Montpelier High School - Mirror Yearbook (Montpelier, OH)

 - Class of 1953

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Montpelier High School - Mirror Yearbook (Montpelier, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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.11 J: 1. .K S? - m r, sg x ,Yi if 41: B 4 T. B .g 11? 1. 51, fi . 9 . if ,K 'i --Q fi! ,xi fi A., 2? F1 ' is 1' lx ii. E2 Ci 1 . ii 'lk JI ii' 1 E! Li 5. Q A, Sli U' EI N1 Q. rs, it 1.- fi dx xii ii li' 11 if' W 1 ix? LQ. .A ai ,. 'Az 35 11. Sal ui w' A iq- in H51 . ' 'f 6'?i1, . ..,LM , S fw XXJ JL! MW ff IQ-MQ ggffgvgflqig tm JW' Z7 MLP vga --W ' CDH W' 360,11 lik Z' A N-f'-'Q SAN' in QI 1 WQQTQSEW SW' CV- 'Po I+ '58 XYZ, 'WU X yfv 4-.:.fz':z:'2:f""' Ii'1qZ1 L-AH 2- kfvg-Jw "P"' THE MIRROR OF I9 PUBLISHED BY MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS fi I 9 I r f e 9 K U I xx S o ' ,,, H, If I Q X I I I if NX, ff lrfl .ff g.,f ll' AJ., ffff f 1 Ai Y! I 4 4 ? I 5 4 f , Q , K 7 ' fx 14ffLmuf4ffYfA'- V v f :ilk ,f fr' yi ,,4,..,V Ayffijf . 17351, , 0. ,ff ' " 74 'ffl I I If -M f I, J 1 N' I y A-N ' .5517 I , f, 1 , -I u .527 I S A 3 Il Lo ' f X f E - Z4 ff TEXAS 5,1-S,ff'E .1 I W Y 1,-YN i '-'Nez' I 'H 1 XX XXX 'AN' M ,vig I . 1 If 4 - ' 1 yy v g f'-"v L Xxx Pu G gon hw 7 I XX i A xx.. f ' M y 5' M X R ,'-K ff ' O X 1 N -I " " " W' Y A Y X ' vvx ' 5 3 I If f lkmmt Wing, .-.--s'f"'K .gwyfww -df' 141' 0I'eLUOI' In the future when we look back ot our school yea rs what shall we remember most of all? It won t be the othletlcs or the plays or the socnol events It won t be Q school bunldnng wnth empty halls No school to us IS not something as mommate os a bunldmg or a bollgame When we remember school the fnrst thmg that we shall remember us our classmates But memorles sometimes be come vogue and foded So to keep a permanent record of some of the most cherushed years of our llves the ae mor Class proudly but humbly presents The Mnrror of l953 2 . ., , , , .. U. n A, wks . A ,3 Q' 'egg' A JA Y ' 5, , . ,. f ' 4' rw., , sn, In .. N . ' , - .cf M-f"""x "' ,,iJ""' , , J , ,MA ' ,., - ,bc J - AY Y Mi.. , , I to - .Q K . I 1 Q, LM, fu ., 4- -2- , ' new ' .Q fn. s , , - .0 -ay M A , 'v Y ,.- . r We ' " -... ' ' 1' - ' ' . 1 . , , . . , . . . , , . , . . - . ,I - H f j A 1, X jff if J MJ! 'YWWV f X pgfffff OW I. W QSSE IEW S ff f COM 1953 J A anlgfra K aff ZWMXZI ff 01 ll0lll0lllIlllllllllll1g,,l,, I I I I II ,JN-rNo..,' 311011 1 I k,LLx-x 07 ff E+-. Lf!-fx., W0 Q l-3 3 O C ws-un' -0 X N' Fi, jwzn. fggj' l, V' f ' f y ' 7 VA ,V,, I ll Y' ' ,A : I X , f I ' dl 0 f nf 1, f f! T V! '4 ' n " VW! I -f f X! W f I ' 1 D W s Q 1 l ' 0 K I . 2 I - . ' S 1 . ' f If f I ff ff. 3 ' ' n . I. ,-if f ,afyl-5 ..,'1 wk! I , ., - :V , - , ' . , -l X VV M ,4 ff! ff I ,Ti -X rx W fj VX 1 I I 1 fl XXIA' 14 I X bn X , 1 l V, ff V- lf I I fp , 1 -I f I f I I I X In K VA f A If If M f , V ' f' . . ' , Y . - , - ,"' Q, 3 T3 , I --an 1 A' 7 V f, Y Y ' yr 7 W0lI11n,,.?,L iz 1 I - 4 -- N -a.hl1l K 'why' 17 ,I of J I W Y I i y :' -K I K g C .fivpzni 'A' Q X.x,4-x-a Z ,. if Illl llllmp I , 'Og' N-x., Q ? ' " I 1 ' N A4 ,!N.1-I-xxx,-5 "I: , .. QA ': 'I ' 5 . Lxlilllflll-llIl'7IIX f1f.Ufn1lj1'I"' U 'I , ll 'I' I .III 'I ll' " ' The Sensor Class of l953 suncerely dedlcates The Mlrror to Chester Buble Although he does not hold the offlcnal tltle of teacher we feel that he has taught us much of what we have learned In the last four years He has taught us perpetual needed he IS always at hand For these and many other wonderful thlngs we wlsh o show a small part of our affectlon and apprecuatnon to Chet our nomlnatnon for all around good guy merhca fion 4 Il ll 5 friendliness and fair play. And when he is . . L l , ,Gif 3? LQX Fx Z- Q, kfw k X K k-jk. ix. XJXJX gi-A.,-bfx"K'M. g""N gf'x"X. K. 5 X SCHOOL BOARD Harry Schwartz Cecil Prosser Robert Wlnzeler Waldo Muller Gene Thompson W A HOWALD Superintendent H A KARNES Prmclpgl Hendelberg College Deflance College Wuttenberg Umverslty Bowllng Green Sta e Unnverslty Unlversxtv of Denver Ohlo Umverslty Ohlo State University lndlana Unxverslty Indiana Unlverslty I nn 11171147118 I 111 llmvlm In: llzmu uftznzn fum mm 6 FLOYD BARCUS ROGER CHANEY JOHN W DUNLAP lndlana State Teachers Ohlo State Unlverslty Ohio Northern Unlverslty College Industrlal Arts Unlverslty of Wlsconsln Kendall College Unlverslty of Denver Vmcennes Unlverslty English Slnclalr College Dramatlcs Government Sensor Class Advnsor History Mlrror Staff Advlsor Lnbranan RUSSELL EMANS Eowllng Green State Unlverslty lndlana Unlverslty Mathematlcs Chemlstry Physics Senior Class Advisor Mlrror Staff Advlsor WALTER FABEN THELMA LONG Unlverslty of MlChlQOn Kenyon College French Publlc Speakmg Hnstory Goshen College English Y Teens Advlsor Freshman Class Advxsor Junlor Class Advlsor DONNA FISHER Rl Ohlo Unuverslty Vocatlonal Home F H A Advisor Economucs Fomplzmenls of Casebere 7 CHARD HOLLSTEIN Bowllng Green State Unlversltv lndlana Unlversnty To'edo Unlversnty General Sclence Bnology Mechanical Drawnng Elghth Grade Class Advlsor Chevrolet Sales f Tri - I Jzflu . J University out Chicago Johns Hopkins University Sociology i ff - '54, . .YY n-.. KENNETH BOWMAN WILLARD DOEHRMANN ROBERT MEADOR Ohlo State Unnverslty f0lPGf0IS0 Umvefslty Vocatuonal A rn Bookkeepung g culture F F A Advusor Mathematlcs Drlver Tralnung Basketball Coach Assnstant Football Coach M Club Advlsor Baseball Coach Unlversnty of Clncmnatn Socuology Economics Boys Phys Ed Football Coach Assustant Basketball Coacn M Club Advisor Track Coach ROBERT WHITAKER MILDRED GREEK CHESTER BIBLE Ohlo Umverslty Secretary Custodian Northwestern University US Army Bandmasters School Actlvntnes Advusor Durector of Music camera shy camera shy MARY HAINES MEREDITH WILKIN Eowlnng Green State University Oho State Unwverslty English Latm Gxrls Phys Ed GAA Advxsor Sophomore Class Advlsor Unuyerslty of Illlnols mverslty of Colorado lndlana Unlverslty Shorthand Typmg S cretarlal Offlce PFOCTICD Fomplmzents of The 1'homjJso11 Funeml Home 8 3 E S 2 . . , - , , ,' , ll l 'bv 35152 IHI 7 ll!! HI '31 5 1 X 57 .7 Y My ,W M A , 15.- -Nga R . L A gs f r , ' "N, I , I Li ,, ' 1 4 5 1,7 flllllll' :lx nf flflllfl lim If nx EDITOR IN CHIEF Shurley Throne ,mf aff , . ,,,,,....., ..7.,,.,.... ,WN Q. ,J ,,.,,,,. -1 .. I 5 . I I 155' f I EACK ROW left to rught Harry Neulands Duck McKarns Ned Calvun Duck Carr Lyle Rutfenhouse John Fuser Darrell Banks MIDDLE ROW Judy Kunsey Juanufa Wagner Carol Stecovuch Nancy Perry Shurley Rauch Lunda Bauley Marva Whutney Mary McGulI BOTTOM ROW Phyllus Best Mary Gaul McClelland Beverly House Sus Kuhlman Harlan Humbarger Shurley Throne Marlene Bergman Barbara Benuamun Jo Ann Smuth MIRROR STAFF ASSISTANT EDITORS LITERARY EDITOR ART EDITOR SECRETARY 81 TRu:ASURER BUSINESS MANAGER ADVERTISING MANAGERS CIRCULATION MANAGERS PICTORIAL STAFF SPORTS EDITORS ACTIVITIES 8. CLASSES TYPIST Ethlyn Kuhlman Harlan Humbarg r Marlene Bergman Beverly Hause Barbara Benuamun Mary Gall McClelland Phyllus Best Harry Neulands Lunda Bauley Shurley Rouch Nancy Perry Jo Ann Smuth Ruchard Carr Ruchard McKarns John Fuser Darrell Banks Marva Whutney Mary McGull Lyle Rntteruhouse Ned Snyder Juanuta Wagner Judy Kms y Carol Stecovuch fmuu zlumrnts 0 llezruzll Holm Sulri IJKSUIUPIXNIOIIIII Snlfs and Suu If IO T I I I T I I I I I I I I I I , , i I I I I , I 1 I I I I I I , . - 'Q' I I I -1 I lv I I 1 e - - - F - - - - - Ned Calvin ' e 4. -gliQflic 2 Oggfi-, amqmaannziT ELE i S i a,k .S X.A.fxQfg,g L,- L,lNZ BH 615685 11 I 'HQ 5 9 Q ggl - Y ' ' 1 v Q Q J MX. 0 5 T , x U X1 ov 7 l i 5 1 L M Q QW gy' Q K X m K 5 f Q Q X ' xx I VM X-if Q " 4. G 0 yflvg. I 0' Q .1 4 f,'nn1f1li111r'11!x of 'flu' l.r'1ulf'2 If " ' X BETTY MAE ALLMAN The world means somethanq to the capable mn BARBARA ANN BENJAMIN A aood reoutatlon IS more valuable than money vw DARRELL GENE BANKS Accmdents ll oc ur e best regulated famnlues LARRY GENE BAUER Best IS he who expects nothmg for he shall never be dlsappounted Q 'X LINDA LOU BAILEY Before you can correct a fault you must admlt It MARLEN E KAY BERGMAN Her taste exact for a fault less fact amounts to a dusease fomplzments of Dr Morgan R Dreffer, Opmmeirzrt l2 PI-IYLLIS JEAN BEST "Let the other one tolk oc- cosionolly, you con't Ieorn much listening to yourself." 