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 - Class of 1948

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Text from Pages 1 - 94 of the 1948 volume:

'fi' if if .sf ff ,V W if 'Q iiufgf-,h1'5'4MV I 1 'W 3als,. uv farm I 'K Y 5 L I -I u l t . 1 I IFE: I A I J 'Y 'ni A 2 ll "Q" 4 ' J 5 4 -L.. 1 Jr la IJ rf-Q I j 'J.,.n'J,q x 1. ur I 'U T .1 q'H-rl V,r'rEJ1g, OEF' ' Ll i U I I J Y' 'F IL H I Q my ht I vig 15 11.g",+ 'F i as Mr L H Fl i ,JE ffl AL 5. J 1 I 1 -f,-J il - -ffm: dw 1 TY- X L FM -tiff F5 G PTWN E IL' A 1 fr ' xi I" 5 Q f " V- I .-'lift LLL JL x 1 L-E L sw 1-IB: 14 V+ 4- L-fi Luv' Hlifnx-n ' hai' I- r ME' " U- 'Q 'I r L. I .r',fV 'Q' 'a fqgfsi F ph-',:s'1 W lf fll ' 4:-I an if ' L" LH f,. J I " T J aqvfgm I . I 2 fy- M' li! L 7 I in gl.:M, J, ,qi-TLTQ L1 1 1- JH' ff, 11. W f 4 U3 -1 V f FQ l x if -I a 4 L A -Q, Y "1 -LR 6 f -wi! -X "L-fx X qi 1, F' I f J J 'Il I V1 .-, Q, T :K L, ,- gin 12' f I I4 'Q vi 'I xx ar ru. -L Hr , X n""l"f 'E' lf grills JJ? -. 'L 'ur -EU!!! 4+ I It as J 4 a Q 5 X 11:1 'JI J f' 45 ' -r-A L f .J IU. 'I M J Jn 1 it V, ' i T Jhil if XI v 'ft X an 11 xy 1. X -H. Q Li 1 ,A- .56 Q:-3" ' , U , llf I . arf SQ' Gr ' L3'f'f' - fig, . Hai' he ir 4:-:X Q, .ug- , , 0' ff: ' 1 v ,W w w 1 -. r .35 , 1 3 - I 'a 1 E .gl 4 Y .,1 'I ',- ' 1 A1 xv. :Rb 4 "rl , if rl l' , '3 ' I -lnln! 5 ' H7 "fwf1li!73 1 C 'X fl .g y 1 I -s -1' -1 cgw .154-' 1 xl' 5' uw. ' , ' S4 u I. 'A 4 I 1-., .. I ' I ' I W . r 1 1 I ' n I I I 2 I-lf' I ' ff 'H' K ' I I fl 3 1 vvr 'I n - n, .. .- gf , .wi mal. 1' ilu -dz. Q JL rs, Va ,I 1 r 1' F gi in 5? n, 1 1 z 5 gt Hg if N J 4' 4' rad 5 la, 5 2-gi 4 3 , 1, fx x The 1948 Sun Dicnl Mabel Luc WL'lls, Ifafiluf' lJ!L'lly Alzxvuml, liffviuwx AlL111.1I:,fu We only count the hours that shine THE STAFF QF STUDENT PUBLICATIQNS PRESENTS THE T948 SUN DIAL Anderson X. fry: Gaither Hall 4 Assembly lnn World Fellowship Building College Hall Lookout Lodqc' 5 -.-0-V , 5 For the understanding in her smile .... For the kindness in her eyes .... For the efficiency in het duties . . . For the devotion to het students .... For the consecration to her Muster XVe dedicate THE 1048 SUN DIAL TO Miss Lois McClintock Ellis fi To You .... It's about time to put the period at the end of the sentence we've written for 1947-1948. There have been other years and other sentences written but this one has been omit. As you review the sentence, the year, on the pages of this, your Sun Dial, may you always be able to recapture the happy hours-the happy memories that have been yours, and ours together. To record these hours we bring you the Sun Dial. You know, the Sun Dial symbolizes your lifeg the stile repre- sents Montreatg and the shadows, memories. just as the radiance of the sun enables the stile to cast its shadow on the face of the dial, so Gods glory enables Montreat to cast a good influence on our lives. Those who leave will take with them the memories and the light of God in their hearts to shine upon the lives of others. Those who stay gain new memories, grow stronger in His light. May this, your 1948 Sun Dial, plant fast in your hearts memories of "the hours that shine." 1 I DR. -I. R. MCGREGOR Prefident 8 They light our way . . . . As the bright rays from the east shine across the face of our sun dial, heraltling tht- racliance of a new day, so the light of knowledge shines from our leaders guiding us in the way uf wisdom anti faith, helping us Shape futures with bright ideals Ag ' X 9 xx Faculty IO Miss Zuulefn Amlm-rwn Florence. S. V. Hifafr Mrs. W. H. Armisrmil Monrrear, N. Cl. H. Sl., Hiffnrig Rffzfz' Misx Virginia Bc-II Monrrenr, N. ff H. Sl., Rmfngl Miss Mary Branche- McConnc-llsville, S. C. Bible, Ell1Jl'llff01l Miss Sue Burney Hopewell, Va. Plwricaf Elfllfdfillll Miss Nina Corlwerr Marion, N. fl, Diefiriffu Miss Rolaerm Dunic-I Jacksonville, Fla, Hnlzremnllwr' Miss Helen Dinkiiwni Monrrenr. N. fi. I.il1mrim1 Mri. Cf F, Dorscv Monrrenr. N I H. Y.. Bffffzf Miss Luis Mcfilinruck Film Monrreat, N. C, H. S.. lfugfirli, Ilnffrrfu 1 1 Miss Lucy Grier Monrrcnr, N. C fxlllfff' 199' M :gill .ig V. .i,, V. K Q, fe 3 ,i ei. fg- ANY ,. . A --.-. ,- .wiifrfkw Faculty ,x First row across: Second row across: Third row across: Dr. Nettie Grier Monrreat. N. CI. Phi rifiwf Miss Ernestine Harrison Roebuck. S. C. ll..S'., illdtbenffzlitiry, Lfzlfal Miss Elizabeth Hoyt Maryville. Tenn. nlilfizq Demi nl Ftuwffi. Hirlfi Mrs. Clark .Iobnsnn Monrrenr, N, F. ll Y llfifmi Miss Elizabeth Fronde Kennedy Spartanburg, S. C. H, X.. Engfixlv Mr. Rufus Long Barium Springs, N. C. 1'lflI',FEll7:1L'b rizfiug. AfL'0IlI1lfI1,Q Miss Mary P. Lord Reitlsville N, C. Piano Mrs. W. A. Macaulay Montreat, N. C. ll SU Sfmifirl-i, Ffem 11 il M Mrs. W. F. Maultlin Pickens, S. C. H1111 l'0I71fIfl7Ul' bliss Lulu G. lXflCClL1fC Winchester, Ohio lfalglirh iss Carrie May McElroy Newnan, Gu. Frenrb Miss Helen Miles Maryville. Tenn llrinff lfrffllfirrlfm Faculty I2 Mr. John Miller Swannanoa, N. C. Edlzfrztimz. Sfiewe Mrs. Marjorie Mcfllung Parker Marion. N. C. H. S.. Vnire Miss Com D. Reeves Black Mountnin, N. C. Biology Miss Dorothy Jean Sandefer Rocky Mount. La. Piano Mrs. W. E. White Delco. N. C. Latin. G61'IIldIl Miss Elizabeth Wootlhouse Montreat, N. C. Vnife Miss julia Stokes Montreat, N. C. A.r.ri.rtnz1.f Librarian Mrs. Keith Townsend Montreat, N. C. Blirizlerr Edllralinzl Miss Margaret Watie Brownsburg, Va. Demi of U"0mer1, Ma1l1ema.'ir.r Miss Mary Wartl Clarkton, N. C. A.r.ri.rlar11 to Nnrrc Miss Nannie G. Wzntkins Montreat. N. C. Spanirh Miss Annie Welmla Montrear, N. C. H. S. Prinripal, Chemistry Together One Shadow Each day, ns the sun chmbb higher mm Lhc 5 'y, Llc un 'w . , 1 l bus bklliklf rclhzc that these days make years. During L l l Ull Llb hush Lhc unlhdclu thls mme felloxxslup vuth our I :.a111LLL: L lLLOIl1P11Shf1'1CDC A6 LA' I N 1 qqfihl 4115 49 I! e'2'1 . 1' 'e'i 1 will! -122: X soph, the anxious junior, um EIC y 1 . ' A f ' L ax' Q 1' I.'LlCl1Cb us thc secret Lh.1L Lh1'ULlgll unity in P lj College Seniors Prei 1:15111 Helen Loyd, A. B, La Grange, Ga, "All that life tan rate . W Worth name of life, in thee hath estnnatc, ' Youth, Beauty, Wistlonl, Courage, Virtue, all T That happiness and prime can happy call." lfllt e-lJ1'cilLfel1l -lean lvlorton, A. B. Clinton, S. C, "The hand that hath made you lair, hathumade you good but Grace, being the Soul ol' your toniplexion. should keep the body of it ever fair." .S6L'l'LJlc1l'j'-Ill'6'zI.lllI'6.fl' Gloria Diaz, B. S. Los Palacios, Cuba "The Bloom ol op'ning Flowers, unsullied Beauty Softness, and sweetest Innoceme she wears. And looks like nature in the worlds first Spring. R .5!H1l1J nr Miss Lucile Gardner Lotust Grove. Ga. "Loveliesr ol women! l'leav'n is in thy soul. Beauty and virtue shine for ever round thee, l'iright'ning euch other, thou art itll divine." I4 ollege Seniors lvlllflkill ,lane Buehinnil, A. li. Auhuru. N. Y. "Thur inexhaubtiblc guml nature. whieh is the num preeiuua gilt ul Heaven, spreading itbelf like Oil over the tmuhled sea of thought, and keeping the mind smooth and equable in the mughest weather." Helen Lubbell. rl. lj. Rrmiiolxe, Va. ml-l'lube g1'.iu:ILil Lli.l5, lhobe thmibdml nleeeneics that llauly lluw l-mm .ill her words and nations." -Inmiiini Connell, A. B. Albany, Ga. "Heart on her lips, zunl soul within lier eyes. butt as her elime, and sunny as her skies." 