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fwilwhwfliqq Qfhffffx 1253 ffiire Vx.,-x 5 O 'ox K Q3 X f ALQFK u"'9' Ex L1bI1S THE 1957 MIRROR "ROBIE 84 KEN G0 Montour Joint High School Moon Run, Pennsylvania .... 6317 FQRWARD TOGETHER , y 1 FOREVVO RD Tlwf- mos? nvpovvcm' lvus lwcxppermcl nu our yi-ur ls we lomwu 5, uncl Ke-vwnedy Towmvwup co ops-ruvive Pflorl Wf- oclwieve cl dream long 4 Wlwwle ln our lovyw hurl lvcpes of vvcvlvmg Qclwool ,r- Wlwxclw wr- cos, llwe fulflllmenl of vlwws Alllwouglw we will weve' we sincerely wislw lor Hung Ulm? sclvool llms 4 Qolulvwsorv s Tlnouglw COD no +1 ivmed Us. grades we :1 VNQW lwigl' d slrive for czrnblllon, amend the The success new Mon1ourfJoim Hlglw School, 1 cmd fulillnwenl of V hopes and cmwblilons 0' clnssmen The lornmre of Rc Kennedy :S ons- ol fl- P dreams, ow under ,mmm and mfbsl mv porfgm? roles of Nm sC"Ool. In ll our syslem is mining cv qu-ssivff 51953 lorwqxrcl ,1 Warsl prc CONTENTS CONTENTS PAGE Title Page Dedication Administration Seniors Classes Activities Sports Good-by Acknowledgment Ads and Patrons 2 6 8 I8 48 66 84 100 101 102 2 3, as ,, fa Yak if if 'E 2 2, W 2 TW W?- J5 g W , I A-ff :ff MR. DAVID WILLIAMS Supervising Principal Although this is Mr. Williams' first year at Montour as supervising principal, he has done much to help the students and has proved his ability in handling all matters. He is well liked by everyone for he takes a spe- cial interest in all their problems and works with them as his own. Mr. Williams received his B.A. from West- minister and his M.Ecl. from the University of Pittsburgh. Before coming to Montour as supervising principal, he taught previously at Stowe Township and was the supervising principal of Kennedy Township Schools. He has taught history, economic government, and sociology. Along with working young people, Mr. Williams enjoys reading biographies and his- tory. He views education as a necessary step- ping stone to a successful future. Gur Co-Dedicates Mr. McCullough has been at Robinson for many years. He has held the position of su- pervising principal since l95l. Since the jointure, Mr. McCullough has assumed the position of associate supervising principal and has been doing a splendid iob working with Mr. Williams. Mr. McCullough received his Masters' Degree from Duquesne Univer- sity. Before becoming supervising principal, Mr. McCullough taught and coached at Rob- inson. During this time, Mr. McCullough has come to understand students and has shown every consideration to the student body. He is popular with both the student body and faculty. We the class of '57 wish to express our gratitude for his fine co-operation and we hope that our friendship will be a lasting one. We will endeavor to be fine students and citi- zens of tomorrow. MR. RAYMOND I.. McCUI.LOUGl'l Associate Supervising Principal FCJRVVARD TOGETHER I 12 C fi 6522 14W FACULTY I 4i ' lf ' A Q M332 1,1 '- g X -. .- 2 'av K Montour-Joint School Board Along with the iointure, a new and enlarged school board has been formed. The new school board now consists of eleven members. The new school board has introduced many progressive ideas. Through this joint-school board, we now can look 'Forward to an advancement of our educa- tional needs. The newly elected president of the board, Mr. Ralph J. Flesher, Jr., has done an excellent job in all his duties and deserves a fine round of applause for all his help in making ours an improved school. Working with Mr. Flesher are the new officers: Mr. Frank E. Karns, Vice President, Mr. Charles R. Puhlman, Secretary, and Mr. Evan Andrews, Treas- urer. The iointure of the two schools has given these men an opportunity to show their ability. They have set a high goal, and we are sure that they will work diligently to fulfill their aims. The improvement of the physical conditions of the present school property, as well as the plans for the construction of the new school buildings, are the two primary aims of the board. There have been a number of new additions to all the schools including new facilities for a cafeteria in the Grove- ton school, and improvement of lighting in the sen- ior high school. The new building is now in the final stages of planning, and the work on it should begin in the latter part of T957 or the beginning months of 1958. It has been reported that the building should be completed by 1959. The building is go- ing to be one of the best in the district with many exciting moclern facilities. The ioint school board has been working with the hope of achieving a school with the finest pro- gram of education that can be had. They have been striving to make our school one which we can be proud to have been associated. May these men continue in their eftorts to promote high stand- ards in our school system. With the aid of this new school board, we the Class of '57 predict a bright and promising future for all. Mr. David Williams Supervising Principal AJ Mr. Raymond McCullough Associate Supervising Principal Supervising Principals Mr. Williams has proven his ability in hand- ling his job in his first year here at Montour as Supervising Principal. He is the Executive Offi- cer of the Joint Board of Education and his main purpose is in dealing with faculty and financial situations. Mr. Williams has become a friend to every- one. He has welcomed us into his office when we have a serious problem. Your problem is his problem until he can find an answer. He has given us help, advice and encouragement. May he continually use his thoughtful ways and help the future seniors as he has Many wishes go to our new Supervising Principal. "Congratulations to you, the class of 1957. You have this year completed an important phase of your life-the successful completion of your high school education. May you be true to high principles of living and serve your fellow man in ways that will make your community better because of your having passed this way." As Associate Supervising Principal, Mr. McCullough has undertaken a new iob. Mr. McCullough acting as administration head deals with maintenance and school supply and over- sees the school cafeteria. Mr. McCullough has proven his ability in handling his iob. He is a man well liked by all the student body and faculty. A man we all can look up to is Mr. McCullough, without his help we could not have advanced as we have. We have appreciated his kindness, guidance, and untiring help in all of our projects. We, the class of '57, will not forget a man such as Mr. McCullough easily. We wish a bright and prosperous career for our Associate Super- vising Principal. "As a graduate it is your privilege and a high one indeed, to help instill in the youth of today the faith in God, home and country, the habit of healthful and worthwhile livingg and the ideals of righteous with which to meet and conquer the forces of evil and sin." Principals Who is the principal of Montour Joint High School? Mr. Harold R. Phelps bears that title, but not only is he our principal, but our friend, guider, and helpful instructor. Mr. Phelps received his B.A. Degree from Bethany College in West Virginia and his Mas- ter of Education from the University of Pitts- burgh. Mr. Phelps has taught in various schools, the latest of which was in the Stowe Township Schools. Mr. Phelps is a man we know as our friend, the man who has encouraged us and helped us in our last year at Montour High School. "To the Class of 1957 l express my sincere congratulations upon the completion of your high school careers. l wish for each member of the graduating class continued success and hap- piness. Our prayer is that you will do your best in all that you undertake. Hard work and per- severance will pay rich dividends in all that you undertake. May your lives be full of rich and rewarding experiences." Mr. Harold Phelps Principal Mr. Kearns was born in Carnegie and is now residing in Crafton, Pa. He attended Du- quesne University where he received his Bachelor of Education degree and his Master of Education degree. Since the iointure, Mr. Kearns holds the office of vice-principal and also directs the guid- ance program. Principal Phelps refers to Mr. Kearns as "my right hand and my left." Mr. Kearns is equally popular as an administrator and a counselor. Seniors will always remem- ber his helping hand. "An education should take man far along the road of the intellect. The requirements of a liberal education should be receptiveness to new ideas, freedom from prejudice, an ability to dis- tinguish btween reality and appearance, and a skepticism of what some critic has called "all patent medicines of the mind." As one who knows you well, my fervent wish is that you have gained such an education combined with a love of God, your country, and your fellow men." Mr. William Kearns Vice Principal Gloria Papst Having been secretary to the supervising principal for the last ten years Gloria Papst again returns to till her spot in our annual She has many important duties which she handles with ease and control With her eager ness to help and her thoughtfulness toward both the student body and faculty she has proven a great asset to our school We thank you for your help Hearty congratulations to the cla s of l957 To each and everyone of you My sincerest wishes for a successful and happy future Our Secretarles Lois Cercone became the school secretary after graduating from Robinson High School She has been a helping hand to all for the past two years Lois left us this year to go into a new career and has since been replaced by Ann Justice But we will continue to remember her thoughtful ways her affability and her service to our school Best of happiness in all your future years May all your troubles be small ones After graduating from Robinson High School in 1939 Barbara McGill attended Business Tram ing College Upon completion of her college studies she has been employed at various sec retarial positions including Civil Service This year she has been a great and to our school From the Class of 57 many thanks go to Barbara whcse help was greatly appreciated and held in high esteem Remember and live the Golden Rule l.o Cerccne Barbara MCG ll 1 f " ' s . - it O . I . . - . I - . . . I - t . . . , 1 1 , 1 ,, . . it if - if fi! an My t A F i X i i W I P ,Q S J -2 ' - I , is l 13 Faculty THOMAS A, BARRETT Mr. Barrett was born in Pitts- burgh and attended St. James High School. He has received his B.A. cnd M.A. degrees. Mr. Bar- rett teaches algebra, geometry, Latin, and trigonometry. MARY JANE BECK Mrs. Beck, our school librarian, was born in Pittsburgh and at- tended Langley High School. She received her B.A. degree from Ad- rian College. Her hobby is read- ing. GERTRUDE BUREK Born in Midland and attended Monaco High School. She received her B.A. degree at Mt. Mercy. She teaches practical math, algebra, and chemistry, She enioys sewing very much. THOMAS J. BIRKO Graduated from Coraopolis High School. He received his B.S. degree at Indiana University and, in 1955, received his M.E. degree from the University of Pittsburgh. He now teaches driver education here at Montour. GEORGE KASICH Hails from Smithfield, Pennsyl- vania and graduated from West Newton High School. He received his B.E. at State Teachers College, California, Pennsylvania, and also received his M.E, from the Univer- sity of Pittsburgh. He now teaches mathematics and geography here at Montour, DOROTHY CUMMINS Mrs. Cummins, our new Home Economics teacher, attended Home- stead High School and received her B.S. in Home Economics at Pennsylvania State University. Mrs. Cummins enioys bowling and football games in her spare time. FRANCIS V. KOSMACKI CAROLYN EDDY Born in Hughesville, Pennsyl- vania where she attended high school. She received her B.S, de- gree at Westminster College. Miss Eddy teaches vocal music. She en ioys collecting records. A graduate of St. Basils High School in Pittsburgh, Mr. Kosmacki received his B.S. and M.E. degrees from Duquesne University. He teaches English, literature, and geography. pf . V U1 C fd 1' DOLORES M. FRESA Mrs. Fresa attended New Castle High School in Pittsburgh. She re- ceived her B.S. degree at Pennsyl- vania State University. For the past four years, she has taught art in the iunior-senior high school. SIDNEY LEFF A native Pittsburgher, he ate tended Schenley High School. Mr. lei? received his B.S. and M.Ed. de- grees at the University of Pitts- burgh. He has taught commercial subiects for the past eight years ot Montour Faculty fff PAUL H, MAZEROV A native Pittsburgher in his second year here at Montour. He is a graduate of Taylor Allderdice High School and received his B.S. degree at the University of Pitts- burgh. ANNETTE KERR Miss Kerr received her B,A. de gree in English at the College of Wooster in Ohio. She has had a previous year of teaching in At- lanta, Georgia. This year she is teaching high school English here at Montour. She enjoys traveling, music, and attending classes at Pitt. VIRGINIA M. MORROW Hails from Pittsburgh and at- tended B. D. Oliver High School. Mrs. Morrow received her B.S. de- gree at Slippery Rock. She teaches physical education. She enioys reading and sewing in her spore time. JAMES McCUI.I.0UGH Graduated from Findley Town- ship Vocational High School and received his B.E. degree from Pennsylvania State University. He teaches agriculture and general science. He enioys fishing and hunting in his spare time. DAVID E. McROBERTS Hails from Pittsburgh where he attended Mt. Lebanon High School. Mr, McRoberts received his B.E. degree at California State Teachers College. At Montour he teaches industrial arts and social studies LILLIAN ROKOSKI A graduate of Robinson, she returned to her Alma Mater eleven years