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J ' 5 V x?° •« 5i30CtfK» Je Kwe CV aw Wy5 'if v J frrpujBdh yrxAoMi V . 2 CZcJl e cKr C , jT" „« «? ’ 0 M vf W - “- , (T (W 4 »•. V 'V « . V V C { Z V xv vv STJC -5£ r rwxv Q v ' osv . Lv vT oJc t cx™ Gjx x rk,i Wfw O' tvrnsim Editor-in-chief..... jXLike-Up Editor. . • Business Manager. • .Anne Vau er,us Elaine Carp VmarjorY H 'br,S Copyrisht c N.nhteen Fortv-S.RForeword Remember . . .all the gatherings that have gone into the 1945-46 school year . . . the sponsor week . . . the dances and the more serious times . . . term papers . . . the chapels .... examinations .... the Choir Concert . . . the drive for canned foods for UNRRA . . . the spirit that is Monticello . . . all these remember . . . these memories so like those of the classes that have gone before . . . yet different for these you have shared . . . those thoughts of next year away from Monticello . . . remembering wistfully . . . For your memories of this year ... to help keep them ever bright, the 1946 Echo is presented as a record of the year on the campus.Dedication This book is for you—for every girl— for every faculty and staff member—for every trustee—for all of you who have played a vital role in this school year. You honor MonticcJlo's traditions and purpose. Through you, academic and cultural goals are achieved. Your vibrant enthusiasm and unfaltering loyalty is Monti-ccllo—past, present and future. In you, the achievements of yesterday join with the spirit of today in a promise for a rich tomorrow. To each of you and to all for which you stand, the 1946 Echo is dedicated. HAYNER PUBLIC LIBRARY PICTRfCT ALTON. Hi ”',n • Table of Contents Book I..............................The Campus Book II.............The Administration, Faculty Book III....................................The Classes Book IV..........................The Activities Book V......................................The Sports Book VI................................Memories Book VII............................AdvertisingMemories of Monti never ivill departi-jy VThings we ve learned to love will always play their part.Our friendly rivalries, our loyal spirit, too aivay from you.All the friends we've made and all the things ive ve done Ml Chapel, Vespers, and the Candle-light at night Will all help keep our Monti memories bright— ' • Mnmi XxcCUoyx. '----------------------------------------------- The President Dr. Young June of 1946 marks the close of John Ripley Young’s first year as the President of Monticello College. Before taking over this position, he acted as Academic Dean. President Young attended Marshall College where he received his B.A. Degree. He then received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Illinois. Dr. Young has said that it is the function of Monticello College to teach students to understand and appreciate the nature of the world and of their fellow men, everywhere, to the end that they may live life in the fullest sense and may become intelligent and d iscri m i n a t i ng c i t i zen s.The Trustees Mr. Sweet, Mr. Kuchnc, Mrs. Olin, Mr. Doanc, Mrs. Chapman, Mr. Rodgers, Mrs. Parsons The governing body of Monticello College is its active Board of Trustees. Once every two months, the trustees meet on the campus to discuss the business of the college and to formulate its policies. Eben Rodgers of Alton, president of the Alton Brick Company, serves as president of the Board with Mrs. Spencer T. Olin (Ann Whitney, ’25), as secretary. Fred Kuehne of Mattoon, Illinois, president of the Kuehne Manufacturing Company, and Mrs. T. S. Chapman of Jersey vi lie, widow of the late T. S. Chapman, who served as a Monticello trustee for forty years, arc active members. D. Howard Doanc of St. Louis, president of the Doanc Agricultural Service, heads the educational committee of the Board. Mrs. William Wood Parsons of Terre Haute (Martina Erickson), who was administrative head of the college from 1910 to 1918, is a tireless worker for the betterment of the College. Newly elected members of the Board of Trustees include Marshall W. Acker of Alton and Mrs. George Sparks Milnor (Alice Ryric, ’ll) of Wilmette, Illinois. Charles A. Caldwell of Alton, Illinois, member emeritus, served as president of the Board for thirty-one years prior to his retirement in 1945.The Adminstration Audley Noel Sullivan B.S., University of Nebraska Assistant to the President Director of Admissions The official title of Mr. Sullivan is Assistant to the President and Director of Admissions. In the second position he and his staff arc interested in contacting prospective students either by mail or personally through inquiries of friends, alumnae, or students. In the Chicago area Mrs. Margaret Weigel is Admissions Counsellor; Mrs. Lucie B. Mott in Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri and Kansas, and Elizabeth Beekly in Iowa and Nebraska. As Assistant to the President, Mr. Sullivan is in charge of all public relations which includes the Dads' Club, meeting parents, showing prospective students the college and securing railroad and plane reservations for the students. Mary Lai no Swift A.B., Vassar College M.A., Columbia University Academic Dean If you have ever tried to see Miss Swift without first making an appointment, you know that she is an extremely busy individual. In her position as Academic Dean, she continually finds herself occupied with questions and problems concerning academic work, selection of schools for senior students and many other things too numerous to mention. Besides her concern with the work connected with her office, she also acts in the capacity of faculty adviser for the Student Association of Monticcllo College. Alice May Morrill Ph.B., Denison University; M.A., Northwestern University Dean of Women Mrs. Alice May Morrill, Dean of Women, is the general supervisor of all residences. In her capacity she works with the student house chairmen and with the members of her residence staff. The office of the Dean of Women is always open, and Mrs. Morrill is ever ready to discuss all matters concerning social privileges and adjustment of individual girls to the new experience of living in a large group. Mrs. Morrill is interested not only in helping each girl to become adjusted to college life but also in helping each individual to take her place as a constructive, contributing citizen on the Monticello campus.Wen del H. Baker A.B., University of Missouri Hus in css Mu Huger Wendel H. Baker is the Business Manager anil Treasurer to the Board of Trustees of the College. He is in charge of the maintenance of a 11 buildings on the campus and of the college grounds. With the assistance of Miss Eleanor Bocrner and Mrs. Lucille Rathgcb, Mr. Baker also handles all financial and business matters of the College. Ermina E. Busch A.B. University of Illinois Registrar Behind the scenes, Miss Busch, the registrar, provides the students with the scholastic records they are most interested in, for after exams she delivers the grades. As if this all-important function were not enough, Miss Busch also receives and files all high school transcripts of incoming students and sends out college transcripts of those transferring to senior colleges. Also involved in the work of registrar are the accrediting of courses and statistical work such as ranking students scholastically. At registration in the fall and winter. Miss Busch is kept busy ascertaining the number of students in classes and directing the registration with Dean Mary Laing Swift. Mrs. Florence Duree B.A., University of Nebraska Direct or of Publications and Social Director Mrs. Florence Duree is one person at Monticcllo who is always in demand as she is director of publications and social director. At almost any time cries can be heard from the smokehouse, “Where can I find Mrs. Duree?” As director of publications, Mrs. Duree assists the editors of the Monticcllo Times and The licbo. It is her capacity as social director, though, that keeps her always occupied. There arc busses to lx- chartered for Western dances, concerts in St. Louis, and incidental aflairs; recruiting men from Scott Field and Parks Air College for the dances; providing for receptions to be held for honored guests of the college. She is facultv adviser to the social committee headed by Alice Hochuli.Frances S. Baker Latin A.B., B.S., M.U.S.B., Drury College, Springfield, Missouri; M.A., University of Missouri Ida D. Brooks Git man Residence Lyman V. Cady, Chairman Philosophy and Religion B.A., Grinned College; B.D., Oberlin Theological Seminary; S.T.M., Ph.D., Union Theological Scininarv Mary Louise Cameron English B.A., M.A., University of Illinois Helen Ciialland Biology B.E., Northern Illinois Teachers College; graduate study, Northwestern University Paul John Cooke Spanish B.A., M. A., Ph.D., University of Illinois Hillis Arnold Sent pture B.A., University of Minnesota; graduate study, Minneapolis School of Arcs Robert C. Cosbey English B.A., M.A., Columbia University Lucretia Cressey Chairman, Department of Chemistry B.A., University of Illinois; M.A., Columbia University; graduate study, University of Chicago Dortkea P. Dunagan Secretarial Science Counsellor for Careers B.A., Simpson College; graduate work, Iowa State College Margaret Foster Art B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin Richard Gates Chairman, Department of Visual Arts B.A., N.A., University of Iowa Jennie Glover Baldwin Residence Carl Warren Griffiths Social Sciences A.IV, College of Wooster; B.D., Union Theological Seminary; M.A., University of Wisconsin; Ph.D., University of Chicago ALouise Elizabeth Gulick Biology B.A., M.A., University of Illinois Blanca Haro Spanish B.S., National University of Mexico Elizabeth Hicks English B.A., Middlcbury College; M.A., Mount Holyoke College Alice Hotchkiss Social Science B.S., Teacher’s College, Columbia University; M.A., Mills College; Ph.D., University of California Marguerite Iknayan french and Spanish A.B., A.M., University of Chicago; graduate-work, Middlcbury College and the National University of Mexico Notley G. Maddox Chairman Department of English Director, Tests and Measurements University of Illinois; B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University ClI A It LOTTE M A RTIN DA LE Assistant in Residence 4l r' - « '  Helen Francis Patton Visual Arts B.S., Peabody College; M.A., University of Chicago Cor n