'lu wg 'I . I 4 51- ,- ulym Lmueliiiuii, ll. 5. X 4" I. xi C. ii A. A. 4 . 1 fini wi e , 'HH . I .1 L . I . p I ' . 125-'+5Lia?iifs1fl:--'1-"".w' ' I ' 1 - ie .lu it HI me, lie urirx ul Urdu. ,:,g..-..4,:.:,-lr.-,:3',gf9'!-'.,.-,1. - -av, V - A - ' WTS..-:,:55g1c"1'.:-..:2 , iffy llie iiillhl, the Musu. lwiuirlinixu lrum her I'.1ee ::'::gg7J-3f55ig:.E.,3,3..- ,,4J+24:u.::'3 f ., , . ' E:s?g::::iE:',:fi:?:: llle lleuir xxlnne 5UlIIlC55 llJl'Ill1PlIIZCkl the whole, .:::.2:::z::::x:'i'5 qE5q,1g:Q,ng::216,j,5-,535 Q .. - -Qagf. 4. ':::::::::-'umm :ri-.,:'.611:11-,,:-"'.'.-1' L., Xml. ull, flmr lzye iii itself .n Suull ,:::5:::::i1Z:::'i1-3'j. IF. I 5 CoHege Seniors Alu Anne Heuer. A. B. R.mli11gs. xlgl. "Hur xwrtls .11'e lmntlm, her :mths are oratlesg Her Luvc sinterc. her Thoughts immaculate Her Heart as tar from fraud as Heaven from Earth." "Frankie" Mae Hull, A. 15. Winston-Salen1, N. C. 'Theres a woman like ll tlcwtl1'up, 5llL'.5 bu ,1u1c1' than the purestg And her noble hCH1'f'S the noblcmt. yes, and her iaith lb the surest." 5 Viviun llltl .Ic1h11sr111, A. lj. N11rtu11. YJ. "lf1'o111 every hlush th.1t lilf1LllCS in thy cheeks, It-ru 1h-1um.111tl lurtle Lmfus .mtl lmltes mp llv rcxcl 111 the limes." Hodges, A. 15. Tampa, Pla. "For she is wise, lf l um judge of hex And fair she is. it that 1111111: eyes are nut' Antl true she is, as she hath pruvctl lwrbcltf' 16 ,Q College Seniors l Dorothy Rader, A. B. Hopewell, Va. "W'hzit tender lone, what dignity Wfhat virtue tonsecrating every Feature: Around that neali what dross are gold and pearl." Katherine Melton. B. S. Charlotte, N. C. "Things ol' the noblest kind lien Lieiiius drew And lo0k'd through Nature at tl single view . . Called into being scenes unknown be-lore, And, passing Natures bounds, was somethin,u more divine. loan Kodriiin, A. li. Bluefield, W. Va. "Theres in you .ill that we lveliew ol liedven Amazing brightness. purity, and truth, Eternal joy and everlasting love." Mabel Lee Wells, B. S. Cynthiana, Ky. "She was good as she was lair. None-none on earth above hell As pure in thought as angels are: lu know ht-i w.1s to love her. wg!" l X fi McMullen, McClintock, Miss Hoyt, Sumburg, Vuiighr College Juniors CLASS OFFICERS Victoria Siunburg Lucille Vuught Plwiifelll Swrchlry Aims: Muilliiitoulx liililll McMullc11 l 'ii c-I'l'v.iiffc11! 'l'1'cim11'w- Miss lillZLll7Ulll Hoyl Sllmflmr ,Llms molto: f'Lc1 fzmflvwlj' lure mllllzzffcf' L lim golors: Crimson iuiil Grey Class flower: Red Curimtioii I8 College l.nlluu.1 I fu fxllilllll. l'l.n, .Xluldrcd lfarr Vfaycruas. im. l'.1uI1n.l klgljidll Ashcvlllu, N. 4 1 I.u'1s Hulmm Amlersun, 5. 1 Milling-1 Almnu Ixuksxlllc. N t Annu AlLl,llIllULlx XX'lIlHblJU1'U, 5. 4 , l1duIuML1NIulIcn'xxulcr. I'I.l lzllzalscth Mdlcr Rnphinc. Vu. Juniors V E WFT I 3 E r"5 College Juniors Carey Lee Pratt Leaksville, N. L. Victoria Samburg Lake City, Fla. bl1Vlki bauchcz D. Havana. Cuba Lugille Vaught Loris, S. C. Berry Wllrrrlc Orangeburg. 5. L.. Mary Katherine Wrrurl Keysville, Va. Vxrginia Woud Iron Gate, Va. Geneva WOfIhiUgIOIl Knoxville, Ill. f- fL Spence, Johnson, Miss Bramclie. Draper, Murkrir-ell College Sophomores CLASS OFFICERS Sybil Mnckorell Myra SIWSDCC P1'e.rirle11l Scf1'vi111'1' Sara johnson Alyene Draper Vive-P1'c' rinleizt 'l'1'a1r111'e1' Miss Mary Brzmclic Sfmzzmr Class Morro: "01111'111'1l !,'I'lfI'. !111r,511',11'1l III'I'll Class Colors: Purple mul Wliirc Cflnss Flower: Sweet pens 7 l College Soplaomores First row: Georgina Anclino, Havana, Cuba, Berry Arrwond, Miami, Flag Sarah E. Baker, Summerville, S. G1 Marrha Barrerr, Abingdon, Va.1 Billie Boswell, Penfield Ga., Mirra Bnrges, Carclenas, Cuba. Second rnwi Janet Mae Bound, West Palm Beach, Flag Charlotte Brirlewell, Dnnalrlsonville, l.a.1 Frances llene Brown, Gastonia, N. C1 Margaret lrene Brmvn, Huntersville, N. C11 Florence S. Browning, Ridge' ville, S, C1 Mary lily Burgess, Greeleyville, S. C. Third Row: Catherine Elizabeth Byrum, Grear Falls, S. Cf., Mary Alma Cflnircli, Memphis, Tenn.g Dorcas Connelly, Hopewell, Va., lane Cook, Atlanta, Gai Marv Ruth Denman, Greenville, Tenn., Laura Alyene Draper, IWECLIIIIV, Ala' 7? College Sophomores First row: Willodeen E. Dukes, Gibson, N. C., Annie Laurie Dunn, Darlington, S. C., Eleanor Edewamrd, Fort Lauderdale, F1:1.g Suzanne Emery, Mercer, Pennsylvania, Eleanor Enloe, Andrews, N. C3 Lilin Es- pinosn Prieto, Curdenns, Cuba. Second row: Betty Jean Genoble, Roebuck, S. C.g Sue Griffith, Tipton Hill, N. C.g Katherine Groseclose, Roanoke, Va., Dorothy Louise Hyatt, Asheville, N. C., Sum Virginia johnson, Orlando, Flu., Mildred L. Love, Witynesville, N. C. Third row: Deloris McCain, Effingham, S. C., Mury McGill, Kings Creek, S. C1 Rachel McGill, Kings Creek, S. C., Sybil L. Muckorell, Gastonia. N. C., Mary Lou Masters, Forbes, N. C., Rose Marie Moore, Stntesville. N. C. "'7' ., .L 97 College Sophomores First row: Grace Poyser, Elkhart, lndianag Marjorie Robertson, Hopewell, Va.: Eloise Rohinson, Birming ham, Ala.: Charlotte Beth Roth, Cuckoo, Va.: Sonna Serio, Clarks Summit, Penn.: Betty Smith, George town. S. C. Second row: Jeanette Spellman, Memphis, Tenn.: Myra Lee Spence, De Funiak Springs, Flag "Tweetlle' Swann, Georgetown, S. C1 Alane Van tle Weglie, Hartford, Conn., Margery Ann Wfashhurn, Decatur, lll, Evangeline W'atts, Chase City. Va. Third row: Hazel XY"hite, Persi.1,Tenn.3 Virginia Wlilson, Quincy, Fla.: Evan R. Wrenii, Chapel I-lill, N. C Not Photographetli Diane Allen, Miami, Fla.: Elsa Cortes Oms., Santiago tle Cfuha, Cuhag Mrs. Cleo .lack- son, Asheville. N Cf Q11 Briclewell, Ford, Mrs. Townsend, Gibbs, Hawkins College Freshmen CLASS OFFICERS lQl4n'is.1 l'arirlewell .lerry Foril Pl'E.l'fZIlE1?f S6L'I'6f4Il'y , Berry Gibbs Polly Hawkins l 'in' -Pre lif!lI'7lf 74I'C'rl.fl!i'l'I' Mrs. Townsend Spmzmr Class Morro: "To .rlriz'e. In reek. In fimf. mm' zmf fn j'ivlrf,' Class Colors: Gray and green Class Flower: Yellow rose Cfl.1ss Song Tone: Aulil Lang Syne XVeaving in .mil our the roms The Montreat freshmen sriek rogc-flier livery Freshman slowly goes. wherever we may be, Symbolie ol our lives alieiul Our days, long and happy here. As the shuttle weaves the rlmren-l, will ever rherisheil be. Buililing fabrics of a life, Theres work ro ilo, theres joy ro slmri Strong.: enough to stun-l the srrilei As our ilnys go by, Ommrrl, ever on 'rill Anil. Montreur, we'll rememlwrr von, lln- florlx ul lin- le flow- llnril flu- fl.w we flir- 95 53 