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High School Faculty Carl Honaker, Coach, B. S.. Taylor University, teaches health, safety. driver's training, and physical education. His extracurricular activities are Athletic and Bocster clubs, and co-spoiisor of the Freshman Class. Burton Brinkerhoff, B. S., attended Huntington College and Purdue University. He teaches biology and vocational agriculture and sponsors the Sopho- more Class and Student Council. coaches Junior High basketball, is chairman of Student affairs, and teaches Young Farmers Night School. Louis E. Moschell. B. S., Ball State Teachers College. teaches commercial subjects. His extra- curricular activities are Commercial Club, Student Affairs Point System, and Sophomore Class Co- spcnsor. John A. Naab, B. S.. Ball State Teachers College, teaches arithmetic, bookkeeping. and industrial arts. He is co-sponsor of the Square and Round Dance Club, and of the Eighth Grade. Mary Rice, A. B., Central Normal College, Dan- ville. also attended University of California and Indiana State Teachers College. She teaches art in both buildings. She is co-sponsor of the Sun- shine Club and of the Sophomore Class. Fred Sprunger. B. S. and M. S. in Ed.. Purdue University, teaches Seventh and Eighth Grade arithmetic, algebra and physics. He sponsors the Klick Klub and co-sponsors the Eighth Grade. Wilma Hartzell. B. S.. M. A., Ball State Teachers College and Indiana University, taught English and social studies. and was sponsor of the Junior Dramatic Club and co-sponsor of the Seventh Grade. She resigned at the end of the first semester and Richard Horn, B. M. E., Indiana University, teaches Seventh and Eighth Grade music, grade school music, choir. girls' chorus, and band. He is a sponsor of the Sciuare and Round Dance Club and the Freshman Class. Barbara Cline, B. S., Ball State Teachers College, teaches home economics, sponsors F. H. A. and the Junior Class. and supervises the cafeteria. Lillie M. Albertson, A. B., and A. M. Indiana University, teaches English and speech. Her ex- tracurricular duties are sponsor of the Annual and Crier. and co-sponsor ol' the Ra Von Dramatic Club and of the Senior Class. Nellie Williams. B. S., Central Norinal College and Butler University. teaches Jr. High social studies, Senior civics, sociology, and World His- toryg her extracurricular activities are the Student Affairs calendar, the Sunshine Club, and Seventh Grade co-sponsor. Jean Van Horn, B. S., M. A., Ph. E., attended Taylor University and Ball State Teachers College. She teaches general science, health, first aid, and physical education, and sponsors G. A. A., and the Senior Class. Jeanette Rea, A. B., M. A. T., attended Ball State Teachers College and Indiana University. She teaches English, is school Librarian, and sponsors the Library Club and the Freshman Class. Janice M. Nelson, A. B., Ball State Teachers College, teaches Latin. algebra and geometry: her extracurricular activities are Activities treasurer. co-sponsor of the Ra Von Dramatic Club, and of the Junior Class. iv a s succeeded by R a yin on d Matson. F . " 5 4-7 5 , x t V B e t t y Ellen G r o v e school clerk, hometown: ,Q Montpelier. Fa- v o r i t e saying: "Oh, Me!" .An I , .iiisifg s 2 . 'ar -V 'E sl ' 7 Remembered Years We have arrived! Yes, after spending eight years in the different grade school districts, the Class of '56 has finally become freshmen and citizens of the Montpelier High School City. To start off right as first year residents, we held our elections, choosing Clifford Rinker as our first mayorg Donna Pence, chief of police, Sharon Schwarzkopf, clerk, and as our first councilmen. Nancy Smith and Gary Clamme. Our sponsors, Mrs. Wallace and Mr. Thimlar, had a trying time in leading fifty- nine of us through our first year of residence. We presented our convocation on January 23. Well, here we are citizens of the Sophomore Class in the city of M. H. S. This year we elected capable Frank Brackin as mayor: Clifford Rinker as chief of police: John Price as clerk, and Nancy Smith, Donna Pence, Gary Clamme, and Virgil Ledbetter as councilmen. This year fifty-eight students enrolled in our class, and to lead us was Mrs. Nunn and Mr. Brinkerhoff. On February 19 we presented our convocation, consisting of the different members of the class showing off their talent. Also in February we held a magazine drive, which turned out to be very successful. Now we were rolling! We were now citizens of the Junior Class in the school city of M. H. S. In this, our third year of residence, we elected Max Hiser as mayor: Jerry Robbins as chief of police. Donna Pence as clerk, and Nancy Smith, Virgil Ledbetter, Donna Pence, and Gary Clamme as our councilmen. The sponsors for our third year were Miss Nelson. Miss Cline, and Mr. Forbes. We held our convocation: "Wide Awake Willie", a hilarious comedy. on January 21. An- other successful comedy, our class play, "Atta Boy Walt", was presented April l. The class then got together to work one night and all the next day to prepare the gym for the annual Junior-Senior banquet. Our theme for the banquet was "Three 8 Coins in the Fountain", with a large fountain in the center of the gym. All this prepared us for our final big year. Here it is, the "Big Year!" Yes, we have finally made it to the Senior Class of the Montpelier School Community. We were happy to receive as new citizens Joe Morris from Cambridge City and Kenneth Payne from Chester Center. This year we elected Neil Marshall as mayor, Jerry Robbins as chief of police, Joyce Hart as clerkg and Nancy Smith, Donna Pence, Virgil Ledbetter, and Clifford Rinker as councilmen. The class had an enroll- ment of fifty-three members, the largest in seven- teen years for a senior class. The sponsors of the class were Miss Albertson, Miss Van Horn, and Mr. Wilson. To start the year off right, we had Herb Grubb and his Melodaires for the "Annual" benefit show. Next we started the "Annual" drive on October 26. We sold 425 "Annuals", with Carol Reff, the champion salesman, selling thirty annuals. With this accomplished, we began to feel more confident of our abilities. We held our convocation on No- vember 23, and presented our class play, "Rest Assured," on May 4. Then on May 10 the Annuals arrived, and we had an autographing party to sign each others' Annuals. Baccalaureate exercises were held May 20, and we received our diplomas at commence- ment on May 22. Our commencement speaker was Clarence Dammon, registrar and director of ad- missions at Purdue University. We have come to the end of our senior year. I don't think that anyone actually realized its meaning until we were about to receive our di- plomas. And so. feeling somewhat sad and senti- mental, we leave the Montpelier School City to face the crises of adult life in the same determined spirit with which we faced any school crisis that arose. O The Seniors Forty-eight freshmen went to school Under Mr. Wilson's rule. Forty-eight children, fat and lean, Forty-eight freshmen shy and green. Everyone with all his grace. Every day in proper place, Books and pencils, every one: Time for class work now had come. Miss Albertson. good and kind. Hunted those who lagged behind, Taught us how to write and speak, And gave courage to the meek. And Miss Nelson. good at numbers, Helped us figure and avoid too many blunders. Miss Jean Rea in the library March On The one big thing we appreciate: Plenty of freshmen to initiate. On we went that second year. Where are those who lagged behind. On life's racetrack in high gcar. 'J Where's the one who changed his mindi' Our Junior year was slipping past: Seniors we, next year at last. For the seniors we prepared A banquet dinner, tasty 'n rare With the seniors we did rate: They said our prom was really great. We wished upon the wishing well That next year, as Seniors, wc'd ring the bell Then we worked as ne'er before Urged us to choose all the books we could carry. But we freshmen didn't cry. For we-'d be sophies by and byg We gathered up our courage then, For the next year we'd be men. Freshmen days are almost done: Hardest part of the race is won. Semester exams then to face, And low grades may mean disgrace. Sophomores, at last are wel Happier now we couldn't be. Entertaining - Neil Eugene Mar- shall - fNeilJ - Agriculture: "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing", President '55-'563 Basketball '53- '56g Track '54-553 FFA '52-'561 Treasurer '55-'56: t"Experience is the best teachernbg Going to Mont- pelier. That when at last we'd closed the door We would feel that all this pain And all our troubles were not in vain, To you, the heirs ot' our estate, We, the seniors, relegate All the trophies that we took And the iight to make this book. Always remember the Golden Rule: fThat is why you came to school.J Be as good as you can beg Treat yourself as you treat me." Responsive - Joyce Lorraine Hart - tJoyceb - Academic, "Memories of This"g Secretary- Are Made Treasurer '55-'56: GAA '52-'532 Club '53-'54, '55-'56. Discussion secretary-treasurer '55-'56g Music- Dance '54-'55: Booster Club '53- '563 Band '52-'563 Chorus '52-'561 Annual Staff, subscription man- ager: f"Oh. for heavens sake-"JZ Riding in a '53 Studebaker. Scrupulous - Jerry Edmond Rob bins v qJakel - Academic: 'tSud denly Theres a Valley": Vice president '54-'56: Basketball '52 '561 Baseball '52-'56: Track '52 56: Cross Country '52-'531 Ath letic Club '52-'532 Ra Von '53 '56. treasurer '55-'561 Choir '54 '561 "Atta Boy. Walt": "Tune-In' 4t'Where we parkin'7"lg Explor ing unknown places. if .e.5Y'Qil"1'. 1' 'C' 9 it iv' 1 ll HJ' x Seniors Practical - Rex Hubert Hiday CPretzelJ - Ag- ricultureg "Sixteen Tonng FFA '52-'56, Sentinel '55-'56g C"Get in, boys, before they catch us"Jg Going to Montpelier. Capable - Carolyn Ann Pearson - CLynnJ -Ac- adernicg "Melody of Love"g GAA ,52-'53g Ra Von '53-'56g Annual Staff, Joke editorg Band '52-'55g Chorus '52-'56g C"Oh sure"Jg "Dancing at the Point." Indifferent - Delphia Fear CDutchJ - Academicg "Don't Stay Away Too Long"g GAA '52-'56g Chorus '55-'56g Q"Let's Go"Dg Running around. Busy - Walter Lee Scott - CScottyJ - Academicg Athletic Club '52-'53g Discussion Club '53-'54g Lib- rary Club '54-'56, president '54-'55, vice-president '55-'563 Annual Staff, Art editorg C"Cotton pick- er"lg Girls. Brainy - Ronald Storms - CRonnie5 - Agricul- tureg 'tMelody of Love"g FFA '52-'56g Annual Staff, Business managerg WI reckon".7 Tinkering with radios. Engaged - Wilma Dean Terhune - fDeanieb - Commercialg "You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cryug GAA '52-'56, Activity leader '53-'56: Chorus '52-'55g Crier Staffg Annual Staff, Subscription manager: C'Well, now"Jg Having a good time with the Packard and driver. Vigorous - Nancy Sue Smith - CNanJ - Com- mericalg "Only You"1 Girl Adviser '52-'56g Student Council '52-'56g Cheer leader ,53-,561 Athletic Board '55-'56: GAA '52-'53g Music-Dance '54-'55g Discussion Club U55-'56: Band '52-'56g Choir '52- '56g Chorus '52-'561 "Atta Boy, Walt"g C"Oh, now"73 Riding in a red Ford with a certain boy from Tipton. Earnest - Thomas Duane Mounsey - CTomJ - Agriculture: "Memories Are Made of Thisng Track '53-'563 FFA '52-'55g Discussion Club '55-'56g Booster Club '53-'56g Annual Staff, snapshot editorg "Atta Boy, Walt"g tOh, fiddle!"Jg Going to Mont- pelier. Lively - Gerald Norman Runkle - fRunkJ - Academicg "Sixteen Ton"g Cross Country '52-,551 Track '52-'56: Athletic Club '52-'53g Klick Klub '53-'5-ig Music-Dance '54-'55g Discussion Club '55- '563 CLet's go to Hartfordnlg Playing pool. Peppy - William Maurice Racer - fBillJ - Aca- demic: 'tMemories Are Made of This": Library Club '52-'53g Ra Von '53-'56g Booster Club '53-'56g Annual Staff, snapshot editor: Band '52-'54, '55- '56: Choir '52-'56g "Miss Starlightng f"Would you like to buy a loaf of Racer's bread?"J Dancing and huntingllll Seniors Mischievous - James Dean Myers - QCuzJ -Aca- demic: "Only You": Baseball '52-'55: Discussion Club '52-'53: Office boy '54-55: Ra Von '55-'56: Atta Boy, Walt": f"Got a fag'?"J: Trying to find girls. Poetic - Rosemary Davis - Commercial: "Be- cause You're Mine": Ra Von '53-'56: Choir '53-'5-1: Chorus '54-'55: Sleeping. Fun-loving - Betty Jo Quillen - Hob - Com- mercial: "He": Music-Dance '54-'55: GAA '52-'54, '55-'56: reporter '55-'56: Annual Staff, typistg Q"Oh nuts"7: Being with a certain boy in Hartford on Walnut Street. Reckless - Virgil C. Ledbetter, Jr. - CBuckJ - General: "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing": Baseball '52-'56: Discussion Club '52-'53: Music- Dance Club '54-'55, president: Student Council '52-'56, president '55-'56: t"Let's go to Ohio."JI Going to Roll. Boisterous - Joseph Leonard Morris - CHarrisJ - Academic: "The Longest Walk"Z Cambridge City- Football '52-'55: Basketball '53-'55: Track '54-'55: Band '52-'551 Choir '52-'55: "H. M. S. Pinafore": Montpelier-Cheer leader '55-'56g Dance Club '55- '56, president: "Miss Starlight": t"What do you say, Jack?"b: Sue. Witty - Richard Lee Peck - CDickJ - Academic: t'Memories Are Made of This": Basketball '53: Baseball '52: Track '54-'56: Athletic Club '52-53, secretary-treasurer '52-'53: Discussion Club '53-'56Z Annual Staff, historian: "Atta Boy, Walt"2 4Let's go, Daddy-o."7: Driving around at noon. Serious - Mary Margaret Kelsay - CMuryb - Academic: "Blue Star" FHA '52-'53, '55-'56: Music- Dance '53-'55: Choir '52-'56: Chorus '52-'56: Crier: Annual Staff, grade school editor: COh, hushli Reading. Talented - Tom M. Simmons - General: Athletic Club '52-'54: Klick Klub '54-'55: Dance Club '55- '56: Annual Staff, poster editor. Shy - Joseph Wayne Shannon - fJoe5 - Aca- demic: "Shifting, Whispering Sands": Cross Coun- try l54-'56: Athletic Club '52-'53: Klick Klub '53- '55: reporter '54-'55: Discussion Club '55-'56, presi- dent? Crier Staff: Annual Staff, calendar editor: fWhat's new?"J: Hot Rod races. Optimistic - Bonnie Juaniece Ramseyer - fBonJ - General: "Claire de Lune": GAA '52-'53: RaVon '53-'56: Booster Club '53-'56, Choir '54-'561 Chorus '52-'56: Girl's Choir '54-'55: Crier Staff, editor-in- chief: Annual Staff, editor-in-chief: "Atta Boy Walt": CAll rightyl: Being with my foster family. ii ggg, Seniors Jolly - Carol Moyer Chandler CButchJ - Com- mercialg "Cry Me A Rivern, GAA, '52-'53g Discus- sion '53-'54g Music-Dance '54-'55g Commercial '55- ,56g Band '52-'56g Q"Guess what."Jg Dancing and being with the girls. Independent - Stephen Leroy Malott - fStevej - Agricultureg "Black Denim Trousersf' Cross Coun- try '53-'56g FFA '52-'56g f"Ready, willing, and waitingvjg Going to Portland, then twelve miles farther. Easy-going - Paul Alan Ely - fPeelyJ - Aca- demicg "Sixteen Ton"g Basketball '54-,56g Base- ball '53-'55g Cross Country '52-'56g Track '52-'56g Athletic Club '52-'53g Music-Dance '54-'553 Discus- sion Club '53-'54, '55-'56g Band '53-'56g Choir '54- '56g "Miss Starlightng Just messing around. Excitable - Roberta Ann Baker - fBertiey - Commercialg "You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry"g GAA '52-'53, '55-,563 Music-Dance '53-'55g Choir '52-'56g Chorus '52-'56g Going down to West Green Street. Contented - Carol Jean Reff - fNeanJ - Aca- demicg "Love Is a Many Splendored Thingng GAA '52-'53g Discussion '53-'54g Ra Von '54-'56, presi- dent '55-'56g Booster Club '53-'56g Crier Staff, treasurerg Annual Staff, Senior editorg Choir '52- '56g Chorus '52-'55g Girls Choir '54-'55g '4Sun- bonnet Sue"g "She's One of the Boys"g "Tune-In"g "Miss Starlight"g "Atta Boy, Walt"g "Wide Awake Willie"g f"Yuh-huh"bg Being with a guy named Neil. Dashing - Frank Erwin Brackin - CFrankJ - Agricultureg "Moments to Rememberng Track '52- '53g president '53-'54g FFA '52-'56g l"Huh?"Dg Driv- ing around. Friendly - Clifford Dewayne Rinker - CFeetJ - Agricultureg Ulf You Knew Suzie Like I Know Suzie"g president ,52-'53g vice-president '53-'543 Track '53-'54g Basketball '55-'56g Student Council '54-'56, FFA '52-'56, reporter, '54-'55, president '55- '56g CHI think they're all liars but you and me, and I'm not so sure about you."J Gcing over to Sue's. Nice - Fred Allen Reff - CHandsJ - General: "Gum Drop"g Basketball '54-'56g Cross Country i54-'56g Athletic Club '52-'533 Klick Klub '53-'54g reporterg Music-Dance '54-'55g Discussion Club '55- '563 Choir '54-'56g "Miss Starlightug CYou can't teach an old dog new tricks"Jg Ramseyer Hour. Calm - Phyllis Jane Marshall - f"Phil"J -Corn- mercialg "Only You"g GAA '52-'56g vice-presi- dent '54-'56g Annual Staff, typist, Booster Club '53-'56g Crier Staff, typistg f"Oh, dcg-gone it!"Jg Being with Dannie. Unassuming - Robert Allen Fitch - CBobJ - Academicg "He"g Cross Country '53-'55g Track '53- 7541 Athletic Club '52-'53g Discussion Club '53-'54g Library Club '54-'56g secretary '54-'55g president '55-'56g Annual Staff, poster editorg C"Holy Mack- erel"Jg Girls. Seniors Pugnastic - Gary Lee Clamme - QGarrisonJ - Ag- riculture: "The Lord's Prayer": Track '52-'54: Student Council '52-'5-1: FFA '52-'56, sentinel '53- '54: l"Beats me"J: Going toward Pennville. Chatter Box - Carol Ann Chapman - fCaro1J - Commercial: "Moments to Rememberu: FHA '52- '53, reporter: GAA '53-'54, '55-'56: Music-Dance '54-'55: Annual Staff, typist: "Wide Awake Willie": f"I thought I'd die".J: Going places and having fun. Delightful - Mary Ellen Pugh - tStinkyJ - Aca- demic: "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing": GAA '52-'53: Discussion Club '53-'5-1: Ra Von '54-'56: Choir '53-'55: Chorus '53-'56: Girls Choir '53-'55: Booster Club '53-'56: Crier Staff: Annual Staff, Literary editor: "Atta Boy, Wa1t": t"Oh-!!!!"J: Waiting for Jim to come over. Jovial - John Brady Price - tJohnJ - Academic: 'tMoments to Rememberv: Basketball '53-'56: Track '53-'56: Cross Country '53-'563 Baseball '53: Ath- letic Club '52-'53, president: Ra Von '53-'56: presi- dent '54-'55: Band '52-'56: Choir '52-'56: "Wide Awake Willie": "Atta Boy, Walt": "Tune-In": "Sunbonnet Sue": "One of the Boys": "Miss Star- light": i"How 'bout that'?"l Going to Dunkirk. Industrious - Richard Lee Armstrong - fDickJ - Agriculture: "Sixteen Ton": Basketball '53-'54: Baseball '53-'55: FFA '52-'56: Just horsing around. Mysterious - Harold Eugene Parker C"Duke"7 - General: "Harbor Lights": FFA '53-'5-1: Library Club '52-'53, '54-'56: Running around. Questioning - Helen Louise Herring - CHerringl- Commercial: "Shifting, Whispering Sands": Music- Dance '52-'54: GAA '54-'56: Choir '52-'53: Chorus '52-'53: C"If they all knew the truth."J: Riding in a certain Chevy. Temperamental - Herschel William Needler - CHersehl - Agriculture: "Love Is A Many Splen- dored Thing": Basketball '53-'56: Cross Country '54-'55: Track '53-'56: FFA '52-'56: Conductor '53- '5-i, Reporter '54-'55, vice-president '55-'56: Annual Staff, advertising manager: C"Oh, heck!"D: Going towards Montpelier. Music-loving - Donna Jo Burchard - Commercial: "A Soldiers Dream": GAA '52-'53: Music-Dance '53-'55: Commercial '55-'56: Crier Staff: Annual Staff. music and plays: band '52-'56g Choir '52-563 Chorus '52-'56: "Tune-In": t'Sunbonnet Sue": "One of the Boys": "Miss Starlight": C"Oh, my!"J: Musical entertainment. Practical - Harold Evans - General: "Moments to Rememberu: Athletic Club '52-'53: Library Club '53-'54, secretary: Ra Von '54-'56: "Atta Boy, Walt": C"Huh?"7: Going to Pennville. 3 .gf .., Seniors Assuming, - Sharon Ann Schwarzkopf - CSharonb - Academicg "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing"g secretary-treasurer '52-'53g Student Affairs ,54-,56Q GAA '52-'53g Ra Von '53-'54g Music-Dance ,54l-,55Q Discussion '55-'56g Cheer Leader '53-'56g Band '52- '56: Chorus '52-'55g Choir '54-'56g Q"Oh, my gosh!"yg Riding in a blue Plymouth. Argumentative - William Kellogg - CBill3 - Aca- demicg "Moments to Rememberug Track '53-'551 Athletic Club '52-'53g Library Club '53-'54g vice- presidentg Klick Klub '54-'55g Discussion Club '55- '56g CWalk softly, but carry a big stick"Jg Going to Pennville. Quiet - Thomas Roy Schwarzkopf - CTomJ - Ag- ricultureg "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing", Baseball '54-'56: FFA '52-'56, secretary '54-'56g Cross Country '54-'56g Basketball '54-'55g Annual Staff, advertising manager: C"Aw, fiddle!"Jg Work- ing to get out of work. Unconvincible - Kathryn Sue Goble - fKateJ - Academic: "Sentimental Journey"g GAA '52-'56g Crier Staff: Annual Staff, poetg Choir '54-'563 Girls' Choir '54-'55g Chorus '52-'53, '54-'56g f'tYou cats ready'?"lQ Riding around in two-toned Fords. Decided - Sally Ann Cook - Commercialg "The lmpatient Year"g GAA '52-'53g Music Club '53- '54, presidentg Music-Dance '54-'55g Commercial '55-'56g Crier Staff: Annual Staff, activities editorg Chorus '52-'531 Choir '53-'54g C'Oh, well, such is life"hq Being with a certain guy from Dunkirk. Athletic - Kenneth Payne - CKennyJ - Academicg "Old Folks at Home"3 CChester Centery - vice- president '52-'54: Basketball '52-'55g Track ,54- '55: Softball '52-'54g Baseball '54-'55g Cross Country '54-'55: Booster Club '54-'55g vice-president: Choir '52-'55 fMontpelierJ - Athletic Board ,55-'56g Basketball '55-'56g Baseball '55-'56g Cross Country '55-'56: FFA '55-'56g Q"Gee!"J Basketball. Eager-Beaver - Max Arnold Hiser - CMaxl - Academicg 'Tm Confessinug Eresident '54-'55g Stu- dent Affairs '54-'56g Baseball '52-'541 Track '52-'53g Athletic Club '52-'53g vice-presidentg Ra Von '53- '56g Band l52-'56: Choir '52-'56g "Tune ln"g "She's One of the Boys"g "Sunbonnet Sue"g Going to Hartford City. Undecided - Donna Darlene Pence - tDonniey - Commercialg "Moments to Remember? vice-presi- dent '52-'53g Girl Adviser '53-,561 secretary-treas- urer '54-'55g GAA '52-'56g president '55-'56g Crier staffg Chorus '52-'55g Choir '52-'53g CFor Heaven's Sake!"Jg Being with a certain boy named Garrison Lee. Reserved - Guy Paul Cook - CGonkJ - General t'Sixtcen Ton"g Klick Klub '52-'54g Library Club '54-'55g Music-Dance '55-'56: Going to Hartford City. Sincere - Thomas D. Wilson - CTomJ - Generalg "Memories are Made of This"g Baseball ,52-,532 '54-'55g Discussion Club '52-'56g 1"Oh, phooey!"Jg Driving around. Last Will of The Class of l956 We, the seniors of 1956, will the following cherished possessions to our underclassmen and teachers. Richard Armstrong wills his cute smile to Rodney Black. Roberta Baker wills her height to Jim Moyer. Frank Brackin wills his speech ability to Karen Trussell. Donna Burchard wills her music ability to Mr. Horn. Carol Chapman wills her big mouth to Jerry Hart. Gary Clamme wills his "mouse tails" and "bird heads" to Barbara Stroud. Guy Cook wills his "painless days" to Nancy Roush. Sally Cook wills her ability to write themes to Betsy Racer. Rosemary Davis wills her figure to the Fort Wayne Modeling School. Paul Ely wills his ability to train for sports to Lester Price. Harold Evans wills himself to Pennville. Delphia Fear wills her ability to read magazines tTrue Storyj in library to anyone who can get away with it. Robert Fitch wills his temper to Ray Storms. Kathryn Goble wills a piece of advice to Frances Merchant: "Don't hunt Cupidg let him find you." Joyce Hart wills her ability to park in front of her house to Nancyanna Groendyke. Helen Herring wills her naturally curly hair to Jeanine Johnson. Rex Hiday wills his gas bill to Charles Everhart. Max Hiser wills his heavy beard to Jim Winger. William Kellogg wills his ability to be late to class to Kathy Chick. Mary Margaret Kelsay wills her quiet ways to Peggy McGeath. Virgil Ledbetter wills his '56 Ford to a new one next year. fWe think he will need it.J Steve Mallot wills his ability to hit hogs to Terry Overmeyer. Neil Marshall wills his polite ways to Wayne Dearduff. Phyllis Marshall wills her typing ability to Ray Love. Joe Morris wills his yell-leading ability to David French. Tom Mounsey wills his ability to blow the tuba to whoever has wind enough to blow it. Carol Moyer wills all her time to Melvin. Jim Myers wills his six pack to Tom Krebs. Herschel Needler wills his bossincss to anyone who wants it. Harold Parker wills himself to Hartford City. Kenny Payne wills his dead hook shot to Larry Miles. Carolyn Pearson wills her ability to go to the Point to Linda Hooks. Richard Peck wills his ability to put thc shot to Dean Garrett. Donna Pence wills herself to Gary. John Price wills his poker-face to Dick Payne. Mary Ellen Pugh wills her cute dimplc ta Connie Helton. Betty Jo Quillen wills her love 'n life to Gary. William Racer wills his dancing ability to Howard Brock. Bonnie Ramseyer wills her ability to get con- fused in bookkeeping to Mr. Naab. Carol Reff wills her arguing ability in sociology to Carl King. Fred Reff wills his weak stomach to Bromo- Seltzer. Clifford Rinker wills his jumping ability to DeWayne Grove. Jerry Robbins wills his ability to get along with women!!! to Bob Colvin. Gerald Runkle wills the "Black Hornet" to any- one that is man enough to hold it under 100 knots. Sharon Schwarzkopf wills her cooking ability to Miss Cline. Thomas Schwarzkopf wills his ability to drive in ditches to Don Williams. Walter Scott wills the school to anyone who wants it. Joe Shannon wills his mechanical knowledge to Jim Burchard. Tom Simmons wills his ability to play the piano to Donnie Weaver. Nancy Smith wills her airplane adventures to Baer Field. Ronald Storms wills his electronical ability to Bill Mattson. Wilma Terhune wills her ability to become engaged to anyone who can. Tom Wilson wills his "Senior year' to the un- fortunate school. 