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 - Class of 1958

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Montpolior-llarrison Township Sohool Uorporation P i i I Wayne HSYS. Supefimsndfm MONTPELIER' INDIANA WILLIAM .High School Offiffff L- E- KCllsYB11ildin8 ORVILLE R. CLINE. Grade School May 23, 1958 Dear Seniors, Congratulations! Members of the 1958 Class of Montpelier-Harrison Township High School. Even though I have only known you through your senior year, it has been a pleasure. Your past twelve years should have given you the necessary fundamentals of education. You have developed certain skills and mastered some of the principals of worthy living and worthy citizenship. We do more than wish you well. Great are our expectations as you move forward to ever new and widening horizons. The field of success is not crowded. To get to the top you must first get to the bottom of things. A great sense of humor will help, and is a natural born twin to a great sense of faith. So Seniors, grab a handful of rainbows today, and even when trouble, despair, and disappointment knock on your door, be like the teakettle - even when you are up to your neck in hot water - go ahead, sing. If you ever do get to the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. If at any time in the future your school r and I can be of service to you, do not hesi- ' ' 'I tale to give us the opportunity of that service ' The best of success to all of you is my wish. 0--o Sincerely, Superintendent 2 ,qos Q ' A l X ' ,I I A f - ' L ' J - 'Q -W - . L, iw 'wk' A, .'., .- Ir' ' i .Wai V Q I, , . . -5- l 450505Z gee!! yfffzfffzea' glilmbf Paykel: ,RIN is .mm 319' is FRANK JOHNSON is serv- ing the first year of his sec ond term, after being re- appointed in 1957. Mr. Johnson resides on a local farm. HARRIS BONTRAGER, Secretary, will have com- pleted the second year of his four-year term on the CHARLES BEYMER, President of the school board, has been a member since being appointed to take over Mr. Cum- BUILDING PROIEC T A lasting tribute to the board will be the new building which was begun on August 4, 1957, and is expected to be finished by March 1, 1958. Another project finished was the enlarging of tl - playground. mins, the former Trustee's, unexpired term in 1954. He has also served as Trustee since his appointment in 1954, and subsequent election in 1955. lfqf. . DR. GORMAN MCKEAN, is completing the last year gf' of his three year term as a member of our School Board Dr. McKean is our local dentist. 11-' ' 1 WALTER ROGERS, T X I R t rea ' urer of the board, has now Q served three years. Mr. 3 ' f ' Rogers' occupation is farm H I ing. ' e l r - i. f ' 'vi 1Vf'TjT'g"'T lla' J --jj' 5. ,pf .sq School Board, at the end of this Year. He is the l ""'i N""l" " ' 7WW ' proprietor of "Bontrager's Drug Store. " S 1 Q WILLIAM DAVIS, since his graduation from Purdue, has taught for Q ls eight years, six of which were at Albion, and the two remaining as ... ' principal of our school, Besides teaching and serving as principal, Mr. 3' - Davis has also coached. . tiff: ' f it 4 . -5- 429699 Aw deaf fy Q 1 id" " A -.""Q7' lp' ' 1-,pg-3 K' '- 7' ' lr I Y - -I A -. .X mb 'Q-. 3-f .'. f ' " -I V . ,I I .u .., I ' I, h 'ly .' I nt . I 11, M ' P ' - ll... 1: ll V 4 "na, 1' ,, 'VI " ,Q - , fi 1 -ff n A I Y fm o I 1 I Q' i 1 IUI1' . L' ' I 'Q Y f 4 1 ' ' ' ' au' ' A-546 A . ..' lv 3 - l C:-:ol 1 WILLIAM DAVIS, M. P. E. U. S. History, High School Principal. This is Mr. Davis' second year as principal of the High School. Everyone appreciated his steady hand at the wheel especially during the crucial period following the untimely death of Mr. Wilson, our Superintendent. This year he has tried in every way possible to rnake our five new teachers feel at home. BETTY GROVE, Secretary GP 6 6 -7- H .iq it ll ,,,.. ff,--'j NOEL D. LEWIS, B.S, Music, Band Director NELLIE WILLIAMS, B.S. World History, General Business Civics, Sociology AUDREY MODLIN, B.S. - Assistant Coach, Mathematics, Physics LUTHER GLANCY, M. A. - Geography, History A DIHISSION OF STATES 4 .U ,, , -3- +1-1+-ef-' ,' 2 , X, Y -- ui ,..l1 IANICE NELSON, A. B. - Mathematics, Latin VIRGINIA RUNYON, B. S. - Physical Education General Science .. 4, .V . ,. I t -X: gas., ,. K. V . , ' -fit' Q-- xx, S Si 16' if S. S S w A .S X- Y sl -I .5 - Ei' f f l . , X ii L A X :el 'G' ' Y E, .-E 1'- L .' : 'A -" 'A -5. O tx ,Q X , f . .ff if I j - 135, ,4 I FRED JOHNS, B. A. - Shop, English JY NAPIER, B. S, A, - Agriculture, Biology MARY RICE, QQ -i. -rl if-'N 1 A.B. - Art, English H1 X! 5991 ' ' JEANETTE REA, M. A. T. ' English, School Librarian -9. U7 X I J K- A, CARL I-IONAKER, B.S, - Driver Training, Health, Physical Education -...M ..-1' , , LILLIE ALBERTSON, A. M. - English, Speech -'X , U23 , ' 1 r "jf:.'. ii, 3 mf film- .ffir A" V gif 1 'II' " :mm fs--Mop 'K Sl T f" ,fE,fw-- , ,gg we - 41, 5 , JAMES G. COPPOCK, B. S. - Commerce, Chemistry MISS MARY JANE RUSH, B. S. - Home Economics -10- en iord v I m x -'.A a ' ' v I '2- farfin DITH ANN HART nmercial - Class President 45 Student airs, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Dance b 1, Discussion Club 2, Ravon 3, 4, :erleader 1,4g Twirler I3,4g Junior, ior Play, Opererta 2, 3: Booster Club ,3g Choir 3,43 Chorus 1.2, 3,45 31' Staff: Annual Staff. ft Lgefzzkw kms' Ufbezs 'fx f? President ... . . . . .. Judy Hart Vice-President ...... Marion Ueland Secretary-Treasurer .. Sharon Hudson X MARION LEE UELAND Commercial - Class Vice-President 4 Class Secretary-Treasurer 233 GAA Secretary-Treasurer 1, 2: Ravon 3, 45 Twirler 3, 4, Crier Staffg Choir 2, 3,45 Chorus 1, 2, 3,4, Annual Staff. - 11 - "4-""-E' SHARON HUDSON General - Class Secretary-Treasurer 4 Student Affairs 4, Dance Club 1, Dis- cussion Club 2g Ravon 3, 41 Cheerleader 3, 4, Junior, Senior Playg Booster Club 1, 2: Choir 2, 3, 4g Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Crier Staff Editor, Annual Staff. glgfi-wg:-f-:" 4, ff-:sl - . '51 - ' WS. 4-. s -. '15 , 4 ' great, A-srrf i.. """"' A iii "-nw I , Q Aa. 'Q 5 ' l 1rt A A A X X ig x I ' Q at LOIS ALLEN Commercial - Library Club 1, GAA 2, 3, 43 Senior Play, Chorus 1, 2, 3. JOSEPH ALLAN PARKER General - Student Council 3, President 4g Athletic Club lg Dance Club 2, 3, 4, Junior, Senior Play, Operetta 2, Band 1, 2: Choir 2. , 3 vc' ANN LOUISE MCCAMMON Commercial - Student Council 2, 3, Athletic Board President 4, Dance C1 2: FHA 3, President 4, Band Secretar 35 Chorus 3, 45 Crier Staff, Annual St DEWAYNE GROVE General - Athletic Club lg Dance Cl 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Track 1, 3. 4. Q"-1313? -12- I-ffrstq 2 1 I I, VICTORIA ROSE FITCH Academic - Student Council l,2g Da Club 1, 2: FHA 3: Ravon 4, Booster C I, 2, 3, 41 Chorus 1, 3, 4: Crier Staff, Annual Staff. DON WILLIAMS Academic - FFA 1, 2, Athletic Direc 3, Vice-President. Dance Club 4g S cial Member FFA 4, Junior, Senior P Annual Staff. DONALD EUGENE SCHWARZKOPF Academic - Vice President lg Athletic Board 3,43 FFA 1, Conductor 2, Vice President 3, FFA 4, Baseball 1,2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. DIANA JANE HART Commercial- Dance Club 1, FHA 2, 3 4, Chorus 1. 1 fl IUDITH ILENE PUGH Commercial - Vice President 2, Dance Club 1, Ravon 13,43 Cheerleader 1g Junior, Senior Play: Operetta 2, 3, Cho- rus 1, 2, 3, 4, Crier Staff, Annual Staff. JOSEPH NORMAN CALE Vocational - FFA 1, 2, 3, 43 Club Re- porter 4, Band 1, 2, 3.4. N 1.43 1 TOM NOLLER Academic - Athletic Club President lg Dance Club 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Jun- ior Play, Annual Staff. GLORIA JEAN FUTRELL Commercial - Dance Club 1: FHA 2, 3: FBLA 4: Junior, Senior Play, Booster Club 25 Annual Staff. ......-- 5 RAY LOVE Vocational - FFA Club 1, 2, 3,45 FF! Dairy and Vegetable Judging: FFA C ductor and Sentinel, FFA Basketball. DAVE WILLIAMS Academic - Class Vice President 3, Discussion Club 3, FBLA President 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 2. ' cf. T05 -14- l f 1 P , BOB ALBERTSON Academic - Klick Club 1, 2, Library Club 35 Klick Club Vice-President 4 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff. JANET MARIE I-IARTER General - Sunshine Club lg GAA 2, Activity Leader 3g GAA President 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3. T STORMS .demic - FFA lg FBLA President 2: :nce Club 35 Klick Club Secretary asure 45 Crier Staff: Annual Staff. IRA FRANCES MERCHANT nmercial - GAA l, 2, 3, 4: Booster J 2, 31 Chorus 1, 2.3. w l SUE PITTS :ral - Library Club lg Dance Club -IA 3: FBLA 43 Band 1, 2. RLES HARTLEY :ral - Athletic Club lg Library Club Vice-President 43 Basketball lg ball 2, 3, 43 Basketball Student Man 2,-1. HOWARD D. BROCK General - Library Club 1, Athletic Club 2: Dance Club 3, FBLA 4, Track 1,2,3, 4: Crier Staff. CHARLES MILES Vocational - FFA 1, 2, 3,43 Club Vice President 4, Basketball 1. NILA SUE MICHAEL Commercial - Library Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Club Secretary-Treasurer 2, 3, 4. NORA MAE GLESSNER Commercial - Sunshine Club lg Dance Club 2, FHA 3, FHA Reporter 4, Booster Club 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Crier Staff: Annual Staff. ff ey-' DN! 156 JUNE ELLEN SMELSER Commercial - GAA lg Commerce Clu 21 FHA 35 FBLA Vice President 43 Boos Club 2, 3, Senior Play, Band 2, 35 Annt Staff. MARIE MARGY GILLETTE General - Student Council 3,4g Studer Council Secretary-Treasurer 4: FHA 3, FBLA Treasurer 4, Booster Club Treas- urer 4, Band 1, 2, 3. mme 1' iv' Q N91 -v"'f!7 -16- Y FORRESTER tional - Student Council lg Student is 4: President 3: FFA l, 2. 3, 4: FFA tary-Treasurer 33 Basketball 1, 2: z 3, 4: Junior Play, Annual Staff, 1, 3,45 Choir 3, -1. Y DAVID WATERS amic - Klick Club l, Secretary- urer 2: Ravon 3, -1, Choir l. K' r rrrreefff1Q '59 xi-F' J 1 CHARLES EVERHART General - Student Council 2,33 Student Affairs 3, Dance Club 1, Library Club 2, Vice-President 33 Klick Club 4g Oper- erta 1, 3, Editor Annual staff. ESTHER LOUISE HAWK Academic - Library Club l, Reporter 25 Library Club 533 President 4. , '. ' ,J ,. J. , . X . ,j, ,rm Qu ' 3 I n -17- 65 'Sv MIRIAM GILLETTE General - Student Council -lg FHA His- torian tlg GAA -lg Junior Playg Band Coun- cil President flg Band 1, 2, 53, TOMMY ARMSTRONG Vocational- FFA l, 2, 23,41 Cross Country 1, 2, 3.4. RICHARD F. SCHWARTZKOPF Academic - Student Council 4g Vice President Student Council 43 FFA 1, 2, 3,4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Senior Playg Dance Club 4. KATHLEEN CHICK Commercial- Dance Club lg FHA 2, 3, 45 FHA Club Historian 2, 41 Crier Staff. 