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—■ rmuf AJith tli me ivy co uere d wallsDt I euut an • • was act in ■Juniors arrivingFaculty receptionw Led . e wot The Pied Piper of Hamel in Senior Variety Show and Doll Dinner_drnd our George Washington Minuet At the dancethe closinQ th oAing dciLjS Jl.C.A. enter tains Air Cadets Cla ss DayDR. JOHN R. YOUNG Dr. John Ripley Young is Monticello’s youthful president, lie graduated Irom Marshall College with a B.A., and he earned his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Illinois. 1 Mid owed with a soft, resonant voice, one which automatically instills confidence. Dr. Young has proved himself an invaluable counselor and a sincere friend. A Rotarian, civic-minded Dr. Young is a member of the board of directors ol Alton Memorial I Iospital and the Alton-Wood River chapter of tlie American Red Cross.Fred Ktichnc. Marshall Acker. I)r. John R. Young. D. Howard Doanc, Mrs. S. 1 • Olin, Mrs. W. W. Parsons, Eben Rodgers, chairman; Mrs. T. S. Chapman. Mrs. G. S. Mdnor. The Board of Trustees The over-all responsibility for the administration of Monticello College lies with its energetic Board of Trustees, a group of nine capable men and women who generously give of their valuable time and effort in behali ol this college. The Board of Trustees consists ol the following members: Chairman: Kben Rodgers, Alton Vice-chairman: Fred Kuehnc, Jr., Mat toon Secretary: Marshall V. Acker, Alton .Uembers: Mrs. T. S. Chapman, Jerseyville I). Howard Doanc, St. Louis Mrs. George Sparks Milnor (Alice Ryrie, Class of 1911), Kenilworth Mrs. Spencer T. Olin (Ann Whitney, Class of 1925), Alton . ember Emeritus: Mrs. William Wood Parsons (President of Monticello College 1910-1918), Terre Haute, Indiana . ember Ex-officio: Dr. John R. YoungAdministration Mary Laixg Swift Academic Dean A.B. Vassal College M.A. Columbia University Miss Swift, the Academic Dean, is known for her understanding and interest in each and every Monticcllo girl. In addition to her duties as Academic Dean, she is Chairman of the Advising Committee, and faculty adviser to the Student Council. Wen del II. Baker Director of Admissions; Assistant to the President A.B. University of Missouri Mr. Baker, in the capacity ol Director ol Admissions, carries on all correspondence with prospective students, lie is ably assisted bv eight field representatives in this responsibility. His willing participation in Monticello’s many activities brings him closer to us, the student body. Alice May Morrill Dean oj Women Ph.B., Denison University; M.A., Northwestern University Mrs. Alice May Morrill’s duties as Dean of Women include the administration ol social privileges, the supervision ol all student residences, and the task of picking compatible roommates for new students. Perhaps most important is her role of helper and adviser to girls adjusting to new experiences of college life.Administration Florence S. Dlrkb Soria Director B.A., University of Nebraska Scheduling events on the school calendar; giving personal consultation on social problems; planning teas and receptions; and arranging trips into St. 1.011 is for concerts, plays, ami operas comprise a portion of Mrs. Duree’s work as social director. She serves as adviser to the Social Committee and as director of student employment. As adviser to both the junior and senior classes, Mrs. Duree has helped to further the unity of our student body. Ermika E. Bi'scii Registrar A.B., University of Illinois As registrar. Miss Busch keeps all the academic and registration records. She receives all high school transcripts, sends out student and college transcripts, and checks graduation requirements. 'Phis year Miss Busch is chairman of the curriculum committee. She also edits the college catalog. Here at Monticello the registrar is on a close personal basis with the girls as she serves as adviser to a number of them. Wade T. IIuxines.r . IIonager B.S., Ohio State University; M.A., University of Chicago Mr. Scarles takes care of the financial matters of the college. I Ic purchases supplies and has charge of our student bank. Mr. Searles supervises the buildings and grounds and sees that all necessary repairs arc made with the help of the maintenance staff.Administration Mary J. Pfkiffkkbkkgkk Alumnae Secretary A. A., Monticello College B. A., Wellesley College Miss PleilTenbcrger holds the past and the present together by keeping in touch with the forty-seven hundred living alumnae. She arranges and attends many alumnae reunions throughout the country and sees that former students arc entertained when visiting the campus. Miss Pfeiffenbergcr also serves as editor ot the Alumnae Bulletin, which is published four times yearly. Francks Rousskff Aclint) Librarian As librarian, Mrs. Rousseff supervises the selection, purchase, and cataloging ot new books for the library. She assists students in locating material needed for their work, and keeps the list of books which are on reserve. Joseph A. L. Russo Director of Publications A.B., Harvard College Besides editing college publications, Mr. Russo supervises and assists the students in producing the college paper, the times, and the yearbook, the Echo. Monticello publicity usually originates with Mr. Russo. A large amount of his time is spent in taking photographs of activities and of students for use in publicity and in the student publications.English Department Every Monticcllo student is enrolled in an English class where she is given the opportunity of learning to write clearly, to read critically, and to think for herself. Juniors are placed in an English composition course which teaches them to write correctly and expressively. Criticism ol themes and discussions ol essays, short stories, novels, poems anti plays are the techniques employed. A course in Biblical Literature is o lie red covering both the Old and New Testaments in the King James Version, which is treated not from a theological point of view, but rather as a cultural heritage of English speaking people. English literature, a course open to seniors only, is a study of classical literature from the 8th century to the present. One of the more advanced courses in the English Department is American literature combined with American history, known as A.C. and C. (American Culture and Civilization.) John D. Schweitzer A.B., Westminster College; M.A., University of Chicago Nancy Walthall B.S., M.S., K a n s a s State Teachers College Florence Wollerman A.B., Illinois College; iM.A., University of IllinoisP.u i. John Cookk Chairman Department of Foreign Languages A.B., A.M., Ph.I)., University of Illinois The language department offers two years of French and Spanish. Advanced courses in both I'rcnch and Spanish are open to girls who have had previous training in both languages. In order to help students practice their conversation and add to their understanding of the Spanish and I'rcnch people, the Language Lounge is open at all limes. I lere are records of their native songs and book shelves lined with novels, dictionaries, and reference books. The walls are decorated with sombreros and colorful travel posters. French and Spanish magazines and newspapers are available so that the student may find out recent developments and trends of thought in these countries as well as practice her translations. ClfANKIKG MACIrADON B.A., University of Michigan; M.A., University of Minnesota Herbert A. Woodbury A.B., Harvard College; Gradute study, Washington UniversityVisual Arts Department Frances Patton Chairman Department of Visual Arts B.S., George Peabody College for Teachers; M.A., University of Chicago At Monticello, the art department provides for the individual differences and interests of its students. A primary objective of the department is to develop in the student an