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'Q gi, Q 3 , , KW' ,, vi' 1' 2: 'W 'ff , M f . .,,.m,..,:.,W.,,.. 5 M ,xl Q 'V 4 Q Ss t W s m I is B N x JSE' ffl Y 1'-md' 3 ' wud! E .--i. cv CID ADVISORS EDITOR Mrs Barbara Cook Charles Machamer Vern Kuetemeyer Shxrley Tlmmons ASSISTANT EDITOR Nancy Hawbaker MONTICELLO HIGH SCHOOL MOHt1C6IIO I111no1s 1 9 5 3 FUREWURII As you browse thrcmgh these 1953 memorles we the MEMORIES Staff, would have you contemplate our schools development m seventy f1ve years and DGFTIHDS C0r1S1d6r H Vlsmn that must be a reahty seven ty f1ve years hence Seventy f1ve years ago there was no such 8I'ChlV6 of memorxes as th1s beak Seventy f1ve years ago the present hxgh school 'btuldmg dmd not 6X1St Seventy f1VE years ago only four students vt ere graduated from Mor1t1ce11o Hlgh School That was yesterday th1s IS today what w111 be tomorrow? .,... . , . . . , . . . . . . .. .,.,...... .. .. ..... ,. .. I.j.j.j.j.j.j.j.j. X . . I . . f . 1 1 7 ' ' ' 1 . .' - - ' 1 ' . sq.. .. Y : v CUNTENTS Faculty SCDIOYS Classes Athletlcs Act1v1t1es Who s Who 7 24 25 40 57 70 71 88 89 94 Advertlslng 95 109 1-6 Features 41-56 QCUIT Q 29 1, ff-L Maxx QIJS' 'M' ....,-I 2 F f f ffl ff X- . fa. x V A A. 1 2 X-aff f An ,f , ! 1 X M M ' W Vx" x 2 1 m' I if f 5 I A an lv A 1' ' Q N if' "f fl v w . ff rf -1' Q - AL- I, I ,' - 2 ' gf K B X ' I' IIVX ffyfy , fl iffy .? 1 4 1 ff ME TTHE FACU W. P. McELROY Principal BEVERLY SHINNEMAN Secretary LTY After school the faculty has periodic meetings to discuss school business. Seated around the front table are Don Wilt, W. P. McElroy Cprincipall, William Brady, Charles Paoli. At the back table are Joe Smith, Miss June McLuckie Cstudent teacherl, Miss Gwen Elder, Mrs. Gertrude Clapper, Mrs. Barbara Cook, Mrs. Ruby Crider, Miss Mildred Fleming, Miss Kathryn Ryan, J. K. Felts, Miss Ann Panieri, and Charles Masharner. WATT JONES Band BILL BRADY Coach CHARLES MACHAMER Art, English MRS. BARBARA COOK English JOE SMITH Agrxculture MRS RUBY CRIDER Speech Enghsh MISS ANN PANIERI Forexgn Languages MRS ANITA FIELDER Home Economlcs MISS KATHRYN RYAN Engllsh Llbrary CHARLES PAOLI Industmal Arts MISS GWEN ELDER Physlcal Educatlon J K FELTS Hxstory MISS MILDRED FLEMING Math VERN KUETEMEYER Photography DON WILT Coach, Math VERE WOLF Chorus an 'WRYR ,ff WALLY GREGORY SCIBHCB Ath1et1cs ROBERT GLENN Scxence WHY TEACHERS TURN GRAY 'S ff Rx ff, f 'Tw ffl A 237 Gia 9 QQ JL7 gif Q Z X f X Q awww Zffg Z-Zz f ,, gf '52 WZ g QwH M . A O O ' . , X, 'fl ft- ,ST,sx if iy fax, ,XJ ff RR Rpt '3 '4KRR'i-E fx ?R 9 ' f WML 1 SRL- Q , i X E 'QLNVXW ,IZU 4 g, ' Q59 :f?R ff 2729 J. v di . 5 ,f i7",fR Rf K' " 5 X ffaf ff g Z4 7? f 9-' QW li ' if f TL ' TQ I ,X ' A4 " 1 '3 Z 1 f' O ff V-.-36' XX I v i 4 Ro Q 2 g iyfy Z 7 R A Q, X41 X ff R ey! ' X-F If i X :fn E 7 ' 6 1 f 'XR r H, gs- fx ni0 'N f A x-yhxtgg W E lllli Presxdent Mona S Peck ffrontlq Treas- u1e1 Wayne Alexander: Secretary, Fred Doty Vxce Prcsldent Jack Miner. Class adwsoxs wexe Mus Anne Panieri, Mr. Charles Paoh and Mr Wally Gregory. YORK HODGES BARBARA DUBSON 4m"""" Ut f"sg-ff-v,gf JUANITA WOODALL JACK MIN ER "'1?twQ,, FERN MORENZ at R DAVID MACE DONALD JOHNSON 57 LS? im.: VIH'-wr' ,O -nqddmxabb CARL WRENCH SHIRLEY SPRAGUE DOLORES DICKERSON MARGARET VAN VLEET JOHN MCFEETERS 2 Qgtv' JOANN NOECKER ROBERT SCOTT CHARLES PATRICK LARRY MCCLURE SHIRLEY TIMMONS MARILYN SUE ALEXANDER KENNETH HEARN ROBERT MACKEY RICHARD LINDSLEY ELEANOR BENSON Wk RICHARD LEACH JOANN PADGETT JOYCE GOEGGLE PAT WEISCOPE ROBERT CAUSEY iw lv? Si JOHN CLAXTON MELBA HECKMAN MARGARET COOK RUTH SUMNER DEAN DOSS MAXINE BROVVN GERALD GILLESPIE KEITH BUCHANAN FRED DOTY JOAN NORFLEET EUGENE WRENCH ROSS MITCHELL WAYNE ALEXANDER MONA SECRIST CAROLYN SMITH JOHN FEENEY JAMES LEISCHNER DON REX WYDELL SECRIST NOEL PIKE JAMES TWIST Q' gm- 1' M 'Ma J fvygf :V Maud fi' bww iw kwin, ' 2 f fn ' wg. 4 f f vm ,1 ,X gy, Q xi",-gf? gi x wg A iEfvg,,.M 1 ei pq , f , W 42, i 112 P - ,ffl : W Q if A I A ,V- My-f muff Q1 Q 3555 B E Hill In the Senior Play, ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN, Bishop Sherwood CRichard Leachb prays that the conflict may be settled peacefully, the family and friends also pray in silence. They are: Richard Hodges, Shirley Timmons, Dean Doss, JoAnn Padgett, Carolyn Smith, John McFeeters, Rchard Leach, John Claxton, Mona Secrist Peck, Shirley Sprague, Carl Wrench. Behind the scenes on production night Keith Buchanan, Jack Miner Charles Patrick and Richard Lindsley are busy getting the stage set for the coming scene. GUCKERS DRUG STORE, West Side of Square. Phone 3176 PLAY Here frrends of the famlly d1scuss possxble reprecusslons Wh1Ch m1ght come of the threats made agamst Reverend Spence Uohn McFeetersJ CLeftJ Frazer Spence CWyde1l Secrlstb who IS followlng 1n h1S fathers footsteps g1V9S an mtro ductlon to the fam11y background CR1ghtJ Mr and Mrs Spence Uohn McFeeters and Carolyn Sm1thD admxre then' new born son before leavmg for the new church x , . . ' . K. Buchanan S. Sprague R. Mackey M. Heckman P. Weiscope K. Hearn E. York J. Claxton L. McClure IVI. Viin Vleet C. Smith C. Wrench R. Sumner G. Gillespie E. Benson C. Patrick D. Doss F. M. Cook D. Johnson R. Leach D. Mace M. Alexander J. Twist J. Norfleet PIHIPIIEUY After 15 years we are returnmg to Monticello The prlot Wydell Secrxst lands the Super Jet on the Brmg Em Back AIIVS Kexth Buck Buchanan estate There we flnd Ke1th engaged 1n hlS favorlte past t1me throwmg paper wads at scare crows wh1le the Buchanan gardener James Leroy Tw1s! IS bus11y tr1mm1ng the hedge S1tt1ng on Buchanan s prlvate four lane dr1ve we flnd Dlck Hodges ace test p1lot 1dl1ng h1s XP 300 Bob Mackey lS fxllmg the gas tank Wlth Atom1c Octane and Fred Doty IS clean1ng the w1nd sh1eld It br1ngs back memor1es when we see Eleanor Benson dolng the bookkeep1ng for the gas statlon Fred expla1ns that she d always done h1s bookkeep1ng Wh1le We are pleasantly chattmg about the old days who should dr1ve up but Dean Doss who has come out to demonstrate h1s newest l1ne of Atom1c Harvester tractors On the way 1nto town we pass the Scot! farm We see Edxth York watchlng Whlle Bob lS standmg on a soap box sh1ngl1ng the roof Soon we arr1ve at the c1ty l1m1ts but we d1dnt see the 100 mph speed llmlt s1gn We found out later that the CltV OfflCl31S were try1ng to slow down the young h1gh school kldS l1ke Carolyn W1lt and Brenda McElroy An odd sound very much l1ke a slren reaches our ears as we approach the bus1ness d1str1ct We slow down to 70 mlles an hour as Off1 er Eugene Wrench and h1s ass1stant Davxd Mace slgnal us to pull over to the curb When they recognlze us of course we get off w1th a lecture Now as we dr1ve along the old fam1l1ar streets the f1rst people we meet are Carolyn Smxih and Shlrley T1mmons who are leav1ng for the Unxted Nat1ons where they w1ll confer w1th Pres1dent Carl Wrench and Secretary of the Navy James Lezschner We are fr1ghtened when we see Dr John Claxton adm1n1ster1nG art1f1c1al resp1rat1on to John Feeney who 15 unconsc1ous 1n front of G1llesp1es Bar and Gr1ll Nurses Barbara Dubson and Melba Heckman are standmg by We dGCldE to make our fxrst stop the h1gh school After talk1ng to Coach Hearn and Pr1nc1pal Don Johnson we are Jolned by the commerclal teacher Maxme Brown and the new bookkeepmg teacher Ruth Sumner From them we learn that JoAnn Padgett w1ll soon be returnmg from her lecturmg tour She IS the author of the latest and very 1nterest1ng best seller THE EFFECT OF THE ENGLISH REVOLUTION ON FRENCH ARCHITEC TURE She and her pr1vate secretary Juanxta Wood all are hav1ng a very successful tour Another of our classmates has also become a l1terary success Yes Margaret Cook had her letters pub11shed As we stroll along the shady streets we f1nd