'hs 'Q 'US' I ls BRUCE NESTLEROAD Academic - Athletic Club lg Dance Club 21 Discussion Club 35 FBLA 4, DELL SMITH ' W General - Feerben 13 Library Club f P 2, Science cirrb 3, FBLA 4, wr 78" '1' " RANDALL FOY Academic - Athletic Club 15 Dance Club 2, 3g FBLA 4: Senior Play, Bask ball 1,2, 4, Baseball 2, 3,4g Band 1, 3g Annual Staff. WILLARD DAVIES MATTSON Academic - Klick Club President 1: Klick Club 2: Science Club 3: Kliclr Club 45 Band 1, 25 Choir 3, 4, -18- ER ERNE hematics, Science-President 3 yearsg : President 3 yearsg Discussion Club 4g dballg Noon Leagueg Yearbookg German 19 I 190 range Student. UANNE GRUENVOGEL A hematics, Science-President First- Associationg Ravon Dramatic Club 'earbookg German Exchange Studentg iuated from Frauenoberschule. 'Qi , .1..YTw I A WILLIAM ALLEN BRACKIN .sg General-Secretary-Treasurer lg Athletic ' "' Club lg Dance Club 2, 3, 4g President 3g Basketball lg Cross Country lg Withdrawn January 29. CLAUDE KELLER Academic-Student Council 1, 2g Klick Club lg Ravon 2, 3, 4g Junior Playg Oper- etta 2, 3g Band lg Choir 1, 2, 3, 4g With- drawn December 19, SENIOR CLASS ELECTS NEW VICE-PRESIDENT On January 27, Don Williams was elected to fill the vacancy left by the withdrawal of Marion Ueland. Marion served as Vice-President during the first semester, but left us at the beginning of the second semester to be married. She and her husband plan to move to California in the near future. The class was sad to lose Claude Keller this year, who had to withdraw because of ill health. Also quitting were Janet Hatter, Nancy Roush, Diana Hart, and Bill Brackin. We were indeed sorry to see them leave. -19- 4' u"N nu? .ny f-""" 7' -.--1 x T.,-,.., -1 . af'- CI 5 .f A ff gg 5' W' Zddif. . . 55 f TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: We, the Class of 1958, being of sound mind and in the presence of these witnesses, do hereby bequeath, let and release all claims to the prop- erty listed below. BOB ALBERTSON wills his writing ability to Miss Nelson. LOIS ALLEN wills her tight skirts to Linda Williams, TOM ARMSTRONG wills his ways with Dunkirk girls to Carlton Smelser. CHARLES BALES wills his ability to get demerits to Larry Bye. BILL BRACKIN wills his brain to Rodney Black. HOWARD BROCK wills his life. love and happiness to Karen King. JANET BYE wills her natural red hair to Carolyn Kilgore. JOE CALE wills his reckless driving to Mr. Hays. KATHY CHICK wills her height to Linda Hatter. CHARLES EVERHART wills his bicycle to Miss Rea. VIKKI FITCH wills Ronnie to anyone who thinks they can take him away. JONDAJANE FORD wills her blue eyes to Mr. Lewis. TERRY FORRESTER wills his ability to play his horn to Marvin Helny. RANDALL FOY wills his ability to finish a speech to Miss Albertson. GLORIA JEAN FUTRELL wills her complexion to Edna Baker. MARIE GILLET TE wills her ablllty to go steady for a long period of time to Betty Smelser. MIRIAM GILLETTE wills her ability to go steady with two boys at once, especially one from Chester, to Betty Gordon. NORA MAE GLESSNER wills her sewing ability to Beverly Weatherholt. DeWAYNE GROVE wills his height to Jim Moyer. JUDY HART wills her yell leading ability to Betty Grove. CHARLES HARTLEY wills his physique to Dave Chenoweth. ESTHER HAWK wills her wavy hair to Judy Garrison. SHARON HUDSON wills her long hair to Mr. Davis. DENA LEDBETTER wills her height to Marilyn Schwarzkopf. RAY LOVE wills his cowboy boots to Gary White. BILL MATTSON wills his Ivy League hat to Mr. Coppock. ANN MCCAMMON wills her roller skating ability to Mar- jorie Knight. FRANCES MERCHANT wills her small size waistline to Starlotte Hartley. NILA MICHAEL wills her small feet to Miss Rush. CHARLES MILES wills his shyness to Jim Bradley. BRUCE NESTLEROAD wills his "No-Nods" to the second period library. -20- TOM NOLLER wills the elephant in his car to Diane Bla JOE PARKER wills the Student Council to anyone that c stand it. NILA PITTS wills her ability to go with boys to Lois Pel JUDY PUGH wills her Shorthand grades to Betty Smelsel DICK SCHWARTZKOPF wills his "innocent" look to Ha Myers. DON SCHWARZKOPF wills his girls in Hartford City to Y Colvin. JUNE SMELSER wills her quiet ways to Judy Hiser. DELL SMITH wills his six-pack to Max Coffield. RAY STORMS wills his arguing ability to all the teache: DAVID WATERS wills his rockets to Mr. Modlin. DAVE WILLIAMS wills his quiet ways to Dave Nestleroa DON WILLIAMS wills his umbrella and little black hat I Mr. Napier. PETER ERNE wills his way with the girls to the Montpeli boys. MARRIANNE GRUNVOGEL wills her long hair to Barbara Dearduff. WE. the SENIOR CLASS, will our future success to the school. TO THE TEACHERS, we will our sincere thanks for tear ing us those things which we can always use. And tc the SCHOOL BOARD, we will our deepest appreciati. for making the school a better place in which to live and work. 1H+f2:WQf'e'f'f"fi Signature Q. Jzzszmf Witness Q'-5 lf - f ,f Q Mnclercfaddm en 'I-.. :- IJ I 'T I I JL 11' ' I 1 5,5- V9 Lil Q 1 I y F A- YF Q -I 4 Bill Armstrong Edna Baker Dick Bales Janice Batten Rodney Black Steve Bloom Joan Bontrager Kent Bunsold James Burchard James Braden Martha Cameron Jean Chenoweth Jay Coffield Max Coffield Pat Coffield Bob Colvin Barbara Dearduff Claude Doty Roger Fishback Elvajane Garinger Jeany Garrison Jesse Glessner Keith Headly Connie Helton Judy Hiser Mike Inman Don Kellogg Steve Kellogg Cynthia Kelsay Ed Kershner 1 4:. 444444 6'bX5'5lff99 444444444 Q' ' ' f R C. er' . 4: 7 'lg - 1: 1' s 4 , A' . Q - X . 1 f f .ali 'f 424 fgg iff? E 0 A fri G 1: 'flicks' " X vi I C 5-It fa .Qu . - ..-...-......,C I -1 '- 41 .-,fs f A- , ' " Q. dw, ' ' Berne' pug: cr ' P4 x ' ff" N ,QL - L ' KAR - ' "' ,' "' ,r Q: V i - .."'1 ::.:-J,, if ' --ut.. Cm '.n- , ' Llllfi ,'..I2g:gf dr? "" :::::,C4':::7:--:ff 11 A J 414- C nffwerr on nam I C l C YF' C53 si lf! My B' 1 f FY ff, - - Y -nr x - Q gvrvj ' -muh! U l". A ul A 'V g ui? - 7 1 V - 2 - . I ' A' ' ' ' f 13: f ' .C - - r , ' fx C' A! x 1 Ta- I' 'ff t 1 Af -nun' Q 4 igwir 'ss 'vu If ,J , X, ' ,C , 'Lil L..a-el .I .hi X -21- ffrffffffffgkgg dfpgffxxffrfxf if 'B " 4. xx- --+ L . :5f'13g,g,:' ' -,e:""f'!,. a ,V ,. V' Am, , ,- .. . X B fa 4 by , V -.J is 11. 'f lk I 1 ' ur. -.X t mv:-K .1 '22 .C- Q -,V . 'fig 5 x 'JL .l ,- X ' f-4 4-vggszfgv - ,W ,. , X 752' , 3 : ' ,of ur"'7' Q,-. uf fri vq-r 5 S36 aff, 19 I 1 " ""W"75'7f 5' I 1 T' """" W! P515 i f f'Qf4i'ffl3"" '2f2gaV: ' V if ' r x M el QOH, gms' tt, W 5 M-. I W 1 V " 'll A K ' J 4 .L I H3 5 Not Pictured: Pat Scott cqxv " , 5- V A f rf' if S . ff . -22- Jerry Kershner Marjorie Knight Lee Karnes Farrell Long Elsie Love Larry Love Josephine McC1ish Linda McFerren Peggy McGeath Harry Myers Lois Pethtel Dorsey Price Alice Sargent Marilyn Schwarzkopf Tom Shannon Barbara Stroud Betty Smelser Gerald Spaulding Ralph Thiery Karen Runkle Bill Robbins Charles Wentz Larry Wible Ben Wilson Jim Winters Barbara Yadon Bill Yadon 44444444 6v6555!f960 444444444 Janet Allen Nancy Allen Sue Armstrong Bob Berry Dianne Black Donna Booher James Bothast John Braden James Bradley Betty Burchard Sunny Carnes Phyllis Chenoweth Linda Coleman Joy Enochs Judy Enochs Ronnie Everhart Joyce Fear Rita Ferguson Betty Flatter David Foy Sharon Futrell Betty Lou Garinger Dean Garrett Betty Gordon Roger Grass Joyce Grover Jane Harter Kay Herring Nancy l-Iornbaker Danny Horrom Q!-v '43 Q 0 I, '- 'gf a"' r-or . . 14.1 f,. lit tcsa to Ax .oi l"'s ,pl 1 I gi: 4 sz' ind 6 -- :,, 'ov '- 132'-N 7.-A if Q Q . f I N sf A . al vf tm 42 W- .v- fe I fqfuf ,gs QQ P lvl? a ,J v l 4 -0- 1- - J fs. 4 'fi fi f lwmlfl X It Q :QC ,ik ' in Citi in Kr 4, 4. .qv-Qwawf J 1 .2 at 3 -Y-:K . N 'v ' ' 1 it 'A' if 'k 'A' 'A' Iohn Ickes Jeannine Johnson Mary Ann Johnson Tommy Kershner Allen Kessler Karen King George Lugar Bruce Luzadder Douglas McClain Nancy Malott Donna Morgan Jim Moyer Ralph Meyers David Nestleroad Jerry Overmeyer Bruce Prouty Pat Quillen Mike Ray Joe Rogers Dick Rogers Steve Ruble Carol Rumbaugh Marie Sanders Marilyn Sargent Jennine Schmidt Steve Schwarzkopf Gilbert Sills Don Simpson Sandy Slentz ,aD fffffakgg J! f960ffx+f-:far ,M .ff .l-'Q --r s . ' 'Q an 4 -csxw - .fs w. X, Q- X wayqw :: gm. .. x N. . K. , R s X3 XXV? h K x x f ,r.uv,., Q. l . 1 2 M,-gag-5, tw N . r fl 5 . 5 ,.l' ' - r 5 S I is-V 1' ' - V S Q ' :Q-'T v- v .L g t , , Nqqwv .aa- Q. - ' S s 5 C" V I , ry YV I 1 ie.. I 4 5? Q, KN r ,xxx f N N is 1 S if ,, gf , T V ' I f eb - L' I , . ' if gi? 3518! V X Q ' Y qlsrmy. ' P -.,' Y 2 . . x , iq Q 1 '1 V K " f Vr., Tis. ag., ' AWMQQ my .I ,J l K wr T' A 1 a , .:1- 1 Carlton Smelser 45, I .rf , l or A, 3 22 rr" W gg fp A V' 'rl Ya X' ' 'T 5 S ' if vi XS 2 if - - V Y . W r gr, 3 ,, .79 ., . .K 1' .. .- :. f. 1 -Q, src, I Q x. 1 Ar X si 'E M mv' " ru X- s sf ss- A 2 if E sv " E s ff I' 'A' Lois Smelser Philip Stoltz Janet Trant Beverly Weatherholt Donald Weaver Gary White Yolonda Wise Paul Yates Kirby Edmonds Dianna Alfreiy Steve Allen Barbara Anderson Ray Barton Mary Jane Brackin Elizabeth Anne Braden Glen Brock Robert Brown Larry Keith Bye Sondra Cain fukin--A'-A'-kftcvkggaff960rffff1kf-:fir .343 -i A s If ,vw -- ,QQ Aw Q -3 fn P" 'F nw 1- .Q 1. MNH, ii H C3 Ax 3 z -run. .AJ ,gg ti .2 Maxx af 1967 ,-swf' K f K-Zi'-.--1-,iff f- rv -25- , "1 x L 'Ex la Q' " ' 1 N , E .lu V' ' rf' I' -f"'N fffffwrfffaagg if !96!+fff+xfff+1 . ff ' 'K :sv X .jig 2 A N311 Q Z. , Q , A 1-fi hw ' ?'2-215' Q' ' ' ' ' ' is V l ff- .: ' E14 ' rw:-,'a.'f::Q::s:::, -':gzQ1':'...i:-:s:a -'VU' k"'f"' Q. 'mvwv 'VP' Q. ,,.' 4- 4, Un- X ff' it fs-of if. . W ,. . , A k , 0 ri., . My , Q Ae ,.""1:"v.,i-, , 'L N 5 'S . Pi s' I +6 ,Q tl I :EM if-5 -X. if ' r Y ,vw . 1 3 .izix -Q, , , .. .,x. K W , , i , ,.,, ., .i , - jp ,MX , sa T11-ez s Q Z S' V in ik X ...A , ,.. -J iv ek, s ir: up 2 ' is Q l l 3 f X fi "" '- . . A i A . v.V f blf . A xx g I X L 4 A 1 an -26- David Chenoweth Don Chenoweth Rose Ann Chick Fred Cline Iris Coleman Sue Cook Rita Davis ,Panet Sue Downhour William Elliott Marjorie Ellison Patty Fear Judith Ann Fisher Leon Flatter Judy Garrison Alice Gillette Linda Harter Marvin Heiny Carolyn Herring Karen Inman Eleanor Kegerreis Tom Kennedy David Kessler Carolyn Kilgore Bob King Herman King Udella King Russell Kinser Delma McClain Judith McDaniel fffxffffffabgg af !96!fffxffffrff Rosalie McGahey Sharon McGuire Lois Manning Warren Mattson Jim Miles Carol Moriarity Jim Morris Carolyn Nelson Ronnie Norris Jackie Norton Patrick O'l-Iern Mark Ramseyer Nancy Ramseyer Glen Rogers Mary Jane Rogers Stanley Sandoe Judith Schoger Dee Schwarzkopf Carolyn Shroyer Ronnie Simpson Cindy Thiery Shirley Thomas Shawncey Webb Kay White Howard Williams Jennie Wilson Patty Wilson Sandra Yadon Joyce Zehner Ii i G? Not Pictured: Bruce Scott fer., V 1 dr '-v' ' 4 'D ' hi awk if 4 I X armies Q R ri In n v X . V fx V y, 4, , . t A 'M -:AJ I WM' Q gji-'Q '-r lf' 4' .WI - . ' 2: K." 1 .spat -,Q u.'r A 1 'wif' J' T sf . 