Montpelier High School - Mirror Yearbook (Montpelier, OH)

 - Class of 1954

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Montpelier High School - Mirror Yearbook (Montpelier, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 110 of the 1954 volume:

72' n. 3 0l'eLUOI" Many ot the important details of our school life 'll wi be forgotten in a short while, as we accept the responsibilities of adulthood Therefore the Senio Cl . , r ass ot i954 presents this permanent record of this year's major events. 2 Ceo rezienfing Administration Classes Activities Comjalimenls of Ziegler - Gearig - Horning john Deere Dealers 3 Sports aff' cibeokcafion To Otha Cunningham we, the Class of l954, wish to dedicate this issue of the Mirror. Otha is a fellow who has a smile for every student and who is liked and respected by all of them. Mr. Cunningham has driven a school bus for the past fourteen years. ln addition to transporting the students to and from school, Otha also drives the basketball and football players to the out-of-town games. In all of his years of driving the sports bus he has only missed six times. We, the publishers of this book, appreciate the great school spirit which is exhibited by Otha and we are proud to use this means of thanking him. , 4 SCHOOL BOARD - Cecil Prosser, Lee Powers, Gene Thompson, Waldo Miller, Harry Schwartz. W. A. HOWALD -- Superintendent H, A, KARNES -. Principal Heidelberg College Wittenberg College University of Denver Ohio State University lndiana University Defiance College Bowling Green State University Ohio University lndiana University 1 r I F + 6 K ,mf swf EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - ASSISTANT EDITORS LITERARY EDITOR SECY. and TREAS. BUSINESS MANAGERS ADVERTISING MANAGERS CIRCULATION MANAGERS PICTORIAL EDITOR SPORTS EDITOR CLASSES EDITORS ACTIVITIES EDITORS LAYOUT EDITORS Martin Bechtol Gerald Harrington David Geren Patricia Manley Carol Yarger Donald Baker Frank Dietsch Roger Scott Loren Bickham Carolyn Shannon Jack Brillhart Lewis Hendricks Fred Strobel Mike Page William Oliver Aurelia Moran Gerald McCool Caryl Brandon James Altafter Gary Connolly Clarence Fisher Larry Wisman Jane Williams Gloria Traxler gdhiehtdfg Schoof The elementary school plays a very important part in molding the lives of the children of this community lts faculty has the great responsibility of laying the proper educational foundation in the lives of the students. Whatever success comes to the child in later life can be attributed largely to this training in his early years. DONALD CASEY Principal Indiana University 8 TOP ROW, left to right - LILLIAN APT, Third Grade, VIOLET BIBLE, Sixth ESTHER CHANEY, Art, MABLE DOENGES, Fifth Grade. ROW TWO - RUTH FOX, Fifth Grade, MARGUERITE HOSKINSON, Sixth BESS LESNETT, Third Grade, RUTH W. LIVENSPARGER, Kindergarten. ROW THREE - MARILYN MCCREA, Second Grade, NELL.IE MILLER, First ARLINE OLDS, Music, GLADYS PORTER, Second Grade. ROW FOUR - FANNY SHATZER, Fourth Grade, ROBERT STORRER, Seventh ROSE MAJ EAN, Fourth Grade, DONALD GRAY, Custodian. ROW FIVE - MARY BRINER, First Grade. Cfomjiimmzis of II'If?IZ!?I67' Stmlzpilzg Crmzpmzy 9 Grade Grade Grade Grade 1 Cmfzplizllezzlx of Cottage 11111, Plume 9010 IO 00 .jGl'lJel"g,al"fel'l Compliments of Kimmel's Drug Store I2 Michael Allen Linda Baker Steven Baker Ricky Bavin Cheryl Beck Chris Blosser Lexie Blossom Larry Blossom Norman Bowers Sharon Brown Vickie Brown Nancy Casey Connie Cheadle Alan Clark Jeanie Clark Ricky Clark Diane Cook Dennis Cook Steven Cooper Terry Courtney Patricia Cox James Curry Shela Dilworth Marshall Donaldson Sharon Fetters Marty Freese Gay Gambler Deanna Goddard Dennis Haldiman ' Joe Hern Paula Hill Judith Housh Joe Huston Kay Jerger Susan Johns Richard Keesburg Frederick Kirk Rosanna Kissinger Sarah Lautermilch Dennis Manley Carol Manley Mary Martin Stephen McCrea Jeffrey Montgomery Caron Moor Charles Moore Patricia Moore David Osburn Nancy Pape Gloria Poorman Connie Reader Robert Royer John Sines Sheryle Smith Constance Stahl Connie Strcwser Melvin Swank William Tarr James Thompson James Tingle Tommy Tressler Dennis Walker Anne Wilson Sandra Zeiter .!Gl'l0!eI'gal"fel'l Compliments of Priest dr Cook Furniture Co I3 SLM! giraffe Compliments of Montpelier City Laundry l4 Lois Anders Ronald Baker Terry Barcus Patricia Baumeister Dianne Beek Jeannine Bowen Lynn Bowman Joy Brenner Ralph Brown Roger Brown Glyn Buntain Linda Cooley Jenny Cooley Sally Cook Tad Cook Judith Court Jill Critchfield Terry Dietz Steven Doughten Robin Elliott Debra Firestone Michael Fogel Ronald Fogle William Foust Fred Gambler Robert Gambler Donna Geren Barry Goddard Martin Gorgas Terry Guyse Philip Hallock Gary Hambleton Daryl Harter Sandra Hinkle Rosa Lee Hoag Deborah Hoops Bob Housh Stephen Houtz Dwight Joice Timothy Jones Jeanne Lamberson Cheryl Lantz Janice Lautermilch Tom Lucas Tom Kohl Richard Kreischer Philip Lyon Margie Malone Barbara Manley John Martin Tom Michael Marcia Miller Lyle Moore Roger Nichols Melinda Nolin Sandra Pann Dennis Parnham Laura Lue Pearce Paula Peters Donald Poorman Stephen Powers Larry Pressler Tony Richmond Deborah Seward Carol Shaffer Dorothy Shaffer Margaret Shatter Jerry Snow Tamara Stahl David Stambaugh Sheila Stantz Cheryl Starkey Roger Starr Diane Stay Kenny Treer Timothy Vonalt Tom Van Coppenolle Janie Wells Dee Ann Wishmeyer Karen Wright jimi grade Compliments of Wayne W. Luke Insurance if Realtor 15 .SZCOILJ gI'a6!e Compliments of Geesey's Pastry Shop I6 Nancy Baker Rodney Baker Douglas Bible John Blossom Daniel Bohner Jane Bond Angelia Calvin Kent Clapp Deanna Clark Michael Cox Steven Critchfield Tommy Crowe Sue Dean Melinda DeGroff Alan Doenges Paul Emans John Gardner Rex Grice Paul Griek Robert Heckman Ronald Hepker John Herb Jennifer Hoag Shelia Hutchens Mickey Karnes Melody Kissinger Charles Koch David Lash Douglas Lougheed Ann Beth Lung Ronald Malone David McCrea John McGill Donna Merrifield Jon Michael Stephen Middleton Ann Miller Candy Miller Rodney Mocherman Sandra Moore Wayne Moore Jacqueline Moran James Osburn Jeffrey Pearce Billy Peters Anthony Pignataro Susan Powers Robert Richmond Dean Schlosser Rickie Seaman Michael Smith Gary Starr Cindy Strawser Thomas Taylor Susan Thomas Ross Tressler Stanley Tressler Catherine Trott Virginia Utley Gary Welling Dorothy Wermer Thomas Wilson QCOIQJ QPGJQ 'Sn ape-' Q iii! fwfr i 4? my Compliments of Meindl Motor Sales l7 jhirc! gravle Compliments of Allen-Cunniff Furniture Store 18 Charles Apt Sherman Baker Jim Bradshaw Jerry Bastien Susan Baumeister Dean Beavers Ric Beck Richard Blosser David Britton Susan Carpenter Hope Clark Rusty Colon Robert Crowe Brownie Echler Gary Faunce Janet Fireovid Clark Fisher Richard Fisher Diane Govin Carlton Gray Dianne Haldiman Donald Harter Steward Hinkle Patrick Humbarger Sue Johnson Judy Jones Teri Lantz Henrietta Love Jim Lucas Audrey Malone Donna Manley Linda Marsh Edwin Miller David Norris James Rediger Mary Rummel John Seaman Henry Sines Larry Steinke Janet Strayer Jan Strohl Larry Taylor Tom Thomas Roger Thorp Connie Treer Terry Tressler Connie Weitzel Deanna Whitaker Jacqueline Wilson Paul Wilson Jewel Utley wird gravle Compliments of Bodeis jewelry Store 19 Con'1jJIi11mnts of Deanfs Insurzmce Agency 20 -il Co o C-A jourfA QPGJQ Compliments of Carr's Confectionery 22 Francis Apt Billy Baker Lola Baker Joy Bauer David Baumeister Jo Ann Boothmon Leroy Cook Mary Lynn Day Rex Dickinson Judy Dilworth Mary Fireovid Douglas Fisher Tommy Fisher Jerry Fresse Richard Gambler Patsy Goddard Earl Geren Mariel Goeltzenleuchter Walter Heckman Katherine Houtz David Jenkins Kent Lamberson Robert Loghry Mike Majean James Malone Norman McGowen Martin Meindl Alan Miller Deitra Miller Robert Miller Donald Moore Judy Page Danny Pressler Linda Reese Ronald Sapp Charles Schelling Sharon Seward Larry Shepherd Ronald Stoy James Stroebel Sammy Summers Elaine Taylor Clynn Tingley Cheryl Traxler Geraldine Waldron Darwina Wallace James Weitzel Jackie Welch Richard Wermer Terry Zimmerman j0lll'tL gl'd6!e l l I l Compliments of National Bank of Montpelier 23 sem gmf., Compliments of Gririefs jewelry Store 24 Joe Altaffer Kay Altaffer John Baker Burton Basset Barbara Bastien Lela May Beck Joseph Bohner Kent Boyer Dan Brandeberry Wayne Bulla Harold Burch Jack Byall Karen Chaney Janet Clark Ric Curry Joan Darby Roger Dickinson Stephen Dreffer Van Echler Margaret Elliott Sandra Gleason Barbara Glidden Alice Johnson Gary Johnson Lawrence King Marile McCamis Richard March Robert Michaels Dennis Miller John Miller Linda Miller Judy Moore Sandra O'Neal Claire Peters Judy Peters Michael Reader Cheri Richmond Joy Sapp Wayne Schlosser Alden Shaffer Jennie Sines Jerry Stoy Winona Traxler James Treer Karen Treer Judy Weitzel Sherry Wilson Marsha Karnes glade Compliments of Tmutman dv' Son 5c to 51.00 Store 25 X .SMA Qmle Q, ji N1 Comibliments of Montpelier Hatchery 26 Brenda Beach Tom Beavers Chad Bible Sunny Blosser David Bunfain Joyce Burkmire Lois Clark Patricia Clark Joyce Cook Judith Cook Larry Courtney David Donaldson Tommy Ely Raymond Faunce Thomas Fenimore Robert Filson Kathleen Freese Marsha Freese John Gambler Reo Geren Sue Goeltzenleuchter Barbara Henry Larry Henry Richard Jenkins James Johnson Ronald King Marian Love gxfh gfage David Lovejoy Bonnie Lung James Marsh David Van Mason Richard Mick Jerry Mills Julia Montgomery Mikell Oppenheim Stanley Pignataro Karen Richmond Thomas Riley Barry Rummel Beatrice Schelling Jearld Schelling Constance Schlegel Stephen Simpson Warren Sleesman Jimmy Smith Bonnie Stoner Darrell Starr Thomas Summers Sharon Taylor Karen Traxler Sharon Trott Freddie Vonalt '21 4 T, fi Ronald Will V .