ago and has taught English since then. She received her B.S. degree at Slippery Rock College. JOSEPH C. PICCHI EDWARD J. SYNOWKA Mr. Synowko was born in McKees Rocks. He graduated from Fredonia High School and received his B.S. degree from Duquesne University and his M. E. degree from the University of Piltsburgh, He now teaches geography and general science here at Montour. PAUL K. WALK Attended the University of Pittsburgh where he received his A.B. in Education and where he is now working toward his Ph.D. in Psychology, He teaches social studies here at Montour. He en- joys golf, bridge, and fiction writ- ing, Faculty WILLIAM C. PETREDIS Mr. Petredis was born in Etna and now resides in Robinson Town- ship. He received his B.S. degree from Bucknell University and his Master of Education degree from the University of Pittsburgh. He enjoys golf in his spare time. MARILYN OBLEY Mrs. Obley graduated from Westminster College where she re- ceived her Bachelor of Business Administration degree. She was the President of the Business Hon- orary and the Rhogamma. She teaches shorthand and typing at Montour. ROBERT PHILLIPS A former Robinson student, Mr Phillips returned to his Alma Ma- ter to teach physical education and health, He received his B.S. de- gree at Slippery Rock College and his M.E, at Pitt. In his spare time he enjoys golfing and reading. A native Pittsburgher who at tended Schenley High School. He attended both Duquesne University and Carnegie Institute of Technol- ogy. He holds a bachelor's and a master's degree in music. He now teaches music here at Montour. ANTHONY W. RUSSO Went to Waynesburg High School. At Carthage College, he received his B.S. degree. Mr. Russo teaches biology and physical edu- cation. He enjoys photography in his spare time. JEREMIAH B. SULLIVAN For-'ner student at St. Vincent Prep of Latrobe, Pennsylvania. He received his B.S. degree at Du' quesne University. He now teaches literature and spelling at Montour. Qs' Everyone attending the Senior Christmas Party received a small gift from Santa Claus. The gifts depicted some characteristic point in the personality of the receiver. Here, Mr. Barrett has iust been given his. The two coaches, Mr. Russo and Mr. Phillips, may seem a bit wor- ried, but the look soon changed when the team came through with 0 victory. All the teachers seemed to have had cz good time at the Junior- Senior Banquet, l7 ,W i . Faculty Snaps , Loggi, Driver Education instructor, M' Thomas Birlco, gives two stu- dents advice on how ta handle a car. Montour received a new can this year from the Holland Chev- rolet in Carnegie, Pa The teachers all seem to be having a good time at the Senior Christmas Party, Pictured are Mr. Sidney Lett, Miss Gertrude Burik, Mrs. Dorothy Cummins, Mr. and Mrs. William C. Petredis, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Walk Fw gf' Qi FORWARD TOGETHER g f BT SENIORS If v Af 6 O N NMA f I f I The Class Cf Nineteen Fifty-Seven SECRETARY HELEN LEITNER "Helen" Academic TREASURER JOYCE AUGUSTINE "Joyce" Commercial William C. Pelredis Marilyn Obley PRESIDENT JAMES nAwsoN lljimll Academic VICE PRESIDENT ROBERT DouGLAs .,Dou9,, Academic We the Class of '57 wish Io Ihanlc you, Mr. Perredis and Mrs, Obley, far the po- tient guidance and symputhefic under! slanding that you have shown ID our class in our senior year at Montour. Our iernernbrances of Monfour will alwaya include bolli of you, The Class JOSEPH BOGATS UBOSYH Commercial DARLENE BURTON Howl, Commercial NANCY BUTYA "Nance" Commercial WILLIAM BUSSE HBUSH Academic 21 Of Nineteen JOSEPH BARLOW "Junior" Commercial ROSEMARIE BASL "Rosie" Vocational Commercial GERALDINE BURIK .,Genyi, Vocational Commercial ARTHUR BARTON HAH., Fifty - Seven JOSEPH CERCONE "Moo R Acad A' lI MARLENE CAMPBELL I I0a LLTSJQZCS' I W QW W2 A, 'I . 4- IW M557 .fyiiap Wffjffflf V . . X f 110 , BERNICE JQULO :cn M! ' "Bernie" t My X I Commercial I N . Lewis FARKASI If' III I Al! I J J. ff V1 Q, JEROME FINNELL "Jen Gene I MARGARE HARBISON P 9 I C I The Class Gi Nineteen Fifty-Seven RICHARD HAM Il H d F NC S KESICH F G I JAMES HAMILTON "Bubbles" Academic RUTH Hlll "Ruth" General The Class Gi Nineteen Fifty-Seven f7 V 1efff,,xMf1KQ I WQGQLJX PUMA wi, 5V lag- 'J li 1 'N C X L 7 7 fVVv ,E o JAMES HODGKISS f "H a " ' f o 96. X7 xxx A Academic 'af JOYCE KRALLY "Joyce" Commercial MARLENE MACCARONE ,.Ma',. Vocational Commercial EDWARD HYJEK "Eddie" Commercial JAMES ICKES Hkkn Academic RUTH McCORMICK "Ruth" Vocational Commercial LOU KING Hloui, Academic PATRICIA MUSCATI Hpatn Commerciui LORETTA NESBITT HB9 Be., Vocational Commercial GEORGE KROPF "George" The Class Of Nineteen Fifty-Seven RAYMOND LOMBARDI HRGYH Agriculture AUDREY NIEMAN llAudll Commercial DOREEN PADGLEK "Reenie" Commercial ROY MACEK "Toad" Agriculiu re 24 DOMINIC MANGIAMELLE Noam., Commercial BARBARA PETRIE "Bobs" Commercial KATHLEEN RAZPOTNIK HKUYH Commercial WILLIAM MORASKI ,,MormH Agriculture The Class Of Nineteen Fifty-Seven WESLEY MORGAN Hwesn Commercial PHYLLIS SCHAFER llphilll Academic FLORENCE SHAFFER IIFIOII Commercial GERALD ROGERS ,,Jen,y,, Academic WAYNE ROYCROFT "Wayne" Commercial ROBERT TERPACK l.-I-erp., Academic L :The Class Of Nineteen Fifty-Seven Yr 1,1 rx X bid RONALD VICTORELLI QW ILQOP IA5' Abell GN-U fV0Qf C7 A1 ol W uRonu General FRANK VIETMEIER uvieiyu Commercial RAYMOND WASILKO HRGYH Academic ROBERT WILDS uwindyu Agricullure ROY WILLIAMS HROYH Commercial JOSEPH YURKOVIC ,fYurkyH Academic The senior boys of the T957 class have organized a social or- ganization called "The Crowns. The club meets once a week, and the boys get together for a little lun. Othcers include Jerry Roger, Presidentp Wayne Roycroft, Vice Presidenty and James Dawson Sec- retary-Treasurer The boys have received much enjoyment f om this club. lst Row: J. lckes, R Wasillxo, l. Rogers 'Znd Row: E, Hyielc, L King, W. Roycroft, J Dawson, R Douglas, 27 Senior Snaps - J Experiments in chemistry some times prove to be unsuccessful, but this was one day when everything turned out satisfactorily. The sen' iors have had many exciting and interesting days which all odd up to u more complete knowledge of chemistry. Many of the students have found that chemistry has given them on understanding of the world they live in, by famil- iarizing them with the advanced ideas of the twentieth century. 5 Senior Honors Scholastlc Doreen Padglek Raymond Wasnlko BernlCe DeZUlOVICl't Jerry Rogers Kathleen Razpotnlk Audrey Nieman Helen Lentner ames Dawson Barbara Petrie Margaret Harbuson Football Raymond Wasulko Frank Vletmeler Wnllnam Morask: Lou Kung Domtnuc Manglamelle Wrlllam Busse Yearbook Edltors Sensor Sensor Sensor Sensor Studen Class Presuclent Class Vuce Presldent Class Secretary Class Treasurer t Council Presndent Basketball Baseball Raymond Wasllko Frank Vletmeler Frank Vletmeuer Robert Dougla Robert Douglas Raymond Wasllko Student Councll Recording Secretary Student Council Corresponding Secretary Key Club President Key Club Lneutenant Governor of Dnvusuon A Tr HI Y President Tr Hn Y Secretary F H A Vlce Presldent F H A Treasurer F H A Hnstorlan F F A Vlce Presldent F F A Secretary F F A Sentinel F T A President F T A Vlce President F T A Treasurer Varsity M Presudent Varsity M Secretary Montour Monntor Editor Montour Monutor Co Edutor Cheerleader Captam Cheerleader Co Captain Band Malorette Band Presudent Band Vlce President Band Secretary Chorus Presldent 28 James Dawson Robert Douglas Helen Leutner Joyce Augustine Raymond Wasulko Kathleen Razpotnnk Ruth McCormick Robert Douglas Raymond Wasllko Kathleen Razpotnuk Helen Leltner Doreen Padglek Darlene Burton Ruth McCormnck Robert Wllds Raymond Lombard: Wllllam Morasku Marlene Campbell Frances Kesuch Wllllam Busse Frank Vletmener Domlnnc Manguamelle Doreen Padglek Joyce Krally Kathleen Razpotnlk Joyce Krally Bernuce Dezulovnch Wulllam Busse Jerome Funnell Marlene Campbell Nancy Butya . ' r .. S 1 I- .- . , i- - . . ,, ,, . . . . ,, ,, . . . Class Page For The Class Ct '57 Class Colors Class Flower Pink and Black Carnation Alma Mater On the hills of Allegheny, When the evening twilight gathers, 'neath the western sky, And the shadows fall, Proudly stands our dear old high school, Linger long the golden sunbeams, On the hilltop high. On the western wall. Flag we love, black and gold, Flag we love, black and gold, Wave aloft for aye, Wave aloft for aye, May we all be leal and loyal, May we all be leal and loyal, To thy memory. To thy memory. Class Motto What we are is God's gift to us, what we become is our gift to God. """"-n..., 1, Q03 can S99 333 Q00 can O95 one 933 at 423432 Senior Problems of Democracy In this class we learn about the problems facing America and try to End some explana- tion to the world situations and occurrences that are happening in our modern world. Typing Il learning the fundamental routines of the business world go into the typing class where omce routine, practice, and transcrip- tion are mastered. Literature Enables us to appreciate and understand different types of literature while it stresses a needed vocabulary. Preparing us for col- lege is its most important purpose. 30 Schedule Trigonometry While taking this course, these boys are preparing themselves for a higher level of study. The course contains both trigonometry and solid geometry. Physical Education Gym class is not only cz class, but o pleasure to these girls. While enioying them- selves, they are also building healthier minds and bodies. Study Hall These fifty minutes give the seniors time to do any unfinished homework and pre- pares them for the studies of the next day. This needed period breaks up the schedule and allows time for extra school learning, 31 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Raymond Wasilko Doreen Padglelc The difference between failure and success is doing a thing nearly right and doing it exactly right. -Edward C. Simmons WITTIEST Robert Douglas Barbara Petrie Wit consists in assembling, and putting together with quickness, ideas in which can be found resem- blance and congruity, by which to make up pleas- ant pictures and agreeable visions in the fancy. -Locke Who's BEST DRESSED BEST DANCERS QUIETEST Joseph Barlow James lckes Joseph Yurkovic Kathleen Razpotnik Loretta Nesbitt Ruth Hill Always neat-never fastidious. Clothes Gracefulness has been defined to be the Stillness of person and steadiness of fea- are an important asset ta anyone's per- expression of the inward harmony of the tures are signal marks of good breeding. sonality. soul,-Hazlitt -Pascal ,r 'pi o gb xi' "if avr ly- M 1.4 Marlene Campbell Talenl IS the capacity of doing anyihing that depends on application and indusfry. -Hazlih MOST POPULAR Lou King Ruth McCormick True popularity is not the popularity which is followed after, but the popu- larity which follows after. -Lord Mansfield He en lelfner Frank Vietmeler O popular applause' What heart of man is proof against rhy sweef seductive charms' Cowper Joyce Augushne Box 335 Coraopohs Coraopolus Pa AMhers1 4 4293 p 20 46 73 Joseph Bar ow 4 School Street Moon Run BRown1ng 91970 32 Arihur Barton Box 400 R D 5 Peffsburgh 5 Pc: WAlnu1 2 1584 39 71 77 Rosemarle Basl R D 1 Anken Road McKees Rocks Pa BRown1ng 9 5433 21 73 Joseph Bogals 754 Davhngfon Road Carnegle Pa BRown1ng 6 4885 21 Geraldme Bunk 3 Dendron Road Coraopolls AMhe1s1 4 1137 21 39 4 4 Darlene Burton Beacon Road Moon Run Pa BRown1r1g 9 4771 W1ll1am Busse 41 Forest Grove Road Coraopolns Pa AMhers7 4 3'96 37 38 42 Nancy Butya Semor Index 55687278868898 0 R D 1 Beaver Grade Road Coraopolls Pa BRown1ng 9 3198 3 4 41 Marlene Campbell McKees Rocks Pa BRown1r1g 6 4098 p 22 33 as 9 Joseph Cercone Box 116 Moon Run Pa BRown1ng 91836 p 22 27 38 0 James Dawson McKees Rocks Pa BRown1r1g 91271 20 27 33 Berruce Dezulov1ch Box 40 Moon Run Pa BRown1ng 6 2590 22 33 37 74 78 100 42 43 46 68 69 79 100 42 46 68 69 100 7 79 81 O Roberl Douglas 91 Fares! Grove Road Coraopolls P AMl'16I'Sl4 4304 20 27 32 37 l.ew1s Farlca 339 Coraopohs Road Coraopoln P AMhers1 4 3352 22 37 79 Jerry Flflllell 1015 Charllels Avenue McKees Rocks Pa FEderal18116 22 33 68 79 James Hamllfon 47 Fares? Grove Road Coraopolls Pa AMhersV 4 3292 23 37 38 39 Rlchard Hammll 2 S1lver Lane Coraopohs P AMhe1s14 2437 22 79 Margaret Harblson Box 632 R D 5 Pltisburgh Pa BROWRIHQ 9 0797 2 2 4 7 Ru Hull Un1?3A Groveion P AMhers14 0709 3 32 7 James Hodgluss B x 305 R D 1 McKees Rocks Pa AMherst 4 0361 p 23 0 Edward Hylelc 15 Jeflferson Streer Coraopolls Pa FEderal 1 0283 p 23 27 37 39 O James lckes McKees Rocks Pa BRown1ng 9 0166 23 27 32 40 Frances Keslch 2301 Forest Grove Road Coraopolus Pa AMhersl 4 6490 22 82 Lou Kung 23 Suf1olkDr1ve Coraopolls P FEderal 1 9991 24 27 33 38 Joyce Krally Box 115 Planet Way Moon Run Pa BRownmg 9 1823 1 23 37 49 68 47 69 70 72 87 94 95 98 O 42 47 69 82 OO 78 OO 46 69 71 79 100 78 100 69 77 78 79 86 88 99 100 76 96 97 100 O ' Rd. I, . 11 U- p. , , ,100 1111- flf, 46, , , , , 1 , 1 ' S 'po' ':, a. pp. 21, ,100 PPA 1 1 ,100 pp, 21 ,,,, 100 PP- ffr' 100 pp. , ,-74,100 PP' ffff 40'4l' 1 1 f 1' 1 ', a. pp. ,100 pp' ' 1100 1 ', Pa. 1 . ' ' pp, I 'I 0, 17741100 pp. 2,4, 3, 1,74, ,1 th A ' , a. pp. 21,37,39,40,41,74,78,1OO PP' 21 1 11100 o , . . pp. 21 ,,,, 47 ,,,, 9, 2, , , ,1o P- 110 pp. 21, 7, 0, ,73, , , P1 1 1 1 141421 1 1 1 1 RD., 12.0.1 p. , , ,7 ,82,10O P111 1 , , ,42,43, , p- I V I 4 I 41' I I I I V I pp. , ,100 12.0.1 . 