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HAYNERP liCT ALTON, ILLINOIS LThis is your scrapbook of’ memories. vivid recollections of the past year including the picnic at l.a Vista, the long-awaited Cieorge Washington banquet, trips to the cabin, voluntary sports, and finally, graduation We, the annual start’, present it to you, hoping that the remembrances it portrays will help you to relive this y many times in the futureMonricello’s ibook would hardlv he Complete without recog- nition of the teacher who for r wen tv-five vears has given her timeand energy to make Monti a not to he forgotten. Therefore, the Kcho staff of' 1950 dedicates this hook to Miss Lucretia Cressev. Chairman of the Department of Natural Sciences and teacher of chemistry, she has interpreted God's physical laws to two and one-half' decades of' classesACTIBenjamin Godfrey Memorial ChapeiI)R. JOHN R. YOUNG President since 1945, Dr. Young received his B.A. from Marshall College and M.A. and Ph.l). degrees from the University of Illinois. Besides his college duties, Dr. Young is interested in civic affairs and is a member of the Rotary Club and the board of directors of the American Red Cross and Alton Memorial Hospital. His interest in sports brings him to all the college athletic events as an enthusiastic spectator. The hospitality of Dr. and Mrs. Young at the Kvergreens and all college functions is well-known. His friendly manner has done much to make students feel at home on the campus. 14Fred Kuchnc, Marshall Acker, Dr. John R. Young, I). Howard Doanc, Mrs. S. T. Olin, MrsAV.W. Parsons,hben Rodgers chairman; Mrs. T. S. Chapman, Mrs. (i. S. Milnor Not pictured: Philip S. Harper The Board of Trustees The responsibility for the overall government of Monticello College is entrusted to the Board of Trustees, a group of nine men and women, each elected for eight years and meeting on campus every two months. Chairman of the Board is Kben Rodgers, president of the Board of the Alton Brick Company, with Mrs. Spencer T. Olin (Ann Whitney, ’25) as secretary. The other members of the board are Philip S. Harper of Chicago; Mrs. Theodore S. Chapman, whose late husband was once chairman of the board; Mrs. George Sparks Milnor (Alice Ryrie, ’ll) of Wilmette, Illinois; Marshall Acker, vice-president of Olin Industries, Incorporated, of Alton; I). Howard Doanc, chairman of the board of the Doane Agricultural Service of St. Louis; Fred Kuehnc, president of Kuehne Manufacturing Company and chairman of the property committee of the college; l)r. John R. Young, Monriccllo’s president and member ex-officio; and Mrs. William Woods Parsons of Terre Haute, who was president of the college from 1910-1918, member emeritus. 15Administration M arv I .aing Swirr Academic Dean A.B., ’assar College; M.A., Columbia University We shall always remember the wonderful advice which Miss Swift has given us. As Academic Dean, she arranges the school curriculum and examination schedules. She also gives assistance to the students in selecting their courses, giving special attention to transfer requirements. She is the chairman of the Advising Committee thus having charge of all registration, counselling, and permanent faculty advisers for the students. M iss Swift is faculty adviser to the Student Council. Wkndf.i. H. Baker Business Manager A.B., University of Missouri Mr. Baker takes care of all financial matters pertaining to the college. Me is business manager of Monticello and treasurer of the board of trustees. He also purchases supplies and has charge of our student bank, where we may make deposits and withdrawals. Mr. Baker, with the aid of the maintenance start', also supervises the buildings and grounds and sees that necessary repairs arc made. I ft Kucjenie Smith Dean of Women B.S., M.S., University of Rochester Miss Smith is responsible for many of our best memories. She has the task of picking compatible roommates for new students. To her is given the responsibility of the administration of social privileges and the supervision of all student residences. Perhaps Miss Smith’s most important duty is to help the girls adjust r the experience of college life. She is faculty adviser to the Student Resilience Council.Administration F.rmina K. Busch Registrar A.B. University of Illinois As registrar, Miss Busch has the task of planning and organizing the September registration and the year’s schedule with Dean Swift. She compiles statistics on enrollment and classes, receives high school transcripts, and prepares college transcripts. Miss Busch also records and sends out student grades. Marian Geer Director of Admissions B.A., Connecticut College As Director of Admissions, Miss Geer carries on all correspondence with prospective students. She is assisted by field representatives in this responsibility. As she is partly responsible for our being at Monti, she takes a personal interest in in each girl and always has a friendly greeting. Wade 'I'. Director of Development B.S., Ohio State University; M.A., University of Chicago Mr. Searles is in general charge of the public relations program of the college. His particular responsibilities are the Second Century Perpetuation Fund and the Living Kndowmenr. 17Administration Joski h A. L. Russo Director of Publications A.U., I larvard College Mr. Russo is the supervisor of all college publications. Me assists the students in the production of the Iimest our school paper, and the Echo, l ie does the photography for all publications. All school publicity is under his care. I KMADKAN HaBF.RI.V I librarian B.A., Pomona College; M.A., Claremont Graduate School Senior Certificate, Los Angeles Library School; Graduate Library School, University of Chicago Mrs. Haberly selects, purchases, and catalogues the new books for our library. She helps students locate books anti publications for their studies. The annual Book Fair in the library is under Mrs. I laberlv’s supervision. The Fair gives the students a view of the best and latest books and an opportunity to purchase them through the school. Florence Duree Social Director B.A., University of Nebraska Mrs. Duree is responsible for all our wonderful memories of teas, receptions, and trips to Sr. Louis for plays, concerts, and operas. She also supervises dances, the Merrv-go-Round, the dining room, and is the adviser to this year’s junior class. isAdministration Marv J. Pfeiffenbercek Alumnae Secretary A.A., Muntieello College; B.A., Wellesley College As alumnae secretary, Miss Pfeiffenberger keeps memories of Monricello alive for those who have gone before us. Besides seeing that every visiting alumna is entertained, she participates in meetings and reunions all over the country. As a graduate of Monricello, she knows what should go in the Alumnae Bulletin, which she edits. I'his is published four times each year. English Department One memory which all Monricello students hold in common is that of first year Knglish. Juniors are placed in an Knglish course which consists of grammar and composition. They are also acquainted with several contemporary novels, short stories, essays, plays, and poems. Kach student is given the opportunity of learning how to read with appreciation and how to express her thoughts creatively both in oral and written work. A course in Biblical literature is offered covering both the Old and New Testaments of the King James Version. This is taught not from a theological point of view, bur rather as a cultural heritage of Knglish speaking people. Knglish literature, a course open to seniors only, is a study of classical literature from the eighth century to the present. Ki-by Brazii.i.k Ci.oyd A.B. Transylvania College; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University (Graduate work: University of Chicago New York University John Schweitzer A.B., Westminster College; M.A., University of Chicago Nancy Wai.thai.i. B.S., M.S., Kansas State College •BJBSsaKfc! ? Ki.orence Woi.i.erman A.B., Illinois College M.A., University of Illinois Language Department Pai i. John Cooke Chairman Department of" Foreign Languages A.B., A.M., Ph.D., University of" Illinois In this department two years of h'rench and Spanish are offered, and in Spanish two additional advanced courses are provided: Conversation and Spanish Literature, h'rench Conversation is also available for those prepared for it. A special room known as the Language Lounge is provided for those who wish to practice conversation and learn more about the peoples who speak the respective languages. F.ach student is encouraged to visit this lounge to listen to the fine record collection or to read the newspapers in h'rench and Spanish. Novels, dictionaries, and reference books may be found in this cheerful room. Channing MacKadon B.A., University of Michigan; M.A., University of Minnesota Jacqueline Moscherosch Sorbonne; Wells College; University of Mexico; M.A., Middlcbury Herbert A. Woodbury A.IL, Harvard CollegeVisual Arts Department Hei.f.n F. Patton Chairman Department of Visual Arts B.S., George Peabody College for Teachers; M.A., University of Chicago The art department develops in the student an understanding and an appreciation in the visual arts and institutes a sound foundation for achievement in the fine or applied arts. The start consists of practicing artists, so that each member of the class may receive a maximum of individual instruction in her personal creative efforts. The basic course in the art department is Art History, consisting of an introduction of art in various civilizations and their contributions to contemporary forms. Students are offered courses in sculpturing, drawing, painting, basic design, interior decoration, and commercial art. We shall long remember the traveling exhibitions and displays of student work which are shown throughout the year. H Arnold B.A., University of Minnesota; graduate study, Minneapolis School of Arts Karen Gilman B.A., M.A., Colorado College William Kennedy B.A., John Herron Art School; graduate study at Art Institute of Chicago and University of Wisconsin W. Vladimir Koussefp Bulgarian National Gymnasium; I.T'.cole de I’Assomption; Art Institute of ChicagoNatural Science Department I.IORKTIA Crksskv Chairman Depart men r of N atural Science A.1C, I'niversiry »f Illinois; M.A., Columbia I 'diversity; graduate srudv, I diversity of'Chicago anil Columbia University students both general and organic chemistry, and qualitative and quantitative analysis. These courses provide a foundation for future study in home economics, nursing, and nutrition, or a continuation in more advanced chemistry. College algebra is taught by Miss Hall. Ci.eo Hai.i. ICS., I'niversiry of Illinois; M .A., Teachers Col lege, Columbia I'niver- sitv I.. Ki.izabkih II aw kins ICS., University of Minnesota; M.S., Northwestern Universirv I.OlfISK r.i.r A it kth Otri.iCK A.1C, A.M., University of Illinois Kl.EANOR Wll.fRKI) ICS., University of b nois The purpose of the natural science department is to orient the student in the world of life about him. Our department is composed of three main sections; biology, chemistry, and mathematics. Third floor Lobes has well-equipped laboratories to help the ambitious student in her search for knowledge. The biology division is supervised by Miss Gulick, Miss Hawkins, and Miss Hall. Courses in zoology, botany, and general biology are offered in this section. The classes take Held trips, hikes, and trips of exploration. Visits to the St. Louis .oo are arranged to those students interested. Miss Cressev and Miss Wilfred are the supervisors of the chemistry department. They teach theMusic Department Sly Chairman Department of' Music Graduate in Music, University of Reading, Kngland Jeanette Ross Mus. B., Northwestern University; M .M ., American Conservatory of Music Betty Ware Sly Studied in F.urope with F.rhel Leginska Stephen Bennett Williams Mus.B., Chicago Musical College; M.A., University of Iowa Dorothy C. Woodbi ry Universite de Grenoble; Insrirut Jacques Dal croze, Paris. Robert Oldham Mus., Mus.M., Vale University Monricello offers courses in the literature and theory of music as well as applied music courses. Musical programs serve to bring performers and listeners together in a congenial atmosphere. Musical performances are given by guest artists, by the faculty, and by students. Arrangements are sometimes made for groups of students to attend concerts in Alton ami in St. I ouis. We have a Music Reference Library, which is open to students at all times. This contains a large collection of records and scores, which the students are free to use at any time. Our choir gives two public concerts annually and makes occasional out-of-town trips. The Glee Club sings with the Choir on all occasions except Vesper Services. The students who qualify for these organizations regard their membership highly. Last year the Choir gave a very memorable broadcast at Christmas time.Social Science Department Kl'cknik Smith Chairman Department of' Social Science The field of personal and social relationship to man’s society and environment is the study of the social science department. The world’s past and its continuing effects are covered in the history courses. Most juniors study Kuropean history, while students especially interested in the culture of the United States take American history. 1 Human life in the social institutions is the field of Sociology. Government and Rconomics provide the students with a knowledge of the mechanics of modern society. Hazei. Maxwki.i. B.S., University of Minnesota; M.A., Washington University l.icn.i.K Pontius B.S., University of Missouri; M.A., University of Kansas Wade T. B.S., Ohio Stare University; M.A., University of ChicagoPhysical Education Department Winifred Morrison Chairman Department of Physical Education B.S., Kansas City Teachers College; graduate study, University of Missouri, University of Minnesota, University of Colorado Different phases of physical education are offered to suit every Monticello girl and to impress the importance of sportsmanship and fair play. A variety of activities such as archery, badminton, basketball, fencing, golf, hockey, swimming, life saving, modern dance, riding, softball, tennis, and volleyball are offered during the year which is divided into three sports seasons. Besides regular classes, the department offers an active voluntary sports program. Monticello teams take parr in competition games with other colleges. Uiuhlights of the year were the three sports banquets, the Marlin Pageant, and the Horse Show. Joan Anderson A.B., University of Kansas Virginia Pickei. B.S., Temple University; M.A., Northwestern University Jane Moi.i.oy B.A., University of Colorado 25Psychology Deportment Patricia Lock B.A., University t Kansas; M.A., University of Kansas Citv Psychology is the study of the thoughts, feelings and actions of people, an important part of a well rounded education. Monticello's “psych” classes, taught by Miss Patricia Lock, attempt to give the students the better understanding of the reasons for human behavior. Speech and Drama Department Long noted for its drama department, Monricello offers courses in acting, voice and diction, and stage design and direction. Under the guidance of Miss Mary Riggs, students produced the annual children’s play, "Little Black Sambo” and “Cradle Song.” Sets and