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x 1 A .- v , ,- 3 1 UAW .. ' f ,,. '1 ,, flu I5 X5b w ,N I' UL 1939 Lgncbanian IN WI-IICI-I TI-IE CLASS CDF '39 EIXIDEAVQIQS TO PCDIQTIQAY TI-IE VARIOUS ACTIVITIES, BCDTI-I WQRK AND PLAY, WI-IICI-I CQIXISTITUTE TI-IE LIFE GF IVICDNTPELIEI2 I-IIGI-I SCI-IQCL Published by TI-IE SENIOR CLASS OF 'I939 MONTPELIER I-IIGI-I SCI-IOOL IVIonIpeIIer, Indiana 1 1 I V f,N ' I A n ,: , , mf, Qlechcafion THIS IS AN AGE OF PROGRESS IN MANY FIELDS INCLUDING EDUCATION. IN THE PAST PROGRESS HAS BEEN SHOWN IN OUR SCHOOLS IN MANY WAYS. THIS YEAR, HOWEVER, THE CONSTRUCTION OF A MOD- ERN GRADE BUILDING OPENS FOR US A NEW ERA OF PROGRESS. THE STAFF OF THE I939 "INDIANIAN," WHEN SEARCHING FOR A PHYSICAL SYM- BOL OF THIS SPIRIT OF PROGRESS, COULD FIND NOTHING SO APPROPRIATE AS THE RADIO. THUS, THE RADIO WAS CHOSEN FOR THE THEME OF THE I939 YEARBOOK. -4- Tlwe L. E. Kelley Building Confmfd SCHOOL Boa rcl of Truslees Facully SENIORS Senior Feafures Underclassmen ACTIVITIES Clubs Dramafics Music Honors ATHLETICS Sporfs Adverfisers Jokes -5- 459. - HOU? 0 6011 fl"0! The Board oT ConTrol, which is composed oT a group oT lVlonTpelier's brainworkers, has Two new members This year, namely: William Cummins, TrusTee, and Rus- sel Freeman, secreTary. ln solving diTTiculTies ThaT will ineviTably arise during The consTrucTion oT The new school building which is new being erecTed, They will have an excellenT oppor- TuniTy To display Their abiliTies. OTher members who have already proved Their Tore' sighT in school problems are Harvey McConlcey, presi- denT, and Hugh Shuman, Treasurer. -5- W. morgan l:irsT in The hearTs oT 633 sTudenTs is lvlr. Mor- gan, a man oT remarkable capabiliTies. Through his eTTicienT' disTribuTion OT school Tunds and man- agemenT oT school aTTairs, he has become well known. His vasT knowledge oi all subiecTs has helped many sTudenTs in Their school Training. He sup- porTs class acTiviTies, sporTs, plays, and all oTher school acTiviTies, and is an enThusiasTic and in- TeresTed specTaTor aT all school sporTing evenTs. Mr. lVlorgan's moTTo is The Three Ps: Fairness, Firmness, Friendship. He carries ouT These ideals very eTTecTively in his Teaching. His educaTion is Thorough. He has sTudied aT CenTral Normal College, Danville: STaTe Teach- ers College, Terre HauTeg UniversiTy oT Michi- gan, Ann Arbor: and aT The UniversiTy oT Chica- go. He has his A.B. and A.M. degrees. He has Tried To help each sTuclenT To build Tor himselT a Tine characTer as well as a well-rounded educaTion. 955 Mr. Freeman Mr. Cummins Mr. Shuman Mr. McConlcey C-Ztdflkg MISS ALBERTSON-English and Public Speaking "Well, l'll be iiggeredf' u Q MR. WILSON-Principaglnduslrial Arls, Plwyglioal Edu- f ,ff calion, and I-Iislory. W 1 . . ' if Q "All right you birds, pipe clown!" MISS NELSON--Maflmemalics, Lalin, and Bookkeeping. "Yeeess." MISS MASQN-English and Civics. -Q i' Q D .i 5 A iv l Q MR. CRAIG-Ari+lwme+ic, I-Ieal+h, Publi safely. ' "Uh huh." MISS MORTON-Slworllwand and Typing. "All right class. Talce +l1is dic+a+ion." MISS SHADDAY-I-lome Economics. MR. DICK-Junior I-liglw and Senior Igh I-Iislory, Plwysi cal Educafion, Arillwmelic 02,4 MR. CANTWELL-Biology and Agricullure. "By gollyI" MISS WALKER-Clwemisfry, I'Ieal+l'1, Physical Educalion. "My Godfrey!" MISS GROFF-Music. "FiddIe!" MISS ANDERSON-Arl. "My Glorylu MRS. PUGHLCIerk. "Aw, slioollll ll -7- R 0 3 WUAO .!4I'l'l0lflg . 3 l'll'L0lfU'lC8l"6 MARION WILSON ...principal of Ml-l.S.... beffer known as "Pop" . . . "Pop" was born in Wells Counfy . . . received his B.S. and M.A. de- grees af Ball Sfafe . . . nexf fo Teaching, if's fhe carpenfry business for him . . . faughf af Pefro- leum five years . . . Roll school in Wells Counfy, fwo years. . .came here in l922 . . .every year since fhen he has achieved more prominence and popularify among fhe sfudenfs and feachers fhaf have comeand gone . . . fairness, fhoughffulness, pafience, foresighfedness, and honesfy . . . all fhese qualifies spell "Pop" . . . fhis noble example fo his sfudenfs he gave "Tha+ firsf he wroughf and afferward he 'laughf' LILLIE ALBERTSON ...born in Scoffsburg . .. obfained her A.B. degree af Indiana Universify . . . wanfed fo be a novelisf buf swifched fo feaching . . . faughf af Vallonia for five years . . . Raleigh for one year. . . Gas Cify, fwo years . . . has been feaching here for fen years . . . hobbies are cooking, fennis, and reading . . .her big am- bifion af presenf is fo masfer fhe fypewrifer . . . one of our class sponsors . . . in charge of 'lhe producfion of fhe Senior Class play . . . besides fhese dufies, she is fhe sfeerer of our annual . . . she is cerfainly an assef fo M.I'l.S. JANICE NELSON . . . enioys cooking and fra- veling . . . born and schooled in Monfpelier . . . ambifion was feaching, firsf and lasf . . . affend- ed Ball Sfafe for A.B. degree . . .summer sessions af Indiana Universify and af Bowling Green Col- lege of Commerce in Bowling Green, Kenfucky . . . likes fo solve puzzles . . . ice cream is her weakness . . . direcfs fhe Junior Class play . . . her record speaks for ifself . . . has been 'leaching here since I924 . . . an oufsfanding personalify is one of her proudesf possessions. - DOROTHY MASON ...a graduafe of M.l-l.S. . . . A.B. degree af Ball Sfafe . . . affended sum- mer session af Ball Sfafe fo sfudy library science . . . expecfs fo complefe fhaf course nexf summer . . . born in Marengo, Ohio, buf boasfs of 'Pelier as her home Town . . . 'rhis is her fiffh year of feaching here . . . hobbies are fishing, reading, and fraveling . . . she says M.l-l.S. has fhe nicesf boys and girls in Indiana . . . she has a remarkable falenf for dramafics and possesses a wonderful sense of humor. DAVID CRAIG . . . born in Jay Counfy near Pennville . . . his ambifion was Teaching and coaching . . . affended Ball Sfafe for lnfermedi- afe-Grammar license . . . has been here four years.. . his special hobbies include fishing, hurri- ing, and a baskefball game once in a while . . . received his B.S. degree from Cenfral Normal af Danville . . . sfarfed feaching and coaching af Chesfer Cenfer when only ninefeen years of age lsome of his sfudenfs were older fhan hel . . . his favorife fopic of conversafion is sfrawberry shorf- cake . . . also has a weakness for gravy on cake wifh sugar on fop of fhaf . . . in facf, he uses sugar on pracfically everyfhing he eafs. KATE MORTON . . . maiored in commerce . .. has faughf here fourfeen years . . . A.B. degree af Ball Sfafe . . . received furfher educafion from Indiana Sfafe Teachers' College and af Belling- ham, Washingfon . . . born af Friend, Nebraska . . . her desire was for liferary work before 'leach- ing came along . . . faughf in I-lancock Counfy, Newcasfle, and af Zillah, Washingfon, before coming fo M.l-l.S .... enioys reading of all kinds . . . collecfs wild flowers . . . loves french fried pofafoes . she is a big reason why we seniors will find if difficulf fo leave M.l-I.S. fhis spring. HAROLD DICK . . . born in Blackford Counfy . . . obfained his B.S. and M.A. degree af Ball Sfafe . . . early ambifion was fo become a car- penfer . . . faughf af Roll five years . . . Wash- ingfon Township Consolidafed Schools for one year . . . has faughl' here fwo years . . . he con- fides fhaf he wouldurafher hum' fhan eaf . . . he is very fond of his work wifh Junior I-ligh sfudenfs . . . likes M.l-l.S. because everyone is so friendly .. .coaches fhe Junior I-ligh baskefball and base- ball feams. V MARTHA SHADDAY . . . new addiTion To The TaculTy . . . born and schooled in MonTpelier . . . Teaching has been her desire always . . . B.S. de- gree aT Ball STaTe Teachers' College . . . maior, VocaTional Home Economics and Science . . . Two years aT Riley, Ohio, beTore coming here . . . en- ioys kniTTing and reading . . . inTeresTed in naTure and 4-H Club work . . . no TavoriTe Tood . . .any- Thing buT onions . . . has To waTch her dieT . . . she has a Thorough undersTanding oT The prob- lems which conTronT sTudenTs in The selecTion oT proper Tood aT minimum cosT. ACORD CANTWELL . . . born in Connersville, lndiana . . . holds B.S. degree Trom Purdue Uni- versiTy . . . has been aT lvl.l-l.S. Two years . . . likes To sTudy planT liTe and To collecT insecTs oT various species . . . enioys soTTball and aTTending wresTling maTches . . . sponsor oT FuTure Farmers oT America Club . . . holds evening classes Tor adulT Tarmers, in which he discusses agriculTural problems oT all kinds, especially oT swine This year . . . has made The agriculTural deparTmenT one oT The mosT progressive in school. GHLEE WALKER . . . born in MonTpelier . . . aTTended elemenTary schools here . . .a graduaTe oT M.l-LS .... ambiTion was To become an air- sTewardess beTore sTarTing her Teaching career ... B.S. degree . . . Indiana CenTral College . .. Ball STaTe . . . Indiana UniversiTy . . . was known as "Dee-dee" in her college days, buT she could never undersTand whaT The signiTicance was . . . TaughT Three years in l-larTTord CiTy . . . has TaughT here Tor Tour years . . . is crazy abouT chicken and noodles . . . hobbies include horse- back riding, golTing, and dancing . . . she is very prominenT in social acTiviTies. fi lg' JEANETTE GROFF . . . B. Mus. aT Taylor Uni- versiTy . . . graduaTe work aT lvlanchesTer College . . . TurTher Training aT indiana UniversiTy . . . born in La FonTaine . . . ambiTion is To do concerT work on piano . . . she TirsT TaughT aT Van Buren Tor Three years . . . laTer aT Banquo, Two years . . . This is her second year here . . . she is very well gualiTied Tor her work, having charge oT all musical producTions and programs . . . likes oil painTing, composing, ancl reading . . . she is liked by all who come in conTacT wiTh her. KATHLEEN ANDERSON . . . new addiTion To The TaculTy . . . Tormerly TaughT l.aTin and Home Economics besides ArT . . . can'T make up her mind which she wanTs To sTudy TurTher . . . born in Van Buren, lno relaTion, however, To Bob Burnsl . . . sTudied ArT aT Ball STaTe . . . also aT UniversiTy oT Colorado ...' TaughT aT Albany Tor Two years, and Tour years aT Van Buren . . . enjoys movies, swimming, and horseback riding . . .she drinks Tea To keep up her pep, especially when examinaTion Time comes . . . gives Tea cre- diT Tor her being able To graduaTe Trom college . . . she is very Triendly and Teels righT aT home here. VIVIAN PUGH . . . born in Elwood . . . moved here when guiTe young . . . aTTended elemenTary schools . . . graduaTe oT our high school . . . wanTed To Teach physical educaTion, buT gave iT up Tor The clerking business . . . has The nickname "Binney" . . . doesn'T know why, unless because iT's easier To say Than Vivian . . . collecTs poems and recipes . . . one oT our mosT ardenT baskeT- ball Tans . . . This is her ThirTeenTh year as clerk oT lVl.l-l.S .... she wonders wheTher This year will be lucky or unlucky Tor her . . .she deserves much crediT Tor her willingness To cooperaTe and The eTTiciency wiTh which she carries on her work. Q lil , . so 'dl ,i-i -1 7 lil lil lil im ' ' fx- T' C ff My ii! T lil ll iii ,A EQ. as TL' wa T -ayfii as ,rr if 'aw Jeff rr' T f Y ff Y W xy if 13, " ' ' 11 , Y :l M V ,awwgrrg ,, i ,YW ,X ,Y ,, Xi .. I ,,,, x. , lll if Y'- ,s,... L +3 kewl-T,,y ll-li-ll yi"fgf'f'l1-a- ii Y N --C, Y, lv1.l-l.S. STAFF .gafion 36 niciand ef mfg n Mar Kool' For Tour long years The Senior Class oT '39 has looked Torward To publishing iTs year book. On SepTember 28, a liTTle playleT was given by several sTudenTs oT The Senior Class, To launch The subscripTion drive TorAThe annual. LaTer The Class was very doubTTul wheTher The publicaTion oT "The lnolianian" would be possible This year, because The guoTa oT 300 subscripTions had To be reached. The Senior ConvocaTion, enTiTled "The SpiriT oT Old Annuals," helped To sell more subscripTions. By This Time our quoTa had almosT been reached. ShorTly aTTer The drive The sTaTT was appoinTed and each ediTor began his work. For several monThs you could look in The annual oTTice and see each sTudenT doing his parT in preparing The dummy To be senT To The prinTer. The personnel oT The sTaTT is as Tollows: EdiTor-in-chieT, Grace Byerly: LiTerary ediTor, Verle Speece: Senior ediTor, MarTha Cochran: AcTiviTies ediTors, BeTTy Park and DelighT GarreTT: AThleTic ediTor, Max Wilson: Calendar ediTor, lvlarcile Cook: ArT ediTor, Eileen Green: Class poeT, Jean Wearly: PrinTer, Alice June Williams: Pro- pheT, Virginia Kelley: SnapshoT ediTors, Tex Underwood and RoberT TranT: Joke ediTor, BeTTy Sills: Business manager, DoroThy SchmidT: SubscripTion managers, BurneTT GeTz and Bob ClemenTs: AdverTising managers, Bonnie BuckmasTer, Lawrence Parks, and RoberT Shadle: TypisTs, Fanny Wunderbaum, Jean DePoy and DwighT GarreTT. The sTaTT was very TorTunaTe To have Miss Alberson as sponsor and Mr. Wilson as business head again This