59' LOLA MARIE B BLE good sweet mold ond let who con be clever I-IILLIS DLJWAYNE BOOTHMAN When ever I feel the urge to work comnng on I Ile down untul It oosses over HAROLD EUGENE BROWN Truth IS the hxghest thing thot mon rnoy keep haf aj RICHARD LINES CARR "I think, therefore I om." E NED SEWARD CALVIN Words ore women deeds ore Tnen 1 rm: ZIIIIIPIIIX n flu' l harlm K mnpam IIIJIIYPFIIFV I3 . I I I ' r I I Je . I ' Illl I ,, "Be , ' , ff , . , ,rf . af, ff !! , V Q ,s,,y ,, JAMES EDWARD CHILDERS Your old men shall dream dreams your young men shall see VISIOI"lS JOHN EDWARD FISER There s nothing qulte so powerful ln the world as an Idea whose time has come fl EARL GERALD DAY The man who makes no mls takes doesnt usuolly make any thmg LEROY WAYNE FENICLE The world knows nothnng of nts greatest men MILDRED IREINE CHRISTENSON An expert IS one who knows more and more about less and ess Com Jll7l'l67I'.Y of The SIIII'lI Hon! I4 BEVERLY HAUSE There IS no such thang as human supernonty BETTY JANE HICKS Not only good but good for sOmeth1ng 'Q ETH LYN M KUHLMAN A grun o wnnk a care ree lest by these thnngs we know her best HARLAN LAVON HUMBARGER I never thunk of the future at comes soon enough DONALD GEN E I BBOTSON There as no wholly satrsfactory substltute for broms but snlence does pretty well MAX LYNN HILKERT It IS not good that mon should be alone l JUDITH KINSEY Sweet as the rose that dued last yeor IS the rose that IS born today I Ill Ifllllfllfl o f1lx lm! 111111 11111 fum Il I3 15 SALLY LOU KNECHT If sllence were golden shed b a mllllonalre TH EODORE MAX LIGHTBODY I have nothmg to declare except my genius MARY GAIL McCLELLAND Conduct ns three fourths f our Ilfe and its largest concern MARILYN MANSFIELD Its nnce to be natural wh n you are naturally nnce NATHANIEL LEON KNEPPER A fushnng rod as an Instrument wuth a worm at one end and a fool at the other 2 Complzmenls of The Hume Ialve fbnzpany I6 MARY LuC I LE MCGI LL Do no hurry do not flurry no good ns had by lots of worry , ' gl 11 - I ,, . 1 - O 9 -- - 11 . . 11 QW, , 11 ' 1 x .- 1 . 11 -Qty, b . i,,. ,'-r . . wi-- .'. n . . 1 , . - t 1-"'1" ,Q ..'.."',M 'a .o - ' .2 '- 4 , .f ..-a ,p .f . 4 . 4 - ,..- ,n-v .' '- -,', 1 v.,- ... ,,,.' ,K .1 " .,." .-' f-p' . 11 1 - e . 11 11 . . . . 11 L , ' 1 1 . . 11 11 . 1 1 - I RICHARD PIERRE MCKARNS Hord work never did agree wlth me 'wmv 'Wann 2 JANICE MAY MERCER The only woy to have a friend as to be one 'ii' ROBERT DWAYNE MERCER Men luke bullets go farthest when they ore smoothest SHIRLEY LOU MICK Sober but not serious qulet but not Idle I nm IIIIIICIIIN 1 II 1lm11 I 1111111111 Hmm I7 FRANKLIN DELANDO MILLER Quvet ond snncere ond o gen tlemcn ns he nw: HARRY DELBERT NEILANDS would rather be the furst mon here than the second Rome , , ' , 'VI 'EI V: ,V . , 1 g ', I : 11 - L '1 I 2 ,Q I I 11 I I 'W I . K 1' 1 . ,ff ll . . A 1 ,, 1 'R ,, , I S ' ." In A A I J ,I 1 1 19, ' ' 'A ' I .- . 1 f rf . NANCY JEAN PERRY "A girl of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows." LYLE MACKEY RITTENHOUSE Theres no love lost between us school and I C? SHIRLEY ANN ROUCH If to her share some female errors fall look on her face and you ll forget them all JAMES LLOYD SELKMAN JR The rule of my lnfe IS to make busmess a pleasure and pleasure a busmess Ill IIIIIIIIIU 0 ll 1111211111 l r 1 x fr 18 PHYLLIS ANN STAHL "lt is good to live and learnj BERNARD ROBERT SHEPARD No more where ngnorance S bllss tus folly to be wnse 1 LARRY EUGENE SN YDER Never serrous or sad jus a happy good matured lad JO ANN SMITH Who can tell what shell do next? NAARY JUNE SUNTKEN In Iabormg to be concnse become obscure NED DRAKE SNYDER No too quner not too ay gust good sport every day CAROL JOAN STECOVICH How beauteous mankmd IS HOMER CLOYD SWANK IS a fool who thinks farce or skull to turn the current of a woman 5 wnll Alllflfl muh up I! Nl, ff, IVINVIHIIIII Iffnm I9 ZELMA ELEANOR SWARTZ Whatever us worth doung all IS worth doing well DOROTHY LOUISE TOM As merry os the day ns long ROBERT LEE TOM One ear heord It at the other out lt went MI LDRER GRACE THOMAS l con resust everythmg except temptation fonzplzmelltv 0 lells Shell Stalzon 20 SHIRLEY ELIZABETH THRONE lt must be rnght lve done from my youth 'i uv DORA GERALDINE TURNER The world belongs to the energetic LILA JUANITA WAGNER The wlse woman does no wrong In chonglng her hoblts wnth tame LESTER LEO WILDER cv: o socuoble to mony fomulror wnth few RONALD LAGENE WHETRO 1 come I sow I conquered GLENDA 'EAN WELLING If you have charm you dont rave to have onythnng else MARVA ANN WHITNEY Wat ss the only woll between m ond the dork 'D BETTY LOU WISMAN Speech as greot but snlence us greater f'rnnj1Ii1l1r'71lx uf I. P. 1ElIflll'lIIII'IAQl'I' mul .Sum 21 JACK LEROY WISMAN lt does a heap of good some fumes to go slow HARRIETTE ELAINE YAGELSKI She would rather talk to a mon than an angel any day COLLEEN YARGER Upstairs downstours every where of once LAWRENCE C YAGELSKI Courteous manly 0 I w o y s Pl-'YLLIS LAURENE WISMAN The world i, no better if you w rry' ' 'S no better if Ou hurry. frank ready as he for any prank m2Ii.11f1lx' 'I f1r1f".s . mln' Cnmn 22 JACQUELYN JEAN YOUQE Women know not the whole of their coqaetry, 5 Beverly l-lause Millie Thomas Judy Kinsey Carol Stecovich Phyllis Best Crown Bearer Douglas Lougheed Train B arer Melinda Sue DeGroff JUDY KINSEY 4 QUEEN "Dear, l lock from my hiding place. Are you still so fair? Have you still the eyes? Be lwoppyl' - James Lee f,lIl!I!l!lHlf'7lfN nl 'Iliff Sim ,llfiilwl 23 E? Ja'n s Altaffer Donald Baker Dennis Banks Martun Bechtol Loren Blckhom Joy Blosser Caryl Brandon Jack Brlllhart Marllyn Burkholder Nancy Clark Constance Cold now Gary Connolly Phyllrs Cook Rlchard Cook Dons Chromnger Kenny Crowe Lols Cummins Mary Custer Frank Daetsch Sherry Dunlap Januce Faunce Clarence Pusher Patrlcla Foust Davld Geren Gerald Harrrngto Lewls Hendricks Wayne Henry Marvel Lamus Larry Lett Janice Luke F1 lll'll0l5 Fomlblmzents of Dean A Insurance 'IQEIIIQ 24 u 4 .3 S X 1 ,X ' A 'v K MIIIOIJ X 1 if W s s-X SYXW fum JIIIIIIIIYS o ll mm Dum 25 Patty Majean Patrncla Manley Larry Martin Gerald McCool Janet McKelvey Richard McQulIkln Lynette Mercer Aurelaa Moran Mary Nellands Muke Page Wllllam Oliver Robert Prlest Roger Scott Carolyn Shannon Carol Smethurst Norma Snyder Fred Strobel Marllyn Summers Duane Sumner Gloria Traxler Dawn Watts Marilyn Whltney Loralee Wnlkms Jane Wnlluams Jean Wlllnams Larry Wlsman Carol Yarger Mary Zelter Marcua Zulch .S70l9A0l'Yl0I'05 aro' Baker Donna Banks Barbara Bavln Jane Beavers Earl Bechtol Geraldine Bechtol Pat Bechtol Ralph Bechtol Bennie Beck Duck Beck Alan Benjamin Larry Buble Jackue Bugger Burton Blue Bobby Boothman Monroe Bruner Jlm Brown Nancy Brown Don Cllfton Darlene Covey Harold Covey Wanda Coufz Doris Dargltz Tom Dannuson Dee Dean Pat Ensign Anthony Ferrara Duane Fletcher Kay Gleason Johanna Hause Walter l-lncks H Lynn Houk Nancy Houk Gene Humba rger Bernlce Keller X I lmnfflfmf n l :lux nm! om 26 C . V cr. R Bernadine Goebel A lla ill f l I A ' ' I.of1'11'11' S . 50,96 OH! orcai ,,. f"'41 'ls cur 1 s,,,-1" 27 Belly Keller Richard Knapp Mitzi Kralhwohl Dennis Leslie Philip Lyons Connie Masters Gary Masters Pat McGill Larry Mick Mary Sue Macherman Jerry Matter Duane Mowry Lewis Parker Gerald Perdue Ronnie Pinckley Kay Reed Della Shaffer Marcella Selkman Dean Shoup Howard Sleesman Dan Snyder Carrna Stantz Priscilla Stantz Lyle Starr Loretta Teafs Billy Turner James Turney Jerry Van Mason Betty Waldron l-lal Weidner raldnne Whifney Sue Williams Ronnie Wisman Larry Vonalt Mary Lou Yoder :er Veus 4 x . . I A' Fi - 6 - . X N l V ,f ., .Q A I Q i ! A I Ge ' 1 x. , L 1' ,V "' ry .J 'L H fl 1' lf" IV, !'f'l,'l' , Lewls Baker John Beavers Martln Bechtol Merrllee Brown Walter Bumb Janet Burkholder Mary Burns Marulyn Byall Robln Chaney Roger Chappnus George Clark Lynne Clark Sharon Clay Kathleen Cook Nancy Cook Scott Decker Wllluam Deetz Isobel Drckson Dlanne Dunlap Ruth Eberly Leland Esterlnne Jack Fenstermaker Dean Fnreovud Rnchard Fuser Charles Fllcklnger Charles Faust Mnchael Freese Norman Geesey Margaret Geren Moxune Goddard Lewns Goeltzenleuchter Larry Govan Gary Guyse Marllyn Hawk Barbara Hepner Mary Jo Huber Edward Ibbotson Delmar Karnes Bob Keller Gary Kimmel Jerry Lennxnger Eunice Llrot Sue Loghry P05 Fllell -YW' if jam 1- X 'IMH- S, x f,r1l11frl1n11111sr1j IIJHLII x fllfflllllllllf john um! lllgllllll lxmrllzl 28 ini. I CJ llllfll 4.8 game A 3 1 r. fum lnnfnts o Rrrlznwnrls Jfllflllllf Shu 29 l Phyllus Lower Donna Malone Joan Manley Mary March DeeAnn Martln James Martin Joan McCamls on McDonald Bull McKeIvey Gerald Mercer Elmer Muller Bull Mocherman James Moore Janet Perkins Cynthia Pfeiffer Mary Ellen Pressler Ruby Pruce Junnor Rath Joan Really Norma Ruchards Audrey Ruttenhouse Rrchard Schaull Roger Shepard Sharon Shoup Bob Sudel Ann Smethurst Dale Smlth Imogene Stemgass Paul Steungass Harold Stemen Pat Strobel Warren Swartz Duanne Tmgle Bully Turner Helen Vanstaen Merrlce Vonalt Jxm Waldron Donald Whitney Jean Wrsman Lo Ann Zegler Jerry Zulch l ' 0 ' 654' ci ' 3 'J . 1 , -f ,QA I -.. :F J J 1, n J 4 ,. " 'W Q- ' . ' . J Q 'J 2 5 .. , Sm' ' - K A1 J - . g ' , I Y 74: V- , AA "'T' V . - 1- ...J ff zu, S .4 rf S N y A M g 3 , ' l r J 7 - In 44 M I y avg i n f , ' . X! J W , ,, V' a is 4' ,r,,,r 1 1 J 345 - ' 'T 'T W ' , ' I , , Linda Snyder ,,:e,,.. ,V :QV f V 4 W I vw Z V I A i V In 1 A , as . or or ea. ,fl , 4 J J 1 , V I7 I I 5 p' - - y ' ' A A fy p Delores Allomong Donna Allomong Pat Amaden Bully Bany Ronnie Bauer Donald Beck Donna Beck Kay Beck Bobble Benjomnn Carolyn Boothman Ted Born Gay Blosser Barbara Byall Barbara Cook Bully Dannlson Raymond Echler Jerry Ely Lenora Everly Jerry Falco Dennis Faunce Barbara Fenstermaker David Flgglns Tommy Fisher Jerry Foley Lowell Frecierucks Bully F-reese Micky Frltznnger Jan Garber Davud Goelfzenleuchter Kay Horton GPHCL IIII 111111 l u sus l fn: . 