costumes were designed and made under the supervision of W. Vladimir Roussett", technical adviser. W. Vladimir Rolsseh Bulgarian National Gymnasium; LT’.cole de P Assumption, Varna, Bulgaria; Art Institute of Chicago; studied with Randall Davey, George Bellows, Albert 11. Kreh-beil, Carl Buehr Mary R. Riggs Chairman Department of Speech and Drama B.A., University of Iowa; M.A., University of Arizona N. Health Department John YVkdicj, M.D. College Physician In our scrapbook there will always be memories of Monti’s infirmary. Whether slight or serious, every injury and illness is given prompt and considerate attention by the capable medical staff of the college. Two graduate nurses are always on call in the infirmary, and three times a week routine calls are made by Dr. Wedig and Dr. Smith. Those patients needing hospital care are covered by a hospitalization plan. Health records are kept on file in the infirmary office for every student. The spotless, modern infirmary, which was built only last year, helps to make visits pleasant. Lola V., R.N. Resident Nurse Washington University School of Nursing Ruby James, R.N. Resident Nurse Wash i ngt. n U n i versi t y School of Nursing Groves B. Smith, M.D College PhysicianDietician Ruth Olson B.A., University of North Dakota; Dietetic Internship, Vanderbilt University Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee Bookstore D. Brooks Is si st ant Marjorik Diktikkr Manager Library Assistant I'R A NC'KS RoiSSKt'KResidence Counselors Nei.i. Lane Beau. Caldwell Residence Charlotte Martindai.e Caldwell Residence Pauline T ew ks b u rv Head of Baldwin Residence A.B., Grinncll College; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University Irma Hunt Issistanl in Baldwin Residence Dorothea P. Dunagan Haskell Residence and Career Counselor B.A., Simpson College 29C EI.ESTE BARNETT Bookkeeper and Cashier Rosemary Garvkv Secretary i Pvhlic Relations Office Jean Bokijy Stenographer in . llton-nae and . dmissions Offices Paula Bowman Secretary to the Business . lanager Secretarial Staff N. Maxine Cai.ks Bookkeeper and Cashier Myrtle Dii.i.ey I affirmation Secretary Pe k»y Martini Secretary to the . leaden ic Dean Ruijy Gentry Stenographer in . !dmission s Office Shiri.ey Reudin Secretary to the Director oj . dmissions Mary Schulz. Secretary to the President .? 33Scott, JL, Mills, Kike, Kippcl Ann Rippel . Ji dv Score . Joan Kike . Makv Mills. President Pice-President Secretary Treasurer MBarbara Adams Kansas City, Mo. M.C.A. 2 Social Committee 2 Sponsor 2 Janet Kuzabeth Baker Kansas 67 v, Mo. Social Committee 1, 2 Sponsor 2 “Barrie" Em harassed? No, just the sun lamp Oh, those eyes “Boojie" Fred S.A.F.. Frankenstein "Di-Buzz Princeton Make a face for us, Di m “Bede” Vou know what I mean? Those hands Oh, you all Dianne Barnhoisk Oska oosa, Iowa Social Committee I, 2 Sponsor 2 M.C.A. Cabinet 1, 2; President 2 Gilman, Asst. House Chairman I Gilman House Council I Student Council 2 Choir I, 2; President Glee Club 1, 2 Gallery Committee 2 Varsity Hockey 2 Steering Committee 2 School Song Leader 2 Varsity Volleyball 2 Joyce Lee Baron Kansas City, Missouri Social Committee I, 2 Glee Club 2 Sponsor 2 35■■I j U I.IAN'N K Doi GI.ASS BeCK Wichita, Kansas Social Committee 1, 2 Varsity Hockey 2 Sponsor 2 Anne Hepperlen Block Beverly fills, California Social Committee 1, 2 Sponsor Science Club 1 “Beck" ‘'Blockhead" Bruce is here Oi l, You Schnook Vim, Vigor, Vitality Californ-i-a Fidelity Theta “Paula" Men, men, men Monti hair "Dcdc" You know what I mean Highland Paula Joan Bogert Sandusky, Ohio Gallery Committee 1, 2 Hobby Horse 2 Social Committee 2 Colleen Brown Highland, Illinois M.C.A. 1 Gallery Committee 2 Social Committee 2 Sponsor 2 36Elisabeth Wood Brown Quincyy Illinois Hobby Horse, I, 2; President 2 M.C.A. 2; Riding Manager M.M.A. 1 Riding Club 1 Choir I, 2 Glee Club 1, 2 Junior Committee I Janet Louise Brown Cleveland, Ohio M.C.A. I M.C.A.; Fencing Manager Social Committee 2 Sponsor 2 “Biz" Morses, horses, liorsis Pull of fun “Pug" Al On Guard “Maggie" Variety Show Bridge shark "Toody" Prim Habla listed Pspanol y Prances? Library gal Margaret Ann Brown Huntington Woods, Michigan Social Committee I, 2 Junior Committee I Monricello Players 1, 2 Great Books 2 Choir 2 Glee Club 2 M.C.A. Drama Club, President 2 Gladys Clink Denver , Colorado Riding Club I Hobby Horse 1, 2; Treasurer 2 M.M.A. Great Books 1 M.C.A. I, 2 37Burry Lor Co1.1.ins (Wand RapidMichigan Marlin Club 2 Science Club 2 Sponsor 2 M.C.A.; Cabinet 2 Life Guard Martha Combs Kansas 07 v, Missouri Sponsor 2 Social Committee 1, 2 Student Council, Secretary 1 Junior Committee Secretary 1 Riding Club; N ice-President 1 Hobby Horse; Secretary- Treasurer 1, Vice-President 2 M.C.A. 2 Steering Committee 2 w augh” K.u. Fore "None Bumpers" Tennis Champ Always Love that Swimmer Cki.ia Ann Cuthhertson Omaha y Nebraska Social Committee 1, 2 M.A.A. ; Golf Manager 2 Golf Club 2 'Times 2 M.C.A. 2 Sponsor 2 M.M.A. 1 T.i.i abkth Lindsey Davis Denver, Colorado Social Committee I, 2 Marlin Club 2; Secretary-Treasurer 2 Tennis Club I, 2; President 2 M.A.A. Tennis Manager Varsity Basketball 1 Varsitv Hockey 2 Sponsor 2 Life Guard 1,2 M.C.A. “Betty Lou" Oh, This Chemistry Start my diet Tomorrow “Marti” Hobby Horse NO, Not a Word What an AccentJoan Mary Di Vito Chicago, Illinois Science Club 1, 2 Times 1, 2 Glee Club 2 Social Committee 1, 2 Sponsor2 Great Books 2 M.C.A.I Jacqueline Ann Karl Hinsdale, Illinois Social Committee 1, 2 Marlin Club 2 Sponsor 2 Haskell House Council 2 M.C.A. "Joan" That’s Terrific Smiles "Jack" Oh, You Kids I’ve got a problem Winter Carnival “Jo” ••Bert" Oh, vou all I’d know that voice anywhere Breakfast dress Last count, 22 men's shirts I hose1 tank suits Come on, gang Meeting please come to order Jocelyn Marie Ellis Shaker Heights, Ohio Marlin Club I M.C.A. 2 Social Committee I, 2 Sponsor2 Student Council; President 2 Junior Committee I Swimming Team 2 Life Guard 2 M.A.A.; Swimming Manager 2 Steering Committee, Chairman 2 Susan Jane Knoei.hart Chicago, Illinois Social Committee I, 2 Tennis Club I, 2, I reasurer 2 M.A.A. Vice-President 2 Haskell House Council I, 2 Sponsor 2 Varsity Hockey 2Marv I-or F.nslow Springfield, Il inois Social Committee 1 M.C.A. 1 Choir 2 Glee Club 1, 2 M.M.A. 2 Carol I-ee Farr Princeton, New Jersey Social Committee 1, 2 Gallery Committee 2 Science Club 2 'I'imes 2 Sponsor 2 Glee Club I, 2 Choir 1, 2 Great Books 2 "Lou" "Lee” Choir tonight, now I’ll miss Shorty tlu- railroad hour Panel Pusher Where or When I’m in a twit “Keighter" "Joani" Have vou ever been to Sentimental me . Castle Park? Better write up those mm Poet Laureate Tim Ki.aink Wiiai.i.ev Fkioht Dayton, Ohio Social Committee 1, 2 I laskell Mouse Council 2 Great Books 2 M.C.A. 1,2 Sponsor Joan Marion Like Omaha, Nebraska Social Committee 1, 2 'Times 1, 2 Sponsor 2 lunior Committee 1 Life Guard 2 Choir I, 2 M.C.A. 2 Glee Club I, 2 Science Club Class Secretary 2 Drama Club 40Natalie Ann Fischer Kansas City, Missouri Marlin Club 2 Social Committee I, 2 Glee Club I, 2 Fife Guard 2 Choir 2 Sponsor 2 Marianne Foster Bartlesville, fOklahoma Social Committee 1, 2 Baldwin House Council 2 Marlin Club 2 M.A.A. Bowling Manager 2 Varsity Hockey 2 M.C.A. I, 2 Sponsor 2 Times 1 "Nate" Why? Where? When? Who? KKK Karl Wan it for me Woarsh "Foo" Oakie Everyone's in. Miss Tewksbury “Mimi" It's a wooley Not so fast, Mimi How do you spell? "(Jinny” Oh, That laugh Merry-go-round Mary Glenn Foster Sioux City, Iowa Sponsor 2 Gilman House Council 1 F.cho 1, 2; Production Manager 2 Science Club 2 M.C.A. 2 Golf Club 1, 2 Varsity Basketball 2 Gjni Foster Delivery Colorado Social Committee 2; Social Chairman Choir 2 Glee Club 2 Sponsor 2 M.C.A. 411 1 Grack Giu.ErrE Mondovi, Wisconsin Social Committee 1, 2 Sponsor 2 Science Club I, 2 M.C.A. 1, 2 Ronnv Hei.ber Gii.mork Denver, Colorado •Social Committee 1. 