41 .-.-11 3 rn? , X - is ,,, , I'-v ,rg . .Evil -,.'-- 1' -Q-, h 11511 'ass ,xg I - """'- J Y 3' . , K, X www --1--V ' --'-'-'f""'1" ' fwfr. - ' - - -1 . , , . A , 31. .I 1 V' io 4 cz.- 'if ' 'I' f , , '4- , -0. -.Q H , , . ' 1' gs? 5 is z 4 a.N5'7ff 6 1 Q. .4 "' " I ar 4 A 5- P ' 1- '13 Nail' Y F' 5 h H we AK- I' - , pak . 's N -4' uv- K - .Q .4 I ,, ' .0 ' f. .1 , ...- ,-Q a v - 1' E V -2'7- if ar f WWWJUQKX UMIZVJ3' 4 4 4 FRESHMAN President - Tom Kennedy Vice-President - Marvin Heiny Secretary-Treasurer - Sue Cook The class of 1961, which is sponsored by Mr. Modlin, Mr. Lewis, and Mrs. Williams, has maintained sixty-nine members through- out the year. They had one withdrawal, Don Wilcoxin, and one addition, Cynthia Thiery. For their convocation they carried out a theme of "variety. " SOPHOMORE President - Sonny Carnes Vice-President - Steve Schwartzkopf Secretary-Treasurer - Bruce Prouty At the beginning of the school year, sixty- eight members were enrolled in the class of 1960, They have had no withdrawals, but hav' added two new members, Kirby Edmonds, and Judy McCune. The sophomore class is Sponsor ed by Mr. Honaker, Mr. Napier, and Miss A1- bertson. Earlier in the year the class sponsored an ice cream social for George Lugar. JUNIOR President - Steve Kellogg Vice-President - Roger Fishback Secretary-Treasurer - Karen Runkle The class of 1959 now has fifty-three of its original fifty-seven members. Five members have withdrawn from the Junior Class, they are: Larry Love, Marjorie Knight, Josephine McC1isl Linda McFarren, and Janice Batten. Pat Scott has recently joined the class. The Iuniors had the hit of the C7-9-115 convo with Max and Jay Coffield playing a harmonica and piano duet. 'k'k'k'k'k'k Ethan Allen Sharon Bales Bob Bothast Gene Brock Bucky Buckmaster Iohn Clark Nanci Ellen Clevenger Mary Coffield Wayne Dearduff William Doty Ianet Earhart Ineane Fear Sheryla Rae Ferguson 'S' Q Larry Forrester Carol Gum Starlotte Hartley Iudy Herring Gerry Hoover Clyde Hudson Nelva Ickes Sharon Kershner Mary King 31enn Kinser ferry Kitterman Sharon Layman Silly Ledbetter Myron Love Alex Mahorney ginda Merchant Alice Meyer K-it-0 'fa' ,!. ., tttttfkggd -k-rf if ,,, "arse 'W .4 B ltr 0 14 17? 1 Y x ,. 1' 1 P ag. , My X fr, 4 1, 4 ATE? .1 I -' . 2 , I 4' "'.f1 K-ur U- ix M arg 'bl' if in. f' 'ffl -29- ,w ...U fwfffffffxwffaagg if :fi-fwfr ' P as 'ini' Y su I .f-A Q: b fl 5 3, wil t f 'Wf ' is QM 'YJ 'g3i5:: .: ,- V ,,., Qgx ki' 5.55, i,.,K i as - Q, W 1 . . :eg no ,uw . . , l H 5 5 -b gg-f 3. it-,Z 1 4 M ii A V . ' ' 5, Q57 ' 1 ji 4 ,,.' 1. 5 f ' I .1 ' , "' 1- ,Fw 55" N- ,, ' V W if . ' -- . ... W T ff 'G V if P r' M.. N P I s ' L- Q :sf V , 1 Rf, i W X M X Aytx 4 , , ' ' -A M ' - , - M ,X x J, X- - w e . " Q., . V '5 5 I f ' fi-fx If: rid t,.fiff. ' :'sj:g5?'1':v aff' . we 1 . ' 1 is P. ' A ' ' ' ' A 1 -1 iii xxx sal. P f r -' ' ff V. a sian- ' ybiw W PS. ' V 122+-i.-?i1Q, P ' I ' is - X f ? " an ' " ,A ll ww ., V-We t.. ,,, ' . , RW' 1 : .-- -- h 4,V,, P. ,,:.,.q,Q.2, q FK ,,. , .1iA Q R, QA ,.., 'ik Qi' L ' - ' - .aff md- Qi ,P as , we-ra-I .Pwr 1 ' - Y' " N- N" P r, 'w .,,. "W" 'P ' LEW, ,y , ,,, elk?-N' . nl 'Q as iZ""'ifY Eifzsi- P -M -f P R fa .V , ' he-7 f '.,,Q:":1 i ,,.4. :,k , ' :-. z- ffii' , ff - ' V l f 4 ' ,J In A ,5 1 . , 4 of 1 i Y ,. f ms A . f 1 .. 1 5 .Q -30- Larry Michael Carol Morrical Ianet Mounsey Loretta Murphy Terry Noller Billy Piercy Earl Piercy Kenneth Piercy Bernita Pitts Dee Reese Jerry Reff Carol Rhea Dallas Roberts Mike Roush Shirley Royal Nancy Sartain Richard Shaner Barbara Simpson Sally Slentz Loretta Smith Maria Thiery Larry Tourney Gaylen Walker Danny Williams Linda Williams Wilma Wilson Ronnie Yadon Danny Edmonds Duane Blumenhorst Howard Cocker Larry Cook Norman Doty Judith Downhour Larry Elliott Allen Ellison Junior Ely Garneta Fishback Clifford Flanagan Charles Fogle Robert Glessner Edward Goodin David Goodspeed Richard Grass Linda Grover Phillip Harris David Horrom Ellen Kelsay Areta King Kenneth Love Tommy Markley Marcy Merchant Thomas Michael Rubey Nelson Pauline O'l-lem Betty Outcalt Patty Penrod 'vi' aff -x 1. ii! 'mr . '1- 'if' P me wi , ' y -r .J E ,,.. E 4' '. Si .x n kkiitiittttfhgg ,ggfffkift I xwfffffff w err? 1 ' F fi 1 L ' ' 1 Ps I - -,M-ig,Q.,,.w h V H Fj7i.Xc5.f5' 1 K ' ' A " 1 M'-,L .l1:.3,fi "3 , . 5 ox , ' ' - ' A H ,' Y an .L . .PA ,- r C ,,. 'v- , y h Ji. ' ' N- it ' -M .11 XX-'A X .7 N rv" X' v ' fr ' r . If ' ' Q l r ' 1 f A f ls Q! 2 A Rik v .A 'if .2 .. -rf' R .Q v ' E if .E , , fi-, +V Q Rf -'HfP5!'i!51fff H1 if .A 'x 1. ngsgli xlll fl 'l I N K www .ffl all N A ,t N X , N, . .g ' rv , Q - . l , 1 rx t S , fi- ,fn - :fa G. GQ Q- l ,A wi. i I "' 'Q E 'fd '14 vwxz. ' i Q -r ,.,,f 1 - 5- A ,W - Mig Y X , 15' , W" - 'Y , . ' A 2? 323- ' - . 'jjj-1 1 , .7 g i: i j N . ,f f D f H", A ,, '3. -4 tiff' i i -7 4 4.55513 5 C ' . g - .5 -V - 1 A gf' l l ' , .-4 ' ni' ,A -- ' ' r., ar l -- - Q. .f Half ' 13,43 A."-9 4 . -F ' ,, X-.Q " : A - :c.- V., Ik fn:-, -wi 's,, A -:ij 5553! X ., xv t ,.f7.,4, Y Q3-f 11, ' ' ' I v - 1 X L , f-f +L -- ' 155775 '3" ":' '71 , f fd ' 'N , ' fly' X61 A- ,fx 05 Qi , 11,1 f":f4?1f i:::'a C ' 1-1 I ., I .,"!t1-V 1 ' -in i Q 6 ' ' 'G 'cl' -31- ..- f ' --T 4,-IC, 12' 7 r, ,V 1 W- Q ' " x ' - ' ' 1.-f5u-rf1. M - ' Qu in n , 1 f Yirs 'I' -lgar-at 444 Ufdff A'-kr X Q... 3 c Qu his I5 Uihu' fin f-.. 4 it 9 6 c ef- My - o P V Ljillitkztxxzrzzffflf 1' , V Lesley Stoltz ' Joan Tram , .sfo nv X 'ISR -in -s-14, 0 .ask jx 1 X... ..,. H s 1. , 21 . 1: . ' ww w - 'f-straw 'P' , , ,R.. ...t, .-osx: . -32- Danny Pugh Jane Roberts Paul Runnels Mike Shadle Not Pictured: Ronald Routledge Betty Letterman zz. Jiffy Uffzwzs SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS Linda Grover - President Ralph Ely, Jr. - Vice-President David Horrum - Secretary -Treasurer The class began the year with an enrollment of thirty-five students, and have had one addition, Ronnie Routledge. The class presented two convo- cations this year, one on November 22, and the other February 14. The sponsors are Miss Rice and Mr. Johns. EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS Gaylen Walker - President Loretta Smith - Vice-President Clyde Hudson - Secretary-Treasurer The class presented two convocations, one January 24, and the other March 21. The sponsors are Mr. Glancy and Miss Rea. They began the school year with an enrollment of fifty-eight stu- dents. Danny Edmonds enrolled later in the year. X .xdcfiuified yY 47 3 3 . , I- K P 34 ygdlf a xzedfffzbfz Wx!! ffe Wm The Ra Von Dramatic Club is the oldest club in school. It was organized in 1925, under the sponsorship of Miss Margaret George. At this same time, the L, E, Kelley Building was being built, The club has had three sponsors other than Miss Nelson and Miss Albertson, who were Miss George, Miss Taylor, and Mrs. Kershner, This club, through the years, has tried to promote better speech, furnish dramatic training, and to present plays for school entertainment, A limitation of thirty members is rigidly held to by the club. All those wishing to join must have "try-outs" before they are accepted. At the first meeting of every year, the sponsors read the Ra Von constitution and the by-laws ofthe club. One very nice part of the year's program is the traditional Christmas party. A second party is given in honor of the graduating Seniors in the group. The faculty members and students of Montpelier High School are very proud of the Ra Von Club, its membersg and its traditions, We hope that it will keep its good standing and reputation for many YCBIS to COFUB. 115 xx XX 'Xb Q "ix:5Q.X.6 xx I .X by . FIRST ROW: Claude Keller, Judy Hiser, Connie Helton, Jo Ann Bontrager, Gary White, Sandy Slentz, Standing. SECOND ROW: Jeanine Schmidt, Beverly Weatherholt, Marianna Gruenvogel, Karen Runkle, Judy Pugh, Vikki Fitch. THIRD ROW: Pat Quillan, Lois Pethtel, Nancy Roush, Edna Baker, Cynthia Kelsay. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Hornbaker, Nancy Allen, Dean Ledbetter, Judy Hart, Miss Nelson, Miss Albertson, Sponsors. FIFTH ROW: Dean Garret, Harry Meyers. SIXTH ROW: Sonny Carnes, Eddie Braden. Absent: Marion Ueland, Sharon Hudson. - 33 - V 16 'C ,,. to it .f E , 5 ,J k Qi 5 Pat Coffield. . .for the great Ann Mccammon' ' 'ffn' her able asset she has been as Editor hand in the home Whlch won of the Crier. for her the "Betty Crocker Award" in the national contest. Charles Everhart. . .for the Office girls. . .for their valuable "little W1'if1k1CS" he pick- assistance in making the office ed up as Editor of the " 58' run more smoothly. Ilidiafliafl- Librarians. . .for their efficient service in the library. 9 J 'gym L 4 ,lil -34- W 4 - 54 I -, -DAQ! -L 1 N Terry Forrester . . . for being Joe Parker . . . leading Student representative to FFA Band lis Chenoweth . . . "practice es perfect" is her motto in of our band. ogg, Overmeyer, Hartley.. . student agers for their able assistance to the team. X Council during year. in Kansas City. hats off to the club presidents. 