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Published by the Annual Staff of Montpelier High School Montpelier, Ohio Volume XLIX 1966 IVIIRROR FH VH D' .3 x egg- - 3 2- , im-,af 141 W sy, CONTENTS FACULTY .............. ..... 5 SENlORS...... .... .. ......19 CLASSES ...... .... . ....... . .33 ORGANIZATIONS ............ 43 ACTIVITTES.. ..... ......56 SPORTS ...... ..... . ..... 8 3 ELEMENTARY .... .. ...1OO our Mater, it die . X T A Ohdlylontpelier, oh Montpelier, A x W,w"STET1oQ1 so tried and trueg Loyalty we give as ever, M -, To the Wlute and Blue. 3 SPIRIT But the glory of the Present is to make the Future free, -- We love our land for what she is and what she is to be. Henry Van Dyke The American Spirit of liberty, freedom, and progression has been and is possessed by many citizens. This underlying strength in our society carries us on to greater heights each day. The American Spirit is the 'foundation for many of our small and large actions and for our capitalistic ideas- -from donating blood to the Red Cross to marching as Civil Rights demonstrators to fighting in Viet Nam . Spirit is constantly urging all people to progress to better their lives. Teach- ing, competing in sports, participating in school groups and church activities are all forms of bettering other people, ourselves and eventually our generation. The world progresses and so must we. Our American society and Way of life have many small intricacies overlooked that really indicate the presence of Spirit in our everyday life. Giving blood freely, contributing to charities, Working voluntarily in hospitals or political campaigns, and helping someone change a flat tire are not prescribed by law or tradition, people backed by American Spirit are not afraid, but are actually will- ing, to help other people. The Spirit of 1776 has been carried over throughout the years and is still strongly exhibited as the Spirit of 1966. Our Spirit is based on freedom and there- fore also perpetuates freedom. World Wars I and ll, the Korean Conflict and to- day the war in Viet Nam were and are being fought by American citizens Who, backed by Spirit, were given strength to fight for a principle. To the American Spirit and the people who possess it, we dedicate the 1966 Mirror. Doris Brown and Constance Stahl 4 TEACHING SPIRIT FAC U LTY SUPERINTENDENT MR. CLARK H. REBER B.S. in Education, University of Toledog M.S. in Education, Uni- versity of Toledo. PRINCIPAL MR. R. O. SAWMILLER B.S. in Education, Iowa State Uni- versitygM.S. in Education, Indiana Universityg Toledo University. SCHOOL BOARD SECRETARY MRS. MILDRED GREEK Ll -J L-fi'-W' A Left to right: Clerk Cecil Prosser, Dr. Don Adams, Art Donaldson, Vice-President Wayne Dean, Dr. Robert D11 worth, President Gene Thompson. 6 LIBRARIAN Mrs. VioletBible, school librarian, earned her B.S. in Education from Bowling Green State University. During the past summer Mrs. Bible completed two courses in Library Science at B.G.S.U. Each fall the new students at the high school, the eighth grades, who until this time attended the Elementary School, and the freshmen who attended Superior, are instructed in the functions of the library and in the uses of library materials. This year, for the firsttime, the eighth graders attended the library instruction classes during their regular English class periods. For seven days they reported to the library and acquired many useful library skills. The freshmen came to the library during their study hall for one week. This helped them to become acquainted with the M.H.S. library. This year the capacity of the library has been enlarged to fifty students. They may study in the library before school, at noon, and after school. The library is also open for research during study halls. A vertical file, containing newspaper clippings which may be used as reference material, has also been added. Several book cases have been added to capacitate the increasing number of books. Currently there are approximately forty-five hundred books in the library. Mr. Snyder reviews a list of the numerous colleges throughout the United States. 'Z ., X' J, NU" ' 1? f' aw Mrs. Bible files cards from a book which has just been GUIDANCE COUNSELOR Students desiring to get information on colleges, careers, trade schools, or business schools contact Mr. Albert Snyder, guidance counselor. Mr. Snyder pro- vides information concerning both high school and checked out. it college tests, occupations, and proper study methods. Mr. Snyder also administers standardized tests. He aids students in selecting high school academic subjects and advises each student on the type of course he is best adapted to pursue. Mr. Snyder holds a B.S. in Education from Defiance College and a ' M.E. degree in Guidance and Counseling from Bowling Green State University. Mr. Snyder also teaches eighth grade science and Ohio history. Four courses--college prep, vocational, industrial arts, and business--are offered at M.H.S. College prep courses offer majors in academic, life science, or technical subjects. Academic subjects are designed for students who wish to go to college but who are undecided about what field they wish to enter. Life science subjects provide background for students who maywish to be doctors, nurses, or scientists. Subjects in the technical branch of college prep are designed to prepare the students for the engineering field. Vocational courses are offered to equip students who desire to take agriculture or home economics Industrial arts majors are available to any student. Business courses in which clerical or secretarial majors may be obtained are offered. Also there is a general course designed for students who have no definite academic plans, and who do not wish to go to college. College handbooks, bulletins, and occupational pamphlets are available in the guidance 7 office to any interested student. LANGUAGE Language is an important factor in the curriculum of- fered at M.l-I.S. Mr.Chester Wasilowski, who received his B.S. degree from Bowling Green State University, teaches English III and two classes of English IV for those senior students who wish to better prepare themselves for college. Junior and senior college prep students were required to submit an analysis of Herman Melvil1e's great classic, MOBY DICK. They spent many frustrating hours on this project which determined their six weeks grade . Interested junior and senior college prep students were excused from school one afternoon to see the filmed play OTHELLO at the Bryan theater. All those who attended had to write a summary ofthe play's action. Mr. Zon Shumway attended the University of North Carolina, Western Michigan Uni-I versity, the University of Michigan and obtained his A.B.l degree from Ohio University. I-Ie teaches English II and Latin I and II. In addition to their concentrated study of grammar, the sophomore English classes read the plays ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE, INHERIT THE WIND, and JU- LIUS CAESAR. Latin I students learned the fundamental principles of translation and formation of Latin expres- sions while those taking Latin II furthered their knowledge of the language with new complex rules and translations of Julius Caesar. Mr Shumway assists his study hall students. LANGUAGE Mrs. Mary E. Haines teaches English I and girl's physical education classes and acts as advisor to a number of organizations. HerFreshman English classes read Charles Dickens' GREAT EXPECTATIONS. Mrs. Haines attended Ohio State University and graduated with aB.S.Degree from Bowling Green State Univer- sity. Mrs.Dorothy Gardner teaches eighth grade Eng- lish, public speaking, and French. One of the projects of the eighth grade English classes was the play, A MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY, which they presented for the American Legion. Records and tapes aid the French students in developing correct pronunciation and diction. Understanding is the goal of communication. Pub- lic speaking students quickly learn the power of the spoken word. They practice speaking in informal groups and such formal groups as club meetings, dis- cussions, and debates. One of the most interesting phases of speech study was oral interpretation fread- ing aloudj. The students must re -create for the lis- tener the thoughts and feelings of the writer. Mrs. Gardner attended the University of Michigan and Ohio University and obtained her B.A. Degree from Michigan State University. 'Ka-, ..W,.......... il Mrs. Gardner explains thoroughly the different cases of French words. HISTORY What are the qualifications for a U.S. Representative or Senator to Congress? Senior government classes can tell you. Students learn about the branches of our government, the functions of these branches, and the role of the U.S. gov- ernment in World affairs. World history students exam ine the major civilizations , both ancient and modern, of the world and learn how and why these civilizations originated and spread. Mr. David Vroo- man, who has his B.S. in Education from Defiance College, also attended Toledo University. Mr. Vrooman teaches Amer- ican government, world history, and Ohio history. Mr. Mike Foster was student teacher for one of the three government classes, teaching for one semester. Right: Mr. Vrooman uses the overhead projector. American history students study our nation, special emphasis being placed upon the individual states and their part in forming the United States. Students be- come acquainted with the famous men who helped make our nation great, and study and examine the United States Constitu- tion. Mr. Hobert Krouse has his B.S. in Education from Defiance College and at- tended Ohio State University and Indiana University . Coach Krouse teaches Amer - ican history and is head football coach and assistant basketball coach at M. H . S . American history, American govern- ment, and Ohio history are required at Montpelierg world history is an elective subj ect. Mr. Krouse lectures to his eighth grade American history students. BUSINESS Business and commercial courses, which include typing II and office practice, economics, business math, and gen- eral business are taught by Mr. Tom Waters. Mr. Waters, head basketball coach and freshman football coach, has his B.S. inEducation from Defiance College. Coach Waters also attended Ball State Teacher's College, Indiana Uni- versity, and Indiana Institute of Technology. Typing II students this year wrote practice business letters to several companies. Incorporated in Typing II are typing with a dictaphone and using an adding machine. Right: Mr. Waters lectures to economics class. Below: Shorthand I students take rapid dictation. ART Art students have the freedom to express themselves through their work. Choosing media with which to work, students develop their own techniques and rate of working. Media worked with are water colors, charcoal, tempra, pastels, oils, and others. At spring open house, students display their best works and receive ratings. Miss Jill Kams, student teacher, worked with the stu- dents for six weeks. Under her instruction, the students developed their use of pastels. Miss Karns taught art at the elementary school for six weeks also. Right: Mrs. Wilken assists art students. If 'BV 6917+ All SECRETARIAL Secretarial subjects are well instructed by Mrs. Mere- dith Wilken. These subjects include Shorthand I,II, Typ- ing I. Mrs. Wilken received her A.B. degree from Indiana University and attended the University of Illinois, Univer- sity of Colorado, Defiance College, and Bowling Green State University. Mrs. Wilken is art instructor at M.H.S. ,X nf ,I is-. fff , I I Industrial arts boys, through practice, become experts in using the band saw. IN DUSTRIAL ARTS Industrial arts students learn to use many different types of machinery. Lathes, drill presses, circular saws, shapers, sanders, and grinders are used. Students may choose the projects and number of projects they wish to complete. Projects vary from magazine racks and foot stools to gun cabinets and coffee tables. The industrial arts students also display projects at the open house. Mr. Marvin Merillat, who teaches both draw- ing and industrial arts, has his B.S. in Education from Western Michigan Uni- versity. Mr. Merillat is also junior high basketball coach and assistant football coach. The students of mechanical drawing learn the basic principles of drawing . Each year some of the drawings by the Drawing I and Drawing II students are exhibited during the spring open house. The advanced drawing students each year draw the complete plans for some item they have chosen. The item must be disassembled and every part must be measured. The student then draws each part of the item separately. Finally, the item is drawn completely assembled. Some projects in recent years have been a spray nozzle, a clutch, and a drill chuck. MECHANICAL DRAWING Mr. Merillat, mechanical drawing instructor, answers questions. VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE Vocational agriculture enables boys interested in farming to expand in all aspects of this field. Discussion periods rise from the introduction of various modern farming machinery and farming methods. Vocational agriculture boys repair all types of farm machinery and have built trailers themselves. In addition to academic work, the boys lime the track, mow the football field, gather timber for the Snake Dance victory fire, and set up tables and chairs for school events such as banquets and dances . Included in the many areas of judging taught in vocational agriculture is land judging. Students learn to look at the soil and general topography to judge its capabilities--erosion, drainage, and usage. Montpelier placed second in District I land judging this fall. District I includes twenty -three schools. Vocational agriculture instructor is Mr. Kenneth Bowman who has his B.S. from Ohio State University. . -.rt W. - A , e .56 uf 1 , .4 ,.',s5,, ,.J:'-rp" .fi '. 15.1. Y 1 . . A Aix, , 4 Wil ..