year. M10- vigorous-Dick Evers-Arl- vice-presidenl 393 "The Gypsy Roverf' glee club: Social Sci- ence, Commercial and Agricul- lure clubs, F. F. Ag lraclc, bas- lcelball, baseball. +rue blue-Louise Schmidf- Academic-presidenl '39, Slu- denl Council '39: "Johnnie Grows Upwq glee club: Friende ship Club, presiclenl '39 of Sunshine Club. I QQ 'ss mischievous-Georgeffe Hornbalcer-l-lome Economics-glee club, Friendship, Social Science, Ari and l-lome Economics clubs. dashing-Marion Davis-Commercial-band, orcheslra, glee club, Dramalic and Arr clubs, Jrraclc scrupulous-Jeanne DePoy-Commercial- glee club, Boosler, Commercial, and Sunshine clubs. +imid-Tex Underwood-Comrnercial-Social Science, and Boosrer clubs, baseball, snapshol edilor, "lndianian." fun-loving-Carolyn Currenl'-enlered in '38 from Cenlral ar Muncie-Academic-band, or- cheslra, glee club, Dramalic Club. shrewd-Charles Cunningham-Agricullure- glee club, presidenl '39 of Agricullure Club, 'rraclc complaisanl'--Earl Bell-Ari-Social Science Club, Ari Club, Nalure Club. charming-BeH'y Jo Tl1ornburg-Academic- Girl adviser '39, glee club, Commercial, Boosler, Sunshine, and l-lome Economics Clubs, G. A. A. cosmopoli+an-Roberm' Clemen+s-Arl-Secre- Jrary-Jrreasurer '38, glee club, Boosler and Social Science clubs, Jrraclc, baslcelball, Subscriplion Manager, "lndianian." versa+ile-Eileen Green-Ari-"Johnnie Grows Up." "Up in lhe Air," "ln Qld Virginny," "The Gypsy Rover," "An Old Spanish Cuslom," Band, orcheslra, glee club, Arl and Dramalic clubs, G. A. A. l.a+in Jream '38, '39, malhemalics leam '36, arl edilor, "lndianian." agreeable-Paul Slen+z-Arl-Glee club, so- cial science and Agricullure clubs, lraclc. musical-Delighl' Garre++-Academic-orches l'ra, glee club, Social Science, Arl, Sunshine, and l-lome Economics clubs, G. A. A. aclivilies edi- lor, "lndianian." wiH'y-Lawrence Parks-Comrnercial-secra lary-+reasurer,'37, "Johnnie Grows Up", glee club, Dramalic and Social Science clubs, base- ball, Lalin learn '36, yell leader '38, '39, adver- rising commillee, "lndianian." gracious-Grace Byerly-Commercial-girl adviser '37, sludenr council '37, Alhlelic Board '39, Sludenl Affairs '39, "Johnnie Grows Up", band, orcheslra, glee club, Drarnalic and Boosler clubs, G. A. A., yell leader '37, '39, edilor-in- chief "lndianian." compe+en+--Roberf Shadle-Academic-vice presidenl '36, band, orcheslra, glee club, Social Science Club, Jrraclc baslcelball, baseball, adver- rising commillee, "lndianian." ambifious-Verle Speece-'Academic-adviser '37, presidenl '38, Sludenl Council '37, '38 Siu- denl Affairs '39, "Johnnie Grows Up," "The Gypsy Rover," "An Old Spanish Cuslom", glee club, Dramalic and Arl clubs, Lalin Team '37, Commercial learn '38, lilerary ediror "lndianian." con+en+ecl Glad s Sfafford-l-lorne Econo- - Y mics-glee club, Sunshine club. genial-Fred Parnell-Commercial-glee club, Arl, Commercial, and Nalure clubs, Track, baslqerball. unpre+urbed-Fai+h Berrier-Cornrnercial- glee club, Commercial club. e+hle+ic-Franklin Refz-Ari-presiolenl '36, vice-presiclenl '38, Sludenl Council '36, Alhlelic Board '39, Sludenl' Affairs '38, "An Qld Spanish Cus'rorn", band, orcheslra, glee club, Commer- cial and Arl clubs, lraclc, baskefball, baseball. seda+e-Kafhleen Kennedy-Academic-glee club, Sunshine Club, G. A. A. considera+e-BurneH' Gefz-Commercial-Sd cial Science and Nafure clubs, baseball, subscrip- lion manager, "lndianian." congenial-Dorofhy Schmid+-Academic- glee club, vice-presidenl '39 of Sunshine Club., G. A. A., business manager, "lndianian." s+eady-Kei+h Downhour-Agricullure-on cheslra, Ari and Agriculfure clubs. -:ig 'S' energe+ic-BeH'e Sills-Academic-"Johnnie Grows Up," "An Old Spanish Cus+om", band, orcheslra, glee club, assislanl yell leader '38, Dramaric and Home Economics clubs, G. A. A., iolce ediror, "lndianian." composed-Dwane Neecller-Academic- business manager of "Johnnie Grows Up", Social Science and Ari clubs. amicable-Olive Gibson-l-lorne Economics- band, glee club, Dramalic and Home Economics clubs, G. A. A. - earnes+-Ralph Hel+on-Ari-iraclc. peppy-Fannie Wunderbaum-Commercial+ Girl adviser '36, Sludenl Council '36, "The Gypsy Rover," band, orcheslra, glee club, vice- presidenl '38, secrelary-Jrreasurer '39 ol Dramalic Club, Boosler Club, presidenl '36 of G. A. A., Commercial leam '38, Jrypisr, "lndianian." opfimisfic-Roberl' Gee+ing-Academic-ad viser '39, Sludenf Council '39, Social Science and Boosler clubs, presidenl '39 of Commercial Club, baseball. ligh+-headed-BeH'y Barr-Acadernic-glee club, Sunshine, l-lome Economics and Social Sci- ence clubs, G. A. A. obliging-Max Wilson-Commercial-Boy adviser '36, adviser Sludenr Council, 36 and '38, "Johnnie Grows Up," "The Gypsy Rover," "An Old Spanish Cus+om", band, orchesrra, glee club, Drarnalic and Social Science clubs, base- ball, Alhlelic edilor, "lndianian." vivacious-Alice June Williams-Commercial -"An Old Spanish Cus+om," glee club, Arl and Dramalic clubs: G. A. A., prinler, "lndianian." cheerful-Russell Pugh-Commercial-Vice presidenl '37, band, orchesrra, glee club, Social Science and Nalure clubs, rraclc, baseball, bas- lcelrball. indusfrious--Wanda Hudson-Commercial! glee club, Sunshine and Commercial clubs. learned-- Roberi' Trani'-Academic-Agricuh lure club, F. F. A., snapshol edilor, "lndianian." sympa+he+ic-Zerellda Whybrew-l-l ome Eco- nomics-glee club, Sunshine club, G. A. A. regular-Jim Shol+y-enlered 'From Windlall in '38-Arl-Social Science and Commercial clubs, Jrraclc, baslcefball, and baseball. sprighfly--Jeane Wearly-Academic-'Johm nie Grows Up", band orcheslra, glee club, Dra- malic, Arr, Home Economics and Boosler clubs, G. A. A., Poel, "lndianian." wholesome-Max Kegerreis-Academic-Sd cial Science Club, +racl4, baseball. genuine-BeHy Park-Academic-band, or- cheslra, glee club, presidenl '39 ol Dramalic Club, Friendship Club, G. A. A., Aclivilies edi- lor, "lndianian." dependable-Eldon Moyer-Cornrnercial-So- cial Science Club, +racl4. iovial-Marfha Williams-Commercial--'glee club, Dramalic, Friendship, and l-lorne Economics clubs, G. A. A. +hough+ful--Naomi Kershner--Commercial- glee club, song leader of Sunshine Club, G. A. A. all-around--Marcile Cool:-Academic--Girl adviser '38, Sluclenr Council '38, glee club, Dra- malic, Friendship, Sunshine, Boosler clubs, G. A. A., Calendar eclilor, "lndianian." l l i 'IQ xx pracfical-Louise Schwarzkopf-Com mercia l- glee club, Social Science and Commercial clubs, G. A. A. ready-speaker-Bill Racer--Ar+-glee club, Social Science Club, Commercial Club, Track. en+husias+ic-Virginia Kelley-Com mercia l- Glee Club, Social Science, Friendship, and Sun- shine clubs, Prophet "lndianian." unselfish-Ru+h FlaHer-Home Economics- glee club, Sunshine Club, G. A. A. friendly-Denzil S+orer-Commercial-"The Gypsy Rover", glee club, Social Science Club, rraclc, baskelball, baseball. observani'-Emily Clark-Commercial-glee club, Sunshine and Home Economics clubs. capable-Marfha Cochran-Academic-glee club, presiclenl '38, vice-presidenf '37 of Sun- shine Club, Lalin leam '36, '37, Senior edilor, "lndianian." handsome-Roger Speece-Commercial- Secreiary-Jrreasurer '36, '38, presidenl '37, Siu- denl' Council '37, band, orcheslra, glee club, So- cial Science and Ari clubs, lraclc, baslcelball, ancl baseball. ffaifhful-Ruby Speece-Home Economics- glee club, Friendship and Sunshine clubs. +rus+wor'rhy-Edwin Brown---Agriculrure-So cial Science and Agriculiure clubs, vice-presi- denl '39 of F. F. A. decorous-Helen Coleman-Commercial- glee club, Sunshine ancl l-lome Economics clubs. sfudious--Dwighi' Garre+'r-Acaclemic- "Johnnie Grows Up," bancl, orcheslra, glee club, Social Science ancl Agriculfure clubs, lypisl, "lnclianian." I clever-Bonnie Buckmasfer-Academic-"Up in Jrhe Air," "An Old Spanish Cus+om", orches- lra, glee club, Dramalic Club, Friendship Club, G. A. A., Aclverlising commillee, "lndianian." unassuming-Warren Smelser-Commercial- glee club, Commercial and Boosler clubs. sincere-Alma Needler-Academic-Sunshine ancl Home Economics clubs, G. A. A. :we moving C-2090? mifed 7, This is STaTion M.l-LS. operaTing on l939 kilo- cycles. As The presenT company will soon cease To broadcasT Trom This sTaTion, This opporTuniTy is Taken To review The highlighTs oT Their Tour years on The air. The oTTicials meT in Se4pTember oT i935 To se- lecT The board oT direcTors, wiTh Miss Morehouse and Mr. Craig as masTer conTrol engineers. The oTher direcTors were as Tollows: Franklin ReTz, program direcTor: RoberT Shadle, producer: Roger Speece, recording and TransmiTTing en- gineer: and Fannie Wunderbaum and Max Wil- son, remoTe conTrol engineers. The big broadcasT oT The year was a dramaTizaTion oT "Elmer," in which Lawrence Parks made his debuT in The TheaTrical world. ATTer a year oT sTruggles anoTher board oT di- recTors was elecTed wi+h Miss MorTon and Mr. l-lolm as masTer conTrol engineers. STudenT di- recTors were Roger Speece, program direcTor: Russell Pugh, producer: Lawrence Parks, record- ing and TransmiTTing engineer: and Grace Byerly and Verle Speece, remoTe conTrol engineers. The second year oT broadcasTing was closed wiTh The broadcasT oT a play enTiTled "Raspberry Red." During The Third year oT This venTure, The sTa- Tion presenTed Two ouTsTanding broadcasTs, "Johnnie Grows Up" and The Junior-Senior Re- cepTion. The clever Theme oT The recepTion was Snow WhiTe and The Seven DwarTs. GuesT arTisTs were an insTrumenTal Trio Trom Ball College. Di- recTors Tor The Third year included Miss Nelson and Mr. Wilson as remoTe conTrol engineers: Verle Speece, program direcTor: Franklin ReTz, producer: Roger Speece, recording and Trans- miTTing engineer: and Marcile Cook and Max Wilson as remoTe conTrol engineers. In The TourTh year The Tollowing acTed in The capaciTy oT direcTors: Miss AlberTson and Mr. Morgan, masTer conTrol engineers: Louise SchmidT, program direcTor: Dick Evers, producer: RoberT ClemenTs, recording and TransmiTTing en- gineer: and BeTTy Jo Thornburg and RoberT GeeTing, remoTe conTrol engineers. Two proiecTs oT The year were The class play and The radio ediTion oT The "lndianian." The play enTiTled "Flying Blind" had a casT oT Twelve characTers and was given on April 28. The An- nual STaTT was composed oT TwenTy members. The enTire company helped in selling subscripTions. Three memorable evenTs in This year which were enioyed by The enTire casT were a recepTion given in Their honor by The Juniors on May I9, BaccalaureaTe on May Zl, and CommencemenT on May 24. The guesT speaker aT The commence- menT broadcasT was Dr. Guy Morse- Bingham, oT WashingTon D.C. "AND HAVING WRIT, MOVES ON" elfllof' .STafzc "Rowdy dow!"-Carolyn Currenl Can Be."-Bonnie Buckmasler I had one ol lhem, loo!"-Jim Sholly "Do I have lo?"-Bob Shadle Give me my lhingl"-Jean Wearly So help me!"-Verle Speece I-Iave you seen Franklin?"-Fannie Wunderbaum "Do Tell!"-lvlarlha Williams l'm broke!"-Max Wilson O. pilllelu-Alice June Williams "Wail lor mel"-Belly Sills if in i v We won'l be lherel"-Dick Evers and Belly Jo Thornburg Fool"-Eileen Green l can lake ill"-Marion Davis Whal did you say?"-Paul Slenlz l'm nol alraid!"+Denzil Slorer "I don'l believe ill"-Belly Barr "I wonder why Chesler girls don'l like me?"-Delighl Garrell Funny I never lhoughl ol lhall"-Earl Bel Sold lo lhe American Tobacco Company!"-Law Lel's sil on lhe church slepsf'-Franklin Relz Now, now!"-lvlax Kegerreis Will you gel lhis lor me?"-Roger Speece Take me, loo!"-Marcile Cook Wanl lo ride?"-Tex Underwood Can'l. I'm busy!"-Dwighl Garrell Quiellu-Burnell Gelz "Whal did you wake me up lor?"-Bob Clemenls "Wowl"-Russel Pugh in ii iv ii in in ii vi CL! Ofscyzlllfle Tex Underwood ......,..... ...... lvlosl lvlodesl .......... Roberl Geeling .....,.,... .......... lvl osl Courleous ,,,,,....,,., Franklin Relz .,,,,,...,..,. ...,,........,. C lass Couple .....,........ Burnell Gelz .....,....,.. .............. C lass Oplimisl ......,......,., Denzil Slorer ..i..... Ralph l'lellon,,...,. Roberl Tranl' .... ,,.,..,... .......... Dick Evers .........,..... Max Wilson ......,.... James Sholly .,.........,. .,.,..,,,.,.,.. Lawrence Parks ,,.,..,....,. .......... Max Kegerreis ..,,......,.... ...,...... Roberl Clemenls ......,...... ,......... Paul Slenlz ......,..........., .,..,,,... Warren Smelser ..... ........, Fred Parnell .......... Marion Davis.. Roger Speece ,.... Edwin Brown ..,...,,,..... ....,..,.. Roberl Shadle .,,,,....,.,,. ......... Class lnlanl ,................. Besl Dressed ,.......... Mosl Sludious ...... Besl Bluller ,,,...,......,,... lvlosl Dramalic .......,....... Teachers Pel ............., Williesl ......,,..,,...,,..,...,............, Mosl Argumenlalive .,,... lvlosl Personalily ..,.,,...., lvlosl Reserved ,..,,,...,........,. Class Idler ......,,,,........,.......,..,...,,...... Seldom Seen al School .,........ Class Clown .....,...,,...,,................ Besl Looking ...,,........,..,..,...,............. Mosl Versalile ,.......,.................,.......,...........,,.,, lvlosl Likely lo Succeed ,,,,.,......... 417- rence Pa rks Virginia Kelly Louise Schmidl Fannie Wunderbaum Belly Park Jea ne Wea rly Belly Barr Marlha Cochran Bonnie Buckmasler Alice J. Williams Emily Clark Louise Schwarzkopl Belly Sills Grace Byerly Ruby Speece Carolyn Currenl Rulh Flaller lvlarlha Vlfilliams Belly Jo Thornburg Eileen Green Dorolhy Schmidl ,4 leur., spmr iw ,aff Drowsily l lisTened To spooky "Moon Riverl' On a dark and rainy nighT. A clap oT Thunder aTTecTed a Tuse plug, And Turned oTT my lighT. Alone in The dark l began To shiver: While loud sounds oT sTaTic roared on. When iT cleared, insTead oT hearing "Moon River," l heard The voice oT one who had gone. "l'm The ghosT oT '39," he muTTered: l can Tell you oT The Things you'd Tind Could you buT see your Tormer classmaTes In The year oT '4-9." He shuddered, And Then Talked slowly on, "BeTTy Park is noTed Tor her music: RuTh is Teaching parroTs how To speak: Marion Davis is leader OT a band: FaiTh and Gladys operaTe a beauTy salon: Dwane and Paul Take Trips in a big balloon: P On an inTernaTional hookup we hear blues singer, Alice June: Bonnie's TirsT lady oT The land: ' Max Kegerreis has Tun as careTaker oT The CincinnaTi zoo: In CaliTornia, we see BeTTy Jo Evers reclining on The sand: SecreTary oT War, Bob ClemenTs, has millions oT men aT his command "Naomi is married To her Elmer now: To Louise SchmidT oT The movies aT This Time we bow: DelighT is wriTing prize-winning books: Jim SholTy is a Trans-ATlanTic Tlyer: KeiTh won a medal as a champion liar: Buy l-lelTon's rockeTs, guaranTeed To go higher: In New York, ArTisT Model Byerly is Tamous Tor her looks: Dick, in CaliTornia, is a deep sea diver: Over The loud speaker, we hear BeTTy Sills' imiTaTion oT Baby Snooks: While G-Man Vlfilson hunTs Tor all Those loose and reckless crooks. "KaThleen makes FriTz a preTTy housewiTe: FriTz operaTes a Tilling sTaTion on SouTh Main STreeT: Russel Pugh resolves To be a bachelor The resT oT his liTe: BurneTT GeTz is king oT The Hoboes: l-lelen Coleman is creaTing haTs: Roger invenTed a new Trap Tor caTching raTs: While GeorgeTTe makes The mosT sTunning doormaTs: FlorisT DwighT can Tell us how an orchid grows: Earl, head OT U.S. WeaTher Bureau, knows beTore iT snows, While RoberT Shaclle direcTs successTul Broadway shows. "Verle is Tamous as a guiTar player: Lawrence is a well-known mayor: In Texas, Tex is a real cowboy: Carolyn in ATrica is Teaching The naTives The laTesT swing: Denzil, a crooner, is a second Bing: DoroThy is The world's TasTesT TypisT, and ThaT's someThing: lvlarTha Williams, a Tap dancer, is hard To annoy: Bill Racer's quiTe a girl charmer: RoberT TranT is a successTul Tarmer: Zerellda brings her laTesT husband greaT joy: While Sailor GeeTing aT sea yells, "Ship Ahoy!" -.18.. "We see Emily in a circus doing a TighT rope walk: Warren has a mule ThaT likes To balk: MarTha Cochran is a nurse: Edwin Brown now drives a hearse: Marcile, her love scenes, on Broadway does rehearse: Wanda's Teaching A, B, C's: Louise SchwarzkopT is haunTing The Help WanTed agencies. Jean DePoy runs a nighT club, The Blue Moon: Alma inTends To Tly To Holland very soon. "Olive ediTs a column in THE HERALD on 'How To Dress Your Hair': Eileen draws picTures To illusTraTe whaT we really oughT To wear: Charles is a world Tamous lion Tamer: Ruby Speece runs The 'Pelier CaTe: Reverend ReTz is requesTing ThaT we pray each day: Fannie ReTz, The church organ has learned To play: Eldon is waTer boy Tor good Old NoTre Dame: PoeT Wearly's name is Tound in The Hall oT Fame! BeTTy Barr is busy creaTing new dances: Virginia, in a circus, rides a horse ThaT prancesf' WiTh This The voice began To groan: Then l awoke and Tound l was alone: Thus, all This was iusT a dream, No maTTer how real iT all did seem. Cfclriri VIRGINTA KELLEY We, The Senior class oT l939, being oT sound mind and body and wishing To rid ourselves oT all childish possessions, as we are now grown up, do declare This our lasT will and TesTamenT: RoberT Shadle wills his bench capTaincy To Bill Hawk. Fred Parnell wills his accuracy in baskeT shooT- ing To Warren Emswiller. Russell Pugh wills his women To Harold Johnson. Denzil STorer wills To SrniTTy his abiliTy To wriTe Tlowery noTes. Warren Smelser wills his abiliTy To wink back aT Grace To Dick Henderson. Jeane Wearly wills her "Thing" To anybody who Thinks he can geT iT. Roger Speece wills his charming Tyrone Power apearance To Herman Beeks. Franklin ReTz and Fannie Wunderbaum will Their "romanTic nighTs" on The church sTeps To Daniel Markley and Evelyn Richwine. MarTha Williams wills her "graceTul carriage To BeTTe J. Sills. Alma Ne-edler wills her abiliTy To Talk all oT The Time To Mildred Johnson. Ruby Speece wills her "boldness" To Eloise Jordan. BeTTe Sills wills "Hoiman" To LeveTha Towns. lThaT is, iT she can geT him.l BeTTy Park wills all her boy Triends To Ellen Thorpe. Verle Speece wills his "hearT Trouble" aTTer a mysTerious aTTack oT Tlu To Eugene Anderson. Tex Underwood wills his misplaced eyebrow To Jackie SmiTh, if he can grow one! Zerellda Whybrew wills To Anna Johnson her Venus Tigure. Jim SholTy wills his school girl complexion To RuTh MaTson. RoberT TranT wills his SanTa Claus suiT lminus The pillowl, To Mr. Morgan, so he won'T have To hunT one nexT year. Gladys STaTTord wills her blond hair To Gene- vieve Teegarden. Max Wilson wills his pipe To "Pop." Papa won'T need iT, so he'lI give iT back. lWe hope.l Eldon Moyer wills To Mr. Morgan The abiliTy To call him by his righT name. lNoT Ermil.l Lawrence Parks wills his physique To Freeman Dennis. Paul SlenTz wills his abiliTy To walk ouT of ArT class wiThouT Miss Anderson's seeing him To Wil- ma CunningTon. Dwane Needler will his monoTone voice To STepin FeTchiT. Q Alice June Williams wills her TlippanT way To Rose NorTon. The SchmidT sisTers will Their abiliTy To make good grades To The Weaver sisTers. Louise Schwarzkopf will her abiliTy To do a Tan dance To Sally Rand. Eileen Green wills To CrysTal WesT a copy OT her laTesT publicaTion "The Economics oT a Mar- ried Life." RoberT GeeTing wills his daTes wiTh Jeanne HolcroTT To Sam Wunderbaum. WaTch ouT, Sam! Earl Bell wills The bed he made in Manual Training class To Bob Parks, so he can do some sleeping aT home lnol' schooll. BeTTy Barr wills To Marcine Egley her abiliTy To puT on make-up. Marion Davis wills his quill wiTh Miss AlberTson To Charles Gruver. DeIighT GarreTT wills her daTes wiTh ChesTer CenTer boys To any one who can geT Them. Naomi Kershner wills her diamond and all ThaT iT means To Avis Lee AnThony. DwighT GarreTT wills his abiliTy To play The piano To Eddy Duchin. RuTh ElaTTer wills her ping pong abiliTy To Freddie SmiTh. Helen Coleman wills her skill in Throwing paper wads To Junior Rains. EaiTh Berrier wills her Tew exTra crediTs To John Clark so he can be a senior. lHe'll need Them.l Bonnie BuckmasTer wills her love oT mice To Ghlee Walker. Carolyn CurrenT wills her reckless driving To The SaTeTy Class. Grace Byerly wills her abiliTy To wink aT The eligible young males To Miss Nelson. Emily Clark wills To Harold Mc. her mysTerious engagemenT ring Trom Jimmy: Then Harold won'T have To buy one. BeTTy Jo and Dick will Their double seaTs in every class To Helen Fear and Don Coons. Bob CemenTs wills his argumenTs wiTh Miss Walker To Gerald Wilhems. MarTha Cochran wills her perTecT chemisTry equaTions To The nexT ChemisTry class. Marcile Cook wills her TemperamenTal dispo- siTion To Anna Marie EasTon. Does she need iT? Charles Cunningham wills his good Times wiTh Helen Louise Riggs To his broTher Howard, To keep Them in The Tamily. Jeane DePoy wills her abiliTy To wriTe novels To Clyde Brown. KeiTh Downhour wills his cave-man ways To Bill Chaney. BurneTT GeTz wills his shorThand abiliTy To Miss MorTon. Olive Gibson wills her black Tur coaT To Peggy O'Donnell. Ralph HelTon wills his winning ways wiTh Miss Anderson To Harold SchwarzkopT. GeorgeTTe Hornbaker wills her mischievous ways To Joan Murphy. Wanda Hudson wills her preTTy red blouse To Glendora Clark, To maTch her hair. Max Kegerreis wills his aThleTic build To Gale Spaulding. Virginia Kelley wills To Mr. Dick The seaT she used To occupy in The library. KaThleen Kennedy wills her John Henry To Jeane. Bill Racer wills To James Emshwiller his mascu- line Tigure. Edwin Brown wills his "pick of The Teminine gender" To Harold Brock. In wiTness ThereoT, we have seT our hands and seal This, The TwenTieTh day oT March, nineTeen hundred ThirTy-nine. -THE SENIOR CLASS OF l939 ig gfocwlcadf of 39 This, my Triends, is a broadcasT From The Class oT '39. And since iT's To be The lasT one, We wanT iT To be Tine. We seniors have The hardesT Times OT anyone in school. We work and slave And Try To behave: Our Time we musT noT Tool. ln agriculTure The boys learn how To reap and sow The seed. They musT waTch The crop, So iT won'T be a "flop," And hoe ouT every weed. And when iT comes To Civics Class WiTh all Those horrid TesTs, We heave a sigh And say, "Oh my, These Teachers are such pesTsl" And SaTeTy Class is noT so safe As iT's "cracked up" To be: We all musT beware For erasers in air Make a "Shiner" noT lovely To see. BuT Public Speaking Class, you see, Makes up Tor all These woes: lT's The liveliesT class, YeT The hardesT To pass, For we musT always be up on our Toes. When we come ouT wiTh The band To sTruT, Across The baskeTball Tloor, All eyes are Turned, WiTh envy They're burned, And we hear whispered commenTs galore! The Library is supposed To be The quieTesT place in school, YeT a mouse one day To The desk did sTray, Making Walker TorgeT ThaT rule. IT The Senior boys are looking Tor wives, To Home Ec. class They go: The girls are good cooks And noT bad Tor looks, BuT They're always aTTer The "dough." Well, This concludes The broadcasT, Once more iT comes To an end. We all haTe To leave, BUT iT's no use To grieve For we have made many a Triend. -J EANE WEARLY Miss Anderson lln sevenlh grade arll: "Today we shall draw a lree." lAller much ellorl Jack Smilh heaved a big sigh and wenl lo show his piclure.l Jack: "Miss Anderson, l guess lhal poel was righl when lhe said, 'Only God can make a lree'." :ze PF PF Two girls were discussing a cerlain high school Romeo, name-Russel Pugh. "Is he conceiled?" asked Peggy O'Donnell. "I'd like lo buy him al my price and sell him al his own!" said Carolyn Currenl. Pk Dis PK Mr. Dick: "l-low do you know lhal lhe earlh is round and hangs on nolhing in lhe air? How do you prove il?" Roger Clemenls: "I don'l have lo prove il: l never said il was." Pk bis DF Georgelle l-lornbaker lln calelerial: "Selecl your pie, please." Murl McCarnmon: "ls il compulsory?" Georgelle: "No, il's mince and raspberry." vs :if PF Miss Mason: "John, give a senlence wilh an in- lerieclion in il." Jusl lhen lhe boy silling in lhe seal nexl sluck John wilh a pin. John McCammon liumping upl: "Ouch! Bill sluck me wilh a pin!" Miss Mason: "Correcl, bul don'l use so much expression lhe nexl lime." M,l'l'l0l" The Age of Innocence! As Clemenls and Shadle were causing an exces- sive amounl ol dislurbance in Chemislry, pre- senlly Miss Walker wenl lo sland by lhem. Clemenls immedialely removed his book lrom lhe chair nexl lo him and, despile Miss Walk- ers' glaring counlenance, laughingly said, "Do you wanl lo sil down?" Dk 24 PF Russell cerlainly was lhrilled aller lhe Harllord- Monlpelier ball game. Thal nighl when he knell lo say his prayers, all he could say was: "Bless my ma: bless my pa: bless our ball leam: Rah! Rah! Rah!" PF 214 Sk Miss Anderson: "Whal are you drawing, Jim?" Sholly: "A piclure ol Moses." Miss A.: "Bul no one knows whal Moses looked like." Sholly: "They will when I gel lhroughf' fs is is Mrs. Speece: "Mr, Morgan has wrillen lhal he linds il impossible lo leach you anylhing, Roger." Roger: "Therel l've always said he was no good." ss :ie wk Mr. Morgan while visiling over lhe school, lound James Johnson in a room by himself, evidenlly in lrouble. Mr. Morgan: "Whal's lhe maller, my boy?" James: "Palpilalion and insomnia." Mr. M.: "Bul you can'l be sullering lrom lhose lhingsl" James: "ll isn'l sullering, sir. ll's spelling." is as Ss Mr. Wilson: "James, who was Anne Boleyn?" J. Whilecollon: "Anne Boleyn was a llal iron." Mr. Vlfilson: "Whal on earlh do you mean?" James: "Well il says here in lhe hislory book: 'l-lenry, having disposed ol Kalherine, pressed his suil wilh Anne Boleyn'." ACTION CI-IUMS SWEDISI-I PACERS, YELL JESSE EDITOR? MAX BABY TEX PALS SWEETI-I EA RTS I SANTA AND TWO DEARS SISTERS FRESI-IIES OLD EAITI-IEUL ALBERTA SOPI-IOMORES SENORITAS .