Layla Kelley Melanie Osborne jennifer Saling Jason Swanson Daniel Kemper Thomas Reusch Brykyta Shelton Michelle Zetts A.M. "K" MRS. ROSEY 'sim-,A an f , 1 25 'ff 23 fi? jClfl.iCVE Bastien h mV,, - ijbnniferlifarfaeriter ' ' Matihewi-Depp L , ' V Chrisitvpher iBmn0L i 'Viligimbfirly 'Caryterf , k'E3Ifl'!ffh1D.f ' , f K L, f' , JM i i Q, mr I vyr. 2 .gi " 5, wif! 54 ' 9 Q Q U Roberfkuehl f Michelle Rodali J wQfa sau1fef 'Mark Liicinsky, ' m Amaiida 'Ross i m ' - Stelios Vanteias Mf1iSSaMarfh , ,. L, , L ,. .,. , ,L,. ,Lukia,h R6bbinS - ii, - , M KL A. P.M."K" MRS. ROSEY sq-ev a 1 .. --J, 11. ff QT' l justin Ash Marlea Hollenbach Rachel Landstrom Rebecca Orban John Snoddy Matthew Tigert james Bryant Makin Khamsakul Christa Musgrove Ashley Ritter jamie Thompson joseph Viverette 121 A.M."K" MRS. WINSTON Xa at fM,,ff-:Q Q J , ,, ,. W rp ' 'QM 1 4 f-f ,Z Melisa Buckley john Flint Marcus Courley Angela Crews joshua Goode Kimberly Hartley x 'Bissau- Q t A 1 1 Abra Haynes Victoria Kirker Matthew Moss Lindsey Nicoli Yur- gnw Matthew Petros ' Christina Smith Brandi Rorabaugh Candace Waltz l l P.M. "K" MRS. WINSTON WWW 9 f 0 Q. 'STKE' ' I EY na T' xp' 1 6 ,gif A r I Chih-Han Chen Thomas Jarman Rebecca Ortiz- Eric Porter Randi Smith john Eisel Deborah Marshall jordan Sarah Reilly Kristine Zeus DJ. Petty 123 ELEME TARY SCI-IGCDL A TIME TO PLAY AND . ,' 1 x , l9gi'Z'i' N, Wm '?f""'.,-X ..Wf' A yr Qmgi ,dir ff" , Y 47 ,kim A TIME TO REMEMBER . . . A TIME TO STUDY 1 X W1- JESUS AND MONTROSE: GROWING UP IS FUN TO DO Mr. 8: Mrs. Earl J. Barnett, jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael Bennett Mr. 8: Mrs. Victor P. Bertoni Mr. 8: Mrs. Roy E. Blocher Mr. 8: Mrs. Shannon J. Braddock Mrs. Frances W. Byrd Mr. 8: Mrs. Ronald E. Chandler Mr. 8: Mrs. Peter H. Chen, Ir. Nr. 8: Mrs. Ralph W. Cooley Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles D. Crump Mrs. Angelina Dvoskin Mr. 8: Mrs. Benjamin Elder Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry G. Engen, Ir. Mr. 8: Mrs. John B. Poret Mr. 8: Mrs. James Grimes Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold H. Hannett Mrs. Donna L. Hartley Mr. 8: Mrs. Rudy A. Hewitt Mr. 8: Mrs. Roger W. Hutchinson Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Hyde Steve and Patsy Jones Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas M. Jones Mr. 8: Mrs. jeffrey Lapp SPDNSORS Rev. 8: Mrs. Thomas F. Marshall Mr. 8: Mrs. Norman McClellan Mrs. Sylvia D. McMorris Doug and Sharon Mortl Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mrs. Susan Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs. Scott A. Perando joseph Rende Donald J. Rhodes Robert W. Ridenour David Ritter John Rodak, jr. J. Rorabaugh 1. David Saling joe A. Shelton John Snoddy Paul Spalding Mrs. Genevieve Thompson Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas E. Tozzolo Mr. 8: Mrs. Brett M. Tyler Mr. 8: Mrs. N. Nelson Wales Dr. 8: Mrs. J. David Warthen, jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Iradj Zakikhani PECK AUTO BGDY Sat1Sf3Ct1OI1 Sells SEIVICE James P Peck Owne Bllly Wrlllams M ag 105 N Stonestreet Ave Rockvllle MD 20850 Located At Rockv lle Met o R 1 St t o On No th Sto est eet Ave Ph 340 1000 Chorce Mastercard Vrsa Ameucan Express r an er M I o i r ai ain ' r n r J f!'AlI' Ai CUNSUL-MUTOH cnAMEn 'F A i MAYLINE Largest Selection of KROY PCI PRECISION COATINGS, INC. Means - Diazo Films of excellence A d Su D AZON eline kline sible and Sepia and ny special ucts. Whiteprint Machines and Vacuum Frames BLU-RAY ' DIAZIT 0 QUANTUM 481 0 REPRO-TECH I LL 7 E7,.zL :G 444 Fav S DIRECTOR Robert D Crowley pastor of the Montrose Bap tist Church since 1956 IS the director of Summit Lake PURPOSE Summit Lake Camp gives the very best opportu n1t1es possible for a young person to develop physically and spiritually All of this is provided at a cost everyone can afford COMPLETE STAFF Our staff is made up of highly-motivated college students who are carefully selected and trained. In addition, we have a junior Counselor staff likewise trained and supervised. Every camper is considered a Very Important Person. NON-DENOMINATIONAL Young people from all religious faiths come to- gether to participate in a well-rounded experi- ence. The camp is a non-profit endeavor spon- sored by The Right Start for the Day a daily devotional radio program in the Washington D.C. area since 1941 and founded by Dale Crowley EXCELLENT ATHLETIC FACILITIES 220 acres of unbelievable beauty forest trails camping spots and all athletic activities softball volleyball swimming canoeing boating hiking basketball arts and crafts and ping pong Co educational ages 9 14 OFFICE S100 Randolph Road Rockville Maryland 20852 Phone 13012 770 5338 Camp is set up in two week sessions First ses sion is june 22 july 4 Second session is July 6 18 1 Proverbs 16 3 Commrt your works to the Lord and your thoughts wrll be estabhshed 840 5647 2 fade.: 3a,6ez Sepeaoc Qecamtmy Secwce PAPERHANGING Gr PAINTING 8816 N WESTLAND DR MHIL 48291 GAITHERSBURG MD 20877 I PHONE 977-1263 ' . O I I ! Z JOSTENS

Suggestions in the Montrose Christian School - Yearbook (Rockville, MD) collection:

Montrose Christian School - Yearbook (Rockville, MD) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 61

1987, pg 61

Montrose Christian School - Yearbook (Rockville, MD) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 82

1987, pg 82

Montrose Christian School - Yearbook (Rockville, MD) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 55

1987, pg 55

Montrose Christian School - Yearbook (Rockville, MD) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 88

1987, pg 88

Montrose Christian School - Yearbook (Rockville, MD) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 23

1987, pg 23

Montrose Christian School - Yearbook (Rockville, MD) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 49

1987, pg 49

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