-f4- y wwf William Young X N Ar N -Q-f, Compliments of Gambles - G. H. Moshier 27 .sl .- 'Q , , '- . 35... 2Uel'LfA. gl'aJe Compliments of Snyder Market 28 Lyle Allomong Judith Baker Nanette Bassett Robert Bidwell Judy Brandeberry Carl Bradshaw Robert Brandt Jerry Burkmire David Byall Ronald Calvin Carol Casebere Judy Clark Lucy Clark Marjorie Clark Leonard Connolly John Cook Richard Crowe Gertrude Echler Diane Falco Darla Freese Paul Goble Edward Geren Judy Hendricks Jon Henry Barbara Henry Roger Huber Mary Hutchens Darla Jenkins Linda Knecht Larry Liter Jim Lockhart John Lower Ottus Love Gary Lougheed Alice Malone Bill Malone Larry Mocherman Kay Mocherman Phyllis Oppenheim David Page Maxine Shaffer SueAnn Simpson Robert Sleesman Kathleen Startzman Mary Ellen Thompson Norma Vanstaen Edwin Walker Richard Will Joe Wisman Marilyn Wolfe .iU0l'lfA GIWJQ Compliments of Ideal Electric Store - Grover Lyon dr Son 29 FLOYD BARCUS .gcdoof 11113 075 KENNETH BOWMAN Indiana State Teachers Ohio State University College Vocational Agriculture Kendall College F. F. A. Advisor Sinclair College Vincennes University Government History Bookkeeping Jr. Business Librarian Senior Class Advisor FRANCIS R. BRAZEN Findlay College Driver Training Physical Education History Basketball Coach Baseball Coach M Club Advisor Ohio State University Industrial Arts JOHN W. DUNLAP ROGER CHANEY Ohio Northern University University of Wisconsin University of Denver English Dramatics Publications Mirror Staff A RUSSELL EMANS Bowling Green State University University of Chicago Indiana University Mathematics Chemistry Physics Sophomore Class Advisor dvisor WALTER FABEN DOKQWNA FSHERT University of Michigan V 'O . n'Yer:" V E Kenyon College oclgtiona Ad ome conomics John Hopkins University F' ' A' Wsor French Public Speaking Business Math. Junior Class Advisor Compliments of Farm Bureau 30 Jigi s1i,,.,f luis' EIU RICHARD HOLLSTEIN THELMA LONG CLARENCE NONNEMACHER Bowling Green State Goshen College Eastern Kentucky State University English UVIIVGVSITY Indiana University Social Science HISTOVY Toledo University Y. Teen Advisor M0fh9m0T'C5 General Science Freshman Class Advisor PIWYSICOI Education Pars fem. echo ' ra in 00 0 OGC M mm' D W Q ' M ci in Advisor Eighth Grade Class Advisor U ROBERT WHITAKER MILDRED GREEK CHESTER BIBLE Ohio University Secretary Custodian Northwestern University U. S. Army Bondmaster's School Activities Advisor Director of Music MARY HAINES Bowling Green State University Ohio State University English Latin Physical Education G. A. A. Advisor MEREDITH WILKIN University of Illinois University of Colorado Indiana University Shorthand Typing Secretarial Office Practice Compliments of Montpelier Daily 31 2-'W' M21 W5 52 QQ-Ji? WW an Compliments of Fouslfs' Rexrzil Slorc Cc.-of gem gmfe Cimibliments of Harold? Sohio 34 James Allen Linda Allomong Angela Anders Georgene Bany Beverly Bass Bob Bauer Kay Beerbower Rex Blue Mary Bradshaw Nan Carpenter Susan Clapp Verda Clifton Glen Connolly Connie Cook Danny Cook David Cook Diane Cook Lavon Cox John Dancer Myrna Day Marion Dean David Dreffer Edwin Elliot Jerry Erwin Nancy Fisher Terry Fletcher Bertha Gambler Judy Goddard Jerry Goeltzenleuchter Dallas Henry Roger Hephner Sue Hill Charlene Humbarger John Humbarger Don Kemarly Sandra Kizer Robert Kreischer Lynn Lamberson Gorden Lett Mildred Lovejoy Barry Lung Patty Malone Dallas Manley Kay Mathews Janet Mayfield Connie McCamis George McGill Vernon Merrifield Rodney Miller Jerry Mocherman Mary Jane Moran David Neilands Ronald O'Neal Amy Lou Page Eugene Pignataro Darwin Robison Sonna Sayles Gale Stahler Bill Stahl Nancy Starr Delores Steinke Pam Stoner Norman Stoy Bill Teats Lyle Traxler John Treer Kenneth Turner Darrell Wade Garnet Wolfe David Watson Connie Welling Charles Wermer Terry Whetro Danny Wilson John Zulch gym gmail Compliments of Thompson Funeral Home 35 LUFQJAHQGIL Compliments of Zulch Photo Studio 36 Jim Anders Donna Allomong Dolores Allomong Bill Bany Jane Bashor Ronnie Bauer Donna Beck Don Beck Kay Beck Bob Benjamin Betty Bible Gay Blosser Jim Bordner Jae Bostater Walter Boyer Barbara Brandon Joe Brown Barbara Byall Betty Champion Lavern Cogswell Jr. Cogswell Bill Dannison Raymond Echler Jerry Falco Dennis Faunce Larry Fenicle Barbara Fenstermaker Dave Figgins Tom Fiser Tom Fisher Jerry Foley Bill Freese Jan Garber D. Goeltzenleuchter Lowell Hill Kay Horton Bonnie Huston Janet Kasper Connie Keller Basil Krathwahl Carolyn Malone Lois Malone Orpha Mason Janice McCool Lois M-:Gill Larry Mercer Tom Mick Jean Miller Kenny Miller Judy Mills Roger Mocherman Andy Moody Judy Oppenheim Susan Page Sandra Parnham Phyllis Parsons Roy Rittenhouse James Rockey Joe Shankster Ruth Ann Shannon Kay Simpson Karen Sinn Betty Smethurst Duane Startzman Darwin Steinke Larry Summers Merle Suntken Pat Taylor Glen Thompson Bill Waterstone Kenny Weaver Gene Weidner Shirley Will Cecilia Yagelski Junior Zigler Laura Zimmerman jl"e5Al'l'l en 553 1 J? Compliments of Bea's Beauty Shop 37 .SJOIQAOHQOPBJ Compliments of Ad:'P Food Zllarket 38 John Beavers Leslie Bechtol Pal Bidwell Merrilee Brown Walter Bumb Neil Burke Janet Burkholder Mary Burns Robin Chaney Roger Chappius Lynn Clark George Clark Sharon Clay Kathleen Cook Scott Decker Dianne Dunlap Leland Esterline Dan Fenstermaker Eugene Fireovid Richard Fiser Charles Flickinger Charles Foust Norman Geesey Margaret Geren Maxine Goddard Larry Govin Gary Guyse Barbara Hephner Mary Jo Huber Edward lbbotson Delmar Karnes Gary Kimmel Jerry Lenninger Eunice Lirot Phyllis Lower Donna Malone Joan Manley James Martin Dee Martin Dale Smith Joan McCamis Jon McDonald Bill McKelvey Larry Mercer Bill Mocherman James Moore Janet Perkins Cynthia Pfeiffer Mary Ellen Pressler Ruby Price Junior Rath Joan Riley Norma Richards Audrey Rittenhouse Russell Rose Dick Shaull Roger Shepard Sharon Shoup Bob Sidle Ann Smethurst Linda Snyder Nan Stambaugh Paul Steingass Imogene Steingass Harold Stemen Pat Strobel Warren Swartz Dianne Tingle Bill Turner Merrice Vonalt Helen Vanstaen Jim Waldron Jean Wisman Lo Ann Zigler Jerry Zulch SOPAOMOFQJ Compliments of lilsea R. Lyons Plumbing Sho! 39 unions C0?1ii7llliII"lIlf of Carl Lyons Electrical Shop 40 Donald Banks Donna Banks Barbara Bavin Sarah Beams Jane Beavers Earl Bechtol Geraldine Bechtol Patricia Bechtol Ralph Bechtol Bennie Beck Dick Beck Alan Benjamin Larry Bible Burt Blue Robert Boothm Monroe Briner Donald Clifton Darlene Covey Harold Covey Doris Dargitz Dee Dean Thomas Dannison Patricia Ensign Anthony Ferraro Diane Fletcher Linda Gleason Bill Goddard Shirley Hartman Johanna Hause Walter Hicks an lla Hill Lyn Houk Nancy Houk Judy Kasper Bernice Keller Richard Knapp Dennis Leslie Phil Lyons Connie Masters Gary Masters Pot McGill Larry Mick Mary Sue Mocherman Duane Mowry Kay Reed Marcella Selkman Dean Shoup Howard Sleesman Dan Snyder Corma Stantz Pricilla Stantz Lyle Starr Billy Turner James Turner Jerry Van Mason Larry Vonalt Betty Waldron Hal Weidner Donald Whitney Gerry Whitney Sue Ann Williams Ronnie Wisman Mary Lou Yoder Terry Youse uniorzi Compliments of Powers 6' Sons, Inc' 41 if Complimenls of Lockhart :LQ Kizer C005 JAMES T. ALTAFFER Though slow in o flurry, l'lI not die from worry. MARTIN H. BECHTOL He's strong of back and arms, To prove that men do grow on farms. DONALD JAY BAKER New cars adorn him like women wear mink, 'Till all his transmissions go on the blink LOREN LEE BICKHAM A chap mischevious and gay, Close to his studies he never could stay. Compliments of Housefs Dry Cleaners l 44 DENNIS BANKS Dennis Banks, so tall and thin, Will win a race with a smile and o grin, JOCELYN DEE BLOSSER The life she leads is gay and full of fun, But, as you know, her work has just begun. CARYL SUE BRANDON She's reliable and kind in her ways, We shall remember her in far distant days. NANCY ANN CLARK Nancy is gay, you might say, Really, is there any other way? JACK DOUGLAS BRILLHART Jack has the facts, all strict and concise, Just go to him for brainy advice. AMY CONSTANCE COLDSNOW Connie IS a slender maid, But she is sure to make the grade. DORIS ESTELLA CH RON I NGER You may meet her in any hall, But she'll be a friend over all. GARY L. CONNOLLY Gary, well, he's been here let's Suv, l Of course he can't expect to stay. Compliments of Seaman's South End Market 45 PHYLLIS IRENE COOK She's always studied hard you see, For an artist she would like to be. LOIS ANN CUMMINS