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' 1 - p. , 10 pp. 23, 33, 37, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 46, 68, 71, 74, 78, 1oo U b '. ' p. , ,1O p. , , , ,a ,8a,1 o , , Bo , . .1 . f ' pp. , , , 39, 55, 71, 72, 87, aa, o, 1, , , pu iw loo .. . le 9 1 9 PP- 1131371381551 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 pp. , 1,100 loo pp. , , ,39, 40, , .4:1, 1,10 pn ',0 p. , 10 p, V '10 pp. ,,,, , , ,100 P- 1 110 The tension built up as the king and queen for the evening are chosen. Here the guests focus their attention on Darlene Burton and Ed Hyiek as they are crowned king and queen for the evening. PROM COMMITTEE lst Row: J. Krally, R, McCormick, M. Harbison, B. Petrie, H. Leit- ner, Mr. Petredis, J. Augustine, D. Padglek, Mrs. Obley, B. Dezu- lavich, N, Butya. 2nd Row: W. Busse, J, Rogers, R. Victorelli, J. Cercone, R. Wil- liams, E. Hyiek, J, Bogats, L. Farkas, D. Burton, Senior Prom The Senior Prom was held on March 2, T957 at the Montour High School Gym. The gym was decorated in the theme of "Oriental Gardens" which was carried out in colors of red, blue, yellow, orange, and green. Lanterns and fans adorned the gym to give it an oriental effect. The music of "The Stardusters" floated throughout the gym and hall with a rhythmical tempo. The climax of the evening came with the crowning of the king and queen of the Prom. Sen- ior girls were given fans while the senior boys were given hats with numbers on them. The names were chosen at random by one of the guests. Dar- lene Burton and Edward Hyiek were chosen king and queen. Entertainment for the evening included a quartet of boys from the senior class singing "Mari- anne" Ruth McCormick also sang "Round and Round," backed by the quartet. From the comments of all those who attended, the Senior Prom is one which will long be remem- bered as an enjoyable and entertaining evening. The gym was decorated with bright-colored streamers, with mul- ti-colored lanterns, and gay fans. Here, the students and their guests QNX! dance to the delightful music of "The Stardustersf' The teachers who attended all seem to be having a good time as they are snapped by our photog- rapher. Some of the teachers who attended were Mr, Petredis, Miss Eddy, Miss Kerr, Mr, Kearns, Miss Burek, Mrs. Obley, Mr, Phelps, and Mrs. Beck. 36 PARTY COMMITTEE lst Raw: D, Burton, B. Dezulo vich, J. Krally, N. Butya, l. King, R. McCormick, D. Podg lelc 2nd Row: E. Hyielc, R, Douglas R. Wasillxo, L. Farkas, B Krally, J. Hamilton, J. Daw son, W, BussefSocial Chair man Senior Christmas Party Along with the greetings of "Merry Christ- mas" and "Happy New Year" we heard the seniors commenting on their annual Christmas Party. It was held on December 17 in the band room, and though it wasn't Christmas Eve, Santa appeared to conduct the exchange of gifts. The arrangements for the party were made by the social chairman, Bill Busse. The committee dec- orated the band room and erected a fireplace in the center of the room which gave everyone a peaceful Christmas feeling. It was near the brick fireplace that iolly Ol' St. Nick CRoy Macekl ap- peared with gifts for all. Following the exchange of gifts, the seniors and their guests danced to the music of tape re- cordings. As a highlight of the evening, Ruth McCormick sang a beautiful song which added to the festive mood. For all who attended, the Senior Christmas Party is one which will long be remembered. Santa Claus made his annual visit at the Christmas Party bringing with him many gifts for all who at- tended. His presence gave the party .he feeling of Christmas. Decorating the band room proved to be fun even though many hours of hard work were out into it. A fire- place in the center of the band room set off all the decorations and gave it J cozy effect Some of the Interesting snaps of the year Sensor Chrnstmas Party Sensor Prom and tlnally are pictured below Among the events of the the Junuor Sensor banquet All these events wall senior s last year are thelr class sponsored dance be remembered by the seniors as they look over football games the class play basketball games their yearbook Here the senior football play ers D Manglamelle W Busse R Wasllko W Moraslu F Vnetmeler pncture The outcome for the foot bull season showed five wnns and three losses Getting made up for class plays proved to be a real lb Many students helped Mrs Rokoskl apply makeup Makeup had to be applled to portray each lndlvndual character Thlrty mnnutes at lunch an the cafeteria proved to be the puck up needed for the students to corn plete .he day 38 . , . I R. Macek, and L. King 'pose for a 'o . Snaps Many snaps grace our annual showing more of the events of the year. Following the Senior Prom, there were approximately three months left for the seniors to gain last bits of knowledge and to be together with their class. The final social event of the class was the Junior Senior Banquet, planned by the iuniors in honor of the seniors, which proved to be another en ioyable afzfair. lui! After many strenuous weeks of practice, the play was finally ready for presentation, Both stu- dents and director felt the thrill of a job well done when the play proved a great success. Every student in office practice class gets an opportunity to work in the office to gain experience. Here, Art Barton and Ed Hyjek ful. fill their duties for a week. -L, ' The Senior Christmas Party was well organized and brought enioyment and pleasure to all who attended. A thrilling toss up, as Frank Vietmeier, center for our team, brought the ball into our posses- tion. 'Q' Senior Class Play HSPOOKS ALIVEI' Sponsor Professor Rockby . Martha Rockby Gennie Rockby Doug Rockby Bridget Rockby Knucklehead Knodson Marcel Smythe Mrs. Simpson Mrs. Albright Doctor Bradford Mr. Smythe Mrs. Smythe Jean Osborn Officer Higgins The Ghost James Hamilton Darlene Burton Ruth McCormick Jerry Rogers Loretta Nesbitt Wayne Roycroft Nancy Butya Gerry Burik Kathleen Razpotnik James Dawson Edward Hyiek Marlene Maccarone Helen Leitner Joseph Cercone James lckes The Senior Class Play, under the supervision of Mrs. Lillian Rokoski, presented a three act mystery comedy entitled "Spooks Alive" on Fri- day, November 16. The entire action of the play takes place in the warden's home, by an old abandoned prison. Mr. and Mrs. Rockby along with their son, daughters, and two friends, go there for the summer in order that Mr. Rockby might be able to write a book. Mrs. Simpson, the cook, sees a ghost come out of the hangman's tower. Bridget and Doug- las Rockby decide to play detective. Next, Gen- Mrs. Lillian Rokoski nie Rockby's girlfriend, Marcel, disappears. A search follows with Knucklehead Knodson lead- ing the laughs. They uncover the story of George Albright, who was hanged for murder, and whose ghost has returned to haunt the tower. Marcel's foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Smythe, are summoned. As it turns out, the ghost isn't supernatural, the missing girl is found, and a twenty-year-old murder is solved, Due to the excellent direction of Mrs. Lillian Rokoski, the play turned out to be a huge suc- cess. Dress rehearsal is the final chance to pull all ends together, The makeup committee Pat Mus- cati, Joyce Augustine, Flo Shaffer, Ruth Hill, and Frances Kesich, to- gether with Rose Basl, student di rector, did a fine iob in all their duties, fi Senior Class Play Snaps Of all the activities, the play proved to be one of the most enioyable for the seniors. Learn- ing the lines and fitting them in their proper place was the first task of the cast. Each indi- vidual did his best in the portrayal of the char- acter. At last the night of dress rehearsal came, and makeup was applied to fit each character's personality. The make-up committee learned if W '11-.-v many new techniques in applying stage make- up. The final test came the night of the play when everything had to be perfect. The cast got the usual case of iitters that always comes before the big performance. But the play turned out to be one of the smoothest ever pre- sented here at Montour. ' ""'---..,- Knucklehead Knod- son catches Mrs. Simpson after she sees the ghost of Mr. A l b r i g h t . S h e screams, runs, and jumps into his arms. 15 During the search for her husband George, Mrs. Al- bright collapses when she realizes she has failed once ITTOVC. 41 Seniofs-Junior Class Play "REST ASSURED" Mr. Morlock is a grouchy, old man who does not like anything but money. His daugh- ter Mary, wants to marry Joe Lanconi. Mr. Mor- lock protests the marriage because he thinks Joe doesn't have enough money to take care of his daughter. Mr. Morlock and Joe's father, Luigi, get into a fight about the wedding and Luigi dies from a heart attack. Luigi comes back and haunts Mr. Morlock till he can't eat or sleep. Finally, Mr. Morlock takes too many sleeping Sponsor Mr. William L. Kearns 9 pills and dies, but no one seems to miss him. He wishes he could have another chance to atone for all those foolish mistakes when suddenly Mildred, the maid awakens him. He realizes that it was all a dream and is overjoyed. He then makes vast promises to his family and peace reigns again in the Morlock household. We wish to express our thanks to Mr. Kearns for his fine direction of the Senior-Junior Class Play. Mr. Morlock Mrs. Morlock Mary Jessica Mildred Joe Lanconi Luigi Lanconi Martha Lucifer Miss Akers George Plew Mrs. Schmaltz Dr. Brown Mr. Black Jake Mrs. Frinck Jerry Rogers Ruth McCormick Phyllis Schafer Loretta Nesbitt Kay Razpotnik Joe Spik Jim lckes Helen Leitner Joe Cercone Bernice Dezulovich Jim Hamilton Peg Harbison Jim Dawson Bill Busse Ed Hyiek Marlene Maccarone Left to right: Joe Cercone, William Busse, Peg Harbisan, Koth'ecn Razpcinik, Loretta Nesbitt, Jim Ickes, Ruth McCormick, Jerry Rogers, Phyllis Schafer, Joe Spik, Bernice Dezulovigh, Jim Hamilton, Ed Hyjek, Marlene Maccarone, Jim Dawscn, Helen Leitner. ww - J 'Nu lfev L, X Here we see a picture of Mrs. Rokoski, expertly applying makeup to one cf the play cast. She did a very fine job in teaching the makeup crew helpful hints about the art of applying makeup. 43 . 17 EJ :'f,f'7f', 5, 2 5, fe 3 i sl TY 129' 4 r 1 mf ' 9 ff ,g f? i-7, fix Q 5 :fifth XR . We , 'f 'gs' L '71ka.-.-2,"x. an Luigi and Mr. Morlack have their quarrel. Soon after, Luigi, an old man, 9 dies of a heart attack because of all the exertion put forth in his fight with Mor- lock. A hilarious spot arrival of Lucifer and from the regions, have come to take them, ff in the play was the Mrs. Smaltz. They're down below" and Morlock back with Senior Favorites Along with the administration and faculty, part in making our last year at Montour enioy- the people pictured below helped to make our able. A vote of thanks go to these people who school days as pleasant as possible. They in- will long be remembered by the seniors for their clude the head custodian, lady cop, patrol squad, kindness, loyalty, and dependability. dietitian, and school nurse. Each has done his g new -2 f X vm. 'A lt'-'vsgffz' ters if Ejeif Head Custodian Mr. Tom Slanina A senior favorite for a long time, Tom is always seen with a smile on his face and a hearty ioke to tell. He has been with us ever since we can remember. ladycop Mrs. Kelly Mrs. Kelly, our ladycop, as she is seen on duty every day. She has been with us for the past two years and should be commended for the fine work that she has done. Patrol Squad These boys have been depend- able in all their duties to the school. Their advisor Mr. Paul Mazerov, has helped them to become a very helpful asset to the school. A vote of thanks goes to these boys who have guided us to and from school. Dietitian Mrs. Dorothy Davies The school dietitian, Mrs. Davies can be seen every day in the school cafeteria. She greets us with a pleasant smile as she serves hat lunches. School Nurse Mrs. Dolores Phillips Our school nurse, Mrs. Phillips, has been here for the past five years. We are honored to have such a reliable and amiable per- son in our school. 44 Cafeteria Workers left to right: Mrs. Rodgers, Mrs. Skwarcha, Mrs. Midili, Mrs Wagner, and Mrs, Gibson. They have prepared many excellent meals. Janitors left to right: Steve Lesko, How- ard Eitenmiller, Albert Kanuch. and Tom Slanina. They have taken care ot the school and grounds well. Bus Drivers Left to right: Mr. Lesko, Mr. Macek, Mr. Fitzpatrick, Mr. Zim- mer, Mr. Glass, Mr. Scott, and Mr. Petrilina. They have transported the students to and from school safely and promptly. Cafeteria Helpers left to right: Mrs. Vevers, Mrs. Taxacher, Mrs. Mura, Mrs. Langer, Mrs. Wise, Mrs. Schwalm, and Mrs. Dixon. 7 s 6 SENIOR FAVORITES Pictured above are the cafeteria workers, who have taken care of the school and grounds the volunteers, the ianitors, and the Each of them has clone his iob well. We wish to thank the cafeteria the fine lunches prepared every day bus drivers. so well, and the bus drivers for their depend- ability that sometimes dismayed the students. workers for All of these people have been exceptionally kind the ianitors to the seniors. 45 Above is our Master of Ceremonies Robert Douglas humorously entertaining the guests at the banquet His antics kept the guests in a continued uproar throughout the dinner The class of 57 decided to change the policy of the previous Junior classes and held its ban quet and dance separately. On May 3, T956 the Banquet sponsored by the Juniors and honoring the Seniors, was held at the Union United Pres- byterian Church Hall in Gayly, Pa. The guests enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner while the Mas- ter of Ceremonies, Robert Douglas, told many humorous jokes and kept his audience in con- tinued laughter. He introduced the presidents of both classes who made inspiring speeches. Standing: Wayne Roycrott, Joseph Cer cone, Joyce Augustine, Phyllis Schafer, Edward Hyiek, James Dawson. Seated: Kathleen Razpotnik, Ruth McCor mick, Helen Leitner, Bernice Dezula vich and dyllf' Following this there were many entertaining guests A routine and a solo were among the performance The dance was held on May ll T956 at the Sherwyn Hotel in Pittsburgh Pa The delightful music of the Gay Lads Band was enloyed by all Following the dance, the students attended the All-Night Party held by the Robinson Town- ship Jaycees at the Greater Pittsburgh Roller Rink. The class of '57 wishes to thank all those who contributed to the success of their Junior- Senior Banquet and dance. We hope that the Senior and Junior classes will always remember this affair. K Ft - 5 we .qs , K2 it '1 t - it-aff. .' X , . lt T 46 f' 'K L -..