4 was 5,7 Pwgfzw 96077 772 J 7149271 ibm 7905-7923 Qie 15511576 7924-7928 57112 ml jf!! 7 92 9- 7 95 cf CWIJQQWIZW -.lla nuaury 9, 1958 . Y r lDavis. ' The meeting with the df , alphabctica' the counties. i.1oN'1'PEi.1ER-HARRisoN TWP. sciiooi. NEWS iXiii:1aflOndiSsc:CiS1:1LhA my-PZ-a I l 1-J, i C 1' 2 . ,JUNIOR HIGH AND ywl I Q' i'i:i:suJ1.aN BasiiETr:ALL ,mi The .Junior High played Fair-'Tlf " ,wx mount Monday night at 6:3O10ll '- 15.01. li' The starting five for the Junior' 1 High were Ronnie Yadon, Bill Led- l UI' inrttvip Clyde Hudson, Larry For-'thi taster, and Bucky Buckmaster. lflff The five going for tra Fres' ' ,urn were Ronnie Siniy C411 Morris, Marvin Heiny, T UO' and Russell Ki' ' In tl- 'mf Til moi' fl' 11 This busy organization writes the school news each week for their own column in the "Montpelier Herald. " Un the careful management of Lillie Albertson, the staff composes a complete bulletin to fit the varied interests of the eager students. Members of the staff are - FIRST ROW: Jeanie Garrison, Linda McFarren, Peggy McGeath, SECOI ROW: Karen Runkle, Jo Ann Bontrager, Marjorie Knight, .Barbara Stroud. THIRD ROW: Ben Wilson, Steve Bloom, Connie Helton, Judy Hiser, Barbara Yadon, Betty Smelser, Miss Albertson, Sponsor. ,Zfmzzy JM .rl lil This club is invading the realm of reading. Here they are enjoying the opportunity of reading some brand-ne books that the library has purchased, The members are - FIRST ROW: Karen King, Jennie Wilson, SECOND ROM Nila Michael, Esther Hawk, Barbara Anderson, Linda Hatter, Libby Braden, Patty Fear, Patty Wilson. THIRD ROJ Jerry Overmeyer, Bob King, Jim Burchard, Paul Yates, Donnie Weaver, Kirby Edmonds, Miss Rea, Sponsor. Abse were: Charles Hartley, and Patrick O'Hern. -36- ., t '1 V ai 45- 1, N0 52-x lldflbfllbfl tgffzf famikfes 3 fi Sfdfhbn ditor-in-Chief ..,. iterary Editor , , usiness Manager . , , enior Editors , , , 'lub Editors . . ubscription M anager .thletic Editors ..... 'ypists .... .dvertising Managers ..... . . .. .rt Editor. . . napshot ..... :ke Editor .... ponsor ,,,, Charles Everhart Judy Pugh Dena Ledbetter Ray Storms Janet Bye Vikki Fitch Judy Hart Nora Glessner Tom Noller Sharon Hudson Jondajane Ford Gloria Futrell June Smelser Ann McCammon Terry Forrester Randall Foy Janet Bye Bob Albertson Don Williams James Coppock -3'7- With this, the 34th Edition to come off of the press, has come the intention of the Indianan staff to put out the finest annual Montpelier seniors have ever presented to the students. It is the largest an- nual that has ever been published, excluding the counting of advertising pages. The annual staff has worked with the student body in mindg therefore, the pictures and articles are of special interest to every- one. Under the leadership of Mt. Coppock, new and clever ideas have been formed. The new advances in publishing methods used to print this book help to make the annual more attractive and interesting, as well as making the pictures clearer, This year the Indianan staff joined the National Scholastic Press Association. This organization will at the end of the year compare the staff's work with those of other annuals all over the United States and will rate their accomplishments. Sf 00 'elif f A n 7- ll! 4 . Q 7,5 'S A null Iv , 1 Lg This active club has participated in judging contests of many kinds. Mr. Napier, sponsor, has instructed them in vegetables, crops, livestock, dairy, grain, poultry, Duroc, soil judging and pest identification. The club uses the latest books to study farm management. The mem- bers are - FIRST ROW: Mr, Napier, Steve Kellogg, Bill Armstrong, Charles Wentz, Charles Miles, Joe Cale, Rodney Black, SECOND ROW: Ray Love, Allen Kessler, Jim Miles, Dick Schwarzkopf, Don Williams, Keith I-Ieadly, Tom Armstrong, THIRD ROW: Bob Brown, Larry Bye, Jesse Glessner, Don Schwarzkopf, Gerald Spaulding, Don Kellogg, Terry Forrester, Joe Rogers This club is training future home-makers of America. Miss Rush helps the girls solve pro lems concerning the art of home-making. The club consists of girls from grades 9 through 12 The members are - FIRST ROW: Rita Davis, Mary Jane Brackin, Ann McCammon Nora Gles ner, Kathy Chick, SECOND ROW: Janet Bye, Diana I-Iart, Marilyn Sargent Betty Flatter Ir Coleman, Marjorie Ellison, Sharon McGuire, Rose Chick, Nancy Ramseyer NOT PICTURED Mary Jane Rush, Sponsor. ,yzffzme 5771677104915 0 fifmfmfbe ii fkcusxzbfz 5 fig 2 . P - T -. ' A W ' .g Q S, iff!! ,S it ' i S J. 6 .. z ,, 'V J 8 5, , S.. .,,.,,.t XT' li vii' ' ffl: The club has a new sponsor this year, Mr. Glancy, who tools lxlr. Davis' place, Since the taking of this picture, ie club has been taken over by Mr. Hays, our Superintendent. lxlr. Glancy is now the sponsor of a new club just zcently organized. This year the club has a broader scope to their discussions because ofthe addition of Peter Ifrne, n exchange student from Germany. The nietnbers are: FIRST ROW: Sandra Cain, Ildella King, Toni Shannon, Dave Iestleroad, Barbara Yadon, Marilyn Sclnvartzkopf, Sue Cook. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Iiverhart, Jim Moyer, Karen iman, Betty Srnelser, Carol lxloriarity, Jini Bothast, Pete Iirne, Jini Bradley, Carol Runibaugh, Jeniee Batten, Caro- ,tn Nelson, Tom Kershner, Mr. Glancy, Sponsor, THIRD ROW: Judy Garrison, Joyce Fear, Janet Downhour, Gilbert ills, Stanley Sandoe, Bruce Luzadder, Roger Grass, Carlton Srnelser, David Iloy, Carolyn Herring, Lois Snielser, etty Garringer, Shirley Thomas. FOURTH ROW: Ralph Meyers, Douglas McClain, Joe Rogers, Danny Horroni, Jim Jinters, Kent Bunsold, Larry Wible, Claude Doty, John Ickes, Farrell Long, Steve Ruble, The club is honored this year hy haying Mr, Johns as their sponsor, Mr, Johns is filling the vacancy left by Mr. Vilson. This year the group has increased in size three tirnes that of last year. The nieinbers are: FIRST ROW: Mr. ohns, Sponsor, Patty Penrod, Sally Slentz, Carol Rhea, Linda Groxer, Leslie Stoltz, Pauline O'Hern. SECOND ROW: ichard Grass, Phil Harris, Carol Morrical, Loretta lxlurphy, Janie Roberts, Marcy lxlerchant, Danny Pugh, THIRD OW: Betty Outcalt, Areta King, Ruby Nelson, Sharon Kersliner, Kenneth Love, Sharon Layman, Ellen Kelsay, Janet Jounsey, Joan Trant. 0 6 A 6 wzzbfz 0 ,O ca Mmadfbx HM Seventh, Eight, and Ninth grade boys are finding this club a good op- portunity to exercise. They play basketball, volleyball, dodge ball, and run track in the summer. FIRST ROW: Larry Cook, William Doty, Larry Michaels, Daniel Williams, Mark Ramseyer, Russell Kinser, Marvin Heiny, Allen Ellison, David Goodspeed, Charles Fogle, Junior Ely, David Horrom. SECOND ROW: Mr. Honaker, Bob Glessner, Ethan Allen, Billy Piercy, Terry Noller, Glen Rogers, Ronny Norris, Bill Ledbetter, Richard Shaner, Jerry Kitterman, Jim Bothast, Larry Forrester, Warren Mattson, Mike Shadln Larry Tourney, Clifford Flanagan, Thomas Michaels, Larry Elliott, THIRD ROW: Wayne Blumenhurst, Gaylen Walker, Paul Runnels, Howard Williams, Delma McClain, Mike Roush, Dee Schwartzkopf, Gary Hoover, Alex Mahorney, Kenny Piercy, Earl Piercy, Herrman King, Danny Edmonds, Edward Goodman, Glen Kinser, Mr. Hayes, Sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Reff, Clyde Hudson, Norman Doty, Johnny Clark, Jack Norton, Dallas Roberts, Ronnie Simpson, Ronnie Yadc Bucky Buckmaster, Leon Flatter, Gene Brock, Howard Crocker, Tom Kennedy, Bill Elliott, 4570055156 ffl!! This group is made up of sev- enth and eighth grade girls inter- ested in helping others. They send cheer to shut-ins and gifts to hos- iw M pitals. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Williams, y J N ,, Shirley Royal, Sharon Bales, Cheryla Rae Ferguson, Mary Kay Coffield, Miss Rice, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Wilma Wilson, Starlotte Hartley, Judy Herring, Bernita Pitts, Linda Merchant, Nelva Ickes. THIRD ROW: Carol Gum, Marie Thiery, Nancy Sartain, Alice Myers, Bar- bara Simpson, Jneane Fear, Judy Downhour. ABSENT: Garnetta Fishback, Nancy Clevenger, Linda Williams, Loretta Smith. -40- H I as .- ff ,. 'f 1. '!. Y ,, P , . , s r a I I J J .Y A T I I The Girls' Athletic Club welcomes as their sponsor, Miss I O Vrrginia Runyon. The Club holds meetings once a week after school. As one of their activities, they have redeeorated the shower rooms. The members are - FIRST ROW: Ahri.nn Jil- lette, Barbara Stroud, Jane Hatter, Joyce Grover, Janet Hatter, Miss Runyon, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Judy Enoehs, Joy Enoehs, Cynthia Theiry, Lois Allen, Alice Sargent, Martha Cameron, Betty Burehard, Jeanine Johnson. THIRD ROW: Janet Allen, Judy Fisher, Dianna Alfrey, Linda Coleman, Marjorie Knight, Betty Gordon, Alice Gillette. ,-rlsslx iz Vrurivus XJcrt-liant. 'he FBLA is a new club this sponsored by Mr. Coppoek. lub is affiliated with the ral FBLA, and it is consider- Junior Achievement Comp- uting the 1958-59 school 'IRST ROW: Donna Booher, da Wise, Barbara Dearduff, McGeath. SECOND ROW: Pitts, June Smelser, Elva- Sarringer, Jean Chenoweth, Gillette, Janet Trant. 3 ROW: Sharon Futrell, 1Futrell, Dell Smith, Bruce aroad, Dave Williams, How- 'ock. FOURTH ROW: Elsie Josephine McClish, Randall Terry Forrester. ABSENT: ierring, and Jondajane Ford. 2 -1 yufuie 15 Z!5'l?lZ5'5 sfmrfefls -41- K ffm! KM This Club is again functioning this year, after being omitted from the school program last year. Mr. Davis has ta ken on the responsibilities as the sponsor. The members are learning about developing and enlarging pictures, and how to take better pictures. The members are as follows. FIRST ROW: Charles Bales, Charles Everhart, David Wat Lee Karnes, Bob Albertson, Bill Mattson, Ray Storms. SECOND ROW: Glenn Brock, David Chenoweth, Roger Fishba Dick Bales, Jim Braden, Jim Morris, Mike Inman, Ralph Theiry, David Kessler, Mr. Davis, Sponsor. This club is so popular with the students that it has been necessary to restrict the number of its' members to fort The members are enjoying themselves a great deal under the able guidance of Mr. Modlin and Mr. Lewis. These a the couples: Phyllis Chenoweth, Bill Robbinsg Marie Sanders, Max Coffieldg Mr. Modlin, Mr. Lewis, Rosalie McGal Don Williamsg Kay White, Donnie Simpsong Carolyn Kilgore, Don Chenowethg Mary Jane Rogers, Dorsey Price: Elea Kegerreis, Don Schwarzkopfg Steve Bloom, Judy Schogerg Shauncey Webb, Dick Schwartzkopfg Jay Coffield, Judy M Danielsg Jeany Garrison, Ben Wilsong Linda McFarren, Jerry Kershnerg Sue Armstrong, Mike Rayg Donna Morgan, Bot Berryg Rita Ferguson, DeWayne Groveg Diane Black, Tom Nollerg Joyce Zehner, Steve Schwarzkopfg Carolyn Schroyi Ed Kershnerp Nancy Malott, Joe Parker: Lois Manning, Bill Brackin. V 1... ' ance ffm! Zi- wwf ma fav' zls' Jyefzfkvaf-- N-f LM...