2 M.C.A.; Cabinet I, 2; Secretary 2 Sponsor Chairman 2 Junior Committee 1 Student Council 2 "Grace" Strawberry Blonde "Bonny" Welcome to Monti Fuzzy Houseslippers “Peg-Off to Vale Lets go, Ladies “Ginnv” Orchids from Western Monti photographer Peggy Gould B inn ingham, A ichigan Social Committee I; Social Chairman 2 Marlin Club 2 Glee Club 2 Sponsor 2 Student Council 2 Virginia F.dwina Griffith Detroit, Michigan Choir 1, 2 Social Committee 1, 2 Times 2 Science Club 1 Glee Club 1, 2I: Marianne Haller Michigan City, Indiana 'I'imes 2 Social Committee 1, 2 Science Club 1, 2 Tennis Club 2 Sponsor 2 Janice Dufford Hammer Itlantic, Iowa Social Committee 1, 2 Glee Club 1,2 Choir 1, 2 Sponsor 2 "Mamc” That laugh Viceroys My dog has fleas “Hammer" Hick Your hair is curly, today Member of the hall Peggy Marie Hazard Orange, New Jersey Social Committee 2 M.A.A.; Softball Manager 2 Hobby Horse 2 Sponsor 2 Varsity basketball 2 | IA RJ O RIE H EIN EM A N N IVan sail, Wisconsin Sponsor 2 Social Committee 2 M.C.A. 2ft' - Bonnie Si k Hendricks .1 hotiy Illinois M.C.A. I Sponsor 2 | OAN’ . 1A Kl F. J RRVV ECK San . InloniOy Texas M.C.A. 1 Science Club 1, 2; Secretary 2 Times 1, 2 Social Committee 1, 2 Baldwin Mouse Council, Chairman 2 Student Council 2 Sponsor 2 "Bonnie” What do you know? a smart blonde Alton gal Larry "Joanic” Quiet Please try to get your articles in on time "Roz" My-t-finc Little Black Sambo "Hoi" It’s a boo« Phi Dclt Another call? Rosine Hirsch Kansas City, Missouri Times 2 Social Committee 2 Monticcllo Players 1, 2 Drama Club 2 M.C.A. 1, 2 Sponsor 2 Jeanne Mercedes Hoi.brook Shaker Heights, Ohio Social Committee I, 2 Steering Commitree 2 M.C.A. Cabinet 1, 2 (ilee Club IEvelyn Ei.aine Iacoeonei.u Denver, Colorado Riding Club I Hobby Horse 1, 2 Science Club Social Committee 2 Sponsor 2 Joan Jackson Chicago, Illinois Science Club 1 Social Committee 2 Times 1, 2 Drama Club 2 M.C.A. I, 2 "Elaine” Those Rolla weekends Oh, really Just a wee bit “Jackson” Fourth for bridge? Can I have a drag? "Ixmdie” Fire drill tonight Athlete plus Calendar for tomorrow "Angie” Fairy Talcs Swimming P-at called Again But I am hurrying Londa Lee Jaquith Springfield, Illinois M.A.A. Treasurer 2 Tennis Club 2 Science Club 1, Times 2 Eire Chief 2 Choir I, 2 MCA. 1,2 Glee Club 1,2 M.M.A. 1 Anne Gray Jones Mountain Grove, Missouri Creative Writing 2 Drama Club 2 Social Committee 2 'I'imes 1, 2 Great Hooks 2 Sponsor 2 45 Sarah Jane Winnetka, Illinois Social Committee 1, 2 Steering Committee 2 Monticello Players 1 Sponsor 2 Vivian Huntington Woods, Michigan M.C.A. 1 Social Committee 1, 2 Sponsor 2 "S.J." Oh—you kids Member of the hnll •Bibs” J. Hop Jack "Oh, No!’ ‘Skip" Princeton, here I come Marlin practice tonight "Janie” Songbird Just one more glass of milk Night and Day Gretchbn Kennedy Davton, Ohio Marlin Clul President 2 Social Committee 2 Sponsor 2 Junior Committee 1 Life Guard 1, 2 Swimming 'learn I Jane Kinoman Kansas City, Missouri Glee Club 1, 2 Choir 1, 2 M.C.A. 1 Sponsor 2Kathryn Rae Kroutil Yukon, Oklahoma M.M.A. 1; President 2 Glee Club 1,2 Choir 2 Science Club 2 Sponsor 2 M.C.A. 1 Mary Ann Lange Little Rock Arkansas Social Committee 2 Times 2 Sponsor 2 "Kay” Sigma Nu ’vc got it in my notes "Lange” Ah, Hail from Little Rock Pretty, pretty, eyes "Cierry” What do you know, it's morning already It's this way She can sing too "Betts" Just a sec, hon Off to Clayton again Geraldine Florence Lee Wayzata, Minnesota Choir 1, 2 M.M.A.; Secretary 2 Monricello Players I Social Committee 2 Sponsor 2 Betsy C. McAlvin IMke Forest, Illinois Marlin Club I, 2 Choir 2 Social Committee 2 Glee Club 2 House Council 2 I imes 2 Science Club 2 M.C.A. 1, 2 Swimming Team 1, 2 Sponsor 2 47Barbara McClure Geneva, Illinois M.C.A. I, 2 Social Committee 2 Times 2 F-’.cho 2 Haskell House Council 2 Riding Club I Sponsor 2 Jane Kli.en McCov Waterloo, Iowa Times 2 Marlin Club 2 Social Committee 1, 2 Caldwell House Council 2 Science Club I, 2; Vice-President 2 "Barb" I'm so confused lelcphonc? For me? "Jane" Four A's Waterloo- -she lives up the river “Mac” “Grace" Beta Bill Guess I'd better work on the Who wants to go down for lights cigarette? Swimming demon Coffee in the green cup Mary Frances McKay den Omaha, Nebraska Choir 1, 2; Secretary 2 Glee Club 1, 2 Science Club 1,2 M.C.A. I Social Committee I, 2; Secretary 2 Sponsor 2 M.M.A. 2 Grace; Maxwell Charleston, Illinois M.M.A. 2 Choir 2 Glee Club 2 Great Books2 Drama Club 2 M.C.A. 2 4XJanet Louise Meador Clay to? i, M issottri Social Committee 2 Glee Club 1 Riding Club 1 Monticello Players 1 Science Club 2 Hobby Horse 1, 2 Sponsor 2 Varsity Fencing 2 l imes Staff 2 Juuann Merry Greenville, Illinois Social Committee 2 Choir 2 Glee Club 1, 2 Sponsor 2 “Jan” How ghastly St. Louis woman My Buddy “Julie" Hi, Clitic Singing gal "Men” Okay? Okay Just my Bill Chairman of the hall "Sminx” NYootcr, wooter, everywhere Mary Day Mii.i.s Des Moines, I ova Social Committee 1, 2 Marlin Club 2 Tennis Club2 Steering Committee 2 M.A.A.; Badminton Manager 2 Haskell I louse Council 2 Sponsor 2 Class Treasurer 2 M.C.A. 2 Jeanne Lucille Mountford Trenton, New Jersey Glee Club I Varsity Hockey 1, 2 Tennis Club 1, 2, Secretary 2 M.C.A. 2 Social Committee I 49Sharon Lynn Minima Fort Scott, Kansas Science Club 1 Social Committee I Baldwin House Council 2 Sponsor 2 (irear Books 2 Louise Jeanette Muri'hy Atlanta, Georgia Social Committee 1, 2 Marlin Club 2 Sponsor 2 “Sherry” Third finger left hand Head table again “VVcczic" Wcc one You tell ’em, she'll believe ’em "Mary” Let's go sailing Editor—Artist Another masterpiece "Kathv” K.C. kid Nice to know Kathryn Jane North Kansas City, Missouri Social Committee 2 M.C.A. 1,2 Science Club 2 Sponsor 2 Mary N’eki.y Wilmette, Illinois Kcho; Kdiror 2 Student Council 2 Social Committee 1, 2 Tennis Club 2 Varsitv Vollevball 2 M.C.A. I Gallery Committee 1, 2; Great Books 1, 2 Sponsor 2IRVA Od.MAN’ Chicago, Illinois Social Committee 2 Sponsor 2 Carolyn Sue Parrish Little Rock, Arkansas Echo; Literary Editor 2 Great Books 1 M.C.A. 2 'Limes 1, 2 Sponsor 2 dining car "Bunny” Just plain Bill "C. Sue” I'm fixin to go rijtht now Dad gum it Confederate rebel “Judy” Light sleeper? Singing in the smokehouse “Toni” Our poster gal Honest to Pete E. Joanne Parrish Alton, Illinois Hobby Horse 2 Riding Club 1, 2 Social Committee 2 Sponsor 2 Toni Pattui.i.o IVilmette, Illinois Choir I, 2 Marlin Club I, 2 M.M.A. Sponsor 2 51Dorothy Payntek Omaha t Nebraska M.M.A. Vice-President 2 Sponsor 2 Social Commitree I, 2 M.C.A. I, 2 Choir 1, 2 Science Club 2 Glee Club I, 2 Catherine Ann Petit IVitmctka, Illinois Social Committee I, 2 Marlin Club I, 2 Tennis Club 2 Haskell House Council 2 Science Club 2 Life Guard 1, 2 Great Books 2 Kcho 2 Sponsor 2 Swimming Team 2 M.C.A. I f Joan Pierson Sioux City, Iowa I lobby Horse 2 Sponsor 2 Science Club 2 M.C.A. 2 Sandra Pool. Elmhursty Illinois Glee Club I, 2 Choir 1, 2 Social Committee I, 2 M.C.A. 2 l imes 2 Riding Club 1Peggy Proctor Minneapolis y .1linncsota Science Club I, 2 Caldwell House Council 2 Assistant Chairman 1 M.C.A. I; Vice-President 2 F.clio; Business Manager 2 Social Committee 1, 2 Sponsor 2 Mary Ann Rippel Bartlesville, Oklahoma Marlin Club 1, 2 Social Committee 1, 2 Junior Committee 1 Class President 2 Steering Committee 2 Science Club 1, 2 M.C.A. I, 2 "Peg" , Which one, IVgr Hey, fellas! "Kip" You all are just kidding me! Champion Class President Rosenthal Cincinnati, Ohio Marlin Club 1, 2 M.C.A. 1,2 Social Committee 2 Science Club 2 