15 Le FI. firker Z J-if 5'PZij?. re Q gijgqcg Y ,,- ,.- V tr , . :W . ily M ci,.,2L ff 5 1' 4 'la lf' G xgcx I , c ' 7 ' f I fl . WK M M, ,?,Qg,,f , g1,,., , 4 if L f QQy 9'QxoLLfy'iV 1 I Q jf pfjr, if , If X I I2 , ' J N6 x ' M Bgfjl-A ' ,Q 1 MEM U r ZXK ff W w I , 4 ld? C J fx' +ov 1 odd,-, f7 4. SEAL-ZS C,4,74,4LQ0 xy D' fr! if 'r' fi 'V V - K : Q 1 Eb aw .A ff' J h ?, ' . A 31' L -f' . xii? Q! , , 1 2 , . ' ' A ' - WK W X 57 'IC RH ,J LU 'wbgwal X wif? J vw. ,. My M ' 'W wjgfjw Wg A W ZMW ,MM fb ' . - -"x, Q vi 1 X Q' ff. .2 - QXN X X . LMA ..3ii5 .--AX The Junior Class began with forty-nine students. The new additions were Doris Brickey, Richard Payne, and Floy Smith. Jim Hatch withdrew the first semester, and Doris Brickey, Phyllis Royal, Julia Parker and Lester Price withdrew the second semester, bringing our total down to forty-four. We elected Sue Marshall, president: Jack Cain, vice-presidentg and Karen Trussel, secretary-treasurer. Patricia Yadon, Glen Weaver, Karen Trussel, and Jerry Hart were our Student Council members. Our sponsors were Miss Nelson, Miss Cline, and Mr. Schilling. The first semester we had a magazine sale for class expenses. We sold refreshments at all the home ball games. We gave our convocation in Novem- ber, and on April 6 we presented our comical class play, "Down to Earth". We have had one gym party. On May 18 we entertained the seniors at the Junior- Senior banquet. Carol Lautzenheiser 16 S h at r 0 n Armstrong.:', Gerald Baker, Bill Bales, Phyllis Berg- doll, Doris Brickey, Mary Beth Buckmas- ter, Jack Cain. Betty Carnes, Judith Caylor, Janice Chick, Carol Clements, Ray- mond Coffieltl, Carol Denton, Sue Enochs. R o .2 e 1' Falk, Janet Fear, Mary Ann Ford, Ronald Gibson, Harold Glattli, John Glessner, J e 1' r y Ha rt, Jim Nancyanna Gro e n- tl y k 8 . Hatch, Linda M a e Hooks, Treva How- ard, Barbara Jordan, Beverly King, U a rl King. Tom Krebs, Joe Kyle, Carol Lautzenheiser, Sue Marshall, Larry Miles, Bruce Nestle- road, G a r y Over- meyer. T e r r y Overmeyer, J u l i a Parker, Dick Payne, Howard Pence. Lester Price, B e t t y Racer, Phyllis Royal. Carole Schmidt, Floy Smith, Sue Stukey, Karen Trussel, Glen XVeaver, James Wing- er, Patricia Yaclon. Junior Class Sophomore Class Bob .-xlll9l'lSUll, Lois Allen, T o 111 Arni- strong C'l1z1rlos Hales. Bill Bravkin, lluwarrl Brock. . Jann! R y e , Joseph 5 er Cale, Kathleen Uhick, 1' h tl 1' l e S l':V6I'l11ll'I, Snrona Fisher. Vikki , Fitch. .I 11 n 1l il Ford, Ten y Forrester, lt El ll -l a ll P g' Foy, Gloria Futrell, V Nora Glessner, Lowell Gordon. ,gd lle YVayne G 1' 11 1' e . .ludy Hart, J a n et .,. llarter. Charles Hart- ley. Esther H a W k , Sll1ll'UIl Huilson. 3 sa lu-light H ll m n1 e r, Ulzlude Keller, Ilena Letlhetter, L a r r 3' Love, Ray Love. Imo- gene IADIIQ-Ll XYill:1r1l Mattson, Ann Mclfainmon. John Mc- Vlish, Franc-es Mer- chant. Nila Miclmel. t"l1:11'les Miles. 17 41 Betty Nelson, T o m Noller, J o e ljEil'liE'l', Nilzl Pitts, .Indy Pugh, Clyde llainseyer. . , N a n c y Roush, Imn Scliwarzkopf. ll i 0 k Scliwartzkopf .I t- r 1' 5' Sills, June Snwlser, .lnhn Smith. Q -Q- -Q ltay Storms, Mari-'in l'e-lzinil, Barlmra Van Vamp, Anna xY2llk9l', David XVaters, lion NYilli:1mS. 'T'TP Xt!! The Sophomore Class began the year with fifty- Charles Everhart, one-year Student Council mem- four students, but lost Sarona Fisher, Delight Hum- bers. The sponsors of our class were Miss Rice, mer, John McC1ish, Jerry Sills, and Anna Walker. Mr. Brinkerhoff, and Mr. Moschell. Our convoca- We chose for our class officers Dena Ledbetter, tion was April 13, and our class party, March T. presidentg Judy Pugh, vice-presidentg Sharon Hud- In the spring we also participated in a magazine son, secretary-treasurer, and Ann McCammon and sales campaign. The Freshman Class began the year with fifty- six studentsg however Jeanette Hatch, Frank Hud- son, and James Royal withdrew. Gloria Chenoweth and Linda McFarren entered during the first se- mester. We elected as class officers: Bill Robbins, president: Patty Coffield, vice-presidentg Roger Freshman Class Billy Armstrong, Edna Baker, Richard Bales, Jenice Batton, Rodney Black. Stephen Bloom. Jo Ann Bontrager, James Braden, Kent Bunsold, James Burchard, Jerry Chapman, Max Coffield. Patty Coffield. Robert Colvin, Carol Ann Cook, Phyllis Dame, Barbara Dearduff, Carl Fear. Roger Fishback, David French, Elva Jane Garinger, Jeanie Garri- son, Jesse Glessner, Keith Headley. Connie Helton, Judy Hiser, Frank Hudson, Mike Inman, Donnie Ke-llog'g', Steve Kellogg. Cynthia Kelsay, Ed Kershner, Jerry Kershner, Marjorie Knight, Ferrell Long, Elsie Love. Josephine Mclflish, Peggy Mc- Geath, Peggy Marshall, Harry Myers, Lois Vethtel, Dorsey Price. Billy Robbins. K a r en Runkle, Marilyn Schwarzkopf, T h o m a S Shannon, Betty Smelser, Gerald Spaulcling. Barbara Stroud, David Stukey, Charles XVentz, Ben XVilson, Bar- bara Yadon, Bill Yadon. Fishback, secretary-treasurerg and as our council members, Peggy Marshall, Marilyn Schwarzkopf, Bill Yadon, and Rodney Black. The sponsors of the class were Miss Rea, Mr. Honaker, and Mr. Horn. We presented our convocation on March 23. Barbara Yadon Eighth Grade Roh Berry, lflllilie Braden, .lxiines Bradley. Linda Uwlenmn, llita Fel'- guson. Betty Gordon. lloger Grass, .luycu Grover, .lane llnrler, .lolin lukes, Jeannine .Inlin- son. Mary Ann Johnson, Thomas Kerslxner. Karen King, N 11 n C y Mallol, llohert Blunt?-, llonna Morgan, llailpli M ye-rs, Jerry Overnieyer, Steve llnllle, Carol lluinlmngli, Steve Schwarz! kopf, Gilbert Sills, Lzirry Simmnns. Donald Simpson, Sandra Slentz, Donald XVeaver, Paul Yates. .Iam-t Allen, :End of 3B-lr Dianne- Black. Donna Booher, Betty Eiircliaiwl, XYaile Carnes, Dick Conrzicl, llonnie Everhart, .Joyce Fear. Chris Flanagan, llavid Foy, Betty Garinger, Dean Garrett, Kay Her- ring, Nanvy Hornlwaker. Daniel Horrom, .lim Mnyer, Hal Nestle-rl-all. Patricia Quillen. lrick Loge: s, Joe lingers, Mary Iloyal, Jeannine Scliniiflt, Phillip Stoltz, Janet Ti-ant, Beverly XVQ-atlierlmlt, Gary XVhite, Yolanda XYise. The Eighth Grade entered the new year with an enrollment of fifty-four members. Marie Sanders, Philip Sanders, Robert Moore, and Phyllis Chen- oweth entered during the first semester. We chose as our president, Jim Moyerg vice-presidentg Pat Quillen: secretary-treasurer, Donna Boolier, and for council members, Steve Ruble and Sandy Slentz. The sponsors of our class were Mr. Sprunger and Mr. Naab. We had our class party January 24, and presented our convocation March 2. Sandra Slentz The Seventh Grade began the first semester with fifty-three students. Davona Hoover withdrew, but, Judith Schoger and Donald Chenoweth entered during the first semester. The president for the class was Russell Kinserg vice-president, Mark Ramseyerg secretary-treasurer, Tom Kennedy: Stu- Seventh Grade Libby Braden. Karen Brinkerhoff, David Che-nowetli, Suzanne Col- bert, Iris Coleman, Jean Conrad. Sue Cook, Bob Coons, Rita Davis, XVayne Dearduff, Janet Downhour, David Evers. Marvin Heiny, Davunna Hoover, Carolyn Kilgore, Russell Kinser, XYarren Matson, Judy McDaniel. Carol Mornrity, Nancy ltamseyer, Mary .lane llogers. Dee Schwarz- kopf, Ronnie Simpson, Patty Wallet-r. Kay XVliite, Nancy Zelonis, tlind of TRW Glenn Brock, Fred Cline, William Elliott, Marjorie Ellison. Patty Fear, Leon Flutter, .ludy Garrison. Carolyn Herring, Tom Kennedy, Thelmnlee Ke-rshner. Boll King, Herman King, Fdella King, Myron Love, .lim Morris, Carolyii Nelson. Jackie Norton, Patrick O'l-Tern, Bonnie Pozsgai, Mark llamse-yer, Connie lleichzirrl, Glen llogers. Karen Shaner, Shirley Thomas, Sliawncey XVehh, Howard XVillinms, Snnwlra Yadon. dent Council members, Kay White and Dee Schwarzkopf. Our sponsors were Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Hartzell, and Mr. Matson. We presented a variety program for our convocation on Feb. 3. The class held a picnic on October 5 for the first semester party. Shawncey Webb Elementary Teachers Orville R. Cline attended Tri State and Ball State Teachers col- leges. He is principal and teaches departmental grades. His entire career has been spent in this school system. Favorite T. V. pro- gram, "Ed Sullivan." Hobbies: literary gems, inspirational books and gardening. Raymond Matson, A. B., and M. S., attended Anderson College and Ball State. He previously taught in Pendleton High School and taught typing classes in the Army. Favorite T. V. program: a good football game. Hobbies: singing and philosophizing about human relations with practicality in view. He taught Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth grades in depart- mental the first semester, but took over classes in junior high the second semester and was succeeded by Mrs. Helen Maish. Mrs. Helen Maish attended Madam Blaker's and Ball State teachers colleges. She has taught second grade in Montpelier and has substituted in Poling, Chester, Roll. and Washington Township schools. Her favorite T. V. programs are "Two for the Money", and "You Bet Your Life". Her hobbies are painting, antiques, and music. Charles B. Anthony, B. S. attended Marion Normal and Ball State. He teaches Sixth Grade in the L. E. Kelley Building. All his teaching has been in Harrison Township and Montpelier. Hobby: gardening. Mrs. Arrietta Wolfe. A. B., attended Oklahoma Uni- versity at Norman, Oklahoma, and Central State College, Edmond, Oklahoma. She teaches Second Grade and pre- viously taught in Oklahoma. Favorite T. V. program: "One Man's Family". Hobbies: reading and raising pets. Ruth M, Bowman attended Ball State Teachers College. She teaches third grade. Her hobbies are reading and travel. Mrs. Helen Fishback, A. B., attended Ball State Teachers College. Teaches Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth grades in departmental. She has taught at Stony Creek in Randolph County, Salem Center in Steuben County, and Portland- Wayne Township in Portland. Favorite T. V. program: "The Hit Parade". Hobbies: Travel and T. V. Mrs. Kathryn Boots attended Ball State Teachers College and teaches Third Grade. She has also taught at Bailey and Gadbury School, Licking Township: and Washington School, Washington Township. Favorite T. V. program: "You Are There". Hobbies: reading and travel. Margaret Sellers, B. S., attended Manchester College. She teaches Fourth Grade and has formerly taught in Wells County. Favorite T. V. programs: "Wide Wide World", and "Perry Como". Hobby: travel. Mrs. Lucile Henley attended Madam Blaker's and Ball State Teachers colleges. She teaches First Grade. She has also taught in Poneto. Favorite T. V. program: any qui: program. Hobby: violin. Mrs. Marie Murphy, B. S., attended Ball State. She teaches Second Grade. She has also taught in Millgrove. Favorite T. V. program: "I Love Lucy". Hobby: gardening. Mrs. Golcla Buell attended Eau Claire State Teachers College, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She teaches First Grade. She has previously taught in Eau Claire. Wisconsin, Bcll, and Petroleum. Favorite T. V. programs: "I Love Lucy" and "Firestone Hour". Hobbies: growing roses and going lish- ing with her husband. Grade Six Mr. Anthony, Teacher Ethan Allen, Sharon Bales, Gene Brock, Bucky Buckmaister, Mary Cof- field. Larry Forrester, Carol Gum, Starlotte Hartley. G e r 1' Y Hoover, Clyde H u fl s 0 n, Nelva Ickes, Sharon Kershner, Glenn Kinser, Sharon Layman, B i l ly Ledbetter, Alex Mahorney. A l i c e Meyer, Janet Mounsey. Loretta Mur- phy, Terry Noller, Dee lleese, Jerry lleff. Paul lleichard, Carol llhea. M i k e Roush, Shirley Royal, Barbara Simpson. Sally S 1 e n t z, Gaylen XValker, Linda XVilliams, T o n y XVilson, VVilma XYilS0n. Grades Four 8g Six Mrs. Maish, Teacher Yvonne Beeks. Barbara Bower, Dennise Brown, Karen lily, Patty Flatter, Myrna Foust, Linda Har- ter, .Johnny Hudson. K a ron Ickes, lliann Kinser, Vera Mahorney, James McClish, Sandra Melson, Johnny Merchant. Johnny Myers, Laverna Nelson. Laretta Nelson, David Price, David ll 0 a d s, J a m e s Schwarzkopf, Larry Sills, Gary Weath- ertholt. QS-ixthr Lorna Bower, Johnny Clark. Nanciellen Clevenger, Jeanne Fear, Cheryla Ferguson, Judy Herring, Mary King, Jerry Kitter- inan, L. D. Letterman, Sheryl Matson. Linda Merchant, Larry Michael, Carol Morrical. Bernita Pitts, llichard Shaner, Larry Tourney, Danny XVil1iarns, Ronald Yadon. Grade Iqve Mrs. Fishback, Teacher ll u zz n e liluim-nhursi. M ef l li zu Brick:-5', Lurry Cook, Judy llmvnlimir, L21 r 1' 5' 1-Illioti, Alle-u l-Tllisnn, Junior lily, Gur- netu l"islilvzu'I-C. l'lii'l'nrul l" l :Q n u px 11 n, l'hzil'lz-s Fwfle. lluln-rl Gln-ssm-r. llnvifi Gum!