-23, LJ uniom Eslella Alfrey, Eugene Anderson, Lorada Banfer, Herman Beeks, Harold Bollrz. Eoy Borlon, l-larold Brock, Jane Brurniiel, Herloerl Clam- me, James Clark. . Margarer Clark, Don Coons, Anna Marie Easlonq James Ernshwiller, l-lelen Eear. Richard Grimes, Charles Gruver, Maureen l-lornbaker, . Murray lnman, Laverne Love. V Murl McCarnmon, Ru+h McGea+h, Daniel Markley, De- lores Marshall, Clara Oulcall. V , ' Eugene Ou+cal+, Carl Reed, Margarelr 'Rober+s, Joe Roger-s, Mary Shinn. ' Junior Smilh, Roy Smifh, Thurman Spaulding, Genevieve Teegarden, Charles Walker. - " Early in Seplember, I938. for+y-+wo juniors en- lered 'rhe L. E. Kelley l-ligh School. During fhe firsr semesfer, Jeanne Goode and Louise Whil- acre wifhdrew. Miss Nelson and Mr. Wilson were our class sponsors +his year. We elecled Carl Reed, presi- dent Margarel E. Roberfs, vice-president Joe Rogers, secrelary-Treasurer: and Clara and Eu- gene Qulcalf, advisers. We selecled our class rings, Oclober 3I. Our class play, "Pagin' Cap'n Kidd," was presenled November 29 To defray The expenses of lhe Billy Wal-I, Mary Wenlz, Gerald Wilhems. ' Absenl The day piclures were +aken: l-larold Johnson, Alvin Schmidt and John Weaver. junior-senior recepfion, held May l9.' Those in Jrhe play were: Lorada Banfer, Mary Wenlrz, Genevieve Teegarden, Maureen Hornbaker, Rulh McGea+h, Jane B-rumfiel, Murl McCammon, Charles Walker, John Weaver, Gerald Wilhems, l-larold Johnson, and Eugene Anderson. We also sold candy a+ The "blind" 'rourney +0 raise more money for Jrhe recepfion. On January 5, a class parry was held in 'lhe gym, and on March 22, we gave our convocarion. -MAU REEN HGRNBAKER SOFA Olflfl Oldeff Inez, Beeks, David Bowman, Billy Chaney, Raymond Chen- oweTh, John Clark. Mildred Clark, Junior Cline, Fred Culberson, Howard Cunningham, Wilma CunningTon. Helen Davis, Valda Dennings, BeTTy Ellis, Warren Emsh- willer, MargareT Fisher. Velma Freeman, Louise Fuller, EsTher Gerard, EdiTh Good- nighT, Bill Hawk. Dick Henderson, Jeanne HolcroTT, Mildred Johnson Elaine Landis, James Marion. Helen Morgan, Janice Morris, Opal NorTon, Rose Nor- Ton, Bob Park. Mary Murl Pugh, Junior Rains, RoberT Rayburn, DenTon ReTT, Evelyn Richwine. Helen Louise Riggs, Geneva Risinger, Norma Shadle, Janice Shroyer, BeTTy Sills. DoroThy SlenTz, Gaylord Spaulding, VioleT STaTTord, Dee Towns, GaThel Walker. James WhiTecoTTon, Herman Winger, Sam Wunderbaum. Murl NorTon, KenneTh Rains, Von ElberT Rains, Milan Sills, and AlberTa SuTTon, also sophomores, are noT in The picTure. School opened SepTember 2, I938, wiTh TiTTy- six sTudenTs enTering The Sophomore Class. Four sTudenTs wiThdrew: Jeanne GriTTiTh, Hershell Ker- shner, Leo SchmidT, and John NorTon. The sponsors are Miss MorTon and' Mr. CanT- well. The class oTTicers are: presidenT, GaThel Walker: vice-presidenT, BeTTy Ellisg secreTary- Treasurer, Billy Chaney, advisers, Evelyn Richwine and James WhiTecoTTon. A class parTyr was held on November 9, and a ChrisTmas exchange, on December 2I. On Feb- ruary 24, The class presenTed as iTs convocaTion, "Whose Money?" The characTers were Henry SmiTh-The TaTher, Bob Fark, MargareT SmiTh- The moTher, Velma Freeman, Grace SmiTh-who Thinks she can wriTe, Elaine Landis: Gene SmiTh- who knows he can painT, Warren Emshwillerg AunT Em-Mrs. SmiTh's sisTer, Mildred Johnson, Uncle Jim-Trom AusTralia, Dee, Towns. -VELMAPREEMAN red lfl'lCU'I, 6166 L7 Meredyfh Anderson, Eugene Barreff, Harold Bedwell, Ray ' Bell, Beverly Brown. Gladys Cavanaugh, Mary Chrisrner, Glendora Clark, Bill Cook, Charles Cunningfon. Richard Daily, Dale Dennis, Beffy Denfon, Max Downhour, Nina Rufh Ellison. Biily Fisher, l-lolfon Ford, Thannamae Ford, Cary Gaier, Anna Rose Gibson. Elizabefh l-lawk, Max l-lawk, Willadene l-lerr, Kennefh lckes, Raymond Jackson. Cliffon Jarreff, Deloris Johnson, Roberf Johnsonbaugh, Ellen Jones, Gordon Kessler. John Lillie, Francis Love, l-luberf Love, Mary Jean Love, Evan McDirmif. Harold McDirmif, l-lerberf Mahon, Beffy Michael, Opal Parnell, Charles Reff. Joe Richwine, Rex Roberfs, Marfha Royal, Kennefh Schmidf, Margaref Schmidf. Alefha Schwarzkopf, Cecil Schwarzkopf, Charles Slaufer, Margaref Taylor, Alberf Teegarden. Lavefha Towns, Margaref Turner, Gean Walker, June Walker, Crysfal Wesf. l-lenry Wilhems, Joan Wilson, John Wresfler, Dorofhy Yafes. Anne Marie Landis, Elizabefh Ann Neff, Peggy O'Donnell, and Eugene Roberfs are nof in 'rhe picfure. The Freshman Class enfered school wifh sixfy-eighf sfu- denfs. During fhe year fhe following wifhdrew: Frank Garrison, Richard l-lonn, Eldon lckes, Peggy Sfewarf, Bill Sfewarf, and Beverly Brown. Peggy O'Donnell enfered during fhe firsf semesfer. The advisers were Mr. Craig and Miss Shadday. The class officers were as follows: presidenf, Peggy Sfewarfg vice-presidenf, Margaref Schmidfp secrefary-Treasurer, Billy Fisher, girl adviser, Gean Walker, boy adviser, Bill Cook. Af fhe class convocafion, on November 23, fhe playlef enfifled "lf Could l-lave Been Worse" was given. Those in fhe casf were Thannamae Ford, Anne Landis, Meredyfh Anderson, John Wresfler, Charles Reff, and Bill Cook. A class parfy was held December 6. -ELIZABETH NEFF ..25... a,f.f,4-a2,rf cz... Iona Bell, Evelyn Coleman, Marcine Egley, Mary Eva Gibson, Eloise Jordan. John McCammon, Rulh Malson, Billie Jean Risk, Mary Royal, Gayle Spaulding. Rulh Weaver, Richard Younl, Lillian Banler, Dick Bedwell, Nona Bedwell, Roberl Beeks, Neil Berrier, Wayne Berrier, Helen Berry, Rulh Ann Berry. Palricia Cary, Roger Clemenls, David Cook, Freeman Dennis, Lurlene Easl. Eugene Fear, Margarel Ann Francis, Annabel Garrison, Eugene I-Iawk, Thomas I-Iullman. Anna Johnson, James Johnson, Dorolhy Kelley, Maxine Love, Mary Jane Marion. Rulh Ann Marlin, Mildred Morgan, Mariorie Nelson, June Parnell, Marlha Penrod. Jim Poulson, Jimmie Pownall, Helen Reed, Leona Risinger, Junior Roberls. Elma Schwarzkopl, Margarel Sills, Rulh Sholly, Belly Weaver, Richard Weaver. Elna Williams, Bill King, Jack Cook, and Mary Gar- rison are nol in lhe piclure. EIGHT A HISTORY Thirleen sludenls enrolled in lhe Eighl A Class on Seplember 8, I938. In December, Junior Kershner wilh- drew lo allend lhe Chesler Cenler School. Rulh Weaver enlered in Oclober. Miss Mason is our sponsor. The class ollicers are as lollows: presidenl, Mary Eva Gibson: vice-presidenl, John McCammon7 secrelary-lreasurer, Marcine Egleyg advisers Mary Royal and Junior Kershner. The class held a Chrislmas parly, December Zyl, al which lhey played games and had an exchange. Convo- calion was held April 7. . --BILLIE J. RISK EIGHT B HISTORY The 8B class enlered school wilh an enrollmenl ol lhirly-six pupils. No one has wilhdrawn during lhe year. Freeman Dennis and Mariorie Sue Nel- son enlered aller school had slarled. Our class sponsors are Miss Walker and Mr. Dick. The ollicers elecled were as lollows: David Cook, presidenlg Rulh Ann Berry, vice-presidenlg Dick Bedwell, secrelary-lreasurerg Rulh Sholly, girl adviser: and Wayne Berrier, boy adviser. A parly was held in 'lhe gymnasium December 2l, l938. For' our convocalion we gave a one- acl play called "The Corrigan Kid." The play .-27... .F was aboul a boy's lalher being blackmailed by a gangsler. We also gave lhis play as a parl ol lhe program when lhe Monlpelier Dramalic Club enlerlained lhe Harllord Cily Dramalic Club. We are anxiously looking lorward lo being lreshmen in high school nexl year. The Eighl-B General Science Class sealed a guarl lruil iar conlaining lhings in use daily. Forly years lrom now, l979, lhey plan lo hold a homecoming wilh a carry-in-dinner lollowed by a program, during which 'lheir "capsule" will be opened. -PATRICIA CARY w Al lhe 'lirsl ol lhe year lhere were lilly-lwo sludenls enrolled in lhe Sevenlh Grade. Carl Denlon and Junior Smilh enlered laler, making a lolal ol lilly-lour members. . Our sponsors are Miss Groll and Miss Ander- son. The ollicers who were elecled lor lhe year are as lollows: Fred Smilh, presidenlg Dean Herr, vice-presidenlg Joan Murphy, secrelary-lreasurer Junella Towns and Billy Grillilh, class advisers. ln December, a Chrislmas parly was held. Sanla appeared in person and gave each a gill and lreal. QUQIQ gI"Cl,6l8 Avis Anlhony, Homer Bell, Harold Black, George Clark, James Crisamore. Donald Dennewilz, Carl Denlon, Slanley Dunica, Undine Ellison, Marjorie Fields. Keilh Fullon, Eugene Gerard, Nadine Gelz, Rosanna Goodnighl, Billy Grillilh. Belly Grove, Marlelle Harler, Clara Hawk, Dean Herr, Waller Hollman. Margarelle Hudson, Billy Jackson, Billy Keagle, Lois King, Charles Lamoll. George Ledbeller, Farrel Marine, Mary Marine, Charles Morrical, Jessie Morris. Joan Murphy, Ilene Needler, John Neslleroad, Jack Nor- lon, Mildred Norlon. Jimmy Phillips, Donald Rell, Alice May Rogers, Cecil Schmidl, Harold Schwarzkopl. Rolland Shadle, Bill Smilh, Fred Smilh, Jack Smilh, Bobloy Speece. Lavada Sloller, Junella Towns, Bealrice Weaver, Eugene Williams. Lois Barner, Gladys Hawk, and Ellen Thorpe are nol in lhe piclure. The lollowing convocalion was given January 27: "A Lillle lncidenl," Charles Morrical and Donald Rell: "Venlriloquisl," Jack Smilh, wilh Bosco, lhe dummy, Billy Jackson: The "Tiskel-a- Taskel" girls, wilh Clara Hawk as soloislg "Soup ' lo Nuls," Jimmy Phillips and George Ledlaeller: "Mephislo, lhe Educaled Horse," Fred Smilh, Rolland Shadle, and Billy Grillilhp Announcer, Dean Herr. The sevenlh grade was aclive in alhlelics and gave loyal supporl lo all school aclivilies. -MARGARETTE HUDSON -23- 1'- YN ,A Tl STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE REGULATES ACTIVITIES KAL .Spaonaom Hof Cjonfeoi A pesT-killing conTesT was conducTed by The club aT The TirsT of The year, wiTh The Jackson Township members winning over Harrison Township. This ac- and 4-H work. The club engaged in a varieTy of acTiviTies, which included demonsTraTions on modern agriculTural pracTices, discussion of currenT Topics perTaining To agriculTure, discus- ' sion of 4-H Club proiecfs, and en- rollmenT of 4-H club members. The officers are: Charles Cun- TiviTy probably has resulTed in a saving of several hundred dollars To The farmers of The communiTy. The AgriculTure Club exisTs for The purpose of providing an organizaTion for all junior and senior high school boys who are inTeresTed in Agriculfure ningham, presidenT7 Charles Walk- er, vice-presidenTg RoberT TranT, secreTary-Treasurer: Mr. Canfwell, sponsor. CLUB ROLL Dick Bedwell, Herman Beeks, Eoy Borfon, Edwin Brown, HerberT Clamme, Junior Cline, Ered Cul- berson, Howard Cunningham, Charles Cunningham, Richard Daily, Dale Dennis, KeiTh Down- hour, Max Downhour, James Emsh- willer, Warren Emshwiller, Cary Gaier, DwighT GarreTT, Eugene Gerard, RoberT Johnsonbaugh, Jimmy Johnson, Gordon Kessler, Francis Love, HuberT Love, George LedbeTTer, John McCammon, Murl McCammon, Merle NorTon, Bob Rayburn, Carl Reed, Joe Rogers, Gayle Spaulding, Gaylord Spaulding, Thurman Spaulding, Bob TranT, Joe Vlinger and Charles Walker. fl Q' D4 - lfitlfllae CLI"l'l'l8l":5 0 IWLQIALCCI, The MonTpelier chapTer of EEA. elecfed Charles Walker, presidenTq Edwin Brown, vice-presidenfq Murl McCammon, secreTaryg Gaylord Spaulding, reporTer. They re-elecTed Carl Reed Treasurer for The I938-I939 school year. Mr. CanTwell is sponsor. This year The chapTer conducTed a corn husking conTesT, won by Charles Walker, wiTh Charles Cun- ningham secondq held a TaTher-son banqueT and an all-school egg show: and helped wiTh exhibifs aT Earmers' lnsTiTuTe. CLUB ROLL FuTure Farmers: Edwin Brown, HerberT Clamme, Junior Cline, Don Coons, KeiTh Downhour, James Emshwiller, Warren Emsh- willer, Murl McCammon, Gaylord Sapulding, Thurman Spaulding, Carl Reed, Joe Rogers, Charles Walker. Green Hands: Harold Beclwell, Foy BorTon, Charles CunningTon, Richard Daily, Dale Dennis, Max Downhour, Cary Gaier, HuberT Love, HerberT Mahon, Francis Love, Cecil SchwarzkopT, Bob Ray- burn, RoberT TranT, Joe Winger, John WresTler. Cjfiencldlziio .Nad oliargezif gnrofmenf The Friendship Club has an enrollmenl Ol lilly-Six Murphy, Ilene Needler, Elizabelh Nell, Mildred members. The ollicers are: presidenl, Gean Walker: Norlon, Marjorie Sue Nelson, Peggy O'Donnell, vice-presidenl, Elizabelh Ann Nellg secrelary-lrea- June Parnell, Marlha Penrod, Leona Risinger, Billy surer, Joan Wilson: yell leader, Rulh Ann Berry: song leader, Wil- ladene l-lerr. Under lhe sponsorship ol Miss Groll and Miss Shadday, lhe club is slriving lo promole lellowship among girls. The club had a special program lor Valenline Day, Wasl'iinglon's Birlhclay, and Sl. Palrick's Day. CLUB ROLL Meredylh Anderson, Avis An- lhony, l-lelen Berry, Rulh Ann Berry, Palricia Cary, Gladys Ca- vanaugh, Nina Ellison, Undine Elli- son, Mariorie Fields, Margarel Ann Frances, Annabel Garrison, Nadine Gelz, Anna Gibson, Ros- anna Goodnighl, Belly Grove, Marlelle Flarler, Clara l-lawk, Gladys l-lawk, Willaclene l-lerr, Margarel l-ludson, Anna Johnson, Ellen Jones, Eloise Jordan, Dorolhy Kelley, Lois King, Mary Marine, Mary J. Marion, Rulh A. Marlin, Belly Michael, Jessie Morris, Joan Risk, Alice May Rogers, Margarel