Rlchard Leach Just putt1ng the f1n1sh1ng touches on Larry McClure s new house The house lS Just across the street from Nor-fleets Ha1rdress1ng Salon It lS a warm day so we vote unan1mously to stop at Paincks Drug Store for a coke After chattlng w1th the pharmac1st Margaret Van Vleet we dec1de to stop at Lmdsleys Grocery Store where they re havmg an 1rres1stab1e sale on Spragues Freckle Re mover and Causey s Super Str1ng Beans After pay 1ng the clerk Path Werscope we stroll out to look at Goeggles Bu1ld1ng Project on the edge of town Walkmg along the newly paved street we are startled to see Mrs Vannote dash out and grab l1ttle Mlke 1n tlme to keep h1m from bemg run over by Donna Pe k on her scooter We scurry along as Jo Ann and Mona begm to argue about whose fault It was When we dec1de WSIS out of f1r1ng range w slow down to a slow trot Then we real1ze were st1ll hungry The pop corn we buy from Ross Mxtchells stand on the corner just hltS the spot Ross IS eager to tell us about Sue Alexanders suc cess 1n th1s years Womens Olymp1cs Ross also po1nts out the C 8a D Nursery WhlCh lS run by two of our old frlends Fern Cook and Delores Dv-kerson Thev are ably 3SS1StEd by the1r custod1an and handy man Wayne Alexander Wh1le rem1n1sc1ng Wlth Wayne we glance at our watches and d1scover how late lt IS We must be on our way back We certa1nly do regret not hav1ng seen three of our old frxends but they were probably out of town on bus1ness But as we slow down for a ra1lroad cross1ng a fre1ght tram puffs 1nto VIEW Why there they are all three of them' Yes' Jack Mmer Don Rex and John McFeeters had at last reached the he1ghth of the1r amb1t1ons TRAMPS' ' MAXWELL R HOTT Success and Happmess to 53ers 1 - l s I I - v u ' 4 ' u - u 11 J - . , - - v , v I 1 ' 1 . . C . l ' ' 1 ' I . . . . K . B . . . y Q - . . . . . . , . . - , . . . . . , Y ' . , . , . l . . , , s 1 . , , I . . . , , I , Y ' . 1 , . . . 1 ' cs v . . . V . , ' , . . . f' . t. . 1 v v ' - . ,Q . . e 'r- 1 c ' y 1 I , ' 1 a . , . . . . I . . , , . ' . ' - . . . . . ' 1 ' , , a I , . . . ,, . . , A I ' ry I , ' v . y . , . . . , ' I I 1 Q l , . . - 1 , .1 , 35558 ZZ Z EZ qbvq 9 C 542--i-2.59 ef! 'NMA s' ,- V ,f. 7 - Lnff ., ' ' C , , ' NZ: 'G ? ...H .,L' V' "' 7.113 lk s- 1 UNl0li RICHARD TABOR JIM BENNETT QM MIRIAM BILL SKILLINGS THOMAS BRANCH JACK CUMMINGS Junlor offxcers Peggy Nolan Treasurer Ray Val entme Pres1dent Nancy Hawbaker Secretary Jlm Mooney Vxce Pres1dent RUTH MCFEETERS JOE ED DOVE LARRY BARTRAM BARBARA STIVERSON EDWARD BOYLE MARILYN CAFIN NANCY HEATH JACK DREW NANCY HAWBAKER SYDNEY DRESBACK RAYMOND VALENTINE ANN MACCARTNEY RICHARD HARPER SANDRA BENNETT RICHARD BEALS NORMA SUMNER HARLAN STROHL MARGARET WEST SALLY CHAMBERS 'iff' 'wwf LARRY LeCRONE PEARLE SEBENS 'Z PEARL DARSHAM PAUL NILES LOIS BRIAN HAROLD BENJAMIN ROBERTA BENJAMIN KENNETH GEORGE RETA PIRTLE MIKE HENEBRY SHIRLEY SAIN JACK SCHMIDEL JOYCE SHULL ALAN MINER MADOLYN CHALK CARL BUCKLEY CORRINE STROHL ww iid 1 f---v 1: .2.4 A ' 5 BEULAH WOOD RICHARD HUBBARTT SUE WILLIAMS GAYLE DAY STEPHEN BURNSIDE OMA ALLISON JAMES CAFIN MARGARET KARCHER DONALD SPRINKLE PEGGY NOLAN VERNON BAKER HELEN MORFEY JAMES SMITH SHIRLEY DONALDSON RICHARD BRANCH BONNIE ANDERSON RALPH WOODALL I .::2,, .,I,,, ,,.. I- TT: REQ ,,.,-, ,F 45 I I I Sven 'Smurf ,ummm -Ulm naw LARRY ROGERS CAROL RAGLE DALE LIESTMAN PAT MITCHELL CAROLYN CAFIN BEN SHAFFER DICK WARNER DALE HUISINGA 4? PATTY RECORD JOE RICE HELEN HARPER RUSSELL BEALS DOLLY FARLOW JIM MOONEY SHIRLEE CATLIN GARY BARNES SHIRLEY MEECE JANIS DYE JOE CHALK SUE SHONKWILER TERRY GREGORY 0Pll0M0llE JANE LYON President, Jerry Morgang Treasurer, Irene Yorkg and Vice-President, Joe Chalk. Effie Smith was the secretary, but moved from Monticello before the end of school. Mr. Vere Wolf, Miss Gwen Elder, and Mrs. Barbara Cook were class advisors. RONALD HOWARD BARBARA BENSON ROGER LILLY JUDITH BURNSIDE JUDITH BRUHN MARILYN LUBBERS LARRY COZAD ELAINE CLAPP HARRY MCCLURE JOYCE JONES Q 9 ,I ii I' .MARY KAY SUMNER BETTY DONALDSON FRANCIS LARSON RONALD DEAN WILLIAM LONG JERRY HARDY PEGGY HILGENDORF CAROLE BLACKER ,,,,,, JANET WALDMAN , ,EII LY DONALD SUMMERS "'A'A ' ,..:: A"' I MARILYN CAMPBELL WJ ,W-saw RAY HETTINGER SALLY PATRICK JOHN HAWBAKER SHIRLEY WALDMAN BOB SAIN LOUISE WHITACRE 'WG 'Qi in Y :Stagg has aiu 1" 1 X 'iii QE'f"'..:l"'ig LINDA VARNER IRENE YORK NORMAN SMITH 'VIAURICE OAKLEY LARRY FOSTER NOBLE TARTER RICHARD PERRY RUTH ANN BEEBE BIIJL DRESBACK HARELD BURKE JERRY MORGAN DARELD BURKE JOHN BENJAMIN BARBARA AMMANN MARJORIE MCINTYRE VIRGINIA MADDEN Q , . W "iQ ::..: H A I ff? 2 9 PAUL MACE H9 if 9 45 'SS if CAROLYN DRESBACK DORIS SAGO JIM WALDEN JERRY DOWNEY DON DUBSON DONALD TRIMBLE DONNA HATFIELD DARLENE BENNETT RRRR I I , R If-R 'V I f CAROLYN LUBBERS .W ,.: ' xx ., iw , 'SF . S, A' CHRIS KOSS , ::. Nan-aff' ,.: If fy A ,..- X wt :,. " I I Rise AI. X: gh. TERRY CRESAP lf . S :zv I 5 I WW -QQ Q zzzz if B .,Edg1 CAROLYN PHILLIPS ,W ?' 3' .ef .1 ,, A' : 'Zi K X , 13, 'wi -R-Rf R:.V, I ...: "":"' KENNETH SMITH ff I ISSS I I S RIRR III III ,.,: :,1 , 'IR' ' SARAH WILLIAMSON JOYCE BECKHART DORIS HANELINE JOANNE WITTIG DALE LEACH BARBARA TRIMBLE is i i '55 QE if Q gs ' If' 'Ii 5? 'W' W uv 5 'L' ', fi 425- 5, 4 , , . we ',::'f f . G., , President, David Alexanderg Secre tary, Dwaine Merrimang Vice-Presi dent, Nancy Tarterg Treasurer, Roger Kallembach. Coaches Bill Brady and Don VVi1t were class advisors. JERRY DAVIS DORIS ERWIN LARRY HANELINE MARTHA OEHMKE MERYLE SMITH GWENDOLYN GILLESPIE VIRGIL HUNTER HELEN ALEXANDER LYNN RICE MARILYN SMITH HARVEY SNELL MERNA MOEFIELD ALLEN MCCABE NANCY HECKMAN NORMAN OAKLEY 355955 I J twin MW RUTH ANNE HANSEN DARRELL HETTINGER BETTY DICKERSON DWAINE MERRIMAN DARLENE CAMPBELL DAVID ALEXANDER JUDY LARSON JIM MORRIS WANDA AMMANN RICHARD KIRK ELIZABETH TARTER GERALD DAY DONNA HIGGINS JOHN HOWARD KAY BUCHANAN CORWIN MADDEN HAZEL SECRIST EDWIN DALTON RUSSELL FLOYD BARBARA HENSON LEE ROBERTS JOAN TURNER LARRY SCOTT ADELINE CLIFTON PAUL SAIN MARY ANN DOTY CHARLES BAIRD SHEILA PARKER DON CAFIN ANNA LIGGETT BILL BARLOW JANE VAN VLEET RUSSELL BROWN NANCY DONALDSON NANCY BEEBE BOB BARBOUR 'ma-mf S WY' uf 5. 'NAI' ww my WV 'Mel VERNA BOYD HUBERT WRENCH BEVERLY SUMNER ELVIN BURTON MYRNA HUBBART ROBERT EUBANKS ARLENE PARTON JOHN DAVIDSON BETTY BURKE REX HEACOCK SHIRLEY EASTHAM WAYNE RINEHART CHARLOTTE CHANEY DORIS SCROGGINS SHARON ROBINSON JOSEPH KNUPP LINDA SMITH LARRY MORENZ KAY PALMER BILL HUXHOLD JEAN BUCKLEY RONALD TABOR BETTE SELF WILLIAM ALEXANDER NORMA MITCHELL ROGER KALLEMBACH BARBARA VALENTINE NANCY TARTER DORMA BURTON CAROL PETERSON VIRGINIA ANDERSON 40 Library at noon hour! Candidl Cafeteria lunch-line Y 0 ll I' ' - McCartney, Navy H sxxzmervisel Sarah Wlulamso Prgctices. sally Patriksle Beckhart, Judy Bfuhn a interestS- Will she start? "Regusted" Trimble Secretary Beverly Shinneman takes lunch money. Mrs. Cook, Dean Doss, Carolyn Dresback, Nancy Hawbaker in Tom Branch laughs' X. fn 'vw f-U, f KQV Q-X1-.1 if .--5:-... L33 f X! f f yqill gk , X M X 5TUl'Q5 X 'LQ Y is X '11 6 n H X S J' X , J Gary Barnes -1, ,..,,, A ,,. I ,,, J ., H, "f.". -?:. ., . .s. ,' Queen Helen Harper -' , 4 - IFJ "7 Homecoming Ro alty 1952 x . . 4?""""'n gl ""5'J Q fl' I V 1 Ona Secrlst Peck and e John McFeeters """N Effie Smith and Jcrry Purcell Na ,' y ",. Doris Scroggins and Roger Kallembac ! Vip-up Comphments of ., ,q.. Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Shonkwiler is align . IOS! X X X , Wg E vu X 55 N1 M gtg ska? up Q ' ,. ig-if -"V: ai' . - v Q . . ,-X' gn, wwf. u Aww 150' .4 ! ,, 21' if ,Q , f Q?'fi,1 'Q L .X'x Q A g is ! X , . a x, 1 J, tx A Q 1 H .,.L X ,' ff' 1 ' 'M V Q N , ,V f" ' I J v .,4 X tA3 aff! fi, ww K A A "six Q- '..:AKS, - 1 2 ,,.,,,, , ,x ,M KW, . ' Af'-225""...i-51.5 -. M . ,W . 