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Leading toward the future, Rich in associations with the past, Our great stone entrance Typifies enduring Monticcllo traditions. If' THE •f BAD ITT I® N j)u 1 This is the Echo of Tradition. The wealth of traditions inherited from generations of preceding classes is presented as the theme of this pictorial and literary summary of the activities on the campus of Monticcllo College in 1948. Monticcllo is a monument to the enthusiasm, loyalty, and work of those who have conceived the rich traditions and expanding ideals which embody the spirit of Monti life. To the heritage and culture of Monticcllo College; as a tribute to the richness of our college life; and in hope that cherished traditions will remain constant; we devote the Echo of the class of 1948.The Class of 1948 dedicates this hook to Dr. John Ripley Young, President of Monticcllo College. Though varied paths arc followed after graduation, each and every one of us will remember Dr. Young as a wise and inspiring friend. His unaffected personality has endeared him to all, and although we will miss him, we will always remember his genial smile, his cheery "hello," his entertaining words, his great devotion to the field of education. We consider it a privilege to take this opportunity to honor Dr. Young, under whose diligent leadership Monticello has continued to uphold and strengthen the ideals for which she stands.0 £ BOOK ONE........................FACULTY BOOK TWO........................CLASSES BOOK THREE................ORGANIZATIONS BOOK FOUR....................ACTIVITIES BOOK FIVE MEMORIES——In formal best, faculty and student body begin the fellowship that continues in classroom, in laboratory, and on playing field.Do ll.e Ctaii of 1948 . . . You represent a minority group against which, fortunately, there is little prejudice! You have been blessed as none of your predecessors and few of your contemporaries. You have been born into a family, a country, and a time in history which can offer you the accumulated fruits of man's struggles down the ages. 1 he privileges of education in a free country are yours; yours, also, is the responsibility for bringing peace, cooperation and brotherhood to a warped and soul-sick world. It is a glorious opportunity—and a sobering responsibility! J. R. YOUNGDr. Young, Jimmy, Jack, and Mrs. Young i Dr. John Ripley Young received his B.A. degree from Marshall College and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Illinois. As President of Monticcllo, it is Dr. Young’s responsibility to arrive at the solutions for the administrative and educational problems of the college. Both Dr. and Mrs. Young are well-known for their cordial hospitality in the Evergreens and their attendance at the receptions, dances, assembly, and vesper programs. Greatly interested in civic activities, Dr. Young is an active member of the Rotary Club, and is also associated with the Community Chest. He excels in various sports, and many students know his ping pong ability from first-hand experience. The humorous stories with which Dr. Young amuses those at the head table arc famous on the campus.tyaE' i Fred Kuchnc, Marshall Acker, Dr. John R. Young, D. Howard Doanc Mrs. S. T. Olin, Mrs. W. W. Parsons, Eben Rodgers, president, Mrs. T. S. Chapman, Mrs. G. S. Milnor The responsibility for the over-all government of Monticello College lies with the nine men and women whom we recognize as the board of trustees. The members serve for a period of eight years and meet on the campus once every two months to discuss the policies and business matters of the college. Eben Rodgers, recently retired president of the Alton Brick Company, serves as president of the Board with Mrs. Spencer T. Olin (Ann Whitney, ’25) officiating as secretary. The other seven members of the board who give so generously of their time and effort for the benefit of the college are Mrs. William Wood Parsons of Terre Haute, president of Monticello from 1910 to 1918; Mrs. Theodore Chapman, widow of the late T. S. Chapman, who was the former chairman of the board of trustees; Mrs. George Sparks Milnor (Alice Ryric, ’ll) of Wilmette, Illinois; Marshall Acker, vice-president of Olin Industries, Inc., of Alton; D. Howard Doane, chairman of the board of the Doanc Agricultural Service of St. Louis; Fred Kuchnc, president of the Kuchnc Manufacturing Co., who serves as chairman of the property committee of the board; and Dr. John R. Young, president of the college, who is a member ex-officio. A scholarship reserve fund was established by the trustees this past year for the purpose of expanding educational opportunities for worthy students of the college. Profits from such campus enterprises as the bookstore, coin-operated machines, the Cabin, and the money given by graduating classes for scholarship purposes, are to be turned over to this fund. feAk Mary Lainc» Swift Academic Dean A.B., Vassar College; M.A., Columbia University Miss Mary Laing Swift, Academic Dean, arranges the school curriculum and examination schedules. She is the chairman of the Advising Committee, and thus has charge of all registration, counselling, and permanent faculty advisers of the students. She also supervises the students' selection of courses, giving special attention to transfer requirements. Miss Swift is also faculty adviser to the Student Council. Alice May Morrill Daw of Women Ph.B., Denison University; M.A., Northwestern University As Dean of Women, Mrs. Alice May Morrill is responsible for the administration of social privileges and the supervision of all student residences. She also has the task of picking compatible roommates for new students. Mrs. Morrill is faculty adviser to the Student Residence Council. Perhaps her most important duty is to help the girls adjust to the new experience of college life. Administration Auoley Noel Sullivan Assistant to the President Director of Admissions B.S., University of Nebraska As Director of Admissions, Mr. Sullivan carries on all correspondence with prospective students. He is assisted in the responsibility by four field representatives. In the capacity of Assistant to the President, Mr. Sullivan handles all public relations concerning Monticello College. Every Monti girl soon recognizes "Sully” as a friend.Administration Wkndki. H. Baker Business Manager A.B., University of Missouri WcikIcI H. Baker, business manager of the College anil treasurer to the hoard of trustees, takes care of all financial matters pertaining to the college. His duties include purchasing supplies and operating the student bank, at which students make deposits and withdrawals. Mr. Baker, with the aid of the maintenance staff, also supervises the buildings and grounds and sees that necessary repairs are made. Florence Duree Social Director B.A., University of Nebraska Mrs. Duree's duties as Social Chairman include scheduling events on the school calendar, planning teas and receptions, and arranging trips into Sr. Louis for concerts, plays, and operas. Supervising dances, the smokehouse, the dining room, and the Western lists are a part of her responsibilities as faculty adviser to the Social Committee. She is also adviser for the senior class. Ermina E. Busch Registrar A.B., University of Illinois Planning and organizing the September registration and the year’s schedule with Dean Swift, compiling statistics on enrollment and classes, receiving high school transcripts, and preparing college transcripts are among the duties of Miss Ermina Busch, registrar. Miss Busch also records and sends out student grades.Administration Joseph A. L. Russo Director of Publications A.B., Harvard College Besides assisting the students to produce the Times, Momiccllo's school paper, and the Echo, Mr. Russo also supervises college publications. All school publicity is under his care. Photography of Monticello people and activities is an important part of his work. Mary J. Pfeiffenderger Alumnae Secretary A.A., Monticello College; B.A., Wellesley College As alumnae sccretarv, Miss Pfciflenbergcr manages to keep contact with the 3900 Monticello alumnae. Besides seeing that every visiting alumna is entertained, she actively participates in meetings and reunions all over the country. The Alumnae Bulletin, under her editorship, is published three times each year. Irmadean Haberly Librarian B.A., Pomona College; M.A., Claremont Gradutc School Senior Certificate, Los Angeles Library School; Graduate Library School, University of Chicago Mrs. Haberly supervises the selecting, purchasing and cataloging of new books for the Monticello Library. To help students locate books and publications for their studies is one of her principal tasks. The planning of the annual Book Fair in the library gives the students a view of the best recent books and an opportunity to buy them at school.All Moncicdlo students study English. Every girl is given the opportunity of learning how to read with appreciation, and to express her thoughts creatively both in oral and written exposition. Juniors arc placed in an English composition course which teaches them to write correctly and expressively. Criticism of themes and discussions of essays, short stories, novels, poems, and plays, arc the techniques employed. A course in Biblical Literature is offered covering both the Old and New Testaments of the King James Version, which is treated not from a theological point of view, but rather as a cultural heritage of English speaking people. English literature, a course open to seniors only, is a study of classical literature from the eighth century to the present. One of the more advanced courses in the English Department is American literature combined with American history, known as A.C. and C. (American Culture and Civilization.) I Florence Woll.brman A.B., Illinois College; M.A., University of Illinois Ruby Cloyd A.B., Transylvania College; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University Frances Waggener 13.A., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College; M.A., University of Missouri Nancy Walthall 13.S., M.S., Kansas State CollegePhysical Education Department Winiired Morrison Chairman, Depart me nr of Physical Education B.S., Kansas City Teachers College It is a recognized fact that a sound body should accompany a sound mind, and for this reason every girl at Monticello participates in the Physical Education program. The ideals of companionship, fair play, and sportsmanship are emphasized as a part of good living and good playing. The year is