understanding and an appreciation of the visual arts, and to institute a sound foundation lor achievement in fine or applied arts. M ijor emphasis is placed on practical experimentation in the studios. Students arc offered a wide variety of courses, including sculpture, drawing, painting, textiles and weaving. History and appreciation is also offered, which gives the student a good introduction to art forms oi various civilizations, and shows the effects of past art on contemporary forms. The Fobes arcade provides a colorful and well-lighted gallery for traveling exhibits, and display.; of faculty and student work. Arnold B.A., University of Minnesota; Graduate work, Minneapolis School of Arts William Kennedy B.A., John Herron Art School; graduate work at Art Institute of Chicago and University of Wisconsin W. Vladimir Roi sseff Bulgarian National Gymnasium; L’ Fcole tie l’Assomption, Varna, Bulgaria; Art Institute of Chicago; studied with Randall Darvv, George Bellows, Albert H. Krehbeil. Carl BuehrNatural Science Department wm Ll'CRKTIA Crkssky Chairman Department of Science ami Mathematics A.B., University ol Illinois; M.A., Co-lumbia UDiversity; graduate si udv, University of Chicago I he purpose of the natural science department is to acquaint the student with the scientific phenomena of the world. The department is composed of three main sections: chemistry, biology, and mathematics. Monticello’s well-equipped laboratories are an aid to the ambitious student’s quest for knowledge. Courses in zoology, botany, and general biology are offered in the biology division, which is supervised by Miss Gulick and Miss lsforl. Field trips, hikes, and visits to the St. Louis Zoo highlight the courses. The chemistry department is under the supervision ot Miss Crcssey and includes general and organic chemistry, qualitative and quantitative analysis. Backgrounds for the study of home economics, nursing, nutrition, and advanced courses in chemistry are offered in these courses. In the mathematics section, algebra is taught by Miss Isfort. Louise Elizabeth Gulick A.B., A.M., University of Illinois Louise Isfort A.B., A.M., University tMusic Department Stephen Bennett Williams Chairman Department of Music Director of Choral .llusic Mus.B., Cornell College-Chicago Musical College; M.A., The State University of Iowa; summer study in Great Britain, Yale University Graduate School; studied with Dr. Philip Grccly Clapp, Dr. Frank II. Shaw, Herbert Witherspoon, Richard I lageman A wide variety of musical activities and instructions is offered at Monticello. For those who sing or play, for those who attend concerts or collect records, for those who plan a career or further study of music at senior colleges or professional schools, differing programs of study are available. The music department offers courses in literature ol music, theory oi music, applied music courses, and ensemble singing anti playing. Musical performances by guest artists, faculty members, and the students themselves, are often given. Arrangements arc made for groups to attend concerts in Alton and St. Louis. is fount! in the music reference library. Robert Oldham Mus.B., Mus.M., Yale University; summer study. Teachers College, Columbia University; studied with Howard A. Murphy, Bruce Sim-montls, Harry Tepson, David McK. Williams; Tobias Matt hay, London rhich the students are free to use at any time, Jeanette Ross B. M us., N ort h western University; M.M., American Conservatory ol Music; summer study, Norfolk Music school of Yale University; studied with Kurt Wanicclt, Stella RobertsSocial Science Department Mary Lai no Swift Acling Chairman A.B., Vassar College; M.A., Columbia University Social science deals with the origin of human society anti social phenomena, and the progress of civilization and its laws. In an age when this study may determine the policies of a new world, its practical as well as technical points are ol unmeasurable value. At Monticello the department is composed as follows: I he history courses arc designed to make the student aware of the continuity and change in human allairs and make her more capable of planning for the future by the use of knowledge of causes and results of past acts. Sociology consists of the study of human life in terms of social institutions. The study of crime and punishment, juvenile delinquency, marriage problems, and patterns of community living, holds the student’s interest. The courses in government and economics provide the student with information necessary to an intelligent citizen and voter. Eleanor McM icii a hi. B.A., Westminster College; M.A., University of Wisconsin Wade T. B.S., Ohio State University; M.A., University ol Chicago Bert A. Smith B.A., University of Nebraska; M.A., University of Missouri Physical Education Department WlNIFRKI) MORRISON Chairman Department of Physical Education B.S., Kansas City Teachers College; graduate study. University of Missouri, University of Minnesota, University of Colorado It is a recognized fact that a sound body should accompany a sound mind, and lor this reason every girl at Monticcllo participates in the physical education program. I lie ideals of companionship, fair play, anti sportsmanship are emphasized as a part of gootl living and good playing. The year’s activities arc divided into three sport seasons. A wide variety of sports is offered anti the girls may select their favorite, whether it be archery, badminton, basketball, fencing, golf, hockey, swimming, square dancing, life saving, riding, softball, tennis, or volleyball. The department offers an active voluntary sports program besides the regular classes. Monticcllo teams take part in competitive games with other colleges. Highlights of the year were the three sports banquets, the Marlin Pageant, and the Horse Show. Dorothy I'isiikr B.S., University of Illinois Jank Moi.i.oy B.A., University of ColoradoPsychology Department R. Hoffmann B.S.. College of William and Mary; M.A., Washington University With emphasis placed on the normal aspects of human behavior, Monticello’s psychology classes attempt to give the students a clearer picture ol the thoughts, sensations, and emotions ol people. Headed by Miss Shirley R. I tollman, the classes through the year have taken several held trips to observe the treatment of abnormal human behavior and the workings of industrial psychology. Speech and Drama Department Would-be thespians and orators lind an outstanding drama department at Monticello, with courses in acting, stage design and direction, and voice anti diction. 'Phis year, directed by Lcland I,. Zimmerman, students have produced an original children's theatre production, "The Pied Piper ol llamelin," and also "Lazarus Laughed." Scenes from great American plays, "Mary of Scotland," "I Remember Mama" and "Family Portrait” were also presented. W. Vladimir RousscfT, who is technical director of this departmenr, designs and makes many of the striking stage sets anti costumes in the plays. Leland L. Zimmerman B.A., Iowa State Teachers College; M.A., University ol Wisconsin W. Vladimir Roisseff Bulgarian National Gymnasium; L' Fcole tie P Assomption, Varna, Bulgaria; Art Institute of Chicago; studied with Randall Davcy, George Bellows, Albert II. Krehbeil, Carl BuchrHome Management A new addition at Monticcllo is the department of Home Management. It is designed for those girls that arc planning to go on to school and who arc interested in the field of home-making. The courses offered acquaint the student with the basic principles of homemaking and those factors which build successful homes. To help the girls further understand the problems of homemaking, a complete kitchen laboratory has been set up for their use. Shirley R. Hoffmann B.S., College of William and Mary; M.A., Washington University Katherine