1 .. , -1:?Q 3fz:.w 1 , 9"E5ZEg:':"':"g:': 5'5" ,Q I 1 .,,k.fx::.: 4qqu M N l X'ff ,X HUMECIIMI GJUBILATIU The 1952 bonfire-pep session on the evening preceding the Homecoming football game started the fes- tivities. Approximately one hundred students participated in a snake dance, which started around 7:00 p. m. on the square and ended at the high school just before the bonfire got underway. Wally Gregory acted as master of ceremonies and introduced the various speakers. The cheerleaders led a few arousing yells, as did Watt Jones, who was on hand with the band. The boys' octet led by Vere Wolf sang two numbers. Friday noon, Homecoming Day all the classes and organizations assembled their floats in front of the high school for the traditional judging and parade through town. The Juniors' float placed first among the classes while the F.B.L.A, float was chosen as the best entry for organization. 3 agar .sis is 'V :J ,va 'H by A '- .' "'?'x'f 'Y 1 E , . t Z. Q my-'xy It , dh S 'Q ,I 4 x . -' 0 s 4-f' 5, Aj "H-.-. . ,1 Ms- ,Q 5 , I " ,. ?,A?., A Q A-aw ,f . I A ! Z0 ffl I 4 ryk, 5 JU llllt Above the make-up committee are preparing the "grease paint" for the various actors and actresses. Above is pictured the cast of the Junior Class play, THE NIGHT OF JANUARY 16TH. Carl Buckley, Policemang Sue Wil- liams, Prison Matrong Mike Henebry, Judge Heathp Dale Liestman, Doctor Kirklandg Marilyn Cafin, Secretaryg Harlan Strohl, Court Stenographerg Helen Morfey CMagda Svensonb, Swedish Housekeeperg Alan Miner, Clerk of Courtg Shirley Sain, CRoberta Van Rensselaerh, Night Club Entertainer: Joe Rice CSiqurd Junquistb, Swedish Witness, Ruth McFe-cters CJane Chandlerl, Handwrit- ing Expert: Sydney Dresback CDefense At- torney Stevensbg Nancy Hawbaker, QKaren Andreb, On Trial For Murderg Gary Barnes fDistrict Attorney Flintbg Ann McCartney CNancy Lee Faulknerb, Wife of Murdered Man, Gayle Day CLarry Reganb, Gangster Playboy, Carolyn Cafin CMrs. John Hutch- insl, Colored Maid, Larry Rogers CJohn Graham Whitfieldb, Philanthropistg Helen Harper, Court Secretaryg Steve Burnside CHomer VanFleetD, Private Detective: Sally Chambers, Secretaryg Jim Bennett CElmer Sweeneyl, Police Officer - Witnessg Jo Ed Dove, Bailiffg Ralph Woodall, Policeman. Best wishes from PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Behind the scenes in director Ruby Crider's classroom, make-up crew prepare Harlan Strohl and Ralph Woodall for the big production. Here the murdered man's wife, Ann McCartney is being questioned by D i s tr i c t Attorney, Gary Barnes, while rest of cast looks on. Material Witness of the Defense CNancy Hawbakerl and the Prose- cution CAnn MicCartneyJ clash forces in this scene from ON THE NIGHT OF JANUARY 16th while Defense Attorney CSydney Dresbackb and Prosecuting Attorney CGary Barnesl look on. 49 PRI G A On the evening of March 27, the Girls Athletic Association held its annual Spring Reversal Dance. Music was furnished by Del Gilbert and his band from 9 P. M. till midnight. Red and white life buoys proclaimed "Moonlight Voyage" as the theme. The auditorium was decorated with portholes, anchors, ship's railing and Popeye and Olive. Hungry sailors patronized the G.A.A. food stand. Spring Reversal was a success with approximately 150 couples attending. The free ticket was awarded to Mary Ann Doty by the G.A.A. for selling the most tickets. Chairmen of committees were: Shirley Sprague, foodg Marilyn Cafin, clean-upg Ruth McFeeters, ticketsg Nancy Hawbaker, bandg Helen Harper, themeg Joyce Beckhart, decorationsg Donna Norton, publicityg Nancy Heath, tables. GENO PRODUCTS - Congratulations Grads. REVERSAL SPRING UUNCERT WEETHEART IIA UE The Sweetheart Dance was spon- sored by the GAA and the FFA. The FFA candidates for king were: Larry Scott, Harry McClure, Dick Warner, Gerald Gillespie. The GAA candidates for queen were: Gwendolyn Gillespie, Carole Blacker, Nancy Hawbaker, JoAnn Noecker. The voting was done by dropping pennies into the box of the desired candidates. Each penny counted one vote. CLeftJ The queen and king of the 1953 sweet- heart dance- -JoAnn Noecker and Dick Warner. CBelowJ Shown voting for their candidates are: -Judy Burnside, Don Trimble, and Maurice Oakley. 53 li E lllli The Junior Class entertained the 1953 Seniors, the board members and wives, and faculty at the annual qi! X4 'V Junior-Senior Prom on May 15. The theme was "Heaven and Hades". The luscious meal was served by Sophomore girls dressed as angles and Sophomore boys dressed as devils. Helen Morfey sang "Ro- mance" followed later by John Howard's "Smilin' Through". Then came the clever hatchet oration given by Carolyn Smith of the Senior Class and Steve Burnside of the Junior Class. Following a local mens' quartet, came a skit entitled "Once on a Dark and Stormy Night". vi' At the dance, the Juniors and Seniors had to either enter into Heaven or Hades. In Hades they were welcomed by the "Devil" while in Heaven they were greeted by "St, Peter". After dancing for a couple of hours to the music of Joe Berns and his orchestra, the names of a king and queen were drawn from the Senior Class. King Adam was Richard Leach and Queen Eve was Juanita Woodall. A high school quartet sang "You Can't Get to Heaven." if Q wk iv: E N QA fu X S52 wwwgi fb DIQTICS 'E' k fc . .-.......-.. .....- ,.,.... ,.,.,, ..,, . , . E The Sages defended their l95l Co-Championship Title of the Okaw Valley with six lettermen returning to the squad, Their record started with three straight victories, but encountering injuries, the team won only two of the last six games. INV' we f 'K Although the Sages did not have the winning re- QQ N gg, 5, ,xx 'A-,..,,+'j cord. they did not lack spirit at any of the games. Not ,,, Q, H , K until the final ending of a game, did the team submit ', wi '- 'je ,gi to losing, gym? its ll" ,, k tw ivy, nN9jx'vfl mga Qwgnifmftrif ,, .7 muah. N535 , ,N ii i yi' . . Nz. +MWwb.m w espvk.. an . ww fu mb Nun if 'T' M. ' for N.-r it 4. MQ, rid 1 v. 4 1952 F00'l'll E Coaches: Wally Gregory, athletic director, Bill Brady, varsity, Don Wilt, reserves. Back row: Harry Mc- Clure, Don Cafin, Ronald Dean, Bob Barbour, John Hawbaker, Allan McCabe, Norman Oakley, Hubert Wrench, Kenneth Smith, Lee Roberts, Roger Kallembach, Dale Leach, Bud Fair, Gerald Day, Jerry Downey. Third row: Rex Heacock, Don Dubson, Tom Branch, Dick Branch, Larry Rogers, Richard Hubbartt, Carl Buckley, Jack V xg' 'Q M ifY"f,m "i "r W Q . X ir 'J 1 X 'Wu W' is X '. y rftefwhm 4 -1 The record of the game scores were: U High of Normal Atwood ....... Q we., Qiijz, W? , " u 'W lf" S, elf. kgqi an " Q ' WA Juli sn W 'aff Cerro Gordo . . 4. Q 6 i . 5 Tuacola .... Unity .... 1' Arcola .... Oakland .... 12 N -,,, ,, Villa Grove . . 7 ri Bement . . . :al . 'H 'Q U' il, . 'S-with ," A 4 - "' f 5.4-'.., , if 'B ' 0 ' W ' 1 W ' -., 5. a , is.: if N1 W. A, 8 . we . N. ' e- f , 5 'P Q:w'Qi"0k .ag " 'Wfv ? y ,u if 'uk I ' 5 ! ,X 1 Q . . V 3,966 -n . uiawy A ,',fM .. ,' ' - , QQ" , gffifl , .- ,. d x3'1'f'f zfimwe -4, :rf-'fri . '--6.1 1. ' -y nf 1- "' A., f--ii A 'HY if , ,-f,..f'1 if - 'kc' W " at - 4' - -Q ' , 1.29 . .ii "fe ,,, r .iv-:L 'vw-y. 