Great Books 2 Swimming Team 2 Drama Club 2 Verna Sandberg Oak Bark, Illinois Drama Club 2 Gallery Committee I, 2 Social Commitree 1, 2 Varsity Hockey 2 Marlin Club 2 Sponsor 2 Junior Committee I "Saglv" Frump-eggs Mermaid “Verna” Bulletinboards Men are such a problem 53Lorraine Ki.izabkth Oak Park, Illinois Social Committee I, 2 Varsity Hockey 2 M.A.A.; President 2 M.C.A. 1 Varsity Basketball 1, 2 Varsity Volleyball 2 Patricia Scott Denver, Colorado Social Committee 1, 2 Student Council; Vice-President 2 Tennis Club 1, 2 Science Club 1 Sponsor 2 M.A.A.; Bicycle Manager 2 Varsity Hockey 2 “Judy” Fun-lovin' Campin' gal Hard worker "Scars” Scnorita Harmonv' Uke ' Judith Parkhurst Scott Kansas City, Missouri Class Vice-President 2 M.A.A. Archery Manager 2 M.C.A.; Cabinet I, 2, Treasurer 1 Marlin Club 1, 2 Junior Committee I Choir 1, 2 Science Club 1, 2 Life Guard 1, 2 Mary Anne Sears Oklahoma City, Oklahoma M.A.A., Secretary 2 Science Club 1, 2; President 2 Varsity Hockey 2 Varsity Vollev'ball 2 Sponsor 2 Choir I, 2 M.C.A. Glee Club 1, 2 "Lorric” Mildred Harvard Gloucester "Scottic” Wonderful grades Nutcracker Denver, oh Denver 54Carolyn Louise Slack Denvery Colorado Social Committee 2 Sponsor 2 Hobby Horse 2 Alice Smith Iday Oklahoma Social Committee 1, 2 M.C.A. 1,2 Science Club 2 Caldwell House, Council 2 “Carolyn" Know anyone from Denver? Everybody’s friend. "Al” Ada Romancin’ That infectious laugh "Pat" Dcadeyc Those weekends at home Full of fun "Stevie" Popularity plus Spike it, Stevie 4th of July Patricia Ann Smith IVar rent on, i 1 is souri Social Committee 2 Choir 1, 2 M.M.A. 2 Glee Club I, 2 Sponsor 2 Marion Stevenson Oshkosh y Wisconsin Social Committee I, 2 Junior Committee I Student Council; Treasurer I M.M.A. Volleyball Manager Varsity Vollevball 1, 2 M.C.A. I F.cho 2 Sponsor 2 55Joey Stonebraker Overland Park, Kansas Social Committee I, 2 Gilman House Council 1 Caldwell House Council 2 Sponsor 2 M.C.A. I, 2 Nancy Ashland, Illinois Sponsor 2 Our own Florence Nightingale Monticcllo cutie "Strib" I thought I’d die Ashland "Spud" Just nimesse Cowboy Nananev M “Mary” Telephone for you Perfect model Big, brown eyes Nancy Carolyn Swoboda Omaha, Nebraska Choir 1, 2; 'ice-President 2 Glee Club I, 2 M.C.A. I Science Club I, 2 Riding Club 1 Mary Tchockai.ekp .liton, Illinois Drama Club 2 Sponsor 2 5LMartha Ann Thompson Kansas City, Missouri Junior Committee I Social Committee I, 2 M.C.A. 1, 2 Mary Helen Thompson Perry, Oklahoma Science Club 1, 2 Great Books 1, 2 M.C.A. I Glee Club 2 Social Committee I, 2 Sponsor 2 M.M.A.; Treasurer 2 Varsity Fencing Varsity Archery "Mat" O.U. Yea knoo "Helen" California— here I come! "Mary Lou” “Mow'vc you been?" "Marion" Goodnight to second floor Baldwin A real friend Mary Lou Tyner Kansas City, Missouri Caldwell House Chairman 2 Student Council 2 Sponsor 2 |unior Committee I Choir 2 M.A.A. Hockey Manager 2 Social Committee 2 Tennis Club 2 Varsity Hockey 2 Varsity Basketball 1, Varsity Volleyball I, 2 Varsity Baseball I Marion Tyrrell Behnond, Iowa M.C.A. 1,2 House Council 2 Golf Club 1 57Alice Walls IVichita, Kansas Social Com mi tree 1, 2 Sponsor 2 M.C.A.; Cabinet 2 Janice Wanzer Hinsdale, Illinois Glee Club 2 Social Committee 2 Sponsor 2 .. .. "•ills’ “Janie" Keenly that statement! Hinsdale "hat a fallacy!! Squeakie Bill, Bill, Bill “Mop" "Susie” Another Oakic Engaged Just experience, girls John Short stuff Martha Sue White Chandler, Oklahoma Social Committee I, 2 Science Club 2 'I'imes 2 Sponsor 2 Suzanne White Brunswick, Maine Choir I, 2 Cilee Club I, 2, Treasurer 2 Marlin Club 2 Science Club 2 Baldwin House Council 2 Social Committee 2 Sponsor 2 58Jean Wilson Des Monies y I own Social Committee 1, 2 'I'imes 1, 2 Echo I M.A.A. Social Chairman 2 Science Club 1, 2 Sponsor 2 Shir lev Jane Wright Summit, New Jersey 'I'imes 1,2; Editor 2 Student Council 2 Social Committee 2 Science Club 1, 2 Treasurer 2 Sponsor 2 "Bun" Hi, Bunzic Iowa Alaska U. "Shirley" Times Energy unlimited Barbara Lou Yates Harvey y Illinois Monricello Players I, 2 Drama Club; Vice-President 2 Social Committee 2 Sponsor 2 ; "Yatesy” That’s a kill Wit personified 5‘  Stollc, June; Stollc, Jean; Iludkins, Bauknight Junior Class Officers Dana Rudkins.................................President Barbara Bauknight.......................Vice-president Jean Stolle..................................Secretary J t; n r Stoi.i.e............................TreasurerElizabeth Jane Adams Quincy, Illinois Patricia Adams Dayton, Ohio Nancy Allen Montpelier, Ohio Georgeann AnkROM Kansas City, Kansas Phyllis An pi. ETON Chicago, Illinois Nancy Baird Winnetka, Illinois Lucie Jeannot Barnes Birmingham, Mich. Barbara Bauknight Ganado, Texas Maude Angela Bell Overland, Missouri Geraldine Bender Waterloo, Iowa Gii.da B EST Ottawa, Illinois Mary Jane Bovee Cozad, Nebraska 61Emma Aucf. Bowles Evanston, Illinois Olive Bradford Dayton, Ohio Joyce Bradley Bark Ridge, Minnesota Patricia Bradley Cleveland, Ohio IEANNE Briggs Thayer, Missouri Elisa it etii Brown Huntington Woods, Michigan Patricia Brown University Height, Ohio Suzanne Bryant Tckamah, Nebraska Susan Chadboukne Eindlay, Ohio MlLUCENT Chapman Birmingham, Michigan Barbara Cohen Minneapolis, Minn. Marjorie Colbert Alton, Illinois 62 ■ Patricia CONNELLY Wichita, Kansas Marv Camille Cooper Waterloo, Iowa Mary Lynn Cross Norman, Oklahoma Carolyn Davies Columbus, Ohio Anne Deem Dayton, Ohio N A NCY Delscamp Dayton, Ohio Mary Ely Kansas Cirv, Missouri Jane English Minneapolis, Minnesota Nancy Farnsworth Lincoln, Nebraska Alexandra Fatio Oshkosh, Wisconsin Susan Ferguson Amarillo, Texas Annabel Fisher Kansas City, Missouri 63Janet Deuscher Bay City, Michigan Hei.en Dick Bloomington, Illinois Gresdna Doty Oelwein, Iowa Joanne Dunham Clayton, Missouri Jamie Howards Oklahoma City, Okla. Dorothy J kan Klfgen Alton, Illinois Fours Mason City, Illinois Barbara Frazer Jackson, Michigan Nadine Froehi.ich halls City, Nebraska Nancy Gan . YV. Knglewood, New Jersey Fi.izabeth Gardner Kvanston, Illinois Susan (ilBSON Detroit, MichiganMary Ann II IiRRIN Omaha, Nebraska Mary Elizabeth Him. San Antonio, Texas Carol Hoi.derby Oklahoma City, Okla. Jane Crush • Downers Grove, Illinois Sarah Elizabeth Gussett Des Moines, Iowa Constance Hamilton Iowa City, Iowa Joan Harrison Edwardsville, Illinois Dolores Hayes Decatur, Illinois Jane Herbert YVinnetka, Illinois Phyllis Gordon Omaha, Nebraska Mary Greer Vandalia, Illinois Mariellen Griffin Plain view, 'Texas Dorothy Howard Chicago, Illinois Dana Hudkins Salina, Kansas Cl.AUDETTE Hunt Kansas Cirv, Missouri Irma Kathryn Hunter Ardmore, Oklahoma Barbara Hutch ason Kansas City, Missouri Joan Hutchison Oklahoma City, Okla. Dorothy Iacoponei.m Denver, Colorado Harriet Jackson Chicago, Illinois Donna J F.CK Fairmont, Minnesota Nancy Jeffries St. Clair, Michigan Susan Jennings Alton, Illinois J UDITH J ERAl.D Waterloo, Iowa 6(  Morine Johnson F.vanston, Illinois Kuzarbth Jones Little Rock, Arkansas Marian Jones Sr. Louis, Missouri JOHNNIE KAMPERT Frankfort, Kansas Barbara Kietzman Detroit, Michigan JoAnne Klingensmith Sapulpa, Oklahoma LaRue Bay City, Michigan Ca r i. a Lipski Grosse Rointe, Michigan Sai.i.y Lowe Sidney, Nebraska Mary Margaret MacTaggart Assumption, Illinois Jacqueline McDaniel Kirkwood, Missouri Mary Karin McDonald Wichita, Kansas 67V - Maren Patricia McGinnis LaGrange, Illinois Mary Frances McGovern Iowa City, Iowa Caroline McKibbin Cleveland Heights, Ohio Marcia ret Sue McQueen Kansas City, Missouri J EAN Marshall Waukegan, Illinois Marilyn Mercer Decatur, Illinois F.dna Lenore Miller Cleveland Heights, Ohio Marianne Morris Fort Worth, Texas Sally Jo Morse Calvin, Oklahoma Nancy Moulton Highland Park, Illinois