-- M Y 512553: Q t I 'Q' JS-Q J -A.. 4'-4 M , '14 v 'QT 5 N, 'S 3 pf' The end of the school year is not only o time of enioyment, but a time of reverence. Here we see Reverend Ruschf haupt, of the Union United Presbyterian Church, rendering grace at the Junior- Senior Banquet. As you can see, the music ofthe Gay Lads was enjoyed by all who attended. The selections played by the band set the tempo for on evening of pleasure and relaxation. J unior-Senior Banquet The site of the Junior-Senior Banquet was the Union United Presbyterian Church Hall in Gayly, Po. The hall was decor! oted to the theme of 'Stairway to the Stars." 47 LL. FCRVVARD TOGETHER f gg? W UNDERCLASSMEN fff4Wj c Q -A X' ,TJ f Xi Xefjgx Q? QQ f fi? LQ! Juniors Secretary Harriet Weller Treasurer Frances Brammer President Richard Marks Vice President Jerry Snyder ef' The iunior advisors, Mr. Paul Walk and Mr, Thomas Barrett, have given much of their time and energy to help the class plan and carry out its many eleventh grade proiects at Mantour. Their kind- ness and ability have given the students reason to look upon thern as honest and sincere leaders. The Class of '57 extends its appreciation to these two able teachers. 50 a v r O '4 I I 5 l 1 U , l 15 1 'l uf ,ll 4 Q1 1ors ff? E l if V N alfzer Andrascik M' ,ll J I Bar 'ra Babinger A V I, eorge Bane 'I ,ffl Ann Buzza ew" V if , M' 1, Ye Vflflf' l Mf , U 'lj' Marsha Campbell Don Brenneman Edivh Clark , y Loui en I1 M W nl , 0. if l,3,MfjC WW' We ,Wl'lJ' DQ aff? U, + rr awson Nancy Denninger "7 flfkl :ff 4' rl f ,--x' , 1 f 4 , r I' l 'fl 'ffl K1 l E71 nis Dorsek ' ly I George Dobler A ,, f f 7 l Carol Drexler I ff- L- , wauanm Duvall 4 ,X if V all ,QW , i JZ x . , Iii I ,iff ff' J ffl ,Vit I I, l K sf J .1 ,N 1 J r QW . gf of W' T611 ff Uv Ivy ' ' l f 9 f A- -V-.ha 1 Pafriclr Fleming ju June Fenio ' Larry Fortney Jean Goaziou Dolores Haudeshell Stacy Gibson Jackie Jenkins Blair Glass fm EMA? xl K., I Q i 43 931 N, . 42 , John Gregor Kay Kelley George Hrivnak lulcx Moe King Mory Ann Krclly James Irvine Gloria Leitner Steve Kcnuch "v-4' George Severns Charlotte Schuch James Uranker Brenda Sutherland Judith Taylor John Uranker Eleanor Zcmbeck JXP Carl Van Huse J if . nf lf KX l ' L, , y jtgonald White f Richard White rv g V Roger White V1 1 Joseph Wilbik 'lu . af lt-le Thomas Williams Phillip Wright William Zimmer Gladys Blatecky 53 Juniors Richard Olszewski Roselia Placelc Roger Pogozelski Delilah Porter Betty Reno Robert Rhodes Kathleen Riddle Gerald Roney American History seems to have some humorous moments to it. Here, we see one of the iun- iors giving a report that arnuses the class very much. The Class Cf 58 Throughout the annual we endeavor to capture the varrous clubs and classes In their everyday natural moments and brrng them to lrfe on our snap pages Here we see the luruors nn these rncrclents which we speak about We Find them at thelr studies and at lunch tame as they while away their lersure time laughing and enloyrng themselves as they remrnrsce In these pages we try to get as many of the students un as possible In order to provide the utmost on loyment for the entrre student body Due to circumstances beyond our control two prominent members of the rumor class have been omrtted from the group pictures So to you John Koller and Donald Theus we extend our deepest apologres for the oversrght and endeav or to make amends by representrng you lrterall - The lunlors get together wrth Mr Russo for a few mrnutes t lunch tame They are probably remrnlscrng about thenr good old brology days f' I N I Mu., W..-R K 9 . . . Y' l ll , :lit- 0 x . , . ' -, f ' 'sz Q . ' Q l l l -A S W rl te' t. .. Q A . V f lt . ' 1 Y ' . lf lr' . ' I 5 X I 'Z " ai gg X or 1 3 tv 0 l 3- ,. A X xy E 54 Junior Snaps The Junior Class has been busy with vari- ous activities. All of the members turned out to work on the class play and helped it to be a grand success. Alcng with the play, two of the most important activities were the Junior-Senior Banquet and Dance which were held separately. The Junior Class has shown exceptional spirit in all of its activities, and this has made the past school year an outstanding one. Mrs Cummins may seem puz as she watches her cass work lndustrlously but her efforts are rewarded when she sees the anal results The Junior boys who loaned the football squad this past year p oved t be a g eat help to h The Junior girls have also been enthusiastic about entering into competittve games They have sho Nn outstanding ability in pay ing volleyball and basketball dur In their gym 55 zled I r 1' c 1 t e Montour team's success X . .. . I n g ' clas: 9-9 OFFICERS D. Schczvoli, President C. Marks, Secreioryp J, Butler, Treasurer, W Kriger, Vice Presidenf W Sophomores A 4 S as ?. Gertrude Burek Paul Mcxzerov Annette Kerr ,. , ,.. ,. - ,-.. 'Ist Row: J. Dupin, B, Woolleft, C. Marks, C, Dolence, A. Carlin, S. Von Dine, H, Marion, P. Blum- ling 2nd Row: J. Herbert, B. Terpock, L. Norcxd, J. Vcm Grirnbergen R. Fisher, A. Marcheffi, C. Rom- sey, J. Isocics, H. White, ' 56 Isl Row: J, Liskowslxi, A, Gallan L. Sella, R. Leia, J, Butler, J Sadauslxas, C, Oleior, P. Green, B. Burke, M. Mikula 2nd Row: F. Bialowas, L. Fry, K Midili, J. Pelrovic, A, Elliof, J Marshall, M, Whigham, K. Per- emba, M. Yoder, B. Miller, T. Canlwell, R. Phillips. 3rd Row: T. Steele, R. Macelc, D Schavolt, J. Welsh, A. Carlin, H Youngworlh, R. Piero, B. KuTza- viich, J. Revfai, R. Mngiamelle, B. Kriger, K. Woolleff, lst Row: J. Stock, L. Campbell, J Harbison, K. Herbert, J. Placek, K. Bufya, M. Kendra, L. Duffy P. Magee, D, Rowe. 2nd Row: M. Campbell, P. Male hews, J. Fadeley, C. Forfi, B Holmes, N. Grecco, G. Farkas, S. Clements, C. French, E. Yake. 3rd Row: E. Wesley, R. Leifner, W Magee, A. Nagy, M. Banos, R Phillips, W. Parkison, T. Mays J. Lavrich, R. Sarslield, R. Gfifi filh, R, Hcrnichak, T, Terrabasso. Sophomores 'T 57 OFFICERS P. Kocolc, President: M. Owod, Vice President, P. Meyer, Secretory, R. Bur! ron, Treasurer 9th Grade I Q. is .- We ie A 'Q 'E Q Lillian Rokoski Jcnmes McCullough Vlfglnlfl Morrow ls! Row: K. Wright, M. Kwcxlik,J,Tl'1omp son, J. Cosprone, C. Cercone, E, Ko zuk, D. Schorr, M. Owcd, P. Fortney F. Moroski, L. Hupp 2nd Row: J, Arnold, J. Kcxnuclw, R. Klein C. Pearce, A. Svoner, J. Longman, F Ellison, N. Gurin, P. Sevick, C. Sem ercxd, B. Burik, J, Bobinger, R, Lorenz: E. Evons 3rd Row: B. Burton, J. Sokoc, K. Head ley, B. Olivcmi, C. Junqfleisch, F. Hen ay, R. Vicforelli, S. Vesta, R, Wytch erly, T. Ervin, B. Cczstlevever J. Reno 58 'Znd Row: K. Burionek, R. Barton, W 3rd Row: A, Scatif, W. Pinnazzi, D ,Q if lst Row: G. Mikula, J. Mikula, B Baker, J. Allen, M, Goylarcli, J. Pre niczky, E. Davis, H. Stone, P. Koller K. Mochnick, J. White 2nd Row: R. Puhlman, D. Winning, J Glass, B. Wolfe, P. Phillips, L. Reed C. Patterson, J. Minech, G. Palm, J Kobeda, J. Baxo, J, Yencik. 3rd Row: S, Wise, J. Simpson, J. Vee vers, W. Chew, J. Dorsek, R. Cefalo C, Elliot, C. Mercher, C. Mason, W shall, J. Severns. Freshmen The freshmen class of Montour consists of approximately llo students. Being ambitious and energetic in all your activities, you have proven yourselves to be outstanding and reliable students, Many new activities and junior high sports are introduced to you. When your class sponsors a dance, a bake sale, or a tag day, your new ideas sweep through the school with enthusiasm. With the football games, dances, club activi- ties, and homework, your freshman year flies by, tomorrow you'll be sophomores. The work will continue, but you will be able to look forward to the coming events such as: the numerous dances, the iunior-senior banquet, the senior prom and then finally graduation. The future is not far OFF. After three more years of working and struggling for your goals, each of you will start your life anew. As we leave Montour, it is our hope that each of you will do your share in working for the success of your class, your school, and yourself. lst Row: R. McDonald, S, Zarvis, L. Ayres, M. Masco, C. Langer, P. Ko cak, L. Drexler, M, Higgins, P, Mey er, L. Benchoff, C. Barlow, N. Phil lips, L. Bogats. McCready, Ron McNavish, J. Person, B. Beveridge, O. Lewis, K. Uftlemen J. Gierl, R. Fenio, J. Snyder, R. Con Iey, R. Coulter Dawson, C. Petrovic, D. Green, W Dolence, R. Gregorich, D. Yanish, J Reagan, J. Petrovic, C. Dolence, J Malarky, J. Brogley, R, Crummy, L Polny, R. Marek 59 Hughes, J. Karns, D, Hill, R. Mar- u-fl' I ll f 'x Carolyn Eddy Jeremiah Sullivan Dolores Fresa ls! Row: S. Boker, C. Cowlwer, E, Knouse B. Brocxdlwurst, L. Briggs, M. Bondi, N Dolincxr, J. Plocek, B. Muzur, M McKean, S. Magee, R. Brogley, 2nd Row: D. DuVoll, H. Fry, P, Mcugy, P Boice, D. Reed, S, Huemmricln, D, Rup reclwi, V, Holmes, C. lrvine, G. Trussel R. Nicoleffi, S, Dezulovich, G. Douglas 3rd Row: J. Phillips, T. Kcxrobinos, E McClory, R. Biulowos, R. Higgins, D Hill, C. Jeffries, T. Farkas, R, Kolling D. Coin, J. Gordon, B. Uffelmcn, J Dupin, L. Koczmcxrelc. 60 lsr Row: D. Williams, N. George P. While, S. Wise, S. Urda, E Almasy, P. Wesley, N. Zombeclr M. Graff, R. Terpaclr, D. Wright B, Drexler. 2nd Row: J, Rudlosky, A. Wilbik J. Semerad, M. Blumling, M Kouche, M. Reagan, M. Sokufch D, Haffner, M. McArdle, B. Sev erns, R. landa, W, Scidauslxas R, McAllis1er, 3rd Row: D, Melynchek, H. Uran lcer, D. Macek, J, Reno, G. Mor ris, D. Roush, K. Kropf, J. Kush ner, N. Kushner, K. Ramsey, A Almasy, D. Morford. lst Row: M. Ahern, C. Sfack, C Masley, J. Schafer, B. Saclaukas P. Rinebold, M. Yoke, C. DuMon tier, L. Briggs, M. Selizer, R. Sev erns, T. Thompson. 2nd Row: J. McGuire, W. Pintar J. Sfuude, P. Wolfe, B. Silver B. Zimmer, M. Martin, R. Love J. Nadick, N. Dorsek, P. Mines Yrella, R. Peremba, M. Marks. 3rd Row: T. Barefoot, R. Williams R. Hamer, J, Millanfz, H. Jenkins T. Snyder, J. Fadely, G. Cant- well, M. Sarsfield, A. Warner R. Andrasick, W. Dugan, R. Car- SOD. X 7th Grade ,L Edward Synowka I6 I , Q 26. I , P I , 1 1, gr 1 if .ri I I yr , Y r... ' ,. J 1? V -r .,,,, a gv.::'g3!Q3'f X 'tif ti ri I X ' 5, ff 1 .1 . X l' I Francis Kcsmacki George Kqgich 1 sis' 9, X , . , ,QQ D . Xb .XX OFFICERS O. Grimth, Treasurer, F Bruni, President, L. Porter, Vice President, B. Davis, Secretory -'uv 5 Ist Row: N. Caryll, B. Isaacs, J. Yan ish, D. Farrell, S. Barefoot, G Davison, S. Scofi, L. Caliguire, A Kocak 2nd Row: R. Coulter, L. McCar1an, B Davis, R. Petrie, M. Sclnwalm, B Kobeda, B. Mason, J. Parkison O. Griftitlw, J. Fleming, D. Pintar J. Wovchko 3rd Row: B. McGuire, K. Van Dine D. Seymour, B. Williams, B. Butt M. Winter, B. Brown, D. Cerar, R Taylor, F. Zombeck. 2nd Row: V. Butya, E. Hack, J. Opeka Howe, V. Masco, D. Headley, l.. Por Ellis. 2nd Row: W. McEwen, C. DiCicca, K Marshall, F, Bruni, C. Herman, Verner, J. Person, J. Karns, K ler, F. Vaupel, E. Garzoch. 3rd Row: W. Tessaro, R. H Kral, J. Silver, D. McCl gh, J Bishop, R. Whiteford, . owe, J Morris, J. Schonbec , . Reno, A leitner. J Xbv Us 'frrtltilfi WWW F rwr 0 W,,..4v 7th Gr de . 'Lflq jd V The seventh grade will soon complete its first year of high school life. Your years of preparation in elementary school have led you to the door of Montour Junior High School. Your eagerness mounted as you climbed the steps and walked swiftly down the corridor. As you were assigned homerooms, you re- alized that this was the threshold to a new and different experience. Upperclassmen became particularly helpful in all phases of your school life. lt's been quite a while since that first bell rang. Your activities have widened amazingly. st Row: H. Fisher, R Dlugosz, P George, C. Barton, B. Spilc, J. Smith P. Sappo, G. Skiba, F. White. W. Victorelli, S. Moore, S. Cefalo, P, Madalinsky, W. Pisarski, J. Klein P. Pieto, J. Van Dine rd Row' R Szareilro l. Fusco, S Nesbitt, R. Metz, S. Davis, B. Ries D, Maier, F. Merscher, E. Murphy, D UlcCarton. You have started playing football and baseball, joined in with the booming pace of the pep meet- ings, and supported all activities. Yes, you-the 7th graders, are the "begin- ners." Not only has your knowledge advanced, but also your privileges. The days have gone by quickly, but each and everyone of you will re- member the thrill you experienced when you first came into the junior high. Under the leadership of your sponsors, Francis Kosmacki, George Kasich, and Edward Synowka, you will have reached a milestone in your school career. EU, lst Row: F. Scaletto, K. Thornbury, L ter, R. Campbell, M. Horbison, R i 'Ist Row: R. Speer, R. DiCicco, V. Cuccarease, G. Taylor, M. Speer, D. Boyle, T. Wickline, K. Carlyle. 2nd Row: M. Roriscn, D. Hill, D. Linner, S. Tomkovich, C. Findlay, C. Agner, B. Dluhos, V. Pravlo- chak, K. McCaulay, B. Randazzo, J. Curley, Y. Schmidt, Mr, Robert Miller. 