'T' ' 4 ' xi ' , ug, "S, W6 ef I X Ln Comm ng Gayle Day. Dick Warner. Wayne Rinehart, Jerry Morgan. Norman Smith. Second row: Vernon Biker keith Buchanan, Steve Burnside, John Claxton, Dean Doss, Wayne Alexander, Jack Schmidel, Bob Si n L ri ild Gillespie, Wydcll Secrist, Chris Koss. Front row: Noel Pike, Larry McClure, Gary Barnes, Mike llcici x Syl D smirk Xlin 'Vlincr Don Rex Kenny Heiin Dick Leach Jim Walden Larry LeCrone I-in-unix Ends: Keith Buchanan, Larry Rogers, Gary Barnes, Dick Leach, Gayle Day, Steve Burnside Backs: sf VAR ITY TEAM VD . .. Gerald Gillespie, Larry LeCrone, Jim Walden, Larry McClure, Noel Pike ? ORA O. PIKE - Ford Dealer f 'H 'f Linemen: Mike Henebry, Syd Dresback, John Claxton, Alan Miner, Dean Doss, Don Rex, Kenny Hearn. ......liEEllVE Varsity Reserves: Back row: Jack Cummings, Tom Branch, Dick Branch, Carl Buckley, Dick Hubbartt, Dick Warner. Second row: John McFeeters, manager, Bob Sain, Vernon Baker, Wayne Alexander, Wydell Secrist, Jack Schmidel, Roger Lilly, manager. First row: Chris Koss, Jerry Morgan. ia Where the Sages Meet 'n Eat - COUNTRY CHARM DAIRY 1 X .1 li as if Buck row: L00 Rrtlicwt., John llfiwhaikvr. Norinzin Oakley, Hiilioit Wrench, Ronald Dvzin, Roger Killcnilin W'tiync lliiit-li:ii't, Stwond row: Gvrzild Dziy, Allen McCabe. Bob Biirlnour, Kenneth Sniith, Bud Fair, Dilt Lt wh on Czilin, First row: llzirry lVlCClLl1'l', Rex Hvucock. Noixly Smith, Jerry Downey. Don Dobson. FRO H- The freshman-sophomore football team enjoyed a very fine season this your winning three, losing one, and tying one. There were between eighteen and twenty boys at the piuictit-os. Couch Wilt was the freshman-sophomore coach and eonccritixltvd mostly on the funflamctntals of the gains-. Most of these boys will move up to tho varsity sqiiiicl and will be playing inoro tho nvxt if-w yours, 0PHO UHE 0 AD Tabulation of Freshingin-Sophomore Games Monticello v ,,,,,,A,, 18 tFi'eshm0n onlyl BL-ment ,,,.... Atwood .... Sullivan ,.,,,, Cerro Gordo ,- Liikvview. Dt-cu I .. HUD' In ,Q --. X . u, -s . v 2 mu- U z Q Q A K 5+ , Q 1 1 . ' x Q Ag' , ,WI x N A FW is 343' Q XX 1 M wi 4 'W' vw awww H- :QF Z.- w Sf 4 , 3 D .v t "' 5 K by I :-""'r -. A , .-vur 1 n . .1 hun Y., :UR "" an im E 1 1-Q L I . ,W fgfzfgxigaflw H ' B 4' 5f,fifl'2'1-SQA. , X0 Af ff "Q2lkS 'y-2f'ffE?5Q ., My - W Q ' 'r " K 1 L, , ' v 'fb- . f "v Q 'M Kiwis . aww! W 29, Q 1 ' N. 'ge-.,,,b ,. ww 'QV ' , ,,+ fr - g3rz,,,5,4,,.v.5 , ,rf Q A, 4 Aygn w ,wb 7 Q , K , .v,, MQW . , , ,A 9 . fl . . . , . WV , K, ' ' A Q' , -1 .jzif V ' rm Noecker, Helen Harper, Caro ',: - i f'fW'fi?FR . f - , ,frm ul , .a nfs,-,.Qm iw: iff ' 4553-v . 1 4 I M3 'zA'r-v"151 4 'ff L As'2':1,, 5-. frm: I I ' w 74 1 ,px ,KU fx . c Hx -at 9 + L "'A , 'Lf 931'-rf'Q.f!'3f1"f in -1. .,-JD' fi.-rf F' ms., fm, V W fag! ,WM V K T Y 'jf K ff 5, , . iffy 4 9 W1 Sf? i"?fJ'1 Wd . 1.-4 : ,J 3- fn JS KM fs 448 1 5 Back row: .lim Cafin. John McFeeters, Kenny Hearn. Bob Scott, Gary Barnes, Larry McClure, Larry Scott manager. Front row: Coach Wilt. Dean Doss, Jim Mooney, Jerry Morgan, Larry LeCronc, Gerald Day, manager H152-533A KETRALL VARSITY The M,H.S. 1952-53 Basketball Season turned out well despite the fact that the squad as a whole was lacking experience at the start of the season. Head Coach. Don Wilt. in his first year at Monticello, got the lwst out ot' the boys in bringing them through to a 13-14 win and lose record. The high point of the season was the Okaw Tournament in which the Sages placed second. They also lied for third place in the Okaw Conference race. In the Regional tournament. the Sages came as close to defeating Deland-VVeldon as any team did until they were topped by Danville Schlarman in the Sectional Finale. Monticello ,- .-- 43 Unity .,,., ,c 51 55 Lovington -, .. 38 53 Mansfield ,H . . 59 55 Bement .. . 54 47 Tuscola ,- .- 49 48 Lincoln . H T0 Tourney - - Okaw 'I'ournc5' Championship Regional - -. Paris ,....,, - - Uni High Urban Tuscola ,..,,,, Oakland ,,.,,, Cerro Gordo ,.. Atwood ,.,,, Arthur ,,.,, Urbana ,,,,. St. Teresa W, Arcola ,,,, . .H Cerro Gordo ,- Bement ..,.. Tuscola ...,,, Zl Villa Grove .,,, Sullivan ..,, Arcola .,.,. Newman .v,, Champaign - , - Oakwood ,,,.,, Mt. Pulaski ,,,. Deland-Weldon I Rasta 5 B . HG a. S fr? ,f 5- KKK W' .4 ' J' ,I All " 8 Q 1 1 Z .5 ...-1' f SES 'IDD Back row: Gayle Day, Syd Dresback, Dale Huisinga, Larry Rogers, Dick Hubbartt and Coach Bill Brady Front row: Dick Warner, Don Summers, Don Dubson, Ron Dean, Jim Walden and Harry McClure. RE ERVES in The Monticello reserves, coached by Coach Bill Brady, won eight games and lost twelve last season. This was Mr. Brady's first year as coach of the reserve team. This team got off to a good start, winning three out of their first five games, then they hit a losing streak. After they snapped out of this, they played better ball for the rest of the season. They had a lot of exciting ball games, winning some in the last few minutes and losing a few the same way. The players and their positions were: Don Summers, Don Dubson, Larry Rogers, Ronald Dean, and Gayle Day, fowardsg Jim Cafin, Harry McClure, Jim Walden, Jim Mooney, Dick Warner, and Kenneth George, guardsg Sydney Dresback, Dick Hubbartt, and Dale Huisinga alternated at center. These boys have a lot of height and scrap. Also, they will be fighting for a varsity berth next year. The tabulation of scores: Monticello Unity ...... Lovington -- Mansfield -- Tuscola --- Bement --- Lincoln --- Paris ...... Oakland --- Cerro Gordo Atwood .... Arthur .... Urbana .... St, Tresea -- Villa Grove Sullivan --- Arcola .... Newman --- Champaign Oakwood - - Mt. Pulaski 1 'ia' f I , 1.1- .. 1 1 ...en A. BEE 55522 " 5 j z ' Q-4 '04 35185251 2 f5'3lEESi ., EEE SQ 9 . is 3 55 58 , .4 ' at 955 sf . aa' fx. 'ii it Back row: Hubert Wrench, Ronald Dean, Wayne Rinehart, Don Dubson, Roger Kallembaeh. Second row: Jim Walden, Don Summers, Larry Scott, Harry McClure, ,Jerry Davis, David Alexander. Front row: Charles Baird Rex Heacock, Gerald Day, Dale Leach, Johnny Davidsson, Bob Barbour. FRO ll- 0Pll0M0llll lllllll' TER The Freshmen and Sophomores did not play together much this year. The Freshmen had a schedule of their own and the Sophomores played with the Varsity and Reserves. There were twelve freshmen boys and six sophomores out for basketball. The freshmen had a 7-3 record. Together the freshmen and sophomores had 1-1 record. The freshmen and sophomores entered a tourna- ment at Cerro Gordo. They won second place in the tournment being defeated by Bement in the championship game. The tabulation of scores for the freshmen were: Monticello .,..... 46 Bement .......... 19 30 Villa Grove ---.-- 38 32 Farmer City ..... 25 54 Bement .......... 19 31 Farmer City ..... 43 33 Villa Grove ...... 32 51 West Unity ...... 44 37 Atwood ..... --- 29 31 Atwood .... --- 27 44 East Unity ....... 45 Although not always being on the winning side when the game ended, they boys were spirited and wililigg to keep fighting until the game was officially en e . bn.- awk: if e t M 1 1 NMI yr stu 'xv--"" an-417' 'I gQj.7S'f '91 'nu--M" A w X f 2-.X 1 WWA if L-Q9 dev' X Keith Buchanan Ray Valentine Ra Hettln er Don 7 Y y g Y umrners, Chris Koss, Bill Skillings. Front rowg Larry eCrone, Russell Floyd, Kenneth Smith, Rex Heacock, ob Barbour. wid ff with. wed. CTIVITICS 111, .f ix ' I l U ,NA Z K" 'X 4 'N C fm, X N Av K X rj? '-'l - W, rg--1 .,.5' ,1 YW mx B Staff members responsible for the publication of the annual are Mrs Barbara Cook Advlsor Patty Record Writer Ann McCartney Cseatedb Copy Editor Joyce Beckhart Make up Editor Judie Burn side Layout Editor Gary Barnes Writer Sue Shonkwxler Writer Shirley Timmons Cseatedb Editor in Chief Miriam Briggs Writer Nancy Hawbaker Assistant Editor Dick Tabor Writer Jim Mooney A61 Edltor Joe Rice Artist CNorman Smith Staff Cartoonist was a sentj wr' Contemplating one of their many sales projects are Carolyn Smith Cseatedb, Sales Managerg Carolyn Dresback, Assistant Business Managerg Dean Doss, Business Managerg Madolyn Chalk and Doris Sago, Co-advertising Managersg Dick Hodges and Miriam Briggs, Assistant Sales Managers. 