A giggle, a snicker, a smile, Yet she's still quite worth while. RICHARD WAYNE COOK A friend to everyone, always the same, Chief ambition - to change someone s name MARY ANN CUSTER Pretty, coquettish, bright, and QUYI She made the school sunny all through the day. Compliments of Walclroifs Feed Mill 46 KENNETH R. CROWE At all duties he works hard, And holds in them a winning card. FRANK H. DIETSCH A quiet, gentle lad is he, Deep thoughts as sturdy as a tree. JANICE MAY FAUNCE Janice is a girl who brightens the way, She's not too solemn, and not too gay. SHERRY LYNN DUNLAP Give me a light, a cozy nook, And leave me alone engrossed in a book. PATRICIA ANNE FOLJST She slips so quietly through the hall, It's hard to know she's here at all. DAVID A. GEREN A four year football man is he, CLARENCE FISHER JR. If Junior is sad and out of song, You know there must be some- thing wrong. GERALD I-IARRINGTOI He is the athletic type, But also the guy the girls all like. With a physique of iron as you can see. Compliments nl Montpelier Manufacturing Co. 47 X' LEWIS L. HENDRICKS Lewis, oh Lewis, you nonsense boy, Con't you see life isn't a toy? LARRY G. LETT Larry was never one for lessons and such, To be like Einstein, he never cared much. WAYNE D HENRY Was he happy, was he true? That's the question I wish I knew JANICE ELAINE LUKE In Jan a queen you'll always see, Right with her friends she's sure to be. Compliments of Bo0ne's Lumber Co. 48 MARVEL ARLENE LANIUS Marvel is always sweet and kind, A friend to all in anyone's mind. PATRICIA LOUISE MAJ EAN A little nonsense comes from me, All life should be fun, you see. PATRICIA KAY MANLEY The business type is what she'II be, You just stick around and see. JANET A. MCKELVEY True friends Iike Jonet ore hord to find, She's olwoys sincere, so good ond kind. LAWRENCE R. MARTIN He finds one foult in being toll, If he trips, it's ci long, long fall. RICHARD MCQUILKIN GERALD LEE MCCOOL "Squeek," why was he thot? He never minded, it's ci fact. LYNETTE ANN MERCER Lynette, olthough her size is small, Hos d heart os big as them dll. Frank, sincere, and quiet is Dick, You'II seldom find him pioying o trick. Complimenlx of Manlegfs Dairy 49 MARY ELAINE MILLER Personalities good are few and far between, But she has one that can be seen. WILLIAM GEORGE OLIVER When he studies, the wheels do spin, When he doesn't - well, is that a sin? AURELIA ANN MORAN Always gay and ready to play, AIWUYS Spend a carefree day. MICHAEL H. PAGE To speak or not to speak, what is the reason? Because to him speech is never out ot season Comjllimcnls of Wilson Ifiuzernl Home 50 MARY ANNE NEILANDS One who wishes on a star, Will travel in this world quite far. ROBERT PRIEST Some people like to play all day, But Bob likes to "fiddle" his life away. ROGER SCOTT He's really quite a man, The type folks follow, it they can. NORMA JEAN SNYDER She is not too taII we gaily state, The kind who needs not the toss ot fate. CAROLYN JEAN SHANNON She is attractive, but oh, so Shy, The kind who always gets her guy. FREDERIC WILLIAM STROBEL He takes life as serious as can Does he ever long to be free? Compliments of Platfs Service Station 5I CAROL SMETI-IURST She is the quiet type, But quietness speaks louder than words, right? MARILYN LOUISE SUMMERS She's Marilyn from the class of titty-tour, What does the future hold in store? DUAN E SUMNER To sleep in study hall his major aim, After all, what else is there to gain? LORALEE JUNE WILKINS At the last moment she thinks she's not ready, Doesn't know dates, her history's not steady. GLORIA LEE TRAXLER She always acts so good and nice, l wonder when she'll get the rice. MARILYN JANE WILLIAMS Jane, a student of Montpelier School, Gets all of her lessons, and minds the rule. DAWN ELAINE WATTS Dawn is her name as you can see, "Watts" in her tuture's a puz- zle to me. ROSI LYN JEAN Wl LLIAMS Jean, her sister, a saucy twin, J Will surely succeed what er she's in. C071'lf7li7HUIllS' of World Auction and Realty Inc. 52 LARRY SCOTT WISMAN No sinner, nor no saint perhaps, But seems to be the best of chaps. CAROL LOU YARGER A girl with pep and zeal to do Most anything we ask her to, MARCIA JO ZULCH A tall and slender blonde is she, A great success we know she'll be. Compliments of Hoffmarfs Cottage Grocery 53 MARY LOUISE ZEITER Mary has 0 smile so rare, She brightens all the atmos- phere. l enior ueen Senior Queen Miss Carolyn Shannon "A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its Ioveliness increasesg it will never - Pass into nothingnessg but still will keep A bower quiet for us, and a sleep Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing." -Keats 54 enior ueen ana! Courf Queen Miss Shannon, Joy Blosser, Marvel Lonius, Jane Williams, and Jcm Luke 55 Complimenfs of City Appliance Store i ...A Cm1'1plin7e11l.s' of Calvirfs Pure Oil Servire 58 enior Kfazid Ffa? The senior class presented the three-act "meller-drammer", Love Rides The Rails, or Will The Mail Train Run Tonight, in the high school auditorium on May 20-2l. The cast were as follows: Mrs. Hopewell Prudence Hopewell Simon Darkway Truman Pendennis Harold Stanfast Dirk Sneath Carlotta Cortez Fifi - Fred Wheelwright Dan - - Beulah Belle Officer - Women patrons of Paradise Cafe Railroad workers ll Compliments of Winzeler Stamping Company 59 Dawn Watts Marcia Zulch Larry Martin Frank Dietsch Larry Wisman Richard Cook Mary Neilands Carol Yarger Gary Connolly Loren Bickham Loralee Wilkins Gerald McCool Aurelia Moran Pat Majean Jean Williams Kenneth Crowe Robert Priest Duane Sumner unior 64455 pfag 'RES' The Junior Class presented a three act comedy Live and Let Live by Charles Ferguson on December 8 and 9. The cast was as follows: Diane Fletcher - - - Samantha Mary Sue Mocherman - Avis Turnbull Marcella Selkman Julia Worthington Lester Anthony Ferraro - - Tony Pulaski Pat Ensign - - Ginnie Lester Lyle Starr - - Lloyd Turnbull Mary Lou Yoder - Mrs. Pulaski Ronnie Wisman - Mart Lester C071Ill7lfHZf?7ll.Y of I3ec'k's Cities Service 60 ,aff SCM pf., The Dramatics Department presented the play, The Silver Whistle, by William McEnroe, in the high school auditorium on January 18 and 19. The cast was as follows: Joy Blosser Jim Martin - Marcia Zulch - Aurelia Moran - Miss Tripp .Reverend Watson - Mrs. Hanmer Mrs. Gross Mary Neilands - Carol Yarger Larry Martin - Jerry Van Mason Dianne Dunlap Connie Coldsnow Roger Mocherman Merrice Vonalt Larry Vonalt - Burt Blue - Jim Moore - - Miss Hoadley Mrs. Sampler Mr. Beebe Mr. Cherry Mrs. Reddy - Mrs. Shay The Bishop Mrs. Beach Oliver Erwenter - Emmet An Officer Compliments of City Beverage ,aff sim! wa, The dramatics department presented the three-act drama, Beyond The Horizon, by Eugene O Neill in the high school auditorium on March i8 and l9. The cast of characters were as follows James Mayo Kate Mayo Andrew Mayo Robert Mayo Capt. Dick Scott Mrs. Atkins Ruth Atkins Ben - Doctor Fawcett Ronald Wisman Jean Wisman Anthony Ferraro Larry Vonalt - William Oliver Mary Sue Mocherman - Joy Blosser Burton Blue James Martin Compliments of Winzeler Stamping Company 62 SCIENCE CLUB ROW l - Connie Cold- snow, Sue Ann Williams, Sherry Dunlap. ROW 2 - Mr. Emans, Jerry Van Mason, Jack Brill- hart, Richard McQuilkin, Fred Strobel. ROW 3 - Scorch Harring- ton, Kenny Crowe, Larry Vonalt, Lyle Starr, Bob Priest, Ronnie Wisman, l-lal Weidner. ADVANCED DRAMATICS Larry Martin, Marcia Zulclw, Aurelia Moran, Mike Page, Mary Neilands, Carol Yarger, Larry Von- alt. DRAMATICS ROW l -- Janet Perkins, Joy Blosser, Dionne Dun- lap, Merrice Vonalt, Caryl Brandon, Connie Cald- snow, Pat Manley. ROW 2 - Joan McCamis, Mary Custer, Tom Dan- nison, Jim Moore. Compliments of Owl E. Rowe 63 F. F. A. ROW l - Joe Shankster, Lewis Hendricks, Frank Dietsch, Dean Shoup, Lynn Houk, Dan Snyder, Gary Connolly, Mr. Bowman. ROW 2 - Roger Scott, Duane Sumner, Loren Bickham, Martin Bechtol, Larry Wisman, Ralph Bechtol, Fred Strobel, Walter Boyer. ROW 3 - Glendale Thompson, Merle Suntken, DennisLeslie, Leslie Bechtol, Gerald Mercer, Dave Geren, Wayne Henry. ROWE4i T Paul Stiengass, Dan Fenstermaker, Bob Sidle, Gene Fireovid, Bill McKelvey, Gerald McCool, Lee S el'iIl'1E. ROW 5 - Jerry Perdue, Jim Anders, Larry Bordner, Kenny Brown, Jim Altaffer, Bill Waterston, Joe Brown. l l l l F. H. A. ROW l - Pat Foust, Joy Blosser, Caryl Brandon, Lynette Mercer, Jean Wisman, Gloria Traxler, Donna Allo- mong, Mrs. Fisher. ROW 2 - Judy Kasper, Dolores Allomong, Jean Miller, Darlene Covey, Gay Blosser, Ruth Shannon, Janice McCool, Connie Keller. ROW 3 - Connie Masters, Mary Burns, Kay Simpson, Lois Malone, Barbara Brandon, Bernice Keller, Carma Stantz, Nancy Clark. ROW 4 - Priscilla Stantz, Sharon Clay, Margaret Geren, Lo Ann Zigler, Barbara Fenstermaker, Janet Mc- Kelvey, Marilyn Summers, Janice Faunce. Compliments of I.ett's Shell Service 64 FRENCH CLUB ROW l - Mr. Faben, Ron- nie Wisman, Lyle Starr, Bob Priest, Alan Benja- min, Mike Page. ROW 2 - Sue Williams, Barbara Bavin, Mary Sue Mocherman, Pat Manley, Jean Williams. ROW 3 - Tom Dannison, Jerry Van