ici.i a Pierce Mathematics B.A., M.A., Northwestern University; graduate study. State Teacher's College. Greeley, Colorado Orma Melton Psychology A.B., University of West Virginia; M.A. and Professional Diploma, Columbia University Teacher's College Maxine Miller Hygiene Physical Education B.A., MacMurray College; M.A., Northwestern University; graduate work, Washington University Jane Morrison Physical Education B.S., State Teacher's College, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania WIN11 RED MoR RISON Cha m an, Department of Physical Education B.S., Kansas City State Teacher's College Roiiert Oldham Music Music B., Music M., Yale University; Pupil of Bruce SimonJs, Harry jepson, David McK. Williams, Tobias Matthay, London dPauline Tewksbury Head of Junior Preparatory Residence A. B., Grinncll College; M.A., Teacher’s College, Columbia University John H. Thomas Riding Eleanor Wilfred Chemistry B.S., University of Illinois Barbara Seybold Chairman, Department of Foreign Lany a es Ph.D., University of Wurzburg; graduate study. University of Munich, the Sorbonne Allan Sly Chairman, Department of Music Studied with Evlyn Howard Jones, Gustav Holst, Benjamin Dale, Arthur Hinton. Associate, University of Reading, Licentiate of Royal Academy of Music, London. Soloist with leading orchestras in England and Canada. Elizabeth Ware Sly Music Studied with Irma Scydel, William H. Reed, Harrison Keller, Werner Lywen. Special student in conducting Ethel Leginska in Europe. Debut with Boston Women's Symphony Orchestra in 1928. Solveig Sullivan Speech and Drama B.A., University of Wisconsin, M.F.A., Yale University ■t Stephen Bennett Wiluams Music Music B., Chicago Musical College; M.A., State University of Iowa. Pupil of Dr. Philip Greelv Clapp, Herbert Witherspoon, Richard Hageman, Dr. Frank H. Shaw. Homer F. Young Chair wen:. Division of Social Sciences B.A., Ohio University; M.A., Harvard University; graduate study, Washington University Margaret Peterson Head of Haskell House 13.A., Park College Pearl Lucille Sciiuppner Assistant in Residence History B.A., M.A., Northwestern University Catherine Beali. nformat ion Secretary Nell Lane Beall Study Hall Supervisor Evelyn Berry Manager of Bookstore A.E., William Woods College Eleanor Boerner Secretary to the Business ManagerHelen A. Dooley Librarian B.A., Illinois Wesleyan; M.A., University of Washington; B.S., School of Library Service, Columbia University Virginia Kudernat, R.N. Assistant Nurse Kathleen B. Maddox Library B.A., Ohio State University Arlene Scheffel Secretary to the Admissions Office Catherine Breeze Resident Nurse Graduate of St. Luke's Hospital Training School, St. Louis, Missouri Mary Burke Secretary to the Academic Dean Helen B. Closson Dietitian University of Missouri; Northeast Missouri Teacher's College Mrs. Lucille Ratiigkd Bookkeeper and Cashier Me. Mary College, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elizabeth A. Shephard Secretary to the Academic Dean College of St. Teresa Clko Don'aiiui£ Swanson Secretary in Admissions Office Mary J. Pfeiffen merger Alumnae Secretary A.A., Monticello College; B.A., Wellesley College Gertrude Marik Goen Vacuity Secretary Florence 1. Gregorio Assistant Dietitian B.S., Michigan State College Margaret Hanna Secretary to the President A.A., Monticello College; B.S., University of Illinois . tNot Pictured Elizabeth Waters Modern Dunce Studied with Hanya Holm, Ruth St. Denis, and at Perry Mansfield Camp. Toured six years with Hanva Holm at Bennington College. Toured with own group, season of 1940. Groves B. Smith, M.D. College Physician Grbte Gerhard Music Absolutorium Conservatory at Augsburg, Germany; studied with Wolfgang RuofF, Johannes Hobohm, Heinrich Kaspar Schmid, Munich Elizabeth Beekly Admissions Counsellor A.A., Monticcllo College; B.A., University of Oklahoma Lucie B. Mott Admissions Counsellor Margaret K. Weigel Admissions Counsellor B.A., College of St. Teresa Rose Meyer Information Secretary Eleanor Debney Music Studied with Carl Madlinger, Ludolph Arene, and at Washington University Dorothy Bott Evangeloff Music Studied with Louise Kroeger, Melanie Gutman-Rice, Ella Tocdt, Frank La Forge, Felix Wolfes. Opera School, Berkshire Music Center. Radio, Concert, Oratorio, Opera W. Vladimir Rousseff Speech and Drama Bulgarian National Gymnasium; L'Ecole de 1‘Assomption, Varna, Bulgaria; Art Institute of Chicago; studied with Randall Davey, George Bellows, Albert H. Krehbeil, Carl Buehr Winifred Cook, Marilyn Parkhurst, Camilla Klein, Lee Ape President........................Marilyn Parkhurst Vice-president.....................Camilla Secretary..........................Winiprbd Cook Treasurer.....................................Lee A pt Senior Class Officers — — —— __ -—— — Gloria Ann Aabbrg Chicago, IIIinois Choir (1). Nancy Jean Acker A Iron, Illinois Sponsor (2); I.R.C. (1,2), Pres. (2); Marlin Club (1,2); Student Council (2); Baldwin House Chairman (2); Choir (1, Betty Anne Abnev Quincy, Illinois Varsity Basketball (-■ Marjorey Ann Au-e-s Omaha, Nebraska , Mon tied lo PI avers 0- Aabero Gloria Andre Kostclanctz chocolates travel Abney Ahbic stamp collection bridge Knox College Acker Nancy concert page turner excellent musician never loses temper A ELEN Midge dances knits "cellar rat" A— ::IS iTS?a Elizabeth Lee Apt Iota, Kansas Sponsor (2); Junior Committee Chairman (1); I. R.C. (1,2); Treas. of Senior Class (2); Echo Staff (1); Times Staff (1,2), Make-Up Editor (2); Riding Club (1); Y'arsity Hockey Team (2). Frances D. Banks Cl arks dale, ArLmsas Barbara Louise Balz Kalamazoo, Michigan Marlin Club (1). Barbara Jean Barr Ann Arbor, Michigan Apt Lee Iola J. C. C. prefers older men West Point sultry voice Balz Barb diamond dress designing milliner Banks Frances "va air1 B ARR B.J. Togi diamond short hair r,f Jo Ann- Beamsley Kaii I worth, Illinois President, Sponsors (2), Commenccmcn t Queen. Mary Helen Bishop Muscatine, Iowa Letitia S. Bennett Dallas, Texas Sponsor (2); MonticcH0 Players (1,2). Mary Adele Blancha 3 Purcell, Oklahoma I R C. (2); Dance Club CO- Bbamsley Jo continually losings odd (0 Bennett Tish shortstufT tennis peanut butter Bishop Pish Petite Blanchard Dell Spi kc pianist bridge Mexican food: ' Gretel Verena Bloesch Tulsa, Oklahoma Sponsor (2); Science Club (2). VlDEL BraNNEKY Pattonville, Missouri Times StafT (2); Echo Staff (2). Sally Ann Brown Sal in a, Texas Sponsor (2); I.R.C. (2); M.C.A. Pres. (2); Student Council (2); Times (1,2); Baldwin House Council (2); Dance Club (1); Varsity Hockey (2). Patricia Burns Little Rock, Arkansas Sponsor (2); I.R.C. (1,2); Science Club (1,2). Branneky Bobbie rosy checks Mils ambition marriage Bloescii Gretel switchboard Swiss fisher Brown Burns Sally pat Orator sunny M.C.A. originator congenial brainy youth friendly Elaine Carp Richmond HtsMissouri Sponsor (2); Echo, Make-Up Editor (2); M.A.A. (2); Hockey Manager (2); Varsity Hockey (i,2). Maxine Clam age Detroit, Michigan Sponsor (2); I.R.C. (2); Haskell Smokehouse Committee (2); Marlin Club (1,2); Riding Club (1,2); Dance Club (1); Science Club (2). Sara Jane Celaya Sun Antonio, Texas Sponsor (2); I.R.C. Q)» Echo, Photography Editof (2). Betty Jo Connor . University City, Missouri Sponsor (2); Choir (1,2)» Monticcllo Players (1,2,- Carp Butch chatterbox cute half pint Celaya Cleo extreme Phi Delta Texas war whoop Clamage MuX Haskell humor Conner Josie artist genialWinifred A. Cook Sdbttbit, Kansas Sponsor (2); Senior Class Secretary (2); Junior Committee (1); Student Council (1,2), Sec. (1); Monti-ccllo Service Council (2); I.R.C. (1); Riding Club (1,2), Vice Pres. (2); Science Club (1). Margaret Cox Ferguson, Missouri Sponsor (1,2); Student Council, Pres. (2); M.A. A. Board (1,2); Echo (1); Times (2); Baldwin House Council (2); Designer of Class Emblem (1); Science Club (1,2), Vice Pres. (1). Barbara Jeanne Core Wilmette, Illinois Sponsor (2); I.R.C. (1,2). Etiielmae Craig Joplin, Missouri Sponsor (2); Haskell Smokehouse Chairman (2); Haskell House Council (2); I.R.C. (1,2). Cook Winnie horses curley hair joker Core Barb Red Chicago Cubs knitting society Cox Mu ic executive sculpturer leader Craig F.pbie food bridge smokehouse CuTSLBR Joan flics Purdue U. Hill Daubenspeck " Dobbie" swims Home Ec. Demolay Sweetheart red shoes Deacy Barb Smokehouse painter artistic Dickerson Sbirl Mexico personality never a dull moment Joan Skokie, Illinois Barbara Deacy Kansas City, Missouri J.R.C. (2); Choir (1,2); Dance Club (1); Ridinc Club (1,2). Soirue Dickerson Denver, Colorado Sponsor (2); Floor Cha'J' man (Baldwin) (2); B;« ' win House Council 0-'' I.R.C. (1,2); Times (E- ’ Kebo (2). MARJORIE DaUBENSPECK Sr. Joseph, MissouriJean Easton High Laid Park, Illinois M.A.A. Vice Pres. (2); Baldwin Fire Chief (2); Baldwin House Council (2); Social Committee (2); Baseball Manager (2); Varsity Basketball (1); Varsity Baseball (1, 2); Varsity Hockey (2). Marilyn L. Feil Chicago, Illinois Carolyn English Ada, Oklahoma I.R.C. (2); Riding Club CD- Adela C. Fisher Harvey, Illinois I.R.C. (2); Science Club CD- Feil Easton English )7; Cheesy Moonshine vj,n Fritz diet table vigor Opus No. 1 horse back riding vitality oversize shirts color gray Jerry Fisher Adela Larry blond streak eyebrows ■Martha Jean Fowler Denver Colorado Lucille Georgeoff Alton, Illinois ShurtlcfT (1); I.R.C. (2). Suzanne Fowler Des Moines, Iowa Betty Goff River Forest, Illinois Sponsor (2); Social Con1' ini tree (2). Fowlf.r Marty camp counselor outdoor sports knitting society Goff Coif bag Suits blond third linger left hand Western (1) Fowler Susie clothes giggles slightly slow Georgeoff "Bohemian Bomb" piano and accordian dress designer. Gruber Helen dress designing swimming Gygax g'M beautiful can feather cut Marilyn Gould B irmingbam, Af iebigan Sponsor (2); Times Managing Editor (2); Times Junior Staff (1); Baldwin House Chairman (2); Student Council (2); Religious Service Chairman (2); Choir (1,2); Monticello Players (2); Riding Club CO- CAROL Gygax Oak Park, Illinois Sponsor (2); Haskell Smokehouse Committee (2); Monticello Players (2); Science Club (2); I R C. (2). Gould Marilyn red flaming hair creative true Helen Gruber Chicago, Illinois Lanettb Marif. Haar Savannah, Georgia Monticello Players (1,2), Vice Pres. (2); Social Committee (2); Times Reporter (1); I.R.C. (2); Haskell Smokehouse Committee (2); Science Club (1). Haar Lanette acts you all RhebaMary Josephine Halsell Fort Worth, Texas