623 General Staff Members Front row Marllyn Lubbers Margaret West Dorxs Hanehne Jane Lyons Sara W11l1am son Patty We1scope Back row Lar ry Rogers Don Tr1mble J1m Bennett Deadlines The Annual Staff one of the bus1est student groups 1n M H S havlng completed th1s publlcatxon can relax for a short txme To make the publ1cat1on possxble everyone had to work 1n unlson hke the parts of a b1g mach1ne On the Ed1tor1al Staff many hands labored dxhgently to meet the scheduled dead Meetmg deadllnes IS not all 1n pub hshmg an Annual Had lt not been for the clever money maklng schemes organxzed by the Buslness Staff the mach1ne would not have been properly balanced Some of the 1d8aS to brmg 1n money and carrled out successfully were leanxn corn sellm ennants NNUAL STAFF General Staff Members Front row Bette Self Sheha Parker Merna Moefleld Peggy Nolan Carolyn Lubbers Donna Norton Back row Norman Smlth CStaff Car toomstb Steve Burnslde V1rg1n1a Anderson R1chard L1nds1ey S 8 S P sweatsh1rts Chrxstmas wrappxngs and candy Advert1s1ng space was sold to local merchants In February the Annual subscr1pt1ons dr1ve was held Under the superv1s1on of Mrs Barbara Cook advlsor the 1952 53 MEMORIES staff succeeded 1n accomphshmg the1r Annual staff members Nancy Mr McElroy purchases h1s annual from sales Hawbaker Judle Burnslde Caro women Donna Norton and Peggy Nolan lyn Dresback Sally Partrck and Joyce Beckhart are busy check mg and f1l1ng annual subscr1p tions f , : , Q .A -4 aa iv 1 'W ff 'A E' 1 ' ' 2 . 1 . 1 ' , . . D . ' ! 1 ' n , ,H Q l , sz, M rl .sf ' .1 , 1 o . . ., ' . , . in V . . X Y Q D - 1 1 11nes. 4 , , - A ' U ' 1 ' 1 . ' 1 1 1 , 1 - - . ' . , . . . - . I . . , , ' . . ' . ' ' Y ' 7 . , Q , , . . . . ,., in ' A ..., , K 1 1 ' - Y 1 FU'l' RE IIIIMEMAKERS Back row: B. Tarter, D. Burton, D. Higgins, D. Campbell, V. Boyd, K. Buchanan, M. Doty, K. Palmer, J. Wittig, H. Alexander, N. Mitchell, B. Dickerson. Middle row: W. Ammann C. Peterson, N. Heckman, N. Beebe, M. Hubbard, A. Clifton, M. Smith, D. Erwin, L. Smith 1 1 J. Turner, A. Liggett. Front row: D. Scroggins, V. Anderson, S. Parker, M. Moefield, H. Secrist, A. Parton, J. Larson, S. Robinson, B. Trimble, B. Valentine, J. VanVleet. Behsonylc yin xt Y' rx eu 5 to 21352 33' P X CHSPW ui A66 Be ufflnet gilt-h pben S 09296 O OTP? ye d B3 xx ri um 5 benS me 9 T. S. Oi Has: P. C Se u-0501! 95:5 xgook ADW X WOO 3 new ubbe Yenll FYOQK Y COO MEQSODN ...K Y 2 ?0fii..wOe Nl e 5 D :SCX S Feeleliscove s Pal rown on iuams Nl C 5 Y D Yailixletsgncamn NX 1 S 1 4 'A A . B.. ,Q 7 9 B 1 lf NU .gLB,g- yf3'L'Cv. M . - , v G' v l XG gg ,fav g C L briefs' S nef' U wade' .55 paaeco Q- ' 1 ' -L. - . ' D- '- NX STG dl. v W 1 NX y - .BD ,NL ' 'vs ' We in-L in S. - B ', - . " . g ,wj 1 - .B Q ' QW, ' 1 . . x-:,' Completed Prejeets: Early in the school year the Future Homemakers of America selected their officers. Mrs. Bethel Secrist was named Chapter Mother for '53. As the first club project, the F.H.A. girls celebrated United Nations Day. The girls served special dinners of foreign foods Swedish Chinese Ha wanan and many others If possible the girls tried to work in foreign costumes and decorations A skit and a slide mov1e on the United Nations ended the gala celebration For their first community progect in December the girls went Christmas caroling The caroling ended at the high school where they had a taffy pull In May the home economics depart ment put on a fashion show and skit for the PTA Something new was added to the club this year the girls made a study of special careers In this study the girls attended demonstrations on cook ing saw a film on Home Economic Careers and a guest speaker talked to the chapter on Home Economics and Homes of Tomorrow The school proJect of the chapter was a special recreation program for students during the noon hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays The chapter 0F AM RICA Studlng their F H A emblem are the officers and advisor Back row bought a phonograph and records NR M a r g a r e t VanVleet Historian Helen Harper Song Leader Jane Lyon Parllamentarian S h 1 r 1 e y Sain Recreation Chairman Patty Record Degree Chairman Gwen Gillespie Treasurer Front row Mrs Anita Fielder Advlsor JoAnn Noecker Vice Presiednt Marilyn A 1 e x a n d e r President Miriam Briggs Secretary In the home ec kitchen Juanita Woodall Mrs Anita Fielder Jo Ann Noecker Shirley Sprague and Sue Alexander are discussing and working on a scrapbook of career studies which is a FHA oject This progect took s1xth 1n state competition u,,.,.-om,-""' At the annual home ec style show given for PTA in May the FHA girls also held thelr installation f 1953 54 officers Mrs Anita Fielder advisor watches as retlring recreation chairman Ann McCartney takes her seat in the semi circle of past and pre sent officers Miriam Briggs Jane Lyon Cora White Barbara Valent1ne Mari lyn Alexander Joyce Beckhart Doris Sago Shirley Sain Margaret Van Vleet Gwen Gillespie and JoAnn Noecker HUMEM all Ri AK S AMERICA FFA Old Members Back row Donald Sprmkle Rxchard Beals Carl Buckley Terry Cresap Gayle Day Dale Hulsmga Bob Scott Jack Cummmgs Dxck Branch Chrls Koss Ed Hettmger John Haw baker Harry McClure Paul Nlles Larry LeCrone Paul Mace FUTURE FARMERS '! 2"' 1Zl""'EJl",-"3-F-'HT Ill Green Hands Back row Robert Eubanks Dareld Burke Lee Roberts B111 Huxhold Jerry Davls B111 Alexander Larry Scott Harvey Snell Front row Larry Morenz Elvm Burton Darrell Het txnger J1m MOYFIS Corwm Madden Joe Chalk u vs . ' ' . . . . . , 2 , , 1 9 1 D 1 1 Q 1 ' 1 r 1 s - 1 1 AL... 1 - R KX I 5 ,- 1 ,sv..'!"!"Z , E Q 1 Ji' .f ' fx l ' ' v ' 1 v l 1 9 . . ' . R. ' ' ' V Y ' v v 1 ' I' ea- These boys were selected as the of-flC61S for 1952 53 Jack Miner First Vice President ten most outstanding in FFA Gerald Gillespie Second Vice President Larry Rogers Back row Dick Warner Larry Reporter Don Rex Sergeant of Arms Jim Bennett LeCrone Don Rex Larry Rogers Treasurer Mr Joe Smith Advisor Larry McClure Presi Jack Miner Gerald Gillespie dent Cseatedj Dlck Warner Secretary Cseatedb Front row Larry McClure Jim Bennett Bob Scott Dale Huis mga Bumper Crop Reported Several activities have been undertaken by the F FA this year The first activity this year was the state Judging contest ln June 1952 Those who part1c1pated were Jim Bennett Dick Branch Tom Branch Chris Koss Larry McClure and Larry Rogers CAnother activity was the state FFA convention which was attended by Jim Bennett and Larry Mc lure Later in the summer came the Vocational Agricultural Section show at Decatur This is a show in which the boys show their projects Among those who participated were Tom Branch John Hawbaker Gayle Day Dale Huisinga and Larry Rogers Leadership Trainmg School was held at Allerton Center This was one of the many highlights in the F F A program since Monticello was host The FFA added something new this year in the way of safety They had a special meeting for all the corn picker operators in this area Other activities pursued by the orgamzation were the FFA and GAA combined meeting discussing teen-age problems' the boys put into practice a study of soil at the land judging contest at Maroa' the boys were the hosts to the section by having the Grain and Poultry Show' the boys decided to invest in farm machinery and make an educational study of it by repairing the machines' again the F.F.A. and G.A.A. combined to elect a King and Queen at the annual Sweetheart Coke Dance' a picked group was entered in the Parlimentary Procedure Contest at Niantic' Honors Day came to the F.F.A.. Letters and ribbons won by the members of the F.F.A. were distributed then. F.F.A. members, supervised by advisor, overhaul old machinery for re-sale. Best Wishes from EAST END TAVERN. GIRL ATHLETIC 3 6-Q A 'X if ns- . G ,,, i 'Q af' Fourth row: Nancy Tarter, Marilyn Smith, Virginia Anderson, Roberta Benjamin, Peggy Hilgendorf, Bar- bara Benson, Carole Peterson, Carolyn Phillips, Sue Williams, Carolyn Dresback, Ann McCartney, Ruth McFeeters, Joyce Geoggle, Doris Erwin, Barbara Henson, Nancy Heath. Third row: Helen Harper, Sue Shonkwiler, Myrna Moefield, Shirley Sprague, JoAnn Noecker, Linda Varner, Mary Kay Sumner, Marilyn Lubbers, Shirley Donaldson, Beverly Summers, Anna Liggett, Carolyn Lubbers, Janis Dye, Barbara Dub- G.A.A. Officers: Back row, Shirley Sprague, Senior Representative, Nancy Heath, Junior Repre- sentative, Barbara Benson, Sophomore Representa- tive, Kay Buchanan, Freshman Representative, Nancy Hawbaker, Social Chairman, Judie Burnside, Social Chairman, Miss Gwen Elder, Advisor, Ruth McFeeters, Representative for East Bay Camp, Judy 1 Bruhn, Reporter and Manager of the Scrapbook. 