7 H ii: l 1 . X ' v Cr 1: ' fn .X nj ll Il " Dry II' 30 Bonnie Huston Lnnda Kllpotrrck Basll Krathwohl Carolyn Malone Loss Malone Lous McGnll Tommy Muck Ronald Muller Sandra Muller Roger Mocherman Andy Moody Ralph Matter Judy Oppenheum Susan Page Sandra Parnham Jlm Rockey Ruth Shannon Kay Slmpson Bonnle Stohler Duane Startzman Larry Summers Pat Taylor Phul Thorpe Phyllis Turney Gene Weidner Shirley Wllls Richard Wolfe Cecelia Yagelsku Judy Mills Laura Zimmer x K Our elementary school has the greatest task of the entnre educatlonal system Our elementary faculty must mold the youth of today unto better cmzens for tomorrow The class of 53 salutes you our elementary teachers for the grand job that you are donng DONALD CASEY Principal Indlana University Com 11171761115 o lmzzlnmn an S071 51 and 101 Stun 32 'ir :ya 'Y-In 44 rw 'M-im' Q5 'ik If s rem -amor' TOP ROW left to rnght LILI IAN APT Thnrd God VIOLET BIBLE Ervgh ESTI-'ER CI-IANEY Art MABEL DOENGES Fnfth GroeIe ROW TWO RUTH FOX ElfTI'I GVOCIC M1-RGUERITE HOCKIINISON SOCIOI Sfudli BESSIE LESNETT Thlrd Grode RUTH LINENDPARGER Kmdergorterw ROW THREE MARILYN MCCREA Second Grade XIELLIE MILLER Eursf Gro ARLIENE OLDS Music Englnsh GLADYS PORTER Second Grooe ROW FOUR EANNY SI-IATZER Fourth Grade ROBERT STORRER Geogroph I-Ilstcrx LOIS WILSON Fourth Gr 'Ie DONALD GRAY Cust dlcrm ROW FIVE MARY BRINER Eur f Grade 33 James Allen Lnnda Allomong Angela Anders Georgene Bany Beverly Bass Bob Bauer Kay Beerbower Rex Blue Susann Clapp Vera Clufton Glen Connolly Connle Cook David Cook Danny Cook Duane Cook Lavon Cox John Dancer Gene Darby Myrna Day Marlon Dean Edwin Elliot Nancy Fisher Terry Fletcher Bertha Gambler Judy Goddard Jerry Goelfzenleuchter Dallas Henry Roger Hephner Charlene Humbarger John Hurnbarger Don Kemarly Sandra Knzer Robert Kruscher Joan Kuhn Lynn Lamberson Gordon Lett Donald Lowe ellenf P61 0 J In 'Q' vu f1I1llfIlI1IlIH15 1,1 fluff' hlfd'fllX Stun 34 fd .S2U0lltA P61610 uf,j1l1m1nls nj l'11fsI mul frml. lmnztuzr Sl: 35 Barry Lung Patty Malone Dallas Manley Kay Matthews Janet Mayfleld George McGnll Rodney Muller Mary Jane Moran Jerry Mocherman Davld Newlands Ronald O Neal Amy Lou Page Eugene Plgnataro Darwm Robison onna Sayles Nancy Spence Bully Stahl Gale Stahler Nancy Starr Pam Stoner Norman Stoy Jean Sumner Jerry Teofs Lyle Traxler John Treer Kenneth Turner Darrel Wade Davld Watson Mike Weidner Connie Welling Charles Wermer Terry Whetro Danny Wilson Garnet Wolff Linda Zimmerman John Zulch Q . sv 1 5 he ffl E xg Q 1 A K Vernon Merrifield Q . W S QI . , Lyle Allomong Elsie Amaden f, Nanetfe Bassett W' Judy Brandeberry Robert Brandt Jerry Burkrnlre David Byall Ronald Colvun Carol Casebere Judy Clark Lucy Clark Marjorie Clark Leonard Connolly John Cook Mary Cook Duck Crowe Gertrude Echler Duane Falco Darla Freese Edward Geren Joan Gleason Paul Gabler Judy Hendrucks Jon Paul Henry Brenda Houser I 4 .Si M grade llllllllllllllfx fn lllz lulmu s Inn 36 . X 'V ' A Q I Z A-:V,,V 1 i . I A ' Ai . v xl 3 .xr .SixfA QFGCIC? 1111111111111 1 37 Roger Huber Darla Jenkins Linda Knecht Jlm Lockhart Gary Lougheed John Lower Larry Llter Alice Malone Bull Malone Kay Mocherman Larry Mocherman Phyllus Oppenhenm Davnd Page Kay Purdy Maxme Shaffer Sue Snmpson Robert Sleesman Kathleen Startzman Mary Ellen Thompson Norma Vanstaen Edwln Walker Ruchard Wnll Joe Wxsman Roger Witte Marilyn Wolfe Phyllns Wright Brenda Beach Tam Beavers Chadwlck Buble Sunny Blosser David Bunfaln Joyce Burkmxre Paul Byall Joyce Cook Judy Cook Vlrglnla Cook Larry Courtney David Donaldson Tommy Ely Raymond Faunce Tommy Femmore Robert Fllson Marsha Freese John Gambler Rea Geren Sue Goeltzenleuchter James Harmon Karen Harmon Gary Heller Barbara Henry Larry Henry Rlchard Jenkuns James Johnson Ronald Kung Ellen Lockhart gyracle flHl17l1llll7Il8 of SlIXfl6l s Unikrl 38 im gmfe S 1 CUIIIPIIIHFIIIS of SIIIIIIIIIIIIQIIS Ifalbfr Shop 39 Bonnie Lung James March Nancy Marsh Rlchord Muck Jerry Mnlls Julte Montgomery Mlkell Oppenhelm Stanley Plgnataro Thomas Really Karen Ruchmond Barry Rummel Beatrice Schellnng Connie Schlegel Robert Shoup Stephen Sampson James Smuth Darrel Starr Bonnie Stoner Tommy Summers Sharron Taylor Larry Teats Karen Traxler Sharon Trott David Van Freddie Vonalt Susan Wermer Ronnle Wlll Bully Young Mason i 5. 4 B - ' 1 Sf. lf' fx' 7 .L , ' ' Warren Sleesman x' " l V Joe Altaffer Kay Altaffer Burton Basset Barbara Basteen Lela Mae Beck Joe Bahner Sandra Bowditch Kent Boyer Don Brandeberry Wayne Bulla Harold Burch Jack Byall Karen Chaney Janet Clark Jerry Cook RIC Curry Joan Darbey Roger Deckenson Stephen Dreffer Van Echler Margue Ellrott Sandra Gleason Barbara Glldden Alrce Johnson Gary Johnson Marsha Karnes Lawrence Kung j0lfU'iL grade KE, I Ill almzrnis u In 1111115 D1 nzrlnzmzl Sim 40 gf , ev-- X X. . 9 'is xl 7 ,' In j' 'x f .1 '14 -vl'lf as MM 0lll'fA I"ClC 0 Q51 91 il' LEM lurnjzllfmrllt nf Ixzmmfl x IJJIIJ Slim 4l Marlanne Kuhn Sally Lehman Rlchara March Marule McCamlS Robert Mlchael Denrns Muller Johnny Muller Linda Muller Judy Moore Sandra O Neal Gary Osborn Judy Page Elanne Peters Judy Peters Michael Reader Cher: Rlchmond Wayne Schlosser Alden Shaffer Jenme Sunes Jerry Stay Karen Treer James Treer Shella Tucker Martha Van Lleu Judy Weltzel bherry Wllson Ronald Wltte A 1 in Q 4 , ' J I u vb-J th' gl V ' ' , ,,,, 1 I , - A Al 1 ... XX.- pl A Jl I ll A d y R J J gg N :,. .. - 1 t Y Y ' ' 1 il 4 A A ' J I x , -gif? if X . trir V , N 1 H ' A f xl f ,W 4 ' . 1 : A Frances Apt Bully Baker Lola Baker Elwood Barker Davld Boumelster Jo Ann Boothman Necha Connall Le Roy Cook Bobby Crowe Mary Lynn Day Rex Dnckenson Judy Dllworth Brownue Echler Tommie Ellnott Mary Ellen Fnreovld Davnd Jenkins Walter Hlckman Maruel Goelfzenleuchter Patsy Goddard Earl Geren Rlchard Gambler Jerry Freese Tommy Flsher Kent Lamberson 57111511 'N-4 f11111j1l1111e11is of lI1ll111111s 511111113 1111111 1311101111 Coop ,Iss Il 42 1 t ir ra e l ' llll. 1 1 1 A "" A . , l 'A . F: . '.V. 1 y 6 7' ri, if , l Joy Bauer fix uf '.2?w, ii fi 1" 3 'A I l ilk M: If ,.1f'l o ' v ' 'F A A ' 41. 1 x f , ,Q y ,.1- Q , . Q, 'ff 2 A . '. " Q 1 QF 1.. iQ . 5 if 1 4: . 3 ,51 if ,. .32 ' W .L Y Y A ' X ZA , with , A S at . A xi 5 af ? 'Q 5 . ...rp L 'li 1 5 J - 'Fil ll? in v l' eC0l'l6! GFHJU lrmipllniclzli of Camblrs C Il lloshzm 44 Charles Apt Jerry Bastien Susan Baumeister Dean Beavers Ric Beck Richard Blosser David Britton Susan Carpenter Hope Clark Dianne Coleman Rusty Colon Josephine Cook Gary Faunce Janet Fireovid Clark Fisher Carlton Gray Diane Govnn Dianne Haldiman Donald Harter Patrick Humbarger Sue Johnson Judy Jones Michael Harness Alice Lockhart Audrey Malone Danna Manley Edwin Miller David Norris James Rediger Mary Ann Rummel Joy Anna Sapp Carol Sayers John Seaman Henry Sines Janet Strayer Jan Strohl Larry Taylor Paul Thimlor Tommy Thomas Roger Thorp Connie Treer Terry Tressler David Trux Jan Tucker Jewel Utley Kenneth Van Lleu Connue Weltzel Deonne Whntaker Jacquelnne Wulson GCOIILJ gffl cle 43 Iffnlzjllirlwlllx nf I.. lf. f,'llIliIlll'Y llllll Sr Bonnne Baker Cheryl Baker Rodney Baker Douglas Buble John Blossom Daniel Bohner Jane Bond Karen Sue Born Ral h Brown P Roger Brown Angella Calvin Kent Clapp Deanna Clark Charles Koch Melody Knssnnger Dwnght Jonce Deborah Hoops Jenmfer Hoag John Herb Ronald Hepker Robert Heckman Nana Headley Phlllp Hallock Paul Grnek Rex Grace John Gardner Robert Gambler Ronald Fogel Paul Emans Alan Doenges Melxnda DeGroff Sue Dean Tommy Crowe Steven Crltchfneld Sally Cook Michael Cox Q KV' ' , J , Y L A . 5, ' - jim X , ' . "4 Y A J' - 1 xv, ll, '24 QW :,,.,,.,. ... , . .Qfyfgi . x 5 " f- s R ' 'Z Q L., , ,AH Hu- ff: ju V,','lf'7IfK uf UNI If. form' 3125! QFGJQ 8 nn 11 I 45 an jiraf gracle gs, J Cum Jlzmenls 0 1111111 zmnify lurnrluiff In 47 David Lash Paul Lockhart Douglas Lougheed John Gilbert Lougheed Beth Ann Lung Ronald Malone Barbora Manley John McGill Donna Merrifield Jon Michael Stephen Middleton Ann Miller Candy Miller Rodney Mocherman Sandra Moore Wayne Moore Jacqueline Moron James Osburn Jeffery Pearce Billy Peters Anthony Pignataro Susan Powers Robert Richmond Dean Schlosser Rickie Seaman Carol Shaffer Jean Sharp Gary Starr Cindy Strowser Thomas Taylor Susan Thomas Stanley Tressler Cotherlne Trott Gary Welling Dorothy Wermer lib , . . , Virginia Utley I i I 1 ' ' at L .ea gf' y, ' Lois Anders William Baker Patricia Baumeister Terry Barcus Duane Beek Jeannine Bowen Lynn Bowman Cheryl Brandt Joy Brenner Glyn Buntaln Robert Carpenter Jane Clark Tommy Von Coppenolle Tad Cook Lmda Cooley Jnll Crutchfield Terry Lynne Deetz Steven Doughten Robm Elllott Debra Firestone Mlchael Fogel Wllllam Foust Fred Gambler Donna Geren Terry Gleason Barry Goddard Martnn Gorgas Terry Guyse Gary l-lamoleton Daryl l-larter Rosa Lee Hoag Cameo Huber JGI1 Jefgdftell 1111 xl I a 48 J ln Bfg Clrlen I mnplznzents of flu lux! xflfllllldl Bunk 49 Tnmothy Jones Jeanne Lamberson Janlce Lautermnlch Phmllup Lyon Margre Malone John Martun Mnchael McCawIey Thomas Mnchael Marcia Muller Sandra Muller Roger Nichols Melunda Nolm Dennis Parnham Paula Peters Stephen Powers Larry Pressler Tony Richmond James Sayers Deborah Seward Dorothy Shaffer Margaret Shaffer Jereld Snow Tamara Stahl Davld Stambaugh Roger Starr Duane Stoy John Teats Gary Towns Ken Treer Tnmothy Vonalt Karen Wright U . Laurie Pearce Viv I av 1 ,, . 