College Freshmen Martha Atkinson, Norfolk, Va. Katherine Bean, Stovall. N. C. Beryl Bismarck, Lockport, lll. Margaret Boseman, Clinton, S. C. Anne Bristow, Inverness, Al.1. Ruth Brock, Nfarion, Ala. Marie Brooks. Sparta, N. C. Mariorie Brown, Fayetteville, N. C. Martha Burclette, Valdosta, Ga. Charlotte Burgess, Paces, Va. Clarisa Bridewell, Donaldsonville, La. Emily Cl2lSl'1XVEll. Hope Mills, S. C, Betty Jean Chaplin, Roanoke, Va. .leanette Chapman, Simpsonville, S. C. Anna Louisa Chinea, Sancti-Spiritus. Culm Melilonia Coley, Gastonia, N. C. Bula Anne Cox, Pascagoula, Miss. Virginia Crowder. Petersburg, Vit. Nan Davis, St. Petersburg. Fla. Ftlnina Day. Simpsonville, S. C. Mary Caroline Dever, Valley Center, Va. Virginia Dinsmore, Oakwood. Va. Betty Epting, Charlotte, N. C. Catherine Elwlen, New Orleans, Lii. Geraldine Ford, Selma, Ala. Ruth Fisher, Alexander, N. C. Lydia Flores, Cartlenas, Culmi Wfinnie Ferguson, Gastonia. N, C. College Freshmen Opal Foster, Caxllmun. Ga, lamisc Gates, Xvclluslcy Hills, Maxx llurry Uilwlw, Wflunlirmli, Va Agncx Gu-lvrr. l,.lIlLll1l.l f my l'l,1 Margaret Gunanu, lilucllclll, XV, X Peggy Gregg, Virginia Beach, V.: Alcanclle Grogan, Ciallmun, Ga, loan Gurhrir. lluv Sprnnux V.: Par Harley, Werrmer Rolwine, Ga. Polly l-l.1wkinS. Marion. N. CQ. Marv Ann Holler. Union Nillx. N lanc Hulr, Mwnrrc-ar, N f Frames Homl. Wfeir, Miss. .I l. Betty Mae Hoylmun, Forrlwirk, Va. Q Joyu: Hudman, XY'.1ycross, Ga. l.1f10 Hlllllncw, G1lws41nx'lll4', N 4 Camlwlic l"lx'lt4wn. lll.lII'K, V.: .lancr Alulmsun, Nwrrlw llcrruun, N I Hefty King. Mlllnwll, V.: Rurlw lxunu. f,lxnmn, 5 1 Sally Kcmlwlc, Kyscrulxc. N. Y Durmlwy Lundy, Nwunrain Cfiry, bl-l'l Betrv Martin, Swrmlale. Ga. .. . . . ,, . lwlrrll Md urmuli, lwmrr XX lwlrcg ll.. llcrry I lmarlcs Mnl.L-url. lilww. X 1 Marguruc Muller, liarnm, Ifla Allyn lXlIll1L'I', f.lffL'lANVIllL', G.: lll.ISlll'AlHI'I'lNl!I1,fl1lIl.I llruxr-,N WD f College Freshmen Ruby Morton, Clinton, S. C, Avernell Neal. Mustoe, Va, Mildred jane Owen, Chatham, Va. Margarita Orozco, Encruciiada. Cuba Christy Peters. Winston-Salem. N. C Mary Bess Plyler, Great Falls. S. C Vernie Pike, Greer, S, C. Frances Reitl, Bartow, Fla. Jane Rice, Marshall, N. C. Nancy Richardson. Los Angles, Calif Clara Robinson, Rose Hill, N. C. Alite Rogers. Pink Hill, N. C, Myrtle Rohrer, Beckley, W. Va. Cappy Shultz, Valley Center. Vu, -loy Stevens, Jacksonville, Fla. Anne Stevenson. Craifzsville. Va. ,lean Thutkston, Simpsonville, S, 1 Jean Tussey, Lexington, N. C . Jean Tyson. Waytcross. Ga. Helen Verser, Lynchburg, Va. Carolyn Williams, Kenansville. N. I lna Williamson, Dillon, S, C. Mildred Wilkinson, Gastonburg. Ala Dorothy Wilson, Abingdon, Va. Elizabeth XWilson, Gastonia. N. C. Patricia Vffoocly. Virginia Bench. Vzl. Alice Vfardlaw, Marietta. Ga. Dorothy Wright, Norfolk. V.i. Erma Yedra. Habana. Cuba Florence Young. ulacksonvillc-, Fla. - s...,.,. ,qw 55' Uff, if: 11 l'L'l'y fnrefy ljIQf,7f'7fll 1z'111fw'lLzm "lu Wil1EC1'1Ll11Li,J, Frnuccs Brown 29 Our Jaya .Lrc full indeed BU High School Seniors PRESIDENT: Karen johnson. Weaxferville. N. C "She was good as goodness is. Her acts and all her words were lillld, And above all memories Wle hold the beauty of her mind." Pres. of Class '-i6-'48g "M" Club '-ISL Glue Club '-lHg Spanish Club '46-'-483 Athletit Board '-47g V.-Pres. of Class '-l61 Shawnee Tribe '-15-'-iS. VICE PRESIDENT: Elise Scott, Martinsburg, W. Va. "Loyal-hearted, strong in mind. A truer friend you'll never find," V.-Pres. of Senior Class '4Sg Sunday Sthool Class Pres. '-18g Blackfoot Tribe '46-'4lSg Hilt- ing Club '46-481 Latin Club 316348. SECRETARY: Betty ,Io Cooper, Columbus. Ga. "Of all the joys that I recall, To live is greatest of them all." Sec. Senior Class '-18g Cheerleader 'WHL Maid of Honor in Soccer Court '-l7g Glee Club '-'l8g Music Club '4iSg Latin Club '-lb: Chickasaw Tribe 'Lili TREASURER: Sue Ledbetter, Atlanta, Liu. "To know her was to love her," V. Pres. of Student Body WS. Alpha Plan 1181 Spanish Club V16-VIS. Athletit Boar-I 'ASQ Treasurer of Senior Class '-ASQ Apatlie Tribe '-if-'-18. SPONSOR: Mrs. J. R. McGregor, Montreat, N. C. I"N i X1 Run l High School Seniors V 32 i Patsy Lou Alexander, Vars. N. C. "God made a heart of golclg shining .intl sweet and pure." President Youth Fellowship 7183 Social Coin. mittee '48g Club '47-'481 French Club '47- '48g Athletic Board '473 Class Sec. ,471 Class Treasurer '46g Volleyball Capt. '-371 Sequoia Tribe '45-'-183 "M" Club Basketball Capt. '-18. Helen Louise Brewer, Brooklyn, N. Y. "Wcmrks while she works and plays while she plays." Athletic Board 7183 Shawnee Tribe Chief ' 181 Treas. S. S. Class 7183 Sec. S. S. Class 'lip Cheerleader '-17. , Eleanor Earnest Birclwell, Chuckey. Tenn. "True to her word, her work, and her friends." Athletic Board '-+6-718. Chevron 745-'-481 HM" Club '45-'-18: Class V.-Pres. 'Ig V,.Pres. S. S. Class '-47, Sec. S. S. Class H61 May Day 716, Spanish Club '46-'4l8g Apache Tribe '-H-'P-l8. Mary Virginia Brooks. l-lot Springs. N. C. "Sincere and studiousf' Youth Fellowship Council P151 Pres. S. 8. Class '-l8g Pres. Latin Club '-181 Blackfoot Tribe '45-348. irginia Dean Buckner. Asheville. N. CQ "Her personality, intelligence and depth ul feeling make her one of those rare people you never tire of being with." President of Student Body 747-758g "M" Club '46-'481 Social Committee '481 Dramatics Club '-F: Treas. "M" Club '-473 Athletic Board '-T1 Band '-173 Glee Club .472 French Club '46-'-l8g Apache Tribe '-35348. Elizabeth Ann Cannon. Wfebster. N. C. "There was not one among us, but could call her a friend." Cabinet '-48g Music Club '-A81 Spanish Club V481 Glee Club V181 Chickasaw Tribe 318. Laetitia Anne Clark, Mclieesport, Penn. "The path of duty was the way to glory." Associate Editor of S. P. S. '-18: Pres. S. S Class '-383 Chairman of Christian Faith '481 Class Rep. to S. P. S. '-17g Choralettes '47g May Day V171 Glee Club ,el6-.4SQ Music Club '-163483 Hiking Club ,46-348: Spanish Club '46-U83 Blackfoot Tribe '46-'48, Charlene Creasman, Asheville, N. C. "She will be liked wherever she goes For she is a girl whom everyone knows," President of Athletic Board '-181 "M" Club ,45-'481 Student Cabinet '481 Student Congress '461 Social Committee V183 Athletic Board '45- '-47g Student Congress 463 Blackfoot Tribe Chief 'l73 Mai Da' '-ll-if Chevron 'vii-"l81 l Y Pres. of Class 463 V-Pres. uf S. S. Class lfil Dramatics "'l5Q V.-Pres. of Class 515, High School Senior 'lo Ann Curry, Cocosola, Panama "A sweet. attractive kincl of grace, continual comfort in her lace." Chickasaw Tribe Chief I-ISQ Hiking Club 'slo- Y1Sg Latin Club '-io?-189 May Court Representa- tive -1 , -16. Margaret Anne Hallman, Sanlortl, N. C, "Happy am I, from care l'm free, XVhy aren't they all content like me!" V.