Sponsor (2); M.C.A. (1); Times Staff (1); Editor (2); Echo Staff (1,2); Drama Club (1); I.R.C. (1), Secretary (2). Marjory Harris Sun Antonio, Texas Sponsor (2); Photography Editor of Times (2); Photographer's Ass't of Echo (1); Business Manager of Echo (2); I.R.C. (2); Science Club (2); Social Committee (2); Monti-cello Players (2). Siiirley Harrell Oklahoma City, Oklab Helen Marie Har Spencer, Iowa Sponsor (2); Cald"’ House Council (2); Floor Caldwell Chain" (2); Echo (1,2); Times C1’ 2); I.R.C. (2). Halsbll Mary Jo eyes of Texas Harrell Shirl smokehouse artist rancher horseback riding Harris Mar pc directs slacks puns San Antone-ah-ha Hart Minn Apt. K large bedroom slippers lovable med-student Jane C. Hart Kansas City, Missouri Sponsor (2); I.R.C. (1,2); Science Club (2); Riding Club (1,2). Alice Louise Hochuli Irvington, New York Sponsor (2); Social Chairman (2); Student Council (2); Junior Committee (1); Monticello Players (1,2); Activities Chairman (2); M.A.A. Recreational Chairman (2); Varsity Basketball Team (1, 2); Caldwell House Council (2). Mary Lou Hedley IVewoke , Oklahoma Sponsor (2); I.R.C. (l); Dance Club (1); Times (1); Riding Club (1). Sally E. Holman Omaha, Nebraska . Hochuli Hoc Holman Hart Hedley Mary Lou Jitterbugging archery U. of Oklahoma Clark Sambo Western West Point horses Beke steadfast Jane horses jeans and straw hat Fobes 9' fj-""'-’'v- •» • • wm Hoyt Shir pleasant conscientious Hull HttUbag S.S. North American student laugh Johnson J“c silver skates Hamp’s “Boogie’ knitting society Jones Joutsy genial independent Shirley Hoyt Lola, Kansas Sponsor (2); I.R.C. (1,2); Times (2); Science Club (2); Dance Club (1). Sue Hull Evanston, Illinois Sponsor (2); Vice PfC ; Student Council (-)’ Times Reporter(2); l.R (2); Science Club (!)• Edna Marie Jones Little Rock, Arkansas I.R.C. (2); Riding Ch‘b 0.2). Janice Johnson Denver, Colorado Choir (1,2); Science Club (2); Tennis Club (1,2).Nancy Kendall Winston-Salem, N. Carolina Sara M. Kurz Glen Ellyn, Illinois Sponsor (2); M.A.A. Treasurer (2); M.A.A. Publicity Manager (2); Echo Advertising Manager (2); Varsity Hockey (1.2) ; Varsity Basketball (1.2) ; Basketball Manager (2); Tennis Club (1, 2). Camilla Klein Dodge dry, Kansas Sponsor (2); Vice Pres, of Senior Class (2); Student Council (2); Junior Committee (1); Times (1,2), Editor (2); I.R.C. (1,2); Varsity Hockey (1,2); Varsity Basketball (1,2); Varsity Baseball (1,2); Bicycle Club (1,2), Manager (2). Jean Landon Jerseyville, Illinois Kendall Kendall Indiana U. argyle socks letter writer Klein Cam Aviatrix journalist athlete student respected Kurz Sadie individualist intelligent independent all-round athlete Landon Jean school’s herald Gilman’s senior dependable  ?• «t-. • Elsie Mi: Hyun Lhe Honolulu y Hawaii Sponsor(2);Caldwell Fire-Chief (2); I.R.C. (2); Times (2); Echo (1,2); Choir (1,2); Science Club Nancy Luce Elkborn, Wisconsin Choir (1,2); Dance Club (1,2); Varsity Hockey 0). Patricia Luetta Long Shawano, I Vi scon sin I.R.C. (1,2);Science04 (2). Loraine Muskogee, Oklahoma Sponsor (2); Times Mon tied lo Players (1.2 ' Lee Elsie "Black and Gold" dimples Lono Pat smiles Joseph Cot ten friendly I-uce Luce blond ie Bud attractive McCully Mac cellar rat Jack art enthusiast' — Maryann Marshall Chandler, Oklahoma Sponsor (2); Monticello Players (1), Secretary-Treasurer (2); Choir (1, 2); Tennis Club (2). Nancy MacGonaglb Glen FJlyn, Illinois Sponsor (2); M.A.A. Secretary (2); Times (1); Sports Editor (2); Echo (1,2); Caldwell House Council (2); Science Club (2); Tennis Club (1,2); Varsity Hockey Team (1, 2); Varsity Basketball (1). M A RILYN M etc a lfe Omaha, Nebraska Sponsor (2); I.R.C. (1,2); Science Club (1,2); Times (2); Riding Club (1,2); I.R.C. (2). MacGonaole Ujit g»gglcs gullible West Point Board of Trade Margaret Molis Muscatine, Iowa I.R.C. (2). Marshall Maryann musical genuine sweet Metcalfe Moe poised steadfast interesting Molis Margie neat fried egg sandwichesMarjorie Claire MOREHEAD Fort Worthy Texas I.R.C. (2); Bicycle Club (1,2); Dance Club (1); Monticcllo Players (1,2). Betsy Orr Fort Smith, Arkansas M.C.A.(l); Secretary (2); Sponsor (2); I.R.C. (1); Floor Chairman (2);Bald-win House Council (2); Riding Club (1). Mulder Daisy hair Morehead Marje sings early sunburn infectious laugh Orr Betsy trustworthy pleasant genuine Osborn Cece vivacious amiable peppy Delzia Mae Muldb Evanston, Illinois Sponsor (2); Choir (l;-( Monticcllo Players Senior Chairman of W (2); Science Club (M Rosemary Mel liies ' Osborn Ponca City, OklahoniJ Sponsor(2); Hobby r V' % Club (1,2); Science '- v Dance Club Q S 0,2); Riding Club (1,2); si ty Hockey (1). Marylin L. Parkiiurst Kansas City, Missouri Senior Class President (2); Junior Committee Secretary (1); Sponsor (2); Student Council (1,2); House Council (1,2); Smokehouse Committee (2); Science Club Treasurer (1,2); Echo (2). Mary Margaret Patterson Tulsa, Oklahoma Sponsor (2); Student Council (2); House Chairman (2); Choir (1,2); secretary-treasurer (2); Times (2); Science Club (2). Marilyn Patjbns University City, Missouri Junior Committee (1); Caldwell Floor Chairman (1); House Council (1); I.R.C. (2); Choir (1). Jane Plattenburg St. Louis, Missouri I.R.C. (2). Parkiiurst Parky Sigma Chi unlimited energy West Point Patjens Patch cellar rat boogie-woogie bright red Patterson Mary Pat L i I David .sa : vitality trustworthy Plattbnburg Gabby knitting society St. Louis Cardinals dancing Barbara Radcliffe Sidney, Nebraska Sponsor (2); Junior Committee (1); Literary Editor of Echo (2); Choir (1, 2), vice-president (2); Marlin Club (1,2), secretary (2); Times (1); Head Fire Chief (2); Riding Club (1,2); Science Club (1). Barbara Rhoads Bay City, Michigan Sponsor (2); Junior Committee Treasurer (1); Social Committee (2); Choir (2); Times (2). Joyce Lee Randolph El Dorado, Kansas Sponsor (2); Times BuS'l ness Manager (2); Scicnc Club (1,2), secretary (V Tennis Club (1,2). Elizabeth Ann Ro va I Billings, Montana Sponsor (2); Choir (L ’j Tennis Club (1.2). I Radci.iffe Babs aviatrix Sidney swimming pool sentimental Randolph Joyce attractive efficient popular studious Rhoads Beth Annapolis Mike petite gay musical Rowan Lig musical agreeable amiableSally Schickler Elgin, Illinois Smokehouse Committee (2); Photographer's Assistant of Echo (2). M A RIJ AN I- Sen N AITM AN Chicago, Illinois Sponsor (2); Memory Section of Echo (2); I.R.C. (2). Gloria Schuwerk Evansville, Illinois Patty Ann Shaffer Tulsa, Oklahoma Sponsor (2); Choir (1,2), president (2); M.A.A. president (2); Student Council (2); Junior Committee (1); Marlin Club (1,2); Riding Club (1); Tennis Club (1,2). Sciiickler Sal silent laughter caught in a pinch phone talker SCHNAITMAN Jane subtle humor Sigma Chi Schuwerk Gloria vocalist radio performer in tcrcsting Shaffer Par voice athlete Apt. K Dick independent efficientJacqueline Smith Davenport, Iowa Haskell House Council (2); I.R.C. (2); Riding Club (1,2); Science Club (2); Choir (2). Anne V. Solliday ‘Tulsa, Oklahoma Sponsor (2); Assistant Business Manager of Times (2); Science Club (2). Janice Smith Ralston, Nebraska Sponsor (2); Monticcll0 Players (2). Patricia Stapler Chicago, Illinois Sponsor (2); Junior Senior Class Song Ch; ' man (1,2); Choir w’ Times (1); Riding Clu (1); Tennis Club (1); Effort Committee (l)- Smith Smith Solliday Anne Stapler Jackie Cellar rat A. C. and C. senior bridge .gay winsome- alive U. of Wisconsin .f swimming neat Pat piano song leader musically inclinedBetty Jeanne Stark Bartlesville, Oklahoma Sponsor (2); Choir (1,2); Echo (2). Mary Beth Steele Mendota, Illinois Sponsor (1,2); Choir (1, 2); Riding Club (1,2); Strinq Quartet (1); Music Trio (2). Dean Stedman Neenah, Wisconsin Sponsor (2); Assistant Make-up Editor of Echo (2); Marlin Club (1,2); president (2); l.R.C. (1, 2); Choir (2). Mary Lynn Stryker Fr«lonia, Kansas Choir (1,2); l.R.C. (1,2). Stark B.J. knits perpetual laughter Apt. K Stedman Stal swimmer dependable neat Steele Beth musically inclined salt and pepper shakers Stryker Lynn "The Thinker" "The Musician"Taylor Ginger peppy mischievous excitable Gretciien Ann Swododa Omaha, N (hra ska Sponsor (2); Co-Chairman of M.S.C. (2); Science Club (1,2); Pub. Chairman (2); Student Council (2); M.C.A. (2); Times Reporter (2); House Council (2). Beverly Plain Tayi-O Tort Worth, Texas T.C.U. (1); Mon tied! Plavcrs (2). Swododa Greteh diligence plus disposition perfect notes neat Taylor Thompson Lo a Lenore Taylor Denver, Colorado Sponsor (2); Hobby Horse (1.2) , Pres. (2); Student Council Trcas. (1); I.R.C. (1.2) ; Riding Club (1,2). Lola K. Thompson Tort Worth, Texas Hobby Horse (1,2); R'd' ing Club (1,2). Warner Bros, unlimited talent hot food Hobby Horsemen West PointVogelsang Merle Southern able sweet Wales Dou ; constantly swims special model airplane Waller i us Wally Goot West Point Whim kr Par brilliant stable sincere MerLi- Vogelsang San Antonio, Texas Sponsor (2); Volleyball Manager (2.) Anne Wallerius Glen Ellyn, Illinois Sponsor (2); Science Club (1,2); Pres. (2); Student Council (2); House Council (2); Echo (1,2), Editor (2); Times Staff (1,2). Joan Evans Wales St. Joseph, Missouri Patricia Fay Weimer Okmulgee, Oklahoma IRC. (2); Fire Drill Captain (2); Science Club 0,2).  Elizabeth Wenger Grand Island, Nebraska Sponsor (2); Chape l-Vcs-pers Chairman (2); M.A. A. Board (2); M.C.A. 'icc Pres. (2); Science Club (2); Student Council (2); Marlin Club; (2) Choir (2). Mary Allison Wingate W tv oka, Oklahoma Sponsor (2); French War Relief Chairman (2). Sue White Denrer, Colorado Junior Soiuj Committee (1); Choir (1,2), Mistress of Robes (2); Science Club (1,2); I.R.C. (2)i Times Staff (2). Lyla L. Vinter Grosse Point e, Mich g 11 Wenger Lib the eyes have it pep plus Apt. K G. I. White Sue sensible friendly cooperative dependable Wingate Mary quiet amiable pleasant Winter Lyla gracious poised dependableTr i utiMniinrr....