50 Hlfllflllfllfx uf Thr ,Xlmztpvliw I X k .xgcfiuifiefi Q 21 L ,A X ffifjw fwbu W A 51 STUDENT COUNCIL ROW 3 Marcia Zulch Sarah Beams Mary MCGIII Shirley Throne Marllyn Hawk Marva Whrtney ROW 2 Mike Page Roger Scott Larry Vonalt John Fuser Delmar Karnes ROW l Mary Zerter Max Hnlkert Phyllis Best Jo Smuth n thony Ferraro Karnes FHA ROW 4 Norma Rnch ords Merrrlee Brown Mary Burns Bernuece e I l e Berna Goebel Maraaret Geren Jean Wlsman Janet McKelvey ROW 3 Betty Keller Joan McComls Janet Perkrns Sharon Shoup Lando Snyder Duane Trngle Donna Malone Judy Kasper Prusculla Stantz ROW 2 Carol Yarger een Y a r g Lynette Mercer Car m Stantz Sharon Clay Darlene Covey Shaffer ROW l Mrs Flsher Caryl Brandon Dorls Dargltz Nancy Clark Mary McGnll Januce Mercer Glorra Trax ler Joy Blosser FFA ROW 4 Roger Scott Duane Sumner Dean Shoup Howard Slees man Lyn Hook Dan Snyder Ralph Bechtol Danny Fenstermaker ROW 3 Jam Altaffer Jack Wusman Gary Connolly M ow man Bull McKelvey Gene Flreovud Dennls Leslue Leslue Bechtol ROW 2 Jerald Mer cer Lewls Hendricks Wayne Henry James Brown Paul Stelngass Larry Wusman Martun Bechtol Frank Dletsch ROW l David Geren Fred Strobel Harold Brown Bob Tom Ger old McCool Loren Buckham Ned Snyder Elmer Muller Ffmzplznzfnis of flanks Shoe Stow 52 l I I , , , f T - I , , , - r I I . I A - , , Mr. , , ' , K r , dune f , -1- I , , , , , f , vi I Coll e r , I , O 1 , , Connxe Masters, Della L . ' I f , , , I . , . I , I , , , , , l - I f , r. B - , f , , . ' I , ' I f I 1 - , I l f , , ' 4 , 1 - , , Y TEEN ROW 4 Lowa lm rnerrnan Marllyn Byall Ruth Ann Shannon Donna Malone Donna Allornong Ga Blos ser ROW 3 Lln la Snyder Dlane Dunlap Llnda Ba ley lean Wulllarns Jane Wrllrams Aurella Moran Sherry Dan lap Delores Allomong ROW 2 Jacqu Youse Dawn Watts Januce Luke Marcla Zu ch Pat Malean Mary Nenlands Phyllis Cook Sue Wlllnams Marrlyn Hawk Patr cla Manley ROW l Carolyn Shannon Phyllis Best Shirley Roach Betty Wnsman Nancy Perry Carol Yarger Constance Cold snow Mary Zelter Joy Blos ser Mlss Long LATIN LEAGUE ROW 3 Burt u Lyle Starr Sue Loghry Larry Vonalt Jlm Martun Duane Dunlap Norman Geesey Eddue lbbotson Gary Klrnmel Charles Flucknnger ROW 2 Joan Manley Lor etta Teats Mary Sue Moch erman Sue Wrllnams Audrey Rrttenhouse Marllyn Hawk Marllyn Byall Isobel Dlckson Pat Strobel Mrs Hannes ROW l Mernce Vonalt Pal vwell Jam Moore Jerry Wendner Benlamnn Beck Lynn Clark Roger Chapplus A ROW 4 t Johanna House Mary Loa Yoder Pat Enslgn Mary Sue Mocherman Sue Wrllnams Marcella Selk man Pat Bechtol I-larnette Yagelsku Jackre Blgger ROW 3 Mrs Homes Jane Beavers lla Hull Llnda Barley Sue Loghry Isobel Dickson Helen Van Staen Mary Hu ber Prlsculla Stantz ROW 2 Duane Fletcher Maru lyn Burkholder Dawn Watts Jan Luke Marcna Zulch Carol Yarger Pat Mapean Mary Newlands Phyllxs Cook Col leen Yarger Loralee Wnlkens ROW l Betty Wesman Caro lyn Shannon Mary McClel land Jackne Youse Shlrley Roach Phyllus Best JoAnn Srnrth Marlene B e r g rn a n Nancy Perry Constance Cold snow Mary Custer 1111 I1 11 t Ih 53 A - l to f, Z , . I , y - I V, ,V Q I. to r,, BI e, Bd O , W f Zulch, Walter vBumb, Hal G. . A, 4 I. o r., ff: ff mfr t nj ,llrnllm-' gif!!! CLARINETS Constance Coldsnow Phyllis Cook Marcella Selkman Ronnie Wlsman Sue Wllllams Mary Yoder Jerry Van Mason Laura Znmmerman Ralph Matter Nancy Spence Kay Reed Walter Bumb Barbara Bavnn BASS CLARINET Mary Gall McClelland BASSOON Beverly House PERCUSSION Nathaniel Knepper Ruchard Cook Duane Mowry Duck McKarns Tom Dannlson Ray Echler BASSES Loretta Teats Jlm Moore Davld Flggnns TROMBONES Barbara Bengamln Nancy Starr Gene Weudner Dallas Henry COLOR BEARERS Pat MCGIII BARITONES Shlrley Throne Jockle Bnggers Duane Fletcher ALTO HORNS H Susan Page Carolyn Malone OBOE Duane Dunlap FLUTES Mary Custer Sherry Dunlap Pat McGill Mary Mocherma Johanna Hause ALTO SAX Betty Waldron Pat Ensign Lynn Lamberson TENOR SAX Juamta Wagner Pat Bechtol forrzplzrlzmztx of 1211354 Imzlmrzcff Ml 1 3 Fl BARITONE SAX Jo Ann Smuth BELLS Marlene Bergman Marva Whitney Lols Cummnns Donna Malone TRUMPETS Lyle Starr Hal Weidner Alan Benjamln Jlm Martin Norman Geesey Phul Lyons Ronnne Muller Gene Pugnataro Lyle Traxler Jan Garber Jerry Matter Mnke Weldner DRUM MAJORETTES Judy Kinsey Carol Stecovnch TWIRLERS Pat Strobel Gerry Whntney Ruth Shannon Lnnda Snyder Sharon Shoup ' lla ill ' l Lois MCGHI Jean Sumner Mickey Fritzinger l , ' .- 'ff r ' '.,gfr1z' 54 .3 lu 55 nik? 9 F' A K 'Q O 4 'L k ' . 1 f Q 3 Q ' J' , l K Q ' f.UIf1flflN1f'Hlv flf llfmw l'IllYII'f.I7l1!f A CAPPELLA CHOIR JUNIOR AND SENIOR ROW 4 I to r Hllus Boothman Larry Yagelskl Harlan Humbarger Duck McKarns James Chllders Ned Calvin Don lbbot son Kenneth Crowe Larry Bauer Bob Priest Earl Day Larry Marlin ROW 1 Harry Nellands Jean Wulllams Jane Wllllams Aurella Moran Marcla Zulch Janice Luke Dawn Watts Marllyn Burkholder Patrlcla Manley Mary Zelter Caryl Brandon Ga y Connolly ROW 2 Homer Swank Marllyn Whxtney Harrlette Yagelskl Judy Klnsey Juannta Wagner Carol Stecovlch Phyllls Cook Constance Coldsnow Mary Custer Mary McGill Marllyn Mansfield ROW I Loralee Wllkens Ca ol Yarger Norma Snyder Carolyn Shannon Beverly Hause Elhlyn Kuhlman Mary Gall Mc Celand Jo Ann Smrth Barbara Benlamln Betty Hacks Joy Blosser Shlrley Throne A CAPPELLA Cr-IOIR FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE ROW 4 I to r Dan Banks James Moore Bobby Turner Howard Sleesman Elmer Muller Lyle Starr Lewis Parker Charles Faust J rry Lennnnger Loren Est rllne James Martnn Larry Lett Louus Goeltzenleuchter Gerald Purdue ROW 3 George Clark Larry Govln Bully Turner Bobby Boothman Gerry Whltney Sharon Shoup Cynthia Pfelffer Prnscllla Stan z Dane Dun ap Marllyn Byall Darlene Covey Jerry Van Mason Gene Humbarger ROW 2 Gary Guyse Blllv Freese John Beavers Alan Benlamnn Johanna Hause Mary Sue Mocherman Pat McGIll Pat Strob I Sue Loghrv Helen Van Stoen Isobel Dnckson Pat Bechtol Burton Blue Duane Mowry ROW I Judv Kasper Carma Slantz Loretta Teats Nancy Brown Betty Waldron Mary Lou Yoder Pat Ensugn Marcella Selkman Dee Dean Jackne Blgger Maralyn Hawk Anthany Ferrara Phllup Lyons BOYS GLEE CLUB ROW 4 Earl Day Wa er Hncks Larry Govln Bobby Turner Hnllns Boothman Charles Faust Loren Esterllne Lewus Parker Larry Bauer Kenneth Crowe Larry Yagelskr Har lan Humbarger ROW 3 James Chnlaers George Clark James Moore Jerald Purdue Elmer Muller Dan Fenstermaker Gary Guyse Lyle Starr Larry Mar tln Don lbbotson Dxck McKarns Jerry Van Mason Ned Calvnn ROW 2 Harry Nellands Horner Swank Howard Sleesman Jerry Lelnlnger Lauls Goeltzenleuchter Bobby Boothman James Martnn Ronnle Wnsman Hal Wenclner Burton Blue Gene Humbargcr Jerry Zulch ROW I Jerry Matter Mlchael Freese Jon MacDona'd Gene Fnre oxxd John Beavers Bllly Turner Don Banks Alan Bemamnn Anthony Ferraro PM up Lyons Duane Mowry Bob Przest 1 1111 ulx S 56 T ' 'I ' I Q I I ! N' 'Y V 1 I I I 1 f 7 ' ,. I ' I. . ' ,I ' , C I C I I f . I I r ' I I I I - I. to r., , It 1 I ' I I r II 1 Ir lfmlp ' frrlls ul limlfx ljffl ' fmff GlRLS GLEE CLUB JUNIOR AND SENIOR ROW 3 Loralee Wulkens Carol Yarger Marrlyn Burkholder Januce Luke Marcua Zu ch Down Watts Carolyn Shannon Aurella Moran Jane Wrlluams Jean Wllllams Mary Mcarll Marllyn Monsfueld Patrlcna Manley Mary Zelter Carol Brandon ROW 2 Marnlyn Whltney Janice Faunce Marllyn Summers Juanita Wagner Harrlette Yagelskl Judy Kinsey Pat Malean Mary Nellands Pat Faust Constance Coldsnow Phyllis Co nk Jay Blosser Sherry Dunlap Carol Smethurst ROW l Mary Gall McClelland Ethelyn Kuhlman Betty Was nan Shlrley Rouch Jackle Youse Nancy Perry Phyllls Best Carol Stecovlch Mary Custer Jo Ann Smnth Shnrley Thr one Barbara Benlamm Betty Hlcks Beverly House FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE ROW 4 Geraldlne Whutney Johanna House Pat Bechtol Nancy Hauk lla Hnl Joanne Rlley Duane Dunlap Phyllls Lower Mary Burns Jean Wusman Donna Banks Joanne Manley Barbara Bayln ROW 3 Lunda Snyder Mary Lou Yoder Pat Ensngn Dee Dean Marcella Selkman Mary Sue Mocherman Sue Wnlllams Kay Reed Prlscllla Stantz Connle Masters Darlene Coy y Marllyn Byall Merrlce Vonalt Pat Strobel ROW 2 Betty Waldron Loretta Teats Pat McGlIl Sarah B ams Duane Tengle Snaron Shoup Cynthla Pfenffer Mary Jo Huber Janet Perkuns Joan McCarnns Janet Burkholder Mernlee Brown Marllyn Hawk Sue Loghry RCW l Judy Casoer Carma Stantz Jane Beavers Jackle Bnggers Duane Fletcher Geraldune Bechtol Dons Dargltz D 'a Shaffer Sharon Clay Norma Jean Rlchard Ann Snethurst Nancy Brown FRENCH CLUB ROW 2 Mnke Page Bob Prest arry Martin Blll Oliver ROW l Jane Wullnams Aurella Moran Jean Wlllams I T7 Srnr 5 HOMECOMING QUEEN AND COURT Potrlcno Strobel Jomce Luke John Fuser Cco coptoml C o r ol Stecovuch Cqueenl R o n n 1 e Whetro lco cop tom? Phyllis Best Gercldme Whntney f l l I,f11nj2l:'11n'1lll ol' Jllflfx Srwll 1' um 53 Nqr lil l The Junror Class presented the three act comedy THE MOON MAKES THREE rn the Hugh School Audrtorrum on December 9 and lO l952 CAST OF CHARACTERS Grandma Jackson John Henry Barley Eleanor Barley E Ann Barley Nrckre Barlow Eve Wrlson Frank Hall Mrs Barley Freddie Smrth Terry Randolph Wendel Wrlcox Jenny May West Mrnetta Mrller Roger Armstrong Carol Yarger Rrchard Cook Mary Custer Lors Cummrns Larry Martin Aurelra Moran Kenneth Crowe Mary Zerter Larry Wrsman Mrke Page Garry Connolly Laralee Wrlkrns Marcra Zulch Duane Sumner I II I zwzlx o llzz l S111 Ill fonzmm T F Y i A . Ing, ' .73 A A I 3 , . Y . ll Q... A . , ,alia . H ,, . . . . , . Marsue Bailey ----- Mary Neilands fmpin . f lIZl'l'V.'fIlfJAg