divided into three sport seasons. The sports offered include archery, badminton, basketball, fencing, golf, hockey, swimming, life-saving, riding, softball, tennis, and volleyball. Each girl is allowed to select her favorite although it is required that one be a team sport. A voluntary sports program is offered after school, and from the two hundred girls who participated were chosen the various teams which represented Monticello at the play days here on our own campus or at other colleges. Special events of the year were the Monticello Horse Show, the Marlin Pageant and the Sports Banquets. Maxine Miller A.B., MacMurray College; M.A., North- John H. Thomas western University Rielin£ Jane Morrison B.S., Slippery Rock State Teachers College Louise Walraven B.S., Mary Washington CollegeLanguage Department Paul John Cooke Chairman, Department of Foreign Lew ua es A.B., A.M., Ph.D., University of Illinois At Monticcllo two years of French anil Spanish arc offered, and in Spanish two additional advanced courses are provided: Conversation and Spanish Literature. Spanish Literature enables the student to become acquainted with the language as well as the literature, the culture, and the history of Spain. Students are provided with a language lounge which is available at all times in order to help them practice their conversation and add to their understanding of the Spanish and French peoples. Here arc many records of native songs and bookshelves filled with novels, dictionaries, and reference books. Colorful sombreros and travel posters decorate the walls. French and Spanish weekly newspapers are always on hand so that the student may keep abreast of recent developments and trends of thought in these countries. Channing MacFadon B.A., University of Michigan; M.A., University of Minnesota Eleanor Stubbs Perry A.B., College of Emporia Herbert A. Woodbury A.B., Harvard CollegeSocial Science Department Homer F. Young Chairman, Depart went of Social Sciences B.A., Ohio University; M.A., Harvard University Social science deals with the origin of human society and social phenomena; the progress of civilization and its laws. In an age when this study may determine the policies of a new world, its practical as well as technical points arc of unmeasurable value. At Monticello the department is composed as follows: history, sociology, government, economics and geography. History may be defined as all that man has ever done or thought or said. The classes in modem European history arc made up mostly of juniors. Here the evolution of thought is discussed from medieval times to the present day. Sociology concerns man in relation to his own social surroundings. Problems of society, the home, the school, and the community, in terms of the individual are examined bv the Sociology classes. The study of government and economics gives the student an opportunity to prepare herself for correct political thinking. The physical surface of the earth, with its peoples, animals and products, is examined in the geography classes. The International Relations Club is sponsored by Homer Young, chairman of the social science department. C. Warren Griffiths A. B., Col lege of Wooster; B.D., Union Theological Seminary; L. Margaret Gall Robert G. Schmidt M.A., University of A.B., Davis-Elkins A.B., Illinois College; Wisconsin; Ph.D., College; M.A., West M.A., Harvard Uni-Univcrsity of Chicago Virginia University versityNatural Science Department Lucrutia Crkssey Chairman % Department of Na nrnl Science A.B., University of Illinois; M.A., Columbia University; graduate study. University of Chicago The science department is composed of three main sections: chemistry, biology, and mathematics. The well-equipped laboratories on third floor Fobcs are a source of constant amazement to Monticello students and visitors. Courses in zoology, botany, and general biology arc offered in the biology division which is supervised by Miss Gulick, Miss Chal-land, and Miss Hall. Jaunts hack campus and trips to Shaw's Garden and the St. Louis Zoo were particularly attractive to the students. Miss Crcsscy and Miss Wilfred, as the mainstays of the chemistry department, teach courses in both general and organic chemistry, and qualitative and quantitative analysis. Backgrounds for the future study of chemistry, home economics, nursing, and nutrition are provided by these courses. This year the organic chemistry students and faculty enjoyed a dinner which they prepared and ate in the laboratory. In the mathematics section, algebra is taught by Miss Hall. Louisi: Elizabeth Gulick A.B., A.M., University of Illinois Helen Challand B.E., Northern Illinois State Teachers College Eleanor Wilfred B.S., University of Illi nois Cleo Hall B.S., University of Illinois; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia UniversityMusic Department Allan Sly Chairman, Department of Music Graduate in Music, University of Reading, England Stephen Bennett Williams Mus.B., Chicago Musical College; M.A., University of Iowa A wide variety of musical activities and instructions is offered at Monticcllo. For those who sing or play, for those who attend concerts or collect records, for those who plan a career for further study of music at senior colleges or professional schools, differing programs of study arc available. Bi-inonthlv Serenade Concerts given in the Caldwell Drawing Room serve to bring performers and listeners together in a congenial atmosphere. Spring recitals focus attention on the earnest and sustained efforts of gifted students. The Monticcllo Choir plays an essential part in the Sunday Vesper Services. It also gives two public concerts annually, and makes occasional out of town trips. A new glee club department was created in the choir this year. The glee club sings with the choir on all occasions except the Vesper Services. Robert Oldiiam Mus., Mus.M., Yale University Jeanette Ross Mus.B., Northwestern University; M.M., American Conservatory of Music Dorothy C. Woodbury Universite dc Grenoble; Institut Jacques Dalcrozc, Parismmm w W neverrmreir Visual Helen F. Patton Chairman, Department of Vis mil Arts 15.S., George Peabody College for Teachers; M.A., University of Chicago Arts Department The primary objective of the art department is to develop a personal basis for analysis, understanding. and appreciation in the visual arts, and to institute a sound foundation for achievement in the fine or applied arts. Practicing artists comprise the staff and with the aid of large and well equipped studios and small groups every member of the class receives a maximum of individual instruction in her personal crcat ivc efforts. An important and valuable course in the art department is Art History, consisting of an introduction to art in various civilizations and their contributions to contemporarv forms. Students are offered a course in sculpturing which includes modeling in clav, life studies, carving in wood and stone, ceramic sculpture, and pottery. Practical courses in drawing and painting undertake still life, landscape and life studies. Courses in basic design, dress design, interior decoration, and commercial art are also provided. Traveling exhibitions and displays of student work are shown throughout the year. Hillis Arnold B.A., University of Minnesota; graduate Study, Minneapolis School of Arts Margaret G. Foster B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin W. Vladimir Rousseff Bulgarian National Gymnasium; L’Ecolc dc FAssomption; Art Institute of ChicagoHealth Department John Wedig, M.D. College Physician Regardless of the ailment, a Monti girl has the reassuring knowledge that there is always a graduate nurse on call at the infirmary. Three times a week Dr. Smith and Dr. Wedig make routine calls, and for patients needing hospital care, the Blue Cross Hospital Plan, in which every student participates, helps out with the expenses. During the first week of school every Monti student is given a thorough physical examination by the health department. A record of this examination is kept on file in the infirmary office for further reference. The infirmary is the only place on campus where the girls arc served breakfast in bed, accompanied by the cheery good morning of Miss Gilmour. This year the infirmary boasts of the recent arrival of four new hospital beds, gift of the Monticcllo Dads' Club. i Dorothy Cappel, R.N. Mary Gilmour, R.N. GrovesB.Smith,M.D. Assistant Nurse Resident Nurse College PhysicianPsychology Department Patricia Locke B.A., University of Kansas; M.A., University of Kansas City The question, "why we behave like human beings," furnishes material for many lively discussions in the psychology classes. Students early discover that the "laws” of psychology arc still in the making, but that scientific study has developed many valuable insights into the prediction and control of human behavior. A thorough exploration of important questions awakens new avenues of thought about the meaning of individual behavior. The students arc urged to apply the results of study in the formation of personal goals and attitudes. Speech and Drama Department Monticcllo is proud to have one of the finest drama departments in the country. Mrs. Solvcig Sullivan is director of this department which offers to its members classes in acting, directing, play production, radio, voice and diction, and rehearsal and performance. W. Vladimir Rousseff, who is technical director of this department, designs and makes many of the striking stage sets and costumes in the plays. One of the major productions given during the year was "Jack and the Beanstalk." This excellent performance was an outstanding event of the college year. Solveig Winsi.ow Sullivan Chairman Depart nun t of Speech and Drama B.A., University of Wisconsin: M.F.A., Yale University W. Vladimir Rousseff Bulgarian National Gymnasium; L'EcoIe dc 1 Assumption; Art Institute of Chicago57-8 . 