- Y Q wr ' 1 , W ,gf ff I M. I I 1 . v',:lg'k :- ..., l Mrs. Fisher checks the work ofa home economics student. Mr. Bowman works right along with the boys, helping them repair machinery. HOIVIE ECONOMICS Home Economics is designed to give young women the background and knowledge required in ahomemaker's life. Four special projects are required yearly. These projects coverchild care, home decoration, cooking, sewing, crafts, and financing and managing a home. Field trips are taken to particular places of interest in the community to further enlighten the home economics girls in their subjects and projects . Every year during M.H.S. open house, the home economics department displays a number of the projects of the Home Economics I gl II classes. Also during the evening of the open house, selected home economics girls model clothes they have made. Garments included in the review are sportswear, schoolwear, sleepwear, and evening wear. Mrs . Dona Fisheris instructor for the four year vocational course. She holds a B.S. degree from Ohio University and also attended Indiana University and B .G .S .U. 5 Mr. Gaylord Parker teaches health, eighthgrade math, and general business. Mr. Parker attended the University of Washington in Seattle, Ohio State Uni- versity, and Defiance College from which he received his B.S. and B.A. degrees in Business Education. Health class stu- dents study anatomy and functions of all parts of the body as well as learn all aspects of personal health and hygiene. This year M.H.S. was priviledged to host four student teachersg two of the student teachers assisted in the math and science departments. Mrs . Barbara Warneche taught general science and Mr . William Kaltenbach was student teacher for biology and chemistry classes. IVIATH The science and math departments at M.H.S. are well staffed. Mr. Harold Karnes teaches modern structural geometry, chemistry, and bookkeeping. In geometry, a combination of solid and plane is now taught due to new text books, previously only plane geometry had been taught. Also a new textbook came into use in chemistry this year. Chemistry students are given the opportunity to confirm experiments during lab periods whichare held twiceaweek. Mr. Karnes has his A.B. in Education fromlndiana University. He also attended Bowling Green State University, Ohio University Extension, and Baldwin Wallace Math Institute . Left: Mr. Harold Karnes enjoys his classes. Below: Mr. Parker calls on one of his eighth grade math pupils. SCIENCE Mr. Delmar Karnes teaches Algebra l and II, advanced math, and physics. Students of Algebra I and Algebra ll learn the elementary processes of algebra. Advanced math is a combination of solid and analytic geometry, trigonometry, and elementary calculus . Physics is a science dealing with natural laws of matter and energyg physics students enjoy a laboratory period twice a Week and work with numerous apparatus to prove theories and laws. Mr. Karnes, who has his B .S . from Hillsdale College, also attended Indiana University for graduate work. Mr. Richard Hollstein teaches biology and general science. Biology students undertook a special disecting project. Working in pairs, the students disected pigs to find the relation between the anatomy of the pig to that of the human. Right: Mr. Delmar Karnes prepares to explaina complicated problem to his physics students. Mr. I-Iollstein is very proud of the fine aquarium in the lab room i' ry, , , Mr. Engels directs the band. l INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC The elementary and high school bands are instructed by Mr. Clifford Engels. High school instruction include: both the concert and marching bands. Mr. Engels has hi B.S. degree from the University of Minnesota. This year the band presented amid-winter concert an: two student assembly concerts at M.I-l.S. Also, the bane played for an assembly at Hilltop under an agreement b' which Hilltop's band played for an M.H.S. assembly. In district contest at Bowling Green State University the M.H.S. band received a "one" rating which is the highest rating given. April 29, the band journeyed to Springfield, Ohio, to compete in the state band contest. The band received a "three" rating. VOCAL MUSIC Elementary and high school vocal music are instructed by Mr. Robert Whitaker. High school vocal music includes varsity and eighth grade chorus and Chorale. Mr. Whitaker obtained his Bachelor ofMusic degree from Ohio Univer- sity and has attended Northwestern University, Defiance College, and the U.S. Army School of Music, This year a selected varsity chorus ofninety students competed in the district contest at Bowling Green State University at which they received a "two" or excellent rating. Sev- eral vocal soloists also received high ratings. Vocal soloist Miss Lynnette Snyder received a "one" rating at state contest. "One" is the highest rating given. it mu, xp 5 53, Make a joyful noiseg sing praises. Mr. Whitaker joins his chorus class. DRIVERIS TRAINING Driver's training classes enable stu- dents to study and practice correct driv- ing procedures under supervised instruction . In addition to Watching train - ing films, the classes are visited by a state patrolman who lectures and shows films such as "Signal 3O." Mr. Cletus "Pete" Dreher, who instructs driver's education, has his B.S. in Education and B.S. in Business Administration from Defiance College, and his M.,S. in Ed- ucation from Bowling Green State Univer - sity, Mr. Dreher also attended Indiana University and Maryville College . Mr , Dreher is athletics director and track coach at M .H,S, PHYSICAL EDUCATION M . H , S . Students are required to com- plete one full credit of physical educa- tion or health. Physical education classes develop sportsmanship, exer- cise, endurance, and group participa- tion, Mr , "Pete" Dreher and Mrs . Mary Haines instruct physical education classes . Mr. Dreher prepares to accompany driver's education stu- dents who are practice driving. 1-Ak, L-4.4 Eighth grade girls exercise in unison. I7 DCT The Diversified Cooperative Training program is organized to provide vocational training for high school seniors. Sixteen seniors participated in D.C.T. this year. D.C.T. is designed for students who would W prefer learning a vocation rather than going to col- lege. Mr. Darold K. Figgins is the coordinator of the D.C.T. program, he coordinates work and related f technical studies at school, observes the students at work, and acts as V.I.C. advisor. Mr. Figgins has his B.S. from Defiance College and also attended Ohio State University, Indiana University, and Tri-State College. Mr. Figgins is baseball coach this year. Vocational Industrial Club is a national organiza- tion of vocational students. The officers of the M.I-I.S. V.I.C. this year were: president Chris Blosser, vice-president Alan Clark, secretary Caron Moor, treasurer Roger Ankney, and representative to state meetings Marty Freese. D.C.T. students were dinner hosts for their em- ployers and supervisors April 26. Guest speaker for the evening was Paul Muntz, industrial leadership consultant at Toledo University, speaking to the is group on the challenges facing D.C.T. graduates and the best courses of action in meeting these challenges. Master of Ceremonies was Chris Blosser. Named D.C.T. student of the year was senior Phill Hallock, employed at a local Montpelier factory. Above: Mr. Figgins talks with D.C.T. student of the year Phill Hallock. FRONT ROW: M. Freese, C. Blosser, C. Moor, C. Mettler, J. Stevens, R. Ankney, A. Clark. ROW 2: B. Tarr, S. McCrea, D. Stambaugh, J. Karnes, A. Dye, P. Hallock, R. Royer. ROW 3: R. Nichols, D.C.T. coordinator Mr. Figgins, T. Courtney. I8 LEADING SPIRIT SENICDRS SS OFFICERS AND ADVISOR. President Joe Huston, Vice President Sue Zigler, Secretary Kay Jerger, Treas- Jim Thompson, Advisor Mr. Vrooma Nc CUM Bi EVERY MQU NTAi,N nsoi TS R WN 84 siiis T liONC52S'4fEMihMEDTlWFiiTE ROSE Attentiveness is our middle name. "Well, it's 1 k th ," as Treasurer Jim Thompson sorrowfully pl d 20 RICKEY L. BAVIN College Prep. Football 2,3,45 Golf 2,3, 45 Basketball2, mgr., 4 mgr.g "M" Club 3,43 Choir 1. Birth Nov. 25, 1948. MARCIA JANE BIBLE Secretarial. Cheerleader 1,3,43 Choir 45 F.H.A. 1,2,3g G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 "M" Club 45Pep Club 1,2,3,43 Homecoming Queen Attendant. Birth June 18, 1948. SHARON KAY BROWN Home Economics. Choir 2,3,43 F.H.A.l,parl.2,3,4g G.A.A. 1, 2,3,4, Pep Club 1,2,3,4. Birth July 16, 1948. STEVEN KENT BROWN Industrial Arts. Basketball 15 Gol.f1 gFootball2,3,43 Track 2, 3,4g "M" Club 2,3, sgt. arms. 4. Birth Sept. 3, 1948. CHRISTOPHER L. BLOSSER D.C.T. Football l,2,3, Capt. 45 Boys' State 3s D.C.T. pres. 43 V.I.C. 45 Kak Brown Award. Birth April 29, 1948. LARRY C. BLOSSOM College Prep. Band 1, Senior Class Play. Birth Nov. 10, 1948. NORMAN A. BOWERS College Prep.Basketballl,2,3,4g Golf 1, 2,3,43 "M" Club 3,45 Boys' State alt. 3. Bnursepe 3o,1948. DORIS JEAN BROWN College Prep. A.A.C. 1,2,3,4, Annual Staff 1,2,3,4 bus. mgr.g Dramatics lg G.A.A. l,2,3, v. pres. 4, Girls' State 33 Library Club 1, sec. 2,3,4, M.U.N.A. 3, 45 National Honor Society 3,4. Birth May 11,1948. BRENDA MARIE CI-IRISMAN Business C1erica1.Band1,2,3,4g Choir 2, 3,4gF.H.A. 1,2, sec. 3. Birth March 20, 1948. ALAN L. CLARK D.c.T., D.c.T. v. pres. 4, v.1.c. 4. Binh April 22, 1948. RICHARD L. CLARK, JR. College Prep. Baseball 4. Birth Oct. 19, 1948. CATHY JEAN CLYMER Home Economics. Choir l,2,3,43 Cho- rale 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 1, v. pres. 2,3,4, G.A.A. 3,45 National Honor Society 4g Pep Club 3,4. Birth Feb. 24, 1948. 75" DENNIS C. COOK College Prep. Baseball 3. Birth Nov. 6, 1948. DIANA LYNN COOK Secretarial. Choir 2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4,PepC1ub I ,2,3, 45 Senior Queen Attendant. Birth Feb. 14, 1948. MARSHALL BRUCE DONALDSON College Prep. Basketball 1,2,45 A.A.C. 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3, pres. 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council pres. 4. Birth April 10, 1948. ALAN M. DYE Industrial Arts. Football 15 Wres- tling 2,3,45 "M" Club 2,3,45 D.C.T. 45 V.I.C. 4. Birth Oct. 7, 1948. STEVEN NOBLE COOPER College Prep. A.C.C. 1,2,35 Choir 1,35 Library Club 1,2, treas. 3, treas. 4, Dramatics 1, Senior Class Play. Birth May 23, 1948. TERRY LYNN COURTNEY Industrial Arts. Football 1,25 Track 1,25 Wrestling 1,25 "M" Club 1,2,3,45 Choir 1,2,35 Chorale 1,2,35 D.C.T. 45 V.I.C. 4. Birth Oct. 8, 1948. TOMMY CARL CREEK College Prep. Football 1,25 Track 1,2,35 Wrestling 1,25 Choir 1,3,45 Homecom- ing Queen Escort. Birth Nov. 22, 1948. PAMELA ANN CUSTAR Home Economics. Band 1,2,35 Choir 3,45 Dramatics 15 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Library Club 1,25 v. pres. 3,45 Senior Class Play. Birth April 20, 1949. LUCINDA JANE FRANKS Secretarial. Band 1,2,33 Choir 1,2,3,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 3. Birth Nov. 6, 1948. MARTY J. FREESE D.C.T. Baseball 2,3,4g "M" Club 33 Choir 2,33 Chorale 35 D.C.T. rep. 45 V.I.C. 4. Birth Feb. 15, 1948. GAY BERNIECE GAMBLER General. Choir 1,2,3. Birth Oct. 25, 1948. ROBERT DUANE GEARIG College Prep. Baseball 2,3,45Basketball 1,2,3,4g Football 45 "M" Club 2,3,4g Honorable Mention, All League Basket- ball 4. Birth Sept. 17, 1948. JESSE RC. GODSEY College Prep. Baseball l,2,3, Football 35 Annual Staff 35 Newspaper Staff 3, Spanish Club sec. 2, Math Club. Birth June 8, 1948. MARYLOU GOLDING College Prep. A.A.C. 1,2,3,43 Annual Staff 4g Dramatics 15 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Girls' State 3, Library Club 1, treas. 2,3,4g National Honor Society 3,43 Thespian 1,2,3,4g Senior Class Play, D.A.R. Award 4. Birth March 9, 1948. JUDITH DIANNE HOUSH Home Economics. F.H.A. 1,2, treas. 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,4. Birth Sept. 23, 1948. LINDA JEAN HOWARD Business Clerical. Choir 15 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3,4. Binh Sept. 6, 1948. LILLY JO HAINES Secretarial. Band 1,2,3, treas. 45 Choir 1,2,3,45 Chorale 3,45 F.H.A. 1, hist. 253, pres. 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Pep Band 35 Senior Class Play. Birth sept. 28, 1948. HARVEY DENNIS I-IALDIMAN College Prep. Track 15Wrestling 15An- nual staff 1,2,3,45 Band 1,25 Choir 1,2, 3,45 Chorale 3,45 Senior Class Play. Birth May 7, 1948. PHILIP D. HALLOCK D.c.'r. Baseball 1,2,a,"1w' Club 2,3,4, D.c.T. 4, v.1.c. 4. Binh July 7, 1946. JOSEPH BRIAN I-IERN College Prep. Birth July 22, 1948. JOE A. HUSTON College Prep. V. Pres. 3, Pres. 43 Basket- ball 1,2,33Golf 3,43 Track 23 Band 1,2, 3, v. pres. 43 Boys' State 33 Choir 3,43 Chorale 3,43 M.U.N.A. 2,3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Student Council 4. Binh Feb. 21, 1948. KATHLEEN ANN IMM Home Economics. Choir 13 G.A.A. 1,2, 3,43 Pep Club 1,2,3,4. Birth May 20, 1948. KAY EVELYN JERGER College Prep. Sec. 43A.A.C. 1,2,33 An- nual Staff 3,43 Choir 1,23 G.A.A. 1,2, 3,43 Girls' State alt. 33 Library Club 233, pres. 43 National Honor Society 43 Pep Club 1,2,3,4. Birth May 16, 1948. SUSAN LEE JOHN Secretarial. Sec.-Treas. 1,2,33 Cheer- leader 13 Choir 1,23 G.A.A. 1,2,3, sec. 43 Homecoming Queen. Birth Feb. 13, 1948. +-if '--4-.-40" 27 JEROME LYNN KARNES D.C.T. Baseball 4g Basketball 1,33Footba1l 1,2,3,43 "M" Club 3,43 D.C.T. 43 V.I.C. 4. Birth Jan. 30, 1948. RICHARD IIE KEESBURY Business Clerical. Basketball lg Track 2,3. Birth Feb. 18, 1948. SUSAN ANN MCKARNS Home Economics. Choir 2,3,45 Dra- matics 15 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2 3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Senior Class Play State Homemaker. Birth Sept. 2, 1948 MARY FRANCES MARTIN Home Economics. Band 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 4. Birth July 3, 1948. FREDERICK L. KIRK College Prep. Golf1,2,3,45 A.A.C. 1,2, 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Boys' State 35 Choir 15 Pep Band 2,3. Birth April 6, 1948. ROSANNA L. KISSINGER College Prep. Band 1,2,3, sec. 45 Choir 1,2,3,45 Chorale 1,Z,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3, hd. of volleyball 45 Library Club 1,2,3, sec. 45 Majorette 3,45 National Honor Society 45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Pep Band 1,2,3,4. Birth Nov. 7, 1948. STEPHEN M. MCCREA D.C,T. Basketball 1,25 Football 1,2,3, Track45 "M" Club2,3,45 Student Coun- cil l,2,3, D.c.T. 4, v.l.c. 4. Birth Feb. 3, 1948. CHRISTINE MCKARNS Business Clerical. Band 1,25 Choir 1,2, 3,45 Chorale 45 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,4. Birth Dec. 13, 1948. vs, ' CI-IERYL ANN METTLER D.C.T. Band 1,2,33 Majorene 1,2,33 G.A.A.1,2,3,4gD.C.T. 4.Birth June 26, 1947. JEFFREY L. MONTGOMERY General. Wrestling 1,45 "M" Club 4, Choir 1,2,3,4g Senior Class Play.Birth Nov. 7, 1948. CARON LEE MOOR Secretarial. Choir 2,35 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Pep Club 1,2,3,4g D.C.T. sec. 45 V.I.C. 4. Birth Aug. 24, 1948. PATRICIA ANNA MOORE Secretarial. Choir 1, F.H.A. 1, parl. 2,35 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,4. Birth March 31, 1948. .f Y I I f 1 A munuqvtsi ROGER L. NICHOLS D.C.T. Football 1,25 Track 15 D.C.T. 43 V.I.C. 4. Birth Aug. 1, 1947. M, .,.. K, 29 TERRY DONALD NORTHRUP College Prep. Pres. 1,2,35 Track 1,25 "M" Club 2,3,45 Band 1,2,35 Choir 1,2, 3,45 Chorale 2,3,43 Student Council 1,2,35 Senior Class Play, Homecoming Queen Escort. Birth March 22, 1948. ROBERT LEVON ROYER D.C.T.F.F.A.3,D.C.T. 4.Birth April 3, 1948. CONNIE MARLENE SEMER Secretarial. G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,4. Birth Jan. 10, 1948. DAVID VON OSBORN College Prep. Baseball 2,2-,4g ball 1gGo1f 15 "M-' Club 3,4. B 31, 1948. NANCY LOU PAPE Home Economics. Choir 1,2,3, li G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Pep Club Birth Oct. 25, 1948. CARY R. PIRTLE General. Football 3,43 "M" Bas ket - irth May 45F.H.A. 1,2,3,4. lub 3,4 S C Senior Class Playg Homecoming Queen Escort. Birth Oct. 15, 1948. General Band 1,2,3,4, Choir matics 15G.A.A. 1,2,3,45Pep Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Senior C1 Birth April 7, 1948. GLORIA JEAN POORMAN Ba 1,25 Dra- nd 1,4 5 ass Pl ay. JANE l. SKILES Home Economics. Choir 1,2,3,45F.I-LA. 1,2,3, rep. 