- speecl. Linflu Kay Grow-r, Phillip Harris, I1 ai v I ml Horr--ui, lille-n Kelsay. Areta King, Betty Luu I.ettr-rinan, K e n n e I h Love. Tliniiizis Blarkley. Marci' Merchani, Thomas Michael, Lucille Nelson, Pauline U'Hern, Sunrlra U'Sli:iii,:lim-ssvy, Betty Lou llulcult. Fait- ricizi Pe-nrml, li 3 n n y Pugh, .lane llolwrts. Paul llunnels. Dickie Sunlle-rs, Mike Shadle. Lesley Shultz. .I .I :i n Tranl, Herman XX'alkz-r. Grade Four Margaret Sellers, Teacher Louis Braden, .I e a n Bradshaw, Kathy Brink- erhoff, Shirley 4' a 1 0, Phyllis Ulzirk. Priscilla Vnlwnan, Al- lie-rt F-'-ar, llick Fishlmc-k. .lurly Fny. llallny Hur- rold. Ira l4l2ll'lil'j', Ilmnnie Hawk. Anita llm1vei', Imnnie Huuser. liiinnie Huilser. Verna Lee Irwin, Donnie- Jackson, Ghiea Kershner, .Iuhnny Krmntz, Bennie Marlin, .I 0 5' c e Martin. Allen Matts-ln, .leiniene Mats:-n, Nancy Mnrizirity' lflecezim-ill. Gary llosvrs. Vicki .IU llul-le. .Iuhnny Schwarzkopf, M a r i I y n Spaulding, F r e ll il i e Steele, Allen Teasle. llavifl Tlifmias, cmnnie XYebh, .lu-ly XYilheins, Sharnn XYilli:i'ns. Billy XYnlver- Inn. .Iuuly Ann Yaflnn, 4-ve Y ve no g..1 'fn Q2 , fr 5 is-'O be xiii- -.. .Q 'Q .,,L ' 'QM -1 -1 aff: . Q.-6, , 93 . 5 me , f ii -vii. fv . 4 TJ Jf wig an , . -an 7'Ne .A .a K If- 'lf ,.- s x 3 n .. Q I L91 DW Q . I 'fu-4. ..- ., ' 8 I- ., 1 3 -ff" 1 . 3 .1 "' l' J I in L ifgi 1- ' ' ' l Di 1 i li 1: . -. Ll ' I Via, ' .4 Q . , " - Wir .1 - .ae V gn,-.5 f , , I . V-5, "' .1 1 --:L I ' 44 i l" fa- ie- . , 4,4 I ' dd! 4 I' , - . , ' ' ' 5 fx f kzwxf if-I 1, x.,, 'Fx S 1 l .-1 I X ' Grade Three Miss Bowman, Teacher Tommy Aflney, Sherry Berrier, Terry Berrier, Tyrone Berrier, Darlene Bunsold, Jerry Carfield, Jerry Conrad. Priscilla Douglas, Cathy Down- hour, Linda Fear. Craig Flanagan, Chris Gordon, Glen Hoover, llita Kellogg. Joyce King, Cynthia Laniles, Larry Ledlwetter, Donna Lloyd, Kay Martin, Dick Moriarity, Larry Needler. Loretta Norris, Nikki Norton, George Phares, Joyce Reasoner, James Roberts, John lioberts, Gary llogers. Ronnie Schwarzkopf, C o n n i e S-hatlle, Debra iValker, David XYall, Linrla 'Williams, Thomas XVinger, Charles Zelonis. Grade Three Mrs. Boots, Teacher Roberta Bennett, Diane Bontrag- er, Kay Brinkerhoff, John Buck- master. Ann Cline, LaVina Elliott, Connie Harrold. Kathy Kellogg, lvavid Kelsay, Stephen Kershner, Billy .loe King, Viola Kinser, Kathleen K oo ns, Linda Ledhetter. Steve Merchant, Danny Nally, Mary Nelson. Nicki Penrotl, Terry Pe-nrorl, Tim llamseyer, Gary Reese. Tommy lleidy, llohert llockwell, Michael Rogers, Connie Schmidt, Pamela Schwartzkopf, 11 o b e 1' t Shaner. Michael Shewalter. Connie Sills. .loe Sills Michael Sutton, Xi'alter Trosper, John Volz, Fred XValker, Pamela Willis. Grade Two Mrs. Murphy, Teacher William Aspy, Manx lit-nnvlt, Joyce- Bnnjour, William Rnulwr, Tommy' Bradley, llarrr-ll Brown, llicl-cy 'Cline-. I Sheila Uulvin, .linnny 1'risa1li1ne, Lzirry Iflllisnn, Slizu-nn l-Iva-rs, Ill-yrs l"vrp:nsnn, Uathvriin- G1-nw-. .ll-rry llomlgv. llerhert llurrnni, Ilonnlfl llnlf- man. Xila lulivs, .lilnniy King, James l,ug:ar, Mr-lainv Mct'annnon, Nancy .lu Mvllanie-l. llanny ML-lvirniit, llnhert Mc- Henry. llavill Morgan, listher Mor- rical, Suzanne lleff. .l ll rl i l h lloherts, Sammy Samir-rs. Nancy Schilling, Leland Spauld- ing, .lame-s Tmsper, Wayne XVhit- acre, Paul XYilliams, linger Wise, Sharon Yadun, Limln Yount. 'S' v 426 4' Riff I. .. X-Z3 6 -2 'S s vw I an -,M Q wx, v ix. 3,5 ,S fp N' v 1, '- A i P - -W4 - QQ: . "a, - "' H'-or '-v ,-'bo ' 4' v ,Nr 5 , Qs 4, . , 35,313 Nz!! 9' Mrs. Wolfe, Teacher V gg '-f.:iai.' Q,-,ju - , Robert Allen, .lulia Ann Beymer, Q- " VA" my fm llichard Binegar, Tummy Bon- jour, Barbara Ilennis, .Terry llown- , v hour. jf P, X' . :K - ' i 1: r 4 ,Q Steven lmwnlwur, llay Fear, L -f D' -1 iv David Fields, Larry Garrison. Janet Grover, David Harrold, Marilyn Kelley. ., , ,Q A - M .. T . 1 -. Q9 Terry King, Stanley Km-ntz, l,nru y! I Q ' if., fl Mcllaniel, Iilldie- Merchant, .lvrry - , fi G , lj- Michael, Merle Elmira, .lr., Ken- ' ' .kg R' Y 1 4 nelh Murphy. 1 - -5 ' I A K ' '- . .J fix' 177:17-Vi' Nix' fwSW'53 1 A1 ' 'f "V 513 . " H .gi 1 J , .1435 v , . 5-4- , ,J Q I.. Q ,. v K, - Fary Beedfer, Hwluhy Parker, Tim ,, ' v- ,Q ' 3-1. SL. -ff: Phillips, Hickey 1-mzsgai, .limniy E' .f Q "" x V Q Rains. Linda lingers, llita lingers, ' 4 . ' ' 1 " 9 . . ..,. -. :Q-fl, 1 - 5 ' ,- X . . I ' g ,. ?'f'W' f r E ' A- ..3fAM,.' aw .. - -Ai., . aint' , ..,, W. .. ,iw , , . miymiiia llnlvle, Phillip slviiwm-Z- L .4 , ' H , vfiiwgg r , 1. - - H .L kcipf, urn-:wry Sills. Judy Slater, "' . V .. 5 ' ' f ' .. 3, 'K ,gg A an Spaulding, Linlla Xx'liylu'exr. ' -.:', "' ' ' JL " 'f f "' - " - Mary XYilliams. .lne Yencer, g, . 9 y h , I 7 ' 4 s - r -. " - rf,-F. ' ' ' - ., .N 'J ,ll Q Q if 4. qfjl. 1. , v I 4 W. , ,f ,xl " ' l ll- J l' s "rJVF' ', i A . f -5 TS. 1. r Q X .J .'l g W r ' l imffjvaf. ' MW fi 1 I Z . Y.J,'l4-ffy .T "fd,1,,LQ .g M! 'W 32, 0' 5- .yf 3? ,CVM 2 I . X ,l J M swift' M' Qi, I1,f1JJiw'YN . 'M 56 7 my 7, T ' ' K J My Dfw 92 3 aff . My XIX? 63 NX Lil ,,!lff:,,y , f L6 Q 0 5' up A yr' xx I JI ,I 23 ' 5 4 f'Z J J fd gk by 5' . b. f ja, ,ad 5 F.. .T - X 1 'N P fm J W . . , , f X233 N 4 pi -- -ga tw WW L M L..-QL... -5. gg-.... v-.av 1 . 'U xp-,,. . A X W is -. A - 5? t . ' v X .. . X mi K ,i x X ..- 'WP .rr - ff V WN e ' r - ...? A Y -if , E, e Q , an XLJ l Q . - Q? . '-12.9 X . ,,- I . Y., N, a gw? ui f X .. , 1 . I , 4 i - 6 or . ,X i 3 R , 6- il-of M. ,V H- lg, 5, 4h ,J :,, lg f X N " "T 'N' . Axe . 5 4 wx si 1' i ' 1 , - , ' A ' 1' 1 .N 1.5 .... . 5 - -43 U .xx '-1-iris., Y' X f' W ifi: .5-Q - . Rkwv . 3 - 4 1. f w t 1.-. - 1, X -X, .5 vi QA' - 1.--I -v 1- -. V ia, 5- i t -- K ,hx 1 W ... V- .A x 5 X, .- Q, r v -. -,, r -f . - ,, ,X 'b H -"' .--- ,Lair .lf Q sf F4 Y ss, ef V , X .' e R9 aff , I , , ""'N ' l l , 4 dill! HHH' ' 1 l I . 1 -'M A V W , ty tlg . . I T, 1.5, , M, . Q- , , ,, ,Q -3 ' ' "- , s 5' ' ,v' Y . " , '- 5 , if , 'xg 114' 4 X x,,'l32.liAE,i..x Y -' N1-"9 - J ' X 'Al' ' 1 A xv f'w..5 K - I A---A Q i Ll ..-l l- l :flush .ii l ,. l .wx .. M Q 3 , O "'-" '-- -2 --.... gl" ff x4'-',. ll - Y. ll' l ' A 4 X' -' Y - l Ax K 1 Y V I , f. "" Af ' ,Q H J A LX I -. ...ta fy! 'Ula t Y 26 Grade l Mrs. Buell, Teacher Slielvin Rnsey. llulvertn Reeks, Hlinn Bradley. Hubert Bi':ulslmw. .linnny Cline. Mike Combs, Stuart lluwlilmlllx Larry Ely, Elaine Ellison, llitn lfleining, Snndrn Henderson. Doug- las ln.::'ersoll. Gary Kilgore. Allan liunns. ltuhert Lutliaun, liens: I. 0 V 0, Kathy lXlc'Ge:itl1. Terry Norton. B ai r r 3' Penrod. Miko Plmres, Patricia Phillips. Kathy lleasoner, lliunnn lloidy, N zi n 0 5' lluanls, Hnrulnl lingers, Sherry Schmidt, Helen Sharp. Gor- nld Sills. Slmrun Slater. Fritz Sprunger, Brent Walker, lvavid Webb, Nikki lYllllPIl'lS. lllllldil Muliler, Not in nicturel, Gracle l Mrs. Henley, Teacher llunalml Aliel, Gary Bell, .lim Blnmenhoust, l'nul Bradley, llosw l-Erown, Cheryl Cale, lluliertn Davis, lin-lu-rt ldllintt, Clmrles Flanagan. lil-vt-rly Gawrisun, Lzlnrzi .lu llerr. Anthony llnmlsun. lllnrtlm Keg- erruis, 'l'rt-vu King, .Xnnn Koontz, .lun 1Xlulmrn05'. Alice Martin. lmvid Molson, Karen l':x1'ker, Larry l't-nrml. Vicki l'nwt-ll. llamlall llains, Paula lletf. liilly .ln lliggs, Mary Ann limit-1'ts. Pete Slmnur, Q' il t ll 5' Sieniz, Tiinutliy Steele. Nikki 'l'r:ivis, l'unl Walker. 'IN-rry Welt-li, Num-y XYentz, Szxnflru Williams, lirncv Ynilnn. llullim- llolu-l'lS. ,,C',1l ff' c ?Hff f' 1 X- 'kff 'f' M ON TPE LIE R Operettcu Scenes HIGH SCHWL A f, Acnvmzs Student Council The purpose of this club is to take care of the government of the school. The club president is Virgil Ledbetterq vice-president, Jerry Hart: secre- tary-treasurer. Donna Pence: and sponsor, Mr. Brinkerhoff. For a project the club sold shakers at the Four-Team-Tourney. Student The chairman of this club is Mr. Brinkerhoff, and the secretary is Sharon Schwarzkopf. Mr. Brink- erhoff and Mr. Moschell plan the Student Council dances. Their helper is Max Hiser. Mr. Moschell has charge of the point system. His helper is Jerry Hart. Miss Nelson has charge of the accounts. Her helper is Patricia Yadon. Mrs. Williams has Members: Virgil Ledbetter, Donna Pence, Nancy Smith, Clifford Rinker, Patricia Yadon, Glen Wea- ver, Jerry Hart, Karen Trussel, Charles Everhart, Ann McCa1ninon, Claude Keller, Vikki Fitch, Peggy Marshall, Marilyn Schwarzkopf, Rodney Black, Bill Yadon. Steve Ruble, Sandra Slentz, Dee Schwarz- kopf and Kay White. Attoirs charge of the calendar. Her helper is Sharon Schwarzkopf. The purpose of the club is to direct Student Affairs and the school calendar, and audit the books of clubs and organizations. Members: Juniors, Patricia Yadon and Jerry Hartl seniors, Max Hiser and Sharon Schwarzkopfg teachers. Mr. Brinkerhoff, Mr. Moschell, Mrs. A I 3 ff: ,X-f .. VVilliams, and Miss Nelson. Q j1:" gsZ': .. K , x. "' 3 X -1 .xv :nad 28 Junior Dramatic Club The purpase ot' this eluh is to turthei' the cause lXlCllllJCl'SI Dianne Blark, Karen Hrinkerhotti. of better speech and ptiblie speaking and to foster David Chenoxxeth. Jean Conracl, .loyce Fear, Dean amateur theatrit-als. Garrett, Kay Herring. Carol Ann Kilgore, Connie The president is Jeannine Schinicltg vit'e-presi- Reicliarcl, Jeannine Suhiniclt. Janet Trant, Sliawiia-ey dent, Donna Booheri SL'L'l'Cl1lI'j', Dianne Blaekl Webb, Nancy Zelonis, Donna Iloolier, Betty Hur- treasurer, Beverly Weathcrholtl reporter, Fred chartl, Fred Cline. Suu Cook, Davirl Foy, Betty Cline: and sponsor Mrs. Ilartzell, stieeeeflccl oy Mr. Gziringer, Mary Ann Johnson. Cai-nl Morarity, Schilling. Carol Ruinhaugh. Larry Sininions, l3ex'erly Weatht-rholt, and Yolonda VV1se. Future Homemukers of America The purpose ot' this club is to help promote better Their motto is: "Towarcl new horizons." future honiemakers. A Christmas party was helfl lJvt'eml,ver lti, flur- The club officers are president. Connie Heltong ine the club meeting. vice-president. Peggy lllarshall: secretary. Dena Members: Judy Caylor. Carol Cook, Janice Chick, Leclbetterg treasurer. Treva Howarclg reporter, Judy Kathleen Chick, Barbara Dearclult. Sue Enochs. Caylorg parlianientarian. Sue Enoehs: historian, .lonflajane Ford, Gloria Futrell. Connie Helton, Kathleen Chick: song leader, Betty Nelson. Treva Howard. Mary Kelsay, Dena Leclhetter, Elsie The club's money-making projects were a bake Lore. Peggy Marshall, Betty Nelson, and iiois sale, car wash. and ltat' raking. Pethtel. The sponsor is Miss Cline. S- -.L 12 9 Future Farmers of America The purpose of the F. F. A. is to develop rural leadership and to foster an interest in and a love tor all phases of country lite. The president is Clifford Rinkerg vice-president, Herschel Needleri secretary, Tom