Mason, Walter Hicks, Jane Williams. LATIN LEAGUE ROW l - Laura Zimmer- man, Jucly Oppenheim, Sherry Dunlap, Marilyn Byall, Merrice Vonalt, Shirley Wills, Barbara Byall, Ed lbbotson. ROW 2 - Jerry Zulch, Ro- ger Mocherman, Janet Kasper, Sue Loghry, Lois McGill, Margaret Geren, Joe Bostater. ROW 3 - Bobby Benjamin, Don Beck, Dave Figgins, Bill Dannison, Lowell Fredricks, Mickey Frit- zinger, Mrs. Haines. ROW 4 - Jerry Falco, Ro- ger Chappius, Lynn Clark, Pal Bidwell, Charles Flickinger, Jim Martin. M-CLUB ROW l - Mike Page, Burt Blue, Bob Sidle, Bennie Beck, Jack Brillhart, Bill Oliver, Larry Martin, Jer- ry Mercer. ROW 2 - Mr. Nonnemach- er, Roger Shepard, Jerry Zulch, Dick Beck, Anth- ony Ferraro, Jon McDon- ald. ROW 3 - Dave Geren, Gary Guyse, Lewis Parker, Kenneth Crowe, Larry Vonalt, Darwin Steinke. ROW 4 - Lewis Hendricks, Duane Sumner, Roger Scott, Scorch Harrington, Delmar Karnes, Lyle Starr. Comjiliments of 1l4Uh!l'lUk Tool Inc' 65 Conzplimenis of Recl's Reslaumnt 66 Y-TEENS ROW l - Lois Cummins, Carolyn Shannon, Pat Stro- bel, Jean Williams, Jane Williams, Aurelia Moran, Pat Majean, Carol Yarger, Mary Zeiter, Connie Cold- snow, Joy Blosser, Phyllis Cook, Marilyn Byall. ROW 2 -- Sherry Dunlap, Marilee Brown, Linda Sny- der, Diane Tingle, Mary Neilands, Sharon Shoup, Dee Martin, Dolores Allo- mong, Connie Keller, Bev- erly Bass, Terry Fletcher, Nancy Fisher. ROW 3 - Diane Dunlap, Delores Steinke, Pam Ston- er, Eileen Bish, Judy Op- penheim, Barbara Byall, Myrna Day, Marian Dean, Janice McCool, Merrice Vonalt, Shirley Wills. Row 4 - Kay Beerbower, Linda Zimmerman, Bonnie Huston, Orpha Mason, Janet McKelvey, Sue Williams, Mary Yoder, Kay Reed, Dee Dean, Pat Manley. ROW 5 - Laura Zimmerman, Ruth Shannon, Betty Sme- thurst, Judy Mills, Barbara Brandon, Betty Champion, Carolyn Malone, Donna Malone, Donna Allomong. STUDENT COUNCIL ROW l - Mary Mocherman, Caryl Brandon, M a r c i a Zulch, Marilyn Byall, Mar- vel Lanius, Judy Oppenheim, Sandra Kizer. ROW 2 - Anthony Ferraro, Burt Blue, Robin Chaney, Mr. Karnes, Delmar Karnes, Fred Strobel, Ronnie Miller. G. A. A. ROW l - Carolyn Shannon, Pot Strobel, Elaine Miller, Mary Custer, Loralee Wil- kins, Jackie Biggers, Con- nie Coldsnow, Jan Luke, Carol Yarger, Marcia Zulch, Dawn Watts. ROW 2 - Barbara Hephner, lla Hill, Diane Fletcher, Pat Ensign, Mary Huber, Dee Martin, Sue Williams Mary Yoder, Phyllis Cook, Kay Beck. ROW 3 - Joan McCamis, Mary Mocherman, Sandra Parnham, Barbara Byall, Judy Oppenheim, Joanne Riley, Audrey Rittenhouse, Imogene Stiengass, Pat Bechtol, Marilyn Byall. ROW 4 - Mrs. Haines, Jane Beavers, Laura Zimmerman, Cecilia Yagelski, Susan Page, Janet Kasper, Isobel Dickson, Helen Vanstaen Sue Loghry. mf., .. , . V , , 5 5 U CHOIR ROW l - Barbara Byall, Helen Vanstaen, Jean Williams, JaneWiIliams, Mary Custer, Lois Cummins, Joy Blosser, Nancy Clark, Betty Waldron, Phyllis Cook, Connie Coldsnow. ROW 2 - Isobel Dickson, Dee Martin, Sharon Shoup, Cynthia Pfeiffer, Caryl Brandon, Judy Oppenheim, Sandra Parnham, Susan Page, Janet Kasper. ROW 3 - Duflfle MOWFY, DOH BGYIKS, JON MCDOf1Gld, Phil Lyons, Ken Crowe, Anthony Ferrara, Hal Weidner, Bob Priest, ROW 4 - Burt Blue, John Beavers, Gary Guyse, Lee Esterline, Lyle Starr, Richard McQuilkin, Louis Goeltzenleuchter, Bobby Boothman, Lewis Parker, George Clark, Charles Foust. l ROW l - Mary Mocherman, Diane Fletcher, Pat Ensign, Aurelia Moran, Pat Strobel, Marilyn Byall, Sue Loghry, Diane Dun- lap, Mary Yoder, Gerry Whitney, Judy Kasper. ROW 2 - Pal McGill, Priscilla Stantz, Marcella Selkman, Pat Bechtol, Jackie Biggers, Dolores Allomong, Pal' Manley, Mary Zeiter, Janice McCool, Loralee Wilkins, Carolyn Shannon, Dawn Watts. ROW 3 - Billy Turner, Jean Miller, Darlene Covey, Ruth Shannon, Cecilia Yagelski, Laura Zimmerman, Gay Blosser, Jan Luke, Marcia Zulch, Norma Snyder, Ronnie Miller. ROW 4 - Mike Page, Terry Youse, Tom Dannison, Jan Garber, Robin Chaney, Carol Yarger, Elaine Miller, Larry Martin, Jim Moore, Monroe Briner, Lowell Hill, ROW 5 -Jerry Vcn Mason, Jerry Leininger, Dick Shaull, Walter Bumb, Jerry Zulch, Billy Bany, Lynn Clark, Pal Bidwell, Ronnie Bauer, Dick Fiser, Ronnie Wisman, Phil Thorp. Cmnplimenls of Shelby Crafter: Corp. 67 Uardifg diana! CLARINETS Phyllis Cook Sue Ann Williams Mary Yoder Walter Bumb Kay Reed Laura Zimmerman Barbara Bavin Jerry Van Mason Linda Zimmerman Ann Bass David Watson Marcella Selkman Ronnie Wisman Connie Coldsnow Barbara Tesmer Nancy Spence FLUTES Sherry Dunlap Kay Beck OBOE Dianne Dunlap BARITON Diane Fletcher Jackie Bigger Jerry Goeltzenleuchter BASSOON Pat Ensign ALTO HORN Donna Banks Carolyn Malone SAXOPHONES Betty Waldron Jean Sumner Lynn Lamberson Lo Ann Zeigler Janet Burkholder Pat Bechtol TROMBONES Joe Bostater Barry Rummel Dallas Henry Gene Weidner Nancy Starr BASSES ' James Moore David Figgins PRECUSSEON Tom Dannison Duane Mowry Richard Cook Gordon Lett Rex Blue Dennis Leslie TRUMPETS Lyle Starr Cmnpliments of Dairy Queen Phil Lyons Nanette Stambaugh Norman Geesey Hal Weidner Ronnie Miller Lyle Traxler Mike Weidner Gene Pignataro Glen Connolly Mickey Fritzinger Jan Garber BELLS Priscilla Stantz Donna Malone Bonnie Huston Phyllis Lower FLAG CARRIERS Pat McGill Lois McGill BOYS GLEE CLUB ROW l - Danny Fenstermaker, Louis Goeltzenleuchter, John Beavers, Billy Turner, Jan Garber, Robin Chaney, Walter Bumb, Larry Martin, Jon McDonald, Duane Mowry. ROW 2 - George Clark, Hal Weidner, Ronnie Wisma ri, Burt Blue, Anthony Ferraro, Ronnie Miller, Jim Moore, Walter Boyer, Lyle Starr. ROW 3 4 Kenneth Crowe, Jerry Van Mason, Lewis Parker, Richard McQuilkin, Phil Lyons, Bob Priest, Sam Hill Junior Stemen. ROW 4 L- Mike Page, Terry Youse, Tom Dannison, Jerry Leininger, Dick Fiser, Monroe Briner, Bobby Booth- man, Phil Thorp, Lee Esterline. ROW 5 - Charles Foust, Gary Guyse, Dick Shaull, Don Beck, John Zulch, Lynn Clark, Pal Bidwell, Ronnie Bauer, Billy Bany, Gene Fireovid. TWlRLERS Janet Kasper, Judy Oppenheim, Pat Strobel, Gerry Whitney, Linda Snyder, Ruth Shannon, Sharon Shoup. Comjalinzents of Western Auto Associate Store 69 - r Conzjdimerzis of Loflclzarl cb C11.x'ebe1'e'.s Dloior Sales gmfe SCAOOX Wyubicicani GLEE CLUB . . .Same ROW l - Pat Majean, Jean Williams, Jane Williams, Mary Custer, Lois Cummins, Nancy Clark, lsobel Dick- son, Helen Vanstaen, Mary Jo Huber, Joy Blosser. ROW 2 - Barbara Hephner, Cynthia Pfeiffer, Dee Martin, Sharon Shoup, Caryl Brandon, Sherry Dunlap, Marilyn Summers, Pat Foust, Doris Chroninger, Phylis Cook. ROW 3 -- Barbara Byall, Linda Snyder, Diane Tingle, Merrilee Brown, Joanne Riley, lla Hill, Betty Waldron, Connie Coldsnow, Kay Beck. ROW 4 - Susan Page, Ann Smethurst, Maxine Goddard, Doris Dargitz, Geraldine Bechtol, Pat Taylor, Carol Smethurst, Barbara Brandon, Judy Mills. ROW 5 - Judy Oppenheim, Janet Kasper, Sandra Parnham, Carolyn Malone, Carolyn Boothman, Donna Beck, Betty Smethurst, Betty Champion. ROW l - Pat McGill, Marcella Selkman, Aurelia Moran, Jan Luke, Marcia Zulch, Carol Yarger, Loralee Wilkins, Norma Snyder, Carolyn Shannon, Dawn Watts, Nancy Houk. ROW 2 - Janice Faunce, Priscilla Stantz, Pat Bechtol, Mary Neilands, Janet Perkins, Joan McCamis, Elaine Miller, Marilyn Byall, Barbara Bavin, Donna Banks, Dolores Allomong, Mary Sue Mocherman. ROW 3 - Nita Rittenhouse, Eunice Lirot, Jane Beavers, Connie Masters, Darlene Covey, Laura Zimmerman, Cecilia Yagelski, Ruth Ann Shannon, Gay Blosser, Lois McGill, Judy Kasper, Pat Ensign. ROW 4 - Pat Strobel, Sue Loghry, Mary Yoder, Sue Williams, Gerry Whitney, Jean Miller, Janice McCool, Donna Allomong, Eileen Bish, Betty Bible, Barbara Fenstermaker, Bonnie Huston, Diane Fletcher. ROW 5 - Jackie Biggers, Orpha Mason, Merrice Vonalt, Diane Dunlap, Lois Malone, Kay Simpson, Pat Manley, Mary Zeiter, Joan Manley, Connie Keller, Jane Bashor. Compliments of The Charles Company 71 Il' wmmn., C07lI!?1fHIE71fS of Almzipelier Frozen Food Lorlfez Cooki HOMECOMING QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Louro Zimmerman, Fresh- mong Pot Ensign, Junior, Gerold Ho rrington, Co-cop- toinj Jon Luke, Queen, Bill Oliver, Co-captain, Corolyn Shannon, Senior, Jeon Wis- mon, Sophomore. Compliments of Dessart Bros. Inc VARSITY FOOTBALL ROW I - Lewis Hendricks, Jon McDonald, Bennie Beck, Dick Beck, Burt Blue, Anthony Ferrara, Dick Shaull, Kenneth Crowe, Scorch Harrington. ROW 2 - Bob Sidle, Don Beck, Bill Waterstone, Larry Bordner, Jim Anders, Larry Summers, Roger Mocherman, Gene Fireovid, Junior Ziegler, Larry Voncilt, Bill O'iver. ROW 3 - Charles Flickinger, Lyn Houk, Ronnie Wisman, Dan Snyder, Junior Rath, Roger Shepard, Walter Bumb, Jerry Zulch, David Geren. ROW 4 - Dave Figgins, Duane Sumner, Dean Shoup, Roger Scott, Larry Martin, Tom Fiser, Jerry Van Mason, Larry Wisman, Darwin Steinke. l i ,,,, JR. HIGH ROW I - Mike Weidner, Bob Bauer, Roger Hephner, John Zulch, Norman Stoy, Jerry Irwin, David Dretter, Terry Whetro. ROW 2 - Rex Blue, Gene Pignataro, Ronnie Calvin, David Byall, Robert Sleesman, John Humbarger, Lyn Lamberson. ROW 3 - Jerry Burkmire, Jon Paul Henry, Bob Bidwell, Larry Liter, Jerry Goeltzenleuchter, Jim Lockhart, tManagerJ. ROW 4 - Mr. Sforrer lCoachl David Page, Joe Wisman, Eddie Walker, IManagerl. MISSING ARE - Danny Wilson, Jerry Teafs. Compliments of Winzeler Stamping Company 76 J.4,m,,if. of The i953 football season began with three weeks of rugged conditioning. Again this year, the boys were confronted with new coaches and a change in style of ball. As the season progressed, Coach Nonnemacher and Coach Brazen proved themselves highly capable. They installed an altogether different type of offense, and by the latter half of the season were receiving splendid results. ROUND ROBIN The annual Round Rabin was held September ll, at Park Stadium in Bryan, The purpose of this event is to acquaint the fans with the type of football they are to see during the year in the Northwestern Ohio League. Each team plays two quarters, meeting different oppon- ents in each. Montpelier, having drawn Napoleon and Defiance, opened the evening by playing to a scoreless tie with Napoleon. In their second encounter, they met Defiance, the defending league champions, who twice crossed the home forces goal. Final score I3-O. 