3rd Row: D. Mixter, B. Sonavec, W. Walker, B. Schell, R. Mays, V. Tomkovich, J. Healey, P. Dowds, R. Dietl, E. Muha, E. Mikula. Kennedy Sth Grade As you go "Forward Together," you as 8th graders will have an opportunity to display your abilities. As Ken and Robie join hands and go down the road, you too, are joining hands with Robinson and are going "Forward Together." This will be a new experience and a difterent school life from the one you have known. You will come to know many new students and classmates. Your annual project, that of selling seeds, turned out to be a huge success. Many happy moments will be remembered when you tell about your eighth grade experiences. Your various art programs and your participation in the choral groups will be among the outstanding occasions in your memories. Other exciting memories in the eighth grade include the patrol boys bake sale and the sports activities. lst Row: D. Osman, T, Nolan, D Lusky, K. Haines, D. Ullery, R Miller, R. Weatherbee, J. Char- Ietta, C. Rearick, P. Dawso. 2nd Row: J. Leslie, J. Wilson, S Pukonic, W. Figa, T. Gallick, Fogarty, D. Vattimo, M. Waiert S. Brashear, B. Strilka, J. Legato M. Christiansen 3rd Row: M. Hattrnan, D. Dysert M. Kuzinski, C. McCague, P. Coc- coli, S. Schubert, S. Nemec, K Samborski, G. Spirak, R. Flesher 64 As you leave eighth grade, you will soon become part of the senior high and will come to know your classmates from Robinson. High school life will be a change from the years you have spent thus far. ln the coming years you will be expected to be able to accept responsibility and to get a iob done once it has been assigned to you. In high school, you are expected to do much more work and to handle various proiects. You will realize, even though you have much more work to do, that you will gain satisfaction out of doing important things. Many more activities and friends will be added to your schedule. We, the seniors, hope that you will use your God-given abilities and become the outstanding students which we know you can be. n Row V Ze inslxy Graff st Row W DeForest Pune Evans R Weatherbee J Certo Monte Carlo R Rizzo R Huges Somrners M Kairyo Walker C Donahue A Dluhos M Slovlck B Henry B Recktenwald B Muskani H Laslu J McEven Miss Marie Terbot er Ros Tancosh D Sobota G Mixter R. Johnson J Volsko J Lauderbaugh. Kennedy 7th Grade This is the first year that the seventh grade of Kennedy Township has appeared in a year- book Because of the Iointure, the junior high students of Kennedy have become part of the combined school system Our hope is to join the students of Kennedy and Robinson Township into one unit as Montour students. We welcome these new students whose help will be an aid in im- proving our school. Beginning your ninth year in school, you will become part of the senior high and come to know your fellow students and future graduating class. When you have acquired your new school : . , J. ' , D. f - , . f C- , . ' , . , J. d 1 . l' , F. , J. 3rd Row: A. Dorsky, E. Burtel, J. No' sal, F. Kling , L. Lind, J. e, H. l building, you will have an even greater chance to display your abilities. With the new build- ing, there will be many modern facilities which will be an aid to a fuller education. This is the main object in the building of the new school. Opportunities will be plentiful, your duty is to use them successfully. We know, from the co- operation you have shown in all your various projects, that you will be a fine class and will continue to work energetically. Many happy wishes go to you from the senior class. Good Luck! lst Row: H. Herd, R. Sfnaborski, J. Pecori, M. Book, J. McNally, F. Yar- osz, L. Paczan, J. Pankiewiz. 2nd Row: D, Hartner, R. Brethauer, C. McCague, R. Schley, C. Schiebert, B. Malis, J. Williams, P. Healey, C. Paczan, J. Tate, B. Bishop, Miss Ellen lurzai, 3rd Row: A. Mixter, R, Herny, D. Funkhouser, l.. Bittner, E. Fischer, V. Yeager, R. Skowron, M. Kinsey, J. Snyder, C, Leydig, G. Julins, M. Mor- ris, P. Kinsey. 65 FORWARD TOGETHER fQf3LfQ:x if X ZX ff 72 X ACTIVITIES 7 wf Q l.l'w Nu' 'V Z., - . I .T f wg f- W If: E -f f ' IIII WEN!! w I ,- X V ,NVE-A f X N' fix X SJ Ir SK Ng 4-X527 f 0 1 7 MI I V, 1 Student Council left to right: Richard Marks, Vice Presi- dent, Jerry Snyder, Treasurer, Ray Wa- silko, Lieutenant Governor of Division 4g Bill DuVall, Secretary, and Bob Douglas, President, The Key Club The Montour Key Club, organized in 'l952, was formed for the purpose of aiding the stu- dent body, the school, and the community. The Key Club is under the guidance of its advisor, Mr. Anthony Russo. The sponsoring body of the club is the Kiwanis Club of Carnegie. Some of the services which the club renders are: improving school grounds, providing neces- sities for the needy persons in the community, providing refreshments for both the home and visiting athletic teams, and providing equipment for the school. This year as one of its projects, the Key Club presented a citizenship award to the most deserving boy of the senior class. We are sure that a club such as this will con- tinue to work together and bring honor to the name of Montour. 'lst Row Don Brenneman lerry Dawson Richard Marks Lou King Ray Wasillco Jerry Snyder Bob Douglas and Stacy Glb S071 2nd Row James Dante Richard Mangiamelle William Kruger Ed Hyielc Joe Cercone William Kutzavitch James Dawson Jerry Rogers James Hamilton and Bill DuVall ADVISOR Mr. Paul Walk, advisor, has been a valuable asset to our yearbook. The yearbook staff wishes to ahank him for all he has done to make our yearbook one of which we can be proud. C0-EDITORS Robert Douglas and Raymond Wasilko, T me The 1957 Montour Mirror The Montour Mirror stat? was confronted with plenty of problems at the start of the school year. Most of the staff members were inexperi- enced, there were unprecedented budget prob- lems, and ditticulties were caused by conflicting schedules. Necessary changes and valuable ad- ditions were added to the staff and, despite dit- ficulties, it developed into a smooth-working Here, Don Brenneman, our make-up editor, who deals with the cutting and assembling of pages, gives Jerry Snyder, sports editor, the exact number of words for football copy. 70 competent stafT that met every publication dead- line and financial challenge. The staff was divided into two functioning units-the business division and the publishing division. Each statT member deserved special credit for his or her whole-hearted cooperation and hard work. The staff wishes to thank all the student body for their help. Helen Leitner, literary editorp Ruth Hili, subscription eclitorg and Ruth McCormick, art editorg work to create new ideas for the yearbook Staff Here our typists Pat Nock, Pat Muscati Loretta Nesbitt, and Peggy Harbison are busily engaged with some copy. They have given their full co-operation through' out the year Our bookkeeper and treasurer, Art Bar- ton: business manager, Frank Vietrneierp and photo editor, Ed Hyiekp constantly consult each other and check the progress of the yearbook 71 INS OFFICERS Richard Marks, Treasurer, Stacy Gibson, Vice President, Frank Viet- meier, President, Carl Van Hose, Sergeant-at-Arms, Dominic Mangi- amelle, Secretary. ez- Sponsor VGISITY The Varsity-"M", previously Varsity-"R", was organized in l946. In order to be a mem- ber, a boy must have earned a letter in one of the school's sports. The main purpose of the club is to promote good sportsmanship and good conduct in all Montour's athletic programs. In past years, the Varsity-"M" club mem- bers undertook the task of raising money to buy the senior athletes iackets as a remembrance of their fellow teammates, and their participation in sports. By holding social activities, money is raised to develop a treasury which is used to buy the jackets. As their activity this year, the boys held a dance on January 25. r i J' ff ' . ,f .Lf - 1 Y, if ' M 4 ., ,. wa y:- W Mr. Thomas Birko Mr. Thomas Birko, the club advisor, has encouraged the members throughout the year. He was always willing to offer his assistance when the boys needed it most. Since its begin- ning in 1946, the Varsity-"M" has become one of the most successful clubs of the school. Ist Row: L. King, F. Vietmeier, W. Busse, W. Moraski, R. Wasilko, R. Douglas, D. Mangiamelle. 2nd Row: W. Kriger, R. Mangiamelle, S. Gibson, C, Van Huse, J. Snyder, R, Marks, W, Kutzavitch, T, Williams. vi - Q, OFFICERS Barbara Babinger, Chaplain, Kathleen Raz- potnik, President, Mrs. Rokoski, Advisor, Frances Brammer, Vice President, Ann Buua, Treasurer, Helen Leitner, Secretary. Tri - Hi -Y lst Row: R. Mays, M. Krally, J. Petanowiclc R. Basl, J. Augustine, B. Dezulovich, K Razpatnilc, N. Butya, J. Krally, F. Shaffer P. Nock, J. Placek. 2nd Row: J. Petrovic, A. Elliott, M, Whigham J. Marshall, 8. Burke, A. Carlin, K. Her bert, J. Dupin, B. Olivani, B. Woollett, B Terpaclc, S. Clements, P. Campbell. 3rd Row: P. Dorsek, G. Leitner, C. Schuch, S McCready, E. Clark, L. King, B. Reno, H Marion, P. Henry, D, Marion, C. Oleiar, N Milcula. 'lst Row: P. Blumling, J. Harbison, P. Green J. Butler, M. Yoder, N. Denninger, F. Brammer, J, Davies, C. Marks, N. Grecco, C. French, J. Lislcowski. 2nd Row: D. Rowe, E. Yake, C. Forti, K. Per- emba, M. Magee, K. Butya, L. Sella, D. Mentzer, M. Kendra, G. Farkas. 3rd Row: J. Sadauslcas, R. Leia, L. Higgins, C. Drexler, R. Placelc, B. Babinger, M. Campbell, J. Garin, B. Holmes, J. Isaacs, D. Haudeshell. 73 lst Row: J. Garin D. Haudeshell P. Harbison, B Petrie, R, Basl N, Butya, ,I CGTOFIE, 2n:! Row: D. Bur ton, C, Drexlcr M. Campbell D. Padglek, D Marion, R. Mc Cori-nick, Mrs Cummins. The Future Homemakers of America The Future Homemakers of America has a membership of forty-four girls from the fresh- men, sophomore, iunior, cmd senior classes. The girls join together in order to learn new techniques and methods of homemaking. Their knowledge will be used to provide better and happier homes and improved living in America's future. The F. H. A. is active not only in our school, but in communities throughout the country and state as well. As proof of this, representatives were sent to the Moon Township meeting where one of our girls was elected as a regional officer, while four representatives were also sent to the state meeting at Penn State. As its activity for the year, the club held a dance in March and also attended a 'field trip at the H. J. Heinz plant where they received ideas and helpful hints about homemaking. The success and honor which the F. H. A. has brought to our school is acknowledged with high regard to the new advisor, Mrs. Dorothy Cum- mins, whose excellent leadership is deeply ap- preciated. Through her guidance, the club has become one of the finest groups Montour has ever had. May she continue in all her efforts. Left to right: D. Marion, Reporter, C. Drexler, Secretary, M. Campbell, Presi- dent, Mrs. Cummins, Advisor, D. Padg- lek, Vice President, D. Burton, Treasurer, R. McCormick, Historian. Burik, M. Mac- T. Mays, Treasurerg R. Lombardi, Secre- tary, R. Wilds, Vice President, Mr. McCullough, Advisor, G. Bane, Presi- dentp W. Moraslmi, Sentinel. V43 The Future Farmers of America The Future Farmers of America is an organi- zaticn of boys from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes who are interested in studying vo- cational agriculture. The F.F.A. not only pre- pares the boys to become scientific farmers, but also prepares them to become better citizens. ln order to receive a diploma, the boys work on proiects throughout the year and must have them completed in order to receive a diploma. The boys do various jobs for the school including the construction and erection of the scenery for the class plays. During the year they successfully held their dance. They also went to the Farm Show in Har- risburg where they saw many farm exhibits. A trip to the North Side Packing House, where they saw many animal exhibits, proved to be most in- teresting to all who attended. Their motto, "Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve," typifies their way of doing things and has been exercised throughout the year by the members as they carried out their activities. The boys have worked hard and, with their advisor, Mr. James McCullough, have made their club a successful organization. In the future, the continuance of these deeds will be useful to their community. 'lst Row: T. Mays, A, Terabasso, W. Mor- aski, R. Lombardi, C. Van Huse, R. Wilds, E Love. 2nd Row: A. Nagy, H. Youngworth, R. Ols- zewslci, W, Zimmer, G. Bane, R, Fisher 7.1 Seated: J. Krally, D. Padglek. lst Row: G. Blatecky, A. Carlin, R. Placek, C, Mochnick, D. Winning. l V7 2nd Row: J. Roney, B, Krally, Mr. Left, B. Glass Montour Monitor The Montour Monitor is the new name for the former Newsbee. This ioint junior-senior high school publication has been under the spone sorship of Mr. Sidney Left, instructor in business education, for the past eight years. During this time it has become one of the district's rnost out- standing school papers. Last spring the paper was entered in com- petition in the annual Penn State College Jour- OFFICERS Doreen Padglek Editor Mr. Left Advisor Joyce Krally Co-Editor 76 nalism Contest. The result has long been known -it was judged to be the best all-around school paper in the mimeographed class. A plaque was awarded the group as a result of its fine work. As one ot its prciects, the group held its an- nual dance in May honoring the senior boy and girl voted as contributing the rnost to the welfare ot the school. Service The Service Club held its annual project on Thursday, December 6. It was a film entitled "My Pal Gus," starring Richard Widmark. At- tendance was so great that the group raised enough money to pay for the Hlm rental, buy Christmas presents and hold a Christmas party, and also give out the sum of 5100 to some dee serving commercial student at the Honors As- sembly in May. OFFICERS Jerry Roney President Mr. Left Advisor Blair Glass Vice President Club The organization, a truly charitable one, has performed many services for students, teach- ers, civic groups, and the P. T. A. this year. The work includes typewriting, stenciling, mimeo- graphing, and assembling of papers and pro' gram booklets. The Commercial Service Club has been under the active sponsorship of Mr. Sidney Lett for the past six years. Seated: J. Roney, B. Glass. Standing: R. Muzur, G- Blctecky. Mr, Left, advisor, A, Carlin, R. Placelx, A. Barton. 