Ruth Mu MM ERT Blair, Nebraska Ann MIJRRAH Oklahoma City, OklahomaF. LEA NOR Otto Grosse Pointe, Michigan Ruth Pa i.m e r Cleveland Heights, Ohio Patricia Partridge Bartlesville, Oklahoma Roberta Peoples Fort Worth, Texas Carol Petersen Milwaukee, Wisconsin Jane Peterson Oklahoma City, Okla. Sara Jane Prichard I4'alls City, Nebraska Nancy Rawson Gates Mills, Ohio Patricia Reedy Kansas City, Missouri Dorothy Robert Oak Park, Illinois J A N ET Rogers Columbus, Nebraska Betty Annf. Sanborn Sioux City, Iowa 69G LOR IA Sa nch ez Falls Cirv, Nebraska Katherine Scarritt Kansas Cirv, Missouri Ann Schoonover Salem, Illinois Joanne Schulte Rocky River, Ohio Kathleen Scott San Antonio, Texas Phyllis Scott Kansas City, Missouri Carol Se REN II ERG Detroit, Michigan Roxie Joan Smith Fast Cleveland, Ohio Shirley Spate Alton, Illinois M YRNA Sperry Homewood, Illinois Jean Sponable Paola, Kansas Joyce Stapleton Alexander, IllinoisBarbara Stephens Lincoln, Nebraska Jean Stoi.le Last Sr. Louis, Illinois June Stoi.le Last Sr. Louis, Illinois Leona Stone Greenville, Illinois Carroll Swirr I bed ford, Nebraska Jane Thomas Ames, Iowa Francis Ruth Tone Grinnell, Iowa Jewell Uhinck Parma Heights, Ohio F.LIZA BETH Varnum Kirkwood, Missouri Varnum Kirkwood, Missouri F.dith Vl I.MONT Waverly, Iowa Clara Wanner Chicago, Illinois I I 71Norma Water bury Birmingham, Michigan Mary Margaret Naperville, 111. Dolores Whitworth Minneapolis, Minn. Marilyn Virginia Williams White Bear Lake, Minn. Nancy Winters Denver, Colorado Laura Witte Fremont, Nebraska Mary Dale Woodard Denver, Colorado Shari, a Aaron Dallas, Texas Lucy Bennett Wichita, Kansas Doris Custer Cleveland Heights, Ohio Sally Duncan Alton, Illinois Mary F.llkn F.ddy Chicago, IllinoisLois Gitti.en Alton, Illinois Beveri.v H YMAN F.lvria, Ohio Bettv Mitch em. Detroit, Michigan J OA N Stefan i Grosse Pom re, Michigan Patricia Tidweu. Austin, Texas Ei.ise White Chicago, Illinois 73If' I it ill i i millBarnhous Tvncr, Mountford, Rippcl, Herwcck, Neely, Gould, Wrighr, Sawler, Gilmore, v’ Adams, J., Swift, Ellis, Scott, P. Student Council Jocelyn Patricia Scott...................Pice-President Carroll Swift.........................Secretary Jane Adams............................Treasurer Monticdlo’s student council carries our the democratic spirit which is a part of our country. Composed of class presidents, house chairmen. Sponsor chairman. Social Committee chairmen, editors of the student publications, and presidents of M.C.A. and M.A.A., it tries to carry out the desires of all students. The Student Council meets once a week under the supervision of Miss Mary I.aimi Swift and discusses the problems of the preceding week. With open minds, they try to set up rules and plans that are representative of the entire student body.Monticello Christian Association Diannk Harnhoi sk............................President To meet the religious needs of its students Monticello has its own Christian Association. Governed by a Cabinet, composed of four elected officers and various committee heads, the group is led by Miss Xancv Walthall. M.C.A. has several informal meetings a month where students assemble to discuss religion or listen to lectures given l v visitors from Alton. This year’s Religious Kmphasis Week was sponsored by the M.C.A. in early March. Dr. Marcus Bach of the University of Iowa was on campus that week, speaking at chapel and Vespers, and holding informal discussions in class and private conferences. M.C.A.’s biggest project this year was the World Student Service Fund drive in which they exceeded their £650 goal. Sacrifice meals and also parties were given, the proceeds of which went to W.S.S.F. Of particular interest to M.C.A. was the visit of Miss Sally Brown, a member of the class of ’46 and founder of M.C.A. She was greatly pleased with the growth and expansion of M.C.A. and its work since its origin. Proctor, Holbrook, Barn house, (Jilmore, Scott, J., Collins, Walls.Foster, Neely, Proctor, Parrish The Echo Mary Neely................................Editor Mary Gi.enn Foster . . . Production Manager Carolyn Parrish................Literary Editor Peggy Proctor..................Advertising Manager 'Tis echo oj all those rarest joys U hich come hut once with no grief-alloys .An echo of old Monti cello life Then—of broader fields and a fiercer strife. — Kmii.y Gilmore Ai.den in the first F.cho, June, 1894 In 1894 when it was first published the Fcho was an alumnae magazine; in 1936 it appeared as a student annual with a paper cover and plastic binding. The F.cho describes in pictures and writing the lively beat of Monticcllo life. In the F.cho can be found the spirit of constant expansion and improvement which signifies the spirit of Monricell 1, 7XThe Times I Shirley Wright Joan Herweck . Joan DiVito Mary Ann Lange O LAND A Jaquith Mary Lou Tyner Jean Wilson. . Joan Jackson . Editor-in-Chief . . . News Editor . . Feature Editor . . Editorial Editor . . . Sports Editor Is sis taut Sports Editor Circulation Manager . Production Manager I he 'I'imcs, records the social, academic, and sport events of the Monticello program from the point of view of the student. Published bi-weekly, it is given to all students and circulated to the parents, many alumni, and prospective students. Thus they are familiarized with the work and play of the Monticello student body. Working on the 'Limes are seniors who comprise the ever busy staff. The juniors serve as reporters and writers of sports articles, features, and editorials. 1 Sixth Row: Klfgcn, Mummcrt, Rosenthal, Tone, Adams, I ., Dclscamp, Collins, Wilson, Foster, M. (•., Farr. Smith. A. Fifth Row: Peoples, Hunter, Whitworth, Scott, J., Jaquith, North, (Jordon. Fourth Row: Fike, Scarritt, Bauknight, Stollc, Jean; Peterson, J., Stephens, Murrah. Third Row: Sperry, Scott, P., Kroutil, Meador, Holderhy, Morris. Second Row:, Payntcr, White, S., (Jillette, lacoponelli, R. First Row: Thompson, M. H., Herweek, Scars, Wright, McCoy. Science Club Mary Anne Sears....................President Janf. McCoy......................... Vice-President Joan Herweck.......................Secretary Shirley Wrioht.....................Treasurer Mary Helen Thompson . . Publicity Chairman Kligible for membership to the Science Club arc al! students interested in science courses. The aim of the Science Club is to stimulate the students’ interest in science and to broaden their general knowledge of physics, chemistry, and biology. Movies, demonstrations, trips, and lectures by students and faculty provided interesting programs. Outstanding lectures were those on flower arrangement, cosmetic composition, and the principles of chcmurgy. Kvents of the year included the Science Open House in May, the Christmas dinner at which time popcorn and berries were strung to decorate the birds’ Christmas tree, and the picnic in April. Miss l.ucretia Cressev is the faculty adviser of the club. xoSocial Committee KOSTKR, (.OUU), KKNXEDY I'he social program of Monti is directed and regulated by the well-organized Social Committee, which is composed of representative and responsible students who have attained membership by earning points through service to the school during the year. Heading the committee this year were the three co-chairmen, Peggy Gould, Gretchen Kennedy, and Gini Foster. Sponsors Ronnv Gilmore .... Chairman F.very Monti girl knows from personal experience the value of the Sponsor organization, which helps new students to meet friends and to adjust to college life. From the middle of the summer when friendly and encouraging letters from her Sponsor begin to appear in the mailbox to the end of the school year, each new student feels that