I f U' 59 The Dramaflcs Class presented The Imaglnary Invalid by Moluere m the school audntorlurn The cast lnclud d Argon Tometfe Angelnque Monsieur Fleurant Behne Monsieur De Bon efau Cleante Larry Vonalt Monsueur Drafolrus Beverly House Thomas Duafourus Marcel'a Selkman Lounson Phyllis Sfohl Bera de Marilyn Mansfield M HSIGUV PLHQOV1 Comme Masters III alum nh H I I r In hmm 60 1 f A I Q? iir f Q Q 1 21 2 E 5 f , 5 , 4 S V . . r . - . , - . . - Cn j ' ' Ilff.'UH1lALfl' 121 , HI' ' I on February I6 and 17 John Fuser Rlchard McKarns Ruth Eberly Pat MCGIII Terry Youse Mlldred Thomas Nancy Houk hugh school oudltorlum on Aprul 30 and May l l953 The cast mcluded Susan Haggett Abby Mrs Haggett Ada Haggett Warren Creamer Tallant Ros n Davenport the following Beverly Hause Marva Whntney lrene Chrastenson Barbara Benlamnn Harry Newlands Robert Mercer James Selkman Ruchard McKarns Ill 11171111118 I ll: 1 Sfllfl 6l The Sensor Class presented the ploy, The Late Christopher Bean, a three act comedy by Sndney Howard nn the Dr. Haggett ------- Harlan Humbarger ffrl f ' nl, 'lr "s .hf'l'T'l-I ' .' nn BETTY MAE ALLMAN December I I935 Bryan Oh o Home Economscs Course ee Club I 3 Y Teens I BARBARA ANN BENJAMIN October 29 I935 Topeka Indsana College Prep Y Teens I 2 3 deyotsonal leader 3 Glee Club Ca e a nd I 2 3 4 Intramurals Latsn League French Club 3 Annual Staff 4 Dsstrsct State Scholarshsp Tests a Sensor Scholarshsp Test HILLIS DuWAYNE BOOTHMAN January I7 I935 General Course Intramurals Ca pello I 2 3 4 JAMES Cl-IILDERS Comrnercsal Course A V I 2 3 4 A Cappella 2 3 4 Football MCun 23 4 Intrarnuras 3 4 Basketball I JOHN FISER y 4 I Psoneer Ohso College Prep Course Baseball 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Football M Club 2 3 4 Trac 2 3 4 Vsce Pressdent 3 Student Representatsve 4 Latsn League I 2 Student Councsl 4 Pr ss ment M Club 4 Annual Staff UIIIOI ll l'Cf0Il LINDA LOU BAILEY June 9 I 5 Montpelser Ohso Commercsal Course Y Teens 4 ee ub 2 3 Latsn Lea ue .lunsor Cl ss Play 3 Annual Stott 4 MARLENE KAY BERGMAN arch II I 6 Edgerton Ohso Co lege Prep Y T ens I 2 S cretary 2 G A 2 reasurer 4 Glee Club nd I2 Intramurals 2 3 4 Latsn League I 2 French ub 3 2 Scholar s sp Tests lssh I Dsstr acement Latsn II Dsstrsct Placement Junsor Play 3 An nual Staff Sensor Scholarshsp Test HAROLD EUGENE BROWN ay I7 I Montpelser Ohla General Course F F A 4 Glee Club MILDRED IRENE CHRISTENSON January 7 l936 Ch cago lllsnoss Cornmercsal Course YTeens A p la 34 Bowlsng League I Intramurals 2 3 4 Junsor Play BEVERLY HALJSE Angola lndsana March I I935 College Prep Course Band 4 Sec I24 Orches 2 3 4 A Cappella Chosr I 2 3 srs ee u 2 Sangleader Y Teens I 2 3 A n a Staff I4 Dsstrsct Psano Audstson Class A Supersor Rat sng State Composstson Contest Class A Supersor Ratsng S Queen Attendant Dramatscs ass Ply Jr Class Play A I23 Bowlsng Lea ue Gsrls Intramurals I 2 tsn League I French Club 3 All County Band I All County Chorus 4 1111 11111 Illx DARRELL GENE BANKS September I4 I935 Montpelser Ohso General Course Basketball Base a 3 4 Trac n rarrsurals In ra mural Coach 2 3 M Cl b Sen or Basketball Team 4 Junsor Play Annual Staff PHYLLIS JEAN BEST June 26 I9 5 Montpelser Ohso Cornmercsal Course Glee ub I 2 3 4 Y Te 2 cretary 3 F rter 2 G 34 Tr surer 3 Pressdent 4 Bow sn Leaaue I Student Councsl 2 4 Intramurals 2 3 4 Class Secre tary 4 Annual Staff I-tomecorn :ng Queen Attendant 4 Sensor Queen Attendant NED SEWARD CALVIN Au ust 2I I 35 Montpelser Ohso College Prep Course Glee Club 4 A Cappella 4 Basket 3 4 M Club 2 3 4 Intramurals I 2 4 Bowlsng League I Latsn League I 2 Annual Staff 4 EARL DAY y I Carnbrtdge Ohsa s anna ctool ee Club 3 4 A Cappella 3 4 BETTY JANE I-IICKS February 8 I935 Readsng Mschsgan College Prep Course Glee Club I 2 3 4 A Cappella Chosr Latsn League I2 Frenc ub 3 A V C b LARRY BAUER October 23 I935 Montpelser Ohso General Course Intramurals 4 Foo ball Glee Cu 4 A Cappella 4 LOLA MARIE BIBLE rsl 25 I 5 Montpeller Ohso Dsstrsct I ee General Course Scholarshsp Tests ub I 2 RICHARD CARR September 25 I935 Wauseon Ohso College Prep Latsn League MC 34 Footb Coach 3 Annual Staff 4 AV unror a Trac Student Councsl 3 Dsstrsct Schalarshsp Test Football Man ager 2 Sensor Scholarshsp Test LEROY WAYNE FENICLE February 24 I93o Montpelser Ohso Gcneral Course Intramuras 2 MAX HILKERT March 3 I935 Kendallyslle lndsana College Prep Basketball I 4 F o all 3 4 Trac 4 aseball 2 3 4 M C u 3 4 Scholarshsp Test I ss trsct Sensor Scholarshsp Test Student Councsl I 2 3 4 Pres sce r s M C u Intramural I All Lea ue Football 4 Latsn League I2 Junsor Play Amerscan Legxon Selectee to Buckeye Boy s State K . . V 1 1 7 .J I . ' ' 93 . I . f es - 5 F. H. A. I-2-35 2-3- 5 G. A. A. 545- GI I-2-3-45 ss ss' - 5 k 2-3- 5 1 X5 s b - . CI I - -45 g I5 3-45 I t I-45 t - 5 5 a 5 - 5 - u 3-45 , M 5 93 5 3 Ap 5 93 5 - - - : I 5 , - Q - 5 ' 5 . 5 2 9 I - A A- 4344: Cl - - - 5 - ens I- -3-45 -2-35 GI I-2-3-4J A PP ll Ir?-3'4i T 5 I-2: Se 5 . I-I. A. 25 Re- CI - -3. BO ' ' ' I V22 BO r '3'4i I- po 5 , A. A, - 5 ea- A-V I525 I5 --5 -5 5 5 Vg 5 5 5 cs 5F.T.A.I-5 - 5 , -5 h 5 Eng sct - . 5 - I-2-3-45 Jr Pl y 35 Pl 5 I ' 5 5 . 5 M 5 934 Q 5 9 5 I ' 5 . . . I- I 5 A I-2-3-45 Gsce Club s-2-3-45 A 2-3- 5 2. , 5 - I-25 - sub 2- - 5 oss 4 P ' ' ' ball I-35 Manager 25 Golf 2- Intramurals I-45 Intramural :QA 5 s-251' PIy5 'sq 35 A-y I-2 5 ' ' - 5 I - 3 , Jus 7, 935 5 I ' s s I I ' Sy". S I I-25 GI X I 5 I - 5 - - 5 2-35 G, A. A, I-2-3-45 Cap- . 5 - 5 I- -3-4 25 - I I - - 5 I' el - 5 5 , l 3, , Jul 5 935 5 5 5 5 5 Q I- : : - - -5 - 5 2-3-5 . - -5 tra I- - - - 5 ' 2-3-5 o tb I- -5 k I-2-3-45"" --5 k --5 45 -5 sw 2-55 --5'f"sb - -5 ' - ' V5 ' 45 G I' GI CI b I- -3-45 CI 5 . . lu I-2. 2- - 5 ' D - 5 - - - 7 n- A ' 5 - I I e .- U I E I 5 . 5 . - - h I H - 5 ' 5 , I - I-2-3-45 V' Pe. " " I b 4- ' J " s 4: : - Q I . . I vr. I . b - I CI o 5 . I 5 G. V ' . A. . - - J ' Q I-25 ' - 5 La- C: j A ff' of 1Ir'sg1s11srs's ffrurwrx' 62 HARIAN IA JON IILVI ARCIER IrIIIsI I Iu College Prep Coursn Foot Tra Man er Bas e nr. Man a er 4 I Boys n ramurals I 2 3 4 C Club 4 A Cap e 2 Dra fnatIcs Cla s P ax 3 Juntor ass a A nual Ctaft A V ETHLYN M KUHLMAN aber I I MantIueIIer OhIo College Freo M ntpclmr I 2 3 4 lat n League French CIrcle 3 Class treasurer ee u A c A I 2 Reserve Cheerleader I VarsIty Cheerleader 2 3 4 Gtrls Intramurals I2 County Band I Annual Staff MARY LUCILE MCGILL August 3I I935 Montpelner OhIa General Course Phys Ed I 2 J e Club I2341 ACabae Stu n uncIl A 2 3 4 PresIaen I-IIRI EY NICK Jecember 79 I93u Mmtrteller OhIO IfucatIonaI Hume Ec Int rntc oursc F ee I I LYLE M RITTENHOLJ ctalmr I 3 Pntsfora MII:hIaan Crllcqe Prep Cause LatIn 'ea u French C u ub 3 4 Basketball Base Lall 3 4 Intramural Basketball 4 Annual Ctaff OIXJIIJ IELOIHDII Llrtatif I I Jxentl Lr 2? I Genr ral C,urse Football 2 3 Track 4 Ea J I IJ r murals I 2 3 4 SenIar s ball Team Gee Club J 2 IHEODORE MAX LIGHTBODY Ulm I I FI Bu er Imhana College Prep Student Court I 2 Class VIce Prestden ootball I Bas etball tIn League I RICHARD PIERRE MCKARNS y 30 I Montpeher OIIIa COUIITICFCIOI Bowlmg League Gee Club I 234 A Canoe a I 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball 2 3 A Annual Staff M C 3 4 All County Chorus 4 A V ull I FRANKLIN DELANIDC MILLER urll I Gen ral Ceurse QHIRLEY ANN ROUCH a 2 I Maaerly M ssaurl Comme cual Eowl na LcaCuL gens I Fecretary 4 Intramura s lee u n n,IaI Staff KIN5 I w C n Larnrnerc al Caursc C I I A A Carpe an A s IA Iorette A Annual Itaff K Teens Xemar Oueen MARILYN MANSFIELD Dehance Olmo March I I 5 College Prep LatIn League e C Ib 4 Cappel 2 3 4 AuclIo Vlsua eens I Gtrls lntrarnura s French Club 3 Drarnahcs Play JANICE MAY MERCER Auausf I8 I 35 Montpeller Ohlo General Course Glee Club 3 Se H HARRY DELBERI INEILANIDD March IO I 5 Manta ller O Ia Ca lege Prep Course Casket 4 Foal' IO M Club 3 4 Boys Intrarnura s a In Ca uf' Anrtua 4 AuflIo V sual Club Track 3 Intramural Coac u er D ay 3 ben ar Schn ar s a e s ee L1 Cappella 4 JAMIs L SELKMAN 2 IJ Montpeher OhIo aatjall Manager Fas KC Ial Manager I Irac Mar a er 2 Intramurals I flllllfllflllt IIII III II III Ilfl Xlftmjfnlg IIIHIIIIIIII I I InnIercIaI Course Band I rrrnur 2 MARY GAIL McCLELLAND If1I st 8 I 'NAOVIIIJCIICI' OhIo College Prep LatIn League 2 Presmlent 2 French Cu ub 3 Secretary 3 G A 4 Irs lntramuras e C ub 2 3 A A pella I 2 3 4 Bowltng League Student Councll 2 DISIFIC Qcholarslmas I 3 Semor Scho IarshIps A Annual Staff ROBERT DCWAYNE MERCER December I7 I935 Montpeller Ohlo General Intramurals I 2 3 NIANCY JEAI PERRY une I lansInI Mtchl an Carnnterual Course Glee Club Y Teens 2 s Inrarn als ual att A 4 BowIIng League I YTeens Treasurer A EERNI RD RICHARD SIIEPARD IIWA r bryan I n 'Caru lntramura ggvetrall Foo o Iut Y I F I I P ' ITA AI I" ' ff 'X II IDIIII 'EY FIAIIIATQIIFI KPJL 'PER fm IfQ IQII FIA I Q ,JIIII gIIIIII-IIIIIIII QQ 93 IfII,,Q,,Q IQ' IQII, Eaton Oh N' N 935 Cnmztrto III cI, 'IAgII:I IIIIQI QIII3 'I r J it , A P - Ile: Cr: Q Q A ball IAQ-3 AQ ck 2f3II1Q I IIQ Easkc-BQII I Q see cI.II,I If2f3f Q I ,lla 32- II-37: IAI J QI I. L34 aa IQ k tl 'II 2-3 Ial' 3-LQ "M" CILI 2A3A-4 ln- 3AIiQ B 'I IA2A3 :Q Heau IA..