5 7, Front row: Peggy Hilgendorf, Norma Sumner, -4' ,V Sports Chairman, Jane Lyon, Treasurer, Sue ' A Shonkwiler, Secretary, Shirley Sain, Vice-President, Marilyn Alexander, President and Representative for East Bay Camp. 5, SSOCIA'l'l0 M ZS N-in fi' son. Second row: Pearl Darsham, Shirley Waldman, Carol Ragle, Doris Sago, Sara Williamson, Norma Sumner, Marilyn Cafin, Carolyn Cafin, Helen Alexander, Donna Norton, Jane Lyon, Joyce Beckhart, Nancy Hawbaker, Ruth Sumner. Front row: Nancy Donaldson, Charlotte Chaney, Arlene Parton, Barbara Valen- tine, Judy Larson, Sharon Robinson, Barbara Trimble, Judy Bruhn, Shirley Sain, Juanita Woodall, Peggy Hettinger, Elaine Clapp, Sue Alexander, Judie Burnside. 'inn Innings ni Play: The Monticello High School Girls' Athletic Association members met every Monday and Wednesday after school to participate in athletic activities such as soccer, speedball, swimming, basketball, and baseball. Some of the members attended the annual G.A.A. Play Day in the spring and four delegates went to the Basketball, Stunts, Tumbling, and Cheerleading Clinic at Illinois State Normal University. Special activities this year were a slumber party in the gym, chaperoned by Miss Gwen Elder, advisor, and Mrs. Barbara Cook, teacher' and both a formal and informal initation G.AA , . . . sponsored several coke dances following the football and basketball games. In the spring, the annual G.A.A. Spring Reversal Dance was held in the high school auditorium. EET EEE NESS LEADER AUDIT 0E EVE TSZE At the beginning of the year it was voted by the members to continue the organization's project, the publication of the school paper, SAGE TALK. JoAnn Padgett and Mona Secrist Peck were named co-editors. Mrs. Gertrude Clapper, new commer- cial teacher, was advisor. During the course of the year the organization won first prize in the organization division of floats for the homecoming parade, four delegates and Mrs. Clapper attended the Illinois State High School Press Association convention at the University of Illinois: and the officers and advisor also received the honor of oin to the Illinois State F.B.L.A. 8 S convention in Springfield. Gathered around the desk are the F.B.L.A. officers. Seated: JoAnn Noecker, Secretary, JoAnn Pad- gett, President. Standing: Mrs. Gertrude Clapper, Advisor, Gary Barnes, Treasurer, Dean Doss, First Vice-President, Helen Harper, Second Vice- President, Helen Morfey, Song Leader. Back row, J. Schmidel, J. Bennett, S. Dresback, L. Rogers, G. Gillespie, K. Buchanan, R. Mackey, R. Beals, R. Scott, F. Doty, J. Twist, K. Hearn, D. Mace V. Baker, R. Hodges, J. Leischner. Third row: J. Geoggle, D. York, E. Benson, D. Dickerson, M. Brown, F. M. Cook, R. Tabor, J. McFeeters, N, Pike, R. Leach, E. Wrench, L. M Cl R. Lindsley, W. Secrist, T. Branch. Second row: Chambers, M. Alexander, O. Allison, c ure, L. Brian, P. Sebens, P. Nolan, M. Heckman, M. VanVleet, S. Williams, A. McCartney, M. Briggs, S. Meece, S Catlin, M. Chalk, P. Mitchell, C. Strohl, M. West. Front row: M. S. Peck, M. Smith, H. Morfey, M. ' ' l N H h S. Cook, S. Timmons, J. Norfleet, S. Sain, S. Sprague, P. Record, C. Smith, R. McFeeters, C. Rag e, . eat Bennett. 0F AMERICA AGETALK The SAGE TALK Staff gathered in the office to have their pictures taken. Gathering around the table are Madolyn Chalk, reporter, Sue Williams, feature writerg Helen Harper, reporter, Gary Barnes, reporter, Nancy Heath, feature writer, Shirlee Catlin, reporter. At the typewriter are JoAnn Noecker, reporter, and Joan Norfleet, reporter. In the background are Helen Morfey, feature writer, Shirley Meece, re- porter, Miriam Briggs, feature writer, Ruth McFeeters, reporterg Carolyn Smith, feature writer, Ann Mc- Cartney, reporterg Shirley Timmons, reporter, Patty Record, reporter, Mona S. Peck, Co-editor, Richard Lindsley, reporter, JoAnn Padgett, Co-editor, Eugene Wrench, reporter, Tom Branch, reporter, and Advisor, Mrs. Gertrude Clapper. .1 5' W, I :.i'2:xi as H - L? iuni ill!! ?,l?i-W2-4 1 ua ., his wuz... - 'us . F :.e,.,fr'i r T, 1 ""W""""'! .5 " 4 5 ag, 5 Z. N .a...?a1f1k :Q - J 1 Q M2a,.,,. r l Q 'I' ' 24. fe 'Y . ,ol E, Q .LJ "' 'te' 'H 4 i Ol , 5 .f 'S gb X ,f, Back row: D. Doss, R. Valentine, J. Schmidel, J. Claxton, R. Mitchell, R. Lindsley, J. Dove, R. Lilly R Hettinger, K. Buchanan, J. Morgan. Third row: J. Miner, J. Bennett, E. Wrench, R. Mackey, F, Doty, D Liestman, R. Woodall, J. Smith, N. Pike, L. LeCrone. Second row: L. McClure, L. Rogers, C. Wrench, G Day, D. Huisinga, G. Barnes, C. Buckley, S. Dresback, J. Rice. Front row: M. Briggs, H. Morfey, A. Mc- Cartney, N. Hawbaker, J. Noecker, S. Sprague, H. Harper. J. Burnside, J. Beckhart. ll AL Alll Mike Henebry, Larry McClure, and Dean Doss explain time "finer workings" of the movie projector to group. Mr. Robert Glenn is advisor of the Visual Aids Group whose duty it is to operate all visual and audio equipment which is used in the school. This group is a part of a state-wide organization. 4 nf ,f - 1 'I'llIl PIA Thespians is a national organization composed of members active in acting and theatrical production. Above are the group of students who made up the local chapter last fall: Cback row! Dean Doss, John Claxton, Carl Wrench, John McFeeters: Cfront rowj JoAnn Noecker, JoAnn Pedgett, Carolyn Smith, Shirley Timmons. .gp Q. 41. . ,,' lil This spring those students pictured above qualified as new members in the organization: Cback rowb Dick Hodges, Steve Burnside, Larry Rogers, Gary Barnes, Sid Dresback, Wydell Secristg Cfront rowl Miss Mildred Fleming Cadvisorl, Ann McCartney, Mona S. Peck, Carolyn Cafin, Nancy Hawbaker, Shirley Sprague. SPEECH PARTICIPA TS ml, Mrs. Ruby Crider Ccoachl, Carolyn ith, Shirley Timmons Cnegative teaml. sl"""Hgo,,x-nz Q--a....,,, IE the first time in many years, Monticello These three students were David Alexander Corationl, Caro- School this year had an organized de- individual entries in district lyn Cafin Cserious readingl, gquadt The two teamg pictured above and sectional contest: Carl Steve Burnside Qoriginal mono- to the Sectional Speech Contest. Wrench Coriginal oratory, logueb all were in district contest. Cafin, John McFeeters Caffirmative first I in Stateg extemp. speaking, third in Stateb' Nancy Hawbaker Cverse v radio scriptlg Judy Burn: side Chumorous readingj. I 1 S WATT JONES Director 2 J-n ,ey N -'sr I Q f' rmx 1 1 'f' I' I I fi ' , A A W ' f ' ' J-1 ' M4 . LQ - N -' ' . I '- ' f J 0 8 5 f I 2 Yu ' ! X xx "-e""Q'Q-'XG' "wU"""'L 'v V yzgf ' " X f'iCfm9"' ' X V x , f - 5 f,4 I 5 , ,X x . X f i Y f 5 X Q. X1 1' xi A , . " f I , K, ' CAROLYN LUBBERS MARILYN LUBBERS DICK HODGES Drum Major Maj01'eft95 BA D STATE CHAMP Accents For the f1rst txme 1n th1rteen years the Montlcello Hlgh School Band has recelved a superxor ratlng 1n class B 1n the state' Ind1v1dual state wmners were Joe Rxce clarmet solo lst Carolyn Smlth flute solo 2nd D1ck Perry tuba solo 2nd Ensemble w1nners were clar1net quartet 2nd brass sextet 2nd flute Shows were put on by the Marchmg Band at the half tlmes of the football games th1s fall The Marchmg Band went to Normal Un1vers1ty where a marchmg contest was held Two f1rsts were won by the Band and they were for The Best Marchmg Band m classes A and B and The Best All Around Band 1n class The Band part1c1pated 1n the Platt County Mus1c Fest1val held at Bement Montxcello had the honor of playmg host to 24 schools and approx1mately 2000 persons at the H1gh School Dlstrlct contest m March In May the con ert band combmed w1th the Umt grade band grade school choruses and the h1gh school chorus to present the annual spr1ng concert The Marchmg Band preformed 1n the Armlstlce Day parade and the Memor1al Day parade J l A J N . 