Kopf B.S., University of California, Los Angeles Health Department Whether it’s a case of the snifiles or a skinned knee, a cut finger or the measles, the capable medical stall of Monticcllo gives prompt attention to every illness or injury. I)r. Wcidig and Dr. Smith make routine calls to the infirmary twice a week and two graduate nurses are always on call. Every student receives a thorough examination at the beginning of the vear and her health record is kept on file in the infirmary office. A hospitalization plan is available for those patients needing hospital care. Monticcllo's recently built infirmary provides a pleasant atmosphere for those needing medical attention. Marjorie A. Elmore, R.N. St. Luk cs Hospital draining School for Nurses, St. Louis, Mo. Eulalia Guebert, R.N. St. Luke's Hospital 'braining School for Nurses, St. Louis, Mo. Groves B. Smith, M.D. College Physician (A'of Pictured) John Wedig, M.D. College PhysicianDepartment of Secretarial Studies Ki.ora A. Stkn .ki. B.Kd., State Teachers College, White-water, Wisconsin The secretarial courses oiler the student an opportunity to combine liberal arts subjects with training useful in many occupational fields. flic student taking these courses may acquire background knowledge in several vocational fields and at the same time enjoy the benefits of general education. Dietitian Ruth Olson B.A., University of North Dakota; Dietetic Internship, Vanderbilt University Hospital, Nashville, TennesseeResidence Counselors Nell Lane Beau. Caldwell Residence Irma Hunt Baldwin Residence Chari.otte M a kti n da l e Caldwell Residence Not Pictured Kffie Kusai.i. Baldwin Residence Vl RGINIA UNI)ERWOOD Haskell ResidenceCeleste Barnett Bookkeeper and Cashier Rosemary Garvey Secretary lo Business Manager iMEi.UA Jean Boedy Stenographer in Adinissions ()ffhrs Secretarial N. Maxine Calks Staff Bookkeeper and Cashier Myrti.e Dilley Information Secretary Peggy Martini Secretary lo the Academic Dean Siiirley Rel din Secretary to the Director of Admissions Mary Schulz Secretary to the PresidentNot Pictured Alvena Closson Phyllis Pierson Doris Rich . .Secretary to Academic Dean A NTONIA S K R1N E Virginia Underwood. . . . Residence Counselor Dorothy Woodbury. . Admissions Counselors Lily Williamson Margaret Sutton Rose Brown- Mar ion Geer K ATIIK RIN E I'eAG IN Margaret Green Lucie B. Mott Lois M. North Margaret WeigelSlollc, June; Stollc, Jean; Peoples. Iltullcins Senior Class Officers President. . . . J tee-President Secret art .... Treasurer. . . . . . Dana I Indians Roberta Peoples .....Jean Stollc .....June Slollc"Shar" Champaign ‘Wc’rc loyal lo vou, Illinois’ You all "Mother” Anchors Away June Week Hit (hat, Mother "Georgie’ Anyone got a match? "Little A” Fire Bug Well, if you ask me Yeah, I know what 'cha Late to l c i, early to rise mean! Siiarla Ruth Aaron Dallas, Texas M.C.A. Cabinet 2; Social Committee 1, 2; M.C.A. 1, 2 Jane Adams Quincy, Illinois M.A.A. 1, 2; Hockey Manager 2; Varsity Hockey 1, 2; Varsity Basketball 1, 2; Social Committee 1, 2; Tennis Club 2; Varsity Volleyball 1; Tennis Club Treasurer 2 Patricia Jane Adams Dayton, Ohio M.C.A. 1, 2; Social Committee 1,2; Social Chairman 2; Science Club 1, 2; Choir and Glee Club I, 2; Art Club 1, 2; House Council 2; Student Council 2 GEORGEA N N ANK ROM Kansas City, Kansas Social Committee 1,2; M.C.A. 2; Baldwin House Council 2; Fire Chief 2; Art Club Appleton Chicago, Illinois Social Committee 1. 2; M.C.A. 1, 2; Art Club 1, 2; Science Club 1 Lucie Jeaknot Barnes Birmingham, . ichigan Junior Committee 1 ; Junior Advisory Board 1; M.C.A. 1, 2; Cabinet 2; Glee Club 1; Social Committee 1, 2; Student Council V.P. 2; I louse Council 2; Drama Club 1; Cradle Song; Pied Piper, Times 2; Kcho 2; Heavenly Pleven 2 Mary Thkadosia Bar ns hack Rdwardsville, Illinois M.C.A. 2; Current Affairs 2; Social Committee 2 Geraldine B. Bender Waterloo, Iowa Social Committee 1, 2; M.C.A. 1 "Phyl” Oh George! SlnirllciT "Jano” The black jumper Well I'll admit Anti-climatical "Harpo" Skip Wish I'd gel a letter "Gerry" Beulah Bill Fruit bootsLucy Bennett Wichita, Kansas Marlin 1,2; Choir and Glee Club 2; M.M.A. Cabinet 2; Social Commute 1, 2 Mary Jane Bovek Cozad, Sebraska Choir 1, 2, Pies. 2; Song Leader 1, 2; Junior Committee, Treasurer 1; Social Committee 1, 2; M.C.A. 1. 2 Olive Jean Bkadfokh Day Ion, Ohio M.C.A. 1, 2; M.A.A. Secretary 2; Glee Club 1; Choir 2; Varsity Hockey 2; Social Committee 1,2; Tennis Club 1,2; Junior Comitlee 1; Science Club 1 r Patricia Anne Bradley Cleveland, Ohio M.C.A. 1; Social Committee 2; Haskell House Council 2; Times 2; Current Affairs 2 ; "Lucifer" ‘Love Me or Leave Me’ Darrell Declt the Dell Etude in D Flat "M.J” Cheer for dear old Cozad Oh really! Song Bird "Ollic” Popeyc's woman The last to let you down Minute Girl "Pat" Just one more hand Miami U. appeals to me! |Jeanne Briggs 7'hai er, . is.rouri M.C.A. 1; Social Committee 1, 2; Tennis Club 1,2; House Council 2; Student Council 2; Social Chairman 2; Junior Committee 1; Varsity Volleyball 2 Patricia Jkan Brown Cleveland, Ohio M.C.A. 1,2; Social Committee 1, 2 Suzanne Bryant Tekamah, Xebraska Choir and ('dec Club 1,2; Hobbv Horse 1, 2; M.C.A. 1. 2; Social Committee 1, 2; Student Council 1 reasurer 1; Times 1; Current Allairs 2; Cradle Song 1 ; Little Black Sambo 1 Susan Harriet Ciiadbourne I'in dlat , Ohio Social Committee 1, 2; Science Club 1 Tlinycr ain’t so l ig Charleston, Charleston "Brownie” Called my sweetie I low ya was? "Sue” The light’s on Sue! "Chad” I he momma Ell Third linger left hand CarlMary Camille Cooper Waterloo, Iowa Marlin 1, 2; Choir 1, 2; M.M.A. 1, 2, Pres. 2; Social Committee 2 Carolyn Jean Davies Columbus, Ohio Science Club 1; Marlin Club 1, 2, Sec. 2; Junior Committee 1; Student Council 2; Social Committee 2; Sponsor Chairman 2; Varsity Hockey 2; M.C.A. 2; Drama Club 1; Dress Chairman 2; Heavenly Eleven 2 Anne Deem Day Ion, Ohio Science Club 1,2; Choir and Glee Club 1, 2; M. M. A. 1, 2, Sec. 2; Social Committee 1, 2; Varsity Hockev 1 Nancy Faye Delscamp Dayton, Ohio Social Committee 1, 2; Student Council 2; M.A.A. President 2; Varsity Hockey 1, 2; Varsity Basketball 2; Varsity Volleyball 2; M.C.A. 1; Science Club 1 ; I leaven-lv Eleven 2 “Lyn” "Dccmic” “Little Faye” “Cuddles” A Phi Dclt is her preference It’s an old Spanish custom Our hahly ell— Him toe cuddle wee Nightie Night Waiting for the Robert W. Anybody got a cigarette? She “finles” away her time. Water Nymph Lee You. too, can be an athleteJanet Marie Deuscher Bay City, Michigan Drama Club 1; M.C.A. I, 2; Social Committee 1, 2; Little Black Sambo; Cradle Song; Lied Piper Gresdna Ann Doty Oelwein, Iowa Junior Committee 1; M.C.A. Cabinet 1, 2, Secretary 1; Social Committee 1, 2; House Council I; Judicial-Advisory Committee 1, 2; Student Council President 2; Heavenly Pleven 2; Echo 2; Little Black Sambo; Cradle Song; Pied Piper Mary Ellen Eddy Chicago, Illinois Social Committee I; M.C.A. I; Science Club 2 Dorothy Jean Elfgen Alton, Illinois Social Chairman 2; M.C.A. 1 ; Student Council 2; Assistant House Chairman 1; Social Committee I, 2; House Council I, 2; Choir I, 2; Science Club I, 2, Secretary 2; Hobby Horse 1; Glee Club I, 2; limes 1 “Jan" The "fleurc" that hlooms in spring Give my regards to Broadway “Sizzer" Blue Brea blast dress Gusfua Time for Helen Trent “Fig Newt" What’s good about good-bye? A guy named Joe “Dojc" DcPauw! Here I come Ha, Briggs—Let's dance Right out of Vogue Mary Alice Ely Kansas Cily, .Missouri M.C.A. 1, 2; Junior Committee 1; Social Committee 1, 2; Tennis Club 1, 2; Science Club 1,2;Current Affairs 2; Varsity Basketball 2 "Eel” Well really Pretty good for , Dobu girl "Nan” That’s a heck of a notion joke Almost time to cat Kappa Sig "Alex” jc suis plcinc Bush wackcr She’s been around! Keep Smilin', Alex 'Suez” 2nd floor mirror 1 just didn’t have time to write Nancy Farnsworth Lincoln, Nebraska Social Committee 1, 2; Hobby Horse 1, 2; M.C.A. 1; Science Club 1 Alexandra Fatio Oshkosh, U iscon sin M.C.A. 1; Social Committee 1, 2; Echo Editor 2; M.A.A. 2; Hobby Horse 1, 2; Junior Committee 1; Student Council 2; Tennis Manager 2; Tennis Club 1, 2; Heavenly Eleven 2; Art Club 1, 2 Susan Stuart Ferguson Amarillo, Texas M.C.A. 1, 2; Social Committee 2; Science Club 2; Art Club 2; Current Affairs 2; Great Books 1Wilma Aii.een Pouts Mason City, Illinois M.C.A. 1; Social Committee 1, 2; Art Club 2; Music Club 1 Nadine Margaret I'roehligh Falls City, Xebraska M.C.A. 1, 2; Science Club 2; Choir and Glee Club 1, 2; Social Committee 1, 2 Susan Ruth Gibson Detroit, Michigan Choir 1, 2, Asst. See. 2; Glee Club 1. 