'PELIER O DEFIANCE 34 'Pelier traveled ta Defiance to inaugurate the l953 season. The trip was far from successful, but signs of improvement were apparent as Defiance was held score- less in the fourth period. 'PELIER 8 NAPOLEON 32 The Napoleon Wildcats invaded the home grounds and triumphed as 'Pelier fell before the hard-hitting and well coached Napoleon Wildcats. The big difference in this game was Napoleon's ability to capitalize on the Locos miscues - Yet the game was much closer than the score revealed. 'PELIER 35 LIBERTY CENTER 6 The Locomotive offensive punch finally emerged as 'Pelier walked off with a stunning victory over the Liberty Center Tigers. After a few changes in the 'Pelier lineup, they found themselves with a three touch- down lead by halftime. The team was beginning to adopt itself to Coach Nonnemacher's style and was determined that this wouIdn't be the end of its victories. 'PELIER 6 BEDFORD 38 The Bedford Mules of Lambertville, Michigan, again proved to have too much speed and ability for the Pelierites. Although the game wasn't close, it did help season the Locos for opponents yet to come. 'PELIER O DELTA I2 The results of the Montpelier Locomotives trip to Delta was a heart breaking defeat. The Delta Panthers showed little more potentiality than the Locos, except for two first-half touchdowns. It was a close, hard- fought battle with the brilliant passing of Jim Green making the difference. Coach Nonnemacher was not dis- appointed, and had praise for his team's effort. 'PELIER 34 BRYAN 0 All defeats of the l953 football squad were for- given after the trouncing they handed to their arch rival, at Park Stadium in Bryan. Bryan, riddled by injuries, was by no means a match for the inspired Locomotives. No single individual could be singled out, this was a team effort all the way. Fumbles caused by the aggres- siveness of the Locomotives literally ruined any chance the Golden Bears of Bryan ever had. This victory meant more to the team and coaches than the rest of the games put together. 'PELIER 6 WAUSEON 32 The annual homecoming was spoiled by the Wau- seon Indians, who failed to read advance billings, as they romped to an easy thirty-two-to six victory. Montpelier suffered from a let down after their brilliant victory over Bryan. The body was there but the heart was lack- ing which was quite easy to see by all who attended. But this loss set the stage for PeIier's last two engage- ments. 'PELIER 7 HILLSDALE 6 As had been the occasion all season, the Locomo- tives played better away from home. They upset the favored Hillsdale Hornets who were riding the crest of a brilliant winning streak. This was said by many to be the best and hardest played game of the season for the Locomotives, inext to Bryan, of course? although in no sense was it a runaway. A fourth quarter touchdown and brilliant defensive play brought victory to the home team. 'PELIER 40 SCOTT B I2 The Montpelier Locomotives thoroughly trounced the Toledo Scott B team on "Dad's Night" to end the season of four victories and five defeats. Nine seniors ended their careers by demonstrating the brand of foot- I'-all they were capable of playing. After a slow start, Pelier finished the season with three victories out of the last four games. Coach Nonnemacher was highly pleased with the season since he was new and the offense had been changed completely. Since the team was loaded with underclassmen, a better season should be expected next year. l Cmrzjalimerzls of Montpelier Creamery 78 Cheerleaders VARSITY Gerry Whitney Helen Vanstaen Sue Loghry Pat Bechtol RESERVE lsobel Dickson Barbara Byall Janet Kasper Pat Strobel JUNIOR HIGH Delores Steinke Garnet Wolf Nancy Starr Georgene Bany CIJIIIPHIIIETZIX of Hfl1IiZ8,.S' Greenlmuse .-4" Comjilimenzs of I"a1'me1'5 cbd 1WerChanls State is Savings Bank 80 Compliments of Houghton Motor Sales C0 .sinior Ziwgefgaff gag gClIfLef6Cl,! VARSITY ROW l - Bennie Beck, Burt Blue, Larry Martin, Bill Oliver, Larry Vonalt, Jerry Zulclw, ROW 2 - Bob Sidle, Delmar Karnes, Roger Shepard, Walter Bumb, Gerald Mercer, Manager RESERVE ROW l - Robin Chaney, Gene Fireovid, Gary Kimmel, Jon McDonald. ROW 2 - Roger Chappius, Dick Shaull, Alan Benjamin. CO777plll7'lf,'77lS of Fackler Monumenlal VVo1'ks 83 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL ROW I - Ronnie Miller, Dennis Faunce, Junior Zeigler, Don Beck, Bill Dannison, Raymond Rittenhouse, Mickey Fritzinger. ROW 2 - Jim Anders, Jerry Falco, Bob Benjamin, David Figgins, Roger Mocherman, Darwin Steinke, Bill Freese. JR. HIGH BASKETBALL ROW I - Terry Whetro, Ronnie Miller, Roger I-lephner, John Zulch, David Dreffer, Gene Pignataro, Kenny Turner, ROW 2 - Eddie Walker, Ilvlanagerl John Humbarger, Bob Bidwell, David Neilands, David Byall, Dallas Man- ley, David Page, Ronnie Calvin, Jim Lockhart, CManagerI. MISSING ARE - Barry Lung, Lyn Larnberson. 84 MONTPELIER VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD Delta 42 Pelier Ashley 5I Pelier Wauseon 73 Pelier Edon 52 Pelier Liberty Cen. 54 Pelier Napoleon 49 Pelier HOLIDAY TOURNEY AT BRYAN Perrysburg 64 Pelier Toledo Scott Bryan Delta Ashley Wauseon Edon Liberty Cen. Napoleon Bryan Angola 58 Pelier 74 Pelier I 953-I 954 Angola Hicksville Defiance Wauseon Liberty Cen, Napoleon Bryan Defiance Hillsdale Wauseon MONTPELIER RESERVE BASKETBALL 42 Pelier 33 Peher 39 Peher 40 Peher 47 Peher 42 Peher 58 PeHer 45 PeHer I 953-I 954 Hicksville Defiance Wauseon Liberty Cen. Napoleon Bryan Defiance 58 50 69 68 53 62 50 96 37 Tournament 52 RECORD 26 6I 44 49 37 59 50 Pelier Pelier Pelier Pelier Pelier Pelier Pelier Pelier Pelier Pelier Pelier Pelier Pelier Pelier Pelier Pelier Pelier Coaching ja!! The athletic program of the school is broad and far reaching enough to meet the needs and desires of most of the boys who display an interest in sporting events. The training begins at an early age and continues throughout the four years of high school. A boy can begin to play football and basketball as early as the seventh grade and continue it from then on. The coach- ing staff of the school is capable of presenting an efficient and varied sports program to the student body. The men of the faculty interested in the coaching of sports events are: ROBERT STORRER - junior high football and basketball PETE NONNEMACHER - varsity football and track and freshman basketball. SAM BRAZEN - varsity basketball and baseball HAROLD KARNES - varsity golf. 86 QW Walter Bumb, Kenny Crowe, Mike Page, Larry Martin, Mr. Karnes, Delmar Karnes, Bill Oliver, Richard Cook Compliments of Hause Valve Company 87 CJmr1jJIimmzt,s' of fY1YIlIlI,S Shoe Store 89 JAMES T. ALTAFFER August 29, 1936 Wauseon, Ohio Agricu'ture Course5 F. F. A. 1-2-3-45 F. F. A. Basketball 2- 35 Annual Staff. LOREN LEE BICKHAM September 23, 1936 Harrod, Ohio West Unity 15 Agriculture Course5 F. F. A. 2-3-45 F. F. A. Basketball 35 F. F. A. Soft- ball 35 F. F. A. Adviser 35 Parliamentary Procedure 3-45 Annual Staff, Senior Play. DORIS CHRONINGER November 20, 1936 Toledo, Ohio General Course5 Glee Club 1-45 F. H. A. 15 PHYLLIS COOK July 16, 1936 Wauseon, Ohio College Prep5 Band 1-2-3-45 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Choir I-2- 3-45 Accompanist 1-2-3-45 Pres- ident Glee Club 45 Orchestra 2-3-45 Y-Teens 1-2-3-45 G. A.