Schwarzkoptg treasurer, Neil Marshall, reporter, Bill Balesg watch dog, Rex Hidayg conductor. Don Schwarz- kopfg and sponsor, Mr. Brinkerhoff. The motto "Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve." Contests taken part in were a pest contest, livestock judging, dairy judging, vegetable judging, essay contest, and speech contest. The club had a Christmas party on December 16. Members: Richard Armstrong, Bill Bales, Frank Brackin, Gary Clamme, John Glessner. Harold Glattli, Rex Hiday, Steve Malott, Neil Marshall, Larry Miles, Herschel Needler, Dick Payne, Kenny Payne, Clifford Rinker, Tom Schwarzkopf, Ronald Storms, Glen Weaver. Bill Armstrong, Tom Arm- strong, Rodney Black, Joe Cale, Jerry Chapman, Terry Forrester, David French, Jesse Glessner, Lowell Gordon, Keith Headley, Donnie Kellogg, Steve Kellogg, Larry Love. Ray Love, Charles Miles, Dick Schwartzkopf, Don Schwarzkopf, Gerald Spaulding, Charles Wentz, Donnie Williams, Bill Yadon, and Clyde Ramseyer. Ra Von Dramatic Club The club president is Carol Jean Reffg vice- president, Jim Myers, secretary, Betty Carnes, treasurer. Jerry Robbins, and sponsors, Miss Albert- son and Miss Nelson. The club held a Christmas party on December 12, 1955, at Miss Nelson's home and a spring party honoring the senior members. Members: Sharon Armstrong, Mary Beth Buck- 30 master, Betty Carnes, Carol Clements, Rosemary Davis, Carol Denton, Harold Evans, Janet Fear, Max Hiser, Linda Hooks, Claude Keller, Toni Krebs, Joe Kyle, Carol Lautzenheiser, Sue Marsh- all, Jim Myers, Gary Ove-rmeyer, Carolyn Pearson, John Price, Judy Pugh, Mary Ellen Pugh, Betty Racer, Bill Racer, Bonnie Ramseyer, Carol Reff, Jerry Robbins, Floy Smith, Sue Stukey, Karen Trussel. and Jim Winger. Discussion Club The purpose of this L-lub is to hayc a panel discussion every month Lll a subjuvt 1 i' iiiicri-sl lu the club. followccl by upon discussion ahoui it, The subjects usually rclalo to school prolnlcnis. The prosidont is Joe Shannon: sm-ci'vlaiy-lroasur- er, Joycc Hart: sponsor, Mr, Wilson. Sunshi The purpose of this club is lo lining sunshine into the lives of tho loss fortunalo. Tho prvsiclont is Mary Jane Rogorsg vice-pi'osiflent, Nancy Malotil secretary. Patty Quillon, reportcr, Shirley Thomas: sponsors Mrs. Williams and Miss Rico. For projects, they sent Candy favors to thu Jackson Nursing Home for Halloween, and apple turkeys at Thanksgiving. The motto is: "ThosC who bring sunshine to others cannot keep it from tlicinsulvi-s." Mvinhoisl Sharon Sn'liyv:iixkopl', Nancy Smith i 1 . .luciy Hart. Sliarwn lluilsmi. Nanvy Roush. Phyllis Ri yal, Mary Royal, .Rc Shannon. .Ioyuo Hart, .IL-iry Hari, QQZIII Kina, Raymond L'ol'l'1olil, Virgil 1,1-nl- lu-ttcip llivk Pc-ck. Goialrl Runklv, Paul lily. Ron- iiii- fiibsoii, I"1'vcl Rmlll, Hill Ki-llogg. GL-ralrl Iiakvi' lliuviy Ni-stli-i'na1l, anfl 'IN in Mounsi-y. ne Club Tlivy hurl a Thanlszsgiyiiig party anrl a Clirislinas party aiifl 1-xclmaiiuo rluring tho cluln ini-c-linu. Moinlwrsi Sufannv Collin-i't. Rita Davis. .lanui SilvlloxyiilioiiiyRitaForg1usoii..IuflyGarrison. Iii-tty Gorclon. Joyce Grovi-r, .lane Harlor, Kay Ilurrinu Nancy lIUl'lllJllkLll', .lcannino Joliiison, Nanvy Malolt, Donna Illnruan, Patty Quilln-n. Mary Jani Rugs-rs. Sandra Sly-nlz, Shirley Thouias. Patty 'Wallin-r, Kay Whilo. anfl Sandra Yarlon. D , 9' Q , "':' ' xg DCTDBEI I 31 Square and Round Dance Club The purpose of this club is to learn how to dance and to learn new dances. The president is Joe Morris: vice-president, Judy Hiserg secretary, Karen Runkleg treasurer, Vikki Fitch: and the sponsors, Mr. Horn and Mr. Naab. Members: Edna Baker, Jeanice Batton, Jo Ann Bontrager, Janet Bye, Patty Coffield, Vikki Fitch, Elva Garinger, Nora Glessner, Judy Hiser, Ann Library The object of this club is to advance interest in the use and enjoyment of library materials and to improve the library services of the school. The president is Bob Fitch, vice-president, Walter Scotty and the sponsor, Miss Rea. The club had a Christmas party and a spring party. Members: Janet Allen, John Braden, Libby Braden, Doris Brickey, Bob Colvin, Linda Cole- McCamrnon, Josephine McClish, Peggy McGeath, Nila Sue Pitts, Karen Runkle, Marilyn Schwarz- kopt, Anna Walker, Barbara Yadon, Dick Bales, Steve Bloom, Bill Brackin, James Braden, Howard Brock, Jack Cain, Guy Cook, Roger Fishback, Randall Foy, DeWayne Grove, Joe Morris, Tom Noller, Joe Parker, Dorsey Price, Bill Robbins, Tom Simmons, and Dave Stukey. Club man, Marjorie Ellison, Charles Everhart, Patty Fear. Bob Fitch, Charles Hartley, Esther Hawk, Thelmalee Kershner, Bob King, Herman King, Udella King. Judy McDaniel, Nila Michael, Carol Nelson, Pat O'Hern, Terry Overmeyer, Harold Parker, Howard Pence, Bonnie Pozgai, Lester Price, Nancy Ramseyer, Judy Schoger, Walter Scott, Karen Shaner, Dell Smith, and Marie San- ders. 32 N4 Mani Sl Klick Klub The purpose ot' the Kliek Klub is to further and sell them. The club had a Christmas Par 3' interest in photography as a hobby. The club on Det-eiiilier 16. during the eluh meeting. 1111-siclent is Bill Mattsoni Yiee-president. Jim Mor- -Xh,mbQl.Q. Bm Uwumu Jim HA HN Huh CA Nw r1s: secretary-treasurer. David Haters: and Slmfla David Waters, Hob Albertson. Charles Hales. Glen ser. Mr. Sprunger. For a project. the eluh is plan- Bwck ning to take sehool pictures at basketball games Commercial Club The purpose of this Club is to understand oftiee and to help the members decide it' they like to work in an office after they are school. The president is Ray Storms: see- retary-treasurer. Phyllis Dame: sponsor. Mr. Mos- For projects. they had speakers in to tell office work and to tell what is expected of ork. would out of ehell. about a person working iii an office. and they wrote to businesses to Iind out what liieginnitie, secretaries do, how xnueh their salary is, and what sehools sun do to help make better seeretaries. A Christmas party was held, Deeeniluer lvl. dur- ing the meeting. Members: Ray Storms. June Sinelser, Sally Cook. Donna Burehard, Carol Moyer, and Phyllis Dame. 33 Athletic C ub limx' 1 Blzuk Ilzmmsllyl-n', .Im-lc Nuxlwn, lilll lillil-lt, 'i'-fm lil-rsllxlw, llvrlllliv l':Yl'lllIIl'l. Slvvl- Sl-l1wzu'z- lmpl, .lim Aluyl-r, If-lmliv Sixxulvsfvn, Ntvxw- Ilullll-, Iiussl-ll lflllSl'l, lun- Sn-lnx'n1zIul11I'. Ibm I I1.Il1-ll Blu-.s, Rlyxlm lv-Xw-, llvwmlia- Simspswll, XYzl1'1'1-11 Blzullslnl. lruyill l':X'1'l'S, .luv llugl-ls, ,lnllmly ll-k.-5, Immm- XXX-glw-I, lhllv lil-sry, lvllli llvul-ls, l'lnili1r Slvullx, lfznllw-ll l,f-ng. llmx Z1 M11 Swlllllinx. ll11w:u1'll XXllli:1'n:4, .ll-IU' lC4f1'slm.'1', llilln-1-1 Sills, Xhllm- lu-ul4Iu1'l', ,lim In-gllllm'5'. 111,-li rmlllglll, .Il-1-ry 'lYt'I'lllYt-'l. llhllllll' lllVl'l'Ulll, H041-1' flluss, lil'-n Img.-1-S, Mr, llmnnln,-1' li-nv l Xl2llVlll lll-my, llnxmlfl My-IS. l54'lIllN NYilswl1, Vlllis l"lz11111:lg:l11, Sunny Vglrm-S, lie,-ul lllmsflll l'll1llip Fzllnull-rs. l'illIl Ygllvs. I.:-ml lflultl-V, 'l'fv11 lil-llnv-ly, lfygmlq lluflfznyl, Iluxx' T-' Mau 1mI'l'ivl1l. lillllm-t Alu:-rl-, Hum' Xlvllltv, Ilnl N4-sill-Vwzul, .lim lllflvill, Furl lfn-ul: lillllil- Kumh- nwr, 'l'rmu Sllzllllwll. Klvxnlwrs llrnl xx'--rv 11-I1 1-rw-sl-nl xxlwn Ilng pll'llll't' wus lzlkl-11 ur:-' .lim Ilmw-lmlll, lmvl- l'il'I'lI1'll, lmve lffw, l,2ll'l'X Siuuunlms, .lam Mlnris, lvivk llxlll-s, Mika- Immun. llill Ylltlwll, l'JllI'll'li H'lIl-ru, Stew' llllrlllll, llezul slgllwty Ill-rmzm Klux, Ilhllln- Ilrmll-n, lull. mmmls, :null lmlmil- lil-llwqu 'l'll+- spmlwus I"-1 Iln- l'il'S1 sz-!I1l'SI1-1' wvlw- Mr. llvllmlif-1 :llul Ml. I4-'llillil1:. lflwr' llu- 5--vwnlrl sl-In-sim' th:-3 W1-rv XIV, Ilmu:llu-1' :xml MV. Allllrlllll. G. A. A. The president is Donna Ponce: vice-president, Julia Parke-rg reporter, Betty Jo Quilleug and Phyllis Marshall: secretary, Phyllis Bergdollg ac- sponsor, Miss Van Horn. tivity leader, Wilma Terhuneq co-activity leader, lgnu 1 lmng.-11.1 Inmgg, lflzlln-1-:Q Xlvlw-l1:mt. In-l iulnl llvnmml-r, ll1ll'lPiillI Yun Vumll, .lnnf-1 llzlrtl-l', Luis All- . 'Hllnxx' 2: 1211111 1'lx:lp1mm, ll'-11-In ll:-wing, XYil'n:x 'l'vrlmnl-, Immun l'L'lll'l', Miss Yun llvvru, lhftly Jw ljlllllvfl, l'll5llis Ih-Vuflflll, ,Iullu l'2il'li"lk, l':lI1'i1'1:u Yznlml. A 1 , I 4 Y 4 II-.xv il N:l1u'3':uymgl 111-1,1-1lll5'li--, 4'1llnl Svlmlilll, IZ:u'll:x1':l .In1'rlu11, .lQ'ZllllIlt' 1.zl1'1'lsm1, IXlzll'J-l1'ln- Vlxlllllll. li:nll11'5ln llnllll-, llulnmlql llzllu-ly Blum' .Xllll lfmwl, lin-V1-1'lx King, I2zll'lv'll':l Sllmuul, Hvtly S1111-ls:-V, llfllblllfl lf:-:1l', Xml 1-lwsfllul XYlII'II tlu- lllvllllf- naw lnlwni l'll.llls Rl:ul'slu:xlI, l.iml:1 Al1'l'12ll'l'l'll :llul Illzlvlrvn l'f'l:1l11l. 34 "Annual" Staff The "Annual" driyc was started folloxxing a skit entitled "The Sixty-four Dollar Question." The first "Annual" was sold to Mr. Schilling by Neil Marshall. A total ot' 425 subscriptions was taken this year. The statf began its work soon after the drive was finished, and the copy was sent to the printei early in March. The book was ready for distribu- tion early in May. The staff consists ot' the tollowiirei edit1fr-in- chief, Bonnie Ramst-yer: literary editor, Mary Ellen Puglxl senior editor. Carol Rell, athletic editor, Crie The Crier Staff has two goals to reach this year. First, the staff writes the school nexys each week for the "lXIontpelier Herald." That is done every Monday during the fourth period. Then sometime around Easter it will publish a bulletin. which consists of jokes, stories. poems and stories of s chool events. Max Hiserg snapshot editors, Bill Racer and Tom Mounscyt art editor, Walter Scott, club editor, Sally Cookg music and plays editor, Donna Bur- chzirdg calendar editor, Joe Shannon: grade school editor, Mary Kelsayg Joke editor, Carolyn Pear- son, historian, Dick Peckg business manager, Ron- nie Storms: advertising managers, Tom Schwarz- kopf and Herschel Needlerg subscription managers, Wilma Terhune and Joyce Hart, poet, Kathryn Goble, typists, Betty Jo Quillen, Carol Chapman, and Phyllis lllarshallg posters, Robert Fitch and T' in Simmons. Miss Albeitson and Mr. Wilson are the sponsors. r Staff There are twelve members on the "Crier" Staff. Betsy Racer is the editor-in-chief. Joe Kyle is the secretary. The other members are Betty Carnes. Mary Beth Buckmaster. Carol Denton, Linda Hooks, Carol Lautzenheiser, Sue Stukey. Karen Trussel and Jim Albertson sponsors the "Crier," Sue Enochs. Sue lXIarshall, 'Wingen Miss ,vin 'gr . 5 if zagiliys ' .,.. , 5 ll 'N V v ' ' ' 3 . E593-1 H 'S V 1 - V, ' S 'J V 1 , I 1- A -Q. 1- ,, ,. - V I . ,V ,Rf Sygiiijif cg. I 'xx .aa " in-fl ' T' - X -,F gg , X xc? K-7 ' ,aj A 4 .4 -.N 5 hal.. g..9 1, i . i "' 11 35 MW "1. ' Qi wi g xii ll ,J i li l f 45 5 I i 3 g 1 Q-. i is ll ,Gb U 1 gg, Q lg ' , r -L. ,e A 'Vl'.