-Pres. S. S. Class '-183 Glee Club '-181 Musit Club '-181 Apache Tribe 518. -Ioy Charmaine Hartl, Chicago, lll. "Sincere and sweet, with music in her heartf Y. F. Council 317, '-181 Pres. of Glee Club '-451 Sec. French Club 'JSQ Choralettes '-if Hik- ing Club '-161 Chickasaw Tribe '-15-'-124. Anne Hilclebrantl, Marion, N. C, "The most manifest sign of wistlom is continued cheerfulnessf' Music Club '11-'4H1 Marshal '-IF: Spanish Club '416-'-18g May Day 316, Sequoia Tribe '-l'l- V-lbl 1 . Norma .lean Hill, Salisbury, N. C. "A genuine love of life." Athletic Board '-181 Y. li. Council '18, Pres. of French Club V183 Sports Etl. on S. P. S. 'elf Glee Club Sec. '4'1 V.-Pres. "M" Club '4i'1 French Club V.-Pres, 'sing Choralettes '-171 Alpha Phi '-11-V181 Music Club '-1-l-'-18g Hiking Club '1-1-7181 Apache Tribe '--l-l-lflSg May Day V141-'-1'g "M" Club 115-'AFL Class Sec. '-16g V.-Pres. S. S. Class '-'15, Dramatics Club '-15. Mary Lou Holshouser. Blowing Rock, N. C. "The girl who wins is the girl who works. The girl who rolls while the next one shirksf' Set. S 5. Class 'ISQ Glee Cluh FINQ Spanish Club .131 Musit Club 'ISL Hiking Club '-15, Alpha Phi 7153 Blackloot Tribe 718. Anna Mautle Hoopei. bylxa. N. 4 "A pleasant companion lor all." "M" Club blfl-'ISL Athletic ljoartl '1S, Lflec Club 'll-4 181 Hiking Club 'll-' ISQ May Day 71 4-1-46, Chickasaw Tribe 711-'-'1H. Fay Kitchens, Augusta, Lia, "Ready antl willing, most capable. loo, always on hantl her part to tio," V,-Pres, M Club 155, Ass t. V,-l'rcs. ol ljoartl 'INQ Y. l", Council 'lN,S11.l1l15llClLIlW 'Ili- 'IH. HM" fliili AIU' IN, l'lll.11lg Klub 'elf High School Seniors 5' Betty Ruth Kuykendall, Leicester, N, L "Shes pretty to walk witli, And witty to talk with. And pleasant to think on, toof Athletic Board '-lH1 Hiking Club '46-VIS, Glee Club '-15-'-Vg Music Club '-153 Sequoia Tribe '-H-TLS. Mattie Lee Ladd, Charlotte, N. C. "A good sport and a friend worth liavingf V Auache Tribe Chief '4H1 Athletic Board '-'io' V151 Y-XF. Cwuflvil '-lol "M" Club -16-'-183 Music Club '4l5-'-581 S. S. Class Pres. '-16-liSg Hiking Club '46-'48, Betty Lance. Fletcher. N. C. "A rare combination of quality, noble and riuct, Plenty of wit and good sense too." Athletic Board i-F-'-lbs, Sliawnee Tribe Chit-l '-FQ Pres. of Soanish Club 'slS3 "M" Club 'flo- "iSg Music Club '-16348: Sec. S. S. Class 'fi7. .lane La Rose. Greensboro. N. C. "As independent as the day is long," Hiking Club '4-if-1241 Striniiw Club '-i51 M.iv Day '-l5l Shawnee Tribe 'll-'48, Jessie Carol LeGette. Hallira. Ga. "She knows how to work and how to play. How to be serious and how to be gay." Athletic Board '-iSg Latin Club '46-U81 Music Club '45-'-iS1 Treas. S. 5. Class '-183 Sec. S. S. Class '-Vg Treas. Junior Class '-FQ May Court Rept. '46 Gilmer Lee Lynch, Burlington. N. C. "The path of the just is as the shining light." Blackfoot Tribe Chief lfflfil "M" Club '45-'-151 Athletic Board '46-'481 Glee Club '44-'47, Betty Parker, Bryceville, Fla. "She is gentle, she is shy, But she has mischief in her eye." Spanish Club '-ZS, Music Club '-IS: Blackfoot Tribe '481 Hiking Club 'tiki Mary Katherine Schwenk, Beaver Falls, Penn. "To make the world a friendly Dlace. She always wears a friendly face." Athletic Board '-'l7, 483 Glee Club '-lei-'WHL Clioralettes '41 Music Club V.-Pres. '-V, Stamp Club Vliig Hiking Club VH-' ISL May Day 'll- Tiog Y. P. C Council ' li-' i61 "M" Club iii-' io, l-ligh School Seniors Malvina May Verreault, Vultlese, N. C "Not too sober. not too gay. but a good, title girl in every way." V.-Pres. French Cluh '481 Y. li. Council '47- '-QSQ Blatkfoot Tribe 'sl6-318. Mary Helen Vanes, Tifton, Ga. "Full of laughter-full of pep- Never quiet-thats her rep." Pres. of Alpha Phi '-JNL "Nl" Club '46-V183 V.- Pres. '-'l6-'47, Marshal "1l7g Treas. Athletic Board '-185 Music Cluh '44-'43, C. Y. F. Council V163 Pres. S. S. Class '46g V. Pres. of S. S. Class '45g Blackfoot Tribe '45-' iS. ' ,. M Our seal, designed hy Dr. R, C. Anderson, former president ol Montreat College, serves as an inspiration hy its statement of the aim of Montreat: eixe quam rizferi. "to be, rather than to seem." It keeps constantly before us the qualities ol the ideal Montrear girl-strength, heauty, and truth. UXTC Q- of Ie tri Q g5x?nurilt"oi'X O ra Q Q E G . Q7 ,.,, 69.00 X95 'PCM sgxl AMQ X Alina Mater Our Alniit Mater was written hy tl ioriiiei sttitlent ol Montreal College who is now teatliiiig in Montreat Sthool. Mrs. XV. H. Armistead. How dear to our hearts will the int-niory he Ol the days we have spent in thy tate. Wlieii within thy dear halls we have lingered .while All thy uilts and thy blessings to share. So the memory ol thee will ever remain, W'hile we think ol each dear hallowed steue, And the honds ol true loyalty, lslest through the years, Our allettions will ever keep green Then, to thee, Alina Mater. welll ever he true. Though the touring years statter us l.n'L And the ideals you taught us xxill ever' he llflglll Shining out as our lifes guiding.: star. We will cherish thy name wherever we roam. And forever thy praises repeat. Hail to thee, Alma Mater, our happiest days Are the days we have spent in Montreat. 35 High Officers: Madge Brownlee, Presidentg jean Hart, Vice President, jane Norman, Secretaryg Martha Brown Treasurer. Dr. Kennedy and Miss Bell, Sponsors. High School Juniors First row: glean Allison, Roanoke.Va.1 Nancy Armisteacl, Montreat, N. C.1 Martha Elizabeth Brown, Knoxville, Tenn.: Madge Brownlee, Starke, Fla., Louise Chandler, Marietta, Ga., Mary Belle Combs, An- chorage. Ky. Second row: Elizabeth Bradie Cox, Wfalton, Ky., Frances Crane, Bethel, N, C.g Barbara Ann Crawford, Lyerly, Ga., jean De Land, Bulape, A. P. C. M., Africag -lane Fowler, Winter Garden, Flag jean Hart, Charlotte, N. C. 36 ' ' a il ne is HIGH SCHOOL JUNIORS First row: Geraldine Hoffman, Laurenceburg, Tenn.: Nancy Laurie Hopkins, Reidsville, N. CQ Elizabeth Carrol Johnstone, Mocksville, N. CQ Carolyn Elizabeth Kerney, -lellico, Tenn.g joy Langfortl, Sarasota, Flag Kay Lowery, Dannestown, Md. Second rowz Winifred Macaulay, Montreat. N. C.: Yolanda Martias. Cardenas. Cuhag Jane Norman, Apalachicola, Flag Mary Ann Phillips, Weirstlgile, Flag l.ily Starling, Hahira, Gag lvlary Dtlclley Taylor, Chocowinity, N, C. Third row: Cynthia Law Wgldtlell, Hendersonville, N. CQ.: Dutchess Werik, Memphis, Tenng Betty jo Willigirlis. Asheville, N. C1 Ophelia XX'illiams, Hickory, N. Cfg lizaheth Ann Wilxfmii, Owensboro. Kyg Anne Summers Xvinlwurn. Xwiricliesrer. Ky. P Officers: Marie Jackson, Presidentg Jackie Horner. Vice Presiclentp Charlotte I-lisle. Secretary, la Quinta Douglas, Treasurer. Miss Stephenson, Sponsor. High School Sophomores First row: Mary C. Austin, Hahira, Ga., Doris Glenda Blythe, Etowah, N. C.g Lee A. Brewer, Brooklyn, N. Y,g Jane Christine Cotton, Jacksonville, Flag Carolyn Curry, Coco Solo, Panama, Martha Dabney, Glou- cester, Va. Second row: Mary La Quinta Douglas, Washington, D. C,g Frances Gamble, Charleston, S. C.g Barbara .lean Gladstone. Chattanooga, Tenn.: George Anna Griffin, Greenville, S. C.g Carolyn Herrin, Charlotte, N. C.: Charlotte Hisle. Charlottesville, Va. ! 