2; M.C.A. 1, 2; M.M.A. 2; Social Committee 1, 2; Drama Club 1; Echo, Production Mgr. 2; Little Black Sambo 1; Cradle Song 1 ■lane Crush Downers Croce, Illinois Tennis Club 1,2; Marlin Club 1,2; President 2; M.C.A. 1, 2; Softball Manager 2; Choir 1, 2; Varsity Hockey 2; Varsity Basketball 2; Social Committee 1, 2; Heavenly Eleven 2 "Wilm” Farmer’s daughter Jack. Jack Sampson "Noddin” Dick called! Anchors A weigh Diamonds arc a girl’s best friend "Snoo .ie” Tucson . . . Mere I come! “J” . . . not Jay What a panic! "Crush-Box” ICbcn . . . Mv Bov Wish I could shiinmic Mrs. Davy JonesJoan YV. I Iarrison Rdwardsville, Illinois M.C.A. 1; Social Committee 1, 2; Science Club 2; M.M.A. 1, 2, Third ice-President; Times 2,; CoSports Pditor 2; Echo 2, Business Manager 2; M.A.A. 2; Social Manager 2; Choir 1, 2, Secretary 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Drama Club 1; Varsity Volleyball Jane Helen Herbert Winnclka, Illinois M.C.A. I. 2; Science Club 1, 2, Publicity Chairman 2; Swimming Team 1; Art Club 2; Social Committee 1, 2 Mary Elizabeth Mill San Anion io, Texas Junior Committee 1; M.C.A. 1; Social Committee 1, 2; Marlin 1, 2; Tennis Club 1, 2, President 2; Varsity Hockey 2; Varsity Basketball; M.A.A. 2, Badminton Manager 2; Judicial Advisory Board; Heavenly Eleven 2 Dana Hud kins Safina, Kansas Junior Committee 1, Vice-President; Class President; Science Club 1; M.C.A. 1, 2; Pied Piper 2; Times 1; Social Committee 1, 2; Judicial Advisory Board 2; Little Black Sambo 1 "Sheets" Voluntary sports enthusiast She's all a-lwiller 18 Miles east "I)ollv" •||i||” Big noise from Winnellta Why don’t you haul off and Thought we’d change our love me? room around. Tennis pro Do you hear mice? The Eyes ami Ears of Texas "Schmnna" leky Inside Jay Hawker Variety Shows Madame President . . .Katherine Claudette Hunt Kansas City, Missouri Social Committee 1, 2; Varsity 1 IocUey 2 Kathryn 11 i nter Ardmore, Oklahoma Student Council 2; M.C.A. 1, 2, President 2; Times 1,2; Managing Editor 2; Science Club 1. 2; Social Committee 1,2; Current Affairs 2 Dorothy Ann Iacoroneli.i Denver, Colorado Hobby Horse 1, 2; Choir 1; Glee Club 1; Social Committee 2; M.M. A. 2 Harriet Jackson Chicago, Illinois Riding 1; Social Committee 1, 2; M.C.A. 1; Science Club 1 “I luno” Bobby's Pig Newton She's a sister elf My animals can loo talk! "Pinky" Oklahoma—yea — Boomer Sooner Ardmore Enthusiasm plus "Dot” I'm from Denver. Need aj light? Back in the saddle . . . "Duffy" I lomcr's Did I gel a call?Donna Louise Jack Fairmont, . innesola M.C.A. 1; Social Committee 1, 2 Nancy Elizabeth Jeffries Si. Clair, .Michigan Marlin Club 1, 2; Current AI fairs 2; Theatre 1, 2 Elizabeth Ann Jones Lillie Rock, Arkansas Glee Club and Choir 2; M.C.A. 1; M.A.A. 2; Social Committee 1, 2, Secretary 2; Varsity Volleyball 2; Archery Manager 2 Marian Hopkins Jones Si. Louis, .Missouri Marlin Club 2; M.C.A. 2; Science Club 2; Swimming Team 1, 2; Social Committee 1, 2 “Jcck” Oh that laugh Fruits and nuts Show . . . anybody? Minivc ... so ... (a "Nan” I've got to take a nap Typing hug “Inky” Sweetheart ol Sigma Chi Little Rock get away Joncsv JIuh? St. Louis Woman Well I've just been in swimmingMakgakkt Elizabkth Kausch Dearborn, Michigan Barbara Kay Kiktzman Detroit, .Michigan Choir 2; Glee Club 2; M.A.A. 2; Social Committee 1, 2; Bowling Manager 2 Carla Locisk Lipski Crosse Poinle, .Michigan Times 1, 2, Editor 2; Student Council 2; Art Club 1, 2, President 2: Current Affairs 2, President 2; Haskell House Council 2; M.C.A. 1,2; M.M.A. 1; Glee Club 1; Social Committee 1 MA RY MA RGA R KT MACTaGGART I.wum it ion, Illinois Social Committee 2; Choir 1, 2; (ilcc Club 1,2; Art Club 2; M.C.A. 1, 2; Music Club 1 i 1 "Maggie” Michigan I'ccl. 4 inches "Barb” Thai Phi Dell Pin I Hop Bruce "Borns" Now speaking lor tlie art "Meg" stu lcn(s Kasv going Where's my shirt? Illinois, here I come The shy type I Lose ShrimpMary Karin McDonald II ichila, Kansas Hobby Horse, 1, 2, President 2; Art Club 1, 2; Social Committee 1, 2 Caroline Pllen McKmjbin Kcachwood Village, Ohio Junior Committee 1; I lobby Horse 2, Treasurer 2; M.A.A. 1, 2, Riding Manager 2; Social Committee 1,2; Glee Club 1; M.C.A. Cabinet 2 Peggy Sue McQueen Kansas Cilg, Missouri Choir and Glee Club 1, 2; Social Committee 1,2; M.A.A. 2; Basketball Manager 2; Varsity Hockey 2; Varsity Basketball 2; Baldwin House Council 2; Heavenly Pleven 2 Jean Adele Marshall Waukegan, Illinois M.C.A. 1; M.A.A. 2, Golf Manager 2; Hobby Horse 1; Social Committee 1, 2; 1 Icavenly Pleven 2 "Kay-rcan" Quick Sil ver Family day today Portrait Gal "Mickey" Whoa, Lucy Down to the ham Ah, you guys — "Pig-box” "Willy-Mi . .on Aggie and Joe Oh . . . Sell mac "Hester" lust a hankerin’ Whispering I lope Oh Dear, GussieMarilyn Jean Mercer Decatur, IUinois M.M.A. 1, 2, Vice-President 2; Student Council 2; Science Club 2; Haskell House Chairman 2; Social Committee 1, 2; M.C.A. 1; House Council 2 Sally Mouse Cali'in, Oklahoma M.C.A. 1,2; Social Committee 2; Science Club 1; 'l imes 1. 2, News Editor 2 Nancy Allen Moulton Highland Park, Illinois Science Club 1, 2, Treasurer 2; M.C.A. 1, 2; Social Committee 1, 2; Choir 2; Glee Club 1, 2 Rutii Clara Palmer Cleveland Heights, Ohio Social Committee 1, 2; Echo 2, Literarv Editor; M.C.A. 1, 2; Dress Advisory Committee "Mcrcc" Ecnic, inccnie, mincy, moc? He's a sweetie "Sug ' (live me a letter. Sug No, I'm from Oklahoma! Couple hands of bridge? "Moull” Is my hair fixed? The menu for tonight is . . . Oh, you guys! "Rulhic” Well traveled Did I get a phone call? Roger—Patricia Ann Patridge Bartlesville, Oklahoma Social Committee 1,2; Tennis Club 1, 2; Bicycle Manager 2; Varsity Mockev 2; Varsity Basketball 2; Junior Committee 1 Roberta Frances Peoples Fort Worth, Texas M.C.A. 1, 2; Science Club 1, 2; Social Committee 1, 2; Junior Committee 1; Vice-President of Class; Student Council 2; Chairman, Caldwell I louse 2; Judicial Advisory Committee 2; Caldwell Council 2 Carol Christine Petersen JIitwaukee, Wisconsin M.C.A. 1; Tennis Club 1, 2; Varsity Hockey 2; Social Committee 1, 2; Current Affairs 2 Patricia Sue Reedy Kansas Cil , Missouri Student Council 2; Baldwin House Chairman 2; Baldwin House Council 2; Junior Committee 1; M.A.A. Board, Volleyball Manager 2; Varsity Volleyball, Captain 2; Current Affairs 2; Choir and Glee Club 1,2; Social Committee 1, 2; Heavenly Eleven 2 "Pot" Shine Bartlesville Where you been tit I 'bout liked to never . • • "Bert” I thought I heard a noise God’s country Typical Texan "Pete" Milwaukee Miss Saturday—I sleep— "Pooh-Bear" Little Mike isn't feeling well today Beale Street Happy TalkBktty Anne Sanborn Sioux Cilif. Iowa iM.C.A. 1, 2, Vice-President 2; Social Committee 1, 2 Katherine Prescott Scarritt Kansas Cil} , Missouri Junior Committee 1; Science Club 1; M.A.A., Vice President 2; Varsity Hockey 2; Varsity Basketball 2; Tennis Club 1. 2; Social Com-niitte 1. 