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,43 Senior Class Play. Birth Oct. 27, 1948. CONSTANCE JEAN STAI-IL College Prep. A.A.C. 1,25 Annual Staff 1,2,3, editor 43 Choir 1,25 Dramatics 13 G.A.A. 1,2, treas. 3, pres. 45 Girls' State alt. 33 Library Club sec. 15 v. pres. 2, pres. 3,45 National Honor So- ciety sec. 3, sec. 4, Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Senior Queen, Track Queen. Birth Oct. 11, 1948. DAVID REX STAMBAUGH General. Band 1,25 D.C.T. 4, V.I.C. 4. Birth Oct. 11, 1948. JANET SUE STEVENS D.C.T. F.I-LA. 1,2,v. pres. 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,4g D.C.T. 45 V.I.C. 4. Birth Oct. 7, 1948. 'X'-'fi' I. al 3l KATHY CAROL STROBEL College Prep. Choir 1,2,3,45 Dramatics 1, G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Pep Club 1,2,3,4. Birth Oct. 22, 1948. WILLIAM LEE TARR D.C.T. Baseball 2,3,43 Basket- ball 1,2,3,45 "M" Club 2,3,45 D.C.T. sgt. arms. 4, V.I.C. 4. Birth June 24, 1948. SANDRA KAY ZEITER College Prep. Cheerleader 1,2, 35 Choir 15 F.H.A. 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Library Club 1,25 "M" Club 1,2535 Student Council 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,35 Senior Queen Attendant. Birth Oct. 6, 1948. ' SUE ELIEN ZIGLER Secretarial. V. Pres. 45 Annual Staff 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3, hd. of ind. 45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Sen- ior Class Play. Birth June 8, 1948. JAMES EUGENE THOMPSON College Prep. Treas. 3,45 Basketball 15 Golf l,2,3,45 Football 15 Choir 1,2535 M.U.N.A. 3,45 Senior Class Play student director5 Homecoming Queen Escort. Birth Oct. 10, 1948. DENNIS LEROY WALKER College Prep. V. Pres. 25 Basketball 1, 2,3, Capt. 45 Golf 15 Track 2,3,45 "M" Club 2,3,45 A.A.C. 2,35 M.U.N.A. 3,45 National Honor Societyv. pres. 35 pres. 45 Homecoming Queen Escort5 Second Team All League 4. Birth June 8, 1948. DANNY J. WENDORF Vocational. Baseball 15 Football 25 F.F.A. 1,2,3,rep. 4. Birth Oct. 8, 1946. SHELA DIANE WORD Business Clerical. Band 1,2, treas. 3,45 Cheerleader 15 Choir 1,3545 Chorale 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,treas. 45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Senior Queen Attendant. Birth Sept. 23, 1948. ,J GRCDWING SPIRIT CLASSES JUNIORS CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISOR Sec DeAnn Cooley, Pres. Mark Harman, Advisor, Mr. Delmar Karnes V Pres Dennis Heller, Treas. Don Meindl. Is American history class interesting? Students in second period history class have mixed feelings. Brenda Allen Angie Altaffer Phyllis Altaffer Jesse Ankney Judy Barnard Lexie Blossom Folke Boman Geoffrey Bryce Connie Cheadle Gary Clark Linda C lark St eve Coblentz Bruce Connolly Steve Connolly DeAnn Cooley Jeri Copeland Ginger Daniels - mt. ,.-sf, , , , , zigwiliw - -rf . ' ' J N .. if 1 K f 6 I W , K in . ' , lk ' .. my 9 . HM- 2. , ' 'KS-fn , ' ' 2- -Q-A., , . if -'MILS ' "1 ':'f'f. - Hifi ' . ur . . X K ,. 1 . I ' 1 h i s-' ',, , :gif ., ' ., 3 '- - . K ' J ' "f1F41iiZ.,f. sf 3 we , f' 1 , , v- 1.555 H f ff-4 iz . fr ef K ,. , 1 ,,,. :- I I , , L ,, , , M so ,O .1 , X M .: as 5 . ' - i 'V ' ' 4- 5 J ix 'X " , an if fa L- 1 , we-11,5 u, . 'Nw "1 1- if V+' a c 'N , , new il a 5 V. c Kai Fl . : N E N 5 . ' , R i ,huq E is A i L ,.:.,.. .I K . L g L. P 1 V - ei- , . L ,kk. ,, . . F K h ' A ,ml g. Qu G," :, ' .K V ' 'Q 3 X frm- , .M " 242 , x T V . S ,,., ,.,,r,. . .VII yy L z .4 , i wi' X J -. TQ ' ff N. 1 Al lil "-'hg' I . - K wik Y g K Q gg E -as 5 " ' ,..,,: 1 'K 5 ff: ,TT .. 1, ii' -, fc. L 'ie .' an by A ig 1 -1' if K fix' 35 Cf' x X ix Larry Davenport Mike Dewey Bev Esterline Mike Firestone Jeanette Franklin Peggy Gardner Vaughn Gordon Sandra Govin Karen Haines Pat Handy Mark Harman Kathie Harmon Mike Harrington Dennis Heller Janice Heller Mildred Hendrickson Chris Henry Diana Hopkins Kathy Humbarger Chris Imm Dwight Joice Ric Jones Steve Kays Tom Kimble Tom Kirk Richard Kreischer Roger Lee Jim Lilly Ralph Lloyd Darlene Luke Bruce Lung Sandra Lyon Dennis Manley John Martin Don Meindl Terry Miller Dave Moore Cindy Moore Shirley Oberlin Barb Olmstead Mike Oxender Tim Oyer Steve Parnham Bill Psurny Cathy Reimund Beverly Rockey Dorothy Rosendaul Marilyn Ruble Dennis Ruetz Carolyn Schafer Nelson Scott Alda Siebenaler John Sines Marlo Smethurst Lynne Snyder Connie Strawser Paul Swift Jerry Trott Kerry VonA1t Jim Westfall Alan Word Paul Zeisloft Kay Zigler SOPHOIVIORES CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISOR V. Pres. Melvin Dunseth, Pres. John Sayers, Advisor Mr. Harold Karnes, Treas. Nancy Northrup, Sec. Julie Allen. Geometry class is thoroughly absorbing to these sophomore students. 36 Debbxe Adams Julie Allen Brad Balser Mary Bemis Ben Blissett R andy Bloss er Bill Brenner Cindy Brown Sandy Brown Marina Buld as Julie C am eron Steve C arson Judy Carver Bruce Cheadle Randa Chrisman Pat Clinger Martha Combs if A Wwlf Q ' X' i , gf X J Q f A.A1 V AA yn mu A V no y gh 5 .. Q 5 'yly ly ff? gf QQ, X gig ' L Lf M S it C U1 n a i n .H IAQ V, YM xg uf, xx. I Q27 V' gui' A X' Ae 1 52426-Q 5 X x in wif . 4 f an no 5 ,A- - f Maw f' .-'ri' if V fe ,,,, i , S .KE ,ig K sm.. " ,I 2.""i X 5.4.5 the 2' X S CWA if I E ff Q . , , , sa ' M", lk my wg. . r .W H - 5.1-3, GX 1 - 4, D L ' t X fl Qi-s 5 1, I Q i w it 2,4 ' . Ar Q h S1 f J 'IST' Q' W "' fs, 1 'Cr 845 an it X 'N is fi, . wr A' ' " - ,NX . Y A if as , I 5 'K ' Xi ii as rigs 8. I K'Pf"'i.f K . l l if X fix Q? ,..,,.,x , ,ay ,LA it fr Wi i , ,S If 511' X .. ,! x ff' 37 ,tr S 1 uw ff , ff iz 1 . at - . i..5-,iie2ee,.,,g, .Wim K W 5: J Ms 4 Y -W X wi s I V1 'T I ,sv L. 'Cf' ff K i, X m ... 3 R ,Q A.. r u x, g 'L', J 5158 at-X - S U53 , . Melvin Dunseth Lynn Fifer Kathy Ford Ron Godsey Genie Gordon Bob Gorsuch Ellen Goshorn Jerri Govin Nancy Hahn Connie Harrington Phil Kannel Dennis Keesbury Carroll Kreischer Gary Kreischer Steve Krill Bob Kunkle Linda Maag Shawn Manley Don Mason Monte McGowen Alice Michael Susan Michael Beth Miller Rich Miller Susan Miller Jody Montgomery Chuck Moog Lois Moor John Moore Mike Moore Terry Nelson Terry Nemire Nancy Northrup Terry Pann Vicki Perkins Gary Reamsnyder Kathy Robarge Karen Rurnmel R aymond Rummel Roger Saneholtz John Sayers Don Schuman John Schuman Melinda Semer Rita Siebenaler Sandy Siebenaler Dean Skiles Delores Stahl Karen Stambaugh Nancy Starr Charles Stevens John Storrer Christine Strobel Karen Tharp Mike Thompson Marvin Thorp John Trautman Lavern Tressler Julia Van Coppenolle David Wermer 75" r Becky Woodhouse 1, 1 W vi? 5 wg: -V 7 Denver Wright - ' Z , A Richard Wright A un x Jw l fl W, ,. I FRESHIVIEN CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISOR Sec.-Treas. Cindy Michael, V. Pres. Jim Jerger, Advisor Mr. Richard I-lollstein, Pres. Bill Henry. There is someone missing from science class today! John Balser Cindy Beavers Jeff Bemis Chris Allen Kenneth Allman Gail Anderson Dennis Baden it Kay Bidlack Torn Bidlack Jean Blissett Dan Brown Terry Buntain Cathy Carder Angela Combs Sharon Coon Bill Dietrick Tom Dilworth Dean Dreher Marcia Echler Charles Elson John Ely Roberta Faunce Morris Frappier Pat Gearig Dan Gilbert 38 is :f rr , K E' ii 'F x 1 K , QW as as has rr 9 i . mb? K was 9 r is P ish N IES an 'ii 'x --. ,. .. ,V ,Q ' ' x 1 'Y . , .iz W s , . 1- fl fi if N, 43 in url ff wr.. 'A ,Y Q, xl W ii f b i L In . ,lkr X-' K 7 1 ,. Ex X . 15-l K I 1 1 f f T 3 1 , x Q s u :,4,W.,, -. ,, V,.V f,-is X g f J ll it c , is X! -' .:" T il l ,.-- f AV-L ., J s R A J, ,:,.. ,. Q I V t ' 4. use. orgs - 6 E . .. nf wg Ll K 1 V- , - gt, gig .. - in :-,:-. ,g .,-,Q . mg . I ., K. 1. 5? fares, S . .,.!:. .. :n,. V r L in . . d , Q 1 ? X , o r X K' Q 325.9 7' 'M n 3 ii is ii s ,, ,K v , if iw 3 1, if Sk 4 C i -YS K X. Wine! .mv ...JT ' ...rm -H- ... ..-- f........k u..11.... ......-re: s . ig! , A as i t a rf- f REQ 1 Q 1 X ,- Que L, xt? -I W x ffv digg? - X. ar 5 tw 3 t is in Q ali fx il f in N Q -5-Qs' 4 ,, , s-- Y x 'X xx at W' 'sfffw J - I 4 ' P-.4 tar- V V ' , ,,, i n - fl, if 'SQ' f 5' l 1 T T siiii Q A 4 5 A .4 le I A '95 l ,," 1,-.1 3 i 3 A I 1.4 Q 3, A g M X 1 are rr, 3 is gg 1. - in .Jn -' lf J 4 x s i" 'E W 'lla Mike Gilbert Tom Gilcher David Gleason Janice Govin Belinda Handy Connie Handy Erwin Harrington Brenda Hedrick Mike Henricks Bill Henry Lana Hill Mike I-Iillard Kay Huston Jim J erger Jeff John Steven John Tom Jump Ron Keesbury Pat Kimble Darlene Kreischer Carol Lloyd Russell Luke Paul Manley Jody McCamis Reed McMi11en Cindy Michael James Michael Chris Miller Roger Miller Susan Miller Karen Moog Sandra Moore Eddie Morr Rick Nelson Susan Norris Rick Oberlin Eugene Owen Penny Oyer Fred Psurny Susan Reamsnyder Susan Reese Dona Richolt Nancy Richter Wanda Robarge Patty Ruble Jane Ruetz Roger Schafer Doug Siebenaler Nancy Stambaugh Randy Starr Ed Steinke Don Stevens Larry Stevens Mark Thomas Teresa Thornburg Connie Tingle Randy Tingle Mike Weitzel Rick Welker Scott Welling Marc Whitaker Nancy Wineland Shirley Zehr GRADE EIGHT I wrgfqpfr: .fyrgw w, if CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISOR Pres. Penny McPherson, Sec. Christie Clymer, Advisor Mrs. Dorothy Gardner, Treas. Julia Hoag, V. Pres. Rob Heller. Eighth graders enjoy the facilities of the school library. y 40 5. ,, Mu, on ', 5 Molly Allen V. X WM Georgia Bashor Richard Bastein Cheryl Beavers Fred Beek Mike Bell Rick Brandt Don Bulla J eannie C alvin Sandy C arp enter Lonnie Chrisman Gary Churchman Dan Clark Christie Clymer H 'M wzf1zSfsw Q- K ' -' wi , this ,A A fr P ST, ens ue S , J is , ,xy .. .. - -ae at tg J ,JT , V. g VA I , ,l, ,asf xx Q X I li I f I T' .' ff."?? f1 Lnf + L 'M Rl N S is - , YQ J Q5 1 'X Lili- X 2 P' , , 1 1 fi 2 H y. 57 L.KkLL I , ..,:: 'P e A tsrra E L Y ' is t e ase. 'U W 6 In Vfsf'-fi ? if , .Q J i 12 my LVVL M lib R L A WU 41 Linda Connolly Patty Cook Chris Cooper Susan DeGraw Jerry Dye Becky Ewell James Finch Tom Firestone Deborah Frappier Ted Gambler Mike Gearhart Cherie Given Curtis Harter Rob Heller Ron Hillard Julia Hoog Robert I-Iofbauer Jerry Keesbury Linda Kissinger Penny Knecht James Kolbe Bob Leppien Nancy Light Beth Livensparger Marvin Lloyd Sharon Manley Sharon Masters Connie McCrea Penny McPherson Nancy Mick Kent Miller Larry Moore Susan Moore Susan Nemire Doug Pressler Sue Rediger Beth Reimund Mike Richmond Rick Richmond Steve Richmond Armeda Sawmiller Doug Siebenaler Wendy Smith James Snow Cliff Spire Gary Stambaugh Bob Stanton Lee Starr DeWayne Stewart Ann Suffel David Suffel Brenda Suman Kathy Suntken Jack Teats Sandra Tressler Sharon Tubbs Cindy Vanstaen Terry Wagner David Welker Nancy Wermer Alan Wortman Steve Youse SERVICE PERSON NEL Elementary Custodians: Don Gray, Edward Frymire, Orville Kuckuck. ' X 1 xxx N M High School Custodian: Chester Bible. Cooks: Celestine Scott, Evilo Prosser, Eva Wisman, and D.C.T. student CherylMettler. Below left: School Nurse Char- lotte Kwader. Below right: High School Custodian Clarence Malone. sg I in X I 'fflfl f, F QR!! UGS Q , nw- sw ,dwyai Mi? 5 iw wifi Q wwf' asf f-ffm ,gui YS-J :amass f: if ,qv Q ii A 1 31"-. may WCDRKING SPIRIT CDRGANI- ZATICDNS ACADEMIC ACHIEVEIVI ENT CLUB ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT CLUB recognized those students who have maintained a 3.3 cumulative average during their high school career. Each student who has maintained the 3.3 average is recognized at an assembly program held for this purpose. Each member receives an official membership card for each semester he remains a member. ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT CLUB BANQUET This year the Academic Achievement Club banquet was held March 22 in the Elementary School cafeteria, honoring Achievement Club members and their parents . Special recognition was given to three and four year club members. Three year members are Bruce Con- nolly, Mark Harman, Lynne Snyder, and Kay Zigler . Right: Four year A.A.C. members are Marshall Dona1dsonQ3.867l, Doris Brown f3.833j, Fred Kirk Q3.400j, Marylou Golding f3.313Q. WlLSON'S CUSTAR HOME SERVICE AND SUPPLY A.A.C. FRONT: D. Cooley, R Thornburg, S. Norris, D Adams, K. Zigler, M coming, D. Brown. BACK: P. Kannel, B. Henry, M Harman, M. Donaldson, B Connolly, F. Kirk, D Wermer. Not picmred: L Snyder. LOUDEN'S DON NORTHRUP Lime 81 Fertilizer ROW 1: D. Luke, P. Gardner, K. Jerger, D. Meindl, C. Cly- mer, M. Harman, K. Zigler, R. Kis- singer. ROW 2: Mrs. Wilkens, C. Stahl, J. Huston, D. Walker, M. Donaldson, D. Brown, M. Gold- ing. Not pictured: Lynne Snyder. The purpose of the NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY is to ncourage and recognize the development of the complete tudent personality, which integrates good scholarship, per- onal integrity, growing leadership, and expanding service o school and community. Shortly after the opening of the econd semester, the student body assembled in the audito- ium to watch the old members tap new member. On March nd a public induction ceremony was held, followed by a eception honoring all the members and their parents. The STUDENT COUNCIL of Montpelier High School represents the students in the school and the community. The Council works as a liaisen between the school ffaculty and administrationj and the students. Improvement of the physical appearance of the school grounds, participation in the WBNO radio broadcasts, and promotion of the school image con- stitute a few of the Council projects. The most important function of the Student Council is to receive or propose changes which will benefit the school. This year each Council member, for a period of one week, handled the morning and afternoon announcements over the P.A. system. Left to right SEATED: S. Zei- ter, L. Snyder, Mr. Wasilowski, M. Donaldson, B. Miller, J. Huston, STANDING: P. McPherson, B. Henry, J. Storrer, J. Sayers, J. Lilly, M. Harman, S. Tubbs, R. Richmond, C. Tingle. Page Sponsored by WESTERN AUTO ROZELL'S FLOWER SHOP KIMMEL DRUGS DON MOCHERMAN AGENCY ROW 1: N. Wineland, S. Cox, J. Skiles, K. Haines,B. Olm- stead,L. Haines, S. Oberlin, P. Clinger, S. McKams, J. Housh, C. Clymer. ROW 2: Mrs. Fisher, J. Franklin, C. Tingle, J. Blissett, C. Straw- ser, A. Siebenaler, B. Ester- line, J. Stevens, S. Brown, K. Bidlack, J. Ruetz. ROW 3: B. Hedrick, D. Richolt, C. Handy, M. Combs, K. Rummel, K. Robarge, W. Robarge, D. Kreischer, K. Moog, B. Handy, L. Hill. ROW 4: N. Stambaugh, L. Moore, J. VanC oppenolle , V.Perkins, S. Brown, S. Sie- benaler, R. Nelson, L. Maag, N. Starr, C. Carder, K. Hus- fO1'1. at HQMEMAKEQS AMERICA The MONTPELIER CHAPTER OF FUTURE HOME- MAKERS OF AMERICA emphasizes the joy and satis- faction in homemaking. F.H.A. encourages democracy in home and community life, and works toward healthy, happy, home and family life for all. F.H.A. officers are president Lilly Haines, vice-president Karen Haines, secretary Barb Olmstead, treasurer Judy Carver, advisor Mrs. Dona Fisher. The STUDENT LIBRARY ASSISTANT'S CLUB ex- tends efficient library services to all students and fac- ulty. Each library assistant works two periods per week in the library. A monthly business meeting with a planned program is conducted. An Induction Ceremony for eleven new members was held February 16, in the library. Assistants attend annual district and state Stu- dent Library Assistant's organizations. Paperback book sales are held in the school through the fall and winter. Library Club officers are president Kay Jerger, vice- president Marilyn Ruble, secretary Rosanna Kissinger, treasurer Steve Cooper. Mrs. Violet Bible is Library Club advisor. er,M. Ruble, M. Golding Bible, T. Thornburg. Page Sponsored by PELTCS LUMBER CO. COBB'S HARDWARE KREISCHER BROTHERS SHELL 46 ALLEN CUNNIFF FURNITURE Left to right SEATED: D. Brown, P. Custar, K. Jer- ger, R. Kissinger, S. Coop- 7 C. Stahl. STANDING: C. Mi11er,D. Adams, C. Har- 1 rington, L. Richmond, D. Stahl, R. Chrisman, B. Miller, N. Northrup, M. Buldas,F.Bowman, C. Al- len, M. Semer, C. Brown, M. Bemis, S. Norris, Mrs. The "M" CLUB consists of 39 members. In order to be- ome a member in the varsity club, a student must earn varsity award in football, basketball, wrestling, track, aseball, golf, or cheerleading. The officers for this year re: President Bob Gearig, Vice -president Ron Lester, Sec- retary Barb Olmstead, Treasurers Debbie Adams and Phyl- ,is Altaffer, Sergeant at arms Steve Brown. lOWl:D.Baden, R. Rum- --f f nel, K. Allman, M. Dun- eth, R. Lee, M. Oxender, J. Ruetz, M. I-Iillard, C. Stevens, D. Stevens, R. ichafer. ROW2: Mr. Bow- nan, R. Tingle, D. Skiles, Sines, D. Brown, J. lchuman, A. Word, B. 'sumy, R. Kreischer, L. luster, D. Manley. ROW : J. Montgomery R. ,loyd, D. Wright, J. Mar- in, C. Kreischer, E. Har- ington,D. Joice, S. Cob- Entz,D.Cooley, D. Glea- n, L. Stevens. ROW 4: D. Vendorf, D. Mason, B. lissett, D. Moore, M. rappier, B. Dietrick, B. lorsuch, L. Davenport, G. Ireischer, J. Ely. i IVI CLUB ROW 1: D. Osborn, R. Sane- holtz, D. Adams, P. Altaffer, B. Olmstead, M. Bible, R. Jones, T. Kirk. ROW 2: C. Blosser,A. Word, A. Dye, D. Walker, M. Oxender, M. Smethurst, J. Moore. ROW 3: S. Manley, J. Martin, B. Blis- sett, T. Northrup, R. Bavin, S. Krill, R. Lee, M. Moore. ROW4:E.Badgley, S.Brown, S. McCrea, G. Pirtle, T. Courtney, N. Bowers, B. Tarr, S. Carson. ROW 5: B. Psurny, J. Lilly, M. Firestone, B. Gearig,D.Dreher,D. Mason, , ,Z P. Hallock, J. Storrer. THE MONTPELIER CHAPTER OF FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA this year aided the state by informing all farmers in the school area of a new state law requiring large reflector signs to be on all slow moving vehicles. F.F.A. promotes leadership through public speaking and parliamentary procedure. Primary functions of the F.F.A. are to develop agricultural cooperation, competent rural- farm leadership, confidence of young men in their chosen agricultural occupations, love of country, and love of country life.F.F.A. encourages members to improve their farm home and its surroundings. Officers of the F.F.A. are: PresidentBillPsurny, Vice-president MelvinDunseth, Sec- retary Mike Oxender, Treasurer Ralph Lloyd, Sentinel Randy Tingle, Recorder Carroll Kreischer, Student advi- sor Dennis Manley, and faculty advisor Mr. Bowman. Page Sponsored by T GENE'S PURE OIL BEA'S BEAUTY SHOP WEST JEFFERSON REPAIR SHOP EARL SNYDER REAL ESTATE G.A.A. ROW 1: D. Adarns, P. Altaffer, B. Olrnstead, M. Bible. ROW 2: M. Golding, R. Kissinger, C. Clymer, J. Skiles, D. Brown, C. Stahl, S. Zigler, S. Brown, L. Baker, S. Dilworth, N. Pape, K. Jerger, K. Strobel. ROW 3: K. Imm, G. Poorman, S. John, C. Semer, S. McKarns, C. McKarns, P. Custar, L. Howard, D. Cook, C. Mettler, L. Haines, Mrs. Haines. ROW 4: C. Franks, L. Snyder, J. Copeland, L. Blossom, C. Reimund, A. Siebenaler, K. Haines, B. Rockey, K. Harmon, J. Heller, C. Imm, S. Govin, J. Housh. ROW 5: M. Martin, T. Miller, J. Franklin, L. Clark, S. Cox, L. Moore, M. Hendrickson, K. Zigler, M. Ruble, P. Gardner, D. Luke, C. Strawser. ROW 6: J. Stevens, C. Cheadle, S. Ober1in,L. Richmond, B. Esterline,A. Altaifer, K. Hurnbarger, C. Schafer, P. Handy, D. Hopkins, G. Daniels. EXECUTIVE BOARD SEATED: Vice-President Doris Brown, Advisor Mrs. Haines, President- Connie Stahl. STANDING: Head of Volleyball Rosanna Kissinger, Secretary Susan John, Head of Individuals, Sue Sigler, Head of Basketball Linda Baker, Treasurer Shelia Dilworth. The GIRL'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION is an organization! which any girl may join upon reaching the ninth grade. G.A.A. creates an interest in all sports, encourages school spirit, in creases physical participation, and develops sportsmanshil throughout life. Points are given for participation in intramur basketball and volleyball games held during the noon houj Bicycling, hiking, horseback riding, ice skating, attaining thi honor roll, attending high school athletic events such as foot ball, baseball and basketball games, or wrestling and trac meets are ways of earning G.A.A. points alsor Highlights of thi G.A.A. are the Christrnasprograrn,whichissponsoredbyG.A.A the Christmas record hop, which was the money-making projej to pay for the various award received by the members, the G.A. semi-formal dance, whichis closedto only G.A.A. members ani their escorts, and the G.A.A. Mother-Daughter Banquet, at whicl the girls receive recognition for the points they have mad- throughout the year. This year the G.A.A. basketball and voll leyball teams played several county schools' teams. Althougl our season was not awinning one, the girls enjoyed making new friends and participating with girls from other schools. Page Sponored by K 8. L OIL CO. MONTPELIER CREMERY CO. 4, GORNY-WINZELER Bows FRIENDLY SERVICE GAA. A. 'FE T5 danamtt .4 ROW 1: C. Henry, D. Stahl, C. Harrington, M. Semer. ROW 2: J. Cameron, C. Brown, M. Bemis, R. Siebe- naler, B. Miller, M. Buldas, R. Chrisman, N. Northrup, A. Michael, K. Rummel, N. Starr, L. Maag. ROW 3: S. Zehr, S. Miller, C. Strobel, J. Allen, L. Moor, J. VanCoppenolle, V. Perkins, S. Brown, M. Combs, S. Siebenaler, T. Nelson, K. Ford,D. Kreischer. ROW 4: K. Moog, W. Robarge, A. Combs, J. Govin, P. Clinger, G. Gordon, B. Woodhouse, N. Hahn, K. Tharp, S. Michael, N. Starnbaugh, N. Wineland, J. Blissett. ROW 5: C. Tingle, K. Bidlack, K. Huston, S. Moore, C. Carder, P. Oyer, J. Ruetz, S. Reamsnyder, J. Govin, N. Richter, C. Handy, C. Miller, B. Hendrick, C. Michaels. ROW 6: C. Allen, M. Echler, D. Richolt, T. Thornburg, P. Kimble, S. Norris, S. Coon, P. Ruble, S. Reese, G. Anderson, S. Miller, B. Handy, E. Goshorn, P. Gearig. GAA. BASKETBALL TEAM ROW 1: S. Brown, L. Howard, J. Skiles, C. ,,. Stahl, R. Kissinger, D. Cook, L. Baker, S. Zig- ler. ROW 2: S. McKarns, M. Hendrickson, C. Strawer, K. Haines, K. Zigler, A. Siebenaler, T. Miller,M. Golding. ROW 3: K. Moog, K. Bid- lack, S. Miller, S. Michaels, J. Allen, W. Ro- barge. GAA. VOLLEYBALL TEAM FRONT ROW: S. Brown, S. McKarns, L. How- ard, L. Baker, K. Zigler, M. Golding, G. Poor- man. BACK ROW: K. Haines, C. Moore, S. Michaels, A. Siebenaler, M. Hendrickson, C. Strawser, M. Bemis, T. Miller, S. Miller, C. Brown. Page Sponsored by CITY PRO HARDWARE BOONE LUMBER COMPANY MONTPELIER AUTO AUCTION 49 ROWES RECREATION VARSWY Y hf', L s1 ,Wil 5 'II X .4 Y 1 V J I Y pi' Q ' " "' . L 1 ',i"F" P' a YY . . 1 w i I . .. , , 11.,g J L I ' L rl WJJW ,.,'iQEigQiiiiffSaQJg5Fi.:'X 'ii . ROW 1: M. Bemis, N. Starr, J. Barnard, C. Strawser, B. Miller, M. Buldas, R. Chrisman, S. McKarns, S. Brown, R. Siebenaler, D. Stahl, B. Rockey, K. Harmon, M. Ruble. ROW 2: P. Kimble, M. Semer, S. Miller, E. Goshorn, G. Daniels, D. Richolt, S. Brown, K. Strobel, R. Kissinger, C. Clymer, C. Imm, K. Haines, D. Adams, L. Haines, S. Dilworth. ROW 3: Mr. Whitaker, B. Chrisman, C. Harrington, B. Olmstead, C. Strobel, J. Govin, C. Handy, S. Reamsnyder, N. Richter, C. Carder, S. Coon, P. Ruble, P. Altaffer, J. Ruetz, L. Moore, C. Schafer. ROW 4: B. Henry, J. Montgomery, T. Northrup, E. Badgley, N. Northrup, J. Skiles,'D. Cook, J. Copeland, M. Harman, K. VonAlt, D. Meindl, D. Haldiman, M. Firestone. ROW 5: S. Kays, R. Schafer, S. Krill, B. Kunkle, L. Tressler, D. Siebenaler, K. Allman, B. Cheadle, D. Gilbert, M. Thomas, T. Dilworth, T. Buntain, J. Michael, J. Martin, D. Joice. ROW l: Mr. Whitaker, K. Strobel, S. Dilworth, R. Kissinger, C. Clymer, G.Daniels, K. Humbarger, C. Reimund, D. Adams. ROW 2: M. McGowan, L. Haines, L. Snyder, C. McKarns, P. Altaffer, C. Henry, N. Northrup, J. Trott, D. Haldiman. ROW 3: P. Kannel, K. VonAlt, T. Kimble, T. North- rup, D. Meindl, J. Huston, M. Firestone, M. Harman, J. Trautman. Not pictured: Nelson Scott. to CHORALE The M.H.S. Chorale is a vocal grou consisting of students chosen for thei intense interest in and desire for singing Such qualities as musicianship, show manship, and personality are als, stressed. The Chorale achieves persona objectives also--members gain pois from public appearances, achieve a mor mature approach to interpretation 0 choral literature, and make adjustmeni in all kinds of presentation situation: The Chorale is uniformed in blue blaze jackets purchased from donations by or ganizations requesting its services. Bron pins are awarded to each member aft? serving one ye ar. The Chorale, under t direction of Mr. Robert Whitaker, sin all types of music--from the sacred t . the contemporary. Page Sponsored by SUPERIOR AGENCY STAR MARKET LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE MONTPELIER CITY LAUNDRY 50 CHORUS We i ' f T ROW 1: T. Miller, S. Govin, P. Gardner, D. Luke, C. Allen, C. Miller, L. Baker, N. Pape, M. Bible, J. Blissett, B. Handy, K. Moog, L. Hill. ROW 2: C. Henry, C. Reimund, P. Handy, K. Humbarger, G. Gordon, B. Woodhouse, J. Govin,A. Michael, M. Combs, K. Tharp, P. Altaffer, W. Robarge, D. Kreischer, S. Moore, Mr. Whitaker. ROW 3: L. Snyder, L. Blossom, J. Franklin, A. Siebenaler, M. Hendrickson, T. Thornburg, S. Miller, G. Anderson, S. Zehr, S. Reese, M. Echler, S. Norris, C. Michael, C. Tingle, P. Gearig. ROW 4: T. Kimble, R. Creek, S. Oberlin, C. Cheadle, A. Altaffer, C. McKarns, P. Custar, C. Franks, K. Bidlack, D. Wermer, J. Trautman, J. Huston, J. Stor- rer,D.Haldiman, M.Firestone. ROW 5: J. Schuman, P. Manley, M. Moore, M. Thompson, C. Kreischer, D. Dreher, R. Miller, S. Krill, B. Kunkle, R. Saneholtz, T. Pann, M. McGowan, P. Kannel, R. Starr. EIGHTH GRADE CHORUS ROW 1: N. Mick, S. Rediger, L. Connolly, P. Knecht, S. Nemire, C. McCrea, S. Tubbs, L. Kissinger, C. Clymer, M. Allen, B. Reimund, J. Calvin, S. DeGraw. ROW 2: C. Given, H. Livensparger, S. Carpenter, K. Suntken, C. Vanstaen, S. Tressler, S. Master, D. Frappier, N. Light, W. Smith, C. Cooper, P. Cook, A. Sawmiller, B. Suman. ROW 3: R. Brandt, S. Richmond, J. Snow, C. Beavers, S. Moore, B. Ewell, N. Wermer, J. Hoag, P. McPherson, A. Suffel, J. Teats, M. Lloyd, A. Wortman. ROW 4: R. Hoibauer, D. Stewart, L. Chrisman, R. Heller, M. Bell, R. Stanton L. Moore D. Bulla R. Echler R. Richmond T. Firestone R. Hillard. ROW 5: G. Churchman D. Siebe- J I I 2 J l I naler,D. Suffel,B.Leppien, C. Spire, K. Miller, M. Gearhart,J.Keesbury, J. Dye, D. Clark, R. Beek, J. Kolbe, D. Welker, Mr. Whitaker. ff. Page Sponsored by GAMBLES KlNDLER'S FLOWERS DONNA MAY'S BEAUTY SHOP MEINDL MOTOR SALES, INC. 51 IVl.H.S. BAND COLOR WOODWINDS AN D FLUTES FRONT: N. Stambaugh, S. Dil- worth, D. Adams, G. Gordon, M. Combs, BACK: R. Kissinger, B. Hedrick, L. Connolly, P. Gardner, D. Luke, B. Chrisman. TROIVIBONE AND CORN ET FRONT: D. Suffel, J. Dye, G. Poorman, R. Luke, M. Dewey, T. Dilworth. BACK: J. Hoag, P. Mc- Pherson, T. Bidlack, J. Huston, D. Meindl, M. Firestone, F. Kirk, R. Starr. CLARINET FRONT: A. Sawmiller, N. Light, L. Kissinger, D. Frappier, S. Masters, C. Given. BACK: R. Siebe- naler, J. Trautman, N. Wineland, M. Martin, M. Harman, J. Calvin, S. Red- iger, K. Suntken. lVI.H.S. BAND SAXOPHUNE: P. Aitaffer, K. Huston, K. Hum- barger, L. Haines, T. Firestone. FRENCH HORN, TU BA, BAR ITONE: FRONT: C. Reimund, M. Donaldson, L. Moore, S. Tubbs. BACK: N. Northrup, R. Wright, S. Zehr. k C. Clymer, K. Miller, D. Siebe- naler, S. Michael. HEAD NXAJORETTE: MA- G. Gordon, R. Kissinger, C. Reimund. G. Saneholtz. 1' ,na BAND OFFICERS Treasurer, Lilly Haines Secretary, Rosanne Kissinger Vice President, Joe Huston President, Marshall Donaldson SENIOR BAND MEMBERS SEATED: R. Kissinger, J. Huston, M. Donaldson, L. Haines. STAND- ING: B. Chrisman, G. Poorman, F. Kirk, M. Martin, S. Word. This year the M.H.S. band recognized nine sen- iors each of Whom has been a band member for either eight or nine years . 