38 ii if B .fi HIGH SCHOOL SOPHOMORES First row: Margaret Hobbs, Miami, Fla., Barbara Jeanne Holt, Nashville, Tenng liarbara Hooper, Fort Launlerdale, Flag Sunday Anne Horner, Akron, Ohio, Marie -lackson, W'liai'roii, XV, Va., Xvillie Kerlee, Black Mountain, N, C. Second row: Jane Lanning, Carrboro, N, Cf., Francine l.arrinoa, Habana, Cuba, Anne Larliam, Rose Hill, N. C., Lida Louise Martin, Blowing Rock, N. Cf., Susan Mohr, Pinellas Park, Fla., .loyce Oliver, Fort' l,au- Llerdale, Florida, Third row: Frances Roberson, Spray, N. Cf., Ann Srepp, Hemiersonville, N. Cf.: Berry Srrair, fiolnmlwia, S C11 Carol Wfeaver, Asheville, N. C1 Sylvia Hope Xxfeiileman, lailcelanil, Fla Nor pliorograplieil Annabelle Mora, Astoria, long lslanil T2 v Officers: Martha Guy, Presidentg Mary Doty, Vice Presidentg Barbara Macon. Secretary, Joann Gamble, Treasurer. Miss Ellis, Sponsor. I-ligh School Freshmen First row: Marilyn Baird, Steffherese, Canada, Marian Baker, Myrtle Beach, S. C.g Rita Buckner, Asheville, N. C.: Dorothy Dabbs, Reidsville, N. C., Mary Doty, Rogersville, Tenn.: Ruby Foshee. Montevallo, Ala. Second row: Joann Gamble, Greeleyville, S. C.: Martha Guy, Golden Meadow, Lag Dorothy Holcomb. Goodwater, Ala.: Lois Hood. New York, N. Y.: Martha Huckstep, Charlotte. N. C., Betty -lean Huggins, Hickory, N. C. .4 ry HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMEN First row: Delores Libby, Arlington,Va.1 Barbara Macon, Old Fort, N. C., Hariet Massey, Cherrypoint, N. Cf.: Nancy Meeks, Draper, N. CQ Betsy Price, Wlashington, D. C3 Dixie Nell Southartl, Sylva, N. C. Secontl row: Marta cle la Torre, Habana, Cuba: Martha Rae Willizinis, Hickory, N. C. I. -lust a bit of sweets. 2. Dreaming? 3. The Nut-Cracker Suite. li. Easter Bunny. 5. We want some, too! 6. Sleeping beauties. 7. Well, sir! 8. High School pet. 41 9 '91 1 'ze ESQ 3 9 rv 5 '-sg, - 592' 3x,f.AJ1 Q, fue 3,13 .qi 'il' vi-1, J -in A "9 ,UQ 06.21" ,- A .M -L Ani' Each Talent Casts Its Shadow While the s 's nearin its ei t 0 or in r e ' ' ts 0 ex erience. e il g h gh fgl Y h d Y g have the opparu cy to reach hexgh f p S g d pl y 5 5, h fll h I lgh h h 'll 'llb "dp h I p i our eu ' ' ' 1 lyzd' yf b . Ciiiiiiswt 465' .sfywx Av ' n h , 5 X hhha S ig ,.:5e S ..... I ...... X 1 X 4 ' V Rodrian, Heizer, Wells, Goodman Government Athletics Student Publications Religious Activity The planning of student activities on the campus is done through four groups. The Cabinet, headed by the president of the Student Body, is in charge of the government of the collegeg the Youth Fellowship Council directs the religious programg the Athletic Board sponsors all organized athletic activity, the Staff of Student Publications edits and publishes the Dialetle, official monthly publication, and a yearbook, the S1171 Dial. 44 Student Government Associotion To govern themselves through the highest standard in personal honor, and to develop a friendly spirit of helpfulness exercised here on the campus and later in the days after college is the privilege of Montreat College students in their student government. In 1946, when the school was made a four-year college, the Honor System was instituted. It is the belief and prayer of all who love Montreat College and its high ideals that the efficiency of this plan will continue to grow and to aid in the training of young women for good. joan Rodrian ....... .....,....... P resident Mary Katherine Wood .... House President College Hall Helen Cassell .,..... .....,,,,,,, ,,,, . . Vice President Sara johnson .... Assistant House President College Hall Inez Johnson .......... . .,.l .....,. .....,..,,....... S e cretary Carey Lee Pratt ...........,...,,.., House President Fellowship Gladys Goodman ....,.., ...,, P resident Youth Fellowship Evan Wrenn .,...... Assistant House President Fellowship jo Anne Heizer ....... ........,.. P resident Athletic Board Helen Loyd .................................... President Senior Class Mabel Lee Wells ............,... Editor Student Publications Victoria Samburg ...,.............,...... President Junior Class Juanita Connell ............ House President Lookout Lodge Sybil Mackorell ,....,,,, ,.,.. P resident Sophomore Class Charlotte Bridewell ...........,ii., Assistant House President Clarissa Bridewell ..,...... ..,.. P resident Freshman Class Lookout Lodge Miss Margaret Wade ....... ..........,. D ean of Women Front row: Miss Wade, Bridewell. Johnson, Rodrian, Cassell, Wrenn, Samburg Back row: Wells, Mackorell, Goodman, Wood, Loyd, Pratt, Johnson, Heizer, Bridewell, Connell 45 Front row: Burgess, Miller, Goodman, Wood, Whittle Back row: Bridewell, McMullen, Johnson, Miss Anderson, Loyd, Brown, Hodges, Draper, Samburg, Smith. Christian Youth Fellowship The Christian Youth Fellowship endeavors to lead us into effective Christian living by presenting jesus Christ as the pattern for our lives and as the Saviour from sin. It chose for the year the verse from Proverbs: "In all thy ways acknowledge him and he will direct thy paths." Through a four-fold program of worship, study, service, and recreation it seeks to help us acknowledge Him as Master and Lord of all our ways, knowing that if we do He will direct our paths. YOUTH FELLOWSHIP COUNCIL President ....... ...............................,....... G ladys Goodman Vice President ...... ......... E lizabeth Miller Secretary ................,.............,.....,....,.. Mary Lily Burgess Treasurer ..,............,....,......,.....,................ Virginia Wood Spiritual Life ...,...,.,..,,,,......,....,....,...,.....,, Frances Brown Foreign Missions ....,...,.................,.,, Charlotte Bridewell Home Missions Religious Education ..,... ,,.,,,, Christian Education ..,.., .,..r.. Comradship .,..,,......... ..... Vicky Samburg Vivian Hodges Alyene Draper Jean Spellman Stewardship ,,....,..... ..... S ara Johnson Music ....,...,.,.,,,,,,.,, ,.,,,,, ,..,,..,. B e tty Smith Arr ,.,......,..,. ......,.i.. , ,,, ,,,, ....r,,, . ,. ,., Assistant Vice President ..........,.,..,. ..... ..., Adult Adviser: Miss Zoulean Anderson Edie McMullen Betty Wliittle Athletic Associotion lm. ruse spoits 111 ikc up a large part of life in Montreat, each girl is urged to p irticip irc in thc pro ll proxided for her The purpose of the athletic program is to develop PlljSlL1l efficiency inl to cn tout ue wholesome play md good sportsmanship. Enthusiasm mounts high as the fire tribes compete foi thc tthletic cup presented fit the end of the year. ATHLETIC BOARD ,Io Anne Heizer ,... "Frankie" Hall Marjorie Robertson "Vangie" Watts Annie Laurie Dunn Betty jean Genolwle Suzanne Emery .,., Sylvia Sanchez ,,,..., Edith McMullen ...., ,, Mary Ruth Denman .,,... -lane Bachman ,,,,.., Dorcas Connelly ,,,,,,,, Florence Browning Pat Cox ......,.....,... Betty Whittle . .,,,..., .... ,,,,, , , , ..., ,,Presidcnt Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ,.,,,,Y, ....... C heerleader , ,.,,,,,., Navajo Tribe Chief Cherokee Tribe Chiel Alyene Draper .. ,,,,,,.. , , ,, . Hiawassee Tribe Chief Choctaw Tribe Chief Mohawk Tribe Chief Hiker Soccer ,. ,,.. Basketball lncloor Sports Indoor Sports Martha Barrett ....,, ....,,.. V olleyball Evan Wrenn ...,,,...,,... ,,,,.,... S ofthall Myra Spence ........., ....,.., T ennis Jane Van de Weghe .,.,.... ., , ,, Publicity Miss Sue Burney .....Y.,,,.,., ,.,.,,...,.......,..,,,,.,,,.,,.... S ponsor Left to right Heizer McMullen, Dunn, Van cle Weghe, Draper, Spence, Emery, Miss Burney benoble Watts Cox Bachman Robertson Denman Whittle, Wrenn, Sanchez, Connelly, Hall. 7 Q ,XSX My Q ,umgig Ui,,:gqSAQl4ig , i ,nav W , Q- Y 5 , ,Q .H Y . ,N Wx VC VZ, vzlz W I iv A 1 I 'Y Q" W1 2? ' . 