1. A . . . I . Y I. , Z W . , , 3 9 7 ' K 7 9 Y 3 quartet, 2ndg saxophone quartet, 3rd, LA ' 97 ' . ll ' B ' y 7 0 - ' U , - ', l 7 v . . y . , . , Top row: Cleft to righti Don Trimble, Gary Barnes, Gayle Day, Joe Rice, Wydell Secrist, Dick Second row: Harlan Strohl, Joe Ed Dove, Tom Branch, Larry Bartram, Dick Hodges. Front row: Day, John Howard, Dick Perry, Ronald Howard, Dean Doss, Mr. Vere Wolf. Ullllli 14 X911 .i , l was 4, ,AA Top row: Marilyn Campbell, Verna Boyd, Marjorie Mclntyre, Cora White, Delores Dickerson, Ruth Mc- Feeters, Ruth Hansen, Madolyn Chalk, Wanda Ammann, Doris Scroggins, Kay Buchanan. Third row: Virginia Madden, Oma Allison, Nancy Hawbaker, Shirley Meece, Miriam Briggs, Carolyn Dresb-ack, Sally Patrick, Gwendolyn Gillespie. Second row: Alberta White, Joan Norfleet, Helen Harper, Corrine Strohl, Darlene Bennett, Pat Record, Shirley Sain, Carolyn Smith, Hazel Secrist. Front row: Joanne Wittig, Shirlee Catlin, Barbara Valentine, Bette Self, Nancy Heath, Janis Dye, Carolyn Lubbers, Marilyn Lubbers, Sue Shonkwiler. Hugh otes The chorus dnected by Mr Vere Wolf had about 60 members th1s yea1 It met durmg the s1xth per1od whlch agam th1s year lS rotated between full band and full chorus The chorus took part 111 many Vafled 3CtlVll1eS On December 5 lt Jomed efforts vu1th the Bands and the other choruses for the P1att County MUSIC Fest1Val Wh1Ch was held at Bement Once aga1n 1t took an 3Ct1V6 part 1n the Yulet1de 3Ct1V1tl9S Part of the chorus sang for the PTA Chr1stmas progzam and spec1al groups helped the speech classes w1th the schools Chrlstmas assembly The whole chorus along Wlth several ensembles and sololsts went to the contest The ensembles formed durlng the year 1ncluded The Wester nettes The G1rls Octet The Beautyshop Quar tet The Boys Octet The Mlxed Ensemble The Boys Glee Club and The G1rls Glee Club In May the chorus glOUpS Jomed the Band 1n an The Westernettes Darlene Bennett Sally Pat Dye CJoyce Beckhart was absentb G1rls Glee Club Back row Verna Boyd Cora Wh1te Ruth McFeeters Dor1s Scroggms Kay Buchanan Second row Helen Morfey Al berta Wh1te Joan Norfleet Corr1ne Strohl Delores Dlckerson Wanda Ammann MarJor1e McIntyre Helen Harper Front row Oma Al l1son Betty Self Barbara Valent1ne Ruth Han sen Nancy Hawbaker Sh1rley Sa1n Hazll Sec 1St Gwendolyn G1l1esp1e G1rls Octette Sh1rley Txmmons Joan Nor fleet Nancy Heath Madolyn Chalk, Mona Secr1st Peck Patty Record Carolyn Sm1th Sh1rley Sam Boys' Octette Ron Howard, Dlck Perry, Don M1xed Ensemble Helen Morfey, Helen Harper Tumble, Gayle Day, D1ck Hodges, Gary Barnes, Mlrlam Br1ggs, Sh1rley Meece, Joe RICE, Wy R1chard Leach, Wydell Secr1st dell Secr1st, Nancy Hawbaker, John Howard C C O Y Q Y ' Y , , . . . ,. . , . i . W , . 3 7 Y . ' S Y! ' LA . YY - v 1 h ' 7 I A 3 l . 1 . . 1 Y ' Z Y - amlua Sprmg Comert- rick, Sue Shonkwiler, Judy Bruhn, and Jams ' . . ' 1 , - ' I ' 1- D y . , ' y r a 3 , ' - .. : V , - D I , t , I 1 x . -1 'N . ! Y I , . Q : - , , 1 , . .- Y Y 1 r. . . . , . TUBE C0ll CIL Back Row Chuck Patrrck Dawrd Alexander Roger Kallembaek Irene York Edrth York Jerry Vlorgan Jrm Mooney Joe Chalk Larry Moren7 Center Row Pegffy Nolan Helen Harper Nancy Hawbaker Effre Srnrth Sue Shonkwller Dorrs Seroggrns Nancy Tarter Front Rott Ray Valentrne Svd Dresbick Fred Dotv Wayne Alexander Dwarne Merrrman Jack 'Vlrne1 Bol Sarn llMAllY REl'0ll'l' FIHIM THE Ctlll EIL The Student Counerl started the year off bv electrng therr offrcer Mona Secrrst presrdent Srdnex Dresba k vrce presrdent Peggy Nolan seeretary and Edrth York treasurer The Student Coumrls brg actrxrtx of the year was Horneeomrng Comrnrttees xx ere rppornted from rng commrttees were Ja k 'Vlrner Jerry Morgan Bob Sam Rn Vrlentrne N ncy Havtbaker Jrm Nloonev Charles Patrrek Peggy Nolan Edrth York The fathers of the fogtball players were honored at one of the football grn es and the same xx rs done for the mothers of the basketball players durrng basketball season Two delegates from Montrcello Hreh School were sent to the Annual Student Counerl Conxentron held at Chrcago thrs sprrng Among rts other actrvrtres the Student Councrl sponsored the specral assemhly programs Advrsers this year were Mr J K Felts Mrss Kathyrn Rvan and Mrs Anrta Frelder : ' , " 2 1 ' . ' . ' Y ' A , A , , ' .. 'z 3 ' . , ' ' '. , 1 S ' I ,' '- '3 -' , . ' ' 1 , ' ,r N , 'C ' , ' . ', o ' . r l .' ,- . V, . ' '. ' QS: .'. V ,,.' , I ' . . K . C Y ' , . .' , L v N ,,, K ' . V , S , .- . .' ' ' , ' K Y f , V , . V , . ' ' , , . , ' the Student Council to take care of decorations, Coronation, and advertising, Those serving on Homecom- i . I I , 1 , . , .. .' , . . A . . L' I A . e e V x .N V I ...Y ., V e. KKNN YN jf W .wosw g HU L,9l'7f9 v,,f',f'lA?xT-X R1 Xl C " " 'JAX NSR n f' gl Q 'S , 1 L V 0 ,J M1 4 S fx., f' A I A MM f 1 i yvmsvg E? 3- 535 I . I 4- I UH s - STATEVICTURS Band Vocal and Speeuh f xx. JOE RICE HELEN MORFEY CARL WRENCH S g SENHHISCHULASTHITUPPERS IWW' wr ihuvvv' CAROLEVN SMITH CARS? WRENCH JOHN M FEETER S PECIAL H0 lllt WINNER Traditionally, one morning in May is set aside each year as Honors' Day. Special recognition and awards are given to individuals for outstanding achievement in given fields of endeavor. At this event, all eighth graders from Whte Heath, Cisco and Monticello elementary schools are guests. Besides the special awards for outstanding achievements, badges, certificates, medals, and prizes earned during the year by individual students are presented. ,ff Nancy Hawbaker, Foreign Language Award, Joe Larry LeCrone, Athletic Award, Larry McClure, Rice, Special Band Award, Carolyn Smith, Band Ag Award, Gary Barnes, Math Award, John Award, Girls' Dramatic Award, Speech Award, McFeeters, Boys' Citizenship Award, Boys' Dra- Norman Smith, Art Award. matic Award. i . ,,,, A i i 5 W rx R . JoAnn Padgett, Commercial Award, Jack Schmi- Mike Henebry, Science Award, Shirley Timmons, del, Industrial Arts Award, JoAnn Noecker, Girls' Citizenship Award, Marilyn Alexander, Home Ec Award. Girls' Athletic Awardg Carl Wrench, Social Science Award. D.A.R. AWARD WINNER Shirley Timmons -'IM S.A.R. AWARD WINNER John McFeeters IHIARII 0F EI! UA'I'l0 In Memonam Francls Lynch WILLIAM E BAIRD Superlntendent of Umt 25 MRS. MAXINE RILEY Secretary Thls IS the school board as seen at an mformal moment durmg a monthly meetlng Left around the table are Lyle McFeeters Faye LeCrone Dale Alexander Qsecretaryh Max N Pxke Cpres1dentD Francxs Lynch Reuben Anderson, and Kenneth Rudlslll P. T. . Parents, teachers, and students at a regular P.T.A. meeting. Eatmg at the PT A Homecommg D1nner Resume Ili Events Thxs year the MOHt1CE11O PTA began the1r successful year by spon sorlng the annual Homecommg Dmner 1n the cafeterla before the football game At Chrlstmas tune the PTA sponsored a pubhc dance 1n the gym In February Del G1lbert and h1S orchestra played at the Slave Auct1on Between the sellmg of local persons t1me to do Jobs such as washmg wmdows baby sxttlng haulmg cans and makmg cakes the crowd danced Left around the executlve table are the offlcers for th1s year Walter W11113mS presxdent Mrs Irv1n Beckhart cha1rman of fmance comm1ttee Mrs Dale Secr1st membe shxp cha1rman Mrs B E Morgan lst V1C6pI'6S1d6Ilt Mr W P McElroy ex Off1C1O member Mr L W Gregory treasurer Mrs Howard Doss pubhclty cha1rman Mrs Lester Buchanan secretary Mrs Lyle McFeeters 2nd VICE presldent 9 v f ' 1 . ,. Y Y , . 