3M COMPANY " W1 2- , v . Qld ,, ' V HV iw: M: i are S S 1' f f 2 REP BAND ROW 1: K. Huston, N singer, R. Starr, D Meindl. ROW 2: S Michael, P. Gardner D.Luke,J. Trautman ROW 3:D. Siebenaler Dewey, M. Firestone Mr. Engels. Page Sponsored by HENRY'S SHOE STORE THERMOGAS CO. OF MONTPELIER LUKE AND STEINKE 54 Insurance 81 Real Esioie Wineland, R. Kissin- ger, M. Martin, L. Kis- M. Harman, G. Gor: don, K. Humbarger. R. Wright, G. Poor: man, T. Dilworth, M. 7 MODEL UNWED NATIONS ASSEMBLY SEATED: D. Meindl, Nlr. Vrooman, D. Walker, J. Hus- ton, STANDING: J. Thompson, D Brown, M. Har- man. The MODEL UNITED NATIONS ASSEMBLY was held March .1 and 12 at Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan. For the wo day period, selected students from grades 10 through 12 gathered to represent the nations of the world in a model U.N. Xssembly. The Assembly offers an opportunity for today's youth o place themselves in the position of other nations so that hese students might see the many different viewpoints associ- ited with an issue or problem. Each school participating was livided into small groups, each group representing one coun- ry. MHS MUNA delegates represented Singapore. Concluding he session was a banquet and a planned program with guest peakers. The purpose of the ANNUAL STAFF is to preserve in the Mirrora remembrance of school days and activities, the staff strives to present a complete and informative Mirror. The staff of twelve girls and a photographer, selected from grades 9through 12, solicited sponsored pages and conducted annual sales to pay for the 1966 Mirror. The staff attends annual clin- ics where more and better techniques in setting up an annual are learned. In the fall of '65, the staff attended both the Bowling Green University Annual Clinic and the clinic at Bryan High School. ANNUAL STAFF ROW 1: S. Zig- ler, T. Miller, K. Zigler, L. Sny- der, J. Heller, M. Golding. ROW 2: C. Mil- ler, M. Bemis, D. Stahl, K. Jerger. ROW 3: C. Stahl, D. Haldiman, D. Brown. Page Sponsored by IDEAL ELECTRIC STORE BLISSETT MOTOR SALES LIGHT'S SOHIO SERVICE 55 THOMPSON'S FUNERAL HOME IVIGVING SPIRIT ACTIV- ITIES M.H.S. supporters slithered into line for the annual snake dance. The provingly upon their faithful supporters. SNAKE DANCE Amid an attentive crowd of M.H.S. supporters, Coach Krouse de- livered a rousing pep talk. Coach leveled with the boysg it will be a tough game. The annual M.l-I.S. Snake Dance was held on the eve of October 21. The youth formed the snake lincwhich began at the High School and terminated at Montpelier'S Memorial Park. Page Sponsored by ARO CORPORATION band played gaily and the boys looked ap- The blazing bonfire illuminated the jet black night as the fighting Locomotives burned a Bryan bear in effigy. Freshman Attendant Miss Chris Allen, Escort Mr. Gary Pirtle, Sophomore Attendant Miss Randa Chrisrnan, Escort Mr. Dennis Walker, Homecoming Queen Miss Susan John, Escorts Mr. Ronald Lester and Mr. Terry Northrup, Sen- ior Attendant Miss Marcia Bible, Escort Mr. James Thompson, Junior Attendant Miss Cathy Reimund, Escort Mr. Thomas Creek. 5 in ' HOMECOMING QUEEN Miss SUSAN LEE JOHN HOIVIECOIVIING Miss Susan john reigned as 1965 Homecom- ing Queen, Her attendants were: senior--Miss Marcia Bible, junior--Miss Cathy Reimund , sophomore--Miss Randa Chrisman, and fresh- man- -Miss Chris Allen. Queen Susan was pre - sented with the traditional bouquet of White mums accented by blue and White ribbons, and each of her attendants was presented with a white mum corsage accented by blue ribbons . Although victory was not ours, the Home- coming game was one of our best offensive ef- forts . The boys came back, after several dis- heartening defeats, and performed very credi- bly against a fine Wauseon team . 58 FOOTBALL BANQU ET Forty-seven Locomotives received laurels at the football banquet Novem- ber 25. Coach Krouse presented twenty- three varsity awards, seventeen of which were awarded to underclassmen. Special awards went to seniors Chris Blosser and Steve Brown, receiving third year var- sity awardsg juniors James Lilly and Al Word,gaining second year medals5 and freshmen Dean Dreher and Ric Oberlin, earning varsity "M"s. Folke Boman was awarded the varsity manager's award. Varsity cheerleaders received varsity honors and freshman cheerleaders were recognized. Frank Lauterbur, guest speaker, de- scribed the rise to fame of a shoddy ball club through determination and the will to become champions. Chris Blosser, senior guard, received the 18th Earl "Kak" Brown award from Mr. Frank Altaffer. Frank Lauterbur, head football coach for the To- ledo University Rockets. Next year looks promising for the "Fighting Locomotives." Page Sponsored by BARNARD CONSTRUCTION CO. 15-. SENIOR QUEEN MISS CONSTANCE JEAN STAHL I COURT DIANA LYNN GOOK MISS LINDA K. BAKER SI-IELA VDIAISLELDILWORTI-I MISS SANDRA KAY ,lmwgg--I VV r- .,.. a ..,.,. , ,.... . J, "1 M we if - 4 rm -X E ,Q .iw i x my fm wg H , .. A J, I 'ME xx .sm if LLIV " ,.LAZ Q. 0 S aa 'ig 1965-1966 Senior Queen and her Court sat upon the throne to view the Senior Play. Left to right: Miss Linda Baker, Miss Diana Cook, Miss Constance Stahl, Miss Shela Dilworth, and Miss Sandra Zeiter. Senior class President Joe Huston crowned Miss Stahl Queen Constance. 61 'FPS Miss Tammy Moore was train bearer and Master Nathan Brown served as crown bearer. Gloria Poorman, Nancy Pape, Terry Northrup, Lilly Jo Haines, Gary Pirtle, Marylou Golding, Pam Custar, Susan McKarns, Jeff Montgomery, Steve Cooper, Sue Zigler, Larry Blossom, Jane Skiles, Dennis Haldiman, Marcia Bible MOTHER IS A FRESI-HVIAN CAST Susan Abbott--Lilly Haines Mrs . Abigail Abbott--Marylou Golding Mrs . Miller- -Sue Zigler Sylvia - -Susan McKarns Bunny - -Marcia Bible Helen--jane Skiles Carrie- -Pam Custar Dean Gillingham--Steve Cooper Clara--Nancy Pape Bobo- -Terry Northrup jack--Larry Blossom Howie - -Dennis Haldiman Bill- -jeff Montgomery Marge--Gloria Poorman Professor Michaels - -Gary Pirtle Student Director- -james Thompson Director- -Mrs . Mary Haines COMMITTEES Make -up gl Props: Connie Semer, Rosanna Kis- singer, Christine McKarns, Linda Howard, Cindy Franks, Kathy Strobel Stage Crew: Susan john, Kay jerger, Christine McKarns, Connie Stahl, Linda Howard, Diana Cook, Steve Cooper, Gloria Poorman, Marylou Golding, joe Huston Ushers: Kathy lmm, Doris Brown, Cathy Cly- mer, Judy H01-lsh, Mary Martin, Susan John, tradition whichhejustinaugurated--kissing any Kay Iergel' freshman girl going to her first dance. Professor Michaels enforces a Pointer College Page Sponsored by DOG 'N' SUDS "Mother is a Freshman," directed by Mrs. Mary Haines, was presented on November 19 and 20. PointerCollegeserved as the setting for the play. Abigail Abbott, a young and attractive widow, availed herself of the scholarship endowed by an alumna named Abigail Fortitude. In fact, the scholarship was great enough to permit mother Abigail and daughter Susan to attend college. Complications set in with Susan a sophomore and mother a freshman. Susan was afraid her mother would hamper her romantic activities with Pro- fessor Michaels. Abigail had others who resented her entering college.Among them was Dean Gil- lingham who deemed the entry a publicity stunt. The students' desires prevailed and Abby became a student. The students in zoology class began to notice the attention Professor Michaels paid to Abby. Susan heard about this and became very angry. But through a series of hilarious errors, Professor Michaels and Abby realized that they loved each other, and Susan realized she liked the "campus big shot" Bobo better than she did Professor Michaels. Even Dean Gillingham ac- cepted Abby's presence and said that she might as well call him Cillie as everyone else did. "Mrs. Abbott signed in on time every night-- hardly ever goes out. Never seen her smoking. The girls all like her," Mrs. Miller assures Dean Gillingham. SENIOR PLAY As a token of appreciation, Student Director James Thomp- son presented to Mrs. Haines a dozen yellow roses. Howie, Bill and Jack inquire about 'old lady Abbott.' "You mean--old, old Abigail?" "On crutches?" Page Sponsored by HAUSE VALVE COMPANY The highlight of the G.A.A. Christmas Program was the play, "Aunt Carrie's Christ- mas Carroll." The following story elapsed. While their father was away on a business trip, Jill and Josephine Halbrook were sent to spend Christmas with their late mother's sister, Aunt Carrie Patterson. This was their yearly duty--one which they dreaded be- cause Aunt Carrie was an embittered, man- hating, old maid. Of all the holidays, Aunt Carrie hated Christmas most. Mrs. Under- wood, a neighbor, explained Aunt Carries' attitude when she called to bring news of the return of Ezra Carroll, Aunt Carries suitor twentyyears ago. Ezra, who still loved Car- rie, had returned to clear up past misunder- standings. Smelling a new romance, the girls arranged for Aunt Carrie to listen to Ezra much against her will. Finally calmed, she learned that another sister of hers, dead for many years, was jealous of Ezra's affections for Carrie, and she sent him away with a false message that Carrie and he were through.After Ezra and Carrie cleared up the long misunderstanding, Carrie changed her whole outlook on life. Everyone prepared for the happiest Christmas celebration ever. G.A.A. CH RISTIVIAS PROGRAM Right: Mrs. Haines signals the start of the annual G.A.A. Christmas Program. Far right: Marylou Golding reads the Christmas Story. Y E F Joe Huston U:'1ra Carrollj, Terry Miller QAunt Carriej, Beth Miller Aunt Carrie meets her old suitor for the first Uosephine I-Ialbrookj, Marina Buldas fJill I-Ialbrookj, Angela Combs time after twenty years. fMrs. Underwoodj. Page Sponsored by RICHMOND MACHINE SHOP A trio of junior girls opened the Christmas Program playing "Silver Bells" and "White Christ- mas" on the melodicas. The Christmas Story was recounted by Marylou Golding. A flute quartet consisting of Peggy Gardner, Dar- lene Luke, Brenda Chrisman, and Nancy Richter played three selec - tions--"God Rest Ye Merry Gen- tlemen, " "There Lived a King, " and "We Wish Youa Merry Christ- mas." The M.H.S. Chorale sang "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire" and "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas." To con- clude the program, students and faculty joined in singing traditional Christmas carols. All embarked on Christmas vacation with the true Christmas spirit. '-"amid 1 Lilly Haines was piano accompanist for the melodica trio. Left to right playing the melodicas: Lynne Snyder, Chris Henry, Phyllis Altaffer. - I , ,. ..,. .1 " iii Surprise! Santa Clause visited M.H.S., bringing goodies to all the good girls and boys. Susan McKarns Qpictured abovej and Jane Skiles, senior G.A.A. members posing as Santa Clauses, accented the Christmas spirit. Program chairman and mistress of cere- monies was Miss Pamela Custar. 65 CHRISTMAS CONCERT Under the direction of Mr. Robert Whitaker, the 1961 Christmas Concert was presented December 19 in the Mont- pelier High SchoolAuditorium. The Eighth Grade Chorus pre- sented the selections "Christmas Chopsticks," "Winter Wonder- land," and "Song of Christmas." Vocal soloist Jimmie Snov sang "O Holy Night." The ever popular "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire" was sung by the M.H.S. Chorale. The Girls Glee Club presented the beautiful "Softly, Softly Fell the Snow." The old favorite "Greensleeves," with Mike Fireston singing the solo part, was sung by the Boys' Glee Club. Th combined Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs presented "Twas th Night Before Christmas" with Joe Huston singing a solo, "Homo and Glory," "While Jesus Lay Asleep," and "In Bethlehen That Night" with Lynne Snydefsinging a solo. "God Rest You, Merry Gentle- men," and "There Lived a King" were played by a flute quartet consisting of Nancy Richter, Darlene Luke, Peggy Gardner, and Brenda Chrisman. GUS HOVERSON 1 Above: Tom andLee Dilworth, in a piano duet, presented "Christmas Overture." Left: The sophomore girl's sex- tet sang "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Page Sponsored by OHIO GAS COMPANY 66 WINTER SPORTS BANQUET March 22 saw well over two hundred and fifty athletes, cheerleaders, parents, and friends gathered for the annual winter sports banquet. Following the "pot-luck" supper and keynote address, over seventy athletes, managers, and cheerleaders received recognition. Hometowns- man Robert Winzeler Jr. delivered the address. Mr. Winzeler began with humorous anecdotes about his high school basketball career and bas- antics which had the crowd roaring. as he was called then, recalled times and Coach Krouse, both of the class of played together. Turning serious, Mr. applied an expression made famous by Winston Churchill, "Success is never ketball llS1irn,Il when he '49, had Winzeler the late final, failure is never fatal. It's courage that counts." Mr. Winzeler cited examples of how men like Vic Janowicz and Jesse Owens achieved success only to have their lives change and their success fade away. These same men, however, realizing that failure is never fatal, regained their stature and renewed their lives through deter- mination. This determination or courage to which Mr. Winzeler referred " . . . is not just the kind you need to face an opponent on the field, or fightawar in Viet Nam. lt is more than that. It is the kind of courage it takes to respect your parents, or not be a high school drinker, or not race your father's car, or read a book in- stead of watching T.V., or do well on your school work." The awards received were as follows: WRESTLING lst year awards: Jeff Montgomery, Larry Davenport, Dennis Heller, Paul Zeisloft, Charles Moog, Terry Pann, Randy Tingle. 2nd year awards: Marlow Smethurst. 