5-fp 'F y ' 5 s 1' Q, Q 1, Q., , , Q A,-. : - ff' ' Z A ,. " Ei V ia yi V, ff W naw-A253 gy. Ottirers: barah Baker, Carolyn Williarris. .mil jerry liord. Miss Woorlhuuse, Directorg Miss Lord. uemnmpanisr. "Hallelujah Chorus," "The Lords Prayer," "There isa Green Hill Far Away" voices blended in praise to God The Chorus Ullnrrs ll4vI4.lxln:lIIlL'lly,'AlumVlruiilr.l,.ill1c1'1ne liyrum Miss 5.lIlllClk'I. lbllfkltvl, l5L'lly Nlllllll, .nr.1nnu1v.riuns4 XX L- Inari Il-li-:xxslnip in siuumg lflgL'lllL'l' pupulni' .mil musir 49 LIFE SERVICE GROUP Officers: ,lean Spellman, Charlotte Britlewell, and Alyene Draper. Miss Watki1s, sponsor. To help ns know Grills plan lor mir lives. NIGHTINGALE CLUB Officers: Annie Laurie Dunn, Rachel McGill, Inez Johnson and Sue Griffith. Miss Grier. sponsor. "To love, tn serve. tn lwettc-r." LYDIAN CLUB Officers: Elizabeth Miller, "V.1ngic" Watts, Vickie Sanilwtirg. Mary Ruth Denman. Misses Gardner and Gootlmnn, spon- sors. . . . Namesake of the Biblical lwusiness woman, Lydia . . . giving educational fun and creating.: an awareness of high lwusiness stuntlartls. UNITED YOUTH Officers in fimur yrtiupsi Griffirl1,Wi1sl1- lvurn, Robertson, Dunn, Kemble, Cim- nclly, Guoilrnln. Melton, Byrum. Crunk Attwontl. Mrs. Wfhitc, Miss Mclilrny anil Miss W.1tkins. sponsors. lt's fun to stuily informally the language .mtl tustiinus of nther peiiples in liremlt. l..lIiII. ciCI'f'lT.lI1, .intl Simnish groups. EL CIRCULO ESPANOL Officers: Helen Cassell, Virginia Wooil, Mary Katherine Worutl .mil Betty Att- woml. Miss Waitkins, sponsor. fllflli uf lmfrla arfmfml. COLLEGIATE COUNCIL FOR THE UNITED NATIONS Officersz Jane Baelimdn, Exuin XVrenn, Sara johnson, Sue Griffith. Miss Hriyr. Sponsor. To inform college students uf the pur- piise tif the Unitetl Ndtmns, tin-l tri .il- ltiw them expressiiin uinterniny the prnlwlt-ms fitting mir wi-rlil 'Q .i ii? fi 9 , ,S e.1.,:"'-q K TQ tk ba 952 , ff N. - ,wg wiv . ii S 3 EA?" rw: 952, 3531 KAPPA Pl BETA Officers: jane Baclmmn, Virgiiim Wood, Junira Connell, and Margery Washburn. Miss McClure and Miss Waltkiiis, sponsors. To Llcvclup il love of Cltlllilly. CHARM CLUB Officers: Rams: Manu Blount, iXl.u5 Ruth Denman, and h1CfxlUIll.l Culcy Miss Miles. sponsor. To lllhlfll qualities ul .i kfhlfllllllgl personality. Back. left to right: Gibbs, Hylton. Vtm Llc Wfeghe. Artwrmtl, Wells. Bmwn. Rulwertwn, Miss Whtle, Nlrq Tnwn- suntl. Miw Mtlilmy. Front, left tu right: f.llll'li, Xwilliams. fillxlllxllif, Cfnfmlc, Swann. B.lLl'1!TlLlI1. WAQl1lwiii'i1. Hmmm Ruth, DtAnin.m, Munre, Phillips The Stott ot Student Publications XY!e'rc: .in Ul'g11l'1lZg1l'lUI1 with lim jobs- Nusing for news, rushing for Ll typewriter, emitting, ntltliiinu, piistiiilig, tlnsliiiig ru tlit- pi'iiii'ci'9- ilu-ii xi.1it-fiiully the Dhzltfllc. l'lwtngr.1plicr5, mitlnilglit meetings worn pencils, cliewcd ciuist-rs, stniclcs uf typul slit-vts, pints priiiilk rliun wlmt seems gin eternity, 1imlf'l'fu' S1111 l'JAi!'. THE STAFF .Xl.:l-tl lu- W1-lla Elin ' in Cfliiu' Mtxrggcry WJSl1l5LII'l1 , lltim-ii' lftlitiii INN U 15,m,,,, L,i,,'l,-xi I3Al,U,,- Mary Ruth hpiiits litlitni is any Armin!! I N ,wsu 'Xl lndmu, Ophelia Willi.1n1s Spmtm lliliti-i' Mlriliiis Rlllxbfibiilfl ,l.lIlL' Y.ti1 -lc XXlC!Lfl l" IXLlVClIlNIII'! M. Atlvcrtlxmg Xl. irmggcr in.1,ut r -l 11 nc Bacliiimn , . Betty Gilwlws , Rose Murir: Mooru , Art liilitaiz' ljxtlmnluu liilitiii' Typist 'lisli C,l.trlx Asw ituc litliiw' Ouitla Swann ,.., , , ,Typist Ll.inx flmlx . News litlixifr lhulind Hagan .,,, , , ,, fllvpixi lwiwliu Hyltnn l:C.llUI'L' l1tli'ii:' Misa Mugarct XV.ulc Spmwii Rnrli fltilw l.llI'rf' Miw Carrie May Mtliliny Spniwii Iiiiiixi- fl1.lliill1'l' fl.ils lixllllil' Mrs Kuirli 'lluwiixt-itil Slwiiixii: liuelxi lei Cfreasiniui Alexander To set ai high example before the other sru- dents is rhe ideal of the members of the High School Cabinet. To eit- ereise discipline when necessary and to help others to discipline themselves is their duty. High School Cobinet Virginia liueleiier ,,.,. .....,..,..,..., P resident Sue Ledbettcr .......... ,..,......... ..,... ...... N 7 i ce President Madge Brownlee ....... .,........,, , . ,..,...,.,.,...,.,.,, Secretary Patsy Alexander .....,.....,,. President of Youth Fellowship Charlene Creasman ....,. President of Athletic Association liaren Johnson ..,.,,....,.., ,,.v...,,,, P resident of Senior Class Elizabeth Cannon ...... ,,,,..... 5 enior Class Representative Madge Brownlee .,,. Louise Chandler ....... Marie Jackson ........ Wilhemina Kerlee ,.,.,, Martha Ann Guy Dorothy Holcomb ....,. .........President of Junior Class ..........Junior Class Representative .,.,...President of Sophomore Class ,,,,Sophomore Class Representative President of Freshman Class ......Freshman Class Representative Miss Annie Webb ...,,............v.,,....,,,,,,,........,,.... Principal .-2... any 2 I' L A? ' ,. if , ' W ' j 7 Q - if if " '-'?Y'f. 'K -1 f t ' t ., , A f W . , , ., xg, . A X Q K ' f -- K asain, ' . . X35 '- 'ii , ' , f W "' Mt' K ' X 151 , Mtv J Q " fi" pgs.. .is-, ' 5 x,..a1v.'+....,..,,. egg., C Front tow: Gladstone, Phillipb, Alexiintler. btarling. Latlil. Britk row: Xllfeitleiiiirii. Ntimll. ii.ixxioril, lxittlren-. Brooks, Clark, Kerlee, Miss Branehe, Larrinoa, l.ath,1in, Brownlee, l-lill, De Liintl, Verinuili, klLlQ.lxbllll, llaitl High School Youth Fellowship The High Sthool Youth Fellowship Countil hah the privilege .intl the impoimlwility ul leailinlu the 5lLlxlk.'lIlN vin .i planned program ot religious activity. Vesper mervites, morning xxatth. player Iernnph. .intl merxite .ittivititx bring the girls into closer fellowship with eaah other anil with Glltl. 