• _ .. Jane Elizabeth Zander Gn I vest o)t, Texas Sponsor(2);Haskell Floor Chairman (2); Haskell House Council (2). Zander Jane beauty poise intelligent Zemer Barb blonde interesting attractive Barbara Zemer Lincoln, Nebraska Sponsor (2); Haskell Fire Chief (2); Riding Club (1,2); Science Club (2). Joyce Breneman Cleveland, Ohio Myra King Bloomington, Illi l0's Betty Storm eeltz Kansas City, Missouri Bren em an Chris model Lauren nonchalant Kino graceful ambitious vibrant eager Storm eeltz SteJJ Parks knows all West Point Ned  Junior Class Officers Barbara Fry, Nancy Brewer, Barbara Acker, Jeanne Chambers President..........................Barbara Acker Vice-president.....................Nancy Brewer Secretary. . Treasurer. . • - • - Barbara Fry Jeanne ChambersBarbara Acker N. Little Rock, Ark. Shirley Akins lioldenville, OAlahoma Betty Alexander Austin, Texas Gene Anderson Hastings, Nc£r. Margaret Anhalt Oklahoma City, Okla. Delorice Armbruster Alton, III. Jeanne Armstrong Chicago, . Joann Atterberry Denver, Colo. Elizabeth Barber Barrington, III. Mary Bayi.ey Evanston, III. Nancy Becker Evanston, III. Amy Jo Bergh Omaha, Nehr. Catherine Billings Red Oak, la. Carol Belcha Manhattan, Kans. Georgia Blomgren Chicago, III. Melba Boedy Godfrey, HI. Margaret Breaker Hot ston, Tex. Jane Breece Albuquerque, N. M. Nancy Brewer Evanston, III. Mary Brown Quincy, III. Rita Zo Brown Oklahoma City, Ok a. Patty ix u Busby Concordia, Kans. Caroline Carlock fort Worth, Tex. Nancy Ceeley East Lansing, Mich.Butty Celaya San Antonio, Tex. Jeanne Chambers Iola, Kans. Jane Chatten LaGrange. III- jane Clark Independence, Kans. Patricia Clark Sheboygan, Wise. Nancy Coe Oshkosh, Wise. i Emily Cooksey A1 inneapolis, Al inn. Dorothy Coon Oak Park, III. Helen Cornelius Chicago, III. Elaine Courtney Newton Center, Mass. Sally Creson Galveston, Tex. Naomi Crews Tnid, Ok a.  Elizabeth Crim Coal gate, Okla. Emily Crusius LtKoy, . Barbara Curtis Omaha, Nebr. Caroline Dale Carthage, A io. Suzanne Delzell Stevens Point, Wise. Mary DeMar Hopkins, Minn. Martha Dodds Champaign, III. Elizabeth Dominick Kansas City, Mo. A dele Dovey Sioux Falls, S. D. Diane Durham Kansas City, Mo. Barbara Ernst Chicago, III. U I' S Ann Fisiier Fort Worth, Tex.Joyce Fitch Crosse Pointe Partus, Mich. Marjorie Gene Ford Past St. Louis, HI. Jackie Frost Rat) ton I, III• Barbara Fry Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Marjorie Garfinkel Clayton, Afo. Anne Garris Oklahoma City, 0£ . - 1 Buie Gibbs Okmulgee, Okla. Peggy Glaser Chicago, III. Jane Graff Ames, la. Jeanette Grant St. Joseph, Mo. Abigail Gunderson Oak Park, III. Alice Haag Hammond, hidT-. nptra 11 JMliillMflBHHHb) " — ........................... : ' Margaret Hailey Fort Worth, TV.v. Bernice Hart Spencer, la. Ann Henderson Detroit, Mich. Catherine Hill Du I Lis, Tex. Dionne el Wilmette, III. Nancy Hollingsworth OkLihown City, OkLi. 1 Alice Howard Lexington, III. Rae Houston Oak Park, III. Anne Hovey Springfield, HI. Mary Huckins Wellesley Hills, Mass. Gretchen Hotzel Ann Arbor, Mich. Nancy Ikerman University Heights, 0.Tc -r ■■■I 1 Ba R BA R a INGWKRSON Wilmette, III. Nancy Jacobs Evans ton. III. Margarita Johnson Ann Arbor, Mich. Marjory Karch Lake Bluff, III. Virginia Keen Shawnee, Okla. Louise Kintzel Wichita, Kans. Carroll Kroiin Joliet, III. Marjorie Lawyer Hope, Ark. Camille Lemans Detroit, Mich. Sally Lovejoy Chicago, III. Phyllis Loveland Council Bluffs, la. Dorothy Lucas St. Joseph, Mo. Joan McCutchen Hinsdale, III. Katiiryn McKissick Oklahoma City, Okla. Mary Louise McMastkr Winnetka, III. Mary McPhee Highland Park, III. Jay McPherson Kansas City, Mo. Elsie Mackay Detroit, Mich. Is' U'' Shirley Marvin Ames, la. Marilyn Masters Wichita, Kans. Gloria Mefpley Denver, Colo. Yvonne Mero Richmond, Calif. Betsy Meyer Springfield, III. Mary Louise Miller Broken Bow, Nehr.Courtney Moiir Chicago, III. Shirley Morris Kansas City, Mo. Nancy Neely Omaha, Nebr. Mary Jane Norris Jacksonville, III. Carol Otis Glen Ellyn, . Ladonna Pannkuk Laurens, • . Nathalie Parker Tulsa, 0A ». Patricia Parker Janesville, Wise. Altha Patterson Grasse Isle, Mich. Frances Patterson Mineral Wells, Tex. Katherine Phelps Omaha, Nebr. l Cordelia Powell Weslaco, Tex.Elaine Qualm an Cleveland Heights, 0. Gloria Queen Fort Smith, Ark. Mary Jean Ralph Haney, III. Mary Adelyn Roberts IVewoka, Okla. Joan Reade Kalamazoo, Mich. JoAnn Rodger Wilmette, III. 1 Patricia Rotii St. Louis, Mo. Jean Rusho Sargent, Fie hr. Ruth Sacks St. Louis, VIo. Elsie Safly Chestnut, III. Betty Sauder Wichita, Kans. V Joan Savage Wilmette, III.BEVERLY SCMNI-.IDHR Clayton, Aio. Nancy Schumacher Alt a mount, . SaLI.Y SEARS Des Moines, l‘ - Felicia Seward Kansas City, Mo. Anne Shaeffer Kansas City, Alo. Dorothy Shaw Des Monies, la. Floraine Skoules Chicago, III. Shirley Smith Chicago, III. Dolores Spiro Brookline, Afass. Mary Ann Stewart Rlgm, III. Patricia Stewart St. Joseph, Mo. Kathryn Strange Sioux City, la. Janb Stromsen River Forest, III. Smirlby Sudendorp Concordia, Kans. Suzanne Sutton McCook, Neltr. Harriet Tar man Norman, Ok a. Joan Towle Sprin?field. III- Lorelei Towle River Forest, III. Lou Tuggle Kansas City, Mo. Katherine Tyner Kansas City, Mo. Marilyn Veatch St. Louis, Mo. Priscilla Wakefield Hudson, Alass. Ann Warner Salem, III. Mary Jane Watkins Searcy, Ark.■ ±3 Elinor West Waukegan, III. Ann Weston Hamilton, 0. Betty Wii ittingtox Oak Parky III. Carolyn Wible Highland Park, III. WI lm a W i e de n m a n n Kansas City, AIo. Carol Willard Oklahoma City, Okla. _—— -------------------------:------------------- Nelle McCuistion Alton, III. Virginia Maul Alton, .b Nancy Neai. Sioux City, la. Jane Tyson Elgin, Illinois A dele Wilfred Mctroplis, III. Sandra Meitus Chicago, III. Barbara Naft Chicago, III. Lucy Ann Williams Amarillo, Tex. Jean Wylie Wheaton, III. Kari Ann Zimmerman Springfield, 0.Senior Preparatory Officers Marcia Draudt, Virginia Fiskc, Anne Stoddcr, Mary Kistinc President. . . . Vice-president Secretary...... Treasurer. . . . Virginia Fiske .. Anne Stodder . . Mary Ristine Marcia DraudtAbrams, Lois . . . University City, Missouri. Riding Club (4). Everybody’s teacher—bridge or French, an A+ gal. Marilyn Boroman . . . Crosse Points, Mich. Alexander Graham Bell's greatest enthusiast. Brown, Caroline . . . Springfield, HI. President Preparatory Student Council (4), Vice President (3), Sponsor (4), House Council (4), Prep Choir (3). “Brownie”—Executive Council gal, tail men and black clothes. Clark, Siiirley . . . Nortbfie d, III. House Chairman (4), Student Council (4), Prep Student Council (3-4), Hockey, Basketball, Baseball (3-4), I.R.C. (3), Marlin Club (4), Sponsor (4), Times staff (3 4), Echo staff (4), Prep Choir (3), House Council (4). “Clarkie”—Plaids, and suntans, always on the run. Coleman, Dona . . . Maywood, III. Riding Club (3-4). Ardent bicycle enthusiast. Cornish, Christine . . . Allen burst. New Jersey Riding Club (4), Asst. House Chairman (4), House Council (4). Fourth floor's Chopin, wild chemist, "see you in Shanghai,” Christie. Dillavou, Joanne . . . Urbana, III. Riding Club (3), Prep Choir (3), Science Open House (4). Great for dramatics, books, and a friendly smile for all. Dobson, Mary . . . Petersburg, III. Fire Chief (4), Sponsor (4), Hobby Horse (4), Prep Student Council (4), Basketball-captain (3-4), Baseball (3-4), Hockey (4), Riding Club (3-4), Prep Choir (3). "Dobson”—Fire! Fire! best all around athlete.Draudt, Marcia . . . Marion, hid. Hockey-captain (3-4), Basketball (3-4), Sponsor (4), Treasurer of class (4). “Seven no-trump." "Where arc my vitamin pills?", lots of fun. Fiski;, Virginia . . . Woodstock, III. Class president (4), Prep Student Council (4), House Council (4), Prep Choir (3), Riding Club (3), Sponsor (4), Bicycle Club (3), Baseball (3-4), I.R.C. (3), Class Song (3). Fourth floor's poet, that boogie bass and those blues, perfect president. Gartiiwait, Harriet . . . Marion, Indiana Art Club (4). “Garth"—Unequalled artist’s touch, always ready with good ideas. Giesciib, Barbara . . . Riverside, III. Riding Club (4). "Barb"—A convertible ahead . . . she hopes. Green, Polly . . . Cedar Rapids, Iowa Class president (3), Prep council (3-4), Secretary (4), M.C.A. Cabinet (3-4), Hockcv (3-4), Captain (4), Dance club (3), Sponsor (4), Times staff (3 4), I.R.C. (3), Prep Choir (3). "Raton"—Giraffe crazy, spontaneous wit. Life is fun. Helge, Marilyn . . . laidue, Mo. Sponsor (4), Basketball (3-4), Baseball (3-4), Captain (4), Hockey (4), Prep Choir (3), Riding Club (4). "Moe"—Classic or boogie, "She laughed and the world laughed with her.” Herbert, Constance L. . . . Palatine, III. Basketball (4), Tennis Club (4). "Buttonhole"—sincerity is an asset and Connie has it.H: Jones, Barbara . . . Detroit, Mich. ’■Barb”—Art courses and only art courses. Tuff life! Landsaw, Sara Jean . . . Norman, Okla. Archery (4). "Bloomcrsooncr”—An all-round O.K. gal. Lavery, Lois . . . Highland Park, Mich. Marlin Club (4), Swimming team (4), Hockey (4). •■Coupons please" Can be found in either bookstore or swimming pool. McCoy, Jacqueline . . . Centralia, III. Riding Club (4). ••Jackie”—"When it s a matter of opinion, there’s no argument. " McGinn, Janet . . . Riverside, III. Badminton (4). "Mickey”—Tall, dark, and winsome. Marsh, Mary Lou . . . Alton, III. Modern dance club (4), Hockey (4). "Lou”—World's best friend, everything's a problem Mbtzendorf, Patricia . . . Evanston, HI. Riding Club (3-4), I.R.C. (3). "Metz”— “—but Mrs. Martindalc ...” Mortenshn, Nancy . . . Port Morgan, Colo. "More"—That notorious giggle. Easy going.Osborne, Barbara . . . Highland Pink, III. Drama Club (4), Riding Club (3), Prep Choir (3), Badminton (4), Baseball (3-4). "Liz''—Headed for Broadway or the hospital, dramatically talented. Petersen, Shirley . . . Ashby, Nebraska Secretary of class (3), House Council (3), Dance club (3), Hockey (3), Prep Dining Room Committee Chairman (4). "Pete”—”K" stands for Kenny, September bride-to-be. Phillip, Lorelby . . . Riverside, III. "Lee"—Most brushed and constantly cut hair on 4th. Ratclipf, Grace . . . Little Rock, Ark. Riding Club (3-4), Science Club (3), Basketball (3-4), Prep Choir (3). "Mouseblulf"—"Hey y'all," passion for cornbrcad and black-eyed peas. Ristine, Mary Sue . . . Cedar Rapids, Iowa Dance Club (3), l.R.C. (3), Prep Choir (3), Hockey (4), Secretary of class (4), Sponsor (4). "Risty”—“Hmmmmmmm," a rare redhead without a temper, those Thursday telegrams, a good friend and a good gal. Roiiald, Tamara . . . Sikeston, Mo. Riding Club (4). "Tam”—“Oh, everything’s a riot.” Tabu, the color blue and blues. Sellers, Dorothy . . . Evanston, III. Class social chairman (3), Prep Student Council Social Chairman (4), Tennis (4), l.R.C. (3). Baseball (3), Sponsor (4), House Council (4). "Dot" Grey hair from Prep social life. Smith, Adrienne . . . Oklahoma City, Ok a. Marlin Club (3-4), Basketball (3-4), Class Treasurer (3), Prep Choir (3). Hockey (3-4), Prep Student Council (3). Sponsor (4), Baseball (3-4). Marlin Club