- A. 2-3-45 Head of Volleyball 45 Intramurals 2-35 Latin League 1-25 Scholarship Tests 1-25 American Legion Auxiliary Se- liection to Buckeye Girl's State enior DONALD JAY BAKER September 14, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio College Prep5 Annual Staff. JOY BLOSSER October 20, 1936 Edgerton, Ohio General Course5 F. H. A. 1- 2-3-45 Treasurer 35 Club 1-2-3-45 Choir 2-3-45 Y-Teens 1-2-3-45 Treasurer 45 Parliamen- tarian 45 Two All School Plays 45 Dramatics 45 Bowling Green District Acting Contest 45 Bowl- ing Green District Vocal Au- dition 45 Senior Queen Atten- dant. NANCY ANN CLARK December 21, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio Commercial Course5 F. H. A. 1-2-3-45 Treasurer 35 G. A. A. 25 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Choir 2-3- 45 Intramurals 1-2-35 Junior Homemakers Degree5 Chapter Homemakers Degree. RICHARD WAYNE COOK July 16, 1936 Wauseon, Ohio College Prep 15 General Course 2-3-45 "M" Club 2-3-45 Intramurals 2-3-45 Audio Vis- ual 15 Band 1-2-3-45 Basket- ball 15 Golf 1-2-3-45 Junior Play5 Senior Play. irecfory DENNIS BANKS September 14, 1935 Montpelier, Ohio General Course5 Track 2-3- 45 "M" Club 45 CARYL SUE BRANDON August 17, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio Home Economics Course5 F. H. A. 1-2-3-45 Vice-President 35 President 45 Parliamentarian 25 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Choir 1-2-3-45 Student Council 45 Dramatics Club 45 Annual Staff. AMY CONSTANCE COLDSNOW July 14, 1936 Pineville, Kentucky College Prep5 Y-Teens 1-2-3- 45 Secretary 35 President 45 G.- A. A. 2-3-45 Head of Individ- uals 35 President 45 Band 1-2-3- 45 Treasurer 315 Vice Presi- dent 45 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 District Music Auditions 1-25 Orchestra 2-45 Alpha Sigma Rho 45 Secretary 45 Latin League 1-25 Intramurals 2-3-45 First All School Play 45 County Chorus 35 Junior Town Meet- ing 45 World Atfair Institute 45 Scholarship Test 1-2. KENNETH R. CROWE September 18, 1936 Ferndale, Michigan College Prep5 Class Vice- President 45 Alpha Sigma Rho5 President 45 Glee Club 3-45 Choir 3-45 Band 1-25 "M" Club 3-45 Football 2-3-45 Golf 1-2- 3-45 Westinghouse Scholarship 45 Scholarship at Bowling Green 35 Junior Play5 Senior Scholarship. MARTIN HAROLD BECHTOL March 11, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio Agriculture Course5 F. F. A. 1-2-3-45 F. F. A. Softball 1-2- 3-45 F. F. A. Basketball 1-2-35 Parliamentary Procedure5 4 An- nual Staff. JACK BRILLHART December 7, 1936 Toledo, Ohio College Prep5 "M" Club 1-2- 3-45 Football Manager 1-25 ln- tramurais 1-2-35 Alpha Sigma Rho 45 Reporter 45 District Scholarship Test 1-2-35 Senior Scholarship Test Annual Staff. GARY LEE CONNOLLY April 28, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio Agriculture Course5 F. F. A. 1-2-3-45 F. F. A. Basketball 1- 2-3-45 F. F. A. Softball 25 Glee Club 2-35 Choir 2-35 Track 35 Parliamentary Procedure 3-45 ln- tramurals 2-35 Junior Play5 F.- F. A. Scholarship Test 45 An- nual Staft5 Senior Play. LOIS CUMMINS April 26, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio College Prep5 Latin League 15 Y-Teens 1-2-3-45 Song Leader 45 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Choir 1-2-3-45 Band 1-2-35 ln- tramurals 25 Senior Scholarship5 Junior Play. MARY ANN CUSTER April 2, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio College Prep, F. H. A. 1, Y- Teens I-2, Band 1-2-3, Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Choir 1-2-3-4, G. A. A. 2-3-4, Junior Play, ln- tramurals 1-2-3-4, Dramatics 4, Bowling Green Scholarship 2, Senior Scholarship Test. CLARENCE FISHER ll April 22, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio General Course, Basketball 1-2, Intramural 1-2-3, Annual Staff. LEWIS HENDRICKS July 23, 1935 Montpelier, Ohio Agriculture Course, F. F. A. I-2-3-4, F. F. A. Softball 3-4, F. F. A. Basketball 1-3-4, Base- ball 1-2, Intramurals 1-2-3-4, Football 1-2-3-4, Parliamentary Procedure 3-4, Annual Staff, Basketball 1-2. JANICE ELAINE LUKE May 12, 1936 Bryan, Ohio Commercial Course, F. H. A. 1-2, G. A. A. 3-4, Secretary 4, Glee Club 1-3-4, Choir 1-3-4, Y-Teens 3, Dramatics 2, Dra- matics Play 2, Intramurals 3- 4, Homecoming Attendant 1- 2-3, Homecoming Queen 4, Class Treasurer 1, Senior Queen Attendant FRANK DIETSCH September 5, 1936 Auburn, Indiana Agriculture Course, F. F. A. 1-2-3-4, F. F. A. Basketball 1- 2-3-4, F. F. A. Softball 1-2-3-4, Football 1, Annual Staff, Sen- ior Play. PATRICIA ANNE FOUST May 17, 1935 Bryan, Ohio Home Economics Course, F.- H. A. 2-4, Bowling League 1, Glee Club 3-4. WAYNE D. HENRY December 11, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio Agriculture Course, F. F. A. 1-2-3-4, Intramurals 1-2, Parlia- mentary Procedure 3-4. PATRICIA LOUISE MAJEAN July 7, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio Commercial Course, F. H. A. I-2, G, A. A. 3, Y-Teens 1- 2- 3-4, Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Junior Play, Intramurals 3, Senior Play. SHERRY LYNN DUNLAP December 30, 1935 Wauseon, Ohio College Prep, Latin League I-2, Y-Teens 1-2-3-4, Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Band 1-2-3-4, District State Scholarship Tests 1-2-3, Latin 2, State Place- ment, Senior Scholarship Test. DAVID A. GEREN April 7, 1936 Bryan, Ohio Agriculture Course, F. F. A. 1-2-3-4, F. F. A. Basketball 3-4, F. F. A. Sentinel 3, Parlia- mentary Procedure 3-4, Foot- ball 1-2-3-4, Annual Staff. MARVEL LANIUS October 30, 1936 Pioneer, Ohio Commercial Course, F. H. A. I-2, G. A. A. 2, Glee Club 1, Student Council 2-4, Senior Queen Attendant. PATRICIA KAY MANLEY June 19, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio College Prep, Glee Club 1-2- 3-4, Choir 2-3-4, Y-Teens 1-2- 3-4, Latin League 1-2, French C'ub 4, Dramatics 4, Dramatics Play 4, Scholarship 1-2, Annual Staff. 91 JANICE MAY FAUNCE May 31, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio Commercial Course, F. H. A. 1-2-3-4, Glee Club I-2-3-4. GERALD I-IARRINGTON July 12, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio College Prep, French Club 1, "M" Club I-2-3-4, Football 1- 2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3, Track 1-2-3-4, Baseball I-2, Intra- mural 1-2-3, Alpha Sigma Rho 4, Junior Play, District Schol- arship Test, Senior Scholarship Test, Annual Staff. LARRY GENE LETT February 17, 1936 Wauseon, Ohio General Course LAWRENCE RAYMOND MARTIN January 6, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio General Course, Audio Vis- ual 1-2, Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Choir 1-2-3-4, Intramurals 2- 3, French Club 3, Dramatics 2-4, "M" Club 3-4, Golf 3-4, Dramatics Play 2, Junior Play, First All School Play 4, Foot- ball I-2-3-4, Basketball 2-3-4, Annual Staff, Senior Play, GERALD McCOOL October 13, 1935 Montpelier, Ohio Agriculture Course5 F. F. A, 1-2-3-45 F. F, A, Basketball 1- 2-3-45 F. F. A. Softball 1-2-3-45 Track 45 Parliamentary Pro- cedure 3-45 Annual Staff5 Sen- ior Play. MARY ELAINE MILLER May 24, 1936 Defiance, Ohio Florence-Edon 1-2-35 Com- mercial Course5 Glee Club 45 G. A. A. 4. I MICHAEL H. PAGE October 17, 1936 Toledo, Ohio General Course, Audio Visual 15 Football 2-35 Golf 1-2-3-45 "M" Club 1-2-3-45 Intramurals 2-3-45 Dramatics 2-45 Franch Club 3-45 Glee Club 45 Student Council 35 Junior Play5 A. A. A. Safety Council 45 Class Presi- dent 35 Annual Staff CAROL SMETHURST December 17, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio Home Economics Course5 F.- H. A. 25 Glee Club 1-3-45 Y- Teens 1-25 Scholarship Test 1-2. JANET MCKELVEY November 20, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio Commercial Course5 F. H. A. 1-2-3-45 Y-Teens 1-45 Intra- murals 1-2-35 Shorthand Awards. AURELIA ANN MORAN October 20, 1936 Decatur, Illinois College Prep5 Latin League 1-25 Bowling League 15 Gee Club 1-2-3-45 Choir 3-45 Y- 'leens 1-2-3-45 Dramatics 25 Dramatics Play 25 Intramurals 2-3-45 French Club 35 Junior Play5 First All School Play 45 Annual S.aff5 Senior Pay. ROBERT PRIEST May 30, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio College Prep5 Glee Club 1-2- 3-45 Choir 1-2-3-45 French Club 3-45 Alpha Sigma Rho 45 District Scholarship Tests 2-35 Senior Scholarship Test. NORMA JEAN SNYDER May 19, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio Commercial Course5 F. H. A. I-25 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Choir 3-45 Y-Teens 1-2-4. RICHARD MCQUILKIN May 3, 1936 Cincinnati, Ohio College Prep5 Glee Club 1-45 Choir 1-45 Alpha Sigma Rho 45 Senior Scholarship 'Iest. MARY ANN NEILANDS February 14, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio College Prep5 Y-Teens 1-2-3- 45 G. A. A. 2-35 F. H. A. 25 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Intramurals 2-35 Dramatics 2-45 Dramat- ics Play 25 Junior Play5 First All School Play 45 Bowling League 15 Senior Scholarship Test5 Senior Play. ROGER SCOTT April 26, 1936 Edon, Ohio Agriculture Course5 F. F. A, 1-2-3-45 President 35 Treasur- er 45 F. F. A. Basketball 1-2-3- 45 Intramurals 1-2-35 Judging Team 35 Football 1-2-3-45 Stu- dent Council 2-35 Class Presi- dent 25 "M" Club 3-45 Parlia- mentary Procedure 3-45 Annual Staff. FREDERIC WILLIAM STROBEL II June 12, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio Chandler, Arizona 15 Agri- culture Course5 F. F. A. 2-3-45 Treasurer 35 President 45 F. F.- A. Basketball 2-3-45 Intramur- als 2-35 District Juding Con- test 2-3-45 State Judging Con- test 3-45 Parliamentary Proced- ure 35 Alpha Sigma Rho 45 Student Council 45 F. F. A. Scho'arship Test 45 Annual Staff. 92 LYNETTE ANN MERCER November 13, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio Home Economics Course5 F.