39 U 1772 7 ? Catherine Beall Information Secretary Paula Bowman Secretary to the Business Manager N. Maxine Cales Bookkeeper and Cashier Myrtle Dilley Information Secretary Secretarial Staff Emily Jaeger Secretary to the Academic Dean Shirley Ruedin Secretary in Admissions ’ Office Virginia Russo Secretary in Alumnae Office Anastasia Saranois Faculty Secretary Arlene Wilson Margaret Schmidt Secretary to the Assistant Secretary to the President to the President ■iuw i Dietitians Eleanor Price B.S., University of Illinois Ruth Olson B.A., University of North Dakota Dietetic Internship, Vanderbilt University Hospital, Nashville, Tenn. Bookstore Marjory Dietiker Library Assistants Arnold Foster B.A., University of Wisconsin Frances RousskffNell Lane Beall Caldwell Residence Charlotte Martindalb Caldwell Residence Residence Counselors Irma Hunt Assistant in Baldwin Residence Pauline Tewksbury Head of Baldwin Residence A.B., Grinncll College;M.A.,Teachers College, Columbia University Ida D. Brooks Gilman Residence Dorothea P. Dunagan Haskell Residence and Career Counselor B.A., Simpson College Melda Jean Boedy Secretary NOT PICTURED A EVEN A CLOSSON Housekeeper Elizabeth Ellison Assistant Librarian Lois Mitchell Information Secretary Virginia Underwood Residence Counselor Admissions Counselors Margaret Cox A.A., Monticcllo College; Washington University Alice I. Grothe B.S., De Pauw University Lucie B. Mott Josephine Warner B.A., Beloit College Margaret K. Weigel B.A., College of St. TeresaWoodbury, Williams, Bowman, Oldham, Sullivan, Calcs faculty rjCt on n The faculty lounge, like the student smokehouse, is an active and interesting place, especially after meals. There, most of the faculty may be found relaxing, playing bridge, or just chatting. This year the lounge is especially attractive since its renovation was accomplished by the interior decoration class under the direction of Miss Helen Patton. Students spent many weeks choosing materials, planning colors and arranging combinations to make the room more pleasant. Many visits to St. Louis and Alton were made bv Dot Johnson, Mary Barrick, Jane Eckenrodc, Marjorie McKcaguc, Larkin Ogden, Jean Durfee, Nctia Beebe, Marian Kitz, Claudia Marks, Betsy Tubman, Joan Young and La Verna Schultz, who are the members responsible for the project. Hillis Arnold contributed six originally created lamps which enhance the pleasant atmosphere of the lounge.As a symbol of our love for the College The class tree embodies hope and joy and faithWellington, Hclgc, Dixon, Hallaucr Senior (LfctAA Office,, President Laura Dixon Vice-President Peggy Hallauer Secretary Prudence Wellington Treasurer ..... Marilyn HelgePhyllis Ahrens Nashville, Illinois Science Club (1); M.C.A. (1,2); Social Work (1); Times (2). Mary Arming ton Harvey, Illinois Science Club (1,2); Riding Club (2). Grace Ann Birnbaum Laurence, New York Science Club (1,2); I.R.C. (1); Social Committee (1,2); Echo (1); Times (1, 2); Sponsor (2); I.R.C. (1,2); President (2). Rita Boyan Washington, Pennsyl vania Sponsor (2). Ahrens Na-a-shville fiendish swimmer dancing medical students Armington fun witty friendly quiet Birnbaum red sweat shirt Wally eastern accent Boyan Riki Jack-in-thc-Beanstalk model gorgeous clothesBrain Beta—Ohio State fuzzy blue slippers smokehouse Brandt Apt. K attracts men chatterbox Briggs "low ay" Vaughn Monroe studying French in N.Y. Broerman Jackie oh, that basketball jump Jim, Don, or Dave? that laugh Constance Allen Brain Springfield, Ohio Social Service (1); Sponsor (2); Social Committee (2); 1.11.C. (2); Smokehouse Committee (1,2). Connie Brandt Quincy, Illinois Tennis Club (1,2); Times (2), News Editor (2); Social Committee (2); Science Club (2); Sponsor (2); Basketball (2); Hockey (2); M.A.A. Board, Badminton Manager (2); Volleyball (2). Alice Patricia Briggs Fargo, North Dakota M.C.A. (1,2); Social Committee (2). JACQU ELI N E B ROER M A N Rocky River, Ohio Riding Club (1); Sponsor (2); Tennis Club (1,2), President (1); Varsity Hockey (2); Baseball (1); Student Council Vice-President (2); M.A.A. Treasurer (2); Basketball Varsity (1).Nancy Alice Brown Kansas City, Missouri Social Committee (2); Science Club CD- Renna Glenn Brown Little Rock, Arkansas Sponsor (2). Elizabeth Jane Brumbaugh Joplin, Missouri Art Gallery (2); I.R.C. (2); Echo (2); Social Service (2); M.C.A. (1,2). Genevieve Bublitz Kansas City, Missouri Choir (1,2); Echo (1,2), Production Manager (2); Times (1,2), Feature Editor (2); M.C.A. Program Chairman (2); National Committee (2); Marlin Club (2); Social Committee (2); Sponsor (2); Riding Club (1); Social Service (1). Brown N. wit knitting swimming Monti's hostess Brown R. G. small, pretty features nice to know “Take me back to Little Rock" Brumbaugh “Liz” "Where’s Shelby?" archery fiend fun lovin’ Bublitz "Genny” popular and sweet the "lake” M.U. and Larryr— --------------------------------B---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beatrice Burgess Kansas dry, Missouri Sponsor (2). Marylyn Burk McPherson, Kansas Social Committee (1,2). Harriett Burress Jones boro, Arkansas Elsie Andrea Calas Chicago, Illinois Riding Club (1); I.R.C. (1,2); Science Club (1); Sponsor (2); Times (1). Burgess Be a big, brown eyes romancin’ Jimmy Burk "Has anybody seen Currie?’ baseball, basketball Vance Burress intelligent quiet sweet Calas wit loves Geneva ChicagoCarol Joyce Chalmers Wilmette, Illinois Marlin Club (1,2); Riding Club (1); Riding Club (1); Smokehouse Committee (2); Social Committee (2); Science Club (2); Sponsor (2); House Committee Baldwin (2). Suzanne Cornell East Chicago, Indiana Sponsor (2); Social Committee (2); Caldwell House Council (2); Floor Chairman (2); Riding Club (2); I.R.C. (2). Sue Carol Cougiienour Riverside, Illinois Marlin Club (1); Posture Committee (2). Carolyn Curtis McPherson, Kansas Social Committee (2); Sponsor (2). Chalmers starry eyed magnetic personality mad dancer Cornell Suzic sweetness simplicity little kindnesses Cougiienour sensibility tall, attractive dependable Curtis ■'Curtic'' vivacious artistic engaged to Jack  Diane Dalton Sioux Falls, South Dakota Social Committee (2); Smokehouse Committee (1,2); Social Service (2). Sandra Natelle DaSef Birmingham, Michigan Hockey (2); Times (1,2); Sponsor (2); Social Committee (2); Floor Chairman (2); Times (1,2); Business Manager (2); House Council, Haskell (2). Mary B. Daugherty Rensselaer, Indiana Riding Club (1,2); Treasurer (2); Hobby Horse (1,2); Drill Team Captain (2); Choir (1,2); Science Club (2); Sponsor (2). Joyce DeNio Detroit, Michigan Science Club (1,2); Sponsor International Relations (1,2). (2); Dalton men! men! glamorous Tin in love” DaSef "Sandy” 'Rings on her lingers" our goalie Spen Daugherty horsewoman sippin' cider telephone calls dates DeNio radiant tresses “Wanta go back to Michigan” Monticello's cutieLaura Coulter Dixon Fargo, North Dakota Monticdlo Players (1); Choir (1,2); President of Class (2); Chairman Junior Committee (1); Varsity Basketball (1), Captain (2); Varsity Hockey (2); Golf (1,2); M.A.A. Board (1,2), Basketball Manager(2); Student Council (1,2), Secretary (1); Caldwell House Council (1); Sponsor (2); Social Committee (2). Jane Durfee Wheaton, Illinois I.R.C. (2). Carol Christine Dursciilag Cleveland Heights, Ohio Social Committee (2); Posture Commute (2). Jean Durfee Wheaton, Illinois I.R.C. (2). Dixon basketball prankster everyone’s friend Pres, of Apt. K Durfee big, brown eyes twin sister Bonomo jokes Durfee twin sister blond ic movie fan laugh Dursciilag men talkative vivacious 5V ivr A UNI! EtTENGHR Undid, 0 w Sponsor (2); Science Club (1,2); Monticello Players (1,2); Choir (1, 2); Mistress of the Robes (2); Glee-Club (2); Marlin Club (1,2). Jane Eckenrode Birmingham, Michigan Junior Committee (1); Social Committee (2); Co-Chairman (2); Sponsor (2); Student Council (2); I.R.C. (1,2); Social Service (1,2); Smokehouse Committee (1). Marian Ehri.iciier Pekin, Illinois Science Club (1,2); Haskell Floor Chairman (2). Kitty Flowers Sr. Joseph, Missouri J u n i or Com mi t tec (1); H ousc Ccunci 1 (2); Sponsor (2); Social Committee (2); Book Fair Committee (2). Eckenrode "Eckie” men! humor socialite Ehrliciier "He's just my Bill” the quiet 3rd floor food lover Ettengbr Rick "Froggie" shining face Flowers "I'm simply delighted" "the gall of that woman” Mac’s room-mate Missou-JournalismJane Alma Frye Cleveland, Ohio I.R.C. (1,2); Riding Club (1). Piiyllis Garrett Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Social Committee (2); Smokehouse Committee (1,2); Hockey (1), Varsity (1); I.R.C. (1,2); Volleyball (1,2), Varsity (1,2); Basketball (1,2); Science Club (1,2); M.A.A. (2), Fencing Manager (2); Choir (1,2); Trio (1)'; M.C.A. (1,2); Tennis Club (1,2); Swimming Team (1); Sponsor (2); Junior Committee (1). Jocelyn George Scarstiale, New York Social Committee (2); Riding Club (1) ; Hockey (1), Varsity (1,2); Echo (2) , Literary Ed. (2); Science Club (1,2), Vice Pres. (1), Sec. (2); Basketball (1,2). Sara Gill Bariin game, California Choir (1,2), Secretary-Treasurer (2); M.A.A. Board (2), Vice-President (2); Sponsor (2); Varsity Hockey (1, 2); Varsity Basketball (1); Volleyball (1,2); Posture Committee (2); Song Leader (1); School Song Leader (2). Frye tall slim bangs dry humor Garrett ‘ 'Gerry heart of gold cigarette holder everybody's friend George ■ Jocic” Rapunzul's hair baseball SAE—Wisconsin Gill "Gillie-songstress hockey and basketball full of funJean Marik Gilmour Sr. Louis, Missouri Social Committee (2); Sponsor (2); Echo Art Editor (2); Bicvclc Club (2). Carolyn Gordon Western Springs, Illinois Social Committee Co-Chairman (2); Tennis Club (1,2); Golf (2); Basket-hall (2); I.ICC. (2); Sponsor (2). Sandra Elizabeth Goss Chicago, Illinois Monticello Players (1,2), Secretary-Treasurer (2); Sponsor (2); Bicvcle Club (2); I.ICC. (1,2); Science Club 0). Joy Griswold Chicago, Illinois Junior Committee (1); Sponsor (2); Hockcv (1,2), Varsity (1); Marlin Club (l,2); Varsity Swimming (1); Choir (1,2), President (2); Echo (1); Times (1,2), Make-Up Editor (2); M.C.A. (1,2), Vice-President (2); Social Service Chairman (2). Gilmour smooch model clothes dimple Gordon "Gordo” red hair laughter Johnny Griswold friendly smile men— West Point to Texas "ten-ton hats” Goss "Sandy” those rolling eyes French student throaty noisesPeggy Hallauer Cl tty ton, Missouri Tennis Club (2); Student Council (2); Varsity Hockey (1,2); Basketball Varsity (1); Junior Committee (1); Social Service (1); House Council (1); Volleyball (1,2); Marlin Club (1,2); M.C.A. (1,2); Cabinet (1); M.A.A. (2), Pres. (2); Class Vicc-Prcs. (2); Captain of Basketball Team (1); Sponsor (2). Roth Ann Harman Nett' Martinsville, West Virginia Junior Committee (1); Science Club (1.2) ; Social Committee (2); Smokehouse Committee (2); Hockey (2); Sponsor (2); Glee Club (2); Times (1.2) , Editorial Editor (2); Head Fire-Chief (2); Caldwell House Council (2). Lamar Harper Chicago, Illinois Varsity Hockey (1); Riding Club (1, 2); Sponsor (2); Glee Club (2); House-Council Haskell (2); Haskell Smokehouse Chairman (2). Marcelline M. Hart Tulsa, Oklahoma Times (1,2); Sports Editor (2); Marlin Club (2); Sponsor (2); Hockey (2); Basketball (2). Hallauer "Peg” excels in sports Jack pinned Harman 'Sea ms tress M i n n ic ” sports fan deluxe-sense of humor Apt. K Harper Hart "Fluff" "Marci” Box "Sayre And May rose Cornell blonde streak Kappa witMarilyn Janet Hijlge Clayton, Missouri Class Treasurer (2); Varsity Basketball (1); Riding Club (1,2), President (2); Sponsor (2); Choir (1,2); Junior Committec(l). Bi-tty Jo Hupp Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Science Club (1,2); Riding Club (1, Susan Evert Hiitlage St. Louis, Missouri Science Club (1,2); M.C.A. (1,2); Marlin Club (1,2); Swimming Team Varsity (1); Hockey (1). Martha Housel Western Springs, Illinois Sponsor (2); Social Committee (2); Tennis Club (1,2), Secretary (2); Posture Committee (2). Helge “Moc” bridge wizard smokehouse piano Hcinic Hepp "Betsy" good natured talk about Western John Hetlage swimmer men bridge fiend Housel "Marty" big brown eyes sings in shower live wireShirley Juan Hutson Effingham, Illinois M.C.A. (1,2); Haskell House Council (2). Bertha Charlotte Johns Garden City, New York Echo (2); Times (1,2); I.R.C. (2). Dorothy Johnson Kansas City, Missouri Sponsor (2); Designer of Class Emblem (1); I.R.C. (l); M.C.A. (1,2); Publicity Chairman (2); Caldwell House Chairman (2); Social Com-mitcc (2), Arc Director (2); Student Council (2); Gallery Chairman (2); Smokehouse Committee (2); Social Service (1). Marjory Karcii Lake Bluff, Illinois Tennis Club (1,2); Social Committee (2); Swimming Team (1); Glee Club (2); Fire Chief Gilman (1). Hutson curly crew cut Donny Bov ••Well, Mr. Cassil, I know I'm right” Johns ••Bure" "let's have the halls quiet" engaged subtle humour Johnson sculptress Johnny on thespoc "Jane, this is sooo distressing" Karch P. O. Pal hard worker dinner da ter Sally Meek Kayser Riverside, Illinois I.R.C. (1.2); Social Service (2); Smokehouse Committee (1); Modern Dance Club (1); Advertising for I R C. (1). Susan Elizabeth Kemp Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Choir (1,2); I.R.C. (2); Riding Club (2); Volleyball Team (2); Social Service (2). JoAnn Kincii Hillings, Montana Choir (1,2); Glee Club (2); International Relations Club (2). Marion Krrz Oshkosh, Wisconsin Marlin Club (1,2); Social Committee (2); Sponsor (2); Swimming Team Kayser Kemp Flip party-party "Oh, Mr. Cassill” cross-cved antics many roommates plaid glasses Kinch subtle humor "the sneezer" Bill's reasoning Kitz infectious laugh loves food Cabin dancingAnn Searson Lavender Christopher, Illinois Choir (1,2); Riding Club (1,2); Glee Club (2). Zella Rose Levy Butler, Missouri Jean Margery Lewis Bust Chicago, Indiana Sponsor (2); Marlin Club (2); M.C.A. Cabinet (1,2), President (2); Science Club (1); Volleyball (1); Times (1); Hockey (2); Student Council (2). Mary Loise Lucas Little Rock, Arkansas Haskell House Council (2); Floor Chairman (2). Lavender strawberry blonde Chi Delt pin Jim "countin' the days" Lewis Levy • Indi ana. My Indiana" "Bless his little heart" "He's just the swellest Jack boy” tiny and petite sweetheart of ATO bangs "Well, kiddies" Lucas Southern accent blonde hair card shark Arkansas U.Jean Marie McCormack St. Loirs, Missouri M.C.A. Cabinet (2), Asst. Publicity Chairman (2); Social Committee (2); Hockey (1,2), Varsity (1); Basketball (1,2); Sponsor (2); Smokehouse Committee (2). Jacquei.ine McCoy Coitralia, Illinois Riding Club (1,2). M A R11.Y N McDoNAI.D M.C.A. (1,2); Sponsor (2); Social Committee (2); Monticello Players (1.2) ; Social Service (1,2); Tennis Club (1,2); Hockev (1,2), Varsitv (1.2) ; Basketball (l,2); Volleyball (1.2) ; Jr. Committee (1); Student Council (2), Pres. (2); M.A.A. Board (2), Tennis Manager (2). Pi;ggy McGeach i n Or lows, N bra ska Science Club (1,2), Publicity Manager (2); Social Work (1,2); I.R.C. (2); Social Committee (1,2). Dayton, Ohio McCormack "Jay" hair cutter witty sarcasm smokehouse McCoy roughhouser of 2nd floor the giggler shorty letters from Libby? McDonald “Mac” Miss efficiency vivacious personality perfect “all-around” McG each in lovely to look at plenty of pep "Yea, Nebraska”Marjorie McKeague N ortb vil le, M ichigan Hobby Horse (1,2); Riding Club (1); Social Committee (2); Choir (1). Shirley Jane McQuown Cleveland, Ohio Sponsor (2); Social Committee (2); Smokehouse Committee (2): Science Club (1); I.R.C. Club (1,2), Secretary (2); Caldwell House Council (2), Floor Chairman (2); Times (1,2). Claudia Marks Mansfield, Ohio Sponsor (2); Riding Club (1,2). Betty Jean Marriott Springfield, Illinois Social Service (1); Fire Captain (1); Social Committee (2). McKeague "Hey fellas” sweet smile oh, those horses McQuown “McQuack” wit personified “mutual admiration society” everybody’s friend Marks piquant sweet Betas Marriott Carl Springfield weekends at home convertible T IV3CT Vl v Norma May San Antonio, Texas Sponsor (2); I.R.C. (2). Jean Merriman Columbus, Ohio Glee Club (2); Social Committee (2); House Council (2); Social Work (1); Fire Chief (2). a Joan Mittleman Shako■ Heights, Ohio Echo (1); I.R.C. (2). Mary Ann Morse layetteville, Arkansas I.R.C. (2); Social Committee (2); Riding Club (2). May 'Pretty Mickey” cowboy boots Texas “Ducky” Merriman Dartmouth Phi Delt Tom "Dance, Ballerina” Mittleman Morse "Well, baby" "Just puttin' around” "St. Paul, here I come” waiting for Jerry tocall fourth for bridge Hawaii Nancy Lee Ann Nansen Webster Groves, Missouri Science Club (1,2); Tennis Club (1, 2); Sponsor (2); Social Committee (2); Smokehouse Committee (1); Echo Business Manager (2); Baldwin House Council (2), Floor Chairman (2). Sarah Jane Nonis New Richmond, Ohio Riding Club (1,2); Hobby Horse (1, 2); Drill Team (1,2); Social Committee (2); I.R.C. (2); Sponsor (2); Varsity Volleyball (2;; M.A.A. Board (2), Volleyball Manager (2); Posture Award (2). Nancy Noonan Marshalltown, Iowa Monticcllo Players (1,2); Drama Club (1,2); Publicity Chairman (2). Mary Larkin Ogden Downers Grove, Illinois I.R.C. (1,2); Science Club (1); Smokehouse Committee (1); Social Service (1). Nansen Macatawa boats "Yeah, cute" "Hunky" Nonis horses Men Minin! that red hair perfect model Noonan quiet studious unaffected Ogden sweet friendly Bob auburn hair blue eves - - - _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________—Jessica Perry Plain view, Texas Sponsor (2); Marlin Club (1,2), Scc-rctarv-Trcasurcr (2); Riding Club (1,2), Secretary (2); I.R.C. (1,2); Times StalT (1,2), Copy Editor (2); Echo (1,2). Laura Phelps Chicago, Illinois Sponsor (2); Social Committee (2); Gallery Committee (2). Marilyn1 Postma Kansas City, Missouri Riding Club (1,2); Sponsor (2); Social Committee (2); Smokehouse Committee (2); Junior Committee (1). Ella Rena Potter Paducah, Kentucky Times (1,2), Editor (2); Junior Committee (1); Sponsor (2); Student Council (2); Baseball (1); Hockey (2); Basketball (1,2); Marlin Club (1,2); Choir (1,2); House Council (1); Baldwin Assistant House Chairman (1); M.A.A. Board (2), Secretary (2). Perry TEXAS giggle "Oh, my roommates” Phelps rush, rush short sleeved angora sweaters singing Postma reserved pinned—Bob wonderfu l grades smooth Potter "Pot” Laura’s clothes dimpled chin PaducahF Nancy Ramey Champaign t Illinois Social Committee (2); M.C.A. (2); Marlin Club (2); Posture Committee (2); Science Club (1,2). Barbara Ramsey Sioux City, Iowa Times (1); Echo (1,2), Editor (2); V a rs i t v S vi in mi ng Tea ni (1); M. C. A. (1,2); Social Committee (2); Smokehouse Committee (2); Sponsor (2); Hockey (2); Science Club (1), Treasurer (1); Marlin Club (1,2), President (2); Junior Committee (1); Basketball (1,2); M.A.A. Board (2), Swimming Manager (2); Student Council (l); Book Fair Committee (2). Barbara K. Reck Mot dot a, Illinois Riding Club (1,2); M.C.A. (1,2). Shirley R. Rook Waterloo, Iowa Choir (1,2), Librarian (2); Tennis Club (1,2); M.C.A. (1,2); Social Service Work (1); Social Committee (2); Posture Committee (2); National Committee (2). Ramey Ramsey "Fight Illinois" mermaid the boys marvelously dependable "How do you spell?” friendliest smile 1 augh ter ' 'Jee-ce-meny Reck "A capital idea” Marty good grades Rook beautiful voice "Stood Up Blues" those eyes "Waterloo, she lives up the river"  Laura Jo Rose Warren, Ohio Moncicello Riding Club (1); Times (1,2), Asst. News Ed. (2); I.R.C. (2); Science Club (2); Baldwin House Council (2). Ann Rovelstad Urban a, Illinois Sponsor (2); Jr. Committee (1); Monticello Players (1,2), Pres. (2); Choir (1). Roberta Royse Amarillo, Texas Times (1); Sponsor (2); Monticello Plavcrs (1,2), Vicc-Pres. (2); I.R.C. (1,2), Trcas. (1). Joan Delores Schmolze Evanston, IIInto is Science Club (2); Sponsor (2); Social Committee (2); Social Service Work (2). Rose Jcrc heart of gold love for English Lit "Better late than never” Rovelstad vocabulary beauty brains dates Royse "Bobby” "That's my boy" the Amarillo rumpus room "Let's go down for a cigarette" SCHMOLZE "Schnozc” Monti's Loucila Parsons "dream on” personality plus —■ .23 La Verna Schultz Wichita, Kansas Choir (1,2), Vice-President (2); Social Committee (2); Sponsors (2); Song Leader (2); Smokehouse Committee (1,2); M.C.A. (1,2); Haskell House Chairman (2); Student Council (2). Nancy Schumacher Alt a wont, Illinois Sponsor (2); Choir (1,2); Science Club (1,2); Riding Club (1,2); Hobby Horse (1,2), Team Captain (1), President (2); M.A.A. Board (2), Riding Manager (2); M.C.A. Cabinet (2); Social Work (2). Dorothy Jane Sellers Evanston, Illinois Social Committee (1,2), Co-Chairman (2); M.C.A. (1,2); Social Work (1) ; Junior Committee (1); Sponsor (2) . Vivian Anne Suer Chicago Heights, Illinois I.R.C. (1,2); Science Club (1,2); Riding Club (1,2). Schultz •Red" the voice of Monti "Miss Crutches” that Phi Delt Schumacher horses, horses Char's roommate David Sellers hair ribbons "Vance” the social whirls bridge expert Suer that beautiful picture shrimps chocolates radio listener Barbara Ji:an Sihvi-rs Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Social Committee (2); Junior Committee (1); Science Club (1,2), Pres. (2); Sponsor (2); Smokehouse Committee (1,2); Advertising Manager of Echo (2). Mary Simpson Decatur, Illinois Times (1,2); Choir (1.2); Riding Club (1); Creative Writing Club Doris Smith Carrol I ton ,1 1 inois Social Service Work (1). Shir Lev Smith Cheyenne, I Vyomin Social Service (1,2); I.ICC. (1,2); Social Committee (2); Science Club Sibvicrs “Sandy He's so sweet petite male trouble Simpson "Toni” Jimmy "Ya know” prospectivc journalise Smith S. E. serious sense of humour the wild west dramatist Smith D. tiny loves to talk knitting the new lookBettie Steiger Clayton, Missouri Science Club (1,2); I.R.C. (1); Sponsor (2); Volleyball (1); Head of Washing Machine Committee (2). Patricia Anne Sullivan Chapel Hillt North Carolina M.C.A. (1,2); Social Work (1,2); Science Club (1,2); I.R.C. (1,2); Social Committee (2). Charlotte Marie Swanson Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Sponsor (2); Science Club (2); I.R.C. (1); Times (1,2); Chapel-Vespers Chairman (2); M.C.A. Cabinet (2). Jimalou Taylor Shawnee, Oklahoma I.R.C. (2); Sponsor (2); M.C.A. (1, 2). Steiger vivacious sense of humour good natured engaged—Lee Sullivan sweet and lovely gorgeous auburn haii-sincere Swanson brunette beauty quiet conscientious active social worker Taylor everyday scholar dependable friend linger in every pie “you all” LThornquist loves co dance Chicago night spots “Hnbha! Hubba!” "Ding, ding Baby, you got everything!” Van Brunt style plus pleasing personality passion for food creamed eggs Vance corn-cob pipe white sweaters vim, vigor, vitality Vohr always seen with Toni loves movies easy on the eyes engaged—Tommy Jeanne Tiiou nqu ist Chicago, Illinois Social Service (1,2); l.R.C. (1,2). Alice Irene Van Brunt Omaha. ebraska Science Club (2); l.R.C. (2); Social Committee(2);Sponsors(2); M.C.A. 0,2). Mary Ann Vance Ponca City, Oklahoma Social Committee (2); M.C.A. (1, 2); M.A.A. Board (2); Social Chairman (2); Basketball (1,2); Hockey (1); Volleyball (2). Joan Voiir Chicago, Illinois Choir (1,2); Social Committee (2); Tennis Club (1,2).Shelby Mildrp.d Ward Los An eles, Qtlifornia Marlin Club (2); I.R.C. (2); Social Committee (2); M.C.A. (1,2); Social Work (2); House Council (2); Floor Chairman (2). Claire A dele Weber Wapello, Iowa Choir (1,2); M.C.A. (1,2). Margaret Elizabeth Weldt Detroit, Michigan Social Committee (1,2), Secretary (2); Gallery Committee (2). Prudence Wellington Cleveland Heights, Ohio Marlin Club (1,2); Choir (1,2); Social Committee (2); Student Council (2); Junior Committee Secretary (1); Class Secretary (2); Sponsor Chairman (2); Basketball (2); M.C.A. (1, 2), Secretary (1); House Council (1). Ward Ca 1 ifornia’s mermaid witty sophisticated bow and arrow expert Weber quiet type sweet and lovely everybody's friend Weldt Hurrah for Michigan Joan's roommate nice to know Wellington "Prudic" popularity plus always fun friendly, friendly smile JBarbara Jan Wheeler San Antonio, Texas Riding Club (1,2); Marlin Club (1,2). Nancy J. Wilder Win net hi, Illinois I.R.C. (1,2); Junior Committee (1); Marlin Club) 1,2); M.C.A. Cabinet (2); Sponsor (2); Social Service (1); M.A.A. Board (1,2), Hockey Manager (2), Bicycle Club Manager (2); Hockey Captain (2); Varsity Hockey (1,2); Varsity Basketball (1); Varsity Swimming (1). Marjorie Ruth Wiles Enid, Oklahoma Monticcllo Players (1,2); Times (1); Sponsor (2); I.R.C. (2); Fencing (1), Costume Mistress of Drama Club (2). We r ley ■'Peep" Bob "Cokic” beside her ‘What’s all the fuss?’ Wheeler Lee Effingham's mouse house Texas Aggies mischievious brown eyes Wilder "Windy" hockey, basketball dancer "Gadzooks!" Wi les combing her hair "Boomer Sooner" mail and males Betty J. Werley East Canton, Ohio I.R.C. (2).Barbara Louise Williams 0nuiba, Nebraska Junior Committee (1); Social Commute (1,2); Science Club (1,2); I.R.C. (2); Sponsor (2); Basketball (2); Volleyball (2); Student Council (2); Baldwin House Chairman (2); House Council (2); M.A.A. Board (2), Golf Manager (2). Nancy Winning Kansas City, Missouri Basketball (1,2). Rachel Lou Wright Chandler, Oklahoma Choir (1,2); Creative Writing Club (1,2); Social Service Work (1,2); Riding Club (2); I.R.C. (2). Shirley Li dry Yurachek Chicago, Illinois I.R.C. (1,2). Williams corduroy jackets imitating animals golf and geography wit Winning vivacious convertible Kansas City Wright musical white coveralls “That's perfectly assininc” Yurachek chartreuse skirt vocabulary blond “giggle bouncer"Junior Cfaii Off tcerd Bowman, Anthony, Mills, Steelman. President......................................Charlotte Mills Vice-President.............................Bernadetta Bowman Secretary..................................................Paula Stedman Treasurer Bonnie AnthonyCarolyn Dorochy Adams Shawnee, Okie . Betty Adler Kewanee, III. Cerisa Joan Aldcrson Carroll McDonald Allen Ardmore, Okie . East Cleveland, 0. Donna Lou Allen Minneapolis, Minn. Janet Ann Alley Barbara Charlene Anderson Barbara Helen Anderson Ridgewood, N. J. Ed wards vi lie, III. Orange, Calif. Barbara Jean Andrews Bonnie Marie Anthony Marv Beruc Baliman Mary Celcne Barrick Fargo, N. D. Hope, Ark. Omaha, Nehr. Altadena, Calif.Florence Ann Bcamcr Park Ridge, III. Jeannette Suzanne Beccue Lock port, N. Y. Helcnctia Beebe Glencoe, III. Elizabeth Jane Bender Harvey, III. Mary Alice Best Eldred, III. Nancy Jo Bevins Spirit hike, In. Eileen Florence Bigaltc St. I ouis, Mo. Joanne Elizabeth Bighain Bronxri le, N. Y. Martha Custis Bissell St. Louis, Mo. Carol Ann Bjorn Hopkins, Minn. Nancy Killough Black Cape Girardeau, Mo. Alcnc Barbara Blum berg Detroit, Mich. Dorothy Jane Bodeewes Oak Park, III. Mary Jean Brenner Ferguson, Mo. Bernadetea Bowman Deni er, Colo. Georgia Brewer Chicago, HI. Jimy Barlcnc Brady ArJmore, Ok!a. Barbara Brinkman Kansas City, Mo. Ellen Joan Brant Terre Haute, I nil. Joan Marie Brittain Oklahoma City, Ok!a. Betty Grace Brockell Winnetka, III. Clara Marian Brown University City, Mo. Marilyn Ruth Brown Columbus ,i). Valcska Elizabeth Buchholz Oklahoma City, Okla. Alice Jane Bull Carolyn Louise Bullock .Jessie Lee Burns Metropolis, III. Stratford, Conn. Freeland, Mich. Sally Anne Campbell Minneapolis, Minn. Myrtle Ann Carbines ;. McKeesport, Pa. Rowena Kate Carlson Kenilworth, III. Anita Lou Clark Chicago, III. Pauline Elizabeth Clark I lint dale. III. Marilyn Rose Coe Oshkosh, IVis. Rose Alice Cambcrn Kansas City, Mo. Margaret Maude Chambers lola, Kan. Loreta Faye Copeland Ada, Okla. Yvonne Davidson Evansville, lit: . Mary Carolcc Cuthbertson Omaha, Nebr. Nancy Adclc Dalton Birmingham, Mich. Joanne Louise Criczcr South Enel id, 0. Jean Davis Fargo, N. D. Paula Davis Denver, Colo. Patricia Day Crosse Pointe, Mich. Nancy Walker DeCamp Dayton, 0. Helen Holman East Maplewood, Mo. Lucia Ann Eaton Chelsea, Ok hr. Mary Isabel Fike Owa ha, Nehr. Joanne Ruth Finncll Evans fori, III. Marianne Flocss Wilmette, III. Joan Gertrude Galley Priscilla Stuart Garrison White Plains, N. Y. Cincinnati, 0. Betty Ann Geiler Dayton, 0. Arlin Ann Grucnwald Oshkosh, Wis. Joan Frances Harper San Marino, Calif. Joan Haas Chicago, HI. Joan Mathildc Harrison Turtle Creek, Pa. Marv Louise Hall Tulsa, Okla. Olive Edna Hartshorn: Winmtka, III. Roberta Louise Hallaucr Clayton, Mo. Nancy Ann Harvey Highland Park, III. Virginia June Hauver Cleveland Heights, 0. Mary Townsend Hay Shirley Louise Henderson Oshkosh, Wis. Akron, 0. Viola Patricia Herbert LaGrange, III.Anne Webster Hinman Glencoe, III. Nancy Hopper Holmes Birmingham, Mich. Ruth Waldcr Hickman Paterson, N. J. Helen Bovvkcr Holtierman Morris, III. Nancy Lou Hickson Paragouhl, Ark. Mary Lvnn Hoiiman ‘ Pekin, lit. Jane Sue Hildebrand Arlington Heights, III. Lita Lavernc Holly Sacramento, Calif. Dorothy Jeanne Kcllams Decatur, III. Julia Alice Kerr Warren, 0. Clco Mae Kingsley Jehu ore, Kans. Geraldine Louise Klein Kalamazoo, Mich. Marguerite Anna Klein Kalamazoo, Mich. Nancy Lou Knudsen Clinton, la. Mary Lou Kostal Hastings, Nebr. Phyllis lone Krause Riverton, Wyo. Marjorie Jean Kroutil Yukon, Okla. Martha Ladd Elgin, III. Jacquelyn Madge Landgraf Hinsdale, III. Lois Marie Lacy Iota, Kans.iiv Nancy Ellen List Virginia Lloyd Park Ridge, III. Fayette, Mo. Dorothy Ann Leonard University Heights, 0. Louise Lippard San Antonio, Tex. Mary Jean Low Woodstock, III. Rosalie Anne Low Mission, Kans. Rita Jane Lukes Rosemary McLaughlin Larchmont, N. Y. Alton, III.Susan Marks Saginaw, Mich. I Nancy Catherine Meyer Grosse Pointe, Mich. Rosamond Matchcy Davenport, la. Grctchcn Michaclscn Minneapolis, Minn. Mary Ann Mcistcr Alton, III. Marilyn Ruth Mclczcr Brookline, Mass. Charlotte Frances Mills Kennett, Mo. Joyce Marian Mitchell Sylvan ia, 0.Phoebe Jean Mueller Kansas City, Mo. Jeanne Nelson Prospect llci bts, HI. Mary Ellen O'Donnell Belle Tourche, S. D. Patricia Ann Neale Shawnee, Okla. Laura Jean Noble Okmulgee, Okla. Marie Ellen Page Tulsa, Okla. Molly Sue Neill Toledo, 0. Cynthia Newell Noyes Palatine, III. Elaine Agnes Pakel Chicago, HI. Anne Nickel 1 Urban a. III. Lvnettc M. Oberg ' Wilmette, III. Emma Jo Palmer Sterling, Colo.Lois Parker Hinsdale, HI. Gail Ann Plcccncr Amarillo, Tex. Elizabeth Hanna Pate Joplin, Mo. Beverly Jean Purdy Oklahoma City, Okla. Joan Russel Paxton Chicago, HI. Mary Louise Quaile Lakeville, Conn. Marilyn Margaret Phillips Denver, Colo. Ann Gayle Rafoth Delafield, I Vis. Mary Jean Randolph Kansas City, Mo. Nancy Anne Ray Menasha, I Vis. Helen Louise Rcyff Oak Park, III. Marilyn Joyce Reynolds Oklahoma City, Okla. Shirley Jean Rhoades Hinsdale, III. Janc Riker Norma Lee Richardson Aria Ann Louise Ringering Washington Court House, 0. Columbus, 0. East Alton, III' Patricia Risk Garden City, N. Y. Marjorie Louann Rojahn Milwaukee, IVis. Joanne Roth Ross Denier, Colo. Muriel Kathryn Ruplin Hopkins, Minn. Mary Angela Russell Ashland, 0. Patti Joan Scott Ardmore, Ok a. Eleanor Margarc tScarborough San Antonio, Tex. Patricia Janet Schirra Skokie, Ilf.Colcnc Joe Shinn Ardmore, Okla. Betty Mac Shepter Baltimore, AM. Janet Shaw Dixon, III. Judith Ann Shapiro Milwaukee, IVis. Jeanninc Ann ShurtleJT Kirkwood, Mo. Adrienne Arlinc Singer Patricia Brown Skidmore Chicago, III. ' Akron, 0. Carol Edith Smith South Bend, Ind. Caroline Hartman Smith Detroit, Mich. Lucia Ann Smith Carthage, III. Sue Ann Smith Marjorie Jane Sommers Kansas City, Mo. Laike Elmo, Minn.Joann Sonncag Alton, III. Josephine Louise Spencer Kansas City, Alo. Margery Lou Springer Joan Anderson Scanbury Kansas City, Mo. Kansas City, Mo. Shirley Ann Stark Bartlesville, Ok!a. Mary Janet Stearns Grand Island, NV£r. Pauline Holt Stedman Neenab, IVis. Patricia Lou Stephens Painesville, 0. r Joan Betty Stern Little Rock, Ark. Marcia Louise Stewart Columbus, 0. Mary Elizabeth Swanson Sbabbona, . Betty Swift Eden, Tex.Jean Eleanor Tash Chicago, HI. Gwendolyn LouiseTegtmeyer Anne Harkness Temple Glencoe, III. Highland Park, . Carol Herrick Thomas Champaign, III. Martha Elizabeth Thomas Dallas, 7V.v. Martha June Thomas Kansas dry. Mo. Elizabeth Mera Tillotson Tulsa, Ok!a. Henrietta Tomlin Pleasant Plains, III. Marilyn Joyce Trenton Elizabeth Ann Tubman Mary Frances Van Laanen Helen Carolyn Wade Park Ridge, HI. Lakewood, 0. Green Bay, I Vis. E. Grand Rapids, Mich.Martha