3rd year awards: Al Dye. BASKETBALL Junior High, Mike Bell, Mike Gearhart, Jerry Kees- bury, Larry Moore, Ric Richmond, Doug Siebenaler, Bob Stanton, Dewayne Stewart, Jack Teats, Mark Anderson, Mark Brandt, Allen Calvin, Mark Herb, Dennis Herman, Shane John, Roy Mettler, Dave Mil- ler, Larry Moore, Mike Pressler, Craig Priest. Cheerleaders: Patty Bowen, Sharon Kissinger, Molly Allen, Connie McCrea. Freshman: Ken Allman, John Balsor, Tom Bidlack, Mr. Robert Winzeler Jr., Montpelier businessman, gave the boys a simple message which can be applied to all walks of life. I-Ie applied a quote from the late Winston Churchill, "Success is never final' failure is never fatal. It's Courage that counts. l ll Jeff Bemis, Tom Dilworth, Mike Hendricks, Bill Henry, Steve John, Paul Manley, Eddie Moore, Ric Oberlin, Gene Owen, Doug Siebenaler, Eddie Steinke, Mark Thomas, Scott Welling. Cheerleaders: Chris Allen, Pat Gearig, Cindy Mi- chael, Connie Tingle. Reserve: Mike Firestone, Bruce Lung, Randy Blosser, Bill Brenner, Tom Jump, Bob Kunkle, Don Mason, John Moore, John Storrer, Roger Saneholtz. Cheerleaders: Chris Henry, Connie Harrington, Me- linda Semer, Dee Stahl. Varsity: Norm Bowers, MarshallDonaldson, Bob Gea- rig, Rich Kreischer, Rich Miller, Bill Tarr, Dennis Walker. Cheerleaders: Marcia Bible, Phyllis Altaffer, Barb Olmstead, Debbie Adams. Page Sponsored by DEGROFF'S REXALL PHARMACY FARMERS' 8. MERCHANTS' STATE SAVINGS BANK 67 'IL'- -VA Above: Surprise was the essence of the National Honor Society tap- pings as confirmed here by Kay Jerger as she was tapped by Marshall. Below: Quiet surprise overcame Don Meindl as he was tapped by Connie. N.H.S. TAPPING The National Honor Society tapping was held February 17 during a surprise assembly. Nine pledges, three seniors and six juniors, were tappedby the six N.H.S. members. To be eligible to become an Honor Society member a junior must be in the top twentyj per cent of his class and a senior must be in the top thirty per cent. A maximum of tenl per cent of the juniors and fifteen per cent ofthe seniors may be tapped. In addition to scholastic ability, leadership, character, and service to the school and community are considered in selecting N.H.S. members. The Formal Induction Ceremony was con- ducted March 2 in the High School Audi- torium. Mr. Clark Reber offered the open-N ing prayer and Mr. Ralph Sawmiller gavel opening remarks, summarizing the goals of' education. Dennis Walker personified the Spirit of the N.H.S. Torch. Other members personifying the Honor Society ideals were Doris Brown--character, Marsh all Donaldson --scholarship, Joe Huston--leadership, and Marylou Golding--service. Constance Stahl presented each members, new and old,with along stemmed red rose which each member in turn presented to his mother. Page Sponsored by FRANK'S SHOE STORE MOHAWK TOOLS, INC. 68 N.l-LS. FORMAL INDUCTION CEREMONY , , Following the National Honor Society Formal Induction Cere- mony, a reception honoring Society members and their parent was held in the school library. Mark Harman became a N.H.S. member upon receiving his pin and membership card. Page Sponsored by LAN DMARK OF WILLIAMS CO. WILSON-GEESEY FUNERAL HOME 69 GAA. DANCE "Lollipops and Roses" was the theme for the G,A.A. Semi-Formal Dance which was held on March 26. The girls and their dates were greeted by G.A.A. president Connie Stahl, vice-president Doris Brown, and their escorts as they entered the delicately decorated gym. Pastel streamers tipped with tissue paper roses draped across the ceiling and giant lollipops decorated the backboards. A rose- covered trellis arched above a loveseat which graced the center of the gym. The Quartertones from Defiance entertained with a potpourri of dance music. To honor Mrs. Haines' birthday, the senior G.A.A. members presented her with abirthday cake which was decorated in the theme of the dance. Chaperones for the evening were Mr. and Mrs. Mer- rill Haines, Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Karnes, and Mr. and Mrs. David Vrooman. Above left: Happiness is a thing called Lollipops and Roses. Miss Lilly Haines and her escort Mr. Alan Clark dance away the evening. Above right: Lollipops and Roses do wonderful things! Miss Lynne Snyder and her escort Mr. David Osborn agree! Below: The music of the Quartertones captured the magical theme. iw , TRALLTMAN 8 SON 5C-51.00 .D , 7- x Page Sponsored by ZULCH CAMERA, T.V., Hi-Fi, Audio Visual Above: Head table Below left: Mrs. Haines presented the Honor Girl award to Miss Linda K. Baker. This coveted award is given to the Senior girl who best exemplifies the qualities which a good G.A.A. member should possess. Honor Girl is selected by under- class G.A.A. members. Below right: Miss Susan McKarns received her High Point award from Mrs. Haines. Susan had earned 3013 points. MOTHER-DAUGHTER BANQUET May 16 saw G.A.A. members and their mothers assemble for the annual G.A.A. Mother-Daughter Banquet. Advisor, officers, heads of sports, toast- mistress, and their mothers were seated at the head table. The program was opened by a welcome from G.A.A. president. Toastmistress Darlene Luke in- troduced the entertainment which consisted of a vocal solo by Lynne Snyder, a French horn solo by Shirley Zehr with Kay Huston accompanist, a Sophomore girls' sextette consisting of Mary Bemis, Connie Harrington, Melinda Semer, Rita Siebe- naler, Dee Stahl, and Debbie Adams accompanist. A beautiful poem written by Linda Howard and dedicated to G.A.A. mothers was recited by Pam Custar. Toastmistress then relinquished the floor to G.A.A. advisor Mrs. Haines who presented to each member the awards which she earned throughout the year. Emblems, single and double chevrons, block "M" 's, and pins were awarded to underclass- men. Six senior girls who earned 2400 points or more were honored by receiving statuettes. Mrs. Haines received a hand carved, hand painted wooden jewel chest from the G.A.A. Concluding the program was Mother's Bingo game, the winner of which received a fostoria glass cake stand. Page Sponsored by MILLER'S SUPER DOLLAR 7, TRI-STATE GRAVEL CO . M.H.S. Senior class president Joe Huston welcomed the county seniors. DM-M"'W" W-saws :B C3 GOVERNMENT DAY The 15th annual Williams County Government Day w held April 22 at M.H.S, Government Day is sponsored eac year, by Hillsdale College and Williams County School ' acquaint the seniors with the local and state officials and the functions. In the morning session or "Town-Meeting" the ser iors may ask any questions pertaining to local and state gox ernment to any of the assembled officials. Dr. D. Hale Bral of Hillsdale College moderated the morning session. The afternoon session was divided into fifteen discussic groups. Each group had several resource people who were pa of, or familiar with, the particular phase of government beir discussed. The sessions ranged from "Conservation and Rec reation" to "Drug and Alcohol Addiction." Each session w' moderated by a discussion leader and a recorder. All of the seniors reassembled for a short summation be fore recessing. The recorders reported the most importai question posed in each session. The questions ranged froi "Do you foresee the elimination of capital punishment? asked in the session on "Correctional Institutions" to "Wh: are the specifications for bomb shelters?" asked in the sessio on "Civil Defense." Government Day was closed by Dr. Brakf Below left: State Representative Fred Hadley addressed th assembly asking "Is Government Important?" Below righi Students' representative Dean Spangler from B.H.S. Confirmeq the extreme importance of our government. Page Sponsored by POWERS 8. SONS 72 LEADER ENTERPRISE Gil fvQ.,.l . The panel on "Legislation" consisted of representatives from the local, county, and state levels. Present were Fred Hadley and Ross Pepple, state officials, Don Steinke, County Commissioner, and Herschel Dean, Village Councilman. Sessions were: Civil Defense, Conservation and Recreation, Correctional Institutions, Courts and Juvenile Problems, Drug and Alcohol Addiction ftwo sessionsj, Education, Health and Welfare, Labor and Management Dr-D. Hale Brake Of Hillsdale CO1- Relations, Law Enforcement, Legislation, Political Parties and Elections, lege moderated the Government Racial Problems Qtwo sessionsj, and Taxation. Day program. Resource people for the various discussion groups. Page Sponsored by ROBINAIR MANUFACTURING 73 CHASE BRASS 8 COPPER COMPANY VOCAL SPRING FESTIVAL May 20, "A Concert in Song" was presented by the M.H.S. Music Department under the direction of Mr. Robert Whitaker. Piano accompanists were Wendy Smith, Eighth Gradeg Phyllis Altaffer, Chorale and Varsity ChorusgDebbie Adams, Girls' Glee Clubg and Marilyn Ruble, Boys' Glee Club. "Dites Moi" Qfrom SOUTH PACIFlCj was sung by the Eighth grade girlsg "I Whistle a Happy Tune" ffrom THE KING AND IQ was presented by the Eighth grade boys. TomFirestone played a piano solo "Sona- tina." The combined Eighth Grade Chorus sang "My Favorite Things" Qfrom TI-IE SOUND OF MUSICJ. The M.I-I.S. Chorale presented the shaking spiritual "Elijah Rock" and the old favorite "For Me and My Gal." Rhythmic effects for the latter song were pro- vided by Doug Lee Siebenaler and Mike Harrington. "The Dream Sel1er" was sung by the Girls' Glee Clubg "Love Learns by Laughing" was presented by the Boys' Glee Club. Tom Dilworth played a piano solo "Prelude in C." The now popular "The Ballad of the Green Berets" was sung by the Boys' Glee Club. Girls' and Boys' Glee Clubs The Girls' and Boys' Glee Clubs presented a finale of moving spirituals. Led by Mr. Whitaker, the Chorus sang "Now God Be Praised in Heaven Above" followed by "Sing Praises to Our God." The reverent selection "SpeakPeace, OLord"wrought silence over the audi- ence. Changing tempo to a light-hearted song, the Chorus drifted into the African song of "Come Follow Me." The mood was directed to a rocking Negro spiritual "Rain and the River." The Eighth Grade Chorusjoined the Varsity Chorus to present three additional numbers. "Superca1ifragi- listicexpialidociousn a hit from MARY POPPINS, brought laughter and applause from the spell-bound listeners.Againthe Choruses caught and held the at- tention ofthe audience with the quick moving, light- hearted "Fifty Nifty United States." The concert closedwith the massive voice of the Choruses singing "The Lord Bless You and Keep You." Page Sponsored by LOCKHART 8. KIZER SANTA'S EXIT 2 RESTAURANT PARTEE FLOOR COVERING WILLIAMS 5C-SI STORE VQCAL SPRING FESTIVAL 332655323i3?gi21Eh0'uS Page Sponsored by MONTPELIER LOCKER STERLING MILK CO. MONTPELIER RECREATION RESTAURANT NATIONAL BANK OF MONTPELIER AND LOUNGE 75 X we Pausing at the decorative refreshments table were Miss Cathy Reimund and her date Mr. Mike Firestone. Miss Phyllis Altaffer and her escort Mr. Mark Harman strolled around the Ballroom greeting friends. Left: The boys served themselves buffet style-- few words and much food! Below: Miss Susan McKarns and her guest Mr. Ralph Brown com- ment approvingly on the Prom. i I Y dn 5, Page Sponsored by HOUSER'S DRY CLEANING MONTPELIER THEATRE WEST JEFFERSON MARKET UNITED PLUMBING 8. HEATING Miss Randa Chrisman and her escort Mr. Steve McCrea could have danced all night! JUNIOR-SENIOR Juniors Miss Karen Haines and Mr. Jerry Trott relaxed and enjoyed the enchanted evening. Below: Miss Christine Imm and her date Mr. Steve Cooper smiled timidly for their picture. "The Colonial Ballroom" was the picturesque setting for the Iunior-Senior held May 14. Green mural walls with moss-green :urtains and age old pictures, wine bottles, and vases graced the najestie Ballroom. A crystal chandelier hanging from the center if the room, a mannequin doll standing at the foot of the stairs, ind an antique love seat accented the Ballroom. The evening began at seven o'clock in the High School Audi- orium. The welcome by Junior class president Mark Harman and he response by Senior class president Joe Huston and the prayer zfferedbyDon Meindl preceded the retirement to the Gymnasium my the honored Seniors and host Juniors for a smorgasbord dinner. After the Banquet, during intermission, music was presented by the Bygotes, agroup of M.H.S. boys. A surprise visit was paid by "The Swani." The Juniors, Seniors, and guests arrived in the Gymnasium for ihe Prom which continued until midnight. The group danced to the nelodies of The Cadets from West Unity. Post Prom activities, :ponsoredbythe Montpelier Chamber of Commerce, proved to be ust as much a fun-time for the Prom-goers as did the preceding events. The Montpelier Theatre featured LORD JIM, and the Mont- Jelicr Recreation Center furnished free bowling all night. Students Eould dance to the music of the Nightwalkers from Bryan. Door rizcs were given by Montpelier merchants. The Junior-Senior :nded with breakfast at the Bowling Alley. Page Sponsored by LI EC HTY FARM SUPPLY ffl I I , I E I' 'A ,,,, ii ,Rl r 'A Q 3 A , S M1 . LEO'S SINCLAIR GENERAL AUTO REPAIR 8. RADIATOR REPAIR 77 if Montpelier High School opened its doors to friends, relatives, and parents of the graduating Seniors Friday, May 27, for Senior Farewell held in the M.H.S. Gymna- sium. The assembly opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led byDennis Heller, Junior class vice-president. Under- classmen awards were presented by Mr. Sawmiller. The processional of graduating Seniors thenbegan, led by Jun- ior class president MarkHarman and Junior class secretary DeAnn Cooley. "Pomp and Circumstance" was played by Phyllis Altaffer and Debbie Adams. Following the welcome by Senior class president Joe Huston, Joe, in behalf of the Senior Class, presented the Key of Knowledge to Mark Harman who accepted in behalf ofthe Junior Class. Senior class secretary Kay Jerger read the Class Will. The Chorale sang "RememberNow Thy Creator." Mr. Wasilowski pre- sented the following senior awards: Annual Staff, D.A.R. Good Citizen, and Senior Scholarship Tests. Mrs. Bible presented the Library Club awards, Baseball awards were presentedby Mr. Figgins. Mr. Krouse gave Track awards. Honor Society members were recognized. Prayer was of- fered by Marylou Golding: the benediction was sung by the Chorale and Choruses. Right: Joe Huston presents the Key of Knowledge to the Junior Class. Above: The Processional Right: Dennis Walker received recognition for placement in aPhysics test. Mr. Wasilowski presents Marylou Golding with the D.A.R. Good Citizen award. Page Sponsored by WIN ZELER STAMPING CO 78 SENIOR FAREWELL SENIOR AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS The BARBARA NOLIN ACHIEVE- MENT AWARD presented annually by the M.H.S. Class of 1945 to the Seniorgirl who best exemplifies the qualities of scholarship, leadership, cooperative spirit, appropriate dress, and refined manner, was awarded in 1966 to Miss Marylou Golding. Cathy Clymer received a 3287.50 half Tuition Scholar- ship to Ohio School of Cosme- tology. Doris Brown received a S200 Scholastic Scholarship to Bowling Green State University. Dennis Walker received the S100 Pauline Winzeler Civic League Award. Marshall Don- aldsonreceived a S50 Scholas- tic Scholarship to Bowling Green State University. Fred Kirk received a S50 Scholastic Scholarship to Bowling Green State University. Marylou Golding received the S100 