- J ' Montpelier aims for a complete education, thus the realization of a need for spiritual emphasis in the building of a good character has brought about the forma tion of the Youth For Christ Club. The purpose of the club 15 winrung teen agers to Christ. Their standard is: "Let no man despise thy youth but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity in spirit in faith in purity fTim. 4:12J. The YFC, sponsored by Mrs. Key is affiliated with the International YFC, now organized in '78 countries. Fifteen high schools from this region now include YFC Clubs. The YFC holds district rallies at Mar- ion on the 2nd and 4th Saturday nights of each month. Jay Kessler is the director of the dis- trict, and Paul Millikan is his assistant direct- or. The members are: FIRST ROW: Sally Slentz, June Smelser, Linda I-larter, Betty Smelser, Jeanine Schmidt, Eddie Braden, Jim Bothasts, Gary White, Robert Colvin, Elva Jane Garringer, Elsie Love, Janet Allen. SEC- OND ROW: Betty Burchard, Edna Baker, Ray Storms, Bob Berry, Jim Braden, Roger Grass, Betty Garringer, Lois Smelser, Libby Braden, Cynthia Kelsey, Mrs. Key, Sponsor. Pictured at the left is Eddie Braden, club President. At the right is Cynthia Kelsey, seated at the piano. -43- amfebbvl 7595! SIUIQWQZ LgfZldQ'flf9' The students of Montpelier welcomed with much pride, two exchange students from Germany, Marianne Gruenvogel and Peter Erne. They crossed the ocean via steamship, arriving in Canada October I5 and then two days later in Montpelier. Marianne is living with the Braden family, and Peter is living with the Kershners. The Ann Arbor-Washtenaw Council of Churches of Michigan sponsor the Student Exchange Program. The program provides for European Students to be in the U.S. A. for ten months, and American Students to travel to Free European countries to spend two months. Marianne Gruenvogel is I8 years old, and has one sister. Marianne has taken six years of mathematics, also biology, world history, English, geography, religion, music, arts, sports, four years of French, three years of physics and two years of chemistry. She likes horseback riding and gymnastics. Marianne has worked in a hospital and trained in the St. John Ambulance course in Germany where she was president of the First-Aid Association. Her father, Henirich, is employed as a technical engineer. Marianne intends being a nurse or a welfare health officer. UQ UN GE X Qr 0 . s e gg Q Lg U! IU!! 717 The city has a population of 36,000. It is near the industrial section of Germany where coal and steel are processed. lt is in a hilly and thickly forrested area. The people work mainly in iron and steel fac- tories but there is a linen factory in the city. The teenagers have a nice, big, swimming pool to use in the summer, and the hills provide great bobsledding in the winter. "Schwe1m is a town you should come and see." Pete Erne -44- Peter Erne is I8 years old. He has a younger brother. Majoring in mathe- matics and science, Peter has taken seven years of mathematics, biology, English, German, world history, geo- graphy, religion, arts, sports, six years of chemistry, and French. l-le has been president of his class for three years and vice-president for the same number. His father,Wa1ter, works as a distributor in ball-bearings. Peter says he would like to be a civil engin- eer or a diplomat. We are sure the community has benefited greatly from their visit and will regret their leaving to return to their country. 0 ll!!IIliff!!!fx!'ffj!!fIf!!'ffIffIliff!! WM!! d 5' P! 99 came azz! af Xie 64756 The play was based on the unusual activities and circumstances three girls encounter in a big city. The story is centered around the closet in the apartment shared by the young ladies. The closet was the scene of many mysterious and hi- larious sounds and happenings. The landlady's strict desire to run a reputable rooming house closes her eyes to the activities carried on in her apartments by a counterfeiting ring. The boy friends of the young ladies learn of the counter- feiters thus exposing the "closet's secret. " ms! FIRST ROW: Miriam Gillette, Judy Hart, Terry Forrester, Sharon Hudson, Nancy Roush. SECOND ROW: Director, William Davis, Claude Keller, Joe Parker, Iondajane Ford, Dena Ledbetter, Don Williams, Tom Noller, PROMPTERS: Ann Mc- Cammon, Gloria Futrell fNot picturedl. m' fr I -45- X, 1-.. ..- Sharon, Terry, and Judy solve the mystery when they find the boxes of counterfeit money. 4-ew 4 years af ,Ufwgfless ef' 7921122 Under the leadership of three superintendents, the school buildings and grounds have seen many improve- ments. And since a school is no better than its equip- ment, we should not forget the many purchases of mate- rials and machines which the school has added to help facilitate modern teaching methods. The houses on Adams and Monroe are gone and in their place is the new grade school play ground which was enlarged because of the increase in enrollment. Also, needed was the new grade building at the side of the high School. Through the years, the yearbook has also seen many changes. lt all began in 1903 when the Senior Class published a school paper known as "The Rustle." It was a paper-back edition containing no pictures. From that time, until 1924, it was published five times a year. In 1924, the first annual of M.H.S. was pub- lished under the title of the "Blue and Gold." This first annual was the stepping-stone for the annuals of the future. It contained a few pictures scattered through- out the book. It is interesting to note, also, that this was the year the present L. E. Kelly building was built and the first Ra Von Dramatics Club was organized. In 1929, the name of the annual was changed to the "In- dianian." That annual, through the years, has seen many imporvements, such as different type, more pic- tures with less copy, colored borders and type and en- graved covers. Up until 1957, the annual was printed by an engraving process. Now in 1957 and 1958 a new process is used - photolithography. ln this, the " space age," the school shall continue to change to keep pace with a rapidly changing world. We know that the future generations to attend this be- loved building shall hold high the honor, pride and high-esteem of "good ole Montpelier." 92142 war The 1958 edition of the lndianian has been publish- ed with but one objective: to capture a year in pic- tures of student and faculty activities. We know that many realities are far too intangible to be printed or photographed, but perhaps we can bind together some of the friendships which we all hold so dearly in the spirit of this volume. If this book can retain some of the joys and pleasures of the year just gone, it will have served its purpose. With these thoughts in mind, we proudly present to you your lQ58lIlCll3Tll3l'1. The lndianian Staff -2- 47256 aj fafzfenfs Mfwiucfzbfz Pages I-3 Memorian to Mr. M. Wilson-Page 4 zzzfffzzkzzlffxlaffbn Pages 5-6 ,fzzczlffy seams Pages 1 1 -20 FIRST ROW: Clarinets, Dean Garrett, Nancy Hornbaker, Danny Horrom. SECOND ROW: Clarinets, Peggy McGeath, Phyllis Chenoweth, Alice Gillette, Sue Cook, Saxaphones, Carol Moriarity, Jean Chenoweth. THIRD ROW: Clarinets, Linda Williams, Dick Rogers, Dee Reese, Barbara Anderson, Carol Gum: Trumpets Terry Forrester, Jerry Reff, Jim Moyer. FOURTH ROW: Snare Drums, Bucky Buckmaster, Danny Williams. gem! 474425 ew fm' cw Band life is the vocation of our new director, Noel Lewis. He received his basic band instruction at Central Catholic High School in Fort Wayne while playing in the school band. He enrolled in Ball State Teachers College upon graduation. After four years of hard study, he received his B. S. degree in music education, While in college, hc was in the marching and concert bands, the college orches- tra, the Muncie Civic Symphony, the college choir, the Coral Union, and a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, a national music fraternity, He played in army bands while stationed at Fort Crowder, Miss. and Fort Carson, Colo. A couple of weeks after being separated, he began teaching in our school sys- Icl'l'l. Mr. Lewis is an accomplished musician playing the trombone, as his main instrument, and the flute, as well as most of the other band instruments, Although the band is his main duty, he leads the chorus, choir and teaches grade school music. He led the grade school students in their annual Christ- mas Program. Montpelier welcomes very warmly our new director. -45- FIRST ROW: Clarinet, Jeanine Schmidt: Flutes, Sharon Bales, Libby Braden, Betty Burchard, SECOND ROW: French Horn, Ronnie Everhart: Baritone Saxaphone, Ianet Downhourg Tenor Saxaphone, Carol Rhea, Alto Saxaphones, Sonny Carnes, Parry Ouillen. THIRD ROW: Coronet, Joe Cale: Trumpets, Marvin Heiny Mike Roush, Ethen Allen: Sousaphone, Alex Mahorneyg Trombones, Larry Forrester, Gary White, David Foy. FOURTH ROW: Cymbals, Mary Jane Rogers: Bass Drum, Barbara Simpson, Director Noel Lewis, I 9 v, 1 N I i 5 .f 2 Jffafbrcffes 'E s j rl :jg 'Q x A - ,fin I 1 A :A 4 1 M A .5 X . , FIRST ROW: Phyllis Cheno- weth. SECOND ROW: Judy Hart, Marion Ueland, Mar- jorie Knight, Donna Morgan, ' Mary Ann Johnson. -4f- FQFP if fffwzw The Girls' Chorus represents 71 members from grades 9 through 12. The members are: Barbara Anderson, Nancy seyer, Judy Pugh, Judy McDaniels, Cynthia Kelsey, Mary Jane Rogers, Joyce Fear, Linda McFarren, Marjorie Knight Barbara Stroud, Judy Enoch, Joy Enoch, Judy Hart, Janet Allen, Sue Cook. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Kilgore, Bettyf er, Cindy Theiry, Joyce Zehner, Alice Gillette, PatOuillen, Judy Garrison, Jane Hatter, Joyce Grover, Janet Trant olyn Herring, Karen Runkle, Kay White, Diana Black, Betty Gordon, Sue Armstrong, Betty Burchard, Mary Ann John Janet Downhour, Sandy Slentz, Shirley Thomas, Nancy Hornbaker, Elsie Love, Noel Lewis. THIRD ROW: Libby Bra Rita Davis, Judy Schoger, Donna Morgon, Marion Ueland, Nora Glessner, Linda Coleman, Carol Rumbaugh, Rita Fei son, Linda Harter, Lois Manning, Connie Helton, Ylondia Wise, Barbara Dearduff, Nancy Malott, Josephine McClish Phyllis Chenoweth, Jeany Garrison, Jeannine Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Kay Herring, Edna Baker, Jeannine Schmidt, cy Roush, Vikki Fitch, Jean Chenoweth, Peggy McGeath, Donna Booher, Dena Ledbetter, Carol Moriarity, Lois Peth Judy HiS61', Naf1CyA11Sl1, Elva Jane Garringer, Beverly Weatherholt, Jo Ann Bontrager, Ann McCammon. ABSENT: Hudson flax! The choir this year performed at such occasions as the Christmas play, Spring Festival and the Baccalaureate. l star members of this group take leading parts in the Operetta. The members are - FIRST ROW: Janet Allen, Barbara Anderson, Jeannine Schmidt, Edna Baker, Betty Burchard, Diana Black, Jo Ann Bontrager, Carol Morarity, Linda Ha: Yolonda Wise, Pat Ouillen, Marion Ueland, Beverly Weatherholt, Judy Hiser, Carolyn Shroyer, Cynthia Kelsay, Jud Hart. SECOND ROW: Mr. Lewis, Sandra Slentz, Nancy Hornbaker, Phyllis Chenoweth, Sharon Hudson, Janet Trant Donna Booher, Steve Schwarkopf, Eddie Braden, Robert Colvin, Peggy McGeath, Lois Pethtel, Karen Runkle, Jean C oweth, Pat Coffield, Mary Ann Johnson, Libby Braden. THIRD ROW: Bill Mattson, Jim Burchard, Charles Everhart, White, Terry Forrester, Dave Nestleroad, Gerald Spaulding, Charles Wentz, Sonny Carnes, Bob Berry, Dean Garett. pf-wifi., CFP' IlllllllllIIlllllIlllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII' agalllkffi KQXK fbky-7957 --"""""'-I"'Il'""""""ff""""""' H """-"' 5 'hfazzffe SAST: Dr. Carruthers, Dick Payne, Mark Carruthers, lm Winger, Tate Smithers, Jerry Hartg Curt Ellis, ne Kyle, Henry Hoisington, Jack Cain, Mrs. Hoising- Jn, Betty Racer, Cristobal Crenshaw, Carol Clements, arah Crenshaw, Karen Trusselg Love-Light, Suzie Zhaney, The Old Mill Players: Maidee Holmes, Betty Zarnesg Ginny Gates, Mary Beth Buckmasterg Norma later, Sue Marshall, Marian Wylie, Carol Denton, -enevieve Hobart, Carol Lautzenheiser. Director, liss Albertson, Prompters and Stage Hands, Mary Ann ord, Ted Ray Harold, Linda Hooks, Sue Enochs, Judy Zaylor, Sue Stuckey, Patricia Yadon, Shirley Winters, Carl King, Gary Overmeyer, Terry Ovetmeyer, Ger- ld Baker, Floy Smith, Tom Krebs, and Ronnie Gibson. A' 'Q xr- 6? . 