Sills, Lavacla Slollar, Peggy Slewarl, Margarel Taylor, Ellen Thorpe, Junuella Towns, Gean Walker, Bealrice Weaver, Joan Wilson, Mary Garrison. gm JJ... 10... fm The girls ol lhe Sunshine Club have aroused lhe inleresl ol olher sludenls by lheir pen pals 'From Asia, Alrica, and Europe. Al Chrislmas lhis club, wilh lhe Friendship Club, caroled lor shul-ins. Oulslanding meelings were an amaleur program, lreasure hunl, and Chinese Checker parly. An ini- CLUB ROLL Failh Berrier, lnez Beeks, Emily Clark, Helen Coleman, Belly Ellis, Margarel Fisher, Rulh Flaller, Velma Freeman, Thanamae Ford, Louise Fuller, Edilh Goodnighl, Eslher Gerard, Elizabelh l-lawk, Deloris Johnson, Virginia Kelley, Kalhleen Kennedy, Naomi Kershner, Mary Jean Love, l-lelen Morgan, Alma Needler, Opal Norlon, Rose Nor- lon, Opal Parnell, Marlha Royal. Dorolhy Schmidl, Louise Schmidl, Margarel Schmidl, Dorolhy Slenlz, Ruby Speece, Alberla Sullon, Vio- lel Slallord, Gladys Slallord, Mar- garel Turner, Gean Walker, Cryslal Wesl, Zerellda Whybrew, Marlha Cochran. -31.1 lialion parly and one lor lhe Senior members were enioyed. The Sunshine Club elecled lor presiclenl, Louise Schmidly vice-presidenl, Dorolhy Schmidlq secrelary-lreasurer, Belly Ellisg song leader, Naomi Kershner, This club has an enrollmenl ol lorly members. Miss Mason is lhe sponsor. ommercia .911 fever! fd The purpose of fhe Commercial Club is 'fo creafe club elecfed for officers: presidenf, Fredericlc Par- social and commercial inferesfs among sfudenfs. nelly secrefary-freasurer, Murray Inman. Wirh an enrollmenf of fwenfy-four members fhe A parfy was given in January. Af club meefings all lcinds of confesfs and games were enioyed. Miss Morfon, Commercial fea- cher, is fhe sponsor. The club roll is as follows: Valda Dennings, Jean DePoy, Diclc Evers, Roberf Geefing, Jeanne l-lolcroff, Wanda l-ludson, Murray Inman, Daniel Marlcley, Rufh McGeafh, Janice Morris, Clara Oufcalf, Eu- gene Oufcalf, Fred Parnell, Frank- lin Refz, Alvin Schmidf, Louise Schwarzlcopf, Mary Shinn, James Sholfy, Janice Shroyer, Warren Smelser, Clyde Smifh, Jr., Roy Smifh, Beffy Jo Thornburg, Mary Wenfz. gf!! QQLCLEQ6 giU8I"y6!6Lg pl"06Alfl'L6 Discussing and debafing fhe problems of every- day life have proved a very enferfaining proiecf fo fhe members of fhe Social Science Club. Many fopics bofh local and foreign were broughf before fhe club. November i8, fhis club invifed fhe whole school fo enioy fhe falk given by Mr. Wm. Childs, a spealc- er fhey enferfained from Ausfralia. This club chose for officers: presidenf, Russell Pugh, vice-presidenf, Helen Davis, secrefary-frea- surer, Bill l-lawlc. The Social Science Club has an enrollmenf of forfy members. Mr. Craig and Mr. Wilson are co sponsors. The club roll is as follows: Esfella Alfrey, Beffy Barr, Eugene Barreff, David Bowman, Bill Chaney, Mary Chrismer, Helen Davis, Delighf Garreff, Dick Grimes, Bill l-lawlc, C-Seorgeffe l-lornbalcer, Mildred Johnson, Max Kegerreis, Anne M. Landis, Elaine Landis, John Lillie, Dwane Needler, Bob Park, Eve- lyn Richwine, Russell Pugh, Bob Shadle, Paul Slenfz, Alefha Schwarzlqopf, Norma Shadle, Lavefha Towns, Tex Underwood, John l-l. Weaver, Sam Wunder- baum. -32- . g JQWBO .5 'CM The Narure Club is composed ol all boys. These Crisamore, Fred Smilh, Jack Cook, l-larold Schwarz- boys are from Jrhe sevenlrh, eighlh and nin+h grades. kopl, Wayne Berrier, Keilh Eullon, Carl Denlron, A+ lhe lirsl ol Jrhe year Jrhis club held a conlesl of Sranley Dunica, Jimmy Pownall, Eugene l-lawk, Bill finding lhe largesl pheasanlr 'lea- lher. Keilh Eullon won. The Club meelings during The year were composed of conlresls and group discussions. The Naiure Club invilred Jrhe whole school +o see Jrhe piclures on conservalion shown by Mr. Nelson. The officers are: president Bill Cook, vice-president David Cook, secrelary-lreasurer, Roger Cle- menls. This Club has an enrollmenl or' lhirly members. Mr. Dick is spon- sor. CLUB ROLL David Cook, Roger Clemen+s, Jim Poulson, Neil Berrier, Harold McDirmi+, Evan McDirmil, l-larry , Roberls, Kennelh Schmidl, Richard Weaver, Raymond Jackson, Bill Smilrh, Dean Herr, Cook, l-lomer Bell, Rex Roberls, Clillron Jarrelir, Bill Rolland Shadle, Ray Bell, Cecil Schmidt James Smilh, Eugene Williams, Freemen Dennis. gagfefla CAFETERIA CLASS Caleferia is sponsored Jrhis year by 'lhe new l-lome lnez Beeks, Eailh Berrier, Wilma Cunninglon, Val- Economics Jreacher, Miss Shaddy. 1 da Dennings, Rulh ElaHer, Velma Ereeman, Olive Gibson, Eslher Gerard, Edi+h Goodnighl, Georgelrle I-lornbaker, Janice Morris, Helen Morgan, Alma Needler, Rose Norlon, Opal Norfon, ,Dororhy Slenlz, Norma Shadle, Janice Shroyer, Ruby Speece, Gladys Slallord, Violel S+allord, Zerellda Whybrew. The purpose ol lhis proiecl is lo give The sludenrs who would ordinarily have lo bring lheir lunches a chance +o buy warm lunches a+ a low price. -33- .fdrf .jwlaa 77ew Saonaor Af fhe firsf Arf Club meefing of fhe year, fhe preciafion of if. To accomplish fhis purpose, discus- new sponsor, Miss Anderson, was inifiafed and be- sions on various phases of arf were conducfed af 'lhe gan her work wifh fhe club. club meefings. To develop fhe social side, confesfs and games were also enioyed. Arf Club officers were Wilma Cunningfon, presidenfq Rufh Shol- fy, vice-presidenfg Charles Reff, secrefary-freasurery Harold Black, door keeper: and Max Hawk, song leader. The club roll is as follows: Lillian Banfer, Lois Barner, Roberf Beeks, Harold Bedwell, Harold Black, Glendora Clark, Wilma Cunning- fon, Beffy Denfon, Billy Fisher, Holfon Ford, Mary Gibson, Max Hawk, Walfer Hoffman, Billie Jackson, Maxine Love, Herberf Mahon, Mildred Morgan, Ferrell Marine, Jimmy Phillips, Helen Reed, Charles Reff, Donald Reff, Mary Royal, Alma Schwarzkopf, The purpose of fhis club is fo enable ifs members Cecil Schwarzkopf, Rufh Sholfy, Efna Williams, fo know more abouf arf and fo gain a deeper ap- Dorofhy Yafes, George Clark. .S?Ll,6!Ql'lf5 .Have 0iCQ .yn .S?CA00!g0UQl'l'lI'l'lQl'lf The Sfudenf Council is an organizafion made up of represenfafives from each class. This gives sfu- denfs a voice in school governmenf. Af fhe firsf of fhe year fhe members sold sche- dule pencils. The sale was in fhe form of a confesf which David Cook won, selling eighfy-seven pencils. January 30 fo February 6, fhe Sfudenf Council sponsored Courfesy Week. This was fo make all sfu- denfs become more conscious of showing courfesy foward feachers, ofher sfudenfs, and older people. During fhe year lockers were inspecfed regularly by members of Sfudenf Council. The officers fhis year are: presidenf, Louise Schmidfg vice-presidenf, Roberf Geefingg secrefary- freasurer, Beffy Jo Thornburg. Sfudenf Council has sixfeen members. COUNCIL ROLL Louise Schmidf, Roberf Geefing, Beffy Jo Thornburg, seniors. Carl Reed, Eugene Oufcalf, Clara Oufcalf, iuniors. ' Evelyn Richwine, Gafhel Walker, James Whifecoffon, sophomores. Bill Cook, Sean Walker, Mar- garef Schmidf, freshmen. Mary Eva Gibson, David Cook, Fred Smifh, Eighf A, Eighf B, Se- ven A., respecfively. Verle Speece is Sfudenf Affairs represenfafive. N Mr. Dick is sponsor ive jwo One-.fdcf pfagfi Each year lhe Ra Von Dramalic Club sponsors Anna Marie Easlon, Olive Gibson, Eileen Green, lwo one-acl plays. The plays lhis year were "The Greal Allowance Ballle" and "Gralilude," given March 3l. During lhe year lhe club enler- lained lhe l-larllord Cily Dramalic Club and in lurn was enlerlained by lhe l-larllord Club. An inilia- lion parly was held al lhe lirsl ol lhe year lor lhe new members. A Chrislmas exchange was also held. Al club meelings plays were given, direcled by lhe members ol lhe club. The club elecled lor ollicers: presidenl, Belly Park, vice-presi- denl, Jean Wearlyg secrelary-lrea- surer, Fanny Wunderbaumg pro- gram chairman, Carolyn Currenli lypisls, Grace Byerly and Alice June Wiliams. There are lwenly-seven mem- bers. Miss Walker is lhe sponsor. The club roll is as lollows: Eugene Anderson, Bon- nie Buckmasler, Lorada Banler, Grace Byerly, Marcile Cook, Carolyn Currenl, Marion Davis, Maureen Hornbaker, Belly Park, Lawrence Parks, Denlon Rell, l-lelen Riggs, Belly J. Sills, Belly L. Sills, Verle Speece, Genevieve Teegarden, Galhel Walkr, Jean Wearly, Alice Williams, Marlha Wil- liams, Gerald Wilhems, Max Wilson, Eannie Wunderbaum. CC C 7? .Md OZCWL oufiinfi While Mrs. John Rankin-Mary Annelle Riggs- was away, a leller came lo her Ozark home lrom cousins in lhe Easl, Guy l-laines-Ralph Gaier- Belsy, his wile,-Madonna Armslrong, Randall, lheir son-l-larold Woolard, and Frances, lheir daughler -Margarel Fishback. The Rankin children, Jack- Melvin Dickason, Glenda-Rulh Morgan, and Sue- Margarel Ann Kelley, opened lhe leller and lound lhal lhe Easlern cousins were coming al once lo visil lheir "hillbilly" relalives. Wondering whal lo do lo gel even because ol lhe insulling leller, lhey decided lo acl like "hillbillies" and even have a leud. Wilh lhe help ol lriends, Ned Richman-Jim Cook, Fay Kirby-Vada Allrey, and "Uncle" Zeb Tyler-Paul Rouse, lhey were able lo "fool" lheir Easlern cousins. They even planned a hillbilly wed- ding belween Glenda and Guy Slark-Earl Towns, bul iusl as "Uncle" Zeb, depulized iuslice ol lhe peace lor lhe occasion, was perlorming lhe cere- mony, lheir molher relurned in disguise and obiecl- ed lo lhe marriage. As lhe silualion was becoming serious, Glenda happened lo recognize her molher's shoes, and lhe whole plol was revealed. N n Lgioanidk Cudfom 7, Don Jose-Verle Speece-owner of a ranch in California, falls wifh his plane in France during 'rhe World War, and for fhree years wanders abouf wifhouf knowing who he is. Recovering suddenly, he hasfens back fo his home fo find fhaf his rascally lawyer, whom he had leff in charge, has sold off all his livesfock, explaining he was forced fo sell in order fo pay fhe faxes. He has even given a rail- road man, Silas Day-Gerald Vlfilhems-an opfion on fhe ranch. When Mr. Day and his daughfer, Billy-Alice June Williams-wifh her friends, Helen Louise Riggs, Eileen Green and Max Wilson arrive, Don Jose becomes greafly affracfed fo Billy. She, how- ever, becomes inferesfed in fhe masked Don Jose. For Don Jose has senf for several of his buddies fo acf as masked nighf riders fo help save his home. Don Jose sfays in fhe adobe of his old nurse Maria -Bonnie Buckmasfer-fo learn Mr. Day's plans. When he learns fhaf Mr. Day infends fo buy fhe ranch and sell a righf of way fo his railroad com- pany, Don slips away fo Kansas Cify and sells fhe righf-of-way fo fhe presidenf of Mr. Day's railroad. Pafrick Murphy, Don's buddy in France-Eugene Anderson-and Maggie, Paf's wife and Mr. Day's cook-Beffy Sills-add comedy fo fhe plof. John Weaver acfed as sfafe policeman, and Charles Walker as 'rhe Chinese house servanf of Don Jose'. if agile. iigalofain 7, L Mrs. Cora Hope-Mary Wenfz-chaperons a group of young people camping on a small island in fhe Bahamas. ln fhe group are Caroline Fosfer- Lorada Banfer-who likes Norman Chase-Murl McCammong Rufh Doyle-Jane Brumfiel-who likes Jim T ler--John Henr Weaver' and Laura Linn Y Y i -' Rufh McC5eafh-who likes Sidney Brown-Gerald Wilhems. They have broughf, as cook, fhe sailor, Jack Sfarr-Charles Walker-and, as servanf, Ber- fha Camp-Maureen Hornbaker. They find a freasure map which leads fo fhe dis- covery of an old chesf, buf are disappoinfed fo find in if only some old looofs and frash. The chesf had been buried by Capfain Briggs-Eugene Anderson, a harmless eccenfric who imagines he is an old-fime pirafe. i The boys have Sidney fo dress as a pirafe fo scare fhe girls. The girls have fheir friend, Sam Tuffle-Harold Johnson-who has slipped away from his wife, fo dress as a pirafe fo scare fhe boys. When Capfain Briggs comes fo fhe house fhaf nighf, loofh groups fhink he is fheir pirafe and give him fhe valuables of fhe ofher group. He fies up fhe fake pirafes, and in order fo gef loose, Sidney has fo ask Laura fo marry him. Mrs. Sam Tuffle-- Genevieve Teegarden- who has followed her hus- band fo fhe island, makes him promise fo freaf her beffer before she will unfie him. W A .Sf Z?W! W! O,-Clmfm Our M.H.S. Band members have quickly become Shadle, TrumpeT: GaThel Walker, clarineT: Grace veTerans of The eTher waves under The direcTion oT Louise Byerly, saxophone. Row Four: Helen Davis, Mr. Lucas. Their Tans have increased rapidly be- cause oT Their making school leT- Ters and playing snappy music aT ball games. The band also played aT pep sessions, band concerTs in The summer, HarTTord CiTy STreeT Fair, MonTpelier Horse Races, MonTpelier STreeT Fair, DecaTur Fair, Firemen's ConvenTion aT DecaTur, and aT Dunkirk Tor The celebraTion oT The cenTennial an- niversary oT The opening oT The NorThwesT TerriTory. The oTTicers oT The band are presidenT, RoberT Shadle: vice-presidenT, Max Wil- son: secreTary-Treasurer, Russell Pugh: assisTanT leader, Marion Davis: and drum major, BeTTe Sills. Row One: Franklin ReTz, Trom- bone: DwighT GarreTT, bass horn: Olive Gibson, saxophone: Bi.ll Hawk, drum: John Clark, TrumpeT: Velma Freeman, clarineT: Jean Wearly, clarineT. Row Two: Rol- land Shadle, bariTone: Eileen Green, saxophone: Dick Henderson, TrumpeT: Russell Pugh, TrumpeT: Gean Walker, clarineT. Row Three: Mildred Clark, Trombone: Cecil SchwarzkopT, rnellophone: Ellen Thorpe, saxophone: RoberT Park, TrumpeT: RoberT Trombone: Carolyn CurrenT, mellophone: BeTTy Ellis, saxophone: Sam Wunderbaum, drum: Marion Davis, TrumpeT: Fannie Wunderbaum, clarineT: Max Wil- son, clarineT. BeTTy Park, Trombone, was absenT The day The picTure was Taken. The M.H.S. NeTwork could noT geT along wiThouT iTs orchesTra. WiTh Miss GroTT as direcTor, leT's waTch Them hiT a new high in musical enTerTainmenT in The TuTure. The orchesTra enTered The DisTricT conTesT of The lndiana AssociaTion oT OrchesTras aT Columbia CiTy This year, and played Tor The Junior class play, Senior class play, One-AcT plays, oper- eTTa, NaTional EducaTion Week convocaTion, Music convocaTion, Farmer's lnsTiTuTe, Commencement and music TesTival aT Muncie. Violins: Gaylord Spaulding, Billy Chaney, DenTon ReTT, Peggy O'Donnell, EsTher Gerard, DelighT Gar- reTT, Bonnie BuckmasTer, ElizabeTh Ann NeTT, Helen Louise Riggs, Laverne Love, Mary Chrismer, RuTh Ann Berry, Mary Jean Love. Bass: DwighT GarreTT. Double Bass: Elaine Landis, Charles SlauTer. Saxo- phone: Eileen Green, Grace Louise Byerly, BeTTy Ellis, Ellen Thorpe. Piano: MarTha Williams, BeTTy Park, Joan Wilson, Carolyn CurrenT. Drums: Sam Wunderbaum, Bill Hawk. ClarineTs: Jean Wearly, Max Wilson, Fanny Wunderbaum, Velma Freeman, Gean Vlfalker. Trombone: Helen Davis, BeTTy Sills, Franklin ReTz. TrumpeT: Marion Davis, Russell Pugh, Murray Inman, RoberT Shadle. 