'lio help eath girl ltnnxs .intl .ittepl ,lumix .1 Saviour, .ind follow Him in her daily living in ith highest illlll. Patsy Alexander Mary Anne Phillipsn, Lily Starling .,.............. Commission Chairmen: Ann Clark ..,...,.r...... Ann Latham ..........., Francine Larrinoa. ,..,,. Wfilhenlena Kerlee Madge Brownlee ..,. lov Hard ...,.......,.,..,, 'I'Hl: .Premitleni ,Secretary ,,,.Treasurei Christian liaith ,. .,.Cl'1l'lSlILll1 Growth , ,,,Christian Wtwrka Chriatian Outreatii Christian Coniratleslny .. ,....Muhit -Fall Kitchens .,.. .Prayer Groups .intl Morning Wfiittii Mlm iXl.i1'x' CiOLlNC.ll, Marie Alaeksini Nltxxaiilslni -lean De Lantl . lwrieiiaii Alimionx Malvina Verrault .. ,Horne Minion:- Norma ,lean Hill ., . ,. .. ,, , .Ali Mattie Lee Latlnl, Chairuniii of heiriin' Liiooj Barbara Gladstone. Chairnian ot Pioneer Lrlnllj Ninelay School Clam. Presidents: Hope Weitlen1.ii1.. . .,,,., . soplioiui--it lilisl: btoft... , XCIIHH liarhara Crawlortl , ,linin- Mary Virginia Blwmivlis. benioi llI.lIlLllk',5iVIlIlh1lI 55 :Tu ' -nga l Q, 5 an . ay. T Lex Q 'SEE' Aff' . ,'+, f First row: Creasman, Birdwell, Lance, Vanes. Second row: Kitchens, Ledhetter, Knykendall. Hooper. Lowery. Phillips. Third row: Hill. Hart. Le Getre. Cox, Chandler, Schwenk. Fourth row: Ladd. Lynch. Curry. Starling, Brewer. N iss McEl roy, High School Athletic Associotion The High School Athletic Board plans and direuts the physical recreation of the students. lt is its desire to k'l'C.lfC interest in sports, to provide 21 varied athletic program, and in all its endeavors to encoiirage il friendly spirit of tooperiltion. Charlene Creasman.. . .. Eleanor Birdwell ..,.. . . THE .. ,,,,,, President .Vite President ,,,. .Secretary . ,..,,Y..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..,,, ,,,, T r easurer Betty Lance .,........,...... ...... ,...,, Mary Helen Vanes ...... Faye Kitchens ...,......,,, Assistant Sue Ledbetter ,,..,,,.,, .. ,,...,, ' .. Louise Chandler .,,.,,,,,, Mary Kathryn Schwenli ,i,. . Elizabeth Cox ......,......,,. Anna .Maude Hooper... Mzirv Anne Phillips Vice President Cheerleader ..... Co-Hiker .Co-Hiker ......... Tennis ................Soccer ,lndoor Sports BOARD Kathryn Lowery... Norma Jean Hill . Hlndoor Sports ....,......Baskethall ,lean Hart ................. . . ...... ........., V Olleyhall Carol Le Gette ...... ..,... ...... ............... S o f tbali jo Ann Curry ..,........ ..... Chickasaw Tribe Chief Mattie Lee Ladd ........ .... ...... A p ache Tribe Chief Lily Starling .... .... . . .Sequoia Trihe Chief Gilmer Lee Lynch .. ....... Blackfoot Trihe Chief Helen Brewer ,,,. , ..Sh.Jwnee Tribe Chief Betty Ruth Kuykendall ..... .... ,........................ P u blicity Miss Carrie Mitt' Mclilrov .. .Sponsor Utliiifrv M.iiy Ifliilslmiisci', N.imy Armislearl, Mary Belle Ciwmlws. Min, P.lI'liL'l'. iliiiinii K? The Glee Club We lift nur voices in imenrs clciir. The Music: Club Ofriiuw: Mnric I-.ulil, Lily Starling, Barlwara Macon. Mrs. Johnson, sponsiwr Throughout the year our love for music g1OWS. if 57 The French Club Officers: Norinii bl. Hill, Mulviiii Veiixiult, Wiiiifrecl Mgicuulziy, Mrs. lNli1cuuli1y, sponsor. La Lnzrzve. Nulfe Dame. Liz llilfll' Eiffel. Liz Seine, Aiizlueille-Classic France comes close to us. The Latin Club Officers: Mary Virginign Brooks, Francine Lurrinon, Elizabeth Cox. Miss Harrison, sponsor. lt would be liaiimi inclccil io con Vince the Latin Club, who give their programs in the lzuiguiige of the ancient Romans, that Latin is an Clegicl lL1l1gLlLlgC. The Spanish Club Officers: Berry Lance, Aluy Lung- ford, Gilmer Lee Lynch. Miss Srrndefer, sponsnr. Ifcllllflj-IU Spain-to Mexico- ttm South America, lands of rumnnte, tinkliug guitars and clicking custa- nets. Alpha Phi Officers: Mary Helen xfdlllfh, Mattie Lee lurid, Francine Lnrri nw. Dr. Kennedy, sponsor. To uruube interest in good litem ture und to eneuurgrge self-expre: sion. ,ff 1, 'Q G'-,Eff J ,it 2 ri irq? any 4 A bf, -2. Q, 2 1 3, 24 4,-aiu f 1 , wi 5 W 3 f -w . F ,. - ,,5,,, 'fe-f- "5 ' f ' ' smirk lvaQ,A .32 - .5 'VA 7 , IK-f Mk 2 w . i YQ 1 , Q T 4 JKT Th Li ht ot Attainment .... ' xo thcmc who As the sun in its rizdimcc and glory h.i5 rciitlictl thu Lciiiili ot llh thy, . ' I fetched the zenith of their school life. Wife hoiioi' thcm for their lffllllllltllf in iuuiril p 15 aiu 415 469 AV gv -t i ttttt tt A L L 4ii5 1 1 L' "f' f-S55'E5S5::., 1 El X X liiivc added work to their vision uivc . ' V 1 1' A ' - 1 . l .1, bouiiil, and bpiriruiil realms. 1 S E A 1 ,ff -I I. , it ITI i.-fi iii' i,imI45QJ.iirf'2 U7 xx wif HELEN CASSEU, MARY HOLSHOUSFR CHARLENE CREASMAN Ivy in Lemvzizfg fm' in Leurlzifllq ,qf7UffYl1hI7ll'Z7if7 Ihllvum- High Sc'h4v1I High SLkh4Xf1l 62 IE HONOR Q' Q- ' Q .W ,ff ' !?"" WAP' RIO ANNIE HEIZIQR VIRGINIA IIIICKNITR IUAN ROIURIAN .YjvfwffH1.111ufvff1 G'fufrff11fw17f'u fr.7','l1'fflfHl1r'41 1-1lI4'uw IIIQI1 N- Imf1I ffIII4:'14 I 63 PATSY ALEXANDLR 'l'1'11e Sp1z'1f1111l Ilfjfflll High School 3 .., k GLADY5 GOODMAIXI 'I '1 111' .S 11111111.11 11111111 College: MAX' DAY 1948 GLORIA DIAZ Qffewz VIRGINIA BUCKNEK fllfmf of PIUIIUI' MAY COURT College attendants: Berry Mau Hoyl- rnan, Frances Brown. Anne Mcllinrork and Mabel Lee Wells. High School attendants: Barlmm Macon, George Anna Griffin, Ixlmlgc Brownlee and Jo Ann Curry. N631 'Q ff' 'W Q Q .nr The Quccns Lluurt . . . Coronation . . . Uncle: Rcmna and his friends. . . . May Pole Danu: Shadows of Sportsmanship .... The shadow falls toward afternoon across the face of the sun dial. Ar the same time, the shadow of the sportsmanship that we have learned on the soceer field, basket- ball court, volleyball court, and baseball field falls across our memory. We learn here how to play the gnmeg tlmt knowledge we shall use from day to day. 4r 4555, 0, 5, Qi 'S ..e:. 1,,: l ' H f , f P 67 College Tribes NAVAJOS Betty jean Genoble, Tribe Chief MOHAWKS Edie McMullen, Tribe Chief CHOCTANWS Sylvia Sanchez, Tribe Chief CHEROKEES Ailye-ne Draper, Tribe Chief HIAWASSEES Ian Emery, Tribe Chief "M" CLUB fficers: Mildred Gilrenrh, Viviun Hodges, Put Cox. Miss Burney. ionsor. ,mn MONTREAT COLLEGE CHEERLEADERS HIKING CLUB Mary Ruth Denman and June Bnchman, co-hikers. g, .M Annie Laurie Dunn, Head Cheerleader. Tribe Cheerleaders: Joan Guthrie, Cherokeeg "TWeedle" Swann, Choctaw: Mary Ruth Denman, Navajo: Inu Williumsfmn. Hinwnsseeg Inv Srevens. Mnhnvxfk. 70 High School Tribes Bl,ACfKl3O0T Gilmer lu' l,vm'l1, Trilwc- film CHICIKASAW 0 Ann Curry, Tribe Cflwicf SHAXVNIZIQ Helen Brewer, Trilw flmic-l I-I igh ScI'1ooITribes SEQUOIA Lily Starling, Tribe Chief APACHE Mnrrie Lee Ladd. Tribe Chief HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS Sue Ledberrer, Head Cheerleader. Berry -Io Cooper, Chicknsawg Mary Belle Combs, Blnckfoorg Barbara Macon, Shuwneeg Virginia Buckner, Apnchei Durchess Wenk, Sequoia. iwwsw Sk? x Q L ANTI' Q' .za -Ps: J. y, f "A g ,4 1 ,Q A Q qui , ' zQ.f's-.ff 5 Y P fa- ff I f f',.11! 7, ,. 'if,,ix,?V N ,4k,,.,1.':v, J? . I , AS 2 . .35 , ,H I Nfl ,:.. , f -1 "R KX ' X.. .,., : . -a .- x V. I fi-R lfsgwl :ln f., ' ,. ' , wav, JR 'N 1 . jg . 'gi 1 1. 121 J! x 'f 'U A' , :A 5 ,. ,.'f'a' Av --xp M : Y -iff?-' '.. ,VH t Z L. -. ll untill ' ' . "lf" -' 'TL 4' " ft .' 