51, ' Qs ' ..' 2. - 'xl ' - ' O V u QV effyfamle " The play opens in a psychiatrlst's swanky office E in New England. Dr. Carruthers and his staff have E 1eft'f0r a x acation. Young Mark, Dr. Carruthers' E ward, and Curt, director of the Old Mill Players, E derides to take over the retreat for a day or two. E Curt, rapid change artist, accounts for many funny gf moments, and Mark makes quite a replica ofhis E uncle, Then Dr. Carruthers and Mrs. lloisingtorfs E husband return. Dr. Carruthers sees the funny side, E moreover uses the chance to get Mark married. E Mrs. Hoisington quiets her husband, and all ends E on a cheerful note. E l 51 l A 1.5 by . . .W 4.1. E X ft ffiwfl -viii? 1, Mark and Cris got their heads ,- gether and decided to staff the ' x linic with patients and nurses 5 ' am the "Old Mill Players. " Curt ' lis, played by Joe Kyle, at right, - :ses as his uncle in an attempt to f ake Constable Smithers think he's 'azy. All goes well until Smit- :EY lie'- :rs relieves Mark of half his whisk- rs and learns that he is not Dr. arruthers. Q rg-. 1 P i' if 'ia iw- L-'fn 49- Lgewlklfl ,Uday an F am ,7 A , l ll The cast included Don Williams, Randall Foy, Sharon Hudson, June Smelser, Lois Allen, Ray Storms, Judy Hart, Dena Ledbetter, Joe Parker, Judy Pugh, Dick Schwarzkopf. Not pictured are Virginia Runyon, directorg Vikki Fitch and Ionajane Ford, prompters. 1 1 L . . . .Morning, Mom. And Aunt Lottie. Hiya, Harvard Boy! .............. ..... A w, lay offl -50 synajsfk The play, a comedy directed by Miss ' ginia Runyon, was centered around a day's ivities in the Allen household. The day we complicated by a mistake in the ownership an adjoining city lot, a strange plan of elol ment, and a badly constructed ladder. Toi Allen, the father, and the worried mother: istically portrayed their roles, while Leslie, bride-to-be, capably characterized the par the jilted and re-accepted fiancee of Bruce Hampton, who had trouble holding a job. gela, the younger sister, and her girl friend Patsy, blithely planned their first dance dul the day. Hal Allen and Dutch McCaffrey planned a new business venture which cause Hal's family consternation. Aunt Lottie, a spinster aunt, kept the situation lively and teresting. A city official put the Allens in water through some litigation concerning th lot on which Mr, Allen had built a work shc fe xlamz " sefzzbzl M155 A251 weff XIZUZIPZZX Another performance showing creditable ability was presented Thursday night, October 31, at the high school when the Senior Class presented their play, "Room For the Groom" in the auditorium of the L, E. Kelley building. Uwlontpelier Herald, Nov. 73 ,A-lm Dad" Aunt Lottie' D0 you like it" Tell me now. Ttuthfully? What do you think? -51- ' Q. 1 Wait! She's lost her false teeth! See?. why, of all the colossal nerve! ! !! You little shyster! ..., Lgfllhilll HM , N The committee elected eve year by the student body consists one senior boy and girl, one juni boy and girl, and four faculty sp sors. They control the point sys1 the school calendar, student actl ities, and assist the Student Com ' One of the elected representative helps Miss Nelson with the recon The members are - SEATED: Ba bara Yadon, Miss Albertson, Mi: Nelson, Mr. Honaker, and Mr. 1 lin. STANDING: Dick Bales, 'J Forrester. Absent when the pict was taken: Sharon Hudson. gf J if K Since Montpelier High School believes strongly in democracy, ll they have organized the Student Council, which is carrying out student government in many different ways. This form of student participation is the groundwork for good citizens of tomorrow. One girl and one boy is elected each year for a one year term, and one boy and one girl is elected for a two year term, by each class. FIRST ROW: Miriam Gillette, Dick Schw'f, Joe Parker, Terry Forrester, Marie Gillette, Mr. Modlin, SECOND ROW: Marilyn Schw'f, Judy Hiser, Jay Coffield, Don Kellogg, Mike Ray, Patty Quillen, Jeanine Schmidt, Jim Moyer. THIRD ROW: Cliff Flanagan, Lois Smelser, Shirley Royal, Jim Morris, Joyce Zehner, Jack Norton Barbara Anderson. l int' tri' li 1 -HJ 'psf -52- 5 'Q' ,jr NCYANNA DUNCAN GROENDYKE Tri Kappa Award VALE DICTORIAN SALUTA TORIAN il -I ,sf ,pl - H J 5 I h 3-YQ' fs V it 4, 6 I ' 5 f if ' wk 1 ti? IERRY HART Merit Scholarship to Purdue Tri Kappa Award K, B, F, Award 49,5111 Quads' mb 457clMzf2sf1'.7s Four seniors, as a result of their rankings in the National Merit Scholarship Examinations, which is sponsored by Amer- ican Business, were awarded scholarships from the colleges they are now attending. FLOY SMITH Merit Scholarship to Ball State 'iff NILA SUE MARSHALL Merit Scholarship to Ball State H. G. Morgan Scholarship -53- J z JAMES WINGER Merit Scholarship to Purdue Ruth Reynold St. John Scholarship Tri Kappa Award wif Nancyanna Groendyke Jerry Hart Phyllis Bergdoll Pat Yadon Betty Racer Sue Marshall Karen Trussel Joe Kyle Jim Winger Mary Beth Buckmaster Howard Pence Mary Ann Ford Sue Stuckey Betty Carnes Bill Bales Judy Caylor GIRLS' STATE BOYS' STATE .1 40904 35421101 rgaczkfy c o o c o ,yfffefzfhfwe Terry Overmeyer Linda Hooks Carol Denton Gerald Baker Mary Beth Buckmaster Harold Glattli Jerry Hart Larry Miles Karen Trussel Jim Winger Howard Pence Gary Overmeyer Tom Krebs Sue Enochs Carol Clements Betty Carnes 5 1 1 EQ Wk ., Q :gl 1.-X Legion. WM 5 years 4 years 4 years 4 years 3 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year . 'k:l.:A Two junior girls my were selected last year est to attend the 1957 Girls' State. Sharon Hudson and Vikki Fitch were sponsored by Tri Kappa 1 and the American Le- A gion Auxilliary, respec- tively. Charles Ever- hart and Ray Storms at- tended Boys' State, Spon sored by the American N f 'I KAREN TRUSSELL B P W Award SQ' PAT YADON DA R. Award Pfam 492w'zm'.s' ffkzdfmeffa 's gd fl In May, 1957, another school year was ending and another Junior-Senior Prom was in progress. Prepara- tions were begun early by the Junior Class to be sure that the Seniors would have a night to remember. The Junior Class worked very hard and long to achieve the "Fairyland" atmosphere which carried out the " Cinder- ella's Bal1" theme during the evening. The theme was carried out in the decorations of the band stand and banquet tables whose centerpieces were made of flowers, candles and magic wands. 23'-,,Yv 7-1- j Included on the menu for the banquet, which was served by underclass girls, were "Magic Spell, Midnight Special, Fleecy Af"V Clouds, Moonbeams, Fairy Ferns and Cinderella's Dreams. " Following, the banquet speeches were made by Mr. Wilson, Miss Rea and Miss Albertson. Mr. Davis was Master of Ceremonies. Attention was then centered upon the Cy Clupper Band which provided dancing music the remainder of the evening from a pump kin-shell structure made of napkins stuck in wire mesh and sprayed with orange paint. Suspended from the center of the ceiling was a square clock with the golden hands approaching the midnight. Star studded streamers were draped from the clock to the outer sides where they were let to dangle forming the walls. Seated below are three "Cinderel1as" waiting for their "Prince Charming." f '77 ' 1'.',-'-QVAW g, 5 I . ,wx As the hands of the clock approached midnight, the Cinderellas and Princes prepared to leave the dance and to proceed to the other festivities scheduled on the evening's program. They attended a theatre party, enjoyed square and round dancing as well as a floor show at the American Legion Hall, and were feted at a breakfast by the Kiwanis Club. -55- 1 x X '- 1 i l i, unleficfzzssmm 59 ghnzkg Q ' In ' 1 ' A Q 1 1. v . Pa es 2 - J.: -1 g I 32 .X,, V, ,mx- Pases 33-56 x ,K a es 57-70 , Pages 71 -74 acf1'v17f'eswww affffeffbswm... 011:- , I 1 . 