0I'L 0l".'5 Melvin Dickason Lorene Roberfs John Cromer Rufh Morgan Marie l-liser Kiwanis Medal-Melvin Dickason. Tri Kappa Awards-Lorene Roberfs and John Cromer. TT' "Rf"--4 Business and Professional Women's Award- Rufh Morgan. D.A.R.-Marie l-liser. American Legion Award-Elizabefh Ann Neff. Afhlefic Medal-Roger Speece. Eighf Years' Perfecf Affendance Record-Jim Cook, Four Years'-Marie l-liser, John Sills, Evelyn lckes, Mary Anneffe Riggs. Three Years'-Madonna Armsfrong and John Cromer. HONOR SOCIETY Lorene Roberfs, John Cromer, Marie l-liser, Rufh Morgan, Ereida Rains, Margaref McDirmi'r, Madonna Armsfrong, Evelyn Ickes, Margaref Eishback, Julia l-lerrin, Mary Anneffe Riggs, and Ralph Gaier. DEPARTMENT HONORS Commercial Confesf '38 Beginning Shorfhand-Wanda Hudson, Fannie Wunderbaum, Lawrence Parks. Advanced Shorfhand-Ereida Rains, Marie l-liser, Lorene Roberfs. Beginning Typing-Margaref Shields, Rufh Morgan, Verle Speece. Bookkeeping-Jane Brumfiel, Lorada Banfer. Genevieve Teegarden. Lafin Confesf '39 LOCAL- Division l-Joan Wilson, firsfg Peggy O'Don- nell, second: and Bill Cook, fhird. Division ll-Eileen Green, firsfg Jeanne Hol- croff, second, and Beffy Ellis, fhird. COUNTY- Division l-Peggy O'Donnell, firsf. Division ll-Eileen Green, second. Arf Posfers '39 Opereffa Posfers-Eileen Green, firsf: Beffy Jo Thornburg and Dick Evers, second: Ralph Helfon, Jean Griffifh, Carolyn Currenf, fhird. Business and Professional Women's Posfers- Elaine Landis, firsfg Peggy O'Donnell, second: Franklin Refz, fhird. One-Acf Plays-Elaine Landis, Bill Racer, and Alice J. Williams. Annual Subscripfion ' Marion Davis sold fiffy-one annuals. Bonnie Buckmasfer won on fhe Blue side. Music Murray Inman placed in fhe Cornef Division af fhe Disfricf Confesf af Nappanee, making him eligible fo parficipafe in fhe Sfafe Confesf af Valparaiso. THE ATHLETIC BOARD The A+hie+ic Board supervises aihlerics and makes oulr +he afhleric budget Miss Walker is chairman of The board, and Mr. Wilson is secrefary. Oiher members are Mr. Morgan, Franklin Reiz, Mr. Craig and Grace Byeri Y 'YY Wonflaeger JIM SHOLTY SholTy enTered This school Trom WindTall in his Junior year and wenT ouT Tor sporTs in a big way. He was on The second Team in his Junior year, and because oT his 'line abiliTy and sporTsmanship, he was puT on The TirsT Team. l'le is a senior This year, and we will be sorry To lose him. CLYDE SMITH, Jr. l'SmiTTy" is a iuniorj he has been on The Team since he was a "Treshie" in '37. SmiTTy played in guiTe a Tew games This year, and, when he was puT in, always held his man. FRANKLIN RETZ I'Curly" is a speedy guard on The Team. I-le was in There playing every game and doing his besT To win. Franklin has played Tour years, and when he is graduaTed This year, old lVl.I-LS. will lose a good ball player. RUSSEL PUGH "Alby" is a Senior This year. I-Ie was a good Torward and was righT in There every game. I-Ie could always accounT Tor his share oT The poinTs. Russel's place on The Team will be hard To Till nexT year because oT his deTensive abiliTy. Alby is also an un- usually good caTcher in baseball. DANIEL MARKLEY "Bud" played on The second Team in '37, Then, when DeWees was graduaTed in '38, he Toolc his place as cenTer on The 'firsT Team. Danny is six TeeT Three, a iuniorg he has one more year on The Team. We hope he will go as "hoT" nexT year as he has This year. DENZIL STORER STorer was on The Team mosT oT The sea- son. I-le played in mosT oT The games This year and could be depended upon To do his share when puT inTo a game. I-le is a senior, and The school will lose a good ball player when he is graduaTed. acerd DAVID BowMAN Dave played in a number ol games lluis year, and wluen lue was pul inlo llue game, he really played good ball. Dave is a soplu- omore lluis year, so lue will be in nexl year's line-up. ROGER SPEECE Roger was 'll1S caplain of llue leam. l-le was llue lallesl on llue leam and was in on every play of llue game. As lue luas played regularly lor lour years, lue will be missed very muclu nexl year because ol luis con- slanl scoring. LLOYD EVERS Diclc played baclcguard on 'llue leam and was in lluere playing luis besl every game. l-le was a slar in lalqing rebounds oll 'llue opponenls' baclcslop. l-le luas been a regu- lar llue lasl lwo years. As lue will be gradu- aled lluis year, lue will surely be missed on nexl year's leam. ROBERT CLEMENTS Allluouglu "Chick" did nol play in every game, lue was a real ligluler and could be depended upon lo make a good sluowing wluen pul in. l-le was oulslanding in lraclc. l-le will be gradualed lluis year. ROBERT SHADLE Allluouglu Sluadle did nol play in many games lluis year, wluen lue wenl inlo a game, lue could be depended on lo do luis parl. l-le was an oulslanding calcluer on 'llue baseball leam. Bob is a senior 'lluis year. DICK HENDERSON "Bulcl1" was llue sludenl manager 'lluis year. l-le is nol very big, bul lue luad a big iob and luandled il very well. Dick is a sopluomore and will be baclc nexl year. oniefi FirsT row: Eugene OuTcaIT, Von ElberT Rains, Sam Wunderbaum, Eugene BarreTT, KenneTh Rains. Second row: Don Coons, Bill I'Iawlc, John Clarlc, I-Iarold McDirmiT, Bob Parlc, Bill Wall. I-larTTord CiTy ........,.... Gray ......... ...... .... ,... Roll .....,.....,,..........,,.... Jaclcson Twp .,......,.. Albany ,,.....,.......,,.............. ChesTer CenTer ...........A.,. Dunkirk ......,.........,......,....... Pennville ......,,.............. I-larTTord Twp. Mr. Craig PONIES' SCHEDULE We They .wmmnll 28 .MWWUI3 I8 9 I2 I5 I 5 I9 -m-W-I8 I9 I 3 I5 27 We They Warren ............ ,,....... I 4 I3 FairmounT ...,....,., ,.....,...,,.. 2 I 9 Roll .,....,.....,,,....... ,............. 2 9 I3 Pennville ....,.............. ,,.....,,...,, I 3 I4 Redlcey ........,,.,,,,.,........... ........,...., 2 O I2 ChesTer CenTer .........,.. ..,.....,,.,... 2 I I5 PeTroIeum ......,.,.,,...,,,,,. ,,....... I 4 2I I.iberTy CenTer .....,...,.. ......,........ 3 6 23 The second Team This year was composed oT sophomores and juniors. They were small buT TasT, and They broke abouT even in The losing and winning oT games. IvlosT oT The TirsT Team will be chosen Trom This squad nexT year. COACH CRAIG This is Dave's TourTh year here. I-le proved himselT a good coach by Turning ouT a winning Team. I-le believes ThaT his Team is The besT and Tries To prove iT by giving Them The same lcind oT Teeling. I-Ie is a Tine coach, and we hope he will be wiTh us Tor many years To come. I:ighT I:ighT Fighfr I:ighT BeaT I3eaT BeaT BeaT 'em 'em 'em 'em em, em, em Sm, , Team, Tighf 'eml , Team, TighT 'eml Tairg TighT 'em square: , Team, TighT 'eml Team, beaT 'eml Team, IoeaT 'eml Tairy beaT 'em square: Team, beaT 'eml COA, Firsl row: Homer Bell, David Cook, Junior Kershner, Roger Clemenrs, James Phillips. Second row: Fred Smilh, Neil Berrier, Carl Denlon, William Smiih, James Poulson. Third row: Dean I-Ierr, Charles Lamolf, Freeman Dennis, I-Iarold Schwarzkopf, William GriIIi+h, COLTS' SCHEDULE Rolland Shadle We They We They Roll .,....,.,.,,.,................ ...,...... I 9 9 I.iI3er+y Cenfer ,,,,,,. ....,,..,..... 2 I Vifarren ......,.....,.,,.......... .,........ I 3 2I Van Buren ...ii......... .,............ I 9 I-Iarhford Cily ......,.....,, .......... I 5 48 Porlland ,,,...,,.............,... .,....,....... I 2 Van Buren .....,.......,.,,,...,. .......,,, 3 2 Il I-Iarllord Cil'y .,,,....................,.........,..,....... I8 IO.T.I I6 Washingfon Twp .,,,,.,.... .....,.... 2 7 I3 Tourney Warren """""""""'4A""4"'A' """"" I O I6 Porlland ....,.............,, .,..............,.,..........,,.... I 4 Dunliflf "'"""""""""""" """""""' 2 I 24 Chesler Cenier ......,.....,,,........,............,,,,,. 8 Chesler Cenler ........... .....,,,,, I I I4 ?.. -.... TOTAL 240 P-p-p-e-I- I-i-i-e-r P-e-I-i-e-r Pelier, pelier, pelier. COACH DICK This is Ivlr. DicIc's second year a+ Ivl.l-I.S. Besides his leaching du+ies he coaches The Junior I-Iigh Ieam. I-Ie is a very capable coach, and he had an ex cellenl Ieam Io worlc wiih. They won mosl of Jrheir games Ihis year. Yea, Team, Iighll Say, Jream, Iighll Yea, Ieaml Say, Ieaml Fighl! Figln! Fighil 'iii 143.-. Mr. Dick j"Cl,C jam 0 The Track Team had a good season This year. The Relay Team composed oT Fred Parnell, Theo- They parTicipaTed in eighT meeTs and won Tour oT dore GeTz, Frank ReTz, and RoberT Parnell, won TirsT Them. Five members oT The Team won Trips To The STaTc Track meeT by winning TirsT or second in The DisTricT meeT. These were Lloyd Evers in The hurdles, Franklin ReTz in The 440-yard dash, RoberT Parnell in The mile, William Racer in The pole vaulT, and RoberT ClemenTs in The hurdles. in I937 and Third in I938 in The Kokomo relays and TirsT boTh years in The FairmounT relays. This Team seT The Track record in i937 aT Kokomo and sTill holds The record Tor The FairmounT relays. For Two years RoberT Parnell was one oT The ouTsTanding milers in The sTaTe. FirsT Row: Marion Davis, high iumpg Glen Morgan, halT mile: Max Kegerreis, hundred and Two-TwenTy yard dash: Fred Parnell, Two-TwenTyg Theodore GeTz, halT- mile: Eldon Moyer, mile. Second Row: Bob Shadle, high iumpg Denzil STorer, hundred and Two-TwenTy yard dash: Eugene Anderson, Tour-TorTyp Charles Cunningham, mile and halT-mile. Third Row: Bob ClemenTs, high and low hurdles: Bill Racer, Pole vaulT7 George DowTy, sTudenT mana- ger: Dick Evers, halT mile, Tour TorTy, high and low hurdles: Bob Parnell, mile and half-mile relay: Paul SlenTz, mile, When you're up, you're up: NlVhen you're down, you're down: When you're up againsT 'Pelier, You're up side down. Giddie up, Napoleon! IT looks like rain. Come on, Pacers, win This game! MR. WILSON Because "Pop" has Turned ouT some oT The besT Track Teams in The sTaTe, and has had many years oT experience in Training boys, he has proved himselT capable oT handling The diTTiculT iob oT coaching The many boys who Try ouT Tor Track each year. AlThough he has assumed The new responsibiliTies oT being principal oT M.l-l.S., he has proved his TaiTh in aThleTics and in boys oT aThleTic abiliTy by conTinuing To coach The Track Team in spiTe oT The new duTies ThaT have Tallen To him as principal. Go, Pacers, gol Go, Pacers, go! l'liT 'em high, hiT 'em lowl Mr. Wilson Go, Pacers, go! -44- Z?MeLaff The record oT The lv1.l-l.S. baseball Team was ex- piTcherg Junior SmiTh, uTiliTy second base. cepTionally good This year. They won Twelve games, BurneTT GeTz, Third base: Max Kegerreis, leTT and losT only Two. They had a Tine Team, The boys Tield, noT in picTure. being selecTed by TryouTs. Coach f . Craig did a Tine iob of choosing, and we were mighTy proud oT The Team. l:irsT Row: Lawrence Parks, cen- Ter Tieldg Denzil STorer, shorT sTopg RoberT Shadle, caTcherg Russell Pugh, piTcher7 James SholTy, uTiliTy caTcher, uTiliTy righT Tieldg Dick Evers, uTiliTy righT Tield. Second Row: David Craig, coach: Dick l-lenderson, sTudenT manager, Bob Park, righT Tieldg Bill Wall, second base: Franklin ReTz, uTiliTy leTT Tieldp Roger Speece, uTiliTy piTcher: Daniel lvlarkley, TirsT base: David Bowman, uTiliTy Qing 7QAgAica!67c!ucafi0n "The child plays noT because he is young, buT he is young because he plays" is The purpose Tor The girls' physical educaTion deparTmenT. The girls' physical educaTion classes have Tollowed a progressive program, grades being earned by achievemenT TesTs. The Tall program included Tield acTiviTies, march- ing TacTics, hiking, relays, and conTesTs. During The winTer The ouTline oT work included individual and correcTive gymnas- Tics, Tumbling and pyramid sTunTs, The Tundan'menTals of baskeTball, and The organiza- Tion OT noon and inTer-class baskeTball leagues. Organized games were TaughT by The selecTed class leaders. The spring acTiviTies included calisThenics, rhyThmic acTiviTies, skill and achieve- menT TesTs, and Tield and Track evenTs. T MISS WALKER ' Ghlee is The girls' aThleTic supervisor. ThroughouT The year she has handled her duTies capably. AlThough she has had many girls in her classes, she has been able To MISS Walker keep Them all inTeresTed by The varieTy in her program. 