her Sponsor is a personal friend to advise, to assist, and to reassure her. SIHack Rots: Sanchez, Knslow, Incoponelli, I)., (.rush, DiVito, Kingman, Murrah, Bryant, Thomas, Hike, Swoboda, Merry Maxwell, (irifiin, Stapleton, Tidwell, McFnvdon, Frochlich, Scott, I . Middle Row: Smith, I ., Foster, V., White, S., Brown, K., Thompson, M. H., Deem, Kroutil,Griffith, Scott, J.. NlcAlvin, Hammer. From Row: Cooper, Schoonover, Uhinck, Payntcr, Harrison, Pool, Mummert, Cross. Barnhouse, (iibson,, S|x nablc, Moulton, Barnes. Glee Club The glee club, composed of girls who like to sing, makes two public performances: in the Christmas candlelight carol service and in a spring concert during commencement week. X2Fourth Row: Winters, Reedy, Brown, K., Tyner, Payntcr, Scott, J., Scars, Fischer, N , Kroutil, Merry, Froehlich, (iriffin, Adams, P. Third Row: F.nslow, Pool, Bell, MncTnggart, Cooper, Bovec, Vales, McAlvin, Jaquith, Schoonover, McFaydon, Farr. Second Row: (iibson.driffith, Kingman, Kampert, Smith, P., Swokoda, Thomas,Sponablc, Sanchez, Kifpcn, Sperry, Stapleton First Row: White, S., Barnhouse, Woodard, Cross, Ixe, (ircer. Kike, Br vant, Pattullo, I hinck, Foster, ., Hammer, Harrison, (irush. Choir Dianne Barn house..........................Preside tit Nancv Swoboim.................... Pice-President Sue White................................Treasurer Mary McFaydon............................Secretary Antonette Patti; 1.1.0...................Librarian The choir, composed of 55 selected voices, sings at vesper services. During the past year it presented a radio broadcast of Christmas music over KMO , and appeared in concerts in Alton and Sr. Louis. Stephen B. Williams is director.Great Books Club The Great Books Club was organized two years ago and is this year composed of' twenty seven members with Joan DeVito as chairman. Mr. Schweitzer and Miss Clovd of the Knglish department lead the discussions. Participation is on a voluntary basis and the members themselves choose the books that they wish to read. The purpose of the club is to assimilate thinking from such material as The Confessions of Sr. Augustine, Aristotle’s Kthics, selections from the Bible, and I he Declaration of Independence. Thompson, Bell, Petit, l;arr, Parrish, J.. Maxwell, Neely, Jones, Holderbv, Brown. M., Rosenthal, Fcight. CiVito.The Gallery Committee I he Gallery Committee, a new organization, is chosen from girls enrolled in art courses. These members assist the art faculty in arranging and putting up displays. The committee has brought us such documentary films as The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The Golem, and The Plow that Broke the Plains. Other special events have been Life exhibitions on Egypt, Venice, Emerson’s New England, and many others. They conclude the program with their annual final spring show which is comprised of student art work. Adams, I’.. Karr, Fatio, I.ipski, Kennedy (Advisor), Barnhousc, Neely (Chairman), McDonald, Thomas, Brown, C., Miller, Frazier. 85Mills, Kngclhart, Yates, Klfgcn, McClure. Me Alvin, Petit, Mountford, Karl, Feight. Chairman: Jean Mountford. House Councils Caldwell Foster, Stonebrnkcr, Doty, McCoy, Brown, F., Tvner, Smith. Chairman: Mary I.ou Tyner. Baldwin Tyrrell, Jaquith, Cline, White. Foster, lVItimma, Herweek, Rauknight. Chairman: Joan Herweek.The Monticello Ideals The Kcho presents seven members of the class of 1950 who, by vote of their classmates, typify the Monticello ideals. Although each girl is pictured as a representative of one ideal,she personifies each and every one of them. DIGNITY This is a quality of reserve which comes with emotional, intellectual and social maturity. Dignity is always reHected in the recognition of the fitness of things and in the poise and self-confidence with which one places one’s self above that which might be considered unseemly. BF.AUTY Within each girl is the power to recognize and appreciate the beauty of everyday experiences. Life is filled with beauty if one is sensitive to it and eager to find it—if one’s eyes are trained to see, one’s eyes to hear, one’s heart to understand and one’s mind to remember. LOYALTY One of the most important of the Monticello Ideals is a deep-seated loyalty to the college, one’s friends, one’s family and one’s own beliefs. This deep-seated emotion will grow through understanding, respect and love. WISDOM As the Monticello Girl grows in academic stature she seeks to increase her ability to apply her knowledge usefully, for wisdom is the union of knowledge and understanding. SF.RN ICI . F.ach of us has a distinctive personality and unique talents. The Monticello Girl considers it not only a privilege but a responsibility to share her gifts with all, thereby helping herself and others to develop to the fullest measure. DF.MOCRACY The truly democratic person interests herself in the activities of others. She seeks to understand and respect the ideals and beliefs of her associates while maintaining her own independence of thought anil action. I RIF.NDSHIP Many of your most cherished and lasting friendships will be made while you are at Monticello. our college days will afford rich opportunities for making a wide circle of friends. In true friendship there is dignity, beauty, loyalty, service, democracy, and never-failing consideration. When these ideals have become a part of you, you will have formed an understanding and appreciation of yourself and others. You will have built a strong foundation for living, and Monticello will always be a part of you, for these arc the things for which this College stands.Alice Walls 89Democracy Jo Ellis 93Ronnie Gilmore ‘ 4Wisdom Pat Scott• - uavis, Stevenson, Brown, B. Monticello Athletic Association Lorraine . St SAN Kncei.hari . Mary Anne Sears Mary Ix r T yner . President Pice-President . Secretary Treasurer I he purpose of the Monticello Athletic Association is to help each stud,-nr r . • mentally, and morally by arousing sincere interest in athletics and bv oft phys.cally, competition to establish the highest ideals ,,f companionship mMnS f 98ARCHERV Foster, M., DiVito, I .owe. Cuthbertson, Winters, Stolle, Jean, Mummert, Scott, J., Meador, Smith. BICYCLE CLUB Murphy, Engclhart, Patridge, Winters, Combs, Scott, P.VARSITY HOCKKY TEAM Foster, M., Scott, I ., Adams, J., Engelhart, Tyner, Davis, Waterburv, Barnhouse, Dclscamp, Thompson, Jaquith, Scars, Sandberg, Sawler. Manager Mary Ijou Tyner. SENIOR HOCKKY TEAM Kngelhart, 11 yncr. North, Smith, Wilson, Scott, J., McCoy, Jaquith, Scars, Rippcl, Foster, M., Sandberg, Sawler Stevenson, Barnhousc, Davis, Jackson, Beck, Foster, Griffith. Thompson, Collins. , Fischer,JUNIOR Dclscamp, Patridge, Bell, Peterson, Scott, P., Hill. Bradford, Murrah, Circcr, Watcrburv, Foots, Adams, J., Adams, P.VARSITY Scott, I ., Kngclhart, Tyner, Adams, J. Foster, M., Bauknight, Davis Stevenson Manager, Ann Klppcl. Smith, Hazard, Rippcl, Sawlcr, Jaquith SENIOR Scott, J., Scars, Foster, M. Pattullo, Sawlcr, Pierson, Hazard, Rippcl, North. Wilson, Paynter, Jaquith, Cuthbertson, Scott, P., Stonebraker, Tyner. Foster, M., Smith, A., Smith, P., F.ngclhart, Foster, V., Stevenson, Davis.X- rCi Ann Rippei.............................Manager The most popular winter sport is basketball; nearly half the student body participates in the program. For the inter-class tournament Mary Lou Tyner and Ann Rippei were co-captains of the senior ream, playing against the junior team led by Barbara Bauknighr and Jane Adams. 