77 I SENIOR HIGH CHORUS Officers: Left to Right: N. Denninger, Sec- retary, J. Butler, Vice President, Miss Eddy, Advisor, R. Pieto, Treasurerp Absent, N. Butya, President. 'lst Row: M. Krally, R. Mays, P. Blumling, J. Placek, N. Butya, P. Harbison, R. McCormick, B. Holmes, C. French, N. Grecco, D. Burton. J. Liskowski, B. Reno, P. Henry, D. Marion, F. Shatter, K. Peremba, L. 3rd Row: J. Marshall, K. Butya, J. Petro- Denninger, P. Magee, D. Padglek, J. Dupin, K. Herbert. White, R. Mazur, L. King, J. lckes. The Chorus 2nd Row: M. Yoder, J. Butler, C. Olejar, Sella, A. Carlin, P, Green, J. Harbison. vic, R. Leja, M. Whigham, A. Elliot, N. 4th Row: R. Phillips, R. Pieto, B. Glass, R. Sarsfield, G. Severns, W. DuValI, D. The senior and junior high choruses are groups under the direction of Miss Carolyn Eddy. The groups have participated in many activities during the school year, the most outstanding being the choral concert. Before Christmas, the groups went on their annual carol sing through- out the township. In addition to the Mixed Chorus, Girls' Triple Trios were formed from both the senior high and junior high groups. These triple trios have per- formed numerous times throughout the year. The Senior High Chorus purchased robes in the early months of 1957. At the Spring Choral Concert in April, these robes were worn for their JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS Officers: Left to Right: J. Severns, Presi- dent, T. Snyder, Treasurer, Miss Eddy Advisory G. Cantwell, Vice President, P. Rinebold, Secretary. Ist Row: C. Mosley, B. Sadauskas, P. Rinebold, M. Ahern, L. Briggs, B. Sil- ver, R. Severns, C. DuMomtier, R. Rea- gan, J. Kobeda, J. Minech. 2nd Row: G. Davison, D. Farrell, T. Cali- guiri, A. Kocak, J. Parlcison, M. Gay- lardi, J. Mikula, J. White,, K. Mach- nick, D. Winning, L. Reed. 3rd Row: P. Koller, J. Baxa, J, Wovchko, D, Pintar, B. Dugan, B. Carson, M. Sarsfield, J. Staude, W. Davis, T. Mi- kula, G. Palm. 4th Row: P. Minestrella, R, Peremba, G Cantwell, M. Marks, H. Jenkins, R. Cefalo, T. Snyder, C. Merscher, J. Sev- erns, R. Hamer, T. Barefoot. 78 first public appearance. In January, two of the Senior High Chorus members represented our school at the Senior High District Chorus Festival. This year, the Junior High Chorus became a part of the regular school curriculum as a com- pletely organized group. Ofticers elected include the following: James Severns, President, Gary Cantwell, Vice President, Pricella Rinebold, Sec- retary, and Tom Snyder, Treasurer. The Senior Class of Montour High School takes pride in the chorus of '57 and thanks all its members for many hours of pleasure and enjoy- ment. Due to Miss Eddy's continued efforts, the chorus has become outstanding. ' 1 if Mr. Joseph Picchi takes his bow for a job well done. The concert con- tained many new and interesting selections. . A -1 V-5. l Concert and Band Each spring the band presents their annual concert. This year the theme was "New and Better Music." "Si! Trocadero" was the featured novelty ofthe evening. The main numbers were "Light Cavalry Overture," "Hollywood Seren- ade," "The Westerners Overture," and "The Scotch Folk Suite." The concert also included new publication of two marches, "Thunder West" and "P.M.E. A. March." As usual there were SENIOR BAND MEMBERS Kneeling: B. Dezulovich. ls' Row: R, Hammil, B. Petrie, M. Campbell, J. Finnel 2nd Row: L. Farkas, W. Busfe, J. Cerccne. 3rd Row: R. Victcrelli, L. King, E. Hyjelx, J. Rogers. 79 solos with band accompaniment, one of which was, "Under Paris Skies." The Spring Concert was a great accomplish- ment for the band-it was their night. Mr. Picchi used his talents to extract the talents of the mem- bers and accomplished the task with great es- teem. The Spring Concert has been regarded as one of the school's highlights. 1501 ' T.. , -F 1 - -sf Q ,.4.,sfaf ,... '-f' 'i ,- ' , - qv- - ,r.,'Y.., ku, .4-if 31,2 ' Band lt's half time! Now the Montour Band, dressed in black uniforms trimmed in gold, marches down the center of the football field. With one quick glance to the sidelines, one can see the band director, Mr. Joseph Picchi, as he watches the band carry out his instructions. The preparations for these shows began last summer at band camp and continued until the night of the show. ln August the buses transported the band members to the Denora Lions Camp at Rockwood in Somerset County. The band practiced many long hours, but of course it wasn't all work. The band members managed to have nightly dances and time for swimming and badminton. The camp was sponsored by the Band Parents and each student was charged a minimum fee. From all the comments about the camp it will be wholeheartedly supported in the future. One night stands foremost in the memory of these band members. It rained the night of the Music Festival, and yet as it rained the Montour Band remembered the old tradition, "The show must go on!" The band upheld this tradition and performed their routines, thus proving the spirit of the band. At the close of the football season, the band turns its attention to concert music. Every day, seventh period, if one has passed the band room, strains of concert music would have reached your ears. The band is fast and steadily increasing. Mr. Picchi has reported that French horns, trom- boniums, oboes, bassoons, alto clarinets and basses will be added to the list of instruments, Just as any other hard working organiza- tion, the band has held special night rehearsals each Monday evening. So as the band workea on their half time routines and rehearsed for the concert, there were also plenty of opportunities for fun and excitement. Yes, we the students of Montour take great pride in our school band! Montour High School Mojorettes 1 A 1 Y A J! J, BAND MAJORETTE Bernice Dezulovich HEAD MAJORETTE Judy Peionowick Cenferz J. Petanowick. ls' Row: H. Weller, B. Olivoni, A Buzzc, C. Cercone, P. Kccok, R Leia. 2nd Row: J. Porsons, B. Sutherland B. Dezulovich, C. Forti, N, Phillips J. Sodcuslxos Left to right: F. Kesich, Vice Presi- dent, M. Campbell, President, Miss Burelc, Advisor, J Taylor, Librarian, W. Busse, Treasurer. Absent: D. Porter, Secretary. , 0 N F. T. A. The Future Teachers of America is in its second year at Montour and shows great pros- pects. There are already 23 members in the club. The constitution was presented to the Stu- dent Council and accepted this past November. The club was established with the purpose of in- teresting the youth in the teaching profession. The purpose of the club is "to learn about the teaching profession, its opportunities, respon- sibilities and its important role in democracy." Two of the clubs most important activities for this year were sponsoring a bake sale and oresenting a movie. Another interesting event included a visit by the officers of our club to Stowe Township to attend their initiation cere- monies. The F. T. A. also invited the F. T. A. Club from another school and entertained them with a special program which featured a movie on the teaching profession, discussion, and refresh- ments. At the Honors Assembly this year, the sen- ior members of the club were presented with their omcial club pins. Under the guidance of its sponsor, Miss Gertrude Burek, the F. T. A. is fast becoming a very prominent organization. lst Row: P. Schafer, P. Pierce, P Green, J. Butler, K, Herbert, J Marshall, M. Campbell, D. Por ter, G. Leitner, J. Taylor, J. Jen kins. 2nd Row: W. Busse, G. Severns, J Wilbik, J. Hcniilton, D. Brenne man, J, Dawson, W. DuVall, L Cowen, L. Masco, E. Melone. F Kesich 82 OFFICERS Left to right: Mrs. James Silver, Secretaryg Mrs. James Dawson, Treasurerg Mr. John J. Ahern, Vice Presidentp Mrs. Garheld Griftlths, President Robinson Township P. T. A. Pictured are Mrs. Garheld Griffiths, Mrs. Albert Carlin, and Mrs. Eddie A. Mock os they conduct the home room count. The P. T. A, has been a very active group and have contributed much to our school. The parents and teachers of the students conduct one of their regular meetings at the school They have shown an active interest in all school unuirs. 83 FORWARD TOGETHER g I SPORTS 'Will RAY WASILKO Football Basketball ml! ,owl 4,' ' 1' 'W frm JW , JyV 0 llll l SENIOR Toms ALL STARS BILL BUSSE Football DOM MANGIAMELLE Football .ov--mp' - -' "' ,,..,a?4 BOB DOUGLAS Baseball BILL MORASKI Football FRANK VIETMEIER Football Basketball Baseball Q.-Nl ..,, Q... U s Football 9 , . . .,.. 3 Q .. J M546 wtf 9 .ABM .. 'Q' . H 4- . Q31 11 41 Q., Q-pw-2 MQ 'lst Row: R. Mangiamelle, Moraski, Vietmeier, D. Mangiamelle, Busse, Macek, Wasilko, Van Huse. 2nd Row: wilbik, Pieta, Reagan, Elliott, Snyder, Kutzavich, Koller, Kriger, Williams. 3rd Row: Severns, Schavolt, Midili, Phillips, Carlin, Dante, Krally, Mazur, Macelc, Love. X N . KN5 I 3 , 'Y 1 , s -1 , ix E:-sl .,.:.,,- Z A: "-2. ct ...,,1 ff VA--' ,.-Vl 1 P wg xl N 'i' i 3 54 " X' FX Q f' g 3 El Head couch Robert Phillips Q 'R Qi XJ av s Coach Phillips, in his third year as head football mentor enjoyed a successful season. Having only six returning lettermen, Coach Phillips built the '56 edition of the varsity squad from a group of green, but willing boys. The Ramblers won their first two games of the season, but then lost three in succession. The Ramblers recovered from these losses in es- timable fashion taking the last three encounters with considerable ease. With the departure of only six senior lettermen, Coach Phillips believes that he can build a very successful team around the eleven who are returning. Best wishes are expressed to Coach Phillips, and his able assistants, Anthony Russo, and Thomas Birko, for their untiring patience and perseverance in bringing us winning football teams. B8 Football Flashes MONTOUR vs WEST ALLEGHENY Montour started off the 1956 football sea son wuth a bang when Ruch Manguamelle ran the openung kuckoff back 90 yards for a touchdown The Ramblers were hampered by fumbles and penaltues throughout the enture game however a very good defensuve game prevented West Allegheny from scorung When the flnal whustle blew Montour was deep un theur ruval s terrutory druvung toward another score The Ramblers ended up on the long end ofa 6 0 score for theur first vuctory of the season MONTOUR vs AVALON On September 14 the Ramblers went to Avalon un quest of theur second vuctory Ruch Manguamelle ran the kuckoff back to the Avalon 45 yard lune and the Ramblers marched down to the gcal wuth Carl Van Huse scorung the touch dcwn on a duve play The Ramblers domunated play the remaun der cf the game makung eleven flrst downs to two for Avalon The Ramblers came out on the long end of a 6 0 sccre for theur second vuctory cf the season MONTOUR vs QUAKER VALLEY After returnung the Ramblers kuckoff to theur own forty yard lune Quaker Valley marched suxty yards wuth Mott scorung on a quarterback ceuvung a Rambler punt Quaker Valley after a sustauned druve scored agaun Mott took Man guamelles punt and returned ut suxty yards for another score The Ramblers scored theur only touchdown on a pass from Kruger to Mangua melle who ran suxty yards for the score Quaker Valley scored uts last touchdown on a thurty yard druve Montour dropped uts f1rst game of the season by the score of 26 7 MONTOUR vs STOWE Montour travelled to Stowe on September 28 but the trup turned out to be un vaun Stowe won the toss and elected to receuve A pass carrued from the Montour 40 to the 10 There Stowe scored on a reverse to make the score Late un the second quarter Stowe scored agaun when Trummer ran Manguamelle s punt 50 yards for a touchdown Half tume score Stowe 14 Montour 0 Although the Ramblers outplayed Stowe un the second half they fauled to score Funal score Stowe 14 Montour 0 MONTOUR vs NEVILLE Montour travelled to Nevulle on October 11 for uts second Class B encounter Nevulle gauned a fast lead wuth Belloma scorung once and John son scorung twuce By the end of the half Nevulle had uumped to a 20 0 lead Montour scored early un the thurd quarter when Tom Wulluams ran 50 yards for a touch down Vuetmeuer kucked the extra pount Nevulle then scored three touchdowns one of whuch Bel loma ran 95 yards The Ramblers final touch down came on a pass from Kruger to Ruch Man guamelle who ran 50 yards for the score The game ended wuth the Ramblers droppung theur thurd game for the season 41 13 MONTOUR vs AVONWORTH On October 20 the Ramblers travelled to Avonworth tn quest of theur thurd vuctory Stung tng from three straught defeats the Ramblers poured pressure on Avonworth from the start Kruger scored on a quarterback sneak after Mon tour marched from the 28 to the 1 yard lune The half tume score showed Montour leadung 6 0 Carl Van Huse scored on a 81 yard run from scrummage early un the thurd quarter for Mon tours second touchdown Vuetmeuer added the extra pount Tom Wulluams followed wuth a 35 yard touchdown run to end the scorung Funal score Montour 19 Avonworth 0 MONTOUR vs BELLEVUE Bellevue came to Montour on October 26 takung over on downs Montour capped druve wuth Tom Wulluams scorung from the twelve yard lune Vuetmeuer converted to make the score 7 0 Wasulko scored un the second quarter on a quar terback sneak Falvo scored on a plunge early un the second half The conversuon was good Early un the fourth quarter Carl Van Huse scored on a spectacular draw play that covered 50 yards Funal score Montour 19 Bellevue 7 MONTOUR vs SHENANGO The last game of the season found the Ram blers playung host to Shenango Montour was flrst to score wuth Wasulko runnung 70 yards for a touchdown A pass from Kruger to Wasulko netted 46 yards and another score The Ram blers scored twuce un the second quarter wuth Ruch Manguamelle goung 8 yards for a score and Tom Wulluams scorung on a 12 yard run Half tume score-Montour 27 Shenango 0 In the thurd quarter Ray Wasulko scored agaun on a quarterback sneak Early un the fourth quarter Montour scored agaun when Joe Wulbuk pucked up a fumble and ran 30 yards for a touchdown Wuth only five seconds left to play Frank Vuetmeuer charged over from the two for the Ramblers flnal score Vuetmeuer converted three tumes The score Montour 45 Shenango 13 sneak. Moroski blocked the extrcu point. Re- only to be the Ramblers fourth victim. After 7.0, . . ' I . 