Margaret Hill Swartz Civic League Award and a S300 Scholastic Scholarship to Indi- ana Institute of Technology. N, S hL"s-ff ,Ml ir I 1? E L - The 49'er AWARD, presented an- nually to the Senior boy who best exemplifies the qualities of com- petitive spirit in athletics, honesty and fair play in personal associa- tions, active participation in school activities, and diligence in scholas- tic endeavor, was presented in 1966 to Mr. Dennis Walker. The faculty, realizing the value of good leadership, recognize a grad- uating senior who possesses the qualities which collectively make for an outstanding school citizen. This coveted award is given only in those years when a graduating senior has shown unusual leadership. Scho- lastic achievement, leadership in class activities, school citizenship, and discriminative taste in dress, manner, and courtesy are taken into consideration. The FACULTY AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP in the year 1966 was presented to Mr. Marshall Donald- son. 79 if .CI J BACCALAUREATE AN D COM M ENCEIVI ENT Baccalaureate services for M.H.S. Seniors was held May 29, in the High School Gymnasium. Following the processional, invocation was offered by Reverend Ward. Reverend Thorn presented the scripture reading. "Praise Ye the Father" was sung by the Eighth Grade Chorus. The Sermon was delivered by Father Wemert. "Childrenof God, Sing On" was sung by the underclassman Chorus. Benediction was offered by Reverend Ward. To conclude the service, the combined Choruses sang "The Lord Bless You and Keep You." The Eighty-Second Annual Commencement of the Montpelier High School began in the High School Gym- nasium May 29, at 8:15 o'clock p.m. Seventy-four Sen- iors formed their last processional, marching silentlyto their seats. Invocation was offered by Dr. F. M. Wentz. Scholastic recognitions were awarded by Mr. Wasilowski. Miss Cathy Clymer sang a vocal solo. Superintendent Clark Reberintroduced the guest speaker Dr. John Dawson from Adrian College who gave the class address. A vocal solo was sung by Mr. Joe Huston. Principal Ralph Sawmiller then presented the 1966 Senior Class to E. B. Thompson and Arthur Donaldson who awarded the diplomas. The program ended with the final recessional for the 1966 Graduates. Miss Cathy Clymer received her diploma from Mr. Thompson. BO Father Wernert delivers the Baccalaureate sermon. M Dr.JohnDawsonpresented the Class Address. Mr. Steve Cooper receives his diploma from Mr. Donaldson 81 SENIOR TRIP ITINERARY At 7:30 a.m. Sunday, June 5, a bus loaded with thirty anxious Montpelier High School seniors left Montpelier High School--destination Washington, D.C. and Williamsburg, Va. Sunday afternoon they arrived in Gettysburg for a tour of the battlefield and a visit to the museum. The seniors arrived in Wash- ington, D.C. Sunday evening. A busy Monday in- cluded atour of the Capitol, Library of Congress, and the Supreme Court where students were able to sit in and hear actual Court cases. Monday evening in- cluded a tour of the National Wax Museum, the Ar- chives, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and the Washington Monument. Tuesday morning the seniors visited the Bureau of Engraving, Mt. Vernon, Alexandria, Arlington Cemetery, and the Iwo Jima Memorial. In the evening, they took a Moonlight Cruise up the Potomac to an amusement park. The Smithsonian Institute and the White House were toured Wednesday morning. After lunch the seniors bade farewell to Washington, D.C. and traveled to Wil- liamsburg, Va. where they arrived early Wednesday evening. After dinner, an extensive Lanthorn Tour of the restored shops was taken. Thursday morning and afternoon the class continued the tour of the re- stored area. Friday morning the students departed from Williamsburg, arriving in Charlottesville about noon. After lunch, a visit to Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson, was taken. They then left Char- lottesville for Luray where they toured the fascinating Luray Caverns which are famous for the stalagmite and stalactite formations. In Washington, D.C., the students lodged at Dip- lomat Motel and in Williamsburg they stayed at Commonwealth Inn. Thirty Montpelier High School seniors toured Wash- ington, D.C. and Williamsburg, Va. They were: Janet Stevens, Nancy Pape, Susan McKarns, Cathy Clymer, Rosanna Kissinger, Diana Cook, Pam Custar, Susan John, Christine McKarns, Lilly Haines, Pat Moore, Sue Zigler, Gloria Poorman, Marylou Golding, Linda Howard, Jane Skiles, Dennis Cook, Richard Keesbury, Joe Hern,Fred Kirk, Steve Cooper, Joe Huston, Den- nis Walker, Marshall Donaldson, Bob Gearig, Terry Courtney, Chris Blosser, Jim Thompson, Dennis Hald- iman, Phil Hallock. Chaperons were Mr. and Mrs. DavidVrooman and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Waters. Tour guide was "Mr. Ed." CGWL PETING SPHUT SPO RTS CHEERLEADERS Top toBottom: Debbie Adams, Phyllis Altaffer, Barb Olmstead, and Marcia Bible VARSITY In the spring of '65, the student body elected the varsit cheerleaders for the following year. The cheerleaders spon sored a dance during the football season to pay for their uni forms. In the fall, they helped with the election of the re serve cheerleaders. At each game during the football seasor the cheerleaders, with the aid of the band, formed a funne through which the boys ran onto the field. At the I-lomecomin game the Varsity cheerleaders and the majorettes combine to performa half-time routine. For the basketball season, th cheerleaders made ahoop for the varsity team to break throug at each home game. Besides cheering at the games, leadin the pep sessions, and making posters and banners, both varsit and reserve cheerleading squads attended Cheer Clinic 2 B.G.S.U. At the end ofthe year, the Jr. High Cheerleaders were give miniature M's while the Freshmen received megaphone em blems. The reserve squad received reserve M's. For their cor tribution to school and team spirit, the varsity cheerleade became members of the "M" Club and received varsity M at the end of the year. Mrs. Haines acted as advisor for the re serve and varsity cheerleading squads. 1 or i l Somebody forgot to smile! 84 Our Senior Cheerleader Marcia Bible RESERVE Left to Right: Dee Stahl, Connie Harrington, Chris I-Ienry, and Melinda Semer. Clockwise' Connie Tingle M Chris Allen, Pat Gezzrig, anal J U N Cindy Michaels 85 STANDING: Connie McCrea, Molly Allen, SITTING: Patty Bow- en, and Sharon Kissin- ger BOTTOM ROW: S. Brown, C. Blosser, B. Gearig, R. Bavin, A. Word, J. Lilly, S. Parnham, 2nd ROW: R. Lee, T. Kirk, R. Jones, G. Bryce, J. Martin, K. Vonalt, 3rd ROW: Coach Krouse, M. Moore, J. Storrer, S. Carson, J. Moore, B. Psurny, D. Keesbury, 4th ROW: Coach Merrilet, C. Moog, L. Fifer, S. Manley,4D. Mason, Coach Hans- barger, 5th ROW: F. Boman, P. Manley, T. Buntain, R. Oberlin, and D. Dreher. During his second year with Montpelier Coach Hobie Krouse guided the Locos through a somewhat unimpressive season of one win and eight losses . The beginning of the '65 season saw many new faces on the gridiron, some of whom were destined to see much action during the regular season. The not -too- good 1-8 record was not a true reflection of the team's abili-ty, The Locos were always a worthy op- ponent and the game was never over in their minds until the final gun went off. Even though the Locos fell short of their goal to raise Montpelier's football standard, we gained a world of experience in team- work and sportsmanship. For the Seniors there is only the memory of a long and hard-fought season, but for the juniors and all the other underclassmen there is the chance for a more successful season next year. We, the Seniors wish them and Coach Krouse the best of luck. Ric Bavin M.H.S. Football Honors were select this year. Those players chosen to be on the All N,W.O.A .L . teams this year were: jim Lilly--second string defensive back Steve Brown--Honorable Mention Chris Blosser --Honorable Mention Senior Chris Blosser was awarded the "Kak" Brown Coach Krouse award . FOOTBALL Archboki .. Deiance , Edon ..... Liberty Center Swanton , ,, Deha,, Bryan ,, VVauseon, , Napoleon, , VARSITY 8: RESERVE SCORES JUNIOR-HIGH BOTTOM ROW: J. Suman, L. Luke, F. Bostater, G. Wiyrick, R. Mettler, R. Byers, R. Snow, M. Anderson, N. Blosser, S. Moore, L. Moore, J. Cameron. SECOND ROW: B. Harmon, M. Herb, M. Pressler, S. John, D. Miller, C. Priest, A. Calvin, M. Thomas, L. Andrews, J. Teats, W. Boyd. THIRD ROW: Coach Parker, B. Leppien, R. Mil- ler, L. Kreischer, R. Richmond, M. Lloyd, T. Suntken,D. Palmiter, D. Allen, M. Carver, Coach Artman. FOURTH ROW: G. Churchman, D. Stewart, J. Keesbury, T. Firestone, D. Siebenaler, C. Spire, R. Brandt, R. Heller, R. Echler, and R. Beek. THEY WE . 34 6 ..34 8 .8 22 . 30 O .38 0 .61 0 . 70 0 .40 14 .44 0 FRESHIVIEN BOTTOM ROW: R. Luke, R. Keesbury, M. Henricks, F. Psurny, G. Owen, E. Steinke, R. Tingle, B. Henry. TOP ROW: J. Michael, C.Elson, T. Bid- lack, M. Thomas, S.We11- ing, Coach Waters, J. Balser, J. Bemis, P. Man- ley, T. Buntain, and M. Whitaker. B7 1, 2' r--Q V , ., . K, 1 f,,-is if , ff . , M SENIORS Q. 'I if 5 .zfae ,iff sf Q 7 E A if ,, . , zfz' M gk ' Ric Bavin V j , , : Z., L -nr fd- fl! Wh , A Chris Blosser Steve Brown 88 ,ww 9-5 .fv,,,g. We-f SNAPS 89 BASKETBALL Although their record doesn t show it, the 66 Basketball Team put forth some very outstanding performances during the regular season. One accomplishment that stands out was gaining second place in the Holiday Tournament after a previous losing streak. During the season the loss of Senior Ron Lester did affect the potential of the team, but oncoming Junior Richard Kreischer, who had been absent at the be- ginning of the season, adequately filled the spot. The absence of five graduating Seniors will have some affect on the '67 varsity. However, up and coming Sophomores Richard Miller, Bob Kunkle and John Storrer will undoubtedly put forth fine efforts as 1 will Juniors Mike Firestone and Bruce Lung. The team members found that there is more to the game than merely putting the ball through the hoop. They found that a little extra effort when the chips were down was vital to the game. Also the mean- ing of 10070 team effort was discovered and displayed. The Seniors wish all oncoming team members the best of luck in years to come. Upon looking back at the season, the fine coaching ability of Mr. Tom Waters comes to life. When the boys were down he was there to boast their moral. He has helped the team a great deal and each boy will remember him for his efforts. VA l Coach Waters Left to Right: J. Storrer, R. Miller, B. Lung, B. Kunkle, B. Tarr, M. Donaldson, D. Walker, R. Kreischer, B. Gearig, M. Firestone, N. Bowers, FRONT: M. Harmon, Coach Waters, F. Boman. 90 RESERVE FRESHIVIEN STANDING fLeft to Righty J. Bemis, P. Manley, D. Siebe- naler, S. John, M. Thomas, Coach Artman, S. Welling, J. Balser, D. Baden, E. Steinke, D. Gilbert, KNEELING: B. Henry, T. Dilworth, T. Bidlack, E. Morr, K.A1lman, G. Owens, M. Henricks. Left to Right: R. Blosser, J. Moore, M.Firestone, B. Lung, B. Kunkle, J. Storrer, B. Brenner, D. Mason, R. Saneholtz. FRONT: Coach Krouse, D. Wright. if if Y I Wynn- Us I iYagf af t x R 4 yzzfi JUNIOR-HIGH BOTTOM ROW: R. Steinke, R. Mettler, S. John, R. Coon, M. Herb, A. Calvin, M. Brandt, L. Moore. SECOND ROW: B. Stanton, M. Gearhart, M. Pressler, D. Miller, C. Priest, L. Kreischer, M. Bell. THIRD ROW: Coach Merrilat, J. Keesbury, R. Richmond, D. Stewart, L. I Moore. lf 5- r A A 1 . H 3 .K , K J K . 5 . . . A K ' - 1 . -xl 91 Norman Bowers Bill Tart SENIOR BASKETBALL PLAYERS Marshall Donaldson Dennis Walker Bob Gearig Tom Waters, Montpe- lier's new basketball coach led the "Fighting Locos" through a hard-fought sea- son. As the year progres- sed it was noticable thatthe team was putting forth a great deal of effort, even though the scores didn't show it. We Wish the best of luck to Mr. Waters and all the juniors and Sophornores who Will make up next year's "Fighting Locos." North Central . . Bryan . . Paulding ..... Liberty Center . . Napoleon Ayersville ...... Holiday Tournament North Central ..... Tinora Edon . . Delta . . Archbold Edgerton Wauseon Bryan . . Swanton . . Stryker . Hilltop . Sectional Edon . Tournament WE THEY 67 74 63 73 48 65 61 66 65 72 48 92 70 69 54 55 77 70 89 76 50 91 70 59 74 79 52 71 68 82 71 65 60 62 55 62 FOOTBAU.HUDDLE BASKETBALL SCORES 1965- 1966 sg ,V. f 1 K . K mg. .. . W v": 5 , ,f " : 4 BOTTOM ROW: C. Moog, J. Montgomery, R. Tingle, M. Smethurst, L. Davenport, P Zeisloft. TOP ROW: T. Pann, A. Dye, Coach Hansbarger, D. Heller, B. Blissett. I qv 'J -U V rs W I - , ,gf Senior Wrestlers Jeff Montgomery and Alan Dye, Coach Hansbarger 94 STANDING: R. Keesbury, R. McMillan, M. Whitaker, S. Carson, D. Dreher, T. Nemire, M. Oxender, S. John, S. Brown, D. Walker, S. Manley, S. Krill, J. Lilly, B. Kunkle, B. Brenner, M. Smethurst, L. Davenport, M. Thompson., J. Moore, M. Thomas, J. Storrer. SITTING: D.Keesbury, R. Nelson, J. McCamis, G. Owen, M. I-Ienricks, M. McGowen, P. Manley, F. Psurny, R. Oberlin, R. luke, A. Word, and G. Clark. :Sie ' STANDING: Coach Artman, M. Herb, D. Suffel, R. Mettler, R. Richmond, D. Miller, A. Calvin, R. Echler, B. I-Iofbauer, D. DeGraw, D. Siebenaler, D. Stewart, W. Boyd. SITTING: L. Moore, D. Andrews, J. Keesbury, E. Clark, M. Brandt, R. Dye, R. Stanton, G. Wiyrick, D. Allen, K. I-Iandy, and S. John. JUNIOR-HIGH 95 TRACK SE N IO RS Steve Brown and Dennis Walker 96 COACH ES Left to Right: Coach Hans- barger, Coach Waters, Coach Artman, and Coach Dreher. Ag . 4. tgq 'S f Steve Brown Klhugg N , and his trophy from Defiance College Relays. EVENTS ii , 2 X Al Word high jumping Jim Lilly throwing the discus, Mike OXCHCISI' 97 . ...x 1 N ,p XM STANDING fleft to rightj: Coach Figgins, R. Clark, J. Karnes, B. Lung, B. Gearig, S. Welling, S. Kays. BOT- TOM ROW: M. Moore, G. Pirtle, D. Osburn, N. Scott, M. Freese. BASEBALL Coach Figgins ',c! . 1 1 . , ,N NNXXX MQ. STANDING: J. Karnes R. Clark B. Gearig. BOTTOM ROW: D. Os: burn, M. Freese. ' 98 GOLF Y i 5 2 5 K I 1 5 i , X f X 3 4 f 3 3 BOTTOM ROW: F. Kirk, R. Saneholtz, R. Jones, T. Kirk, P. Zeisloft, T. Dil- worth. TOP ROW: N. Bowers, D. Siebenaler, M. Firestone, J. Huston, M Donaldson, R. Bavin, M. Harmon, J. Thompson. SENIORS BOTTOM ROW: N. Bowers, J. Thompson, F. Kirk. TOP ROW: J. Huston, M. Donaldson, R. Bavin. Coach Kames 99 fl.. -no---v"" 657 A -M"f.g up-C' .f x ms 222 PRINCIPAL ROBERT STORRER B.S. Bowling Green State Univ.3 M.Ed. Bowling Green State Univ.g Defiance College. rx F-W'QsvQ.:,,m -2, K sent. .J '1 we Q " e'--' . a,,a.. ffl! I M fr . . - f---- A . !""'H-..,,..