-' -, ,xxx ' 71 -j,,- it .Sq 2 K 5 it S33 The Junior Class of 1955 presented "Atta Boy. Walt!" by Bettye Knapp on April 1, 1955, The cast of characters is as follows: Walter Nelson, an American boy, Jim Myers, Billy Herbert, his pal, Jerry Robbins: Goidon Andrews, his pet peeve, John Price: Mr. Nelson, his father, Tom Mounsey: Mrs. Nelson, his mother, Carol Reffg Mary Ann Phillips, his heart throb, Nancy Smith: Peggy Nelson, his kid sister, Bonnie Ramseyerg Shirley Nelson, his older sister. Mary Ellen Pugh: Trigger The Senior Class of 1955 presented "The Daffy Dills" by Jay Tobias on May 1955. The cast of characters is as follows: Richard Dill, a hand- some widower, Dick Ely, Carol Dill, his seventeen- year old daughter, Sally Cale: Rodney Dill, his sixteen-year-old son, Mike Ballg Doris and Dudley the thirteen-year old twins, Joyce Cline and Jim Schwarzkopf: Grandmother Dill, Richard's neurotic 36 ft' .ii . ut, ,. A, Junior Class Pla First row: Miss Nelson, Carolyn Pearson, Bonnie Rarnseyer, Nancy S rn i t h, Mary Pugh, Carol Reff. Joyce Hart. Second row: Fred Refi, Joe Shannon, Dick Peck, Jerry Robbins, Jim Myers, John Price, Tcm Mounsey. Richard Shuman, H a r old Evans, Tom Simmons. . E Senior Class Play First row: Jim Schwarz- kopf, W a l ly Hornbaker, Mike Ball. Second row: Sally Cale, JoAnn Sutton, Martha Sax- man. Miss Van Horn, Betty Ely, Joyce Cline. Third row: Norma Mic- hael, Nancy Bales, Dick Ely. Larry Schmidt, Jane Ann Waters. Daniels, Harold Evansg Radio Policeman. Richard Shuman. The Business Staff: director, Janice Nelson: make-up, Lillie Albertson: business manager, Carol Chapman, prompters, Joyce Hart and Carolyn Pearson: stage and property. Dick Peck, Fred Reff, Tom Simmons, and Joe Shannon: door keep- ers, Roberta Baker, Delphia Fear, Kathryn Goble. Phyllis Marshall, Donna Pence, Betty Jo Quillen, and Wilma Terhune. mother. Betty Ely, Cousin Maude Maddox, who comes for a visit, Nancy Jo Balesg Elaine Escott, Papa's bride. Jo Ann Sutton: Aimee Loveiyell. sixteen and "thimply cwazyl' over Rod, Martha Saxman' Pete Norton, a high school athlete and Carols heart throb, Wally Hornbaker, Widow Wogglcs, au nosey neighbor, Norma Michael: and Arnika Jukes, the negro cook. Jane Ann Waters Operettcl "Miss Starlight." a musical comedy, was presented by the Music Department, October 21. The cast of characters was: Franklin Sanderson, manager of the Sea Cliff Hotel, John Price: Bert Brown. the clerk. Claude Kellerg Snapper. the bellboy. Bill Racer: Carlotta Beard, a guest, Carol Reff: Mrs. Van Dyke Beard. her mother. Betty Racer: Mrs. Rhoda Fleming. a wealthy woman, Linda Mae Hooks: Drew Crane. her nephew. Joe Morris: Flo Randolph. the public stenographer. Donna Bur- chard: Trixie Trimmer. the manicurist. Judy Hart: To Sea Cliff Hotel comes Drew Crane and his aunt. Drew must be married and settled into his fathers pickle business by the time he is twenty- two. The only girl who attracts Drew is Flo Ran- dolph. who. with her girl friend. Trixie, both wealthy socialities. have taken jobs at the hotel. incognito. to escape social conventions. Mrs. Beard becomes anxious to make a match between Drew and Carlotta, her daughter. in order to bolster her own financial status. Trixie falls in love with the hotel clerk, Bert Brown: and Drew falls for Flo even though she Miss Venue. "Miss Starlight". Betty Carnes: Rosetta. a guest. Lois Pethtel: Sadie Sutton. a vil- lage maiden. Sue Stukey: Mrs. Cora Sanderson, Franklin's mother, Carol Denton: and Creston Clarke, a financier, Paul Ely. There was also a chorus of servants and guests. The Business staff consisted of stage manager, Carol Lautzenheiser: business manager, Sue Mars- hall: prompters. Mary Beth Buckmaster. Fred Reff and Marion Uelandg and accompanists. Judy Hiser, Cynthia Kelsay. and Nancy Roush. Mr. Horn was the director. doesn't quite measure up to perfection. At this pcint, Miss Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. appears. She adjusts many love affairs. even bringing back Mrs. Beard's first love. Creston Clarke. Flo. believing she has no chance to win Drew. prepares to return to Chicago. She reveals her identity to Drew. whose aunt immediately wishes to have Flo marry her nephew. Miss Venus also motivates a true romance between Carlotta and the young hotel manager. Drew finds perfec- tion in Flo, for. as Miss Starlight had said: "The perfect person ei-:ists only through the eyes of love." 37 Tmddens Row one: Barbara Jordan, Carol Moyer, Sharon Schwarzkopf. Row two: Joyce Hart, Betty Carnes. Carol Clements. Band Row one: Betty Racer, Margaret Mc- Geath, Betty Carnes and Dean Garrett, clarinet, Nila Pitts, bass clarinet: Betty Burchard, flute. Row two: Bill Mattson, Nancy Horn- baker, Karen Runkle, and Dick Rogers. clarinet, Bruce Nestleroad, and Wade Carnes, tenor saxophone: Donna Burchard, baritone saxophone: Ronald Everhart, French horn: Dick Bales, Edna Baker, Jim Moyer, Bill Racer, and Max Hiser, trumpet. -- x X X v-'N-ri., ., . I . .ki k as gd I 1 K...-QQHA' -,L f.g vi .vs , re . xiii, V' - 1 Y . e ',' -A A R , 1.4, 1' Iam' thrt-l-1 .leainriilw Sc-hlni-lt, lmnuy Horrom .loe l':irker, and .lime Smvlser, clarinet: .liuly Hiser, Nancy Smith, llul Nt-sllviwxfl, :mtl Patty tguillen, ullu szixoplmiiei Ywlzui-la XYise, Philip Stoltz, lravitl Foy, Gary XYhite, lloger Fislmlmt-k, :mtl Illllllil Mm- lloolis, troinlmnt-3 llllllillli Kellogg, :intl .Inc Vale, cornet: llanilull Foy, trumpet, lion' four: Karen Trussel, bass tlrumi Sue Stucliey, cymbals: .live Morris, Paul lily, and Dorsey Price, snare flrumg Mr, Ilorn, director, Tom Mounsey, Smisapliom-, Patricia 1'of1'iel:l, glocke-nsrwiel: Vurol Moyer, Carol Clements, Joyce llsirt, Slmron Sclrwzirzliopf, :ln-I Bm-Imrzi .lormlziir twirler, The band participated in many events this year: the State Fair, Hartford City and Bluffton Street fairs, and the Band Days at Ball State and I. U. Also, they performed at all home games, including the four-team tourney. The band also entered the Band Contest at Bluffton on March 24 and played at the Spring Festival on April 20. ' '-7 ht " 1' - a.. Q1 .. Members of the band also participated in the Piano and Vocal Solo and Ensemble Contest, Jan- uary 28. On February 4, some entered in the Dist- rict Solo and Ensemble Contestg and those winning a superior rating continued on to the State Con- test held at Butler University on February 18. where, in Solo Contests, four won superior rating and one won the excellent rating. In duets two groups won superior ratings. -.Kr ,- , A 38 l n Q yt- v ZH . Q M ' . ,Q ' '45 . ' . - 1 - .. .Q . V V t 13 G ,lf Gr-Ngkcxvfgwv ?' --' ,ge Uv 'i fl"w .- Choir llmx -turf .Fully Ii.11i. Slim-un S'l1u:tizk--pl. Suv Siukf-X. Blury Ki-'sity 'Fenix lf.-ylpstm. Klux lllre-I', .llilllr-4 llimlvli, Vlauili- livllm, Vail'--l l'lf'i"'rlts, llurit-n l'+'lun:l, Vyutluizi lit-Isqtx IL-'xx' Inu Ali, lllllll, Nunn Smith, K:ei"'l1 'I'iu:swl, In-is IH-:lute-l, .lviuiw liulli u, Klux V1-tit'iel-1, liil Iii-rf slut'-V, .lite Morris. 1'h.iI'lfAs lix-Arlizirt, l7"lll1Il liurvliir-l, Skziiwii Iluilsun, Xzilvf-xqtlllm situ.-nilxliv-, Spin.-x' I14-usln ll'-xx tlitwc llinnif- llzvusf-yi-1, 1':ll-il ll:-It, I':itIi'i:i Ymlun. .lvrri llultlting 'IH-ui Rlnuust-5, lint, Vwlyin, Vziiwl l.:iIltZf'iil1f1isQ-i', 'Vie-y.e Il--wulml. .lunlx lllYr'l'. Van -l lu-ntwn lion thin: lb-t1X'4':1lIl1'S, lidtluyn Gil-lf, lixunmunil i'.,fI'if-lil, Ilill lim-Q-x, Fr.-tl IL'-tt, ,Iulm lwiii., 11.111 lily, .luv l':trl4t-r. llul-vilu linker, Linda Mui- lluulis. Suv Alnlslmll, Klzuy li.-th llII4'liIIl4ISIn'I'. This year the Choir has purchased robes. They marshmallow candy bars to pay for these robcs. are dark blue with gold stoles and are worn only The choir performed at the Christmas Pageant at performances. The members sold chficolate and the Spring Festival. Girls' Choru lynx' un.-2 Suv Vunlq, .luily llzui. xlllI'llY!'l Scllxxqlrzliffpl, Num-x Smith, lZim1i.- ll:tu,si-xivy-I 13,1-1.1 i'1.-111.-mg. 1'-:tml Svhuii-lt, l'21ii'l.qx1'zi, Vyniliizi livlszny, lilsiv Luxe lluu' tu-t. Mr. Ilf-rn, llzli'lui1zi Yun Vzuup, Ili.-.liimiy lmyis, IM-lpliiu V+-xii, .luxfe lliul, Manx li-ilsxix, Xgtiivntrxrizi 1:1-...-n-lykt, ,I-rsvxflxiiiv RI.-Vlislv, Nun-'N lluusli, I':triiwin 1'4.1'1'i.-lvl. liill'l'Jll1l Siwu-l. ,luhzt l'.ulwv', .luily l'u:li. lion iluwy, 1'.fnuiv llvltoii. Suv l'Ini---hs. Suv Stukey. Kamen Truss:-l, I'f'nu.t llilillnziril, 1.1-is IH-thi'-l. liziilmnt llvinlilllllf, 'l'r.-yn ll.-until, .Iuvly His'-I, Slum.-n Iluilsi-li, 'Tuul IH-mon, I'--:xx Blztvolmill. Blurxun ll-l.lntl. .Indy Vxuli-r lynx rluir. Nitin fllwssruer, .Ivana llurrisun, l1:e1'll:tlz1 Yuflml, .Inuit ll.uIt-13 .Ii-uit-e linriuu, Marry .Xuu l-'t-ill, Bldry IZ.-th lhivkiimsn-r, l-Ilvuyiiw 'illl'lll1"l', Vzilvil l,:1'lt7.-lluluisf-r, lirlim lizqlwr, Nllqt llit-lm.-l, llmw-ily liiuu. .I..,Xnn Iiuiuimuiiw-. l-'lux' Smith ll-tu' fiyvi Blz4i'.i"i'i'- Kniuht, In-liuht llllllllllvl l'ztt Yml-ln, lininfn llunlilw, lf-llllI'X!l 'Q-.lil.-, IZ,-ttn' "1u'n.AsA lim-tty ll-at---r, I1-.Irwin lizilin-r, Linflza Mae ll:-wks. l'ln5llls Iii-Itilfl-ill, Viiiulkli l'r-ztxsfvlu. In-nu In-.lift-in-x', Nlzux' l'll!ll, 1l:ii'::nlvt Blcllr-altli, Sui- Blurslmll. The Girls Chorus performed at the Christmas will also participate in the Baccalaureate Ser- Pageant and the Spring Festival this year. They vice. 39 Betty at work New grade teacher Janitors Grape vine Chain Gang 40 Faculty party Love Me or Leave Me Photographers Pound happy crew Sr. Farm Shop Girls and Boys State Semoi box and Hot to Love'S a Many Splehclorecl Think, S1 Shop Date Lovers Our bus Men Jr. Hi Shop Class Drive 'em and wreck 'em ff i it 4 I s i First Team Cheer Leaders Junior H. Cheer Leaders Skating Ball game Second Team Cheer Leaders Booster Bus Crowd Freshman Yell Jr. Concession Stand ' Q -Wg.-1 f' QT M ON TPE LIE R HIGH SCHQJL ,Jill ATHLETICS Pacers Kenny Payne - Kenny, a transfer student from Chester Center, was the middle man of the Pacer offense. His hook shot and deadly jump shot made his 20-point per game average one of the highest in the Pacer history. Being a senior, Kenny will be greatly missed next year, Jack Cain - Jacks fine one-handed push shot enabled him to hold down a starting position throught- out the season. Since Jack is a junior, he will be back to help the Pacer cause next year. Fred Reff - As this was Fred's first year on the varsity, he didn't see too much action. However. he showed great improvement toward the end of the season. Fred is a senior and will not be with the squad next year. Don Schwarzkopf - Donnie, the only sophomore on the varsity, has shown great improvement and promises to be a threat to the opposition next year. Dick Payne - Dick, a brother to Kenny, saw most of his action with the Ponies and at the sectional. Since Dick is a junior, he will be back with the Blue and Gold next year. z Bill Bales - Although most of Bill's efforts were put forth with the Ponies, he did see limited action with the Pacers and always gave his best. Bill will also be with the Pacers next year. I c , 3 , I E L A I , y t. 5 f ff N i if -P J 1 N 30 Q. , , A 1 45 wh 4 I Carl Honaker - This was Carl's first year as Coach of the Pacers. His own experience as a player has enabled him to guide the Pacers to a very successful season. We hope that he will be back next year. l z X1 l F E 1 c . N Pacers Paul Ely - This is Paul's second year on the Varsity. His fine spirit and will to win kept the Pacers' morale up throughout the year. Patil is also a senior. Clifford Rinker - Feet - Feet provided a great share of the rebounding for the Pacers, He also was a very consistent scorer and could always be counted on in the clutch. This is Feet's second year on the squad: since he is a senior, he will not be with thesquad next year. Jerry Robbins - Jake - Jake is one of the few four letter men to ever graduate from M. H. S. Jake's ability to set up the Pacers' offense and his fine jump shot helped the Blue and Gold through many a rough night. Jake will be greatly missed by the squad next year. John Price - This is John's third year with the Pacers. Johns ability to come into a game at the crucial moment has helped to win many games for the Pacers this year. Since he is a senior, he will not be back next year. Herschel Needler - This is Herschel's third year on the varsity. His determination to win ball games helped the Pacers come through the season with a fine record. Herschel is also a senior. Neil Marshall - This has been Neil's first year on the varsity, but whenever he was called on, he could always be counted on to give his best. .ga ft. - y , sbt' x if.. , t A1 Neil is a senior and will not be with the squad next year. f A! ek-' 'L W l. f T-.. , fn I 1 N 7 r . i 1 t 1 t . f Q as - 4' +. . 'Y lf:-, r . i 1 V ' Gary Oyermeyer - Goat-This has been Goat's first year as manager of the Pacers. His fine smile and cheery personality have helped the boys' morale throughout the year. Goat is a junior and will be back next year to take care of the boys' equipment. Ponies First row: R 0 d n e y Falk, Black, Roger Charles Hartley, mgr., Ed Kershner, B i ll Robbins. Second row: Tom Noller, Dorsey Price, Raymond Coffield, Carl Honaker, coach, Gerald Baker, Dick Schwartzkopf, Ran - dall F o y. D6-:Wayne Grove was a b s e nt when the picture was taken. Freshman Teom First row: Harold My- ers, Roger Fishback, Steve Bloom, Ben Wil- son, Mike Inman. Bill Robbins, Torn Shan- non. Second row: Rodney Black, Max Coffield, Don Kellogg, Dorsey Price, Carl Honaker, coach: Jerry Chap- man, Bill Yadon, Ed Kershner, Dick Bales. Junior High Colts First row: Burton Brinkerhoff, coachg Ronnie Simpson. Jim Moyer, Dave Foy, Ronnie Eyerhart, Steve Schwarzkopf, D e e Schwarzkopf, Bill El- liott. Dick Conrad. mgr. Second row: Howard Williams, Steve Ruble, Sonny Carnes, Hal Nestleroad, Jim Mor- ris, Donnie Simpson. Larry Simmons, Rus- sell Kinser, Marvin Heiny. 