2 Ann Duval Schoonover Salem, Illinois Choir, 1, 2, Vice-President 2; M.M. A. 1, 2 Joanne Lee Schulte Cleveland, Ohio I louse Council 2; Science Club 2; Social Committee 1, 2; M.C.A. I, 2; Chapel Chairman 2; Great Books 1; ICcho 2; Dress Advisory Committee 2; I lobby Horse 2 "Annie” Furry Bear Sioux Cil.v Sanborn What are you iloooingg? "Kip" There's a fungus nmong-us. "High C Sue .” W here s my lint pin? There’s more than coffee in I in cleaning up Kansas City Brazil “Sell ult” All here?? Jack The Lover Measles"Smilty” Cleveland hound Oh, those weekends Life guard "Spatzic Alton miss Nothing can stoj» tlie Army Air Corps Phyllis Blakeslee Scott Kansas Cil f, Missouri Marlin 1, 2; Hobby Horse 1, 2; Social Committee 1, 2; Choir and Glee Club 1,2; M.A.A. 2, Treasurer 2; Science Club 1, 2, Vice-President 2; M.C.A. 1, 2, Publicity Chairman 2; l imes 1; Echo 2; Junior Committee 1 Carol Margaret Serknberg Delroil, Alichigan M.C.A. 1, 2; M.M.A. 1, 2, Treasurer 2; Drama Club 1; Social Committee 2; Cradle Song 1; Little Black Sambo 1 Roxie Joan Smith East Cleveland, Ohio Marlin 1, 2; M.C.A. 1, 2; Times 2, Circulation 2; Life Guard 1, 2 Shirley Ann Spat . Alton, Illinois "Ph.vl” "Screnovn" Why yes. I’d love to make a Swan Jake poster! ! Choo Choo Watcher Rock Chalk, Jay hawk Nothing compared to the Giggles Fisher BuildingMyrna Beth Sperry Homewood, Illinois Choir 1. 2, Treasurer 2; M.C.A. 2, Treasurer 2; Science Club 1, 2, President 2; Social Committee 1. 2, 1 laskell 1 louse Council 2 Jean Marie Stou.k Has Si. Louis, Illinois Class Secretary; Faculty Student Committee 2; M.A.A. 1, 2, Fencing Manager 2; Tennis Club 1, 2: Social Committee 1, 2; Junior Committee 1; Pied Piper 2; Science Club 1 June Elizabeth Stou.k J'.asl Si. Louis, Illinois Class Treasurer; Social Committee 1, 2; Faculty Student Committee 2; Junior Committee 1 Carol Laing Swift ThedjorH, A ebraska Junior Committee 1; Social Committee 1. 2; Varsity Hockey 2; Student Council Secretary 1; Current Allairs 2; I lobby Horse 1, 2, Vice President 2; Great Books 1; Choir and Glee Club 2 ''Myrna'' He's ft Marine You’re so understanding Mommy “June” Personality radiates Touche Respectively submitted “lean” Twin! Viddlc Sleepy Time Gal “Swifty" I lay fever See you at din dinBsagggi mammmmm■ Jane Alisone Thomas Ames, Iowa M.C.A. 1; Art Club 1, 2, Secretary 2; Hobby Horse 1, 2; Social Committee 1, 2; Choir and Glee Club 1, 2; Times Circulation Manager 2 Frances Ruth Tone Grin n ell, Iowa M.C.A. 1; Science Club 1; Little Black Sambo 1 ; Great Books 1; Times 1; Drama Club 1 Jewell Bernice Uhinck Parma Heights, Ohio M.C.A. 1; Hobby I Iorse 1,2; Choir and Glee Club 1, 2, Librarian 2; Times Sports Editor 2 Clara Elizabeth Wanner Chicago, Illinois Junior Committee 1; Social Committee 1, 2; M.C.A. 1, 2; Judicial Advisory Committee 2; Heavenly Eleven 2 "Tommy" I love lcltuce Carrot top from the corn state "Rulhic" "Charlie, my boy!" I am five feet . . . "Duly” Where's mv gee-tar? Give me the West any day Woman in While "Clair” I’m almost 21 ['ell you what I’m gonna do Chicago BoundRuse Irwin White Chicago, Illinois Social Committee 1, 2; M.C.A. 1; Baldwin House Council 2 Delores Whitworth . in n capo I is, . II in n esola M.C.A. 1; Science Club 1; Social Committee 1,2; Current AlTairs 2 Marilyn Williams II tile Hear I.ake, Minnesota M.C.A. 1; Social Committee 1, 2; Lile Guard 2; Dress Committee 2 Laura Althea Witte Fremont, Nebraska M.C.A. 1; Choir and Glee Club L 2; Science Club 1; Times 1; Social Committee 1, 2 "Elsie” Champaign Oh, Della Kappa Epsilon My Kenny Tint hair "Worthless” Skip-to-ma-lon Ridiculous The laugh that launched a thousand ships "Mush" Date cookie, anylvodv? (lot any magazines? Goldfish "Laurie” Have a coke? TWA ... I lore I come Nebraska: : I I i [ Mary Dai.k Woodard Denser, Colorado (ilce Club 1, 2, Choir 2; M.C.A. 1; Baldwin Mouse Council 2; Social Committee 2; Great Books 1 "Mary D" Girls . . . Girls! My stars and garters I -i rlc .- vous Ira non iscWarnslmis, Aldrich, Cook, Klcinschmidl Junior Class Officers President.................Carol Kleinschmidt tce President.....................Audrey Aldrich Secretary.................Marcia VVai •nshuis Treasurer......................Martha Cook Marjorie Adams Shawnee, Oklahoma Audrey Aldrich Short Hills, Sew Jersey Anastasia Auger Jerseyi'tile, Illinois Jean Arnold Muskogee, Oklahoma Joyce Baker Okmulgee, Oklahoma Barbara Banks Fairbury, Nebraska Jo Anne Barkley Crosse Poinfe, J ichigan Jane Barton Omaha, Nebraska Anne Beaton Shawnee, Oklahoma Patricia Beilm Daylon, Ohio Ruth Beye Iowa City, Iowa Barbara Bii.hbimer Bonne Terre, J issouriSl'ZAN'NK BlNNER Winnclha, Illinois II HI 1)1 Bloescii Tulsa. Oklahoma Anneke-Jan Boden Bax City, Michigan Barbara Boot K. (hand Rapids, Michigan Nancy Bowers AVu1 Jlartinsvitlc, . l a. Martha Ann Boyle Alion, Illinois Marianne Bradley Springfield, IUinots Constance Breivogel Sum mil, . Vu» Jersey Frances Brown (lien Ellyn, Illinois Shirley Birack I niversi y Lily, Jhssouri Jean Bi rooon W innetha, Illinois Dorothy Biskens Evanston, IllinoisHelen Carter Eujaula, Oklahoma Nancy Charlton Dcs Moines, Iowa Patricia Childress Baxter Springs, Kansas Sul: Christensen Fremont, Nebraska Mary Cle.minshaw Shaker Heights, Ohio Alice Ann Cleveland Dcs Jloines, Iowa Beverly Cole Jlounlainside, New Jersey Anne Conway Paola, Kansas Martha Cook Beatrice, Nebraska MARC.KRY CROCK ETT Chinook, JI on tana Jeneane Dargel Reedsburg, H isconsin Martha Davis Ureal Bend. KansasRita Doerr (ilen Ellyn, Illinois Barbara Doi.ezai. Perry, Oklahoma Johann Donnelly (Ira lion, Xorlh Dakota Annk Diea . uskogee, Oklahoma Julia Durham Piercelon, Indiana Mary Jane IClstkr Hay I illagc, Ohio K A R K N I'A IR V EAT 1115 R Chicago, Illinois Julie Fargo Omaha, Nebraska Carolyn Finnell Detroit, Michigan Doris Fleisch Si. Louis, Missouri Donna Fluggb (lien Ellyn, Illinois Sharyn Garti.ey (ilen Ellyn, IllinoisMARYLEE GaYLE Rockford, Illinois Joan Harness Detroit, . Uichit)an Ann Hart Austin, Texas Jean Hawley Highland Park, Illinois A REN 1)1 A I lOLLEBECK Rogal Oak, .Hichigan Frances Gore T'indlag, Ohio JaCQUELIN GREENE J)cs Moines, Iowa Martha Haag Hammond, Indiana Ruth Ann Hale Oelwein, Iowa Kathryn Hightower Okmulgee, Oklahoma Mary Ann Hill Trinidad, Colorado Filo.mena Gerardi Chicago Heights, IllinoisJoan IIibbkll Jelmore, Kansas Blanche Johnson . Jlilwaukee, Wisconsin Joan Alice Johnson Chanule, Kansas Selby Johnson Corsicana, Texas Anne Jouvenat Lincoln, Sebraska Nina Joy Houston, Texas Patty K am man IffIon, Missouri Mary Joan Kausch Dearborn, . ichigan Nancy Kimball Port Huron, Michigan Carol Kleinschmidt Hinsdale, Illinois Carroll Kornkffkl Detroit, . tlichigan Mary Catherine Kl khnen Slaunlon, IllinoisJoan Kutterer Brentwood, .Missouri JOYCB LASSMAN .Maple Park, Illinois Suzanne Leiner Tiffin, Ohio Joan Lewis Fremont, Xebraska Elizabeth Long Great Bend, Kansas Sara Loudon .Minerva, Ohio Lynn Lundgaard Ada, Oklahoma Patricia MacI)ougal Park Ridge, Illinois Louella McGrady . M in n capo I is, . Min nesola June Ale Lou on Chicago, Illinois Mary Macauley Kampsville, Illinois Beverly Mackin Lillie Rock, ArkansasA unit ICY M A1.COM B Sioux Falls, Soulh Dakota Mary Leone Marshall Day Ion, Ohio Janb Marx Birmingham, Alahama Gretciien Morgknstern Satina, Kansas X A NCY X 1C VM A X Springfield, Illinois Janet Niebergall l'reeporl, Illinois Margaret Olson Sioux halls, Soulh Dakota EVALEANE PANNKUK Laurens, Kansas Xancy Parr Waterloo, Iowa Dorothy Parsons Atwood, Illinois Shirley Pattengili. Cisco, Illinois Diana Poi.k Indianapolis, ndtanaMary Janet Reed Lincoln, Xebraska Nada Reichman II onn iba I, . I I issouri Jeanne Roberts Thienscille, Wisconsin Beverly Robinson Little Rock, Arkansas Nancy Robinson Springfield, Illinois Marlene Rohne -1 I in nea poll's, .11 inn esota Patricia Roney Ificliila, Kansas Bonnie Roost Dakota City, Sc bra ska Judith Rusmisel Bloomington, Illinots Suzanne Safford Cincinnati, Ohio Susan Sanford Amarillo, Texas Betty Seal Cincinnati, OhioBetty Sealock Traer, Iowa