3 f s-' tgefukw his ,nlaiffecy In 1968 several fomier members of the Class of 1958 were being featured in the annual Madison Square Garden Benefit Show in New York City. Since we were the sponsors of that Senior Class, we decided to attend this event and unite with our for- mer students once more. So bag and baggage we left for the big city. As we entered the plane at Indianapolis, stewardess Kathy Chick, took our tick- ets and seated us. The pilot,Charles Miles, reminded everyone to fasten his seat belt. Our plane was soon skimming over the moutains, and before very long, we had landed at La Guardia Airport in New York City. As we stepped from the plane, we were met by reporters and bobby soxers who were waiting to see the great singer Elvis Broccli, whom we all remember as Howard Brock. The taxi cab, which was escorted by patrolman Joe Cale, was driven most efficiently by Don Schwarzkopf to the Blue Blade Hotel,operated by Marie and Miriam Gillette. We were ushered into the hotel by the doorman, Tom Armstrong. The hotel clerk, Dave Williams, cordially welcomed us and rang for the bellboy, Dewayne Grove. After getting settled in our rooms, we were served lunch by Bill Mattson and Don Williams. While eating, we watched Bob Albertson on T. V. who had recently taken over the former Bob Cummings Show. We left the hotel to go to Madison Square Garden, and we met Mr. and Mrs. Frank Van Camp, the former Judy Pugh, on their second honeymoon. Farther on down the street we came across Randall Foy selling newspapers. On the way to the coliseum, we decided to stop at the famous "Smith's Stork Club" owned and operated by Dell. While we were waiting to be served our " Aflame" fprepared by the famous chef Tom Nollerj, we were entertained by the club's,Char1es Ever- hart. Featured in the floor show were the Misses Sharon La Hudson, Judy De Hart and Dena Led Bettier singing to the Cold Beer Music of Terry Forrester and his "Fantastic Fanadcs." Leaving the club, we noticed Ann McCammon who had since graduation changed her name to Mrs. Bruce Nestleroad, checking her wraps with the hat check girl, Lois Allen. Once outside, we hailed a cab to take us to the coliseum. While on our way we passed Ray Storms pushing his fruit cart, also en- route to the coliseum. When we arrived there, we found , much to our surprise, Gloria Futrell in the ticket booth. We were then ushered to our seats by Ray "Tex" Love. Seated next to us were Mr. and'Mrs. Twible, the former Vikki Fitch, and their six children. Presently the lights were turned down and the Master of Cere- monies, David Waters, stepped into the spot light to introduce Peter Erne and Mari- anne Gruenvogel with their world famous German flea circus, who presented a mag- nificent act. The spot light was next turned up into the air to feature the fine trapeze artists, Miss Nora Mae Glessner, and her partner, Dick Schwartzkopf, who re- E: 5' -- 5 -7' -.a ,...-,f fy af ? - 2 ff : 1123 5 ' ,. IIC :,'f,'- :::: 11 Q Y H " s... 4 , lu-I Q5 4"" 7 - -' i -' ,1--g-d-,.-...- X ,L B Y,...f SMITHS mamma 'iii' 'J W I SWWKCUMWE phHfln"4f5,, f nfsnAnn,,,-14 A 1-A hflflh fxfififbflfl , Q? 'QQQA 2 Q 1k f 1 r nnnn,-.Anna-v Aman A Ahhh Nmnnhnnnfw ,,- 4? M, ni., n S ceived a great round of applause for their daring feg. Next on the program was , 6lfWf,,u Janet Bye and Jondajane Ford and their trained seals. They were followed by Charles . Bales, the comical roller skating clown. We then saw Joe Parker and his assistant, E, b4!y'9' June Smelser, step into the spotlight to demorstrate their juggling ability. The 5 s. gi I final act was performed by Frances Merchant, Nila Michael, Esther Hawk and Nila ? I Pitts, "The Four Star1ertes" on the high wire. E The show was very successful and the newspaper critic, Charles Hartley, was sure to give it a high rating. This trip proved to us that the CLASS OF 1958 had proven very successful. -55- QF' 'D-. '3 5 .xx i-' y . .A--c 1 .gf .figs ll , 5'l " .xdfkfeficri J.. :r AJ I 9 ,- s 11. yfffikffb' germ! 5 ,, . ,Quia Rini. WQQ' it Z,f,..f4" MHZ f Q7 ' Q F ' J I I- v I 'if I 1 ,i , 1 I , T' f AJKMWL I' fmr' 'L ,A , r r , 's 'S The Board superxises rhe oxpendmires or the Arlilerie fund. It also endeavors to promote and expand athletics in our school. The ,Q ss members of the board are: FIRST ROW: Don Sehwarzkopf, Ann MC- Cammon, Vice Presidenrg Virginia Rnnyon. SECOND ROW: Mr. Da- E2 55 3 vis, Secretary-Treasureg Coach Honaker, Presidenrg and Mr. Hayes. 92 g dd' s l Kershner and Coffield skim the low 4 v-FJ - 'f K, Y-,W hurdles in a sizzlin 120 xprrd dash, El , In Q It . -' I . 4 - A ., 4 l i ' J - iT .1 ' E' J!-' 1 n ' - 0 :vT-- ,M X, . , 'K i......, or . r , ..thinly clads are off on the mile riin, .. F , ' ,-f - 3HlJ- ' bfffwzis x .-K r Il, l I P F ,, . , 5 K M I W7 ' fig: PV- -- 1 V - A ' ' . 1 ,Y I -X r A., .K ijszjifz-74.5. i ' - V r ,I A ' i-rig:-' , Tr: nv M . , V fr L V V A h V . xtfa I E. U , ff v - 1 h i 1 A ' i -K " " - --a , ' - 1-9--7-1' Q45 -x, A. 4 -5 , If ' 1 'X-'AI-vxign: ' Q. -. 5 .Il P: Q' by ' ll' l sm- Q' I fini' fllllla , , ea is L ' sagsizisgsgsga A fi' a f ' ' i KZ S . I Q .. - . , ffm! 1 . Y WLS! T 1 X . - Y ., t ,,, , ' Tl '- Y 1-V , Ni Sf? i as 'em -" ., ,-:,' , , .S s, rf-1 , KES' ' y 'A' ' ' 1 g , - C ij ' 1 K"-rx 1 4 f' J -. ' Ai' . ' if n-,' . O - ,. rf - -1- . - -1-"' ' f' ' f -'int 1' ,R I -,F .. 7,:'+.- 'iigtr .,-fe' 4- I Forrester clears high - 3 -M ' R lf ., 1.f " , K-rw: hurdle in good form, ' - 'If 1 , i-'fl mu ' R? I E ,.-, it H I V3.3 TRACK SCORES 1 if 1 if ',5.ii"f Fairm't 81 Jeff 65 'Pelier 27 X 'MQ N ,Q 'A A 'PV' ' ' , 'Pelier 44 Geneva 65 Albany 27 'X In 'Pelier 45 R011 33 warren 27 F 1' ' 'Pelier 60 Hartford 57 A 6 131111111111 51 Albany 15 K. . A or f Q j',,,,i 1, 'Pelier 92 Bryant 332 Q A, A' " X-ff 'K .I 1 M 'O x K-M41 5 1- -5 'Y'-' 4' ' " fri-E Third in E. LC. Meet ,-QQ? 1' ' ,, . P "',v'.L L2q,gf:'.1-, Grove flings 'at ole cannon ball 'Q t '. Cain to Robbins in mile relay. 01 ' FIRST ROW: Tom Kershner, Tom Noller, Howard Brock, Rodney B'ack, Steve Schwarzkopf, Charles Wentz, Tom Armstron, Raymond Coffield, Harry Meyers. SECOND ROW: Jim Braden, Dorsey Price Terry Forrester, Dewayne Grove, Coach Carl Honaker, Dave Nestleroad, Jack Cain, Eddie Kershner, Bill Robbins. :H - ,ASSE W K W ,gg U E Y V V A - , 'l l 5 W E ,,., O, 1 1 R , ,h .. ,,,,, . M! Q-,Y S, -,,,...,,, 'IJEIQECI x, -A1 'rr re: K . ' W sm Y . 1' 'FSE 5'-ai ""- .- ik 1. 'Q . x - ' . 4, g ,IBS 5' -- t t In ef' 1 r R ' - ' f 'T T" ., '- LAY 1' H I Q' I L N F ' K f .!- S vsflfisg- XR 1 A 1, 29 4' X ' new Wx 'ffwklt' , 'Q rj 1 . 5 51 if . I' Q fum' , E '9 YY 2 Y DDQ-fn Q 9 M Jyvffbfz I. Kershner shoots one from out. 2. Second Team in a jump ball at Adams Central. 3. The Booster Club cheers enthusi- astically as the Pacers rack up another victory against Roll during the Saturday afternoon game of the Sectional. 4. Grove attempts to score in the final, heatbreaking game with Bryant during the Sectional tourney. 5. Roll players become baffled as Dick Schwartzkopf guards that ball. 6. Cheerleaders lead a Pacer yell. 7. Ed goes up for a re- bound. 8. Adams Central cheers team on only to be beaten badly by Pacers.g. DeWayne gets tip off at start of Adams Central game. Sectional Feb. 27 Gray Won ar. I Roll Won Bryant Lost 60- Q. 'Naam 1 r . r 'f KJ. Q J K 5 x in 3,1 .' at - V: 5 A f r ,f5g,,:4 ,rt 53 Sf, P' ' T K A, -4- K N . I l s 2 D 'X :LH .1 Al' E . ' , W 1' f r E' a ' ' '- , ', 1 Q r tm a t be W e e ' 6? - '1 , R -. ' 9 1 Q A Nov Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan. Jan. Ian. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb Feb Feb Qkffzfffs Lancaster Warren Petroleum Geneva R011 Hartford City Eaton Dunkirk 4-Way Toumey Fairmount Adams Central Portland Chester Center Redkey Pennville Berne Bryant Monmouth W. bg 'f3.I' Won Won Won Won Won Lost Won Lost Won Won Won Won Won Won Won W on Won Won Zfdlsffy This year's Pacer team played very fine ball. Tney were among the leaders in the Eastern Indiana Conference. lt was a good defensive team as well as having fine shoot- ing record. This year's team will be remembered for their ability and sportsmanship. CHARLES HARTLEY was Johnny-on-the-spot and al- ways around to help. He is a senior, and it will be hard to find someone to fill his shoes. DICK BALES played his first year on the varsity. Since he is a junior, he will be around another year for the Pacers, Most of his action was on the second team. DON SCHWARZKOPF was a regular for the Pacers, and a leading scorer. Being a senior, he will be missed greatly next year. RODNEY BLACK didn't get to see much varsity action this year because of a broken ankle. We know he is looking forward to more time on the floor next season. COACH CARL HONAKER produced a winning team again this year for 'Pelier. Montpelier is looking forward to many more teams just like this one. ED KERSHNER was high scoring man in many gamesg we know he will give the visiting teams a great many headaches next year, with his rebound ing and his sharp shooting. RANDALL FOY saw limited action, but when called on he did his best in playing a good game for the Pacers. He is a senior, and he, too, will be missed, DEWAYNE GROVE, who missed part of the season because of a very badly cut hand, be- came noted for his rebounding ability and is re- sponsible for many points and assists. It will be difficult to fill his position at center in 58-59. . 'Y ': . - - ' . " ' ag, J I ' , ,N 1 4, 1' I i I 4 . 1 ai Q if , 7. . . - 1 -' .. J,- r 3-Q --v-' -- lv-vtglu, x . YA.f1 fgesieffaff DICK SCHWARTZKOPF started out his second year of varsity play slowly at first, but by mid -season had won a regular place at forward, He has helped the pacers out in many pinches with his shooting and re- bounding ability and especially in the Adams Central game in which he spared the team to victory. BILL ROBBINS was one of our better defensive players, He held many opposing high-scoring men back, and scored quite a few points for himself. He will be around next year to display his defensive ability, JERRY OVERMEYER helped the pacers quite a bit this year. He is a sophomore and will be around for two more years to help keep the team in top shape. MIKE INMAN played his first year on the team. He didn't see too much varsity activity but he played very well on the second team. STEVE SCHWARTZKOPF has completed his first year on the team for the pacers. He has two more years to trouble the opposition. DAVE WILLIAMS was one of our tall men. He helped the pacers in the tight spots with his sharp eye from the corners. ASSISTANT COACH MODLIN helped shape the pacers into a winning team this year. We are looking forward to his help for many years. He also was the coach for the Freshman and Junior High teams. TOM NOLLER completed his last year for the pacers, He played as reserve for most of the season. Mr. Honaker will be in need of another skilled guard to replace Noller for next season. fl ...-H--ww x v if .X p t.. X efzzcwfkzffz Pop's Crossed the Great Divide School man and family man And friend to all was "Pop, " He gave himself in service: He knew not when to stop. It will be lonely for us. We'll miss "Pop's" smiling face, For he's been with us so long And always at his place. But his work is finished here, He's crossed the Great Divide. Yes, "Pop" has been promoted. He's on the other side. Areta Wolfe MARION A. WILSON March 13, 1898 - June 25, 1957 1916 1916 1920 1921 1992 1924 1923 1930 1938 1938 Graduated from Petroleum High School. Began teaching at Petroleum. Was married to Frances Maxwell. Their son, Max, was born. Fame to Montpelier as coach and teacher of industrial arts. Their daughter, Joan, was born. 1938 - Continued as teacher of physical education and social studies. Secured his B. S. in Education degree. Secured his M. A. degree. Succeeded William Kingsolver as principal. 