145.- PACERS STAGE S XTEEN Pacers Beat Airedales In Opening Tilt MONTPELIER TEAM EKES OUT VICTORY IN CLOSING SECONDS. SCORE WAS 32 TO 31 Double Foul Shooting in Closing Seconds Put Pacers in The Lead. Montpelier's tall, veteran Pacers eked out a hardfought 32-31 victory over Coach Joly Barr's up and coming Aire- dale outfit in a thrill packed opening game before a packed house in the new gym here Tuesday evening. Hitting consistently from all angles of the court, the Pacers had complete command of the situation up until the closing minutes when the fighting Aire- dales made a gallant rally to overcome what was once a ten-point lead and send a crowd of some 2,000 into a frenzy. Well earned as the Montpelier victory was, the Hartford City fans were sent away with no regrets for they saw the smaller Black and Gold forces go down fighting to the last ditch. Trailing once by a 27-17 count, in the last quarter the Airedales made a great rally to go to the front with a 31-30 lead with a minute and a half left to play only to see it wiped out in the closing seconds by a bit of steel nerved foul pitching by Evers, blond headed Montpelier forward. With the crowd howling to the high heavens at his back, the Montpelier veteran toed the foul line with victory or defeat in his hands and nonchalantly swished both tosses through the net to give his team the final 32-31 margin. So great was the frenzy in those closing minutes that the ofiicials had to call a halt to the game at one time be- cause their whistles could not be heard above the tumult. Pacers Suffer First Defeat At Albany Sat. Night A capacity crowd of 320 people Wit- nessed the first defeat of the year for the Pacers Saturday night by the Al- bany team on their fioor. The Pacers were handicapped to a certain extent, as they were playing for the first time this year on a small floor like Albany's. Montpelier Pacers were unusually un- lucky on their basket hitting and lacked the drive to penetrate the defense of the Albany team. Red Rollers Easy Victims Of Pacers Sat. MONTPELIER WON EASY OPENER AT BIG FOUR TOURNEY BY THE SCORE OF 33 TO 25 Montpelier was most fortunate in drawing the Roll Red Rollers for the opening tilt of the tourney held Satur- day afternoon. Although many of the fans felt that the opening game was somewhat one sided as Roll had failed to win any victories during the entire season while Montpelier had only suf- fered one defeat, that by Albany on November 19. Montpelier played to the largest crowd ever to witness the afternoon session of the Big Four Tourney in this city Saturday afternoon. The game started very slow but became more in- teresting as it progressed. Montpelier was the first to score when Markley hit a tip-in shot to put the Pacers in the lead. Roll then hit to tie the score and went into the lead on a shot by H. Johnson. Yates increased the lead for Roll when he hit one from the side of the Hoor followed rapidly by H. Johnson. Speece connected for Montpelier and Pugh hit a charity toss to bring the Pacers within one point of Roll. Pierce then hit a basket at the free throw line to give Roll a three point lead, but Markley hit two charity tosses to end the scoring for the quarter. Roll 8, Montpelier 7. Dunkirk Bows To Pacers In Defeat Friday MONTPELIER TEAM VICTORIOUS OVER DUNKIRK FOR FIRST TIME IN 13 GAMES The Montpelier Pacers defeated the Dunkirk Speedcats in the most thrilling game of the season Frdiay night at the local gym when they stood off a last quarter drive led by Hatch, speedy for- ward of Dunkirk. Montpelier opened the scoring when Roger Speece counted the first basket of the game. Hare scored the first basket for the Dunkirk team, then Bremmer hit a charity toss to put Dunkirk ahead for the only time that they were ever in the lead. Mark- ley then countered with two charity tosses to put Montpelier back in the lead and from then on led the entire game. Pacers Should Be Praised For Seasonis Record FANS SHOULD REFRAIN FROM CONDEMNING TEAM FOR LOSS AT TOURNEY. WON 16, LOST 7 Since the sectional tourney many comments have been heard around the various business places as well as on the streets, 3 few of which have praised the members of the basketball team, while others have been nothing but con- demnation for losing the sectional. How- ever, there is no team found anywhere that is not subject to criticism when it loses. It might be well for some of the fans, who have resorted to nothing but criti- cism, to take a few moments to review the record of the Pacers during the sea- son just closing. They have won a total of 16 games and have lost only seven. This is a fine record and the boys have 3, right to expect praise for it, as this is the best record that has been made for several years, if not the best. The next highest record was that of 15 games won in 1927. One of the outstanding and most gra- tifying results of this year is that the Pacers were able to defeat the Hartford City Airedales this year as well as last, making two consecutive years that the Pacers have defeated their most bitter rivals. This fact alone should be worth praise for the Pacers. We all agree that the outcome at the sectional might have been better and that we all would have appreciated a sectional victory, but such was not the case and the boys are entitled to much credit for the entire season. It is hard to tell what the team will be next year as six of the first 10 play- ers will graduate this year. A basketball team cannot be made in a year or two and the fans may be much more disap- pointed next year than they have been this year. The coach as well as the team should receive the support of all fans even though they suffered some defeats which are certain to occur. A part of the reason for the Pacers' downfall at the sectional was that they were playing without the services of Sholty who was on the sick list and Evers who saw little action due to a previous illness. This alone might be the reason for their defeat. The upset experienced at Hartford City by the Pacers was not the only one in the sectionals held over the state, as Huntingburg and Jefersonville were picked as sectional winners, but both were defeated. The fans should not con- demn the Pacers too severely as they no doubt did the best they could under the circumstances. WHNS-- SEVEN DEFEATS Pacers Defeated In Tournament By Ridgeville LEAD FOES IN FIRST THREE PERIODS WITH LAST BEING CLOSE. FINAL SCORE 29-27 The Montpelier Pacers lost to the Ridgeville Cossacks Friday night in a second round game by the score of 29-27. The Pacers opened the game with a basket by Markley but Ridgeville was quick to counter. The Pacers led at the end of the first quarter by the score of 10-5. The Pacers still seemed to be going on to victory when they increased their lead and continued the finest basketball that had been played in the tournament. They were ahead at the end of the first half, 17-13. At the beginning of the second half Ridgeville hit their stride and started wearing the Pacers lead down to where they were in shooting distance and at the end of the third quarter the Pacers held a margin of only two points, 23-21. At the beginning of the final period the Pacers lost Retz via the personal foul route and from then on it was any- body's game. Ridgeville tied the score and then went into the lead with only two minutes left to play. Markley then hit one for the Pacers and the score was tied, and with only 50 seconds left to play Dallas Cope tipped one in for his team and went into the lead, the Pacers tried hard to knot the score but failed in a desperate attempt. Pacers Claim Victory From Hartford Twp. PACERS EXPERIENCE UNEXPECT- ED BATTLE THURSDAY NIGHT BUT WIN BY SCORE OF 31-29 The Montpelier Pacers ran headlong into an unexpected battle Thursday night with the Hartford township Gorillas. The Pacers were supposed to have an easy victory, but found the Hartford township team to be better than statis- tics showed. The Hartford township Gorillas found their mark early in the game and led the Pacers 8 to 6 at the end of the first quarter, but the Pacers were able to tie the score at the end of the half, 21 to 21. Pacers Win Seventh Annual Big Four Tourney - Defeating Pennville In Championship Game Sat. Night MONTPELIER WVINS VICTORY FOR FIRST TIME SINCE 1934 IN TOUR- NAMENT HELD AT LOCAL GYMNASIUM BY SCORE OF 30-21. CHESTER DEFEATS ROLL IN CONSOLATION TILT The Montpelier Pacers proved victors' over the Pennville Bulldogs in the championship game of the Blind Tour- ney that was played at the local gym Saturday night. This was the Pacers' first victory since 1934 when they were successful in defeating the Warren team by the score of 21 to 19. In many ways the Montpelier Pacers were very fortunate in playing Penn- ville for the championship game due to the fact that the Bulldogs experienced a hard-fought game in the afternoon when they met Chester Center. Although this was the championship game, it was not the most outstanding game of the tourney because the Penn- ville-Chester game was much more closely contested, having had the score tied twice. The Pacers were never in danger of losing this game from the first quarter on to the finish. Liberty Lions Lose To Pacers In Final Game CLOSE SUCCESSFUL SEASON BY DEFEATING LIBERTY FOR FIFTEENTH VICTORY The Montpeier Pacers closed a Very successful season Friday night in de- feating the badly crippled Liberty Cen- ter Lions in a rough and tumble game by the score of 36-23. The Liberty Center team came to this city to play the Pacers without the use of two of their regulars, Fiedler and Johnston. The Liberty Lions grabbed an early lead and it looked for a minute as though there might be an upset. The Pacers battled the Lions up to the very last second of the quarter but were un- able to overcome the lead they had built. Lions 11, Pacers 9. The Pacers came out for the second quarter and regained their usual stride and went on a scoring spree and were ahead at the half, Pacers 20, Lions 13. The Pacers had accomplished very much by holding the Lions to a lone fielder and garnering 11 points for themselves. Pacers Suffer Defeat In Tilt At Warren Fri. ONE OF MOST EXCITING GAMES OF YEAR WITNESSED BY FANS, LOSE 36-35 IN OVERTIME The Montpelier Pacers were the vic- tims of the "process of elimination" method in an overtime battle at Warren Friday night with a score of 36 to 35. The Pacers were the first to find their stride and opened the scoring of the game. Warren started the game with only two regulars in the lineup. The two teams played on even terms the early part of the quarter, but Warren spurted ahead at the latter part of the quarter, 10-7. The Warren team continued their drive through the early part of the second quarter, the Pacers 'then turned on the steam and came within one point at the half, 16-15. Chester Center Lost To Pacers Friday Evening MONTPELIER SHAKES OFF JINX IN FRIDAY'S VICTORY WITH DE- CISIVE SCORE OF 44 TO 30 The Pacers, back in their usual stride Friday evening, defeated the Chester Indians 44-30 on the Montpelier floor. Both teams lost no timelin getting started as each scored seven points in the first minute of play. Each team showed considerable scoring power in the first quarter as the totals for both teams came to 28. The Pacers led at the quarter, 15-13. The Pacers were wearing their new socksg this is the first time the Pacers have worn socks this year. The socks set the Pacers off in fine style, and make them one of the best dressed teams in the state. 6tCQl":5 ,SAQJMA We They We They Nov. l-larllord Cily... .32 3l Jan Warren .....,.., .35 36 Nov. Willslwire, Ohio ...,..,........ 39 I9 Jan Fairmounl ......... .30 32 Nov. Roll ....,.,..,,,........,..,.................. 40 22 Jan Roll .,,.....,......,., .38 33 Nov. Jackson Twp .............,........ 