mermaid, "Dark clouds and white orchids.” Smith, Siiirlby'Gene . . . Denier, Colo. Dance Club (3), Prep Choir (3), Sponsor (4). "Smithy”—Subtle wit, clothes "galorious." Stodder, Ann . . . Wichita, Kansas Vice President of class (4), Hobby Horse (4), Riding Club secretary (4). ■"Stodder”—"Rack on." In love with gardenias. Taylor, Catherine . . . Akron, Ohio Swimming team (4). "Cathie”—Fourth floor's most domestic soul. Trobaugii, Joanne . . . West Frankfort, III. Sponsor (4), Hockey (3-4), Basketball (3-4), Bicycle Club (3), Prep Choir (3). "Jo”—With angelic touch on harp, basketball enthusiast, engaging dimples. Wahlman, Mary Lou . . . Evanston, III. "Wahlman”—"She shall have music wherever she goes." Yerkes, Guerin . . . Northville, Mich. Sponsor (4), Baseball (3-4), Hockey (4), Riding Club (3), Assistant Social Chairman (4). "Gary”—An all time expert on dance decorations, and a mighty nice dance decoration herself. Yoars, Yvonne . . . Chappaqna, N. Y. Hobby Horse (3-4) vice President (4), Riding Club (3-4), Times staff (4), Echo staff (3-4), Hockey (3-4), Basketball (3-4), Sponsor (4), Prep Choir (3), Social Committee (3). "Eve”—Life long horsewoman, "But I don’t know how to put my hair up!" Zadek, Nancy . . . Winnetka, III. Riding Club (3-4), Dance Club (3). "Nan"—Main interests: piano, dancing, fencing.Marjory Gutfrcund, Susan Reed, Carolyn Miller, Diane Verry President................................Susan Reed Vice-president...................Marjory Gutfreund Secretary.............................Carolyn Miller Treasurer. . . ..........................Diane Verry : dButty Adler Kewanee, Illinois Anna Clairb Antiiis Libselotte Antillon Muskogee, Oklahoma Ttirrialba, Costa Rica, C.A. Zoe Armrntrout Louisiana, Missouri Mary Best III dud, Illinois Patti Griffith Belleville, Illinois Joan Carvetii Lincoln, Nebraska Marjory Gutfreund Des Moines, Iowa Carmen Clayton Port Worth, Texas Jean Hendleman Kewanee. Illinois Wilma Jean Baker Pa lean, Oklahoma Maud Gordon St. Louis, MissouriAnne Nickell Lon don, Engl and Mary Deli. Olin Alton, Illinois Elizabeth Olsen Alton, Illinois Jean PfbiffenbbrOKR Alton, Illinois Barbara HobneR St. Louis, Missouri Sara Lbnz St. Petersburg, Florida V Joanne McCoixjan Saginaw, Michigan 1 Valerie McElroy Evanston, Illinois  Diane Vbrry Ann ingt on, Illinois Ashby Warden Great Vails, Montana Joann Sonntao Alton, Illinois Patricia Wenzel Godfrey, Illinois Elizabeth Wham Kansas City, Missouri Louise Alton, Illinois Marlys Young D:s Moines, Iona Zara Zoellner Tonganoxie, Kansas Susan Reed Deshier, Nebraska! L Sara Jane Savage Alvin, Texas Martha Sharkey Alton, Illinois Sally Sims Wichita, Kansas ■, • . ,1 4 ctudtieAjGreen, Allen, Steele, Patterson, Cox, Kurz, damage, Zander, J. Smith, Burns, Gygax, Goff. Cook, Petersen, Randolph, Parkhurst, Apt, Dickerson, Solliday, Sellers, C. Brown, Fiskc, McCully. A. Smith, Stryker, Bcamslcy, Hclgc, Draudt, Ristinc, Hull, MacGonaglc, Schnaitman, Taylor, Harris, Halsell, Orr, Dobson, Stark, Yerkes, Zcmcr. Stapler, S. Smith, Swohoda, Trobaugh, Hoyt, Core, Bennett, Hcdlcy, Wingate, Marshall. Craig, Gould, Carp, Rhoads, S. Brown, J. Hart, M. Hart, S. Fowler, Lee. Sponsors One of the most important organizations on the Monticcllo campus is the Sponsors. Members of this group are elected in the spring each year and begin their duties in the summer. Through numerous letters the Sponsor becomes acquainted with two or three girls who are coming to Monticcllo for the first time. In the fall this organization is on hand to greet the Sponsccs on their arrival. Under the direction of the Sponsors the first few weeks arc filled with teas, campus tours, bridge parties and the always popular pre-bedtime spread. Throughout the first few weeks the bright yellow badge and the pin "Ask Me, I Live Here,” a constant part of daily apparel, arc evidence of the willingness of the Sponsor to fulfill her duty—that of introducing all new students to Monticcllo's fun and friendliness. Chairman JoAnn BbamsleyWenger, D. Acker, Dcamslcv, N. Acker, Swoboda, Hochuli, Wallcrius, Clark, Shaffer, Patterson, Parkhurst, Williams, Olin. Hull, Fowler, Rcadc, Cox, Queen, Gould, Brown, Cook. Student Council Under the able leadership of Margaret Cox as president. Sue Hull, vice president, Joan Rcadc, secretary, and Gloria Queen, treasurer, the student council has again completed a successful and efficient year. This earnest and hardworking governing group, elected by the votes of the student body, has been concerned throughout the year with the privileges and responsibilities of every girl at Monticcllo. Working in cooperation with the faculty and administration, the Council meets each Monday afternoon to discuss and solve the problems and questions which arise each week in relation to the affairs of Monticcllo girls. They attempt throughout the year to regulate activities and encourage group participation and interest among the girls. Highly respected by the entire student body, the members of the Council arc those who have displayed their qualities of leadership, judgment, and initiative. Presidents and chairmen of school . n.ini'Mrt«mc iff rmre MUrd in :iddirmn tt fhr rhnirmnn nf c;ich residence.Olin, Zocllner, Dobson, Clark, Sellers, Young. Fiske, Wham, Brown, Green, Reed. Preparatory Student Council The Student Council of the Preparatory School is the representative body which deals with problems pertaining to both the Preparatory classes. The Council has set for itself and for each of these classes certain goals and ideals. Among these arc good citizenship, leadership, cooperation, and more active participation in school and social events. The following girls were elected to head the Council during the year 1945-1946: President, Caroline-Brown; Vice President, Elizabeth Wham; Secretary, Polly Green; Social Chairman, Dorothy Sellers. Of the various accomplishments of the Council, one of the first was the revision of the constitution to meet new needs. Another of the Council’s main projects was obtaining the Prep dining room, where numerous entertainments were held throughout the year. Under the direction of the Social Chairman, many dances were arranged with the Western Military Academy. A song contest was sponsored by the Council, in which a prize was given for the best Prep song submitted. The Council was also in charge of one of the Monticello chapel services. A gavel was obtained and presented to the President in the Council’s Recognition Service. I he Student Council by its successful year has proved its value on the Monticello campus. President Caroline BrownCook, Orr, Dickerson, Brown, Cornelius, Acker. Easton, Cox, Gould, Tuggle, Blanchard. Third Floor (j l dzo c ll Reed, Wham, Olin, McColgan, Hocner. Rcadc, Bishop, Smith. Crmcj, Osborne, Acker, Z.uidcr, Klein. Sellers, Brown, Clark, Cornish, Fiske. i Fourth Floor Caldwell Caldwell Haskell Parkhurst, Hull, Shaffer, Patterson, Wenger, Hart, Swoboda. Wallcrius, MacGonaglc, Fowler, Beamslcy, Hochuli, Chambers.----.— - Kurz, Green, Fowler. Gould, Orr, Brown, Wenger, Otis. hAonticello Christian Association In the spring of 1945 a new student organization, the Monticcllo Christian Association, was formed. Though the faculty and administration were interested in its formation, they did not initiate the plan. The M.C.A. exists because the students want such an organization and realize that religion is part of all life. M.C.A. was created to be the medium through which this religion is emphasized on Monticcllo's campus. The M.C.A. functions through the leadership of its cabinet, which is comprised of its officers, Sally Brown, president; Elizabeth Wenger, vice-president; Betsy Orr, secretary; Carol Otis, treasurer; in addition to the various committee heads, and Or. Lyman Cady, who serves as faculty adviser to the organization. M.C.A. working alone and in conjunction with the Chapel-Vespers Committee and the Service Council, which are also represented at M.C.A. cabinet meetings, has initiated and accomplished several major projects throughout this past year. The annual Doll Dinner held in December was promoted and sponsored by the M.C.A. this year, and proved to be as successful an undertaking as in previous years. The greatest accomplishment of the social service committee this past year was the volunteer hospital work in which more than seventy girls participated. Each of these girls worked two hours a week in the Alton Memorial Hospital relieving and assisting the regular nurses of the hospital. Throughout the year, religious discussion groups were held on alternating Wednesday evenings in which every Monticcllo girl was encouraged to take part. Led by Dr. Cady and often by authorities in the fields of social problems, race prejudice, and religious questions, these discussions stimulated within the girls an interest in many of the stressed issues. Religious Emphasis Week was sponsored by M.C.A. during the week of February 12th, and featured as religious leader on campus. Dr. Gerald Kennedy, of Lincoln, Nebraska, who discussed with the students questions pertaining to religious and spiritual life. Working with the Service Council, the Monticcllo Christian Association promoted the World Student Service Fund drive which was new to the campus this year. This fund, the goal of which was set at $1,000 at Monticcllo, was concerned with the raising of funds for the rehabilitation of schools and students in war-torn nations. During Holy Week, Chapel programs were planned and executed by M.C.A. This was another new program introduced by this organization. Although the Monticcllo Christian Association is a new organization this year, it has grown and will continue to function as a unified and stimulating group as long as the interest of the student body remains alive.Brewer, Halscll, Sears, Acker. International Relations Club The International Relations Club plays an important and vital part in the activities of the girls here at Monticcllo. Its main objective is to keep the girls informed and interested in what is happening in the world today. Semi-monthly meetings arc held in which problems of current day interest arc explained and discussed. One such discussion was held in November when Dr. Hotchkiss talked to the club about Latin America. Outside speakers arc also invited to address the club. The girls later have an opportunity to ask questions and to debate with the speaker and other girls the topic