Jean Wagoner San Antonio, Tex. Joan Margaret Walcnsky Sioux City, la. Mary Gail Waller Scandale, N, Y. Martha Wilson Ward Fort Smith, Ark. Greta Chambers Watson Brooklyn, N. Y. Cornelia Mason Webb North Plainfield, N. J. Nancy Jeanne Wendrick Chicago, III. Suzanne Janet Wideman Alton, III. Jo Ann Williams Hum bo hit. In. Kathryn Ann Williams Homer, III. Nancy Jean Williams Excelsior, Minn. Jaquclinc R. Wilmorc Middletown, 0.Joan Lois Winkclinan Saginaw, Mich. Carol Ann Wood Lake Forest, III. Susan Wisherd Barbara Wittman Linda Wolferman Quincy, III. Minneapolis, Minn. Fort Smith, Ark. Patricia Woodbury Godfrey, III. Therese Louise Woodbury Joanne Alaync Young LaGrange, III. Denver, Colo. Barbara Zimblc Chelsea, Mass.Catherine Bartels Susan Berman Mount Vernon, N. Y. Mount Vernon, N. Y. Sal lye Boxer University City, Mo. Clarice Campbell Springfield, III. Carol Davis Mudison, Wis. Marjorie Greenwood Wilmette, III. Elizabeth Harris Janesville, Wis. Nancy Jackson Chicago, III. Rosalie Maikov Chicago, III. Marilyn Mi hill Alton, III. Janet Sussman Indiana polls, Ihd.Jn o, •ma f Oradi I i on J of WL y Cabin hamburgers . . . smokehouse hours . . . bridge games . . . caloric-producing spreads . . . chilly sunbaths . . . knitting argvles . . . blind dates . . . virus X . . . haunting mailbox . . . new coke sprees in Sc. Louis . • • assemblies . . . machines . . . shopping nocturnal serenades . . . telephone calls . . - Godfrey store . . . exam cramming . . . housemothers basketball games . . . blue books . . . bicycle rides . . . decorating for dances . . . Nellie Lurcher records . . . Bendixes . . . wearing pigtails . . . Washington University fraternity men . . . Alton movies . . . senior stair privilege . . . Doll Dinner . . . Junior per-tcars at commencement . . . class spirit formanccs in Smokehouse... . . . infirmary . . . Friday night fish . . . Miss Haskell's ghost . . . ice skating on pond . . . movies in Chapel . . . cutting classes to sleep . . . faculty friends . . . dates on Saturday nights . . . jeans and (lapping shirt tails . . . writing letters . . . Sunday night vespers . . . exciting off-campus weekends . . .Potter, MeMurray, Wellington, Williams, Hallaucr, Ramsey, Lewis, Schultz, Dixon. Ec ken rode, Wishcrd, Woodbury, McDonald, Brocrman, Johnson. Student Cdotmcid President...........................Marilyn McDonald Vice-President.......................Jackie Broerman Secretary...............................Susan Wisherd Treasurer..........................Patricia Woodbury Every member of the Monticcllo student body is a member of the Student Association, which is governed by the Student Council. The Student Council voices the opinions and ideas of individual students and helps solve the many student problems. It serves as a link between administration and student body and exercises minor disciplinary functions. The president and vice president were elected by the student body in April of the preceding year, and in the latter part of October, the secretary and treasurer were elected from the incoming junior class. Presidents of the M.C.A. and M.A.A., class presidents, house chairmen, the chairmen of the Sponsors and of the Social Committee, and the editors of the student publications make up the Student Council. The council meets every Monday to discuss and act on problems that have arisen during the week. Miss Mary Swift is faculty adviser. The members of the Student Council have justified the confidence the faculty and student body have placed in them.Swanson, McCormack, Wilder, Bublitz, Johnson, Wellington. Mills, Lewis, Dunn, Griswold. (to Cl ridtian Association President..........................................Jean Lewis Vice-President.................................Joy Griswold Secretary.....................................Charlotte Mills Treasurer................................................Terry Dunn The aim of the Monticcllo Christian Association is to stimulate the students' interest in religion and to provide a means to express religion on our campus. Every student is a member of the M.C.A. and is urged to take part in its discussion groups and projects. The Cabinet, made up of four elected officers and various committee heads, provides leadership for this organization. Dr. Warren Griffiths is the faculty adviser. This year the Service Council was incorporated with the M.C.A. so that the M.C.A. had more responsibilities than formerly. Each year the M.C.A. undertakes several major projects. The Social Service Committee and student volunteers work with children's groups at the Alton Y.W.C.A. and Hi Merest Settlement House. During Religious Emphasis Week, which was held in January, Rabbi Robert P. Jacobs, Reverend Erwin Inglis, and Father Bowdern led chapel services and discussion groups, and held private conferences. The World Student Service Fund drive was promoted bv the M.C.A. Money raised by this drive was used for the rehabilitation of universities and students in war-torn countries. Among the other projects of the M.C.A. were the Red Cross drive, Brotherhood Week, Holy Week services, and the annual Doll Dinner.Back row: Daugherty, Tegtmeyer, Paxton, Bali man, Oberg, Bender, Sterns, Klein, M., Hart-shornc, Klein, G., Bisscll, Swift, Kemp, Garrett, Stedman, Duval, Ettenger, Gill, Wellington, Beebe, Smith. Middle row: Rook, Brady, Wriglu, Pakel, Kinch, Eaton, Krause, Stanbury, Harper, Bublitz, Garrison, Harman, Trenton, Kear, Carbines, Dixon, Flowers. First row: Davis, P., Lavender, Merriman, Galley, Schumacher, Weber, Stewart, Chambers, Griswold, Potter, Hclgc, Holiman. Cholr Beebe, Smith, Kear, Galley, Chambers, Springer, Potter, Weber, Carbines, Daugherty. Davis, Kemp, Pakel, Eaton, Garrett, Duval, Bublitz, Klein, Bissell, Swift. Ettenger, Griswold, Schumacher, Wellington, Gill, Bender, Holiman, Krause, Paxton, Dixon. Rook, Wright, Kinch, Lavender, Oberg, Klein, Stearns, Stedman.Chairman AorA Prudence Wellington From the first day a girl comes to Monti, she finds the sponsors always ready to help her. Whether it’s a personal problem or just a question such as "where is Fobes 3? ”, a sponsor is always ready with an answer. The sponsor's work begins in the summer when she first meets her junior sponscc through the mail. Through orientation week, the sponsors usually manage to keep new students too busy to think about being homesick. Each group of sponsors is chosen by the preceding group when it graduates. Good scholarship, citizenship, and personality arc the considerations on which a sponsor is chosen. This year the sponsors had their usual spreads, the Black-and-Gold Tea, the bonfire and all-school sing back campus, and the treasure hunt.-an Cornell, McQuown, Flowers, Housel, Harman, Ward, Johnson, List. J4ou4e Chairman La Verna Sciiultz Nickell, Merriman, Ehrlieher, Harper, DaSef, Schultz, Lucas---------------------------------------------------------------------------- —Barrick, Bovan, McDonald, Goss, VanBrunt, Brittain, Ettenger, Noonan, Rovclstad, Roysc, Stephens, Dixon. WonlicJL PLu erA President . Vice-President Secretary . Publicity Chair man Ann Rovelstad . Roberta Royse Sandra Goss Nancy Noonan The Monciccllo Players, better known as the Monti Drama Club, is the goal of all those students interested in any way in the theater. The organization was established to provide an added opportunity for all drama majors to further extend their activities. New members arc chosen each year from Drama students who have participated in the college's social program or have worked with one of the major productions of the year. This year, as a part of indoctrination of the new students, the Drama Club sponsored an after-dinner coffee to acquaint old and new students. Under the guidance of Mrs. Solvcig Sullivan, the Monticello Players have sponsored a "Night of Shakespeare," handled publicity for the major productions, and worked for the benefit of the drama scholarship offered every two years to an outstanding Drama student.= — ‘ -tA- Sciencc President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Publicity Manager Barbara Shivers Mary Hay Jocelyn George Bernadetta Bowman . Peggy McGeachin The aim of the Science Club is to stimulate the students' interest in science and to broaden their general knowledge of physics, chemistry, and biology. This is done by means of student demonstrations, trips, and lectures by students and faculty. All students enrolled in science classes are eligible to become associate members of the Science Club. After earning twelve points by working on committees and by giving programs they win full membership and arc initiated in an impressive ceremony in the spring. Members claim that their meetings, held every other Thursday, were the most interesting of any school organization, as one learned how liquids change color, how to have beautiful house plants, and saw movies on scientific subjects. Special events of the year were the annual Christmas party, at which carols were sung and birds’ Christmas tree decorated, and the picnic in April. The main project of the year is the Science Open House in the spring, for which each student in the science classes prepared a demonstration or an exhibit. Late in the spring at a tea the officers for next year are elected. Faculty sponsors arc Miss Lucrctia Crcsscy and Miss Eleanor ilfred.The Echo staff is the hard-working group who produce the written and pictorial record of the activities, organizations, and personnel of Monticello. From the first month of school up to the last few, layouts were made, pictures taken, ads gathered, and copy composed behind closed doors. Carefully guarded were certain surprise features of the yearbook. With the cooperation and helpful advice of Joseph A. Russo, faculty sponsor, all material was carefully edited and presented to the College as a true representation of campus life.tinted Editor-in-Chief News Editors . Feature Editor Editorial Board . Sports Editor . Copy Editor Assistant Copy Editor Business Manager Make-Up Editor . . Ella Rena Potter {Connie Brandt Laura Jo Rose Genevieve Bublitz Ruth Ann Harman Mary Simpson . Marci Hart Jessica Perry Betty Adler Sandra DaSef Joy Griswold The Times staff is composed of capable and hard-working girls with a journalistic interest. The Monticcllo Times is put out every two weeks, under the supervision of Joseph A. Russo. Every student, their parents, and many alumnae receive this newspaper and from it find out what Monti students are thinking and doing. The staff members gain valuable experience in finding, writing, and editing the news