5'-' ' H If . Q. K , 3'Y'.,tg,1,,-,.,.- Lf 1,a."Z7v4Srfw'vfzffr,f" :A sw: 'fri' .- J .. -W cf xw., .fs ff 'fm f e," , ' 1. -11- .. ' 1' ,, ' "ag-'.g- -rf' 4 '1F'7.,!,:. V hiv-A '1.1f.v'wrA Life. ." ' .-1. !':.' 'Eff' HE-.' M M :Wy .,1 . H72 'Q-:Wm .Q- ,-V ,, , -4 3' 9 gk 4: 'Tx E I 1 1.-5' Wxii ,Q I 2 www , 4 1 I 'T -., i .. ' WA4 iv? 14,15 I .n3 , n 'X i Reflections of Quol ity .... 11550115 gii 455 4 4 5 4 V 4 ' 45 AQ B XX- ."' S .,-, S x 4 x 75 . The Collof CAMP MONTREAT Under Direction of Montreot College J. RUPERT MCGREGOR, President IS A CALL TO A SUMMER PROGRAM WHICH MAKES FOR HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND CHARACTER MRS. S. H. MCBRIDE Director CAMP MONTREAT MONTREAT, N. C. Assembly Inn Montreot HOME OF THE Store PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH SHOW PLACE OF THE CAROUNAS OPHQTHEYEARROUND RATESREASONABLE OPERATED FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD NO PRIVATE INTEREST APPRECIATES YOUR For Information Write PATRONAGE J. H. HUNTER Assistant to the President MONTREAT - - NORTH CAROLINA U For Fine Photographs FROM THE CAMERA OF ROBERT BUCKLER YOUR '48 PHOTOGRAPHER I Buckler Studio 62 PATTON AVE. ASHEVILLE, N. C. 77 TALMAN OFFICE SUPPLIES, Inc. 8 COLLEGE ST. ASHEVILLE, N. C. 2105 - Phones - 2106 Congratulations and Best Wishes Asheville Showcase and Fixture Co. Complete Restaurant COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN CARROLL Asheville, N. C. Compliments Winner's A Beautiful Store in a Beautiful City Asheville, N. C. In Asheville lt's Outfitters B e I k ' s L. D. ROCAMORA, Manager Ashevlllef N' C' Remember You Always Save at Belk's Quality Merchandise At Popular Prices Asheville Typewriter Company, Inc. Authorized Remington Rand Agency Adding Machines Bookkeeping Machines Typewriters Office Supplies Service 24 Wall St. Phone 1213 Asheville, N. C. Biltmore Dairy Farms ff i ICE CREAM LE ku: 3 f' ills . If i I -I 7 'i 0 lg!!! full a-.5-lu-um 'V j Shield's Studio Fine Portraits Phone l35O 78 Patton Ave. Asheville, N. C. Compliments of Key City Cab Company For Prompt and Courteous Service C A L L 3 7 9 l Compliments of Johnson - Chandly Lumber Co., Inc. Biltmore, N. C. New Bridge, N. C Phone 30-40 Phone 3022 Compliments Bec ker's Bakery Hendersonville, N, C. The All-Sport Store, Inc. "Everything for Every Sport" Bl Patton Ave. Asheville, N. C. Etird's Dept. Store PATTON AVENUE Quality Merchandise With Price J. A. GROVES GROCERY COMPANY Asheville, N. C. YOUNG PRODUCE CO. Wholesale Fruits, Vegetables, Poultry and Eggs Phone 4488 90 No. Lexington Ave. Asheville, N. C. Compliments ot SLAYDEN, FAKES AND COMPANY Asheville, N. C. Asheville, N. C. Fine Portraits All Work Guaranteed Asheville's Most Modern Studio Rembrandt Studio Phone 3764 2O Church St. Asheville, N. C. F. POWEL BRISTOL Distributor "Tom's" Toasted Peanuts Phone 243l-M Asheville, N, C. WACHTEL'S, INC. Hospital, Physician and Sick Room Supplies 65 Haywood St. Asheville, N. C. ALLISON'S FLOWER SHOP 22 College St. Asheville, N. C. Flower Phone 2l97 Member Florist Telegraph Delivery "Say It With Flowers" "Best Wishes to a Fine College" PEARCE-YOUNG-ANGEL COMPANY Wholesale Foods Asheville, N. C. CARPENTER MATTHEW Headquarters The Quality Fine Ziebvelry Jewelers One Haywood Street THE BOOK MART Second-Hand Books of All Kinds 2l Wall St. Asheville, N. C. SARG'S Black Mountain, N. C. "The Place You Like to Eat" Montreat Girls are Always N EW THEATRE BLACK MOUNTAIN Welcome BLACK MOUNTAIN LUMBER co. Complimenfs Of Incorporated POTTER FEED 81 FERTILIZER CO. Lumber and Builders' Supplies l3lOCl4 Mounwin, N- C- Dial 323l Black Mountain, N. C, 4221 Office Phone 362i BLACK MOUNTAIN HARDWARE Residence Phone 4072 CO. R, 5, ECKLES I-lot Point Appliances - Paints Realtor Household and Builders' Sales - Rentals - Property Management P. O. Box 784 Black Mountain, N. C. Auto Repairing Esso Gas and Oil WOODCOCK MOTOR COMPANY Ford Dealers Black Mountain - North Carolina Compliments ot RICE QUALITY STORE Black Mountain - North Carolina STEPP!S GRILL Specializing in Steaks and Fried Chicken Sandwiches and Short Orders Next Door to Bank Black Mountain, N. C. Best Wishes BLACK MOUNTAIN DRUG COMPANY Rexall Black Mountain, N. C. KEY CITY PHARMACY Prescription Druggists Sundries and Fountain Service Phone 523i Phone 259l Black Mountain, N. C. Supplies Black Mountain - North Carolina BLACK MOUNTAIN ICE CO. "We protect the garden-freshness and essential vitamins ot your vegetables -with ICE." Dealers ln Good Coals No Slate in a car-load Victory Cabs Specializing in Scenic Trips To Points ot Interest Phone 38Ol Block Mountain, North Carolina Courteous and Dependable W As important to Ivey's as selling merchandise . . . is courtesy and friindliness shown you, our cus- tomer. You are always welcome here . . . we hope you will make Ivey's your headquarters in Ashe- ville. HOME OF SKYLAND FASHIONS' T.M. Reg. Lance's Esso Station P H O N E 2 4 9 I "CARE SAVES WEAR" Black Mountain, North Carolina McMurray Chevrolet TELEPHONE 3I4I Black Mountain, N. C. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES g o Z Z Dine where they serve tempting pre- serves and iellies from Sexton's Sun- shine Kitchens. They are famous in 48 states for their pure fruit goodness. N 1 4- vi y ,-fi' V . ' f I x T alfa ' V X 9-'f-'20 I 455. 231: V g -ifyjeu fl-5 T:-T--THRU . S xtu QMWWM Knight's Pharmacy PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS D R U G S - S O D A S A N D S U N D R I E S Meet Your Friends at K N I G H T 'S Black Mountain, N. C. HARRISON FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Lady Attendant Phone All Hours - 276I Black Mountain, N. C. MONTE VISTA HOTEL Single Rooms S2 to S3 Repairs on All Makes ot Meals 50C to S1 Cars and Trucks I S A L E S S E R V I C E BICICIQ MOUUTOIU, SCHRAFFTS "The Nation'.f Leading Candles' ON SALE Al GOOD STORES EVERYWHERE 51.00 - 31.75 Morgan Bros., Inc. Wholesale Distributors 67 Broadway, Asheville, N. C lis Delicious Food L 1 ENJOY SOME EVERY DAY THE INLAND PRESS COMMERCIAL P R I N T E R S ASHEVI LLE, N. C. AUTOGRAPHS 83 Colgntes or Ipana' Two's company . four would be ideal Waiting for some one? How firm a foun dation? Ipana could use this one. Take it-but quick' In this quiet, se- cluded place . . . Shucks! I couldnt Wait till summer. Expert camera- breakers We're wondering too. Some people like to be waited on . . Now, in my opin- IOII. . . A Georgian learns how. Cold-but we love it! r Why the Dialette sells more ads than ever before. I h i' YJ. 1 , mt ' I- 515- 5, . Isl III- I ' ' 'Q' ms," 1 - . Q' Hgvul' ll ' ' I' 1'5" I F - 4,3 '-YJ! In N J' , "X, uh' ay ' rl. 1 , . ' vp. ll' . Hif- iq? N .JN n ss H .- Npg - ., . 1,1 ,' nl 14 ' x 'n 1 . J , ,Ju - 5 .X ,- :- , . , , 153. l 'R I 4 J 1 A , .r 4' ,V ul IQ, "', .-1 'r L . J ' F' . s v 4 W 1 ' a 'rf"'-" 'U-My mn. 4,

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