89 Varsity Basketball Montour Montuor Montour Montour Montour Monfour Moniour Montour Montour Mr Russo Carl Von Huse Ray Was Iko Frank Vnefmeuer Bull Kruger Jerry Snyder Blll Zimmer 91 Brldgevulle S Fayetie Dormont Crofton E McKeesport Scon Twp Stowe Nevulle Avalon Scores Montour Montour Montour Montour Monfour Montour Montour Monfour Montour Quaker Valley Bellevue Avonworfh Shadyside Mnllvole Avalon Quaker Valley Bellevue Avonworfh 37 vs. ' ' 21 , ,. 23 vs. 45 vs. . 42 42 vs. ., . 37 vs. .. . 40 , 72 vs. . 52 vs. 80 41 vs. ' 49 vs. . . . 50 . ,, 69 vs. ' Montour . H65 vs. W. Allegheny .. 40 Montour 33 vs. Neville , 46 vs. . 47 , 35 vs. . .. 57 vs. . . , 58 63 vs. 32 vs. ' , , , . 44 . 59 vs. 52 vs. , , . ., 50 53 vs. Junior Varsity A . f fi I ' ii n taiilllw l nf, cya? E R133 5111: Montour Montour Montour Montcur Mcntcur Montour Montour Montour Montour Montour W 'Ist Row: Manager E. Love, B. Krally, D. Yunish, E. Spinner. 2nd Row: R. Mongiomelle, J. Uranker, W. Kutzavich, R. Pieto, J. Rev Bridgeville S. Fayette Dormont Crofton E. McKeesport W. Allegheny Scott Twp. Stowe Neville Avalon J. V. Scores Montour Montour Montcur Montour Montour Montour Montour Montour Montour Montour h Phillips. Quaker Valley Bellevue Avonworth Shadyside Millvale Neville Avalon Quaker Valley Bellevue Avonworth Montour Montour Montour Montour Mcntcur Montour Montour Montour Montour Montour J r. High Basketball Ccracpolis Avalon Bellevue Coraopolis Bellevue Avalon Scott W. Allegheny Bridgeville Carnegie Montour Montcur Montour Montour Montour Montour Mcntour Montcur Mcntour Montour Neville Crofton Ingram Scott W. Allegheny Bridgeville Carnegie Neville Craftcn Ingram 3 Baseball f ,ff ist Row: Gregor, Andrascik, Kriger, Douglas. 2nd Row: Gibson, Vietmeier, Snyder, Krally. Thomas Birllo Mr. Birko, now entering his sixth year as baseball coach, believes that this year's squad can better the even record of last year's team of 4-4-i. The Ramblers are a part of the newly formed Ohio Valley Conference for Baseball, and Coach Birko has very high hopes of having the first championship baseball team in the con- ference. With seven members missing from last year's squad through graduation, this year's team will be lacking in experience. But with Coach Birko's steady guidance and persever- ance and the very fine spirit of the team, the boys should be ready to give a fine account of themselves by the time the first game rolls around. Best wishes to Mr. Birko and his squad for a very successful and rewarding season. 94 Robmson Robinson Robinson Robinson Robanson Robmson Robinson Robinson Robmson R Douglas Snyder Vlelmeler S G bson B Androscuk J Gregor B K ally Scores and Schedule 1956 BASEBALL SCORES 1957 BASEBALL SCHEDULE W Allegheny Burgeftstown Avella Moon W Allegheny Neville Bellevue Burgettstown Avella B Kruger Monfour Montour Montour Montour Monfour Montour Monlour Montour Game was 5' lnnlng and Quaker Valley Aprll 26 Avonworth April 30 Bellevue May 2 Neville May 7 Quaker Valley May Avonworth May 16 Bellevue May 21 Nevulle May 23 called because of ram was not replayed 95 'L 'l x Z ,- -, 1 0 5 """' we T 43 'i f fi KW I 4 Q 41.-. ,pf ' X , m'mvl."' ' 31" . -f 1, f 1 M , 'fx ,K ,, Q f 2 .2 A M , , f Qffxggfwfg ' -: k " L iff 4 f?fz w'j'2?.5 , Q 1 5 ,i?'f,fA'fR A , ' h"i!"K:-iff ' mv! mg Mg- 'K V6 - f, ff W 9 ' W r .,.,.. - . fi as., -X- I i hw" The cheerleaders tory. left to right: C, Marks J. Harbison M. Yoder J. Krally form a "V" for vic K. Razpotnik F. Bramrner P. Green Cheerleaders Cf 1957 The cheerleaders have always boosted the spirit of the school. This year many new cheers and drills were introduced and the students had to learn to yell "Mon- tour" instead of "Robinson." The cheerleaders say that this student body has shown fine spirit by its enthusiastic support of each sport. '77 J. Butler Sports Snaps Sports demand a combination of physical To Americans, sports are more than amuse- strength, an alert mind, enthusiasm, purpose, ment. They represent accomplishment for and teamwork. This is a wide range of accom- which the body has to be trained, and for which plishment, but it is one that the American people a person must apply himself to become skillful. admire and try to achieve. Viety goes up high for a re bound. Coach Russo gives his team some good timely advice. Ray Wasilko follows his flow of interference around end for some very needed yardage. The team looks on with ex pectancy. The boys want a hit! Sports Snaps Sports have an appeal for almost everyone, Next to the weather people probably talk more about sports than about any other topic. We talk about the coming game, and after it is over we talk about the outcome. But perhaps more important are the quali- ties that sports develop in making a person a pleasant well adapted human being. lt is no accident that the term "sportsmanship" is ap- plied to life in general. Baseball gets oft to o good start with West Allegheny The three coaches and the players of their respective sports Carl hustles after the ball to keep the game underway Jerry goes up in an attempt for two The actions heavy in the mid dle of the line 99 PP dw? 4 W fi W Q42 731 M W My wJ7MWZW4fmw W 5: My W KL M1 +'U5ViMxf2,H4525L Mr Harold Phelps Mr Wtlltarvw Kea ns Mlss Annette Kerr Mrs Lullnan Rokosku Mr Stdney Left Thanks To for hls constant co operatuon and klnd concern for so very many things for beung an expe t and patlent proof reader for dnrectlng the sennor play for help an ralslng flnances Mr Petredus and Mrs Obley for advnsung the sentor class Mrs Dorothy Davns and her stat? for theur delnclaus fund ransung dlnners Mr Matt Evans for Hull Studlos cooperatnve service Canton Engravung Company for their engravings Kurtz Bros for thenr prnntung and bnndung and To all the many persons who helped so very many ways an To all our advertusers and patrons 101 . 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Teen age Wear Carnegle Pa SCHREINER S GARAGE Complete Auto Servuce Towing 81 Repairing 24 Hr Servuce ml West of Crofton R D SCHOOLEY AUTO SERVICE Off1claI Inspection Statnon No 6150 QUALITY I3 HR1 CLEANERS Serving Robinson Twp Slnce1929 Insured C II Fe 1 5525 We Delnver 415 Chartlers Ave McKees Rocks Don t Settle for Less Get the A K HARDWARE 417 Chartlers Ave McKees Rocks Pa Fe 1 5 22 Best Selectlon Service Satlsfactlon SHENKAN S Flne Fu rnltu re S 1 4 O 599 601 Chortuers Ave McKees Rocks U ,PQ. 4 I ' ' .: . -2 I ' ' 1 '. - . .4-:5 - - a . - ' I - ' . ,Pa At I 1 p. -10 . -5 - ' . ,Po 124 THE PITTSBURGH ACADEMY College Preparatory 250 Magee Bulldmg Plttsburgh 22 Pa CROSLEY FRIGIDAIRE MOTOROLA BODNAR APPLIANCE Soles 8. Servlce We repaur all makes of Radios Televuslons Washers Ranges and Small Appliances 1310 Crofton Boulevard J P BODNAR PITTSBURGH 5 PA Wa 1 3887 We Call For and Deliver 5100 Grand Avenue Phone Am 4 3982 CHARTIERS SERVICE RALPH G MAWHWNEY SERVICE STATION un General Auto Repalrlng Pennzoul Oils HEATING COMPANY Dependable Servlce 51 Crennell Ave Pittsburgh 5 Pa Rcufe 60 Gcyly p WG 1 7472 At Church Hull Road Br 6 9955 125 KINK'S CLEANERS Llberal Terms Proven Quallty HERSHMAN S McKEES ROCKS FURNITURE F 1 O 9 420 422 Chartuers Ave McKees CO Rocks P BAYERS DAIRY NC McKees Rocks Road McKees Rocks P PASCO FARM SUPPLY CO Headquarters O R Tractors Trucks Dlesel Tractors Cars Farm 8- Industrial Machinery D Oakdale Oxford 5 7277 5 4891 Brownlng 9 4200 Br 91 44 General Hauling EXCAVATING 81 GENERAL Coal Red Dog Cnnders TopSoll Granulated 8. Drrveway Slag Box 166 Robunson Twp Moon Run Pa BOBS COMPLETE FOOD MARKET Finest un Fresh Meats Route 60 Moo Br 6 9741 nRun P ALLEGHENY PIPE 8. SUPPLY Pape Valves 81 Flttungs Phone Am 4 6645 Grovetan Best Wushes VICTOR BOFF Carpenter Contractor New Hornes Remadelung DR ALFRED A GRILLI Free Estnmate Phone Br 9 1366 Moon Run Pa ' F D e. , 12 R. .1 , Pa. - ' . , a. ' ' - . - 3 ' ' 1 . FRANK SKWARCHA, JR. , a. 1 ' co. , a. h . - , Pa 126 DIETZ FLOWERS Plants Cards 513 Chartlers Avenue McKees Rocks P Sp 1 0707 LUCY S RESTAURANT Everythlng from a sandwuch to full course dnnner Chucken Chops Steaks Spaghetti We never close 24 hour servnce Located on Route 60 mules West of Pittsburgh Gayly Pa THE CORAOPOLIS RECORD The paper with Robunson Townshup Clvuc Personal School and Sports News WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE A tomoblle Parts a d Accesso Ho e Supplues Spot g Good Tres Batteries nd Pa t CORAOPOLIS PA HENRYS CITIES SERVICE Ro fe 51 aopol S nm: stop and Sa e A 4 9 67 OELLIG PHARMACY Ffth 8. M ll Sts Coraopol s Am 4 0810 DREAM SHOP L d s Apparel 424 M ll St ee Comopolls Am 49809 MCLAUGHLIN GULF SERVICE CORAOPOLIS PA A 49 8 WeG eTopVaI eSt p AUTOMOTIVE PARTS B. ACCESSORIES E St eet Ca neg e P Phone B 9 3200 PULEOS HOME STYLING P s oo Co e B 9 3 40 STAFA 8. JESEK 217 W Ma n St Pho e B 6 3825 Carnegie RASKIN LUMBER 8. SUPPLY CO cl A e B. P CARNEGIE PA MACEK S CAFE Wa 15403 Br 96090 MOON RUN PA E erythlng forthe B llde 1 ,, . . C ' ll , a. 1 . - 8 ' ' I u ' n ries U Cor i m ' , r in 5, . . . v I , , a IN s m. - 9 a ie i i . i , Pa. i r t ' , PGA Fifth Ave, 8- Ferree Street TRLSTATE MFG 8' SUPPLY C0 mi D 70 251 .Main r r il Q. iv u am s r. - I aint - FI r v ring . i . 1. - 0 n ri V . I Pc- . I Thir v . .R.R. v ' u' r - l ! ! 127 STRIMELS MEAT MARKET Quality Meats 131 Noble Ave RODDY DERAMO AGENCY 931 Ffth A enue oopol Am 4 0510 SELZER S Steaks r Lobster Tml Wu 1 6696 COMINOS RESTAURANT 94 Fifth A enu Co oopol s Excelle t Food o d Ser ce Compl m ts of CHARTIERS COUNTRY CLUB Wa 13780 BARNCASKEY MOTOR SALES CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH So es 8- Se F fth Co oopolis CRAFTON LUMBER and SUPPLY C0 INC Wu 1 0132 Co pl me I BASSETT BROS GROCERY 15 St A en Coruopolls A 4630 ALEXIS RESTAURANT mile West of Crofto on Routes 22 30 Wa 1 5566 SAMUEL SEVERNS Auto Rep Electric Weld JOHNS SERVICE STATION 0 O l Lub cot on an M nute Cor Wosh Ca bles Run B' 69688 NATIONAL RESTAURANT F fth A C opol s P Am 49822 LEE REALTY CO REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Fifth Avenue Coroopolis Po 0738 Compl ments of A 8. P C fton Sto fton Po Compliments of A FRIEND GOODINGS TAVERN MOON RUN PA I i v Cor is, Po. I Chicken Sh imps ' O v e r i , Pc. ' s n n vi i en l rvice - ' 855 i Avenue r ', Po. m i n s Everything in Building Materials 41 me V ue 1 f P0- . , m. - 0 13 ' n . 1111 ' ', ' ' Sp. 1- i airing - ing ro re Cru , I G s - i ri i d Five i m - ' Q3Q i venue orc: i, o, V - 128 VOELKER S C,mmg 8 ,o,,o,mg PAUL curronn Flomsr 2 locotlons Steubenville Pllce Goyl Fl Y Br 9 6747 61 Stotlon St Crofton Wo 1 0666 OWEFS TOY' etlefy OCCCISICN P 24 Crofton Ave C. 1 1 BIALOWAS ATLANTIC SERVICE Tires Botterles Cor Condltlonlng 1933 Crofton Blvd Wo 1 9368 PRINCESS ANN BEAUTY SALON GEORGE ROZZO Crofton P Wo 20560 McMULLIN 8. MCMULLIN Men 5 and Chlldren s Wear Bowlmg Crofton Wo CRAFTON 1 sos Nw' RECREATION CENTER Bllllords Hot Cleonlng to the Post Office JOHN A sfxccos INGRAM GARAGE 4 5 M Street 30 lngrom Ave Pg 5 o JOES WORKMAN DEPARTMENT STORE PETE Men s ond Bo s CI th y o Ing Footweor PLYMOUTH Sporhng Goods Sportsweor ond Work Clothes Fourth Avenue 419 Mull St C Open MICHAELS Coroopolts P Frldoy 8- Soturdoy tall O Am 4 5520 MYL GARAGE s. DeSOTO usso CARS C I oroopolts P omopols P Arn 49773 Arn 44130 SHAFERS FLOWER SHOP COPELAND FUNERAL HOME MARC-RET C SHAFER Fifth Avenue Coroo ol P p IS Coroopolls P AM 42184 J H GILLIS FURNITURE M 1025 27 v Coroopolrs P Ff h ONTOUR HARDWARE CO It Avenue Coroopolls P Westmnghouse Applnonces Am 40830 Phones Am 45141 Fe 17 00 1 8-M MOTORS INC Compliments JACKSON S SHOES 331 Fifth Ave Coroopolus P Am 44270 Coroopolus P 129 I . . . I ' ' , Po. I - A I UA - W . - 197 - , o. , Po, . -3 ll ll ' 1 ill 'I on - . h. , P . ' 9:0 Wo. 1-1553 4 ' I . . ' , o. . , o I . l ' , o, , o, - 5th A e. ' , o, , ', o. - : . - . - 4 C. . , . ' . I ' . ' , ct. of ' ' ' , o. I THE B. F. GOODRICH COMPANY 597 Chortlers Avenue Tires Retonl Division McKees Rocks P Tubes Appllclnces Phone Fe 1 5517 DOMINIC S BARBER SHOP M Ro NATIONWIDE INSURANCE COMPANY FRANK BUTYA Age I B64 n ANGIES BEAUTY SHOPPE FRANK AUBEL S Copp d Sheet M 1 l Wo ype ces d 45 o BUTYA S RESTAURANT Route GAYLY ANTIQUE SHOP q es Bo d Sold Ro te 60 yly B 90 8 AUTO AND FIRE INSURANCE Ro te y P BOAT SALES eWst te228- O TASTEE FREEZ McGUIRE BROS Amoco ssnvucf L ch M of McKe s Rocks All FLORENCE REAL ESTATE 1915 th H Chat WALASIK SERVICE STATION GULF PRODUCTS k W M A h Co nege Po CY 30 ' , o. 1 , n dqees Rocks od Phone V. - 888 Moon Ru , Po. Compliments of Tinning, Roofing, ond poufing er on e Q rk , All T s of Furno on Siding Box l Cr flon Brunch 1 Anti u ugh? cm U Go , Po. 60 Moon Run, Po. r. - 63 CHAUNCEY H. Bumzows DICK STAAF U Mil e of Porlswoy u 60 Go ly, o. RCU 3 Compliments of Silver Lone Clever Roczcl un e s ond Groceries R. D. I, e , Po. Insurance of Kinds Serving since Sou ills r iers Volley E. Gin 6- nl ony r i , . Por w esl I QUALITY AND SERVICE Balfour Recognized as Amerncos Finest G BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO MASS Manufacturers of Flne Fraternlty and Class Jewelry Charles M Klmgensmafh Dasfrnct Manager Phone Flelclbrook l 6801 131 . . 