- . " ., . -' W , , .M ,eaa Eglii -iiwllzef 4 fvisisslfiaisfs-g.f1i' ' E W n , .fifiixk f .J , ffl wg-siiiwf, 4125113 -- 5 4-,.HQ?NSffSxzs5'5i5:f-fsfzig 1. 1,535 527-1szi.m1.z5 iw-Q-ff - LS, ,, Q ,,., ,..,, , wlssm .sg ,J HLi9.S2EWE.fE"-L ' M: , A -if Wwe- E. H.. , ba ":5ffr!T5' yi f--v a.fQgg5iQesi2z,.,g.,.3-fa-.L K awk .. V g. W Q Q Q A X' ,., .Sw fa- Www. Y ,T V , V. Q-.-W 1--,m,11.vz.1 .-,, ., , f -m.w..i,3-ez ,,,-, . gg,o,....,i . , .,.. V, , 7.w2ffg:f..1-ww e. 55552iwg5msisgQ:sFy,wfigQf.. N L 'SI it' 5352 .Yi 'f fxisggylf. :B N5 QE! 5355: M ,Af ,. We L.,:.fs,.,..xz.15- we fm 5 3 . ,zz - ff.. ww . k--,. ,. 2.1 ..eo, 5 'W .w.w-f,.2- -, V w 1: WPT., f - .V M mmm , .,,-, ,L ,. ff1gfzzf.gsazaepeLe,,2f -- - . .,.:fgfw5,gg15QE.,fa . ' 555aEaf!E:." Qihilkf. -- .3::,,g: gf.:z1g,.'f-, g..:. QSCPIOOL K ,Mk 7 5 m'B 1 SECRETARY Mrs. Don Lyon 101 ELEM ENTARY TEACHERS KINDERGARTEN Left to right: Arlene Short, B.S. Defiance College. Juanita Shatzer, B.A. Toledo University. GRADE TWO STANDING left to right: Grace Geesey, B.S. Bowling Green State Univ. Donna King, Defiance Collegeg Bowling Green State Univ. SITTING: Phyllis Burk- hart, B.S. Bowling Green State Univ. Gladys Porter, B.S. Defiance Collegeg Ohio Univ.3 Tri-State College. GRADE ONE STANDING left to right: Nellie Miller, Bowling Green State Univ.5 Eastern Michigan University. Mary F. Briner, Muskingum Collegeg Ohio Univ., Univ. of Pittsburg. SITTING: Marian Dreher, B.S. Bowling Green State Univ.5 Manchester College. Mary M. Briner, Adrian Collegeg Bowling Green State Univ. GRADE THREE Lillian Cook, Bowling Green State Univ. Lillian De- Wees, B.S. Bowling Green State Univ. Pauline Kil- patrick, B.S. Bowling Green State Univ.3 Indiana Univ.5 Defiance College. GRADE FOUR Mary Kay McKarnes, B.S. Defiance College. Marian Coon, Bowling Green State Universityg Hillsdale Col- lege. Jane Hutchinson, B.S. Ohio Northern University. GRADE SIX June Grandey, B.S. Defiance Collegeg Indiana Univer- sity. Thomas Artman, B.A. Parsons College. Mary Reimund, Eastern Michigan University. ELEMENTARY TEACHERS GRADE FIVE Ruby Parent, B.S. Huntington Collegeg Ohio North- erng Bowling Green State Univ. Joanne Myers, B.S. Fort Wayne Bible College. Ruth Fox, Bowling Green State Universityg Defiance College. GRADE SEVEN Treva Collie, B.S. Defiance Collegeg Ohio State University. David Hansbarger, B.S. Ohio Northern University. Lois Wilson, B.S. Bowling Green State University. GRADE SEVEN Dan Allen Mark Anderson Bonnie Andrews Dan Andrews Larry Andrews Byron Beck Cinda Lu Beck Ruth Bidlack Nick Blosser Fred Bostater Becky Bowen Patty Bowen Mike Brandeberry Mark Brandt Becky Brannan Jerry Brown Kevin Burgess Ric Byers Alan Calvin Mike Carver Eddie Clark Cheryl Collie Gene Cook Bruce Cooper Kalene Cox Carol Daniels Michael DeGraw Carol Ely Roy Ely Steve Frappier Kristina Freese Frances Fry Patti Gearhart Virginia Gilbert Ken Handy Bruce Harman Merrie Harrington Gwen Hepker Mark Herb Denny Herman Marcia Hill Susan Hoops Bob Jack Shane John Sheila Kimble Meg Kimmel Sharon Kissinger 104 X E 3 X as 2. in 2' sa' it Q Jim . M.. ,,..5, xx 2 '95 W1 Y . .. -' gsnggigggksi ,sz-l iisffgf ,a,,.,,a, s, ., ,g g1.-,muy ff M33 ' fiaiissizsr ., -: ff ----- 1 Egger hi s siselsafw-if W Wlilfis ' ' -- Mi iii? .. ' , 'V ' Wiz-515: --:mx-3 52525 . QW -f 1 1' 1333314 A 1 f I' 9 tiaaki- 4 K' , f . - 5, f if 7 . A i if' ' 11 H56 ,J .11 3 Sm ws f s y rm Q 1 wg as 9 as N rr Mark Herb points out to Anderson a few of the Rose Knecht Lee J. Kreischer Debbie Latson Lavon Luke Jim Lyon Susan Malone Jerri Martin Roy Mettler David Miller Rodney Miller Steven Missler Duane Moor Larry Moore Steve Moore Susan Moore Rocky More land Dawn Myer Debbie Nelson Becky Osburn J ill Oxender Robin Page Dennis Palmiter J im Potter Michael Pressler Patty Pressler Craig Priest Aleska Renouf Regina Robarge Dianne Rogers Jonathan Ruetz Cathy Shaffer Ric Snow Calvin Stambaugh Connie Stambaugh Ron Steinke Julie Storrer Gene Suman Tom Slmtken Sharon Tarr Vickie Teats Michael Thomas Lu Ann Todd Sharon Tr essler Steven Wortman Gary Wyrick Bonnie Underwood Tom Viers Pamela Zehr GRADE SIX 3 Brenda Bashor Vickie Beckwith John Bennett Jackie Betts Steve Blossom Beverly Bowers Elizabeth Bowman Walter Boyd Carol Brenner Robert Bryce George Buldas Gerri Burr Randy Byers Stephanie Calvin James Cameron Ron Champion Daniel Clum Lu Ann Collie Larry Cook Philip Cook Bob Coon Julie Corcoran Gary Courtney Lee Dilworth Debbie Ely Vance Ewell Diane Faber Pat Fisher Dean Fritsch Deborah Gambler Lu Ann Gordon June Govin Barbara Hepker Dennis Hill Jonathan Hoag Randy Housh Gary Howe Diane John Mike Johnston Tad Jones Laronda Knecht 106 A sixth grader takes time ou' from studies to dream of tha zure. This big world holds ich for him. Connie Kuckuck Karen La Fray Lu Ann Luke Janice Michael Jeanne Michael Pegge Michael Rick Michael Lynn Mick David Miller Tom Miller Michael Missler Chris Moog Dennis Moog Terry Moore Patty Olmstead Drew Palmiter Cathy Poorman Bob Potter Tom Reber Karen Reese Ronald Reese Patsy Rosendaul Sandra Royer Gala Saneholtz Debbie Schlosser Tom Schlosser Mike Shutts Sandy Stambaugh Alan Stewart DeWayne Suffle Dan Thorpe Sue Vanstaen Mike VanZi1e Jerry Vires Kathy Wagner Connie Waldron Denise Walker Rob Watts Dan Westfall Waudean Williams Martha Wilson GRADE SIX GRADE FIVE Elaine Adams Bob Alderson David Allman Angela Apt Gary Bailey Mark Bailey Tracy Baerlin Peggy Beck Rick Beck David Beek Linda Bell Shelley Borsher Sue Brandt Carl Brenner Joel Bryce Laura Calvin Mike Clinger Mark Cook David Coon Kim Cooper Linda Corcoran Greg Decker Shanon DeWitt Kim Elson Patty Ensign Cynthia Finch Edith Finchum David Fisher Sidnie Fisher Candi Frappier Ralph Godsey Reva Gorden Jeffrey Gorsuch Jean Govin Randy Heller Connie Herman Jud Hi ldebrant Greg Hofbauer David J ack Donna Jack Cindy King Karla Knecht 108 Fifth graders work closely to gether on class projects as we K! individual projects. Kenneth Light Matthew Luke Kay C. Lyon Debbie Martinich Mike Masters Rodney Mick J effry Miller David Missler David Moog Gail Moor Bob Moore Rita Moore Kathy Myers Charles Nicolen Debra Pierson Clara Potter J an Powers Chris Richmond James Robarge Norman Snow Rodney Snow Kevin Spire Connie Stahler Kim Stoy Marilyn Stoy Vicki Stitt Dorothy Suffel J eff Thomas Brenda Thompson Mary Ann Trautman Linda Tressler Dennis Tressler Russell Viers Joe Ward Chester Wasilowski Joe Wermer Vicki Williams Kimberle Winzeler Tim Worthington John Wortman Tanya Youse Steve Zenz 109 GRADE FIVE GRADE FOUR Anne Adams Grace Adams Kenneth Beck Randy Balser Ben Blossom Peggy Bowen Steve Brannan Bill Brannan Kathy Brown Anna Brust Mary Kay Bryce Tim Buntain Kelly Burgess Tony Carver David Champion Jerry Champion Paige Copeland Pam Copeland Alan Cox Dick DeWitt Don Diestch Marcia Doughten Nicholee Elliott Debra Ely Rex Ely Scott Ely Debbie Ensign Loris Fuller Penny Fuller Monte C-earhart Tom Govin Greta Gray Kelly Hartman Matt Henry Joni Herb Mark Hill Daniel Hoag Karen Hopkins Debbi e Humbarg er Tanya Hutchens Pam John Jim Ke esberry Greg Kimmel H0 the key to the future. Cynthia Kinzel Connie Knecht Danny Krill Jeff Long Phil Malone Mark Manley Jerry Merc er Corby Miller Danny Miller Barbara Missler Robert Moore Bob Nelson Rhonda Nichols Mary Jo Nicolen Cheryl Nye John Peterson Tina Rasey Mike Reber Ric Reese Lee Richmond Brad Rockey Randy Shutts Dean Snow Patti Snow Terry Spire Bradford Stahl Joni Steiner Scott Stevens Sam Suman Sandy Suntken Joni Thomas John Thrailkill Keith Treer Vickey Underwood Sue VanWye Jerry VanZi1e David Weirich Alice Wermer Steve Willis Tom Worthington Diane Wortman Fran Yagelski Dennis Zehr GRADE FOUR GRADE THREE Ronald Alderson Joe Allen John Anderson Debbie Andrews Alan Apt Stephanie Baerlin Greg Beck Michael Beck Kevin Bell Pat Bell Theron Blossom Roger Brenner Greg Connedy .Kent Cook Susan Corcoran Mark Coutz Steve Decker David DeGraw John DeGroff David Dick Dale Disheaux Inez Disheaux Kent Echler Kathy Ely Randy Ewell Linda Faber John F iggins Johnny Finchum Rick Fuller Debra Geesey David Gordon Melody Gorsuch Leisa Hallock Tim Hampton Vickie Hampton Tom Harrington Marchelle Heath Julie Heller Duane Herman Ted Huston Lisa John Debbie Johnston Robert Keesbury Kimmey Koch Sharon LaFray James LaMee Ann Latson John Lewis K. C. Livensparger H2 Book reports and lett writing prove to be work ig the learning third graders. Bu work is put aside as the young Martha Lloyd Rodney Luke Carol Malone Vicki Martinich Keith Michael Steven Michael Nick Miller Stephanie Miller Linda Moore Kelly Motter Judy Pierson Victor Potter Michael Priest Janine Reber Greg Rockey Tim Ruetz Joyce Schlosser Patty Schlosser Greg Shoup Jane Snow Debra Stahler Linda Stambaugh Lyle Stevens Brian Storrer David Storrer Jeffrey Strobel Jean Suffel Toni Taylor Betty Teats J immy Thompson Laura Tingle Tracie Jo Tingle George Tubbs Debbie Viers Debbie Waldron Dusty Wein James Wermer Bonnie Williams F ritz Wilson Robert Wilson actors, actresses, and collec Kelley Winzeler ors dramatize stories and set Robert Winzeler p a hobby show for open Rick Wiyrick ouse James Wolff Scott Wortman Jackie Yagelski Tom Zehr Stacey Zenz GRADE THREE GRADE TWO ll Kevin Allgire Tracy Banks Spencer Beck Mary Lou Beek Karen Sue Betts Myra Bidlack Mary Blossom Kathy Bowman Steven Brewer Jimmy Buldas Ricky Buntain John Cameron Tamyra Champion Mike Childers Julie Clark Kathy Clum Lori Cook Mary Corcoran Randy Creamer Roger Creamer William Cudnik Wendy Custar Frank DeWitt Roger Dietsch Ricky Doughten Tracy Elson Laura Figgins Debra Fisher Jeffrey Follett Billy Freese Vickie Godsey Lee Grant Paul Handy Kelly J o Harringto Lou Ann Hendricks J odee Henry Ned Hill Tom Hoibauer Peggy Hopkins Billy John Jeffrey Kime Charles Kinzel Debra Knecht James Koch Laura Krill Wayne Lanum 4 I1 Second graders, aided li their teachers, study lore at crafts of the American India: The children themselves mal: American Indian projects whi X are displayed as an "Indij V useum" for open house. Na- re walks and field trips also El-ISE the interests of the young , ool children to further learn- Enof their world and com- ity. Randy McGowen Robin McGuire Pamela McKarns David Manley Cheryl Mercer Teresa Mercer Terry Mercer Greg Miller Ricky Miller Darold Moore Kristine Myers Cynthia Nemire Connie Nicolen Patrick Oxender Lavon Parks Cassandra Payne Steven Pettit Jose Potter Barry Rau Scott Reese Susan Richmond Melody Rockwood Tamara Rockey Danny Rosinski Jeffrey Shepard Robert Shonk Roger Shook Donna Snow Renee Spire Karen Stahler Terry Stahler Tina Stantz Gregory Steiner Carolyn Strawser Carol Tarr Michael Thomas Randy Treer Ricky Turney Cynthia Van Haerents Tami Watts Toby Weis Danny Willis Tamar Worthington Steven Yag elski Alexander Zasidatel John Zuver GRADE TWG GRADE ONE Jenny Allen Vicki Altaffer Ronnie Andrews Sara Barnard Bruce Bashor Ricky Beard Bradford Boisher Pixie Burr Janice Clark Mike Clayton Norman Couiz Dawn Decker Judy DeGroff Dennis Dick Dennis Dominique linda Elliott Mike Ely Joyce Faber Lloyd Finchum Kevin Follett Leslie F ortner Tom Gearhart Carol Geesey Cathy Geesey Steve Gordon Rick Gray Kenneth Hampton Robin Harrington Molly Hartman Cathy Harwell Mary Hoag Kent John Kraig John Kurt John Larry Keesbury Tammy Kibbee Charlie King Kathy Knapp Dale Knecht Tina Koch Monica Kreischer Ricky Jack Julie La.Mee Jo Dee Latson David Long Karen Long Patty Lovejoy Don Lyon Mike McKenzie H6 The reading circle is wo while practice for the graders. Dennis Manley Fred Manley Sandra Masters Greg Mercer Christine Michael Lori Miller Beverly Moore Charles Moore Kim Moore lori Moore Pam ,Pierson Brenda Rau Karen Reber Lynne Reese Andy Richmond John Robarge Pamela Rockey Susan Rockey Carl Rockwood Floyd Schlosser Keith Schlosser Brenda Shaffer Kay Shatzer Tina Siebenaler Scott Stahl Denny Stahler Ralph Stahler Brenda Staniz Bobby Steinke Laurie Strobel Dawn Sutton Daniel Thomas Barbara Thompson Douglas Thorpe Cathy Treer Teresa Tressler Shelly Van Wye Michael Weirich Darmy Williams Lexie Willibey Karen Wilson Sarah Wilson Julie Winzeler Douglas Wolff Kevin Wolff Debra Wortman Robin Wright Jeffrey Young H7 GRADE ONE 'U of NDERGA RTEV William Alderson Gerald Allgire Eugene Anders Shelly Arbuthnot Kelly Banks Karen Beck Mary Betts David Black Sherry Brannan Carrie Brown Sabrina Brust Greg Butler Jane Carter Dan Casper Laura Church Lori Jean Corcoran Bradley Cox Eugene Creamer Scott Dayhoff Lynn Deetz Buddy DeWitt James Dirrim Debra Disheaux Dan Ely Laura Ely Cindy Engels Jodie F aunce Marianne Finch Kelly Jean Fireovid Randy Fisher Tim Fisher Craig Follett Cherie Frappier Jodi Frappier Laura Frederick Sandra Gallant Kathy Gambler Karen Hampton Randy Handy Cathy Herman Kevin I-Iollstein Larry Howe IIB Story time proves to be a tug time for these watchful kinder garteners. Lori Lynne Jerger Julie Kime Suzanne Krouse J eff Kuhn Heather McDonald Kelli McGuire Polly McKarns David Mercer James Mercer Rebecca Michael Tracey Miller Rex Miser Tom Moore Kevin Motter Mary Oliver Becky Payne Carl Perkins Belinda Rau Allan Robison Patty Rummell Richard Shatzer Margo Siebenaler Robin Sleesman Mark Stambaugh Tim Stantz Cathy Startzman Bruce Steiner Jon Suman Dirk Suter Robbie Taylor Ted Thorp Joni Tingle Tracy Tumey Lisa Weidner Ken Wein Suzette Whetro Patty Willis Megan Winzeler Kent Wolff Teresa Wolff Terry Worthington Teresa Yagelski H9 KINDERGARTEN ELEMENTARY BAND k FRONT ROW: D. Andrews, L. A. Todd, L. Andrews. ROW 2: M. Wilson, K. C. Lyon, C. Beck, J. Powers, R. Gordon. ROW 3: L. A. Luke, C. Waldron, M. Kimmel, R. Bidlack, E. Adams, C. King, P. Beck, S. A. Brandt. ROW 4: L. Luke, G. Suman, L. Dilworth, D. Herman, P. Ensign T. Draper. ROW 5: J. Thomas, D. Suffel, A. Calvin, C. Priest, D. Coon, B. Coon, T. Moore J. Storrer. ROW 6: M. Johnston, B. Bryce, J. Hoag, T. Reber, K. Myers, D. Walker. Page Sponsored by the following donors Basement Shoe Repair Bid1ack's Insurance Agency Duane Gearig Insurance Agency Elsea R . Lyons, Plumbing gl Heating Geesey's Pastry Shop Grice's jewelry Store Hartman Motor Service Howard Motor Sales Kel1ey's Gift House Nan's Beauty Shop Priest 81 Cook R. Wolff's Service Sally's Dress Shop Strobel's B-Z -B Toggery Cleaners Treva's Beauty Shop Tri-State Honda Williams Feed Co. Yoder's Beauty Shop

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