discussed. I.R.C. also sponsors a bookcase in the library in which up-to-date material is kept. Such topics as "The Future of the Atomic Bomb” and "What to Do With the Axis Nations" may be found there. The officers of the club arc Nancy Acker, president, Mary Jo Halscll, secretary, Sally Sears, vice-president, and Nancy Brewer, treasurer. The two latter officers were elected in one of the first meetings of the year. President Nancy AckerVespers Committee Representing the Vespers Committee on the student council and chairman of the group is Elizabeth Wenger. She is also in charge of the seating arrangement for the chapel and vesper services. Helping her with the attendance system used at Vespers arc Joyce Randolph, Anne Solliday and Gretel Blocsch. The door committee consists of various juniors appointed by the chairman. It is their duty to distribute programs and hymnals at Sunday vespers and take up the collection, which is turned over to the Welfare Committee, headed by Miss Barbara Scybold. The money is used for charitable purposes in Alton and vicinity. Chapel is held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. The services arc conducted by faculty members. Sunday vespers are presented by different speakers from St. Louis and the surrounding cities. Girls have an opportunity to participate in informal discussions with the guest speaker. IHalscll, J. Smith, Mulder, McCully, Allen, Bennett, Haar, Fcil, Hochuli, Marshall, Gygax, S. Smith, Osborne, Chatten, Medley, Schuwcrk. M.onticello Players For those students who have a special liking for the smell of grease paint and for the thrill of an opening night, the Drama Club holds a great interest. Members for this club are selected from the drama classes and are required to work on a major production before they arc initiated into the club. Each year, members sponsor tickets to the children's play given at Christmas time by the drama department. Throughout the year the club sells tickets to all major productions. From the profits received from its annual project, the Drama Club helps offer a scholarship to an outstanding student in dramatics, recommended by Mrs. Sullivan, head of the dramatics department and adviser to the club. President Lynn Fuji. J. Towle, Dominick, Sol I id ay, Hoyt. Powell, Gibbs, Hart, L. Towle, Crews, Long. McKissick, Phelps, Randolph, Cclaya, Blocsch. Science Club How would you like to be able to make your own lipstick and mirrors? This is only one of the many projects of the Science Club this year. The club was organized for all girls enrolled in a science course or who arc interested in any one of the many fields of science. Each member is required to work off her membership bv giving an experiment in the field in which she is most interested. Initiation into the club is held in the spring just before the end of the year. The Science Club's main project during the year is a Science open house. At this time the members exhibit results of their laboratory work. Besides working on projects at the bi-monthly meetings, the club had various movies on scientific subjects. The last meeting of the year consisted of a picnic back campus, at which next year's officers were elected. President Anne Wai.leriusHocliuli, Acker, Haar, Mohr, Gofl", Jacobs, Easton, Blocsch, Queen, Rhoads. Social Committee Sponsoring the social activities on Monticcllo College campus, the Social Committee, ably headed by Alice Hochuli, chairman, has contributed a great deal to general morale of the college. They have been in charge of the all college dances. In early October, the football prom took the limelight followed by the Christmas dance, the Winter Formal, the Park Prom, the George Washington Birthday Ball and the Commencement Prom. In addition to the dances, the committee has been in charge of arrangements for all teas and receptions given through the school year as college functions. The Social Committee has had charge of ushering at College Events and has supervised the movies shown in the College chapel. They have also organized groups to attend the theatre or musical events in St. Louis. Co-chairmen Grctchen Swohoda Winifred Cook Suzanne Fowler Service Council The Service Council, replacing the War Effort Council, under the leadership of Grctchen Swohoda, Winifred Cook and Suzanne Fowler, was in charge of many drives and activities during the year. Heading the Community Chest drive, this council efficiently organized the campaign on the Monticello campus. Later the Red Cross membership campaign and the collection of gifts for Navy men occupied the attention of the group, as well as the Government Fond Drive. This spring, the council handled intelligently and efficiently the UNRRA drive for food. Throughout the school year, the response from students to these various activities has been very gratifying. Their enthusiasm and generosity have been commendable. In almost every campaign the goal was reached or exceeded.MacGonaglc, Apt, Klein, Gould, Randolph. Times To a college freshman there is a aura of fascination about a newspaper. Little docs she realize that, far from being the hangout of curly-haired poets and glamorous models, Fobes 7 is the home of a group of toilers who get results by hard work. Many grimy, work-calloused paws grind out the editions of the Times. Camilla Klein and efficient hard-working staff manage to overcome unceasing deadlines to produce a paper every other Saturday—a paper which consistently receives Associated Collegiate Press high honors well merited by a staff that is happy being slave to a (make-up) dummy. Editor Cam KleinRadcliffc, Harris, Foil, Kur , NVallerius, Swoboda, Carp, brown, Seed man, MacGonaglc, Schicklcr, Cel ay a. Echo The Echo is tile year book published each spring by students. Work on this publication affords the aspiring journalist valuable experience. Though the book comes out in the spring, actual work begins in October. The arrival of Moffat's studio to photograph the student body announces that work on the Echo is well under way. Many hours arc spent in the Publications office laboring over dummies and lay outs. Scissors and paste become the constant companions of the Echo staff. As the work progresses and the annual is glued roughly into shape, photographer's bulbs flash and unsuspecting students find themselves subjects for the candid camera artists. Wastebaskets become filled with rejected copy and typewriters click as the copy writers compete with a deadline to have material ready for publication. By spring all is completed. The finished product—the long anticipated Echo—is presented to the student body for their enjoyment and approval. Editor Anne Wallerius—................... 1.1 ■■■—...........................— Brown, Vcatch, Chambers, Lee, Crusius, Rowan, Cottrell, Schuwerk, Parker, Carlock. Patterson, Mackay, Rusho, Qualinan, Deacy, Fowler, Bergh, Curtis, Marshall, Johnson. Keen, Garis, Busby, Crim, Houston, Wenger, Gould, Phelps, Dominick, Morris. Skoules, Steel, Holman, Watkins, Roberts, Acker, Dovey, Akins. Stark, Patterson, Shaffer, Radcliffc, White. Choir | Enthusiasm and exuberance seem to be the most predominant characteristics of this year's choir. With such a great number of delightful songsters, the Sunday vespers, the Christmas candlelight program, the Alton “Messiah," the Spring concert and other memorable traditional services were very successful. The guidance of Mr. Stephen B. Williams, whose assistance and good humor has been both valuable and fun, has made the choir an outstanding organization. Credit is due Mr. Robert Oldham, piano and organ accompanist. Work is only one phase of the choir’s activities. Its annual Christmas party was given in Haskell residence, at which time refreshments were served and carols were sung. Choir officers are: Pat Shaffer, president; Barbara Radcliffc, vice-president; Mary Patterson, secretary-treasurer; Betty Jean Stark, librarian; Sue White, robe keeper. Interest in spores, either as a participant or a spectator, is the only requirement for belonging to the Monticcllo Athletic Association. Heading this organization arc elected officers and the managers of the various sports. The M.A.A. hoard provides and supervises an active sports program for the year. This program includes play days with other schools, a voluntary sports program for after-school enjoyment, and sports banquets. This year Monti competed with Lindenwood, Principia, and Washington University in a play day here at Monti. During that afternoon basketball, badminton, ping pong, and swimming matches were carried on. Last fall the hockey team played MaeMurray, Maryville, and Principia. In the winter basketball became the big team sport and Monti competed with Harris Teacher's College, Shurtleff College, and MaeMurray. A wide choice of sports was offered this year both for classes and the voluntary program. The program included riding, hockey, basketball, swimming, badminton, archery, tennis, fencing, modern dance, softball, and golf. At the end of each sports season a banquet was sponsored by the association to honor those girls who were particularly outstanding and participated regularly in the sports, of the season. M. A. A. Shaffer, Holman, Cox, Kurz, MacGonaglc, Wenger, Patterson, Hochuli, Easton. Prtsidtnt Pat ShatterOlsen, Schumacher, Clapp, Dobson, Osborn, Fry. Cook, Schuwcrk, Thompson, Holman, Taylor, Gutfreund, Stodder, Voars. Nionttcello Riding Club Although this is only the second year that the Monticcllo Riding Club has been in existence, it has grown to Ik one of the largest and most active of any club on the campus. Every girl who takes riding as her seasonal sport is eligible to become a member of this organization. All members arc expected to have an interest in riding and play their part in making the club and its social functions a complete success. Officers are elected each fall and these girls plan the meetings and social events for the members to enjoy during the year. Each girl who belongs to the Monticcllo Riding Club is given an opportuni-l to learn details about horses and horsemanship.Hobby Horse Although it is Monticello’s smallest sports club, Hohbv Horse holds a place among Monticcllo’s sports fans. Each year, Hobby Horse invites girls to try out for membership. Nine girls were asked to dinner by Hobby Horse to be welcomed into the club as new members. With the return of Bitsy McCuistion second semester, the membership reached seventeen. Hobby Horse activities during the year arc picnics, moonlight rides, and early Sunday morning breakfasts. The officers and members of Hobby Horse arc: Lcnorc Taylor, president; Yvonne Yoars, vice-president; Sally Holman, secretary; Winifred Cook, treasurer; Lola Thompson, drill-team captain; Rosemary Osborne, Gloria Schuwerk, Ncllc McCuistion, Sally Lenz, Elizabeth Olsen, Anne Stodder, Marjory Guefreund, Nancy Schumackcr, Elsie Clapp, Barbara Fry, Mary Dobson, and Lynn Fcil. Stodder, Cook, Gutfreund, Holman.