1945 1953 1955 1956 1957 Was granted a leave of absence to serve in the U. S. O. Succeeded Hedley G, Morgan as superintendent. Installed the new heating plant in the L. E. Kelley Building. Secured the consolidation of town and township as the schoolcity. Laid the ground work for the new primary grades building. Forty-one years of devoted service to the cause of better schools and a better community. -4- aruba Wm M Law L.. F ,ff NG SJ 00615 Noller Black Robbins Kershner Don Schw'tz'f Williams Grove Dick Schw'tz'f Foy Bales Inman S. Schw'tz'f Coach Honaker FIRST ROW: Jim Moyer, David Foy, Bruce Prouty, Don Simpson, Dee Schw'tz'f, Bill Arm- strong, Steve Ruble. SECOND ROW: Roger Fishback, Dic Bales, Dorsey Price, Mike Ray, Don Kel- logg, Steve Schw'tz Mike Inman. Waxlsvkfy fieelkehlx Patty Quillen, Judy Hart, Sharon Hudson. 566061 Qfmm fnfeewafzbzs Iudy Hiser, Sandy Slentz, Lois Pethtel. "Let's Win. Let's Win, Let's Win Team . . . Now That's the Word ofthe Coach! ! !" 6'!Z6lQd4QlA FIRST ROW: Iunior High, Sharon Bales, Linda Willia Shirley Royal. Freshmen, Cook, Shirley Thomas, Lc Manning. SECOND ROW: Sandy Slentz, Judy Hiser, Perhtel, Judy Hart, Patryl len, Sharon Hudson. dams cgimz' 7 6 0 gaaxfefzxff 5 temfmefz mm lqlcms The Freshman team, al- tugh winning only one game 1 losing nine, have shown provement through the l arg and great promise in , future. The team mem- 's are: FIRST ROW: Bill iott, Tom Kennedy,'Glen gets, Jack Norton, Marvin iny, Warren Mattson. SEC 'D ROW: Russell Kinser, ve Allen, Ronnie Simpson, 1 Morris, Dee Schwarzkopf, ve Chenoweth, Mr. Modlin, ach. 95, W 6727165 .ff GET THE TIP PoN1Es! ! Get The Tip Ponies!! O Steve Schwarzkopf, No. 50, jumps to get that tip as Fishback, No. 40, and Dee Schwarzkopf, No. 10 wait. we .67- If 7' 'iss 9, FIRST ROW: Steve Ruble, Torn Noller, Rodney Black, Roger Fishback, Harry Myers, Steve Schwarz- kopf, Dave Foy, Jerry Overmeyer, Student Manager. SECOND ROW: Dee Schwarzkopf, Bill Robbins, Dick Bales, Charles Wentz, Randall Foy, Ed Kershner, Don Schwarzkopf, Carl Honaker, Coach, Charles Hartley, Student Manager was absent. Wazmfy fag il tgazzfffmfz fwlsvkvfz 1 ff ,,.r is If Y, ..f Q.. c .N st, V '15 :L I 3 The team had a very fine season this year, placin first in the Southern division of the EIC and second in EIC. We only lost one conference game all season, tl was to Albany, 7 to 6. In the conference game again Roll we played 10 innings and won by one run. In the final game of the regular season we played Pennville which was the best game of the season, with the team making no errors. This game clenched the champion- ship of the Southern division for us. Our pitchers for this year were Don Schwarzkopf a Harry Meyers. Don had four wins and no losses. His 1 spectacular game was a no hitter against Chester Cen Harry had three wins and three losses. His best pitchir feat was a 7 - 6 victory over Roll which went ten innir The fine play displayed by the 1957 - 58 team will be long remembered in Montpelier. Pictured on the uppe left is Ed Kershner sliding in home in the second game of the EIC play-off. Pictured on the lower left is Stev Schwarzkopf catching in the same game. F Montpelier 9 Montpelier 6 Montpelier 10 Montpelier 13 Montpelier 7 Montpelier 8 Montpelier 9 Won 6 mais' azffzhy- WON 1 LOST 2 ST ROW: Marvin lny, Tom Armstrong, l Robbins, Ed Kersh- , Don Simpson. IOND ROW: Keith adly, Manager, Gary ite, Jim Braden, Iim rris, Mike Ray, Don llogg, Audrey Mod- , Coach. 1 LANCASTER LOOKS DOWN THE BARREL OE THE BIG GUN 5 1 1957-58 BASEBALL SCORE BOARD Redkey 8 Conference Play Off Albany 7 Chester O Montpelier 3 Bryant 7 Montpelier 5 Roll 6 Montpelier 7 Van Buren 7 Pennville 5 Won 1 Lost 1 452ml Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lost 2 4 l iii'-Bialz cfv dw Mefzce ee! C3 ,v A' 4 C 'til lll :gl til IL' Ill -69- X W. - M125 azwz WWW! 57 QJWXQI 45243 1. My! mm The Junior High ha won two and lost eight games but they look for ward to avenging these losses. The team mem bers are: FIRST ROW: Bucky Buckmaster, Dan Williams, Junior Ely, Clyde Hudson, Larry El- liott, Tom Markley, La ry Tourney. SECOND ROW: Mr. Modlin, Coz Terry Noller, Mike Sha Myron Love, Ronnie Ya Larry Forrester, Billy Le better, Paul Runnels, D, id Goodspeed. As in the picture below, Fishback was constantly in action topping the books with 11 points. .ff rf unit-' 7 .jaluerfiaing "U, . fin , Q I .ng H 5 ' '1 I iq ' w D I ' S -vo' Y -- mu. Blue Flame Gas Heating Q Cooking ROY FUTRELL Hartford City, Phone 884-1 Compliments FORRESTER INSURANCE AGENCY STANDARD OIL CO. C. V. Beaver Compliments DR. W. T. DOUGLAS compliments of SERVICE CLEANERS R. B. Walsmith C. D. REEF E SON Fords - Insurance Tires Q Batteries IOTICEf! Freshmen may ignore the fire drills Cgreen things won't burnl. SUNOCO SERVICE STATION Batteries, Tires, Recapping Q Auto Accessories Phone 8817 MARKLEY'S FURNITURE STORE Ill Line of Furniture Q Dinettes Phone 5542 DAN MARKLEY APPLIANCE RCA Whirlpool Q R.C.A. T.V. MO7s Barbery H Barber Supplies 108 East High MONTPELIER GLOVE COMPANY Gloves H Mittens l l 117 1 1 1 I 1 W f,Ww0 I AL SMITH Q CARNES Barber Shop l2l West High MONTPELIER LUMBER COMPANY Lumber - Builders Supplies BLACKFORD COORIY FARM BUREAU CO-OP Feed and Coal HOOSIER GRAIN ARS SUPPLY COMPANY See Us for Your Needs Coal-Feeds and Seeds Phone 2222 Compliments of DR. M. C. JACKSON Phone 6672 MICHAEL-INSURANCE Mike R Dick HENOERSON's EAMILY CLOTHING O SHOE STORE GUM'S ICE CREAM None Better - Phone 7719 KIMMEL PLUMBING Steam, Hot Water 5 Warm Air Heating Montpelier, Indiana Compliments of the I.G.A. Virgil Ledbetter, Proprietor BRADSHAW GROCERY Groceries 8 Meats Greetings from the POSTAL EMPLOYEES U. S. Post Office -71- minirifrafion Limbs? A f , 3 . i ' s N... ' xv if a NM ,xA, "" fzzzhsffafs, Up-Up-and-awayll Chow Time. New Students: Judy McCune, Pat Scott, Ann McVay. SECOND ROW: Bruce Scott Ronnie Routledge. The sounds of carpenters and brick layers at work will long be remembered by those trying to study. -7Q- is g ,K V f 2 X' 1-12:1 'O r 'I+ 5. End of the oldest holiday tourney in Indian "Pe1ier does it again." 6. Finger and typewriter Merge?? 7. Aerial view of the new parking lot. 4 7 1?-4 ,W A -- A we-f P ADVERTISEMENTS! , wl S- Q z. ,. Compliments of Compliments - GUY KERSHNER SERVICE CLEANERS Westinghouse Appliances R. B. Walsmith ... ... PHILLIPS 66 TANK WAGON SERVICE C. D. NEFF 8 SON Gerald Hiser, Agent Fords-Insurance-Tires-Batteries Phone 3385-6641 Best Wishes..:..RALPH ELY Greetings from ... DR. COOK, CHIROPRACTOR Good Luck ... J. Q B. CHEVROLET SALES Compliments ... MONTPELIER PLUMBING Q HEATING Compliments of Phone 2327 DR. G. Q. MCKEAN ... ... KING DON'T CARE RACER'S BAKERY Gas, Tires, Batteries Racer's nGolden Loafn 6 General Car Repair Bread-Buns-Rolls-Cookies-Cakes ... Quality for Less Phone 4436 GERBER DAIRY ... Grade A Milk LANNIGANS FEDERATED SELF-SERVICE Pasteurized - Clarified Gifts-Novelties-Toys-Varieties ... Montpelier, Ind. Yours for a Better Annual ... --GLEN GERBER-- Daddy bought a little car, ... And he feeds it gasoline. HERFF-JONES CO. And everywhere that Daddy went, Class Rings, Yearbooks He walked--his son's sixteen! Announcements y A ee M. C. George, Representative William Worth? Representative NATIONAL CHINA Q EQUIPMENT CO. Marion, Indiana A. E: .BOYCE Office Stationery 8 Supplies Muncie, Indiana Best Wishes from PARIDISE POINT RST. PHILLIPS H66H STATION Junction State Road 3 H 18 J. P. MICHAEL COMPANY Wholesale Grocery Q Canned Food Indianapolis, Indiana Luck In the picture above, Forrester and SCHENKEI-'S DAIRY Foy plan their strategy as advertis- Grade A Mi lk ing managers of the Indianian. Hu1'1tir1gt0f1 , Indiana -'73- :QPSK '1- Vwauiligwm NN ITV fl .fxos Wsa -- . rf Q 13 aawekil slkewivr NELSON 8 SLUSHER IMPLEMENTS CO. Oliver Dealers Q U. S. Liquid Fertilizer Phone 2366 TOURNEY'S TRACTOR SALES Massey Harris Q Ferguson Tractors H Implements Compliments-DR: PAUL E. BURNS MAHORNEY FURNITURE STORE Electrical Appliances Furniture, Paints, Q Enamel Good Wishes From POINT RESTAURANT Virgil Ledbetter, Proprietor Mrs. Williams: HWhere was the Declaration of Independence signed?H Dave Waters: HAt the end..H BONTRAGER'S REHALL DRUG STORE Meadow Gold Ice Cream Toiletries and Gifts PAULA'S---Watches, Diamonds Ladies Wearing Apparel BUCKLEY:S.GROCERY Fresh Meats-Gulf Gas Phone 2268 Mr. Hayes: coueitioning Peter Ernel HPete, do you have any sisters or brothers?H Pete: HYes, I have four sisters --all girlsln KING'S.DRIVE-IN West Huntington St. INDIANA BOX CORPORATION Corrugated Containers Q Cleated Crates Phone 2416 GLEN KING Auto Wrecking H Quality Gasoline Phone 8821 aasfms: Dave Williams: HHow many subjects are you carrying?H Dell Smith: HI'm carrying one and dragging three.H CHANEY HARDWARElGeneral Hardware Electrical Appliances, Window Glass, Fence, Paint, 9 Posts JOAN'S BEAUTY SHOP Beauty Work A Specialty Phone 9952 THE BANK OF MONTPELIER Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Federal Reserve System Mr. Davis: HJoe, what is the height of your ambition?H Joe P.: HOh, she comes to my shoulders.H MONTPELIER STONE CO. Crushed Stone, Pulverized Lime Phone 3335 CALE'S sEEvicE STATION Your Phillip's 66 Dealer FoUsT E LEAs FEED co. State Pilot E Purina Feeds Phone 9936 Compliments oflWEBBS FURNITURE THE POSE ROOM Flowers For All Occasions Phone 3375 Montpelier, Indiana THE MONTPELIER HERALD Your Publishers and Printers Since 1891 Compliments FromlNEAL'S HAT SHOP DRYDEN RUBBER DIVISION Sheller Manufacturing Corp. F--ierce lessons L--ate hours U--nexpected company N--ot prepared K--icked out -74- 1- uf- LII u ' u V I LJ: I 9- H. f .QM . Q Q I 1 ' 'w Q ' -5 1. 5 vs. 1 Q 1. 1 X 1 K Q s. 'N ' u f , ,r ig , ,Y ,.- , ,4 .. .xs- I ' I Q"r--- l - 5. H1 ,,. I L WJ , . V. I 1 A 1 m -Y w 4 1' 1 I 'r ' 4- S .J--1 . JI 13:95 , - 'v x gs, uh, ,.. Io- U. yy. " f".,'f'1 1: by .V .' 31+ Www, ,, .,-It' ' v 1.' 1 I - ',' .,'L, LQ x fl' ', -5.1. , r-.qua .f.- ,,,fA. ' .EA ,M."v'4 5 'A F ,.-.wg J' . 'QM' A N-'11 -.w 'W-. 1 ek' .f .. J ,, ' ,wi I E Vs I-"1 'I-',f.3zlf" ,IQ , 1 . " 'x, I f1'! ,4 . 'NJ . R ,Lv -"1" Jlfl' ' A1 --f ' .p .7 , 532, .1.,,V':!A,1 Q, X., '4 N 'ew f Yirp ! 'Q I PA A 1 ,f K2 We L g'f f-f Z", 5 ?'.g,,.:I fn -. .,: A i'5JEi4.Hag, m. ,nigga - 54,504 161 'L 4' u"N nu? .ny f-""" 7' -.--1 x T.,-,.., -1 . af'-

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