Bonny Skalock Traer, Iowa Donna Seaman Chicago, Illinois Madki.on Siikrk Glencoe, Illinois Joann Smith Glen Ellyn, Illinois Dale Smith Ann Arbor, .Michigan Dolores Stanfi i:ld Ada, Oklahoma Ann Stanley St illu a ler, Ok la horn a Marilyn Stephens L hicago, Iflinois Sl k Stokkly Perry, Iowa J kora Thompson Perry, Oklahoma Nancy Thompson ll 'innelka, IllinoisBi.ytiie Thomsen Beatrice, Xebraska Nancy Trout Dayton, Ohio Dorothy Vaughan I.a Porte, Indiana Joyce Vitkin Glencoe, Itlinois Nancy Walker . in neapolis, . )Iin ne.rota Nancy Wallace Canton, Ohio Marilyn Wandling Alton, Illinois Marilyn Warner It ill mar, JI in n esota Marcia Warnshuis K. Grand Rapids, Jtichigan Sally Warren Lincoln, Xebra.rka Patricia Watts Little Rock. Arkansas Beth Weidenfeld San Antonio, TexasJanet West Berry ciHe, Arkansas Marion Whitworth Lincoln, Nebraska Erma Lucille Wilcox H ' lnie le, Illinois Suzanne Woodrow Bedford, Ohio Marc,arkt Woodruff (hand Rapids, .Hichi pan Mary Zinn Jlilwaukee, Wisconsin Nora Butnik Cleveland Heights, Ohio Sonora EDMONDSON Pori Huron, J ichigan Carol Pels Kansas dig, Jlissouri Gloria Loesch Lakewood, Ohio Rak Taraba ('h icago, Kin ois3, 'ienddl T 9 There will be friendships When Monti days are through; There will be friendships Between our classes too. The silver links that bind us. The spade we lake (give) Irom (to) you. Will always remind us; Be true! Next year remember. That though your (our) class is gone. We'll (you'll) do our (your) best to carry on. The things you've (we’ve) worked for. The things you've (we've) stood for all along, Will make our friendships strong.Delscnmp, Hunter, Adams. I .; Mercer. Reedy, Davies. Minikins, Briggs, Patio, Lipski, Klfgcn, Peoples, Klein- schmidt. Bradley, M.; Doty, Barnes, Arnold Student Council I lie Student Council is the governing body of the student association, which consists of Monticcllo students. It is the council that carries out the democratic spirit which is needed to make a link lie tween the administration and the student body. The duty of this group of girls is to give official expression to the opinions and ideas of the student and to oiler solutions to problems pertaining to student life. 'I his year the Student Council has tried to increase the school spirit, by urging participation of all students in the events of the school as well as keeping up their academic standard. Members of the Council proctor the library and the student lounge. On the social side the council has sponsored “all-school parties.” I he four officers of the Council arc chosen by the student body for their leadership and sound judgment. The President, Grcsdna Doty, and Vice-President, Jeannot Barnes, are members of the senior class and were chosen the later part of their junior year. The secretary, Jean Arnold, and I reasurer, Marianne Bradley, arc members of the junior class and were chosen at the beginning of this year. 'I he Student Council Board is comprised of the heads of the major organizations, including class presidents, house chairmen, M.C.A., M.A.A., Sponsor chairman. Social committee, anil the editors of the student publications. The faculty adviser for this governing board is Miss Swift.M.C.A. flic Alonticcllo Christian Association functions as a service organization. The social service work program, in which the organization assists at the Alton Y.W.C.A. and Catholic Orphanage, is its major activity. M.C.A. has charge of all campus drives, such as the World Student Service Fund, and also sponsors transportation to Alton churches every Sunday. Program anti discussion meetings arc held twice a month, under the supervision of Miss Nancy Walthall, faculty adviser. M.C.A.’s program is highlighted at Christmas with the formal Doll Dinner. The group plans anti presents a student chapel service each semester anil entertains children from the orphanage with an Faster egg hunt each spring. IXitv. Hunter. Schulte, Sanborn, Aaron Sperry, MvKihkin. Scott. BarnesEcho Alexandra Fatio........................Editor Susan Gibson........................Production Manager Ruth Palmer................. l.ilerarg Manager Joan Harrison......................Advertising Manager First published in 1894 as an alumnae magazine. The Echo became in 1936 the student annual, describing in writing and pictures (he spirit of Monlicello. With (he helpful advice ol Joseph A. Russo, faculty sponsor, stall members planned the lav-out, pasted pictures, produced write-ups, gathered ads, and kept one eye on the budget. In March the material was sent to the printer, and the stall' breathed a sigh of relief. Harrison, Fatio, Palmer, GibsonTimes Carla Lipski....................Edilor- in - ChieJ Kathryn Huntkr.....................flanaging Editor Sally Morse.............................Sews Editor Marilyn Stephens........Assistant Sews Edilor Sue Sanford........................Editorial Editor Joan 11 a r r i son...............Sports Co- Editor JEXVELL UIIINCK.......................Sports Co-Editor Jane Thomas......................Circulation Manager I lie students eve-view of the happenings around Monticello is recorded by the Times. It is published bi-weekly and circulated to all the students, parents, many alumnae, and prospective students, to help give them a better understanding of the work and play going on at Monticello. The seniors comprise the always-busv stall' while the juniors take their places beside them as reporters and writers of features, sports articles, and editorials. Morse, Uliinck. Thomas Hunter, Lipski, Harrisonrr Science Club Myrna Sperry......................President Phyllis Scott.................Pice-President Dorothy Jean ICi.fgen.............Secretary Nancy Moulton.....................Treasurer Jane Herbert............Publicity Chairman The aim of the Science Club is to stimulate the student's interest in science and to broaden her general knowledge of physics, chemistry, and biology. The meetings are highlighted by programs put on either by students, faculty, or visiting guests. Movies, demonstrations, trips, and lectures are provided. Outstanding lectures were those on (lower arrangement, photography, and dietetics. Special events included the Science Club Open House, the Christmas parly, and the Science Club picnic in the spring. Miss Lucrctia Crcssey and Miss Kli .abeth Louise Gulick arc faculty advisers for the club. 4 I Fifth row: Polk. Harrison. Sclmhc. Mill. M.A.. Sniilnnl. BKhtscIi Fourth row: Willcox, Reich man, llngg. I.cincr, Nicltcrgall. Brcivogcl Third row: Johnson, J.A., Johnson. S., Morgenslcrn. Conway. aughan. W arren Stroud row: Frochlich, Peoples. Smith. J. N.. Mercer. Roberts, Salford First row: Moulton, Herbert, Kllgcn, Scott. SperryAdams, Elfgcn, Briggs Social Committee At Monticello the social program is directed and regulated bv a well-organized social committee, which is composed of students who, through a point system, earn their membership to the organization. They perform their duties to the classes as well as to the school itscll. This year the three social chairmen are Jeanne Briggs, Patricia Adams, and Dorothy Jean Klfgen. These girls interchange (heir duties as heads of the various committees to organize dances, and take charge of the dining room and Merrv-(»o-Round.Choir I i M a n y J a n k Bov ke..................Pwiden t Ann Sciioonovkr................... ice-President Joan 1 Iakrison........................Secretary Susan Gibson.................Assistant Secretary jMyrNA SPKRRY..........................Treasurer J KWKI.L UHINCK........................Librarian ICvervonc at Monticello is familiar with the Monticcllo Choir, whose beautitully harmonised voices issue forth from the chapel balcony at Sunday Vespers services, and troni l'obes 21, where the choir holds its practice twice a week. The fifty members of the choir were selected at