- H. A. 1-2-3-45 Vice President 4: WILLIAM GEORGE OLIVER December 15, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio College Prep5 Audio Visual 15 Latin League 2-45 French Club 35 Intramurals 1-25 Football 1-2- 3-45 Basketball 1-2-3-45 Dra- matics Play 45 Golf 1-2-3-45 "M" Club 2-3-45 Junior PIay5 Buckeye Boys State 35 Schol- arship Tests 2-3-45 Annual Staff. CAROLYN JEAN SHANNON February 18, 1936 Wauseon, Ohio Commercial Course5 F. H. A. 1-25 Bowling League 15 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Choir 2-3-45 Y- Teens I-2-3-45 Intramurals 3- 45 G. A. A. 3-45 Play Contest 35 Homecoming Queen Attend- ant 45 Senior Queen5 Class Sec- retary 45 Annual Staff. MARILYN LOUISE SUMMERS September 27, 1935 f Montpelier, Ohio Home Economics Coursey F.- H. A, 1-2-45 Glee Club 1-2-3-4. DZJANE SUMNER December 17, 1936 Pioneer, Ohio Agriculture Course5 F. F. A. I-2-3-45 F. F. A. Softball 1-2-35 F. F. A. Basketball 1-2-3-45 F.- F. A. Reporter 35 Intramurals 2-3: Basketball 15 Football 3- 45 Parliamentary Procedure 3-45 State Judging Contest 3-45 Dis- trict Judging Contest 3-45 Glee Club 1-25 Choir I-25 "M" Club 45 Attendant to Sweetheart Boll 15 Mayor For A Day 45 F.- F. A. Scholarship Test 4. MARILYN JANE WILLIAMS September 25, 1936 nryan, Ohio College Prep5 Latin League 1-25 Y-Teens 1-2-3-45 Glee Club I-2-3-45 Choir 2-3-45 French Club 3-45 Vice Presi- dent 35 Secretary 45 Reserve Cheerleader 15 Bowlingk League 15 Intramurals 2-35 Junior Play5 Senior Queen Attendant5 An- nual Staff. GLORIA LEE TRAXLER July 7, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio Home Economics Course5 F.- H. A. 1-3-45 F. H. A. Treasure 45 Glee Club 1-25 Intramurals 15 G. A. A. 25 Dramatics 25 Par- liamentarian 35 Annual Staff. ROSILYN JEAN WILLIAMS September 25, 1936 Eryan, Ohio College Prep5 Latin League 1-25 Y-Teens 1-2-3-45 Glee Club 1-2--45 Choir 3-45 French Club 3-45 Secretary and Treasurer 35 President 45 Scholarship Test 35 Senior Play. MARY LOUISE ZEITER January 6, 1936 Wauseon, Ohio Commercial Course5 F. H. A. 15 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Choir 3- 45 Y- Teens 2-3-45 President 45 County Spelling Contest 15 Stu- dent Council 35 District Schol- arship Tests 1-2-35 Typing, Shorthand, and Dictaphone Awards5 Junior Town Meeting Debate 45 Senior Scholarship Test. DAWN ELAINE WATTS January 25, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio Commercial Course5 F. H. A, 1-25 Y-Teens 1-2-35 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Choir 2-3-45 G. A. A. 3-45 Intramurals 1-2-3-45 Stu- dent Council 15 Class Secretary 35 Reserve Cheerleader I5 City Cferk For A Day 45 Senior Play. LARRY WISMAN September 26, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio Agriculture Course5 F. F. A. 1-2-3-45 Secretary 35 Vice President 45 Glee Club 15 Bas- ketball 15 Football 45 Intra- murals 1-2-35 Parliamentary Procedure 3-45 Junior Play5 An- nual Staff5 Senior Play. MARCIA JO ZULCH July 28, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio Commercial Course5 Y-Teens I-2-35 Glee Club I-2-3-45 Choir 2-3-45 Dramatics 2-45 Dramat- ics Play 25 Junior Play5 First All School Play 45 G. A. A. 3-45 F. H. A. 1-25 Student Council 2- 45 District Scholarship Tests 1-45 Senior Scholarship Test5 Class President 45 Senior Play. 93 LORALEE JUNE WILKENS June 20, 1936 Waterloo, Indiana Commercial Course5 F. H. A. Choir I-25 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 2-3-45 G. A. A. 2-3-45 G. A. A. Treasurer 45 Intramurals 2345 Junior Shorthand Award 35 Play5 Senior Scholarship Test5 Senior Play. CAROL LOU YARGER March 7, 1936 Montpelier, Ohio Commercial Course5 Class Sec- retary 1-25 Treasurer 3-45 Y- Teens 1-2-3-45 Vice President 35 Secretary 45 F. H. A. 1-2-35 Glee Club 1-3-45 Choir 3-45 G.- A. A, 3-45 Dramatics 2-45 Dra- matics Play 25 Contest Play 3-45 Junior Play5 First All School Play 45 Sweetheart Ball At- tendant 15 Reserve Cheerlead- er 15 Alternate to Girls State 35 Senior Scholarship Test5 Annual Staff5 Senior Play. enior Cfafiri prop ecg o 1954 Waves Training Center May l, i965 Dear Friend: Many years have elapsed since we last corresponded, but we felt it was our duty to help our Government by joining the Waves. During our years of travel, we have come across many of our old classmates. We were sur- prised to learn of the advancement of most of them. While on a short tour, we met Larry Martin, a tele- vision announcer, who gave us much information con- cerning our classmates. He gave us some inside informa- tion on Richard Cook's triumph over Carol Smethurst in being elected President of the United States. lt seems that the Conservative Party is more powerful than the Radical Party. Larry gave us a news note from the Moon. It seems that Kenny Crowe has finally fulfilled his life's desire by making a trip to the Moon. His latest re- ports were that he found Richard McQuilken and Lynette Mercer living quite a peaceful life there, after being marooned on their latest space ship expedition. We later learned that the famed coach, Bill Oliver, was recently appointed Interplanetary Coach of the year. His and our classmate, the honorable Senator from Ohio, Phyllis Cook, has proposed a bill to amend the four platoon system in football. We were very much surprised to hear that Doris Chroninger was given an award for being the champion flag pole sitter of the year. She has decided to invest her millions in Clarence Fisher's atomic-propelled auto fac- tory. We stopped in at the first "Fly-ln Restaurant", owned and operated by Norma Jean Snyder and Jan Luke. Their opening night featured Robert Priest and his magic violin. Their success is due largely to efforts of their manager, Larry Lett. l imagine you have read in the newspapers of the flas'1 flood which destroyed a Dairy Queen chain, owned by Down Watts. Rumors are that she will use insurance money to open a boot factory. CFour buckle Artics, speciality!! When we were stationed in Texas for a short time, we met Loren Bickham and Roger Scott, now famous cattlemen, who sponsored a benefit rodeo. Celebrities were Gary Connolly and Martin Bechtol doing stunts on out-dated steeds. The main attraction was Gerald McCool, famous atomic ace, assisted by his charming partner, Joy Blosser. We were transferred to Chicago where we were informed of two new developments to advance our coun- try. Mary Neilands, famous inventor, has released her newest nuclear-action roller skates. She will give a dem- onstration soon, since her chief demonstrator, Pat Foust, recently acquired a broken leg in a trial run. The newest development in the medical world was made by Dr. Constance Coldsnow and her nurse, Aurelia Moran, with their mystic operation on heart tissue. We often listen to our radar-controlled radio on our excursions. We were shocked to hear that a supersonic plane, piloted by Lewis Hendricks, crashed near the South Pole. Among the missing are: famous missionary, Pat Manley, Professor Jean Williams, Troop entertainer, Sherry Dunlap, and lady wrestler, Janet McKelvey. Stewardess Marvel Lanius signaled for help and saved the passengers. Two other bulletins that caught our attention that same night were that trainer, Elaine Miller an- nounced that Jane Williams will swim the Pacific Ocean, and Marilyn Summers was chosen Mother of the Year. We were in Columbus at the time of the destruc- tion of the State Old People's Home by fire. The head, Loralee Wilkins could give no explanation for the 565,000 loss. While we were there, the papers were full of items of interest on the state level. The Secretary of State, Jim Altaffer, and his speech writer, Lois Cummins, attended the Big Four Meeting recently. The very famous actor, Lawrence Wis- man and his leading lady, Mary Custer, are vacationing on Neptune and the nation-wide pie baking contest was won by Gloria Traxler. On our last furlough home, we were very surprised to hear of Frank Dietsch, the editor of the "Daily Planet", exposing a famous drug ring. His chief reporter, Dennis Banks was credited with the revealing photos. The liter- ary editor, Carol Yarger, gave some very interesting facts about the new Broadway play that is such a rage. The owner of the Ladies-To-Wear Store, Mike Page, his pri- vate secretary, Mary Zeiter, and his model, Pat Majean, recently attended the State Clothes Convention. We read in the paper where Gerald Harrington, Dean of Mont- pelier Reformatory, Fred Strobel, local Veterinarian, and Caryl Brandon were called to a special council meet- ing by Mayor Duane Sumner to discuss the coming visit of the Foreign Ambassador, a member of the Foreign Legion, Jack Brillhart. At a local dress style show, de- signs by Wayne Henry were shown. His head seamstress, Nancy Clark, did all the fine showing. The "Vapor-Trail", newest rage in hair styles, was introduced by Janice Faunce. Donald Baker is reported to be doing a boom- ing business in the weather announcing field, with Dave Geren as his chief rain-maker. There goes the signal for "lights-out", so l guess we'd better