- -Q Q 'MH CILI: 2A3A4Q ' I a A A A , Ba - ' Q'- I t A A A Q Gle kel I Q I I-2 IQ Ln , FHA. 2-3I Q D lla -3-4Q - 3-4 A Capgella II A3-A s., I CI PI yQ n 3 Q . ou sf Q35 ' M Q 11 93- Q AL. I I Q 935 Q ' Il , Q 93 I I I O ' t A I ' I I A A Q C I I-2Q CII ' I ' T 42 IQ Glo IL I-2A3- Q A - I- I , I I3 I F I I4 If I-CI' la A A Q A I IQ Ye CI' Q Q . . A. IQ GI Cl IJ IA2-3-4Q OD' . 'I' A2Q ' I 2-3- Q G I IQ I-2- De'la I-2-3-4Q Band I-2Q G, A. 2A3Q French Club 3Q Treasurer 3A4Q Y-Teens I-2A3A4Q Band I-2- . A Q Q Q 3A4Q Gle I IA A A Q Cap- - - Q 4. A A A Q A : I: 5 ' T Q ILII Q 835 . Q 9 ' Q I A I 3 7 I Q A A -4- Cle A A - Q lla I - - - Q ll F. H. A, 4Q cretary F, . A, IA2A3A4Q de t Co AQ F, A - A Q 4, I-I. . IA A AQ t. IA -aA Q Q lub CI ' 72. ' ' 7' .' L Q 5 AI ' QQ 933 I 'I , 93 I I :SQ 9335 , I I Q Q N h fy Q Q C -Q . II. A. II3IAQ lGl 5 ha'I Il2I3 I II' Irrmr I 23,11 I - ' II -3IIQ CI II I-2-3. I ' I Glfll It ur IA2A3A4Q F. H. 'A2Q L T L cj - I I A 2Q Ann St Q G, A . 3A Staff Q . I IA2Q Q Q A Q h 3 . n:, I V Q ' I ,I A ,F t sr Q GI CI ,I 4Q A I A rg K A: I II QV Q I - C ' SQ 93' M Q. 2 Q 935 J I-, IQ I935 ,anuar 24 9.1, ' Q , I I Q A Q Cha , x I I Q r I t 1 '- F I ' I-2 .. Lal: L I Q I I L Q Q IQ I U 3Q M- QQ Yet-I 2-3-AQ G A. A I II ' I Q ' k I IA E .I I I3Af1I tb Il 4 Cl -Q IQ - 3-4g , Q I qw 'p MAC ' 4 X .Q 2-3-4Q G - CI LI 2 3IIIQ A I IA2A3A Q I 3 4 I 4, 63 JO ANN SMITH June 26 I 35 Montpelner Ohno College Prep Course Band I 2 3 4 Presldent 4 Treasurer 3 Student Councll 4 Presndent Class Presldent 4 G A 3 4 Vnce Preslaent 4 ee ub I A Ca 3 4 YTeens I 23 Auduo Vs ual Club I 2 Glrls Intramurals I 2 3 4 Bowlung League I a tIn League I French Club 3 unnor Play 3 DIstrIct MusIc AUdlfIOnS I 2 DISTVICT Scholar shnp Tests 2 Senlor ScholarshIp Tests 4 Orchestra I24 Ah nual Staff 4 All County Chorus 4 All County Band I CAROL STECOVICH December 2I l935 Marblehead Ohlo Commerclal Course Glee Club n 2 3 4 Hea aorette 4 F Teens I Homecormng Queen 4 Senlor Queen Attendant 4 Annual Staff A Cappella cholr I 2 3 4 All County Chorus 4 MILDRED GRACE THOMAS December I5 I935 Montpelner Ohlo Commercnol Course Glee Club Ca e a serve Cheerleader I G A A Bowlung League I2 Drama tncs 4 DORA GERALDINE TURNER February 4 l935 Toledo Ohlo General Course MARVA WHITNEY rIl 7 I Nettle Lake Ohno Comrnerclal Course YTeens GFI Glee Cu 2 3 4 Bowlnng League I tramurals I 2 Junnor Pay LARRY ELGENE SNYDER NFD SNYDER PHYLLIs ANN STAHL 'rua y I9 I 1 June 24 I935 August I I 5 Montpeluer Ohlo Montpeluer Ohlo MontD0lICf OPIO commercial Course Glee Club Agnculturol Course Annual College Prep Course Glee 4 A Cappella 4 Intramurals a f 4 F 2 3 4 Se C ub I 2 3 4 Bowllng Lea ue 2 t y 3 F F A Camp Scha r French Cub 3 Y Teens shnp Tests 3 Dramatlcs Play 4 MARY JUNE SUNTKEN June 22 I935 Fusher lllInoIs General Course Glee Club I 2 Home Ec 2 3 4 SHIRLEY ELIZABETH Tl-IRONF November I I935 Puoneer Ohlo College Prep Latln League I French Club 3 Presudent 3 In ramura s eens Gee Club I 2 3 4 A Cappella aIr I 2 Sen Scholarshlp Test Dustrlct Scho Iorshlp Test I 2 DIstrIct Musxc Au tnons I 2 3 Junlor Play A A County Chorus nua Staff JLMNITA ELJLAH WAGNER February 8 I935 Commerclal Course Glee ul 4 A Capp nd I 3 4 Orches ra oJnty Chorus 4 G A A Bow Ing League I G rls Intro urals l 2 ets I H I Annual Staff LESTER WILDER February 8 l935 Toedo Ohno General Course I1 1 ll I Ill I-IOMER CLOYD SWANK September 9 I934 Detront Mlchugan Co ege Prep M Club I 2 Football I 2 3 4 Bos e a rac 2 Baseball 2 3 4 Intramurals I 2 Gee Club I 2 3 4 A Cappella I 2 3 4 Junnor Play 3 Dra a cs Play DOROTHY L TOM y I P ttsfard Mlch Commercual Course Glee Club G A A 234 lntramur GLENDA JEAN WELLING Decemner 9 l935 Ploneer Ohno COITTYTIGVCIOI Course G A A G r s lntramura s 2 e Club I 2 3 4 Bowlung Lea uc 2 Football Queen Attendant 2 BETTY LOU WISMAN December 26 l934 Montpelner OhIo Commercnal Course Glee Club 34 YTeensI234 Bowl Leaoue I2 Intramurals A rllll Im ZELMA ELEANOR SWARTZ September 3 I935 McComb Ohno General Course ROBERT TOM Morch 2 I934 PIttsfora Much General Course Comp Scholarshlp 3 Soul and Water Award 3 RONNIE WHETRO June 25 I 35 Kunkle Ohno General Course Baseball I 4 Basketball I 2 3 4 30 M UD Track 4 Vxce Presldent 4 Treasurer 3 Intramurals coach 2 3 4 JACK WISMAN y I Montpelrer OhIO Agruculture F A sketball F F arshuo 3 Sof ball 2 3 Parllornentary Proc oure 4 D5 9 Few f I 5 933 I ' 5 ' I 93 .-, ,I I f 55 srf 5A.F5A.I---5 UQ- I 'Q 5 5 I- -3-4, OT 5 . . 5 IQ - II I 2 - II 45 ' Q . . A. . - 2- - 5 ' - 5 GI CI -2-3-45 ppella I-2- - : - - - 2 I f 5 - - 1 I I' 5 L f J ' '5 I 5 , - ll 5 " " - - - I-2-3-45 Ba d l- - - 5 CI 5 . - - 5 3'4J r ' A I4 '- M j 5 5 H5 A. If Y. b ll I-2-3-45 T k I- -3-45 J V I ' I' ' F I 5 ' - - - 5 I 5 rn - . . - I 4 tI 3. , I ' Jul I95 935 , . I . 5 I 5 F. F, A. I-2-35 A pp ll 2-35 Re- 5 5 , 2-35 . . . - - 5 als I 5 5 5 5 t I I-25 Y-T I-35 I'2'3- - I-25 Grrls' lntrgmurglg I-2-3: Band I-2-3-45 Vlce President 45 5 - I Q I A i W I . ch -2-3-45 A. V. I- 5 Iar dl - 1 E 5 G. V , .5 5 An- , - 'II I 4 I I -9 cr -I I-2-3- 5 emo 3-4 ,--- 2 - BQ -2- - 5 I 3-4' I-25 I I ' I p GIQ 2-3- z - - - z Foot- c I , 5 5 5 Qf V - - 5 Q I ll I-2-3-45 -cI I 2-3-4 I f 5 I ' - 5 J - I m - 5 Y-Te r q F. A I I AP' I 935 5 5 Jul I4 935' ' 5 f 5 5 .F, .I-2-3-4 I5 B cl I-2-3-45 I D 25 5. 5 5 5 5 - Ing Ba . . A. 2-3-45 F. I- - -1 I A gln- ' ., ' 1, G F. A. Schol g'F. F. A. ' P I - A. . 2-3-45 F. I-I. A. 2. I ' '4f ffm jll I f' I :JI .IlfI1IIjzf'lI'wI .llfIII1Ilf1ztIIrI'rI.g ff .5 III 64 x: f': L yxqg N Yr -1 '-5' ,V-', Irf:cL"1 rf -' 1 Lfu . 1 1 .:l'N' 1 f- fl f-ff r 1 ' .'r1v JW Q, Q :if , I f , mv". W-Tv QA' wwf , ', Qlx, vm. rw LW 26 NU "QVC .u, 1 I r emo, 'W We the Senaor Class of l953 beang an sound mand and body wall and bequeath by means of thas last wall and testament all of our belongangs both personal and otherwise an the followang manner ITEM ONE To the classes left to carry on our great tradataons we bequeath the followang To the Junaors we wall rooms eaght and nane and the hall between To the Sophomores we wall our abalaty to get along wath teachers To the Freshmen we wall our abalaty to get our work done on tame To the Eaghth Grade we wall four years of fun and happiness ITEM TWO In apprecaataon for all that you have done for us we wall to our faculty and school personnel the followang Items To Mr Emans we wall pictures of our trap to New York and Washington To Mrs Greek we wall a mechanical man to do all of her office work Instead of the oncomang Senaor garls To Mr Dunlap we wall twenty ambataous students to work at all game concessaons To Mr Faben we wall an obedient publac speaking class To Mr Bowman we wall a new buzzer for the score board an the gym To Mr Doehrman we wall a portable gas station to take an the draver s traanang car To Mr Barcus we wall our sancere Interest an Goverment class for use an refereeang garl s antramurals To Chet Bable we wall Mr Doehrman to pack up paper an Study Hall To Mr Hollstean we wall a brand new tracycle It seems that these new Oldsmobales are too much to handle To Mr Karnes we wall a student radar set This wall aad you an fandang naughty lattle truants To Mrs Fasher we wall all the darty pots and pans used thas year an Home Ec To Mrs Walkin we wall twenty two new salent type wraters for the new desks Mr Chaney we wall a haar net to keep the sawdust out of has haar Mr Meador we wall eleven Vac Janowaczs Mass Long we wall two new salk scarfs and a new set of scatter pans Mr Whitaker we wall the Phalharmonac Sym phony Orchestra To Mr Howald we wall saxteen new teachers You wall probably need them after four years of us ITEM THREE We the graduates of 53 bequeath our talents and personal attributes an the following manner Hallas Boothman walls all has whacks an Hagh School back to Mr Meador Darrell Banks and Don lbbotson wall thear shop experience to Mr Meador h Jo Smath walls her nickname Lucy back to Yappa oopa Bernard Shepard walls all of has garlfraends to any one who needs a spare one Sharley Mack walls her abalaty to get to school on tame to Larry Vonalt Robert Tom walls has gualty look whale annocent to any underclassmen that qualify hoping they can control at better than he Lyle Rittenhouse walls has cool temper to Mr Barcus Ned Snyder walls has safe dravang to Frank Daetsch who needs at Homer Swank walls has lattle blue jeep to Mass Long so that she can drave herself to danner Lester Walder walls has abalaty to make garls swoon over ham to Jack Brallhart Max Halkert walls has place on the varsaty basket ball team to Bevo Sleesman Harlan Humbarger walls has Sue to no one Frank Maller walls a mank sport jacket to Mr Dunlop John Faser walls a paar of boxang gloves to Mr Barcus Dack Karnes walls has good tames an Goverment back to Mr Barcus Carol Stecovach walls her permanent wave to Roger Scott Dorothy Tom walls her abalaty to flart wath boys to Sarah Beams Can you use at Sarah? Beverly House walls her overwhelmang popularaty wath the garls of the Senaor Class to any Junaor garl who can take at Leroy Fenacle walls has curly haar to Roger Scott Dack Carr walls has small football shoes to Howard Sleesmara Juanata Wagner walls her seat an a certaan yellow Ford convertible to Jane Wallaams Max Laghtbody walls has place an the boaler room to Phyllas Morras Jack Wasman walls has safe dravang to Martan Bech tol who really needs at af he doesn