the beginning of the year by tryouts at which Stephen B. Williams, choir director, judged the girls on the basis ol their music-reading ability and the quality of their voices. lliuhlights of the past year were: The nationwide radio broadcast Irom St. Louis over KSD in October, Christmas Candlelight Service; the appearance with the Alton Symphony early in April, and the Spring Concert in June. Throughout the year they made trips to Alton, Last St. Louis, and St. Louis to sing for civic and church groups. ( il son. Uhinclt. liovec, Spcrr.v, HarrisonGibson, Mercer, Deem, Cooper, Brcivogcl, Bennett, Crockett, facoponclli, Scrcnbcrg, Harrison. Arger. Schoonover Monticello Music Association Camille Cooper..................President Marilyn Mercer.............Vice-President Ann Deem........................Secretary Carol Serenberg................'treasurer This newly formed club promotes appreciation of all types of music through bi-weekly meetings, in which students actively participate, and sponsored trips to St. Louis musical functions. Faculty advisers for the M.M.A. arc Mr. Williams, Mr. Oldham, and Miss Ross.Current Events Club Caki.a Lipski...........................President Beverly Mackin..........................Secretary To keep students interested in the current problems of the nation and the world, a new club lias been formed this year. The faculty advisers. Miss McMichael and Mr. Smith, meet with the girls twice a month in Caldwell Lounge to study problems of the day. In April this group was honored to accept an invitation to join other clubs of this area in a conference at Lindenwood. There the girls were able to hear other peoples' opinions on present day situations and to meet in small groups for discussions. Whitworth, I).; Robinson, B.; Burbnck, Kly. Woodrow Mackin. Adams, M.; Binncr, Bradley P.; Lipski Watts, Davies, McMichael ( IcL-i.rer), Hunter, Smith (s dviser)Art Club Carla Lipski.......................President Jane Thomas........................Secretary Nancy Newman.......................Treasurer An old club, but under a new name this .year, is the Art Club. The main purpose of the club is to stimulate interest in the visual arts. Meetings arc held bi-monthly. The lirst meeting of the month is for business and the second is a work-shop, where the girls have a chance to sketch, paint, or draw their favorite subjects. The club has lectures by its faculty adviser. Miss Patton, and other members of the art department. As part of its activities, it sponsors trips to the Art Museum in St. Louis. At the Spring Art Show in May, awards are given to the students who have done outstanding work in art. Mill. M.A.; Appleton. Sartord, Burgoon. Fluggc, Fatio, Lundgaard, Fouls, Korncffcl, Wandling. MncTaggart, Durham, Ferguson, Vaughan, Haag Thomas, Lipski. NewmanHaskell House Council.McQueen, While. Ankrom. Woodard, Briggs, Reedy, Cook Chairman: Palsy Reedy Baldwin House Council Caldwell House Council Gore, Schulte, Adams, P.; Kleinschnmlt, Peoples, Barnes Chairman: Rol erta PeoplesOke Mil ST I CEL lid IDEALS The Kcho presents seven members ol the class of 19f 1 who, by vote of their classmates, typify the Monticcllo ideals. Although each girl is pictured as a representative of one ideal, she personifies each and cvcrv one of them. Peggy McQueen HEAL T Within each girl is the power to recognize and appreciate the beauty of everyday experiences. Life is filled with beauty if one is sensitive to it and eager to find it ii one’s eyes are trained to see, one's ears to hear, one’s heart to understand and one's mind to remember.DIGNITY This is a quality of reserve which comes with emotional, intellectual, and social maturity. Dignity is always rcllecled in the recognition of the fitness of things and in (he poise and self-confidence with which one places one's self above that which might he considered unseemly. service Each of us has a distinctive personality and unique talents. The Monticello girl considers it not only a privilege but a responsibility to share her gifts with all. thereby helping herself and others to develop to the fullest measure. Dorothy Jean IClfgend Roberta democracy The truly democratic person interests herself in the activities of others. She seeks to understand and respect the ideals and beliefs of her associates while maintaining her own independence of thought and action. LIIV A L T V One of the most important ol the lMonti-cello Ideals is a deep-seated loyalty to the college, one’s friends, one’s lamilv and one’s own beliefs. 1 his deep-seated emotion will grow through understanding, respect and love. Grksdna Doty WISII01! As the iMonticello girl grows in academic stature she seeks to increase her ability to apply her knowledge usefully, for wisdom is the union of knowledge and understanding. - i moimiii’ iMany ol your most cherished and lasting friendships will be made while you are at iMonticello. Your college days will afford rich opportunities for making a wide circle of friends. In true friendship there is dignity, beauty, loyalty, service, democ-raev, and neverfailing consideration. Dana Hldkins Alexandra patio mr Mackin, Stollc, jean. Jones, K.; Kiel .man. Marshall. J.; Crush, Rclchinan. Patio, McKihhin McQueen, Delscaiup. Scarrill, Bradford. Scott. Reedy Pat ridge. Adams, )•; Hill, B.; Harrison Monticello Athletic Association NAncy DKl.seAM i».................President Katherine Scarritt...........Vice-President Olive Bradford....................Secretary Phyllis Scott.....................Treasurer I he purpose ol the Monticello Athletic Association is to help each student to grow physically, mentally, anti morally, by arousing sincere interest in athletics anti l»v offering a means ol healthy competition to establish the highest itleals of companionship anti sportsmanship. I he M.A.A. Boartl directs all phases of the voluntary sports program. Members composing this boartl arc Klizabeth Jones, archery; Betty Hill, badminton; Peggy McQueen, basketball; Pat Palridge, bicycle; Barbara Kietzman, bowling: Jean Stolle, fencing; Jean Marshall, golf; Jane Adams, hockey; Caroline McKibbin, ruling; Joan Harrison, social chairman; Jane Crush, softball; Carolyn Davies, swimming; Alex I'atio, tennis; and Patsy Reedy, volleyball. Inter-collegiate games are sponsored by the M.A.A. Board in which Lindcnwood, Webster, Washington University, Maryville, and Harris Teachers College were competitors.Crush, Petersen, Swill, Warnshuis. McQueen, Palridgc. Hunt, Mill. li.; Adams, Delsc •imp, Adams, I’.; Davies Mack in, Scnrrill, Bradford, Roliinson, I).; Flcisch Varsity Hockey Senior Hockey Petersen. Scarrill, Swill, Witlc, Dclscamp. Ilimt. Crush. Marshall. McQueen. Palridgc, Bradford, Davies. Bennett Adams, J.; Adams, I’.; Scot I, Harrison, Mill. B.Robinson, B.; Binncr, Willcox, Conway, Cole, Arnold, Clcminsliaw. Flcisch, Zinn, Smith, D-; Duca, Jouvenat, Greene, Gayle, Ala chin Junior Hockey Hobby Horse Alorgenstern, Alarsliall, Al.; Brcivogel, Alackin. Kuttcrcr. Cleveland, Robinson, B.; Bryant, Thomas, Warren, Uliinch. lacopnnelli Farnsworth. Burgoon. Harness, Mill. Al.; Newman, Leiner, Scott. Vaughan AlcDonald, Swift. Fargo, AlcKibbin, Fal oBadminton Hudcn, Marshall. M.: Mill. IV: Kioizman. Farco. Rnliinstm. IV: Inncv I-’Cooper. Cole. Bennett. Zinn. Crush, Robinson. B.; Duca, Klcinschmidt. Roney Mackin, Burgoon, Beyc. Rcichman. I) ivies. Conway, Cook. Smith. R; Scott Jeffries, Smith, D.; Hart, Jones, M.; Hill, B.; Arnold Marlin Club Jank Grcsii . . . .President and Pageant Manager CA ROI.YN DaVIES........Secretary- Treasurer Marlin Club, an organization for girls interested in rhythm and synchronized swimming, began at Monticcllo in 1941. The present membership is twenty-eight students. I ryouts are held each fall and spring, and all who pass the necessary swimming skills become members. The