go back to our barracks. Marcia and l think that our old classmates have accomplished some inter- esting achievements since l954. What do you think? Sincerely yours, Carolyn Shannon Marcia Zulch enior 'lfll We the senior class of l954, having lost our minds and wasted our bodies with four long years of unceas- ing toil, and being about to deport from this life at MHS do will and bequeath the following items which comprise all that we have gained from our endless nights of burning gallons of midnight oil. Unto those who profit by these many generous gifts, we say simply -"congratulations" ITEM ONE In recognition of the hours spent in beating our heads against the wall, we acknowledge, first, in final appreciation our school faculty and school personnel with the following items: To Mr. Emans we leave a new Lab. counter. For Mrs. Greek we wish a car. To Mr. Dunlop we give a more cooperative publica- tions class. For Mr. Faben we plan a new brief-case. To Mr. Bowman we suggest a sidewalk to the Ag. room. To Mr. Barcus we will a class that will pay atten- tion. To Mrs. Haines a new gym outfit. To Chet Bible we will a snow plow. To Mr. Hollstein we will a barrel of frogs. To Mr. Karnes we give all of our tardy slips. To Mrs. Fisher we will a new sewing machine. To Mrs. Wilkins we will a new stop-watch. To Mr. Chaney we will Jack Benny's ability to play the violin. To Miss Long we will a car to drive to dinner. To Mr. Whitaker we will a one hundred piece band. To Mr. Howald we renew last years will, that of sixteen new teachers. To Mr. Brazen we will five Goose Tatums. To Mr. Nonnemacher we will a championship foot- ball team. ITEM TWO To the classes-poor lost souls-who are left to endure the suffering which we shall soon escape, we bequeath the following: To the Juniors - the rooms 8 and 9. To the Sophomores, our ability to please the teach- ers. To the Freshmen, our ability to get our work done a day late. To the Eighth Grade, our four great years in high school. ITEM THREE The individual members of the class, being about to escape the drudgery of the hours spent in answering endless questions, bequeath to the less fortunate the following personal items: Richard Cook wills his 60 shagballs to Delmar Karnes' l3O. He can use 'em? Janet McKelvey wills her ability to get on the honor roll occasionally to a certain sophomore boy with whom she is very well acquainted. Loralee Wilkins wills her job at Williams County General Hospital, her ability to give back-rubs, and her watch with the second hand to lsobel Dickson. Mary Neilands wills her walking speed to Gerry Whitney. Aurelia Moran wills her biology blood-typing equip- ment to any blood thirsty person who wants it. Norma Snyder wills her height to Roger Shepard. Fred Strobel wills his two-tone paint job to Bob Sidle. Marilyn Summers wills her typing speed to Marcella Selkman. Mike Page wills Jim Martin his job at Lockhart 81 Ki:'er's, keep singing "Hey Joe". Lewis Hendricks wills Mr. Barcus his calm temper. Frank Dietsch wills his position as Editor of the Speculum to any junior crazy enough to take it. Dan Baker wills Mr. Dunlap his ability to get a car in and out of the garage without knocking off the doors. Gary Connolly wills his ability to get a girl out of town to Bill Freese, who doesn't need it. Larry Wisman wills his ability to keep his speech clean to Dean Shoup. Doris Chroninger wills Mr. Barcus a new bottle of ink for next year's Bookkeeping Class. Lynette Mercer wills her old friends from Alvord- ton to Barbara Hephner and Dee Ann Martin. Carol Smethurst wills Mrs. Fisher a bottle of color- back to cover all the gray hairs she received from Home Ec. Class. Hope the bad days won't leave permanent scars! Pat Manley wills her musical ability to no one be- cause she needs it herself. Better luck next time, Lyle. Carol Yarger wills her acting ability to Jerry Van Mason. Pat Foust wills Mrs. Fisher some new books for the new Senior Closs. Jean Williams wills her French speaking ability to the oncoming French students. Duane Sumner wills his road map to Edon to those two boys who seem to have lost their way, Dan Snyder and Lynn Houkg also a new set of shocks, you'll need 'em, Snyder! That Edon road is a rough one! Bill Oliver wills his nickname CRABBITJ to the car- rot eating juniors who gave it to him. Sherry Dunlap wills her quietness to Gerry Whitney. Roger Scott wills his orderly conduct in school to Dick Beck. Marcia Zulch wills her old Ford to lsobel Dickson. She seems to have a friendly interest in it. Lois Cummins wills her ink eradicator to the Bookkeeping Class of '55. YOU'LL NEED IT. Elaine Miller wills her ability to hold a steady boy friend to Dee Ann Martin! Jane Williams wills her ability to keep a certain boy's ring to Helen Vanstaen. Think you can do it? Gloria Traxler wills her ability to get a diamond to Eunice Lirot. Larry Martin wills his ability to get along with Mr. Barcus to anyone who needs it. He isn't so mean! Caryl Brandon wills all her forgotten lines in Dra- matics Class to anyone in next year's class who wants them! Kenny Crowe wills Robin Chaney his ability to get good grades in ALGEBRA. Carolyn Shannon wills her nickname "COPLlN" to Burt Blue and all his friendly associates. Also "DOG- BlSCUlT", "DIRTY", "FlLTHY", AND "DUCHESS" back to their rightful owners. Nancy Clark wills her ability to play Basketball to Delmar Karnes. Use it in the future. Mary Zeiter wills her shorthand pen, notebook, and typing paper to Connie Keller, it's your turn now, Connie. Robert Priest wills his appreciation for good music to Lyle Starr. Forget the jazz please! Constance Coldsnow wills her soft voice to Isobel Dickson. Please use it when you are not cheering. Phyllis Cook wills her good department and respect for stuaents and teachers in school and out, to Tom Dannison. Say, do you have to beat that drum so brutally? Marvel Lanius wills her place in the office to any junior girl who wants it. Larry Lett wills his height to Roger Shepard. Dennis Banks wills his excess weight to Charles Flickinger. Jan Luke wills her driving ability to Phil. Lyons. Loren Bickham wills his empties to Burt Blue. Junior Fisher wills his car to Mrs. Greek. Martin Bechtol wills his good looks to Sam Brazen. Jim Altaffer wills his ability to skip school and not get caught, to the whole junior class. Joy Blosser wills her height to Dee Dean. Jack Brillhart wills his low grades in physics class to Larry Vonalt. Mary Custer wills her ability to smile to Sandra Parnham. Janice Faunce wills her old boy friends to the Junior class. Wayne l-lenry wills his Plymouth to a freshman girl. Pat Majean doesn't will her Waldron boy friend to anyone. Gerald McCool wills his car, fthe Green Ghosti, back to the graveyard. Richard McQuilkin wills his soft voice to Bill Turner. Dave Geren wills his ability to throw elbows in football to Junior Rath. Dawn Watts wills the slap she got in the Junior- Senior basketball game from Diane Fletcher to any sophomore who has the nerve to give it back next year. ITEM FOUR A few special requests, and then all of our efforts are finished: A group of senior boys will their ability to put their feet on the desks in the typing room, and have Harrington get the blame, to Mrs. Wilkins' next year personal typing class. A group of Senior girls will their sophistication as Seniors, to certain Junior girls who seem to think they already have it. The Senior Basketball Team wills their good sports- manship to the Junior Basketball Team. Good luck girls! We the undersigned, do swear and affirm that the above mentioned articles do comprise the last worth while possessions of the departing seniors, and that all have been duly disposed of according to their wishes and desires. ln witness whereof we do affix our signatures this day. Signed: The bookshelves of room 9 The lightswitch of room 8 The drinking fountain S 1 E 1. Lois Cumminsg 2. Phyllis and Richard Cookg 3. Joy Blosserg 4. Larry Marting 5. Mary Compljmpngg 0fBg1-n-mayfs G,-0557-y Nqilancisg 6. Doris Chroningerg 7. Carol Yargerg 8. Jane and Jean Williams' 9. Loralee Q Wiikmsg 10. Fred Strobe-Ig 11. Pat Foustg 12. Carol Smethurstg 13. Janice Faurnceg 14. Jan 98 Luke. 5 i 'K 1 1 r 1. Janet McKeIvey7 2. Wayne Henryj 3. Gerald McCooIj 4. Mary Neilands and COg,1j7l17,7gp1f.y gf nfgplgfg- Sgfyggg QE D741-U13-In Carolyn Shannong 5. Loren Bickhamg 6. Kenny Croweg 7. Jack Bnllhartg 8. Mary Cusferg 9, Duane Sumnerg IO. Caryl Brandong H. Lewis Hendricksg 12. Junior 99 Fishery 13. Bob Priesfg 14. Frank Diefschg 15. Larry Wisman. af' 1. Norma Jean Snyderg 2. Elaine Millerg 3. Scorch Horringfang 4. Marilyn Burk- gj0mp1jm1g,Il5- of Igjflflfyqgyqglfy jllgf-lgjng Slggjp holderg 5. Carolyn Shannong 6. Connie Coldsnowg Dawn Wctlsg 8. Marilyn guTmersg 9. Bill Oliver lleftlj TO. Mary Zeiterg ll. Lynette Mercerg 12. Don 100 cm er. -kOSjnZ:!'y6IDg2uogiAGi.lecorelio Morcmj 3. Morcio Zulchg 4. Roger Scotty 5. Gloria Cmnplimmlis of yimmewnan 6 Pgwy 101 4 102 guenfd MAMA Mmemgering 103 -

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