t change has ways so he wall show up an the band Sharley Throne walls her abalaty to keep quaet once an a whale to Loas Cummans Ronnae Whetro walls has bashfulness to Wally Doehrman Ned Calvan walls has Hot Rod Studebaker to Deacon Dack Cook so he can use has abalaty to put at an passing gear on curves Eleanor Swartz walls her boasterous attitude to Carol Baker Betty Allman walls a new paar of hose to Mrs Fasher to replace the ones eaten by acad at Christmas tame Lola Bable walls her abalaty to control her temper to Mr Barcus an hopes that he wall use at an the future Larry Snyder walls has nackname Bubbles to Mr Meador Landa Baaley walls all her old ballfolds to Gerry Whatney Don t lose them Gerry Robert Mercer walls has abalaty to drave safe and slow to Duane Sumner Larry Bauer walls has good humor to Mr Meador Use at wasely Irene Chrastenson walls her comb brush and bobby pans to Nancy Clark Use them to the best of your ad vantage Nancy Larry Yagelska walls all has chewing gum to be chewed andcracked to the one and only Mary Lou Yoder Jam Chalders walls his luck at matching to Jam Altatfer Get after them Jam Judy Kinsey walls Sam The Lavatory Man back to Burt Blue That was a good one Burt l . I I ' : I . - . u I , , I ' . . . . . . I . I . ' ' ' ' I To Mrs. Haines we will a new and better whistle I Nathaniel Knepper wills his height to Richard Cook, To s . - - . . . ' To I . . . Q ' . . - . . To . . . I . . . . . - I . . . ,I ,, t To ' . . . . - 0 66 IV N LH .w r D drmur P Mor Ss KUH m M C www 1 :ML A rw wufcrrwfc if 41111 X. ffm Smrlcr HVX v Y , V U, CJ NON Mar Jam Vw W f f Mar TC v M J . , , V w 4 5 1 ww Y rw T L, A 1 TEM Mlvw mv P Dm! L Cm I w F f L Tx LVTTJ1 V N X. vw Mr, , Milf: 1' ww? V5-r 3' 'i fy 2 '- 4,-rw "1 Vglf TN M'zriz'rX- L-f1vQVT11" x-.M Trv nr-,.,f, L gmgtw r T sir ficr 'XC-ff VFU1- T 'A" . fqrrw' :Hi V'h.N1,,Vw'17 W f1p1"7"f'1:- ff N , Dv g Tyr-cr .nf Lv' 1' w uf. 7 '- xg.. Q' W N", Qin 'Www up rw- -.T .Jw g Tf'sV'i :,rf:,: -m.:, vii? 7 Kg. Emil Hg1r,,NL1 Ejr .-.H uw, - Mi dzr- CJ, ":'f T Wm , GSW MCC1C'NC'i' vvl "V " WWC- T thi? Fa1?wfj'. tn!! 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Belng an avld fan of fortune tellers I declded Earllyl one Day to call upon the Queen of the Crystal Ball who IS also my old classmate Mary McGIll I rang the doorbell and was ushered In by her chuef swarm ShIrley MIck We started to talk about old tImes and just for fun we decrded to look In upon the lIves of our old classmates Rubblng her crystal ball Wlfh the bullt ID radar tuner Madam Mary fIrst caught a gllmpse of Frank MIller the mIllIonaIre In hIs mInk llned Cadlllac drIven by Leroy Fenrcle who was recently elected Chauffeur of the Year lt seems that they were on the way to a football game whIch featured Larry Bauer the All Amer Ican drawback We now flashed over to the Snyder Hotel where a certaIn Larry was tellung a roomer Colleen Yarger ll be lIevel how Swank the hotel was In fact It s supposed to be the Best In town There were several other noted persons In the lobby IncludIng Marllyn Mansfleld edItor of Popular Mechamcs and her co edItor PhyllIs Stahl who also publlshes Charm And peeklng through the soapsuds on the wlndow was yes Glenda who IS al ways Wellrng to do clean up jobs We were very glad to dlSCOV6F that the Bergman and Banley CIYCUS was In town lt features Marlene the MIdget and LInda the lady sword swallower two of the splendId productIon IS Ned Calvln the champIon werght lIfter In a recent natlonal contest and Cora and Dora Turner famed SIamese twIns Funny we never notIced that In school' The barker at the gate was Lyle Rrtten house who also doubles as the fat man He was shoutung In a deep vorce and beatIng on a Tom Tom named for the brother and sIster dance team Suddenly the crystal ball became very cloudy lt was caused by a great confusIon down at the Wabash StatIon Mary explaIned that the new owners of the raIlraad James Chllders and Jnm Selkman were In town The entrre local chapter of the Volunteer Streetcleaners of Amernca were out to meet them VSA presIdent HIlllS Boothman was just presentlng them wrth the broom to the cIty when we looked In on the scene ThIs broom Incrdentally was recently patented by that great Inventor RIchard Carr We now peaked In upon Darrell Banks who llvrng up to hIs name IS presIdent of both the Farmers and Merchants and the Frrst NatIonal He was dIscussIng wIth hIs cashIer Betty Allman the problem of storjng all the money deposrted by Jo SmIth the famed geologIst l hear that she found an uranlum mlne wIth the aId of Nancy Perry who IS always valuable In rockey places Also makIng a deposlt was that well known lady farmer ShIrley Throne who knows better how to get moor out of less than anyone else In the county She lrves next to Bernard Shepard owner of Shepards Sheep and Dog Ranch Suddenly a loud clamor shattered the srlence lbut not the crystal ball thank goodness? lt was John Fuser havIng a Rouch WITH someone who also looked very famu lrar It was growmg WIlder by the mrnute There s no tell Ing w'Iat mrght have happened but just at that moment an od frIend Level Headed Llghtbody dropped In and settled the argument WIth hIm was another classmate Max HIlkert now represermng OhIo In the Senate He re cently dIstInguIshed hlmself by beIng elected the man wIth the most of the least of the best When the nolse had subsIded Senator HIlkert told of Beverly Hauses beautIful art exhIbIt In the Capltol When she graduated from college after twenty fIve years of study she was so versatlle that she flnally had to flIp a coln to declde her career Senator Hllkert also told them the news that Judy Krnsey was the newly appolnted Womens Commander of the Marrne Corps lt seems that she always dId have an Interest In the marInes And speaklng of the MarInes dress desrqner Mary McClelland just announced the ac ceptance of her desIgn for new unIforms BeIng of the conservatrve type she desIgned them of chartreuse bur lap wlth Brown trIm These umforms are currently beIng modeled by JanIce Mercer She IS occompanIed by MIllIe Thomas who also has been dorng some modelIng Untll recently she was employed by Nerland s Nylons Factory The crystal ball next revealed another scene that of a dIrectors meetlng at the Swartz factory The pres: dent Eleanor was addressIng the board when we looked In She was gettmg theIr reactIon to the proposal that they grve the hosprtal a donatIon whlch It so badly needs Jack Wlsman plant foreman polnted out the In effIcIency of the hosprtal He told of a recent Incorrect dIagnosIs by the head doctor Larry YageIskI who thought that pro football player Harlan Humbarger was sufferrng from malnutrItIon When the DIrectress of Nurses Juanlta Wagner found out It caused such a rIot that the County Sherlff and Dogcatcher Don Ib botson had to be called In ThIs frrqhtened one of the mental patlents Ronnre Whetro lThey dIscovered hlS Insanrty at a basketball game He was tryIng to mop up the floor where he had drrbbledl He led two nurses Betty Wrsman and Mary Suntken a merry chase down the hall The scene suddenly faded and we dont know If the Swartz factory gave a donatIon or not The next thIng we saw was Ned Snyder Broadway shoeshIne boy buyIng a tIcket to the stage play Call Me Madman starrIng Bob Mercer Ned stopped In the lobby to talk to the popcorn aIrl PhyllIs Wlsman They laughed together about the fact that Marva WhItney who recently Invented an Improved bug bomb has been rnakmg regular trIps to Coney Island even though the Knecht shuns are bad She has been tryrng to sell samples of her InventIon to Jacque Youse and Nat Knepper co owners of the feature attractron Youses Tramed Louses and Nat s Flea Cnrcus So for she hasn t met wrth much success After the show Ned Snyder went to Stecovlchs Dellcatessen where he bought lImburger and sauerkraut flllllpflllllllfl of Ihr' Tlmzipflzm lIa111lfnfIIn1II0 fum JIIIIX . I I C7 m . - , ' ' If - ' ' ' ' '. 1 H ' , ' , , . . . , A . l - I I - - . I I - 4 I I I ' f . . l . . - I F T ' ' ' -' . jf . j , ' - - I A I I , - . . I . . . ' I . V I I 1 ' f I . ', . . - I I ' - ' A I I . F ' ' I ' . I ' ' 1 I I I - . I best attractions in show buslness. Also featured In thIs . ' ' . . . ' ' I ' ' . I I I S - I , I . . . . . . . , I .I . II I, . . . - I , . I . I I . I - ' I ' , , . A 1' A S 1 I ' A . , I ' ' ' ' I I F . . Q I I I I I I , I - I II I I , . I , . ' ' ' ' ' , I I I I I I 1 I I - F ' , , . , I I - I . . . I . I . ' I ' , . I. I 1 I I . I I f I . C , j I 68 for the sandwiches that he loved so well Carol, while wrapping up the mixture told him that l-larriette Yogelski has a iob as bookkeeper to the Christenson St Kuhlman stock exchange on Wall Street who, incidentally, is doing a booming business. The greater share of the millions they make is being sent back to Dick McKarns at Mont- pelier. He uses it in the little mission that he conducts for homeless hoboes, bums, et Cetera who travel via the Wabash. This eyening at the mission there are to be two guest speakers. 