44 Y Q 3 A... bi. . V S . I , sf iss, ,.,, Although the Ponies started the season off rather disappointingly, they did an about-face to- ward the end of the season to win their last fire games. The Freshman saw a lot of action this year. for the first five boys dressed for the second team game most of the time. Athletic MONTPELIER-HARRISON TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC BOARD The purpose of the club is to distribute re- sponsibility as well as knowledge of the Athletic Affairs of the high school and to keep athletic events and contests wholesome and profitable in all respects. Led by six foot three inch Dave Nestleroad, the Colts won one of two tourneys and turned in a fine season. They showed a tendency of scoring a lot of points as the 5-I to 24 victory over Hart- ford City and the defeat of Jefferson 68 to 29 show. Board The president is Miss Van Horng vice-presi- dent. Kenneth Payne: secretary-treasurer, Mr, Schilling: member, M. A. Wilson: member, Carl Honakerl member, Nancy Smith. The boards policy is sound financial footing in athletic programs - BUY WHAT WE NEED - AND NEED WHAT WE BUY. h-.1 -15 GEN :nfmnnrugwgwnmflwQ1Qpwl1WW THE 956 INDIANIAN l R, INDIANA 1 l 51.0 ' SCH00 L o NE 4 ' Track llow one: Gary 'lVE'1'lllQX6'l', student lnzxnageri Lester Price, shut put: lloeer Falk, mile and half-mile: Don SCllu'al'zlmllI', Ill-will jump klllll llalf-mile relay, 100 and 23" X'IIl'Il llaslles: Hill Kellogg, 230 yard dash, SSO yard run, low hurdlesg Tum Noller, Mu yard run: l'Imvzl1'll Brock, mile 21 llll NBII yarll l'1lll. Secollll rf-wr lulrl-ell Terllune, student lllZ1IlZlLZ'E'l'I Ilii-lc Vet-lc, shot llul: llllllfllb GlllSCil1. lllile :ind hall'-mile relay: Paul I-ily, mile and Mu yard run, mile relay: Bob Kyle, lllll and 330 yzllil llalsll. half nlile relay: .Terry llobhins, pole vault zlllll high jllllllill .Iohll Price. mile, half-nlile, mile relay, llich jump llllll lPI'1f!2lLl jump: Tom Mounsey, shot put: un llE'lJllCl Baker, mile anll NSI' yarll r . Tilirwl ww: Tum Krebs, Sllltltllt ll'lHI1'li','t'l'I Lee Kellogg, lllll and 3:11 yarll dash, high jump, hroacl jump, mile an-1 hall'-mile relzly: lltllllly Morris, pole vault, mile relay, 4411 yilI'll dash: Tom llhea, low and high hurdles, 220 yard flash, half mile relay: Herschel Neelller, low :lllll high llurlllt-sg Neil 1l'll'Sl12ill, HH yard dash, mile relay: Thomas Braelley, coacll. Two new records were set in the '55 season. Tom Rhea broke the low hurdle record with the time of 21:5 seconds. Tom Mounsey set a new shot put record of 44 ft. 7 in, but it was broken Cross While winning the Eastern Indiana Conference Cross Country meet, the Pacers suffered but one defeat, to Marion. Their victories included wins over Fairmount 40-15. Adams Central 40-15. Fair- in the last meet of the season by Dick Peck with the toss of 46 ft. 1 inch. No scores were available of the meets. Country mount 40-15. Yorktown 31-24, and Royerton 40- 15. Kenny Payne holds the two-mile course record with the time of 10:18, and John Price set the home course record with the time of 9:26. eve Mzlllull, lfl't-'ll Ili,-l'I', liiiyllltlllll C'ul'!'iel1l. V umm, ,lullll l'l-ice, l'4lilCll lkllllllllibll Kenny Payne, Paul First row: fltflillfl lllllllilv, .Ierry Il:lrt, llogcr Fulk. St l-owi lviclc l'1lXl'lt'. Tulll St-llxwllizlcflpii, .loo Suzi lily, ,lack lliilll, lhlry lbw-l'llly'1-l', Mgr. .-f""- Eff j ' " 1214- , ' 1 ' wl- 'N l I I We .' " '18 1, ix 5 e',, all Baseball H l ve'ir for the EaQtern Indiana In the seconf 5 4 , Cunfercnt-Q, the Pacers finished in a tie with Lan- caster for third place. We lost the deciding eaine ' ' " 'X of 3 to 2. Roll, in turn, lost ta Roll by .1 Mori BASEBA Redkey 4 'I Albany - Dunkirk T the play-oft' to Berne in two straight games it the team earned a le X EY'f'l'j' inenibvr t' and Jerry Robl 'in average oi' .5ti7. LL SCOH ES llltmntpeliei' Montpelier Montpelier Jins vpn the batting trophy xx Bryant 3 Montpelier Dunkirk 6 ltlontpelier -tie Pennville 4 Montpelier Roll 3 Montpelier l-'irst it-xx" 'l'--irx Hrf-i'iii'Ayei' II1!l',I liivk l'1ixiif-1 si-1-'nl lizisr-. 'Vain Skllttllflulil niiltivlilz Imn Fllllllll I thiiil I-:ist-. 'l'1rni N-ill--i, niitli.-ltlg llill linliliiiw. N-H.-iiil luis.-5 4-nitI'it-lil, llvnnx XX'ilw- ii Mininl liaise ' 'A ' -' "-s lfzisvi .liin Bly.-rs, s'nii'tsti.1i, ,li-rii Iinliliiie putt-lim, wh-fit trip liiwk liil Iilsl luis., pil.-ll.-ix ,lavli twin riilllii-1-l, Xlix 1'nI'i'i4lil niitlitltl Smit-will i'--xv: lu-l lxtiwliinl, iii I iiihii I til llivnil i it ith' li-nnx' I'-iviif-. lie-ttf-r, i- - 'L 'A 1 Ii'in1l.ill l"-vp, -rutlii-flil. - 1? in-'V 'vi', l .- la .-. .. r i I 'ei w A F 0 1 i 04115 I o I-SQ J as tx The Yec1r's Record Pacers Scores Ponies Scores Pacers Scores Ponies VVe They VVe They VVe They 64 49 Lancaster 33 19 56 77 Mississinewa 79 43 Dunkirk 30 42 80 72 Portland 69 68 Warren O. T. 34 41 78 56 Chester Center 68 60 Geneva 23 38 59 64 Redkey 59 45 Petroleum 29 13 78 59 Pennville 81 57 Fahvnount 28 39 66 59 Ihghland 57 60 R011 4-team tourney 72 78 Monmouth 63 68 Hardord Cny 29 42 47 45 Berne 77 64 AJbany 41 48 76 42 Bryant 55 48 Roll 27 43 70 82 Hartford City Csectionaly Colts Freshmen We They We They 17 37 Roll 52 22 34 36 Albany 39 35 38 37 Dunkhk 35 44 31 19 Bryant 52 29 17 44 Geneva 31 26 40 21 Bryant 50 34 48 47 Dunkirk 38 29 Adanm Cenhel 32 50 54 24 Hartford City 23 33 29 27 Albany 46 24 42 39 Chester Center 42 39 32 36 J. C. Knight 68 29 Jefferson 35 34 Andrews 48 Scores They 42 51 43 45 30 45 24 43 21 Ten Years Hence It is now June, 1966. Today the Class of '56 is having its annual picnic. The day is bright and sunny, with birds singing everywhere. Let's drop in on the picnic to see how things are going. But, first, a little background. Tom Simmons, rich executive, with the help of Walter Scott and Bob Fitch, has bought Blue- water and the other stone quarry and has turned them into a resort called the Twin Lakes. Bill Kellogg, a turkey rancher, spends his summers there fishing. In winter Jim Myers rents Tom's cabin to ice fish. But let's return to the picnic. There are Cliff Rinker and Rex Hiday, local farmers, talking to Herschel Needler, state trooper, and his wife, the former Sharon Schwarzkopf. Herschel seems to be giving Cliff a ticket for "flying" too low in his Cadillac. Looks as if Cliff is in need of lawyer Tom Mounsey or Max Hiser. Over there fixing the lunch are the teachers, Mary Kelsay and Mrs. Neil Marshall, the former Carol Reff. Jerry Robbins and Neil are discussing basketball with John Price and Kenny Payne, coaches. Air Force officers, Ronnie Storms, Har- old Evans, and Harold Parker have flown in for the picnic, landing on Tom Schwarzkopf's dairy ranch. With them is their machinist, Steve Malott. Dick Peck and Virgil Ledbetter, supermarket mag- istrates, are arguing with Bill Racer of Racer's Atomic Bakery over the price of bread. There are several of the "old married folk" getting together to talk about old times: Mr. and Mrs. James D. Wert, the former Mary Ellen Pugh, Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Hummer, the former Wilma Terhuneg Mr. and Mrs. Gary Winder, the former Betty Jo Quillen, Mr. and Mrs. Dannie Morris, the former Phyllis Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Lee, the former Joyce Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Chandler, the former Carol Moyer, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Borton, the former Sally Cookg Mr. and Mrs. Jack Connely, the former Helen Herring: and Mr. and Mrs. Gary Clamme, the former Donna Pence. Joe Morris is gathering his band together for a few numbers. There's Donna Burchard, his clar- inet player. Carol Chapman warms up on the piano, and Paul Ely beats a short tattoo on his drums. Next to Paul is John Price, the famous kettle drum player. Tom Mounsey is warming up on his Sousaphone, and Max Hiser is playing "Taps" on his trumpet. Tom Simmons strums his guitar, while Nancy Smith plays her saxophone. At Rosemary Davis' offer to sing request num- bers, Cliff Rinker requests "If You Knew Suzie" and Bonnie Ramseyer requests "Moments to Re- member," a hit song of ten years ago. Frank Brackin, Richard Armstrong, and Fred Reff go for a spin around the lakes in Gerald Runkle and Joe Shannon's speed boat. Watching them so thrills Roberta Baker that she falls into the lake. Quick! Get a doctor! No doctor is pre- sent, but Nurse Kathryn Goble and her assistant, Delphia Fear, revive Roberta with artificial res- peration while Carolyn Pearson takes snapshots of the incident and Tom Wilson writes his news story on the end sheet of a 1956 Indianian. Then Guy Cook quickly drives Tom to his news office. The day draws to an end. The sun sets slowly on the picnickers as they gather their belongings together and depart to their homes. It has been a great day, June 8, 1966. 49 '14, fi! ff" Y., il 1 iff 7 ' WXW if .f ,N QQJ' , ll ilk, " 'ff 452 1' .'lf,' I ifilql Mui' r , tint ,pq , ,tt ft T 4 - -,Q,'0. xnxx I7 f if I ' NK it SEPTEMBE R u P mmnn mnumi I ,ffai X Q- 75.2.5 sh., I AAL kgfig gif? s, ge! -. I -Y -frr-s'E11:f'.-.--. 50 September 6-Back to school! Everyone is running about the halls trying to find his next class. We have four new teachers. Mr. Schilling is our new principal, Mr. Honaker is our new coach and driver's training teacher, and Mr. Moschell is our typing and business studies teacher. Mrs. Will- iams teaches Civics and Sociology. -Today was our first cross-country meet with Adams Central as our guests. -Tonight the teachers held a short meeting after school to discuss some problems of the new year. -Class elections were held today. Everyone is running for the office of his choice. -RaVon, Athletic, Sunshine! ! What club will you join? -The seniors are looking their best today. Why? '? Because the photo- grapher is here to take their pictures. Underclass pictures will be taken in a few days. October -The juniors are meeting in Room 16 to join the Crier Staff. -Yell leader tryouts were held this afternoon. Elected were Joe Morris, Sharon Schwarzkopf. and Nancy Smith, for the first team, and Sue Stucky and Carol Clements for the second team. -Today the members of the Annual Staff met for the first time. -Mr. Horn and his band go to I. U. today to participate in half- time formations. -What club are you in? The photographer is here to take your picture. -This morning everyone assembled in the auditorium for our first chapel program of the new year. -Everyone is happy today. School will be dismissed for two days while the teachers attend the annual teachers convention. -The Pacers played their first game tonight with Lancaster as their guests and won both games easily. -Today the juniors put on their annual convocation. -Tonight we beat Petroleum in the second basketball game of the SGHSOU. -The Seventh and Eighth grades met today in the balcony to select their junior high yell leaders for the ccming season. -Tonight we had a Student Council dance. The girls were trying to teach the boys to dance. This afternoon the seniors put on their convocation called "The Amateur Show." December -It's Saturday and time for the -I-Team Tourney. The Pacers were-n't hitting too well this afternoon and lost to the Roll Red Rollers in the second game. -This afternoon we were delighted to have a well known singer, Charles King. come into our school and put on a musical program. Every one enjoyed his show very much. -Today we found out just how much we don't know about science. General Electric put on a very interesting program called "The House of Wonders." -"You had a wonderful Christmas program, Mr. Horn. We really en- joyed it." School will be dismissed at noon for the Christmas holidays. January The Junior High and Freshman boys met in the gym today to see who had the best basketball team. Everyone has been studying real hard this week because this ends the first semester. Today is "black Thursday" for some students. Why? '? 