and in copy-reading and make-up. Besides, it's fun to be in the know and exciting to be in the whirl of news gathering. Back row: Perry, Hart, Brandt front row: DaSef, Bublitz, Potter, Griswold, Harman.Back row: Draper, Brain, Allen, Finncll, Goss, McGeachin, Eckenrodc, Thornquist, Nobis, Kroucil, Bevins, Durfee, Durfee, Calas. Middle row: Harper, Wade, Bimbaum, McQuown, Swift, Wcrlcy. First row: DeNio, Krause, Burns, Kavser, Ogden, Adler, Brinkman, Wright, Morris. Jn 'em ct Iion a (Mali on A CLl President...........................Grach Birnoaum Vice-President.........................Carrie Wade Secretary........................Siiirley McQuown Treasurer...............................Betty Swiit The activities of the International Relations Club got well under way on the Monticcllo campus early in the fall. Throughout the year the club continued in keeping the students informed about and interested in current international affairs. Several panel discussions were held, and the first one of these was concerned with the Marshall Plan. In December Homer Young, club sponsor, discussed the question of Palestine. Later on in the year there was a discussion on the topic of the economic crisis in the United States. The I.R.C. successfully helped sponsor the World Student Service Fund drive and the mock National Republican Nominating Convention which was held in April. Js - ” - — — Back row: Ward, Vohr, Johnson, Flowers, McDonald, EckcnroJc, McGcachin, Bublitz, Nobis, Birnbaum, Ramsey, Dixon. Middle row: Kitz, Hannan, McQuown, Posema, Rovse, Weldc, McKeaguc, Durschlag, Cornell. First row: Gordon, Sullivan, Phelps, Gilmour, Brandt, Smith. Social Committee Jane Eckenrode Co-Chairmen........................Carolyn Gordon Dorothy Sellers The Social Committee functioned under the co-chairmanship of Jane Eckenrode, Carolyn Gordon, and Dorothy Sellers. Jane Eckenrode presided at the meetings, served as the Student Council representative, and had charge of the dining room, securing cable hostesses, and enforcing dress regulations. The smokehouse was under the supervision of Carolyn Gordon who, with her many assistants, kept that popular gathering place in ship-shape order. Dorothy Sellers was in charge of all the teas and receptions, and planned the many dances which were enthusiastically welcomed. Mrs. Florence Durcc is faculty sponsor. Back row: Schultz, Briggs, Karch, Nansen, Garrett, Sellers, George, Merriman, Page, DaSef, Rook, McCormack. Middle row: Brain, VanBrunt, Williams, Vance, Brown, Housel, Marriott, Ramey, Curtis. First row: Chalmers, Wellington, Sievers, Schmolze, Burke. Ol e Won lice fL OcleuL Last year for the first time seven twirls were chosen who represented Mont icell o' s Seven Ideals. This year a faculty committee has selected from the student body, girls who in its op n on are living symbols of these Ideals. The Echo staff would like to establish this typification of Monricello Ideals as a lasting tradition. Although each girl is pictured as a representative of one ideal, she personifies each and every one of them. DIGNITY This is a quality of reserve which comes with emotional, intellectual and social maturity. Dignity is always reflected in the recognition of the fitness of things and in the poise and self-confidence with which one places one’s self above that which might be considered unseemly. BEAUTY Within each girl is the power to recognize and appreciate the beauty of everyday experiences. Life is filled with beauty if one is sensitive to it and eager to find it—if one’s eyes arc trained to see, one’s cars to hear, one’s heart to understand and one's mind to remember. LOYALTY One of the most important of the Monticcllo Ideals is a deep-seated loyalty to the college, one's friends, one’s family and one’s own beliefs. This deep-seated emotion will grow through understanding, respect and love. WISDOM As the Monticello Girl grows in academic stature she seeks to increase her ability to apply her knowledge usefully, for wisdom is the union of knowledge and understanding. SERVICE Each of us has a distinctive personality and unique talents. The Monticcllo Girl considers it not only a privilege but a responsibility to share her gifts with all, thereby helping herself and others to develop to the fullest measure. DEMOCRACY The truly democratic person interests herself in the activities of others. She seeks to understand and respect the ideals and beliefs of her associates while maintaining her own independence of thought and action. FRIENDSHIP Many of your most cherished and lasting friendships will be made while you arc at Monticcllo. Your college days will afford rich opportunities for making a wide circle of friends. In true friendship there is dignity, beauty, loyalty, service, democracy, and never-failing consideration. When these ideals have become a part of you, you will have formed an understanding and appreciation of yourself and others. You will have built a strong foundation for living, and Monticello will always be a part of you, for these are the things for which this College stands. Beauty . . . JACQUELINE BROERMAN — _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[_y:v v. Back row: Hclgc, Dixon, Ramsey, Williams, Vance. Middle row: McDonald, Gill, Hallaucr, Wilder, Broerman. First row: Schumacher, Potter, Woodbury, Brandt. W. jt. -A. BoaJ President...... Vice-President Secretary...... Treasurer. . . . . .Peggy Hallauer .......Sara Gill Ella Rena Potter Jackie Broerman Managers who comprise the M.A.A. Board have a keen interest in getting people to come out for voluntary sports. They arc:Connie Brandt, badminton; Laura Dixon, basketball; Pat Woodbury, softball; Barbara Williams, golf; Nancy Wilder, hockey; Nancy Schumacher, riding; Mary Ann Vance, social; Barbara Ramsey, swimming; Marilyn McDonald, tennis; Sarah Jane Nobis, volleyball; Nancy Wilder, bicycle. Play days as well as competition in sports were sponsored bv the M.A.A. Board in which Maryville, ShurtlcfF, MaeMurray, Linden wood, Principia, and Washington University were competitors. )ariilu (13ail el (a (f Front row: Best, Hallaucr, B., Mills, Duval, Sellers, Winning, Shepter, Coe. Dttek row: Broerman, McDonald, George, Dixon, Hallaucr, P., Wilder, Gill. Biick row: Garrett, Wilder, Winning, Gill, Ramsey, Broerman, McDonald, Vance, George. Middle row: Hallaucr, Nobis, McCormack, Williams, Brandt, Potter, Werley, Bublitz, Sellers. First row: Dixon. Sen ior ' 3ailclla((junior (J asletlcilH Front row: McMurray, Shcptcr, Waller, Davis, P., Mills, Anthony, Best, Coe, Woodbury. Back row: Wisherd, Gentzen, Hay, Duval, O’Donnell, Phillips, Hallauer. HuLelLatt Manager...........Laura Dixon The basketball season was the most successful in recent years. The varsity team scored an unbroken string of victories. Laura Dixon as manager and captain for the senior team competed with Charlie Mills, captain of the juniors, in inter-class games throughout the season. The best of all the competing games of the season were with the alumnae and with the faculty. The alumnae game was in February.VARSITY—Back row: Shcptcr, Wishcrd, Quailc, Hallaucr, McDonald, DaScf, Dixon. Iroi r row: Hallaucr, B., Gcilcr, Waller, Wilder, Gill, Mills, Broerman. Manager Nancy Wilder SENIOR: Brandt, Harman, Potter, Hart, Ramsey, Lewis, Dixon, Gill, Broerman, McCormack, McDonald, Vance, DaScf, Hallaucr, 1 , George, Wilder.JUNIOR—Buck row: DcCamp, Noyes, Alley, Mills, Quailc, Hickman, Wisherd, Waller, Shcptcr. front row: Best, Geiler, Woodbury, Hallaucr, B., Draper. f ft gjf Clark, Lacy, Potter.President.....Nancy Schumacher Vice-President........Sarah Noihs Secretary.......................Ann McSnvebn Treasurer....................Marcia Stewart Drill TeamCapt. .Mary Daugherty To become a member of Hobby Horse candidates must pass written and practical tests. Emphasis is placed on show ring riding. The beautiful ribbons which arc given to a girl who has placed in a show come from Hobby Horse, and each girl who wins remembers her favorite ribbon above anything else. of'de J rollu Front row: McKcaguc, Daugherty, Nobis, Schumacher. Back row: Parker, Wilmorc, Stewart, Plcttncr, McSwccn, Waggener. Front row: Parker, Daugherty, Perry, Schumacher, Hclgc, Nobis. Second row: Leonard, Wheeler, Stewart, Marks, Harper. Third row: Kostal, Wright, Young, McKcaguc, Reck, Waggcncr. Fourth row: MeSween, Noble, Cornell, Webb, Eaton. Fifth row: Wilmorc, Pate, Stephens, Brown, M., O'Donnell. Sixth row: Holdcrman, Gentzen, Anthony, Michaelson. Seventh row: Morse, J., Morris, Plcttncr, Low. hiding, CLiuL President.............Marilyn Helge Vice-President....................Lois Parker Secretary......................Jessica Perry Treasurer...........Mary Daugherty Riding Club is a purely social organization. The club joins with Hobby Horse to sponsor the spring horse show. They also sponsor movies and dances which add to the interest of those who like to ride.President............Barbara Ramsey Sec'y-Trens............Jessica Perry The Marlin Pageant, one of the most enjoyable events of the year, includes many months of planning and practicing under the direction of Miss Jane Morrison. Having been carefully selected at the tryouts in the spring and fall, each girl has her own particular job to do. Each year a theme is worked out on which intricate costumes and difficult swimming techniques are featured. The theme of this year's pageant was “Review of Nations.” l.ast row: Anderson, Wood, Allen, Hetlage, Hallauer, P., Bigham, Hay, Bublitz, Hass, Geiler, Ch a I mers, McSwcen. Middle row: Trenton, Tcgtmeyer, Walenskv, Wishcrd, Mills, Lewis, Ramsey, Perry, Wheeler, Wilmore, Hart. lirst row: Griswold, Stcdman, Potter, Ettenger, Alley, Ward, Hallauer, B., Coe, Hauver, Galley, Wellington.Back row: Vohr, Clark, P., Hallaucr, Page, Bigham, Karch, Garrett. Middle row: House!, Stern, Rook, Woodbury, Davis, McDonald. First row: Brandt, Rhoades, Gordon, Broerman. Jenni$ President.........Jackie Broerman Secretary.............Martha Ho use i. Treasurer......Patricia Woodbury The tryouts for the Tennis Club are-held in the spring and fall. The players compete with other schools, and also have matches among themselves from which there always emerges a champion at the end of the season. Miss Maxine Miller, the adviser to the club, coaches the girls on their strokes, serves, and arranges showings of tennis movies for the players. MPatricia Woodbury Manager, Where would Monti be if Casey and her team couldn't be at bat? She doesn't know all the skills, cooperation, and instruction that arc given with every