'I'he varsity team competed with Washington University, I.indenwood, Harris Teachers College, Fontbonne, and Webster. In February the team journeyed to Jacksonville for a plavday at Mac-Murrav, where they also compered with reams from the University of Illinois and Milliken. Jl’NIOR Scott, I ., Winters, Kly, Aaron, Bradford, Scarritt, Katio. Peoples. Wanner,Swift. Bauknighr, Patridge, Waterbary, Farnsworth, Adams, J.Hobby Horse V'lri' 1«11.• I n«..I .L Badminton AMarlin Club Grush, Collins, Smith, J., Davies, Scott, J., McCoy, MeAlvin, (Jould. Dick, Bnuknighr, Hill, White, S., Davis, Mills, Scott, I’., Murphy. Foster, M., Sandberg, Gardner, Cooper, Kennedy, Pattullo, Fischer, Kippcl, Petit. Grktchf.n Kennkdv . . Preside Bette Davis . Secretary Treasurer Marlin Club, an organization open to all girls who are interested in rhythmic and synchronized swimming, had its beginning at Monri-cello in 1941. The Club has grown each year and at present has a membership of’ twenty seven girls. Tryouts for Marlin are held each fall and spring, and all girls who pass the necessary swimming skills become members. The ninth annual Marlin Club Pageant was held on March 17 and 18. The pageant, “Dream Girl”, was a student production, planned and directed by Marlin Club members under the supervision of faculty adviser. Miss Virginia Picket. 105 McClure, Holbrook, Neely, Petit, MeAlvin, Rogers, r.ngclharr, Mills, Hammer. Softball Peggy Hazard . . . Manage) The softball season begins early in the fall with a house tournament for the softball trophy. The Haskell team was winner. Ar the first sign of spring the Monticello players returned to the diamond looking forward to an inter-class tournament. I Or Back Row: McDaniel, Whitworth, Appleton, Stollc, Jean; Uhinck, Jaquith, Meador, Mummert, l.ce, Lowe. Front Row: Klingensmith, Brown, J., Ferguson. Fencing Janet Brown................Manager Bette Davis.....................................President Jean Mountford..................................Secretary Susan F.ngei.hart...............................Treasurer Mill, Grush, Scott, I ., Haller, Feight, Fatio, Jaquith, Neely. Petit, 'I'yncr, Sawler, Davis, Kngelhart, Mills, Scarritt. Tennis ClubJl NI0R |,»1'"”- Moulton, Eddy. Cordon, S.„llc, J„„.Tyner, Scars, Block, Hazard, Barron, Brown, J., Jaquith. Beck, Bnrnhousc, Stevenson, NTcely, Odman. Marian Stevenson.....................Manager One of the most popular sports at Monticello is volleyball. Offered both as a class and voluntary sport, it is a favorite all three seasons. In the fall and spring the volleyball teams move to the outside court to rake advantage of the good weather. Inter-class tournaments were played and the year was climaxed by the faculty vs. student game, the proceeds of which went to the W.S.S.K. 109BACK IN' GODI-KKVJUNIOR TALENT HAUjONVKKN CABIN PARTY Through c LITTI.K BLACK SAMBO DOUS GALS PIN BOVS. 'advertisers Engravings by CAFITOL ENGRAVING COMPANY Springfield, Illinois 119ALTON TIRE SALES 43 5 East Broadway Edward 8. Stobbs Walter K. Stobbs L H • Roy Maxfield REALTOR (Geo. H. Smiley Co. Agency) INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE PHONES: 3-5221 and 3-6058 122 COMPLIMENTS OK LEWIS CLARK BRIDGESCOMPLIMENTS OF Headquarters For TOWN and COUNTRY OL BLAIR AGENCY and NATURALIZERS INSURANCE Establish f.d 1894 CARL’S BEAUTIFUL SHOES 124SPRINGMAN LUMBER CO. J. J. WUELLNER SON LUMBER General Contractors MILLWORK BUILDING MATERIALS Since 1902 1101 E. Broadway Alton, 111. 101 Oak St. Alton, 111. j j YOUR PATRONAGE IS APPRECIATED BY PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS 4th and Ferguson Sts. Wood River, 111. 125The Kuehne Manufacturing Co MATTOON, ILLINOIS Manufacturers of Kitchen and Dinette Furniture STEEL AND WOOD 126 Icicle tire 43u5 ALTON, ILL. SAFE — FAST and DEPENDABLE SERVICE CHARTERS A SPECIALTY LAUNDERERS dry cleaners rug cleaners For Information Call CITIZENS COACH CO. BROWN MOTOR LINES 3-6546 1 • — ===== GOOD WISHES from the COMPLIMENTS OK O. H. YATES ALTON, ILLINOIS COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Remember to “Pause for Refreshment" 127The Smartest Look Is the Lvtton Look! J Fashion-wise girls know that they can always find the newest, up-to-the-minute fashions at Lytton’s ... at down-to-the minimum prices! Lytton’s c tr iTy 'gSfy H S WARDEIN'S DRUG STORE Where You Always Find What the Emergency Demamds E. V. Wardein PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST 2510 State St. Alton, 111. ALTON REFRIGERATION CO. Authorized FRIGIDAIRE Sales and Service Sec Us About Any Household Appliance and Commercial Equipment 550 East Broadway Dial 3-7722 Compliments of CITY FUEL SUPPLY CO. Alton, Illinois 128RECORD CENTER AMBULANCE SERVICE 2409 STATE STREET ALTON TELEPHONE 3-7731 Phone 2-2762 16 E. Broadway Alton, 111. HAYES BROTHERS, Inc. PIPING CONTRACTORS POWER and PROCESS PIPING 236-238 W. Vermont St. Indianapolis, Indiana CELEBRATING OUR 52nd YEAR Contractors on New Power House and Steam Distribution System A II year ’round, all round the world, ' ' people recognize the value of quality. In the sport of shooting clay birds, for instance, whether it’s in an open country field, or at an exclusive sheet club, you’ll notice an outstanding preference for these quality OLIN products: Winchester shotguns. Western and Winchester ammunition, White Flyer targets and Western target-throwing traps. The popularity of each is an expression of the excellence America recognizes in all of OLIN’s many products. OLIN INDUSTRIES, INC. East Alton. Illinois Products of Divisions, Subsidiaries, Affiliates: ft inrlinirr Kircurmn. An Flanliligliir. Haiierie . Roller Sic air . |{,.n l Fla.Might.. Iialtrri«-n. r.tcrn Ammunition, Tartteta. r.i| «. lira , llronxc, I'ho.phnr llrantr. Nii-kcl Silver. Copper. Il..n Kxrhangrr.. Illj-ling Ca|w. K |iiil»hle, Columbia. I.ihrrl . r.uyptian. Texan. Wr.lrrn Commercial Kxplonive . Itljrk Powder. Railway Kn«r.. Tor| c«loc«. 130 f NO “CLOSED SEASON" on Quality!First National Hank TRUST COMP A N Y in Alton Capital and Surplus $1,250,000 THIRD AND BELLE STREETS • ALTON, ILLINOIS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPCttVHON ARTISTS' MATERIALS SINCE 1853 F. WEBER CO. 705 Pine St. St. Louis, Mo. Try-finer Al Ernst Agency Cleaners Official Cleaners for Insurance of All Kinds Monticello Students Telephone 2-1911 This Agency One Hundred Years Old 1949 ♦ 2501 State St. Alton ALTON ILLINOIS 131THERE IS ALWAYS A FRIENDLY WELCOME WAITING FOR YOU AT “WEDGE-BANK” Whether it's about a loan—your bank account—estate matters—financial advice—or one of the many bank services, you’ll find a friendly welcome awaiting you. Stop in any time—if only for a chat, and see for yourself what we mean when we say “There’s always 1 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND a friendly welcome waiting for you.” Growing with Alton since 1902 LUMBER COMPANY Alton Banking Trust Co. ' GINTER-WARDEIN Dependable “Wedge-Bank” Lumber and Millwork Member of Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. 450 Front St. Alton, 111. COMPLIMENTS OK COMPLIMENTS OK Crown Fixture Supply ALTON Company BOX BOARD CO. 100 George Alton, 111. 132J. B. Steck Agency Harry Steck, Manager Insurance Alton, Illinois Founded 1905 Pianos Band Instruments Organs Phonograph Records Solovox Record Players Sheet Music GOULD MUSIC COMPANY 412 E. Broadway Alton, IllinoisHAS BEEN THE KEYNOTE of Rogers yearbooks for forty-two years. And it will continue to be our ideal, because responsibility to see that your publication is well printed is shared by the entire organization. The Rogers tradition of sincerity and quality has been recognized by many schools as a security to the institution and an inspiration to the staff. DIXON, ILLINOIS 307 First Street roiKnjoKi© ☆ CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 919 N. Michigan Avenue91 

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