34 22 Jan. Pennville ....,.....,..,. .24 27 Nov. Albany ,,....,....................,.,... 26 36 Feb. Redkey .........,....,.,,... .20 29 Nov Chesler Cenler .,.....,....... 33 26 Feb Chesler Cenler ,..,........... 44 30 Dec. Dunkirk ..............,,..,.. .28 26 Feb Pelroleum ,....,....,. .5l 25 Dec. Pennville .................. .35 29 Feb Liberly Cenler .36 23 Dec. Flarllord Twp ................... 3l 29 TOURNEYS BLIND ...,..... ............. lvl onlpelier 33 Rall 25 lvlonlpelier 3l Pennville 20 WARREN .................. Monlpelier 56 Liberly Cenler 30 lvlonlpelier 25 Roanoke 30 SECTIONAL ,.,............... lvlonlpelier 28 Roll I9 Monlpelier 27 Ridgeville 29 SECOND TEAM TOURNEY lvlonlpelier 24 Roll I5 lvlonlpelier 20 Chesler Cenler I8 The lvlonlpelier Pacers won lhe lrophy lhis year ney al Chesler Cenler. These Trophies were plac- al lhe Blind Tourney held here December I7. The ed in lhe library, and lhe school is mighly proud Second Team also won a lrophy, delealing Ches- ol lhem. ler Cenler in The linals ol lhe Second Team Tour- M.H.S. THEME SONG We're loyal lo you, lvl.l-l.S. We're backing you, loo, M.l-l.S. You're lhe besl in lhe land, And lor you we will sland, For we know you will win, M.l-l.5., Rah! Rah! Your colors we'Il honor always, lvlonlpelier be heard lar away, Our leam is our lame proleclor, And we will always back her. Three cheers lor you, M.l-LS. Rah! Rahl Rah! BLUE AND GOLD Blue and gold, lighll lighll Blue and gold, lighll lighll Who lighl? We lighll Blue Yea Yea Yea I u and gold, lighll lighll blue! goldl leam, lel's go! 148.- Wewd muiew FLASH! Sepfember 53 328 sfudenfs refurn fo school. Two new feachers. FLASH! Sepfernber I6! Elecfion of class officers causes greaf excifemenf. Keen rivalry in upper classes. FLASH! Sepfember,23! School dismissed af noon for Harfford fair. Iv1.H.S. band cufs a figure in school parade. FLASH! Sepfember 26! Senior officers and advisers selecf year- book phofographer. "Everybody smile af fhe birdie." FLASH! Sepfember 28! Annual drive opens wifh goal of 300 subscripfions. Seniors, here's wishing you Iuclc. . FLASH! Sepfember 3O! Clubs organize. Limif of membership sends many disappoinfed applicanfs fo library. Beffer luck nexf fime. 5 Hog FLASH! Ocfober I3! Close of annual drive. Seniors are success- ful in geffing enough subscripfions, or surely you wouldn'f be reading fhe news of I939. FLASH! Ocfober I4! Senior picfures falcen. Several waif unfil 5:30 fo smile af fhe birdie. FLASH! Ocfober I9! Juniors wanfing fo fry ouf for class play be af Miss NeIson's room fhe sevenfh period. . . -- I Ocfober 2I! The opereffa, "An Old Spanish Cusfomu is given in fhe Ivl.H.S. audiforium. Everybody be sure fo come. . . - ! Ocfober 25 and 26! Sfudenfs gef fwo-day vacafion, while feachers go fo Indianapolis for Sfafe Teachers' Associafion. Are fhe feachers glad! FLASH! Ocfober 3I! Juniors feel big foday when fhey selecf clash rings. E T FLASH! November I! Firsf pep session of fhe year. Affer fhe roaring pep session, "Pacers" bring home a one poinf vicfory from fhe Harfford Cify "Airdales." FLASH! November 2! Forfy seniors fry ouf for annual sfaff. Room for fwenfy. We hope The ofher fwenfy were nof foo dis- appoinfed. FLASH! November 8! School holds moclc elecfion for cify and counfy officers. FLASH! November 7-I I! Educafion Weelc, Everyone is supposed fo learn "The Sfar Spangled Banner." FLASH! November I5! Senior class parfy is held in school kif- chen. Also firsf meefing of enfire annual sfaff. FLASH! November I8! Social Science Club sponsors inferesfing fallr abouf Ausfralia. lvlr. Wm. Childs, who was a nafive of Ausfra- Iia, gave fhe falls. 1 FLASH! November 22-23! Anofher vacafion, Thanksgiving. Sfudenfs are fhanlcful for even fwo days. FLASH! Novemebr 29! Junior class play "Pagin' Capfain Kidd," is given in M.H.S. audiforium af 8 o'clocIc. J U .-49.- ' Pennville. FLASH! December 6! Freshmen hold class parly in school kilchen. . .i ! Salurday, December I7! "Pacers" oul on lop by win- ning Four Team Tourney. Olher 'reams are Chesler Cenler, Roll, and FLASH! December 22! "The Magic Bell' is presenled lor slu- denls only. Friday nighl, December 23, il is presenled for 'Ihe public. I Big crowds al bolh performances. IIAGCA "Pacers" bear "Roll Red Rollers" 38-33. FLASH! January 27! "Pacers" lose rough game lo Pennville "Bulldogs" 27-24. A fighl followed game. Mr. Morgan in middle ol fighr. "Pacers" play in small barn. Nor room enough lo win. FLASH! February 2! Special courlesy week fealures meelings of enlire school. Talks on courlesy given by member ol Senior Class. FLASH! February 3! "Pacers" lose Tough game lo Redkey "Wolves" Score 29-20. ..-- ! February 8! Farmers Inslilule program given in M.H.S. audilorium. The play, "The Grass Is Always Greenern was presenled lo enlire school. FLASH! FLASH! February I0! Chesler "Indians" fail lo caplure wild "Pacers." The "Indians" give "Pacers" lough chase in opening seconds of game. Score 44-30. Seniors our-yell olher classes in yelling lor blue and gold yell brick. VALENTINE FLASH! December 23! Week vacaiion is enjoyed. Sludenls deparl wishing Merry Chrisrmas and Happy New Year fo everybody. FLASH! January 6! "Pacers" beal by "The Lighlning Five" lWarrenl. Warren lucky by winning overlime. Score 36-35. FLASH! January II! "Pacers" lose hard Tough? game lo Fair- mounl. Score 32-30. Underclassman piclures laken. .-- . - . - I January I3! Old school bell peals ils Iasl. "Spiril' of Old Annuals" presenled by Senior Class. FLASH! FLASH! January 20! End ol firsl semesler. Around sixly-six in class Il. VTIHE FLASH! February I4! Firsl chapel since November I. Reverend Leese, speaker. FLASH! February I6! K. Soulhern, an Associaled Press man, speaks on sporlsmanship and pulls some lasl ones on sludenls and laculry. FLASH! February I7! "Pacers" win 5I-30 from Pelroleum. FLASH! Jr. High Team loses 'rourney To Chesler Cenler. FLASH! FLASH! February 24! Sophomores presenl "Whose Money?" "Pacers" defeal Liberly "Lions" score 36-23. FLASH! February 27! Nearly sixly absenl. Several sludenls our on accounl ol vaccinalions and llu. Praclically everybody is saying, "Don'l louch my arm. Does anyone else wanl lo see my beau-u-u-liiul scab? Oh boy, il sure is sore!" Exlra FLASH! February 28!-Special bullelin during sevenlh period ol a dull and dreary day says "Classes suspended unlil Mon- day because ol heallh silualionf' Whoopee! -50- FLASH! FLASH! March l! The March Lamb Jrrorred +o High School and lay down by The door To wail 'for "Mary 'ro appear." When he had lain There for some Time, he noficed Thar The building was unusually quier: and, peeping Through The door +0 see if he could 'Find our rhe reason, he saw The sign: SCHOOL DTSMISSED MARCH 6 FLASH! March 2! Secrional rournamenf held a+ Harfford Cify. "Pacers" defeafed Roll, Friday airernoon, bu+ are defeared by Ridgeville, Friday evening. Redkey wins seclrional. FLASH! March I4! Chapel services by Rev. O'Donnell. Subiecfz "Back of Beyond." FLASH! March l5! Courfesy meering. Mrs. Rirfer, juvenile UNTIL Purdue Umversnly and Mr H G Morgan Talk +o Senior High Mr probafion officer of Blackford Counry, speaks 'lo girls. Mr. Davis, of S r I I Garl Walker and Dr. Gorman McKean speak To Junior High boys. il. PLAY FLASH! April 7! Corners+one of new building laid. All s+uden+s' names sealed in cornersfone. FLASH! April I4! Eighf A convocafion. FLASH! FLASH! April 28! Senior play, "Flying Blind." FLASH! May 5! Music convocalion, and all-school exhibil. FLASH! May 8! Girls Glee Club sings al Ball Srafe Music Feslival. FLASH! May I7! Senior Week begins. FLASH! May I9! Honor Day. Junior-Senior banquef. FLASH! FLASH! May 2I! Baccalaureaie. . . l ! May 24! Commencemenr exercises. Speaker, Mr. FLASH! March ZO! Annual sfafi meefs +o compose will. Every- body concenrrafing so hard when BeHy Park lefs our a scream! Bonnie Buckmasrer and Fannie Wunderbaum sland up in +he sears. The big Hfraidy cars!" We 'find our il is a mouse on Berry Thar causes all The commorion. So Eileen Green, showing off her bravery, picks up The mouse by The rail and hurls if our The window. Everyone goes back To work. FLASH! March 23! Spring vacarion. "Yippie! School's almosl' our." FLASH! March 27! The new school building is progressing very rapidly. The walls are approximafely five Tee? high, and several win- dows are in. FLASH! March 3l! The rhree one-acl plays, "Gra+i+ude," "The Mummy Sfeps Our," and "The Greaf Allowance BaHle" are presenr- ed. Annual goes 'io press. FLASH! April 4! Chapel services. A Q Bingham from Washingron, D.C Final Exams. I A S FLASH! May 26! Alumni banquet ..51... .xdcluerfifiemenffi anJJoLe:5 BONGE, W. F.-The Rexall Store. BLACTOL PRODUCTS CO-Poultry Remedial Supplies. CHANEY HARDWARE-Complete Stock of Hardware and Implements, Mr. Morgan: "Whaf is Francis Perkins' real name?" lShe is af presenf Sec. of Labonl Russell Pugh: "Mrs, Paul Wilson." Ralph l-lelfon fwaving his hand in fhe airl: "Why did they change if?" CHEMICAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION. COOK ICE AND COAL COMPANY. Miss Alberfson: "Jeane, define fhe word 'Road'." Jeane Wearly: "lf's a fhing a car runs down." COOK, JOHN D.-Linco Products. ELLIS, JIM-Fancy Groceries and Lunch Meats. Eugene Anderson laffer discussing care of feefh in l-lealfh Classl: "Well, l've always eafen whaiever l wanfedg never cleaned my feefh, was never in a den+isf's office, and I have a perfecf sef of feefhf' Mr. Craig: "Yes, l know, we have all kinds of freaks in fhe circus fodayf' FREEMAN, RUSSEL--Gas and Oil. FEDERATED STORE-Clothing for all the Family. HENDERSON AND HENDERSON-Latest Styles in Menis Clothing. Marion Davis to Mr. Craig: "Say, how long is fhe hundred yard dash, anyway?" HILL TOP SERVICE STATION--Standard Products-See Bill, Paul or Guy. HOOSIER GRAIN 81 SUPPLY COMPANY. HURDLE, WILSON-Standard Oil Products. L. Park fo F. Refz: "This sure is a good lock! No one can gef if off unless he fakes The door down." Monday morning ll.awrence rushes into Mr. Wilsons' officel: "Mr. Wilson, some one sfole my lock." INDIANA RAILROAD SYSTEM-Go by interurban--the safe, thrifty way. INMAN TILE COMPANY--Millgrove, Tiles built for service. LEE, FRED-Dealer in Live Stock, Sale every Monday and Thursday. .-52- LORD'S CONFECTIONARY-Bring your friends. MARKLEY DAIRY STORE-Sandwiches and Ice Cream. McCONKEY, H. W.-Harness and Shoe Repairing. Franklin Reiz: "Do you 'flirl wiih every fellow ihe way you flirt wiih me? ' Fannie: "No, none of Jrhern ever needed so much encouragement" MONTPELIER HATCHERY-R. E. Leichty, Mgr. ' MONTPELIER HERALD-Your Home Town Newspaper. MONTPELIER MOTOR CO.-Buick and Pontiac-Used Cars. Miss Rea: "Does any one know whai is meant by Len+?" Small Boy: "l'm noi sure, bui could ii be ihai siuff ihai comes oil blankets?" MONTPELIER LUMBER CO.-Compliments. DRS. MCKEAN AND McKEAN-Compliments. Verle Speece lReading from his wriie-up on ihe faculiyl: "Miss Grolls arnbiiion is o be a conceri pianis+." Miss Alloerisonz "You dicln'i ask me my arnlaiiion when you interviewed me." Verle: "I didn? think you had any." NEFF, C. D.-Dealer in Ford Cars. PALACE THEATRE-The finest in screen entertainment. PRICE'S CAFE-Good foods and courteous service. Jesse Hammond: "li I had a mop like E. Tfs, I'd ge+ a handle for il! QUICK CLEANERS-Expert Cleaning 81 Laundry Service. RACER,S BAKERY-Home of Delicious Milk Bread. RAPP AND LIGHTNER-Home-Killed Quality Meats-Phone 25. Mr. Morgan: "Class, which do you Jrhink has Jrhe longesi life expeciancy, a man or a woman?" F. Parnell: "A woman, because she deesn'+ have to work se hard!'l SHADLE, RALPH-Fancy and Staple Groceries. SHREVE RESTAURANT-Home Cooking That Satisfies. SMALTZ GLOVE FACTORY-Gloves and Mittens. Miss Walker: "'Why is il lhai lightning never sirikes lwice in ihe same place?" Paul Slenizz "Because alier ii hits once, the place ain'+ ihere any more." SNYDER+Plumbing and Electrical Work. WALKER, H. T.-Mortuary. WUNDERBAUM, LOUIS-Dealer in Fur, Junk, Accessories. -53- 4 .gznior .x4ufograloA5 fyijl iw fw TQ 4,9 I -s5- 9 , 2 G' ' . V -. V, . ' V, I 11-55:13 1 1 A V ' A - 1 - V V'fif7-" l V K , V V f " Q -',. .f .A , ..,w . 1 f ' ' u ograla A , ,g gg, ,', 7 M69 dldvfffxdwwvfed, HC ' . EQ E 77'YffL ?,-S5217 5 fp Q!w,LLrC .A,, - ,aww df xfiw-1-'fw' gfdfffvjfwfvuflof Owifwifeffijg ?'W WK Q 1 aa H ,JKL N,l,,4 ,,g,,5 A! Jw'-Kina' , ' XV ju,f,,1.,-',,.Mcp1f' 'fQg,fi,ff1yf"? A Y M f MM" W W , ' 1' J iQ V 09,fu:vG.0v1a,Aam5 W Q f I in I A l ' 'Q i 6f .X4 f - l'v f' -4 - I Aw-A M 'WP J A a I I MU . ,U YE V 1' fl f fi? f - I X if ff f f-fi 1, ips-475 ,mi ' c9'Aff9"I'f' Iii W' I--we I QR 3 FY Q ix if 'dw 'ax Q I .XXQ A X 'N Nw X xxx ,VW ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Mr. Paul ConeIIey-PeerIess Priniing Corpora+ion, Marion, Indiana. Mr. Lavergne I. Lounsbury-Ponfiac Engraving, Company, Chicago. Mr. Cron-Cron S+ucIio, FI. Wayne, Indiana.

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