1 4 4 Z . ,- -Q ' 1 . . 3 ' .2 T ' , - ' , - ', , Q .. 1, 3. , . 94 D0 YIIU EED A Y HELP. The cooks shown handmg over the dessert are Mrs Randolph Hayes and Mrs Guy Burns aff Harry Ashby Wayne Meece Erme Summers Lee Scott Bus Dr1vers Otto Meyer Edward Allen Henry Prahl Harvey Jenkms Roy Hacker John Doss Robert Zxmmerman Brad Bowdre x 'W K' I ... 'Y - 4 Q ' if S 1 , U it , L, rg X A ,. . . 5 3' S f " 1 5 5 , 1 ' : 1 , , , ' , , 1 X Y ' PATRO Kolser s Store Dwight Doss Sophlo Clodtelter Cresop s Store E S Nichols Mr ond Mrs Herbert Kolser Peterson s Grocery Moye s Beouty Solon Joe Cholk VonHom Deoler Vonotes Service Stotlon, Cusco George Muller - I I Floy Howver I I I Comphments ROTHWAY CORN BELT HATCH ERIES Montlcello Ill CAMP CREEK DUCK FARM TENDER nEL1C1oUs FLAVOR Sue nufltallx Lmform Ralsecl Quallty Less Fat less VVaste Best VV1shes and Happmess Sheruff ond Mrs Joson Rxpperdon Congratulatmons to the Class of 53 MACKEY FUNERAL HOME Everythmg for the Musxcxan INSTRUMENTS The Worlds Fmet KING Bubscher LeBlanc New and Rebuxlt REPAIR Rebu1ld1ng Replatmg Free Estnnates MUSIC All Pubhsher ACCESSORIES SCHOOL MUSIC SERVICE B B Wyman, Manager 101 E Green St Champalgn, Ill LENDALES Where the teenagers Meet and Eat Champaugn, Ill of , f' .' , ' " .. Y 1 ' , 2 - , ': 1 ' ' Treat . Yourself . To . The . Best 'Q 1 . 7 1-AK ' Q H A im I sms mano FARM BUREAU INSURANCE SERVICE WI LEAVER Insurance of All Kinds Phone 2173 STANDARD SERVICE Towing Service - Road Service Phone 2194-4241 Monticello, Ill. Agents R. R. O'De11 C. W. Barnes E. D. Lyon Monticello, I11 It Pays To Buy Your Foods At O E H M K ES IGA Super Market A Sak COMBES DINETTE Where Friends Meet to Eat ull' X QRIC-I S vl2ASX'L' QC 'gsbixx ' :mi Compliments of AMERICAN LEGION STROHL C1 SCHREIBER INC Sales Service H1313 Insist On Genuine I H C Repairs Good Equipment Makes A Good Farmer Better ph 87 B t ll For Delicious n c Try X 0 I, , . sst' 4 . -E gms? 5 . . I' MECIIB I 0' - ' . . . - - one emen, I inois I-IAI NES MOTOR SERVICE Auto Repair- -Electric and acetylene Welding - accessories Ch1cago Motor Club 24 hour wreckage serv1ce MOHt1CQllO Ill BOWMAN HARDWARE G ELECTRIC Hardware Apphances Plumbmg 8.1 Heatmg Bu11d1ng Supphes Contractmg General Electrlcal Phone 2148 2149 We Serve to Serve Agam M0 TICELL0 GRAIN no MONTICELLO GRAIN COMPANY Our Prof1ts your D1V1d6HdS Phone 2163 Montlcello 111 NELMAC GROCERY Montlcello I11 When you Th1nk of Bankmg Th1nk of the Natlonal Flrst Congratulatlons and Best Wlshes to the Class of 1953 from NATIONAL BANK OF MONTICELLO MODt1C611O I111no1s Member of the Federal DEPOSIT Insurance Corporat1on and Federal Reserve System J R HEATH G SON Sales Serv1ce Phone 3276 Mont1ce11o I11 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 14 I! f 'J W, a f?a,f11 W . X ,W , . N ! 7 , . Congratu1at1ons to the Senlors FIRST STATE BANK of MONTICELLO Fr1end1y Servxce 1S our Buslness Member F D I C Phone 2131 C L Bollenbach and O L C11ne dfbfa BURGESS 6' CLINE Insurance A11 K1nds Phone 2165 Montxcello Illxnoxs Donn Platt Representatlve Congratulatmns to the Grads BAUMAN FUNERAL HOME 314 S Charter MOnt1C61IO 1111no1s Telephone 2181 Best Wlshes "FROM A FRIEND Since 1915 ll Comphments LEIPER FURNITURE STORE Co pl ments of KAP CHEVROLET COMPANY Sales and SSFVICQ FOX S Mt11Il1 Monticell 111 m i Phone 4466 Monticello, Illinois I on ice o, ino' LYRIC THEATRE Montxcello I111no1s The Best m Motlon Plcture Entertamment Western Electrlc Sound Cry Room Au' Cond1t1oned BURGIN BROS 105 S State Phone 5476 Get W1ser and Shop w1th E1sner EISN ER FOOD STORE Dollar for dollar you can t beat a Pontlac lR WEST'S PONTIAC Montlcello I1l1no1s 'QPUNTIAU l CARL S. REED Insuronce Agency Insurance to meet your needs Dighton Bldg. - West Side Square Monticello, Illinois Phone 3171 Comphments of V I OB I N MARY CADE'S BEAUTY AND DRESS SHOP Featuring Women s Clothing Cold Waves All Beauty Services 107 W Mam Monticello II1 , . Radio-Wave Perrnanents q ' , I ,av J.. N. ' ' Massey Harris Oldsmobile New Idea G M C Sales and Service PFEFFER IMPLEMENT COMPANY U. S. Highway 47 Monticello, Illinois MONTICELLO LUMBER CO Lumber and Building Materials Everything to Build Anything Telephone 2183 404 West Main Street Monticello Illinois THE WILKINSON COMPANY DOTY JEWELERS Incorporated Watches and Diamonds South Side of Square Building Materials Cisco Illinois Telephone Cisco 19 ARMSWORTH HARDWARE Wm S Armsworth Prop Hardware Stoves Paints Water Systems G E and Philco Radios Refrigerators Electric Appliances and Supplies Telephone 48 Cisco Illinois J B RINEHART AGENCY Realty Investments Monticello Illinois Farm Land City Property J B Rmehart Realtor Ralph Bear Broker Res phone 7321 Res phone 3471 ll ' ' ' Y! Y Y . . , . Office phone- 5261 7 Y 7 7 ' ' ' Y . . . s ' ' ' 1 7 , . - . 1' S- , Mrwttw ,,x E S FINSON GRAIN CO Servmg the Farmmg Needs of th1S D1str1ct for over 45 years MCINNES FLOWER SHOP East S1de of Square Corsages Wreaths Bouquets De11very Servlce Monticello mmm cLooFELTER's RESTURANT Montlcello I111no1s 101 South State RAYCRAFT DRUGS North Slde Square PARIS CLEANERS Look Your Best Always 4 Hour Emergency SGIVICC MOHt1C9110 I111no1s 200 S Market Street v v H 77 r HOWARD DOSS Phone 5866 315 17 West Mam Street Mont1ce11o I111no1s McCorm1ck Deermg Tractors and Machmes Internauonal Trucks Congrotulohons Class of 1953 H I LL MOTOR SALES Authorlzed Dealer In Chrysler Plymouth f'A I'-' ll Q fb BEMENT LOCKER PLANT Slaughtermg Schedule Hogs Mondays Cattle Tuesdays Poultry Thursdays Phone 126 Bement SERVICE MACHINE SHOP H W HEACOCK 4171 Machine Work 'lllllalll E E HUBBARD G SON MODt1C6llO I1l1no1s Phone 5771 GAM B L ES JACK CARMODY Manager Apphances Hardware Toys Auto Supphes Palnts General Merchandlse CISCO COOPERATIVE GRAIN CO Phone 17 Crsco Ill Gra1n Coal Feeds Marathon Petroleum Products DAVIDSON SERVICE STATION Deep Rock Products U S T1res Johnson Motors Phone 5671 MOHt1CE11O Ill1no1s PIATT COUNTY REPUBLICAN Pr1nt1ng Offlce Supplles Phone 7171 Mont1cello 111111015 T T . Welding Ornamental Iron - - 7 7 7 . -X, X M M gm f ears , K , ' QQ 19. Wada Awgv in lk MMQKP A ,Him .MN it W any gl A ,Q 3 M Jidgw Q Q - '----A ' , K , K , .., ,,..... jk ':""'::"--- " 349 63.9 1 1 Qing ia was ww? Q' .. X ai' A - f H H l , Q A 1551163 hw rf, Q 'jf ,..-- M y .V is -bww M1,.f. .Q . ,K ,M w ' M ' - W it A v 51 N' 'Mp A gags H V A Q Q ' qi- K 1 Q K V, LW Y QW, , A t a? It M ww Q Q-ka ,gg U -wmmlw 'z -42. an Q , 5 Q" n. A , A, 5 Q , Q , ,M ,Wy .Av '51, 31 :rj Q S Q1fl,a f gig' .ww it X4 w , V , .,., W , LAME- .A . fl ?Vx'i"swim'3w it , my r px K ,X 7 by Q, . .W pa ,gy Q QF' ' ' ' 1 1 X VG gig at fav 34 .,:h-Uhllvia . 'Y' 'M W' Ml' 1. 4. - 1 , iii w?,a..nnr Via S AH 'yn wr' , V' -if K.: A W ' ' ' K Lv "F V , . , ' ,Q 4' Q ,f 'a G ww 1 if vi? g.l1'r'f sfQQn..Sl-A. .,,,,Wg.f if 5 , rl, .bb,, v.:.., V of 'ff t A .5 , , if ai' h mivxw 351, -wiv JE. I if if? I' SH' -'aku 3 . , - 4... av -'T' :pf N 7 59 , Q. , 3 . A Nw-f 1 UE - fir , " w--? 1 1'--, k is Y .L . ' ll. 4, 4 Q yr 4 l Ki' gi' ws 'A' . . ' ' Amr Q X .- ya ' ., W... 'f"4.Q"3,' vw . ' ,,..-.-i- ,I vi, A if 5 ', . , . Qa9i.i7'. ' if . 'fgyf , . 4 S, .Q 1 , : ,f p .,-" vf 1 d':'f,S2,?',Q'a,:H 34: ,k1P'w' Wg, , , - 'J l va . K 1 33: . , Q I A P 4 , 5 ,,,,, 5 t. . 9 vxggjga' .1 Q sul, g N " ' if ff Y A 9 W . if , 4 in X A we , 4 . ' .G N ' 1 x M' Q 1 ff! . '44 P JS' 2 'tv y, is 315, .,. - ,ir gg ' s.,

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