'F Because grade cards are distributed to all students. This morning we had our first chapel program of 1956. Rev. Betts was the speaker. February The Seventh Grade is entertaining the high school today. They are putting on their annual convocation. This evening Highland will be our guests, coached by Tom Bradley. our ex-coach. Crier Staff met today to write up their weekly news. Today is Saturday but school activities continue, Mr. Hcrn takes his winners to the state music contest at Indianapolis. Chapel time again! This time our speaker was Rev. Miller of the Church of Christ. SPep session and also the end of the fourth six weeks' grading period. Mr. Ratley of the United Zoological Assemblies brought many strange animals to show us. The strangest was the ant eater. -Yes, it's sectional time again. and Montpelier High is really tough. CI. D ,lxatf A 2 4 4? 0 -ig, M sf 'Q JJ HE. B Y. . "?:,ix. . SQ "iii ffm 1 , ' zf ,fig . '- XM., A 3 1 X6 it , I Ai X lp, ii .1 W i lv if ii i ii i A K , viii' ir it-.fault O I Shia 1 1 5 ffimlff i f iw. , lf! I fn' l 1' r .iii ge.: i.. I 5 Qiegegii. 2- 'Vai .. Q:.:'l!v435ff ... . ,E ,WM . '..:!.: 1- X -, 'if 'Zi "7 fiiig, l Fifi ifiiffiiaffiik - . , ' ' 'if ' L yy ' .y3i'4,'-'f ' V .-:f J-5 1 Q 1.,,3fj... rim --.-i . .Hi 'i Ii-my X , ,:fgf" ... 2 q'l.'Lf Q. 1 l-.-nw' was-1: 1' 1. Jia H I f' if '2 I March 2-Eighth Grade convocation and time for the Regional. 6-The Davies of Canada - Celebrated family of singers. 9-Today we met in our home rooms for a short meeting. 16-Clubs today. This evening all of the talent from Montpelier gets together and presents "The Home Talent Show." Wow! What talent! 20-It's Tuesday morning and time for another chapel program. The speaker is Rev. Mildred Whetsel from the Pleasantdale Church. 23-Today is an important one for the freshmen. Why? 1t's time for their convocation. 30-Yippee! ! Am I happy? It's spring vacation, and school will be dis- missed for two days. We will be back Tuesday. A 'I Today ends our spring vacation and everyone is back in school. -Junior class play rehearsals have started. Miss Nelson is the sponsor. ff f '- AE Q 3 N!-H 6 12 I gialirt .E XZ 'un 52 gi ti it -Seniors go to Fort Wayne to visit Indiana State School for the Mentally Retarded. l3-This afternoon the Sophomore Class presents their convocation. 23-Our first track meet at Bluffton. May -We seniors are giving our play tonight: "Rest Assured." -Parents and teachers are getting together tonight for HP. T. A." 17-Senior exams! Also the last day for the seniors. 18-Today all seniors' reports are to be handed in. Junior-Senior prom tonight. -Tonight is another important event for the seniorsg Baccalaureate. -Honor day. The last day for the whole school to be together. -Commencement exercises tonight. The seniors are decorating for the big night. -Today is one of the most important events of the year for every school boy and girl. It's May 24th, and school is dismissed for three months. Special Awards Honor Society Four year average of B or better. Jim Schwarzkopf, Nancy Bales, Glendene Reff, Betty Ely. Bob Bales, Jo Ann Sutton, Wally Horn- baker, Martha Saxman. Perfect Attendance Five years: Tom Rhea. Three years: Nancy Bales, Barbara Russell. Two years: Wally Hornbaker, Bob Risinger Sue Voght, Jane Ann Waters. One year: Mike Ball, Betty Ely, Lee Kellogg Patricia Krebs, Dannie Morris, Glendene Reff Larry Schmidt, Jim Schwarzkopf, Marjorie Sprowl 1 Nancy Balesf- Tri Kappa Award, Tri Kappa Scholar- ship, D. A. R. award. Salutatorian. Jim Schwarzkopf- Tri Kappa Award Kiwanis Medal K. B F., Kiwanis Scholar- ship, Valedictorian. Betty Ely- B. P. W. C. Award. dl.. 'A .,',, . Tom Rhea- Five years' perfect attendance. Wally Hornbaker- Indiana Central Col- lege Scholarship. Dick Ely- John Herron Art In- stitute Scholarship. 53 Miscellaneous Awards American Legion - Barbara Yadon. tions: Joyce Hart, eighteen subscriptions. Girl's State - Donna Pence, Nancy Smith. Essay Contest - T. B. Essay Contest - One Boy's State - Ronald Storms. of nine high in state, Mary Ellen Pugh. W. C. T. U. Camp - Bill Mattson. Eastern Indiana Conference Award - Mont- pelier - Harrison Twp. School - Baseball batting Annual drive - Carol Reff, thirty subscrip- trophy - Jerry Robbins. I Home Economics Awarcls "Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow", - Nora Glessner. Carol Chapman- State Fair School - Sharon Schwarzkopf. County 4-H d6mOHSt1'3tiOH Winner - Nutri- Purdue Round-Up - Kathryn Goble, Sharon tious, delicious, milk drinks - Sharon Schwarz- Schwarzkgpf, kopf. Junior Leader Training School - Kathryn County 4-H judging: Baking - Judy Hart: Goble, Sharon Schwarzkgpf, Clothing - Karen Trusselg Home Improvement- A i t war s gr cul ure A cl De Kalb Accomplishment Award and Hoosier Schwarzkopf. Farmer Degree - Ronald Storms. Champion Electrical Exhibit - Hal Nestle- County Grand Champion Dairy Heifer - Tom road. Schwarzkopf. County Garden Award - Herschel Needler. Grand Champion Gilt - Don Schwarzkopf. County Tractor Maintenance Award - John Grand Champion Dairy Showmanship - Tom Glessner. State Music Contest Betty Racer, trumpet solo, Superiorg Donna Burchard. trumpet solo and baritone saxophone solo, Superiorg Terry Forrester, trumpet solo, Sup- erior: Dick Bales, trumpet solo, Excellent. Art-Poppy Class One: Walter Scott. Dick Ely, Fred Reff. 54 Betty Racer and Donna Burchard, clarinet duet, Superiorg Betty Burchard and Donna Burch- ard, flute and clarinet duet. Superior. Posters 1955 Class Two: Jeannine Schmidt. Steve Schwarz- kopf, Rodney Black. Our Advertisers The Bank of Montpelier - Federal Deposit In- surance Corporation, Federal Reserve System. 4 4 4 Bontrager's Rexall Drug Store - Meadow Gold Ice Cream, Toiletries, and Gifts. 4 4 4 Blackford County Farm Bureau Co-op - Feed and Coal. 4 4 4 Compliments - Buckley's Grocery. 4 4 4 Bradshaw Grocery - Groceries and Meats. 4 4 4 Compliments - Dr. Paul E. Burns. 4 4 4 Chaney Hardware - General Hardware, Electrical Appliances, Window Glass, Fence, Paints and Posts. 4 4 4 Ca1e's Service Station - Your Phil1ip's 66 Dealer. 4 4 4 City TV Sales and Service. 4 4 4 Compliments - Dr. Douglas. 4 4 4 A bulletin was sent around to rooms with this announcement. "Boys in choir wear foreign hand ties and white shirts." fDid it mean four-in- hand ties?'?J 4 4 4 Dryden Rubber, Division - Sheller Manu- facturing Corporation. 4 4 4 Compliments - Ralph Ely. 4 4 4 Federated Store - Flanagan's Self-service, Gifts, Novelties. Toys, Varieties: Montpelier, Ind- iana. 4 4 4 Gum's Ice Cream - "None Better" Phone 7719. 4 4 4 Miss Rea - This little Christmas tree spent its first Christmas in a hospital. Why do you suppose it did that? Mark Ramseyer: Maybe it had a broken limb. 4 4 4 Henderson's Family Clothing and Shoe Store. Herff-Jones - School Jeweler - Indianapolis, Indiana. 444 Hilltop Service Station - Batteries, Tires, Re- capping and Auto Accessories. ooo ' Hoosier Grain and Supply Company - See us for your needs, Coal, Feeds, and Seeds. Phone 2222. 4 4 4 Mrs. Williams: Ronnie, how much do you spend a week? Ronnie Storms: Not over fifty cents. Carol C.: Don't you eat? 4 4 4 Compliments - Hoosier House. 4 4 4 Compliments of the I. G. A. Virgil Ledbettcr, Proprietor. 4 4 4 Indiana Box Corporation - Corrugated Con- tainers and Cleated Crates. Phone 2416. 4 4 4 Dr. M. C. Jackson - Your local veterinarian. Phone 6672. 4 4 4 Betty Racer quotes this poem: "Fm a poet and don't know it, But, boy, my feet sure show it." 4 4 4 Good Luck - J. B. Chevrolet. 4 4 4 Guy Kershner, Westinghouse Appliances. 4 4 4 Kimmel Plumbing - Steam, Hot water, and Warm air heating: Montpelier, Indiana. 4 4 4 Koon's - Watch Repair. 4 4 4 King Don't Care - Gas, Tires. Batteries, and General Car Repair. 444 Sue M.: Why did the penny jump off the Em- pire State Building? Betty C.: It probably didn't have enough cents to know better. 444 Love's Point Service - Gas, Tires, Batteries, and General Car Repair. 55 Scenes Where 18 crosses 303 at Main and Huntington. the center of Montpelier. stand the drugstore. Where me go for our sodas and suhdaes. and the post office, where we mail our valentines and love letters. The children have a gay time sliding oi. the ice on East lVIonroe Street. Our Advertisers Mahorney Furniture Store - Electrical Ap- pliances, Furniture, Paints, and Enamels. 4 4 4 Markley's Furniture Store - Electrical Ap- pliances, Furniture, Paints and Enamels, Crosley Television. 444 Miss Albertson - Jerry, how would you punctuate this sentence: "Mary went swimming and lost her bathing suit"? Jerry: I'd make a dash after Mary. 4 4 4 Compliments - Dr. McKean. 4 4 4 Michael Insurance - Montpelier, Indiana, Dick and Mike. 4 4 4 Michael Beauty Shop-Beauty work a spec- ialty. 4 4 4 Montpelier Glove Company - Gloves and mittens. 4 4 4 Montpelier Hardware - Hot Point Appliances, Quaker Oil Heaters, Du Mont Television. 4 4 4 When you can read the handwriting on the wall, your kids have learned to spell. 4 4 4 Compliments - Montpelier Hatchery, Loran Bower, Manager, Montpelier, Indiana. 4 4 4 Compliments - The Montpelier Herald, your Publishers and Printers since 1891. 4 4 4 Montpelier Lumber Company - Lumber, Builders Supplies. 4 4 4 Montpelier Stone Company - Compliments. 4 4 4 Clyde Neff - Tires, Repairs, and Insurance. 4 4 4 One reason some men can't live on their salaries is because their wives can. 444 Nelson Implements Company - Massey-Har- ris and Oliver dealers, Philco Television. Phone 2366. 56 Ohio Oil Company - Marathon Tank Wagon Service. Fuel Oil, Gasoline, Oil, Tom McGeath. 4 4 4 Palace Theater - A nice place to see a good show. 4 4 4 Patty's Beauty Shop - Phone 7797. 4 4 4 He who hesitates is bossed. 4 4 4 Paula's Ladies Wearing Apparel - Jewelry and Gifts, Dresses, Montpelier, Indiana. 4 4 4 Pyrofax Gas - Gas is our Business, not a Sideline. Phone 2361. 444 Compliments of Point Restaurant, Virgil Led- better, Proprietor. 444 Mr. Schilling fin history classy: who invented the five day work week? Joe Kyle: Robinson Crusoe. Mr. Schilling: Why do you say Robinson Crusoe? Joe: He always had his work done by Friday. 444 Racer's Bakery - Racer's "Golden Loaf" Bread. Buns, Rolls, Cookies, and Cakes. Quality for less. Phone 4436. 4 4 4 Standard Oil Company - C. V. Beaver. 4 4 4 Compliments of Service Cleaners - R. B. Walsmith. 4 4 4 Miss Albertson: Say a word ten times and it is yours. Buck L.: Money, money, money, money . . . 4 4 4 Tourney's Tractor Sales - General Tractor and Auto Repairing, Ferguson System Implements. 4 4 4 Webbs Furniture - Frigidaire, Maytag, and Home Furnishing. 4 4 4 Compliments - Walkers. 'U 1- U 44 05' I if sql' All , 0 5 ' M JW JV ,Q 5-6 Wx! A qwwevmg f g E- 3 K' lf. . 5 4 '32' O3 , v ' x ,,......,........k Q f " ff ' 2iC7 T"""3 7? W' ji 1wf WH W ii? fic QQ Scif? iff if Iqyfif-K-Q X-jQifiQ'1 , 'if ' f 1 4 4 A A 2 , A 'S +,Ufvv D' jg-k .. V K f J w ,f , Y f , X M f Q f IGP? ff f f ' f M f L vi D, j fp 4 N' A" no 1 nlfllif fy N A Vmfii DfJ7"f . XF. - A"" 1Y'.l.. . 'TRW 'N' 'VA' V A .AAA..:'p: .f'V.,. 'A VA, A ' .AYzAVA.'.Vn, V V ' w a V g:VI- 'A..y.g,..g.-I'm.V'3:A:'V-,Q.. Qin F'-fi X 'A--1.-Pif up ti:A,A.'g.-.A:VV13M:Iei:I.fI VA .A 5137--' ' 'A AA f".ffVP'WA,i1A1W'Iy'f-Z'f'7jflf ' A I V A-V...--.Agas.:A..?Z,3Ag5j,gg1i-I.I:-I . A,.-I I .I - A. A- ".'-5Si.57?r'-Cf?5H2di:'l','A9'?IQ--' 1. '. QWJ4 . A.Y..A.'A54V'f, Vr:t1'S?EE"2'if'? ?f'f'.A. 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J--4.4.4-.-.......-. -Q-.ii...,., -4 J "1 ... Q . -. Pelier High School Boy and Girl A familiar sight to all of us as we go to and frcm school is the Christian Church which stands on the corner, across the street from Bradshaw's Grocery Store. At Bradshaw's, we get our school supplies and part of the chew- ing gum we crack in our daily classes. In this house, just off the school ground, live Dr. and Mrs. William T. Douglas and their two children. Dr. Douglas helps with the medical examinations and shots of the grade and high school students. -,, -Q ,gy HIIBIE lIl'7' i 3 Ai The Comer of Main and Frank in We're loyal to you M. H. S. You're the best in the land And for you we will stand For we know you will win M. H. S. Rah Rah i i We're backing you too, M. H. S. Erected in 1922 bw

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