main project of the club is to present the annual spring swimming pageant. The pageant, “Tropical Magic," held on March 9 and 10, was a student production, planned and directed by members under the supervision of faculty adviser, Miss Dorothy Fisher.Warren, Smith, J.;Slollc, Jean; London, Tara bn, Newman. Hill, M.A.; Kict .man Fencing Tennis Club Briggs, Slolle. Jean; Bradford. Robinson. B.; Petersen. Ely, Scnrritt Pat ridge, Greene. Trout. Smith. J.; Sanford. Arnold, Grush Adams. J.; Hill, B.; RatioAdams, Siludle. Briggs, Kly. Swift, (irusli Mill, I).; Whitworth. I).; Dclscamp, Mender, Seutt Softball Jane Crush........................Manager At the first sign of spring, Alonticello softball enthusiasts return to the diamond. Not onlv are there scheduled classes, but also voluntary and vaisily games. In classes, rules and beginning skills, particularly in pitching and batting, aie sliessed. In voluntary, girls play for their own recreation and enjoyment. This year the season was highlighted by the senior-faculty game and competitive games between juniors and seniors.Robinson, B.;Zinn. Ely, Scarrilt, Macltin, Robinson. N.; McQnccn. Fleisch, Adams. J.; Pat ridge, Crush, Mill, B.; Dclscamp Varsity Basketball Senior Basketball Scott, Jones, E.; Swift, Scarritt, Ely, Bradford, Briggs, Crush, Witte Dclscamp, Marshall, J.; Patridge. McQueen. Mill, B.; Farnsworth. FroehlichBasketball Peggy McQueen..................Manager One of the most popular winter sports at Monticello is basketball. Almost half of the student body participates in this sport of skills. Piloting the inter-class tourney were Peggy McQueen and Jane Adams for the seniors, while Bcv Mackin and Bcv Robinson led the juniors. The varsity squad enjoyed competition with teams from Washington University, Prin-cipia, Lindenwood, Fontbonnc, MacMurray, Harris, Maryville, and Webster. Alumnae weekend afforded much fun with the alum-senior game. Junior Basketball Kuttcrcr, Wood row, Duca, Grccnc. Robinson, B.; Zinn, Burack, Rolierts, Willcox Jouvcnnt, Conway, Mackin, Rcichman. Christensen FIcisch, Warner, Arnold, Morgcnstcrn, Robinson, N.Iiri8ss. Hilliciincr, Morgcnalcr,,. Sc»I kU. Scaled,. Bmcc. Pel ,,. Stollc, Jean; Cl.ri.lcn ,,. Fid !,. Reichman; Jones, t.; Harrison, Delscninp. Reedy Varsity Volleyball Senior Volleyball l), Dot.v, Mardiall, J.; Bmcc. Keifamnn. Pc,cr „. A,lam., J Scarrilt, Hunt, Jones, E. Briggs, Pa (ridge, Bradford, llarrisoCrockett, Kuttcrer, Christensen, Wallace, Flciscli. Morgcnslcrn, Billiciincr Junior Volleyball Volleyball Patsy Reedy.....................Manager A popular sport at Monlicello is volleyball, featured in both class and voluntary for all three sport seasons. Games are played indoors in winter and outdoors in spring and autumn. During the year there are inter-class tournaments, a faculty-student game, and games in competition with other schools.J!a Vista Del, cuts ion a Remember Post Office_Jleavenly di even Jf, onte 1 a n a tj em ea ent De 'jtyj. A. A. CarnivalAdvertisersJ- eterA FINE CANDIES PASTRIES — LUNCHEONS Peters’ Chocolates sold exclusively at Monticello College Bookstore ALTON, ILLINOIS BntH i tratfnrh ALTON’S FIREPROOF HOTEL of 0 • HOME OF THE RIVIERA ROOM Compliments of ALTON WATER CO. ALTON KRAMER ELECTRIC WOOD RIVERQet it at . 15 (Uo r VJ ALTON IN ALTON Phone 3-8851 ■ JOE’S BEST WISHES STEAKS CHICKEN SPAGHETTI and RAVIOLI MEYER-SCHMID SANDWICHES GROCERY COMPANY Joe Palazzolo Godfrey, III. j THELMA DORMANN Invites GINTER-WARDEIN MONTICELLO GIRLS LUMBER COMPANY To Visit Her Gift Shop Dependable ' ATTRACTIVE GIFTS FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS LUMBER and MILLWORK Alton, Illinois 450 Front St. Alton, III. 1ALTON TIRE SALES 435 East Broadway Edward S. Stobbs Walter K. Stobbs COMPLIMENTS OF L.H. Roy Maxfield REALTOR (Geo. H. Smiley Co. Agency) LEWIS CLARK bridges INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE PHONES: 3-5221 and 3-6058COMPLIMENTS OF Win crci tSp rinad jjJ ALTON, ILLINOIS Compliments of W. I. GODWIN OFFICE and SCHOOL SUPPLIES Phone: 3-7756 114 East Broadway Alton, Illinois Compliments of ALTON UNITED CABS 25 E. Broadway Alton, III. Pianos Band Instruments Organs Phonograph Records Solovox Record Players Sheet Music GOULD MUSIC CO. 551 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois piaaa “Paper applies a o HUB TOBACCO CO., INC. Phone: 3-5508 115 Easton St. Alton WHOLESALERS DISTRIBUTORS SJHSK Phone 3-7031 103 Central Ave. Alton, 111.BROWN-HOMM PHONE 3-7749 • 701 HENRY ST. • ALTON. ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF Ole BLAIR AGENCY INSURANCE Established 1804 Headquarters For TOWN and COUNTRY and NATURALIZERS m CARL’S BEAUTIFUL SHOESSPRINGMAN J. J. Wuellner Son LUMBER CO. GENERAL LUMBER CONTRACTORS MILLWORK BUILDING MATERIALS Since 1902 1101 E. Broadway Alton, 111. 101 Oak St. Alton, 111. YOUR PATRONAGE IS APPRECIATED BY (Lodonicid inj C o. PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS 4th and Ferguson Sts. Wood River, 111.BAKERY PRODUCTS AND ICE CREAM The Kuehne Manufacturing MATTOON, ILLINOIS MANUFACTURERS OF kitchen and dinette furniture Steel and WoodALTON, ILL. LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS RUG CLEANERS Icicle the d3aS SAFE -- FAST and DEPENDABLE SERVICE CHARTERS A SPECIALTY For Information Call Citizens Coach Co. Brown Motor Lines 3-6546 COMPLIMENTS OF ALTON BOX BOARD CO. GOOD WISHES FROM THE Goca Goia iottiUitf, Gattupx+tuf, Remember to “Pause for Refreshment’© Whatever.-the d 'asion . . . a speciqj dafq' . - . summe play or work), Fqirfust vt tui v r ordinary clasSJ’jdqip y ear ' 217 Piasa Street, Alton, Illinois WARDEIN’S DRUG STORE WHERE YOU ALWAYS FIND WHAT THE EMERGENCY DEMANDS ALTON REFRIGERATION CO. Authorized FRIGIDAIRE SALES and SERVICE See Us About Any Household Appliance and Commercial Equipment 550 East Broadway Dial 3-7722 E. V. WARDEIN PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Compliments of CITY FUEL SUPPLY CO. Alton, Illinois 2510 State St. Alton, 111.AMBULANCE SERVICE Highway or Skyway Gent 2409 STATE STREET ☆ ALTON TELEPHONE 3-7731 RECORD CENTER Phone 2-2762 16 Kast Broadway Alton, 111. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND WORLD-FAMOUS THROUGH THE YEARS FOR almost a century, the quality and matchless dependability of products made by divisions of Olin Industries, Inc. have been relied upon by pioneers in all phases of the growth and development of America. Whether attributed to a large industry or to an individual, quality and dependability have always been a mark of superiority. These important traits have long been emphasized at Monti-cello College. Carrying them with you always should enable you to become a more worthwhile and responsible member of your community. OLIN INDUSTRIES, INC. East Alton, 111. PRODUCTS OF DIVISIONS, SUBSIDIARIES, AFFILIATES: v-— { WINCHFOSTER: Firearms, Ammunition, Flashlights, Dry Cell Batteries, Roller Skates: WESTERN: Brass, Bronze, Phosphor Bronze, Nickel Silver, (1 n rxi Copper, Ammunition, Traps and Targets, Blasting Caps. BOND: Flashlights, Dry Cell Batteries. EQUITABLE, COLUMBIA, LIBERTY, EGYPTIAN, " ' TEXAS, WESTERN: Railway Fusees and Torpedoes, Black Powder, Dyna- mite, Blasting Powder. The ECUSTA PAPER CORPORATION: Cellophane, Cigarette Paper, Fine Papers. THE HARWID COMPANY: Polyethylene.First National Hank TRUST C O HI P A IN’ Y in Capital and Surplus SI ,250.000 THIRD AND BELLE STREETS • ALTON. ILLINOIS MEMBER FEDERAL UEI’OSIl INSURANCE CORI’C B IT ION Alton ARTISTS’ MATERIALS SINCE 1853 F. WEBER CO. 705 Pine St. St. Louis, Mo. Trtf-'Jitter Cleaner A OFFICIAL CLEANERS For MONTICELLO STUDENTS Telephone 2-1911 2501 State St. Alton, 111. 11M Ifcnn Oldest Agency in Illinois —1849— One Hundred and Two Years Old —1951— ALTON, ILLINOIS INSURANCE OF ALL KINDSJ. I!. 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