1 . , . THE AMERICAN LEGION RCDBINSCN PCDST N0 862 OF 0 Meeting: First Monday of Each Mon TRIANGLE ESSO SERVICE STATION 1161 Pune Hollow Road We Guve SGH Green Stamps cKees Rocks MICHAEL A BANAS Auto Fare 8- Casualty Insurance Bonds NOTARY PUBLIC Br 60136 CHARTIERS RESTAURANT MCKEES ROCKS PA Fe 1 9 34 THE HAUDENSHIELD REALTY CO Notary Publuc Rents Collected Real Estate 8- Insurance 4 East Mann Carnegie Wa 1 6250 Br 96250 THOMAS ROYCROFT Carpentry General Contractor Wa 15609 CORAOPOLIS HARDWARE CO 1099 31 Fifth Avenue CORAOPOLIS PA Cornplnments GREATER PITTSBURGH ROLLER Br 92222 RINK SARAH S RESTAURANT Home Cooked Foods We Specnollze m Spaghettl Br 69982 Carnegue Pa Your GOOD GULF Dealer FRANCIS NIALARKY Compluments PELLO S GRILLE J 8. H RESTAURANT Chartners Ave MCKEES ROCKS PA PACIENZA HEATING 328 Chartners Ave McKEES ROCKS PA Fe 1 7 O1 C W BROWN SERVICE Second St 81 Grand Ave NEVILLE ISLAND PITTSBURGH B 8. J 3 HR CLEANERS or prompt puck up and delivery service m 4 2270 Coraopolls VIDMAR MOTOR SERVICE Inspection Statlon No 3146 AUTO REPAIRING AND TOWING Br 6 9851 Moon Run CHARLES FINGERET CO DEALERS IN SCRAP IRON METAL 1119 th Ave Coraop Am 4 2320 . . M I - lr ' VV ' - 2 2 2 ' ' , Pa I of 25, PA R. D. 1 McKees Rocks, Pa. Am- A-0762 of F . . . I A . - ' , Pa 129 ' . , A , - , Pa. CO. - I A , olis, Pa, . E 4 . - 133 ABE'S AUTO WRECKING co. EAGLE DRUG STORE 9 9 4th Ave Coraopolns Pa Am 4 2700 DERAMO BEVERAGE CO 1404 Rear 1406 4th Avenue CORAOPOLIS PA Routes SCIO CHINA CO lmperlal Pa Complnments of A FRIEND THE PINKERTON SCHOOL FOR SECRETARIES Speclallsts In Secretarnal Tronnung Prescriptions Filled 31 West Mann Street Carnegle Br 60400 BAGNATO FUNERAL HOME McDermott PI Carnegie CARNEGIE PAINT 8. WALLPAPER ROBERTJ MILLER Prop Wallpaper Paint East Mann St Carnegie Br 6122 FRANZ JEWELER East Mann Street Carnegie Watches Dlamonds Just Around the Corner Br 96330 Compllments ISALY S Baum ulldlng 818 Liberty Ave CASTELLI S CREDIT JEWELERS Drstrlbutors of Bell 8- Howell Products West Mann St Carnegoe Sole Dlstrnbutor of SYLVANIA TELEVISION RICHARD A STOCKLE Home Cooked Meals at Moderate Prices open 6 30 a m closed 7 30 p m Stotuonery 406 Mull SI CAIN S NEWS Greeting Cards Offlce Supplues Coraopolls P m 45102 STAR SHOE STORE Shoes for the Entire Fomnly 422 Mill Street Coroopolus Pc WALLYS SERVICE STATION Route 51 GROVETON PA ROWES CITIES SERVICE 90 l th and Mann St Coraopolls Drlve IU For Courteous Servlce Home Am 4 5930 Statnon Am 4 9915 P 4 1 . ' I 4 ' ' , Pa 50 ' , Pa CO. 22 8- 30 ' , . 12 ' ' , P0 . - 9 ' 40 ' ' , Pa of . . . . . . I B ' ' ' . EX. 1-0800 CARNEGIE, PA, I 50 ' , ' , Pa. l I I I I ' , ' - - 0 F'f ' , ' , . I . I G- " ' ' ' " A . - : , - ' : , - Complimenfs PITTSBURGH MOTEL MELS AUTO BODY Route 60 Br 9 0242 413 Charhers CORY APPLIANCES McKees Rocks Record Mart Ave McK ees Rocks P Charhers Compllmenfs of VATERS HARDWARE Ave MEK ees Rocks P PAT McCAULEYS BARBER SHOP BRAURMAN S :Runs a. VEGETABLES 530 Charfners Ave McKees Rocks P Complsmenfs BARGAIN BARN Br 96222 CRIVELLI BROTHERS COAL AND BUILDERS SUPPLIES NC Complefe Lune of Buulders Supplres 426 Locus? Sf McKees Rocks Fe 1000 Always Say D A V I D S Before you soy JEWELRY B HARTON Dnamonds Watches Jewelry and Silverware 4 Charhers Ave McKees Rocks Pa Compllments of PASCO BROTHERS CARNEGIE PA We Gave SSH Green Sfamps NEVILLE CHEMICAL Nevnlle Island PITTSBURGH 25 PA J HIERBAUM COMPANY Credn Jewelers Naflonally Adverilsed Diamonds Watches Jewelry Clocks Applnances Raduos Charflers Ave McKees Rocks P Fe I 7722 MIDDLEMANS DRUG STORE Prescrlphon Drugglsl 6l4 Charhers Ave McKees Rocks P VINCENT COLACINO BARBER SHOP McKees Rocks Road 00 Run PU Two Barbers HAWKINS DRIVE IN Good Things Tc Ea! Homemade Candles I 9 Syoops Feny Coraopolns Pa of ' . , a I A . 523 ' , , 0. I I ' . , 0 of , I . , , Pc ' ' . -3 I . 53 ' . . Carnegie and Bridgeville FB' 10370 I CO. l . . A M n , 595 ' , U. 1 1 ' . , a. I Fe. - IIO - l35 EVANKOS FINE FURNITURE Appluonces and TV Soles and Servnce Magnavox Maytag General Electric IDI7 Fifth Ave Coraopolls Am A 5920 E G E R S JEWELRY 3. GIFTS CORAOPOLIS PA HOWARD T LAW CO PAINTING Industrial Commercial Resldentlal 9 9 Chartlers Ave McKees Rocks 'l I KENNERS MENS WEAR MEKEES Rocxs GOLDHAMER S MEN s WEAR Where quallty costs no mor '26 Char Ave SSH Green Stamps F LEO COLEMAN 9 Real Estate Insurance Mortgages Kees Rocks Pa 404 Chartlers Carnegie Po WISE SHOE STORE McKees Rocks Lead ng Shoe Store For Men Women and Children 600 Chartlers Ave McKee Rocks P Compliments A FRIEND BUTYA S TAVERN on Beavergrade Road CORAOPOLIS PA Compliments of A FRIEND E HOPPER 81 SONS Complnments of American Standard Plumbing 8- Heating S Materials Wo IIOI7 Crofton P CORAOPOLIS PA THE CORAOPOLIS RECORD The paper with Robinson Twp CIVIC Personal School and Sports News CORAOPOLIS PA PROFESSIONAL PATRONS DR J W BURKETT MD H B J HAAS WW D E H SEBASTIAN D OR E D CLEMENTS DR F HODAN DC 136 I I ' . ' , Pa. I 1' ' , Pa, , PA. Fe. - 089 I . 'iers . Mc , . I Sv I . ' of ' . s , o. Fe, I-9146 I S. . ' ' ' ' 1 . - , ce. 1 - , . . , , . DR. . J, KERR, JR., M.D. DR. . . , . .S. R. . . , D. . J L Schaffer and an and and and and and and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs D Mang and and and Mrs Mrs Mrs SENIOR PATRONS Joseph Barlow Arthur Barton J Bogats Victor Butyo Wnllus Petrie Wllllam Morasku Wtlds John Nieman lamelle Robert Padglek Andrew Bunk and and and cmd and and and and and and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Norman Campbell Fred A Hammll John Macek S A Dezulovlch James Dawson Frank Leutner Charles Wasllko Joseph Vuctorellu Joseph Yurkovlc HClcs Helen Morgan Lewns Farkas and Mrs Alex Muscat: and Mrs Joseph Razpotnuk r and Mrs Ed Hylek and Mrs Charles Basl ALUMNI PATRONS Blanch Barton John Porter Conrad Schoor Margaret Mouser Evelyn Kral Watson Marilyn Muller Bernice Zarvns Charlotte Parktson Marlon Basl Marcia Obenour Barbara Alenander Ann Brammer Duane Porter Sally Jamison Wnlllarn M Futzpatrlck Glenn Buzza Robert Roney Dons Wasulko BURIK AMUSEMENT CO AM Al 37 MARK EVERY GRAVE WEST PARK MONUMENTAL WORKS 202 Snge A McKee Rocks Pc Fe 10526 Mr. . Mr. . Mr. cl . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . . . ' Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Roy Williams Mr. . Mr. . . , ke Mr. . ' . Mr. . . . Mr. . A Mr. ' M . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . , Jr. - - 1 i f ve, . 5 , 137 FRIENDS Rev and Mrs Robert Woodworth Mr and Mrs Martnn Cear Mr and Mrs James Barton Al Kanuck Mr and Mrs Oluver Twnst Mrs Alma Acklm Shlrley Sprague Beth Taylor Mr and Mrs Thomas Slanuna A R Mayer G Foulds Mrs Dorothy Cummings Mr and Mrs Thomas Barrett Mr and Mrs William Flynn Joseph Kuntch Mr and Mrs George Stock Mrs John Revtal Mrs Danuel DeGregory Mrs Paul Porter Mr W E Kingston Mr and Mrs Robert E Wrnght Mrs Wullnam Butler Mrs Muchael Wunter Mrs James Starsfield Edwin K Headly Mrs John P McCauley Charles Dzubunskn Mr and Mrs Joseph Madallnslcy Perry Taylor Mr and Mrs J S Brown 8. on Mr and Mrs E R Me one Mr and Mrs Jacob Phlllnps Mrs H Zlemlanskl James E Kasperko B A Sanders Mr Mrs Roy Mrs Mrs Mr Mlchael B Walter F Klnnger M Donaldson and Mrs Carl Schott and Mrs J Wovchko Albert Domenuck and Mrs Edward Desnderno J Fr and Mrs P L McDermott Alfred Mndgely J Henry A Laskl Mrs John Kocak Rnchard P Schwartz Mr and Mrs Joseph Sulluvan Mr and Mrs A F Scaff Mrs F Kovalousky Mass Edith Turnbull Mrs Emma McKean and Bobby Mr and Mrs Thomas Phelps . . . . . . S . . . . l . . . H. . ' , Jr. . ' Mr. . . . Mr. . , Mrs. J. F. Pack Mr. and Mrs. A. Viraia Mr. . ' ' . . . E. . ies . ' ' , r. 138 and and Jame R and James B and and and and and an an Mrs Mrs pr Mrs urns Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs r Sheader FRIENDS Cllfford A Hand George Barton 1 o Joseph Pass Edwtn Schoor George Clark John Ruprecht A R Castrocane Mlchael Bond: Howard J Metts Louls Goazlou Mrs George Tyson and Mrs Frank Evans Mrs John Schuck Mr and Mrs John Polny Mass Evelyn Dezulovlch Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs red May and and and and ancl and and and and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs George Severns Joseph Naker Albert Morrow C Raab Hunter C W Sterling Bernsdroft W J Barefoot John Falavoluto Wnllnam Dubnel Jos Sealercuo Alex Llgasheslcy Mrs Paul McVay Mr and Mrs Walter Sadauskos Mr and Mrs Kenneth Haudeshell C O DeLung O D Mr and Mrs Howard Osman Donald Muller Mr and Mrs Joseph Clocek Emma Sopher Mr and Mrs Glenn G Buzza J Mr and Mrs Joseph Thens Mrs J B Brenneman Iuom Kearns and Mrs Harold R Phelps and Mrs FrankJ Yoke and Mrs Davnd Wullnams and Mrs K T McFarland Fred Jurkowslcn Steve Totln Mr and Mrs Thomas Schell Emul Pecorn Chas F Drexler Mr. . ' . . . Mr. . ' ' s . S 'l4 , , Mr. . Mr. D Mr. . Mr. . ' F Mr. . Mr' h . Mr' ' Mr. . Mr. . . . I Mr, . . . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . Mr. d . . Mr. . . . Mr. d . ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Mevissen M . Mr. , ' Mr, . ' ' A Mr. . Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' Wil ' Mr. . . ' 1 I Q ' Mr. . . ' Dr. . . . . . . , r. 139 Mr and and and and and and and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Walter Kutzavltch P J Flahe y Thomas Conner Petter W Nock Kar Homes Mctsco Paul Snyder FRIENDS Charles Macek Mass Carolyn Eddy Michael A Banas and and Mrs Vllla Kutzavltch Lenny Zlollcouskn Mrs John Krally and Barry Mrs John Green Barbara Beveridge ou and Char Art and Domnnnc Bob and Mr and Carol Manglamelle 8. Sons Carol Brammer Mrs Steward Campbell Mr and Mrs Charles Petrovlc Ann and Rnclcy Justice Lou and Flo Audrey Nleman Mr and Mrs L Brammer Frank and Sue Bunny and Don Marlene and Bob Rach and Babs Ruth and Vnnce Mel and Rose Llnda and Bull Nancy and Bob Torulle and Jan Mr Val Uranker Butya Mr and Mrs Johnson Peg and Pete Phcebue and Gene Jack and Pat Roy and Carol Kathy Beryl Sonny and Charlie Karen and Rolly Chtckne and Teddy Dave and Joyce Mr John Java James C Bean Mr and Mrs Glenn Uffelman JohnJ Baker Mr and Mrs Frank Bachurslu Mr and Mrs Joe Pestotnuk Mr and Mrs Dannel Deasy 140 Mrs Jeremnah B Sullivan and Famuly Mr. . ' , Jr. Mr. . . . rt ' Mr. . ' . Mr. . . Mr. . ' - ' Mr' ' l Mr. . ' ' Mr' ' J' C' Mr. and Mrs. E. Watson . . L BUSINESS PATRONS Ralnbow Inn 5OI Grand Ave Nevllle Island AM 4 9886 Allnsons Luncheonette Nevllle Hotel Robert Conflentt Barber Shop 865 5th Ave Coraopolrs P Sllverrnan s 536 Chartlers Ave McKees Rocks P Stems Ladles Apparel 416 Mull Street Coraopolns P Bnshops Danry Bar A St B Appllance Leonard DeFonso Realtor 137 Mann Street Carnegie P Sobotas Beauty Shop Part Bakery 724 Broadway West Park White Front Market Recchnon s Cleanung and Taulornng 907 Fifth Ave Coraopolls P Louis S Fleck Enterprises G Schulze Hardware Tullnes Beauty Shoppe 419 Chartuers Ave McKees Rocks I4l F Leo Cloeman Real Estate Insurance Mortgage Carnegne Pa Trasattl s Barber Shop Nehus Service Station Crest Constructing CO Berger Bldg Puttsburgh Pa G 3808 Anthony and John Petrttene Phnllp D Dodson Sam P Sampson 8K Sons J P Fern erg Sabot Coal F W Woolworth Ralph Butya R Mobett Real Estate I39 E Mam Carnegue P Wnse Shoe Store Style Shoppe Cnrrllos Barber Shop Merchant Barber Shop Gunos Restaurant . I IG. I , ' D r. I- , a.- I ', a. AM. 4-QI66 Atlas China 8: Glass Co. . . ' b ' , a. ' I' , a. ', 5. tlfflflfl ll Illlllj SIL! 4 1?-l I X44 r ru mrsrfgu EQEZEEEFEE X r "V: rltlii- Ill MQ' PITTSBURGH EE- Ji lllg? l L.-EL PHILADELPHIA PA Bullt 'ro Serve You Pictured above Kurtz Bros factory and warehouses along wnth the Puttsburgh Branch and Kurtz Bros Eastern DIVISION occupy over 4'2 acres of floor space I Clearfleld under one roof your school annuals are prnnted bound and cased Into covers Truly a plant bunlt to serve your prnntnng requlrements Our Word ns Our Bond KURTZ BROS 21325 CLEARFIELD PA AUTOGRAPHS so Wt pu Ll, I J W tv fl? I I N! may I4 pci, Cm. 1 ' n Kit V 1' - - 'r 'f 9 ll I Xiu Q., :-2:15 'E ,I 1 ll' F," r ' ta, . - K1 I E EE I ' . 1 ' E . S ' E 'ESE L l s f 5 A -:EIT 2 H,,-, tj' SX X Q . . ,t 3 55 I lp Z i - ' 1 B, Q 'Q ,PA J if XX f 5 " ' xx . I . l ' ' ' f . n . I I . . . I . ,, I - , O LJ: , dr w 'l f- L' kr , , JN , A, ' , 1 qu, 10, J- A 7 1 ,ff - V ,, VL fy' VG I," ww V hw, r Q I AJ -, . - ilvlnffl 1,7 Lvl lvl , t. lhfl pd ,OM lf ,llfkp 'A nj, flu . W J we of sf W .t S f 1 Q .x , 17.03 ly . we kr, 4 'tmp ,l J I. A I if l , U fl tw, ' f X VIA qcfcf XM 'I ,VI 'L x I In fl - A . , In I I I '17 W ' B Nl X - M Nth 1 w V 7 M7 ' , " -'ta' Ll 54,7 L0 fi A ' w -,L ffl .V Dt t A fs , f ' cz Q k A, Mljmxf ,AJC if Q A yi J Y 411,77 Ll I N' If Nxt ll S . S f S K ffl Wino 1 ' of 44 ,xi . T R ,T',A, x f 11, , Sei I' of - . K if 2 AUTCGRAPHS 1 1 AUTOGRAPHS PWXQSTQUQ X! fix QL if lg, QQ? QD 5 5 MEX 11 H3

Suggestions in the Montour High School - Mirror Yearbook (Moon Run, PA) collection:

Montour High School - Mirror Yearbook (Moon Run, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Montour High School - Mirror Yearbook (Moon Run, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Montour High School - Mirror Yearbook (Moon Run, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Montour High School - Mirror Yearbook (Moon Run, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 133

1957, pg 133

Montour High School - Mirror Yearbook (Moon Run, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 84

1957, pg 84

Montour High School - Mirror Yearbook (Moon Run, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 100

1957, pg 100

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