session, hut it doesn't take long when the umpire says "you're out.” Haskell House was the victor in the inter-house games and then also showed the faculty that they couldn't be beaten. A lot of hard work is put into the game, especially when it comes time for the classes to meet on the diamond. SofiUt Last rote: Roysc, Davis, Karch, Garrett, Winning, Woodbury, George, Vance, Sellers, DaSef, Brittain, Wilder. Middle rote: Hart, Shepter, Brain, Stephens, Ehrlieher, Harper, Reek. first row: Swanson, Holiman, Schumacher.Last row: Williams, Brown, Nobis, Wilder, McDonald, Vance, Broerman, Gill. First rote: Brandt, Schumacher, Helgc, Swanson, Dixon. Manager........Sarah Jane Nobis Volleyball becomes more popular each season as a voluntary sport. The classes arc devoted to teaching the inexperienced girls to learn the fundamentals of serving and passing, while the more experienced players acquire new skills. In spring and fall the girls display their "spikes” and powerful serves on the courts behind the gym where many exciting games arc held. MFront row: Perry, Burns, Armingcon, Davis, P., Aldcrson, Bull. Second row: Hauver, Kayscr, Harman, Levy, Davis, C., Paxton, Calas. Third row: Coe, Hickman, Quaile, Garrett, Hay, Goss, East, Kerr. 3, encin Manager. Garrbtt "En guard,” ”touche," and "parry carte" arc familiar words to expert fencers such as those at Monti. Several exhibitions given by nationally-known fencers were enjoyed by the whole school. Inter class tournaments, and those held with other schools, gave the audience a thrill. Credit for teaching the girls to master these skills goes to Miss Maxine Miller, their or at ■‘j a nee One of the most popular physical educational activities at Monticcllo is contemporary dance under the supervision of Miss Louise Walraven. The main purpose of participation is to acquire rhythm, co-ordination, and knowledge in the technique of modern dancers and their work. During the spring a program was presented, depicting the main historical events surrounding the development of America, through the medium of dance. Woodbury, T., Moore, Lucas, Holly, Boyan. Dl iron Black and Gold Tea LaVista Picnic Sponsor Spread 9 ,Junior Exams UUMKEk Costume Dinner •Jack and the Beanstalkwmm m I rough Dolls for the Doll Dinner Missouri Art Exhibit Murch of Dimesthe Ijject r February and the Traditional Minuet George Washington Banquet George Washington Birthday DanceThe Friendship Cup The Audience was Delighted . . . 1. Jlrou(jl The Robing CircleCommencement Dignitaries the year . . . With the Commencement Queen and Court Contrast in Moods W'c had such good times at the Cabin, La isca, the dances, and just partyin’ in the smokehouse or someone S room. Always food, cigarettes, knitting, music, and lots of laughter and fun.What a glorious year this has been! From the first to the last day of school, a whirlwind of activities has kept us all busy as bees. We've formed new and enduring friendships, acquired a world of knowledge, and grown just a little older and wiser.Treasured too arc the thoughts of the more serious aspects of campus life. Chapel and vespers, the multitudinous responsibilities borne by everyone, exam periods and blue books, and the friendly advice and help of the faculty. Memories of Monti arc deeply imbedded in our hearts and minds. May they never be forgotten, but constantly serve to remind us of the wonderful experiences of our past year. Pepsi-Cola Hits The Spot Twelve full ounces that’s a lot Tivice as much for a nickel too And note JAonti s selling it just for You on sale at the Monti Cabinmonticello COLLEGE Look To LYTTON’S £or a new reign o£ FASHIONS vx.oo"" THERE IS ALWAYS A FRIENDLY WELCOME WAITING FOR YOU AT “WEDGE-BANK” Whether it’s about a loan—your bank account—estate matters—financial advice—or one of the many bank services, you’ll find a friendly welcome awaiting you. Stop in any time if only for a chat, and see for yourself what we mean when we say “There s always a friendly welcome waiting for you." Growing with Alton since 1902 Alton Banking Trust Co. “Wedge-Bank” Member of Federal Deposit Ins. C’orp. SAVE A BUNDLE A WEEK BE AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT IN THE WASTE PAPER CAMPAIGN ALTON BOX BOARD COMPANY j. B. STECK AGENCY Harry Steck, Manager INSURANCE ALTON, ILLINOIS Founded 1905COMPLIMENTS OF Alton Plumbing Heating Company DEPENDABLE PLUMBING AND HEATING INSTALLATIONS AND SERVICE L Roy Maxfield REALTOR (Geo. H. Smiley Co. Agency) INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE PHONES: 3-5221 and 3-6058 Headquarters For TOWN and COUNTRY and NATURALIZERS CARL’S BEAUTIFUL SHOESALTON TIRE SALES 435 East Broadway Edward S. Stobbs Walter K. Stobbs ARTISTS’ MATERIALS SINCE 1853 Cz? c y? F. WEBER CO. ALTON, ILL. 705 Pino St. St. Louis, Mo. LAUNDERERS--DRY CLEANERS RUG CLEANERS Compliments of ALTON UNITED CABS 25 E. Broadway Alton. 111.COMPLIMENTS OF ALTON WATER CO. Compliments of cHIjp Hair Ayrnry INSURANCE Established 1894 COMPLIMENTS OF CENTRAL ELECTRIC SHOP COMPLIMENTS OF CONTRACTING Citizens Coach Co., Inc. and and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Brown Motor Lines, Inc. 511 Ridge Street Phone 2-1221 Alton, 111. GOOD WISHES FROM THE COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Remember to “Pause for Refreshment’ Timely Service for Alton and Vicinity Avail yourself now of the broad experience, resources and responsibility of this bank. First National Bank Trust Company in Alton Alton, Illinois Member Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. Madmann i -109 Years Style Leaders in Alton- HAYES BROTHERS, INC PIPING CONTRACTORS POWER and PROCESS PIPING QUALITY APPAREL FOR MEN WOMEN AND BOYS 236-238 W. Vermont St. Indianapolis, Indiana CELEBRATING OUR 51st YEAR Contractors on New Power House and Steam Distribution SystemCOMPLIMENTS OF ALTON-WOOD RIVER AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION WHEN YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT BUYING A NEW CAR OR USED CAR, SEE YOUR AUTHORIZED FACTORY DEALER YOUR PATRONAGE IS APPRECIATED PASTUERIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS BY o. 4th and Ferguson Sts. Wood River, 111.The pleasant temperature at Monticello College is maintained by burning Genuine Red Flame Coal The clean heat-packed fuel of today. Supplied by LOTT ICE COAL CO. (Wholesale Distributors) SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. where . . . “MONTI” GIRLS SHOP AND SAVE Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back Sea'll ALTON Phone 3-5511 Compliments of C. N. STAHL WHOLESALE EGG DEALER For Gifts of Fin© Jewelry, Watches and Diamonds shop at BRANDENBERGER'S --Friondly Courteous. Efficient Servico-- First class watch and jewelry repair department LOUIS BRANDENBERGER Your Joweler--215 Piasa St. Alton. 111. Gleaned Official Cleaners for Monticello Students Telephone 2-1911 2501 State St. AltonAl Ernst Agency 9 t4.un.a+ice, af all KinaA. Oldest Agency in Illinois, 1849 ALTON ILLINOIS Hut cl Sfraiforit ALTON'S FIREPROOF HOTEL HOME OF THE RIVIERA ROOM KELVINATOR MAYTAG ZENITH COMPLIMENTS OF L. L. Refrigeration Appl. Co. your _J(e Ivin al or dealer ALTON’S NEWEST SHOP FOR SMART APPAREL SMARTWEAR 216 State St. Phono 3-8441 Alton 315 Belle St. Dial 3-7776 Alton, Illinois JOE’S STEAKS CHICKEN SPAGHETTI and RAVIOLI SANDWICHES Job Palazzolo Godfrey. 111.Bakery Products and Ice Cream WHILE IN DOWNTOWN ALTON STOP AT Paul F. Davis Sons 317 State Street FOR ANYTHING IN FINE FOODS Dial 3-5554 or 3-5555 FREE DELIVERY SERVICE The Faculty and students of Monticello College are members of the Blue Cross Plan— Group Hospital Service of Illinois— this advertisement is placed by courtesy of a member who has been benefited by membership in this organization.GINTER-WARDEIN CO. DEPENDABLE LUMBER and MILLWORK MILL AND YARDS 450 Front Street Phono 3-3588 Alton. 111. For . . . NICER GIFTS Distinctive Costume Jowolry GREETING CARDS By "Hallmark” and "Gibson" . . . drop in at MATHER’S 207 Piasa Alton You Hit Where You Aim With Xpert 22’s Beginners and expert riflemen choose Xpert 22’s because of their exceptional accuracy, and win important matches with them. Whether you’re just starting to shoot a 22 rifle or are an old hand at it, you’ll welcome the accuracy of Xpert cartridges and the fact that they cost no more than ordinary 22’s. They’re smokeless, too and non-corrosive. Obtainable at all good hardware and sporting goods stores. WESTERN CARTRIDGE CO., n , . . OLIN INDUSTRIES, Inc., AMMUNITION - BRASS - EXPLOSIVES - TRAPS - TARGETS SPRINGMAN LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER MILLWORK BUILDING MATERIALS 1101 E. Broadway Alton, 111.COMPLIMENTS OF Mineral Springs Hotel ALTON, ILLINOIS ALTON REFRIGERATION CO. Authorized FRIGIDAIRE Soles and Service See Us About Any Household Appliance and Commercial Equipment 550 East Broadway Dial 3-7722 Compliments of W. I. GODWIN OFFICE and SCHOOL SUPPLIES 114 East Broadway Phone: 3-3113 Alton, Illinois NATIONALLY ADVERTISED APPAREL FOR WARDEIN’S WOMEN AND MISSES DRUG STORE Green’s 112 W. Third St. WHERE YOU ALWAYS FIND WHAT THE EMERGENCY DEMANDS Monti Girls Prefer THE COLLEGE INN E. V. Wardein Godfroy, Illinois PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST 2510 State St. Alton, 111. Arch Howle Hoke Grenzbach Qct 9t At. . fyotiSUpi IN ALTON Phone 3-8851 Woermann Construction Co. 3800 West Pine Boulevard St. Louis 8, Missouri BUILDERS OF engineering and architectural STRUCTURES ALTON KRAMER ELECTRIC WOOD RIVER DISTINCTIVE BEAUTY SERVICE at the LA PERLE SALON Mary E. Baker, Manager Catherine Leithiser. Owner Please Dial 3-6931 for appointment REVLON AND CONTOURE PRODUCTS Third at Piasa (OVER VOGUE)COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND HUB TOBACCO COMPANY, Inc. 115 Easton Alton Phone 3-5508 RECORD CENTER Phone 2-2762 16 E. Broadv ay Alton. 111. COMPLIMENTS OF STREEPER FUNERAL HOME ALTON, ILLINOISMAUL’S Brown-bilt Shoe Store SHOES FOR THE FAMILY We Fit By X-Ray 121 W. Third St. Phono 3-3321 BEST WISHES MEYER-SCHMID GROCERY COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF 0. H. YATES ALTON, ILLINOIS f eter5' Fine Candies Pastries - Luncheons Peters’ Chocolates sold exclusively at Monticello College Bookstore ALTON, ILLINOISCOMPLIMENTS OF c Cewid Of CdicirL KdcL ffed YOLTON SUPPLY CO. HARDWARE -- PAINTS PLUMBING SUPPLIES Compliments of CITY FUEL SUPPLY CO. Wjeffing £? QuiUnS printing Co. -Allan, Stlinoi. Engravings by BURGER-BAIRD ENGRAVING CO., Kansas City, Mo. Mclling Gaskins Printing Co.

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