— Fencing The revival of the ancient sport of fencing was crowned with success when the Monticcllo team took all honors at the St. Louis Y.W.C.A. amateur tournament May 11. First place was won by Pat Shaffer, who took nine bouts while losing one. Sally Brown and Mary Patterson won second and third. Awards were medals of gold, silver, and bronze. As a class activity fencing attracted 50 girls, some of whom returned for additional voluntary training Friday afternoons. A demonstration of bout techniques was presented by professional fencers in February.Archery A "bullscyc' is the aim of every girl at Monticello who takes archery. On days when the sun is shining in the fall and spring, girls arc seen shooting for this goal on the archery range on front campus. Regular classes are held for archery, while voluntary archery is held after school for those who are especially interested. Somthing new was added this year. An indoor archery range was constructed in the dance studio. This made it possible for the girls to continue to develop their precision and skill during the winter months when it was impossible to shoot outdoors. In the spring intcrclass tournaments were shot, and the Monti archers also participated in the playdavs against Maryville, Lindenwood, and Principia.iu' j, m I I I n); Marlzn Club The Marlin Club was established for Monticcllo students who arc interested in swimming and, I. more particularly, in form swimming. The purpose of the Marlin Club is to present the annual spring swimming pageant. This presentation involves a great deal of hard work and many hours of careful practicing. Consequently, the club's activities for the entire year arc devoted to the pageant. This year the seven former members of the club were joined by twenty-two new members selected by try-outs last fall. 1A calendar of holidays was used for the theme of this year's pageant. Each number in the pageant depicted one of the twelve months of the year and was built around either a holiday that occurs in that month, or some other celebration that is closely associated with it. r I The flashing formations, rhythmical swimming, lighting effects, costumes, and decorations made the entire pageant a very beautiful and colorful spectacle, and one of the events of the year most eagerly awaited. Officers elected for this year were Dean Stedman, president, and Barbara RadclifTc, secretary-treasurer.Shaw, Qualinan, Marvin, Fry, Alexander, Mcfllcy, Tyner, Spiro. Johnson, Apr, Klein, Cox, MacGonagle, Parkhurst, Easton, Brown, Shaffer, Carp. Hockey Hockey is a popular sport during the fall months here at Monti. At the Fall Sports Banquet, forty-five girls were honored because of their active interest and participation in voluntary hockey. There were many more who enjoyed playing in their regular class periods. There was keen competition between the classes. At the end of all the contests, Elaine Carp's Senior team had defeated Junior captain Barbara Fry's team. In the prep games, co-captains Polly Green and Marcia Draude's Senior team were victors over Elizabeth Wham's Junior team. The college varsity had several games with other colleges. They traveled to MaeMurray, and the exciting contest resulted in a tie. Principia and Maryville played here. Other games were scheduled, but because of the weather had to be called off. However, those that were played were enjoyed wholeheartedly by participants and spectators alike. Wham, Easton, Hocluili, MacGonagle, Klein, Shaffer, Abney. Haag, Qualman, Tyner, Alexander, Hutzel, Kintzel, Zimmerman. Basketball Ranking high among the favorite pastimes ac Mon tied lo is the typically American game of basketball. Over seventy girls turned out for this voluntary sport and from these the college varsity was chosen. The basketball season opened with a double header between classes. The Seniors, captained by Sally Kurz, hit the basket from all angles to defeat a hard-lighting Junior team, led by Barbara Ernst. The Junior-Senior prep game resulted in a victory for the Seniors. Captain for the Juniors was Libby Wham and for the Seniors was Mary Dobson. In addition to the class series a playday was held at Monticdlo with Lindenwood, Washington University and Principia as guests. Monticcllo's hard fighting varsity also played games with Maryville, Shurtleff College, William Woods and Harris Teacher's College. The preps had their own varsity which played different prep schools in St. Louis. During the season the seniors clashed with the faculty in a game that provided plenty of thrills. As part of the Washington Birthday celebration, the seniors played the Monticdlo alumnae. Members of the teams included: Pat Shaffer, Libby Wham, Barbara Ernst, Katie Tyner, Jean Landon, Alice Haag, Camilla Klein, Alice Hocluili, Betty Abney, Gretchen Hutzel, Sally Kurz, Betty Alexander, and Kari Zimmerman. 335338538 Tennis Club The Tennis Club at Monti is for girls who are particularly interested in this very popular sport. Members arc judged on their skill in service and in play. Once a week the club members met on the courts for practice. This year at these practices the girls formcJ a "ladder.” As they played each other, the winners moved toward the top of the ladder. In bad weather the girls met indoors to plan competitive inter-school matches. This spring the team played Lindcnwood, Principia and Maryville. MacGonaglc, Kurz, Marshall, Shaffer, Randolph, Sears. Karch, McCurchcn, Staples, Rowan, Johnson.■ppggggzz___ Dance Club One of the most creative clubs at Monti-cello, organized to give students deeper interest in contemporary dancing, is the Dance Club. Membership in this organization is open not only to persons talented in the field of dancing, but to anyone who is actively interested. Under its two presidents, Jane Chattel! and Phyllis Loveland, the club has now a membership of twenty-seven. Its chief aim is to help the girls acquire rhythm, coordination, knowledge in technique of modern dancing and an interest in contemporary dancers and their work. It also works hand in hand with the drama department because movement, rhythm, and coordination are so important in acting. This year the activities of the Dance Club have centered around demonstrations and concerts. In March the girls gave a dance demonstration of folk idioms. During spring vacation the girls were invited to dance along with other colleges at the National Convention of Health and Physical Education. Climaxing the season the members of the Dance Club and movement and pantomime classes gave their annual spring concert.Facing camera: Hart, Hull. Badminton If you happened to wander down first floor Baldwin hall some afternoon or evening during the winter, you probably would have heard sounds of excitement and the swish of rackets coming from the Entertainment Hall. It was just Monticcllo's badminton enthusiasts, practicing up on their strokes and form. Over sixty girls were enrolled in the badminton classes, and engaged in a series of three tournaments, which produced plenty of thrills and hard work. The first one was to determine the girls to represent Monticcllo in the play-day. In this tournament, Patty Shaffer copped the singles title, defeating Elizabeth Rowan (11-8) (11-9). The doubles event was won bv Elsie Lee and Betty Stark, who triumphed over Barbara Balz and Elizabeth Rowan in the finals. The winners in the tournament played girls from Lindenwood, Principia and Washington in the play-day. The class tournament was held early in March. The winners in each class played each other to decide the championship. The final badminton tournament was played oir the last week in March. Margaret Cox acted as badminton manager this winter. All in all, a great deal of enthusiasm was shown in voluntary badminton and the courts were filled evenings, afternoons, and week-ends.Students Caught in Informal PosesSSBEC Or We Can Be Snapped Without Posing •«U11IH Great Events of the College YearJust A Few the Girls on the CampusFinaleSHE mMI ' ' vv-----;■ Echo Patrons Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Plattenburg Mrs. S. S. Long Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Waiilman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wham Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Feil Mr. and Mrs. N. Leslie Towle Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Robert Giesciie Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Fiskb Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Acker Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Cutslbr Mr. and Mrs. Ora O. Dillavou Mr. and Mrs. Delbert E. Vbatcii Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. James A. Phillip Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Spiro Mr. and Mrs. Guv R. Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Lovbjoy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Livingston E. Osborne Mrs. Lucille R. Weston Mr. and Mrs. John Wallkrius Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Tom Watkins Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Carp Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Young Dr. and Mrs. F. J. Clark Mrs. Lillian Blain Taylor Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Bushy Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Johnson Mr. and Mrs. J. Rutledge Hill Mrs. Jeanette K. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Sigird U. Bergh Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Sharkey Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Stodder Mr. and Mrs. Warren F. Coe Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Best Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kendall Mr. and Mrs. James S. Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Herman Henry Core Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Wenger Mr. and Mrs. Norman S. Roth Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Draudt Dr. and Mrs. William A. Griffith Mr. and Mrs. Milton Zadek Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Hendleman Mr. and Mrs. Fred Helge Mr. and Mrs. Rollin A. Warner Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Sellers Mr. and Mrs. A. V. McPiibb Mr. and Mrs. Russell Armentrout Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Anhalt Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Collins Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm R. Rodger Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Rhoads Mrs. R.J. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Park hurst Mr. and Mrs. Melvin H. Qualman Mr. and Mrs. F. R. MacGonaOLE Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Clayton Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Durham Mr. and Mrs. Milton Earl Neely Mr. and Mrs. W. Edwin Brown Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Sciinaitman Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Otis Mr. and Mrs. Spencer T. Olin Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Fry Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hart Mr. and Mrs. B. F. West Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ristine Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Osborn Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Hutzel Mr. and Mrs. John Gruber Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Wylie Mr. and Mrs. Robt. H. McElroy Col. and Mrs. F. G. Apt Mr. and Mrs. Jerome K. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Samuel McCutciien Mrs. Hayland M. Jamison Mr. and Mrs. Thbo W. Metcalfe Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Reed Dr. and Mrs. H. Fay H. Jones Mr. and Mrs. MilesC. Gunderson Mr. and Mrs. Henry Banks Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Q. Smith Lt. Colonel and Mrs. Clifford C. Gou Mr. and Mrs. Robt. G. Klein Mr. Robert G. Yerkes Dr. and Mrs. Herbert F. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. William G. Balz Mr. and Mrs. Philip David Adler Mr. and Mrs. Ferris H. Fitch Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Hbdlby Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Pannkuk Dr. and Mrs. Albert Barr Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Sciiickler Mr. and Mrs. John L. Zimmerman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Stedman Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Stark Mrs. Roger Holman Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Haar Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Craig Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Masters Mr. and Mrs. D. H. McMaster Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Rohald Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Huckins Mr. and Mrs. Jas. M. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Jeffris Mr. and Mrs. Foston G. Beamsley Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. McColgan Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Crews Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Newton Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Patterson Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Wiedemann Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Sciiuwerk Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Zemer Mr. and Mrs. Orville M. Savage Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bishop Mr. and Mrs. John R. Houston Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Easton Mr. and Mrs. R.J. McCoy Mr. and Mrs. George S. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Clamagb Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Tynp.r Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Taylor Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Baker Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Whittington Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Garris Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hociiuli Dr. and Mrs. Harold Henderson Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Mero Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Anthis Pepsi-Cola Hits The Spot Twelve full ounces that’s a lot Twice as much for a nickel too And now hAonti’s selling it just for You on sale at the Monti Cabin next SeptemberTHAO MARKS WlISlCff£5TER Products bearing either of these two famous names have served America for many years. They have demonstrated time and again their high quality of workmanship, design, and material. Today the huge facilities of WESTERN and WINCHESTER are again producing these products in unlimited quantities to supply the nation-wide consumer acceptance they have earned because of their dependability and unusual performance. AMMUNITION SHOTGUNS RIFLES TRAPS AND TARGETS RAILWAY FUSEES RAILWAY TORPEDOES DYNAMITE BLASTING POWDER FLASHLIGHTS BATTERIES ROLLER SKATES BRASS BRONZE PHOSPHOR BRONZE NICKEL SILVER COPPER CAPS WESTERN CARTRIDGE COMPANY Division of OLIN INDUSTRIES. INC. EAST ALTON. ILLINOIS J. B. STECK AGENCY Harry Steck, Manager BEST WISHES • INSURANCE • ALTON BANKING AND TRUST COMPANY ALTON, ILLINOIS Member Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. Founded 1905 KLINKE ICE FUEL COMPANY 7’uj'-fyitiesi Glean iA, Official Cleaners for Specialists in Monticello Students FROZEN FOOD LOCKER SERVICE Telephone 2-1911 Alton, Illinois Phone 3-8841 2501 State Street Alton Bakery Products and Ice CreamALTON MINERAL SPRINGS HOTEL THE HOTEL COMPLIMENTS OF Jluthon 3 OF BETTER SERVICE J ewefrij Air Conditioned 312 Belle Street Phone 2-2722 Alton, Illinois GOOD WISHES FROM THE COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY CITIZENS COACH COMPANY, INC. ALTON Remember to “Pause for Refreshment”  May We Salute Through THE 1946 ECHO Monticello College Officers, Faculty and Student Body. L Roy Maxfield REALTOR (Geo. H. Smiley Co., Agency) In supplying the Fuel Needs we too feel we have contributed in a small way to the College’s growth and outstanding success. INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE PHONES: 3-5221 and 3-6058 EDWARD H. LOTT LOTT COAL COMPANY Carlinville, Illinois best wishes always for MONTICELLO Compliments LAUNDERERS--DRY CLEANERS OF A FriendcHe axtxf u asiteSi d jp you+Uf jjCUhiOH.4' f l The Year O’round Swoon fashions... Nan-Mar Shop Second Floor Nicer Things for Ladies” SPRINGMAN LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER MILLWORK BUILDING MATERIALS 1101 E. Broadway Alton, 111UNUSUAL GIFTS WARDEIN’S and DRUG STORE DISTINCTIVE GLASSWARE WHERE YOU ALWAYS FIND WHAT THE EMERGENCY • DEMANDS CROWN E. V. Wardein GIFT CHINA SHOP PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST 630 E. Broadway Alton 2510 State St. Alton, 111. 1 Pe ter57 Fine Candies Pastries — Luncheons ALTON, ILLINOIS ™ t2s:7 »° r and BPn i?n nuusE SHAGGY RUGS, and bed room ensembles your one-stop shopping center and tlle friendliest store in Alton! The Store Nationally Advertised Brands Coats - Suits - Dresses Accessories 'been - FIRST NATIONAL BANK TRUST CO., IN ALTON Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. Commercial Banking Savings Accounts Trust Department Safe Deposit Department “Setting in the Pace - - - Alton's Finest' CARL’S Just Beautiful Shoes 123 W. 3rd St. Alton IT is A CONTINUED PLEASURE TO SERVE MONTICELLO UNITED CAB COMPANYFor gifts of Diamonds, Watches and Finer Jewelry, trade at BRANDENBERGER’S First class repair department LOUIS BRANDENBERGER Your Jeweler 215 Piasa St. Available Soon THE NEW OLDSMOB1LE See It—Drive It—Buy It WALZ MOTOR CO. Alton Congratulations to the Graduation Class of ’46 GENE RANDALL COMPLIMENTS OK W. I. GODWIN Office and School Supplies 114 East Broadway Phone: 3-3113 Alton, Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF Alton Plumbing Heating Company DEPENDABLE PLUMBING AND HEATING INSTALLATIONS AND SERVICEBARTH’S PHARMACY Since 1901 TRU-VALUE DRESS SHOP Where Monti Girls Can Be Sure of VALUE - STYLE - SIZE 127 West Third Phone 3-3122 QUALITY DRUG STORE ALTON, ILL. HOTEL STRATFORD Alton’s Fire Proof Hotel Alton, Illinois The Monticello Student Who Knows Always Calls ALTON BEN RUYLE RADIO CO. REFRIGERATION For Prompt Repair Service ( COMPANY Phone 2-3814 1703 Washington Authorized Frigidare HILDEBRAND’S SALES and SERVICE “Fashions in Flowers” See Us About Any Household Appliance and Dorothy Huskinson Hildebrand, Commercial Equipment Class ’22 Gordon Miles Hildebrand 550 East Broadway Dial 3-7722 224 E. Broadway Alton, 111. DISTINCTIVE BEAUTY SERVICE at the LA PERLE SALON MARY K. BOGAR. Owner Please Dial 3-6961 for appointment Revlon and Contoure Products THIRD at PIASA (OVER VOGUE) MAUL’S Brown-bilt Shoe Store RIPLEY MUSIC SHOP 331 Belle WE FIT BY X-RAY Phonograph Records and Accessories 121 W. Third St. Phone 3-3321 Photographic Supplies COMPLIMENTS OF CENTRAL ELECTRIC SHOP The beautiful Diana pattern chinaware used in Monticello’s delightful dining room comes from the Contracting and Electrical Supplies 511 Ridge Street Phone 2-1221 Alton, 111. 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MOTOR COMPANY KELVINATOR REFRIGERATION Electrical Appliances FORD and MERCURY DEALERS Dial 2-3413 313 Belle Alton, Illinois “Monticello students now enjoy cooled drinking water through L L installation” SAVE A BUNDLE A WEEK BE AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT IN THE WASTE PAPER CAMPAIGN ALTON BOX BOARD COMPANYLANGH AM’S WALL PAPER and PAINT Broadway at Langdon Opposite the Bridge SMARTWEAR 216 State St. Alton, 111. Telephone 3-8441 The Students and Faculty of Monticello College are protected by the Blue Cross Plan Group Hospital Service of Illinois This Ad is placed by a friend of the Blue Cross who has greatly benefited through membership in this organization. it'd. HARTMANN’S 107 YEARS STYLE LEADERS IN ALTON for complete collections of smart men’s, women’s and children’s apparel for unlimited variety in fabrics, in colors, in styles, in ideas for the new while it’s new new fashions, new spirit, new serviceTHE KUEHNE MANUFACTURING CO. 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'''» AfQMs ill tA J aia V' vi J - _ 1 L A . A K jA

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Monticello College - Echo Yearbook (Godfrey, IL) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Monticello College - Echo Yearbook (Godfrey, IL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Monticello College - Echo Yearbook (Godfrey, IL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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