1 The scene switches to the mission just as the two ladies, each with a Bible under her arm, enter, Dick introduces them as Betty l-licks and Barbara Beniamin, missionaries to Sayagia and Lower Slobboria. At this point the crystal ball blinked off so l turned to Madam Mary and said, "I always knew the Class of '53 would go tar." Then I left. Soorla 5 AMA x X offLCi7K1,L,A,,:ff4fS,., NAAJK ,Lax 71 2 In 'M 4' if ., ' V I' A V Z A. ,f y Q nur . E-if is H arlan Hu rrlkb-T89 , 8 Berhad SW 8 UST' iw z ? f V xc J Q Olin Baer' L .fit 9 QI EQ -Q Q 5 me 44 34 ,W 4231 ROW 4 I to r Harry Nenlonds Larry Marten Howard Sleesman Bernard Shepard John Fuser Scorch Harrnngton ROW 3 I to Larry Bauer Harlan Humbarger Ronnie Wnsman Burton Blue Gene Humbarger Dck Carr James Altaffer Bennue Beck Roger Shepard Jerry Van Mason Max Hnlkert Elmer Muller ROW 2 l To r Dean Shoup Richard Schaull Roger Scott TerryYouse Lewus Parker Rnchard Beck Anthony Ferrara Robert Bowen Dave Geren Larry Vonalf Wlllnam Ollver Charles Flucklnger ROW I I to Mike Page Duane Sumner Donald lbbotson Kenneth Crowe Lewus Hendrucks Ronnie Whetro Homer Swank Robert Sldle an Wm ROW 3 I to r Larry Summers Roger Mocherman Jerry Falco Jerry Ely Wxlllarn Freese Donald Beck Roger Hephner David Dreffer ROW 2 I To r Bob Benlarnxn John Zulch Terry Whetro John I-lumlzarger Dave Nenlands Rex Blue Jerry Teafs Norman Stay Vernon Merrufleld ROW I I to r Davld Wafsan Don Kemary Mlke Weldner Jerry Goellzen euchter Rodney Muller ffllllfllllfllllfl ny fun I Url Ihr funn: 73 ROW 4 Loyal Decker Lyle Rzttenhouse Lyle Sfarr Louis Parker V Il fn Olmer Roger Scott Harlan Humbarger RO N 3 Kenn tn Crowe Make Page Duck Carr Bernard Shepard G '1 Hambarger Larry Vonalf Antnont Ferrara Max Hnlkert ROVN 2 Rrchard Cook John Frser RlCl'WGfd McKarns Donald lbbo son Benlarnnn Beck Gerald r-larrnngfan Howard Slees rvan Jack Brrllharr ROW l Bllly Tamer Ned Calvnn Homer Swank Harry Nenlands Larrx Yagelskn Ronald Whefro Burton Blue Alan Benlarmn Ger d Mercer GOLF SQUAD STANDINL1 Dc-Inear Karnes Roger Shepard Kenneth Crowe Mr Korn s Ned Calvnn Mnkc Page RON I Walter Bama Rrchard Cook Jerrv Z lch Bull Ollv r m1 I1 1 nt S 1 Su l YJ' 5 A . - 8 f a ' ,, ul a. , I , I I, I V - Q' ' , , , X -N eh- , , , . A OE , ' W ' . L ' l 7 , , , u , e. Inf' - frl'llI'I'l 1.vYr1I1 11714, ,' VI 74 lww ff' W: .':, ,, lu, , x,',,-,,',,w' I joofda SCLJOII The l952 season began on August 20 wuth the usual fundamental and gruellung condutuonary drulls Coach Meador was new but he soon became acquaunted and was well luked by all Coach Strasbaugh who was al ready establushed as everybody s fruend was back only to be lost wuth much regret un the muddle of the season He was replaced by Mr Doehrmann who ably fulled hus shoes On September 5 we opened the season by goung to Defuance for the annual Round Robun We started out by defeatung Wauseon 6 O only to have the score re versed by a strong Napoleon eleven un the second round The next week the home eleven returned to Defuance wuth the hope of revengung last year s loss But unstead we proved to be the furst un lune to help Defuance to an undefeated untued season un league play Thus hard fought battle ended l8 6 Napoleon a very rough team at the beglnnung of the season d feated the Peluer men un one of those games that us easy for the Montpeluer fans to forget Napoleon led throughout and the funal score of 40 I9 put Peluer O 2 un the wun lost column Next week Luberty Center stull smartung from the beat ung they receuved last year managed to avenge them selves wuth a 24 l8 truumph The Locos playung one of theur better halves led at halftume l3 6 and ut looked luke ut was un the bag But the Tugers were not to be denued and came out fughtung and wunnung un the second ha The followung week the Locos travelled unto Muchugan to meet an undefeated Bedford Rural team Thus record remauned unblemushed as Peluer went down to a smash ung 25 6 defeat On October 8 the Peluerutes entered the gruduron de termuned to leave wuth theur furst wun but the green wave from Delta had other udeas Funal score Delta 26 Peluer l3 Wuth the record reodun O 5 the home forces were workung toward makung Bryan theur furst vuctum when the game was unfortunately postponed The next week how ever the Blue and Whute were not to be denued and Wauseon fell 45 6 Havung broken the uce the Locomotuves were gotng to be rough from here on out but agaun much to theur regret they ran up agaunst a stone wall at Swanton Funal score 27 O The w other was remaunung amazungly good when the Lccos wuth cool determunatuon avenged last season s I9 0 shutout by Hullsdale Thus hugh scorung game ended by the vuctoruous margun of 32 24 The tume had come once more to meet our arch ruval Bryan The Golden Bears had a better record than the home team but ut dudn t seem to help much The Bryan forces came over only to be beaten back tume after tume whule the Peluer men scored three tumes un the furst half The much surprused Bears who were actung more luke cubs came out fughtung the second half but were agaun held scoreless by the superb Peluer defense The funal score was a sweet l8 O Once agaun the football season had come to on end After a dusmal start the Locomotuves had won three of theur last four games guvung them a 3 6 record uden tucal to that of last year K I fi I X I in Q if X i U' if Fa 'K ff 4 44 42. 5, X10 -1 ROW 3 I to r Layal Decker Don Banks Anthony Ferrara Larry Mar fun Gene Humbarger Alan Benjamln Harlan Humbarger Manager ROW 2 Elmer Muller Manager Ho Beck Larry Vonalf Scorch Harrmg ton Bull Ollver Gerald Mercer Mana er ROW l Homer Swank Ronme Whe tro Larry Yagelskl Co Capt Max Hllkert CO Capt Harry Nellands John Fuser -'ww .. 5 i ' 'I I . I I . . - l W I , A- ward Sleesman, Burton Blue, Bennue I I I - I I I - g . i. , I - -I I - 'I- I - 'I I I l J 1 um! Hrwztzlzg Delta Edon West Umty Asrmley Brwcm Napoleon Luberty Center Wouseon Angola HlC145v1l16 Bryon Napoleon Defnonce Liberty Center Wouseon HtIIsdo1e TOURNEY Liberty Center 79 48 53 50 73 60 63 BASKETBALL SCORES I A 36-39 H 56-38 H 61-59 ' H 41-54 3 H 57-67 A 48-45 Defiance H 42-53 ' H 48-51 A 50-51 H 41-51 A 48-51 - A 44-62 H 41-67 . H - J A 48-72 H , A , 8 18 I EOUYHEQ , M t Harry N X P TO kMXHILf LAW 'i J Ale? Jkixixy QGYFY Yofvflehw X-Nwww JO L my I5 1 I I I . ! if- , 'hx' fr' 5 xv 'MW f ,z " 1 , , M Y wf ' MJ: fy My ' fi dfwij 1IIIIIIW .555 5 SP 1 I ,Q w aa, E , if-I-Y QRS x's,, is' f .5wMf'y fxgx f'j xMM,M MM, ei avv' Nm i M wwf! , V V ' -"'1 I Lx Q ,rf 7, 'Q , ,-1 k'XRi,,, 31 . ., , X x 4 ' 5 Q, xx . , xv4 Wfx ,Y wgl X K X 2 gg , Q 1, r v X E. Q 5 ' 5' 13 A v 5 2 'mf' be my 3? n ia id !- 1 5 7 V, Cy.: , Eg Q-W -QM . 15 Q NV "MX A 'ia-f......,, FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM ROW 2 I to r Bob Sldle Roger Chapplus Lynn Clark Gene Fnreovud Gerry Lelnlnger Duck Shaull Gary Klmmel ROW l John Beavers Manager Delmar Karnes Jerry Zulch Walter Bumb Roger Shepard Jon McDonald Har ad Stem n Manager JR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM ROW 3 to Jernmy Allen Rex Blue Dan Wulson John Humbarger Dave Fuggnns Davnd Watson ROW Jerry Goeltzenleuchter Roger Mocherman Bal y Freese Darwin Stennke Mackey Frltzunger Barry Lung ROW l Bully Dannlson Dennis Faunce Jerry Falco John Zu'ch Don Beck Bobby Benjamin Davud Dreffer 81 -T ' 'I 4 I - I I ' 1 4 I I ' I I I V 'Q 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 f D - l- I'-1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 l I 1 ' A 2 H I , , ' f , - I ' , ' , Ted Born, Rodney Muller, Thomas Fnsher. fff'ffffl1'1111A11.u III Zllrllll Pffrfln Slllrlm VARSITY CHEERLEADERS ROW 2 Q I. to r., Gerry Whit- ney, Pat Bechtol, Johanna House, Mary Sue Mocher- man. ROW I - I, to r., Harriette Yagelski, Sis Kuhlman. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS to R Sue Loghry Helen Van Sraen Pat Sfroble Iso bel Dlckson JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS t R Barbara Byall Cecelua Yagelsku Pat Ama den Gay Blosser l Ill Jlzmfnll rn 11011 htuz Holm Sulu 84 L I- , I I - L,o .- , , . f - I N f111 11 1 1111111 Hflf 18111 1,1111 11111 ll W' l Marva Whllney 2 Snlrley Rauch Irene Chnstenson 4 Duck McKarns Max Llghfbody 8- Lmda Barley 6 Nan Perry 7 Eleanor Swartz 8 Mary 9 Jacque Youse IO Sus Kulfvm Phyllis Wxsrnan 2 Larry Snyder Belly Wnsman I4 Marilyn Mansfnel Duc Carr I6 Juannfa Wa ner Carol Sfecovlch M a 611111 JI 11 11 1 1 III 11 1 A Q as Ng, 1 ' ' 5 . 'J if 'K' Q1 - "V L ' iq , 3' fi' ,Q s. + 'x l f N' E 5 , 4. f . 4 4 , . 5 . ' g 3. W ' Q . t 5 54 . , 5 . cy ' 7 A, I - I b C' ' f Gully , 5 . I ng ' ll. ' Q l . , 13. 4 ' 2 - dz l5. k Q . ' Q g 17. ,K ' . x I ju -II 21 l my S'f'1111111'l 87111111 If I ,llf LInda Baly Dck Carr Phyl Best 2 Larry Bauer Jo Srnnh vcrly House 4 Barbara Ben IamIn 5 Glenda Wel Ing John Fuser Phyllas Best Max HIIkerf ShIrIey Throne IO Ronnue Whe ro ll Cora Turner 12 Phyllls S hl I3 Homer Swank I I d r Thomas I5 Larry Yagel S I 16 Coleen Yar ger I7 Befty Allman :mf I nl j III IM I I. ' I , 3. ' , Be- I' , E 6. . 7. ' . 8. . 9. ' . I '. - Dora Turner. I . ' fa , 14. M ' e d IQ, - . I - fill Jllmr' I n ff ,' HIPIIII nl I x X ffx I Horrucffe Y geiskn Lyle Ru en house Sharley Muck Betty Hicks Judy Kmsey Horry Nellonds Ned Calvm H1IIls Booth mon 9 Marlene Berg TTNOD llflfllil 1.5 1 9 UIIIYIIIAJ K llllf 11151:-fA !X4'HIt'Illlgt'l'l.llI! X r,,... -A ffff I X 5-ligai Nfkfkj 14.4-Q., vkklbkg.. g.,sU Luka.. lv Q' Cz... gfvg, Lf- .XXA-o 92 ' 1 v ' ,- J 1 . v i Q x I 1 A 1

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